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The Slocan Drill 1902-08-22

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TOL. III.. -*•■ 21-
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   AUGUST   22,   1902.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Hot weather is here what's »
the matter with   ....
.A* Steel Ba/tl_. t-uTd
It never wears out, rusts or becomes
unfit for U6e. Can be had at WOODCOCK'S.   Six foot or infant's.
Full line hardware and miners' supplies.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slsean, llritish Columbia.
""Tales' Silk Gloves
Good Quality, all Sizes, and different
Shades, were 65 cents. ....
We want to clear them out at the
Snap Price of _0 cents. . . .
See them.
mi    DDIsfib IM THP CITY a well known citizen of Montreal,and the lease secured by Al Teeter. Two OUR     ORE   SHIPMENTS
•wv-iu. rKiUK. ii"-"  iiiruv-iai   .  ,       . w ,, n   s*ami n(. ,..., ».,.  „„,„„,.„ nresant cmnlovod shaping
Thlak. It a DUgrace That no Money Had
Bessa Spent 111 the Camp Thi. Year on
T-nltl—Want. Mltsoral Aot Left Severely Alitne for a Whilo.
father of Walt C. Adams of the Ar
lington mine here, died suddenly on
the lllh. Capt. Adams followed a
sea-faring life for many years, becoming captain ef merchant vessels
trading* to all quarters of the globe.
He was interested in mining in vari
ous parts ef British Columbia, and
was nlso president of the companv
owning the townsite of Midway,
W. T. Shatford & Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinney, 11. C.
A. YORK & CO..
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmanship is Good
and Prices are Reasonable
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It  is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
OnTHlNQ & HENDER5QN; ■ Proprietors
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Notwithstanding the warning contained in the last i'*suc of TheDbill,
Col. Prior, minister of mines, persisted in coming to this burg, landing
here on Monday. It did not take him
long to lind out that tlie charge made
against his confreres wub true—that
no money was spent in the division
this year on trails—and he acknowledged the corn like a man, and said
it was a downright shame, which was
very nice of him.   Thc colonel had
no bustling reception when lie came,
ns his corning was unexpected, but it
did not take long for the folk to get
next him, and  he soon had his ears
filled with tales ef wants for the division. He listened a while and then
went up to the Arlington mine, accompanied part of tlie way by Chas.
Hurlburt of the Kepublic mine, and
■Sidney Norman of the Black I'rince.
The colonel returned to town about
8.30 p.m. and then the fun was ra-
, newed.
He has promised to uso his influ:
j ence to get government assistance to-
I wards  repairing   the old  Springer
road up to its junction with the Kepublic road; to assist in constructing
a new piece of read along tho south
side of Springer from the halfway
tu the Arlington;   to   improve  the
Black Prince and Ten Mile trails; to
reconstruct the Lemon creek road;
and to gut a road into the ranchers
in the Little Slocan Country,    lie
said it was a disgrace and shame tlie
way the camp had been neglected, as
its merits were recognized by tlie
government.   In this connection lie
enunciated a new idcu in provincial
politics, that, where the local member was oppostd  to the govti'nnii'Ht,
tlio government agent should iiavc
the expenditure of the annual appro
priatitniH.   ile did   not   believe   in
members spending innnioi tu  help
out their friends, but nails should be
built to benefit the  whole camp.   In
ilia past too much unniey had been
squandered for personal ends, but a
halt would be called.
The government wonld no doubt
be blamed, but tliey were also deter*
mined, the colonel said, to get after
the epeculatorsanel force them to pay
! their taxee on wild lands and crown
granted claims. The 1 tier should
be f reed to work and not permitted
ta bo benefited by other people's operations The two per cent tax, lie
quite saw, bore  too  heav.lv ou the
low grade properties and tho question called for close investigation. In
the lead camps it was a question of n
tariff to protect the lead industry,ainl
ii was the duty oi the government to
encourage tho mines as much ws pes
si bio. He believed it a good idea to
allow the prospectors to record trail
work ns assessment, for it would
open the country ami save Iho government much money.
Col. Prior thought tho great trouble with the country was too much
tinkering with the Mineral Act, and
lie did not want to see it touched
again in yean. There was also too
much freak legislation brought Into
the house, which had a baneful ef
feet. What the country wanted was
pcaco and lie would use his best en
deavors to secure It. Labor and
capital sliould get to know and understand each Other and a better fee'
ing would soon prevail.   Were t'*'*
city cotkcii..
A Short ami  Ualutereatlrsg jei»leu Mon-
flay Might.
City couneil held its semi-monthly
meeting on Monday night. Present:
Aid. Smith. Worden, McCallum and
In the absence of Mayor York, Aid.
Smith was voted to the chair.
Bills presented: Salaries of police,
clerk and solicitor for July, $121.Cd;
donation to Slocan band $50; David
Arnot, lumber and hardware, $37.22;
chief of police, advances re prisoners
to Nelson, $12.25.
Aid. Worden moved payment of
salaries as well as the chiefs account.
Seconded by Aid. McCal'ura and carried.
Balance of the bills was referred to
the finance committee
mun arc present employed shaping
up things for the winter's work, A
start has been made on a new drift
on the north side of the creek, run
ning in on the lead. Ore is coming
in freely.some of it being high grade,
and thc outlook is most promising.
tls»lil Tesichlng Death of Rngliieer Jainsii
An inquest was held here Friday
afternoon, in the city hall, touching
tlie death of James Connacher, the
engineer who lost his life in the train
wreck the previous Tuesday on the
Nakusp & Slocan railway. Dr.
Forin was coroner and J. McCallum,
W. E. Worden, Frank Dickinson, .1
I.atst Year'a Shipment! Were S514 Tons*—
A "Healthy Kvlslence of the Life »■*
Wealth of the Camp—Arl'ngteta the
Biggest Shipper.
The Enterprise comes to the front
again this week with a shipment ef
120 tons. One car was of slimes and
sent to Trail and the balance was
crude ore for Nelson. The Arlington
sent out it* usual quota of CO tons, the
combined output being 180 tons. Oro
commenced coming down during the
| week from the Hampton and it will
TT Ul  Wil,      I    I sH 11 IV      I'lvm iiisjvii,     ■ - ■
Jeff Baty and D. S. McVannel enter next week's list with an initial
Bull, „~.. ,  _.	
tlie jury. W. A. Maedonald, K C .
of Nelson, was present to look after
the company's interests, and H. R.
Jorand attended to tlie affairs of the
deceased's relatives. The crew of
thc wrecked train, together with
Headmaster Galliher and the foreman
of the section gang, were present as
The evidence adduced was exhaustive, but showed no blame attachable to tho N. & S. officials. The
shipment for the year.   Tbe total to
date is 4221 tons.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, mado
up from 10 properties. Last year
tho exports totalled 11529 tons, from
U properties. Fojlowing is a full
list ot tbo shipments this year to
e finance committee. ■ ■  -
Finance committee recommended Jirv,   however, had a ticklish time
•"  si»'.iiiiii» nnnn ts   vnrrlil't    it. tikini?
payment of bills presented at pre
vious meetings, amounting to $19.G5.
Ordered paid.
Payroll for work on Springer croek
bridge was presented, amounting to
$103.50. Aid. Worden and McCallum moved payment, which was
The city clerk stated $597.99 in
laxes had beon collected and paid
over to the city treasurer,
City clerk Bentley asked permission to secure a combined ledger and
daybook and a municipal assessor's
gui'le, the cost of both books being
f I 50, and tliey would save much
labor. The books were to be had In
Aid. McCallum and Robertson
moved that the clerk be authorised
to secure the books in question. Carried.
I The clerk reported that tho various
bylaws had been completed and turned off the s-ilieitor's hands,
Aid. Robertson asked if there was
anything to tell abvui the proposed
Aid. McCallum related the facts as
appearing in last week's Dimx. No
i it her word had been heard from tin*
sawmill company, but by next, meet
ing night it was expected there would
be something definite to lay before
the council.
Council adjourned.
in agreeing upon a vordiet, it taking
till 11 o'clock next day to sign up.
Following is the verdict:    "The said
James   Connacher   met    his death
about 15 o'clock, August 12, 1902, by
falling with engine 405, of which he
was engineer, into a gulch where
bridge No. 19 on the Nakusp & Slocan branch of the Canadian Pacific
railway had been  burned out; that
his  death was accidental; that no
blame is attachable to any employee
of the Nakusp & Slocan branch of thc
C.P.K ; and we believe that the said
accident might not have happened
had tho company used special patrolmen, which evidence goes to show
was not thc case."
Arlin-jton      _0
Enterprise    12y
Fourth of July	
YE KIM Toll FIXIIS A I'lliliM).
Fditok Drill:
Sir,—Herewith please find renewal
to mv subscription for your paper, j
which I look for anxiously every
week. lam owner of tho Esmeralda,
next the Exchange, which is crown
granted; also owner of the property
on Main street, next the Hicks Hotel.
If everyone there worked for the interests of the town and country as
you do, it would go ahead, but there
are the worst lot of knockers in Slocan I ever ran against. 1 still hope
to sec it flourish and become quite a
mining centre.   Yours truly,
Henry McKay.
Plum Coulee, Man., Aug. 9.
Re opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
. .._ -. Avanue. lloOS-s
    Cor. Arthur Street aw
Building thoroughly renovated
and restocked with the best
,„ D.UO.J Avenue, Hoea-.
Fruit, Confectionery. Tobacco
kept fresh and well assorted.   >vt dw
best the market affords.   Prices are_*^
ing woultl soon prm«n<     nw, .
less outside Interference,there woultl
be less Industrial unrest and «ii'air-*|
would run much smoother.   01 gen
erat politics the colonel profaned to'
know nothing, but   thought   things
would COine out all right yet.
The colonel left Tuoaday morning
for Silverton and  Now Denver, but
before leaving thanked  tho various
citizens fur their attentions to It im.
He was pleased at having came, for
he feund the people wide awake and
the camp in a most promising eondi-
ditioti.   Especially was he thankful I
for meeting president (sen.Nichol and j
others ofthe Iocs I Miners' Union, and '
ho  characterised   them as a pretty
level headed set of men, with whom
it was a  pleasure to ass'ieiate and
converse.   Del. Prior said it spoke,
volumes for   the   condition!  nt   the
camp to have it to say that no labor
disputo had ever occurred here, and .
in conversing with employee ami1
employer ha found that the beat of
feeling existed between them. This
was as il should hv, and the ra ml i
tions prevailing here might, well be
emulated by other sections of the
Tho colonel nfter all lost nothing
by coining here, lie spoke plslnlj
and was spoken to plain! v,amni thing
politicians do not always experience.
I'»l>l.  Ail nu. Hen I.
At iho Black Prince 15 men are
employed and, after the few day.*,
delay caused by the threat tires, development is once again proceeding
Miioothly.   The crosscut tunnel is being advanced at the rate of_l"
a day and is now in about 320 feet
It is expected tlie vein will bo reached "tome timo next month, the exact
distance depending on the di]) of thc
vein.    In all  probability it will  be
reached at a point between 120 ami
450 feet from the portal.   There will
be  127 feet vertically  between the
upper  and   lower   levels.   Tho old
workings have also been cleared up,
but it was found that the upraise to
the surface had caved in, so a new
raisu  is   being put   through farther
SOttth, and is  now   up  20 feet
stringer of liij;h grade snip lUret ore
has   been   encountered, bearing   towards the hanging wall, but the extent t.f it has not vet been determined, as it was found expedient to feline foot wall.    After the r-iso
I...mi* nn the Meteor.
Still   another  property   te start
lei is oc- operations end one that has been dor-
,f 3", fs*ot]mant for years is the Meteor, which
has been secured under lease by C.
B, Taylor, He has taken up two men
just now.but intends putting on more
later on.   The Meteor group consists
of three claims, all crown granted,
and owned principally  by Finch &
Campbell, of Spokane,    ltwns worked extensively some years back and
throe carloads  of ore shipped, the
values received  being high.   There
is plenty of ore showing In the workings, so the  lessees ought to make
money, but their early effort* will be
A ] confined   to  some  necessary  dead
Nettled Out ssf Csssirt.
A settlement out ef court has lteen
effected relative to the Summit frae-
R. I.
A certificate of improvements has
been issued the Two Friends.
Two men are working on the Iron
Horse pumping out the shaft.
The Montreal, adjoining thc Two
Friends, is to be surveyed at once
for a crown grant.
A short pieco of flume is being
built at the Ottawa to cenvey water
to drive tbe air fan.
W. F*. Perrier, of Rossland, representing   tho  Goodcrham-Blackstock
interests, was here on Saturday.   .
A. David and paitnare arc preparing to ship two carloads of oro from
their strike oia the Mercury, below
the Payne.
W. A. Maedonald, K.C., of Nelson,
wh«. was here Friday, stated work
was to be commenced on the Two
Friends almost Immediately.
W. H. Ferguson has completed his
assessment, on the Tail Holt, Lemon
creek. By open cuts he traced the
lead to the boundaries of tho claim
and there opened up a promising ore
chute, ot the same grado as in the
main workings.
h„ been put through, however, the Lou, adjoining the Speculator.
1 .... .  1. I ....„, .1, , I'.., I .... 1        _      .  I...  C.sssst*.
hum mr<«H |«v   ....	
lind will be thoroughly explored
Additional accommodations are being   provided at the mine and the
force will be slightly (ncreaaod dur
ing the month.    Future development
will depend ii|son the result obtained
in the  lower  level.    If the showing
be   satisfactory, a   new   blacksmith
and ore house will be erected at the
mouth of tho lower tunnel  and ar
rangenients made to accommodate a
force of at least 25 men during thc
*v inter.	
Spsikasse liiti-mtssste ralr.
The dates of thc Spokane Interstate
fair aro October 6 to It inclusive.
The ideal season of Washington ard
the time of tlio year when the farmer, fruit- grower, str ck raiser and
ranchman is through his labor and
in a position to attend the (air and
enjoy himself with hla family and
neigh bora. The management promises big times this fall in all departments and an* expecting a big attendance, us the railroad! are going
to give greatly reduced rate* during
tlie fail.	
Knllipell l« W.irltlsstf.
Kirkwood, owner of the Summit, last
winter applied for a crown grant, but
was advened by Jas. llorrin and W.
11. Warren, the ostensible owners of
the (iernnnieus fraction, which was
staked over thc Summit, though the
latter had been in existence four
years prior to the former. The case
was entered in the supreme court at
Nolson, but never came to a hearing.
By the scttloinutit Kirkwood gets tho
ground, which is nf value, because of
holding the Speculator lead.
I" »i hlliiKii litis 11« l'|l.
Charles Dempster came in on Fri
day's train from Detroit via Rossland. |
Next day he inspected the Exchange
group, which property lie  has been
successful in floating  in the United
States.   Work has been commenced
on the property and will be continued
steatlilv.    A small force of men went
up Wednesday io straighten up the
eanip and workings and to take out
sufficient ore for a carload shipment.
By that time the affairs of the  new
company will be in such shape to allow of a much  larger force of  men
being employed.
The Hay to Start Dp.
It Is the intentiou to commence
work on a permanent scale on the
May group, Twelve Mile creek, next
month. The group was bonded and
taken over by Charles Dempster and
associates, who purpose putting much
money in the venture. From the
small vein a five-ton shipment of oro
was mado last winter, netting tho
original owners good returns. Recent
prospecting on the ground uncovered
a vein 135 feet in width, with one
iw,.ll yet to get, and all carrying
values.   It is a huge proposition.
Block I'rlare Kaeaped the Fire.
Neatly all the men came down
from the Black Prince on Thursday
night, the iorest fire on the second
north fork of Lemon having got so
close that It was deemed unsafe to
stay longer. The supplies had all
been cached iu the tunnel beforo
they left, but fortunately the lire
died down and the camp was saved.
Those mon remaining saved also the
Two Friends buildings, an outhouse
only being consumed.   The mon all
«-    —   st*..
■ ct n ' '*,N   ',;i''"' R-0, Ad"mi r '
Oporatli >
i,        Kal 1st ell   Ten
v ■ ■ k     Snow fi
the Arlington bai
Mil,, andor'durlng the ive
'111 S     VSS1H|      vw...   	
returned te work on Sunday.
Mere Ore on the Msthesi.
The continuation of the upper drift
on the vein recently uncovered on
the Mabou claim, adjoining the Enterprise, has met  with   unbounded
success.   During tho week it broke
into 20 inches of high grade ore, at
110 feet from the surface.   Thc lower
drift on the vein is situated 500 feet
below nnd has a breast display of two
feet of ore.   By these discoveries the
value cf the Mabou is greatly en-
h need,   	
Maggie, tho youngest daughter of
If. F. Allen,•hud a narrow shave
from death on Saturday evening.
She was riding on Worden Bros.'
, dray nnd fell off, the heavy wheels
' passing over her back    Strange to
,i\    sin   eiiiapod   injurs,   ow   i
' havint* fallti :    softitu*th. THE LADY
(Copyright 1600 by Sir "ITa Her Berant.)
l-MiiaHy he abandoned his learned
Tlew nnd adopted our more modern
explanations of the ease—viz. that the
marriage was a'shiuu anil that the
woman was some creature suborned
to personate Molly.
"But what woman ean she be?" asked the vicar. "She can write. 1 bave
seen tbe registers.   She bas signed In a
full, round band without bad spelling.
The woman, therefore. Is educated. My
ds*ar. we m«y perhaps find the woman.
My worthy ami pious brother in orders
Is most certainly In the conspiracy.
When there are three, one Is generally
n traitor. To begin with, the scheme Is
both bold and dangerous, lt Ib the
lira* step toward obtaining a large sum
of money under false pretenses. Their
necks are In danger, even the neck of a
uoble earl.
"It Is Inconceivable," be went on after a little reflect lou. "how a woman
could be found to play sucb a part. She
aiusi be tbe mistress ot tbe earl. No
olher could be trusted."
"Wbat should be done meantime?"
"We must meet lhe s*nemy on his own
ground. He spreads abroad the report
that be married Molly this moruug.
We must publicly and openly deny the
ftfct Captain, there will be n largo
company at tbe assembly this eveulng.
You will take Molly there. I will go
with you. Jack sball put on bis Sunday best and ahall also go witb us. We
must be prepared for an impudent
claim, and we mift-t be ready wltb a
prompt denial. Let us court publicity."
This was clearly the beat advice possible. We were left unmolested all
ibe afternoon, though tbe captain made
me stay as a kind of garrison In case
of any attempt at abduction being
In tbe evening Molly In her cbalr and
dressed in her finery was carried to tbe
gardens, while tbe captain, the fleer
and myself formed a bodyguard.
We arrived after the dancing bad begun. Lady Anastasia was looking on.
but ber court of ladles and youug men
for some reason seemed to have melted away. She stood almost alone, save
for tbe support of the old bean Sir Harry. Tbe colonel was also witb ber, and
the Rev. Benjamin Purden stood behind her.
Tbe music was In tbe gallery at tbe
end of the long room. The dancing was
carried on lu tbe middle. Lady Anastasia was standing on the right of the
gallery, most of the company on tbe
left Molly, with tbe captain and follow *d by the vicar and myself, turned
to the left
On ber entrance all eyea were fixed
upon tbe newly made countess. Sbe
bad come witbout ber lord! Was this
part of the secret—a secret known to
oil tbe world—or was his lordship, before the whole company, about to lead
his bride to the first place, as became
ber newly acquired rank? Some of tbe
ladles regarded ber witb looks or hatred, tbe successors of tbe looks of
scorn wltb wblcb they had first welcomed her. Most of tbem. bowever,
were kindly. A tale or love always
meets with a friendly reception. Not
a woman In tbe place but woultl have
taken her place with Joy unmeasured.
As no other woman could, ttiey were
ready to accept their fate and to make
friends wltb the successful and tbe
fortunate winner of so great a prize.
It was a great prize. Indeed, If tbey
only knew.
Tbe minuets were over and tbe country dance was abont to begin when
Lord Fyllngdale arrived, followed, as
usual, by bis secretary. He stood at
ibe door; be looked around. Then,
with tbo cold pride which never failed
blm. be stepped across the room and
bowed low to Molly. "Minium," be
aaid. "wltb your permission, we will
dance tbla country dance together before I take you away with me."
I "My lord." replied Molly aloud, so
that tbe wbole company heard ami
trembled, "1 sball not dance with you
tbls evening nor on any otber evening."
"Sbe will never again dance with
you, my lord. Nor will she bold auy
discourse with you. Nor will she willingly admit you to ber presence." It
was the vicar who spoke, because the
man and the occasion proved too much
for the good old captain, who could
only roll thunderously between his
teeth things more tilted for the quelling of a mutiny than for dealing with
sucb a man ns his lordslilp.
"Pray." sir." said Lord Fyllngdale,
stepping buck, "whnt ls the mennlng
of this? Pray, madam"- he turned to
Molly—"what Is the meaning of this
sudden change? Captain Crowle, have
I or have I not tbe right to clulm my
Tbe vicar stepped forward and con
fronted him. His tall, thin figure, his
loug cassock, his thin and ascetic face,
contrasted with the overhaughtiness
of his adversary.
"My lord." he asked, "how long baa
tbis lady been your wife?"
"We were married," he said, "at 6
O'clock this morning by the Rev. Mr.
Benjamin Turdea, who is bere to bear
witness to the fact. The wedding was
private at my request, because, as you
may perhaps believe. I was not anxious to Join in the wedding feast with
a company of boors, bumpkins and
"Ladies and gentlemen"-the vlcai
raised hia voice and by a gesture silenced the orchestra—"I have to lay
before you a conspiracy which I believe Is unparalleled In any history.
You are aware that Lord FyllnMnle,
who stands before you. came to the
spa a few weeks agp for purposes best
known to himself. You will also doubtless remember that certain persons
who arrived before blm were loud ln
his praises. He was snld by them to
be a model of all the virtues. 1 will
not repeat the things that were said."
"All this," said Lord Fylingdnle, "Is
beside the nark. I come to claim my
"Among those wbo accepted these
statements for gospel was Captain
Crowle. the guardian of the young lady
beside me. It was to him a great honor to be admitted to converse with so
distinguished a nobleman and to be
permitted to consult with bim as to the
affairs of his ward. He even Informed
his lordship of the extent of the lady's
fortune, which Is far greater than was
generally understood. Thereupon his
lordship began to pay attention of a
marked character. You hnve all, I believe, remarked these attentions. Tben
came the attempted abduction and the
lady's rescue by Lord Fyllngdale. After this he formally offered bis hand
and his rank to the lady. Tbe honor
seemed very great. He was accepted.
He then engaged the lmly to undertake
a private marriage without festivities,
to which she consented. She promised,
in fact, to be married at St. Nicholas'
church this very morning at 0 o'clock."
"All this." said Lord Fyliugdale coldly, "la quite true, yet why you detain
tbe company to the narrative I do not
understand. The lady kept her prom*
tse. I met ber at the.place aud time
appointed. We were married. Once
more, Captain Crowle, I claim my
"Ladies and gentlemen," the vicar
continued, "there Is but one reply to
the last statement, for the lady did not
keep her engagement."
"Sir"—his lordship advanced a step—
"are you aware of the meaning of
words? Do you assert that I was nol
married at that time aud In that place?"
Tbe Rev. Benjamin Purden advanced. "Sir," he addressed the vicar. "like
his lordship, 1 am amazed at these
words. Why. sir, I myself-1 myself
at 6 o'clock this morning performed
the marriage service as prescribed by
the cburcb for tbe right honorable tbe
Earl of Fyllngdale and Miss Mary Miller."
"at votra periu"
7 tbls time tbe company were CTowding
round, eagerly listening. No oue could understand wbat bad
happened. The bridegroom claimed bis
bride. The bride's
friends denied tbat she was married.
"Yesterday," the vicar went on,
"there arrived simultaneously three letters. One of tbem, nn anonymous letter, was addressed to Captain Crowle;
one, from a respectable bookseller in
London, was addressed to Mr. Pentecrosse, master of tbe grammar school,
and one, from a certain fellow of bis
college at Cambridge, waa addressed to
me. All these letters together contained charges wblcb show bow deeply we
have been deceived."
"Have a care! Have a care!" said
Lord Fyllngdale.
"By these letters and otber sources,"
tbe vicar continued, "1 learn first as to
tbe noble lord's friends tbe following
"I Und that tbe Lady Aunstasln Laug-
ston hath been lately presented by the
grand jury of Middlesex for keeping a
house riotous, of great extravagance.
luxury. Idleness and 111 fame.
"1 am Informed that Lady Anastasia
hath held a bank every night in tbla
place, to tbe hurt and loss of many.
"1 turn next to the case of the Rev.
Benjamin Purden, who stands before
you. He was tbe tutor of Lord Fyllngdale. He ls described as the companion of his vices. He waa the cause lust
year of a grievous scandal nt Path, lie
Is thc author of a ribald piece of verse,
by which he has si .opted many. No
bishop would sanction his acceptance
of the smallest preferment."
"This Is very surprising." said Mr.
Purden, shaking his big hend, "but we
shall see, we ahall see—Immediately."
"There are nest the two gentlemen
known ns Sir llnny Malyns nntl Colonel Lonyon. Their occupation is to net
aa decoy ducks, to lure young men te
the gaming tnble and to plunder them
when they are caught."
Both tin-so gentlemen started, but
neither replied.
"1 now come to the noble lord before me. He Is a inoRt notorious profligate. He shores in Lady Annstasla's
ginning house. lie bus loin* slueo been
refused admittance Into the houses of
persons of honor. He Is an Inveterate
gambler. He has ruined hla own os-
tnte, sold the family plate and pictures, library, everything. He Is at
this moment unable to borrow or to
rnlse the smallest sum of money. The
Fleet nmi the King's Bench prisons are
full of the unfortunate tradesmen who
trusted him and tlie young rukes whom
he hits ruined.
"Ladles and gentlemen, this wus
the story which reached us yesterday,
fortunately iu time.  Miss Molly broke
off tier promise and wrote to bis lord-
ah!p for explanations. Captain Crowle
called upon his lordship tbls morning
for explanations. He was met witb
derision. He was told that be wns
too late—tbe young lady was already
married; there was no necessity for
any explanations."
The company murmured. Voices
were raised demanding explanations.
"My friends," said bis lordship coldly, "these inventions need no reply.
I claim my wife."
"She Is not your wife," said the vicar.
"We are ready to prove tbat at 0
o'clock the young lady was already
engaged with her mother ln the still-
room or some other occupation. Of
that there Is no doubt possible. But'"—
and bere he lifted a warning finger,
but his lordship paid no attention—
"there was a wedding early thla morning. His reverence, Mr. Purden, performed the service. The wedding was
In the name of Mnry Miller as bride.
The registers are signed 'Mary Miller.'
This ls therefore a conspiracy."
"You talk nonsense," said bis lordship, who certainly carried lt off with
an amazing assurance. "I clnim my
wife. Once more, madam, will you
come with me?"
"I am not your wife."
"We must endeavor," said the vicar,
"to find the woman who personated
Miss Molly. The clerk of the parish
testifies to the wedding, but be does
not appear to have seen the face of
the bride. Whoever she was she wore
a domino-aud had thrown her hood
over her face."   "
The Lady Anastasia stepped forward,
agitating ber fan. "Reverend air," sho
said to tbe vicar, "in matters of society
you are a very Ignorant and a very simple person. It Is quite true that I have
been presented by a Middlesex Jury for
gambling. It is also true tbat balf London might also be presented. As for
the rest of your statements—that, for
Instance, Lord Fylingdnle shares In the
profits of my bunk—let me assure you
that your Innocence has been abused.
These things are not true. However, It
Is not for roe to answer public Insults
In a public place. Sir Harry, my old
friend, they call you a decoy, even you,
with your name and your reputation.
A decoy! Sir, your cloth should shams
you. Sir Harry, tnke me to my chair.
If. tomorrow morning the company
thinks proper to dissociate Itself from
this public Insult I will remain In this
place, where, I own, I bave never
found many friends. If not, I shall return to London and to the house presented by the grand Jury of Middlesex."
So Baying, sbe retired smiling and. aa
they say of soldiers, lo good order;
with ber. also ln good order, the ancient beau, wltb no other signs of agitation than a trembling of the knees,
and this might very well be laid to the
account of his threescore years aud fifteen or perhaps fourscore.
Lord Fyllngdale once more turned
to Molly.
"Madam, for the last time"—
"Send blm away—send him away."
said Molly.   "He makes me sick."
"We deny the marriage, my lord."
said tbe vicar. "Tbat is all we bave
to say."
"At your peril." replied bis lordship.
So saying he walked away uumovesl
apparently. Mr. Purden and -Colonel
Lunyon went with blm. Both men
were flushed In tbe cheeks and restrained themselves by an evldeut effort I waa sorry for 8am Semple, for
be followed, his face full of trouble
and disappointment
When tbey were gone, the vicar spoke
once more.
"Ladles and gentlemen," be sold,
"we have thought It best to court the
greatest publicity possible in tbls matter. The people whom we have exposed will not again trouble this com
pany by their presence. I know not
what tha law may decide In this fuse,
supposing bis lordship so III advised
as to go to law. Put the truth, which
Is above the law, rcmalim thnt nn Imposture of the most during kind bns
been attempted, and thnt some womnn
has beeu found to personate Miss Molly. I have to express her sorrow for
keeplug you so long (rom your pleasures."
And with these wards he offered hie
band, to Molly, nnd we withdrew uml
the music struck up a lively country
IHKN, six
I    rettin
months Inter,
rued from a
cruise, I found that
Lord Fyllngdale, having agreed to leave
Molly free, had been
put    into    possession
without resistance of
the hulk of her fortune ninl was making "ducks and drakes" with It iu London.
There came Into my head the thought
thnt I might somehow, by going to
Loudon, find out what inuniier of life
was led by my lord and In what ways
he wasted and Bcnttercd Molly's sub
stance. 1 could do nothing to stop or to
hioder the waste, yet wheu one knows
the truth lt is generally more tolerable
than the uncertainty.
1 thought over the plan tor some
dnys. it assumed clearer shape. It
became a purpose. Molly, for her part,
neither approved nor disapproved. Sbe
wus for letting the man who pretended
to be her husband work his wicked wilt
und do what be pleased provided that
be left her ln peace.
The end of It was that I went to
London, riding with a small company
and meeting with no adventures on the
way; that 1 put up at one of tbe Urns
outside Bishops-rale and that I found
out my cousin and put the whole case
before him. He was a grave and responsible citizen, a churchwarden and
of good standing In the Stationers'
"You want to know how Lord Fyllngdale spends his money. I can help
you In this business."
It was by tlie kltid offices of this gentleman, whom I found to be a person
of quick wit and ready understanding,
besides being of a most obliging disposition, that 1 was enabled lo see with
my own eyes an evening such us my
lord loved. As for the details, you
must, if you please, bold ine excused.
Let it suffice that our ebservatlous began at a gaming house and ended nt n
tavern. At both places 1 kept In the
background because 1 would not be
recognized by Lord Fyllngdale.
He enme in to tbe gaming table with
tbe same lofty, cold carriage which he
bad shown at our bumble assembly.
He advanced to the table; he begau lo
play. No one could tell from his lordship's face whether he lost or won. In
half nn hour or so my friend returned
to my corner. "He has lost a cool £300.
They are whispering round the tnble
that be loses hundreds every evening.
All the world Is ns'.'ing what gold
mine be possesses tbat he can stand
these losses."
"1 know his gold mine," I replied,
with a sigh. "But It is nearly exhausted."
We staid a little longer. It was about
10 or 11 in the evening tbat bis lordship
left tbe table.
"Come." said my friend. "I know tbe
tavern where he will spend the next
three or four hours. I can take you
there. The bowls of puuch and the
company and everything Is provided
at his lordship's expense. Mr. Pentecrosse, It must he not a gold mine, but
a mine of Oolconda, to bear tbis profu
"I tell you. sir, whatever It Is, the
mine Is nearly run out."
"It will not be bad for tbe morals of
the town when K> has quite run out."
As regards the tavern and Us com pa
uy, it Is Indeed astonishing to me thnt
any man should find pleasure In such
a company and In such discourse. Ai
the bend of tbe table Bat my lord. He
appeared to be neither pleased nor tils
pleased. The drink flowed like a stream
of running water. It seized on nil anil
made their faces red. their voices thick
Tbe noble lender sat unmoved, or. If
moved at all, tben by a kind of con
tempt At 2 o'clock be arose ami walked out Into the street where his cbalr
awaited blm.
"This Is his humor," said my guide.
"Play Is bis passion. It Is the oue thing
that he lives for."
So I had learned all that I wanted to
know. It was now quite certain that
we were within a very short distance
from tbo end. The lauds and houses,
tbe fleet and the business would be
sold.   What next?
The day after this experience In the
life of a rnke I paid a visit for the
first nnd only time to St James' park
In tbe afternoon. It was, I remember,
a cold but clear and bright dny In
January. At the gates stood a crowd
»f lackeys and fellows waiting for their
ladles nnd stamping on the ground
to keep off the cold. Within a goodly
company walked briskly up and down.
They were the great people of London whom I 8uw bere. While 1 looked
on, admiring the dresses of the Indies
and the extravagances of the gentlemen, who seamed to vie with eueh
other In calling nltentlon to themselves
by their dress and by their gestures,
there passed me, wnlkiug alone, a lady
whom nt tlrst I did not recognize. She
started, however, nnd smartly tnppetl
my hand with ber fan. She cnrrietl lhe
fan. although It wns winter, Just ns the
beiius dangled their canes from their
"Why." Bhe cried. "It Is my sailor!
It Is surely Jack I'entecrossel"
Then I recognized the Lady Anastasia.
"And what Is Jack Pentecrosse doing lu this wicked town? And bow ts
Molly, the countess? Come. Jack, to
my house. It Is not fnr from here. I
should like n talk wilh you ami to hear
the news. And I will give yon n dish
of ten. Why, I left Lynn In disgrace—
ditl I not? On account of the grand
Jury of Middlesex? It was thnt evening When Lord Fylingdnle turned upon
his enemies."
Her house wss not very fnr from
tt. James sireeL As we walked1 along
lhe discoursed pleasantly In her soft
and charming manner, ns If ibe wus
made happy Just by meeting me and
as  If  she  had  always  been  thinking
about nie.
She placed ine In u chair before the
lire. She sat opposite. Kin* rang the
bell nnd called for tea. Then she began to talk about Lynn am] iis people.
"Tell me, Jack, about yuur friend
Molly, is she reconciled in ber rank
nnd title yet? I believe that she dues
uot live with her husband."
[io uc* '*0NTt***DBDl1 )
iiiitis Toned.
•■This." the salt'sinnii wild, banding
Milt another pael.nge, "hs 1,1*0 nn , ..,-,,|.
lent Hiilisiliuic for en . n ,s N,.IV
wholesome,   it mnl en nil hi, 1 -
"llnvtn't you mi: .1   ! " :   , ,  1 ,,,,,
yoium woman «lib .,, , "tU.it
makes blue blood?"
San's-rsl said! "Carals, you"**** « brick."-,
bull}- Paper.
Mis.kr,   Jo.-li   S.lilioi'il.
ViH.'i'i* u brick
01 Hie richest, rarest us";
Boldier-irarhed such stuff, would live
[■Visi'ir unil .1 liny.
I * 11 y  iiio,   ils.it   plus k   like  J'tUlM
Wllill'l lalicllcil-'SlurlinH  WslTS  X
Hsi.iii't  r.iiiKlit  whoiv shut  tiutl Well
Uusir tlH'li' lUreuouli'S of Dell,
Vet. Jusii Ban'ord, tlttiy calls
Klusis   In   smocks  nusl  overalls,
IVl'ltea  UifU'  ii.imes   luipi-rlsliuble
Rrwi 011  :iu olsl  farm  Well.
V'etinu J'»-si Sanford,
luiwii ii hole of treacherous anna,
wiisic this merry ueni'i oglrw)
Von and 1 would quits.** to standi
PIggUl'',   dii'idiisa,   whistling  p'rlia****,
,ii.»i line una ui' otber i-imiis-
VWifii  t|i*l  awlyl shlv'rlflg xwt*ll
Oivad th... 'shies that groaned and rev
Thin Jsw'i Saudford—where wersi you?
Goii lu heaven ouly  knew,
Swift   was  death  anil  liurlitl
lo  Ihul  sles'i)  sepulchral  Wed.
I lead 1   Jt*sh  Sanford!
Yes, they ealsl—
I.Ike lhe  well pipe,  Rsiosl and  deep*
■Pill  a tupping on   the  pi|s.'
Miule a hundred pulses  iY«p--       * ■-*-**
.Minis,  a  huusli-cil pulses Hag
An.I   i,   hundred   shovels  rlug;
I jist I   Bach tap e.liiii* like a knell
Mated to a uiurt'lui*e bell,
Ansl Josh Sonfonl   all cried "save
IMg Is 1111  from his living grave";
An.I   th.*y  slug  for yuur grim cell—
Hug,   till  sunk again  th.;  well.
Fullb * Josh Sanford—
You  t-liall  show
In ytiur soul's extremity
Valor,  such as scorns ull fear.
Staggers all  humanity.
I'll* lit   1  hundred  torturous hours
All death's nameless,  hhteutis  powers,
Make men  leap to say,  farewell-
Hare ths. demoniacal—
Heiii!   Josh Sanford—Saved I   Weil done—
1 a in ie, illinium, Hamilton;
These have wrought a miracle,
S-'uali-licit you  living  from  lhe well.
Shake—Jo**t't   Sanford,
You have crowned
Willi  tin* laurels uf your fnme
Everything thai honor loves
lu a truly bellowed name.
Pitjr,  tho*.  (hat  pluck  liko yours
Wasn't   labelled    "Kltinotis  wars";
Think what homage 'oust compel,
And .the grand  things  possible!
Slny,' Joah Sanforil -fnnii* ansl tlmt
Know   no  struggle   mon*  sutilluie
'Jlian  ths* 1 11,,  that   vou  mild  tell,
•  Dauntless hero of the well.
-rT. 0.
Here lu  ii-rtheru solituiles,
Souudlng aborolaiids, glooming  wooslSs
Whs re the pities their tire 11113 i''-ti<*arf*e*.
la  the  home of haunting verse.
Dreams of beauty here Inspire
All the aumiDs'r's radiant tire,
lu  tbe gleam of leaf aud  bird,
Kre   the   Autumn's   voice   Is  heard.
Fluting,  s»ft,  her woodland turn*
Down  tlis; gol1l.11 afternoon.
Where  the  seaward   ships  gu  down,
Ily   some undent   Norman  lowu;
Where the northern marches lie,
lis.hlits  under mure sky;
Whero the n iiti'.-ih woosiiuusi jiiuouie,
Luminous lu   fenfy   roonn,
With   Hs   ancient   sunlit   wine,
Luder suioks* of dusty  plue;
Hero   tho   soul   of  silence   'srsjodn
I'uder   haunted  sulltudea;
Hsrp  Itsnt   spirit   rare and  pursi,
Uf  (he   mUS(S  who  endure.
Dreams the Wisdom's quiet <\ve,
While the  phantom  years go liy.
Where fai* siiiilauds shin., and drowea
Aud   gnat   leafy,   golden   hoighs.
Swaying, pendulous, within
a si. ep diaphanous and thin.
Answer ... the drowsy mind
Auil lotterlnga of the thoughtinl wiqs|s
Hire lu seasons lone and lunu.
The spirit rare of, northern song
K'eps  In   slrraiiis.   remote,  apart,
Tin- cud 1 a of !i«r own heart.
--W.   Wilfred   ('umpbell
111*   |i i-t . It _, 11 laiicd   I iir.er.
The gentlemen to whom the degree
of doctor nt philosophy was awan od
recently by the University ol Toronto havo hinl u distinguished enreer us
under-graduate nnd graduate stu-
tients Mr. It. O, Murlson (11.A.,
'08) nnd Mr. it. Davidson (D A.,
'!»!>) stosssl in the first-class In Orientals oiid philosophy until their ftnol
year, whon they those Orientals us
their specialty, und graduated with
high honors in 11014 department, lu
Knox College they made a reraarlo*
able record for broad uml accurate
scholarship, especially In Oriental
nntl Hllilleal study, Dr. Morison,
whii hns 1 11 |i.iiin-,.r    |n Orientals
ill    l.'l|iV|.|sil>     ColUge   Killl's!    1HH7,      in
already wol| known us 0 scholar and
Investigator, His published m-
searches Into the primitive beliefs of
the Seinltl-' peoples have attracted
attention, and ho lms written a
sketch nf the history ol Babylonia
uml Assyria (Edinburgh: T and T.
('link, 10011, which bus met with
universal approval. Ho Is nt present
engaged on a similar sketch nf Egypt
lor  Ibe sunn* series.
in. Davidson wus lecturer lu Orientals In Trinity University, Toronto, ilniiiiK Iii fs t Season, As lbs* bidder nf tin* traveling scholarship trom
Knox College he intends to spend a
year in study in Europe. Dr. Muri-
Htm's major subject wns Hebrew, his
tlrst minor Assyrian, nnd his secnml
minor modern history, iiis thesis
wns "tin* Serpent in Hebrew literature." l>r. Davidson's major subject
wns Assyrian, his firs! minor Heb-
ro**fi  nntl his   socond    minor (iivok.
Mis thesis wus "tbe Semilic  lVimnli-
nivi-1'oifn.i Tense " in nil D( these
lubjeots the   candidates ttmk   lirst-
t'lttss   Standing,   nmi   ib,,ii-   wurk   wiih
ot distinct original  rlt,    lt    muy
encourage thoie who arq endeavoring
in promote post-grnduato studies in
Toronto to note that although one
nf these gentlemen hns already pursued a course ol study in Dormony
and   the   other     Is   ul |   t<i   tin    the
same, uml although resident fellowships In Bemttlc langungee are offered by several American universities
both of   them   preferred   to receive
tbelr doctor's degree (nmi u,e hands
of thu iihini mater.
.1 l.atiiinsisrit tsi i„, Removed,
Thn old stone chimney which stands
on   the   lands  of  tho  Niagara    Knlls
Tower Company is to be removed   it
wns built hy the Branch in l7fio
und wns tlio first atom* structure
erected ln the Niagara locality
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An old book in .which won* recorded tin. acts of John Walker, a '■»''"
Ut sir Durham, furnishes evidence
that ln> waa the lirst Inventor ofthe
luclfer match, fn 1H27 im h".'1 tne
Brat box, tin. price being eighteen
If the young mini In the case Is '»
love and the kIi-1 Isn't hf tiiakt*** »
fsiol of hiiiisolf; but. If the girl « "J
lovss anil he Isn't ho mnkes a fool o
Whim th.. officeholder loses his s',|r
In* iiis, si  i.-mh hiiiiilHhiikiug The Drill.
uu. return ol tho Ceres mon
-•«<•*..!-■ On,,,,, wore   celebrated
"i  l'ik'shiiv
in nearly every street in Japanese
Ities is n public oven where,  for   **
smttl I
Liiiiiiicut cure. Bum.', _tc.
fee, housewives may have their
ers and suppers cooked for them.
1 bought n horse with a supposed-
incurable   ringbone    for $80.00,
cured   blm
with    $1.00    worth   of
Mm in tour months for $85.00. Prodi on Liniment, 154.00.
Hotel Keeper.
St. I'hillip's Que.. Nov. 1st, 1901.
MINARD'S LINIMENT for gale Everywhere.
!t is claimed that a sure euro tor
hiccoughs is to inhale us much air
as the lungs will hold and retain II
as li sis t* as possible. If one iniuU.s-
tii-ii is ri.t sullicient repeat tli.'jir.i-
cess 1
Ctrl""*    sitsiss*    lssusls*m<*DS«   of   Oar
Alusrialura I'ssaalr Srleiitlale.
Adjuuj* tlioiisiiuds of curious objects
of utility, weapons, etc., of the races
that peopled North America In prehistoric tunes thnt one sees In the ciises
mil cabinets In the Smltbsoiiinii Instl*
tuiiou nre sotno Ave or wore curiously
aru'.i,i;i stone objects from wounds ln
"Tennessee bearing such a close re
lembliiin'c to modern flutirous tbat
many people bave thought thut sucb
might Imve been their use among their
prehistoric makers, although It would
be haul to imagine what tbe primitive
Ibcsriglnes of tbls continent had to
The shape and appearance of these
•"■'/•cis lu every way correspond with
i: i.'t-n flutiron, handle and all, and
fl** far scientific men have been un-
'tie to discover whnt they were usesl
for.   lt Is, however; Just a little singular tbat wrought stones, similar to tha
•lies from the Tennessee mounds, hava
i>eii found ln Peru among the tombs of
the lncas and at the necropolis of An
con.    The old Spanish  writers,  men
who accompanied Plzzaro In the con
quest of that country, state that the
ancient   Peruvians,   who   were   great
builders, used these wrought stones, or
bo called flatlrons, as trowels In plas-
terlnK walls with mortar.
Tbe objects found In one of tbe Tennessee wounds are the only sines that
were ever found ln the United States,
ind the only way to account for their
(resence In that locality Is to suppose
thnt lu pre-Columbian times a great
deal of Peruvian material reached
countries far to the north of tbe Istb
_'...■. by menns of Intertribal trade.
Some of the caterpillars found In the
•dcinitj of the Darling river.  Austra
Ha, ure over six inches In length.
Tbe lenders of a flock of migrating
*lld geese become tired sooner tban
Others and are frequently relieved by
their fri lows.
Tin. may buzzard is snld to be the
hens isst bird that Hies, the young
mnl. k. when fossd Is plentiful, weighing
nenrlj forty pounds. The bird Is nearly vi li net.
The terrapin lives largely upon crabs.
Be never eats bis food, but bolls lt
His favorite tidbit ls the crab's claw,
whU'li he swallows wbole with tbe
ireatest relish.
The glowworm lays egga which, It ts
•aid, nre themselves luminous. Ilow-
W»r, the young hatched from tbeui nre
not possessed of those peculiar properties until after the Brst transformation.
A whistling moth Is an Australian
rarity, There ls a glossy space on tbe
"tags crossed wltb ribs. When the
moth wants to whistle. It strikes these
"•l)» with Us antenna', wblcb have a
■"••.oli ut the and. Tho sound Is a lovo
•.nil from the mole to tbe female.
ll*pald Ira Kind.
At n certain ball In the country the
ether evening a gentleman undertook
to Introduce n coinpunlon to a young
somewhat stout lady, wbo seemed
A man is usually doing the    very
lu,st he can or else the very worst ho
The Herman Empress decorates
with » i1"1*' cross every servant who
has remained in the samo family for
forty years.
hut ., ,_
to be pining for a dunce.
"•Nn. thiinks, old fellow. I don't care
to waits with a cart."
•** "cart" Is understood In the district
Werrcd to as o partner who does not
Jo her it-are of the dancing, but bas to
"•drawn around,
A few evenings later tbe same young
',(*J'. Who had overheard the conversa-
yon. beheld the youug man seeking an
introiiutti,.,, and asking If he might
"»voti,u honor, etc.
"No. thank you," ahe replied. "I may
*■* • "art, but 1 am not a donkey cartl"
A Glnaa C'pinpnt.
A : ■,,,!,, ve, „*_,.„„., ,.,,metit may be
""''   lo   use   In   mending   glnss  nmi
'"'"'ill'..!'.,  by  diluting  the  white of
V." '" ' In lis bulk of wnter.    Heat up
™opnii|"lily. th,.,, bring to the consist-
tin']'    "f   *■•■■■   'mKle   witl-   I,0'vl*('r,'*J
HUioklliuc.   It nuist be used Immediate-
J,jrl1 «'||| lose Its virtue.
Crick*' llsssvllna.
U* r**«l cricket l.owler oi'dlnnrily de
elalit " lm" "* n lmt'-' of " 1"11"' om
hl,."*v feel a second, ur ubout sixty
"Wat nitrate 0t soda iti amavU
27'    »h°*e*T weuther under
F°r Weak andSickry Child.*en During the Hot Weather.
llwudj ol children   die   during
he hot weather months, because sunf-
mai complaint and stomach troubles
ome suddenly and mothers do not
have the moans at hand to promptly
check and eure them. 1„ homes whore
Baby 8 Own Tablets are used these
precious little lives can be saved
and no home where there are infants
and young children should be without them.
Huby's im,, Tablets will promptly
cute all stomach and bowel tumbles,
and are a great relief to teething
Children, The tablets are Bold under
u positive guarantee thut they contain neither opiate nor harmful drug.
Crushed to a powder they can be
given with absolute safety to u new
born babB. Mrs. R, Ferguson, 106
Manslleld street. Montreal, says: "I
have used Daby's Own Tablets and
have found them the best medicine I
have ever given my children. My
baby hus always been small and delicate and suffered so much last summer with his teeth tlmt 1 did not
think he would live. Then he was attacked with dysentery, a feverish
skin    and  cough.      As the   doctor's
nedicitie did not help him, 1 sent
for llaby's Own Tablets and they did
" im  a wonderful     amount    of gootl,
nd he is now getting along splendidly. I gladly give my experience
or the benefit of sither mothers " If
your druggist does not keep these
Tablets they will be sent by mail
post paitl at 25 cents a box liy writing direct to the Dr. Williams Meslicine Co., Drockville, Out , or Schenectady, N. Y.
An Old bachelor, when he feels blue
und discouraged, always regrets lhat
he has no wife to whine to.
stand still, ye whirling planets;
Ye have no need to whirl;
We have no eyea for thee; they're en
The Kruiluatliu,' Kirl'.
Berltilioned unsl In laces], she
Is Just about to ShOW
Vour brightest constellations
A thing ur two. 1 trow!
Now cll)is she With her scissors
And Wields tin- silken thread.
While visions of lur triumph
Are racing thruuKh li.-r head,
And on her ntiRtr nimble
Shi' tits Ills- f. stive thimble,
A rosy, blushing symbol
Of youth lo coiKiuer Sped,
li.si u. nil ye weighty questions
And problems of lire disy!
W>- have no time for yon now.
No matter what you weight
Let business complications
And Kraal u flairs of state
Stand back; we'r>* near commencement.
Ami Other things can wait!
Lei armies vie with armies,
Let nations fall or rise,
Bul for these less.r matters
Wc have no cars nor eyes;
We're deep in admiration
Or nil this pn partition
Kor i arly graduation
And Incident surprise.
Stand still, ye whirling planets,
Vour dizzy dance suppress!
Yi* deem yunrs.lv. s Important,
ISut stand ye. none the less;
You're hardly worth a mention)
We rivet our attention
On each demure dimension
Of the graduating dress.
-liultlmors Newa
Tobacco Plan*.
The Nlcotl'lllll ::!'iiiii*i. or sweet BOfnt
si] tobacco plant, should be In every
j iirdeii. it nttalus n height of two feet
i:;:dsr gosnl conditions, bears nn nbuu
t- mce of Inrge, fragrant, pure « blti
I ...ssiims nnd is suiticleutly bnrdy 'I he
plants, If cut back at the time of tbe
nutumn potting, will bloom nil winter.
Tlis- Imlliiss Viisn.
Tin* Indian vl it Is a bar Of hollow
bamboo, to wblcb nre fastened two
empty gourds, lt Is Strung with dubi
wires, Ave of which nre provided with
movable freta.	
A r.uiUlim  Hint.
P:ilt pork Is nti excellent substitute
f( r biitti i in *••■ ""Ini" nl*"" **' i']'> * '■'■
of full win re butter might be used.
Ilnli'l   fnf'-'i I    100, tlllll   n   few  'l'1'!1* ''f
olive oil for di-llciile* frying is fur belter
tuau tntu i ni uny price.
I'.siss sssssi Pans.
Ynu enn Ml IllOlf* nbout tlie quality
of the hntmckwpliii" from the condition
of Ibe i;i ulcs nntl pans In lhe Rltcbon
than from tin* way ibe empire furniture is arranged lu lhe parlor.
A recipe is not B cake.
■a nn hour,
The .lews in (ieinuiny nre considerably    perplexed     thnt   their numbers
nre receding In the Fatherland,
A 10 cent packet of
Fly Pads
has actually
Killeda Bushel
of Flics
Wllh.VI .--Th,. wijeat i,uukoU ,iur.
'"li Uie past week have continued to
aeeiine dally, with scarcely thu least
sip oi reaction, Crop weathor eve'ry-
wteie has been favorable, and the
volume oi trade, extremely light. The
consequence is tbat in the American
speculutne markets there has only
been one wuy to tho course of prices
and that bus been downward.
tf anything should happen to depreciate the present line prospect for
lhe spring wheat crop a sharp advance in prices would readily take
place. At the stage which the spring
wheat bus arrived, it would scurcoly
lie possible under the most favorable
conditions to improve the prospects
further, so that any change In weather conditions would probably bo for
the worse, and much may happen between now und the time when tho
crop will ull bo safely gathered.
The demand from Europe for wheat
has lK*en very quiet for some time,
bul in the last lew days a good ileal
Of export business is reported from
the seaboard. Ilrooinhull reports bud
harvest weather this week in the United Kingdom, und this with small
stocks of old wheat everywhere, und
low prices on this side for future delivery easily leads to demnnd which
again may least to a reaction in tin-
price ol  futures.
At Liverpool on Friday the price
foe No. l northern Bprlng wheat was
lis lid
The market ror Manitoba wheat
continues ftrrn, but the amount of
business i.s small. Spot wheat is
Bcarce. There are only three shippers
in the market, but they readily take
all the wheat they can get for'immediate delivery, in store, Fort William. Prices bave eased off a little
under the effect sif the decline in the
American markets, nnd at the close
last week prices were : No. 1 hard,
75ic; 1 northern, 73Jc; 2 northern,
71 Jc in store Fort William, spot or
delivery first half August.
FLOUR—Demand is light and the
narket is unchanged as follows:
Ogilvle's Hungarian, f-2.05 per sack
of 98 lbs. ; Glenora Patent. $1.90:
Alberta, $1.75: Manitoba. 11.00:
XXXX. 81.25.
M1LLFBBD - Bran is firm und
svotth Sl'i per ton in bulk. Shorts
linn at S17 per ton in bulk, delivered   subject to usual trade discounts.
GROUND  FEED—We  quote:     Ont
chop, per t  $28: barley chop, $21;
mixed barley and siats. $26: chop
screenings, $15.50; oil rake. $30.
OATS—The market is weak anil
lower, siwinR to near approach of
harvest No. 2 white oats an* offering nt III and llljc, in store. Fori
William Feed grades are worth 517
to 38c per bushel at Winnipeg.
BARLEY—All offerings are now be-
Ing taken for feed at 40c per bushel
The movement is very light.
SPBLTC--Dealers are doing a little business in speltz for feeding pur-
poses ut 50c per bushel of Sottis.
HAY—Demand is fair and the market steasiy at $7 to $8 per ton for
carlots mi truck here for fresh haled.
POULTRY—Spring chickens, 10 to
46c per pair, alive; fowl, 70 to 7."sr,
slocks and gs*ose, 9c per pound; turkeys,  lie. live weight.
BUTTER — Creamery—The demand
lor creamery  butter is not so Strong
us lo justiiy the advance in prices
which some creamery managers '.oped
inr ill August. The make is now al
high water mark and shipments ts'g-
ulur ut steady prices. We quote lbj
to I7i per pound f.o.b. at factory
ri T'l ER—Dairy—Receipts nro mud*
cutely I. i^e. and the m i I.**' is
steady Considerable quant' ies ais>
paying 18c per pound for choicest
dairy In tubs or boxea, and irom
thai Rguro the market ranges   down
lu   10c  per pound for  lOW grades,  all
commission basis.
CHEESE—The market is steasiy
ami purchases ha\e been mads at
SJ,c per pound. The range of price:.
is from 8Jr to 'Jc per pound delivered here.
BOGS—Fresh case s'ggs an*   worth
12Jr per dtiA'ii delivered in Winnipeg.
DRESSED MEATS—The market tor
beef is easy, and the price ranges
trom 7 to 7}s\ veal, 8 to Oe. Mutton is steady ut 8}c. Spring lambs
an* selling nt 12'c per pound Hogs,
7" iss 8c per pound,
HIDES* No 1 city hides, li*.-; No.
_>, ,'s}. No :t. iji' Kips and calf
ibe sunn price as hides; deakliw, JHJ
to -nil siunks. in to ISo; homhldea,
sue to $l
LIVE si'iuK
CATTLE—The export movoraent is
betomln**. larger and splits, a (s"V s'ul-
t!,> bavi bi's'ii handled thla week
I'lii'i.' condition is good. Choice s x-
port steers from ehe western ranges
me worth 4-Jc per pound off ears at
Winnipeg; butchers' cattle. 3} to lc.
stockers are not moving to any extent,
SHEEP—Receipts are moderate
untl prices range from 1 to H'" I"'1'
pound, olT tins, Winnipeg. Lamba
are worth 3J to 4c,
HOGS—Live    bogs   are   cssming  In
ti ly, ami the market   is easy    at
t'.'c off cars bere.
Mil.ill cows—Cows are scarce,
Good  milkers  readily  bring  $15    In
tins market,   tbo range being   from
$86 to $15 each.
HORSES—There is a K"*1*1 demand
foi worl. horses, and an active trade
is dome, ill these Farmers are buying freely for full work. Driving
horses are nlso iu gootl demand.
Women are naturally tender-hoart-
,,d. No woman ever deliberately
Stepped on a mouse.
People are so imxions to see soma
thing for nothing thai tbey will run
B couple of miles to see u little slu'd
burn dsiwn.
Reuben Draper, of Bristol, Que., Who
Was u Victim Finds Relief and a
Permanent eure—He Tells of His
Sufferings and How He Left His
Troubles llehind.
Bristol, Que., August 11.—(Special)
No disease can cause more severe
and dreadful pain than Gravel. Heu-
ben Draper, of this placo, was taken
ill with this awful trouble about live
years ago. He was cured and so
many have asked him how it was
done that he hus decided to give the
whole story for publication :
"About live years ago I was taken
ill with Gravel. 1 suffered great pain
so 1 sent for a doctor. He gave me
some medicine und came to see me
twice afterwards, but my disease
was not gone, and in a short timo 1
had another very bad ultack.
"This time 1 sent for another doctor, with about the Same results,
only 1 wus getting weaker all the
"Then a man advised me to try
Dodd's Kidney Pills, for he said they
had cured his mother. 1 thought I
would try them und bought a box.
"Just one week after I began the
treatment I passed a stone as large
as a small bean, and four days later
another about the size of a grain of
barley—this gave me great relief,
and 1 commenced to feel better and
to gain strength right away.
"That was five years ago, and I
have not had any trouble in that
way since. 1 have the stones in a
small bottle und anyone can see them
who wishes. Dodd's Kidney Pills
certainly saved my life."
The story of Mr. Draper will be
good news to many sufferers who
may not have known that Dodd's
Kidney Pills always cure Gravel and
Stone  in the Bladder.
What has cured this gentlemen and
hundreds of other very bad cases
should cure anyone, and those who
may lie attlicted ns Mrl Draper was
should try Dodd's Kidney  Pills.
The consumption of teu in the
United Kingdom exceeds thut Of all
other European countries and the
United States put together. Dining
the 17 years from 1884 its 1900 it
has risen from 175 million lbs. to
250 millions, an increase of 43 per
Geraniums bloom most satisfactorily when grown in comparatively
small pots nntl soil which is termed
rich, but is not rank with excessive
Very many persons tlie annually from
cholera and kmslieil suimmer diseases,
who nils*ht have bi*s»!i saved if proper
remedies! had lii-en usesl If attacked slo
not delay in Betting a bottle sif Ur. .1.
li Kellogg's liysentrv I'ordissl, the metl-
i. ine thai never fails to affect si s*ure.
Those svho have used it say it acts
promptly, and thoroughly, subdues the
pain  and  disease
The sun's light is equal to 5,503
wax ranstles at one foot from the
eye. It would take 800.000 full
moons to etpial cloudless sunshine.
Lever's Y-/, (Wise Head) Disinfectant
Sottp Powder dusted in the bath softens
the water at the sause time that it (lis-
infects 10
In some parts of South Africa
much damage is done by baboons,
which go iii large marauding parties
to rob gardens.
fade, but yostn»f lives endangered by seven, rousrhs and colds may be preserved
by Dr. Thomas. Eclectric Oil. Croup,
whooping COUgh, bronchitis, in short ssll
affections of the thraat and lunsrs. are
relieved by this sterling tircparit.isin.
which also remedies rhetimat ic pains,
sores   bruises, piles, kidney difficulty, nnd
i.s in,im economic
A Now York paper bus been Investigating the Pour Hundred, and prints
a number of receipted bills -if the
last century showing that a Stuyvo-
sunt sold handkerchiefs; a Oepey-
Ster, beans; a Hbinebinslee, bats; n
Drevoort, pewter spoons; a Beekman,
molasses; and a RooBevelt, lampblack.
because Ihe statement is unimpeachable ; if a sack or barrel of flour
bears the mark "Ogilvie's" you may
lely on Its tr.bso.ute purity, excellence and nutrient qualities when It
is your desire to have good bread—
und who doesn't want that ?—be sure
lo order Ogilvie's flour.
BV  lltlTAI. WAItllANT
Millers to H.R.H. tha Prince of Wales
tV*i/ cUr awif, jyiMs& /
The qunllty sstissulitnl t'l-ssni Ocean t.
Ocean. Your tssosiey hack if not aa*
Ufactory. ....
Without question the best and
most effective springs ln Canada for
ths ours of rheumatism, kidney or
liver troubles. The medicinal qualities of the water are unequalled
Splendid hotel accommodation ; Aim
flahtng and hunting. An Ideal spot
tar tke Invalid.
The annual birth rate in European
Russia is 4G.3 per thousand and the
death rate only 33.6' which results
in an annual surplus of births of
over   1,(100,000.
r-^\ Vr*jfSsS
/     ./////    MrJt _PT
\_f   ff\ ^*r*H3*» *"C£V_L
1 JL-mVT^B V-fi_^
"Hello!" Old Chap!
Looking for a good Cigar ?
"YeB."   Well, try a—
It will fill the "bill."
'When using common tea
you may mistake bitterness
for strength GOLD STAN
for strength and flavor.^
It is remarkable that the United
States, which began its little war
some time before the British, is still
hammering away in the Philippines.
The old country is not so slow us
some "dreffle smart" people suppose.
—Scottish American.
■ A pessimist is a man who believes
that every chestnut hus a worm its
Chronic Derangements oi tne stomach.
I.her ami Hiooii are speedily removed by
the active principle of the ingredients entering into the comisosition of I'ariiu*-
lec's Vs*s*etulilt* l'ills. These pills act spt*-
i ilicsilly on the tlerinujeii organs, stiiuulii-
t ine to action the ilorintint s»ncrs*ie.s of
tin* system, thereby' removing disease isml
renewing lift* ami vitality to the afflicted,
In this lies the great secret   of ths* (ioiiu-
inrity of Parmelee's Vegetable l'ills
A t reatraent   highly   recommended
by a scientific magazine for poisoning from ivy is to wet a slice of
bread with water, ilust it with csim-
mon washing soda and apply it. to
eruption, keeping the bread wet, from
the outside. Half an hour of this
treatment is saisl to be a sure cure.
AsK for the Octagon Bar.
There never was, and never will be, a
universal panacea, in one remedy, lor all
ills to which tlesh Is heir—the very nature of many curatives being such that
nere the germs of other anil difterenU}
ss-ats*l tlisiases rootus*. ln the system of
the patient—what would relieve one ill
in turn would tsgsrruvnte the other. We
have however iu Quinine Wins*, when ob-
Utinable In u sound, unadulterated state,
ii remedy for many ansl grievous ill*. Uy
its gradual and judicious use the 'ruilest
.systems are led into convalescence tsnsl
strength by the Influence which Quinine
exerts on nature's own restoratives, it
relieves the drooping spirits of those
with whom a chronic state of morbid
despondency and lurk of interest ln life
ih a disease, und, by traniiuili/.ing the
nerves disposes to sound and refreshing
■Imp—Imparts vigor to the action of the
blood, which, being stimulates!, courses
throughout the veins, strengthening the
healthy animal functions of the system,
thereby making activity n necossury tmt
suit,strengthening the frame, and glvlux
life to the digestive organs, which naturally demand increased substance—result,
Improved appetite. Northrop & Lyman,
of Toronto,    havo given   to   the public
their superior Quinine  Wine ut   the U9ual
rate,   and,   gauged  by    the   opinion ot
■dentists, this wine tippi-ouches nearest
perfection ol any In the imirket All
druggists sell tt.
The gsmts sif Naples gss upstairs itt—
in tenement houses to be milked,
sometimes to the sixth or sevonth
When the officeholder loses his grip
hi* dos's less handshaking.
t'iystitli/eil nitrogen i.s one of the
greatest chemical curiosities. Uy
cooling nitrogen gas down to 3(17
degrees below the freezing point, and
then allowing it to expand solisl
snowlike crystals me formed,
As  Parmelee's   Vegetable  Pills rssutain
Mandrake ssnd liandeliou.  thev cure 1.iver
uml Kidney complaints with unerring
certainty.  They nlso contain  Roots and
Herbs which have specific virtues trulv
wonderful in their action isn the stomacls
ami bowels, Mr. K. A. OaimcrosS,
Bhakespeare, writes: "I consider Perm*
else's l'ills an excellent remedy for llil-
iousness ami Derangement of the Lives*.
having used  them myself for some time,"
The Salvation Army claims   that
tin  divorce  hns  been  grunted  to  uny
one married under its auspices in the
3."i years of its existence.
W.   N    t\   Nt
It is interesting to recall that the
news of the fall of Hebastopol it-ached England sm e Monday c loth Sept.
1855), 11 wns conveyed by caprTm
to the Queen al Balmoral, and she
caused a huge bonfire to bs. kindled
on tin* summit of Oralgowan. THK DRILL, SLOCAN, li. C, AUGTJ8T 22. 1902.
G. E. ^Mli'iiKiiiSiiAl.K, Editor and Prop.
SI.OCAN,      -      - -      B. 0.
l^egal Advertising 10 cents a ine for
the first insertion and 5 cofits a line each
subsequent insertion..
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
ior each insertion.
Commercial Rotes made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, st.ict-
ly in advance; f_.60 a year il not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocnn, B. C.
A pencil murk in the space
opposite will be an indication to you that yo editor
considers there is something
coming to him on your subscription. Kindly ae.knoiv-
lesjge   in cash and oblige.
KI'ITOIUAI.    ■riiOfl'INl'S.
The Socialists ef the province pur-
.pose holding a convention in September, with a view to participating in
the next legislative elections.
Do not overlook the fact that the
provincial voters' lists aro cancelled
on September 1. You will require to
make personal registration to save
your franchise,
:.     a—am      a—
Slocan is boing visited today
(Thursday) by several hundred
' Rosslanders, to whom is extended
the heartiest of welcomes. The visitation is an honor deeply appreciated
by the community.
At a banquet in honor of the Canadian Manufacturers' association last
week in Halifax, lion. Israel Tarte,
Dominion minister of public works,
' came out flatly in favor of a higher
tariff. Israel's early Tory training
is coming to the front and he cannot
^forego the principles ef the National
Policy. And tho joke of it is that
the other leaders of the Grit persua
sion seem to be of the same mind.
Were Sir John A.alive tow he would
Prospects are brightening weok by
week iu tho camp. The starting of
operations on tho Exchange, Meteor, a id Iron Horse is abundant
proof of the improved order of things
in the dry ere belt. Other properties
are also arranging to resume work,
and still others to increase their pree
ent foroes. By the time snow HU-S
the camp will have more mines
working than ever before. There
are now but really few idle men in
the country as it is and there will
have to be an importation to meet
the increased demand.
Strange what notoriety Slocan is
getting these days. Col. Prior was
told in tlie Boundary camp not to
come here for fear ot personal violence, as it was a nest of anarchists
'and agitators. The Ontario Slocan
Sawmill Co. were told the same
thing up the lake, But both outfits
have been here and they escaped
scot free, Moreover, they are in love
with the place and are coming again,
the latter to stay. Stranger still is
it that there is more capital coming
in here than any other camp enjoys;
and further, that bad as it is, there
has never been a labor trouble here.
How's that.
An I su |.o it inst Notice.
The last issue of the B.C. Gazette
contained the following:    "Notice W
'herebygiven that under tho provisions of section 143 of tlie Mineral
Act, his honor the lieutenant gover
nor In council has been plea cd to re
acind the order of the 15th of Mnv,
M02. published in the British Colum
bia Gazette of the same date,   witb
regard to the interpretation to  be
placed upon paragraph 2 of section C
ofthe Mineral Act Amendment Act.
1898, and to make the following or
der in  lieu thereof,  namely:—That
paragraph 2 of section 5 of the Mine
ral Act Amendment Act, 18D3, be so
interpreted   that,   should   any  free
miner perforin assessment werk   ot
his claim during any one year to tin
value of one hundred dollars or mon
in excess of tho amount required t*
be done in any one year by tlie Mineral  Act,  thc right thereby  giver
such free miner of recording a certi
flcate of work done to tke value ol
each one hundred dollars, to as it
cover bis .'sseSbWent work for an ad
ditional year in respect of each oik
hundred dollars hi  excei-*., shall   b<
exercisable onlv dur n - thc year In
whieh such excess shall be perforin
ed.   And it is further ordered that
this order shall take effect from th-*-
'first day of Juno, 1902."
How about your subscription?
The dilapidated sidewalks have
been repaired.
The family of JnmeB Foley are
visiting on the coast.
School re-opened on Mondav, with
a large attendance of pupils.
Shipments from the Sandon camp
last week amounted to 300 tons.
Charley Snider has gone to the
Lardeau te look after his mining interests.
The Nelson Tribune will be published as n weekly and the first issue
appears tomorrow.
Similkameen Valley Coal stock is
offered at debt cents. How the
mighty aro fallen.
Sidney Norman returned from Spo
kane Monday. It was a girl and both
parents are happy.
There was a freight wreck on the
Robson road Tuesday, delaying train
service somewhat.
W. J. Twiss, of Kaslo, came in
Monday to write up insurance on
every man in tho camp.
A juggling artist and impersonator
held forth before, a crowd at the Wilson House Monday evening.
Livo sparks from the adjacent forest fires fell in tho city Friday, putting the place in great danger.
Sunday's heavy rain was very
welcome, laying- the dust and effectually killing off the forest fires,
Born —In the suburb of Brandon
on Aug 16, the wifo of H. Pendray,
of a son.   Great joy and fireworks.
W. S. Johnson, wifo and family returned from Montreal, Wednesday
having been absent about a year.
When in want of groceries, boots
and shoes, and men's furnishings, go
to Arnot's.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
Wm. MacAdams was tendered a
public reception Thursday night on
his return from visitine* the government officials at Victoria.
The Nelson News has entered action against the commercial agency
ofR. G.Dun & C»». for wrongfully
stating it was going to assign,
Wm. Thomlinson, erstwhile manage"" ofthe Speculator, returned from
a pleasure trip to England on Tues
day, looking hale and hearty.
_f. P. Christie, mining recorder,
has secured three months' leave of
absence and departs today for England, on urgent familv business.
A special train came up from Nelson Friday night for Supt. Downie,
who had spent several days at the
■•Gene of the wreck on the Nakusp
Tho burning of some brush heap-*
near Brandon, Saturday evening.f-ot
some of the citizens excited. They
sounded the fire alarm and started a
stampede, hut were quickly sulidued.
Special services have been held in
tlie Presbyterian chinch all week,
the Methodist bodv taking an equal
interest. Rev. Messrs. Mclntyre and
Robb, of Sandon, and Cropp, of New
Denver, have been assisting.
Tho band boys scored a decided
success with their moonlight exclusion to Hosebery Friday night. Upwards of 170 people were aboard, the
majority being frem here. A hiife
time was put ln, dancing being thc
drawing card.
Miss Clara Mathes and companv it*
to present here "A Lady from Martinique." As a large and apprccia
tive audience attested on the occasion
of her previous visit, Miss Mathes
earned a very favorable reputation
here, and theatre-goers will learn
with pleasure that she nail her com
pany will return fer one night before
continuing their teur through the
Western States. The company has
been taking a well-earned rest in
Nelson and. while there, added to its
number several well known thespians
Miss Mathes spares neither timo nor
trouble to make her performances
reach a high stand ard, and she ought
to bo given a bumper house, ln the
Music Hall one night only, Monday,
August 25.    Prices, 50 and 75 cents.
Rt*till il. .1 I i •si. South Africa.
Slocan had another jubilation er
Tuesday, occasioned by. tho retnrn
trom Soutli Africa of Jack York,Paul
Wood and Harry Clevc, who went
out with the 5th CM.It. The lads
spent nine days only at Durban bo
fore they wero ordered home. All
looked well and the only kick they
had coming being at the abominable
grub furnished by the C P. H, going
out and on the boat coming home-
also the C.P. charging heavy storage
rates on their kits on their return
trip, Tbelr tiake's were gootl for 80
davs, yet they were soaked for storage wherever they laid off. On their
arrival here the beys were met by
the band and marched up the street,
and in thc evening were given a
tlanco. Of the other boys who went
nut from here, Cooper has gone te
Kngland, Weaver to Spokane, Aitch
ison is staying in Africa, and Hales
is in Ontario. The latter did not get
to Africa, having been laid un for 40
days with pneumonia in the hospital
■it llalirax.
MININU    Hlissnil-s.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local rt*-_ri»>
try office, H, p, Christie being mining
Aug 0—Wiarton, 1st u f Lemon, F E
Lillian 11 fr, same, John Bull.
11—Girtie, 2nd n f Lemon, J Corrigan.
Jennie, same, J B Foley.
Maggie A, same, W Worden.
Marshalltown, east of Summit creek,
T McNeish.
Amboy, same, R A Bradshaw.
Cripple Stick, on Springer creek, Dan
12—Sliunier fr, same, W T Shstford.
Snowflake, Dayton creek, A Madden.
13—Hartford. 2nd n f Lemon, H Cameron.
14—Dauntless, Lemon creek,J Gordon.
15-Tally Ho, Robertson creek, W H
Westward Ho, same, W H Davidson.
Triune, Springer creek, C KSmitber-
Gramophone, Ten Mile creek, George
Jubilee, Twelve Mile creek, R A Bradshaw.
Aug 11—Willett, Katie, Chilcat, Delphian, Duplex.
14—Dewot,Port Hope,Michigan,Lady,
Golden Star.
Aug 12—Two Friends.
Auk 11—Jennie Vj, A Owens to Thos
13—Germanicns fr %, Jauies E Horrie
to J Frank Collom.
Same "*, W II Warren to same.
Same, all,J Frank C <llom to B I Kirkwood.
14—QnebSC. H A McMillan to Frank
Montreal )i, I) Sloan toflMJ huson.
15—Tally Ho and Westward Ho, W
II Harrison and w II Davidson to H L
Democrat, J wafer to same.
Summit fr, notice by registrar that
suit of James V, Horrie antl w Ii warren
against It I Kirkwood had been withdrawn.
Oro No 2, A S Farwell to F A wells
Gwillini & Johnson,
B. C
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. C
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furalehee Monthly te all lOTeri ol Hoeg
end Minto a. Tart Tolome ol Hew, Choice
Copyright Compeeltlene liy the moat pop-
alar autbors. An f.g.aot Piano fflualc,
half Vocal, ball 1 nitrument-l—ai Complete
flecee for Piano—Onco m Month (or a a
Cente. Yearly Subscription, Sa.oo. Ifyoa
will lend us the nana and address ol Fits
perform an on tha Piano or Ornen, we will send
yoo a copy of the Magazine Free.
J. W. PIPPIB, Putellaher,
Slghth a Locuat at*.. Philadelphia, Fa.
No part of dress is moro indicative of Rt vie and smartness than
Unless you don't mind wasting
your money, buy your boots nt
wbo liss tho Urgnst ami best assorted stock in the city. Trices
right ami Stock clean and nuw.
Repairing and making done on
the premises.
Pioneer Shoe Store,
Main Street, Slocan.
"Canadian Contingent   I'lunssl Ion  Act,
\LL Riiiitl. Afriritn Vsilmitni*rs untitles) to
avail the—iselves nf th* privileges ot tlie
ssissifn Aft is™ reQoesssa it. wmmuiueats with
tlis. undersigned without delay, ns nlso tin* neit
of kin nf thoee doeogaodj nr of those who havo
notjret returned to Hritis.li Columbia, or nny
other |icr»nnis ititert.sstosl in iniuini{ |srt>|ss,rtles
Imls] hi- stirh vsilunteern,
This mint slisto fnr resolving upplirnlitiiis for
ox»tti| timi iitnli't tlm ubnris Act is the 21st slny
of Bsptembor, IW12.
Minisi.rr nf Minos
Hepnrtms.nl nf Mlnei. #
Vict..ri.i. ll.C, Ith Attitiiiit, 1902.
for $18.25.
Why ho without a raniro whoa
you can get one so cheap '*• Thev
arc prefcrrahlc tostovrsand •"ivo
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up frae.
H. J.
Furnished Rooms, by day or
week. Second to none in
thc city. Enquire en the
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General   Packing   and Forwarding attended to at tho
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Delaney Ave, Slocan.
Wo have life-, long enoneh
in this city fur every bodv
to know that our werk will
nlways Le of thestronge.it
nnd quickest done.
Hand  Made Work  is eur
COTE & Co.
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
Age-its for tke Ileintzman & Ce.,Ger
hard Heintznian, and Karn Pianos
World's Scenic Route.
East West
Lake Route
Frem Fort William,tha favorite summer routs, ts all eastern points.
Via Soo Line
Fur St. Paul, Duluth,Sault Ste.Marle
(.'hicago, etc.
Leaves Piinmore Junction daily for St.
1'au.l; Kootensy Landing Tuesday aid
Saturday for Toronto, Montreal, etc.
I.*aves Revelstoke daily for Scatilc and
Through bookitifj-s to Europe via all
Atlantic lines.    Prepaid ticksts at
lowest rates   from   nil   Etirepean
countries.    Fnr rates and full par
ticulars applv to local agenta, or
J. S. CARTER,     E. .I. COYLE.
D.PA., A.G.P. A.,
Nelson. Vane-raver
Agent, Slocnn City
Getting to the Point
That p«lnt where vou aro buying ("l'oceries for your home. You want
your dollars to be elastic You want to spend each one to tbe best advan-
tagc.   Wo carry nothing: but
And we make low prices because we want yarn* trade aow and all tha time
Co-operative Associations^,
Slocan, British Columbia,
•STftrls-r   HORSES, HOGS,
"3 I U"wl\.   CATTUC, SHEEP
EIGHT DAY RACING seo horses entered
$26,000 IN PREMIUMS.
BEST MUSIC— Amusement extraordinary.    Concession priTilepes of all
kindi for B«|rs.    Write for catalogue. GEO. H  MARTIN,
FLANK LEAKE, Advertising Af/ent. Mgr. anil Ssc'j
Do You
Want a Home?
Then come to Slocan, for it ia
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of onrs. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed np by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Slocan City Miners' Din,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets eyery "Wednesday erenin-f
in the Union Hall, Sloean City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Hecretary
Representing the strongest com*
panics dein-f business in Canada.
See new accident polict, with participation in profits. coYeiini: sick*
ness and operatiens.
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Public


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