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The Slocan Drill 1904-09-02

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V., No. 23.
slocan, b. c, September si, imm.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
iruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are n*rht.
  ™- llbtl,y
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one ofthe liost known and most popular houses
in the country.    It is located adjacent to the depot imd the
wharf, and commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
Sloean lake.     Good fishing is to lie found close at hand, whilo
every facility ia offored for boating.
Tourists will fiiid the Arlington and ideal resting place.
Commercial men have at their command new and commodious
sample rooms.
Th**-dining room is strictly up to date and the bar supplied
with ouly the best brands of goals
smooth inside, no tack*,
under Ihe fool.
To Yx> _ genuine " Slater" the sole muit be
stamped with (he makers' trade mark, a .*■! i'i-
frame with name and price.  $5.00 and S^.oo,
Not Sold Anywhere Est.
There's only one post office in this town and
only one Slater Shoe Agency. Vou can't buy
"Slater Shoes" from any other dealer here.
The manufacturers m.iUe this
rule SO that (hey
can keep lab
on their difi'er-
cnt a^cut* and
always have
their selections
up to the limes.
AU    «■ Water
Shoes"      nre
Goodyear Welted,      porfertl
lumps  or threat'
XavID    AKMgX,    AtfENT.  SLOGAN
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
{{Advertise yourW
B Business
to all persistent and liberal advertisers: it is read
by everyone.
It guarantees
All Times
K THE DRILL,  $2 per year
Subscribe for
local paper:
Delegatt'l  Visit ti>    Hinalnml   Entirely
Buooeitful-Uuglu Band and liaaebali
Team    Ooiiilng-Other   Attrnetlani—
lllllal fill' lllly.
•     hatQ_i
Slocau will do liri-sclf piiryml af the
Labor Day celebration on Monday
next, and Nthe assurances are that the
neighboring towns will send a large
company ol sightseers, The sending
of a delegate to Rossland was a good
stroke of business on the part of the
committee, and ns a result there will
be a turnout almost equal to that of
two years ago, The athletic associations of the whole country seem willing to come, bul the question of ex-
pense will debar the committee from
accepting all the proffers of help.
Nelson and Bossland papers are also
assisting the good work in fine style
and with practical results.
Kossland will send its bugle band
and a baseball teain.and another team
will come from Nelson. Nakusp will
likely be over with a baseball and
football outfit, and the home talent
ivill also shine, with the probability of
it her teams appealing.   New Denver
Victoria on Saturday evening, transportation facilities for the new coal
nnd oil lands in tlio Flathead valley,
south East Kootenay, aro assured,
Two syndicates, ono represented by
Judge Prather, of Spokane, and the
other by VV. F. Teetzel, of Nelson,
have pooled one hundred of the coal
claims owned liy them in favor of a
transportation company, which undertakes in return to build into the conl
and oil lands, and erect coke ovens for
the treatment of the coal.
1 p.m.
rill send its rlne club down to com*
ete again**! the locals, and all kinds
il athletes will be on hand to contest
a  the  Caledonian   sports.    There
promises to be an exciting time over
the drilling match, several outsiders
pressing their intention of entering.
'I'he committee has worked hard all
voek, subscriptions hav "come in freely, and everything will be dono up in
ne shape, the ball  in the evening
omiug as a fitting close to the day's
proceedings,     From  the attractions
iffering Slocan could give a two days'
■olobration, but everything will have
0 be crowded into one.   The committee desires that everv eitiami will take
.t upon himself to decorate his prom*
ises, so that the town may present an
Attractive appearance.
Following is the programme of
events as mapped out:
10 a.m. -Iii lie match.Slocr.n vs New
Denver, silver medals.
100 yard race   $10 00 16.00
220'    do. 15.00   u.00
Hurdle race       10.0)   6.00
Obstacle rate'    5.00   2.50
Running hop,
step nfld jump
Standing jump
Running jump
High jump
Pole vault
Putting shot
100 yard race,
boys under 16
2.30 p.m.- Baseball tournament.
4.30 p.m.    Drilling contest, Tor$100
and .**?r>0.
7 p.m. Tug-of war: Slocan vs All
Corners, .$21).
i) p.m.    Dance in Music Hall.
No entrance fees to snorts, except
drilling, winners of which must pay
ten per cent.
So far as transportation .'roes, the
committee on Wednesday gave a
guarantee for tho Rossland crowd,
assuring them a return rate of Sl.50.
which also applies to Nelson. Rossland people leave on the regular train
in the morning) connecting at!Slocan
Junction with the regular train from
Nelson, which leaves an hour or so
earlier. Returning, the train will be
held at Slocau till evening, with close
connections certain at the .Junction.so
getting the people home the same
day. From up the lake the crowd
will get in here about 11.15. Visitors
from all points will be given ample
time to take in the sports here.
t'm-il of Thank*.
To the citizens of Sloean and the
employees of the Ottawa mine: 1 desire to express to you, and through
you to those who have assisted vou. in
your great kindness towards inv late
husband. \\. 0. Lawrence.und myself,
during the period of his illness and
since his demise. Through your kindness I am able to return to iny own
kindred and country, Bnd in doing so
shnll carry with me only the tenderest
of memories of you and yours. '1 he
gratitude I feel I cannot express, and
must ask you to accept the will for the
deed, lit* who is the Judge of the
widow and the Father of the fatherless alone can reward you. Wishing
you an affectionate farewell,! am,j
yours gratefullv. Mrs. W. Lawbiwob.
HO.11 K >MV.| 1KOM  AltllOAll.
Nelawaia !S.,»» H»yn » Smilter Will be  Put
up In Sloean.
Hero is a tit-bit of home news takeu
from tlie Nelson News that will come
as an agreeable surprise to tho citizens: - •
"A movement is on foot, under the
guidance of a number of prominent
Kootenay mining men, to establish a
smelter at Slocan. The arrangements
at present are very incomplete, and it
is the desire of those interested that
no names be divulged at present. It
(}s hoped, however, that earlyjnext
year the smelter will lie an accomplished fact. It is said that over fifty
properties will have their ore treated
at Sloean if a smelter were iu operation there."
If a smelter is to be erected at Slocuu, nothing is known of it locally.
No advances have been made to the
city council, uor do the local mining
men know aught of it. The air is full
of mill talk.but it is tho first time wnel-
ter has been mooted. There is the
contemplated reduction plant at the
Arlington, and sawmills at Evans
creek, the Little Slocan, down the
valley and here. The advantages and
opportunities for a smelter are here
right enough, but Sloean wus not
aware she was going to compete with
New Denver and Roseljery in that
1 Ed Shannon took a run over into
the Okanagan country last week.
Mrs. C. Avlwin and family will join
tae husband aud father in Portland.
Considerable prospecting work is
being done in the vicinity, especially
on Goal mountain.
A new teacher has taken charge of
the primary department at the school,
being Miss Eastman, of New Westminster.
Mrs. W. C. Lawrence and children
left for her old home iu Michigan on
Tuesday. The poor woman has had
a trying experience.
New Denver is on the "swither" lietween Sloean and Sandon for next
Monday. While a few people may go
to Sandon, the bulk of the populace
will take in the celebration at Slocan.
Smelter returns on the Inst shipment of oro from the Moilie Hughes
gave $15 iu gold aud 5)1 oz in silver a
ton. The ore was shipped without
el.ise sorting and shows a gootl high
Last week's Gazette 'coutaiued the
notice of incorporation of the Denver
Waterworks Co., ltd., formed to instal
a waterworks system in this place.
The company is capitalized at 525,000,
divided into $25 shares.
Dr. T. L. Walker, of the University
of Toronto, spent a day or two here
during the week. He visited a number of claims in the vicinity.collecting
samples and specimens of the various
ores for his niiueralogical department.
New Laura ami linnd.
On Monday Geo. Aylard and Frank
Culver took a lease and bond on n
claim and a fraction, adjoining the
onee famous Alpha group, near Silverton. Tho property is crown granted and is owned by Messrs. Briggs
and Grady. A force of men has been
sent up to erect cabins and commence
Hallway lo Flatha*a<l Vultcy.
an arrangement arrived
at iii
Alwut ten minutes sufficed to wind
up the business of the city council on
Monday night, those present lieing
Mavor McNeish, Aid. Smith, Teeter
and Henderson.
Hills presented: O. S. Lumber Co.,
lumber.$10.31.   Ordered paid.
Aid. Teeter rod Henderson moved
payment of $!>0 to celebration committee.   Carried.
Council adjourned.
Fernau Arrive*.
C. Fernau has arrived from England and says he will proceed at once
with the erection of the proposed zinc
enrichment plant at Rosebery. The
site for tho works has lieen purchased
and tho machinery ordered. While
prepared to handle the product from
other mines, the plant will secure its
chief supply of ziuc from the Monitor
mine, at Throe Forks. Mr. Fernau
and his principals will also erect a
zinc smelter ut Fernie, capable of
handling 10,000 tons of ore per year,
whieh can bo increased to 30,000 tons
if need lie. Cheap fuel was the reason
why Fernie was chosen, Construction
on lioth plants commences before the
snow flies.
Mill atK.vnn*Crack.
A move has been made towards the
establishment of a sawmill at the
mouth of Evans creek, six miles from
town, for the purpose of tapping the
extensivo limits up the creek, formerly
owned bv A. Currie, of Nelson. Last
week Litigate Bros., who are interested in the scheme, came up from Nelson and began clearing a building Bite.
The company own 40 acres of land at
the mouth of the creek snd it is their
intention to erect a modem mill. It will
be built either this fall or uext spring,
a market being found for its product
on the prairies. Shipping will be
done from this point.
A Leading Dank Offlelal Talks Plainly en
tke Subject.
D. R. Wilkie, vice president and
general manager of the Imperinl Bank,
is visiting the province. He is an enthusiast on tlie subject of a Canadian
mint, being about the best posted mau
thereon in the dominion.   He says:
"Canada needs a mint, both for business and sentimental reasons, and no
part of the whole country would benefit so much by it as British Columbia.
Here gold.silver and copper are mined
and the big gold country to the north
is tributary to the province. Now all
this gold goes to United States luniks,
ouly to come back to Canada as coinage. There is an assay office in Vancouver nnd the benefit of that institution being there hns lieen obvious.
But the gold is nearly all eventually
taken to the United States, there coined, and Canadian financial institutions
have to receive it back from across tho
"This country is literally flooded
with American silver. Ou every dollar of that silver, the country to the
south makes roughly fifty cents. Why
should Canada uot make thut fifty
cents on her own silver, mined and
minted beret The United States
makes the difference between the bullion price of the silver in the open
market aud the value of the dollar
after the stamp is ou it.
"There was very little use refusing
American coinage.or even discounting
it. The better way would be to accept
the money at par and theu ship it all
back to the States. With a mint
turning out Canadian coinage, our
own money would soon become the
universal medium of exchange in the
country, aud Canada would reap the
resultant profit between the value of
the metal aud the value of the coin.
"The sentimental advantage of having a Canadian coinage, too, is great.
There is no doubt that the ordinary
man, having before him from childhood the continual idea ofthe emblem
of a foreign country, as it appears on
United States coins, becomes impree- J
sed, imcousciously perhaps, with the
idea of the importance of that country and of that emblem. Why not
have the king's head on that coinage,
and make that impression a Canadian
one? As it is we are advertising another country at the expense of our
l.a*t Tear'*Shipment* Were 1339 Tone—
A Healthy Evidence of the Life an*
Wealth ot the Camp-Ottawa U tha
Ulggoit Shipper.
Another new shipper appeared on
the shipping list this week, being the
Highland Light, on Ten Mile, which
wnt out a small shipment of a little
over a ton to the Hall Mines smelter.
The ore has been taken out duriag
development and is high grade. The
Enterprise sent out a carload and the
Ottawa two. For the week shipments
totalled 65 tons and for the year 1569
For 1903 tho ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 1339
tous, made .up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise      20
Ottawa      44
Port Hope	
Blank Prince	
Black Fel	
Highland Light     1
Dancer From Forest Fire* Over.
All danger from forest fires iu the
vicinity is over, tho rain of Tuesday
night having largely suppressed them
and cleared the air. The Lemon creek
lire has lieen burning a month and in
that time stripped off much timber. It
worked itself round the hill ou to this
side and during tlie week presented nt
times a grand appearance. Below
Payne's the fire destroyed the Bear's
Nest cabiu on Sunday night. The
Goat creek fire is practically squelched, as is also the one nt Ten Mile. It
has lieen au anxious summer, but the
worst is over and the danger past.
Pahllf School Beport.
Following is the report of the public school for the month of August:—
School days 8, total actual attendance
1571. average actual attendance 57.18,
pupils attending 62, boys 26, girls 36,
greatest number present st one time
60, least uumlier present 56, cases of
corporal punishment 3, tnrdiuess of
pupils 8, visits by trustees 1. Principal Hindie states that ho has been informed that 3eveu other pupils will
attend in the near future.
Sliver Quotation*.
Following are the quotations for liar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Thursday    OTi «*nts
Friday.:     W$    J
Saturday     OT
Monday     **«
Tuesday    W|
Wednesday    &6|   "
Hotel Arrival*.
Arlington—G. H. Flower, Vancouver; F. Culver, Silverton; H. Hews,
Sandon; J. Y. Rosier, Spokane; A.
Caruev, KasIo; C. Jesse, Victoria: F.
C. Green, J. A. Lydgate, F. A. Lyd-
gate. Nelson.
Koyal—F. W. Ferguson,Vancouver;
Jos. Waixel, E. O. Windsor, and Mrs.
J. W. Holmes, Nelson.
The government will reconstruct the
Molly Gibson wagon road.
A foot of ore has been exposed on
the Chicago.
Geo. Nichol started in to work again
Monday on the Cripple Stick.
Operations have been resumed on
the aSoho. iu the Sandon camp.
A crown graut has beon issued to
the Weymouth claim, Ten Mile.
A crown grant is to be applied for
en the Black Cloud group, Ten Mile.
Sandon mines last week shipped
246 tons of ore, making 7279 tons to
Receut Chapleau developments have
caused more financial mourning iu the
Last week a carload of iron ore from
the Payne passed through here to the
Trail smelter.
Certificates of improvement have
beeu issued the Black Beauty and the
White Beauty claims.
In Julv the LeRoi mine cleaned up
a profit ou ore shipped to the smelter
of S14,00l),over auu above all expenses,
including mining.
The Hewitt people have purchased
M. R. Rathbourue's interest iu the
Loraa Doone claim, adjoining their
property, on Fonr Mile.
The lessees of the Edison, on Ten
Mile, have driven 100 feet on their intermediate tunnel. An eucouragiug
streak of ore was opened up.
It is understood that a deal is on
for the Meteor. Last fall the vein was
uncovered 400 feet farther down tho
hill and below the main break.
The Idaho is in luck, a large showing of ore having been uncovered on
the surface close to the new tramway.
Ore is being found iu boulders.
Kaslo city council is protesting
against the proposed concentrator at
the Cork, because of contaminating
the water supply of that place.
The lessees of the Mountain Con
have just received $5150 for a 17-ton
shipment of ore. Three cars uetted
$13,000. The Con has turned out a
regular bonanza.
Rather than let the Finnish contractors throw up their job with tho
long crosscut tunnel, the Rambler-
Cariboo people havo given tho men
$1.75 extra per foot.
C. Fernau has signed the papers
and put up the forfeit money for the
erection of a zinc smelter at Fernie.
It is to cost $100,000 and be ready by
the end of next year.
Geo. Heuderson came down from
the Red Fox, McGuigan, on Monday,
wbere he hns spent the summer with
Fred Johnson on a lease. They have
a second car of ore pretty well on.
Regular services will bo held in the
Methodist church on Sunday next.
Most of the men iu the mines in the
camp will be down for Labor Day.
Rev. Mr. McCord will have something to say next Sundny evening, iu
Knox church, touchiug the celebration
next day.
Wednesday's train was upwards of
six hours late in arriving, due to tho
Rosslaud train jumping the track near
Nelson and blocking the road.
_ms*mm 13
Ton   Should   Never   Bat   Simply   For
the Sake of Rating:.
A prolific cause of chrouic iudlgestiou
is eating from habit and simply because it is menltlmp and others nre
eating. To eat wheu not huuu-ry is to
eat without relish, nud foed taken
without relish Is worse tlyqi wasted.
Without relish the salivary glands do
not act, the gasttic fluids are not freely
Beoreted, and tho best 6f foods will nut
bo digested. Many perfectly harmless
dishes are severely condemned for uo
other reason than they were eaten perfunctorily and without relish and due
Hunger makes the plainest foods enjoyable. It causes vigorous secretion
nnd outpouring of nil the digestive llu-
Ids, the sources of ptyalin, pepsin,
trypsin, etc., without n plentiful supply
of which no foods can be perfectly dl*
gos tod.
Wait for an appetite, if It takes a
week. Fasting is one of the snvi.ng
graces. It has a spiritual significance
only through its great physical nnd
physiologic Importance. If breakfast
la a bore or lunch a matter of Indifference, out one hr both of them out.
Wnlt for distance and unmistakable
hunger and then eat slowly. If you
do this you need ask few questions as
to the propriety and digestibility of
what you oat, and lt need nut be pre-
A series of articles describing
their lives, their aims (ind
their Influence.
No. at.
It la Awt wn ral on Land and a Gymnast In the Wnter.
A kind of penguin, the ndclle, is a
laugh provoking bird. ■ Addles nro
most Inquisitive and nt times nre ln
such n hurry to follow up n clew tbat
thoy will scramble along the Ico on
the belly, pushing wltb their lega nnd
using tbelr flippers alternately like thc
paddle of n canoe. They get over tbe
ground nt an astonishing rate, and it is
hard work to overtake a penguin when
it takos to this means of locomotion,
especially when lt doubles. In the
water the penguin ls perfectly at home,
diving and steeplechaslng In grnnd
style. It enn Jump clean out of the
water and pop down on thc Ice exactly like somo one coming up through a
trapdoor on thc stage nnd dropping
on bis feet. Tbe penguins collect ln
enormous numbers and are sometimes
seen mnrcblng nbout like a regiment
of soldiers in Indian file, all acting in
A much larger penguin, tbe emperor,
■weighs sixty or seventy pounds and
stands well over three feet high. It
possesses the most extraordinary muscular powers ln its flippers. When presented with the end of the skee stick
the emperor gives lt such n smack that
one's hands tingle. At the same time
It utters an angry guttural exclamation.
They Are the Favorite Beasts ot Bar-
den In Monntalnon* Region**.
In Tibet nnd among the mountainous
part of India sheep are employed as
carriers. Thc mountain sheep of these
districts, true to Its nature, Is remarkably sure footed nnd can carry loads of
twenty-five pounds, or even more, over
steep crags und precipitous paths
where hardly any otber animal could
lind a footing.
In the Inner ranges of the Himalayas
the yak cow and the hardy mountain
sheep nre the favorite beasts of burden. Sheep wlthstnnd the Intense cold
of the higher ptirts of Tibet much more
easily than the yak and can better face
the stony roads.
Sheep carrying from seventeen to
twenty-live pounds of baggage and living entirely on the scanty grass found
growing by the wny accompanied Nnln
Snlgb, the famous Indian explorer, on
n Journey of more than a thousand
miles. It Is very common In the Himalayas to load sheep, high up In the
mountains, with borax and then to
drive tbem down to the plains, where
they ore sliorn of their wool and return laden with grain or salt.
Money  Thrown  Awny.
"5Jo thnt city doctor helped ye right
smart, did he. SllasV" asked Mrs. Giles
on her husband's return from n week's
visit to a specialist in a neighboring
"Well, I guess he did! I'm feeling
fine ns a llddlc now, an' he says I
won't likely hnve nny return of It if I
Just keep ter what he tells me."
"What did he say was the matter
with yeV" Inquired the wife eagerly.
"I forglt now what he called It,
"Sllas," she cried, "ye don't really
mean ter say yo paid out all that
money nn' didn't git no good of it nfter
Modest Abhc Dollle.
It Is said thnt tlm French Ablie Delilo
once had In his household a very quick
tempered relative, with whom he sometimes hnd animated disputes and who
sometimes went so fnr as to throw
books nt the abbo. The abbe must
have been a person of great amiability and self control. Once, when a
particularly large and heavy volume
was thrown nt him, lie Caught It gracefully nnd said:
",\ly denr friend, I must beg of you
to remember thut I prefer smaller
Making a Snre Thing of It.
"What ln tlie name of Jupiter have
you sewed up all the pockets of my
overcoat for?" asked Mr. Wilson.
"My dear," snld Mrs. Wilson, "I have
nn Important letter to my milliner that
I want you to post."
An orntor or author is never successful  till  bo  hns learned to  make his
jwords smaller than bis ideas.—Emer-
«*i  ,
\ -
'• 'ja
1 '.'■.'"' ■,"'■":
__■■,,, -
,   ■-. :....■
lb' •*
R,  G.  McCDISH,
Editor and Proprietor   of   the   Mor-
den Chronicle.
In mnny respects, the editor of tho
Morden Chronicle is typical nnd representative o'f the breadth of vigor
of western Canadian journalism, lie
touches lifo nt mnny nnd varying
nngles. In the rungo of his sympathies nnd interests, and in tho variety of his activities, he is the human counterpart of thu "wideflung,
fenceless pruiries," in which bis
youth nnd young manhood huve been
Mr. McCuish, like the great bulk of
western Canadians, hails originally
from Ontario, Iieing born near Park-
hill, in April, 1877. Of tho older
province, however, he hus no enrly
personal recollect ions, for his parents came west while he was yet nn infant, settling near Morden. It was nt
the public, school of this prosperous
town that Mr. McCuish received his
element nry education, going from
thence to Manitoba College, Winnipeg. Erom the university to the
country school {teacher's desk i.s in
Multiloba a natural—nltnost nn inevitable— step, nnd Mr. McCuish was
next to be seen as a rural school-
muster nenr MacQhcgor, But, ns
with many unother, he found that
tin* material rewards held out to
tho teachers of youth were not
such ns to tempt him to remain in
the profession. And, in any case, he
hud other ntiibitions. When a school
boy in Morden ho had been an nltnost daily visitor nt the Chronicle
office, and the smell of the news ink
uud the attractive variety of newspaper work had marked out for him
his Career. He came to Winnipeg,
and secured a position on the repor-
torial staff of the Tribune, llis nnturo! liking for athletics mado the
Sporting column his chosen sphere,
nnd ere long he was placed in charge
of that department. And, in the
days of Mr. McCuish's control, the
sporting columns of the Tribune, in
rnciness, in brightness, In impartiality and in reliability, would
benr comparison with those of any
newspaper anywhere. The fnct that
the Tribune's competitors were morning papers gave theni considerable
advantage, since most athletic events
came off in the afternoon or evening, but this handicap Mr. McCuish
managed to more than compensate
for, by the manner in which ho
handled his news, and not infrequently he secured a number of important
"beats" and "scoops" on his competitors. There was widespread and
sincere regret among nil sportsmen
in Winnipeg when Mr. McCuish
stepped up from his position on tho
Tribune to become the owner nnd
editor of the paper in his old town.
The wishes expressed for his success
among thOSO who knew him—nnd
who didn't—were equally hearty and
This wns September, 1901, when
Mr. McCuish was but 24 years of
age. The paper ho had purchased
was one that enjoyed a reputation as
wide iis Western Cnnndu. It wns
one of the oldest papers in the West,
having been founded in 1H80, nnd it
had bad tiie good fortuuo to lio controlled by a man of much force,
breadth, ability und common sense—
Mr. .1. !'. Cal bra ith, one of tho
pioneer publishers of the province.
Among newspaper men in the West
tho Chronicle was regarded as perhaps the best printed and edited of
all the impels printed outside the,
cities. Hence Mr. McCuish hud no .
easy nmn to follow, for tho newspa-
nor standard in Morden wns high,
llis success, therefore, Is nil tho
moro striking, for It is indubitablo
that the Chronicle is to-day, in nil
respects, n stronger paper th^n when
he assumed control. Its circulation
is larger, its make-up Is better, nnd
and its advertising patronage is
greater than throo years ago. nnd
its opinions command ns much respect as ever. Mr, McCuish is a
strong party man, a Liberal who is
upright and downright in his views,
nnd Fearless In uttering nnd defending them. The Chronicle, in these
respects, Is n faithful reflection of
iis editor, being n vigorous nnd nth-
let liic champion nnd exponent of
Western Liberalism, and u centre of
influence to the party it supports.
Newspaper men in tho West huve
been ipiick to reoogniso Mr. McCnish's ability, and the W. 0. 1'. A.
last year elected him its first vice-
president.    In tho local   politics   of
his district, lie is a towor of strength.
He is secretary of the Liberal associations for both the provincial and
federal constituencies, and was tho
first presides! of tho Morden Young
Men's Liberal Association, for tho
founding of which he wus chiefly responsible. He is a ready und convincing platform speaker, and has
done yt'omuu service for the Liberal
party in roc-rat campaigns.
Though he bus been a resident of
Morden only throe years, his fellow
townsmen, at the lust municipal
■ lection, returned Mr. McCuish as
aldenuan by acclamation—a striking
tribute to his known public spirit
and personal popularity. His interest in ull forms of athletics continues, despite increasing demands
on his time. Mr. McCuish is secretary of Iho Morden Turf Club, Ihe
leading sporting institution in the
town, and of football, lacrosse nnd
other games he i.s a foremost supporter.
Mr. McCuish is unmarried—ns_ yet.
This, however, is understood to bo
u fault that time—a very short time
—will cure, llecently reports have
lieen circulated to the effect that In
the middle of September the editor
of the Chronicle will hie himself
east, nnd thut he will not return
alone. Mr. McCuish has lieen nt
much puins to deny these rumors,
but* his very obvious efforts in this
direction hnve only succeeded in
giving them greuter currency und
more genernl belief. In default of nil
admission of his guilt by the defendant, wo feel somewhat diffident
about offering congratulations. Nevertheless, we do so. und with the utmost sincerity and heartiness, voicing in this regard, we feel assured,
the feeling of Mr. Mci.'uish's hosts of
personal nnd professional friends. If
Mr. McCuish still persists that these
congratulations are misplaced, we
trust thnt he will return them, but
do not believe wo will ever have to
liny express charges on the returned
There nre 100 ii (Teretlt varieties of
memory, and perhaps wo ennnot altogether choose which we will possess,
though every sort, -vhen we bavo the
germs of It, may be cultivated. To
lenrn anything by hmrt the best plan
is to read a sentence and repeat it
without a book, (ben read the next
■sentence and repent tie two. and so
on. Repetition is of great importance,
"line upon line." More is learned and
remembered by rending through one
bonk twice than by reading two hooks
once. After n thllift lliis been learned
It must lie recalled r.nd gone over nt
intervals, or tin* Impression will fnde
away.       _	
Where did spats come from? Highland soldiers wen* *!:■ r:. f'rst. Because
of the bravery of lilgblnnderfi at I.uck*
now and elsewhere in India during the
Indian mutiny the people uf England
looked about for rw e way to show
llieir admiral Inn. Si-utlny of the highland dress (lisct.wd that Fputa were
the rex-t suitable for adoption, so they
were adopted and have been commonly
worn ever since.
Those Sweet tJIrl*.
Drusllln—1 did nut see you nt the
Vnnblunt reception Inst night, dear.
Dorothy—No, 1 hoped tn bo able to go
up tu the last moment, but was prevented. Urusllln (sweetly)—Yes; 1 know
the Invitations were limited.
Modern COBtWttOBS Killing lhe Stella  HilliH   l»  Me.leo.
There are poople lu Mexico City who
take their nfternoon nap every day,'
and are greatly*benefited thereby, but,
their number appears u, bo growing
Ies.* year by year. Whether the siesta |
Im benellcial or not, or wh-.-Mier In this
high altitude It Is a necessity for many
persons, ua Is claimed by some, Its
death knell as n general custom sorni.-t
to huvo been sounded since the city
adopted Its modern enterprise and
push. Many old resident* will tell you
of the time when -*t person in the (ity
of Mexico would have been Considered
almost crazy ir I'e neglccte1 his after-
noon rest, but griHlunily, with the ml-'
vent of the railways, tin" street cur-i
nnd the electric lights, mine the Inevitable sleeplessness wlik'li Is one of
the most noilceiibie c,i.,i';icteilstk'a of
modern civilization. |
There uro Rpverfll supporters of the
siesta idea in ti'is city who express po- j
grot   thai   the  custom   rppenrs to  be
pas.iu.:, away.   These |iei*s< us. who nro
themselves  devotees   of   lie  practice,
claim that It Is a healthful and nerve
restoring hab.it and that If It were Indulged in systematically by the people
of the  United  States and  other pro- !
groBSlvo countries there would be few-;
cr  cases  of  nervous  wrecks  for  the
newspapers to report.    "Early  rising
nml a short nap ufter dinner" Is what
these people  iidvucate,   claiming   that
, the hest work of must person* is performed in the morning.
The Way the Excise Question   ffu
Handled by Its Sol.ne.
A translation of King Ilnmourabi's
code, written shout 2,250 years before
Christ, gives us nn Insight Into the life
of the great city of ltabylon at that
remoto time and of the way In which
the excise question wns bandied by Its
Nearly all the dealers of wines and
liquors nt that time were women, as
many of tbe laws transited from the
code speak only of women ns sellers of
drinks. Severe measures were taken
against those who adulterated th?
wines or mixed them with wnter, so aa
to safeguard the purity of tbe article
for the use of the public. The barmaid
was held responsible for nil disorderly
scenes or drunkenness ln her premises,
and death wns tho penalty for those
who did not denounce all cases of
drunkenness to the police. Those women who were employed In the temples
were forbidden to enter public hostel*
rles under penalty of death, and even
drinking ln private was forbidden to
Special police officers were detailed
for the enforcement of the excise laws
In tho city of Babylon, hut then ns well
as now the officers charged with this
duty were, if we nre to believe the
code In question, either negligent In
the performance of their duties or
too willing to accept bribes from tho
barmaids in the shape of drinks or
even money.
Severe punishment Is denlt out in the
document to the police officers who
shall accept bribes In connection with
the enforcement of the excise laws of
Babylon, but it is probnble that then
as well ns now many of the fair saloon
keepers found a way to bribe the offi-
cers and evade the laws.
Doctors have preached against the
so-cnlled soothing medicines tor
',-nrs, but they ure Still used nltu-
gether too much. The fact that they
put chlldron to sleep is no sign thai
they are helpful. Ask your doctor
nnd ho will toll you that you have
merely drugged your Hide ono Into
Insensibility — thai soothing medicines are dangerous. If your little
ono needs n medicine give it Daby's
Own Tablots, und you give il u medicine guaranteed to contain no opiate or harmful drug. You citn give
Iin'sc Tablets just as safely to a new
horn infant ns to the well grown
child, and they will cure uli the
minor ills of childhood. Mrs. .1. M.
Cilpis. Hellliiiven, Ont., says: "Since
I gave my little one llaby's Own
Tablets there hns been u marvellous
change in her appenranco, nnd she is
growing splendidly. Vou may count
hue always a friend to lhe Tablets."
! Asl. your druggist for this ruodiclne,
or send 25 cents lo tho l>r. Wil-
linms Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.,
and get u box by mail post paid.
Very Natural Philosophy.—"'Why
dms lightning s.i rarely strike in
tho same place?" nsked a Board-
school teacher of the new boy in the
'class of natural philosophy. "uh."
'said the boy, "becaUSO il never
needs  to!"
Anemone Facta.
Naturalists have duly recorded lhat
that If a sea anemone be divided In
halves longitudinally a new animal will
In time be reproduced by each half, as
sinning the anemone is kept In pure sen
wnter. An old zoologist relates how he
watched nn anemone which somehow
or other bnd contrived to half swallow
ono of tbe valves of an oyster shell.
Practically the shell struck In Its gizzard and gradually cut Its wny down
through the soft tissues of the anemone until it halved the animal ns by
a partition. Perfect reproduction of
two anemones through the division ol
one was noted to lie the result of this
accident. Even n fragment or two of
an anemone body left attached to Its
rock may In due season reproduce a
new body.—London News.
Soldiers' Hupemlltlona.
Among the numerous superstitions
of the Cossacks there Is none stronger
than the belief thnt they will enter
heaven ln a better stnte If they are personally clean nt the time they arc killed.
Consequently before nn expected battle
they perform their toilets wltb scrupulous cure, dress themselves in clenn
garments and put on the best they
huve. This superstition ls not confined
to the Cossacks alone, but Is widely
prevalent ln all branches of the Russian army.
Makln* It Show.
Flolly—How did Marie learn to uss
her left hand so gracefully? Holly-
Tliut's the hand she wears ber engagement ring on.
There never wns nnil never vt'.J he o
universal panawo, in one remedy foi
ait ills to which dwh is heir—the wry
nature of many curatives being inch
thnt wero the Renin ol oilier and illftor
cut ly seated dlscuM rooted In the system n( the patient—what would relieve
one ill iii turn would aggravate the
other Wo have, however, in Quinine
Win** when obtainable in sound, utiortul*
tonitoii stale, n remedy fur many ami
grievous nis     itv its gradual   nmi   Judl-
cious use Ihe fmlleit systems un* led
Into convaleecence nml stevngth by the
Influence which Quinine exerts on nature's own restorative*. It relieves thi
drooping spirits ol thus!* with whom n
chronic state oi moibld despondency and
lack of Intrest In life is n illsenae, nml
by tranqulllzlng tbe nerves, disposes lo
sound and refreshing sleep—Impurtn \ig-
or to the action of thii hlooil. which.
hehiK stimulated, couraee ihiou-.'i tin-
veins, strengthening the healthy .a ImaJ
functions of the system, thereby making
activity n nccossary result, strengthening the frame and giving lifo to the
digestive organs which naturally ilc
manri Increased substance—resull Improved appetite Northrop & l.y man of
Tbronto hnve glrtm to tho public thelt
Hunei-ior Quinine Wine nt the usimi rate
nml. guaged by tbe opinio,, ,,t s,.j,.„
tlsta.   the  wino  approaches  nearest   nor
StauWit!*"' "'e,"'"-k"t   ai""'<*k
What  is tho   difference   between   a
mun in a 'bus nnd one In pns linn?--
Dm* rides in a stage, mui ti„. other
strides iu n rage.
Removes   all   hard,   r.,rt   or   calloused
lumps and blemishes from horses, 1,1,mil
spavin, curbs, splints, ringbone, Sweeney,
slides, sprains; cures sore am) swollen
throat. COUghS, etc Save •j.Vl hy the
use ol one bottle. Whi inn ted tho most
wonderful   Blemish 1,'iiro ever known,
Limit your wiiiiIh. The "must" is
hard; und yet solely by this "must"
cun wo Show how il is will, us |n ,,„,-
inner man. To live nccordin ■ to caprice require! no peculiar powers.
President of the flirls' Club-Well,
girls, we have fJO In the treasury.
How shall we spend It? Chorus -Ob,
let's get up n charily hall!- Puck.
Wilson's Fly Pads: tho orlglnnl and only
genuine,   Aveid ahea» Imitations,
To mnke a good   coating for   l.u-
puulins, ndd   twelve ounces of i H-
whx to one gallon of linseed oil ami
boil Well for two hours, l-'u-.i prime
tho canvas willi ||,is mixture, uud
then use it. instead ol plain nil for
mixing  the paint.
Much of III" biliousness :,irl tr,,M|
which come iimler the nolll • of I he
medical  profession  is duo to  thq close
uml stifling; condition nl our atmosphere—In oiher words, to Hi,, want
of proper ventilation, ami chiefly to
an Insufficiency of air Inlets
t-j."i' ■* —.—
The Ji,ve,,,,,. ,n
nro digiiiiiiii built
o children tn jt
ups*   The lluio gir
cm  of  th,.   hahli
1 '•' ,J» tlm
frtrnpped n> their
1'"i'ii,,. ;.;;''>
■ ■    i '"Vlil I
maid of live
her back
for the bent back ,
Hu-  Japanese
•',ll:lcks' .vZS
CUM,  a
'"' 8l!i Imsn iai":'"V(lll
'""I nerhnpg UJ"'        '
UOVer hears || ,jnp i
w in,,   J"? tai
Kllis to lli.i
uuy en
;•' " mouth ami,.
Us funny little fuce n, „,;;',""•*»
l"""^ '• ''*■■ ••*!s">K liiTiSHi
toes and bed,, ,,„ ,,.,      '""'J' on J
l«*W"yMimi In short o5P,4
;vo.,!d ivci i!!;„ :1 ,-„.„    ; ja3
OOOSP lo a Jnpiineso ,.|.„'" MoM|
to amuse it nP on,. doPB ' optff
A« for cliiieklngoite,,,;^^1-*
that's unlliinl;  ' llis .t'tyl
To accept good advice is to Increase
one's own ability.
Rnsslnn   llurh.l t'nstom.
When a Russian dies he Is burled
with a paper In his hands. On this |a
written his Christian uiiiiitt as well tl
■ prayer for his soul.
Summer Croup
A crottny cminh Is n dftngerong thing
for the 111 tlu folks In summer tinm. The
fevor Untl Rocnmpatiloii it. In e.iiile io
cause .serious moons.  Uivethein
Cure KnicLuns
It Is iileitsant to tako, will euro them
ijuloUf and  hwi no uuploasant uiiur
At all dnigifUU, !0o, lOo and $1.00 a bottle.
An  An.'Ia*nl   Legend  A-urlbc*,  It to a
Klin*;  of t'liltiii.
By whom or when the use of tea for
drinking purposes was Qrst discovered
is lost in antiquity. It is spoken of ns
n famous herb In Chinese literature as
far back ns 2,000 years ». t'., at which
time its cultivation and classification
were almost us thorough and complete
as they are today. One of the ancient
legends says that Its Virtues were accidentally learned by King Shen Nung
She, the Chinese monarch who Is also
known as "1110 divine husbandman,"
who, the record says, flourished forty
centiirhs ago. He was engaged In boiling water over a fire matte of the
branches of the tea plsnt nntl carchsu*
ly allowed sume of the leaves to fall
Into the pot.
The llipild which he expected to come
frnm the vessel simply as sterilized
water was miraculously converted into
an elixir of life by the accidental addition uf the tea leaves. Soon after it
became highly esteemed In all the oriental cities and was used as a royal
gift from the Chinese monarchs to the
potentates   of   southern   and   western
This same King Shen KUUg She not
only earned tbe title of respect by
which he was known through the discovery of the virtues of ten. but because of being the first to tench hia
people how to make nnd use plows and
muny other Implements of husbandry.
I our*.,, i  on  Lincoln.
Tlie president impressed nie more
favorably thau I had hoped. A frank,
sincere, well meaning man, with a lawyer's habit of mind, good, clear statement of his fact, correct enough, not
vulgar, as described, but wilh a sort of
boyisli^'cliccrfuliicss, or tbat kind of
sincerity and Jolly good meaning that
our class meetings on commencement
days show In telling our old Stories
over. When lie has made bis remark
he looks up at you with great satisfaction und shows all his white teeth and
laughs. He argued to Sumner the
whole case of Cordon, the slave
trader, point by point, und added lhat
he wns not quite satisfied yet, und
meant to refresh his memory by looking again at the evidence. All thla
showed a fidelity and conscientiousness
very honorable to hlm. When I was
Introduced to bim be said, "Ob, Mr.
Emerson, I onoe heard you any In a
lecture that n Keiitueklnn seems to
say by his air nnd manners, 'Here nm
I; if you don't like me, the worse for
you.'"~ Diary of it. \v. Emerson in
In Old Mnireeonrl, Dare.
There used  to be  rate wars in  the
old stagecoach days in England;   At
one time, early last century, one stagecoach company not only cut the price
from Lewes to London to a very low
rate, but gave nlso other Inducements.
As  the coach   Started from   I.ewes nt
a somewhat uncomfortably early bour
lu the morning, by way of tiding over
the difficulty the proprietors allowed
the more slothful of their passengers
to go overnight to Brighton, wbere
they were accommodated with gnud
beds free of expense nnd could proceed
comfortnbly to London by the company's morning conch.
or Tw» Brlls Citooss the Least.
Doctor—If you nre to recover, you
must spend the next three months lu
traveling. PnOent-But I can't afford
It, doctoft Doctor—Very well, slay at
home If you must, nml I will visit you
dully.   Patient  Never mind, doctor; i
think I will travel after nil.
An expensive Weddinar,
"The bride nearly fainted (luring lhe
ceremony and imd to bo supported by
her father until It wns over."
"Ves, nnd now 1 hear her falhcr Is
supporting bulb of them."
Pooling His Itomaofc,
Landlady*  Vuu _]_ not wear glnsscs
when you first came here,     Why do
J'011" ' them now'.'   Bonrdor   I want
to make lhe food look us huge us possible!
"R«in the season!" cried the man to
the waller, desiring the nail und pnper
lu a hurry.
'..'■..I Uny,' ,.•„„„,.„ .
Kootball   aim   , . .,1V  ,,,.''      I
gniiiea nro play, i -./„,,.,,'., nil!'i«*|
•*«nfi« l*.-!i-a nui.:.. .,, ,-. ,' ,T"|
gn-mi* <•'■' senue.ir iv.,:,!1;,     ;*»l
Place   uf   sight,     In   |'„oll, „"■"•■
i-t.u:ee. n  tluy hell |„ ,-   .,.„',"; '*l
Imll. aildby ihela,.,'., 1M||   '    'Ml
location is detenu     i   .,,.,, '**•
•••••" l'l races of nil   ,**",,   •„„ "!' 1(f
'••*" tdw,m1 » t«l*.'. as thettcjirj
but toward o bell Mini Ian,*-29
It   Is oild   to see  the hi",}!
'-'•","'s"   They Hi ;l   ,.!v      H
maintain a profound sllciief. rorlfS
mnd ul.se  lhe  vi.i. ,., ,.f ll,,!;.',,'1'!
lug, bells could not be heard,    '     m
An Inhuman \\ ra-i.-h.
"I never saw such tio.iutlfulteell
magnificent eyes nn tin t K\:\ |,,ls.,
the young mnu who raves,
"Indeed'-" answered •> cold bloAl
ed person.
"Didn't you notice theni?"
"Certainly not.   I nui neKhei
tist nor nn oculist."
■ r a ifcl
C n tight,
M0Ud-l think it i. v-i-y ri'.le tn (ml
iirotin-l end look at [.'■. .|a. Vi'ii,.|ii\,|
p.issei me today he kept turning |l
stirring back fn n long time, yv\\,f
Indeed! Bow do .- m :.,, >w'»
Those   Worry inn   Piles!-oj
application Ol Pr Acni*w'i Uintnal
will rIvo you roiiif.at A|.|ilu-i| „!i)|
nl|{lit lor Unci* to sl\ i .■<■■■ ,c,<l k mil
In  cfTortcil   In   lite  ino.'t   ■ * ■.J, ..,,-,. uxijl
Blind, nieedlng, or luiilnij I'lia W
Ap-iuMv's Ointment  cures Fxunt ulS
Itchinu nml InirniiiL! • ..n iH.immi l|
oris lika oiiH'li'     S.r> cants —15
This   is   bOW   a   pious    I :   ni h |ir;gM
gnvo oui. nn nnnouncemeni , -i 'a wj
ci salon  thai    ■,-»    in        ■ |ilai -
the    nc\l    day:   "li    il    i.iii.s   in I
morning,   the   pro ■   non  will ti
place   in   the   ;.M SI :■ ami.   if
rains   In   t bo   afU'rm.i      u,    :  J
sion will  Ink,- pluiv iu I lie liiiil'liilig
I j". it's  V-/.   i Mi ..-    II   . I.    IHnlnfi
Ni:u|i Powder dysiori in ilu* Usth nl
I he   uiii.T  nml  ,li-.iiai,a. ■
"How much older is vour
sister thnn you nia\ .lulauij)" I
the Inquisitive youni* man "I Ota
know," replied the voting Imin'M
"Sho only bus n ; rtluliiy t_t
other yisir. so I gue i urn «rill I
twins pretty soon."
Wilson's   Ily  Pads.   One iOcoiit[*W|
hns aetaalll killed n bushol ol lliis.
The prl tic i | ul ' enti'i s f, r li j
fa'" nre   of   coral   orn nl    ll*|
non, N;11 ! ■:.. Leghorn m il MiirsS
Ies. At LoR-born nu re llnill •! I In* J
Band women are i'tnpluyi.«j| iii *1
nianufiicture of coral beads f"i a*_\
laces, etc.	
Dr. Agnew's Curo for the Heartl
»cts directly snd quIiKl), •Ub«WJ
tlis huttrt's action, .Mi.p. mint a1™!
puin, ilispuls ull sitfiii* oi iii-nkiiita,Ki'l
tcrlng, sinking, siiioilii'inn' m l"'i_A
Hon. This woiiilfriul nu.' i.a lhe siuiflj
fchip n-lili-li curries tin.- I.*.iil-*|ck M
licit Inlo the limi-n • ■! ia.liai.l "I
(icifect health. Gives n- • i in inu>t«'»|
(onus of henrt dlscaw In JO iiiiuul«s-—
"Well,   |   i,mile  II ilu nil "H^
said the new Salesn an ' I'11' !'°-|
iie<l    lo    her."    protei ted     tll«   r_\
prietor.   "You   told   Inr ii»'y.,T,f!|
BBIlUlnO     old     T llfa.ll     hn ■■ i. ?■. j
didn't. She limply snid sho .1*1
wnnt sny 'bogus imilnl'' "''•' *" '
assured her ours were gsnuins.
It XKKHK mTtIS i I •,•'< A|U',:'1JU
n c-Uiiinntiw In Itself M If-liinoiH*«_t
M"|iii,Rd tliry could lie fiuiu-l""1 <*j*
thousands  Itnta  sll  • ■ '» "nil
of nan In widely dine ■ '■■;'■''! r,'tu*|
meilii lie's mi' put lortli . < ■'• "' ,,\ei\
huvo l.ut nn epheinersl -* ''*",""'• M
..,- Ii.-,„.l „f no mors ' ' ";"„"„^3
l«t,ir nil hns fjrown u n-i ■"' . I
day lines It  Brsl n.ndi- u» a\i\**tt*>
Taking Persons    i'     rum.
The lesson ol the I !• ■':   _ Sij'^
Is  ma Le   a
make nu hour
oids make a  minute,   sts'V
Wilson's Tiy Pais.  Thrcn bundrtdtl** |
cht nper thnn it c: y paper.
i tiiifi""1'!
The foundation stone ot '•'   'i,
Cul bed inl.  laid  by  tin K *!*.„.• |0
5J   tons,    und    mensurcH   < j,l
Inches In lenffl.h,   I i'-'1' " ' yjHI
width, and 9 feet H i"l"''« '". „^.j
Tl icnibers   of   Hie   e'l't"' , )orit.|
inK In the diocese have nam     ^
Tho cathedral fund no« «'"°u
Your IM
Is it acting veil?   ^[i
regular?   Digestion good;
not, remember Ay^Jj
The kind you have known*
your lite.      ^lV^>i
isanii ii ^_ra_~****** ■ ***■'    ***"* ** *'**'•*
8L0CAN,   B.   C.
'ook r.iiOoi)
iii'iiit   pal|iltMtl n
Humor art Philosophy
.nini,noi Kitlhiwa,
Hllll ' ■'"
watery bldoa — Ib ci
,,"',",,. trouble, it su-.iis lnsh1-
"I. from sliBht ttiupUJniH to dtt.li-
; . disi'iiHi'. The Hiin, water)
l"|> b|10Ws itself ut lirst. iii pul"
.vim fact-**. brottthlassnilsB',! heart
|,illntiiiii, lost appetite, II tho
'' , |S imt chocked and cured
'"'Llion follows; euui-'l.iMK. spit-
\ L-itiniiuy night Bwoat'8, a total
ikdown and death, Whut the
||11H. MiiTi'i'i'f noods is mora blood
tia'tifiili,   Anil there is notli-
, ii,,. whole wide World will give
', |,|,mil and now Htfotlgth so stuv-
I Sl,  s|MX>dlly  us   Pl*.   William';'
, pins, livery doBO helps to Bond
n,lL i-i'il blood I'uui'siuK through
''[ivslrin.   bringing    ijtroiigtli    Lo
, [lM ,.   j,n,i all parts -I 1110 Dod,*,.
uUS11ii,Ih ta.'.iii.v    lo    lh*'   truth   of
'    .;,.!, nii'iits, among thorn Ml is
n|l. \ il.indre, St. Ci-i'inuin, ijiir..
lVh      Whilo unending   Hi'lin ;1
'hini'llli  Ix-'gu-ll   lo  glVO  wuy.     Tin*
Hli'i,.   unite   on L'l'u.liiiill.v uml the
'l„r ttiio ul tondod   nn' suid  it  Wus
. tl, um rstudy,  mui  i hui    u   rest
ul,l nwi  mu lu.hi.    Um   instrail nl
,,,,_. I, a ter I ri"-w weaker,   l bu(-
wj [i-Diii  lieuducho   and  alzzlncs i,
(| U| |j..lit  I did not Bleep   wi'll.   I
, ii,,,iiaii with pii-ins in thn back,
„.,,„ iito left  ms nnd  I grow pule
tt , 1,1 |,ni,    Finally   1   became  so
\ i iuih forced to remain in bed.
Hi,, ilui'tor ilid not  hi'lp nn' mi\ . I
,,,l mv  iiillii't'  to  K*'t me  I'r.   Wil
id,'  I'ink  Tills,   ltrforo  1   luul  un -.1
,, boxes thero wus nn Improvement,
,1 wlipii   1  had   tukt*ii  u  hull    ilti/,-;i
,s i was again ih perfect health.
In-.,   :,ll weak girlu will  hnd lieu
iltii ii thoy will tako the pills."
tniictuiti. indigestion, luiirt trouble,
siimaii .in. kidney trouble, and tho
ilmenta   of   women   ara   all
, to a ,,ir blood, nnd iuv all cured
In- Williams' i'ink Pills, You cun
those pills   from   uny   medlcino
,1,1-   or hy mail, post paid, nt  60
a hojt, or six botes for |2.50,
ivritiitg   tho    Pr.    Willimus'  Mcdi-
i ■„ , UrockvUlo. Ont.
Copyright. VM, liyliiauaanM. smith.    "
The only good t|,|„K pbout advice Is
that R puts the giver In such gtM humor that he usually will stand for a
Stone  in  thc  Kidneys   Cannot
Stand Before Dodd's Kidney
i is iho temper of a blade that
ist i»- tho proof of a Rood Bword,
(j not tin' irildinir of the hilt or the
hni'hx of tbo scnliliurd; sn It  is not
mil ur   and   possessions   thn!
man ronsiili'i'iitil.', but Intrln-
M]i Liniment Cores Colds, Etc
(llliv ,'iii'lit puwiilifokcrs Ue good
Us | aiM-rs'.'—ItiTitiise thi*y OlH} a!
(i\s handling "|«r.vns,"
, u hesitation in Myitis   th»i
.1    !•    Ki-llii.-i's   l>v • i'nt. ry    Cordial
.-  doubt   tin' best   niiiii, im' fi'''
t,,i      dyaonter) .     dlai rhi en
a   i nil  summer complaints,
   ■     , ti-       li   promptly   itivi-H  reliel
tuiiM   to   effect   a   posit Wi
Mother*  should  uover  ba  without
ti ,. when  thoir I'liiiiiivii  lire  teeth
■    <
'.rskitu' puzzled the wiis of his nr-
i nre hy  inst-iiliing   On    a    tea-
list the woi'ils"Tu (lores." P waa
line lime before they found out tl"'
thla    literal   traiwtatlon—
hon  lenchofit."
I Kidney  Duty.-it in th- pnr.icuUr
Inctlwi of tbe kidneys to filter out
blioni wbiob in" through them Into
me blood Whwii (lio kidney* uro «"li-
%«.«! 'i.ey cannot do their wholo duty,
nl lh 'iM luni- lhe hel|i und mrenclii
►nt Soutb ,\ ii.oi ii -mi Kidney Cure will
aril in uny ttnd all forma ut klilnuy
order     It relieves lu f, hours—14
|N'i nmn   cun    SM   thnt  in nnothei
thc true inun.    The animal
ii hi' r.iii percolvo; bul  tlmt which
earned   within—tbo   soul—no   man
in   ■      Wu see tho body; mui wo in
|r t ■   ii Ite mind is by what it workt
Bl distinct   or   visible   Condi
Mi Liniment Cnres Distemper.
ii       ginning   nf   faith i^ action;
In  only Uol loves who struggle -
I't lie i'im merely thinks a question
i Mi in liit.iiirs iir.M'M'iii" -
■ n hlch in noised by wtcesslvt
'in . i "iniicii. ims u ituirkod i'
ilie nerves,   and  often  nianlfesti
■ \i ro   li'iiilii, li«     'I I.is   i-   ' lit
iiiK  in udni'ho nr." can novo
lu'niliii i is from ii.id   front lo
in in i,i her i .i'i ten   i ui Iho mosi
■■   nf  all  i*  Hit*  lilllouH    head*
l m-mclee's    Vi trotttlils    Pills    wi!'
ire   il    iiliniet    illllne'liilli'lv        ll
Iiaii   ne  noon us  the   Tills opor*
I   • r» la nothlna siii'i'i-  in  I he 11 wit-
I'IIIiiiih headach*.
mi author looking for writ-
u " "'i like a  coroner discharging
■- nf his office?—HocaiiHO   he
l"-'  nil   ink   i|Uesl.
.The only manuscript of "B-M>wii!f,H
'"' feat iVaglo-ftnxon epic, now ex-
pnt, is the lint, f,.mn ()10 coiiocdon 0f
Pr Hubert Cotton, nor,* In the British
PJifi'inn. Tho poom ilntes from tho
PJl'I'Ho nf tho eighth century, und tho
' l|,;l'' exiting mnnnscrlpi  is badly
ll:,:iv,i hy n tire ihrongh which lt
nsiiPd In 17,11.
A little Sunlight Soap will dean
f'1* glass and other articles until
Fiey sliine and sparkle. Sunlight
|oap wm wash otlier tl,ingS than
•loth . .       - 4B
The dealor In Green goods 13 on tlm
lookout for green customers to mutch
Never loud your umbrella; it Is n
pooii thing to hnve handy when lt
Nearness ],,„dH enchantment to tho
senses when fried eliieUi-n und pouch
tilo nro under eontoni'ilatiim.
An eye opener Is 11 Joke the point of
Which a Mind mnn enn r.ee,
When you huvo strained your relations with your sweetheart apply a
poultice of bonbons and violets,.
Mnny n womnn hns won n husband
by becoming the tall to his kite.
The moHtBtic-
cessfnl get rich
quick scheme
ls this: P>e
born tho son
of a trust umg-
Mnny n womnn U darker
thnn she is
Nothing nu.lies n mnn quite so mad
ns to discover thnt a Blot machine ls
out of repair after be has put his money in it.
Lifo la hardly w.irih tho Itvtns
When one Ima an aching te'.th.
Who enn ;•• i.tio ana rorgtvlnti
lio in am h a e.-i.*''■".   lu truth,
Candor mdki. mo here deciar*
Then I'm cr. aa as any hear.
Mt.H. A,, Cauldy, or Ottawa, reMnnnenll*;
niaal  uii,-i-   y„i,rH or Suii.'ilmr by tlie
liiinit OAiimllnii Kidney Komvdy.
Ottawa, Out,, Aug. 22.—(Special).
Whilo all Canada knows that Hodd's
Kidney l'ills are tho standard runm-
<ly for nil Kidney Complaints, it may
surprise somo peoplo to know they
emu sucli oxtrotno cases as Btonu in
tho Kidneys. Vet that is what Uioy
havo done iiKlit. hero in Ottawa.
Mr. S. A. Cussidy, tho mun cured,
is tho well-known proprietor of tho
llijoti ir-iitt* on Alctcalf street, and
in un ■Interview he says: "My friends
all know that 1 hnve lieen u martyr
to Stono In tho Kidneys for yours.
Thoy know that besides consulting
tho best doctors in tho city and .trying ovb'ry modlolno 1 could think of
I was uuiililo to get better.
'•'Bomo timo ago a friend told me
Dodd's Kidney l'ills would aim mo.
As u lust resort 1 tried them, und
they have cured ine.
"I could nol imagine more sevcro
Buffering than one endures who has
Stone in tho Kidneys, nnd 1 feci tho
greatest gratitude to Hodd's Kidnoy
Jf the disease is of the kidneys, or
from the l.idneys, Hodd's Kidney
Tills will cure it,
Carta in albuminoid, maeilugimnis,
and saccharine vegj'li Hi* j tildes uiul'o
1 \ "ll ad sympathetic Iriks; mining
the li si are tho JuIcuh of loinon, or-
Jinge, tipplo und pour,
Nervousness,  Dyspepsia,  In-
diyOStion,  «ml   kindred  ullm;ut9,  taka ;
w lugs htforo the healing qualities of South |
American  Nervine.   1 l.omaj  llosklns,    ol
Durham, Oat., took    his   preuuher'a   ad- |
vim,  followed  directional  and  waa cured 1
permanently  of tho  worst  form  ol Ner- I
vous Proatratton and Dyabepala. He ha9
recommonded it to others with gratifying
results.  It's  u great  nerve builder.—12
Exemption from cure is not luippi-
I,-., ui} tie' ciinlrnry, 11 certuin do-
grofl  ni   care   is  essential .to   proluolO
Minard's Liniment Cnr68_DipMierla.
li a man lie gracious to strangers,
il shows Hi,it he is n citizen of the
world, and thut. Iiis heart in no island cut off irom other lauds, but 11
continent ihul joins Hum.
Wilson's Ply Pods will clear yonr house
of flies.
I am hating all creation
When my tilth is beating tim
When it achea liko all tarnation,
1 am fit fur nny crinr ;
Btl!l lt takis a lot of grit
To Itep UP and part With It.
When I try the pain to cover,
Playing that there is no uehe,
Half a dot ■■■ in!, hapa hover
Hound me to advantage take,
To Inset 111 1 -s I kt in.
Keeping nil the awcar worda in.
It Is safest, when that molar
Takes tin* renter of the stage,
Flunjing ona in darkest dolor.
Causing one t" wiloiy rage,
To slilvMilrp and i|ii!..t keep
Till the tooth Is put to sleep.
Wn ;   i<   ilie   difterenco bclweon   n
boi|(|U '    ui    flowers    and   the   "liou-
i|ii t" of wine'-1 in*' makes   anosor
I guy, and the othor a guy nose.
Wilson's Fly Pads are eold by all Drag-
gists and General Sores.
I A clergyman at Sing Sii::' ree •'!,
prefaced iiis remarks to thp priMon-
prs by ^...\ing Uiut  lu' was "glad to
SCO Su   lui'ge u   iiUIHi'iT   pi-eb.nt.
* tlnnKcronn  Sport  In  Which Thick
IlreitNtplnlcu Are W'airn.
Tiger skins, elrplnmt tusks, iititlern
nud n dozen other trophtos decorated
llu* Riiipkjng roQin of the liuntsuuin.
"You cnn't guess wlml this la." ho
snld, nnd ho look down frdhi tin* wall
n piece of curiously woven innttiug. lt
was nliout two feet squint*, green In
color nnd fivo Inches thick.
"This," he explained, "Is the broiVSt*
plate Hint Is worn In knngnroo hunting.
Without It the knngiiriK) with a foi'e
leg blow would smgah In your chest na
though it were ti piistclumrd box. This
brenstplate is a souvenir of an exciting
kangnroo hunt In Auslrnlin.
"AM hig game enthusinsts are fa-
tniilnr with tiger shooting, elephant
shooting, the chaso of the grizzly, of
the hour nnd of the hippo, but I know
few men who have over hunted kun-
"Vet this is nn exciting and dangerous sport. The kangaroo when ho 13
brought to bay will light. lie jumps
straight at you, like a groat cat, and
wilh his smnll fore legs he nl nis at your
idiest two tremendous blows-Urst tho
right nnd then tho left -nnd these
blows, wilh n speed nnd nn accuracy
Hint no piizellghler could ci|iuil, would
kill you If they landed on an unprotected surface. Ko you wear, lor a
protection, this thick green guard, woven of unlive grasses by native women.
"Vou hunt the kttAgnrop in 'sets.'
Eight huntsmen compose 0 set, nnd
each set employs hnlf n dozen native
runners to stalk the knngnroo.
"The kangaroo, on being stalked,
comes tearing over the plain Straight
nt you. He travels with the speed cf
an express train, and he makes grent
bounding leaps: Ono minute he ls
crouched on the grass, the next he Is
ten feot up In the air, and all the while,
remember, be is going forty miles an
"Hence he ls a mighty difficult object to shoot. If you full to shoot
hiin, nnd Ihore Is tlo tree bandy, then
you must put your trust in your matting breastplate, This breastplate of
mine, you notice, has a dent In it."
When Hoys Tuke the Hod Meekly. — (     Impatience dries  the  hlood   sooner
At  fishing 1 iiii.*. than nge or sorrow.
He was bound to be accurate, arfd
s,i he doomed, ii  prudent  t.i   tlescrlbo
the    woman's    costume     thus:    "She
Wore  nil   elegant     suit     of    Kotiiet liiii"
or othiT cut bias, and 1 rimmed endwise."
It Ir suid that 11 tabUflpoonful of
turpentine added to a pall of orator
will disinfect a cesspool inst.intly,
and in ihe siei, chamber will prove
a poworful auxiliary against germs
and bad odors.
Ailments of tlie Most PaSnful Nature Result-Prompt
Cure Comes With the Use of
Dr.Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
From every pnrt of lhe broad land
como   letters of roconunundutioii   for
.Dr.  Chase's Kidney-Liver  l'ills.
I They seem to he well suited to
the needs ot many people, who 0I1-
tnin no benefit from ordinary kidney
I When you wait to think of the
hosts of euros they nn* making it is
no wonder tliey Imve sueli uu enormous sale.
I     Mrs.    Caswell    Heiil,   Orrville, Mus-
Ikoka, Ont,, Writes:—-"For nearly
twenty vents I wns troubled with
kidney disease, und huve recently
been completely cured by using three
boxes ol Dr. ChaBO'a Kidney-Liver
l'ills. I have tried 11 great mnny
remedies, hut never seemed to get
anything to do mo much good until
■ 1  used  I hesn pills."
j Mr, John Hetiriii. an old resident.
of Thorold, Ont,, states: "For twen-
jty years 1 was badly afflicted wilh
kidney troubles, i ■..digestion nnd
bladder derangements.     During   Hint
j time 1 wns a grout   sufferer, nnd hnd
to got up six to twelve times nightly to pass water. I tried different
doctors and used nil sorts of medicines to no avail.
"Finally I began  using Dr. Chuse's
Kidney-l.iv,'r    l'ills   und soon   found
relief. Thus encouraged 1 continued
to use these pills, and after having
taken twelve boxes wns ngniti in perfect, henlth und vigor. I cun sleep
undisturbed, the pains irt my kidneys
and back ure gone, and I am feeling
well and strong. 1 consider lir.
Chuse's Kidney-l.iver l'ills a great
boon to suffering humanity, nnd hnd
I known  about    them    when    1    wus
II young man could have escaped suffering ull the lw.*st yeurs of my
Dr, Chase's Kidney-l.iver l'ills,
one pill a dose, 2.r> cents a box, ut
all dealers, or Kdninnson, Dates &•
Company, Toronto. To protect you
against imitations, Hu* portrait nnd
signature of Dr. A. W, (,'huse, the
famous receipt hook author, arc on
I oyery box.
Gelling Even.
"She Is going to Biie him for breach
Of promise."
"But ho has no money. What does
sho expect to get?"
"Revenge. She intends to have his
letters rend In court."
1    UURA.T        iHIM',M    FROM      LITTLE
(Al SI'S    (allOW.—lt     ink*,;   vui-y    little
t.i  dcrungg  the ntbrnacn.    'llu* ciniHC iun>
he alight,    u   mid,    BOtuathiug  eaten  or
driin!,,   iir.Meiy.    worry.    <>r    some   other
■ Riinplo i.iiisi*.    Itut   if inui-iiutioiiH  he  11"'
[taken,  this  i-imply C&UM  in.iy   Iiiim' moMl
■:*,ii, ,ia   ronsenlltmqcfl     Mnny   a  chronico
1 ly  debilitated   count tuition   to-iluy   owe«
;iis   i'.r-1 iii.-i imi    tn    ilmpla    causes   nut
: al,-, ll   wiih   iii   time.      Keen   the  (licsii    -
a-'i.., 1 .,11 s  in  healthy condition   aud   all
'will   ho  well,    rniinclee's   Vckttahle   I'iila
nre better tban any otber for the   our-
Lots of .worthy people are not popular. There's your case, for exninple.
Talk about 11 rut all you please, some
men are never any good out of one.
The second time n ninn calls on n
Clover girl she tells him she knows his
Ymith deals In fancy: age, in facts.
All fnlso teeth are made to look too
Beforo saying that you think forty
Is old remember tliere mny be some
one present who Is nt least forty-one.
You are gelling old when people he-
gin to sny that you hnve money hldih n
around somewhere. They never accuse
the young of hiding money.
Thero Is a saying "Hot busy." It applies to idle, shiftless men. Bnt thero
should also he a saying "Get \.\7.y." It
would npply wilh force to some men
who work too mnch.
FARMERS will find it to their advantage to consign their GRAIN to
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WIIO pay highest prices and make prompt rotnrns. Advances made on
consignments. Correspondent* solicited. Established 1886. Reference—
Union Hank of Canada.
Grain In car lots bought on track or sold on commission. Reasonable
advahces made. Prompt returns. Correspondence solicited. Reference:
Any Dank in Winnipeg,
Wants Were Modest.
"I cnite to ask you for your daughter."
"Bnt she ia tl.e only one I have."
"Weft I don't wnnt but one.   1 hope
you don't take me for a bigamist."
A Fixed State.
KCnn marriage ho successful on $10
a week'/"
"Bure thing.   A man could never save
enough to start divorce proceedings.'!
Wo double nil 1he evils nf our fute
by dwelling on tliem; a scratch becomes n wound; a slight an injur). ti
i.-.i an Insult, a small peril a great
danger, and 1. sliebt Bickntws often
ends iu dcatli by brooding opprehcn-
Minart's Liniment Cures Garget li Cows.
I    l.hue on lard sown wiih wheal hns-
t.-iis Hh' maturity of the crop.    I'ro-
IftjRKor   Johnston   says   tho   Banjo   is
'tin.- of rusArly all cultivated crops.
How He Won Her.
Bhe wnn n sweet girl graduate,
Tlio iiHiiii.st "f lha brood.
lie. was almost a lavage,
Uncultured, raw nnd crude.
H« didn't know he;, end Iho Alpa
That Italy lay fair;
He didn't fc   '" lhat nt the top
Were rames 01 1. m to ipar-a,
Tnt he owned thirteen lections
Ami paid mils in advance,
Bo When he said, "Please marry me,
Shu tlioiiuht she'd lake a chance,
Deserve the Treatment.
"Mosquitoes ure very bad ubout tht
placo this year."
"If they nro so had, why don't you
bavo them sent to u reform schoolV"
Would Be His Choice.
"More  peoplo die   from  overeating
tlmn from starvation,"
"Rut think how much plensntiter 8
death it is!"
A Double Loss,
"Why did he marry her'"'
".lenks hot him he couldn't."
"Thnt was where ho lost out twice.
Ttier* to more C.itarrh In thin ioctinn of the
country tbiin all other dlaranei put UlttMr,
nnil 'mill Ihi* Hut low yenrs wns suppotiil to be
laMOiahto. For n great many yenrs dorlors pro-
noumed It a local dlsonso ami priTirllif.il lOOJU
rcn.oille*. anil by conata»lly falling t*cur« witn
local trcatm»nt, pr«*nounc«J It Incurable. Hi*
tnoe has nroTrn catarrh to he a coBntliuOonw
dlMMi nnd tbcrefor* requires comiltutlonal
tiratmeni. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manirfaelurod
bv K J. Ctuney A Co., TalcUo, Ohio, Is the only
constltullonal euro on tho market, lt In UiKori
Internally In donas from U drops to a tMspoon-
ful lt arts directly on the bleu! and ■UOll'U
surf3.es ot ths system. They offer one llnnd-
red rollsrs for nny case It falls to cure. b«n«
for circulars and testimonial". *****__. n
*•>, j. CHBHST A CO.. Toled* O.
Bold by all druRKlsts, 75c.
lull's Tawnlly l'ills are the best.
I'or l'enny-n-1 iiiers. — A balloon
.1 icon! should always bo described In
inl!.it.'d Innguago,
A  I.eKiil   rozxlcr.
Curious comments by a judge, even
ln the presence of the prisoner, though
extremely rare, nro not unprecedented,
Mr, Justice Maule once addressed a
phenomenon of Innocence in n smock
frock In the following words: "Prisoner
nt the bar, your counsel thinks you Innocent; the counsel for the prosecution
thinks you innocent; I think you innocent Bnt a Jury of your own countrymen, tn the exercise of such common
sense ns tbey possess, which does not
seem to be much; have found you
guilty, nnd ll remains tbat 1 shnll puss
upon you tbo sentence of the law.
That sentence is lhat you be kept in
imprisonment for 0U0 dny, and ns that
dny was yesterday j-oii may now go
nbout your business."
The unfortunate rustic, rather scared,
went aliout his business, but thought
law was an uncommonly puzzling business.—London Tit-Bits.
Ar*   You   Dulldlne T      l*f  so,   —mm
The  Bost Bui Id Ine F->ar,p«r Made.
It la rtry much stronger and thlcksr than any other (t»rr»d or h»HS-
t»S) papsr. It ls Impervious to wind, keeps out cold, ksops tu ht«t, c»i*
rlss no smnll or odor, absorb! no moisture. Imparts no tasts or flavor te
anytlitnz with which t comes ln contact. It ls largely us.*d not only lor
•hsstii'K houses. hu'» for linlnn cold stoi».c« hulldinits, refrigerators, dairies, srsamsrlss, a*d all platss whers Uia object Is to kssp an *v*m mam
islltm tssspsraturs,  and  at ths earns tlms avoiding dampness.
Writ* our AjenU, TEES A PERSSE, Winnipeg, fer samfiUa.
Ths E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, HULL.
Wilson's Fly Pads nre the best (ly killers
The  Yniil.ee na Kni'iipe  Knonia  Illni.
••I was greatly amused," suid 0 merchant who has lately made a visit
abroad, "to notice how tho term Yankee
widens in application as ono nets farther away from the habitat of the real
"I met a very Intelligent hotel keeper
at Berne, In Switzerland, ami in the
courso of conversation be rcmtirked
that he had an extremely agreeable
countryman of mine Staying at hla
house lhe previous season.
" 'As you nre both Yankees, yon may
by chance know hlm,' he saiil.
•' 'Where doea he live'/' 1 asked.
"'In lhienos Ayrcs,' replied lhe hotel
Xovr Britain  Currency.
Pewarrn. a currency of New Britain,
ls nn instance of how tho spoils of the
ehnse nmy he turned to account as the
outward and visible Blgn of wealtb.
Dowarra Is made by stringing the
shells of a dog whelk upon the ribs of
palm leaves. These strings mny bo retailed at so much a fathom—usually
the price ls equivalent to about throe
shillings a fathom length—or tbey may
bo mnde Into various articles of personal adornment to be worn on great
occasions. In New Britain tbe dewarrn
hoarded up by n rich man Is produced
nt his funeral and divided among bis
heirs In much the same kind of way
as personal property is divided among
The Itlte of tlie Snnke.
In Val dl Kosa, Italy, tbo serpent ls
a traditional terror, and the place is
celebrated for a curious religious custom known ns the rlto of tbo snake.
On ascension day the priest solemnly
Immerses a harmless water snake In a
huge antique bnsin, dug up on Monte
Bruno. The mountaineers believe that
by reason of this ceremony all the other snakes that Infest the country will
Cruel.—I'n ir Due  (during an  Interval iii the valso): "You're very fond
'uf   dancing,   aren't    you?"    Brown:
I "Ve.as.   I   i;n   in   fol'  it   u   good  ileal."
I'nii'   One:     "I   wonder   you   don'l
"earn I" 1
Well Nomed,
T,        Tho littlo coin Is tickle
l   :i And simply will nnt ntnyl
I ' 1 •     It's c.illeil tbS nlmblfl ntcUel
Utj 1       Beoauio It gets uvvuy.
HF< ' •—1—
The Modern Way.
"Those who danco must pay the fiddlers." „
"Unless they dime;- toiieat the bnnii.
A Poser,
"I make It a point to believe jusl
half what I hear."
"Which ball'V"      ■.,.:.., .1 - ,
•tVlllin.'j, Init  ll:ini|M*i r<!.
Bleb culler (who l« making the
round of the tenement districts)—Well,
I must go now. Is there anything I
cau do for yon, my good woman'.'
The Otlier (of the submerged)—No,
thank you, litem. Ye mustn't mind It,
mem, if 1 don't return the call. I
haven't any lime lo go slumuiin' mo*
T was cured of Acute llroncliitis by
.1. M.  CAill'lU'.l.l..
Bay of Islands.
I  was elided of FnClal  Neuralgia   by
WM, iiAMl'.I.S.
Sprlnghlll, N, S.
I was cured of Chronic llheuinnte-m
bv  MINAUD'S  MM.Ml'.XT.
Clti.   TINiil.KY.
Albert   Co..  N.   II
Sn id':
to  lhe  Sweet  — 1 lli ilu I TrotlS"
Mrs. Prunes—When do you actors at
the theater draw your pay?
Hoarder-1 am not nn actor nt the
theater, madam.    I'm prompter there.
Mrs. Prunes -Well, you'll have to bo
prompter here, too, or Hnd another
boarding in use.
A Boajrler.
Alice- Herbert says he is a self made
man. Kitt.v-llow be must suffer from
Always think before you speak. Pe-
fore you write, think a long tiuio.—
Botnervllle Journal.
Wliy is it that Ayer's Hair
Vigor clo*s so many remarkable things? Because it is a
hair food. It feeds the hair,
puts new life iato it. The hair
cannot keep from growing.
And Gradually all the dark,
rich color of early life comes
back to gray hair.
"Wlein I nrst lllsd Ayer's TTalr VlRnr my
Imlr irni about nil gnv. Hut nuw It ii a nlcs
Men I'tor!:, nnil na (Mak na I cotlta wlah."
- MB*. SlllAil lix-jirUMiiiKN, TuscuiubU,
fl K a ii'ilMe.
■All driR-ctata, c„   ,
[MWWSinMeMt TOli
J. O. ATM CO..
k3MyolL M»M,
sta£-ae.r •:^^st-MistssvyrK;-s ■» av
TF.ST1M0N1AL  Irom the late Sill SAMUEL, IUKBK, the Inuious Nile Explorer.
"Newt.in Abbot. Devon. Dear Sirs—I
have (leliived mv thanks as 1 wished to
test tho eflect of Rink's Pills by a SUM-
cient Interval of time.
"For ten yenrs I had suffered acutely
from Cout and life hail lost Us attras-
tlon owinc to the uncertainty ol health
and sudden visitations of 0*s snsmy
which tiroslratpii nie for months, or weeks
according to  the virulence of the attacks.
"Blnlr's Tills havs renileied ms immenes
service, as I no lontcer fear an attack
nf  ('.out.
"Kor the last twenty months I havs
been comparatively freo, as ons or tws
attempted visitations have boen Immediately stamped out by ths assistance ot
lllnlr'a Pills.
"Truly yours (Signed) Saral. W. Dakar.
Lyman Sons &, Co , Montreal and Toronto; Tha Uole Drug Co., Winnipeg; anal
Martin, Uola A Wynne Co., Winnipeg.
Cnmi'o   riiiitiitr.
Befoie tbe discovery uf onys as t'10
material Bpeclnlly adapted for t nieo
cutting the ancients cut tborn <>n soft
stones, eggsbella m.i other materials,
Thc Greco-Roman, and especially tho
Augustan, period was rich in c.iiueon,
ami almost every great (toman wished
to have his portrait cut in onyx, duo of
these, au exquisite portrait of Emperdf
Augustus Caesar himself, is perhaps
the Quest existing cameo, Suiii pur*
trait cameos were practically indestructible, except by accident Bourn large
cameos—tbe "Triumph of Bacchus" ut
the Vatican, the "Agate do Tlbero" at
Parts and tbe "Qemtna Augesten" at
Vieniui—arc splendid works of nrt,
There wns a change from the clnssl-
cal and mythological designs uf Greco*
Human times to Christian themes In
tlu? fourth century, when Constatltlus
the Great became a Cbristlnii,
At the renaissance classical art recovered its lost position. Renaissance
cameo cutters were very skilled work*
men, but In spite of their general high
level they did not succeed in milking
nny very important cameo, altbougb
the "Hymeneal Procession of Krus anil
Psyche" realised a blgli price.
Aptly Nnineal.
One of the most thoroughly original
works In English is "Bedlam," n piny
In twenty-five nets.   It was written liy
Nat Lee when conllned In n in.idhuusc.
u       I
-  -f     1
1  1
1   1
y***s   im   u   No   <r*s»s THE MUM.. SLOOAN, B. l\, BEPtfMBEB 2,
i i
* i
: I    • I
' '-iy
C. E. SuiTHitBiXfiALE, Editor snd Prop.
SLOCAN,      •      -        •       -      B. C
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
ths fint insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
us legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
(er each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
Early next week ye editor purposes
leaving for the east ou an extended
trip, the first holiday to lie taken iu
.seven years. During his absence The
Drill will be in charge of Thos. D.
Tobin, the pioneer printer of the Slo-
.can, who will doubtless givo a touch
to the news columns that will come as
a welcome change to tho public. Ye
editor solicits on his liehalf the hearty
co-operation of the readers of the paper, in gathering the news from week
to week. Give him lots of it and repeat the dose at frequent intervals. A
material appreciation of his labors
jnay be exhibited by swelling tho
subscription list, increasing the advertising patronage, and multiplying the
orders for job work. He is authorized
to receive all monies, but he says he
will positively refuse to pay out auy.
To his tender mercies we commit you
and trust you may have a swell time.
Ye Editor
Who'd believe it?   A smelter to be
•built at Slocan.
Church union  is  materializing, the
first meeting of the joint committee
being set for November 10, at Winni
peg. ___________
It is estimated the wheat crop in
Manitoba will total 56,000,000 bushels
worth a dollar a bushel. The farmer*
are happy.
Slocan will extend a hearty welcome
,to all its visitors on Monday next and
will do her best to make them enjoy
The official count gives A. McDon
aid, the Conservative candidate, 83 of
a majority in Lillooet.   No hope for
a protest there.
A. C. Bell, member for Pictou,N.S
.is   to be the general organizer aud
platform campaigner for the Conserv
ative party in the approaching domin
ion elections.
The Liberals through the riding are
secretly and industriously preparing
for the general election, having got so
far as to prepare a list of polling
places in each provincial constituency.
John Boultbee, of Rossland, will
probably be the returning officer for
A close season for salmon has just
been imposed by the dominion government, lasting from Aug. 25 to Sept. 15,
during which time it is illegal to use
sockeye nets. The fishing this year
has been a failure and the close season
is imposed at the instance of the can
nery owners.
Somebody must be lying about the
date of the dominion elections. All
kinds of second-class Grit politicians
have declared that they would not be
held till next year, but Big Bill Galliher, the local member, says they will
come off this year. Bill's word goes,
so get your war paint on, fellows.
General Manager Hays of the new
Grand Trutik Pacific Railway,togethi'r
with other leading officials, is now examining several ports up the Pacific
coast, with a view to determining the
terminus of the proposed transcontinental line. The decision is impatiently awaited by an eager set of boomers.
Ontario mine owners are to enter
into competition with tho British Columbia men in the benefits accruing
from the lead bounty. There are a
number of lead deposits in that province aud it syndicate of capitalists
will erect a smelter at Baiinockburii
to treat the ore. They have notified
the government to send an inspector
to report on the bounties to which
they are entitled.
Pay up your subscription.
H. Beck is recovering from a siege
of typhoid.
Mrs. Bennett leaves Saturday next
for Rossland.
For first-class bread go to J. H.
Mrs. W. Clough leaves next week
for Orillia, Out.
Timber Inspector Carney, of Kaslo,
was here on Mouday.
W. Koch will finish his flume contract at Creston next week.
Nelson footballists are uot going to
Sandon for the celebration.
W. A. Harvey and wife removed
away on Tuesday to Nelson.
The shingle mill gang hied them to
the head of the lake on Monday.
Clara, the youngster daughter of T.
J. Baty, is lying ill with pneumonia.
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. They are cheapest and
G. S. Lindsey, Toronto, has beeu
appointed manager of the Crow's Nest
Coal Co.
The various eating houses in town
had better prepare for a big crowd on
Mrs. W. D. McGregor and son leave
shortly to take up their residence in
Sandou's board of trade has received its charter from the dominion government.
Mrs. R. J. McPhee is returning to
her home in Spokane, after a pleasant
holiday here.
Miss Alma Ross officiated acceptably at the organ in Knox church Sunday evening.
The next revision of the voters' list
of the Slocan riding will be held here
on November 7.
You can secure either Ogilvie's or
Lake of the Woods flour at W. T.
Shatford & Co.'s.
The Nelson lacrosse club will play
at the New Westminster fair against
the Royal City team.
The Nelsou papers have been doing
some effective boosting for Sloean's
celebration on Monday.
A kindergarten has been organized
here, sessions being held twice a week
in the school building.
A bargeload of lumber came down
from Ten Mile on Monday, for transhipment to the prairies.
Mrs. D. Aniot,nccompanied liy Mrs.
J. \V. Holmes, of Nelson, returned
from Halcyon on Tuesday.
Jim Bowes has started up his Lake
View hotel at Kelowna. putting in a
carload of new furnishings.
Service will be held in St. Paul's
church next Sunday. It will be Mr.
Mount's last appearance here.
Owners of dogs are requested to tie
up the animals uext Monday, so as
not to interfere with the sports.
A. R. Bolderston and family removed on Tuesday to Vancouver, where
he will engage in the stationery business.
For the week ending August 21, the
C.P.R. traffic receipts were $1,002,000,
as against $926,000 for the same week
last year.
Mrs. F. Johnson is lying ill in the
Kootenay Lako General Hospital, at
Nelson, where she underwent a serious
The debenture holders have seized
the big sawmill recently erected at
Trout Lake, for liabilities amounting
to $40,000.
F. H. Hawkins, Sandon, had his assay office and dwelling damaged by
fire last Thursday. The former was
completely gutted.
Billy Howarth passed through to
Sandon Mondav, having quit the Nelson Tribune. He will probably locate
in Vernon for tho winter.
O. M. Roseudale, a noted mining
promoter, formerly of Nelson but late
of Portland, was suffocated in a fire
at Kahuna, Ore., last week.
Owing to the burning of the big
bridge near Whitewater, the K. & .S.
has been landing its passengers and
mail in Sandon by handcar.
M. R. W. Rathbourne, of Silverton,
one of the pioneer mining men of the
country, was married at Nelson last
week to Miss Eleanor M. Little.
Construction on the proposed extension of the Kettle Valley Railway
up the north fork of the Kettle river
will be commenced in the early spring.
The town has been well plastered
with Nelson fair paper. Secretary
Aunable has secured so many attractions that they expect to run the fair
three days.
If you are in need of groceries,
gents furnishings, or boots nnd shoes,
don't forget to call on W. T. Shatford
& Co. They have the most complete
stock in town.
The Dominion Express Co. has arranged with the local packers for the
forwarding of express parcels to the
various mines. Money older offices
will also be established nt the mines.
The Drill will print you, on short
notice and in anv amount, shipping
lags, billheads, statementsjetterheads,
uoteheads, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any quality or price,
The bond on the Spyglass group,
Poplar, has been taken up.
Half of Three Forks' population is
coming down for the ball on Monday
American imports of fruit are being
destroyed by the wholesale at Nelson
aud Waneta.
Let everyone get out and clean up
the streets for Labor Day and make
the town look slick.
Judging from the way the Nelson
papers are booming the Cripple Stick
property, in this camp, ono would
imagine it a second St. Eugene.
The burg was pretty well deserted
yesterday, everv man who could
rustle a gun having taken to the tall
timber. It was the opening of the
shooting season.
H. J. Baron, staff representative of
the Mining Reporter, Denver, Col.,was
here yesterday in the interests of his
paper. His impressions of the camp
will appear later, to the lasting good
of the country.
Mrs. Tutcher announces that on
Saturday she will hold her annual fall
opening of millinery, to which she invites the ladies of the town and vicinity. Her stock of trimmed hats is
most complete and embraces all the
latest patterns and styles.
Appended is a complete list ot the various records registered at the local regis-
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
days from date 1 intend to apply to the
Hoard ef Licensing Commissioners of the
Slocan License District, for a transfer of
my retail liquor license for the Victoria
a*iotel,8ilvertoa,to Thorburn & Fletcher.
Dated this 22nd day of August, 1904
Wanted     ACFNTC
Immediately AliEIUJ
rtell fruit treei, raspberry, »oos«t>»rry and
currant bushes ate. Oood pay waakly!
outfit frea. There ii big money in this work tor
trustworthy men.
We hare under cultivation oyer 600 acres of
nursery stock, including the choicest*and beat
varieties for orchard and tardea planting. We
will deliver kikkIs to customers in goodcondi
tion, freight paid. Our agents have every advantage that this line of business can offer
them.   Apply now for terms.
Toronto, Ontario
N.B.—Will    make   arrangements  for  local
agency or for the   handling  of exclusive territories. P. N. CO
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Elmer J. Felt, or to any person or
pertons to whom he mnv have transferred hin interest, in whole or in part,
in (lie Skylark and Hanger mineral
claims,aituated lietween the tirst north
fork of Lemon creek and Dayton creek,
and recorded in the Slocan City mining division of West Koot> nav district:
You are hereby notified that I,Nosh
F. McNaught, F.M.C. No. 116611*2, have
expended the snm of two hundred ami
five dollars in labor and general improvements upon the above mentioned
claims, in order to hold said mineral
claims tinder ihe provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion at such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in paid claims
will become the property of the subscriber, under section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated this 13th day al August, 1904.
19-8-04 NOAH F. McNAUGHT
Certificate ef IiiwMts.
Blocan Prince Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Citv mining division of West Kootenay district. Where
located:—On second north fork of Lemon creek, adjoining the Black Prince
fraction on the east.
TAKE NOTICE thatl.David Arnot,
acting as agent for Ii. A. Bradshaw, free
miner's certificate No. B77428; J. C.
Shook, free miner's certificate N0.BM888
John Elliot, free miner's certificate No.
1181740; Pioneer Mining Co.,free miner's
certificate No. B81092; and for myself,
freu miner's certificalo No. B77454,intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, tn
apply to theMining Kecorder for a certificate of improvements, for tlie purpose
of obtaining a crown grant on the above
And further take notice that action,
under Bection 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 8th day of July, 1904.
15-7-04. DAVID ARNOT
Nelson Fair
Second Annual Exhibition
of the
Nelson  Agricultural   and
Industrial Association
September 28-29
New Buildings
Fine Grounds
Big Premium List
Novel Open Air Attractions
Write for Prize List
J. E. Annable, Sec, Nelson
try office, H. P. Christie being mining
Aug 22-Oown Jewel, 1st n f Lemon.,
E B Dunlap.
24-Black Horse, Alpine creek, same.
26—Survey fraction, divide between
Springer and Ten Mile, T A Noble g
Deadwood fraction, adjoining Speculator, K Cooper.
Aug 20— Keilwood. Mark, Victor.
22-Grsphic, Shamrock fr.
23—Lucky M.
26—Zip fraction, Ida.
26-Susrise fr,
Aug 22-Black Beauty, White Beauty.
SHE Hflspnu,
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
RATES: Rtcnlar subscribers, $t per month
or$10 a year: non-subscribers (exclusiveof
medicul utUmUuc»)»2 wrdnv. Private wards
Sl per day extra. Special facilities for maternity cases.
For further particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs Into the Town.,
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
i City Bakery
Guaranteed the Best Bread
in the Slocau camp.   .   .   .
Also carrying a full line of
_.__ _x __ m________________m
* **i W W   * *ai w my w w **j
The Queen's
First-class Dining Koom
••   Large ami Comfortable  Bedrooms   "
'i   Sample rooms for Commercial Men   ]|
Nelson, B. C.
Mi»n>>>M>mi ♦♦♦ ♦
H. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
• •• I ULim
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
Headquarters fur traveling men
Large, airy rooms
Best meals given in thc town
HATRM ISS per day ; with
sample reams, at.1,(1. |pc.
elal ratee ta steady baiartlere
Arthur Street, Slocan i
> ♦ ♦♦ **********
Will buy a comfortable ;
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains ;
four large rooms, hall ;;
and wardrobe. For ;;
other particulars write ;;
rUUMIAIAIIilllllllliilillllllillll AW
A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   -^
fc   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   3L
To be held at Slocan, on Sept. 5,1904.       8
$600 IN   PRIZES $600 gj
Drilling Contest for large cash prize*.        Football Tournament for $
championship of Kootenay and silver cop worth ?H*>. JJ
Baseball Matches for handsome Challenge Cup. Rifle Ma**0
between Siocan antl New Denver.        Hirycli* Races.
Foot Races. General Caledonian Sports. Grand Ball
88 Cheap rates and special service will  Ix* given from all ]>oints by mil «
M and boat promised by the C. P. R. M
H T. McNEISH, Chairman.   D. B. O'NEAIL, Sec.-Trca. |
H For further particular! see small bills. g[
It promotes digestion,
improves tho appetite,
and (fives tone and energy to the whole system.
For sain by—
Clubbing Offer
y* ***•**■*■**-****>*
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
$2.50 fora Year
The Drill:
$2.00 per annufl-


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