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The Slocan Drill 1904-11-04

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NOV ? _ 1904
*V ■
rOL. V., No. 32.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   NOVEMBER   4,   1904.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
*uit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us.   Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted.   We handle tlW t*0
best the market affords.   Prices are right.^~
We have the finest and most complete stock of ladies', men's, and
children's gloves and mitts, in kid,
leather and wool,to be found in town.
Prices Range from
25 cents to $2.00
David  Arnot, Slocan.
Agent Slater's Shoes & Canadian Rubber Co.'s Goods
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is mu* uf the ln*st known and most popular house*
in the country.     It is located adjacent to the* depot and the
wharf, and commands  a  magnificent view of the lieautiful
Slocan lake.     Oood BshinK is to lx* found close at hand, while
every facility is offered lor boating.
Tourists will fiud the Arlington and ideal resting place.
Commercial men have at tlirircoiiiniand new and commodious
sample rooms.
Sie dining room is strictly up to date and the bar supplied
only the bent brands of goods
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
'.nialHlD ON THI  *TH  «NO  »OTM  Of t»CH  MONTH
Pointer No. t
Tolnlcr Na. 2
Pointer No. S
Pointer No. 4
Pointer No. S
Pointer No. S
Pointer No. 7
-It in ■ I'.ircly Western C'.tiai.li.n Agricultm.il Paper fir Western
Canadian Partners mnA Klcekintn. ..,,,...      ,• ...
-it li lance, will printed, will tJitcil, well i'.lusiratoi, reliable,
progressive nml fearless. ,,
-lis terms me strictly i-.isii iii sdvMte, ami tne piper is promptly
dl-contlnurn at rapiration oi subscription, unless[renewed.
-Tlie Nof.Wenl Farmer in the on'y ■gricuuuial (atper printed in
Cun*il.1 wait of Luke Silpi-n a.  .,,    ., „, _.
-ii iiu< in, ie paid In advance mliaertbers In Manitoba and theN.w.T.
ti.-in ait other farm paperaeomhined, ,,,.„,
Its sunestloiis aud Information "ie worth many ilolt«r» to eacli
■Morally ii Is above reproach.
From Now to December 31, 1905, lor $1.00
Inclndt-^itthtHWtttllfMltpKtolXaM ADDRKSH
^Z\-^^mlmlVmliaZl^    THE NOR--WEST FARMER. Limited,
1 ;::,;!;,;;o,"-.,!o^'u,::;;:;iu«.. p.o. Bo* mo. Winnipeg, man.
The Drill: $2 per year
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
li,. v -      	
'n.'.iir.nl ut.tiinilnnni))$2pi!r .Iuv, Privnlnwnr.li
*' Ml day oitrn. Hnooial fuulitltis for miiloni-
"1 eUHim.
\TKS: Regular sulwrilwrs. $1  per month
.r $10 u y0ar: nnn-Niilwiirlnnrii (»ii*lii«i»«i OI
1-Of fnrtlinr particular-, apply to.
D. B. O'Neal!    <
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
A Large nnd KnMiaslastlo Outherlnff—A.
T Mit m- and J. Foley Hpenk for Moalwl-
Z&fy,      ""vernorQeU a Klue Kecep-
tioa mm  v, ""''to*
On Monday eveniug the Conservatives held a grand rally in the Music
Hall, they having with them their
notninee for Kootenay, Hon. Charles
Mackintosh, of Rosdand, familiarly
known as the "Coventor." The meeting was largely itttended,mnny having
to stand, while numerous Indies also
graced the occasion with their presence, it was an enthusiastic gathering and there was no doubt as to the
feeling of thc audience lieing with the
Governor, ho being  cheered   to   the
Aid. Smith acceptably filled the
chair, while grouped on the platform
were Mr. Mackintosh, \V. Hunter of
Silverton, J. A. Foley, A. E. Teeter,
and the village scribe. The latter was
called upon to open the nieeting, his
remarks being confined chiefly to a
criticism of VV. A. Galliher's speech
here last week.
A. K. Teeter.
Mr. Teeter, on liehalf of Mr. Baker,
the Socialist candidate, said that he
welcomed the Conservatives to the side
of Socialism ou tho railway question,
because of government ownership.
However, the Conservatives were not
a unit on the question, as some of tho
party were speaking against it. He
believed it was lime for the people to
take part in and run their own affairs.
Xo doubt the Lilierals were using
public monies in an extravagant way,
>nt the Conservatives might do the
same were they in power. Socialists
were the true representatives of the
workingmen aud they should elect
their own representatives. As it was,
they were over-repiest'iited in parliament by professional m.*n. while tho
working classes got no show. There
must UO oilier differences lietween the
;.wo old parties besides the railway
policy, but to the Socialists they were
the same, ns Ik th stood for capitalilin.
It ft* high lime Socialist doctrine
was introduced into Canada, in the in
terest of thc masses, as the old parties
were out for selfish schemes. Mr.
i'eeter closed with an appe.il for the
electors to vote for Mr. Baker, who
.vas a local man and favorably known
to all.
Hum. 31.. Murk into ah.
The Governor, on coming forward,
■vas greeted with warm applause. He
was pleased with Mr.Teetar's remarks,
is he respected the doctrines of the
Socialist party. (Just here a stampede
was almost caused by the sudden
ringing of the fire alarm, but it turned
out to be only a Hallowe'en prank and
the audience soon quieted down.)
rhe speaker wanted to point out to
Mr. Teeter that there was a great difference between the two old parties.
Government ownership was uo new
thing to Conservatives, for had they
uot years ago built the Intercolonial
railway. Laurier, for the Lilierals.
was always denouncing that policy.
Conservatives wore always progressive
.virile the Lilier.iis were always the
opposite, Conservatives had initiated
all lending progressive ideas incorporated in Canadian national life, from
confederation on, while the Lilierals
had filled their part by denunciation,
Conservatives were always abreast of
the times. He agreed with Mr.Teeter
that there wore too many professional
men in parliament, and that was why
he, representing the mining interests
of the country, was opposing Lawyer
Galliher. If elected, he could be depended on to do full justice to B.C.
interests. He had been called an old
man, but he was still possessed of as
much vigor as a young man, and had
also a ripe experience. He was still
capable of doing much good, and
when needed in the house he would
always be there to cast Ids vote. He
did not like criticising Mr. Galliher
while absent, but his parliamentary
record was not a favorable one. Although not knowing Mr. Baker, he
believed he was a good man.
Mr. Mackintosh had not canvassed
while Mr. Galliher was absent from
the riding, as he had promised not to.
His candidature was endorsed by
members of the Miners' and Railway-
mens' unions and hundreds of work-
iiigmcu had promised to support him.
lie claimed no credit for what he had
done for the union men at Rossland
(luring the strike. He would do the
same thing again. He knew he had the
gratitude of the men, but was not
trading ou that, for their votes would
como anyway. Some people had even
called him an agitator, because he
stood up for the workingnien.
Galllber was to blame for the late
date of the electiou in Kootenay, he
having voted down Mr. Bordeu's motion of putting nominationd*j surlier,
leaving polling dav the same as lu
other pines, (lalliher professed to
want ii uniform election day and then
when he had the opportunity to vote
for it had turned it down. So it was
with the alien labor bill. The Liberals had cutout all the essential clauses
and deliberately schemed to throttle
Mr. Mackintosh touched lightly on
tho Grand Trunk question, as the people knew all about it. It was a millstone around the neck of the government, and the people of the east, on
the 3rd, would surely condemn the
paralleling of the Intercolonial railway. He then dealt with the question
of better terms for B.C., and held tlatt
the east got everything and tho west
nothing.    It was most unjust.
Purity in politics was a cry with the
Liberals, yet look nt the disgraceful
record of that party in Ontario. Ho
Wanted purity in this election, and
warned the electors to keep both eyes
on the ballot box. He would not .take
his seat if won by trickery, neither
would he violate any promise after
J. A. Foley.
Mr. Foley was welcomed by the
audience and put up a neat aud intelligent talk for the Socialist candidate.
He was pleased with the Governor and
was glad the latter considered the
Socialists better than to call them
Anarchists. The various countries
were gradually adopting Socialist
ideas, especially Canada. Conservatives were helpiug tho Socialists by
denouncing the Liberals. Socialists
did not object to protection, so long as
it was in the interest of the people,bUt
Mr. Borden aud if the latter did not
stnnd by that creed, theu he would
tirely vote for against him. That was
no election pledge, it was a straight
promise. He then dealt with Mr. Po*
lev's accusation of Sir John Maedonald owning C.P.R. stock, that old cry
having been cleared up years ago. He
felt sorry to think Mr. Foley would
try to cast a stigma on the character
of one of the grandest meu God had
ever made. (Long and continued applause.)
Mr. Mackintosh refuted Mr. Foley's
charges against Premier Uoblin on
the Manitoba railway question, aud
then showed that Mr. Galliher's votes
In the house were invariably agaiast
the people and for corporations. The
Governor concluded with nu eloquent
appeal for the support of the voters
on election day.
The meeting closed with threo
cheers and a tiger for Mr. Mackintosh
and three more for Hou. Mr. Borden.
It was a vote-winning meeting.
Ymir Nutters by Firs.
Ymir Buffered a disastrous fire early
on Tuesday morning and several persons had close calls for their lives.
The fire broke out next the postoflice,
destroying all the buildings in that
block, save the Ymir hotel and Campbell's store, causing a total loss of
about $40,000, with one third insurance. Mystery surrounds tho fire.but
it was no doubt incendiary, as the
hose nozzles were niissing.bcing after-
ae Auld Lion o' Britain,
There is ae auld lion o' Britain,
As fierce as tierce can he,
An' he lies on his rocky hiedlan'
An' Ifiiks far out tae see.
He leaks nt tlie merchant navy
Thet hobs on the white sea faem,
An' tak's a keck st the gunboatl
('tiar.)iti' hia ishiii' hame.
The ae auld lion o' Brittiin,
lie shuts his een a spell,
An' h' the beasts o' the mainlan'
Spi np ii screech an' yell;
The ae auld lion o' Britain,
Mu (.links his con a wee,
An' m o' the ither bcuBtiea
Are tjuut as uuitl can lie.
They wearie the ae ntil.l lion
All' halt him wi" their din.
Bit thev ken fu' wp! whan ha's f-leepin'
An' ken whan it's time tae rin;
An' the Russian lie.ir creeps backward
Again la.* its northern Itiir,
An' the bagleo' Prases flaps lower
Whan it sees that the lion's there.
0' wesl due they ken tbe auld lion.
For wed has he irien them cause,
An' weel tlse they ken far lietter
That! come in reach o' lti« p&WS.
"Muier feck o' the buasls o1 tlie muinlau'
Hae felt o' his fangs before.
S**a<« they'll roosa na the ae auld lion
Wha are na Bcekin' for war.
For the ae auld lion o' Britain,
Ai hilt'ry aft cau preuve,
Is the hert o' a race united
Tae stand by the land they luve;
Tse Btan.1 by their Kiatf an' Kintra
An' the rich ts thet they ne'er sail tyne,
The freedom oor taitbers won for as
In the days o' the auld lang syne
Sae.here'g t.iethe King—God bless him—
As lie sits abOOU lii» throne.
An' may the seat o' his royal lireeki
Lang polish Iho statu* o' Scone.
An   we'se drink tae the ae auld lion
Until thet oor cogfea tooin.
An'whan fees wad win tae hia islnn'hame
They'll uo get there till they sooui.
Lemon Creek,
-It. T. Akdbbson
it had a tendency to create trusts. His
party believed the government should
own everything and then protection
would not hurt.
Socialists stood pre-eminently for
the workingmen. He had once been
a Conservative and believed that party
would win if they would stand for
government ownership. He asked if
Leader   Borden  favored   Operating a
government road. If so. then the pro-
pie would be with them. But he
doubted the Conservatives, because of
Premier Roblin's actions In Manitoba.
Liberals, however, were far behind the
Conservatives    on   railway   matters.
They had promised not to alienate
public lands to private poople. yet
witness the Yukon steal stopped by
the senate.    The promises of  the old
parties wore not to be trusted, particularly the Liberals, and that was why
Socialists were lieing nominated in order to get honest government. The
initiative and referendum and the Socialist doctrine generally were explain
ed at length, and the New Zealand
legislation commended. They wanted
no tramps and no millionaires. So
cinlist candidates were a protest to the
present system of government, and In*
asked support for Mr. Baker.
Mr. Miaa'kllllnaill OonOlttd'tl.
Mr. Mackintosh  poked   fun at  Mr.
Foley for leaving the Conservative
party, and quoted Mr. Borden's sev-
,'i'iil so. ecli.'s to prow that In* Mas in
favor of the government building nn.l
operating a railway from ocean to
ocean,   The  speaker so understood
wards found beneath the Mirror office,
T. II. Atkinson, druggist, has been
arrested on suspicion or being the incendiary, and afterwards released on
$5009 Mil.
IVnrk hi tin-(iraphic.
The lessees of the Graphic have
1 commenced a new tunnel on the lead
i below their main workings and expect
[shortly to get into ore. Their main
drift is in 160 feet, and the hit chute
-continues in place,   The ore is high
1 grade, as wire and  native silver OCCUI
I iu it.   A new trail has been built over
from the Young Bear and the old oue
j from there down to the Ottawa cleaned
Silver Oliollitiiinai.
Following are the ((notations for bar
silver on the various days during the
woek since Inst issue:
Thursday     G81 cents
Friday    B8J   "
Saturday    681   "
Mondav     B8J    "
Tuesday    BH    "
Wednesday    58|   "
Hi-iiak Into Or«.
Tom   Mulvey  brought down some
attractive looking samples of ore on
Saturday from the Calumet \ llecln.
it having been broken into on Thursday. The ore is a gftlena and is a f.xit
wide, and hns a  depth on the vein of
200 fret. On the surface ahead there
is iiii oil' chute exposed for 800 feet
SlltSl ASTI Al.   SIIOWlMi   MADE   Bl
I.imt Y..ai'n Shipment* Were 1339 Ton*—
A Healthy Evidence of the Life and
Wealth of the Cuiup Ottawa I* tli*
ltlKK«Nt Shipper.
With the exception of the Ottawa
no other property figures in the shipping list of the division for the week.
The Ottawa sent forward 22 tons to
Nelson, making the total for the division for the year 11*55 tons.
For l\H)';i the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 13,'iy
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of tho shipments this year to date:
Enterprise  .' tuio
Ottawa       22 1049
Neepawa  fti(
Port Hone  17
Eepubltu  32
Black I'rince _., 67
Sapphire  2
Argentite  5
Hiuck Fc-t  2
Chapleau  3
Alberta  16
Colorado  7
Highland Light  I
Blanflald  2
F.dison  15
Cripple .Stick  '    12
Kilo  20
22 1955
Some half dozen mining deals are
under way in the camp.
The men at the EdisQn, Ten Mile,
have thrown up their lease.
Sandon mines last week sent out
289 tons of galena aud ziuc.
The owners of the Sligo, on Lemon
creek, will apply for a crown grant.
The Chapleau tram has lieen repaired aud started in operation this
The owners of the Club completed
the new trail to their property last
The owners of the (V lorado, Twelve
Mile, are taking in their winter supplies this woek.
The McAllister group, on the north
fork of Carpenter, and the Oomstock,
on Pour Mile, have closed down.
A cave-in at the Highlander. Ainsworth, last week, caught five men. ll.
Erickson was liadly bruised and was
taken to Kaslo.
Tom Sloan, who was injured at tho
Silver Bell recently, has lieen taken to
Victoria for special treatmeut.his kick
lieing badly injured.
The lessees of the Blackburn, at the
head of Ten Mile, have completed
their new camp, and are f^Ming in
their winter's siipplit*s. Five men will
work there during the season.
The lessees of the Blackburn, Ten
Mile, adopted a clever scheme this
week of getting in their winter's meat,
having purchased a steer from one of
the ranchers iiud driven it up to the
Next Monday, at Kaslo. will take
place the first salo to lie held of delinquent crown granted claims in the
Slocan and Slocan City divisions. A
large portion of the original list have
paid up their taxes.
\V. Thomlinson.Xew Deuver.passed
i through here Thursdav, on his way
| back to the Lightning I'oak group, at
! the head of Fire Valley. The mine
i has just tnadr a small but satisfactory
i shipment to Nelsou.
So III. nl Hi-|i'M I  fin Oi I ii In-1 .
Division I. Days in session 21. total actual attendance 757$, average
attendance B0.07, pupils attending 48,
of whom I'i were Imys. greatest niim
bei pupils present 4o. least number
present 27. nighest register number lo
date 48, corporal punishment 1, tardiness 48.
Division II. Days in session 21. total actual attendance -17*!, avenge actual attendance 33.19, pupils attend
lug 24, boys 11, greatest nuinber of
pupils present 24, least number 19a
nighest register to date 25, corporal
punishment 2, tardine-s 5.
A ciiar.l.'ii In the Air.
Frank Griffith came down Saturday
from the Westmont group. Ten Mile.
He is taking great pride these days iu
a half-acre garden he hns alongside
his cabin  away np on the mountain
side.    Not only hns  he  all  kinds of
vegetables in a  nourishing condition,
but he has a large and productive
| strnwlierrv patch,   Besides Frank has
I a rare flower garden, where nil kinds
' of lovely blossoms may yet be giith.'i
ed. making his camp n place of oeautv
| and a joy forever.
\. B. Dockatender,Nelson.waa hen
i Wednesday,
i J '        a! -       I
The Interesting Experience of
bte a St. Catharines Man.
Had  Suffered for Twelve Yenrs nnd
Wns   Ultimately ' Cored Through
the Advice ofa Friend.
•'Twelve years ago,"- says Mr. Wm.
Emory, ol" Welland Avenue. St. Catharine*, "1 was living in the town of
(liiiuuioipie, unii tho physicians thero
lolil me 1 had he-art disease. From
that timu and up to four years ago
1 often had severe spoils of the trouble. The least exertion would bring
on violent palpitation, nnd at othor
times 1 would become dizzy, nervous
nnd frightened and my heart would
nlmosl cease to beat, i became reduce,: iii flesh ami insomnia followed.
1 *cns hopeless of finding a euro for
1 lni.l been treated by an experienced
doctor, ii'id had taken many ndver-
tlsed remedies without getting any
benefit. One day a neighbor strongly
advised me to try Dr, Williams'I'ink
l'ills. and acting on his advice 1 got
a ha}t dasen boxes. I soon found
much relief through the use of tho
pills,, nnd after continuing tho treatment for a couple of months 1 was
nir.'.in enjoying perfect health. 1 have
not since had nny return of tho trouble and 1 feel safe in saying that (lie
cure is a peiniaiient one. antl 1 can
strongly advise the use of Dr. Williams' I'ink l'ills to nil who Suffer
from similar trouble." The reporter
can only add that Mr tSrriery is well
known in SI. Catha/lnos, i.s a prominent worker in MeUiodiat circles,
and has the highest respect ol' all
who know him,
if you have any symptom's of heart
trouble, neuralgia, indigostton, rheumatism, anaemia or any of the nuin-
merous troubles caused by poor or
watery blood, you will find new
health and strength In a fair uso of
Dr. Williams' Pink l'ills. Oo not
waste money or further endanger
your health by the use of substitutes—get the genuine pills with the
full name, "Dr, Williams' I'ink Fills
for Palo People," on tho wrapper
around every box. Sold by nil modioli! • dealers, or sent by mail nt 50
cents a box, or six boxiis for $2.50,
by v. riling the Dr. Williams' Medicine  Co.,  Brockville,   Out.
mere are a thousand ways or lying,
but ull lead to the stune cud. It does
pot matter whether you wear lies, tell
lies, net lies or live lies, jour character
ls ruined all tho snme.
There is no more demoralizing Influence in modern life thnn the unnatural straiuiug to seem other than we
are. Nothing else so quickly lowers
self respect, takes the hue edge oil
honor and blunts the conscience as the
BensS of being a sham, n gilded fraud
or an unreality, It cheapens standards, lowers ideals, saps ambition
and takes the spring aud joy out of
living. No man cuu make the most
and the best of himself until he ls ab-
BSlnfi !y honest with his own soui aud
unfaltwlngly true to his highest
Ideals, and this is impossible whiie he
is UT.lSg a lie—Success.
Tho Bloorluli  Woman at  Home.
When not fixed up for visitors the
?!. aijsh woman is always e:i (Italia*
1. He, lounging about nil day iu a loose
• iftol) or niuslin night,.: r.v:i, rose or
yellow being her favot'lte ^i.ide, her
I... v feet thrust Into slippers very
:... a down at the heel and a (lower
stuck iii her wisp of uncombed hair,
iv,. h, from a continual u.«e r,r henna
dvi, is apt to break e;n iu patches of
.'. I! iw, greeu or gray, nailbrushes
i.;" unknown, a very coarse en:'.
:.' :.-. being used, which niay account
I -:• the, fact that the balr ia never
i, .■-.-,• .ir well kept. Bio has a de*
i . ;::g passion for paints, powders
ai. i pertJomes, attar of roses and son
'        ' a',   being  in   special   de:..:;:. !. -
A Trr-p DUlllli vy.
Cn the Canary Islands grow? a fountain tree, a tree most u< ■ ■■' in Borne
pails of tiie Islands. It Is snid that tlie
leaves constantly distill n quantity of
water that ls sufficient to furnish
firluk to every living creature In Etlero,
i . ro h.tviug provided this r niedy
for the drought of tho Island. Every
ing near this part i:' the Island a
(■. ii .1 >.f tnlst arisen fr I tl 0 sea,
v. i'b the wiiit's force against the
tie. p cliff ou which this tree grows,
and i; Is from the mist that the tree
distills tho water,
I'rovcd I..
"My wife will bear witness," sn'd
the prisoner at tho Lir, "that nt (he
•.cry time I am accusi i of burglarizing
: .-. Smith's premises I was engaged
In walking the floor with Liy Infant
child i,i my arms, endeavoring to
so <■'.'■■ it by singing 'Kock-.'i-by. Baby.1"
"The prisoner Is discharged," remarked hia honor, "lie cau prove a
Vanillic le-l.ni'. of Going.
The art in life ls to sit Still aud to lot
things come toward you, not to go nfter them or even to think that thoy nre
In flight. How often 1 have chased
some divine shadow through a whole
day till evening, when, going linme
tired, 1 have found the visitor just
turning nway from my closed door.—
Arthur Kymons In Saturday Itcview.
Yonr Advertlialng.
Koe thnt your clerks know all about
*""ir advertising plans. Boms clerks
would never know that you were advertising if you walled for Ihem to
read tho advertisements voluntarily.
Sktloh ol  HU   Uajt-aty  th* King's Private
(core tar;.
His Majesty hns no time for thc
cultivation of the statelier stylo of
letter writing which characterized the
early decades of the last century.
Dut ho never finishM a word with an
unintelligible syllable, and does oot
observe tho practicu of referring lo
peoplo and places by their initial
letters, except In family notes, wben
he would not hesitate to write of
"O." or "V." 'Co his relatives In
Denmark, he rofcrs to Her hj chesty
as "alix; " to all others as "the
liueen,'' only in exceptional cases us
"Queon Aloxpndra." There are, however, somo little time-saving Idiosyncrasies which were adopted long ago',
and havo lieen perpetuated, Thus a
favorite form of subscription consists
of tho syncopated words, "Yrs. v.
Uf course, much of the King's letter-writing   is    delegated   to    Lord
Knollys, his private secretary.     llis
Lordship  is    a  remarkable  combination of tho old-world aristocrat and
the keen    and modern    man of business.   He is a spure man with crisp,
curling white hair, surmounting a refined and thoughtful face.   He has a
certain    picturesque    dignity and ic-
servo about him.   In his frock overcoat and silk hat he might be taken
for a beau of a hundred years     ago,
spick    nnd    spun,   and    bearing   lhe
marks of an inborn    courtliness   and
grace.   Thoso who meet Lord Knollys
outside his work know him as _ "inn
immaculate in dress,  precise in man-
nor and doportmont,   They should «eo
him In    his rooms   ut  Buckingham
Palace.    He  sits  there   in   shirt-sleeves,  cliffs tucked  up.  dealing With  His
Majesty's   correspondence and   other
work with  a celerity  and un astuteness  that    would  do   credit    to  lhe
keenest man of business in London,
The  King's    secretary    suys  little,
but when he speaks he goes straight
ta the point.    lie is a master of tiie
snub  in  its  various  phases,   as  botes
and cranks have found to their cost.
And yet he has a  wonderful fund of
considerate   kindliness.     Koine littlo
While ago a London  press man    who
happened to bo tho only on" of 'tis
craft at a mooting   where  tho  King
mnde  n   little  speech,   went  to  Lord
Knollys with his transcript, and usk-
ed  His Lordship  to glance over    the
copy.    Lord   Knollys  dashed   the    reporter's hopes by saying lie was not
present   ut   the   meeting.     The    press
man  was disappointed,  for he feared
he  had  made  some  mistake.    "L'omo
Lack in two hours," suid Lord Knollys, taking the copy.    He returned at
tho appointed  time,  and  found     his
copy    corrected   in    ti  strange  hand.
Lord  Knollys  hud  gone  to  tho King
himself,  und  His  Majesty  had   uiu^ie
the correction.
Hla  Fara'wrlla.
"That young chap thnt calls on our
Myrtilla reminds me of I'attl," said the
old man In the dining room.
"Why so?" asked his wife.
"He has so many farewell perform-
■ Dces  ln  the   vostibule."
Dont's for Young Mothers.^
Don't give baby a sleeping draught,
sooi hin.' mixture or opinio of any
kind except by the order of a competent doctor who has seen the
child. Remember that all so-called
soothing mixtures contain dangerous
opiates. If your child is restless
ffivo it llaby's Own Tablots, ns they
ar.' absolutely harmless and in a
natural   way   promote   health-giving
Don't give medlcino to check the
movement of baby's bowels in diarrhoea except on the advice of a doc-
i-!'. TV",! tho child sparingly nnd
dive Baby's Own Tablets to cleanse
the   bowels   of   irritating secretions,
op tho abdomen warm. This tivat-
:i.. m'   will cure diarrhoea.
Don'l give a young child harsh oath rtics such as castor oil, which
jfrijjo and torture, llaby's Own Table;.-,   have   a    gentle laxative action
id never fail to cure constipation.
Mrs.  J.  !>.  Cilly, Hoatherton, Qu >.,
Sa.l "1 have used DabV'S Own Tablets for stomach and bowel troubles
and have always found them a most
snt    factory   medicine."
I on't fail to keep Baby'aOwn Tablet    In   tie    house.     Sold   by   medicine
dealers or by mail nt 26 cents a bo*
by writing the Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont,
A Fair OrportmnSty.
Tfis.io, being told that ho hod a fair
opportunity of taking advantage of a
Very bitter enemy, replied, "I wish not
to plunder him, but there are things
whieh I wish to take from htm—not his
honor or his life, but his malice and ill
Well spoken! A noble taking from
an enemy, "his malice and ill Willi"
How ls that done'.' Love ls the potent
weapon. "Heap coals of fire on his
There Is no (treat genius wltaout
tincture of maduens.
VftatitMa nt i.iMiiliin.
Thora   are  n: out    0,000 miles   of
railway  in Greater London, and it is
■ ■ im U"d that  something like 000,-
 ' separate journeys are rnadi
by passengers annually, lho number
oi Journeys mi an avurngo week day-
is ovor l..Vi.i,n.,ii. An Idoa of thi
vehicular trail.c in the streets maj
p.. gathered from the statement that
In twelve hours 16,05*1 vehicles ol
nil kinds passed q particular spot in
idJUi ,  and  a   full  s l"l I CO  ut  600
. ; ass tho Dank o( England   In
an hour.   Tho nutnijci  of passenger*
nri'iid  by  the  London  trams in   a
ear is over 800,000,001 .   A  rensui
.'.an of the   number of   podostrlapi
vho crossed London Dridgo on acer
ain day showed thm    the.v totiiled
111,903, nnd  In  n'nHoen  and  a half
hours    duilhg a day  In   April   las
'.ear 2'lH,lll.j people i rinsed  th' l'O,id
ways at thn hank,   lt   i.s always   n
source of   niiniseiin m   tor American
children   visiting    London to   luul
ior  the   cab with     the highest nun.
ber.     Quite    froquontly one is   Boei
Thr time I've loit ln weolug, 1
ln watching nnd pursalai;
Tbe llciu  tlmr   lies
in woman's eyes,
I ins been my lioiirt'R undoing.
Tlle|l;.ll    WiailOlll  lift   llllS   HOllgllt   IHS,
I scorned tlio lore she brought uie:
Mv only books
Were womnn's looks.
And folly's ull they've taught me.
Her snille when Ilemity fronted,
I Ining with gaze enchanted, ,'
Like hlin, the spilt.'.
Whom uml.ls by night .
Oft meet lu glen tkiit's haunted.
I.Ike blm, toe, llenuty won me,
llut while her eyes were oa me—
If once thoir my
Was turu<*il a way,
Oh! winds could uot outrun ma
And are thoso follies going?
Anil Is my proud heart growing
Too cold or wise
r.ir brilliant eyes
Agillu to set lt glowing? .
No—win, alas!  the endeavor
From bond) so sweet to sever;
Poor Wisdom's chance • ':  I
Against a glance *
Is uow as weak as ever.
—Thomas Moore.
Sir Clmrlea Brooke, Sultan nf.Sarawak, Ovtr
70 Years of Age, Retiring to Knglaud.
Sir Chnrles Brooke, the only Englishman who can boast of being an
Asiatic .Monarch, and whose sovereignty over the Sultunato of .Sarawak, in the Island of ISornco, with
its population of nearly _ million, Is
recognized as subject to British
suzerainty, has just issued u proclamation appointing his eldest son
and heir, Vyner Urooto, to act as
Regent of Sarawak, Sir Charles,
who expressly declares that he does
not abdicate his throne, explains
that ago and growing Infirmities have
lod him to transfer tho tusk of administering the Government of his
Sultanate to his eldest son, who
bears tho tltlo of Hnjah Muda, and
who will from henceforth bo "entitled to use tho swallow-tail f.ng of
tho Sovereign on shore and on lund,
and likewise tho yellow umbrella,''
which is in Sarawak tlio emblem of
Sir Charles, who was formerly in
the British navy, is now over seventy years old, und will very soon retire to England to spend the remainder of his days in thu land of his
birth. Ho has been on the throne of
.Sarawak since 18(iS, and is entitled,
not only in tho Orient, but likewise
when he visits England, to the same
honors in tho shape of gun salutes,
sentinels, etc., as the grout vassal
rulers of llritish India. Sir Charles,
whose English title is due to his
Grand Cross of tho English Order of
.St. Michael and St. George, served in
the navy as Charles A. Johnson, und
assumed the name of Brooke on sue.
criodlng his uncle, Sir .las. Brooke,
the lirst ruler of Sarawak.
The lutter's story has often been
told. Ho was associated with the
lato Sir Harry Keppel in the expedition fitted out by Baroness Burdctt-
CoUttS for the suppression of piracy
in the Far East. Sixty or seventy
years ago, when steam navigation
was in its infancy, piracy played a
far moro serious role in maritime intercourse with the remote Orient
than to-day. In fact overy vessel
that had occasion to traverse tho
Straits nf -Malacca was compelled to
carry guns to ra*[«'l those Here*
-Malay, Chinese nnd Tonkinose pirates
who were tho scourge of those BOOS,
Lady Burdott-CouttS, at a considerable cost, fitted out. an armed naval
expedition for hunting tho pirates to
their lairs and exterminating them,
and placed it under the command of
Hurry Keppel and .James Brooke,
two young naval officers, 'lhe ex-
pedition proved eminently successful,
nnd while Keppel returned to civilization, Brooke remained in thn
'irient, and, having become associated with the Sultan ot Borneo, eventually became possessed of Sarawak,
which oecupr's a considerable portion
of tlie Island  of Horn. o.
Lady Burdctt-Coutts played a considerable role m this strange ventdro
of Brooke, supporting him with
money, and especially with political
influence in England. Sir Charl6s is
married to a Miss do Windt, whose
brother, Harry de Win.lt, is well
kno.Wa us un explorer and a lecturer.
Lord Kelvin's IliHinverv.
Some InteitoSting tales are told of
Lord Kelvin's discoveries, and how
the ideas of thorn have come to his
quick mind. I'or instance, this"is
suid to huve been the way m whi.h
ho found tho mirror galvanometer.
He was puzzling over tho difficulty of
perfecting the ordinary telegraphic
apparatus used on overhead wires,
which was not suited for the varying
current passing along cabins, The
lugging of the electric currents had
the affect of making them run together into one bottom current, with
Burfaco ripples, which Correspond to
tho separate signals of ui" message,
Tho problem wus how to invent a
means of interpreting clearly and
easily    all   tin.     delicate   fluctuations,
Ope day Lord IColvln's eyeglass foil
off and swung in front of U;*' magnet,
reflecting, its movements, ami In*
stantly tho idea of tho mirror suggested itsa.ir.   So ii monocle has had
a  direct  effect   on  BClcnCSl
Kiglitri'n finieiri'.i Farewells,
Tho Rov. Stephen Gladstono,   who
is retiring from tin* rectorship of
Ilnwai'den, Ims a farewell letter ia
his parish mugttzine. Ho says thut he
has visited every one of the 1,800
homes of his parishioners to sny
good-bye, but after thirty-two yenrs
the parting is very hard. lie thanks
the Nonconformists for much kindness, aial all for the sympathy
shown him nnd his family on tho
break-up of their home. Mr. Glad-
stone will for a few weeks take
charge of tho poor London parish
where, under the present, lleiin of St.
Paul's, ho was for four years curate.
Thus the eldest surviving son of tho
gnat Prime Minister passes from tha
ken of the Cheshire village which his
father's m-al mnde famous through
tho English-spooking, church-going
world. Keen nnd earnest in his work,
he wns content with hit little parish
as his working place, where ho will
long be remembered and sorely miss-
ML _ _   	
AHo Carried a Knife Eighteen Yeara
and n Pencil Five Yeara.
Tho eoustnnt use of a pen point for
fourteen years, a penknife eighteen
years, nn oidiunry indelible lead peueil
live years nnd a key rlrc nineteen
years to the ordinary peHon sounds
incredible, but such ls the case with
Carl Burba, a clerk in the general customs ofliee hore.
Mr. Burba, who was ln the drug
business at New Hope for more than
ten years, ls uow using constantly a
pen point he secured, second bund,
while in the drug business, and since
he bus been at work for Uncle Sum he
has continued to use it, preferring it
to any other. During that time he has
worn out two penholders, but the point
is still in tho prime of condition, kept
so by tho care bestowed upon it by ita
A fellow clerk was discussing the
mntter of cure of pens yesterday, when
Mr. Burba remarked that any pen or
article of any kind would last for years
if given tbe proper cnre. To prove his
claim he drew from his pocket a knife
which ho had carried eighteen years.
The blades gave evidence of numerous
whettlngs, but not a gap or break
could be scon. The knife, Mr. Burba
said, had done a full share of work
since he hud owned lt, and is good for
many years yet
After exhibiting the knife Mr. Burba
drew forth a key ring bearing the date
of IS85. It is a souvenir of the Louisville exposition, was purchased as such
by Mr. Burba during the festal occasion and has since done constant service. Mr. Burba ha9 a special pocket
for all these articles nnd they may always be found there. He says he never breaks the point from a pencil, never
loans it but that ho watches it closely
nnd sees to It that It does not get
sway; never leaves the pencil, key ring
or knife lying on his desk, but replaces
them in their respective pockets wheu
not lu use, and by such Inviolate system and care he always has them
about him.
Moacoir'a Magic Grove.
The cyclone which raged around
Moscow on June 29, causing great loss
of life nnd tremendous damage to property, wns a storm such us Is seldom
seen in Russia. At intervals hall of
unusual size fell—some stones as largo
as a lien's egg—and the wind blew with
terrific force.
Almost the first that suffered was
the historical Anneuhoffsky grove,
which eye witnesses say was leveled to
the ground as If by word of command.
This grove was called Into being by
the Empress Anna. One day from her
balcony she remarked, "Whut u beautiful spot—if ouly there wus u grove
Next morning on going to ber window she beheld a grove. The Duke of
Biron had given orders that lu the
night all the trees in the neighborhood
should be transplanted there.
So in a single night the Annenliotrsky
prove wan planted. On June 29 It wus
destroyed in a second.—Loudou Mail.
Dodd's Kidney Pills doihggood
Work at Port Arthur.
Mr. Dick Suave; and Wife Uoth Hatl
Ki.-inoy Troubles and the Great ran-
odlan lutirxcy Koiaedy Cured Them.
Port Arthur, 6ht.,, Oct. 24 —(Special)*—That Dodd's Kidney l'ills cure
the Kldnoy ills of mon and women
alike has been proved time nnd
aguin ii! ihis neighborhood, but it is
only occasionally thoy got a chance
to do double work In tho samo houso.
This has happened In the case of Mr.
and Mrs. Dick Souvey, a fanner and
Iiis wife, living about .-..■% *i, miles
from here. In an Interview Mr. Souvey said:
"My wife nnd myself have used
Dodd'i Kidney Pill-, and have found
thom a big benefit to ..er health Wa
had La Orlppo two >tintern and were
exposed to much frost ui d cold, Oui
sleep iias broken on nccouul of urinary troubles and pain lu the kid-
ii",vs. V.•■ each took six boxes of
I-..Ill's Kidney l'ills and now enjoy
good hea ll h. "
Tin* ii.nrm «if Victoria Palla.
How the Victoria falls Impress u visitor Is recorded In Miss c. w. Mackintosh's Journal of a tour in South Africa,
Miss Mackintosh snys: "We perceived
no hint of the falls, only seeing before
us a screen of rocky based, bright green
forest, apparently dosing in tbe river,
like a hike. Ten minutes' waif; brought
us to the camp, on u cliff which literally overhung tbe gorge, nnd we saw
the cataract thundering down into tlie
boiling pot at our feet.   The walls of
tlio chasm; 400 feet high, were spanned
by a rainbow. The charm of these fall's
lies not In the ono overwhelming crush
ns at Niagara, but in tbe cumulative effect of various glimpses, the matchless
beauty of the surroundings nnd tlie
str.'in..retie<is of the whole setting, but
chiefly in the columns of spray, called
the "thundering smoke" und In the
ever changing rainbows. The mile wide
river BUddenly drops Into a yawning
crack- ln tlio ground, stretching right
across tlio Stream at tight nnglcj t:i
tho banks, n foaming trough, quite
narrow, of which the walls rose 400
feet above the surface of the water."
Chief Wonder nud Att.uotlen of lhe lalund
*i TrlnaaUta—Natural Aipbaii la
Btata of !>arl«otlon.
Asphalt, in its natural form, ls too
brittlo whon cold and IDo sticky
when warm to make a serviceable
road, but whon mixed with sand,
gravel and tar. answers evory requirement. In Us natural state, It is
found in muny parts of tho world,
but in only one placo to perfection,
and flint Is thu Island of Trinidad,
ono of Great .Britain's numerous
possessions in tho Wost Indies.
Trinidad's tft'oat pitch lake, which
is the chiof wondor and attraction of
th« island, is situuted in u low,
sandy stretch of the southwest coast,
near' Capo Corbaray. The surrounding country is low and nuilnriol, in
striking contrast to the high hills
unit rich woodlands to the coast
further back.
The laborors are all negroes, even
the coolios shrinking from tho heat
and low fov«rs of tho placo.
Tho lako it9«lf is about a mile in
diameter, hard at tho edges and
softening toward tho middle. Thn
surface is continually changing, apparently from subterranean action.
Little oases of dry lend, nnd even
trees and shrubs, will disappear in u
singlo night and fresh Islands of soil
bo reared  in other flaces.
The lake is in nil probability mordy
an unusually largo deposit of bitumen or soft pp&l, that has undergoiio
its transformation from decaying
vegetable mutter in contact with
water, and too nuar thn surface for
the oarth pressure above to harden
it thoroughly.
Hundred* qf negroes the yeur round
toll at tho lak«>'a edge, taking out
cargo after cargo from lho supply
that scorns never to diminish.
Tho asphalt cruRt is broken up
with picks und crow bars, and is
loaded on dump-carts, drawn by a
singlo mule. 'iho tarts crunch
through _ lonif, wiiwly rond down to
th" wharf at thn wat-T's odgi', where
thu load is dumped and carried by
wheel barrows on board of lighters,
which in turn carry it out to ships,
lying a half mllo out in tho bho.U
The rough lumps of [lickings aro
hoisted on board in lmskets uud piled in the hold, where th'\v sink
down into _ compact mass, requiring
a fresh lilling th« next day, nnd so
on  till  tho solid  cargo  is  completed
When the vossel r-'aches its port of
discharge tne asphalt h«s to be broken up again beforo it can be removed
from  the hold.
Owing to the yi'hc.oi's quality of tho
nntivo  "pitch"   lt   hus,   in  the  course
of ages. Altered through th» sand Soil I
around tlm  lakes,  and of these great |
fields tho asphalt i.s.  if anything, bet- I
ter   ufti.r   its   filtering    process   than
tlio original duposlt.
••*-- you think youTTr
danger.   Take
e Lu
*~>   To
jit once.    It will .„„.„.,
lungs and stop the 3"'
S. C.\v«
25c Mc $1.   LeKoy.NV t"'4C"J
    ■■■ '"' *•• r°roni« .**
Superfluous Hair
Removed by the New mfiJJ
It is hotter than oloctridt? _
it does not sear or produce a _' £***
Better than X-ray*, becuuno it £*■
burn, scar or paralyze the ti*J__]
the skin.   Hotter than d«pil»tort»T
cause it is not poisonous) thi«i
it will not cause blood pdlu
produce eezoina, wliioh is so m ■
with depilatories, r.nd dew not LT
off  the hair,  thersby increuiul
growth. U
Blootrolysic, X-ray or dsptlstorlM
offer-id you on tho b»re word old
operatois and msnufant.irerj
MIItACLEisnot. His (ho oi VmsU
which is indorsed by physicians7
geons, dcrmatologitiU, medical join
and prominent) nrn^'uzincj.
DE MIRACLE will be mailed to _
address, sealed in plain wrappt-lotfl
Vour money back without quertjogJI
fails to do all that is claimed for it,
Our booklet — the most oompU
treatise cn Superfluous Hair mrM
lished—containing the 1sttimoniab 1
numerous pbysicinaj and surgeons id
those of hundreds of othors will k
sent   frea,  in  plain,  eraled eav*!0]
upon request.    Write lor it tcijy
Qce&m Sikiet U'o,t, Toronto, oi
CunaillaaMt *lV.»iin iu
All Over the World
you -will find Beecham's K!j
famous because of their jjooi
works. _ People of all classes
and nations have for over fifty
years kept their Livers right
and Digestion 'jood by usi:g
Mr. P, IJ. Ball, Canadian Agent nt
I/ii'ils, Kii'_flun.l, writing to Toronto
Sunday World, uu\s. Somo 111 tie
timo ago I noticed tluit un Kngli.sh
lady wus Writing some rather severe
critltisms on Canadian women, and I
wondered if it could Im my friend,
Mrs, ."ilu.'-k'nret Poison Murray. At
that time I had not beon Tory long {
iu thla'country, uud remembering uiy .
earlier  pruttlloctlon  for  Engllah  wo*H
men I did not like to gwt iu the mix
up, more especially aa I knew hoW
woll uljlo both pur women end men .nm
to defend tho Sox. Tin* longer I live in
thu country tlio more predisposed I
um to aclcnowladge the bones ., uli-
ti.*« of Uauu.liiin won..t.. 11 uuy years
ago in my cuilow youth  Ih-:..i\. i  hud
boen sufficiently acquainted wlthxhelr
many good points, on my trips horo
I waa disposed lo give fofyjgn wu-
ni.'ii tha preference, but 1 tnought I '
would allow ii.;, more maturod |udg
ment to «; o ik before writing on tlArj
aubjoct. lt has boun my privilege to
v;.-.it C'-'.-at Dritajn, Germany, Austria, Franco ur.-l tie l'iiir.'d StnLet;, |
and meet women in each of those '
.''ounr.ri.aH. Hitherto 1 had al.v.i"-!
thought U.ut Knglish imiii":. ive ••
probably tho fluest, next to thom the
Austrian, having in mind a visit to
Budapest in the lata iovontlea, !,< ok-
Ing at tho matter after *■ ine yea s'
iixperTenco I can aay lioneiatly lh .t ho
nation produces u liner class ,.f vro-
meh than Canada* Wo do not, n
tho Oermana do. have women for
brbldlhg children only, or as upper
aerve.nts. Wo do not stand as a
race, producing money to clothe the
women in purple and line linen oijly,
na the Cnlted Htatea men do. Ws
do not keep our girls Iih-It. and p.a
allow th.in to have uny sny l,,r
thenis Ives until nfter thoy arft mai*-
rlod, as l-r^riro ..r Austria Wo tai •
thom something botwoon the Brit sh
and American. Wo have tho ». .1
looks of both, and tho sound c un
mon sense of tho one and the got i
dressing of tho other. Wo are apl to
treat them morn as companions than
Othor tuitions.
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 centi
■?.y>l Nothing makes a more ['
a charming  gift  'org?
'    "My ladys fairs"thin fif
|JS a silvcr-motjntod psriEj
***• fume bottle. K
A>        No. ii**r**> in ip*ftc*t«l »»lna *(
S.vyj*    I*, it ol iiaare»'**'Cr),''V
Lal .vlattt, ora&uiauti-tfl with
«S       op***-n paUern m ftUfftiftf **•
rer Ue-^ul.
Distance is annihilated
when you ec-Ier ot' us
by   mail.     CaUlogUd
O'jsent on request.
"He   tuulo   I
i".  nty  dollun " i ild   h
ei...    "nn*,    bless ine, ■     ;
didn't   chargo ftftj   tor pn      '■'■■•' ,:
nod -n!.'"
ill! V
Jim toil Ax Ila I*.
Marconi i.«h a striking person-
Qgito y.,x foot In height. |» «
erfully built, tho young Inventor has
nonu ..f that physical frailty which
;.o often tllBtiugiiishea men great in
mind, Itfany of the publlshod |ihoto-
graphs make him boyishly good-lool>-
liig; in reality his faco Is tho hi.-ui.
impassive ono of a stio-jg mrin,
Somewhat pallid, with clear cold
eyea, und a towering white forehbnd,
bus a   touch of  the   dreamer as
well us of the rnmorselii8H student of
fads. llo fcrosnos the room with tt
loiuigin,', leisurely gtrido, nml ho
spoolts to new acquaintances re-
.vrv.dly, almost iliHtnntly. To thn
casual observer there ia not a Bpul'k
of onthuslasm in Uiu young iin.n
whoso enthusiastic rommrches have
resulted in a dlsco*Vory which hits
mado him (ahtoUS all over tho world,
Uut once broak banoath tho surface,
and you will lind Mr. Marconi lv keen
and clover talker. Ho has ft wonderful gift of expression, with that cold
oloquonco that convinces rather than
porsuadea. And yet somo of our
hardest-bonded mon havo been both
convinced and persuaded aftw a
talk with llr, Martoal,
ft Take cold easily? Throat
teiidcr? Lungs weak? At-I
relatives have consuniptio*1''
Then a cough mean3 a grcii
deal to you. Follow your
doctor's advice and uk
Ayer's Ch;rry Pectoral. »
heate, strensrhens, prevents.
• »w • rc»ni i hav. <•«*<*->*.-•'! *aAf
fA-m  l*-«*-7r<J  fnr   e«n(fh«  »»'•.'"',
io**, *W *HMI» **•_»___E-k "»»t
I Ba»B)iJHl
Mli'i. i". at. IHUUBflO'. .'>•'ll0','
'1L-m for
Lnanlla. XUtA
Weak Lungs]
tlia MV**. and tht* •** t*o**" I! Ssi gjH KKfcW Wi ii iiii
1*1 ~ *"■*
a tn cn
i"» -i
»   Ci CS
oo   £   3338   ttSt9a.___t____b$____   ... *    ***
ft Cft •» ft       H Or u ft O <^> tf t'i IO — u* (0 5 tf 1-5
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P8       mat f*r*-*i.'1*J'50 *\  A
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171 — v. ■- h.      i'*.*i;      =.      — •        . -  ~      = ec x S •£ a •. - *"
—*~W™. tf. aPt fi 2 * DRILL
! SLOCAN,   B.   C.
|oscoiub was ns firm about poli-
tibout everything else. llo made*
tbat nobody could chaiiRe bis
fwhon once tbey were formed.
fw.ns true.
father, supitoso they don't ctbii
|t having I.ipb Godding for rep-
jitlvoT pleuileil Mr. Bascomb'S
tor a pnlnful half hour of nrgu*
"I don't bellovo anybody but
|s thought of hlin."
they don't have I.lpb Godding
jircaentatlvo," sttld Mr. Rascoinb
"I shall winter my vote, that's
ji'oiith's Gouipanlon.
Iloina«.*itl|.   l.Vmn,ui>.
BfoUDRbubbo—Don't you think,
ir, that you are cooking twice hn
^is we shnll need?   Mrs. Young*
(artiesslyj—1 nm doing it on
■p, darling. Tomorrow I wnnt
louiBof those "Hints For Itouie*
• How to Mn!:o Dainty Dishes
What Was Loft Over From Yes-
Then < liuun.
\y, Mnry," sihl ber mistress, "I
on t'i make up my room nn hour
|nd hero lt Is in terrible dlsor-
miuti,  nnd   I  did,"  Bald  Mnry,
^he uiiistor 00U10 In to put on a
collar,   mum,  and  ho  lost  the
Tha*  ImpoHsllito.
icy say that laughter Is good for
yl,e, but how in thunder ls a fel*
v£ to lau;;'.i Whon he has i.-.H-
hy shouhl I wish lo live any
fi All my kin bavo been mur-
A thousand armed niL-ii aro
y i rark, seeking my lifo. Thero
rest for me henceforth, day or
, I am innocont. I have cora-
•il mi crjuio. Vot I am to be
on sight, .is if I wfero a despcr-
►utlaw. 1 will endure it no lon-
1 will givo myself upl l.'ii by
Errcal hoi n spoon, nobody shall
tho satiaXaction of killing mo!"
ayintc thb huntod creature flow
ly through the darkness to tho
Bt citv, dashed itsolf ua*ain8t
ysct'iipi'r, t,ii(l fell to the ground
It   was  the last prairie chick-
i* in', sons have periodical attacks
indlan cholera, dysentery or dlarr-
uiul li„vp to us,. great precaution!
ii.l tin' disease riiunce of wator,
iz. kr,**.■,, fruit, is euro to brino on
tuck*. To such persons v*e would
ui'iiil     llr      .1.   11.   Ivelli.'.'u's   Uvsi'ti-
'oriliul   us  being   Hit*  beat   modi,	
•   market   tor    nil   summer   com*
i       If  a  few  ilroiiH  ut"  taken    In
when     the  symptom!   nrs  noticed
ther   troulik*  will   lie  experienced
valuo of liiiil.linir permits is-
n Winnipeg this yeur has now
hod n total of over .$8,000,006
his date Inst yoar tho total was
"1,300, It is expected that the
twolvo months of thla yoar will
,\ ovor $10,000,000.
ITolloway'a   Cora   ' ore    .i    ttinl
a"i."l  ten totals Irom oife   pair   ol
'■'.ia,ii   ,•   haa done once   ,'-  w...   d
'  ".'.,-.'ii tin* society of n man In
the mnn win, is tho       i i'
smart baby it  is o toAs up.
•I .>,::st have n new dr. i s
i I . ball/' Hubbyi "Very well.
l-  .  .  ', i dvo 11 too low "   '-la.■■ le
'! ,.   ui,;, "   Hubb*, :   "F ir    I'.ve
:   a ,i p.,'. lower tho dross the high-
tho bill."
j.Tbv I'll mors •• Dr. Acrn<".v'.s Oli.t-
nt snnthnH. .pilots, und effects n'llck
I I'tTntiMi chips In nil skin eruption!
a:,,on to imiiy during tho teething
a.- It li luirtuless to the hair iu
,-«, of Scald Head and cures Enema.
' Klioum and nil .Skin Wsenses of
er   people    86  cents.—.Io
may !»• that tho Mikado, who is
I to want Port Arthur lo fall on
Inlay,  in.iy  itnitntd Kimr  Rdward
Im vim; tho celebration tnereof
tponed n fow months.
Hard's Lir.Jraent Cares Bsrna. etc
on dors for   double tracking tho ('.
I!   main    lino   between  Winnipeg
.   fort   William   hav,'     beon    call"'!
hen is a boat  not  o boat?—When
i ■ ashore.
ii.ur: wk.'.kvi ss ih msi:\s!
i. si i , i.i: - II one -a,a ere from e,,\
nlc weakness, Inherited oi eon-
ted, thoro iliM-use « III rel Ho « hen ll
a i.s the bodv Tht ref.iro i rlpij oul
i-,iini thai beset you, do not lei •<
ur aougb haruss vou, wid keep ihe
h Rtory organs i-, « cowl, n*i-li hv
Hon Thi! ynu run .'" .<y iislno
i hopias' la',•,' i lc Oil Prevent luu I*
ivlsosl  course.
he Imperial Oil ami Coal Cnn-
ul,,i are tV'v,'lupine claims on
rding River, In tho Elk Vallc.Y. :tl1
es abovo Mlohol, n. 0., nro mak-
iv.ioti progross, Thoy hnvea foroo
HO men at work: already thoy have
nvorod 17 seams. The work will
itinuo all winter.
'in ydur rhii.ii-i'i, to grbw itrong and
'■si hv counteracting auythlnu thnt
es iii-i.eiiiih. One I'l'fiii cause of
nse In children Is wormi. Remove
"' "ill, Mother llnvvi's' Worm I'.Mei-
.ator.    II   never  fulls
'lie following is tl gooil roclpO for
watornroof paint for wood or
no. Molt twolvo ounces of resin:
« With it thoroughly six gallons
fish oil and one pound of molted
I'hnl; tniv stiaio ochri' or nnv other
oiiiur substance with n little lln-
'i oil, onoughto civ.* it the rii-ht
nr and thickness; npplv severnl
""h. Tho first coat should be very
Sllont Brethsrs Who (live Ihs Wayfarw-   m
IlosflUbls Waileuuie.
"Postilion de la Trappo" read an
ancient sign swinging undw thu trees
of an Oka street. Oka, you may
know, is a quaint littlo villago on
tho eastern bank of tho Ottawa River reached only by the river steamers
and within its boundaries aro to be
found such oddly di versa elements _*
Algonquin Indians, French-Canadians,
summer tourists. Catholic sisior-r
hoods, and the Brothers in White,
who constitute thu Trappist community.
My postillion—a shock-headed lad
of exclusively French speech—proved
to bo a veritable Jehu as a driver,
and the sturdy posy was equally
rockless in his mad charges up und
down hills, over bridges and around
passing vehicle*, and his passenger
was thankful thut we ran into but
ono fence and hit but one troc. Fortunately the fence |,ost gave way instead of the carriage wheel, und the
three-mile journey to the nionustery
ended with the loss of only a hat, a
whip and some breath.
Tho Silent Drothprs give tbe wayfarer a hospitable welcomo. Thero
aro thero lifty in the, Order, together
with fifty lay brothers. The former
aro clad in white; the latter in
lirown. in addition, there are forty
young men attending their agricultural school.
Here the Trapplsts till an 800-acro
furm, „nd a fairer scene Canada cannot show than this highly cultivated
area, with its orchards and vineries,
its lioltls of golden grain sweeping
up to the bases of the Two Mountains, and tho fringe of green forest
thut encloses the furm.
Tho members of tho order are subject to rigidly ascetic rules, rising at
two in the morning, eating but two
meals a day, of a strictly vegetarian
diet, and retiring ut eight in the
evening to theV humble pullets in __
attic. Four hours of the eighteen
aro spent in the fields; tho remainder
in religious exercises and study. If
oae may Judge by the porsonal appearance of tne Brothers, this mode
of lifo results in the best of health.
"Wo ncvaire sick," said my broun-
gowned guide, ond so it would seem.
It is strange and interesting sight
to view these silent workers ialii'owa
and white, with their sandalled feet,
rope girdles and broad-brimmed hats
laboring in the gardens and on tho
farm, or to see them fall suddenly on
their knees, even though at work,
whilo tho Father in chargo performs
the ollice of the hour. Whatever
their occupation, it must be suspended when the great bell rings out its
summons.: Stranger still is it to
wateh the single file of worshippers,
looking ghostly in their long white
robes, as they march to thoir chapel
in' tho early hours of tlio morning
whilo tho world around is yet asleep.
Tho Trappist farm has a beautiful
setting, overlooking, on tho south
nnd west, the I «ke of Two Mountains, tho Ottawa and, in tbo far
distance, the St. Lawrence River.
Torched near the summit of the twin
hills nro throe chapels that show
strikingly white against the green
foliage for n long distanco. They are
part of the series of seven chapels
that line the mountain road—_ road
that Is crowded on the great day of
tho Trappists—the l ith of September, when the Fete du Calvatra attracts thousands of worshippers,
who. In tho truo spirit of tho pilgrim, worship at all the Stations of
the Cross that lead to the mountain
top,—Frank Yelgh in Toronto Cilojo.
Our rilud Spot.
On tho back of thc eyeball ls a peculiar expansion of the lilros of the
optic nerve, which is culled the Ity
tina. Every part of this ls not.
equally sensitive to tho action of
light. A small portion, where the
organization is most perfect, is railed from ivs color the yellow spot;
this is only 1-G,000th of an inch in
diameter, yet it produces tho most
perfect sensation of vision. A littlo
nearer to tha n.,su is another s;>ot,
which, though full of fibres of tho
optic nerve, is absolutely Insensible
to light, and is therefore called the
"blind" spot. This can b« easily
proved by well known experiments
on paper, of which advertisers of patent medicines have availed tlu'in-
R'lvea. Helmholt7. in his lecture tells
us that "thia blind spot is so largo
thut it might prevent our seeing 11
moons if placed side by sids, or a
man's face at a distance of only six
or seven feet," and that, "Alarlotto,
who discovered tho phenomenon,
amused Charles II. ar.d his court by
showing them how thoy might see
each otlier with their heads cut od."
Thomas Aaderson. taged fill, died
at the. Campbell House, Napanoe,
Out., on Monday. The deceased was
burned and bruised !"• nn explosion
of gHS in the Campbell House a wct'k
SURE BEOULAT0R8.—Mandrake nnd
Dandelion are known to exert u power.
Inl Influence on tho liver and kidneys,
restoring then, to healthful action, inducing a regular flow of secretions untl
Imparting to tho oreana complete p'owoi;
to perform their functions These Valuable Ingredients enter into the composition of rarnu'lee's Veirelahle Pills, will
serve  to   ret,tier  them   the  agreeable    nnil
salutary medicine they are. There are
few pills so affective as thev in their action.
Mrs. Prim: "Mrs. Deadlleigh, does
your daughter have a chaperon?"
Mrs. Deadfleigh: "What sny? Oh, yes,
she has a chap of her own."
Lever's   V-Z    iWisp   lleail)    lUsinfi'.-t ant
Roup Powder dusted in the imth isjftaVaii
tlio  wuter  nud   disinfect!, .'IS
Carrie Nation hns go.'e to irnol for
six months. That will carry her
nicely over the cold weather.
Removes nil hard, soft or calloused
lumps and blemishes from horses, blood
spavin, curbs, splints, ringbone, Sweeney,
stifles, sprains; cures sore nnd nwollen
thront, coughs, etc. Snve $50 by the
use of one bottle. Warranted tho most
wonderful  blemish  Curo «v«r known.
Oil hns been struck at Deorsvillo,
N. B. This shows that there may be
disappointment  in a liaiiio.
I was cured of terrible lumbago by
T was Clirod of ii   bad case   of car-
f was cured  of   sensitive    lungs  by
Mr. James (till, of Toledo, Ohio,
is or should be a proud and happy
man, says the London Chronicle, llis
Wife has the longest Christian nume
in heathendom or out of it; and her
father, who was responsible for it,
insisted on having every syllable of
it placed on the records. There it
stands—"Missouri Arkansas Nupoleon
Four Hundred Miles llelow the
Mouth of the Ohio Absber." Mr. Al>-
slier explained that his daughter was
named in honor of An aunt who lived
at Napoleon, on the Missouri Itiver
in Arkansas, four Hundred miles below the mouth of the Ohio. In this
case, apparently, a whole atlus is "in
a name."
The Stomach's 'Weal or Woe!'
—The stomach is tho centre from which,
from tho standpoint of health. Hows
"weal or woe.J" A henltliy stomach
inuans perfect digestion—perfect digestion means strong und sternly norve
centre!—strong norve centres mean gootl
circulation, rich blood and good health.
South American Nervine makes and
k«'ps  tne stouinrh   right — Cl!
American roads have issued an §18
rate for returning furm laborers.
Minard's "jiiimeHt Believes Nearolgt*.
I'rovo that sailors are very em.iil
men?—They can Bleep on their
We judife ourselves by what we feel
capable of doing, while others judge
us by what we have already done.—
"What on earth is tho baby crying
so for, Katie?J' "Why, sure, ma'am,
you told jue, whon you called me, to
drop everything!"
Who Have  Had  Splendid   Opportunities  in Their
Practice of Testing The Merits of
Dr. Chase's  Ointment.
The King's birthday is fixed for
May 24, 1905. Which of his renl anniversaries he will celebrate* the last
one or    the    next    one,    is    not    announced.
- Bright's Disease - Insidious!
doea tive! relentless!- has foiled
bunilrnU of trials by medical science to
Item th! tiilo of its ravages—anil not until South American Kidney Cure proved
b«yo,,0 a doubt its power to turn back
the ti.le was thero n gleam of anything
but despair for the victim of this dread
form of  kidnev disenio — ol
Mr. W. 1!. Lydiatt, who was so
si riously shot at Saskatoon, died on
Mondav last.
linard's Liniment Cares Dandruff.
At a recent automobile race in
New Vork one man was killed and
another fatally injured.
the action of the kidneys become! im-
palred, ie,purities in the (Hood nre ul-
must sur* to follow, and general de-
rangement of the system endues, Parmelee's Vegetable rills will regulate the
kidneys,    bo     thnt    they    will   maintain
ultliy cation and prevont tl'.* complications which laTi.iinly come when there ls
derangement of these delicate organs.
'iTio.eeuici.t of these delicate otua'is
\s u restorative these pills nre in the
Urst   rank.
It   is a  waste of  breath  to civ" advice to a man who i.s about to marry
,i rich irirl.
VTut, ',i as a Compels.
Forest nnd Stream gives the following Instructions by whieh a
Watch  will  servo ns  n compass:
Got the number of hours from miti-
nU;ht, divide by two and point tho
hour at tli" sun so that tho shadow
of a match or lend pencil falls directly n'*!'.'^ the centro of the watch:
ID o'clock will le north, 0 south. 0
west antl 8 east. Suppose it is '.) a-
in.; number of hours from midnight
is 9; one-half is <1 .J; point 4.80 nt
the sun so the shadow of a match or
lead pencil falls acioss tho centre
of watch, and 12 is north, (S south,
.'J east and l) west, Suppose it is 0
p.m.; number of hours from midnight is 18, ine half, (); points 9 at
sun and 12 i.s north, 6 south, 3
east and 0 west.
.Also, when the sun is hid Ion on a
oloudy day take a lend pencil or
stick that is well sharpened and place
it on the thai,ib nail. Ly looking
closely you will see u fnint shadow,
which will give you a very gootl idea
of the direction of the sun, and may
bo useful tO one lost on a cloudy
Trsteil TtlKl.l. nt Deadheads.
It Is stnted thnt a new theatre Is
to be erected in Dublin on the slto
of whnt was orisinnlly a morgue. Wo
hot,,! thnt the conversion will l*i thoroughgoing, it! in-wise doadhuads
might think they had a veetod right
to admission.—Tunch.
Little but Searching - Dr. Voa
Stan's Pineapple Tablets ure not big
nauseous doses that contain injuri..,.
drugs or narcotics—thoy are the purs
vegetable pepsin—the medicinal extract
Irom this luscious Iruit, and the tablets
nre prepared in as palatable form ns the
fruit itself. They euro indijeebtiou. GO
lu a box,  35 cents—50
if a boy can learn to suioko ti bull- j
dog pipe at the livery stab!.'. II is
much cheaper than sending hi.', to
college   to   aoquira   Hint   accomplish- j
Eliird's Linlocn! fir sale ewywken. |
Miss Withers—You ere bins!.inc.
Cora! What was thai clutusy partner of yours Baying? Miss Knisoly—
(Hi. nothing: onlv thai before ho
met me life seemed like a dosrl lo
him." "That is no rooSon whv ho
should waltz li'.*e a dromedary, Is
Used in H.B.K. Mitts, Gloves
and Moccasins—tough as whalebone, flexible, soft, pliable, scorcb-
proof, wind - proof, boil - proof,
crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,
cold-proof, almost wear-proof—
certainly the greatest leather
ever used in mitts and gloves.
Like buckskin it is tanned
without oil, unliko buckskin it is
not porous, it is wind-proof—will
outwear three buckskins.
"Pinto" Mitts and Gloves
never crack or harden, never get
■sodden, are always warm, pliable,
soft and comfortable.
Sold at all dealers but never without this brand i—
Montreal   Winnipeg    Dawson |
Miss C. Stanley-Jones, professional
masseuse and nurse, 283 Simcoe
street, Toronto, Ont., writes: "In
my occupation as nurso I havo
como across many cases in which Dr.
Chaso's Ointment has been used
with extraordinary results. Ono caso
1 recall was that of a child of sixteen months who was ln a bad way
with scaly head. It was a really
nasty caso, causing tho child to suffer very much and to bo very troublesome I persuaded tho mother to
uso Dr. Chaso's Ointment, and in
ten days tho child was entirely cure*d.
"Another caso was that of a lady
who was jf-eutly drouflilod with oo-
rema on tho faco. Tho doctor was
dosing her with medlcino, which was
doing   no   good.    In  this    caso    cure
was effected in seven davs with onljt
ono box of Dr. Chase's Ointment.
Doth  of these cures wero lasting."
Mrs. H. A. Loynes, nurso, Philips*
burp. Que., writes: "I consider Dr4
Chaso's Ointment a perfect medicine.-
I have used it myself, and as- a nurse
havo recommended it in a (rood many
casoe for itching piles. It always
Bavo perfect satisfaction in overy,
caso, and once peoplo .used it thejt
would not think of being without it
In tho house."
Dr. Chase's Ointment, *SO cents■•■»■
box, at all dealers, or. Edmonson,
Dates & Company, Toronto. To protect you against imitations, tho portrait and signatiire of Dr. A. Vl.
Chaso, the famous receipt book aui
thor, are on every box.
AGENTS WANTED to sen l.Hriuivnn KBrrLB
aad stkamkb (Combined). Kvery family needa it. The
iirettimt. tntmt useful, handy and safest cooker. 3 size*.
lioils and steams in separate compartments. Illustrated
cireuiur. li"reo sample. Freight paid on orders to tills
district, from first ugenta. Write quick. Other saleable
We mako a   specialty   of low grade wheat.   Write us beforo shipping.    Wi
will show how we can serve you. |
Iie/ereaces:—Any Dank or Commercial Agency.
ii i        a.
GRAIN I Jas. Richardson & Sons I GRAIN
(Until   recently   represented by the late  E.   O'lleilly, Esq.)
All kinds   of grain   handled in  Car Load   Dots.   Write us for top prices
and   Shipping   instructions. Any grade of wheat,  oats, barley or flax.
P.  O.  Dox G29,   Winnipeg,   Mnn.
******~*m***     WIV   ,, ™T    *T     est efforts to get good
results for you. Liberal advances oa   bills of lading, and balance promptly,
paid wben grain ia unloaded. IJet ua   hear from you.
I REFERENCE—Bank of Hamilton, Exchange Branch.
DONALD MORRISON & CO., ^maiuiioa. Winnipeg, man.
Thomas law.       ship Your Grain to       William law..
L^\A/   BROS.
We handle grain strictly on commission.   Highest  Prices obtainable.
Liberal advances.    Trades carried ob margin* in  Winnlpeig'e futures.
Correspondence solicited.
Esiabliskftd irmn Uiiifiiissiwi I
Merckant is Wicaipeg. -v^i
Consign your grain te me and get prompt service, care^l attention.
*■""'■*' "»■•*-'**   s. SPINK- 	
Rcfereace-l'MOM BANK of CAN'AIA.
r\f«   i3oo.
IT IS AN EASY MATTER t0 ■eJ! * larB*  lot of wheat »* •
,i       . a   .a, better  priae  than   n  single  car  will
bring.    If you  will ship your  wheat  to   us    we   will soil  it with many*
other  cars either  locally  or  ln  tho E&at, and you will got from tj-cent   isi  •
I cent per bushel mora for it than If  you sold it on truck at your station.
Ws have had 17 years' practical experience    in    the    grain   businesa.
Thla,  also,  ie worth  something to you.
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.    Rbferbnces: Any Bank or CoinmercUl
riiroiigli  a Strictly
cn; mission   Firm.
We handle strictly on commission therefore ran Rive every attention
to car Shipments, and will obtain the best prices for same. We will be
pleased to answer enquiries re prices, shipping, etc. If YOU have grain
to ship or sell do not fail to writo  for our "Way of Doipg Uusiiiess," as
THOMPSON, SONS & CO., Hie Commission Marts, Winnipeg.
Household utensils can be made to loolc as fjood as new by w.-i^hln^ in a
•nddy solution of Sunlight Soap. They will ihine and glitter thus helping to
make thc homo bright and inviting.
Sunlight Soap means less thna half the labor required in washing with common soap—and makes everything *potles*ly clean.
Sunlight Soap is made of pur* oils und (.it.., contains ao ingredient injurious
to tho luniL or clothing.
Sunlight Soap Washes the Clothes White and won't Injure the Hands
FARMERS will find lt to their advantage to consign their GRAIN i*
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WHO pay highest prices and make prompt retnrns. Advances mads ca
consignments. Correspondence eollclted. Established ." 3r.il. ii'.Terence—
Union flank of Canada. 	
Orala la char Ute beught on track or sold on commission. Reasocablf
a<!vmnoes ma4e.     Frempt returns.     Corres/iocdenoe  solicited.   Referenda,
Any Bank la Winnipeg*
'Ohio Gasoline Engines'
WOOD SAWING in stock at all times.   We
can ship at a day's notice.
Write us for Prices and Catalogue.
Bnrridge-Coopcr Co„ LUL, Winnipeg, Man.
Henry Avenuo, East.
Mr. PuliVMioo—Is your muster in,
fritl?" Uirl: "Yes, sir; he's ln his
study." Mr, Pavonhop,; "In his study,
is he? Woll. 'u won't do for mc. Tho
arlist whnt paints iny picture will
'ave to be a finished one, and not
tbat isn't past bin study!"
IHirlnir tho month of September,
building permits to the amount of
$51,700 were issued by tho city engineer oX Brandon.
V-tS   N    \J    No    SO"
V. lilill.l.. SI.OCAN, B. l.\, NOVEMBER 1. 1901.
i    vl
C. E. Smitbekiksai.e, Editor and Prop
is rvBUeato kve*y kbiday at
•LOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each
Transient advertisements at same rates
ai legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
Tke Subscription is (2 per year, strict*
ly in advance- $2.50 a year if not bo paid-
Address all letters to^-
Slocnn, B. C
C. H. Mackintosh, Conservative; W.
A. Galliher, Liberal; and James A.
Baker, Socialist, wero nominated in
Nelson, Tuesday, to contest the dominion election, to be held iu Kootenay on Nov. 22. The light is no vv on
iu earnest.
According to ihe government blue
book, lumber to the value of $250,000
is being brought into Canada each
.mouth free of duty. Were an adequate duty imposed on lumber, it
w;ould revive the industry iu B.C.and,
where stagnation now reigns, activity
and progress would prevail. What a
difference it would make to Slocan
were the lumbering industry floui-
jshing. Mills would go up and scores
ot men would be employed. The
Liberals refuse a duty ou American
lumber and the country is suffering.
W.A. Galliher points to the increase
in the output of lead ore and says the
peoplo ought to be thankful for the
flourishing condition of the mining
industry, because of the lead bounty.
Apart from 9 few Grit worshippers,
the peoplo of the Slocau, at least, are
far from thankful for the bounty, for,
iu popular effect, it has proven a dismal failure. Population has uot increased, business has not expanded,
and property has not been enhanced
in value. Since the bounty went into
effect the very opposite has been the
case. And if ope excepts the leases
through the Slocnn, how few are the
properties that are being operated.
Were the bounty such an extreme
benefit, why are there so many wet
ore mines left idle by their owners?
The lead bounty is lx>ing made a political question for thm purpose of assisting in the election of a Grit candidate; and it has been kept in the front
for months past by political agitators,
some of whom think so much of the
bounty as to leave their mines idle.
But through all the talk of the lead
bounty, there is an important point
that has escaped public notice, and
that is: the main beneficiaries of the
government's generosity are a combination of political supporters who aro
waxing still richer at the expense of
(the public. The increased output of
Jead is mainly due to the operation of
the St. Eugene mine, nt Moyie, all
other bounty claimants coming iji for
mere flea bites in comparison. These
J**»t. Eugene politicians have again and
again pulled the wires and the Slocan
men havo jumped to do their bidding.
The enlargement of the bounty to embrace lead concentrates shipped to
Europe, but not to the States, is a
a crying shame, for those who benefit
thereby are those snme wealthy politicians back of the St. Eugeno. Canadians ure furnishing money to build
up smelting industries in a foreign
country at the expense of their own.
Pleasant thought, isn't it? Again,
since tho bounty went into effect.inine
owners claim freight rates, treatment
charges and the cost of supplies have
all   increased,   therefore    the   small
•Upper is gradual); getting into a
worse condition than liefore. The big
shippers get better rates in freight and
treatment, while the small man pays
the larger toll. Then, ns the output
of lead increases as it will by the
operation of the Sullivan, North Star,
and Eastern Canadian mines; for the
bounty is not confined to Kixitenay.as
Galliher implies in his speeches— the
ratio of bounty decreases. Increased
charges and decreased bounty lx*nefits
will thus Ixi the portion of the small
mining man. Let any unbiased man
tako a trip through the Lardeau and
Slocan camps and he will be convinced that the evidences of _ flourishing
order of things an few and far between. Railway travel, express business, nnd postofflce receipts have ali
fallen off. In popular effect ttm lead
bounty lin*. been n fnlltiro   Ton roiieh
For first-class bread go to J. H
Geo. Gormley, a former resident,
drifted in on Monday.
Born.—On October 28, the wife of
B. A. Shatford, of a daughter.
Dr. Milloy, dentist, of Rossland,
spent several days here this week.
Fine clean wheat for chicken feed;
new stock.   W. T. Shatford & Co.
Miss Neil, Nelson, is making a two
weeks' visit among friends in town.
R. H. Trueman, the photographer,
was in town over Sunday. He did
Fred Wilson, representing McLennan & McFeeley, Vancouver, was here
on Tuesday.
Joe Hamelin left on Monday on a
visit to Portland, Ore., and down to
San Francisco.
The K. of P. New Denver, wil) hold
their eighth annual bnll on the evening of Nov. 23*
Several cars of lumber from Koch's
mill, Teu Mile, was shipped out from
here during the week.
Trainmaster Stevens, Nelson, was
here Wednesday, investigating the recent wreck in the yards.
Lydgate Bros, have erected a camp
at the mouth of Evans creek. They
are putting out 200 fruit trees.
Oscar White, mauagerof the Slocan
Star, was here Monday, on business
connected with the Lady Fraiikliu
A carload of eggs for the winter
trade has just arrived in for W. T.
Shatford & Co. Buy now and save
Hon. Mr. Mackintosh held Conservative meetings at Silverton and New-
Denver Tuesday aud Sandon on Wednesday.
L. J. Edwards, station agent, is
moving back at once to his old position at Nakusp. His successor is not
yet known.
W. E. Boie, who has been contracting on Jim Hill's new road in the
Boundary all summer, returned here
on Saturday.
Next Sabbath evening, at Knox
church. Rev. T. McCord will preach
on "The Wise and the Foolish Builders '--Matt. 7: 24-27.
G. B. Garrett aud wife, New Denver, were here Tuesday, Mr. Garrett
going on to Grand Forks, to act as C.
P.R. agent for a few weeks.
Much work has been doue around
the wharf this week, the trestle work
being all filled iu and th'* various
tracks raised considerably.
The Trout Lako Topic and Ferguson Eagle haveamalgamated.and will
henceforth issue under the caption of
the Lardeau Al ining Review.
Wm. Hunter, of Silverton, was here
Monday, acting as escort and bodyguard to Governor Mackintosh. They
make a strong team of Tories.
Mrs. Bennett left on Mouday for
Boise. Idaho, accompanied by her
graudchildren, Dick and Jack Linton,
whose parents are now located in that
J. H. Matheson, A. M. Johnson and
W. Irvine,all of Nelson.are the agents
respectively of the Socialist, Liberal,
aud Conservative candidates iu Kootenay.
The mischievous boys and youths
had a great time Hallowe'en, among
the least of their vagaries being the
ringing of the church bell aud the lire
Some days ago a light engine ran
into a handcar on the K. <fc S, road,
near the Payne mine, and as a result
Mat Tapanilla, bridge foreman, was
S. Dominico, foreman of a construction camp on  the  Phoenix  branch of
the Great Northern railway.near Sum
mit camp, was blown to pieces Mon
day in a blast.
Mrs. J. Pickthall, living at the Sun
set mine, near Greenwood, was fatally
injured last week  by  the accidental
discharge of a gun in the hands of her
young brother.
Wa T. Shatford & Co. have in stock
no less than 12 varieties of Christie's
biscuits, including ice wafers and all
the fancy brands. They are fresh and
sell at close figures.
Conservative leaders have full evidence of an extensive plot to run in a
large number of pluggers to vote in
the riding on the 22nii. The neees
sary steps are being taken.
The eighth annual ball of the Oddfellows, given on Friday night, was a
success, visitors Ix'ing present from
Three Forks,New Denver and Nelson.
A dainty supper was served at the
An order has been issued by the
general superintendent of the C.P.R.
by which commercial travelers will be
permitted to use freight trains when
traveling between points ou tho Pacific division.
City Solicitor Jorand has served
summonses on all the delinquent property owners, citing them to appear
before the supreme court at Nelson.on
Dec. (ith, if they desire to object to tlie
confirmation of the recent tax sale.
The Nor'-West Farmer, Winnipeg!
claims to be the liest agricultural paper for the Canadian West, and in its
advertising announcement, elsewhere
in this issue, quotes some facts so for
cilile as to lie worthy the attention  of
,"        ■   .-        '       ■■;■■'       . T   .   j *:l. ,     ,
Garden thieves still continue their
depredations in town.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered atthe local registry office, H. P. Christie being mining
Oct 26—Ute fr, on Robinson creek, J
M McGregor.
Oct 25—White Star.
Oct 26—Survey fr, all. T A Noble to A
B Coleman.
The reputation of
"Diamond Hall" is continental  for  the quality
m and reasonable prices of
M its precious stones.
.-v. .     . ,
•*.•?:      The ssme care it esercistd
"*•'■':      in .(electing the stone for our
$aj.oo solitairs   ring:  (No.
i.iOJ.;) ai for one st ei* OT
eight timet that cost.
A complete catalogue of our  Sj
many depsrtmeats will be lent
oa requeit.
Pressed Hay,
Feed and Oats...
Strathmore Trading Co.,
Drawer 551,
Calgary, Alberta.
Dealers in Ruled Hay. etc., etc.  Prompt
Shipment, Hest Quality, Lowest
i'rices, Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Writ* ur for Oiiotnlliiim.
***-*.+* **-**
a      *
Tho Queen's
KATES:    ft*.00 PER HAY
First-clap* Dining Room
Large ami Comfortable  Bedrooms
Sample rooms for Commercial Meu
Nelson, B. C.
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
Headquarters for traveling men
Large, airy rooms
liest monls given  in  the town
HATES-*?  per  iluy ;   with
HHIIipll*   I-UOII1K,   ***'*. r,o.     S|,„-
I'llll lull-* tn Mtl'llll.V l»i»niati-ia,
Arthur Street, Slocan
J. A. Anderson
Mri'iiniiT * "TiTiMNrn.
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
Iu tins matter of the Corporation of the City
pf Slooan Tax Sale, I0W.
And iu tin. matter of tlio "Municipal Clauses
Act" and nmondini.nts thereof.
'PAKE notico that a petition of Herbert David
I   Curtis, Collector ot the Corporation of the
City of Slocan, has been presented to this Honourable Court, to confirm the sule of lauds for
taxo-, held by the said Corporatiou of the City
of Slocan on the 2Jth and 2Btli days of July and
the 3rd day of August. lflM, under tlm Municipal
Clauses Act and amendment! thereof, nnd that
the 6th day of December, A.D. 11KM, nt 10.80
o'clock in tbe forenoon, at the Court House, in
the City of Nelson. British Columbia, bus beon
appointed for the hearing of said petition.
And further tnke notice that the following
land.-, in which yon appear to havo uu interest,
according to the assessment roll ofthe said Corporation, or tho books of tbe Land Registry Office, are a portion of the lands which wero sold
for urreari of taxes at lho said sale and are included in the said petition: Lot0, in Block 2,
Oity of Slooan, boing a subdivision of Lot'292,
Uroup 1. West Kootenay District, of the Province of British Columbia.
An.l further take notice thnt unless, at the
tim.anil place aforesaid, yon show cause to the
contrary, the said sale will be confirmed as
prayed for in said petition.
Dati'd nt Slocan, B.C., this 28th day of October, A.D. 1801.
Solicitor for the Collector of the
Corporation of tho City of Slocan
To Bulla h.\ti.ky.
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
Ia the matter of the Corporation of the City
of Slocnn Tax Sale nol.
And in the matter of the "Municipal Clauses
Act" and amendment! thereof.
I JAKE notice thai a petition of Herbert David
1    Curtis. Collector of the Corporation ot the
city of slocan, in.* bern preeeatetl to il.is Hon*
onrable Court, to confirm tlio sain of lands for
tnxn>. held by the mid I I irporation of the City
ofSlocan on the -*>tli and iSith days of July and
the ."r.i day of Augtut, Hot, undorthe Municipal
I'li.usi's Act and tiiiieu'lmi'iil- thereof, and llml
the (Uh day of December, A.D. I'.KU, at 10.80
o'clock in the forenoon, at the Court House, in
the city of Nelson. British Columbia, hai been
appointed for the lioariiix of snid petition.
And further take notice that the following
lands, in which you appear to have an interest,
according to the assessment r.ilI ol tin* • aal corporation, or the books of tl.e Land Registry office, are a portion of the land., wliich were .-.old
for arrcara of tax.*.* at the Bald snle and are included in the said petition: Lots 19 and HO, in
Block J. city of Slocan. being n subdivision of
Lot 292. Group I. West Kootenay District, of the
Province of British Columbia.
And turtlier take notice thnt unless, nt thn
time and place aforesaid, you -.how CIUSS to thr
COUtrnry, the said sale will lie confirmed us
prayed ror in said petition.
Date I at Slocan, B.C.. this EStfa day of Ccto-
bar, A.ll. lOui.
Solicitor for the collector of the
corporation of tlie city of Slocau
To Thou \s Lxa Paraaa,
city of Slocan, has boen present^! to this honourable court, to confirm the sal* of lands for
taxes, held by the saiil corporation of tbe city
of Blocan on the 2ath and 2«th days of July uud
the 3rd day of August. 1901, under the Municipal
Clauses Act. and amendments thereof, nnd tint
the Oth day of December, A.D. 1901, at 10,30
o'clock in the forenoon, st the court house iu
the city of Nelsou, British Columbia, has been
appointed for the hsiirito: of said petition.
And further take notice that the following
loads, in which you nppear to havo an interest,
according to the assessment roll of the snid cor-
§oratioL, or tho books af the Land Registry Of-
ce, (ie n portion of the lands which were sold
fornrrenrs of tuxes at tho said saleand are included in the said pel ition: lot 10, in block IH,
city of Slocan, being a subdivision of lot 292,
group I, West Knoteiiny district.of the province
of British Columbia.
And further take notico that unless, at tie
time nnd place aforesaid, you show cause to the
contrary, the said sale will he confirmed, ns
prayed for iu said petition. . „ .
Dated nt Slocuu, B.C., this 2fith day of October, A.D. 1904.
Solicitor for the collector of the
corpor.-.tioti of the city of Slocan
ToS. H. Rooinson.
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
In the matter of the corporation of the city of
Slocan tax snle, 1SX4.
And in the matter of the "Municipal Clauses
Acl" und umt'iidiiitfu'.s thereof.
'I'AKE notice that a petition of Herbert David
1 Curti-, colleciaOr of the corporation of the
i ily of Blocan, has been presented to this honourable court, to confirm tho *-i.le of lauds for
taxes, held l.y the said corporation of tlm city
of Slocan on the 2"'-h and 25th dav- of July and
the :'.rd day of August, l'.XH.uii.ler the lluulciim]
Clauses Act and amendment! thereof, nnd Unit
tin. Oth day of UucHinlvor. A.I'. I.K.I. at IC.I)
o'clock in the forenoon, at the court house in
the city of Nelson. British Columbia, has been
appointed for the hearing of said petition,
And furlln-r takn notice that t:ie following
lands, iu which you appear to bare au interest.
according tothe auesemcnl roll of tfi.' -.ai-l cor*
porrttiou. or the books of the Luni Bagtatn ,;f
rice, are a portion of the Ian.Is which w.-rc sold
for arrears Of tiix.-s at the .sai.1 sale and are included iu the s lid petition I lot 13. in block 11,
and lot a, iu bloc',: :,:;, city of Blocan, being a
subdivision of lot 292. group I. West Koaitei a;
di.stiict. of the province of British ( olumbla,
And further tuke notice thai unless, ni the
time and plan- a tore aid, you show cause to til!
contrary, the said salo will lio confirmed a*
prayed for in said petition.
Dated at si,mui, ii.c. this 2Mh day of Oetober, A.D. 1001,
Solicitor for lhe collector of the
corporatiou of tl.e city of Slocan
To Wm. R. BoUHTMaf,
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
In tho matter of tho corporation of tha city of
Slocan tax sals, 1901.
And in tho matter of Ihe "Municipal Clauses
Aet" and amendments t hereof.
riUKE notice that n petition of Herbert David
_ Curtis, collector of the corporation of tho
Oily of Slooan, has been presented to this honourable court, to confirm the sals of lands for
taxes, held by thn said corporation of the city
ofSlocan on the 2Mb and 2tlth days of July and
tho 3rd day of August, I'.KU. under the Municipal
Clauses Act and nini'udments lliereof. nnd that
the 6th day of December, A.D. 1904, at 10.30
o'clock in the forenoon, at the court house iu
thc cit} of Nelson. British Columbia, lias been
a [.pointed for the hen ring of laid petition.
Atli further take notice that the following
land-, in which you appear to have an interest,
according lo the assessment roll of the laid cor-
poratlon, or the books of the Land Registry Office, are a portion of tlm lauds which were sold
for arrears of tuxes al lhe said sale and are included in the said petition I lot in. in block is,
city nt'slocan, being a suhdii tllon of lol 292.
group 1. Wesl Kootenay district, of tho province of British Columbia,
And further take notice that unless, at the
lini.' nud place aforesaid, you show cause to the
contrary, ttm said sain will tie continue 1, as
prayed for in said petition.
Hated at Slocan, B.C., this 2Htli day of October, A. D. 19UI.
Solicitor lor the collector of the
corporatiou of the city of Slocan
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
In the matter of lho corporation of the city of
Slocan tax sale, 1901.
And In the matter of the "Municipal clauses
Act" nnd amendments thereof.
1'AKK notice thai a petition of Herbert David
Curtis, oolloctor of the corporation of the
oity of Slocnn, has lieen prcaeuted tn this honourable court, lo confirm the sale of lauds for
taxes, held by the said corporal ion ot the city
of Siocan on the Hot li and 2Kb d iys of July and
tlle 3rd day of Aug ist, 1901, under the Municipal
I'laiisos Ad mi'l amendment! tjtereof, and that
th.*nth day of December, A.D. 1901. at 10.80
o'clock iu the forenoon, at the court house iu
the city of Nelson, British t oluuibia. ha! been
appointed for the hearing of said petition.
And further take   notice   that   the following
lands, in which yon appear to have an interest.
according to tin. njoeument roil of the .aid corporation, or tin* luniks of tin* Land Registry Office, are a portion of the lands which were sold
for arrears of taxrs at the   -aid sale and are lu.
| eluded in  Ihe naid  petition: lot |7, iu block is,
oity of Slocan. being   a   inblivision   i.f lot 303,
J group I. West   Kootenay   distrnl.  of   tne  pro-
i vince of British Columbia.
Aud further tal.e notice that  unless, at   lhe
time and place aforesai'l, you show CUUM. to lhe
I contrary, Ihe   .-aid   sale   will   be uonhri.ie.l, as
! prayed for iu snid petition,
I    Dated at Slocan, B.C., this nth day of October, a.d. r.vc
Solicitor for the collector of th"
corporation of tlle elty of Slocan
ToTll.lMAS  R. lAllkl'TH.
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
according to tho assessment roll «f u.
Duration, or the books of the _[S _*JfU cot.
fice, are a portion of the lands wide iS1'**-* *»•
lZZr,ZT,tf ^ « "I" 'ai!* \*xm*\S*l*H
"'I nr,
cl«ttedtot««Mr wUMonTlotoV ,,
City of Slocau beinE  .,   sub, ft I* M S
"YW'1':1'JVSSKpot»naydistrict,, A, , *_*,
of British Colnmhia. •' ' ul° Province
And further take notice tlmt aulas.    .
time und place aforesaid, you sh, „,,,"' "" 'he
craitrsrv.    .•   s.,1.1   ..„f*'*.„,.""'"uise inii.!
-...,„ „.,., i„„tt. niorosalil, you show,-,.,, ' «M
contrary, the said sufo will *f _M
orayed for in said petition ul"iirint.(| ..
Dated ut Slocan, B.C.. this 2xtl, ,i„
lay of Oct*
Solicitor to* the collector n»n
-    t corporation of the eltv nf ut ll)
To Andbew Wallace. j uf sl(>c»ii
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
llES^aSlSfiltt' co*'*°r**ti<-'* o* *a «,*
'I'AKE notice that a petition of HerbertDn.u
I Cur is, collector of the corp,,, at i, , " (l
city of Slocan, has been presented to 11, i ™
ourablo court, to confirm the sale of ,nd.fi
taxes, held by thn said corporation of !'''?•
of Slocan on tho ttth and 28th days of 11 «.5
the 3rd day of August, |Wi,UndS?SaManffl
( lnuses Act nnd amendment! thereof ai iffl
tbelithday of December, A.D. W,,',a ' '«
o clock in thc forenoon, at thn court l„,, ,■
the city of Nelson British Colnmhia I "'," "
appointed for tlm hearing of said petiti,,,,
And further tuke notfoe that thn fotlowim,
lands, in which you appear lo have an inlcraa
according tothe assessment roll of lh,. JaSIS
poratlon, or the books of the Laud Hee,'.,,, !'
lice, nre a portion of the lands which wsrsB-fi
for arrears of taxes at the said -ale iu„| ,,,,
eluded in the said petition: lot20, In block s
Oity of Slocnn, being   a   subdivision ,,[  |„, _•
Kf'!',"?, ■' Jni K""'"""*' d&triot,of the prorlan
of British I olumbla.
And further take nolice that Bnleu fi tin
time and place nforesaid, you show Cause to tlu
contrary, the suid sale will he conflrmtd _
played for ,u laid |.et,i,,,,,.
Dated al Slocan, B.C., this Uth dav of On,,
ber, A.D. 1901. '       ucu>
II. It. .11 MIAMI,
Solictor for the collector nf tin.
corporati I the cltyofSlocsi
Tn r RANK Roukrtkun.
ST(il> AT
Slocan, B. C.
Coinfortahie Roorai.   Satistnrtorv
Dining K.iom Servicejand the
Bust of Everything at the Bar,
*-**** 4
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
of the
orporalion of the eity of
In the mattet
Sloean tax s.do
And in the matter of Ihi "Municipal Clause-
Act" ami amendment! thereof,
'1'AKK notice that a petition of Rerhort David
1 Curtis, collector of tlio corporation of the
city of Sloe.,,,, haa been presented to this hou*
ouiahlii court, to con firm tt.o snleof laud.-tor
taxes, held hv the said corporation ol the city
of Slocnn on the 2.",th and Uti] days of Julv and
the 3rd day of August, 1901.undorthe Municipal
Clauses Act and aineudmeuts ther. of, nnd thai
lhe till, day of December, A.D. IH I, at lO.ttll
o'clock iu tho forenoon, at the court house in
the city of NeUoii. British Columbia, hai been
appointed fo:' the hearimr of sai.l petition.
And further take uotice thnt lhe following
lands, in which yon apncnr to have nu interest.
according to the BSsassmrol roll ofthe -aid corporation, or the luniks of the Land I{r,-i t ry Of
lice, are a portion ef the lands  which were s(,pt
for arrears of taxes at the -aid tali and ire Included In the uld petition t lot 11, in block IS,
citv of Slocuu, haiiii- n siihdivi-inh of lotttt,
group I, West Kootenay district.of the province
uf llritish Columbia.
And .farther take notice thai  unlesi, at the
time nml place afore.aid, you show cause to the
contrary, the said -ale will be confirmed as
I>r:»,... 1 for I,, said petition.
Dated ntBlooon, B.C., this •:■;■, day of October, A.ll. IKH.
.Solicitor for the collector of the
corporation of the city of Slocnn
To HotiniT Sm v i n.
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
In the matter of the corporation of lhe city of
Slocan tax sale, firm,
And in the ninlter of the "Municipal Clauses
Act   and amendmenls thereof.
'1'AKK nolice that a petition of llerh*rt David
1    Curtis, oolloctor of the oorporatlon of the
city of Slocau, has boon presented to thm honourable court, to confirm  the sale of laud-  for
taxes, held by the said corporation of the oity
of Since!, ou the 2.*,lh and 2tith days of .fitly ami
the Ira day of Aiurust. inm.uudertlie Mimic iual
Clauses Act and amendment! thereof, anil lhat
the fill, day of Il.cember. A.D. MM, at IQJO
o'clock in the forenoon, al the court house in
the city of Nelson. British Columbia, has been
u pixii tiled for the hear leg of said petition.
And further take notice thnt the f..II..wit,,:
lands, in which you BppMI lo have an interest,
nccnrdiiitf to tl.e assessment roll of said ciirieir-
ntlon, or the books of the l.ai,.| !{ci(l-tr) Ollice.
are a portion of the lands which were sold for
arrears of taxes at the said sale and are includ.
ed in lhe Mild petition: lot I. in block 18, city of
Slocan. btlng ii sulslivisiou of lot 292, group 1,
West Kootenay district, of the province of British Columbia.
And further take notice that unless, at lhe
time and place aforesaid, you sfiuw runs* to the
conlrary, the said sale will he confirmed, as
prayed for iu suid petition.
Haled nt Slocau. B.C., thia "Ml, day of Octo-
lier, A.ll. 19111.
Solicitor foi the collector of thr
riiriKiration of the city of Slocan
TO HllllKIIT Hi,,to.K.
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
Iu the Bitter of the corporation of the city of
Slot-nil tax sale. 1901.
And In tin, matter of lhe "Municipal Clauses
Act." nnd atnendtnents thereof.
*'    '   -' '<avld
In the matter of the oorporatlon of thn ciiy of
Blocan tax sale, I'.'ai.
And in tlm matt t of th • "Municipal Clauses
Act' and amendment! thoroof,
flVAKE notice that o petition of Borbarl David
1 i urt,-. collector of the corporation of llu
city of slocau, has been presented tu this lion,
ourablo court, to confirm tho Mile ot lauds (,>,
taxes, held by lhe siml corporation of the cit J
of Slocan on the *Bth aud nth da.. - of July and
the ard day of August, 1901. under tiie Municipal
Clauses a -t .md amendments thereof, uud thai
tbe Oth day of December, A.li. it»ij, ,t m..f
o'clock in the forenoon, al the court hoove In
ilm city of Nelson, British Columbia, bns boon
appointed for the hearing of said petition.
And further take notice ihut Ilia following
lauds, iu which you appear to have an Interest,
according tu the aseoiument roll of the sai.l cor-
i> .rution, or the book!of the Land Registry ofliee, area portion of the lands which were sold
for arrears ,,f taxes at the said sale and are in
eluded in  the  -,,d  petition: lot 8, n. block t'i,
elty of slocuu. being a lubdlvlslon of lot 293,
group I. West Kootenay districts! the province
of British Columbia.
And further take notice that unless, nt Ul!
lime and place aforesaid, you -how cans-' to the
Contrary, the sni,l sale will bo confirtnel, a-
prayed for iu sai.l petition.
Dated at Sloean, B.C.. this Oth dayofilcto
her. A.D. lyol.
Solicitor tor the collei tor of the
corporation of th,. city of Blocan
To Assir DaHAOU,
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
In the matter of the corporation of the city of
Slocan tax sain. I."l.
And in the mntler of tlm "Municipal flau-n-
Act ' and amendment - thereof.
'1'AKK notion lhat a petition of Herbert Hand
I    i urlis, colleotur uf tl orporatlon of the
cily of Slocau. has been presented to tin. hole
onrlble court, to confirm the sale id lands for
taxes, hi Id b> the said corporation of the citj
of Slocau on the Bth and 'Jit h da. s of July nnd
lhe .Ird day of Auifiist. 111.t. un.Ier the Municipal
Clauses \ei uud aineudmeuts thereof, and thai
the till, dav of December, A.ll, li'H al III llo
o'clock In tne forenoon, nl the court liouieln
the city of Nolson. British Columbia, has been
appointed for the hearing of sai.l petition.
And further take notice that toe following
lauds, in wliich imi appear to have au Internet,
aocordlng to the aseoeemenl roll of the said cor
poratl or the i,...; . ,,r the Laud Registry of
lice, are a portion of the lauds which w, re -old
for arrears of line, ni ihe said sale and are o,
eluded in the said  petition: lot ll, in block  2:,.
oity of Blopan, being u nibdlviilou of lot 29".
group I, West Kootenay dlstrlct,of the provinoo
of llr,I,-I, Colnmhia.
And further tak lice  that  unless, al   Iho
time Slid i,lace „(ore-aid.yon show cause lo the
 tniry. the   said   sale   will   lie cm,tinned, ns
prayutl forin said petition.
Haled at Sloean, B.C., Ihi. 2Hlh day ofOcto.
her, A.ll. HUM.
Solicitor for the collector of the
corporation of thu city of Slocan
To Cl.AIIA DABglail)
In the Supreme Court  of
British Columbia.
In the ninlter of the corporal ion of lhe city of
Slooan lax sale. !'►.i
And in lhe mailer of Ihe "Municipal Clausea
Act" .'oil auieudinenls thereof.
'I'IKK notice that a petition of llerlierl lltivid
1 Onrtll, eolleclorof tliecorporutit.il of the
city of SIim'iiii, has been presented to this honourable court, to conilrm Ihe sale of lands for
taxes, held by the .aid corporation of Ihocilv
of Hlocaii ou the 2.',lli and 211th days of July and
Ihe |rd day of Annus!, hill, under the Municipal
ClnnSM Act and aineiidments thereof, and llial
thellth day of llnccmbcr. A.D, 1901, nl III..HI
o'clock In tlie forenoon, at the courl house in
lhe city of Ni'l.on. British Cnliinihin, has been
nppoluted for lhe hearlairof anld petition.
•'  ,'   Ilm following
■ -in Interest,
To John J, BanfleM and .1. M. McGregor,
or to any tierMHi or pertoni to whom
llioy may I.ave trim"(arret] their te\-
I'tul intfreats, iii whole or In part, in
tlie Black and White Meanly 1'rso-
tional mineral claim, lituateil near
tlit* lii'«il i.f l.i'intitt oreek,andreconlel
in tin* Rm'O'tler'i ofSco lor ihe .-Itxsn
( ily mining ali vision
Yon nrP horehy notified thnt Mnv
•■ini«ial io lie expended flit mm of oni
hundred and twodullan aad fifty centi
i:' labor and IniproveniPnti oa ii.c above
mnnti ned mineral . lnim In ordtr to
hold laid claim under the provliioiiol
the Minernl Art; and if within BOdiyi
from tha date ol I Iill notice ymi fail, or
refuei*. to contribute your proportion of
iao.*i expenditure,together «iili allmsi'
of advartiilng, ymir intereali in s»i'l
claim *Aill become Ihe pro|>erty e( Ihi
luhacriher. under leotion 4 of «" oil
entitled "Aa Act to amend ihe Miniril
Act. 1900."
Datedat Sloean,B.C., thii Brd d»vol
October. A. I> 1004.
Notice to Ddlnuuent Co-owner
To Elmer J, Felt, or to any )>orfnn tr
pertona to whom he mav havo trans-
ferii-d Id! inti-reat, in wholaorin part,
it, ihe Skylark ami Banner mineral
i'ii lini*.. "iiu'itted In-tween the liriu north
fork of Lemon creek ami Dayton crtrti
und reuonled In the Slocan Citv mining division of Weat Koob nnv tfIstrict;
You are hereby notified lhat I,No»h
F. McNaught, F.M.C. No. BH5I12,1''1*"
.•\|,i't,d.'a| tin* sum of two liitiulreil and
five iInllaih in lalior and general ll*j
provtmenti npon tho ui»>vii mentloneij
cliiiinH, in order to hold said win'™1
el.din! in,dor the nrovia oni of the Ml*1"'
ral Art, ami if   witliin HU day ir.""  Il:'
data of tIiii notice yon fail or renin ■•
con tribute your proportion »i iucIim*
pendlturo, togetlier with all coitiofio'
verliling, your interest in fui.I , hiim»
will bocome ilie property of ihi *11"*
icriber. under aeotlon four of an i« •"J
titled "An Act to amend tbe UinlW
Art, IOOO."
Dated ihi! lIUli day of  Aognit, IW-
IU-«-(M NOAH 1'. ,M.'NAI'i*"T
Certificate of Improvements
[ WllNIIFH, Aricle, Ai.ma  B,Lo»»'
vii.i.k, BtliOXne,   AfiniK, All""".
Mavkta   FbaOTIOWAL,   A   H C
FBACTIOKAL, Siiltviiv KitKTi.'N-
ai.. Mavkta, DlLOXIB Fka<-TI0X*
al, Ki.vcti'e.Ahici.I': Fbaotonai-i
Situate in tho Slocan City Ml0'"«Sl!'
■ion of Weit Kootenay DWtrwj;
Where located I—At llMd Of TIB"
raooteek, near Ottawa Mi»p'
TAKK NOTICK thnt I, William Al'*;
under Maedonald, free minerb carta
.•ate No B81760; acting M »««"'. ,,.
A. B. Col.Mii.in, free miner a • atm
.•ate No. B64«rt. IntMd, »»V, ™K
from the date hereof, to app
the Mining Kecorder 'or cert liC8W
of improvement!, for "'" •'".,' ...
»f obtaining Crown Oranti of tlie *nov
.'liiinil. .,   ,   ..ilna.
And furllier take notice that «^   '
under Motion 37, mint ho ^_Z%
lieforo the issuance of inch certUHi*"-
improveiiit'lit!. .,-,.,   r  mill.
li.tedtl.il 14th dav of Octoh.r.lW
•JI-IO-O-l W, A, MAODOWAl-iw


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