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The Slocan Drill 1905-02-10

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 FEB 111905
' *t.yv
3    FEB 141805      **
VOL. V., No. 46.
 -Li' .V,
SLOOAN,   15.   C,   FEBRUARY   10,   1905.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
Having purchased the Fruit, Confectionery,
and Tobacco business of A. C. Smith, we respectfully solicit the patronage of the public.
Our aim will be to keep a fresh and clean
stock.   Remember the old stand.
Dry Goods Opening.
We will have our new stock of Dry Goods
displayed on this Friday and Saturday,
and we invite all the ladies to come and
examine the goods. We are safe in saying it is as nice a line as has ever been
been opened up in town.
Gome and see tliem oven if yon don't buy*
We will be pleased to see you.
David  Arnot,  Slocan.
Agent for Tetley's Teas.	
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Holt'l is one of the liest known and most popular houses
in tlie country.     It is located adjacent to the depot and tlv*
wharf, and commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
Slocnn lake.     tiood lishing is to lxi found close at hat,.!, while
everv facility is offered for liouting.
Tourists will Hnd tht* Arlington and ideal resting place.
Commercial men hnvo at their command new and commodious
sample rooms,
Tlm dining room in strictly up to iJate and the liar supplied
with only tho best brands of goods
Many Mlnutei Spent in Wi-singling—Tli<*
Mayor Declare! iliumoltand ilnyi IIU
Poult Ion  Mtmt  ba  He»poot«d—Scliool
l-Nt i inula. Ih Presented.
Regular meeting of the eity council
was held on Monday night, Aid: Mad
dan being the only absentee, he being
in Nelson.
Communications rem): From th"
provincial secretary, announcing the
names of the police and license commissioners of the city.    Piled.
From city clerk, Revelstoke, asking
endorsation of a resolution requesting
the legislature to amend the law, forbidding registration of lands in municipalities until the tuxes were paid.
Resolution endorsed and copies ordered sent to the premier and Win.
Davidson, M.L.A.
Prom city clerk, Fernie, asking endorsation of a resolution, requesting
the legislature to give municipalities
the power to construct and maintain
telephone svstetns.    Laid on table.
From 11. D. Curtis, statin:** that he t
had audited the books of.). A. Ander-]
son, the late treasiirer.and found them
correct,there being a balance on hand
of $932.62.    Keport  accepted and ordered filed.
Fro n H.D.Curtis, resigning iiis
position as auditor, owing to beiug
secretary-treasurer of school beard, in
which position he handled public
funds.   Accepted aud filed.
Bill  presented  from  Ii. D. Curtis.
for   auditing   treasurer's   books,   *r2. j
Order, d paid.
Other bills: .las. Rr.c, wood to Chas.
Liebel r.nd baH lou of coal 11 city,
$16.50; Johu Craig.labor aud material
for repairing walks, $3.75; Woodcock
•A: Co., supplies, s.) cents.   Referred to
The mayor said he didn't give two
whoops for the city solicitor's opinion.
He had advice ou the subject that the
meeting in question hud been illegal
and he stood by that.
Aid. McNeish seconded the resolution offered by Aid. Smith.
The mayor declined to put the motion, laying it over for further consideration.
Aid. McNeish tendered his resignation as a member of the court of revision. Tho mayor declined to accept
the resignation.
Mora or less wrangling followed.the
mayor finally waxing wrothy over the
city solicitor mixing up in the affairs
of tiie council without orders from the
aldermen or himself. He wanted individuals on the board to know that
he was mayor and his position had lr»
le respected. He would be no figure
bead and if there were orders to give,
he was the one to give them. If tlie
city solicitor went contrary to him, be
would fire him quick. No hole-in the*
corner   business   would   be tolerated
and he, as mayor, must be considered
in all  things.   All  business  must be
above board.
Council adjourned.
Shortly after the sixth game started
McMillan, Slocan, was ordered to the
bleachers to recover his wiud. Then
Slocau got a hustle on and Terry shot
home the puck.   Time, two minutes.
The seventh game was the longest
of all, Denver playing a strong defence. Lindow scored after eight
minutes* play, but it was disputed
and disallowed. With the ensuing
faceoff Denver did some rushing. A
favorable opening occurred and Brown
slammed the puck into tho net, scoring the only goal for New Denver, in
18 minutes. Everybody cheered for
the parson.
A minute or so remained to play,but
nothing tangible resulted. Milne got
a bad bump just as time was called,
laying him out for a while.
The customary cheers followed, the
Deiiveiites feeling thankful for not
being shut out. The Silverton girls
came up prepared to play either Slocan or Denver girls, but they found
DO victims in sight and had to withdraw. »
Following were tho teams engaged
in the struggle:
Slurun Put! it till Over tlio  Now Denver
Last Thursday evening the juniors
aud men met once more in a tierce
hockey contest, the latter being determined to wipe out their past record of
defeat. A large crowd witnessed the
game. The juniors once again proved
too much for tbe men, winning out by
:, score of s to :]. to the delight of the
spectators. Not once in three years
bavo the men been able to win from
the juniors. The teams were: Men
Milne, Hioks, McMillan. McGill, J.
[Pinchbeck, Nord, C.   Poley.    .Juniors
Wilson, W.   Koiey.  Lindow, Tarry,
\\. Pinchbeck, Tams, Maybee.
l Strickland
•] Thompson
(        Brown
A l:***
I'.a.ir Den ut.
^ •^fcierieu hj i
finance committee, N" v Deliver hockeyists ai«a not quite
City Clerk roqiiosted information so confident of their ability to play
as to mode of proceed un Svith parties the game as ihey werelx fora lasl lVi-
rWeeiniug delinquent lots, two applinj lay uight, wheu Slocau invaded the
'•a:;.'.'.a being now  in, Jus, Rue aud •).. I i.cwii**. ar.d put ii all i ver the home
U. Uo.varth   bavin :   be
i team to the tun*
' sp 'ial excursion
jf   6 LOtXii to la     A
was  ruu up on the
Is reached by any trail tr road
that runs into the Town.,
Do not go  past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
  ^^^^^^^ l I    "• pal,'
s-liasrrs.      Motion   pi-sr* I   :- -l-i-i.l.-i.r {-~i«<va^	
Ma*.—--.-. 1 c tt- and  Hownrth $0.02 and Slocan, upward* of U0 persous gotn_
$•*,.}£) respectively, being tiie purcha ' itli   «   big   buuch   fioui Silvoi*tou.|
price pai I by theni with interest. Q lite n number of peOpl • were proseui
A  repoit was presented  from t';'.' also from   Three   forks, Alamo  and
ebool board, placing the est oni Rosebery, there beiug at the riuk over
for the yourat •*:! .'.r_'.   Accompanyin . 30Q ^pectntorq.   Denver's  new rink is
it. was a copy of a  letter seut to tl
department of education, asking fi
Clubbing Offer
additional grant because, of  oul ide
pupils attending, Thecity bud to pul
up $6.10 for each pupil over and all iv<
the government graut every half year.
A reply from th-' department was at
(inched, in which  the superintcn li
advised the town disincorporating
then the government could loo! afti
the school.   He hinted tbat a similar
itpplicatiou from another small town
for monev hid !n*en refused,
Aid. McNeish t-xplained thai the
board desire I the c luucil to take i1"
tio '. ou the niat.or.
The mavor urge3 that the math
be re fer ran to Mr. Davidson, member
for tho Slocan. \\ bo could impi
iiecossity for a refund upon the go\
eminent. If relief were nol giveu.the .
the outside pupils should ber fused
the sell nil. Drastic measures should
be taken immediately.
Aid. Teeter and Smith move I thai
clerk communicate with Mr. Da*
ied, asking his as
a dandy  and gives ample scope foi
hockey.    !l is built on the plan of Un
Sl .•;'..! riulr, and is 1 r>(>x 1 *-* feet in size.
•There is uot mnch to Iw said of the
match, for  it   proved   altogether too
one  ided though i;  gave the Slocau
; rooters a gveat chance to display their
i ability,    Denver put ou a heavy team,
while those from Slocan would aver-
ag    10 pounds apiece lighter.   The
former though had too much beef to
move quickly atftl the fas! pace set by
Slocan soou distressed  them,   Atthe
1 outset they were confident of winning,
! but it '.wis not long before they found
I they wero outclassed at every point. I
Slocan played three junior--, but they i
proved quite equal to the task Impos-
ed on them.   All  through   the game]
waa pretty free from roughness,Twigg
and' Thompson, New Denver, and Mc
Millan, Slocan. only   deeoratin™   '>>••
'Lous froa I
Pinchbeck point
Hicks cover
Milne rover
McMillan j
Lindow    ,-    forwardt
Terry       \ ■	
Referee. A. McGill, Slocan.
After the match everybody adjourned to the K. of P. hall, whero the
Denver committee tendered a dance to
the visitor**, the McMillan orchestra
from here providing the music. The.
hall was crowded and the fun kept up :
till ;i.-ir> a.m. Supper was served in
the hall, there lieing an abundance of
tempting edibles provided. The New
Denver folk did themselves proud,
leaviug nothing undone to ensure a
good time to the visitors. The committee in charge of the arrangements
were most painstaking and obliging,
and they have the satisfaction of
knowing that everybody had a good
time. It was a pleasant outing and
i!i • Slocan c mtingent thoroughly enjoyed it. The Slocan lauded its'tired
but happy excursionists hero at 5.2U
a.m. Saturday.
Rlocmt win* Return Hatch.
The New Denver team came dowu
to play the return game Wednesday
uight, accompanied by about a score
of people from their own town am!
Silverton. Lack of space forbids much
i- ing s:lid of the frame, but it was a
fierce thing to behold, 'J.1 goals lieing
rc nod. Slocau taking IH of them. For
Denver Brown scored 8 out of it goals.
Slocaij's team was the same as played
nl Denver, except that McGill took
.Milne's place, th ■ latter acting us referee. In Denver's line up, MeCrae,
Thompson and Tnylor,their best men.
Li»»t Yenr'* Shipment* Wer« 237B Tons—
A Healthy Kvlili'iioe of tli" f.tr«i nntl
Wealth or tha, Cninp"Bluck Prince It
Biggest Hlilpjior.
Of the three properties shipping oro
during the week, one, theChapleau, is
a new exporter. Its shipment consisted of two tons of concentrates and
went to Nelson. The Ottawa and
Black Prince each seut out a carload,
and the latter is loading another. The
roads are heavy, owing to the much
new snow. Shipment! for tho week
I'i tons; to date -109 tons.
For 1904 tho ore shipments from
the loeal division amounted to 2875
tons, made up from 19 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Ottawa      '-"-
Black I'rince       22
Ghanloau       2
were replaced by Brtndle, Jeffrey and
Cook. After the game the crowd adjourned to the Music Hall, where a
complimentary dance aud supper were
tendered the visitors.
son on the subj
rom i be
for  l!i	
An arrangement Ha* been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus Cet all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
in   obtuintn
pupils.   Carried,
'i'h" mayor nske I I ial Lhe vi ri »u
committees bring in iheir .estimates >•
next ni"i ting.
In answer  to  the   may >". til ■ cl  I
stated there ivoi • bIx  unpaid li   lei
licenses,   Tho mayor m lintained uo
one had a i; du to en a e in bu
witbout n license and he iuten ltd t >
see to it that everyone,paid, lie won
.i the list ainl consult with I
solicitor a-* to what action t" t
enforce pny ment.
Aid.  Smith  r''|'.i
re the vacancy
moved that tli
•sled Information
j,, the council. He
,-,!., solicitor be asked
for a written opinion as t'i whether
Al >\. Stewarl  had  boen   legally ap
poinl"d to t'i" board, and u li lh t thi*
business of the council  had been le
gully tranaacle I since the IGth ol In I
May '!■ \r;'. ii -aid bs knew whs! tho
lolieiior's opinion would bei th it Mr,
Stewart   was  logall} appointed.    I h
m* *>♦•»*
.50 fora Year
was l.-a'.h appointi
had advice, however, to the ci
Bnd Stewart was nol legal y i
#]    ii.* maintained   the busmen
the council since then was legall; i ■
dUAidd'McNol«h stated he had tho
opinion of the deputy Rttornevgtme
ml Bnd Stewart was legally appoint"..
_J»t»l*«W^    1
... wauled to see things straighten i   in
out without   piaking   the Individual   '■ ■
aldermen 'liabl"   for damagi       Ue .
Maedonald was thi'one who had given
the advice, as also Elliol & Ijotmie,
Mil. Smith s.iid he bad told nut bis
buslnesM and w b i Ii iving tow ti. More
material was needed ill the ■ iitncil
and he wauled aliaii ■ settled b ifore
going nwav.
« for a minute each, merely for
liisplav purposes. Towards the lasl
Slocan oased ofl considerably, giving
t|ie other follows a dance to do some
thing. _ .  ,,
[U the first gam-3 Denver got the
advantageat the face off and rushed
the puck to Sloean's goal. Serena
offside play*ensued, then Slocango
their combination « >i  ing and poured
ina -irea I   shots   on the Deuvei
 ,i. Milne finally putting thepuck
, proper place after 10 minute.
:'Swan gotthelietterof tlie face-oil
in the, .md game, Milne majdug_«
[rrpnt rush through the Denver follotth
almost to theii  goal,   A, rols-up fol
lowed, Th ;• ""■"' •*• Denver team,
I,,,,-:,',,.  ^ '■"■   fence fo  trlppfoL
Slocan shot a goal, but it "a**  al
lowed.   Slocan  kepi
ii;„l Milne scoi-ed ila
live minutes, ,
Th8 third game was nil Slocan s.lhe
D8nvor boys   being  on   the defence.
Milne again  did   the trick, time two
in"nU the fourth game Slocan worked
„ .„.,.,| v combination   fight   from  the
face-off, McMillan scoring In a beauti
fulshol from the right uing.    timo,
one minute. .    .,
Donverputon extra steam In the
Bfth game, Taylor.Thonipson aud Mc
'.;,,.    working   like    beavers,   with
Strickland, Brown and Tttigg forcing
thiliKSto   Hi"   limit.    Several oirsid,
,"„ys followed tho facooff. Pwigg fin
ffij being  seul   to   the feuceforal
ing  to   .annilnlnti
Strike on  thi* Itliirlilril.
A. McMillan and Tony Long made
an important strike last week on the
Bluebird group, above McGregor's
ranch. Their main tunnel, after passim: through TT, feat of broken ground,
gol into thn solid rock, and a line
Btreakofore was opened up. It is a
foot wide and assays $86.10 in gold
and .'ll OZ iu silver; Later on iu putting in a set of timbers, what was sup-
pi**dtai be the hanging wall was
penetrated, revealing two feet of ore.
which carries good gold value**. I' i-
ili ■ inl. iiiii'ii "i" the owners to run tin
Sandon mines last week shipped
.'12.ri tons of ore.
Work has ceased on the Morning
Light till spring.
Most of the ore beiug shipped from
the upper camp is zinc.
Shortage of water has compelled the
Idaho concentrator to close down.
Th*- price of silver has shown a
much firmer tone during the week.
Wor!* on the Young Bear has ceased, owing to the great depth of snow.
Last week the Slocan Star started
exporting zinc,126 tons being handled.
Tne .lessees of <lie Jveepawa report
having struck another bunch of good
During January the Hall Mines
•smelter turned out 1,726,154 pounds
of lead.
The No. 5 workings of the Ottawa
are expected to tap the big ore chute
in July.
During January tlle St. Eugene
mill, Movie, turned out -J-">-I0 tons of
Much legal data is being gathered
in the adverse suit of the Myrtle
against the Mayeta.
Half a car of ore has been brought
down to town from tbe Tamarac. A
portion of it will run IS" oz a ton.
Bruce White and associates have,
bonded the Winslow group of gold
claims, in the Lardeau. for $50,000.
There has been a persistent rumor
in circulation again ihi- wet!; thnt tho
Arlington was about to rosume opec*-
Drifting is being d ne on the Xo. 3
level of the Ottawa, ami th-' indications are that a new ore chute is near
at hand.
The Granby people have purehar-ed
the Monarch, Tnmarack and Missing
Link claims, adjoining their property
at Phoenix.
The second turn i ■ die Montreal
at Boston Co.',. - Iter, at Boundary
Falls, has lieen '
,    q and a .steady
|]i'  Illirillli'ieJi --- - I  *-	
mine! 200 Feet and, so gain 250 feet in rUn is assured.
•VUU11UI -"	
depth. They are sorting and sacking
ore as th •> l,'o. There are thn e
claims in the group, v.hieh is ouly a
half mile above the Arlington wagon
The Btrlke made by the lessees tin
the Rambler give, fi .m six inches to
two feet of ch I   rmoneywUl
be made bv tlv  '■    ' '
V number ol  Ktm    •" "■'»■•■>-: !'*'
porta have tl -u examining
the Granby i< **\ 'v  ,,,st,m
copper pror        m tho Boundary,
shipped four
up the attack,
HCCOIld goal, in
Been l>''<'lHr<*» ii im ia< ml<
Th.  .annual   ni-clin'.**   I   'he Koco |
Mlnii rCo. wan l"'!'1  '" s-!"1,"  ***'] 'Laatmonth tb-*(htawnshippedfoui
W(K,1   when a dividend of two cento a ,,,„.„,,,-,„,.. ,:       , the railroad credits
' ■    '      '        it with     live      (1 I'***'    Wis billed 111
December, bul l.andled In January.
hhaiv. or $20,000, was ordered to b
di tribute I on the 20th.   Officers for
il i uing year are: President and
manager, J, M, Hani*: vice. S. M.
Wharton, Spokane; sec trea., Fred T,
Kelly; directors, Geo, Wharton, Mobile, Alabama) .1. G. Steele. Por lasl
year the initio had a profit of $31,000,
wijile there Is ti surplus In tho trea*
uury of $89,701.56, During January
200 tons of ore was shippuu from the
' mine nnd another dividend i-- In sight
iu the spring. To dale the Reco has
; paid dividends amounting to $307,*
NEW  '" s
i ! II l'OINT*!.
 --^-i ^_^_____ McMillan.
,)"iivi : rushed   the  Sloean  goal, but
, Hicks and I'iii'hli ck relieved, and
then the Denver goalkeeper gol busy
again. More offside delays occurred,
hnlftimo being called with tho I) mver
goal in greal danger, After iu min
ute,, for leM and repairs, the stri
was renewed, Milne adding  another
1 tally, iu five mlnul
a iiii«iiu*«« Ohanaji.
A business change occurred here ou
Snturday that results in Sloean losing
another of its most  respected pioneer
clt'aens.   k.C. Smith disposed of his
fnill obnfcctlonery and tobacco busi
i,,.!. \. Pinohbeok, who will con*
tin, natlheoldst.ll.il.    Ml'. Smith
Ins been an alderman of thecity over
.;„,',.  Ineorporation  and has always
I ,;.,.„ a piominentpaitin civic fl|ffail*S.   aCCPl
H,. p,i, on Wednesday for Cranbrook, pee
cveutiiallv striking for thc coast. |spor!
The Ies • -; ' lnG Mai'ion r(,('<,n*ly
shipped l'ti     -    ore to Nelson.
Silverton hockeyists met thn local
team here I I week, playing a tie
Thero I     ' "" practically no mow
allwin.e      a    ,,|eol days'sleighing
only b. I
ofbusin Thursday night, ow*
ling to tli      ' rpipes freezing up.
p  p  s       -,  went   over   to  Oran-
,     ;, ,veek, making a business
"mo,- lboM,J*G.Templeton.
New '    -  < ""*>'  ju-tlv feel pnn.d
uting nnk.   ft Is one of
the   district   and is well
of Its
the I
o. 1'
■ I.
■ '■■"' h i* gone to Frank, to
tion v.uiithe /ine smelter
He will be greatly mi hi <! iti
lies. m
* *
They Always Cure All Form* of Kidney Disease from Backaha to
Bright's Disease.
Ste. Marguerite, Dorchester Co..
Que., Jan. 30.—(Special.)—That the
most Berious forms of Kidney Disease
cannot stand before Dodd's Kidney
Pills is being daily proved in Quebec,
and one ot tlle moat convinvlng proofs
ts giveu right here in Marguerite.
Donat Laflamtne whom everybody
knows had Diabetes. This is one ot
tlie extreme stages of Kidney Disease, and It ba es ordinary medial
skill. Consequently lt is not surprising that the doctor who attended Donat Laamme could not help him. But
let Mr, Laamme tell tho most wonderful part of the story himself:
"Two boxes of Dodd's Kidney PilU
cured me," ho says. "My Diabetes tl
all gone and I recommend Dodd's Kidney Pills to all my friends and to al)
those who suffer."
Dodd's Kidney Pills ure all Kidney
Diseases from Backache to Bright's
Severe   Injuria.!   Which  Srrn.a.l   ta»  1 ••*.••
1.idle lm.'«aiiv<*iili'iic *
A remarkable incident ni tho voracity of tho perch is related ,l>y Mr.
11. Cholmondeloy l'ennull. in removing the hook from the jiiwm of a lish
which he had caught In Windermere
nn eye wus accidentally displaced
and remained adhering to it Knowing the recuperative capabilities of
piscine organization, he returned the
maimed perch, which was too small
for the basket, to the lake ami, being
somewhat scaht of minnows, threw
the line in again with the eye attached as a bait, there being no
other of any description on the
hook. The llout disupjieored almost
instantly, and on landing the newcomer it turned out to be the fish hs
had thrown in a moment before and
which had thus been actually caught
by its own eye.
"This incident," says Mr. Pennell,
"proves, I think, conclusively thai
the structure of cold blooded animals
enables them to endure very severs
injuries and wounds without experiencing material inconvenience, a fact
which may tend to remove any
qualms of conscience felt by anglers
on the score of the sufferings supposed to be inflicted by their capture."
Perhaps a less striking illustration
of the same fact came under my own
observation in the Lake St. John
country some time ago. A fingerling
trout had taken one of my flies, and,
though the hook had torn one of tho
gill rakers, I was anxious that if
possible the little fish should live. I
gently.placed it in the shallow water
at my feet to see if it could revive
and swim away. In a very short
timo it had recovered from
its dazzlement, when, to my
utter astonishment, it rushed directly to the fly upon which it had just
been caught and which had carelessly
been allowed to drop into the shallow water and once more impaled itself!—Forest and Stream.
•■14* LlRhla on Hlstorr. •
Georgle Porgie Uud just kissed the
(iris and made theni cry.
"They're crying for more," he said
Which shows how conceited men
really are.
Othello had just strangled Desdemo-
"I suppose the papers will say," he
mused as be gazed at his swarthy fist,
"that she was a victim of the black
Muttering to himself, be went to another highball.
Tbe  Author  Left  Her ex Great Han*
■nd m Lerrna-r ot Debt.
When Mine. IlunsUn's husband died
lt was supposed thut her union wltb
laulzuc would occur at ouee, but obstacles were Interposed by others. Her
own family looked down upon the
great French nntl ior aa a mere story
teller, aud by ber late husband's people
fordid motives were imputed to him to
account for bis devotion to the heiress.
The latter objection wus removed a
few years luter by tlie widow's giving
up to her daughter the fortune left to
her by M. Ilnuskti. This was followed
by her remarriage after a "beautiful
heart drama," as her husband calls It,
"which bad lusted seveuteen years."
Six months later Balzac died, end my
aunt found herself for the second time
a widow, wltb the burden of ber bus-
band's large debts and that of his
great name, which she bore with such
dignity for thirty years longer. She
never spoke of the blow bis death had
been to her. She must have felt lt
deeply, and she would not have been
human If she bad not cherished resentment against those whose opposition
to her wishes bad robbed her of some
years of happiness, but If lt was tbe
case she never let any one guess It
Once only I beard ber make a remark
which gave me a strange Insight Into
her inner life. We were talking about
happiness in general, und I observed
how very eager people were to Interfere with thnt of their neighbors. My
aunt looked at me for some time, then
slowly snld: "I think that this comes
from the fnct that so very few people
understiind whnt real happiness lt
They mostly look upon it as a superfl-
ciiil thing nnd treat It with the light
heurtedness they apply to nil other enjoyments of existence. If they understood and realized what tt reully menus
for those who consider life In Its true
and serious light they would respect lt
An old fashioned woman feels
mighty extravagant when she eats a
meal st a restaurant.
What has become of the old fashioned bride who expected, of course, to
do her owu washing?
What has become of the old fashioned womnn who pierced the children's
ears to strengthen their eyes?
What has become of the old fashioned womnn who made sonp bo thick
that she referred to it as meat, drink
and lodging?
What lias become of the old fashioned apple pie that contained bits of raw
apple inside and wus as mouutuinous
as the ltinialuyus?
When u n old fashioned woman goes
away on a trip her last words are, "I
Just know something terrible will happen here at home when I am gone."
Warge, Dar In Newcastle.
In Newcastle, England, the mayor en-
Joys the privilege of once a year being
allowed to select and kiss any young
woman who takes his fancy among
the coal city's inhabitants. Tbe kiss
ls rather costly, however, for it is tbe
custom to present the young person
kissed wilh a sovereign ($5), while a
further gift Is made her by the lady
mayoress, no doubt to disprove Jeiil-
ousy. The sheriff, not to be outdone,
nlso bestows a kiss upon a fair bystander, at the same rate of expenditure. The occasion Is known as Barge
dny. when the mayor and corporation
proceed in a procession of four gayly
Macerated steamers und two old stnte
barges to claini the soil of the river
Tyue. Their joiuw»?y over, the mayor
stands upon the boundary stone, and it
is here that the kissing ls indulged in.
The   Agonies  of   Indigestion   Can   Be
Cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
All over tiie land there are people
whose lives had be*:*n made miserable
through the pangs of indigestion,
who have been restored to the enjoyment oi' health through the use of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pilis. One of
these ls Mr. Wm. Moore, of Welland,
Ont. Mr. Moore is the manager of
the electric light plant In that town,
and stands high In the estimation of
the citizens. He says: "It is really
a pleasure to speak in favor of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. For four years
prior to 1903 I suffered great torture from indigestion and stomach
trouble. I could not eat solid food
without experiencing great agony,
and for over two years 1 had to resort to a milk diet. I had grown
emaciated and was almost unfit for
active work. I was treated by doctors and took advenised medicines,
but without any lasting benefit. One
day a friend urged me to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. I began their
use, but I must confess that ft was
without much hope that they would
cure nie. After taking a couple of
boxes I could see an improvement,
and this gave me encouragement. I
continued using the pills until I had
taken eight boxes, when I was completely cured and able to eat any
kind of food I desired. I shall always praise Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
as they .saved me from such misery
as only a dyspeptic knows. I might
add that, my wife has also used the
pills for troubles that afflict he sex,
and  has been fully restored, to health"
Bad blood, poor blood, watery
blood. Is the <#uise of nearly every
ailment that afflicts mankind. It is
because every dose of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills make new, rich, red blood
that they have such wonderful power
to cure such ailments a3 Indigestion,
anaemia, rheumatism, neuralgia, St.
Vitus' dance, heart troubles, kidney
and liver y troubles, and the special
ailments of women, young and old
But yon must get the genuine pills
with tbe full name. "Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People," on tha
wrapper around each box. Sold by
all medicine dealers or by mall at 50
cents a box or six boxes for $2.50, by
writing The Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockvlll?, Ont.
An   Experiment   la   Domestte   Economy That Failed.
"There can be no doubt about it;
she's a treasure."
Wltherby folded up h.^ napkin wltb
that air of satisfaction tbat a mun has
Vhen he bas just finished a good din
"I hope," he continued, "that you can
keep her. 'A cook like tbat ought to be
Jollied along at any sacrifice."
"That's what troubles me," said Mrs.
Witherby. "She certainly is fine, and 1
hardly dare look at her or say a word
to her for fear she will get up and
leave. I am so afraid"—
Sbe did not finis!- tbe sentence, but
looked anxiously into the distance.
"Of what?" asked Witherby. "You
don't mean to say that there are any
preliminary signs of her going, do
"Well," replied Mrs. Witherby, "not
exactly that But you know, my dear,
tbe work we have in this house ls not
easy. Every cook we have bad has
complained of it. I am almost afraid
she wlll think it too much."
Witherby puffed his cigar somewbn!
concernedly. He bad dined well ami
felt correspondingly munificent.
"This," he said, "is no time for fool
Ish economy. We've got a good cook.
and In these days they are as scarce an
hens' teeth. Keep her by all means.
Make lt as easy for her as you can.
Tour peace of mind and my stoma, h
are both worth something. Get some
one to help ber if you want to."
"That's what I was thinking of."
said Mrs. Witherby. "Tou see. she has
all the washing and Ironing to do, be
sides cleaning up the dining room. I'll
get some one to come ln once a week
and do this for her. Tben I am sure
she will be perfectly contented."
"Good!" said Witherby. "Just the
thing. I can now look forward to a life
of true ease."
One week later as Witherby enme
home from his business by some subtle
instinct that husbands acquire he knew
merely by looking at the outside of his
bouse that something was up. He entered and made his way rapidly to the
kitchen, where his wife was bending
over the stove, with a very red face
and a careless air.
"Has sbe gone?" said Witherby.
"Has the finest cook we ever had left
"She has." said Mrs. Witherby. her
tears mingling with the chicken broth.
"Whst was the matter? What excuse did she give?"
"She said," replied Mrs. Witherby
feebly, "thst she hud too little to do."-
Phlladelphla Ledger.
Mlttak«n Id it   r.
The w^inan thought .hat she recognized the cherubic uttlo boy sitting next to hor in tho street car,
and when the conveyance made a
long stop at. an open bridge she undertook to make the waiting pleus-
ant for her small fellow passenger.
She was heard to ask sweetly,
"How fs your Hittle sister to-day.
"Huh!" snorted the offended small
boy, lifting, nn indignant countenance
that was rot Tommy's. "Where'd I
get any sister, I'd like to know? I
haven't ever l>een married!"
Car* of Maoar*.
When mutuirc Is vory dry ths
chemical changes aro slow, but
changes occur rapidly where It is
moist. This fact is sufficient to show
that when manure is mixed with an
abundant supply of absorbent material and stored away under shelter
it will undergo but little change, but
when wanted for use may be soon
decomposed by saturating the heap
with urine.
Hla Fatal Overalcht.
With a steely glitter ln her eye the
young woman met him at the door.
"Mr. Spoonamore," she said, "did you
send me this poem?"
Hereupon she banded blm a sheet of
tinted paper containing some lines beginning thus:
Beautiful one. witn eyes so blue.
Oh, how my fond heart longs for yeu!
Sweet maiden, listen to mo now,
Hear once again my ardent vow!
"Why, yes, Miss Birdie," be stammered. "I—I wrote it. Is anything
"Tour 'ardesit vow!'" she exclaimed
contemptuously. "Reud the first letters of those four lines downward, and
you will see what your vow and your
poetry amount to, Mr. Spoonamore!"
He glanced at'the lines again.
Then, witb a wild cry, be rushed
forth into the night.
"Curses on my fatal gift of poesy!"
he howled. "I ought to have edited
the stuff before I sent lt in!"—Chicago
Why Terencp Grieved.
The miser was dying. Through a
long life he hnd lived for one purpose
only—to amass wealth—and now he lay
dying, attended only by bis lifelong retainer, Terence.
"My one regret Is that I cannot take
my fortune with me Into tbe next
world," he sighed.
"Sure, it's too bad, son," acquiesced
Terence, "for ye do have money to
burn!"—Princeton Tiger.
Tbe  H.xlon  Girl.
Kitty—I believe you think Just as
much of Minnie Hawba as you do of
George—Why, I actually abominate
Kitty—George, you are such a dear.—
Boston Transcript.
Quit*  Another Hatter,
Millie—Poor Mr. Jones waa unable te
meet tns creditors, I hear.
Jack—Oh, no; that's quite wrong.
Mis dllllculty was to dodge 'cm.
A  Cnn*  In   Point.
"1 wonder whut Is meunt by the
st.ui'iueiii that 'nuture equalizes
tlilngsV "
"Well, If nature endows a woman
with tiiunll feet It gives ber t big
Uead."—Philadelphia Ledger
___   ■> s      ai    J
The little ones are frail. Their
hold upon life Is slight. No symptom that Indicates any of the little
ailments of childhood should be allowed to pass for a moment without
proper attention. The little ailment
may soon become a serious one, and
then lt may be too late to save a
precious little life. If Baby's Own
Tablets are kept in the house, the
danger of serious trouble can be
averted, and the minor troubles
promptly cured. An occasional Tablet to the well child will prevent illness. The Tablets are absolutely safe
and contain no poisonous soothing
stuff — they give children healthy
sleep, simply because they banish the
cause of sleeplessness. Mrs. F. B.
Bishop Lawrencetown. N. 8., says*.—
"I have found Baby's Own Tablets
just as vou represent them—the very
best of medicine for young children."
You can get the Tablets from drug-
cists or by mall at 25 cents a box,
by writing the r I Williams' Medicine
Co.. Brockville, Ont.
Majority af Thoie la hugUml Ara lUapoct-
ubl. and Bslf-Hespeotlag— Why Art
Find* Tl..a., a Nr.cfaa'lt*/.
Mrs. Prank Elliott, author of "The
Shooting of tlie New Idea," thus
writes of artists' models in England: The ordinary individual on
passing in the street a young woman of picturesque but rather unkempt appeaiaiiee, whose garments
hung in clinging folds and owe nothing to the prevailing fashion, whoso
hat is of ample dimensions, but
would be scorned by uny self-respecting milliner und whose feet api>cur
shod more for comfort thun smart
appearance, would probably remark
with intuitive conviction, "There
goes an artist's model!'' If the entire costume bears the unmistakable
stamp of "honie-mude," the identification would probubly be correct.
Although many other women scorn
fashion plates and dress on thc rational or aesthetic principle, there is
generally no fault to be found with
the workmanship of the garments. As
a. rule eccentricity is a fud of the
(airly well-to-do. But the artist's
model has no pulelic to dress for. Her
homo is in the studio, where, so long
as she is picturesque, no one cures to
pry into details.
• Although it is the aim of every
artist to embody his ideas in preliminary studies, done, ns a child
would sny, "entirely out of his own
head," there are few wbo can work
up a drawing or picture without the
assistance of a model. A sculptor
especially, who has to make his work
perfect from every point of view,
would never attempt such an impossible feat. One of the reasons to
which is ascribed the perfection of
the old Greek sculpture is that thc
artists had continual opportunity, in
every-day life, of studying tbe nude,
untramiuelrd human form. Men and
•.vomen of the present day suggest by
their mode of dress little of their
natural figures. The former present
an arrangement in tubes—two tubes
below; a tube on either side; a small
tube nt the top—1 refer of course to
the conventional but most inartistic
"topper"—and a large tube connecting the others. A womun represents an egg-boiler draped from the
lower bulb, and to divine tho form
of the limbs us fashionably clothed
would   be  sheer  ■jiuesswork,
lt is all very well for such nn artist as the lute !•'.  C. Corbould, who
found—so   he   snid—n   broom   with   a I
cout   on     it   sullicient   to   suggest     a ;
man     in    armor,     but    the     average '
draughtsman      is      more      exacting. I
Where, then, does he find his models?
Relations and friends are often ko far
obliging as to sit. for a head, but he
has  to    suit thoir  convenience,     not
they  his,   ond   he   can  only   -victimise
them up to a certain  point  of boredom.   The  professional  artist's   model
is the standby. She hus    not    to   be
sought after,  but  goes the  round   of
the     studios   in   search     of     engagi*-
ments,  although  when     she  has    obtained  the  reputation  of  a   "Trilby"
she sits only for a chosen few.
Keen .jealousies are as rampant    in
the profession of  model  as     in     any
other.    The acknowledged    "Trilby"
holds herself as superior to the roni-
mon or griftlen  model  as    a star no*
tress does to    a"Walker on."    Slie Is
a connoisseur in Qgurea and does not
hesitate to criticize _ rival's   attractions   in    merciless   anil   plain-spoken
language.  Some  models are    horn  to
I tho  business.      fl'hrir     mother     nnd
I grandmothers  before  ihem     knew   no
Other life than  that of the studio and
• their  chlldron   learn   lo   pose   us   soon
ns they run toddle, llut this is bv no
means always tin* case,  Young girls,
I tired of the ill-paid drudgery ol   tho
unskilled occupations nre tempted by
the seven and  sixpence n    (lay    to be
earned in a studio, and  if    they    aro
gifted with exceptionally good looks
they  mny  earn  their  living    literally
"on their heads."
1 run cnll to mind n. few who graduated fsom the studios to tin* photographers' windows as professional
beauties nnd from the photographers'
windows to the sluge.    Miss   DofOthJ
liene, for instance, wn."j "discovered
by the late Lord Ltigbton and it was
somewhat, amusing lo observe at Academy solreei the greeting lietween
tho president nnd the profossldnal
beauty, who perhaps followed on the
heels of a bishop. The twinkle in the
eye wns reserved for the ex-inodel.
Ordinary good looks are, however,
not sufficient to obtain regular employment. The figure Is equally, or
perhaps more useful. And here comes
the ordeal for tho would-be model
not brought, up in the studios. She
finds she hns to sit for the "nlt.o-
•gotherl" WelH there it is! Mrs.
Grundy may hide her fuce, but the
pictures of Lord I.eighton. Sir D, .1.
Poynter, Marcus Stone, Wut'rhouse,
TllB.ir  Lelffhton  and  an,**, numlier    bo-
aldes could not have been paiAtea
without tho "altogether," so we
have to choose between Mrs. Grundy
and half the world of pictures.
However difficult it may be for
that excellent lady to believe the
fact, the average professional English
model Is both respectable nnd Self-
A Versatile Peer.
Lord Ellesinere of England, already
a well known writer under his pen
name of "Charles Granville," has
just issued his flrst novel bearing
his full title. This nobleman is versatile. He is a notable figure in racing
circles, boing the .owner of Hampton,
the sire of five Derby winners.
Though the owner of some of the
finest racing stables in England, Lord
Ellosmere has never made a bet. He
created a sensation by a special breed
of white pigs. Ho onco gave a thousand guineas for a fighting gamecock, and he is the owner of the finest private picture gallery in London,
Brldgewater House boasting four Raphaels, fifteen Teniers, Titian's
"Three Ages of Man" and Vandyke's
only attempt to paint "The Virgin
and  Child."
Kaglantl'ii Four Hundred Million*.
The llritish Empire to-day numbers
■400,5*8,718 citizens. Tho recent completion of the Cape census enables
the totul to be made up. Over 11,-
870,715 Square miles of British citizens are dotted to tho number of
about thirty-six per square mile -
Loudon MaB.
Thins*  Looking I'P.
"If you nre not careful," said the
mnn with the take care young man
habit, "you'll have a breach of promise
case on your hnnils."
"Well, if that comes true," replied
the young fellow. "It will be the flrst
case to come my way since I graduated
from the law school."-
A  Hard  Task.
"Don't you think you could learn to
love me?" he said, looking nt ber wistfully.
"I'm sure I couldn't." she answered
decidedly. "I'm a perfect dunce. When
I was nt school I never could learn
nny thing."*-London Punch.
The  Dry  Part.
Mr. Tepper—I don't believe there
wns a dry eye In the house when tbe
curtain went down on the third act
Mrs. l'epper—No, but there seemed to
be the usual number of dry throats.
Beyond Hla Means.
I.ndy (getting on Thirty-fourth street
car)—Conductor, do you stop at the
Waldorf-Astoria? Conductor—No. madam. How cun you expect me to do so
at $12 a week?
Starting  (he Row.
Nell—Oh, my! I don't like the shape
of my new gown at all. I wish I knew
how to Improve lt. Belle—Why not let
some other girl wear it, dear?—Phlla-
delDhla Ledger. "•
Cinrliita  Books.
Goldsmith often raised money oa
some projected work, then pnt lt aside
and started another. He once drew up
u prospectus for a "Dictionary of Arts
and Sciences" and obtained promises
of help from his friends, Johnson,
Reynolds and Burke, but the booksellers were too wary for once, and the
scheme fell through. One of his last
proposals was tbe "Survey of Expert
mental Philosophy," which met with
the same fate.
The m 'ro practical Dr. Johnson could
himself devise and not undertake. He
once thought of writing a life of Oliver
Cromwell, but lt ls us well perhaps
that he changed his mind. His constitutional Indolence was too great to admit of his Undertaking many great lit*
erary enterprises, nnd, unlike Coleridge, be was well nwnre of tbe fact
He dawdled over his edition of Shakespeare for nine yenrs, although he had
promised lt ln a yeur, nnd ouly finish*
ed it ln consequence ot tbe attack of
Churchill, who accused blm ef cheat*
Ing his subscribers:
Hs for subscribers baits his hook
And takes your cimh, but whars's yeur
No matter where: wise fear, yeu know,
Forbids the rolililng of a foe.
But what to serve our private ends
Forbids ths thej tins of our frlsnds?
—Chambers' Journal
The Yonng Wife and
Honest Grocer,
| A young wife decided to go to hou*
keeping and do her own marketing
" Now I want to save all the monev ,
can," she told the grocer.
•Mam going to buy juatueconomlajj,
at I can, an* I am going to do my owo
cooking and bake my own broad."
Bhe saw some eggs.
"How much are eggs?"
" Well, we have tbem at various prices.
line best are thirty cents a dozen."
"My, how expensive 1 Haven't yon
■ome (or twenty?"
"Yes m'am, but I can't recommend
" Bnt we are trying to save money."
"True, but you can't afford to eavt
money on eggs, butter and flour."
"Those are three things you want good
and you can't have them too goc^l.
Yon can save ln lots of ways but don't
do it on the necessities.''
" What is your beet flour V
"Royal Household."
"How much doea it cost?"
He told her.
"Have you cheaper flour."
"Yea, cheaper in price but really not
aa cheap in the end. You see in ltoytl
Household Flour you get the largest
•mount of flour value for your money.'
" What do you mean by 'flour valuer
"The largest amount of wheat uutn.
ment—of pore flour.
"The cheaper the flour the less nntrf.
ment it has in it and the more  bran.
"The bras ia in all floor till im tat.
en oat.
" It's all taken out of Royal Household I
Flour, and that means the best machinery (
and the beet milling.
"And another thing, madam, perhtn
yon haven't heard of the new procea
used in making Royal Household Flour.
It is purified by Electricity and that I
seems to make all the difference ui tae |
world in flour.
"Everybody wants "Royal Household!
now—thoy eeesn to think it is healthier, |
.snd I guess it is."
Suddenly she looked suspicion.-* at tin |
earnestness of his argument
"Don't you make more money oo I
Royal Household Flour T
" No m'am—not as much as we niak( |
on cheaper priced flour."
"Then why do you recommend it?"
" Because when a customer once tries |
'Royal   Household'  our trouble ia all
over.   It sells itself after that and wa i
never have any complaints.   If yeu send |
to The Ogilvie Flour Mill* Co., Liu; ted,
Montreal, they will send you the Hoyal I
Household Recipes.
"Well; send me a barrel of 'Rojil]
Household' then; and I'll have eon.e ol |
those 30c. eggs too."
•tarts Ib Life.
Some of the men of education bin I
had to start as rag sorters.   A surprti-1
Ing  number  have  begun  with  disk-
washing.   Among tbem I have known!
a musician and two seminarists who
have become waiters; a bricklayer wb«|
now owns a hotel and Is worth $100,-
000; a civil engineer who threw aildtl
the dish rag for a porter's Job and, aft- [
er aeren years' bard work  and ss*in{.|
has Just become a partner ln a pro* I
perous expressing and shipping buil-|
A typical case is that of a young doc-1
tor who came to America to make bill
fortune with a hundred spare dollinl
In his pocket. He tramped about Nt'l
York for weeks to find work to •u'.tl
him. He was starving before a friend* [
ly Comasco cook got bim a chance til
wash dishes. He lost bis self reapsatl
he said, and seemed to fall lower aadl
lower until he resolved te Jtarn EnE*[
lisb and a trade. He Is now a skilled I
ladles' tailor andetirns$35 a week dur-|
Ing iift bpsy season.
When linen looks like cotton after washing
that is the result of poor soap.
Sunlight Soap
is a. pure, scientifically made soap, which
washes linens perfectly white without the
least discoloration or injury to the fabric.
Equally good with hard or soft water.
Buy Sunlight
Your money refunded if you find cause for
complaint. >"
Lever Brolhors Llmltod
It ta the fence that has stood the test of tl
bona "tid^■fffiraMK i5^'nlm,e~l",,*",■, %-eZ&-* "ilal,n-novr ******** "tandanfths world over.  Id future Psire Fan i
uu paioieu w _i t«,, wbicb u Rn ^a^ p„,)Ujot|OI, _,Jaiati ru,t ln addition to ths iialvanlzlng. Order through our local agent or direct frou
THE PAQE WIRE FENOE OO. LIMITED.  W.lkervllle,   Toronto,   Montreal.   St. Jobn,   Winnipeg. fHE      DRILL
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
i A series of articles describing   ♦'
J their Uvea, their alms and      a'
.> their influeuce.
♦ '	
♦ No. 19.
^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦••> •»♦*>♦♦ a
Editor and  Proprietor of the   Miami
spare of four years. The mere recital of this fact is testimony sufficient as to his energy. Perhaps such
a record is unique in the craft. From
washing printing rollers to writing
editorials—he has descibed the whole
o! the wide arc, and in a period of
time almost unparalleled in its brevity. "Devil," apprentice, Journeyman-
printer, foreman — reporter, editor,
proprietor—and all between May 10,
1900, and the fall of 1904! Mr. Brun-
dige's friends Fay that "push" and
enterprise are his dominating characteristics. In the face of the facts
they may well be believed.
Mr. Brundige is ot United Empire
extraction, his parents residing
at Shclburne at the time of his
birth. He was educated at the public
■schools of that town, and at the age
of seventeen commenced his journalistic career on the Free Press of
that thriving Ontario town. As already stated, when he left that paper
lt was In the capacity of foreman. His
eyes had already been turned toward
the Northwest, and-in April of 19U4
he came to Winnipeg, and after a
brief survey of the field he commenced negotiations for tho purchase
of the Miami Herald, which he finally
secured. The change in proprietor
and editorship was at once noticeable
in the improved tone and appearance
of the paper. Week after woek its
circulation grew, u.:d its advertising
columns became a more adequate
reflection of the mercantile importance of the town in which the Herald
In this series of life sketches of the
men who are the public recorders,
and, to a large and increasing extent,
the moulders of public opinion,
throughout the Canadian West, threo
characteristics are observable in them
as a class—ui'st and primarily, their
youth; second, their enterprise, and
third, their energy.
Journalism is pre-eminently a profession for young men. For one man
engaged therein who has passed livo
and thirty of life's milestones there
must be many who are less than that
age. Perhaps it Is because, like the
somewhat kindred profession of teach3
ing, newspaper work is often regarded, by those engaged therein, not as
a life-work, but ns a temporary means
of securing, amid attractive surroundings, the means necessary to complete
a life training in law, medicine, or
.some other occupation. Another reason may be that newspaper men, wbo
nf necessity come into touch "with
bus!. ess men who instantly appreciate
ability, are drafted oil Into other lines
of activity, by a continuous absorption carried out through moro tempting remunerative rewards. And, after a few yenrs the glamor of newspaper work largely wears off to the
men who are in the business, and the
Steady "grind" of daily work becomes
more nnd more the outstanding feature of the life. For newspaper work
is a "show-down" day by day. The
good editorial In last week's issues, or
the big "scoop" made yesterday, wont
avail anything to-day if your competitor .get8 or has the bettor news service. A newspaper dlffors from a
bank in that It can havo no "rest." nu
"reserve." A grocer who deals honorably
liy his customers Increases thoir inini-
ber.and nftor a time can leave all details to subdrdinateS, and secure a good
Income while enjoying a well-earned
rest as the result of honosL dealing. So can a lawyer with his client.',
and almost every other profession or
business. But with the editor it ls nol
bo. Yostordav's success cannot alone
for today's failure. Tho reading public consldor nothing but the issue
they ure reading; they do not relate
it to its predecessors, Hence, as
many an old newspaper man has remarked, whon lu* was weary of the
forced gait he had to maintain to
keep abreast of younger and more energetic men—"Tho newspaper business Is a good busiuess—to get out
The    Canadian    Wost,    like    every
other young country, is essentially the
lund of opportunity for young men.
Newspaper work, as before noted, boing In an especial degree a young
man's profession, it Is to bo expected
that in Western Canada tho men controlling tho press would in average
ago be much below those in other
pails of tho continent. This Is remarkably truo. "Hoy editors" am
not phenomena in Manitoba nmi the
Northwest Territories, as tliey nre
elsewhere. Moro lads who have not
attained their majority are frequently
found in charge of papers whose influence and Importance uro In Inverse
ratio to (he ngo of those ln whoso
Charge thoy nro found. Some of lho
men who cut tho largest swath in the
West at tho present timo wore editors
before thev woro out of thoir teen-'.
•Valter Scott, M.P., and .1. J. Young, M.L.
nru woll known cases In point. And
ihere is nt tho present time no lack
of men as young ns tbey, when lirst
Ihey began to make thoir innrk, who
promise to become equally prominent
-men who display the same enemy.
thoroughness, tact and enterprise BM
those who hnvo writ their names
hirgo on tho tablets of western progress. Such a one ls John S. Brnn-
dlge, of tho Miami Horald.
Mr. Brundige has just reached
than's estate, as recognized by law.
being '.\ years of ago. At a time when
must, men nro looking nronnd to dis-
OOVer their aptitudes, and to select
their lifo work, ho lias "found himself,"  has   dono    much    good  in   hl«j
chosen profession, and made a personal record that, stamps hlm ns one
whoso ful uro career will ho well
worth wntchlng. Uo has served Uli
evbry grade of both tho mechanical
nmi editorial branches of newspaper j
Work, nnd by his own ability und In-
dUStry has promoted himself In nil of
them. H„ readied tho rank of foreman In tho lame oftlco which be
"devilled,"  and  did  this  ln  tho  brief
I Coughing la an outward sign of
inward disease.
Cnre the disease with
Cure T5:,cLun8
and the cough will stop.
Try  it  to-night.    If  it doesn't
benefit you,   we'll give your
money bock.
Prices: S. C. Watts A Co. SOT
25c. SOc. tl   lyeRoy.N.Y., Toronto. Caa.
is published. Attention to tho many
details of mechanical make-up is evi
dent in every issue, and few papers
published in a town of similar pop
illation will show to greater ad
vantage than that published by Mr.
Brundige. His jobbing plant, too,
has been selected with care. It was
almost wholly supplied by tho Toronto Typo Foundry Company, and is
as much a tribute to the beauty of
tho type faces carried by that institution as to tho knowledge and taste
shown by their purchaser.
As a local newspaper the Herald
leaves littlo to bo desired, when the
rango ot action its editor has marked
out for himself is considered. The
happenings of the district are received with faithfulness, and oftentimes with humor. Of this humor, by
the bye, Mr. Brundige has a notable
gift, and in addition is somewhat of
a poet. When ho was on tho Shel-
burne Free Press his comic poetry
on current events and well-known
men was watched for with interest by the paper's readers, and
since his acquisition of tho Herald
he has frequently broken out in the
same direction. Since ht* has assumed the ownership and editorship
of the Horald Its business has almost
doubled, which, for a nine months'
record, speaks for itself as to the
energy and enterprise of its proprietor. Taken for all in all tho
Miami Herald man mav be described
as a "comer"—one from whom things
may bo heard in the future, ln his
brief tenure editorial responsibility
ho has approved himself both lor
ability ami lodgment, and  na   bids
fair to fully realize the confide K expectations'of his many  friends.
In   .Nnluro'ia     Storehouse     Thrrr   Arr
Curve— Medical experiments have
•bown ooncluilvelj that there are
medicinal virtues i" even ordinary
plants growing »p around um. which
give them a value tbnt cannol bs >*«-
tlmated. It is held by some tbnt Nature provides a cure for i*vory disease
which neglect nnd Ignorance have »• ••
Ited up.>n man. However, this mny I"',
it ix will known ihnt Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, distilled frnm mots nn.l
herbs, nr.* s sovereign remedy in curing nil disorders ef the digestion.
The expected    tip    doesn't   always
como to the waiter who waits.
Port Arthur. Ont., now steps in
front of its Asiatic namesake as a
placo men are lighting for.
Perhaps Ihnt Baltic fleet can-.n
find tho way homo ngnln. never .lining been bo far away before.
Kurt's Liitaat dm lirf tt ■ Cm
Doctors first prescribed
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral over
60 years ago. They use it
today more than ever.   They
rely upon it for colds, coughs,
bronchitis, consumption.
They will tell you how it
heals Inflamed lungs.
MK«. I'
IV., HOC .fl wi-
All druiwlitv
K*aL UTDO. UoikrU 0*v*ra, '■*••
j r »Ti«cn.
LowHI    BML
Old Coughs
A Columbus (Ohio) dispatch says:
Charles A. Houseman, cashier of the
East side savings bank, shot himself on Tuesday at his home. When
the news of the suicide became
known the street in front of the bank
was quickly filled with men, women
and children, demanding their money.
Tho directors of the bank applied to
the common pleas court for a receiver, and W. H. English was appointed, his bond being fixed at $40,-
000. The run had practically stopped
when the doors of the bank were
closed by order of the court. The directors insist that the bank funds are
all right, and that the bank wlll pay
dollar for  dollar.
How's This!
We offer One Hundred  Dollars  Reward for
far cane of Catarrh tnat cannot be eared br
tail's Catarrh Cnre.
, F. J. CHENKT A CO., Toledo, a
W e. the undesigned, have known F. J
Cheney tor the last IS years, and believe bin
perfectly honorable in all bvsiness tmnssct
ions and financially ahle to carry oat auy obligations mnde by his firm.
\\ hole»ale DrugcistH, Toledo, O.
Hull's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the Mood and nucous sur-
lacea of the svstem.    Testimonials sent free.
Price 75 cents per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for Consumption.
A Dublin cable says: The arrival of
the Prince of Wales in Dublin on Monday was made the occasion for a gen-
oral holiday. The city was profusely
decorated, and large crowds lined the
route to the vice-regal lodge in Phoenix l'ark. The next day his Royal
Highness proceeded to Ashford on a
visit to Lord Ardilaun, returning to
Dublin one week hence, to take part
in a series of state functions that will
cover a period of several days.
A Chicago woman committed suicide because her husband objected to
her smoking cigarettes. But think
how many husbands have to stand for
similar objections!
Vory many persons die annually
frnm cholera and kindred sutrimer
complaints, who mtRht haTS been
•saved if proper remedies had been
used. If attacked don't delay in get-
tlnjr a bottle ot Dr. J. IX KellORg's
Dysentery Cordial, the medicine that
never falls to effect a cure. Those wh"
have used it say It acts promptly, nnd
thoroughly subdues the pain and disease.
Tho Pari3 Caulols reports that sawdust is now being used by somo restaurants as a dressing for cutlets. It
is sold already prepared for about 20
cents a sack. The sack is given to
the chef If the customer discovers the
■turfs Lhtait km Mstwpv.
Admlra 1 Togo , materially reduced
Russia's flowing debt, and if he meets
the Baltic fleet he may add to their
sinking fund.
Nothing looks so awfully cheap as
a man waiting for his change in a
dry  goods ,*.c re.
"•"••*• *HMiraa, M rtaima.
The annual report of the British
conaul at Panama makea some interesting revelations regarding tha
undeveiopod resources of the Isthmian
Republic. Railways and highways,
the consul asserts, will convert what
is "aow wilderness and Jungle into
rich farms and fields, while the
wealth of Panama's mineral deposita
and   forest    is   historical. Open
aaviannos with milea of splendid gracing grounds lie within this narrow
neck of land. The climatic conditions
of some of the interior province! are
already good, and the work of sanitation nov. being carried on by engineers will make practically all the
Isthmus habitable to white men.
Better means of transportation and
communication arp the imperative
needs of the republic, but the foreign
service is even now much improved
ovor old conditions. . The Pacific
Mail Steamship Company operates
weekly iteamora between Panama
and Nnn Francisco, and another line
has recently been inaugurated between Callao and China, culling at
Panama on both the outward und
homeward voyages. About twenty
bananA Steamers, mostly Norwegian,
call at Panama every month, carrying away 200,000 bunches of bananas. Thu plantations are many miles
in extent. An extensive wireless
telegraph service will soon connect
Panama with Colon and both cities
with Central and South America.
PortObCllo, on the Atlantic Coast,
through which all trade with ports
on the Gulf of San Bias will I* carried on, has been declared open to
•a Casters and Southern Grown Nursery stock
that will aot grow, but write for our catalogue
ef hardy Apples, Crabs, Plums, Cherries,
•ooseberrles, Raspberries, Currants, Strawberries, Roms, Ornamental Shrubs and Trees
Hedge and Windbreak Trees, Perrenial Plant*,
eto, Trees that will grow in Manitoba and
the Territories.      Address
St. Charl. s. Man.
Tse  the   safe,   pleasant   and   effectual,
worm   killer.   Mother     Graves'     Worm
Exterminator*   nothing   equals   It. Procure   a   bottle   nnd   take   lt   home.
European powers that are going to
prevent Japan from reaping the fruits
of its victory may not know what a
good reaping machine Japan has up
its sleeve.
Hurt'i Liaiacat Ctro (Mis, etc.
Tho men who cannonaded the Czar
should explain that thoy thought they
saw a Japanese force surrounding the
royal chapel.
Toronto Is to try Rejane next week
but" is expected to be saved by the
circumstance that it does not under
stand French.
After tho Czar's mishap tho occupants of the Senate Chamber will al
ways feel uneasy when the guns
boom on  Nepson  Point.
Although John L Sullivan has retired from tho ring no man not In
training will venture to suggest corrections ln his grammar.
A     Clooal     ninine     Is   to  lie   Prised.—
There   have   been   many   Imitations     "f
lir. Thomas' Kelectrlc fill which may
have   been   Injurious  to  Its  good  name,
hut ir so the injury has only been temporary. QoodnSSS must always come
to the front and throw Into thc shadow that which Ir worthless. Bo it
has beer wl.a Bclectrle (HI; no Imitation can maintain itself against the
genuine  article.
They nro talking of salving iho
sunken warships, but solder wo.ul
seem to bo more needed.
When England b'anis •In;' ther*) ii
a famine In mowahMI oul here, >.Migration will stop until   bO sir w mei is.
Geiitleinon,—iJist winter I reeelvoji
groat benefit from the use of MIN-
AUDS I.INIMKNT In a Bevere attack "f La Grippe, and I hav.- He
quantly proved it to bo very effectlT*
iii cases ot Inflammation.
A broken rib nf ft W'sling match
reminds the hockeyists that, thoy arc
not tho whole thing.
^'vlir'o PIMt bctltims Insures
Nothing looks more ugly than te >••
a person whose hands nr" ooveredi   er
With   wart".      Why   h.ive   Ih II
nr.incuts nn  vour person,  When  0   I  IM
remover of all warti ms, etc.,    in
he   found   In   lli'll"»ay*s   Corn   CUM '
Foreign merchant* seem t<> work
Into the colorleM skein of business a
glowing thread of romance. Therels
the wall of a soul in anguish in HiIh
extract frbm the letter <>f a Arm of
Swiss agents to an Kiir.lish lnnise:
"Again     have     we     report   I   ease  ofj
•shocking   bereavement    Prom  con*
■Ignment Just received were IS tins
bereft." There Is tho true tragic note
In this.
ta^e -ft"
Comfortable Living
Chatham Incubator
Poultry raising with a Chatham
Incubator ii a very profitable and
easily managed occupation. Unless
you want to go into it extensively it
need take but very little of your time.
Government reports show that the
demand for chickens in Canada ls
greatly in excess of tbe supply and
Great Britain is always clamoring
for mors. That means a steady
market and good prices for chickens.
You cannot raise chickens successfully with a setting hen. She is wasting time setting when she should be
laying. While she is batching and
brooding a few chickens she could be
laying five or six doxen eggs. Tbe
percentage of chickens she hatches is
much tess than that produced by the
Chatham Incubator.
It will pay you to own a Chatham
Chatham Incubators contain every
improvement of importance in Incubator construction that has been produced. They ara made of thoroughly
seasoned wood, with two walls, case
within case. Between these walls
mineral wool is packed forming ths
very best insulation. Each piece of
the case is mortised and grooved and
screwed, making the whole as solid
as a rock. Chatham Incubators are
equipped with scientifically perfect
regulators which are an infallible
means of regulating tbe temperature.
No cash to pay until
October, 1905.
We will start you raising poultry
for profit with a Chatham Incubator
without one cent of money from yo*
until next Fall. That means that roe
can take off seven or eight hatches
and make considerable money out of
the Incubator before the first payment
becomes due.
We couldn't make this offer if we
were not certain that if you accept It
you will get complete satisfaction, if
we were uot positive that the Chatham
Incubator will pay you a handsome
yearly income.
This is a straightforward offer. We
make it (o show our supreme confidence in the Chatham Incubator. We
want you to accept this offer as we
are sure of the satisfaction our Incubator will give. Every machine we
have put out so far has made otber
sales in the same neighborhood.
Dur offtr Is ts send you a Chatham
Intummtor at ones, freight prepaid bu
us without one csnt of cash from you.
You mmhs u*ur first paymsnt In
Oetober. 190o. The balanos to bs paid
ta Ootabtr, 1908, or if a Cash Buysr
ymu gst It chsaper. Could any offer
b* fairer or mors generous ?
anna txua, usv.. N°»iiiifc»T ink. IIN.
Tilt *■-•■' a'ar ..A Ur -.'-■ I laat I l.nijli'. fn>B your
M*"' x. ,,in* I **',h " "* t# I**" *1'* *'" * ftmouftl
•aaaa (all  II fa* m,\\ *'-. ni* . dlaoouiit.   I un vary
tatialk r aa.'J -'U   hoik   !"■   a   ata-r SM   P- lar. ani
anaiia  Ml  '- wltMo) tli.in.  t^-»naa  I  ftl.arad   tfcla
imm tuuta U»a lb* ti    a,  .. anil Brood*! coal m..
Youn rMl**i'tfiinT.
wus V. HrsLor.
Write us to-day for full particulars
ef our offer and mention this paper.
Don't put it aside lor another time as
this spacial proposition may ba withdrawn at any time.
Dept..16 Chathaa, Ont.
wA.ait.-a e*, or
i.m r.anlnf  Mill* anj  I liatlaro Farm Saalao.
■PlifSiseiise w.i,.imi •*• at
r.al Uu*. OraAion. Man . ealfarv. ill*.,
,.. <?aalaalaa»r  H 0 . Hallfaa. Ki.
r ...-roan* AT
Ckataaa, uot, and I a.trolv Kits. U
To Build Robust Hoslth
■tart $t tho foundation of life and health." Assist yonr
organs to do their work properly. Food and drink cannot
nourish if your liver is not working- right. Dyspepsia and
Indigestion follow if your digestive organs are out of
order. Constipation cannot exist if your bowels are free.
A short course of Beecham's Pills will soon put you right
and an occasional one will keep you so.
will do more to build up robust health and maintain tt than
any other medicine. They have done this, and are continually doing it for thousands all over the world. If you
start now and take BEECHAM'S PILLS occasionally you
will certainly benefit to a remarkable degree.
rsepared nlj by the rwpttete*. TBOMAB BIICS1H, at. ■elsas. T»e1—A
Sold Everywhere In Canada and U. 8. America.
         In boxea, 25 cent*.	
am the Oldest commission merchant
***■***■     *-***-*     v/IWV-Jt'     |N  WINNIPEG.
Consign your (rain to ma aad gat prompt service, careful attention
aad.hlrhest market prices. c    cD|\ji>*- DRAWER
Reference! UNION BANK OF CANADA.   O.   Or llMS.,      1300.
le aw tola
Aan leak * Wtauriyta.
tr mM am  *a
OnwHstMM satia***\.    a\mt*rmaaat
'Ohio Gasoline Engines'
WOOD SAWING In stock otaUtiaMS.   We
eon ship at a daj*s aotioe.
Write as fee Prices and Oatalofaa.
■mUge-CMper to- Lti, Vaaipeg, la.
Henry Arenas, East.
"Senatorial courtesy is a great j
thing," said the dignified man. "Yes,"|
answered Senator Sorghum; "so long,
as the.v don't carry tt so far as to require us to sit and listen to one an
other's speeches all the way through.'
The Demon, D}-apepiila—In olden
time it was a popular belief that demons moved Invisibly through the ; 111-
blent air, seeking to enter into men
and trouble them. At the present day
the demon dyspepsia Is at large ln tho
same way, seeking habitation in those
who by careless or unwise living Invite him. And onee he enters a man
it is difficult to dislodge him. He that
finds himself so possessed should know
that a gallant friend to do battle for
him with the unseen foe ls Pamelee's
Vegetable Pills, which are ever ready
for   the  trial.
and Ice used in the cafe failed to disclose any cause for Illness until City
Chemist Hayward analyzed a can of
baking powder, when he found the
arsenic. "With my tests uot yet
completed, I have found a sufficient
quantity to kill one hundred people,"
said Hayward a short time after he
hnd examined the contents of the cau.
If a man is unable to stand success, he can at least sit down and
'ake it easy.
Hurl's Lfauaeit dm ^ftkrii
Battles are fought for the purpose
of making scraps of history.
Lever's \'-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
Soap Powder is bettei than other powders,
as it is bolh soap and disinfectant.      34
A burnt child does not always
dread thu Are. A New York man who
had boon divorced got Into a flirtation
with his former wife, and she has
sued him for breach of promise.
Arsenic, In a sufficient quantity to
kill a hundred people, has been found
in a can of baking powder that was
,ised in the cooking for patrons ofthe
cafe of an apartment house in Detroit,
n dozen of whom were taken seri*
oi'sly l'.l last Thursday from B'.ime un-,
k.cwn cause. All are getting better.
An examination of all the food, milk
Superfluous Hair
RtmtTi    mr the New Principle
It Is better than electricity,
it dees not soar or produce a new growtk.
lUtter tlmn X-ray, because it dees a*
burn, scar or paralyse the tissues under
ths tkia. Better than depilatories, be-
asuse it is not poisonous; therefore,
it will not cause blood poisoning, er
produce solemn, whioh is so oom men
with depilatories, and does not break
11 ti' the hair, thereby increasing its
Kleotr»ly»is, X-ray or depilatories are
offered yoa on the bare word ol the
operatoit and manufacturers. DK
MIRACLE is not. lt is the only method
which ie indorsed by physicians, sar-
geons, dermatologists, medical journals
nml prominent in Homines.
DIC MIRACLE will be mailed te aay
vldiens, sealed in plain wrapper lor f 1.
Your money back without question ii it
fails to doall that is claimed for it.
Our booklet — the most complete
treatise on .Superfluous Hair ever published—containing tbe testimonials of
numerous physicians and surgeons and
those of hundreds ol others—will be
sent free, in plain, sealed envelope,
upoa request. Write far it to-day to
Quant Stkset West, Tobomto, ot
Uied in H.B.K. Mitts, Glorw
and Moccuim—tough u whal*>
bone, flexible, 10ft, pliable, Morck*
proof, wind proof, boil-pro©^
Crack-proof, teat proof, rip-pro©^
cold-proof^ almott wear-proof—
certainly the greatest
at«r uied iu nitt* and gl<
Like buckskin it ii
without oil, unlike buckskin it (•
not porous it 11 wind-proof—will
outwear three buclukina.
"Pinto" Mitts and Glovea
nerer crack 01 harden, narat gal
sodden, stt. always worm, pliably
soft and cofflfortablia
Itld at all dealers but never with-
out thii brand :—
■tit'cal    WlaalpeJ    Kimi a
W    N    U     No    SIB THE DRILL, SLOCA.N., B. £., FEBRUARY 10, 1903.
.;. t,
i • >
' ■
0.1. EwroiUiaiir, Editor aad Prop.
is -rvBMsas* bvbby kridat at
■L0CA3,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
L***sl Advertisinc 10 cente a line for
tho first insertion and a cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
itr each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, st.ict-
ly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
Premier Ross of Ontario has resigned aud Hon. Mr. Whitney has formed
a Conservative government iu his
place. The people will get what they
voted for.
A rare old rumpus is on nmong (he
Liberals in Quebec, and three of the
provincial cabinet have resigned, they
objecting to the presence among Ihem
as a follow-ministeiof Hon.D. Monet.
Hon. R. L. Borden, leader of the
dominion Conservatives, again occupies a seat in the house of commons,
having beeu elected by tu.vlanui.t,io<
last week* to represent Carleton county-
Ontario luml>ermen are backing up
the British Columbia mill men in the
efforts being put forth to get the dev
minion government to impose a duty
of $2 a thousand on American lumber
coming into Canada.
* The Provincial Mining (?) Association would fain follow where others
lead. They, too, favor a commission
to inquire into the working of the two
per cent tax. Surely the government
•will beed the request of the P.M.A.
Rossland boanl of trade has passed
a strong resolution urging the dominion government to investigate the selection of the public *oal lands in
East Kootenay. Wholesale fraud"
and crookeduess on the part of interested officials is alleged, while tlie C.
P. R. is accused of swiping valuable
Jands that iu no way  belong to them.
The Slocan is quite prominent these
days,anotber property having ilecla red
a handsome .dividend. On the 20th
inst. the Reco will distribute lo its
stockholders $20,000 and the promise
of a similar distribution in the spring
is held out. Dividends aro a great
attraction to investors, for whom the
Slocan offers exceptional advantages
and openings.
A sliding scale of rates, that practically amounts to a penalty on high
grade ores, is not conducive to the
well-being of any camp. Yet, such
treatment is meted out to dry ores
from the Slocau City division by the
Hall Mines smelter, of Nelson. The
Ottawa mine, (Springer creek,posses8es
one of the most valuable grade of ores
in thc country, besides being very-
desirable as a flux. A minimum rate
is imposed on all oro under IW) oz in
.silver of $lJ per ton; if the ore reaches
150 oz it must pay -810j and for every
100 oz or fraction above that another
$1 per ton is inflicted. The rate is
unfair and unjust, but the Ottawa
must suffer it or leave its ere unmarketed, As au excuse for the peculiar
treatment accorded,the smelter poople
say thaiy eaunot afford to bave their
working capital lied up in extra rich
ores. Time was wheu the dry ores
from this division received different
tie.itmt'iit, but that was before the advent of the Hunter V mine, at Ymir,
in which smelter .people are interested.
For Instance, the Arlington mine was
.once credited with a $-r> rate, but $7.r>()
was the usual charge on local ores,and
they were eagerly Sought after. Our
ores contain practically all thu ingredients of a lirst-class flux and any
smelter should ba glad to have them.
Moreover, they are further desirable
because their richness tones up in
value the smelter's bullion. Hunter
V ore cannot ni;ike a rich bullion, but
because smelter people are Inter-jsted
therein, other dry ores must be penal*
ized. The rate given the Buntor V is
less than one-half that imposed on the
Ottuwa.yot of the two ores the < Ittawa
article I* preferuible. The Hall Mines
smelter is so hedged around with
favoring railroad rates that the Ottawa
people cannot ship tn outside points,
Under existing circumstances it Is
difficult to induce capital to seek in
Vestment here.
Pay dp your subscription.
timber Inspector Martin was here
o-i Tuesday.
For first-class bread go to J. H
Rossland's winter carnival takes
place next week.
Atlin's gold output for last year is
estimated at $600,000.
Tlio Presbytery of Kootenay insets
in Nelson on the 14t.h.
Born.—On Feb. 4th, tho wifo of A.
Rogers, of a daughter.
' Frank Fletcher, P.L.S., Nelsou, was
a visitor here ou Mondav.
The Silverton waterworks frozo up
during the recent cold spell.
H. Pi Christie has been gazetted to
his several offices at Ashcroft.
H. K. Jovand's appointment as mining recorder here has been gazettetl..
One of the heaviest snowstorms of
the season strilck the camp ou Tuesday.
The Nelsonbbnspiel ended on Monday, having been a most successful
Dr. Milloy, Kossland,has taken over
the dental business of Dr. Stoddart.nt
Mrs. IT. P. Christie and children
left on Tuesday for their new home in
For Sale.—A small base-burner coal reorder *.
stove, In first-class condition.   Apply
at this qffiee.
Last week's Gazette contained the
notice of the result of Sloean's municipal election.
Nelson junior hockeyists defeated
the Trail junior, Monday night, at
Nelson, 6 to 2.
Dune Grant, of Silverton, who is
visiting in the east, ban lately taken
unto himself a wife.
Rossland nnd Nelson junior hockeyists played at Kossland Saturday, the
former winning by f> to S.
All I rain hands on tho C.P.R. must
now pass a rigid examination before
they can secure promotion.
Wm. Brandon, Silverton, intends
going over to the Okanagan country
next week, to spy out the land.
Aid. McNeish and wife* went to
Nelson Wednesday, where the latter
will undergo medical treatment.
Owing to a squabble in the Sandon
council, Clerk and Chief of Police
Lyons tendered his resignation.
Dentil Visits 0 I.ornl Hume.
Death visited the home oi Mr. and
Mrs. A. Rogers, on Tuesday morning,
taking therefrom their infant daughter.
its life on earth having been of short
duration. The interment took place
Wednesday. The sympathy of the
community is extended to the bereaved
parents, the more so as Mrs. Rogers
has lieen seriously ill.
Silver Quotation!.
Following are the quotations for bar
silvor on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Thursday    ""°t cents
Friday..    (,1J   "
Saturday    61*
Monday    6]%
Tuesday    61*    »
Wednesday     61J
License OoininUiloners.
Following are the commissioners
just gazetted for the Slocan license
ilistrict: Joseph V. Purviance, Sloean;
John Williams. New Denver; and W.
F. Lawson, Sandon. Constable J. T.
Black, New Donver.isthe chief license
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local registry ollice, II. K. Jorand  being mining
Feb la**-Peerless fraction, Wftysrtree,
Zillab, San Toy, Motning Star Noli,
Standard No 5, all for two years.
. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
f*** *****-!*-*-*-*
******** •*,♦«. ,
will secure n full set of
Dickens' novels, lfi vols.
Well bound, legible print.
Mrs. Tutcher has closed her mi lli
nerv ani
1 drvgooda ston
Court of Revision.
N'OTICE Is hereby given iliit the nni-.nal sitting of tho Court <>f Rerlslon, for the pur-
pose of hearing all complaints nesii'st U)«*p.s-
ssssment for tlm jonr 1905, OS nimlo hy the Assessor of the City of Blocan, B. C, will bn held
in th* Council Hill, in tlie sniil City of Slocnn.
ou Monday, the '.'0th ilay of February, A.D.llX.r..
nt the Hour of ten o'clock n.m.
Datsri nl Slocan, B.C., thla lfit'.i ilur of Jnnu-
tuy, l'.XK.
H.D. CURTIS, Assessor
*r   ■"**■"-*' v good ae ne'
will purchase a enwll base-
stove.     Is as
good ae new,
Clothes Make
the Man.
is a plain statement of fact. They
have much to do in influencing
first impressions, and everyone
wants to create a favorable and
lasting impression. If you get
your clothes from us you will always lie well dressed and tho cost
will be no more thau to be the
other way.
Order a
Spring   Suit
from us. We have in stock an
elegant and carefully chosen line
o^Tweeds, Serges, Worsteds, aud
General Suitings; with Trouserings and^Fancy Vestings.
F. Ll
i "■ ■■' "
'j aan
A Residence for Sale
Tk Drill Office
Certificate of Improvements.
Sllgo Mineral Claim.
Situate in tbe Blocan City Mining Division of tli» \\>ct Kootenay l'i&uiet.
Wlierelocuted : -Adjoining tlie Cam*
erouian mineral claim,
'Tnke notice tbat I, M. 1.. Grimmett,
acting for mvself. free minor's cpi't'.fii'iur
Nn. B77638; and as agent for Iiimcxn
Cameron, fire miner's certiflcate No.
r,77o:*.U; Angus Cameron, frr** minor's
certificate So l.'.Mll- William httvieS,
free miner's certificate No. B84520; 11.
McDowell, fieo miarr's certificate Ki
IU. GIMMi I8PiTM,»teA g&ss
ireemmerscertificate Nclii el28,lnUna,
pates removing irom town at an early
For Sale.—A number of window
blinds, with rollers attached. Can be
had at 40 cents each. Apply at this
New Westminster will hold its annual exhibition Sept. 27 to Oct. 7th.
the sum of 8100,000 being offered in
Silverton folk are forming a colony
at Greenwood, while all the Macdon-
alds, of Sandon, have gone to Tor.a-
pah. Nevada.
Trout lake has frozen over and navigation hus ceased till spring. The
railway service on the Lardo branch
is being continued.
Poplar had a bad Rre on Monday
morning, when tbe Kaiser house was
destroyed. Morand's hotel adjoining
was partially burned.
The Cranbrook Herald will here
after be issued by a company, with a
capital of $ir>.(KK). Fred Simpson will
continue as thp manager.
Wm. H. Brandon, of Silverton, has
returned from his visit to Winnipeg.
Mrs.   Brandon   will   remain  in   the
prairie capital till spring.
The strike at Ooleman slill remains unsettled, Their* is apprehension felt that the trouble mav spread
lo the other coal towns along the (Vow.
The sale of the Esquimalt & Nanaimo railway by .lames Dunsmuir to the
C.P.R., has been concluded, tbe price
boing$1,000,000, The land gpinl and
coal properties are not included,
The Arrowhead I.umber Co.'s
boarding house, at  Arrowhead, was
burned down Monday ni^'lit. A man
named McTaggart was burned to
death, ami Manager Beatty seriously
Tiik Duii.i. will print ynu. on short
notice and iu anv amount, shipping
tags, billheads, statements,letterheads,
iioleheads, memos, receipts,envelopes,
visiting cards, business  cards, bills ot
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any quality or price.
Visitors at the Arlington during the
week wen?: Mrs. A. T. Senll and children, Koch's ranch: F. Fletcher, Wm.
Koch, J. Martin, Dr. Milloy. Nelson;
(!. Mulvey. Revelstoke; J. Mahoney,
Oranbrook; T. A. Martin. Brockville,
Out.; F. Liebscher, Silverton.
The Phoenix Pioneer lab) be congratulated ou its holiday midwinter
number, issued lasl   Week'.    The issue
contains a write-up of the mining conditions in the Boundary country and
Is copiously  illustrated.   As n Inune
production it reflects great credit on
the Pioneer.
K. Liebscher,Silverton, was hereon
Tuesday, having returned from a trip
to the Boundary, He bas a business
announcement in this issue that will
be of interest to  the men folk.    He i„
one of the pioneer tailors of tbe country and the onlv one in the lake
towns. Fred enjoys a good patronage,
is be is a Brsl class mechanic and hi*
charges nre rensonahlc, Semi him
><.ai order tor a sprint; suit,
sixty days from tliedxl* horeof, to apply
to the Mining Recoider for a certificatt
tpl Improvementa, lor the purpose of ob-
| tabling   a crown   grant  for   tlis   abovn
Med. SUpt.. J. P. CADE, M.D.:     Andfurthrr   **_ I10ti,.tt  that action,
nndor sn-iiun 87, must he conmifi.i'to
heforaj ihe iitmance nf such certificate e;
Paled this 1st dav of  November. 1904
0-12-04 '   M. I- GRIMMETT
RATT'S: Regular  sul.-Til.rr-. tl   per mimtli
iirSll) a year: pon-silbscrlbers [exeltutiteof j
nioflical attendance) fE per day, Privatewnrdsl
li par daj extra, Bpealal fuclliUts for mattra-]
ily casts.
For farther particulars srr'jf tn.
D. B. O'Neail, Seel
J. A. Anderson
m t * * * * a a m a * 11 * * a m m m * mm * * a *
? i.i.ut"I'liiciTV. nor air.
The Queen's
Hotel ?*-*****-■
First-dans Dining Knntn
l.arjie sod Couifortable   lieilmnBis
Bample rooms forCommercisl Mon
Nelson, B. C.
s*-**-*■***-******** **********
Certificate of Improvements
Evening M»i No. ll Frnrllna.
Bitnate In thr Slocan City Minin.' Divi-
sinn of \\>«t Kootenay District.
Where located:—About 'Hi miles
in ii ninth easterly direction from
Blocan City.
TAKF, NOTICE that [.the undersigned
(F.M.O, No, I177412ysu(l uh an sgeni for
Ilnvid Snulicr, fret* miner's certificate Nrt l'.7f*n7H, Intend, sixty days
fmiii tlu> ihite hereofi to applv to
ih>* Mining Recorder or aetrtifloate
nf Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining u Crown Orantof the above
And further take notice tluit SOtion,
under section '.Vi. must bs commenced
licfnre lhe Issuance uf Hiicli certilicate nf
Hited this 22nd dnv of December,1004,
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Archibald York, nr tn any person or
persons to whom lie muv have transferred hin intercut, in whole or in part,
in thc Independence mineral claim,
situated on Crusader Hill. Lemon
creek, and recorded in th<v Slucun City
mining division of West Coounay dis-
Ynu an* hereby notified lhat I, lbs
undersigned, huve caused to he <•*-
non ded the sum ol two hundred nnd
live dollars in labor and general Ino*
provenirntp npon tho above mentioned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim under the provisions ol ilu* Mine
nil Acl, and if within HO dnys from Ilie
date of this notice you fail or rofuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, tegether with all costs of advertising, your Interest In ssid clsim
will becoma the property <»i tha sub
'■ 'i ih'T, Ull der section font u( mi nd rn
titled "An Act to amend tlm Mineral
let, 1900."
Dated this 27th ilnvof Janunry, Ifl03
3-2   ■ W, T. FllATKOUD
— S'.'lTI,ll*".
Watches p.
Our gentleman's 14k. J?
solid gold, hunting- s;
case watch (No. 12617) iS
sells for $40.00. *^.j
•*«i    lfllt
1 '
In a ejtnmt rnld-lilleal ease
1.' .a    Ilia
'Uyiic" iuoxmr.il a»!la
for $»..-.
A   lady's   solid
Mine o«r«l-      g~
    fold I
fJB watch (No. i2576)with M
movement   will   cost
I'M y°u $25.00
(No,    nun)   it   COtU  only
$I7*U0.      '.,'1,il int t. *t t*\t*g\tc, V
One of the newest residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
large rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china
closet, large cellar, is lathed and plastered,
and is the best finished in town. Hot and
cold water system, with range and a sink.
Two corner lots, with fine lawn, garden, fruit
trees; also fir•>-class woodshed, etc. A SNAP
FOR ANY BUYER.       For  terms   apply  to
P.O. Drawer 75, Slocan
A dvertise your M
usiness'mt-      "
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to all j,*>rsis-
t.<*iit and liberal advi'itis-
rrw: it in rood
by sveryone.
At All  Times«
Subscribe for
local paper:
g THE DRILL,   $2 per year ffl
i,r*C    >H*HC_J~t\p*:    >^


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