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The Slocan Drill 1903-01-09

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TOL. III., Ke. 41.
  —   Prov. Library,   '•*       -T"
Let us call your attention to our fresh lot of
Fresh and tasty and most inviting- for a light
lunch. Savea the goed wife the trouble of baking;
while they give the tablo a tempting appearance.
If wn forget to call your attention ask to see theni.
Social Tea Apple Blossom Jelly Fingers
Chocolate Bar      Peach Bar Arrowroot
Sweet Wine Iced Honey Cakes.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JANUARY   0,   1<)G3.
Municipal ruxns Aur, comino in
Original la,an   Rupitlsl  ninl   Honey Still
Left lu Treasury-Me Money lake*
Irwin Gurreut Llaeiue Kccel^U—Alii.
Barber's Resignation.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
A. York & Soias9
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
A New Year Resolve.
That henceforth you will buy your Food
Stuffs and Groceries from us. Wisdom
and economy prompt such a step. We
make a point of keeping our Stock tresh
and buy nothing but the very best goods.
Try our Breakfast Foods and Cereals.
Few are as,»ood, none better,
Co-operative Associatioiutd,
Slaoan, British Colombia,
at   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ^
e£=   REASONABLE PRICES.    .     .   -^
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public,     lt  is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QHTHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Re-opened under
Uie old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Artliiar Street ssd Delaaey Aresne, Slecan.
.  linpr thoroughly renovated
•nui re stacked with tin*, best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You .;an get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
issue, the World appropriates a third
tlm local man's, called
"The Old VulriiiU'," but omits crediting its authorship.
Nibbbsph ssf Thoie EnUtlosI to Vssl,> ut Ni'xt
Tin* municipal voters' list for use in
the elections next wei k lias been print-
ed and po ted, and it may now be ex*
, amihed by the curious,   ll embraces
si'ssion was snort •' .
,      ■ .      ,        ,,       ,  •    „ 112 names, as against  182 in the year
ana umnteresting, there being very ° .      .      •
,..,,  ,    • preceding.   J hi* reduction Ls due t'i
llltlf llUSllR'SS. ,        . . •   • , • r
,, i i u      .,   n,i   the American citizenship of some on
Correspondence read: 1* rom the Ed ., ,.
the former list, unpaid licensees, and
Aid. Barber waa the only absentee
t last Monday night's meeting of the
city council.   Thi
ucational Pepartment, Victoria eh*
closing $352.85, being the quarterly
Bohool allowance. The clerk also reported  the  receipt  of .1400 license
Evidence   was  presented by  tin
failure to make th.' necessary declare
tion of householder and licenae holder.
Only  two  persons  figure as bouse
holders on the present list and bul
nine license holders.   There an' many
others who could have qualified, but
. lerk showing thatthecivic note, held they have been careless as to register-
by li. A. 13r,i(l.-.lia-,v. for  *><;■ M) ami in-j tag and their franchise now is of none
terest had been paid and cancelled.
effect. Those who deem themselves
unfairly left off the list can apply to
H. 1). Curtis, as police magistrate, for
re-instatement, anv time  before  the
of Domination.
Letter read from Neil McCallum,,
Grand Porks, askin,!" for list of officials employed by the city and the
salaries paid them and the mayor and
aldermen. Clerk instructed to reply Those entitled to vot
and the letter filed, pended list:
Aid. Barber's resignation oncemore ' \vw,\, Dayid	
appeared. Armstrong, Thomas J
On beingiuformed that no explan- Atchison, Harvey ...
ation had be in forthroming from Aid. j Aitchison, John	
Barber, Aid. Worden moved the re-rig- adcock, Julia
nation  be laid over  another week., 'v,',,*,..•<,,,,,, John A.....
Seconded by Aid. Smith and carried. | -uinst-roug, T. B	
Bills presented:   From E. A. Brad
ta tin
shaw, rent of city hall   presontssd 1kj
fore   i:ri;T. D Woodcock, supplies,
$1.25".   Referred to finance committee.
Tlie auditor's report was not ready
and thc council agreed t i adjourn to
Wednesday night iu order to receive
the same.
Aid. Worden called attention to the
din-cnnis condition of the old black
smith  shop  on   Delaney ave.    Th •
clerk   was  instructed  to  notify thi
owner or agent to pull the Inn's!'.
Aid. yichon>ro'i,*l*.'s. .', ,..-• li   '. < ;
remuneration to Troasur ir Bradsb iw
Aid. McCallum said it would beai
t inde 1 ts> at next me iting.
Ais!. McCallum spoke of th ■ con li
tion of the sidewalks, e pecially ou
.Main   street.   The policeman woul I
bo  instructed to keep at tho job oi
clearing them otT.
Council a Ijourned (ill Wodues lay.
When the council mel Wedn
evening, Mr. Curtis  was  nol   quil
ready with th • report of his au lit,   i
they stood adjourned till nest m<   i
int?.   A rough draft of tho city's fiu
ances up to Doc. -M is as follows:
Ss'!hh.1 grant	
Gov. refund of taxes
Civic  loans	
Police court	
Dog tax	
Real estate las	
llots*l licenses	
Trailers' licenses,..
$1061 65
369 37
1800 "i
11 25
Barber,Alfred B..	
Barber, Charles E	
Balderston, Alfred R	
Benton, Thomas	
I', imi !;. William H	
Bcilttic, Ali.- M	
Bsnnerman, A	
Blacks! tck.  M	
B--il v. Eklward	
:     ley, Richard 1	
B    I hi ...  Robert k	
.     P*J.u]	
L**".-.aei,e m . John r—.
B unetl   :'.     i	
Bull, John	
r,   I ichard	
Buntia *. Mary	
Cameron, Mali olm	
( in pb 11, ■' >hn	
bell,  Vnnio	
C iristi    i'' irold P	
Clough, Wall t	
Clove, H nry Anton	
(   tig, John	
Craig, Mrs. John	
ton   Mrs.C.J	
Curtis, Berber! D	
Chandler, F. C	
Pick. Frank	
DeaBrisay, M '1!	
Davidsi a, \\ iUium	
Total receipts	
Miscellaneous (of which
$181.82 wason account
of th.* mill)	
I.oan repayment	
Legal expense-	
Fire department	
Salaries .'	
Election expenses	
i lilies' furniture	
(mice maintenance	
Streets, bridges and ere ■!>.
Fuel and light	
Tss cash on hand »■
."..: po punlap, Eliab ii.
36 7-'  Drury,  F. W...
600 00
'■'■-' ■•"  Fife, Harvey,
1  Foley, John A...
Flotcher, Frank..
R6329 19
S ill 73
noo 00
64 .Mi
60 '"i
;;: 55
1   IHI
22 TO
73 35
1581 "i
149 7.".
17 25
15 85
688 16
3i io
1795 00
30 i' I
37 89
2 1 2 I
Total expenditure $6329 19
As a further .showing for tkocit*i il
mav li,* states) thai the assi t • amounl
to 95941.150, besides $1400 of unpaid
taxes. The liabilities aro 8121.70 for
salaries and $700 note, Th i scho il
grant and license moneys are r. m
available to offset that.
G thin :  C. M	
Guest, Howard	
Godsall, F. W.	
Oladwiu, Frank	
Henderson,   Robert G.
Heuderson, J hn	
Hunter, V. tlli m	
Hicks, II. A	
Hicks, Marv	
Howarth, John 11 n ;.
Hodi ins, Arthur I.....
Hull, William R	
John on, Willi im S...
1    md, Henri R	
Johnson, 1'. Iward	
i*   kwood, R. I.
kup, <
Kvdd, G
Lcmicttx,  '•'. lc...
Lys, Frances r>..
f.<ong, Tony	
I.on-', Mrs, Touj
Leo,  William....
Miller, .lohn M	
Mai!.leu. Anthony
Miuphy   Con	
Martin, Willi.un	
Mills, Thomas A	
Mi Galium, .Iisliu (i... .
McNeish, Thomas	
■li Yaui'i I. Duncan S..
Mi Farland, Robert.
Blocan'a r.ss'i Laareato.
In a recent issue of the Yanrou', r
World was a long article on ''British
Columbians in Literature," It spoke
of theofforts put forth by li. T, \xi
derson, of Lemon Creek, ta these
word::: "Il is Mr. Anderson who enjoy
distinctive recognition as 'the poel ol, McGregor, .lohn M..
the Slocan.'and whose work duriug McGregor,  W.Dawson..
late years has beon a much npprecial : McLaren, .lohn	
edl'.;aturi'of (he Si.os'w Diai.i..   The   McKay,  M	
poet is a Scottish-Canadian, born ta MeNee,  Willi,un	
Manitoba, and   twenty two   years sil |
ages   His lirst appearance was only Nichol,  Dan	
about three years ago, and since then  Newman, Mrs	
anything thnt bears his signature is
welcomed and  read with plea uro." ,..v    .,   ,,   ,       ,
Following this wen* iwonf Mr. An   (ev,„i  u™  m  r
, , . >, ,     i    ,, i     .,.        ,   ,       l I .MM I,   ,.l , s.   .11.   I,	
derson s poems, ciiiitl.nl    \   Ion t to
.            ^,the   Minors"  and  "The Wandering
SXiOCAJH I Scot."   In another part of the samel Purviauoe, Joseph	
Provost,  Frank.
Robertson,  Ben	
Robertson, Donald D.
Rogers, Alexander...
Robinson, Martha....
RadclifT,   Jackson... .
Sturch, Samuel	
Smitheringale. Chas. E
Shatford, WaiterT....
"stewart, Alexander... .
Smith, AlfredO	
Seisms,  Harold	
Smith, .lami's	
Swan.  Peter	
Struthera, Alex	
Teeter, A.   I*	
Tattersall, .lames
White. John I	
Wonli'ii. Winslow E	
Woodcock, Thomas 1)...
Woodworth, «.'. 11	
White,  William	
Webster.  Robert M	
Wilson, William.	
Wallace,  Andrew	
Whittaker, Samuel	
York, Archibald	
A HIMT III politicians.
Blecatl Shoulll Hnve tlsi*  SIs*rulsor fsir Use
.Nun Rilling.
Spasms of unrest are Iw ing manifested among the politicians in what
will be tin. new riding of Slocan. It
is confidently believed the Prior gov-
rument is doomed to an early defeat
■.'.wi that a dissolution of the house
will follow, with an election three
mi iths thereafter. The election will
li' held under the new redistribution
bill an i an earnest effort will be made
ti hass- the contest throughout the
province wa ■ I on fedi ral party lines,
: h ■ SI >can riding will be recorded a
■s:. :h'.__..•;•.■•nib.-.- and his jiirisdictiqn
\.i.s etsiiiracb tne l.nni-<'f iVakusp,
Cody, Three Forks, Rosebery, New
Denver, Silvejton and Winlaw's, with
tl e cities of Sandon and Slocan.
There are a siduous rumors of pos-
ible candidates in sight for the Grits,
I iri a an ! fn lependents- several of
the aspirants having been doing sums'
qui I mis ionarywork for a little time
* iku o, Silverton New Denver
aud Sandon aro each credited with
harboring embryo legislators,menwho
■■ lieve in si '.;.n;,r tli<* office, rather
th in the offi i • them. Once in a while
, or! of these things reach this
burg, bul so far :ui;!ii:ig tangible has
■ ; svelopod.
The peculiarity of the situation is
that Slocan it aot taken into consider-
Btion a- po sessingany talenl capable
ol | irtii ipattag in the fun. This end
of th - lake ia by uo means nn unimportant section of the constituenc*
and it should not  Ik* content to play
 md fiddle to the fellows in the
other camps, li should strive to rus
tie a candidate for its,'lf and one thai
will prove a winner, Any political
appointments heretofore made have
passed over Slocan, and one would
' l.i.'; this b irg ha i u lither brains nor
. mce. li i up to the local men
to prove a contrary story nnd they
miglil just as well plug for tii iirown
nominee as to 1 'nd ih"is' assistance in
boos thi!" for other bur-*. All the
town 11 rea selfish iuterest in view
and ih \v can't deny it. and should
any party Tory. Grit, P.P.P. or So
cii '■-{ ' really stuck for fighting
I .'.'.'. S!,i. m can fill the bill.
She may, anyway; see!
li p. ( aii 'ie, mining recorder, has
made up the return i of tho various
; a,I- passing through his hand r">'
:,,. ■ v ■.',. Th ■ i': fur ■ nre aim isl the
mui as tl we for 1901, there bein ; a
slight dst'i flse for the j ar just closed,
[n on ■ 'in, record of Iransfers, there
fi... i, .i nn appreciable in. reaso. For
las! j    rtho figures aret
Certlfieat - ol work  195
Certificates of Improvement.... 21
Locations  221
Freo miners' certificates  272
Bills of sale, etc  "in
Total   1822
In 1901 the figurosof the local offici
Ccrtificat if work  520
Certificates ol improvement  26
Locations  262
Free minors' certificates  288
Bills of sale  '-'i'i
I.aat Teias'a Shipment* Were 6833 Toisia—
A Bealthy Brlrlenoe ef the Llfss sied
Wealth ur the Camp -Eaterpriie thst
IlieKs"*! Khlpper.
The new yi*',ir starts off in au on-
couraging manner with ore shipments,
though it be practically a cleaning up
process. Three properties combined
to send out 121 tons. Eighty tons
came from the I'nterprise, which still
has a small reserve to clean up. The
Arlington cleared up its dumps with
a shipment of io tons. The remaining ton came from the Bondholder,
having been got out under lease. It-
went to Nelson anil is tin* first to Im
shipped by that property iu two years.
On-from the Ottawa is piling up at
the dock and a carload will go forward next week, The Black Prince
stuir still awaits shipment.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 68,33
tons, made up from 12 properties,
Following is n full list of the ship-
nis'iits this year to date:
allMS. WEEK. TSTAl,.
Entsrpriss      80 80
.•.rl'mct.in      40 40
Bondholder       1 1
121 121
Bar-silver, 48J.
Sunday work has ceased at the Slocau Star.
A number of men bave lieen let out
at the Payne.
Mineowners in different camps complain of a shortage of cars.
.Vi ore <K jirccts with tli*; smelters
must be ren wed on tin* 15th.
The crew on the Black Prince has
Ih*'.*-i furthek induced to two men.
The Republic has another car of ore
out ready t.i be sacked for shipment.
Tin* Last Chans'" and tic* Democrat, in the Sandon camp, have beeu
closed down.
Supt. Musson and Bookkeeper Atkinson cams' down from the Enterprise Saturday, with all theii effects.
\ drift has been started on the east
side of the shaft on tho Republic. The
big ore body continues there as well
as on tho west.
The work of recovering the bodies
of  thoso  lost  in the  Molly Gibson
lide   has  ceased   till   spring.   The
bodies of T.Bouse and W.Murphy aro
yet missing.
Production of Precleiu Met'.i!*.
George il. Roberts, direct,a- of tic*
United States mint, has just issued
his preliminary ostimateof thepro-
duction of gold and silver in the
States during L902. The total production of gold was $80,853,070, an
increase Cor the year of $2,186,370.
The production of silver amounted to
831,040.025, a net increase of 13,852,-
084. Following is the estimated production of the various states:
Silvt r.
••?      2,887
$      5,010
1,680,1 CO
8,180,0 0
1,131 365
New Mexico
North Ca olinn     91,713
South Cai
olina   347,928
South Da!
i   7,898.057
'1 exas
Wa hiii!"!.
Total ...
.' • . PhsI was thc recipient a few
o of an h norecl and much
■.'. 1 >i-';;i■_*; a I . iva i mi dal
from the Emperor Francis Joseph of
A i in, i>" medal I - n badge [or
.•ssn ! conduct for si rviceiu she Austri
.in nrruv, Pn i having s irvetl with tho
sailors for a numbei i f years.
Last >    :'    hi imeuts i'i tin Slo au
I wore lotlOtons lc« thnu In 1901.
Bnylag i.oi*s ef Itaohlnerr,
While ta Vancouver. Thos. Chew
purchased $2000 worth of machinery
for the local shingle mill, for immedi*
ate delivery,   Theboilersand genoral
|equipraent of the other enterprises of
the company are under order iu the
east ami several carloads of the plant
will be shipped next month. Theag*
■ re ;ate value of the mnchinery will
amount to .i good many thousands of
dollars. There will be a general hustle
| made in the spring and a lively time
i will be wltnesi ed al the raillsite, The
company aro adding to their force ol
1 men in the woods. 'TWEEN LOVE
A Novel by Annie Ttaompsoa.
When  tho day closed  he left     the
hotel and walked eastward, with no
object but to divert his     thoughts
He passed a church through ths.* open
door of which the sound of music issued,  Impulse  led  bim  within,  l'rols-
ably  a service wns nsit long     over,
for the building  was  nearly  empty.
The   organist    was    practising,    He
played a prelude sif Bach's,  pausing
now sind again  in repeat a difficult
bar;   .lohn listened  with     gradually
deepening  llllorost   us  oue      dilliculty
niter   another   wns   una   nnd      overcome.     Presently   classical     ground
w,a**    deserted:      Humphrey     Stark's
"l'liere"   was   rendered   twice,      tlie
player  Indulging  himself  Oil   the second occasion with a brilliant Improvisation of weird harmonies between
the opening und closing Uietxie.    He
changed the character of the    piece
entirely—there was no prayer,  but a
inutli-iiiig of curses  in the volume of
sullen sound  ll.ut rose out    of    the
depths  to  lling   itself      in      defiance
against the gates of heaven, and then
stormed    and    wailed    and    Bobbed
down  into moody silence, destroying
i;veu     the     peace     sif     the      closing
phrases. It was fitting that the niu-
sieiun wandered into the plaintive me-
lusly of a Uerceuse by Kinross,     lulling all troubled thoughts and stormy
sounds  to  rest.   His  next effort was
more elaborate and less interesting.
The seat beside John, hitherto
empty, was now occupied by a
young man who hud brought music
with him and was studying it. A
glance at his face showed it to be
singularly attractive: it lacked
strength, perhaps, but the features
were beautiful—delicacy, culture, re-
nneinent, expressed themselves in
every line. The new coiner seemed
entirely absorbed in his study, never
lifting his eyes from the page, and
whispering an emphatic "Excellent,
excellent," to himself when the performance pleased him specially. At
its conclusion, iie laid down his
score and went forward to speak
with the organist Lights were being put out, John rose to leave: as
he passed the music he noticed the
initials G. W. and un aildress written boldly across the cover.
"I am fanciful enough to imagine
anything to-night," he roilected with
EOine impatience: "I coulsl swear
that that writing is perfectly familiar to me, and I cannot possibly
have seen it befssre. It is an uncommon hand, too."
When lie reached his room, he began mechanically to empty his coat
pockets. The first thing he drew
out wus a large envelope addressed
to Mary Forester: he wondered to
lind it in his possession, until, noting truci-s isf mud on one side and of
damp on the other, he recollected of
having found it at. the ,Mause gate
tho night before.
"I know this handwriting, at all
even 19," lie asserted, and held It
nearer to the light: the initials G.
W. were in one corner. He dropped
the paper as though it had been on
fire, no doubt remained as to tho
idi'ntity of Mary's corri*spondent.
"llut how can I know his writing so
well?" he questioned slowly. "I
have certainly seen it quite lately:
where? ... In church this evening,
of course, on the music. . . Dut I
knew it then, 1 had seen it before
that: where? where?"
Light flashed on him. He tossed
the papers out of the box, unfolded
Mark Prcsa***rt)'s letters and held one
of them beside Mary's envelops?—the
writing on both was identical,
stroke for stroke, letter for letter.
He stared at them until they became
blurred and misty.
"I must have some sleep," he decided at last: "I am too tired now
to think or seo clearly."
It was easy to reckon on sleep,
but the moment he Iny down it lied
from him. He found himself hopelessly wide awake, tormented by
questions, hurried involuntarily
through mazes of thought; so far
from being too tired to think, he
was too tired to keep from thinking.
How came those two mon to write
so exactly alike? Numbers of handwritings resemble each other. Dut
this was a case of identity, not of
resemblance; and the style of writing wus so uncommon, it must be
the work of one person. Dut thc
names       were diiTerentl To
chango one's namo was
not an unheard - of pro
ceeding. But Gavin Wishart was
said to bo amiable, generous, hig-h-
principled; whereas Murk Frosslie
was a thief and a forger and a coward. Good reason for him to change
his name. Suppose he hud changed
it, to Gavin Wishart — what thi;»?
"Oh, this is intolerable nonsense!"
groaned John. "Mr. Claverton has
known the man all his life. Why can
I not sleep?"
Toward morning sleep came to
him, and he would gladly have shaken lt off, for it was less endurable
than wakefulness.
This was not Glasgow, it was
Santa Cruz. He was standing or ♦*»
Mole, alone but for that still figure
seated beside hlm. Alan's eyes were
wide open, they had in them a fiercely questioning look. What was it
they were trying to say7 "Tell me,
Alan," ho heard his own voice ask,
"w'ho is Mark Presslie? Who is
Mark Presslie?" and the dead man's
eyes said as plainly as words, "Who
is Gavin Wishart? Who is Gavin
Wishart?" He dared not meet these
questioning eyes. He looked across?
the sea to Grand Canary. It had
grow*n oddly dwarfed and shrunk. It
was not Grand Canary at all, but
Arran, and this was not Tenerife, but
tl** Feldrossan shore, Mary was beside him. "Oh, Mary dear, if you
could have loved mel    Only a little.
dear; I would have beon content with
so little. I have loved ynu for fifteen
years, Mary; how can I help loving
you now? Lift up your eyes to me,
why do you keep them turned
uway?" She lifts theni up, and her
eyes and her lips sob out the same
question, "Who is Gavin Wishart?
Who is Ga'.'in Wishart?" And all the
timo there i.s some one sitting near.
Some one with a book before him,
who keeps nodding his head and saying, "Excellent! excellent!" every
time the hateful question is asked.
Then Mary's voice i.s drowned by a
louder sound: is it tho sea, or music?
It grow-s louder, and louder; it must
be an organ. Xo, it is not that
either. It is a perfect roar of sound,
and thero is no music in it: but there
aro words. What are they? They
grow more nnd more distinct. Thousands of voices are dinning into his
ears the question—Who is Gavin Wishart? Who is Ga — a — ah! He
awakened himself with a shuddering
cry, to hear the breakfast gong boom
its summons through thc hotel.
His dream hud been of the peculiarly vivid kind that remains with
the dreamer after he wakens, and
transfers its own unreality to everything that surrounds him—it alone
is real. a]l_clsc is sconijng. Occupied
ed unoBle to" grasp other thoughts,
as he was by (his phantasy, he seem-
When he took up the morning paper,
ho almost expected to lind in print
the questions that were h.iunting
him; ho glanced at the various Itoms
of news without in the least, comprehending them, even the Stock and
Share Ijst failed to rouse his interest. Of one certainty only was he
conscious, he must, by some means,
have these questions solved before
another nightfall; to gain his end,
he found tho envelope Alan had directed to Hichard Twiss, and then
betook himself  to Deane street.
It did not surprise him in the
least, rather ho felt it to be altogether appropriate, that as he entered the ollice he should meet emerging
therefrom the young man who had
bs*en his neighbor in church on the
previous evening. With an odd sense
that his dream was being continued,
he stood aside and watched him, as
he was attended obsequiously to the
door by a clerk, who observed in
reply to some low-spoken remark.
"Yes indeed, Mr. Wishart, he looks
very unwell."
"Excellent, excellent!" John found
himself saying, "that is Gavin Wishart:  but who is Mark Presslie?"
Hichard Twiss had returned to his
office that Thursday morning, after
an absence of ten days. He was
still very weak and feeble, and one
piece of intelligence given him with
his letters added to his sense of helplessness; Mr. Gavin Wishart, who hud
called several tinses to sue l.im, was
to return this morning at 10.30, it
was 10 o'clock now. Hichard reminded himself of his doctor's order,
strictly enjoined — "Avoid all worry and excitement," such a simple
easy rule!
An he sat at his writing table, Inlet bis glance Wander listlessly from
one to another of the familiar objects surrounding him; to-day they
seemed strangely unfamiliar, he believed they must have been altered
in some way during his absence, but
the change was in himself not in
theni. lie saw this, when he raisi'il
his eyes to meet those of his reflection looking down at hiin from lhe
mirror in the ci'ntre recess; he Btnred
nt his face in some dismay, the
feebleness he feared was evidenced
there. "Don't you loso your nerve,
Dick," ho implored himself In a low
11 was only recently that he hud
become subject to those attacks of
excruciating pain, of which Gavin
had witnessed one. Twiss was a
■toward where physical suffering was
concerned, the mere apprehension of
it reduced him at times to -an ex-
tremity of terror; perhaps his ex-
pertenca was sufficiently awful to ex-
cuse him. It chanced that so far
each attack had been precedeil by the
news of heavy loss in ono of the
many speculations into which he had
plunged, and loss nnd agony were
nrsw Inseparably connected in his
mind. At present as there were
many losses, he lived in a demoralizing stule of fright, his mind was olT
the balance, he besought himself
o\er anil over again not to lose his
nerve—his nerve, that had carri.'d
him triumphantly through a dozen
crisis, supplyintr a brilliant Stratagem, a ready sentence, a bold affectation of Innocence with which to
snutch  hin  back   from  the  verge     of
Por Hu! man was a senmp: ia* entertained no sentimental doluslons on
the subject, ho knew his charactor
perfectly well ll wus to his interests that others sliould believe him
to bs* a gonii mun, goneroua, religious, worthy of Implicit trust; and
this was ths' impression he had suc-
Ceasfully created for years, llut latterly, suspicions of him had been
manifest I'd In one or two directions,
and he could not afford to be sus-
pocted, He redoubled his exertions,
undergoing much trouble and Inconvenience, undertaking muny arduous
and slistiisleful tasks, that he might
retain his hold upon that section of
the community which it was his
Object  to  ili'i'eive
This suffering hnd not entered hit is
his calculations—it maimed him, ii
paralyzed hlm, it weakened his in-
tellect,      He had gradually allowed
himself to  heroine  possessed  With the
Idea, not frequently cherished by the
victims of pain, that reparation wus
due to him fur the anguish he Underwent, that a recompense for ull his
misery was his by right, No sooner
was each cruel spasm over, than ho
began tsi dream of tho Indemnification tO conn.*: to his f:ilicy It took
the shape of a sudden release from
all his embarrassments, from all
fear of loss ami therefore of torture.
Clearly hla mind was unbalanced, ho
had never before looked outside himself for salvation
There   Was   u    I » pis'i-e   near     him
it fascinated him to watch the minute hand creep stealthily down toward the half hour He began to
pity himself profoundly, surely Providence could not do less.       Provi
dence figured largely In nis thoughts
now: "Providence" was a pleasantly vague and Impersonal term, wiih
which he felt much more at his enso
than with that other lerm—"God."
He believed that in his present very
critical situation he deserved at least
as much pity as blame: it was not
his choice to be left heir to a reputation that he had found himself
quite unable to sustain without the
aid of artifice, nor was it his choice
to have among his clicnls a man
with such superabundant wealth and
such a foolishly confiding disposition as belonged to old Gavin Wishart. Without any special desire on
his part, ho had been borne upon
the shoulders of Circumstance into
so prominent a position in the religious world, that Providence, for
its own credit, was almost bound to
maintain him there.
The half hour struck—his client
was announced immediately thereafter.
Mr. Wishart appeared to have a
good deal to say on matters unconnected with business; as ho listened
to him, 'Richard's excited apprehension sank to rest.
"You need a change, you should
take a holiday," Gavin urged at
Is* it.
"Impossible," sighed the lawyer.
"1 cannot think of it. I am forced
to go into tho country until Monday; that must content inc."
"Until Monday only? Three days
are nothing. You should leave work
altogether alone for a month."
"Ah, Mr. Wishart, you are about
as practical as my doctor, who
warns me to avoid everything in the
shape of worry."
All the time, Gavin had been trying to persuade himself to mention
his real errand. He was distressed
by his companion's appearance,
which, now that it was so' worn
and haggard, was a much more
powerful factor in promoting its
owner's Interests than it had been
formerly. To ask awkward questions of a man who had been cautioned against worry seemed brutal, but what wus to bo done? Prom
the moment of his entering the room
the Impressions lhat hud eluded him
for days had bagun to revive With
something of their former intensity;
he was afraid to act, yet he felt the
imperative necessity for action. He
rose to go, and lingered: moved toward the door, and came back again;
and then began to speak with an
embarrassment that was perfectly
"By the way, could you—could
you let mc havo another look at
those 'Indigent' Donds? 1 want to
make a note of their numbers for
future reference."
Kicnard rose without au instant's
hesitation, turned to the safe, and
began to search his pockets for the
"Dy all means," he said heartily.
The embarrassment was entirely on
Gavin's side, Twiss showed not the
slightest trace of it. "I was
thinking only this morning," he continued, hunting in one packet after
another, "how extremely fortunate it
i.s that we did not sell out when you
—confound it all! I have left the
key at home." He looked ruefully
at Gavin, vexation and annoyance
expressing themselves in every line of
his face. "I must li'ave town this afternoon, or you might have seen them
to-morrow; will you look in on Tuesday and I will have them out for
you. That will he time enough. I
suppose? I am afraid I cannot get
back before Mondav evening—unless
"No, no: you are not to think of
cutting short your holiday on my
account," exclaimed Gavin, staggered by the rea'liness with whish his
proposal had been met. "Tuesday
will do perfectly well, of course;
pray don't look so concerns-d. the delay ls of no consespu-nce whatever."
"It is no holiday, or I could have
put it off; it is a business engagement that I am obliged to keep. Hut
I am almost certain that I could be
here on Monday."
Gavin protested warmly against
any alteration of plan  being made.
"Well, well," snid Twiss, "we will
wait until Tuesday, since you insist.
This is unpardonable m.'gligence on
my part, but for my illness I should
not know how to account for lt.
On Tuesday, then, Mr. W:ishart."
Gavin left.
"Done there!" gasped Hichard,
"I'm done there! Ths* money must
bo raised somehow; how? I don't
know whero to look for it."
Ho seized pen and papi'r and began
to make rapid calculations, all his
old energy roused wil hin him by the
excitement. Reaction came directly;
ho Krevf confused, his hand shook, ho
coulsl neither make the figures   clear
nor count them,
"Damn you, Dick, you've lost your
nerve I" ho cried; (lung down the pen
in impotent rage, and atarcd blankly
at the wretched, helpless face losiking
out at hiin from  the mirror.
Suddenly he remembered what ho
had to dread. Here was anxiety
ami excitement and loss enough to
bring it. back at any moment! One
hand pressed Itself against his heart,
the other clutched hold of the table,
he shook in every limb as one of
those paroxysms of terror to which
he was constantly giving way swept
over him. He heard voices Without
and as the door opened he drifted
into the apathetic condition that so
often follows a severe nervous strain.
A card was brought to him. "Yes,"
ho said slowly, "1 will see Mr. Cay
In the momentary Interval following, his hnnsl groped its way to sine
of Iho pigeon holes before him nnd
withdri'W ;l paper — the intimation
of Alun's death lie looked at certain notes pencilled by himself beneath John Cayford's signature; they
referred to Messrs Cnzalet & Cayford, .Melbourne, and to various London firms with which theso gentlemen had dealings Hope bestirred it
self to overcome the fear in his heart;
was Providence at last about to
open ii door of '•snipe'1
Wlun tho visitor entored, he mo
tloned hiin to a seat, ami examined
the envelope tendered by him it
contained a bank note ami a letter,
He unfolded the note, convinced that
he  would  find   it  to  be  of  the   mine
he required — it was for too only.
no stropped it on the table, und listened, apparently without interest,
to the explanation offered by the
bearer sif the wuy in which it hud
come into his possession, Hope, baf-
Ilesl in om* direction, became more
active in another, Blchard began to
question within himself how much or
how little this newcomer could know
of him, how much or how little it
would be wise to disclose?
The curiosity with which John Cayford at first regarded Twiss, gave
place instantly to sympathy; the
worn face, the hopeless expression,
the HstleSs attitude, appealed effectively to a man who never recognized
weakness without wishing to impart
to it some of h*t own strength, nor
saw distress without doing his utmost to alleviate it. Moreover, he
had been unprepared to find here so
striking a resemblance to Alan, a resemblance probably accentuated by
ill health, for Suffering has her peculiar sign of kinship which she
marks legibly in the eyes of her children. When the circumstances of
Alan's death had hei*n detailed, und
Twiss, turning from the papers before him, looked qiteatlonlngly at
his visitor, "John started, so
strangely did tha gaze now meeting
his ressiuiblo that bv which he had
beon haunted throughout his dream.
It seemed to him entirely Without
his Volition that the words escaped
him,  "Who is Mark  Presslie?"
"Mark Presslie!" repealed Richard
wonslei'ingly. "Why do you u-;k nie
about  him?"
"Vour brother spoke of him constantly. I thought he might not
have heard of Allan's death.''
"Yes, he has heard; I told him.
Alan spoke of him as Mark PriWSiie,
you say: he knew nothing, then, of
his changed name and changed circumstances."
('hanged name! Chunged eircuni-
Stances I The terrors of tho eight
were returning. Murk Presslie was
a thief and a forger and a coward
flood reason for him to change his
name. Suppose he hail changed it,
"And you, Mr. Cayford," pursued
Hichard, "surely you must lis- a
Stranger hers* to be ignorant . f our
young philanthropist, our patron of
arts and charities,  formerly a fe'low
brother's,  now   i
1  am a.  stranger.
clerk   of   my
of fortune "
me the name. 	
"Gavin  Wishart."
John leaned back in his chair
mind filled with one thought, Mury '
Mary looking up at him with '..'..r-
ful eyes anil trembling lips, Mary
sobbing out the question —Who is
Oavin Wishart? Turn your eyes
away, Mary. I can't answer y >u.
"i am greatly Indebted to you for
your klndnoss tsj mj brother,"
Twiss was saying. "\ou spoke of
having been with him when he ili-'d.
Did he suffer pain?"
"None, none at all: there could uot
have been a more peaceful death-"
"Ah, 1 am glad. Pain is a dreadful thing, lt makes sueh cowards of
us. I speak from experience, 1
suffer  much."
"1 can see that," said John com
passionately, rousing himself to consider Twiss, "you look ill. If ysis,
want more information from me
about your brother, I had perhups
better como at some other time when
you are feeling stronger,"
"I beg you to stay! I have—
there are—I must usk you about
Alan. Poor lad, poor misguided
lud! Did he speak to you "f his
wrong dssing? Did lis* Show signs of
"He  was   innocent. llelieve  me,
the suspicions against him were unfounded."
"He told you so, of course. They
wero well founded, too well founded. He dis*d, then, unrepentant,
with a lie on his lips. My poor
brother! I have m-ver ceased to reproach myself. 1 ought to have
been lenient, forbearing; Instead, I
wrote Alan a cruel, heartless letter"
(of which, reflected Hichard, you have
certainly heard). "No one knows
how the catastrophe shocked me,
how I suffered When I thought of
his disgrace. That suffering left its
mark, it could not fail to do so; I
contracted then the disease that will
kill, when it is tired of torturing."
He raiss'i! is hand to his heart, and
then ili.,;ied it, as though that
slight exertion wero too much for
him. Ho had Uttered sontunce very
slowly, In a dreary monotone wilh
sad eyes persistently fixed upon his
listener: the slow speech seemed the
result of Weakness, the sad eyes expressed nothing but hopeless sorrow.
John debated, With one sentence
ho could clear Alan's name; he was
urgently prompted io give voice to
it and lighten the Weight of grief by
which Twiss seemed to bo crushed:
unfortunately,    that sentence would
Incriminate Presslie. What be hud
undertaken, was to place the evidence he held in Mr. Anderson's
hands, and until this Wus dona bu
believed himself bound to be silent.
He might not. do more than look his
sympathy.    Richard's eyes,  meeting
his, grew suddenly eager,
"Mr. Cayford,     why were you so
kinsl to my brother? What claim
hail he on you?"
"He was in distress."
"Do you always help the distressed?"
"When I cun."
His Back
And Hips
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back and hips of the Western Bronco, the toughest hide
weight for weight worn by any animal.
Tanned by a pure vegetable process without oil or
minerals to conduct cold.
The toughest most pliable leather used in mitts or gloves.
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Lawyers are men who work with a
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A Mlirr'a Hoard.
Four thousand pounds in gold, silver
nud bronze has bci'n found in the hut
of an old beggar woman at Clinbot-el-
Aineiii, Algeria.
HonS ul Her Friend* lls-lievesl Sin-   Could
Recover and Her CaM Ha* Kiss lied
Ureal Intereat.
from t lis* Courier, Trenton, Ont.
Tin' case oi Mrs I'sihs-it young, of
Stanley siivs-t, Trenton, Is ona thut
has caused greal ileal of talk
allium* those who ure acquainted
with her. Mrs. Young is now in her
seventy-eighth year, and is quite vigorous for a woman of thai uu.-
Tlns-c yeurs ago she look a chill,
whish appeared tss affect her whole
system Her lower limbs and bod)
■welled tsi such an extent that she
could scarcely move them. Her
stomach became so disordered thut
she coulsl not lie In bed, and for two
years she had to bs- bolstered up day
and night. Itu* chills whish were
apparently the original cause of the
trouble, became chronic, and affected
tor two or three times a week, utul
after si chill her skill would turn B
shirk brown color. Her frii'tuls did
not believe she could recover, but
nevertheless disl nil they could f«n-
her. Three doctors tried their skill,
but to no purpose, and the strongest
consolation they could offer was :
"Well, you know ws* are all growing
old." Several advertised medicines
were then given her, but with no
bettor results, in August, 1901,Mrs.
Voung hail become so bail Ihnt hi*r
daughtor-ln law hud to come from a
distance to nurse bor.     She brought
with    her    soiiu*   Dr.   Williiuns'   Pink
l'ills. and persuaded the <>l<i latiy t<>
begin their use. In tin* course sif a
fs-w weeks there could hi' no doubt
thet they were helping ber, and Lhe
slocioi advised continuing their uso,
uml now, after using tlu'in for some
months, ihe swelling that hail affected hsi limbs Is noils-, tin- chills no
longer bother her; her stomach la rs
Niiini! to its normal condition,   mui
tin* la.nt   fluttering that  husl mails- it
n. sarj   to  bolster hs>r up in    bed
has nlso disappeared It is no wonder Hint the case hiss BXCltod iiiiiih
i ."lumi'lit,  und  the editor of the CoUl*-
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enn elect to work during the period and
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lisiisi-af  llslnniiien.
Honesty 1» a prevailing virtue among
most Chinamen. Some of them, In their
native towns nnd cities, often leave
thi'ir  placet  of businesa  unguarded
while they go off for half un hour or
more. Should customers arrive In lhe
meantime they Qud the prices of goods
plainly marked, select whut they wnut
and leave the money for them.
Ills*   TrsiKfl-fll>    ssf   a   Ulsieklnu;   Bottle
lu tbs- l.utlis i*. sstss s s-r.
She was spending her lirst month In
lhe Latin quarter of Paris. She Bpoka
English fluently, wflh a Boston accent:
nlso she spoke Herman, could make u
fair stagger at Italiun and knew a few
words of Hliidoostatipo, but of French
not a syllable.
One morning she found herself In n
wrestling match with a bottle of
French shoe blacking. The ps-sky t><it-
tle, understanding that it had to dyeel
with an alien, refused to give up its
cork. She had no corkscrew of her
own und did not know how to ask for
one. even if she dared suspect that her
next door neighbor might be possessed
of tlio luxury. The tine of her pet fork
she had bent on the obstinate plug, tha
point of her best penknife she had broken off short, and nothing remained
except to throw the botlls- out of u
window to get at Its contents, She de-
Bisls-d as a last resort to try breaking
tin* ni'Ck off the bottle, With a "stove
! lhl lifter" she administered several
cautious taps In the region of the Jugu-
Tar of tho obstinate neck. "Nothln'
doln'." Then sho tapped harder still,
and the blacking came. All over her
Angers lt came, all over her light woolen skirt and over much of the floor and
window sill.
She decided to hnvo the skirt cleaned
and, packing It Into n bundle, tripped
off to an establishment where she
found embarrassment because she
could not understand questions. Finally she got Uie drift of the conversation.
Tho cleaners wanted tss know what
hnd caused the spot. Fortunately a
bottle of shoo blacking w-ns standing
near by, nnd she pointed nt this nnd
"ould" and "ould" until she left In
heightened spirits, feeling that sin- was
not helpless nnd thut she bad mude the
cleaners understand. When the skirl
was duly returned ths- following week,
It wns dyeil black.
Marriage is u lot tery iu which tin*
bl.inks  un*  husbands—SO snys  n   wife
who takes In washing.
One young   man     wants     to  know
how   long girls   should be courted
Tho sums' iis short ones, "f course
No   mnn   is  in  a   position  to  teach
othor iiM'ii   until after he has burnt
till  fingers ii fi'w timet.
Ms n of leisure
do anything.
seldom luni* t line lo
< oke, ii by pioiliiit in thst manufac
tun* oi gns, has Increased 800   per
si'iit    in price in five years
ltrs'toll shei-p nrs- not niliell Inrccr
thnn a fnlr SUted burs'.
The mandarin duck is one of ths most
beautiful of aquatic birds.
The queen is always at ihe mercy of
the bees and Is a slave Insts'iid of •
A beetle one third the size of n BCtH
WOUld bo able to pull against mot*
than a dozen horss-s.
The greyhound, which run cover »
mile in a minute nnd twenty-eight «<*<"•
oniln, ls tin* fastest of quadrupeds.
Tin* girnffe, armadillo and porcuplns
have no vocal cords and are therefor*
mute. Whales aud serpents are nl*0
The glowworm lays eggs Which nr**
tbemselvea luminous, However, "ie
young batched from llieiu nre not P<*
sosse.l of those p lllnr properties HOT
after tha tirst transformation.
To escape from dangers which menace them starflsbes commit su
This   Instinct   of   self   ds-sti'iicli"»
found only In the highest and '"i1-'**
scales of aiilinitl life,	
I'liras-   or   Wlllpt
iii some parts of Siberia a bri-J*
groom on arriving ot borne eommnnai
his wife to tnke off luf boots.
isn whip and In i be other a pur
contents of tho i*'«»t she first
for removal presags whether
tie giui'Tous or the reverse to
very kind husband will pot a purso'«
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III Illl*'
he in t'l
(o h' i
\ i
The Drill.
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sij,i' him t» thread a needle.
A *'
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Satan would turn the hose on bis
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There never mus tout never will he a
universal panacea In one remedy, for all
Ills tu winch lli-.li is heir—the very nature .I many curatives being such thut
were ihe germs of sither and differently
mates! diseases rooted in tho system of
U,e patient—what wouisl relieve one ill
In on n would aggravate the other. We
hnve however, lo Quinine Wine, when
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serves, disposes to soun.l and refreshlna
sleep- imparts vigor to the action of the
Mi" a v hlch, being stimiilssts»tl, courses
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benlth.N animal functions »»f tin* system,
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'a   sell   it.
When u man wants to tnii< he near
l>   uiwii.vs   blimps   up   ii|*;iiiii.st     some
mini who doesn't wnnt. to listen!
Hinard'ss Liniment Cures Colds, Eic.
\ toper must think his stomach is
'i spirit lump, Judging by the way hi-
pours in the alcohol.
Lover's Y-'/.. (Wise Head) Disinfectant
Simp Powder dusted in I lie hath solum
the   water at   the  same lime  Unit   it   die*
11  I.TlS
Mushrooms generally consist ol 00
l"i    rent,  water,  but    the remaining
I" per cent,  is more nutritious thnn
Children put grown people to sham
when it I'siuis-s tsi is'ilim;; the truth.
If ii man is sntisfled with himself
he i usually disappointed in otbs*r
:'Jvi«*sj*\V a
1 "• ■" u r £.   **- J? §SPRtJ
AtTSGENTtY     g.     IIVER
KlDN^   B0Wtl5
Buy the genuine-mantdbv
•<*'*•*   <""S   <■>.
_"H by ou DRuouits, Pt-iq "■<*)<■ PtR lM)l IU
The doctors are dumbfounded, the
druggists astonished, und the people
excited and joyful over the wonderful cures and tremendous sales of the
great Remedy, Ht. Jacobs oil. Every
case of Rheumatism—eorne of muny
years' standing—has given way to
thia powerful remedy. Thousands of
certificates like the following can be
furnished aa to its value :—
George Scleyer, Publisher of the
Chilton, Wis., "Volksbote," used St.
Jacobs Oil for "almost unbearable
pains in the back, which had completely prostrated him." A few applications cured him entirely.
Mrs, Fred. Eberle, BoHaire, O., was
for a long time severely troubled
with Rheumatism. St. Jacobs Oil
instantly relieved nnd entirely cured
Rev. Pr. B, Pick, of Rochester, N.
Y., suffered so intensely from Rheumatic pains that he wus unable to
preach. Several applications from a
bottle of St.. Jacobs Oil, "relieved
!•'. Rudder, Cleveland, Ohio, suys :
"Two applications ol St.. Jacobs Oil
enroll me of great and long-continued
pain iu my  foot."
Messrs. C. 1/. llninduge and Son,
Druggists, Muskegon, Mich., write:—
"St. Jucobs Oil bus a wonderful
sale. We sold eight bottles nl retail
yesterday. This will give you some
idea of how well it is liked in this
Mr. Louis llinUi'l, sif East Poesten,
Kill, NY. snys :—"1 call St. Jacobs
Oil the best liniment I ever used. It
cured me of Rheumatism nnd pain In
the back."
Herman Hittner, Manchester, N.IT.:
"I have triesl St. Jacobs Oil and
found it excellent. All those who
hats! purchased it spenk of it as
'simply  incomparable-' "
Geo. G. Erflle, Palestine, ill.:—" I
wus iii bed suffering from a swollen
leg, 1 used St. Jacobs Oil. its effect
wns wonderful, The following slay 1
attended  to  uiy  business again."
Ur, Otto Puis, Reading, 0-. writes:
''Tho sale of St. Jacobs Oil is constantly increasing ; it is praised by
everybody and never fails to give entire sat isf mt ion."
After a woman is married, all the
lns'e und ruffles nnd things she used
to buy for herself go into tlm children's clothes.
WI luring   the  quarrel)   —"Wlint
made you marry me, then 1"
Husband — "Why. you did, ol
Off Colour?
Practically the whole English
speaking population of the
world keep themselves in
condition by using
Sold Everywhere.   In bona. So cents.
.will tell
When an animal ia sll run down,
has a rough coat and a tight hide,
anyone knows that his bVaod is ont
of order. To Veep an animal .economically he must be in good health.
Is a necessity where the best result!
from feeding would be obtained.
It tones up the system, rids the
stomach of bots, worms and other
parasites that suck the life blood
Nothing like Dick'a powder for
a  run down horse.
60 cents a package.
Le-etnlng, Miles A Co., Afesits,
There are three points
•which makes "Ryrie"
Diamond a most satis-
Isctory  Investment:
•S'ahiT.ni'tri kaowlad|csf
Diamond Valuaa—
Wa select peraonally every
■tana catarlni our notk
Ve cheerfully rtfssnd ilia full
■ssi.r il a Diamond
purchaitd sit ua It nol
parte, ill eelktartory.
VrOtftr nr Mitt rtaliiJoeva,
Ryrie Bros.,
Tonga and Adelaide
'Compiled fr.im The Commercial)
Manitoba wheat ban been quiet and
dull ull week, but fuirly firm in
price, which has gained ic on the
week. Most, of tho wheat moving
eastward is going into the terminal
•levators at Fort William, Port Arthur and Duluth. A moderate quantity is going all rail for export via
St. John and a few cars to the
Washburn-Crosby mill at Minneapolis. Prices in ston? terminal elevators    for    December delivery    are
70 J i* ] hard. 1*8ic 1 northern, 67c 2
northern, 85c 3 northern. For delivery first half January the price is
Jc higher than for December delivery
and foi delivery the last half of January 'i' higher than December. For
May delivery prices are : No. 1 hard,
75*j;C;   l   northern, 78ic; 2 northern,
71 ','■,  und  Ii northern,  I'Ojc.
FLO U It—Demand Is active and
prices steady. Dest Hungarian Patent is worth $2 per suck of 1)8 lbs.,
delivered to the trade; Qlehora pat-
s'ut. SI.85; strong bakers, $1.55; and
WW  at $i,,25.
sVUIbLFEKD—Bra-n is quoted ai SI.",
per ton ill sucks, uml shorts at Sl1
por ton.
hats—The market is not by uny
moans well supplied with outs—owing lo the shoitugi- of curs—mid
prices nie holding above the basis
which stocks iu the country would
Justify if transportation were available. There i.s really no change in
prices; but a drop may come at any
moment if receipts show signs of permanent improvement. No. 2 white
outs are worth 28Jc per bushel at
Fort William. On track at Winnipeg
this grade is worth 27 to 28 emits
per bushel, and about 25c is the
price   for  fei'd   white. At   country
points fanners ate getting 20c per
bushel at central points.
bARLEY—Shipments are very light
tor want of cars. Brewers are bid-
dim; 32c per bushel for No. 8 extra
barley, in carlots, on track. Feed
grades  are worth  2fi  to  27c
FLAXSEED—The Manitoba crop is
practically all suit of first hands.
Some districts In the Territories still
hnve some flaxseed to sell. The price
is about 98 cents to farmers at country points
BPELTZ-—The market holds steady
at 30c per bushel of 50 pounds, d«*-
livered  in  Winnipeg.
HAY—Dealers ure paying $6 to
$8.50 per ton for carlots on track.
POTATOES—80c per bushel.
['UTTER -- Creamery*— Creameries
are asking 20c per pound from city
customers  for choice makes.
BUTTER—Dairy—Very little butter
is coming in and tbe market is quiet
at unchanged prices, Dealers are
|iu*,iiil,- 21c per pound net at Winni-
peg for dairy separator butter in
i.inks, ninl li to "17c net for choice
l ub butter.
CHEESE—The price is bnuei at
18 t" l'ij.' i"'i pound.
l'.ciis— Eggs ssi's' scarce and have
advanced to 22c per do-sen, net, in
Winnipeg, subject t" candling.
off«*rlng in u wholesale way ioc per
pound for chickens, dressed; '.'Jc i"
11ic foi dusks and geese, and 16c i'"-
DRESSED MEATS — Bee!, city
diis!s*d. 6 to t>Jc per pound; country
stssck. Jc uniler ths'se figures; mutton,
h to 9c; lamb, lljc; hogs, 7c
HjDES—Country frozen bides are
blinging insm lie tss 8">C per pound.
delivered ut Winnipeg, less ."i pounds
tisM-. sheep pelts, .V' to 60c,
WOOL*—Market  nominal.
SENECA ItOOT—Last put"chu**es
wire mails- ut ."iSr per pound for i Is-.in
si:-,   root, delivered at Winnipeg
CATTLE- Tlie    market    is    quiet
l'lnst st.vis are worth 4c; butchers'
orninary, 8Jc, and from that down
tis 3ic according i<> n'luluy There
is ni.tliiiiu doing in Btocker cattle.
SHEEP—Worth 3Jc per pound ofl
curs  here.    I.nmbs,  -1J  to   IJi'.
HOGS—The market is unchanged
at tic per pouml fs>r Iubl's weighing
Ir.ifi DH> to 2"H pounds. Heavies
anil lb'bts are worth sj  to  lc lets.
Mil.I'll TOWS—There are very few
milkers to 1"* hud. and prices arc
firm ut $30 to $45 cash, fsir sucb as
are to be had, according to quality
HORSES—There is a good dsraand
for teams for the bush, and priests
are stiiT. General purpose horses are
nl ,i wanted,
Dodd's   Kidney   Pills   Make    No
Halfway Work ol Kidney
J. J. McDonald Had Rheumatlim end
Uropay, Waa Cured liy Dosld't Kidney
1'ilU, and Haa Had no Kutnru ot Ul*
Trouble For Ilu* Vs-ara,
Windsor, Ont., Dec. 29.—(Special)
—lt has been acknowledged for some
years that Dodd's Kidney l'ills
would cure any case of Kidney Disease, and of late those interested in
medical science have been watching
those cures to convince themselves
that they were permanent. Gradually the conviction is forced that
Dodd's Kidney Fills cure once and for
all. One moro proof of this is furnished by John ,1. McDonald, a well
known farmer, now residing at 180
l.atiglois avenue. Five years ago he
was troubled with Rheumatism and
Dropsy, For two years he Buffered
terribly, and the different medicines
he Hied failed to relieve him. llis
h'gs were swollen and the pains he
Buttered were most, acute. He used
Dodd's Kislney Fills, was cured, and
his cure caused spiite a sensation at
ths1 time.
Mr McDonald, speaking of his cure
recently,  suys :
" I have had no return of my
trouble up to tbe present, and 1 ain
not anxious for any. It is with
pleasure I acknowledge that Dodd's
Kidne)' Fills cured me. I found them
just us represented, and tbey did for
me far more than 1 expected they
\   philosopher    has an excuse for
any old thing except the toothache.
ll   is the man  who  snores  loudest
who always manages to get to sleep
liist  in a sleeping car.
To Mother*   Who   Havs-   Cross  or Sickly
Cross or crying babies are either
s,iA or in pain, and make everyone
in the house miserable. Healthy babies in.- always happy babies, and
all little ones can be kept both
hi ult by and happy by tbe occasional
u^e of llaby's Own Tablets. If your
littlo one is cross, give him a Tablet
and Ree how quickly it will work a
change for the hotter. Mrs W It.
Austin. Farmington, N.S., s.iya ,—
'llaby's Own Tablets are just what
every mother needs, when her little
ones aro cutting their teeth. When
nij little one cries 1 give bim a Tab-
h-t und it helps him at once Mothers who use the Tablets will have no
troubh with their babies." These
Tablets are sold under a positive
guarantee to contain neither opiate
nor an*, poisonous drug, and thoy
will promptly cure all the minor ailments of litth' ones. Sold by druggists, or si-nt. by mail post paid, at
2-"s ss-uts a box by writing direct to
the Dr. Williams Medicine Co . Brockville, out . or Schenectady,  N. Y.
A Michigan man who advertised for
a wife received nineteen replies from
husbands offering him theirs.
Dots    of    nis'ii tiis'    themselves t.
death looking for an easy jsib.
\ man'l shallow   is   like um: I   ol bis
friends.   It only stocks    to    him in
Mi'ti admire clever women mors
than handsome ones, because they
ur.* scarcer.
11   I-  iiliiin*st   M  hssrsl   lis   ki*>-p  ss   (ilsms!
n*i 11  m I., isis.* mi enemy
Tin* Cradle of tha liner.
Dr. Morlt/. Alsbs-rg in Ids work on the
descent of nan accepts »s plausible
Scuotcnsack's Idea that Australia was
the cradle of the hiiiiian ruse.
An  I'strl*.   AalrssssBsmiT.
Tbnls's, burn IH" IV 0., •"fas the first
tu nuts* the four distinct divisions due
(o tbe position or the sun miuii'ly. the
SOlStlCeS utul lbs' iM'Ulnsixi'H. ID* iiImi
taught that moonlight was simply PC
Qected sunlight and was tbe man who
first iniuli' a prediction of a solar
rssiissi Kssr Cholera.
All kinds of remedies are used by the
Chinese to eure cholera, but the strangest which ims iisiiii' under notice so
fnr Is iDis: The patient nttacked with
, i,,,i i a chews up n Dumber "f large
■, a ih " n Id ones of better slays,
whi'ii thev wile minle large nnsi of cup-
Your Cold
with the old standard remedy that has stood the test
of 40 years experience and
is more popular to-day than
ever before.
Grays Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
is carefully prepared from
Red Spruce Gum, retaining
all its healing;, soothing properties. It is pleasant to
take and is always effectual.
25 cents.    At all Druggists.
Man\ a ysBiing mun gets to the
finnt by securing a job us s motor-
man on r trolley car,
BAFt*-",     CERTAIN,    PROMPT,     ECONOMIC    These few adjectivee apply *. s t ii
1 i>.11   issue  to  Dr   Thomas'   Kclssifle
i'ii 11 siansiiini external and Internal
remedy, adapted to the r«-li.*i* uml sure of
ssiunis;, sssr.. lliBiBut, lu,11 rsi>lies*, iieil ssll
■tftrctlons of tin* l.t-entlslnu nrniins, kidney
troubles, lores, lamansai sssni physical
'llien*    may  be method    In a    la/y
man's madness.   He doesn't want to
take    any   chances     of   injuring     his
hi'iilth by working between meals
Results from common soaps:
eczema, coarse hands, ragged
clothes,  shrunken    flannels.
h.k fssr Hiss Orl*«ssn H«r .j,"
asm :ron
Ogilvie    Oats
Dallcloua flavor.   FrsM from kulls.     Warranted Pure.
Fut  up  ln   all   aited  packages
Ogilvie's Hungarian
Aa now manufactured.   Tne great FAMILY FLOUR.
Iaalat am getting "OGILVIE'»,"  as they are better thaa tha Bast.,
Jlfter aJLf Juto 44 4Lt Mbr few *f
J-fiju mhrv CL
It is hard for the man who is flut
on bis back to face the world.
Cholera morbus, cramps, and kindred |
complaints annually make their appearance at the saints tune aH the hot weather, irreen Iruil, cucumhers. melons, etc.,
and muny persons are deharred friiin eul-
Ing these tempting fruits, hut they neesl
not abstain it they have Dr. J. 11. Kel-
tojltf'fl Dysentery Cordial, anil take a few
ilrims In water. It cures the cramps siml
cholera in a remarkable manner, and is
sure to check every disturbance of the
Most bachelor's  idea  of misery    is
being alone with a noisy baby.
When a  man  is  in  love he doesn't
know axle grease from butter.
OUT OF SORTS—Symptoms, Headache,
loss ol appetite, furred tongue, and szeii-
pral indisposition. These symptoms, if
iiei;l<*cted, develop into acute disease It
is a trite saying thst an "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," and
a little attention at this point may save
mouths of sickness and larec doctor's
lulls. For this complaint take from two
lo three of l'urmelee's Vegetab.e Pills on
golna to bed, and one or two for three
niuhts in succession, and a cure will he
Ailvlses  after  you  enjoy  your   Christina*
Turkoy,   continue  the  pleasure  by  smok-
tni,* a
It you see a book agent who has
not called on you, do not worry.
He'll get around.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
AU  men  make mistakes,  but  what
the newspaper man does is write.
No family livins? in a biliqus country
■should he without Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills A f.'W slssses Iakeii now and then
will keep the liver active, cleanse the
Btomach mid bowels from ull bilious matter nnd prevent "time. Mr .1 I, Price
Shoals, Martin Co., Ind., writes: "i
have tried a lsf.x of Parmelee's Pills and
liml them the hest medicine for Fever and
Acne   I   have ever  used.
Siitne people have n mania for saying smart things that make other
people smart.
The  artist   always  has  the  best   of
it  In a  drawn  battle.
No other haa that peculiar sweet flavor
Manufactured by
OE.O.    ■**■*.    URYAN    **.    OO.
•Vrrow l_■>»<«*,  **■. O
situated mldat eceuery an rl ral lea tar
granslsssir. The snssat complete health M>
•ort en tha continent ot Sorts luinaa,
Ita hatha mure all Nrsrvoue and Miue^
lar dlaeaa--a. Ita waters hssal all Hldaefs,
Liver and Stomach ailment*.
They ar* a never falling rs<aa*d]r fo>   all
'.lliwiiisiiislo troublea.
TtHM   tu; to |ll mi weak,  eeaeesUaa
lo reaidance ta Betel er VtlUa
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Some of the people who think they
were born to command do not stis-
sover their mistake until they get
Tils' average man's little troubles
wi.ulil not amount t<* mush were it
nsit for the uncalled for comment of
his friends upon them.
He— I hive Ihe true, the good, the
Miss Sereleaf—Oh, Air. Blank,   ibis
is mi sudden.
The total number of deaths In lo-
dlann  i    September was 2,'M2
A lluiirti-r For Il«*isr>-.
Mrs.  Henrietta whispers In her husband's
h. npei !>'■'! car:
"Here s a quarter for you, Henry.   It will
in* a-plenty, dear!"
Winn  poor Henry  trlea to argue,   "Fifty
.. nts, my dear, today,"
Henrietta points her finger, "Henry, not
u word, l nay' '
Ami the people say: "He's nwful!   All he
thinks uf In this lite
Is  Ills   money—money   money.    How  I'd
huts! io bu his wife!"
—Indianapolis Sun.
A Veterinary Conditioner.
Munitiiil.   June   :!Sth   1002,
W   0.  Douglas,  Esq
Hear Sir—Yours ol the 23rd inst. was
received, also a sample of your Carnafac
Stock Fund by suine mail, and I am
pleased to be able to recommend ita use
l hav,. hail an opportunity of tasting it
in several cass?a of "scours" in calves*,
is ii-1 found thiit about a tablsaapoonfu) to
each, given 'in separated milk, had the
rfle t of restoring ,, healthy action of
the bowels after two doses only. 1 am
satisfied thiii your "Carnafac" preparation sviii prove itself to be very valuable
to live   stock   owners.—l  remain,  voura
truly.   M.   YODNC1,  V.  S.
You can obtain it  from your denier
Grr.ln and Commission Merehants.
HlRb**«t prlr.a paid for wheat, oata. he*-
ley or flax In sarlsita.     Wire or write ma
for prleea before Belling,   Liberal ndvan.    *
cee mad.*  on   coual|fsims»nta   and   handle*!
en eomnslaalon.   I.l.-essa.-d Bind Bond**.
r. O. Box SB0, Winnipeg, Man.
Thr qssnlltjr atainiisril from Oceaa <>
O.'ian. Vour money Isa.k if net *»<
lafai'ts.ry. -
KOS'sr: Jt I.AFI.AMM F:, A a**.. MO**mtn» »
Hs-lsrlalPiiii  I'rnverbs.
The daily tnlk of the Hebrldeani has
a shrewd plcturetwiueneis,   "Let the
loan  ko laughliiH  home,"  they  say.
Thnt is. "Be careful of whatever you i
have borrowed."
If a ps'isoii were to be met coldly
on going to 0 friend's house, he would
lay: I
"The shore Is the same, but the shell   j
lish is not the snme."
The Impossible Is denoted by "black*
berries  In midwinter and  sen  nulls' i
e^L-s in autumn."
"Better thin kneading  than  to  be
empty." Thai is. "Half a loaf la bettei |
than no bread."
"The ui.in who Is Idle will put threats on Hn' Uro."
••lie thnt docs not look before bim
will look behind blm."
"A bottae withuut a dog, without n
cut. witbout n little child, is h house
without pleasure and witbout laughter."
AsiliiBsiBilillr    I ,lltssr«*».
There's   the   nuts,   fnee,   uud   the   racer's
Willi iis queer, iililtuilluous curve,
And   the   mobile   I mgUS,   In   the   middle I
hung, 1
And iho scorcher .s motor nerve.
and can he ruiad at
ISS Oeborno Bt„ Wlnnliieu.    Ejtahliahed 1M0.
Orer StXl.fXX) cars a,   Pnn't he desalted   If job
want a cure    Take  Tho Krelrjr   where you
are trenteil by a qualified phyalclan.   Corrae>
pondence atrlctlj private.
Tb is H an dis oiije Jl'' ^vV
sent to an, ftridrMsii * «"^'«i'e Q ,
- '-•'.ppsVp&id.Tor -flst.fa.J'O'?
isU5sias sm ar paisssni; unir ot rxrin .souiso
lisl  nsr.MD joimt  or riKCSIS.
ft BMUT-lfUl  l LLU ^tj/jfttfj ">*l-sr1tlLri'0 ut;
> rREtTO tveni: i*^MflA4Ei*fc;^sT0JiE&"Sa-
■A INTl D       ■  I ..-o i made,   isisoar-gsafthe
year   >.!'   I9U3.    If none UOW,  t 11.. ■ .m.l s •— nm!
■hip Intor.    \ " ahl" Hi »d frojoi , ^ss thai ii
cuts and eat - like no**, made
-|V.,"b:>|i-bi i;..-. . . i-.itiv.s Society.
Tho Battery,   Gci*. I'lgln ntul Nona St..
Wlnnlpeij.   Corrcsi ondenceSolicited.
lt  Is nol  every client  »iu> Is able
to keep his own counsel
Habits   grow    on    a   man, bui  a
siunll  boy  soon  outgrows his  hub its
\A/.    IM.    VJ.    No.    *OD. Illi DRILL   -I.' CAN   f*. C. JASTJARY
C. E. SxiTui.TJjs.3iLi!. E'litor and Prop.
It ¥T. 1 :»ll:*' EVEBT rlUIUY AT
BLOCAX,      ....      B. C. i uj work
1     niv r   ry., ic      . RggSg"^^
* week foils iw in;.' the members »>         _._    ,,,... nr.Anui/   r\r* .. "*.»•
In the
purpose giving ;. con-'-it in cist of ti
church funds.
Lefal A-lvertiiinf 10 cents a line for
the firit insertion and 5 cents a line each
■ub»s*s}ueDt insertion. UaOB. tnew rr-turnixi Monday irom
Certificates of Improvement, *$*" each,    the coast.
Transient adveniseuient*" at sanse rates'    Sunday wat* a preat day  forsnow-
as legal adve'titing. i slides in'the hills.
locals will t* charged 10 cents a line .
lor each insertion.
C-onimsrcial Kates made known upon I
Tha Pubecription ii **S pn year, strictly in advanc*; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Old papers for«tls* at this offio .
Eilly K<xl{r.-rs h;w gone to Phoenix|    There was a pretty swifl  game of
Ihockey at the rink Friday nL-ht. the JJ»J -^
A coal fainin- prevails thr*.tij-!iont  junior^ d-f.-atin^   the
'.lis- laud.
Addreii all letters to—
Slocan. B. C.
Boors ol 2 goals to 1.   Broken h.-ads J J
•.vers* squally divided betwei a tin two ***
siili-. £•£
New Denver held a public meeting fx
Saturday and endorssed th • resolution %*"
passed by the silver i.-cl i-nineowns rs ?*
Next Monday i.s nomination day format Sandon. as will as condemning the •***"
municipal honors.                              J recent i*-pseeches of Smith Curtis ,,n thi
Sam St un'. is  now  located  in the*
town of Morrisss
The eii-ction in  West  Yah* is to lx*
brought on at once.
Ths-., Pii-rsoji and Lee Potter left on
Monday for Phcenix.
The imowplow came in Sunday, for
tlis.* first time in years.
____ ,    The hockey club is giving a ds
1 f:lIiXy: JAJaTARV 9th.IMS.     ' j tonight in th'" Mwie **•••*
_■     ..._- — ;     Dan Nichol i> again at  his old job
as line repairer for the C.P.R,
The public  school   re-opened  for
business on Monday morning!
Train and Ixvtt senic    have  been
very much demoralized ol late.
The Fisher Maiden, on Four Mile'
Pn •-.-. .- i tesmsmty to I "-■ tss
i-..n'.irm.-.i'i-». ilia*, i- obviotia.
rtn that mail profit '. i
the tola and aimed at ioonslli-
i .,i»r- it. miatak*. Qoi lily in
my mind is primtirilr eueaUal.
Wilis me prod in list narrow in-
JWJ  Urpretatloo is always snbordi*
a a       ted t>. It    This la  las* -iifa«t
a u   polls y 1;..lis tor you nnsi for ma,
tern     Tin K'catct eoeoaracnaeot I
-.    ■  . ial   lay sn '.s'lnfl.  al-
A oeiicil mark in ths e*.a<*9
•Plsosiita will b« »n iBalca-
liun to van that ye eiiitor
eoraing to liitn on youriuii-
B4ri*jtion. Kindlvarkaaw-
lasiga   ia  tai-ti ainl ol.lige.
buitiihiai. auorrmam.
Purin!* the months of July, august,
Si-ptt-mber, October and r*fijvember
last year, 81,778 imnugrants found
horn- in the'Caniidian Northwest, as
against 15^29(for the same time in
I'.nil. Tin* Bgoiea afforde-ndeuceof
the treins-ndsms growth ofj the prairie
•provinces, a growthj that is attracting
World-wide atts-ntion. ' One American
authority professes to believe that
2)000,000 of bis countrymen will n ttle
m Canada in the next ten years.   It
Saturday's train from  Nelaon was
over sev.-n   hours  late,   bavin;*   in- :i k
held up by tbe snow.   A special with g| ....   .,..,,
a Sanger ■••a- ahead and trot stalled al M ;. ■ - ••• ■ right!**, th ■
Winlaw's fsir want of water. Tbe tank H9 -     wil: be wore .-tai
had t'i lss- filled by bucks-its. xt»-
Married. -At the residence of the v In Bronze
bride's mother. Mrs Thomas Wflson, £ £
on Jan. 1. by Bev. Wm Simons, Miss g§ Good:
Bella Wilson to Wm. A. Marks,   Th.
newly marri *dcouple left on the noon
train for Phoenix, where the irrooin is
W Tl
altMXi   BKCOnDS.
promis a to be a heavy shipper.
Mike Damico ansl Tony Long left
ou Saturday to wint.-r in Fernie.
Development only is being carried
on at tbe Hewett, on Four Mile.
Miss llt'wton.the new schoolteacher,
came down from New \) uver on Sat
The band came oul on "•■•••' Year's
afternoon and hit oi? a number of
N.i mails from the east, Spokane,
Ke-.i-KUi'.-.e or Sandon arrive] lc-'i* on
Miss Wilson, .Revelstoke, has I
has been di-monstrated that Canada thfi    ;„„,, ,lt New Denver vacated by
can produce other things than ice and   \[i-- Bewton.
Appended is a completellst ol the var-
;i *ii records registered st tlie local regii
try aili.t*. II, P. Clni-e.ie beinf minin};
Doc ry—I'..'.'.wiis.sl. Bonth Exchange,
Mountain Con, Two l'.rotlicrf.
Tipc 39—Puliliaher's notice ra   tltlin*
quont interests in Chilkst aa.! Delphian
l'ort Hope '*. T I Baty to Julia Batv
w .1
K J"
Wears*   tbowlag   V.-.a-s*-. Ca-:
•-.-,.   Mirrs-r*-. s'a!l   ll«ll>
.   - •  i       Plowar Standi
Lami'vl'i, :.'• l.aini s.ricttir'
Frai ."*■•
I      • -  ;,-. '. QauUeman't l"m
brella     Tl *•, ut baautisa.
Ws. k«pp ll.c* Ms'ritlin Britan-
oia (Dmpanjr'i goods. "Sii.
T'.r Plate ilnst wears." Kui
Bowla,Tea Ware.Bake Di-'i,,'.
Kniss*-, Fsirlss. 8poonsi, etc
nrs. t-siaraiitS's'il  bjr   Iss.ili   ,,.'
and them to be toe best tli is
is, made In jilaii*.
Tin* M«-rislt*ii Britannia Co
b> otar 80 years of continuous
inninifiirtiiriiii.'. Iiavs- raadr. ,L
renntatien in this Mm. ti,,,,
none can touch. Come In and
Hi smile i.f tbelr late prod r.
"unariean    Cut   Glass of
kinds anil designs.
Watches, Clsx-lcs an I Jrw!
if every description.
Engraving not exceeding tliree letters will be done free of charge.
and express orders will receive prompt attention,
■mow and the Yank-[have got on to
the idea, "vitlfn venizeance.
The wage-earner does nol had the
lif.* of sa-_v ratUfaction he did a tew
years beck, Oompetition in every
phase of Un is having its effect on the
worker, and so sharply are the lines
being drawn that iwme but the young
and l)s*st find employment, leaving
the ohl tojone siih: as so much useless
materiaL -The employer demands the
uhno-t of hi*i employee and energy is
screw.-si up t'i the highest tension.
The workman of 10 or 16 years ago
knew naught of tin- strain experieno d
by his fellows of today. Tien again
the multiplication of combines Is
-steadily iiicreasing the costof living
and all tin* fswutials of modern life,
This in turn has compelled theworker
to ss-'-k higher ri*inuneration for hi*.
labor, bul the average increase bo
grudgingly "riven by the employer
fu!L- far below the average increase
shown in the cost of living. Today
the actual iieeeasities of, a working
man's table cost 25 cent more than a
year a^o and B3| per cent more than
in l'.KK). No such increase has Ik-cd
noted in the wages of the worker.
Bather is it that the cry is uttered for
lower wages, and still lower. Is it anv
wonder there h mi much Uljrest in the
world ? The struggle today is one oi
■imple existence; anything more is
Bradstreet'stin its smnmaryof trade
conditions, last week -rtated: ".panada
tliis week completed, from a business
point     "f    \i''W. the    mOSt    sill -sflll
year iu her history.   Pot tbe past Bvi
jrears the  Dominion has experienced
what  has  been  sailed tl ■• growing
tini".   The  truth "I this bas found
ample proof In th • great expansion
that has taken place in manufacturing,
mercantile and  Bnandal  circles, as
wi'll aa in tbe agricultural   sections oi
tba country.   'Here was a greal In
crease in th" w.-alili nf the country
during the past year.   Various figures
nnd statem 'ids ins.,   iii course of pre
paration tor '.In' cal' ndar vear ju I
ended immistakoably prove this fact.'
iStuir of that  kind   makos cheerful
reading, and the beauty "I it Is thai i
1* nil true.   We in  British Ooluinbla
however, have nol been ao fortunati
as the people In tbo other provl n<	
and it takes more than ordinary .statsi
inn to appear "-anguine and hop ifu
hen*. So many adverse and ne'ilm
circumstances have occurred in Hi
country of lato yeara Industrial di-
putes, slump in the prices of silvei
lead and copper, manipulations by i
foreign smelter trust, unscrupuloui
stick Botat ons, and iiiiiorlicu legislation by a 8elf-se9klng govornmenl
All combined have had their effeci
nnd the country wilh the greatest
natural wealth has Ix's'ii the one I" b
Idt behind In the race. Somo day He
order will be reversed ami Britisl
Columbia will gel iis Innings
Wrongs will Delighted and prosperit;
will become general, In tho m ian
lime, saw ivoodi
•v-*'.ili|?s-!ri')i.' fur Till*; DtULL.
Several people  from hew  took in
tin- K. of P. hall at Sandon on  New
Year's night.
Th" framework nf the Bhingle mill
is board si in and it is now n ady for
tbo iron r'x.f.
The annual congregational m<3eting
nf Kilns church will bo he'd next
Wedne iday night.
The Bosun mine, New Denver, tart*
e I up again this wseek, employi ig its
usual', .- a of men.
Jam a Fol -v returned fr ra V tncou-
v r i.n New V.Mi's and will spend the
■*vinter in th i camp.
The heavy Biowfall last r:'-;
caused Bevcrnl buildi . * in I iwn t<
bulge out at tie sid
Jeff Baty and family left '. . ■ oi
Frlsl iy for the Dalle . Oregon, and
eventually on to Valdez, Ala :. .
The fire brigade held a meeting on
Tuesday nijrht and adopted a set o!
bylaws, 'i'1:---. purpose holding □
ball "n the .'{!)t!:.
A. L. Sifton. who spoke hete on tho
Liberal ticket during the Foley cam-
paij ii. has been appoint dchii f ju ti •
or the Territorises.
B. F. i Ireen, the local mt mb ir,
thinks there will bean earlv session
of the legislature, and that Prior will
L'<i under at the first vote.
A hockey match will lx- play-id hi ire
this afternoon between Silverton and
Slocan, In tho evening the visitors
will be entertained at tho ball,
Lost. On Wednesday afternoon, a
lady's gold watch, witn short chain
attached. Finder will be re vardi'!
hy leaving same at The Drill office
Tic ctu '.sm- revenue fur Dei embi r
for the Dominion Bhow an increase cf
*■",■.I.S.0 fi.    For Mc  year il   waa $18,
000.000, an tucr i  • of S2,0 0,030 o er
VV. Pinchbecli i n I B. Sh tford *ot
it pretty rougb o:i Wssdni "day nighl
in a h ."':■■. |*nni i. The i ue bad hi-
'iii ■• lias's' a and h i ber bi3 head
badly out.
Rev. William Simons, P?.stor.
Sunday, »t 11 a.tn. a:!i! 7.30 p.m.
Stbbstli School st 2.80 pan.
i'r.irer Meolinjj. Wsdnesdsy, 7.30 p.m.
Strangers snd youna rntn
nr* cordially invitM.   .   .
i a a. sc.
j, i, wm
Provincial Land Surveyor & Alining
SLOCAN, - • B. C.
■f}y JOINING &&.
QC rents pay?* for time mon thn' membership.
JtJ tach member r'-c \fmt t'.ieolficial c!ul)orK:*n
tTerymoDth.includinffB pieces of bijth-cls»s*» vocal
and iastrumental new music e.ach month, 18
Iii''*"P8 in all; also a Orttiicato of Jlembc-rship
which Hives thc pnvileKO of Club Room in New
Vork Uttfi and of buyin**; liternturc, music or musical instruments of anydescriptiim at wholesale
prices, Ravine you from'iO*; to &\% on your pur-
cha*«e*». Don't fail to join at onre.You will get much
more tban your money's worth. 311'TTal Liteb-
ABT-ltoLOO OLTTB, Dept.     , 150 Nassau St.. N.Y«
will bold it-
"    Ryrie
Certificate cf Injprovtynents.
Hjiniltnn, IlkmlltOll   I'.— s''' sm.it,    !i;ii:|p,
I'ur.BtBt..,    kSSll    til-B»HniTS     tfr*4Ctl  SBBUl
iii»B*--.a'. Claim*..
Situate in tbo Slocan City Mining Divi*
■ion ol ilu! Wesi Kmitenay District
Where located:—On Springsrcreek,
sdjoitiing t:.o Ottawa mine.
TAKENOTK E that r.Arcliis Main-
wtrjiig-Johnson, ilctinu ap iigs-nt lor A.
Bruce Coleman, Fres Mini i •■ Certifii'Hto
So. 1350336, intend, sixty layi Irom llu
.late hcirsit, lo apply to ii s Minin** Uecorder for certificates of improvement,(oi
tiie piirpose ol olitnininy Crown.'granti
sit tlio sbovo claims.
Aud further tiiko notico that notion,
mnls*r section '■)'. must bo cotnniencod
liefore the* issuancs oi sn.-i, c • tifli atcs oi
Kati'd tliis 2l'li ilav of December, Ki02.
A RC111 li il A! N WAK1 Nl l-Jl H1N80N
WHILST we guarantee
** lo keep a "Ryrie"
Watch -aside from hrcat-
ap,e—in perfect action for
iwo years, there is no
limit to its perfect time-
keepinR qualities.
We select for special
mention our No, 5508
"Ryrie" Watch at $25.
(Ijsly'a L/sri-s' nr fli iitl'-maifi
Mlisall Vi atutl.l
ll Is a IS Jewel Movement In
I I !.. Solid Guid Case.
Wa insnrniil.i. IU «-,f.. sUUVOT, ssis.l
will .li..sls,||r i ,'i,„,| tha i„i| pH, ■
If .11  rsissssH il I, „„i |„„r,.,tlj iv.l|«.
MMu tut osir Nr* Csiliilss|rii».
"*-ri •'
1 lie
Ryrie Bros.,
Yongt and Adelaide Streets,
Toronto. (
per an num.
I Jacob Dover, the Jeweler,
-*   n__ ^ . _~-.  -        - __ >■■**■ _   _ _   _   -   »   —--— ^wm -u _   — v   am -»tr>-ti-'*K***Fr—   *w -*  -— mr—mw am—am am"
i i'-r-urrsr i TT*r*t** iryf^r m xroiir »s xrirnrrn nrfr. riivrianioi'*\*sJl.x^*^*'m*W*Vtt*^m^*>*m**1<*Jt
NOTH - »reliT irivon thst I intend
to apply ■•: a «| ecia( i ttii .• of tho r...r.r.!
uf Lican.sii ■,' Comaiissiotiori i. *r the City
off*    . ■ old sftei tlio *■*.• rstion     Meets erery Wednestftf svsninjr
■ I'' ■ ..<.\*. from tho ihi.1 hereof, for » re-'
tail   liquor  license   for   the    prom Vs
known as tha iilocaa  Hotel, situats on
I.o'.s 7 and S, lllock 12, Slocnn.
Dated at ^l cxn this 10th day of December, 1902.
Sta If Miiiers' li, ^^^ & j^o*-*.
no. 62, w. r. of n.
■--.-■ ■: Qr\
Notice of Nomination for
5c!!oo! Trustee
[*)X.'B1 "   '-•:'.■ a ' • 11 .'• El •■'
!      i .--  .: ■ s.ilit: ol i i« i :iv ..f S!ss-
.    r- • ...... r of tho *»!.i>!
..   ilili
... ■ 112 o'elocli
■•'.-■..  ' ■'.'■.•,
tl p * i    . 1  ,' ard
lOolTn   '.-I-.
Tlie io of ' I ■ • • a. 11
V    - '
I" . - ' •:
- '      ■     '
■  •   ■ •      :'.' i'.
• . ..   ! iy s.f n ■, >i..   ■
\i. ' ... ■        .    ■ •     . •■■■■       ■■■■■
■ . ■■    ■       ie s.-b   of Janu
ary, !.* ki buiUli <-. of which everyl
li ;.-r I to talia notlip an l gorsrn
ri   ; ■ , iliil« ! i" tote at '. *   i
■ al ;      ina as hav* the     i i n i ■
n .-: :. red ai ■■  U rj on tl ie »i   u -' .;* .   I   I
■ I ,   s,f llir. (   ity I.f S'
Qiran cn H*r my haud and  seal *.      • I       ol
; lay ol Dei ■■ nber, '. D. 19 .'
it. I. BENTIiEl
Return    • ■ s.lippi
in the Union Hall Slocan City, at
7.80 p ni. Visitinf brstbren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
B. C
Furnishings ^s-
ted Ranges
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  a C.
Genera] Packing and For-
warding attended to at tbs
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
Wby lis without a rang* whea
jrou e;in {jet one so cheap? The?
a.o preferrable to stoves and gits Repre8enti
SI   ■   s     u
better satisfaction. Tbese rangss
bnrn wood or cnul .ninl will b«
set u|. free.
H. IR0MT80H,
ng the strongeM r»tn-
panics dsing basiness in Canada.
Si',2 m.w AcciDiSNT polict, with participation in profits, covering sickness and operatUns.
Ii. I) CURTI& Noury Publle
r > 'I:!.:.   *■ IT1CE hliei by-dr-.n U •: i l'l--
•      tors, of ih' '■' .       nl di I I il
can, thai   I ro itiirp t'i" p .  eni      f tl ■
Elcotofa al t!.p City Hall, Slocan, on the 12th
.1 mnai r, 1003, from the ha      I   ni'    cl
noon, till 2 p.m., for the ptirpoacof olns ti . • per*
i in ni" Municipal i'ihiii-
ri! av Mayor ansl All- rmen.
l*he mode of nomination ol candidate   iha'.l
isa foil
I : . a i li'l-its* ■ -hall !.•■ ii.iir,iliat.* i ia unliiu::
thi ■ I :.■ •'. ill I ■ *si a s- ri l.'-l I.. I a - rests -- OI
ila* Uuniclti illl a i] r iporar 'sa I wss Ier, and
ahall bede(i*ercd t" il" Returning iiilss-rrnt
ms. time betweon the slit" ol tho notice and 2
p.m. "f ill" 'li')- ol Domination:
\. i la . o . renl il a poll l. Uir necoM iry,
such iio'tl will be open on the l*ith dnyof January, I'.* 3, al -i:i h lilillnKi ol whi h o rerybo ly
i    :■    i.y is..lain l i. take notice and gjveru
Iii.a '■!' a irdingly.
The i   ! i 'ii;' ed o be nomliiatatl for and
cure all firms of
Diitresi rn'icr sating
Hour Stomacb
and Bilious Usadacho
I'sr suit at—
All scnsiblo people trafel
bv ihe C.P.R.
Agents for tbe lleinizinan i"f Ce.,Ger.
hard lleiiitzman, and Karn Planes
■ ■"■"•'■■■■■* •. -' ■■' '•   ";:: uSl'liiltfilii DI IlBrOTBlBllS.
Jects of the full age of twentj yoars, and are 4 —•■»■
insi disqualified un Ier any law, and
(n.) Ifaveboonfor the -si.s montlnsncxl isrs*-
ceiling llio slny of nomination the real teresl
ownsir in thn Latisl lts*itistr) (illiisr s.r laud or
real proi erty In tin ' 'ity "f tho ii sses esl ■ alue,
on tii" lu-i municipal assesi nt roll, nf $11*00,
nr Main-. ...it an I above an,   rejtl Is   .    iiicnm-
hrnune or chnrao. nnd  wl I ierwi»e duly
Hinl illed a   muni slpal i  ten
The is i oni qtiallflocl tobo nominate I fur ami
"lfi"l \l l'Tiiii-n ur sucli I'iiy ai the i ltd elec
tion liallboauch poraonsaa .tis male llrltlah
mihji it- of the full s'iri' "' tv enty-oni s/eai sum I
ar" not.!;- lualifled under any lawi and
(b.) EI live beon tor the nil monlha next pro*
.'•■lai- the 'I i. ssf npm|nntisin sh«- ra..; trre.l
MosBls*r,s_v lrB»**trio.:»l Uiurral Clailia.
Bitaate in tbe Slocan City Mining Division of tho Wast Kootenay District.
Whero  located: -ln  tbe Arlington
Take notice that L.I. M. McGregor,
ni'tint! as agent for Thoa. Tobin, I'.M.
("'. No. B5D727, ami II. Cameron, firs'.
minor's certificate No. B50796, intend,
sixty days from tlio dato hereof, to apply
to tin* Mining Itoeo.der fnr a sertifloate
owner lo tho Und Roaiatn OBica oi inmi or of improvements, for the purpose of ob*
.aiil   |iri.|iiM'l v in till* I It.y nf   111,, .a-*, -a- I , ,1,,,.      ..I    • .    r ,i I
nnth   laati   mlclpal ii   eaament roll, of $VXl, ni   '«'n*ng   a crown   grant   lor   the   abOVO
more, over and above any rogiat I  Iiicnm Iclsim
or aha       and who  ire otherwl   i dull
r]ualifled as mui Lcipnl votoi
Ui veil tinder my hand and seal at tho City ut
hla -'i.al day i ' Decrmbors I.I'. UK ".
II. I. HI.NTl.i;.
Keluriiln • OO c i
And further tak.* notice (hat action,
under m'ciion ".7, in ust h** commenced
hrforo thr Issuanco of fcurh cortlflcats of
Dated thia 17th dayof Novomber, 1902
81*11*02 'J. M. McGREGOR,
A glance at ths eendcr.soii
timetable will con vim o y^n
sf this fad. Leave Slocan
City at I L'O p.m :
Avrlvo Wlnnipag 8rd dny 8.150 » m
Arrive St. Paul 8rd day at6.40p.si
Arrive Chicago Ith dny at 9.80l.m
Arrive Terento 5th day at 2.45 p,w
Arrive Montreal 5»h day at 6.80 p "■
Arrive Now York 6th day 8.55 a,m
"Flying palaces bv day,lux*
iiiisus resting jilacis st
uifjlit," fitly describes the C.
P.R. Tourist Cars, which
leave as follows:
Loaves Dunmore Junction daily for st.
I'aul; Kootenay Laiiiling Tuesday •"■'■
Saturday fur Toronto, Montreal, elc.
Further proof of the unequalled service of tho C.P. B. «••■
be had on fl|iplicntion to
E. J. COTIif,
A.O. P. A*,
A^cnt, Slocnn City


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