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The Slocan Drill 1903-05-08

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IV., No. 6.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   MAY   8,   1008.
42.00 PER ANNUM.
We have the nicest assortment of
in Blouses, Skirts, White Wear and
and Huslin Suits ever shown here.
>uses, in white and colors, from
•ery fine black Satana skill at
lies' Print Wrap-pers, trimmed,
ooc. to $2.50
. T. Shatford & Co.
.. York <fc Sons,
Dealers In Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
reached by any trail or road
bat runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Phis popular hotel is convenient to the bouts and trains.   Tlie (limns: i-rx.ni
1 rtri-Aly up-to-date while the bar is supplied with the best in the market.
A TPC s   Travelling men. usinpr Sample Hooins. $2.50 per Aay ■
s*\ a C.J »    without Sample Rooms,$2; board $8 per week; meals l5o
le opeied under
old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Arthar Street aad Dslaaey iraaaa, Slaean.
Jailding; thorouj-hlv rtnorated JAS. CROSS,
lad re st eked with the best Proprietor.
mit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
'^presenting the strongest com
Panics doing business in Canada.
•Ml nkw accident i*ouoY, with par-
tifipation in prottts, coverinr sickness and operatlsns.
& D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses far
hire at reasonable rates.
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
KATES I Rei*iitar snhseribe rs. »l |s»r mnntli
, or tills yeur: iisiii-Mibssrribnriilris'Iii.'ivrsif
nii'ilical sttsinsliinrc) K l*r sissy, Private wisnls
11 jvsr dny est™. Siseriisl Iitsslllic-i fair niatorii-
itjr cases.
Fsir further issrtlculnrs npply to.
J. V. Purviance, Sec
dkkd BKCVRDU von mu isn k rno-
Mayer York's Resignation not Aces*|*Us*I
—Ho Is Glvoii I.c'itvo of Absence—A
Warm Time I»bvcIo|b» Over ths) Karl*
Closing Kirlaw.
jan I 03:t-u>*>'of the city coun"
wr *n3t 'nciu on Friday, to complete
th* trausfor of the mill property from
tho  original owners to the Ontario-
Slc-caii Lumber Co.   Present: Mayor
York, Aid. Smith, Teeter and Arnot.
Aid. Smith and Arnot moved that
a voucher drawn be changed iu favor
of Geo. Kydd, to pay for the Farini
interests.   Ciirriwl.
Moved that a voucher be drawn in
the 11111 yor's name to pay for tho Fhiu-
ciine Interests,   Curried.
Aid. Smith and Arnot moved that a
voucher lie drawn for the mayor for
?200 to par for the Chandler interests.
Curried. These two lots were supposed to have been included iu the $1600
Fletcher deal.
It was shown that the back taxes ou
the mill property amounted to S103.94,
of which the Fletcher interest totalled
$71.21. It was decided to deduct this
amount from the purchase price. It
was announced, too, that Fletcher had
after all signed a de?d allowing the
property purchased from him to revert
to J. A. Anderson, as trustee for the
Council adjourned.
Monday Kvenluf.
All the nieuilxirs of the city council
were in their plnce.-* at Monday night's
Mavor York reported the result of
his trip to Nelson relative to thc mill-
site, and presented deeds for the vari-'
ous lots from Miller, Kydd, Johnson,
Fletcher, Farini, Fiuucane,aud Chandler. He also reported having deducted S7(i.fi3 in delinquent taxes
from the Nelson parties before the
purchase money was paid over. Ed
Johnson owed his taxes, as well a*
$1.89, which the city had paid for him
to the government.
The various deeds  Wsare all made
out  to J. A. Anderson  as the crtyV
trusts-e,excepting block F.which would I
revert to Fletcher, it being a gift from ''
In answer to a query the mayor said I
there was nothing in the agreement |
with ihe mill people compelling the
city to turn over the deeds of the mill
site to them  until  they  had fullilied
their agreement.   The deeds would I ic'
placed in escrow in the bank and a receipt taken therefor.   The titles vrerel
all registered aud clear.
Moved by Aid. Teeter and McNi isk
thai the deeds be turned over to ths*'
city solicitor for examination. Carried.
Correspondence read: From school |
trustees, Kaslo, asking co-operation of
city to get the government to pay for
increased per capita for non-resident |
pupils. Aid. McNeish explained the
situation,in that it was meant to cover
pupils living outside the city sohool
districts. The government allowed $20
a head for each pupil, the city making
up all extra cost. It was this additional cost for the outsiders that the
government were asked to pay. Last
year 1(5 non-resident pupils attended
the Slocan school. Letter filed and
the clerk ordered to write the department on the subject.
City solicitor's letter, read at a previous meeting, was laid over for two
Mayor York's resignation was read.
He stated he would like to see action
taken on it at once, as he was going
away. Aid.McNeish and Smith moved
that the letter lie referred back to the
mayor for reconsideration, and that
he Ik* granted one month's leave of
absence.   Carried.
Chief of Police Armstrong presented his report for April as follows: Arrests made 1, warrants served 2, sum
mous served 1, police court cases 2.
fines collected $11.50, dog taxes collected $44, dogs destroyed 4, lire
alarms 1.   Received and hied.
Bills presented 1 Victoria Colonist.
printing debentures, $15: McCallum
& Co., supplies, $5.40; Shatford & Co.,
gumlioots. $9; H. R. Jorand, disbursements on mill business, $8.50; Mayor
York, disbursements for deeds, $22.50.
The Colonist and the mayor's bills
w ire ordered paid, and tlie others
were referred to finance committee.
Aid. Teeter and Aid. Arnot moved
the second reading of the early closing bylaw No. 18, which was done by
the clerk.
Aid. Arnot and Worden moved that
the council go into committee of the
whole to consider the bylaw. Carried.
Aid. Smith took the chair.
a warm time then ensued, Aid. McNeish endeavoring to have the bylaw
amended, so that ho might lx- at liberty to sell goods on holidays and
nfter hours at all times, if customers
demanded it.
Aid. Arnot, who was fathering the
bylaw, would not stand for any altwr-
ation. He contended that 11 out of
the 13 merchant.'* affected had signed
a petition asking for the bylaw, and
it was not right for any of the aldermen to presume to oppose or amend
the bylaw. If the wishes of u majority of tin; merchants were to lie overridden, then he knew of one mnn who
would resign.
Aid. McNeish took up the cudgels
for the other side of the question. He
wanted the stores left open till 7 p.m.
from May till September and (i p.m.
for the balance of the year. It would
be a benefit to the working classes.
Besides, he wanted every dollar coming his way.
Aid. Arnot held that as the stores
had lieen closing at 6, to close now at
6.30 was no hardship on anyone. He
had lieen as much a friend of the
workingman as Aid. McNeish, and it
was not justice to make a man in a
store work longer than anyone else.
Aid. Worden said it didn't concern
him much, but he would advise the
merchants to consider their own interests and to stay open till 7. He
was inclined to oppose the bylaw as it
Aid. McNeish moved to amend the
bylaw, permitting stores to stay open
till 7 o'clock in the summer and 6 for
the lialance of the year.
Some pretty hot matter was fired
across the table, but Aid. Arnot would
brook no amendment. Aid. McNeish
had not signed the pet ition for the bylaw, and he deemed it pretty -gaily for
one man to seek to buck the wishes of
the majority.
Aid. McNeish was also opposed to
having to close his store all day 011
legal holidays, as it was working a
hardship both on the public and the
Aid Teeter seconded the motion.
To quell the storm, the mayor made
an amendment that consideration of
the bylaw lie laid over for a week, and
that the clerk, as a disinterested party
obtain the views of all the inercliauts
on the subject. Seconded by Aid.
Aid. Worden characterized that action as very childish. The council had
been petitioned for a bylaw and (hey
should act on it.
The amendment was put and carried unanimously.
After a tough struggle the council
extricated themselves from committee
of the whole, reported progress, and
Appoints*.! Aid. Smith acting mayor
during Mayor York's abr-ence.
l.oBiilen Unsslcer rreillrts   Bright Future
for Wlslle llrtsl.
At a recent nieeting, held in London, Eng., of the stockholders of the
Loudon Trading Bank, ltd., Wight-
inau Coopor.the president, made these
He desired to make a few special
observations in regard to silver. There
seemed to.be a need of more metallic
money. Banking had to some degree
saved the circulation of metal, but its
usefulness in that direction had about
reached its limit. Although we were
steadily adding to the supply of gold
and silver, still its production was out
of all proportion to the world's demand, hence the greed of nations to
possess more goldfields. The millions
of people in the east, who relied upon
America aud Australia for their supply of silver.inight, at no distant date,
lie cut short of metal bv the closing
of the mines, due to displacing the
silver standard for gold.
The falling price of silver was cans
ing serious damage to commerce in
many parts of the world, especially so
in China, where the injustice was felt
of having to pay the war iudemnity
ou a gold basis with a silver currency,
and some claim for exemption in this
connection was, he believed, being
made. It was a well known fact that
the great silver deposits of the world
were worked out. and as the silvor
area was small as compared with the
gold area, it would appear to lie safe
and wise to open the Indian aud
American mints to the free coinage of
silver on the terms that prevailed previous to the movement against silver,
which had resulted in cheapening the
bullion value and upsetting our business relations with silver-using countries nnd so disturbing the power of
BUI Has found Ills Tongue.
Big Bill (lalliher, member for Yale-
Cariboo, has suddenly found his
tongue on behalf of his constituents
on the silver-lead industry. On Wednesday night he made a plea in the
house of commons for the silver-lead
industry of British Columbia. Asked
what protection would lie sufficient,
he said the Dingley tariff of 2J cents
on piglead and J of a cent on corroded
lead, was decided on. That would be
adequate. Wbat the lead men wanted,
was such an adjustment as would
place lead products on the samo basis
as other products in Canada. Some
thing luul liecn said by Mr. Fielding
nliout an adjustment of the bounty,
which would tide over the miners for
a. short time, till a fair adjusting of
duties took place, but in addition to
this thero must be a bonus, which
should be adequate, sufficient and liberal. This should be payable tsi the
producer direct, and lie 75 cents a
hundred, or enough to give the producer the difference between the price
ho receives and $2.50 a hundred.
There should be a duty also of 30 per
cent ou corroded lead.
A night or so after Galliher addressed a public nieeting in Ottawa along
the same lines.
Chances are That the Arlington Mill Will
bo Krectort.
J. Frank Collom, managing director
of the Arlington, went out to Spokane
on Tuesday, expecting to return next
week, While not making anything
public just yet regarding the proposed
mill for the mine, Mr. Collom stated
everything was progressing in a satisfactory manner. The final tests ou
the ore would be shortly concludes:! in
Spokane by Prof. Parks and then nn
announcement would lie made. On
Monday the Arlington Sent down to
tlio kdioratory 10 sacks of samples and
the Ottawa 6, demonstrating the fact
that both properties are jointly interested iu the outcome of the esperi
I>iiven Ont Isy Water.
On Friday the four men who have
I wen working the Myrtle group all
winter came down the hill, having
lieen driven out by a heavy Uow of
water encountered in thp drift. Aliout
150 feet of drifting has lieen done on
the lead this reason and a marked improvement has been made on the property. There are a number of carloads
of o:-e on the dump and it is the intention of the owners later on to sort out
a carload and make a shipment. To
do this would require a trail or road
of two miles to connect the Myrtle
with the Ottawa, but it could be built
at a small cost, the grade lieing so
easy. The ore taken out this year is
carrying much more native silver.grey
copper and copper pyrites, picked
samples of which will give high assays.
A 20-ton shipment will give the owners prettv fair returns for their winter's work.
Ylrjlur From Frank.
MrsT C. Gardner, lately a resident
of Frank, where the great disaster occurred last week, was visiting Aid. Arnot anil wife on Wednesday. Mis.
Gardner was one of the two last ladies
in Frank. Loth being ordered out by
the authorities to save their lives; The
big rock slide stopped just behind
Mrs. Gardner's homo and a neighbor
was injured by debris. Mrs. Gardner
is removing back t.i her old home in
Silverton. while her husbanil will remain in the Frank camp to prospect.
Another Now I'.anfc.
Financial institutions in Canada are
paying concerns, so much so that another new bank is seeking Incorporation at Ottawa, to Ik* known as the
Pacific Bank of Canada. The incorporators are Wm. Postlethwiiite, W.J.
Hetherington, Geo. Clay and Geo. C.
Thomson, of Toronto, and A. G. Murray, of Gore Bay. The head office is
to be in Victoria and the capital ?2,-
Arlington Hotel IU«Openlng.'
Messrs. Khowles •& Patrequlu, the
lessees of the Arlington Hotel, have,
thoroughly renovated the pivmi.-.es.aiid
they pi***pose marking the occasion by
a re-opening ball, which will Ik* held
this (Friday) evening.in their spacious
dining room. Good music has been
provided and dancing will commence'
at 9 o'clock. A cordial invitation is
extends*! to the public to lie present.
Joseph ltetalns Ills Leg.
For a few days after his recent operation at Victoria, it wa.s feared that
Hon. Jos' Martin would have to go on
the table a second time and have his
leg amputated. After further consultation, however, the doctors have decided that there is uo necessity for
Joseph to undergo the amputation at
the present time, so the operation has
been indefinitely postponed.
MisstIb'sI at l'hoenlx.
Phoenix Pioneer: Tho marriage of
Thos. McNeish and Miss Bessie Tipping was solemnized last Tuesday
evening at the Tipping hotel. Rev. \ .
M. Pui'dy officiating. Mr. McNeish is
of Slocau, and his bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Tipping, of
Phoenix, The happy couple dcpnrt'*d
for Slocan on Wednesday afternoon's
Labor C'onimlsslssss Sitting-
The labor commission, appointed by
the Dominion government to Inquire
into the cause of industrial disputes
in this province, began its sittings at
Ladysmith on Monday. Chief Justice
Gordon Hunter and Rev. Elliott Howe
are the commissioners. The commission will also sit at Fernie, Rossland.
Vancouver aud Victoria.
■sTIISTANTI il.   SHOW***,';    MA UK   ItsT
l.ssst Vs'nr's Nlslpnsi'iits W.-rr ii:«:i:i Tons-
A Healthy Kvitls-iss-u of'tlio Lifo ansl
Wealth of the Caisip-ICntorprisatla**,
Hia-KS-st Shipper.
No ore was shipped from the camp
this*; week, as the roads are iu such bad
condition. The Enterprise ond Meteor are both preparing shipments,
which will go out so soon as tlm roads
are in shape.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 6st5!l
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Black Prince....
During April Slocan mines shipped
407 tons of ore via Kaslo.
The government will repair the raid
up Springer creek at or.ee.
A bid mudslide has come down and
blocked the Republic road.
Work on the Combination, Springer
creek, commenced this week.
W. Koch commenced the repair of
the Wakefield flume this week.
Bar silver rose this we-'k to 54J,theit
fell to oo*} aud is uow sailing at Tv*.)'.
The Becond furnace in the Greenwood smelter was blown in Tuesday.
Operations have lieen resumed on
the Silver Glance mine at Bear Lake.
Henry and Win. Boie are developing the Standard grewp, ou the Republic hill.    „ .   ,.
The recent strike on the lower levels
of the Lo Roi, at Rossland, is improving in value. •-,.«_.
A rich strik-v of orejs reported tfrom
the Trovidi-iice- claim,'qu the south
fork of Kaslo.
The   sheriffs   sale  against   Percy
Dickinson et al has lieen further pout
poned till tomorrow.
Last week the Boundary mines
shipped 10.1 t*i() tons of ore, making
1(52.770 tons for the year to date.
Two and one-half feet of shipping
galena has been encountered on the
70!) fool level ol ths- Rambler Cariboo.
A bill of sale has lieen recorded0011
veying a quartet interest in the Black
Prince group, from Con Murphy to A.
A large party sif prominent eastern
Canadian and American capitalist.-;
will visit the Granby mines and plant
next month.
M. Cameron bos been rawhidlng on-
from the' Meteor again of late. Hs-
had to break a new trail through the
fresh kiiow.
The government sale of dtiiiu-uent
mineral claims, which was to have
taken place today.has lieen postponed
till Octolier.
W. J. Salmon, foreman at the Wilcox stamp mill, in the Yuiir cainp.was
killed on Tuesday by being caught in
the shafting.
W. E. Worden. acting for Charles
McMillan of Calgaiv, is applying for
a crown grant on tlis* Ontario No. (i
claim, on south fork s>f Lemon.
The Silver-Lead Miners' Association
met at Sandon on Monday night and
passed a resolution asking the gsivern-
nient to place a bounty of SI.") per ton
on lead mined, the money to go to the
min.?owit-er; and that a duty of oV per
cent be placed 011 lead products. The
citizens o£'Uelson hfive endorsed the
Sandon proposition.
lllack Prints Hesssmrs.
Friday night Jack Kinmau and
Hugh Cameron went up to the Black
Prince, to resume work under the new
'arrangement entered into by the owners with Sidney Norman. The nieii
had to pack their supplies in over the
snow frem the Aliiugton basin, mak
ing it a hard task. One hundred feet
of drifting is to lie done on the lead
during the next fiO days, which is ox-
pected to open up something goods
Lois ssf Ties.
Frank Provost has almost completed his contract for getting out 50,000
ties for the C.P.R. One of his camps
down the river finished on Saturday
night nnd the other two nro about
done. Their output will aggregate
•16,000 ties, leaving 5000 or so to Iw
turned out uta camp on the lakeshore
'  \ II
li*sF'.*v w 1 -sr 1 V I'f'l'f'a' vi'Y
ii EQUAL      ■*-■
ii PARTNER    j
Copyrifiht, 1901, by Chsilss W. Hook-*.    ,
♦)'i ♦ i ♦ i ♦ i ♦ t ♦ i ♦♦ i ♦ !'♦ mi •■■> i e i ♦
".My dear sir," replied Elmendorf,
"you've got me. I can't. But who can
explain n womau anyhow? You believe
tlmt Miss Miller Is telling the trutb,
don't you?"
"Did you hear me say soT
"T.) Miss Maclane"' No. The flrsl
thin*- I beard yon say to ber was tbat
It was a Une thine tbst sbe bad done."
"I dhl say tbai I believed Miss Miller,  'flint is my present attitude."
"In some respects," said Eluiendoif,
"It Is the worst you could take—for
Miss Maclane. By tbe way, you will
permit her to remain with tbe patient "f**
"Wby not?" demanded Kendall Sternly.
Elmendorf replied with haste that
he saw no objection whatever. Tbere
was a brief slleiire, and then Kendall
left the room, say tug that he would
return presently. As he passed the
head of the steps leading up from the
main entrance of the hulldlOg the
doors below were suddenly fluiit' open.
nnd a mnu appeared, lie seemed to
Kendall to enme up the steps without
touching tbem. In nn lustant bis bnnd
wus ou Kendall's arm. and the sloctur
carrlesl three bruises for a week us
tbe result of It.
Though tbe two men had a club acquaintance, Alden disl not show tho
slightest trace of recognition.
"Miss Miller?" he auld, bis voice perfectly steady, ghastly steady, ns K.'ti-
dnll afterward described It. "ls she
"Sbe Is," replied the doctor, "and
there Is no Immediate danger."
"I thank you," said Alden. "1 wns
pretty Bearly gone. I beg your pardon, how do you do. Dr. Kendall ?"
And be extended his hand.
"I understand perfectly," said the
doctor. "Miss Miller is conscious, entirely rstlonnl and suffering far less
pain than you would suppose."
"Wbo did this?" demanded Alden.
"She bas told you?"
"She does uot know."
"She does not knowl" echoed Alden,
bis head sinking upon bis breast.
"I am sorry to say tbnt It will not
be wise for you to see her tonight,"
said Kendall. "We must not subject
her to eicltemeut. Please wnlt bere."
And be led tbe wuy to tbe reception
room. "I will go to Miss Miller's room
and bring you word."
Alden found himself In the presence
of Elmeudorf, whom he took to be one
ot the doctors connected wltb the
establishment, which may Indicate
tbat there was more In tbe detective's
disguise than be bad been willing to
admit to Kendall.
"I called to Inquire about Miss Miller," said Alden after malutuiulug
silence to what seemed the limit of
bis power.
"You are Mr. Alden, I tske It" wns
tbe reply. "Well, yon wnnt to cheer
up.   Miss Miller Is doing Une."
"Bas sbe asked for me?"
"Tes," but It was not Elmendorf!
voice that replied. "Sbe bas asked for
you many times."
Alden turned to see Brenda at the
door. He stared nt ber ns if she hnd
been a figure raised up by some sudden conjuration.
"Brenda!" be said at last "1 find
yon everywhere."
"Did not my father tell you I was
bere?" she asked, and be shook bis
"I sball remain with Miss Miller until ber mother conies," said Brenda,
"Dr. Kendall bas arranged it"
Alden seemed momentarily to be at
a loss for words, but be did not struggle for tbem or labor visibly wltb emotion. Iiis manner still remained as it
had been throughout—restrained, mechanical.
"You are true blue, Brenda," Aa said
steadily.   "You always were."
"I am very glad to be here," she Interrupted, 'peaking; softly and leading
bin: aside. . "8be Is an altogether lovable girl, and I am going to be a sister
to ber," she added, smiling, "Instead
of to you, as ls customary under tbe
circumstances. 1 will see thst sbe Is
not harassed by questions and that she
lacks nothing tbat can possibly be
"I cannot see ber tonight," said Alden.   "Can I send a message?"
"I will take It to ber," replied Brenda. "And, by the way, 1 saw some
violets ln ber room, .she likes tbem
especially, does she not? 1 think Dr.
Kendall would let me take In a few
from you."
"In fire minutes I will bave them,"
said Alden. "You will wait bere? it
Is very kind of yon."
He left tbe room hastily, and Brenda
explained bis errand. Kendall's manner led ber to tblnk tbat she might
have mado an error tn suggesting the
violets, but It was a very different mutter tbat was upon tbe doctor's mind.
He was nuking an effort to express
himself wben Elmeudorf Interrupted
"Dr. Kendall Is worried," be said,
"because be has permitted me to piny
a trick upon you. To tell tbe trutb, 1
don't like It any better than be does,
and here Is where It ends. I am oot a
doctor. I am a detective sergeant
from headquarters. You saw me at
tbe Thirty-eighth street bouse this afternoon.   My nume Is Elmeudorf."
Brenda exhibited surprise, but no resentment, merely saying tbat tbe detective's presence was doubtless necessary for reasons unknown to her.
"I am as anxluus as any ono can
be," she said, "lu have Justice done
In this deplorable affair. Do you think
you can Uud out wbo committed tbls
crime,   Mr.   KitncnilorfV   Do  you  "suspect any one?"
"I liavcn'l got nny authority to find
out anything or Kiis|iect anybody," replied Elinemlorf. In a toue which Indicated that this familiar sltuntlov. was
not agreenhle In the present Instance.
"I go where lam sent nnd then I moke
a report What becomes of tbe information afterward is a mutter with
Which the su It a ti of Sulu hus more to
do than 1 have. Rut I'll tell you what
I think," be added enruestly. "If this
poor girl gets well, that will be tbe
last you'll hear about tbe esse. If she
dies. It will all have to come out'
"Bnt you don't tblnk sbe will die?"
cried Brenda. paling.
"1 hope not" replied Elmendorf,
"and of course my opinion iu thnt
matter Is worth even less thnn it is
In the other. But we mustn't ink* bor
recovery ror granted at tbls stage of
the game.   Am I right, Dr. Kendall 1*"
"Tlfere can be no certainty yet," replied the doctor gravely.
"Her condition might change for the
worse quite sudslenly. Isn't thnt su?"
continued Elmendorf. "And If It did
she might become unconscious snd remain so to the end. That's the fact, and
we must fnee It. This may be murder,
und the safe wny Is to get nt the trutb
uow while we can."
"I won't bave her questioned any
more tonight," saisl Kendall, with >lo-
clKlon. "I've blocked off a coroner
nlready wbo was bere for an ante-
mortem statement, and I am prepared
for tbe next comer. Miss Miller shall
uot be ban-led luto ber grave, and If
any attempt of the kind Is mude I
will show a few points of law that
will surprise some of our hit and miss
olliclsls In this town. A physician's
authority beside bis patient can be
put Into practical form If the Individual understands the subject Aud I
"Yonr advice goes, with nie," Elmendorf hastened to sny; "but I don't
think the particular question I had in
mind could do any harm."
"You may slate It," snid Kcuilall.
"It was about a picture lhat I saw
In ber room," replied the detective,
"n photograph of a painting, I should
say. I'd like to know where it came
from; how she happened to get It.
Ugly looking thing It Is, and I couldn't
belp wondering about It."
"You mean the picture of Tantalus,"
said Brenda. "I saw It Why do you
attach nny Importance to It?"
"If 1 should te!! you. you'd laugh nt
me," replied Elmendorf. "so I wou't do
It Just now. But If you shoulil get a
good chnnce to ask the question"—
"I have already done so, singularly
enough." said Brenda. "She wa.s awnke
when I returned to the room, and we
Epoke of some things that she wished
to hnve brought here. She asked for
that picture. 1 must have shown uiy
surprise, for she Immediately began to
prslse the picture, snylug how much
she admired the facial expression of
the tortured klug, and she mentioned
having bodgbt It nt nn art store ou
Twenty-third street a few weeks ago.
Ah a studi-nt of facial expression, having her dreams of truglc triumphs some
day, the thing might naturally huve
appealed to ber."
"I didn't think about her being nn
actress," said Elmendorf. "Tbnt explains It no doubt. Tbey like those extreme typical faces. I was foolish to
Imagine that tbe picture could have
bad anything to do wltb tbls case."
H1LE Elmeudorf was
speaking Alden returned, bearing a
bunch of violets wrapped In such paper as
florists use.
"I was gone longer
than I bad expected."
be sold. "I did not know just where
to find a fiorlst hereabout They nre
all covered up. you see- It Is an even-
lug that might wither a flower with
oue breath."
He passed the bouquet somewhat
awkwardly across the big table lo
BrendS, wbo In the act of receiving it
was so startled hy the suiMen appearance of the ward detective, Barnes,
upon the threshold that she let the
flowers fall.
With due allowance for Its general
Inck of Intelligence. It mny be said tbat
the eoiintennuce of Barnes wns full of
meaning. The mnn looked self assertive, confident nnd pleused.
"I beg your pardon," suid he. "Who
Is In charge here?"
"I am for the moment," replied Ken-
Bnrues hesitated, looking sldewlse nt
Ahlen Then his gin nee shifted to tho
bouquet upon the titbit nnd rebounded
In tin' direction ssf ihe doctor.
"I'd like to hnve a word with you,"
he snld.
"Spink up." said Kendull. "What Is
It ?"
"Those flowers are for the Miller girl,
of course?" said Barnes. "Well, you'd
bettor take a look at 'em before you
Rsud 'em In. Oh, they're ull right, I
guess, but yon cnn't Le too careful."
"Whnt do you mean?" demanded
Barnes pointed n finger nt Alden.
"Thut mnu put something Into them,"
he suid. "I saw him do tt 1 don't
know what it was, but there's druj-s
that, If you smell of tbem, wby, it's
your finish."
Kendall was too much surprised to
i-peak. Alden took a hasty step toward
Haines and collided wilh Elmendorf,
wbo courteously begged bis pardon.
Meanwhile Brenda picked up thc bouquet from tbe table, and as they all
turned toward her she opened tbe paper over the violets and pressed them
against ber lips.
"They sre very frsgrant," sbe si.hi.
"That's all right," returned Barnes
doggedly, "but he put something In
there.   What was It?"
"Tbls bit of paper, 1 suppose," said
Bff-nda. inking li in her Angers. "Your
message, Clarence*""
"I think somebody otiRhi to rend It,"
said Hnrnes. looking at I'lineuikirf out
of tbe corner of bis eyes.
Alden thrust i'lmcwlorf aside ns if
he bad been a paper dummy aud then
checked himself. Barnes was already
In tbe hall.
"I can bnv" no iiunrrel with thlscrea
line," snld Alden. "As to my me3-
siige, I appeal to llr. Kendull."
"This Is more than absurd," rejoined
the doctor. "Miss Machine, whenever
you are ready" —
As Uremia  stepped forward  the bit
.of paper slipped out from atiioug the
dowers and fell io ihe lloor.    Klmi'i)
«iorf picked it up.
"1 hope you won't misunderstand
me," he said. "I'erhnps I see fariher
ii head than you do.    If I was lu Mr.
Alden's place, I'd let somebody read
He gave tbe message to Brenda, who
glanced at Alden as she took it. He
raised bis hand ln a gesture of negation.
"Now, look here, all of yon," exclaimed Barnes. "Here's this girl In the"—
and he pointed with bis thumb in the
supposed direction of Elsie's room—
"who's biding what she knows. I don't
say It's In this man's Interest, but it's
In somebody's Interest; that's sure.
Sbe wouldn't be the first woman that's
bad tbe nerve to get tbe knife and say
nothing. I don't accuse anybody, especially not tbls man, for 1 ain't got a
tblng against blm. He's all right so
far as I know. But what I say is that
the girl ought not- to be getting messages on the quiet"
Alden's face was wblte as paper, nnd
bis eyes were afire. It ls probable that
every bone In Barnes' body ached with
anticipation, but he bad been kicked
too often ln tbe way of business to flee
before tbe actual contact
"I've stood all of tbls that my system can absorb," said Kendall, with a
seriousness that scarcely fitted with
tbe peculiar phrase which had come
Into his moutb. "After tbls dime novel
nonsense of poisoned bouquets I dou't
care to bave anything more from you.
Get out!"
"You're making a mistake," said
Barnes and then backed out of the
room, grinning like a monkey, as Kendall advanced toward the door.
Brenda replaced the note among the
flowers and gave ber free baud to Alden, bidding blm good night
"I sball not be far away," be said as
tbe woman preceded Kendall out of the
room. "There's a lodging bouse next
door. I shall get a place to sleep there.
Sleep? Well, at least I shall be there.
You will not fall to summon me If- If
there should be any reason for It?"
"You may depend upon me," said
Brenda from tbe threshold, where she
had paused a moment while be spoke.
Kendall went with ber to tbe mouth
of the long corridor and then returned
to tbe reception room.
"That man must be Insane," he said
to Elmendorf. "What did he moan by
coming bere with such absurdities?"
"He didn't believe ln them nny more
than you do," replied the detective.
"He bad no Idea that tbere wus anything wrong wltb the violets or witb
the note. He was simply obeying orders."
"Orders r echoed Kendall. "Who
could bave ordered hlm to do sucb a
thing r
"I guess Mr. Alden knows," responded Elmendorf. "And, between ourselves, I think Mr. Alden should have
permitted tbe note to be read right
here. I bope Miss Miller won't destroy
Kendall looked at Alden as If to Inquire whether sucb a tblng was likely,
but gleaned no answer. Alden's fnco
had resumed Its rigidity, and the expression which It wore was intense, but
difficult to read.
"However," continued Elmendorf, "If
It hadn't been tbat lt would have been
something else. You're going to see a
good deal of this sort of tblng tn the
next few days, Mr. Alden."
"A good deal of what?" said Alden.
"It is technically known as 'making
trouble1 for a man," replied the detective. "I don't know why I should
'put you on,' but I'm doing It Just the
"Do you mean to tell me," demanded
Alden, "that Captain Neale expects to
extort an Important secret from me by
childish tricks of annoyance sucb as
"Certainly not" answered Elmendorf. "Joe Neale Is no such donkey.
Why, he's worth a qunrter of a million dollars, aud it's a wise man who
can save as much as tbnt in a few
years out of a snlnry of twenty-five
hundred. By simple arithmetic it
would take a man Just a century to
do it if be lived meanwhile on what
the neighbors sent ln, as they used to
say  In  Massachusetts,  where  I  was
must talk to somebody. Ami the cop
WOllld Just as noon get your secret
out of John Doe as out of you-a little
rather, In fact, because then you
wouldn't know that be bnd It Nuw,
I've snld enough to cost me my Job,"
"Nothing you say to me will ever
cost you anything," said Alden "I'm
not a talking man. By the wny, who
are you?"
"Innoiluce me," said  Elinemlorf to
Kendall, aud the doctor coniplleil.
' "1   am  pleased   to  meet  you,"  snld I
Alden, oflVrlng his hand.   "If yon fiud ,
out anything Important in this case, I
want you to tell me first   I'll mukc It
worth your while."
"No. thank you," snld Elinemlorf
hastily. "As a rule I'm ns corrupt
as the devil—but not this time."
Meanwhile Bi-cmhi hnd delivered the
posies to Elsie—whom pain bad wakened from a little sleep—with the gentlest possible words and ways. She hnd
Dot at nil the manner of a nurse, but
rather that of an exceedingly tactful
and well hied young doctor.
Elsie took the bouquet and very
quietly cried over it for some minutes
without discovering the note which
It coutulued. She dhl not sny anything; she did uot nsk a question about
whut Allien had said or dune, whether
he hail gone nway or wns still wnltlng
or whether be had seemed much distressed by her misfortune. Brenda hud
merely said thnt be bad culled, ami
that tie hail sent the violets because
they were Elsie's favorite flower. Tills
seemed to satisfy the girl completely,
Brenda hud supposed thnt she would
see the message nt the first glnnce und
Indeed believe*] for some little time
that she had done so, but did nut wish
to rend It Immediately. Finding this
an error and feu ring thnt the sudden
discovery of It might startle her, Bran-
da toll! Elsie thai there was a message
ninl painted out its place.
Then she turned away, as If unwilling to accept (he chance of guessing
from Elsie's fnee what the note might
contain. When she Judged that the
proper interval had elapsed, she approached the bed uiii'e more.
Elsie's ryes were shut. The tears
weie drying on her cheeks, that were
ns delicate as rose haves, and her right
hand was against her breast, tightly
closed. Thus she remained until she
fell asleep.
a pew wowis wini vn. noniNsox
( In
iml ii
J.r;* -C
huing   that    she  has    not  been '     It
ns sing since ono ol her    knees
i'i'    in ii railway accldont,    u
Vork actress  has sued n    ooiu-
I'or     $10,000     shunngi's.    Any
is a trttdltlonon
Mnrlborougu  uimilv '
.\iiii sums "itii her I nees should i tress
,  ure duiuages thnn  thet
,   now  c
H   six
ass cruisers
lleet   in
insists   of
:ar eastissii
42 vessels
and    eight
lo present a Blenheim".,,'^ .
DUCIUSS  when    slu,     '*'"■■■■-. I,
Palace for tho first uS[M
Mr   Askitt-l  ur.dei'Sl(,M
m an artist.'     Does   he   n *>l
scape.-,?" •*■   PaiistJ
Mrs    O'Rafferty-Faith
nut.   He paints folr^'fi^ *J
Croup*- Bronchitis. Asthma. Coughs and Colds ft
Promptly to Dr. Chase's Syrup off Llnsim.1!
.There are many reasons why you
llionhl use Dr. (.'huso's Syrup ot
Linseed and Turpentine tn preference
to any other treatment fur diseases
Of tho throut and lungs. Ot these
lhe must Important one is the fact
'that it hus been tested for yeurs and
absolutely piovcn its right, to lirst
Ns'tvi'iy ever.hotly knows of tne re-
markuble value oi turpentine and
linseed as remedial agent9. They
Jan.i' bi. a so iii . tis.-1 w i'.h hall a
do/en other Ing! viln'iils In llr.
Chase's Syn.'p of l.iiaseid ami Turpentine, nn to form a most thoroughly effect h '• and at the, sai ie I luto
plonsant medieli s
As 1- fis'.j.iuisy ths' t'u-i' «iih un
Uliusunlly sineess'i.l article, l'r.
Chosi's Syrup oj !..ns.**-,l iiiul Ti|r-
pentlnc Is imitated.    Thero arc n<sw
llOStS   nl     ;..\.,i i..|;s.    i\ ith      mimes
similar to this, nnd Mbfiic eV'cri ro so
fin     f.H    ta.   Imilnlu    Uie   Iiuttli)     anil
wrapper It therefore babe on ■*.*< no-
■■■ nary fnr you to lie very c.uvi'nl
when   buying.      liKiist  on  seeini'    the
portrait and signature ol Dr
wrapper '
Chase on the
Wu  know   that
of Unseed and Turpentine
^^^^^      .vou, uecaiiM ii h
the   tost   of   time
'st'8 M
•■'ill 1
"77i.it man put something into litem."
brought  np.  Joe  Neale  knows  that
when a man Is worried be talks: be
IOBF   was   11   man
who considered himself to bo the simple
product of chance. He
wus born In Panbury,
Conn., und at the age
of nine years he was
left an orphan ami penniless.   Immediately after this misfortune, as he did
not like the people with whom be was
expected   to   live,   he   walked   out   of
town.    There happened to be a high
wind  that day,  and the  Is-ov  walked
with it, because the contrary course
would have been disagreeable.
No one made any attempt to bring
blm busk, and so he tramped f<u' nhout
a week, eating nothing one day and sii
good menls ihe next, according to the
varying charity of the people along the
road. Finally an eccentric old doctor
In a certain small town found the boy
111 on his doorstep one morning, nnd
ihnt wns a great piece of link for
young Elmendorf. Ile hail n good
home In tbe doctor's bonne for eight
ys'ars, without care or labor; enjoyed
the advantages of the excellent schools
of the village, and was nearly ready
to enter college when his benefactor
The doctor left n goosl property, bul
no will. Relatives Bwoeped. down like
n (lock of birds Bliueudorf hnd not
been adopted. He bsd uo U-i-il status,
nnd oue day he discovered thi.t be had
nothing nt all except n tnmkf'.il of decent raiment nm! the Bum of $3.no.
The coincidence that this wns the exact fare to New York decided Blmen*
dorfs course. He nrrlved In the metropolis without a penny, hunted up a
boarding house near the station, carried his trunk there on his shoulder
ami then went out to look for work.
He bad many occupations In the
next Ave years, but none to his liking.
Kinally he became n clerk In a small
hotel which was n haunt of wnrd poll*
tlclaiiR. Yielding to the temptation
thus thrown Into his wny, he developed Into a lleuti'iiunt or the district
lender, iesurnlng more tri.-ks than he
bad the hardihood to play and prospering the Isisb been use of his scruples.
it became n delusion with blm, however, that he wiih one of the most dishonest of crented beings; thut he
would do anything for money, and that
only his hard lurk prevented hlm from
Selling his soul ut a good figure. Once
when tils affairs were at a low ebb his
patron suggested the police, and
Ulinenslorf became a member of the
force In the firm belief that a corrupt
ninn like himself could make money
therein. But he bad a perverso way of
being dissatisfied with temptation,
and he gained a reputation for honesty whish his best friends deplored.
It wus [Hire chance, n mntter not worthy of mention, which secured his
transfer to the staff of the detective
bureau, lie had no appetite for the
work, yot be must have possessed a
certnlu fitness for It. Perhaps the advantage of onrly mentnl training, added to an unfailing memory and a perception of little things that was due
to the German blood In bim, helped to
mnke a real detective of him.
It-/ nE OOWTUUBa.]
Novn SbtsbIU Miner*1 limit. Hist*.
The ilciih is. 1 n in the coal mines of
No'n Scotia wus less In proportion
to t!ie quantity of coal mined than
In cither the H.lates or England, the
figures for 1901, ti.,. last obtainable)
showing nm; death for 194,000 inns
in tho United States, 310,000 tons
In .Qaglaiid, uml 340,000 tons in
Nova  .Scotia.
which are at least uipi, ,."   *
similar preparation, ,„-, ,, '." •
creasing year by year '
As a positive euro fur Ciou*i
chitis,  asthma,  throat   troui'
severe  coughs  and colili  pr
Syrup   of     Linseed   ami
has a  reputation   whi
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Jurioi.s    cough    mixtin,.,
olTa-red   In  place of  •*,  s^.
I.ven    the   consumptive
reached the liute,- sta**,,'0*"tJ|
Miiions  ilisi'uso,   finds .'Hie m„|
foil  in  the use of  this |iroiia-n
Wl'i'.e    it    is  Impossible to ,'
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n can-ma
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"I'll* I
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' aula
II..'    I.
i'ii in'   lie
ii lab.  bluejacket  is || . u
In    the   world      i   ,,,,
can iin n    (iis   i..mi i„i
['■■•'   ■ .-.'■ thing-,   fiaim   ittli'm,...
! fro: t   :   s'.'.rrlol   gun   t i   I lilofiMs*
sii.l ,ii^. n  jsippei .
i't .it .ainl Aiftic uml II, a.us IViiij
inaflll . ..!•• llOmtlvelV run'.! |,y I ha. Ml
I'aptaa laa; s I'illa I lls'V hai onll
'ill*.   SliSlsaus !,    Ill i|    la.vs.a       Ir,.,,,   K,| Ijjlj
in.tier, bul   ih. *.  a" . n  •- a. fucra'torji
! •'"•'a    ii i sing   i hem   i"    uur roialoni,
a lOIIS    frOlll    Die    I'lisaill    a, t0      ifs,
lifti r utliirh ihs* corrupted masslitti
■ 'Jt   bj   tha- ruiturHl   | ,-i.,u'f nl that
I Is.**.   :■',■  iis.'il  ni a general Ian ,v ai
'ine v.lil.  ih.' iia-st  re nilts
;    Mini iters   denounce lotteries
ilin'.v   l.as*i.  right  sm boosting thi*]
trimon.al iraine.
rlin-irdi* Uuinitnt fur sale ever nbl
I't.s.isl.ris   iii  Uie   aVrdi in e tm
'. .isi'iii'i      l Mis*   hail    lb    hi*cl«    41 I
liai:.ls   fixed   iimler  his  r. i
!. .    11 .:i i.s   upl * ui *-<l   In  |h
,iii    !'•>;., .vjte    ilir> ■■ l
ai'ha-r   "Bilte  mi'  i.enl   lo
lb tn   butter,  so lhat
•-hs-.U s-di  betray them.
..■a n|
-....;._.±gjg P"»go Acme  Poultry Ne*-***!,
^<V*ivl*VC*S A Mrd on"*-"! tit "Jiroujh s-i ein-.ll » bnlsult
',■.•■'.-'.'. ', ..-'.-'.-f cruil UtriBiik'li. so Pnue l'Bjii!ii)f Null Ing is ■tpssj
-X*!-"-"-V *.*ys;-<V el*assll rr-sCici nt. botLism unsl Ursw st loo.   Nn. 11
22.«      W.^A'.v.W*-»*>:Wi efrKllrr-MlussatlxitaJsim ftn.l l»Hl<> ist t-no7  Nallp
2i*•*•<•*"■■     *;.>.-•:>. ;':.:' wiro hip siii'l botto^-uosKit*.   (is.. iNs«e ttosm
AT y~T-~--■""■'■ ''        "~" ■*? trJe'i-tlsCjf'r-s hoeX.
P0TT0K :-. ">-,".. \ Tiie Pace V/tro Fonce <*o.. XJinlteslW-^s*-^"."*!
VS- J-/.'^,*
swvi.laaai'-aotv. £.    ~ ;
Montreal. P.Q.. and St. 'a-klin. H.B.      I
ROSS OX ROSS. General Agents, "WINNIPEG. M*U|
Sin.a- «i men en n ne..i-
.'-.a   lll.sl    It '■    li '1. lies'
sot ".iii -Imi  i hey  . r.... i
in".-, tin   .   A  ii'ntii I'l.cs. owned it  ii..)..* i|lls**>
•I     Lo   ..!'- I'l.ll'    llrtlllllsl'.IBa*T»*      IT.iSUil.
;„■:, [t       ...    .... .ibi-eiiaM
_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_— I p.m  Iiis tnil  uml  lui-i'-d
..      ,   "'"  mood IS caused le   i    wjuwon tho unilc looked iraek irt^
iIima'i ered   stdi ini h    The  i ■-*•■    n***
l,ator,".'  }"0      i;'""    IS   I tUgllKt | Anrf  it fH-.--.k-l  •s.tns.in** CO ••""•I
Ktai'iu    s  I ittiubU   ;   |h pps,  \\ hisfjli
ily  the  Ms.a.i!  ,.t   i, ,    ,.    .,.   i
i ' i*.
In mild,  reproving so i
' Aij'l  if. (he nasi remain'  '
ihe  ItineraIV toiil.a'rri'"
il    il III 11.a'     aVoWS.
Men's beads are l|kc oranges Some
tii.ies there ini'l much left after vsa'.i
gel a hi;; one pooled
I I IK   l.sXST   IMI.I.S.   Mi.  »m
.ii.ti     SmJmcV   l.'rai*»*iiiBi;.   inl       '■"_
"Wn   I.;..*   liecn      uslstc   l'"i •■''*" *,.'■*■
aa'iaa    III .1    tlll'IBB    IsV   IS r   ths*   IssW   W»j
sii'i    iim.ii "    Ks»r   HWis-.iis'  .si"   a"1'"'
a ai   Cuuhtllullons  ilia -        '   ■.'"'■ _m
fllisri'la.   Tfllkon   in  nibbhII  al"""   H" *3
h  I'sjih a,  funic anil  u  • uiiiiilnsl. <
• viiliiaj;   thai*. ..centlusts. tJ ll"* I"**"*'
nn    (ossc  and  vlcnr.
In   fhr   Austrian, iirmy    tl.-*f«" **f
1-1 .VI. Miis-iils-H per  1,000 ia"'"  "a-';**
'-' Oil   | ir   1,(100  in      I'., illl ll "'nl tu
T'i (•.•rinany. '
|       Uns
Z-  vrHh :
Ii greasy tllshi », pot's «n'
I'-M-hr's l*r> Reap  » r""*r
ill     remove    lhe •;!• ihsi
l'i i'ii I a n i   ease
a ;*'l
Hlti.    *l
By s*oth!n» and ssiMuInf
Uio Cuia, that's the vsr
St. Jacobs Oil
l.'res'SS-   is   aKalitir    I i ' ''* '"IJJI
lint Ion  next    (Jetebci     U ""',,-JI
i ■ i   its  in   IS'hl tl  were I.WWB
 ii-   uud   1 Tiji's.1.')'!' !•'
Minnrd', Lhiimcitl Rditu-s Ni-inlpi
5{ '    Th* Suliiui  ol Sulu  adrerllsM l»J
I   Manila 'limes for his roclns I ■'■* ^
** ! Isilf   Iabb-ib   kIibIi'ii      'I'ls^   tl li;'ti"" ''
UlliS sssiliiml   In  ..1111,1111* :      It  I" *~2
xisln  1'isi.y,   ulili     n  him.',  uractttl 'J
j' Cures
II Neuralgia
I! XTic.. 2ae, |M a0c,                     ^   iu vii|r(|iviir by [ha
£ 2'"'1" "'"h' It. ilie dsjscdpllpti l*"*j3
Hn^^HriHHkHUnUMUHH^ui^eF- Uml   thl b" ' 1  '
| iiioiiiits.*<| sipain fiinr nt 11"' ni
Ili'Ht     tl.nl   ever     siipl'nrl.'il
lequbio anatomy."   ftore i*1 "        ^.
■ the private dittcifvei   Bliould "*__\
l... .....   ....  s.„ she lafii'l1**!
■I ot""1*"
e fi-aitne a
,liaAi't r
It,lit   lis, kept.  In   i'i>nit-"
*>*A '■:- - y--'/^■ar**.- :■" >.: ■^tu^v. ■ '***sm'1*-a»i
It is not only
that you arc
because of their great wearing qualitist*
recomrhended to wear
Style, fit and finish are a
Kuiiiieks liave
almost as important.    Gra" ,r
a stylish, clean cut appearance all their
own, and arc made in all the difFerent shoe shape*.
"Granby Rubbers wear like iron."
te rTME
Locan, dimtish Columbia.
[ tourist in a remote port of Ire-
liavins stayed the Sight  at a
Mn Inn    not usually  frequented
"• itois   Informed the landlord in
Vm.ninfi.  that his boots,    which
'S'Sced  outside     his     room
,.   i.nd   not been touched.        Ah,
.   •• .aid tho landlord,   "lind you
Lt  i'lit    your watch     wid    chain
I,, vour room door in this house
lht*\   wouldn't he touched."
I„uH iiired of a had caso of (lri|
VHNKV, 0. 11.
Bloss my hiart I Why was I evor born!
Toiling and moiling from morning till night,
and never a rest I If man was made to
mourn, what was a laundress made for—
oertainly not to sing. My bands are nearly
oharrod off working io filthy auda, washing
other people's olothea, and other people's
fluors. No wonder hiiai.itinkers give piizes
with their sosipa. I huso who use toino
of the HonpB ilcscrve prizes. I would
rather do without, tho prizes and have a
whole tikiii. Ami ua to tho mistress' part nf
the hargnin—imiigiuo rubbing ten dollars'
worth into the valuo of tivedoTlure, and then
getting a fifty-Cent prize for doing it ? It
mokes one laugh —that is, if you haven't to
fiay for it. Hut I cannot laugh at my sore
minis. Well, woll, I suppose what caunot
!• ennui must bu endurod.
(,'. I, LA'iUE.
,u,s    Cured    of      loss    of     volco
iil'isHith. CHAS. Vl.UMMKU.
^«m Cured ol Sciatica Ithouuia-
,,..,,?.   Slid.     LEWIS  S.  UliTEAIt.
i ,,aa,'St police station    in   tlio
a,,,, ,'„ that at Scotland Yard,l.on-
li    has    accominiidtttisin
■inl |  il icemen.
$100   REWARD-SI00
Ii,. ri tillers ot tills pupur  «III tie Olaam
',',".    ihisi   thore  Is at  least oue
Ll5Ld  disease    ihut    wUiics   haf    ''"'"
'J .,,'■«  in ull  Its stan'";', ""■*.   ' '] ,
t.larrli     Ilsiil's   Cuturrh   Curs*   is   the
£■■.«. live  cute    now   Known   lo    Ilie
B„ i,i'fraternity,    t'litarrl.   IteiuK   a *"fl.*
11Mono!f dUsais   retiulres   a   coast lu-
,  I      Jiilnii'i.t.    Hell's   Csstarrh     L'ursi
ken Internally, acUiiss lilrscil)   upon
,   hloi.il   rsiiit   mucous   suifncs'ss   of    Ills'
It, I,      iberelsv   destroy Ine   the   fountlti-
?„  ,,(  tne  illsoaie  ano   Blvlnii   lhe  i-n
it   ►'i.iiKth   liy  hulldlni*   up   tlie    con-
uil.sts   bisbbI   a-asslstlm*   nature   in   (iollii-
'i*iTk    'll'" prKiirlutors* have  8"  Uiucn
Ui   I,, il-, en.Hive powers  Hint   they nt
jjoe   Hundred     Iiollisss   for   nny    case
t   it   lull*,   lo   cure.    Honsl   lur   I Ial    *j(
ii im,.subs u       Add roe*.
"    |     .1    (JUKNKY   &   CU .   Toledo,   li
.„:,!  In   alriiiiKis.tn.   76c.
nil is Family l'ills ■*■*••  the  Kwi
Jci n
anv hus nver  10,0(10 author*!
nrilliiK     in    Iii'.     Dnudran,    ol
the  h'uRt     injurious   alcoholic
'ink*, nre filler und  bsDer,   while  the
lust   injurious     is    can   de   nil.-a   ,
h    wrecks    the health   ol i'laii*,
sThe  various   poriimnciil  hoards     ol
a ali. ai ism and  arbitration    in  the
tiitctl States ure known to hmu
tiled r,rt.*> lalior troubles during the
iSl    <s',ll\
I'll    r    is    ilapcer  in     in*i.!t rl :n ' a
1. t      Manv     who     have     shod    of   caaii-
liiiitiiB'ii -hited  t'  trnuiiiis    fes ni
finikin o   iiiilowed  Ib\   a  cold    >''"   H
ittls'sl "ii um limns, and  iu a short
ne they wero beyond  ths. skill    sis'-I   iilivsielan.    i'jssl   time      used
rkli's ,\nl i-Cunsiiii ■ ' i\i*  Rvnif   I s*
il  uai. t.iai lit"   fliclr lives would
I'-.-is snared.    This  medicine has
s ii     fssr     ciirinc   ssBii'lss.   mil'
u    nil   iiiei'iioiis of the throat and
>A'.aa is iii existence un oxocl i«*-
u of St. .Murk's I'limiuu Ie.
i I. un u smnllcr scnls*. It wbis
liill i"''i years u.40 by the Euipnss
piheiii.e II. at 'Nnrcchla, in llui
|ri.\ Ince nf Kostroma,
_sl\ OILS—llu- most ciBnrlesivs*
fcelimoiiv, r<*|ionts'illv laid hefnie the
Tublic In the columns nf the ilailv
as proves thnt Dr Thomas' Ec-
rtric iiil— an aD8oliii"*.v cure cstiij-
i.ntfon nf m.\ of the tlnosJ roinedlal
In in exisleni'e—reinedjCH  ihciutmtic^
iiiin      irinlii ats's    nnCCtlcrS     "'      '•'-
In out   nm!     Ii.ii's    nnd    cures   i-'lu-  i
rs.nmls.     sines       lameneHS       tumor"
Urns, mil  uiitiries ill   horses ami s'lit-
lliineaiy. which wos the liistcoiin-
ij on llu* continent lo adopt cycles
in thc collection nnd delivery Of let-
ers,   i.s   about   lu   make  another     n.i-
niile departure in the use t>r iiiiitoir
tins i'i r ' this work.	
Award's Liniment Cares Dandruff.
I'i'iss  nmi  lieiuis  ate  the  most    1111-
■ iitiiius isf vegetables, containing us
inch    Carbon   as     wheat   and   double
lhe 1 mount of muscle forming  food.
"Hello, Mary I what's the matter, you
stem out of sorts?"
" Out of torts, Margaret, I should think I
am.    Life is a burden."
" Oh, noiiRuiiHe, .Mary, you have a fit of the
blues—it will booh pn.su oil."
" The blues might pass off, Margaret, if
that wero all; hut my poor sore hands and
Soiling hack mmsiin."
" Why, wikiiss nlive. Mary, what has put
vour lunula in that state I VVhal hard thirlc
knuckles you've got, and how lagged your
nails are, too 1"
"Hard knuckles and ragged nails I Itah I
What is that to ine, I wish you henrsl ihe
gmmb'ing I have lo stuntl ahout hard Hansels and raggud olotlioa after I have washed
them. Hard knuckles anil rug*;uil nail:! ure
not my only troubles. "
" Yes, but why should ths) flannels or your
knuokles ha hard, or your nuils or skin he
out up in that way!"
"Why, surely you know, Margarot, you do
washing as well as I."
" Yes, hut I hear no griiinhliil|{, ami see
my Im in Is, they are us soft and freeh as
any lady's."
" Why, bo they are, Margaret; now, how
is that ?"
" I toll you what, Mary, you want to have
a sloclor's ad\ ia:..."
" Oh, tlio doctor may euro my lunuls, hut
he wanl iiit'li'.l   lhe ulolhcs or asotten  Use
" lah, yes, he will."
"A abactor itieisi ulo'shes anil sofUin flannels! Yon nJwaya would have your littlo
joke, Margaret."
"Serloualy, M iry, 1 am not joking, anil 1
will tstll yon a secret. Have you ever board
of Sir Charles Cameron? Well, ho is one uf
lhe highest anthosities in hatlglaild, llo will
l'lcsi lent of the Royal ("ollcge of Burgooos,
ninl haa a whole string of letteia at
tho end of hid name,. Well, I rend
a simple statement be inatle one slay, ami it
cured mo of sore hands, har,l knuckli's,
aching hark, soflenisl tho flannels, ami prevented the clothes going so soon to latter!!."
" What a funny doctor, and what was it
you road 1"
"llosaifll there wissBonietliing he used himself, and lio recsinimensls'tl it to women when
washing clothes ; anil 1 said to myself, I will
try that. I found out that Queen Viatoria
herr.B'lf used the same ill hor castles in Ki :;-
land, and that further convinced 1110. You
know, Mary, theae people have a means of
knowing things that we poor people tako
years to find out"
" Well, what did Sir Charles Cameron
" Well, it was simply thia; ' I have enrsi
fully analyzed specimens of the Sunlight
Soap. ... I he points in the composition of this Soap that are most valuable
are its freedom from freo alkali, the large
percentage of fatty acisU which it contains,
ansl the purity of tho iiiuU-i i.ils employe.! in
its preparation. 1 employ the Boap, ami
from my actual oxperienco of it can strongly
recommend it."'
" I have myself found from experienoa—
and it stands to reason - lhat soups Wiled
with alkali must ruin the hands anil destroy
thc clothes.* I found thero was no sense in
hurtling iny hands during the day anil rubbing glyccrino on during the night. They
never got time to get bettor, Sim ight Soap
being made from pure oils anil fata cannot
hurt tho hand or tho clothe*. Imagine the
foolishness of rubbing the adulteration of
common aSoups into lie' askin and in'.o tlio
sjothes, ami liien having to was'i nut u.5t
manly the original dirt of the clothes, but
lhe   soap   adult--a' on   a*   well—that   is,
washing 'l rt with dirt. Simple Simon could
acaiv-ly do wot-so. '
'Oh, Murgiirct, I wish I had known of
thia beforo. My hands might have been
liko yours to-day.    I '..ill Iry it in my next
"Do, Mary,and bestm it is Sunlight Soap,
anil asl. fair llo Octagon bar. It is an islca.1
(shape for the laundry. Anil just a word
beforo I go, Mary, if you (iml that your
grsx.or does not keep Sunlight Soap you liav«
only got Ui sctnl his name ami aililross to
Lever Brothers hiiutcsl, Toronto, and they
will semi yon a cam pin of Sunlight Soap
without t*ost."
An A sun si nir Riper tint* lit With ChaltC
Hoists and a Vinegar Sea,
The lionising experiment of n lllllpu-
tlnn nnval battle can be made witb
white clinlk nnd the ordinary table vinegar. Model, say, a dozen chuuks of
chalk to the resemblance of ships, pinning the bottoms evenly and using
matches for masts, smokestacks and
turrets. The rival forces! you can distinguish by coloring tbe enemy's ships
with black luk, leaving; yonr own white.
Having placed them in 11 pan or plnte
close to an Imaginary dividing line,
pour a good quantity of vinegar between the chalk sticks. Instantly you
will hear an audible seething, like the
hissing of shells ia actual warfare,
Dodd's Kidney Pills Cured Mother
and Daughter.
Canada's Largast Exo'usivo Ma-i's aad Boys' Outfitting Stora
    .     a vnrl    Thi, Is ail-joliit.ly s laat, snsl it meansl«
III  CAUie    "CIV    DA 11A    Bverv-dsvlssig.isifellmllh*'skin satinot lie hurl esrea
rlL-oON'S FLY PADO     :. ,„,,,;„.,.,„„.w<i.-orhour,m •'•*•••"■«•*
  BnnUhl Boat*, hsjosuss thh aos|i is niailo Irom oils
i,l I,irsxli '•ioigh to "**!«< ther. I. none 0,
|,»:  liirniug saussUos. that Is Mused I* »lk^"'
Arrow    Ussata,    SkS.O.
.    Disss   iiiIsh'1,liana   springs,
Hlnlstsr   las   r   nilnil   tllMetiss*.!.
j'luek  Ir.iin the nieniiiry  s,  ni.itsil  sorrow
lla.s  out     the   written   trotililes   ot    ths
And   flaiith   H«s-et    ohllvltius   tinlldtitss
I laanse   the   sltilltxt   Iiossbiib   ol   thoss   perilous   sit aiffs
WMi-h   sBiJi.Ii   honvlly   uibsbbb   Kidney, l.iver
nn.l   Sti.ii,urh
Theieloty    ui,   v,  w|,o   suflsr-Otve l'h»-
sli'   In     tha*  altARi, ;   have   none  of  It,   hssi
'"nn anal  l,<> catnil  at
The Halcyon il«t Springs Saiiit*irimnB.C.
TBUMS—#16 to 119 1 or ■••s..
(SOB,  Bl».
A   I'lt'isilt   Imly  hns srnl   mil   to the
i'.i|ie 11 number of sheep ns n present
i in tha* liners.
HOOIIS  In  I Ita-  Sslnr Syalertl.
'I'lui-e nre nl lensl  hvi'iiiy moons In
lh" ssilur systi in     Pn Iti I'll  alone  bus
PlRlll, the hi;;; ,s: nf (ill'lll, Tllfllt. belli:,'
nearly iwlce u,,., iss «»r i'.<«* moon, nutl
•'iii'iisr posses •.!•.••. four, rnnglni* in ill'
ineiislons up.*:'I'll rrsini Huropn, Jusl
sbsJut us large n:< the orb of lerrestrloJ
'ilkht. io Uiiuymede, greiitest of all
'•'a'i-.vii uioons, Willi a dliiincter of :5,480
'"ill's, "vherens ihe moon bclontflug to
■ his world Is only 'J.I(W) miles tbroUgb.
I.nws should bo clenr, uniform nnd j
"iroclje, To Interpret them Is nearly al-
"bv.'ivh tooorrupt them.—Voltaire,
Their in*vs*r wiin Bns! iieva.v will lis' s,
univi*i*.iil I'BsiiHt'i'a. in one it'itit'il.v. fsir ull
ills in  which  iii'sh  la  belt*-—the very bbu-
Isiiti nf iiBiiny iiiristlvf.'s lis'lnu such tlsssl
wtsrs'   Hit'   sri.ritifi   nf   other   nail   differently
a.'la.sl     tlissSBhOH     I'OS'letl     til     lilt.'     H.VHt.lll     Sif
iln> |.Hiii'ni— whwt noulsl relieve one ill
in tarn would ia|tffravsto the a.iher    We
h:s \ i* howtvsr, In Quinine Wine, svlii'ii
iilBtiilimlile in Hisuiiil, siti.nlttlleriilt'il slsil...
a isBiitsstly fin intsiM' nail grevtoiifl i'lH l*v
III mailutil snil iudli loiiM USs* llis. Is.iili'sl
*... sll'inss    Hie    letl   Intit   I'siii. iilesfli'i'tsi r  nntl
*mis*nisili isy ti"- Influence winch Quinine
sxrrts sm  nature's imn  restoratives,   it
relleess ilie drooplnu siiirits a*.i thaise
uith whom a chronic stale it inoibitl
lit't.litiiisli'iir.v ssnsi luck ot IiiIcm-hI in life
Is a illNesssie anil hy liitiiiiutli/liiM the
I nervCS,   illsiaoses   to  suunsl   uml   ri'Iti'-liiiis;
iloep—lin parti vlfror to the action of the
illlBBllil.       Which.     Ilt'illai    81 illllllllll'll,    ri.lll'Ht'S
. tlii'iiuiih      Ills*    seitiN,     Htrei'srt lieitiniE    the
hi'ulthy   uiiii'iiil   liinslloi'.H  aaf   the   system,
1 thereby  'issskinsr activity a ntieuiMry ie-
•Ulti xtrciiKlhs'iiiiaii thu h'SUIC hiiiI RlVlna
j life las lhe illi*eslive oruiir, s. which nntti-
1 rally tls'inuttsj iiicrcanetl Mulistttinv- BCHUlt.
; Improved   niipetfte     NoMhrU'i   .Is    l.yintin.
1 uf   Toronto,   have   Riven to the tiuhik
theii Superior Quinine Wine ai  tho uiual
1 rate,    ssutl.    i'ius,;"ii    by  the opinion* ol
I scientists,   th*.   wine  approaches  nearswt
lieri'ssutinii    nl    env   "in   the  ninrki'l        All
traiRisliitss  ssell  tt.
while ships, as If pulling up steam,
will begin to move forward ln slow
revolutions, leaving behind them
white streaks of foam sucb as nro
observed ln the wake of moving vessels. When meeting at tbe dividing
line, tbey will bave attained quite a
respectable speed, bumping and culling
together ln the endeavor to push one
another farthest from the dividing line.
The engagement often proves an exciting one. Of course tbe side has won
which has tbe larger number of ships
nearest tbe center after tbe affray.
Tbe cbemleul Bolutlon of tbls seeming
mystery ls quite simple. Obalk, being
largely carbou, combines wltb tbe acid
ot tbe vinegar in carbonic acid—tbe
same gases tbat cause tbe effervescence
of most mineral waters. Tbe gases
rise to the surfaw of tbe vinegar in
small bubbles of sufficient strei'.-:tb to
cause tbe current wblcb turns tbe
Since tbe patriotic youth will want
to see tbe American boats win, lt will
be well for him to remember tbat tbe
best quality of chalk contains tbe largest proportion of carbon. It will also
prove of advantage to plane tbe chalk
carefully, so as to permit it to glide
The Cat and the Donffhaata.
Tbls ls a true story tbat my grandmother told me about ber cat and dog.
She used to find tbe cover off her
doughnut jar and also noticed tbat ber
doughnuts disappeared.
One day she heard a noise and found
that ber cat was on the shelf where
tbe doughnuts were kept.
Then It put Its paw in tbe Jar ana
drew out a dougbnut and pushed lt off
the shelf, and the dog, wbo was looking up at the cat, caught tbe dougbnut
ln bis moutb and ate It
Wbeu tbey found they were caught
they acted very guilty.—Our Four
Footed Friends.
A Hole Through Yoar Band.
Not a real bole, you know, but just
a simple little trick to make you think
you see one. It ts what tbe scientific
people call an optical Illusion.
Roll up a piece of stiff writing paper
so as to make a tube about twelve
Inches in length and one lncb ln diameter. Hold tbls close to your right eye
witb your right band and keep botb
eyes wide open.
Now, open your left band and hold
tbe side of It against the tube about
two luches from the far end, nnd a hole
will appear in tbe middle of that band.
No Remalader.
"Seven eheep were standing
By the pasture wall.
Tell me," said the teacher
To her scholars small.
"One poor sheep was frightened,
Jumped and ran away;
One from seven—how many
Woolly sheep would Hay?"
Up went Kitty's Hngere—
A farmer's daughter she.
Not so bright at figures
As she ought to be.
"Please, ma'am"-"Well, then, Kitty,
Tell us If you know."
"Please, If one Jumped over.
All the rest would go."
—John W. Nslson In Little Chronicle
Mrs. 8. narnom Tells Uow Her nuokiioh*
inns*.,,.,,, ursssi and lies Uutighler Jb'uuud
11. a ills,
Madoc, Out., April 27.—(Special)—
The hold those standard Canadian
remedies, Dodd's Kidney Pills, are
obtaining on thia community grows
stronger il«y by dny. "Tried and
found not wanting," is Iho verdict
awarded to them in dozens of cafes
where those numerous ailniouts aris*
inn from dlsoased Kidneys have han-
ishi'd the health and threatened the
livs'S of people till Dodd's Kidney
l'ills have come to Ihel.' relief.
And an nuh who has been benefited
from Uiidd'rt Kidney l'ills recommends them to another nnd he or she
in turn funis relief und health, It is
not to ho wondered at that whole
families unite In si 11141 tiK tli.'ir
praWrs. This is what the Ibirniims
are doits'    Mrs. s. Darnura says :
"1 husi been troubled wiih Backache, oi'c of thu Hot symptoms nl
thc painful and dangerous Kidney
Diseases I Imsl beon tsihl tlmt Dodd's
Kidney Pill* Word a sure i:nre, and
lOSOheil to try I hem The backache
soon dl •"appeared 1 ami has not como
bn.cI. li. in a most satisfactory s'.iiie.
"Jdy daughter Annie, inn. was run
dowr and oul of noils and Bubjevl
lo pains. IV.dd'f Kiiltssj l'ills had
slim.' nie »o much 1 in ii 1 ce.-.nla.."il to
ir, theni in her raw' Tlio result is
her pain Is irnjiu ujid she is In good
health a.a,a:li."
The purest of all-wool Scotch Tweeds
(imported) in the latest fashionable
weaves and mixtures.
Perfectly Tailored Suit! In the
smartest lining Single Breasted
Saci-Aie   styles.    Your   local   dealer
1 will ask at least S12.S0 to $15.00 (or
I, equal value.
.    Send  (or our  samples  and  iclf-
I measurement forms.
flavin,-" book aver publiihed. Just fresh
from the prtu, ana describing the best
Clothing In the world. It's worth
dollars to you—a pont-c-wd will CDCC
bring ont •      •        rnfct
Importer anil Manufacturer. "" -
Toronto, Ont.
Ylii'   ni'Nt   inturiialinnal   Cinveiilloii
os  lu'ioiculosis  will  boffin  In   Uet'lin
mi lh' -'Jn:l Octobnr, nnd .ii>:tin.,
iniil the aoth. Two <!ia\s v ill 1 ■
de-. otqd lo a cui'ii/u! exniiilnrition "
different establishment!-: fflir lhe Ire 1
of the almost universal Iiost.
A Popular American Consul ill
Caiiada Says He Knows of
Remarkable Cures
Wrought by
Pai no's Celery €onii>ound
'ilie Great Spring Medicine.
J/iey will owe you adMofi/ra
titude aw after.
:- M -•   ■* ■'■■V.-/1 v
The claim that I'liinc's Celery Coin-
pouud is thu only lams-si medicine in
lhe worlsl for the cure of rheumatism, neuralglu, nervous and blood
discusses,  is fully  borne oul by    the
striiiiK  and  Convincing   letters ol  los-
tinion*, received csinstnnUy b> '.he
|iriB|iiieiiirs of lhe popular medicine
Nothing else has evei |io.sss s.sesl anything like the potter of I'ssine's Ccl-
a*iy Compound to restore a healthy
nervous tone lo the entire hotly and
lo thoroughly cleanse the lilunil.making ii impossible fsn rheumatism,
neuralgia nmi oilier troubles' tss lind
lodgement in the system. Ministers,
|iroit'ssiini.*il nun gei'iurally, new-spu-
per men, public officials 11ml ail brain
wi'i kei'S. men ttlin.se daily outlay of
vitality, because of hard. trying,
anxious work, is excessive, find *■»
newed neive strength and \iiulity iu
Paine's Celery Compound. Qcncrai
Wm W IK'iliy, <\ mer Icon Consul in
lbs' city nl  I'tibi'C, snys :
"ll Kiwi- me irieut plesisnre to in-
u"-.' rii'iit*'*< I'llfliy Ciiiiipii'.inil liolh
011 account of the results obtained
"nn iieiMinal use of the renteily anil
knowledge sif tbo remarkable cures
it has pei 'formed. I believe il has
no en 11.11 in curing diseases of the
iii'ivsius system and building up those
who are weiilc anil o1!! sif health. It
'ms cured several frletuls of mine of
rheumatism in its worst forms, nnd
I IiiiVs* ins hesitancy in recommending
it In oil alllicted with thut disease ''
It- is now slefinitely announced from
Athonn that the next Olympic games
vvitl  he  held  in  the spring of  lOlll,
Minard's Liniment Cores Buns, etc.
Iltisslu tan* fifteen years has encour-
iij,s*il the cultivation of cotton iu
I urkcUiin, and she has sucreeiled.
li, ISH'.i the cotton crop was 70,000
bales, while the sstlmated production  ."•>••  l'.)li:l  will  be 504,000  bnls'S
advises  the use of
for bread baking because of its uniform excellence and always satisfactory results.
Pattern by her advise and your
baking days will be replete with
lighl, wholesome and healthful
loaves, to put roses into the cheeks
of young nnd old.
rive tr - BUtU ul ' ti- i.'..r. .1- ' 1'oifar-*.    su hn »,-.,., .„ m ,J out tne teeotin  i trues    nun       - -.....,
Dollstla,   Tu Un; *,,-■ „-\ 11,4k n,r the third larffest numbet tha sum uf Thirty Uuilsui.   Tu tht person miking thsj
fourtli Isr-fest nunu>ef the sum u( Tireniy Uvllsut,   Sbc-uia two 1  " ■—* •*"■ *"* -1*0
prizes wi.l i - div'Jed t*etw*en them, (stach rsxcivtnr J:' •< 1 11
first three \ w  • ■ will have to t« di*i i<*J, lenh re, en in*; \bo 00), snouiu iour |icn>iui smusn.t,.,	
thr ■*'.. ;   - ■■ ■ r (. -   .>■*;;. \ r -*.*ii.i. v di-rl-Jed (caih ir rniajf $50.00,, and so oa Id like r>r')Dortl'*ns,jprovldea
-Utey ciiQipiv with tsimii.e condition atiout-stti.h wp will -*rite as-.cn as aniwen are received.   WH PO NOT
i    .   .  ... .utv tAtt,L.mi vnuiKctfBB this ADVERTISEMENT.   Ifyoucinniika
„_, _^_r.      Ith • almii-e cundlttcm at>out **h|sh we will -urate aa aorn as an*' is. mr in r..c.i.    ........
out v t. li. i* like a aCsomplete list wjlte ua at oiue encloainsz a-cent if***i.-> it our icply. I'O NOT DELAY*
WRI1 b AT ONCE,   A-Uiwt, TAR1SIAN MEU1C1NB CO..  Oevi   Bl LONDON. ONTAItlO. ^^^
jA?M'#t' *ns & fa-til/ JLtwrvrt- aJfisOiis.
Hosv  I lip  Asss'ls-Bits lt,*Knrsl,'il  Iro».
Till aucletlt Ki-yptlntm lielleveil thnt
iTOB was the hone of Typhon, the enemy "f o.-slrlH, nnd for this rensou It wns
WHeldeied luipurs. NoouoeouW mnke
use or it even fur the most ordinary
feqttlremonts of life wltlioiil pollutlnil
his soul in n wny Hint would ciiiii-e
I'lra barm both on earth and 111 tbo
other world.
Tilt*   'Manillas*.
The th'ttr.ili Is stroiiffer thnn all the
olber HliKurs tti;.'lhef.
TUs*  Ssls   BfTaolllB   Aet.
,,.. n, „i,i.... ike It Is said Hint «
lo'nslbli' im' 11 mini to I'l'inlcr hlm-
,'. i-.;M''. '„.«*.
r   riUuiw'l   Tbnt's not nt >i" ro*
CoiuposHlen  Game.
A single article ls shown for s limited time, tbou put away. All ore furnished with pencil nud paper and told
to write as complete a descrlptlou as
possible, but lu few words. Tbe papers
nre collected, and tbe words on encb
aro counted. A prize ls given to the
oue who has used tbe fewest words In
s good description.
Menacerle tinm-*.
The boys and girls are seated In a
ring, and one begins, "I nm n bird, red
and green, and can do wbat no other
bird can, bave a booked bill," etc. Tbe
first one guessing "pnrrot" describes
himself as a bird or animal to be guessed by tbe others.
th* IoIIowIok prliss (or codsibuIIUod at
tht WlnalpstK Exhibition of 1U08.
At tVlnnliMa
$175 IM SOU!
Demand* Sound Horse* Only.
l.ssr ha-SSISal atlSB sh.nli.lf tWr«t«al.alasaI*
T. ,'v.iiic. SUs-aWs for aas... t*i*.  1 ba s<sss«ly
in:ii'!;:ili!,'.    Vleii in tills country are do
Inn II I'vir  a', iy,
My r    'i on iloll'l   tell  OIPl     UotV
lliry llltllium' i V
Uyor- Hy i.. uiyiiiu "unions women
What Willi** Thou-fltt.
A thunderstorm enme up very suddenly nccompnuted by a high wind.
When the blnck clouds rolled over the
sun and lt began to grow dark, six-
year-old Wllllo sagely remnrked to bis
mother, "The wind blowed the sun
A  Hen'*  Clothe*.
At little boy on a visit to his grnnd-
mother snw her plucking a hen.
"Do you take their clothes off every
night, grandma?" be asked wonder-
For th* hsMvlsst  calf,   any  pur*  l.res*sl.
or grade,   boni  after   th*   1st  January,
1008, fed on Carnefac Slock Food. $100
In (old.
For th* second Heaviest Calf, any
pur* br*eS, or grade, born after 1st of
.iMiimrv, 1003, fed on Carnefac Stock
Food,  $60 In  srold.
For the third heaviest calf, any pijrt
breed, or grade, burn after 1st of January, 1903, fed on I'nrnslac Stock Food.
$•15 In gold.
Only one entry will be allowed frem
each Farmer or Stockman, and stock
must b* exhibited at tbe Winnipeg Hi
Evidence must be produced at ths time
of exhibition to show that the animals
were fed on  Carnefac Stock Food.
Csmsilac bas proven a d*rlsls*sl success.
I'linidiiK into condition and (iilii'tiina
where other (nods fall Send for lets.Uet,
giving the viams ot veterinarians *s to
the merits of Carnefac. Tliey all speak
highly of lt.
W. 0.  Douglas, Manufacturer,
Princess Street, Winnipeg.
You can  obtain  It from your dealer.
wtllflTOslca pssTmisis.nlcure for Spavins, Blneernss.
Splints, s.urlaa, ate,, aasst a i ; si... cf Ltuitneaa.
IS Csi'a fl lliis Bill'l, Of CS1S1 .aaa.lv,    Sn, h rsi'laa.usises.t,
ssi tlse one lesslosalai ate a guataiitca ef went.
C ured two Bono Spavin* ot Ten Vein' Standing.
lijilvm., M.Y., Mar. i,, ,901.
Or. B. J. Kfns1.ll Co., s.rsitlriaia it:—Sssnso voas, acas I
used your Ken.lssll i SnavtaCttTei ss a lisitso llut liailtwo
Bone Hllisvlna. mislll s.trao.r ' tha-m cssBss.ls.. The,.
■MvtstJ Iiil 1 tc.s uss lain Issisis I aa, antl w.ro of ten
v. a.' atansflbse. Inow havss cetsi a mas. sliai waa
fnjut.sl by sail "{ t'"'.:'' B latttlae. ansl .an -asin»> sss s*laao
her cosss|slet. t:..ismrnt *.'!*. .our flisr.*isi Lu,e. Pl.au
irntl ina.copy ofyasir ".'I T-.tlsaoBB sib. II-tso an.l Mi
l'l....,...'' V.ss.s.vrry tin a. CLARK O.  I'ORT.
•|?rlc» 51 : Six for 16. A, a liniment for fsantaly n*.
It hs, no e.)nal. A.k your alnssivl-s for Kei'alftll'a
ispnvln Cure. aslv. "A Trsatlse oa tlss Korea.*
tha I .- . fs.e. ss, a ..ac,
DR. B.). KENDALL CO.. Enosburg Falls, VL
A ini'ity hut. i.t to n woman wh. t
a iliiriirml stud  is  In n lis>ts'l  cldl'V
A   ts'is ilili'   UCplORlOB   tusili   plato   r.t
ths- Nmihwcsti'in Star "ii company'*
iiiunt. Minneapolis, resulting In thu
iii.iMi sif i-iovon persona.
is one of the most important
things for every farmer to
Blood Purifier
will build up a run down horse, i
It tones up the system, rids
stomach of bols, worms and
other parasites which undermine an animal's heals Is
50 cts. a package.
AGENTS,      •     •     •      UONTftt*iU.
«■ j 1, aseiaaiaaawnlJvJuaaSsawa
Aii  elephant has only t'ij.rhi teeth
I ul Log other.     At fourteen* yetirs    tha
j 1 Is'i'linn1,  Ii'kch  his  first  SOf   0/   ti's'th
.uml b in-'.' Bet grows.
p>|. KJ. IMo.   -sr»3!e3. THK. DRILL, SLOGAN", B. C, MAY S. 1903.
C. X. Smitrf.rinoalr, Editor and Prop.
B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
th* first insertion and » cents a lin* each
■ubsarqutnt insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertisement* at same rates
mt legal advertising.
Locals will b* charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Coin me re ial Kates insula known upon
Th* Bub-rei-rptibu is *)S par year, strictly in advance; «2.50 ay*ar if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
"After the horse is stolen, Irjck the
.stable door," is the policy lieing pur
•tued by Kootes»a "•*'«> member at Ottawa,
W. A. Galliher. Since the govern-
ment announc-ed there would be no tax
placed on lead products, a flood of tol-
a-j-rams has beeu let lsoose on Ottawa
protesting against the treatment accorded the industry. As a result some
animation a-jems to hare been impart-
isd to the dormant lieing of Big Bill,
And he is now bestirring himself on
behalf of his indignant constituents.
He haa actually addressed the commons ou the subject, but where he got
his courage from is not explained.
His deep concern for his suffering
people, however, has come too late to
do any good, and it won't eveu serve
to square him with the electors. What
people would really like to know is,
where the deuce was Galliher when
the question of lead came up and what
was the matter with his tongue?
The much-boomed English colony
planted at Saskatoon, in the Territories, is turning out to be a huge <*on-
fidence game, successfully aud scientifically worked by a professional bunco-steerer in the guise of a parson,
Rev. Barr. It has been proven that
tbe reverend colonizer has made upwards of £10,000 out of bis scheme,
asecuring a rake-off from the Dominion
immigration department of so much
per head, likewise from the steamboat
nnd railway companies, and then a
heavy percentage from the mercantile
concerns selling the precious victims
farm implements aud general supplies.
A big row at Saskatoon resulted in the
Territorial government agents having
to step in and look after the colonists,
many of whom were destitute and all
practically ignorant of pioneer life.
.They wens loaded up with unsuitable
goods and implements, bought under
advice from the reverend manipulator,
and for a long time to come many of
them must look for sustenance from
the hands of the government. Ban-
has been given his walking ticket, but
he can afford to take a holiday. The
Englishmen were easy, yet it is to be
.hoped their experience will make them
the more determined to become citizens of the soil aud to win success in
their new surroundings.
British -Columbia has a brave reputation for scandals in political circles,
but a little the coarsest of all deals to
come up is that in connection with the
•Columbia &  Western  railway grant,
whereby 625,000 acres of the richest
lands in the province, situated in East
Kootenay, were to have lieen secretly
given the C.P.B. lt had been suspected for a year that all was not right
and finally Oliver, momber for Delta,
probed the affair sufficiently to get a
commission appointed to Inquire into
the circumstances.  Since the commission started sensation has   followed
sensation,until now it has reached the
stage where the rascals have fallen out
among themselves and each is hasten
.ing to tell on  the other fellow.   One
•thing practical has been accomplished
so   far.     The   government    passed
through a bill cancelling tho C.P.R.
crown grants to the lands and the
lieut.-goveruor has signed it, after a
long and anxious delay, so saving the
people a valuable heritage.   The disclosures at the commission have cans
cd the legislature to adjourn till  next
week, to further the iuvestigations,and
prominent counsel has been engaged
jko help Oliver elicit the truth.   The
jobbery comes in in another light bv
the facts   shown   that the cancelled
lands were to bave been relocated by
interested parties, who were to share
up, it is said, with certain memliers of
the house.   Strong accusations have
bean made and the lie passed more
than once, and folk may imagine tbe
■ijtuation is exciting.   Sufficient proof
is forthcoming to demonstrate that the
legislative halls at Victoria have been
.sheltering a precious nest of rascals
and they should be turnwl out without ftirthor ceremony.   Turn the ras-
Valt* out.
The Morrissey Miner has died.
Dunsmuir's coal miners are on strike
at Cumberland.
Sidney Norman went out to Spo-
kaue on Friday.
Supt. Downie of the C.P.R. was
here on Monday.
A choice line of old papers is for
sale at this office.
The spring assizes will lie held at
Nelson on the 18th.
C. F. Nelson and wife, New Denver,
were here on Saturday.
Business is picking up at Rossland,
900 men being oinptoyssu.
The first electrical storm of the season passed over on Monday.
Fishing lias been pretty good of late
aud some elegant strings brought in.
Kaslo and Ymir are laying themselves out for a big celebration on May
A. McDonald was taken to the hospital, Saturday, suffering from heart
H. Clever will replace his burned
block at New Denver with a handsome
Mayor York leaves for Edmonton
on Monday. He will be accompanied
by Frank Sherry.
The heavy windstorm of Wednesday
blew down mnn*/ trees aud prostrated
the telegraph wires.
The Orangemen will celebrate at
New Westminster on July 13 and at
Vancouver on the Uth.
Mrs. C. B. Taylor left Wednesday
morning on a visit to relatives in
North Cambridge, Moss.
No further rock slides are feared at
Frank and business in the town and
at the mine is being resumed.
Bob Allen's heavy team rau away
on Monday morning. They caused
more excitement than damage.
Much labor has lieeu expended on
the hospital grounds, a large .section
of it being fixed up in flower beds.
Nelson is forcing its delinquent water and light users to pay up. Monet-
is coining in freely in cousequence.
E. M. Saudilandshas lieen appointed miuiug recorder for the siilwlEce at
Sandon, vice Tom Brown resigned.
The Nelson Tribune appears in its
old-time form, Saturday's issue having
lieen made from its own plant and office
A mc-oliag of the license commissioners, which was to have been held
today, has lieen postponed till the
Tomorrow the opening of the new
tennis court will take place. All lovers of the sport are invited to join the
The management of the hospital
will hold their second annual ball in
the Music Hall, on -Monday evening,
May 25.
Lapointe's big boarding house, on
Vernon street, Nelson, was destroyed
bv fire on Friday night, causing a loss
of S5000.
Ewert Bros, of Rossland have se
cured the jewelery stock of Jacob Do
ver, Nelson, and have re-opened the
Steam was gotten up in the boilers
of the shingle mill on Tuesday for the
first time. Everything worked satisfactorily.
The Liberals of the interior met at
Nelson on Wednesday and organized
a district association. Slocan was not
Owing to the rockslide at Frank,the
Crow's Nest railway is blocked and
through traffic is coming and going
via Revelstoke.
Why be uncomfortable with a trail-
in<- skirt when 7~k will buy a ni(*e
skirt-hoider at Arnot's? Something
new; see them.
A Vancouver syndicate, headed bv
J, D. Fergusou. has securexl 13 miles
of land«l*etween Elko and Fernie and
will liore for oil.
There appears to be trouble among
the executive officers of the Provincial
Mining Association, and charges of
graft are being made.
R. I. Kirkwood returned from Chicago on Tuesday, accompanied by his
mother and sister, who will take up
their residence here.
Word has lieen received that Mrs.
Dan BIcLeod, who has been dangerously ill at Badger, Wash., is now on
a fair way to recovery.
More changes hare lieen made
among the C.P.R. officials. Supt.
Downie is removed from Kootenay to
the maritime provinces.
There has been a general cleaning
up of alleys and backyards in the business section this week, effecting a
wholesome improvement.
A. David, wife and sou, of Saudou.
missed through here ou Friday for
Daneville, Wash., where the former
will seek renewed health.
The fire brigade organized a footK-ill
team on Tuesday evening, at their
regular monthly meeting. J. Pinch-
lx*ck was put in as captain.
Boys, try one of those new collar
buttons for the collar front at Arnot's.
No more cussing if you use them.
Don't forget the Slater' shoe.
Premier Laurier'a bill, raising the
head tax on Chinese to S500, passed
its thirl raiding in tho Domluioti
house of commons this wi***k.
John Sherdon, one of Slocan's old-
timers, was visiting the city this week.
Messrs. Williamson and Burns, with
their wives, wbo had been visiting and
inspecting the Arlington mine, left on
Monday, going out by way of Revelstoke.
George Maharras and Geo. Buckas,
two Greeks employed on the Great
Northern extension near Elko, wero
blown to pieces last week while thawing powder.
The Clara Hanmer Co. are billed
for a three nights' engagement here,
commencing with tonight (Thursday.)
They come here for the first time and
well recommended.
J. D. Taylor, of the New Westminster Columbian, and W. Wilcox, of the
Phoenix Pioneer, are in Victoria to interview the government on matters
concerning the interests of the press.
Ladies, before sending out for anything in fancy or staple dry-goods, call
at Arnot's. He has tne most complete
assortment ever carried in the city.
Call and see our line in white goods.
A. Balcolm, employed in Winlaw's
lumbering camp lielow Lemon creek,
came up to tho hospital Saturday for
surgical treatment, bavins" cut his foot
badly with an axe. Dr. Keith had to
put five stitches in the wound.
The Ozoiiiigram, Vancouver's new
paper, published by Col. Lowery and
Billio MacAdams, has made its appearance. It is a lusty looking infant
of eight pages and its compositions
are in the editors' well known scmi-
humorous style.
Appended is a complete list of the various record* registered atthe local regii-
try office, II. P. Christie being minin-*
Apl 24-Melton.
Apl 28—Wood tick *nd Woodbin*. R I
Bentley and H R Jertntl to C Dempster.
May 1—Notice by th* sheriff of cancellation of seizure of interest in th* Slocan
Slocan Prince, Black Prince fr, Doir-
•it, Dundee, Four Friends and Sotnmer-
eeitli J** in tsch, C Murphy to A York.
rpOwhom it may concern: Strayed into my
J. premises one bay horse, named Billy. Owner can have same hy paving winter's feed bill
anil tin* cost i,l advertising.
Twelre Mi!... Mv 4. 11103,
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
" Slater Shoe prices are branded
on the "Slater .Shoo" by the "Slater
Shoo " makers who know tho wear
worthiness of the hidden parts.
Common shoes are priced by the
dealer who charges what he can get
—high prices when you need shoes
—cut prices when you don't.
Seo that you get the real "Slater
Branded "Tho Slater Shoe "—in
a slate frame. Value the sarae—
prices the samo all the timo.
Made In Canada AO Years.
For Man. $4.00 and $5.50.
For Women, $3.50 and $5.00.
For Boys, $2.60 to $3.50.
Sold in 15 "Slater" Stores and 200 Agencies.
A "Slater" Polish Shine Last* a Week.
Alex. Rogers, Wcatii or ifflproremeDts.
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sunday, nt 11 a.m. anil 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2.-.50 p.m.
Prayer Meeting;, Wednesday, 7.00 p.m.
Stranger* and young man
ar* forilially invited.   .   .
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
TN tlio matter sif ibis application fssr a aluplicatc
of a Certificate of Tills! to frfsts V, and In.
Hlax-lc :7. Slasriin f.'ity I Mail 49«) (Inter nil*.)
Notts** i» hereby (riven tlsut it is iuy Intention
to i--ut*. at tli* expiration of sans* month from
tin'Rrast piitilication Issrsof, n duplicate of ilia*
Certificate of Title to the nbflBve-nsentioneil I.a>t*
Vi am! Us. HIbscbV ;7. Slooan City (Map IP6I lint.T
nlial. in the name ssf Hslenii I>csUri*.n>. wlsirls
Certiflcate is dated tbe BUli day ot April, MB,
unit numbs*rss.1 7?iK.
H. F. M ICLBOD, Distrirt Registrar
Land Registry Oilier. Nelson, B.C.. April nth,
/}> JOINING &><£■
i)E Cfents pays for three monthi' membenbtp.
•f W Each n;**aiS'-r receiTOS tbeoijciftl cluli orcau
and inurnmeDUl new music cacti month, 10
pipcei la all; a.-fo a C'crtiGc^t-e of ftlcmber-tbip
winch Riffs the priTi>*-f-e of Club Koorn ia lS'ow
York City, aud of Uu> in| literature, music or mu-
itcal instruments of any deicription ftt* holr »al«
prices, mt lag you from -■"',' to COX on your pur-
CsbAa-K**. Don'tf»iltojoin»t once.YouwillRet much
more than jroor money'i worth. M cttal Lrru-
•4BT-MCSIC (,'LUH. Dept.     . IV) N-",-•<-ftu -St.. NY-
NOTICK is hereby given that 3fi days after
date we inteisd tss apply, at a special
meeting of the Boarsl ssf Lfoensuig Commissioners faar the City sif Slaicnn, for a transfer a.f the
retail lit|nor licenss' fsar tlse Arlington Hsalel,
sitsl.it.* on Lots 1 ansl 2, lllisek A. SltAs.au. from
ourselves to Knowlcs sti I'atretniin.
Datosl at Slocan, H.C., this 8th slay sif April,
E. H. Tri-kman. Witness.
Garden Seeds
Flower Seeds
Timothy Seed
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in bulk
Just arrived from D. M. Ferry'*,
the great Seed Hon**. Kor nalo
Onion Seta have arrived.       Leave
yeur order carl v.
Csaliieronlstn Mineral Claim.
| Situate in tli* Klot-an City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
\Vher* locates]:—On the first north
fork of Ix-mon crsjok,
TAKK   NOTICK  that I, M. L. Grim-
null. ai-tiiij*aiin*iMit for The Cameronian
linlili'c Silver Mining Co.,limiteal lialsilil*.
F.M.G.  No.  BH!I2'.*1), intend, sixty day*
! from   the date hereof, lo apply  to  Use
Mining Uecorder  fora certificate of im*
! prortmenta, for the purp***of obtaininf
| a Crown grunt of the ahove claim.
,    And further  tak*  notice   that action.
' under lection 37, must h* commenced
i liefore the ii-piiancs of such certificate of
Dated this 7tb dav of Octolser, 1902.
20*3-03. ' M. L.OBIMMETT
SiiBuggler Ulnorsal (Isslsis.
Sitiute in SliH'iin Citv Mining Division
pl West Kootenay Disitiisi. VVhrtrv
located :—On tli* slope of T*n Mile,
alsout   three  tniti-l   from   the lilack
Prince M.C.
TAKK NOTICK that I, W.  D   Mac.
Kay, acting a* agent for J. ,1. Uodf-M
ire* miner'* certificate No. Bs^Qn'
Intend, eixly day* from the slate li«rt*o(
to applv to the Mining Uecnnlor fur >
s-ei tilii-ale of improvements, (or Ilia pop
por-eof obtaining a Crown grant ol tin
alissve claim.
Ansl further tak* notico thnt action,
unsler section 37, must ba COmmtlU*)
he fair* th* iasiiuanc* of such certificate ol
Dale-.) thi* 4th day of April, 1903.
10-4-O3. W. D. MaiKAY
Untarlss Ne. « Mineral Claim.
■situate in th* Slocan City Mining Divi-
sissn of tlse Weat Kootenav hiatrict.
Whero located :—On a south fork of
Lemon creek.
Take notice that [,Win*1ov E. Wnnltsn,
acting a* apent for Cha*. \v. McMillan,
free miner's certificate No.l'.»i7l47.iiitcni|,
lixty slays from Iheslate hereof, to apply
lss 'he Mining Keen.sles; for a oprtifleat*
ssf improvements, fssr the purpose .if oli-
tabling a crown grant fur lh* above
Ami further lake noCcas thst action,
under section "7. mint he comment*!
hefore the issuance of inch certiflcate ol
Dateil this Mth slnv of April. 1003
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be without a ranee v-hen
you can get one so cheap ■• The\
are prcforrable tostoveaand j-ive
better Bfitisfaction. These ranges
burn woocl or coal and will lie
set up froe.
M A dvertise your A
tl  A? _ g 0 1#•"■ *rk *r» tr* I mv. l IJ
H. J.
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Hat/Jug oponod a first class
eistablisliuii'iit on Main Street,
the patronage of the public is
oolioited for Honw-Maade Bread,
Wholo Wheat Bread, Oakea.
Pies, and a full line of general
14 I.aaiiv... of llread fair •* I .
I'l.ll lVeiKlil    is.nl l)n:illlT
l.Hisi';ststa-<ial .
Slocan, B. C.        I
XTaOTICE is lisrctij; (riven that sintler tlis pro*
Av vi*i„ns of llylnw Nai. fi, Pouusl ninl DOf
Till Bylaw, it is unlawful fur nny person Its ssif-
fer any Isnrse, intile, hull, BOVr, slirep, kssisI, pi^.
or csttle, ssr isnultry. to run nt lnr»r» within Iho
limits of the City s.f Sltn-an.
Every owner of a <1s>k in the City of Slocnn i*.
required tn pay nnnuiilly a tiusaf TwoDollnra
fsirench don owned by blm ; ninl every owner of
a hitrli in tlie laid lit/ ll rcajni roi to pHy annu.
ally n tnx of Three Hollars for every bitch owned by bim.
Ko person shnll suffer or permit Ills dog to run
nt lnrire in the City of Blocan for whirl, «ucli
person hns not paid the tax r«t|iiireal of him.nnd
unless such dog shnll have iiround bis neck a
SMsllar or strnp, tss which shall lie attached*
matnllic plnte. tsi lie supplied hy the (ily on t|,f
p.i) iiii'iit ssf tlse said tax, the said metallic pinto
Ititrinsr rnisesl or stnmised tliercoii the lottt*r« C
T.P. (City Tnx Paid.)
Warning is herehy ifiven thnt nny person
(fiiilty of nn Infraction, Air violation, of nny of
tho provisions of the above-named l.'ylaw Is, hi
nsldition to the fees nnd charges set forth I heroin, linhle upon summary conviction,to a penalty
of One Hundresl Hollars und the costs s,f prsase-
ciition, nnd in default cf payment to Imprison.
mauit for li terns nol exceeding two niiintlis.
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man mu.t
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a reward
to all ->ersis
trnt and liberal advertisers: it is read
bv everyone,
ny Orilcr,
Nlwnn, ll.C, April 29th, 1908,
''Ily Clerk
At All  Times
Subscribe for
local paper:
THE DRILL,  $2 per year.


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