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The Slocan Drill 1902-07-18

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 T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slecan, British Columbia.
We carry the largest and best assorted stock in the city. Upwards of iooo
Hies to select from. Being overloaded
with Poles we are clearing them out
Have a eouple of Plunge Rath 'Tubs for sale at cost
Carload of Georgia Blacksmith Coal jmt in.
Are You  Preserving?
We have received a large shipment of first   •*
quality Fruit Jars, in half gallons, quarts,
and pints.
Best B. C. Granulated,     17 lbs. for $1.00
W. T. Shatford 6c Co.. General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview. and Camp McKinncv, B. C.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmanship is Good
and Prices are Reasonable
II. It. .liss'Mss.l AppolntO*] City gol tell sir Hi
iSlno fssr Silx MniitliH Ssswinill Itisai-
p.il Oom.i l.'p Again—City Loajtsio
li" I'll Ul tt hull Diss*.
A full sit of aldermen was present
at Monday eveaiug's meeting or tin*
Bills presented! Salaries, Chief cf
Police Armstrong,$75; Clerk Huntley
$30.   Ordered paid.
Mayor York nsked to have the
sidiowl expenses paid promptly, as it
was not necessary to refer tlicin to
tbo finance coiiiiiiitt.ee every time,
lie -.vsjuld Ilka to sec a Standing reso*
luiimi passed authorizing ilw c ty
clerk to draw a monthly sum of elfin
covering all ejtpenses for tbe Bchool
board It would lessen the difficulties ol the trustees a great deal.
Aid. McCallum moved that $150 be
set apart for tlie school board each
month, the city clerk to draw thc
necessary voucher. Sec-nded by
Aid. Worden and carried.
finance committee reported in favor of a number of bills, amounting
to$G6.95. Aid. Worden and Barber
moved acceptance of report and pay*
ment of bills.   Carried.
Aid. Smith reported for the board
of works that no prog less had been
made with putting in the Flcttchei
ave br.dge. The old bridge had
been partly mi private ground and
that site could not be used again, so
a new position in lino with the street
should be chosen.
Mayor Vork said he was anxious to
see the bridge put in and the chief of
police was under orders to construct
the same. The lizard of wsrks should
give tho necessary instructions wi It
out further delay. The water in the
crcok was low and the bridge ctiuld
bu put in tyiUi Ul much dlfllcuUv
the land for the mill under the jurisdiction ofthe, city council.
The city dads went into camp on
the sawmill topic and held quite an
interesting powwow for half an hour
or so.
Aid. McCallum next moved that
the handset'tho bylaw committee be
strengthened by securirjj"* legal advice In drafting amendments to the
various bylaws, and then added further that II. H. Jorand be given $100
for the next six months to do all the
legal business lor the city.
Mere discussion followed on the
same, old strain, Aid. Robertson finally seconding the motion, which was
Mayor York stated the civic note
for $800 was due the Royal batik on
the 24th. Aid. McCallum and Worden moved its payment with interest.
Carried. The other note for $800
will also bo financed when it falls
Council adjourned.
What a Visit sss- Thinks of (lie Boantlei ssf
This Plaei*.
expended in supplies during the
month the aggregate would b*S'2200.
The money has all been expended
here, testifying to the fact of how
beneficial the company's interests are
to the city and its business circles.
The committee having charge of
tho celebration on duly 1 met on Friday and settled up their accounts.
There aro one or two small bills yet
to come in,but thev won't materially
affect the appended figures:
Donation from Council
Entrance tecs
Last Year's BhipiAents Wars 6514 Tea-
a iioaitiiy Bvldenea <>f tl... i.ir.  i.ua
Wealth  s>r  (hs. Camp—Arlington tho
Blggsol Shippi'i.
A recent visitor to Slocan has sent
in the following contribution upon
his impressions of tlie city:
All that has been written of Lucerne and Maggiore, of Katrine and
Lomond, of Killarney and of Constance, may find its Story all told
again whin the eve rests on SIccan
lake, lying between towering verdure clad hills. To the weary tourist, jaded by the rush and whir] of
city life and the more or less monotony -sf all ordinary natural scenerv,
it suggests tlie ideal of all thai is
peaceful, n s'l'ul ar.d calm. Entering
'he eity of Sir can, situated at otic end
of the lake, from Slocan Junction,
ahe Is charmed at every turn in the
wi. ding railway bv the sparkling,
Ohughing stream that sparkles its
■""reelings to the visitor. When at
;,i:,' one steps nut on tho platform ol
the station, tliero rests l>. fore his ens'  the  placid  beauty '■■(
ou pu» in mui i.. uineu uiiueur.,v,          * ...».*■... ......   ,....? ^..
Tho board of works recommended frnncetl   eye the  placid beauty ef
that tho bridge be built in line with $*"c**ui  lake, pmUosomed   amid  the
FUJcher   av.*.    Th,*.   l.iisl,*.*   won,.! W>h*, »*»*-d  Ri  its eV.gs'is the prettilv
n.-ivo.m ah.Uiiu'Uon each sKls>, with siiuafcil FSTocnti, n placo  of lipwai-d,
mic long span, and threeluch pi nk "l','<n InHabitan's.   It i.s a place ol
for corciiiiif. nsiderablo  enterprise  and   offers
for covet io.
Tne uo I-. i ttctU i of tha bs-.sl.--i.: i'
was proposed sho Id be l< ft to the
board uf works and the chief of police
and the cost would be lu the l.oigh
borUoed of $150.
Aid.   Ms!'.ilium   moved
bridge bo built with two abutments,
the foundations put down as deep a
• xccilent acci-ntmodatioii to the trav
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offeri up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It Is the home of Travelling-.
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Hut. all these ir.innr matters are f.n*
gotten when, from tin1 opposite side
.of tlie l.ik■•, .-!• from a distance up the
that   a I ''luffs, one looks  down   ou tho. city
'and tlio lake.    With n charming cry-
Util lake, more beautiful than Lomond
poMible!""Sc"coii(icd bv 'Ald.~Stiiith °»' Katrine, on one hand, and n wide
and carried, spreading fertile   vallev,   with   the
Aid. Worden ffiqulrcd if tho com* nueleueef a city  In It, on the other,
mittce on bylaws had mado anv re- out* has a scene th.u will never fade
Sloean   has
i from  menu ry's  page.
Aid. McCallum, as one of the com-! the finest site for a town or large city
mittce, thought all byl iws slt^uM be \ to be found m the kootenays. Ic is
tin in-1 over to sums"' compctoiit per-' the spot ror a summer resort, a sani*
son to draft, as I,.* felt, the committee tariura, or a health restorer that has
no rival in our fair province; wl.il
was not capable of djing so. lb' bo.
li-sved none of tins city bylaws would
hold water in court, and he wanted
i competent person to handle all the
His worship wanttd the license bv
It reached by any trail or road
that runs Into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
one learns also that surrounding ir is
a mineral  wealth whose fringe b«8
hardly been touched.
It has excellent facilities for trans*
i,  . .■ !,.-•« . ■..  portat ion, provision forth.: moral and
law in particular made absolute, so splrltnal needs of its citizens in the
that no tV. i it ivt nm Me would ensue In churches ofa number of evangelical
caso the citv Bhould go ahead. He denominations good schools, splendid
wanted tlu* hotels limited to eight, stores, postofflce, newspaper, assay
fa-t and secure. Amendments should office, hespitdl, and everything al
l.e brought In In proper form and then ! ready begun which is required to as
signed and Bealed. i**'**1 >'i bulldlug up ere 1.    . . • ■■>
The clerk pointed out that ths'
ainenslniriit required was already
drawn up, but tho aldermen wore ol
| 'he opinion that it had not been pre
smiled lo the council in proper form.
The committee on bylaws was in
■trueted to bring In a recommenda
tion of s une description for tho next
Aid. Woislen WAS tired of that sort
of buslnass. li wmi a case of hang*
hid lire from wesd;I-' weok and nolli
ing finished. Thcro was the matter
ofthe Music I'sill license also which
had not, been settled,
A bylaw dealing with tin* city
clerk's limns, Aid. McCnlliim said.
had not. been attended to either.
dork Dentlev stated II. R. Joram'
G. Cox, teaming
I). S. McVannel, sundries
Tug of war
I?. McFaMand, blacksmith ing
Fares to N. D. ball team
T. i). Woodcock, tapeline
II. Torry, labor
II. (.nest, supplies
Mrs. Tutcher, ball team
II. Robertson, cartridges
W. Rogei*B, labor
l'\ Purviance, labor
s\fc"allum sS-Co., lumber, etc.
Printing and advertising
E MeFadyen, labor
Geo. Nichol, labor
Dan Nichol, labor
J. II. Howarth,  medals
New Denver band
$438 BO
A big increase was made during
the week in shipmonfs from the En .
tfM'pi'lse, 100 tons having been sent
out, and more wi.ttld have gone forward had cars been available. Of
this CO tons was zinc ere and went to
Nelson, while the balance were con-
^-3.. -q\ sentrates consigned to Trail. Arlington shipments fell away to 10 tons, as
8 10 10 tliev 'Ul**'c ou,;0**etcnm hauling from
u QQ the mine.    At tho wharf is some ore
"278 tXJ, 'lom tlie Pfttl'th of July, which was
g 001 taken out during the winter.   There
25 00! ,vi" ,,c &•*■•■« eight tons in the ship*
5 qqI ment.
400 For l'JCO thc exports from this di-
1 r)(j! vision amounted to 2sS47 tons, mads
8 00|np   from  10 properties.   I,ast year
1 00Uhe exports totalled-3629 tons, from
j.-, {Q I*1  properties.    Following  is a full
j 70  list  ot tho shipments this jear  to
8 78
7 80
2 Of)
-12 00
8 00
8 CO
8 00
15 50
30 00
Balance on hand, $48.80.
$-185 40
*l*Xr. WK.KK.
Arlington     40
Enterprise     100
Duplex :..
Fourteen  mineral  locations were
recorded in the local ollice last week.
Two of tho owners are working
opening up the west vein on thc Mabou.
Tom Lake, one of the trio from
Slocan who enlisted at Fort Steels in
tho SeeonJ Mounted Rifles, arrived
back from South Africa on Wednesday, surprising the townspeople
great!v. Maoh to Iiis own disappointment he (sad never been able, lol A larp<». sjunntity of air pljiing wm
go to-the  front.'Tieing kept on 'guard  s"*"1 up ti the l*^iei   I'rince gl*0O(t on
uty all the time at  Capetown
The Northern  Hell, iti the Mcf'ui-
gan basin, is being worked uud«ra
lerable city. One cannot but wish
well for Sloean, and hope that many
will learn ts know and lovo the spot
where nature has dealt out her
charms with a lavish hand.
A Outn.plI iu uutary  Uanqust.
Messrs Lavnlles and Chew, the
lawmill men, returned here for the
thitxl time on Thursday last, and
spent a day In going over the mill
•-iti! and looking into thc water power
on Springer creek.   On  Thursday
.•veiling tlie citizens tendered the visitors a compllmsntnry banquet at tho
Arlington hotel, ubsut .'iJ covers be-
i ni*; laid.   Toasts, speeches and songs
Halifax ho contracted a severe cold
and then had a bad attack of sea
sickness. Though never confined to
the hospital, yet the medical board
would not permit him t') go> forward
with the rest of tlie troops, so he had
to kick his heels in camp at Green
l'siint. Ou the termination of hostilities Tom was sent to England with
some Australian troops and spon:
seven days in camp at Bhorncfiffe.
afterwards sailing from Liverpool
fur home on one of the Allen liners,
lie landed at Quebec and then visited
with his son at Perth, Out.
On his arrival here, Tom wits eh*
thusi&stically greeted. In the evening the band serenaded him and his
friends tendered him a complimentary Bmeker at the Koyal,ah immense,, , . ,.
time being put in. The returned : •'■ng'-'g t"» the Arlington people,near
warrior Is the  picture of health, and I •■■*' S:UV"ul1
Spokane 'parties luve taken 11
'ootid and lease on the Blue Bird, in
the ijandei* camp.
.Sandon mines shipped 80 tons of
ore last week, about halt the amount
exported from here.
If. T. Twigg, New D'tiver, took a
gang up Lemon creek on Tuesday to
do some surveying.
Assays from ore recently taken
from the west vein on the Mabf.tt
give from IS to 343 oz in silver.
W. Karr, Sandon, went out Tuesday to work on the MapleLeaf group,
on the first north fork of Lemon.
A. 8, Farwell, of Nelson, is surveying the Morris   and   other e aims be
lie thoroughly enjoyed his trip ami
experience, but feels sore agiinst the
authorities for not letting him get a
shot at the Boers.
Galabratlon of the Twelfth,
The local Orangemen made a brave
shew on Saturday In their procession
prior t<j going to Nelson  t.o celebrate
the Qlerious Twellth. They were
headed bv the brass hand and had a
big drum putting iu extras. Thr
boat witli ths Sandon delegation nr-
I). Weir, of New Denver, ami
partners, took up supplies yesterday
to the Young Dear group, to do some
development. The property adjoins
tho Bondholder.
The boarding camp of the Republic,
wagon road was moved farther up
the hill on Saturday. The upper end
will be completed beforo tlie lower
end is again touched.
I,'. M. Webster met with a peculiar
accident last, weak while surveying
on th'1 Ontario claim. In crossing a
slide he slipped and  fell  on his axe,
riv.d in at 'J..'15 and the special train j tho handle  striking ami cutting his
would draft all the bylaws in proper tilled in an excellent evening's enter
egal form fer $10 each, Or he would ' tainnmni, important, addresses upon
.1   ..,:... ! . .  .      _ :il   :...   !...:„.. .1.11. I
.' rs'** "" '" 1 '       ....->., j s,« sis,,.- ...,  ....j ~- ,     ...
make some other arrangement with the sawmill question being delivered 3,
the citv. I by  the   guests.    They outlined  the Go
Plenty of talk followed on tho sub  scope of their  proposed operations T!
ject and   then  matters tOU illlng fie I should they decide to locate here.and I pa
te-opened under
■the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. ArUmrStrii-land ll..liiiii*.v Av*."...-*, Sion....
Building thoroughly renovated
•nd re st 'eked witli the. best
oi.d of the difficulties now in the way
_ JO
mayor and aldermen on their part
.. told what they would do to assist the
ile had been ' syndicate to locate in Slocau. The
mineral and other resources of the
camp were shown forth and the visitors made to feel that their future
prosperity in lifo depended largely
npon their locating hcrp, A rousing
good time was put In.
Fruit; Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything In these lines that yon
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handk the
hestthe market affords.   Prices are «««»"-
proposed sawmill loomed up. .--.    •	
Tha inavor held that In this In* pf accomplishing their aims.
stance decidedly the correspondence ...
with the syndicate should be handled
In proper legal shape,    ile had beet
asked to correspond with tho syndl
cute, but hi1, professed a certain do
gree of ignorance In accomplishing
tho drafting ef the citv's proposals,
and tho negotiations had besi be In
the hands of a solicitor. VV. 1'. Mc
(Irogor bad fur warded to the cm
panj the plans of the mill grounds
Miid certain cotTCSpendetiC • should
lollow thelll at, ouee.
Tne mayor then reported on hi
trip to Nelson 011 sawmill bu ;     •
and res I a latter from  Frank Fletcher as to what, tha latter would th
in regard to the mill site.    One sine
tiling Mr. Fletcher proposed doln
A Healthy Pnjroll.
Last Thursday was pay day for
thi! Blocan Republic (V, being the
ii 1--.1 since the commencement of their
s pcratlons herb.   A little over $1500
wa 1 disbursed to  the  woiknten employed on   the   wagon   road, whlh
pulled out shortly after, twecoaones
and a van being tilled. At Nelson
the various lodges had a big time,
but thev relied solely on the Sloean
contingent for music. Next year the
Orangemen mav celebrate here.
A Slim Reeord.
The result of the high school entrance examinations held at New
Denver present ;*. slim record, onlv
two pupils passing out of 11 writing.
Nakusp sent one and failed; Sandon
B, and Mabel P. Karr posscd with
verton .r>, all failed;
Three Forks 2, and Margaret Dowar
tossed with HUT marks. The result
of tho exiiminationsat Nelson will be
made known at thc end of tho present month.
Cat is Vine Lodge.
and that was to leave iho control of' taking into consideration the amount
head  and   the  blade  lacerating Ids
wrist.    His Injuries were not serious.
iii.-UMi   RBOOROS.
Appeiiileil is a complete list of the various records registered at ths local regis*
try office, If. P. Christie boing mining
recorder 1
July 8—Nancy Hanks Ir, Bpringer ck,
,1 V Driscoll,
Tonka, same, same,
Raseca, Summit creek, 1* tlanlor*.
0 & S, Kiin mountain, L Skelly.
l?lne Bird, souih ol tho eity, 1 Robinson.
10—Ophir, 2nd 8 f I.emori creek, ,1 T
iCiiiniii K. Lemon creek-, same.
Hiiinhiireh, Orusadsr hill, T l» Tohin.
Indppun leiii'P (r, Hniiis*. A M Koiters.
l'slu** Bird,2nd n f Lemon, F Sherry.
D C traction, between speculator nnd
Bondholder, DG McCuaig.
Alliance, 2ml s ( Lemon, J Gronnd,
Mnry Alice, Lemon creek, same,
11—Flannigsn, 1st □ 1 Lemon, J Ctsig.
July 7 -Greenwood, Deadwood, Eva.
Id—Unite, Hamilton,   Toronto,   Inde-
pdiidsnco, Alberta.
11 >*Danube, D ft I, Three Guardjmtt*
Geo. Fairbairn and Dirt McNaught,
of 811 verton  have opened  up some-1
thing pretty good on tho Star Pointer!
group, adj liiiin;- the Hampton, Dur*
Ing assessment they have uncovered J
an eight, foot vein, pretty well delin !
ed and showing  up strong.    Assays
made IV nn the rock give assays of Hi I
07,. in silver  across  the (entire ledge.! Clipper, Manxman, Kiev; Hilly.
That section  of Spt'lnger  creek  ap ] TS«**S"*sas
pears to beene huge treasure vault.     , ,  .   .,        , ,     , .,    ,, ,,
July s - Sham 1 ink fr ninl   BondllOldM
,,,,        ., . ...     ,..,   .   .    Ir, nil.It G Campbell-Johnston te Archie
'I he trail 0J1   upper   Ion Mile, is In ( Maiinva,iu« Johnson.
^X^,n,?,!"l%,S*^ 8t,'m,   8-iwnlor,.-:..M LFlfstelra-loii
haying tilled it with trees.
I J'caupre. THE LADY
•Copyright 1900 by Sir Walter ll.-m.si.)
"No. I am your servant, as yon
know—sometimes your most unhappy
servant, but always at your command
-only now and then lt pleases roe to
call things by their proper names. At
such times, Ludovlc, 1 look ln my glass,
nnsi I see not tbe Lady Anastasia In a
company of fashion, but a poor wretch
Fitting In a cart with her arms tied
down, a white nightcap on ber head
and a prayer book In ber band. Tbere
Is a coffin In the cart"—
"Anastasia, you are ridiculous! What
have we done that all the world would
uot do If It could? These scruples aro
absurd, and these visions are fantastic.
What Is your share? Yon know that
half of mine—all that Is mine—Is yours
as well. You shall have my band and
my name. These you sliould have bad
long ago had they been worth your
picking up. Alas, Anastasia, no ono
knows better than you the desperato
contlitlon of my affaire!"
"Well, I will obey you.   I will go
back to town.    I   will go tomorrow.
Tbe otber parties In our Innocency-*
they will also go back, I suppose?"
"Tbey will have done their part. Sir
Harry and the colonel and the parson;
they will all go back.    Tbey cost a
great deal to keep, and tbey have don*
their work."
"Should I see the girl before I go?"*
"Perhaps not    Write to her from
Loudon.   Invite her to stay with you.
Kor my own part, I will look about me
for the man we want—a prisoner; on
the poor side; a gentleman, one who
will do anything for a guinea a week.
The girl will not know that he Is a
prisoner.   It will be quite easy"—
Ttais be said, concealing his real Intention, and only anxious' to get this
lady out of the way, but he left ber
suspicious and jealous. Tbat Is to aay,
she had already become both, and this
Intricate plot of a husband from th*
Fleet and tbe rest made her still more
suspicious and jealous.
Having dismissed Anastasia, ther*
remained the parson and the poet Tbe
latter he could send away at a day's
notice; the former be would probably
want for a certain purpose. He sent
for Mr. Semple, his secretary.
"Semple," he said. "I bave now made
inquiry Into tbe truth or your statements—I mean as regards this young
lady's fortune."
"It Is as I told your lordship?"
"It is. The fortune you bave exaggerated, but lt Is, no doubt, considerable. Well, I have sent for you in order to tell you that 1 am uow resolved
upon carryiug out the project you submitted to nie. My own affairs are, as
you found out, embarrassed. Tbe girl's
fortune will be useful to me. Her person is passable; her manners will be
Improved. I have therefore determined
to make her my couutess."
"My lord, I rejoice to have been the
bumble Instrument"—
"You have kept the secret so far, I
believe. At least I have seen no sign
that any oue suspects my Intentions.
You have Invented a Ile of enormous
audacity In order to bring us all together-myself, with your project up
iny sleeve, aud certain friends of mine
to assist lu various quarters. Your Inventions havo converted nn ordinary
well luto a health restoring spring.
You have CSUsed the elevation of this
town of common sailors ami traders
und mechanics Into a fashionable spa.
tjeuiplc, you are a very Ingi-nlous person. I hope tbat you are satlstled with
your success."
"Gratified, my lord, not satisfied."
"I understand. You shall be satisfied very shortly by the fulfillment of
my promise. It Is, If I remember, to
Und you a place under government
worth at least £200 a year, with per*
suulsltes. You shall learn, Semple, tbat
1 can be grateful and that I can keep
my word, written or spoken. Now,
there remains one more service."
He proceeded to give blm certain Instructions.
"And, remember, tbe greatest secrecy is to be observed. Neither you
uor tbe captalu Is to reveal the fact
until tbe business Is completed. Everything will be ruined if anything Is
revealed. Your own future depends
upon your secrecy. Yon are sure that
you have your Instructions aright?"
"I am quite sure, my lord. I am your
embassador. I come with n message
of great Importuucc. There nro reasons wby the proceedings nro to be
kept secret. Tbe lady will be made a
countess before a prying and Impertinent world can be Informed of your
lordship's intentions.   I fly, my lord.   I
"One moment friend Senple. Before you depart on this mission resolve
me as to a difficulty In my mind."
"Wbat la tbat my lord?"
"You are a***are, of course, that my
plan of life Is not quite what this girl
expects in a husband. She will expect.
In fact the bourgeois virtues-constancy, fidelity, early hours, regularity.
piety. You know very well that sbe
will not find these virtues. You are
preparing for tbe girl. In fact, a great
disappointment aud perhaps a life of
misery. If I siid not want her money.
1 might plry ber."
Sam's face darkened.
"Tell me, my friend, in return for
wbat acts of kindness done to you by
tbe captain or by Molly herself are you
conferring tbls boon upon the girl?"
Tbe poet made no reply for awhile.
Then he answered, bis eyes on the
ground: "Tbe thing Is as good as done.
I may as well let you know. The captain cudgeled me like a dog-like a dog.
My gratitude Is so great that 1 have
succeeded In marrying bis ward to you,
my lord. What worse revenge could I
"Frankly. I know of none."
"You will waste aud dissipate the
whole of ber fortune, and would If It
were ten times as great. In raking and
gaming; you will send ber back to ber
own people broken hearted and ruined.
That will be my doing."
"Friend Semple," said his lordship.
"If I were not Fyllngdale, 1 would be
Semple, and, to tell tbe truth. If 1 saw
any other way of raising money I
would—well—perhaps—1 would—even
pity tbe girl and let ber go."
HAT evening the blow,
feared and expected,
fell, for then we lost,
or thought we lost,
our maid. I found tbe
captain sitting In the
summer house alone
without the usual solace of his tobacco and his October
"Jack," be said, with a gloomy sigh,
"1 am now the happiest of men because my Molly Is tbe most fortunate
of women. 1 bave attained the ntmost
I could hope or ask. The most virtuous
of men—1 should say noblemen-has
asked tbe band of our girl Molly will
be a countessl   Kejoice wltb tne!"
1 stood outside on tbe grass, having
no words to say.
"She will marry him Immediately.
Nothing could be more bappy or more
fortunate. Such rank, such a position
as places ber on a levpl with the highest ladies of tbe land, though the
daughter of plain folk, with u shipowner for a father and a sailor's
daughter for a mother-there Is promotion for you, Jack!"
"She will go away, then, and leave
"Aye, she will leave us. Jack. She
will leave us. His lordship-you do not
ask wbo It Is."
"Wbo can It be, captain, but Lord
Fyllngdale V"
"The best of men. He will carry her
off to his country bouse, where they
will live retired for awhile, yet In sueh
state as belongs to ber rank. We shall
lose ber, of course. That however, we
always expected. Tbe country bouse
Is In Gloucester, on tbe other bide of
England. Perhaps she may get to see
us, but 1 am 75 or perhaps more, and
Jennifer, ber mother, Is not r.ir from
EW. 1 ennuot look to set eyes on her
again. Wbat matter." be hemmed
bravely and sat upright—"wbat matter, 1 say, so that the girl Is happy?
Her mother may perhaps set eyes on
her once more, but she will lie changed,
because, you see. our Molly must now
become a Hue lady."
"Yes," I groaned; "she must become
a fine lady."
"Jack, sometimes I am sorry that
she has so much money. Yet what
was 1 to do? Could I waste and dissipate her money? Could I give away
her ships? Could I give her, with the
fortune of a princess, to a plain and
simple skipper? No. Providence, Providence, Jack, hath so ordered things.
I could not help myself."
"No, captain, you could net help
things.   Yet"—   I broke off.
"Well, Jack, why dou't you rejoice
with me? Why the devil don't you
tough and sing? All you want Is to
see her happy. Yet there you stand
as glum and dumb ns a mute at a funeral."
"I wish her happiness, sir, with all
my heart."
"Sam Semple camo here this afternoon by order of my lord. Sinn gives
himself airs uow that he Is n secretary
uud companion. He CBJBS and demanded conversation with ine. It was quits
private, he said, and ot the utmost lin-
portnuce. Ko we sat tu tlie parlor, uud
with a bottle of wine between us we
talked over the business. First he told
mo that his patron, as he calls him,
meaning his master, had been greatly
taken with thc Innocence nnd the
beauty of Molly. I replied that unless
he was a stock or n stone or an Iceberg I expected nothing loss. He went
on to say that, although a noblo earl
wltb a long pedigree nnd a great estate, bis patron was willing to contract
marriage with a girl who wns not oven
of gentle birth and lind nothing but
her beauty and her Innocence, I told
bim that she had, In addition, a very
large fortune. He said tluit his patron scorned the thought of money,
being already as rich as most noblemen of his exnlted rank; that he was
willing nlso to pass over nuy defect!
In manners, conversation and carriage,
which would be remedied by n little
acqunlutoiiee with the polite world,
In n word, bis lordship offered his
band, Ids name, ills title, his rank and
himself to my wurd."
"His condescension." I said, "Is beyond all praise."
"I tblnk so, too; beyond nil praise.
1 nsk his advice touching a lnisliimil
for niy girl. He promises his assist*
ance In tbe matter, and he then offers
himself. Juck, could nuythlng ho more
"I hope It mny turn out so. What
does Molly say?"
"You may go In nnd nsk her yourself.
She will tell you more than she will tell
anybody else. The matter Is to be kept
for the present a profound secret lie-
tween bis lordship and ourselves. Bnt
since Sum Semple knows It, aud Jennifer knows it. and you ure one of ourselves, therefore you may as well know
lt too.   But dou't talk about lt."
"Why should It be kept a secret?
Why should It not be proclaimed everywhere?"
"My lord snys that tbe place Is a hotbed of scandal: that be would not bave
Molly's name passed about In tbe pump-
room, to be the object of common gossip and Inventions made up of envy
and malice. He would spare Molly
this. Wben she Is once married and
taken away from the plnce. tbey may
say what they please. Whatever tbey
say, they cannot do ber any harm.
Why. some of them even declared tbat
she was ono of the company of strolling actresses. There Is nothing that
tbey will not say."
I made no reply because It certainly
did seem as If In asking for secrecy
bis lordship had acted In Molly's Interests.
"Well, captain, we must make the
best of It You must Ond your own
happiness In thinking of Molly's."
"What aggravates me, Jaek. I* the
ridiculous behavior of my cousin Jen- j
nlfer. Sbe is ln tbe kitchen crying, and
tbe blnck with ber.    Go and comfort i
her before you see Molly."
I  looked luto tbe kitchen.    Molly's
mother sat In the great wooden chair
beside the fireplace. She held ber apron
In her hands as If sbe bad Just pulled
lt off her face, and the tears were on
ber cheeks.    When sbe saw me, tbey
began to flow again.   "Jack," sbe snld,
"have you heard the news?   Has tbe
captain told you?   Tbe worst bas bap- ;
pencd.   I bave lost my girl.   She Is to
be married   Sbe will go away.   She
will marry a man who scorns ber guard-
Ian and despises her mother.    A bnd
beginning. Jack.   No good can come of
such a marriage.    A bad beginning. !
Oh, I foresee unbapplness!   How can
Molly become a tine lady?   She is but a !
simple girU my own daughter.   1 hnve
made ber a good housewife, and all her
knowledge will be thrown away and
lost   lt Is a bnd business, Jack.   Nl- |
grn has been telling ber fortune. Ther* |
Is notblng boperul.   All tbe cards are |
threatening.   And tbe magpies and tbe
screech owl"—
She fell to weeping again, after I
which she broke out anew: "The cap-
tain says be Is tbe most virtuous man
In tbe world. It Isn't true. If ever 1 |
saw tbe Inside of a man In my life, I
bave seen tbe Inside of that man. H*
Is corrupt through and through"—
"But consider. All the world Is crying up bis noble conduct and bis many
"They may say what they like, lt Is
false. He Is heartless. He Is cold.
He Is selfish. He marries Molly for
her mouey. Persuade the captain, If
you can.   He will not believe me."
"How can 1 persuade him? I bav*
no knowledge. Are tbey all ln a tale?
Are you tbe only person wbo know*
the truth?   How do you know It?"
"1 know It been use I love my girl,
and *o I can read tbe very soul of a
man. I bave read your soul, .lack,
over and over again. You are true and
faithful. You would love her and
cberlsb ber. But this man-he knows
not wbat love means nor Uslellty nor
anything. Go. Jack. Tbere la oo belp
In you or ln nny other—because there
Is none other." She spoke tbe words
of the prayer book: '"None other thut
tightrth for us but ouly thou, 0 God!
Only thou, 0 God!' " She covered hs*r
face again with her apron and fell to
gobbing afresh.
So I went Into the parlor where Molly
was sitting. "Jack!" .She Jumped up.
"Oh, Jack!   I want you so badly."
"I know nil, Molly — except what
you yourself say and think ubout lt."
She bad ii piece of work in ber hands,
and she began to pull it and pick it us
she replied. For thc tlrst time in my
life I found Molly uncertain and hesitating.
"The captain snys that it Is the greatest honor thut wns ever offered to any
woman to be raised from a lowly eoiisll-
tion to a high rnnk. and all for love,"
"All for love?" I osked.
"Why, what else can It be thnt mndr
him light fnr me with that desperate
villain?   Be risked ids life.   Whatever
happens, Jack, i cannot forget that."
"No. It was doubtless u great thing
to do. Has lie told you himself that it
wns all for love?"
"He luiB not spoken nhout love nt all.
He has never once lii'eti alone with me.
It seems Hint these great people make
love by message. He sent a message
by Sam Semple"—
"A very line messenger of Cupid,
—"offering marriage. The captain
cannot coutnln his satisfaction ami sits
glum. My mother Rays that she will
never see me ngnln and begins to cry."
"Well, but, Molly, to be sure It Is a
great thing to become countcBS. Most
women would Jump at the chance under nny conditions. Do you, however,
think thnt you can love tho man?"
"lie hasn't asked for love. Oh, Jack,
to think tbnt people should marry
each other without n word of love! If
lie loves me, I supposo he thinks thai
I am hound to give hlin love In return."
"There again, Molly, do you love tlie
"Jnck, nobody knows me better than
you.   What reply can I mnke?"
"He Is too cold and loo proud for
you. Molly. How ran you love him?
Perhaps," I ndded, because I was very
sure that she would mnrry hlin, "after
marriage you will find that Ids cold
ness Is only a cloak to hide his nut urn I
warmth and Uiat Ids pride covers his
wife ns well as himself."
"He Is a good man. Everybody says
so. Lady Annstnslu declares that he is
the most honorable and high principled
of men. On tbat point I am safe. And
think. Jack, what a point It Is. Why,
to marry a drunkard, a sot. a profligate.
a gambler—one would sooner die at
once, nud so an end. But I can trust
myself with bim. I bave no fear of
sueh treatment as drives some wives to
distraction. Yet be Is cold In bts manner and proud In tils speech. 1 might
Und it lu my lit-art to love blm If I wns
not afraid of him." And so she went
backward and forward. He was so
good and so great; bis wife must ulways respect him. He was of rank so
exalted; it was a great bouor to become bis wife. Be wns so brave; she
owi-d her rescue to his bravery. Yet be
had spoken no word of love, nor bad she
seen any sign of love. 1 asked her what
sign she expected, and she "was con
fused. "Of course." she said, "auy girl
knows very well when a man Is ln love
with her." "How does she know?" I
asked her. "She knows because she
knows." I supi-osc she felt tbat the
man was not lu love wltb ber Just as
her mother felt tbat hi* character for
virtue and nobility waa assumed-
"corrupt within," sbe said. Women
are made so. And In the next breath
Molly repeated that what tils lordship
had done was done for love. "How do
you know'" I asked again. "Because
the captain says so," sbe replied, with
unconscious Inconsistency.
"Is tbe courtship to be conducted en
tlrely by messenger?" I asked.
"No. He will come tomorrow morning and see me. I am to give blm an
answer tben. But tbe captain nns already told blm what the answer Is to
be. Ob. Jack, I am so bappy! I am so
fortunate tbat I ought to be happy
Yet I am so downhearted about It.
Going away Is a dreadful tblng. And
wben shall 1 see any of you, I wonder,
again? Ob, 1 am so fortunate; I am so
happy"— And to show ber happiness
she dropped a tear, and more tears fol
Wbat kind of happiness, what kind
of good fortune, was that which couhl
(111 tbe mind of tbe captain with gloom
and could dissolve Molly's mother In
tears and could herald Its approach to
the bride by sndiu-ss which weighed
her down? And, as for me, yoo may
believe that my heart was like a lump
of lead within me. partly because I
was losing tbe girl I loved, but had
never hoped to marry, and partly because from tbe outset of the whole affair—yes, from the very evening when
the news of the grand discovery wa"
read to the Society of Lyon■-*. *..,n
looked forward to coming events with
forebodings of the most dlsmnl kind
"Come to see me tomorrow after
noon, Jnck." slip said "I tnusi talk
atiout it io some oue. With the cap
tain I cannot talk because he is all tor
the unequal match, and with my mother I cannot talk, because she foretells
trouble and will acknowledge no good
thing at all in tin* mini or in the match.
L>o uot forget, Jaek. Come tomorrow.
I slon't know how many days an* left
to me when I can nsk you to come.
Oh, Jack, to leave everybody, all my
friends! It Is hard. But I am the
most ungrateful of women because I
um the happiest—the happiest—oh,
Jack, the happiest and most fortunate
woman that ever lived!"
. ll.M'ED.]
Cfclnn'a Dlnlrcta.
There arc ns ninny different dialects
spoken tn China ns in Europe.
An  Odd  Ceremony,
At St. Paul's cathedral, London, In
former times on St. Paul's day n buck
wus brought to the steps of the high
ultur, whero the bend was cut off, tbe
body sent to be baked, nnd tlie head,
Died to a Pole, was borne through the
cathedral) followed by tho deun and
chapter In vestments decorated with
garlands of roses.
Tnrtnr I'erfnnics.
1* Tnrtary onions, leeks and garlic
nro regarded us perfumes. A Tiirtur
Woman will make herself agreeable by
rubbing a piece of freshly cut onion en
her bauds nnd over her countenance.
Nobody knows why a horse arises
from the enrth on Its foro legs first nnd
a cow on Its hind legs.
Calendar  Oddltlra.
Jniiunry and October In the same
yonr nlways begin with the snuio day
of the week. The case Is the same
with April and July, with .September"
uml December and with February,
Mureb aud November.
1,1'crntiire In China.
Tho Chinese have cultivated their national literature more than hun any
other nice, nnd literature With tbem
leuds to olllclul career.
Esquimau Is the only place Jn the
British empire, according to n- recent
ellmatologlcnl report, thnt exceeds London In cloudiness. Bsqulmnlt Is nlso
the dampest place In tho empire, while
Adelaide, In Australia, Is the driest.
Nile  Klsssssla.
The floods of the Nile are so regular
In their coming thnt for hundreds of
yenrs tbey huve not varied ten days In
the dale of their arrival at a given
poll*.     .
That ai W. Ivarlisn-P* C.....U.I.U
,.,-„„■.,„,... '.""'<•"■"••• •"•■*"-
A MrikliiL'  WnllUlllf.
At Wolverhampton, Eng., the Canadian Government bus a separata
building, u pavilion with a colonnaded font und lofty gi Wed done It
is one of the most striking und beautiful buildings on the grounds, lt is
rectangular in P«">. covering an area
0f 8 0H0 square feet, und situated
between the Indu8trial and Machinery Hulls, the main front facing the
park On passing through thc portico whieh emphasizes the mnin entrance one is immediately under the
dome, which gives an Imposing nnd
dignified effect to tho interior, unsl
wiiis li is further enhunccd by n most
pleasing color scheme in royal purple
and while. Additional entrances ure
placed In the sides facing tho Industrial und Machinery Hulls.
Tho first object to claim the attention on entering the Canadian Pavilion is tlio magnificent trophy ^ of
grains, grasses anil cereals. This
forms the centrepiece ot tho large circular dome, which rises lo u height
of -10 foot. The trophy is circular at
tho base, and rises almost to tlio
top of the dome, at the buss* ol
which, about *0 feet in s-ircuiiifeieiice.
four large arches are .sprung to the
wails,  tho whole being su arranged
us to form a sort of temple ol cereals. The grain and grasses uro
Shown in sheaves and bunches, fss-
tnnned and wivatlicd in many varied
and artistic forms. On the Immense
Stand In tbe centre are grouped liuii-
dieils of bottles of all Shapes and
si/is, containing specimens of wheat,
oats, barley, rye, Indian corn, peas,
listK, millet, buckwheat, and in fact
all the loading varieties of grains,
grasses and fodder plants which grow
to such perfection In Canada.   These
samples are all carefully labeled, giving the name and address of thc
grower, yield per acre, etc. The collection contains thousands ot sam-
pls's, cotnprlslng over live hundred
different varieties. The exliil.it la
probably the best of the kinsl e er
seen In England. It is an object-lesson that cannot fail to impress every
one wbo sees it with the fact thai
Canada is a country rich in agricultural resources of almost endless
variety. Tlie list of varieties of
grain shown is as follows: Oats 107
varieties, two-rowed barley 80, six-
rowed barley 118, fall wheat 22,
spring wheat 117, peas 81, Indian
corn 87, millet 9, Soja beans, horse
beans,  I'.ax and hops.
To the right of the trophy Ihere is
a splendid display of food products,
in which many Canadian linns are
Canada is celebrated for hor fruit,
and hen* we lind four pyramids containing fruit of all kinds preserved in
antiseptic Quid. A long table, artistically arranged, contains fifty varieties of apples, which have been pre-
ss'ived ln cold-storage since they
were  packed  lust  autumn.
Tho mineral section contains a
great variety of specimens, suggestive of Canada's richness in mineral
resources mill the immense possibilities which will follow in the way of
development from Increased investment of Capital. The exhibit is an
extensive one. Including gold nuggets, gold-copper ores, nickel and
niskel products, various gssld ores
frssm different Provinces, petroleum,
graphite, coal, silver-lead ores, lion
anil stsel exhibits, mien, asbestos,
manganese, antimony, mineral paints,
copper ores, ornamintul and building
stone, bricks und clays, corundum,
Canada Is famous for her richness
ln the wealth of her forests. The
display in ths* forestry section in the
pavilion Is attractive In appearance
anil pleasantly varied in the large
n'imber of exhibits of different classes
of Umber, many being shown in the
lop, si|iiare, as well as finished and
polished, The specimens nro all
labeled. Photographs of many varieties of Canadian trees are displayed
In frames made from tho wood Which
thoy represent. A few pieces of furniture are also here shown, Illustrating the manufactured product. This
section Includes splendid sporlmena
(stuffedJ of some of the noble animals in which sportsmen take great
Interest und In which Canadian forests  abound.
Prominently displayed on the walls
of Ihe Canadian Pavilion nre some
solid facts regarding Canada's varied resources, forest, mineral, agricultural, fruit, fisheries and dairying
These arc so arranged that they can
be takon in ut a glance, nnd iii a
minute or two enable tho visitor to
)udgo for himself of the progress
which has been mado sif recent yeara,
Ths I'ogltlrai i ram siissr>-i-v.
Wo obsorva a paragraph going thn
rounds of the press, originally published In a wests''ii paper, which estimates th,. number of colored persons who have entered Camilla during the last throe years at no Ies1.
than 80,000. We liave lhe very best
means of ascertaining the truth ol
thn matter, und we can state positively that Um highest computation
by well-informed pei sons doss not
make the number mors' than 8,000.
Thero are not more than 80,000 in
tin* country altogether, allho gh ho
early ns ik^o the American Oovernment complalnod to tireat. Britain
against harboring fugitive slaves In
Canada, which bIiows that a considerable number must have come over
even at that early day. In New
York .State, wilh its three millions
of population, there are not more
thnn 00,000 colored persons resilient.
—Ft'om The Ills.I f Juno *()_  *H,r,2.
i iiiiissliusi Arcli in l.nndiin,
Ths,  Canadian coronation arch   in
Whitehall, London, win certainly bo
one of the novelties of the corona-
lion. The structure ol wood will be
only a background for a representation of the coreal products of the
colony. The leaves of ihe maple and
other   represent a live   trees  and   flow-
ers <>f Canada will figure on its surface, and beneath iho archway under
which the procession will puss will
appear tin. motto "The Future Granary of the Emplro."
Eight   British    commanders    have
been granted dukedoms,
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First-class C. P. R. Sleepers
on all through trains.
Through Tourist Sleepers •  the best.
Tourist Unlet, quoted to all polmi
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gurd to nny purt is! ths* world reuch-
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Truffle llruisgsr, Wllinlpe*"'
Buttons were uhpiI In Troy,   *M"'
niniin found over 1,800 of gold.
Needles    antedate,     history.   TMS
wsrs first mudo in America i"    '
n tho poorest quarters and ■'
month* of. London there Ih nearly
ways a flower pot in th" wind""- The Drill.
The latout surgical triumph is the
gi ull ing of a new set of upper anil
lower eyelids to the eyes of a mun
who lost his original sot in u (be,
The incident hud left both eyeballs
entirely unprotected, and there was
danger of the victim losing his sight
entirely. It was rosol\od to replace
th'in by grafting four new eyelids if
■sossliile, by taking tho skin from
tl,,. hip of tho patient. It was necos-
8IUA- 10 proceed slowly, but the experiment was successful from the
start. The four new (.yollds perform
their normal functions nuturally.
8 .tle-ain.-TMs is unhUDpIl*/ an hpo q|
wptloUa. i but U.«fo is ouo point upon which
persons nciiiiiiintosj with tho BUbJdot ass-roe,
uninsly, tlmt Dr. Tho-oiiR* Ecleetrle Oil U a
iii.ilisi'no that can bis rellsxl upon to euro a
,.,ni,;ls,ii.in«vi! piiln, Ine] wiroHof viirlosi-s triads
antl I'l's'illt nny Inflamed ; urti *.f Uin |>o.|y to
ssliich il its applied.
A-Boma Vo,lllg Lady Speaks Strong,
14X1,1 eou"S(-'' to her Suffering Sisters-Tells Theu,    hw  QWQ  ^
'Once us Proof.
.  piind River, Out..    July T-'Soflc
A Scunthorpe trade union has, at
a cost of £7,001), erected twenty-flvo
houses for ita momheis.   Fash house
hus seven rooms, with bathroom, hot   , 	
ansl old water sor*. lee, etc. They ln,l,rov***u»ent was slow sho persovored
are let on tonus of easv repayment 5" «iiiiluiilly grew stronger, till to-
so tlmt  tho occupiers  will  have  ae- ',   "V Hh" is '" *-*****t*W health than she
«• Emily Llddl*. otthl.1Pla7e
.eli,  -,,;""  70UW   ,iml   *l   ""'<i
believe  that only   a  few  months  u
■•.lie was uu  invalid '
Alb* Liildell .uffored from Female
Weakness and Backache, and for
months wru,-« 111 aa to be unable to
attoml to her household duties, the
slightest task being too much for her
iu  Her  weakened  condition
She was terribly run down, and
nothing seemed   to  do  bar  uny  goi.U
or afford her lhe slightest relief till
I he tried Dodd's Kislney l'ills. From
UM Very beginning they seemesl to
help  her,   ami   although   at  lirst  the
their homes in flftoon years.
Minard's Liniment is best Hair Restorer.
Theie arc districts of London so
overrun with foieigners that thoj
practically have the place to thorn-
selves. The Bishop of London mentioned the other day, at a •neuMtit*;
in Westminster, that in many i*re. is
ii' the Fast End shopkeepers displayed In their windows: 'Engli.m spoken I.ere,' as if London were a foreign i own.
Deafness Cannot Be Cures.
has ever known  before
Miss Liddell is very grateful for
her remarkable deliverance, uml
strongly recommends Dodd'H Kidney
l'ills lo all her lady acquaintances
v. ho need help. She has given for
publication a very strong letter of
n-si-ommcndation in which sho suys:
'I would most heartily and conscientiously advise all young women
troubled with Female Weakness In
uny form, to try the remedy that
cured me after everything else hud
failed, unsl that remedy is Dodd's
Kislney Fills.
"For months  at a time  I  was so
by locnl applications, ns tha, cannot reach the  'ow ,,ml »«>* that I found it impos-
dlieaied portion of tbe ear.   There Is ouly oua Bible  to attend   lo  my  household  du-
\\iiy to cure Deafuesa, nud that is by coualilu.
tlonal remedies. l)cafuoss i.s cutised by an in-
1 .»*! ■ isnilii.iiin of the nmcoust 1iisi.sk sf the
1. .• i. li uu. Tube. When Ibis tube sfei. ii.il nn-
i.| yssu have a riimlslintr sound or Imperfect
t.- ,: is- r, and s*.h.iu it is entirely cls>f:od deafness
la lhe retmlt, and unit: t tho iuliuunnatit.n can
l<* takisaont ami this tul*o re-stored to its normal condition, hearing; will be tle-t rnye'l for
uteri nina cases out ut ten are c.-.u s*il byca.
tnrrh, which is noihim: I ut au iidUumd cod*
diliun of the mucous aurfas-s's.
We will Rive One HunslriHl Dollars for any
•as-essf Deafni'ss 'caused by catarrh) thsit can-
mil he cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
Circulars, free.      	
A.Mroae. V. J. OHKNKT k CO, Toledo, 0
*• M i<y brneglsts,16c.
hU's Fannlv 1111a are • I.o bust.
Tne recent inclement weather has
destroyed 'Dick Turpln's Stable.' a
•lelupitatod erection at the rear of a
hotel iis*ar Hiigsh.it, Surrey. In this
•-table, it is said, the famous highwayman used to house his 'Bonnie
Black Bess.'
Messrs. 0. (*. Hichurds & Co.
Dear Sirs,—Whi'o in the country
last summer I was budly bitten by
mosquitoes—so busily that I thought
I woultl he slisflgurcsl fsir a couple of
weeks. 1 was uslvised to try your
Liniment to allay the irritation, anil
1 slid ss>. Tho effes-t was nu.ro than
1 expected—a few applications completely curing the irritation, preventing the bites from becoming sore.
MINAUD'S 1.1MMKNT is also a
good article to keep off the mosquitoes.
Yours truly,
W.  A   0KB.
Harbor ("rnce. Nlld, .Inn. 8, 18'Jrt.
A girl of fourteen has made 8,500
consecutive punctual attendances at
St. Ann's School, Boho. she has
not been once absent or even late
mi' she was live years of ngo.
Only two glasses of liquor are serv-
s'I to the same person in one day at
tho village hotel in Chopwell, on
l'.M-wentside, now controlled by the
Earl limy  l'ublic House Trust.
Whon washing greasy dishes <r pota and
pans, Lovor'c Dry Soap (a powder) will
remove tho groajo with tho greatest eaae. ^
ties, my buck used to acho sonis*-
tbing dreadful. Now I feel strong
and better than I ever did, and
Dodd's Kidney l'ills did il all.
They are worth their Weight in gold
to ony young womnn suffering as I
used to suffer.
•They built me up wonderfully ami
I cannot speak too highly of Dodd's
Kldni'y Fills as a medicine for sick
I can safely say that nn mm ever
attempted to bribe me, gentlemen.
Voice    in    the  Crowd—Don't    be
downhearted,   old    chap,     your  luck
may change.—Tit Bits.
Doolan (to the village doctor, who
is a sportsman, and is met with bis
gun)—Sure, doctor, you are a careful man, for if yer pliisic 'em yer always carry yer gun.—Glasgow Evening Times.
So rapidly does lung irritation spread nmi
deepen, that often la u tow vooks a simple
conch culminuto.s in tubercular consumption,
llivs) hoisil to n i-iiu:*h, tlsisro is always >i.sn::i*i In
lay. (let a hs.tllo of liicklo's .ViitU'ni.1 uinp*
livo Hyrup, unsl csire yossrs-elf. It is a nu-ilii ins)
usisurpasssxl fur all throat and luni? trouble!
lt Is compounded from several herbs, each one
nf whieh staiisls at tha head of tho list ns exert*
in',* a wonderful Influence in curing ooninmp
11..ii uuil all hu,,: dltaaarjii
Tumblers sif nearly lhe sum.' shape
und dimensions as those emploved
to-day have li**on found in great nnin-
I ei • in l'ompei. Tlis-y were of gold.
Silver, glass, agato, marble an.l other
semi -preCiOUS stone.
HOW TO rURl" BT"APArIir.-A.mepsvsple
sulfur unUilil mi. cry day uf.sr day with Head*
ncho. Thoro is rust neither dsiy ot night nntil
tho non-csnre nil uuslruDK. The cause is generally a disordered stomach, snd a ci.ro i.iu l>o
cilssctoil by usins; Parmelee's Vegotabla l'ills,
containing llni.itrak.i ami Dandi Hon. 'It. Kin-
lay Wark, Lysan.'or, P. <>., writs*.: "I usisl l'nr-
melee's l'ills a lirst class urtu lu lor lislious
•"ae Way  Bret   Hart*  Cane to I-oaa
■Ua Ponltloa  at Glaatiow.
When Bret Harle wns consul at Olas-
ffew, ho was seldom to be found In that
city, as be spent most of his time In tbe
London drawing rooms, where bo was
• general favorite, and delegated the
consiiiur business to assistants.  One
day while making one of his rare visit! to (ilusgow be ""Craped iiei|iiiilntnncc
with u stranger on tbs twin.   Fiuh
seemed fnsolmtted by the other's personality, and lime psssed quickly. At
lust they reached the outskirts of s
large city.
"What place Is this?" Inquired the
"I haven't tbe slightest Idea," replied
Dmte, after looking out of the window.
A few minutes luler tbe railway
Rtiiird opened tbe door of the compartment end announced thnt they had arrived nt QlasgOW.
When Unite showed up at the eon-
•ulnte the next morning, the first person who advanced to greet blm wns tbe
agreeable   stranger,   who   Introduced
liiiiiscif ns a special agent of tbe home
Bovemment sent to Investigate charges
of neglect of duty on the part of lhe
The agent may hnve been nffnble, but
''f was lucking lu n sense of humor,
fur he evidently cabled his government
*•» tcconut of tho tniiu Incident ««
IIiiiVs successor was soon after np-
Uockiii'.;-. i allies for b.ib.es were
used by the Egyptians many centuries liefoisi t'hrist. Among the pictures copied by Bolzonl is one of an
Egyptian mother at work with her
foot on the cradle,
Come   us   a   Message   of   Mope   to   all
Tired anil Worried  Mothers.
In hoines where llaby's Own Tub-
lets are used cross anil fretful children ure unknown. The little ones
uro cross because they are ailing and
these Tablets me the best medicine
in  the World fur stomach,  bowel and
teething troubles,  Thoy will    make
your bnli.v   well  und keep it. well, und
they nre guaranteed    to contain no
Ingredient-* that can harm the small
est,  wi/aksfet infant.   Moibets everywhere give thesis Tablets the highest
praise. Mrs. K, McMuster. Cooks-
town, Ont., says:—"My baby was
much troubled with constipation and
indigestion, and was very restless
and peevish at nights. 1 gnve her
llaby's Own Tablets and she is now
regular and rests well. 1 nlso Hnd
tbat the Tablets are a great belp
during  the   tes-lliing  period."
Children take these Tablets Jub1 us
readily us candy and crushed to «
powder they run be given to the
youngest, teoblost infant with tumc
but good results. Sold bv nil dottier! or sent post said ut 25 cents a
box by writing direct to the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.,
or Schenectady, N. Y.
KSTB and Coffee.
An    ;g added to tbe morning coffee
1" u nood ionic.
The Sultnn of Morocco will not al
low a single lightning-rod to be set
up In any part "f his dominions.
Minard's Uniraent Cures UCrlppc.
A  Windfall.
"Vnn sny his money fell to him?"
"No.   llo fell to It-tumbled through
a conl hole aud sued the clty."-Cblctt*
"o Herald,
lamps were used before written
history. Thousands of ancient lamps
have beon found.
The first  patent for n sowing inn-
chine was issued in England In 1 ' ■"'
This early Invention was not succesa*
ful. and other isttonts were I""*"1
1804,  1818 and seres of times sua. •
WHBAT--.lt has been a very quiet week
i" tho local market. The strength in the
American markets caused prices to stiQen
to sums, extent, but export demand Is
•vniiUisg  at  |„.,,s,,hl una  tho a(lvance   ,g
tilling over the price ol a wssek ago.
At the close of this week prices are: 1
BMd, ,(„■; i oortheni, 74c; 2 northern.
rite, Spot or July delivery.
FLOUH-Ogilvie's Hungarian, *2.05 per
suck ol SJH lbs.; l.ilBI10rtt Patent, Sl.UU ;
Alberta,   $1,75;  Manitoba,  »1.60:   XXXX,
MlLLFEED~Bran Is firmer and worth
?15 per ton isi bulk. Hhorts firmer at
517 per ton in bulk, delivered, subject to
usuul  trade discounts',
QROUND PBJED—pat chop, per ton,
S-!H; barley chop, #24 ; mixed hurley und
oats, lio; cho.s screenings, $16.60; oil
cuke,  Jilu.
OATS—Tha quulily of outs now olYer-
i"K is not us good us dcislers would like,
being ubout one grade too low. No. 2
white,   41)Jc  per  bushel  for  car  lots    on
track Winnipeg; feed grades, 37 to une.
At country points farmers ure getting
lilt to :i4c for '2 white ouls,
HA 111.I'.V—There is very little barley in
the market and pikes are steady at 41!..
to 4 Is- per bushel lor carloads of teed On
Is-iis-.k Winnipeg.
11AV—Ths* snarks-t is easier and fl per
toi. lower. The general exps.stu.lion that
this woulsl be u gsiod year for hay muy
possibly not be realized, as the excessive
ruins have filled up all sloughs and masle
Cutting Impossible in man** cuses. Fresh
baled buy is quoted at $7 to $8 per ton
on  track at  Winnipeg;
POULTRY—Tbe market is quiet. Live
chickens bring 70 to 7Dc per pair, and
lurks.ys ure worth lie per pound live
weight. Dressed turkeys, Smith's Falls,
IHc per pound.
BUTTER—Oreamery—Receipt! are fairly
lurgs* und prices hold steady at lGJc to
17c lor choice creamery, f.o.b. factory.
BUTTER — Dairy—Receipts are large
but much of ths* stull is second class and
fine grades aie scarce. Prices are cosier
at '.1 to 1 lis: per pound, commission basis,
according to quality.
CHEESE—The market has agssin dc-
clined this week and purchases have been
made et Hsjr per pound. The range of
piiies is from HJ to Uc per pound, dells ereil  in  Winnipeg.
BO OS—Supplies ore only moderate and
prices hold at lie per do/en for choice
case eggs.
DRESSED HEATS—Grass fed beef is
becoming more plentiful and prices are
easier. Several lots sif range cattle huve
been received for local trusle, anil these
■hots line quality. ltet*f, city dressed, 74
to Hie per lb.; veal, 8 to 9c; mutton, 9c;
spring lambs, each $8.50 to $4.80; hogs,
per pound, 7| to Hsjc.
HIDES—Receipts nre light and the market unchanged, as follows : No. 1 city
hides, lljc. ; No. 3, .*>|c; No. li, 4'c. Kips
snid cult the same price ns hides; denkins
•IT, to 4uc; slunks. 10 to 16c; horsehisles,
60c to ¥1.
WOOL"—Receipt* ol Manitoba wool are
light and thc market is steady ut li to Us)
rents por pound  for unwashed  fleece.
SENEOA BOOT—Receipts are larger,
and a continuation of the present high
prices, coupled wilh good weuther should
Stimulate digging. As high as "18c per
pound hus been paid tor choice root delivered in Winnipeg, and ths* price ranges
irons that figure down to 84c, arcordiag
to quallly. Clean, bright root, is much
preferred by dealers, and they will readily pay several cents more per pound for
this kind ol slock.
SAID    A     CASK  OF    ST    VITUS
Called One Day and Found the Patient Ironing and Learned Tlmt
Dr. Williams' Dink Pills Had .Succeeded Where Other Medicines Had
CATTLE—Thla week we have to note a
return to more normal conditions in the
rat lie market, nnd prices are nosv lower.
llruss fed entile are now- in the market
uud will be plentiful hereafter. Reports
Irsim lhe ruimc country any that cuttle
are in line condition. Butchers are now
paying Irom 4c to r.c per pound, off cars,
Winnipeg, for live cattle.
BHEEP—Receipts are much larger as
the western range sheep are nosv coming
lu, nnd WS quote prices lc lower at -lc
to 4|c per pound, Lambs lire worth 3|c
to 4c.
B0Q8—Live li.'Rs are now coming in
more frs*s*ly and this market Is easy at
OJc  per pound for best pocking weights.
Mil.I'll TOWS—Cows are srari*e, and
good milkers readily bring $45 in this
market, the range being from $115 to $4.")
HORSES—There is s steady dsmsnd
(or gens'rnl purpose horses nnd ns thes..
an. scarce, prises are high Supplies are
being brought in from Ontario snd Montane
tl, . s.llll   llrllef.
ft'liep AI1I111I1111.1 Lincoln wns n young
num. his prodigious strength nnd his
skill in wrestling were mutters of note
throughout central Illinois. Few In-
deed were the men who could boast of
linvllig Ui Ul blm on his buck.
Somewhere along In the thirties there
wns u case on trial In one of the circuit
courts lu that section In which an effort was made to impeach the testimony of one of the witnesses. The evidence was contllctlug, Some would
believe the witness on ontb tinil others
would not.
At Inst n middle ni-cil men with n determined expression of countenance
wns culled to the stnnd. The usual
question was put touching the reputation of the witness for truth nnd veracity:
"Would yon believe blm on oath?"
"No, 1 wouldn't," he answered, nnd
before the lawyer on the opposite side
could Interpose he gnve his reason:
••I heeid hi in brnggln' onct that he'd
(browed Abe Lincoln In e fnlr nn'
square rnssle."
No olher witnesses were cnlled. Tbs
attempt to Impeach was successful.—
Youth's Companion.
Kxpert   Crltls-Um.
"His bnsstnek leaks," grumbled Lny-
nround  Lucas ns he pulled his hit
down farther.
"Yes," replied Tired Timothy, "modern ai'kltckchiT Is on do bum."
Tbo sulierer Iiom St. Vitus dance,
even in u mild form, is much to be
pitied, but when tbe disease assumes
an aggravated form the patient is
usually as helpless as an infant, and
lias to be watched with as much care.
St. Vitus dance is a disease of the
nerves and must bu treuted through
them, and for this purpose there ta
no other medicine in tho world acts
so speedily us Ur. Williams' Pink
Pills. Proof of this statement is
found in the cure of Miss Louise
Lullinun, whose home is at Poucher's
Mills, Ont., who was cuied by the.,e
pills after two doctors hud fuils.'d to
benefit her In the least. The young
lady's mother tells tho story ol her
daughter's illness as follows:—"1 do
j not think it possiblo anyone could be
afflicted with a more severe form of
I St. Vitus dunce than that which attacked my daughter Louise. Her
arms and legs would twitch und jerk,
her face was drawn and finully her
left side became numb as though par-
I uly/ed. Two doctors attended her,
but their treatmont not only did not
help her but she grew steadily worse.
Her tongue became swollen, her
speech thick and indistinct, and sin;
could neither sit still nor stand still.
She could not hold anything in her
hand ami it was necessary to watch
ber ull the time as we feared that
she would injure herself. The last,
doctor who attended her told me
sho would never get better, and it
was then I decided to try Dr. William's Pink Pills. After she had taken two boxs*s we could see an improvement in her condition. Hei -appetite improved, she could sleep better and the spasms were less severe.
From that on there was a marked
improvement in her condition and
one day the doctor who has said she
could not. get better called while
passing and found her ironing—
something she had not been able to
do for months. I told him it was
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills that was
curing her nnd he said, "Well, I am
surprised, but continue the pills.
they will cure her." She used in all
eight or ten boxes and is now as
healthy a girl as you will find anywhere, and she has not since had a
symptom of the trouble."
If you are weak or ailing; if your
nerves are tired or jaded, s>r your
blood is out nf conslition, you will
be wise to use Dr. Williams' Pin!-!
Pills, which are an unfailing cure
for all blood and nerve troubles.
But be sure you get the genuine.
with the full name "Dr. Williams'
I'ink Pills for Pale People" on the
wrapper around every box. Sold by
all meslicine dealers or sent post
paisl at 50 cents a box or six boxes
for $2.50 by writing slirect to the
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville.  Ont.
In Every Sack
of OOILVIE'S FLOUR there's a hundred cents worth tho best bread making inaieriaj that ever passed the
threshold  of a mill.
We mako it for particular people—
those who know good bread and enjoy it while appreciating the fact
that it possesses all the nutritive
power of the grain.
Include it in your next grocery order, and know how good flour can
bo made.
Hillers to H.R.H. ths Prince of Wales
The People of the West
OFFERED EVERY DAY IN    :-:     :-:     :•:     :-i     :•:
Uo ws* travel on time on this roasl?
asked the seedy individual at the
Sure, replied tho ticket-seller.
Well, gimme a ticket to Montreal
to be paid fur in thirty days.
Minard's Liniment is the best.
Coffee pots are an Oriental invention, and uro supposed to havo come
from Arabia in A. D. 1100. Alioul
the same time tbey wore used in Persia, but they did not come to France
until 1682, ami made their appearance iii England with coffee In 1050.
The proprietors of Fnrmoleo 3 Pills are con*
stuutly rocoiviuu letters similar to the follow*
log, which explains itself: Mr. .loliu A. Hou.n,
Waterloo, Ont.. writes: "1 uovcr used any
modic.no thnt can SsTO&l rnrmolee s 1 ills for
dyspepsia or liver nnsi kidney compsuiuts. Tl.o
relief experienced nfter usintr them wus won-
slorful." As a safe fsiniily moslicino Parmelce ■
Vsjcetiible Pills can bo givou iu ull cases requiring a oathartic.
Lucifer matches wero patented In
1884, while friction matches preceded
tlieui by thirteen years. The luiprov-
ed machinery by which matches are
iisiw muds' by the million at a trill
ing cost   were lhe Inventions  0( coin
puratively   ri'svnt  years.
111   litiins,' Pools and shsis's cause coins
IToUon'sy's Oorn Ours Is tin* article   to
use.    list   11  bottle nt  once ..nil curs* your
Combs   were  fount!   in   the  onrlii'sl
known graves.
If your chlldron are tronblod with worms,
rIvo thorn Mottior Graves' Worm Exterminator j
sufo, sure, nnd elTectiiiil. Try it, und murk tho
improvement lu your child.
Mosaic floors, laid with small,pieces of different colored si ones set lu
regular patterns, were known to tho
Egyptians 2:100 B. 0. In Babylon
floors of this kind dated from 1100
It. I*. Thoy were common in the
Athenian ami Roman houses.
Nol No! No! Nol
This word Is used four times by
Prof. W. Hodgson Kills, Official
Analyst to the Dominion Government, In reporting the result of his
analyses of Sunlight Soap.
"No unsaponlllcd fat"; that means
no waste.
"No free alkali"; that means no
damage to clothes or hands.
" No loading mixture "; that means
every atom is pure soap.
"No adulteration whatever"; that
means pure Ingredients.
Try Sunlight Soap—Octagon Bar—
and you will see Prof. Kills is right
He should know. 202
tak.s itsl-
The subscript ion price can be made every weok by watching the
tisetueiits 01 I bo big stores anil otber dealers, especially if you ti
vantage of the
i-st- half-price offer -m
Tbe regular morning edition will be sent to any point, west of North Hay
(tnclualiiK the big Saturday Illustrated edition] tor ono year for TWO
DOLLARS. Regular price $4.00 per annum, Out this ml. out and mail
it with Two Dollars to-day and bave il start at once.
Address s  TUB QbOBB, Tiiitovro.
E. B. EDDY'S m
are made   from   the   best selected  SPRUCE,  with
whidi are secure and will not fall off.     Always ask
your dealer for
Without question th* best and |
most effective springs ln Canada for
the cure of rheumatism, kidney or
liver troubles. Ths medicinal qualities of the water are unequalled.
Splendid hotel accommodation ; fin*
tshlng and hunting. An Ideal spot .
lot th* invalid.
Pepper castors wore used by the
Athenians, popper being a common
condiment. Tliey wore placed on the
table with the salt in England in
tho  sixteenth century.
Minard's Liniment for Rheumatism.
Outer blinds for windows were unknown until the fourteenth century.
The Venetian or interior blinds are
so called because they wore lirst used
In Venice.
Food  nnsi   < lssiriscter.
One might almost say that the recipe
for a happy homo was what lias been
aptly called n "bland" diet While It
Is not literally true that eating hog
makes n hof-; of n man, yet it is true
there Is 11 larfie connection between It
and character, Bloodthirsty, lustful
races nre these that eat mest—largely
rare most- freely, whereas the gCUtle,
Industrious, persistent races are most*
ly uriiln end fruit eaters.
While the controversy over VegOtC
rlnnlsm Is one for scientists to settle,
even the humblest of us enn afford to
try for himself tlip advantages of n
"bland" diet, it is a most Interesting
experience to see how acute nnd sens!
tlve tbe sense of taste can become by
avoiding food that bns a strong teste.
No one knows the dejlente Bweets
nnd acids, oils and bites In our common cereals nnd fruits who outs lutijc
chunks of lish, flesh nnd fowl highly
flavored and deluged with biting
sauces. Simplicity of life .'im be us
much n part of diet ns of furniture or
clothes. — William Noyes ln Ooosl
Did  aa  lie  Waa  Tsslsl.
An Impecunious constituent of a Chicago alderman culled upon tbe hitter
at his ollice Inst week nnd retliti'Sted
the loan of a dollar. A two dollar hill
was the smallest the nlslermati hnd.
This he bunded to the culler with the
"Oo to tbe clf-nr stnnd down stairs,
get n fifteen cent cigar, keep 11 ilullnr
mid bring me the change."
lu u few minutes the visitor reappeared, pulling contentedly «t a cigar,
and Imiidcd tin' alderman 80 cents. No*
ilclug u peculiar expression ou the nl*
dermou's face, be withdrew the*cigar
Croni his lips long enough to Inquire)
"Did you mean that the cigar wus
i'or you or nioV"
"Get out s,f hero!" was all the disgusted uollllcinu could SUV.
80 wusilsl yisss wben jrnn •nnsi
That very iwet lluvssr will maka
11117 cigar ssmokt-r look pleaaant.
A prepiinitissn miule frum < 'mile HKAU MONT.
(Jrente-it nieilii-al ilissi.vn-y ol rs>cs*nt ysssirss.
A cars and ipeedj car* for all throat, limn-
rhii. .'mil bins ni*i)i*es. rsouamptlOB 11. linear-
linrstriKos, nmi rliniini'lisni.
Lis rue bottle prepaid t" any saflrssson rec«u«
of one dollar.
Aililrssss, ISensssssoist Meill.isl < .sinpnisjr.
Box SOB, Hfiiiiini.iii. Tesss, l. s. A.
liislns of golsl and silver used In
table service In 900 B.C, vers founsi
at Troy by Dr. Bcbllemams. One of
theso was about tin* si/e now emploved.
Fly Pads
One 10 cent package
will kill more files than
300 sheets of sticky
fly paper. Clean and
W.   N.   11.   Ns
Curtains    were employed    for le.l-
steaiis iu the eleventh century; they
Were afteiwnnls     transferred  ts. windows.
Tea pots wore ths* invention of
either ibe Indians or tho Chlnose,
ami are of uncertain antiquity. They
came lo Europe with tea in 1610.
Brooms were used in
years before Christ.
Egypt 8000 THK, DRILL, SI.OCAN. li. C, JULY 18. M02.
,*C. E. Smithbrixuai.**:, Editor nnd Prop.
6L0CAN,      *      -       -       •      B. C.
Legal Ailvertisine 10 cents ft line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line eneh
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements' at same ratei
.•a legal advertising.
Locale will he charged 10 cents ft line
/or each insertion.
Commercial Rates made kuown upon
The Subscription ie $2 per year, st.'ict-
iy in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Addresa all letter* to—
Slocan, Bs C.
FRIDAY, JULY 18th, 1B02.
A pencil marl; In llm space
apposite will ha aa Indies*
tiun to yen tlsat ye editor
jce)B«itJerf there is something
scorning to him on yoursuh-
•cription. Kindly Mknow-
leJpe   in  cispIi and oblige.
KIMTOItl.tl.    lI'OI-I'lMSili.
King Edward is to be crowned on
August 9. There will not be the
same display as proposed for the
Original date in June, but the depth
.of feeling in tho ceremony will be
•mine Intensified, by reason of His
Majesty's sudden and serious illness,
Britons will rest easier when the cor.
niiation is over.
FortU n.-.tely there has been suflici- j
ont coke forthcoming for the Grand
Forks smelter to blow In  three of its i
furnaces, so starting again the mines
at Phoenix.    However, the works at
Boundary Falls have been obliged
to shut down, and there is a fear the I
Trail and Nelson smelters may   de
likewise, because of the shortage ofj
coke.    All this is due to the miner**'
r-trikc at Fernie, and there does net
appear to  be  much  relief In sight.'
The trouble may result In Crippling!
the producing mines  ofthe  entire'
country. General prosperity is wrapt
up ih industrial peace, but present
conditions are not favorable to that. I
Had the province suitable legislation
stlch   troubles  could   not   continue,',
Common sense may  yet strike the
legislature—or lightning,
Dr. Gomm, Sandon, was here on
Monday, prospecting for fish.
A heavy electrical storm passed
over the city on Monday night.
It is understood the Phoenix will
resume operations shortly in a small
Ex-mayor Pitts, of Sandon. spent
several days in the city during thc
The assay office at the Trail smelter was destroyed by fire during the
The half yearly trade licenses arc
now due and payable to the city
John Kinman and T. Pearson have
returned from the Similkameen
Mining Recorder Mclnnes, of New
Denver, sized up the local office last!
The Dominion Express Co. hasj
opened offices in the towns of the
Trout Lake country.
Thos, McNaught, manager of tlie j
Halcyon Springs sanitarium, visited!
the city on Tuesday.
William and Henry Bolq commenc-1
ed work on  the Peerless,   on  Erin
mountain, Wednesday.
Tie juveniles, followed afterwards
by the band, serenaded Mr. and Mt-"%-j
Mulvey Wednesday night.
Mrs. J. Irwin, of Pilot Bay,  was
visiting her daughter, Miss Irwin, of
tho postoflice, over Sunday.
Mrs. ",\ Linton and children, Rossland, have been visiting with relatives here during tho week.
Miss Mess, sister oi Mrs. IL I).
Curtis, arrived in from the coast, on
Thursday evening, on a visit,
Sandon is having an election for a
couple of aldermen on Monday. Nobody appears to want the job.
Some ore was packed down from ;
the Fourth of July during the week.
About eight tons will bs shipped.
Thc heavy storm Mouthy night
paralyzed the telegraph service, the
wins going dswn in every direction,
China silks reduced from 50 cents
to 'IU cents. Big cut in summer silks,
print-i and ginghams,   Bennett st Co.
Mrs; Tom Mulvey una her sister,
Miss Mullati, arrived In from Ottawa,
Ont., on Wednesday. Tom met his
bride at Nelson.
morning his boat and clothes were
picked up on the opposite side from
town. A search was at once institnt
cd. but no other trace of the yonng
man could be found, and it is presumed he was seized with cramps
and sank beneath the treacherous
waters. The lake was systematically
dragged, but without avail. Deceased first came to Denver in 1895, moving io Sandon last year, and was a
clever assayer. He wrote a good
deal for thc press and was well
known to the mining world. He had
the distinction of being the youngest
person to graduate from the Royal
School of Mines, London, being now
only about 28 years old. West had
the reputation-oi being the most expert swimmer in the camp.
The Ts-assarci' Improving;.
Word was brought down from the
Transfer on Wednesday night that
the ore body   had increi.sed  in the
drift.    Fit somo time past a crosscut
had  been  driven   to  the  west,   but
abandoned after 40 fuet, nothing ap-
penring to warrant further expendi* j
tu'v there.    The main drift, started
wli ui Sidnoy Norman took the bond,
was then continued, with gratifying
results.   Three stringers bad been
followed almost from the surface,ami'
the centre one now that solid ground
is being reached, has widened out to
L'O inches, and   it carries c*uitu a' bit:
of ore.   An open  cut  on tlie surface, I
too, has uncovered five feet of mixed ;
oro.   Mr, Norman estimates 150 feet-
more if drifting will tap the main I
ore chuto on the property.
Furnished Rooms, by day or
week. Second to none in
the city. Enquire on the
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Co-operative Association,Ltd.,
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - - B. C.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocnn,  E C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Slocan. B. C.
Having opened a Storo on Main Street, three doors south
of the Postoflice, we arc prepared to fill all orderB for Groceries, Meats, Vegetables, Flour,and anything to be found
in a first-class establishment.
These Goods are all Fresh and of the Best Quality.
Shares in the Association for sale at the par value of $10;
$2 down, and $1 each month till paid. Profits are divided
regularly, on basis of g each to shareholder, customer,
and general account. 	
Editor MacAdams of the Sandon
r.iystreak is touring in Victoria hav
.ing started on his journey Tuesday.
The authorities were very solicitous
fer his welfare and delegated Sheriff
Tuck of Nelson Ho give him suitable
escort. To fittingly mark the event,
the full court of tin* province was to
assemble to greet tin* distinguished
guest An address of welcome was
to be presented and afterwards the
big wigs would, it was thought, furnish Hilly with a pronounced and
tangible proof of their affection. Distinction and honors hare come rapidly to the stirring young man from the
Silver City, and there lie none to
gaiusay them. Modern Intelligence
recognizes the power of the press,
and it is but mete and right that the
judiciary of lirilish Columbia should
from time to time accentuate their
appreciation of that fact.
Vancouver Island and the Isles ad
jacent thereto are attracting the at
tenlinii of the   investing  public in   a
surprising way, that KCtion ad vane
ing so rapidly as to almost eclipse tbe
Yale Kootenay portion. Apart from
lhe. riehe. revealed in the COS 1 mines.
thore has been ta.t wealth uncover
ed in iron and copper deposits, sup
plcmcnted  by  unsurpassed  tlmbet
limits.   Active development In tbest
soveral lines ll giving the QOflSt pen
plena excellent opportunity to ac
ijuiro wealth and become a prosporotU
community.   A   couple of smelter*
have been erected  for thc treatment
of local copper ores nnd others are
mooted.   Redttctlen  works for the
iron ores, with accompanying rolling
mills and other contingent industris-i*.
are to be built.and the. vast resource*
ofthe islands will be thoroughly ex
jiloited. The establishment of new
nliinglo and saw mills comes wltb
utartling rapidity, indicating thi
great expansion  in the   lumbering
Industry. This week it is stated
American capital is to go Into tin-
*iulp business, two huge works to bt
erected at once.   They   will be tie
initial movements in tho province,
In ing enOOUrflged by a liberal policy
Ofthe local government• It would
seem that the coast people arc thi
favorites of fortune just now, and
they should  make the most of theii
opportunltv. At the lame time It I-
pleaslng to note llritish Columbia!*
not in quite so bad shape as thc pes
tninists proclaim.
D irn.    In  New Denver, on Julv'
11, the wife of Phil Munn e of a
daughter Cm July 13, the wlfeof
*-*. Burgess, cf a Eon.
Construction on a now bridge >t
Fletcher avenue wns commenced this
■.eel:     It will be  a better sir 1461 it re I
than thai washed out in Mav;
kni'X church used its new bull for;
the lirst time on Sunday. It has a'
rich, mellow tone and can bo dis-!
tinctly heard all over the city.
The LaDellFlanigan combination]
trot a frost at Nolson Friday evening.
Thev overlooked the printer and the
populace exacti'd a terrible revenge, j
Next Sunday  evening a song service will be given in the Presbyterian ;
church, in   honor of  the   new bell. |
Tho concert has bucn indefinitely
The prospect of Sloe.nr. securing a
big sawmill is attracting much interest on ths outside and many iiii'iiiries
are coming in from parties desiring
to locate hern.
A syndicate of local men have
staked 10 miles of timber limits in
the Little Slocan country. The land
was formerly held under grunt by
the C. s"i K. railway.
The MUscsCiwack have given up
thedii.ing room at the. Arlington hotel and gone buck to Butti. The proprietors now have the v hole hotel
nnder their direct control.
Sheriff Tuck, Nolson, paid a short
visit t'» thc burg Mondav. He has a
eanii' leg Just now, the result of 0
sprain, which may account for the
(Treat respect shown him by all and
The scribes of the Interior will eon
spire together at  Nelson during  the
regatta m'xt week, batching their
villainous plots in the News office,
Tlio Rocky Mountain Is'iflas will be
held in readiness.
Tuesday evening a crowd gathered
on   the   wharf  to witness  a double
scull boat race between 11. P.Ohrlstle
and wife on the  one side and Mayor
Vork and ll, MeFarland on the other.
The former won over a course of 1 IU)
The parsons in the different, towns
in tlie camp, including Kaslo aud
N'akusp, have formulated a plan tut
the cvangi lizatiun of the people.
•*. week's services will be held In each
town, commencing With Silverton.
■iloean will have her turn about, the
middle of August.
For the Knights of Pythias convention, San Francisco, August 1 B, the
I'.b'. will i>sun tickets from KoOte
aay points al 160 for the return trip
Tickets good for all rail, or via
-steamer, Including menls and berth,
from Portland, Victoria or Beattlo,
For full particular* apply to the local
Ill,,u 111,1 nl Nrsv llsssvs'S-.
Howard West, a.I.' S.M.. of Ban
Ion, Was drowned at. New Denver «n
'undny night    lie left C. I>. Me'rais
ihoitt '.i o'clock, with thc Intention ol
taking n dip in the lake, and next
Furnishings ^*
Sta Sir in' His
No. 62, w. r*. of n.
Mci Is every Vs'edi day evening
in ihe 1'nissn Hall Slocan City, at
7 30 p m. Visiting l.i* thrcu cordially
invited to alien I.
Financial Secretary
Insurance !
Representing 'he strongest companies doing business In Canada.
Skr SEW ACCIDENT POLICY, with participation in profits, covering nick-
ncas a nd operations.
II. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
To the Public
II ivli gepened aihocshopan
Delaney ave, two doors i.ast
of the Arlington office, we
are prepared to do nil kinds
of r Vi ig. Hand-Mad •
Shoe-, arc our specialty.
Prices reason Lie.
Ns*. part of dri'sss is mora indicative of siylu and smartness than
UiiloFf you doii'l mind wasting
your money, buy your u.*   s at
who hat the largest nnsi beat assorted stock in the city. Prices
right and Stock clean and now.
Repairing and making done on
lhe premises.
Pioneer Shoe Store,
Main Street, Slocan.
You are Invited
To examine the best line of Scotch
Tweeds,   English   Worsteds   nnd
Irish Worsteds oier shown in Sis-
can; als« all thc latest designs in H
Pantings.   Hemember,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and thu Union Label is a guarantee of the best workmanship, Ws
guarantee satisfaction and a perfect fit.     ______
Wo have added a select line sf
Cumpare our reasonable prices—Fias
White Shirts, $1; Collars, 15c; Regatta
Shirts, in fancy stripes, with cellars
and cuffs attached, 75c each; Underwear, from $"J a suit; California flannel underwear, $*i a suit, this line boing imported diroct bv oursolves; tho
best qua ity Wrick Felt Hat, Union
labsil 4") 50," equal lo the Stetson Hat
in every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opposite Tiie Dhill Office.
StorO alas* ai •ssssslnss.
a Home ?
ranging in price
$2 to $35*   We
also a full stock
of all
COTE & Co.
Slt.cn**:. ll.C.
the necessary supplies
Mci OfJpMIItS.
Musitissussil:. Mino.-iil Clulm,
Situate in tbe Mocan City Mini no Division of West Kootenay Otitrict.
Where located t—On Ten Mile creek,
northeast nf and adjoining tlie Boise*
vain mineral claim.
TAKK NOTICE tbat I. Pamnel S.
E*owler,Rctlnnbi ngeiil for Tbe Enterprise
(British Columbia) Mines, Limited, 1*'
tl.C. No. r>:!S777, intend, sixty il.iy*
from   tl.o date hereof, to apply   to  Ilie
Mining ttecordei for n csrtincale of Improvements, for the purpo eof obtaining
a Crow n grant of tho above claim.
And fui thor taku notico that action,
under section ''", must tie commenced
ijuinru the Issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 26th <lnv of Mnv, W12.
30*5-02. BAM U EI* s  FOWLER
I's.l'tlsltsil Mlssrl-isl  ('lislisi.
Sitnate in tbe Slocnn City Mining lb-
vislo 1 ol West Kootensy District.
Whore located;—On tbe south side
of Bpringer creek, about four miles
from tbo eity of Slocan,
TAKF NOTICE that I, Herbert  D.
('urt'es, :i 'tinn BI iiK'ftit for the Arlington
Minos, Limited (non*porsonal liability .
freo   miner's   certificate    No.   U60890,
Intend, sixty days from the 'late hereof,'
to apply to the Mining Itecordor for kI
est tl (Inula ol Improvements, for the pur- ■
pt ie of obtaining a Crown grant of the
shove claim.
And further take notice that action, I
nnder section *^7, must be commenced
before ibe Issuance ol sueh certificate ol
Dated this 2nd day of June, 1902.
0*6*02, HERBERT I). CURT18
Mnniiluii.-11111 Maryland Minaral Claimi
Situate in the Slocan City mining division of Went Kootenay district. Where
located:—(»n Tiger creel*, 11 branch ol
ths second north (orkof Lemon creek,
TAKK NOTICE thnt 1, John McKinnon, freo miner's cortlflcalo No
1)88881, acting fo/ mysell and for R It.
Bruce, free mlnsr's certilicate No.B11097
T, (i. F'roi'tor.fiee miner's certiflcate Nn
B88740. int.'iid, -iixiv tl»*/8 iiiiiu the r.ntc
horeof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for certlfloatos of Improvi monts, for the
purpose "f obtaining crown grants of the
above claims.
Ami f sitber take notico thai nctl	
under section 87, mum ho commenced
before th" Issuanceof such 1 tiflcnles of
Dated this Blsl uny ol 110 ■ ;- i->
r,.!' 03
Then ccmo to Slccan-. for it ia
ono of tho foiro&t avoiz on tHs
earth of otirs. Loveliness,
Boom, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Himting,Roads, Railway
Steamhoats, Chnrches,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizans are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
thi3 City, backed up by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no iner-3 idle dream, but a stern reality.
GrTillim 6c Johnson, j
Sll e. ti,
World's Scenic Route.
Sold by All Newsdealers    Ea»t
ST. .101 IN
FurnlaH.a Monthly Vs all lnvssni ol Wong
ami Mimic 0 vart Toliima of New, dole.
Copyright Compoaltlosia tiv tlie mssat popular Biii.ii.rs. 64 Pagaa of Piano Ms-ale,
nail Vocal, hall Initrumontal-oi C.snpl.i.
Pl.c.a for Piano (mra m Month fnr at
Cant*. Yaarly Rul»nrl|illon,S«.oo. II you
will Musi ua th. nam* •nil rwldran ot riTl
perform-,™on th« IMano or Organ, we will sseud
jou a oopy of tha Mnn,/lna Fr««.
.. ..... J-.W- "■ffMi ■'ubllahtf,
Slthth a Loeuat Sta., Phltadalphla, Wm.
for $18.25.
^VMiy bt without n raii{ri> when
ymi e.;iu got ons bo cheap? The)
nre profei'i'ablc to itoven and give
better satisfaction Thew rangsi
burn wood or coal ami win be
•set 1111 lice.
h, j. wmm
TINSMl    I' AND 1
Lake Route
From Fort Willimi.the faroritf iiini
mer routs, tu nil tni-turn points.
Via Soo Line
Fer St, Paul, Dulitb,8auH Bt».M*rIe
Chlcage, etc.
I/savss Dunmore Jonotloo «iaiiy foi *■»■
i'aul; Kootenay Undini Ineiday «n(1
Satunliiy Ior Toronto, Montreal, etc.
tavsi Revolstoke <i«iiy 'of Heal,1°,n
Throiiir-h bonhitiRS to Buropf *ia alJ
Atlantlo lines.   Prepttld ticket- •
lowcHt rates ir«m nil  EuW»n
oountriei   For rHt-** nmi fun >,nr
tlculstn apply to local agent*, oi
J. 8. CARTER,     BsJ.CO^i
I. I' \ A.(i  P. A.,
•   Nolson. Vsneouve.
1   .1. EDWARDS,
Agent, • I Il(j,l-/


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