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The Slocan Drill 1902-05-30

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Ajfv t
' *-,.-'-    -/■
MAY   80,    1-802.
•2*90 PER ANNUM..
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
4-4M, British Colombia.
«*■   '
yum ■ mn imaxmrY.'K
m*wr mmmmvm************^**}^.   ™AwA> ****m^^t^t^r^t^rm^^^^tmMtamwt*****t
We dts*gr th* ittffftt and best aborted istodSn tha city. Upwards of iooo
Files to ickct from. Belnf overloaded
with poles we are clearing; them out
Hart a -aottPto of Plssse Bala Tubs for sale at cast.
Carload of Georgia Haektmldi Coal jaat in.
Large raiige to choose from.   Be the head big
or small,the purse fat or lean, we can suit you
WaTeSHatford-fr C«MQ#Jier^ Merohiuits,
tltocan, VeraTsoa, Fg-drvtew. and Camp HcKlnney, B. C.	
A7YOlM^& CO.,
Dealers In Fresh and Salt
floats. Vegetables and Provisions. Ooods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
r, then
SLOCAN,       -V
■-©a   Ci-
mwaaa&m***}—  i ■*■' l     ■■■"
Offcrs up-to-date accommodation for the
PubHc.    It to the home of Travelling,
Coiatmerdal, and Mining Men.
QETHINO -ft MENPER50N, - Proprietors.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
«        The Werkmaiiahip is Oood
andPrioes are Reasonable
3L0CAN, B. C.
It reached by any trail or road
that runs Into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Three Hundred Dollere Secured Frera
the Royal Bank at NeUea-Dt-lauey
Are Bridge lt.leg aUpalred lls.t.1
Lleeaaea Limited te Bight.
Monday evening's meeting of the
city council was adjourned till the
following evening, owing to tha hall
above bain-*: occupied. On Tuesday
evening all Ibe members were present excepting Aid. Nichol.
Finance committee reported in fa-
vsr ot bills previously presented,
amounting to $152,50. Ite-port was
Aid. McCallum believed an overdraft would have to be arranged for
ta meet current bills, as the civic
treasury was depleted. .Some of the
bills were old and the parties wore
looking for their money,
Bills ordered paid.
A bill from Woodcock A Co , alleged to show an overcharge for spikes,
was referred back to the finance
Aid Smith, for the board of works,
reported that an effort was being
made to repair the Springer creek
Aid. Barber asked tbe council for
instructions for the board of works in
repairing the bridge.
Aid. McCallum said the council
had decided to repair the Delaney
ave bridge, but' to leave the up]
bridge until after high water,
they could take that matter ap. The
repairs to the Delaney ave bridge
would be temporary, enabling teams
to cross over.
The council agreed that the bridge
should bu repaired by tlie board of
works as good as the funds available
would permit,
A discussion arose over the necessity sif bringing in a bylaw eonnrin-
•*^r**J*av*f-tao appointment of a city cleric,
the nis-ini'iT** being somewhat hazv
v i tlie subject Mutter left over for
a week.
Aid. Worden and Barber moved
that ntitice be sent ta the government
re appointment of the new city clerk.
The mayor brought up the question
of -rinending the license bylaw to
regulate thc number of hotel licenses.
The law now culled fur nine, but aa.
•ne hotel had dropped out, there was
need tc reduce the limit to eight.
That number was ample for the city
for some time to come.
Aid. McCallum gave notico of the
required amendment to the licciwe
bylaw-, limiting tho number of hotels
to eight. Amendment is to be Introduced at the next regular meeting.
The cemetery cemmittee was given
another week in which io report.
Mayor York stated that while in
Nelson last week he bad arranged
witli tho manager of tlie Koyal Bank
to secure a temporary loan for the
city of $.'00 lor two months, interest
at 8 per cent.
Aid. Barber moved that thc mayor
and finance committee be empowered
to secure the money, as above. Seconded by Aid Robertson and carried.
A long discussion ensued upon the
issuance of time checks to city workmen by tbe board ef works, tlie idea
being that some more perfect and
sure system ef payment should be
adopted, in order that the city's interests might be protected.
Aid. Smith handed in four time
checks amounting to $15, and asked
the council to order them paid. It
wns these checks that gave rise to
the long talk.
Aid. Worden and McCallum moved
their pay ment. The council during
the wsek will endeavor to devise a
more perfect system of paying the
waxes.    Motion carried
Council adjourned, Aid. Robertson
getting in his work this time.
He* opened under
the old raanageme"**.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
Th£ Royal Hotel,
C.r.^r«a>eir Street end Detoaej* Areaee. eleeee.
Battling thoroaghiy *«»aovated
andt*e atneked *«a«Mt« best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
A K-*grett»l*l« Death.
Mr. and Mrs. James Foley
mourning the loss of their second son,
Alvin, who died on Sunday morning, after an illness of scarce a week _
Death was due to appendicitis, superinduced bv n strain from jumping. On the Saturday it was thought
the lad was recovering, but a relapse
came during the night, followed by
great pain,and death name as a merciful relief. The funeral took place
Monday afternoon and was attended
by almost every pel-ten in tswn. The
school wus closed and the children
attended In a body. A number of
beautiful floral devices were in evidence, particularly that from the
school children. "Patsy" was 12
years of age and wns a genuine favorite with everyone, lie wasn manly young fellow, courteous and obllg*
ing—in fact, a little gentleman. For
almost a your he has assisted each
week in tho issuance -if The DRILL,
showing himself to be miusually
bright and intelligent, and Iiis loss
will be keenly felt. To the sorrow-
stricken family, the sympathies of
the entire community are extended,
but the great grief of the parents is
tempered with the knowledge that
their loss is mutually shared by their
friends and neighbors.
Si-Man Bey t In Betperate Fight nt Hert'e
Letters have been received during
the week from Jee Law and Jack
Clarke, two of the Slocan boys who
went with the Canadian Mounted
Rifles to South Africa. Both were in
the terrible battle at Hart's river on
March 31, but fortunately escaped
unhurt. Law's letter, received hy
Mr. and Mrs. B. Aitchison, was written in camp 40 miles from Klerksdorp
on April 3, and Is as follows;
"All just returned to camp again
after our first fight with the Boer*, lp
which I must say we got pretty badly
Used op, owing to the position we
were lo. I will try and give you a
few details of how it name up. Wc
were sent out in the morning to locate
them, with about 2000 strong. We
travelled about 15 miles, when our
advance guards got sight of tbe Beer
convoy and gave chase, but they got
away. Then we started to camp
right there, thinking that they had
gone. We had just got our saddles
off and the horses watered and the
lines down when, to our surprise, tbe
Boers started to surround ns, and
threw some shells into our camp. Wn
were nothing slow ourselves, aa we
had some guns with us, and there
was a continual Arc for two hour*),
when the Boers retreated. But it was
not without heavy loss on their side,
as one ofthe Boer doctors camo into
our camp for bandages. He said
they had lost more men in that battle
than they had in any other. There
were over 80 put into one grave.
One nf their guns was smashed all to
pieces, and there were a great number of men went down on all sides.
'The next dav I wns digging
graves for our own boys, we having
nine in number dead ami 58 wobikI-
ed, and there are soma others missing. There were over 100 horses
and Mules killed. I hear that
French had another s*ab at them the
next day and cut them up pretty bad.
At least that is the rumor we got, but
vou will know more about it than us.
I suppose you have got tbe news long
before this about the record march
wc made. We made over 90 miles in
the 24 hours.. It was something
frightful to see the men and horses
being thrown, owing to the big hales
made in the veldt by rabbita,or some
other animals. I guess we will have
a few days rest now and then go
after them again."
was tracking aut a load ef waste
from tbe drift and stumbled over
a rock. The barrow jerked him off
his feet and he fell over tlie dump,
dislocating his right shoulder, and
spraining his wrist and elbow. He
will be on tbe invalid list for a time.
Big Lumber Syndicate.
Among the visitors in the city on
Wednesday was W. B. Strathearn,
manager for the syndicate which
has recently acquired Hill Bros',
sawmill at the head ef the lake. The
syndicate is composed mainly of
Orillia, Ont, men, and is headed bv
Chew Bros., of Midland. They mean
business and will operate largely,
exporting mainly to the prairie markets. They have staked nine limits
of tine timber at the head of Wilson
creek and they are desirous of securing more. If the Evans creek limits
were moro accessible, Slocan would
stand a show of being made the
headquarters of tiie syndicate. As it
is, they hope to do considerable business here and with the mines.
canadian answbkbd.
Editor Dkiix:
Sir,—In a letter over the signature
of Canadian in today's Issue, objections are raised against the Provincial Progressive Party on general
principles, from which the following
samples might be culled and collected: "Idealistic but Impossible 'ads,"
"No room for a third party," "aHe**
grafters," "Socialtotle and Labor
combination springing from an alien
graft," etc. The a neve and some
hazy nation of "patriotic' predilection seem to be all we can expect
frem Canadian, even after directing
some little attention to the subject.
But he certainly could have given ns
the above array of generalities without the extra trouble lYcoBslderation.
Wbat we would Ilka to kn«w is* 1.
What particular plank or planks in
the platform are idealistic and Impracticable? 2. In view of the wholesale alienation of the public resources
the continual refust-.l of tha present
parties to protect *thc white producer
frem the Oriental scourge, failure to
carry out party pledges, etc., how
csn he satisfy himself that there is no
room for a third party? 3. What
have the alien grafters got te do with
the Provincial Progressive' Party or
platform? 4. In conclusion, weald
it not be well fer our pseudo Canadian to let us know if true patriotism
does net consist in loyalty to heme
and country, so as to be guided in
improving the condition of the pee
pie, protecting our homes by wise and
just laws in order that happiness and
prosperity would prevail among the
masses rather than the parrot crv of
alien grafter!.Socialism (labor organization 1 whenever n patriotic move-,
ment is on foot to protect the public
against tbe real grafter who profits
by.class legislation?
Whilst always ready to acknowledge room fer improvement in the
Progressive Party and platform, we
not only deny all of Canadian's allegations, but we challenge him to
prove them. The Provincial Progressive platferm is an embodiment
of the crystallized thought and highest intelligence of all the organized
labor and reform bed ies in the province of British Columbia—a sublime
protest against corrupt class legislation and, as such, is entitled to fair
and honest criticism, equally valuable to tbe voter and the legislator.
By way of preparation, however,
some slight knowledge of tbe.facts
will be necessary, which, If accompanied with an honest desire to draw
just conclusions, would, in the case
of Canadian, probably save us all
from theory of Wolff Wolf I wben
there is no wolf.      J. A. Folk.
•Secretary Slocan Club P.P.P.
Slocan, May 23.
Victoria Day Celebrated.
There being no call for an •exodus
up the lake this year, Slocan had a
celebration nil her own on tho 24th,
and It was the more enjoyable for
having been gotten up in a hurry.
In the after noon the rifle club held a
shoot, the young men played lacrosse
and football, and the juveniles held
nn innings on Main street. Tbey
had all kinds of sport, and the fun
derived not only pleased them but
amused their elders, in the evening
some liberal handed spirits purchased
sweetmeats and gave the kids a general scramble, so rounding out for
them an enjuvable holiday.
Oo a Cong rreeeseetlB-j Trip.
On Wednesday morning Nell Goth-
ing and Sam Long left for Ashcroft,
where they will be joined by Mat
Clements, Nels Nelson, Joe O'Connor
and Angus McKinnon. There they
will gather together supplies for a
prospecting trip in the far north.
They will take in with them 30
cayuscs, with sufficient supplies to
last all summer. It is their intention
te cross ovor the Stewart riyer divide
and prospect in the country surrounding the Parsnip, Finley and Omineca
rivers. They are in quest of free
milling gold properties and are confident of success.
T we More Prupertlea te Werh.
Pnymenton Neapawa Baad.
A first payment was made last
week on tho bond on the Neepawa
group, Ten Mile creek, held by P.
I'olehampton. The bonder had se
cured a reduction in the price ofthe
bond, consequently the payment was
not as large us in the original papers,
yet it was in tlio thousands. The
Neepawa lias been working steadily
since Inst November, under the.management of C. Sandiford, and during
thnt time has shipped three cars of
A Painful MUhssp.
Tom  Blench  met with a painful
mishap at the Ottawa Saturday.   He
Work is expected to be started up
in full measure next week on the
Black Prince group, bonded a month
ago by Sidney Norman. As a starter
to active devolopment a number of
men went up on Tuesday te put the
trail into shape so as to get in supplies. Wm. Ennis, the foreman, expects to have 14 men actively employed on the property lo the course
of a day or so. The Transfer, also
under bond to Mr. Norman, will resume operations at once.
We desire to express our sincere
thanks to the people of Slocan for
their sympathy and kindness to us in
our recent sad bereavement.
Mb. and Mrs. J. B. Foley
Laat Tear'a Shlpmenta Were S514 Tene-~
A Healthy Kvldence or the Life aa«
.Wealth or She Canap-Arilagtaa Ste*
Blggeet Shipper.
r i • ■
An Increase is to be noted far tba
week in the ore shipments, the total
amount exported being 140 tons. The
Arlington sent out 100 tons, there
being four teams hauling from the
mine. From the Enterprise 40 tons
ef concentrates was shipped to the
Trail works. For the year the total
is 1935 tons.
For 1900 the exports fromthisdivision amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
tne exports totalled 6529 tons, from*
14 properties. Following is a full
list of the shipments this year to
Arlington ,... 100             1S71
Enterprise  49              480
Ottawa  7
Neepawa  *M
May  •
Paystreak  5
Duplex  7
140 1035
The Sandon camp shipped 105 tons
last week.
Get your license out by tomorrow,
or you will rue it.
Tom Tobin is doing assessment on
the Dixie, on Dayton creek.
Assessments nre piling into the
re.-ord office at a rapid rate.
A car and rails were sent up to the
Rammi.ln.eyer (ro; erty on Sunday.
During Aprilthe Whitewater mine
was worked on tbe narrow profit of
$*U6. -     -— - ■• ■*"•
Tbe lessees of tba Wakefield will
ship their zinc ore to Antwerp, Bel
For the year ending December 31
the Ymir mine realized profits of
The owners of tbe Creole group.
Lemon creek, will enwn grant that
. Quite a number of the beys got
away te the hills this week to do as-
The Sunset mine, near Cody, has
raid another .(6003 dividend,making
$48,000 to date. •> ■ •• -■-
A car of zinc .-aro came down Sat'
urday from the Bosun, consign*-, d to
Antwerp, Belgium.
Randolph Brae** came in from Enst
Kootenay Friday, to look after his
mineral holdings here.
Frank Dick and Jack Wafer went
oat Monday to start work oii-the Rose,
on the first north fork ef Lemon.
Pete Swan has taken a lease en the
Highland Light, situated on the
north side of Ton Mile, close to Aylwin.
The Enterprise Mines aro applying
for a crown grant on the Montezuma
claim, Ten Mile, on which is located
their concentrator.
The sheriff's sale of the McKinnon
interest in the Hampton group,which
was to have taken place on tne 23rd,
did not materialize.
M. Damico has been doing some
more work on the Hamilton group,
Twelve Mile, and has struck fivo
inches of promising ere in tho lower
Several cases arising ont of tho
debts of the Iron Horse group, for
wages and supplies, came before
Judge Forin in chambers at Nelson,
on Thursday. An order waa made
for service on Thos. Noble, one of
thc defendants, who resides In Pittsburg.       ^^
Mayor York is starting a subscription in aid of the Fernie sufferers. It
is to be Imped the response will be
The new schoothouse at New Denver will be built by Murdock McLean.
Several bears havo been seen lately below the city.
Sidney Norman came In from Spokane yesterday.
Mare Cheering Newa.
On Wednesday the town was stirred by the arrival of R. C. Campbell-
Johnston, Nelson; Cbas. Dempster,
Rossland; H. I. Dempster, Victoria!
and H. G. Van Tuyl, Detroit, representing the syndicates owning tho
Republic group, on Erin mountain,
and the Sapphire group, on Twelve
Mile. Their presence here presages
the commencement of active operations on both properties,including tho
construction of a wagon road to tho
Republic. Yesterday morning the
party went up to inspect the Republic, and today they go up to the Sapphire. C. A. 'Hurlburt, of Detroit,
president of the Slocan-Republic Co.,
will join the party hero and decide
just what work is to be undertaken
on the properties named.
The Slocan is
in the hands of tho ram
anaaii BiSii — i*i
W Copyright. 1900, by Sir Walter Besatit
"With submission, my lord, yon cannot, t know too much. The girl's for-
ton* when yoa bavo It will go the same
fray as yonr routs and woods have
tone, Provide for me, therefore, before you begin to spend that money."
"I will give yon a lift} position, with
£200 a year. The girl, you say, bas no
"She has no lover. Your lordship's
rank, your manner, your appearance,
will certainly carry tbe day. By contrast alone with tbe country bumpkins
tbe heart of the girl will be won."
"Mr. Semple." bis lordship yawned,
"do you suppose that the heart of the
girl concerns me? Oo and complete
yoar scheme.**
The Lady Anastasia wss In her dress-
teg room In the bands of her friseur.the
French hairdresser, and her maid. She
wss the young widow of an old baronet She was also tbe daughter of an
earl and tbe sister of his successor.
Sbe therefore enjoyed the freedom of a
widow, tbe happiness natural to youth
and all tbe privileges of rank. No woman could be happier. It was reported
that ber love of the card table had
greatly Impaired ber Income. The
world said that ber own private dowry
wss wholly gone and a large part other Jointure.
She kept a small establishment In
Mount street Iler people consisted of
no more tban two footmen, a butler, a
lady's maid, a housekeeper and three
or four maids, wltb two chairmen. She
did not live as a rich woman. Sbe received. It is true, twice a week, on Sundays and Wednesdays, but not with
any expense of supper and wine. Her
friends came to play cards, and she
held tbe bank for them. On other
evenings sbe went out and played at
tbe booses of ber friends.
While the frlseur was still completing her head Lord Fyllngdale was announced. The lady blushed violently.
She sat up and looked anxiously ln tbe
"Betty," sbe cried, "A touch of red;
not much, you clumsy creature! WUl
yon never learn to have a lighter hand?
Sol That is better. I am horribly pale.
His lordship can wait In the morning
room. You have nearly finished, monsieur? Quick, then—the last touches!
Betty, the flowered satin petticoat! My
fan! The pearl necklace! Sor 'She
looked again at tbe glass. "Am I looking tolerable, Betty r
"Your ladyship ts ravishing,** said
Betty, finishing the toilet
Lady  Anastasia  swam out of the
room with a gilding movement tben
the fashion, and entered tbe morning
room, where; Lord Fyllngdale awaited
her. ^
"Anastasia!". be said softly, taking
her hand. "It Is very good of you to
see me alone. I feared you would be
surrounded wltb courtiers and fine ladles or with singers, musicians, hairdressers and other baboons. Permit
me," and be raised ber hand to bis lips.
"You look divine this morning. It Is
long since I bave seen you look so perfectly charming."
The lady murpured something. She
was one of those women wbo like
above all things to bear praises of
wbst most tbey prize, tbeli beauty, and
to believe wbat they most desire to be
the troth, the preservation and perfecting of that beauty.
"But you came to see me alone. Was
It tO tell me tbat I look charming?
Otber men tell me as much In company."
."Not altogether that dear lady,
though that Is something. I come to
tell you of a change of plans."
"You have heard that the grand Jury
of Middlesex bas presented me by
name as a corrupter of innocence, and
I know not what because I hold my
bank on Sunday nights?"
"I bave beard something of tbe matter, it Is almost time, I think, to give
these presumptuous shopkeepers a lesson not to Interfere wltb the pursuits
of persons of rank. Let tbem confine
themselves to the prentices wbo play
at pitch and toss."
"Oh, what matters their presentment? I shall continue to keep the
bank on Sunday nights. Now, my dear
lord, what about these plans? What Is
"We thought you remember, about
going to Tunbridge in July."
"Well, shall we not go there?"
"Perhaps. But tbere Is something te
be done first Let me confide In you"—
"My dear lord, you bave never confided In anybody."
"Bicept In yoa I think you know
all my secrets, If I bave any. In whom
else can I confide? In tbe creatures
who Importune me for places? In
friends of tbe green table? In friends
of tbe race course? My dear Anastasia,
you know. I assure you, as much abont
my personal affairs as I know myself."
"If yon wonld always speak so kindly!" Her eyes became humid, but not
tearful. A lady of fashion must not
spoil ber cheek by tears.
"Well, tben, tbe case Is tbis: Ton
know of the condition of my affairs-
no one better. An opportunity presents
Itself to effect a great Improvement. I
am Invited by the highest personage to
take a more active part In the affairs of
stste. No one is to know tbis. For
reasons connected wltb this proposal I
am to visit a certain town—a trading
town, a town of rough sailors—there
to conduct eertoln toqolHes. There Is
to be a gathering at tbls town of the
gentry and people of tbe count"-*; Would
you like to go. my dear friend? It
will be nest month."
"To leave town and In May. Just before tbe end of tbe season?"
"There Will be opportunities, I am
told, of holding a bank, and a good
many sportsmen-'Ms a sporting county—may be expected to lay tbelr money. In a word, Anastasia, it will not
be a bad exchange."
"And bow can I help you? Why
should 1 go tbere?"
-By letting the people, the county
people, understand tbe many virtues
and graces wblcb distinguish my character. No one knows me better than
Tbe lady smiled. "Ko one," sbe murmured.
—"or can speak with greater authority
oo tbe subject There will be certain
of our friends there—tbe parson. Sir
Barry, tbe colonel."
"Pah, a beggarly crew and blown up
oni  Tbey are dangerous."
"Not at tbls quiet and secluded town.
Tbey will be strangers to you as well
as tome.   And they will be r-seful
After sll. In such a place you need an
opening.  They will lead the way."
The lady made no response. '
"I may call It settled, then?" He
still beld ber band. "If you would
rather not go, Anastasia, 1 will find
some one else, but I had hoped"—
Sbe drew away ber hand. "Ton are
right" sbe said. "No one knows yoo
so well as myself. And all 1 know
about yen la that yoq are always con
irivlng some devilry. Wbat la tt this
time? But yon will not tell me. Xou
never tell me."
"Anastasia, you do me an Injustice.
Tbls is a purely political step."
"As you will. Call It wbat you
please. I am your -Servant, you know
that*" your handmaid in all things save
one. Not for any otber woman. Ludo
vlek, not for any otber unfortunate
woman, will 1 lift my little Anger.
Should you betray me lo tbls respect"—
He laughed. "A woman? And in
tbat company? Rest easy, dear child.
Be Jealous as much as you please, but
oot with sucb o cause."
He toncbed ber cbeek with bis finger.
Be stooped and kissed ber band and
Lady Anastasia stood awhile where
he left ber. The Joy bad gone out of
ber heart Sbe trembled. Sbe was
seised wltb a foreboding of evil. Sbe
threw herself upon tbe sofa and burled
ber face In ber bands, and. forgetful of
paste and patch and paint sbe suffered
tbe murderous tears to destroy tbat
work of art, her finished face.
l'eople who
,, ■    ,.„„„,,.  v...s* never worry are
When a man gets up in the world ]   ^"l1"       . t o( crodlt they never
a good reputation  often  comes    in   "i)"  "' '
handy as a parachuti*.
If things fail to come your
go around and head them off.
It is bettor to marry a crying woman than a hair-pulling ono.
It Is only by trying to undorst
others   that   we   can g*st   our
hearts understood.-^-U.L. Stevenson"
No man admires a doctor's gener
osity in prescribing large doses.
Kidney and Urinary Troubles
Perfect Cure by Dr.
Followed by  Dropsy
Chase'* Kldney-Uver Pills.
N the evening of the day
I before I was to sail
Captain Crowle and I
were walking through
tbe narrow street tbey
call State lane Into tbe
great market plnce.
where stands thr
Crown Inn. The room nppropi'tHtcd tn
tbe Society of Lynn, whl< h met ever",
evening all Hie year round, was Hun
an the ground floor looking npon tbe
market place.
The society or club, which ts never
dissolved, consists of the notables or
better sort of tbe town, tbe vicar of St
Margaret's, pie curate of St. Nicholas',
tbe master of tbe school, my own father, Captain Crowle and otber retired
captains, tbe doctor, some of tbe more
substantial merchants, wltb tbe mayor,
some of tbe aldermen, tbe town clerk
and a Justice of tbe peace or two. Tbis
evening most of these gentlemen were
already present
Captain Crowle saluted the company
aud took bis seat at the bead of the
table. "Gentlemen," be said, "1 wish
you all a pleasant evening. I hnve
brought wltb me my young friend.
Jack Pentecrosse—you nil know Jack-
the worthy son of his worthy father.
He will take a glass wltb us. Sit dowu
beside me, Jack."
"With the permission of the society,"
I said.
Most of tbe gentlemen had already
before tbem their pipes and their tobacco. Some bad ordered their drink—
a pint of port for one, a Brown George
full of old ale for another, a flask of
canary for a third, and so on. But the
captain, looking round tbe room, beckoned to tbe girl who waited. "Jenny,"
be said, "nobody calls for anything tonight except myself. Gentlemen, It
must be a bowl or balf a dozen bowls.
Tell your mistress, Jenny, a bowl of
tbe biggest and tbe strongest and the
sweetest Gentlemen, you will drink
with tne to tbe next voyage of tbe Lady
of Lynn."
But then a thing happened. News
came wblcb drove all thoughts of the
Lady of Lynn out of everybody's mind.
Tbat toast was forgotten.
Tbe news was brought by tbe doctor,
wbo was the last to arrive.
Doctor Worship was a person who
'""ibltually carried himself wltb dignity.
"Gentlemen." Tbo doctor laid his
hat upon the table and bis cane bsv
sldo It. Tben be took bis chair, adjusted bts wig. put on bis spectacles,
and tben, laying his bsnd upon the
arms of tbe chair, be once more look
ed around tbe room, and all tbis in the
most Important dignified, provoking.
Interesting manner possible. "Gentlemen, I bave news for you."v
Captain Crowle made answer, speak
Ing In tbe name of tbe society. "Sir.
we await your pleasure."
"My news, gentlemen, Is of a startling character. I will epitomise or
abbreviate It In a word, therefore,
we are ell about to become rich. All
you wbo bave houses or property lu
tbls town, sll wbo are concerned In
tbe trade of the town, sll wbo direct
tbe Industries of the people or take
care of the health of the residents,
will become, I ssy, rich."
The doctor pulled out a pocketbook
from which be extracted a letter. "I
bave received," be went on, "a letter
from a townsman, tbe young man
named Samuel Semple—Samuel Semple,"' ho repeated, wltb emphasis, because a look of disappointment fell
upon avery face.
"Sam SempleP growled tbe captain.
-"Once I broke my stick across bis
back.'* He did not however, explain
wby he bad done so. "1 wish I bad
broken two What has Sam Semple
to do wltb the prosperity of tbe town?"
"Mr. Sam Semple," tbe doctor continued, wltb emphasis on the prefix,
to which Indeed the poet was uot entitled In his native town, "doth not ask
for help He Is not starving; be Is
prosperous*.; be has gained tbe friendship or tbe patronage of certain per
sons of quality. This Is the rewnrd or
genius. Let us forget that be was tbe
son of a custom bouse servant and let
ua admit tbat be proved unequal to tbe
duties, for which be was unfitted, of a
clerk. He bas now risen. We will
welcome one whose name will in the
future add luster to our town."
Tbe vicar shook his bead. 'Trash!"
be murmured.   "Trash!"
"Well, gentlemen, I will proceed to
read tbe letter."
He unfolded It and began with a
sonorous bum:
"'Honored sir.*" He repeated the
words, " 'Uonored sir.' The letter, gen
tlemon. is addressed to mysvir- niicm.
to myself. '1 bave recently heard of a
discovery wblcb will probably affect
lu a manner so vital tbe Interests of
my beloved native town that I reel It
my duty to communicate tbe fact to
you without delay. I do so to you
rather than to my esteemed patron.
the worshipful tbe mayor, once my
master, or to Captain Crowle or to
any of those wbo subscribed for my
volume of miscellany poems, because
tbe matter especially and peculiarly
concerns yourself as a physician and as
the fortunate owner of tbe spring or
well wblcb Is tbe subject or tbe discovery.' Tbe subject of tbe discovery,
gentlemen. My well—mine." lie
went on: "'lou are aware as a master in the science of medicine that tbe
curative properties of various spas or
springs in the country-the names of
Bath. Tunbridge Wells and Epsom arr
familiar to you; so doubtless ure tbosi
or Haiiipstead and St Chads, nearet
London. It now appears that a certain Icanieil physician, having reason
to believe tbnt similar waters exist, as
yet unsuspected, at King's Lynn, has
procured a Jar of tbe water trom your
own well—thnt In yonr garden'—my
well, gentlemen, in my own gan'jn—
'and, having subjected It to n rigorous
examination, has discovered thut It
contains to a much higher degree than
any other well hitherto known to exist
ln this country qualities or Ingredients
held in solution which mako this water
sovereign ror the cure of rhoumntlsm,
asthma, gout nnd all disorders due to
III humors or vapors, concerning which
I nm not competent so much as to
speak to one of your learning and
" 'This discovery bath already lieen
announced In Uie public journals. 1
send you an extract containing thc
news.' 1 read tbls extract, gentlemen."
It was a slip of printed paper cut
from one of the dlurtuils or London:
"'It has boon discovered that at
King's Lynn, In tbe county or Norfolk,
there exists a deep well or clear water
whose properties, hitherto undiscovered, rorm a sovereign specific for rheumatism and many similar disorders.
Our physicians bate already begun lo
recommend thc place as a spn, and It Is
understood that some have already resolved upon betaking themselves to
this newly discovered curo. Tbe distance from London Is ho grenter than
that of Bath. The roads, It Is true, are
not so good, but nt Cambridge It Is possible for those who do not travel In
their own carriages to proceed by way
of barge or tilt boat dowu tbe Cam nnd
the Ou.se a distunce of ouly 40 miles,
which In the summer should prove a
oleasant jourucy.'
r.alr   -.Ilka.
Silk thread fabrics were brought from
sou them Persia and India to Greece aa
early as 321i U. O	
Costly  Taraet Practice.
The quarterly target practice of the
north Atlantic naval squadron cost
1178,000 for ammunition.
™_, » *r_   t—.«-. r-™,m,.  tbe well-known butcher, of 586 Adelaide street, London, Ont., is anoth-
m -JX tS^O^auS^ <-**«- ""* ■*• —* ■"«   *»d "**»?« ««--- ot°lt
kW™r double action which this famous prescription has on .both the kidneys .and H*Av»is in a large meas-
ur.TetoeSible for its wondorfu curative powers. When thero aro backacjie, frequent, difficult 6r painful uri-
rtiou!PSropsic«i.JSli^!! MUotiSn."-. constipation or stomach derangements, you may depend upon it that
*$V5 ™chC,tSdtha? E ChV^e'sUShey-Uver Pill, prove themselves prompt to give relief and cerUin
to effect a cure.   The evidence to prove this fact is simply overwhc ming
mT James Treneman states:-''Two years ago I was laid up with Kidney disease and urUiary trO.ib.c**.
Besides the pain and inconvenience caused by these troubles I becBjuo diotalcal. and my legs would swell up
so tbat I could scarcely go around at all. Hearing of Dr. Chases Kidney-Lover Pills I prtxured a box „*<■
continued the use of this valuable medicine until now I can say for n tertainty^ that I am entirely cured I
never took any medicine that did me s.i much good, and am firmly convinced that if it had not been for this
medicine I would not be working to-day " .
As a family medicine of tested anc.S-kn.--wn worth, Dr. Chase's KidL^-Hwi- Pills havo never been ap-
uruoched They act directly on the kidneys and liver, regulate tho bowels and ensure the perfect action, of il,«
digestive'and filtering systems.   OnepHI a dose, 36 cents a boa.   At al! dealers,   or   Edmonson, Bates A Co .
_____*____&& \z£idm4.
J#k*hs suuns d* i4 A AasJl /it, bit a*v~tU t*u
Wstsitut*/ sXmJU <fal£ <UfTo -t^rat/ ftjmVtTiv.
mil. J3&u, /LuCn/4*#u,. ^uW (PawL**-
t________\, &________{e> ____4s
<U<nu JLsvtrt, A?   <to   U Jv   <L4A, fyr Mm**/
7a£tu; jlvwvn/ fhm%>fuya\*/kvH}n4.40?
A man who lives entirely for himself becomes at last obnoxious to
himself. Thore is no weariness like
tho weariness of a man who is wearied of himself, and that is the awful
Nemises which follows the selllsh
life.—Rev. J. H. Jowett.
Reuben Draper, of Bristol, Que.,
Who Was a Victim, Finds Belief
and a Permanent Cure—He Tells
of His Sufferings, and How He
Left His Troublo Behind.
Bristol, Que.. May 17—(Special)—
No disease can cause more severe
and dreadful pain than gravel. Reuben Draper, of this place, was token
ill with this awful trouble about live
years ago. lie was cured und so
many have asked him how it was
done that he has decided to give the
whole story for publication :
"About live years ago 1 was taken
ill with the ('ravel. 1 suffersil great
palp, so 1 sent, for a doctor. He
gave mc some medicine nnd cuius- in
seo me twice aftorwardc, but my disease was not gone, and in a short
time 1 hud another very bad attack.
"This time I sent for another doctor, with about the same results,
only I wus getting weaker all tlie
"Then a man advised me to try
Dodd's Kidney Pills, for be said they
had cured his mother. I thought I
would try tln*m, and bought a box.
"Just ono week after I began the
ticatment I passed a stone as largo
as a small bean, and four days Inter
another about the size of a grain of
barley—this gave mc great relief ami
I coiiunonced to fool bettor and to
gain strength right away.
"That was fivo yi*ars ago, and I
have not had any trouble in. that
wny sines. I havo tho stones in a
small pottle, uml au,voiii> inn sec
them who wlshi't*. Hodd's Kidney
Fills certninly saved my life."
Tho story of Mr. Draper will bo
good news to many sufferers who
may not have known that Dodd's
Kidney Pills always cure (iravel and
Stone in tho Bladder.
What has cured this gentleman anil
hundreds of other very bad coses
should cure any one, anil thoso who
may Iks aflliclod as Mr. Draper wus
should try Dodd's Kidney Pills.
flefrlfxernls-fsl   I'lsnuri.
The florist lias grown Independent of
seasons. You have only to noma a date
on which you wan: a certain blossom,
and he will Iftve It ready for you. The
art of retarding flowers mis always
curious, i.nii now it lias widened out
into very large iliiuoimloiis.
The father of Unydn. tho composer
of "The Creation." was a wheelwright
and often scolded his son for neglecting business.      	
Glass mirrors were known In A D
23, but tbe art of making them 'was
lost and not rediscovered until 1300 lu
Venice.      .
T*he Paaalon   li„,,rr
The passion flower derives Its name
from on Ids-ii (hut all th.. Instruments
of Christ's  passion  are rcpresented*-
vl*.  the  live  wounds. 11,,. ,.„,,„„„
pillar of scourging, i,..si,i,.s ,.„. Uir
nails, the uniivu of thorns, etc.
The "War Paddy Brannlsaa Oatauf
aeaTered His Superior.     ,
The colonel, or "Old Daddy." Ss he
was usually called, had a habit ot
strolling round tbe camps at most un-
soa!-onablo hours. Sentries bnd to be
continually on the alert, for nothing
would hnve given "Old Daddy" greater satisfaction tban to bave pounced
on some luckless one wbo might think
the midnight hours suitable for a quiet
Paddy Brnnnlgnn made that mistake
onco. There In the quiet moonlight
he sat, all unconscious of tbe colonel's
presence, his rifle laid against the tent,
himself burled In slumber. Qently the
rifle was lifted from Its place. But
some good angel awoke Paddy In tlmt
to see the colonel making bis way to
the guard tent. Paddy missed his rifle
at once nnd followed tbe colonel wltb
thc caution of a prairie cat
Outside the guard tent stood tbe
wooden rack which held the rifles of
the gunrd. aud Into It "Old Daddy" placed Paddy's rifle, himself entering tbs
tent to call tbe sergeant In charge.
This was Paddy's opportunity. He
grabbed his rifle ond was back at his
post In an Instant. Thc colonel brought
tbe sergeant outside and ordered blm
to count tbe rifles.
"All correct, sir." said the sergeant
"Nothing of thc sort Tbere Is an ex*
tra ride there. That I am certain of,
for I put It there myself."
"I beg your pardon, sir, but tbe number Is quite correct." again replied tbe
somewhat amased sergeant.
"Come with me—come wltb me this
instant, and I'll soon let you see wbat
I mean."
The sergeant followed his chief, wondering what was going to happen.
"Haiti Who goes thero?" rang out
clear and sharp in tbe nlgbt air from
the now wideawake Paddy.
This wss more tban "Old Daddy"
bad ever dreamed of. For a moment be
was paralysed. Then he marched,
straight up to Paddy, gased Into hit
sweetly Innocent face and, witb s
"Well, I'm Mowed," turned on bis bee)
end vanished.-
Begin life where you are.
Go to work earnestly and confident
Carefully look over what Is to be
Keep a cool head and cultivate
Do not be overcome by seeming mistakes.
Do as well as you can wbat lies near
est at band.
Only weak people are cast down by
sppnrcnt failures snd blunders.
Sometimes our apparent mistakes
help us along more than our seeming
Errors sre sometimes very expensive:
but, tben, again, tbey often save In tbs
long run more thnn they cost
Those wbo win In life's battles art
the brave, courageous ones wbo look
npon all experience as being educs-
tlouaL   .
Meet your difficulties and problems
calmly nud with a belief that If you
do your part tliey will bo solved and
overcome In  tlie best way.
Hnrrlanrl  running.
Ktaryland's Industry employing tho
neatest number of persons Is the can-
uing of fruits and vegetables.
He who says there Is no such
thing as .**,n honeat man, you mny lie
sure fs himself a knt.ve.~-Bishop
Minard's Linimeat (tores Dulcria.
Genius at first is little mors' than
a groat capacity for receiving ills-
cipUnc—-George  IOliot.
OUT OF BOB"! *" -gymptoma. Hoedisc,,.•, i;> 1
of appetite, fui r, si tongue, end g uornl un]'---
tsneitlea. TheswssjinpUnnK.UDsiulecteil, ds*nl"l>
Into bcuU)dlMOM.    HfietritoiajrlnKil. '*"'••
"ounce of prevention is worth a pound of sun'.
1 ad a little attcntlun at this point amy   ;«
mooUM ol sls-kne-js and larso doctor's l)i lis.  I" r
ihla eoat*4ahit take from tw<i so thrssenf Piume-
lee's Vettetable Pills on solus to bo.1, and ono sir
two for thr e night* la auoc* asiou, aud ■ . .r<
l>*ave out thc adjectives and M
thc nouns do the fighting.—Kali '<
Waldo Finerssm.
Where  tho cause  Is  just  tho sum 11
will conquer the great.*—Sophocles
The human heart refuses to belie'•
in a universe without a purport -
liiimuiiiiil Kant.
The sincere applause of a siiiuls)
human being Is of great consoqiioniv
Conscience hns no moro to do wilh
gallantry than with politics.—Slu'ii-
A chs-sirfal fiioe is nearly hih good
f«u nn invalid as healthy weather.—
Flunk If 11.
Canadian Pacific
And the Orient
Travel by tho C. P. It. and be os
Flrst-Cafuas C. P. R. Sleepers
on all through trains.
Through Tourist Sleepers -- the best*
Tourist Rates quoted to all poiniH
East, West, South,
The Old Country,
The Orient,
The Antipodes.
Thoso desiring information In regard to any part of thr* world rem »•
ed by the C. P. R. or Its connect ions
aro ri'i|iii'Ht,.'il to apply to any ' • ■
R. representative or to
c. E. Mcpherson
Cen. Tos. Agt., Wiiinip''''
Havre nnsi  Coffee,
navre, I'rnnco, la the world's Inrp'*"
coffee market.    The amount of I"*"
coniiflodlty in Its  warehouses scl«l",n
falls below 2,00U,(XH> bags.
Waterer*****. .„
Watercress  Is  a   "good ■" rolinQ
brace up for the system.
The  flnr-tra'  Metnt.
Titanium Is tbe hardest metal. »
looks like copper, but will scratch rocs
crystal. The Drill.
Bow Thle Unit of Meehaaleal Tmrem
Cam* to Be Adopted.
When men first begin .to become familiar wltb tbe -methods of measuring
uieclmiilcul power, tliey often speculate
on .where the breed of horses Is to bo
found tbat can keep at work raising
33,000 pounds one foot per minute, or
tbe equivalent, wblcb ia more fun-Ulnr
to some mechanics, of ralalng 330
pounds 100 feet per minute. Since 33.-
000 pounds raised one foot per minute
Is culled one horsepower It Is natural
tbat people should think tbe engineers
wbo established that unit of measurement bused It on wbat horses could
really do. But the horse that can do
this work doea not exist.
Tbe horsepower unit waa established
by James Watt about a century ago,
aud (lie figures were fixed in a curious
way. Watt found that tbe average
horse of bla district could raise 22,000
pounds, one foot per minute. At tbat
time Watt was employed.In tbe manufacture of engines, and customers were
so hard to find that all kinds or artificial Inducements were necessary to
Induce power users to buy steam en-
pines. Aa a method of encouraging
tlii'in Watt offered to sell engines reckoning 33,000 foot pounds, to a horsepower. And thus ho was the means of giving a false unit to ono of the most Important measurements ln tho world.
Tbe Shape of a Olaae Bye.
An art:Ik-InI eye Is uot made In the
form of a globe, ns many people Ining*
lin'. I nt is much tbe shape of a half
w,'i!ii..t shell, though not so deep anil
m-i-.v-tliin and '••'•••• Kven. this, how*
i'yi i- causes lirltntioii If kept In tbe
ns s-'.s i I'oii.-iillilly.
With lovo the heart becomes a fair
ami fertile garden, glowing with sunshine and warm hOcs, anil exhaling
•nvsvt mini's; but Without love it Is
a liliak desert, covered with ashes—
I'luii'les Warren?..
RAVf Winds
Wet Weather
Muse the. Colds that cause
Pneumonia and Consumption* •    a*    »■  »    *   .    a
cures the coltL heals the
lung-sand makes you well.
SHILOH cures Consumption
and all Lung- and Throat
Troubles; and Coughs and
Colds in a day. Positively
guaranteed.  25-*ents. .   .
week, omd
Write to 8. C. Wbus ft Co., Toronto,
Can.* for a free trial bottle.
Katf s Clover Root Tea Ceres Hesdaebs
C. I'  Uishards A Co.
HsiiUi'iiiin.—I have used MINAllD'N
D MM KYI on my vessel and in my
family for years, and for every day
family fur years, and for overy day
Ills ami accidents of life I consider
it lias no equal.
I   would    not   start   on a vo.Voge
—ithoiit   it,   If    It    cost   a dollar a
Schr.  "Storko," .St  Andre.   Kamour-
The man who foolishly does nie
wrong, I will return liiin the protec-
tion of my ungrudging love; the
ii,ore the evil I hut mines from him,
thn more the good shall,go from tne.
$100 REWARD $100.
Tlie rea'lers of th'a pnper will be pleases! t.i
Isinrii thai tlierss Issat MSSt smo droa.lo I di ssiim*
Hi si science Ins Iseeo able Us .'sirs, in ..11 Ua
"i istes, ssnsi ilssst ia euturrli. Hull'- Catarrh
Cure i-s tlssars.nl*; positlvs. cure nssw kusswn tsi ths.
isimlicnilreterniiy. Us arrh i «*i k s c .isal lis-
ti'.nnl irlrW-e, reqnlw*-. i» ensisstiiuiiusul I .ssi-
roi'iit IIaU'a<.'utarrh Cure a tssks.ii Internally,
artiisK sllrectly upssu (lis* i,l<> .1 ,-nnl mm mi- mit
tar.*i « tie* system, t • loliy slostrssyiiii/ th
tsiuiislatlosuf tfsesitae*■.••.iHiilRiviisif It"'iisitirnt
str. iik'ih Isv biilliiissfC up Hsu ion- iliitiiui uml
« -iiniiK ature iniiohnrlt« work. Tu jsr.ii.si<-
' '-luivis-iiswiis'ls faith In its suralir.'power*,
tlmt Use's offsir osie hsui.lroil slollsi s tor nil) ertxi
' tint ll fails tn cssis. 8s*ns| I*r li-i ssf lt»t inissii-
tit la.
Aslilros, F. J. CIIENKV A (X)., T..I ills. 0.
Si. il In ilrsssotiist*!. 7Sc.
Iliill- Fsiinily l'ills . r.- tin. l-i.it.
Times of general cnluiiiity und ron-
fnsion havo ever Ikh'ii productive ol
tlii' greatest minds. The purest ore
i'i produced from the hottest fur-
iiiir.' uml the brightest thiilidoi-Iiolt.
is i-lirited from the darkest storm.—
Col ton.
A Common
Bred Cow
When toned up bv
Dick's Blood Purifier  will  give  ss
'much uud as rich
Jersey cowgives
upon or-
feed, and
a Jersey
cow wheu
will wonderfully increase her yield
of milk. It saves feed too, because
s smaller amount of welt digested
food satisfies the demands of the
system and every particle of r.our-
sishmeut sticks.
s60 cents a pas'knge,
Leemlng, Miles <& Co., Agents,
Write for Book on Cattle end Horseafiec.
Teach seli'-ih ninl. and mako its
practice pleasureulile, and you create
for the world a destiny more sublime than ovar issued from the brain
of the wildest dreamer.—8ir Walter
How   to   Keep Little   Ones   Bright,
Active unsl   Healthy.
Thi-o never was, nnd never will   be. a
nnivi-rmil [Mimosa, in ono icmtdy, for all Ul]
to wtucli tl. hIi in hair—tho very ■nuturo of
many curatives being snch thut wire the
', Kcrmr. ot othor nnd differently eoatcd dim
Liijioe -noted In tho system of tho pntlent—
i what would rulisvo ono iii In turn would ng-
PavaU the other, Wa have, however, In
•'miuue W mo, «hoi. obtamaUlo ln a sound
I nruiiJuiion,),^ atnte, s remedy for many mic
KriiTiiun hs.   By IU gradual and judlcioui
I |"io tar. frailest lysutns sro led intooonvn
1 '^mo und -trength by tbo inflo* nco which
yamino oiortu i,o nature's own reatorative*.
"n-iii'is's the drooping spirits of tis.no with
■■'lo-n iiclirssnio state of morbid de.pon-1-
tncy nnd lack ssf lnU-est In life Isn diseaso,
«?,?' iy fuiiqnlliitln*** . he aorves. dis-pi-sos to
•uuml und refreshing sl"»**—Imparl •< vigor
X. ."0Jtlon of •**•*•» ***** •*'"',h. boin*
" "■•'••nteil. esmiHcs throughout the vems,
"f-nRUiinlng the healthy snimal functions
01 "io system, thereby making activity a
..ccsKsury rojult, strengthening the frame,
nfn? iilnH.h'° to"wd*s««iUv«iorBiins,which
i -anill, dome.nd inoroarscd Biitainnce—ro-
^uit, improve', appetite. Nortbtop-fcLyman.
s,,I,i   n-^."■,*»"»J1"" •» thepubho Uiclr
WUgeo by tho opinion of -sclentlsU, this
U "°„"PProsclies nearort ps*rfeetl.sn of any ln
•*<* nmrket.   All .'nv*. J-,.,*.'It.
I havo looked to the happiness of
my "Hinlrymen as tho obje.*t. to
wlueh my efforts ought to lio dirert-
■"•-Urd John Russell.
Minard's Liniment Cnm Diphtlicria.
A man's ronch should oxcshiI his
8'Wip. or what's a heaven for?
Robert llrownlng.
tomJ'Jil |Ke,,*?(W,» Dyssntery Cordlnl ts a
-.'ii. L Urn '',". dyonterj, dlarrho*, cholura,
liisiiil, .s *'!".nDl!**?t.s»a nlckneas ami s'uinpliilnts
•lisite r ui .c-,y*lron tei'thins. It slvoa Immsv*
i.fX,i?«0iito t^0,M, intter.ng from the olfiscia
Iwri au A1"*1 ln ontlnf" U'"-'!'" ■"i*"'1' ««•"«'"•
"svor .?ii . ao,'**'th wonderful riini.lity.nnst
'nnr ri,,, .. s?-?1u,:r thodlsonao. Nsi s.nss ui'O.1
ti"«Mivwl0UtlU0Jr   *T8 ' bOU'° "' ""'*
•''■■'•'.v    .liM.y   W|,i(:h    Is    liislileti    to
'"   retnrna with seven fresh duties
4 lmsk.-<:harli*s Kingsloy.
Evory motTbor knows that little
children need careful uttcntion—but
they do not nes><! strong drugs. Wlis'ii
baby is poevlsh, cross or unwell, it
is uii unfortunate fact thut too nmny
mothers dose them with so-rallesl
"sssotliing" ini'slicini'K which stupefy
and  put the little    oni*  into an  un-
nutiirui sleep, lint do not remove ths*
saiisi' of the trouble. What is wanted
to mnke th? little onis. bright. choOr
ful ami well is Daby's Own TalilsMs,
whish will promptly curs', s'silic, sour
stoinuch, Indigestion, constipation,
diarrhoea, simpls* fevers and tivth-
ing troubles, Tin**,' give children
sounsl refreshing sls-sji, bocauas they
remove the cause s>f the trouble.
These Utbleta are guaranteed to contain no opiate ur other harmful
sling. Mrs. James Found, Valentin,
Ont.,  says:      "liefore  I  got    Daby's
Own Tablets my iiuiiy was very pale
unsl ilelicute and so peevish that I
hud to walk the floor with him ilny
nntl night. The first tablet 1 gave
him hs*l|i.'il him. and t hat night he
slept soundly Since Ihi'ii the tablets havo made him perfectly will,
and he is now a fins', healthy looking baby, anil is getting quite fut
1 would not lie without the tablets
If they cost a dollar a box."
Baby's own Tablets  aro good for
children of all ogs's ami are taken as
readily ns candy. Crushed to a
powdet they run lie.given with absolute safety to the youngest, weak-
mi baby.   Hold by all druggists   or
m nl postpaid at V"> ci-nts a box, by
addressing Ihe Dr Williams Miiliciiii'
Co.. Brockvflie, Ont.
I.ss\s*  fs-els   no   burden,   thinks    noil ing of trouble, attiempts what   is
BbOVa its strength, pleasls no SXCUSO
,,f Impossibility; for it thinks all
Ihings lawful for itself utul all
things  possible—Thomas  a   Kempls
Is fsriil ducct lo the dli'M'"'
Mdsby '.he Iin|irovcd Dluwei
/lijli tha silcera, cliisra thv air
,   p.r   !..--.. kM". drsipplsui If- tha
lliriut ami  p. tiii.ii.iiilly Ourra
.  •   Catarrh and 11.17'•'v«r. Blosirr
frra. Alldrislrta. ssr sir./** 'V.Cfcsi'
Nlcdlciua Co.. Toronto usj B'iBjIo
Flowers    are  always   lit     presents,
Irsaiise   Hiev   STS  a   proud  assert nm
that a ray of beauty outvalues   an
the Utilities  in  the WOfld.- laii"**""
tr,o.r a"- i..;i..^ t.,01'**'--'«».' 1';vi,':;;;.. r./,..
irlin.   I'uriiiiili'sis \s«si nlilo 1 '"f Sff"   iv,  ro.
£& to lrl, f..r a wn ie* nj^ hjjyri
nol and sslTsii't f CMS. Mr. w   r'•'*L,,, wfc.
•took"   .
ll,* Is happiest, be ho king orpess-
ant, who finds his happlneSBii n
- Qootbo.
The Manitoba wheat market
H-en quiet during the week, ,„.,
trade mines along in a steady way
.without much dsmand for wheat, or
pressure on the part of the holders
to sell it. wheat for immediate or
early delivery is easier to sell than
for more distant delivery. Last
•week prices left oil at 74%*c for 1
northern, and 72%c for 2 northern,
in store Fort William, spot or May
delivery, a„,i by Tuesday afternoon
they had advanced under the influence of stronger outside markets to
7(>"/.e and 7414c; but since then thev
have declined lc, and at the close of
business on Friday the best prices
Obtainable were 75"4c 1 northern,
and 7:114c 2 northern spot or May
delivery, in store Fort William. No.
1 hnrsl is worth 78*4c. June delivery
is not wanted, but will sell at sum'.'
figures as May delivery.
Liverpool Wheat—No. 1 northern
closed on Sutunluy at 6s 5d.
FLO UU—Hungarian patent :ji2.15
per sack of 98 pounds; Glenora, $2 ;
Alberta, SI.85; Manitoba, $1.70;
and vXXXX, $1.25.
OUOIIND FFRD-Ont chop, per
ton. $28; barley chop, $22; Oatmeal
feed,^$14.50; mixed barley and oats,
$25; oil cake, i«0.
MlLLFEEl**— Dnin, in bulk, is now
worth $15.50 per ton, and shorts
OATS—The market has advanced
lc pei bushel this week owing to
Improved demand. No. 2 white oats,
Fort William, 41c per bushel; No. 1
white, in car lots on track, Winnipeg, per bushel, 45c; No. 2 white,
41 to 42c; feed grades, 38 to .t9c ;
ssss.d outs, 50. At country points
farmers aro getting 39c to 31c for
No. 2 white oats
BAULEY—Stocks available are
very light and the market has iitmi>-
esl to 40 to 48c fsir seed gradiis and
40c to 42c for fs.*ed grades, in car
lots on track Winnipeg.
FLA XSEEIV—Dealers are asking
$2.00 per bushel for seed flax.
HAY—Receipts aro light, und the
market is $1 higher at $8 to S9 per
ton for fresh baled. Loose hay is
not offering to any extent.
POULTRY—Thero Is very little
poultry in the market. Chickens are
worth 12Vic per pound for fresh kill,
ed, and turkeys 12V£c to 15c, according to quality.
1! UTTER— No country creamery
butter has reached this market yet
and there is consequently nothing
new to report. The weather has not
been favorable for pasture and consequently milk is scarce in most, districts. Commission houses ure quot-
|pg 21 to 22c per pound for choice
creamery butter delivered in Winnipeg.
BUTTER— Uniry—Butter making
is still a slow process for want of
milk and receipts of dairy are very
light. CsnnmisMon houses are offering us high BJ 20c per pound for
bs'st qualities of rresb made butter In
tubs, commission basis, and from
that figure the market ranges down
to 16c for round lots.
CHEESE—Thle marki't is bare of
cheese, and there is hardly any to be
had. Dealers do aot core to bring iii
iniii'h eastern stock, as Manitolru
cheese will begin to arrive soon. The
Wholesale     s.'lling     price
about i*T,i*".
FIJI'S—The   market   is
abont  11! ic  per dozen  is
for    fresh   su.se   s'ggs    by
trade In Winnipeg.
FOTATOFS— Farmers'
llverOd  in Winnipeg,  25c per bushel.
liRESSFl* MEATS—Beef is very
scarce,   ami has   advanced M>c   this
week. Beef, city slri'Ssed, per pouasl.
8 to t'r; veal. 7Vi to S'/jc; mutton,
10c; spring lambs, each $3.50 tsi
$1.50; hogs, ps*r pound, 7"»4 to B^c.
Ilisles—No. 1 city hides, H'ir No
6\ip, No 8. 4'i. Kips and calf, tin*
sunn' price as hides; doakins, 88 to
40i; slunks, 10 to 15c, luirse-hiilis.
"jsOc   to $1.
WOOL is worth <>!•<• per poiinsl for
Manitoba unwashed fleece.
CATTLE— Beef     cattle    are      very
scarce,   and  iho   market   is  Armor.
liealora are now paying Sc for near*
ly everything,    and   choice  animals
Will bring a little more, \\ • ipiote:
I1, in ;V pit-pound, oft curs, Winnipeg, for butchers' cattle, fltocker
shipments to tbe wool ure wimorous.
Mailings ate worth ns high as |10
per hood at point of shipment. Two
year olds are bringing from $2(1 In
S22 per In'sid.
SIIFI'T— About fl to ."Hie per Ib is
llu*  Milne oil curs.  Winnipeg.
HOGS—-Best   packers'   weights  fi'!,,c
iist pound off curs Winnipeg, an advance Of '.ic Over last week. Other
grades bring proportionate prices.
MII.CII COWS— Cows are \i*ry
scarce! and good milkers readily
bring $45 each in this marki't As
1,1,1,1 of the Stock offerings aro poor,
they bring less money, the range being from $35 to $15.
IIORSFS—There is s good steady
demand for horses for both farm ami
gl'll Till    IISI'.    Illlll    tll'llll'i-.    Mill    lill   liilli-
ciilly in disposing of nil they can se-
, nre. The market Is lieini' hugely
supplied from Ontario. There are
sniiie Montana horses selling. Prices
continue high.
lirnier, ond
bs'ing pai'l
the    tvtsiil
loasls    de-
u I	
w   N. U. No. 1177.
He is only advancing In I"'
l.e.ut  is getting   softer,   his
warmer,  his  brain  quicker,    -       '
'spirit snteriag   Into living   i""
'.Isilin Riiskin.
Mlnanl's Liulmept Cures Garret In Cows.
Dl-rajrel Ilnlloon.
The biggest balls on ever niM'Ie wns
bv a (ieriiiiin t.iiineil Qahswcndt yenrs
nj.'o. Its capacity wns 20,000 cubic
..nils. It Weighed twenty-one nud one*
half tons nnd woultl raise three und
one-half tuns Into the nir.
Mini.   I.lM-htR.
The lantern of tbs Lumly Island light*
house Is 510 feel above high wilier ninl
run bo see" thlriy-one rallfft The Cape
Clear light is 455 feet above Hie sen.
Food Becomes Distasteful and a Feeling   of   Weariness,   Pain   and
Depression Ensues.
From LeSorelois, Sorel,  Que.
Of the diseases afflicting mankind
dyspepsia is one of the worst to endure, its victims find life almost a
burden. Food becomes distasteful ;
they suffer from severe pains in the
stomach ; sometimes.excessive heart
palpitation, and a general feeling of
weakness and depression. Though
this disease is one of the most distressing, it is one which, if the proper remedy is applied, can be readily cured. Thousands throughout
this country bear testimony to the
efficacy of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills ns
a never-failing cure. Among them is
Mrs. Adolphe A. Latrousse, a well
known and highly esteemed lady residing at Sorel,'Oue. ,She says:—
"For two years 1 was a constant
sufferer from bad digestion and its
accompanying symptoms. Food became distasteful and I grew very
weak. 1 suffered much from pains in
stomach and head. I could not ol>-
tain restful sleep and became unlit
lor all housework. I tried several
medicines without finding the least
relief and 1 grew continually worse
until in the end I would, vomit
everything I ate. I had almost given
up hope of ever being well again
when one day T read of a case simi-
ilar to mine cured through thc use
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.' I determined to give these pills a trial and
am happy today that I did so, as by
the time I had taken eight or nine
boxes my strength had returned, the
pains which had so long racked *me
disappeared, my stomach wcjuld digest food properly and I had fully-
regained my old time health, and
have not sinre had any return of the
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are a puro
ly tonic medicine and unlike all purgatives do not weaken the system,
but give life and energy with every
dose. They are a certain cure for
anaemia, dizziness, heart troubles,
rhi'umtsitism, sciatica, indigestion,
partial paralysis, St. Vitus' dance
and the functional ailments that
make the lives of so many women an
almost constant source of misery.
Sold by dealers in medicine, or sent
post paid at 50 cents a box. or six
boxes for S"*,50 by addressing the
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
We are fellow laborers with a common end—reverent to the lowest for
its possibilities, emulous to the
highest for its sublime perfections.—
Alexander Wilder, M.D.
u-5, LIVER
I    lief5 THE SYSTEM
V-   KY     *<        **    CAC.   ^*?       *   N.V.    •
Il is certain that either wise bearing or ignorant carriage is taiight,
as men take diseases one of another;
therefore; let tbem take heed of the
sin 11 puny.—Slinks spears'.
Of all the advantages which come
to any young hum, 1 believe it to be
<l( insiiiHtrably true that poverty is
tin   greatest.—J, n. Holland,
True glory takes root, u„d eve.i
spreads. All false pietenei'. like flowers 'all to tho ground; nor can any
counterfeit last long.—Cicero.
One ounce of Sunlight
Soap is worth more than
two ounces of common soap.
Aak fer Hae Oclagna Bar        «oi
An Education
Its news-gathering facilities—the industrial, social, commercial or political
events of the world—are not excelled by any paper in America. If you are
living west of North Bay you can have the early morning edition (including the big Saturday illustrated) for only $£.00 per annum. Take advantage of this GREAT HALF-PRICE OFFER TO-DAY.
Addr-Ms:  THE OCOBB, Toronto
Tbla la tbe Page Standard II Bar Fenc**, made of "P****e" wire which la twice aa strong ui
common wire. The continuous ooil, note wavy appearance, allows for expansion and eon I
traction which la important owing to Canadian climate.  Our upright wires are In one piece I
.OSS & BOSS. General Agents, Box 633. Winnipeg, Man
Thore Is refilly no time saved by
planting large trees.
Of nil the different kinds of fruit
grown on the farm none Is so reliable
or so easily grown as the grape.
Dwarf pears should be planted on a
spot that has a moist soil, either naturally so or made so by suhsolllng.
The best shape for the garden is an
oblong square. In tbls shape It can be
plowed and cultivated to the best advantage.
One advantage of buying trees ln the
fall and heeling them In Is that thoy
are on hand ready to be planted out
early in the spring.
One object to be gained In nny pruning Is so to reilneo lhe wood ns to
equalize growth, so that the leaves and
branches will not interfere witb each
With the qnlnee. after tho loaves fall
In autumn and before tliey start in
the spring, it is n •.•ood plan to cut baek
every shoot, usually ratting back one-
half of tbe new wood anil thinning out
the old.
Strings of pearls are festooned on
bodices and form shoulder straps.
Rhinestones and jet are combined in
some of the ornaments seen ou the latest models In millisiery.
White moussclinc do sole Is much favored this winter for evening gowns,
lace trimmed and spangled.
An exquisite house pown of white
crepe de chine Is trimmed witb garlands of violets embroidered on whito
moussollne de soie.
Jiinl   I.Ike  the Ruoki,
"I'm from England." said the man
on the car platform, addressing nobody in particular and apropos of nothing "and I want to tell you people that
we all are only a lot of rooks. Say.
did you ovor watch n colony of rooks
iniild their nests in the S|iriiii;?" ■
.Everybody looked reflectively nway.
"Well. I'll tell you. First a rook
picks up a stick and puts it In his
nest then goes away after snosher
one. When he's gone, unotlier rook
files to his nest and steals tbe stick.
When he gets b'ick, he puts down the
second stick for still another rook to
sfal and starts after the first stick.
lio doesn't nnd It, and when he gets
back to his nest he finds the second
stick gone, and ho starts after thnt
scolding und swearing In rook fashion.
"By this time the other thieves have
boon robbed, too, and it only takes
ubout three sticks to go around the
community and get the wbole blamed
colony powwowing. Say, ain't tbnt
human nature?"
Everybody looked reflectively away.
Five Angela on a Needle Point.
It Is related of tbe late Dr. Robertson that on one occasion he was ln
tbe company of some theological students. They, fresh from the study of
church history, were laughing together
ovor the old scholastic question, How
many augols are supported on tbo
point of a needle? They wore surprised when Dr. Koliortson turned to them
and said, "Well, how mnny do you
llilnkV" As no one answered he went
on, with decision, "Well, I'll tell you—
live." Ami lie Justllled his answer wltb
Ilie following story:
Otic very stormy nlgbt be was coming liome late and noticed a light in tbe
window of a room where he knew a
poor Woman lived whose husband was
at si'ii. lie wondered what kept her up
so l.ile and went to see. He found her
bard nt work sewing by her lamp,
while her Ave rosy children were sound
asleep beside her. "There," said Dr.
l.obcrtson, "was a needle supporting
five uugels."'^	
Hie  Sweet   Mssllss-r.
A stoutly made little fellow of eight,
tn Iiis mother, who hnppfiis'd to lie et-
Iri'iiiely thin:
"Oh. nmi her, I do believe you must be
tin* vs'i-)' sws's'tost woman in the wsjild!"
"Thanks, very much, Lawrence. But
why so nffi's'tloniite? What do you
wnut ?"
"I don't want anything. I only kno*v
ynu must he the very sweetest woman in
the world."
"Ileally you nre tno flnttering. Why
this sudden outburst of affection?"
"Well, yon know, I've been thinking
over the old, nlil i-nylng, 'The nearer the
bone   tbe   Hws's'ter   tke   meat.'"
I.lirlsi and Store.
A rny of light which would travel
around the earth In* about oue-elghth
of it second takes more than four hours
to conn' from Neptune, For Alpha
• eiitaurl, the nearest lixed star, light
makes tbs journey In Uvo and one-half
> ears.
Without question the best and
most effective springs in Canada for
thc cure of rheumatism, kidney or
liver troubles. Tho medicinal qualities of the water arc unequalled.
Splendid hotel accommodation ; fine
fishing and hunting. An ideal spot
for the invalid.
difficulty of
tightness of
the chest, wasting' away of flesh, throat
(roubles, consumption, coughs, catarrh,
:olds, pneumonia and pleurisy.
A SAMPIE FREE IY MAIL to every sufferer.
Pul-Mo is for sale by all druggists at
fi.oo per large bottle, and 15 cents for
small bottle, or direct from
Ill-wool mica roofing
itepul 11 tion for durn*bility establishes! Eloren
tear*? trial. Our severe frost has uo Bisect nn it,
liesvisro of Ami'ricau paper felting which cracks
in our climate.
*Af. O. -F-ONSECA.
li6Higgia->ave.,Winnipeg. Ss.11.il Agsst
Real Estate Aijent.   Issuer of Marrlngo Licenses
Screcy is the element of all goodness ; even virtue, even beauty ia
Excellent Its nauna exist why Dr. Thomaa'
Eclectric Oil sshou d be need by persons
troubled with affections of the throat or
lungs, sores upon tho skin, rheumatic pain,
corns, bunions, or external injuries. The
reasons are that it is speedy, pure and unobjectionable, whether taken hsternally or ap-
pliW outwardly.
Let a man overcome anger by love,
let. him overcome evil by good, let
him overcome the greedy by liberality, ths*liar by truth.—Duddha.
Monkey Brand Soap makes copper like
gol<l, tin like silver, crockery like marble,
11.il windows like crystal. M
—^ t	
He, who in dubious circumstances
aids In deeds when deeds are in*ci's-
sary, is the true friend.—Plautus.
Miuard's Liuiincut Cures Colds, Etc..
Prlaclple Ipon Which Thle Comn-.ee"-
Ity Ie Manufartnrril.
The principle upon which tbe manufacture of ice is based Is that a gas
when compressed gathers heat enormously, and if robbed of this boat and
allowed to escape at a future time It
seeks to regain Its boat by withdrawing heat from its surroundings. Ammonia gas Is generally preferred to
others because it can be liquefied with
[' comparatively little pressure. On removing tlie water from common ammonia by slistillatisiii anhydrous ammonia is obtained. This Is compressed
by a combined steam pump and a compressor, and the resulting liquefaction
Induces heat, which Is economlied by
circulating water nbout the vessel or
pipe containing the lli-ucllcd ammonia.
Thus f.ie ammonia Is cooled aud the
heat largely triinsferreil to the water,
which Is then pumped back to the
boiler that supplli'S the steam pump.
The liquid ammonia Is then carries! In
a pipe to expansion colls that afford
plenty of room for Its evaporation,
when It begins to return to the gasejus
form and to draw heat from Its surroundings, which gradually reduces
the temperature. I'ropcr vessels ot
water nro placed In contact with tho
expansion colls, ond In due time Ice
Is formed.
Lynch  Latr.
Lynch law In Its usual moaning is
said to be traceable to a Oahvay worthy. In 1403 one James '"ItsRtcpben
Lynch, a mayor of that city, sentenced
his own son to detith for murder and.
fearing a rescue.* had the culprit
brought home and hanged before his
own door. Tho tradition may be found
Blinded to In Thackeray's "Irish Sketch
Hook." There are critics, however.
Mho say thut the law was ln Its origin
essentially American, and they dato It
lines to Charles Lynch, a Virginian
planter of the sevontoonth century.
I.nat Words or Martin Lather.
Martin Luther's last words wore,
"I'utlier In heaven, tbongb llilfl body
lu breaking away from'ns anil I am
departing this life, yet I know tlmt I
shall forever bo with thee, for no ons
can pluck mo out of thy bund." '• '..•.'-.
-TBI". WILL, SLOCAN. B. C., MAY «0, im
C. E. Smitherino'.'J*., Editor and Prop.
is rtnusHBD *w*»rjr*M**.*iy at
-SLOGAN,      -      -       -       -     B* Q.
•tiOntoyou that ye editor
>o-tsidsrS there isspstitblBg
^sossiag to bin on yoar enh-
ftMpiiom. ,|Ut*4lv^'Jow-
deds> ia cash and oblige.
The public school was closed Inst
Tlio. lake has risen a great deal
during the week.
Ff-ed Johnson has erected an addition to Iiis residence.
The license commissioners for the
ottyrwlll meet on June lt.
Friday and Saturday beingr hoH-
Legal Advertising 10 ,"***tOts aline for
<the first insertion and 5 c-eritt? a line each
•sabseqaent insertion.
Gertiflcatasbi Impro-ifc-isfent, #7 each..
Transient advertisements at ssm-* rates
^^tffwlfwd 10 cents . lin.|a«^ the iw o^olfice was closed
dot each insertion.
Commsrcial Rates triads known noon
fy in advanos; |2.*i0ayear if ntHsopeid.
Address sU letters to-   .
Slocaa, B.C.
■MTosBiai. onor-piMus.
-The aniqrtals are still at it in the
-leg Islative ueaageris at Victorla,and
mtMafi d«*ceney is being debauched
|lW a carnival of Tils vituperation
Fapey such language as: "you lie,'
•-ytritt're a liar," "miserable, cur,'
JaafsifrAatx .hurled "across the floor of
jttW ikklative.body. Heavens,what
* ti**"*%e*tv oh parliamentary dignity
jaiA lnUlligeaeel
the uncertainty of tbe prevlueial
^roysmment   forces   rather   than
through any kick registered by the
^position, has caused the dropping
pf-ibe railway policy and the saving
to tbo people of severs! million acres
M choice land.   Arid, for a time also,
(tbe public exchequer escapes the inroads of tbe grafters to the tune of
.some more millions.   In tbe nrfsaif
etlme the people may become eddcat
-ed to the better and safer method of
"building railroads by the' j$rern-
^rnent and far the government.;' '
Peace may now be1 said to reign at
ilast in South Africa, the Boers haying
accepted tlie Inevitable and surren
rdered.   It hss been a terrible war,
^costing millions of money and thou
rjands of livtjs.     Despite the'great
.east Britain has gained mightily by
-the struggle, as the defects 'Sf her
.army system have been laid bare
aud remedied, fresh spirit put Into
rtbe Empire, and the world at large
•taught tbe strength and resources oj
the nation.   The war has been the
.means of bringing to the front the intense patriotism of the various colonies,  whose   attachment   to   tha
Mother Land has been evidenced by
ttbe sacrifice of numerous lives to tbe
Empire's cause.  .Canada, in particu-
larches done well, earning a repute
.lion second to none.   Bhe finds not
-tier tie of allegiance to Britain at all
Jrktome, and what sacrifices she has
.made bave been prompted by heart
-felt love for tlie old flag.   It is not
too much to hope that the Boers, now
awakened to a true knowledge of
.their position, will readily fit them
,selves to the nsw order of things, and
in a short while outvie even Canadians ln their zeal far the welfare of
Greater Britain.
British Colombia has been peculiarly   unfortunate with   her coal
mines, the operation of which lias ten
.a sad record of disaste. and death.
.Some years ago Nanaimo witnessed
a great loss ef life in her mines,Cumberland came next, last year it was
Extension, and now it is Fernie, the
wont ef all.   The latter accident, re
.suiting from an explosion of gas last
Thursday, was truly appa.liing.send-
4ng a thrill of horror through the
-country.   One hundred and ton human beings lost their Uvea,* majority
of   them   being   English speaking
gainers, which brings the disaster
pointedly nearer.   Surely some better scheme for safeguarding lire can
•be evolved In the working of the
mines than are now ln force.   Or,
-can it be, that in tbe baste te acquire
•wealth, tbe seversl companies are
inclined to relsx that vigilance made
incumbent en them even by existing
laws?   Too often has it been shown
in this country that the opulence and
(influence of companies have rendered
tbe operation of the statutes abortive
and ef noa-effect, resulting in human
life being cheaply held and frequent
.disaster.   Laws should be snforoed
' bere as in England, without fear or
favor to aay.   And. as with the coal
meaaures.se to*with tha metalliferous
mmsa. fvayy possible care should be
H*l0QAiy adopted tb safeguard tbe
je-flployees snd preclude accident.
Sloean sent out quite a contingent
t)f sightseers to the Ksslo celebration.
The Anglic n synod of Koetenav
will meet In Nelson on June 11 and
Jobn Kaskala itu'  family have
Kie to Michigan, to «ak.   . ranch-
T. D. Woodcoek went to Spokane
on Saturday, to obtain treatment for
his eves.
June 26 is to be declared a statutory holiday, in honor of the king's
coronation. .
The license commissioners for the
Slocan district meet in New Denver
on June 16.
Beef has gene up in price 20 per
cent of late. Flour and sugar have
again gone up.   —
A number of the local Orangemen
will sake in tbe celebration at Revelstoke en July 12.
W. H. Bemisb returned from tbe
east on Friday. While away he com-
mitttd mati-imony.
The work of rewiriagthe Delaney
ave bridge over Springer creek commenced on Tuesda v.
D, Arnotleftfor Toronto on Men-
day, having been called thither by
the illness of bis sister.
Rev. Father Cote will hold service
in the Brandon acboolhouse on Sunday next, at 10 o'clock a.m. and"7.<30
The grand lodge of the Oddfellows
meets in Vancouver on June 11. S.
B. Clement will represent (he local
lodge. ,
' The last of the Canadian troops, in
which are the seyen boys from here,
sailed from Halifax for South Africa
on Friday.
Torn and John Blench received;
word on Tuesday ofthe death of their
brother William, at the New Westminster asylum, i ..c.
C. B.Taylor and wife have returned from n lengthened visit to Spokane. C, B. went as far east as New
Yawk and Boating.
The C.P.R. hns again found tbe
Slocan route of great service in handling freight, because of the slides, on
the Crow's Nest branch.
Mr. Dunlop, tonsorisl artist, and
Mr. 8kales. artist in facte, had a'
slight misunderstanding en Main
street, Monday. An armed neutrality now exists.
A third change has been made in
the appointment of a Methodist minister to New Denver and George A.
Cropp gets the job. Slocan is to be
placed under the superintendency of
Give us your order for furniture
and see how quick we will bave it in
your home. Tlnsmithing done on
short notice and mining work a sj
eialty. Store, Delaney ave.
ft Co., Slocan.
Tom Horn and Johnny Boyd were
drowned last week in the Columbia
river canyon above Revelstoke. The
former was an eld-time partner of J.
Beauchesne and the latter of R. I.
Kirkwood, of this place.
Rtev.rMr. McKee had a pleasant
surprise* last week while making his
monthly visit to the Arlington mine,
the management and employees pre
sentinghim with a richly lined purse
as a token of appreciation.
A variety shew, under the name of
the New York Clipper Co. held the
boards in the Music Hall on Monday
night, being accorded a fair bouse.
The several turns were good, but
tamely received, savoring greatly of
the concert hall order. The trick'
bicyclist was much in evidenes, both
on the street and in the ball.
Susan M fraction, Valley fr.Gold Crown,
Spring Valley, Susan G, Susan S, Nee-
Cawa, Flora fr, Boissevain, Edison, Ha-
20—Sidelight, Hoodoo for two years,
Comet, May for two years, Strathroy for
two years, 11C for two years.
Paystreak for two ..years, Rainy Day
for two years, May, Florence.
22—Onslow, Moonlight.'
May 20--Iron Horse, certificate of lis
pendeiiB.by T A Mills, deputy registrar.
21—Twin, James Crawford to 'Sohn
Bull. *<       •
Florence, W B George to same.
K-Sligo 1-8S, F S Andrews to R A
Bradshaw. . ; V
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
B. A. Sc
J. M.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN. ,? - B' C'
; aspe-
Appended is a complete list ol tbe vsr
ions records registered at the local regis
try office, fi. P. Christie boing mining
Msy 19—Pine Pong fr, head of flprin
gar creek, N F McNaught.
. 20-VYoodtiek, oa False creek, II R
Woodbine, sanw,*R 1 Bentley.
Msy lft—Simcoe, Gatineau, Twin Bister No 2, Black Hussar, Queen of the
Hills, Twin Bister No 1, Early Riser,
Basset, Wedgelr, Rother, Suparior.Kilo,
Banger, Mtyfavk, Violet, *saddle Rock,
Furnished Rooms, by "lay or
week. Second to none in
the city. Enquire on tbo
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The-Leading Parlors:
NOTICE is herebygiven that I
tospplvat the next regular sitting ef
the Board of Licensing Commissiooars
of the City of Blocan, to be hold after
tbe expiration of 30 days from tho date
hereof, for a retail liquor license lor the
piessasss known as tho Royal Hatel. situate on Lot 18, Block IS, Slocan, B.-0.
Dated at Sloean tbis 1st day-ofMoy,
1902. -      , .._**
NOTICE is herebygiven that I intend
Sapply St next regular sitting ol Board
Licensing Commissioners for the City
of Slocan, to be held after the expiration
of 80 days from the date hereof, lor a
retail liquor license for the premises
known as'the Windsor House, situate
on Lot 6, Block A, 8locan, B.C.
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this 7th day of
May, 1902. , «. i.
". ' Mf***
Shoe Store,
Wa J. Adcock, Proprietor.
Full line of Gent's & Lady's
Footwear kept in stock. • .
Rep-airing done at shortcut
notice aud in proper style;
Custom Work a Specialty
. Miner's Boots
premises and guaranteed to
-    Wwtaaer proof. ,.    .
for $18.25:
Why be without a range whet
you ean get one go cheap ? The-*
are preferrable to stoves and five
better satisfaction. These qmges
burn wood or. coal -and .will be
set up free. . '.
I0DAIS il ualffliS
,»ranging In price from
$a to $3$. We have
also a f ull stock of all
the necessary supplies
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, EC.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Hones for
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,  Deal Estate,
•nee, Accountant.
' Abstracts   of   Titles Furnished.
Slocnn,      -      -..;   B. C.
To the Ladies
of Slooan   .
The season for Wellpaper is
here, snd we have received
a fine line of papers from
one of the best firms in Canada. The prjees will be .
found very reasonable, espe-
cislly as all customs duties
will be saved. Splendid assortment and first clses
goods. We represent no trust
bat trust solely to the Judgment til tke people.
an city ur a*
No. 6a. W. F. of ft.
—r    '.,
Meets every W-edllsesiay erenlnf
in the Union Hall. Slocau City, at
7.30 p.m. Visitinf brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secrets ry
Mate if HpjMts.
Tw* rrler-.de Mlaeral Clalaa.
8itaats in the Sloean City Mining T>ivi-
sjeaof tbe West Kootensy District.
.Whore located :—East of Arlington
Basin, Springer creek.
TAKE ROTICE that I, Herbert T.
Twigg. (tgent for Archibald York, free
miner's certiflcate No. B14S75; Walter
T. Bhatlord, free miner's certiflcate No
B22117; James W. Moffatt, frue miner's
ceftifiesto No. B50189; Peter McVeigh,
free miner's certificate No. IW362S; William J Andrews, free miner's certificate
No. B38364; and James E. Tsttersall,
Free Miner's Certiflcate No. H38394,
intend, sixty days Irom the dste hereof,
to apply t the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
nnder section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certilicate of
Dated this 17th-Isy of April, 1002.
18-4*03    IIKItnKRT T. TWIGG, Asent
l.uS.r Mlaeral Claim.
City Mining Divi
Kootensy lifstridt.
Slocan License District.
"|*HK following applleatloDR hare been recelr-
1 l'l for Itatail Llanor I.lrenaaa, ansl will be
opnulilarad by the Board of Lioeoae ('ommla-
aioaaraof the Slocnn Lleeoae Diatrict, at the
Ceurt Houie, New Denrar. nn Mondnr, the *li-
teenth dajr of June, at the hour of eleren o'clock
John MoKlnnoo, Arllnston llnaisi.
8. A, Mr.Miisnia, Hlocan Jsinctioti.
DntesJ at New Denrer, thla "-Vih Say of Mar,
Chief l.li'i'iiei' lsis,|w'itnr
Special Sale!
Furniture !
30       DAYS
commencing April 1.
ef the largest stocks of furniture, carpets and linoleums
la the Kootenays will truly
Go at Cost Price.
Now Is year chance to have
your home furnished compute. Mall orders promptly
attended te.
Nelson, B.C.
sSituste in the 81ocsn
slop of tbe West
Where located:— Four miles np
Springer creek snd adjoining fhe
Portland mineral claim on the east
TAKE NOTICK that I, Herbert D.Curtis, acting aa ageut for the Arlington
M!nes, Limited (non-persons! liability),
Free Miner's Certificate No. B50Q67,
Intend, sisty days Irom the date hereof,
to apply to tbe Mining Reeorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Grown grant of ths
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
nnder section 37, must be commenced
liefore the issuance ol such certificate of
Dated this 8th dsy of-Msy, 1902.
Mar-teaam* Mlaeral 4 lal-a,
Situate in the Blocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located :-On Ten Milecreek,
northeast of and adjoining the Boise-
vain mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Sam*,-,! g.
Fowler.actlng as agent for The Enterprise
(British Columliis) Minca. Limited F
M.C. No. B38777, i.tan-J. sisty dta
from the date hereof, to apply to tL
Mining Recorder Ior a certificate of improvements, for the purpoieof obtaining
a Crown grant of the above claim
And further talcs notics that action,
nndsr.sect on 37, must be coramenceti
belore tlie issuance of .inch certificate ef
Datod thii 26th dav of Mav 190"
30*5-02. BAM UKLrl." FOWLER
1 You are Invited     g
Te examine the best line of Scotch
Tweeds, English Worsteds and
Irish Worsteds ever shown in Slocan; also all the latest designs in
ranting*,   ltemember,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and the Union Label is a guarantee of the best workmanship, We
guars otee satisfaction and a perfect fit*   -.     *      -' j -■■■ ■*
We hate added a atAtM line of
Qents*,    '
Compare our reasonable prlees-Fioc
Wblte Bhlrtt, $1; Collars, lSe; Regatta
Shirts. In faney Wipes, with cellars
. and caffs atuebed, 78C eaoh; Under
wear, from $S * stU$ Califbrnla flannel underwear, $4 a Mit, thla line being impertrd direct by euraeWes; the
best qualtv Black Felt Bat, Union
label Jo.flO, equal tithe Stetsen Hat
in every way;
A. DAVID, $locan
Store: Opposite The Pmia Office.
Do You
Want a Home?
* * .< .
Than ooine to Slooan, for it la
ono of tho fturost spots on this
earth of ouwu Levolnoss,
Room, Soonoxyf Hosltlv-Fishing, Hunting-JUads, Railway
Steamboats, CrhnrohesJSsOhool
Hospital, Pnblio Halls and
enterprising citisens aresome
ofthe advantages enjoyed hy
this City.baokesl up By Un-
*' -" ' •*_''j    *    Al' *       ,*t
surpassed and ProvenlDneral
Rosouroes. Naturo and Man
hath deoreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale if
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Sold by All Newsdealers
faralebe* ■•**-*•• ts all kmmt ml 8oa«
aad Meals a vs« voIobm ef Hew, Caelee
Ceev-ietit C*Mf>*eHleae br tbe roeM pof*-
ml*r aoKir**. e« fagM e» eSsaa aSksele.
malt Voeal, ball la-snSeatal-ai Cameleia
syy y^y*^*ffjS^.1 rrH
Slq-btb A UyammAtam^ "^llae«>l**ita. Oa.
per annum.
Excursion Rates
Hay j6, 30.
June 30,
July a, 3* 4.
NELSON, and laterms
dlate points,
Misaea polls,
A eorresponding redaction
frem sll Kootensv poin"1
usual diverse routes. Mesli
and berth Included on Cans-
dian Paclfla Rsilway l»*<8
Throufh bookln-rs to Europe fU »
Atlantic llaes.   Prepaid t>«-*«"J
frem all points at lswest raie*-
J.8.CARTICK,     ■.-*,".0gTft,
f*fc*   ^ui;rvcr


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