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The Slocan Drill 1903-04-03

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Full Text

lv., No* i.
6LOOAN,   B.   C,   APRIL   3,   1908.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
ist Placed in Stock.
(he newest lines in Men's Felt Hats. Styles
re a tritle different from last *^o£*% so come
o ns and get^the latest. i"l,y'
Our Ladies' B1oub*h, Skirts, Wrappers,
etc., to arrive shortly. Wait, Ladies,
nud see tbem.
bv Horn iw in ncs.
ItrlkeD.olaredOff liy tlssi Kxeca'lve or
the Wi-sstoflBB iVai.iHllnii M.sB Went tsi
W.rk sm WrslnciJny-Une Union li
Still riiHistlHllsssl.
. T. Shatford &
[ York <fe Sons,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
" i ai
proved too much for it. The front
purt of th'* train got over all eight, Inst
the passenger cat' came to grief, tis it
and the track slid into the river together, a rush of mud and water following after. The coach stood with
one end in the stream and the other
on the bank, making it rather difficult
for the passengers to get out. Tin*
train was running very slowly at tin'
time, so no one got hurt. A'lxiut *">(>
feet in all of the  track wa.s taken out.
Arlitsia'iBflsa-y uml tiaginsi.rH CoiBSing I
a III.
i i.. " dispatches from Fernie pit tbe
89th contained tho welcome intelli-
gpiiiu that tlie strike in the Fernie
cusil fields had lieen declined off.    An ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
agreement was sifrnt-d for two years' 	
by the coal company and Goo. Doug-1 British Columbia is to be visited
lierty, president of district No. 6 of [this summer by two very influential
the W.F. of M.; Philip Christopher, I bodies of men and there should be
president   of   district   No. 7; and by i something beneficial lvsulting.   One
asking for nl»ut*s?iW),(KX), ovory cent of
which is required. Politically, Bob
thinks things are in an interesting position, and lie predicts the early defeat
sif the government and an election.
He is strong for party lines, with a
decided preference for the Conservatives.
VlB!lfl»IH 1',11'tlfl.K   InvllAlllR   I Isa- I.illl.* SlO-
<*»n Country.
Lasts* Yeur'* HlilpssscnU Wrrn 633.1 Tons—
A Manilla v K\ iil-ns-s. of tlio Lifo anil
Woitlth of tlso Cunip—Knterpiiso tko
Biggest Shipper.
members of tho district executive from
Morrisey and Michel. It wae witnessed by the whole of the conciliation
eommittee, So ends one of the most
remarkable strikes on record, where
the local unions first turned down
their executive, but afterwards en-
daorsed them.
The mines rs'-opened agaib in full
Bwing on the 1st. and the C.P.K. arc
now rushing in all the empty cars
possible to handle the coke. Mining
and smelting operations throughsjut
the country will now lie resumed ou
their accustomed basis.
The conciliation committee have
prepared their report and sent it on to
party is made up of members of the
houses of commons and lords in Eng
land, and th" other comprises members of the American Mining Institute.
The British parliamentary party, under Lord Lyveden, hopes to arrive in
Quebec on Aug. lis. According to the
itinory, as arranged, they will visit
Montreal September 1 and 2, Ottawa
September :s and t, and thence, on to
Victoria, arriving there bv the 16th.
On the way home they will visit Kootenay about ihe 22nd: Owen Sound ou
tlie 27th. and will Btay at Toronto for
the last thre^ days of the month.
The members of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, to the
iched by any trail or road
runs into the Town.
Do not g° past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
the executive of the Provincial Mining] number of ltiO, will reach Vancouver,
Association at Victoria, together with on July 18th next, on their tour of tin*
all Ixioks, exhibit- and documents.Imining districts of the Canadian
Th.'loeal union at Fernie oppose the j northwest and the Yukon. This de-
agreement, but a majority in the en-[ cision was arrived at at the.annual
ti re district voted for it. The Slavs I meeting of the institute, recently held
at Femie, however, are anxious to get I «t Albany. New York. Full reports
to work, aud aa the Western Fisdera-1concerning the minin?-" industry and
tion has declared the strike off, there (pro-peels of all points visited will be
is no doubt tlr* r.i*".i will all go back published it) the New York Engineer-
to work. ing i*; Mining Journal, a standard
On th» return of tho conciliation publication, as well as in other prom-
committee from Fernie. Chris Foley Ipient mining journals. The institute
tolii the Nelson News,that he believed numbers among its members some of
the settlement arrived at would prove)iho foremost mining authorities lir-
.. iffective for two years, On the whole; iu-j. aud wituossiug for themselves the
he considered  the  urni had gaiued] mineral wealth of British Columbia
and the Yukon, those gentlemen wi11
mbor their impressions, and
ill not he-si-
occasiou o
rers v.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It  is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
tolNQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors
material advantages hv the agreement
Of course, thoy had not socurod every-1 ever rem
thin-;   they   had  asked   for, hut the] when tht
greater part of th -ic dr.ninds war-[tatetp volt"*? them—
granted.   The Michel and Morrissey  " Thy.C.r.Iv. wil! have chaise of the
men Diftde pains in the matter of pay,] excursion till it is landed tit Skagway,
whilst ;i slight reduction was enforces!
* » T . ,     ,       |
Fr\°<i under
Ki'i'tiiei' customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
r 4,.,1.,-r K,r4at mm4   DalHiia,   Is v«s«>i«, SI«.'-<*.bb .
is thoroughly rcii'ivmed
i st eked with the best
:uit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You .;an get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are  right.
iu ths- Coal creek mine-,   lu this ca
however,  highly paid  UU")  suffer  a
little  reduction, Whilst   the  men at
Michel and  Morrissey. who Wore not!
making such good wages, get an increase.    Further,  other  advantages
were secured in the matter of conditions of labor, which will more than
make  up   to   the Coal  creek miners
what they lost in the direct cut in,
If both sides to the agreement live,
up to their undertakings, there need
In- no feu* of labor troubles in that
section for many years to come. At
tin* time the committee left Fernie,the
I Coal creek miners had not officially
given in their adherence to tin- agreement, but Mr. Foley anticipated that
they would do so, as it would be fatal
to their interests to stand out.
In reference to the rioting at Coal
creek some days back. Mr. Foley said
th- reports sent to th.' const aud east-
era papers were grossly exaggerated.
! As ;i mntler of fact, only a handful of
I men participated in the disturbance,
— | There wns nothin*'  lo show  that the
| meu carried firearms and no one was
hurt.   There had boop three arrests
, in,ith'.   Undid nsit know of tiny action
j being taken by the authorities tn in-
! restigate the matter, but it was likely
it* tmething would be dono,
after which the While Pass road will
care for the party. The transportation
c impahios are already preparing to
handle ths' excursionists. One train
u iii leave Montreal the first week in
•Inly and another St. Paid, both tneet-
ing ait Moose .law on July 11. The
.Montreal train will come west on the
main line, and the one from St. Paul
on the Canadian Soo. From Moose
.law the main line of the t.'.P.R. wtli
be taken to Medicine Hat. and the excursionists will then take the ('row's
Nest branch, finally reaching Kootenay Landing on .Inly l'l.
A special steamer will convey  the
party from then.* to Nelson, where one
day will lx. spent.   July 15 will be de-
1 voted to Rossland. -inly 16 to Green-
! wood, Phoenix and Grand Porks. The
party will then  return to Robson and
take special steamers for Arrowhead.
arriving there July 17.   The train of
(he party will be brought round from
Kootenay Landing to Arrowhead, and
tin' mining men will eutmiii there for
Vancouver, arriving on July is.   A
special steamer will be at that port to
receive  the excursionists,  and   will
transport them toSktlgway, where the
White Pass will have special trains to
siiry them to White Horse, and spe-
liul steamers  will  be waitim* to take
Whether the timber lauds surround*
Ing the Littlo Slocan are tinder iv reserve or not, is a question that is at
present attracting much attention.
The territory has always been supposed to lie embraced within ths* land
granl of  the Columbia .-»•  Western
railway and no notice of its cancellation has yet appeared, The reserve
presumably covers also ah land to the
Kootenay lake. Despite this, however, the government has accepted applications to purchase and pre-empt
lands right along, though apparently
denying limber leass-s.
For some tinm past there has exist-
a'd much uncertainty about the validity of tin' supposed reserve and a determined effort is now being unlde to
test the question. Locations of timber
have been made in the territory east
of Slocan river,and a glance at the advertising columns of The Drill will
ti'll what is being done on the west
side in the Little Slocan country.
ln the latter ss*ction there is a large
area of magnificent timber of all
kinds, and it has been long and ar*
deutly covi'ted. Local parties have
ivpeat-'dlv staked the ground, only to
be told it was not open to location.
Interested parties all over the country
have had their optics on that timber,
but not till within the last few days
has a firm move lieen made to acquire
possession. J. II. Christie, of Ross-
i.ind. acting for parti.is in that citv.on
'.110*221)11 and 28rd of March, staked
10 square miles of the laud along the
Little Sloean river and take, embracing die pick of the timber. Two sets
of local parties have also staked land
out there, including portions, if not
all. the ground claimed by the Boas-
From thi' above it will be seen that
there is some fun ithead.nnd the lands
it works department is up against it.
Probably they will cover themselves
by declaring the (.". st W. reserve still
bmding.thea proclaim its cancellation
in the regular way. That would pro
cipitate a general scramble, in which
the early bird would get the worm.
The Ottawa has struggled hard all
week to get its ow down so as to send
out a car, but the soft roads have prevented it. There is therefore another
blank to record for the week.
For ll.K)2 the oro shipments from
the local division amounted to 6389
tons, made up from l'l properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Black Prince.,
Dny ton	
MINKS   AND   Ml*"IN'..
the party down the river to Daw;
Cltj   t'USSISS'il   Mt'SsllBBg.
  I   The redistribution of British Col
At Monday night's meeting of the umbia, as finally determined by tin
city council ther,' were present Mayor, Dominion government, is as follows:
Furnishings ^>
■JlRE      accident.
fcsetltlng  the   strongest   cam
in  lining   business  In Canada.
ftllon iii pnilits. coverinr sick-
i aud speratlem.
H. D. CUUTIS, Notary Tublic
Pioneer Livery-
Band Feed Stables,
Slocan,  B. C.
(JciifTiil "Packing  and For*
warding attended in at thu
•IliU'lest Notice.
Saddle and  Pack Hones far
hire at reasonable rates.
■*■*■ I York, Aid. Smith,   Arnot.   McXeish
pinl Teeter.
Following the reading of the min*
, uta's, tho   mayor   asked   lhe chief of
police what hail been  dons' in colled
in'.; the dog tax.
Chief Armstrong replied thai he had
done nothing, as there was noplace
in which to impound dives.
Ho wn
UBfUSSBBS.   *.> '©« ■*
 Instructed to go ahead with
lllectiona without   further loss of
Slocan Citv
No. 6a, W. P. of n.
Meets overy Snttirdav «voning
in the Union Hall Sloean City, at
7..I0 p.m. Visiting br«tliren cordially
Invited to attend.
Financial Seci-ntary
111:* COl ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Instructions were given the clerk io
issue public notice re provisions of the
pound bylaw,
Owing to the noise of the show in
the hull overhead the council adjourned to Wednesda** night.
No meeting was held on Wednesdaj
night, owing to thu absence of the
clerk, on professional business.
■lid Into tisr Ulfir,
Wednesday's train from Nelson had
a narrow escape from a sorious accident, and, as il wa-, it cam" in here al
1..'iu minus ihe coach.   After passing
Winlaw it had Iii stop Iii allow tin'
section hands to i'ii nu olT a mud slide,
only to  !,*''t   into a   wor-t  mess some
distance further on. Wider had soaked into a lillin;-; at a CUTVe close to the
river, and   the weight   of   the   train
Victoria Oity   One member.
Vancouver City.South Vancovcr and
Moodyville   One member,
All the balance of the present Bur*
rard constituency, with C'oinox and
Alberni    One member.
Kootenay, including East and West
Kootenay   One member.
v.-ila' and Cariboo   One member,
New Westminster, to include the
village of Tale   One member.
The remainder of Vancouver Island,
not included as above One member,
to be called Nanaiuio district.
With two unimportant exceptions,
the boundaries ol lhe new districts
have been made to conform to the
bottudariea of the mnv provincial electoral districts.
Will All* for Mua-,h M-im-y.
If. F. Orei'ii, member of the legislature for the Slocan riding, spent u
busy time here last Thursday afternoon aud evening, inquiring into the
needs of the local division. 11" took
a list of everything required, which in-
cluded repairs to trails ou all the
creeks nnd some new work.nll of which
he hopes to got passed. Owing to so
little work being done las! year in the
riding, there is n pressing demand for
much money this season, so Bob is
Bicycles appeared this week.
Lu grippe is'claiming many victims
in town.
Miss Florence Bull is now assistant
at the postoflice.
Les Potter cams' back from Green*
wood on Wednesday.
Thc I.edtjs' now appears in its original form of ci^ht small pages.
Born. In Sandon, on March .'?(), the
wife of Dr. Oomm, of a daughter.
The K. iV S. road has been blocked
for the past two wa'.'ks with slida's.
IU luck continues to follow C.Cliffe
of th,' Sandon Review, Be has Ix'a'n
burned oni iu Sault Sts*. Maris'.
Jacob Dover.the well known Nelson
jeweler, is ill trouble.     His stock isof-
tered for sale, under a mortgage, on
the 26th.
Mrs. F. Cameron, of Edmonton, arrived in town by Saturday's train to
visit her daughter, Mrs. Simons, fora
few Weeks.
Col. Lowery, of the Lsedge, has sold
iiis big power pies-- to tin' nelson Tribune, ll came down on the lx mt on
Friday evening,
An entertainment and sals* of work
in   aid   of   St. Paul's   s'hiireh   will be j
given in the  Music Hall, on Monday
evening, April Ki.
E, B. Butdap got a 'JO days' sentence Monday from Magistrate Curtis,
for contempt of court, in connection
with a suit for debt.
Suit has been entered against Mayor
Archer, of Kaslo. for selling goods to
the city. Damages of 8.2.500 and'disqualification are asked.
The Crow's Nest Pass road was
blocked for four days, because of mud
slides, delayed mail and express getting in on Ws-dtiesday.
S. 1'. Clement is appealing against
Magistrate   Curtis'   judgment    last
Monday. It will come up in ths
county esuirls at Nelson next week.
Bar silver touched 49JJ cents this
Sandon mines last week shipped IU
tons of ore.
J. H. Thomson will lx* the new foreman at the Slocan Star.
Pay ore has lieen struck on the 1050
foot level on the Le Roi,
Ore shipments from the Slocan have
passed the 4000 ton mark.
The lessees of the Meteor have about
a foot of clean shipping ore to work
Shortage in coke supply has shut
down the lead stacks at the Trail
A. R. Bolderston and W. Boie coin-
menced work Monday on the Waver-
tree, on Republic hill.
Several local   prsiportn-s have .beon-
asked to send samples of their ores to
the St. Louis exposition.
The Payne has proven its new ore
chute on the No. S level for 130 feet,
with shipping ore all the way.
S. W. Osgood, represent in-.'- a Chicago outfit, was in the country last
wei'k. looking for /ine contracts.
Thi' bi?,' furnace of the Hull Mines
smelter has again ln'cu blown in, as a
plentiful supply of coke is uow assured.
Jim Warduer will erect a 20 stamp
mill on the Williamson gold property,
ou Cherry cri-ek, in the Montishee
At the Bondholder the lessees have
out four tons of ore on the dump, but
tin* trail is in uo shape to allow it to
coine down.
Connections have been made between the shaft and the main workings on the Ottawa. The raise and
abaft met true.
Thi* lessiH's have cut tlie li-djje on
the Dayton in their crosscut, and have
commenced drifting, but have not yet
reached the ore chute.
Tin- Sullivan Group Minim*} Co.will
issue  Sii.".! 1,000  worth of   debentures.
pay off their indebtedness, and complete their sinelti-r at Marvsvillc.
Tlie Fernie union has i-ignod the
Crow's Nest apri'ssniB'tit, so absolute
pnacs* is  iissiiti-d  to the coal regions.
shipment** of coke commence on Monday next.
A snowslide. attended with fatal results, o.'ciirii'il at the Ymir mine on
Tuesday.   Theoookhousewns carried
j away und   W. Moss, thu  night  s'ssok,
was'killed.    The bod"" was t'tvovered.
Shingle manufacturers of British
Columbia have decided to raise the
price of shingles shipped tjastof the
Hookies, from -12.65 to .12.76 por thousand.
After ;i two years'service. Dr. Forin I
severed his connection with the M. I', j
General Hospital on Tuesday. He
purposes leaving next ws'ok for Edmonton and will doubtl'-.ss locate iu
that thriving burg.
Kattar Maiiiimi, Opaaln*f.
Misses Webb nnd Cavan lieg to announce to the public that their spring
stock of millinery has arrived, and
that they will have their formal opening sm Mondav and Tuesday, April ti
ami 7. They havo a full range ot pattern hats for ladies, misses and children, direct from Mct'all o\ Co., Toronto. Pull line of ready-to-wears,
sailors, ami general novelties and
trimmings. Prices reasonable. Booms:
over 1). Arnot's .store.
MINING    nia'Oltl)"*.
Appended is « complete list of the vsr-
iniii records res-isteieil nl the lniul \e\iit-
uv efflce, H. P. Christie being tt Ining
i sKiirUcr:
Mar 28   Btoasem f( and Hamilton fr
for five yeari.
27 -Toronto for two y»«ri.
Mar '21—Notice of wizure hv sheriff ot
Con Murphy's interest in the Slocsu*
"•riitce, st iu'itsuce of K. I'sriis f, Ce. ar
 " " ?OQOOS>Qr00004K>OQ*04<iOOi.
n ii ii
m tt *
Copyright.   1901.   by   Charles   W.   Hooke.
]HI" little newsboy bail
the face of sn Imp,
nnd he must have
come up through the
rioor, as sn Imp
-should by all the best
V5"*^bivC*0 traditions Surely the
creature could not
tiiive sq'ulrined through that tungle of
humanity between "-trends and the
di.ot -if the ear Yet there he was,
standing rloso ogulnst tier knees and
looking straight up into her face
Often the eyes of children seem to
read out hearts,   it Is because they are
new In the world and are content with
superficial views. Adults try to look
In through our eyes, and tliey fall, and
we note the failure: but children do uot
try. ntul we. s*'f ing them satisfied, tremble for our Inmost secrets.
l.i'cndn shook her head to Intimate
thai slu* had uo wish to buy the news,
but lhe boy did uot mure. He continues! io hold his papers before her. gaz-
inj: over I hem Into her face meanwhile
with nil uuwluklng stare.
li was probable that If sbe bought a
paper the hoy would pass on. so Breti-
du laid a bnnd upon her purse. The
baud remained Ihere rigid, and for
some slow seconds the ragged urchin
ausl tin' smooth product of all the social
relliit'iiit'uts were like figures on a canvas, both for fixity of pose uud ror balance of contrasting expressions, the
child still calmly staring, bis utter ig
norniice counterfeiting wisdom, the woman tense nmi eager, her eyes searching nod unsatisfied.
"I will tnke this paper," sbe said,
speaking with consl'lerable effort, and
sbe gave the boy a coin.
Presently sho i jod upon ths sidewalk of Uroliths*..' y. gazing across at tbe
ugly brick Trout of the opera bouse
with a confused uotloo that It could
give ber Important Information, bul
waa perversely rcfuslug to do so.
She merely wished to know where
she wns. and tbe familiar scene impressed her as if sbe hnd not been
there In a long time aud had forgotten.
Tben ber mind became clear. She
paused In deep thought aud at its end
raised ber band as If to brckou to a
cabman: but, changing ber purpose,
sbe stepped luto s doorway aud rend
once mor*' the Item In the paper thut
tbe tittle bov hnd thrust under ber eyes
At the first glance one whs, knew
Brendu might have said that the story
lay outside ber world and could nol Interest ber. However, It whs whnt s
Journalist might call "good news." nnd
therefore It was printed with the lines
very fsr apart by way of emphasis,
snd It bore the marks of haste. Thus
tt ran:
flats Millar, sn ss-tress tiring at 148 Viet, Thlr
tj-clfhts, street, wss stabbed h» tome p.-ivn un
known la her room this sflsrnoon.
It ls s lodflnf hosts* amurd and occupied br
Mrs. Alls** Simmons, alias Millar hail lived in the
rear room on the Aral floor for some moniln
Ths crime was discovered br a servant, who en
la-iaa! the room snd found Mias Miller uns mis.i.an
on lhe floor. Dr. A. 0. Slafr of IGO Weat Tlilriy-
eighth street was hastily summoned, and he pronounced Ibe wound mortal. It is juat lirlow Ihs
collar bone, on ths left side, eitcndlnc sharply
downward within tke body sad sindnubteilly piercing the oulcr wall of the hesrt. That a!i.s Miller
should hai. surrtrssl the wound longer than a few
seconds Is regarded ss miraculous by Dr. Dlair
snd other phyaiuana, several uf whom. Including
Ambulance Surgeon Carrlngtan of St. Winifred's
hs..pital, were at ths house within a lew minutes
sfler ths discorery of the crime.
Th* weapon wss s hunting knife, having s long
litest.' and I deer's foot handle. The blade in p*>
l-uliar, being much thinucr than thai of the ordinary hunting knife. It waa found on the N.....r
beasde th* body. 1 aerva-it save lhat she hsa aeon
ths knife la Ills* Miller's room within the last
few days.
On a isbls tn th* room wss s letter which msy
eiplain th* whole affair. Ths police have it and
is fuse to divulge Its contents, but It la known
llui ths writer Is Clarencs M. ailden, a broker
with an oltii-e on ttrosd airecl. lie la the only ton
of the 1st* 8L Clair aisles, wbo practically disinherited him.
Miss Miller Is a vary beautiful girl, tsll and al
lis* brunetl* type. She ii to years old. She played th* part of Nannie In "The llonryheo," an
unauavaWul   comely   produced  In  thia city  two
rears ago.
Since than her woik kss not been see*
Brends walked down Broadway to
Thirty-eighth street and turued westward. Immediately sbe perceived tbe
motley crowd which the news of the
crime bad brought together, snd she
hesitated. Tben, shutting her lips
tlruily together, sbe resumed her orlg-
lual purpose.
Tbs bouse numlnsvd 143 bad a blgb
stoop and a yard tbo size of a dinner
table. In wblcb tbe grass was green and
well watered, though tbe neighboring
yards were brown wltb tbe best and
drought of tbat remarkable moutb of
June. Tbs bouse Itself bsd an sir of
nestness and tbe flavor of home, but
Ita privacy bad been Invaded tlrst by
crime and tben by all tbe train tbat follows It Tbe door stood ajar for prying eyes, and tbe two glgautle policemen lounging at tbe bead of tbe steps
seemed the chief Intruders rather tlmn
tbe guardians of tbe place. Uremia.
for all tbat was upon ber mind, felt the
desecration and shuddered nt It.
The policemen, wbo had been leaning
against the railings, stood ereet and
put their shoulders together as Bremln
asceuded lhe steps. Tbey seemed to
fill sll the space and tbelr heads to tower to the house top. But tbe thing must
be gone through with now. aud Uremia
gathered all her force.
"I am a friend of Miss Miller." sbe
said.   "I'lease let me go lu."
"iVobody caa go In now," replied ons
of lbs men.
"Is sue dead?"
Brcuilu was framing other questions
In her mind, but this one Uttered itself
The policemen exchanged a glance
Then one of them replied with a single
word, "No." At this moment there wns
a stir In tbe hall. Hearing It, the policemen began slowly to descend the
steps. Uremia retreated before them.
aud not a word waa spoken. She wus
pressed Into the edge of the crowd at
the foot of the stone stairs, nud she remained there while a Utter was brought
out ou which lay something perfectly
still and covered from end to end with
a white cloth. It wus put Into a great
black vehicle. A brisk young man,
wearing a blue cop. anil a grave, elderly
mau with a long white heard climbed
in after It, and then the somber equipage moved away by the power resident within It. Aud to Uremia the familiar spectacle of a self propelling
carriage assumed the aspect or a miracle, and all things seemed to move or
stand by virtue of a new force, silent
aud resistless.
"Could I go In?" the whispered to
the policeman who bad stationed himself beside her. "Can I speak with
some oue who knows?"
"Knows what'-" he replied.
"Whether she will recover, whether
sbe hus spoken "
The man looked at her with a ponderous curiosity.
"You wait here." be raid. "(Jive nie
your name, and I'll see what I can
Miss Muclane wus affected by a touch
of caution.
"No one knows me here," she replied.
"My name would mean not la lug to
them. Bill ,vou may say that Miss Williams would like to apeak wltb the physician who was called In—a Ur. Bl.ilr.
I believe."
The polieemnn begun to ascend the
steps, but he paused at sight su' two
men who appeared above. One of
ihem wns of medium stature and very
heavy, having the build of an npe. witb
preposterously long arms, which swung
aimlessly when lie moved, as if the.v
were artificial Ile wore lhe Uniform
of a police captain. The other was of
a conventional type by coniporlsoii-
atfer t/<ue litis fixed upon the course, scarred face ul the co/tlata
that is, be looked like n human being,
nnd Bremln noticed little else about
bim. Her gaze was fixed upon the
coarse, scarred face of the captain, bru
(ally cynical and smiling without purpose, like an image hacked out of wood.
Tbe polieemnn saluted his superior
and addressed him In n low voice.
Without waiting for him to finish Ihe
'■.■iptiiln turned quickly to the man who
iiisi come out of the house with blm
and asked a question which Brenda
did not hear. When this man looked
at her, Brenda became aware tbat he
was tall aud thin and thut he wore a
loose gray suit.
*'l don't know," snld the man In grny
thoughtfully.   "I can't be sure."
The captain descended the steps and
lifted his cap willi the pollteuess of a
trained animal.
•Miss Williams?" said he. "Yes. Indeed. I understand that you are a
friend of Miss Miller, the girl that got
hurt, and that you'd like to talk to Dr.
Blair. This gentleman Is Dr. Blair.
So perhaps we'd better all go luto Iho
house, where we can talk more convenient."
Brenda tried to pass him, but she Immediately found herself between the
captain and one of the policemen, by
whom she vus s'scorlesl lulo the house,
the physician walking ahead. Thus
they came to a small parlor, opening
from the hull, to the right.
In the pretence of Dr. Blnlr. whose
manner was that of the worlsl Wherein
she had moved, Uremia regained a part
of her self possession. Thu simple s'le-
gtince of the room, far beyond anything
Unit slu* had expected, helped to put
her at her ease, and shu begun to feel
tin' sense of personal dominance to
which sho was accustomed.
"Dr. Blair," she snld, "I really don't
know why I -should have come here. I
am not a friend of Miss Miller. 1 ara
merely Interested In ber. Seeing the
story of her terrible misfortune In a
newspaper by the merest accident, I
obeyed an unaccountable Impulse and
came to tbls bouac."
"Aa unaccountable Impulse," said tha
faptaln !n a perfectly meaningless
voice, as tf he had beeu sn echo,
"1 can tell you very little," replied
Dr. Blair. "No one knows who committed the crime nor why It wus done"—
"But will she die? Sueh a young
girl, with so much to hope for, and they
say she was very beautiful!"
"She was, poor chlldl" responded ths
physician. "And that fact may or may
not bave had something to do with her
misfortune. As to ber chance of recovery, I greatly fear—Indeed, to be frank
with you, I doubt whether she Is living
at this moment."
Brenda was as white as paper, and
ber hands were twined together.
"She has not spoken"— she began,
•nd tt was the captain who replied.
"Not s word," said he. "But we
shan't need anything from ber. We
shall get to tbe bottom ot tbls affair all
Brenda tnrned slowly toward blm.
"The name of a gentleman," snid she,
"an acquaintance of mine, was mentioned In the uewspaper account, a Mr.
Alden. Of course it ls Impossible that
be should have bad any connection
wltb this wretched crime, but perhaps
he knew the young woman and"—
"Yes," responded the captain, "they
were acquainted. And, by the way,
perhaps you're familiar witb tbe young
gentleman's handwriting. We found
a uote on tbe letter bead of his firm.
Let me see, what did I do with It? Oh,
bere It Is. Perhaps you'd like to glance
It through."
He extended bis band, but Brenda
did not take tbe sheet of paper wblcb
he offered.
"I could not read this," she said,
with a slight shudder. "It waa not
meant for me."
A faint expression of surprise humanized the oiiicer's face for a moment.
"Tbat don't make any difference," he
said. "It'll have to be published. Everybody 'II read It."
Brenda glanced at Dr. Blair, who
bowed his bead.
"In that case." she said, "though it
seems an outrageous Intrusion"—
"There's no help for It," rejoined the
captain, with a grin, which be used ln
place of a frown. "We've got to find
the person that done this deed, and
we've got to make use of this note to
do lt."
Brenda took tbe paper and read these
"Uy Dearest Dear—All goes to well thst I must
send word to you at one*. I csn't wsit till even-
ing, when I msy see you, snd. Indeed, desr lore,
titer* Is sum* doulat Vcther I ahall be sble te
quit work before midnlxht. At sny rste, it bids
fair to be so 1st* thst I should aot dsre scsndsllze
Mrs. Simmons by calling upon you. So I writs
this snd make bold to put a little money Into
It—five hundreds. Don't let them frighten you. I
remember perfectly thst you weren't to touch a
penny, but I rely upon th* letter that I wrote
lus, evening to khock all your arguments Into
smithereens, I thought ol s lot of points sfter
leaving you, tnd I cited the beat precedents. If s
fellow Is rich—as I sin today, thank hesren—he
msy help his sweetheart to buy her trousaesu. If
you don't believe it, writ* to your mother, and
while you'rs wslting for sn answer buy ths pretty
clothes snyhow.    Ah, my beloved"—
Brenda bad come to tbe end of tbe
first sheet Her face, that hud been so
pule, was flushed, and ber voice was
not quite ateady as she said:
"I can't read any more. It Is dishonorable and unnecessary."
"Ah, my beloved," said the captain,
taking the letter and reading the remainder aloud In n stumbling voice,
with half an eye on Brenda all the
—"we shsll be to happy, youth tnd lore tnd
money snd th* whole world befor* us—the summer in Norway, the fall upon the continent, th*
winter on whatever Mediterranean share you lik*
the best, snd next June shsll find us in Vesica
snd our twelfth honeymoon In the sky. Think of
this, sweetest cf travelers, whos* favorite book
haa always been the atlas. Think of it ss you (0
■hopping this sfternoon with your pocket full ol
money. It ii sll settled; ths chains srs broken.
We srs to be married sa soon ss your mother csn
come esst to behold the ceremony. And then
sway to tea tha world tnd the shrines of 20
centuries of lorert. My hesrt snd my faith ta
yeu. Clisknci."
In the captain's mouth these love
words had the sound of blasphemies,
and Brenda shrank back to the limit
of the room with Dr. Blair, who seemed to be scarcely less affected by the
"Tbe money wnsn't found," said the
officer nfter a brief, shrewd scrutiny of
Brenda. "Tbe note was on the tnble,
but none of those hundred dollar bills
tbat we read about. Come; I'll show
you where we found It."
"I don't think I want to go In there,"
said Brenda faintly. "1 am going to
the hospital to see whether I can be of
any belp to her."
"You'll have to arrange that through
the police," was the reply, "and It can't
be doue until I get some word from
there. So I suggs'st that we take another look nt the scene of the crime."
lie stepped back from the door, and
Brenda passed out of the room, Intending to leave tbe house, but agalu sbe
found herself between the captain aud
one of bis men, and again she obeyed
aa unspoken order, full',wins one of
tbem while the other followed her.
auo.no the noTURES.
'LSI E'S room opened
straight from the hall,
at the rear. Tbere
was a sort of vestibule, wltb a sliding,
glass paneled door lit
the further end, and
this spuce waa divided lengthwise by a curtnln, behlud
which Brenda saw the gleam of n great
white tub, an unusual luxury In cbeap
Beyond the vestibule wns a room of
good height and size, with a shallow
alcove on the left, In which stood a
pretty brass bedstead. Upon the right
was an unused open fireplace beneath
an old fashioned marble mantelshelf
which wns covered with a quaint and
picturesque collection of Houviinirs.
There were two tail windows In the
Hsiutliern wull. The lower sashes were
hinged at the sides, opening Inward,
and one might step out upon a wooden
balcony of tbe length of the room.
which was the width of the houso.
Somo crude, familiar pictures hiinp,
upon tho walls. Obviously they antedated Elsie's coming and expressed
Mrs. Simmons' Idea of borne decoration. Elsie's contribution to the adornment of the scene consisted almost entirely of photographs of men and women. One might guess the calling of the
tenant after a glance at tbe portraits,
for nearly all of these peoplo were obviously In "the profession." Tbey appeared singly or in groups formed by
fastening the photographs together
wltb dainty bits of ribbon, io that halt
a dozen might be suspended in tbe
fashion of a banner.
Whatever may be said of the artistic
value of tbls decoration, It certainly
brightened the room. It was impossible to be lonely wltb so much com-
pany and sucb vivacious people. Nine
ln ten of tbe women were smiling and
many wore fancy dress. Tbe men
struggled to seem chivalrous ond
courtly, except the comedians, most
of whom were In grotesque attire.
Two photographs, larger than the
average and well placed between the
windows, represented   young   men In
"She must have been about here to/ten it
tbe dress of cavaliers with drawn
swords in their bands. Tbere they had
stood, these friends of hers, thus armed, wltb tbelr eyes upon ber when the
assassin bad struck her down.
"From all I can learn," said the captain, "sbe must have been about bere
wben it happened."
He took hla place beside a couch that
was between the windows and turned
his face to the wall.
"The murderer," he continued, "was
behind her. Tbe murderer pulled her
bead back and stabbed almost straight
down. The girl fell on the couch;
here's the blood. And the murderer,
convinced that Bhe was dead, dropped
the knife and fled."
He turned to Brenda with a questioning leer. Sbe was more culm thnn
sbe bad been; her mind was more
alert She had noticed bis peculiar
avoidance of a pronoun, and she asked
him without emotion whether there
Was any doubt that the assailant was
a man.
"We don't pretend to know anything nbout It," he replied, "but there
are certain circumstances which lead
ua to suspect that It might have been
a woman. A gentleman who was
passing the house about the hour wben
tbls tblng must bave been done saw a
woman coming out. Now,- except for
Miss Miller, the lodgers In this house
are all men, nnd we can't get any
trace of this woman. We don't know
bow or when sbe got Into the house
nor what she did here. It's sure that
she didn't ring tbe bell nor make any
more noise tban she could help. Nobody let her ln, so far as we can learn,
and we've covered the ground pretty
"Perhaps she didn't come In nt all,"
said Brenda. "Sbe may only bave ascended the steps nnd then, finding
that this was not tbe bouse that she
had supposed It to be"—
"Or changing her mind for any reason," the captain continued. "Quite
right I see your point But the woman wore a heavy veil; she seemed to
be somewhat excited, and sbe hurried
away eastward— I think you suid
eastward, Dr. Blolr?"
"Toward Broadway," responded tbe
physician, with embarrassment.
"It's a pity you didn't notice her
more particularly," said the captain.
"I'd give a dollar or two for her description Just now."
"You can't get It from me," replied
Dr. Blair. "Tbere was no reason why
I should pay any particular attention
to ber. Sbe was a well dressed, stylish looking young woman, and that's
all I know about her."
Brenda looked at him steadily for
some aeconds.
"Dr. Blnlr." said ahe, "what did this
officer ask you on the steps just before I came In?"
(to c* continued.]
The  Fun.
The antiquity of the fun In the enst,
particularly in Asia, extends far back
beyond the possibility of ascertaining
Its dute. In China and India the original model of tho fan wus lhe wing of a
bird and nt out, time was part of the
emblems of Imnertnl aqt^qrlty.
■topped   Van* ine  Fssr  Daniel.
A funny story is told about an old
time doctor who, writing a letter, asked a Judge, "Judge, Isn't e-q-u-i the
way to spell equinoniloal?"
"Yes, I think it Is," said the Judge,
"but here's Webster's Dictionary. It
can soon tell you."
He tried to flml the word, but gnve
It up nt length, and exclaimed, "Well,
Blr, I've always been a Daniel Webster
man, but any man who will write nn
big a dictionary as this and not put in
ns common a word us equlnomlcal
can't get my vote for anything hereof ter."
First Old Maid—" Well, you  know, !    Smith—" Bee    JeU0H
marriage la a lottery, and  l    truly   laughing    so   hnui
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Second Old Maid—" So do I
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ticket V "'
-,tilv V '7   ■
must hnvo told him ,', f,,r„1,"10,
But !    Brown-More  llkoly ,,„   '> *%
bin,self." "s told
Gladys—" How did you enjoy Mrs.
Upperton's  reception ? "
*?thCl_" Oh. great ! It was the
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rntliartir und consequently
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tl'o must gorgoous orlontaJ manner.
.'ill the chairs have golden aims, and
i rocloi s st'i es ure tot In the Backs.
llu' wall il,"ur,.ti-us ore beautiful
beyond description, while the cdllings
iro tjilt,-:! in re] rr-c.it ihe sky, silver stars appearing here and thoro on
the dark blue bi i k| round, Tho pal-
aco is made of both  wood uml stone,
Imt su i sm nt.-ii that II  l!oatt with
onee     When not  in usi., it ,s moored
to i pn i tin! s rf the i i' ei  •! 'iin'ii.
flora i ii ■ i rin ■ inri his ro; al rel i ■
tine lata':* then:! Ives on sultry nf-
ornoons, nud 1. ilj t he iialacs glided
down the t Ivor to tho soft, a wool mule ssf ini]i". in .nil down t'.c tide
ii mn] stir, liy fIo.-,tH like a huge white
■ won, wi i c wil hin i ho rn*, al gin :-'s
: i;i tn lin I evi r i b ami t'liv dream
away the w.ft ry i i ura,
liar   llla-BflliBua.
When a mnn begins to count I
bismings, he enn gem rally flnd l:<"""
lo be thankful for, although s"i'.n'i**i
he mny Include thiugs which M
not be regnrded by other people osil
together Joyous.
"I'm thinking about the wonilcrt
progri'SB the world has niii<!c anJ 1»
much we've got to be tlm ti!.fill (*
wild Mrs. Matthews, rocking In Iier*
stiuTed chnlr, with n pair of knittii
needles In her bands and a placid m\
on her face.
"lt Is wonderful." admitted hernlsj
"fsVems us If everything tiinisii J
good. There's lightning, now.
hadn't been for thnt, I never flu*''
have had those fine rods on the li'*1
and barn thnt make uie feel so nf"J
a thunderstorm. And there's smiM
If it hadn't boon for that, we nf"*1
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Flaislril   lh<e  Dispute.
Two Indies nt n ten party gol 1Di
rellng nbout their respective ag
last, to end  lhe dispute, one sif tb"J
said In n conciliatory tone of vole*
"Don't let us rjnnrrel over IhemiBJ
any more, dear. 1, ut lenst, hawjl
the heart to do ll. I never knew ff!"
my mother was, for she deserted fl
when I was a baby, and who Uno"**
Iml thnt you may have 'Been that 1h'«*t
'ess parent?"
It A-allfl'S-fl!     AK*aS'*SRSBBI'lltN.
"Old OrcL'sns is ii mighty clever fellow."
"How is thnt?"
"Why,  just   before the tlUROBSOr  gels
to him he hlwnys manages to hnve n
lot of .-.tufl" printed to the effect that ho
hns boon giving several millions t.i
chnrltnhle and ei'ucntlonitl Institutions,
'I'ii.it makes his tissessinont schedule
lini; more plausible."
A   Slls-ist   Mnn.
.Ini'l;!tis-Tln're*s Ivrklns-von im
I I'erklns?—entered Into an is****"'*!
1 ii Ith his wife soon after Hi''11' ■*jj
| rlugft twenty ys-nrs llgo, that V/hettm
, . ;t her lust temper ssr -Harmed the oil)
j   .vus to keep silence.
i'.ob-And the sehente wi'flii'iJ?
|    .lorUlns--Admirably.     l*erklni   |l!
' kept Silence for tws-ntv veins.
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csiiincll cundidate,    vety
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Jaudlonce tliat
pt.*u*    Sirs,—I have    been a great
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Multilist—" Finiil that won't do at
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ot   I
a  '.■
II   a
li I'll.
on i
i,.   is   mure   ratnrrh   in   thla   Meet ion
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Minard's Liniment Cures Barns, etc.
A fjualut ll. lief.
At lent inn Ims been culled to the
Bur.hal ol folkliire in rural parts of
1 i kind by evidence given in a *rtab-
|,ii case tried al the I-'ssex Assizes.
1 i | ii. ken the healing ol the
Wounds, tlio knife with whieh they
v.e 0 Inflicted wns smeared with
gre.tso and laid on the besi of the
pat i The purpose nerved by the
nppll at ism of grease or oil to the
k; ; air to nny sU'tl instrument
that nas Inflicted wounds, is tss pre-
\pi i it (rom rusting. I'or if the
stci is allowed to become rusty, the
Wo lit Is supposes! tsi bs: affected, uml
'entering and mortification follow the
ii •■ - s>f iii,- rust. Another quaint
Iii is that the application ol an
iii knife is a Certain uml quick
rcnii iy isn  Mi-iiliis and bums.
Exposing  Her  Hand.
Little Brother (whose sistsT is playing sards with n gentleman I—Mr. Smi
Ier. does Minnie piny cards well?
Mr. SniiliT—Yes; very well Indeed.
Little Brother—Tben you hnd better
look out. Manimti said If she played
ber s'ards well she would catch you.
\n nlil bachelor snys, that firmness
in a man is synonymous with stub*
t'ornness in a  wonmn
When ii man's spirits are on the
ebb he suys he hasn't a ghost of a
T        '■('ivrvVVl
frf Sn
CVERCOMEi «**.**.,„
(yjr^NiAfTo^YRVP *3
^?v% ^iyc'^, M***0**
'*       \ CAL. ^<?       ~   US.   T
_"r' '.'^filitjOP'j^.^TS. PffiCt iOc.PfrrCTTa
Women forget a lot of things thev
"°ver would fiigive if thoy rcm-
'•miiered them.
Molasses no doubt will become a
Popular lu-nith food for mankind
''Hen horses got tired of it.
A woman asks a man's advice so
.""   later on she ean tell him how
"•■tie ne knew.
I'mt am, Heeins to delight at knock-
S "t  the average man's dosir when
IU' rn absent.
fairs'Inl   llaMlles  T|1Ht   Astronomers   Ar*
Not 'Ireistl.r I'lasawd tss Unit.
In the SpaCQ between Mars and
Jupiter thcro are hunilifils of little
planets called listen ids wliicl, havo
been discovered during tin, last cs*„-
tni'.v by astronomers, all over the
world. Some of them are hardly
bigger than a big western farm, and
very few are largo enough to be seen
without the aid of a powerful telescope. Nowadays tliey ure noted
chiefly by photography and ure interesting to professional astronomers
only for their eccentricities,
It haa been found, for example, by
a computation mado by a.-tronoiners
thnt ono of them approaches nearer
to the sun than any ether known
planet and nt the same time describes a greater ellii.se around that
body." Thin special asteroid wus originally discovered on one of tlie
photographic plates taken at Aic-
quipa, from whirl, the entire sky
south of tbo equator and extending
to the antarctic pole is photographed as a matter of routine once every
Astronomers (|„ nu( \a\.r, nny
special delight In flndlng hsieroiCs,
which, in fact, cause mero trouble
than they ere worth, since, pneo discovered, they havo to lie first catalogued ami then constantly watched
in order to keep theni in their proper relation to the other heavenly
bodies in the more essential business
of Cataloguing I,in important s-ta's.
One Qerinan ohsorvatory accordingly
makes n specialty of taking care sif
all asteroids and Wherever fotftid
carefully numbers, names anil ilr-
scribes them as rapidly ns porsible
for the benefit ol other astronomers
with  other  work  to do.
IgUonsni*o i i < Mftisia.
The London Globe, in common tins..
on an article entitled "Canada and
Imperial Ignorance," which a.., enix-d
in a ri'i'ciit issue of The Monthly Review, says; "Not only do we fail
to grasp th0 historical and political
problems of Canada, but thc g.'ont
mass of working men are wholly unaware of the potentialities of ' that
vast country. A Canadian lecturing
in tbis country was once tuckls.*d by
a Working man. '"si'ister,' said the
Interruptor, 'can you tell me what's
the good of all this talk about Empire and federation and ships wi en
lots of ub here are starving?' This
wus tho lecturer's opportunity. lie
told the audience that in the land be
came from were millions of acres of
rich lund untouched, "It is a s'oun-
try as big as tho United .States of
America, and bus only 5,000.000
people—no more than you have here
heaped upon each other in this sweltering city.' The writer of the article appeuls to the common sense of
tho English people and asks Whether
lt would not bo wisdom to spend the
£12,000,000 dOVOted every year in
this country to the mnintenanre of
paupers in some bold and comprehensive scheme of emigration. Ir,
spite of emigration offices, the subject does not get homo to the bo^
oms of men, and until Carlyle's hero
arrives to lead our surplus population forth to the Golden West, something might well lse attempted by
the State to rem Ier emigration easy
and  attractive."
Blcetiienl Pantilng.
The agricultural district of Hanover, Germany, bus witnessed a remarkable growth during the past
few years in the use of ole 11 ic cur-
reni for agricultural purposes. There
aieut preheat 'lis villages, repiesenV
Ing a populatii.n of 37,,M)0, con-
nectod to the tramway mains of the
local railway, 'lhe greatest demand
for power is for the driving of faun
uisichineiy, threshing machinery,
pumps, hay presses, straw cutters,
etc. Where a local system of ele-
tii-- mains already eM-is supplying a
trolley or factory, the occasional demand of the farmer can bo pro tably
• i\ia"c-sl to, but If a spicial system
had to be Installed it could hardly
be made a paving investment. This
results principally from thc fact that
the consumption of power is very
upnsnioili •, and it is n> t fnr any
gieat length sif ti.r.e. The same ap
piles to iis nsr for lighting, as the
fai n, "i and his family naturally retire early and ri-e early, thus cutting down t'i,' time liming which
lights niu uKiiullv burned,
A Jnpnisi
li.Iil.'Blll*   Until.
bygloi Ic matters the .Inpuiipae
everywhere a habit which mny
have a let-sou for us. In their nightly
bath and morning wash the water is
uever cold, uevor varm, but always .is
Lot ns it enn bs* borne. To foreigners
this habit Bccins very Burprisiug, but
ih" most Inveterate Englishman, if he
stays in the country long enough, aban*
dons his eold tub in Its favor.
The i-iilil taking which, it is suspect-
eil, must follow it is not found lo occur
If tin* wnter bus been hot enough. This
heat Is maintained by a little furnace
beneath the bath. In the bath the
blither or bathers take n prolonged
soaking, the washing proper being done
on the bathroom Hoor; then follow u
second nnd final soaking, drying with
towel and a lounge in bathing wrapper.
This Imblt seems tsi promote softness
nud suppleness of the skin aial by persons Inclined td rheumatism is soon
found to be altogether preferable to
the cold bath in every particular. Tin-
poorest of the Japanese hs*ar of a cold
bath with aiu.'i/.i'mont and would be
sure ths' man who used It must be a
Common soaps destroy the
clothes and render the
hands liable   to   eczema.
Ask tor lite Octasa-s B»» »'■
Bright's Disease Invariably Vanquished by
Dodd's Kidney Pills
Other Cases in Which the
Great Kidney Remedy
Reliable   Men   Tell   of
Victories Over The
Dread   Disease.
cure is permanent as far as 1 know.
My general health is good.'
C. A. limits cnrnil.
" Here is another case. If you'll
take the troubls* to look at this letter you'll see it is written by the
l'ostninster ut Lovett, Out., Mr. C.
A. Harris. Notice what he says :
' In 1897 I was at the point of death
from Ilrixht's Disease, and wus a
complete wreck, could not even dress
myself or turn ln my lied, but now 1
am, I may say, a well man, and J
attribute it nil to Dodd's Kidney
Pills.' That's from a postmaster, a
man who undoubtedly kmiws what
he is talking about, nnd there's no
uncertain sound about what he says.
I hliS.   IsBajl-SSBBB   ( SI   Sill.
Here's one from a Toi onto man,
Charles ingrain, 58 Humbert streut.
lie's u stonemason, and well known
among the working men iii the building trade, Se<B whut he says : For
ten years I have been troubled with
the lirst stages of Bright's Disease.
1 triad several other medicines, but
could not get cured. A friend of
mine told me to try Dodd's Kidney
Pills, 1 huve used four boxes, and
am now curesl of the tirst stages ot
n. II. Knist Oared,
" I could go ou showing you similar letters most of the afternoon,
ou one more—
4U8 Oilmour
Street, Ottawa, llis was a remarkable case, indeed, so remarkable that
we afterwards got him to make his
statement under oath belore a notary public.
" Mr. Kent is a printer in the employ of the American Dunk Note
Company. He suffered "or four
months from Bright's Disease, and
hud actually reached the stage when
the doctors declured he could not
live till the next morning. While
thc sorrowing wife wait-sad by his
bedisdc watching for the end, her
eye chanced to fall on an advertisement which said that Dodd's Kidney
l'ills  would  cure Bright's   Disease.
" As a drowning man grasps at a
straw, so this despairing woman
grasped at this lost chance to save
her husband's life. A messenger was
procured, u druggist roused out of
his bed, u box of Dodd's Kidney Pills
bought, and the dying man given his
tlrst dose. That dose brought an
improvement, gradually the pain
ceased and health returned. It took
seventeen boxes to cure him completely. Dut that's seven years ago,
and he's been working every dny
since. Surely a cure like that is
enough to make the whole world believe that Dodd's Kidney Pills will
cure Bright's Disease.
Where the Trouble Lies.
■' The whole trouble is in making
people believe. This is a skeptical
age. lt used to be ' If you see it in
the paper's it's true. Nowadays it
is ' If you see it in tlie papers don't
believe it.' If we could bring the
people here one at a time and let
them read these letters, or bring
them face to face with the men and
women who wrote them, our .struggle
would be over, for the whole world
wouisl admit that Dodd's Kidney
Pills will cure Bright's Disssase.
Lots More Cssrs s.
" As you can sc*c these are only a
few cuivh. of Bright's Disease picked
t at random from the many. There ure
ed by Dodd's Kidney Pills? " queried I dozens of others equally as remarv-
the reporter.
The manuigei walked over to a safe
and produced a bundle of li-tters.
Holding theni up, he snid : —"Everyone of those letters tells of a case of
Bright's Disease cured by Dodd's Kidney Pills, and every case hus been
thoroughly investigated and verified,
L«t me read you a few of them.
Kssht. Bond Cursd.
" This one, you see,
* "Robert Bond, Mt. Brydgos, Ont.'
You see whut he suys : ' My attending physician snisl I was in the last
stages of Bright's Disease. 1 commenced using Dodd's Kidney Pills In
July, 1894, and used in all about
twenty boxes, and have used no other remedy or m<*dicino of any kind
since, and I feel well, sles*p well, und
I have a good appetite, etc'
'•That    is    away    back   In   1801
Hero's another letter from the same
Robert Bond, dated May 2nd,  1002.
You see what    he snys in it.    ' The
From Mail mn4 Empire.
So great has been the Interest in
Toronto rvoi the curo of Bright's
Disease, reported from Shubenucudie,
Nova Scotia, thut u reporter yesterday    visited   tho heud ollice of    the
T^J^*01"' l'°-' G2 \Tg° Stm-'t;V-^ I'U Just    give    yo
J ltU «■■*;•"'«•>'>    the views of '_     o{ £ R   * >
lite management coi corning tho case.    u,,.„„,    ,,,»      ,,'..  ...
He found  th,; management sutislied,
but by no means surprised,
" No, ' was the answer to the reporter's question. " We ere not surprised that the public generally are
at length being forced to tho conclusion that Dodd's Kidney Pills will
cure Bright's Disease. We have known
lt for a long time ourselves. The
Parker cure is only one of many of
which we can furnish proofs.
A Ssjii-silislKI's Press'i-I|stisiii.
" The troubles in these cures have
been made by what is termed a
' patent medicine.' Hud they been
made by a physician in the regular
way, and thut physiciun had been
able to tell exactly how he brought
them about, they would have been
talked of learnedly from one end of
the country to the other. But when
people tnlk about our cures there is
a tendency to say, ' Oh that is only
a patent medicine advertisement.'
" They forget that Dodd's Kidney
Pills are thc life work of a doctor.
That they have been uniformly successful in treating all diseases of the
Kidneys, and that the only feature
in which they differ from regularly
sMitniiu-sl medical advice is thut the
prescription of a specialist is given
the public at popular urices.
Nfli Kiii.in for Doubt.
" Now, you have seen the particulars in the Parker case. Nobody can
doubt for an instant thut that was
a veritable case of the ' incurable '
Bright's Disease, neither can anyone
doubt that the cure was effected by
Dodd's Kidney Pills aird by no other
agency. Of course, it took time und
perseverance ; but the patient was
in the last stages of the disease hsj-
fore she started to use Dodd's Kidney Pills. Had she started sooner
thc work would have been easier end
the n*sults would have been obtained
treme case and took time."
" You know of other casss of
Bright's Disease that have been cur- ,
able and all carefully investigated
und attested to by reliable people.
Surely you would think that as doctors can give no hope to those
threatened with this terrible disease,
there should be no hesitancy in giving Dodd's Kidns-y Pills a trial. Aad if
Dodd's Kidney Pills can cure Bright's
Diseaso, the most deadly forai of
Kidney Disease, how suix* it is that
is signed, | tliey <*an cure those earlier stages of
Kidney Disease, such as Diabetes,
Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sciatica,
Pain in the Bnck, etc. Remember, as
1 said before, Dodd's Kidney Pills are
a specialist prescription for diseases
of the kidneys, and In the twelve
years they lmve been before the public the.v have proved their worth
by curing thousands of sufferers
from all forms of kislns'.v disease.
They nre no cure-all ; but they do
cure nil forms of kidney disease.
Time and the public have proved
Lots  of mon    who are    wedded  to I    It   is easier    to  invent  a  windmill
their art  depend upon  their relatives   than  it  is to raise the wind to make!
for ?uppoit,
Your Cold
with the old standard remedy that has stood the test
of 40 years experience and
is more popular to-day than
ever before.
Grays Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
is carefully prepared from
Red Spruce Gum, retaining
all its healing, soothing properties. It is pleasant to
take and is always effectual.
2$ cents.    At all Druggists.
St. Jacobs Oil is a physician's
formula, established fifty years ; tbe
pain soothing virtues are so evenl]
i bulniii'i'd   is  to meet all  casi s  (There
pain exists,  and    where nn  outward
I application is generally applied. St
Jacobs Oil Is truly worth its weight
in gold, even for the cure of   nerve
I pains (nnd pretty well all bodily
pains proci'oding from the nerves). It
illustrates how wonderfully the essential elements ore combined ; its
marvellous penetrating power enables
it lo seek out thc painful spot in the
sciatic nerve, deeply embeddo*d, a.s
well* as the Ince and brain nerves, lt
elites neuralgia gently and surely,
and after the application, if the nose
of the bottle is held tsi patients'
nostrils for, sny, ton minutes, the.v
will fall into a restful, peaceful
sleep. Thore is no other remedy In
the worlsl that will do so much, ntul
do it so quietly nnd effectively as St.
Jacobs on. Every family should
have a bottle handy by them in the
houss'. lt sicts like magic, it always
eonrjuors pain.
(ViciA VIU.0SA'
Yields 13 Tons
Oreaen Foranc per
acre, equsl to 3 or 4
ions when siurod as dry
liny. Prospsri In bsr-
ruii Bolts anil proiltii'iss
wondrous crops ln good
Und. The earliest crop
for cutting green we
know of. Sown In April
la ready to rut In July.
fss.es,uj growth excellent. Sow 63 lbs. per
acre. Lb. 'iOe... 10 llu.
fl.70, poHtpald.
25 lbs. $2.50. (Bags
100 lbs. $9.50. 18c)
JVrc'saMer payi /rssioW.
Unquestionably On
most Profitable Root foe
Stock   Feedlno. — C-atr
yielding tbe famous Mas*a-
miBih Ked Mangel lawslgM
per acre. Valnashle etthaSI
for producing milk or aa a
f.anh former. Hasidsaom**,
perfect shaped roots of pink.
Ish whits color, growin»
high out ot ground. Easy
to harvest. Tho richest
and sweetest of all roots.
Pound 30c.
S Pounds $1.40.
AM Sc. per pound ifwutttd
by mail.
WTTER BEANS-Olont Wax. No gar-  9n
den complete without ilium..) Ita. tide, lb. •-£"
6ARDEN BEETS —Eclipse Round, extra
oiudlty. A groat favortle. Lb, aMc., tr,
llb.loo.su •I"
QARDEN CARROT-Intermediate Red-
Stump rooted. Alw„yi in ds tnuis.l. Sure
mil reliable. 2s.ii b Quality. Lb, 70c., , r.
Jib. *5e..os I "J
OARDEN CORN IVrry's Suosr-Burly,
sweet and tcsislfsr. E&csslluut (or table ors,
use.   blbs-Mc, lb --si*
ONION (Blark Basil] -Yellow Dssnvers-The
besvlest emppet kiiisvrn. Ss-sal sir, :{v. .,r
siuality.   I lui. f- ao, lb. *1 ."•>, lib -**>
ONION SETTS-Setts furnlssh large onions
early aa well aa llr-t crcen onions tor Ratable uss. fi uis il.UO, 2 qta. Uo., qt *-J
Beats Spring Wheat
In yield of drain  at
Ontario Agricultural
College. In Western
States lt Is claimed ta
a . r,.w yield 80 to 100busn-
t ■ ..J. 'V I'i iff els of richer f ooal than
Corn, besides giving as
nsuch as 4 tons of good
hay per aero. Bpelts Is
best described as a com*
blnatlon of wheat, ry*
sud barley, snd for
feeding purposes Is
equal to otber grains-
Sow 70 lbs. per aero,
libs 2F>c , postpaid.
BuslielUOIbs.ISl.00. I
PmrshMtrpstjsfrttaAt 10bu.$9.J0(B.gsUc.i
H nl
OARDEN PEAS-Early Market ftarden--
For table une. EiuolWnt quality. 5lbs. ne
tl.OO, lb .s!J
RADISH—Scarlet Turnip-Round. A great
favorlta with gardeners. Alwisya crisp jn
aud tender.   Lb. Ooc., 1 lb. Mc.,oi lv
r.lN^PNPa   We ran (uniisli seed of this
vJinoa-nvj. w lho f0iiowiBf priPM;_
5' seods, 2f*s*, 10" seeds. 41'-': TiO aeixla, tl.50,
100 seeds. fJ.r'n s'unr.iae Ouliural Directloug
are sent wills us* seed.
The grandest of all
Swedes. Keeps longer than any other
sort and produces beaflry
crops everywhere. Very
hardy. Similar ln alzs
and growth to the Elephant. Color bronze
green. This ia the most
popuUr Ssrs*ale In cultivation. Particularly ad'
apted to districts whero
the land lla» exposed, i
lb. Lie, 4 lb. 2Uc.
Pound 30c.
* Pounds 51.00.
Add 5c. per *sot,nd if
vanttd by mail.
?^RECT WM.RENNIE,Toronto. ?adrevl,as,dset3AND
lay using nothitifi but our high jjriulo
(tour, nuidan by the must improved
process, at.d making the best foods
when prepared from it than any
flour on the  market.
is made from tht very choicest
wheat, and is absolutely pure. Ask
your grocer for  it.
Is supplied regularly to the Royal
household by  Royal Command.
QtlMLds frimu WrtiMls +o tuO stye/
Jrus aunts eUwirJUnA iri
IV.. .        ... ff& S **-•*; fcaa        gs?wtf-.-.S      mK^'Sm       W  f   f\ W .T
Qned^noJt^^uij;Q fofwa connoisseur
All  dogfl     are    lap-dogs—at     least
they drink that  wny.
Minard's l.iuiraent for sale et-ervv,(we.
Mrs. Neighbours—" 1 advertised for
a plain cook last week, but I didn't
receive a single reply."
Mrs. Nextdoor—" Take iny advise
and advertise for a good-looking
kitchen lady, and you'll be overrun
with applications."
School,naeter—" What is a widower? "
Pupil—" A wtdderer i,, a man wot
ain't got a wldder."
Schoolmaster—" Oh ! indeed—then
whnt  Is  a willow ? "
Pupil—" A widcler is « woman wot
wants a widderer."
Ari-flsvw    "usssWas,
These   miraculous   aprlnsa,
Hlnlstsr t« a salad dlssassst,
plus 1. Iron tha mefciorj  a roots*! amrntvr.
ruse    sut   tha    wrlttas  tresblaa   ef   th*
And with sweat  oblivious antidotes
OlsaiBsie  ths  stssffsd  bosom  oi  thoaa  to*
lions  stuffs
Wblcb  wslfh  hearllr apaa  Ktdaay.  Ut»*
aad tilotaaeh
Tbprrture.   all   ye   who   nutUr   !'!.»  »hj
■tc ta  lh*    slugs:   hav*   ana* mt li.  Mt
terns anal *• cur***  at
Tie Dilcyoi Uot Sprlagj Saalt-M^iea. IC
TERMS-SIB  ta  a-sK*   -**r   wes*.
siisiis ll .ujii aamuauan ia«*n.    i ,1
ll wu'' so I'olsl in ChiCHgO recently
that n pickpocket who liupiu'iieii to
touch n b>10 gsiisl piece Immediately
froze tsi it
Oi'aln and Onmit. cslon Maarohsnta.
nisshest iirtcrs paM tor wheat, oats.
bailey or Sax In csrlaits Wire or writs
me fur price* betar* ••'■ins Liberal
advances tuat.1* on coral^mnent* and
>i.*.ndl»il »*- romrnlasloi* Ltrancsst a"»«
a*.  O   Am*.   SS0.   Wlnnlp««,  Kit.
Minard's Liuiment Relieves Neuralgia.
a,, eccentric man is ons who praises  his   neighbors—Iml    he    i.s     never
considered si. by the aforesaid neighbors.
Tho tiuui who must frequently begs
pardon inns tho least whether lie
gots it.    ___,	
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
If a mui hns no Sense ol Inn,lair he
i.s sure tu gel funny al the wrong
t lino.
I lift Is the tinnie sif a New York
de,it ist— and of course In' does,
When  iiioni'x   tuiks even  s  woman
will pause I.' listen.
VS/. IM. U. No.   *•**•"**--. Tllh DkilJ., SbiK'-AN, B.C, APRIL 3, 1908.
.■:-*i ■ ■  , ' '-■ ■' ' i" ", ' »■;■' -     ''  '■■' '■"I      ' ■""
..-C. S. CMiTHraRiNOALis, Editor and Prop.
BLOCAN,      •      •       •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 rents a line foi
.-ths first insertion snd 6 cents a line each
•subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Traneient advertisements at same rates
ai legal advertising. y
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, sta-ict-
4iy in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, APRIL 3rd, 1903.
Every person breathes easier in
•Southeastern British Columbia with
the settlement of the Fernie strike.
Peace is assured for two years.
Tardy justice is lieing done the province by the Ottawa government. A
bill has Ix'en introduced increasing
the Chinese head tax to $500, which
will practically exclude the Mongolians. Sir Wilfrid Laurier says he has
tho assuraiice that the supply of Japs
has also boon shut off i;y the Mikado.
That Vancouver election was not without results.
Ralph Smith, having taken time to
size up the situation in British Columbia, has announced that he is not
seeking the leadership of the provincial Liberals, and has so given a rebuff
to the Vancouver soreheads. Ralph
is gaining in wisdom. It must not be
imagined, however, that the breach in
the Liberal ranks is healed; not a bit
of it. The machine will not down so
easily. So long as Joe Martin is in
politics ho will meet  with opposition.
Another milestone has been passed
in the career of The Drill and, with
this issue, it enters upon the fourth
year of its existence. Slocan has had
other pajiers, but none of its predecessors suc«»txied in reaching the mature
years of The Dbill. a fact worthy of
note. Whether or not the paper will
ripen iuto a sturdy old age, the future
alone knows, but, one thing certain, it
will not yield up the ghost whilo there
is an even chance for an existence. It
rises or falls with the destinies of the
town. From the outset tho paper has
had a clean record, no recriminating
personalities or petty vindictivoness
finding lodgment in its columns. It
has stood by the lx*st interests of the
camp and town and its owner has the
satisfaction of knowing that his efforts
in that respect have b-en appreciated.
Of late evil times have befallen the
country, resulting in ;t curtailment of
the earning capacity of the paper, but
brighter days are   ahead anil it will
come again to its  own.   Thero are
those, perhaps, who could do more for
their town's welfare by patronizing the
printer, but it must come of their own
free will, as coercion will  never Imi attempted.   Others again   have   stood
loyally by Tub  Drill  from the first,
and they  have ye editor's heartfelt
thanks.   The paper has been a direct
financial lienefit to the town, for, not
only has the  revenue derived locally
found its way back ngnin among the I
tradespeople,  but much   more  from
outside sources.   And just here let it
be said The Drill cannot exist on a
pittance.    It  deserves  support   from
every section of tlie cotnuiuuity and!
has a right to expect it.   But a*, in the
past, so in the future:  this paps.r will
always be found  advocating and  encouraging those thij,'-s which ts'tnl to
benefit the camp.   It will stand  for
no dictation, but  will  aesvpt  advice
willingly and thankfully.    All it asks
is fair play and prompt payment of its
bills.   The citizens have pride in their
town and,   undoubtedly, will  gladly
support what is to them the chief f.i"
tor in keeping Slocan   liefore the outside world, Tin: Drill.
The lake has commenced to rise.
Sheriff Tuck was doing business
here on Friday.
Wagons made their first appearance
on the streets Friday.
Rev. Father Cote held service in the
Catholic church on Tuesday.
Next Friday will be Good Friday.
Hot cross buns will be in order.
Rev. J. Burt Morgan, Rossland, has
been arrested for criminal libel.
Winlaw has been mado a postofflce,
also Powder Point and Ciutelius.
Several sessions of tho small debts
court havo been held during the week.
Neil Gething has purchased the
Duiihip property, adjoining the post-
J. R. Martin, limber inspector, was
rounding up the cordwood men last
The Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co.has
secured two more, timber limits on
Wilson creek.
Stakers of timber limits will find an
interesting notice from the government in this issue.
The Weston & Herbert vaudeville
troupe played here on Monday and
Tuesday evenings.
A couple of big slides came down
Saturday lielow Sandon, cutting off
the Nakusp railway.
Next .Sabbath morning the sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be administered iu Knox church.
The rains and thaw of the past
week have caused all the creeks to
swell, particularly Springer.
Several more carloads of lumber
from W. Koch's mill, on Ten Mile,
have been sent out this week.
The C.P.R. havo a gang of men at
work endeavoring to open up the railway from Lardo to Trout late.
No eastern or American mail arrived
in on Friday or Saturday, owing to
washouts on the Spokane road.
A boarding house for the sawmill
hands has been opened in the Bame-
lin building, opposite the Royal.
Mrs. Geo. Henderson and son returned home Saturday, having spent
the winter with relatives iii Oregon.
Geo. Hindle will occupy the pulpit
in the Methodist church next Sunday,
Rev. Seymour having to Im* in Nelson.
Timber Notice.
NOTICE in hereby given that ;;o dnj-inftor
date, I intend to apply t<> the CUie" Commissioner of Limits A Wairks fair two special
licsengee, to ont and curry awuy timber frnm the
following ilosrritivil hunts,.-ittiiits' in West Kusil-
ena*r slis-lrki:
rsi,nti,a*,U'iii^ nt is post planted ssn Isis-cisst siilc
aif Little blaisuiu river, marked ''j.e.jDeectuunp-s1
■onthweet comer post. ; thence mi chains ooat;
thanes ho s'haiiis north; thonce si,chains West;
thonce so chains south, to tlis* place sif begin-
Abo. commencing at a poet planted on the
irestsideo* Littlo Slocan rlvor, marked "J, 8,
Deschamps1 southeast corner post;" thence 8u
chains west; tinmen HU chains north; tlii'ncs* SO
chains east; thence 80 chains south to the place
"f beginning.
Dat.ul tin. ■.'."nil ilny nf March, 1'JO*!.
J. H. I'musi'iK, J.S. DKSl'HAMPS,
AisTB.'lit. Liii'istur
Timber Notice.
NOTICK is hereby uiven tlmt 30 slays nfti'r
date J Intend to apply tn tlm Chief Commissioner of I.inula A- Works fnr two special licensee, to out and carry away timlier train, ihe
following deeoribod lands, situnte in West
Kootenay shstrict:
Commencing at a post planted on thesecsBnil
point mi th<* west side from tlts> south end nf
Little Slocan lake, marked "L. A. Campbell's
southeast corner piBst;" theUCO 10 chains west;
tlii'iice UK)chains north; Ubqbacu 40 chains east
to lake shore; thence south hIouk the lake tn
plnce of iMginningt
Abo, commencing at n nnst planted as,, tin*
east side of Little Blocan lake, marked "Is, A.
Campbell's southwest corner posti" theboosto
chains eissi; thence ISO chains nnrtl, j thence 10
chains wesl; thence south along the lake shore
to place of beginning.
Lsss-i'.le.l the Bnd day of March. 1908,
J. li. Chkistie. L. A.CAJIPBELL,
Admit. Locator
Timber Notice.
N'OTICI" is hereby uiven  Unit 80 slays after
ilnte I inlenii tai apply to tin* Chief Com-
missionsr of Lands m works for tiro special licenses, to cut and carry eway timber frasin the
fullowingdescribed buds,situate in West Kootenay district :
Commencing at s pn-i plantodon tlm enst -ills*
asf Little Slocan nver. merked "K. Dutbie's
-siiithen-i corner pool; tbeuee *«> chains north:
IheneeHIelialnawesti thenoe Ssi chains sontlij
tliB'iii'ii .Sil chain- cast, In plus e of beginning]
Also, commencing a*,  n post   planteil ssn  tho
west Hide of 1,nils. Bloean ri\«r. marked "B,
DntMe s routhwesi corner post;  thssnoo north
Bel ; tlienco ''.;*t *ochains; tbeiiceeouth Hi
chainsi Uiaiioewest mi chains, to the place sif
u.iie.1 iis.- :.irai alay <af Kerch, inn.
.1. II. CiiuiHTJK. K. DITHIK,
Asjent. uoeator
Timber Notice.
NOTICK i- hereby «iva-n Ihnt 80 ilnys nfter
date I Intend tu apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works fair two special 11*
cs .-. lo .'ut an I carry nwny timber from the
following describe I Ian.is, ituato in weft Kootenai disl rirl:
Coiiiiiii'iis'iii'.- a a post planted oil the west
-isls; at Little Mlrscisi, riser, marked "C. C. Walker's northwest corner r>ostt" thonce oaol sn
chains t thence south A! chains) thence wool -i
chains i thenoe north SO ohains, tothe pines, ot
Also, commencing at n pnst planted sm the
east side of Littlo Hloean river, marked "C. C.
Wallsri-'s southeasl corner post t thonce west HO
sins i.i : thence north SO chains tthonee east 801
chains j thonce SOUtb afO chain-. In tin* place nf I
I" sa issue I
JlntSfll tho 'J.lr.l day nf March, I'U'I.
.1. II. Cm,sm. i.e. WALK Kit*.
Ait;.,it. Locator
J. Frill Ritchie, of Rossland, has
staked three timber limits at the head
of Lemon creek, taking in the Oro
townsite and stamp mill.
The Ladysmith Leader has suspended, pending the settlement of the
Dunsmuir coal troubles. Diuisniuir
is willing to meet his miners.
Monday's train was several hours
lato in getting iti,eaused by tho trucks
of the passenger ear jumping the rails
at a point below Lemon creek.
S. B. Clement brought action in the
small debts court on Monday afternoon against the school trustees, to
recover $75 salary. Ho lost thc case
ou a- technicality.
Lumbermen all ovor the province
are petitioning against the recent notice from tlio government respecting
the surveying of timber limits before
a license is issued.
No protest has been entered against
the mill aid bylaw recently passed by
the ratepayers, so it will come into
force tit once. The debenture money
will be paid over next week.
Tho C.P.R. \\ill resume the Imperial Limited service in June, the first
train leaving Montreal on the 7th. It
will be a triweekly service and the
run will be made in four days.
Tho Sandon Paystreak is no more,
Col. Lowery having purchased il and
amalgamated it with nis Ledge. Billy
MacAdatHs will go to Vancouver,where
he and the Colonel will establish a
stirring weekly paper.
The 88rd annual report of the Royal
Bank of Canada has been distributed
among its patrons in tliis vicinity. Tt
contains much general information
relating to the Dominion, as woll as
treating on the bank's affairs.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Timber Notice.
'PAKE notice that SO days from date I intend
1. to apply to the Hon.tiie Chief Commissioner
sif Lands al; Works nt Vicl.sri.'i,ll.C..for a special
license to cut and carry away timber from ilie
following described lands: Commencing nt n
post   situated   on   tlie   enst   siste  ssf tho main
branob of Wilson creek, above the lii«l, fulls.
and marked K. Chew's sontbeast corner postj
thonce west 80 chnins: thence north 80 chains;
thence east SO chains] thssuce south HO chains, to
place sif oommencemont, containing Oio acres.
Date I thisMth dny of Maroh, 100S.
Timber Notice.
NOTICE is lioriby s*ivon tlmt 80 days from
alnta? r Intend tsi npply to tha Hon. tlie
Chief Commissioner of Lai,vis ,v. Worksa.1 Vie*
torin, ll.C, for n siies'inl license to cut anal r-arry
away timber from thr* followinir described lands,
Comm*sTicinjz at n post sitnntpd on the west aide
of i in- main branch of Wilson creek, above tbe
fall-, marked tt, Chew's southwest corner post;
thence north 100chains; thence east 10chains;
thonce south 160ohains. thence west 10 chains.
to place of i'0!ni!»encenient,coi,tnii,ii)»* (illl scrsis,
Dated tlii-'JTtli day of March. 1013.
Auction Sale.
NOTICE iH hereby given tlmt under
the provisions of the "Cattle Lien Act,"
I wiil full Lv public auction on Monday,
the sixth day of April, !lK"i3,nl 10o'clock
a.m., at my atablea in Slo.*-*,n, one bay
horse and laddie, left witli mc by tl.u
Chapleau Consolidated Mining Co., ltd,,
ilcfaiilt having been minis* in payment
for the food, caro, attendance and accommodation furnished Haid horse for
upwards of three months.
Dated at Slocan, B.C., March 14. 1903.
Gwiilim & Johnson,
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sunday, nt 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabhath Schoel at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.
Strangers ami young men
are cordially invited.   .   .
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why lie without a ranee whoa
ynu can get one so cheap? The)
are pi-efei'rable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranp**M
bum wood or coal and will be
set up free.
I. J.
8 Advertiseyour
■fl Business
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a mam
to all persistent and liberal advertisers l it ii* road
by everyone.
Court of Revision.
N'OTK'E i- lis-i-i'liy ifivsvii tlmt Clio annual sitting of tlio Cssurt aif Revision, fair tin. pur-
poos of liaviriiusc nil complaints again*,! tlio assessment lisriim yi*ar 10(13, ns uni'.lc hy ths Vs*
sessorottbs City of Slocau, RC, will bohelil
in tin. ('iu Hall. i„ tin, safd City of Slocnn, on
Miinality, Ma> ImIi. 1903, at tbe hour of lOo'clsjcl
City of Slocau, B.C., Mar. U, 1003,
R. I. BENTLEY, City Clorli
Garden Seeds
Flower Seeds
Timothy Seed
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in bulk
Just arrived from I). M. Kerry's,
lhe grout Sos-'il House, lor sale
at —
Onion SiHs h.ivc arrived.       Leave
your •rder early.
ifili i hpraiii.
Creole Mlaeinl I'liliass.
Situate ill tho Slocnn City Mining Divi-;
siuu of the West Kootenay Dlitrict.
Wlipm  located:—On l.»inon creelc, I
IjafJ milei* from the mouth.
Tako notico that I, J.  M  McGregor,
netinir ai :iL"'nt for \V. D. Mrlntosh. K.I
M.G. N". B72392: t'. S, Itaxier, F.M.C. I
So.   DTOitll,  unai   I'.   \V.   George,  free!
mitifi'i certittcato No. I..'il3-Ni. intend,
sixty ilnvs from tlie date hereof, lo apply'
tothe Minin; Recoider fnr a certificate
of improvementa, for the purpoBa of oh-
tainlng  a crown   grant for   the   ubovt>
claim. '
And farther tako notice that action,
uniler section 37, mint be commenced
licisire tlie issuance of inch certificate ot
Dated tliis 12th dav of Februarv, 1903
•27-2-VS "J. W. McGREGOR.
nAt All  Times
u kskskkkkkk:!^s
M Subscribe for
local paper:
THE DRILL,   $2 per year. \
< lllsills.il|M Miss.i.il 4'luiin.
Situate  in  tlio Plocan Mining Division
of \Vest   Kootenay district.    Wliers-
located: South of Silverton and half
a inili* east ol ."-locan lake.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Kenneth  I..
Burnet, of Itosslanil.U.C.. acting as ngent
forGeorge F. Burpee.of v"ancouver,I).Ci
free miners' certificate No.B6232H,intend,
sixt\ slays from tho dale hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder fora certificate ol
improvements, for thu purpose of sditnin-
ing n crown srunt of tho above claim.
And further take notico thst action,
under section S7, minst bi commenced
before lhe issuanco of such certilicate of
Dated this lOtli ilnvof March, 1002.
Timber Notice.
NuTK'Ki- issr.-i.j- ffWen thai SO dors after,
sintt I inti'uii tu spply to the Chief Com.
mlssloner asf Land" A \\s.»rli- fssr iw, special licenses, to cut nud carry away timber from tha
fsillsisvlsif* iIb-b ritiail In,nl-. -itinil.' in Wi'.t Kiuit-
i-ll.a) ill .Iris I ;
Commencinif al a post plan,ail on the i*is-t * iila-
of Little Blocan iiv*-r. marketi "It. Lsmrmt's
• iiiittiB'ii-t corner post i ' , lia-m-a; ss-p-.i HO oltains.
thence north (0 ohainst thence rn.i loofialnsi
(hence BOUtll is) s'liisin.-, tsi the pises ui begin* I
tt in t:
Al-,.. i'iB,B>>nfl.,U'i>ie at   a   pss.t   jilssists*.! am the
. i       le of Little Blucnu lake, narko I "It. La* :
monl ,i sluthenst corner po-sti   theuee wi      (1
i ll si',- ; t'i. ii.'s-   iisirlli   Nl  s-'i.-.i;. •: I li"iii'i-   SIlfttSQ
plialii i thorn iili.''i ehalne, to tbo place*uf
I. -»i tbe "ard dsy ol March, imi'i.
J, H.i'iiiiisnK, B.LAMONT,
.lyeut. Locator
N'OTiri-; i, iiureliy alvon, pursuant tii tin* pn
vi.~is.u-. uf Section Boot the "Laud Act, i
thai lu future no -ps*a*i,il licenses to out timber
mi ('riswii laii'i. will bsRrantssai or renewod until'
nfter tit.- itpplloants havr hod , ho limiis survey-1
ii.I by a 'Inly apialilia' i Provincial Land Surveyor [
tai ilu* satisfaction of thr Lands aud Works De* '
I'liii'f CommUslouor of Lands st Works
Lands nnsi Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 20th March, 1908,
j   Slocan      1
1   Bakery ^   |
I J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor I
>. Elivviug oponocl n   Qrst-clnss 8
0 wtablishtnenl ou Main Street, •?
a tho pntronnfco of the public la X
•4 Rolicited for llmnc Mush* Bread, 5|
| Whiih;   Wheat   Bread, Oake*. SI
_ Pies, and a full Hue of general ■
Confasctionery. ij>i
ii Loaves ef firoed »-. ■ *»i. m\
i .. II U .-isi- !■ 1   sstsifll OishIH r .J-
B. fla.a s u, stlfl-fl-il . lS
Slocan, B. C.
I'S'ssslSSS'er   .".lina-lisl   I   lisilil.
situati, in the Blocan Kilning Division
of West Kootenny Ihstrist. Where
located:—South ol Bilvorton ami a
ijuarter ofa mile east of Slocau Uke
TAKF. NOTICE that I, Kenneth L,
Hu met, nf Rossland ,B.C.,acting ns agent
forGeorge F, Bttrpea,of Vancouver,!? ('.,
free miner's certiflcate No. B0232B,
intend, pixty ilnyn from the date hereof,
to apiilv to tlie Milling Recordor for ,i
loitilhali' sif improvements, for iho pur-
lioscof ohtnining a Crown grant of the
ubove claim,
And further tako notico that action.
iimlisr sei'tiou H7, inuat bo commenced
before tho issuance of sucli certilicate of
I'niod this 19th dav of March, 1908,
S iiina-aasuUsi Mlnernl I Isslsss.
Siluatc in the Slocan City Mining division of Wont Kootenny Ihstiict.
Where located:—On the first north
fork of Lemon creek,
TAKK NOTICE that I,1 M. L. Grim*
molt, acting as agent (or The Cameronian
t Iola sV Silver Mining Co., limited liability
F.M.O. No.  B09220, Intend, sixty days
from thu date hereof, to a|i|ily to tho
Mining Rocordll for a Ctrtlflcatt of improvement*!, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant of the above claim.
Ami fui 11n*t take notice that action,
under section .'17, must ho commenced
lniforu the Issuance sif such certilicate of
Dated this 7th dav of October, 1002.
20-3-i);!. ' M. L, GRIMMETT
Do You
Want a Home ?
Then oome to Slocnn, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Munting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens aresome
of the advantages enjoyed bv
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Sian
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality*


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