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The Slocan Drill 1903-05-15

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 ,» =i^*» I («  	
■JOL. IV., Ne. 7.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   MAY   15,   1903.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Our reputation for supplying the best
Groceries is firmly established, but
we want to -call your attention to a
rew lines in dry goods
We have Just received a special line of
Lace Curtains, 3J yards long, 60 inches wide, price $2.75 per pair
■dunlin Curtains, in large spots and fiagures 15 cts a yard
Print* in Indigo dye 12Jc and 15c
A nice assortment of Ladies' Belts and a full range of White Wear.
. T. Shatford & Co.
.. York <fc Sons,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Ooods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
5L0CAN, B. C.
|It raached by any trail or road-
[lhat runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
- - you aro dry, woary or hungry.
SLOCAN,  B. fi.
This popular hotel ie cenfenient to the boat* and trains.   The dining room
littrieily up-to-date while the bar is supplied with the best in the market.
P A TsCC •   Trarelling men, using foraple Room*, $2.50 per day •
i\S\ i Cu •    wltlioat8aiupli-Rooms,$2; board $8 per werk; meals 35c
leopeaed under
th* old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Building thoroughly renovated
and re st-cked with the liest
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best thc market affords.   Prices are right.
Representing the strongest companies doing businesa In Canada.
Sue new aocidknt polict, with participation in profits. coTerlng sickness and operations.
fl* D, CURTB, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
.and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
Med. Supt., S.W. Keith, M.D.
RATES: Regular stathaaribars,fI i*sr month
or 110 • yeur; nmi-subscribers (axclustreof
medical stUii<lfsnce)$2 pat slny.    Print* wards
il par day extra. facilities for matern-
ty caaes.
For further particulars apply to.
J. V. Purviance, Sec
Another Warm Time DevaUps, Whlah I*
Huffily Knjssyesl br th* Mnny Spectators 1'reseat-Caurt of Ilavlaloa oa
Monday Morning Nest.
Regular wssokly meeting of the city
council was held on Monday evoning,
all the memlierH lieing present. A big
crowd of spectators was also present,
in anticipation of a warm time developing over the early closing bylaw. In
this tliey were uot disappointed, for
the situation certainly did approach
the torrid.
Aid. Arnot, at the outset, objected
to tho minute*!, insofar as they dealt
with the early closing bylaw. He had
not ss'csinded an amendment for the
clerk to again circulate the original
petition among the merchants, but rather the proposed amendment to the
bylaw. They had the petition duly
signed and there was uo newssity to
again circulate it. The minutes were
Tho clerk said he had understood
thc resolution just as he had written
it dowu.
Aid. Arnot interpolated that the
ni 'ivlunts had all read the petition
liefore they signed it.
Mayor Vork said there had been
much discii.-hion at the time the amendment was introduced, hence the confusion. He wanted a more general
expression of feeliug ou the bylaw, so
had moved in committee to have the
petitiou again circulated.
Clerk sBeutlcy stated he would not
have had any right to circulate an
ameudment to a bylaw.
Aid. Teeter understood the situation
just as the clerk aud mayor had ex
plaiued it.
Aid. Worden thought the discussion
at the last meeting had ariseu over the
won presence of the petition. The resolution was for the clerk to again circulate the petition, with the bylaw attached. He saw nothing wrong iu the
Aid. Arnot maintained that th<* clerk
was to have acted on tlie amendment,
not on the original petition. He refuted Aid. McNeish's remarks at last
meetiug that the signatures to the petition had beeu wrongfully olitained.
He stated that Aid. McNeish had
either not told the truth or had misunderstood the words of the signers.
Aid. Smith said the aldermen were
all out of oider, as the point under
discussion was whether the minutes
were right or not.
Aid. McNeish reviewed his remarks
at last meeting. "Mid he understood
the bylaw should accompany the petition.
A motion that the minutes Ik; signed as read was carried, Aid. Arnot voting nay.
Correspondence read: From license
commissioners, asking that a bylaw be
pi*sss*-"d in accordance with section 202
of the Municipal Clauses Act, dealing
with the mode of .prc-r-eedure for the
renewal of licenses. The secretary
was present and explained what was
wanted. Referred to the city solicitor
for an expression of opinion.
The clerk then stated he had circulated the petition for the early closing
bylaw, it showing the original signers
iu favor of it.while immediately lielow
the majority of the petitioner* had
signed no.
Finance committee reported in favor
of bills amounting to $38.85. Ordered
Bills presented: Payroll for April
$146.66; additional grant to the school
board of $40, making $190 for the
month.   Both ordered paid,
It was announced that the court of
revision would assemble next Monday
morning at 10 o'clock.
The clerk stated he had liecn delayed in sending letter to the eduei*,-
tion department relative to lion-ri-si-
dent pupils, he not having obtained
all the necessary information. He
would get it all together this week and
forward same to the department.
Next came the much -tai Ited-of early
closing bylaw. It being found that
there were uow not three-quarters of
the merchants in favor of the bvlaw.
there was uo call uow for its introduc
Aid. McNeish rose and stats*-! that
he believed all tho merchants had not
even yet thoroughly studied the proposed bylaw. He replied at length to
Aid. Arnot's strictures on ssiino of tlie
signers of the petition, maintaining
his original position.
Mayor York said none of the mer
chants were aware of the nature of the
bylaw when they signed for it. However, he did not wish to take any part
in the affair, as he closed his place
any way at 6 o'clock. He advised tho
merchants affected to get together aud
fix the matter up.
Aid. Arnot asserted the bylaw was
drawn up .according to the statutes,
Thero was no use haviug a bylaw, if
merchants wens allowed to serve CUaV
tomers nfter hours    K ■  ' •\
to a  hai .
chants of tbe town wore like a lot of
old women,as they did not know their
own minds two minutes together. All
he wanted was a uniform closing hour.
If the merchants did not know their
own minds, then the bylaw had better
be dropped.
John Bull was here given permission to address the council. He was
one of those who had signed for the
bylaw, but he would like to see a provision made in it whereby a customer
could lie served after hours if need lie.
He also resented Aid. Arnot's remarks
of people not knowing their own minds.
The speaker had signed no tbe second
time, for he wanted no hardship worked on him.
Aid. Smith did not want the bvlaw
going through as it was,but an amendment to sell after hours would kill it.
Aid. Arnot was acting iu good spirit
in bringing iu the bylaw. Several of
the merchants, however, had said that
they had signed the petition without
reading it. Their now signing the
other way showed them to lie very
changeable. He favored putting the
bylaw in the waste basket for an indefinite period.
Aid. Teeter found no fault with the
signers for the bylaw. The move was
all right, but the law too binding. Ho
moved that the early closing bvlaw lie
indefinitely postponed. .Seconded by
Aid. MeNeish.
Aid. Worden moved in amendment
that the bylaw bo immediately qua-died.
Aid. Arnot seconded the amendment, because the merchants did not
know their own minds. He warned
all merchants against selling goods in
future on holidays, for he certainly
would have the law on them. "If thoy
sell anything on a legal holiday, then
let them look out for my smoke."
Aid. McNeish again rose to the defence of the merchants, and named
certain parties as examples of those
who changed their minds. "Put the
bylaw iu the waste basket."
Amendment put and carried, Aid.
Teeter holdiug out for his motion.
Aid. Teeter and Smith moved the
filing of the petition.
AM. Worden again loomed up with
an amendment that it be put in the fire;
seconil-*d by AM. Arnot.
aid. Teeter closed another Wrangle
by insisting that no document coming
before the council could lie treated in
that way, so the amendment was withdrawn and the motion carried
Arlington  and Speculator   Botla   Break
Into Ora.
J. Frank Colloin.managing director
of the Arlington and Speculator properties, returned to Slocan ou Tuesday, but would give out nothing for
publication regarding the advancement of the experiments on the Arlington ore. now lieing conducted at
Spokane. However, he intimated, as
he has done so before, that everything
was all right and satisfactory.
In other iiiattt*rs,though,Mr. Collom
was not so reticent, and, when asked,
continued the reports of recent strikes
on both the Speculator and Arlington.
On the former the loug tunnel has
broken into a most encouraging body
of ore. It is six foot in width, there
being five iuches of rich ore on either
side of a five foot body of concentrating matter. The two "smaller streaks
are very rich, carrying much native
silver and sulphides, while the central
liody is expected to prove of winning
aud lasting quality. Altogether, it
constitutes the licst thing yet encountered in the mine, during its three
years of steady development. The
long tunnel is in close to 3000 feet and
has penetrated the Speculator aud
Speculator fractional claims and is
now well iuto the Mineral Mountain
Ou the Arlington a splendid body
of sulphide ore, one foot in width, was
tapped in A tunnel, almut 2600 feet
from the mouth of tho drift and at 370
foet depth. It wus cut on May 1, just
at the time when Messrs. Williamson,
of San Francisco, aud Burns, of Portland, were visiting the property, so
coming at a most opportune time.
Though smaller -tones have been encountered iu A, this strike is tho first
permanent chute cut, and it prove*
ix'vond question that the immensely
rich and important bodies of ore open -
i*l up in B tunnel are carrying well
with depth.
These two strikes are a source of j
grout satisfaction to the management,
and are distinctly gratifying to tin-
whole camp, as proving the permanency of its two premier properties.
Work At Us,* Ottawa.
Just now there aro but seven men
employed at the Ottawa and the majority of them nre on contract work.
Operation* are confined to the No. 4
drift, which is In 500 feet frnm the
surface. For 172 fst't tho tuunel is a
crosscut to the ledge and the halauce
is on the lead. Thry have reached u
point immediately bolowthr No. 8and
lx* cut before,a8 the higher indications
pointed to larger bodies below. In
fact, the face of the drift at present
has encouraging signs and a chute
may be tapped any day. Once cut,
there will be large reserves to work on.
Settlement Has   Been  KITested   In  This
Celebrated Case.
A settlement out of court has lieen
effected in the celebrated case of Clark
vs Collom, arising out of the sale of
the Arlington mine to the present
company. J. K. Clark, of New Denver, the plaintiff, entered suit against
J. Frank Collom for 80,000 shares iu
the company, valued at $24,000, claiming that as nis portion in the promotion of the deal. The ease has occupied the attention of the British Columbia courts for tho past three years
and has been aired in all the principal
cities.being adjourned or delay-**I from
a formal hearing upon some preliminary motion or cause upon overy occasion.
It was finally set for jury trial at
Rossland on Tuesday, but on Saturday the plaintiff's lawyers made overtures for a settlement, which were
Tiuickly accepted. The basis for withdrawal of the suit waa the payment of
$2000, covering the plaintiff's foes to
his counsel to date, while those of the
defendant were upwards of .$3000. W.
A. McDonald, K.C., Nelson, and E. P.
Davis, K.C., Vancouver, two of the
leading lawyers in the country, had
the charge of the defendant's tide of
the case. By this settlement the last
of the many suits in which the Arlington has figured has been cleared awav
and the property is enjoying a well-
earned tranquility.
The Clark-Collom case has l>eeii
one of the most noted ever entered in
the west, as it was through passing
strictures on the British Columbia
judiciary sitting on it that Wm. Mac-
Adams, of the defunct Sandon Paystreak, spent a short timo in the Victoria jail for contempt. The Mac-
Adams' conviction threatened to become a national question, but it has
quietly dropped out of sight, though
some stirring scenes wore witnessed
at the time.
Cssnsblnntloa (lets the Ledge.
On Sunday Al Teeter and Martin
Isaacson, the owners of the Combination, situated eMse to the old bridge
on Springer creek, stnick the ledge in
their crosscut and have broken into
some line ore. The ledge is exposed
in two upper workings and each had
ore. The present level was theu started, close down tothe crock, but it was
difficult to get the lay of the ground,
owing to the heavy wash. The owners had to drift tlirough 35 feet of
wash before cutting bedrock, which
was penetrated some distance and
then the crosscutting commenced. A
westerly direction was followed, but
with no success.
This spring the owners decidi*d to
drift east, and in 10 feet the footwall
was penetrated and the ore cut. The
drift will lie pushed across to the
hanging wall, the ledge being 40 feet
in width. A grab sample of ore from
above gave 137 oz silver aud $6 gold,
and thc new find is even lietter. The
owners will work the property steadily, as it is most advantageously situated.	
Tag Hanslen Again Banning.
As explained two weeks ago,the idle
days of the tug Sandon were few, as
she has again been placed in commission. Capt. Mat Roid, formerly mate
ou the Slosjau and more recoiitlv on
the Kokanee, came in on Saturday's
train with a crew, aud immediately
got up steam on the tug, taking out a
barge that afternoon. It is the intention to keep the vessel in regular coin-
mission. Quotation*.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver ou the various days duriug the
week since last issue:
Fridav     5*»J cents
Saturday    gfi   "
Mondav     54      "
Tuesday     &3J    "
Wednesday     54      "
Thursday    54«    "
Costly Itrpalrs to Ransl.
Road Inspector Moore examined the
Arlington road on Friday and estimated that it would take $1000 at
least to repair tho damages wrought
by the spring rains. He has a man
employed running the water from the
other parts of the road ami the Arlington company has one. The repairs to
the damaged portions will be effected
later on.	
Ta Sort Ore for Shipment.
The Tattersall brother* and Tom
Waring, owners of the Myrtle group,
will go up to the property again short
ly, to sort out a carload of ore for
shipment. They claim to have ore on
the dump that will net them liand-
Last Tear's Shipments Were OSS* Tana-
A Health*/ Kvldence of tha Life and
Wealth or tha Camp- Enterprise tha
Biggest Shipper.
Another blank must be recorded in
ore shipments this week for the local
division, due to bad roads.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to «S83S
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the ship*
inents this year to date:
Enterprise  185
Arlington  40
Ottawa  ia*,
Blnck Prince  17
Bondholder _ 2
Dayton  4
Kepublic  20
Meteor  It
Don't forget to renew your miner's
Sandon mines last week shipped 69
tons of ore.
A second ledge has beeu uaco***red
on the Dayton.
The Antoine will make an experimental shipment of zinc.
The American Boy is sending down
ore over the Noble Five tram.
Work has been resumed on the
Jumbo mine, iu the Rossland camp.
N. J Hawkins has bonded tke Alice
group, on .Salmon river, .for $50,000.
Operations are to be resumed ai the
Ruth mine and mill at an early dato.
The Morrison the Boundary
camp, will ship 100 toua of ore daily.
Boundary mines last w*sek shipped
11,309 tons of ore,makiag 174,079 tons
to date.
II. B. Jorand, acting for the owners,
i* applying for.a crown giant on the
Black Priuce fr.
Ore from the .Silver King -mitte
treated at the Nelson smelter is giving
200 oz in silver and 20 per cent c*opp*ift
to the ton.
F. C. Green, of Nelson, was surveying the workings at the Arlington last
week, as well as running some lines at
the Ottawa.
The Trail and Nelson smelters were
forced to close down their lead stacks
last week, through shortage in the
supply of ore.
No amendments are to lio made to
the placer act this session by the legislature, despite the strong recommendations of the Provincial Mining Association.
N. F. McNaught was here on Tburr-
day, inquiring into the condition of
the snow at the Kilo. Work will commence on the property just as quickly
as possible.
A civil action has lieen commenced
at Rossland by the Centre Star against
the Nickel Plate, alleging that the latter has been stealing ore; also that the
iatter's workings, beiug full of tvatec
are damaging the former mme,se*they
must be emptied.
Band Cancert.
Next Tuesday evening the land will
give an open air concert at the stand,
corner of Arthur street ami Delaney
avenue, rendering the foUowtng programme:
March El Capitan Sousa
Waltz Idle Hours Andauer
Overture Queen City.. SouthweN
March DeMolay  Hall
Schottische. .Little Tillie. Laureudeau
Waltz The Rose Daniels
March.. .Our Congressmen...Holmes
God Save the King.
Money for the Hoodoo.
Word has been received in town
from J. M. M. Bcneduui, who is now
in the southern States, that**he will be
here early in Juue to resume operations on the Hcxidoo, on Gold hill. He
is bringing his brother, a wealthy capitalist, with him, as well as a big pot
of mouey to pay for development
The Howard Fraction and adjoining
claims will be included in the general
scheme and thero is every prospect of
success boiug achieved.
Hta« Shooting.
Regular weekly practice of the Rifle
Club was held on Saturday, and tho
scores made were:
200   500  600   Total
J.Cross 20    29    20       89
W.S.Johnson.. 27     28    21        76
F.Dick 20    15     16        Bl
J. McVicar 22    21     19        62
R. MeFarlane...2fi     29      2        t>2 •*-**-:-» •»-,-->-f*H*****-:-*»:-ssH*s»
' * sle.     y
♦■•■♦ i ♦*h»:-h***v^»*}k:-»-:-*h>*>-:
Yet tbere la uo money In detecting
alone nud but K-'inll advancement, as
Elmendorf well knew. Wbat one
needs is tbe skill to construct a good,
strong "pull," coupled witb tbe capacity to turn the incidents of tbe profession to ones iK'rsonal advantage.
Iu these Important particulars Eltnen-
dorf was a dire failure. He secured uo
pull, aud lie was forced to live almost
entirely upon bis salary. Indeed bis
continuance on the staff was due
largely te the favor In wblcb be was
held hy certain men couuex'ted with
the press. The feeling that If Elmeudorf should be sent hack to patrol duty
somebody would get "roasted" for It
long mid hard In at least two of the
big papers was the deciding factor in
his case 011 several occasions.
He wn* useful, however. In affair*
like that with which the present rec-
on! has to do. where early rumor con-
ni's'ted persons of prominence and
waailili wiih criminal esses and It was
desirable to have a prompt and honest
report as a basis for subsequent action.
lu tbo matter of the murderous at-
tmi; upon Elsie Miller. Elmendorf received orders, on the morning of ihe
day following that upon which the
crime wag comuiltied. to "look up"
John Robinson. It appeared that I'utsin son had left the house on Thirty-
eigbtb street immediately after Alden's
departure, which he bad viewed with
every indication of Intense and painful
e»' lenient.
No obstacle was put ln the way of
his departure when he desired to go;
but an unobtrusive young man of Captain Neale's retinue walked upon the
other side of the street- Robinson did
not see this young man—which is sometime* a great misfortune for the per*
•on thu* attendt*d—but it happened, in
this Instance, that after a considerable
amount of peslestrlan eiercise of a
•eemlugly aimless sort the young man
did not see Robinson, and this was undoubtedly a serious misfortune for the
"shadow." He was roundly sworn at
by his superior, when, after a fruitless
search, he was obliged to aunounce
his failure to that individual. He did
not do this, of course, until be had
waited a long time ln front of the
bouse where Robinson lived. Had Robinson returnesl there tbe "shadow"
would have given, ln his subsequent
report, a full statement covering every
detail of Boblnson'i movement*) and
every minute of tho time, and would
cheerfully have sworn to lt ln court
bad later events made such a processing iieci'Ssary. But, falling to "pick !
np" Robinson, there was no escape |
from confession.
Th* landlady of the boarding house <
where   Robinson   lived   said   that   he
was somewhat Irregular in his habits ,
and that he did not always come home j
to dinner; but wben at 2 o'clock ln the
morning lt was reported thut he had j
not appeared Captain Neale began to j
be unea«y.   As he expressed it, "If Robinson ba* skipped, there'll be nothing
Translated this meant that If a humble clerk of unknown antecedents had
stained his soul with crime for $MO
there remained only the profitless tatk .
of catching him and sending him to
Elmendorf had no idea that Robinson j
bad "skipped," principally because j
there was no apparent reason for lt.
Elmendorf replied thnt bis advices
were altogether favorable, and little
more was said until they had entered
Alden's private office, in which Robinson bad a desk.
"I thought you knew Miss Miller
quite well," said Elmendorf. taking s
chair. "You spoke of her by ber tlrst
name yesterday."
"Did If* said Robinson, opening bis
eyes wide. "Well, I might bave said
almost anything yesterday. I was
nervous, and that's a fact."
"How did It happen that you took
'"Why, Mr. Alden was going to ring
for ; messenger boy," was the reply,
"ai..i then he mentioned that there
was money lo tbe note and asked me
aboat one of our own boys, who happened to be out at tbe time. So 1 said
I'd take the note. 1 wanted to go up
to my room, and it's only a little way
from where Miss Miller lived. 1 badn t
anything particular to do at the time."
"What did you want to go to your
room for?"
"To get a letter I bad left tbere," replied Robinson. "Nothing of any great
"Came for you ln the morning. 1 sup-
post", and you forgot to bring li down,"
said Elmendorf, with tbe air of one
who hastens to dismiss a subject
"Yes; tbat wss It"
"Did you get ttf"
"Wby, certainly."
'Where is it now?" demanded the detective.
Robinson's forehead began to perspire.
"1 destroyed It," he said.
"Who wrote it?"
"Why, what bas tbat to do with"*—
"Who wrote It?" said Elmendorf.
tapping on tbe floor with his can*.
"Fellow over In Philadelphia," replied Kobinsou,   "But I don't see"—
'"-.Jive me his name uud address,"
said tbe detective, taking out a notebook ond a pencil.
"Tbis is private business." rejoined
Robinson, mopping his face, "lt ha*
nothing to do with this affair."
"My dear sir," said Elmendorf, "In a
case s.f tbls kind, wheu a man begins
to lie. it's always important. I happen
to know that you haven't had a letter
come to that house since you've been
living there, so you didn't go up town
to get one. In my opinion, you went
up because you wanted to see Miss
.Miller.    Isn't that a fact?"
"Tou put me ln a mighty bad place,"
ri'plled Robinson. "Suppose I say thut
I did. bow would that strike Mr. Alden?"
"It won't strike him at all," said Elmendorf, "because I shan't tell bim.
I don't mean to Intimate that you had
anything particular to say to Miss Mil-
left Bnt you'd seen her. you knew she
was a very pretty and agreeable girl.
Th* clerk  had  delivered  tbe  note
Elsie and bad tben left the house, as j
the testimony of the servant a reliable .
woman long ln Mrs. Simmons' employ, j
satisfactorily proved.    That Robinson j
had Immediately returned aud commit-.
tssd the atrocious crime for a reward so ,
small was, In Elniendorf's opinion, a
wild hallucination, though he had heard :
eueh  a  hypothesis  stated.    Rut  that
Robinson's   extreme   agitation   when
brought to the scene was due to a mssre
Intimate knowledge of the affair than
bs' bad disclosed was a much moro rca- j
sonable proposition.
As to the money ln the note, Elmen-'
dorf wss far from regarding lt as the
motive for tbe crime.   He believed thntj
tlie meoasy bad besn there, for that was
one of th* f*w points upon which Elsie '
had made a positive declaration In her
first r**pon*« to question!-, as Elmen-'
dorf had been Informed by Kendall in
their a»arl.sat Interview at th* hospital.
lbs had said that the had removed the :
n.on*y and bad laid It, witb tbe note,
upon th* table.   It bad been stolen, but
probably as a "blind," unless, Indeed,.
so ins person connected with the police '
bad comforted an Itching palm witli it.:
Upon r*B***lTing bis orders ln regard :
to Koblnaon tbe detective went down
town to the building ln which Aldan's '
office* were situated.    He took up nn
lnconaplououa   position   near   by   and j
after half an hour of waiting had the
pleasure of wishing Mr. Robinson good
morning upon tbe sidewalk at a point
about one hundred feet from the building.   This was unfortunate for Captain
Neale's man, Humes, who was waiting
In tbe doorway.
Eln.B'Udorf mad* no secret of his
Identity or of bis errand, and Robinson
seemed quite undisturbed.
"I wns pretty badly upset yesterday
afternoon," be said. "It was nil n sudden and shocking. Of course I had no
special Interest In Miss Miller. Probably I haven't seen her more than time
or four times In my life. But to think
tlmt this should have happened go won
after I had left ber! I tell you It gave
me a turn. I didn't feel much like be*
lug alone, so I went to see a fellow
whom I know and spent the night In
bis rooms. How ls Mis* Miller this
schools in  Honolulu.
Elmi'udorf traced out a pattern ln tbe
rug with the end of bis cane. "The
man has a record." he was saying to
himself. "This story Is a work of art.
No cable to Honolulu, and Amoy Is a
long way from Mulberry street It
will tak* about six months to prove
tbat this man never lived in the Sandwich Islands unless we can strike his
trail around bere."
"Did you carry tbat cane yesterday?"
asked Elmendorf suddenly, and Hob
Inson promptly went Into a blue chill
which be strove to conceal.
"Yes—of course— no," he stammered.
"I tblnk that was whut 1 went u> uiy
room for."
"1 think It wasn't." said Elmendorf.
and at that moment, to the surprise of
both, Alden entered tbe room.
*«Id   Iiohtnson,   opentna  lilt
eye* wide.
nnd, like any otber man, you didn't object to seeing her again even if It was
only for four seconds. That's all there
ls in it.   So why not tell the truth'""
"1 don't deny that I btd some sucb
"It was your motive for offering to
take tin* note, and you had no other.
Isn't that a fact?"
"Well, yes." replied Robinson, "between ourselves, that's tbe truth."
"You had Do ernind at your roomf
"Of courso not."
"Then why did you go there?" de-
msadafl Elmendorf. "Wby did you go
straight over tbere from Miss Miller's
"I thought I'd change my clothes,"
said Robinson desperately.
"Did you change them? Haven't you
got on the same suit now tbat you wore
down town yesterdayf
"Yos." said Robinson. "I—I changed
my mind."
"Instead of your clothes," rejoined
Elmendorf, with a smile. "By the way,
where wero you born?"
Robinson's expression revealed *ome
slight relief.
"In   Honolulu,"   be   said.     "I   lived
there until I was 21.   Then my parents I
moved to Amoy, China.   I cam* to thi* I
country about two years ago." !
"Where did you laud?"
"San Francisco." I
"Date of arrival and name of steam- j
er?" said Elmeudorf. taking up his i
notebook again.
Robiuson was undisturbed tbis time. !
"I've forgotten  tbe exact date,"  be I
said, "and th* steamer wus a tramp.  I
cun't recnll ber name."
Asked what he had don* In 8nn
Francisco, Robinson replied tbat he1
had drifted across tbe continent Inime-
dtately, arriving In New York lu April,
a year ago. Very soon afterward he
had had the good fortune to make tbe
acquaintance of Mr. Alden, who had
taken a liking to him and given bim
his present position. He bad few
friends In this country. There was no '
one who knew him better tban Alden
"You looked to me like a college bred
man," said Elmendorf, whereupon Rob- I
lnson replied that tbere wero excellent
I. DEN looki>d years
younger than yesterday. His expression
hud lost much of Its
painful concentration
aud Intensity. Ulutlgll
a shrewd man might
say be was still under
tbe domination of a single thought.
"Sucb splendid news at tbe bospl
tai," said be, "that I ventured down
bere for a few minutes. 1 can see her
tbls afternoon. Jack." he added, nil
dressing Robinson, "you'll have to look
out for my mail for tbe next few slays
I shall be at St. Winifrosl's all lhe
time, or at the house next door on the
west Any news tbls rooming, .ir
"No," replied tbe detective. "1 came
down to bave a little talk with Mr.
Robinson, but as neither of us Knows
anything tbe result wus not Important
By the way, can I write a note at your
Alden was Just raising tbe lid.
"Certainly," said be, and Elmendorf
•at down and wrote fast with a sputtering pen.
"I don't see any blotter bere," he
■sid, wheu the pen stopped scratching.
"Never use one," rejoined Alden; "1
don't bave time. There's a pasi. but 1
never blot anything on it"
"Too don't spill as much Ink as I do,"
said Elmendorf, "except on your signature.   You write tbat black euough."
"Habit of mine," replied Alden.
"How do you happen to know anything
about ltr
"I saw tbe note you wrote yester*
Alden flushed.
"I couldn't help It," said Elmendorf
hastily. "And let me tell you that I'm
greatly mistaken If the result of my
seeing lt Isn't very important."
"In what way?"
Elmendorf begged to be excused from
giving an Immediate answer, and Alden did not Insist
"This 'making trouble' that you mentioned last evening," he said, "is getting its work In this morning. 1 nm
shadowed by tbe most conspicuous
man ln Greater New York. Every
time he fancies that I have forgotten
his presenc* he barks like a dog and
remarks t* every one wbo will listen
that th* grip Is worst ln hot weather."
Elmendorf glanced at Alden with an
anxious eye. He seemed to have something oa bis mind, but be sai.l only:
"I'm surprised. Tbere are shadows on
th* force who can't be picked out *o
Alden regarded blm Intently over tbe
top of the desk upon which he was
"See If I've got any more letters outside. Jack," b* said and added when
Robinson bad left the room, "Do you
mean to say there's another one?"
"Sure," returned Elmendorf. "on*
for trouble and one for business. 1
don't kuow why I tell you these thing*.
except that I hate Neale. He wants to
know where you were yesterday, and
he thinks you'll go there again. He expect* you to throw tbe man with th*
grip and never notice the other one,"
"I'll remember this, Elmendorf," said
"It's a gift," replied tbe detective.
"As for that, you've paid me already
wltb the Informution that you don't
use a blotter. Good morning. I'll see
you biter in the day."
It may bave been about half an hour
afterward when he presented himself
at the house where John Hoblnson
lived aud Introduced himself to the
landlady thereof, with the result that
he was presently ushered up two
flights of stairs to a large room at the
rear of the house. I-eft alone there, ho
remarked to himself, "i his doesn't
seem to go against me so much s* it
usually does."
Then he proceeded t* examine the
personal effects of Mr. Robinson. The
examination was thorough, but tha
product was singularly meager. He
discovered an envelope containing
some pawnbroker's tickets, slewing
loan* upon a watch, a winter evercuat
and a ring of small value, and in a
wsste paper basket a part of an envelope which bad been addressed to some
person In Philadelphia, but the name
was missing. Remembering that Robinson had tbougbt of I'hlladelphla Urst
when groping about for a falsehoosl,
the latter discovery assumed some Utile
Importance as a guide for subsequent
The particular object of tbe detective's search eluded him, bowever, and
when he left thc house be was far
from satisfied with bis luck.
"I thought I knew wby Robiuson
went borne," he said, "but either I
didn't sr he changed bis mind."
He spent some hours In verifying
Robinson's statement about the place
where he had passed the night rind !□
attempting to ascertain the young
man's favorite haunts and tbe names
of bts companions. Th* verification
was easy, but the search for the man's
associates yielded little. Apparently
Robinson had not a wide circle of acquaintances.
Returning to the lower region* of th*
city, Einieiniorf encountered a b!l of
better fortune in learning thai Bol   i
sou  had  visited  his place of employment on the previous uay benvecu o
und ti o'ctaek.
"If he's the man." reflecte-d the detective, "he took tbat money home, and
then, not Boding a satisfactory pl***1 t >
hide it, he brought It down acre, liy
the everifistl*|fl*sT. lie must have had It tu
his pocket right there In Elsie .Millers
room! No wonder be had nervous proa
(ration!" *
Alden. as was to have been expected,
had l.'ft his offlce long before Klri
dorf returned in it. Robinson al.-.' I il
gone away, htff lulgbl come bael; soon
. By lhe exercise sif a little lacl ihe de*
leciivs* Mi'.iri'il in'riulssion lo wait In
tlie private I'tiii'i', ami while there Ue
fauiilinriKed himself thorough!) with
the contents of Robinson's desk, bul it
was nut worth tils' trouble.
lt wns alitlicnlt to suppose thut Rob*
lnson v,v * still airrylng that rapney In
his pocket   lis' must have put it somewhere.   And   tSlmendorf   nicked    Ul*
j brains,  asking  the  conventional  nnd
i gs*i)s>rally    useless    qnesii m,    "\\ I nl
would   I   have il.uie  in  lhe same rlr-
| i•iniistaiiB-i■*■'■"   li came Into i.i * iu|ti i
j ut laat that Robinson had been prosenl
' \\ lien   Alslwi    n iw  urn--Na!    ;ri'l    •■ r
I this reason  would  not  have ex|»wti'il
| to see hlm al the siilici* attain
i tUately      l i.   -   n ill's ling.   I ' ■ ■ ■
drew some l.s'.rs ..f ron.veiili il d
I from  bis |KH kef  [Mill en lit Inl <U   I
j tin* Iiil nr Alden's i!i*sl;.    ll was ..
s Ibmi   on   its   us r' lug  Kill lin i-   mill
pigeon I   ' -•  lid     ii iiaoU i ro
nt  ran loin  Kluu u lorf op in I ti  lillb'
drawer In wi:' li. nnder   ■• mc p ■
• |i si' im I io I n is' lain (here u los!':
tsusi*. h.' found an envelope u-i.'T-t*--- •*<*
'n typewritten cbarnefers to .Tohn Rob*
Tbe envelope hxikeil fresh and the
paper* on ta.p of it did not. The lnf< r-
euce that the tiling bnd been slid into
n little UR"*d drawer und uniler those
t'd documents for purposes of conceal
nienl wa* us easy as possible. Klin u*
ilorf il sod the drawer and the h.i .>f
the d.'s'.i ami walked to the window
wltb ihe envelope In bis* hand. It
Isioked suspicious, nnsi Ibe detective
gently murmured that he would
"chance It."
With the thin blade of n penknife 114
\ a ry adroitly raised the gummed hip-
pet wltbaiut Inflicting any Injuij
vs hlch could not be rejislred. The .'ii-
velwpe contained live Sb"! hi I is
wrapped in n blank sheet of the flrui't
Iiesplte the coincidence of amounts,
this   was   nsit   lea osarily   the   u
i .'iitiuiieil in Ahien's Bote to KMo    If,
f..r Instance, Mi   liob * j -«•: j slwi l«l
that he had fracntly hilsl by tl
nnsi had though) bla employer's •:•
tbe safe*! phis'i* for It, Ibe stab       ;
would be emially bar.I to believe •
disprove.   I'nr thi* reason  Elmendorf
Scrutinized tlis* b i's wltb an s**ilb-; eye,
umi  when  lie fo      I  upon  One . .
s peculiar umrti   as if a wor'        i
strange language  had  l»-.-:s
tbere.   he   v. as  more   than   pl       i
liaising lb" In*'.' r ^.:s)i ol I
be made a ailrroi of the glass isy i i id
lug tLe s-iiff or Iiis blm ;. coal ag     it
It.    Ptactbg ihi     II before lliis lib ■
he behs'M tlie str nge word revi
and it beenme Irs hie as "Clarence"
"The signature was blottesl
the money," said be.   "It coi
anything else,     rile bills wen   i
Into ths* n>atc while tin  -
wet. anal i,f course It printed .     r on
one of I hem."
If Robinson had entered ll • i •■ u at
that moment, be wouM have ,.	
rested  for attempted  murder,  hut
-    home      Bwoden and Worwi ■
a.   not  alwu\ I     ■'■;      v.i,. ,,.    .      ;"" the
,., ,.,.  '    ' ' lU'll
gl OWU  man i un  ,,.,,,j
caiij. t
arm comes  next   ,,,  ,,„*'*" Ul|t'.'. y
n ,■•" k< rv.- via- .____^sl'iX't.
■ nt,    ml   i  ■  ■ It   .ukefj one t .,
■: *..    i... ..   ,. ... '•'   'I
to mak.. u bis.-gus,,    .,.,.;. "'N,
man ijc.-.
•.ot uciicilh  •.mUti..:
,    v   .. b' *   hs   enn     -SNtver  advertise    •,,,.,,
•  :• ■       ,   v. ;i)      his   v.M. hav..* bow l»u> ,!„,,,
trousers. "*,ir"iriJ
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I'ale.   Illooilb—  t.i rl-.
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!• - 1.   One Point.
Brsl re •! per-     *      ■   - "':'   '■   " "- ;, v. n»J        '   '''  '   eruptioji,   tin i       '      *|
-  "V s
^&    /
linn   1 ih]   tbe
; roprl •   md r.:!-a'
'iiir.-ss.   1 .. * -,ii.
r tl     ■;■■■■.
PUI al
:     ..■■
I  ii1. be trietl to 11 kin*:
, •    - '
      -•     • • •"   - ....
and • •  was
-   •    . lie   wa*
!'■      1 ■. v
■    :    • sl
iii islands
-   I
r ■ st r\n mixiA
N ' .s   thi* in".. 1- -  11 I'm .lainn-l
i*S al       ;    •:    •
whei     sluttM ci
I     .ll.-   Ml  si  '.     .
.1 ..     v.., !(;,    ,.        M      ; ■   'ftst-s
Oils.   11 I
diseusi    H   1 ■  ■     1    * l0 ^-'1
elves   nod  ftM'ertuiu
....   ado] •   • 1
ll1 >"l-      a,        a       I        (•     into     pi i*
Uc beheld tin tti'iueic 1 a,.. .   .
■lid not come In    wi.ct!:
lini; or Klmendorf* maj 11* I... :
Tlie detective snt dotvn by Alden'*
desk. Iioldliij,' Ibe, money In li - hand.
.'lis face won* a lia.k of trlnmpb, luit tt
was not pleasiiiil t.. ice. fer tl .. i . q|
iisi'tit wblcb this crime I i In i d iu
bim *rasburulii** lu Ids bean llo was
n it tbe buntsT wiin d'.es n .I,-, g worh
in the woods and counts bis fa n Ib
i!-:l! Iiits-rs st at 1. ght !l« ■■:i: tin* taan
Wbo lia« csiigbl ilu* wolf tliai killed ii,»
P"t lamb.
Hut thiTp came a slow cbanee upon
blm   llis face ,■ -*a puckered nn   ud tu*
eyes, and h;s lowei lip ■_•■ • i"  |,||
tsi 1I1 pn wntlj wltb a h.'i.-ty hand ho
*■ • 'ailed upon a «!.•'.t of paper this
ss : leoce.
Km  I'lnhtr parti • ••       ,., r].
n ■ • lor*)   Sfn   \ . , .. ,   .
bei 1 aireal.
|TO l'l   ' ■  ■  ■ I a    n,.]
■■tSsttng   l  Birnllu, ,..
When you wlr-fa to mend n p eoa of
fiirniiurs'.  mi || . uij   bj  ;,,„,,, g(ue nJ
you think  will be n led.    ||
"■'• '!''.*' "tine in'" tl,.. 1 ■ •   ....
•vater.   half   mi   (ll     a 1,  ||,
around  It and add     it to rni**e the
1. illin**, poll I  s.f tl|P
the -trine      11 ar      | , .
us,* wilh stroui- ;i,>. . 1   .
■:    a ' ■•" :    • :;             .   i.r .     :t*      ,; i-    h«i.<    '" '"-*
f*l lie's ■•••:■ • ■             ■   ■ .* 1 L,. H  •■   *• ,  n- mI.ui-  i .     ■   • .1  _
tbe 8                                                              Jacob's Oil.   th • 'I
On lhe 1                       .lade '*'■'    "Ml    Hie t\; pi : 1
'•"■■ ■ • ■         ' tor, nddrs-*s ed *■■' Psf-umj of u qold    ■■■ j
11,   '
.....    ,    .
ot i    rlsl
■ . upl cs.iui. ;. st, ii
.',,„    i old and c*,p,,:.ui,   : ■   ■ ■ '*   '.;'
. .,       "   ■ ik        In     tun a     Lil'l      ' a'
r,lJ   ..    tl.e .h'H „ii.i   rOvs*
el  ilotl       pirn .•   •••'   ii
v   I
i d ttlely said:
,!     "     ."'M '"' '"' :    'IU1    l""     Ml     HI.':     WH.s'r.'t.-*.-
   wnii a  sjiA-i.  "■   •' '
' .   il    rib  'I'M'   '
\< ill    |.(.   all   eiclit.   uisssi   I k''lj   '"   [
i*!*s-   ••   ss ,.,,,   ...
' V"-. (Hi   otb >*■   *v,.      i in th»» t   . )  . >r i v. a».
ii   i   loui 	
' '   : Hill • 'ran       | <:<.l|l;i!ir:      I       ''
  '-•••    >....-.    ...:' ...:U;   c-.lV.iI, sl      l.-<"   '    '       !': '"'""'I
1 Ull." |llll   'a :    Of   people   In   l;il|M   ' I
  | Ul"'    Sill     IsBllf.T.
A  Ulfflpnll  Tnak.  j	
"Iiiliea.'s.'s iiatiio.   vln is lie UIBe*ir I     ""*"     ,*vo    ,i'-'""'1 "
wnttfii      • •    ■      ir,** ,.v won  '  _ "'" '" f' , ;„«,*|
-ii,, a.     . ..-.     •   i ''""' s'ils-1't.ii* , nreta'-l'" ,1
„, H,> '■'"-"• ■■■■•■■■   noo. rhn'i   liwtm,   ^im 1,v„„^ ,„     Caiwr|
tn" new   . ii •..   be Ls takli ■; borne."— *
Town 'i   pics
like* it.
Mncveh    hns I'i'cii  proved to ll»'"|
Ia,,.,,  i I miles I,,i.f. ond * mil**** g~-
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ntul     less    to   eal.    They   nre  simply |
Did  you  ever  slop   to  think     lliui i
flu-re Ih si  reason  for all   this,    auii '
t|iat 11  tin' coinplttinl  is nttdckw in-
CejllgOTltlj    il   will   yield   iciulily.   Hie
In/y   feeling   will    depart   and   in   its (.
place will couth vigor and eh'&fjy uosl
ilppi'l ile.
11   Is tin* kidneys that are nut  <!o-
A  plgiu.V   cumol   has  been  .sent    by   |,lg  L|)ej,.  vvork       Thry  nped     lo    bo
llu slush   Of  Persia  to   the /no    at , tbhed   up   '.villi   riudd'i**  Kidne\   l'ills
llel-liii.   Wlllcll   is  only   -7   inches  hl;,li    ui,y '.'    I'.a.iuse   tlll'N   are   l**h'j*    i,Vi..**
lind weigh*  Cl   pounds.    It  Is   snow'" worked  and  need help
sliili' !    In  tin* winter tho Inidy  rtjftltlcs it
soli   iti/   cold.   With   the  coming
VS (il'K.S  I.l-:'lT'l''.l'. TO MOTHERS...oi  spjlng it   throws nil' lliis i r.iliciv
U'e  nre    purmltted  to  iiuike public j *■-****i   which  c<iiis*k,1*  of  i*.liu   lissuo.
|l„. pillowing letter, which  is a fait* J '■ '"■ sddHlininl  waste matter Is given
Liiiiipii' Aii hundreds   written by moth-   '"  the blond  lo ciirrj   awe   .   ;.  the
i-s   iiiioiiuhovit     Canada   prsi'.Bing   Kldneyt* nrs. in i-on'clttlsMi to,do.extra
lliibj '*■ *.>>vii TabUtl ft-* jv.urk  this   u. . ..-  luatrriiil   Is  ijli ckly
'|,',„.l Uf,   OUt..   Well   lK,   lVVKI.       |"M<'lla."l    from    tlie    bod..     ,„    ,1...    ,.„,.•
, Si'Mr.ii   weoits ugo   my  Isiil.y   wo'S "*-,|*;'      .    .
•er*/ ciosi   and  ill owing to troubles      '""   "   lho   K'dncys  arc  Hi  d    ,..
L.I, ,   to chlldron when   teething.   w,on* out,the *Vtt**te •'•■n'»*»*i   "    ;"'
\ ,., ",'uileiit  hisrlilv  reconimeiidril   1'1"'"1 mimI  lho circulation  Ih cloggi-.l
i,,iA s   iBwi,    Tablets,     aayJng   she  Tl"' "" »•'-•••>   '*   'l''-'1'    i''-•■■•'«   *■<•>•
Lulsl i«   no sitlii'i' iiiB-ilkine for lift-   '">   '. llls  |M     ,l"'  Kidney*   In   	
1,.,,       | sent  ior a box, used   working older     l'l,,* Ividneya in Boot
Lcorsling lo direction.* and must say , working  order   Insure pure blosd  utul
*,at   i   have found   them the    best   >'" ,!    clrculation-ensuro   brighti ess
L-iliciiie for u toethinK child 1  huve   '""' vigor u-iil energy.   'I l.,u:. mul.s ,,i
Tvoi  i.icti      Ono Tublet every olher   ,"";'1'' vi" <«•■■ vo" »or can tell vn
Ly  keeps    ,ny    b"lb**  well  and  I  am , sn  "'"   oMtffifr "ireti Tjxperttaico.
tins' ui my ri'st ut night.   I ocrlo the
,i,nl, ni my  friend   and   say  " they
li,. in. t. splendid."
Many is tl'tisj ivrsl is Bpilkjll in
jest, unsl inimj a fnlse statemcnl is
made  in dcudlv  earnest.
Mrs.  Charles \Vi!lard
Daby's Own Tablets  will  cure    all!
he ilium ailments nf children, an.! THE HOUSE—noblest ol lhe brute ere-
limy be Riven with absolute safety to litjon—when HU,ITer'ng from a cut, ultra
Tven  a  new  born baby.   These   Tub-   sion, or sore, derives us much bone
(.t'i me ths' only medicine for child its master In ai )tk»■ pi**Kliivim at :.,.
ten  s.ilal   under   nn   rsbsoluteimuran-    the    hsjallajt      soothing action    rf     in
jsvg t.s contain  no opiate or hurmfiil . 'i'honin*'   Eclectllc *"»> 1    I.uni. mi ■•■. bIIcII
Brim     Snld   by  drURffiStS  or  BCSt   by    lug   '•'   "'"   neck,   Btlffncss   of   Hie   joints
uuil ;insl  piiid at 60 cent* a box by   and  hinga  are rel'ls"! iti  ev  li
irilinff direct   to ihi* Dr.  Williams' j  '	
slei'iM"'   Co.,    Ilinckvill.'.   Out. fje   i-   Julys'*,    wlu,se      ei   ■   lUIStnilCCS
1 suit    his   leiuper,    lusl    lie   I,   miii.    i
;|'it/b.'iKCli is une 'ii lhe feswilii, ((.ii,.,,! who usii suit hi* U'liip* In
tries   as   yet   iineliiiiiiid   by   ii11»■     i'.'   ' uny ' iiiiiiiisliiiiccs.
'"       Vnyonij     may   «ii:'   the l
ind n> tin. cliff thorn,
Llfebuoj    Ssuip   -ilislnfi's-tant—     i«
Jtroll|{ly    i■.•Ciiinlilelllli'll   bv  lhe  Mieibc;'l
irofession as u siifiMruunl affthtsl  in-
|eili.".s iti-js'n.^cs.
I'.i.isiiiais   enn   best   hi*   fi'-i'ti d   i'i   si
IU   at   1 lu di'Lii'es
|Binard's Lininert t> used by fbysiciwis.
S.iiiss'   psiifle   tret   cri'dit   fsir   l'liilili
i'iii t.s  when   thev   have  simply     bisl
lllieii   nerve,
Nesisiy   all   Infnnls     an-  •flioro   nr      li s-
•nil..s*st  I,, iliaiiiu.'.'ii nail *4,ib li  i'u4ii|ilniuis   .
Ivlli'l-     l.'.'lllinaj,     mill     HS     lliis     I'l'lie'l        alf
llha'ii    li.i's   is   the   inissl    critical,    i!i*t hirs .
Isli'iiilil   not   be   Mithasut   it   tantll"  aaf    pr.-l
I.I     ll    K..llnugs   Hysa-Bli'i-y   l.'niiliiil    Tills j
|iiiB*'lirijiB> is ii  B]ssH'lnC  Inr hbicIi a-osuplaia' -
laml   is   highly   sii.iks-n   ssf   by   thoso    I'liss
lluive used  It.   The  [jroii.rje'apr.n shlliii    ii
lwiii inr». any i.ssf sif cholera Of mininu'r
A ttym..,,, ol Kxs-rs-lMi* },y IVIsleli Tlief
.llssj-   l|<*   SI,'(<sskI1:s*bss*s!. j
"Aare your eyes sore? After ri'tidiii, do ■
tbey feel ns IC they  were ail**)'
does It seem as If u numb swelling nestled between the brows?
"In three cases out of five ot eye
troublo there Is no ailment witb tUe
orb Itself, but only wltb tlie muscles
which control its movements," said ft
noted oculist. "Tho eye muscles have
become flabby und weak and resiuire
toning up und stivnrtbening. This may
bo dune by cyo gymnastics.
"Whenever tbo eye is in use Its muscles ure brought into play, Look ut uri
object ln the distance or look til un-
saUht at ciose rntige, and tlie eye ps>r-
forius un tapereeptlble movement cither of sinking deeper or of rising out
of the socket in order to ndnpt itss'if to
tbe range, exactly ns:u telescopic is
lengthened or shortened for vuriouf"
distances. Every timo tbe eye turns to
the left or to the right or upward or
downward It ls controlled by muscles
thut perform merely lhe msschnuieul
purt of turning the organ of vision, lt
is lu the decline of these fmiscles where
most people ought tirst of all to seel-
their complaints
"Nothing ls simpler than to remedy
tbls evil. Stand erect, gate straight
ahead uud throughout the entire exot*
clses bold the bond in tills position,
making lt necessary for tbe eyes alone
und not the muscles of the ueck to
some Into play during the ensuing i yni-
tiastics. Hold a dime between two lingers und extend the nnu straight iii
front ns far us possible, ut the same
time riveting the gaze ou tbo coin. Always looking at tbo dime, approach the
coin gradually until lt ls within four
inches of the eyes. Tben extend to the
original position nnd repeat the movement. It will strengthen (he Ufu'sCles
controlllsg tbe eyes on rnnge adjustment.
"For tbe second exercise keep tbe
head in the same rigid position us bo-
fore uad, holding the colli extended,
keep the eyes flistened on it and move
the urin ns far to one side nnd us fui to
the other as the eye can follow the arc
of the sweep.
"Holding bend und urm und coin OO
at ir*t, raise the arm so high that tlie
i*yes ure unable lunger to see the coin
unless hy nn elevation of tbe chin.
Then lower the hand with the coin similarly until lt disappears from vision.
"Perform these exercises faithfully,
and lu two or three days the eyes will
l.e brighter mid the sight hi'iier. Crow's
feet will disappear, und the youthful
vigor when the eye wns In its highest
state of efficiency will be restored."
SoFf Lojop EVEltTS .
N f.vERSrigw TAroug-mtwgown
- i   - -'   .: ■ ST/tJWiJWfWiABr^-KTS;)
Franci'  u'lants  lusuuties  'ai  |siilTiis*T!«"
|nf laiya ships,    liuring  ilia* lias'   you.'
:i8  Birge sail itu*  ships  werobstilt     i i
ll'l'lirh   ports   Of   JUDO   to; s   it      i !>
As   Psnnelee'H   \ .; .*t«!.!.-   l'ills  ..sat'is.
IMiiinJtivki' and Dandelion, they cus*n l»**j*ffl
Jsui'l Kislney ('iiui|,l,iiiii:, with laii'M.n.:
■certainty    Thej   SUo  I'liirniu   Us.,,t-     e.l
llll'lhh    Which    I'lSSP    Bps'ClRl'    Villls-.      t,al.
Ivonderful In tbelr action on thr sii.m-
jiirli uml liow-els. Mr V. A I'niinii i.s a.
■Sliakospeare, Writes l "I cniistjiler !'.*■•
luelee's Pill* an excellent lemeqy lis- llil-
jlaiiistiass anil Pernngement aif llu. l.iver
Hissing  usesl   thcin   myself  for  Monu' tiuie '
Roiimiinia,   Servia,   and   (Ireco   all
Ihnv'o more men thun^wonien
About  9(1.000   tons    or butter    is
made yearly In the United Kingdoiii.
The Flow ol   'L
will be teased.
.*. j      ', ■ : v e     ' • ■ s: i a c
/I i\ irbuble i.f k«*fl?mnj",
/ f\ c..i-» .lei •t,,-t only
!   'Iliere are now betWaMifl  2,50(1  ,uei
3,000 lighthouses in the world
A Failure.
'Ten, I consider my life a failure.'*
"Oh, Henry, bow sudl    Wby sliould
you sny Unit'/"
"I spend all my time mnklng money
enough to buy food nud clothes, but
the food disagrees wltb  me, and my
clothes don't lit."
strength iis the dij,tstion aui'i invt-
g'lru'.cs the whole svslem so that
tli* nutriment ia sll drawn fiointh*
foc*d. It takes just thr same trr**u-
ble to csre for s cow when fh*
five* three quarts us when the
gives ■ pail. Dick's U!oo<l i'urifirr
will pay heck its cost witli guoai
interest in a fow week*.
60 cents • pscka-fsr.
Ijtcnilux,<■:• ^ Co.,  *s.a»nU,
"Her marriage Was u great dlsap*
poluttnent to her friends."
"Oh, yes. They nil predicted It wonld
turn out unburn.ily. and It didn't"
•■""•ow   Lake,   13.0.
't'lu'   .liuai.iu':.   COUrSC   lis a   vlial^'bl
Win*  is  only   si\ty  null's Ah nig    its
stn'hi''   il       meiisiiles      lin liw.'l    tl. u
•J I: I ' 11, i I s*s
Ask for Hiitartl's and take do other.
Tho amnios of Europe   now uftsnrb
yTiiily Hubs', days' earnilii 8 ol lhe ell
lire population.
Sin. e 11*051 ns. uiemboi of Ihi royal
family Ims I" en loi .1 ItciitenMil ■ ol
Ireland, ...
I M?^*,H"  in'raculous   sprlnsis.
Pi.?*.!! ir l" • mlnd maaaaaA,
Ii..'.      ?'" the nissmory n ruotsjd sorrsiw
I ttst't,  suit     ths   written   trosililss   of    ths
1 Oui   *''.h,. "WBl"    oblivious   iinilsim*.,
i "'"-iss tha   st,uff-,(|   bosons   of  thoss   psr-
.. sWsS,.lih   h*"**vll.V   upon   KIslBisy. I.lvar
siiil   Hionmrh
ins'iBfnrs*.   ah   y*  who   auflsr-OIvs  |ih.v
"onS"andV?uK*Vl  aV  "0M °'  11,  ',Ut
^e Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitariain B.C.
J_!2!iH!!r!,'1B lo •*8 i°r "••k-
11   'a natural  that    the mun  who
sives himself away should fs*el cheap.
("fill    I
Shirt waists and daintj
linen are made delightful^
clean and fresh with Sun
light Soap. *u
Wsssasinsisss,    l.utssBliist.*   nnsi   »   lis.shs.   to
Avoid Exertion,
'I'laTi' ure m'\v phoplo w ho hu i e nai
pxpet'leimed whut is apl Ij U't'l i I I:
jpi iu^ reeling. I aiigtt'or ai1d lv u i*
(less low i'i ;.i.iin'i fte, i ouchi I oi iti
djgessi.qii pjipplpa umJ in it j ii ,, c
ti... si iii. The} all con s. w h
spi ing   *■.il tUo8Q 11]   a't a' i nn   h rl   ■.
Iu'     V,,!!;.,i: ■;'   l'ini.    PUIS      Th- ■.
rieb  Che  I 10 id",   lil "< '■   .'(■  I' •'•  in ■'
und   sli.,' in   uwny   nil     s| i inn   v i'b i !
•i"ss     in     V, Uliuiiih'    Pink   Pill       ; ia
I.. '   Its',   t "hu    na ,!ii iue   iu   1 llu \.    r il
'I'lisy   n ike  new.     rich,     red     '■ uu
si iv .■. i ■ ',    men     uml     \. iiiici      und
!,',.    '■     ll'l      I'alSa'S    III     he,ill ll     111    0111     si,
[nil! nl rin el s. Hore is pri h >i "il i .•
I'm Hn li ■ ,ii.lii,iliiii i inn's , i' Mil, .■
N.   il .   . . ,\ 8   -   I    was   vs'i■'.-   !..   . i,   i :,
I'siWU     III |1)     WCatatk     I ll.'l      . ■'     l'l'.'
mil ml'. I ui [> to lio dot; n M\ ,- •
* ii'' w a- poor and fi>ind db i si >■ -
1 n'li n f-utvered fi'siiii h I lin li . n i
i in' lor,: i .'\. a i Ion !'■ t mo'i' iiiiiht'ils
uscil 1.1 I used a few bwe of I.e.
\\ illlun .' Plttls I il-*; uu .
i   I.e.'      ell   like  ,i   n v    11 ' •  r     I   ii
i ' i   |.i..:w   of' nn.'   uu dlyii 1   is
■ <•■■ ■   ■iii*."
I.. 'a. pliinute a  tbnii1 ;•     n ah
Illl. '        '.Is     ill    '-'la.all" ,    i    hi   ill]
will  In   ■  i: . s' und  moi '■,-   suvnd
usii "   mjj   I ir,  \\ iJliaius'   Pink   l'ills
Don'l I uke i     ibstiiu	
. I' ; '.. i ■ ■■  . d " If i
rlrilibt    ■-■nil   to   ' V Ittiiil u '   Ms >'
i im' i 'fs Ib-a r1 s/ille i inl and 11 ■
;sill ; l| l«i inn lied ; ■■ puiil ul n
■'.•a  'i '-.   'ii   sis bn: ri-   for  at*.- IK I
'I'ii"   vsiwi'l   "e"   bas   iu -i t>   ii III     nl
sounds in  F.URljsh than  In .
: i:      iR-e'.   Ii   is  iu iu."'.!'' cl    n    six
iiil*. rent   wui'-
To Replace Unhealthy Blood by a
Fresher and More Highly
Vitalized Fluid.
Paine'sCelery Compound
Is The Only Medicine That Can
Purify  the Life   Stream
and Repair Shattered
(lood Bread it) Sight
COOo"*"H   when your life raft is a saclc of thst
mm. "f0 ,upporter
What it has done for thounand* lt
will do for you—strengthen, nourish,
vitulize. Thero ar* many good thing*
we might suy about this ideal brand
of honest wheat flour—there's no bad
thing anyone can aay about lt
Wlint   BT'nsssrs   Slsjn.'S*..
The manner in whieh shyness shows
itself diiTers greatly In different people.
Sometime* lt is euu-*cd by taexperlartoe
nsd the wnnt of self conQtlent-e thnt
cornea from atnowlng little or nothing
of the ways mid customs of Mclety,
and sometimes, too, it irises from self
cohsciouBnt?** nnd is simply vanity un
der another nnme nnd in a different
•4uis(.. it may sound barsh to say that
the shyness of uiu'jy people is caused
by their conceit, but it ls a fact all the
sunn*. They are always tUHklng of
thi'tiisolve*, wondering if they nre mak
lnj* a Kood Impression or looking their
best. Tliey iiiia^Iiie thnt every une is
remarking them, nnd if not quite cot-
tain of their Burrodndings they pet hot
and nervous, tltirrii'd, awkward and uncomfortable. If they would only tli ink
less of themselves, they wonld be far
hai'Iilcr and also far pieusanter companions,
Food For Nervous Isis1lvlsliinl*s.
As n rule salt meat Is uot adapt. 1 to
the requirements of nervous people, as
nutritious juis-es ko Into the urine to a
great f-vtent. Fish of all kinds is good
for them, Haw c^ca, contrary to ihe
common opinion, ure uol '".-i dip - iblo
us those that have bi-s'ii well cooki?di
Hood brs**nd, sweet butter and lean
meat uro the best food for the oerves.
People troubiesl wltb bisomnla and
iii'i'vous staninK from slei'p nud s 'tisa-
tiuns of falling can often lie cured by
limiting tlu'inselvi's to u diet of milk
alone for a time. An adult should take
a pint at u meu! and tuke four nis-aifl B
day. People with weakened nerves ro
quire frequently a large"! quantity of
water thnn thssss' whose nerves und
brains are stroti','. It aids the digestion
by. ma kin'* the foosl soluble, and seems
to have n direct tonic effect
The Bloepless, nervous prostration,
geuerul htbiiity, weakness, functional Irregularities und despondency
frnm which thousands of women
young und Old, suffer, can be quickly
remo.ved by properly feeding the
nerves,  and  replacing  the unhealthy
blond hy a fresher und more highly
vituli/.ed tl u i rl. lhe bappy change
frsnn ill health nntl misery to true
Womanhood und happiness, can only
be elVected by the use of I'uiue's Celery Compound.
The present spring demund fur
Paine's Celery Compound, woman's
friend and life giver, is enoiiuoiis in
overy province of the Dominion. This
fact nlone, amply proves that the
great compound possesses virtues and
powers unknown in other remedies.
Uettr wife nnd mother, do not procrastinate; listen to-duy to the voice
of reuson.anS the pleadings unsl testimony of the thousands of your hca
who huve been made well and strong.
Mrs. S. J. McKinlay, Chelmsford,
Out.,  says :—
" I wish to let you know what
Pains'* Celery Compound has done
for me. I wus afflicted with nervousness, sleeplessness, debility und general weakness for live venrs, and
during thut time I wus doctored ansl
spent a great deal of money for medicines without uny eood results. A
friend advised me to use your coin-
pninul. and 1 nm happy to suv it has
compbtely cured me. I now eat well
completely cured me. I now eat well,
sleep ws-li, and aniasstrona; as ever
behsre. 1 nm sure 1 wouisl have died,
had not Paine!* Celery Compound
enme to my aid. I wish every womnn to know about your wonderful
if you are In teed of free medical
ndvicp. write to Consulting Physician's Pcp.irtment, Tne Wsdls at, Richardson Co., Limited. Mnntrs'Bl, Que
All rorrespnndenre is sacredly confidential. _
''T..'  I'niteil  Stut.'s not*,   has     forty
.. -s . ,i   1'. , i-.. iter   !'•■' I ' ■:     '      luid   lliess
i ...    •   -.   ; isiiMi    iu'i'1 ii    ssi   tjp.'
\v.  ;   ■     in  ., jcui
■•,.'•'      K   i'i ; : lioiicsl   In   i:' ii
i».s    .Nil.     II ,li jjlijl!      ..\..l\ . .1 I
. ,■ .■■ ii before ihe '.ine
Tbe os-unsi of Tilde la Insects.
The antennas of insects do not appeal
to contain any organ of taste, f"r
wasps and nuts splits* readily book Into
their mouths poisonous and unpleasant
food, even swallowing enough to make
themselves ill, tvlille some lues aud
cockroaches foil u prey to tne temptation of alum, opsom salts and other
nauseous l'suids planed in their way.
Those substances wsto t»et. however,
"(Wallowed, but were soon spat out, the
deaWtvea sputtering angrily, na if disgusted with the taste.
GaAt tr* f^ t^ F .*£*0
TO KNCUl.'llAUI'*. ITS I'SK srs ulvlus
ths (ollovstn* in/*", for ruHipsnitiuu sit
Hsa  Wlnuia,s»K   1- ..iiiiutiju  of   llluH.
At   WIlBSSBptS*
I   \lsslsil l-ssl ...
A Sliiilli.iv Sulilerfssur.
"Why Is "hat oongiTssiiiaii so oi>-
pnseii Io beautifying thn city of Washington?"
"Well, bo's constantly posing its n
lervnflt of lho people, ninl bo's afraid
llis constituents Will get an Idea that
the servants' quarters' aro too luxurious."
"Well, Jones Is certainly n patient
man, with n li'uiper hard Io ruttle."
"Patient Is no name for hlm. Why,
that man has been known to go ibiu
with his wifo tsi select wall paper and
go through the ordeal without hising
his temper."
Fur tht liatis. li'-i' call, any puia br*sld,
or grade, burn after the 1st .Isiiusiiy
1008, ferl on Osrnsfac Stock Foosl, S100
Id  cold.
For the second Heaviest Calf, an*
pure breed, or grade, burn after 1st ol
January. lOO.'l, fed on Caruofuc Ntdcla
Food.   $flo  in Rold
Tiiinu piuzE.
Fur   th*   thin]   beavlsst   calf,   any   isurs
lariuxl,   or niiiiio.   born  after  Ial nt January,   lDO'I,   fsjal   ou   Csirasfar   St oak   Pood
! S-slfl In gold.
Only   sine    enlry   will   tie   allowsasl    froir,
■ each   Fanner   sir   StOCkruaa,     kiiiI     storl.
j siui^l   be   exhibited   at   lis.'   Winnipeg    F.J
| blblllon.
i Kvl.l.'iice usUHt l.e produced su tbo tlnu
s of exhibit inn to show thnt '.Jn* ununiila
. were lesl oo J.'isriii.fnc Stock  Food
I'ssi iiefur hai nrsisiu n ii<a islial sm-, esss
j bi'lni'lng Into condition nnsi '.il'.'iniiL
I where other fsiai'ls (sail Ss'ii.i for leutlel
; siivtiiu  the views  ni  veterinarians  »s  to
ths.  merits  cf  in fan    Thai   all   »,   ,.i.
IsUhly   ol lt.
' TRY t-AKNi .   '-.'    PON   *■".■   tt STUUK.
Mnn, like everything else that lives
changes witli the air Hint Hlistiilus bim
W. G.  Bourjlns, l*4ani>f->utiir»r,
| Prinocs*. Sirnot, Winnipeg,
You   ran   ulataln   ll   from  JTOUI   slaaioi.
Oii^j^0iei;r^uiri} to be a lonnomcur
hrdmtiiigimii th^
- •>--l^l__l
\£__\__ USE EDDY'S
It Is  very much stronger ansl thicker  than any other  (tarred or building)
paper.   It is Impervious tn wlnsl, keeps ont cold, keeps In heat, carries do small
tha same tins* avoiding aiac-uieaa.
Writ* onr Agenta, TEES Si PKR8SE, Winnipeg, tor samples.
THE K. a. KDDV OO., sVlnraltod. HUkU
C»nyou ti\-.\t\rrr. theysoYeFctiof JiitnMei letters Into the n»m"ii of tf-phl well known fruits. If io, YOU CAN
SHA1U", IN 1 i.i*. iJiSll'im'TlON OF THE AliOVE FKI2E. It ii noewy task. But by p*Uence wid ptr>
irveren*.e you can yialxml-iy piikl out 5 or 6 of them, lo the t+nm who can make out the largeat RMDflf MfBl
-rivr the sum of Or-* Hun-Jfl Iiollar*-. To the >ei»on mak'tiH cut tlie second lanest numtn-jr the sum ot Hfty
Dollars, To tb« WUWU mtklne the third laicest number the sum of Thirty Dollars. To th«pe«on makin-j tbo
fourth larjje.t ri'inii'-fi the mm *.*f T**cn;y Dylla-rs, Should two Mi-tVM send Answers "squilly correct, the first two
prllM »i.l :•*; divf ted \ "-tw-ien tliern,teach re'ci/ir-ji j;*;.**) : Should three send In equally correct answers, tbe
sbr-at thrs'c I>rlx« vill have to be dlvis.ed, (<»ch receiving Jtc-Ou). Should four persons send equally corrtct »0»**f*''
ti.e whnlesum t.f $i00*00 wil'. he equilly divider] (each receivin**** $50.00), and so on In like (iroDortl^ns.jprovlded
thrv s-s-'n-iTil" with a*-imrile rondltlt.ii ,il*out which we wfll vrltr as soon as answers are received. WE DO NOT
oit "UiytblOE 'i'**e ■* com pie to Im, wiile us at once enilusini" s-cent 1. in p for our reply. DO NOT DELAY,
WRlli'l Af ONCE,    A.. Iress. I'AM.IAN  Ml UlC'ilJ: IU.,   Di-PL   (B-1  I-ONOfiW. ONTAHtO. •*
// swub Afrtn
Ovul     '   ' ' ''   1 -ill I'bI)      ..""m''s   l'l*. 1111.'
a,     I   .       i!V\     ■   .. ■ ■ I s       .1 "    I...: t: I i < -s i       bj
1 ,.:■',-.
•KZOVis/'O    THIS*?
Wa offer  ma'  llundred  Dollar*  Reward
I,,,. ,,,;\  case ol Catarrh thai  taaoot lie
1 ured  bj   Hall's  Catarrh  Our*.
|,-   .1    Cheney  ft   Co.,   Prop*.,  Toleslo,  U
IV* sin- unUenslsrn*4a  have known  1'   •'
, 1,      ia>:    Use   lust    16   years,   nnd   be-
i ... hlin perfectly honorable in all busi
,,'-s 1111..S.1S 1 iiins nnsi financially abls' to
,n,\  oul  any oMiRations hiasle by  theii
tfieai I   Tniax', Wholestue  I'm   .. '■■   T"
,ln   si
lAnldlnK    Klnnan   A   Marvin,    wis i -.iia
Is,  Toledo, 0.
ll., j'a ('ai,,, rii Dure in taken internal-
, artltiR dlrectlj upon the blood and
ni'icoua .-nii's'i's ssf Hie system*. Price,
7f,.- ).,i bottle. Sailsl bv all f)rui*i?i»ti.
r   tlmonlnla irs-e.
Kail's   Pntnlly   Pills   is is-  Hn-  ia. 1
.Tlio i'ukoii in sminnpr ii- nn\ i''.uiili'
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ll'i'   SC 1
Keep Minard's Liniment in the House.
I'.,   | '   ■     hnS !>!ia'"llV     l-is||l|''l-aa|
,   || :■   . :',:.   vocal   works    bo-
.,;, |i   . •     ,1   I'ainr.'i In.    and
11   suite
New '/.I'lilniiil :; lapitnl, WsiiingtOll,
is iml the lurgv.xt city in lhe islunsls
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nre nil  Inrfjer.
Chronic Deraogement* sii th* ytouiacli,
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ilu* actlVe principle of tne lhgr*dl*nts
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ulntlhij  in  action  tin* dormant   energies
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the popularity of farmelee's Vesjelulile
The   Inivi'i-snl      I'sislul   I'liinn   Wim
flrsl   csi al'lislieil   in   l-lT.-i   ln'twini   L"J
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When "" other preparations fall, try
Hollo' • Corn Cure tie pain what-
,.. er,  and  nss Inconvenle  In using it
\ luii' i'i worth ii hundred rxronni
ill    MIlV    Illlll'kCl
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lll'll    ll.'I'I'llM-l'll    lll.'l:a'\      '    .-  fl     ll'l    stl-'sfs
Mr. • y   ;i    Iii nn    is     Iliads?      In   niiiiC
ulii'ti  ('u|iiii firo* his it iti
\ sure nny i" Imal  the profpsulos-
ill   eamlili'i- :      I'.>i 1' 1   play.
\AS.   tSt.   LJ     IMc    a»ai7. Ti
TUT*. DR1L1, .SttXMJAN, B. C, MAY U.1W8.
', •
€. X. iMiTKEaiwuu", Editor and Prop.
-iLO0s\Kf     .     •      •      .     B. C.
Lot»l Advortk-lng 10 cents a lino for
to* first insertion snd t cents a lino each
subsequent insertion.
Certificate* oi Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertitomonts at samo rate*
•8 legal advertising.
'    Locals will ba charged 10 cents a lino
for each inMrtion.
Commercial Rates mado known upon
' The Subscription is |2 por year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a yoar If not so paid.
'■   Address all letter* to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, MAY 15th, 1903.
While not presuming to violate state
secrets, The Dull ventures to assert
' that the Arlington ore experiments axe
' & success and that the big mill will be
built this summer.   You can bank on
On Monday the legislature merely
assembled to adjourn again till the
"20th, by which time the investigation
into the Columbia & Western land
grant scandal should be concluded.
'SirThomas Shaughnessy and other
C.P.R. officials are en route from Mon
treal to tell what they know about the
deal, and it promises to be spicy.   sSo
• far as the investigation has gone, the
land grant scheme wreaks with perfidy, and the political reputations of a
' couple of the ministers are badly tar
' nished. An early dissolution of the
house is a certainty.
Tbe Drill this week contains a
number of items of a most encourag-
' ing nature for the camp, the more important being those describing  the
' strikes on the Speculator, Arlington
and Combination. Those are the kind
• of stories that bear repeating and will
have influence on the outside. Satisfactory as tbe strikes are to the own-
•era of the respective properties, the
more so are they to the numberless
prospectors owning claims in this dry
ore belt.   Encouragement has  been
- given the prospector- confidence imparted to business circles,and increased lustre added to the already good
name of the camp.
James Dunsmuir is realizing that
his struggle with the Western Federation of Miners is no child's play, and
is entirely different from anything he
has yet experienced. He must needs
learn his lesson and he will be a wiser
man when he gets through with the
fun.   An organization of 4000 local
- members and an international treasury
of $2,000,000 is no easy combination
' to tackle, even with Dunsmuir's pilo.
In the meantime coast folk are exper
iencing -the raw edge of the struggle
in that buainess is interrupted, coal is
' going up in price, and the Vancouver
Island smelters shutting down for
lack of coke. Public sympathy will
be estranged from Dunsmuir, for the
peoplo love not a tyrant who denies
his workmen the simple right to or-
' ganize, no other question being invol v-
' ed.   Dunsmuir will lose.
A alight stir is to be noticed in poli
tical circles in the Slocan riding, the
' movement emanating from Conservative circles. It is given emphasis by
the fitct that the Sandon Mining Review issues a pronouncement in favor
of W. S. Drewry, of New Denver, as
the party candidate in the next provincial election. There has been a
feeling right along that Mr. Drewry
had political aspirations and it may be
taken for granted that he is going to
'have a shy at the candidature. Just
'the same it would have been wiser for
him to have awaited his chances at a
properly called -sonventiou of the
party and not try to force matters.
The Conservatives possess strength in
the riding, but ft behooves the party
to select the strongest candidate possible to ensure victory at the polls,and
Mr. Drewry is not the only available
material offering. As once before re
'marked by this paper, this end of the
lake must be reckoned with, and it is
just possible a dark horse may gather
.in the sweepstakes.
Pay tbe printer.
The creek is running very high this
The lake is coming up at the rate
of a foot a day.
The Bosun has shipped five cars of
ora this month.
A choice line of old papers is for
sale at this office.
The Wakefield, on Four Mile, Is
working quite a force.
Slocan ore shipments amount to
5680 tons for the year.
Aid. Smith Is acting mayor in the
absence of Mayor York.
Rev. Father Cote held his farewell
service here on Thursday.
W. Koch has removed all his horses
to Ten Mile and Silverton.
W. A. McDonald, K.C., of Nelson,
was a visitor in the city on Saturday.
The painters have been brighteninsr
up the exterior of the Arlington hotel.
Next Thursday night the New Denver Miners' Union will hold a dance.
Another boom of logs enme in Wednesday night for the mill from up the
The mill people are waiting for the
railway to commence work on their
Entrance examinations for the high
school will be held at New Denver on
May 16-20.
A new hoisting and compressor
plant is to be installed on the Spitzee,
at Rossland.
The C.P.R. is now transferring passengers and baggage round the rock
slide at Frank.
W. H. Davidson and wife went to
Victoria on Friday,the latter to obtain
medical treatment
The Greenwood board of trade will
endeavor to boom that town iu order
to attract population.
J. D. Moore,road inspector,was here
last week, running lines for the road
out to the Little Slocan.
Born.—In Toronto, Ont ,on May 10,
the wife of R. A. Bradshaw, postmaster of this city, of a son.
Business iuto the Trout lake country is increasing since the opening of
the Lardo railway route.
The band gave their first open-air
concert for the season Tuesday even.
It was much appreciated.
L. J. Edwards attended the banquet given iu honor of Supt. Downie
at Nelson, Friday evening.
The license commissioners will sit
tomorrow, to pass on the transfer of
the license on the Arlington.
Don't overlook the annual ball of
the hospital, which takes place on the
25th.   It will be a swell time.
A. Harlow came over from Nakusp
Monday, to remove his household effects to his ranch at that place.
So complete was the tie-up at the
Dunsmuir coal mines last week that
only one white man was working.
Blake Wilson and T. M. Black, of
Pat Burns' establishment,Nelson,were
here Monday, on company business.
A complimentary banquet was ten
dered Supt. Downie at Nelson on Fri
day evening.prior to going to StJohn.
Mr. and Mrs. Simons,who have been
visiting their son, Rev. W. Simons,
have returned to their home in Quebec
Miss Smith, who has just finished a
course as nurse at the Nelson .general
hospital, is visiting Aid. Arnot and
Tom Lake, formerly of this place, is
ing into the hotel business at Lake
t. Ann, about 50 miles south of Ed
mon ton.
Mayor York got away to Edmonton
yesterday morning and will be gone
some time.   Frank Sherry accompan
ied him.
Jas. Baker will represent the local
Miners' Union at the annual couven
tion, to be held shortly iu Denver,
Dr. Forin's household goods were
shipped to Edmonton Wednesday
Mrs. Forin and the children will leave
on the 28th.
Tho opening of the tennis court did
not take place on Saturday, owing to
the non-arrival of a portion of the
James McGregor, accused of shooting Frank Rogers at Vancouver, has
been declared not guilty by a New
Westminster jury.
Canada has lost another able man
in the person of Hon. David Mills, ex-
minister of justice, who died suddenly
at Ottawa on Friday.
An elaborate launching of the
Shamrock took place here on Thursday evening. H. J. Robertson was
the skipper in charge.
The finishing touches are being put
on the machinery at the shingle mill
this week. Everything is about ready
to start regular operations.
TD. B. O'lSTB-rA-Ill.,
■Dealer in
AVo inaki u   pcuialt*i of l i »m   Vi       [.trend
reputation aJ itch g Lhe I •.■*,,   in      •       le countr-,
Geo. Hindle will occupy the pulpit
in the Methodist church uext Sunday,
Rev. sSeymour attending conference.
Eric Lemieux returned from California on Tuesday. He has been
working all winter on Mark Manley's
gold property in Trinity county.
Do not forget Arnot when in need
of your summer dress .goods. He
carries a full line, with tnmmings to
match. Prices consistent with quality.
Tbe Drill blew itself last week and
got the outside of the office painted.
Everybody is disgusted at the color
used and the extravagance displayed
Word has been received here this
week from the government that all
unoccupied crown lands will be open
for the South African volunteers to file
their homestead entries on.
Clara Hanmer and company played
three nights here to fair audiences,but
they made no money. They left for
Nelson, cancelling their dates at Sandon and Kaslo. They put up a good
At the grand lodge meeting of the
Knights of Pythias at Vernon this
week, C. F. Nelson, of New Denver,
was elected grand chancellor of the
province. Next year the grand lodge
meets at Grand Forks.
For sale, cheap.—A fully paid-up
course of instruction iu electrical engi
necring in the International Cones
pondence school.   Full sot of hooks
and complete drawing outfit.   Only
two lessons taken.   Apply, this office.
Complete success attended Messrs.
Knowles & Patrequin's reopening of
the Arlington hotel on Friday evening, tbe house being crowded. A large
number of guests were present from
Silverton.   The dance was most en-
Syable, music being furnished by the
cMillan orchestra.
St. Paul's church had a narrow escape from being destroyed by fire this
week. Sunday evening the lamps wore
lit for the regular service, which had
been postponed unknown to the caretaker, and the lights were loft to burn
out. The result was that the lamps
became a wreck and the interior of the
building smothered in lamp black.
Quite a bit of damage was done.
Uoodrlcb Palish C*.
One by one the manufacturers of
well known American specialties are
realizing the present and prospective
value of the Canadian business field
and are establishing branch factories
in this country. One of the latest
concerns that has invaded Canada i.s
the Goodrich Polish Co., of Campliel-
lo, Mass., who have just completed a
very up-to-date shoe polish plant on
St. Genevieve street, iu Montreal.
They manufacture the well known
lines of the Trilby shoe polish; of
which a very large success has been
made in the United States. Mr.Good-
rich, in speaking of the establishment
of his factory.stnted that his company
had for a number of years enjoyed a
considerable trade in Canada.anu that
trade had developed to such proportions that it was advisable to nave a
manufacturing plant in Montreal. He
has been iu that city for a month past
superintending the installation of the
plant, which is now complete.
MINING   UK'Oil 111*..
Appended is a complete lift ot the various record* regis teres! atthe local regii-
try office, II. P. Christie bein** raining
May 8-Richmond No 2, Ten  Mile, J
Landwor, sam*, Mr* A sSroithering*l*.
May 5—Anchor.
7-From, N*ns*n and Btmlan.
May 7—Jinnie, BloMoni fr, Hamilton,
Hamilton fr, Iron Hon* No 2.
'1*0 whom it mair concern I Hlrnysvl into my
1 premises one bay horse, names! Billy. Owner can hnve same hy payin* winter's fned bill
isnal the assist of adverti-sing.
TweUe Mile. Msy 4,1903,
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sunday, at 11 and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.
Stranger* and young man
tr* cordially invited.   .   .
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Having oponrHl a first-class
establishment on Main Street,
the patronage of the public it*
solicited for Homo-Made Bread,
Whole Wheat Bread, Cakes,
Pies, and a full line of general
. ; I   .......r lis. ii id • ii |
I lll| v.. |Kll|   ,,.,.' .>.  mt,
'"-' .i.ipod.
Price Stability
V Slater Shoe1' prices are branded
•on the " Slater Shoe" by the " Slater
Shoe " makers who know the wear
worthiness of the hidden parts.
Common shoes are priced by the
dealer who charges what he can get
—high prices when you need shoes
—cut prices when you don't
See that you get the real "Slater
Branded "Tho Slater Shoe"—in
a slato frame. Value the same—
prices the same all the time.
r Shoe"
Made In Canada <*40 Years.
Foe Mon. $4.00 and $5.60.
For Women, $3.60 and $5.00.
For Boye, $2-50 ta $3.60.
Sold In 15 "Slater" Stores and 200 Agencies.
A "Slater" Polish Shins Last* a Week.
SLOCAN, $.0. 1
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
IN ths mutter ssf nn npnlieatisinfor * slupliasate
nf a Certifies.te at," Title tss Lots 15 and 16,
Block Zl. HlsKnnCity iMnp i»l (inter alin.l
. N.'iic* is hereby gi van that it ia niy intuit inn
tn issue, at th* expiration of sine month frssm
th* first publication hereof, a duplicate of the
Certificate ssf Title tn the srxsTC-mriit isinesl Lut-<
lli and IB. lllock th Slsscan City llapMl (inter
alia), in the nam*ssf Helena llesllrisa). which
Certificate I* dated the 2ntli duy ssf April, 1*98,
and numbers*! 73>K.
H. K. M siLEOO. District Resjiitrnr
Land Registry Ofliee. Nelson, ll.C, April "rath.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why bo without it rune* who*
you can get on* bo cheap ? The**
are preferrable to tfcyftA and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will b*
set up free.
Garden Seeds
Flower Seeds
Timothy Seed
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in bulk
Juat arrived from I). M. Ferry'*,
the great Seed Houi*. lor n*l*
Onion Sets have arrived,
your order early.
Certificate of Improvements.
Illiai-k Trlnce Fractional Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Citv mining division of Wert Kootenay diitrict. Where
located:—On th* mmmit of Hprin-**r
and Laomon creek*,.
TAKE NOTICK that I, H.R.Jorand
acting   a* agent for John   Elliot, free
miner'* certiflcate No. Mill 03;  Robert
Alexander Bradahaw.F.M.C. No.I-VI>.'78d-
Leo Doiron, F.M.C. No. iVmr,r\- Archibald   York, F. M. C. No. B49008S: and
Frank 8b*rrv, F. If, C. No. BMthSH, intend, *ixty day* from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Kecorder for a certifl-
cute of improvomen », for  the ynrtrose
of... tattling » crown **rai I on the ulxive
And furii- .
.    ■
CamereaUn Mineral Claim.
a-jitiii-t* in th* Slocan City Mining Division of Wett Kootenay District.
\Vh*r* locatsTasd:—On the first north
fork of Lemon cr*ek,
TAKE NOTICE that I, M. L.-Grim-
mett, acting a* agentfor The Cameronian
Gold it Silver MiniogCo.,liniitad liability
F.M.C. No. BfWKO, iatend, sixty dav*
from th* date hereof, to apply to th*
Mining Kecorder fora certificate of im-
prov*m*nt«, for th* purpo-**of obtaining
a Crown grant of the abovo claim.
' And further tak* notice that action,
undar met ion 37, must b* con*m«nc*il
beforo tho itsuanc* of tuch certificate of
Dat*d thi* 7th dav ol (KtoUr, 1M2.
20-3*03. M  L.GRIMMKTT.
NsBB||lar MlaaralClalas.
Situate in Slocan Citv Mining Division
ol W**t Kootenay District. Where
located*.—On tbe alone of Ton Mile,
alsout three mile* from the Black
Prince M.C.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. D   Mac.
Kay, seting a* agent for J. J. Gosjlrtt,
free miner'* certificate No. Bs53C**j'
intend, sixty day* from the lists Iii-m||
to applv to th* Mining Records* lor i
certificate of improvement*, for th* purpose of obtaining s Crown grsntol th*
abovo claim.
And furthoT tak* notic* that action,
und*r section 37, mint b* commtnesid
beforo ths iaauanes of such certifies-* tain*] provoment*.
Dated thi* 4th day ot April, 19C3.
10-4*03. W. D. MacKAT
Ontarla Na. S Mlaeral CUIss.
Sltuato in tho Slocan City Mining Division of Ihe West Kootenay 1-iitriet.
Whero located:—On a south forks!
I-*inon creek.
Take notice that I, Winslow F„ Wordu,
acting as agent for Chas. W. McMillu,
free miliar'* certificate No. l't'7147,intend,
sixty daya from the date hereof, to apply
tsi th* Mining Keeoider for a certifier..!
of improvement*, for the purpoM ot obtaining s crown grant for tht sbon
Anil further take notice that action.
under section 37, mast be commsneed
before the ismsnos of such c*rtifi-*»t*s**
Dated thia 30th dav of April, 1903
| Advertise youm,
^ Business
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods -before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a Maril
to all persistent uud liberal ailvsirti-
era: it i* road
by everyone.
It gtiarant(*c*i
rus,,rcM *
ttAt All Times
Subscribe for
, i *. .
■ if* *■ K     M Ssr,
Jit  .    m
*-si mat
local paper:
DRILL   $2
** • """• -a. -*"• >* J1 lT   * *   * **■
, J<u    " \ *  ll   ti  I       ""al"*
•*•*•(!-ft.       Ml   Ml*   -JOt >,-/.3*^


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