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The Slocan Drill 1904-02-12

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 \ I
VOL. IV., Ne..4«
SLOCAN,   B.   G.,   FKBRUARY   12,' 1^04. '*
Do not fail to call on us when in want of
a pair of Rubbers or Overshoes.    We are
agents for the celebrated "flaple Leaf""
Rubber," which is the best Canadian make
ASSESSMENT   VOU   190*   11 \NI>I"I) IN
Hen's i and 2 buckle Men's laced high, and low
Men's Hanitobas Men's Overs
Ladies' and Children's in Manitobas and
Overs in all sizes.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
wilson house;
slocan, b. c.
is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
I "Jour! ot i*,.- • .       ±rj_„„,lay, tlir
T.lbfary, -_.._ -itteix.iaiy   Loan   tty-
1bwI< Iiiti'o.ln«niI —Week on Crook to
Coramruce Slieitl).
Arlington    DrlateL
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Thie pnnnl**yti«tel in MllUnlnilf lo the boats and trains.   T;ie dining i* e;.i
iittrfruW u;. to date while the hin* it rap] liexl with the best in the market.
D/4 TP**,  •   Travelling men, using Sample Rooms, $2.5) per day;
**** ■*• *twO e    witlieut Sample Kooms,$_; board $8 per week; meals35j
|£  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   _%
£"   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .    ^
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
K5 . —  5*3
'•Development work--1.'1R0 foot I_v_l.
I lav.- not .vol" started -tope; still drift
tag east; have already gone forward
HKI feet  in fine body of oro.    Have
struck oro in   crosscut   No. 2,  same!
level, which  assays  $18.88   per Ion ;
Sold, $5.20, Imlance copjicr.   Extent i
altogether unknown as yet."
can be made by Wearing
on* of tlio	
Stylish Suits
made from the l*.*-1* imported Worsted.-. Serges,
or J'ia .*•*. I i,aeonsi nui i'
of which h;-.s just been
received for winter trade.
Work, Fit and Finish w
_——_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^ aro guaranteed. no
H A Few lines of Gents'  Furnishings S
*J* aro .--till li-ft from the stock ef  the late A. 81
Vi David and they must be sold off at onoe, *j{
ft H. A. CLEVE, Main Street, Slocan, B.C B
M Store:  Next door to Postofflce. B •»
Aid. Madden aud Hcudersou were
the absentees from Monday night's
meeting of the city council.
Communications road: From W. D.
McGregor, giving plans and specifications for constructing protective works
on the east side of Springer creek.
The piles to im*tlrivcn must be of fir
and set 10 feet apart. The distance
to be cov.-iod is upwards of 1J0O feet,
most of it in a straight line. Two
inch planks, four deep, are to face-tho
piles. A bill accompanied the plans
and specifications, calling for the payment of $40.
Aid. Worden inquired if survey
hubs had been put in along the lino of
survey, and was answered that such
were the instructions.
Tho mayor remarked that if the survey were accepted, permission mint be
obtained to cross four lots of the mill
site with the piling.
Aid. Worden stated that Mr. St.
Denis, manager, would give the necessary permission.
Aid. Teeier moved the acceptance
of Mr; McGregor's plans and specifications. .Seconded by Aid. Worden
and carried.
Moved by Aid. Worden mui .Smith
that the clerk write the (.). -S. Lumber
Co., asking permission to cross four
lots in block 4 with piling.   Carried.
Aid. Smith inquired if it was the
intention to call for tenders for the
His worship urged that the work be
proceeded with without d'day, and
that tenders be invited at once.
Aid. Teeter moved that tlie board of
works be instructed to call for tenders
for tbe supplies Reeded lor the work.
"Seconded hy  Aid. Smith and carried.
Aid. Worden inquired if t-hoboaKI
of works ivouTd have power to aeeefci
the  tend-rs   arid   proceed   with tr.ci
It  was  Agreed   th.tt   the  t-nd-rs.
should be submitt-l tothocOuneti bo* i
fore their Acceptance aud*teonfttructii ti
work would comm 'ace after tint.
Bills rjrtfeented- W. D. McGregor,
specifications, $$0; city solicitor,*! Ifc-
gra'Ui, B3C! P.O. box rent. Boct H. Dt
Curtis, auditing book-, 150; Treasurer
Aiu'erson, exchange. 75 cents. Snroi
accounts ordered paid from rjetty casli, I
W. 1). McGregor's bill l-eferred to fin-1
atr.-e Committer*, and the auditors bill
left over for tbe regular payroll.
The mayor stnt.-d Ihr- school board
had overdrawn th< ir account and nsked for a small amount to meet the
Moved by Ald.Tertcr and Staitb
that the sohool board Iv given £25 lo
meet current expenses.   Carried.
The clerk brought up the question
of gazetting IheeYection returns which
had been delayed pending an bfforl to
till the council lxiard. There bein?
no material available, h? would send
the returns down at one?.
Clerk Bentley next presented hi-
nssessnient roll fOr the ye.nr.he having
made the necessary change* therein.
The totals aro tli,-'same as last year
for lands aud improvements.
Moved by Aid. Smith and Teet.-i*
that Hie assessment roll as presented
be accepted.   Carried,
Aid. Smith moved that Mon I Ay, the
28th of March, be the dak) set for
holding Ihr court of revision ou the
assessment roll. Seconded by Aid.
Teeter and carried.
Moved by Aid. Worden and Teeter
that the mayor appoint the members
of the court, Carried, The board
will consftl of the mayor. Aid. Smith.
Worden', Henderson and Teeter,
BylaiW No ll* was taken for reconsideration and was tiuallv passed and
ordered signet!, which was promptly
Bylaw No. 2D was next in Older and
received similar trratm-nt.
Aid. Smith next Introduced bylaw
No. 21, authorising a temporary loan
of $2000, It wa- given its first rending afidacoepted, Ordered given its
> ■ iond rendu) r oexl week;
'Theclerk wis ordered to procure
the neeesMay number of assessment
I notices. ,
Council adjourned.
SIIv.*l'  OllOlllllllll*..
Following aire the quotations for I ai'
', silver on thu various dav-- duii;i;,' thq
| week since last issue:
JThursdav  ■"'"•• '""'**
Friday..  551   "
| Saturday  •"'■"''
; Mondav  r'i>,
Tuesday  563   "
'Wednesday  56|   "
!:•(• M ail.' In riii'lui.u'.'.
Manager I'arri-h pf the l.e lini, at
Kossland. has sent the roUoiring enl)!.'
to the London offlft'of thfc Cdtfiflan*!
on Monday, and declared dividends of
two por cent on preferred stook and
three per cent on common stock for
the half vear ended December ill last.
After the payment of working expenses, fixed charges and dividends,
there is a surplus for the half year of
82,761,788,    ^
food run iHoucnr.
FlKiirus 1'1'oVh.g VotltUii of IUtuI Piu-th*.,
Ih K mil.' nny.
It has all along lieen contended
that tho Conservatives had the best
chances for success in Kootenay in
the approaching general .Dominion
elect ions, irrespective of thr opposition
tiiat may te waged against them bj
other the Liberals or fpdeoenden-
dents, both of which parties will have
candidates in the field. Taking fora
basis of comparison the returns of the
last provincial elections, the figures
will lie fouud to favor very qiaterially
lhe Conservative cause. The intention
of tin. JudopeudeuU to run a man
helps out the more, as he would draw
support from the Liberals rather than
tin; Conservatives. Besides, the lat-
tor's candidate is a particularly strong
man, and is quite as well known as
(ialliher, tlie Liberal nominee. Thorough organization of tho Conservatives
now will also accomplish more than
was done in the last Dominion contest.
There are nine provincial constituencies in the Kootenay electoral district, in ei^ht (if which there was a
contest, Columbia, the exception.
electing a Liberal by acclamation.
Four of these constituencies had a
straight fight between the Lilierals
and Conservatives, nnd in .the other
four an Independent ran. In these
■eight tho Conservatives polled 2824
votes, the Liberals 2492, and tho Independents 929,the former having a
]»ad of -i:i2. Giving the Literals a
majority in Columbia, even incases
Conservative h;'.J run, they would still
te iu a minoritT, as th? total voting
sliviiL'th there is but Ci!».
By ridings the veto in
ol?.l rlectio'.! stood: .^^^^^
M      Lis.   Con.
iliixxA    mi    ix>
iJV.-uio  809 31*8     221
KlsIo  251 '2'Xi     t&l
Vels.n.  057 ill
Revolstoke  316 !U2
Ao.sland  438 313
-Ji.ean  20     358!
Yen.'  fd'.i 4815
Columbia, accl .mation.
ci i.mm;*.
the provln-
2492 ,21)24     92'.)
Oa the same authority throughout
the provin •«*, the. Cuus 'r.i.iives hart
lecidediv tlie test of it, imd (here is
no reason why it should not te maintained, For the province, the figures
were: Conservatives 2S.245, Literal-.
23,801, Later raST., Socialist 412H.
•SoclnlistK Organize
On Tuesday evening a meeting ol
the Socialists for organization purposes was held in the Union hall,
there being a good attendance. Al
Teeter was chairman nnd Hert O'Neail
secretary. A charter has teen received from headquarters at Vancouver
for the Slocan riding and the various
towns will organize locals under it.
Organization here has been completed
with a momliership of 21. The officers
are: Organizer. A.K. Teeter; secretary.
Bert Abiius-: treasurer, J. H. Bowarlh,
Propaganda meetings, open to the
public, will be held everv alternate
Sundav in the Union hall ami business ■
meetings once a month. Two local
men are mentioned in connection witli
the nomination of the party for the
Kootenaj. riding.
f..n*i.* , .« til**  l'li;»|tlfl*.flil.
It is semi ollicially announced thai
Frederick .Stock, of Seattle, has secured a leas.- on the Chapleau mine
and mill. Lemon creek, covering a
period <>f ten years, ll is suid opera-
lions are to In- commenced in March.
Very little attention need Ik- given the
mill to im. il in running shape. Were
the Elmore oil proceed added, tho
Chapleau plant could handle tic* product Erom any of tho properties In the
camp, resulting iu tn.uiv claims bein;,'
worked by their owners, The opera-
lion of the Chapleau would be welcomed by the creditors.
Talk ofa sawmill is heard at Rosebery.
Phoenix people are agitating for a
custom house.
W. Koch has recommenced logging
operations on Ten Mile.
Thos. Jones is seeking to corrsl tlie
ziuc output of the Slocan.
Rossland. is having all kinds of
trouble in municipal matters.
Born lu New Denver, on Feb. 5,
the wife of Geo. Aylard, of a son.
"Shorty" Day. a well known prospector, died in Rossland last week.
The district convention of the W.F.
of Mi is to be held next month in Nelson.
The railways announce they Will
continue their half fare rates to clergymen.
Mrs. H. R. Jorand left for the coast
yesterday morning, to visit her relatives.
In future seven hotels only will te
permitted to do business in this festive
Rev. J. IL White, superintendent of
Methodist missions, was here on Wednesday.
The supreme court opened in Nelson Wednesday, Chief Justice Hunter
Slocan has a foot or two extra of
beautiful that she can very well dispense with.
Ralph Gillette returned from Spokane this week, his eyesight being
fully restored.
Tho Anglican church people are
considering reducing their services
here to once a month.
Bulletins from the scene of war are
received here daily and posted up,
creating no end of interest.
*l >h.i Mclntyre, who was employed
,it the Enterprise last year, died in the
hospital at Nelson on Tuesday.
Jnhn Drew, Winnipeg, succeeds ,T.
Lav. reia-*- in the management of the
Ai hdown hardware business at Nelson.
George Dougherty, of Greenwood,
district secrotary of the W.F. of M„ is
is reported missing; also ."51400 of the
Union funds.
One of the new llendrvx mills has
commenced operations in the Republic camp, and mining men everywhere
are anxiously watching results.
The big storm was widespread in its
elfeets. The main liue of the C.P.R.
was blocked for several days, traffic
teing diverted to the Crow's Nest.
Thk Dkii.l received two handsome
calendars this week, one from the Victoria Times and the otlier from the
Winnipeg Telegram, the former beiag
in imitation of the clay model work.
Tin Telegram's has a frontispiece of
the Bags of the various countries, covering a series of maps of Canada and
the world, combining to form a valuable wall atlas.
l',lt Oialei-for Slihigle<i.
On Saturday tho local representatives of the (). S. Lumber Company
received an order from the Orillia end
of the concern for no leea than ten
carloads of No. I shingles. These arc
for various points in Ontario and are
the result of the record established by
previous shipments. The local men
nave been kept on the jump all week
loading up the cars and will not be
finished for some days yet, This big
order practically cleans the linn out
of all their No. 1 cut, though they
have a lot of No. 2 grade yet on hand.
About   17  carloads iu  all have te.-n
bandied, and no difficulty has been
experienced In disposing ot the stock.
Limt Year'* Slilpmontg Wero 1330 Toim—
A lii'iilthy Kvlilencu of tlie l.lfi, und
Wnulth uf the Cituip—ISaterprlse this
I:'i«c<.-t Shipper.
Only ons propeity figured in tlie
ore shipments for tho week, beiug the
Black Prince, which sent out 10 tons.
It was the lirst to te handled by tho
lessees this year. Tho Ottawa is
sending down ore for shipment and
the Enterprise has h car or two to go
out next week, To date the output
totals IM tons.
For 1903 the oro shipments from
the local division amounted to 1889
tons, mado up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
l'ort Hops.
Black Prince     JO
Zluc Bmeltor fov D. ('.
The Lead and Zinc News is respon-
idle Tor th'* statement that a /iii'
smelter is to be erectod In British
Columbia, havbig th..- support of local
untl American capital. It is also ex
peeled Belgian monev will be interested iu the scheme, their method of
treatment being muv successful than
the American way. The Slocan camp
is regarded with particular favor by
the zinc experts, there being a large
margin for profil in th.- high silver
values contain! :1.
C. P. i:, Pronu.
The executive board of the Canadian Pacific Bailway mel in Montreal
Ainaailiiii-nt to LlqaoT Act,
Aii amendment to the Liquor Li-
cense Act has been introduced into the
legislature by Mr. Bowser, of Vancouver, dealing with the transfer of licenses. All applications for a transfer
must bb in the hands of the license
inspector 11 days before the ►.ittin^' of
the commissioners, and notice of the
transfer, giving full particulars, must
be advertised 80 days before the saiil
nieeting. This brings the law into
conformity with the mode of proceedure in incorporated towns.
banitnulr win. o»t.
Mr. fllustiee Drake has handed down
his decision in the celebrated Duns
iiiuir will case at Victoria, confirming
James Dunsmuir In the possession of
his brother's property, Edna Wallace
Hopper, the plaintiff, will appeal to
j the supreme court of ('anada and then
! to the privy council.
The Alterta is preparing to make a
Rossland mines last week shipped
8310 tons of ore.
Operations have been resumed at
the Ivanhoe mill.
Last week the Sandon iniues shipped 180 tons of ore.
Four concentrators are ia operation
in tlie Sandon camp.
Last week the Bouudary mines had
an output of 18,318 tons of oro.
For tlie month of December tho
Ymir mine made a profit of $8y0.
Twenty-four properties have shipped ore from tho Slocau so far this
The O.iriteo Mining. Co.. Camp
McKitiney, have dcL-kired a dividend
of four per cent.
Fred Johnston lias retired from tho
lease ou the Black Prince,Iiis partners
buying him out.
Boundary mines made a new record
for January, shipping no less than
7o,000 tons of ore.
The Black Prince shipped 15 tons
this week, teing the first sont out by
the lessees this year.
The C.P.R. has reduced the freight
rates on ore in the Boundary from 37.V
cents to 30 cents a ton.
Nelson people are forming a stock
company to handle the Spyglass
group, on Poplar creek.
Eight ft*et of 520 ore has teen uncovered on the 200 foot level of the
Spiteee mine at Rosslaud.
The Queeu Bess tniue has teen
purchased from the Bank of Montreal,
which held a mortgage on it.
About §7r>.000 is tine the mineowners to date under tht. lead bounty.and
the money will te forthcoming at
The Ottawa is sendiutf down ore for
another shipment. Some of it is extra
high grade, running in the neighborhood of 500 oz.
A quarter interest in the .Spvglnss
group, Poplar, has been sold by R.
McLeod and Bruce  White to J. A.
Magee, of Seattle.
A   typographical   error   last  wet*k
made The Date- say that the Slooan
ore shipments for January were 18,000
tons,    It .shoulil have teen 1800.
The PaViie has contracted to ship
its /.ine  concentrates to  Belgium lot
the year. There will te 2500 tons or
more aud the output will te handled
iu bulk.	
Diving fur Miming Cur.
Diver Moore arrived in ou Tuesday
evening from Vancouverjogether with
his helper and apparatus, for the purpose of recovering the car of bullion
lost off tho transfer slip two months
asjo. He made a descent on Wednesday afternoon, a large number of citizens being interested spectators. Tho
diver ran across the cartrucks lost a
vear or so ago, but could not locate
the missing ear, it being much farther
out. No trace was found either of tho
body of Cbnley. the brakeman drowned at the time the car went over.
Appended is a complete Hat of the v«r
loui records registered atthe local registry ollice, 11. P. Christie being mining
! recorder:
Feb 2-Club and Kovsl, ,*_ in oneh, H
l. Fife to N V MoNattaht.
Dehioorat \4, •'•>hn wafer to same.
•'-*ugjB* ■- -y - *     tm__,' HOW DOES IT SEEM TO YOU
It ii'i'iiis lo me I'd Ilka to go
Wlicro belli don't ring nor whistles blow
Nor clocks don't strike nor c0"lt» don't sound
And I'd Imvc stillness sll around.
Not reslly stillness, but Just the Ireoi*
Low whisperings or tht hum of Uei
Or brooks' taint babbling over stones
ln strangely, softly tangled tenet.
Or maybt a cricket ot katydid
Or the aongt of blrdt tn tht bedget hid
Or ]utt tome tuch twtet sounds us thtat
To Sll a tired heart with eate.
lt 'twercr't tot tight and tound and smell,
I'd like a city pretty well,
But when tt comet to getting rest
1 like the country lott the bett.
Sometimes It seems to me I mutt
Just quit the city's din and dust
And get out where the iky il blut
And tay. Now, how doet It Item to you?
—Eugene Field.
corrwatiT, 1900, IT 0. I. urn.
I )■•»••♦■.■-■••■-••••■••'»■*-
My mistress ln Gainsborough road
hnd lost a £5 note In the house, and the
thief was the parlor maid. I knew lt
from ber actions, and three months
after I left the house she was caught
In a similar offense and owned up to
the Urst theft. However, the crime
was laid off on me, and because I
made Indignant and perhaps Impudent protest I was flung out of the
house at half au hour's notice and refused a character. I was idle for the
next three months. The first thing demanded when I applied for a place
was a character. As soon as It was
learned that I had none It was useless
to talk further. It was for this reason
that I Anally paid a fee to an Intelligence office In Margate street and was
at length sent for to take a place at
general housework. It was an old
man named Dyson wbo wanted me.
He was willing to take me -without a
character because be would hnve to
pay less wages and because, as he
grimly asserted, there was nothing
lying around loose in bis house for one
to steal. As we sat face to face I
aized blm up as mean and penurious,
but I did not see any evil in blm. He
had ad aged and infirm wife, be told
me, and I would be tbe only servant.
It was not for me to pick and choose.
I must have a place and hold It long
enough to get a character again. 1
went with him miles and mile, out on
the Holborne road, and we at last arrived at tbe cheaply built and cheap
looking cottage he occupied. It was a
place devoid of almost all conveniences
and had been selected for Its cbeap
rent. I found the old wife deaf, almost
blind and palsied, and It was apparent
that she bad no care whatever. She had
become childish and petulant, and before I had been ln tbe house half an
hour Mr. Dyson whipped her wltb a
strap for saying tbat she was hungry.
As he whipped her I saw him look at
her in a way to give me a chill. In tbe
course of three or four days I made up
my mind tbat be regarded ber with detestation and abhorrence and was hourly hoping for ber death. I wondered
that be bad not pushed ber down stairs
or found otber means to bring about an
"accidental" death, but tbe old man
was full of craft and cowardice. I
soon had evidence tbat be was ln love
with a widow In the neighborhood, or
at least he desired to be free so tbat be
could marry ber. Tbe man bad no occupation and seldom left tbe house.
During my first two weeks In tbe place
he never allowed me to see the wife
except In his presence and found fault
If I cooked anything extra for her or
expressed my sympathy. He had a
way of whispering to himself, and a
dozen times over I heard blm say:
"I've waited for five years, but I
won't wait much longer. I'll get rid of
ber and be bappy."
My natural Impulse on finding out
how he felt toward his wife was to fly
the house, but I bave explained how I
was situated. And, too, I soon got the
feeling that I ought to stay to protect
tbe poor old woman. I figured It out
that, while be might thirst for her
death, he would not proceed to extremities while I was In the house. It
seemed as If be would have lived on
nlone, as be bod done for tbe last two
months, if he meditated anything of
thnt sort. I didu't know the depth of
his craft, bowever. He had brought
me there to work her death through
me. Tbe first thing I susplcloued tbls
way was one morning when be asked
me to belp ber down stairs. Tlie stairs
were steep and shaky, and he had pried
one of tbe steps loose, tbat lt might
slide from under our feet As a matter of fact It did give wny, but I
caught myself and saved tbe woman.
When old Dyson saw tbe failure of his
plot, be looked chagrined and savage
and presently found excuse for culling
tbe poor wife's ears.
In tbe course of a couple of weeks
be declared that the cellar was full of
rats and gave me money and commanded me to buy arsenic. He recommended me to go to a store miles away
and to Bay tlmt 1 wanted It for my
complexion and to give my own name.
I went to a drug store only two blocks
awey and gave his name, and when
be discovered this be was highly Indignant for a day, and I rather expected to be thrown out However, In the
course of three or four days he developed another plan. After coaching tbe
old wife be left me alone with ber for
tbe llr.it time, and sbe begged me to
get ber some liiutlnniiin for toothache
and not mention the matter to him. It
was easy to tell tbat she bad been
coached what to say, and I refused to
buy the drug. A few days later, as I
was preparing ber a soup, I had to
leave tbe kitchen for a minute. When
I returned, tbe soup was giving out a
strange odor, and, being satisfied that
the husband bad poisoned It I of
course threw It away.    He scolded
about my waste, but when I looked
him square In the eyes be dropped his
and had no more to nay.
I had beeu wltb the Dysons five
weeks when the climax came. The old
woman wus holding her own, If not
getting better, aud the husband's impatience bad a savage edge to it. Tbelr
bedroom was on tbe north side of the
house. All along on that side was a
deep excavation for a factory, and the
cellar was full of stones and water.
From the bedroom window the distance to the cellar bottom was all of SO
feet. I slept on the west side, with two
rooms and two doors between us, but
so poorly built was the house that If
voices were raised above a whisper
they could be heard, and there were
nlso many cracks and crevices to peer
through. At 10 o'clock one nlgbt I lay
wondering if he really meant to take
ber life and how he would finally accomplish it wben I heard a balf suppressed scream from bis room. I got
softly out of bed and went to the far*
ther door, and, looking through a crack,
I saw that the window was up and that
he stood before it wltb his wife In his
arms. She was hanging on to him
with fingers of steel and making a
great struggle. I heard him breathing
heavily aud snarling and growling as
he tore her fingers loose, but I did not
know wbat he planned to do till of a
sudden he staggered to the open window and flung her out Sbe screamed
as she went to her death, and in my
fright I echoed the scream. I remember tbe man rushing across the
room at me, of his dashing open the
door, of his striking me down, and tben
came darkness whicb lasted for weeks.
He struck me with a piece of iron aud
fractured my skull. He then carried
my body down stairs and bore It a
quarter of a mile away and flung lt
Into another excavation. Before taking me from tbe bouse he put on my
hat and cloak, and thus It appeared to
those who found my unconscious body
next morning that I bad been coming
home the night before and fallen Into
the pit As to his wife, he gave the
alarm and brought the police and made
out that It was a case of suicide.
While be was fast asleep, as he claimed, sbe had stolen to the window and
leaped to ber deatb.
His story went, and It was seven
months before there was any contradiction. I had a fractured skull, brain
fever and pneumonia and for weeks
and weeks lay as one dead. When I
mended, my memory was confused,
aud it was seven months before I told
my story and put the police on the
track. Long before that Dyson had
married the widow nnd sailed for
America, and, though efforts were
made to find hlm, nothing came of
them. Never did a man deserve the
hangman's rope more, and yet If living today, he Is frea and has no fear
of the law.
:: our miss
flemming j
"   By C i. LEWIS
i > —
< i       Copvrtflht, Uut, by T. 0. Sttaurt
i ..».♦.+ .».».♦».+ .».♦■».♦»♦
Stood on Hli Dignity.
A few years ago John Best, the eminent organist, a very dignified man,
was present at a great public dinner at
Liverpool, and It was understood tbat
he would contribute a short organ recital to the harmony of the evening.
"The organ will now play," was the
curt style In which the mayor, wbo
was in the chair, chose to announce the
performance, and Mr. Best sat still In
his place, taking no notice whatever of
the observation. The mayor repeated
the words ln a louder tone of voice,
and still the great musician made no
A waiter came and whispered to Mr.
Best: "Didn't you hear bis worship,
sir? Tho organ will now play." Mr.
Best merely looked up with a surprised
and Injured air. "Confound the organ!" be said.   "Let It play!" .
Tbe message was duly conveyed to
the mayor, nnd tben the mayor rose
again. "Our distinguished fellow
townsman, Mr. Best" he said, "will
now very kindly oblige us with a selection of music on tho organ." Then and
not before Mr. Best arose and entertained the company.
Her name was down on tbe passenger list of ths Iron Duke, bound from
London to India, as Miss Bertha Flemming. Sbe waa fairly good looking, of
excellent figure and was witty and
magnetic, Before a day had passed
all the single men and half the married ones were determined to get an
introduction as soon as possible. Id
two or three days sbe had been introduced to every first class passenger of
the sterner sex, and during the next
two or three she picked and culled until what was known as tbe Flemming
crowd numbered about fifteen men.
Twelve of these were young men or
widowers, while the remainder were
married men whose wives were In England or India. It was the money crowd
of the ship.
When ths ship had been out about
a week cards were Inaugurated to
while away the spare hours. It was
a matter of surprise to every one, as
soon as the playing got fairly started,
tbat Miss Flemming was so adept with
tbe pasteboards and had sucb universal
good luck. She handled ths cards like
the slickest gambler, and the Jackpots
came ber way wltb wonderful regularity. On two or three occasions she
manipulated tbe cards In sucb a way
tbat had sbe been > man she would
bave been called down, but as lt was
sbe was given the benefit of tbe donbt.
When she had won $350 of me I cashed
the chips and went out of tbe game,
being pretty well satisfied ln my own
mind that I hadn't been given a square
deal, and from that day Miss Flemming bad no further use for me. When
I tried to bask Id ber smiles as before
ths smiles were not at borne to mc.
Sbe bod confided to me tbat she found
mo congenial, but there seemed to be
some mistake about that after I had
decided to lose no more money.
Her greatest victim was the son of
an English manufacturer who was going out to India to spend soma of bis
father's surplus cash. His exact losses
wben be decided to quit no one but
himself could say. and he gave no information, but It was hinted that they
footed up a hatful of money. In tbe
course of three weeks the Flemming
MeUMnona "Baboo" Basils*.
Tbe lato (i. W. Steevens gives an example of "Baboo" English in bis book,
1 "In India." It Is an effort to express
admiration for tbe speech of Pundit
Madun Mohan Malavayya at a native
j "His speech Is as mellifluous as his
name. He has a sweet voice and Is
one of the most enthusiastically welcomed of men on tbe congress plat-
, form. Neither tall nor short nor stout
but thin; not dark, dressed ln pure
white, with a whlto robe which goes
round his shoulders and ends down below the knees, Mr. Madan Moban
stands like Eiffel's tower when be addresses Ills fellow congressmen.
I "He stands slanting forward, admirably preserving bis center of gravity.
His speeches are full of pellucid and
sparkling statements, and hla rolling
and Interminable sentences travel out
of his mouth In quick succession, producing a thrilling impression on the audience. There is music lu his voice,
there Is magic In his eye, and he Is one
of tbe sweet charmers of the congress
Respected Hli Memory.
1    She entered the office or tbe tombstone company, and the clerks Immediately became sad of countenance.
"Is there anything 1 can do for you?"
asked the chief mourner.
"Yes; my husband, John T. Aber-
nnlliy. has died, and I would like to
secure some suitably engraved headstone— something with an appropriate
Inscription, If you please."
"Certainly, madam. Right this way.
Now, here is a very pretty thing In the
stone line. Bight over this cross we
would carve, 'Here lies John T. Aber-
niitliy, and"—
"Ah, sir," Interrupted the widow,
"you must think roe cruel! I would not
say 'Here lies.' That was one of his
faults in life, and I will not follow him
wltb the accusation now that be haa
gone."—Denver Times.
crowd was dissolved. One after another withdrew as bs was cleaned out
of bis spare cash, and Miss Flemming
was certainly several thousand dollars
to the good.
Soon after the poker games ceased
we were treated to several sensations
in succession. The first was the disappearance of several diamond rings and
a bracelet wbicb had been left on tbe
piano by a player. After a little lt was
found that tbs jewelry had beeu taken
while ouly six people were ln tbe cabin. Four of these were married ladles,
tbe fifth was Miss Flemming and the
sixth a young man. Tbe cabin was
turned upside down ln tbe search, but
tbe missing valuables could not be
found. Then every one of the six pcr-
sous demanded that bis or her stateroom nnd lugguge be searched, but ths
captain hushed matters up by suggesting thut one of tho servants wus the
thief and that the plunder would In
time be recovered.
Three days later a married woman
bad a more sensational complaint to!
make.   During ber temporary absence I
from her stateroom some one entered .
It and stole $500 In cash, a gold watrh
and a costly pin.   Her stateroom wns
only two doors below mine, and at the ,
time named I hnd caught a glimpse of ;
some one entering It   I Just got sight
of a skirt, but I wn** sure tn my own
mind thnt It was one I had seen Miss
Flemming wear.
The bold robbery was a slunk to
every one. No one's belongings would
be sufe until the thief was discovered.
It wns nnturul to first suspect the servants, and the cnptnln had theni before
liim In succession nnd tried bis best to
fix the guilt While this wus going
on the mate nnd stewardess were
searching quarters and baggage, but
no trace of the plunder could be found.
Some thought the thief bad flung the
stuff overboard to escnpe detectlou, but
the majority settled dowu to the belief that one of the pnsseugers was ths
guilty purty.
Mnny who hnd Jewelry and small
sums of money hastened to the purser,
antl people began looking nt each other
in nn unpleasant wny. One half probably suspected the other balf, but that
wasn't discovering the criminal.   I felt
sure 1 could give a good guess as to
who It was, but guessing and declaring
are two different tblngs. Miss Flemming was loud ln her indignation and
feverish ln her anxiety. Tbe average
detective would have reasoned that sbe
rather overdid lt
Four days later another stateroom
was entered and more Jewelry taken,
and right ln the midst of the sensation a lady missed a pair of diamond
earrings which she had put out to
clean. So great was the indignation
and so intense the desire to catch tbe
thief that all passengers and servants
were held together on deck while a
search was made of everything below.
This search was most thorough and
exhaustive, but not one of the missing
valuables was located. It was, however, tbe end of tbe thieving, as everything in tbe Une of jewelry was locked
np In the purser's safe. The remainder
of the voyage was anything but comfortable, as every one felt tbat he
might bo under suspicion, and there
were very few farewells exchanged at
tbe parting.
I went up the country to Allahabad
and had been there six months wben
an Englishman was arrested for trying
to defraud a bank of a large amount of
money. It was my province as a newspaper man to write up tbe affair and
later on to come 1. contact wltb tbe accused. The instant I saw him I asked
if his name was Hemming and if hla
sister hadn't come out to India on the
Iron Duke. He laughed heartily at tha
question, but did not answer It until lis
found thsre was evidence enough to
send blm to prison for a long term.
Then he explained that be was Miss
Flemming herself. Not only that, bnt
be admitted to being one Ranseme, a
thief and sharper badly "wanted" by
the English police for many offenses
against her majesty's laws.
Runsome had many times taken to female disguises when closely pushed,
and be aped the young lady so well as
to always deceive. Not a man or woman on board tbe Iron Duke had the
least suspicion tbat be was masquerading. As to ths .robberies aboard. I laid
them at his door, and he smiled in reply. I have never bad a doubt tbat be
was tbe tbief, though wbere be hid his
plunder I cannot sny. No wonder bo
bod plucked us at cards, for bo was a
notorious sharp. He went to prlsofe for
fifteen years and died after half his
sentence had expired. A year before
his death be escaped, donned female attire again and was finally found serving in an aristocratic family ns a parlor
Mate   Peace   With   thc   Hdltar.
An Oklahoma business mar: got mad
at tbe editor of a local paper about
something which appeared in print and
notified tbe editor that he would in future have his printing done at a Job office where tbey didn't have a paper to
roast everybody. He thought of course
the paper would have to quit business,
but lt kept going.
In about two mouths the mm'.
daughter was married, and tbey hrd j
big wedding, but not a line appeared
in the paper. Later on his wifo gave a
reception to visitors, but not a Hue appeared in print
Later on the man's youngest child
died, but ths editor apparently didn't
know It Tbo next fall a muss meeting
was held In town to see about public
improvements, and this business man
made a big speech. The meeting was
written up In full, except this man's
speech. Tbls was skipped. Tben the
business man called and asked the editor wbat he had against hlm.
"Ton got mad last year." was the reply, "and said you were going to have
your work done at the job printing office, so I thought I'd Just let your job
printer print the account of your daughter's wedding, your wlfe'i reception,
your child's obituary and your little
speech."—Enid (Kan.) Events.
Wives mt Great Mea.
Few great men bave paid more enthusiastic tributes to tbelr wives tban
Tom Hood, Bays tbe Deuver Times.
"You will think," be tvrote to ber ln
one of his letters, "that I am more
foolish than any boy lovor, and I plead
guilty. For never was u wooer so
young of heart and so steeped In love
as I, but It Is a love as . 'iu_ und
strengthened by long yeu ' ot experience. Msy Ood ever bless my darling
—the sweetest, most helpful angel wbo
tver stooped to bless a man."
"I want thee much," Natbunlel Hawthorne wrote to his wife uiauy years
after bis long patience ban won for him
ths flower "that was lent from heaven
to show the possibilities ot thc human
soul." "Thou art the only person ln
the world that ever war necessary to
ms. And now I sm only myself wben
tbou art within my reach."
Tht wedded life of Wordsworth wltb
his cousin, "ths phantom of delight,"
was a poem more exquisitely beautiful
than any bis pen ever wrote. "All that
sbe has been to me," the poet once said
In his latter days, "non • but Uod and
myself can ever know."
Piles driven In a iiuirsh on which
Winchester College is built are an
sound to-duy tin when first driven,
five hundred years ago.
Paper stockings have be</n invented
in Herman, which absorb the poi-spl**
ration    of    the feet and keep  tbem
warm and dry.
The catacombs at Itomo contain
tho remains of about six million human beings; those at Paris of ;;„mL,
threo millions.
Every sorrow wl-ich adds a 8iti(r|a
virtue to our character is worth tn-
during, and every pleasure which
falls t y do this ls wasted.
Baokache and Pains In the Lags tha Common Symp.
tarns—Cura Camas with tha Usa aff
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
Exposure to damp, cold weather Is
a frckjuent cause ot kidney disease.
Sitting In a draught so ns to chill
the feet and logs Is froquunUy ono Ugh
to  bring on  congestion  of  the liver.
Colds settle on tho liver and kidneys as well us the lungs. The it*-
suiis uro diseases of the most dreadfully painful  and futttl sort.
As yet there bus never been discovered a preparation equal to Dr.
Chase's Kid ney-1.iver l'ills as a
prompt und thorough " euro for derangements of theso great filter Ing
Pains in lhe buck, headache, urin-
ar,y disorders, biliousness, liver complaint, dyspepsia nnd constipation
soon disappear when Dr. Chase's
Kldney-I;iver  l'ills are used.
Mr. 0. T. Martin, Flotwodo, Assn..
N.W.T., writes : "I deslro to bear
witness to tho indisputable eflicucv of
Dr. Chuse's remedies. 1 huve not
written sooner because 1 wished to
he convinced that the use of lir.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills would .accomplish the desired results, in (>uch
case tn which we huve had occa.-iiun
to use them In our family they lmvo
not only brought prompt relief, hut
have also etVeeted a lasting cure. As
i desire to ulwuy? have Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills in tho houso in
case of sickness, I am enclosing out
dollar for live boxes.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pill?, ,,ne
pill a dose. 25c a box, ut all d. ul.*:s,
or Edmanson. Dates & Co., Toronto;
To protect you against imitations
the portrait nnil signature of Dr. A.
W. ChaHO, the famous receipt Look
author, are on every  box.
The cheapest form of ontertaintriont
-entertaining an idea.
Pontoon   bridger   with  copper  pontoons,  were  invented  by  the   French.
Holland claims the distinction of
lirst. having made bombshells iu tho
year 1495.
lt takes throe scruples to make ono
dram; but two drams will abolish all
the scruples a man has.
It la very unhealthy for .1 growing
boy to smoke tobacco—particularly
if his father catches him at it.
It takes a clever man to conceal
from others what be doesn't know,
The lirst painter in Homo wns
brought from Etrurla by Qtiintus
1'ubius about tbe year  291   HI'.
Tho largest diamond in tho world is
U10  Rajah  of  Borneo,   weighing   uj    |
There are one thousand seven hundred and oighty-tive separate mil-
way companiee In the United States.
The cocoon of a healthy silkworm
will often yield a thread 1,000 yards
in length.
Machines for making tacks were
Urst made by Thomas ltluiich.ird in
the year  1806.
If all the world were blind ivliut. 11
meluncholy sight it would bo '. suid
un Irish clergyman preaching a charity sermon for the benefit ol a I.lini
Lowell  aad   Drrt   llarlr.
Bret llurte. (lushed with tirst fame,
was Mr. Ilowella' guest for n week
In the early seventies. Hurte's breezy
Boheuilnulsui delighted Cambridge und
iis environs, which quite as thoroughly
amused the young Callfornluu Journalist
It was One to see him humorously ac
ceptlng the humorous attribution ot
selentlilc sympathies from Agassis ln
compliment ot his famous epic describing the incidents thut "broke up thc
society upon the Stanislaus." It was
a little fearsome to bear him frankly
owning to Lowell his dislike for something ■ivei'llterary ln tho phrasing of
certain verses of "The Cathedral." But
Lowell could stand that sort of thing
from a mun who could say the sort of
things that Iiarte suid to him of that
delicious line picturing tbe bobolink as
Runs down a brook of laughter In th* air.
That, Ilnrte told him, was the line
ho liked best of all his lines, and Lowell smoked, well content with the
prulse. Yet they were not men to get
on well together, Lowell having limitations ln directions where Iiarte hud
Ara Merely Symptom* of Disease an.l Mail
tw Treated Throa(b tbe III.mkI.
If you suffer with pain—any kitiil ol
pain—konp in mind that pain is hut
a symptom, not a disease ; that
I what you must light is not the pain
but its cause ; that liniments und oils
for external application are absolutely uselehs. To ovorrome Ilia
cans.' of puln internal treatment is
I necessary. Pains, no matter where
I located, will disappear when you
purify and enrich the blood uml
strengthen the nerves. Aches nntl
pains disappear as if by magic whoa
Dr. Williams1 Pink Pills are i.sed.
Every dose actually makes new. 1 ich.
red blood, wh ch drives disease fiom
the system and banishc-a pain. Thousands and thousands of grateful people havo given their testimony to
prove this. Mr. tieorge Gary. '111-
burv. Ont.. says : "For a whnlo
summer I suffered terribly from sciatica. Tho pain was something aw-
fuh and I could scarcely bear to have
anything touch niy log. I took medicine from two doctors, and tried »
number of recommended reniediee,
but derived no benefit. Then 1 wus
advised to try Dr. Wllliutns' link
Pills, and this medicine helped n.e
almost from the start, and soon ie-
Imised mu from the trouble, and I
hu>u not since had a twinge ol it.
I therefore have great reason U>
praise  Dr.  Williams'   Pink  Pills."
Sciatica, rheumatism. neuralgia
and nil other aches und pains are
completely driven from the svsi.'iu
Ihrough a fnir use of Dr. William's
Pink l'ills. Don't take any pink colored substitute : ki,. that tho fell
name "Dr. William's link l'ills for
Pals People" is printed on the wrapper uround the box. If in doubt send
direct to tbo Dr. William's Medinne
Co., Drorkvillo, Ont., und the pilli
will be sent by muil at. so arils s
box or six boxes for $2.50.
The Fall* of lanasa.
Though practically unknown to ths
world at large, the fulls of Igtiaio
stand second only to NIsgnra. The
Iguazu river forms tbe boundary between Argentina and BrazV Twelve
miles above its Junction with the Parana the river bed bends almost at right
angles, Tbe main volume of water,
moving with grest velocity round ths
inner or Brasllisn bank, rushes inte a
long, narrow gorge, at one point in
which the waters make a clear leap of '
210 feet. Tbls gorge does not intercept
tbe wbole volume of the river water
and the surplus currents rush out past
It into the wide elbow formed by the
bend, descending In two lerps of 100
feet each ln the horseshoe called tbe
Argentine falls. The distance from
where the waters enter the Brazilian
pit to their last cascade on the Argentine aide is «,000 feet    .
Pa'ft and W.ll lam I.
The story of Adeilna Patti's first encounter with Emperor William I. is
worth repeating. It wns nt Ltomburg
thnt the meeting took place, and the
diva was tben quite a young girl. On
the evening of tho si- as fay an Invitation cauiu to her an. her father to
meet bis Imperial miijcs y nest morning at tbe springs at 7 o'clock.
"I get up at that hour," cried the
spoiled child, "to please any emperor?
No, no! 1 wouldn't think of it! Tell
him so."
William I., ever good natured, laugh*
ed heartily over her ultimatum, which
greatly amused btm. The last time
his majesty saw Patti was in Berlin,
and he wns then 1 dying mnn. When
she called upon him at his box be welcome.] her with his most genial smile.
"Ah," he said, "you remember Hom-
burg? But you dou't mind waiting
upon me now."	
"Anger," he snld thoughtfully, "shortens life."
She looked at him sharply.
"It nlso," he went on, "spoils beauty.
It has nn exceptionally Injurious effect
ou a pretty fnee."
"John Henry," she exclnlmed. "whnt
Is It you wnnt to say to me? What
provoking suggestion have yon to make
now? I'or whnt offensive* ruling In domestic economy are you pavlug the
Then ho knew that all bis precautions were useless nnd thnt he might
ns well hnve told her In the first plnce
tluit she would have to valt a mouth
for that new bonnet.—Chicago Post
"Please, ma'am," said tho ri>ok,
"I'd like to givo you a week's notice." "Why, Mary, this is a (.'rent
surprise: do you hope to better \our-
sell  '.'   "      "Well,   no,     not.     exactly
ibat." answered Mary with 11 I'lusb.
"I in going to get married."
There never wan rnd never will l*> I
universal iHiiiiu.ii, In one remedy, lot el
ill* lo which ll.'Mli 1* heir— the v.ry inline of manv <ui it lives lielnir BUCil tjjj
wore Ihe genus ol other and dilTerenllV
Bcutwl disease united In the system *
the mini.nt -wlml would relieve one Ul )
in turn woultl Aggravate the other "•
have, however In Quinine Win.'. v***
obtainable in Bound. unudultertt.Hl stst*.
a remedy lor manv ami grievous ill* ._}
ItH gradual und iiiiliiiouB use the IrslWl
systems are led Into convalescents »■'
.strength by the Influence which gulnlM
exerts on nature's own rostoriiti..-*. JJ
relieve! tho drooping spirits ol UJOJJ
with whom a chronic state ul mo™™
despondency and luck of interest in "™
1* a disease, and bv tri.iiiiuiii"'"' ' ,
nerves, disposes to sound ami "''"'",,!,
sleep— liuiinits vigor to the action <>' _\
blood, which, being stimulated co*"1*"
through the veins. atrengtlieniiu! «■
healthy animal functions of the s.v»**»;
thereby tusking arllvltv a neeemfJ r\
milt, stronathenliur lite frame and riviw
lire to the digestive orguns. which "•*'"
rnllv demand increscd substance-***" ■
Improved appetite. Northrop A W"BE
of Toronto, have liven to tli<> tm_
their Superior Quinine Wine et the *"u*
rale, and, gauged by the opinl'*"" ±\
scientists. Ihs wine approaches "«*rr*
perfection of any In ths market w
druggists sell  it.
Rome of the Conurtock mines sr»"
deep that no means have yet >»-<•»*■
vised to overcome tho excessive M»
There ars so msnv rough nie.H'''"*?.*.
the market Ihnt It Is sonietlm-" '■ *
cult to trll which to buy but u •■" |b,
s eough, a cold, or anv «ffllc""n„?'n1*'<
thront or lungs, we wjiuhl IT* »■ ttl0
Antl-ConsBmptlvo    Hvrun F__lnf I**
hnve used  It think  It Is far n1",'"' _, Jj»
other orotiaretlons recoim-nenil>-,>i '"■   , n
complaints     The little folks like 11
Is ns plensant a* svruu THE
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
,. hpJ rice takes an h»ur to digest,
,,,■■ 'tl suet ot beef five hours and
haM.   Th«»e aW the extreme limit*
lor ordinary edibles.
*U„ one Hundisd Dollam *!**_tot
*• * ,t Catarrh *hlrt °*nno' •**• *"** *T
__\-t C*"UThFCjr"i-HKNKT A CO., ToMo, O.
..   ..nAairalgnsd,   have   known   T.   J.
Cb,n*5', "f„norabl« In sll business transactions
<»«««•*■• t0 •" °Ul '", 0,»,«mt,<,B■,
SU » '"'wEflT* TRUAX
Wholesale Druggists. Tolsflo. O.
W   Wholesale Augglsts. Toledo, O.
.... Catarrh Curs Is taken tat-mally. Mt-
**"   VT. uDon the blood and mucous ssr-
, dlrsetly ***£   T^tlmorrtals sent frea.
*~ t X "°« ••   Bold by a)l Drus^rt*
*^f%J»™» •***•*»"■
There nre credible records of over
c„vi.ii thousand earthquakes between
Ita veins 1606 B.G. nnd 1S94 A, D.,
and 'the unrecorded ones are bel'eved
t0 be still moro numerous.
South American Rheumatfo
Curo Cures Rhoumatlem. -11 i a
Wt,  harmless and acts qulck-givse   al-
,«t iuatunt relief and an absolute curs
£ irom one  l°  three  davs-works  won-
L\ in most acute lorms of rheum.it lam.
SS  "" *******9 :,"' fl*"""1 V!'"".*'
Id, bed l.«for« coinmsncing its uss-4 bot-
Ubi cur«d ms."—UU
It takes as much energy to growl
uud lind fault us to work with the
others. A disgruntled, fault-finding
person cun use his energy in other
lines und chime in with the members
in united effort.
A Casket of Pearls,   i> -, v o n
Sin'i * I'liii'iilinle Tablets woilll |irove a
prenl loluce to the* dlslieartsilud d\MM>D-
11, II he would bul tent their 1 .nlenry.
They're veritable eemi in t.revoniing the
ivstliiv ul stomach disorders, by Hiding
mil stimulating digestion—110 nl these
hcalili "pearls" In a box, and tliey est
1 rents Kecomineiided by most eminent |,liyslt Iuiin—1.4
'1'bo wearing of ^reon voils is snid
to do injurious.
Tin. folding envelope was fit_it, used
lu the your  1839.
U    battle    only   one   ball nui   of
eighty-live takes effect.
Dr. Agnew'e Catarrhal Powder. I.v. W. If. Main, pastor of ths
liai'iist '".manual Church, Hi.iT.ilo, elves
■trong testimony for nnd Is a linn I e-
lltver In Dr, Auin-v's 1'nt.ii iliul I'tnaiier.
IU his tried many kinds of rimed irs
without avail "Alter using Ur Agnew'l
(111..1 rlinl Ponder 1 won benciileil nl
once." ure his words. It ls a wonderful
remedy     ,-io cents — ti.">
Bellows were invented in Egypt fifteen centuries before Christ.
In Mexico thc family of a d. ad
duelist can claim support Irotll the
person who shot him.
It looks bud to see a d.ijj precede
his muster doWti the Mr.-et und 'urn
into the tirst saloon he approcw-hes.
it shows a deplorable tendonuy on
tbo purt of tho dog.
Tike cold easily? Throat
tender? Lungs weak? Any
relatives have consumption?
Then a cough means a great
deal to you. Follow your
doctor's advice and take
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. It
heals, strengthens, prevents.
■ r»r w T,,ara I hsvs depsodtd oa Ayer's
Cberr? Pectoral for coufht snd coin.. I
•aw* It {'PstlT itr.nnh.na weak lung.."
«■*»■ i*. A. Kosissos, Sallas, Mich.
"v.see.iiao. j.c.inico.,
m^JUIsmom for   ________
I Weak Lungs
Ayer'a fill* Increase the activity ot
tho liver. mntm thu, ald rocovorj.
hwipapwt W Old Country
SfiWebed to ,ub__._m  hv  ,i„,  r^is   b^
Limited,   Cannon
n;^1'' Hullding,, London, England.
Send tl'"' "S^g*3" Agency in lhe world.
■gg for our lift Free on application. Eh.
lm    I'rompt and reliable.
ge.MNMh ranfl.al, („, Bp.Tlns.lta|»UU, Splints,
_*__*•"'■• I*"1,?" '«_• •■" i.*»siisssrii aSB tVLteJa
as aaaw&Mtiaall... C 'Itimi a lilaisuS.si ll llMSSSI fim.
CompUts Curs ftr Bom Sputa.
a, ., m ......      »wmi. mints, fn. *■*,****>
—x* «!'.»;.. J*  "' C*'* C.nll«m.i, , I ha.I la lr„,t . ,ou*m
SS_iS_S__fSSf —**,*** ■,l,lt'' *■*■<« • »»ss su.»ii ,"S
gr_r*gi^lMr/*Js**t*i 1 ••.. .h.Wm.y,,.., »d .ni:
I «d II did m cmSb.ll. .„? h'' ft .•""■ **l «■ I""'-"**",
• Harm,a.^amr\7h*!lZt,.ril •__! "'W-WsCBO
r- " , it. fl...,. ha, (una lam. aiocta,
Vtnr t,„i, ywin, CEO, I, HARRla
I »»■« S^T,llTsmfonr"e■^,i•. MSB Sa! ******* " -•*
equal      Aa—T . ***** A% ■ '"■t'n«nt for family ut* It Kttne
2?"a -$;..",_'. afejfc: &v$&j*^*it*+
' ****** 00 Ihs Ilor...•• ih. b»ok ftM, ur ..' laa**«
Ills Reason For Hefaslaff ta Advance
Another Loan.
One day u yonng ninn of Russell
Sage's acquaintance— in fact, tbe grandson of an old friend of otlier daya—approached him on the subject of a loan
of $10 for two weeks and—got lt. He
promised faithfully to return the money nt a stated hour, and the promise
was as faithfully kept. Mr. Sage had
very little to say when ho -rave up the
ten and quite as little v. hi n he got it
A week or ten days later the young
man came to see him again and this
time asked blm for $100, making all
sorts of representations of what he
would do with lt Mr. Sage refused to
ante. The young man was surprised,
not to say pained.
"Why," he exclaimed, "you know I'll
pay it all right. Didn't I suy I'd have
tbat ten for you on Monday, and wasn't
I there to the minute with it?"
Mr. Sage beamed softly oa tbe grandson of bis old friend.
"My boy," he said, with no trace ot
unklndness ln his tone, "you disappointed me once, and I don't want yoa
to do it again."
"I beg your pardon, I did not," argued tbe youth. "I said I would pay
you bock, and I did."
"Yes, my boy," purred Mr. Sage,
"you paid back the ten, and I never
expected you would. Now, if I let yoo
bave a hundred I should expect you to
pay lt back, and you wouldn't. One
disappointment at my time of life Is
enough, my boy. (Jood morning."
A Peraslan Superstition.
The girls of the Peruglnn blgblands
believe as Oimly as any heroine of Theocritus that a person possessing a lock
of another person's hair can will pain,
disease and even death to tbe owner
of tbe hair, and thus wben maidens
give their betrothed lovers the customary plaited tress it is virtually tbelr
life and all their power of suffering
that tbey give Into those trusted hands.
If the man should prove unfaithful
and disease descend upon the unhappy
woman, Bhe is not, however, utterly
lost Tbe experienced matrons of ber
village have means to transfer the com-
plaint to a tree, to an animal or to
cast It into running water. Tbe patient
must rise ln tbe early dawn, touch a
certain plant in a certain manner, saying, "May thou wither and I flourish
again," or bind her complaint to a tree
In a given fashion, taking care never
to pass again before that tree lest tbe
disease, recognizing its former possession, return to ber again.
Trees la Japan Sacred <• the Gods.
Near every temple ln Japan are certain trees that are supposed to be peculiarly loved by tbe gods aud to be
sacred to them. Any one injuring or
causing to be injured one of them will
bring down the wrath of tbe knml or
god whose particular property lt ls.
If the trees be Injured in tbe name of
any one tbe knml nvenges himself on
that person Instead. So when a girl
finds that a swain's lo.ve bas cooled
and she thinks revenge would be sweet
she mnkes a straw manikin and calls It
by his nnme. If she is very vengeful
ahe may also make one of ber bated
rival. At 2 o'clock at night (called tbe
hour of tbe bull) she rises, and, clad In
a white nightdress only, with high
clogs on ber feet, ber hair hanging
loose aud crowned with an Iron tripod,
on which three lighted candles are
stuck, she proceeds to the shrine of tbe
patron god of the family.
Praise Year Wife.
Trolse your wife, man, for pity's
sake, praise your wife when she deserves It! lt won't Injure her nny,
though It may frighten her some from
Its strangeness. If you wish to make
nnd keep her happy, give ber a loving
word occasional I.v. If she takes pains
to mako you something pretty, dou't
tnke It with only:
"Yes, it is very pretty. Won't you
hand me my paper?" It will take you
only a minute's time to kiss ber and
tell her she Is the best wife lu town.
You will And it to be a pnying Investment—one which will yield you n large
return In increased care and willing
labor for your comfort. Loving praise
will lighten labor wonderfully and
should be freely bestowed.—Exchange.
Animals aad Slffht.
In tbe wnter fishes see only nt very
close range—about balf their own
length. Tbls will seem, perhaps, unlikely to anglers, although some of
them can cite Instances showing that
fish cannot seo far. Snnkes seem to
hnvo 11 very mediocre souse of sight.
The bon, for instance, does uot see nt
more than a quarter of Its own length.
Different species nre limited to one-
flfth or one-eighth of their length.
Frogs nre better off; they see nt fifteen
to twenty times their length.
A Narrow FooHnir.
Smnrtlciis-1 didn't know Offlseeker
had had nny oxptrletiee as a tight rope
Spnrtlcus—He hasn't.
Sniurtlcus-Without It I don't see
how he's performing the feat of which
he Is accused—running on his own merits.
Under the Spell.
Dnsliaway-A few short hours ago 1
was sitting with n girl, telling ber she
was the only one In nil the world I
ever loved, nnd so forth nnd so forth.
Cloverton—And she believed you,
didn't she?
"How could she help lt? Why, I believed it myself."-
"John," whispered tho good womnn
In the dead of tbe night, "there nre bur-
glnrs downstairs."
"You go down, dear," replied John
sleepily. "They wouldn't dare to strike
s woman."
There are Numerous Witnesses
of Mrs. Adams' Sickness
and Cnre.
She Sorely Had Bright's Disease
in its Very Worst
And Just as Surely was Completely Cured by Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
Durk's Palls, Ont., Feb. I.—
(Special.)—Mrs. Thomas Adams,
ot Collingwood, whoso almost miraculous recovery from Bright's
Disease in its worst stages has
caused a sensation in the medical world, is well known in
Ilurk's Fulls. She resided here for
years before removing to Collingwood, and lt was while living hers
thut she was stricken with the terrible disease tbat sweeps so many
into tbe grave.
Mrs. Adams has many friends still
ltvin« In Ilii-k's Falls, and they well
remember the hi.-lpless, suITering invalid, who, in March, 1900, looked na
if her only relief lay in death itself.
They can recall how when the dread
words "Bright's Disease" fell from
tho doctor's lips, thc report went
around that Mrs. Adams' doom vol
sen led, that she would never rise
from the bed of suffering on whloh
she luy. They cun recall how their
sympathy went out to the littlo children  *.vho would soon be mother.ess.
What Caused the Cnre.
Then while they waited and
watched for thc end, a gradual im-
provomont came over tho sufferer
It was hardly noticeable at urst, but
as she grew stronger and wus at
as she grew stronger and was st
length able to leave her bed and give
to her children a mother's caro, they
wondcringly asked the cause. Aud
then thc truth came out. Mrs. Adams had on thc advice of a friend
placed ber trust in the old reliable
Kidney remedy, Dodd's Kidney I'illa.
Slowly but surely Mrs. Adams'
strength came back till she was going about as if Dright's Disease had
never held her In its clutches. Still
tho skeptics refused to believe, "lt
is only one of tho vagaries of the
disease," they said. "It will come
back with thc winter." Dut winter
came and went. Another summer
and another winter passed, and today Mrs. Adams is able to say, "I
have had no return of thc trouble
since Dodd's Kidney Pills brought
me back from the brink of the
And now all Durk's Falls, all those
who knew Mrs. Adams 111 sickness
and heulth, aro forced to admit
Dodd's Kidney Pills cured ber
Dright's Disease, and cured it to
stay cured.
Neither has the lesson taught by
Mrs. Adams' case been lost. People
recognize tho fact that if sho bad
cured her pain in thc back with
Dodd's Kidney Pills, she would never
have had Dright's Disease.
The deepest coal Shaft in >'.<-nt l'.ri-
lain is thut of ihe \sbt.>n Moss 1.ol-
liery, n..ar Manchester. It hns a
depth of 2.3T) test
In tho dreary deserts of Arabia, the
rosemary and lavender llou.iih lo
No baby cries for the mere fun of
the t.-ing. It >•' et, because >t i.i not
well—generally Us little stomu*:h is
sour, its bowels congested, its skin
hot and feverish. Tliis is often ul.y
bailies are wakeful and make nlfthts
miserable for tho parents. Ueliovo
tho little one and it will sleep ull
nicht, and let the mother get her
needed rest as well. Just whut mothers need for this purpose is lluliv s
Own Tablets—a medicine thut sp. edi-
IV relieves and promptly cures all
the minor uilments of .voune children,
The experience of thousands nf mothers hns proved the truth of this,
ami nmong these mothers is Mrs
James Farrell, Banbsrry, Ont., who
says I "I think Duby's Own Tabloti
the best medicine in the world for
little ones. My baby, wns croU nntl
gave ma n good deul oi" trouble, but
since using tho tablets I could rot
wish for a healthier or better natinetl
Stronger praise could not tie irlven
and lhe mothor has a guarantee '.hul
the Tablets contain no opiato or
l^trmful drug. Sold bv medicine
dealers or sent postpaid at 2", cents
a box by writing the Dr. Williams
Medicine  Co.,  Brockville,  Ont.
The Portuguese sny thut IM mnu
can Ik. n good husband who tlo.ss not
eat a good breakfast.
If there were no money In the
world, would people die because tbey
could buy nothing ?
The harder you cough, the worse
the cough gets..
Cure R:,cLun«
la guaranteed to cure. If It
doesn't benefit you, the druggist
will give you your money back.
Prlcsn 8. C. Wills A Co. IM
<So.S0c.fl    I.i*Roy, N. Y.. Toronto, Caa.
A  1-rlftr  Scolchin. !.-■   Schema,   ror
Operatloa   Bis   Threat   Ml.-I.rj.
Thrift Is generally acknowledged to
be one of the leading characteristics of
tbe native of Flfeshire, and lt never
was more forcibly exemplified than ln
the person of David Hutton, a native
ot Dunfermline, wbo actually proved
that even mice, those acknowledged
pests of mankind, conld be made not
only to earn their own living, but also
to yield a respectable Income to tbelr
About tbe year 1820 this gentlemen
actually erected a small mill at Dunfermline for the manufacture of thread
—a mill worked entirely by mice. It
was while visiting Perth prison ln
1812 that Ur. Hutton Urst conceived
this remarkable idea ef utilizing mouse
power. In an old pamphlet of tbe
time, "Tbe Curiosity Coffee Room," he
gave an account of the way ln which
the Idea dawned on him. "In tbe summer of the year 1812," he wrote, "I
had occasion to be ln Perth, and when
Inspecting the toys and trinkets that
were manufactured by tbe French prisoners lh the depot there my attention
was involuntarily attracted by a little
toy house, with a wheel in the gable
of lt that was running rapidly round,
Impelled by the insignificant gravity of
a common house mouse. For 1 shilling I purchased house, mouse and
wheel. Inclosing it ln a handkerchief,
on my Journey homeward I was compelled to contemplate its favorite
amusement But how to apply half
ounce power, which is tbe weight of a
mouse, to a useful purpose was the
difficulty. At length the manufacturing of sewing thread seemed the most
Mr..Hutton had one mouse that rsn
the amailng distance of eighteen miles
a day, but be proved tbat an ordinary
mouse could run ten and a bolt miles
en an average. A halfpenny's worth
ef oatmeal was sufficient for Its support for thirty-five days, during which
It ran 736 half miles. He bad actually
two mice constantly employed ln the
making of sewing thread for more than
a year. The mouse thread mill was
eo constructed that tbe common bouse
mouse wss enabled te make atonement
to society for past offenses by twisting, twining and reeling from 100 to
120 threads a day, Sundays not excepted. To perform this task tbe little
pedestrian bad to run ten and a half
miles, and this journey it performed
with ease every day. A halfpenny's
worth of oatmeal served one of these
thread mill culprits for tbe long period
of five weeks. In that time lt made
3,350 threads of twenty-five Inches, and
as a penny was paid to women for every bank made tn tbe ordinary way
the mouss at tbat rate earned nine-
pence every six weeks, just ons farthing a day, or Ts. Od. a year.
Taking sixpence off for board and
allowing 1 shilling for machinery, there
was a clear yearly profit from each
mouse of 0 shillings. Mr. Hutton firmly Intended to apply for tbe loan of the
empty cathedral ln Dunfermline, which
would have held, be calculated, 16,000
mouse mills, sufficient room being left
for keepers and some hundreds of
spectators. Death, bowever, overtook
the Inventor before this marvelous
project could be carried out.—Edinburgh Scotsman.
A Bar»rt**d Daks.
Jnst after tho late Duke al Richmond and Gordon received the latter
half of his title—he was created Duke
of Gordon ln January, 1870— be was
sent to this country sb president of tbe
British commission to our centennial
exposition. While in this country be
beard of a certain picture owned by a
country woman ln which he tbougbt
he might be interested, and so wrote
to ber, using tbe official stationery of
the commission and signing himself, as
a peer does, simply by the names of his
title, "Richmond and Gordon."
Much to his surprise and a good deal
to his disgust—for he had precise ideas
as to bis dignity bs a duke—the letter
which he received in answer to bis was
addressed, "Messrs. Richmond A Gordon," and began, "Gentlemen!"
At tke Sociable.
Mr. Bllptongue—I bave not met yonr
wife.   Is sbe here this evening?
Ur. Hansoms—Yes, but just at tbls
moment sbe is engaged over there at
the piano.
Ur. Bllptongue (with affected enthusiasm)—Ah, 1 seel Sbe ls tbat goddesslike beauty wbo ls playing an accompaniment for tbe mountain of flesh
wbo ls singing.
Ur. Hnnsome (stiffly)—My wife does
not play; sbe sings.—London Telegraph.
"Lillian ts not sure thst she loves
Walter.    Sometimes  she  thinks  Bhe
does,  and  at otber times she's convinced she doesn't."
"And yet sbe Is going to marry blml"
"Ob, yes, that's all settled."
"But If abe is not sure sbe loves blm
why  doesn't sbe  break tbe  engagement?"
"Because she is twenty-seven."
Villa* tke Blame.
"The trouble ain't with tbe farm,"
said the old man. "If the farm didn't
have to do anything but support Itself,
tt could be made to pay, but It don't
seem to be sble to carry tbe burden of
us IIvln' on It so I reckon we're to
Don't Neglect A Cough I
■M—-— ■IWII—II —— ■!■■■—I
Many a case ofl
i_*u   *, , ,  . ehronlc  Bron
chitis, Pneumonia anil even dreaded Consumption itself, may be traced'
directly to "ouly a cough."   When the first cold comes, start in on
IT CURBS COTJCHS — heals the inflammed snrfeoes— 1
strengthens weak threats — puts the lungs in the strongft I
possible condition to resist the trying effects of a
Canadian winter.
a perfect FLOUR for
Sold - in Original Packages Only - By All Dealers.
■   ■ 1   ***
ism PRtf-tRtNTIALio*ci6AR
Yoiill   Enjoy Every BU 01 It.
Do You Want
It so, tbs onderiijned suit your business snd will o-dsavor to (Its ssUstoottaa*
Cash adtauced on cousiffiimsuU.     Kelerencs:   Union Bank ot Canada.
Tbs oldsst sstsbllshed Grain Commiaiioo
Merchant in Winnipeg.
Oraln  Exchange,   Winnipeg.
Class mirrors were first mutlo by
Veni'tiuns In the* thirteenth century.
Previously polished metal was iikih*.
Civil ailiiiiiistrutiiin costs the inhabitants of Great Britain £2 ;s 7d
|>er head.
Away with Catarrh !
Instant Relief and Permanent
Cure Seaured by the If ae off Or.
Agnew's Catarrhal Powder.
Here's strong evidence ol tbe quickness
nnd sureness ol thut wonderful rouiedy.
llr. Annew'n Catarrhal 1'owder : •'For
years I was a victim ol Chroi\|c Catorrk
—tried many remedies hut no ere ml
ertected until I had procured and used
llr. A*n*w'» Catarrhal I'owder. First
application irave nis Instant relief, and
;n an Incredibly short while I wus sbso-
lutsly cured '—lames Mendlev. Dundee.
VY.    Sold by all drumrlsts.
(tr. Agnew's Heart Cure relieves
In 30 minutes. tl
The jinuio wns invented by t'lis-to-
fall in the year 1711.
•ttioanrt Liuimect Cores Diphtheria.
Scotchmen huvi- almost entire control ot the stum- cutting industry of
New York.
CAUSES GROW.—It takes very mtle n>
di-rancf tin* Stomach.     The cause mny be
slielil. u Cold, fumetiiiiiir i-utrn or .litink
anxit-t.v.   worry,   nr   sfliiiM*   other   simple
cause.    Hut il precautions be not taken
tliiH Simple r.nisfl.. may liu*.i* uioM si"'i<iu*.
coiiM-.iuen.'t K Mnny a chronically il,.|iil-
itiitefll    constitution    to-iluv  owns   Us  <i»*-
structlon t(> *.ini|ii<- causes not doall vith
in  time      Keen th<* dli-restlve* aupttratui
in healthy condition and uii will l.e veil
Pannslee s   Vseetahlo   l-iii.-*   are   better
than any other for ihe purpose
On 11 level plain a inun betweun live
nnd six feet high can si* for ui.out
three miles.
borne pills which have no other put|>C9e
evidently than to beget palnl.il Internal
disturbances in the patient udcliug lo
his troublea and perplexities rather thsu
diminishing them. One might os well
swallow some corrosive material. I'ar-
melee's Veiretable l'ills hav.* not this rtls-
selWble and Injurious property They
ure easy to take, are no*, uiiplvastuit to
the taste, and their action is nilil and
soothing. A trial of them vill prove
this.     Thev ofler peace to  the dyspeptic.
The circular saw wus invented by
Dentham, an Englishman, in thi- ye&r
Tho most likely thing to beconie a
woman is a little girl.
Kurd. Liaioeit Cores Disteaper.
A paper thnt is always (ull of cood
points—a paper of needles.
The philosophy of theft is bnsi'd on
abstract principles.
I.ifebmiv   Soap—«lislnfi*ctant—Is   (strongly recommended by the medical profession
as    11    sufetruard    aeainst   iuiectious  diseases. H'J
tt               ■■■       ....
A  Catling  gun fires  5,000 shots  in
a minute.
A joint commit t.i
his assistant.
-the butcher nt-d
Covered I'lin'iinros were first UM" I  In
England in tha yeur 1580.
English books were tirst nrinl.-d I y
OsXton  in the vtar  1.174.
Ifcarl'i Liniaeit bra Mil, **.
Tho amount Ol money heid by the
various London bunks is not lur
short of two hundred und thirty million pounds.
What can I do for my little boy, so
that he won't want to eut between
meals ? asked mamma. IIqvs the
meals closer together, replied young
I.oalaar ••»  Opportunity.
"Tbe curtain goes up st 8:15, so we'll
be Just In time."
"But If -we bave a box It really seems
a shame to be so punctual."
" Pure soap I
the words.
Soap you
* You've heard
In Sunlight
have the fact.
HEALTH—When   called   in   to   ntiend    a
disturbance it searches out 'he hiding-
place of puln. and like a guardian el the
neace, lays hands upon it uml uavs. 'I
arrest you." Resistance is assises as
the law of health ImpoM a sentence of
perpetual banishment on natu and Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric OH was original!*.! ta
snforcs ibat sentence,
The Chinese fruit  growers nre   lhe
most expert In the world.
History fuils to record that   nny
Indian hns ever been killed by light
muit liaiacit Cares flirp-t k Cm
A mull's only chance to get a licnd
In this world is to be born With one.
Some people want you to give them
everything for notblng, Including your
life, your liberty (your labor) and your
pursuit of Uapuinees.
Ask tmt Us Octacsa Bar. -'
Denr Sirs.—1   ennnot    speak     too
strongly of  the    excellence of   M1N-
AftD'S I.INIMKNT.    It is THF. remedy    in    mj*    household    for  bums,
sprains, etc.,   nud   we would not   bo
without it.
It  is truly 11 wondorful medicine,
Publisher  Arnprior Chronicle.
The  first  llght-houso was built
Alexandria,   Egypt,   in 238 B.fl.
V*!/. M. -U. Mo   ***■
,1 ....i—flna
man ii.mi .j»hj IHE DRILL, SLOGAN, B. 0., FEBP.UARY 12. 190-1.
C. R. Kmithkrixgaib, Editor and Prop,
rs ruiats__» r.-riwr vhiday at
BLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C-
Legal Advertising 10 cents aline for
the lirst insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Oertlficses of Improvement, $7 each.
Transienradvertieenicnts at same-rates
as lotjul ativortiaiinf.
Local! will be charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Hates made known upon
The Subscription is (2 per year, strictly in advance; fj. 50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters toll IK SLOCAN DRILL,
Slocnn, B. C*
laiMiuitiM. onoi'PiMus.
Oniric* Hyman, of London, has
been taken Into the Dominion cabinet
as a minister without portfolio; Lflur-
lei is doing u lot of shuffling these
Tho legislature rushed things and
prorogued on Wednesday evening, It
is jnst as woll, forwith thr KussoJap
war on jieupli- cannot stand too much
The Grits contemplate throwing n
n rare sop to western voters in order
to secure their support in the Dominion elections. The Grand Trunk Pacific crowd are seeking modifications
to their contract, for the new transcontinental line, and lhe Grits are appur-
cntly willing to grant them provided
the company agree to commence construction on the Pacific end fir.st.
Trouble has come Upon the Grit ho-ts
and fain is the help pf Sifton.
A remarkable record is lieing made
for 190-1 by the extraordinary weather.
appalling disasters, and overwhelming
catastrophes. The latest addition to
the catalogue is Baltimore's experience
by fire on Sunday and Monday, the
worst in the history of the new world.
Seventy-five blocks of business houses
were destroyed, causing a loss of upwards of $200,1*0,000. Fortunately,
but few lives were lost and comparatively little suffering entailed.
A strong bid for popularity has been
made lately by the Canadian Pacific
Railway, they having reduced freight
rates on zinc ores to Belgium and copper ores to the Boundary smelt.-rs.
The result is a distinct benefit to the
mineowners in the Slocan and Boundary camps. From the size of the
profits put by by the company, the C,
P. could afford to reduce their rate.-'.
While they nre at it they might as
well shave a little off the rates on sil
ver ores.
Yankee opinion of Canada and of
things Canadian is undergoing a
change, hast week .Senator Lind. of
Minnesota, urged the American senate
to seek reciprocity with Canada, and
read extracts from many Republican
papers endorsing the move. Time
was when Yanks were wont to flout
Canadians when they sought better
trad-, relations from Washington, bul
the lioot is on the other foot now.
Prosperous times and thr* growth of
national spirit in Canada are compelling respect from the nations.
War has been declared by Japan
against Russia, the mikado having
become firmly convinced of the czar's
duplicity and treachery in regard to
Manchuria nnd Corea. Hostilities
commenced on Monday, opeuing with
the landing of r Japanese army in
Corea and an attack upon the Rus dan
fleet at Port Arthur, in whieh the mi
kudo's men were signally BUCCessful.
The-sympathy of the English-speak
ing races is entirely with thn Japanese,
for whom they wish every possible
success on lain! and sea.
. Failing to make his Island railroad
a paying concern, .lames Dunsmuir ip
Seeking to turn il over to the province
for $8,500,000. With it would go all
the land grant he received from the
government yearsagO,but not the rich
coal areas, for these he would reserve
unto himself. One reason Dunsmuir
wants to sell is that the new assessment act would compel hiin to pay
some taxes each year, something to
which hn is averse. Seeing that the
railway coat him less than his Belling
price, that the Dominion government
gave him Q large cash subsidy, and
that the land was donated to him,
Dunsmuir can afford to push to a successful conclusion the principle of I
govern men t ownership,
still struggling for
Pay up jour subscription.
Sandon folk are
a bank.
All kinds of eatables are advancing
in price.
New Denver is peacefully harboring
two Chinamen.
The Royal Hotel furniture has Ix-cn
sold to fit tip a place in Poplar.
The Rossland carnival opened on
Wednesday.   Slocan is represented.
Ex-mayor York "ts expected to visit
hero in a few days from Edmonton.
Monday's train was over six hours
late in arriving, owing to the storm.
Flour took another jump last week,
going up 10 cents wholesale on the
Express money orders are payable
everywhere.   They are cheapest and
The. C.P.R. sold 116,810 acres of
land during January, realizing §38G,*
Geo. Hogan.the famous goal keeper
for the Sandon hockey team, has gone
to Calgary.
The local lodge I.O.O.F. has purchased the Sturch building and lot on
Main street.
Geo. McLean has gono up to the
Ivanhoe, to givo the empl03.es a taste
of good living.
In a hockey match at the rink ou
Friday evening, the juniors defeated
the firemen 12 goals to 3.
A. Lucas, government assessor and
collector for the Slocan, paid an official visit here last Thursday.
The snow plow and Sanger made
their first trip for the season over the
.Slocan River railway on Monday.
In January the express, money order
business here was three times more
than for the same month last year.
Within the next two months there
promises to bo a wholesale exodus
from tho town, eight or ten-families
preparing to flit.   .-
The new board of school trustees
has been organized, with J. G. McCallum as chairman and H. D. Curtis
A convention of the Socialists, to
choose, a candidate for Kootenay in
the Dominion elections, will be held
ia Nelson next month.
Rev. Mr.Crfisliie.pioiicei* missionary,
late of Port Simpson, will lecture in
the M.-thodist church this evening;
Mr. Crosbie will appear in Indian
cosl ume.
John ■& Parks, th
irg expert of Spol
Srintended tho tests ou tin; Arlington
oro. was here for a short time .Monday.
he having been up to Sandon on professional busiai ss.
E. P. Davis, Vancouver* S. S. Taylor and R. Lennie.Ne'son. spent a few
hours here on Saturday. This trio of
legal luminaries lia-1 been to Sandon
gathering evidence iu the Harrfs-Slc*
can .Star case.
Mrs. Con Murphy and Leo Doiron
have received the further bnd news of
the death of their sister in Prince Edward Island, it. occurring four days
before their late brother was killed.
The double affliction is particularly
A company has been organized to
put electric light and waterworks into
Mrs. Thos. Wilson returned on Sat-
urtliiy from visiting her daughter in
W. J. Adcock is li-liirtiiug from the
Old Oouiftr? this month and "Will locate at Blairniore.  "
The Pacific Mim-rilExtraction Co.,
of Vancouver-  the  DeKeyser. scheme
has been gazetteer.
Local recipients of government not
ices tinder tho new assessment act are
by no means contented.
Lack of support has again caused
the Kaslo Kooteii.'ii.'in to reduce in .-*i'.'e.
this time to a five-column paper.
Saturday's.train had great difficulty
in reaching here, owing to the storm.
It finally reached here in sections,
several hours late.
The worst blizzard in many vears hit
tho bui'gon Friday night and lasted
till Tuesday. It made the fellows from
the prairie feel quit- happy.
J. N. G. White and wife.of Chicago,
magicians and venniloqitists.occiipied\
the Music Hull  last Thursday night, |
ni^d put up a first-class entertainment.
C. F. Nelson, New Denver's druggist an.l stationer, passed through to
Nelson on Saturday to order his spring
stock of goods from the commercial
The Presbytery of Kootenay will
meet next Tuesday at Nelson.
It was "reported hero this week that
Col. Lowt-rv was forming a joint stock
companv iii Sandon and would remove
the Ledge thither from'Denver.
Timber Notice,,
",* NOTICE is lierel>,v.t**iven that, 30 days
trom date, 1 intend t-e-spply to the Hon,
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria, B.*C.",~for n. special
license tocut aud carry away timber from
the following described iands: Commencing nt 11 postmarked "I). St. Denis'
N.E corner," suid post being planted on
thc west side of Slocnn lake, aliout hO
Chains from Alexander McKay's south-
wp!3t corner, in a weeteily direction:
thence south 80 chains: tlience west 80
shalns; thence nortfi 80 chains; thence
east f-0 chains, to place of commencement; containing 6.40 acres.
Dated :it Sloi-an, R.C., this :*0lh day of
Decern I .or, 1903.
r-s^m-m-m o-o-oa
r.n hy
HOT .Mil.
The Queen's
Hotel    -^
hate**:  »».oo rr.it day
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor I
—mm———, £
Fresh Fruits of Every |
Kind Arriving   Daily. |
A full rtook of the best I
lines of cigars and tobac- «j»
cos always kept on hand.       *
I I l,fl-;iiTitif I'lciflfll fwrHI. -£-
lull TTa-iclit   and Oiiullty &
l.tiai unit'tftl. &
<* veil known rain*
me. who In**, sup-
"A. W. Pntli-
llinncr ncrtli
Uvonce so-uli
i, tn iioiiil nl
"lie... Lester's
The Golden Crown
Mineral Claim. . .
Situated on the
Arlington road. Heav
timbered.    Crown granted.    Make cash
offer to—
tAVELEY .'-Co.,
Carable Btreet,
Vancouver, r>
IT.i: and
Subscribe for The Vhill.
Representing the   itronfest   com-
panics doing bnslncu  in Canada
skk \kw accident policy, with par
liclpatlon in profits, coverln-f sickness and Bperatlsni.
11. I) CURTIS, Nniai-v Public
Notice to delinquent Co-owners
To Robt. Lake nnd M.  I.. Grimmett) 01
lo any pen in ur persons in whom the)
mnv have tratlll-urrsd thr-ir several interest , iii whole or In part,in (lis Bonnie Doon mineral claim, situated <m
the south side of Springer creek,In the
sloean City milling division ol Wesl
Knot, nay district:
Ypu are hereby notified thai I have
expended tho sum ol two hundred and
live dollars in labor and geimmi Improvements upon tho above tnfuUoned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim nndor tho provls ons of tho Mine
ral Act., and if within 90 days from Ilia
dato of tliis notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such ex-
l.eti'litiue, togather with all costs-of advertising, your internets in tui.l elnim
will become the propoi ly ol the 1 ub
scribdr, under section four of an eet entitled "An Act to amend lha Mineral
Act, 190Q."
Dated this 1st day of February, 190*1,
5 '.'''• GEO. McI.KAN
I  First-class Dining Room
Large initl Coinfortnble  Bedrooms
Bam pie rooms for Commercial Men
♦ Nelson, B. C.
t -e-e ■*-*-*-*■ m-o-o-o m-t-o-o-* -*-*■*> ******
VTOTICE is hereby givni, that thirty daya after
■A dut*. we. the nn>l»rsitfiieil. intend to apply
to the Chief Commisaloqar of Lands Sc Works,
at Victoria, fur ipedftl llcetasoa to cn1 nud carry
away tiiuber from tbafollowinffdascribed tracts
of land, situatad pn. Mosfjuito creek, in Wast
Kootenny District:
Kivwt Location.
ConmienciaR .--t a i>ost, marked "William
Sutlierhnui's nortlieast corner DOflt," tbonco
aoutli SOciratns; tlience wast M0 chainsithftnea
north Si) chain*:; tlienco Past B0chains, to poinl
of coniuieiK'Mnenl.
B-feei-O Locations
Commencing at a post, marked uWIUtanj
S'lthndaiid's aoulhoost cornor post," tliauca
wist B0 chains; tlience north ■*•"..» ciiatu.); theni «■
c.\ ■ ' 0 c'laiii.s; tlience^south*8_ chains, f6 point
of comir.racciiient.
'i'!t ii*il I,oral i(»ii. .
f'ommencinir nl a post, marked "A. TV. Sut.'t-
erland'a QortiiW03t corner post, th.enco aastetl
chains;thence south B0 chains; thence WaatflO
chains; thenco uortli W chains, to point of
Fourth Locatfen.
CothmenclnjE? at ia post, mark*? I
e r la t id's south weat corner post,"
.^IcUaiufcjtJumce eti.-L UU tiiain-;
80 chains,; thence west 80 chain:
I'i ft Ii  I.oeatlnu.
Commencing -it a post-- marked
southwest corner post,''  mphing
KO chains; thence nan 80 chain-.; thvbc
"iichains; thence west#_J chains,  to i>o
Sixth  T,rrati»n.
Commencinfl at a post, marked "Geo. i.eder'-
northwest corner,11 runuiiifir east ;*) ohains;
thencs south flu chpinsL tlience west-Wcliains;
thencs north 80 chains, to point of commencement.
Srventh I-ooatlow.
Commencin.'c at a post marked, "Gus Gnstef-
Bon^s southeast corhoje ntnhlng west 8') chain ■:
thencs north W chains \ tlience east-HO chain*;
thence south--S0 chains, to place of comnieuce-
r.:.;liili I.ncallon.
Commencing at n post, marked "Gu* Gu.raif-
son's northeast corner post,"' runniiiK thenee
soulb 80 chains; tlience wt?.-t so chains; tlience
north su chain*; tlience east HO chftnlS, to place
of cummwn-cemont.
Ninth Lecftion.
Commsncing at a post, marked *'K. Qlsnden-
uing's northwest corner post," running thencs
east-OchaiUS; thenee south .SO chain-*; thence
west Ml chains; thence north &) chain.-, lo place
of commencement.
Tenth Location.
Commencing at a post, marked **R, Qlei
ning'fl north east corner posti*' running th
south»8QcJiainat thencs west so chains; tl
north Boelrafns; thence  east 80chains, to plnce
of commencement*
{eleventh Leon.tion*
Commencing at n post, marked "J. G. Lov.r-
in's northeast corner post," run&lng thence
south 80 chains; thence west 40 ohains; thsnee
iouth 40chains; thspce west 40 chains; tlience
north 80 chains; thenco east \0 chains; thencs
north 10chains; thence •astAO'ohaii.Stioptaes
of commencsment*
Twelfth Location«
Commencing at a post, marked *'S. LoTerln*s
northeast corner post," running thence smith B0
chain?; thencs west -to chains; thenoe south 40
chniju ; theni * west <0 chain**; t hence north >•**)
chains; tlience enst *<0 chains: thence north 40
chains; thsnee east 40 chains, to placo of com-
Thirteenth T.ocatlon.
Commsncing nt. a post, marked "J. Harlow,"
running enst no chains; thenee south -to chains;
ihence west 1GO cJiuiti-n; thtnee north 40 chains;
thenco east 80 chains', to place of cotnmssts*
Fourteenth F.ocatlcn.
Commencing St a  post, marked "S. Harlow,"
runningsasl b0chains; thencs south L0chains;
ajni; thence notth 40chainsi
to place of comnienee-.
I        Slecan, B. C.        I
If you
are troubled^.
with a Cough, Sore
Throat, Hoarseness,
or Bronchitis, try a
bottle of our
Compound Syrup
of White Pine...
Onco used, nlways used,
8 A dvertise your |
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. AH live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to all peifiis-
t«nt and liberal advertisers: it is rend
by everyone.
*It guarantees
At All  Times
Subscribe for
local paper:
per year m
a for $18.25.
■\Vliy 1)« without a run-rs whe«
you can pet one to cheap? Tuej
■ra prefer ra ble toitovcaand »iv
better satisfaction. Thess ranges
burn wood or coal ami will be
eel up free.
New Residence for Sale
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and is the best finished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For terms
;'Apply  at Drill Office
Gwiilim & Johnson,
£ CurtiiMG Blljffllll5.**.»	
B. C
♦ ♦♦.♦..♦♦f
onet wr^t i*'. i ob
ilioncr enst 80 cliam
i-'ificfl-ntl. Location.
Commenclns nt n post, marked "A. Hnrlow,"
roonlnff antl K0chains: thonce south 10chains;
thenco ..a?^i ICO chains; tlioiu-i. imrtli lOcbnlns;
Lhence oflst 80 chains, Id i hiro of commence.
Mil 111.
Malffl.nl Ii !.<]{ nllnn.
t'nniinfl'i.i'iiiu al a post, marked ;'J, Parent's
soutlieufl corner post," running theucewesl HO
chains; thence north BO chains; tHerfeo ensl   10
■' iln -; the ro south 80 ohains, to >.lacn or oom-
a i    ment,
Srvrnii'i-iii'j Location.
.'   n;:-..ii-a- nt n post, m.-.rh'al '%, Parent's
nuthwesi   timer pn t." running tli«m'e north
■.-   sii   ■ thrncfl oajtH) chuins whence i	
", clinins; thence *Xcsl RO chains, tu place of
- a" i c. ini.nl.
Hi^iiinniiii loeutlan,
' a.ar. » in |ng l.i 11   I 08t, irarl.Mi|  "J, R, Ijoreiy
in * ao/llmiH corner,ptMl," running thence eaaj
• :   ;'     thai so uli B0 clinins; them e wo i
In. ; thence north U0 chains, to place of
 sm omtnt.
NInoleentli iflt.-uiion.
SlU.-r Lmat Mian-nil ( Inllli.
Situate in tl.e  Slix-nn   Citv mining .livi-
nion of WfSt KOQtWay .listiicl   When*
located!— Rprlni er Cresk, south ol Arlington mine,
TAKF. NOTICE that I. Hsrbtrl T,
Twigfi as a^'fnt for (ifor^p D, Long, free
miner's certificate No. Hii-iiH; N. s.
Tucker,frf.s miner's certiflcate No.BfVl440
Martin M«.iror, free miner's certiflcate
No. B50729: ami Kri Thompson, freu
miner's certiflcate No, BOOOtw, intcml,
sixtv   days   from   tlie   .lute   hereof,   to
a|ipfy lotlir- Minini; Heror.ler for a cerliflP
cate of Improvements, for tho punx>N
of Obtaining fi crown grant on the aliove
And further tnke notice thnt action,
under section S7, must ho commenced
hefore the issuance of riicIi certiflcate of
Dated this 2ith dnv of December,1908,
It nnd  linialiiilili   Mliiiinl ( luhaia.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located: — At hend of Ten
Mile.creek, on thu north Hide.
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Wm. J. Andrews, or to any persoa
or parsons to whom he msy have transferred hin Interest in the Black Diamond mineralolaim.situated on Lemon
creek and recorded in Ihe Recorder's
ofliee for lhe BlOCSQ * ily mining division.
You   are   herehv  notified   that   I,
Andrew Provost) P.M.C No.B64707,hava
canned to he expended ths sum ol two
TAKE NOTICE thatl.W D.McGregor,  hundred   and   live   dollars   iu   labor
acting as agent for Joe Traflcanti, h,Mr and Improvements on the above men*
C. No. ' fillii-l.'l; l'"iaiik Unniano, F.M. ! ti. ned mineral claim, in order to
C. No, B6("042; and ,1. M, McGregor, hold said claim under the provisions of
fro.* miner's ceitilicatf No B800.8, In-1 tke Mineral Act j ami if within 00 dayi
tend, sixty days from the date hereof, j from the date of this notice you fail, or
to apply to the Mining Recorder or cer* refuse, to contribute your proportion of
tiftcateibf iiiiprovoirients for the purposfl inch expenditure,together with
of Obtaining Crown Grants of- the alcove |o| advertising,  your interest
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
HATES: Kefuler atil>serit>«rs. SI per month
. ni-JlOa yenr: ni.r..-nl.«i*ribers iexclu*i»r ■•'
int'liciil Attendance)S3 in dur. I'rivnteir«rdl
*l |j*r dnv extra. Special (acllities for mul**ru-
For further particuli.rs applj to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
. claims,
And fm ther take  notice that action,
inper section "T, must he commenced
Commencing nt o post, murks I "H, Loverlnls
-. irlheu : corner post," rirnntflitsnuth80cliaiim{   hefore Ihe iH^iunce ofsuch certificates of
tlience vest  0 chains i thence aorth So chain i
*0 cliola . lo place of Ci i uni n „
lliei     t
1  .i inaary i   I9W.
D ted ihi  20tfi dnv i
22*4-W \V
f January, 1904.
nil costs
iu   raid
claim win become iho property of the
Subscriber, under section A of an Act
enlille.l "Au Act lo amend lhe Minoral
Act. IOOO."
Dated at Blocan, B.C., this 1st dav of
December, A.D. 11103
This Snap
arrangement with the Toronto Mail Empire, so
thnt its weekly edition may bo
cliiblnil with tlio former.
Now snbsciilier.s, therefore,
may obtain the Weekly Mnil-
Kinpire -acknowledged to DO
onr of the best papers in th*"-
Dominion■- andSlocau'e l«ad
ing journal, Tub Drill, from
how till Jaa. 1,1905, for tin*
sum of $2.50. With this excep
tiotinl offer will be given as a
premium, a lioiuiiful art.)-
gruviire, entitled "The Victoria OroHS." The picture depicts a scene in the late Boer
war, dens in ten colors, and
well worth fraining. Seed in
vour orders at oace to
The Drill, Slocan.


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