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The Slocan Drill 1902-05-23

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/unr tj^^A-^AA
▼OL. III., Ne. 8.
SLOCAN,   B.   Ci,   MAY   23,   1CC2.
•2.00 PER ANNUM.
T. D: Woodcock & Co.,
»-;•,: iiy
8leean. British Columbia.
We carry the largest and best assorted stock In the city. Upwards of iooo
Files to select from. Being overloaded
with Poles we are clearing them out
Havo a couple of Plunge Bath Tuba for aale at coat.
Carload of Georgia Blacksmith Coal just in.
Large range to choose from.   Be the head big
or small.the purse fat or lean, we can suit you
W. T. Shatford 6c Co* General Merchant*
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp'McKinnev, B. C.
A. YORK <fe CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
rieats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.    It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINQ «* HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quiokly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmanship is Good
and Prices are Reasonable
Permanent Organisation Effected and
rail Sat of Offlcars Fleeted- Stirring
Address Made by Chris Foley, President of Pro vlnalal Association.
Saturday evening* a public meeting
ot the electors of the city was held in
the Union hall, on behalf of tlio Provincial Progressive Party. The attendance was large and much interest was evinced in the proceedings,
particularly from the fact of the presence of Chris Foley, president of tbe
provincial association, who had arrived from Sandon on the noon boat
Geo. Nichol acted as chairman and
John Foley secretary. A resolution
•vas passed to organize a club ofthe
Provincial Progressive Party here*,
and to this end the following officers
were elected: President, 6. Nichol;
vice presidents, T. B. Hall and J. V.
Purviance; sec-treasurer, John A.
Foley; executive committee, Alex.
Stewart, D. D. Robertson, and D. B.
O'Naail. Regular meetings of the
club are to be held each Saturday
After a short address bv J. V. Por
viance, on the events leading ap to
the formation of the Provincial Progressive Party, Chris Foley was introduced as the speaker of tbe evening. He gave a stirring address,
lasting nearly two hours, on the
leading planks of the party platform,
claiming that no lasting peace or
prosperity could prevail until tlioae
principles became the established
guiding rule Ib the management of
public affairs. His appeal to business
men to join the party, if for no other
reason than support compulsory arbitration in order to prevent strikes
and lockouts,  was most convincing,
nd proved the thought of the statesman rather than the politician. Mr.
Folev's address was about tho boat
yet listened to by thc Slocan electorate.
The Progressives are actively organizing all over the province, club*
having also been formed at Viets-ria,
Nanuiino, Vancouver, Kamloops,
KnssLaiid, Sandon, Silverton, New
Denver and Nelson. All tbe other
centres of population will bu visited
by Mr. Foley and clubs organized
and everything put into trim for the
impending provincial campaign.
May 31, 1903; also all mineral and  Denver; O.P., A. G. Creelman, Ross
placer claims held by them." If anv  land;J}.K.R., K. Pferdner, Victoria;
placer or mineral claim has lapsed.it     ->-——■-
shall be revived to tbe same date.
Had the bill been introduced a month
ago, there would have been more recruits from this place.
G.M.E..E. P. Nftth.n, Victoria; G.
M.A., J. Thomson, Cumberland; G.I.
G., Geo. Johnson, Nanaimo; G.O.G.,
Wm. Irvine, Nelson. Next year the
grand lodge will sit at Vernon.
It reached by any trail or road
that runt into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Reopened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Oar Arthrar atreet aad Delaney Arenne. Sleoaa
ver. a TU()S. LAKE,
Noils-frog thoroughly renovated Proprietor)
and re stocked with the best v   —-
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Monday evening a meeting of the
executive of the local club was held,
nt which the ful lowing resolution was
passed, and which was ordered sent
to the press for publication: "Whereas it is being persistently rumored
throughout this riding and elsewhere
that wo ofSlocan are and have been
dissatisfied with the results uf the late
Kamloops convention, and  that we
arc finding all sorts of fault with the
platform promulgated atthe said convention; and whereas, it is furthered
rumored that, unless wc can name
tho  candidate    (or  this  riding  at
the next election, we will not feel under any obligation to  support the
nominee or platform of tlie P. P. Party;
and whereas,  other villainous and
malicious lies equal to the above-
named are being assiduously   and
cunningly circulated by parties wishing to cause a division in our ranks,
thereby endangering the chance at
the polls of electing a candidate of
onr party selection: therefore, be it
resolved, that the above and ail similar reports, having a tendency to create discoid in the labor ranks, are
premeditated and malicious lies, and
that there is not the least foundation
on which to build them, except one
of fear of tiie result of an election
wherein the labor vote is solidly cemented together; and, be it further
resolved, that we of Slocan arc in
hearty   accord   with   the    platform
adopted at Kamloops by the newly
born  P.P.P., and,  while believing
we have men in our midst fully competent and able to creditably represent this or any other riding in the
provincial house, vet we are asking
no favors, but are now, as we have
ever been,  ready and willing and
anxious to accept and support the
candidate chosen by thc nominating
convention, whenever or wherever
held.   Hoping this will set at rest all
fear with regard to Slocan and Its
agitators,   we bid tlie   P. P. P.  God
speed aud wish it all the success of
which it is deserving—no more, no
less.   John Folev, secretary; Alex.
Stewart, D. D. Robertson, and D. B.
O'Neail, executive."
For Rm.xflt of goldlera.
Col. Prior, minister of mines, has a
bill before the legislature, to further
relieve the members of thc Canadian
forces serving in South Africa from
complying with t,he provisions of the
Mineral and Placer Mining Acts in
respect of mining properties held by
them. The bill provides that the
soldiers' licenses shall be extended to
J. Frank Collom Wins Appeal aa Native
Silver Fractlan.
Word was received in tha city on
Friday from Ottawa to the effect that
J, Frank Collom had won his appeal
against Mark Manley over the Native Silver fraction. Manley won in
the preliminary case at Nelson and
also on the appeal earried by the de
fendant Collom to the full court at
Victoria. With the reversal of the
verdicts of. tho lower courts, the Ottawa judges allow full costs for the
preliminary suit and subsequent ap
pea la These will amount to fully
$10,000, and should the case go to
the privy council in England the
costs will be about doubled.
The suit arose over the ground lying between the Burlington and Arlington claims, on Springer creek,
embraced in what is known as the
Native Silver fraction. Tho ground
had been originally ataked and abandoned, finally coming into tbe possession of Charley Haller, foreman at
the Arlington, and Bob Cooper, one
of the original owners of the latter
mine. Haller sold his half interest to
Mark Manley. The Arlington companv restaked the fraction, claiming
a grievous error in the possession of
the ground by Haller ana Cooper, and
also in the staking of tbo same. As
tbe Arlington No. 1 fraetion, a crown
graat was applied for by the com
panv, which was protested bv Man*
lev, as owning thc bailer interest
Cooper had disposed of his half to the
company, as well as the Burlington
fraction, restaked also by the company and called the Stepltenite fraction.
Manley entered suit against Mr.
ICollom, as manager for the Arlington, so as to clear his title to his holding, and won tho preliminary bant
at Nelson. Defendant appealed to
the Victoria cuurtsand again lost,but
has Imcii sneccssral in -tlie advancement of the case to the supremo court
at Ottawa; Several attempts had
been made in the interim to settle thc
suit, but no agreement as to the price
to be paid could lie arrived ftt. Nat
urally the company is elated at the
outcome ofthe litigation, and the result will probably be seen in a largely increased f'-rce at the Arlington.
Short Session Held by the Dads Monday
City Council met an Monday evening at 7.30 and held a short session,
owing to the moving picture show in
the ball above. Aid. Nichol was tbe
only rbscntee.
Bills presented: D. Arnot, rope,
if 13.20; exoress, $1.66; Paul Hauck,
rope, $2.50; M. Cameron, cleaning up
nuisance ground, 135.80; J. Craig,
carpenter work, $10.
Ilia warship suggested setting
aside a small sum ef money monthly
for the clerk, to be used aa a petty
cash account, so saving a lot cf on-
necessary labor and being much more
convenient. The aldermen fell in
with the idea.
Bills ordered referred to-the finance
Aid. McCallum moved that $10 be
drawn in favor of tbe clerk, to be
used as a petty cash account, returns
te be made monthly. Seconded by
Aid. Worden and carried.
On tbe questien of introducing a
bylaw re appointment of eity clerk,
Aid. McCallum said be was not quite
certain as to whether the statute was
really necessary, as a resolution
might be sufficient. The other aldermen not being certain, either, the
matter was again laid over.
Aid. McCallum said they had had
difficulty in getting the council together to go out and select a cemetery
site and asked for another week to
report.   Granted.
Aid. Worden, for the health committee, reported that the nuisance
ground had been cleared up and put
in first class shape.
The collector's new roll and other
city printing was passed on and commended. Aid. Smith and Worden
moved its acceptance.   Carried.
A. Harlow inquired through the      _
clerk if it was necessary for him to I Dnutex
takeout a license to do plastering \ * /ft%%
Answered in the affirmative.
The pound bylaw came up for
more discussion and was passed over.
The mayor- suggested having all
the bylaws typewritten, so that the
originals might be filed away for
s.ife keeping. The cost would be 10
cents per folio of 100 words. Laid
over for total cost to be estimated.
Council adjourned.
Editor Dkiij.:
Sir,—I have been directing a little
attention to the Kamloops platform
of the new Provincial Progressive
Party and. although it contains many
meritorious nnd plausible theories
(as well as idealistic, but impracticable and impossible fads), I cannot
agrco with it, or Bee where there is
room or necessity for nnv new or
third party. Perhaps my old party
prejudices aro too strong and subject
to moderation, but my patriotic pre
dilections cannot stand the running
ofthe politics of our province or Dominion by alien grafters. I foel that
the fundamental principles of the Socialistic and Labor combination
spring from an alien graft, that it is
hostile to our British system of government, and inimical aad detrimental to the best interests and prosperity
of our common country. Yours verv
truly, Canadian.
New Denver, May 17,
Last Tesw's ghlpneat* War* 0S14 Teas-
A Healthy Evidence ef tha Ufa aa«
Wealth of tha Caaap-Arltagtea th*
Blgceat Shipper.
Ore shipments continue at a satisfactory rate from the division, 120
tens having again been sent out for
the week. Tke Enterprise shipped
only 20 tons, but tbey bave another
oar ready to go oat. The Arlington
raised its expert to 100 tons and is
now able to ship freely, as the roads
are in good shape. Four teams are
hauling from the Arlington and two
from the Enterprise.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2.947 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled 6629 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
fist of the shipments this year
Arlington    100
Enterprise      20
Ottawa »
ceased   on tbe
Mineral Act Made Plain.
Notice is given in the last issue of
the B. C. Gazette that, under the
provisions of section 143 of thc Mineral Act, the lieutenant governor has
niadi' the following order: "That
paragraph two of section 5 of the
Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1898,be
so interpreted that should any free
miner perform assessment work on
his claim during any one year to the
value of one hundred dollars or more
in oxcess of the amount required to
be done in any one year by the Mineral Act, the right thereby given
such free miner of recording a ceiti-
cate of the work done to the value of
each one hundred dollars, so as to
cover his assessment work for an additional year in respect of each one
hundred dollars in excess, shall be
exercisible only at thc time of record
of the certiflcate of work in respect of
thc amount required to hold the
claim during the year in which such
excess shull be performed. Thc order goes into effect on June 1.
K. of P, Grand Officers.
At tho grand lodge of the Knights
of Pythias held in Vancouver last
week tho following officers weie
elected: G.C ,  II.  Hoffmeister, Van
sVelt Wins His Salt.
Elmer J. Felt has won his- suit
against Percy Dickinson, judgment
having been given in his favor by
Mr. Justice Martin at Nelson on Saturday. The suit was brought to declare a partnership—and consequent
participation in the operations nf that
partnership—alleging to exist between the litigants in a mining business in this city, and which was denied by tbe defendant, who contend
cd plaintiff was merely employed by
him, The various mining interests
involved are those in which the noted
Warner Miller syndicate own, and
by tho judgment rendered plaintiff
secures an eighth interest in tne Skylark & Hanger and contiguous
claims, on the Lemon divide; also in
thc Slocan Chief group, at the head
of Ten Mile creek. The suit was
against Percy Dickinson, manager,
Warner Miller and associates, and
the judgment carries against all save
Wilson Smith.
Anether Property Starts Dp.
E. Hammolmcver, late of the
Emily Edith, Four Mile, spent Monday and Tuesday here. He went up
the creek and examined some property he owns near the Arlington
sawmill. Asa result of his examination, a contract has been let to B. M.
Walton to run 100 feet of tunneling,
with tho probability of an additional
contract when that is finished. Work
has commenced on the property.
May Balld a Concentrator.
Chas. E. Hope, Vancouver, head of
tho company owning the Emily Edith
group, on Four Mile, went up to that
property on Saturday. Had it not
been for the depretsion in the metal
markets,,the company would have
erected a concentrator this yoar, and
they may do so yet. Mr. Hope characterizes the Emily Edith as ono of
the best groups in the country, with
an abundance of ore in sight.
Operations have-"	
Molly Gibson.
The first payment on the Neepawa
bond fell due this week.
Twe cars of ore from the Hewett
passed through this week.
Ore shipments from the eutire Slocan amount to 11,500 tons.
Work is to commence at once on
the Rose, on the first north fork of
Dnnc Graham baa purobased from
J. Livingstone a sixth mterest ia the
All'the men at tie Enterprise mill
were turned out Thursday to assist
in protecting the dam.
W. Clough and P. Swan have finished their assessment on the Highland Light, en Ten Mile.
Ten Mile is practically deserted bv
the prospector this year, very little
assessment work going on.
Nat Tucker and M Maurer took
supplies up to the Lily Ben Saturday
and commenced further development.
The Dalhousle slide, on Ten Mile,
is down, boing much larger than
usual. It destroyed considerable
Frank Provost and Jackson Bad-
cliff took np supplies Monday te work
on some property near the Arlington
The force on tl e Ottawa has been
increased to eight men. Work is being carried on at three different
It has come on schedule time—a
claim has been recorded at the local
office under the fantastic name of
Ping Pong.
Another good strike of mineral hss
been made on Goat mountain, Now
Denver, by C. McNicholl and partners of Silverton.
Next month the Transfer and the
Black Prince are to resume operations, with prospects of the Chapleau,
Phoenix. Kepublic and Tamarac.
George Alexander, the well known
mining man, has returned from England. Ile has been there for several
months negotiating with capitalists
and tbe Ruth is now to resume operations on a large scale.
couver; G. V.C., C. r.  Nelson, New | any of his predecessors
It will be with feelings of regret
that the people along the lake learn
of Rev. Mr. Roberts being transferred
to Enderby, For the three years he
has bean on this mission he has been
a faithful worker, and has won thc
respect of tlio people, more so than
Once again the report is current
that the Chapleau, en the first north
fork of Lemon creek, Is to resume
operations, this time the names of
Taylor ft O'Shea, a firm of Nelson
lawyers, being connected with the
story.    According to tbe report work
is to be resumed at once, bnt se far
no move has been made.   The new
company, now known as the Kaslo-
Siocan Mining ft  Financial Corporation, has a capitalization of £500,000,
with £100,000 ln ths treasury for devolopment.    Besides the Chapleau,
work is to be commenced on the Joker group at Camp Mansfield, at the
head of Ten Mile creek.
To start work on the Chapleau,
there most needs be the payment of
the remaining debts on the property,
as well as repairing the wagon road,
which was practically washed out
last summer. Should the report turn
out te be correct, it will mean a big
| thing for the Lemcn creek country. a
aW*Jk>i1a\ t\mm
Copyright. 1900, by Sir  Walter Besan't
"Three tinea, Jackanapes, hast thou
presumed to send stuff to my ward.
Here tbey are.'' He took from me the
last Sheet of doggerel verse and drew
tttm his pocket two more. "Here tbey
aie-one, two, tbroe-all addressed to
the matchless Molly. Wby, timo Impudent villain, wbat devil prompted
thee to call her matchless Molly?
Matchless to each as youl Take that,
sirrah, and that!" Tbey were laid on
wltb a will. Tbe poet groaned, but
made no reply, again looking vainly to
right and left for somo way of ewnne.
The hasting which followed whs real'
ly worthy ot turn days when Captuii.
("i-owle wltb hla own .hand quelled a
mutiny and drove the wbole crew under batches.
It was a poor, shrinking, trembling
Helve full of bruises and aches and
pains tbat presently arose and slunk
away. I should have felt sorry for
hiss had he taken punishment Uke a
man. Why, I would maroon any of my
crew who wontkt cry and grovel and
snivel wben tied up for his three down.
It made one sick and ashamed to see
hlm and to hear blm, wltb bla "Mercy,
captain! Oh, enough, -mod captain!
Oh, captain, I confess! I deserve It all
Never again, captain. Oh, forgiveness,
forgiveness!" and so on. I say It made
me alck and ashamed. When all was
ever, I followed him to the garden
gate. "Oh, Jack," he groaned, "yoo
stood by and saw It all! I am a dead
man. He ahall be hanged for It You
are the witness. 1 a10 notblng but s
oaf of broken bones, ribs and collar
booeo and skulL I am a poor, unfortunate, murdered man. I am done to
death with a cudgel."
"Go homo," I said. "You a manl
Yon cry Uke a whipped cur. Murder*
ed? Not yon. Cudgeled you are, and
well you deserved it Go home snd
get brown paper and vinegar and teU
aU the town bow yon bave been cudgeled for writing verses to a matcblesa
maid. Tbey will laugh, 8am Sample.
Tbey wUl laugh."
Tbo captain went back to tbe parlor
somewhat Gushed wltb the exercise.
"Justice," he said, "has been done
witbout the cart and tbe cat My pipe,
Jennifer, and the home brewed. Molly, my dear, your very good health."
A day or two afterward we heard
that Sam Semple had gone to London
to make hla fortune. He was carried
thither by the wagon that once a week
makes the Journey to London, returning the following week. But when
Sam Semple came back It was In a
chaise, with much splendor, aa In due
course you shall hear. You ahall also
hear of the singular gratitude with
which be repaid <!•> captain for that
wboleeome correct iSS.
T la three years later.
JVe are now In the year
1750. At 12 o'clock In
tbe morning the anteroom of tbo town bouse
of tbe right honorable
the Earl of Fyllngdale
waa tolerably filled
with a mixed company attending his
Soon after 12 o'clock the doors of the
private apartments were thrown open,
and his lordship appeared wearing tho
look of dignity and proud condescension combined which weU became tbo
star be wore and the ancient title
wblcb he bad Inherited. Hla age was
about 80, a time of life when tbere linger some remains of youth and the serious responsibilities aro yet with some
men hardly felt Hla face was cold
and proud and hard, the lips firmly set,
tbe eyee keen and even piercing, the
features regular, his stature tall, but
not ungainly; bla figure manly. It was
•remarkable among thoso wbo knew
him Intimately that tbere waa as yet
> sign of luxurious living on face and
He waa not as yet swelled out
with wine and punch; bis neck waa
etUI slender, bis face pale, witbout any
teUtaie marks of wine and debauchery.
So far aa appstarance goes, he might
pass If be cbooo for a person of tbe
nwet rigid and oven austere virtue.
Tbls, as I have aaid. was considered
remarkable by his friends, most of
whom were already stamped on face
aad feature end figure with tbo out-
wart and visible tokens of a profligate
Ufe, for. to confess tbe truth at tbe
very beginning and not to attempt con*
eeelment or to suffer a false belief as
regards tbls nobleman, be waa notblng
better than a cold blooded, pitiless, selfish libertine, a rake and a vr'uptunry,
one who knew end obeyec no laws
save the laws of (so called) honor.
"These laws allow a man to waste bis
fortune at tbe taming table, to ruin
confiding girls, to spend his time wltb
rake companions In drink and riot
anddebeucbery of all kinds. He most
however, pay hla gambllug debts; be
most not cheat at cards' bo must be
polite In speech; he must bo ready to
fight whenever the occasion calls for
his sword and the quarrel set-ins of sufficient Importance, l-ojrd Fyllngdale,
however, was not among Ihose who
found hla chief pleasure scouring tbe
streets and In mad rlcL You ahull
learn in due course wbat forma of
pleasure chiefly attracted blm.
I bave said tbat his face was proud.
There wea not I believe, anv man liv
ing In tbe wbole world wbo could compare wltb Lord Kyllugdale for pride.
An overwhelming pride sat upon his
brow, waa proclaimed by his eyes and
waa betrayed by bis carriage. With
such pride did Lucifer look round upon
bis companions, fallen as tbey were
and In the depths of hopeless ruin.
He was dressed In a manner becoming to hla rank. Need we dwell upon
his coat of purple velvet hla embroidered waistcoat his white silk stockings, his lace of ruffles and cravat bla
gold buckles and hla gold clocks, his
laced bat carried under his arm. hla
Jeweled sword bllt and the rings upon
his fingers? You would think by bis
dress that bis wealtb waa equal to bis
pride, and by his reception of the suitors that bla power waa equal to both
pride and wealth together.
Tho levee began. One after tbe other
stepped np to him. spoke a few words,
received a few words In reply and retired, each apparently well pleased,
for promises cost nothing.  To tbe poet
wbo asked for a subscription and proffered a dedication my lord promised
tbe former, accepted tbe latter and
added a few words of praise and good
wishes. But the subscription was never paid, and the dedication was after
wanl altered so far aa the superscrlp
•ism to another noble patron.  To tbe
clergyman who asked for a country
living then vacant my lord promised
the most kindly consideration and bade
him write his request and send It him
by letter for better assurance of remembrance. To the officer he promised
his company as only due to gallantry
and military skill. Vo the place hunter
he promised a post far beyond the
dreams and the hopes of tbe suppliant
Nothing more came of lt to either.
The company grew thin. One after
the other tbe suitors withdrew to feed
on promises. It Is Uke opening your
moutb to drink tho wind. But 'twas
all they got
Wben tbey were gone, Lord Fyllngdale looked round the room. In the
window stood, dangling a cane from
hla wrist a gentleman dressed In tbe
highest and tbe latest fashion.
Yet when one looked more closely tt
was seen that thla gallant exterior arrayed an ancient gentleman whose
years were proclaimed by the sharpening of his features, the wrinkles of his
feet, the crow's feet round his eyes
and hie bending shoulders, wblcb he
continually endeavored io set square
and upright Hat in one band and
snuffbox In the other, be ambled toward hla lordship on tiptoe, wblcb happened Just tben to be tbe fashionable
"Thy servant Sir Harry." My lord
offered bim bla hand with condescension. "It warms my heart to see thee.
Therefore I sent a letter. Briefly, Sir
Harry, wouldst do me a service?"
"I am always at your lordship's commands. This, I hope, I bave proved."
"Then, Sir Harry, this is the case.
It la probable that for certain private
reasons I may hive to pay a visit to a
country town, a tow n of tarpaulins and
traders, not a town of fashion." Sir
Harry shuddered. "Patience, my
friend. I know not how long I ahall
endure tbe barbaric company. But I
most go. Tbere are reasons —let me
whisper, reasons of state, Important
secrets—which call me there." Sir Harry smiled and looked incredulous. "I
want on the spot a friend"—Sir Harry
smiled again, aa one who began to understand—"a friend wbo would appear to be a stranger. Would you,
therefore, play the part of such a
"I will do whatever your lordship
commands. Yet to leave town at this
season"*—It waa then the month of
April —"the assembly, the park, the
card table, the society of tbe ladles— It
Is possible tbat the Lady Annstosla
may go tbere. Sbe will, as usual, keep
the bank If she does go."
The old beau's face cleared, whether
In anticipation of Lady Anastasla'a society or her card table I know not
"My character, Sir Harry, will be In
your hands. I leave It there confidently. For reasons—reasons of state—It
should be a character of—
"I understand. Your lordship Is a
model of all tbe virtues"—
"So we understand. My secretary
will convene with thee further on the
point of expenditure."
Sir Harry i -tired, bowing and twisting his body sometnlng like an ape.
Tht:: a gentleman In scarlet presented himself.
"Your lordship's most obedient," bo
said, wltb scant courtesy. "I come in
obedience to your letter of command."
"Colonel, you wlU hold yourself In
readiness to go Into tbe country. Thero
will be play. Yoa may lose as milch as
you please to Sir Harry Malyus or to
any oue else whom my secretary will
point Out to you. Perhaps you may
havo to receive a remonstrance from
me. We are strangers, remember, and
I am no gambler, though I sometimes
take a card."   And he, too, retired.
There remained one suitor. He wss a
clergyman dressed In a fine silk cassock with bands of the whitest and a
noble wig of the order ecclesiastic. I
doubt If the archbishop himself bad a
"Good, my lord." he aaid. "I am. as
usual a suppliant The rectory of St
sLeonard le Size, Jewry, ln the Citv. Is
now vacant With my small benefices
In the country It would suit me hugely.
A word from your lordship to tho lord
mayor—the rectory Is In tbe gift of the
corporation—wonld, I am aure, aufflce."
"You are living, as usual, I suppose,
at great expense."
"At small expense considering my
abilities, but still at greater expense
tban my slender Income will allow.
Am I not your lordship's domestic
chaplain? Must I not keep np the dignity due to tbe position?"
"Yonr dignity Is costly. I must get a
bishopric or a deanery for yon. Meantime I have a email service to ask of
"Small? My lord, let lt be great; It
cannot be too great"
"It la that you go Into the country
"Not to Bath or to Oxford V
"Not to either; to another place,
where they know not thy name or thy
fame. Very good. I thought I could
depend upon your loyalty. Aa for arrangements and time, yon will hear
from my secretary." So my lord turned
on bis heel, and his chaplain wae dismissed.
When the levee was finished and
everybody gone, Lord Fyllngdale sank
Into a chair, 1 know not the nature of
his thoughts save tbat tbey were not
pleasant for hla face grew darker every moment Finally he sprang to hla
feet and rang tbe bell. "TeU Mr. Semple tbat I would speak with him," he
Mr. Semple, the same Samuel whom
yon have aeen under a basting from the
captain, waa now changed and for the
better. He wore tbe dress of a poet
At thla time he also called himself secretary to his lordship
"Semple," said bla lordship, crossing
his legs and playing wltb tbe teasel of
his sword knot "I nave read thy let.
"Your lordship will lmpnte"—
"First, what Is the meaning of the
"I nave been your lorc*..-'ejvs secretary for six months. I have therefore
perused all your lordship's letters. I
have also in my seal for your lordship's
Interests looked about me, and I discovered what I ventured to state In
that preamble."
"Well, sir?"
"Namely, that the Fyllngdale estates
are gone so far as your lordship's life ts
concerned, but in a word all Is gono,
and that—your lordship will pardon the
plain truth—your lordship's credit cannot last long and tbat—I now touch a
most delicate point to a man of yonr
lordship's nice sense of honor—tne only resource left Is precarioua."
"You mean"—
"I mean a certain lady and a certain
"How, sir? Do yon dare? What has
put this suspicion Into your head?"
"Nay, my lord; I have no tbougbt but
for your lordship's Interests, believe
"And bo yon tell me about the rustic
heiress, and you propose a plan"—
"I have had tbe temerity to do so."
"Yes.   Tell me once more abont this
girl and about her fortune."
"Her name la Molly Miller. Sbe la
an orphan.   Her guardian Is an honest
i   ..a -.tend lovoth at all times and a
..ThCre I " said Mrs. Ragbag.    "I        f J1'*8dborn in adversity.
havo  tried  four   times  to give that   brother is bonw»	
shirt  away,    and   It's so worthless nm*mles come nearer the truth
that nobody'll take it.   But I'll get |    Our oncm^com ^ ^
rid   of  it.     I'll leave it out on the   iu t e opln.on .      y    ^ ^^
clothes-line to-night." we do m ou ,
""" .''I.       ••• t
The thoughtful man provides for
his loved ones. It is the unthinking
man who waits until lt is too late
I    im l si.       II 	
There is no help in tho case of the
•Woman who can't get a servant.
Dr. Chae«ys Umnm
Food Builds Blood, Cp«»to« Narva Foroo, Inorotseoe ft—h ami Weight, and
Makes Sickly Piwpla Stronfl mvu\ Walk
sailor who has taken tbe greatest care
of her property. 'She waa an heiress
already when her father died. That
was 18 yeara ago.   Sbe is now 19."
"Is sbe passable—to look at? A holden with a high color, I warrant"
"A cream colored complexion touched with red and pink, light hair In curls
and blue eyes, the face and figure of a
Venus, tbe sweetest mouth ln the
world and the fondest manner."
"Hang me If the feUow Isn't In love
witb her himself! If she Is all this,
man, why not apply yourself for the
post of spouse?"
"Because her guardian keepa off all
would be lovers and destines bis ward
for a gentleman at least, for a nobleman he hopes."
"Uo Is ambitious. Now aa to her
"She haa a fleet of half a dozen tall
vessels —nay, there are more, but I
know not how many. I was formerly
a clerk In a counting house of the
town, and I learned a great deal—what
each Is worth and what tbe freight of
each voyage may produce—but not all.
The captain, her guardian, keeps
things close. My lord, I can assure yon
from what I learned In tbat capacity
and by looking Into old books tbat ahe
must be worth over £100,000, over
"I can take thla fortune without your
Trifles Are a Frnltrnl Henree ef Afflletlee.
Altercation about trifles is a fruit-*
ful source of friction, and stock subjects of disputation beget a chronlo
"touchiness." One seldom convinces
by excited and voluble argument, and
when a suspicion of temper appears
—good-byo to success! Politeness
compels a conciliatory manner, on
open-mindeiT*hospitality to tho views
of others—which will bo most effect**
lve if the object be to Influence, rather than to vent your irritation.*-*
Ladies'  Home Journal. <*
nn,-, a*m «- -Mrmuinarlllas sulpher and cream of tartar, and salts aa spring medicine haa gone by. reo-
pl.2e beSnlng toSSTJo^"headSoftheir physicians and to build up their Systems by tho use of such
pMK!£S»^ ">od curo to th*fftCt that lfc acUaUy weaU* *?*> '*■*»•"«*■»-*••■-
|«]5-ra and naturally.   For thi. reason Jt    s   the moot eatisractory
,nST "'*"*■ * , .     ..  7\mT. „„„ ,*L.,*i,iw obtain, and its results aro permanently beneficial.
nL^ dtngumCiS. S?25 ofTow vitality and an exhausted coo-Wn of ths, syrtemi soon dhntp-
pewbefoTthnitalUin-Tupbullding influence of this great restorative.   It   conquers  disease .by filling tho
"^b^tJo^ Toronto. Out., ntatcs :-I was wy much run down In health, and
whenever I exerted myself more than usual I had severe attacks of splitting head.-xhe ami was very nervous.
so much so that I could not rest well at nights. After using Dr. Chase'a orve Food I found that my nerves
were steadior, I could rest and sleep bettor than I have for a long time, and was entirely free from headaches.   I can speak very highly of this preparation for nervous troublo.
Dr. Chase's Nervo Food hna tho endorsement of tho best p»oplo In the land — physicians and laymen
alike It is bound to benefit anvono who uses it. because it is composed of the most potent restoratives of
nature.   50 cents a box, 0 boxes for f2.60.   At all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates ft Co., Toronto.
&(Wi*AmV osrLmis J&1& urio *v&*m%4: /bins.
*Utu, ibii*mv ^u/ ofTd? Jj&U> /fcfttn/ eftis 46 f
Witt, J5tvu, t%_m^4^k. ____+2f (&*rd+r
0^syce4. &ttW+TiAsi, t&t^c/t t '________*vovtLds
tUinu JLsVvt' <f*  <to  U 4v   xAJL frr Mgn/
Farmer—So youv'o had some experience, have you ?
New Man—Yes, sir.
Farmer—Well, what side of a cow
do you sit on to milk ?
Now Man—The outside.
Many Doctors Treated him, but without Success—Dodd's Kidney l'ills
Cured Him and now Life is a pleasure to Ilim-He Tells tho Story.
St. Urbain, Que., April 21- (Special.)—Fearful indeed has been the experience of Narcisse Darrctte, of this
place. For fifteen long and wearisome years he hus suffered witb an
acute malady of the kidneys and
back which has caused him the most
agonizing pains.
He consulted physician after physician and followed their treatment
patiently and carefully. Some of
them afforded him a little temporary
relief (which was in itself u great
blessing), but the pain always came
back to torture him even worse than
Rheumatism added its terrors to
his already great burden of misery
and his life was a succession ot
spasms of the most violent pains it
has ever been the lot of mortal man
to endure.
The story as told by Mons. llai-
rette himself is in part as follows :
''For more than fifteen years I suf-
lered with a severe Malady of the
back and Kidneys which caused me
horrible pains in the back.
"I tried many doctors, but the relief they gave me was only temporary and the Malady always returned.
My suffering was so great at times
that it was almost beyond endurance.
"I had rheumatism as well as the
pains in the back, and between them
I was sorely tried. I would rather
die than suffer again the way I did,
but now life Is very pleasant to me
and I am anxious to live.
"You ask me how I was cured ?
"Well, after trying in vain doctor's
treatments and almost everything,
else, I began to use what has been
to me the greatest medicine in all
the world, Dodd's Kidnoy Pills, and
very soon the pains all left me.
They acted almost, like maple. I am
now in perfect health and work
every day."
Thc extreme delight we take in
talking of ourselves should wurn us
that lt is not shared by thoso who
A Laekjr Hara-alsb
It Is said thnt a foreman stereotyper
In a London printing works haa-fcad a
curious windfall. Going.to a sale of
musical Instruments, ho purchased sn
old harpsichord for 20 shillings, because, having a hobby for fretwork he
fancied tbe wood of the front panel
When ho got his purchase homo, he
dissected It. He then discovered that
the harpsichord had n double bsck.
and presently between the boards ho
found very old Bank of England notes
i^toi™™e va,ue of whicb •««»*■
ed to tdO.UUO.
Canadian Pacific
And the Orient
Travel by the C. P. R. and be assured of SOLID COMFORT.
First-class C. P. R. Sleepers
on all through trains.
Through Tourist Sleepers — the best.
Tourist Rates quoted to all points
East. West. South.
The Old Country.
The Orient,
The Antipodes.
During the last ten years 249 incidents have "occurred in the Swiss
mountains, resulting in 818 deaths
Thjrty-ooven of the victims were
guides. It is said that tho whole
number 237 deaths could have been
prevented by the ordinary means nf
Pleasant he byrup; nothiag eqtutU it:- n
worm medicine: the Imuu > Is Muthor Ununs'
Worm Exterminator. Thegroatuot worm e«-
terminator of the ago.
Nature paints things red in the
fall—and many a man is able tn
trace his fall back to the time when
he painted things red.
Thoso desiring information in regard to any part of tlie world reached by the C. P. R. or its connecUors
are rci|ueste*J to apply to any C. I*.
R. representative or to
ce. Mcpherson
Ccn. Pas. Agt., Winnipeg.
(isslsr TrlflM.
When tcmptid to scora tho little
duties calling. Is't us thiuk of such
uuylngs as tho followia *: ('no dny a
visitor at Michael Angclo's studio
remarked to Ihut great artist, who
had been describing certain little
finishing "touches" lately given to m
•statue, "But theso are only trifles,"
"It may be so," replied tho sculptor,
'but recollect that trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle."
In tho same spirit the groat painter
Toiissin accounted for his reputation
IB ths-Ni* words. "Decniise I have nog-
Iceled nothing." It is relatsid of a
Manchester manufacturer that, rn re-
tiring from business, ho purchased an
estate from a certain nobleman. The
arrangement was tbat ho .should have
Uie house with all Us furniture just
as it stood. On tal.in; possession.
however, he. found that n cabin't
•■.hi. h was in the invsntory had been
removed, and on applying to the
former owner about lt, tho latter
said, "Well, I certainly did order it
(o be removed, but I hardly thought
tlmt you would have cared for so
trilling a mutter in so largo a purchase." "My lord," \vn9'"tn*e reply;
"if I had not all my lifo nttended to
trifles, I should not have been ablo
to purchuso this estate; r.nd, excuse
mo for saying so, perhaps if your
lordship had cared more alsout tri-
l!(>» you might not have had occasion
to sell It." •
How <"Un.Se Oct Their- r»la«os.
' Prorcssor Tyndall used to explain to
popular audiences, with ths aid of a
brilliant experiment, that the blue color of tbe Sky Is owing to floating par
tides of Invisible dust that break up
and scstter the short waves, which aro
the blue waves, of light This, as s
writer In Knowledge shows, occurs
principally at a great elevation, where
the atmospheric dust Is extremely flue,
while In the lower regions of tbe air
where tbe dust Is coarser, the scattering affects all the rnys, or colors, sllke.
The brilliant frliif-es of clouds, seen
nearly In tbo direction of the sun are
largely duo to dust, which especially
sccumulatos In tbe neighborhood of
clouds and refracts the sunlight around
their edges.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Live for something, have a purpose
And that purpose keep in view :
Drifting like a helpless vessel,
Thou canst ne'er to life be true.
Half the    wrecks that    strow liiv's
If so«he star had been their guide,
Might have long.been riding safely ,
Dut thoy drifted with the tide.
liicldo'a Anti-CoasoSr.ption Syrup uta..-.' . t
the head of Uso list for all dlieaani of tlio tlinssn
and ions*. R aete like matte in brcaklm' up a
cold. A coach is eoefS sabanod, tLgtitniwa ot lhe
ohs-set Is reuevs-a, even tho wont eem of «>n*
samptloole relieved, fchlle la recent ow. it
may be-aldnofortotrdl n is m Biodlrhi" i i •
paM from tbe active praelpleoorTlrtsi.- <(
several medicinal hert*, and ean be ds
npon for all pulmonary eompUiau.
i dep-sii-liil
'Magnanimity Is a noble effurt ol
prido, which makes a man maM.■< of
himself, to make bim waster ssf all
things. .
Minard's Liniment Cures Dip&tbcria.
Warm mmum aad Ba'aro Voo Qmmaa.
Maa ases the same elemeotary gaiei
ae nature does, wltb others thst iho
does aet employ with ths aame intention. Beth nee oxygen for sustaining
osnahnstlon, bat nature nm It system*
stlcslly for construction, wblcb msa
doss net Man usee hydrogen for com*
bustlon, as naturo does, but not for
♦oastructlon. Man takes advantage ol
'altrogen for concentration of enerjy.
Nature takes the ume advantage, by
which nitrogen, though negative, becomes ths most Important ef vital
•rtrnctures. But sbo does mere. Bbs
makes nitrogen instructive as well
ss cencentratlve, an art man bas not
attalnea,- ■'	
DnoIish Im Pe-ar-a-aaefelp.
"While the people aa a whole may
write more legibly tban they did a generation ego," said an old writing teacher, "tbere are not so many really excellent penmen. Tho multiplication of
business colleges bas Improved tbe
handwriting of a portion of tbe public.
while tho Invention of tho typewriter
has made It- useless to acquire extra
skill In penmsnshlp. Time wns when
the first class penmen comsjumled >>l>>°
salaries, but noW there Is such n bUk1**
demand for good writers tbat tho market Is overstocked. No penman ctva
compete with a typewriter, end ao ttio
ert of superior penmanship l« grnduai-
ly dying out and will aoon be Ktft.
BIS «!"»•» Bro.
Uncle  Cyius-^Say,   this  gins*  'l'
hain't no good.    I want my m*"ir-Y
Optician—No good? ,,
Uucl** Cyrus-rHnln-'t wtith a tln*"7
dnru.   Can't tiee a Jilt butter will"
blame thing  than   I    kin  wltHou".
Judge. The Drill.
•       •■ ■ ,'i, •      **, i
Oae tv"ay  hr  Whloh  Ther  May  Bo
Sreta^AMar.rueavl-aa etas' nine.
"1 don't believe the story that bullets
can be seen when fired from a gun,"
sold tbe ola "soldier. "You know ln the
army tbere lea theory that men have
neon bulletsi bnt they never lived, to
teU of it, because the bullets were go*
lpg straight for them dud bit them In
tbe eye. The only men who have seen
the ordinary rifle bullets ln transit are
.. "No, they aren't," eald the old hunter.
"(bavo eeen many bullets flying, Oue
way by which you can see them plainly Is Uydlpplnf them Id glycerin before M***"     .       ■'','.,
"Yes,., yen mjgbt trace them by the
smoke then caused by air -friction,"
mid tho veteran, "but yon can't see tbe
bullets." .
"Oh. yes, you can," retorted the hunter. "I,have watched them often during target -practice, and any one can
■to the large caliber bullets, though I
won't say as much for the tiny modern
missiles. The wny to see a flying bullet In to get a little to one aide at tbe
sboo.er, about Ave feet away from blm,
uiy. Tben run an Imaginary lino from
the miisxle of his gun to the turgvt.
Let your eyes rest on a apace of light
enlist -I'd ground exactly on this line, and
when be Ores you will see something
diirk. like a bee, dit past tbo light colored space. Tbot Io tbo bullet Of
course by the time the eye tells the
bruin it sees the missile the bullet has
struck the target, but you Have seen It
all ri'ihL" .■'    ' . r	
Merely aa Opinio*.
•There's only one thing more rash
tban marrying for money."
•wiiot Is It-marry lug to win a betr
HNo~ marrying    witbout   money."
i '
C. C. Richard* eV Co.
(ientlemea,*—I havo used MINARD'S
LINIMENT on my vessel and in my
iauuly for years, ajid for evory day
family for years, and for every day
ills und accidents of life I consider
j R has no i*(|ual.
I would nift' start ona voyage
! withssut it, if it cost a dollar u
bottle. '■>■•
sSchr   "Storke,**". St Andre, Kamoui-
Mrs. Oldun—Vliat an awful lot of
now diseases Xtivy have nem that
were unknown twenty yeurs "ago.
Oldun—True, -my doar, Dut .Just
think what a' lot Wtore doctors wp
have to contend -with now than we
did twenty years*ago.      *'•-..
$100 REWARD $100.   .'■■•
The rskdera of th'a pet**" "il1 bo pl<*i*'.«l »•
learn thai th*"* l» •<* •*••»«•J*"*"' drssss.ieU di esss*
that s<*5n«> .haa V" atrte to cure In ull iu
augea. Wid ilsstt ia estUrrli. Hall'i* ( »** rl>
Sur*. issOtetsuly pssstltlve carss now knowis to the
Disitlcal fraternii-f. ('ruerrh I ei s.» c ;ust tu
li ifil sli***"*.*", resvii*A*« m consstitiitional fiat-
ni.'iS lUfi'sCatsWrh ''"*"" -*,t«k-*n Internally,
rnliisxdlvAtlx uponShe Ima d aud rmvoUR sssr
fai-.* e the aysstem, tueieby sl-islri.yini* Hi*
foundsstlsio of tbd-*Ka-**-, nod f-iviiii* tUpiitloi.*;
srtlsVy bolMl -
issk i atureInw»*« .«— -• -■-
t'i'iriheve somaeh faith tajta.curaUvs* powors.
strtissrtlsVy building up th* rims itiitissn fsisd
ss-.si.stiu*- i attire In -Joins ita ws.t k. Th.. propris'
tsrshatss somDseh faith tajte. curatiTs* poworf.
that they sstler oiso hut-sires! dollss» for any earn
bat, ltfail# tO CuiS   fceiti f-.r 11-.1 of lestimoo.
UU AOdre-s, li J. iilfcNKV MX).. Tol.slo. O.
lUU'aYer-illy Pd:» -rr the best.
"What mokes you treat Jack bo
coldly ? Yon used to find him so interesting."
"Didn't you know I ws)» engaged
tn him now ? ""
W. Suow.-sl* t*o.,.8yr*acna*, N. Y.. writo:
I'lcst-c-».*.d as t a grosM of I»1U»>. "ears
•-"I'Itii iiiurs'ol l'eruielee'-i 1'eSl* Ui'iu anr
sith. i-1 ill w« keep. Th y h»**e ii greut roi a-
i ■ "ii t.-r ih... jiaro of Pyvueps-ia and Liver
Tfr. Charlrt.A. Smith, L;n 1
li n m 'd.i'ia
**A' itll -SUSTl'
cursisl her."
•• "niliunt.'   .......... ..    .
» y, writ**-,:   ■■ I n• melee's Pills) hp. iiii s*ice
","»! t.rh»* «».•*•» tiotib H
vv.tti »,,.r,. j, .      iK*jout thees* pills* Im*'"
V "   > ■   ■   ■
"We   infiMi    drjtw    the lino somewhere," rs'inarked' the washerwoman
»>»    Monday morning,  "and I ruohs
tho backyard is tho t**8t place."
..1JL-   .      -  '
Young \vt)MAN worth si.-i.w-o
wishes to correspond With honest,
Intelligent arr-an, who would appreciate a good wifo. Dox 2,538, Toronto, Ont.
If You Cou!d Look
into the future and are the
wndition to -whieh yot-r
cough, if txezitdtcd, -mil
bring; you. yo« would seek
relief at ooce—eocl that
naturally would be through
SHILOH cures Consumption, Bronchitis, Aithma, .
and all Lung Troubles.
Cures Coughs and Colds
In a day. 25 cents.
Guaranteed. '	
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Con., for free trial bottle.
Kan's Clover I'M Tea bswHsm tho Blood
,   WHKAT-During
haa   seemed   nu
Horse Health!
Is one of tbe most important
things for every fanner to
Blood Purifier
will build up a run down horse.
It tones up the system, rids
stomach of bots, worms and
other parasites which undermine an animal's health.
50 cts. a package.
AGENTS.     ...     MONTREAL.
Write fer boefca ea Nones end Cattle.
IT IS Fa-EC **■
Prevented and Cured.
Pour marvelous tree remedies for all
•utterere readies this paper. New
cure forTuberculosls.Consura p-
tior*. Weak Lungs, Catarrh,
•ad a ruBstown system.
Do yon co»f h ?
• l>o ysxir lungs pain you ?
Is your throat sore and inlaasedr
Do you spit up phlegm?
Does your head ache ?
Is your appetite bad?
Are your lungs delicate I*
Are you losing flesh ?
Are you pale and thin?
Do you lack stamina ?
These symptoms ore proof that yoa
have in your body the seeds of the most
dangerous malady that has ever devas.
tated tho earth—consumption.
Yoss ara iaviloU to tat what tbia ayitem will slo for
you. if you are assets, by w nunc for a
and the Four Pree Preparations will be fumaisled yoo
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TheSlecum Syatessi i% atvoastsvocsireforConiump.
tiois, that osoat inaidiaua sliseaac, and for all I.m.i:
Troualca end IMaordera, cfmsplicatc*d by I^»s ol
Fleah, tCoueha, Catarrh, Aalhma. Brunchiu*. ais4
Heart TrouHra. ._..-. _,     .   ,
Simply write to the T. A. Slocum Chensscal
Company. Limited, in King Street Weat, Toronto.
vivina-poitoHsce and eapreas addreaa, and the frae
medicine (the Slocum Cure) will be promptly aent
Feraona ia Canada aeesnf Slocum's free offer ie
American papsra will please aend fsir eampke I*
Torossto.      Mention tlus paper.
"The sliiKgo-rd will not plow hy
reu.i-.on. of the coltl ; therefore sbull he
beg to tho liar vent and have nothing."
Victoria   Day
Will soil round trip tickets at
Fare and
Oood to Qo—^ 22-4 23rd aud 24th
Good to Return till May 27tli.
Full  pli*ticnliirs  on  npplleRtion. to'
»ny (*ttnadian Northern Ity Agent, or
\,.      .... G*jO. II. SHAW.
-       Trafl'ic Manstxer
N. UTSOV 376.
Uother's Ileal Help When Her Littlo
Ones s\re Ailing
lOvery mother neeils at some time
a 'medlcino for her little oiu-s, anil
Daby's own Tablets are th.' boat
mediciife in the world for eonstipn-
tioii, Bsnlr sttmmcli, insJigeslion. ditir-
rhoeu, colic, simple fovera und the
troubles of teething children. 'lhe
Tablets huve been in use for years
und tlioiisaiids of mothers soy that
nothing else acts so quickly a"'1 *"f"
lioves und cures the little ones like it
Mrs (J H. Liultue, Mountain, Out.,
simply voices the experience of Other
mothers when she says -"1 can re-
coromend Daby's Own Tablets to till
mothers Who huve cross
or  delicate
V'cio not know how 1 could
o-et along without them."
Children take these Tablets ar"i readily ns candy, and if crushe.l to a
powder thoy can be givon witli abso-
f„te   gaiety   to tho tlnlMt, weak.st
babies.   There is a curo in every Iod-
10t and they are• guarnnleed to con-
llin   110    opiate   or   other harmful
You can get tho Tablets from
in medicine or they
any  denier
bo sent, post paid at
25 cents ii
by addressing the Dr
leine Co., Hrockvllle, Ont
•"Tilli'inis' Med*
A well  trainod mind has
culty in submitting_t» than In B«W
Ing an ill-trained mind.
A  poor  theatrical company roaJJ
benefits  a town  more   n a «!«        I
wny   than    a M*^lonSa\art-
brlngs money to town       l«      >aU„s
nient bills and hull rent,.
the past weok  it
";::'   •"-*-■•»-■'   uu    unusually   dilllcult
thing    for   traders to make up their
minds   us   the   chances   of the present   situation    j,, the wheat trade.
J^ttst week trade showed itself actlviand markets buoyant, but in the interval    between Friday and Monday
thero    was    an   increase of showers
over Kansas uns adjoining territory,
and on Monday the speculative markets in the States felt the effects of
tins    strongly,   and a drop of lc to
IVic    took   place.   A more confident
feeling   resulted on Tuesday, but on
Wednesday    another bad break took
place,    resulting    in a drop of ic to
l*/4c.     Since    then   some renewal of
confidence is evident, but in tho week
prieeH   show    a declino of lc to iy*c,
as    compared with closing prices on
Friday of last week.   The rains and
more favorable weather over a large
aroa    of    the   wintor   wheat in tho
Stntes    have    imparted u somewhnt
moro   encouruging   feeling as to the
prospects    for    tho   crops over such
area, but wo think the improvement
amounts   rather    to thc suving of a
portion    of what wus promising to
be almost a lost crop had the adverse
weather  been continued rather  than
the    establishing    of    uny thing that
could   now   turn    out a fuirly good
yield.   In fact, wo are of the opinion
that    the    ruins    in Kansas and tin*
southwest    huvo   come    ut    a time
when   tho   crop is too fur advanced
towards    harvest    to   bo benuutted
materially by it.  and thut the yield
in the State of Kansas ut least will
not amount' to over 50 per cent, of
lust years' yield.
Manitoba wheat has been very
quiet and demand extremely light.
<)» Saturday last the value of 1 northern in store Fort William, spot or
May delivery, was 75"-4c, and 2 northern 73c. On Wednesduy these
prices were down to 74c 1 northern,
and 72c 2 northern, and uince then
they have advanced again to 74*"vic 1
northern, and 72*y4c 2 northorn. at
whieh prices sales were mude yisstor-
duy, although for tho mos"t part sellers were holding for 75c 1 northern,
and 7.'lc 2 northern. 1 hard is offered at 7sSc spot or May delivery in
store Fort William without finding
•buyers •
FI.OUR-TIungarian Patent $2.05 per
aack of 08 pounds; Glenora, SI .90;
Alb.'itu. $1.70; Manitoba, $1.50; and
XXXX, $1.20.
GItOUND FEni)—Demand is steady
and prices remain unchanged us follows : Out chop, per ton, S'"7.50;
barley chop, $21.50; mixed barley
barley und oats, $24.50; oatmeal
feed. $11.50; oil cake, $27.
OATS—There is not very much
business doing in oats just at, present, ns the weuther is not favorable
for traffic. A little demand has been
experienced from the east, which has
lreeii met on a basis of 40c ps*r bush-
s*l for No. 2 white at Fssrt Willisiin.
the same figure as we quoted a week
ngs). Local dealers are islso paying
the samo prices as a week ago fssr
their supplies. Wo quote : No. 1
white, in carlots on track, Winnipeg,
per bushel, 42 to 44c; No. 2 white,
40 lo 41c; feed onts, 37 to 38c; seed
oats, 45 to 50c. At country points
farmers are getting 28 to 30c for
No. 2 white oats. Street oats are
not offering.
BAKLBY—Receipts are very light,
and- tlte market holds firm nt 40 to
42c. for malting grades, and 38 to
40c formfeed.-
FLAXSEED—Dealers are sinking
$2.00 per bushel for seed flax.
HAY—-Receipts are light, and the
market is $1 higher at $8 to $9 per
ton for fresh baled. Loof*o hay is
not offering' to any extent.
POULTRY—There is very little
poultry in -the market. Chickens are
worth 12VjC per pound for fresh kill,
ed, and turkeys 12V&C to 15c, according to quality.
BUTTER-C'remneiyt— Two of Ofc-s
country factories commenced operations this week but so fur have shipped no butter. Thc weuther is not
favorablo for posture or traffic consequently milk gathering will lie
a slow process until it gets drier.
Commission houss's are quoting 21c
to 22c per pound for choice creains'ry
butter in tubs or rolls, while other
grades range down to lfic for round
lU'TTEn-Dairy—Receipts of dairy
butter aro very light. Oldest trad-
en here suy they cunnot remember
the  market being so light  of storks.
As-high as 2<*e could be obtained on
a commission basis for fresh mails'
choice buller.
BUCK-—Supplies are light und the
market hcJlds firm at 9',ri ta 10c per
dozen for fresh case eggs at country
CATTLE—Some cattle have already
been shipped east to meet the excellent export demand, llutchers are
finding cattle very scarce and hard
to obtain. For choice beef animals
they arc now paying us high as 5c
per pound off cars here. The general
range of prices is from 4i/ac to 5c.
Thero Is a good demand for stockers,
and the westward movement of these
is now quite heavy. Yearlings ure
worth as high as $1« per head at
point of shipment. Two year olds
are bringing from $20 to $22.
MILCH COWS-*- Cows are very
■carco, and good milkers readily
bring $45 each in this market. As
most of the stock offsprings ure poor,
they bring less money, Uie range listing from $35 to $45.
HOUSES—Thore is a good-sti asly
ils'innnsl for horses for both farm and
general use, nnd dealers find no difficulty in disposing of ull they can secure. Tho market is being hugely
supplied from Ontario. There are
some Montana horses selling. Prlcee
continue high.
The Appetite Falls—Strength Departs und the Sufferer Feels That
Life is Really a Ilurden.
MonVoy Brand Boap will clonm a honso from
collar to roof, but wou't wash Clothes.
From the Topic, Petrolia, Ont.
lt is impossible that a medicine can
be so widely known and used us uru
Dr, Williums' Pink Pills without
striking results frequently becoming
known and the merits of this great
remedy for tbe common ailments of
man uud womankind being published.
Mis. Thos. Kettle, of Petrolea, Ont.,
is a case in point. Mrs. Kettle is an
ol* resident of this district and Is
well known. Chatting with a reporter of the Topic the other day
the conversation drifted on the subject of medicines, when Mrs. Mettle
spoke in the highest praise of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, which, sho
said, had cured hor of h i'wig illness,
Our reporter, being naturally interested, made further enquiries, when
Mrs. Kettle gave him the following
particulars : "I am the mother of
twelve children and in spile ol thu
constant strain and worry the raising of so largo a family entailed upon mo, in addition to my housework,
1 was for many years blessed with
splendid health. However, after the
birtli, of my last child my utiength
seemed to fail me and 1 felt thut my
health was gradually going. 1 consulted a doctor and continued under
his treatment for some months, but
the only result that I could see wus
that 1 grew gradually worse. I could
not name any particular ailment thut
I suffered from, but I was "all run
down." My appetite failed mo, my
strength si>emed all gone and 1 be-
cume pale and listless, scarcely able
to drag myself around, and much of
the time in bed. I became alarmed
at my long continued Ill-health, and
as doctor's medicine had done me no
good I determined to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. I purchased a box
and thought it did me somo good, so
I got six boxes more, and beforo 1
had finished taking the second I felt
a lot better, und by tho time 1 had
finished the seven boxes I had perfectly regained my health, had gained weight and felt better than I had
for some years. 1 consider the pills
a splendid medicine-, a real godsend
to weak and ailing women, and have
frequently recommended them to my
friends and used them with my children, always with good results."
Judging from Mrs. Kettle's healthy
appearance to-day none would imagine she had ever known what u duy's
illness meant.
Dr. Williams' Fink Pills are a positive cure for all diseases arising
from impoverished blood, or a weak
or shattered condition of the nervous system, such as epilepsy, St.
Vitus' dance, paralysis, rheumatism,
sciatica, heart, troubles, anaemia,
etc. These pills are alss} a cure for
the ailments that make the livs*s of
so many women a constant misery.
Sols! by nil druggists or sent by
mail, post paid, at 50 cents box, or
six boxes for $2.50. by udilressing
the Dr. Williams' Mi'dis-im* Co..Brockville, Ont.
We always like those who admire
us, we do not always like those
whom we admire.
Free-Gratis-For Nothing
You Cannot Long Fool a Woman.
When the white man wants the
black man's land he approaches the
innocent black with " presents" ot
beads, colored cloths, ribbons, and
other useless trinkets that catch the
eye of tbe poor black—but that are
no earthly use to him. Theso are
all " gifts—free—gratis—for nothing 1 I 1" We all know who soon
owns the bh.ck man's land.
Yet tbis system of conciliating the
innocent Is uot practiced alone on
the negro. How many women
read that they can get a certain
" present" with a certain purchase
and forthwith they make the purchase to get the " present "—free-
gratis—for nothing ! ! ! The present may or may not be useful—but
ln this twentieth century are there
those who believe they have not
In the purchase paid for and often
dearly paid for the "present"?
When you want a horse you cannot buy his teeth at ten cents a
tooth, and get the horse thrown
into the baTgaln.
When you buy a dress you do not
buy the buttons, and have the dress
thrown in.
And no more thnn you can thus
get the present of a horse or a dress
can you get a " present "—free-
gratis—for nothing~of diamonds,
gold, jewellery, and cutlery, with the
purchase of a bar of common soap.
When you buy Sunlight Soap you
are presented with pure quality ln
the soap Itself. You do not pay for
loading refuse at the price of soap,
You don't wear out your clothes In
half thc time, and ruin your hands
with Sunlight Soap, as with common
If you want soap, buy 8unllght
Soap—Octagon Bar—and you have
paid for nothing but pure soap. It
you want something else than soap,
buy It independently of the soap, and
you know what it has cost yon.
" You may fool some people all the
time ;
You may fool all thc people some
of the time.
You cannot fool all the people all
the time ;--
You cannot long fool a woman.    615
We oro very fond of rending others'
characters, but we do not liko to be
ri'ad ourselves.
Give Holloway's Corn Curo a trlnl. It re-
msived ton corns from ono i>nir of toet with-
i ut nny pain.    What it has done onco it wUl
ski ll);lliU.
After a woman passes a certain
ugo she is willing to get married
even on a Friday.
ni li tw un W
IN man-toia,
Canada's Leading: Newspaper
and thereby secure the bargains offered ever*/ day in its advertising
columns. The subscription price can be saved over and over again by
having it come regularly into the home. Regular price $1.00 per annum.
The early edition (including The Saturday Illustrated) will be sent to any
person for one year living west of North Bay who will cut this advertisement out and send it along with •2.00 to THE GLOBE, Toronto.
•If Try our Parlor Matche».
They produce a quick Light
without any objectionable
fumes. : :
A controversy has boon going on as
to whether We ought to suy "The
United States is" or "Tho United
States are." In order to arrive at a
settlement ^the question has been referred to a committee of tlio House
of Representatives at Washington,
which has decided in favor of the singular number. In future the form
must be the "United States is."
Had La Qri-"-pe*—Mr. A. Wctereon, far
mer, Dutton, writes: "Last winter I had L*
Grippe and it left me with a scvero pain ir
the email of my back and hip that um d tc
catch me whenever I tried to climb a fence
Tbis lasted for about two nmi ths when I
bought a bottle of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
nil and used it both internally and e*tcr.
nally,morning and evening, fur ilir.eiliiys.
nt the expiration of which timo I wus com.
pletely cured."
Tha Recsording Angel doesn't credit
a man with wha*., his tomlwlone says
in his favor.
|M"*1 To firovn tsi yon  th.ih Dr.
aaJl 1 ■*%****>   Chaise's Ointment iRacertaiK
I MIK5t9 "*n(* ahf-dute cure (or each
■ matmaarmmw and every form of itchinK,
ejeedinfiand protruding pilae,
'lie ••"•iSM-efnotuie™ ha*. trn.srnntc*>l IL Sec to*
t iruoniaU fai the dally press and ask your nelicli-
'sors what they think of it. You can use it and
••■*•■> rour money back if not cured. fiOc a box, at
1 dealers or Kdmanson.Hates & Ctx,Toronto,
r* Chase's Ointment
A good Christmas present for a coquette would be a book for thc "recording of engagements.':
Quite tho latest mechanical development comes from the United States
where a young couple wero married
by phonograph. Smallpox having
broken out in the lady's house the
usual ceremony was rendered impossible, so she spoke her vows Into a
talking machine, which was disinfected and forwarded to the bfide-
groom, who completed the record.
Mr.T. J. Hums**, Oolumbu*., Ohio, wr'tee:
"I have Ixnn afflicted fur -onus tim with
Kidney snd Liver Oismplisints, an I find l'ar-
moles/d Pills the best medicine for theso dl-
sseasss-s. Th so pills do not cauas. piin or
griping, and .-lusilsl be n-eI when a csthart c i
i.- n i|uired. Tliey aro Gelatine Ouated, und
rolled in the flssur of Lcorico to preeervo
their purity, and give them a pleasant, agree-
ablo taste.
A novel fort has just been com-
ploted at. San Paolo Island, at the
entrance to tho military harbor of
Taranto, Italy. Tho fort is a large
stsfl tower, with external armour
fi fs*et thick. It contains two 12-ton
guns. Tho entire tower can bo turned in any direction by hydraulic
force. The tower weighs 50.000 tons
land cost £480,000.
Minard's Liuimcut Cures Colds, Etc.
Old Sarin nnd  Saylnse.
A few old snyltiss on the subject of
food come to us rntlier as a surprise
In our tige of daintiness nntl refinement, yet they hnve their ralson d'etre
notwithstanding. "Meat la much; manners nre more:" "Cense your chatter
nud mind your plntter:" "The nss that
brays most eats least:" "The wing with
the liver to hlni who's the giver;" "He
etui give little to his servant who licks
his own trencher."
Apropos of tills remark, It Is amusing to note that "manners" was the
name given to the ri'ii'iinnts of a ini*iil.
These came to the servants as official
perquisites; hence our well worn ex-
preitBlon before emptying a slisih,
"Leave the Inst Slice (or whatever It
nmy ln'i for iiimiiihts." though If votes
were rulli'ili'il sin tills point it Is li.inlly
r.ki>ly tluit any of us would have tukeu
It us it stands In the original.
No  Thnnka   Da*.
A minister went from Kansas City
down Into the country to preach. He-
fore going Into the pulpit he usked If
any one Interrupted with "aniens" and
otlii*r ejaculations, ns he could not
stand such Interjections, He was told
of one old woman who always made
herself heard nt all good points. She
was nsked on this occasion to desist,
and she obliged for ouee. At the end
of the sermon the minister met her
nntl warmly thanked her for holding
ber tongue.
"No need to tlinnk me. no need to
thank me!" she exclaimed. "You said
uothlug whatever to make tne shout!"
An  ASvnneed  C*wrae.
"Oh, Mr. Johns," exclaimed Miss
Gush, "I henril you talking to pa about
plants, nnit I do so want to talk to you,
for. you know, 1 am very Interested In
botany. 1 like all kinds of plants and
flowers, ns, of course, you do, too, Mr.
Johns; but what varieties of plants are
you particularly Interested In?"
"The plants which I nm most Interested In," replied Mr. Johns, "nre machinery -limits."
Miss (lush looked mystified for a moment, but soon brightened up. reninrk-
"I haven't got so far as that yet"—
London Tit nits.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget ii Cows.
Jnat for Fun.
A colored man in Alabama, one
hot dny in July, while he was at
work in a cotton (ield, suddenly stopped, and looking towards the skies
said : "U, Laws), de cotton am so
grassy, de work am so hard, and ds
sun am so hot, dut I b'lieve dis darky am called to preach."—Outlook.
A man ouee wrote to a Western
lawyer for information in^ regard to
a certain person who had owed him
a considerable sum of money for A
long time. "What property bos he
that I can attach ?" he asked. The
lawyer's roply was brief and to the
point : "Tho man died six months
ago. He has left nothing save a
widow subject  to attachment.
A gentleman traveling in Europe
engaged the Services of A courier.
Arriving at an inn in Austria, the
traveler usked bis servant to enter
his name in accordance with the
police regulations of that country.*
The man replied lhat he had ulready,
anticipated the order, and registered
iiim us au American gentleman of
means. "Itut how did you writs
my name ?" asked tho master. "1
can't exactly pronounce lt but I
copied it carefully from your portmanteau, sir." "Dut it was not
there," was the reply. "Bring nie
tho book. The register was brought
nnd revetsliHl, instead of a plain English name of two syllables, tho following portentous entry . "Monsieur
Warranted  Solid  Leather.'"
To Jndic* aa Opal.
An expert on opal mining bus recently explained bow the opal is Judged aa
te quality and dsslrablllty. First, he
says, color Is of the greatest Importance. Red fire, or red In combination
wltb yellow, blue and green, are tbe
best. Blue by Itself is quite valueless,
sml the green opal Is not of great value
unless the calor Is very vivid and the
pattern very good. Tho color must be
true- that is to say, lt must not run In
i streaks or patches, alternating with a
| colorless or Inferior quality.
I'lUtern Is described as being an lm-
! portnnt factor, tbe several" vnrletles be-
| known as "pin fire" when the grain Is
I very small, "harlequin" wben tbe color
Is all In small squares, the more regular the better, and the "flnsb fire" or
"Hash opal" when the color shows ns a
single ilnah or in very large pattern.
Harlequin Is tho most common aud Is
also popularly considered the most
beautiful. When the squares of color
are regular and show ns distinct, mluute checks of red, yellow, blue nnd
green, It is considered magnificent.
Some stones show better ou edge tJiaa.
on top. *'       ;     ,
aO. I. S-airuantOAUl, Editor and Prep.
is rrausasn svbvt midat at
■    *- -     .
••LOCAN,     •     - •     9. C.
Lml Advertiolsi 10 otntoalinalor
,/thoJjrst in-wrtion end« cents a line eaoh
Tmnsasnt sd-rertlaoaaents at samo -rates
^lasataetolbe ehartod 10 cents aline
ComarMKial Rates mado known upon
Application, i        »
The go-bscription ta tl perraw, strict-
Jy in advance; |2.B0 a year U not so paid.
Address all letters to—
' "■ ' —-—
A pencil mark ia the space
>pposite will be aaindioa-
. tion to yen that yo editor
^****»slde-*s there is something
'.eestiag to him en your sub-
■aoription. Kindly ackaow-
^edfs in cash and oblige.
.Those whe would see their town
..advance and themselves prosper had
•bettor take to heart the leading
^article in Tuesday's edition of the
N,elson Newa It was a pitby and
.pointed sermon.
'   llsW       IL' I        ' , . !
Another Journalistic wreck has oc
fcurred, the Grand Forks Gazette
having been absorbed by the News.
If this agony continues much longer,
fAbe legislature will have to pass laws
preserving the newspaper race from
.-total extinction.
-In comparison with other mining
districts, the local division is doing
well.  Shipments are equal to those
of last vear and there are Just as
-many men employed, while the mines
. are looking much better than in 1901.
r The camp is all right
Once again the supreme court of
,€anada has npeet the verdicts of the
Jower courts in British Colombia, and
proved tbat certain sections ef the
.local mining law sadly need fixing.
■JJy the decisions given last week in
two separate  cases, the  suprsme
.court holds that a certificate of work
does not cover up any irregularity
in the title of a mineral claim by
-""taking.   Prospectors will do well to
' heed the point and not get into any
f legal scrape.
There Is a hot political* campaign
, being waged in Ontario, and the
Tories hope to gain the ascendancy
yafter a long wait of thirty years.
Development of the natural resources
; is a leading feature of the Conserve*
., tive propaganda, and in a recent
speech at Sault Ste. Marie Mr. Whit*
,ney, their leader, advocated a simple
.and liberal mining law, wherein the
jprospector would be protected from
-the official grafters and speculating
Jand grabber; also, were he elected,
abls government would erect custom
smelters to treat the ores.   That's
lhe way to talk: government ownership. Whitney deserves to win on
**on sueh a policy.
Dunsmuir bss funked; be bad to to
, bold his Job.   His railway policy bas
..been pulled down and in its place a
new scheme substituted.   The land
grants to tbe various proposed rail
roads have been withdrawn, but the
.cash subsidies Increased.   Thus, with
4one coup, does be seethe the ruffled
feelings of the Martin faction on tbe
land bonus question, and tickle tbe
railway grafters with mere coin as a
recompense for the land lost.   Great
scheme. Wouldn't be at all surprised
' now fo see Honorable James Dunsmuir ge to England for,tbat baronetcy.   He must rustle now, for tbo cor.
Venation is nigh and tbe family have
already gone to see the fun.   Hurry,
Tbe Provincial Progressive Party
has become organized here and the
' members start out en a political campaign bright with assurances of suc-
,-mss, but fraught with great Import
pto themselves and the independent
cause they have in hand.   Care and
discretion must needs be exercised
Irom  the start.    Over confidence
must be avoided and every effort
made to swell the voting strength,
but In the conduct ef the campaign
no mere should be made to unneces •
^earlly antagonize  their opponents.
/Opposition  will   be  met   with, of
course, but the aim of the P.P.P.'s
should always be to fight clean and
.honestly.   The result In this riding
. ta a foregone "■occlusion, hot nothin-*
should be done to rob the victory ol
Its merit".
The Victoria hotel is being repainted.
Tbe lake has risen a little during
the week.
The Payne concentrator is running
with double shifts.
Billy Thomlinson has gone to England ou a pleasure trip-
Mrs, Bennett returned from her
visit to Rossland on Tuesday.
A practice sheot of the rifle club
was held on Saturday afternoon.
• W.J. Twins, life insurance hustler,
was doing the nobby here on Friday.
the cold spell this week ta lessening materially the chances of • flood.
An enjoyable social dance was held
In the Music Hall on Thursday •▼onto**
Rev. A. E. Roberts attended the
Methodist conference at Vancouver
last week.
Service was held in the Catholic
ehnreh en Tuesday morning, Father
Cote officiating.
Born.—In Rossland, on May 15,
the wife of T. B. Linton, formerly of
this place, ofa son.   •
AILinnell left en Monday for a
holiday trip te the coast. He will
visit also at Nakusp.
' Nell Gcthlng Is leaving for the
Teilewbead country, to pat in the
summer prospecting.
Cash receipts at the record office
are large this month, owing to tho
renewal of miners' licenses.
Anthony Madden went to Nelson
on Tuesday,it is alleged,for a species
of license unobtainable here.
No attempt will be made to replace
the Springer creek bridges until after
the high water next month.
Service will be held in St. Paul's
church next Sundav, morning and
evening.   W. H. Hedley, vicar.
The King purposes mak ing May 24
the date for celebrating his birthday
rather than the 9th of November.
S. B. Clement, principal of the public school for the past four years, will
resign his position at midsummer.
The C.P.R. has sign-d a new schedule, Increasing tbe wages of their
machinists on the western divisions.
C. H. Richardson is president of the
P.P.P.'s at New Denver, John Williams vice, and Dune Weir secretary.
Dr. Forin has secured- from George
Johnson, of Nelson, tbe lot adjoining
the English church, on Arthur street.
Visitors from Kaslo state thnt John
Houston will establish a newspaper
there, in opposition to the Keotenaian.
Something remarkable up the take.
Silverton and New Denver bave silently agreed not to celebrate tomorrow.
A beard bill was Tery promptly
collected at the train Wednesday af
ternoon. much to the amusement of
tbe bystanders.
The ground to the west of the de-
pet is being fenced in by the com*
panv and will planted into a lawn
and'flower garden.
New Denver and Sandon played
baseball at the former place on Saturday. The score was something
immense, tbe Sandon end being the
heavier. ~
C. J. McKeone, representative of
tbe book end of John Wanamaker's
big store, Philadelphia, wss here on
Friday, endeavoring to unload Century dictionaries.
The Toronto Type Foundry Co.
have sold their Vancouver branch to
tbe American Type Founders Co. A
full stock of type, mnchtnery and
stationery kept on hand.
J. D. Moore, government road inspector, was here Wednesday, sizing
up the needs of tbo camp. He put
men to work repairing tbe upper
Slocan bridge and putting it into safe
The city will grade out Lake ave
between Main and Arthur streets.
To that end the old frame building
behind the depot, and owned by
Bourne Bros., New Denver, bas been
torn down.
Nixen Bros, have taken np 580
aces of land in the Slocan valley,
about eight miles below the city.
They have moved their families
down and will go in for ranching on
a large scale.
Give us your order for furniture
and see how quick we will have it in
your home. Tinsmithing done on
short notice and mining work a spe
cialty. Store, Delaney ave. O'Neil
& Co., Slocan.
Dr. Millman and wife, of Toronto,
were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Craig on
Friday. The Doctor is the head
medical examiner of tbe Foresters
society and he was returning from a
meeting of the supreme court at Los
At the Methodist conference held
In Vancouver last week, Rev. W.
I). Misensr was appointed to New
Denver for this yoar, while J. Alfred
Seymour wss appointed to this eity,
under the superintendence of Mr.
Miaener. Rev. R J. Mclntyre goes
to Sandon.
son were splendid, while the moving
pictures on various subjects, gave
much satisfaction,
Tbe trees along the river front cut
down two months ago by the C.P.K.
section hands were carried out by the
high water Thursday, and lodged
-tgalnst the lower Sloean bridge,
threatening to take it out. Mayor
York wired Supt Downie and orders
were Immediately given to cut out
the Jam, which was done only after a
great deal of difficulty.
Narrow Escape li-asa Death.
Tonv Long, one of tbe civic workmen employed on Springer ereek
during last week's freshet, bad a most
remarkable and narrow escape from
death. Thursday afternoon he was
engaged felling in timber to protect
the creek bank in the rear of the
gaol and in some way got his foot
entangled in the rope used for holding the tree as it dropped into the
stream. The force of the water was
too great and it carried tree and man
like a flash down towards the bridge,
Tony bounding through the rapids
without power to help himself. Just
atthe bridge be fortunately broke
loose from thc rope and was caught
and hauled out of the water by Tom
Armstrong and Joe Saulter Tony
was taken heme and luid up for a
day or so. Beyond a few scratches
and bruises, he escaped serious In-
Jury, but It was a narrow shave.
Appended is a complete list of tho various records registered at tho local regis*,
try office, H. P. Christie being mining
May 10—Chiselhurst, Katie fr.   "
13—Rose for four years, Louis fr for
two years.
15—Two Brothers/Mountain Con.
16—Ethel K, Hampton, Star Pointer,
Tea Pot, Frying Pan.
MaylS—Oro, B V Risdon to Frank
I'i—San Toy, M Isaacson to W E Boie.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
NOTICE is hereby given that 1 Intend
to apply at the next regular sitting of
the Board of Licensing Commiseionen*
of the City of Slocan, to be bold after
tho expiration of 30 days from tho date
hereof, for a retail liquor license for the
premises known as tho ttoval Hotel, Situate on Lot is, Block 12, Slocan, B*C.
Dated at Slocan this 1st day of May,
Girvillim 6c Johnson,
Slocan,        • • B_g
J. B*
b. A. so.
provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOGAN^ » •»•;        »• °_-
Pioneer la very
and Feed Stables,
Simian, B. C.
General Packing and For.
warding -attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,. Real Estate, Insur-
ance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles Furnished.
Slocan.      -      -    B. C.
You are Invited
Te eratnlne \
Tweeds, En|
Irish Wa
can; also i
^BMlhaeoT Scotch
eh Worsteds and
lux-ar shown In Bu*
1 lutoel designs in
We are Custom Union Tailors
and the Union Lahsl \* a guarantee of tho best workmanship, We
guarantee satisfaction and a per-
We have added a select line ef "
Compare our rtasetiable prloas-Fiie
White 8hlrts, $1( Oollare, Ife- Regatta
Shirts, la fancy stripes, with cellars
and eifls attached, TSe each; Underwear, from 1)3 * suit*; CalllWnla flannel underwear,, $4 a su.lt, this line being Imported direct by ourselves- tho
best qua'lty Black Felt Hat, Unlen
label 13.10, equal to the Stetson Hat
tn every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opposite TnnD-MixOfl.ee.
etsere else nl S-taSea.
To the Ladies
ofSlocan   .   .
The season for Wallpaper is
here, and wo have received
a fine lino of papers front
ono of tho best firms In Canada. The prices will bo
found very reasonable, especially as all customs duties
will be saved. Splendid assortment and firat class,
goods. Wo roprosontpo trust
but trust solely to tbo Judgment of the peoplo.
NOTICE is herebygiven that I intend
to apply at next regular sitting of Board
ot Licensing Commissioners for the City
of Slocan, to be held after the expiration
of 30 days from tho date hereof, for a
retail liquor license for the promises
known as the Windsor Houso, situate
on Lot 5, Block A, Slocan, B C. *
Dated at-Slocan, B.C., this 7th day of
May, 1902.
City Shoe Store,
W. J. Adcock, Proprietor.
Full line of Gent's A Lady's
Footwear kept in stock.  .  ,
Repairing  dono at shortest
notice and in proper style.
Custom Work a Specialty
Miner's Boots made on the
Kremises and guaranteed to
s waterproof,
for $18.25.
Why be witbout a range whoa
you can get one so cheap? The;
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
Slocai City IMS' Ull,
No. 6a, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren eordially
Invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Do You
Want a Home?
Then oome to Slocan, Ibr it is
one of the fairest spot* on thi*
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room. Scenery, Health, Fish--
Wamam^a^tmtw^aw a*******/   w*amw^amr™aw^^na¥W^rm^ ~mw h   wama^^^~aw~mmarmmaw w^^^^a^m    ^^™ 9^^^t~—m^m
ing, HuntlngaRoads, Railway
Steamboats. CTbnrches3ohool
Hospital, Pnblio Halls and
enterprising citisens aresome
of the advantages enjoyed hy
this City, backed np by TJn-
Sold by All Hcwsdcalcrs
■itraleeae ■•atklt ts> a-lTS-*****-* ml am
•ad Ms-jae • tm* roluae e* Bee*. Chelee
CmaryriaAtt C*-«M*IU*M by Ue sal •*-*-*-
•tar »oUm-ib. Ss fmajam ml flea* "Seel*.
lull VosjrU, lassll lmmtrmmm*sl-m, Cen-.f-.lete
Fleeee far rxmmm-Omet a Mortfc tor aa
Ceete. Tear*. Bubssripitty. So-—* It ram
will ssad tHlie at-aaaa&tOAtmrt Trn
yea a mm of Ms, Msnaslns from.
j. w. rtrrsa, r«siiei<er,
Slaktk a Leeuet SU., nslla-JalaKla, Fa.
ranging; in price from
$a to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
Special Sale!
The moving picture exhibition
,-lveii by Prof. Parks in the Music
Hall, Monday night, was frreeted
with a crowded house, and it was
certainly the best yet seen here. The
lantern views of the various scones
in thc Klondike goldflelds and Daw-
Furniture !
30       DATS      30
commencing April 1. One
ef the largest stocks ef furniture, carpets and linoleums
in the Kooteaays will truly
Go at Cost Price.
Now is your chance to have
yonr home furnished com*
plete. Mail orders promptly
attended to.
v,    ^PncA^T«-JR & Co.
Nelson, B.C.
A-.J   *•
hath decreed that
Slocan is
fhe Burg
Gome and be convinced that tlis tale ii
no mere idle dream, bnt a stem reality.
CerliiMs of Impeiils.
T we sVrleads Mlaeral Clalas.
Situate in the Blocan City Mining Division oi tho West Kootenay District.
Whore locatod:—East ol Arlington
Basin, Springer creek.
TAKE NOTICE thst I, Herbert T.
Twigg, agent for Archibelsi York, free
miner's cortiflcsto No. B14376: Walter
T. Hhatford, (roe minor's certificate No.
B22117; James W. Moffatt, (roe minor's
cortiflcaUNo. B60180; Peter McVeigh,
(roe miner's certificate No. BU3629; Wil-
liam J. Andrews, (roe minor's certificate
No. B383M; and James E. Tattersall,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B383B4,
intend, sixty days Irom tho dato hereof,
to apply ts tho mining recorder for a certiflcate of improvements, for tho pur-
pooe of obtaining a Crown grant of tho
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
before tho issuance of such certificate of
Dated thii 17th dav ol April, 1903.
18-4-02    HERBERT T. TWIGG, Agent
Excursion Rates
Hay a6, jo,
June 30. .
July a, 3, 4>
Le«er Mlaeral Clalaa.
Situate in tho Blocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Whore located :-Four miles tip
Sprlngor crook and adjoining the
Portland mlnaral claim on the east.
TAKE NOTICE tbat I, HerbortD.Cur-
tis, acting as agent for tho Arlington
Mjies, Limited (non-persoaal liability),
Free Minor's Certificate No. B6O057,
intend, sixty dayi from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder (ora cor*
tiflcate o! improvements, (or tho pur-
pose ol obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further Uke notice that action,
under Mction 37, must be commenced
belore tho issuance ol such certificate of
Dated this 8th day of May, 1002
NELSON, and Intermediate points,
A eorrespendlnf rednetios
from all Keetenay points;
usual diverse routes. Mosli
and berth Included on Canadian Pacific Railway l»*«
Threufhbeekln-fslo Ba»P« TJ* _
Atlantic lines. Prepaid .*•*•■
from all points at lowest rstea
Af ell.*-***1*?


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