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The Slocan Drill 1904-12-23

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VOL. V., No. £9.
*W. Libra,
j.in 1 Ofi
'CAN,   B.   C,   DHCKMBKR
*2.00 PEE ANNUM.
fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
We are showing the following useful lines
suitable for presents at the Xmas season:
Ladles' umbrellas,       $2.00, 2.25, 2.50 Ladies' handkerchiefs, from 20c to 51
Outs'      do. $1.50, 8.50 (Ladles* neckwear, a fine Urge ussori-
Gents' silk handkerchiefs, initialled or : mout, from 35c to $1.75.
plain, 00c to $1. , Ladies' silk ruffs, $4.00 to $5.00
Ladies' crush belts, leather and silk, 50c, 75c, $1.
Keep in mind our cash check offer of
$9 dress length on the 24th December
David  Arnot, Slocan.
Agent for Tetley's Teas.
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one of tba best known and most popular houses
iu the country.     It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, and commands a maguificent view of the beautiful
Slocan lake.     Good fishing is to be found close at hand, while
every facility is offered lor boating.
Tourists will find the Arlington and ideal resting place.
Commercial men have at their command new and commodious
sample rooms.
The dining room is strictly  up to date and thc bar .supplied
with only the best brands of good; •
Is reached by any trail »r road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
a —t
EJ H m 12 E3 fc£ ~-
EH M tai Gd fefl i_i feat SsJ & M &j L***.-
I'alalcr No. I—It is • pnrrlv Western Citu rn Agricultural Paper fnr Westrrn
. an.,., 1 in I'.itmeM ienl hlockincu.
I'olater Sex, t-ll i» l«'K«-. Well ptimed, well  edited, well  illu«tr«te.l,   relialilc,
FiroRrcs.sivp lnd ft m Ies*.
In leiiiiimie mriclly m.sh In Hilvance. mnn Uir paper ii promptly
iti^onlinmil tl rxpn»lioii o, M.hscripli'iii  milciwruirwM.
Pointer No. 4    I lie  Not   Wesl  Fmmer fa tilt only «„i uailiu.ul i«p<i printed in
Camilla WMfa ol I.nke Snprii.n.
Pointer Na. i-Ii ln-nnie paid in advance niluennefl In Manitoba end lli?N.T>.l
than allollier f.iiin p«prl«COIIllilUtd,
Po|B|rr No. m -Its rmineitioill and mloimiiiiuu -ie worth many dollar* tn ra.li
Pointer No. 7- Momlly tl is (ilwvc reprom-h.
From Now ta December Sl, 1305, for $L0O
IncliMi**!; tl**- nui'MtfitPiitti*' i*' KmM
Numli-r nmi the InMtv e o   >» i '"'.
'I lie t UM ft*. Mlf I. thr m"1"* i.utn tit
y.n»iiif   mtm. Buln rilwpow.
■tnpli c. py itni it*-*- u|k>h tc|iint.
•*4 R.„,,,k-c.|.yienlli'«»|..iiie.|uMI. r. O. BOK IJIW, WJra.'Niri.aj, W.A.*.. jjj
ti ■ ■ ■ ■ Hi ■ EB ra EB EH E3 HI ■ W S3 H M & RP WW •
niE NOR'-WEST FARMER, Limited,
The Drill: $2 per year
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
" .. "' *"" " },"||| ; |1(<||.->|,||-|>V1 iih'i n , «■ «t, 1,^,,.-...
''■' dirnl RttOndlinOflin P?r aWi    1'rivnlfi words
fl perdu* I'xini.   Bpeolnl (aollUlai for iniili'rn-
> \TKS: l!.'Knlar siihsnrllicrs, $1   pur monlli
•    iii'lllln yi'iir: 111111-snlisi'rlliPrsli'Xi'liisiiT.iif
01 Inrtln*r ptrUeuUri npply Iii.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of riineral
MEETING OF COUNCIL | who removed to Cranbrook on Moulin v. Tlu-y Imd been residents hero
fur years ttnd lind proved exemplary
citizens, being to the fore always in
all good works. Mr. McCallum i.s
conducting a successful hardware business in Cranbrook, which place he
says is thriving mightily.
AM. Tret,!'Thinks ihe Kill Unenlli-il for
nnd Tlmt thu City Solicitor H"» Woken Hla Varbnl Acrn-uiinit Willi tlle
Ciiuncll-ulII l.uiil Oeer.
Regular meeting of the city council
was held on Monday night, the faithful quorum being present, viz., Mayor
.McNeish, Aid. Teeter, Madden and
('ity Clerk Curtis occupied his new
position for the lirst time.
Correspondence rend: From City
Solicitor Jorand, notifying the council
that the supreme court order confirming the tax stile had been secured and
duly registered, A statement of cx-
peuso accompanied the letter. The
taxed costs of the order were $1479.87
Lcki-i-ii Apprnr to In* Operating the Mlnr
Messrs. Holman and Wing, lessees
of the Chapleau mine, Lemon creek,
are energetically pushing operations
and appear to be making a success of
things. They hnve a ten year lease
on the property, having bought out
the original lease holder and the company formed to work thnt lease. They
have undertaken to meet the obligations of the late lease and it looks as
if the agreement would be lived up to.
Twenty-four men are employed at the
mine nnd mill and more ure to bo add*
the city solicitor claiming a balance of \ ed t° tl,e foreo'   None are drones.
$1051.27 still due him for his services.
Aid. Teeter said the bill from Mr.
Jorand showed there was a misunderstanding between him and the council. There wns a verbal agreement
between them that the solicitor would
The stump mill hns lieon running
ten hours a day.but the aim is to keep
it in operation the full 24 hours. Most
of tiie ore run through comes from the
old dumps, from which fully $1000 a
month is being realized.    Much ore is
obtain the  order   for  $160 over and | being opened up at the mine, and it is
above his salary, and  that had lieen expected there will be no difficulty |n
paid. He was not living up to his
agreement, but was demanding this
excessive bili. The council should not
consider tho bill now, but should give
Mr. Jorand a chance to come and ex- i
plain himself. He moved that the
iiill be laid on the table. Seconded
by AM. Madden and carried.
On motion the clerk was instructed
to give Tog Diull an acknowledgement of the balance still due it for advertising tnx sale.
The mayor urged that Mr. Curtis
he employed to enter up the taxed
c it- against the delinquent lots in
tin-* colleetoi's roll. The work had to
done at ,wo ro as
keeping tbe mill running steadily. In
the spring the lessees figure upon
adding a supplementary process for
treating thejmill tailings,'either oil or
At the mine the lessees have n carload of 8100 gold rock stocked up
ready to ship, the lack of snow for
rawliiding having been keeping it
back. About half a carload of con*
cet'trntes, running 150 oz in silver, has
nlso been saved. A small packtrain is
maintained by the lessees, they kret-
ting in their supplies bv rail from
Nelson to Lemon creek station. The
lessees have confidence in making
to draw interest'! ••■«••'r fease .•-tick and realizing hand
thereon, and also lo enable persons to
redeem their property.
Tin* clei'K o.pl.iitud the nature of
he work to be done, aud stated he
.vottld leave it to the council tu !ix the
Aid. T'l'ter and Madden niov'il
that Mr, Curtis be engaged to do the
work.   Carried,
Council adjourned.
KikI <if tin* Tux Sule.
All matters in connection with the
tn:* salo held by tho city hnve been
settled, and the coi'|xiration is now in
a po .ition to give snaps (ft investors-
City Solicitor Jorand was iu Nelson
last week taxing up the costs and registering the confirmatory order of j pretty spot
tin* sale. From lirst to las*- the sale
lias cost the dty a trifle under S^SOO,
which included advertising, collector's
commission, summonses, confirming
order, and  registration.   Part of the
expenses have iilrculy been paid out
of the general funds. As an asset to
offset the expense, the city will draw
revenue from upwards of a hundred
more lots, while it is also the nominal
'iwner of tiOO or more lots. Deeds for
the purchase;! lots will be given next
The New 'Westminster Columbian
has issued a inenmoth supplement.
being in the nature of n \ fu&triited
write-up of the various towns nnd dis-
tiicts of the province, it embraces
Ids pages, nnd is gotten up in lirst
chtKH shape, It may be.filiu away.as
a valuable Irio'; for reference. Slocan
i.s spoken of in these words:--
"iSlo.-iin This little town is located
at the foot of Slocnn lake, jest where
the Slocan riror leaves the lake. A
two-hour run by rail from Nelson via
Sloean Junction brings one to this
Fora greater part of the
distance   from   Slocan   Junction, the
railway runs in the valley of the S'o
Entnrefi'un Advent*).
On Saturday the owners of the Myrtle group, ut the head of Twelve Mile
creek, entered au adverse suit against
the Ottawa company, covering three
claims the latter are seeking to crown
grant. II. T. Twigs,', of New Denver,
went up to the Myrtle on Saturday toi cozy
un the survey lines upon which to j Then
make the protest. The Ottawa survey
takes in a large portion of the Myrtle
ground, practically wiping out  one
the latter group-
owners   of   the   Myrtle   claim   Iheir
grouud to be the prior location. If tbe
matter is carried  fo tho courts an in
teresting contest will ensue.
I'liiyllH'lnl   Minim; Anmirlittlon.
It is the Intention of the Provincial
Mining Association to hold their annual meeting In Vancouver early next
monlli. ft is the intention to press mi
the government amendments, to the
placer and mineral ads,also the water
net. The ambiguity of the mineral
aud olher acts, it fo claimed, is the
cause of much trouble and law should
be made plain. Public Interest in the
association is dying out.
tlnniorvntlva wins in Yukon,
Thn last election in the general dominion contest was held in the Yukon
last Friday.   It resulted in the return
of Dr, Thompson, the Conservative
candidate, who won out by upwards
of 7IKI nrijoiity over the Liberal can
didate, ex-governor Kivd Congdon.
Yukon was formerly represented by
Ross, Liberal.
lli'lliKV'-l III I'nililiriioli.
can nver, passing several points wbere
industry has made some mark in establishing a mimlfcu* of prosperous
looking ranches. The area which is
being brought into cultivation along
this line is growing larger each year,
and as conditions are favorable, it
should bea profitable calling to follow
in this particular locality. Lumbering
toil has some attention paid it, and at
several points are huge yards.showing
the quantity of limber which is being
sawed into lumber, A great deal of
it is of course shipped out.
"Slocan is rather quiet in a business
way, but the prospect of mining being
more actively prosecuted lends hope
tothe business man who nre established here. The town is well favored
us a residential location, ami many
homes have been built here,
are perhaps more business
houses, and carrying  larger stocks of
goods than present trade would warrant. There are several huge hotels,
which could do a much bigger trade
than they an- Iieing patronized with
at the present, and the only sawmill
iu the town has been closed down.
Hut there are in the dlatriot tributary
to the town sullicient mines of value
that a very prosperous trade would lie
done if thev were lieing Operated.
'•From Slooan tbe steamer which
run up the lake lo Silveiton, New
Denver and Hosebery makes daily
trips. No more delightful day's out
ing could In* imagined than a sail on
this lovely lake, the scenery being
trul v magnificent, and the atmosphere
so delightfully clear that one is exhilarated by its buoyancy.
"Making the town n headquarters, n
most delightful holiday can Ik* spent
In this district, III the valley of the
Sloean river, which varies in width
from two to four miles, willow grouse
nre found iu great numbers, nnd on
.he bills there are just as many blue
grouse. Black and white tail deer are
plentiful on the ranges, black and
grizzly bear are common, while on the
higher levels, within a lew miles of
the town, mountain  goat and sheep
are to be secured by the hai'dy hunter,
In the river, lake and  smaller tribn
tary sl reams the  finest  fishing is ob
tatned.   The Slocan river  is a typical
9000 feet high, can be reached in a
tramp of six or seven hours from the
town, and well repays the effort.
Tliere nre many other peaks rivalling
the famous Alps of Switzerland,wnioh
are yet to lie surmounted.
"Boating and bathing, as well as
fishing, in the summer time are delightful pastimes on Sloean lake."
PmcIIIc  Terminal  of tlm  Orand   Trunk
lla-llnlta-ly AllllOUIU'lfll .
Port Simpson has been definitely
Hettled upon ns the Pacific terminus
of the Grand Trunk railway. Plans
have been filed by the chief engineer
of the railway with the department at
Ottawa, providing for the terminus tit
Port Simpson. The lnnd which the
company will require for terminals at
Port Simpson belongs to the lndinns.
and the company will hnvo to negotiate with the dominion govern ment to
get. possession, tis the lands are held
in trust for the Indians.
Plans hnve also been filed by the
Grand Trunk Pacific for terminals on
the great lakes at Fort William nnd
Port Arthur. At the former the laud
requires lies south ofthe Kamiuistiqua
river, and at Port Arthur enst of the
C. M. Hays, president of the Grand
Trunk Pacific, says the mere filing of
the plans with the department at Ottawa, denoting what lnnds the company would require nt Pott Simpson,
should it be Selected, did not signify
that such place would be chosen. !t
simply supplied the government with
information regarding what the company might ultimately require.
Ka'lliiol  I'ri's.'iit.itimia..
At the closing exercises at the public school on Friday, the children of
each division remembered their
teachers with acceptable jdfts. that to
Miss McKinnon being a handkerchief
holder and that to Principal Hindle a
traveling case. The latter was ninth
moved, as his gift was in the nature of
a farewell token, he and his wife having left for Ontario yesterday. Mr.
Hindle-was the best teacher Slocan
has had an.l his equal will be hard to
lind. He took n deep interest in his
work nnd was successful in raising the
school ton high standard of proficiency; Sir. and Mis. Hindle took a
prominent part in church work and
theit departure is regretted.
Y mil'Solium Piay Ore.
Pay ore has been found on tha 1000
foot level of the Ymir mine. Ymir. aud
five-feet of good me is being milled.
The find is important and demonstrates tbe theory that the ore chute
takes a sharp trend to the east from
about the (it);) foot level. On that
level the drift wns continued and the
pre body picked up some weeks ago.
Tlie management persisted in pushing
the 1000 foot level and success has rewarded their efforts. To date tlie
Ymir has paid $192,000 in dividends,
with the certainty of large profits during the coining year.
Pabllo School Report.
Following is the report of the public school for the present month: Division 1. - Prescribed school days 1, in
session Hi, total actual attendance
395, average attendance ."il.M. boys It!,
highest number pupils to date 48, corporal punishment 1. tardiness 25, visitors 10. Division 11. 'Prescribed
school days 12, in session ll.J. total
actual attendance 244.L average actual
attendance 21.08, pupils attending -\,
boys 10. highest regbter number 26,
corporal punishment -'. tardiness -1.
visits by trustees 1. otlier persons H.
Zinc Sineliar ial I'lanik.
C. Fenian, head   of   the syndicate
establishing the /.ine enrichment plant
at Rosebery., has d Bnitely decided to
erect his proposed zinc smelter at the
town of Frank, Alia., an excellent site
and switching grounds having been
secured. Cheap coal has also been
one of the chief determining factors.
For a long lime it wns thought Forme
would secure the coveted works.
Khii.v Rcrigni.
Edmund Kirby  hns resigned the
I management nf the  War Kagle, the
Centre Star, (ind the Kossland Power
Co., for the ostensible reason of look*
in1,' niter his private affairs. The resignation takes place on January 15,
with no mention as yet made of a successor.    Kitbv's move  follows closely
upon the announcement of the failure
ot the concentration plant.
mi*..-I- (Juotatlotiii
Following an* the quotations for bill
I silver on the various  days during the
I week since last issue:
i Thursday	
i Friday	
Tue id iy	
pnrtuiv tsi LO. McLailiim atid family.! roads and trail*. Tl.e Kolltiliee glacier   Wednesday	
Slocnn has Insi n numlievof lur best' treat stream.
, ,, ,   , "For mountain climbing,Sloean and
citizens dt ring  tho   year, bul   none  •• ,,   ,, f     . ,      ,,* ; .,   ,
Valhalla ruiTgos  furiiMi sufficient at-
have been rc-fre!led more than the de- traction, and are nasily accessible by
60S cents
80S "
603 "
601    '*
<;i.\ ;;
lil    "
l.a»t Tear'* Shipment! With i:i;ib Ton«—
A Ht-itltliy livlili'licii of tlm Life nnd
Wealth ot tin, Camp— Ottawa ia tlio
Biggest Shipper.
More or less snow has fallen during
the week, permitting ore to bo moved.
Tho Ottawa sent out 41 tons, and ore
began coming down from the Neepawa and Black Prince. Three e" four
other properties have shipments ready.
Total exports to date 2200 tons.
For 1003 the ore shipments from
tho local division amounted to 1889
ton**, imide up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
MIN'E. IV HICK. tot a iv
Enterprise  two
Ottawa       -14 1247
Keepawa  71
l'ort Hope  17
Republic  S2
1'iliiek I'rince  67
Sapphire  -
Argentite  i,
Black Fel  2
Chapleau  3
Alberta  15
Colorado  7
Highland Light  l
BlanBeld  2
Edison  15
Cripple Stick  12
Kilo  20
Club  8
Graphic  4
44 22*
Work on the Kilo has ceased for the
Two copper furnaces ave now in
operation at the Trail smelter.
The Gibson, on the south fork of
Kaslo, is to join the shipping list.
The Black Prince ore will be handled in bulk, via the Arlington chute.
The first load of ore from the Black
Prince was brought into town on Tuesday.  ■
Three cars of ore is being shipped
from the Bismarck, on tho south fork
of Kaslo.
Six or seven men are working at tho
Enterprise and a little ore is being taken out right along.
For the year the Arlington, at Erie,
has made a net profit over all expenses
and development of $14,tiG(i.
Geo. Hughes, for the Lucky Jim,
hns sold 2iioo tons of zinc ore and concentrates to Bntchelor Bros., Spokane.
\Y. Koch experienced great dilfi-
citltv in breaking the road through to
the Black Prince. It is a bad country
for drifts.
Ralph Gillette and partners aro
pushing ahead their main drift on the
Colorado. They have live tons of ore
sacked for shipment.
The tfti stamp mill at the Golden
Wedge. Lemon creek, has lieen dismantled and the machinery is awaiting shipment to Ymir.
Suit over th» Lucky Jnck mine, at
Poplar, has ben settled nmong the
contestants. Thr* mine will be started
up and a stamp mill erected.
A pocket of practically fire silver
was run on to last week at the Ottawa.
It was of argentite, covered with a
thick coating of native silver.
The new 'concentrator tit the Cork,
on the south fork of Kaslo, is to be
running next month.    The Inst of the
machinery has been hauled up.
The Slocan brought down five cars
of zinc ore from the Wakefield OU Sunday. It was consigned to Europe
through Mntehelor  Bros., of Spokane.
Chief Justice Hunter and experts
representing both .Johnny Harris and
the White Co., spent three days this
week examining the workings of tho
Sloean Star, at Sandon.
■lack Beauchesne received some linn
samples of asbestos Inst week, From
the noted Danville mine, Quebec. It
is contended the so called asliestos
found in this camp is merely horn
LtU)-«l Milking llniie*/.
Martin Isaacson and Jack Kininan
are making money out of their lease
on lhe Neepawa, Ten Mile.having live
j men employed.   A raise of 90 feet be-
i hveeti No 1 and No.2 tunnel has been
made and all kinds of ore opened up.
i A carload of 25  tons  will be shipped
i next week.    The lease does not expire
till May.	
Lenta on the Emily Kit Ith.
Monty Davys, of Nelsou. has takeu
a lease on the Emily Edith mine, qu
Four Mile. He stalled operations
last week wilh it gang of men, under
tlie foi-eninnship of W. Turner, formerly of tlie Silver King. The Finily
F.ditli had beeu idle fora uumlw -if
yew's. !■ I
Was Bent Over With Pain and Hardl/
Able to Work Till He Used thi
Great Canadian   Kidney  Remedy.
Consecon, Ont., Dec. 12.—(Special).
—Mr. David Rowe, a well-known and
highly respected farmer, living about
three miles from here, ls telling his
friends of his remarkable recovery
from a long period of suffering by
the use of Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"1 had very severe pains in my
back more or less upwards of two
years," Mr. Rowe says. "These pans
sterned to concentrate their full force
lu the small of my back, and the pain
was almost unbearable. It made me
go bent ever and I could not straighten up to save my life.
"When I went to urinate lt gave me
great pain, and you may imagine I
was not able to do much work. I consulted a doctor, but his prescription
did me no good.
"Then I started to use Dodd's Kidney Pills and I felt better by the time
I had used the tlrst box. Ten boxes
cured me completely."
Mr. A. P. Lowe Siiya Hn Conlil Hire Mad*
the Noitliweat I'laaniigai.
Mr. A. P. Lowe, who was In chargo
of the expedition to Hudson's llay,
is onto more buck iti Ottawa, alter
an absence of ubout one yuur and
three months. He suys that from his
observations Hudson's Strait is navigable for about iour months each
year. He nntl his party wintered at
l-'nllerton Inlet, the extreme northwest point of Hudson's Day, ond in
.luly lant ctfniL* out by Hudson's
Strait to Port Durwoll, where the
Neptune met the Eric, and received
supplies of coal and provisions, lhe
arrangements for the meeting between the two steamers were so perfect that tliey arrived within an hour
of each other. Alter leaving Port
Burwell the Neptune proceeded along
the Greenland Coast to Smith Sound,
nnd Mr. Lowe went us far north as
Cape Sabine, where ihe saw Peary's
winter headquarters. This was about
the middle of August. He did not
intend to go any further north, but
could not do so if he had wanted,
owing to the accumulation of ice.
Ki'llrn at Fruiiklln.
The Neptune afterwards passed
through Lancaster Sound to Beechy
Island, where Franklin spent his last
winter. This island was tho headquarters of the Franklin relief expeditions, and thc remains of the old
houso arc still to be seen there.
At this point Mr. Lowe obtained a
record left by the Swedish Magnetic
Polar expedition. It revealed that
the party were all right in August,
1903,, and intended going down the
Peel Sound in order to get as near
the pole as they could. The Neptune
crossed over to l.eopold Harbor, on
thc south side of Lancaster Sound,
and thore saw the remains ol a
launch belonging to the Franklin Expedition and a quantity of provisions
left by tho Windward, a Dundee
Whaler, for the Swedish Expedition.
At Pond's Inlet Mr. Lowe saw three
boats of tho Dundee whaling lloot.
They had no whales on board. From
there tho Neptune went south to
Cumberland Gulf, where the ice was
very heavy, nnd afterwards passed
through Hudson's Strait under steam
to Fullerton Day, where they wintered. Two policeman were left at
Fullerton and two were invalided
home. The Neptune was then relieved by the Arctic. Mr. Lowe states
thnt he could havo maifr the northwest passag* if lu* had so desired.
Hoy la 11.T   la   Iliclll**.
King Edward represents fully tho
average height in British stature,
which is 6 feet 7 J inches, his actual
height in his boots being .*i feot 8f
inches. Tho Emperor William falls
slightly below his Hoyal uncle's, but
not below the average German
height. Of the clotted rulers President Loiibet represents the French
average, which is 6 feet <i inches. On
thc other hand, we find the Emperor
<>4 Japan to bo far above the national standard of height. His Majesty i.s a tall man for a Japanese, "i
feet ti inches. The tallest Hoyal por-
sonnge is King Leopold, 0 feet fl
Inches, whieh places hlm next to
Peter the tireat, who measured 6
foet  8J  inches. i
Love Is kindly and deceltless.—
Yen Is.
Lovo can sun the realm : of night—
Sch 11 Ier.
Love's a thing (lint's never out of
season.—Barry Cornwall,
They do not love that do not show
their love.—Shakespeare.
He that shuts out love In turn shall
be shut out by love—Tennyson.
The greatest miracle of love Is the
cure of coquetry.—Lu Iloehefoucauld.
Love ls master of tho wisest; It Is
only fools that defy bim.— Thackeray.
Lovo never dies of starvation, but
often of Indigestion.—Ninon de 1'Enclim.
The magic of drat lovo is the Ignorance that it can ever cud.—Beacons*
Man's love ls of man's life a thing
opart; 'tis woman's wholo existence.—
lt Is Impossible to love n second time
when wo have onco really  ceased  to
love.—La Rochefoucauld,
An  Oild   lli*rraj|(a*.
To avenge Ids defeat in the municipal election! for the provincial council
Bt Tra lus Monies the Marquis de
Xnnos cornered the entire stock of
butchers nnd poulterers of the town.
Tbe Inhabitant! hud to subsist without
meat for u week.
The Brazilian flower known as ths
running antelope Is so called because
its white petals have a series of well
defined, dark colored lines and dots
In which the imagination can readily
trace the form of an antelope, with its
limbs outstretched and hend thrown
back, seemingly fleeing for its life. In
the "caricature plant" one species has
the imitative form on the petals, and
another has it outlined in the ribs and
shading of the leaves.
The last mention^ curiosity bears
a renin rkably well executed likeness
of the Duke of Wellington and has on
that account been named "Arthur and
His Nose." Among the orchitis the
imitative form Is entirely different in
character, being exhibited ln the shnpe
of the flower itself. Some are exnet
counterfeits of bees, butterflies, moths,
etc., while others take upon themselves the form of worms and beetles.
Naturalists believe that in the first instance it Is nature's trap to lure other
bees, moths and butterflies, but lu tne
case of the worm and the beetle, orchids or those that ure the exact counterparts of toads, lizards nnd huge
spiders, they do not attempt to ex-
Well babies sleep soundl and wake
up brightly. When babies are restless and sleepless It Is tho surest
possible sign of illness—in all probability due to tho derangement of the
stomach and bowels, or teething troubles. Baby's Own Tablets are thc
only proper remedy. The.v remove
the trouble and in this way give the
little one sound, refreshing sl.*ep. and
it wakes up healthy and happy,
Guaranteed to contain no harmful
drug or opiate. Mrs. Thos. Cain,
Lortng, Ont.. says: "My baby suffered
from stoinach trouble and teething,
and wns quite cross, got Bab's Own
Tablets and the seemed to work almost like a charm. I think nothing
can eqiuil the Tablets for children's
ailmenis." You can find them atdrUn
stores or get them potpaid at 2ri
cents a box by writing the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
An Old  Shoe,
A young couple recently started on
their wedding tour. A shower of rice
and old shoes followed them as they
entered the railroad conch. After the
train pulled out the bridegroom saw
an old shoe lying ln the aisle. Supposing it was one that had been thrown
at him, he picked it up and dropped it
out of the window. An old man across
the aisle wakened a few minutes later
and begnn looking for thnt particular
shoe. Tbe bridegroom bad to buy him
a new pair.
"My dear,*"* said Mrs. Henpeck, "I'm
positive that our George is thinking
seriously of matrimony."
"Well, I only hope so," returned Hen-
peck, with unusual spirit. "I wouldn't
wnnt any boy of mine to be so unfortunate us to regard it ns a joke."
Midline Hlmaelf.
Father—Now, Maud, in selecting s
husband look, before nil things, for Intelligence and Integrity. Your mother,
I nm sorry to say, looked only for
Little .Tames—Father, wbat are ft'
Heal Father—Amusements that ws
hare grown tired of. my mam.
Can Only Be Cured by Enriching the
Blood by the Use of Dr. Williams
Pink Pills.
The kidneys filter every drop ot
Vour blood. The purity of the bloo-1
lepend upon the kidneys—and thi
health of the kidneys depends u;:o:
the blood. If your blood is weak thi
kidneys have not strength for the'i
.vork and leave the blood unfiltered
and foul. If your hlood is had the
kidneys get. clogged with painful,
poisonous impurities. That is what
causes your backache with the dui:
pains or sharp s'abs of sick kidneys.
And kidmy disease is one of the
most deadly and hopeless things
that can attack you. Th? on'y hope!-
lo strike without delay atthe root ol
the trouble In the blend with Or.
Willlnms' Pink Pills. Thev actually
make new blood. They flush the kid
leys clean, heal their inflammation,
and    give    them    strength   for   their
work. Common kidney puis only
'ouch the symptoms—Dr. WI Hams
I'ink Pills cure the cause. That it-
why the.v cure for good and the
same time improve the health In
every wny.
Mr. Geo, Johnson, of the v'llage of
Ohio, N. S., gives strong proof of th"
truth of the above statements,    Hi
says: "My son, now nineteen years
Old. siiffeicl greit'y with kidney trouble, lb; was constantly troubled with
severe pains in the back, and often
passed sl topless nighti. lis appetlt?
failed, he grew weak, and roul I
hardly do ihe usual work thai falls to
the lot of a boy on a farm, We trlcl
several kidnev medlcinei, but thev
did not hcl|i him nny Then a friend
recommended Dr, Williams' Pink
l'ills, nnd this was the first medl-lne
that reached the cause if the trouble
He used the pills for a co'ipl" of
mo; ths, and I am thankful to say Is
now as strong and healthy as any
six   box«s  for   (12.50.
Well babies s'eei sou'div and wn'"*
blood Ihnt Dr. Williams' Pink l'ills
will not cure, simply lv cause they
re alto new. rich, red blood that. px
■e's disease from ove-v part of th?
bulv. That. Is why Ihey cure the
worst rnscs of anaemia, indigestl in,
neuralgia, rheumatism, hea,,acv,e,
.itni backaches, nnd the s'ncinl all
meets from winch women alone suffer,   Bul only the genuine pi lis cn
do ('iis, nnd vou should see t''at t***
fall name, "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
and was t\ lite COM. I g t I'aliy'i Own
I'ubl -ts and thev seemed to wo-k n'-
nii medicine dealers, or I'lrct by fall
from the Dr Willlnms' Medicine Co,
Brockville, Ont,, nt 50 cents a box, o.-
Blxboxes for $2.50.
The greater Canada.
Lord   Minto  Ssr*   tn*   Future   ol  the Do-
uiliilun Pane* Imagination—The
Old Onler I'aeelng.
At the farewell banquet given to
Lord and Lady Minto, tha retiring
Governor-General   said:
"I can assure Your Worship that if
during my term of office 1 have been
fortunate enough in the fulfilment of
my duties to earn for myself the appreciation of tho people of tho Dominion, I ask for no greater rewnrd
and now I may say tho same for
Lady Minto. Her interests have always centred largely in tho welfare
of this country and the happiness o'
its everyday life, and it will always
be a delight to her to hear of thc
further success of work which she
has very much at heart.
"But to-night. Your Worship, there
is a 'rift' in the lute. I now have
come to say good-bye. I have run my
race in Canada, the awkward fences
and the nasty turns aro things of the
past, and I cannot ride it over
again. It is not for me to say whether the course has been easy or difficult, but it has certainly been full
of interest, and, after all, gentlemen,
It has only been the first heat in the
great Imperial stakes which it rests
with the people of tho United Kingdom and the people of Canada to
win or lose.
"I hope Your Worship will absolve
me from any intention of trespassing
in the domain of politics, but perhaps it may not be out of place for
me to glance very lightly at the history of tho past six years that have
gone by since, ns Governor-General. I
set foot in tho Dominion. Thoy have
been years of marvelous prosperity,
of great advancement in commercial
wealth, of great development of the
magnificent resources of this wonderful country, but greater influences in
tho history of Canada than any of
these have come into existence.
Problem* of tlia Kutuie.
"A great man has raised considerations'as to the Imperial responsibility of the King's subjects beyond tho
seas, and a great statesman is aiming at directing into one common
channel the interests of the Motherland, and her self-governing dependencies. We are in a transition stnte,
the old order of things is passing
away, colonies are becoming nations,
with a notional sentiment of their
own, but—I say it as strongly as I
can—with no diminution of affection
to tho Motherland from which they
6prang. We aro face to face with a
problem full of dilliculties, no doubt.
Conditions are changing, and wo cannot afford' to stand still. Now that I
am leaving you, I will only say,
work out the problem with all deference for the traditional doctrine of
the Old World, with full regard for
the hopes of vour risincr nationality,
with ail respect for racial traditions,
but remember always that what i.s
good for thc Empire is good for Canada, and what is good for Canada
is good for the Empire.
Canada's  Splendid Province!.
"Your Worship, I have traveled
much throughout tho length and
breadth of tho Dominion, and, proud
as Canadians are of their country, 1
believe they can hardly exaggerate its
future possibilities. I have just returned from the Northwest. The Territories are, as you know, not new
to me, but as the other day I rode
through thc Saskatchewan Valley,
beautiful beyond description in all
the brilliant coloring of the fall,
across prairies still strewn with the
skeletons of extinct buffalo herds, past
Indian battlefields of only a few-
years ago, and as I found settlements growing into villages, villages
into prosperous towns, and immigrants pouring into tho land, 1 realized that wc are at the commencement of a new era. Your Worship, I
can at any rate bear witness to tho
splendid promise of Canada's future.
1 can go home to tell thc people of
the Motherland that their kinsmen
here beyond the sens are, by their
own energy, day by day developing
Imperial resources and Imperial
wealth, the vast ness of which is as
yet but little known. I hope I may
always share in the aspirations of
the Canadian people, nnd, Your
Worship, I can assure you Lady Minto and T will take home with us the
warmest recollections of our Ufa
here, and will never forget the farewell we have received from the citizens of Montreal."
I'lnlftaaneaa of War.
At the recent meeting of the Women's National Council in Toronto,
Mrs. By Ies drew attention to tha
population of Canada—five or six
millions—and said that there was
that number of men in the European
Continental armies in time of peace.
They earned nothing and did nothing, but their fellow count rvini'ii had
to pay for their support While tbey
practiced  the art  of killing.
ln dozens of recant wars there hnd
been only loss for both winner and
loser. The soldier was promoted and
lhe contractor gut rich, but the nation lost. England hnd once a War
to keep the Bourbons from IIm'Spanish throne. They had another to put
a Bourbon on the throne of Franco,
No Bourbon would over reign in
Franco  ns  long as  the  world   lasted.
The L'nited States had a war und
pot the PhilliplneS, Now the.v Were
guessing what to do with the new
territory. Britain had a war. She
gained the Transvaal nnd achieved
her point. But tilings were never
worse in South Africa, Men Were
coming away from the country, Chi-
liaeien  were working  ihe   mines.
'Iill recently the |d"a bnd been thai
there were no International courts,
Now there was a court, at The
Hague, with Ci5 judges on the rota.
prepared to arbitrate any case. Car-
llOgio would give it a home. Men
Would get justice, which Wiih never
gained in a war where tho strung
party won.
Sure Proof,
Paterfamilias—And eoiild you support my daughter, sir? I ovor—J
have two strong arms, Paterfamilias—But can tbey Support her''
Lover—Thoy ofton have.—Melbourne
Weekly Timed.
God never gives His power to Iced
our pride. _____
"There it goes again," said the trolley conductor as he rang the bell to
let off a passenger who had only ridden for a square.
"You'd be astonished," continued tbe
knight of the bell strap, "to know how
many people try to beat the trolley for
a free ride when they want to make a
call a square or two away from home.
"They hop on the car, wait till It bus
started and then want to know If the
car doesn't go to some plnce which they
kuow it doesn't come within a mile of.
In this way they get their rldo for
nothing and go on their wny In the belief that they bavo fooled the conductor."
Sunlight Soap
represents care, skill  and scientific acc\ir»
in its manufacture.   That is why it does "S
washing without shrinking woolens. R52»
linens or injuring your hounds. *ym8
Equally good with heird or soft water
No scrubbing, no boiling, more clean*,,,.,
less toiling. __      _      _   ■_ nsin8'
Try Sunlight
Your money ba.ck if not satisfied.
• llnS
Discretion n Failure.
"I was at the husking bee one day.
Greut fun."
"Find a red ear?"
"Kiss the prettiest girl?"
"Nope.   Didn't dare.   All the pretty
girls were engaged to husky farmers."
"What did you do?"
"Kissed tho homeliest girl."
"Did that give satisfaction?"
"Not a bit of it.   Each of the husky
farmers   felt  that   I   hod  personally
snubbed   bis   best   girl."
More Likely to Get It.
Noonsh—Wonder where I can borrow somo money?
Hardupp—What do you want it for?
"Oh, I've got a sure thing in the tiftb
race tomorrow."
"You don't want money; you want
to borrow trouble."
Mnai.nl Taste.
"Say. pa!"
"Well, what?"
"Why does that mnn ln the band
run the trombone down his throat?"
"I suppose it is because he has a
taste for music."
Lavsr Brothers Limited
Lots of women believe that their
husbands are great men because the.v
write bad hands, but they get no one
to agree with them except their husbands.
MINARD'S IJN1HEMT Reliefs NeuralilL
Any woman can make a fool of- a
man,, but it takes a feminine genius
to make a man of a fool,
You can't cure a cough or cold
from the outside. You must
cure it through tbe blood.
Cure ?S.iCLuns
is the only remedy that will do this.
It gets right to the root of the
trouble.   It is guaranteed to cure.
Prlcei: S. C. Wells & Co. Sll
Be. 30c. (1.   LeRoy.N.Y., Toronto. Can.
TEMPER travel hand-in-hand and are
the precursors of mental and physical
wreck. Nine himdred and ninety nine
times ln a thousand food ferment (Indigestion) is the cause. Dr. Von
Stan's Pineapple Tablets keep the
stomach sweet—aid digestion—keep
the nerve centres well balanced—
they're nature's panacea — pleasant
and harmless.  35 cents.—S8
Perhaps the reason that there arc
so few women lawyers is that women
tell what is not so only on impulse. A
man can lb* by design.
Though some women may love
longer than men we rather even
things up by loving oft 'inr.
Eve   organized   the    lir.-t    woman's
Club.  It wns the limb of an apple tree
If the Garden of Eden
in Africa, then Adam ami _*7_\
have been Ethoplans, and it ,r,v
ly follows that the lorbiilden fria?
a watrenielon. '-'
We all Have Missions in th<VU
—There ls a work to ,|,, [or J
man on earth, there is a f-nito-,
perform for everything mi oaith«
mate and inanimate. Even-thing|
a mission, nnd the mission oli
Thomas' Eclectric Oil Is to h
and wounds of every il.s ij •
cure coughs, colds, eta,up and a||i
fectons of the respiratory organs.
Wo have heard a good 'leal about
"woman's gentle touch," but ate
about the first of the month we ^
lieve that the gentleness ol Itlsgrai
ly over-estimated.
About tin*   time   a   girl begins li
lengthen her dresses, Bhe n!s> !:«■«
to shorten her father's bankacMu;
any of these unmistakable signs*
'nfflness under the eyes? Swollen
I. nbs? Smothering fo ■ling*' Chan?*
of tho charactr of the urine" E*
haustlon after least exertion? If yoj
havo there dropsical tendency ail
you shouldn't delay an hour in
ting yourself under the great South
American Kidney Cure.—86
An Incubator Without Cash
Until October,  1905
"here is big money to be made in raising chickens with an Incubator.
Canada expo.-ts annually millions of chickens to the United State! and
Great Britain.
The consumption of poultry in Canada is increasing rapidly and the
poultry dealers complain that they cannot get enough poultry to fill their
Cne woman bought a No. 3 Chatham Incubator the first of March
—tlie had five hatches by July first and had four hundred plum?,
sturdy chicks. In six months her Incubator had paid her Jtoo.oo, several
t.mes its cost.   A Chatham inc.ibator should pay lcr itself each hatch.
We have perfected .".n Incubator and brooder. We beileve it is now
absolutely the best in tlie world. We have sufficient capital behind us, and
we are out for tlie entire business in incubatou. We know tiiat there is no
other incubator that can approach the
Chatham Incubator
This is our proposition : To demonstrate our absolute confidence in the Chatham Incubator
we will send one to you, freight prepaid, and you make your first payment in October, 1905.
The fact that we sell our Incubators in this manner guarantees them to the fullest extent.
Thirty days' trial is a delusion and a snare. If you have good luck you may get off one hatch in
that time, and even then you are uncertain, and if you reject the machine you will have to pay the
freight both ways. But with us you send in your order and we ship the machine prepaid. When
it arrives, if it seems all right, start your hatch, and we will give you until October, looj, before
you have to pay a cent in cash. We positively guarantee that the machine is a good hatcher.
Every machine should sell a dozen, and we will, on no account, allow a machine that il defective
to remain in any neighborhood.
Thi So. S main..; 1011 Haul me le all
ri.'llt, K|h»U'llt<l l"ll   .at   I "'   I'TllIf   <((•,
101 l"»<hI .ir. .,.. r-hi ■>, ,a,a tht hromltr
■a'H tliem »ll •'. 1 ha I in Ila- un an ila r
it tin Mine unit. In Hi ■ oilier trey. II
dllOk •*»..< a al 21 g.HiM. •>-.!, tram »l,„ li
». tut <.H dui-ki 'nil HfWWI total, 71
Irom Ti eg**, • ... i,.,.,,.■ i e turkite el
la   uill,!.!.,.'!.,,'  iia-l  >!i.^.  nil,  'a.
ine   chickeue.        Tht   brooder   (lets    Vl'* retoiiimeii I tin Cilliiin  In.'ul'iWr
nail)  good al ilar.iw.    ■,.,,   ruing I ■>"'  Brooder  la I* UM i "I nml (ureal
Thi In"ub»tor not me la working
•xneedinfl*/ well. II la vara a* la
operutil, tnd ac tai hu ra |uir«d tiummn
for only a law lninulaa pet ... Tr,9
flrit lol of egn 110, ni. elimination I
found 'Im .vi were not fertile, i x, ,,ih, -
were hrokan a,*"idenul!v, and I l„a i , .
chick* nr at. ail a' - per cent 7 ih« >crt. .,
.get. The ee.-ond trial ol llu , ... ma i/J
I with to lei tou know nl ns» **_*
wiib <our liKUbttar. 0B» ol 1"»*/|M
got 74 rhkka, and nut "t my •*'»n™
htfh I got oi from 1 t Iff* I i'"1 '"j
mfniiia ■ pure rac *-a* il r|in ■' " ,
to dlrawtloM  Tin broodti '• • *'■"";
tail I havt nnt lot! 11 l.i'k *.< '". "'a
tha» tre tllimal leafer."! 1 "''',','
JOIIMI. JloKINJaON. Collln«*"*-*J.t)1"'
Ma.Uot thla paper.
»ir«nt, yf Tuniliull, brought to.d»y.' Hv    AliAMS, llirtie, Man.   "       """ ""     ' I inr n-ighlViri. "Vourt t "''*"•''   Mll''>'
third hitch ntma nff fe.terdtjr with lli      Tht No. 3 Inrubtof I bought Irom   MAllOAlltT   Mcl.NTOhU.    IfslMW""
eniOUotltel 119 eggt    Wt Iuv. tltn *   ynu it til you rea otninended ll to be.    I   Aa.-
Chithim inning Mill which girtt good   put In 101 eggt. iml after lea'lng out Iht
■ttlilaition,    I will nnt low an  0PSW* I Infertile oriei,   I liavt 71! ahlcke    I And
tunita  ol recommending tht Chatham   the lUablAl Oral rlata In every particular
En    **V? 'SfJS—Vl   Y""r* ttmytmV , and eaav to run, If dlrti'linnaarr followed
fOlly, Una. SIDNKY SMITH, Scotland, ' carefullr.       Yourt  reepe* tlullr    MU*
Cl"' I HKNHY CIIASK, Warren, Oni."
Chatham Incubators and  Brooder! have every  new  improvement worth   tvli le
in an incubator or brooder.     The incubators are niaiie with two wails case within
case, of dry material that has  been  thoroughly seasoned in our lumber yam's.
They are finished in antique oak, are built solid as a rock and will stand any       /*J
amount of usa^e for years.    They are fitted with a perfect steel and brass
regulator that insures a successful hatch.     There has never before been
such an offer as this made in the whole world.    The sooner you take
advantage of this offer, the more time you will have  before   October,
1905. to make first payment.    Cut off the coupon and send it in today
for our booklet on the way to raise chickens, what it costs and your
profit.     You will obtain all information regarding the Chatham
The Manson Campbell Co. LimitcJ
Manufacturers of Chatham Incubators and Brooders
Dlal.rlhiitlng Wuruhoutet at Montreal, Quo., Ilritiiilon, Msn.,
OilKury, Alt*., Now WeaUulnMnr, ll.C*.. Halifax, N.8.
F»ctorloa»tCha'.liam. (Int., Detroit, Mich.
■Aluo.Maiiiifai.'iurrr, „f thn Ktmoua Camitiell Kanolig Mllli
aud Chatham Farm ttoalea
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
A series of articles describing
their lives, their aims and
their Influence.
No. 13. ♦
E. A.   BAILEY. ♦
This Oe Understood
Ceylon Tea is absolutely pure, fresh, flagrant and full of
cup drawing qualifications posessed by no other tea. This
is why it is becoming so immensely popular. Sold only^in
sealed lead packets.    By  all Grocers.
E.   A.   BAILEY,
Editor and Proprietor of the Estevan
II thought much
public government,
(inclusions  tliere
■ "I; to week ho
lalmlng with no
|       •    conclusions.
01 all tho newspaper men of the
lanadian West, tew are more widely
ti.iwn   than K. A. Bailey,   of   the
:-:. van Mercury.  To bc.-jin with, he
an oldtlmer,    Since  he came    to
lanada in  1SU9  he  has been almost,
ontlnuously  engaged  in  journalism,
not always    with    success, at all
lines  with  vigor.  Among  the l'rater-
liity Mr. Bailey will always be known
having started   more  paperB  perils than any mnn in the Canadian
|\Y' at, ami this distinction alone will
entitle him to a plan In this series of
1;!"   sketches.     But.   apart   from   this
[act, Mr. Bailey has Other and strong-
cr reasons for professional notice. He
;i man ot,advanced views,   ami is
jfearless and forcible in their expression.    While he has given a  general
■support to Liberalism  in  his ininier-
lons Journalistic  ventures, Mr.  Bailey
n garded with something akin   to
suspicion by many of the staid rank
and  file of  that  party,  and to many
i onservativea    he    and his political
creeds aro anathema  maraii.tha.  He
believes in government of, by, anil for
the people, ami not in the perfunctory
tiner in which thai  famous polltl-
[nil dogma is usually held, but in all
Its  Implications,  corollaries and  con-
[uences.    No   bugaboos  can  scare
I Brother Bailey.    To say that a thing
is visionary or Impractical  is no argument with him.   He has nail much
on   questions of
ami  has reacbe 1
anent,    and    from
goes  ahead,    pro-
uncerta n    sound
^^^^^^^^^       and  showing  the
laws an l  Imperfections of  existing
I tlons, ami the coincidence of his
with thus* of any political par-
being apparently a matter of su-
|pn    • Indifference to hlm.   His i.s a
nice crying  in   ihe journalistic  wil*
• nn ss.     His   is   t'-o  temperament
Itliat delights in lending a forlorn hone
I      the  realm  of thought.    He is   the
editorial  knight  errant of  the  C'ana-
illl n   West.
\     dread    of     that     inconsistency
which Is the bete noir of the average
iic man has no part or lot in  Hie
akeup of Brother Haley. In his time
ii" has strongly  advocated  things   he
formerly    strenuously    opposed,   and
C.* versa.    He believes to the full In
the old  Arab  proverb,  that  only   the
foolish and  the  dead  never  change
■heir opinions.    He does not believe
i hat conversion is a monopoly of the
realm of morals,  hut  that   It   should
extend to all matters in which expert*
nee is throwing new  light  and  time
. (Tarda more Information.   One tlvng
' ■     believes    thoroughly—that    after
opinions are honestly formed    they
■ mid     be     fearlessly     advocated.
Hence, he hews to tho line, and lets
'  ■• chips fall whero they  may.
Brother Bailey has prejudices, and
ine Of theni he keeps well oiled and
tillable for Instant  use.    ilu   lvs  a
rofound distrust  of any form of au*
turracy,    He   believes   ill   the   dlStribU*
' "ii rather than the central'satlon of
forma of power,  !!•• keepi a wary
pye iiii corporations ami "vested litis," and  lib's to arms instantly
ulu'iiover they  attempt any Invasion
'I popular rights. He Is f.e chum-
mi of the manv nga'ns:  Hi" few,of
' ' classes against tiie masses, in
rl  lie i.s a democrat to the hilt,
i h hla sympathies Irrevocably link-]
1,1 with thos* cf the comUbn people.
In Ms long years of public s nice hei
for a seasmi    have    gone nft t
nge   gods—have   calle 1   thine    lie
in follow the unrealizable,   the
mary, nnd  the  Utopian, but none
accuse  blm  of lack of  devotion
the general good, nor of courage
'   i Ivocatlng the views he held.
I'rlor to   his   int Ting   new8P|ipar
Mr   Bailey had an Int in sing
 r.       II"   is   of   Lancashire  birth,
• 'ing been bovn ui   Preston In  Dehor is:',s.   He came to Cshadaat
nge   of   sixteen.    In    1854.     He
irted in to learn the printing busi*
■   ;. learning the cass, mui selling
" at   Blmcoe   and  Quel ill.    Aft t
' ■ ara be joined the ninth (Prince
' Wnleal Koyal Canadian Ho'iinnt.
"d fur the suppression of th" In*
" •'"  mutiny,    hut    the mutiny being
i'"l  before    the    regiment's    nr*
•i at In Ila. did service In London,
"•nltar    and     Malla.    Mr.    Hull y
'" '■ 1 In iill these places,   an l   wns
''"'I'd to th" rank of sor.-o mt, f ir
"r**o years holding  positions on  the
1 ""   nnd   regimental sniffs.   He
"•*ht his discharge while theregl*
"■pni   wur „t   Malta,  married   I In 'fill
:""1 apent three yoars in Englaad.He
joined and was on the staff of the
1st. Manchester Royal Volunteers, and
was drillmaster of the Industrial
School at Swinton
During his military career Mr.
Bailey had by no means forgotten his
craft. While in Gibraltar he was mechanical superintendent of the Gibraltar Chronicle, a small daily published by the officers of the garrison.
In tho fall of 1809 Mr. Bailey returned ti-j Canada, and at once secured a position a;-j foreman of the
St. Mary's Argus and Kincardine Review. A little later he was proofreader for the job department of the
Toronto Globe, and for nearly four
years contributed articles to several
Toronto papers. After leaving the
Globe he acquired the Oakville Express, which he published for seven
years, selling out that paper to take
the general management of the Woodstock Times. Next we find Mr. Bailey
mechanical manager of the Sarnia
Observer. From tlienco he went
across to Kalamazoo, Mich., and over
twenty years ago came to the Canadian West. He becahie the editor and
manager of The Mountaneer, a long
forgot ten paper published at the long
deceased town of Nelson, Man. In
those days tho Mountaineer was a
power in tho land, its ediior, Mr. Gal*
brith, being one of the most able
newspaper men of the pioneer west. It
was owing to Mr. Galbraith's ill-
health and his being ordered to British Columbia, that Mr. Bailey became his locum tenons. On Mr Gal-
liraiih's return Mr. Bailey came to
Winnipeg, and took over the publication of the C. P. R. Register. A little
later he removed to Brandon, and
continued the publication of the Register, changing its name to the
Nonh west Vindicator. After a few
months tho Vindicator again pitched
its moving tent, locating finally at
Rapid City. Being appointed county
clerk. Mr. Bailey sold the paper to H.
C. Clay, its name being again changed
to tlio Rapid City Reporter, of wliich
Mr. Clay is still the proprietor,
In 1893 Mr. Bailey resigned his
county court clerkship, went to Morden and there started the Herald,
which he subsequently sold to Messrs.
Borthwick and Fox. His next journalistic venture was the Wawanesa Enterprise, which was a failure from
lack of support. Ho moved the plant
to Emerson, whore he started the
Journal. This. too. he sold to Messrs
Ballantyne and Hartley. MacGregor
was tho scene of Mr. Bailey's nexteM-
terprlse. At this point bo started the
MacGregor Herald, which, after seven
years' successful] operation, he sold
to Iho Rov. A. Chisholm. His final
migration was to Estevan, where he
Started the Mercury, which he is now
publishing, In partnership with his
In tho pioneer days of tho province Mr. Bailey took an active part
in the organization of the Farmers'
Union movement, and did much to
promote its success, until it, was
wrecked by the attempt to run polities and tho wheat trade In tho same
groove. Mr. Bailey was C. P. R emigration commissioner in Ontaii.i in
1886, and managed the exhibition car.
travelling through the whole of that
province on the most successful tour
it ever made.
As may bo judged by the foregiing
Mr. Bailey is a pronounced optimist
He has a boundless belief in both tho
present and the future of the Canadian Northwest, and has certainly sacrificed much in contributing to its development—developments which ho
has done much to promote by his pen
and on the platform. He ls one of Ihe
most familiar figures at press conventions. His pugnacity and pertinacity
In debate being only equalled by his
uiifailiig good humor.
Whon a woman wants to get a new
hat she seeks the advice of her dearest friend female, and then buys an
entirely different pattern than the one
FIFTY YEAR8.—Dr Agnew's Catarrhal Powder cures him. Want any
stronger evidence of the power of this
wonderful remedy over this universal
disease? Want the truth of the case
confirmed? Write George Lewis,
Shamokin, Pa. He says: "I look
utpon my cure as a miracle." It re-
leves in ten minutes.—89
God doesn't allow the angels to appear to mortal vision any more, but
when we can see a mother an'.l her
baby we don't miss the heavenly visitants.
India Inning Man.
Sewing ls a masculine occupation In
India, and the .derzle, or sewing man,
ls a past master ln his art up to a certain point He is possessed of little initiative, but Is a wonderful Imitator,
besides being an exquisite needleman,
and from a riding habit to a pretty
blouse or frock he can copy almost
anything ln reason, rising to the high
water mark of triumphant achievement ln such garments as require minute stitchery and clever broderle.
Badly Eiprciird,
The orator of the corner store waa
giving forth his views of a popular
congressman whose death had been
chronicled in the evening paper. "I
tell you," he said gloomily, "he's going to be a loss to all that have known
him or known of him. He has died, as
he has lived, unanimously regretted."
"Auntie, do you always say expireV
"Why do you ask, dear?"
"Oh, just because pn*pa said you were
one of those people who never say die."
A Certainty.
Caller—I am so sorry your mistress Is
out. Do you think she will be at home
this evening? Maid—She'll have to be;
It's my night out.
If wo always gave the devil his due
he would own tho earth.
No person should go from home
without a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial In their possession, as change of water, conking, climate, etc., frequently brings on summer complaint, and there is nothing
like being ready with a sure remedy
at hand, which oftentimes saves great
suffering, and frequently valuable
lives. This Cordial has gained for itself a widespread reputation for affording prompt relief from all summer complaints.
It is easy to convince a woman that
she is beautiful, and a man that he is
Intellectual. If proof were needed,
then three-fourths of the people in
the world would be miserable.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
ioap Powder dusted in the bath, softens
the water aud disinfects, 3S
Men commit more crimes than women, hut at the final judgment we fancy sin and crime will be meted the
same punishment, and then—well, the
men won't be lonesome.
Wo seldom see tho renl man or the
wonien, oven in the mirror. Wo disguise ourselves oven from ourselves.
A man will make excuses of in ing
wrong, but a wnman will not admit
boing wrong.
I don't know whal to sot against tho
phrase "Eternal feminine," unUs.i it
in* "infernal masculine."
Bald? Scalp shiny and thin?
_ Then it's probably too late.
You nctfectal dandruff. If
you had only taken our advice, you would have cured
air Vigoij
the dandruff, saved your hair,
and added much to it. If
not entirely bald, now Is your
opportunity.   Improve It.
"I hava ,,te4 A»er*i flair Vif»r ter treat «t
aa.au. 1 am now "I , aal a old and harea beary
,-r.i-tS nf rl.i, brown hair. Su*, 1 thtuk.en-
uialr 1* Ajer'a llalr Vleer."
Mm  M  A. KaiT«, Belleville, 111.
v___u __h
iGood Hair
Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald H. ;* '
Ringworm, Eczema, Itch, Barb rs
Itch, Ulcers. Blotches, Chronic Erysipelas, Liver Spots, Prurigo, P«or •
asls, or other eruptions of the sk'n—
■what Dr. Agnew's Ointment has done
for others lt can do for you—cure
you. One application gives relief —
35 cents.—87
A great many of our Canadian
girls are seeking foreign titles by
marriage, forgetting that there is a
native one nojler tnan all. It Is tha'
of "wife."
Ilnar.'j Liniment Cum Burns, Etc.
A man can be seventeen kinds ofa
sinner and his wife will forgive hlm,
but let him be one kind of a fool and
it is a caso for lifo atonement.
A man thinks ho knows; a woman
knows, she knows. Neither really
A Clear, Healthy Skin.—Eruptions
of the skin and the blotches which
blemish beauty are the result of Impure blood caused by unhealthy action of the Liver and Kidneys. In
corroctng thl3 unhealthy action and
restoring the organs to their normal
condition, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
will at the same time cleanse the
blood, and the blotches and the eruptions will disappear without leaving
any trace.
Woman I.s a slave to fashion;   man
to habit.    Fashion  usually Improves
while habit grows wor.-e. llut you can
get rid of a habit
Woman has inntvlirael lt to
"Trust in Col and c rry your i o.vih-r
rag." And Cromwell turns l*i his
I wns cured of n bad case of Crip
Sydney.C.H. C.   I.   LAC.L'E.
I  was Cured   of   loss of voice  by
Yarmouth.       CHAS. PI.VMMER.
I  was Cured  of  Si latica   Rheumatism by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Burin, Nfld.    LEWIS S. BfTLER.
When a girl begins to got thin, she
always look8 around fur a poet or an
ait 1st to have a lovo affair with.
When a man swears off drinking he
saves   money,   for   then   he   sneaks!
around nnd drinks by hn:s If.
For Inflammation of the Eyes.—
Among the many good qualities which
Parmelee's Vegetable l'ills possi ss,
besides regulating the digest Ivo organs, ls tlielr efficacy In reducing Inflammation of the eyes. It ha„ called
forth many letters of recommendation from those who wero afflcted
with this complaint, and found a cure
ln tho pills. They affect tho nervo
centres and the blood In a surprisingly active way, and the reBiilt Is almost Immediately .teen.
Our gentleman's 14k.
solid gold, hunting-
case watch (No. 12617)
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Made big enough for a big
man to work in with1 comfort
Has more material in it than
any other brand of shirt In
Canada. Made on tht
H.B.K. scale it requires __4
to 42 yards per doien, whereas
common shirts have only 3a
to 33 yards.
That's the reason why the
H.B.K. "Big" Shirt nerer
chafes the armpits, is never
tight at the neck or wristbands, is always loose, full
and comfortable and wears
wdl ~
Each shirt bears a tiny book
that tells the whole history
of tha "Big" Shirt, and
also contains a notarial
declaration that the H.B.K.
"Big" Shirt contains 39J,
to 4a yards of material per
Sold at all dealers but only
with this brand:—
■oatreal       Wlaalpst      Dawsstj
A girl will accept almost any kind Men and women are different in
of a lie that is sugar-coated with com-this. A man can be driven to drink,
p.li ment, but the compliment has to be and a woman cau be led astray. The
of the right sort. result is about the same.
and proteot your children by keeping In the house
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Terpentine
The Thoroughly Tested and Reliable
Family Medicine.
To overcome croup you must act
There ls usually no time allowed
for sending for doctors or medicine.
The hollow, croupy cough at midnight may be your tlrst warning, and
♦his will strike terror to your heart If
you are not prepared to fight this disease.
It may be of little use to know that
Dr Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine is a positive cure for croup if
lt is not to be obtained at the critical
Most persons who have tested this
treatment for croufi keep a bottle at
hand, so that by prompt action they
can prevent the disease from reaching a serious stage.
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine ls composed of simple ingredients of unquestioned curative
power, is pleasant to the taste, well
liked   by   children   and can be used
- >	
with perfect safety by old andyounf,
so long as directions are followed.
bord street, Toronto, writes:
"Our children have been very subject to croup, and we have found that
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine has always brought quick relief. By using it at the first sign of
trouble the disease ls checked at
once. We always keep this remedy
in the house, and, in fact, feel that we
could not do without lt. We also nso
lt for coughs and colds with excellent
results, and'recommend lt to <-'0r
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed, and
Turpentine, 25 cents a bottle; family
size, three times as much, 60 cents,
at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates ft
Co., Toronto. To protect you against
imitations, the portrait and signature
of Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt book author, are on every box.
********      ARAIN    Threuih   •
VOUR     m**WaT**\A—mx9a—i     rnimmlmn   *-*-*,
•*if»y   *for   .***j||    Partloul
Thompson, Som
It r I oily   Oei
■».      Mt/rl«a»   t
•f Um grade
will chaw how we -taa
GRAIN I Jas. Richardson & Sons I ORAIN
(Until   recently   represented by the late E.  O'Reilly, Esq.)
All kinds of grain purchased in Car   Load   Lots.   Write us for top prlci
and   shipping   instructions.        Any   grade of wheat, oats, barley or
P. O. Box 629,   Winnipeg,   Man.
frnm grata ta «■ to be nil aa arrival ar
war4a, aa yea may wish.   We da a
^^^^^^^^^^^^        mlwlaa auaineM,   la   wfclok   wa kaeaj^^^^
faara' asp-arlaaaa.   Prompt aad reliable work gaaraateod.
liberal advene**.     Correspondence aeilolted.     Iioaneed aad Banded*
naiareaea.   Beak mi Hamilton.     Bxehaaffo Brinok.
DONAIJ MORRISON & CO. %&**.   m "* ^Wha ma»
Thomas law.      ship Your drain to       wiiliam law.J
Wa handle grain atrietly aa eommleelea.   UgbeaA Pvtaaa ebtatoaMa.
liberal advances.   Trade* carried aa margma la Wlaalpea/a futurtw.
Oarreapeadeaee aallcltad,
Consign jenr grain ta ma aad get prempt service, careful atteatleai
land highest market prices. Q      QDIIUlf      DRAWMtl
I ReUreoee-UNUN BANK et CANADA.   Vi    Ol     I HI IVf        |3|Q.
Oraln in ear lata beugbt en traek er sold oa cemmlsatoa. Reasonable
advaaoe made. Prompt Heturna. CoTsspoadence solicited. Reference]
Aay Bank ln Winnipeg.
Keep them in the house.
Take one when you feel bilious or dizzy. They act di-
wmen-of inwnnrnaarmiatn*. iii*hm,
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps out Cold.
Write  for   Samples   and Prices.
TEES & PERSSE,  Limited., Agents, Winnipeg.
TESTIMONIAL from th* lata SIR 8AM-
I'KI. HAKblll. th* faniuui Mil* Explorar.
"Newton Abbot, I1*von. D*ar Sir*—I
'have dclaj'Ml my thanki a» I wlihcd to
'.cat th* <*ir«rt ol Hlair'i PUI* by a suM*
cli'iit  Interval of time.
"For t*n year* I had *ufler*d a»**t*ly
from (Jout ami Uf* had rott It* attraa*
tion owing to th* uncertainty of health
• ml Biidclen VlMtatlOBI of th* •nmj
ula.a-h proitrated me lor month*, or week*
according toMh* virulence of th* attaek*
"Blalr • Pill* hav* reniUred tn* linmene*
•ervlce, a* I no lunger l*ar an attack
. of  limit
1     "For    th*   laat twenty   month* I hav*
h*en   comparatively   lu.*'.   a*  on*  or   two
attempted   vlaitation*  hav*   been   Immediately (tamped  out by  th* aialatanc*   el
|| llian  «   Hill*.
" "Truly your* (Slrnedl Saml. W. Bak*r.
Lyman Mon* A Co , Montreal and Tor*
U onto; Th* Hoi* Ilrug Co., Winnipeg; aad
* Martin, Boi* A  Wynne Co., Winnipeg.
It is a lirut.'il ninn who wun't llo to
Ills wife occasionally.
I    A cigar In the hand is worth two
dollars ln tho savings hank.
No sane man will get drunk hy design or sober by accident.
Styles   change   from  year to  year
but woman's way is alwaya here.
Women commit mistakeBOf the henrt,
men of lho head. Two rout s to the
same end.
It is believed that same men ninr-
ry Just to have some one to blame for
their failures.
Facts and women nre bo'h stubborn thlngi, b it you occasionally get
around a fact.
ya**/   N    *—*    No   an THE DRILL. SLOGAN, R   C, DECEMBER S3, 1001.
I '
9 I
I     .'l.i
0. E. S.MiTHKRi.NYiAi.E, Editor anil Prop.
SLOCAN,      -      - '    -        -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the ii ra t insertion and 5 cents a line each,
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same tat*
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is t'2 per year. Strict"
ly iu advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid-
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
EDITORIAL    Cl.Ol'riN't'S.
The Drill wishes its readers and
friends a Merry, Merry Christmas.
Silver continues to stiffen ia price
having pessed the (il Bgure. Leading
mining inun anticipate strong prices
for the next Unci' years.
Manitoba's grain crop for the yonr
amounted to 82,676.619 bushels, being
•1,100,(542 bushels more than last year.
During Ihe year the farmers expended
upwards of 52,000.000 in new houses
aud barns.
Premier Peters,leadei'of the Liberal
government in Prince Edward Island,
has lost his seat on a recount, and his
party is minus a head. Conservatives
manage to pet in a satisfactory blow
onco in a while.
British Columbia's financial standing is higher today than it has lieen in
years—one result' accruing from the
adoption of party line politics, and incidentally from giving the Conservatives charge of affairs.
At this joyous season of the year remember the folks at hoyie and send
them a message of cheer. Perhaps ,
you have not written them for years,
but do so now. It will gladden them
and make vou a better man.
Minium has made substantial progress in the camp Quring the year, as
may lie judged *bv the increase in the
number of shippers.nni'iunt of ore exported, nnd number of men employed.
Government revenue from the division
is also far in excess of last vear.
Port Simpson has been definitely
decided upon as the terminus of thc
Grand Trunk Pacific. To thoso restless houIs longing to participate in the
speculative influences following the
construction of the great road, the opportune moment has arrived. Ho for
Port Simpson.
Premier McBride has intimated that
an equilibrium has been struck between the revenue and expenditure of
the province. RflfBaUehas increased.
largely from timber lands, receipts
from which have exceeded anticipation*! For the fiscal year ending with
June next the receipts from Umber
will approximate 1365,000. 1'iililic
affairs conducted without a deficit is
a novel experience i'or British Coluin
bin and.withal,extrenielv satisfactory
. Much railroad construction will bo
tinder way in the province next year,
the 15 uindary and East Kootenaj. being the chief centres. The latter, iu
particular, is progress iti',' rapidly, and
when   the   Flathead nil deposits am
developed and the Kootenay- Central
railway built, iniieh more valuable
country will be opened up and H
greater influx of geople will follow.
Numerous opportunities for profitable
investment will occur nud work in
plenty will be available.
Yukon has gone Conservative, Dr.
Thompson having ben elected to the
dominion house by upwards of 700
majority. To the Conservatives the
victory is particularly pleasing, not
only because the seat is redeemed, bul
because it gives point to their contentions that corruption and villainy were
rife in official circles iu that section.
In fact, the result of the election may
be regarded in the lighl of a popular
revolt of the people against corrupt
rule of the grossest nature.    An iin
partial and thorough Investigation
.should now be made by the authorities
into the charges against officials in
the Yukon  and  the guilty men pun
Ished.   So far they have been allowed
to do as they pleased and Ihey stopped
/it nothing,
*•"" ■"IV [0 lli llli'i'i        ■
Pay up your subscription.
Charley Snvder has wound up in
For first-class bread go to J. Ii
D. St. Denis leaves next week on a
trip to Ontario.
Duncan Ross' official majority in
Yale-Cariboo is ltil.
Miss Cummings, Trout Lake, is visiting her uncle, Aid. Madden.
A! McGill has gone to Nakusp to
work.   0. Plant is there also.
The shortest day has come and gone
and hope turns towards spring.
\Y. J. Goepel, inspector of government offices, wa.s here ou Tuesday.
Wm. Greenwood has removed his
family to his ranch dowu the valley.
Winlaw has quite a gang of men in
the woods taking out logs for his mill.
Fifteen men are employed on Ten
Mile, taking out logs for Koch's mill.
The weigh scales on Delaney live
have been taken up and shipped lo
For Sale.—A small base-burner coal
stove, in first-class condition. Apply
at tiiis otlice.
(i. Edwards left on Monday for
Movie, baying secured a position at
the St. Eugene,
Geo. McLean landed tn town this
week from the Cork mine, on the
south fork of Kaslo.
Grant (.'ox left on Tuesday to spend
theChristmns holidays with his mother
at Waitsburg, Wash,
Up to Saturday no snow had fallen
in New Denver and roses had been
picked in the gardens.
R. J. McPhee, manager of the Ottawa, left for Spokane Monday.to spend
Christmas with his family.
A sir; *"*:ig of men aro employed
at Win),,., s sawmill, dowi: the valley,
cutting and planing lumber.
E. Me.Fadven has a contract to take
out 4000 ties for the C.P.R. He has
started work on them down tho valley.
The public school closed for the
holidays last Friday, the closing exercises being of an entertaining nature.
Judge Hogan will hold his annual
banquet Monday night. All lonely
and wundeting Willies are invited to
Ymir had another fire last week,
when McLeod's dry goods store was
burned but, causing a loss of upwards
of $1503.
Messrs. Watson.C.iurtenavand Mc*
Fadyen, owning  ranches  down the
valley, will each put in 2(0 fruit tiee--
in the spring.
Miss Edwards, formerly one of the
public school staff, arrived in from the
coast Saturday night, on a visit toiler
sister, Mrs. Jorand.
The wrecking train came up from
Nelson Monday night, a couple of
ears baying been thrown from the
rails at the transfer Blip.
Word has been given out thaf the
difficulty between the C.P.R. and its
operators has been settled.there being
a compromise from lioth sides.
The annual Christmas tree enter*
tainineiit for tho children takes place
in the Music Hall this evening, the
programme commencing at 7.80.
Mrs. Elizabeth Deacon, wife of the
superintendent of sewers at Nelson.
died suddenly ou fhe street in that
city last Thursday, of heart disease.
Another fatal railway accident occurred in the Boundary last week. D.
K. McLean, a Great Northern brakie,.
being the victim. He fell lietween the
cars of an ore train.
A farewell was tendered Mr. and
Mrs. Hindle Wednesday night, by the
adherents of the Methodist church, at
the residence of Mr. aud Mrs. Boie.
A series of presentations were made
the guests of honor.
Justice of the Pence Curtis presided
at a police court case ou Mondav
afternoon, W. Mee was charged bv
A. G. Watson w{tb stealing some stuff
at Winlaw. The case was proven nnd
he was fined S10 and costs, or SO days.
Tin- Drill will print you. on short
notice and in anv amount, shipping
tags, billheads, statemi'llts.lcUi'l'heails.
notelcads, memos, receipts,envelopes,
Wilting cards, business cards, bills of
rare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc, Will
meet any quality or price.
Iiii" a. Churoh am  I'lli InIiiihk.
Following i.s the order of service at
Knox church, Christmas day:— ;
Doxolpgy No. (iili
Psalm No. Pi
Scripture Lesson	
Hymn No. 82
Collection, With quartette from choir
Sermon, "The Birth of Christ"	
Anthem,, j "Nazareth" Choir
Hymn No, M
Scripture Lesson	
Hymn .No. 688
Collection, with solo bv Mr.. McCord
\llli     I'' : ■•■
'The I)  iuih  .' ■ lu .. '
Prayer '.	
Anthem, "Glory to  God in Highest"
Hymn , No. 149
Court of Revision.
Tuesday morning a court of revision
for the hearing of complaints against
the provincial assessment roll, was
held at the government office, before
C. McAnn, K.C, ns judge, and Assessor Lucas. A large number of objections wore filed, principally from the
ranchers down the valley. Some assessments wero too high and others
found to be too low, so a general readjustment was made. At New Denver, on the Monday, only threo complaints were entered.
All fitr it Cliiiiiintiaii.
A slight, disturbance occurred nt
the str. Slocan on Wednesday, one of
the passengers taking objections to a
Chinaman traveling on the boat,wanting to pitch him in the lake. John
was going to the Emily Edith mine,
Silverton, to cook. Police influence
had to Ihi sought to quiet the trouble
and enable John to proceed.
Hotel Arrivals.
Arlington -A. McDonald, Seattle;
Wm. Koch, G. Gilchrist, R.S.Irwin,
Nelson; J. E. Miller, Vancouver; Geo.
McLean, Sandon; M. Isaacson, New
Royal A.Ross, Saudon; J. Smith
and wife, a. G. Watson, Winlaw; A.
Lucas, C W. McAnn, Kaslo.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered atthe local registry office, H. 1*. Christie lieing mining
Dec 9—Star of Leith, Lemon creek, 1)
)(>—Hdna, head of Twelve Mile creek,
J Law.
Pec 9—Carson.
12—Aricle, Aricle fraction for fivt
yours, Alfoiil for three veins, Algiers for
thine years.Survey fraction for live years,
Mayetta fraction for fivo years.
15—Club, Democrat and Koyal for
thiee wan.
The Queen's
Hotel j***^
KATES:   fje.00 PER DAT
First-class Dining Hooni
Large and Comfortable Bedrootos
Sample rooms for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
!•♦ »♦ *******
... 1 XiC.t.
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
Headquarters for traveling men
Large, airy looms
Best meals given  in  the  town
RATK8-M per liny I wita
-nmp;,. roomta •B,SO, si»<*-
< ial ritten ta uteu'ly bourdon
A   Faraaer
| "The Berliner Gram-o-phone
I bought of you wan a God-send during tha long Coid
winter of last year. It cheered us and made us Rla<*
and happy. I would not part with it for ten times
what it cost if I could not get another." Vv*e have
thousands of similar letters telling of the* pleasure and
entertainment derived from the Berliner Gra^a-p-phone.
It will sing vour favorite hymns or noiifrs nr pliy for you to dune* „
thing, from a coke-Walk to » Maxnilcn     it win nnm-iin'iif* entire t,„ T
ond the neighbors as vvell.   Costa oue-twentleth us much ns i\ i.,.-,,, , or „.'"**
nn.l gives a thousand times more vuueiy und |jlci»uri,    "A  child can outilti
it "—»o can you in five uuuuus. ■■ ""*
Prices of Gram-o-phoncs ^^/S <*}<-*.   9** A sf
complete with O Records **p£~J   IU  <ptyj
Guaranteed for Bye yeara    " li is nin'le in Canada "
SolA on o»«y cionlhly paymnnls if  dosired.    Write
for particulars. Catalogue tad list of Records.
Agent will exchange your o!,i Berliner Crani-tmAhone Records
FREE when you buy two uev Records/or {(idt one yon return f„r
exchange ! for instance, you return two Records : receive si.\ • t.ay
for jour. MANurncTuniD cr
Arthur Street, Slocan
Pressed Hay,
Feed and Oats...
Strathmore Trading Co.,
Dhaweh ."ill,
Calgary, Alberta.
Dealers In Baled May. etc., etc.   Pri nipt
Shipment,  Heat Qjnaliiv,  Lowest
Prices. Satisfaction Giiaran*
•aVl'llaa in fur QltOtllf tltll*.
J. A. ANDERSON, Local A^ent
A Residence for Sale
"I.", 'a'71
Always useful and
certainly beautiful, ;i
brooch is never amiss
as a gift.
No.   itfSa   ia   a   fiile  Gold
llr.Hvh with Uknlfond centre,
'I In* p. t.e. in remarkable at
Distance is no obstacle to satisfactory
dealings with our
house. Write for
mail-order catalogue.
•^ *\   j_i ft will buy a baby sleigh, ii
,jH X jll (.'nod coiidition,nnd having
Htocl-alind runneri.
d» *\   _\£\ "'ill   spi'iire  a  full nt of
jt, \    jll I'ii'l'iMip'   novels, 15 vols
«K*^»-/v well bomid,Te|Ible print.
will purclmssn small Iihhc-
hurtier coal stove, Is as
good u^ new,
...No. 616
.... \u. 26
The Drill Office
J. A. Anderson
- tvtpitnt,
11 r< > i, i. i   i ,«. - i a 111, •, r r..
M.u( /HS,   ll.C i
, Notice to Delinquent Co-o rvner
I To.Iolin.f. Banflolil nnd J. M. McGregor,]
or to any person or persons to wl.om
thev may hnve transferred t ln*ir gev*
1'i'ui interest*, in whole or in part. In
tlie llliirk and White Beauty I'-an-
iumal initu'ritl rhiim. fitliated npar
ilie head of I.i'inon creek, and recorded
in (he BeeO'der'a ofliee (nr the Slocan
Cily mining division.
Vim   nre hereby notified that I have.
raiii'ii io ho expended Ihe sum of one
j 11(unlred nud two dollars and fifty cents
in labor nntl improvements on the ahovs
ini'iitia rial mineral claim   in   order to
[ Iml.I said <-l:tiin unili'r Hip provihioi i ul
the Mineral Act; and if within Pfl davs
from tin-d.ih'of this notice you fail, or
refuse, to contribute ymir proportion nl
: snob ex|«,nditnre,to|ieiher with nil costs
id adveitisiuir, yonr   interests  in   naiil l
elnim will become ihn pro|ieity ^f th»
subsnribi*r,  under sectiyn 4 of an Act
'eiitiileil "Ah Act to amend she Mineral
: Art. 1900."
Hated nt Slocnn, B.C., this 8rd day ofl
i bctoher, .\. l» hum.
Certificate of Improvements.
SliB'i Mineral Clulm.
Situate in the Slocan City Minint Dlri ,
sion of the West Kootenny liiitrict.
Where Iocs teil: -Adjoining tlm Cam- i
aronian mineral claim,
Take notice that I, M, I-. Orimmett,
a.-lieu' fur mvsclf. free miner's certifii nt*
i Nu, B77f38j and ** at;rrit for Duncan
Cameron, free miner's rertiflcnte So,
l',77ii"i); Aiiriis Cameron, free miner's
certiflcate No B-W111; M llliam Havies,
free miner's certificate No. Hn-f5'_'0; R, I
McDowell, free miner'i certiflcate No.
B82840; l», A. fxive, free miner's ri*riiii-1
I cate No. 1W6I87; mid  K   A. Bradshaw, I
free miner's certificate No.B774U8,intend,
siity days from the date b**reo(. io apply
tn tlm .Miniri|» Recoider fora certificate
of improvements, (or ibe purpose of ob
, taining n crown  grunt for  tl.e  above
l elk un
And further  tnke  not.re  thatactioa,I
I ii nd or section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance ol luoh cei tificate ol
Dated this 1st day ol Novemlier, 1904
9*12*0*1 "   M. I.. GRIMMKT1
Certificate of Improvements
I Wondkb, Aricle, Alma B, Louts
\ ii.i.p., Biloxie, Aooie, Alforo,
Mavkta ITractionaLi A B C
Fractional, Survey Fbactio.v*
al, Mavkta. Biloxie Fraction
al, Flvkttk.aihi le Fractional,
axu Algiers Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slooan Oity Minlnu Division ol Weil Kootenay Diitrict,
Where located : - At bead of Tama*
rac cicek, near Ottawa Mine.
TAKENOTICE that I,William Ale**
ntiiler Maedonald, free miner'i certificate No B81700; noting ns agent for
A. B. Colemnn, free miner's certificate  No    B04891,  Intend, nixty dayi
from the dale hereof, to npply to
the Mining Kecorder or certlfloatel
of Improvements, for ihe purpose
orjobtalning Crown Oranti ol the above
And further.take notico that action,
under section 87, muit he commenced
liefore the Issuance ofsuch certiflcatei ol
iniprovemei Is
li ited ihii I Ith dnt of I   fol      ICO-I
" I \\    \  M.U'PON li.l'
One of the newest residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
large rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china
closet, large cellar, is lathed and plastered,
and is the best finished in town. Hot and
cold water system, with range and a sink.
Two corner lots, with fine lawn, garden, fruit
trees; also first-class woodshed, etc. A SNAP
FOR ANY BUYi£K.      Tor  terni3  apply to
RO- Drawer 75, Slocan
Oik  >a(*»c   -tiraL  >*
SWI iVii*<.-T.,'*< *_?* "■
x. Mil. jr.
IS A dvertiseyow
in these days of progress and competition
no  man   in   business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
end.', in disaster. A
mercha n t 's sta ml i im;
in a community may
be judged irom the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
3 MM
tonl] i»'i
tout and
• ■..il ;i Ivorti
i"-: il     read
li.   i",,-;,a.!.-
Ii ffiinnrntu
M i*    >=i' K   >z K »
WAt Al!  Timeslj
Subscribe for
local paper:
K THE DRILL,  $2 per year f.
-  ■'••^m^mmm3>M)m1r*
\m _**.*«,


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