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The Slocan Drill 1902-03-07

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.:_..  .'    «r* ■ .-—-    .-
TOL. II., No. 49.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   MARCH   7,   1902.
«2.00 PER ANNUM.
Re-opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Arthur Street and Delaney Arena*, Sloean.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stocked with the heat
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
IVVake a Few Dollars.
We sell Rubber 'Goods at Eastern list prices,
but wishing to reduce our stock, we make
this special offer:—
10 per cent off for cash between
February 25th and March 15th.
This will apply to all Rubber Footwear, except Knee and Hip Boots.
IW. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKiuney, B. C.
A. YORK & CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
fleats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It Is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETH1NQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
oW id Penal lingniit of M Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.	
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Th. Amount la Small, hmt Decidedly
Welcome—Bicyclists Forbidden to
Bide on the Sldowalkss—Another Dle-
eiMilou on th. Cemetery.
City council held its regular meeting on Monday night, all tbe members being; present.
J. McB. Smith, deputy minister ol
Finance, Viotoria, wrote: "I have the
honor to herewith enclose cheque for
$86.80 (being a supplementary payment to the $147.51) previously paid,
as advised on the 11th of September,
1001), due to the corporation of the
city of dlooan under the city's act of
incorporation, 1901. I also enclose a
supplementary list of the taxes col
lected since tne first of September,
1901."   Ordered filed.
Finance committee reported on M.
U. hospital bill, for attendance on
Paul Wood, that the latter would
himself look after the matter, and
asked the council to take no action
thereon.   Report ordered filed.
The committee further reported
favorably on bills presented at previous meeting. Accounts ordered
paid, on motion.
New bills presented*. H Guest,
stationery, $1.35; Postoflice box rent,
$1.40; T.D. Woodcock & Co..sundries,
35c; J. A. Folev, salary to end of
February, $57.50; T. Armstrong,
same, $45. Ordered referred to thc
finance committee.
Aid. Nichol drew attention to thc
dangerous practice of riding bicycles
on sidewalks, and desired in'brina-
tion on the subject.
Aid. Smith said it rested with thc
council to pass a bylaw prohibiting
the same
In answer to a query from Aid.
Barber, it was agreed the council
or city would be held liable in case of
accidents to pedestrians from the bicycles.
Aid. McCallum believed a rcsol.i
t'on forbidding the practice would lie
ulhVicn,   and the constable  could
seo that it was eflfor"*-***!.
Aid. Nichol and McCnlluni brought
forward the necessary resolution,aad
it was carried.
Con Murphy asked thit baby carriages be not included in thn prohibition, and Aid. Nichol replied that
he would look after that, as he might
be getting married himself.
Aid. McCallum inquired what the
the inspector was doing to sue that
the provisions of the lire limits bylaw
were br-ing carried out. Clerk Foley
replied 'I.at he hadn't done much inspecting lately owing to pressure of
other duties, but he would complete
his labors as soon as possible.
Aid. Worden said somo ofthe citi
zens were wanting tho health com
mlttoe to clean up the city, but he
thought it was too early yet to do
anything, owing to the snow. On
the suggestion of tho chairman, however, the committee, agreed to meet
and arransie a line of action.
Aid. McCallum advised the committee to also look after thc nuisance
mounds. They were in a disgraceful condition and thev should be attended just as soon as thc snow went
The cemetery question again cropped up, as bright as UBual, and it was
freely ventilated. The clerk stated
he had received no further reply
from Frank Fletcher as to the deed
to be given the city.
The council agreed that nfter six
months' waiting and nothing accomplished, the health committee should
interview Mr. Fletcher and get the
nutter settled at once An old letter
written by Mr. Fletcher in 1897 and
also last Aurusi were rend, showing
his promises to convey deed of the
property to the citv.
Aid. McCallum thought that as the
cemetery was outside of tho city,
power would have to bo obtained
from Victoria to expend money on
Clerk Foley read tho statutes,
showing that authority was already
given therein.
Aid. Worden moved that the first
member of the committee to go to
Nelson should be empowered to call
on Mr. Fletcher and obtain the deed
or the cemetery. Seconded by Aid.
Barber and carried.
Council adjourned.
done on it was a 30 foot tunnel driven
on the vein, and in this was exposed
a nine inch chute of ore, carrying
high values, in which gold predom
Inated. The ore shipped wasstoped
from the tunnel and will yield good
returns. It was sent to fhe Nelson
smelter for treatment.
Population of Each Hurff
the Cenaua.
aa Shown by
Two weeks ago The Dnn,t, published a list of the principal towns
and cities in the province, with their
populations. Further census returns
give the populations of the other
burgs, as follows:
Fort Steele
New Denver
North Bend
150 Mile House
Pilot Bay
UitMnel Forks
Soda Creek
Trout Lake City
take place. Following upon the
lapsing ofthe time wherein the council had jurisdiction to set the date of
the nomination, tin matter was referred to the lieutenant governor for
settlomont, and there the matter
stands at the present moment.
ICrllglssiss of tlse l'rovlnci*.
According to a census bulletin just
issued from Ottawa, the religions of
British Columbia are:
Baptists (Free Will)
Disciples of Christ
Friends (Quakers)
Honian Catholics
Salvation Army
Universal ists
Various sects
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
BOARDS OF ill.Hili.
Keaolutlon I'mnoi! by Associated  Council* at Kaalo.
The associated boards of trade of
the upper country held their fourth
annual convention at Kaslo last
week. They passed a number of
resolutions, but ono dealing with the
mineral tax will be found of more
than passing interest. It sets forth
the fact that, whereas, it is believed
that a considerable portion ofthe
revenue, while it may be deemed
equitable to levy upon thc mining
industry, could be derived first,from
the tax already legally collectible
upon crown granted claims, upon
which less than work to tho value of
$200 annually is done, if such tax
wero systematically and promptly
collected, or in default thereof, if the
said crown granted mineral claims
were to be sold by tlio government
to the highest bidder; and second, by
changing thc condit;ons in regard to
such crown a ranted claims, so tjiat
work to the value of $100 annually
should be required, or failing that a
tax uf 50 cents an acre be imposed;
and, third, by requiring that instead
of work to the value of $100 being
the annual assessment conditions on
non crown granted claims, work to
the value of $80 be accepted, with an
increase in the fee for recording assessment work to $12.50, with no increase in the number of assessments
before tho issuance of crown grants,
and by these means the development
of the resources of the country would
bo stimulated; be it resolved that thc
government be asked to look to the
means herein suggested for a portion of the revenue from the mining
industry, nnd to reduce by so much
the amount to be derived from the
tux on minerals produced, and to
charge the incidence of the tax by
deducting from the ore the cost of
miniii-r. exclusive of capital expenditure and head office expenses, sucb a
reduction to be subject to the jurisdiction of such official as the government may designate.
178,657   98,173
Still Another Shipper.
Twelve Mile can boast of another
shipping property, while the division
has one more to add to its list of producers. On Saturday evening tho
Slocan brought down live tons of ore
from the Paystrcak claim, it having
been taken out under lease by Sid
Cooper and Jack Aitchison. The
Paystreak is situated on thc south
side of the crcok, about three quarters ofa mile from the lake, and is
owned by A. M. Rogers, Si Cooper
and I,, llillmiin. The principal work
The lisspl.'*. to Ship.
James Cross wss down from the
Duplex, on the first north fork of
Lemon, during the week, making
arrangements for tho rewinding of
the ore taken nut. He and .1. Nathan
have been working the claim Under
lease throughout the winter and have
been eminently successful. They
have seven tons of ore sacked readv
for shipment and the test assay-.
made guarantee good returns for
their labor. The property is locking
belter now than when they commenced on it last fall and Is tinning out
one of the sure things of the Lemon
creek camp.
Timber for Arlington.
W. Koch has a contract from thc
Arlington mine for getting out mining timber nnd hauling it to the pro
petty. Ho h.is been obtaining a
quantity from McGregor's ranch, ad
joining the city, but will obtain the
bulk of the timber from near BlOOBI
Junction. Suitable material for mining purposes is a scarce article on
Springer creek, hence tho necessity
of drawing a supply from the heavily timbered valley along the Slocan
The Municipal Hltnalloss.
It is still a case of "as you wore"
with the municipal situation, nnd
there is no knowledge at this writing
when the election for the position of
mayor, rendered vacant by tho resignation of ,Bs A. Bradshaw, will
The Sandon bonspiel turned out a
Chief Armstrong has been taking
a census of the city this week.
Gordon Hunter, of Victoria, hns
been appointed chief justice of the
Sandon defeated Nelson at hockey
Wednesday night, by 11 goals te 4,
nt Sandon.
Hon, J. P. Booth, speaker in the
provincial legislature, died last
week. He has been succeeded by 0,
E, IViley.
They are busy getting out logs for
next season's cut at Koch's sawmill,
on Ten Mile. About 300,000 feet are
piled up in the millyard.
May Cline, one of the local demi
monde, appeared before Magistrate
(Yens'-nt Nelson,Wednesday, charged with assault. She was lined $25
aad costs.
W. A. McDonald, of Nelson, has
gone to Ottawa,to attend the supreme
court on the 15th, in the case of Man-
ley vs Collom, over the Native Silver
fraction, adjoining the Arlington.
lie represents the defendant, who has
entered an appeal.
J. L. White it Co,, the local drug-
ijrists, have dleulveQ partnership,
J. A. Anderson having purchased
Mr. Whito's interest in the business.
Mr. AndertMn now owns the shop outright and will be in a position to bet
ter satisfy the demands of the public.
W. J. Andrews, formerly of this
place, writing from Victoria to the
Toronto Citizen st Country, savs:
"I'ritish Columbia is leading the way
in Socialism. Kven the Liberal party
is coming our way. We thank you
for the strong stand Citizen .1 Coun
try is taking on the side of right."
Whipping I'i s.|s,s il, « uf lilvUUii.
Appended is a pretty complete list
of properties iu tlie Slocan City mining division that have figured in thc
slipping list:
Ten Mile—Enterprise,Slocan Chief,
Kalispcl and Neepawa.
Twelve Mile -V 5l M, May and
Springer creek—Speculator, Hampton. Arlington, Two Friend"', Black
Prince, '11 ainnrne, Ottawa, Exchange
Bondholders Phoenix, Evening Star,
Howard Fraction, Esmeralda and
Demon creek -Kilo, Chapleau, Alberta, Duplex and Fourth of July.
Total for thu division, 20.
Laat Year's Slslpssicsit* Were C514 Tsssss—
A Healthy Kvldence of the Lira and
Wealth of the Camp Arlington, the
Biggest Shipper.
For the first time in many weeks
no ore has been shipped by the Arlington, owing to the breaking up of
the roads.   The teams aro bringing
tho ore down to the transfer shed and
it will be-  brought  to the railway
when tho wagons can be used.   Ten
Mile has doue splendidly this week,
more so than for a couple of years,
no less than 80 tons being exported.
Of this 20 tons was from the Neepawa, making the seeond car to be sent
out under the present bond.   From
the Enterprise CO tons was sent out,
40 tons of which were concentrates.
Five tons ef oro was also picked up
from the Paystreak, Twelve  Mile,
which is an initial shipment, bringing the total of the division up to fc
For 1900 thc exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled 6529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list ot the shipments this year to
Arlington  07X5
Enterprise  60 140
Ottawa  ' 7
Neepawa  20 40
May  5
Paystreak  5 5
85 807
Silver is at 551,
The Payne mine shipped 145 tons
of oro last month.
Last  month  the  American
shipped 102 tons of ore.
Thc Rambler Cariboo
can of o**e 'ist mouth,
$1500 to the car.
The Everett smelter peeple aro
buying all the Slocan ores they can
get their ha .ds on.
Seven inches of high grade galena
has boen struck on tb.3 Donnelley
group, near Sandon.
No mining records of any description were registered in the government ofliee last week.
Wm. Thomlinson, late superintendent at the Speculator, left for Kingston, Ont,, on Saturday.
Last week the Granby smelter, at
Grand Forks, shipped 280 tons *jf
blister copper to New Jersey.
A one per cent dividend was pawl
by the Rambler-Cariboo on Feb. 26,
and another will bo paid on March
John F. Holden, supt. of thc Tnm-
arac, is at present in Chicago ou business. He has recently opened ap
ofliee in St. Paul.
A complete shutdown of the Bosun
mine, New Denver, occurred on Friday night aud the 47 men let out.
Orders from the I-ondon office are
the assigned reason.
A break in some of the machinery
j at the Enterprise concentrator occur-
: red during the week, necessitating a
close down for B couple of days.   Rc-
! palrt were effected from Nelson.
Operations have been resumed at
thc Slocan Stnr mine, in the Sandon
camp. Tata whole output of thc mine
will be shipped to the Everett smelter, satisfactory arrange in ants having been made by the mine management.
shipped 25
Minora' I  < OMtrlnla.
The local Miners' Union held their
semiannual election of officers en
Wednesday last, the poll being open
all day. Following are thc names of
the successful candidates: President,
Geo. Nichol; vice president, R. M.
Webster; recording secretary, S. B.
Clement; financial secretary, I). B.
O'Ncail; Conductor, Geo. F, Clement;
warden. Eric Lr-miaux; trustees, F.
O, Carlisle, Dan Nichol, Willinui
Work en Fourth of ,1 niy sUrossp.
Diok Butner and partners came
down from thc 4th of July group last
Thursday and spent m-vcral days in
town.    They have boon doing much
dead   work during tlio winter and
now havo the property in shapo to
take nut ore in largo quantities,   The
! paystreak has steadily improved niiil
i there is in sight.  It*, inches of ore to
! draw upon.    It is the iutentiou U>
ship two or threo carloads of ore.
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■ 1
Copyright. 1801 by Thomas P. Montfort
"1 don't know," she replied scornfully, "that It's particularly any or your
business where he Is."
Mrs. Mnnn did uot allow her feelings
to be rullletl by this curt answer. Her
time to deal a deadly thrust was com
InR, and then her revenge would be so
full that she could well afford to wait
Quietly she snld:
"Oh, you feci thnt way 'bout It, do
"I do."
"Waal. 1 s'nose It's uat'rn), tjoueesy
that you should,    l n ckou It's even
uut'ral   that  .vuu  should   fuel   Unit  It
uiu't nobody's business."
"Whether It's natural or not, Mrs.
Munn, that Is just how I feel."
"Jest BO. Hut, for all that, Loueesy,
there's ninny as will feel different
'bout it. There's a heap of people, un
specially the officers, who will think
It's a right smart of their business."
Louisa raised her head and gnve Mrs.
Maun n look of scorn.
"1 know of no reason why they
should," she replied, "uor do I presume
you know of nny."
"Ln! Is that so? Then you've not
hen nl 'bout nil that's been goiu on today?"
"I have heard nothing."
Now had the time of Mrs. Maun's
revenge arrived—revenge for the loss
of Sim and ull she had suffered In eon-
loquonce of It. Bluntly, almost brutally, she said:
"Then you didn't know that your lover, James Melvln, hnd been fouud dead
with a bullet hole through his heart.
It was a cruel blow cruelly dealt,
and Louisa staggered under it. Her
eyes opened wide, her face became
deathly white, and for n moment her
heart stopped beating. She reeled and
would have fallen had sho not clung to
the fence for support Her lips moved
as If tn speech, but no sound escppod
Her suffering was Intense. It was
pitiful. Even a heart of stone must
have been touched by It But Mary
Mnnn was impervious to pity. In her
heart there was no compassion. She
had dealt a hard blow, but she had a
harder yet to deal, uud she did not hesitate.   Relentlessly she snld:
"Yes, your sweetheart lias been killed, an It was your husband murdered
blm, an you, Loueesy Banks, nro responsible for It all."
With one wild, henrtreudlng shriek
Louisa fell back ln a dead faint.
Two hours later a group of men were
standing in front of Hicks' store discussing the murder. Some there were
who talked, and some there were who
only listened. I'ap Sampson, Jason
Roberts and Sam Morgan were of the
Intter. Jim Thorn, still occupying the
position of supreme Importance In tbe
village, was saying:
"No, air. men. I've got nothln on
earth ng'ln Sim Banks, nn thar's not a
man In the world I'd befriend quicker
thnn I woultl blm, but iu spite of all
that 1 can't shut tny eyes to the plain
fact that ever'thlng goes to show that
Sim Banks tired the shot that killed
"I bate moughtlly to think Sim could
do sich a tblng," Hicks remarked,
"but I'm afeard I'll have to owu that
ever'thlng seems to point pow'ful
strong ag'ln him."
"Of co'se It does," Thorn agreed.
"Lord, Jake, as much ns I bate to say
It I got to own tluit It's n plumb plain
ease. In the fust place, Sim had a reason for klllin Melvln, an thar wa'n't
nary another soul lu this whole sect Ism
that did have a reason. You kuow
that's so, don't you?"
"I'm afeurd It is, Jim," Hicks admitted.
"Then ylstedy evenln, Jest before
Melvln must 'a' been killed," Thorn
went on, "Sim wns seen goln down
luto them woods with his gun uu his
shoulder, lie knowed Mel,in was at
the store here, uo doubt, an would tse
a-pitsslu through tbem woods on bis
wny lo Turner's. What more likely
than (hat he went down thnr an bid
behind lhat tree till Melvln cotuealong,
then uped an dropped blm?"
"It 'pears lo look like It mought 'a'
beeu that a-way," Hicks replied. "It
does shore."
"Tben -on top of a.. *hr ," T'jorn
added, "Is tbe fact thu. . *\ uke Is
gone or else  Is  In  Wi.ti "svlinr.
Now, wby would he run of' oi Ide If
he wa'n't guilty of soim thin? And
what could he bo guilty of If It nlu't
tbls murder?"
Hicks sighed and shook bis bead.
"I reckon you must be right Jim."
be said, "though I hate wuss'u pizen
to have to say so. Yes, It looks like
Sim must 'a' done It   It does shore."
"Of course be done It" another said
emphatically. "Lord, that's jest as
plain to my mind as tbe nose on your
face. I dou't Bee bow anybody'd manage to go 'boat doubtln with all thai
evidence ag'ln Blm. It's too plumb
plain for doubtln."
•** 'TIb so," agreed another. Tben be
added, "My land, what you reckon
they'll do with Sim for It?"
"Lord, they'll hang him, of course,"
some one replied.   "They're shore to."
"I dunno." Hicks said. "If 81m done
It, lie had a right smart cause for It,
an I guess mebby (he court would tlml
some of them extenuntln circumstances
to sorter help blm out Anyhow. Him
ain't keiched ylt. an ketchln comes
ansjis' baugln."
"That is o lie, Jim Thorn."
••'        ::,   lake. Unit nre n fact!   Siui
it < ■        ■.'..,!  yll   it:i   I   hi*!   he alu't
.    Ui.ue   Us-uhed   nuttier.     *\o.
sir-ee!    He's  got   char  plumb  away
'fore Uils."
"Dou't yon go uu fool youise'f 'bout
that," Thorn said, "li lakes u moughty
bight smarter feller than Sim Banks to
keep out of the way of the law, hu If
ho uiu't ketehed ln less'll a week I'll be
pow'l'ul fooled."
"Waal, if they do ketch him," Hicks
(■etna'sked, "I hone they won't do nothln much to blm."
"Oh, ihey wou't do nothln more than
hang him," Thorn observed, "an my
QOtiou is they're most shore to do that.
Them kind of circumstances you spoke
of while ago ain't u-goin to cut much
flgger iu Sim's case. Anyhow they'll
shore send hlin up to prison for life at
the very best."
"(Josh, Jim Thorn," somebody said,
"you 'pear to be dead sot ag'in Sim.
What makes you so pizen hard on
"I ain't.   I'm jest talkln facts."
"They're mls'able blame hard facts,
"I can't holp that. 1 didn't make
'em hard."
"Waal, I hope they won't never hnng
old Shu nohow. Gosh n-mlghty, fellers, thnt'd jest be nwful. wouldn't
"It would so," Hicks agreed, "nn I
wouldn't have It done for a purty."
"Say," called Sam .Morgan, "who you
.ill reckon lhat stranger was that come
'long over thar iu the woods today?"
"Lord." Thorn exclaimed, "if I
hadn't gone uu clear forgot all 'bout
him! But 1 ain't nn tuition who he
was nohow."
"He 'peared to take a right smart
Intrust in ihe murder, didn't be?"
"Shore. '1'etireil to think It wns a
painful pity MelvlU got killed."
"IMil so. Aci'.'il like It made hlin
consld'able sorry. I bet he's pow'ful
tender hearted."
"I'urty good sort of feller. I guess.
But, sny, fellers, what you reckon
Loueesy Banks thinks 'bout the way
things has lurueii oul'!"
"I iltinuo, I'm shun*." Hicks replied,
"('ness mebby she don't know nothin
'bout It"
"Lord, If she does 1 reckon sbe cnn't
teel none too good wltb Iter sweetheart
dead tin her husband u murderer."
'"Tlmt Is a lie, Jim Thorn—every
word a Ile!"
They started ami looked around, nnd
there among tbem stood Louisa, her
face while ami drawn, her form trembling, but u look of dreadful earnestness iu her eyes.
"It's a lie, a positive lie!" Louisa re-
peatesl, with her gaze fixed steadily
on ,11m Thoru's face. "I dou't care If
the whole world says lie did. and I
(lon'l cure what proof there Is uguinst
him, I say Sim Bunks uever committed such n crime ns murder!"
"Thai's what he didn't, Loueesy,"
aud i'ap Sampson Btepped to the woman's side, thumped his cane firmly
against thc ground nnd faced the others ili'liuiiily. "I say It, Jim Thorn,
an I sny it openly au nbovobonrd, an
I'll conl '.tins* to sny It till tbe lust duy
In (he evenln, Sim Batiks uever took
that man's life."
Louisa turned a grateful look on the
olsl man. nud the tears started lo her
"Thank yon, Tap, with my whole
heart," she snld. "it's a comfort to
know that Mm has one true friend tn
nil the world who will slnud up lu tils
defense io the last."
"An I will Ntatnl Up for him. Loueesy.
As long ns there's u breath of life In
my body I'll defend Sim Hanks against
all the world, because I know he's un
Innocent man."
Jim Thorn stood wltb his head bent
ami bis gaze fixed on the ground. He
mode no reply to anything Louisa or
Pap said. Perhaps, for all that lie
may huve been honest iu his expressed
belief lu Sim's guilt There were others there who were. Tliey could scarcely be blntned under the clrcniiiKianecB.
"You und I know Sim is Innocent,"
Louisa said, laying ber band on Pup's
arm, "even if all the world believes
he's guilty."
"We do," Pap replied. "But we arc
not alone. Loueesy. Thnr's others here
who b'lleve Sim Is Innocent"
Loulsu shook her head.
"But thar Is." Pap Insisted. "Sara
Morgan, you b'lleve It, don't you?"
Sam's head tlropped. nud ufter hesitating u moment he turned nnd walked
i.Ior.iy uwuy. It needed no words to
t '.' what he thought. Pap wos disappointed, but beuuld:
"Never mind, Ix-ueesy. 8am Morgnn
Ib honest, nntl he cnn't help his opinions. Thar's one here, though, I know
Is with ua. Jnson Roberts, you don't
b'lleve Sim Rnnkajs guilty, do you?"
Jnson, too, dropped bis bend and hesitated, but he replied:
"I wish, Pap." he snld in low tones,
"thnt you hadn't nsked me that I
don't want to tell you the truth, and 1
can't tell you a Ile."
Pap salt) no more. Two such keen
disappointments were euough. Besides. If those two men were not
friendly to Hint, where should he look
for one who was?
Tin* iiitlis!! of Sam and Jason cut
Lonh'i) to Uu* heart. They bad been
iiiiioiig Sims lief.rest friends, nmi If
nnviiod.v could believe tn his Innocence
eel 'nlitlj' they could.
"I'liine. Ixmesy." I'ap said. "This Is
Hot the place for yon Let tne take you
lo my liuine. You'll And a true friend
In   Mliaaily,  nn  mebby  she'll do you
Loiilrn took Pup's arm and walked
away with him.    Por some time after
they were both silent, but tbere was
Foiii'.'ihliig occupying Pap's mind.
There was something he wanted to
sny. but be was nt a loss for words to
express himself ns he felt he should. It
was a matter thnt to him wns very
delicate, and to branch It without giving off cusp seemed no easy task. Hut
finally lie ventured to begin by saying:
"Loueesy, you know I'm your friend
an that I want to do everything mr
you 1 canon that I wouldn't knowln'ly
do nary u thlug to hurt you for nothiu
on earth.  You b'lleve thut. dou't you?"
"I do, I'ap. I believe every wotsl you
say. Do you know before Sim weut
away he wrote a note nnd left It for
me, and iu thnt note he snld, 'If you
ever need a friend, go to Pap Sampson.'
He saisl I could trust you and depend
on you."
"Lord! Did Sim write thnt n-way
'bout mc?" nud Pap's face fairly beamed with pleasure.
"He did."
"My land, nln't that qualre, now?
Who'd ever 'a' thought of Sim writin
like that 'bout a old no 'count scrub
like me?  Wanl, waal!"
"Sim thought a great deal of you,
Pap, more than he thought of anybody
"You don't say so!"
"Yes, I do.  And It's true too."
"Waal, waal! Who'd 'a' thought slch
a tiling? A old played out plug like me,
too—my, my! But I alius liked Sim. lie
wns a pow'ful Que feller, Sim wns, an
a good, honest feller too. An Sim told
you to come to me? Waal, I swan!"
"But I didn't have to come to you.
did I? You came to nie."
"That's quaire, too, ain't It? But It's
nil right, nu now we understand each
other, don't we?"
"I understand that Sim was right
about you."
"I hope so, Loueesy, I hope so. And
now I was jest n-thinkin 'bout somethln that I sorter felt like I ort to men-
lion, but ylt I didn't know exactly."
"Whnt Is It. Pap?"
"1 dunno, Loueesy. I'm most afecrd
I'll hurt your feelln's."
"No: speak out. I know you mean to
do that which Is right."
"Then it is nbout Melvin. You see.
we know nil thnt 'bout yon an him, nn
I thought—you seo, I don't know, of
co'se. nn I may be all In the wrong, but
I kinder 'lowed mebby, on 'count of
what wns ntwixt you two. that nat'rnlly you'd like to see blm once more. 1
jest Borter 'lowed It mought be that
a-way, you know, an I hope i" ain't
snld nothln to hurt you."
"No. you hnve not," she replied, "nnd
perhaps It's wrong, but I would like to
see hlin. I hope you won't think me
wicked. Pnp, for Ood knows I can't
help my feelings."
"I don't Loueesy. It nln't my plnce
to judge, nn I nln't blnmln nobody for
nothin. I know It's snd thut you an
Sim couldn't git along, b"t if you
couldn't you couldn't, an that's all thar
Is to It. Sim ain't never faulted you
for nothln, nn I'm moughty shore 1
Ain't n-goln to liiitlicr. Whatever mny
be said, I know one thing, Loueesy, an
that Is. no matter what you thought of
anybody else, you've always been a
true wife to Sim. Your conduct hns
been right, an that's all the world has
got to do with. Your thoughts on your
feelln's Is atwlxt you on your God."
"And Ood knows I never mennt to do
wrong," Louisa said, "but I did when 1
mnrrled Sim without loving him. But
I didn't know, Pnp; I didn't know. I
wns too young. I loved the other then,
but 1 liked Sim, mid I wasn't sure. Oh,
love Is so cruel, so cruel!"
"No, Loueesy, It ain't that. It's tbnt
people nln't keerful enough of what
they're doln when they marry. Y'ou
wns too young to know your own
"I was, nnd tiie consequence Is I
hnvo ruined Sim's lifo and made myself miserable forever."
"No, no, Loueesy. Don't you go to
lookin at It thut a-wny. ' Lord, thar's
many years nforc you, an thnr's no
telllu what all mny happen ylt You
jest keep up courage nn lie ns hopeful
as you cun, an some of these dnys
you'll find thnt all your pains nn suffering has been left behind."
"Not in this life, Pop. It can't ever
be lu this hnrd, cold world."
"But It can, nn It vilfL   You'll see."
They walked on a little way In silence. They were both thinking, nnd,
though neither of them knuw It, their
minds were on the same subject. Presently Louisa sighed and, as If speaking
to herself, snid:
"Poor Sim, poor Sim!"
Pap glanced quickly nt her face,
while the faint trace of a smile played
about his lips. In thnt moment he
snw farther Into the future thnn Louisa would hove believed.
- HI* Tnrn  Nest.
Kind Gentleman—Why are you crying, my IiicIt* mnn?
Little Boy—Because my maw Is lick-
In* my little brother fur sumthln* wot 1
Kind Gcnllemnn-What a conscientious little gentle   nn!
Littlo Boy-But my littlo brotlier'll
tell ber It WUS me, and then I'll ketch
It   Boohoo! -Ohio State Journal.
The Peril* of Living* Near the Mei-
s.-itii   lisssistsliiry   Line.
"Somo peculiar conditions prevail nt
the twin cities of Nogalcs, Mexico,
and Nogtiles, Ariz.," said the Detroiter.
who recently returned from n visit to
Mexico. "The international boundary
line is formed by a street that divides
the two towns, and the boundary
stakes nre set out with a very nice
regard for technicalities. There is a
saloon there which has more than a
local reputation, aud the proprietor Is
certainly an enterprising Individual.
His saloon Is located on the street dividing the two counties and at a point
where the dividing line is not clearly
defined. The patron of this saloon
buys his drink in America, and, stepping across the hall, he buys his cigar
in Mexico. In this way the proprietor
avoids the duty on imported cigars
nnd can provide his customers with
the best make at lower prices than
most of his competitors.
"They tell an amusing story nbout on
American who imbibed too much fighting whisky nt this saloon. When he
arrived nt a certain stage, he allowed
his prejudices to get the bettor of him,
and, standing ucur tho boundary line
of his own country, he heaped nnntlie-
mas and hurled defiances at the peoplo
across the border. A couple of Mexican officers stood across the street almost within reach of the pugnacious
American, hoping that he would stroll
across Into Mexico. He did get over
there after awhile, although the trip
was wholly unpremeditated. During
a harangue against Mexican instltu-^
tions in general and the police in particular he happened to lurch too far
over to starboard and fell into Mexico.
Tbe alert cops promptly grabbed him,
and, though be didn't get a chance to
take ln the sights, he paid quite an extended visit to tbe country he bad so
eloquently   maligned."
field Dr. Mnelngan, surprised one of
Uia 'secrs'tarics by saying: "I huve
hardly ever received nn anonymous
letter but I got one this morning, lt is
very badly written, und 1 can hurdly
make It out, but from the signature it
is sure to be abusive. The mnn has
signed himself 'A Tartar.* See if you
can make it out."
The secretary, who knew the hnnd
writing, rather startled his lordship by
rejoining: "It's nothing nlnrming.   It's
--•**       note  from   Cnnou  Carter  of
CMi!wcr!"-Loudon Tit-Bits.
sChristenintr   In   Scotland   Waa   C«n-
dncted   Under  Dlfflcnltlea.
In wide and sparsely populated highland districts of Scotland it not infrequently happens that a parent is obliged to walk a distance of five or six
miles with on Infant for baptism.
It is related of a minister of the
north tbnt he agreed to accommodate
a parishioner thus situated by meeting him at a stream midway between
the parents' house and the manse and
there baptizing tbe child at tbe running water.
It so happened thnt by the time the
parties came to opposite sides of the
bourn heavy rains bad swollen lt into
a rapid torrent, so that ueither party
could approach the other.
Unwilling to turn bnck with the
"bolrn" unbnptlzed, the farmer proposed that the minister should splash
water across. Accordingly the minister
stepped down to the stream and endeavored to throw hnndfuls of wnter
on the farmer's baby.
"Ha'e ye got ony o' that?" he cried
at each successive splash.
"De'il a Bpalrge," was the reply.
At last a few of the splashes were
communicated to the infant's face,
and the ceremony was then corn-hided
ln the usual form.
Before retiring to their respective
homes the former produced a bottle of
whisky, crying across, "As I cumin
offer ye a glass owre the held o' this,
here's the bottle— keppl" And be threw
lt across the stream.
The bottle was caught, It is related,
with a precision tha*. betokened on tho
part of his revereuce, if not considerable practice, nt least considerable dexterity.- .
Cmsuhi  a Tartar.
Like so many of Iiis learned brethren
In the Church of England, the late
Canon Cnrter was the terror of compositors. His wus perhaps, after Dean
Stanley's, ihe very worst handwriting
of the last century.
About 1880 the then bishop of Lich-
Mes of tlie  While Kind.
The wholo fabric of social Intercourse is interwoven with whnt would
be lies according to a strict rode. Some
ure pleasant, fictions that deceive nobody. Most of them hnvo their genesis
In n kindly, cheerful desire to ovoid
givlu.g pain. These polite untruths ure
the lulirlcnnt of society. They wenr
away the rough edges, take away the
sting out of uncomfortable facts. They
are the (lower of courtesy, "the piue-
npplo perfumo of politeness.".
lie Contribute* Another natch of Interesting; Storlea.
[Copyright, 1001, by C. n. Lewis.]
The Wolf nnd the Hyena met at the
Junction of two forest paths, and, anxious to show his good breeding and
hurt the feelings of the other, the
Wolf bowed and scraped and suid:
"My dear sir, It Is for you to pass
on your way, aud I will follow you."
"I couldn't think of taking prece-
■ienco over you," replied tho Hyena,
with a smirk, resuhed to let lt be
known that he had studied etiquette
to some purpose.
"But ns you nrrlved a second or two
ahead of me the choice Is yours."
"I think I wns a second or two behind, but In nny event I yield to you."
"You are certainly obliging."
"And you are very cousiderate."
After the exchange of further compliments it wns agreed that they should
go forward Bide by side aud thus
avoid any question of precedence, bul
tliey had scarcely advanced ten rodi
when the earth gave way under their
feet and they wero precipitated luto
a pit dug by a Hunter.
Moral.—Courtesy costs nothing and
always returns a profit
•        *•••••
One dny as the Crane was hunting
for food along thc seashore ho met a
Clam,  and after a  few  remarks  had
passed  between  them   the  Clam   ob-
I served: •»..
"I don't want to seem Impertinent,
| but I .sliould like to ask why you
stand on your left leg about two-thirds
of the time."
"Why, ns to thnt, I really cnn't tell
you," replied the Crane, "but If standing on my left leg annoys you I will
make a change."
"I wish you would try the right leg
for a time. Of course I havo no right
to ask, but you see"—
"Oh, certainly, certainly!"
Tlie Crane shifted to tho right leg nnd
looked for approbation, but the Clam
shook his bend and suid:
"It is uo better thou the other pose.
Suppose you stnnd on both legs. I
know it must look cheeky on my part,
"Atiythlng to oblige," Interrupted the
Crane, and he planted both feet firmly
under bis body and stood like a rock.
"That is better, but It can be improved on. Of course It Is really none of
my business to criticise you. but"—
"Go right ahead and tell mo how to
"Well, I should like to see you stand
on your head.'*
"With pleasure."
Thereupon the Crane lowered his
head nnd elevated his legs, but tbe
pose hud scarcely become artistic when
the quicksand got a rrip on his neck
and held him fast until he was smothered.
Moral.—A bowlegged man should
never hesitate to tnke off his legs to
oblige. M. Quad.
Be    Hiid    Cnaae    For   TlsimUs   Eve
iiioiiuii in* Neek Got lVutesl  **
"How is Rawhide Jim, the stage i]f|.,
er, getting uloug?" Inquired tlie editor ni
The Clarion on Christmas dny, "i un.
derstand thnt he weut through u vurj
painful experience yesterday."
"Yes," replied Alkali Ike. "He hn'
three grass widows in the stags, when ha
started out from Rocket City, nn' he
thought they acted like they were tired
of their single blessedness an' had (|e.
signs on him. Accordin', he drove nil tha
way with the four mules layln' out
Btrnight an' tore the whole outfit, east.
enters an' nil, dum uear to atoms. nB
jest kept his huud turned bark toward
the widows, ready to abandon the stuuo
at the first hostile movement on tlio part
of tho ladies, till he twisted hit fool neek
so that when ho finally dumb down from
the stuge at the eud of the journey he
wulked backward. Now the buiinesj
men are cussln' him for losin' their mall,
the postmaster is after him for neglect of
duty, the tourists ure talkln' of bavin'
him arrested for assault with Intent to
kill, the owner of the buckbtinrd wnnti
damages, an' the widows were so lint-
tcrcd by his continual notice thnt tin.;
have sent for him to call on 'em. Dr.
Slnde in trytn' to straighten his neck, an'
not knowin' which direction he had twiat*
ed it around from lu the first plnci*,
twisted it still further the wrong wnj
till it sorter locked nn' stuek fast, aa'
uow it won't turn in either direction."
"Well, well! This will be a painful
Christmas for him."
"Wanl, yen, hut from his p'lnt of vhsr
It hain't as bnd aa it might hnvo been,
He's the tbankfuleflt mnn in town t.Mlaj-.
He says thnt but for the smile of Pror".
ileus's* one of them widows might js>*(,
well have been the wife that be left bu*i
yonder iu the states wheu he sorter h,,^
ped out between dnys three years ago."
Burro  Patss*lili.*f  rrssfissslly.
In bis book "A Day With a Tramp
and Other Days" Wiillcr Wyckoir t• -11 •«
the following story of profanity and
burro punching In the west:
"The burrOS plainly shared the feel-
lug of relief In reaching n more passable region, and the art of burro punching began consequently to disclose Ita
"Tliey were most difficult to manage
nt the fords. Generally they scattered
to the four winds ut the lirst approach
to water, and when we bad corralled
them again nnd forced them dowu to
the brink thyy would stand paluily,
planted nnkle deep in the stream, res*
j olutely determined not to move,
"It was theu that Price gave vent to
' real profanity, and I nut bound to own
I thnt it was effective. Whan beating
| nmi prodding and the milder Invective
' failed to urge the burros forward,
! I'rtce would stand back, pale with
rage, and begin to swear, calling upon
i nil his gods and blasting the reputa
| ti..n of his boasts unto the third anil
j fourth generation of their ancestors.
"By some subtle perception they
\ seemed to iiir.!cr',t:itid that this meant
; business, and slowly nt first, but pre**
1 cutly, as though they rather enjoyed
! the water, they waded through i a I
Started down the trail beyond."
look     No
Dr. Blister, n
6t. Louis phy-
BH'Ir.n, lias been
swindled so
inueh by ungrateful pn-
llents that he
now demands
his fee In advance. Adoiiht-
ful paying patient said to
"I have a
p n I n 1 n m y
stomach every
morning. Do
you think, doctor, It amounts
to anything''"
"Ves, (s2*"' re-
plii'sl the doctor, holding out
his baud for
his fee.
Hla Crime.
ii    i.is. i.i A    \
"What brought you
here, my good mnn?"
"Good books, ma'am I
Good books!"
"Good books!  Why,
I don't understand."
"Well, yer see,
ina'nm, tlie good huuY*
were worth over $33,
und they pinched mt
for grand larceny."—
Washington Star.
He, on.o4 Chronic and lteturns Year by Year or Develops Into Hrouchlal  Pneumonia,  OnJupou*
Bronchitis, Asthma or Consumption.
The rial dangers of bronchitis are sometimes overlooked. It is too serious a disease to trifle witli and
for Uml  reason everybody Bhould be familiar with the symptoms '
Children are most liable to contract bronchitis, and, if neglected, it becomes chronic, and returns ve.ir of*
ter year, until it wears the patient out or develops into some deadly lung disease *
'lhe approach of bronchitis is marked by chills and fever, nasal or throat catarrh nuhk .mi.,,, i ,«« , - ,
petite and feeling of fatigue and languor. catiiitn, quick pulse, |„ss of ap
Bronchitis is also known by pain in the upper part of the chest, which is aggravated bv then breathim*
or CQUghlng .until it seems to burn and tear tho delicate linings of the bronchial tubes      ' P W"iM"K
J he cough is dry and harsh, and  is accompanied by expectoration ofu frothv nature wi.i.i    „■   i    n    i
creases ;    is very stringy and tenacious and Is frequently streaked with blood                  ' '' K"l,l"""v ln'
There is pain, not unlike rheumatism, in limbs, joints and bodv   constipation  nnH  »»	
weakness.   In somo peoplo the exhaustion amounts almost to ncrv'o      cU  i. se     delblm,      ,mi <l","'t'-S*sio"  "-nii
young children convulsions may follow. nervous toiiapst,    acliiluin     follows,     und     In
Iir. Chase's Syrup of Unseed nnd Turpentine, Is, we believe, the most effect I vo    1 .*<.<.<.. .. .    ,
that money will buy.   This fact hasbeon proven  time and  time „Jan  in man* ih„ .      ,       "   1,,ond,,t,M
It is the most elective remedy for bronchitis,  beeuuTit TfTr■'",■ UxTZuanacZt^LT^ ,
not merely relieving the cough, but actually and thoroughly curlnJ   hiJ *dfieaie      i. i .'■ wl10'" sT1"'"'
the chest of tightness and pain, aids expectoration nnd permonenSv curM * th° C0"Kh' f'""M
'ihere are other preparations of turpentine nmi imscetl put un in imitiViioM ,.r ti,   r-i
seed and Turpentine:   To be sure von  are gottina*  Lhe l,.,„,,..,.  .    "'"'""".', "r  ''    Chase's Syrup  pf l.in-
Choso on  the box you buy.    2.5 cents   a botth if  u, I    Vrl „ P"'"nit.   ami   Signature of   Dr.  A.  VV.
Ddnmnson.. Bates A Co., Toronto lm"H **mm-   *■''   "ntt.     All   dealers,   or
A Flower Garden
Tei-^Ce^t. WJft cu,stomers t0 ,lse our seeds* Send your n.imc with
ou? HandSX rh^, w-here you snvv th,s advertisement, we will mail
«U£ra-££5ft% f0r 'a?*, and Include, Froe of Charge, our
MornfnTohrl n^vV^I **"£ Collection- A,tm, Ohnt Comtt
Vnbtnn UamtrntoihlT^ii ^'A* P""' '*'*'J*»»srinf S Poppy, **-» doubW.
vtrbma, Mammoth, enclosed in a Coupon Envelope.
Envelope Worth 25 Cents.
n,,, Ji,,ei ,e!Tpty env.c,0Pe- when returned, will be accepted ns K Cmtt cash
ff our c.t,aio,uedtY^UntinK t0 onc doll''ir or upS, for Seeds selected
out coat.      g UP °W**to~*T ^r a pretty garden w«h.
The Steele, Briggs Seed Co., Lin>i,.d. .Toronto. Ont.
Cnnadn's Great,»* Seed Houae"
■•"""■- -""■■"	
-      1 The Drill.
A  I.ilCs*  Knowledge.
Whs ne'er the sun Is smiling bright
Ansl rnaki'S lhe nir delicious,
Anil I inhnle It with delight,
Fate |s;:iss a trli-k capricious,
Anil I inn cast list<i (Impair,
I sorruw, willy nilly,
Ansl catch in) breuttl, becauia tht air
Is ts's'ining wilh bacilli.
And when 1 aee a pretty Inse
I hie me tliithiT -iriii^linvay
And i-lsi'i* my heart lest I'sipisl pasa
I'lilsisl.ii'ii tliruil;!) llu* Kiils-wity,
Fnr pulls males' the mutter plain.
1 shall lie isisill anil mulish;
Love softens but tss chubs- us pain
An.I mukes a nun look (oolinh.
And quail on toast— ah. gentle bird,
Thiiue.li silent in yssur Rlory,
What soiiks Inspired by you we've heard!
Whut disarming bits of story!
I t. s. you gsinlsli-i'sl aiiitht,
l turn away au.l tihiver.
DcslUM I've beard lhat you Inv   •
Cirrhosis ol the liver.
Bo I shall seek a cloistered nook
Anil scan the bar ml,-as paces
OI some g"od ami-.'pile book
Anil bull my bcvcuigi'S,
For everything I like seems bad,
Ot dinger most piolitlc,
And so I'll lead a Ilie lhat'a aad.
But very siicutiflc
—Waahtnirton Star
Deafness Cannot Be Cureu
by loo si application:!, as they cannot reach the
disosi nd portion of tho car. There Is only 01.0
way to cure "Doafuess, nud thut U by coiialitu.
ttotu.t remedies. Deafness is OtUUM liy an lis.
flams slcssudition of tbo nmcoiH lining > r tlie
BUttachtan Tube. When tnis tulxi gelt nilbni*
ed yssu havo a rambling Bound or imperfect
heuriis/, and whou it isentiiely closed denfr.ess
Is the result, ami nnlc.-sllio iiiQumination can
be ta'.cnout and this till** restorod to it*1 normal condition, hearinp; *»ill be dostrsyi.il for
ever; nine cases out ot tennre cissisod by catarrh, which is nothiinr lut an iniiuined condition of tho mucous susfn.es.
We will irive One Hundred Dollars for anj
case ssf Uoafnoss (s-hu^skI by catarrh) thut can*
not bo cured by Hall's Catarrh Curo. Send for
circulars, free.
Address, ***. «*". CHENEY & CO, Toledo, O
Hau'8 Family Mils are'!.« best.
Haw Winds
Wet Weather
cause the Cplds that cause
Pneumonia and Consumption* •   .«.»*••    .
cures the ("old*, heals ihe
lungs and makes you well.
SHILOH cures Consumption
and all Lung- and Throat
Troubles; and Coughs and
Colds in a day. Positively
guaranteed.  25 cents.  .   .
Write to S. C. Wkias & Co., Toronto,
Can., for a free trial bottle.
Karl's Clover Root Tea Cures Headache
It is ever true that he whsi dues
nothing; for others does nothing tor
No   ninn can be   provident of his
timi*    who     is   not   prudent    its  I lit'
[choice of his company.
Mii'fiTs Liniment Cures Distemper.
Wi* should correct our own faults
by seeing how uncomely they nppear
in othera.—Ili'iitimont.
Measis. C. C. Richards A. Co.
Gentlemen,—Last winter 1 rooolvetl
Kis'iii benefit from the use of MIN-
ARP'H LINIMENT In a severe atlark
Of    1.:.
cn*s> r
Qrlppe, unsl 1 have frequently
i it to be very affective in
of Inflammation,
W.   A.  nUll'IIINSON
Borne editors often honestly con*
tend againat public opinion, bnt tin*
only safe nils, lo adopt is tin* mlnge:
"Tin* voire* of the people is the Voice
of Qod."
Thr.sujrh dining' and sleeping   cars
With closo connixtion for Chicago
and  all   points,   lu
Onturio. Quebec, Maritime Provinces
Kastern and Western States
ami   racilic  Coast
J'W Further    juiorniution   apply to
any Canadian Northern Agent
WinnipegsOtty Ticket, TaleiTraph nrrl Froi«hi
.sill.-,', i;n inii,. .*'.!.     GEO. H.SHAW,
Tul. MU. 'i'i istli.j Misnatrar*
;anadian pacific railway
time table
MittSto. Miirlo, OwonSonncl, Tor-
iiiiiiiiitnl  K.i.-tvi.-i l.uki.'.i, lui*u-
diijr, Thursday and Saturday,....
Tims,, I'ri., and burs	
Montreal, Toronto. New lorn uud
K.sat, via nil rail, daily.    	
Bat l'ortiiKOuuilii.teriiieilintopolusi
dully  ,	
Ms.1h.ui, Lao du Bonnetand lutornio:
diato polntn. Thurs. only 	
**ortmro In l'ruii io.Hrnndon.Culgiuy
Nelson and   all   Kootonuy una
Hll const iml nl is, daily	
*"urlai:o In Prairie, Ilnuiilou and In*
ts rinciliiiti) pssiiiUi  daily oxcept
Sunday .,	
dlad.stuno, Neopnwn, Mbmsx.asn and
iiiii'iinsisliiuo pi.iiil.-i, daily oxcopt
Uliont Lake, Yin Vion uml intormod-
lato points), Hon.. WOU., und ni.
Tiitss.. Thuni., nnaOnt	
Sapisl City, Ilaiiiiiita, JUinii.l-i.Tm- —
day, Thur, and bat	
linn. Wnu.. und Krl	
Morsli'ii, Dulssrisiiiaami inUiruicslinlss
I'sssiiIhslnily oxiept Uuisdiiy	
n >\ is i ss k ii.. AI ii nit's 111 anil intornicilinl.o
I'lsinli, dnily asoopt Buna sy via
l.i sis.Inn	
Tiu-h.. Thur.. and Nut.	
viloii'iiiisj, biinila nnd Intcrniedlnlis
|s.slnts. daily oxcciAI'iindisj	
ripi 'timi). itii.-stoii, Areola am) Inter
cindliito point i, Mon., Wu.!.. and
I'll, vln llritndon 	
Tue».,Thur ,nnd Bat, via llrnndon
Fs'iiliyssl'ilro,  Iftfioh, Ili'i.ifiiil,. Kstn
l,i!i,TiiOT.,Tlj.ti:i.,Sal., via llraiid
Tuns. Thur. Hat., vln Ilrandon..
gfeiiin.Bt I'usii Chlongo,dnjJi ....
West .-Selkirk Mod., Wod, nnd Frl...
isiii.s..'Jlnuri. nnd but	
Bts'iinviill. T'siilon, Tu.s- . Thur., Sat!,
*.nienon, Mon., Wisd.. nnd Krl	
•JTW UJONAU'l'.'"™       |'„ -sOfoVl
-.'ois   t-'slpt lj»ll
', 80
I l-ljfffcl.
io. ir,
Tale, Sallow, or Ajiabmlc (iirls Restored to the Bright Freshtuss of
Youth by Natural Means—Cood
Health Within the Reach ol All.
From the Sun, Orangeville, Out.
Miss Maggie lirownlee, oi Oraa^e-
vills.*, is a young lady well known to
thO residents ol' the town nnsi great**-
ests'eineil by all her acquaintances.
Like thousands of other young girls
tluoughout Canada, Miss Brownleo
tell n victim to anaemia or watery
hlood, und for a time, us she suys
herself, feared she would never ngilin
enjoy robust health. Experiences
like Miss Brownlee's cannot fail to
be of benefit to other pule and anaemic girls, and for thia reason she
kindly consented to give a statement
ment to the sun for publication,
"My illness," suid Miss IJrownlee,
"enme on very gradually, and at
lirst i'; merely seemed us though it
was n reeling ssf depression und tiredness, l ks*pt getting worse, however,
nnd finally hail to give up a good
position. I was at times troubled
with a throbbing, nuking headache ;
niy appetite gave OUt; ths* least exertion tired me, and my heart would
heat painfully, My limbs Beamed to
feel like weights, unsl at other times
tli.'is* was a sinking sensation which
I can scarcely describe. 1 was treated by o goosl doctor, and took a
number of remedies, but without any
Improvement in my condition, ami l
began to fear thai 1 was doomed to
be an invalid, tins* day n friend who
called to see me spoke very highly uf
Dr. Williams' I'ink Kills, and what
she said interested my mother so
much Unit she bought si lew boxes.
1 begun taking them, anil in lhe
course of a few weeks there was no
room to dsiiibt. that they were helping mo. l continued taking the pills
for a couple Of months or inoi's'. when
1 felt as well and strong as ever 1
hail been, It Is about a year since I
gave Up taking lhe pills, and 1 have
not since felt, the need of any nieili-
cine. I think Dr. Williams* Kink
Kills a grand medicine, and should
be taken by all pale und feeble girls."
Dr. Williams' Kink Kills make rich,
red IsIosmI with evs*ry dose taken,
thus rs'stsstitig the bloom of health,
ansl the brightness nnd I'reshns'ss of
youth to pale and sallssw chi'cks.
Through their action on the blood
thoy cure such diseuss's as inaemin,
ncrvousnrss, heaslache, rheuma'.isni.
dyspepsia, St. Vitus' dance, heart
troubles, diseases ssf the kidney!, etc.
Theso pills also euro the uiliii"iits
that make the lives of so many women a constant misery. Sold in
boxes, the wrapper around which
bents the full name—Dr, Williams'
I'ink Kills for Kale People, t'.m hs*
procured from druggists or will be
sent, by mail, post paid, at "s'lc. a
box or six boxes Isn* iji2..riO, by addressing the Dr. Williams Medicine
Co.,   Ill oiks ills',  Out.
It Waa One to Ile Items isslsered by •
Detroit Wsisssuu'a lluaband.
It Iran o Detroit lawyer wbo hired n
tramptah looking man to do houic woili
about his lioubi- the other duy, nnd as he
was u bit auspicious of him and us there
were a lot of tiiiu;;*) around he could east
ly pick up it was suggested to the wit?
lhat bhe keep un eye on the fellow. This
she agreed to do, and the lawyer ih-
parted for his ollice. After a couple of
hours he telephoned, and she unsr.veied
lhat everything was all right. He telephoned again as he went to lunch "fed gut
the same report. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon the wife telephoned thut the mini
had suddenly disappeared nud thut shs'
thought a harness from the barn hail
gone with him. The lawyer started for
home at once, and within live minutes of
getting thete he hud found that a thirty
dollur harness wits missing.
"I thought you agreed to watch him?"
be said to his wife in indignant tones.
"Yes, I did," she replied, "and I had
my eye on him most all the time. A fire
engine went past, and I never went to
lhe door. The ambulance came clanging
along, and 1 never looked out. As many
as three different peddlers called, but I
would not bother with tbem. I think a
street ear struck a wagon on the block
above and hurt a man, but I wouldn't
go out to see."
"Then you must have fallen asleep."
"No. I didn't. It was just this way:
An old clo' mun cume along."
"And what of It?"
"I knew you hud nn old overcoat hanging up stairs, and it was such a good
chance to get rid of it."
"And so you quit watching the tramp
to dicker with the old clo' man?"
"That was it, but it was the first old
coot I ever sold, you know, and I was so
anxious lo make a good bargain."
"Well, your dicker over the old coat
bas cost me u thirty dollar harness." said
the husband.
"Oh, but it hasn't!" she smilingly replied. "1 masle such a bargain selling
that coat."
"How much did you get foi it?"
"Forty-live cents, anil 1 dou't believe it
was worth 30. We can afford to have a
harness stolen every week if we can gel
such ti big price for our old clothes,"
What do we live for if it. is not to
make lifs' less difficult Is) s'iii h other?
C.eorgo Eliot.
"j'HS TlrsT rn.t.s— Mr.  Wra. Vnnslervoort,
SvsluoT t*ross.xlni»,Ont., writes;    'Wu hnve been
lg PnrraoWs Pills,and Hnd thci
The  Caddie's  Hyealsht.
"flood eyesight is necessary for a
caddie. Isn't it?" nsked the boy of no
"Oh, I don't know," answered the
experienced Ind. "There's some couples in this club that'll p:iy yon more
for looking the otber wny an' not seein'
anything than they will for flndln' tha
bulls. You've got to learn when to
have the eyesight uu' when not to have
Deacon—Somebody rung In n counterfeit dollar mi the collection plate.
Minister—Well, nevermind. We real
ly didn't lose anything.
De-ncon—Bill we slid He got away
with WO cents good money iu exchange.
  ...-ml'.y fiirtt.   	
l.i'filU wo overused."    Fot aalloato an<" d*** safety   t0   t*.H,  youngest   infant
l.ilited   constitutions    these pill     net liko  a |
Charm.   Taken In smnll slosos tho onect is both
ss t.inio nnd is stimulant,   mildly SSUttOg tho
i-eerotioiis of tuo body, stviuu touo aud vujor.
No one is useless in this world
who lightens the burden of it for another.—-Dickens.
When washing greasy rfiahos or Dots and pans,
Lover's Dry Hsmp lu powder), will remove iho
groauo with thu greatest ease.
If yon tnckle any problem that tho
All Wise One has designed for another you are speedily confronted by
Insurmountable obstacles.
■still Another Triumph-Mr. Thomas 8,
Itullen, buuderli* d, writes: " Ks.r luuiusou
yours Iwuss iilllletodwithj?UM| nnsi f.txjuont*
Iy I was unablo to wdk or sll. but fnutyoari
ago I was cured by using Dr. Thomas KolOoUlO
Oil. I hnvo also peso fruhjeat lo Quinsy ior
over forty ynnrs, but Eclotitric Oil inri'd IU
and It wbhii permanent euro m roth cases, is
neither tho 1'ilos n- rUulniy havo trembled ms
He  that  Is  good     lor  making  0X-
ciiB"S  is    selsloiii good  for
else— Franklin.
own.    It
If your
Yssu  must. Hist, seek yssui
Is then  time to demand it
tlrmiiiid  Is refused  it is then  proper
to go iihond.
Till*. CARE  OF   llAnilOS
A Great Responsibility Rests on All
Mothers— Ilaby   Should   Always
lis* Bright und Cheerful.
Babied thai ure well, sleep well,
s'nl well, act well, ansl piny well. A
child that ia not lively, rosy-cheeked
and playful needs Immediate attention ssi- the results may lie set ions
Prudent mothers should always keep
ready at lutiui a safe yet effective
medicine to administer to their little ones us emergency arises. Such
a medicine is Baby's Own Tablets.
These Tablets do not act as the ksi-
caili'.i "soothing medicines" do.
They do not have a deadening or
stupefying effect, but on the contrary go right to the seat of the
trouble and by removing it cure the
child ansl prevent a recurrence of the
difficulty. All mothers who have
used this int'ilit ine praise it nud al-
wu\s keep il in the house. Mis. li.
Baincs, Six Mils' Lake, Out., soys:—
" The Daby's Own Tablets Which 1
ordered rami' Just in time. My baby
was very ill with Indigestion and
bowel trouble, but i am happy   to
say ths' tsiblets relieved him alter a
few sloss's and he is now doing splendidly, with just a Tablet now unsl
then when a little restless. I am tbe
mother of eight children, and I must
say I have never had a modiclno I
thought, as much Of as Daby's Own
Tablets, ami l havo uis'ii all tha old
remedies. 1 think mothers ought always   to   kivp   ths'in   In   the  house   in
case of emergency."
These     tablets  curs* nil    tie  luinn.
aliments of children, such us constl-
tion. sour stomach, colic, diarrhoea,
Indigestion and simple fovor, Tiny
break up colds, prevent croup, and
allay   tho   irritation   accompanying,
the cutting of teeth. They are for
Children Of all ages, and dissolved in
water    can   be  given    with  absolute
by all druggists at 38 cents a box.
or sent, post paid on receipt of price
by addressing the Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,  Brockville,  Out.
THE Tlll-ririil
Liniments, uils, and Everything
Failed to Relieve His Sufferings—
lie Used Dodd's Kidney Fills,
and They Cured Him.
Boissevain, Man., Feb. 17.—(Special)—Five years ago, Mr. C. S. Holden, of this place, then quite a
young man and a farmer's son, became almost a cripple with Rheumatism. His own account of his experience H very interesting.   He says :
"For about a year and a half I
had a dull pain in my right shoulder. It grew much worse in cold
weather, and in winter was so bail
that I coulsi scarcely use my arm at
all. When I wont to bed I would
have to take my left hand and holsl
my right, shoulder to turn over. The
pain was nearly unbearable. Words
cannot express it. I often said if I
had to endure such pain all my life
I would rather have no arm.
I was almost a cripple and could
not help complaining very bitterly.
Everybody hail something to tell me
to do One said, 'Rub sm Spirits of
Turpentine.' I did so. but only
grew worse. Besides this I tried
every other liniment nnd oil I could
hear of or get. but ull to no purpose. Nothing seemed to give me
the slightest relief. I was growing
very downhearted, us it looked as
if 1 was never going to i'mtl anything to cure my dreadful ppin.
"Now it happened that we had
some of Dodd's Kidney Pills In thu
housi—we always hn\e 1 hem—nnsi,
having tried everything else, my
father suggested that 1 take mine. I
commenced', and when l had taken
three doses 1 felt some better, and I
kept on tall iii a few days ihe pain
was nil  gone.
"This is five years ago, and I have
not had the slightest pain or aehe
since "
The f'rentsir designed every man to
do a part in the world's drama, anil
it is very easy I'or any one lo discover just what his or ber part is
to  be.
Temples of error, profit and greed
fostered by ill-gotten gold must totter under the brilliancy of tho llghl
of truth.
Itmnybo only a trifling cold, lint neglect it
and it will fusto i Us fangs in yonr niib's unit
you will soon ho carried to nn unl sr."ly isrsm*.
lu this country wo havo sodden cbflBMSi um>
must expect to havo oonghs BBO OOldS. Ws-
cannot, avoid them, but wo cists eflos'l a Ctt 0
by lis-inn Bloklai /•nt.U'oiissumjittvo Synip.tni'
ninslii'iiu*that has never been known l.> iml la
curing rsoughs, nslds, brouehltli, and ull alieo*
lisjus ol tho throat, luiiss uud ohost
The Iscst, advertiser is the one
keeps eternally at it.
trover and ague and bilious derangements
tn  pa Itivelv oured by tho use of Pannokes
.'ills. They not on'y eletinso tbostomaeh
nd bowels fmni nil bilious mutter, but they
s[ien the oxoretory vessels, eaunDglhenj to
rsonroopion   ufluslons fr»m tbe blood into
tho bowels, after which Uie oorrupt-**! mus
i thrownoutby the naturalpawigepi tho
Ihi.1v.   Thcynro used ns n general fuuiily
muJioino with tlio best r.aults.
lie sure you  nre    right and
open fire with your artillery.
Thcro never was, und never will   be, •
universal panacea, In one rims.dy, for all i I
to which flesh, ia heir—the very nature ol
many curatives beiug such that were tl.«
germs of olher ai.d differently Boated di*
"sis-es rooted ia tho system of the patient—
what wonld relieve one 111 i'i turn would is;,-
navate tho oth'i".   We have, however, ii
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
onadulterated state, a rcn. dy for many and
grievous ills,   ily it. grasir.i.1 m.d judicious
iiso tho frailest systems are led inlo c> OT,
lesoenco nsid ttrciiKHi by tlio i alius use which
Quinine exerts on nature's .iwn WBtoratives.
lt Klievea Uie drooping spirits of Uwee wan
whom achrou.c state oi morbid despondency and luck t.f ints-rc*':. in lifo in n diss'iisi*,
und, by tniuqtrilizing tha nerves, dispoaes tc
sound and refreshing sleep—imparts vigor
lo the action of   Uio bl.iud, Which, bciisg
stimulated, courses  throughout  tho  vein-,
ttrengthcmiig tho healthy animal functions
of the system, thereby making activity ;
necessary result, strength' mug the frame
and giving life to tho dim stive organs, whic!
naturally demand buneased substance*— ir
-u'.t, improved uppetito. Northrop (kJjflUBB
ot Toronto have given to the public the!
•'i lienor Quinine Wine at lliou-n.' ••ilc,a"i
staged by* the opinion of *       ■i.'i- th
»meApproachesi .h.i".   '    '■  otaAy
'..-.market   \:1
Persistency   is   one   cardinal     prin-
■i|sls' iii  BUCCCS8.
Minart's Linimtmt Curs Barge! U Qjw.
Ii"  Usui   is  for you   it   matters    not
how  many ate against you
The mun who i:i out of place with
regard to an avocation is eternally
making oxcuses.
In your daily walks of life st inly
the art of Belf-control and strive lo
Subdue the spirit of selfishness.
Salsts*r's I
:rs., . lUcil,
f ,.sxl a* „
tto a
Wliatls.lt I
If!1,000,000 Customers;
■*•■¥ -to-outletl rtcord of »nr ••wJioMta o» earth, 1
f ami vt w* *r» rearhlnir out for morej.   w« \
tlcr-lre, hT July l«t, 9W,0«> mnr»i»trOM an*
tie'tvo tl»» uniir«rei!i*nlea offer.
$10 WORTH FOR 15c,
v.',. »ui mnii ■■.'■ui rcwlpt of Uo'In Mnrj i
,.'.:■■ i I'M •rn-tntoiriir* wortb » I OO <M> [
to »n-r Wwi awakofurm-ur orjs**i-*|pncr, A
. loi/ctticr with imitv K*i*mB*1r**ed-»4iiipj6i  _*
k.*"***   i.i i- -a*,  sin rait ,,--•>  -   — "—-     ■
HUI Wll.il n-wu   i _ ■" aw
irlllv-aljr worth $10.00 to i
KI) »    I   ■» i  I >l sr«rm>«» i-biii JI in
         I. ins no tn K«st a .i.it
wilts,siisnii rerolpt of Isui ltata.
1st C»n»sllnn lUnipa.
W it sM>- MrtkM mam
Plcaaa "**SiHBW   kl« "-•***•*• •»■ ^.jf—--.
si.t. ^i2S*maara^m^^mmm^MmiSr s-sssaiot
ailr. wills ^aTfllaWiff Iilildf awlT^ alnna. Ta.
lie for alsoTS.   ^■vratqsSSlaW*'1*^ Sasiit at ossws.
And lot n>s pnpiily yen with
II S'li'il li S'III,nss s.|i.in list tlmt
will brlirlttou ui) your piniei
nnd plonso your roiul.rs
nnd ndvortlsera.    VVrilis ii-i
for estimate: s.n onythlug
iu isiinis'i'.. miiiuriul.   : ; :
175 McOoriusit Ave., Wlntiipoir.
W. N. II. No. 86ft.
In -winter impromptu dances give
universal pleasure, particularly when
a WILsLsIAMS' PIANO is available.
Mho exemisito vocal quality so highly appreciated for accompaniments
to singing and other instruments is
not less esteemed for tbe production
of dance music and gives an enhanced vivacity to trippers of the
light fantastic. Our price* and terms
aro irrisistible invitations to purchase
Wo handle all makes of organs, and
Eldrcdge "B" Sewing Machines.
y. M. O. A. Bloek    i   t   «   «     Wtonlpssg
dtMiAAJhrtJ^ fooduv A<nsL Js^tML/Mcmi'i
sJLsrtijUsAk ims jwerti, JLsrmA/ Mrluft*
Manufacturers Life
(With which has been amalgamated the Temperance and General
Life Assurance Company.)
15th annual report.
The 15th Annual Meeting of the Manufacturers) Life Insurance Company was held at tke
1 li- ni sjtiice, Toronto, February 6th, 1902. The report presented by the Managing Director was
if the most satisfactory nature, calling forth congratulations from all sides. Among-other
hings, he said:
" Tho application for New Assurances wore S.S.V. for (5.663.S78.00, being t*"*31,0O9.00 in eicisss
sf the business sif the combined companies for 1900, Of this amount $606,117 was declined as do
■ *i -it up i" the resiiiiri-il standard. Applications for $3.1,St30 were incomplete at the end of the
vear, and 3,*iU*> policies were issued for $r>.tX*3,4O1.0O. The total assurances now in force aggreKuts,
v.',,i:il).i:'l.(IO, of which .f.\UI."i,tlli.OO is in the Temperance section, $16,640,020 00 in the General, and
J',5.*i3.9."i*..00 iu the Foreign.
" Tho uot preminm and interest income for the year was $1,064,821.98. being an increase of
;iO.'t,.'.9.'s.s'7 oror that of both Companies for 1900. '1 he payments to Poliey-holders, includiisjr
I loath Cluinis, wero .>".!:h'i,ii'i.1 .11, and working expi'iises and taxes amounted to $262,932,08 excluding
i lie sum oi ji-.s.i'Ki.'JS. which was expense out of tlie ordinary connected w-.th amalgamation. Uml
iIih rate sif. xpeofei to premium income continued the same as ln 1900 the ordinary work ng ex-
ueiuea would linva hsseu $283,110 94. so that the saving for the six mouths since amalgamation has
I mounted to -*.l!0,L'3S,8«j, or at the rate of otot $40,000 a year, a result which fulfils our estimate and
fully justifies the action taken by the Boards of the amalgamating companies."
The following abstract from the financial statement sets forth the excellent standing ot the
i.vfrnsss.nl, Municipal and other Bousls, Stocks aad Debentures .. 9*8,10(1,8 0 RS
sloilKUgea OH   Ks*ssl Khtiite   1,077,309 00
I.ssis.sss oil   I'oli,'ten     VlS4,OII.*> 08
.l.sisl K*tat*     5II.S50 *4
Ueferred   I'reinlusna,  l'reralunia ln  transit, and   Intereat da* and
ss.-.iiii-sl  *"40,780 ».*»
Other Aasrta (Incluillngr Cash In ltanke)  110,608 08
•3,77 ',477 .8
iti'»s*rve fsir Policies and Annuities  13,210,701 OO
tmliorlxt'sl HIvl.I.■nils to Policy-holders and Death Olaims awaiting
prsii.ls, .tc _„  40,007 OO
III sillss-r llisbilllles except Capital Stock  10,387 7 •
"surplus ou Policy-holders' Account  502,321 50
$3,774,417 to
i'ishIi Un*,* I veil for Premlnma     %    083,11*9 50
Cash Kecelved for Intereat. Rents, and from other sources   181,710 4 :
• 1,104,8141 08
r.s I'olicy-holdera for Death Claims      ■189,628 40
To   I'isllr. -IsoIiI.t* for Matured   Enslowmenta, iBTest-
ssspiiI Pollclea and Annuities        83,607 64
11> i'olicy-holslers for Proflts and Surrender value   ....       39,848 61
Total payments to Policy-holders  V36.073 74
Payments for nil other accounts   200,73:157
Excess of Income Over Expenditure    572,0<4G7
$  ,104,8:1  18
NOTEs      Por Security to Policy-holders the Company holdai
(a) Surplua as above  %   BOi.3tl.BO
(b) Ki-aurve ••      •«           3,210,70100
(c) Uncalled Capital Stock    1,200,000.00
Total Security to Polity-holders $4,913,022.50
Tbe following statement shows the magnificent increase in 1901 over 1900:
Am,.nut of Insurance Issued.
Not Surplus	
Sorority to Policy-holders ...
$4,nt,Ws.i oo
3,r»4,r.8 a
144.131 0*.
4,001,113 33
»r,.(*c',ioi oo
3.112,411 23
202,:r'i -so
4,913,022 to
liicrouso in
1901 over
$8.*.l,i:« 00
S1.M1 45
m,,.t.i.1 n
por cent.
Managing Directo.
wr _
..v t:i crecU   T!io"Paet-	
'. -. neat crii.'r.rani'r>, Tcry durable and ch*'ari.     (Vo ah-c
.' ms»k.i f.irni and orr.nmcntnl f.nco, Rates, nails ansl
; st si's*.:, TiionameofrnKeiayourfjuarantceof fjuallty
 ^ ■__'     j        Thc ""(toe Wire Fence Co., Llmiled.WalkcrvMIe, Oni.  t
D.OSS s& not'.-', t.oucrui Afjenlfl, I'.ox 888, Winnipeg, linn.
Tho   narrow   smil     Knows    iot     i h"       No  power on earth .shnll crush the
godlike glory of forglveneui* -Itowe  I truth.
ttiiard'a Liniiiiciit Cures Dmlillicriii.! Minard's Liuiicnt Cures Colds, Etc.
Tn    know   tho    worst   i.s  one    wny ]    A   clear  conscience   ll   vour    wisest
whereby to better It.—Alfred Austin,   counsellor.
I Onsj ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth more than      REDUCES
Two ounces of impure snip. EXPENSE
Ask for tho  OetngeB Bar.      If   yonr    grccor cam.ot   nopply,   writo to
VSCTSA BH0TIIKRS,  HMmED, Toronto, soudiii(
and   a  thai  cample of   Bnnlight Soap   will
tig   his  namo and adrlross,      J
bo sent yoo  freo of rmt.S
— -.- , IS -Ttl 1*: DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C.
MARCH i. W02.
,C. E. Smitherikoalb, Editor and Prop.
.-6L0CAN,      •      -       •       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line foi
.the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
.subsequent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, */7 each.
Transient advertisements at same ratef
«i legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Bates made known upon
Tire Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if uot ao paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, MARCH 7th, 1902.
A pencil mark in the space
.opposite will be an indication to you that ye editor
considers there is some'th ing
comin); to him on your subscription. Kindly acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
-McKenzle & Mann, thc big contrac-
, tors, have signed the papers for thc
construction of a mil way from tlie
Yellowhead pass to the coast, where
it will eonnect with thc Vancouver
island railway »nd terminate At Victoria.
-The provincial bye-election in Victoria haa been postponed till Mnrch
15, giving Colonel Prior, the new
minister nf mines, time to marshal
his forces for the fray. Tho Colonel
-once figured in a cabinet scene at
•Ottawa, but the curtain went down
and lie wns left outside. There is
just the same possibility now. It
would bo unfortunate for the Col.
Tlie customs revenue for the Dominion for the eight months ending
February 28 was $1,075,430 greater
than for the same time last year.
The figures are $20,****75,210, as against
.$18,999,777 for tho last fiscal year.
For the month of February there was
$4000 ofa decrease, but it should be
remembered that in February lust.
year the revenue was $150,000 in ex
cess of that the year previous.
be that much less to be taken from
the tax on the output of mineral.
Why can't these Johnnies attend to
their own knitting and leave matters
beyond their ken alone? By their
resolution the freaks seek to propiti
ate the mine manager, and entirely
overlook the injury they arc doing to
the pioneer and mainstay ef the country—tho prospector. Has lie not
enough to pay as it is from year to
year without adding more to bjs
agony ? Everv step he takes in his
career is taxed, from thc taking out
of his license to tho crown granting
of his claim. If these company ducks
down in Rossland would be content
with smaller salaries and establish
economical management rules, there
would be less talk about "unjust
taxation." As for the associated
boards of trade, they bave exhibited
great aptitude in evolving npsinine
[crI* In tion.
ho came down to Vancouver and enlisted.
Best show of the season, in Music
Hall, March 15
Clarence Tipping lind his face badly scorched, Friday morning, by an
explosion of black powder. He wss
assisting in cleaning out the building
on the corner of Arthur street and
Delaney av©, and threw a package
of the powder in the stove by mistake.   A'as, the poor stove.
McKanlass and the Alabama Warblers, March 15.
The great and only McKanlass
and the Alabama Warblers will be
here on March 15,and they will give
a performance in the Music Hall,
The Toronto World says, "McKand-
lc83, with the Alabama Warblers, is
without doubt the finest colored organization traveling. A better show
or finer singing has never been heard
in Toronto."
©•■"•rillim 6c Johnson,
^H .        B. C
B. A. Sc.
.Tho third furnace of the Granby
.smelter at Grand Forks was blown in
last week, increasing the capacity of
tho works to 1145 tons daily. A
fourth furnace will be started is soon
as a new pump is installed. That is
the kind of advertising the country
.thrives under. It tells to thc world
that much milling is being done and
that the industry is prospering. The
voice of the croaker is now ailent in
the land. ________
When Col.  Prior lost his seat in
-Victoria for   the   Commons,  some
.weeks ago, he  announced  he wis
done with public life.   At tho timt
.there was a well-grounded suspicion
tho gallant Colonel would bob up .serenely when the o-q~>ortunity offered.
And  sure enough  ho  has, for  on
Thursday last he was sworn In as
.minister of mines for the province in
the Dunsmuir cabinet.   His appoint*
ment is another of those nightmare
actions for which tho family combine
of Vancouver  Island is so famous.
British Columbia has need of men in
•her government qualified to manage
..the departments they are entrusted
with, not misfits, as in the present
instance.   Col. Prior is an expert on
-hardware, but what he doesn't know
about mining would fill two books.
His chief qualifications for his new of
lice aro his superlative abilities for
wealing honors and drawing fati-il
arics. *
An aggregation of commercial
freaks, known ao the associated
boards of trade, met in annual conclave at Kaslo last week. As was to
be expected from such a gathering,
a host of resolutions were proposed
upon » variety of subjects and solemnly adopted. So long as the conn
ter jumpers stuck to their own legit i*
ninte line of thought they did well,
but tliey became ambitious and
.sought other fields wlieroin to air
tneir ideas and do their trick nt re
solving. And therein they erred and
urred grievously. They adopted a
resolution dealiir; with the provincial mineral tax, under which they
allege tho mining industry is groan
,jng, ami that desplto tho govornment
figures of progress to tlie contrary,
Jn their resolution, thc freaks ask to
.have crown granted claims do $400
(worth of work eaoh year or pay a tax
of fifty cents an acre. Uncrown-
granted olaims are to do .$80 worth
of work annually and pay $12.50 for
recording saiuo.    Money so raised to
Tlio great McKanlass in thc Music
Hall, March 15.
The Cooperative Store Association
has opened an office in the postoflice
A r.cw front lias been put.in the
office formerly occupied by H. D.
The Sandon Miner's Union Hospital will hold their annual ball en the
Hear the Alabama Warblers in the
Music Hall, Mkit.Ii 15.
James Main, formerly of this oily,
has opened up in the hardware business in Vancouver.
The C.P.R,'8 new steel bridge over
the Columbia, below Robson, has
been opened for traffic.
Tuesday evening the band serenaded Mr. and Mrs. W. Lee and not
with a cordial reception.
•McKanlass, thc violin and banjo
king, in the Music Hall, March 15.
Friday's train from Neteon was
several hours late, owing to a freight
wreck near thc Junction.
Conrad Bill, of Silverton, was admitted into tlie hospital Monday, hs
being in serious condition.
Finest colored aggregation traveling, in Music Hall, March 15.
The stoves made by the Gurnev
Foundry Company of Toronto have
been placed on the unfair list.
Service will be held In St. Paul's
cliurc i next Sunday, morning and
evening.   W. II. Hedley, vicar.
Russell and Robert Thompson left
New Denver on Thursday, to prospect
for geld in tlie Horsefly country.
Up to date thc Nelson Tribune hns
not recovered from its financial troubles and no issues have appeared.
W. J. Adcock has had the carpenters at work this week, still further
improving the interior of his shoe
The Alabama Warblers nre great
entertainers.   Hear them, March 15.
Buntz DesBrisav has withdrawn
from tho firm of T. McNeish & Co ,
of this city, and hns started for himself on Mount Pleasant, Vancouver.
A. McDonald, of Trail, while
wurkine on a railway bridge near
Slocan Junction, fell off the structure
and lit on a beam. Result, three
ribs broken.
Capt. W. J. Kane, of Vancouver,
will command the government dndge
building at Nakusp. The craft will
bo used principally in the Narrows
between the Arrow lakes.
Hear the latest songs ^in tho Music
Hall, March 15.
During January thc gross earnings
ofthe C.P.R. were $2,621,792; working expenses,   $1,801,331,  and   not
profits, $820,461.   In January, 1901,
the net profits wero 1*643,196.
County court was held in Kaslo
last week, when Jackson Radcliffe,
of this place; Charles Shannon, ot
Kaslo; and Charles Anderson, of Sandon, were admitted to citizenship.
Ragtime melodies of the latest ard
brightest, March 15.
Hnrry Silver, a twelve year old
school boy of Kaslo, met with a horrible dentil last week. He was play
ing at cowboy and lassoed a mule,
which ran away and dragged thc
lad to his death.
Cakcwalks bv tho Alabama Warblers on March 15,
Fred Smith, the popular r.pnsent
ntivo of Gage & Co,, Toronto, was
here on Saturday. While in Rossland he hnd a portion of his samples
sto'en. The thief was captured and
Is doing 18 months at Nelson.
Thc .press endorses McKanlass
and the Alabama Warblcrf.    15th.
On Thursday evening, March 13,
tbo annual meeting of tho Slocan
Rifle Association will bo held at the
office of McVannel & Fife, Arthur
street. The election of officers will
then bo hold and general business
'I'M!" sori.ii.l minimi mefitin,? of tlio Klorun
I. Itifli! Associntiini will be linlil sits Thursday,
tliss 18th sissy of Msircli, ist S o'clock, p.m., at the
ullici* ssf McVminel & l'*ifo, .\rtliur Stro.it, fssr thi'
i.urposo of rs»i'S*ivisi(c reports; the electism sif of-
ili'ors for the ensuing ycrsr; mid for tlie purpose
of transacting tsny other business which may be
brought before the meeting.
Slocan, B.C., Mnrch 1th, 1903.
To the Ladies
of Sloean   .   •
Tlie season for Wallpaper is
here, and we have received
a fine line of papers from
one of the beat firms in Canada. The prices will be
found very reasonable, especially as all customs sluties
will be saved. Splendid assortment and first class
goods. We represent no trust
but trust solely to the judg- •
ment of the people.
Pioneer Livery
and Teed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - ' _B*Ji*
Alex. Rogers,
Torfeorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
The Mureutt Branch
ofthe W.C.T.U., Slocan,
Meets tho second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Presbyterian church. All meetings open
to those wishing t; join.
Miss E. STors'siiTox, Mhs.M.D.McKm
President. Cor. Secretary.
Slailty Miners' Um,
No. 62, W. F. of 1*1.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting: brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
You are Invited
To examine-tht best line of Scotch
Tweeds, English Worsteds and
Irish Worsteds e* er shown in Sloean; also all the latest designs in
Pftntiii"?'*..   Hemember,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and the Union Label is a guarantee of the best workmanship, We
guarantee satisfaction and a perfect fit '
We have added a. select line of
Compare our reasonable prices—Fine
White Shirts, $1; Collars, 15c; Regatta
Shirts, in fancy stripes, with collars
and cuffs attaohed, 75c each; Underwear, from $2 a suit; California flannel underwear, $1 a suit, this line being imported direct by ourselves; the
best qua1 ity Black Felt Hat, Union
label $3.50, equal to the Stetson Hat
in every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opposite The Drill Office.
Stars* also »t Sandoa.
Mines,   Real Estnte, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be without a range when
you can get one so cheap V Th***
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
1 J.   ~
B.  C.
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnlahaa Monthly to all lnvera ol Hone
•nd Muile • rat* volume of Maw, Choice
Copyright Compositions by the moat popular auQiora. 64 Page* of Piano ttuale,
half Vocal, ball Instrumental— as Complete
Place for Piano—Once a tlouth for as
Centa. Yearly Bubaoriptlon, li.oo. I lyou
will Mod 111 tha nam* and addreaa of Five
performer* on the PI anoorOnran, we willaaod
y«a • eopy of the Mana<1rs. Free.
j. W. PEPPH, Publleher,
■Ighth A Loeuat Sta., Philadelphia, Pa.
Court of Revision.
NOTICE is lierelir (riven thnt Use annual sitting of tin. Court of Hi'vi-iisn. fur the pisr-
po.n of lioarlns all cssmiilninU nmiisist. the ns
sasssinetit for the yenr 1UU2, ns srsnita hy the nssea-
assr ssf the City ssf Slocan, ll.C, wil) Iii* ln*M in
the Council Hull, In the itiiirt City ssf Hlocnu, on
Siiliirilisy. March ljtli, 1«H"J. at tlio huur of 10
o'clock n.ssi.
City of Slocan, ll.C, February litis, 11102.
City Clerk
McKanlass, tho high clans amuscr,
Mnrch 15.
J. Stanley Hudson, who was one of
the Bank of D.N.A. stuff here some
years ago, wns shot in South Africa
two weeks ago. He left here for the
Klondike and, when recruits were
wanted for the Baden Powell police,
(No. 195. j
Certificate of the Registration
of an Extra-Provincial
"COMl'ANIKH' ACT, 18»T."
I HEREBY CERTIFY that "The Tamsirnrk
Orsiup Development Syndicate, Non-I'er-
•iiniil Lial.ilit:-," hastliiH day been reicisteroil as
an I'ltrii-I'rssviiii'isil Csitnpany under tlie "Com*
pisnies Act, HH'I," tsi carry out sir effect all or
rsny of the objects ssf the Cssnspany to whii'lLthe
the rily of Hpokssne, Htoto of SVnsliington, C.8.
The amount of capital of the Company Is
fOnirom siiYislorl Into I,-*30,SX0 shares of N
cents each.
The head office of the Csimnnny in this I'm
since la situate It Hlocnn Clly. 11ml John F
lliilsliin, Mine Suiiiii iiileiils.nl. whose ndslresx is
HIsii'Mi! City nforesald, is tho nttoruey for the
Company.   (Not empowered to Issue ir transfer
The lime of the exlstoncn nf Iho Company is
fifty years.
I'lsn Company is specially limiteil iin.lsr Sec
lis,n .'si'iuf lliu ml I Act.
(liven under my Isssnsl and seal of iiflli'aat Victoria, Province ssf Hi it i.ls Colmnhiii, this 22ml
slay of January,one thousand nine humlresl nnd
ltei-isiriir of Joint Mock Compunlei
Irs,-! Ini i vn authority of tho Leglsinture of British Colombia extends.
Tho head ssllico of the Company is situnln in
Dyspepsia Tablets
speedily relieve and
cure acute and chronic
Dyspepsia, Indigestion
Distress after Eating,
Sour Stomach, Heartburn,Gas in the Stomach, and nervous, sick
and bilious headache.
For sale at
Do not send
East for your
Furniture !
Wc can supply you in High
Grade Furniture, Carpets,
Oilcloths, and Linoleums, at
lowest prices.
Parlor Suites,
Pendesote Couches,
Wicker Chairs,
Iron and Brass Beds,
Bedroom Suites,
Rockers of all kinds; etc.
IVo handle everything to
make a home comfortable.
Write to us for prices.
D. ricARTHUR & Co.
Nelsen, B.C.
per annum.
Do You
Want a Home?
Then come to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Ghnrohes,Sohool
Hospital, l^ublio Halls and
enterprising citizens aresome
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed ug> by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, bnt a stern reality.
I roe Horse Nss. I and   I.ensloss Fractional
Wlnrrs.l t'Ulins.
Situate in tlie Slocan City Mining Division ol tlie West Kootenay District.
Where lornteil:—On Ten Mile creek,
•adjoining Kntcrpriso mine.
TAKK NOTICE that I, F C. Grain,
acting as agent lor W. 0. Wrighter,
Free Miner's Certificate No. R60535,
intend, sixty dnys from the date hereof,
to *i|i|ilv t the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
ahove claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
hafore the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 28th slav of December, 1001.
10-1-02 F. C. GREEN, Nelson, B C
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To A. E. Hillman, or to any person
or penons to* whom he may have
transferred his one-qusrter interest in
the Great Northern mineral claim,situated at the head of the fifth south fork
of Lemon creik, Slocan City mining
Yon are hereby notified that we have
ezpendesl the sum of four hundred and
ten dollars in labor nnd general improvements upon the above mentioned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 00 slays (rom the
date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion ef such expenditure, legothor with sll costs of advertising, yonr interest In said claim
will become the property of the subscribers, under section four of an act en-
titled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dated this 2nd day ef December, 1001.
0-12-01       T. BLKNCH, E. H, STU|)BS
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line; Lowest Rates
New York
Sin  'eisco
VIA 800
St.  Paul,  Chicago,
and all U. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
EAST -Leaves Dunmore Junction
daily. Leaves Kootenay Land
inj" Tuesdays and Fridays.
vTEBT-Leimi ReTelstoke dally.
Home Secken' Excursion tickets on tale,westbound, March 1 to April
Through .bookings to Europe tI» •»"
Atlantic line*. Prepr-ld H«ll,u
from all point* at lowert raie**
A.O.P* -*- „
Agent, 8loc»n City
-    1


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