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The Slocan Drill 1903-09-25

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IPi'OV. Library,
IV., HO- 26*
jan 1 03—
SLOCAN,   li.   C,   SEPTEMBER   26,   1903.
»2.00 PER ANNUM.
Ifhe Best Canned Goods
are the best value, no matter wliat tfie
price is. We .have the famous Simcoe
brand of canned Fruits and Vegetables,
and our price is as low as you pay for inferior goods ,
We have others if you should want them.
IW. T. Shatford & Co.
IU reached by any trail or road
I that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Arlington    KCotel,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
This popular hotel is convenient to the horns nnd trains.   Tlw-dlnlnff room
iinristly upto--.ate while Uie but is supplied with the best in the liiark'-t.
D A TE C7 .   TW.veiling men, using Sample Hooins, $2..V> per "lay :
A/l/.CO.    without Sample Km.nis,$*i; Ix-anl $8j*-ei week; meals ■■» i
G. W. Philpott & Co.
Having secured premise* on Main eir8et,we are prerared to
handle all kinds of Garden Truck, Farm Produce, ami LJniry
Productii, aud are op-.-u to receive shipments from any of the
ranchers ia Slocan Vallev. A lull stock wil be fcopt on hand.
Householders will lie supplied daily with fresh (roods by wagon.
PRICES REASONABLE.   Will handle in quantity for mines.
Commission Agents,
Slocan, British Columbia
Ie-eps*B-ai under
Ihs old nssumfcenisnt.
Former customers
cordially Invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cer. Artkar Strain and Drlunoy Av**-*.i*«*. »loean.
BiiUini thoroughly renovated ,JAS CROSS,
»nd re it eked with the heat Proprletoi.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You ran get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
:**_C. smith,
_     MORE THAN $30,000 IN PREMIUMS	
Greatest Attractions and the Biggest
Amusement   Features  Ever  Secured
Down Town Street Carnivnl Every Night, Vaudeville* Specialties and
High Class Circus Features
SpecialLow Rates on Railroads
Concession Privileges for suit-.     Write fer Premium List
H. Q. STiniYlEL, Sec. and flan.
Osraiptot* 1.1st bi" <*»iintslutox Xal-.tBts.sl Isy
tits.   Niiiii(.tatvsat    Partial—Vancouver
ProdUOS.lD.nlg BtinoU—T-bY*  Men tire-
its by AocluiiiKtion.
Following is n complete list of the
candidates nominated in thn various
eonstituenoies on Saturday last:
Nelson -Taylor, liberal; Houston,
Ymir I'aiT, liberal') VV tight, con*
Grand Forks Clement, liberal;
Fraser conservative; Riordan, socialist.
Slocan Hunter, conservative; Da-
vidson, labor.
Kaslo Retalluck, liberal: Green,
conservative; Khanni.su, socialist.
t.!,.'.'invoi)ssl -Brown,liberal; Span-
kie, oonservatlve,
Yale Henderson, liberal; Mc.Naiia-
niDii. conservative,
Kamloops Deane, liberal; Fulton,
Lillooet McDonald, conservativf,
bj acclamation,
Islands Paterson, liberal; Bullock,
Fernie Smith, liberal; Boss, cpn-
servative; McPherson. socialist.
Cranbrook King, liberal; Caven,
Similkameen- -McLean, liberal; L.
Shatford, conservative.
Chilliwaek Muuro, liberal; Atkinson, conservative.
Comox Young, liberal; Grant, conservative.
Cbwichan- Evans, liberal; Skinner,
Okanagan Stirling,llberal; Ellison,
Newcastle Mumy,liberal;BrydeB,
conservative; Williams, socialist.
Sk*.-*ua Herman, liberal; Clifford,
New We&tmlnster Keary, liberal;
Gilford, conservative.
Esquimalt Jardine,Uberal; Poolej,
Rovelsioke Kallie, independeaj
Jilvral *, Ta;. Iaf, lionservative; Bennett
Nanaimo Shepherd, labor; Quett-
n.sll. conservative; Hawthornthwaite,
Richmond   Brown, libsral- Cart.:
Cotton, consr-rvative.
Cariboo Knight nnd Murphy, lib-
orals; Rogeri end Adams, conservatives.
Rossland Macdonald,liberal; Goodeve, con-wrvative.
Delta Oliver, libsral; Ladner, « i-
Dewdney Foreoster, liberal; McBride, cons l". alive.
Alberni Mclnnes, liberal; Hickey,
Columbia Wells, liberal, by acclamation.
Victoria   Drury, Cameron.McNueu
Bection 101 of the Provincial Elections
Act. It provides that no splrltuo is
liquors or strong drinks shall be sold,,
given, or provided at any hotel, tavern, shop, or other place within the
Hants o| any electoral division during
tlm whole of ths* polling day. Any
person found guilty of an infraction
t>r the law is liable to a penalty not
exceeding S100 and costs.
l'*)B*s. lit-lgnslp   Mill   U   I Innlly   Ol-als-t-rsl  Iss
bo Falsi.
Those present at Monday night's
meeting of the eity council were: Acting Mayor Smith, Aid. Teeter, Arnot
and McNeish,
Hills presented: R. A. Bradshaw,
time check. S.I; II. R. Jorand, disbursement-, in connection with mill
deeds, $.",. Time check ordered paid
ami other bill referred to finance committee.
Finance committee reported in favor
of bills amounting to $1(1.50, which
were ordered paid. The famous bill
from the lire brigade for that bucket
catcher was also passed, though the
brigade were warned to contract no
more bills without authority.
Chairman Smith reported that tlio
Sloan building had not yet been sold,
though they bad a purchaser in view.
Mr. Chew had been out of town, so it
tr.is impossible to interview the mill
A question arose as to whether anything had ))iven done to secure title to
the other lots in tho millsite. and a
motion was passed for the city solicitor to hasten matters, The chairman
said they could not expect the companv to go on with the sawmill till all
the ilei"ds were handed over.
Ths board of works reported that a
inun would -.ro to work in the morning
to repair the bridge over Springer
Council adjourned.
taptnoi. Creak Ore l'.ilailall.
(Iiil Finkle came down from tlia
head of Lemon creek on Wednesday.
and state! the loading properties in
fore Returning Olllcer Henderson.
That evening ho attended an enthusiastic rally iu the Conservative rooms.
After a thorough canvass of the riding,
Mr. Hunter is certain of being elected
by a haudsotne majority.
Wllllmn  lluutm- ssmsl Willi.isn  lltividioss
the ChiiiBiii Otiets.
Eight or ten curious, but interested,
persons gathered ut the. record otlice
on Saturday at  noon, to observe the
ceremony of Returning Officer Henderson bidding the universe Ihi hushed
while lm read the writ from His Majesty tlm King to held an election in
the Slooan riding on Oct. 3. With
less pomp he called for nominations,
and then did produce the necessary
documents for two from a capacious
inside pocket of his coat.
The nomination of William Davidson was mentioned in last weok's
issue. The necessary documents on
William Hunter's behalf had been
fixed up aud deposited with the returning officer on Friday evening, ae-
companied by 20 bills of the Hank of
Montreal ?1() persuasion. Mr. Hunter's sponsors were W. S. .Johnson and
T. McNeish; his assenters wereT. D.
Woodcock, C. E. Smltherlngale and
11. D. Curtis, while his witness was
James Farrell. No other nominations
were made, so the light is now on in
Ths; returning officer has lieei very
busy nil week. Instructing his several
deputies, aud supplying them all with
paraphernalia ana ballot papers. He
has everthlng arranged and in order.
Nothing remains now but tt> receive
and count tho vote and then the agony
will be over.
'. sifljv. ai, in Mit   I"oliiy.
Premier McBride publicly states
that the provincial government had
paid great attention to its railway
policy, nnd had decided that it would
give no aid, either direct or indirect.to
any railway, unless it had control over
such roads in the matter of transput'
fsoetion wore making tation rates.   Ths* government  wil
also secure a clause in the Grand
Trunk I'ucilic liili to prohibit the employment of Chinese or Japanese during construction. Building should also
commence on thu line from the Pacific
en<l at the same time as at the other.
As to tke Westminster bridge, the
government had not entered into any
it to a private com-
stood for the owiier-
a rreement t-i sel
panv, and they
am) Hall, liberals; Helmcken,
McPhillips and Hayward, conservatives; Waters, K-sst-ialist.
Vancouver Martin. Baxter, Bry
done-Jack, Monk and Turnbull, lilierals; Tatlow, Garden, Wilson, Bowser
and Macgowan. conservatives; Perry.
William*: and McLaren, labor: Mortimer and Stebbi*»gs,socialists; Griffiths,
socialist laber.
Atlin   Young, conservative;  Kirk-
land, labor.
Saanich   Tanner,   liberal: Eberts,
Hills* Sheeting.
At Saturday's practice  shoot of the
Rifle Club the following .-cores were
('.Nichol 28
,1. Cross :I2
I). S. McVannel. 11
,1. McVicar 27
H. MeFarlane...81
W.S.Johnson.. 24
D. Nichol 28
H.J .Robertson. .27
F. Dick 25
John Wafer 22
Dr. Keith 28
.1. Law 28
H. Curtis K>
W. B,George,. .2ii
IV la
ship of the bridge by the province.
Ttisj Creels Qissaatloss.
The creek question bids fair to become a '.ivo subject again. The city
fathers weut over this week in a l-ody
and examined the beil of thi stream
mat promising
an impc-aiuj exhibit of ore at tho Net-
son fair. Thegroup8 exhibiting are:
tho Lady Franklin, owned by Gill
Finkle, Tom Benton and Oscar Whit.1!:
tho Emmett, owned bv Cal Hittle and
l'at Nolan: and tho Nansen,owned by
Wm. Thomlinson and W. B. Young.
On the first-named the chute of om is
very continuous and has been opened
up by a series of cuts and drifts. The
Emmett has a drift In 800 f-wt and
now hae the bsaat showing it ever had.
On tha Nausen a body of ore has been
cut iato lately that is of much higher
grade than any heretofore met. The
mineral belt at the head of Lemon
creek i- one of the richest and tn.xt
important yet found in the district,
and is attracting attention from mining men.
i.n>i*iasu Don't I.1Kb. it.
Here is what ths Lilierals, who were
in convention at New Denver last
week, think of the Labor platform,
and, as th.*y did not nominate, it indicates that their sympathies are with
William Hunter, the candidate of responsible government: "Resolved,
that while we affirm that the Liberal
party is the boM friend of the working
man. and while we heartily approve
of niainv of the planks of the platform
of the Labor candidate fortius riding.
wo view with great apprehension that I the eveniug he addressed a meeting of
clause in saiil platform which provides his. supporters in the committee rooms.
that th? resignation of the said candi- On Sunday Mr. Davidson started out
date shall be placid *in the hands of a| to interview the ranchers along the
1 ths* inillmeii at Winlaw. He
lig rally here on the
ami had a confab with the mill.
The latter have written a letter to the
council and it will coins up at the next
meeting. It is estimated the cost of
of driving piles on the wast side of
Springer from ths lake to Delaney
avenue bridge would reach -11000. The
mill company would fill in the space
to the pile* with refuse aud sawdust,
in time forming a solid bank.
I.alaan-(psaali Jisto llstrs*.
William Davidson, the Independent
Labor candidate, was here on Saturday on a vote hunting expetlition.hav-
ing spent a dav also on Ten Mile.   In
committee of the convention which I vail
nominated him. as ws* consider sucn a
condition unconstitutional and fraught
with great danger to constitutional
in:?  809   251
Tha Spokane Pair.
lt stems that .Spokane is awakening
toitsold-tiina Interest intheminiag
industry of the Pacific northwest, and
this year will have in connection with
the Spokane Interstate Fair, which  is
held from October 6to 18, a firs! class
I exhibit of the resources of the country
an exhibit which will be iij> to the
! standard of the ilisplavs  which were
I made by the old fruit fair years ago,
J and which  were of nuicli benefit to
l the camps represented. \V. A. Coplea,
' superintendent of the mining depart*
j ment. expects the exhibit  to be the
[best ever math' in Spokane.
i'.aii» si ii .i iia. Otoeed.
Instructions have lieen sent lo the
provincial  police to strictly   enforce
ttnati Caved lss.
The heavy rains of the -past week
have had a disastrous effect upon tlis:
roads and trails in the camp. The
Arlington road ha* Buffered greatly,
and teaming over it has Iktu stopped.
Sections-11 to 17 is the worst portion,
there being a number
slides, lt will take a
make good the repairs.
vauey ami tni
expects to hold a
of caves and
few dollars to
riiher Mnlsls.st it,i-iaoorporated.
The company operating the Fisher
Maiden mine, on Four Mile, has been
re*incorporated as tin* Fisher Maiden
Mining Co.. Limited, with a capital of
flfliVO.OOO. The shares are par at 10
cents and the company's life of existence is r>o years.
Ottawa i.aaok*. Promising.
Manager McPhee reports things
looking very favorable at the Ottawa.
The cist vs-iu was cut some days ago
and a little ore met. Drifting on the
vein is being done, with improving results. A great deal of water is running from the vein, making it unpleasant for the workmen. Since February last about '.HV) feet of drifting has
been done atthe Ottawa.
Iifli'l ai:ia«al Ksssso ssss III*.s'S'tlslss.
ll. I. Kirkwood sent  up  four more
mon ami considerable supplies to the
Riverside on Tuesday, to rush a Ion;;
development to the stage where it will
determine a winter's operation. So
far the appearance of things i-i favorable and highly encouraging.
Hunter u OonAdeut.
William Hunter came down on Friday to arrange for his  nomination '>e
Sllvor OtsotHtlunis.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on tin1 various days during the
week since last issue:
I.stat Year'ss MUlpmontl Wass* 0333 Tont—
A llaailllay ICvltlstttsso of lis.! Life ansl
Ws'siit h of tlso iissssp i.ibi<t|is-i»« the
Blggeit Shipper.
During the week 40 tons of ore was
shipped from the division, the Enterprise having despatched that amount
to the Trail smelter. That property
has shipped 595 tons this year, mostly
by the lessees. To date shipments
from thi- division total 914 tons.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the loeal division amounted to 6888
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this vear to date:
Enterprise  *I0            595
Arlington  40
Ottawa  126
Black I'rince  17
Bondholder  2
Dayton  4
Republic  70
Meteor  52
Hamilton  4
Westment  2
Highland Light  2
40 9)4
The Bank of England is rushing up
its camp buildings.
Last week the Sandon mines sent
out 1 lo tons of ore.
A deal is being worked up on the
Meteor, on a working bond.
About 200 tons of ore a week is being shipped fiom the Slocan.
John Wafer started work this week
on the Club, adjoining the Republic.
Silver reached the highest price
this week it has touched fince Julv 1,
Lumber for the ore bins has been
paling up to the Ottawa during the
Frank Malcolm has taken a contract
to develop the Ruth mine and to run
the mill.
The width of the recent strike on
the Mountain Cou has increased to
22 inches.
The North Star and Sullivan mines,
Ea.it Kootenay. are shipping their
output to Nelson.
The heavy fall of snow on the higher
hill* has prevented several assessments
from being done.
Boundary ore shipments broke tlio
rc-ord last week with 16,791 tons, or
480,784 tons to dato.
The annual meeting of the Arlington company will be held here tho
second week in October.
The ore streak continues in tho upper tunnel of the Riverside as drifting
proceeds. Tlie ground is becoming
Tern and John Binish will complete
the new trail to Twelve Mile and take
in supplies to work their property on
that creek.
The lessees of the Cripple Stick are
doing well, having got out about a
ton of shipping oris last week. They
have aliout R0 sacks ready.
The Wakefield, on Four Mile, suddenly ceased operationa on Wednesday. Several of the men from here
came down oti the evening tx»at.
The government has notified owners
of crown grantetl claims that tin* taxes
must lie paid, otherwise delinquents
will lie offered for sale on Nov. 2.
The Black Hawk ami Daisy claims,
on Ten Mile, owned by the Mansfield
outfit. Iiavt* lieen restaked. A new
vein was found on tho ground last .
summer and much shipping ore uncovered.
Bonded Oeait /.las- misi««.
Thomas .lones.the Kansas zinc man,
and A. Garde, manager of the Payne,
have bonded the KemptvUU* group of
claims on Lvnn creek, opposite Vancouver. Thev are a big /.ine proposition aad a large smelter al Vancouver
may follow. A gang of men have been
Bent up to the claims to commence
Subscribe for Tna l'wu..
Election day: Oetolier 3.
Another big rookellde has occurred
at Frank.
The anticipated labor trouble in the
Fernie coalfields has been settled.
N. Morrison. Vancouver., will be the
new senior pedagogue at Now Denver,
Geo, Pedlar having gone to Fernie.
Candidate Davidson addresses the
alectora at New Denver on Friday
evening. Silwrtou on Saturday, and
here on Monday evening.
Geo. Avian! came down from New
Denver Wednesday eve. aud went up
the creek the next morning toexatniae
some property, iu company with S.
.lohn Retallack. who is opposing
Hob Green in Kaslo, says he has not
many fii.'nds among the "overall
crowd." And, to prove it, ho still
keeps a Chinese cook at the Wajrshing-
ton mine.
•■' - >—■. ■■■ v.",——r——————*. •-—r—-. 7—r* .1
IVI Love Match I
Author off ''The Cunm-dcer of Moscow," "The Fortunes of Conrad," "The Shadow of the
GuUlotine," Etc., Etc
Taul waved his hanil Impatiently,
and the servant  turned away.
"Fear not, my darling. No evil
caJi como if wo are true to ouch other. I will bo true, so help me
He led her to tlio cottage, und kissed her, and then turned towaitl    his
own home.   Ho felt, in his spirit, tho!
significance of hs father's    summons, |
and ho prepared himself to   meet the
needs of tlie occasion.   It appeared to ;
him    tho   turning-point of   his life.
Though young and  buoyant,    nnd  by i
nature emotional and excitable,    ho j
was possessed of n goodly    fund    of |
sound sense.    His   association   with,
Christlno had beneflttfd hint.  It   had
mado him older in the experience   of
truo lifo.   Ho   might    havo listed    a
girl far less worthy, and might have]
been as ardently attached to her    us ;
he wus now to Christina;    but   in his
present lovo a fount of truo and Just [
appreciation had  been opened   whish j
might   no*or   have been touched    by j
another.   He hud toinc to know that j
Christine    wus   good and pure    and
truo, and, knowing this, ho had, from
the   deeper    wells  of    understanding, !
tlruwn tho conclusion    that tho   | os- j
session of Christine St.   Clair for his
that his father woultl not   relent.
Nittluin Waybrook Was not a hard*
heat ted mun. nnd yet Iiis Bon hud
judged him rightly, Lie was u proud
nnd ambitious man. tenacious of authority,and of strong self-will, I 0 ,\ou
sny that hu wus Unnatural'? >*"'o muy
the best of men bent times unnatural. Did .vou never strike yO'U* child
in a passion? Did you nevt r hoi ' un
gar against a dearly lo.ed one be-
ciinse you were too proud to u sl n.iw
ledge an error? lUsi you noior suffer
a cloud to rest upon your household,
when a simple kind word, which you
would not Mnn , might huve l.i ought
back light nnd joy? Ah! there is
more sin against nature in tie voiy
best ssf us thnn we aro prone to BC-
knowlodge. We chuddar at tho quantity rather than at tht* nuulity. Me
condemn the res'lt rather. Ihttn the
principle Inherent In the cans", 'lhe
veriest eowurii, once goaded to pas
sion may fight li''o a hero; and to
the really human heart, when once it
opens its portals to Impotent wrath,
muy foster feelings utterly in umrn
Not luni Waybrook was rosol'.od; resolved that his son should not ma ry
the nameless foundling of the Drookside; and in support of his resolution
wife would constitute tho ono    great I he had  issued    his    solemn  m.mdnt
essential to all after happiness. j woultl his boy dare  lo  disobey?    'i'he
Mr. Waybrook was seated at his ' vory thought awoke fires of ventre-
table with a dosed book in hie I *nce Jn his heart, and opened tho way
hand, when his son entered. He look-! ton  flrther    resolution     which     his
cd up, and motioned the youth to a
soat. His face was cold and Stern,
and his lips and hands compressed,
"Paul,'' he said, with nn icy
calmness, "as the present business
admits of no possible variation, we
will moke it ns brief as possible. You
cannot bo ignorant of my purpose.
When 1 gave a reluctant consent to
your suit with the girl Christine, I
believed that she was the heir of Madame Ha'hol. In fact, 1 had been directly given so to understand. Dut
it now turns out that she is a penniless, namolcsss waif, without even a
habitation or a name."
"She    has   for a    habitation    tbo
towering pride wns to sustain, and
which was ti> become the bnno of
his life.
After this, for several dnys, father
und sun avoided each other, and
when they met, a casual observer
might huve di*eme.l theni strangers.
On the very next day Paul called at
the Brookside ('siitnge, and he wus
forced to admit to Christine that
mutters hud gone unpleasantly at
home.    In tlie end, he said to her:
"But don't borrow trouble We
shall have a home of our own, darling, where lovo shnll make .ioy and
And    ('h'istine,    undiT the    bright
whole of my heart? and.7or a~"name~ | Mshtof' his sniij.* antl thejnspiratjon
she has my most solemn vow!"
.So spoke Paul, t|..it_*tly, but with
intense fooling. His father started,
and brought his clenched hand down
upon thc table vehemently.
'Paul,   we will have no discussion
of his  ardent  pledge, could  not    find
it in her heart to turn from hlm.
And yet when he hud loft her, she
reasoned with herself' anew, ami
wrought upon herself the conviction
that she ought not to encourage him
whole heart, but had she a right
sever him from u fnther'a love ?
' Should she act opt at his huntls a
j faith which must come of a broken
i faith under his own roof-tree? Wo 11
!   il be well for. him—would it be    Well
for hei—'that th-y should launch fo th
' together with suth dawning upon * ii--
I  new  life?   ShO, u iiaimelcss foundling,
with shadows of doubti hanging   over
in this mattar    i "shall exercise thej further*   She   loved   him    with    her
authority of n parent. You were not j
of ago when you plighted your troth
—you are not yet of age. I forbid
the union! LaCt me hope that you
will not forco me to sterner measures. As Rachel St. Clair's adopted child and heir, the girl woultl
havo held honorable position; but as
sho is—a nameless foundling— perhaps the child of—" _—__—_——__—__—____
"Hush!" Paul hold up his hand as '■*•'• ™ .h.° «* °? f°',;t"^'11' tro"\
he thus interrupt***! his father's : **ome of his childhood? Sho with nev-
speech, and his face wus ashen pule I «-*r a Parcnl known, and he with it
The blood had all gone back to his I,»rpnt o''tcage I nnd orsa-jen-- IVould
heart, and he had great difficulty in !l bo w<*',1? Beneath the solemn con-
preventing a surging forth of t,l„, viction that rested down upon her,
floodin fire and wrath. I she bowed ta silent    tearless agony,
"At least," went on the parent, "'"' r"'nved t0 fiod f°r -Jtrength.
"achild who muv, in the hour of! slll> hud seen Paul disappear lather marriage, be claimed bv u crtmi- ■voml a ■*-''■''den hedge, ,.nd was turn-
nal from the verv lowest slo.iKh 0f I '"^ ,0,vur(J the cottage, when she
ignominy and disrepute. It can never; SoUn(] a woman standing in her path-
be, my eon. Against iti interpose a strange woman it wus. aged and
my authority, it is my command, decrepit. At first Christine was
laid upon vou solemnly and unreserv- ■ startled, but   when she   came to io
edly, that you s.*e the girl no more
ns a lover. The union between \ou
is from this time broken off. You
will toko due notice thereof, und govern yourself accordingly."
The blood was still forced bnck upon Paul's heart, and when he spoke,
it was in a tone scarcely raised abo e
a whisper; but his words were painfully distinct, und his meaning not
to be mistaken.   Well had it been for
gard tlia* intruder more closely, sho
wns t|uite at her ease so far as fear
wus concerned. The woman was certainly threc-scorc-nnd-ten, and bent
as though with rtscent sickness. Her
clothing wns shabby, though Worn
with an nir of grace, such ns pride
may give t.» poverty. Her face was
dark, ns though from long suffering
and much exposure, and the features
wero shurp und pinched,    with    des*i
tho father if hie perceptions had  been   f"n'ows    corrugating tho whole   s
keener, and his sense less blinded   by
"Father," the young man said, "I
have known th.' lady of whom you
speak for ninny yeuis, and of late 1
have hud opportunity to study tho
indwelling traits which are at the
vory foundation of her character. All
that, is pure nnd true nnd good sho
is. All that is high nnd noble and
aspiring in spirit, characterizes her.
Among nil the woinm of uiy acquaintance ibe is a queen. aShe alone
(ills tht* measure of womanlv graces
whi'h may mako perfection—such
perfi'Cl'ion as earth cun afford. She
alone, of all I have over seen, has
the (sower to remind me of my mother. I have plighted to her my
troth—our vows have been exchanged
—and I cannot now give her up."
"Hoy, you must! It is my command !''
"1 have said—1 cannot!"
"You forget, sir, you are but a
child. 1 hold you under lawful authority."
"Once before vou told me that
Then 1 lacked two weeks 0f my majority.   Now I luck only a week,"
"And—sir!—do you mean that you
will disobey mo?"
"I mean, that. I will not tamely
submit to a sacrifice of my whole
"And," cried tho father, arising
from his chair, and clutchi'i.; his
hands witli intense passion, listen to
my final speech: If you pet sl^t—if
you continue your intercourse with
that girl—I will discard you forever!—Yes, moro—1 now make your
disinheritance   contingent   upon    the
face. And yet, with all, her aspect
was not unpleasant. At a distance,
where only general outlines were apparent, she might have been deemed
repulsive; but ncaier, to one who
those to examine closely, there WOS
much that was inviting and benign
She stood in the middle of the path,
leaning upon a cross-headed stnfi and
hud probably been watching the
youthful couple ere they had sepu-
"Don't lot mc frighten you," sho
said, us Christine drew nour. Her
voice, though not musical, was far
from being unpleasant. "I had n i
desire to Intrude." And she regards I
tho maiden with a gu/e so earnest
and eager that it would huvo been
oppressive hud not tho light of the
ks'en blue eye been soft and kindly
"You do not. intrude a* a'l." replied Christine, in BWOOteSt accent's.
In her forlorn and lonesome estate
sho could Sympathize with another
who might bo homeless; and If the
applicant was a god, she did not forgot that the best friend sho had evci
known hud been more aged still.
"I am weary, lady, nnd would
rest mc for a brief Season."
"Take iny arm, nntl come with me
You shall have both rest nnd refreshment."
The girl, without thought of danger, gave her arm to the old womnn
nnd led her toward the cottage, Sho
fell hss unhappy In being thus en-
abled to minister to tin- ntvd.s of a
Buffering creature; and as sho folt
iho pressure of   bhe trembling   hnnd
ul oa hor arm, und received the grnto-
ful murmur of thanks, it   i-ecined   ns
act.   If you   see her again   as   her j though   light   was already gloaming
lover, you    arc no   more a son    of
And ,so father and son separated,
the former to regain an outwurd
composure by pacing to and fro in
his study, while the other walked out
upon   tho    carriage-way,       thoro   to
strengthen himself  for the   work   lie   woman,and met tlie garo of iho dark
in  ui on   the   darkness    winch   hnd
gat hor ed ai out her.
When they reached the cottage
Christine conductod the way furor to
a.'sa. in tho Binallor drawing-room,
and t: cu called I.ora. 'ihe servant
su. 10 in. and whin she snw   the    old
hu'l in hand—the work of guiding his
own bulk mid selecting iiis min *• oy-
..,;. iii  lifo.  fssr he was fully assured
blue eyes, she started as though she
had 'ion un appat ii Ion,
"II is only n gootl woman who    is
lined and   hungry,"   said Christinei
"u"nd 1 havo bi ought her in Mint she
muy rest und refreeh herself. Will
you help mo. plou.se?'.'
Refreshment* were served, uml after a time the woman ttinud to our
hero no uml said:
"My child, 1 did not come here by
accident. 1 came hero on purpose. 1
came to learn something of Rachel
St. Clair. I knew her onco—long,
long ugo.   1 henrtl she wus doud."
"Yes," answered Christine, wiping
the'tears from hor eyes. "Did yqu
know her very well?"
•She was onco my friend."
"You knew the best und the dearest woman that over lived!"
"But," pursued tho visitor, if I
hear, aright, sho sadly neglected hor
duty to yourself."
•'No, no," cried the girl, impulsively. 'She did all sho could do.
and I am sure—J am sure—"
"That she meant to have done
"Yes, 1 affi s re of it."
"My dear child, I shall probably
hear many conflicting stories and so
would you mind telling me the whole
truth, just ns you understand it-
such, I mean, as you are at liberty
to tell?"
"If you feel an interest—"
"Havel not told you that I knew
Rachel St. Clair? Would to God 1
could have seen her ore sho died! Buti
it wns not to be. 1 nave boen sick
—very nonr death myself—or I might
have beon here ere this."
Christine had nothing to fear in tho
telling of her story to thiB woman,
and she lold it ns she know it—told
all from tho deuth of Rachel to the
present—told of the investigations
which had been mude concerning the
will, and of the result of the same.
And, in answer to questions, Bhe
told of Caspar Hugo's testimony
touching the last meeting between
Rachel and her attorney.
"Then you think," said the-visitor,
"that thero might have been villainy
in the scheme?"
"No, no," answered Christine, "1
dare not think that. 1 only think
that the last and most earnest wish
and purpose of my foster-mother was
not permitted to bo carried out; for
I know that she had planned to make
me her heir. But it is well as it is.
1 havo her love—1 have tho memory
of hor motherly kindness through all
my years of remembrance, and I will
not  repine."
The old woman arose from her
chair anil brought her staff down
smartly upon the floor
"I can sec villainy in this, if you
do not," she said. A brief jiause, antl
she added: "But I speak hastily. Tt
were well to be sure ere we condemn- As 1 told you before, I knew
Rachel St. Clair; and. if she were
living, I think, for your sake, sho
would trust me. If I send a lawyer
to you, will you confide in him?"
Christine hesitated, not trom distrust, but from ama'cment.
The woman marked the emotion,
and quietly snid:
"If I send to you a respectable
luwyer, you will at least receive him
respectfully, for the sake of the
true friend ut whose instance he
"Yes, yos— and I will confide in
hlm, too."
"You may confide In him, if he
can inspire you with confidence; not
"But," urged Christine, as the woman was upon the point of turning
away, "you will tell me who you
ure?    1 muy know—why 1 am to   be
thus Indebted?"
It is 1 who am indebted, my
child, I woultl serve you, because I
believe you are pure and good, and,
moreover, becnuse 1 am indebted to
Rachel St. Clair, You may cull me
Endora.    I shull seo you ugain."
And thus speaking, the woman
went away; and very shortly afterward, Lora came into the drawing-
'Missus, who wns dut woman?"
'Why, Lora?" demanded Christine,
surprised by the servant's excited
manner. "Whut did you observe re-
markable ubout her?"
"I don't know whut it was missu9;
hut sure as de world, I'se seen her
"Where?   When?"
"Lord 'a mercy! I don't know. 1
can't tink. Iiidn't you nebber see
"Never before, to my knowledge,
"Well, It's past my comprehendin';
but, suro as you is born, I'se seen
her before somewhar. D'ye t'ink
she's good?"
"I   think she is my friend."
"IV* keerful, be kcerful, Miss Christine. IN! ole snrpint can tako a
gootl mnny shapes."
Christino wus not inclined to listen
to Lore's superstitious fancies, nnd
jet sho could not but feel thnt there
wns something significant in the re-
COgnltlOn, of which the servunt wus
so positive, Thut she had scon the
old woman before, I.ora wus assured,
though whore, or when, she could not
say. Sho could only declare, with
sol'inn earnestness, that she knew
tho face. ,
Christine borrowed no trouble from
tho servant'! strange vugary— she
had enough alread}—nevertheless, it
mado nn impression upon her mind,
und gavs her food for perplexing
It wns a bright, crisp morning In
September, early in the month, that
two gentlemen arrived in Boston by
tho Pall River route from Now York,
The first, he who took tho lead, as
though best acquainted with the
city, was a stnid-nppcnring, wcll-
droRsed— But why waste words 7
It wus the self-sumo Individual whom
wo hnve known sas Aloxnntler Hugo;
but upon his luggage now appeared
the name of Alexander Oompton,
antl thnt name he wns undoubtedly
enl il led to wear. Various other cog*
nt * i us us which he had found (.tension
t.a assume from time to time, hud
I C"ii none of his by lnhci i: alice We
kuaivv hlm, because we hnvo boon cognisant .if his socrot movements; but
those who have casually met hlm
upon the street, or in the dons an'l
nils whero thfl "tiger" lies in wnlt,
will not rocognlzo him in this, ids
proper gnl e lie hus been lurking
in   Ki.-.i.ni  under a Vail,  and    for    a
purpose, as we know; and having, aa
ho is sure, struck the ascending
plane, he appears upon the scene to
accept the benefits of tho good fortune. And he has brought with him
Mr. Zenas Leflington, a lawyer of
Vow Orleans, who, for a consideration, had lent himself, body and
soul, to the work. He has met ths
lawyer in New York.
This fs Mr. Lefflngton who now
bears Alexander Compton company.
Ho is a man of sixty, or thereabouts,
sharp-faced, keen-eyed and well-looking. If there has beon any deep villainy, he has evidently had nothing
to do with lt. He does not look
like a man who would knowingly or
willingly take a hand In a game of
..pen rascality. But he is a lawyer;
und he is nervous and persistent;
and with a basis of right, upon the
side of his client, be would not be
likely to waste respect or considera-
i ion upon the feelings of opponents.
Wo may say horo, without betraying
any confidence, that Zenas Leflington
did not know that any villainy-—any
direct infraction of the statutes—had
been committed.    He know only this:
That the Comptons had been engaged in looking after their interests
in noslon, while he had been gathering evidence in and about New Orleans. He knew that Caspar had,
in a manner not strictly legitimate,
gainod entrance into the service of
Itnchel St. Clair's attorney, but that
was, in his estimation, a piece of
strategy pardonable either in law or
war. How much hs might have suspected, had he been inclined to suspect, wo cannot say; but it Was not
his business to suspect his clients so
long na they gave him a fair pro-
text, and what waa, perhaps, full as
important in his eyes, a plump retainer, with promise of golden increase in case of successful issue.
Caspar Hugo (wa must still know
him by the name he has thus far
wsirn to us) had received a telegram
announcing the proposed arrival of
his father and ths lawyer, and, by
previous appointment, hs met them
in a private apartment near the railroad station. The first business, after having assured themselves that
thoy wero secure from observation,
was the examination by Caspar of
papers and verbal evidence, brought
by Leflington.
"It is enough! The chain is complete—not a link missing!" cried tho
young man, rubbing his hands exultantly.
"Tho chain upon our side is complete," admitted the lawyer; "but
how is tho business here?"
Caspar explained the whole matter
as it then stood.
Had Ixfllngton chosen to suspect
t'.ie concealment of a will, he might
have gone on and suspected- much
more; but, as we have already remarked, he did not deem it any part
nf his business to suspect his clients.
Ho had not beon retained for that
purpose. He listened very patiently
to the end, and then said:
"I think you havs a clear case. No
Paw appears upon the surface; and
if nothing now transpires to interfere, tho court cannot do otherwise
than give you the property. And
now," pursued the man of law, addressing Caspar, "let us understand
ono another perfectly. You are to
retain your assumed name through
the business?"
"I must," replied the clerk. "There
is no telling whnt wild things might
bo suspected wore I to discover myself. When I found how closo and
reticent old Halford was, and how
jealously he guarded the secrets of
his clients, I was forced to resort to
stratagem; and as lt is fair to judge
an act by Hs motive, 1 foer that since
I only sought my inherent rights, my
method of procedure, forced upon me
by necessity, cannol be considered
culpable. Not a soul ln New England, outside of this present trio,
knows mo for else than I have appeared. My father will enter upon
the stage as an utter stranger. I
propose that, when we leave this
apartment, we forget that 1 have
ever known or seen either of you.
You have come hither In answer to
legal summons, und you will directly seek my counsel and guidance."
A moment's pause, and he added,
with a smile:
"I shall trust my fnther to claim
and receive the property. He will
not play me false."
"And could not if he would," said
tlio parent,  with an answering smile.
It is not my purpose to enter into
the details of the legal proceedings
which followed. We need only state
what came to pass of Important result. Alexander Compton, hailing
from New Orlenns, and accompanied
by his lawyer, laid claim to the
estate of the late Rachel St. Clair,
and presented to the probnte court
his credentials. Mr. Leflington was
his legal counsel, and was properly
Alexander Compton was a man of
the world, and knew how to make
himself agreeable; and to the predate officers he showed his very best
face. He appeared a meek and pious
man, though hs did not overdo ths
thing by verging upon Instrumentality. For himself he cared not so
much an for his children, and for his
prospective grandchildren. Zenas
Leflington was already known te the
court by reputation; and it was fortunate for the Comptons that thssy
hasi becurcd the services of a lawyer
who hud, at least, a fair record et
success in his profession to recommend him.
The Lamp mt a Man's Life.
Dr. Holmes said thc lump of a man's
life hns three wicks -brain, blood nnd
brenth—nnd to turn down any one of
them mnkoH the other two go out. The
wounds n mnn will survive nnd even
disregard so long ns his hend, beiirt
and lungs are unhurt hnve long been
ono of tlie wonders of war history.
!    An   exchange   tolls     the    billowing   announced.     The   texi
'story:   A  young man  ln  a  western j daugjiti
The Canal Delay,
Rcstnurnnt Proprietor (to gtiPRtl-It's
too bnd yon hnve bnd to wnlt sss long,
Our men have Jusl gone on a Strike.
HOW long Mince you gnve jour order?
Quest—About half 1111 hour, j didn't
know there wns n strike, I thought lt
wus merely the usual delay.
town is vory fond of the daughter
a minister. The other Sunday he
went to church to hour tlie lovarsuul
gentleman whom ho some d ,' h..pc.
to call hrs fathor-in-luvv, u. I unfoc-
natoly sut down where eVei'V bodv in
the church could see him. However,
nil  went  well till the noxt text was
,,.'•       ,   f    grio'vui sb    ,
with  a  devil L" '
Married oouplos j,, *   ,
lowod   to  travel Wa*
faro untl a half,
0,1 ■■"'*■» -Vi
Poverty  is no disgr,„.,,   ,
mighty good oxcuko f„   i,'   ,u| '*'!.
creditor, ' *"''u_r
She Nursed the Sick
And .Ruined Her Healtl
For Months Mra. Mylos Lay a Helpless Sufferer From si
Prostration and Gradually Grew Weaker and Weaker**
Mrs. John Mylos, Sr„ of South
Woodsler*"* "Essex Co., Ont., is well
known throughout the surrsjundlng
country becauso of her work among
the sick and suffering and it wus on
account of over exertion In this regard that her health broke down
and sho lay weak and helpless, n
victim of nervous prostration. Iioo-
tors could not help her anil she i*e
solved to try Dr. Chaso's Nerve
Food. As a result sho has been
thoroughly restored and by rocoiu*
monding this treatment to others
bios been Ihe means of bringing back
health antl happiness to many a
weakened and discouraged sufferer
from diseases of the nerves.
Mrs. Mylos writes —-" When 1 began the use of Dr Chuse's Nerve
Food 1 wus confined to niy bed With
whnt the doctors said was nervous
prostration. My stomach wus verv
weak and I could not. sleep ut al)
for any length of time. Nervous
chills und trembling would contO
over mo nt times und 1 seemed to
bo getting woakor and weaker al
the time. There were nlso pain1' en
the top of thc head which caused nu
much suffering and anxiety,
After using 'hnll' a  dozen  boxes    ";
Dr.  Chase's Nervo Pood i i,
gain in weight nnd to f.„i  '',gai1
Since then I huve bet,, ,.,, d ron
stored    to    health    and     „ ,
buck can suy  that  the  i,m,   m
has    been  something   u,. ,   'm***
used  in  all  forty  boat       *   ^
pit ration  and   fool   it
as  a  privilege   to   i,.,,
all   who   ure  suflurillu
disorders.       Several
whom 1  huve doscrlboi
used  it  und  been
of Mns
us >a
uend it
"'" nerved
I1''1 s
Feureti   n,.,i ,
•sure   thut.  I  owe    my   ,„„,,,,
health,     if    not    life'   ,|.,.|f
Chaso's Nerve Pood."
Nervous    prostratlo
tion,  headaohes,     th
s" iy
and faintit.g spell"*. ''.',„'X*. , ','"'
motor ataxia,   feelings ol „ „£
depression,      ai ospondenev
overcome by this treatment ' .„,
ing, us it docs, hand h, bantl ■
:>iiture. Though gradual n,'
'-ults ure nil t|„. „„„,, ,(>|. '
'■.tting. and by noting y(mti_3
m weight, you can prove to 2
.ntlsfact'on that new, Brm u
.t\tl tissue is being added [-2
cuts a box. six boxes foi tjj!
i nil dealers, an Edmonson nil
.'*.  I'd., Toronto
Ttirntrlral ray Dare.
Every legitimate theater In New
York 1ms two pay days—union nnd nonunion. The union employees, which Include the men ln the orchestra, tbe
stnge hiinds, property men nnd stage
carpenters, nre paid, ns their union regulations demand, on Saturday night.
The actors, who huve no union, nre uot
paid until Tuesday, although their week
ends on Saturday with the night's performance. Their salaries nn- held up
two days merely to insure their reappearance nt the thenter on Monday.
If thn compnny were paid off on .Saturday night unreliable or disaffected
members of the organisation might ndt
show up on Monday for rehearsal or
the evening performance, thus weaken*
Ing the production, but If the week's
salary is held bnck they are reasonably
sure to report on Monthly In order not
to lose wlmt Is coming to them. Actors nre distinctly temperamental ami
capricious, and if a manager were to
pay off on Saturday night und there existed nny temporary dissatisfaction ln
the company he could never tell whether he woultl hnve a chorus with Which
to open up tlie week on Monday evening.
Among  the prisoners in the jail ai
'•Ynnkfurt.  Germany,  ii    ,      ,    J
bor who  hus been conl'u ed  In it |„I
half a century.   II,.  u.     accused
having    cut.    tho    throul
whom   he   was   shavm-     ||     i
ways protested    his
has repeatedly rofuseil ;     ;   ,|...
cause  it  wus offered    mil*,
Mon of his confessing
The Origin  ot I'j rssHTrniilsy.
Aliout n century ugo nn artist named
Crnnch wns standing one day in front
of n fire In hi*) home at Axminster.
Over the flreplna? was nn oaken mini
telplece, und It occurred to ('ranch that
this expanse of wood might he Improved by a little ornamentation, He
picked up tbe poker, heated it rs*d hot
nnd begun to sketch In a bold design.
The result pleased him so much that
he elulioriited his work nnd begun to attempt other fire pictures on panels of
wood. These met witb a ready sale,
nnd Crancb soon gnve nil his time to
his new art. This was thc beginning of
what ls now known us pyrogrnphy.
The poker artist of todny uses ninny
different shaped tools nnd hns n special
furnace in which they nro kept heated, j
The art has been elaborated greatly. !
The knots, curls and fibers of the wood
are often worked Into the design and
delicate tinting produced by scorching
the panel.
Care For (he Tamil.In* Habit.
One port horse sense nnd two parts
Of manly determination to keep still. \
Mix well with nn unlimited amount of
the best quality of thought. It Is impos- '
slblc for a womnn to talk all the lime
without saying a lot of things that she
Ihonida't or without proving a Jolly
bore to everybody about her.   This tut- i
tllng habit Is not confined entirely to
women, though.    Some men hnve the j
affliction    Im.tIIiI.v.      Sometimes    It's i
wheat,  sometimes   It's   chess,   some-
times It'a bnscball.    A steady diet of I
one kind conversation is always tire-
some.    Tnke a nibble of this and a
nibble of that, and your chatter will be
more interesting, particularly if there
are plenty of rests between nibbles.
Talking improves when there's silence
by way of contrast.
"Even thnt Impecunious little Dndg-
r>m onn nfford nn automobile, I wonder how he manages lt?"
"He cnn't."
Impure blood always shows
somewhere. If the skin, then
bolls, pimples, rashes, if the
nerves, then neur*.!!-,:.*, nervousness, depresMon.   If the
stomach, then dyspepsia,
biliousness, loss of appetite.
Your doctor knows the
remedy, used for 60 years.
" RetnnUnK from Its* Ciilam wa-. 1 «**. I
rs*rfr.a-t wrt-A-V. My lalaaoal v.... I . *.. t-i.tl mf
iWllti wssi goue. But a few bottl**! srf Aytri
SartataurUlas. conipIetr.T raaraa - - '
H. 0. l*Ajiuij;t:. BenalaNth
fl 00 bs home.
ill .Iniyyuu.
J   Ci Till CSV,
1   -e.\  Mssi
Aid tho •arsaparllla by keeping mt
regular with Ayer's PU*
\  woman's    .sh.ia.s novel
t hey  ni.*  uni omfoi tal.l.
i In
Vnny  n   mnn   tvlut pai*.-t
aliilrct   cf   his   ia-i I um
hard  lucl     If the buildii      nsiwcto
were on to his Job.
Very few people talk Just enough and
not too much.—Washington (In.a I'l'ino*
BIB, 161 st, N-.w Tarn, -**ril.'w
na a j. kendai.i. co.,
Upnllcnton :-I bav t..a*al *,.ni-"*-»*■'■ <*,,"*hl(
itsj liortvfi fair Use [Ml I Foul la« ) ul" ' ■.'{j'.-jir.
islw.yt fljlvei. mo r,. ,1 rrt>ulls In '■*•'■' ' ""Kg
I olio lissvoon<> of )ourbooai ilia  t ■ • .,..,.,„ ,t
i'io "Tri-alKs. 0B til*) UorM »**' '• 'I'*"*""'
I ..ill jroulUiitllj 1BCJ..I n>^ tii.*. n'SDIl!
Btipaetfullyyouras, B ■ ''"
irt.an -.Mont..!* reliabletmtal.I 'l*$Wt
■ aT'lnn, Curlia., lilnflsoostfl*. ''JJ* ,,.., fori'-
liasnolt »na| lr»ref si'* sacair. Hi' •';■', ,,.,*. As'
A*«llnlmftst forfa.-Bltv ii»i*lt :*-"■;;' '.,', s*RF..
your dt-UBglst fair '.••ST'At.l,B • ' if,^.t
(fll«o "Alro»ll§s.onilB»iia'rti,a "-' u
■sit-Mi y,
I ii    t'"
A man  is never so WW'1        |(|1.
unto others ns he would have o.v
tlo tints) him as when he nm
"■1'If in a hole.
St. Jacobs Oil
fc H* greatest rnoaCj m the w«U feesllbodlir
Aches and Pains
far «klcl. sd exttrnol remedy msy be uae4p
Fries. *25c and 50c av
The Drill.
(,,„ii!u-bb T-»m Hunt.
,, ciiiiillii wns ihe most gal*
rnl , |... la-ioi-H und always openly
,    ,| Hi it he was quite unable to
(''".",".h0 wiles of the fair sex, so much
1   Lt he had never been able to
•■•'    ' nP.« ,.,ii them.   On ono occasion
"T! no, was "the llor at a reception
*'"',, ,v Borne intimate friends in New
Sort ll'e Hostess In preaentlng hlin to
Se of her guests said;
,',,., me present you to Mrs. —.
',,,.,, know her, Paul, because she
I    "Home men  have    funny not it
she   Bald.    "There's   my   doctor,
instance, lie's always tejllng
I'm foollah it, make myself ui
ftn-tabio by wearing a corset.
one hot day when ho was  'nut, i.
for a littlt) sympathy  I told liii
I was foolish to wear a silk hat
deserved   to  suffer,      lie  hasn't
the same   to    mu   since."—Ohi
Deafness Cannot be Cure*.!
■J    local    niirallcalloim,
ntch   tho   dl
'j ing
n in
>*"*£--'-^-{w**-^^        EA^
JL        nwaiiAvi ^^
*j"J    -tjjj     - lf^     SHIP   toaatrlctls commission Arm- TUT
A J$fa->      THOMPSON, SONS & CO.
"*A/1 rn i"» I p sb pf.
liiisjii It
written a book."
;,'.J ijoou,   mndam!"   he  exclnlmed.
„!*,',,„ indeed, ntn I'most delighted to
',, |'1(,,.   i once made a book myself.
nnt wiini Ih "le ml° of yonr b00""V"
.•Tiie mime of It Is 'What One Worn-
nTlilnl-s,'" wus the smiling response.
..Ali   indeed,  nnd  most interesting!
■What One SVoman Thinks!'" repeated
. ,...  i, explorer.   And thon, with a
,l pxcltementj he added hnstlly:
«nut where can I procure a copy of
... j uitiBl hnvo it ut oni»—Immediately vi my life I hnvo been trying In
v.,i„ i. Qnd out whut women think, nnd
,,'. ,,'.., ,. i ,ii,. 1 shall succeed In find
inr*out lust "hut one woman thinks 1
Jail theu Indeed die content."
•     as     thsvy   caiman i
llsenscsl portion ol tlit. „,n
Iiaeisa Is only one way lo cur-j dsafim...
uie Hat ia by constiluUotisl rsmssli.*i,
DeafBSii Is caused by an Inflame.l con-
■IIIIon of tha. BlUCOUl lining el ilia h*u»
'achlan   Tuba.   Whan   tbla   tube,  *-ets    In
| ..ttrrteti you havo a rumbhnjr ■omul or im
ps'ilact   lica.inaj,   and   wlisn   It   ia   entlrel*.
. closed ilssfness la ths* reeult. anrl un lee's
tha Inflammation can be taksn out aim
tbla   tuba   roatoresj   to   ita  normal    conill
'ion, haartnt win be destroyed ior cvsr
alne case* out or Un art caus.al by co
'ai-rh.   which   is  no'.lilne;  but   an   inltniiifi.
condition ol the maraus iurfaoM.
.     W»   will   givo   One   11 una. red   Dills, th   lo,
.any cose ol Deafness  (reused lay Catarrh
that cannot bo eured liy Hall'i   Oatnrrl
-.uie     Heml  f„,   circular-,  fres*
Add rail,   F   .1    C1IEKKV  A  To,  1*.,l;
JO,   Q,
Hold by drusflata, 75c.
ami's  Futntly  rill, are tho bast
A man of strong <vili can malto n
woman do anything that she wants
Is) do
S During Bsk.UtO Lover.
is. I, ;: ,.min hud secretly courted
til'(, ji.,] lu :■ of nn enemy.   The huts
{ |. . |0ver8 were not fnr rtunoved,
hnt ,.-,■ i    lit the terrific cold ripped n
ri ; , - ,' iii the ice, nnd the young
„,,,',,■. | a v ns left Isolated. A gorge
jOQ | - deep nnd twenty feet wide
,epm ,| it from the Igloo, or but,
,,,,,•; ini* his sweetheart, but there
,.., ow bridge of Ice left across
*_!.,. .., so, nnd thla, the young man
*oun(] would henr his weight. BJskl*
uioa 11 bags.   The lover decided
*jiai |.o ivould that night cross the Ice
I,.■/: i tlie mnlden ho loved, bear
1, i iml und then break down tbo
bridge so that ho and she together
mlajlil - y their honeymoon unmo-
I :   planned very successfully.
P  , i ilia dead of night Into his
i!;,.i. 1 nt, he snntched up the niiiid-
eg In "K without awaking any
one, : • ! : her over the tee bridge
IBfoly, an I t..en he opened tlie sack to
Is .Hide; but, beholding Its
contfi •. ! o pave n loud cry. It wns
not the mnlden, but her father, that he
una  <i. - kalis*   Iu Japan.
Hnll . _lng is an elnborute study
In J i  ers the stylo of the coif-
!.;. rally  Indicates tho position
md f the lady,    Thus girls of
eight i" wear their hair ln n bow
• i '; bound round with rod crape.
tii-1 left bare except for two locks
ding : nt the tsidc, nnd tbo nmr
ci . damsels comb their tresses
blgli front und iirninge them el-
tber ape of n butterfly or n
bstf o; tied fan. A widow looking out
for ti id spouse twists her locUs
foi . s'ue'.l lmlrpin placed hurl
wntali; ncross the busk of the hend.
wha .a vows to remain faithful
to tli departed  cuts   her  hnir
iliort . . .i.s it plainly back without ill...    |       :  .    |]JJ,
Eat   what   you   likOi-uive the
dlsaatlve orirana aoraa work to do. Yheas.
luncllona need exercise aa much aa anv
part ol tha human anatomy, but lt
they're delicate, cive tbem tha aid thnt
Dr. Voa BtSO'l I'liieannle 'I'ableta aHord
antl you can eat auvthnm that's whole
ansne and palatable— 00 ln a box. .15
cents —8
Holton, Mo.,   with a population of
4,.*itto,  has seventeen churches.
t«f*f<fs I.!«mi*»rt tor sate vmwkmt.
Jealous   Husband—"What  did  vou
do when tlmt young Drown   wanted
to kiss you?"    His  Perii.nnent Teii.;'
—"Oh, I wus up in arms at once: '
known TO THOUSANDS,—Parmelee'*
Vosotablo 1'IUh reituiistsa the action of thi
sccri'tintiH.  purify   Hip  blood  antl   Kppib tha*
■tomach and bowoli free from deletefli-
oui  matter.     Taken aecordlna to dlrc-
tii.n th.'v will overcome dvsoeoila, eradicate blllooineai, uml leave the clitrost:.
ait'iins h.'iilthv nnd stromr to peril)rn
tbelr functions. Their tnprita nre jrell
known to thouaanda who know i.v <*x
nerlence how beneficial they nre its srlv-
in"   tons*   In   the   system
Ella—'"George says tlmt my beni.tv
Intoxicates him "
•"telln— I hoard th.it he suid that
your    looks   would     diivo  a  mun   t.i
Hli? .iri'i Liclmeat 8eHe?es Neorilgia.
Cures of oflleo thai usury an offlc
holder come with his strenuous <
fo ts to Buccocd himself.
l'r    .1     D    Kpllaiire's   Iivscntcrv   Oon
is prepared from    drum known    to
l.i  afa'ssiaati   hs   a haaroULTtllV   reliable   fflar
A-ure    aif    B'holA*ra.    slvspnlerv.    slinrrha
Kriplns iniitis anil rummer complaints
lint   b.-a*n     ai^cil      successfull**   bv   m.-.l
practlttonerv tor n number of venrs a
'•r.itif.vi.is.'   ri'siiilta     If  sufTerinc   frsam
cummer complaiat it 1? lust th-* tneiliA
tbst    will   cure vou.      Trv  n   botllp
se'.ls  f.»r  'J-j  cents
\ nieri-lin.it who died suddenly Iaf I
in his desk a letter written to one
of his correspondents. His clerk, n
son of Erin, Booing it nocsissary    lo
Send the letter, wrote ttt the l.olt.ii.
"MinCO vv.itinp the abovo 1 li.iv"
dis'il "
l.v.i. Bl
18 If :
v. ;r 'a
tn n,'
door a
••il ti
nn .
.. li* nntl   Ills  Home.
great writer Carlyle was
Miss Welsh the latter In
other to consent that Cnr-
llve with boili of them and
. outage of au establlshetl
income.    But Carlyle an-
's Welsh's proposal by say-
i bouscholdl could not live
were one nnd thnt he would
nny right enjoyment of his
muy till she wns "all his
, that the moment bo wns
u house the first use he
• iaf It would be to slam the
ust nauseous intruders.
RemoviH    all    hard,    toft    or    ciillosiae4
. ,umpa  and  blemishes   b"m   hones    l.lo.xl
ipuvin. curba. splints,   rltiRbene.   awainey,
' itKlea,   apratna;   cures   nm   and   IwOOUU
throat,   couuhi.   etc    Save   tt,0   Uy    tha
lae  of  one  bottle    Wnrraetad  tha    moat
wonderful  Blemish Cure avtr known.
Sold by all druggieta.
.Iiitlp*—' You     threw     u  bottle     of
whiskey at the plaintiff's head.
Defendant—"!  ulwnys use spiritual
Tin* i
In  I.!:.-
If the a
USS. ;;
but li
in use
. in* U ...sl "ll.iBBtni."
sn] "ragging" Is more common
ml than In this country, even
in is not.   An English pnper
"rag" Ir not a slung word,
■il old verb, also to be found
>ng Icelanders, inclining to
Irritate. In Lincolnshire and
■ "Hut counties to provoke a
died   "j.otllni*  his  rng  out."
• un elaboration of the sle*
' nn, nmi here ulso the mean-
ir.    A rngmuuffin originally
uti of demon,
Lever's V-Z (Wise lls'itdi Disinfectant Soap Powder dusted In the bath,
softens the wnter nnd disinfects,
A boy recently went to school tnk-
in-.r. the foUowing note of excuse to
the    schoolmaster "Dear   ****lr:*-;
l'li*nse excuse my boy a-scratcllln
hissel'; he's gsit n new fiannol sltiri
A     SOtlHJl    STtiMAl'H     MEANS     A
OLEAH  HEAD.—Tha hlsh preaaara 0'
OSrvOUH   life   whish   business   men
a.f    til.
' I I ifl'iseea «,f Krlcss.lshlp.
you ttit'ti  luive what you
-. bul your friendship Is so
»0 calculating, so watery-
Hut  sion't you  remember
,.'' '   Jonathan,   Damon   and
'    "lhe und Schiller—
.vou never brush enrh
li'i nor show onch oths»r your
nor discuss whnt is best for
Dow |
oM' '!• nor how to mukc up an
"'**""   . nor unyming."
■nay <.. Make Tnlk.
losoilat—Ob, do give mo a new
,,'       .,".*)'.donrl    » will aet all my
iira'fs-ni atnv nre mastra.net* to "JIv*
nu.ks-s draushti upon their *«<;»»«•*■•*"*
lv si.-t riinp.it nl to their I.Pislth it IJ
„niv t.v th.* mosi careful treatment  ina
th.'V nre ntsl.* to keep tlii'i.'-'lv i*s Bieri
nu,I nctivp in tl.pii varloui calllnsi man*,
of   theni   know   thp   vnl...'     of   I iin.ia'l''*
Vecetahlo Pllji In res"*alatlne t"*" *-'"1"-
ncb  nnd conaeouentl.v  kn'iiiiiL*  tne r.eiu
DJlovon sovereigns and B**o half-soy-
eii;ns tendered to Dublin Cabmen in
mistake for silver coins hist vv.ir
wire Riven up to the police,
Opt  nco.l  suffer  Pnln   vs.hen  tl"*y   have  nv-
niiabip Dr. Thomas' K.-i.*.-tric (* fnot
In   thp     house    vvhs-ii   rciiturpd   11   call   he
procured al the nsan»* , ■•*g«^* •?„*"
r„Vrchanta keep it for wli nheumis tie n
ni. i nil boaiiiv palni disappear whon it u
ai.nliPd.   .snd   should      thev   nt   nnv    tlmt
return experience taaohai the user 01 nt<
(111   how   Iib deal   with  them.
II Ing.
,,. Bat—If you're after notorl-
, tlou't yon  get  tho  old  one
*r. That   will   mnko your
['u twice us "nucha—Judge.
All new schools  in  Swit/ci'lni.d  hnve
u portion of the ground floor appropriated lor baths. Bach class bailies
| about once u fortnight, summer and
' winter. Boap is used, nnd a warm
bath is followed by a cooler onr*.
Sick children und those having akin
(liHousB's nra* excluded,
1 ;ii t.B-ii Pool bask.
! ihink that thero Is luck tn
I ; '"oh nsdnr ls In a chicken's
"■d Mr. Ernstus Plnkley,
i '■   n* or de nnlmnl la nt--
"aahlngton Htur.
"   I'Btirfi,!  MsTlssinlam.
^rossf   ,
poor man I   He can't belp It.
He gets bilious.   He needs a
rood liver pill—Ayer's Pills.
hey act directly on the liver,
*. -•• l.o.SynOo^
icaw-Jl, Ittaaa.
T— #
ti. i
W.I, I
11 n ninn eats he bus to nins-
;|1''' chymlfy, chyllfy nnd
No wonder his nystem Is out
" efton. st. Louis I'ost-nis-
Want your mouslachc or beard J
„a,„ yt,„. .- •
a beautiful brown or rich black ? Use
SfrTgiT ar.H.ti..ca,a«igH«*JJLl
S. Kernohan's Incurable Disease
Cured by Dodd's Kidney Pills.
;rl»a Doctor! Vutb-bbU tlst-ra vrna na. Hops
for Blm, Issit ll,-y,M ll-itsts tajtrona >*.ntl
Wall fan- Ytsiti-a,
fJelert, (int., Sept. U.-Opeclal)—
The wonderful cures by Dodd's Kitl-
ney Plllg published almost daily, rec
cull the ruse of Samuel Kernohan, of
this place it Ib yens now since he
wns cured, but as he is still curod it
is well worth recalling the facts, end
Mr. kernolian delights to relate
"Some timo In December, 1893,"
he says, "I wub taken sick aad laid
up for fourteen months. During my
eonflneraent to my houso and to my
bed, i was attended at various times
by live doctors. Three of them do-
c.iili'il that niy disease was incurable,
Floating Kidney, and two of tbem
that it was Spinal Disease. All
agreed on one thing—that my case
wns incurable.
When my money was all gono, as
a nnil ter of necessity and as my last
hop" 1 trisni Dodd's Kidney Pills. I
hud only InUon three boxes when I
wns able to walk about. I took ia
ail eighteen boxes, whon I was ea-
tirely cured and qulto able to work.
"Dodd'a Kidney Pills are the beat
friend I ever found."
Torra-cotta sleepers nre in use on
.Inpanoso railways. Tho InureaotMl
i-o.st Is com] ensated for by tho greater resistance sif decoy.
A Pleasant Duty.-"when   t in *
any thin* worthy ol racoinmendalion. 1
eonssldar It my dutv to tell it." auys
R«V, Jas. Murslock. of Hamburg, Pa
"llr Agnew's Catarrhal Powder haa
:uivil me of Catarrh of fivo years stand
Ina. It Is certainly iiiaiticul ln its effect
Vlie Urst ut.;.;!'alum benefited ine iu!i..
■inutes     50 eta."—9
London fo
hospitals  cun  ncconi-
modatc 0,000 patients.
lii-ianl's Liniment Cures Burns, etc
The threads of silk man.' from wool
in Oormany huve is strands, a *;iu-
'_•!■ one of which  is hardly  visible  to
tho naked  eye    Real    sill,   is  tw >
thirds stronger
UrowliiK  Scarcity of  Wood  Fil   Pol
Mss biii fas-ttis-its it I'nrpoaea.
It will be but n few years before durable timber becomes very much tleur-
er than It is ut present. Good chestnut
und white oak posts ure worth now 1!i
cents each und red cedar posts 20 cents
apiece undressed und ore hard to get at
that. Ten years from now the supply
Will be much less. No more prolltable
use of land cun hi* made than to plant
walnut, chestnut, otlk, hickory, spruce,
ash, maple, poplar, willow, locust and
otlier trees that hnve a value In (lie
nrts for their timber. Plant' the rouall
land to trees. The euctilypts are nsivv
Brown ln the southwestern portion of
our country more extensively thnn uny
other exotic forest tree.
These trees ure originally from Aus
trails. Tliey are known there under
the name of antlfever trees, as by their
rapid growth and large amount of foliage they absorb the poisonous gases
of the swamps, making the nir pure
nnd the climate healthy. In California, Kansas and Indiana tracts of land
several thousand acres in area bave
been planted with seedlings of the eucalyptus rostrate for fuel, railroad ties
and for windbreaks, On account of
their rapid growth they make desirable
•hade trees for the dwelling and pasture lots. Iu many parts of the southwest the eucnlypts are utilized to advantage to furnish shade in pastures.
If set along the fences and along tlie
irrigating ditches they can be made to
ptotect the cattle In the pasture without at any time Interfering with farm
work. Seedlings muy be had from the i
nurseryman In 100 lots at 6 cents each, !
There are some thirty different varie- j
ties, and all of them nre said to grow j
equally well in the middle nnd south
em stntes. Plant the hillsides In forest trees aud farm tbe low ground.
1  wus   Cured   ol   Rheumatic (lout
Halifax. ANUKKW   KING,
I   was   Cured  of  Acute  Bronchitis
I  was Cured .sf Acute Rheumatism
Markham,  Oni
A jovial youkol nnmid Josh
Made a bolii bid for Botay. '*0 bosh
Cried Betsy, "You're joshing '
Vnel went   on with her washing,
While Josh was just Jiggered b'gos'i
Evory   mother most  earnestly   d
sires  to see her   little ones   hearty,
rosy und  full  of life.      The hot   WI
ther,  however,   is a time ol dasger
to nil little ones,   and   at  the   ven
lirst symptom   of   uneasiness or illness baby's  Own Tablets should h
glVStr.   lt   is  ensiei   to  prevent   illin'-s
than  to cure  it.    nntl an   occasional
dose of Baby's Own Talilets will K. •■;'
littlo   one   healthy   and   happy,     if
sickness   does   not come, tlierc Is
medicine    will    so quickly   cure    tho
minor   ills   of babyhood   und   chil I-
hood—and you have a guarantee that
it  contains no  opiate   or poisot ous
stuff.     Mrs.   dolin  Nail,  Petersburg,
(int.,   says :—"1   hnve    used     Baby's
Own Tablets nnd lind them » superior remedy for troubles of tho stomach nmi bowels.   From my own e>
perionco, 1 enn highly recommend Ihi
Tablets to othor mothers.'
Mothers   should  always  keep    'lu    '
tablets  in  the  hsitise,   rendv    for  ai
emergent"*/. Sold by medlcino dealers or sent postpaid nt 2."s cents s
box. by writing .the Dr. Williams'
Modiolno Co., Brockville, Oni
A Queer  Paperweight.
One of the most remarkable objects
ln tbe American historical collection
which occupies the front hall of the
National museum ls the paperweight
of Professor Henry, for many years
secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. It Is a triangular prism of clear,
transparent glass about six inches in
b. ight. Into the edge or sharp back of
the triangle the skillful workman who
turned out this singular paperweight
carved a series of grooves and hollows
which appear absolutely meaningless
when viewed from the side, but when
looked nt through the broad surface of
the front of the prism resolve themselves into a beautiful Etruscan vase.
In reality there exists only one side
of this remarkable vase, the other two
being a reflection on tbe two angles of
the prism of the original. Viewed
through the flat surface of the opposite
angle the vase has four handles, but
if thc back ls examined it will be found
to have only two.
In all the collection of personal relics. Jewels, objets de luxe, oddities and
things of value of the great Americans
from Washington down this without
doubt Is one of tbe most peculiar and
The population of Ireland, whlsih
50 yeara ngo was over 8,000,000, la
UOW less thnn 4,500,000.
He Had the Price.
Senator Clark of Montana ls a very
unostentatious man. lie has a habit of
going nround tbe streets down town
without much regnrd to the niceties of
his personal nppearance. He was walking down Wall street the other duy,
with his hat in his hand, a very Informal looking "magnate." At a corner Pat
Curran, ten years old and Irish, stopped
"Shine, mister?" said Pat, pointing
suggestively ot the senator's boots.
Tho latter glanced down, noted the
shoes were dusty, but remembered he
hud an appointment witb the llurri-
man attorneys at his office.
"No; haven't time," he said.
And the boy grunted savagely, "You
mean you ain't got the price, don't yer,
The senator told the story on himself
when he signed the check for $10,000,-
000 about ten minutes Inter thnt paid
for 500 miles of Oregon Short Llne.-
Itohlng,   Burning,   Creeping,
Crawling Skill DIMS SS reliovoil in a few
nlnutca by Acnpw'a Ointment. Dr. Au-
aaw'i Ointment rallavta Instantly, n- '
euraa Tattar, Salt Uhau-u. .Scald llen.1.
Ki'iema, Ulcers, Blotches, and all Eruii-
tlena of tha Skin. It la aoolhinsr nu I
nutating and acta Ilka magic tn all sialiV
fluinora, irritation of tha Scab) or
Itaahaa during teething time. US ctsnta
a box.—7 ^________^__
Spain's annual export of pickled
green olives amounts to about |800,-
ConflniBK Fire.
Sometimes n tin* breaks out ln one
of tho holds of a steamship at sea. The
cnptnln tells the passengers thore is no
need to be alarmed. The batches cover
the hold; water tight doors and steel
bulkheads separate it from the rest of
tho ship. Often the fire can be allowed
to burn Itself out for lack of air ln its
confined space, if not it can be extinguished by steam.
Architects try to make tho modern
fireproof building like n ship In this
respect, The "steel cage" skyscraper
is built so Hint n tiro in one room or
one story Is bound to burn Itself out
locally without damaging the rest of
the building.
Unless the soap you
use has this brand you
are not getting the best
Ask tor the #cti|iis Bar.
The  Knlaer  and  llis*   I'launiiilna.
When iho kaiser went sightseeing to
Sl Peter's he admired tho fountains,
says a writer In I.ippiiicotl's. Well he
might, After watching theni some timo
be said: "Turn theni olT now. It's n
pity to wnste so much water." Thrifty,
eh? Turn off Carlo Maderno's fountains which liiivs* danced In the sun
and shimmered lu the moon nigh 300
H. H. Fudour, President.    J. Wood, Manager.
We Are Mailing Our Fall Catalogues Now.
A regular encyclopedia of valuable information about proper
styles in drees matters and newest tdeus for the home. Our
handsomely illustrated Fall and Winter Catalogue, just out, will
be found most interesting and full of practically profitable price
information. We would like every home in Canada to have a
cxipy. Just forward your name and address and let us send you
one, and at the same time test the efficiency of our Mail Order
system by ordering one of these $2 Wrist Bags for 98c, a value
that cannot be duplicated outside of this store.
A $2.00 Wrist Bag for 98c.
Real Walrus Leather Wrist Bag, ball frame, inside frame, and
(*oin pocket, sit ie lined, worth $2, extra specisd for    Q Q *•*"•>>
mail order ctibiun
Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen :
I take this opportunity oi
saying to you that this cigar,
to which the maker has courteously given my name, is tha
most deliciously fragrant weed
I have ever smoked, and hera
is another instant of the supremacy of the Canadian
Is worthy of its name.
J. M. Fir-tier,   Limit-,-., ■sntpsnl.
••Sow, gaod dlgcttlon watts em ■pp«*t't*>
And bsMpllh on both I "-IIAOBBTH, 4o» HI., 9-*ti_a HT.
Many people of sedentary occupations have a lilting tot
foods prepared with whole-wheat flour. Whole-Wlt-eat
Bread, Gems, Pancakes, etc.
Is a product specially prepared tor tbis
class of trade.
in the lutkotii Presbytery, chiiiiib's-
od entirely of *itniiiitis. there are '27
churches and 1,458 communicants,
ministered to by i.r> Indian preaeh-
The wssrlti seldom speaks wall of a
ninn who is duutl broke.
The Sufferers
from Colds
ar* numb-.rB.a-t by mlllloni. not Including
tboM whoM nnnoyanc* by moclatlon
araounU nlmolt to lufltrlns.
And y»t lt la a, lact, at canabla ol de-
monitratlon as any probUm In Qaom-
•try, that Dr. Annew'i Ontssrrhal Povr-
dar Has, Does, Will Cursj Oatarrh ami
colds What are ths Catarrhal Million"
nalnn     to    do  about     it ?   Sold  by  all
Dr. Aj-ncw's Heart Cure relieves beart
disease In 30 minutes. *i
Sunshine lma no terrors for the uii'l
with a $2.*". parasol.	
Jlinard's Unimeat Cam tadrifl.
Then never was nntl never will Its a
ui.iveisssl tjanrti-ea in sina* mneilv lor all
ills lss which llesh ll hell*—th« vt*rv na-
tuie tat niflinv curatives bains such that
asi-ie llu* certtis ol iither anil ili(Tt*reiitlv
M'l.tesi diseases rooted In the system of
Ihfl' 11.itlent—wlint. s.oulsl relieve one 111
In turn woultl acccriivHt.' the otlier. We
hnvo however, in yuinine Wine, svhen
attainable in •sousssi. unadulwrated sts'.o
■a remedy lor manv nnil trrlevous ills llv
Its ciihIiihI ami ludlclOUl use tlio linilest
IvrleniS   nrp   loll   Into   ctinvalf*ia-rnre    nnil
.tisnjrth lav tho Influence whish t'tiinim.
a'va its (an nature's own restaimttvos rt
rfllevea the ilrnoiiincr spirila of thone
.. il'.i     whom   n  chronic     state ut nss.rblsl
:■< i.uialonr.v   anil   Isi. I:   ol   illtiTi-Kt   III   life
rs  it   disease   and  lav  tranaullUliw   the
aei\B'S.   disposes   to   sound   snsl   refreshlne
■sleep—Imparts vinor to the action of the
S.'aaaaal. which heiitc stimulated, caiur^es
Ihrouih the veins, itremtthenlne thc
healthy animal [unctlona of 'h* s-.strm.
thereby inslkinil ns-tivitv a ntjeeasarj re-
suit, Rtrenffthenlns tr.e frame ami eMeu
Ufa 'aa llu* alii;a*stlve nronns which natu-
rtsllv tlemntul Im-ioaseal "sulistatire—result
Improved issinetlie Korthrop A Lyman,
aaf Toronto, hnve riven to the puhli-
Ihelr Superior Quinine  Wine nt   the usual
rau*   and,  iruajred  hv  the   opinion!   o'
*.ci>*iillsts. the wine anoroMhee* nearest
• .iu fi'al Ion "I anv In the market. All
ilruiTBlsta sell It.
Sir Arthur Fairbtirn, who is a detif I    A   pen   Carrying  11   small     eclectric
t    s   i.i„.. ... „., laraava.i    Hi"']*1 to tit'evcnt uluiilows when wilt-
-fUtaSd  i*-SA !■"« -on.e' time ago In Ormany.
nuito,  is tin
Itar.v   title   in   Kng
Tie is u well-read und   highly edaeat*
i'ii  mas.
__ uti—1  1 111
\J. No.
-MM an.
C. E. Smitheringal."*, Editor and Prop.
BLOCAN,      •      •       •       •      B. C.
I-cgal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the lirst insertion and B cents a lino each
-.subsequent insertion.   '
Certificates of Improvement, %7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
locals will he charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion,
Commercial Hates made known upon
■'    The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance j (8.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to*-
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th, 1.103.
Hunter is it pioneer of the camp,
knows its needs and Is acquainted with
the resources of every section of it. He
is a safe man in every respect, and
that is what is wanted at Victoria
Work and vote for Hunter.
As an elector and a true citizen.your
duty is to use your franchise. If you
want to seo public affairs boscomo settled and the country advance.you will
vote for the candidate whose policy is
supported by a rccogni-sed government party. Hunter is that man, so
vote for him.
In Hunter the ranclieiN.prospectors,
miters, businessmen, and all classes
of the communitv have a candidate
who is at oice a friend and sympathizer, and one who stands ready, when
elected, to do his duty by the riding,
irrespective of class. Consider that
fact well and give him your vote.
Don't abuse your franchise on election day by refraining from voting.
The electiou affords you the first opportunity in this province of casting a
ballot for responsibls* government.
Give your vote to Hunter and so kill
off all efforts to continue the nondescript and irresponsible programme of
the past.  ____________
A. S. Goodeve, the Conservative
nominee in Rossland, has been sworn
in as provincial secretary and minister
of education. The appoiutmest is
satisfactory to the people, as it briu;
to the cabinet much strength and
talent. Kootenay now possesses two
of the ministers, an indication of the
importance and merit of the leading
mining section of tho province.
Prospectors, nnd you men who own
claims, do you wish to get some return for the years of toil you have
spent in the hills and to realize upon
your investment? You know capital
wil' only come whero there are permanent laws, administered by a re*
sponsible government. You know that
William Hunter, being an owner of
claims himself and a man who knows
the hardship of pioneer life, stands for
a solid government and for the betterment of the country then vote for
him. Help yourself by helping Hunter and so signify, in his election, that
Slocan wishos to encourage, not discourage, capital from coming iuto the
Nominations were duly held through
the province on Saturday last, and the
tangible results may lie said to greatly
favor the Conservative cause. True,
the Liberals had Hon. Mr. Welle returned by acclamation in Columbia,
but the Conservatives offset that by
the election of Mr. McDonald in Lillooet. In every other riding the Conservatives huvo nominated u full ss>t of
candidates, but not so the Liberals.for
in Slocau, Nanaimo and Atlin they
failed to select, contenting themselves
iu the two latter constituencies by favoring the Labor candidates. The
Tories have tho weather guage of their
opponents and they will beat tliem
out on electiou day. Help the cause
along, boys, by plumping for William
Party politics are no longer an issue
iu this riding, all feeling between Liberals and Conservatives having l>eeii
merged into one united object and
purpose to advance the interests of the
camp.   Those having tin.  welfare of
the country at heart, be they Tory or
Grit, are determined to end the unsatisfactory condition of things that  has
been existing so long, and are putting
forth   every  effort to  restore public
confidence.   All are actuated with tho
laudable purpose of securing a respon j
siblo aud lasting government, and to
hate sound  legislation calculated to,
benefit all and not the few, and not to
protect one clR|8 as against another. |
Such being the case then, the followers of the two old parties in the riding
are pooling their Interests on the one
man whose cimdidaturo stands for
progression -William Hunter. His
election means as much to ono party
as the other, but eminently more to
the country. His doctrine is no narrow-minded sectionalism, but rather
has it the broader basis of personal
liberty, national progression and public enterprise. Let overy man, irrespective of party politics, study the
existing situation woll and he will
surely arrive at the conclusion that in
William Hunter lies tho safety and
advancement of the camp. Vote for
Spokane's big fair will open next
The Nelson fnir is on. The railways
are giving half rates,
The Nelson fair attracted quite a
few people from hero.
Sidney Norman came in on Wednesday from Spokane,
W. 13. George returned on Friday
from a trip to Vancouver,
In the neighborhood of. $1400 in
taxes has lieen collected  by the city
this year.
Outside parties en mo in during the
week to inspect the timber limits on
Evans creek.
The Independent Labor Party have
opened committee rooms in the Wilson
House block,
Hiram Robertson has a Contract to
put a metal roof on the Miner's Union
nail at Sandon.
Mrs. Rogers.mother of Alex.Rogs'is.
arrived in Monday evening from Pickering. Out., on a visit.
Misses Webb and Cavau held their
millinery opening on Saturday. They
had a tasteful display.
The baiters at Sandon are not on
speaking terms aud, as a result, bread
is selling two loaves for a nickle.
Mrs. Dan MeLeod and family, of
Badger, Wash., arrived in Friday, on
a visit to Mr. amd Mrs. Aitchison.
Dr. Blouse cams down from New
Denver on Friday, to hold a professional consultatron with Dr. Keith.
Your Vote
are cordially
on behalf of
W. Hunter
lAilnpter) nt Revelstoke, September l.ttli. 1902.
I.   Tltssl lliis convention  renllirnss thn iinlicy
a'T tlis* |aa rl) ill inrattaj! « a,f   nrovinriril   r.ia.lv an.l
trail*: tbe ownenhlp unal eontrol ol railways,
unal tlio development nf tin* agricultural  re-
■OUrOMOl tits* larsaviiicBi ns luirl di»wii ill ths* pl.'tt-
fiinis adopted tn October, USD, which la M follows]
"To actively aid in tbe eonstroetlen of trails
thraaustlisatit tlia*   iiii t«vrlt.pe-l   portion! tat   ths.
province and tbe building of pntvineial trunk
raaisals saf |aulalifl* nofl-s.ssitv.
"Tflfl adopt tlis? principles t>f |j;nvernm**mt aisvn-
Airship aaf railways in Mafni- sts thsM-imitnstaiii'es
of iho provlaco will admit, ntul the adoption nf
th* prnit-iplo tit sit DO   boUUI   shotlhl  las? ,;t a-ii!»i|
to any nulwas company whirli sls>«*s not uivn the
goverament nf the provuiaoeeontrolo' rntsss over
lillts billlliscai. tOgetbtr   With    ths* ia|at Ii ill a.f pair-
"T<b HctiTtiljr nssi«t i,y si aie ni.i jn tbe development aaf th* nt'iaa-uiiur li reeonrcea sif tho prO-
2. That in lit* meantime nual until tlm railway polley nhflis/sfl sasst fsarth run be ns's-omplisheal
ts t'ssnariil railway act ho pnt.i.a.1, s-is itu; freedom
lOconstruct railways  iimler s'ttrtnin ajaprevtitl
regulations, anplagoui to tho system that hns
tt"nlia-.il jn sucli extensive railway rsauslisit'tiiaii
in Iho United Bta.es, with asf mas-h aalvantafc-o
taa trade nnal taimmercs..
3. That ta. aKtiriaiirnf/o t ho mining industry,tha*
t. iatiaaii aif ini'Lillilniiiiis initials shoulsl bo on
tho basis sif n pfl-rctinlnt-o sin th**. not prtiflts.
4. Thai tin. government ownership of telephone syntonic shoulil  lai. broiist-lit fabnsit as n
iii'&t atop iu tho acquisition saf public utilities.
li. That a'piirliiin of every coal nroa lieronfter
to bo aliaposo'l nf shaflttlrl he reserved from snle
sir lonso, sa. thnl state ownoai niinos mny bo easts*
ily accessible, if thoir oporntiott heroines necessary or advisable.
fa. Thnt in thn pulp land lenses provision
should bo snnale faar refore ,tini: nntl tbnt steps
should lie taken faar tha Kanernl preservnlism saf
forests hy Riinrdinir against the wasteful •!•■
il i nil nm ssf timber.
7. Thnt the legislature nn.l srstverninnnt of ths-.
province shnsilsl persevere i 11 tlio ellort to secure
the exclusion of Asiatic lnhsar.
Ra Thnt tho tnnttor of bettor terms In tho wny
sif subsidy nnd appropriations fair the prsavlnco
shoulil be vigorously pressed upou the Dnminiiui
9, Tbnt the .ilver-load industries of the pro
vince be fostered anal tnconraged by the Imposition Of increased customs altities on lot.I nnil
leadoroduotsImported into Cttnada.andtbat
the Oonaervativa members of tho Dominion
House be urged laa support nny motion introduced for such n purpaaso.
10, That as industrial ilisputcs almost invariably rosuft in greal loss ami injury IhiIIi to the
parties aliroctiy oonoerned anal tss tbo public
legislation shoulal bn pansr*<i to provide means
fsir no amlsiabl* adjustment of such disputes between employers nmi employees,
11, That It is advisable to foster tho manufacture of tlm raw products of tbe province
within Um province as fnr ns practicable by
moans sif tflitnliian on the said raw product .
subject to rebate of the same in whole oi part
w'isii manufactured in British Column!
Tho Imperial Bank is opening a
branch at Trout Lake.
Sandon has bwin troubled with n
number of mudBlides this woek.
McLean Bros., of Vancouver, make
tho announcement that the Const-
Kootenay railway will bo commenced
at once.
John A. Andurson, the druggist, is
branching out into books and stationery, having placed orders for an elegant stock..
A social was" held in the Methodist
church on Tuesday evening. Kev.
Calvert, of Now Denver, was oue of
those present.
The annual harvest thanksgiving
service was held in St, Paul's church
on Sunday, the building being suitably decorated.
Married. At Sandon, on Sept. 23,
by Kev. Mr. (ilassforil, .lohn Stobo, of
Nakusp. to Miss Margery Moir, formerly of this place.
Supt. Ross,of the Koot«*/5ay division
of the CB.il., has gouoyCo California,
biH*^i-«*« of iUhealth.^-4. S. Lawrence
is •^ti-jsXii ."ill
Marrisssj. -In Nelson, on Sept. 22,
by Rev. I\. Graham, A. G. Barnes to
Miss B. A.'Borrouxhs. The groom is
employed on the Slocan.
Bev. .1. G. Shearer, secretary of tho
Lord's Day Alliance, is to hold a
meeting in the Methodist church on
Wednesday evening next, Sopt. 30.
M. Trope and T. Yeogus, who were
arrested at the Enterprise last week
by Constable Black, wero brought
before Magistrate Sandilaiuls and
sestonced to 21 days in jail.
Charley Bean, who has been chef at
the Red Fox for a year, came down
Monday evening on his way to Spokane for a month's vacation, tlie first
he has titien in that time.
Wm. Hunter passed down on Wednesday, to interview tho fanners and
mill men down the valley on things
political. He reported having opened
eommittsse rooms at flSaudon and that
things generally were in elegant shape
for tho Conservative cause.
Bob o' Link, n f Spriiigercreek, D McPherson. , _,„,.,,
Providence, t i Ten Mile, Al Wilds.
Relienco, same, C McNicholl.
1(3—Funny Rutled(-e, Lemon creek, J
Case, Dayton creek, M 1. Henedun*.
Stub, name, J M M Beiiediira.
17-Ked Jacket, Twelve Mile, T II
Sept 14— White Pine and Lake View
tor two years.
10—Hidden Treasure, Crusador, Boulder.
17—('rent Weatorn, Dominion, Camp
Bird (or two years.
18—1 Wonder, Allord, Algiers, Aggie,
Ottawa fr.
Sept 15—Missing Link 8-36, Bright
Ltaht 1*1 S. Murllle fr 1-24, Youni* Beat
1-32, A .lacobBon to Bertha Aiu-Ps-non
Appended is a complete list ef the various records registered at the lecal registry efHce, II. P. Christie being mining
Sept 12—Two Brothers fr, 2nd n f of
Lemon. A E Teeter.
Ts» Wit:
I -S.UBUC NOTICE is hereby i*iveis tss Use Else-
*-      laai-. aaf tlio  Electoral  District of Sliat-uii.
;'iut paflll_, havo boon established fasr the ooa-
venleneeof faatrrs Io tis.* plcctisBis now pending
in the DUtrlcl aforesaid, is*, tis* following
plactts, viz.:
\Viiiln-,v's rhvrlliiiK Hants..*, Winlitw.
Musis- Hull Building, Slocan.
l*tt!rr[iriso Hotel, Enterprise Lending,
McKinuon's Sail, Silverton.
Oovernment Office, Mew Denver.
Niiislt's Dwelling Hiatt.c. Ras^plH'ry.
Foster's Pwa-lliin,* Ilamss*, TIiitp Forks.
lUeQtieen's l'.uu.-.tors*, Btwdon,
Kiillifun's Ollia-e, UoQnigan.
Alariel's OHit*fl>. Nalcasp.
I.nvi'it's lintel, Burton.
Kyi.*"*. Dwelling House, Petsr Pnrk.
of which every person Is hereby required iu take
notion aitil govern liimsolf accordingly,
Given under my hand nt Slooan. the 19th
slay of September, Aim* thonssind nine
hundred and tliron.
Returning oilicer
T.s Wit:
HLIC NOTICK i*. bsrebrgiven taa tin. Eleo.
tors aaf the Kleotsflral District aforesaid,
a iiA.lt has beoome neoessary at theeleotton
pending fur thn same, ninl lhat I have
toil SUch paall | anal further, ttint ii,,, persons
uottiitiatoil as candidates ist the said elyc-
and for whom only votes will In. received)
Tis Wit:
1JUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given to tht, Eleo-
tear- iaf the ElflOtoral Distrlet of Slssetin
that th" following porstans havo been appointed
Agent* ia' represent the Candidates nominated
in thi' KU'otion now isondinsf in the District
aforesaid, vis,:
Jamks R. M AiiTiM, of Sandon, to represent Willi;,in Davidson,
Thomas MsNkisii,of Slocrsn, to represent William Hunter.
Of wliioh every person is hereby required to
tako notice snd stsBvern himself aooordingly,
Returnin« OITtcer
Dat...l at Slooan, B.C., this 10th day of Sep*
temlior. ll»0:i.
Mwii Lalior Plan,
bTsHAT this Party.lays it down as n first prin.
1- ciplothat thoy will nominally endone or
support only such men ns will place their sinned,
undated resignation In the hands of the convention which naiminatss or endorses them; that
this resignation be sworn to; thnt this resignation may be handed In t.s the LioaUeitnnt-Oover
nor in-i aauncil whenever a majority of the cm
VOnticn shall consldei such nclion adTi&nblo.
Timber Notice.
Notick is hereby nlv<"' ln*\ f *.•?•y?.,,.f,<,,'
dit. ii.it.lu.lti.ai.ito to tli. cHw^j
mlssioner s.f lai.n.ts i WorVis fur ss t_*t_
1 oonso t .out'."<! parry awM fwm2S$ie
follow ii.tr .lescribeti lanslis»U''al*J l« West K"MA-
8n0?mmmohigat a POlt altuated about thfM
nviiZZi mpn lake,on the «P(ttag« «•
suutlt   forte   of   Kvitns creek, thence otinl  j«
cI ai  s ■ tliensa. south H> ohttiitHj thence west 11X1
ohain'si tlietfoa north 40 chains, to the placo of
beginning, containing .Up acres,
Bated file 86th .lay of ^^^.^^
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
1")ATES: Regular subscribers, $1 oar month
K   or*IO n yoBir: iini..suliscribors(exeliisivotir
moalicui attendnnoe).«oerday. . Private wards
*1 per slay extra.   Special fuciltttes for maternity cases.
For further particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Gwiilim & Johnson,
• »
Insurance !
Representing tlie strongest cem-
panics tloinff lmsincss in Canada.
SEE new ACOIDENT roLiCY, with participation in profits, coverine sickness snd epci'atiens.
H. 1). CURTIS, Notary Public
1. That we gradually abolish nil taxes on the
producer and the iiraitlttct of tho protlucor.shift-
iuK litem on land values.
2. .. irernment ownorshipof rsilroasis,means
of CAi.'iinunictttUtn, r.nd the establishment and
operation by the tsiBvnrntneiit ssf smelters anal
reHnsrios to treat all littils of minerals,
n.  That the franc'iiso be extended tas women,
t.  The abolition of property qunllficu tii ns fs.r
all public otllcOS,
5. No land or cash snbsldiee. Lands to be
helal by tlia actual Battlers; and fnrthor, that
ten per cent saf nil lamb, lss* immediately set
aside for educational purposes; and tho educe*
tion of all ehildren up to the age of sixteen
yoars t.t bo frea*. secular anal couipulaor*/. Ti*xt
basoks, sn.'als nnd clothing lube supplied ont of
the public funds when nctossiiry,
6. Compulsory arbitration of labor disputes.
7. Restriction of Oriental Immigration by a
law sin the linos of tlio Natal <\ct. .-..id siiids action by the Government ns will ensure the workingmen of this Province protection against the
effects of Oriental competition and asuociatlon.
8. Absolute reservation from bale or lease ot
a Ca*rtisi.i part of every lenown coal tar oil nrssa.
so that state-owned mines and wells, It necessary, may be easily possible in the future. All
coal leases or grants hereafter made to contain
a provision enabling tbe Government to tix ths.
price of coal loaded on cars or vessels for shipment taa Hrilish Columbia consumers.
0. Municipalization and public control of the
liquor traffic.
10. Io provide for tbe settlomo.it of public
questtoni by tiirect vssts* under the Initiative
and Referendum.
11. Election day to be n public holiday. l'rs>
visisitt to bo made that every omployee ahall be
free from service at Ion -t fouroonso. olive houn
during polllng,and the . xercisaa Baf lhe fraiicl.iso
tsi l»«. niailo compulsory.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at lhe
shortest Notice.
Saddleand Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
Furnishings ^>*
Alex, Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Timber Notice.     ^
>TOTK E Isa heroby given that SO alny, us..
I dute I Intend to apply to the Chief Cm
ntissiiinnr sif l.itiiah. A Wssrks for a ipMlalll
reuse, to cut tinil ritrry ttwuy timber from tli.
following sloscrtbed luntls, Ktttiute in West Ki..
on.ty slistrict: l*uu**
Cssinmenciiig ts,t a post sittiatt*.! about thru
miles from Slstcssn lnle. tin the north lid. „»ii,
south fork of Kvnns crook, near it pa.st matkel
"Max McSwoyn's north west corner ii,iStT'a
thenee sxiuth 10 chains; tlienco west 100ctialiui
tht.noit ntsrtlt 40 cliitins; thenco e.ssl IHO clinim
to the plnee sif beginning, oontafntne BUietsu
Dated tho Hth slay of August, latti. "'•
            JOHN Cl-RRIK
Timber Notice.
\JOTlCE Is hereby given that Ml day! nftw
,> ibtto I iiiteiul to appll tsi the Chief Com.
mlssioner of Lands 4 Wt.rks for a Ibeciu li!
cense to estt antl carry nway timber fraam tin.
following tlrscribed lauds.situale in Wist Kisot,
enay ilistrict:
CiBittnsoncing nt n post situate nbout une milt
from Sloca.i lake, on the north slate of tha nu.tli
fork of Kvnns creek, thonce south in rln.ia.si
thence west lu chains; tlienco north L'O chains,
thenco west 40 rhisias: thenee nisrtli 20 clmiuii
thenco west 4(1 chains; thence north 211 ctiaint!
thence west 40clinins; thence s orth (0chalet!
thenco cast 4(1 chains; thence south Zl) rltainsi
thence east 10 chains; thence sa.utli to chljui
thence east 40chains; thence sottili a ciniiu,'
thence east lu cltnins, to the place of 1 ..-4.-1 inuim'
01auiai.litis; l'-4ll acros.
Dale.! thu ■'lith slay ot August, l.nu
D. A. (THRU*,
MM of Impetus.
list.its)Btfl>a, Kllsel K, seal Flag r*ng »"ritc.
tlouul Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Diyi.
eion of tlio \\>Rt Kootrnay Uiitrict.
Where located:—On Bpringercrtek,
about eight miles from Slos.an City,
TAKE NOTICE that I, Franoli J. O'Reilly, of the city of Nelson, aa agent lor
N,l'._slcNiiiii*,ht, Free Miner's Ortifkats
No. Bs9488T. intend, sixty dnys (rum the
dale hereof, to npply lo the Mining lie*
coislcr fotceititiciitrsol lmprovemcnt,(or
the purpose of obtaining Ciown granti
ol tho above claims.
Antl further tnke notice that action,
under section .37, muit be t*omnirat*M
betsiro the iuunnoe ol aueh tjc! tilUmeg of
fated this I ith dav ol July, 1903.
24*7*03 FRAKU1I J. O'KEILM
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
AVliy be without ft r.insre whsan
you can get one so cheap? They
aro proferrable to stoves mid give
better taUsfuctlon. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up froe.
!   c
w .  >
a    <
1 ' g
F     y.
*, !  4
—     1     et
f   !   tr
r        r
>       1      a**
R    '    K
I ;
8 ft?
■sg ?.
Of which At.i, persons ate hereby required tea
take notice, end to eovern themselves aoeord.
(liven under tny linnil nt Hlsio.i.a. this IDth
slay sif September, in the year 1008.
He...ruin/- t.lllicer
per annum.
[   Slocan
| J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Fresh Fruits of Every
Kind Arriving   Daily.
Our let* Croatn Parlor i«
uojropen aud will br kept
running all the Summer.
14 l.a.nvr« nr ii, tai.il far Sl.
Full WelKlst stud SMiulliv
SL* Bill'stssirusl.
Slocan, B. C.
J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
I'uri Mlssesiil 4'lnlsii.
Siluritc in tho Slooan City Minim Divi.
tsitin ol West KosBteuay Iii.trict.
Where located}—At head ol norlli
fork of Ten Mile creek.
TAKK NOTICK thatl,Frank Careen,
es-tinu ns ngent for (letsrse I'rinr,
freo iniiiei's ceitilicate No. UTlliS", in*
tend, -sixty slays from tho .late hereof,
to apply tO the Mining Kecorder or ii cer-
tificate ol improvements, for llio iat.r[toso
of obtaining a Crown Grant ol the above
Anil further take notico that adion,
nnder section 37, mint l>e comtnsneed
hefore the isRtianco of such certificate of
1) .tetl thia 2:'r.l day of .lime, 1903.
7-8-0:5 K. 0. ObEEN, Nflson, B.C
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Hugh S. Nelson, or to any penes
or persons to whom he may !>»ve trans*.*
ferretl  his interest in the WeyiiitmtU
minernl claim, situated on Teu Mils
creek end recorded in   Uie  i'e.orrl*"
office for the Slocan I ity miniDg'Hw
You aro herohy notified tki.t I. 0, a,
Sfm'.therinoale, F.M.C No. B39997.MW
ca-ued to he expended the sum oi one
hundred and two dollars and liny cents
in lahor nud improvements on the atOT
metili. nod mineral tlaiin, In order »
hold said claim dnda/the proviaioniw
the Mineral Act; and if  within wmjt
froin tho date of this notice J*o0 fall, «'
refiiHe. tocolitiihtlte vour priipsirlion •'
moh expenditnre,tt*-sgether willi -h ••■"-"»
of edvertliing, vour Interest m '*}'
claim   will hecoiiio thc  propeity "■ W
subicriber, tinslcr notion ■■ ol »*J A ,
enlillesl "An Act to amend ll.f UUW™1
Act, KitX)." ,  . „„,
Dated at Sloean,B.C, tlii» l'-'ti"'**)*1'
Auvuit, A.D. iuo:i. .„,v,ii«
14-8-03 0. B. BMlTHEBlNQAMi
This Snap
THE DRILL has innd«'»»
arrangement with the 10-
ronto   Mail -Empire,   M
that its weekly wlititin may "°
clubl*ed    with   the   f'»'»""1'
Now  Bubecrlbera,  there fore,
may obtain the Weekly Mii'l*
one of th« best uapers m HU
Dominion -ami Slocnn »leW
Ing journal, Thk Onu.u hum
now till Jan. 1 1905, for *•
Bam'of$8.   With this exceP'
tional offer will be iff* nJ»"
premium,  a   beautiful 'i'. >
grardw, entitled "The vio
toria Cuss." Thr V^'Z;
picta a scene in the late I-'
war, dene in  ton -•"I".'*-;\*.\
well worth framing,   '**'*',ll
jour orders at once to
The Drill, Sloca*


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