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The Slocan Drill 1902-06-27

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VOL. HI., Ne. 13.
SLOCAN,   B.   Oi,   JUNE   27,   1902.
♦2.00 PEE ANNUM.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slscan, British Columbia.
We carry the largest and best assorted stock in the city. Upwards of iooo
Flies to select from. Being overloaded
with Poles we are clearing them out
Ilave a eouple of Pluugc Bath Tubs for sals at cost.
•Carload of Georgia Blacksmith Coal jatt in.
Large range to choose from.   Be the head big
or small,the purse fat or lean, we can suit you
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview. and Camp McKlnney, B. C.
A. YORK <fc CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
ileats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Orders for all
**" —   »   *
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmanship is Good
and Prices are Reasonable
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
It reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Rs* opened under
Ihe old management
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Arthrar Str..! aad D.U«»7 *T«m, Slaean.
Building thoroughly renovated TII0K IAKK
and re st-eked with the l»eat	
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these "«? that you
require from us.   Our stock in each isi always
kept fresh and well assorted.   We handle the
be-st the maftet affords.   Price* ««;l*"'_w
At Leaat Six Teams Kat.r far ths l.rllllng
Uonteat—Two Uansla to be In Attendance—Bis Crowds Comlag From All
the Other Tom um.
The executive committee in charge
of the arrangement! for the celebration on Dominion day have met sev
eral limes during the week,and have
now got things in proper shape for
the grand spiel. At no previous celebration lias a committee put in more
faithful licks and the result will be
success. So many offers from outside
sporting bodies have come in that it
would be perfectly easy to get up two
days of fan, but it has been decided
to i dhc.ro to thc original programme
and have but the one dav.
The New Denver junior baseball
team will arrive here Monday night,
and will meet the local team on the
diamond at 10.30 next morning. In
stead of a cash prize, it has been decided to give each member of the
winning team a handsome silver
medal. Arrangements have also
been made to secure tlm services of
the Denver bund, ensuring an abundance of music for the day. The indications arc that a big crowd of visitors will be here from the other Slscan towns, and the C.P.R. is doing
all it can to drum up a trainload from
It is the drilling contest, however,
that is exciting the most attention,
and at least six team* will enter. At
the Arlington thc men get two days
of a layoff, and they will put up
their last dollar on either one of their
teams securing first, prize. The Ot
tawa hr.s a team, too. lhat Is considered a winner and all kinds of money
is offered in support. The committee
intend the contest lo givo every sat
isf.iction, and they will lie more particular in this event than any other.
A large tin? will b* roped off, and
no one but the principal*) •©'ill be allowed inside. Contrsuiits must ftfr-
nish their own i-quipmeiH, tlie steel
to be seven eighths and no bit to be
less than seven-eighths. All holes
will be plugged so soon as drilled and
measured when contest is over. Con
testa nts will draw for place and turn
to drill, and each team will be allowed a timekeeper or coaoher. All
entries must be in before the contest
In all ths other events, including
the aquatic sports, each series will be
callud sharp on time, and if contestants are not ready, the event will be
aff and the next ono called. Places
in the contests will be given accord
ing to entry, ihe first to enter being
the last to meet the test, and so mi.
Entrance fees must be paisl before
contest, and prizes will be as promptly paid on presentation of ticket to
the treasurer, Mayor York. In thc
prospectors' race each man must provide his own 5U pound pack. The
ball to be givon bv the band has
boen carefully arranged for and will
draw a bi**: crowd.
The principal streets are to be all
cleaned up and profusely decorated.
All ci.izens are requested ts join
hands in the celebration and sndes-
vol* to make the affair the bent on
Following is the programme of
9.30.—Protpoctor's race, distance 100
yams; contestants to carry V)
pounsts and provide tlis*ir owu
pack ; s'ismi oni** ts> bonu fide
prospectors. $ 5    ("mQ
10.— Siugle scull boat race, oue milo
witb turn, 1      2.50
10.10. -Double  scull   boat   race, one
mils* wills turn, 5      2.r>0
10.30.-Junior Baseball Match: Nsw
Deliver ts. .Morssn. .Silver
medals for wiuuiuK team.
1.—100 yard footrace,boys under 16, 5      2
do. slo. 12,2      1
do. man 10      .'.
220 yiir.l race, mon 10     5
100 yard race, fist race, waist
baud measurement III iuclies,   5      2
100 yard   footrace, girls nnder li, 2     I
Three-legged rac, girls under
12, 2      1
Thrst.-l.gged race.boys und.r 12, 2      1
Putting 11) pound shot 3      l.'sO
Tossing caber, 3      1.50
Vaulting with pole, 3      1.511
Standing broad jump, 3      1.50
Running high jump, 3      1.50
Running hop, step and jump,     S      1.50
C.A.A. rulss to govern.   First to euter last
to compete.
3.- Drilling contest, open only to
teams actually working ut
mining und must be miners
that have not won prizes ist-
former contests. Contest for
dsiwu holes only, JP    ™
Prill, of |15 given by tins Now Vork BM***
ing l'o. of Snudon, represented by Worden Bros., Msii-iib. Us be iswisrilo.l to the
winners ssf third placo.
4.30.—Men'e bicycle raco.twice rssund
block, W     J
Ladies' race, once round block. I      '„«
Boys' race.uuder 15, onco round
block, , 3      l"*0
Girls' rac.under H.once round
blswk, *1      ••*•*-■
5.30.—Novelty race for horsos, J°      »
Victoria Cross race, 1J       '•*"u
7.S0--Tug-of-Wnr:   Slocan   vs. Tlio
World. .,
Prises: Keg of benr slssnated by the N.).
Brewing Co., Sandon, and a hsirrel of
beer by the Lion Brewing Co*, ol Ksies-
laud, or their uijuivulent m cash.
II.-ars.ua Bull, by th. Slocan Baud.
Note, - Kotrauco fees of 10 per cent of first
price charged in assets event.
Winners iu thn children's races can hav.
medals instead of cash, if desired.
Saven-aigh ths stool only to be used, and no bit
smaller than seven-eighths.
All holes to be plugged as soon as drilled,than
measured when all competitors are through.
Competitors draw lots for place on rock and
turn to drill, taken from numbers in hat.
All holes to be thoroughly cleaned by th.
drillers thereof before measuring, and sliding
shield on rule to bo used In measuring.
Each team allowed its own timekeeper.
No more than 15 drills allowed each team.
No more than one blow permitted in th.
chnnging of drills.
All entries to bo made before eontest.
Canadian Pacific   Trackmen Benefit by
The board of arbitration for ssttl-
ing the wage scale of the C.P.K.
trackmen has just made its award,
the men being granted an increase
on all ths divisions. The board held
its sessions in Toronto and was composed of Chief Engineer Guteliui, representing the company; John D.
Wilson, St. Louis, president of the
Trackmen's Association, for the men,
and Chancellor Boyd. In the western divisions the scale Is as below-
Yard foremen at Winnipeg and
Fort William, $2.CO per day; yard
foremen at Ignace, Hat Portage,
Brandon, Broadview, Moose-jaw,
Swift Current, Medicine Hat,Calgary
and Cranbrook, $2.40 per day; other
foremen, Port Arthur to Laggan and
Crow's Nest, $2.25 per day; yard sec
tion men at Fort William and Winnipeg, 81.50 per day; other section
men, Port Arthur to Laggan and the
Crow's Nest, 81.40 per dav; section
men, Crow's Nest to Kootenay Land-
ine*, $1.50 per day.
Yard foremen at Vancouver. $2.00
per day; yard foremen at Vancouver
(section D), North Bend, Revelstoke,
Kamloops Field, lingers Pass and
Laggan, $2.40 per day; other main
line foremen, $2 25 per day; section
mm in Vaiscsuver yard, $1.50 per
day; at all other main line points
ssctian men, 81.40 per day.
Yard firemen at Nelson and Smelter j metis**"", $2.40 per day; foremen
at all oilier points, $2.35 per day; ice
tioti men at all points, (1.50 per dav;
extra trang foremen mi iIm Pacific
division shall receive from $2.50 to
$3 por days all other extra gang
foramen shall receive from $2 to $3 a
lay; assistant extra gaug foramen
and assistant yard foremen sli.ill receive net less than a minimum paid
to section foremen on their respective
Sawmill Men Arrive.
Last Thursday J. II. Lavallee and
Joseph Chew, head sf thc syndicate
owning the sawmill atthe head of the
lake, arrived in from Orillia, Ont.,
accompanied by Wm. Tudbope, of
the same place. They were waited
on by the mayor and aldermen and
the inducements the city had to offer
tn get the sawmill located here were
laid before them. They were then
taken to see the proposed sits in the
bay, and they were much pleased
with the location, particularly as
they were informed thev could get
more room if desired. The visitors
expressed themselves as well satisfied
with everything and stated they
would give a definite answer about
establishing their whole plant here
in a day or so. Next day they went
up to look over the situation at the
head of the lake. The party was
then going on to Vancouver, where
the syndicate purposes establishing
another large plant.
(Jentry Bras.' Shew.
Slocan has had a number of excitements lately, but the most satisfying
one of the banch was caused by the
visit of Gentry Bros.' trained animal
show on Monday. Sunday evening
more people saw the show come in on
the barges than went to church, and
the town hummed a little. Il was
the first tented affair te come here
and the populace were delighted.
Unfortunately only one performance
was given, thereby disappointing a
big crowd of Denver and Silverton
people, who were coming down on
the evening boat. As it was, quite a
number arrived at noon. The street
parade of the show was exceedingly
good, while the performance, given
by the animals nnlv, was splendid and
well worth the price of admission.
One thing about the Gcntrys: they
do as they advertise, put up a clean
performance, and csrry out their
business tran actions in a gentlemanly spirit. 	
l.alsar Legislation.
The provincial legislature passed
many enactments during the late
session affecting workingmen. The
bills include: compensation te workmen, trades union act, deception of
workmen act, immigration act ex-
eluding Japanese, act respecting employment on subsidized works or by
companies requiring public lands
whereby Orientals are excluded, and
an act ensuring fair wages on pubic
works and frnm companies. Other
important bills were: amendments
to the municipal elections act, giving
one man one vote; also in the provincial elections law, requiring applicant's affidavit instead of declaration to get on the voter's list.
American Money sUeta Bold or tha Moa-
terey (.reap.
Daring the week the camp was
visited by Geo. McLean and A.
Stuart, two monied men hailing from
Milwaukee. As a result of their visit
they havo secured an option to purchase the Monterey group of three
claims from N. F. McNaught, Leo
Doiron and liobt. Milloy. The claims
arc located on the Springer slope of
the Ten Mile divide and close to ths
Hampton. It is stated the sum involved is $40,000 and that the property will be worked witb eight or
IC men during the season.
The claims in the group ars the
Monterey, Bancroft and Oregon and
arc but year-old locatiens. Last year
while doing assessment the owners
uncovered a very rich chute of ore,
the discovery of which led to thc
deal. The discovery was made in
an open cut and consisted of a six-
foot ledge, carrying two pronounced
paystrcaks, sue being fonr inches
wide and the other eight. The ore
is a sulphide and carries copper
values as well. Ore from the smaller
paystreak gave 410 and 500 oz of
silver, while the larger streak carried
values of 80 oz. From the balance
ef the ledge an average assay ef 40
to GO oz was obtained. After the discovery a number of other open cuts
were made, exposing the ore chute
for 300 feet, and the ledge has been
provs-n across three claim-*. Thc
lead heads across to Ten Mile and is
proneunccd ene of the best on ths
Appesdsd is a complete list of ths various records registered st tlis local registry •flics, H. P. Christie being mining
Jane 16— Mt Pelse, divide lietween
Twelve Mils snd Ten  Mil., A C Smith.
Snowdrift, (tae, J Smith.
Starlight, Ten Mile, J Saulter.
Lady Ann, south east of eity, J Kadcliff.
Baiphorus, same, R Brsdihsw.
Olympia, Twelve Mile, ssmt.
17—Sun Crown, south east of city, 1
Spr-y, same, J Taylor.
18—Blue Grouse, on Twelve Mile, R
19—Nelson, Springer cresk, S B Clement.
21—Fir, Ten Mile, D Graham.
Juno lfi—Freelton.
17—St Louis, South Exchange.
19-San Toy.
June 18—Gold Viking, VikiDg fr, New
Phoenix fr.
Jun«20-W E 1'oia to D Arnot.
Juns 20—Slocan Piince, Black Prince
fr, Dundee, Djirett, Sutninerteith and
Four Friends, lease and option to purchase to Sidney Norman.
June 20—Slocan Prince "-^ and Dundee
t), Lao Doiron snd it E Allan to John
Vast Hotter Smelter Rates.
Fifteen men were let out from ths
Arlington on Friday and it is possible
the force may be farther reduced.
The management is endeavoring to
secure better rates from the Hall
Mines smelter for the treatment of its
ore, claiming that present charges
arc excessive. The silicious character of the Arlington ore makes it a
most desirable fluxing product and it
is in demsnd among the smelters. It
is expected suitable terms will be ar*
rivsd at shortly, when shipments will
bs increased and the forco of men
largely augmented,
. William Gaea Courtlag.
A despatch from Victeria says: W.
MacAdams, editor of the Sandon
Paystreak, has been summoned by
the fnll cenrt to appear before It in
Victoria on July 2ml, on a charge of
contempt of court. This arises oat
of a ststemsnt made in the Paystreak
that J. K. Clark, of New Denver,
was unable to got his case against J.
Frank Collom, for a commission for
the sale of the Arlington mine,,on
Springer creek, before tho courts,
owing to Collom's pall.
C. A. Sandiford and Miss E. Kennedy were married at New Denver,
Wednesday, by Kev. G. Cropp.
Last Tear's Shipments Were SB14 Tons—
A Healthy Evidence of tha Lifo east
Wealth of tha Camp—Arlington th*
Biggest Shlptsor.
The bulk of the shipments this
week come from Ten Mile, both the
Neepawa and Enterprise being represented. The latter sent oat 40
tons of ore to the Nelson smelter and
20 tons of concentrates te tbe Trail
works. Trail also secured the 21
tens of ere shipped from the Neepawa,
which now has a credit of four cars
since thc present bonders began operating. From the Arlington 50 tons
only was exported, and the outp. t
will not amount to much until such
times as the smelters give abetter
rate for treatment. The total for the
division to date is 2915 tons.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
op from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled 6529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list ot tbe shipments this j ear to
Arlington  50            2110
Enterprise  60              700
Ottawa  7
Neepawa  21               81
May  a
Paystreak  5
Duplex  7
131 2915
Sandon mines last week shipped
166 tons of ore.
Ten men are at present employed
at the Ottawa.
The Wakefield, on Four Mile, has
commenced to ship.
The Ruth concentrator st arted op
last week and is running two shifts.
Considerable supplies b»ve been
foiae up ip tbe Republic during tbe
Bar silver  reached  53  cents on-
Tuesday, the highest price touehed
in many days.
The Sunset st Csdy lias paid another $6000 dividend.making $54,000
since January 1.
Nine men are working at the Speculator. The main drift is in oyer
1000 feet and is advanciug 30 feet a
The sheriff's sale ef the Iroa Horse,
which was to have taken place en
Wednesday, has been postponed till
July 9.
In tracing the main ledge on tbe
Republic a cross ledge has been un*
covered 50 feet away. It holds some,
nice mineral.
Some work is being done on the
Mabou, Ten Mile creek. An opening
has been made on tlio Neepawa lead
and some good ore taken out.
The development of the cold pro -
perties in the Fish river camp, Lardeau, is attracting much attention
snd many people are going in.
The ledge on the Legal has widened out to four fest.   Galena is begin
ning to appear, indicating that the
ore chute opened up above is near.
The men at the Republic mine and
on the wagon road only work six
days a week, which Is an innovation
In tbis camp. They pay $6 a week
la the event of a good chute of ore
being struck at the Ottawa, a wagon
road to the property will be built at
once, the route having been already
mspped oat.
Tbe ledge on the Rose, on Lemon
creek, has been found in plscs where
uncovered last year, but the deep
wash is making further stripping
rather difncalt.
Jtvcksen Radcliff and partners have
built a trail to their new gold discoveries, southeast of the city. They will
fiut up a camp and proceed to deve-
o'pe the claims.
The main ledge* on the; Republic
has been traced and uncovered'in
the ravine to the west of the sit-aft,
giving a depth ef 200 feet. It continues in strength and richness.
Sidney Norman received a wire
fro**a R* «*■ Oreen. M.L.A., en Thursday eve, stating the government
would send a man in after tbe house
rose, to inspect the route of the pro-
psjsed new road on the south side of
Springer creek, east from above the
Estimates of last month's receipts st
the Enterprise ,were $7190, and expenses $8060 'The receipts do not
include 100 tons of zinc concentrates,
which ran 70 oz in silver to the ton.
Owing to a breakdown in the machinery of the mill, the output fortbjp
month was diminished.
»«. * >«*«> THE LADY
(Copyright 1900 by Sir Walter Besant.)
"Sir," she salil. "I give you onr mow
chance of retaining the name ami reputation of gentleman. Carry uie back
or else await tlio vengeance of my
friends. 1 warn you solemnly that
murder will be done before I marry
you; understand, Blr, murder of you
or of your confederates or of myself."
She spoke with so much calmness
snd with so much resolution that she
aroused all bis native obstinacy. Besides tt was now too late. Thc news of
the abduction would bo all over Lynn;
he must carry the thing through. He
swore another loud nnd blasphemous
oath. Heavens! How he was punished!  How swiftly and speedily!
Molly stepped out of the chair. Tom
Rising, his hat In hand, ngaln bowed
low. "Madam," he said, "you nre well
advised. Pray let me hand you Into
tbe chat.se."
Sbe made no reply, but, rushing past
him, darted Into the bouse. She stumbled down one step and found herself
In a room where tbe twilight outside
could not penetrate. It was quite
dark. She closed the door behind her
and bolted it, finding a bolt In the
usual place.
Tben she waited a moment, thinking
what she could do next A rustling
and a footstep showed thst she was
not alone.
"Who Is tbere 7" she cried. "Is there
no light T
Sbe heard the striking of flint and
steel; she ssw the sputtering yellow
light of a match, and by its flickering
she discerned an old woman trying to
light a candle —a rushlight In a tin
frame, with holes at the sides.
Molly looked quietly round the room.
A knife lay on the table. She took it
up. It was one of the rougb clasp
knives used by rustics when they eat
tbelr dinners under the hedge. She
stepped forward and took tho light
from tbe old woman's band.
"Quick!" she said. "Wbo ts tn the
"No one except myself. He said the
house was to be kep' clear tonight"
"Can they get In?"
"Tbey can kick the house down If
they like; It's so old and crazy."
"Is there an upper room?"
The old woman pointed to the far
corner. Molly now perceived that the
place was the kitchen, the taproom, the
sitting room and all. A table was In
the middle; a settle was standing beside the empty fireplace; there wns s
bench or two; mugs and cups of wood,
pewter and common ware stood on the
mantelshelf; a side of bacon hung In
tbe chimney. In the corner to which
the old woman pointed was a ladder.
Molly ran across tbe room. At the top
of the ladder tbere wns a square opening large enough for her passage. She
went up and found herself by the dim
rushlight In an upper chamber the floor
of which was covered with flock beds
laid on the boards. Tbere was one
small frame of glass tn tbe roof, a window which was not made to open. The
place reeked with foul air worse than
tbe orlop deck or tbo hold after a voyage.
Down below she heard her captor
kicking at the door. Apparently the
old woman drew back ths bolt, for he
came tn noisily and swearing horribly.
Apparently tbe old woman pointed to
the ladder, or perhaps the glimmer
from the room above guided him. He
came to tbe ladder and tried persuasion.
"Molly, my dear," he cried, "corns
down, come down! I won't harm you.
Upon my honor I will not I want only
■ to put you luto the chaise and carry
, jou off to be married. Molly, you are
the loveliest girl In tho county. Molly,
I say, tbere Is nobody can hold a candle to yon. Molly, I will make you as
happy as the day Is long. Molly, I love
you ten times ss well as that proud
lord, ne will not marry you. There
isn't a man In all tbe company I will
not fight for your sake. Don't think I
will let any other man have you. Confound It, Molly, why don't you answer?"
For now she kept silence. The more
ho parleyed the more time she gained.
Rut she found one or two loose hoards
that bad been used for laying In trestles for the support of the (lock beds.
Sho laid them across the trnpdoor.
There was, bowever, nothing to keep
tbem down.
Then Tom Rising began to swear at
the old woman.
"You fool! You blundering, silly, Jenny ass of a fool! What tlu* devil did
you give her thc candle for?"
"I didn't give It   She took lt."
"Go get another candle, then."
"There are no more candles, master,"
said the old woman In her feeble voice.
"Rlie'H got the only one."
"Mully, If you won't come down, I
shall force my way np."
Still she kept silence.
He took two steps uo tbe ladder and
lifted tbe boards, showing the fingers
of his left hand.    Molly applied her
knlfss  gently,  but  dexterously;  but  It
touched the bone nnd taught him whst
to expect   Ho drew back with a cry of
"Come down," he said, "or It will
be worse for-you.   Come down, I say."
He bad not reckoned on n knits* and
on tbe girl's courage in using lt
"You bave no food up there," bs
went on. "Your wlndosv Is only a light
In the roof looking away from thu road.
No one from T-ynn will come tbls wny.
If they do, tbey will see nothing. You
had better como down. Molly, I shall
watt here for a month. I shall starve
you. out Do you hear? 1 will set Are
to tbe thatch and burn you outl You
shall como down!"
Um mm raved ansl raged. Meantime
tho two chairmen, who were bis ows
servants, stood pole ln hand, one ln
front of the house and one behind, to
prevent sn escape, but this was impossible, because the room, ns you have
beard, had no other window than a
small, square opening in the roof, In
which was fitted a piece of coarse,
common glass.
"Jack," she told nie, "when he talked of setting Ore to the thatch. I confess 1 trembled, because, you see, my
knife would not help me there, and,
Indeed, I think he would have doue it,
because he was like one that has gone
mad with rage. He was like a mad
bull. He stormed; he raged; he cursed
;ind swore; he called me all the names
you ever heard of, sucli mimes as the
sailors call their sweethearts when
they tire In a rage with them, and then
he called me nil the endearing names,
such as loveliest of my sex, fairest
nymph, tenderest beauty. What a
man!   Whnt a man!"
Meantime she made no answer whatever, ami the darkness nnd the silence
ar.d the obstinacy of the girl were driving the unfortunate lover to a kind of
uiudncsss, and 1 know uot what would
have happened.
"Molly," he said, "willy nllly, down
you come. I shall tear down the
thatch. I would burn you out, but I
would not spoil your beauty. I shall
tear down the thatch, and my iuen
shall carry ycru down."
Then Molly made answer.
"I have a knife in my possession. Do
not think thnt I nm afraid to use lt
The first man who lays bands on me I
will kill, whether It la you or your
'•That we shall aee. Look yon, Molly,
you nre only a merchant's daughter,
and I nm a gentleman. Do you think
I value that compared witb marrying
you? Not one whit. When we nre
married, I will buy more laud. I will
le the greatest landowner of the whole
county. Blr Robert will make me sheriff. I will go into parliament. Molly,
lie will make me a peer. Come down,
I say."
Rut she spoke no more.
Then he lost control of himself and
for awhile stamped and swore, threatened und cursed. "You will hnve It,
then? Here, John, go and loo!; for a
ladder. Tin-re's nlways a ladder ln
the back yard. Put lt up agalust the
thatch. Tear it down. Make a hole iu
tlie roof.   Tear off thc whole roof."
The man propped his chair pole
against the door nnd went round to
look for the ladder nud to obey orders.
"So," Molly told nie, "I wns besieged.
Mr. Rising was below, but I had my
knife and he was afraid to venture up
tbe steps. I heard the men clumping
about outside. I heard thi m plant the
ladder and climb up. Now, a countryman who understands a thatch Is able
to tear lt off very quickly, either to
make or mend a hole or to tear dowi*
the roof altogether, and I feared that I
must use my knife seriously. Was ever
woman more barbarously abused?
Well. I waited. Ry thc quick tearing
away of the straw I saw that the fellow on the ladder knew how to thatch
a rick or a cottage. In n few mtnutes
there would bo a hole big enough for
half a dozen men to enter. Jack," her
cheek flushed and her eye brightened,
"God forgive me, but I made up my
mind the moment that man stepped
within the room to plunge my knife
Into his heart."
However, this last act of defense was
not necessary.
"MasterJ1 cried the postboy, who was
waiting-wltB the chaise—"master, here
be men ou horseback, galloping. I
doubt they nre coming after the lady."
Tom Rising stepped to the door and
looked down tho road. Tho day was
already beginning to* break, ne saw
lu the dim light a company of horsemen galloping along the road. It was
a bnd road, and there had been rain, so
thftt the horses went heavily. They
were very near. In a few moments
they would lie upon him. He looked at
tbe chaise. He made one more effort.
"Molly," he snid, "come down quick.
Thero Is Just time. Let us have no
more fooling."
Again she made no reply. Knife hi
hand, with crimson cheek and set lips,
she watched the hole in the thatch and
thc mnn tearing It away.
Tom Rising swore ngnln most blasphemously. Then, seeing thnt tho game
was lost, he loosened his sword In Its
scabbard and stepped Into the middle
of tbo road.
MUST admit that la
the conduct of this affair Lord Fyllngdale
showed both coolness
and resolution. Ths
news that the heiress
L/*JffcJJ WI of Lynn had been ab-
*Uw4AmmmmJL ducti'd spread Immediately through thc rooms. Tho whole
company Docked to the doors, where
Lord Fyllngdale stood calm and without passion, while beside him the old
captain Stamped and cursed thc villains
link no wn.
He called Molly's chairmen.   What-
had thoso fellows seen? Thev snld that
ths*** were waiting by orders; thnt another chair Itobd before them at tlie
door, the beafen of which were strangers to tbem, a fact which nt this
crowded season occurred .constantly!
dial is gentleman whose name they
knew not, but whom they hnd seen In
Ibe streets und at the assembly, mostly
drunk, bad come out hastily and spoken to these chairmen; thnt his lord*
ship himself hat) bunded the lady li.in
tin* cbalr mid closed the doors, to th.'lr
nsiinilsliinent, because they were themselves waiting tor the lady, nnd Hint
the chnir was carried off Instantly,
leaving them In bewilderment, nol
know lug what to do.
He nsked them next for a closer description of the gentleman, Be was
young, It appeared. He was red In the
face.   He looked masterful.   He cursed
the chairmen in a very free and noble
manner. One of the chnlrmen gave him
his sword to wear, which is not permitted In the assembly. He was swear-
lug nil the time, as If in great wrath.
"My lord," a gentleman Interrupted,
the description tits Tom Rising."
"Has Mr. Rising been seen In the as
sembly this evening?"
"He was not only here, but he danced
witb the lady."
"Is be here now? Let some one look
for Mr. Rising."
Tbere was no need to took for btaa,
because the rooms, even the cardroom,
was now empty, all the people being
crowded about the doors.
"Where does he lodge? Let some one
go to bis lodgings."
"With submission, my lord," said another.   "It Is not at bis lodgings that
(fas, Soffe*, mJU^if $W^/
Mey a*£/fo ^£f£^/ a^-**^<^^
- JfltJns' .       *
■fl/L, ___rtu hievnAja^u^n^ _?
\ train big enough to carry the
lise stock which arrives in a. siue,le
duy in the Chicago stockyards would
have ts> be l*>"^ of a mile long, and
contain 2,.ill" trucks.
be will be found. After the assembly
be goes to tbe Rose tavern, wbere be
drinks all nlgbt"
"Let some one go to the Rose tavern,
then, and quickly. Captain Crowle, we
will go to the Crown while Inquiries
are made. Gentlemen, there is great
susplclou that an abominable crime
bath been committed and tbls young
lady hath beeu forcibly carried away
for the sake of ber fortune. I take
blame to myself for not making sure
that I was placing her In her own
chair. Tbls Is my business. Rut I nsk
your belp for tbe honor of tbe spa and
tbe company."
A dozen gentlemen stopped forward
aud offered their help and their sword**,
If necessary. Among tbem was Colonel Lanyon.
"Come, then; let us adjourn to tho
Crown and make Inquiries. Re of good
cheer, captain. We will find out which
way they took. If they have nothing
but the^chalr to enrry her away, we
can easily catch thum up."
"1 know my girl," said the captain.
"It is not oue man who can dnunt tmr,
nor will n dozen men force her to marry against her wilL If they try. there
will be murder."
"If wo cannot find the way they took.
we must scour the country."
At the gates of the garden they lenru
ed that the keeper had seen the chair
go out and observed that It was closely
followed by a gentleman whom he
could only di'scribe by his height,
which was taller than the nverngs*.
Now, Tom Rising was six feet nt least!
At the Crown, In Lord Fyllngdale's
room, they held a brief consulintloii.
after which the geutlemen who had
volunteered their help went out Into
tbe town to make Inquiries.
In a few minutes they began to return. It was ascertained thnt Tom
Rising was not at bis lodging, nor was
he at the Rose tavern, nor could he be
found at any of the taverns usesl by
gentlemen. This strengthened the .suspicion ugalnst him. Then one remembered the strange words of the early
morning In which Tom Rising had
promised his friends that he would before the next day was dune be the richest man In the county — rich enough
to play with them until he had strlppes)
every man ns bare as Adam. Those
words were taken jis mere drunken
ravings. Hut now they seemed to have
had a meaning. Where was Tom Rising?
[us r,,: continued.!
Given in the Story of One Who Had
Suffered and Has Found Renewed
Health and  Strength.
From the Sun, Orangeville, Ont.
lt is a goosl muny yeara sinnce the
good wrought by Dr. Williams' Pink
Fills wns lirst recorded iu tho columns of tho Sun, but during that
period tho sterling merit of the medicine hus Increased its reputation
and every day adds to tho number
of those who havo found health
through the use of these famous
pills. Many in this town have freely
spoken of the benefit they have   ds>-
| ived from the uso of Dr. Williams'
I'ink l'ills, and to those another is
added in tho person of Miss Victoria Widdis. To a reporter of the
Sun who had heard of her cure, Miss
Widdis said ; "Several years ago 1
became very much nm dsswn; 1 felt
tiled all the time, my blood was
watery ansl I was in what the phy-
i icians called an anaemic condition,
I wus always weary and worn out,
not able tsi do anything and yi't nsst
sick enough to bo in bisd. My heart
bothered me with its constant palpitation, brought about by my ex-
tii-me \»ei.tkiies8. "My appetite lolled
mc ami 1    w.is gradually    growing
| worse. I had heard and read of Dr.
Williams' fink l'ills and decided to
give them a trial. After using them
iv short time a  decMed change   was
.noticnble anil it is    no oxaggvrut ion
,to suy that 1 fs*lt like an entirely
different person. My appetite returned and with li goosl blonn anil
strong nerves. I can conscientiously
sny for Dr. Williams' i'ink Pills thai
tliey disi nie more goosl than I can
tell    To   all  weak, nervous,   easily
,tiresl,  run down women,     I Say    by
'al 1    means givo  Dr.  Willinms'     I'ink
j Pills a trial anil you will lx* deliglit-
,eA with the result."
I it is because tJis*ss- pills make, rich,
red blood that they euro such trouble"? as anaemia, shortness o' breath,
iheadache, palpitation of the heart,
rheumatism, erysipelas, St. Vitus'
dance, ixnsl tho functional ailmi'iits
that make the lives s>f many women
a soiucis of constant misery. The
genuine pills always hear the full
name, "Dr. Willinms' Pink l'ills for
Pale People.', on the wrapper on
every box. Sold by nil dealers or
sent by mail nt r>0 cents a box or six
boxes for 13.50, by addressing this
Willinms' Medeclao Co., Brockville,
A person '20 years old. has on an
averago, -12 years of life before him
if le lives in thc United states, ll if
ho lives in England, and only 37 if
his home is iu Belgium.
Siifs*. Certain, Prompt!, Boonomtfr-Thaac
few adjectives applJ witis pocall«.r furr-a to Dr.
Ibopus' Kcls*s-tr.cOil--isMiiiiilariioilenitii ssml
Internal remedy, iiiIii|ik.h1 to tlss* rolis-f and i-sire
s.f couchs, sore ibroat, boanesesi and nil affao*
tisuisiif l.e IsreatbioBorgana  kidney trmiUos,
...slo , litiiuMisvs cud poxsloalpain.
I Cnst-irsm ploughs were Introduced
about 1*20 years ugo, and min h objected to on the ground that they
poisoned tho land.
1 The lyri' bird of Australia is tho
biggest song-bird in the world It
i.s nearly as large as a prairie chicken.
A mummy of an Egyptian king resent ly discovered baa in its mouth
a set of artificial teeth.' The pints;
is of wood, and thc teeth are knobs
of brass.
Mrrchandlaa Afloat.
The world's ships carry 1^.000,000
tons of merchandise a year, nnd of this
one-quarter by weight Is coal and one-
tenth wheat __„
Cat and Parrot.
Rnltlmore reports it case of close
friendship between a cat and parrot
Tho two arc often amicably together,
the bird perching on the cnt'H shoulders. At tirst they had many fights.
the cat getting the worst of It
It  -ps.lli.il tha  Nuns-
He w.ilked up to a Toronto hots'l
register and Signed his nnme with u
flouri-h,  "Iv  K. I'hihologn.vrih."
"Look hs*rs., Turner," exclaimed tho
clerk, who knew liim'wi'll, "An*
they hunting for you nr what? Whero
ihi yssu gel ihat outlandish name?"
"Oct busk, my boy, get link!
You'ri! slow," replis-sl Turner airily
ns he lit a cigar. "That's my same
ssid name, written In plain English
mi'i pronounced us usual-just. 'Turner.' lyiok ut It. of colli*' l du it
just to get. them nil guessing. They
wonder what nation I nm from;
what my name is. I can now hear
people tnlk about me all around. It
Is, ns I said before, English spelling.
•I'hih.' there is the sound of f in
'phthisis;' *olo,' there is the 'ur' in
'colonel;' 'gn,' there is the 'n' in
'gnat;' 'yrrh' Is the sound sif 'er' in
i 'myrrh.' Now, if Hint lines not spell
1 "ruin.-r' what, doi's It Spell?"
*s!,.ri»<-i-,s SI tt II luirlrrt.
Mall carriers in 711111011.) are snid
to avoid tho risk nf Is>si 11 *_>- their
places by 6vorslceplng by tying a
string to s.ne fbb£ and svel ting
tins end ob fire before going to
slN'p. Ths* string, they ) now from
experience, will burn so long, an<i
when the fl.ro roaches thijlr loot it
is   time  for   Iheiu   to  got   up,
Many a man with a goosl siliemi
Im is the required nerve to push it,
There never was, nnd never will be, n
universal panacea, in one rem.dy, for nil i.l-s
to whieh flesh is heir—thsi very nature of
many curatives being sueh tlmt Were tl.e
genus of other nud dirlurently seated slis-
toeca jooted in tho system of um puiient —
what would relievo ono ill in turn would iig-
gr.-ivato tho other. Wo have, however, In
Quinine Wine, when obtnlnuhlis in a sound,
unadulterated etato, a renudy for mnny and
grievous ills. By iti gradual and judicious
use tho fruilest systems aro led into convn.
lesconco und strength by tho inllic nee which
Quinine exert-- on nature's own 'restoratives,
it relieves the drooping spirits of thuso with
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of interest in lifo Is n dim-as..,
and, by tranqullizing the nerve*, diniioncH to
sound and refreshing slsMjp—Imparl! vigor
to the notion of tho blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout tho voinn,
strengthening tho healthy animal {unctions
of the system, thereby making activity 11
necessary result, strengthening tlio frame,
and giving lifo to tho digestive orguiia, which
naturally demand incruHsosl substance—remit, improved appetite. NisrthrsipftLymnti.
of Toronto havo given to the public theii
superior Quinine Wino nt the umiiil rule, ami.
gauged by tho opinion of scientists, thi
wino approaches reared pi if,, t: ,u of any ii
'.ho market.   All ■''•• "-;a ■    v   >,
Pr«*»«*r*.«*sl   Rags.
Eggs ay be kept iMTiiciiv fresh a
long time (Some iiiilliorlllt's say us long
as n yean hy dipping 111..,, into 11 solution or two ounces s.i i-uiii arable in n
pint of cob! water nnd packing them
(driedi lu powdered I'luirt'onl,
italallo 1 iiKiilppa,
In tbe inotllit ll 11 ' AmIii M||,„r there
h n kind or Im :p >„■ m\\,,,\ ••„, „.,,,,,,.,
In shape It Is iml ninl, iinit.v dUTi-renl
from thi' bngpipi-n ol r*iutlaiid.
Wns I   1--, ,,.,._
\Vnll papir ua. i.i-nt uuids 1,, (*,.P
Binnv about l.'iu'j.
Keen HMD'S lihtment m tke House.
Arthur Barvry, Kotad lormsto Saricutlst.
GtvftB Sataa   ! nfoi Hint's,n.
Writing to The Mall and Empire
the other day, Mr. Arthur Harvey,
who has more than a local reputation as a scientist, says: Your paper of tho 15th Informs us that some
workmen destroyed 128 littlo snakes
they found under somo leavee in a
Uos.-dalo ravine. You call it a
•'gruesome discovery," and you
think residents of the neighborhood
"wi:l learn with pleasure 0/ their
prompt  ds-spatch."
Tliey wero probably small ■pocl-
iiii-us of Kay's snake, which la not
uncommon near Toronto, for I have
my.telf found a number of them in
similar situations at this time of the
yoox, aud once I found what you
call a "aeet" of thou*, in the fall pre-
pnrim*. 10 hytsornate. like all other
Canadian stakse**. except the Misais-
sai/a or northern rattlesnake, they
nra harmless creatures, and while
not so handsome as thc garter enoke,
Uie fox snaks, il.s grass snake and
eoveral others which aro rarer, they
are pretty creatures, and wholly admirable to all wh,) study the wonderful  works of Cod.
The rury movement of the suakc Is
full of graco, anil as Solomon said
in I'rov. xxx. 1», one of the four
things hardest to understand. The
nrrnn ir'ment of its scales Is beautiful and tltair coloring Is la all caeca
h inuoiiious. To seo a handsome
snako disporting itself to Use sua or
tuyiug wilh its prey, small flies, in
cls*ar  waters,  is  enjoyable.
There seems to lie aa iaatlnctlve
horrer of snakes, comiaoa to most
people. I do aot thlak it comes
down from the time wh-*a atea were
tree-inhabiting monkeys, to whom
of courso s-nnkea were slan<erous; lt
Is of much later origin There are
couutir***i ia which it Is justifls-d, for
many are cni'sod with vssiomoas
snakes which arc a real dangsar. and
there it mny bo the part of prudence
to kill all. on the Herodian principle. But hare, where you hava to
go to the Islands of the Ooorgtan
Hay ta Ond a rattler, lt la rather
cruel to needlessly ds>stroy fellow
beings, nnd it ia better to try to
overcome tlm Inherited iTpuguance to
harmless reptiles, so far at leant as
not to take their lives without wm-
ceasl t y.     	
A M.srs or His, Msar
Mr. Iiavitt, whs) hua developed a
remarkable mastery of tin- IntHeaclcs
of the Cockney dialect, tills iU'" following story as It wns told to him
iu Pretoria, and of which all thsst
in-sxls to tso snisl is that 'so non o
\ero e ben trovutsi': 'lhe Dutch cnin-
iiinlsVilaul  who  hail churgo of ull     lhe
llritish prisoners taken aftor the
battles of Olencoe, Hunds*e ami Nisk-
olson's Nek, on going his rounds at,
midnight on one occasion wus      n»
touilded to hs-si nn itiiljsh ollics-r acting as IIiist sentinel over Um prison
•re He paced lip and down tho
space of his limited vigilance wiih
Ms Mauser carriod is true
I'ngllsh sentinel style, and
on meting u„. sstonlshsd
commandant, calmly »aluti*d and n>-
portod All rinhi, sir.' In reply to
the commandant, Tommy guvo the
loibiwiar extraordinary explanation:
"Well, sir, this 'on* poor little
chap," pointing to the sleeping form
of a Door lad fifteen years old, "wns
dead broke tor sleep after two-nights
of duly. I |,||(,.H pity ,,,, u,,, ],111 •-
Chap, nnd I says. 'Look 'oro, you're
regular done up, y,„, „..,,_ thut B(ir.
tin. You give 1,10 your rillo and tako
11 bit 0 Bleep, nmi i'|| do sentry-KO
for you,   1 will.  Honor brightl 1
won t do nothing wrong, blow mo If
I  do!     .So ihe lltili. chap went    ofl
it's nil right, Blr; don't you Mams
llllll,   pll use,   he's  only  a kidl"
1 cannot report, soys Mr. Davitt,
what the commandant did on llst-n
Ing to his account of Tomnrj" Atkins'
humanity,  but I  was assured       Hint
I"'"1!"". ;."';; k«d" not the ki„d-
bea. led EBgliih prisoner rrufferti,
i'ocssn  ansl  (*hOeolate
n'ron ■■--■' ';•"' ■•« "rs go.,,") for di.
gestlon und for ll,,. complex,,,,,,  ,,,„.,
ohms ;',,|,;u'1 "' Particular being .1,1. |„
be  delclous  principle*  , ,„ „„,
which la of the greutct ,„,
beaii ionic.
'Ihjr.- nre I*, many conga iistxlicincs In tho
mar set that it >a i-raTstim* 1 rtlfflrftilt iois.it
which in buy ; but if wu lu.d uioukIi, u csi.d
or a y i.ftl.clis.ii of tho tlsro.it 1 r uu um, up
>,wu . tr, Dickie'-) Anti l eusuuiptive S) 1 up,
Ihttte »)so lusve u»d it U.in. st id fur uhoad
of 11 1 ii.-i. r 1 issp .rail..n» reconnuended fur
tU -It COM.p.llli Is. The I.tile li.lan like it lit)
it is ui pleasant sss syrup.
Australia has mtist. churches In
proportion.te population; the Unite.i
States stansls next; Rnglunsl is third,
and Spain takes fourth placo.
As Pnmeleo's TsypjtaMe Pill" contain man-
dr.iko and dandelion, they cure liver sunt kldnej
oomMalnts with unarrriug s-ertiiiuty. They nln
contain roots and herbs which Ii.ivd yjsocilii-
virtsi*vs truly wooderfal bs their action on tlm
stomach nnd bowels. Sir. K. A. Cainscri.--,
Shskospeara, writes :—"I consldM Psmeleo'i
PUIS nu crnel'c.r.*, remedy fir billoninc; in 1
donstio*m^':t ef tha livur, ha\ia:r sued them iiij.
Soli ior >'■'.;.■) tin '-."
The Skerry mors, light houso, off the
Isls- ot Tyree, is tho largest on tin-
British coasts. It contains 4,808
t-in-s of masonry and cost £90,308.
As* far Kjfflfftj End tats no otucr,
tii lls-lgitini soch member ol the
Hi-siss* ssf repreeentativea icrihea
£1**)  Ills a mouth  if he dos*s in.    Ins'
in Brussels.
The last time torture was used iii
Piglbi.i* was iii 1640, when a glover
nabi.-.i Ars'liei - was put on tho racls
A 10 cent packet ol
Fly Pads
has actually
Killed a Bushel
of Flies
tuxho/trSTty  ,--*   1,1VtR
on   ,-rr\5*)      AND -4-
KID^   BOW£l>
„      c-rS THE SYSTEM
OVE-.COMF.S * ppjnOH
,Vt ■«*•*"€/.
/op sAir by ait DPU60STS Ps-vict sot nn PilBti
^;''<,   v_Z*h *■
new fnlis on n jrelto* rtrfacfl "l0r"
readily tban on green.   On red »"u
black it win nut usually i**"'111-
__, 1
Centigrade Tlirrrtomrirra.
The centigrade tbermpttietera uw»
scicntinc researeb nnd tr tbe »    .
sysis-in  coiitiirles divides the "' ''
between tbe freeslng nmi the uo
uolnt of wnter Into 100 itiirta*- The Drill.
„„;,. u'a Saw s •>nsiinsiid*i-iss-t Islnf » Jioai
I ,n,ul..r Uar« Ht Hums—His Karl
ssf lissisil«issal«l.
One of Qroat Britain's most popu-
]fti- heroes will be lost to the Mother
Coil's try when the Earl of Bundonuld
sails away to Canada te assume
command of the Canadian militia,
says a London correspondent.
Ho is in every sense the preux
chuvallor. Tall and handsome, with
curling hair and soft hazel eyes, this
,,11 ns fashionable was the darling of
thu drawing room before the South
African campaign crowned his splendid soldierly abilities with the meed
of nuirked distinction.
His career in the Second Life
Qllards, which he commanded until
IK.Hi. was by no itteans unuvanttul.
Hi, and Iiis regiment rjgurod in Egypt In 1884-H5 wilh credit, and later
the I'.irl won the attention of military experts by his inventions for
equipments, of which the chief was
tho Istiindonold gun carriage.
Will Iluller in the Boer war, how-
nver, ho brought himself beforo tlio
■a'uiI.I. His dash into Lnslysmith at
lit,, head of thu Imperial l.iglit Horse
anil i iirbineeis, th« first of thu ro-
lioyli k force to retuh the unfortunate
'mui. was the crowning achievement
ut a long llis< "i" promotion to
Major-Ocnorol followed.
Lord Dundonald, who Is 60 years
old, has a personal hold upon his
men which,, perhaps evtn moro than
lus isiuceded qualitws as a leader,
has contributed to his success.
Ills wife, who was a Welsh heiiess,
inherited beauty .as well as broad
(Cert*) from her, family, .the HeeSietfls,
with (hu iiddil'iph"of a pretty will of
(ier . vn When'the TH'sti'lct Council
of Abergele, near her seat, Gwyn
t'ostls*. tried to popularise the place
lis si seaside resoi t and set on foot
compulsory parliamentary measures
to i i-'e desired Improvements, she
EUl down a beautiful avenue of tn*es
ih.i' hod stood for centuries, thereby
di tioying its principal beauty.
• i . nada will welcome the Earl, who
'su.;.• '-rta ■ Mujor-Genurul G.'Grady-
Hal* He will hav* the satisfaction
of is.'umandtng some of the finest
men 'I'U Britii-h lion boasts. Tho
M ier of Militia and staff will
we his arrival at Halifax, where
ht i oxpectcd tbe latter part of
Mi; thssiigh it is reported In Lon-
(foi    hat he will  not  sail until July.
I I Pinisloiiulsr will make bis
In   ,'iai lers lu "Ottawr.. ;    r
R.AW Winds
"      ■ AND-	
•m i.i "L» ' '■'     ■"■ — i—
Wet Weather
cause the Colds that cause
rneumonia and Consumption. ..,.,,
cures the cold, heals the
lungs and makes you well.
SHILOH cures Consumption
and all Lung and Throat
Troubles} and Cough; and
Colds in a day. Positively
guaranteed.  25 cents.  .   .
Write to S. C. Wi***,!** & Co., Toronto,
 Can., for a free trial bottle.
Karl's Clever Root Tea Cures Headache
Lifebuoy Soap—disinfectant— ia strongly
rscomniendad by the medical proffaaion aa
s safeguard against iu'actlou* disaaari      m
When the day breaks some ms-ii are
'"is  lazy  to niaku  use of the ]sieces.
Chronic ilernnRcrgenta of the stomnrh, Uvor,
' nd I I.ishI nm bpo uily removed by tho trclisw
Isr.ucij.lo s.f tlio iisurodii-i.ts eiiturlnu into tlio
ciimiH, itiisi. vt ParmaWa -VesrotaUe Pill...
This o is.il, nut sspftcillc'illy oss ,os) slorsinus d
isrsran• , a) iraultitlutf to actlm tlio dnrmnnt ener-
irns if tlio fsystco), thoroby removing sdlsoii*o
andnoewlai li'o and vtulltj- to tho affls>tv<l.
In tin . liBstliosTOntssTT >tof the popularity of
l'anuuloe's Vegetable l'ills.
11 a spinster isn't na tall as she
sould like* to IK* she should gs't.
si I iced.
Without question the best and
most effective springs In Canada, for
thu oure of rheumatism, kidney or
liver troubles. The mc***lclnal qualities of the water are unequalled.
Splendid hotel accommodation ; fino
fishing and hunting. An ideal spot
for the invalid.
' Many a good man blocks boots,
anil many a bad one blacks characters.
lt is a deplorable fact that a girl
can never get her first kiss but once.
liaby's   Own   Tablets   Make  Children
Well and Keen Them Well,
M-. mare; a very valuable one. was
badly cut and bruisesl by being
us ight isi a wire fi'rice. Ssnno of the
Wounds would not heal, although 1
tried many different medicines. Dr.
Ill ashissHl me to use MINAKH'N
LINIMENT, diluted at lirst, then
stronger as the sores began to bsok
better, until, after three weeks, the
*tu*i*s havo hi'i.lcd. und best ssf all Uie
luni is growing well, and is not
white, as is mos always the COBS in
ItOrssi wounds.
Wi*\ inoiith.
rf.ir}s who make the greatest exs*r-
lis'tis l<> catch husliauils an- usually
In*I   In the race.
•CARD'S uniElT is isel iy Pbysicians.
Many a has-lit-lor who plims a hippy fireside of his own eventually
l"ini|ss up ugi-jnst a so-called fur-
ni.es* heitUrf flili.
If your children are subject tQ colic,
iniiigestion or any stomach trouble;
if they are troubled with constipation, diarrhoea, or any of the ills
Hat afflict little ones, give them
Haby's Own Tablets, j This ijnediciiie
will give relief right away, making
sound, refreshing sleep {possible. It
will put i-liilslrs-n sm the highroad t<s
health at once, 11 is doing this to-
day for 'thousnnsls of children In all
parts of the country. Mrs. It. L
MfKarlune,. Ilri*"toI. vQtM., says: "I
take pleasure in testifying to the
'mi.iii.s of 4Jt>s11>"s Own Tablets, I
bave used them for my baby since
she wm three rtionths olsl. and previous to using tln;m she was a delicate child. Bhe.is now quite tbe reverie, as she is plump" healthy and
strong. I Ibink llaby.'s Own 'lab-
lets the best niesricine in the world
fssr little ones." These Tablets are
evsod fsir children of all ngi's and
dissolved in water or crushed to a
powder they can lse given with ab
solute safety lo the youngest, weakest baby, duarantoed* to contain no
opiate or harmful drugs. Soisl by all
dealers at 36c a box. or sent post,
paisl by writing direct tsi the, Dr.
Williams' MMlctne Oo., Brockville,
Out.,  or Schiis-stadv. N.Y.
Colliers wen* strives in IOuglanil up
to  lbs* year   1775.
Were it not for ths' things ws1 are
going lo slo life would not be wssrth
IDAHO'S L1NIMEKT Lmntcrmafl's Frier,!
Some men seek    justice nnd   some
li.iv*.  il forced  upon them.
Tin' only iiihs-r auiinal besides man
found all over  lhe world is the dog.
Ths<  sslivs'     Will     live  longer  unsler
ivistsT than any other tree.
■ ver mui ngae and bilion-. ds-rur :gcments
iti- ;..-.it, vr-ly cored by tbenauof i'unuelee's
rills, Ih, y not only cleanso Uio*stonuieh
s.ti: bowals from ali birious mutter, but tin y
11* i tin-1 icretsiry veswls, r*misi.ig tinm to
l-'iir. ,i|,is,ii, effusions from'Uin bloosl b.to
"| I..' Is, after which tlm corrupted ma s
'• Hip wn nu: I y Iho natural HMSflS of tho
I In y nro u'sod ns n gbnensl family
 • 'ills, with tiie best n hulls..
I ortunats is thu girl who loHes her
''Mil")  sti'i) hsVSC flnsls it again.
A battery of *fleld artillery num-
bers 103 Oil ranks, LIO horses, six
!   No Oxfc.rsl student may  tuke his
li*-. 'A. ds-gree until after a residence
of twelve is'ims.
How'b This?
w» nffar 6nn lliindre.1 'Doflnra BowBrrl 'or
iin uf*. ' ' ' Cnlitrr . tssa c.suiiot, be eurwl by
hail   t'ssUirs), Cirn. . ...
„. I'll. CU KN St A <X)., Pr6**s>„ ToloHo 0.
~™n> Hia uiiilsirsslsrno.l Isuvo suowii F J.
Uii.i.i,y {,„ t|„, |„st ,-, v,,Br4hnil Issiliovo hlin
sWiri'f ly Is.siii.i.iI, n bs nil Issisinn-.^triiiiKisctiiili",
UKl financially nlilo to sjurry oaC any oblisatis.-i
■i?.'"l')li; llicirl'aiis,
\i. i Irr.i \.\, \Vlio1osnlrt*T)**ns**t'*U, Tol-ssio.
\ w si.niNii KistiAH 4Mauvin, Wholo»ulo
l'nirs-f |.i,Ts.I«l„ O
. " ' I'nlnrrli ('nro Is tnlrrm lnlornnlly.act-
ini! si r.ri ly ulJO„ (ho hlsH-rlniiil mnciniH surfarns
" ll" . l.-ni. Ilricq ir,o Kr bottlo. sSold by
•ii'l-'iir «ts,  To-siltnonlalsfroo.
•'•hi « l.uiiily pjili pcu tho bo»t.
"" in fullest ol fault who thinks
•''"'■■•if faultless,    .
Mnny it deluge ssf trouble hus roiiie
"", "f « pink cask.
I'l'.v is the man Whose wifs' pos-
iHiiri' prudence than vanity.
""   white poplar can be usesl us a
m"rai lightning rod.
''•"''   nre timer* when the truth is
""'' V ns disagreeable as it is sub-
( ""  "'iTiigs'.paco at which a thun
"'" travels Is DSVi mllss   an! fur tbls addition
Vou s*sh get almost any munis al-
lejitioii'by saying you disliks* to encroach on'his Valuable time.
Wo would all be heller if we could
have a chitnci' to try to live up t"
our obituary notices.
It took Harvey -0 **'''''''■< to pei*-
fi«ct  his work of the sliscovs-ry sif llu-
circulation of ths blood.
'A -yell-built bhjmney lbO feet high
will sway .' Inches to 1 Inches In a
[high wind   without,  any danger   ol
falling'       •    ■      '
i„ Jewish  marriages   tho   wonntn
nlways Niiimls to, the right, in
(.*.eiy other nation that is the man I
('i.ilk in tho milk is a whit" lis-
I.ols of men, after laying lip l*ome*
ti.ii,,. for a rainy dny. g"<   <htcour-
jngod because It doesn't rain
n.al  l..*ml" "'   '«"■'■" ^
,*very,i.,,n who Is .,l-n; ■;;•;..;!,.
of "ot end   iy...g ..  '      '(i(iV    „„„,
tolng   loimthln-" to   ■
shun,    Ifnjtnd I'icsIsvicm"
■IrrnkfaKl   fllssllln"*
ffiX* )ffA"S£
ndsled lo thi oWsafMl mumn
.feuiilflSa tfOl ue «ghtejt«nu bettor
The Manitoba wheat trade is no
better this week than we reported
last week. Exporters are still doing
next to nothing, and buyers aro
scarce. The American markets are
stronger, the prices for Manitoba
Wheat haying remained stationary,
and at the end of this week we quote
values, l hard 71ic, 1 northern 72c,
and '2 northern 7()|c, In store, Fort
William or Port Arthur elevators,
spot or .June ilelivery. Later delivery than June is uot wanted as yet,
but first half July might be sold at
Jc under June.
Liverpool Wheat—No. 1 northern
closed on Saturday at 6s i/^d.
FLOUlt—Hungarian patent $2.1.r>
per sack of 1)8 pounds; Clenora, $2 ;
Alberta, $1.85; Manitoba, $1.70;
and XXXX, $1.25.
(i HOUND FEED—Oat chop, per
ton, $2<i; barley chop, $24; mixed
bailey anil oats, $27; oatmeal feed,
618.50; oil cake, $30.
M1LLFEED—Bran, in bulk, Is now
worth $lfi por ton, and shorts $!'.».
OATS—The market for oats is
quiet owiii). largely to light offerings,
Demand is good in this market.
Port William prices are lower but the
local market is not changed, We
quote: No. 2 white outs, Port William, 41c bus.; No 1 white, in car
lots on track, Winnipeg, per bushel,
45c; No. 2 white, 41 to 42c; feed
grades, .'18 to 89ci Bead oats, 5(ic.
At country points farmers are getting 2(.)c to lilc for No. 2 white oats.
BAHLEY—Movement is- very light.
We spiote Ki to 48c for sei*d grades,
and 42 to 45c for feed, in carlots, on
track, Winnipeg.
HAY—Receipt*) are light, and tho
market is firm at $8 to 5!) per ton
for- fresh baled. Loose hay is not
offering owing to bad roads.
l'Ol'LTRY—The market is quiet.
Live chickens bring 7i) to 75r Spec
pair, and turki'ys are worth lie per
pound; live weight.
Ill TIT.K—Creamery—Receipts continue to lncreaso, but as there is a
fairly gosul shipping demand prices
hold steady at 17c per pound factory
BUTTER— Dairy—This kind of butter is now more plentiful and us
there nre no old stocks on hand the
market i.s in a healthy condition.
Prices have declined again litis wvl
nmi we quote rouud lots now lleper pound commission basis, tor
tubs.'unsl 18c fsir prints. Prints are
nut wanted to any extent as they
will not keep iii hot weather,
CHEESE—Commission    houses are
paying     lljc     per  pound     fssr     new
Manitoba cheese delivered horei
l.i IGS—The market is well supplied
With sggs Pickling is now over,
and lower prices mny follow. Buyers are still paying 10V4C per dozen
for fresh case lots delivered here.
POTATOES— Farmers' loads delivered iu Winnipeg, 25c per bushel
DRESSED MEATS—Beef, city dressed, ps'r pound, .8 to 'Jc; Veal, 7J,._, to
si,**; mutton, uie; spring Lambs,
.•inii 98.160 to $4.50; bogs, per
pound.   7-'!i  to  8i'!e.
TALLOW—Local buyers are paying 5 in ile per pound fsir tallow delivered here, according to Uie grade
Hides—No. 1 city bides, G'/jC No.
5',ac, Ni). 8. 41,',. Kips and calf, the
Mime price as hides; deakins. 25 tss
40<; slunks, 10 to 15c; horse liids-s.
50c to $1.
WOOL is worth (JV-jC per pound for
Manitoba unwashed fleece.
SENECA BOOT—Tbe market has
nut opened yet and there is nothing-
new to sny. Drier weather would fa-
•ilitaie digging. Minneapolis dealers
are quoting 37 to 89c delivered there.
Winuipeg dealers have not named a
price yet.
Over Six Years Have Gone By and
This Cure Still Stands—Only One
of Many Such Cases.
CATTLE— The market is bare of
entile and anything goosl will bring
5Jc. Tbe range is Irons 5 to 5.J,c oil
cars here. *i curling stockers are
worth lis high us 916 per head at
point of Shipment. Two year olsls
S'Jtl to $22 per head.
SHEEP—Sheep aro worth from 6c
to 5ji'  Per pound, olT cars,  Winnipeg,
and lambs about the sniiie.
H0US—Live hogs ave worth now
for bs-st weights, averaging between
15(1 anil 25ii pounds, l''s\ oft cars,
Winnipeg. Heavy and light weights'.
lc  less.
Mil,rn   COWS—Cows   un* scarce,
and   uoinl   milkers   readily   bring   **I5
in this market,  the range being Hum
s."..*i to $15 each.
HORSES—Thore is a good doraand
for  horso*  and  dealers,  lind   no  dtflr*
cults  in   disposing of nil   they can
secure.    The   market,   is   being   lilrgcl.v
supplied   from   Ontario,   Prices are
•Healy  Polaloca.
If you wnut yuur potatoes monly.
WHIP « linked one, when It Is done, In
n towel and press until It bursts.
Mnnaler l.olirllsa.
Every one knows the pretty hi"* Io*
hello, n gnrden nnniuil thut has ninny
pond point*, but not every one Is awiite
that in Abyssinia the lobelias grow fifteen and twenty feet high and In the
ilistanco look like palm trees.
Brilliant Moaqallors.
The mosquitoes found In iwatnpi
and damp woods are generally now
brilliantly colored than these varieties
which frequent human habitations.
Potato Salad.
If cold potatoes are cut Into lllcei
ami'dressed with salt, pepper, oil and
vinegar, also. If possible, with beet
mot snd celery ndded to thnn. they
make nil excellent salad. Sprinkle a
little chopped parsley over the dish as
S garnish.
St. Mury.s Ferry, N. B., June 14.—
(Special)—Mr. Thomas Harrison of
this place hus addressed two significant letters to the Dodd's Medicine
Co., Toronto
St. Mary's Ferry, Dec. 18, 1895.
Gentlemen :
1 feel it my duty to you and to
the public at large to tell what
Dodd's Kidney Pills have dono for
About one year ago I began to
snifter with severe pains over the region of ir.y kidneys, followed by u
very  lethargic  feeling.
When 1 lay down, it was torture
to get up again.
This state continued for Sometime,
and all the while 1 was still getting
weaker and  losing Qesh rapidly.
My appetite was very much itn-
| aired, and at last, i was obliged to
call in a physician.
He gave my sufferings a very learned name, and doctored me for some
time, but 1 got no better.
1 called in several other physicians, but it. wus of no use; my suf-
teringa got worse all the timo until
I   began to despair of life.
A friend advised mo to use Dodd's
Kidney l'ills. I was very skeptical,
but was prevail.d upon to commence
a treatment; tho first box made mi
feel somo better.
1 passed a stono that bail formed
in the bladder.
i continued the use of Dodd's Kisl
ney rills until I had used three
boxes, and now believo that I have
a radical nnd complete cure, as it is
s-.x months since I used any of the
l'ills, and have had no symptoms or
return of the malady.
*. know that my cure is due to
Dodd's Kidney Pills, as I used no
other medicine after comineacing
their use.
Yours truly,
St. Mary's Ferry, N. B..
Marsh 24,  1902.
Gentlemon :
What 1 sa d In 1805 I can at this
moment most emphatically substantiate.
1 have never had the slightest
symptom of a return ot my old
Yours truly,
t'nrriin  nnd  Sir  lli> le   HsislssP.
sir Boyle Recbo, a fuuiona Irish char
aeter of a century ugo. wns proud *■''
his ■alliance with an English family nt
ancient lineage and wai fuml of rs*
ferring to his tllls-d futliorlnliiw't*
kindness In giving him his eldest
daughter, a boast which provoked Cur
rail's retort, "Aye, Sir Boyle, and. de
pond on It, If he had had an older one
he would have given, her lo you."
Whether It was ihis sarcasm which
provoked Sir Boyle's hostility or that
an enmity had already been created
between Uoehe nud Curran. ii is cor
tain that (he two men were perpetually
sparring at each otlnv In the house of
Commons, as Ibe debates of the Irish
parliament testify.
Nor was the Witty advocate nnd or
ator always successful In these en
counters,    Curran   had  observed   one
night, somewhat magnllorqueiitly, that
he needed aid from no one and could
be "the guardian of his own honor.''
whereupon Sir Boyle Instantly Inter-
js-ctcii his sarcastic congratulations tn
the In mural'li' member ou his possession of a sinecure.
Bible Trnnalntlons.
Of the 478 ancient and modern trans-
latloni Of the Bible 4M have been made
by missionaries, and the nunual clrcu-
lullon tn what are known us mission
Its-Ills Is over :1.'J50.1KK) vo'umes. largely
pails, but wiih nearly IKi.lHlO entire
A   n»«c«ra'  Biohsnarr.
The professional bemmrs of New
■fork an' sui'l to have formed a retool*
null-in, with a eli'iirlng hsiiise bureau
uud h regular scheduls of assesstnuuta
commissions uml ps-risulagea
Horses Wanted
by the British
Dick's Blood Purifier
for OorsdS.
The great tonic medicine of
the age. It tones up the system, rids thc stomach of bots,
worms and other parasltea.
So cents a package. Write
for Hook on Caitle and
Horses.    It itf>lti
A0CNT3.     -    -    -      MONTREAL.
By Royal Warrant Millers to H.R.H. THE PIWJCE OF WALES
You Want Money
BY SUBsSGRlBlNO FOR     :-:   :-:   :-:   ;-:   :-:
.anil iret all the privileges of lsnyinp where you can buy the cheapest. It
will put ymi in olose touch every day with the bargains ottered by the big
stores and businesa houses of Ontario. Take aslvantage of iu IIALI-
I'It Hi' OFFER and have the regular morning edition and Saturday
Illustrated |*o to your address if you are living west of North Bay. Regular price $I.(K) per annum. Sent to any adilreun west of North Bay for
"-S-J.OIr per annum and this advertisement.    Address : THE GLOB'S, Toronto
Page Woven Wire Fence
_-i    ; . i-t-i- u S-. » "O"     »» «•» "*•■     •«--—	
zdlZZ ii'»/i[* " *£ " " ~t' Owing to the variations of the Canauian climate, I
- + - - -jrAti C. *J-4-f-l-   considerable allowance must be nn.de in all fenced I
: 3= i - rFFT-r*-*~F - =  III FT : for contraction and expansion, which mak.*s an or-
S ilinary wire fpnceunss-rviceable.ns when it axpisnils
it becomes Bo loose os to prove of little vulue.  Note
heeontlnnoiis coll*?2l--*,-lSB--**"J-.=--Hhis msikes it elastic anil self-regulatinE.   Ihs Pane
Wire Fene»lsmadeof "PaBe" wire, which U* twee esstrcn-j as ordinary vnrm. Prices aro
particularly low thisSeason. S0,m miles of Pace fences now w nsp.  We also make Gates
! irnnmentnl Fenr-eiandPonUrr Kettins*. The PgflC Wire fens;.* Cr... t'w't'sl. W-l>»'villa. 0-*. -'
ROSS & ROSS, General Agents, Box Gii.'l, Winnipeg, Ma-j.
Mislslrn  «pi*s*s*ls  ,,f >lr. C.  M.  Ilrowa, Tsl.r.
Following Is The Times-' report mi
of the first speech in the llritish
House of Commons of Mr. George
M. lirown. son of the late Hon. Geo.
lirown of Toronto. Tho speech wns
delivered on tho second reading of
thc finance bill, which includes the
new grain duties.    The report says :
Mr. li. M. lirown (IOdinburgh, Central), in a maiden speech, twitted
tho supporters of the Government
with supporting a tax which was
protective In appearance, but whoso
ul tributes were guaranteed as being
of tho essence of free trade by its
promoters. Tho tax was carefully
described ns a registration duty, although it possessed none of the features of n registration duty as popularly understood In former dnys. It
could not he too sifts*n Insisted upon
that this wus a tax which would fall
isn the consumer, and that it was n
protective lux, though only of n
siimll amount, It would always remain in lean years to make tho
Issaf il-ss- halfpenny by halfpenny a
little faster than it otherwise
would do. It wsnild always remain in fat years to prevent tho loaf
from fulling halfpenny by halfpenny
as quickly as it otherwise woultl do.
'Hear, hear) The tax would intro-
iluiv n new element of uncertainty
unsl speculation into the s-orn trasle.
(Hear, hear.) He thought the Government had not fully considered the
effect sif this tax on tho colonies. If
thoy did not wish to encourage the
desire of the colonies for a preferential
tarilT, tho only way to resist it was
to maintain free tnislo in its entirety.
The en'y friendship forever   merciful to our weakness ia God's.
a IiIk s-is£isr If 711a want a good one.
a medium alio assil pet that aweet
flavor all clear amotiera enjoy.
lite Office Specialty Mfg. Co. ltd. le-mi*
mNurisSfjHaaa or
Those Cabinet) lav* Uaa and money.    An of-
ftco not ostmplete without then.
t. 0. BOX 393,
Winnipeg, Ifao.
L tt. HAMBtY,
M«r. Waatern Branch
difficulty of
tightness of
'.he chest, wasting away of flesh, throat
.ouliles,  consumption,  coughs,   catarrh,
:o!ds, pneumonia and pleurisy.
A SAMPLE FREE BV MAIL to every sufferer.
1'i'L-Mo is for sale by all druggists at
. 1.00 per large bottle, and 15 cents for
.mall bottle, or direct from
1 omn.na Concratnlatioaa.
Canada anil Lord DundonaM may
both be congratulated on the choice
made ot a nsw i-siiuiiKiuiler for the
Canadian Militia. Lord Dumionald
confirmed In Ssiuth Africa m. reputa-
tisin begun rather than made in
North Africa. The Canadians whose
sle. ni ion In more than one trying
situation ho was to witness wore new
to ths lialtlelield If Lord Dundon-
•tlsl has shown Hint the iplrit of the
ancestors who fought and died for
llritish supremacy in North America
survives in him, the Canadian! ln tho
Struggls of llritish supremacy In
.South Africa havo ehown equally
that tho spirit of their forboars who'
held Canada against heavy odds for
the llritish flag in 1H13 Is alive, for
wider if not greater service.—Saturday Review.	
Th* Wild r\g.on Naarlr Ratlnet.
The American Museum Journal rs».
porls as proof of tho pessuuto ol tha
wilsl pigeon thnt lhat institution has
sdlffleulty In securing 13 sv«n imsmo el
succeeded only after a feod deal of
dlftleulty In securing 12 specimens of
the I'irsl for swlding to its collection.
It was only a few years ago that
wild pie.-mis In countless number
vtsits*il their regular feeding grounds
in the Mislslls nnd Western States,
and now thoy are so rare that specimens are almost unobtainable. The
compiler of this paragraph has seen
tl'.i'iis us thick In a Canadian beech
ail-" MS lhe ISaVCS theiusi'lves not so
very long ngo. No satisfactory explanation of their virtual extinction
has been "riven.
SUr Wilfrid I.aurlar"»   l'r.jaaal Warts •■
III. Subjael.
During the course of his repfiy to
tho address presented to him before
the House closod, together with his
portrait by Forbes, iftr Wilfrid Laurier, after regret 1 ing the departure ol
that grent Canadian artist from the
Dominion, said:
For my part, lt is with some regret
I isukiisswleslga that perhaps the Gov-
ernini-iit might have deuo more than
it has for the encouragement of
native artistic taloQt. There Is a
scheme which 1 have liaug had in my
mind, which, might nmrva to encourage Canadian artist*. Perhaps if we
were to propose some timo ln the
near future to have theso walls
adorned by paintings repeating Canadian history ssnd rssiiimemoratlng tho
names of Canaslian artists, such a
proposition would meet with universal favor. (Applause.) 1 venturo to
hops that If Uie Government brings
forward -uic's a proposition my friend
Mr. Borden, for whose presence I am
especially grateful, will find it possible tss sii'iiml s ih a motion, Some
two hundred yonr* ago the Government of the Prench monarchy instituted a way of ensoul aging native
talent by establishing le Grand l'rlx
sis* Rbtne, under which pri/.es nro giv-
s*n to thu bs-st stusleiits in painting,
sculpture,    architecture    uml music.
They nr* sent lo Hume fsir four
years, there tss studv tho art to
Which thoy are especially to deVots*
themselves. Perhaps this would tie
too ambitious a schema for young
Canada to undertake.    Dut It some*
thing of the kind wero proposed I
think lhe Caiinillnu people would respond  gs-nersiusly.
Two washings with Sunlight
Soap wear the lin-. n less than
one wash with common soap.
Ask for the 0«-ta»oa, Bar
W. N. U. No.-!)8*...
Stained Olaaa.
Tho glnsRiuiikers of Thebes forty cen-
turle-4 ngo possessed lhe nrt of staining     All tho sprue butws*s*.n    the cradle
ghis.viiiid they produced tho couiiuodi-1 and  tho  grave   is  filled  with  ufli erty In the utmost profusion. Itainty. • ••
. C. E. Smithkrins.)alb, Editor and Prep.
BLOCAN, " •      •       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
.the first insertion aud 5 cents a line each
..subsequent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, (7 each.
Transient advertisements st same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Hates made known upon
The Subscription is (2 per year, strict*
, ly in advanca; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address sll letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, JUNE 27th, 1902.
A pencil msrk in the space
.opposite will be aa indication to yea that y* editor
«*ssidtrs thar*is something
"ceasing to him o* your subscription. Kindlf acknowledge  ia cash and ablige.
■UITWBIAl.  Catorrixus.
Arbitration has scored again in the
amicable adjustment of the wage
?8cale for the C.P.K. trackmen. Were
.arbitration made compulsory and enlarged to eover all labor disputes,
much Buffering, hardship and flnan
cial loss would be averted. The good
sense ofthe Canadian electorate will
yet demand snch legislation.
Crop prospects on the prairies are
very oncour-iging and promise a
yield Burpassin-sr last year's great
harvest.   In anticipation of the big
' yield,   the  C.P.R.   is doubling   its
: freight carrying capacity and scores
-of new elevators are being built.
industrial activity is continuing and
business generally throughout the
-Dominion is in a buoyant condition,
fill affording a splendid advertisement in attracting population.
The verdict of thc coroner's jury
in the late coal mining horror nt
Fernie is that the mines were dan
ijerous, the watering system being
inadequate, and the coal dust permitted to augment. The jury re-
commends immediate installation of
a watering system and a more thorough inspection of the mines Beyond
this limited official censure, nothing
j further has been brought home to the
companv, and the death of 140 human beings will ceunt as naught.
Untold misery and agony fer the
'families of the dead ones will not
much concern the company, and the
same old push will be made to get
dividends. Some effort will of course
' be made to square themselves with
the law, but corporation action tones
ever to shirk responsibility in order
'.to secure yearly returns upon the
.money invested. Company rule in
America is more powerful than that
of government, and tbe monied pow
ers hold human life cheap.
Thank goodness, thc  legislature
.lias prorogued  and  the legislators
.have gone home.   Uncertainty and
anxiety bave come to an end and
the country may once again breathe
with ease.   Prorogation took place
on Saturday, after a session of 12G
.days, the longest oa record.   Something like 7C bills were passed, the
majority being amendments to existing statutes and of minor importance.
.The redistribution bill is the ono act
of material interest pasted, and it is
about tho only relief to bo viewed In
a long drawn-out catalogue of agony.
Talk there has been In abundance,
hut the interests of tbe province have
suffered rather than benefitted.   All
over the  Dominion the  provincial
government is held up to ridicule,and
representatives of capital assert no
previous legislature hus inspired sn
much distrust as thc one just closed.
Freak ideas have been tho prominent
.feature rather than wise and deliberate legislation.   Private aggrand
izemont and greed, aided and abetted
bv liberal applications ef lehby oil,
have been much in evidence, result
jing in a mass of contradictory detail,
.Policies have  been  advanced and
withdrawn with surprising rapidity,
and support has been held and controlled by the office bidder. Money
has boon voted with reckless abandon
and the province deluged with debt.
Dunsmuir as premier  lias been  u
.diatlnct failure,  his dominant ambition being to secure a title, and his
manipulations to control the situation
have  been   most  uaeditying.   The
'balance of the crowd bavo been but
^lttle better. Again, thank goodness.
•the show 's ended and the curtain
.has been rung down on the perform
No session of the city council was
held this week.
Wedding bells are very liable to
ring here shortly.
Sneak thieves have been much in
evidence in the city of late.
The band serenaded Mr. and Mrs.
Jorand on Saturday evening.
The public school closed Wednesday for the summer holidays.
The town has had an unusual number of visitors during the week.
Howard Guestjwent to Victoria on
Tuesday, to spend the holidays.
York & Co. had their first car of
live stock arrive in on Saturday.
The snow hus gone lively this
wsek and the lake has risen in consequence.
The C.P.R announces a return
rate of $2.40 from Nelson to this city
on tho 1st.
A few people went up from here to
attend the coronation day picnic at
New Denver.
The C.P.K. bridge gang bave built
a cattle yard and runway close to
the roundhouse.
Lemon ereek strawberries were put
on the market this week. They meet
with a ready sale.
The government has granted $2500
towards the wagon road on tbe south
fork of Kaslo creek.
E. E. Cbipman, Kaslo, has been
elected grand ma ter of thc Masonic
society of ths province.
Had the coronation sports taken
place at Nelson, the local brass baud
would have participated.
Sidney Norman left Friday fer
Spokane, to celebrate the Fourth. He
will return about July 7.
Misses Milne and Lowe, nursos at
the hospital, went to thc coast Monday, en a short vacation.
A one-legged fakir worked thc city
on Saturday and the next day the
Arlington.   He made a haul.
T. D. Woodcock came back from
Spokane Monday, he having gone
out to seek treatment for his eyes.
James Baker returned on Saturday
from attending the annual convention
of the W.F. of Miners at Dsnver,
Nelson lodge of Orangemen will
hold a demonstration on the 12th of
July. Sandon and Slocan lodges
will participate.
The new bell for thc Presbyterian
church has arrived and will be erected at once. A conceit in honor of tin-
event will shortly bo given.
In the supplementary estimates the
government gives $3000 towards constructing a new bridge across Car
penter creek at New Denver.
Miss Woods, sister of Mrs. R. I,
Bentley, arrived in i>n Saturday and
will visit here a month. The lady
has been visiting on the coast and is
on her way home to Merrio England.
The steamer Slocan is to go into
service on Monday and will take care
of the crowds coming here the next
day. The painting gang still have
considerable work te do on the vessel.
The Foresters of Donvor give a coronation ball this Thursday eve. W.
J. Adcock and wife and Lome York,
of this city, will furnish the music,
while W. Hicks will be floor manager.
Florence Bull, Josie Tipping, Jesiie
McCallum, Annie Montgomery, John
McCallum and Edmund Lavell went
to Nelson on Saturday, to write at
the high school entrance exainina
1st July excursion rates. Account
Dominion day the C.P.R. will sell
round trip tickets between all stations on June 28, 29. 30 and July 1,
good to return on July 3rd, at fare
and one third.
More ship painters arrived during
the week to work on the Slocan.
The machinists also came in to fit the
new engine cylinder into place. De-
lav ie the arrival of other raaohinery
prevented the boat going into service
this week.
Eugene V. Debs, formerly president ofthe American Railroad Union
and one of the foremost men on the
continent, will lecture here this
Thursday evening on questions relating to labor and the government.
Mr. Debs is an avowed Socialist.
The legislative freaks at Victoria
two weeks ago adopted a resolution
permitting the franchise to be exercised by youths of 18. But before
the house prorogued reason again asserted itself and the legal limit was
returned to its original figures of 21
W. Ooepcl, government inspector,
inspected the local record office last
week and, as usual, passed tbe books
with commendation. For the past
year Slocan has averaged $75 per
month of an increase in revenue, a
better r cord than any other ofliee in
the province.
News of the King's serious illness
and the postponement of the coronation came as a great shock to the
city, the populace being overcome by
the suddenness of tbe blow. The
condition ot His Majesty is anxiously
roi lowed and all join in hoping for
hit speedy and permanent recovery.
There is still a small balance due
among the subscribers to the Dominion day celebration, and the commit
tee ask that it be paid into Mayor
York not later than Saturday noon.
Those wishing to subscribe are Invited to do likewise. Money makes a
celebration and the more available,
tha easier to draw the crowds.
To the Ladies
ofSlocan   •   •
The season for Wallpaper ia
here, and we have received
a fine lin* of papers from
on* of the best firms in Canada. The prices will be
found very reasonable, especially aa all customs duties
will be ssved. Splendid assortment and tint class
goods. We represent no trust
but trust solely to the judgment of the people.
Furnished Rooms, by day or
week. Second to none in
the city. Enquire on the
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.	
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Stan City Miners' Din,
No. 6a, W. F. of H.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brsthren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
J. 1.
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining-
SLOCAN, - '.- B. C.
representing the strongest companies doing business in Canada.
Skk new accident policy, with par
ticipation in profits, covering sickness and operatUns.
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
To the Public
Having opened ashoeshopen
Delaney ave, two doors east
of the Arlington office, we
are prepared to do all kinds
of repaid ig. Hand Made
Sheet aro our specialty.
Prices reason, ble.
Slocan, B.C.
COTE & Co.
HAVING psircliaiod and taken orer Rill Bros.
Mill, Lumber and Timber Limit, for an'
Eaitarn sjnslieatss, wa wish to aay to all who re.
quire timbers or lumber, mosilslsug-s, casings,
ate,, that wa hare oo hum! a quantity of (ji-ml
seaiones! material, and wa ar* prepared to cut
to orsler any billa that may be required on the
shortest notice possible. We hope, by atriet attention to business and fair dealing, tss be able
to satisfy the requirements of this district,
Trusting: that we may be farored with your pat
ronaco, I am, yours truly,
W. B. Strathearn,
City ShdtTStorc,
Next to Postoffict, Slocan,
W. J. Adcock, Proprietor.
Repairing is our specialty.   Min*
•rs   Boots made to  order; good
wear and flt guaranteed.   We also
carry tbe largest and best stock of
Cents' and  Ladies' Hoots, in all
th* latest stylea.   Genie' (across*
snd tennis shoes; gents' canvass
boots nnd shoes, c ol and ilurable.
A fine line of La.lius' heavy soled,
wide welte I Oxfords.   America's
latest design. Some splondid samples of Miners' footwear.
per annum.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
Losler Miner-*.! Clsln.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Divi*
•  lien of the West Kootenay District
When located:—Foot,   miles    up
Springer creek and  adjoining   the
Portland miueral claim on tbe east.
TAKE NOTICK that I, Herbert D.Curtis, acting as agent for the Arlington
tljnea, Limited (non*personal liability),
Fre* Miner's Certificate No. B50957.
intend, sixty days from the slate hereof,
to apply to th* Mining Uecorderfora certificate ot improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a Crown grant ol the
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
liefore the issuance of such certificate ol
Dated this 8th day of Mav, 1902.
Meiiteiuma Mlaeral Clalai,
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of Weat Kootenay District.
Wbers located :—On Ten Milecreek,
northeast of anil adjoining the Boiso-
vain misieral claim.
TAKE NOTICE thst I, Samuel 6.
Fowler,ai:ting as agent for The Enterprise
(Dritisl. Columbia) Mines. Limited, F.
M.C. No. B88777, in tend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to tlie
Mining Uecorder for a certiflcate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the iisuanc* ol such certilicate of
Dated this 2f>th day ot May, 1902.
30-5-02. SAMUEL 8. FOWLER
Portland Mlaeral < lelsn.
Situate in tlie Slocan City Mining Di-
vision of West Kootenay District.
Where located 1—On th* south side
of Springer creek, shout four mile*
from th* city ot Sloean.
TAKE NOTICK that I, Herbert D.
Curtis, acting as agent for ths Arlington
Mines, Limited (non-p*reonal liability),
fre* miner's certificate No. lUiOHt**),
intend, sixty days trom the dat* hereof,
to applv to the Mining Uecorder for a
ceitilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant ol tbe
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
befor* th* issuance ol such certificate of
Datesl this 2nd day of June, 1902.
MerinUn •■d Maryland Mineral CUleae
Situst* in ths Slocan City mining division ol West Kootenay district. Where
locatc-d :—On Tigi.r creek, a branch ot
the second north fork of Union creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, John Mc-
Kinnos, free miner's certiflcate No
B38381, sctin-f tor myself and tor R. R.
Bruc*, tree miner's certificate No.B11097
T. O. Proctor.free miner's certificate No
B38749, intend, siitv days from the dat*
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for certificates of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice thaf action,
under section 3., must tie commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
, P*t«d •■•>• 81« <isy of May, 1902.
Co-operative Association-itd,
Slocan, B. C
Having openrd a Store on Main Street, three doers south
of the Postoffiee, we are prepared to fill All enter* for Groceries, Meats, Vegetables, Flour, mid anything to be found
in a first-class establishment.
These Goods are all Fresh and of the Best Quality.
Shares in the Association for Bale at the par value of $10;
$2 down, and $1 each month till paid, Profits are divided
regularly, on basis of , each to shareholder, customer,
and general account.
You are Invited
Te examine the best line of Scotch
Tweeds, English Worsteds nnd
Irish Worsteds ever shown in Sis-
can; also all the latest designs in
Pantings.   Remember,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and the Union Label is a guarantee of the best workmanship, We
fruarantee satisfaction and a per-
oct fit.    mmmmmmmmmm
Wo bave added a select Ua* ef
Compare our reasonable prices—Fiae
White Shirts, $1; Collars, 15c; Regstts
Shirts, in fancy stripes, with collars
and caffs attached, 75c each; Under
. wear, frem $2 a sait; California flannel anderwear, $4 a sait, this line being imported direct by ourselves; the
best qua1 ity blsck, Kelt Hat, Union
label $S 50, equal t* the Stetson Hat
in every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opposite Tiia Drill Oflce.
Star* ale* *S SaaSoa.
Do You
Want a Home?
Then come to Slocan, for it is
one of tho fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Loveliness,
Room* Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes^Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed np by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale if
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
Sold by All Newsdealers
Excursion Rates
Suralab** ■•nthlw a* til lor-at •( Sort*
J*J Mut-** a vm> vo]mmm mt»mw. CttiiZ
e**f rlrtl Cera »eeltlei*.e tw Um mm jay
ri**** tmr flmmm-Omot a M-mlh for aa
«•■*•*• Tssflj* S«b-arl--lar-a, $m.—. If**--*
___\ •*•*" Ike name aad ssUnm *t f*W*
earferraefiea the 1*1 ana of Oirna. we *tllMa«
m*t*moruMHastM"s,7rM. "    ■ ,
■l^a*.^.*! '•»•»«■. rafcllaa*f.
Sl-tbl. * Leeuet Su.. rfcllaOalBtata. Wa.
Hay a6, 30,
June 30,
July •>, 3. 4.
for $18.25.
Why bo without a range •"flies
you can get ono so cheap? The?
are preferrable to stoves end give
better sstisfactlon. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
NELSON, and ie terras-
diate points,
Minneapolis, $ 44.50
Chieage 64.50
Detroit 77.00
Terente ».»
Montreal 100*0
A eorrospondlng redaction
from all Kootenay pota**!
usual diverse routes. M«al*
and berth included on Caoa*
dian Pacific Railway UM
Through bookings to Europe via "J
Atlantic liaes. Prepaid U«*
from all point* al lowost rata*
J. 9. CARTER,     tt J'.CgTft„


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