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The Slocan Drill 1903-03-06

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 P> li»"
6L00AN,   B.   C,   MARCH   C,
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
You need something
nice ln____mU___^
i ■■iiesii **maamVf^mm*mamMm*tmaammm
We have the best .assortment
in the city, at prices that suit
the times. Look into our
show case and see if these are
not facts.
U1LAW   NO.   17   DCI/T"   PASSES   AM>
T. Shatford & Co.
^,,^*************s***t**B*sas*****"*sssss^ "'  '   **    "*■*•**-
.. York <fe Sons,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
neats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Nothing Stands In tlis Way New to Settling this Mlllalts) i.*<i u:,f isssB ring incus-
Morris forwards a Preliminary I'lun
ofthe Waterwerka.
At Monday ni fht'a meeting of tbe
city council there wero present Alii.
Smith, McNeish, Arnot, McC-rilum
and Teeter.
Mayor Yor!; being absent on tbe
coast, Alii. Bmith was voted to the
Communications read: Prom David
Morris,Nelson..'indosing a Sketch plan
of the proposed waterworks systea) for
the city.   Filed.
Frew City Solicitor Jorand, Btating
tlm city had no power to bold bind
consequently no portion of tlu* mill-
site conld revert to tbe city, A way
on! of tlu* difficulty would lio for Mr.
Fletcher to sign u declaration of trust,
agreeing t'i hold the land for the'oity,
which declaration could than lx* registered.
(Letter bud over till next night, to
permit of tho council examining the
From Crane it Co., Portland, submitting price list of waterworks supplies. Referred to the lire, water and
li^ht committee.
Council   adjourned    till   Tuesday
TsisssdsiY NiRlst.
Mayor York and Aid. Teeter were
the absentees on Tuesday night.
Aid. Smith again took tho chair.
Eett.rain"' CirYutar Rantlev Dresontod
equally between N. F, McNaught and
bis brother, Warner Miller and the
Spiers estate. Dickinson's name wan
in uo way to In* considered iu connection with the claims, and if the sheriff
undertook to sell Dickinson's interest,
he was attempting to handle something that did not exist. It looks as
if Ihe worthy sheriff had goue up
against a well developed snag.
Joseph Treulhley Mnss.es a Hutu! Mlstaksj
With Ksdjolne.
thoroughness in work of lirst division;
language subjects and senior arithmetic weak; progress of second division
slow; primary work needs to lie much
improved." Since the above inspection was made there has been a complete change in the teaching staff of
the school, and a big improvement is
biking place, more particularly in the
primary division, the teacher now in
charge being considered by the inspector as one of the best in thc in-
terior, The official report for 1908
will toll a different tale.
city received a sudden shock
ridav afternoon by  the iuforina-
loseph Trombley had lx*en
nil  I
firm llmt  . __
found dead in his room at the Arling
ton Hotel. The discovery had been
made by George Henderson, ono of
tin' proprietor.-,who had gone upstairs
to ascertain why Trombley had not
come down t'i nis meals, Receiving
no answer to his summons, he entered
ths' room ami found the man in a perfectly natural position and apparently
asleep, but upon going closer was horrified to Bnd him dead. Word was at
once sent to Dr. Forin, coroner, who
immediately summoned a jury to
make an official iuquiryinto the cause
of the death.
Thejury composed of .1. Nathan,
L. .1. Edwards, A. C. Smith, H.Guest,
D. S. McVannel, aud C. E. Smither-
ingale. foreman met ba tbe city hall
at 130 and heard the evidence of M,
Lavell, Geo. Henderson. Pat McGuire,
J. A. Anderson and Dr.Bentley. From
the several statements it was learned
deceased laid two months before been
given a strong medicine to quiet his
nerves and induce sleep, witli strict
injunctions that he should not have
the bottle.but I bat the medicine should
be administered to him every hour,
Mill Aid B.vlissv Mori:, Wills ho OppoaitluH
en Tuesday,
Last Tear'S Shipissristfi Were e.ia.'l Tons—
A lli'siltliy DvlalaBirss of the Life ansl
Wussllls ssf  tlse  Cuuip   ls.i»-r|si Iso tlsi,
Biggest Shipper.
Ore shipments this week consist of
.'12 tons, of which 20 tons was from the
Ottawa and went to Trail. The remaining 12 tons wils sent out by the
lessees of the Meteor and was consigned to Nelson.   It was thc first ore sent
itatomeht of lhe vote on bvlaw 17. j After recovery,  Trombley   somehovv
.-icclarin" that .'50 votes had boon ea-t; obtained possession of tho bottle and
 • L *.   ,. l x     ! L      . i.    ll. .
5L0CAN, &. C.
reached by *ny trail or road
it rutii into tht Town.
Do not fo past iU door when
you art dry, weary or hungry.
for the bylaw aud
cs'pl'vi aud ii!'*d.^^^^^^^^^
City Solicitor Jorand prosi nb
leclanition of trust ro lots ia t;i
ne against.   Ac-| kent it iiVthc Windsor Hotel for fur
•1 the
rite, which had beon prepared for F.
Fletcher to siyu, the lots to bo held
for the citv .:i ataise thi' mill company
did not  Iiv.' up to their agrotsinent
ailoito-l amount,    .The :•■•:.  day and
evoui v" be passed iu and out of the
•*•«« *«**   --.- -- —--- --.. Windsor and Arlington hotels a cum-
document was r iad to the coun* bi •• ,,•; times, and tbe last -seen of him
alive was at  1230 Thursdny ui -lit.
is '-.I be went upstairs to ben% stating
:i; pretty slo
For once tho citizens of Slocan have
been united and have worked and
voted harmoniously and unanimously
for tho uplifting and progress of the
city. On Tuesday the vote of the
ratepayers was solicited on Bylaw No.
17. granting a bonus of $10,000 to the
Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co., and the
ballot resulted unanimously in favor
of tho bylaw, 36 votes in all being
This is the second time the ratepayers have voted on the question.the
lirst time bein"; on Nov. 4, 1!M)2, wben
the vote stood 11 for to 7 against.
That bylaw. No. 14, called for the
raising of $6000, but it was found the
amount would uo! lie sufficient to
cover the purchase price of the mill
site, as the townsite company held out
for au additional $1600, so ita appeal
was made to the lieutenant governor
to have it cancelled. The new b\ law
gives ample funds for carrying out the
project, thus ensuring the hi,** milling
plant as a permanent fixture,
Tuesday s vote was 12 short of that
cast in November last but it is more
satisfactory in that none were found
to say nay. There was not much interest evinced in the vote, as the passage of tho bylaw was a foregone conclusion.   Should no protest be li)< d
i seen io uiuu <i visj.-u. within   the   next   30  days, the B.C.
11 i be four limes the J Trust Co. will then pav over the pur-
-    " 'I     -X    *._   si..
out by the latter property in years.
There will lie no more ore to go out
from this plane for some time to come.
For 1902 tbo ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 688S
Kjiis, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Black I'rince	
thor uso. On Wednesday nighl of Ft
we •'-. he ■ ■ fain hadocca : in I iusc tbe
medicine and was seen t.i take a do **
afterwards prov
Ts»T AT..
Aid. Smith called attoation to thn
fact that all the privatelotsiu tbe mill
-it • would Irivo to given similar declaration a!.*o.
Aid. Arnot and McNeish moved th
Fronftho furttii
ru-?g"ist who  pu
statements of the
sin thi
I"sll5hin.     ,..,.,    ,,...     .1.     ._. ^^^
_^^^^^^__________—       nnd the physicians, it is evident Tn m
dty solicitor send tli" declaration on bley, who was unableto rcadnnd
to Ur. Fletcher to Bign.   Carried. follow the directions on tbo la"
Chief of Police Armstrong made the],
following report for February: No. of j i
arrests,   none:   summonses   served.!!;'
small debts c:i:',s,2; police court ca	
2: fin": and costs collected, $3.25- fire
alarms, 1, no damage; coroner'
cbaso price ot the debentures to tin
city's credit at the Royal Bank, Nelson. As the necessary deeds for the
millsite are in tbe bank awaiting the
payment of the money, there should
bo no delay now in bringing the long
drawn out business to a close, lt is
Altogether unlikely the city will ever
regret its bargain with the Ontario-
Slocan Lumber Co.
  .     rcction.s on tiie lauol, had
•*"i..'..*u too often and too much of
bo medicine, which contained chloral
j and other powerful drugs, and had
fallen into a sleep from which th
wakoning. And such was
Mining   Assiscliit soil.
Offers up-to-date aexommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mininj*" Men.
IETMINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
■     ' '    "*-*■    *——auu^mmmmm—aaa^mmmam—mm^nmmm——mmom^^,mtmaa   ■■a-**ir"MB*******************7*****>*************|
quest, 1. with 11 summonses served.
As this was the iir.*t report seut in.the
council did not know what to do with
it, tin- aldermen wanting to know who
bossed the cop anyway. When explain d the commissioners ordered the
chief to report monthly to council, ths
epistle was ordered filed.
Aid. McCallum moved that bylaw
17 be reconsidered aud finally passed.
inclusion   arri
ved  at
whose vordicl was that
by tho  jury,
d. ceased had
Jte-opened Binder
ike aid managsment.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
come to his death "through taking, iu
ignorance, an overdose of medicine,
taken to quiet his nerve-; and induce
sleep; he.lieing unable to read written
English, was not in a position to fol-
' i.v the directions on the bottle, said
medicine having been prescribed for
and  administered   to deceased* two
months previously while in a similar
Do'va.-ed  was   buried   on Sunday
afternoon, from the undertaking es-
_______________ tabliahment of D. D. Itobertson.   The
en! to Nolson .or regis!ration. | lt.m!lins were escorted to the cemetery
Hills presented: EL A. Bradshaw, hy the Miners' Onion, of which the
Referred to finance d-*oeased was a member, and a largo
illowiug of citizens, Rev. Father Cote
Bylaw wm read and accepted, on
otion of Aid. Arnot and  McNeish.
k* signed, Bealod and
iiud ordered to
The Royal Hotel,
Cs»r. Artfcar Struct o.4 D«laa«y At«»u«, SlaeHn.
^lildiof thoroughly renovated
Md re st -eked with the. best
;ruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
14. C. SMITH,
■"■""•"•.Is*.* sTraclUa,  Kit-*,  H— and  I.-*b**i*.1
Hl..r«l CUlMI.
|Bitu»te in the Slix-sn City Minin-* PWi-
•i'Mi o( the West Kouteney District.
Whire locntnl:—Five miles up flrst
'"nth fork of Lemon creek.edj ining
the Violet mineral claim.
THK NOTICK that I, W. S. Jolm-
•on, lor niveelf, K.M.C. \)blt!'2\; ami as
•stent lor W.J Johnson, F.M.C. bBW728|
A.S. Johnson, F.M.C. BM738' Frank
glek, F.M.C B6U777; J K Tutt.«n«all,
J.M.C. BC9703; antl A. It. Mderuton,
Free Miner's Certificate No It'ivisr.'.i,
intend, sixty days (rom the date hereof,
toapjsly t, the mitilnti reronlti tor s»r-
tiflcates ol Improvement, fur ilm pnn
p-meol obtainliM Orowti irnnti ol vl'e
•hove claitni,
I   And farther utsv imtic** Umt actions
Uiiaer eect^oa 57, uiiwt. be coMiuieiiueil
liefore the issuance o( such certificates ol
Dairu this li'itli slav ol .laanarv, 1903.
23-1 03 '  W  S..IUIINSON
stationery, 8.J.15.
Instructions were riven the solicitor i
to draft a new set of debentures and
submit them to the Victoria ('.ilor.i**!
foi prices.   The solicitor wm to notify]
A. C. Cssilt. solicitor for Ihn loan i*om-
pany, that bylaw 17 had  passed; also'
to look into the question of declam
tions of tru.-(   from the private lot--1
einlirae.'d in the millsite.
Aid. Worden, for th" Bre brigade,
I would like lo ;:.! a lira* bell. The
managers of Knox ehnreh would give
the use ssf their hell, if the eity would
pay the expenses and asauine the re
sponslbillty, bul the eity should have
one fur themselves.
Nothing done, as thi" finances of the
eity were t>to low.
Aid. Arnot would like to ss*e the
jurisdiction of tin* small debts oourl
extended, a* ha* understood it took in
merely sms.*-; arising in the eity.
Aid. McCallum wm of the opinion
the latitude of the court would take in
iOici.ating at   tho  grave,   r
was an old country Frenchman.about
28 or .'lil years of ago, and a carpenter
of  more   than ordinary  ability.   He
was wvll known here.
W!H**B*"ros*t   Mill Tills Summer.
Machinery and material for the bi'.,r
The Provincial Mining Association
closed its convention at Victoria on
Monday.   Contrary  to expectations,
the meetings wore very harmonious
and much practical pood accomplished.    Numerous resolutions affecting
the mining industry wore passed,ohiel
among which Were; to repeal the two
per cent tax, crown granting of placer
claims, appointment of aboard of concilia', ion to settle   labor disputes, anil
asking Ixitb  governments to throw
open the coal land reserves.   Another
practical move was to appoint a committee of seveu, throe or whom were
miners, to proceed to Fernie to endeavor to settle the coal strike.   Manager
Tonkin  promised his assistance and
tie* government will pay the expenses.
Politics have been  forbidden in the
association,   .lohn Keen was elected
president. ,1.  B. Hobson  and   1). W.
EUggins vis'e presidents, A. L. Belvea
aud M. W ilUams secretaries, and A.B.
Fraser treasurer,   The executive committee is composed of H. Seaman. M.
McAndrews, Chris Foley. P. J. Pier-
son, F. Dockrell, .Leslie liill. Edmund
Kirby, Henry Croft. \V. M. Brewer. J.
H.Toukiu, ll.C. Bollinger,A.J.Gob-
bell, W. H. Aldridsre. .1..I. Campbell.
Bar silver is selling at 18JJ ceuts.
Sandon mines last week shipped 315
tons of ore.
Another blank was scored at the record office last week.
In January the Ymir mine cleaned
up a prs>lit of i^'lSO from a run of till
Four feet of concentrates and 10
inches of prey copper are showing in
the No. 8 tunnel of the Payne.
The Bosun lias commenced shipping its ..ine again to Belgium, the
returns from Kansas not being satisfactory.
Ore from the Slecan Slav is liiqving
out pretty freely ft thi'' trust suieltM*
at Denv<*r, Col., 252 tons having been
shipped during February.
Several of the Kossland mines will
instal reduction work-, to treat their
low grade product, It is claimed S6
ore will lie min 'd at a profit.
W.Watson was killed and J. Salmon frightfully Injured Monday, at
tie' Knob Hill mine, in th»* Boundrtry. ',
Thev drilled into a missed hole.    **
John L. Iietaliack and LsOUis Pratt
have been appointed by the Slocan
mineowners to proceed to Ottawa and
lobby for increased tariff on lead products.
.lames Crawford came down from
the Bondholder on Friday and reported the ls96sees had 10 inches of good
ore to work on. They had two tons
sorted out for shipment.
s  "'iy I lien, is • bs. o- ■ •      ,,
 r------------sH      \   i •  :'l  ...      !:. S.  .-. lavlor. A.  *
lumbering concern  here  have been | A.U. j-J1^1^ 0i Sweeney. L. W
arriving in large quantities o
much more is on the way.
« b..i, Mlaisral delta.
Situate in the Slocnn City Mining Pivi-
■ion ol the Weat Kootrnay District.
Where located:—On Lemon creek,
lj% inilen* (nun tin* iiioutli.
Take notice that I,.!. M McGregor,
actinyt aa aiifiit fur W. |). Melt loell. I*.
M.O. No. B72892! C. S. Iluxter, P.M.P.
No. B70l«4, ami P. W. tlessiyr, free
tninar'a certtflcsts No. 1151840, Intond,
•ixty daya from liisdatS hereof, ds ip|sly
to Ins Miniiif Becoider fsir a <•»»11 iii ■:>11-
isf Improvement!, fer Uie pur|tote •»i oh>
tslnlng a orswn grant lei th* shove
Ansl further   take  notice  thai SCllon,
..siisr itH'tinn 87, mull be ronnueiired
ivthing from the camp.
Matter dropped and council
l'|l AgSllss,t "  Ssius;.
Shs'iilT Tuck is evidently np against
another snag Inondeavorlug to satisfy
Elmer Felt's judgment against Percy
DlokinSOn by selling lhe kilter's interest iu the Skylark and Hanger olaims,
N. P. McNaugbt, of Silverton, was
here on Friday en route to Nolson to
watch the sheriff's sale  ivKt day, and
he then stated there was do interest
in the properties belonging t.i Percy
Dickinson^s tv>soolates lhat wa- liable
to a sale,   The judgment and sheriff'e
, ,     ,,   .M „ m „f...„i...»n ,,„,„' notlc ■  ■' re a niti I   Dickinson alone,
hefore    .s' I*"" ni i   '■! mi. Ii certnicato oi        . . ,
nnd it Isitd   yel  to lie sh        I hai ne
Dated fu. 12th day of Fi "  ■■""'    ■'■ lhe two pn   i
•"7.JJ.PJ* J.JJ. auviliLoUi'. | An a iii.ilis'i s.i   i.isi. thoy  weie mwuii
the   materia]   mentioned   elsewhere
there have arrived a large engine for
the shingle mill, and  several carloads
.it inin and brie!; lur tie' huge refuse
burner, which will be 80 feel in diain-
fter.    At a ivcout meeting nf thi' fsmi-
pany, held in th" east, it  was decided
to rush the construction of the big saw.
lath and planing  mill, so as to begin
manufacturing [timber before fall.  It
was the intention to make the season's
••ul al the bond of the  lake, but now
[ that plant will  only saw  out the dimension stuff for th" new works here.
Alan  McPherson, secretary treasurer
of (he company, ia o:i th" way to Sloean   from   Orillia, and  will assist in
looking after affairs.   The management expects to have the shingle mill
running by lhe end of April or early,
in May, by which time the railway
company will have the new switches i
built. Into the yards,
land, W. McLean, and M. Lehman.
Inove&ee »f Ti'isiHs;.
Put,llis b.i'Ibs'i.1 Itvpiirt.
The industrial trouble in th.' Crow's
\,Vt Pass coalfields has h-rei'il the
C.P.R. and the Boundary smelters hi
look tu Vancouver Island for their
aupply of coal and coke. Asafnse-
qu^eofthis traffic via Slocan lake
gas increased to a wonderful extent,
aecessitatlng the employment of the
bUB Sandon. as well as thestr. SlOCOn.
[tis understood the Dunsmuir mines
ta?e contracted to supply 80,000 tons
of coal aud coke to the railway and
smelters, which would time three
months to transport, at the rate of 16
Lai's a day.   The Sandon is employed
! witli the' transfer barge, leaving the
Slocan. for ihe regular run. rhe Increased traffic brings In the freight
train oftener, giving considerable life
to this end of the lake.
The annual repot! of lhe provincial
superintendent of public schools has
jusl been is'ited. lu i! there is a r.r-
to the loi il .i'ii.nil, as follows:
I'laiisaas for Snlo,
In this issue appears a list of exown
granted claims in the Slsican and Slocan City divisions, which  the government are offering for sale  for unpaid
taxes nt Kaslo, on May 8.  Among the
number may be ss"ii many well known
here, such is tl e Bondholder, Republic, Alpine, Monument, Haihond, Git
There Kii. Chapleau groups, etc. The
owners have until  tin* day of the sale
to pav up their indebtedness, failing
which tin* claim; will come under tho
hammer.   An absolute deed is given
to tho purchaser on the day of sals*,
giving the original owner no option of
redemption.    All claims  not s-ssld on
May s la'Vei't to the government ami
are then open for relocation.   All told
there are ltS"> claims in the dsiiii'.pieut
Mbibbj Wreskke.
WVsliH'sduy was a bad day for tho
C.P.K. in this district, no less than
three wrecks occurring. Engine bui
broke part of her gearing at Tlure.
Forks aud delayed .traffic for seveiial
.lours. Gngine.868 ran into an open
switch here at noon and did not get
on again till next morn, a wicekiug
crew having to lx* brought up from
Nelson. Engine 21, with a freight
train from here, ran off the track in
the Nelson yards tin' same afternoon.
Lots of swearing and hard work.
Following nre the ollicrsi'lieli'd by
' the Miners' Union on Wednesday eves
President. 11. 1). Lea; vioe, J. Nathan;
tin. secretary, J, V. Purviance; ree.
secretary, 1). B. O'Neail; conductor,
I,. Skelly; warden, Thos. McCanlel;
trustees, L. Skelly, U. M. Webster, A.
B. Barber.
The C.P.R, have it bad strike on
their hands, It began at Vancouver
with tho clerks and general employ* es
-nd i.- spreading over the whole sys*
The election  protests at Victoria]
•.gainst Prior and Patterson have been
put off till after tha session of tho
  legislature. ,,,nu ,,< „,,,,.,„„„h ,..„  .__
eronce to ths loi-ai scnom, as iouowh! i    .lames Gilker was elected alderman h-o\, threatening to tie up the road.
I March 18,1902] 79 pupils in Nelson Tuesdav,on the Progressive     T. D. Woodcock returned on,Wed«
uud  llsclpliue ••• lhe ticket, by a majority of 77 over W, C<.  uesday evening from  the mining con-
Hchool   hiifdly  satisfactory-   lack ol 'Oillott. " | vuuti-ju nt Vielona. M'HK DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C, FFM'UAl.Y 27
«*>. j»im &—•
.ill ft »l»l  < a
I i I
C. K. Imitv-eris-sisUat, Editor and Prop.
is rn is Lien ait bviry
B. C.
Legal Adrertising 10 cent* a line (or
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient ad vet t iic men ta st same rates
•■ legal advertising.
Locale will be charged 10 cents s line
(•reach insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
'Ih* Subscription is (2 per year, Strict*
ly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters toll IK SLOCAN DRILL,
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 27th, 1903.
A pencil mark in the space
•ppesite will be an inilica-
* tion to yeu that ye editor
eensitiersthereis something
' coming to him on your sub-
seription. Kindlv acknowledge  is cash and oblige.
Having found tbe pressure of preparatory business too great, the gov-
swrnment bas postponed the meeting
of tbe legislature from March 12 to
Thursday, April 2.
An excellent titbit of encouraging
news is to hand from Grand Forks.
John Manly announces he hns secured
$4,000,000 of American money to invest in mining, smelting and railroading in British Columbia. Ouee again
is the assertion proven.that Americans
are not afraid of our laws and that
capital has not censed to flow into the
After ignoring British Columbia for
the last two years, tbe American smelter trust is again in the country, seeking to purchase all the silver-lead ores
offering. In a short time they will be
open to bid for zinc ores, too. English
bids for local ores are also coming in.
. This healthy demand, coupled with
much better prices in the metal market, is making Sloean mineowners
wear a more cheerful expression.
Nelson Liberals want the government to open the coal reserves in East
Kootenay as a relief from the sufferings endured by the country through
the operations of the Crow's Nest
Coal Co. They maintain there would
then be no wholesale distress inflicted
on the people by an industrial dispute,
as the government would have no
other interest in view than that of
serving the public. Heir. hear'.
Monopolists, take heed and tremble.
-Richard Hall, M.P.P., a member of
the provincial executive of the Liberal
party, has issued a manifesto against
Joe Martin. He states a majority of
the Liberals, for whom he speaks, repudiates Joseph —lock, stock and barrel—notwithstanding that he is the
presumed leader of the party. Now.
Joseph, will you be good. Mr. Hall's
effusion, however, is merely wasted
effort, for naught that he can say will
rob Mr. Martin of either his standing
or following.
Lent commenced on Wednesday.
A teacher is wanted for the school
at Winlaw's.
Rev, W. Simons preached in Trail
last Sunday.
Mrs. T. Blench and daughter have
removed to the coast.
The force on the Fisher Maiden has
been increased to 20 men.
A social dance was given in the
Music Hall on Monday night.
Fred Carlisle is enjoying the lieau-
ties of DeFuniak Springs, Florida.
Rev. Mr. Ball, of Trail, occupied the
pulpit of Knox church last Sunday.
John F. Holden has left Congress,
Ariz.,and is now domiciled at Chicago.
Mrs. R. C. Campbell-Johnston and
daughter went to Vancouver on Friday last.
Died. -At New Denver, on Feb. 20,
the infant daughter of W. Hunter, of
Mrs. Tipping and the balance of
ber family left on Tuesday for Phoenix to reside.
Don't forget the band intends holding their annual masquerade ball on
the 17th of March.
The C.P.R. bridge gang came in
this week to construct a new apron
for the transfer slip.
W. J. Twiss. of Kaslo, was here on
Saturday, pointing out to men the uncertainty of human life.
Rev. Father Cote will hold service
in tho Catholic chinch on Sunday
next, morning and evening.
Mrs. A. York, Mrs. W. D. McGregor
and Mrs. W.H.Davidson accompanied
their husbands to the coast on Monday.
Uncle Tom's Cabin was presented
in the Music Hall Thursday evening.
by thc Wilson company, liefore a big
The Provincial Mining Association
opened its convention at Victoria ou
Wednesday, with 2i>0 delegates in attendance.
Snow sliding off the roof of the
Beattie block. Tuesda***, •demolished a
shi*d in the rear and damaged the roof
of the kitchen.
W. Fifield was found dead in the
ore bins at the Trail smelter on Tuesday,having lieen killed by falling from
the staging above.
The Ontario-Slocan Lumber Company have staked three fine timber
limits on Evans creek.embracing some
of the most magnificent timber in the
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sunday, at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.
Strangers and young men
are cordially inviteii.   .   .
,A splendid class of settlers will find
-homes in the Northwest this year from
Great Britain,the prospects lx'ing that
their numbers will approximate many
thousands. To these will lie added a
mighty throng from the United States,
whose presence is equally desirable.
Each people will make the highest
type of citizen, so giving Canada a
population that will benefit her in
every way. How different they are to
the Doukhobors and kindred nonde-
scripts imported in years gone by.
Canada need not worry uow for population. She can bide her time and
choose her settlers from the best the
nations have to give.
Slocan City Miners' Dm,
No. 6a, W. F. of H.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, st
7.30 p.m. Visiting brsthren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
The oft-recurring trouble in the
British Columbia coal fields is causing
people to think seriously about some
moans to end these disputes, and
opinions are being centred upon compulsory arbitration. All admit arbitration is the proper <*ourse to pursue,
but it cannot be effective unless both
parties to a dispute are compelled to
present their grievances before a properly constituted tribunal, which will
have power to enforce its verdict.
Cpnpulsory arbitration is no now
tbing, but is a tried and proven specific for industrial disorders, as demonstrated by New Zealand and Australia.
The measure is bound to come and it
is satisfactory to note that Greenwood
instructed bor delegates to the Provincial Mining Association to work and
vote for it. British Columbia needs
acompulsory arbitration nnd will have
Representing the strongest companies deing husiness in Canada.
Skit, new ArxiDKKT policy, with participation in proBts, ooverinr sickness and operations.
H. 1) CURTIS, Notary Pnblic
cure all forma of
Distress after eating
Soar Stomach
and bilious Headache
Tor sale at—
Agents for the iltiiiizii.au & Co.,Gerhard Hoiniz.iiun, and Karri Pianos
A couple of Trail Chinamen aro under arrest on suspicion of helping a
consumptive chtiui in a hurried manner along to the happy hunting
J. Pinchbeck bas purchased the
stock of Mrs, Tippiug and has opened
a first-class bakery and confectionery
stand. He makes a specialty of home
made and wbole wheat bread.
Messrs. Morris and McCulloch, of
Nelson, have been quarrelling over the
question of doing the engineering
work for tho proposed waterworks
bere. It was ventilated before the
Nelson council.
A carload of piping and shingle
machines arrived in for the sawmill
company on Sunday, from Vancouver.
The piping is lieing put up in the dry
kiln and the machines installed In the
big mill. It will not be long now till
actual manufacturing commences,
A successful carnival was held at
the rink on Tuesday evening. Miss
Woodman, as a Scotch Lassie, carried
off the prize as (he best lady skater;
while Mrs. M. field, as Butterfly, won
for the best costume. Dan Nichol, as
Hayseed Brown, took the blue ribbon
among the gents.
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Having opened a first-class
establishment on Main Street,
the patronage of the public is
solicited for Home-.MaTle Bread,
Wholo Wheat Bread, Cakes.
Pies, and a full Hue of general
14 l.iBiivors or Iti-ead for 91.
Full Wi-iKlst   mill Osiislil.v
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General  Packing  and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. 0.
Slocan, B. C.
l L.S.I   HKNIlI O. JOLY de LOT"*'NI**RI".
EDWARD VII.. by till* Grace of Usui, of tlie
t'liita'f! Kingdom of Great Britain anil Ire-
Inadand nf the British Domlnioni beyond
the S.ii.i. King. Defender s.f the Faith,
etc., etc., etc.
To Our faithful the Memliers electeii tai «erve in
the L*ssisluti*'« Assembly ssf Dur Province
of llritish ("anlumota, at Unr City sif Victoria,— U It BET I Mi.
H. A.Maolbam, I liriiERKAS We
Deputf Attorii<*y-l'«ni'r.'il. \   lv      aie slesirsni,-.
an-l rcsolietl. as vainn ta mny tie,'. o  meet (lur
peoptfl of OnrVroYincrof llritish Columbia.aud
to have tbelr advice iu Onr Legislature:
NOW KNOW YK. lhat for sliver* causes aial
Consideration*/, and taking into consideration
tha- rusf nasi convenience of Onr loving subject".
V.'.. liaVe though" fit, by and with tlio adviie of
Onr Executive Csitina-il. lo hereby convoke, r.nd
bv theso presents enjoin you, anal sack of you,
that on Thursday, lhe twelfth slay of March,one
thousand nine hundred and three, you moot t's
in Onr said Levis',.iture or Parliament of Our
sail Province, at Our Citv of Victoria, !•*()!(
THE DISPATCH OF lil'SlNES:**. to tro.it. .1.,,
ac' and conclude ssiion those tliinp" which in
Our Legislature of the Provlnco of British Columbia, by lhe Common Council of Onr said
Province may.by iho favour of l*iiirl.lis* ordained.
Ix   Testimony   WhMKOP,   We have   cnuse.l
these Our Ls'ttcrs to he ma lc Patent and
the Great Seal of Our said Province to be
hereunto allixcd:
Witness, the Honourable Sik Henri Qui*
tavi Joly   he Lotbtkie&e, K.C.M.Q.,
Lienlsuianl-Goveriiorof Our saisl Province
of British Columbia, at Our Oovernment
House, in Our City of Victoria, isi Our said
Provinoe, this thirteenth dssy of February,
iu Ilia' year i.f Our l.ssr I one thousand nine
hundred anil three, antl in the thirl year
ofOur Keign.
By Command.
Deputy Provincial Secretary
EDWARD VI!.. bv the Grace of God,of tlie
Cnitcsl Kingdom of Great Britain ansl lie-
land ami ssf the British Dominions beyond
the Seas. Kino, Da funster cf thu Faith,
etc.. etc.. etc.
To Our Faithful the Members elected i.s serve
iu ihe Legislative Assembly ..f Our I'r..
vines-asf British Columbia, and summoned
and called ia. a meeting "f thi' Legislature
or Parliament of Onrsald Prasvii ait Our
City of Victoria, am Thursday.the 12th day
of March, ons tnouiand nine hundred and
three, to have been commenced and hold,
and 'very sif ynu.   (b.ieetim..
H. A. Mai '.kan. i \1* B 1* 1! BAB the
Deputy Attoniey-General j vv meeting of the
Legislature or Parliament of the Province of
British Columbia stands called for Thursday,
the twelfth slay of March, one thousand nine
hundred and three, at which time, at Onr City
aaf Victoria, you wits, liel'l ini.l constrained to
NOW KNOW YE. that for alivcrs cat-SOS nnd
s-sisssiileriitioris, anal talcing into consideration
the ease and convenience ot Our loving subjects
We have tbougbt lit. by anil with lhe advice of
Our Executive Councilol th" Province ssf llritish Columbia, ts. relieve you. ansl each asf yam.
aif your attendance at tin. lima* aforesaid: hereby convoking, and by thesa. presonts enjoining
you. and each asf you, that on Thursday, the
second .lay of April, ssiie thousand nine hundred
aiidthree.yoiims.pt Oi in Our Legislature air
Parliament if the said Province, at Our I'ily asf
to treat, dsi. act ainl conclude upon llns-s' things
which, in Our Legislature of (lie Province of
British Columbia, bj* the Common Council of
Our said Province may, by thu fnvrar of God,
lse ordained.
In  Testimony   Wheheof. We   have   cau-esl
thesso Our Letters to be marie Patent and
the Groat Seal of Our said Province to lie
la i, ant" allixcsl :*
Wmtna, tin- Honourable Sir Henhi Ois-
TAVE Joi.v HE Lotiiimuiie. K.C.M.G..
Lieutenant Governor of Oursaid Province
aif Mriiish Columbia, at Our Oovernment
Hauise, in Our City of Victoria, in Our -aid
Provinces this siiuetecuth slay asf February !
in thi' year of Our Lord one thousand nine
hundred and three, and in the third year
of Our Ri'iKu.
By Caimmaii'l,
Deputy Provincial .Secretary I
BY-LAW NO. 17.
A By-Law to authorize the borrowing ol money
lor the purpose ol granting a bonus to the
Ontarlo-Slocaa Lumber Company, Limited,
and ior that purpose to provMe for the Issue
oldtbeoturts lor tte sum ol $10,000.00.
\\' HBBBAB it is advisable thnt tlie Corpora-
' 1     tion of the City of Slocan shouhl gram a
bonus to the Ontario-Slocan Luni In r Company,
Limited, for the promotion of the manufacture
of luni her within the said Municipality I
ami WHEREAS tlm *'iul manufactory is not
Intended to compete witli any industry or undertaking already ssstabllshsjd and carrying on
Its operations within the Municipal limits of
the Corporation of ihe -said City:
AND vYHE'i!EAS for the purpose aforesaid it
will he necessary to Issue debentures of the said
Municipality for the sum of *UO,000.(XJ os hereinafter provided (which Utheamouul ssf the debt
Uitendoi! lo lie created by this by-law), the proceeds of thc sail debentures to be applied to tlie
luniose aforesaid and tai no oilier:
AND WHEREAS it is doomed desirable to issue ilia sold debentures atone time and to make
Ilia principal of  iho  snisl  debt repayable by
yearly Slims during the period of ten years, lie-j
inn the currency of the sold debentures, said I
yearly sun,-bein],' of .-itch respective amounts I
thai the aggregate amount payable in each y»ar
for principal and interest in respect of said debt !
shall  h"  as   nearly  as   possible  equal to the I
amount so payable in each of tbe olher nine !
year- of saisl period :
\ND WHERE\S the total amount rea-ruired
to be raised annually for paying the said debt
and Interest as hereinafter provided is 11,000.00:
AND WHEREAS tlse amounts s,f the whole
rstsnbls real property of tho said City, accord-;
Ing to tho last revised assessment roll thereof,
AND WHEBEAS there il no cxistim- alt-hen-!
tare debl "f the sai,I City and no principal or Interest in arrear:
AND WHEREAS a petition praying that this
I j law be Introduced and submitted to the dec
tors has been 1 resented to lhe Mayor and
Council of tl e -aid City, which petition Is sign*
cd by the owners ut mora than one-truth of the
value of the r.-al , -a j i rty (n* shown by the last
revised assessment roll i in the -ni 11 ity;
THEREFORE tbe Municipal Council of the
■aid City of Slocan enacts as follows:
1. For tin' purposo of r.ii Ing theuocessary
(rom, dobenturesof tho sal i I Ily i . '.he amount
of flO.tXO.OO as aforesaid, i.i turns of$l(J0.i u oach,
shall Li' Issued on the Oth slay s.f.' prll, A.D. 1008,
each of which • ! bentures shall b. slated on the
day of ihe issue lh ircot, anil thoy shall he payable as folio'.-..,: -
Ten of tin'saisl debentures shall lie payable
one year, ten two years, ten throe yean, ten four'
yean, ten live years, ten six years, ten -even,
yean, ten eight years, ten nine years, and Ienl
toil year.,, from the date herein mentioned for
tliis by-law to lake effect, at the R.syal Hank of j
Canada In Kelson, BX'., or at such other bank
or place as may hereafter bs agreed upon hy tl." !
said Corporation and the debenture holden.
2. Each of the said debentures shnll be signed, by the Major of the snisl City ami by the ;
Treasurer thereof, and shall bo s.-ale.l with the I
Corporate seal sif the Municipality.
3. The said debentures
witllBlllt illtaTB'St. f_\	
4. During the currency of the said debentures
there shall be raised annually by u special rate
on all the rateable r.'al property in the
City the sum of "sl.OCO.CO, for the purposo a.f pay.
ing the amount due in each of tlie -,ti< 1 years fssr
principal and Interest in respect of th.' said
5. It shall bi'lawful for thi' Municipal Council from time to time tai repurchase any of the
-aid debentures .'it such price as may be an-rs pal
upon wiii ihe legal holder! thereof, and all the
debentures -ai purchased shall bo cancelled, unsl
mi re-issue of such debenture shall be made iu
es>nsi's|tiinci- of any such purpose,
fi. This by-law shall take offes t oo tho 5th daj
of April. 1101, after it ha- received the assent of
lhe oleeton s.f the said City iii manner provldod
by law,
7.   The votes of tlie electors of said City -hall'
lie taken on  this by-law at the following tl	
am! place, that   is to say, on Tuesday, tho .'tr.l
alay of March next, commencing ut the hour of
eight o'clock in the forenoon and continuing til!
four o'clock iii the afternoon of the lame day
nt the City Hall. Slocnn, B.C., hy the following
returning officer, that is to say: B.I. Bentley
City ('lurk.
SLOCAN, • •	
Gerttfieate oHipreffiiits.
HssbsbIIIobb, Hamilton  Fractional, .Ilsinlc,
Ttiiaisilo, anil   Hl.stss.in   I' rac 11.sisu!
Mineral Claims.
Situnte in tlie Slocau City MlnlriR T*>ivision ot ilu? West Kootenay District.
Where lots-ated :—On Bpringer creek,
gtljoilling Ilie Otl.iwii mine.
T A UK NOTICK tlmt I.Aicliie Main*
v*r»r!iig-Joli!iMii, RCtlng us n^eist Inr A.
UrnceColeirsttii, Frea Minori Ceitifii'ate
No. B59036, Intend, sixty daya from the
ilale hereof, tu (i|>i>ly lo tlie Mining He-
conler forcertificatMOf improvement,for
the purposo of obtaining Crown grants
of the above claims.
Anil further tako notice thnt action,
under section .17, must Im com in en ceil
liefore the issuance of inch certificatesiof
Dated this 24th slav of Deceniticr, 1902.
Louise  fraction,   Itlln, It..si* im.l   Legal
M isis'i nl Claims,
BUtoate in the Slocnn City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located :—Five miles np lirst
north fork of Lemon creek,adjoining
the Violet mineral claim.
TAKK NOTICK that I, W. S. John-
ion, for mvself, K.M.C. BQ0721; and as
agent for W.J. Johnson, F.M.C. B50722;
A.S. Johnson, F.M.C. lt.V.»7_»8; Frank
Dick. F.M.C l'5!>777; J. K. Tattersall,
F.M.O. B69708; and A. 11. Doldersion,
Frea Miner's Certificate No B69809,
intend, sixty days from the slate herssof,
to apply t tho mining recorderfof certificate:* til improvement, for tho pur-
psise of obtaining Crown grants ol the
.•shove claims.
Ainl further tako notice that action,
under section 87, must be commences!
before tlie issuance of sucli certiflcate! of
Dateil tliis liith dav of .laanarv, 1908.
2u\ Oli '  W   S. JOHNSON
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
'*"■••    -1-iA^STREr^ji^
Timber Noticed   1
VfOTICE is hereby Riven that thirty*,,. J
jN    slate   I   intensi to apply t„ [,,, i?",,t*t
Chief Commissioner of Lands i \\,,,con-Ui
toria, ll.C, for a special license tocf&*l
away  timber  from   the folios,hJ f,""**
Inlisls:   ConinieiiciiiK at a asss.i JLi"Wl
,.«.^,. .— «.»....., .u.ss,as   BUUIB1   41) clll,ins..' ,1****
west 100 chains; theue rtli 10 cfisl!. ."1
olacc of commencement, containing Mq!,'   *)
•Oated this 18th day of Pebritor^iSg,   71
Timber NoticeT
"PAKE NOTICE that thirty days a",.,',.
J iutend to apply to the l'l,,,,.,',,,,"*"flW
missioner of Lands *f Works at Vlctorlifii
for a special Uoense to cut ninl earn iin,T*3
lier from the followtnn described lands' fia
mencin'u at is po*t on the north -.isle ofthiiH
branch ssf Evans creek, near tlse wo.sa,i.f5
dary s.f W. II T.idliope's location, «n iHj
S. ( Isssw s northeast corner !>..-.) - n„.. ' r")
10 chains; thence west IU) chains; thenS23
10 chains; thence east Itu chains toolSl
commencement, containini,' M0 acres,
Dated this mth day of February, I'joa.' CH*t1*
Timber Notice.
OTICE is hereby given that thirty dim.iu, I
i>    dato I intent UMPDly totbeHw.t&"Ja
Caimmiksioner of I.unsl- a Works at Victoria B I
('„ for a special license to cul uml carry««,'
timlscr frsms tlse fasHouim* deMrlbed lusfl
CiBnimencinKist a passt marked HowardcCS
iiortli.'iikt corner post.sitBiistial on the aorusm
ssf lliis soul Ii branch of Evans cm-k, m-ariS
westerly bonnilnry of S. Chew'i location;UM
south MQ chains; tneDce west W) clisinijtuS
north Ml chains; tlis'iics- s-a-t isa chslni kipiS
ofcomiiii-iicement, coiitainiin,*sHOacm
Ilalsxl this 20th .lay aif Kchriiurv. 1H0.
Furnishings ^>
Crojis) Mineral ( lalta.
Situnte iu tlie Slocan City "ilininR I>ivi-
sinii ol the West Kootenay Dltrtriet.
W'lieio liuated : - On Lemon creek,
1 lg miles from the mouth*.
Take notice lhat 1..I. M llcOregor,
sniiij; as niient for \V. D, Mrlntoeii, F.
M.C. No. H72892; C. **. Raxter, F.M.C.
No. D701tW, nnd I'. \V, Rsrorge, free
miner's eeriiiieiile No. U61340, Intend,
sixtv iliiys from tiie date hereof, tsi apply
to the Mining Reronler furs certiflcate
of Improvements, for the purpose of ssli-
taining a crown grant for the alxive
Ami further take notice that arlioii,
under scrtion ;!7, must be commenow
liefore the issuance of eueh certificate ol
Dued this lL'th dav of February, l.'i'3
27*203 J. M. McOREGOR.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be wit lio ut a r.-inirswlm
you can {• r-t one so cheap ? The)
aro [irefcrralilf toStioveaandfltl
liettcr satisf iction. -Tlirse ranff**
liurii woorl or coal and will U
set nji free.
r-hull  in., repayable
Psjne anil passes!  in Conncil thi-
February, A.I). 1908.
slay of
day of February, A.D.
Recon-i lcre.1 this
BsSOaived the assent of more than llirs-c lifth-
of tbe electors voting fan nr against this by-law
this i!ny of March. 1«!S.
Finally passed and adopted this
March, A.D. 1908,
alay aif
City Clerk.
TAKK NOTH'K that the ahove ll is true copy
of til's propoied by-law upon which the vote of
tlm Municipality will be taken at the rity Hall,
BlOMn, H.i"., oil Tuesday, tho Snl .iny of Mnrch.
st.D. 1908, Isetivessn tin. hour« of eight o'clock in
the forenoon ansl fsmr o'clock in the afternoon,
1 un l of tlm Councils
o You
Want a Home?
Then come to Slocan-, for it is
one of the fairest spot* on this
earth of onrse Levelnes»i
Room, Scenery, Health, .Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes,School
Hospital, Pnblio Halls and
enterprising citizens aresome
of the advantages enjoyed bv
this City, backed np by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocau is
the Burj
Gome and be convinced that this tsWl
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality- THE
!*« \P~
SLOCAN,   D.   C,   MAKCH   G,
You need something
nice in_^__wmtmW-mm.
We have the best assortment
in the city, at prices that suit
the times. Look into our
show case and see if these are
not facts.
lltl.AW    NO.   17   rHJLY   PASSK8
Nothing Itaads Iii tlse  Way  New te Set-
tiinn the Msii.siis* Question—■engineer
Morris r.is wnrsls a, I'reliinlnary Plun
of the Wuts'i-works.
equally between N. P, McNaught and
bis brotber, Warner Miller and the
Spiers estate. Dickinson's name was
in no way to lie considered in connection with the claims, and if the sheriff
undertook to sell Dickinson's interest,
be was attempting to handle something that did not exist. It looks as
if the worthy sheriff luul gone up
against a well developed snag.
' T. Shatford & Co.
rYorS, & Sons,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
At Monday night's meeting of the
city council there were present Aid.
Smith, McNeish, Arnot, McCallum
and Teeter.
Mayor Yor!;. lieing absent on the]
const, Aid. Smith wa« voted to the
Communications read: From David
MoiTis.Nelson,>'iic!oshg a sketch plan
of tin- proposed water works system for
the city.   Fil.-d.
From City Solicitor Jorand, stating
tha city had no power to bold land
consequently no portion of the mill-
site could revert to the city. A way
on! of the difficulty would be for Mr.!
Fletcher to sign a declaration of trust,
agreeing to bold the land for the'city,
which declaration could then lx* registered.
Le'Ji-r laid over till next nighl, to
permit of lhe council examining Ibe
From Crane & Co., Portland, sub-
mitting price list of waterworks supplies. Referred to the fire, water and
light committee,
Council adjourned till Tuesday
I aiL.ilr.y  Night.
Mayor York and Aid. Teeter wen
the absentees on Tuesday night
Alii. Smith a'.rain took the chair.
5L0CAN, &. C.
Joss'ph TrossBlslpy Mnss.es :> Fatal MUtii..«
With Hedjolne.
The city received a sudden shock
on Friday afternoon by the information thai Joseph Trombley had been
found dead in his room at the Arlington Hotel. The discovery had been
made by George Henderson, ono of
the proprietors,who had gone upstairs
to ascertain why Trombley had not
come down to his meals. Receiving
no answer to his summons, he entered
the room and found the man in a perfectly natural position and apparently
asleep, hut upon going closer was bbr-
rified to find him dead. Word was at
once sent to Dr. Forin. coroner, who
immediately summoned a jury to
make an official inquiry into the cause
of Uie death.
The jury composed of J. Nathan,
L. J. Edwards, A. C. Smith, U.Gue-t.
1). S. McVannel, and C. E. Smither-
ingale, foreman- met in the citv hall
at 4.30 and heard tho evidence of M.
Lavell. Ceo. Henderson,Pat McGtiire, |
J. A. Anderson andDr.Bentley. From I
the several statements it was learned
deceased had two months before beeu
given a strong medicine lo quiet bis
nerves and induce sleep, with strict
injunctions that he should not have
tbe bottle.but that the medicine should
thoroughness in work of first division; j OUR     ORE    SHIPMENTS
language subjects and senior arithmetic weak; progress of second division
slow; primary work needs to be much
improved." Since the above inspection was made there has lieen a complete change iu the teaching staff of
the school, and a big improvement is
taking place, more particularly in the
primary division, the teacher now in
charge' being considered by the inspector as one of the best in tbe interior. The official report for 1903
,. ill tell a different tale.
Last Tent's Nhi|iisis?ists Were e.'i.ia Tons—
AUs'iillliy llvial.'iiau of Ilie l.ifi* ansl
Woallh s>r tlie C'uuip—Kstanrprisa the
IllCgost Shipper.
Mill Aid Bj lsiw Keels With no Opposition
an Tns'ssjisy.
rMched by any trail or road
it runt into the Town.
Do not so past its door when
you aro dry, weary or hungry.
Returning Officer Bentley presented bo administered to him every hour.
his statement of the vote on bylaw 17.. a(m- recovery, Trombley Bomehow
declaring that 36 vot.", had been casl; 0bt.iined posse ision of the bottle and
for the bvlaw aad none against. Ac \ kepi il at thc Windsor Hotel for fur-
pepted and filed. ,  ,    thor use. On Weduosday. night of last
City Solicitor Jorand presented the x week, be again had oeca-s-m to us^tuc
declaration of trust re lots in tho mil!; mod-cine aad was scon to tako a rtosc
site, which had been prepared for F. afterwards proven to to four tunes the
Fletcher to sign, tho iota to bo held allotted amount. The next mmi.
for the citvii case tho mill company evoniu-j he passed iu and oiitof tne
slid nol five up to their agreement. Windsor and Arlington hot ■■ » nam-
The document was road to the conn-; ber of times, and the last seen of him
1 alive was at 1230 Thursday night,
,.  ,.., bemud upstairs tobed, stating
Aid. Smith  called atteation to the
fact that all the private lots i.i the mill I *.,_* war. pretty slo3py.
site Would llaYb to gits-en riinikrde-     Prom the further statements of tho
claratiou alsx). dra-M-ist who pu!  up thc medicine
Aid. Arnot and Mc5J«sh movr-d th '    * * ™****i-
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date a<ccommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
lETMINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
city solicitor send the declaration on
to Mr. Fletcher tj sign.   Carried,
C.hiA of Police Armstrong mad'1 lhe
following report fur February: No. of
arrests, nous.'; summonses served, 6;
small debts eases,:?; -police court cases
2; fines and o-ts collected, $3.25; fire
alarms, 1, no damage; coroner's in
ju-'d, 1, with 11 summonses served
As this was the first report sent iu.tln
and the physicians,it is evident Tr< in
bley, wbo w 11 unable to read and so
follow tho directions on the labol, had
partaken too ofteu and too much of
the medicine, which contained chloral
and other powerful drugs, and bad
fallen into a sleep from which there
was no awake ning. And such was the
conclusion arrived at by tho jury,
whose verdict was that deceased had
come to his death "through taking, iu
For once tbe citizens of Slocan haw
been united mid have worked and
voted harmoniously and unanimously
for the uplifting and progress of the
city. On Tuesday the vote of the
ratepayers was solicited on Bylaw No.
IT. granting a bonus of $10,000 to the
Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co., and the
ballot resulted unanimously in favor
of the bylaw, .16  votes in  all lieing
Tbis is the second time the ratepayers have voted on the question.the
lirst time being on Nov. 4, 1902, when
the vote stood 11 for to 7 against.
That bylaw. No. 14, called for the
raising of $6000, but it was found the
amount would no! be sufficient to
cover the purchase price of the mill
site, as the townsite companv held out
for au additional $1600, so an appeal
wus made to the lieutenant-governor
to have it cancelled. The new bj law
gives ample funds for carrying oul the
project, thus ensuring the big milling
plant as a permanent fixture.
Tuesday s vote was 12 short of that
;ast in November hist but it is more
satisfactory in that  none were found
to say nay.   There was not much interest evinced in the vote, as the passage of tho bylaw was a foregone con-
elusion,   Should no protest be filed
within   the   next   80   days, tlie B.C.
Trust Co. will then nay over the purchase price of the debentures to the
city's credit at the  Hoyal Bank, Nelson.   As tbo necessary deeds for the
millsite are in the bank awaiting the
payment of the money, there shoul.l
m no delay now in bringing the long
drawn out business to a close.   It  is
altogether unlikely the citv will ewt
rogret its bargain with the Ontario-
Slocan Lumber Co.
Ore shipments this week consist of
."52 tons, of which 20 tons was from the
Ottawa and went to Trail. The remaining 12 tons Was sent out by the
lessees of the Meteor and was consigned to Nelson. It was the first ore sent
out by the latter property in years.
There will lie no more oro to go out
from this place for some time to come.
For 1902 tbe ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 6388
tons, made up from 12 properties,
Following is a full list of tbe shipments this year to date:
Black Prince.
Republic ....
council did not know what to do with ; i.-norance. an overdose of medicine,
it, the aldermen wanting to know who taken to quiet bis nerves and induce
bossed th<* cop anyway. When ex- sleep; he.being unable to read written
.lain d thecommhfBiunereordered the' English, was not in a position to fol-
i opened under
i «sld niaiufftnieat
Former customers
cordially invited w return
chief li report monthly to council, the
epistle wis ordered filed.
Aid. McCallum moved that bylaw
17 be reconsidered and finally passed.
Bvlaw was read and accepted, on
motion of Aid. Arnot and McNeish,
and ordered to be signed, sealed anil
sen! to Nelson for registration,
Rills presented: R. A. Bradshaw.
stationery, **.'>.15. Referred to finance
Instructions were given the solicitor
The Royal Hotel,
Casr. Arttsar Strot ■•' Ddaaaj A▼•■"•, ■■•can.
aiding thoroughly renovated
[ re st -eked witli the liest
low the directions on the bottle, said
medicine having been prescribed for
and administered tsi deceased two
months previously while in a similar
Deceased was buried on Sunday
afternoon, from the undertaking establishment of D. D. Robertson. The
remains were escorted to the cemetery
by the Miners' Union, of which the
deceased was a member, and a large
following of citizens, Rev. Father Cote
[Relating at   tho  grave.   Trombley
to draft a new set of d (Dentures and  was an old country !■ ronchinan,about
submit them to the Victoria Colonial   n or 80 years of age .md a em pent'-1
for prices.   The solicitor was to notify 0f more  than ordinary ability,   at
A. 0. Gait, solicitor for the loan com- was well known here,
panv. that bylaw 17 had   passed: also1
;ruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from u.. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
•best the market affords.   Prices are right.
|rtificatfl of IfflPYiflifo
sUM -Tract's*.-*, Rita, Km* «•*■■*•  I.**g»l
sllasral '.lalas*.
lists in ths Blocan City Mining Pivi-
•ion of ths Wsst Kootensy District
Whar* located:—Five milts up lirst
'"•I tb fork sil Union crteM'l} ining
ths Violst mineral claim.
:iIR NOTICK that I, W, 8. John*
i, lor mvMll, F.M.C. !s">.*"'--l; ami sn
mt lor W.J. Johnson, F.M.C. H6uT2!ii
S. Johnson, F.M.C. BM'".-.!; Frank
Vk, F.M.C. 11511777; .1 K Tutt-isell,
i.C. BG9703; and A. It. Bolderston,
m Miner's Certificate No MflgOtt,
.end, sixty days from th-* data limi'of,
(•Pi'ly t th« minltiii re-rot-dai ier car*
cstss ol Improvement, for ilm por-
I*ol obtaining Crown giant*, ol the
pvfl olaltni,
Ind further tnku no-ics* tlmt action,
a**-** sf-ruui» S7, uium bv  cumuieu<'«il
to lojk into the question of declara-
lions „i tru.-t from the private lots
embraced in tha millsite,
Aid. Worden, for lh" fire brigade,
would lil.i' lo ;,'.■! a liv.- bell. The
managers of Knox church would give
the use of their hs'll, if the city wonhl
pay lhe expenses and assume the re
sponsibility, bul the city ahould bave
onu fsir themselves.
Nothing done, as tin. finances of the
city wins' too low,
Aid. Arnot would like to boo the
jurisdiction of tin* small debts court
extended, as he understood it took in
merely cases arising in the citv
\VUl"*Eroc(  Mill T'i-* Sainm--1**
Machinery and material for tin
lumbering concern bore have been
arriving in large quantities of late,and
mueh more is ,,n the way. Besides
thc material mentioned elsewhere
there have arrived a large engine for
the shingle mill, and aeveral carloads
nf iron ami brie!; Im' th'* huge refuse
burnor, which will lv 80 feel in diameter. Ala recent meeting of tho company, held in lh" east, it whs decided
i.i rush the construction of the I'i;,'saw,
lath and planiuc mill, so as toljesriu
Jisninjj Assoolntlen,
Tlu- Provincial Mining Association
sin-ad it.s convent ion nt Victoria on
Monday. Contrary to expectations,
the meetings wore very harmonious
and much practical good accomplished,    Numerous resolutions affecting
the minin,' industry were passi'd.ehie!
among which were:  to repp-il the two
[ier cent tax, crown granting of placer
claims, appointment of aboard of conciliation to settle  labor disputes, and
asking Ixith  governments to throw
open the coal land reserves.    Another
practical move was to appoint a committee of seveu, three of whom were
miners, to proceed to Fernie to endeavor to settle the coal strike.  Manager
Tonkin  promised his assistance and
the government will pay the expenses.
Politics hav;. ben  lorbidden in  ttu*
association,   .lohn Keen was elected
president,J. Ti. Unison and 1). \Y.
Higgins vice presidents, A. L. Belfea
and M. Williams secretaries, and A.B.
I'i user treasurer.   The executive committee is composed of H. Seaman, M.
McAndrews, Chris Foley, P. J. Pier-
son, F, Dockrell, L.-lie liill. Edmund
Kirby, Henry Croft, W. M. Brewer..).
H.Tonkiu, ii-C- Belllnger,A.J. (Job-
bell, W. II. Aldridge, J.J.Campbell,
A. c. Flumi I'll. s. S. Taylor, A. ('.
Gait, k. C. Howse, ('. Sweeney, L.W.
Shatford, C.Philllppa-Wolley.T. Borland, W. McLean, and M. Lehman,
Bar silver i** Belling at -IS'i cents.
Sandon mines last week chipped 315
tons of ore.
Another blank was scored at the record office last week.
In January the Ymir mine cleaned
up a profit of "£28.80 from a niu of tit)
Four feet of concentrates nnd HI
inches of grey copper are showing in
the No. 8 tunnel of the L'ayue.
Tho Bosun has commenced shipping its .ine again to  Belgium, the
i returns from Kansas not being satisfactory.
Ore from the Skycan Star is mqvin.*
out. pretty freely ti, tin*- trust smelter
at Denver, Col.. 252 t,,ns having been
•shipped during February.
Several of the Rossland mines will
instai reduction works, to treat their
low grade product. It is claimed tt
ore will be min d at a profit.
\Y. WatSOU WHS  killed  and ,T. Salmon  frightfully injured Monday, at
tl*..* Knob Hill mine, in ths' Bonndilry. ,
Thev drilled into a missed hole.     "*
John L. Retnllnek and Louis Pratt
have been appointed by the Sloean
mineowners to plnced to Ottawa and
lobby for increased tariff on lead products.
.lames  Crawford  came down from
the Bondholder on Fridayand reported the lc—' b* had  lo inches of good
! ore to work on.   They  had  two tons
sorted out for shipment.
Clstlusa for Hnlo.
In this issue appears a li-t ssf crown
granted claims in the Slocan and Slocan City divisions, "thiol] the government are offering for sale for unpaid
taxes at Kaslo, on May s. Among the
number may be Be m many well known
her.-, such isilf Bondholder, Republic, Alpine, Monument, Railroad,Get
There ER, Chapleau groups, etc; The
owners have until  the day of th" sale
to pav up their indebtedness,  failing
which the claims will coins' under the
hammer.   An absolute deed la riven
tn the purchaser on the day of sale,
giving tin' original owner no option of
redemption.   All claims not sold on
May s reveri t.> the government and
are then sspsai for relocation.    All tiMd
then* are Ki'i claims in the delinquent
list. ____
Mini  WrSStatSa
llisra-naaa* «f TaiStHl'.
Issnissrt- than issuance ol stii'h certificate! of
Dms-u this ltltli d«v of Jaanary. 1003.
ItmIi MIbii-ibI rlnlm.
Situsts in than Slocan City Mining Division ol the West Kootenay I >i»trisit.
Where located:—On Latmon creak,
1 *-% miles (nun tin* mouth.
Tske notice that I, J. M McGregor,
as'tiiiU as «>/ciit lor \V. I). Mcintosh, F,
M.C. No. B71!;i9:'; C. S. linxtcr, b'.M.C.
No. I*t7til<i4, sml 1'. VV. Oeorge, free
minor's certiflcate No. 1)61840, Intond,
sixty days from tlie date hereof, tn apply
to I fie Mhiing Recoider furs certilloato
nf Improvements, for tin* purpose of obtaining a ota-awn K>au>t for th-* above
Ami further take notice tliataclton.
uutler section ■". mtiil he roninienpeil
hs?fore the Issu ini i ol liii:' rerl ilh sto ol
Itnprot nte
i'.ua*.i this mill ii»'.' "i i '•' io. ■'"'
■2h'i-i)xi J,M> McUUBQOK.
irely cases ansing in ine cay, : i.su. ...... |.... -*  •■■• --■   .      r ,,    *,
Aid. McCallum waa of tin-opinio;, manufacturing lurnbet befor   toll.  "
the latitude of thecourtwould take iu was the Intention Jo mate g ,■;*"•
anvthi.i'- from the camp. I oul at the bead of tho luLe. b i. no«
1    ter dropped and council then that plant will onlv saw oul thedi-
1'is \ r.ilsa.l ii Ssshi;.
Sheriff Tuck is evidently up against
another sua,!,' In endeavoring to satisfy
Elmer Felt's judgment against Percy
Dickinson by selling the hitter's interest in the Skylark and Ranger claims.
N. I'. McNaught,of Silverton, was
here on Friday en route to Nolson to
watch the sheriff's sale ivx! (lay, and
be then stated there was no interest
mension stuff for tli" new works here.
Alan McPherson, secretary treasurer
s.f tho companv. is on the way to Slo
can from Orillia. and will assist in
lookin,'* after affairs, Tho manage'
ment expects to have the shingle mill
running by the end of April uv early
in May, by which time the railway
company Will have tlie new switches
built into tin' yards.
Tteindustrial trouble in th.-Crow's
Nesl Pass coalfields baa forced the
C.P.R. i",(i l1"' l5,''"**''l''.v ••*""''*''•'* ■'■
look   tO   Vane "iver   Island    for theii
Bupply of coal and cote Aaaronae*
quenceofthis traffic viaSlrxsanlate
i]M increased to a wonderful extent,
necessitating the employment of tbe
tuK Sandon, oa well aa the atr. Slocan.
It'isui.dcrstood tae*0-"«mulrniinjM
bave contiwted to BtipplY 80.000 toha
Of coal aud coke to tho railway and
smelters, which would take three
I months to transport, nt tho rate of 18
cars r day. ',h'' Sandon womploysaa
with the transfer barge, leaving tho
Slocan for tl"''  r.vulnr  run.     I In* m-
iin i.M ia.-   -•.-,	
-. il traffic brings in the freight
"ivin^ considerable Id"
Pislills* Islrlis.ol ItHpiiB'l.
ie annual repi
ic iiiosi ni.iis.cvi  ,Us„            iti,  at of the provincial
in the properties belontrina; to Percy ' • .    i   , \      , ,■      ,    -,  ■
,.. , . '    l . .      .',   *       .. , ■•   Btiperiutenaoul ol  public schools has
L/lcklnsons associates lhat was halilc     ' .    '   .    .
to a sale. The judgment and sheriff's J"8' '"'•'ll l^;","L hl ,; there isa ref*
notico w re agninsl Dickinson alouo, erence to the local school, as follows;
audit bad  yol  lo 1      I        ihnl ■..;■! Mawh 18, 1902; 79'pnpila
na uetl luythiii I ro  ■.   n  ; '       • ■  '  lisciplino of Ihe
As a matter of fivct, thoy vioreownv'dlHchool   liatxlly  Bntisfiictoryj   lack oj
train oftener.g
to this end of tho lake.
The election protests at Victoria
against Prior and Patterson have been
mil off till after tho session of tho
tegi ilaturo.
James GHlker was elects i alderman
In Nel- d Tu.'sday.nn the Progresslvi
ti''',.!, by a majorltj of 77 over \V. o.
Wedneaday was a bnd day for thn
C.P.K. in lliis district, no le-s than
three wrecks occurring. Engine '406
broke part of bet gearing at Tlum
Forte and delayed traffic tot -ever.-.l
hours. Bogine.868 ran into an open
switch here at noon nud did not get
on again till next morn, a wreoklng
crew having to lv brotlghi up from
Nelson. Bngine 21, with ii freight
train frsnn  bete, ran off th.* track in
the Nelson yards ihe same afternoon.
Lots of awearing and hard wo.k.
Following are the officers elected by
the Minora Union on Wednesday eve:
President, ll. 1). l.ea; vi'-s*. .1. Nathan;
tin. Rocrotary, .1. V. Purviance; ree.
-a'critarv, V. B. O'Neaili conductor,
I j. Skellv: warden,  Thus. McCardol;
trust ,'l„ Skelly, K. M. Wobster, A.
B. Bntber,
The  C.l'.l!.  have a  bad   Strike s.n
their hansl;.   It began at Vancouver
with tho clerks and general employ* ea
and is spreading over the whole ays
ti'ui. threatening to lis' up the road.
T lv Woodcock returned on Wednesday ovonihg from the mining ooj
v.mti'.Mi at Vlcioria.
8 IT
11 i
For a
Happy Daj
Copyright, 190.', by the
S. S. MsvC'urc Company
Out In the garden Pbiloinena sang
•o sweet and high lt was like tbe
scent of the clove pinks. They stretched ln a iLuatti-il mass all up and down
the old fashioned borders. The garden
was big, and a wide, weathered gray
house brooded beside lt. Time was
when the Tryon house had been tbe
finest and most hospitable in all tbe
countryside. In the day of broken fortunes it still kept an aroma of cheery
good will.
Lusty hundred leaf raises grew behind the bordering pinks. Philomena
was snipping them ruthlftisly. cutting
them without stems and dropping
them in ber apron. It bulged ridiculously with the mass of bloom, but Bhe
kept crowding In clipped pinky white
petals, pretending to be con* us of
nothing but ber work.
Somebody had come up behind her,
a tall, young fellow, nipple and merry
eyed. He undid tlie apron strings delicately, gathered the band in his bands,
stretching daring arms about her
waist, and said: "Stop slaying your
thousands, Phil I One cose ought to
love her sisters too well for wholesale
1'bilomeiia slid from bis clasp, dex-
teii.usly leaving the huddled apron
within bis hands. "If I were a rose, I
had rather be dipped for potpourri
than be left to waste and wither," she
said witb a dells-ious upward tilt of
tbe chin.
"Beiug iuterpri'ted, that means you
have not given np a stage career," Arthur Wayne satd, catching her baud.
"Phil, Phil," he went on, "you must
give it up. I cannot bear to think of
my rose, my rose of all the world,
withering, fading, iu the glare of the
"Stop! We have gone over al! that!"
Philomena said imperiously. "I tell
you, I must g.i. It is past ln'aring, the
way things are now. Oli, I know iny
aunts would not starve. They've a
roof over their heads, and I'ncle John
—but I cannot apeak of him. What I
cannot bear longer is to see them
pinched, unhappy, lacking the little
comforts that mean so much lu age,
feeling themselves dependent.*1
"You know our home would be
theirs," Arthur interrupted.
Phil gave blm a reproachful look.
"You won't understand," she said. "All
their lives tliey have been somebody,
gentlewomen, able to hold up their
heads. Gentlewomen bate charity.
They risked money and lost it, against
uucle'8 advice, for uiy sake. Now,
when I am told I have a fortune in
my throat, 1 must take care of them,
even If it breaks my heart."
The last word was under breath.
Wayne made to draw her io hlm, but a
brisk, bustling voice behind them said:
"So ho! Very pretty! Upon my word,
very pretty! Are we rehearsing for
Strephou and Chloe?" Then without
waiting answer the newcomer ran on:
"Miss Tryon, be ready for the early
train tomorrow. I've a letter from
Franzonl. He will try your voice, provided you come to hlm by lu o'clock in
the morning."
"I shall go with you," Arthur said,
openly taking Phil In bis arms. "I said
you must choose, dear. Let me take it
back. If go you will, let DM follow-
"No, no! I will uot let you spoil your
life!" Phil protested, but be held her
fast, saying, as he looked Music Master Graham square In the eye: "I'hilo-
menn Is my promised wife and not bj
a fair weather promise. Wherevi r y>>u
may take her I shall go too."
Graham's eyes were quizzical, yet
not unkind. "That's as you please,
young man," he said, waving his hand
up uud down. "But If you'll heed a
friendly word, stay behind, at least at
tiret. You see, you'd be so patently, so
palpably romantic you'd be set down,
uot ns n fact, but a press ngs-nt's ful,.'.
The voice Ihere," nodding toward Phil*
ouiemi, "Is so pure, so golden, so rars'ly
true It needs to be kept high, not vulgarized. I give you my word the roaring lions |UPPOS<d to haunt stage doon
are really uo more than yelping surly
poodles. They tag afler ninl fawn upon you for an encouraging look or
worsl, come to the whistle anal tumble
over themselves to follow u linger even
balf lifted. Hut us for danger, my
friend, even nn nnconadoni look satires
tbem. Miss Tryon has only lo be her-
•elf In order to be always and everywhere perfectly safe."
"Notwithstanding I shall go," Arthur said obstinately.
Graham shrugged his Shoulder*. Miss
Tryon,  the elder of the iiimls. came
tripping between the borders, her delicately wrinkled face exhaling a spiritual fragrance like the scent of slns-d
rose lenves. "Come In, nil of you," she
said eagerly. "There's n peddler on tlie
piazza, an elderly man. nud he looks so
tired, carrying that heavy pack. Smh
lovely things! Yes," deprecatingly to
Phllomt'iia, "Martha ami 1 let him
show them, but Indeed It was after wc
had  told  hlm  we could  not  buy.     I
thought, though, maybe, Arthur—only
his mother gels so much in the city.
Hut really thero Is the lorssllesl length
of brocade, almost exactly like my
grandmother's lecond day's silV—
As she ipoke she liiisl huddled (lie
other three In front of her toward the
house, much us she WOtlld have mnr-
aluilcd fowls a trifle unruly.
At   the  piazza   itopi   I'hlloineiia   sat
down, itiit the men botb di' lo exam
ining the peddler's wares. Graham,
Indeed, almost Instantly caught ap the
length of brocade, crying as he threw
U over rhilouieuH'u shoulder, "Ilue's
1 exactly what !s wanted for yonr i'l.t
I opera i *.- turner
In spite of herself Phil gave a little
delighted cry, tbe silvery satin ground
was so rich and lustrous, tbe apple
bloom strewn uY'er it SO perfect In line
' and color.    She was sorry  when  the
1 fsaeddler said respectfully:
"That, sir, is an ordered bit. so not
for isale."
"Get another p'.ece for your order;
( I'm bound to bave this one," said Gra-
; ham good humoraedly.
Tbe peddler shook his head.   "There
; is not another piece like lt," he said.
i "This was specially woven for a happy
I day gown."
"Who is to wear It?" Philomena asked softly, stifling a sigh. Somehow she
found herself trembling, al! ber cour-
' age oozing away.    Sbe wished as she
j had never wished before that sbe bad
somebody of her very own to lean ou.
Her mother had died when she was
l*orn. Her father had gone away, disappeared, leaving her only a clouded
name fur heritage. She bad nevei
known uutil the trouble came; then
Uncle Jaihn had spoken harsh truth.
It was that, as much as love for tbe
two dear old ladies, whis-li kept her
steadfast to the thought of going Inte
the world and winning its applause.
She had never been curious or envious, but somehow there swelled in
her a sense of passionate injury against
the unknown who was to wear tliis happy day gown, ordered no sljiibt by a
father's loving pruje. She crushed tbe
rich fabric between ber fingers and
fixed a long look upon the peddler's
"A girl Is to wear it—that is, if she
chooses," the ps-ddler said, moving a
step nearer.
Then she saw that he was more travel worn and weary than aged. Dimly,
uncertainly, she saw, too. a likeness
that drew her electrically to her feet.
Through the open hall door her father's
portrait showed in the bloom and
strength of young manhood. She
glanced from it to tbe peddler and back
again, then st'iosl while us death, facing blm. too shaken to speak. His eyes
followed hers and grew misty ns lit
"Sisters! Daughter! So I have really
kept my place! Philomena, my baby
the happy day gown was brought foi
Greedy  Animals.
It may be doubted whether those of
us who are able to obtain sufficient
food without difficulty can appreciate
tlio craving for sustenance experienced
by sea birds and other animals which
have often by the force of circuni
stances to fast fssr long periods. Gull'-'
will eat until they cannot ily and when
they find pilchards on board a boat
will continue their feast until tliey can
only llo down and gasp. A superfluity
of food comes at such long intervals
that when It does come the avian intellect reels at the prospect, and what
seems a horn of plenty brings dire disaster. Seeing that gulls and gaonetl
know no better, we are not surprised
to hear of a John Dory, stuffed to tbe
very mouth, floating helplessly on the
surface of the water, unable to escape
from a Hock of sea birds which have
deprived It of Its eyesight and will
quickly take away its life.
A snake which thrusts Its head
through tho palings to seize an unwary
frog nnd finds Itself unable to draw
back again with the frog In its throat
has Wit enough to diagorge the amphibian and to deftly draw it through
by the leg so as to swallow it on tlie
safe side of the palings. Hut probably
a snake which happened to be on the
isvrong.ride, In company with a frog,
would consume It on the premises anil
so render itself Incapable of wriggling
through lhe bars.—Longman's.
English   sovereign,    value 20
Moslem   < Isnrit).
They were discussing charity In the
drawing room, nud one of the gentlemen was inveighing with Borne sarcasm
against benevolent folk who make donations und have their mimes published in the pap< rs.
"Nearly all charitable acts," he said
eloquently, "have pride or vanity ns
their motive. For my part I hate ostentation, I remember once wben I
was traveling through a part of the
country where I was not known 1 came
upon a  lonely  little station,  Where in
the waiting room there was fastened
in tha wall a coiiirilniilon box fssr the
benefit of the sufferers through recent
"Than was not n soul there, inst a
person lu the neighborhood knew ssf
my presence or was acquainted with
my name, ami I went and dropped n
goldplece into the Im*. ami slipped
away misceii. KoW, sir, what I contend ls tlint my Ki's'ts't offspring was a
more meritorious one tlmn if it had
been made on a public subscription
list with n loud flourish of trumpets."
"Yon are right," said a listener,
"That was genuine modest charily,
nnd I don't Wonder you brug of It."
The Motion  of is Su linmlna   Flsls.
One of tbe most recent applications
s.f chrono photography -by which li
meant photography applied by means
of a series of short and rapid exposures
to ihe representation of moving objects
In successive positions -lias been devised In France for lhe study of tlie
swimming motions of fish.    A rnytish
was chosen as the subject of Investigation, and the successive photographs
were taken nt Intervals of one-tenth
of a second. Tliey show completely
the movement of the tins and present
a similarity to tlie photographs thai
have l)i*i*ii Obtained of tbo motions of
tlm wings of a Hying bird.
The su nn a i ing action begins wltb a
lifting of the front part of thc fin.
This lifting motion runs rapidly bnck-
wnrd along the fin, the front part being |
in iho meantime depressed once more,
and Just before the motion censes at
ilie tall the movement recommences ut
the front end of the lin.
Pls'lars-Ksisss*   For   the   Rich   unsl    I's*.-
tUetle Foi* the  Poor.
One of the most striking liiiin.s to I••
seen on the Streets of Manila is a I 111
pino funeral, if the det-easaed was
wealthy and bad hosts of friends, the
funeral will be headed by a baud play
ing selections from rontic operas, fhe
body of the deceased follows In a
hearse covered with black cloth arranged in a grewsome design and
drawn by six black ponies, each bedecked with headgear of long black
feathers. The hearse will be followed
by men on foot wearing knickerbtii'K
ers nnd cocked hats, and after them
follow innumerable vehicles of every
description. If the body Is to be interred, the grevedlggers will precede
the band, witli their tools over their
Most Mlipino funerals, bowever, are
more pathetic. The father of a fc ••
weeks old baby will trot out to thc
cemetery entirely alone, with the little
white coffin balanced well on his head,
and if a man had not the price of a
vehicle his remains will be carried ou'.
on bamboo poles by four Gblnamen,
aud tlie coffin will be one tbat has ses n
service before.
The natives have different ways i.f
burial. Some bodies mv put into the
ground, while the larger majority nn
placed in niches in tlie wall of th.'
cemetery. ,v siaii cemented into the
opening of the niche contains a brief
biography of tlie deceased.
The vicar of Clerkenwell is to hold •; '       * g lhM uaod ln 16»6.    In
servicae with no light, to bu« i.-nni.e >■ '   "J*^' ,,u,r(,h! omn in general use
is,nshippers    who    cannot   afford to -                                (,Ri noll||.    v.ihlp  15
Oress.      t'salms,   hymns  and  P**a.v.'v
ivill  be thrown on a large s..,vcu  bv   ■-'"'•—*s .	
a magic lantern. , ,   ,,,,[ .:.(.,tes is now  turning
No   comet
earth,   eien
Professor Bah \*^m
at the conclusion that ft* 1
in' which comots ue " %
million-tuiies. l,g|,,,.,. , h** « ■
 !_    a'f.
,   from three thousand lo-      A young man bv u,n ~~~
Khuki   uniforms   are now won b ^   m    year    worth appfoxi-   liaiu  Kotz,  com■>,' "^i
stdije  complaining that^'j
.      . -'...iW'IAI
i_a.pt the Kussiuns.
1 him badly.   He had jr
.get. relief te„ consulting J^l
j Being  exposed  a  great _\
cold by his occupation
worse daily, until
one diiv
««»t.   A  ,,.■,  g
in the
again came to my Vtow** $m
me bis  feet.   I
Symptoms Th. < Wan. foil Of the Approach of This Ma.ad, so
HreasifuHy Painful and Fata! in its flesults.
have stan*'
manv sores in my i „   vn M
j to  '"Tu.1  this,  and * ' °U' I
Some Survival* ol Fnslilon.
Man is nnqnestionably a highly rational being. Still, if you travel and
observe, from the mouth of the Danube
to the Golden ('ate you will find most
men wearing a coat with a useless s-.i!
lar marked with a useless V shapes!
slash and decorated with twfl useless
buttons nt the small of the back and
one or two more useless buttons at the
cuffs. The collar, the slash and the
buttons are there lu answer to no
rational need. It is not n common climate nor a common racial need of protection against climate that tliey ^present, but a common civilization whose
form and ritual they mutely confess.
Over tbis entire area those who aspire
to be of the Brahman caste deck their
heads for wedding, funeral and feast
with a black cylindrical covering, suited, so far as we can discern, neither to
avert the weapon of the adversary or
the dart of the ruin nor to provide a
seat whereon man may sit and rest
himself. And as for the women contained within tliis same area we behold
that the amplitude of the sleeve, tlie
disposition of the belt and the outline
of the skirt all obey the rise aud fall
of one resistless tide wblcb neither
moon uor seasons control.—Benjamin
Ide Wheeler In Atlantic.
UriKhfs iliSB-siss* Is bs  rasality  n chronic
; iiiflBiiiiiisiUon ol ihe kidneys, sin.l  is ths^
Natural  consequence <>f  neglecting  ordlo-
iiry derangements
At   tii-:.t  yon may mtise a  slisilit   svell-|
Ing ol  the feet  adr'   the  day's  work   ia
over,  slow   t.ut  ■lamists'iaMs "allure   ol
health.  ps-Hor  ol  lace   nn.l   loss ol  tlesn,
1 shortness ol breath when going upaisrUrs
rapidly, and slimm*--* ol   si^hl
Soon the digest!*--  system becomea ds*-
I ranged,   the   appeti"   Impaired,   and    in
.,,.,■ y  there  i* a  tendency  to  diarrhoea
,„ i  formation  nl pus  in  the  Intestines
Thore are frequently  rerurrinn  hesida. lee,
;. ,.   ,.(   di:ziia---        a     if,. «   | .i. I    ...
the  hack   and   limbs
The    accumulation    ol   watery  fluid—
j dropsy—continues   In   the   cavity   nt   lis
i chest,   and   may at   im;   time cause doi-.ti.
' Irom heart failure oi dropsy of the lurps
' Sometimes   uraemia     stupor,   coiivulsi.uis
I and death    occur    suddenly   before    the
! other  symptoms liavsj  bei ome  prominent
and  -stale dropsy  Is  sllll  slit-In  'a  quantity.
A.-   ilniiht's   l)iss*ass   causes   a   *as<tlng
awa)   ad   the  cells     and   tissues   .if    the
kidneys  ths'ii,.sehea.     as   well   as  of   the
.. ,.    n |j ean   >■   I   b     perfec",!)
If  i real ment  Is begun  In Ita «*a*lj
,i    ssh.ii  the tu*;   ayinptotni '.ssx'n.i.e
Dtlceabl Il.'.ause of theii r. snarkahlj
prompt and dlrs*ct action on the kidneys, Dr Ohaae'S Kl.ii i\v l.iver nils rave
time .nil nisslii prowl' 'heir superiority
,„ .,  preventive and cut.- to I  Bright's Ul-
While, toning and Invigorating  ihe kid-
... and making then active In reinisv-
■u- n.i.i from tl« blood, IV Chnse'a
;. . ], ,.., I'Ull till reculale lhe ac.
Hon ol the liver and bowels, and en.'O'ii-
n.e the digestive orpam. to properly perform 'heir duties Theii use will s|Ul.-kly
stop the dreadful wasting process, which
accompanies Bright's ali>e.i»e. and restore
the deranged organs lo ho- 1th and es>
tlviiy One pill a d.ise, U5 cents a IksI,
at nil slc.ilers. or Fdinanson. Hates aft
Co..   Toronto.
s •tfrajjl
|ii)or I'e!lsB\v would
ashed  me  for    St ' j.«,
rubbod Wa feet wellwHl
ter nine days tt,,   (i„,,„." h:»
nine  into thy store
mm l
and reo/ieeted me to *,,, T„'?
this most wonderful ,>,, H
•■tiitr-d that two other pe Ll
been cured of Rhoui-mfffl
•"•une bottle which helnasi
l.en/s-n. '   "
A     record
timbor raft »„■
down   Uin  Mississippi  last .a
,m    '^'md'ni'J
"   weighed  ii,  ,'*<*
waa worth  r 12,     i, ,, , ■•
,-..•> "   I'"    Isa
sii 23 men.
M""y, ■    I
"-'"'■- '" *-«»■■•"        ,, ;:*
(live advice tai
but    take   an   ■
} ailll'Kelf.
"'■',:* K yoiii
'" " '■ *_
Twenty-Second Annual Statement
The Certainty of Fate.
The Mohammedans hnve a fable
which tbey repeat to Illustrate the ivr-
tninty of fate. Tlse Philadelphia Times
quotes it as baring been told by Mr.
Robert Barr, the celebrated novelist
A sultan was once asked by Irs favorite, the grand vizier, 'ssi- permission
to leave at once for Smyrna, although
a brilliant court fete was tben In progress. Upon being asked his reason for
such haste tlie vizier replied:
"Because 1 just saw the ance! of
death yonder In tlie crowd. lie looked
nt uie so earnestly tbat I know bo has
come for me.   I wish lo escape h a."
"<*o! Go at ones'!" saisl the sultan,
who then beckoned to the angel and
asked why the latter had I.m»'.. <J so
('.•uns'stly at the vizier.
"I was wondering," replied tli<> .mgel
of death, "why he was hero, for 1 have
orders to kill him In Smyrna."
Nelson's Onl>   I), f.iai.
Nelaton, like all the greatest commanders on sea or land, made his iuis-
takea and his failures, but there I only
ODe instntis'0 on record of his Living
been actually defeated in ;•. direct attack. This occurred at Snntn Crna, in
the Canary islands, on July '.'!. 17!'".
The place was very strongly fortified,
nud Nelson, in tlie face s.f n : re ol fifty
cutis from the batteries, attempted to
storm the town by boats, 'i*ii<- attempt
was frustrated liy tlie strength of the
mole and the nonappearance of n land
force which shoulil have s perated.
A hundred ami fifty men were killed
and n hundred wounded on tbe I'.iiiish
side, and Ni'lson hist his rlgbl firm.
Two flags were also captured, and
these ms' still kept in thc cathedral of
Banta Crue,
'It.*-   Sciats-li   Ssssislisy.
As nn Instance of tbe observance of
tlie Sabbath In Scotland, an Kuglfah
paper cells of a postman lin*. in^ n route
between Stirling ami Blnlrdrumtnond,
He was observed to ride u bicycle over
iiis six miles on weekdays ami to walk
Ue aame distance on Sunday, and when
nsked why he replied that ne was
not allowed to use the maslii ,u Sunday. An Investigation followed, nnd
the postman's explanation proved to
be correct.
TIsc   I'ssrl  Tnrned.
Ofliee Boy—I told tlai poet wet called
dat you wuz out of town.
Editor -Oood!  What iiiii hi. uay7
Office Boy- He said he thought be
noticed nu Improvement In iV paper.
"He's n Queer chap."
"Vs's.   .lust now be was saying that
nothing was certain In this world but
the uncertainty of things, and you
couldn't ban!- ou that"
i!2=!i8 King Street West, Toronto.
Dec. ;*'. 1901,    lu Not Ledge* Ansets  ti.li*4..>*.' Bi
Dec. 81  1303.   To Cissh for Premium   	
" "    To Cusii lu.'i.mo on Investment?;
.$l.'"l.i,','.- Tt
221 1ST 47
Des*. ."1  Us'i2.   Bj Payment ta,r D.,.th Ui.iiuia, Hrotlts,
' ■   $.T'.M' H
" "    By all other p-i-rnieats   816851 83
l2Tr\i.o¥) §1
tils>'..H'.B *>.:
n'li m 4:
•M.77.,7-.. ■-
Dec. 31.1903.   By Morlaie-s etc  11,070,708 9t
'   i -a-v i■!!.>■■. - i     rkel v.iin.. *1 097 535 52)  1,080,601 7
"   Sts-cV   a   :  !; :- fmsl     i i    n.   || 501 7.*,l nn      1.4V. 7-1 87
" Real Es   U        luding Oompany's buildlaj     4n4.(*.*t4 t;.i
l'l      Is ...                                                                                                      ...   .....   ..
I. .nn- on I' ilie i -  etc	
i.    •- on Si uks ■   s-aiIj nil on ca.il)
Cosh in Ua    a and i n hand	
" Premium* outstanding, s.te.   (I •*>* cost ssf
'• . .     oi i 	
" intercut and i: 'it* 'I ie and accrued	
Ll 042 tl
al J."i7 im
89 168 17
t4.773.7Jtt •
liss.'.sS' ll
- nt' 71
tbfllOrola s*l
■OeU, "., ItXB.    I',   i, .   Ka'ai   $     W.OO0O0
'•   A ■ it ii      ind A  i-iiit. Keserve
,   ,    '''ii'i'l          4.:*85^66 00
•Di   "     i    ■    • ■ itlna proofs
clO            Ji..n   15
 *4 4'SS 7S,--   I
Mct s'Jr^"% ,"'        »516.0*4 7«
Auditod and found -torrent.—JOHN N. LAKE, Auditor.
The financial position ol the Company is unoacclls-id-it-. --.esoenlao*.
net surplus to liabilities oxeceds that ol any othor Home Companv
New Inguniu eiwued lu i g 1902     ifififX   s
Bxceedlng the beat prevlou year in Ihebuiiory of the fJou "       •u-*-'"
P'sibv by ovi r one mil I n dollars.
Insnraasse In toice al end of 1S02 (net)    .•„,,,„,„
 J,*S,la.,,   Jtx.    '■
JAS. TH0RB0EN, M.D.       Hon. 81B WILLIAM li. MEREDITH   ko
HON. SENATOR OOWAN, K.O.. LL.D., O.M.Q       |"  (irn.\Tv  b
L. W. SMITH   I.,,.   ,;;..;,,■.,.. ., =',    ', (|« \^-
J). Mc  KAE. Ssn., liu-ipi,. '" h* c«'
WM. McCAGE, LL.B., F.I.A., F.S.S
SECRETARY MFmrti  ...»rn->
L  li.il.liMAN.A.l.A. .,.""{°,?*»01KBJ2"
«,Jih*.r'"!."* .c"*'*»i"V"',"'" p"»'0'>'!iki*.i ut tka Annnal Uestloa' haw" hTj-1!!
29'h I's-b. ^haiwiiis; DUsi-lsa'.   nrs. '. ,,   t!,o ronliu i« I   ,,r,, .„   ,12r<    ,',  "" J»'iu»i|
ii..<•.,„„*,„ W|.i ta^,',, .i,,,.;,,;™ p ;Vt.! -;■*' ".'s1 M;'f", PSISfs,3
invn.tmeisl |.l Dl a,f ths Comnani and n ennr ol iL i,,','„ *o> *-V'" ********S«**JTS
unexcelled Baaaelal p.,..: ,n, ..a li ?"r\L\l*,??,,!V,!".^',n-'' u".""rt' »**'>»in« Its
sssy oi toe i.iiuipHii> I. leencles.
and n copy of lhe A,,,,,,.,. H,'mrUSt win,
funrJihed*on ipp „„„; u, tl|0 Ho*d -jmi*
Don ; th.-aiw away cold tea, but
dilute it wth water, and wash paint
and oilcloth with it. Cold tea is also goo.I wherewith to wash 'erne
Russian women of means nre now
Theme. ,„   ;,., ! ™  Ze T™' I £2 T'   »«"»»**'  ol   old   people,
  oois.i'it. next to Pransso is found In Jrelattd,
I hi* total of businesa of nil kinds.
including money orders sent and received, transacted by the New Vork
loNl-olli-'i' last 1,'ar was more than
Why do wc wear
y Rubbers .-
".ToiitiKon writes that lio"s just kllh'ii
tin1 hero Iii IiIh now iioii'l."
"Well, lie needn't worry over thatj
any Jury  will acquit him!"—Atlanta
faicrs all over Dominion say thev give better satis-
action than any others. The people say they fit better,
look  better   uear better.-Because  they are honestly
made out of pure new rubber. 7
"Granby Rubbers wear like iron."
it, is much in'i,e un   |. ^ J
t!>0    lll'l'.tl,    I),,- ,,, ,.,_,,;,   ,      w
'■I'.a la il.'i.v.'i!. than tl-.,. induJ
li.*... Rut on expert at th,. ,0,1
Obtain 40 to 50 pounds ol >!*(
, (isiawlng.   ri.r.-iisi;   Palm  Thai .
Mll'l'   ^    a   -ai.nm.
It is your old enemy, rheum* |
.o.'iic a.!;ain with the wintwW
j nui' yon. Th.-" pains, reiua
1 uie i-ftii.ss.'il l,\ ii,,,i |,| 0d| ,„
S'aiso them hy ml.: ng with limn
and outward loth bul r^nw|
rid ssf Ih.'in in thai
tisni is cauaod s,\ i... i bloixl aatl
a   111)     . a. I.;,:      V. .    . ,      . ,•   l!  J
the b*i stein   is.*to i      ■..        j
bj  taklnjj i„-. IVtlliniiW Pink
Thee Is  no case of-i     msMaM
Wiliiiii's'   i'ink  I'ilis siisl :M i
-riven  a   fair  trial     i'.y nuikit^rj
rich rs'd l.looil nn ! *   a   rth-iuisjl
nerves tlia-y strikv hi t1.   ■.■-.
of eueh disease
utica,     ansi   liinil...uss .   u,' '.)•.«*]
s ass- ,   i  ol  thoui     ■   to pro
truth sn' this statement    Mr A,|
I Aeon In .  !: " i :    \ • . 5ays '
ii\i*  is'iirs  1  vv.ii.  a  Uttiui to UbI
tHi's of rl  v ■    *
nisi.~  i .  a.i   knees,
bfpa v.. re ,s!     ■ i  ;a   I C ..I r .i"»l
la*ll   I   COUld     Dl   dlV**S   :   I tf
.1 -S   Still   '''■ /      I '   a    i     .'   ■"
I. t   ;   ■ more
..i •    r. ; . • |
Dr.. Williams   Phil   I"        I tap
....    ' •   hose     Bl a • KM
Ing t'n'i' ' i ::-|
the ti.s'. ih     nd I I
nay   thai    .   -1 '!  for Vi l"!sT(.|
would     ".I n ■■   ■ ■ '
isn,B,<■ mil a-i.-i  to -." •■ in- aia
Pink   1' Us a lair B-*r*l
th t     ily the
ih       "
\,    •■     ..   -   i r   ■
I»i.oi is*"   i    fohnd ■■'■
^oAntd-mverm i"»**    "£"'' !
li in.- dealers  nr ' I   ''
*  pei  ts  1
by writ
Ml-alil    11"    CO        n
lllllls.n  nsi.l   IrilllDS.
There aw two -    ■  ■• tt t*\
tloll    ill    lis.'   lit   tin     I   '-"-••   ''  '   '
tna.nlv  called  Hn    I
Fri'n.h  m.-!• "in**.    1» <•<' :
LIUIOU ll ii .in!' 01 ":i*   .'"
a millfen of billions, and •*■*•> <"
nation Is a mi)!lop times n-i"-^
ceding. In the barter, whlcliw
(.■in tis.'sl In the Ciiltnl *■'•■;
billion it n thousand million**"*^
lenominatlon in n Uiou-buihI "*'j*
,.r IU*   Therefore, a   ^\w^
lau'lish   notation,   n   r-llc"-l
[.UBsslti.'t of n  tnill.Bi.  iiivolv-d«'
third power, or the numbert"***f
by  a  unit wilh  in*  • Phert «»*
Bccordlng to tbe Fren.l t«'*J
nuttilipr Bpressed hy ' "" 1
twelve erphers attafhed a™'"]
cordlrfB to H..' I'l'ii.ii ■•'•"■'"'•■a
■ i. I   bv   .1   U1"1
Dumber **epresHiiUii i ^
nine s'lphers ami .... ii ^__\
Ilih  method with  nv-lve "|I",™1
lli'Xs'sl. _^_     	
|>allln« a ToO*fc        .
a     1   , ,i^r ■**1
An Irlahmnn who lud \'Jl
d.'ti'slst'B to 1,-rt a I-""' l"llW' ■
out inn fewmtoutrs. ,_m
•That will be hulf a erott^ •",]
•Jentlat. ,.,    ,, .,,, ^m
"llulf a crown!  wJa '•**    lb,i
doctor net nie Unwn on   a      .
put tl*..- nlppiTH in mv ";,,,l,1'iBlu, 0,
me round and round lhe n'   •
door nud down the sl*'1*^
,. got to [he foot, the -ton* J
. h.'lp oMienTeii ami ""    ftij
,f irravUy we'll hev i..-r «»••„*
wben we -fat to the i«P oUl .„,«"■
tooth, mid in- only too"
London Tit nits.
A gnHalil-- MfL.
A pesudo bis chief <>t™tt\iati
Bus'dhard f.,i U."!'"1"10"
Ms* carried Ihedaj.      Hl
Ami the innri'l.''*p. ' .'<nlji
Of Hue uu^JbeJ^^L
Fiillj   """1"""'"<'|t,|
"Wlint we require." ""''',''fli
| editor, "Is the aervlcei .
inhlo of takliiK nui 'W1A
my Roi.'   Are you rnp*?J   •
i'1'lnu'iill klii'!-"f Mi" """",,', t(|i
"W.'il, l rntliorthlnkio"."^
refilled lUe applicant  "'IU
of  B'll'Vl'll I'llillll'B'll."
ss  '
i. Fthe Drill.  iNO LOGGER TO
Iioaviest train ever pulled by a
lu, locomotive wn* recently sent
■stance of 82 milos on the LehiRli
l,.s   line in America.   There were
'loaded trucks, containing 4,018
I-vtthlaB Foley, Oil City, Ont.
foHCph Snow, Norwny, Me.
11,'.,^   Wooten, Mulsruve, N.S.
Lv   u.   O".   Armstrong,   M'ulgravo,
lcrlo Landry, senr.,  Pokcinouche,
nli,ns Wasson,  Shoflleld,  N.B.
number   of ligurcs are given of
Iii.in.i' I'atti's earningB,  nnd it Is
lli.vi'.l   Uiat    sho must have made
million dollars with her wonder-
,,,,,.    During one Jingle year alio
t,.,l B850.000,   Day after duy durum, part of her career she inside
iun or three hours $6,000,
Ihi i
oard's Liniment Cores Diphtheria.
.,. i   process   for coiii'eiitintinn
tho use of petroleum, known
i0 :,im.ire, hae been successful iii
Ll,'!.  und is being introduced in
Hi ii mil  ColUmbia copper  mines.
Xl    l'l
.1. '
He thi
ll"  1  -
r one Hundresl llollurs Heward
case <il  Outarrh  that cannul   lis.
Hull's  Catarrh  Cure.
saucy  &  Co..   Props.,   Ts-bIs*sIo    O
uisilssislmicd, have known K. .1.
for the last 15 years, mis! bs>
,   nerfactly  honorable  in   all busi-
sucliODS nnd flnani'lully alslo to
I   any •bllRatlon* nuido by  tlmir
i'ruax, Wholesale Druroiat*, 'I'o-
'    O.
Ivinniin A Marvin, wholesale
I'KiBts, Tols?do. O.
lUtuirh Cure is taken Internal-
B illrectly uiion thst blood ninl
surtaoss of the system. Price,
hottle. S*jld bv all Druggists
slsall, free.
I'uiiilly   Pills   are  the  bast
roklo    alone has now 47,80(1 col-
i* -,t alt'iils.    Most, of them ure tuk-
i,!' either law or eiiKiiisX'i'iiiK as u
clul course.
lAi.   Psi
nelee'a  Veiretubie  l'ills *sontaln
und  Dandelion,  thev cure l.iver
ev  Complaints    with  uuerrlun
Tliov also contain roots anil
.li   hnve   Bpecilic   virtues    trulv.
in their action on the stum-
asswels Mr. V. A Culrncross.
re. writes : "I consider Par*
ilia an excellent remedy for ltil-
snil Heiiinizeiiieiit of the l.iver
'■.I theni mvsell for Mouse time."
nanl's Linimeat Cares Distemper.
i Dail|-'iter—He suid he'd die if 1 re-
liss'd   luni.     Father—Let    him    die,
en    l'.iui/hter—Why,    papa,    don't
iu   know that he's insured in your
lia-riuu'CinentH  of  the  Stomach
it and Uloniiai'e spaxKiily r.-snoveal hv
active isritiriiile of the inirreslients i-ji-
•n; into the composition <if Parmelee's
i-iable l'ills    These pills act   speelAeon the deranged orsjnns.  Htimulatirf
action   the   sloruiunt   enerirles   of    the
.i*'"iii.  therehv remuvini* iliaens.o and  rs?-
insir   life and   vitality  to   the  utllictesl
"   lliis liea tho ureal   secret   of  the  lioii-
l.rl.y  sif   I'urniels'e's   Wee'isMi*   Tills
•Iiistin McCarthy has just pnssed
tus seventy-second birthday. He Ims
Apparently abandoned novel writing,
mil is ilovsit inn himself lo history.
Qravel   Permanently   Cured
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Reuben Draper, of Bristol, Gives Hia ■«•
perlenoe, anil Is Prepared to Furulsh
Proof of wisni lie -says.
Dristol. Que., Feb. 23.—(Special)—■
It is with feelings of intense relief
that peoplo here now admit that the
operating knife is no longer necessary to cure that once dreaded disease—Gravel. Exp-arlonce hus shown
it to be one of the numerous family
of ailments arising from diseased
Kidneys, and as sueh easily curable
liy tliuse sovereign Kidney remedies,
Dodd's Kidney l'ills. lleuben Draper
well known In this neighborhood, is
line of those who can speak from experience,   lie says :
"1 was taken 111 with whut 1
tliiiunlit was gravel. 1 consulted two
doctors, hut. got no lusting relief,
ami 1 continued to grow weaker all
the time. Then a man advised mc to
try Dodd'a Kidney l'ills, for he suisi
they had cured his mother, so 1
t liiiiiiv.lit   I would try them.
"Just one week after stalling to
uao Piislil's Kidney l'ills 1 pussed a
sluiii' ns largo us a small bea'n, and
four days niter I passed another
niiiiiit the size nf a gruin of barley,
This gave nie great relief nnd 1 begun tn l'i'i'l better and gain strength.
1 have I he stones in a bottle and
ran shsiw theni to anyone who may
doubt what l say.
"That happened four yeara ago,
and I have had no return of Hie
trouble since."
Ctiincllo Bancio, nn Italian plants!
who plii.vesl the piano for 40 consecutive hours, played In that time
nearly 800 different pieces und struck
nearly 8,000,000 notes.
\> it
i 1 I
HIRE IS NOT a more dnnsieraiiiH claas
ijUorders thnn those which affect the
athinir orirntm Nullify this iluns;ei
.li Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil—a nul-
nic of acknowledged efficacy, It euros
..ness nnd aoreneaa when minlicd exam'.y, us well an Swelled neck ssml
k in the buck; and, ns an Inward
Me, possesses most substantial claims
iniiiic confidence.
The   suets*:
times  due t.
■i    s,i   one man is soine-
the failure of many.
The rarest  shell in existence is lhat
called tlu- "cone of the Holy Maty.
A specimen In the llritish Museum ia
valued at  £800'	
liaard's Liniment Cores Colds, etc.
The biggest anchor ever forged wns
recently made at the United states
Navy Yard at Charleston, lt weighs
s tuns and enst 82,000.
Pittsburg wants 10-cent strs*et cars
ahich, by reason of iheir price, will
pe exclusive enough to prevent \vo-
pien's dresses trom lieing damaged
t>y crush or dirt.
Field laborers in Spain rarely get
iiiirs-    thnn   ton centa n day.   Their I
lie    fund     is   n     iHois]i   made sif oil, :
rater, garlic and bread.   Many con
endure twolvo to fourteen hours
Di hard work In the Holds ansl broil*' i
liiir sun on such fare, und faint, while !
>t    work.     About     live    per ca'nt ot j
I1 '•". die annunllv.
40th Anniversary
For over  Forty Varara
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
Haa been tested and has hrcomt the
Family Cough Specific of thousands
throughout Canada snsl the United
States. It neyrr wan ino'c popular
nor more lsrgely used thsn it Is
Cough Remedies t-osssa- snd go. Nrw
ptej...ratisaiis arc tried nut abandoned, hist the old reliable remains.
The piesent Is a trying sea'mn for
both old nnd young, ssu.l colsls.esstly
caught uovrareept tu remain forth**
wintaT unless promptly cured. No
belter remedy can be found i'imi
Gray's Syrup
Htf  111
grV-9*      AND
IDN^" B0Wtl>
r.   m^5tH£SYSteM
^BlTIIAL C0|,|*>
•JIIUAU v  oroMAMrw7iv
buy the genuine -manttj tv/
tOp Sfttf Ry au f-iRitfsfsif.T*;|P"**ict 30-t.PfR DOTTIL
Impaired Digestion
is quickly cornected by these wonderful pills—One trial will show
you the reason for the big sales of
Bold Kverywliers*..   lu boxos. Si osataaa
When an animal Is sll ran down,
has a rough coat and a tight hide,
anyone knows that bin blood la ont
of order. To keep an animal econo-
tnicall*/ he must be in good health.
la a necessity where the best reaolta
from feeding would lie obtained.
It tones up tlie aystetn, rids the
stomach of bots, worms and other
paraaites lhat auck the life blood
away. .     .
Nothing like Dtck'a powder for
a run down horse.
rj0 cents a package.
LsMinlng, Miles * Co., AtssU,
'QompUsSd  fiom  The  Oonssnerclal 1
VVHKAT-Dui-jiig the pant wook the
apaoulatlve markets have been very
dull and s-u-ilaglging, and prices almost
on a dead levei. There has been
boino development of the easier lsssl-
iag noticed Uist weok, ejid it has led
to consldeialxlu selling of long wheat
by holders who were getting tired,
and short sellers were ensnuraged
thereby Vo sell short, and help prices
down, but the markets havs taken
all the wheat without any break,
and although there is a good deal
of bearish sentiment in evidence it
would ssjein that the undertone Is
strong, Prices at the close of business Friday show unchanged to ic.
advance on cloning prices of a week
ago. The movement of wheat in the
Suites tlie past weok shows some decline a year ago, but this may bs
portly attributed to the cold and
stormy weather hindering outside
work. Exports from both coasts
show a marked fulling off, and
should this continue it may have a
strengthening ellect on European
markets. There ure reports of better
Hour trade at Minneapolis and the
eusli demand there remains strong,
us both millers and elevator companies continue to pay from |c to Id
over Muy price for spot wheat. The
recent cold weather has been very severe over tlie winter wheat helt In
tho Siuies and there is ulinost certain In In; more or less damage, but
it will not develop lill later on. The
iVrgentlno is now shipping freely and
II is n bearish feature, but with no
exports lioiii Australia, a lessening
quantity Irom North America, and a
continuation of large consumption,
Europe may easily absorb without
difficulty nil that Argentine will have
to send her.
Manitoba wheat has iDcen very
quiet till wei'k, with very little doing. The demand is very light, but
ul the snine time sellers are indiffer-
i-tit, und wheat is never pressed on
the market. The range in prists
during the week has not got beyond
Jc, ami at the close of business Friday price!! were :   No.  1 hard, 74c ;
I northern, 72c: 3northern, 70}c, 3
northern, Ortjc, spot or February
delivery: and for May delivery, 1
hard, 76|c; 1 northern, 74}c. 2 nor-
tl.eiii. 78c; and 3 ■orthern, 70">c ; 3
northern and lower grades are very
dull and hard to sell. Some 3 nor-
thern for May delivery was sold as
low as Ti'.'. Buyers are not in the
market for it. All prices are in
store Fori William, Port Arthur or
I'll>1'K—Rest     Hungarian   Patent.
82.10 per sack of 98 pounds deliver
iii to this   trade;    r.Ienora    Patent
$1.95.     strong  bakers,    $1.6");     and
XXXX. $1,85.
M11.l.FF.F.ll—Prices are up 50c per
ton, making bran $15.50 nnd shorts
$17.50 per ton in bulk.
OATS—The market sea'-.s to lie
continually on short allmv.inco
Stocks in farmers' hands are un-
doubtedly large, but as they find
their w;i\ to market very slowly tliis
fact does not help tilings very much
Farmers ure notoriously unfaithful
in the discharge of their contracts.
too, which makes it difficult for
dealers lo know just what outs they
will have at a given time. Contracts
to ship o.its at stated prices are !;e-
ina.*; continually broken by fanners
without the slightest compunction,
As Isi prices, *,ve note an advance of
iiliiuit 1 to l?,c to those in vocue n
week   I'.'ii     No. 1  white in carlots on
II nek nrs* today worth 0i>ic per bus.
>*'.i 1* lyhite, 28Jc, and feed uriul.s
:27( Farmers' • loads at country
points are bringing 25c.
Il.VKI,I.V—The market is firmer
Dealers nre paying 31 to 83c per
i'lishel for feed grades on the Btreet
ut  Winnipeg.
FLAXSEED—Market nominal.
F.PF.1 TZ—The murkcl  is *itgh-*r at
32c   |:c   otishel  and  f<>  pounds,    de
ivi'i.-. in Winnipeg
MAY- Fresh baled liny on track s
v.oi-tii $6 to Sii por ton.
PCiTATOES~85c per bushel.
BUTTER — Oreamory—City makers
anil are now quoting 21c for choice
I'sesh made in one-pound bricks, u"-
BUTTER— Dairy— There is but lit-
tlo doing in the dairy butter market. Receipts are very light. Polls
ure now being offersiafj to the retail
trade nt 15 to 17c per pound. Tub
butter is worth 14 to 17c per pound
delivered in Winnipeg,  net prico.
CHEESE—The market is quiet.
Orders are being filled with Ontario
stock .1 oIbibcis are seliinc to the ie*
lui'   i iiuie at 18(0 per pound
hCl'H -Eggs are scarce at 22c per
dor.en, net, delivered lu Winnipeg.
subject  to candling.
DRESSED Pill'l-TllY—Dealers me
offering .u a v. uolMale wny lOo por
pound fs-r ihicKens, dressed. 9s}< to
10c foi   ducks and geese, and  15c for
DRESSED MEATS — Beef, city
dressed, 6 to 74c per pound; country
stock, *ic under these figures; mutton,
X*  t'i 9a;   lamb,   llsjc;  hogs,  7c.
ID DES—Country frozen hides are
bringing from 5J to (ic per pound.
dellvere**) at Winnipeg, less 5 pounds
tare; sheep pelts, 30 to 50c.
WOO La—Market nominal.
TALLOW—No. 1 tallow is worth
.'Jc per pound delivered hs'ie, and
No. 2, 41c
SENECA   ROOT****Mark-it  nominal.
a Text Thai  Stumped  Hlin.
"I once heard n minister who licasted
from his pulpit thut he was ablo to
preach from uny texl In the Bible off-
hand without thought or other props-
ritiion, and ns ii test of his tali nt iii extemporaneous speaking lie invited his
congregation the next .Sunday morning
to htinU in n uy te\ia they would like
h!m to preach Irom, when he would
show tbem what he was able to do,"
relates tlie Chlcngo Record-Herald. "In
order tlmt he might not be suspected of
suriepiitious preparation the passages
of .Scripture were to be written upsm
slips of paper, senled up ln envelopes
und plnced upon the pulpit Immediately before the opening of the Bel'Vice,
Tlf\> next Sunday morning the pastor
came bounding In, pride and confidence
gleaming In his eyes, mid found n num*
bor of sealed envelopes lying up:n tlie
big Bible. After the preliminary service he called attention to them nnd said
he would preach from the text con*
tallied in the envelope that lay on the
top of the pile. The remainder he
would reserve for ful ure Babbatha,
Tearing it open, he unfolded a s!!p of
paper nnd ivnd ihe words onee ad-
drc-sed to the prophet Balaam, 'Am !
not thine nss?' "
-"sVniitrsI  Use  Whole Osiini.
A friend onci* wrote to tiara* Twain
asking Iiis opinion on u certain matter
and received uo reply,    lie wailed n
i'i'.'.  dnya ansl '.'.,. n wr*"fU' figuhi.   llis
:ii.,......I ivtii r was also Ignored  Finally
he sent n third note, Incloslcg a sheet
of paper and u two cent sunup. By ro
lini post he received a po: tenia) uu
which wa.s the following: "Pnpir nud
stamp reivlved.  I'letiso send onv. lope."
A Trying Time to Both Baby •nd Motho*
There is no timi- when baby re-
quires more attention than during
the teething period. At that time
the little one is always cross and
fretful, subject to stomach disorders
and sometimes convulsions, Often
mothers ure absolutely worn out cai-
u\u for baby, and the whole nouso-
hold is in a condition of anxiety.
This condition can bo easily retne
died by the use of Daby's Own Tablets, which cool the sour little slaim-
ach, allay the inflammation sm' the
.-uns, und Kite the little one healthy, natural sleep. A mother's word
can always tie depended upon where
the health of her little one is col.-'
earned, and thousands of mothers
praise this medicine. Mrs. K. L. MeFarlane, Bristol, Que., says :—" In
my estimation, Daby's Own Talilets
huve no ixpial as a medicine for
children. They are invaluable .it the
teething period, and I would not be
without theni as they keep my baby
healthy and happy "
Tlie Talilets relieve all the minor
ailments of little ones, are tiiutra-
tecd to contain no opiate or poisonous "soothing stuff." and mav be
given with absolute safety to a new
horn ! abe Sold at. 25 cents a box
by all druggists, or sent post p.iid.
by writing direct to the Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont., or
Schenectady,  NY.
The man who is in love with him-
self imagines that all the world loves
a lover.
In Boston a rutVber factory is called an Inquisitive plant.
Ui.s' fields are such great breeding
places of mosquitoes that the Italian
Government passed a law as long
ago as lfliifi regulating the distance
from dwellings at which the cultivation of rice is permissible.
There    never    wss  ansl   never  will   be o
universal  panacea,  in one remedy,  fnr ai'
Ills   to   which   llcsh   is   heir—the   very   ns-
Hire  of   iiinnv   curatives   heinij   sua-h   tbo'
ive-c  the  sernii   of  o'her  anil   rtifTcr.'nti.
seated diseases  rooted in the system  i
the   patient—whut   wouisl   rc!ii>*.e   one   i:
In   turn   wnuli)   aggravate   the   ill her     V.
have,    however,     in    Quinine   Wine,   when
ohtninnt'le In sound, unadulterated  st.ols
ss remedy for many and grevlous Ills   H*.
Its cradual snd ludlOlOOl use the fusilr*,'
systems are led into convalescence and
strength hv the Influence which Qutnlns
exerts on nature's own restoratives lt
relieves thc drooping aisiritas ot those
with whom u chronic state of morbid
despondency and lack of Interest in life
Is a disease and hv tranuiiili/inir tlie
nerves, disposes to sound und refreshing
sleep—Imparts vigor to the as'tissn ssf the
hlood, which, beiniz stimiilatesi. courses
through the veins, streiisjtlienini*; the
healthy animal functions s.f the system
thereby making activity a necessary rs-
sult, strengthening the fin me anal givlaig
life to the digestive organs, which net'i
rally demand Increased substance—result
Improved appetita*- JsTorthrup & Lyman,
,if    Toronto,    have    given   to   the   rrublll
•heir Superior Quinine wine at the usual
rate. and. guugesl bj the opinions o!
la-lentlsta, thin wiise apsroscbes nearest
nerfei'tloii of any on the market * AP
Inigglsts  sell   It.
lt has ofts'u happened that eablea
huve been destroyed by Submarine
earth (makes.
Itaarfs Liniment Cures Garget fai Cm.
Britain last year Imported no li>ss
than £1,882,000 worth of musical
Instruments—£750,000 worth from
Germany alone.
Some persons have periodical attacks
if i iiuiidiiin cholera, dysentery or ilhsiv
'hoeis. and huve to use great precautions
t■> avoid the disease ('hangs* of wats*r
i.ssaKtiiir, ansl srres'n fruit. Is sure lo brlns*
am the attacks To such persons we
"'I'lhl recommend Dr ,1. fl RallOSf'l
I'vsints'ry Cordial as helnsr the hest me.1-
I lin' in the market for all summer coin-
plaints, If a few drops are taken In wa-
te.- whs'ii the symntssms ure noticesl nss
fiiilhi'i   trouble  will   be  experienced
CATTLE —There is nothinR doiag
In the cat llo market beyond a little
trade with city butchers. Cattle are
SCHroi    in    Manitoba.      Kiaest steers
are worth 4c: butchers' ordinary BJc,
uml from that figure down Lo '-lc
according to quality,   Stockera.yaar-
lings, 814 to $17; two year olds, r*518
■ to i$2'2 ouch.
S1IKKD—Worth ilsjc per pound off
cars here.    Lambs, 4i to 44c.
MILCH COWS—Prices are firm at
f.HU to $4.5 each, according ts. quality*
^>   From
His Back
And Hips
"Pinto Shell"
Cordovan for
H.B.K. mitU
and gloves is
made from
the "shell" ot
back and hips of the Western Bronco, the toughest hid*
weight for weight worn by any animal.
Tanned by a pure vegetable   process without   oil   """*
mine-sals to conduct cold.
The toughest most pliable leather used in mitts or gloves.
Scorch and boil proof—will not stiffen in cold weather
nor crack when dried out quickly. <^-**iTb!k^*****«
BT*"a5" ^*****w •**■• ^mtS*^
Bold by all dealers.   See this brand     avis' >,/
If your dealer hns not k-1*. them write ua and send his name.
Each pair stamped "Pinto Jib-sis'" Csrdovau by
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
10 Bt. Oeorge Straot, Hontrosl     IM Princess Street, Winnipeg.
Makers of Warm ("...thing, Mitts, Qloves, Undorwsar, Sox, Moocasilns, ete.   tot
ask  rosi
Ogilvie   Oat
Oslielous flavor.     Fr«s» from hulls.     Warranted far*.
Put up In all elied package*.
Ogllvio's       IHiw-nig-arlao
ttm new manufauturatf, the great Family Fleur.
Inslsl an -jatting " OJlli. VIE'S,'* as. they ara batter than tha sWa-*.*-
fu/ Ate 4iu^Ji sf *n/'a<d>dv.
•^■ i__^_%r^Q^^m
Arrow    -L.sss.fKl>,
These  miraculous  springs.
Mlnlstsr to a mind diseased,
I'luck frosn Uis memory a rootsd sors-ow,
Rats    out   ths    written   troubles   ef   th*
And with sweet oblivious antidotes
Oleanse tbe  stuffed bosom ot those  perilous  slu0«
Which weigh   heavily  open  Kidney.   ".Ivor
aad  8torafts-h
Therefore, all y* wb» suffer—Otvf nhy-
elc  to  the   dogs:  hav*    none  ef  It,  hnt
eoioe and he cured at
lin Halcyon Hot Springs Sanltarhm, IX
TERMS—$15 te lit* per  week.
THE   MA.lifr    '.TUBERS   OF
10  BM0ODBA bK  ITS  USE are slyinrtthi
fo:. 'wing pnios fot competition at the Win*
nlpoir Exlsil'itloii of 1903.
$175 t® SOLD At*swhS2
—. it saw  i '
Drunken net*,
Drug Using.
Over   t<>0.009
188 Osborne atreet,
Mnny n man's flnancinl oiiiliarriiss-
mpnt may bs> attrihiit(*<l to  tho fact
jthat hi* spout a lot of money in try-
i inn to pot something fur nothing.
lever's   Y-7.   (Wise   Ifessl)   Disinfectant
I Reap   Powsjer   ll   bi'tter   thun   other   sonn i
IlisssdcrH.   as  It   also   nets   as   a   disinfect- i
i ssni
firaln ens! CommKs'on Merohanl^.
Hlsihest iirlcrs pslil for wheat, oats
barlev or flax in carlots Wire or write
me fur prims before selling; Llhern!
advances meaie nn ron*slcnmeiits ani
handled en romnsleslon Licensed ari
t   O. Box.  HBO. Winnipeg. Ilea.
The iTrfatost trouble wiih ilu* average rofssrnior is thnt ho IiouItih wis
too far frsmi homo.
1*1 us I'  PRIZE.
toi the Heaviest rssif. any pure breed,
air   ••null'.    Iiaani   nfls-r     Ilia'   1st   .liinuary
It'iC. fi*ii vin Carnefac sunk Food, 810'.'
In  gold,
I-   i   Hi,,    ss'a.'iiii   Heavlett     Calf,   ».av
pure breed   an   arade,  born after  i**t  nl
.i.iniiai.    1003   (piI  on  Carnefac   .'•.ton
l'r nd, t.*." in sro'ii
Fa.r tli"   1 hinl   lls'is\i''st   I'alf. any  pure
; reed   air grade, born afier 1st of Jnr.'i
mv.   I'.an.'i   fed  on  Oarnefae .stuck  Pood
?J.-| in mild.
s one  entry   will  be allowed    frnm
.nils   Farmer    sr   Stockman,   and   stock
n.iui   be exhibit*!  at  the Winnipeg  Kx
la'nl ii" miiHt l>s* |> oiliiccd at the time
ol exhibition to show that the animate
iver.' i.-i ssn I'mni'fssc Stock Food
i , r in   Ims proven « decided success
li .     ina   Into    condition    nm!    fattening
. in  .   other  foods full.   Sniiit for leaflet
|ni    the   views   of   veterinarians   isi   to
ibbcHi    "f  Ciuoclac    'riiev nil  ipeal
Isiuhly   of It.
W. 0. Douglas, Wanufjcturar,
PrlneusB Sis n.it, Winnipeg.
Tiiu enn  obtain It  trom your iloaler
A  widow lias nothing Iml  worris sif
prniso for lior Into lniulsnni!,  lint it is
different with a aloepy wifo
mm* — .
If your Grocer rrsnnot supply write to ^Efrin^.fj
I EVER    BROTHEKS   LIMITED,   To-       **U8AnAN
ri ;-,:o, sending tho ti.tine and addreafj NURSEf-tYMflN
Of \our e-roccr,  and a tri.il   sample oi      fa     (tc
Sunlight Soap will be sent you free.      y'l.^Ufi.
ight boup
Ask fer th* Os Ingon Bar
***V\N if
•Itll-: 1>«1L1.   sU'CaS. B. Cm  VsAIU !1 at, it**"*".
-C. I lniTBtRNSA-E   Editor and Prop,
is TOBLisaiaUs nuv rasu.vT at
B. C.
Lsgal Adrsi-tifinf 10 cents a line for
-the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
Subsequent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, $7 each.
Transient sdrertiseir.snts at same rates
as legal sslyertisiug.
Laocals will be charged 10 cents a line
ier each insertion.
•Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription it |*2 pei" year, st.ict-
iy in advance; $2.;0 a year if not so paid.
Address alt letters to—
SIommi. B. C.
FRIDAY. MARCH 'ith. 1903
A pencil mark in ths space
•ppesiie will bt an iadica-
tioo to yeu that ys e<iitor
•Mnsidersthereis someilaing
earning le bim on yoursul*-
aeription. KindlTSckaow-
-ledge  ia cssh snd eblige.
■•ITobial  tnoi ri>u.s.
Boni.- On MurcU 1. the wife of VY.
Mee of a daughter.
The Laurier government will nu*-*'
the duty on Chinese to $500.
Born—On Feb. 2S. the wife of H.
D. Curtis. J.P., of a daughter.
When shaking of this place satre
the City off.   Its name is Siocan.
A. B. Dix*ksteader was hers* la*t
•»Ti?ek. lix-ating life iu.-uruno? victims.
Rev. aliesaegB, Simons and Seymour
eschauged pulpits last Sunday evening.
The Bank of Montreal will open a
branch in Spokane in ths* tteo two
B. Tomkius. late of Ros.-*la:id. has
taken charge of the Phair Hotel iu
Russel Robertson, son of H. J. Rol>-
i ertson. is quite ill with scarlet fever
j at Victoria.
Don't forget the l>and intend*, holding their annual ma.-sjU'-nul..' Udl on
the 17th of March.
The reguhr statutory nwefHos of
the lies'iise commissioners will be li*-ld
on Wt-dnesday npxt.
Tony Long returned  from   V'ernie
on   Friday,   the   str
down the CJOCj mines.
Trit«?s. W<00dr* iV Co.. Feruie. have
i purchass**:! the three big stores of the
i Crow's Nest Coal Co.
» im.ii CbIU" » ^:ai!'.s nai c itch i*****'uc-*ur, ivi uu u«*."»•»■» -— — .   .       „    ,    ■ l «» ■ i, ,
June subsequent to the data of the issue of theCrosrn granU.and remainiuir ut.|ai i attut
triihy   the FIGHTU DAY OF MAY, A. D. IK3. at tho hour of 10 o'clock, A. M., at the Government Offloi „
*• ,;,,,r,:,,,in,>ral or iilacer claim* in the list hereinafter set out, of the persons in said list hereinafter set out'«
Kaslo B 0, 1 shall ofler for sale by public mixtion^™™£j^_fgnhm on tl.e 80th slav of June, 1902, or accrued duo and payable at anv Both div
.ii.'..i« s    - have been issued, for all i T^Z'', \L;n; I   -:.i... m-.td.iY of nm-mbcr^i-sii.nndfortheexpensesof advertiain-f thL "cftTc?
l,s end iiif.*rs»st ill isiil claims le-raliV alienateu ov uie Ltown uy iiiouumi xism.*. uii-reui. '
and a conveyance executed to the purchaser N s.l nght sv.O uitire**i in mm \'" "'; ' r? ' th«'rix*« and exns^nsos of advertisim** thn land ah.n «k   i
In-the event of there bein? ao purchaser, or if the nrke offered shall not be sulbcieiit to pav tho taxes ana expenses oi aa vertising, tno land shall absolutely
revert to the Province and the Crown grants thereof shall be deemed void.
u;*; uu i'ii i'i .is. us..- .*..->*..•.' «• *-*".-■-.-«-,..—-,...  r—j- ;rr   -•"■■■"fi IBSl:, llOtlfi
.,  .   ■ iist are no* laid to me on or belore the day of sale, the claims may be sold to tho highest biilsi.
If. *,•-■, s. * -        expenses of adverttsin-. as set,! Mil in nwn^MM ^w«u j me j-* ^^ by ^ ^ - ,jy thfi C|.QW|1 gfa tnenoL        *       ™*4»
Name or Perso**:
DasfBirris'S or Claim
->?■:■   **"•
•     Is
baring abui
S'.ocan M ng ar.d Dev Co.       .American E-ic'..'
Golden Canyon G. & ***>• U. Co Alps	
Golsien Canyon G. & S. M C 0 Alt urns	
Golden Canyon G  "i S M. Co Alps Fr	
Qneeu Beae'Pro.Co, Ltd ...   American Girl
Willev A Sherbert    Achilla 200
Tho A.i.i.x Min. i Dev Co. Ltd Ajnx.
L5IWG 11 B.7B l.'-V
lOO G i 88.00
DnscRiPTios- or Claim
9.93 Campbell Jolmeon, It. C...
I. J.. IO20
L19-MG 1 .*0.'2.*!l.'j ■'I 15 Dnharaol & Powys ...
.*Cs I 11.-y 1 -'   '" 18 Duhamel & Sonkham	
1. •-•".'■''I G 1 11 2511.2    - "6 Duliamel .v Souk ham	
1. 1717 G 1 18 OOJl.2   U 2U Vam-ouver Group M'lig Co
Lake Shore L 2810 G I
The annual meeting of th" Siocan !
Rifle As-*oci;ition will l>e hekl at the \
Roval Hotel, on March 12.
Mrs   D. Shea.
S^ocan-Hciui-lie !*i J; I) Co
Slixan-Repobllc M. A I) Co ..
1'red G t srllslo	
Buffalo M Co ofSloian, Ltd.
-I   MiN.-ill	
Jas. V. I.eahy	
Lucky George M'ag Co	
A. M   Johnson	
Richard Seaman	
E. Ilaminvliover	
As fully expe-ctod. ex-Premier Sem-
Tin had a dead easy time of it last
week in West Yal*. defeating Dr.
Sanson by a majority of 111. Just
where the government gets off at now
is.A puzzler, for it is impossible for	
.,       .   n  ,,.. „...  «  „,^^sr;.r ;„  *KbI    The Wilson rotnpanv retnrc'd here
them to ntrure out a maiontv in tne       .,     , , _        . ,     .
u 6   _ i .    .,  on Mondav and gave Ti-n Nights in a
legislature.   Betwwn now and Apnl i Barroom. " Thev had a -rood house.
% however, there is lots of time for; .. ,' .       ,
**■'" ' v   -art      i»- '     The licensed vutiiaUers of  the sev-
wmethmg to happen.   In B.C. politi   er;i, ^.^ and ^^ a!-fMo n,,. ,  .,.
cal  aituations   develop   quickly and j Victoria and form a pro*sincial asso-
with some very surprising turns.  The '■ ciation.
fleshpotgof the government may yet;    lbs. Covington bas purchased the] cSiwrfMuSn Gold M'ii-Co
prove   altogether   too   fascinating to dry gixids aud millinerv st-x-k of Mrs.',  Luke S-A-.-tzcr
s.l"       „:.:      «      -- . -*.-- Bennett.   She will  a-ld csonsiderablv
:':c"rfth' iy^: i:'"'-1'' >   to the .took and expects to do well. "
Thelioard of lnaua-zetn'-nt of the]
M. U. General Hospital wish to return ,
i their  eineere   thanks to hi< "TOrshipl
; Mayor York for generously donating
i a two months' meat accouut to thai
F. S. AtKlers-..n	
Liuebam *v* Didd	
Holbort Henry	
Hickin.iti. liaiiop et al ..
Boa'rt'iie. L. 'V	
K Kammeiinver	
t^ueeii Hess l'ro. Co	
A. Behncet*jJ	
Granville M'ng Co	
Chapleau Con Gold M'n;
ssorely tempted.
Peaoe again reigns at Nanaimo. the
coal strike having lieen settled aud
the men returned to work.   AU it required was for both parties to the dis-1 institution,
pute to get together and talk over the'    £. Lerttherliv. head  l*.ookkeeper for j
situation and a aolutiVm of the diffi-' Chew Bros.' big sawmill interests at
Milleri Wallace..
Willi McNansht.
G. H. Aylard ct al.
Anglo American Fr
Bonanza NoIU
iS.-U No 2	
sSaliv Royal	
. Brvan No \.        ....
. IValander	
. Burnett	
. Backs Fr	
<V i   B'.-vw	
.Copper Glance	
Crown I Vint No G...
. Carrie  	
. Centaur	
Convention 1'.
. C'lilet	
. Chapleau	
. Chapleau Co::. Fr
. i .irilisx)   	
. Ciimax No u
Cape! In
I.   686G I
.L4066G 1
j "■
.I.ol'"'TC. 1 12.:-•! .2-.
.  .        !      'haplill S Mirii'ii	
1.2.   '2-2\.i; ii man   Richard 	
ttniiunt'.ln \ i r, I'. .
18 71 United Go I Field of B
I  5.v>)G I 12.."si  1  j  M 7" i i ran villi* M'ng Co	
:   • -i, l 11..-_•". 1 2a-u Id Uonlgoracrv J. Lynch.
!.    7luiol."  1.2o ■''-'.-"' Swco'.scr, Luke
I. 1581 i. 1   ■'."  i J"   i -'
I. '.v-*- '.I
.L8751 G 1 10.50
. L2218G
..!. 149 G
..LJ.i  G
ft al
1,2o ^8.20 Holier-nil, A
I  . ' '.l.'JtlaSobls* Thn-e M'ng Co..
L2148G 1 52.00
I. 24" 7 G 1 10.00
L 1257 C> 1 28.50 l.2s 24 7 i IVancouver tir-.n|
McKinnon Jnbusou ot al.
Miller deck M'ng Co	
Monument No  3	
Monument No. 2	
Monument Ko. 3 Fr.
Mountain Boone**...
Morning Star No 7..
Mama Fr	
Mocking Bird	
Mav Mower	
Moiite Carlo	
Northern Pacific	
Noble Three	
Nelson No 5 ,
New Sin'tiigtielil	
H B,
-   K
5_s,   :
1 !5.00l.2o
1 15.1*0
I   - '•• 1
1 IS.tt' 1.2 iil»2(
-    I.ir.gis, II. V.
1.2o 1"> '.i.''Dardanelles M  & M. Co.
■• ■'■'> 2 ■ ;Caiiipbs*ll-Jolinsoii, R C.
.1. >: >. 1 •
I. .*..:■ '.I 8.0
!    '.••:' ii ! J i.OO
,i. 22S8G ! .v2
i 1-tKJGl 2
L * I'i   '.  I   ''
L '■■ r,ti 1
.!. 1311; 1
L aSl^G 1
.L2906G i
.1, I..J7 V. I
M-ius' Co
■..I* ;l.-.
0  :,■   1.2«J
B :•' 1.2"
2.25 1.2*.
Dardanelles M. & M. Co .
E S Kinr.ev et al	
■ranvitle M'ns Co . Ltd
franviHe M'ng Co , Ltd.
CampbaHUJobuson, R C
Will ft McNanzht	
Cs-iitra! L2415G 1      7   L2o
mssGij-w.i  '..
■ 2    7.201 isteelc, F ft S B.
.2-   7.21   Purcell M'ng Co
j: >1 7'!i!3.iiB', II B	
■ 2s  :.'• 7"  V.ii.ciBsivi-i lari'i:;.
IJohnson, A. M	
Prescott M'ng Co	
Prescott M'ng Co	
7 7t*j S s-maii, Richai'il	
Shea, M D	
Monitor i Ajix Fr. Ltd.
7. !.-" B.951 Mark
7 ■ :.2. ■ 7.98
••; I.2.. 1 )'■
7 21
Dayt >u	
Defender.  . .
Daybreak . .
..LiMttG I»l.«M.2*i
.L *! •:'.'. ! K_75|L
!.;;:'.!  8.5UJ1
,L28u7G 1   D.25 1.
L i'.2M; !  B.ju!l.2c
0 7'
.3 -l.*
. Occidental ..
1 iknii'igon..
. Old Man...
.iPino Lig ...
'I'rescott Fr.
Queen Puts Pro Co.. Ltd.
7 2-
82 7s* Langis, II. K	
795 slocan-Hs-public M. .*i D. Co
1.7'   Heckman, Uiirrop et al	
10.45 Callahan, C W	
.L50UG I
. L 5018 G I
.L60UG I
...L 710 G I
...L2287G 1114.50
...LS896G 1 39.00
...L888HG1 ,50
.. L 1205 11 1 10.50
...L4458G I 7,00
.    L  ti35G ll 4.00
.. L 5511 Q I 7.35
.. L 1*185 G 1136.25
...L82MG Iii '
...L2216G 1139.00
.L 53j3G llii.oo
...L4258G 11 8.00
. . L 451 G I 34.10
...L2S11GI  7.25
. L f.97G 1 2.0c
...L 849 GI 17.50
...L U02G 1142.00
.. .L8298G I'43.00
...L 1801G II56.25
...L 1258G I 39.00
...L8028G ln.50
...L3029G I 18.00
...L2890G 1'10.50
L 179.") G l;io.c»
' :i.oo
13-eo 1.20 14.10
6.5oli.2o: 7,70
1300 t*aot-j.f-0
*> ij.70
2') 40.20
I , 20' 6.95
1*0  I.70
1 20 II.70
l.» 8.20
t   20   5.-J0
!• "018.45
110 37 45
t.2o 12,95
1 2040.20
I   20 12.20
Portland No 5 L 2'i-2i) G 1
Ques'ii Beis L  215 G 1
L 42.*)9 G I
cultv was soon found.
If a vohuitarv! Midland. Ont.. arrivixl hen* on Mon
i™»;,„ ;.. •I**»*T.   He will ape ml a few davs exam-
arbitration »uld wor.; savatioi, in n ; inin,, into thc 2^ of {k, , ,1;I;ui„.
serious trouble, how inueli more cer- j-jix-an Ltiml>er Co.
tain and effective arbitration would      F.„} Carlisle has Veen having fhe
become in all disputes were it made1 time of his lift* at the MardiOras
compulsory I    No  long  drawn  out j carnival in New Orleon--,   He favored
agonv would theu result upon the in- ^' <^1,°V4'vi'h fT^ cipies of th-
*.     ,,.       , -  .   . ,,     .  "niocial editions of the papers of that;
nocent public and industry could nol. (,,ty ^ntaining manv superb iDuEtni-
become paralyzeil.   The country de-' tions.
rnands compulsory arbitration. Another carload sif plant arrived in ;
' ton Frii'.aj from  Toronto for the saw- \
Most of the pessimistic utb"*rancs!.*j* j mill company, c01i--.isti.17 of two bigl
about mining conditions in B.C. have j boilers and a" smokestack. The boilers ;
come from  those people   -Mociated ^{F1^ T^Z f°'' th'- ^"fn i
.,.,!-    F-.    1      •      1 r>     1     * 1 mill.   On Mondav there arrived still
with the War Eagle mine at Rossland. 1 ^nother car ,vish *.in f[1^I>, and >>>iler
Particularly U this true with regard to 1 for th*-> machine shops, und additioual
Edmund Kirbv, tbe uianager.wbo has ■ smokt-stacking.
never lost an opportunity to knock the; ■ -——r '        —
province because of the two per cent; —   *    " —
tax. From Iiis constant vaporings on
the snbject one would have judged
the tax had lieen disastrously heavy
on his mine, yet, in th-.* annual report
of the mine for 1902. it is seen that all
they were called on to pay to the government on the output of the mine
was a trifling $4,144.42. the value of
the ore being f207.390.44. Kirby's , Pabi-ath School st 2.30 p.m.
uucceee as a pessimist would be greater, prayer Mestin-j, Wednesday
were official figures not published.
McMartin i Durham Elvira
!.',-.*.<; [.28.00)1.80
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Bnnday, st 11 a.tn. snd 7.30 p.m.
7.30 p.m.
The celebrated case of Clark vs Collom has gone over till May.
strangers anil young msn
are cordially invited.  .  .
I anpis, II. E	
hlocan Lake M. & I). Ce.
■Qneen Lc-s i\\,. Co	
Ibt"**.!.'.- & Li;:ds:iv	
Bolder-} in, A  R et al .  .
Bolderson, A  It. it al....
1 an.:-. 11. i:	
Two liiiTitls Mines, Ltd.
McXeiH.J.* D	
1. ia »*, Elii! 1 A	
,-i:e."., M   D	
.-.    '.  M  1)	
Gr ib.-im, E. S	
lini 1. tii'O	
Ila :. Geo	
Idler M'ng Co	
McArthur, J  i:	
Luc!, v George M'ng Co..
Shea, M. D	
Miller l i-'ek M'ng Co...
Slocan Sovereign Mines?.
McCaskin, K	
Davenport, A.L ct al..
[Ieckman, Unrrop et a!..
Ahbntt Mines, Ltd	
McQuirk.E   M	
Shei barf, Chi i-	
Cam 1 bill Johnaon, 11 C.
Slocau S vereljfn Mines
Carlisle, F G.	
1 nnd ni liill M. JkM.Co	
MvCaskill. It	
Slocan liis-iprocily M"ngCo..
Lucky George M btj Co	
.--<-i mnu, Hichard	
Lt .vs-. A. W.	
S-b. s-cr-.-i. Luke.	
.. Terry No   J
.. lirst Extension
.   GH	
.   Great V.'e.-irm.
■ band i'ru.,.
.. Gel There I
.. Great Westei 11
.   Green Ilnm
ten Queen..
Gol len Ilnpe...
.. Golden Agi*,  .
s'lalton Cl'ii'f.
M.-ml-ii.ij rl .
Idaho No.".'	
li iii-'uil	
1 X 1	
I X L Fr	
ir 11 Ctonr	
Knotcnav Pass	
King VVilllani	
• bvclj-ie	
. IKcunutb	
Lexington Fr	
L mdoii	
Lako \ is w No. 8...
Lilian Nn -1	
Lucky Cifir-tc	
Little Montana	
Legal .''"i-.iler No. :J.
ILuckv II iv	
I. 12H2G 1   1.2511.»
!. :l ,■>:!, I 2.-,
,Li>294G 1 I'i
[Slocnn !;.>•:; rocity M'ng Co.
Kocklansl Co| per Co., Ltd..
Vancouvs-r Gi;.iui> M'ng Co.
Ex. Svnd. Ltd
J a
50 l.'*..''..7". U.'.-t'.'. _■- 'i r
OOl.So 17.^' Andrews, Tlm?..
Kirby, A. 1)	
.V-.m; l  8. 1 1.2    020 Adams Ii CCu Ltd 	
L *..*■ 7 li i !'.■■■!. •'- 14.20 t'ctersnii. Mitrishv, & It van.
L6510G I  7.011 I .a   BTtS -.:1a,",-. & J, ',:;.;     	
I. LW1G I B.251 '-'' 4 "5 •s'nncotiver Group M'ng Co .
!. 5l8G 1 2.-; 1 a 27.45 r.-i-t t'bai 'V Minimi C». Lt.l
L18  !GI       ■ 1.2   10.20J Cntn-ihi'll Joluison, H C ...
i'..'«' I.... ! I 20. Sudri w, W'm. 	
-   il..'"    iinmn** & Williamsou	
1.2   14 _■   I'uMtiu-r, 11 it al	
i ireen & Jowett	
. '.'    I.2ii 13.20 llvnn, J   C	
> I.J. ll-.'   Monahan, M.C et al	
Ln ■■ t. I
;. 17! :•■ I
L ; ".'. G
.L2135G '
.L21WG 1
45 I'liutisn. Henry A.
'.  B*»7 1 i I
!. UUil ti
.1. 178-iG 1 H.i
..:.'.:   iG 1   8.75 '-..-
..L2152G 1 11.7i l.2i
,.L 1801 (. . IS 0O1.S
..LIS     '■ '       '*  !.'.
L si..
*»! s'.i. M   1)	
- IVill, W lt. <•( nl..
-"•-■• Milk-rCreels Uiniiij
:'-" liritton & Fletcher.
.j 7
!"■* -iliea, M. 1)	
12      London Hill M. tt M
i iVilion, 1.1 d-iiv ii
:i -   rt'lll ft McNau-rhl	
-■ 10.2   Martin. James M	
IWilllntn**, 11	
. L28ffiG i 12.7" : -   13
. .1.    7m. It  1     .".  '•    i   . .      i.a.il-i-, II   F
..i. 4487 <i I U."   1.2< - :    Kent, 11  \Y ..
..L 2040 G 118.1       . Vancouver Group M'ti-;6»*
..L2SU9G i   : X    - .'nncouvcrGroupM'njrl0.
..L21CSG1  7 7: 1 *    B!*5 jcott, Geo. D	
L5512G I   1.2511 .    * I"
Republic No. 2..,
Rocky Fr	
•Seattle No. 3	
■'titili'.'lit Fr	
,ilvs_'i Cup	
Silver Star 	
Starlight Fr	
Scotch Thistle...
St Charles	
Slocnn Belle	
Sundown Fr	
Silver Real
Sandon Chief....
Snr.w liird	
SI'^is Fr	
Silver Leaf	
I'liinl nf July... .
rip I..;'	
Tiger No. 2
V& M..	
United Empire..
Vauconver No. 2
Vancouver Fr.
Victoria No. 0....
9 5°
l M   9.20
'-o 35-70
'■-'*'  MS
1.20 3. J0
1. Jo'187a
I .20 4J.20
I   2044.20
* ■ 2<* 57-45
1 20 4a 20
1 20 14.70
1.20; 19.20
1.90 II.70
1.20 II.20
120 22.20
1.20 10.70
*> S-95
LW98G I 12.75
..L28KICb 1, I.50I.JOI
..L lL'H'ii; IU9.od1.aoUo.ao
. L 1722 G 1119.001.20:20.20
..LH>>*sj(; I122.001..2023.20
. .L2800G II51 0oj1.iol5a.a0
. .L4066G 1 9.2.s'i.2ojio.45
.LsWlOG 1 5.73i.ao 7.95
. .L2RDI (« l|i3.oo|i.20 14.20
. L 7«8 G 1 31.501.2032.70
,..L 7.*i2 G li .50,1.20 1.70
.    L 1228 G 1,53 75 * .2054.95
I.    7'il ti I  26.25 1 -21*27.45
... L 2il)7 li 1 9.501.20 10.70
. .L Mini; I i.a-j i.ao 2.45
.1. •*-.•!••) (i 1!39,(bbi 1.2040.20
. L 8*284 G Iht.50 1 2.132.70
...1. toil <; 1 2*s.i> 1 202;.10
...L2423G 1! 51m 1.20 b.20
.   I. Ii77 (s 1   7.511 20 8.70
.. .L 1802 (i 1   5.351 2.1 6.45
. . .1, HMli (i  1   Kl.5.1 t   2n It.70
...L0*258G I  4.75' -" 5'9J
. . Ll"'.)i(i  1 .lO.ajo I   2o.ll.20
1. 1528 (i II i.o" 1.21., 2.20
1. "ki'io ti  I    6.25 I   2U   7.45
. L 42<i.l (1 II13.00 1.20 14.iu
...L ii*471; i 1300,1.20^14.20
. ..L 1117 ti ! 58.00 1.21153.20
1.1 !!ll ti  1  23.1.J 1   2.' 24.20
.. .1. 45J!'. (1 1 15.001 :o 14.20
. I. Mil <". i 12.75 1 2.113.95
..L2278 GI  B.35 1 20 9.45
. I. 42O0G 1  5-251 20 6.45
L 2U8 (i  1   I I OO 1.20 12.20
I.   7:10 (i I 55'X) 1.2050.20
.,.L:O0OG !    .25 1 2d 1.45
L8154 (1 !' 9.00 1.2010.20
tVnshinstou M'na Co, Ltd
,.Ll4iaG13'.;.i      2 : . Rope,Chns E    '
..LlSfiG              - ... \\ ll, w, i; ■; nl
. .LJ724G 13S.O0 1 -■ :. \hller Creek Miu nel   .
,.L2H -I. 1 10 ■   . . : :
L2SE0G   27.001.2 - .       -,,•;, Bess I'm. Co. Ltd
.1. 41 9G Ii-it 1    '
L   '   ZG I 4.7   j . .   ■    uypr Group MiningO.Izilor, !.   ;;i C, 1
W 111! 	
Wonderful Fr
V, une Dominion.
I.   Ml Q 1 15.00 1  211.6..0
!. 2583 ts I 11.50 1.2012,70
,L I524G I  7.5c i jo 8.70
.1. ;,•"•: 1. !  4.5  1 2" 5.70
,L  *4T8Q 1
: 1.:.- I
pjo   :
50TICE il hereby given that the an-,
nnsi meeting of tlie Rloean Ritiac Associ
•tion will l*e h<*ld in the Koyal llot*l, on
Thursday evsuiniz, Maroli 12, 1908, (or
the receiving of reports, lhe election ol. •
otficera for the ensuing vear, ami the
transaction of general buains-ss.
11. I). CCRT1S, BecreUry
Slocan, Uar.-'.i 4. l'JO'.
[L.S.]   HENHI sj. JOLI ds L'JiUIMi;;!t:.
i'KOYlVT.OF I'.KITI.SIi S'sjLl IsllU.V.
D.iicd at Kasio. t'nis 28th day of February. 19 6.
N't ITE —For lisl of Claims in Ainswoith Mining Divition, see Kasl 1' iv  • n tiau" 1 r week cudin** Man   7- ,
:2G:r.o*-.t DisStriot, ICt-uiiO P. O.
'.'  3
Timber Notice.
NOTICE Is lis*rebr kitsii tl.nl tliirtj- sins« nf;»r
cists  I intsDsl to SppaU lo llis*   !!•
C'liisf Compsissioiser s.f Lisus!' A  Wnrlsrs al Vir-1
Uirin. B.C.. for a specialllcensa ta rutati'l enrri ,
awsy   timber   Irons   the   fullnwinK   <ia*.-.rribo.l I
lnoils:   CsimnienciDij nt * pus-t niarke'l Vi. II.'
Tudhispe's Miutliwest comer Wist, ustustassd on
tbe nonh siile of ths .-oulh braneb a.f Kvbiis,
erssjek, about two miles frairo tha* torkaithtBet
•••st lli) chaius: thence south sJO chains; thenar I
west 100 clisins; thsncsi uorth l'l1 clsnis***, lo tht
ulsce sit comnn-ncersissnt. contaiuint: Mn irrn.    I imiilrcl ibibs! tl:
W. H. TUDHOPE j ol Viotoria, roe
Dats>fl this ll!th day sif February. 1MB,
Vn.,to  ihe  slr-ic-  ,,f aQocUot tl..
I 'it'.* 1 i*.:s,,-.!sit!i of Great Britain and ire
land .su'i ssi ili» liriu-li Disusiuitsii-. bayood 1
ths  Baas. Kino. Dssfandai  of  uu   Fai:!;. I
ctr.. "ii-.. ate,
T" 1'■ rFaithtalthe liembars el^ptB*.! tost    ■
tha I.a-ci*! .:.-. I   \—.-sslt.!}- of Onr Pr *
sines of British Columbia, and raaani
'■n!le I i.s h. nia-e'iiiL* of tha* LaUBasSlalnre
or ParliaissDt ot Our said l'ri.sit..e.-it i*"sr
I':'.; a.f Victoria, mi Tl. :r-l..y.thi* ll'lli diu
is' Misra»h.. sn is .haa,- ad nine boa*t**ad ais'i
Ihraas. to have bssTsen sKasmnensead .1a.ll.rls1.
..is 1 s ran ui yoo,  Qanmo.
A *i" B E H B
H.A.M'.   ■   -. \\-iI I, BEASthc
Depot) AttorneT-Oeneral 1   IV   ni.—i;.:..- of tha
la ;i -l.-iturc 1..   rnrliainool nf the  Province of
Hrstish Colaiobia M.in'i- s-ulisssi for Thanday.
thettralfth    .. ...  M.a.-rlr. one thoosand mdi
it  which time, at Oiiri'i's
* held and coiiatraiiie*! '..'
Timber Notice.
'I'.VKENiDTlCEtlisi thirty davs afterdate I
J inteo'I to apply .0 the Bon. the Chief Commissioner of LsadS at WorM at Virt.sria. R.C.
for a spss-inl licen*-e to cut and carry awuy tim
ber from the fssllsiwiiiir sls-scribeil lauds: Con.-
mens i'i« at .a post on the north -isle of the south
branch of Evani creels, near the «a".terl> basun
darv of W. H. Tnilhore- lascatiou, mial niarke'l
U. Chew's, northeast rs.rcsr post: thencaaoatb
40 chains: Ihence wes-t 1*1 chaim: llipiu-e nnrlli
Alex. Rogers, J. i WW -
>i i' .11
NOW K. OW Y.v. that for dlven cnuise«and
i-Bin.-i.'ii'r.iti'.is.-. ai. 1 lakini; into eonaldssration
i'.e ejs-e and convaniance »*f Our loving *ssibjs cts
Wo havs ihoncht fit, by and with the advice of
Our Execistivi* Council of t'ie PrpTinre ot British Columbia, te reliava r. >.i. ani eaoh of you,
of >i'Ur attoiule.nca* ai tha time ufnr.--.ii.l. OS
by convsBk'ir.s;. and  Isy tha>e pecaenta**:ij.'iiiiai: j
yoa, and snch of yoa. thai on Wmrsday, Use I
sac "nl day it April, ona thousand nine huniirsul.
and three, you mcrai Ca in Oor Isf^ialatai-a i'i '
, Parliament of the said Province, at Our | itvs I
so treat, aio, act anal a-iiiicluslt.upou th..*,. thinags
,   which. U Our  LeKi-lsilure of the  Pruviucs* of!
40 chain*.; thence  en«t   "tt .chains  to rl.icesif, ^^ ,.,, ,m(ii.   tjJ "},,,. (-ommmi C'ounci| „f I
.Tonsorial Artist.
The Lendinc Parlor**:
Gwilliir «fe Johnson,
Slocan,       • - B. C
I   Slocan      I
I   Bakery^   j
1 J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor 5$
Provincial Land Sur
veyor ■& Mining
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables
wan,  ft C
is. C.
General  Packing
warding attended
shortest N-.tiee.
and For-
1   at the
Representing the strongs c-lll
i'iiniaj doing batincaa in CanafJa
SEE new aii inr.XT POLICY, with \<.\r
■ ' F utinn in prolta, ccivsrinr lick'
ness aud aperatisns,
Ptbito Bland's
commencement, eontaininRttUi ucre.-.
Dated this lMh -li) of Fehrsinry. llKO.
1 iir >ai 1  Province tatty
he ..rilniiia''!
ss.    the   favour isf (is.!.
Timber Notice.
"VOTIl'E inlierelijr girenth.-it thirty .lsy< af'er
1^    date I intenal to npply to the Hon.lhe I !ii«*f
CrMlBtsWiUier of t,sn.|-i .It Works lit Victoria, II. I
'C!., for n spatcliil license lo cut ami cnrrynwayl
timber  from  the   following  d»»crihi"I   lan-i,:
Coinmencinuat a post msrlie.1  Howard Chaw's ,
northeast casmer post situated sinthe north sids I
iif the south  In I'ir'i of Evans cr. I k.  isrnr Ilie
westerly boundary ofS. Chaw'sUxationj ihenca.
eisuth Salchiiinsi; th.-nce west "si c'lnius; thence :
north 80chains: thence ratt Ki chain* lo placo .
sMfcommencfinenl. contaiiiioK'.l" icrcs.
Dal*j<l this"J)'.li day of FeLniurv. liKj. I
Is  TBSTIMOXT  Wur.Hrrsv. We  have BSrosad |
the^a. ll.ir Ijettsr-ts> be masle Patent and
the lir^.ai Seal of (Bi*r ^aid I'i is. ince to ba
V,'iTNr>a. tli.* Honoarahle Sir Flrvni Qi s-
TI1I   J01.T     1.1.     I., si 1HMSSF.    K.C.M.O..
In* :''■ mt (iorcri.'ir of Oursaid Praivins-e
Of British Columbia, at Onr UssTcrnnsetil
Hasai-.. in Our i i'y a.f victoria, in Onr saisl
Pi 01 Ini". this ninetasoth day of PSbrnar)
la tha rs ir of Onr Lord sma* thonsand nine
hundred and three, and ia the third year
cf Our Rel
Saving opens it a Srst*cli ss
establisliment on Main st.-v*..
thf patronage of the public is
solicited for Home-Made Bread,
Who!.' Whs nt Bread, Cakea,
Pisss, and a full line of general
14 I   lau'-ia' r.si-sil fssr 81.
Full *.\ . • ctai   ni'il l.l'llllll)
ti ll   .1 A 111 US-'I .
i'j Coalman '..
Dspuly Praaiiueiul Secretary
Slocan, B. C.
Saildle and  Pack Horsei for
hire at reasonable rates.
R.E. ALLEN,      ^ Manager
Slocau Gilf Misers' Hn,
No. 62, \v. f. of n.
Meets every Wednesday tTtniog
in the Union Hall 81 can City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brathren cordially
invited to attend.
Pn iidant.
Financial Beers tort
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why bs without a ran** vrhsa
you can get ons so ch<*ap ? The*<
are prsferrahle to stoves »nd five
Letter satisfaction. These nngM
burn wsood or coal and will hs
set up free.
cure sll forms of
Diatreaa sftar ss    -
Soar Stomach
and Bilious Hssdacha
Fs*rf sals st—
AgCPtl fur the Hcintziiian &. CoJ■*
liard Heinizman, and Karu t >»•***"


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