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The Slocan Drill 1902-08-29

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TOL. 111., No. 22.
SLOGAN,   B.   C,   AUGUST   20,   1002.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Wc are in receipt of a large quantity of
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slucan, llritish Colambln.
Ladies^Silk Gloves
Good Quality, all Sizes, and different
Shades, were 65 cents	
We want to clear them out at the
Snap Price of _0 cents. . . .
See them.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocnn, Vernon, Fairview, anil Camp McKlnnev, B. 0.
A. YORK <fe CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmanship is Good
and Prices are Reasonable
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
OgTHINQ & HENDERSON, ■ Proprietors.
HEI'TKuuicit l.
Ruulausl I'lilstssn Move t» Come Here Isy
Three Hutssli-ssd Strosig -Uuielnsll 11.-
twes*n Nortlipui-t ss'isil R outs I and Lasig
Mat or Usmeral Spurt..
Surely Slocan has won a treat reputation for holding c«ltthratiiin*-i, and
each succeeding event results in
•till greater success. And the best
part of it is that the outside public
have caught on to the idea and are
unusually anxious to push along the
general fun. Of the neighboring
burgs, Rowland seems to have be-
e<*mo infatuated with Slocan and it
evidently desires to annex the place.
Some weeks buck a number at lie-
bokahs came here from the gold
camp and were hospitably entertained, and thev have been boosting for
Sloean ever since. Their work resulted in tlie business men's excursion here last Thursday,when a high
old carnival took place.
On Friday a telegram was received from Frank Woodsides, secretary
iif the Rossland Miners' Union, want-
in'*; to know if tiie city could accom
misdate a labor demonstration on
Sept. I and promising 300 or more of
an attendance. A prompt reply in
I ihe affirmative was sent by Mayor
York and Secretary O'Neail of the
local Union. Other telegrams were
exchanged and by Saturday the thing
wns iii full working order. Messrs.
Coyle and Carter, ofthe C.P.R. i>ass-
eiiger lorvice, happened to be here
and rates were soon arranged from
the other towns, with special service
by lake and rail. Invitations weTe
at once bi nt to the neighboring towns
to participate and all accepted.
A committee canvassed fie town
and raised $400 for sports,being four
times as much as Rossland asked.
Later on Rossland asked and was
tficen $10) tor a baseball game with
Northport, which will be the main
drawing event oi' the day. Another
good item will tic ajuniu- drilling
contest, t r which three teams
arc already cutcrcd. Other sports
arranged for are a few escapades on
the lake, running races on Main
street, bicycle races, horse races,and
tug-ufwnr, winding up witli a ball
In all these event* everything is free,
no entrance fees being charged, and
the prizes are substantial.
Boat and trains from Nelson ai.d
Uossland will arrive here at 11
o'clock. A procession will then be
formed headed by the Rossland and
Slocan bands and paraded through
tha principal streets. Alter that will
follow the general sports. For the
accommodation of those desiring it,
a short excursion on the lake will be
handled by the str. Slocan, lasting
about li hours, for 25 cents. Oil the
return journey passengers for all
points will depart at 8 p.m., so giving nlno hours for general jollification in Slocan. The C.l'.K. are giving a f L5Q rato from Rossland and
single fare from other points, and
exceptional service for the day. The
promises are for a crowd of at least
ooo people here,Rossland holding the
heavy end.
Here everv preparation has been
made to handle tho company expect*
td ami a gootl clean list of sports arranged. There will not bo an idle
moment all dav and Labor Day in
Slocan will go down as the most am
bilious celebration yet held in tlie
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
It" opened under
the old management
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Arthur a.s.l D«t»n»» Ave.*'**, »'•""""•
t) ., . .1 \s. CROSSi
■Holding thoroughly renovated
and ra stacked with the best
—■• ... r.s   , ivs-ss   n un s,is.. iiv»« ___—__. « '—-      	
FriuSeSnery, Tobacco
kept fresh and well assorted.   We ■■» d ^
best the market affords.   Price* are rigni-
wii'iii'.niss Captain •rGontt.
Frank (> rlfflths varies his time from
developing hlsclalmson Ten .Mile by
pros-tecting for mountain goats, and
in that respect has achieved eminent
success. Ity means of a trail of salt
and a spring trap door affixed to the
mouth of ono of his tunnels on tlm
West mount, group, he has captured
the frisky BlllV m-re than onco and
obtained a supply of choice fresh
meat. Hut his hi test round up, occurring a few davs ago, was a daisy,
no less than live goats being ensnared. F'rank Is feeding up luscaplives
now with a view to disposing ol the
outlit to somo eastern menagerie, and
lie will realize, a goodly sum. '1 hat
is one kind of mine salting that pays
well, .
Attliss Is-siss llsirae.
The shaft at the limn Horse has
been unwatered and the men are employed squaring up the foot ere re-
BttUling sinking. It has been found
necessary to Shift the machinery to
tinner ground and to provide new
nnd heavier foundations for the on*
(-ine and hoist. The property is to
be operated steadily throughout the
Mtsisls) sst Hpoknsss. SfaTslr.
i'i.. Spokane Fnt irstate fair has
.employed tho Hoppe band of that
city. It consists of 30 men, who are
the best musicians in the Northwest,
and people may expect some excellent music during their visit to the
fair. Not only during tho day but
at night, as Sousa's band and two
Italian bands will bo heard during
the fair at the Spokane theatre and
the Auditorium, white the Inland
Empire band, of 30 pieces, will be
held at the Masonic fair during the
UlR l.Ji-sir.iiii,   Arsivasl   lis   Missus,  I. ant
Slocan held another celebration on
Thursday last, ths occasion being a
visit to the city by the business men
of Rossland nnd their friends, who
turned out about 309 strong. The
visit was sprung on the burg as a
surprise and not much time was given
for preparation^ but when the visitors arrived tliey found the place de
coratod, a dancing booth tixed up,
and a short programme of sports arranged for. The magistrate had also
been shanghaied and the policeman's
beat changed to a back street.
Part of thc excursionists went on
up the lake, the C.l'.R.haying given
cheap rates. Ts'ese who remained
here put iu an immense time. There
was walking the greasy pole, tub
and swimming races on the. lake,and
running races on Main street, tlie
Rosslauders scooping the principal
prizes. In tlu; tug of-wur contests,
Slocan hand pulled over their Rossland antagonists, as did also the local
businctis men. Afterwards there was
dancing on the platform at tho whart
both in the afternoon anil evening,
in whieh a big crowd participated,
The Rossland and local bands contributed music during the day and it
was much enjoyed.
The visitors left, fur home at 8 p,
in., Mavor (.'lute and others »xpressing themselves delighted with tlie
treatment accorded tinm. Cheers
ami counter cheers that swelled to a
perfect roar arose when the train
pulled nut, testifying to the good
tVeling formed betwi-en the people.
As an advertisement to Slocan the
excursion was the best thing that has
happened the place ill years.
At the las;, session of tbe legislature
only one change was made in the
(Jamc Act, lhat prohibiting hunters
from trespassing on enclosed lands
without permission of the owners,
llricflv the provisions of the act are:
Open seasons- September I to Dee.
it, Peer, buck or doc; mountain goat
mountain sheep (ram.) September 1
to December 31-Caribou; elk,wapiti
(bully, grouse of all kinds, including
prairie chickens, hare; mo-vsu (bull.)
September 1 to February 28—Bittern;
duck, all kinds; heron, meadow lark,
plover. November 2 to March 31 —
Btaver, land otter, marten.
lt is unlawful to shoet or destroy nt
any time: Birds living on noxious
insects; English blackbirds; caribou,
cow or calf; chaffinch; deer, fawn un
tier twelve months; elk. wapiti, cow
or c If under two years; gull: linnet;
moose, cow, or calf under 12 months;
mountain sheep, ewe or lamb; English partridge; pheasants, except as
hereinafter provided; quail,all kinds;
robins (farmers only may shoat these
in gardens betiveen June 1 •".nd Sep*
tossber 1); skylark, thrush.
II. R. Jorand, secretary of the local Tourist Association, has received
the following letter from W. A.
Jowett, of the Nelson association:
"For your Information I wish to say
that the pamphlet will be in the
printer's hands in a few days. We
have been delayed from several
causes, delav in sending in write-up,
cash, etc. We want to get a really
good pamphlet out and I tnink you
will be pleased with it. In the
meantime thu committee are sending
an agent to the. main line, Banff, to
influence the immediate travel Koot
enay way; and arc getting out a
scries of photos (framed 2*2x*28 in.)
to place in the various main line hotels. We have interviewed th* C.P.
R. officials who have been here, and
have promises that thev will distribute thc pamphlet in Hong Kong.
Japan and over all their system,and
help in every Way."
More Litigation Usssled.
A certificate of improvements has
been Issued by the government to
the Arlington No. 1 Fraction, thus
bringing to a close the ia*ist noted
legal dispute yet arising iulhe camp.
Tho ground in question lies between
the Arlington and Burlington claims,
owned bv tlm Arlington Mines, and
is identical wit h that covered bv the
location of the Native Silver fraction
Tin* contest for this ground is well
known, Itfinallv going to the defendant company on  im appeal to the
supreme court at Ottawa after defeats in the full and supreme courts
in British Columbia. Thero wns talk
at tho time ofthe Ottawa decision of
an appeal to the privy council, but
it did not materialize, leaving the
contest-ad ground in the quiet possession ofthe company.
Tke Local Maaagor Snyl Sloca-a Will Oat
th* Worka.
While nothing definite has bees
received this weok from the Ontario-
Sleean Lumber Co. relative"1 to the
establishment of their big mill project here, yet some good news for the
town has come from W. B, Strathearn, the local manager of the concern, who visited this place on Tuas-
day. He stated other places wero
pulling strong for the mill, and antagonistic influences were working
against Slocan, vet the companv had
made up their minds to locate here.
He had received a letter from headquarters acquainting him with that
fact, and tliey were but awaiting the
outcome of tlie city's proposals for the
site, to take the initial step.
A meeting of the company for organization purposes had been held,
and J. B. Tudhope. It. P. P. for East
Simcoe, elected president, and Geo.
Chew, of Midland, managing director. The. latter was coming out
here to spend two months this fall in
order to get the mill started. Mr.
Strathearn said he hoped to see every
thing satisfactorily arranged with the
city next month.
The dry ore belt has had the experience this seasoi of having had no
money spent by the government in
thc repairing ot roads and trails.
Since the lecal member, R. F. Green,
joined tlie opposition ranks, the government taken the expenditure
of public monies out of his hands, so
the blame cannot be attached in any
sense to him for the situation here
existing. Last year, when Mr.
Green was with 'he p-twere that he
the work of repairs In this camp was
about com* leted by this time. As it
is now, the bulk of tho assessment
work in tlie camp is completed and
the need bt the trails ia well nigh
over for the season, as in a short
timo the rainy season will have set
in. Much inconvenience has been
put en the prospectors by tho neglect
i.f the necessary annual repairs to
the trails, while to mine owners who
have had to keep up the various wagon roads the expense has beon
heavy, in that thev were doing work
rightly coming within thc province
of the government. It seems a suicidal policy to pursue to cripple a
promising camp because of politics,
if the itting member is not allowed
ta handle tha public monies, then tbo
local reorders should be given the
power tn make the necessary repairs
when required.
Comsl Use  Urlllnliarii litre.
A company of British editors, representing the leading papers in thc
Old Country, is touring Canada for
thc purpose of writing up its resources. They are to visit tbe coast
and will return to Revclstuke on
Sept. 4th, leaving that point for Nelson and Rossland. It has liecn
mooted that the editors should have,
their route switched so as to bring
them through Slocan. A banquet
and a visit to the Arlington mine
woultl afford some entertainment to
the visitors, who would thus gain an
idea of the mineral resources of the
ry ore belt.   The camp would got
great deal of advertising from the
.isit of editors, rosultipg in much
good, and every effort stoald be put
forth to get thein hero.
A Wasssisis Prous M»rtlulquc.
Clara Mathes and her capable
troupe gave an enjoyable presentation of A Woman From Martinique
at the Music Hall, Monday evening.
The hall was tilled and the audience
thoroughly satisfied. Tne plav has
more than ordinary strem th, with
well-balanced parts, all of which
were faithfully taken. Since last
here Miss Mathcs has improved her
troupe, tho specialties between the
a'ets in particular being much better.
She. has become a favorite hern and
will alwavs draw big houses. At
the conclusion of Mondav night's performance, Miss Mathes gave her audience a complimentary dance. M.-ss la Cusup.
Charles Dempster came In  from
Rossland yesterday,in company with
L J. Huns, Detroit; Henry Lake,
Windsor, Ont., and Robert Like,
Jackson, Mich. The party will spend
several days In visiting a number of
Laat Yasr's Shlpmanta War* 6614 Tataa—
A llsmlthjr Kvlslonra -f tha Ufa aa-
fVaaUh of tha Cam**— Arllagtoa lb*
Blfteit Shlppat.
Another new shipper appear*-, en
tho list for the week in the Hampton,
which sent out four tens to Nelson-
Three small shipments from that
property last year averaged 700 -**•*;
to the ton, and the prosont lot will be
equally as rich. The Hampton it-
unique, as it meets the expense of its
annual assessment by the ore takua
out in development, The Arlington
sent out its usual quota of CO tons,
making 400 carloads shipped under
the present management. From the
Enterprise 100 tons was shipped, part
ore and part concentrates. The minn
has opened up new reserves of ore
lately by a raiso, the lowest width of
the chute being six inches, and it is
all high grade. For the week the
shipments from the division amount,
to 104 tons and for thc year 4385
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, mado
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled G529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full,
list ot tbe shipments this year te
MI***-. Will, T***T-_.
Arlinjton  60            2640
Enterprise  100            18Q0
Ottawa  *7
Neepawa  10L
May  »
Paystreak  5
Duplex  7
Fourth ol July  11
Florence  I
Speculator  ;*
Hampton  4                 4
164 4385
Thereto a scarcity of miners in
the upper camp.
Six hundred men are employed ia
the mines adjacent te Sandon.
Ore shipments from the entire Slocan amount to about 20,000 tons.
Last week's ore shipments from the
Sandon camp amounted te 420 tons.
Wm. Thomlinson has been engaged by thu Arlington to do some special work.
A quantity of T rail and an ore car
were sent up to the Exchange during
the we-efc,
A strong effort is being made to
swing the trade from the Blnck
Prince section to Nelson via Six Mile
Ernest Mansfield's associates are
having the yearly assessment done
on their numerous holdings in the
Work started in earnest on tiie
Metemr Monday. The lessees have
eight inches of high grade ore to
draw upon.
The full court of the province will
l>e called upon to settle the question
of costs in the suits arising out of
HrcniniT vs the Arlington Mines.
Only one man is employed at the
Neepawa, Thc vein cut on tho Mabou has been traced down on to the
former and carries ore where opened.
A crosscut is being run from the
little vein on tho Enterprise te tap
thc big vein. • Should the results
equal expectations tha force will be
largely Increased.
Nelson parties who aoajuired the
controlling interest m the Montreal
and Two Friends are forming a companv, with 10,000 shares, to develop
the group. The work is to be
on the Montreal, principally by a.
Ottawa Caah la Beady.
Messrs. Noble and Coleman, of
Pittsburg, who recently purchased
the. controlling interest In the Ottawa
group, havo succeeded iu acquiring
the outstanding interests and now
own the entire property. Tom Mulvey and W. Clements, who were the
principal owners, will receive their
money on Sept. 1, ManagerHcPhee
having received word Wednesday
that the funds were, at his disposal
in the bank at Nelson. Devolopment
at tho ssine is proceeding along nicely snd meeting with fair success.
Jim Hill hns fixed things and will
build tho Coast-Kootenav railway. A
start is to be made at once.
F. J. O'Reilly came up from Nelson
yesterday to do some survey ing.
Bar silver Is quoted at tho regttJar
52| cents. -t_l  .*■*■•■••'>*«.*
(CapjTlght IOOO by Sir Watter Beaant.)
"Sbe deules that stfe was married."
"Ah! 1 liave heard. In Tact, that
there Is some sort of a story-n cock
and a bull etory-about the wedding."
"Another woman was substituted.
Molly was nt home."
"Another woman? Strange! Why
was she substituted?   W...i was she?"
"I know not. The matter la a mystery. Certain It Is, however, that Lord
r.vllngdale was married. I myself saw
Ihe wedding.   I was in the church.'
"You were In the church?" She
raised her fan for a moment. "You
were In the church? Ami you saw the
weilillng?   Who was the bride?"
"1 do not know. At the time I
thought tt was Molly."
"Jack," she leaned over, looking me
full In the face, "have you no suspicion?"
"None. I cannot understand how all
lu a moment anil when lie found that
Molly was not there the bridegroom
found means to substitute another woman dresss.'d as Molly should have
been.   I cannot understand It."
"It Is, as you say. strange. Do yon
think you will ever flud out?"
"Why not? There an* three persons
In the plot—Lord Fyllngdale. Mr. Purden and tbe woman. One of the two
last will perhaps reveal Ihe truth."
She waa silent for a moment.
"Well, and what are you doing In
"I camo to learn, If I can, something of Lord Pyllngdale's private
"Have you succeeded?"
"He Is a gambler and a rake. He la
rapidly wasting the whole of poor Molly's fortune. In a few months or
weeks it will all be gone."
"Yea," she replied. "All will be
"First be took the money and the
"What?" She sat up suddenly. "He
took the Jewels?"
"He took them first. Then he sold
tbe lands."
"Ob. tell me no more! He Is wasting
and destroying. It is his nature. First
he took the Jewels.   How long ago?"
"Six months ago."
"He has bad the Jewels," she said,
"has bad them for six months?"    Her
face became hard and drawn as with
pain. Her smiling mouth became hard.
The light died out of her eyes. Sbe became suddenly 20 years older. I wondered what this change might mean.
Yon will think that I was a very simple person not to guess more from nil
these Indications. Stie pushed back her
chair and sprang to ber feet. She
walked over to the window and looked
out upon the cold street In which there
were flying flakes of snow. Then she
came back and stood before the Ore.
"You can go," she said harshly, not
looking me In the face. "You can
go." she repeated, forgetting her
proffered hospitality of "tea. "About
that woman. Jack, you may find her
yet. Many a wicked woman bas been
goaded by wrongs Intolerable to confess ber wickedness. I tblnk you may
find her. It will be too late to save
Molly's fortune. But when It Is all
spent there will be a chance for you,
Jack." Shu turned upon ine a wan and
sod smile. "Happy Molly!" she added,
laying her hand upon my arm with the
sweet graclousuess thnt she could command. "Jack," she added, "I think we
mny pity that poor wretch who personated Molly. It was perhaps out of love
for a worthless man. Women nre so.
It Is uot worth or virtue or ability or
character that awakens love and keeps
It alive. A woman. Jack, loves a mnn.
There Is nothing more to be said. If
he Is a good man. so much the better;
If not. still she loves blm." She sighed
heavily. "What do you snllors know
about women? Virtue, fame and fortune ilo not make love, nor, JacU, which
Is a hard thing for you to believe, does
nil the wickedness In the world destroy
lore. A woman may be goaded Into
revenge, but It mnkes ber all the more
unhappy because love remains."
I went nway, musing on tbls woman
who sometimes seemed so true and earnest with all her fashion and affectations, for as she spoke about lore the
tears stood In her eyes as If she was
speaking of ber own case. Hut I never suspected her. I never hnd the least
suspicion of her as the mysterious woman.
I took oars Into the city and went to
my cousin's shop, where there were
half a dozen gentlemen talking volubly
about new books, among them my
friend who hnd taken me to the gaming house nnd to the tavern. When he
saw me, be slipped nsldi*. ''Mr. Pentecrosse," he said, "your cousin reminds
me that I once told him wbat I conlfl
learn concerning au unfortunate poet
named Semple. If you would like to
see him. I think I can take you to
I thanked l.'i.. aud said tbat I would
willingly have speech of Mr. Semple.
So be led me down Little firitaiu and,
by a maze of streets, to a place called Turnagalu lane. He stopped at an
open door. The street In tho waning
light looked squalid and the bouses
"The darling of Parnassus," be said,
"lies In the top chamber. You will And
him there unless I mistake not, because be conveniently go
So saying he left me, and I climbed
up the dark nnd dirty staircase, some
of tho steps of which had been taken
away for firewood, and presently
found myself at tho top of the last
flight before a closed door. I knocked.
A faint voice bnde me come in.
There wns no fire In tho fireplace;
there was no candle. By the faint light
which struggled through the window I
perceived thnt I was In a garret; that
all the furniture visible was a bed nnd
a man In the bed, a table ami a chair.
On the mantelshelf stood a eaiii'.le-
Btlck without a candle and a tinder
"Who Is it?" asked the man In the
"I am ln search of Sam Semple. Are
you Sam Semple?"
"I know that voice." Tbe man sat up.
"Is It the voice of Jaek Peutecrosse?"
"The same.   Whut cheer, man?"
For all answer he burst out crying
like a child.
"Oh, Jnck," he said, "I am starving.
I made up my mind to stnrve. I have
no longer any clothes. I have not even
a candle. I have no money. I have
not even a sheet of paper to write a
letter, aud I deserve It all—yea, I deserve It all."
"Why. this Is bad. But let me first
get you some food. Then we will talk."
1 went down stairs and found a woman who told me of a shop where I
could get some necessaries, and I presently returned bearing food and a bottle of wine, some coala and candles
and a warm coat, which I thought
would be useful.
By tbe light of tbe candle and tbe
fire I could perceive that tbe condition
of the unhappy poet was miserable Indeed. Never was there a more wretched den of a garret. The plaster had
fallen from the walls, the window was
mostly stuffed with rags In place of
glass—In a word, everything betokened
the greatest extremity of poverty. As
for tbe man himself, he bad neither
coat, waistcoat nor shoes. He sat on
the bed half dressed, but the rest of his
wardrobe had been pawned or sold.
Thero were no books, there were no papers, there was nothing to show his
calling, and there was no sign of food.
At the sight of my basket and its contents tho man fell to. With Just Buch a
rage have I seen n sailor picked up at
sea from an open boat fall upon food
and devour It. Nor did Sam finish till
he hnd devoured the whole of the cold
beef nnd bread, a goodly ration, and
swallowed the whole of tbe bottle of
wlue, a generous allowance. Tben be
breathed a sigh of satisfaction and put
on thc thick coat which I bad bought
for blm.
"Well," I said, "can we now talk?"
"Jack, you have saved my life. But
I shall be hungry again tomorrow.
Lend me a little money."
"I will lend you a guinea or two. But
tell me first how you came here. I
thought you were In the confidence of
a certain noble lord."
"He Is a villain, Jack. He Is tbe
greatest villain unhung. Oh, hanging
Is too good for him! After all I did for
him!   The lying villain'."
"Tell me more. What were you to
get for It?"
"It was I who Invented an excuse
for taking my lord and his friends to
"Yes, I understand. You Invented tbe
spa.  The water In tbe well"—
"The water is very good water. It
could do no harm. I wrote to the doctor. I Invented the analysis, applying
It from another. I told him about tbe
discovery and the things said by tho
newspapers. There was no discovery.
Nobody had heard of the water. No
physician sent nny of his patients tbere.
The only visitors from London were
my lord and his friends."
"They were nil his friends, then?"
"All. Ills reverence Is In the pay of
Beelzebub, I believe. The colonel Is a
bully and a gamester. Sir Harry Is a
well known decoy. Lady Anastasia
shares her bank with Lord Fyllngdale.
They were a nest of sharpers and villains, and their business and mine
was to sprend abroad reports of the
shining virtues of bis lordship."
"All this, or part of it, we found out
or guessed. The vlcnr publicly denounced you all at bis assembly. Bnt
what were you to get by lt for your*
"I wag to havo an appointment under
government of £200 a year at least."
"I was to have It directly after the
marriage. That was the promise. I
have It in writing."
"And you hnve not got It?"
"No, and I shall not get it When I
claimed It, his lordship asked me to
tend the promise I showed it tss him.
Iiiiu.   I Imti kepi  it carefully In    my
pocket book.       'On     the  uiuiriiige     til
I.out Fyllngdale with Miss Molly.1
What do vim think he said ? Oh,
villain, villain !"
"What did he sny ?"
"He said : Hold there, my frlendl
"On the marriage." Very well, I say
tlmt l am not married to that lady.
Yeiy.odly, the lady swears that siu»
is not married to mp. Now, v.inn
thai ladj acknowledges the marriage
i will fulfill my promise. Thai is
fair, ih il not "*' Then I lost toy
beu'l bnd forgot his rank |n,s-
i"'.)n. ami tiie next moment 1
was     bnooked     into     '.he     hIsycI
hy bin lackeys without salary, wlt'ioui
anything.   Oh. villain, villain!"
It .seemed as If there was here somo
opening, of whnt nature I knew not.
However, I spoke seriously to Sam. I
pointed out that iu Introducing a broken gamester, a profligate, a mnn of up
honor or principle, the companion of
profligates and gamesters, to the simple folk of Lynn, wbo were ready to believe anything, be had himself been
guilty of an act more villainous even
than the breaking of this contract. 1
gave him, bowever, a guinea for present necessities, and 1 promised blm 5
guineas moro If he would write a history of the whole business so fnr aa he
was concerned. And I undertook to
lenve this money with my cousin, the
bookseller, to be paid over to blm on
receiving tbe manuscript
And, this business arranged, I bad
notblng more to do with London. I
had been, however, ns you shall presently learn, more successful thnn I myself understood, for I had learned by
actual presence tbe dally life and conversation of this noble lord, aud I bad
laid thc foundation for a proof of the
conspiracy to disguise his true character, and, whnt was much more Important, I had unwittingly flreil the mind
of tbe mysterious woman herself wltb
resentment and Jealousy.
We were now, Indeed, although we
knew It not, very near to the end of
these troubles.
I returned with tbe satisfaction of
bringing with me tbe confession of the
conspiracy which we bad long known.
Still It is one thing to know of a conspiracy and quite another thing to
hnve a plain confession by one of the
chief conspirators. You may Imagine
that tbe poet was not long In writing
out a full and complete confession and
ln claiming the 5 guineas of my cousin,
wbo took tbe liberty of reading the
document nnd of witnessing his signature before he gnve up the money.
One after the other the victims of
Lord Pyllngdale's perfidy and of tbelr
own wickedness came over, so to speak,
to the otber side, impelled by rage and
the desire for revenge, and made confession. Tbe first was our old friend
Sam; the second wns Colonel Looyon.
Like the poet, be also fell upon evil
days. But, less lucky than Sam. be
had lost his liberty p.nd was now a prisoner for debt In the King's Bench prison.
Tbe voice of the third confederate
followed. It was a voice from the
tomb. Sir Henry Malyns. the poor old
beau who had lived for 80 years In
the world of fnsblon. who bad spent
bis patrimony and had in the end been
reduced to tbe miserable work of a decoy, as you have heard, waa at last
summoned to render an account of bis
life. He repented of his degradation
as the secret servant of Lord Fyllngdale; he repented of bis share In the
deception which led to the promise, If
not the performance, of marriage between his patron nnd Miss Molly. And
be dictated to some one who attended
blm In his last moments a brief note,
which was accepted In tbe spirit of forgiveness which he desired.
Next came the Itev. Benjamin Purden. A. M„ In a truly Impudent letter to
Captain Crowle, wblcb tbe captain read
to us all. Tbe reverend gentleman exposed tbe wbole scheme.
Y this time a wbols
year bad passed since
tbe pretended marriage aud our submission. Never was a
magnificent property
so destroyed and dl
mlnlsbed in so short a
time. Farms, lands, bouses, were sold
for wbat they would fetch —at half
tbelr value, a quarter of tbelr value.
All tbe money out at mortgage had
been called In; all the money received
at the quay and thc counting bouse
had been sent to his lordship's attorneys. In one short twelvemonth the
destruction bad been sueh that In June
there was actually nothing left—notblng out of tbat princely fortune except
tbe fleet of ships and the general business.
It was on the 15th of June—I remember the date well and shall always remember It The Lady of Lynn had arrived two days beforo and we were
moored off the quay. At 2 o'clook or
thereabout one of the stable boys
Irom the house came alioard bringing
a messnge for me. A Indy lodging at
the Crown desired to see me Immediately. The lady had arrived In tbe
evening In a post chaise, having with
ber a maid. Sbe had given uo name,
but In the morning hnd asked If my
ship was In port. and. ou lenrnAig that
It was, she desired that a boy from the
stables might carry this message to
I landed at our own quay. I say our
own, but It wns no longer ours— that
is, Molly's quay. At tlie door of tbe
counting house stood the manager In
conversation with tbe captain of one of
our ships. He beckoned me to spenk
wltb him. When he hnd finished his
discourse wltb tbe captain, he turned
to me.
"Mr. Pentecrosse." he said, "the worst
bas now begua Tell Captain Crowle.
1 should choke If I bad to tell lit in.
Alas, poor man! It seems as If the
work of his life wns ruined and destroyed." So saying, be handed me a
letter to read. It was from my lord's
attorneys, Messrs. HI sic & Soil "I
suppose," said tbe inannger. "thnt they
are really acting for tils lordship,
Tbelr power of attorney cannot be dented, con It? Mr. Redman, out aitor
ney, says tbat tbere Is uotblng lur It
but obedience."
Tbe letter was short:
We hit** noted your  Information ronveyrd In
ths? lilt ifheslule.    Vou ir« tio» iti-trm ti*ii tu pro
estd ts'ltli th« Mia ol onr ol the ttillm     l.i*i  n
bt mid at (tie etanill on ■m.ttm in purl   nrllli
nun ti of the rssruo ai lirlunK* Is) **wii  is •.*•      \;
lord la urgentl*. unmksii Ihi hh.m-i   «i, .- ■ du
titer* mar be no deli*',   fslsatsiuu" aeuil • Jnnt o>
the uniial channel for moneys In hand.   Vour obedient SWVSllti, Bi»IO "• Bon, Attorneys.
"A draft for moneys In hand!" cried
the manager. "There nre no moneys
In hand! And 1 hnve to sell Without
delay n mil ship, cargo and all as she
stands. Without delay! Who Is to
buy Hint ship—without delay?"
I returned him the letter and shook
my bead. My ship perhaps was the
one to be sold. She was tbe latest arrival. She was filled with wtno. The
cargo belonged altogether to the bouse.
So I should be turned adrift wheu Just
within hall, so to spenk, of becoming a
captain. 1 could sny nothing In consolation or In hope. I walked away, my
heart as heavy as lead. Never before
had I felt the true meaning of this ruin
and wnstc. All around me the noble
edifice built by Molly's grandfather
nnd her fnther and continued by her
guardian had been palled down bit by
But one felt the loss of a farm or
a house very littlo. lt was not until
the ships, too, were* threatened that the
full enormity of the thing, tho Incredible wickedness of the conspirators, was
borne lu upon my mind. It threatened
to ruin mc, you see, ns well ns Molly.
Therefore 1 walked across the market place to the Crown Inn more gloomy
in ray mind thnn I enn describe. Hitherto, somehow, a ship seemed safe. No
one would Interfere with a sblp. Like
Lord Fylingdnle himself. I' was ready
to ask whether a ship could be bought
and sold-thnt is to say. I knew Unit
she was often bought aud sold, but 1
never thought that any of Molly's ships
- nny other ships ns much ns you
plense, but not Molly's ships—could be
brought to the hammer.
The Indy sent word that she would
receive me. Imagine my surprise. She
was none other than the Lady Aiuistn
sla. She was greatly changed in six
nionihs. I had seen her last you re
member, In January, when I met her
In the park. She was then finely dressed, a handsome woman, with a winning
manner and a smiling face. Thus Bhe
was when I met her. When 1 left her.
she was a handsome woman marred
with a consuming wrath.
Now I should hardly have known
ber. She was plainly attired, without
patches or paint, wearing a gray silk
dress. But the chief change was not
In ber dress, but lu ber face. She was
pale, aud ber cheeks were haggard
She looked like a woman who hail recently suffered a severe illness and
was, Indeed, not yet fully recovered.
"Jack"—she advanced, giving me her
hand wilh ber old graolousnesa—"you
are very good to come when 1 call. It
Is the last time that you will obey any
call from me."
"Why the last time, madam?"
"Because, Jack. I am now going to
mnke thee my bitter enemy-yes, my
enemy for life." Sbe tried to smile,
but her eyes grew humid. "1 can never be regarded henceforth as anything
else. You will despise me; you will
curse me.   Vet I must needs apeak."
■•Madam. 1 protest I know not what
yoo mean."
"And I, Jack, I protest I know not
how to begin. Do you remember last
January, wben we talked together?
Let me begin tbere—yes. It will bs* best
lo begin there. I tlo not tblnk I could
begin at the other end li would tie
like a bath of lee cold water In January."
"I remember onr conversation, madam."
"You told me—what was It you told
me? Something nbout a certain box or
case of Jewels."
"Molly's Jewels. Yes. I told you how
his lordship seized upon them at the
first wben he claimed control over Molly's fortune."
"Yoo told me that It wns In January. He had seized upon tbem six
months before. The thing surprised
me. He lind always toltl mo thai he
could not get those jewels, and. Jack,
you see. they were my own."
"Yours, madam? But they were Molly's."
"Not at all. Molly after her mnr-
rlage hnd nothing. All became my
lord's property. Tbe Jewels werp mine.
Jack, mine by promise and compact"
I understood nothing.
"I bnve seen In Prance the women
kneeling at the boxes where they confess to the priest. Jack, will you be
my priest? I cau confess to you what
I could never confess to Molly, though
I have wronged her. Jack, oh, my
priest!" Here she fell ou her knees ami
clasped her hanils. "No, no!" she cried.
"I Will not rise—on my knees, on my
knees, not to ask your pardon, but for
the shame nntl the disgrace and the
"Madam. I pray—I entreat"
■***■**. (TO Bt CORTINUID.]
Tht'  Story ot lliu Ticket,
"Every ticket has lis itorj*," saltl ii
man acquainted with the pawnshops
and one of the and Utile tales whlcl
he told Is repeated by the Philndolphii
Telegraph. It was a bitter s'olsl day
and a mite of a boy, not over llllli
years old. hail come lu. Wrapped in bin
overcoat This he peeled olT and tie
posited It upon tlie pawnbroker's coun
"Give u dollar 'n' qUllrter?" be asked
iu pleading tones.
"Dollar," snld the money lender.
"Ob, please give tin* a dollar 'n' n
"Can't do it   Dollar."
The boy was almost crying, nntl In
begged earnestly for the sum lie usketl
"I want to get my sister's coat out,"
he said as be laid dowu 8 centa as In
terest money. This proposition tin
pawnbroker accepted; nntl the boy
went shivering Into tlu* cold with hits
sister's cont
"Is your sister going to a dunce In
night?" it bystander nsked blm,
"No. sir; mom's been sick, nn' Maggie
hnd to hock her coat ror feed. Bite's
got a Job now. un' she's gut to have u
coat to go to work in. 1 don't mind the
cold; I'm used to It"
8prl..«H .*■■<■   •>• ••.•■"-"»•  A"
Protect*.-!)   is*   Severe  !.««..
Water la tbe most precious thing tu
Palestine, and the laws which protect
springs and wells are y.-i-y aev. .v.
Most of the wells ure artificial. Well
men r.t very great expense have eh Is
eied basins aud reservoirs out of the
rocks to receive the flow from springs,
nnd iu many places where uo springs
could be found they have drilled
through the limestone a hundred feet
and sometimes twice thnt distance to
the artesian basin.
None but very rich sheiks can afford
such an expenditure. Nevertheless,
they have not only been tbe greatest
benefactors of their fellow men, but
those who have sunk wells and built
fountains have erected monuments to
their fame more enduring than palaces
or temples or shafts of granite.
The temple of Solomon lias vanished
forever, but the pools whieh be walled
up with masonry aud filled with water
still remain. The wells that Abraham
and Jacob drilled In the rock as acts
of piety ns well ns power are as Immortal as their names and will live forever as loug as meu feel thirst.
According to a Just custom of the
country, water rights could uever be
forfeited. No man who owned a well
might refuse bts neighbor water for
his family or his flocks, but the lord
of the spring was Inviolate. No creditor or enemy could take tils water
rights away from blm. To Injure or
fill up a well was an unpardonable*
crime. Wben the PliihVtlhes threw
earth aud stones Into the well of A bra*
haifi, tbey .Intended to challenge liim
to a war of extermination. These ens
toms and regulations remain today.*
A   Story    Whieh    Tbroira    u    Stroll*
l.lslst   on  Their   Clinrneter.
The Times of India tells the following story to show the character of the
Arabs of Yemen. A man of ZaranIks
who several times cut the tsiVgrapb
lines and who was punished more than
onco was caught on one occasion by
aij Arab sheik In charge of the lines.
The sheik Intended to send him to
Meedy for Imprisonment but tbe wife
of the accused came In and stood n.i a
guarantee for bis future good behavior.
The sheik accepted the ball and released him. hut shortly afterword In*
again resorted to his old practice of
cutting the wires antl bolted away to
another village at n distance of a day's
march, when* lie bad another wife
The shell; tbi'ii sent for his lirst wife,
who stood security for blm, and told
her he woultl disgrace ber among the
Arabs If she failed to tiring 111 her bus
The woman asked the shell; not to
"spread the black sliei't" (n custom of
the country when any one commits a
breach of trust) until the following
day. She started that night, taking a
sharp dagger concealed nnder her
clothes, to the village where her husband was staying. She found him
nsleep in Ills abode anil Stabbed him,
cut bis throat and carried bis bead
bnck to ber home. The next morning
she wont to the sheik and presented
the head of tier husband, saying. "Here
is your criminal, and I am freed from
the ball. Please do not atlix the black
Sheet."—London Telegraph.
Hlich Tern pern tore.
Tommy bad had pneumonia, so had
been for some time In hospital, where
tbey treated him so well that lie was
much averse to the prospect of being
discharged as "cured."
One day tlie doctor In charge w."»
taking his temperature, nnd While
Tommy had the thermometer In his
mouth the doctor moved on and happened to turn his lank. Tommy saw
his chance. He pulled tils* tlierlii.iiiu Ier
out of his moutb und popped it into a
cup of hot tea, replacing it at the first
sign of tbe medico turning,
When   that  worthy  examined  the
thermometer, be looked first at Tom
my, then bail; to tin* thermometer and
"Well, my mnn, you're not dead, but
you ought to lis*!"
funny   Side  €>»' llyliiu  Oft,-,,   Trent,.,|
of in Literature,
"Death," snld a publisher, "lias been
treated humorously In our literature
often, indeed I am quite sure tlmt u
collection of many thick volumes might
be made under tbe title of 'Death's
Funny Side.' Thomas Hood was one
of our best writers of tbls sort of
verse. Don't you remember his ballad
on tbe young sailor wbo died heart.
broken over hla girl's unfit Ith? Thu
last stanza was:
"His death, which happened In his berth
At forty odd befell;
Tliey went unsl told the Bexton, anil
The sexton tolled the bell.
"Hood did another ballad on tbe subject of u soldier who lost both legs iu
battle, who was In consequence Jilted
by bis sweetheart und who theu hung
himself. Now, that Is rather trngle, |H
It not? It has a bizarre but none the
less poignant tragic note, (.'uy du
Maupassant Indeed once handled almost this same situation, but he handled It from tbe opposite viewpoint,
and dou't you remember how be narrated tbe first, the crucial, meeting of
the lovers after lt-en Battle's double
"Tut when he called on Nellie amy
She made him quite u icoiP,
And when ahe ssuw hla wuoi'.ii legs
Uegan to take them off.
"Thla  treatment  drove  lieu  to despair:
"So round his melancholy neck
A rope he slid entwine
And for the second lime In life
I'nllMesi In the line.
"And (liere he hung till he was dead
Ass nny null In town;
Cor, though despair had cut him up,
lt could nol cut htm down.
"There Is a tremendous literature of
humorous epitaphs. Tbere must be, 1
fancy. 10,000 of theae, but two of them
are nil I can recall.  Tbe first goes:
"Here Ilea the body of mild Maria;
She went one slay to stnrt (lie lire,
Hut thc wood was Kreen.
8o she used kerosene,
And now she's where tha fuel la drier.
"Tbo otber Is grimmer:
"Life la m He, in4 atl things show lt;
I thought ao once, and now 1 know IL
"Then there nre songs on the side
splitting nspects of death, some of
which have causesl tender hearted ladles to double up with mirth. 'Johnny
j Jones untl His Sister Sue' Is otic sutli
song, and I bet that six people out of
ten In America know It by heart
"Yes," the publisher concluded, "under the title of 'Death's I'uiiiiy Side' nn
anthology of ninny, many volumes
conld be made. The anthology sliould
be hound In blnck pigskin, with grinning skulls and crot-slnines tooled In
golsl on lt"-l'blladelpbla Record.
Nature   Hla   Hired   Man.
It was in tin' fnr south,
"How's times':" nsked the tourist.
"Pretty tolerable si ranger." res|seud-
ed the old m.",n who was Kitting ou a
stump.   "I had some trees to cut down.
inn the cyclone leveled tbem and saved
me tin' troublo."
"That was good."
"Yes. ami tin ii the lightning set (Ire
to the brush pile and saved me tlie
trouble or burning ii."
"lleiiinrl.nhle. I'.ul what are you doing now?"
"Waiting for an cart lit) uake to come
along and shake the potatoes out of
the ground."
H.-irm-si Stooktnjrs,
Tender feet are oftun made so by the
use of much darned stockings, Wear
light woolen stockings, ami |e| thmu he
of the cheap kind, thnt you will not
mind discarding directly iln.y become
worn. To harden tbe skin it la a good
plan to rub the soles nr lhe r,.,.t with
methylated spirits every day ,„• |„ vvuau
them over with salt water.
Happily   Wot  Rs.  Sure sif  ||,
Koynor-Thls fortune trill..**, bus",
ness ls all humbug One t,r tins,, pro
fessors of palmistry loltl mc n little
while ago to look out tw n short, blond
Shyne-1 don't know about It's being
all humbug. I'm blond nnd I'm Hliort
Lend me a ten, old fellow, will you?
English kings coiled themselves
kings of Franca till n century ago and
French kings called themselves kings
of Jerusalem until the revolution
A Matter of  Principle.
"Why la It," soys the gin. "that In
giving uu account of an accident they
always give tlie age of lhe |ierson Injured'* I can sei* (lit* sens.* of (heir
talking alsiiut lilomls a ml brunettes, n
mustache or full beard If It Is a man
or n resl, green or blue gown if It Is a
j woman, for that I.s n means nf Islentltl-
cotton for acquaintances cud friends
who mny be IntelOslOO. They don't
even put the nge tu the death notices
uow. but If you meet with nn accident
out it comes In all the papers In town.
But they will never publish mine. I
have It on my mind every time I cross
tho street, and when there Is n imrtlcu-
larl.v bad crowd I say to myself. "Now,
remt inbeT, If you are run over here, no
matter how badly hurt, you are to rein.mber never to tell your age. It's a
matter    of    prluelplc."
ncjretrd fortunes.
Professor Bell had a strenuous time
over Ills Invention of the teh-phonc. He
took the tlrst working model of tils
instrument to John A. Logan nnd offered him a half Interest tor $'J.."'ki,
Raying that It would do nway with tho
telegraph ami that there would be millions in It. l.ogau replied! "I dare say
your machine works pcrfeetly. but wliu
Would want to talk through such a
thing ns that, anyway? I advise you to
save your money, young man." Bell
then offers'd n tenth Interest to OU examiner In the patent otllee for |100 In
cash. It wns refused. That tenth Interest was worth I1.&TO.OU0 In fifteen
limber  Airy.
"Thi'rc Is sn i!t-s|ti,.|lutniicc of mine."
remarked Ihe doctor, "who gives himself nlrs been use he was given up to
slle thirty years ago and hns kept himself alive till iinis- by Inking o\ygcn"
"How olsl is In* lion ?" usketl the professor.
"Over eighty."
"He's what you would cnll an OiygO*
iinrliiii. Is lie?" said tlie profs'ssor, looking at him wiih hair stint eyes.
An   Ap;srsi|st-lrsle  Kniste.
"lt is n pretty iinnii'," the Impree*
slonabls* traveler murmured,  "but tell
Ilie why do tbey call J'Ull Manila'.'"
There was au nreh smlli* on the *;,v'
age maiden's face.
"i:\ltlently," she said as she signal'''1
lo her brothers, who were eoneealed In
III" brush with clubs, "you do H"'
know our favorite food."
Boapeel»*J   II.
    ..      ....   .j.
Cashier—I  cnn't  tumor thnt check.
Your   liiiHhiiiid'i*  iiissiiinl
IllJllt -im
Woman- il tilt!  Overdrawn, is II?
suspected something was wrong «'"'
he signed th|S cheek   without   Wllltbi
for uie to get the hysterica
I>ld It ever occur to you how nni'D
harder it is to lift n mortgage then it i»
to raise oue?-l»oaton Transcript
Ever notlct tbat wben you partlco-
l.irly try to be entertaining you 60t"
Kin it su i>V   Ati'hlsoii (iloba. irm-tv-L-** ******
tmam<atmmm*  • m * • -
The Drill.
^,'ocan." immsii Columbia.
In Tsfaa
und'Louisiana there    ate
,„ore than 100 canals and putop-
:' Ktutions, each capable of flooding
■ OOii'su-res of rice. These are owned
v irrigation companies, which sup-
fy the water as needed to tbo rice
fcrmoi s 	
TO*J  ''«>N1»ITK,N   OP   MRS.   .1()1IN
Suffered From
I i ought ll horse with a supposed-
|y incurable ringbone for $80.00,
LP,1 him with $1.00 worth of
jqKAIID'S LINIMENT, and. sold
I,),,, in ftiur months for $85.00. Pious on Liniment, $54.00.
Hotel Reaper.
(Jt. .jPhllllp'S Uue.. Nov. 1st. 1901.
11 Burning Sensation
"> tha Stomach-Food Became
Distasteful und Sh
"lid Despondent
lie   Grew Weak
Any man   cun make
onvtiuni' si"-' wants to.
bis   wife dc
Vnm the St.,,, Orangeville, Out.
'•The   su,.   ta onable(*   thiH       k
U   otigh  the courtesy of Mrs.    Join,
| -""bolt,  a lady  well known und much
.esteemed by many of the residents ol
Orangevlllo, to give the particulava
.of another ol those cures   thut   huve
made   Dr.    Williams'     I'ink l'ills    a
household    remedy     throughout    the
civili/ed world.   Mrs.  Shott,  in con-
veisutioi   with our reporter,   said :-
;' Ahou. three years ago,  while   living  in   Ingersoll,   I   was a great sufferer   from   dyspepsia.     The trouble
lust begun   with    severe   headaches.
dizziness, and   sometimes    vomiting.
Next.    1 Buffered continually from    a
burning   sensation    in  my  Btomach ;
■food  distressed  me;   1   did   not sleep
well at night ; lost lU*sh and became
very  weak.     1   was  continually  doc-
|toring.   but it did mi* no gootl.      In
I fact 1   wus gradually growing worst*
|u"d     despaired   of   ever     being  well
Viriiy H  man makes a fool  of him-   again.   One duy a friend who   culled
HlfLx-ause be hasn't the moral tour-   to see me strongly utlvised me to try
age In do otherwise. Ur.   Williams'   i'ink  l'ills.   She spoke
 .  lB0 highly of them  that 1 decided to
Out  ..f  160,000 houses  or finis   iu   take her advice, and I soon discover-
OiSSgow, 'K',000 have one room only,   ed that they were not like the other
und "(0,000 only two rooms. medicines I had been taking and that
 ~  I '   na<l    llt  'ftst  found   something     to
JffcS..r^r....^^vF;f*i1K^S^r WP "»    ' <-J*'ti****"*- «■!»« the pills
irattpn s..1.1 In Canada,   lt always* (rives   'or perhaps a couple of months when    by  reatorins-  health  to the   I    found    myself    fully    restored     lo
__________ .health.   I have always since enjoyed
In 1898 an Australian stock mnn, I *'*>' rn*'a,s vvi,h rolish* nni* lluv« hjsM
kangaroo hunting, picked opal. in,) rP.t,"'n of thc trou«'C- With my
Sint-e then Australia has*,! -WP«nence 1 feet certain that If other
14211 mm worth of opals.
  I1 •lls ■ f,iir trial they will find a
Mttrli of tht* charity that begins ut
hnnie is too weak to travel.
MINAKH'S LINIMENT for Sale Ewntare.
Indianapolis now holds the record
li rai'iit hog-killing; 3,29S hogs wore
rtren'ly lurned into pork suusugi's,
»tc.. ss.thin five hours.
Thi* biggest casting ever ordered
Mile nt Chester, Ponn. It was for
the propeller shaft of n steamship,
uil neighed  over fiO tons.
fl ago's iimnicipal debt bas grown
Aj*  :'j|  to  ,rs*t  millions    In  ths. post
frf M'tirs.
range very Issw In Spain
Fain, laborers get $1.50 a week.
Won .'ii who work In vineyards got
15 ci tils for ten hours' work. Even
nvorfoors only get 55 cents a tiny.
Thore Is u wide difference between
the ss'lf-intido mnn nnd tho self-inflated man.
sufferers will give Dr. Willinms' I'ink
tain cure
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills enrich antl
nourish tho blood and Strengthen tbo
nerves It is thus that they cine
such troubles as dyspepsia, kidney
ailments, rheumatism, pnrtiiil paralysis, heart troubles, St. Vitus' dunce
and tho ailments thnt. mnke the lives
of so many women a source of misery, These pills never fail to strive
away pain, bring a glow of health
to tho whole hoily and mnko despondent mer and women, bright, ncti*..*
nnd sttong. Po not tnke any pills
without tho full name "Dr. Williams'
I'ink Pills for Palo People" on tlie
wrapper around the box. Sold hy
nil medicine dealers or sent postpaid nt :"0 rents a box or six boxes
for $3.50 by addressing the Dr. Willinms Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
dual dud
If you  start out  in
i wiib a smile on your
"•sills'   >ut   lists*   liraa lisiwi   If  Thar,.  < anasla Wall.
As  to     tho Austrulian      Coinmon-
•ullh.     Dr. Muniague. in a   recent
it ur.*. suid h.j Uiought that a great I
DlaUke     bus    iniKl.. by that colony
tiiough    not    knowing the Ins and
outs sif thst Canadian federal system. I
It wis supposed in Australia     that
the     United Stutes    had   the  freest
ind best system.   They called   their
con'tilirittioii  a commonwealth,  and
not i, dominion.   The divisions     of
tbo country, instead of being   called
provinces, are cullvd status.      Their
Pwliisiuent is -Mlled'the  House     of
BspreSenUtlvee, and their Senate is.
Mctlve     They  frankly, followed  the I
united states model and avoided the i
Canadian    examplu.   The result     is
y power not specifically con-
iii tho federal.authority     be»
o the .State.   In this IV. Mon-
ees tbo germs of many     dun-
'bsi-ases.   The lieutcnant-gov-
uro not ispu__trt-«d ■ by the fed-
thorlty* but by .the same lm-
ithiinty thut "appoints     tbe
in-i.'eiioral. The speaker found
throughout Australia so many  argu-
liiet t ,
the   morning
face  you   will
be surprised at tbo number of pleasant   [sosipls* you It t.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
Douf nmi dumb brides ate unspeakably happy.
Must   women nro afraid of a  loose
dug or a tight mnn.
HTM.I.     ANOTtir.U     TIM I'M HI  S    Mullets.  Sunderland,   wHtoa :
"l-'.ir fourls*on years I wiss afflicted s.itli
Piles, unit lrs*s|us*titl*,' wns uiiuliii* In \vttlk
or ssil. but four yenrs ness 1 uts* cured
liy UMirn Pr Thonsiss* Eclectric Oil 1
have ulso Iseen sulii.*ct to CJuttiry for over
forty yenrs, hut Eclectric Oil cured it.
and it waa a permanent cure in both
risse*.. as nelttier Piles nor Quinsy
tiiiolili'il  ins* "since."
I is ve
eriinr *.
era! a
'io\ s-r
Ths* best brand
shrink n little if
of resolutions
the   occasion
iVfter a ititi ronchs'S the aire of   '-■"
her    birthday    anniversaries    occur
yeara apart.
ui favor of this plan that    tao ' r|„,st
Ki   un reconciled to lt, but Can-j Antl
Free anil ensy exeeetorBtlon Immediately rellevea snd frees the throal and lunjra
from vlecli phleKm, ami s medldne that
proraotea this is the host medicine to use
fssr coiis-*hs. colds. InBainniatinn ol the
Itiniis un.I nil nfTecHeiis of the throat ntul
reiiselv   svhnt.  Blckle'a
ruji ls a sppcinV for.
uml wherever naesl It hns irlvs'n unbound-
ed siitlsfartlon. Thiltlren like it because
II is iileitsisnt. ndtilts like it hernine it
relieves  and  cures the sllsense
"stUfu-u generall*/ will be disposed, by
'.'mr own experience, to think that
•swe 'an m, no real and complete
Confeds ration while the federal auth-
J,r'' is so largely nominal and ls
"""I't-Hl and intercepted and pass-
in so many ways that     we
t of in Canada.    They have J "~     ~
••"t ■    \umruila the sound,   smooth-|   The l'nited   Btatee received    from
" "i* tu ronfedei-atlon that wc   have,'"<*iinnn\  during the nlnotoonth eon*
About one in every '2A earthquakes
recorded In the world Is folt. In   tho
lit itish tslos
more or less gra-
'lie in prices since about the
boSii,iuii(. of lust month, a halt to
the downward course took place on
tbe American speculative market last
A good deal of the earliest part of
tbo crop from Kansas southwestward
is of poor quality and condition, and
farieeis have been marketing freely
Of this wheat, and they ure keeping
their best wheat at home. As we
some northward the quality is good
und the yield heavier. Harvesting is
now well advanced up to the southern part of north Dakota and will be
general in the northern part and in
Manitoba by tho end of next week, if
present favorable weather continues.
There has been unfavorable weather
in western Kurope during the past
week, cold rains being reported over
Germany and also to some extent
over France und England. Harvest
is in progress in these countries at
present News from Argentina says
there is dry weather there, unfuvor-
oruble for crop.
At Liverpool on Saturday No. l
northern spring wheat wus quoted ut
t>8   ljll.
Manitoba wheat continues firm /but
there is even less business doing than
theie wns lust week. At the end of
this week we quote 1 northern ut 71c
spot  or en route mid 2 northern 72c.
I'l.UlIR— Demand is light and the
market is unchanged as follows:
Ogilvie's Hungarian, £2.05 per sack
of 08 lbs. ; Qlenora Patent, $1.90;
Alberta, SI.75; Manitoba, $1.00;
XXXX, !J1.25. - "-run is firm und
worth Sir, per ton in bulk. Shorts
firm at S17 per ton In bulk, delivered,  subject to usual trade discounts.
OHOUND FEED-We quote: Oat
chop, per ton, $2S; barley chop, $21;
mixed barley and oats, 1*2(5; chop
Screenings, $15.5(1; oil cake, $30.
OATS—The market weakens as the
Beeson for new oats approaches. The
crop promises well and prices will be
mush lower than at present when new
oats begin to otter freely. No. 2
White "tits are offering at 40c to 40|
in store. Fort William. Feed grades
are worth 87c to 38c per bushel on
track Winnipeg
I. NUI.FY—-The market is weuk and
lower, the decline amounting to from
8c to lc |K?r bushel as compared wilh
u week ago. The new crop promises
well. We quote 35c to 3(ic per bushel  'sn- carlots mi truck Winnipeg.
HAY- New buy is plentiful Wo
qui is- S7 to S7 "ill per ton for fresh
bnled in carlots on truck.
POUL'rRY—Spring chickens, In tn
45c per pair, alive; fowl, 70 to 75c;
siucks and geese, tic per pound; tut-
Ueys. lie. live weight.
Ill 'I il'.K—Creamery— Receipts are
moderately large und demand good.
Prices Insist steissly at L8|c to 171-
pound for choice quality f.o b. facto ry points
HOTTER —Dairy—Dealers are paying 18c per pound, for choicest dairy
in tubs or boxes, and from that (ignis' the market ranges down to 10c
per pound for U>w grades, all commission basis.
CHEESE—-"The market is steady
it.i;cl purchases have been mude at
S.Jc per pound. Tlie range or prices
is frgiu 81c to 9c per pound delivered here.
EGGS—Fresh caso eggs are worth
l'J.Jc per dozen delivered In Winnipeg.
DRESSED M FATS—The market for
beef is easy, and the price ranges
from 7 to 7|c; veal, 8 to 9c. Mutton is steady ut 8jc. Spring lambs
aie selling ut 12Jc per pound. Hogs,
7j  to 8c per pound.
HIDES—No, 1 city hides. f.Jc; No.
2. 5f; No. .'i, 4*c. Kips and calf
the BOine price as hides; deakiim, 25
to 40c; slunks. 10 to 15c; horsehiilos.
.".He to SI
SENECA ROOT—Prices range from
•io tss 42c, according to quality.
Mr. Chalker Makes Some Very Strong
Statements—Explains That He is
Prepared to Prove the Truth of
Every Assertion He Makes.
Housoy'a Rapids, Ont., Aug. ii..—
(Special).—Mr. (Jcorge C. Chalker, a
well known resident ol this place,
has authorized the publication of a
letter containing some very startling
Those who know Mr. Chalker will
uot ask any proof of the truth ot
uny biitteiiient he makes, but to convince those who do not know him,
he has announced thut he is prepared to substantiate iu every detail,
lhe truth of his published statement,
which is as follows :—
"ft is with pleasure that 1 certify
to the merits of Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"'1 was laid up wilh Kidney trouble
and was so bad that 1 could not do
a duy's work. My back was very
sore, 1 had heavy, aching arms, dull
bloated eyes. 1 was very weak and
much reduced in weight.
"After 1 bud used six boxes ot
Hodd's Kidney l'ills I was ten pounds
heavier. i often wondered about the
powerful virtue of this medicine. I
do not know anything about what
Hodd's Kidney Pills are said to cure
but 1 know a great deal about what
they will actually do for lame back
and Kidney Trouble, and 1 can prove
"They are worth their weight in
gold to any one suffering as 1 suffered. The six boxes of Dodd's Kidney
Pills cured me completely and there
has been no return of the old trouble
That is over three years ago, und 1
still enjoy gootl health."
This is, indeed, a very strong testimonial for Dodd's Kidney Pills und
one which will have very great weight
wilh all who have the pleasure of
Mr. Chulkor's acquaintance or friendship.
Dot'.d's Kidney Pills have made
many friends and are to-day, without doubt, the most popular family
The voters' lists for Paris as revised show the total number or electors in the capital to be 805,270, as
compared with 550,691 Inst your, an
increase of 54,488.
Little   Ones Hie    During   Hot
oather Months Than at Any*
Other Season.
CATTLE—Fat cattle trom tho western   ranges   are moving  freely
Id t
fit t, i
1* tl
"la. Already Quet*n*liind talks
Ion,    In lhat province — or
say -itate?—-there Is a great
gar industry, made profitable
inportation of m-gro     labor
ll" Solomon  Islands.     In  its
Mon the Commonwealth   haa
mi educational test act.
t ui v 5.070,863 Immigrants,
applied to emigrants, which will
>."'t out thoso Solomon Islanders.
•he'iv is f0r .*ft white man's Aus-
Inilu i
Will   I
Hut Queensland's ono great
y is menaced with destruction
""•ii"dan*d'a   Premier  threatens
^   •'•i'i.thaw    from    tho     t'omuion-
'>*'   Montnguo does not    see
'">** tin, matter cmi btJudJusted. Ths
•"•nl* law could not have carriod, he
1,U1   thnt it was yoked      with
•"hits man's Australia" bill.
t--.lV"1"'* ■■" ■'■ h-Kh fftVor wllh Aus"
Inn"   ■■PeeUlIy since tho men of
' 'i "ilotiles have fought side
• UK   It;     '
Africa. Tho  people out there
""' hesitate to say that the Oan-
,   'lis woro the -best soldiers     who
,.  * hurt in the war. Lost yonr the
stetes sold   thirty      million
MINARD'S I.1MT ReltPYffS Neuralgia.
The   newest   schooner Is *t80 feel
Issng and has    seven musts    she is
being built In Boston.
A now railway Is to be built from
"Southern to Western Australia, it
will cost  £4,400.000.
in washing woollens »'",•„,'''I1,1,',"'1.";:
Uver'i Dry Soap (s powder) will o
found very satisfactory.
H   Is   estimated   that  only   ono   III
six of the population of London
have the rity for moro than '< •lll>
at n time In the summer.
lltirsos. giriinos, nnd ostriches have
tho largeet eyes of land animals;
cuttle-fish of sea creatures
u11'"-   worth of goods to Austral
Mli I   Whlc** t5n,1s-l,a might havo sup-lets
"nm   t,veilty-'our million    dollars' plants
loot!      ''"tiadlan goods have now a
-v.lli  preference  •„  that market,
' ,!l"i huvo a. tariff preference Just
tofJfl!" *■** "*h« i-wo tlovernments get
r,„. ltt(*or of M. 8-u-toi   pumonl
estate on which 0,000 labor
million   coffee
has an
I(     * Muni n„n^rf^rmi!.v' '
.. ■""•''tor- The mini I mnrry must be
£!M" "inti.
'i""r   lie will he If be marries you
'"' our mother Is living.
Tho number of nuts In o nci
lefrom 18,998   to 98,09-1
flHiiros are from n recent
live nests
t  vnr-
(unit     ol
Tho Brttlr* House, of PariJgnJ
wero the most   eKpensl« of nioii
..bout 3,600 head have gone east this
week.    Prices    are easier,   tswing     tsi
weakness in ths old country markets.
Choice export cattle nre worth .tl to
ic per pounfl ai point of shipment
untl butchers' grades ■'! to iHc.
SHEEP—Receipts are moderate and
prices range from .'U to ""Jt* per lb.,
i.II cai'S,   Winnipeg
111 m : *— Receipts are moderate and
tho nu.rkot is firmer at 81 to 6| per
pound for bs'Sl packing weights tsIT
■are Winnipeg.
Mil.I'll COWS—Cows an* scai "i*.
(JOOd   milkers   reutlily   bring   940    in
ibis market, the rungs* being from
S.'i.'s tn "? each
HOUSES—There is a good demand
for Work horses, anil an active trade
is iloinj; in those. Farmers are buying freely for fall work. Driving
horses are also in gootl demand.
Women are naturally tender-hearts
id. No woman ever deliberately
stepped on a mouse,
It is a lamentable tact Hint thousands of little ones die from hoi
Weather ailments, whose lives might
be spared if mothers bad ut band the
proper remedy td administer promptly. Hot weather ailments como suddenly, untl unless promptly treated,a
precious little life may tie lost in B
few     hums.       llaby's    Own     Tablets
P omptl*. check und cure diarrhoea,
Btomach troubles, cholera infantum
and other hot weather ailments
They also give relief tss teething
troubles, and prevent the ailments
shut como ut this period. Every prudent mother should keep a box of
Baby's Own Tablets in the house at
all limes. No other medicine acts so
promptly and SO surely, and the Tablets are guaranteed to contain no
opiate or harmful drug. They always do good ami cannot possibly slo
harm, and crushed to a powder you
sun give them to the smallest, sickli-
est infunt. Mrs. Geo. Footo, St.
Thomas, Ont., snys: "My baby was
troubled with diarrhoea and was very
cross and restless, and got so little
sleep 1 hardly knew what to do with
her, 1 got a box of Daby's Own Tab-
Kls and alter giving her some her
bowels became regular and she could
sleep well. 1 think the Tablets a
splendid medicine."
Vou call get the Tablets at any
drug store or by mnil post paid at
25 rents a box by writing to the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Drorkville,
Ont., or Schenectady,  NY.
Ogilvie's Oats
Delicious flavor.   Free from hulls.     Warranted Pure.
Put  up in  all sized  packages.
Ogilvie's Hungarian
As now manufactured.   The great FAMILY FLOUR.
Insist on getting "OGILVIE'S,"  as they ure better than the Best.
S^uJcti, J*/ Mis £wr\L JLsrm*/ wnt>M*
The E. B.Eddy Co.
Hull,       Canada.
-JW-X**-*-* The latest and Finest
' V**     Brand yet made.
There is not room in this
small space to say much
Sir Wolfs* Harry estimates the loss
caused by the congestion of the London Streets at £8,164,000 a year.
it is siiity necessary1 to read tii<* testl-
inisiiiitis t„* in> convinced thnt Holloway's
Corn l'ills* in unequalled tor tbs removal
ui iiiriiK. warts, etc. it is » ooiuploto
est Inguiaher.
\   pretty  girl  is always  willing  to
admit tin*   Intelligence ol s homely
Milk of human kindness is usually
if a possi   quality uml little  in    the
People are so anxious to sot* some
lliing for nothing tlmt they "ill run
ii couple of miles ts> s»h> a little sliest
burn down.
A  Moth   Killer.
liefore laying u enrpet rub tho board
over Willi turpentine to safeguard il
sgiilimt moths. rotntssca.
In bilking potatoes the flavor Ih nitu'li
Improved by tlrst boiling them t'1"
nbout ten minutes with tbe skins on
nud then draining before putting them
In lhe oven.
SlMo Is got out Of the ground bj
mentis of blasting, boles bolug bored
into it witli ""tenia drills.
Mra Colosto Coon, H.vriicittH*, N. Y
writes : Fssr ys*ara I raulsl not suit v klmls of fond without prsxluciiiir is
burning, excruciating pain In my Btomach 1 took l'«rmelsM*'s Pills isrrorillns.'
In iliri*ctlniiis on tBS DOS sinilor ths* hSM
of   'Dyspepsia sir   Iiiiliijestloii '      Uns*  liisx
entirely cured me l c»« now s*»t any*
iisinit    I choose, without distresstu im*
in ths* Is'ssat." Theaa Tills do not casino
pisln or us %.11>.- ntul nhoulil lis* u»t*il
When si cathartic iis rssqulrsxl.
lt is easy for a millionaire philosopher to tell a young man how to
live on sn a wifk ami put money in
the savings bank.
Common soaps destroy the
clothes and render the
hands liable  to   eczema.
J^\sfAmm\\M       EXPENSt
Ask 1st Ike Oelacsa Bar mi
Arrow   Lake,    B. O.
Situuted midst scenery unrivalled
for grundeur.
The most complete health resort on
the continent of North America.
Its bnths cure all Nervous and
Muscular diseases.
its Waters heal all Kidney, Liver
uud  Stomach Ailments.
They nro a never-failing remedy for
all Kheumatlc Trouhlt's.
Thr ((until) At un-luni Irom Oifnn t*
Oti'Hn. Your money hu-rk tf not tut
It far lory. -
ONLY $5.00
The AlcCrosasn
Il -avt-s (htt w fa. It snves
thn timo. t It stive**! th*
c.lotn*M- Writ* for particular'*. I>- IL KiiHiiihrook,
811 PrineeM St., Wtnnl-
|u-a:. Man.
co»>>-e*»o*js«f |
»Ah There, Girls I "
Do you know why you are like
LUPINA Cigars ? Tell us quick,
llecause you are always the same,
sweet and good.
The Lsondon postofflces un* now using girls us well us hoys for the s*x-
preM messenger service. The girls
must be over eighteen years old, nnd
they get  thirteen shillings u  week.
Hsiolss. Sowers untl fruit arc nearly
iilwr,yn welcomed by an Invalid ns
much for the sake sd the kindly
thought ns for the gifts themselves.
,\ lilNM'.ll I'll.I Many persons sutler
excruciating; pslni after partaking ut a
hearty dinner   'llu* food  partaken  ol  in
liks- n i.i.ii nt ii'iui tiputi ths. stotnaeh,
uml lusttnisil nl i,,.ini is healthy nutriment it becomes is poison to ths system
llr    rnrttis*ls»i*'H   \'s*su*lttM.*   PMIm  isri'   wsm-
derful correctives su nurd troubles,   Th*>
csirrs'ct tsrMitw utii'ii secretions and con*
\prt tlm iissisl partsken ssf tutn healthy
ii'.tiiniri.i     They are tust  the medicine
Iti   tsiii*   If   tinulileil    "ill.   lnillgs**«llisis   or
A reduction <.( ■!! ,000 of the total
number ol rnttie In Grist iiritain is
not,  on  the (ntul  heist  of  tn'iirly  7.-
11(10,000. of much statistical Importance! but it givi*s the first chock to
tlu progress skisi   by yeur since IM'sl-l.
*\\ Wc supply at short
notice complete JOB
11 We sell \vha.t Printers want; Printers want
what we sell.
If Wc carry a complete
stock of Type and Supplies for the composing
Room, Pressroom and
Company, Limited.
I7.S VicDe.m i   Avcnu ,      W,nnipe**,
The  best   place   for  0   mutt   tO   have
it boll i*i in the tea kettle.
Anybody  Who has sirs*- employed u
lawyer can give you lots ol sdvitx*. Till-. DBIK.-, SI.OCAN", B. C, AVGU8T 2t». 1002.
■■j; MWB3BBBB1*
C. E. Smithebixqale, Editor and Prop.
.SLOCAN,      -      -       •       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line Ior
fche first insertion and 5 cents a lino each
.subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
•is legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Hates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, st.ict-
\y in advance; $2.50 a yoar if not bo paid.
Address all Utters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 2'Jih, 1902.
A pencil mark in the space
eppoiite will ba an indication to yen that ya editor
comIdort) thero is aotnathing
coming to him on your tub*
seription. Kindly acknowledge   ia cash and oblige.
It would scum that -while the act
;lealiii(r* with provincial elections
comes into effect on Sept, 1, the section relating to cancellation of existing voters' lists operates only in the
event of a dissolution of the house,
The new riding of Slocan will get in
. on the ground floor;
It is given out that the Con&erva
tives of the province will meet In
convention at Revelstoke on Sept. 12
and-j.3. Hon. Mr. Borden, leader of
the Dominion party, accompanied by
a number of eastern stalwarts, will
be present at tha love least. Joe
Martin is not to have it all Lis own
way in British Columbia.
Politicians affect to believe that
Col. Prior is to replace Premier Dunsmuir at the head of provincial affairs
and form a government of the Conservative members ia the house, ef
whom there arc 20, so ensuring a
working majority. It. F. Green,
member for the Slocan, is slated for
the position of minister of mines.
That's easy.
Slocan has earned the name of the
city of celebrations.theie having been
an average of ono every two weeks
throughout the summer, and each one
has been a success. Next Monday
ihe labor organizations of the district
will invade iho place and hold an
immense demonstration. Wc are
such nice people here that tho outside
public are stuck on our shapes. Come
A commission has been appointed
by the provincial government to inquire into the late disaster at the
Fernie coal mines. It will consist of
John Brvden, ex M.F.P., Tally
Boyce, ef Nanaimo, and P. S. Lamp
man, barrister, of Victoria. Like
the verdict at the coroner's inquest,
the report of the commission will
doubtless be in thc nature of a whitewash for the company.
Owners of the silver lend mines in
the Cmur d'Alenes havo come to the
conclusion that the American smeller
trust is giving them the worst ofthe
deal, and tliey have determined to
smelt and market their own ores.
Money has been subscribed to erect a
laige smelter and refinery at Spo
kane, with subsidiary works at Den
ver, Col. Another company is pro
paring to erect another huge smelter
at Seattle. Briti'ti Columbia stand*;
to gain mightily by these projects, .is
thero will ba created an unlimited
demand and sharp competition for
the wet ores of the province. Pros
parity will return to the Slocnn and
East Kootenav camps and thc shadows of the last two years pass away.
—t — i .* ■—e
Should the occasion ever arise,
Nelson can usually be depended on
to act in n manner calculated to
estrange hei' sister towns by seeking
to hog everything in sight. It is so
with regard to the Lalior demonstration to lie held here en Monday next.
After the Rossland folk had decided
to celebrate here and had made the
necessary arrangements, then Nelson
gets jealous and chips in, seeking to
pull the event to that city, but they
wore too late. In fact, Nelson has
been very much asleep during the
past year and has missed manv good
things. Slocan has used her visitors
white, hence the bij* spiel here on
Monday next, and the Nelson people
had better come aio ig and partial
pale. Fur once they should resolve
11 "re visiting and Lt will bi a wise
How about your subscription?
Snow foil in the Arlington basin on
The Canndian Mining Institute
meets in Nelson next month,
Next Monday is a statute holiday
and the school will be closed.
Harvey Aitchison has moved his
family to the Arlington mine.
Capt. Duncan, of Nelson, came up
last Thursday to do some fishing.
Next Wednesday is semi annual
olection at thr local Miners' Union.
II. P. Christie, mining* recorder, got
away Friday on his trip to England.
Byron White, of the Slocan Star, i*
proposing to erect a smelter in Kaslo.
Born.—In Silverton, on Aug. 22,
the wife of W. Yates, of a daughter.
Rev. F. G, Clinton, of Vancouver,
preached in St. Paul's church last
Throe sacks ef T. Eaton sit Co.'s
trade persuaders wero unloaded here
thi* week.
Born.—In New Denver, on Aug.
24, the wife of Hugh Nelson, of a
Mrs. A. Mclnnes, New Denver,was
visiting Mrs. Capt. McLennan over
Russell Robertson left on Friday to
resume his studies at the high school
in Victoria.
Rev. Mr. McKee has been in Grand
Forks all week attending a meeting
of presbytery.
Born.—In New Denver, on Aug.
26, the wife of John Cadden, Nakusp,
of a daughter.
A. David, wife and son, came down
from Sandon Friday to spend a few
davs in the city.
Many of the men are coming down
from the hills to participate in Monday's celebration.
Nclsrm citizens defeated the tram
line bylaw Wednesday and that city
will lose its street cars.
Chas. Hoskins nnd J. I-obb were
drowned in a shaft at the Josie mine,
Rossland, on Saturday.
E. Browning has charge of the
record ollice during tho absence in
Enj-land of II. P. Christie.
S. B Clement is bringing suit
against thc sch-ol board,covering his
salary as principal for July.
American capitalists nre figuring
upon erecting a 1000 ton smelter in
the vicinity of Grand Forks.
George Aylard, New Denver, was
hero Friday to shew ibe lessees over
the ground ofthe Meteor group.
Those partiesdelinqnent with their
provincial taxes will have their property sold shortly by the government.
The gevtrnment; has flooded the
town with blank forms for the legislation of voters. Something must
be up.
A. Campbell-Johnston, of Madera,
Cal., arrived in on Friday to visit his
brother, R. C. Campbell-Johnston,
and family.
Thc special union services closed in
Knox church, Friday, Rev. Mr. Me-
Intyre, of Sandon, preaching the
Anal sermon.
John Honston succeeded in getting
out the Nolson Tribune on Saturday.
It looks quite sturdy after an enforced
rest of six months.
New Denver offers a counter at
traction toSlocau's celebration Mon
dav in the shape ef a baseball game
between scrub nines.
Thc feeding ofthe multitudes here
next Mondav constitutes a grave
question. Additional accommodation
will have to be provided.
Rossland had a narrow escape from
destruction by lire Monday, | arts of
four blocks having been burned.
The lost was about $75.(X)J.
J. Werner, employed at the Sapphire, Twelve Mile, came down on
Wednesday to get bis eye drc.ored,
having been struck with a rock.
Joan Stubbs had three flngors amputated at New Denver Suaday as a
result of getting his hand crushed
While coupling cars at Three Forks.
Tbere. is sompwhat of a scarcity of
men in the country.    Local sawini
owners are  offering, big wages for
men for the lumber camps, but can
not get them.
The Nelson  News  has apologized
for seeking to interfere with the eel
ebrafion hero next Monday and now
urges the citizens of the county town
to come to Slocar..
E.J. Coyle, A.G.PA. of the C P.
R. , Vancouver, and J. S. Carter, D.
P.A., Nelson, were hero on Friday
and made arrangements for tlio Labor Day excursions.
Con Murphy returned from the
Similkameen country on Wednesday
evening, having spent the summer
in [Icve'oping; his mineral holdings.
Dad Allen will return bore in about
a month.
For Labor day thc train nnd boat
service from Sandon nnd wny points
will depart an hour earlier. Trains
and boats for all points will leave
Slocan at 8 p.m. Returns from Sandon ami lake points at single fares
Short excursion on lake starting from
here at 12 noon, returning at 1:30;
fare, 25 cents.
Geo fit nderson received n letti r
durli * ■•'' ■:-. from his |
Neil Gething, who, **>ith a partv of
Slocnn boys, is prospecting in the far
north of the province. They wore
then at Fort George and the country
is described as magnificent grazing
land. Neil says he saw the finest
Held of oats and barley growing at
tho Hudson Bay post he ever beheld.
Up to tho time of writing they had
staked no mineral holdings.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at tbe local regis
try ofliee, II. P. Christie being mining
Aug 16—Linnet, n f Springer, Duncan
.1 Weir.
18—Bettina fr, Arlington basin, J F
Portia, same Jobn Lawson.
Clean,divide between Twelve Mile and
Robinson creeks, C Snyder.
Rainbow fr, Springer creek, E Thompson.
19—Creat Western; same, A Tunks.
Mountain Flat, divide Ten Mile and
Springer, J C Butler.
20—Daisy, Springer creek,!) McCuaig.
Islav, saine, D C Gilchrist.
YVestwooil, Chapleau Hill. II L Fife.
22—Fergus, Ten Mile, I> Ilrandon.
Wild Cat, oa Uke side, G Stoll.
23—Evening Sun, lasts f Lemon, O V
White nnd .1 Melley.
Evening Sun No 2, same, same.
Aug 18—Samps n, Kootenay Belle,
Miner fr for three years, Riverside, Autumn, Alameda, Ida.
19—Black Beauty, White Beauty,Winifred Alberta, Amos.
20—King, Bonny Doon fr, Homestake
for two years.
21—May, Florence, Twin for two years
25—Aston, Reekie, Black Fel.Roter.
Aug 21—Ailingt*n No 1 fraction.
Aug 18—From V Swan.R A Bradshaw
Walter Clough, and S E Lauderback to
Wm Clough, affecting the Silver Cliff
and Highland Light.
An-j 18—rort Hope 1-5,1 Beaupre to
T IS Buty.
Silv r Cliff *;, D Mackenzie to Robt A
Highland Light )i, same to PSwan.
20—Highland L'ght and Silver Cliff,
Wm Clough and partners to Job Sanlter.
Mtirillo fr, Bright Light and *Mi»sin(<
Link 1 9; Young Bear 1-12, A Wallace
toi) J Weir; $500.
22-Montreal \{, J w Moffatt to A M
23 Nancy Hanks fr and Tonka, J
Driscoll to 1 Beaupre.
Alma b J, Louisville )i, T J naty te 1
Furnished Rooms, by day or
week. Second to none In
the city. Enquire on the
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.	
Alex\ Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General   Packing  and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and  Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B  C
J. I. lliliitfiliUJI, &A Sc
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - - B. C.
Sold by All Newsdealers
Fumlah.a Monthly to all loren ol 8oBg
and Mualo m Tart volume ot Haw, Cholco
Copyright Com.oaltlona by the moat popular authors. «4 Pages of Piano Music,
hall Vooal, ball Instrumental—si Complete
Places for Piano—Once a Month (or sg
Cents. Yearly Submriptlon, Mot. Ilrou
will tend oi the nam* and sddreei of Fitb
performer* on the Piano or Organ, we will MM
you s oojsy of the Uagsilne free.
j. W. PIPPIR, Publisher,
lights*. A Locust SU., Philadelphia, Pa.
Nt» part ol drcwi is more indicative nf style and smartness
Union* yon don't  mind wastintf
your money, buy your boots nt
who lini ths largest and best assorted stock in tbo city. Trices
right nnd stock clean nud now.
Repairing nntl making done on
tin; premlsoB.
Pioneer Shoe Store,
Main Btroet, Slocan.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why lio without a ran-rc wben
you can get one so cheap ? Thev
are preferrablc lo stoves and Rive
better satisfaction. These rangtjs
burn wood or coal and will be
set up (roe.
PLUM   Eli
Getting to the Point
That point where you are buying "-rocer-tee for your home. You want
your dollars to be elastic. You want to apend eaoh one to the beat ad-ran-
tage.   We carry nothing but
And we make low prices because we want your trade aow and all tha time
Co-operative Association,!^,
Slocan, British Colninbia.
EIGHT DAY RACING soo horses entered
$25,000 IN PREMIUMS.
BEST MUSIC—Amusement extraordinary.    Concession pri-rilMM of all |
kinds for sslc.    Write for catalogue. GEO. H  MARTIN,
FRANK LEAKE, Advertising A-*ont. Mgr. aadSec'y
Delaney Ave, Slocan.
Wo hav* bee*, long enough.
in this city for everybody
to know that our wvrk will
always be of the strongest
nnd quickest done.
Hand Made Work  is our
COTE & Co.
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
Agenti for tbe Hoiiitztnan &. Co.,Gerhard Ileinizinaii, and Karn Pianos
World's Scenic Route.
East West
Lake Route
Frem Fort William,the farorite summer route, to all eastern points.
Via Soo Line
For St. Paul, Duluth,Sault Ste.Marie
Chicago, etc.
Leaves Donmot*a .lunation daily for St
Paul; Kootenny Landing Tuesday and
Saturday for Toronto, Montreal, etc.
Leaves Revolstoko daily Ior Seotllo and
Throufrh bookings to Europe /ia all
Atlantic lines. Prepaid tickets at
lowest rates from nil Eurapeat'
countries Ft.r lutes and full par
ticulars apply to local iif-cnte, or
A.O. P. A.,
Agent, Slocan OUy
Do You
Want a Home?
Then come to Slocan, for it is
ono of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, HnntingrJtoads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens aresomo
ofthe advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Slocan Citv Miners' Din,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets erery Wednesday craning
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visit-in-- brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Finaneinl .Secretary
Representing the strongest com-
panics duliiK business In C»,r
See new MgnsMV policy, wjtn psr
ticlpatlon in proBte. coTerlnf W
ness and operations. ,
H, D. CURTIS, Notnry faW.fl


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