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The Slocan Drill 1901-05-03

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 JhSf 'LLk^ aJu^s
YOL. II., No. 5.
PLOCAK',   li.   C,   MAY   .",   1001.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
The House is plastered throughout,
with large, airy rooms, and fitted up
in first-class ami modern style.
The dining room is always
supplied with the best the
market affords.
W. E. NOBLE, Prop.,
Arthur St., Slocan, B. C.
The bar Is stocked with the
choicest liquors and cigars.
Headquarters for capitalists
Wsss'sl Reoelyes] Tbat Bill Wis* sIkiissI on
Thsu-sslsty  i;v,i,;;,;-- sj.   !'.  Osiu-n,  M,
I,.A., S''ir*st tss S'sisifli-istill::t!■ ths* l.sn'K
AwOltllig tin* Lettwrri l*:sts:iit.
Limiting to six months after expiration in redeem a free miner's certificate, the holder of tho lapsed ce-rtifl-
Cati; to pay •', 1~> t':)i* the privilege; no
person to locate'a claim as agent Until he has first recorded e power of attorney from the pefsbn represented-
_nowfn£ the butlditig of trails to
■■ iunt as asaessuieu't work.
Thq piT.viaoiul government, always anxious to give the rodents
ami settlers in out of the way places
some of Clio advantages enjoyed by
arbanites, lijis been to great pains
and considerable oxPense to extend
tbe traveling library systetn founded
n o three \ ears age and thorn ure
now 21 librarii f LOO vulnnii's each
in circulation, front* th** wi st t ■ •a.-, i f
Vancouver Island to tht l."><i-Mi'<-
[■louse, Cariboo,   The system vyps de
signed to place within reach .of real*
dotita of farming districts und mining
camps, n small,  but choice, library
Transient Rates: $1.50 to $2 per day.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Has ample accommodation for a large number of Quests and supplies the best of
everything in the Harket.
Slocan has at 1< ngtli becom*3 a city
111 reality, the incorporation bill pass
cd by 1 in legislature two month* ago
having hern Bigned by Mr. Justice
Walkem, administrator of the pro
vines', last Thursday evening. Jsueh
whs tlu; purport of a telegram received by A. York, t:!,airman nl the
citizens1 committee, on Friday morn
ing,. from R. F. Green, M.L.A. for
tin;riding.   In hism ■.-. igp Mr.Green
heartily congratulated the town upon
its newly acquired dignity.
At this writing the letters patent of at- no expense to the reader, and it
the city have, not been obtained by hut!proved most tMCc'easftfl, [treex-
the goyiynroenr, but ?.!r. iii-os!... ijH pected'-tfiat a further appropriation
urging the ati,i.nii'v-;''s'nm'arsdepai','. ! wj'.; |„. m;,,|,, .,t ^n\6 session oftht
nunc to b© expeditious in the iuaun\ ; icgislatnrc for the pui'pose ol Increaa
so that the nece-.ry tjuthorit:*, ougnl ' |ng the rinmber'and variety bf b ioks
soon to arrive    LJpoQ its receipt, thi ... d for circulation.
list of voters will be at once opened ' g , far but very few of the farming
and tin* machinery set in motion for cbmmnnitic*j and minim: towns ofthe
holding the Qr-iC niuiii.*'.; v.! electi 8. fetcrior have taken R-v image ofthe
Ir, is not known vet ju-i when the [opportunity presented by the jgovern-
coriteat will tfaice place.'tfte date, be ment for securing a free public li-
ing at the. discretioo,.of the u^rntsy brdry, and it is 6he purpose of this
general, who will give notice of it |n article toeAil this fact'to theatton-
ihc proclamation. With thc Blgniii'* -:. n ofthe people oftbfc vicinity and
of thc bill, houi'v,;;-, tin- city,*- pro I to point but'that they should at bnce
portion qf revenue to bo.retnnw by set about securing one ot these lithe government becomes    cure, bui  bntries,tionvinced-that it would prove,
the amount will b *cral hundred [ijf great vnlne* to tfie community And
b    arco!of pleasure and profit to tht"
exposed, and a carload was shipped
that yielded very n%h returns. A
lower drift was commeiieed toialeh
this chute and it, is a] parent success
has been met, with. Tile property is
being worked by a company of Spokane capitalists, with .J. F. Holden in
charge. They hold a bond on the
group for $1*3,(X)0, which is considered
an easy figure.
Last Year's KUipuss-ists Were 38*7 Tons—
A Healthy Evldenc* of tho T.ifo nnsi
V. i-ssKIs of the Cisliip—ArlliUftsssi th©
Bingssst Shipper.
Owing to Ibe condition of the road,
J. A. Smith, of Grand Forks, one | tno Arlington has not yet been able
Of the leading mining men lb the fos_n_ d(„_„ ,U1V or0] thou^rll tlKi
Boundary, recently returned from an J t(,.un., |,.lVC <•£_.*, hauling up a need-
eastern trip. In a published Inter- ^ supply 0f mining timbers from
view he gave utterance to the ap-; ne.n. (l)0 saWmill. it la only a ques-
ponded words, Which have an nppii- j titm of ., ,*ow days wll(,n theniino
cation locally as much so as lo his .,, , , .
own district: '-Another thin- which jwi11^ 8blPP*og »!■«»•■
1 catiijot dwell on with sufficient em
dollars less than  if* the  hi!' had b-
coiric operative when passed.
l'i'u*. ins-hit Bstlitiutns.
V.. c. 8: SchcHefiefd, pi'ovlncial li-
bhirlan, Victoria, has eharge of the
rl - and it is to him thai all
On Friday lion. Mr. Turner, lllhi-
laior of linutu:e, p;-eo. i.tss! !ii.; budge!
to tin: legtel tl ire f ■• tl a ensuing
v.'.r. The estimated pecolpte are
placed at $2,1 i i,761.1 6  and  th
pendttnroff at i»2.47f>,*'S&.5fl     Th*-■-,.*- , V(l!.
Slocan riding  treta     '   bS.lii   • - ; r  ltnln ■
imu.:::;1   -fritl -: ,;••'  ).■■■   ••   ridl ' ,.    ,;;,i ,,.-.,.-,: -;ieticp, ::•■: ittirc,
•  _.s'      iltthsttt-VWliHl    tLrtStl .,„,-.■
***< ■'■■ ■ tefJinical  ul ;  'ts oftnter-
ro-i     ; ■.• ilTty ■ ■       -     '•"•'•iis"!
e ■ tin . :.-"'M >li  should be addressed,
[Twenty Rvo tr.-de i"esldc*nts nf any
ci mi :'i i'v, after electing a trustee,
ivh i will fe field resp msrhle for th>s
i:..-;;■■■ to the a';   uni   ' '■   twv make
: cation liir n case of b  ilts. These
■. • ml ."i   10 ' volatne , by 5tnn*
I'.o tenav, ■ '■'.."s.  '.   ;-' i   ' ■ ! i • li
,:,J.::>>   Xok mi     . O.m-i       ,        j,",                               s':ifter"«p'
ing 'a  Culal  of SlHi   .   - . fj|     iti
and trails bi the i i . ni
phasis is the neces-ify for a coiiiiuun-
ity like this to properly keep them
selves and their properties before the
world.   1 mean by this to legitimate
ly advertise  themselves,  to let the]
world know  what they  possess, bnt j
not to bo.mi- themselves unduly.    In]
this age ir. is Impossible to expect the \
world in turn its attention to ua unless we let It know that wb possess
sniiiet'iini; that, it wants.    If wa have
great mining properties in this dis
trict, then  we shuuid let tho world
know it, and once capital Is convinced with the truth of our claim, it will
bo  anxious, to coinc here mid will
pour in without our solicitation.   For
a community like this then to poijsess
tt good newspHper. and to give tlmt
paper all   the backing   possible,   a
thorobghlv generous  support, is  a
matter of dollars and cents to themselves."
There is a clean slate at tlie lUbspi-
!al tliia week.
.Shipments of ore from thc Sim an
are in excess of 9000 tons for the year
to date.
X. P. McNaught will commence
Work s-n the Hampton ■•roupat an
Tai ly slate.
The .Methodist, clergvmen of the
camp firu attendin**; tbo district meet-
in<" tit. Iii sshiud.
it its usual
rate. As it, is, the Arlington stands
in second place next to the Payne as
the leading shipper of the Slocan.
For the week closed yesterday there
has been i!) tons of ore shipped from,
lhe division, 20 tons bein}* from the
Enterprise and 20 tons from the V &
.\i, Twelve Mile, which thus enter*
its Initial shipment. Altogether, the
shipments for the year from the division total 17IS tons.
Last year the exports from this division ;,mounted to 2817 tons, made
up from IQ properties. Following ie
a list ot the shipments this \earte
..     20
Two Kriends	
Wt M	
.      20
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
OETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Hotel Slocan
uncii 101  K" itcii i'..
i Idlllg *lli'!'l'   is   :,'-: s
j for it gownm: nl   ti ',•:.' al    '   i i er
1 in.in'ii. This plac • I,a-    ' I p ii- i
all •'..■■si t r its mining rccorde ■ i hd a
pr.it'i-;i n'f.ir  °-7.V) as a  grar.  to the
school for the first six in ihtlw i   L')02.
| Under general repairs and construction there is ■ 'IV. s.'sii apportioned for
: the ridlng,$000C rofund to the 1   til ill
creek road, .f2fitx> to t4ie Bpringer
I rwtti, and j"vi 10 lor eKtBntSl in i
j up s rottl fork nf Kaslo.    lu the su
j p|s-iiicii!.iiies.   tile  Slooan   gi
| lor back worfe on tralla, -:.i I tp Uv
J Molly (iibs.'ii r ;nl, i*<■• the voar i nd
jing Jwie 9 ', 10 ' i, and $40 Oon trails
land roads for the year ending June
80, 1001.
'His Cotutllsj CAUlp.
New IV.iv.t has organized a base-
ball club, with George Longascap-
'.',in and C. (i. Tayjor --ecrctary.
[>villbere-      Yiwing & Mnrohison  have struck
•i  e iocal libi'ijii.ui, who ia s-i^n inches of dry ore on their pro-
seti bv ;.:-■ applicsints,     Pa.' ca-e ; ..L.rsV ouf.oat mountain, New Denver.
[^vision litwle   wiI! ;,,   •■ ...   ;  ,,.  ,. ,,,,;., illtl.
ne ; '
iii.v i '.   li'x mmitlm,   » heu direc
of  New   Denver
,'fsir.its sliiiuimni .'n* souie other j hRV.e   skt''1   Kev"   hi2J l™*m* IT
pointwill  :." recdved, and anbyier main another year. He is deservedly
The Methodists
have asked  Rev.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
Skilled ami Personal Manawit ti Jeff Ui
T. J. Smiih, a  promln nl
broker of Vane my, r, am
mry of the V & M Miiitiig C .. c im i
in i'U Friday to >;." up the situation
in the r.amji.    He *ponl a day or two
at the ■.    .■ " *. '.■'. . I n son Twelve
•I'le au,d ■  . |   I   li - helllj"
, highly   :;.   ttfln 1    the  i li
Whoisever ready to make life pleasant for those \fr\i* pectations.    Mr. fj Jf-%,,   ,uv,.1. p.(l,,,.   hurmis cf-money'«i their disposal to
;„,,„,   !;,!.• ..f tin* pr.. ;ib"V«v..|.*th.- Is'ei'iiblie.    \V..i,cise\
f.s -*- sent in its place
There i • abs ilutoly no charge for
i Im u*0 of the books, and theCl'.ls..
with thoughtful Kcusjioslty. carries
the cases ; i and froni all points on i:-;
rail -ond btea;nh «.t lines free, luid i-
; fopdJiTt** tho government overyfacll-
itv at us di>p -a: in Mjoir efforts towards making tho system a success.
Work nt the v i*i.
The V st M, on Twelve Mile, takes
ll  place thi   week amon«* the ship
' ',::■_; propel :.'-.ofthe division.haying
sent out - ) tons : i Trail.   The ore
m'''li;--  w;:: vlehl satlsi ictorv returns, which
the - .. ■   tlio luanagementcan duplicate at any
' i ...   Seycti meh are employed al
I io p-opertv, and tho vein has been
opened u] '' " •"• distance of 1"_' " feet.
Willi iu i exceptions -V'tiping ore Is
. hi. ill each of the i\ <y.on open
ni* - I
of the value ol
The bond nn the Ottawa held by
■I. 'M. Williams hasbem relinquished.
Surface water is giving a great
deal of trouble of late at the Speculator.
Dan McCuaiir and partners are de-
veloping tlio White Swan group or
Ten .Mile.
Lumber for tho new buildings at
the V st M, Twelve Mile, came from
•Koch'-* mill. Ten Mile.
Ti.>b looi'cr and iiarrv Gibson are
working on the Moqnirghti above the
Oregon City, Ten .Mile.
- Five men went np to the Black
Prince during the week to resume
work on the property.
The contract on thc Bachelor, on
Twelve   Mile,   has   been    finished.
There is a tine streak of ore exposed.
j in the breast.
A M. Johnson, of Nelson, has secured the Maggie claim, adjoining
tbe Rosebnd, and will amalgamate it
with that group.
A plot of laud, 10) feet, square, has
>i'i*n secured in tlie it-meiery by the
11 Id fellows ar; a burial ground. They
are clearing up.the plot and will seed j
il  down with grass aud enclose iti
with it neat fence.
Married.—-At Nelson, on April 24, j
by Kev. Dr. Wright. Theodore Du*
fresne to Miss M. Brlfljfefbrd, both of A rate of $8 per ton, freight and
this town. The juvenile lin band treatment, whsol rained on the s-hip-
gavn them a vigorous'serenade oul.ment of ore recently sent by the
iliiir return Friday evening. I'hocnix to Northport.
Most, ofthe men employed opening
up tiie Springer
Republic "llssiuv l'uiil.
On Wednesday
and i'1 m Montgomery received the
balance ol the iimney due Oil the Republic, which was bunded acovple of
months ago by Ohas. Dotupater, of
I md      Mr.   Dempster has sue-
N ;,, c.'i-.i..i in forming a company in Do-
Mich,, and  hia prlnolpttli have
tr. n.
who tarry within a while with him.
motor nn Billy Harrington,  l"',;"i to eommenci   on the group
will pay over at once the 1 without d<   t>   and. tlie property bo
A full  line of Men's,  Boys', Women's,
and Children's Footwear kept in
stock, at moderate prices.
See our KRONE KIP for Miners and
and Prospectors, lt is the best Boot
in the Harket. Come and see them.
W. T. Shatford Ac Co., General Merchants,
,-Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, und Camp Mclviuncv, U. <J.
Smith . tated thai on
nun  rcgni il id this dlvl* ion     - the
ii    • ni'sitnlsitig c'atuplnthe pr \ i ce;
2! i  I,"'','•":•.',    '.        Z '                  l<          ''■'•' liirofisTllngaltuated •
;V    i   ■'         .   Tw   n              " '•         •         '    '            itoptlonol  cannot fail to havr. a material offnc,
an\ ntiii'i.   i itpita    wan uiaKii!'* m ,                                 ,,                   ,     ,,,, , ,,,,,,-,..,,,,r:u- ,,i t ,<■ ism*ir
j ,                             „w   ,,,    untbt p,i.-p...-M.Miu nurg.
hwmerons -  I ,, 1 . ,r   « '     ''   '      ';: ;i'1'': „,_,„_  iri(.MIM(
hhnsdf he purpotcddevotit.fi       a      tttmWio ore UMteii  |.**nu  th,'dru;, «""«  MeoBOa.
Ure attoiitkin I ■ thi ■ ■     ip, and he      ,„,,,,,,,.,:„„.„.,.„.,. ,.„.„.
■.. h    ,'sw in corn ii ..nd 'lice  ■■. uh a
i   nip, tinri
_ ond 'lice  i ll h
••trmg ''resell ftnaileinl hotly I ial In
tended iiivcai iny hcu\ il> lien .  •'• Iml
he **aw and learned  hero <       need
Mr.  Smith  that mini;:.'' '.vx* helng
carried on locally in a th pi |gh and
BUCCCt '.fill in.itiurl*.
l'nsss;!i! s .,,■ ,;    . ',   !'■ in<•.- l.'.'issl.
Petp sSchonbel-g caine Into town on
!Mond;iy v i'h the ni)WS  thai   ho and
Leo  porioti   had  caught   the   llbici;
ince    vi in    on   tilt    Siiniim r-ii'ie
ground.    The havr   I'aeo si i  .':' a-
-s.-»iin'ii:. work this apring and tlie
vi'in was oncountcrc I from an upon
cut and tunnel commence ; I - ' >um
iiisM'.     The vein i-  21   f • l   In ivldth,
carry lpc ippr   or lesw oi'i) .  ■' >Bi 111
iii- si.  ■   ■ il wiih thai of tin'
k rrlrtc   and !i ,a a ilios! healthy
i h rge McKarland, of X. I ■ m, hua
boon .•r.var.lrsl |he contr*ot for bu'M
(fig the c .iuviiir.it ■!■ at tha Enterprise
mini', '"I P "ft Wilis. Wi;li tho con
centrator will also bo Installed a
iconipii ■ ir i font, and the coat:acl
,' ivoi * both buildluga. Work ha i
:.' nuiueiiCcd and the managomeni irx
• s have the BtttHta iu opcrati m
by ie ■   imbci.   Ab iu< 130 men
miv  i"!   the   Knterprisi'   payroll   and
deVi ; i] mwnl   la   proci i nlnjj   a] nee,
This M'-s k 2' l i mi i f ore hat*
1 fsirwaii. \',hi''ii was taken from tho
■ x i. 2 drift, Where the utrlke wa •
liridi' ■   ni" I mis' ,i" s     Tin Mile *,*, ill
. t y till s limner.
'. ,.t .i't',1 cd i- a COOlplOtQ '    to   '   8 var
:. cordl regiBlered at lh*a local regll
II. 1'. Chvietit
,.;Z Mi 1M > 11 IT
I.si       *, s't     .A US.sillll,
's;'i\i' pap     .     imbndnioni    tp ih
M:i;rr:il .'.     ha'     h     I • ■     Ull
tin' li ■,   i ter "i
mines.    The    more      llj     I 'I !    si:
A luoky and  fs)l   Itial        Pll      was
i,i.; i  ,<n thc   I'ainarrvc on Saturday,
. ■> or tun lei oponing
np into i •• of ' *.'■' "
Tw ■ v< i ram
. w lien   * . rked  bv  ii*i owners,
hud t\*       '    ■ more *        ' : gah m
try  i •
dei :
A|si il £3   -I'.ii'.'h'..
•.'I   Meltou, Kunli' Ma*a«fleld.
25   Little Bonai  a
April •.'•J-CauMi I'lt'c all, E Jack to .1
A Ms Kin' on.
i lamp i'i i- awl Pluntrer j£, ,1 A Mt>
Ivintion tsi S 1' MeNauabt
.-;)..•■.   !'....    [,   \   I      M"V.lll;j!lt    tsi   .1   A
MoK Innon.
lM Del Monte ',. .1 E Ori? to B J
I [ftmiltpii.
irl ;: ■ •  I ■''. II  1.  i'U'" to T.l
1   ', W il!- •  no M '
" ,1 'A,-.:. .1 M Bin i   li '   M Lai  ial , \
Im ol   .     tod  D   McPhcra m  te  A   M
27   Two Friomli UW, .1 )' Mlon lo W
the Springer creek road came,
i down Saturday,  wagons being got
Dave Sutherland through to the Arlington.
L. A. Thurston, rif this town, has
bonded tne Rathdrtim ("roup of three
claims in iii" Boundary country, for
English panics, for $21,000.
.1. W. Williams left Tuesday on ■
two months' trip to Glnaland. Hn
Mated belore lea'ing that he had ob>
; ilued bIx wceki' extension oo the.
bond on thu Myrtle group.
X. V. MoNanghi and W '.:. Will,
i in owners of the Turns groan, on
Ooat monntnin, fcfew sDotrver, have
taken h bond on thc I olance of the
i ropefty and will continue develop
The case of Pelt ve Dickinson crop.
tn*,i up ai the court In chambers at
Nelson on I'ridav. l.a-t weok's Gazette iilso contained notice of serving
of summons on dotendanl In supremo
court at Nelson Huh parties oro
known-here and the action In vol ""tn
Bcveral mining interests in tins division.
llllisllls*   W S'lllllSSf.
Two happy events took place in
I ,\n on Tuesday. Al 10 a.m. Miss
Annie Nichol and Malcolm Cameron
were joined in the \nv.d* of holy
matrimony, at the residence of the
bride's father, J. Nichol, on b'letcher
ti vs*. Ai u a.m. MIm Margaret .lane,
i'ri'c was married to Harvey ii All
di i.e.' i i thi' bride's
- hi . Mrs. U Mel • '. "n Delaney
,iv,., Rev, M. U MeKi b i fBclated at
i. uh c iremonl s Tht young couples
an- well known and highly respected
in  Slocan, and   the   best   wishes of
them in
I'Vvmic I'nn. nil. n i   " .'Vrr'iit t.s v , fi,,.,,. ,,,.,,lV friends follow
Jack ami B :■' MeNaiight. t|,ej,. noW Usparture of life
I';l1'"' "'  - ,,;u'h '" ihowernofilcethevljoardetithe nooa
„ '"  ftFMc    •.•ainti. spend a short ho.mv.n.,,,:, in
\,    in ri turnliifi here j netrrda)  te
. ll J McNaught tol JaoV    .•."i.i''l   ivu In c nifortableis«***al
'•      v ■ .;:,.    ;..,. .'.■■. ,,;.'
*  .  t   r
. t <• i.-
How often doss ths* chopper of some stone,
While tolling it Ills task of hesve snd shock,
Find ln the hesrt spsce ot 1 severed rock
The Impress of some fern thst once had growa,
Full of aspiring life snd color, tone,
Deep In the forest where the shadows Sock,
Till, caught within the sdamantino block,
It Isy for ages hidden and unknown!
So many a beauteous thought blooms lu the mind,
But, unexpressed, droops down Into tb* soul
And lies unuttered in the silence there
Until some opener of the soul shall find
That fernlike, fossiled dream complete snd whole
And marvel at its Iwauty past compare!
—Alfred S. Donaldson in Outlook.
QOo oOOooOOo oOOo 0OO0 0OO0 OOQ
O        sis  s    ■ i O
g Copyright, 1801, by 0. B. Lewi*. o
8oo oOOo oOOo oOOooOOo oOOo oOO
The garrison of Goruckpoor ln the
province of Ondh, India, in tbe year
1802 consisted of 4,000 men, and about
half of these were split up into small
detachments 41111I stationed here and
there in tbe north to keep order .among
the hill men and punish raiding dacolts.
Dacoits are bands of robbers under
command of a chief wbo holds a religious influence over tbem, and tbey
are yet tbe pests of India along tbe
foothills of tbe Himalayas. Tbey are
daring men and bard fighters, and very
few British soldiers who fall into their
hands are spared.
We of tbe Fourth, comprising .30
men, were stationed during tbe year
1862 almost as far north aa the borders of Nepal We had plenty of skirmishing wltb tbe dacolts for a time,
but finally dealt tbem such heavy
blows tbat tbey drew off and left us
In peace. We were in the midst of
what seemed to be peace wben tbe
government dispatched a large train
of treasure and military supplies from
Goruckpoor for Gboorka. Colonel Kem-
ble, wbo bad been ordered to take
command of tbe garrison at the latter
place, being just back from a year's
leave of absence in England, was wltb
tbe train, and the wbole was escorted
by 230 cavalrymen.   Tbe route for the
train brought It past our station, where
It rested for a day and then moved
on. In a defile 15 miles to the north
of ns It was ambusbed by over a thousand dacolts and suffered a severe
misfortune. There was not only a
heavy loss in killed and wounded, but
the treasure and a portion of the supplies were captured and run off.
The remnant of tbe train returned
to us and went into camp until re-enforcements could come up, and the
bullet beaded, tyrannical Colonel Kern-
ble, whose obstinacy and recklessness
bad brought about tbe disaster, pro
ceeded to make it redbot for ever-***
body. Any set of men except British
soldiers would have mutinied and
taken his life. Raging over his defeat and feeling his helplessness, he op
dered out detachments and commanded tbem to bring in every native they
could overhaul. It was a well populated country, with hundreds of loyal natives to be picked up. but tbe colonel
proceeded to look upon each and every
one aa guilty of having bad a hand
In the attack on the train. More than
a score were shot or hung offhand,
While others were whipped at the post
or ordered out of tbe district lt was
a reign of terror for three weeks, and
the end was a fitting one.
My own detachment one day brought
In a mere boy whom we hnd found
cowering In a thicket I do not believe
be had tbe slightest knowledge of the
ambush or took any part in It He was
ta timid lad, whose father bad been one
of the first ones hung, and be was so
frightened tbnt but little could be got
out of blm. Tbe colonel bulldozed and
browbeat blm and finally ordered hla
execution on the ground tbat be was a
spy. It was only wben be knew tbat
he most die tbat tbe young fellow
braced np and showed hla courage, and
M he waa being led away to execution
be said to tbe colonel:
"Sablb Colonel, I am Innocent and
yon will be punished for my death.
You may shoot me and bury my body,
but my spirit will follow you to the
Half an hour later be waa dead, but
be was the last one to be executed.
Tbat evening aa tbe colonel entered the
officers' mesa tent for supper all of ua
noticed that be bad a queer, troubled
look on bis face and that he cast furtive glances behind htm. After a bit
be tried to be Jocular, but tbe effort
wu a failure. He auld something
•bout not feeling well, but nobody dared question blm. At midnight that
night we got an explanation. The
colonel called tbe sentinel Into bis
tent and with white fnce and trembling voice nnd tbe perspiration standing out on bis forehead be said:
"Man. do you see that boy sitting on
tbe chest r
"I see nobody, sir," replied tbe sentinel.
"He Is ihsre, I tell you! He followed me to mesa and back, and be
has been here ln plain sight all the
evening. Take him away!"
"But there's nobody here, sir."
And there wasn't The sentinel called In two officers, who looked and
senrelied In vain and assured Colonel
Keinhle tbat no hoy was present. He
tried to turn it off with a laugb, but In
less than 24 hours every man In camp
knew that the colonel was haunted by
a specter. He made a brave effort to
bluff it out, but lt was useless. Tbe
specter followed at his heels by day
and sat by bis bedside at night, and
ln a week tbe strong, aggressive man
was becoming a mental wreck. He
turned to us for pity and sympathy,
but we had little to give. He had been
brutal in bis vengeance.
The surgeon looked upon the case
at first as some disorder of the brain,
but later on acknowledged that lt wu
something beyond bis medicine. No
one else could see the specter. The
colonel would say that it sat beside
him or stood in the door, but there was
nothing for other eyes to rest upon.
He would draw bis sword and cut and
slash and thrust nt the specter, but he
could not harm It. By the surgeon's
advice the colonel returned to Goruckpoor. It was reported as a case of
breaking down over mental anxiety,
but hundreds of people came to know
better. The specter followed him back,
followed him to the bouse of a friend,
sat with blm through every night and
dogged at his heels through every hour
of the day. He could no more shake
It off than he could change the color
of his eyes. He made tbe gamest sort
of fight knowing tbat his future career
was at stake, and at lengtb all men
came to pity him—pity blm and avoid
him as one accursed. He was medically
treated, given brief furloughs and
every effort made to build him up, but
at the end of eight months, every day
and every night of which had been a
terror to blm, he ended by blowing
out hla brains.
Was It a case of a man haunted by
a spirit seeking revenge? It was not
ao reported officially, but from first to
last and from the highest to tbe lowest
and this Includes two surgeons, it was
fully and firmly believed that lt was,
and the uncanny affair had a great
influence over other officers in their
future treatment of tbe natives.
Hl.torr of tbe "Ul.rn."
There Is not an actor, an actress, a
vocalist or other public performer, including tbe politician, but must be interested in tbe hiss and its origin.
Dr. Alnslle Holds in Tbe Humanitarian tells, under the title of "Before
Babel," of his researches as to tbe prevailing language before the "confusion
of tongues."
Referring to tbe aforesaid awesome
word, he writes: "Perhaps the sibilant
88 (st ts, sh) is one of tbe oldest sounds
In animated nature, as it undoubtedly
Is one of the simplest to produce.
"Vocalized in the English hiss (hist
bush) we find the pure sibilant adopted
•by beasts, birds and reptiles as an expressive of the warning In times of
"Even tbe crustacean clrrhipeds can
produce tbe sound, when 'there la an
adjacent source of danger,' although
tbey are not supplied with a proper vocal apparatus.
"Besides acting as a warning not to
Its own kith, some predatory animals,
as, for Instance, some of tbe smaller
cnrnlvora and certain snakes, utter
tbe Bound In a minatory manner to
ward off objectionable intruders from
tbelr lair.
"Equivalent In tbe former case to tbe
expressions 'Keep quiet' 'Stand still,'
a biss is construed in Its more widely
known sense among animals ot different species as 'Come forward at your
peril,' impressing a visitor in search of
hospitality much In tbe same way as
did the legend 'Cave canem,' on the
threshold of a Roman mansion."
Tbe paragraph concludes sagely: "Our
English hiss Is mainly restricted to the
use of dissatisfied playgoers. The
sound here retains its primitive meaning—a warning note."
He Barred Ife—rcos.tie.
When Edward VII as Prince of Walea
visited America in 1800, Canada went
wild over blm, and ln Detroit and
Chicago tbe crowds were so dense
that* tbe party could scarcely reach
tbelr hotel So many were the receptions, dinners and other social functions In which the prince participated
that he finally broke down through
sheer fntlguo and overexciteinent. Tbe
Duko of Newcastle, wbo was the
prince's companion, decided, therefore,
to stop off on tbelr wify to St. Louis at
Dwlght Station, a quiet village famous
for Its shooting. Tbe prince brought
down a bng of 14 brace of quail and
four rabbits. But tbe pleasure of tbe
day waa marred by the following Incident:
Aa the royal party approached a
farmhouse an unmistakably British
settler appeared at tbe door and Invited
every one except the Duke of Newcastle to enter.
"Not you. Newcastle!" be shouted. "I
bavo been a tenant of yours and have
sworn thnt you shall never set a foot
on my land."
Accordingly tbe party passed on, and
the farmer, though revenged on his old
landlord, hod to forego tbe honor of entertaining royalty under his roof.
D-__I_b the beast.
A Grundy county (Kan.) physician
recently sent to tho address of one of
his patients a bill for professional services and within ten days received tbe
following letter written on the back of
his memorandum:
"Deer Sur this noat was put In my
box by mistake I han't +he man beu's
(lend nnd nlnt any relation of mine nny-
wny. I don't see how your conshens
will let you dun the dead. Why dont
you live n better cbrlston Ilvo and let
live and try to meat tbat man wbo dlde
In heaven which la worth moar fjban
$40 to emiy doctor."
Tlie Conductor*. Ready Ansiver.
The Metropolitan Street Railway
company has in Its employ a philosopher in the person of a Broadway conductor. It was late ln tho evening,
and his car on its up town trip had
reached the vicinity of the city hall.
As it passed one of tbe taller office
buildings a stout woman, clutching
him by the arm, exclaimed:
"Oh, conductor, how many stories
high is that building?"
" 'Leven," laconically replied the conductor, without so much as an upward
glance. The woman sank back with a
sigb of satisfaction.
Just then a small man with a large
traveling bag rushed in almost out of
"I aay, conductor," he gasped, "what
time can I get to the Grand Central
" 'Leven," was the quiet reply.
"That's good," commented the email
man, evidently relieved.
At this juncture another man climbed aboard that wanted to know about
what time the car would reach the
Gllsey House.
' 'Leven," again replied the conductor, wltb a weary look.
When questioned as to the uniformity of his answers, he replied:
"Yes. You see, if you hesitate about
answering 'em, tbey git worried, but
if you have an answer ready they're
satisfied. Now, about this time of
night I always say "Leven.' It's a
good, handy number, easy to say. Other times I use other numbers. I allua
have a lot of stock answers on hand.
It eaves time and trouble.
The Queen, and Jenny Lind.
There Is a pretty story told of Queen
Victoria and Jenny Lind which shows
how the modesty of two women, the
queen of England and the queen of
song, caused a momentary awkwardness which the gentle tact of the singer
It was on a night when Jenny Lind
was to sing at Her Majesty's Opera
House tbat the queen made her first
public appearance after the memorable
Chartist day.
For the great artist too, this waa a
first appearance, for it was the beginning of her season at a place where the
year before she bad won unparalleled
fame. It happened that the queen entered the royal box at the same moment that tbe prima donna stepped upon the stage. Instantly a tumult of acclamation burst forth.
Jenny Lind modestly retired to tbe
back of the stage, waiting till the demonstration of loyalty to tbe sovereign
should subside. The queen, refusing to
appropriate to herself that which she
Imagined to be Intended for the artist
made no acknowledgment
At length, when tbe situation became
embarrassing, Jenny Lind, with ready
tact ran forward to the footlights and
eang "God Save the Queen," which
was caught up at the end of the solo by
tbe orchestra, chortle and audience.
Tbe queen then came to the front of
her box and bowed, and the opera wu
Why Road. Are Crooked Ira -China.
Tbe Chinese road la private property,
a strip taken from somebody's land.
This is done much against tbe will of
the owner, since he not only loses tbe
nae of it but also still bu to pay taxes
on it
One consequence is that It la wide
enough for only one vehicle, and carts
can pus one another only by trespassing on tbe cultivated land. To prevent
this tbe farmers dig deep ditches by
tbe roadside. As tbe surface wears
away and the dust blows off It gradually grows lower, and after awhile It
becomes a drain for the surrounding
fields. A current forms ln tbe rainy
aeuon, whicb still further hollows lt
ont and thus bu arisen the proverb
that a road a thousand years old becomes a river.
Those whose lands are used for roada
naturally prefer to have the roads run
along the edge of their fa'rms Instead
of cutting across them, and this accounts for tbe fact tbat Chinese roads
are often ao crooked tbat one may
have to go a considerable distance to
reach a place that la In reality but a
few miles away. Thla always Interests
tbe stronger.
Bow tho Car Oot There.
The other day at Twenty-sixth street
an  Inspector "bopped" on tbe front
platform of a Madison avenue electric
car bound down town.   He said to tbe
"Where the dickens Is this car goln?"
"Why, to tbe Brooklyn bridge, of
"Get off and look at yer signs."
Tbe motorman did so and discovered
tbat tbe sign on tbe front hood of the
car read, "One Hundred and Thirty-
fifth street" the algn on the right aide
of tbe roof read, "Second avenue," and
tbo  sign  on  tbe  rear  hood.  "Astor
place."   The conductor and motorman
between  tbem   having adjusted  the
signs, tbe Inspector permitted the car
to proceed. ,
Sha-ea of • Ltfetl-ae.
Beard appears to grow at the aame
rate and to follow tbe same rules of
personal conduct as the hair of tbe
bead. So If a man began shaving wben
be was 10 and lives to be 70 years old
be will have cut more than a little bit
off tbe top. If be could keep In position all be baa thrown away, a bead of
hair 85 feet long and a beard 27 feet
long, all In one buncb, would enable
blm to travel wltb a circus summers
and sit In a store window to advertise
a hair restorer in tbe winter.
Sin*—You said you were going to
marry an artist and now you are engaged to marry a dentlstl
Flo-Well. Isn't lie an artist? Ho
■JiinvH from real life.—Philadelphia
John W. Hendrle of Sound Beach,
Conn., has giveu $5,000 to tbe Masonic
home at Walllngford, Conn.
The father or Sir Charles Tupper, the
Canadian statesman, wns a Baptist
minister who at i>5 years of age mastered eight different languages.
G. W. Brodbeck of Kansas says that
he heard President McKinley make his
lirst public speech at Mussillon, O., on
July 4, just before the civil war.
It is recorded of Thomas I'igg, a postman at Triug, England, wbo has just
retired ou a pension, tbnt in tbe course
of 40 years of service he bas walked
220,000 miles.
Senator Piatt of Connecticut Is a man
of much Influence and Is an important
factor in affairs nt Washington. He Is
not, however, gifted ns an orator. "I
always hesitate to get on my feet In
public," he says.
Senator Pettus of Alabama was one
of the officers In tbe Confederate army
wbo did uot allow defeat at war to discourage tbem In civil life. At tbe conclusion of the rebellion be at once opened a law office at Selma, Ala.
Before starting on bis vacation recently Judge Oliver H. Horton of Chicago sent to the bureau of charities
12,000 street car tickets and 1.000
steamboat tickets to be used in giving
poor children of tbe city a day's pleasure.
Senator Chandler's eyeglasses are always with him. It bas been said that
he sleeps in them, and it is known tbat
he eats with tbem before bis eyes.
They are big, black rimmed glasses,
with a black string that is hitched
somewhere down in the senator's waistcoat
Major Lotbaire, the Belgian officer
who executed tbe Englishman named
Stokes in the Kongo Free State, bas
beeu dismissed from his position aa
manager of tbe Kongo Free State
Trading company. It is understood
that thnt Is the result of the charges
brought against him of cruelty to the
President Gary of the Federal Steel
eompauy Is to build a Methodist church
at Wheaton, Ills., as a memorial to
Mr. and Mrs. Erastus Gary, his father
and mother, who for a lifetime resided
in Wheaton and were closely identified
with the religious life of tbat place.
Tbe building will cost between $50,000
aud $75,000.
A portrait of tbe late Walter Q.
Greshnni, secretary of state under
President Cleveland, will have a place
of honor in the galleries of the emperor of Japan. This is to be done ns a
tribute to Mr. Gresbaui's Services in
negotiating the treaty between tbe
United States and Japan which waa
adopted during Cleveland's second
term. Frank M. Peebles painted the
Tyranny Is always weakness.—Lowell.
The voice of the aoul Is not to be silenced.—Adler.
A cheerful countenance betokens a
good heart—Rupert
A brother's sufferings should ever
claim a brother's pity.
Gratitude Is tbe fairest blossom which
spring.) from the soul.—Ballou.
Sell ease Is pain. Thy only rest Is
labor for a worthy end.—Whlttlcr.
The good or evil we confer on others
often recoils on ourselves.—Fielding.
We want not time, but diligence, for
great performances.—Samuel Johnson.
We often do more good by our sympathy than by our labor.—F. W. Far-
An abundant life does not show itself
In abundant dreaming, but in abundant
He wbo Is plenteously provided for
within needs but little from without—
Heaven will pay for any loss we may
suffer to gain It but nothing can pay
for tbe loss of heaven.—Baxter.
What It la our duty to do we must
do because It is right, not because any
one can demand It of us.—Whewell.
Generosity during life Is a very
different thing from generosity in tbe
bour of deatli. One proceeds from genuine liberality and benevolence, tbe
other   from   pride   or   fear.
One advantage In early budding la
that a better opportunity is given to repeat
If tbe condition of tbe soil will admit
now Is a good time to set out strawberry plants.
This Is the season for evaporating
and preserving fruit for winter. Make
sure of a full supply.
Asparagus plants should not be allowed to mature seed. Mow off the
tops before the seed forms.
Rotating crops and turning under
vegetuble matter Is manuring In Itself
—about the best we cau do.
Wben sucker blackberry or raspberry
plnnts are wanted for setting out, dig
them up.   Do not pull tbem up.
While It Is true tbat tbe grafts ultimately determine the quality and variety of tbe fruits, It should be remembered that tbe stocks just as surely decide the productiveness and general
size of thc fruits.
One of tlie best remedies for plant
lice Is strong tobacco wnter sprinkled
well over tlie follnge nnd steins. In
mime cases burning tobacco, allowing
thc smoke to go among the foliage,
will be sufficient
Prnsslo Acid  and Almond  OU Made
From Them.
The value of apricot pits is being
commercially demonstrated this season.
Time wns, nnd not long ago. when the
humble pit wns. a waste product, a valueless something thnt wns spurned ns
being ever in the way. Later it was
dignified with a value; It commanded
$5 a ton to be used as fuel under tlie
boilers where steam power was generated. It burned well nnd made a desirable fuel. Now the uses to which the
erstwhile despised pit is put nre many.
The demand is running uheud of the
supply, and Its value Is continually Increasing. It is made to yield up Its contents of marketable poison—prusslc
acid. It gives a very desirable qunllty
of "almond oil;" it enters hugely Into
the mnnufaetiire of candy lu places,
Germany, for Instance; it is even sal.l
to lie useful ln the fabrication of baking powder. These are some of tlie pit's
possibilities.  There are others.
The price of apricot pits started tills
seusou nt $5 a ton nnd has now reached $7.50. A San Francisco house has
contracted with the California Fruit
Canners' association for ull the apricot
pits that may be saved In tills sensou's
We are informed thnt a merchant In
this city is willing to pay SO a ton for
clenn, dry apricot pits, delivered. Lust
year about 500 tons of unerackeil pits
were shipped by sailing vessels to tier-
ninny, nnd It Is estimated that fully
l.ouo tons will be exported to thnt
country this season. The Golslen Gate
Fruit Pncking company bas been experimenting witli pits and linils thnt
one pound of kernels Is nhout the average from 24 pounds of pits. The kernels are nssorted nnd shipped east.
Those who are handling apricots
should save the pits. Spread them to
dry. nnd when tills Is thoroughly done
stack, nnd there will lie found no dilil
culty In finding n market for tlieni
Though apricot kernels are used after
treatment In the manufacture of candy,
the eating of them ns they come from
the pit or stone Is not advised.—California Fruit Grower.
"Klob-Sarge"--short for Ilezeklah
aud clipped from Sargent: No res! man
was lle/eklah, but lie sold haul cider
ou ids farm at the base of New Ilamii
shire's noble mountain, nnd "Klah-
"siirge'a" was famous tlie country round
for its cheer. Anybody ask wbnt that
peak was? "Klnh-Sarge" was tlie answer. So It came to bo "Kiutsaige." ns
s'ill printed on some New Hampshire
maps, and then the poet changed the
"I" to an "e." and there you hnve It.
Mount Kearsnrge. "What's in ti nnme?"
I hear that the captain of our last new
battleship remarked to Admiral Far-
quhnr wben lie told him his discovery
ill, White mountain lore: "Faugh! No
lii.lian about it." Just plain ilezeklah
Sargent.—Boston Journal.
A Decision on Tip..
The treasury department has ruled
that tips to sleeping ear porters nre a
legitimate trnveliug expense. Contract
Nurse Sylvester E. Askermau, who
had been employed on the transport
.lissourl, wns ordered to Brooklyn from
ilie Presidio at Sun Francisco. Trnns-
psirtution and sleeping car section were
furnished him. When he arrived, how-
ever, lie charged the government 50
mils expense money, which lie hud
spent on tips to sleeping car porters.
This raised the question Whether such
tips are legit hunts- expenses, and nfter
n long delny nnd much red tape tlie
comptroller of the treasury has ruled
that the 50 cents sliould lie paid.
To I'llllss* the Sparrovr.
The English sparrow, which has
proved such a nuisance since his advent in tills country. Is nt Inst to be
eradicated. It is the women's lints that
nre going to do It, so milliners sny.
Feathers show more nnd more signs of
"coining In." nnd therefore there must
be more of them to supply tlie demand.
There are many Accessible sparrows
Which nre among the birds not prohibited for mlllluery use, and we shall
have everything In the bird line mndu
from the plump little fellows who till
onr streets. Dyeing feathers Is an art.
to say nothing of pasting feathers, anil
the sparrow lu his way can play many
parts.—New York Times.
A Glimpse of Cape Nome.
"I haven't felt so well for two years,"
writes F. P. Burr of Lawrence from
Cape Nome. "When you get this, telephone ("Ibson nud tell him I am nil
right. But hold on a minute! 1 just
heard five shots. Well, another man
dead nnd nnotlier allot In the bead not
over 100 feet from my tent. One man
died In an hour; tlie other wns shot In
the head nnd vs'll likely get well. I
think the dead mnn hnd a claim that
the other fellow wanted, but we don't
know for sure. They hnve arrested
two men. nud 1 think there will be n
hanging bee this p. in."—Kansas City
The Chinese Alinsiisise.
The Chinese nlninnnc Is the monopoly
of tlie emperor, none other being nj.
lowed within Ids ilotnlnions. No Chinaman deems his household couipli'te
without a copy of this unique document on account of the wonderful Information ns to lucky nud unlucky
days which It contains. As the estl-
mated population of China Is something like 400.(HM>.000 souls It will he
seen that, if ever a monopoly was
worth retaining, it is tbat which tlie
emperor exercises upon tbe Chinese id
ninuac. ,
A Prss-tlcs.1 Joker.
"I suppose it was wrong," said a
well-known member of lhe Detroit
bar, with a grin, but I couldn't afford to let the opportunity pass.
My wife hus become u convert to thu
mind euro tad, and for the last
month I have heard nothing but the
power of mind over mutter. I suid
little, hoping thut she would tire of
it and drop it. Hut I was doouuil
to disappointmi'iit, for the longer
she harped at it tho worse sho b«-
"This morning she discovered thut
a water pipe was h'aking, and she
went at it with that univorNul woman's tool, a hairpin, with the result that she only made the hole
larger and caused u small jet of wu-
ter to be shot into tlie room. Clapping a linger over the hole to stop
thu flow of water, she sailed loudly
for me, and when I appeared on the
scene I took the situation in at a
"What is the matter, my dear?" I
asked.   .
"'Ihere is a hole in the pipe," she
gasped. "Get a plug while 1 bold
the water back."
"There is no leak there, if you will
only think so," suid I, soothingly.
"Put your mind on it and remove
your finger."
"John Henry"—she began, but at
that moment hs*r linger slipped and
a ji't of water hit her in the eye, tsinl
the valuable remarks that she was
nhout tss make were lost for ull
"John, can't you see that the wull-
paper will be ruined  if I let go?"
"Well, my dear," suid I, ignoring
hs*r question, "it is time I wus going
down stairs, besides I am afraid if
I remain hare I may Interfere with
the culm, reposeful working ot your
mind. Convince yourself, my dear,
there is no leuk nnd remove your linger." With that 1 left her. I took
the precaution, however, to send up
a plumber, but from whnt I heard
when I h'ft I urn ufmid that hei
mind wus fur from being in a reposeful  mood.
lie Coald Not Spell.
The owner of a small book store in
nnriem, desirous of a distinctive name
for the same, after some hours of. deep
coL'itation finnlly bit upon the legend,
"Ilnrlem's Literary Mecca." This lie
thought exceedingly good, nnd he had n
man put it up in enamel letters upon bit
windsiw. After the Job wns done he was
(standing out hy the curbstone admlrim.'
the effect of the Inscription, when be
heard an old Irishman wbo hnd stopped
nnd was also looking at it soliloquize ns
"Well, now, will you luk at thst! Tlie
check of that Scotchman, cnllin himself
'Hnnr-r-lem's Literary Mickey,' Just to
cnti'h some of tbe Irish trade! An tbe
hlackgunrd don't even know how to spell
The  inscription hns  been  removed.
Dr. Chase Makes Friends
of Hosts of Women
By Curing Their Peculiar Ills—Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
a Surprising Restorative for Pale, Weak.
Nervous Women.
As a result of much confinement
within doors, and the consequent
lock of fresh air and h.iilth'ul exercise, most women not only lose much
In figure and complexion, but also
suffer more or less from serious bodily derangi*ms*_ts as the result of thin,
watery blood and exhausted nervous
More than nine-tenths of the canes
of diseases peculiar to women are directly due to a weakened condition of
the nerves, and can be cured thoroughly and permanently by taking
mild outdoor exercise, breathing
plenty of pure, fresh air and using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food to form now
blood and revitalizo the depleted nervous system.
It takes time to build up tho system anew, to fill tho shrivelled arteries with new, rich blood, restore the
viast i'd nerve cells, and renew tho activities of the bodily organs, but tho
persfstcnt use of Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food will accomplish these results
and bring health and happiness to
weak, nervous and suffering women.
Mrs. Chas. H. Jones, Plerceton,
Que., writes: "Foi' yeurt> I have been
% great sufferer with my heart   and
nerves. I would take shaking spells,
and a dizzy, swimming feeling would,
come over mo. Night after night I
would never close my eyes, and my
head would ache as though it would
burst. At last I had to keep to my
bed, and though my doctor attended
mo from fall until spring, hla medicine did not help me, I have now
taken five boxes of Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food, and it has done uie more good
than I over believed a medicine could
do. Words fall to express my gratitude for the wonderful cure brought
about by thla treatment."
Mrs. Margaret Iron, Tower Hill, N.
1)., writes: "Dr. Chaso's Nerve Food
has done me a world of good. I was
so weak that I could not walk twice
the. length of tho house. Since using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food I have been
completely restored. I can walk a
mile without any inconvenience.
Though 70 years old and quite fleshy,
I do my own housework, and considerable sowing, knitting and reading
besides. Dr. Chaso's Nerve Food has
proved of Inestimable valuo to me."
Dr. Chaso's Norve Food, 60 cents a
box, at all dealers, or Edrntutsos**
Dates * Co., Toronto. The Drill.
There could be no better mirror
held up to the rest of Canada and
tlie world in general to reflect the
march of progress of the Canasdian
Northwest than the Winnipeg Indus
trinl exhibition. It is, in every respect and detail, representative of the
^.eKt, and the success of the exhibition Is synonymous with the success
0j the country., The extraordinary
shewing made In the live stock de-
partiuont at last year's exhibition
established beyond doubt the fact
that Manitoba is a breeder's paradise. This feature of the fair was
unique in the respect that it was the
largest exhibition of live stock the
^,orhl has ever soen and also in the
respect that lt contained the largest
Individual exhibit* this or any other
coijDtry has ever produced. There
ftrc nn idle words, but can be easily
fiUt)sMiitiatcd by statistical information. The management of the exhi-
blbltion promises that this wonderful "showing will bo eclipsed this year
and that many other now features
will de added to the fair. A long
list of the most brilliant and costly
variety attractions has been booked.
The Winnipeg Industrial is the one
great iiunual event, which the farmers, tradesmen, business men ond
tho people generally cannot afford to
miss. As an educational factor, en
unending source of entertainment and
nnms ment, and an invaluable Indication of the country's Industrial
nnsi i onimereiul resources it is not
exceeded by any yearly exhibition in
Canada <>r the United States.
A Tisiiiisto C'usstr slur who was Never
Wllhont I'ssiss fssr vrara, nnsi wins
hail Mass} Tisises toQutt wssrk —lloilsl's
liisliss-v Tills issiisl,- hlin suit.
Toronto, April 15.-—(Special)—At
No. Hii Lippincott street, in this city,
resides Mr. W. J. Keane. Mr. Keune
is a sontructor, and is one of the
best Known men in his line of business in Toronto.
Like many other sucresful men Mr.
Ki'iine liiis suffered during his busy
life u great deal from Kidney Dis-
orslers. l'*or years he suffered greut
pain. lie was forced at times to
quit his work altogether and go to
bed, lie used Dodd's Kidney Pills,
and is well. This is what ho says
ntiont  it :
"ll gives me great pleasure to
write in praise of Dodd's Kidney
Pills, mui the good they have done
me.   1 nm never without them.
"I have been a great sufferer with
pains in my back, in the region of
my kidneys. 1 was very sick, and at
times could not attend to my work
at all.
"I used several medicines, but nothing I ever tried seesmed to help me
in tho li'issi, until a friend of mine
udviscd me to try Dodd's Kiiliu*y
Pills. I immediately found relief,
unsl was able to resume my work.
"I used altogether seven boxes before being completely cured. Since
then I have never been sick a duy.
I have never had the slightest indication of a return of thc trouble."
It is hard to understand how anyone will continue to suffer from Lame
Buck or any other symptom of Kidney Trouble after so many frank nnd
luil siutotnents by men well known
in all walks of life that Dodd's Kidney Pills havo cured them.
Dodd's Kidney 1'ills always cure.
They never fail. They csinnol fall.
Years nf trial have absolutely proven
Unit tliers* is no case of Kidney Oin-
plalnt, Lame Back, Rheumatism,
Lumbago, Sciatica, Gout, Neuralgia,
Bladder or Urinary Troubles, tbat
lioUil's Kidney Pills will not cure.
Dodd's Kidney Pills are the only
iwilirin,. timt ever cured Bright's DI-
■osso, Diabetes, or Dropsy.
Thousands of Canadians have tried,
and proved, and testified.
freed ossi.
"Hnve yon made any plans for the future?" asked the Interviewer*.
"Only this," aald the young- physician
♦'lin had come Into an ample inheritance
from n forgottn uncle: "I'm going to
•peni] the first 15 cents of the money in
Bavins these aide whiskers chopped off."
Do Not Trifle
with danger—and remember
every cough  or cold  means
will cure your cough or cold
at once.     It  will   heal   and
1 strengthen your lungs.    It is
I* safeguard  for you  always.
I Take it at the first indication
|°» a cough or cold.
Ksv. Ms. Pat-tow ol Toronto writes I " I
"•"■tl two bottles of Shiloh ansl talis pleosnie
'is -i'i sMiunriidiisg it. Tlis*rs* is nothing like it
lor courIi, throat ansl lung trouble.
sir'!,"'',''' " ***»nsiiinntl.»n Our* Is ss.lsl by all
SSn'SL'*"'ln 0*M-U anil Unltsid mate, is*
,1 I """•_ • l.O* ss Issst Us-,.    In (Jresit llrltsiln
|S   .     -"   —*.w— ■ oosiin.      an ssrmis nn'i*sii
(oa.: !''•• »•■ *•'■• •♦<*•■ *■■• Oil.    A prlnls-sl
!r«.   '.•••"f""" •**■•■"  •♦•■"J' bottle.     If jrsssi
"•"'tsmtsllesl   k„ to your druc.Ut ituss
*"* »°«» mnuey back.
vitblL! '"" "'"••rsted boas on Oonsumpilon.   Ssol
■"Ulosi cost to you.   |. C. Wslls * Co., Toronto.
Knowledge Is the eye of tlu* soul.-T
Every mnn stamps his value on himself.-Schiller.
Gratitude Is the mv.n'.e of the beart.-
Robert South.
We get out of nature wr.it wo carry
to her.*—Hagar.
No capital earns such Interest ns
personal cult tire.
Geulus Is nothing but labor and diligence.- Bogartli.
Cheerfulness Is the best promoter of
Candor looks with ei,ual fairness at
both sides of a subject.—Xonh Web*
Unow something of everything
and everything of something.-Lord
Cucumber* nnd melons) are " forbidden
fruit" to ninny |>er om go constituted thut
tho letwt mduljjsnce is followed by attacks
of cholera, dysentery, (?ripini{, ete. These
Iiersons aro not awuro that they can indulge
to their heart's coniont If they have on huud
a bottle of Dr. Kellogn'i-, Dysentery Cord ial,
a medicine thnt will give immediate, relief,
and is a euro cure for all biuniner complaints.
About 12.000 horsepower is transmitted
in the form •." electricity from Niagara to
Professor Elilm Thompson says that
"s'ls'i-tiieity fa Dually to be one sif the
most puts'nt npensiis iu the treatment of
disease and ths* alleviation of human ills."
Th.» use of tin telephone In Cairo nnd
Alexandria hoa *,*sivn- losttrh prnportlom
Unit it has been found neee-mar- !■> con*
iis*et ihe two citis>8 by a telenhone trunk
SLEEPLESSNESS is due to nervous excitement. The delicute.'y conttituted, the
finuneisr, the business man, anil those whose
occupation necessitates great mental strain
or worry, all hulls r lo.-sa or moro from it.
Sleep is the groat restorer ofa worried brain,
nnd to get sleep cleanse the stomach from
all impuritit'B with a few dose* of l'ar—niec's
Vegetabis' 1'ills, gelatine ooated, containing
no mercury, and an uunnintic! to give satisfaction or the money will be refunded.
It is estimated tbat there are now only
1.000 buffaloes alive on the North American continent
No wonder tbe fish crop is never
"short." The flounder lays 7,000,000
egRS annunlly, several others from 1,000,-
000 to 3,000,000. while the turbot is
rredited with depositing- from 11,000,000
to 12,000,000 during each breeding season.
A camel possesses twice tht carry-in*;
power of an ox. With nn ordinary load
sif -100 pounds. In. s-au travel IS or 11
days without water, going "0 miles a day.
Camels nre tit to Work at .*> years old, but
their strength begins to decline at 25,
ullhuti|*h they usually  live to 40.
In his Vkoktaui.b 1'im.s Dr. I'aruielee has
given to th'* world the fruits of Isiiik ccis'u-
tiHc research in the whole ruilm of medical
■mis nee, combined with cent and valuable
discoveries never before known to man. For
l'arme.ee's I'ills act like a charm. Taken in
small doses, the illeet is both u ionic and a
stimulant, mildly exciting tlie secretions of
the body, giving stone and vigor.
Too Karly In tlse Day.
"Which side do you favor In this
Anglo-Russian rivalry for Asiatic Influence?"
"1 can't tell you," answered Ll
Hung Chung. "I haven't opened my
morning's mail and noted the remit-
Stats or Ohio, City or Toijcno, |
Kiiask .1 i iii.mcv misUca otitli that hn Irs ihe
tnnlor partner uf the linn of F. J. Chunky &
■*o., dolus busliif»*s In thu Citv of Toledo,
County anil Stats, aforesaid, anil that snisl firm
will i«iy the Mim of USB HUNDRED DOL*
I. Alls for each ansl every ruse of catarrh III t
cannot becureil by tbss siseof IIai.i.'p « ataiuih
Sworn tsi liofersi ini- unsl lohaorllsed in my
presence, this vth Jav of Peoemlier, A. D., tssA
, — , A. W. GLKASON,
|sral| Notary Ptmtc
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is tisk< n iiiteriially ansl
acta directly on the lilisod and mucosa surfisces
of the system.   Send lor tcwtinionlals. free.
F. J CHENEY i CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggist', 7,-c.
Hall a Vainlly Pills are the beat
In Cincinnati there i.s talk of iiuto-
inobile   lines   to     compi'ts*   with      tin*
■treat curs.
I wnn I'liri'd  sif  n   bud  COM  ol  f!ri|i
Syslns-y.   0,   D. <'.   1     LAQUE
I was curat] of   loss of voice    by
CHARLEB I'l.i; MMF.lt.
I wns cured of Sciatica Itheumntlfmi
Ilurin,  Nlld.      LKWIH 8.   l'.UTLKIt.
Tbo woman who always aoya "no"
is apt to remain In the spinster class,
TRY IT.—It would be a grow injustice to
confound thnt standard henllng intent. Dk.
Thomas'En.Kmuo On., with ths ordinary
unuiii'iits,   lotions   und    salves.     They   are
oftentimes Inflammatory and furtringent.
The Oil Is, on the pontrary, ominanUj* cooling and soothlmj when applied externally to
relievo pnin, and powerfully remedial when
A Wlnnipeggor saw    on ndvorttse-
meni. in a Montreal paper sif "n [nic-
ket fire escape" fur SI. lie sent tho
money uud n*s'i*ivs*sl in return it copy
of tbo New Tottament,
Willi  tho oxci'pllsin  of gray    huirs,
woniiiii like to innke dlscovorles.
During tho lust oontury the population nl the world douWed,
A Chicago scientist   predictj   that
tho  met bod   of  living  will   lis*  so   im
proved  during  the    present     century
that people will bs* considered young
when they nre  100 years old,
Mr. Hamlltssii Wistssrs, s.f Rlslgcville. Tells
*_ "f Hiss r.lsef frosn Ns'isiisliflis,   Ulieiiin-
. ifHin nnsi Stomach troublethrohgli tne
Ageuoy of br. winiiuss,'rink l'ltis,
For years Mr. Hamilton Waters,
tho well-known cattlo buyer of
Kidgeville, Ont., was an acute sufferer from neuralgia,which was Inter
complicated with rheumatism and
stomach trouble. But now, thanks
to Dr. Williams' Pink 1'ills, he is enjoying tho best of health. Speaking
of his illns'ss und subsequent euro,
fllr. Waters said:—"For sevi'n years
I suffered great agony from neuralgia, the pains were of a darling, cx-
erutlating nature, and for days at a
time would be so great that I fi'nr--
i*d I would lose my reason. To increase my misery, I was attacked
with rheumatism, and this was closely followed by stomach trouble. My
joints and limbs became swollen
and I was almost helpless, i suffered frsun nausea and a decided Ion thing for food. I became very thin,
and wus constantly troubled with
cold sweats. At different Limes I was
treated by three physicians without,
receiving anything in the way of
permanent benefit. I grew despondent unsl began to think that I would
always be a sufferer, when one day
my slruggist advised me to try Dr.
Williams' l'ink Pills. He said that
within his knowledge there was not
a cuse where the pills bad been used
but what benefit had followed, and
ho added ; "That is saying a lot in
their favor, for 1 have sold over live
thousand boxes, and have not bad a
complaint from anyone." Following
his advice, I procured a supply of the
pills, and after a few weeks I could
nsite un Improvement in my condition. Dy the time I had taken eight
boxes of the pills the neuralgia and
rheumatism hud entirely disappeared,
and my stomach was once more in a
healthy condition. My appetite improved, and I gained in weight and
Strength daily. It is now ovst two
years since 1 discontinued the use of
tbe pills, and all that time I have
enjoyed tins best of health ansl
haven't felt an ache or pain, so that
I think tbat 1 am safe in saving
that my cure i.s ps>riminent. In fact,
eight boxes of Dr. Williiuns' Pink
Pills accomplished what three ilos--
tors luisl fssilesl tss slsi, ami I foil T nm
Justified In waamly recommending
Hum to others."
A very high medical authority has
said Unit "neuralgia is a cry of the
nerves fs>r better blood." Rheumatism is also recogn'zed us u sliss'iiss*
sif tbe blood, uml it is because Dr,
Williams' Pink Pills nre above nil
things a blood-making and blood-en-
rlchtng medicine, that tbey bo speedily cure these troubles. Hut you must
get the genuine, with the full name
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People printed on the wrapper
around the box. If In doubt, send
direst to the Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Hrockville, Ont., and the pills
will be si'iit postpaid at ">0 cents a
box  sir six boxes for **■•".">0.
Holland bus nine miles of canal for
•very 100 square miles of surface, -.-
71)0 miles in all.
There nevs-r wnt>, nnd never will be. h
universal panacea, in one rem dy, for all ilia
to which fl ah is hoir—th'j very nuture of
many curatives being audi tlint were tha
germs of other nnd differently seated diseases rooted in the system of the patient—
what would relievo one ill in turn Would aggravate the oth r. Wo have, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
onndulterabd state, a remedy for many ana
grievous ilis. By its Rrnduul and judicioua
uso the frailest systems are led into eonvn-
|pjeeiH'C and strength by the influence which
^.1 tune excrt-i on nnture's own restoratives,
• ". ieves the drooi inj* spirits of those with
v hi-.:n a chronic stnto of morbid despond-
. '•• snd  lack sif intcrot in life is a diseaso,
inr* by tranquilizintf the nerves, disposes to
-our. I and refre-hinu Bleep— imparts visor
u. lie action of the blosid. which, being
it.mi.lated, courses throughout tho veins,
itrs rigthoninK the hen.thy animal funetiona
of the system, thereby making activity a
ii's's-pjary result, strengthening tho frame,
and giving life to the digestive organs, which
niiturally demand incr, nsed substance—ne-
suit, improved appetite, Northrop_ Lyman,
of Torsmto have givon to the public ihplr
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate, nnd,
gauged by tho opinion of scientists, thla
wiuo approaches nearest perfection of any in
thc market.   All druggists sell it.
When Ex-Presides) Kruger was In
Paris some of bis warmest admirers
wns) tlis* sawing girls, whsi uss'sl to
gather under his window and   cheer
him  00  their  wgy  to  wink.
Only 77H newspapers and periodicals are published in European Russia.
The Story, However, U Very Hard to
"Yes," unitl the s-x-tlriinimcr for a
grocery house, "I nm on my way east
to reap tho reward of virtue. 1 have
here n letter from.si firm of Philadelphia lawyers which says that a gentleman has left me s$5.000 In his will."
"Relative, of course':"' was observed.
"No. sir, no relative, not even au ae>
gnalntonce. In fact, I never even saw
the man iu my life."
"lie iiiits-t have bopn a queer man to
have left $0,600 to a perfect stranger."
"I agree with you, but I suppose It
all came about through bis wife. Five
years ago, ns I have recalled to mind, I
rode In the sums* palace car with her
from Chicago to Pittsburg. Our seats
were just Opposite, She was young
and handsome and alone. She heard
the porter saying thnt 1 was on the
load, aud she expected me to open a
con versa tlaa, buy her tbe magazines,
thin chin and Hatter and finally declare
my luve."
"And of inin'si' you did?"
"You wrong me, sir. That's whe.emy
fft.COO oonis-s lu. I never looked her
square in tlie face once during the long
journey. I Ignored her as If she did
Dot exist .She must have been dreadfully puzzled over It, and of course she
tobi her uusbaud of the Incident He
wrote to our bouse, found that 1 was
really and truly a drummer, and he put
nie down In bis will for a reward of
merit. Gentlemen, I notice that the
live of you have listen trying to tllrt
with the young lady occupying seat
No. 8. Stop It nt once. She has a father somewhere, but If you continue
your conduct can she ask him to rinft
you In on his last will anil testament?
Let my case be a shining example to
you and so regulate— Excuse me,
And he rose up and went over and
sat down by the lonely girl and began
to tell jokes nud stories, and the five
men kicked each other aud said he
ought to be flung off the train for his
monumental cheek. M. Omn.
Evs'iy man sets himself up as a
standard by which he measures others.
A great man usually works his fool
remarks oil under the head of wit.
fiiari'i Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
A  man  isn't     always    an  oil  well
slrill   because  he  is  a  bore.
Hope is the best medicine a physician can glvo bis patients.
A man is known by what he doesn't
do nil Inr than by what he says.
Lots of busy people never seem to
accomplish  anything.
IOC3U/-sl1/l,    FACTORY, Montrsjsal
The mnn who isn't willing to prnc-
tice what he preaches should give up
i reaching and  go  into  politics.
A   lawyer   is  a    cat     employed   by
mice to settle their quarrels.
Cleanliness may not bo next to
godliness, but it's a good life preserver.
A man of few words and many
deeds Is like a garden of many vs*ge-
tnbles and few weeds.
Fat-re Gladness.
Ths lsmbs will soon lie skipping on the hills*,
Cheer up.
Ere long we'll be rervivina; Icemen'l hills;
•Cheer up.
A little while sn,l we may cesse to psjr
To sit with happy nulilens st ths play,
Anil then they'll make us thaw some other WaXI
sTheer up, cheer up, cheer upl
Ths time for golf Is swiftly drawing near;
t'hesr up.
The film strawberry box will soon be hs*r»|
Cheer up.
Tour weary wile ire long will hie swsy
To breeny mountain tcp or plscisl bay
tn.I there run up new hills fur you to payj
Cheer up, ebOsW up, sheer upl
The man who breaks a promlso
can easily make another lust as
Tbo Abyssinian war medal is the
■miallest war decoration Issued siur-
Ing Queen Victoria's reign.
u and India Tea
Trade is con federating1 the Empire.
Britain is Canada's best customer.
Britain cannot buy if she does not sell.
Use TEA Grown tn a British  Colony by British Capital.
$\{   I J>y*X   £P^ i\  Mm    Ceylon Teas are Gold in sealed Ion.:
SsO\ B       _y_ I    J_U_ packets only, never ill  bulk.     Black
tX^li Stemalr* mmmW _r-"**s, Mixed c* Uncolored  Ceylon Green.
Sample oa application.    Address "SALADA," Toronto.
rope Leo Xlll (loi-s not speak English, though he bt'Kun to loam it
more than a oentury ago, when ho
wns nuncio in Brussels, mui made
the acquaintance ol a member of ibe
Weld family, Tie is sensitive about
his   compositions,     unsl     When,   Home
time ago. Punch quoted a sentence of
one sif letters    ns    translated under
the heading "English us Sho la
Spoke," ihe attendants at tho Vatican   were  ninn 1   lest,    bis   holiness
should hoar of it. for Putroh is almost
tho only English paper to which Leo
Xlll subscribes.
Thousands of men, women and children in Canada, aro taking
advantage of Dr. Slocum's generous offer of a frae sample box of
Oxojall Cure for Catarrh.
Catarrh is an insidious enemy, and in whatever condition, should
not be neglected. A slight cold in the head is frequently the beginning of a serious case of Catarrh, and in many instances leads to
Asthma, Bronchitis, Quinsy, and Catarrh. Catarrh is always
dangerous, but is curable if taken in time. It is a constant menace to
life and health, but science has dona much to enable sufferers to resist
and defeat the disease.    Dr„ Slocum's Oxojell Catarrh Cur*
is the best offering of advanced medical science for the prompt and
permanent cure of Catarrh of the Head, Throat, and Nasal organs;
Oxojell is a dainty, soothing jelly for the immediate relief and cure
of Catarrhs The Irritated and inflamed membranes of your nose
and throat are relieved and soothed with the first application of Dr.
Slocum's Oxojell Catarrh Cure.
Oxojell has valuable properties as an antiseptic, as well as
being a powerful healing agent. You breathe it through the nostril,
a little bit at a time.   No Instrument i   No Powder!   No Liquid!
Oxojell Catarrh Cure is sold at all drug stores at Fifty cents a
box, but In order that every sufferer from this prevalent ailment may
have an opportunity to test the remedy, a free sample box will be
sent on request to any place in Canada. All you have to do is to drop
a postal, giving your name and address plainly, to the T. A. Slocum
Chomloal Co., Limited, 179 King Bt. West, Toronto, aud a free
sample will be sent you.
-fe£id event, fCnus.
A-GEISJ-TS      *W\i*'_:*>"j'TE"D.
We ui',' in Ties.: of n few reliable Agents
rinuhoiil llu* iMiin'rv to handle our
Cloid pri>:ilui.d quick wiles.   For purticu-
ri a.ldretss
813 Miiin St., -sllsssilrss***'.
Supplies* for all nuikesof stewing miichines I
•' 3 1 "orbngB avs*.        SEWING MACHIKt CO.!
After   Many   Interraptlons  Be   lYilsl
What It Was.
"I see in the paper this morning," began Mr. Gates at the breakfast table,
"There's too much milk in my oatmeal," cried the youngest member of
the Gates family.
"I see in this morning's paper," began the head of tbe bouse again, "that
"Klng's house is up for sale again,
ma," remarked tho eldest daughter. "1
noticed the bill on the fence when 1
looked out of my window this morning.
They have the greatest time selling
thnt place I ever saw. I don't believe
Mr. King can afford to go to Europe
this year If that house isn't sold. What
did you mart to say, pa?"
"I s<*e in this morning's paper that
the British"- '
"Must bo ln nn awful hurry this
morning, Willie," said tho second
daughter, Bessie, to her small brother.
"You're stuffing liko a big pig. Stop
making such a noise with your lips."
"Children, I'm ashamed of you,"
said Mrs. Gates reprovingly. "What
is it you see in thc paper this morning, Henry?"
"Type," said Mr. Gates savagely.
"Pass the salt."—Brooklyn Eagle.
The J***—<<st and TK-sslly the Best.
Cleansing, Healing;, stimulating refreshing, antl-
fepiic, removes tar, doea
not Injure the enamel,
and Impirta n sweet fragrance to lhe breath.
M'nufactured from a
tropls*al plum, known as
tho ' Chcwst'ok," wliii b.
in ills' e.iuntries 'here It
o-rows Is remnlcil as Na-
turs.'s S|ieeiflc for the
teeih. gums ami mouth.
Is i-ntliely free from
eli ilk sin si ny other gTtr-
ty sub-stiins-e.
Put up In eoll*i|ieible
tutii'-iwith artistically on-
gnss.il labels ansl con-
taliisT.-s.    Price   ■.-> cms
Kor s:ilo by .ill chemists
Thev who like a really
good thing w.'Uldbewise
to enquire for it and have
uo substitute.
Office and Safe Di mi-it Vanltts
323 & 325 MAIN ST., WINNIPEG.
Capital—$1.0tX),U)0.    Ko-rrve. $270,000.
The wise man makes dollars   from
tho find's want ot sense.
Nipped In tha Dad.
•I have called," began Mr. Forchen
Hunt, "to speak to you nbout your
daughter. You must have noticed that
there is something between us."
"No," replied Mr. Goldrox, "but I'm
sure there will be pretty soon.""
"It will bo the Atlantic ocean. I'm
going to send her nbroiul till sha
learns a llttlo sense."—Philadelphia
Contrary to the Impression prevailing in Hiuni) quarters,   the Sultan of
Turkey  Iiiin many  tastea  und  hillsides
in common with other good mortals.
lie Milinires ull spurt, anil is a good
shut, lis* is a collector >>f old curious weapons und arms, lie Is tond
uf horses uud dogs. His horsemanship is sufficiently known, nnsi ui
this art most of lils suns excol,
Authorized to act as Executor, Administrator, Trustee, Receiver, Quor-
dian, Committee of Lsunatlc, Liquidator, ("emral Agent, etc,
Accepted by the Courts as a Trust
Co. for tho Provinces of Ontario,
Quebec and Manitoba.
Guardian ad-lltem for Manitoba.
Trust funds Invested  and guaranteed
Mons'y to loan on farm security.
Solicitor's bringing rstnlis, Admin-
i>*t rat ions''li\. to lhe I ss. m tii.i,< :
In  tlis* professional cure thereof.
Oorrespondonce solid I ed.
Boxes in Bafe Deposit Vaults fur
rent nt |6.00 u year.
A Kill IK Sir.Wi-sUT, MADHgr-r.
Brass Band
Iusts inssesils. Drnmi, Uniforms, Kt<s.
I.s.wi'St pils'sssi c'ver i*uiil>il.    Klne catalogue
jO' Illustrations inbllesl fnt*.   Write us for anything In Music or Must, al IssntrsiinanU.
__    .       —. .   ~_    Torovito,Ont.,and
Wlialoy Royce & CO.,        Winnipeg. Man
The Imperial Fruit I
and Produce Co'y,|
Him r_rchii!si'd the stsick and
trade of the ,VNDKKSON
1'ltoDUOh. CO.
All Islii.I* of Krull lis Season.
Hint Prion-, paid fur rroilnss.* *f
Wo ii   ofti'ii   confess   lit lie     faults
for the piirposii sif hiding big ones.
' fp
Too many   people    In   this world
tmlli   sAisi-h   uud nut  foolishly.
W.  N.  U. 8S1. .......,.
a: ■:
I . J
I' f
1 *..
•ii f>
t V
' ** ;_ji *,
,''• ire -..
•C. IS. Smitheiuno mm, Editor and Prop-
IS rVBl.lSIM:*) fWRHY 1 KIDAV  .\T
.SI.OCAN,      ....      1*. C.
Legal Advertisina 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
eubt-pquent insertion.
Certificates o( Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisement** at same rates
as legal adve.tising.
Locals will he charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is tt~ por year, strictly in advance; $'.'.00 a year it not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Sloean, B. C.
FRIDAY, MAY.hd. 1901.
A pencil mark in I Ik* space
•opposite will be an indication to you that ye editor
Considers thei'sia Something
com in j-, to him on your Sab-
scrip tion, Kindly aclrndw-
•Judge   iti cash and oblige.
l'l'ITOUIAI.   I'ltOI't'lNI'*.
lion. Smith Curtis* has announced
his retirement l'roni public life at the
•closo of his present term in the legislature. Politicians havo been known
to change their minds.
At length the legislature lias accomplished something : the sessional
allowance oi" the members lias been
raised from $600 to*KJQ0. Press dispatches state the legislators accomplished this by a round robin. Usually persons caught round robin are
eent up for burglary, but they do
things differently at Victoria.
Slocan riding has not fared badly
in this year's estimates, though $8500
ofthe total grant was expended last
yc.u* un the Lemon and Springer
roads. From the representations
made, there will be considerable trail
building and general improvements
Smallpox has made its appearance
at Kc.vi'lstoke.
W, Koeli has built a new wluuTal
F.nteiprise. Landing.
Tho str. Slocan is to be laid up
shortly for'repainting.
There has been a steady rise in the
hike during the week.
A pleasant, dunce took place in the
Music Hall Tuesday evsiiing.
Arranceinents are being made for
the starting of a steam laundry here.
Friday evening last an enjoyable
dance was held at  the  Hicks house.
Strawberries made their first appear,, nee on the local market on .Saturday.
Miss Bennett returned on Saturday
from :i fortnight's visit to Rossland
and Nelson.
The Payntreak thinks disineorpnr-
ation is tin' end in view for the troubles of Sandon.
li. Madden has gone to Ferguson.
Dave Slottn now has chargs* ofthe
Mad.len House.
At a meeting of tlio citizens of 811-
verton this week, it was decided to
reli'lil'ato the 24th Of M&Y,
The Miners' Onion moved into the
'lew hospital this week. Numerous
alterations were made to the building.
Silverton people are taking precaution*; against a flood from Four
Mile creek when  hign  water comes.
A baseball club has been organized
at, Silverton, with Jim Howes as captain and Rod Mathesuu as secretary.
The commissioners on Saturday
granted the transfer of license on the
1 licks house from Frank Card to H.
A. Hicks.
May -I has beer; declared by the
Dominion government a legal holiday
for all time, to come, to he known as
Victoria Day.
Wm. Swerdferger. an old timer
round Sloean Junction, was taken to
Nelson Sunday evening, being of an
unsound mind,
Laugh and grow fat
E'rof. Payne is hack
Music Hall.
i era in for two
in  this  division.   K. F. Green, the nights, commencing Monday, May f>.
local member, is doing his duty well ^i"-'*-'-'*1 features lutr-oduced.
lack Aitchison left ior his old home
near AUiston, Ont., on Wednesday,to
by the constituency,
Hon.  Mr.  Turner has taken   his «fib* up the estate ,,f his late father.
„ „    ,     .....    He will be hack in a month or so.
.farewell ol  political life m   nritisn
Columbia, after fourteen years of
.active service. Thirteen times he
has had the responsibility of present
ing thc, financial budget on behalf oi'
the government, and he retires into
semi-private life with a record untouched by any breath of scandal.
Many there are who have opposed
him politically, but none, will lie
found to wish him aught but si ccess
in his position as agent general in
An enthusiastic rally of Masons
was held in ii. I). Curtis' office on
Friday evening: It was decided to
proceed with  ergaiii/iition  at once.
The new boiler and machinery for
Wlnlaw'a Sawmill have been Installed
and full liberations c immcncpd,   Or
Slocan is a city and the letters
patent are only lacking to at once
proceed with the election of the necessary government. It is a compulsory requisite, rendered so by circumstances, that the utmost care and
economy shall be practised from the
very inception of civic authority,aud
it behooves the citizens to exercise
mature judgment in the selection of
men capable and eflicient to govern
the city. Lessons can be taken from
the experiences of other places, and
the primal feeling actuating all
should be that of promoting harmony
and progress.
Despite contrary assertions made a
month ago, the government will do
-considerable tinkering with the Mineral Act this MMlon, The amend
ment dealing with agent! ste king
and recording claims ll aimed at
stopping a nuisance and to encourage
development, but it will be found to
work a hardship, particularly In tin
newer sections. If the several mining recorders an: given latitude by
the department to grinl pWttl!
for trails to count ns assessment work,
then a big benefit is conferred upon
the prospector, and a long Step will
have been taken towards opening up
,thc country. "I'is a plly, though, our
legislators would not leave the act
alone for a while and M give confidence to investors.
Back Again
The 20th Century
Prof. G. W. Payne.
Music Hall. Slocan,
for Two Nights, commencing
.On Monday, May 2, 1901.
Special new features will be
introduced each evening, including breaking of 400 lb,
rock on a hypnotised subject,
Tlie Muroutt Branch
Meets tlie ss-1'ond Thursday in ea«*h month
nl :; n.m, Next meettni; in the I'rvs-
bytermn church. All meetm-rtopen
to those v. iishini.-11 join.   .
Mas. W. ,1.Ami.i'-ws, Mr.-.M.D.MeK' l
President. Cor. Secretary.
tea City Minors' ill!
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
In the  Union I ia II, Sloean City, at
7;80 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To M  U Merritt, or to any person or
persons to whom  he may have trani-
(orreil hit one-filth interest In the Nil
Fractional mineral claim, situated ut
tin* head ol tho hint h ath fori* ol Ton
Mneoresk,81oc«_ city miningdivision.
Ynu are hereby notified tbat ire have
expended tbe earn ol two hundred add
flv-j dollars in labor and Improvement!
upon  the above   mentiones!   mineral
claim, Id order  to hold  mi.I  mineral
claim under the proviitonaol ths* Mineral Act, and If within 00 tlaya (rom (ha
'late ul this*   noli..'  you   tail Of ivies.' i i
contribute your proportion oi each expenditure, together with all eofUt'olad-
vein-Hi.', yinii Intereat In said olaim
will bucoma die property ol the sab*
icriberf, under taction iniir ol an act on-
i.ili'il "An Act to amoud the Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dated this 80th dav nf April, 1901.
B. O'SBIL, J. M. .Mei'KK'iOK,
8-5   1'. NOLAN,      .1. UAlni.iKK.
V<ni Can Make
A  Striking  Effect!
Hy wearing a perfect flttin** s-'nit.
cut ia the i and elegantly
i rimmed,   Such enn bo purehu ad
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near Uiu I'oip I
dei s are on hand for four months'
work, 100,000 feet being for the new
buildings at lioiinington Falls
b*. F. Green and G. Nagle, owners
Ofthe townsite of Selkirk, at the foot
of Trout lake, have deeded half of it
to the C.l'.l*,'. It will be the terminus
ofthe railroad from Lardo,
Coming Back Again. Prof. Geo.
W. 1'ayne, the. :20th century hypnotist. New and special features introduced. A *i00-pound rock to be. broken on a hypnotised subject while in
a cataleptic state. Music Hall, two
nights, commencing, Monday, May 6.
Tlu*. local O.ldfellows society held
its annual cliureh parade on Sunday
to Knox church, where Kev. M. D.
MeKee delivered an able address to
his fellow craftsmen. The procession was headed by the hand and
presented an imposing appearance.
Messrs. Bradshaw and McVmnel
have completed tlie taking of the
census in this end of the Sloean
rid inc. Bast decade there was no
one on the list, while this time there
will be upwards of 1*200 people to
help out the general increase of the
Gwiilim & Johnson,
Slocan, - - -        B. C
j. i, mm m *
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
5L0CA1!', - - B. C.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors*
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture,  Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
. D.CB
to,  Insur-
Mines,   Real Estn
ance, Accountant.
Abstracts    of   Til Ies   Fur
-     B. C.
Plans and Specifications furnished on
application.     Estimates
cheerfully given.
We have just received a
largo shipment of
(iAh'Dl'.X 8EEDS,
from D. M. Ferry's celebrated Seed House. We sell at
Eastern Prices.
J. L, WHITE 6c Co.
1)1,1'HOISTS, SLOCAN, 1!. C
We have moved into our
handsome new store, on
cor. Baker and Stanley
Streets.   Call on us.
Repairing e apecialtv unfl all work
forwarded will be Knarsnteed, and
"mil orders promptly attended to.
All Union workmen employed, tbus
ensuring skilled attention.
an J Jeweler.
Nelson*, 13.^
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  B. C.
General Packing and Eor-
warding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
(Miftt nl 1:
<:<>iii Viking *»>i«l New Plibenl-sT. rrasstiosmi
Mliioral ('lulisis.
f-itunte in the Sloean City Mininu Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—North of Springer
creek, about two miles from Slocan
City, adjoinina the Nanoy Hunks
and I'eeriens Mineral Claims.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. S. Drewry,
acting us agent for George H-. Aylard,
free miner's certificate No. li;(H8l7, in-
lenil, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder .or certificate** of inipvovsjiiients. for the jmrpose
of obtaining a Crown Uruntof each of
the above s'laiiiis.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must ho commenced
before tbe issuance of such certificates, of
Ditedthis 14th dav of March, 1901.
16-3-01 W. S. DKEWItY
Viking Kriis'ttssss Mlnvsal < lisllis.
Situate in the Slocan  City Mining Division of the Wi'St Kootenay District ,
Where located •—-North of Springer'
creek, about two miles from Bloonti
Citv,  adjoining   the   Nancy Hanks
and 1'iohl Viking Mineral Claims.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. S. Drewry.
acting as agent for George HontUr-
son, Free Miner's Certificate Ns>. B86746,
intend, sixty slays from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 117, must ho commenced
before the issuance of such certificates oi
Hated this 21st day of March, "1901.
Tobacconists' Supplies
of every description can be had at -scan's Lending Store.
Tobaccos, chewing ami smoking, of the best brands kept tn
stock; also Cigars and Cigarettes. Fruits <f all kinds kept in
their season. Th« most toothsome Confectionery always on
sale.   Stationery also handled.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Just Arrived
Half a carload of Stee
Ranges and Heating
Stoves. Call and see
our display before purchasing elsewhere.
Dealers in General Hardware,
Agents for Crow's Nest Domestic
and Blacksmith Coal.
W.S. ni'I'WT.Y
■o You
Clinin*. sssisl Mstiii,. MiiscriilClulnis.
Situate in the Slocan City Milling Division of \\Vst Kootentty District.
Where loeaL-d: About one mile
east of Slocan Lake, adjoining the
Peerless Mineral Claim.
TAKE NOTICE thai I, Frederick P.
Clements, as agent for Charlel E, Miller,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 1386*105,
and .lames II. Wallace, Free Miner's
Certificate No R3U806,'intond, sixty slays
irom tho date hereof,toRpply totlieMin-
ins- Recorder for Certittoatea of Improvi'-
ments, for tlie pnrpose of obtaining
Crown ('rants of tbe al'.nvo claims.
Anil further Uiki* notice thnt action,
under ^7, ninst be commenced before the
Isananoe of smh Certitlcdteiof Improvement
Dated this Mth day of March, 1001.
20-8-H1 V. (**. CIJEMENT8
No More
Have installed a new tnaehine.
for inanufac.ttirinsr Stovepipos
and Alrpipcs. They go together
like a eharn(. Patroni/e home
industry and have an an ruffled
I. J,
Direct Jionte, Unequalled Service, to
all Points
via Boo Line to St. Paul, Chicago,
to all U. S. Points.
First-Class Sleepers,   Dining  Cars,
and Tourist Cars.
from Vancouver to Cape Nome,
Alaska Point*, Australia, China.
Japan. Through tickets to and
from England and the Continent
For tltne-tablea, rates, and full in-
formation call on or od irei •
local agent, or—
Agent, Sloean City
j. s. < AK'H i:,     j   ,!     iYLE,
I) P A , v        "   A.,
NcUi.'i). ■ aud uver.
a Home ?
Then come to Slocan. for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room. Scenery, Health. Fishing, Hunting, Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches, School
Hospital, Public Halls and
Enterprising Citizens are some
ofthe advantages enjoyed by
this Town, backed up by Unsurpassed andProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Town
Come and be convinced that this tale u
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
"Dissolution of Partnership.
NOTICE is hereby aivsn that the pnrt-
nernhip Nratoforee-istlngbstwaen Lake
& .Noble, proprietors of the Royal Hotel,
inn- this day been dissolved. All m;-
count! owing ths- firm roust be paid Vf
Is. Noble, wins wi'liuis'tiiiiH'ihi' Dual net*
and settle all IndebtedneSl ol tbo above
Duls'il at Sloean,thin 11th day of April,
190L THO,. LAKE,
12.4 W. E. NOBLE.
In the matter of an application  for a
duplicate ol a C»rtlncat« of Titl« to
Lot 8,  Block MiflOOan  City (Map
Intention  to it-ruie, at tbo expiration ni one month from the tirat. publication betwfi a duplicate of tha Certilicate
of Title to tlm above mentioned Lot, in
the name o! .Iihtm-h C. ISolander, which
CartUisCate l« datod the Bth day ol HO-
or, 1897, I■■ i "' M»k'   ,,,
|,',     '  ;''i    ,   i   i ' ,l'.|l: \'l
^er annum-


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