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The Slocan Drill 1903-05-22

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T OL IV., Ns* 8*
SLOGAN,   B.   0.,   MAY   22,   1003.
•Prov. Lib
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Our reputation for supplying* the best
Groceries is firmly established, but
vre want to call your attention to a
few lines in dry goods
We have just received a special line of
Lace Curtains, 3J yards long, 60 inches wide, pri-** $2.7f> por pair
Muslin Curtains, in large spots aud figures 15 cts a yard
Prints in Indigo dyo 12k and ls5o
A nice assortment of Ladies' Belts and a full range of White Wear.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
A. York & Sons*
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
•'■•3.0   OF COUNCIL
B. C.
5L0CAN, B. C.
Is rMched by any trail or road
Ihnt runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Arlington    lEioteiL
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
TaXkati'Isstkuck FOn Till'. YEAU
~'"7 SUM,!),
Alumni Ilssslslc T.nat. Year's Figures-Tils)
School unsl run iis. Responsible for
th« iHoreaie— Improvement* dot Off
Bt Tsis'ssly-llvsi t*a-r Out.
All the members wore present nt
Monday night's meeting of tlie citj
council, Aid, Smith presiding in the
absence of Mnyor York.
Correspondence read: From George
Kydd, nl' tlm Royal Bank, Nelson, to
Mayor York, asking if eity dill nut
wish to take up two civic notes andiso
save Interest. The clerk reported there
was a balanoe ol $177.78 in thS bank,
afler tin' Sloan property was paid foi*.
Nothing done.
From Fran'.*, Fletcher, asking city
to pay Galliher s*c Wilson $±3, legal
expenses ia connection with millsite.
City Solicitor advised that council
waa not responsible for the liill.
From City Solicitor Jorand, report -
ing on condition of deeds of mill it •
referred to him. lie reported that a
number of the circumstances surrounding the drawing Up of the de<nls
were not in order. Chairman Smith
and the clerk wwe appointed to aet
with the solicitor in the matter.
The solicitor reported on the request
of the license commissioners for a bylaw, that, the  act   was very vague  on
ho understood the government would
pay half thc expense. The mill company had strung a boom across the
nver and if it should break the bridge'
would go.    Left to board of work;;.
Aid. Arnot inquired if the services
of (he chief of police could not be
utilized in the olearing up of the several streets. Left to tlie mayor, he to
Instruct the board of works bow to
employ the chief.
Council adjourned.
I.. .1. Edwards Breaks ills Shoulder and
M. !'.rn .'. 'lin-; 111m Leg,
Two very unfortunate and painful
accidents occurred in this vicinity during tin* week.elieilii]',' much sympathy
for tin sufferers. Saturday evening
L..). Ldwards, the C.P.R. agent here,
had occasion to eater a box car stand-
in;,' at tlie wharf, to inspect some coal.
In jumping out his toe caught hi the
[ron doorplate, and he fell heavily to
lh.'slip below. The force of thi' fall
stunned him for a while, and broke
his shoulder, the break occurring ai
thecovering to the socket. Dr.Bontley
reduced the fracture and the patient
is doing ni; ely, being able to do some
light work about tlie office, having the
free use of Iiis left arm. Tslr. Edwards
had intended going ta> Montreal the
day previous, but at the lust moment
failed to get supply, so had to remain
at home.
The (second mishap, on Sunday, fall
to the lot of .Mike Browning, who was
renewals.   While not compulsory on I employed handling timber at the Ar-
the council to do so, a bylaw on the lington   mine.   He  had  a fractious
subject would c irtainly help out the  horse to work with and the brutomade
a sudden jump to one side, pulling a
heavy log over oa top of Browning,
breaking his left leg short oil at the
ankle. He was brought down to the
local hospital and Dr. Keith attended
his hurts. He will be a guest at tlie
institution for the next si;; weeks. Jt
is oniy about a yoar ago thai Browning met with an accident at the Enterprise, when h • had his arm broken.
An unfortunate str 'a'.; of luck s sems
group, oo Ten Mile, was hereon Fri
day, au<l stated development work for
the summer would commence on tlie
property this week, lt is the intention
to open up the new vein discovered ou
the Mabou last year, and which has
been traced cm to the Xeepawa. On
the Ial Ier the vein iw 10- feet between
walls, and carries a fair amount of
mineral ou tlie surface. It is a dry
ore and Rives assays of 128oz iu silver
and the values will increase with
commissioners,   Laid over.
Letter from solicitor ordered filed.
Clerk Bentley, as the assessor, reported that the assessment roll had
been passed upon by the court of re
visi in. the only change made being an
increase in the valuo of the improvements on the Sloan property from
•jS'i'l to $1000. Tlie mill company was
assessed $50 for school purposes.
Moved bv Al LWorden and McNei.-h
that the roll as revised lie accepted by I to be tollowiu r him.
Thi* popular hotel is convenient to the boats and trains.   The dining room
U strictly up-to-sinte while the bar is supplied with the best in the market.
DA Tr»PC •   Travelling men, using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per tlsy<
a\r\ 1 iUO •    withoutStiwpleRiwnis,$2; board $•*! per werk, meals .'J;')j
ste opened under
the old raansgement.
Former customers
cordially invitcsl to return
The Royal Hotel,
Banding thoroughly renovated
and re at -eked with the Isest
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
requit e from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
the council.   Carri. d.
Bills presented: R. k. Bradshaw,
renl of city hall from Jan. I, $32.50
Referred to finance commiit ij.
Aid. Mcifeiah ml irmed  th •  clcri
there were 16 non-residpnt pupils attending the whooi.   Ihe eleri" will
forward all information to lh  govi n
Chairman Smith rof.igned his position on the finance committee and appointed Aid. Worden in his place.
The council then went into the
question of striking a rate of taxation
for the year, taking a long time to deliberate* The rat * agreed on is nearly
double thai ot last year's, the Incr
C'o'.srt of Us", isi.ns.
Acting Major Smith, kid. Arnot.
McNi isb aud Tei1 -r i al ou Monday
as a court oir revision on Ihoasi
:i  ■ t roll of ilie city, and '.he,.' \'u,\'.,-'.
ha d. jBi,ii..i; iu the whole ;• .y af it
Only four complaints wen' fils-jd with
tho clerk, over valuation in each en-,•
lioing claimed, but not allowed; Q
P, Christie ivaa present to address Ihe
court in support of hi; complaint, bul
a.- he was late in arriving) tlie c-.mrt
declined to re-opoa his case. The
complaints enters**! were: B.P.Ghristie
lots 18 ami i i in block 3, and lots 0 to
,i, "V', "i "■■ .'i 115 in block I6j F. B. LysJet 19 in
tile ss'he.al   iiiiil!, ,    ,   , , ,       ,        , ,i  •■     S B     B   .1,
bein.'* largely du • to
"Ttol^A^nuoih^i^U^' - ■•-     *"   ■■■-■■■'■
811, and on improvements $58,r*(K).   Il
was decided to strike a ral   based on
only 2"> p*r ce.it  of the value
The estimated ex*ponditnnM
i bloc/. 1. and lots 1 and 2 in blod
T. Riley, lots 0 aud 10 in block 12 and
1 and 2 iu block 25,   The oonrt,
,s .;.'. i after disposing ofthe complaints.went
"• (through the whole roll, examining all
for the
year are:
Election expenses...,
Board of work-	
Fire, water and light,
Stationery, etc	
Fuel and light	
S 125
ll. a I I
Tsi i
10 HI
t through the whole roll, examining all
tin' valuations. The only change
made was to increase the valuation on
the Sloan property.in block B, another
Representing the strongest csm-
Punic* delng business in Canada.
BSi new accident Policy, with par
ticipation in profits, coverinr sick-
lieua anil -.iperat.imis.
B. D- CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
RATES: Rcusilnr siil'sni-iliri"-. tl psr inonlli
sirlio a testi non-mbsenberi (e*cltisl»pof
nss'sliciil iittsiiiiliini'iaHi'.' psaralnv, Private WIIMs
ll per slny sjstris. Bpsolal fsii'llilis's f..r iniiliirii-
il 1 castss.
For fnrtlia*r partlcnlnn 'i'i'1" toa
J. V. Purviance, Sec
After v.ilu.s'sla' Oil l.isBnls.
W. Hudson, foreman at thc Arlington   mine, is   interested  with  Bruci
Whits*. Oscar White, and a number of
Kelson parties in application ■• that are
being mado for 20 sections of petrol
1'ini land*;, situated at the headwaters
uf the   Flathead  river.   The  land, is
embraced in part of the ground made
famous in connection with (he Columbia & Western railway grant scandal.
In various parts of the ground staked,
crude petroleum may be Bcboped up
from  pools and  hollows,  while one
particular piece has no less than seven
distinct seepages,the petroleum rising
ina steady stream.   A small bottlooi
the oil was shown  here hist week and
attracted much attention.   Though in
$1600 its natural state, the oil had a rich
50| amber color and burns freely, throw
Imi ing a good light.   The locntors anti-
720 cipate no difficulty in securing title to
i their ground and will eventually make
Total    $2470 big money,
Thai would leavfltho balance of the
Against these expenditures wore - **
the actual revenue to bo derived, as
Liquor licenses	
Dog tax	
Road tax	
Trader.-.' licenses, etc	
Mini. •VTAHTf" DP.
FirstShlngloiWasnteaturad in Bloesn on
Steam waa gotten up it) the boilers
of the big shingle mill, erected by the
Ontario-Slocan Lumber Ca, and the
machinery set In motion for the manufacture of shingles,.). Craighead being the sawyer in charge. Manager
Chew was delighted with the smoothness with which the various machines
and shaftings ran, only a. slight occasional stop beingntjeesaary to regulate
the belts or conveyors. There was
quite a crowd of interested citizens
present watching the performances
and each one took awuy a shingle a:s a
souvenir. IJ. A. Bradshaw secured
tin* first shingle to fall from the machine and it. is as precious as gold to
him. Eld McLennan had the distinction also of packing the lirst bunch of
Only one Bhingle machine was operated, as the company have no operators available to superintend the other
11rich.iues. The mill is eqilipped with
a complete system of labor-saving
conveyors for handling the refuse from
the machines, the most of it being carried direct to the engineroom. Oue
of the conveyors takes the chief cull-
in"s to a chute outside, from which
the citizens may draw a supply of excellent, fireivood. The timber being
cut up is of first-class quality and of
ijood size.
Oeo. Chew, one of the principals of
the company, is on  the way out from
Midland and will be h ire todav or tomorrow, and then the plant will he
p il in  regular operation,   .lust  now
tho company is in sad ne '<l of skilled
hands to operate the machines ar.d
can also pinplfcy several othermen.
riiey will soon begin to realize upon
■It heavy investment.   Plans will
■,'..-. I?, laid a; om-.' I'i.:-Me- big lumber
ind planing mill, and the railroad
-i   pie stirred up to pui in the ueces*
.uy switches,   Slocan from  now on
will havo a handsome payroll at its
Provincial Mii'lisc Astoctaatlon,
A meeting of the ProrinctaJ Mining
Association was held in the city hall
on Wa-Ine-day u. _rlit. for the purpose
ol organization, About 20 persons
turned out, li. ('. Campboll Johnston
acting as chairman and J. V. Purviance as .-.'cri'iary. After discussion, a
committee, composed of Messrs. McGregor, O'Neail, Hinchliffeand Purvt-
ance. was appointed to canvas- the
town for members, they to reporl at a
meeting n '\t Wednesday night. Organization will then be perfeoted and
permanent officers elected.
Ulfle Shooting.
Be -ular weekly practice of the Rifle
Club was held on Saturday, and the
scores mado were:
F.Cross 24
D. McVannel...21
,). Milne 31
.1. McVicar 28
P.Dick 2]
W. S.J ihnson.,24
.1. Wafer 19
H. McMillan....
revenue to Im- raised lismi the i. a! i a
late lax. lt is estimated thai not more
than SIOODof the taxes will be paid ill,
leaving the balauce to become dolin
Rod l'v\ Loaking Well.
George  Henderson  took  a  trip to
McGuigaa on  Friday to inspect the
Red I'o'; mine, in which he is interest
iiieni. so runniii a the city sooner or ed along with Neil Qething.   Hesays
lats'r up against a lax Bale.   Last yea
the actual expenditures were85116.95,
After  dm*  deliberation, Aid. Mc
tbe property is lookin,;* better now
than ever In'for.. Anew ore house
was started last wee!', and in clearing
Ni'ish and Worden moved thai im out the foundation the men had to
proveinciits be taxed at one-quarter dig through 12 feet of snow, which is
their assessed value.   Carried. aprettygood promise for high water
Aid.McNeish and Arnot moved thai' next month.
the rate of taxation bs- 6 mills foi' 	
school purposes, 7 mills for debenture lupairing iiopuiiiio noon,
purposes, and L") mills for jreueral Men were put on the latter part of
purpos..-, making 27 mills in all. Oar 11(lst „.,,,,._. tu ,.,,,,,,•,. tll„ RopubHe road
Aid. Arnot and Wordeu moved thai
the usual rebate on taxes <il one-sixth
be available to Augusl I.   Carried.
Aid. Worden gave notice thai he
would Introduce a rate bylaw at noxl
regular meeting.
Aid.   Worden   inquired   as to the
maintenance of the bridges across Slo
.in   river.   The  chi f  of police was
ka'"ping theni trooof drift wood and
and put it in shape for wagons. The
lower end was badly damaged by mud
slides and fallen rocks, but it is being
rapidly put Into shape. A carload of
ore is waiting at the mine to come
down for shipment.
.Vaa.,..,.v.i Starts Up.
An .-'i. M    Hlli viv.'if \"W Denver,
one  of  the owners oi tbe sVeepawa
Absorbs *SI«ll»llilsl rrs»|.a.rIla.*K.
Lasl week's Gazette contained the
! notic ■ of the registration of the Kaslo-
Sloean Milling and Financial Corpor
ation, which was formed a year ago iu
Europe to take over the Camp Mans-
J tield properties at tho luadisf Ten
Mill*, an 1 other properties in thia division. The capital Is placed al l'">00,
WH). divided Into L'l share-. The head
office of the company is at Nelson.
with S. S. Taylor as attorney.
Hamilton to Ship.
Ralph Gillotte and partner are meeting with mi v iss In their development
of the  Hamilton group, on Twelve
Mil,, creek. They have made a raise
through the ore li.idy on the main
vein and have commenced -toiling ora'
for shipment. The lirst week in June
they will make a five ton shipment.
Work on tho cross lead is also opening
up a fair bunch of ore. Thi property
will work all summer.
Sllvs'S' Oaiotistlisssa.
Following arethequol itlons for bar
silver on the various da\.s during the
week since last issue:
Friday  •'■' ,,,j;i1-
j Saturday  1541    "
1 Monday  •"'''
Tuesda v  ->i\    "
Wednesday  •">!,    "
Thursday.  54}    "
Last Ys-iis'k Bblpmentl Ws-re 0883 Tons--
A llaiillliy Kviala-iiro of Use I.lfo siml
AVrisllls aif the Camp— l'*uti*rprlH« the
HlKBSKt Slslppsil*. *
Om.' carload of ore was shipped from
the division this week, tlie Enterprise
•ending out 20 tons to the Trail smelter on Monday. Tliis mak&Sthe third
car to be "shipped by the lessees and
gives the property a total of 205 tons
for th • year. There will lie 80-ton
shipment in a few slays from the Republic, as the road is being repaired,
permitting the wagons to run. The
division's shipments total but 12 5 tons
for the year.
Por 1002 the ore shipments from
l» local division amounted to 6333
tons, made up from 12 properties!
Following is a full list of theship-
ments this year to date:
Enterprise      20 21)5
Arlington  40
Ottawa  120
Black I'rince  1"
Bondholder  'I
Davton  4
Rr-puhlio  29
Meteor  IS
20 12*3
There was quite a heavy fall of snow
In the hills last week.
The fnrce at the Wakefield is to be
increased to 40 men.
Sunday work hns lieen discontinued
at the Ymir mine, at Ymir.
Four fe t of ore is being worked on
in the lowest level of the Aiitoiao.
Tour feet of shipping ore has bees
struck on the Lucky Boy mine, in the
Four feet of dry ore has been uncovered on the Empress claim, near
Hear lake.
Wi W. Warner has a gang of men
"i;i|i!'i;,i.d sluii'iug off the surface at
the Wiaiderful.
The owners of the Myitis' returned
to the property thi; week, to sort out
ere for shipment.
The Niekl.* Plate Co. has secured
ground al ETedley City for the erection
of a large smelter.
Rambler-Cariboo stock has taken a
big jump upwards, sltta- to the strike'
in the lower workings.
The Byron X. White Go. will instal
a y.iue plant at the Slocan Star, very
similar to that at the Payne.
Jack Beauchesne and Bob Cooper
went up last  wvek  to do asss*s?ment
on their Twelve Mile property.
The survey has lie.-a completod for
the tramway to the Kootenny mini', at
liaissland.    lt will lie l.\ mils'- long.
The Whits' Bear, Spit/.eo and (liven
Mountain mines, at Rossland. are all
adding new machinery to their equipments.
Tha' fore-* on tin* American Boy is
to In* increased to ll'l men and regular
shipments commenced to the Everett
Boundary mines last week mads* tlm
biggest shipments in many months,
amounting to 12,7^1 tons.or 187.Nt.:!
tons for ths* year.
R, K. Alla-ii went ti Nelson on Friday in connection with his suit against
I's'Vcy Dickinson et al. for packing
supplies to the Smuggler,
Thirty-live men have been di'vi'lssp-
Ing the North Star mine.in Fa-t Foot-
enay, all winter, It is nuw in shape
t,s ship 40tons a slay till th i end of the
Masssrs. Craig, Hillman and McCar*
ter have sold tae Horseshoe mine, in
the Lardeau, to Philadelphia parties
for 116,000.   The  lirst   payment ef
$s5000 h.is Ix'.'ti mail'.
JoeSaulter and Dune Graham are
taking a rest after their winter'sdevel*
o] mien t on the Erin group, on Erin
mountain, the results of which were
eminently satisfactory.
ahilin Lawson was killed and (!.
Churchill and .1. dart Icy severely in-
jured by a premature explosion of dynamite at the Protection' Island coal
inii*i*. near Nanaimo, last week.
, The Lauyon Zinc Co. is trying to
I lower tho price of sine. Ai the samo
I time ii Is said the Guggenheimers ars
[endeavoring to i*ornerstiver and-**
tabltsh a fixed price for the white
i metal.
Capitalists Interested In the Granby
mines have formed a subsidiary cum
panv to develop large oo.*J mf-antres
in the Cow's Nest. They will ereel
100 coke ovens and will dispose "i ths
bulk of thoir product to the Grand
I Porks smelter, !|
ii EQUAL      -*J
Copyrii'ht, 1001, try ChirlesW. Hooke.    y
This message he Inclosed Instead of
the money ln the envelope, which be
carefully resealed. He held It balaueed
upon two fingers for a moment, eying
It critically. Theu he replaced It tn the
drawer under the papers.
The knife with which he bad opened
the envelope wns lying open upon the
desk. He picked It up, pulled dowu
the desk's lid and drew out one of the
sliding leaves, upon which be heat out
a geniie tunc with the point of the
knife blade. He had woru a little hole
In the wood without being aware of It.
wben be heard Itoblnson's voles Just
outside tho door.
Kluiendorf suddenly gripped the fcnlfo
hard and set the point upon the back
of his left hand Then with n bit of a
laugh he shifted the knife to his left
hand nnd slowly, steadily pressed the
blade dowu upon the other. This Spar-
inn act was accompanied by much
wrinkling of the forehead and a few
hard words softly uttered. When Rob*
lusoo opeued the door, tlie knife was
Ivlng on the floor and Klmendorf was
striding toward a howl ln the corner.
"Dropped niy Unite on the back of
my hand," be said. "Sharp blade, and
ll went In deep."
itohluson came forward hastily and
viewed the Injured member, from
which a steady stream of blood wus
"Bleeds like the deuce!" said he
"Yon must hove cut an artery."
Klmendorf looked keenly at Itobln-
son. holding his hand meanwhile ln a
stream of cold water.
"It will stop In half a minute," said
the detective. "If you'll pull my handkerchief out of my pocket und tear off
n couple of strips, we'll tie It up."
Itoblnson usslsied In this operation,
by request, but he was awkward ami
nervous and seemed not to relish lhe
sight of blood When It wns done. Elmeudorf thanked blm cordially, nsked
ti few trivial questions and depnrted.
Half an hour later he delivered tlie
live $100 bills to ihe chief or the detective bureau, with a full report upon
Ihe manlier in which they luul come
lino his possession and the method by
which be had succeeded Iu Identifying
<iiie of tbem. ,
| HEN the sun had been
up three hours. It was
able to look over u
low portion of St
Winifred's building
uml see the wlnd/iw
of the room where Elsie lay asleep, The
sudden Increase of light awoke her,
snd she found thut Brensj-n was holding both her bands.
"I was afraid you would move too
much aud hurt yourself," said she. "I
knew you must wake soon. How do
you feel?"
Elsie winked ber eyes end twisted
the left corner of her mouth with the
air of ono who Ib testing a bruise to
see how sore It Is.
"Tbere was a girl who felt better
once a long time ngo," she said, "but
It doesn't matter. Haven't you been to
bed all tbls night'/"
"I bave slept on the couch," replied
Brenda. "My maid brought down this
loose gown, and I've been very comfortable. I bave bad some tblngs brought
from your house too."
"Did you get my little silver mirror?"
asked Elsie, wltb eagerness. "Oh, how
good of youl   Please let me have lt"
Brenda gave ber tbe mirror, and she
gazed long and Intently Into It; then
sbe sighed and laid down the glass.
"All gone," she said. "Well, tbot
doesn't matter either. Nothing matters
any more. But I used to think I would
be pretty wben 1 was dead."
"So you wlil, my dear," answered
Brenda. "lou'Il have a sweeter, prettier face tban you bave now—the dearest old grandmother's face, with beautiful white curls all around—and the
children wbo come to kiss you will cry
like a little shower on a May morning,
but tbey will be better children afterward, for tbey will want to live the
life tbat brings such happy Bleep at the
end of lt"
"I wish I could say things like that,"
said Elsie. "Even If tbey aren't true
tbey make people feel good. 1—look-
fierce!   Don't 1, honestly?"
"Fierce!" echoed Brenda. "Why,
anything else In tbe world, I should
"That's slang," said Elsie. "It merely means terrible."
"Well, I'd hardly agree to that word
either," said Brenda. "You don't Inspire any terror In me. You're only a
little bit pale, and perhaps you bave
cried too much."
"You must thluk I am a perfect baby.
Really It Isn't so. I have borne some >
things In tbls life fairly well. I would
bear much more and be ns happy as
any girl If I only knew how. But
there's no way. My life Is In a tanglo
tbat s.'uiinot be unwound. I Just simply can't go on, Brenda. That's what 1
felt wben I opened my eyes In this
room the first time and while 1 lay
thinking before I would let Dr. Kendall know I was conscious. There Is
no way. absolutely no way"—
Her voli'c begun to tremble, but she
resolutely checked the tendency.
"How everything settles down on
you In the morning!" she said. "You
wake so happy. Perhaps you have
dreamed of the pleasanlest things. I
almost always dream of people I like
■nd of being witb tbem In tbe fields or
abroad somewhere In a strange city
and all dressed up In tho most wonderful clothes, and then the reality begins to come down, like-like a great
ball of rugs. 1 saw them loading a
barge with rags once—she was alongside a steamer—and 1 alwnys remembered how those dirty, heavy, stifling
bales came down. They were like life."
"Your life hasn't been altogether a
bale of rags, my young friend," said
Rrcnda, "and unless I'm much mistaken It will be In the future quite
like somo of those dreams. There was
a young man who made a promise or
two about strange titles and beautiful
clothes, you know," she added, reddening a little. "1 saw Mr. Alden's note
to you, and I was tricked Into rending
a port of It" I
"I suppose It will be printed In the ,
papers," said Elsie, "with your picture
and mine and Mr. Alden's.   Isn't this
nwful?   It   Is   so  absolutely   horrible '
that there's no use being polite about I
It.   But really I never meant to do you |
any   harm.   1   never  encouraged   Mr. '
Alden.   1 loved hlm from the beginning.   The  very   tlrst  evenlug   I   saw
him 1 went borne and cried about blm,
! but when he began to come to see me
! 1  ina.In him think that 1 didn't care
I for  him.   I   actually   did   make   him
I think so."
"I know It," replied Brenda gently.
"IIo told me so."
"It was only on that lost evening
that I let hlm guess the truth," snld
Elsie, "and how I did that, heaven mny
know. Suddenly ho seemed to see It.
and theu, honestly. I had uo opportunity to deny It. I didn't speak a
word lu two hours. Mr. Alden talked
for both of us, making my arguments
I'or me and then answering them
without the faintest perception thut
they weren't reully mine at all. In
fact, he was like a big boy, so curried
away with his own Idea that all the
world seemed to be rushing along In
the wuy he wished. It was only when
be talked about sending me a lot of
money to buy wedding clothes that I
mnnnged to make myself heard, and
even then be thought that my objection was altogether to the money and
not to the wedding. Remenilis'r that I
was not much calmer than be, und you
will hnve some Idea of the confualoa,
Oh, Brenda, how can 1 talk to you I'll;*?
this? And you don't seem to care In
Ihe least. Are we all crazy together?"
"Some of us have been so perhaps."
said Brenda, "but this morning I think
we are all particularly sane."
"It was wrong, of course, to let him
come to see me," Elsie continued. "But
It must end soon, and It wus so Utile,
anil you would have so much. You
know In those days I hated you. envied
vou. lay awake at uigbt to think bitter
thoughts about you, with your beauty
and position anil luxury!    Oh,  1 saw
you!    1 walked up anil down in front
of ynurjiousc for an hour one day until
fellow In the company came along and
asked hlm If he wns enjoying the
moon. And my Idol said: 'To—some-
wliere—with the moon. I was waiting
for you to buy ine a drink.' It wasn't
very bad, but It was coarse, aud 1
didn't love hlm any more after that,
and as be had never taken tbe slightest
notice of me the romance was not serious except that 1 caught nn awful cold
leaning out of that window. Now, why
did I tell you that story, Brenda?"
"Becnuse It ls amusing, I suppose,"
said Brenda. surprised by tho question.
"Because at thnt time I was not <iuito
17 yenrs old," said Elsie, "and I was
traveling around the country alone.
My mother was not strong enough to
go with me, and we both needed money
very badly."
While Brenda was striving to grasp
the full mennlng of this, being well
assured that Elsie spoke with a definite
purpose, there came a rap nt thc door,
announcing the morning visit of Dr.
Talks   ssf    tlsa.   A sb I lior's  Very Asl-
vfl.ni iir.s is. Career.
During the ppst yoar   L4,880  l,mi
Idon  children  were  taught   to    swim
out  of 44,88*1  who    weii' boing    Instructed In that art.
:   Tin
is 17
■ In  ninny cases
PoilillSUlui'   lliedul
to  survivors of tl
twontj s
yon same out ami gut Into your carriage, And 1 wished the horses wouisl
run nway with you, and just as tbe
tbougbt flashed Into my mind one of
them began to prance, and I actually
prayed out loud, because I was so
afraid he reully would run, after I had
wlshi'd It."
The rhetorical value of this speech
was somewhat marred by the circumstance that Elsie's face was being
washed while It was delivered. Having rendered this service. Brenda begun to nrrnnge her patient's hair.
"I felt so small nnd shabby outside
your house." said Elsie. "You can't
have any Idea of It. Fancy that mansion full of servants, all yours, and
there was 1 who was In need of shoes.
I slon't mean to say tbey were full of
holes or nnythlng like that, but they
didn't look very nice, and I couldu't
afford to buy n new pair, for I was saving every penny. My mother and I
have a little Income, and I was dowu
to thut, for I hadn't had an engagement since February. I suppose you
never wasted your time thinking nbout
me—after you knew there was such a
"1 never knew there was such a
girl," replied Breudn, "until I saw you
In this room. The girl I thought about
never existed. Aud now let me soy
this: There Is no rivalry between us.
There ori' mutches so manifestly made
in heaven thot even a woman's Jeal
siiisy inns* admit the divine sanction.
So dou't think of 'sparing my feellugs,'
os my New England aunt expresses
It. or 'beiug polite,' to use your own
phrase for the same Idea. You and
Mr. Alden were made for each otber.
If I had been writing a book or a play,
I might have tried to create two people
so perfectly reciprocal. Tho way Is
mode smooth for me to be a friend to
both of you."
Elsie turned her head suddenly and
kissed Brenda's hand. Then sbe relapsed Into thought which culminated
In her saying:
"You couldn't have loved him. I
ought not to say that, of course, but
It's true. Divine sanction hasn't anything to do with Jealousy. Tbey don't
come from tbe samo locality. I have
always lieen jealous whenever I have
been In love."
She looked up out of tbe corner of
her eye to cotch the effect of tbo shock.
"Whenever you have been In love!"
cried Brenda. "I hope lt hasn't happened often."
"Well, uot so very often," replied
Elsie. "I remember bclug In love with
an actor onco for as much as two
weeks. You spoke about putting Mr.
Alden and me iuto a piny. Well, this
mnn resembled Mr. Alden, and wo
were In thc isnme aggregation of genius. He was Just as much like Mr. Alden as the man they get to play Nupo-
leou In a third rate road company production of 'Suns Gene' Is like the real
Napoleon. They pick out a fellow with
the right kind of nose. However, 1
loved hlin wilh a consuming ardor. 1
remember leaning out of a window of a
fierce little hotel In a Jay town ln the
west to watch blm sitting on a fence ln
the moonlight, smoking a cigar after
tbe show. I Imagined tbat be might
be thinking of me.   Br and by another
"/ wns go ajratd."
Kendall.    Brenda wns sufficiently and
very  becomingly  attired, and  not so
much as a single shining thread of her
hair showed the smallest disarray, yet j I'lmaf.
she could not help feeling u sense of
disadvantage. Having leaned upon the
conventlounlitles quite steadily ull her
life, she had come to need theni, nnd
Dr. Kendull wns to ber n young man
whom sho had met iu society rather i
than n physician. She was surprised |
aud a little ashamed to find that this
was true. I
As  for  Kendnll,  he was all  doctor |
thnt morning.    He had been detained
from Elsie longer than he would have ;
Wished, and that strange tblng which '
Is a doctors conscience was driving
him hard.   He wasted no time In words
until he had satisfied himself about his
patient   In the course of his Investlgn
tion he discovered that Elsie still calm
ly believed that she would die ef ber
wound, and this was the sole unfavorable symptom.    It was the more  re
markable because she had not nt that
Ome any sensations which n rnti
mind could attribute to the approach
of dissolution.    Tbere was   pain,   of
course, but It was not of the kind that
depresses and frightens the sufferer.
The doctor spoke to her In the most
encouraging words that be could command, but they seemed not to produce
■n adequate effect. Elsie said little
npon the subject of death, but it was
clear that her mind was fixed upon It.
"I must hurry away," said the doe-
tor. "Mr. Alden Is waiting In my room
In a state of anxiety that 1 need nut describe. I shall not only relieve that
completely, but I shall tell him that he
may see you this afternoon, five minutes precisely, and Miss Maclane will
bold the watch."
"Tell blm, please," said Elsie, "that
I thank blm very much for the violets;
also that I received his message and
that he must not think of lt any mure.
Yeu will remember? He must put It
out of bis mind."
Kendall glanced somewhat uneasily
at Brenda as be repeated this singular
"I received from Mrs. Simmons," sold
be, "a telegrom sent to her from your
mother—thut Is, from one of tbe family,
I haven't lt here; must have left It In
my room"—and he pretended to search
his pockets. "It said that your mother
was not quite well enough to start at
once, and, ln view of the encouraging
telegrams sent last night, your relatives wouldn't let her como unless she
was quite able to mnke the Journey.
Mrs. Simmons' message, sent Immediately after you were hurt, wns spilte
alarming, I'm afraid; but we have corrected all tbat."
"My mother Is prostrated," said
Elsie, her eyes filling with tears, "und
I shall never see ber again."
"I assure you that you will," replied
Kendall earnestly, "and, by the wny,
here's a letter from her. It enme this
morning, I was told. There was no
otber mail fer you."
"It's strange what bas become of Mr.
Alden's letter," said Elsie, "the one be
mentioned ln that note."
"Do you mean that you didn't receive
it?" exclaimed Breads.
Elsie shook ber bead.
"It didn't come." she said.
Kendall did not understand the significance of tbls, as he bod no accurate
knowledge of the contents of the note.
He arose and moved toward the door,
Brenda accompanying him.
"If you should chance to meet Mr.
Elmendorf  this   morning."   said   she,
"perhaps It would be better not to mention what you bave Just heard."
"About the letter?"
In a sketch of the adventurous career of Morley Roberta, the well-
known author, Al.A.P. says:
Although as a hoy he hud woven
thi ill ing romances and written j
poetry as a young man, he had no
idea of literature as a profession until his two friends, Mr. George Gis-
sing and Mr. W. 11. Hudson, the em-
iiiA nt Argentine naturalist, |mt it
i'lta) his head. By the courtesy of
Messrs. (.'Initio and Wlndus I tako
the following from Mr. Roberts' urt-
ii lo n "My i'irs "rllook," wherein
numerous celebrated authors relate |
tho history of their lust-born: "I j
wns ignorant, and astonished at the i
wild idea of writing anything snl- '
able. However, ln desperation, for '
I had no money, I began to writo,
and went ahead in tho same way 1
have so far ke| t to. 1 wrote lt
without notes, without caro, without
thought, saie that each night thc
past was resurgent and alive before
and within ine, just as it was when
I worked nnd starved between Texas
nnd the great North west. rOach Sunday 1 rend what 1 hnd done to
(liorgo Glssing; nt first with terror,
but afterwards with more confidence
as he nodded approval, and ns the
end approached I began to believe in
it myrelf." "The Weutem A'crnus,"
containing over 00,000 words, was
written  in  less  llian  n lunar month!
Ho is fairly tall, muscular,
though in no W'sa bulky, with torown
hair, brown eyes, very Veen nnd llve-
y, und brown n oustache; he has ra-
thsT a hard-bitten oir. On" feels
that he has s en and done strange
things: thit he has looked for a
moment behind the veil. A nstless
In in*- and a man of moods, now JciV-
nlly humorous, now sardonically
li ter, especially wlicn he talks of
mode n lifo. now frankly pessimistic.
Although the tempestuous days of
youth nre past, the old rpirit of re-
colt against contention and cant,
the old love of freedom nnd fresh
air, are inst as strong in his
breast nss they were nlgh thirty yc*nrs
airo. when he w< nt down to the s'a
ir,    ships    and    ton'<   dentil   by     tho
an'!,    looking    in   his  eye*,
Thore is a creamery near St. Albans, Vormont, which produces the
record output; of bul ter of live tuns
li"lwi'en eight and
British towns and
namesakes in tin
United State81
At n church near I i>ilbiii \
mon is preached once a year
n    serin1 ni nsi
The   total    output   ..,   ,,, ,
United  Ivingslom  r,„   iyU2 ''' "uJ
0M7.2O4  tons, an  Increase oftjf
ftrevioui       **'
tX.iu tons over the
Kidney Trouble
and  Lumbagoj
Thirty Year* of Backache and Rheumatism   Winter Sea8J
Is especially Severe-Attributes Cure to m
This season of the year is especially trying on the older people. Thc
pains and aches grow more severe
In the cold and changeable weather,
the kidneys get out of order, rheumatism and lumbago torture their
victims, there arc aching backs and
limbs, stomach derangements, urinary and bowel disorders and serious,
puinful, and fatal maladies.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills are
particularly suited to thc needs of
persons of advonccd age. They regulate and Invigorate the liver, kid*
and bowels anil prove effectual
ordinary mediclnoe fail. This
from Mr. Robert Jackson,
„  idea of  what  this  treat
ment  is  accomplishing every  dny.
Mr. Robert Jackson, ship carpenter, Port Robinson, Ont., stall's —
"1 was afflicted with kidney trouble
and lumbago for about thirty years.
The winters were always very severe
on me, and 1 was many times incapacitated with all thc serious symptoms of both troubles. I hnd backache,  biliousness,   rheumatism,  head-
gives some
ache,    and
•ally.    1
and   hav
wii'ckcd  physically,    I   hsim) nil
of  medicines,
'.''Hi tr,
————— n° ?»l
pose. ***
"In the   spring   of    1908 •   J
using      Pr.      Chase's     Kidney.]!,,
l'ills.   and    from    the   stnrt rWiv!
grent benefit.   I cdhtiniiid n,,, „ *
ment  until     1  fully     rci ovdrod n3
health  and    vigor,    mj     old tnjS
being   a  thing   of*" the .,MSt   •
seventy-live years old, uml  if nt tea
advanced ago,  I have io»ived J
grand   results   from    Die  uso ol ft
Chase's     Kldney-Livcr    v,\\s m
years of unnecessary RufTering, iy
can be no doubt of their clH     J
the treatment of younger persons i
recommend   them     to  every one
have  tried  to  think of words to M
press my gratitude, but it is bqM
cxpressisin,  for  they have done o3
for nie than I coulsl hav.' believed,'
Dr.    Iihaso's    Kidncj Liver   Filial
one pill a dose.  25 cents u box
all dealers, or Edmonson, Ilu'es u(|
Co., Toronto.
Ilin hod  no!
rattl's : i i iiilsafitirs.
"Mine. Patti, the famous singer,
who will tour again in Canada ansl
tlio Kepublic this year," Said Marcus
Mayer, her former manager, to a reporter, "is not a woman of caprices.   When she does  not sing,  it is
j because her voice is not    in    condi-
i tion.
"On  Uio day  of n concert she does
] not  si'Oai* to anybody, and    in    con-
) versing Willi  her on these    days    i-he
\ tried lt ten tun,
WafchlPfion. n,C, No*. ta, V*m,
l'li-v--- i-rn'l ine yrviir *'Treati-a<e oa
I Ihe  li   '"*■ ami  l.w.  I ■i.rti'*'i."    lt-ive
uied   Kend-ill'i '-'A.-iv'n  Cure for  tea
j jre*n •*■•-..I  c -nl:y to r.'y fo i'i ireritv.
Ye-un wul***.       Julius C, Nel*jQ.
i FITS Ossss or Spavin
A I -   . at. \y Curt*,
11 f!ll<>. n. Ossk   ..«,,,,
t tiasas, csasest five bona i ss    ,, tl
Sr-BS-sfS ln Hi* IsB.t IbflU yesis *sli sflu
Km stall, Spa*1" <*"'"-
Vary ULly >'   a*,    is.ny D RaarUfli
will   either nod  lur head or shake
in replying to questions.
"li she should have a crying spell,
she will be unable to sing. Only once
dining my management of her last
tour do I remember this to hu\e
happened. She has a woman companion who has been with her for the
past thirty years, and on one of our
OIl'l'l | trips llllie. 1'iitti was so Upset by
j her companion she shed tears and
could not sing that evening.
"Mme Patti sin^s only twiM a
week and is more careful of her
voice than she would he sif a s'hild if
she had one. Shi' has for a pet a
small dog that She takes with ber on
her travels."
Mr. Hare's lisvanii,. •.(.nrles*
The late Augustus W, Hare, the
English writer, usiil to *l«- 11 a story
of Dean Stanley, who was a cousin
of his. Stanley was proverbially
ahsentrnlndcd, On one occasion he
wa- driving in Sicily with a friend.
It. was .bitterly cs>ld. Stanley hud
bis traveling bag with him and de-
s ided to put on an extra wrap, ltoars
of laughter from the Streot urchins
awoke Stanley at ln;*t tai the fact
that he had put on a nightshirt over
his coat. Mr. Hare was fond, too,
of repeating a story of tlie Khedive
Ismail of Egypt. Nassau Senior was
to be received by his highness, who
had been warned that Senior kept a
diary. "Oh, yes, 1 quite understand," said Ismail. "*M. Senior ls
the trumpet and 1 um to blow down
It." Every story teller has his favorite schoolboy's answer. Mr. Hare's
was this' "A lie is an abomination
unto the Lord, but a very present
help  in time of trouble."
Not So l'l c«*lriffs
"Mohitnbel," said Archibald, "now
that, we are engaged we should have
no secrets from each other, should
we, dear?"
"No," replied Mehltabel, after she
had   assured  herself  that  her  mother
was not,listening in the ne.\t room.
"Well, Mien," he said, 'do pleas*
toll me jus!  how old you are?"
"With pleasure," said Mehltabel,
"But lirst, Archibald, please tell me
Just  how  much  ynu  get a  week?"
Archibald pondered His mind ran
ahead  Into the future.
"Ksirghc me, Mehltabel," ho responded; "it was none nf niy business to ask."—Til-lilis.
| And Moat Suooeaeful Remedy Ever Discovered for Span.virus, RlnfbsiM*,
Splints »nd edl sLemeness.
■    This Is the unqualified experfensHi of thousansls of horsemen and ethers In t his and ottos:
oountries and there ls no rsiason why you nhould not shure In these Isa'm ills.  Just rrad
| what the above people say about "Kendall's."   Writs! to thsjra for your in n si
In addition to bring the best stablu remi^dy
knaawii, lt Uuns-quuled as a liniment for liousss- '
hold mid family use. Gold genorally by nil slnn-
iri.itis.   Price fl; six bi'ttlea for (5.   .We soul luwp       mm ■
valuable book, "A TresUs** on the Horse," pro- P^S.^t'SIl'all'H
f usely Illustrated, free upon roquisat. l^lRSl^V'W (
Enoaburg Ko-Ils, Vt
St. Jacobs Oil
b the createst remedy in tbe world for sll bodily
Aches and Pains
for which an external remedy may be use.!'.
Price, 25c and 50c.    _
We maKe Granby Rubbers and Overshoes out of
pure new rubber. (Ja;*. as much be said of any other nukef
cost the maker more, but they cost thc wearer less, for
•nc pair does the work of two pain of ordinary rubber**.
"Granby Robbers wear like Iron."
Iiiiiilii   Is brother e\ il  to di
, 'ti'.'i
'' 1
A  r.'
is   nn   nliliri", intiil
is    till'    SIT
rliB'sl nui
iliil   t si Mt«*   Unit   ili'trrls
Tin' .Irvs ns ii   |ii'n
,st   i nu  a'.ii i li. "B^^^
A 1 INNJiK   l'lLI^-Miuiy "*r*,M"||l
ojrrucintirii*   rtJ-niiV   ii'trr -final!!'" » ■
hearty dinner.   Ihoto-.l i"*'•'•*"■ j'I'Jjl
n bull ..fluid ii|iiin il"' -t' !l ,tl'", ',,
nf I'l'ini* n hriltliy mii-ii "iii nl)*™,
I olson tr. the fysUni.   Dr. iwel-"*'.
etui.It' I'IIIh sirs' wiiiiilsTlul i
When \
force, liii-
I ..'I t
ni'i'ii i   \ our enemy   by
•r luni  remains iincon-
Rs'sson   In   Lowly   llrnlim.
noes know tbe time of dny.   Expert*
i mentors who fcni then* at a certain
' time pui'ti dny Iliul Unit tbey make no
mistake lu tho hour.
Tin. pi'irons of st. Murk's, Venice,
can titil tourists, who feed tbem ns a
mutter of duty, from natives wbo do
Uot.     "nw?     Ity   their   liiilssiin^V     Uy
their rod guidebooks?
Amerlcuu horses driven without
"blinders" uro snid to bo less liable to
fright tliun English horses wblcb uro
iiiiido to wear tbem.
I'vi'iy wise mini Ims n pui'iioliul B nf
l'1'ndi'iii'o attached to his balloon   »• t"
rut liiisinsiii     	
A  Mnrl.le Slab.
A writer in London Nature describe*!
a -white marble slnb 2 IiwIips thick nnd
35 by 70 Inches, which Is supported on
stono posts and sues in the middle
throe Inches out of level, it furnishes
evidence tbnt tnnrblo Is iu ronllty u
fluid of enormous viscosity, This ims.
some beurliie on the question of the
frigidity of the rocks composing tho
s'l'tist of the eurth nnd the gradual adjustment .if tin* curth's contour under
gravity, Tl»' slnb ivns placed In lis
present position In IS."3.
troubpfs. Tii'V eorrei'l hi-MH)', o"**J*j***
linns mid convert lh food l"''."k'''!,' 3k
honllhj iiiiii'iini'iit. Tln'i -i 1'"' Z,nii\
lelne to take If troubled with InsltB*?*'*'"'" ■
'lin'    Church   of   the ';l"',''. T,'ti|
Snlnts  (Mormons),  now  in '"
v,,,,' b,,s J^m:Ll^^^^i''',p',
Ask f.»r Minard's and lake nu other.
The mt
|ni riiuis
l'l .mi I'.
nf   |'l\ |>l
stones ii
' ■ ■.;■
Mnu   I'i'frtll'l
ink  mull'  nn
Is    human
which to I
iiiilin'* »,"1
,ilo in'8"*"
Siimi'timos Iho
lilis  no I'lipitnl
thu root
nf  nil
,1 mn
I rii'i™
Tlis'ii tlis* llinss*  li. .■■.in.
"Please let me paw," snid the tramp,
"so Unit I mny Bponk to your mistress.
I'm hungry, ray trousers are beginning
to frny, und  I'm oncer to get 0   little
"And I," Interrupted the bulldog, got*
ting into action, "am hungry ond eagor
for the frny."-
JUfor *s
JCiVf-d.y ibusvj /UHf-rA $UteJ
4^ ^Sute/ -wlM^ pm/
■ E
•3L0CAN,   wutish   COLUMUIA.
.pi,,,    si) cilicsl    h
(iiiluii'k tree Is
lui't  "'
Australian euca-auyjJlUB,    and
elans' 04 pounds tn the cubic foot.
HOW'£>   TsHlteT
„•   ..it.t Ono llumlresl Dollars Itewo.ru
■ ? „. v  oust' oi  Catarrh  tlmt  cannot  be
l'" 5 L Hall's Oatarrh cure.
lU'i     Wy   &   Co..   I'***'!"'-.   Toledo,   0
rwithsl uiiiU-'isiK'-wt.   I*a*"»  ■*»<-'«"■   l'-,•■
r.i..;„.v  mr  tho  la-it   is years,   a*i(l   i..-
. Isi'l'i'     '"' ,...,, i „    I,,,,,,,,-,,!,!,.    In    nil   in.mi.
hin. p«
I'lectly   honoralslsj   In  all liiistl-
C* ;." IniilBlK'tiOllB   BBIAll   flnuiis-liilly   sil.le   10
K?fy oul   liny  obllilsitloiiH mails* by then
jjflft  *,    I'riusx.   Wholesale   IU ui-isla    To
v..!<-*itV*- "" 1-i.is"n»a»tl    A    sVlurviii,     WI-.ol.nss I.
m        'isiiiitisiH.   Toledo,   U.
Hill's  Oatarrh   Ours,   is   tsiks.ii   Internal
s     nst'iiiK   directly   upon   tlm   Iiliiuil   nun
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rnstlmnniall free.
Hairs KiBiniiy  I'lii" arc the bu,i
•|'|,,.     \:,liiiiiili)B'lill      MllSS'ilin.   at   Ox-
r1|(|    I -,.-!.,list.   was   iiiliniletl   in   1670,
1,11,1 is ihe oldest In thai country.
Koenig's      I laluliill'L'
Ideci   uml    lie sl   ris-
lii       Vi'A.iist
|,|0|>S    i.i       Hi'
gowned   lilootl  pill'ilisT  ind   lli'iiltli   is
L„|.,.|' ii ilie world 'I'n ensure poi
',.,i luallli tako rir. August Km
itfg Hamburg Drops.
l'l.  it  ilu* only cathedral in exist-
|.|l,'|.   tl III    lll'.S   11   Usitllic   llllllll', 11    is
I7n is.i high.
Keep Minard's Liniment in the House.
llu. deepest pari nf tin' Mi'iiitairan-
,ui i- near Malta. The depth Ih 1i,-
l:-.<*. f.'i't.
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant sia.ip Powder is a boon to any
■ionic, li disinfects nntl cleanses nt
llu' same time.
A cubic foot  of frenh Bnow  weighs
j   | si mIs; n cubic foot   of    watoi
|a  ia|        Pl'JJ     |lllll|l'''5.
Port Mulgrave, .lime ."a. 1807.
i'   iMCtTAUDS st  rn.
|',„i   Sns.—MIN Mtli'S   I.IMMI'.N'I
as my reaiody   for colds,  etc.   it   Is
dl a i ei i  liniment   1 novo ever used.
v... i uglish sovereign Ims ever dlod
In tin' ii,nn'li of Mny
V'i'ii! Is ssi.i's  burns    its   bridge." I..
■ml   fear,  the bridges liefore.
A   BC«f   tO      T   C   RIO   V.
A II    '.   -..■   ITss.   in   i,    lis* '.'.   •'!     A  It,'
s ttus.* Sp'sit,   aiuim sir * I *, 8*i udbowltli u
..us  ,,,,.. j .    I--    nu  !••■. i|s     f'1'..i. I'sijnr
I'i aH| [,\'0    \V, im.fl,    165    Mn ii S   ,   ll    aa '
RYiunlli uv sins,
|T0   RNCfH'llAUE   ITS   USE   ar*   slvlni
I ths  following   in w.ea   (or  competition   at
ths Wlnnlnsi*  Kabibltljn  ol  lUOS
$175 IN GOLD rYxi^HhT^.
For ths heaviest call, any pure lars-ed,
l?S,5r. • bor" aftsr the 1st .Isnuury,
■lSOS, led on Carns-Ias Stock Koosl. »I00
I la cold
.    'or   the   second     Heaviest    Call.     any
I purs breed,  or grade,  born   alter   1st  ol
1 rA*rXx   10,)3-   '-"J   0'«    Carnelae   Stock
| rood.  $60  In   i*old
.    Fof   ths   third   ha-isviist   call,   anv   puis
Urt    1 ■!?,■■, ■'.■"i"'   bor"  *,ltr  1»* Ol Jano-
™W.W  on   Carnefac  Stock  Food,
j »J3 In liisUi
Only  ons    entry   will   be  allowed    Irom
ns^.a •"""""•ei*   or   Stockman,    ansl    stock
i,   "tl        "n***1****   »t   the   Wlnnii.e*    Kx
lot .Au ', "*u!t b** l"*oslused nt ths thus
..» ,"'"on to sho** tlmt the onlmala
••srs lei on Carnetaa-. Stork Fond
Iti,',',!.'" . ?M '"'"'•''•" » desiils-sl HusreMS
w !.. *.J"1". co'i'litlon and luttenln*
rl I, ",\h" owi* 'all. Keoil l.,r lea-let,
th.   ......     v\'*'*   ol   veterinarians   as   to
t'-iAiy ol it      Car""'a<:'   '*h«>' •**"  «•*»
W. 0. Douglas, manufacturer,
Prlnr.n-,1 Slressl, \V n. Iptij.
You  ran   obtain   it  from  your  dealer
Bast Selling; Skirt Supporter ansl Wslst Ad|uates
am Intsoduced.   Sells st sight.   Good profit. *
Sb*h,I :"- .a-ntj for iaaimala* and terms lo anenis
__iSH ft CO., Dept. W. TOROMTO.
Arrow    t_ salvo.
Thene  mlraiulous  sprlnszs,
riulV'Y to  •   n,,l»l  dlsesrsad.
R.1   ,r1m ,he memory a  raBistsd so
I . "iut     th*   written   troiil.lss   ol
nK.ZL^h. ■WstaSt    oblivious   antlalo
|R!S    ..• iu,n*il   bosom   Of   thos
__ llnu*,
ss   per-
'ii i        ""■■*'
Dion  welt,!,   hesviiv  usson   Kidney, l.lvsr
sihi  Sinmnrh
inri,.(„r«   ,n   M  who  iuPIer_(nve ,,(,,.
"omj\nahui%r\h h:rnan' °' lt' hul
The Halcyon Hot Springs SanitarinraBX.
-J2iltMS~»ir» to $18 ,cr .eek.
V»*»*- IM- \J. N
l's's*-»f.*.s*s*  or  Vlissl.
a (joulliMiitiu B'ii ii visit tn iiii asylum
wns wiili",!-*-* In i'a' groumla when u
iuiin ('iiMie ifp to him uml entered into
After walk'ni" about for some time,
dlscusslug topics suggested by tho
pl&ce, tlie two set out on n tour of ln-
sptftlon, the man, apparently an ofti-
elnl, Inviting the visitor to ko over the
At length tliey readied the foot of a
flight of steps, u;i which the guide led
the wny, nnd at the top tho visitor
found himself out upon the roof, a
height of more than a hundred feet
from ihe ground.
As t' y gazed below his companion
sturtli'U liim suddenly by proposing to
see who could Juinii furthest toward
the (-rounds! Not until then hud it
dawned upon tbe visitor that his guide
was innd. Mercifully, be was u man of
ready wit. and his wit saved the madman's life, "oli, anybody cun Jump
down," snld the visitor. "Let us go
down and si'e who can jump to the
top." The madman thought It n good
Idea, und, retracing thi'ir steps, the two
began their Jump from tbe earth Instead of from the roof.
wby iiir Itomaoh Luta,
Au old Question which has long pu*
r.lesl physiologist! Is, Why doi*s nut the
stomach digest itself'.' 'i he walls of the
stomach are In substance not unlike
tlie fisiisl which they contain und which
Is rUgoated hy tbe peptic Quid. The
Btomach is able to digest proteld foaid
when Introduced into it, yet it does not
digest Itself.
The reason for this hns been shown
by Welnhitid. Welnlund round thut a
substance cun be i xtracted from the
colls of the stomach wblcb, wben added to proti'id material, will not allow
It to be acted upon by the pepsin of the
Stomach. This substance belongs to
the class of so called nntiferments—
thnt Is, a group of bodies which by
their presence inhibit fermentative actions. The presence of this nntifer-
ment In the cells of the stomach prevents them from digesting is.    "*' ;. .■>.
After death, when this substance decomposes, the stomach will digest itself.
Tm imofclmr,
It has been recorded on Rood authority that one of the early us.'s made of
dried ten leaves was to smoke them
after thc manner of tobacco.
On the first Introduction of tea Into
Europe, In the seventeenth century,
pipes, especially in France, were frequently tilled with ten, nt leust among
the wealthier Classes of society, to
whom on nccount of its hlch price lt
was ulnne ni'cessihlp, anal the fumes of
the leaf were thus enjoyed, like tobacco, without prejudice to the use ordinarily made of ii as a beverage,
Blegny, u French physician of the
Mine, In a work published In 108" and
quoted in l.e Grand d'Aussy's "His-
tolro de la Vie 1'iivee. lies Francois,"
lias n reference to this practice of
smoking tea, wblcb was then, as ho
affirms, a frequent and popular fashion.
1;b.ib;bs*si*: stl'ie.
.!• M-s (nl lhe Im n lin : lion 'el Oo'.y
two litiie hlsetii  • I'ia'i 1 ii'.iUr .<:.
Brown Yen, I ..t Ihiul, how heavy
they are
l*i-.*  h   Ms*.
• :;•-   II  In p:  niy r.f fresh
. ii iii:i.A bs' siine Imper
I I!- I P   ■■':'   II  1*1 singes of
r --'.I- i> i" iii) iinvi'ii-
ni • ii ai ■
Vi.'l.-        B|
tihiti -i '•   ii   I i ■ li nir i- life.
1  llllsl       Ills'   |s,ll i i,:.i'|.e   111    llis*      Cu
i.i'L'ii-  I iml ii ni'' l ho  ■■ A-iAi.ii ion of tli.1
hi nl i egiiuiK will he si udieil.
Minard's Liniment Lumberman's Friend.
IS«V**B        AAaS    'Aial    Be\er    SVlll    laa     fl-
inI\eiBS< insiiini.il.  tn ona renie-lj    '"'  el'
:lis   to   s>hiili   ilr-l.   !■■   Iifl'ir—il"    .*•'.>   ni
sore sii many curatives belnn   bustIi  ibat
,   the (forms  «*t  aat'ior  snd   dllTerontls
ss'".*.i*il dlseanos routed In Use system i-,i
th" patient—what «a,nM rt-ii. \•* one Ub
lis torn weiilil aoaravate the olher ff*
hisve, however, in Quinine Wine, when
ibtainable In Bouncl, unadulteraird stole
si remedy lie mnny uml Rrevloua ills lh
its ciniliiiil ami ludlclnui use tisi' Irailloet
lystens* «■> lesl Into convnlesrunco and
BjtreiiRth   hy   thi*  Influence  \\l..<is  Qalnini
^XS'S'lH   Ola    linllire'l   asssia    rs".tanall l\ I'S       ll
rellavM thi' drooping aplrl'i nt thoai
a U h wlisain at rhi'a.iiis' st ii 1, s'f •its*rUiS
■ Js*s|i"nili'iir.v anil tn. k ssi iisls-'i'..! ... Ill*
is     is     dNfl.,'i-fl.     iii.sl     I.-     t :s:,nuil''ttti'   thi
aervee, dispose*  i.i  aosa,,d ainl  refreshlns
«.ls*s»|'- Itlllsltt'l H vltlOS lss I tss' Sallisas s,f thi
alaaasd, s.liiili liflli,,' st ill.il III I i'i' rml ■ s,"-
'tltlillL'll        Ills-      VS*ilss.       sl ri'liU'l l'.."lisB.       Ha
ii'ialili.s   animal   funstlons  ..**  I lie  systpm
'Iss'II'IaJ    still kiss,;    tellvlty    n    Ill's .a.   iii.V    Is-
nm. stronffthenlno  11».- Iran    '  nlvlia'
lie   III   ll'.r   illi'a'S'lS 'afl"-     \> I 'i I     .inl n
■nil*, demand Increased ■ubstntii's result
ini'sm-il api*elite Norlhrup \ l.ymHii
if   Toronto,    hnvo    kI.s'h   to   tP..  publli
n.'ir  Sul.'ii'.r Quinine IVflii*' a,i   lhe u-.un.
Mis*.      Mini MHia-ial      lav    III,-    a'i'i'ia.ns    01
aclMillsti,   'in-   wins   apllrisavhci   near»i
I'lla's 1 Jiap      n|      m.iv    .ill    HlP   s,,i,s'.mI a\ I
Irs STL'l«l»   ss*!l   It
Tells   of   the  Great   Work Done
by Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Tlsos. I,. H „,,*.,„ telu hQW hu K,dnfty
Stmln Vanished when ho used the
great Kidney Remedy,
Kenlis, N. W. T„ Mny ll.-(Spec-
lol)—In thin new country wher-omedical attendance is often hard to get
tho action of special preparations is
careiully watched and the results as
carefullj noted, Consequently, con**
elusions un. arrived at thai uro of
value tu the puhlio, Ami the ul-
iiii'st unanimous conclusion is lhat
as a family niodlclne there i*- noiliing
to compare with Dodd's Kidney
As n tonic it. ims niiiile a name for
Itself, while Ms euros ol all stages of
Kidney Disease from liin."ht.'s Dlsoase
i" Back icho mlphi be considered miraculous ii their frequency iliil nol
make thoin almosl   coiniuon.
The   I'.IIiisa, in,*  story   iislil   by   Thus.
I-   Hubhs, n  fni'inor In Indian   Weed
municipality, is i of the many that
have rivin Dodd'a Kldnoy l'ills their
I'Cplllul i'Aii
"Aiioiii one year ago." says Mr.
Flubbs I uns thrown from a wag-
i'iiia r.isisini. some strain On my
kldnej t I trlod bovi ral medicines
hul could f"t nu relief nil 1 wus in
duced to try Dodd'a Klduoy l'ills.
"Dodd'a Kldnoy l'ills relieved me
almost from the start, and hy tin-
time l had finished ono box my pains
were (rnne. Tin".- hnve not Come
back either."
'i j' and
pike are the longest li\a'il
',. ll
Tl ■ \
u li have been known ts>
over i •
\u centuries.
I—   aa
.will tell
When an aniinnl is all run down,
bis a rough coat and a tight hide,
anyone knows that his blood is out
of onler. To l-.eep an animal econo
mieolly he must be in good hcilth
Is a necessity where th- best results
from feeding would t;e olatained.
It tones up the system, rids the
stomach of hots, worms and otnei
parasites that stick the Hie b'ood
a war.
Nothing like Dick's powder for
a ran down horse.
60 cents a package.
l-s-aemlng, Miles A Co., Kgaaia,
\ or-,   sti'ltigcnl   laws 'mve  been  unit t*tcd in .1 ni'itii    in iegnrd 'o sei i el
priipi letaiy   niesl iti lies.
Minard's Liiiimci't is used by Physicians
Thi   s-.iiiur  is  always glad   lo   i	
II   lij-hthoUSO,   bul   it   is ililT.'ieiit   with
ths' iis'tur.
'ti'e larei'si  round hnli'-nprlit-! stud
in   n   WUtch   is   I'liiir-liiliiilreilt I *•   of    i'U
Inch In diameter and ohoul nlne-hiiii-
h' il' h-. nf nn  Inch in length,
lini one tiiiii of the pi)|n>!i'i Ion und
uin'e'e. nil h   ni  the  men   nf  Till key   is
■ii ICuropo.
The gnat demand for n plssnwint, pnfe and
feliablo mitidote fair all affections of tin
Ihrsiut or luni*s is fully met with in Bickle's*
Autl Oonsuinplivu Sjrup. It is a purely
VeueUible Compound, and acts prompt I)
nnd mngically iu subduini* all eougha, colds,
broncliltiH, inflammation of tho lung.-, etc.
It is so piilatnble thnt ii child will not refuse
It. and is put at a price thpt will not oiclude
Ine poor from Ita benefits.
Uml, Severn Btldn, writes: " I owes debt
of gratitude to Ur. Thomas' Klectric Oil
tor curing me of a severe oold that WuUDltfl
mo nciuly all Inst winter." In order to K'v«
a qnlettll to a *i lOkljJ uouyh take a done ol
D-. 'I I., inns' Eli'ctr'o .'ii thiice a dny, or
oftener if sho cough spoils render it necensiirj.
Nib  a'llse uf Slllll I IpnX   llOS   I  (O Hid
iii ii re \ iieiiiiiiti'il i ersnn for years
n> Chicago, suys t lu* commissioner of
A.   mnu   Who  always  nets  has  time
afterwards to lind reasons.
The iii'si cure for a woman's  con-
••s'ii   is a woman's lau-rhter.
A Nuiili Aii'.s'iii'iin t-iil tls'siniki'
taken lo Iho Museum of Paris refill i il nil food for 26 mui.ths.
o.  Aati.
M*-. Olesto Ooon, Syracnw. M.T., writofj •
"For venrs I conld not eat many kinds nl ,
food without produilng n b""-'"?; rxcrf'?l'.la
Unj t'nln In my sUsmacli.   I took raVMmt
Pills neca.iding to direct ons nndrsi   io heao
of 'Dyspepsia or  lndigostion.    .0D«..??J
enlirely cured me.   1 can now put imytlit '(•'
I choose, witlmiit dlfshrea'nBtnelatn"' lenst.
Theso Pills do not oanss i nin or piping, "**■" .
Should boused when a calliartic mn muiii.i.
It's .i a',,ial    duy for    tho plumber j
when the iniirs'iii'N   refuses  tu take the |
tliiity-seciind dogreo.
What shrunk your woolens ?
Why did holes wear so soon f
You   used    common    soap
Ask Car sitae OcUaan Bar.
Well   Ureaavd   Woman   Who    Wear
CatsMasla Sent on Approvnl,
When tbe ways of some women arc
considered, It is less remarkable that
such numbers of women dwelling in
the large cities dress extravagantly
than before their methods of securing
rich costumes for all occasions have
been scrutinized.
There are women, and many of them
very wealthy, who make a regular
practice of haviug elegant garments
seut to their homes on approval, wearing them ouee and then returning them
to stores or costumers. Some women
will wear a dress or a cloak to the
opera and scud It hack next morning.
Or tliey will get a hat or wrap and go
driving or visiting in lt. The average
person would he ustoulshed to know all
the things, from handsome umbrellas
and fans of great beauty to Jewelry
and clothes, that some -.Vonieu borrow from the shops.
Of course all of these women are not
well off, but they all divsn well and
go out a great deal, and although the
shopkeepers often discover the manner
lu whieh they are being deceived, they
do not always like to make a fuss fm
feur of losing a good customer. Besides
they know that If they Incur tbe eiiini
ty of sueh impostors the women uiv
quite capable of abusing their goods
nnd robbing them of other and more
honest customers. Strange us It may
seem, these women generally mingle In
pretty good society, or the fringes of 11.
and have some influence iu the matter
of dress, slnce'they have won the reputation of always dressing elegantly and
ln the newest things.
This sort of imposition had been carded on so often hy a customer of it certain large firm that its members determined to put a stop to her flaunting
about ln borrowed plumage, at least
when the plumage belonged to them.
One 8uturday this woman had a splendid wrap sent home on approval, and
on Sunduy one of the head clerks of
the Arm who knew Mrs. Blank us the
offender stationed himself near her
pew in the fashionable church which
she attended. When 6he sailed down
the aisle after service, resplendent iu
the borrowed cloak, this man stepped
up to her and said:
"How do you do, Mrs. Blank? I nm
delighted to see that you like our cloak
w-cll enough to kssep it."
Of course nfter that she could not return the cloak.
Still, with till ihe efforts put forward
hy shops and costuina-B to break up
the pernicious habit of forcible borrowing on the part of sundry feminine customers, the practice goes merrily on,
r.nd many a fair dame with an enviable reputation for exquisite dressing
appears but once in garments and hats
thnt wben next seeu are bedeck in r another woman or hanging In t! r*
room of Borne smart shop.
Results That Astonished Relatives and Friends
Miss Barbara M. Stanfold, a Victim of Anaemia, Imperfect Circulation and Debility Is Cured by
In the month of May it is an absolute necessity that the body shoulil
be furnished with a richer cud purer
supply of blood ior tne establishment of a health that can succi'ss-
fully cope with the enervating effects
of hot summer weather. I'oor blood
In May produces listless, amliition-
less, sleepless and sallow-faced men
and women, who quickly become victims of some organic disease that
ends life.
Intelligent people recogni/e the necessity of cleansing and fortifying
the system in Alay hy usinu; Paine's
Celery Compound, which B' eedily removes all poisons from the system,
gives to ttte thin, watery hlood a
larger proportion of red corpuscles,
and arouses ull the organs of tin-
body to healthy action. 1'aine's Celery Coinpoiinii doi's a work for victims of impure, watery and stagnant
blood that commands the attention
of the most eminent medical men in
thc   world.    Miss   Barbara   M.   Stan-
fold,   Hamilton,   (Int.,  says :—
"For over a year my health was in
bad condition, and I became very
weak nnd  much  depressed  in spirits
My troubles arose from poor and
watery blood and Imperfect circular
tion. My appetite was almost gone,
and I was alllicted with insomnia.
A (tor several doctors had dono all
they could for me, I was weaker than
when they first began to treat me.
and my family became anxious about
my condition. A neighbor advised
my mother to have mo use Paino's
Celery Compound. Before I finished
the second bottle, my appetite was
better. I folt stronger and could
sleep soundly for five or six hours
each night. T hnd so much faith in
tin- wonderful compound that I con-
tlnued with it until I was perfectly
cured. To-day, after using six bot-
'■ la's. I am as well and strong as ever
before. 1 thank you with all my
heart tor such a nieslicine; it saved
my life when other medicines failed.
All my friends are astonished at my
happy care."
Ii yotl arc in need of free medical
advice, write to Consulting Physician's Department, The \\viis & liich-
anlson Co., Limited, Montreal, Que
All correspondence is sacredly confidential.
Ms hnue no agents ur branch sto os.    All orders should ba tent direct to us.
The Canadian Boy's Best
School Suit
We otTer to sell you by mail a Boy's Suit of Imported
English Serge-—either blue or black at almost half
its usual juice. Single or double breasted sacque
style.     Every   seam   reinforced—tho   pants   have
V"'' Price, $4.99
You must act quickly, however, for this sale will
( nil in a few weeks.
-T""R-■'&5 ilamble cloth seat in
li' sjff, Sizs's, 28 to 33. Sam
{pWCp | The largest illustrated clothing cata-
I itlaiC ■ loi;ue in Canada is free for the asking.
We guarantee every garment we make to fit and
please you. If it does not, send it back, we will
refund your money.
Manufacturer and Retailer,
Toronto, Ont.
liisBifl.il Osit liiimiKruiit.s.
Uncle Bam has a black list of birds
ami quadrupeds whicJi it Is absolutely
prohibited to Introduce Into this country, says the Chattanooga Tiniv-s. The
mongoose, the tlylug fox and the starling are on the list. The inoiiKoose is a
species of ferret, a native of liislia,
where it is domesticated as a sort of
yniiiial cat trap nnd snake destroyer.
It was introduced Into Jiunais-a to get
rid of tha* sugar cane rats. These exterminated, however, the mongoose
went on tsi diet off the Insect destroying birds, with the rs>sult that the crops
havo been devastated by insects iu
some siHtinns of the island. The ani* I
mal is exceedingly crafty, nocturnal In
i!s habits and evades traps with ease,
The Hying foi, known also ns tho fruit
hat, is a voracious harvester of fruits
and vegetables. The starling belongs
to the crow family.
"How did the doctor tell you to tak *
the medicine, Larry—internally or externally V"
"Nay ther wan, sor."
"Rut lt must have been one or the
"Uivil a bit, sor.  Nayther wan."
"r.ut look here, Larry; that's absurd
ft must have been one or the other, yon
"Knytber wan, I tell ye. He toultl mo
to siiiiff It up me nose."
Anlmnla and Alcohol.
Many animals yield to the seduction
of rum drinking, especially elephants,
horses, cows aud swine. Poultry, especially turkeys, will absorb the tempting
ii.'iiik till tliey tumble over In leaden
sleep, lying around as If di'iid and ut
h rly Ignoring their accustomed roost,
tin awakening tbey stagger for a few
moment! and soon  recover,  but  It  Is I
hours liefore they renew their cheerful
and delicious are the bread, rolls,
cakes and pastry that is made from
It is the housewife's delight, and
enables her to show her skill in
bakinj*;. "-Osilvie's Hungarian flour
is the liest made, and will give
more nutriment to the bag than any
flour milled.
Their  l,ll»l.
"Yes," remarked the and looking
stringer, "I have ses-n the lust of many
a i;ood mail."
"Doctor or Undertaker?" queried the
man behind the white oprou.
"Neither," replied he of the snd looks,
"{.'ni a shoemaker."
A Doris 7'lisiiiK'lit.
"Ill n brown study, eh;"
"Yes, 1 was just thinking."
"Thinking what?"
"1 was just wondering why n fellow
never has as much trouble borrowing
trouble ns the trouble be has borrowing otber things."
An Anatomical Tale.
Dlnwlt—Say, our backbones are like
serial stories, aren't they?
Uinwlt—Continued   in   our   neiM-s.
JtofiseAeepers gmra/ty endearor
. to secure the
in ^ns^l^thpse it/ho buy     -
:^: '•■^
in oamp'cr tun eo&tinnons coll
i..:: -.-! i ii tin *d   .;
la tiii '•*•■
l.n£je Wovhi. Wire * entt
"T'i '"n.A'-i .-ii ...'ii iii warm wofttoer as..i
rs    t.ltditon In cold  -except ii»j r*M*0
Pago spring 11.;t inkc i up tl
I I'lirs).
saisl ill KI1I11-
A ...... -n,. am-BAiaa --1--       ;   ' |-..u'l'*s iriiu; las.a  i..a,s a a,, ,,-■    .  ---
...      r..a'li.'ls,ll.li'.lUa\Ml.l.T.Na.l..ll-es-H*ltl'll*l
—     v~- -  -—     jn summer, no straining or breaking In win*
tsT, Common.:
tighten   n  lo'i'i •■ - a   . ii
tension .';"   ii t a is] v. ..'■.  • ullnsi
*•'!•,•• F'.'.' '■ FsWOflJ C.1 , T.'   ...     .
■i. iii'il; :f it
to  I a inm
..,cl ,,!..„ i,,,,, • ,■. i aa l nn nackonsll M.l>^..
, , ■. *yjro U temtsen •> tor.ir.i
.-, If ■ (l tlCO sll UM' II lit,
o:::, Kontrtal,P.Ct,aadOkJotAH*& 9
ROSS  (a RO,^, Concval Ajjonts. "WINNIPEG. MAN.
No ninn ever acknowledges a mistake      \|,nl    thlnka    more s.f    the
so quickly as when ho puts the lighted j thrown   In   than  ol   Iho box  lie
end of a cigar ln hla mouth, for
| ill:'    al
things thai   uro received ins
I i.s Us,       lutl lal.al    us    Hi\ est
I ,
■ i
C. K. Bmitherinoalr, Editor and Prop.
il^OCAM,      •      •       •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertisinc 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a lino each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rate**
as legal advertising.
Locals will he charged 10 cents a line
ier each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
f ppiicution.
The Subscription is $2 por year, sti'lot*
Jy in advance; t'2.00 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Sloean, B. C.
FRIDAY, MAY 22nd, 1008.
KDii-oitiAi. unoppiNua.
Tho Liberal government has appointed u Conservative, in the pejson
oi Wallace Nfsliitt, to tho Bupreme
court bench. Politics did not pivveut
merit being n-cognizitl, and the government deserves all the bouquets
coming to them. Would that the
name principle actuated all appointments.    _^_______
Canada is experiencing more industrial disputes than at any previous
time in her history. Were more attention paid by the legislators towards
ameliorating the condition of the
masses and less towards further enriching thn classes, there would   lie | Crow's Nest Pass nud open today for
traffic past Frank.
D. R. Ross, of Port Arthur, is likely
Be sure and renew your miners'
Last weok the Slocan mines .shipped
87 tons of ore.
D. A. Ross took a trip out to Cal-
i-ary on Friday.
Machine drills ave to be installed at
the Sloean Star.
A choice line of old papers is for
sale at tliis ollice.
There is no promise of anything doing here on the *J.rstli.
Orders are piling in on the niiil
company iu a deluge.
The Conservatives throughout the
Boundary are beiug organized,
Tlie local Orangemen will likely
celebrate. In Rossland this year.
Tuesday evening's open air concert
by the band attracted a big crowd.
There is a strong probability of the
Ladysmith coal strike being settled.
George Stoll returned on Wednesday from wintering in Kiona. Wash.
Silverton has lost itsbarliei*. so leav
ing but two tonsorial  artists sin  the
The mill company havo their lum*
ber plant running at the lead of the
Walter Spatil.formerly of New Denver but n,iw of St.raul. w;.s here on
W. T. Shatford has b«eeii etected
ptvsislent of the Const-nati. * Asisocia*
tion at Vernon.
Cliarlo- ITcDonald went up the
creek Mond;-.;.. to work as timber-nan
ut the Arlington.
The C.P.R.  anti-ipate  having the
no discontent among the people and
tho country would truly have a growing time.   	
In future no advertisements for certificates of improvement will lie accepted for publication in this paper,
unless tlie cash accompanies the notice.
Similar advertisements in the Gazette
must be paid for in advance and there
can be uo logical reason put forth for
standing off a legitimate newspaper.
A strict compliance with this rule will
iriake smooth the way of the printer.
to be tho new superintendent of the
C.P.R. in Kootenay.
Those soft front shirts at Arnot's.
for $1.50 and $1.75, are just the thing
for,cool summer wear.
Rev. James Turner has been elected
president of the Methodist conference
of the province for the year.
A washout on the main line of the
C.P.R., near Calgary, this wee!- delayed traffic for a couple of days.
A. Taylor, or Ihe Hank of .Montreal.
N's'w Denver, accompanied by his wife
and child, spent Friday night here.
Quite a crowd went up tn New Denver ou the noon bout yesterday, to
participate iu tiie Miners Union ball.
The mill company has placed a
boom across tho head of the river, to
Practically all the evidence has lieen
turned in to the committee investigating the Columbia Sc Western scandal
and a rare mass of contradictions it is.
Whether a  verdict be  found against
any of thc principals or not, the pub- j catch any drift logs coming down tin
lie will remain convinced that  there i,aKt'-
has lieen rascality ntti>uiptod.and thai      The local ba
it is high time for a change in rulers.
It is quite likely, too, tlie C.P.R. will
enter suit against the province tsi recover the disputed lands, tlie testimony of tlie various .officials all going
to show thnt thoy thiuk the company
has a just claim to the territory.
It is pleasing to note that the demand for mining properties is again
becoming active and that British Col*
unibia is mcetiii'-wth some attention.'P**1'1'';*""   l''ridny morning for a six
months   visit to their old home in
11 lossi'fs have lac i in-
vited to send up a team tt> Denver, on
Monday, for a game. A team is being
Jack Black, provincial offioa* at
New Denver, passed down on Saturday to do piilies- duty at the Nelson
A team of .-ix riflemen will go up lo
Denver on Monday.to compete against
a team chosen from the rifle club iu
that town.
Mrs. Beck  nnd  three children de
A public school is to lx* opened at
Mrs. Ager and child have gone to
England on a visit, having left last
Tiie material is on the ground For
the New Denver electric light works.
Power will be turned on in July.
A spirited horse entertained the
people to another runaway Wednesday, lis finish this time was across
the upper Slocan river bridge and into
West Slocan.
Neil Gething has gone north from
Ashcroft on a flying trip, to meet, his
partners at the end of the wagon road
with supplies, lie will Ihi out again
early next month.
W. Harrison ran foul of a young
bear up near the Exchange trail on
Friday. His bearship succumbed to
an overdose of lead, hypei'derniie.tllv
administered through a rifle.
Ex-premier Dunsmuir has refused
to let the Dominion labor commission'
era settle his differences with his coal
miners. I le says the oom mission is to
take evidence, not to conciliate.
Sparks from a locomotive set lire to
a pile of sawlogs near Ward tier, last
Thursday, destroying 1,000,000 feet,
Tlie heat from tlie Qames warped the
railway track for a quarter of a mile.
For sale, cheap. A fully paid-tin
course of Instruction in electrical engineering in the International Correspondence school. Full set of books
and complet." drawing outfit, Only
two lessons taken.    Apply, this office,
James Baker returned to town Monday after an exciting lime spent en
the coast looking after Dunsmuir's
lambs, He left nexi day to represent
the local Miners' Union at the anuii: 1
convention of (lie W. F. of M. at Denver. Col.
Mrs. L. J. Edwards and four children left on Friday, on a twelve
months' visit to friends in England
and Wales. Mr. Edwards was to have
accompanied them as for as Montreal,
but at the last moment w,is unable to
get away.
Lecture nss itillc* Shooting.
Capt. Richardson, of Victoria, a
member of the militia of that city and
an ardent rifleman, happened in town
Tuesday eveniug on business.and was
persuaded to address a meeting of the
local shootisls iit the Royal Hotel
The attendance was large and appreciative. The captain, who i.s one of
111• ■ British Columbia members of the
Bisley team, explained all the points
of the regu'ation militia rifle and gave
much useful information about shoot-
ing. Capt. Richardson will likely ba
appointed government instructor to
the various rifle clulis in tho country.
v y'.—^-*.^-*'^;^irtimiii*i*-«*- ■*■■>■«
Price Stability
" Slater Shoo " prices are branded
on the " Slater Slioo" by tho " Slater
Shoe " makers who know tho wear
worthiness ot* tho hidden parts.
Common shoes aro priced by tho
dealer who charges what lio can get
—high prices when you need shoes
-—cut prices when you don't.
Seo that you get tho real " Slater
Branded " Tho Slater Shoe "—in
a slato frame. Value tho same-—
prices the same all tho timo.
".'••-"a in Canada 40 Years.
For Men. $4.00 and 55.50.
Kor Women, J':3.50 si-is1 S3.C0.
For Covs, S-sS.s^O to $3.50.
Solci in 15 " Slater" Stores ond 2C0 Agencies.
A "Slater " Polish Shine Lnsts a Week.
Alex. Rogers,
The i
Tonsorial Artist.
jadinff Parlors:
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
Camsronlan Mineral cinlsss.
Sltuato in tlio Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Whero locatedi—On tlie Qrst north
fork of Lemon creek.
TAKK NOTICE tlmt I.M. L. Grim*
mi'tt, acting ni seen I for The Cameronian
i biiI'1 A Silver Mining Co.,limited liability
lvM.C. No. 1569220, intend, alxty day*
i from tlis* iluls* hereof, to npply lo llis
Mining-Recorder fora certiuciteoflui*
provements, for thopurpe • of obtaining
;i Crown grant sif ilu* above claim
A nil further inks,- notice that action,
iimler section .".7, must lie commenced
before the issuance of uiu-h certificate of
Dated this 7th dav Of Ortolier. 1002,
20 3-08. ' M   L. liHIMMI-.TI
Kay, acting aa Agent for ,1. J.Godfm
miner's certificate No. [;$$
sixty days from the date lnr«||
to apply to the Mining Recorder tori
ceitificate of Improvements, (nr ilupm.
pose of obtaining a Crown grant of Uu
ubove claim.
And further tnke notice tlmt action,
uniler section 37, must be commtncN
before tho issuance of such mtilicstsul
Dated Hub 4th day of April, 1W*3.
10*4*03. VV  1). M.uKAT
OnMrlo Na. 0 Mlsssrul Claim,
Huiugxler Mineral Clulm.
Investors are beootning impie-si'd by
the recent strikes and developments on
the Le Roi, Le Roi No. 2, .ind Centre
Dave Sloan will return here next
. week trom Ontario,to complete the
Star mines at Rossland; the Mother transfer of hia property tothe mill
Lode, Snowshoe und Granby, in the I company,
Boundary; the Venus and Silver King A)1 animlr(.m,.Ills i1!lV(. been com*
at Nelson; tho Speculator, Arlington,' pletr-d for the hospital ballon Monday
and Combination in this camp; the]night. There promises to In* a bi^r
Payne, Riimbler-Oaribcx), and Antoine crowd present.
at Sandon, and a number of others in ' Tin" lieutenant-governor has declin*
the Lardeau country.   The   outlook ?**■ to r*"1! "P** |***-*Mf"fi» (,<?al orpetro-
for minin-- in  the  province  may   rx
classed as clint'iiii'-.
I li'iiui lands in th.' disputed sections of
East Koota'iiav.
Another dirty piece of political job
bery abas come to light in Victoria and
it is strongly suspectiii intimah
friends of the government   are tin
S'l-  vi* l* lit*) ill SIB*'fl!   lifltflsfll ..
A sale of unclaimed goods will be
h 'Id by the Dominion Express Co. Rt
Winnipeg i>n June .'i next, Four pur-
ei'ls hail from this place, being ad-
di-e -cl to O. Hamilton, M. Lauder,
J. McKcnzio and S, Noraian.
miming RKConos.
Appended Is n complete list of lhe Various records registered atthe local registry office, II. P. Christie being mininp
Mny 11—Argo, on Springer creek, J
Frank Collom.
May 9—An nis to ii, Gypsy Lass.
ll   Sidelight, Otis.
15— Toronto.
in—Twiii Sinter No 2, Twin  Pi, er No
May 10—I/nidon fr.
a   aa- a,f an BJ '..lir.itiou fair;i duplicate
. rltflcnte of Tltlo i" Lots 18 sn 1 10,
-I.". iitjil" ' 'li|' WC) ' inter Rlin.l
It hembjr liiven that il  U my Intention . c
ai    ''as espirntlon of one month froni   f*t>U''te  in Sloean ( it
TJa'll,.' I'
t      a.f a I
I" i-   ai'. I..
■ d ll I pui asii'ii lisaa'i'i'.a sl'.iplii'a." nf tun |
i a-s i:ia aia if 1 His* to the abssTe-inentioiiod Lot - I
: i hi IllflBcl .;. sliai-nii fit) i Map 109) (Inter I
ilia), I .'.'..' ii.iiiBS* "f lloli'i'ii   l'.'-l'.ri-:iy. wliii'li |
CertiAcatss i    iliitct tlio 2Utli dny of April, 1SDS,
an:, sinmbered *'.'■ K,
li. ''. '.;•. -I.i-: >;">. l*i-irii-t Bonlstrar
Li,     I •"    '  t   i ,  . ■;■■!".. ll.C, April 27lh, '.
situate in lhe Sloean City Mining Dill.
sion of the West Kootenay biitriet.
Where loeated :—On a south fork of
Lemon creek.
Take notice that I,Winslow R.Wordii,
acting sin a^ent for ("lias. VV. McMilUt,
free miner's certificate No.BCiUT.intsiMl, I
sixty ilavx from the data hereof, losppb
to 'ho Milling Reeoider for s • rrtitis-ate \
il Im provements, for the purpose of obi
tniiiittg  a crown  grunt for the ilmn
Mining Division:    imA t   .,      . , ,i  ,   ••
of West KootenarDiatriet. Where 'V"1 '"r,l."'r .:--*° ua[7 1],*{I^_
located:-On the slope of Ton Mile,\"n?fT wet}™ *"' n:,;,! ** ^X__
nboiil  three mils*, (rom tho Blnck   tatow ti» taBM-ft* olsudicerlitkstijll
I improvements.
Elated this .'.0th ilav of April. 1909
lhat I, W. |)   Mac!8-6OS WJNSLOVVE. WORI.ES
Prince M.C
51 vC
*»«% r-*
% 1X I i
Auction Sale.
i'l'Tin; i- hersbj nivon thai nndortlie
.\    irisiinns of tlie''Cattle Lien \. i." I will'-.'ll
by public auction, on Uondny, tlis -iii da) ssf
rhs.ba.ul last  wee!, (jot nn Juvita* ^b-.iV.8mii.,Kr'ffiS^nK. V'H.u '.':^
tion to go to   Casio  <bii   the 25t|l, but I wlHi me by its ownor, dnfaull hnvlua been mndi
'ate,- „„ tho arranstoments were unfor* I ::;,!;;:;.s:,fi;:,,,f:n^i1::,i^,;;::;i,!-,i:;;';;:rl
propo*aaCat] tn hold a procession I
school children on Baturditvl
luiiati'ly caucollod.
ll i
of Hi
gain rs by the transaction.   In 19011afternoon, to l." follows"! b*/.genera
an wnendmeni waa mad.' to Ui.- Und "P01*" "" MaJn »*»•*• |)]j
Act whereby the chief commissioner I   Jamea Lawreacse,of ihe [*»wtence|' i;
of lands and works was given .power
as a as
ssarsta aaf ilu.a. month
Date I st Twelve title, Mny 16,11)03,
A.C. i I.I. IV
Wliy bo witliout a ranaro when
you can get one so cln ap? The\
aro prefcrrablc to stoves niui-^ive
l <"tt< r satisfaction. Thetje iiitipc!
burn wood or coal and will be
s*et ii]i (Tec.
H A dvertise your A
H. J. ROBBff
to rcsi'ivi! crown lands for two "/ears
to enable pulp companies to select
any portion they may desire to lease.
Last session a syndicate was formed
under tlm name of the [sland Power
Co.. ltd., to operate pulp works, nnd
they applied to the commissioner to
exercise the powers granted him under the amended act. This he has
just done and  practically all the tim
ber lands on Vancouver Island and
the coast edge of tho mainland have
lieen reserved for the company's selec
tion. A great howl has Iwcn raised by
lumbermen and tlie whole matter will
be aired in tho legislature.   All the
11 im I wa is' ( 'bb„ Nelson, apeni Tuesday
night in (own. He was a very ploased
li',ts'ii<T of the liiiml concert.
Arnot is offering the balance ol
thiBss' ladiesiB'liil(|i''.i.aii'l boys' shoes
nt 75 cents, to clear. Call and get n
pair before they are all sold out.
imjji j nil!
At ain sil: i
W, K.Cn
ui. who  has In'*"!! cin
li'oyi'd ui t!ie I's-ii Fox mine, near Mc
Qu'gan, for the past three yean, came
down here f >r ;i few day.-, holiday thi.*.
Blooanltes iit preaeni visiting sCal*
gary write thai (hey had the worst
bli/zard there this Wsuek they ever saw,
The snow was piled up four feet deep
la ilu1 streets.
a deckhand on tbe Sloean named
McQuire, a veteran of the Philippine
circumstances surroundlug the (leal Um. went batty ai New Denver Wed
point to n "-Tafting scheme of the first noeday, and it IshiU a brigade of men
water.   Turn the rascals out. ' lo place him in limbo.
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sunday, si 11 n.m. ami 7.80 i>.m.
Sabbath Minn,! at 2.80 p.m.
Prayer Matting, Wednesday, T.i'.i) p.m,
Btrangert and young mon
are cordially InviteiT   .   .
->?*::«::•-:;-y ■.-.>:■.■ yr:-:-..x. &%&&&*.
Garden Seeds
Flower Seeds
Timothy Seed
Clover Seed
Gr-ass Seed
Seeds in bulk
Jusl arrived from I'. M, Fei i v i,
the great -aial House. Kor sain
Onion Seis have arrived.      Leave
yeur erder early.
Certificate of Improvements.1
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
endr. i,i disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live-
men :*.eek the aid of
the printer
to all persistent Bnd li'1
era] advertisers) it i** ii'iiil
by evervono.
It guarantees
satis factio'J
Times n
Bakery ^
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
01 '
■■r.   missis Prlnos rrnotlonal Itlnornl Claim
® Situate In the Rlooan Citv mining divi-
g|    s'kui <if West Kootenay iliftriet. Where
located ',■— On the summit of Sprinter
and Lemon oreeks,,
Dealer  in     CIGARS, TOBACCOS,
We mak" a *-*ieeialtv cif HotoeMade Bread   it bas
I'-putati'iii nl being the boai  in tbe whole country,
I Fresh Fruits of Every {
I Kind Arriving   Daily. $
■;'       Our le- Cr 'am   Purlor is
now open and will lie kupl       «
running nil the Sutnni
I  l   I.Aal, va-« ssf ll '-I'ISflt  fas '       1
I nil l\ rii-lil  nmi lli,all;.v
s. mns-:»sss,-,-*!.
TAKE NOTICE thai 1. II.R.Jorand
acting  nn oaenl for John   IClliot, free
miner's cortifloato  No, 115I10M;  llobert
Alexander Bradshaw,F.M.C. So.B5978tl'
Leo Dairon, F.M.C, No.  U.*iU8 iR; Archibald    ViiiU,  V.  M, C, NU    1159933' ami
Frank Shorry, I". M. C, N... USOhss, intend, sixty 'lavs from the date hereof, tn
apply in the Minin;; Itecurder fnr s ccrtifl
eate (if hnprovemen s, for  lhe purpose
nl obtaining o crown grant on tin nl. \,
i lul in
,\ns: fnrther take-' nnili.   Uml   nini
iris the i I
Subscribe for
foca! pnper:
nmr /


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