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The Slocan Drill 1902-01-10

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TOL. II., No. 4\.
Arrived In:
100 oases 40 per cent. Giant Powder
50 oases 60 '*
25 oases Gelatine Dynamite, Giant.
ON HAND: __        m     _-.
60,000 feet GuttaPercha Tuse
20,000 Al Blasting Caps
8 dozen 5-lb Verona Picks.
Hardware Merchaota.
. What abont a Mackinaw or a pair of Rubbers,
or a suit of Underwear.   Don't forget us.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Sloc4in, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinnev, B. C.
A. YORK <fc CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
GETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
I MSA ai Personal Management of Jeff Baty,
ho is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
JANUARY   10,   1902.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
<f Is reached by any trail or road
f that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Gents' Furnishings.
Just opened up in my store, on Main
street a full line of Oents'Furnishings,
Clothing, etc.; also Rubbers, in women's,
men's, and children's sizes. All are to be
disposed at close margin for cash and one
price only. Orders taken for custpm
clothing. All work first-class and fits
Mqjn Street, Slocan.
"FAriOUS  34"   VOTERS
The Whole QsiasUon Hinted Upon the
A.MUmenti Koll—That Mini,' by (Ily
Ilclisrisl ts, bo No Giiisil—Story of the
Well, tho agony is over, and the
"famous 34" will not appear on tiie
city voters' list, Mayor York and C.
O'Brien were in attendance at tlie
court, and what they Raw and heard
is told in tlie .Miner of Tuesday, to
wit and to tlie points
The application of tlio now famous
31 of Slocan to have their names
placed on the list of voters of tiiat
city, was heard in chambers yesterday by his honor Judge Form
and their application refused.
The names of the applicants had been
omitted by .Mayor Yoi;k in revising
the votoTs' list, and on their behalf
VV. A. Ualliher applied for an order
from the countv court Judge, under
section 12 of thc Municipal Elections
Act, to whom appeal may ba taken,
direct ins; that their names lw inserted. The refusal was based on tlio
preliminary objections raised, 80 that
the general question of tlie lights in
joint ownership was not touched upon
R. S. Lennie, who opposed the application, argued that though tlie ap
plicants mav be property owners thev
were not entitled to vote under ub-
section (a) of section (i of tlie ait, un
less they were also assessed owners on
the assessment roll of the city. Tlie
assessment roll used as a basis fir the
lirst election was tlie assessment roll
prepared by the provincial government. f.r th,* area now included in
the city of Slocan; the council had
u»t pre* | ni red one t-ub-equ.-iilly fir
1901, -t nd imbed hid no power to d"
so. The names of thi) applicants nor
being* on that roll.thnj could no: now
ii * tho assessed owners and had tin
I cum standi to be placed on the *>;.*<1
Mr.Galliiicr contended (hat the
municipality of Slocan had prepared
Ull .-i*w!\-j.-i:iciit roll ill 1.101, and r-eur
'lit notices and had called a 0 itU'l i i
revision. The previous year's roll,
whieh had been prepared by tiie pro
vincial government, could not be l i
ken as the assessment roll of tho city
of Sloean. The roll for 1902 was prepared in 1901, which, while illegal
i'or the purpose of collecting taxes,
was the proper and valid one for basing the voters' list for 1902 on.
lie also contended lhat, these were
tlie parties chargeable •*—Itti the'axes
on the property, and could not nave
been charged with the taxes because
none had been levied.
Mr Lennie's answer to this was
that the list fu* 1908 coiihl not be a
list for 1901, and that tlie only assessment roll for the city of Sloean was
the provincial assessment roll.
His honor in dismissing th,* application, said the ass ssinenr rill of thc
provincial government vas. by virtue of the Slocan Incorporation Act,
section 8, the roll upon which the assessed owners of laud were to vote.
The aet also makes other provision
fs;r preparing a list of voters. Section
I of chapter 7 ol the act of 1900,
amending section 0, chapter 8, provides that the assessment roll of a
municipality tor thc vear preceding
the holding of an election shall be the
basis upon which the list ol person 8
entitled to vote shall be prepared.
The question arises, what i*. tiie basis
of the voters lis', for th.' coming elec
lion ? It appeared 11 him that then-
is only one answer, namely, the as
Sessmeni roll of lhe year preceding,
which in this case   is  the provincial
government assessment roll, and the
names had not been improperly omitted. Tho application is therefore
In this ease the 31 applicants had
entered into an agreement to purchase two Iota assessed at $60 each,
nnd on Nov. lis applied to be put on
the voters' list as assessed owners li
is calculated that at ths- usual rate of
taxation, the amount ot taxes payable by each would be Ies* than one
Peter Schonberg applied to be put
on the voters' list as a license holder.
lie. had been an alien when the list
wns prepared, but. had been natural
i/.ed on December 21st. ln this case
his honor held that the nanu* had
been properly omitted from the list.
Edward Haley also applied to be
put on t!iu list as a property holder,
but as all the realty he owned was a
shack,his application was withdrawn
by Mr. Galliher,
«I so ill- While ilnl. - si I'liii'hiisi..
Mark Manley has sold his Interest
in tlu Lady Franklin group toO-e.ir
While, of the Slocan Star. TllC property il situated at the head of l.o
mon creek aud has large outcrop
pings of ore, assaying $G0 per ton in
gold, silver ami lead.   Tom Bonton
and Gill Finkle nre the other owners
in tho group, and last fall they succeeded in getting government, 'assistance towards putting in a trail, making communication pretty easy.
Arriiiigeiniiuta Slaslo tss 81il|i Four Os»TI nf
Oro This Mouth.
There, has been a report in circulation that tlio Neepawa group, Ten
Mile, had shut down, but such Is not
the case, nor i* there the slightest
intention of tiro management to stop
working. Things are looking too
rosy just now for any such idea as
that to be entertained. It is only
about a month sine F.W. Polehamp-
ton commenced work under his bond,
but the. results have been marvelous.
They may bo judged from the fact
that Manager Sandiford stated Tuesday that he would ship four cars of
ore this month, nnd that bv the time
the bond was up, the property would
have paid for itself out of the ore to
be shipped The smelters have promised a ?7 rate on the ore.
Sixty-five feet havo been driven
on the ore chute where first encountered in tlie No. 2 workings, opening
up a stupe of ore 2h feet wide, whloh
will ship at not less than 80 oz. In
the face of the drift is seven feet of
mixed ore, .which is a most encouraging exposure, Just above the Enterprise wagon road is another opening, with six f.et of mineralized matter in sight Ten men are working
in three shifts, running in 80 feet of
a crosscut, so as to reach the main
drift without having to pass over the
dangerous slide, last week's experi
enoos having proven that way too
pei'Hiius. The crosscut will be finished in xt week and then attention
will be paid to shipping.
An important discovery has been
made on the Neepawa. a second vein
haying been cut 10) f.■< -t. to th-* cast
of nnd |vi rail-ding the main veia. It
i.i eighl f.-et in width and carries stir
| face values of $18 20 In gold, 14 .>z
ill ver a il ii per cent copper; The
disc .very greatly enhances l he v.due
of tho prop' !-v. The Ki opawn bond
e .vers .ill iii,' ground t*i the Hut'l-
priso. mid li is the in Piftion to llo.-it a
company on th" Loifd.ni market to
handle the combined claims.
the shaft is being timbered up and
the property put in shape for permanent operations. The surrey ofthe
group has been completed and it
shows 900 feet in the London fraction,
lying next to tho United Empire.
llo-.l IN MINK.
One of Two Enylllti  Cossspmilsis to  I'ay is
Ills lil.iiil I.ml   Villi-.
Of the English companies operating
in this country, only two paid dividends last year. One was the Ymir
and thc other was the Bosun, New
Denver. Tho latter property has had
phenomenal success and is in shape
to continue on a paying basis for
years to come. An average of 100
tons a month has been the record of
the mine, affording sufficient funds to
cover all development, erect bunk
house, oflices, blacksmith shops and
ore houses at a general cost, of $25, •
(XX); and also to pay lo the shareholders live per cent of a profit for the
year just closed,
Last month ISO tons of ore was
shipped, being the highest record yet
reached. Twenty tons was sent out
Tuesday,and 40 tons more was ready
to go out. The mine is in fine shape,
having ore in all the main workings,
in places it is 2i feet wide, but the
average is ten inches. Thc average
net returns from tlie ore, which all
goes to Trail, is 120 oz silver and 45
per cent lead. With an ample equipment provided, the Bosun will pay
heavy dividends In the future.
VOU TilK I! l.M'Hl-'I'S.
Editor Drill:
Sir, —In the farming and ranching
country of Wt stern Canada there are
in anv largo stttds, Bocks and herds
some of them containing as many as
lOOJOto 12,003 head, the property
ol'one man or firm. Thore arc also
many studs, herds and flocks of from
50 to* 1UO0 head,
In order to improve and maintain
the qualitv of their stock, it seems
accessary for the owners to buy annually pure-bred breeding males, and
sometimes a few females. Heretofore a number of these have been
bought yearly fr. m Cam-dinn breed*
ns. and also from Americans, while
many others have been purchased in
Grent Britain. Not nearly as many
pure bred males are purchased annually as --h mid be, because ranch
s-rs have found it difficult to obtain
what thev want at a price at' which
they oonsldor ir would pay them to
buy. Many, therefore, are now using range bred grade males. In
Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and the
Maritime Provinces also, more pun-
bred sires should be used than are at j
lu I'l'derto enable the ranchers and
other buyers to more readily obtain
what thoy want, and to bring buyer
and seller directly together, the Dominion  department of agriculture
decided   to   issue  a directory  of the
Canadian breeders ofpurc*bred Btock
in each province, arranged alphabet
lealiv, giving suitable data concerning each stud, herd and flock. Cir-
eulars were sent out to all the breed-
Had n 31 orry Time.
About a dozen mirth-seekers gathered at a certain bachelor's cabin for
a good time, a few nights ago, and
they certainly had it. They found a
largo table heavily ladon with good
things, and at each end was a turkey
prepared iu tho best of style, whifo
in the centre was a large dish of
cranberry sauce. Then there was
pie, cake, "puddin'"ai.d every thing
that was good. After supper the table was cleared off and put away and
dancing commenced lt was kept up
for a few _oura and then another
supper was prepared. Tho turkeys
were finished and then the visitors
went home, deciding that if ever they
got a chance to go to a bachelor's
cabin again thev would not overlook
High Returns Fj*om Ilisniptosi.
N. P. McNaught, of Silverton, has
received his returns from the last
shipment of ore from the Hampton,
the figures being remarkably high.
Four ions of the lot yielded 7C2^ oz to
the ton and the balance 310 oz. For
the three small shipments made by
the Hampton last summer tlio average returns were 7.J0 oz per ton, making the banner record for the division.
The Hampton not only paid for its
new buildings and development last
summer, but gave a dividend besides
from its shipments.
La.it Tenr's Shlmi,,.,,!, Wero 0SI4 Tons—
A lliisllliy Kvldenoa of tho Life and
Wealth of tlm Camp—Arlington th*
IHces-il Shipper.
Oro shipments have started off well
for tho now year, though thoy are
confined solely to tho Arlington.
Despite thc bad roads resulting from
the continuous thaw, tho mine has
sent out from thc 1st inst 210 tons,
which all went to Nelson. From now
on the shipments from the mine wiH
run about 20 tons a day. The Enterprise has a couple of cars in sight
and so has thc Ott.wn, while the
Neepawa purposes making an .30 ton
shipment during the month.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled G514 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list ol the shipments this year to
210 210
viking Qroup to Work,
Early spring will witness tlio resumption of operations, With- a large
force of men, at thc Viking-Phoenix
group, on Erin mountain to the east
if the city, Daring the winter the
company, composed mainly of Portland men. has pert' cte.l Its organization and has got things in shape
I'or working the mine. Charles A.
Sandiford, BonofW. II. Sanditord.Of
the  Bosun, New  Denver,  will   have
the Bupct'lutcndoncy of the Viking
when iisvstans up.
Another Twolva ."silie Ulna.
Joe. Connors, of Silverton, has been
developing hi' property on Twelve
Mile all winter, there being two mon
employed, New buildings have been
,       , . , ,    ■ ..ut, up and a start made on a drift to
.•!** n . ..ea.h whose names could bo]^ PJ Uk, -,..„,_ [( js ,„ MfeeUnd
has had ore from the surface, thc
paystreak being eight inches wide.
It is a dry ore and carries paying
detained, and those who failed lo reply received a second circular. Finally, that no one who desired t i
have his name nnd data concerning
his stock published In tho directory
might be overlooked,lt wnsnnnouno* j
ed in the leading Agricultural and
weekly journals that a directory was
being prep.irid, nnd that breeders anolher Ne-Wl* outfl{ 0f foUr men bav*
were invited to send full Information ,       ,     ,,,,...        , „*,
regarding thc breeds of stook kept, by ■'•« -aken hold of Uon !l -ea8e- - ■*••>'
them. This Information was compil purchased their supplies hereon Fried in the form of a bulletin, which : day, and sent tin in up the hill. This
contains the names and addresses of makes the fourth lease taken on the
all Canadian breeders of pure bred , property in the last 18 months. What
Stock as far as these could be obtain lore has been shipped has always paid
i-.siiijis'sisi .r Aivisiis Working,
The Bondholder is again working,
Thc smelters now settle fer lead at
The machine drills are knocking
out a number of men at the Enterprise.
liar silver roso to 5CJ during tho
week and then dropped back to 55J
During December the oro shipments from the Sandon district were
2091 tons.
Fred Benson and W.Hinchliffe are
developing their claims on Twelve
Mile creek.
Sidney Norman, manager of the
Transfer, returned from .Spokane on
W. Mitchell, formerly of the Atha
basc-t, has been made night shift' boss
at thc Arlington.
Louis Miller, who was injured in
an explosion at the Payne some time
ago, has died in Spokane.
B. S. Lennie, ef Nelson, solicitor
'or the Chapleau Mining Co., states
the debts of the concern will shortly
be liquidated In full.
John P. Holden, manager of the
Tamarac, has written in, stating that
work would commence as early as
possible in the spring.
F. C. Green, of Nelson, acting as
agent for TV. D. Wrighter, of Spokane, is applying for a crown grant
on thc Iron Ilorsc group, Ten Mile.
W. Harvey received a cable from
England yesterday, asking him to
forward at once a KO pound sample
of molybdenite from the Lemon creek
Large quantities of matte, principally from the Trail smelter, havo
been passing through here for Now
Jersey. Five carloads came in on
Legal entanglements over the Babbit l'aw is lhe reason given out for
the close down ofthe Slocan Star. In
the meantime 12 men arc kept at development.
An adverse has been fl ed against
the issuance of a crown grant to tho
Summit fraction, abovo the Speculator. That means another lawauit,
with heavy costs for the loser.
The machinery nt the Enterprise
concentrator is rapidly getting down
to shape and is giving satisfaction.
The plant has been so adjusted that
the loss in tlie tailings has been
greatly reduced.
In the.Pontlao.situated on the south
side of Ten Mile creek and closo to
Aylwin, a two inch streak of ore has
been encountered, which gives assays of '.KJO oz to the ton. This is in
addition to the regular paystrcak.
In county court chambers nt Nol-
son, Monday,   T. McNeish it Co., of
this city, was granted a garnishee
order against the Arlington Mines for
|$2(507.67.    It was served on the Hall
! Mines smelter to secure tho proceeds
I from the ore shipped thcro by the
ed, and a directory  tf the BtOCaJ for
salens furnished by each,   A copy
of this bulletin may he had on application to
F. W. Hot.son-,
Live Stock Commissioner
Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Out.       	
Sinking in in* Returned.
Sinking will   bo resumed   on the
Iron llorso next month.    At present
handsomely for the working.
(,.in. to Smith  Afrls.it.
On Wednesday, Tom Lake, ofthe
Royal Hotel, Joe Haw, and Chief of
Police Clark left for Fort Steele, to
undergo examination for the CM. R.
for service in South Africa. Tin- men
aro very anxious to go, and jt is hoped they will get on, as they would
make splendid recruits.
minim;  iu iiiiiiis.
Appended is u complete list of the various records re-iintered nt tho local regis*
try ollice, II. I*. Christie being mining
Dec 31—Charleston, all, nnd Monterey
fr '..., Thos I) Tobin to Hugh Cameron.
Exchange J, nnd Silver Plato 1*6, H
1. Fife to Lidiu A Tipping.
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Copyright. 1901 by Thomas P. Montfort
"Nat'rnlly she would be, Mlrandy.
Yes. slr-ee!" Pap pntised for quite
awhile, during which time he chewed
bla tobacco vigorously, showing thnt
he was engaged In earnest thought
Then he added slowly: "Yes, slr-ee!
Nat'rnlly sbe would be; nat'rally she
would be."
"Can't you see no wny out for her,
Pap?" Mrs. Sampson asked.
"1 wns Jest n-thlnkln. Mlrandy. 1
bnln't no grent ml mini tlrm for Mnry
Mann, an I guess thar ain't mnny ns
bns. hut for nil tbnt she's n woman, nn
a wldder womnn nt Hint. Wonder when
ber wheat'll do to cut."
"Tomorry, she said."
"Waal. It won't nigh do to let tlmt
wheat go to waste; so, as tbar don't
seem to be nothln else for It. I guess I
better go out this evenln an gather np
a handful of men an tnke 'em over
tbar tomorry an cut It for her."
Mrs. Sampson's face brightened at
once. She was one of those grent smiled plain people wbo can never bear to
aee any one In trouble without wanting to move heaven and earth to relieve bis distress.
"Are you shore you can git tbe men
to go?" abe asked.
"Lord, yesl Yes, slr-ee! Thar's Jo-
fton Roberts. Jason nn me has It up
an down sometimes, an I reckon the
chief enjoyment of bin life Is to take
■Idea ag'ln me ln ever'thlng I say; but,
my land, that ain't nothln, nn when It
comes right down to the plncb Jason
will sw'nr by me. Yes; Jason'll go nn
Sam Morgan nn Ebenezer Sparks an a
lot of Uie othera."
"Do you reckon tbey won't want to
charge ber for their work, though?"
"Lord, Mlrandy, you don't know
tbem fellers shorelyl Charge a woman,
tn a wldder woman at that, for belpbi
oer out of a plncb! Land! You jest
let Mary Mann give us a good dinner,
an we'll bave all the pay we want
We'll even go to tbe length of furnish-
in our Jug of liquor If we can git a boy
to go to the still after it, an I guess we
aborely can."
Pap Sampson waa busier tbat afternoon than be bad been for a Jong time.
He bunted around till be found six
good men to accompany blm to Mrs.
Mann's farm. Tben be hunted up cradles, and Inst, but not least, be hunted
a boy to go after a Jug of whisky.
"Mought Jest as well try to git 'long
witbout cradles as without a Jug of
liquor," be aaid to himself as he pottered about getting everything In readiness. "A getherln without a Jug
wouldn't be no getberlu at all."
Pap was In great spirits the next
nprnlng when he marshaled bis force
ten the wheatfleld and got the cradles
tw going. He hopped about as spry as a
boy and gave orders like a general. He
even grasped a cradle and prepared to
lead the way with the first swath, but
Jason took tbe cradle out of his bands
and wouldn't let him.
"No. Pop." Jnson said, "we can't
bave that Thar's plenty of us /onager
men bere. You jest set down In the
shade somewhar an take It easy."
Pap flared up with rescntmeut In an
"Me set down In tbe shade!" be cried.
"Have you got a notion, Jason Roberta.
tl.at I'm so no 'count an played out aa
all tbat?"
"Why, Lord, Pap. of course not!" Jason replied. "I didn't say nothln like
that, did I?"
"Nor you better not sny notbln like
It If you don't want me to show yon in
awuy you won't forglt that I ain't nigh
played out. Mebby you don't li'lleve It.
Jason Roberts, but If you feel like try in
it I'll guarantee to whup you in two
shakea of a sheep's tall till you won't
know who you are."
"Oh. that's all right, Pap. I ain't
wantin to tight you."
"Co'se you nln't, Jason, 'cause you
nln't no fool, an yo*u know It ain't snfe
to fool with me. Humph! Set down Id
the shade an rest'. My land, Jason Huberts. I've cut more wheat In ray time
an never grunted at It than you'll ever
cut If you live to Ve a thousan' years
old. Set down In the shade an rest!
Lord!   Slch talk makes me mad."
Pap didn't sit down either. Though
they denied blm the privilege of wielding a cradle, be found an opportunity
to bnsy himself by putting the wheat
soring lhat I'ap wns determined to do
Bonietiiiug, Jnson encouraged blm iu it.
"Lord!" hi* said, with a wink nt the
othera. "1'iip'i* jest fell right In whnr
be |iliiinl> belong!. Anybody knows
enough to swing a cradle or bind up
wheat but thar's pow'ful blamed few
who kuow bow to set up a wheat
shock so's It won't spile If It rains.
Guess Pap's 'bout the only mnn here
thnt can do It."
This pleased Pap nnd fully reconciled blm to his work, nnd he snld nothing more nbout wnntlng to swing a
In the afternoon he began to go to
the shade pretty often, ninl each time
he weut he tarried longer than be bad
the time before. Finally Sam Morgan
noticed this and Inconsiderately re-
m 11 iked:
"Guess you're glttln putty tired, ain't
you. Pap?"
"Tired! Me tired!" Pap exclaimed.
"You beam me sny nny word 'bout
belli tired, Sam Morgan?"
"No, but i notice yon goln to tbe
shmle a right smart more than you
done this moruln."
"What If you do? 'Tnln't 'cause I'm
tired, but jest 'cause It's so mls'nble
The men hnd all come out to the
simile to rest, nnd presently Sim Bnnks
ciiine down across the field nnd Joined
tbem.    He had been working In  his
own field Just on the other side of a
fence. He saluted them with:
"Howdy, boys?   Howdy, Pap?"
"Howdy, Sim?" they snld In return.
"How you glttln 'loug?" he asked.
"Oh, all  right  I  guess," Jason replied.   "We'll git through before night
If nothln happens."
"I'm sorry you all had to cut this
wheat," Sim said after a pause, "when
I'd done agreed wltb Mls'us Mann thnt
I'd do It I didn't reel that I ort to
keep my promise, though, after all
them things she's been a-sayln of late."
"You done Jest right, Sim," Pap
Sampson announced unhesitatingly,
"au nobody cau't blame you a bit.
When Mary Maun Interfered like she
did to make trouble betwixt you an
Loueesy, you wn'n't under no obligations to do notbln for ber no more, not
a hnnd's turn."
"'Tnln't thnt Php, thnt held me
back from iloin as I'd agreed. Tnln't
tbnt I bnte Mnry Mann ton bad to lift
a finger for ber. It's 'cause of whnt
people are n-snyln, an 'cause It'd give
'em room to say more, an—an 'cause I
dou't want to do notbln to hurt Lou
Sim paused for n moment, but no one
spoke, and presently he went on more
"I don't like to bave hard feelln's
ag'ln nobody," he snld, "nn specially
not ag'ln a woman, but Mls'us Mann
didn't hnve no enll to go nn do the wny
she done, for she told a plumb p'iut
blank lie when she narrated It around
thnt I come to her bouse that night tin
made love to her. Lord, I never
thought oncet of doln no slch n thing,
no more thnn 1 thought of stick In my
head In the lire. It wus her that done
It, an God knows I tried ever' which
a-way to keep her from It I told Lou
eesy jest bow It were, but she won't
b'lleve It, though I told her I'd sw'ar to
It on a stack of Bibles as blgb as they
could be piled. I bate Mary Mann
wuss'n I hate the plzcnost snake that
crawls, for she's a plumb liar, an sbe
knows It"
Sim paused again, and this time Pap
Sampson spoke.
"Sim." be said reassuringly, "don't
none of us b'lleve notbln ag'in you that
Mary Mann bns told, nary a word.
Nor, tot my part 1 hain't a-gwine to
believe It not If she wns to sw'nr to It
till Bhe was plumb black In the face."
"No, but Loueesy b'lleves It." Sim
replied sadly, "an I'd ruther anybody
else'd b'lleve It than her. My land,
looks like she ort to know It ain't so
an that I wouldn't think of doln no
slcb a way. Why. Pup. If 1 wns to git
to goin round n-mnkln love to women
whnr 1 didn't hnve no right I'd'low for
somebody to put 11 bullet bole through
me the very fust tblng I knowed. I
can tell yon right uow, an I mean jest
what I say. If ever any man made love
to my wife, an I knowed It, the minute
I laid eyes on that man I'd shoot him
through the henrt jest like I would a
dog.   I would shore."
A painful silence followed these
words, for no one offered to speak.
The men exchnnged a significant
glance among themselves, then looked
at Sim In serious thoughtfulness. To
them bis throat signified more, much
more, than he suspected, lt Impressed
Itself so Indelibly on their minds tbat
they never forgot It. and on an nfter
occasion they recalled It with a Hlcken-
Ing dread tbat mnde tbem shudder.
Opp>arsi by Ur. Coiian Doyle,  tlie  Novelist—tola of Specclisiiiskliig.
Mr. Conan Doyle's unsuccessful effort to attain political honors at
the lost general election in Great
Britain is of particular interest to
Canadians by reason of the fact that
the successful Liberal candidate was
Mr. George M. Ill-own, son ot the
late Hon. George Drown of Tnr*rsTiU>.
Tho constituency was Central Edinburgh, and Mr. Uuyic was ine li.ei-
al-Unionist candidate, lie is described ns highly popular in Edinburgh,
where bo took his course in medicine
and also obtained bis lirst success in
literature. As a candidate the novelist made so many speeches that in
one of the last of tbem he said: "I
have talked and talked all the week
till I am sick of hearing my own
voice! I made ten speeches yesterday and havo to make as many moro
to-day." On some days he began
his speech-making beforo breakfast
and kept it up till midnight. Ho
spoke in tho streets and squares,   in
several breweries, in an opera house,
in a "literary institute," in front of
business establishments or workshops
and wherever he could attract      the
notico of any group of listeners.   Ho
had to submit, too, to that    torture
known us "heckling" — or. in otber
words,  was resiuired to answer      all
those searching ciuestiqna — political,
moral or metaphysical — which aleo*
tors  aro fond  of  putting  to      every
candidate.       On  a   number  of  occasions he had to confess that ho could
not    answer     tlio "hecklers."        "I
really do not know," be said in one
case. And:  "I favor your suggestion;
but don't see where tho money is to
coino from."    "We ought to go very
slowly;"     "I agree with you;      but
then—;" "I am not a jingo; yet, after all;" "I sa.ni a young politician;"
und so on.    In referring to    British
performances abroad he is    reported
as saying:
"Why should we be so very aggressive! Wo should not rush into every
foreign enterprise. We hnve been thc
policeman of tbo world too long.
There is not a dancing Dervish or a
mad Mullah, or uuy kins! of religious
fanatical lunatic, but Great Britain
and Great Britain's army are sent
to put him down. We never get any
thanks for it. We do the hard and
dirty work of the world, while tho
other nations stand round and jeer
at us."
None of tho numerous speeches of
the novelist could be called
"eloquent." He did not at any time
let his imagination loose. Ho never
was in thc least extravagant, but always very much in earnest. As a
speaker, too, he seemed to be wholly
different from himself as a writer.
All his speeches were plain and hard
ns possible, and he treated all questions in the most practical manner,
or in what may be called tho "House
of Commons Manner."
It was Just before the day In which
his ambition to enter Parliament
was blighted that he said: "After my
experience of r#i Edinburgh election
I am not in favor of anything that
ond run."
could possibly entail upon me a see-
By one allusion only was he offended, and this charge was quite us annoying to Mr. Brown as to his opponent. During the Boer war. when
Mr. Copan Doyle wos in South Africa, ho served for u time in the hospitals; and, when someone said that
ho had rendered service "on business
principles," Doyle issued a public
protest as follows:
"It is not a point which I could
have raised; but since this stnteincnt
hns been made, will you permit me
to say that I have never received a
shilling for those services which I
very gladly jjave my country. Far
from profiting by them, my expedition cost mo £200. I am sorry to
intrude theso personal details, but
the point was not of my raising."
A Woman's Dream
..BY M. QUAD..
Copyright. 1901, by C. B. Lewis.
I am one of the sergeants in charge
of the central police station nt night,
nnd during tho several years I hnve
held the position somo strange tblngs
hnve occurred. One of them, and one
thnt attracted general attention at the
time, was the way the murderer of the
Bolton family wnlked In on me one
night. A family of five people named
Boltou living In Missouri was slaughtered one ulght, and, though every
effort was made to find the murderer,
he got clean off. Two years later, one
night at 11 o'clock, a tramp entered
tbe station and queried of me:
"If 1 will surrender myself, will you
send out for a good luncheon? I have
hnd nothing to ent for two dnys."
"Whnt crime nre you guilty of?" I
asked without much Interest
"Murder. 1 nm the one whs» killed
the Boltons out west."
"Yes, I'll lock you up and give you a
luncheon," 1 said, and I took blm down
stairs, placed him In a cell and then
ordered a lunch for him from a night-
hawk wagon.    I hardly believed blm
guilty of any crime whatever, but bla
face betrayed his hunger, and I felt
Charitably Inclined.   Before I went oft
duty ln the morning I told tbe fellow
thnt I should have him sent up as a
vagrant, nud It was then thnt he told
me his story tn such words that I could
no longei doubt him.   The result you
know.    He  was  the   murderer  sure
enough, nnd he returned to Missouri to
be tried and buug for his brutal crime.
One night a year or so Inter as 1 was
eating my lunch at midnight nn old
womnn who ran a laundry entered In
an excited state and nsked me If there
was such a street In the city as Desoto.
I told her there was.   lt was a narrow,
wretched street In the toughest quarter
of the town.   Tben she nsked me If
there was a cheap  hotel called  the
Lincoln House on the street   Again I
answered ln the ufllrmatlve.   It was a
resort of bad meu and bad been raided
several times.
"Now, let me tell you," she continued,
growing more excited as she talked.
"Soon after I went to bed tonight I
had a dream of being on Desoto street
located n conlynrd. n cooper shop, a
heap of building material and other
things which Hho bod seen lu her
dreams. She described tbe hotel ns of
brick with n green front She said
there were eight bedrooms ou the second floor nnd that the doors nnd ether
woodwork were painted n slate color.
I felt cousldernble Interest lu tbe matter before the reporters got away anil
called up tbe patrolman on thnt beat
and ordered him to render any assistance he could.
lt wns a long ride to the place, and
the reporters did not reach  It till 2
to nn exceptional degree* without showing any symptoms lu the eye. The patient will often sny that the eyea nre
perfectly good nnd have never caused
any Irritation.
The   Hippopotamus.
Next to the elephant tbe bngest beast
In point of bulk aud weight Is the hippopotamus. Of this animal Sir Samuel
Baker hns seen hundreds of specimens
on tbe White Nile. One that he measured wns 14 feet 3 Inches long from
snout Id Up of tall.   The crocodile nev-
o'clock in tbe morning.   Hotel and bar   er ventures to attack the hippopotamus.
were tben closed or appeared to b.,.1 which  or Ita^rt disdains to nttnek the
but after a  vigorous assault on  the  ■^■--   Although. 1 ke the rblnocer*
door It was opened by the landlord.! os' ™a n*™** of mld-Afrloan rivers
wbo cursed tbem for tbelr Impudence. •*» "* ^r--'vorous. It Is very formidable
and would bave slammed It In their
faces but for the presence of the-*ofH*|
cer.   Wben tbey insisted on going up
to room No. 7. he declared that there!
wasn't a guest on that floor, and before j
tbey bad carried their point the officer
had to mnke n prisoner of blm.   The
raw brought out half a do-sen toughs,
and bad not the reporters been armed I
they would have bad a hot time of It. j
When room No. 7 was reached, they !
expected to find It empty, ns the latin- {
dress bad seen the dead body borne ,
down stairs; but, to their aintm-tnent,
the figure of a man was lying on tho
bed.   He was fully dressed, and for a
mluute afler tbey entered he gnve no
sign of life. Then he sighed and groaned and tossed about as If In great pnln.
There were tho stand and the glass
and the whisky, and one had only to
sniff at tbe contents of tbe glass to feel
eure that It w.i.-s u cr*-*-* of drugging.
A doctor was sent for, aud for the next
ten hours he did uot leave the patient
for a mluute.   It was a close call for
the guest, but he flually began to rally
and was taken to a hospital.   It was
three or four days before be could tell
to man, being easily provoked aud assailing the object of Its resentment with
reckless fury. It can upset the largest
boat and In oue Instance perforated
wltb Its tusks tbe iron bottom of .Sir
Samuel's steamer, causing a dangerous
leak. Tbe flesh of the hippopotamus Is
always palatable, and wben the animal
Is young It Is delicious. The skin makes
excellent turtle soup. Tbe tusks were
formerly more valuable than those of
the elephant, being In request by dentists because tbey never turn yellow.
Twice   I'rssissl.
"Only twice," said a well known lawyer, "huve I really been proud. Tbe
first time was years ago In court
I'd been admitted and had bad charge
of. the preparation of au important
suit. The Jury brought In a verdict
for our side, nnd I felt happy, hut
after I'd collected the papers nud
books nnd was going out my chief,
who wns ofle of the lights of the bnr
iu those days, put his hnntl on my
■boulder and snld; 'You prepared tbnt
Mas well', my boy.   If It hmlu't been
nmi had bad lo depend entirely on my
Work. And the second Ume I felt
proud was when my married sister
cninc Into my library early DM after-
iicou anil snld in a half whisper, 'It's
a boy.'"- Rxsfbtnge,
for-yotl we'll hnve been ben I en.' And
bis story and a fortnight before he got \ kw™ '• _* so. for he hnd come buck
out He wns a stranger In tbe city. fro*" Washington only Hint morning
wltb a thousand dollars ln his pocket
nnd hnd been roped In by the gang and
eventually drugged and robbed. An
hour later be would hnve been dead,
and the programme of the woman's
dream would probably have been carried out; at least the fellows were
waiting for htm to breathe bis last before disposing of tbe body. While
nothing could be proved In law, we
raided tbe bouse uud broke up the
gnng, nnd the lnudlord got such a
warning of troublo to come Hint he
thought best to mnke a change of ell-
mate. The reporters got a big Item,
of course, and 1 received a compliment
or two, ond the dreamer. I am happy
to say, waa rewarded with $100 In cash
and made the happiest woman In tows.
Hie Nest O   ^^^^^^^
"The weather man predicts probable
•bowers, but tbey don't come," remarked
tbe horse editor.
"If he'd predict Improbable showers, be
might have belter luck." added the snake
editor.— Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph.
"Howdy, boys t   Uowdy, /'up t"
bundles Into shocks.   This was light
work compared with the other, and,
A UnR  Meeting.
ne (bitterly)—Goodby, then! Goodby
She (weakening)—Oh, Jack, don't say
thiii/. Say au revolr forever.—Life.
Whenever a man gets sick, l.'.s wife has
a gos.d time telling the neighbors how she
made bin) stay in bed.—Atchison Globe.
Excesses in youth are drafts upon old
age, payable about thirty years after
date.—Chicago News.
A Providential  Poaanm.
Some Georgia youngsters dropped a live
possum down thc cabin chimney. Wheu
it loaded in thc blazing fire, the old colored eltlr.cn exclaimed: "De (food ness gracious, boney! I wus des studyln' 'bout
gwine ter de swamp en ketchin' er yo',
en heah yo' comes er yo' own free will en
rims' yn'Hi-'f alive fer me! To' must er
knowed de ole man got de rheumatism ta
cnn't stir rouu' lak he use ter I"—Atlanta
Can, Sir tlnrilnn Ilrsssnmnnd.
The first commission of Oencral Sir
Gordon Drummond, a soldier whose
enreer is of interest to Canada for
the active part ho took in the war
of 1812, is dated September 21st,
1780. His promotion from the
first, however, was very rapid. In
17D4 he received his Lieutenant-Colonelcy. Between this date and his
arrival in Canada as Lieutenant-
General of the Canadian forces, in
August, 1813, he had served in Holland under the Duke of York, in
Egypt under Abercrombic, and in
tho West Indies under Sir Eyre
Coote. Sir George Prevost was the
first in command in Canada, but the
winter campaign of 1813-14 wns especially characterized by the operations curried out under Ilruiiuiiond.
Fort Niagara was taken, Black
Hock was stormi'd and the position
of the village of Buffalo Kiibso<|uent>
ly carried. A raid upon Oswego and
its stores wns the success of the
following spring. Bummer saw the
battle of Lundy's Lune. where the
General was severely wounded nnd
had his horse shot under him, followed by the disaster of Fort Eric.
In the illinium the retirement of Sir
George PreVOSt left him commander
of the forces and Administrator-in-
Chief of the Oovernment of the I'nn-
adas. lie was succeeded in 1810
by Licut.-Gen. Sir John Sherbrooke.
C'orsser t-'rississja.
These "corner" fiends remind me
of the yacbtsman who gets on board
a racing craft with a pair of immaculate white ducks, a peaked cap,ami
a hUKC sheath knife stuck in bis belt,
■aye Jo Rivett in Tho Star, and performs deeds of valor between dccki
when it comes on to blow, and tbe
crew are hanging to a swinging
main-boom liko grim death, and
trying to throw "tucks" in her
mainsail. Your real hunter and
fisherman keeps his rifles and guns
and rods stowed awuy in the garret
or out in the woodshed, and puts on
his third best suit when he goes out
on an expedition.
and entering tbat hotel. I passed in at
tbe front door and up two "lights, and
Id room No. 7 1 saw a drunken man
lying in bed with his clothes on. Tbere
was a glass with some whisky In lt on
a stand near by. I call bim a drunken
man, but he was more sick than drunk.
He moaned In pain and tossed about
and while I stood looking at him he
shivered as wltb cold and was dead.
Then two men came Into tbe room and
searched his pockets and took out a
large roll of bills. They went out for
a few minutes, and when they returned
tbey curries! the body down Btalrs. out
through a back door, and they were
crossing tbe yard In tbe direction of
the river wben I woke up. You may
call me silly, sir, but I'm sure murder
bas been done In tbat bouse."
Tbe woman's earnestness Impressed
me, but policemen are a bard beaded
lot. To arouse one of (be sleeplug extras aud seud blm out to investigate a
dream was an absurd idea. I bad told
tbe laundress thnt 1 could do nothing
In tbo matter and bad tried to make
light of ber feare when a couple of
reporters snuntered In. 1 had tbe
woman relate her dream to tbem and
suggested tlmt there might be n good
Item lu It for them. Tliey could tnke
longer clinuces thnn I could, aud
after talking the nintler over they
agreed to go out to the street and hotel
lu company. Before doing so they
questioned the drenmer ns to the look
of the ftii-eet and ibe house nnined. To
our surprise, she gnve accurate descriptions. I felt positively sure thnt
she had never trnvi-rsed the street lu
her   waking   in.,mints,   but   yet   she
Scared  the  Old  Bavaa*e.
When the well known African traveler. Dr. Robert Pel kin, was staying
with the bloodthirsty King Mtesii of
lij'Hiiiht many yeurs ago, the king, ont
of gratitude for his visitor's medical
treatment, wished to cut off his head.
On Ur. Polk In representing that the
treatment was uot Mulshed and that If
Interrupted It would cause Mtesa'e
death the latter granted blm a reprieve until be was quite recovered.
Then, however, nothing availed, and
the execution wns determined upon.
Emln I'.ishn, wbo wns n friend of
Dr. I'olkln, hnd instructed blm most
accurately about the state of affairs ln
Uganda and the court of King Mtesa
and hnd revealed to him nn Importnnt
state secret—nnmely, where Mtesa'a
powder store wns hidden.   Dr. Pelkln
"Gee! 1 s'pose I oughtcr stop It, only
1 don't know if my dog'a gettiu' de worut
of It or no(!"
"Injun   gusaaser."
Here I* a Georgia boy's composition on
"Indian summer:"
"Injun summer Is (be beat season of
the year 'sept swlmmln' time. Tbo daya
are to (till you kin hear dad iwearln'
two miles off as well as every lick ma
bits him with the broomstick. The reason it Is called Injun summer Is because
they ain't no Injuns iu it 'cept them dad
sees when he comes homo from the store
with two gallons of apple brandy an'
says he reckons be knows wbo Is boss of
tho household an' no woman ou earth can
__________________ rule him.   I-rt us nil be thankful for In-
remenibered Ibis at (he right moment j jlm tulumir ,„• t. gooa tln lfter Christ*
and ns n lust resort tbrentened thut If | mus."—Atlanta Constitution.
Mtesa killed blm bo would bring down
a flash of lightning upon his pow.br
Store. Mtesa replied Incredulously,
'Tell me where it Is." Whereupon Dr.
Folk In whispered In his car, "It Is concealed tinder your harem."
Mtesa turned pale and allowed Pei-
kln and his companions to live. Tbe
"lightning maker's" authority Increased when next day n (lash of lightning
happened to sliil.s* near (lie harem.
Headache  and   tlse   Kye*.
Eyestrain should be the first thought
suggested by nny complaint of lu-ud-
achc, for It Is by fnr the most common
cause of tbat  symptom.    The simple
A   Modcra   Ar*rasaeat.
She seemed in doubt.
"Is there nothing I can say," be asked,
"that will Induce you to give me a favorable answer?"
"Nothing that you can Bay," she answered.
"Is there anything tbat can be said
"Of course money talks," she Interrupted demurely.
Thereupon he showed ber bis bank balance, and everything was happily arranged.
Statin* a Great Trait.
"It would be useless," said the old gen-
-_■ ■ - _     .      .        .     _   tlemnn, "(o (ell you never to bet or gam-
existence of hen.lache, therefore, should   blt M the moaern youta th|nki he c,nBOt
suggest eye "strain,   but  frequently  a   ge(. the world without doing a little of
careful Inquiry us to the manner aud   both.   But (here Is one (blng I would like
time of (he attack and the location of
the severest pain will be almost conclusive as (o tbe origin of the trouble. Often It comes ou whenever the eyes aro
usi'il am) Is abseut whenever (he eyea
have bad a proper n-usou of rcs(.
CougcHtlon, Irritability or liiflnuinin-
tlon of the eyes nnd their appendnges
should always suggest (he suspicion of
eye strnIn. A single attack or manifestation of this kind hus uo special slg
nlllenneo, bul reps-ntcd attacks of Inflammation or prolonged congestion or
Irritability are suggestive of u continuing cause. A si range thing wltb reference to eye It ruin n that it often exists
lo have you remember.",
"Wbat Is that?" asked the boy, who
was leaving borne for the first time.
"It Is (be great tmth that more money
ts lost on dead sure things than in any
other way. Always give the sore thing
a wide berth—It's dangerous."—Chicago
Hla  Laat  Cfaaacc.
"Mnrse Tom, ain't you gwine run fer
some ollice ills year?"
"1 think not."
"None 'tall?"
"My, my! En I needs a sack er flour.
side er meat, jug er ticker en dem ole
shoes what you go( oul"—Atlanta Con-
( ansa • f Srisii.liil,
Grace—Why do you porslst In rn
pent ing that awful BCnndal nl.oul
May—I'm tryln-r. to find out If there
la any truth ln it.
Claim Scores of Thousands of Young Lives Every Tear-
Lives That Could as Well Be Saved.
It ia a serious question with every mother aa to how eho "tan best combat croup, whooping cough, bronchitis, and similar ailments, which aro sure co maidenly attack tho littlo ones at times least expected. The
hollow, croupy cough comes with frlghtlul foreboding an it arouses the mother from slocp. Bhe realises the
hopclcanncsa of buttling with a disease which often defies tho most skilful lihysichuis,
In croup abovo ull other diseases prompt action is of thu greatest importance. Imaginable. With Dr*
Chaso's Hyrup of Linseed and Turpentine oA hum! any mother can effect almost instant rolief when the children aro struggling frantically for breath. Hy sheer force of merit lt has won Its way to popularity, and is
known throughout this continent as tha most effective treatment for throat and lung troubles that aoieaco hu»
ever -devised.
Dr. Chase's Syrup of
Linseed and turpentine
Is tho meet necoasary preparation that can bo kept In any house. For children and grown peoplo alike, 1*
affords tho most thorough and prompt relief for all affections of tho (hroat, bronchial tubes, and lungs. S">
cents a 1...111.., family size, containing three times as much, 00 cents, at ull dealers, or Ddmanson, Dates *
Co., Toronto. The Drill.
Value Received.
•■ns-mMnber," said tbe friend, "It le
nani-eroua to try to deceive the people.
Vou cannot get something for nothin**."
1 "I know thnt perfectly well," answered
■Benator Sorghum rather Indignantly.
••'Nolisiily can net-use me of liyiug lo get
IfotcH liy making speeches instead ot pr**-
|duciu-i cash."—Washington Star.
Point ot View.
Tenst—I heard your wife talking about
Iperseverance and obstinacy. Aren't they
t the f nine thing?
j   Crimsonbeak—Well, tbere la a  differ-
lence. What she considers perseverance in
llieii.fl' she looks upon as obstinacy in
ne."—Yonkers Statesman.
Raw Winds
A Prosy Thnt Failed.
"Tlfflngton waa voted out of our golf
"What for?"
"Oh. he got so las-y Hint be made his
eadil-i* play for him while be cairied the
bag.'!—Detroit Free Press.
I was cured of Acute Bronchitis by
Bay of Ialrutds.
.1 was cured of facial neuralgia   by
!.Spi inghill. N. S.
1 was cured of Chronic Rheumatism
All., rt Co.. N. B.
Tie rs. is a place for everything ln
Hi i.s old world, but few of ua havo
ccesB to an Index.
Ilurd'i Liniment Cures Garget fe Cowl
r*,*a«ip jo iii-osl aqi in on 01 ua*.ou*i
oq  sui* u-jui    injii)iui     u    a'iiiir-
rin't try to bo funny with peoplo
llo oro unable to appreciate wit.
Bw&re of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
I mercury will snroly destroy the MOM of smell
1 completely doniiiKO tha whole system when
..oriii« it throsiKli tlio nsiics.ua surfaces.    Such
lielsM should never bo used excepton prescrip-
n> 'rom reputable physicians, aa the damage
ay *ill slo ia tenfold to the good yoa au pos-
ly djrive frssm  them.    11 nil'a Catarrh Cure.
nufactured by V. J. Cheney A Co.,Toledo, O.
.siim no mercury, and la taken Internally,
ne si i ri'dly upon the blood and mucosas sur-
i of tho system,   ln buying Hall's Catarrh
I be sure, you get the genuine.    It la taken
rsally, and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J.
...ryAOo.   Testimonials free.
-nisi l.v llmpitiotss, price 75c. per bottle.
Jail'.. 1'u.uiily Pills aro the beat.
Wet Weather
cause the Colds that cause
Pneumonia and Consomp-
cures the cold, heals the
lungs and makes you well,
SHILOH cures Consumption
and all Long and Throat
Troubles; and Coughs and
Colds in a day. Positively
guaranteed. 25 cents. .   .
Write to S. C. Wells & Co., Toronto,
Can., for a free trial bottle.
Karl's Clover Root Tea Cores Headache
Ufe la the beat cultivated of Scotch
awatmaa, 76 jist cent, bptotr farm
land. On the other hand, .Sutherland has less than 2V4 acres in each
',000 under cultivation.
Of Scotland's 80,002 square Huh s,
631 m-uaro miles are water, and 485
beach ami fori-nhore, useless for agricultural purpose*.
pt i.i somewhat difficult for a man
Rii|*pnri a wife if she la insupport-
art's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
ffho    first    tubular    lifeboat    was
■kiili  at Weyinouth, I_glaml, In 1883
Through dining and sleeping   cars
With closo connection for (Chicago
ami  all  points  la
[Ontario. Quebec, Maritime Provinces
Eastern and Western Statea
and  Pacific  Coast.
iccursion    Tickets via Great   Lakes
Further    Information   apply to
any Canadian Northern Agent
Winnipeg fit y Ticket, Telegraph and Frelghl
office, 'St Main 81,     GEO. H. SHAW,
Tel. M*i. Trnfllo Manager-
;anadian pacific railway
time table
Despite Medical Treatment, He Ber
came Weaker and Weaker, Until
Uo Could Scarcely Sign His Nairn-
Mr. James Dauphine, of East
Bridgewater, or sis he is better
known oh ex-Councillor Dauphine,
has been a sick man for the past
thn*.. years. Ills health gradually
forsook him, until by ileyroes iho was
(creed to give up doing all kinds of
work. He consulted a physician and
took a large (quantity of medicine,
but it did him no good and hu gradually grew weaker and weaker. His
duties as a magistrate necessitated
his doing much writing, and being
an excellent panuian in his days of
good health, it came very hard to
him when his hand shook so much
he could scarcely keep it steady
enough to sigu his name. Hi* daughter, seeing his deplorable condition,
advised him to try Dr. Williams'
Piak Pills, and after a bit of coaxing ha was induced to try them.
There wus no noticeable change in
his condition until he had started
taking the third box. I-'rom that
on the improvement was rapid. He
grow stronger every day, his appe-
tits* incrctised, tlie weariness u»il las-
situdo departed from his limbs,
some of the lustre of his youth returned to his eye, and by the time
five boxes were used, Mr. Dauphine
f.'lt a new mua. The weight of years
and the burden of sickness have
rsillesl from his shoulders, his hands
are now steady and his pen can rim
n-s rapidly as ever. He attributes
bin cure to the ministration of a
good wife and Dr. Williams' Pink
I'il'.s. Mr. Dauphins* is 73 years of
age. but fs-els us young and vigorous
as he did years ngo, and is ever
ready to praise in the warmest
terms the health-giving qualities of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are the
friend of the weak ami ailing. They
surpass all olher medicines in Uieir
tonic, strengthening qualities, and
make weak and despondent people
bright, active nnd healthy. These
pills are sold by ail dealers in medicine, or can be had by mail, postpaid, at 5d csnts per box. or six
boxes for 82.50, by addressing the
Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
SixUxsn thousand tons of alum ere
made yearly from *hale raliwd In the
North of Em-land.
01) BED    TI-IBEE    AND     A    HALF
Further Proof of the Permanancy of
the Cures ICfTocted By This Great
Remedy—A most Convincing Confirmation of an Interesting Statement Published in the Plattsville
Echo in May, 1698.
PlatUiville, Ont.. Dec. 16— (Special)— Koine three and a half years
ugo, the Plaltaville Echo, tho local
ntTWOpaper, published quite an extended account of a most miraculous
cure of a well kaown and highly respected lady, Mrs. J. Barnott, who
had been extremely ill for years, and
who claimed to be iserinanently cur-
sd by tiie use of Dodd's Kidney
Pills. This good lady, according to
her own statement, had been a physical wreck, with nervousness, rheumatism in the left arm, pains in the
small of the buck, up the spinal column and back of the head, through
the eyes, left side of the body and
occasionally the right side. She had
no appetite and could not. sleep at
night. The \Ay sic inns had given
her up and in this pitiful and hopeless condition, Dodd's Kidney Pills
found her and completely restored
her to good health without an ache
or pain. Her appetite returned as
bar general good health improved.
Slus used in all but twelve boxes of
Dodd's Kidney Pilla.
This was in the spring of 18D8,
and today Mrs. Barnett states positively and in the strongest oud most
grateful terms that the cure Dodd's
Kidney Pills brought her three and a
half years ago was absolute and permanent ; that she is today stronger
and better than she had been for
ys*ars before taking the pills. Nothing could be moro convincing l*han
this good womaa's plain and truthful statement, and it proves beyond
doubt the lasting character of the
cures effected by Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Tho source ol thc river Severn, in
England, 1,500 feet above the sea,
is a spring of iron water.
In his Vegetable Pills, Dr. Parmeloe hns given
to tha world tlse fruits of ion* scientific ro-
so.srch In the whole realm of inedlcal science
combined with new and valuable discovorse-
never belore known to man. For delic.uo ami
debilitated constitution-!, Parmelee's Pills act
like a charm. Taken in small doses, the effect
it both a tenic and a stimulant, milslly excitine
the secretions of the body, giving toue uud
ault rite. Marie, Owen Sound, Toronto and Kist via Lakes, Monday, Thursday aud Saturday	
Tufa, Frl., and Bun	
lontrenl, Toronto. Now York and
Enst, via all rail, daily	
Bat Portageand interaediete points
Molsssu, Lae da Bonnet ana intermediate points, Thurs. only	
Portage la Prnlrio.Hrundon.Cnlgary,
Nelson and nil Kootenay ansl
all coast poinls.daily	
Portage ln Prairie, Ilrnndon and in-
termedlata points daily except
Qlaiislono, Neepawa. M iuiiodima nnd
Intermediate points, daily except
Shoal Lake, Xorktoa and intcnresl-
iato points, Mon.. Wed., uud Fri.
Tuo*.. Thurs., and But	
Bapid Citf, llnniiista. Mininta,Tuesday, Thur. and Hat ,	
Men.. Wed., nud KrL 	
Morslun, Deloralne nnd intermodiut.0
points daily except Sunstiiy	
Nnpinka, Alameda aud Intermediate
points, daily except Bssuslny vin
Tuos., Tliur., and Sat	
Glonliiiro, Sou ifs and Intermediate
points, dnily oxcopt Sunday	
Pipestone, Boston, Areola and inter
fndlats* points, Mon., Wed., and
rl. fin Ilrandon   
usM,,Thur.,and Snt. via Ilrundon
Probyshlro, Hirsch, Ilioufnit, Eslo
vau,Tuos.,TliurH.,.Siit., via liriuid
Thoh. Tliur.. Hut., via Ilrandon..
Gretna, hit Paul Chicago, daily ,...
WastSolklrk, Mon., Ws-d. and Frl...
Too*s.. Thurs. and Hat.
m.    ***w*i\ * ..«.n.   an.. sauiN^	
Btenewall, Tealon. Tuos., Thur., Bat.
Rmarson, Mon,, Wed., and Prl.......
tion Supt
C. K. M.-I'ii
Passu. 4**t
The ordinary active life of a locomotive  averages fifteen  years.
There never was, and never will be. a
universal piniiccn, In one remedy, for all Ills
to which fls-sh is heir—tho very nature of
many curatives being such that were the
genus of other aud differently ecnted dis-
cueea rooted in the system of tlio patient—
wbat would relic, a ono 111 in turn would ag-
gravato the other. We have, however, In
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated state, a reins dy for many nnd
grievous ilia. By its gradilui ami judicious
une tho frailest systems aro led into convn-
le-soonce and strength by tho inlluenco which
Quinine exerts on nature's own reslorative^.
It relieves tho drooping spirits of thos-o with
whom achronio state of morbid despond>
ency and luck of interest in lifo Is a di-wuso,
and, by trunquilizing tho nerves, dlsi*oses to
sound and refreshing sleep— imimrls vigor
to the action of tho blc-oa, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout tho veins,
strengthening the healthy animal functions
of tho system, thereby making activity n
necessary result, strengthening tho fnunc,
nnd giving life to tho digestive organs, which
nnturnlly demand Incronsed substunee—result, Improved appetito. Northrop St, Lyman,
of Toronto havo given to tlio public llit-lr
superior Quinine Wine at tho usual nito, and,
gauged by the opinion of scientist-", this
wino approaches nearest perfection of any in
the market.   All druggists sell It.
A seal has been known to renin In
twenty-live minutes under water.
The first lifeboat wns built at
South Shields, England, and used on
January .10, 1700.
Strssrt Car Accident.—Mr. Thomas Habits
says i " My elevon ysiar old boy host his Is>>it
busily Inlurod by boirg run ovor by a car on tho
Htrosit Hallway. Wc, lit ssiss-o cssnsmoncsMl balli-
inr* tho foot with Or. Thomas' Kclectrlo Oil,
whon tho discoloration nud swelling was removed, and In nine dnys ho could nso Disroot,
We always keen a bottle in th* house roiuly (or
any omorgency.
Tho man who hesitates may bo
lost, but the ninn who nevs-r lu-si-
tiiti-H Is hard to find.
Tho Empire of Japan Is 105,000
nquare miles In extent. It contains
over d,000 islands.
The ocs-an  is  ths;   only   power    on
earth  that  can  make a  woman   in-
difi'ers-nt   to hs*r personal appearance.
Read Watchful Care to Prevent Overfilling and the Evils That
All children at some period of ths-ir
infancy are subjs*ct to indfgvstion.
diarrhoea, or constipation. While the
symptoms of these troubls's gri>atly
differ, the origin of each is due to the
sums* causs?—improper food or ovs*r-
feeding. This results sometimes in
diarrhoea, sometimes in constipation. In s-itlier the treatment is to
remove the cause, and this can only
bo K|>s-s*dily, safely and effectually
done by the use of Baby's Own Tab-
lots, a purely vegetable medicine
guaranteed to contain no opiate nor
any of the poisonous stuffs found in
thc so-called soothing medicines.
Mssthers who once use Baby's Own
Tablets for their little ones never nf-
tsT experiment wiih other medicines,
and always speak of them in ths-
highest terms. Mrs. Geo. B. Johnston, Wall street, Brockville, says :
"I have been using Baby's Own Talv-
lels for over a year, always keep
them in the house and always find
thorn satisfactory. If my little boy-
two years of uge—ia troubled with
con.-.lipation, Indigestion or diarrhoea, I give him tho talnlois unci he-
is soon relieved. The tablets regulate the bowels anil do nsst cnuss- after const ipnl ion as many medicines
do.    1  have also found  llis'in henolis--
ial in teething."
Baby's Own Tablets nre a certain
cure for nil the minor ailms-nts of little ones such as colic, sour stom&ch,
constipation, indigestion, diarrhoea,
etc. Children take them readily, and
crushed or dissolved in water ths-y
can be given with good results to ths*
youngest infant. 8old by druggists
or sent post paid nt 2f> cents a box
by addressing the Ur. Willi«nis' Medicine Co.,   Brockville,  Ont.
Tt Is s*»timated that the saving effected by the world's railways in the
carriage of goods is 3,250 millions
sterling a year.
The biggest averags* farm in the
world Is In South Australia, whs-re
tho average squatter holds 7H.UOO
Tho bast Cashmere shawls weigh
seven pounds, nnd cost $1 ,.rs0(>. Tho
hair of the Cashmere goat is worth
$12.50 por pound.
Lake Nicaragua, through which till
new canal will pass, is ihe only
frosh-wat.er lake which holds it M"'c-
ies ot ifhark
Then* aro at present about .1.000
ponies In tho Shetlnmls. A true
Hhot.lnnd pony should bo between S)
and 10 hands high.
•Send us your name and address on the below request, and we will take pleasure
in sending you free of any charge this SOLID ARIZONA SILVER SUGAR SHELL.
You donrt nave to buy anything. The gift is unconditional. It is a bid for your everlasting friendship and good vw, and if you do not read this advertisement through
and answer it at once, it will be a loss to yourself and a disappointment to us.
With the Sugar Shell we will send you 6 packages of Standard Electine Remedies*
which we wish you to sell, if you can, at 25 cents each. Then return our money, and we
will give you absolutely free a Butter Knife and Pickle Fork, same pattern as your
Sugar Shell, and also a Set of 6 Full-Size Solid Arizona Silver Teaspoons. If you fail
to sell our Medicines, return them to u* and retain the Sugar Shell as a gift, it being
free in any event. Our Solid Arizona Silver Premiums are fast superseding Sterling
Silver for Tableware. They always look as well, and wear better; they are the same
beautiful metal all th • way through and are guaranteed for 50years. There is nothing else
like them except Steiiin**- Stiver*, and nothing; "just as good. Now, please don't throw
this paper down and say to yourself, * I'll write to those Electine people to-morrow."
This is not an opportunity to put off and   J**********---!**-!-**-^^
forget.    Just sign and   |    REQUEST FOR SUGAR SHELL and medicines.   I
return the attached re-    $ Electine neillclue Co., Limited, Toronto, Ont. J
quest tO-day> lhat is all %      Shiplmmedi?.tt!y,bvmai1,/&''y.^ S
wm«  ti-n,*>  tn An      Tr-ss-* (ff Pacfeages of Elsctine Remedies I agfe* to mat an earne t effort to sell the Medl- ■
you nave to OO*      i ne fy c\atSr and return yoa the money, with the un-'eretansiing that I am to receive fer f
Sugar Shell and Medl- % ll-h service a 'Boiftf Knife and Pickle Fork, sime pattern Si Suqar ShrV. and q>
j, nrJll    *-ri-»n    Ut* Q> fd*o Sir Ful'-Siee Soti  Arizona Silver Teaspoons,  if I fail to seli the Medicine, ill
C1UCS   Will     ,   , DC JT Iw'li-*.u.iiU'oyouwi-km.-»day8,andr£ia.utbc.&^^
promptly mailed, post-  gi
paid.   Remember, even   | „.„«
\t r ..    . ss gi   NAMo.    / mm
it  yOU   lail   tO   Sell   OUr     | (Writ* Name PWnl/, "Un," or -syHf-*"
Goods, you at least have   * %
an Elegant Sugar Shell,   i *°or«s -  $
•worth 75  cents, for   | f
simply making the effort.   *     n"-'       """pixAaE Writ  '"""    *»■
Sincerely yours,      \a*am*amaimMAi*9**a*^
•iQ evti/nfe    J&X4,
cmd  /rvwrtt-: Mu> yeux/ Jtu/?ta6
m   Williams' Pianos
add lots to Christmas jollity, and few gifts are
more acceptable. Yon say yon can't afford one?
Pardon us for saying you don't know nntil wo
tell yoa oar way of securing a good instrument,
on our easy payment plan—well worth yonr con-
eideiation. Santa Olam may yet visit yonr home.
are used exclusively at the great Hudson's Bay
Oompany'spianorecitals every uftemoon and
evenin','. Hear them nnder the touch of an artist, nnd taen come to ns for prices and terms.
Wc have some slightly ased, good instruments
in stuck, for sale cheap.
Forrester 8c Hatcher,
Eldridjje "B" Sewing Machines.
*4-'--i rib- *,**«■
that i«
; >*!.,-■*
low I
i'i .n'
no one can Htisjrd
ones. LiRlit, nnsi j*ct strong enough tu sup-
'nnn on the s-nd whilr hn awtngs orouiid tin-
>nt rnu.'sir.g thi:u ti pep. Th.y nro ncot in
..... I" nppenrani-p. will lost a ufs time, \vlli notaaf nor get ttokstiy,
; .•:■■-•-H..'.. ^ They are supplied with Intcho* which allow them tobeo] <■;,
...ur:jxro.-.ii.-~^..-v ci oitlier wuy aisdoreself ootinij. The only cos*d r.setal gat.
iv-h in pries* f:,r ••'o^is'iu' f-ir*-i isiutmaca Wealaomalm KMnniind timaineiitsi
Kettmg,Nallaand sumsIis. the Papa WTcFei a Co.Ximite.1 Wstkerville. Oni '
ifs;!?«vi-tiSirl* •';: • • &>•■' sH-E «<* -w ;"*°~*'n <•'
*-lft1**-J*»'.:t;:;:::;.'';:":M   - - roi'talimvy >n*s
-t H!:::i-:-«:-::.*;.:'-::::y::-Sl    4: s-in-ls. without i
ul::-.:::     :tt' -  ;ii
We want the aer*
vice* of men, woman
and child rats to skoHc
for ua, whole or spare
timo—knitting: man's
socks and other ar-
iticlea at their own
'homes.    We  supply
yarn   and   material.
and pay for all work assent in. For further
; particulars address.
The People'* Knitting Syndloate,
(Limited), Toronto. Ont.
ROSS & ItOSS, General Agents, Box   t>.13.  Winnipeg,  Man
Wln-n  a man  asks  a favor he    al-
waya  puts his worst foot forward.
Parmelee's Pills possess tho power of actinn
spoeiucully uisoa tho disoissosi orsiiius, stitnuhil-
iugT to action tho siormant cuoruies OI thc
sy*stesn, thereby removing disssuso. In fact, so
great, is the power of this modicino to clcau;c
and purify that diseases of almost every isanss*
ami nature nro cirivsm from the body. Mr. 11
Cnrswell, llnrswell P.O., Out., wrils-ss *. ' 1 have
tris*d Panns-lee's Pills, and ilnil them an c.-.col.
leut uiosiiciusj, svudouu tis..j will Mil welt.
'Pus* tnllpsi mnn in n crowd alwaya
li'iiiuvj'i's tn get well up in tin* front.
KM, Liniment Cnrcs Distemper.
If n man loves a woman lu> offs-rs
to Rivs- up smokinf*. lmt if the woiiinn lovi-n Isiin sho refusvB to let him
do it
It is calculatspd that Norway anil
Sweden have between them 3U'3,tK)0
head of reinds*er. Finland has less
lhan 45,000 in all.
Minard's Liniment Cnres Cells, Etc.
One ran nevsr ball by a man's
looks whs'iher he wns disappointed
in lnvs. or only Ims dyapepsia.
Cholera nis.l all s-.immer complaints nre so
quick iu their actinn that the cold ha.nl sn
itoatii is ni*.sn the viclinis liefore they arn aware
that danger is near, lt attacked, do not delay
Ingattlng the proper medietas. Try « doae ul
Dr. J. D. Kollssnu's sDyaentery Cordial, and yss-.
will (ret Imciedi ite relief. It aots with wonder
ful rapidity, u— hotct (alia Us eUoct. ■ euro.
The thief who stsile a watch. In-
sls-usl sif nuijiini- time is now serving
Good for Bad Teeth   *
Not Bad for Good Teeth
sSoxodor •       •       •      Wc.
sSotodoti. ToothPowder     - 25c
Y.ai-f-fe Liquid and Powder       ...   75c
All *.tores cr hy mail for th. V*i-*«>*   Sample for tiV poeUga. "T
Alloway & Champion!
Write to U3 for prices of SCRIP.
(Jet our List of Lands.
Sloclra and  Bonds Bought and  Sold.
We can furni' h tho exact amount of
oerip for any pnyment on Dominion
Lands.   Do not pay cosh.
Floor nnd Grain Merchants,
Room 212 Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.
We aro buyers of wheat for December and Jan
nary shipment from western points and In store
Fort William or Duhith. Onr Mr. James Hsidd
having a lsir.ff and well established export Floui
trade, wo spocially dosire corre-spoiidoiicewilh
■■.mors. HODD A ATK1NSOV.
Men's wages in British factnrii-s
average 25s a week, against Ids in
Spain,  and 15s in Italy.
Ths national debt sif Ireland, 150
miliums, wns s-iiiis<ilidats*d with that
nf E_glan*d in the year 1817.
And lot en supply yon with
h clean cut,moaorn lot that
will bright**** up your piii*ii*s
and please your roade.s
and advertisers. Write us
for estimates on anything
in printer's material,   : i :
175 McDormot Ave., Winnipeg.
■.-.I:   ON   n *N   AV THIS mXUL, BLOOA** B. C., JANUARY 10. 1008.
X). E. Smitui'kinoau", Editor and Prop.
is published uvisuy rniDAV at
.SLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a lino for
..-ihe first Insertion and 5 cents a line each
.•subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
,as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
,-for each insertion.
Commorcial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; t-2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all lo'iurs to— ■
Slocnn, II. C.
FRIDAY, JANUARY 10th, 11)02.
A pencil mark in tho epuce
opposite will be an indication to you that ye editor
considers there is something
coining to him on your subscription. Kindly acknowledge   in cash nnd oblige.
From a Icj-'il standpoint n(fairs in
•connection with next week's municipal clr.ction nro in a precarious posi
tion, but Trail is not one whit better
Yet a little while and the provincial Conservatives will arise, in their
.might to withstand Liberal aggres-
' elon,   When that happy moment arrives the Independent*, will have a
picnic*     ____________
The customs revenue of tlie Domin-
. $on for the month of December showed a total of £2,509,015, as against
$2,312,410 for the same month last
year, an increase of $258,004, For
the six months ending December 31
the customs revenue was $15,804,092,
compared with $14,013,051 for lhe
•same time last year, or an increase of
Coast papers have it thnt a meeting
ofthe members of the legislature op-
, posed to Premier Dunsmuir will be
Jield at New Westminster en the 15th
Inst., to select a leader and outline a
programme for tho approaching session.   The choice of leader lies bo
vtween E. V. Bodwell,  Liberal, and
Richard McBride, Conservative.-  In
view ofthe efforts being made to introduce party lines in the province,
ft is hard to imagine a successful and
perfect unification of forces against
Mining men agree in tlie opinion
that tho day of the dry ore belt is
here, because of the weakened condition of the lend and copper market.
No prospect of disaster is to be (apprehended in this division, because ofthe
eilicions nature of the ores. Not. a
singlo property now working will
close down and there are assurances
that several new ones will start up
in the spring. Mining men operat
ing in thc camp assert that much
capital will come this way next season. Dry ore properties arc growing
jn demand and no likely prospect
will be overlooked.
.Prosperity in mining has not been
, limited to Kootenay and Yale. For
1901 the Vancouver Island coal mines
had an output of 1,331,350 tons, of
•which 821,945 toii3 was sent abroad.
Thore was also exported 4700 tons of
coke. During the samo period the
metalliferous mines of the Island
shipped 17,733 tons of ore from Che-
niainns, Ladysmith and Comox.
■Wh.sta tremendous advancement has
been made in mining in British Columbia in the last five years, the
whole province seemingly being ore-
huge treasure vault. Who is he to
guage the expansion and output for
tho next five years, Go where you
will and a more promising spot than
British Columbia cannot be found on
Oa Jan. 31 the Liberals of tho province meet In Vancouver for the pur-
poso of organization and to decide up
on introducing party, lines in local
politics.   But the family is not altogether happy in their relations one to
the other.   A nasty little break has
occurred at Nanaimo, and now the
. Vancouver association has seen lit to
enter a protest against, certain uc
^tlons of the provincial executive relative to the coming convention. Senator Templeman, as president, has
-been forced to issue a strong letter in
reply, which cannot bo   considered
encouraging.   Then thero is thc lire*
' pressible Joe Martin to reckon in the
gamo, and he is not to bo downed.
Tho situation presages trouble for the
Public school reopened on Monday
Ike Loughecd is working at Fran k,
Lent commences on thc 12th of
Two cases of smallpox are reported
from Kcssland.
Fcrnio reports three cases of smallpox in that burg.
Billy Callanan, formerly af this
camp, is in Seattle.
Tho Goodenougli is to pay another
dividend on the 30th.
Frank Wells is running the hotel
nt Enterprise Landing.
A third case of smallpox developed
in Kossland on Friday.
The Bean f-iinily have taken up
their residence in Fernie.
Worden Bros., got in three cars of
Lethbridgo coal last week,
Born.—In Nelson, on Jan. G, Mrs.
D. ii. Young, ofa daughter
Joe Dearin and family have moved
into town from Lemon creek.
Anthony Madden took over the
Two Friends hotel on Friday.
Lcn Howson left for Spokane, Friday, to obtain medical treatment
There have been a number of renl
estate deals made in the city lately.
James Rogers and CF. Wiehniann
arc located at Fernie and are doing
Pete Schonberg has rented the
Dearin ranch, at Lemon creek, from
II. Beck.
The first freight train is expected
to go over the Columbia river bridge
at Robson today.
McCallum & Co. received a car of
anthracite coal last week, the first to
come into the city,
Payne stock has commenced to go
up, as a result of tho improved condition ofthe mine.
Quite a number of the boys are
making up their minds to locate in
south East Kootenay.
J. Kirkpatrick, Dr. LaBnu and F.
Fletcher are making the race for tho
mayoralty in Nelson.
The Quadrille Clab will hold their
regular assembly In the Music Hall
this Friday evening,
G. W. Gl'immett, the. Sandon optician, is in the city, making his head;
quarters at the Arlington.
Nominations for ni.-iyor, aldermen
anil school trusters take, place at the
citv hall on Monday next.
FreJ Cooper, of W. T. Shatford &
Co., returned Fridav evening from u
month's sojourn 111 Vernon.
No meeting of the city council was
held on Monday night, tho necessary
quorum not being on deck.
R. C. Andrews and wife, srent Monday and Tuesday in New Denver,the
guests of the Rev. Mr. Roberts.
Sloan & Schonberg-, market gardeners, have dissolved partnership, J.
Sloan continuing the business.
Service will be held in St. Paul's
churc i next Sundav, morning and
evening.   W. II. Hcdley, vicar.
D. J. Robertson, of Nelson, was
here on Friday, erecting a number of
marble monuments in the cemetery.
George Chandler, C.P.R. agent at
Silverton, passed through on Monday
on his way to Nova Scotia to be married.
The steamer Revelstoke, to ply between Revelstoke nnd the Bi>r Bend,
was launched at Nakusp on Wednesday.
Married.—In Slocan, on Jan. 2, at
the residence of M. Lavell, bv Rev.
M. D. McKee, Miss Jessie McG illivray
lo John Cavan,
Although thero arc several vacant
business places in the city, every residence is occupied. Thoro is a growing demand for houses.
.Mrs. T. B. Linton, formerly of tin's
place, is numbered in tho Rossland
Dramatic Society, which played h
Nelson Friday evening.
John Taylor and daughter, New
Denver, were here Wednesday. Mr.
Taylor ia slowly regaining strength
from bla accident of last fall.
Thc rcgnlar monthly meeting of
the board of trade will be hold in the
city hall next Mondav evening, after
the. council. Every member is asked
to be present.
A dance in honor of Mr. and Mrs,
John Cavan wai given at the Sloean
hole] on Friday evening. The kids
and the band also serenaded the
newly married couple.
Dr. Forin received word on Friday
from the militia department to go to
Fort Steele, to examine more recruits
fur South Africa. There was not sufficient money in the job, so tlio doctor
stayed home.
A. Harlow and family left yesterday morning for Nakusp, whero the.
latter will spend thc balance of the
winter. Mr. Harlow will go to Walla
Walla to take n collegiate course in
theology as well as ln businces, returning here in Ma>y
The open installation of new officers held by tho New Denver Knights
of Pvthias, Monday niirbt, wns a
swell i ffair, visitors being present
from each town in the camp. (Irani!
Chancellor Binns, of Trail, was in at
tendance. Tlio proceedings were
most interesting and were witnessed
by a crowded house.
A public meeting will be held in
the Music Hall next Wednesday
night, when the city council will
render an account of their stewardship for their term of ofliee. Prospective candidates will also give their
ideas on municipal matters.
NOTIOE is hereby given that I intend
to npply at a Bpocial sitting of tlio Board
of Licensing Commissioners for tho City
of Blocan * to be held after the expiration
of 30 slays from the date hereof, for a
transfer of tho retail liquor license for
the promises known as tbo Lakeview
Hotel, situate on Lot 1, Block 1, Slocan,
to Alex. Stewart.
Dated at Sloean, B.C., this 23rd day of
December, 1901.
Witness: Wm. IpE.
Dissolution of Partnership
NOTICE is hereby given, that the
partnership heretofore Misting between
the undersigned, under the firm name of
Sloan & Schonberg! market gardeners,
hs this day been dissolved by mutual
consent The business will be continued
by John Sloan, to whom all bills owing
■aid linn must be paid and who will
liquislate all Indebtedness.
Dated at Slncan, H.C., this 7ili day of
January, 1002.
Certificate of Improvements.
lion Hsu-si* No. '* ism!   l.i.i.ilnis  li'iirlltiiiul
Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Sloean City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District
Where located :—On Ten Mile creek,
adjoining Enterprise mine.
TAKE NOTICE that I, V C. Green,
acting ns agent for W. D. Wrighter,
Free Miner's Certificate No. R59535,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply ts ths Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 28th day of December, 1001.
10-1-02 P. O, UI'EEX, Nelson, B C
for $18.25.
Why bo without a ranee wlion
you can pet one so cheap ? Tht}
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. ThestTVangcs
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
Do not send '
East for your
Furniture !
We can supply you in High
Grade. Furniture. Carpets,
Oilcloths, and Linoleums, at
lowest prices.
Parlor Suites,
Pendesote Couches,
Wicker Chairs,
Iron and Brass Be is,
Bedroom Suites,
Rockers of all kinds; etc.
We handle everything to
make a home comfortable.
Write to n* for prices.
Nelson, B.C.
Notice of Nomination for
School Trustees.
I )*JBLIC NOTIOE i.s Im-nliy {-"ran to tho Blo»
I    ton of the Municipality of the city of Hlo*
s'.-in, Unit 1 rfs]tiirs.> (lin presence ssf tlis* sislsj
Electors at tlio building situate on Lot 9, Block
It. Blocan, on tlio lStlis diiy ssf January, 1002, at
12 o'clsis-k, niiisii, fur tin* purposes)" oleettng p«r-
■OBI In roprr.snnt tlioin In tlio School Board iih
.School Trsisli'ns.
Tin* muds'of niiminiilinii of c.indiiliitosisliall
bo n*s follows:
Tin* cansliilfitoH s.liall be nominated In writing |
the wriliiift shall lis* fUbtOflbod hy two vuti'rs of
tlm Municipality as proposer and seconder, and
•hall bo dollterod to the Boturalna Officer at
any timo botweon tin* data of thi- notice ami 2 p.
in. of the day sif nomination;
Anil In tho event of n poll lioini; DCce -.-iry,
lueh poll will be open on tho lath da** of January, 1M>, nt s:iid IniililliiK.of which everybody is
heri by require*} to talie notico and goforn him-
•elf accordingly,
Tlis- poisons riiiislillod to vote at tins saiil nice
lion shnll be such persons as havo their names
registered on the voters' list of the Municipality
Of His- City i.f Kloean.
(iiviMi under my hand nt thn City of Slocan,
Hrii is-ii Columbia, the 88th day of December a'
Hcliuiiiiitf Ollicnr
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Slocan,        • • .       B. C
J. I.
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. C.
\'ou Can Make
A  Striking  Effect!
Bv weririug a perfect fitting Suit,
cut in tho latest style and elegantly
trimmed. Such can be purchased
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near tbe I'ostoflice.
per annum.
Reopened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially inrlted to return i
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Arthur Bttaat aad Dilutf Ayiau, Slo-enr.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stocked with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords. Prices are right.
Stoves!  Stoves!   Stoves!
Just look np McCallum A. Co.'s assortment of
Heating Stoves,   for either  coal or wood.
Prices, from
Steel Ranges from
$5 to $35
$16 up.
This is the best assortment of lirst .--..Ins*,
stoves that ever came te Slocan. Thev burn
any kind of coal. Cull around and satisfy
yourself and wo will do tho rest.
McCallum & Co.
General Hardware, Slocan.
Agents for Crow's Nest Coal; price delivorcd, $6.25 per ton.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
The Murcutt Branch
OF THE W.C.T.U., Slocax,
Meets the second Thursday In each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in tbe Presbyterian church. All meetingsopee
to thoec wishing t: join.
Miss E. Stouuhton, Mbs.M.D.McKbi
President. Cor. .Secretary.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, 11. C.
General Packing and Forward ing attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
I)t*BIiIC NOTICE b liorsby f-iv«n to tlie Elec
Inf. i.f till. Municipnlity sif tlio City nf Slo
can, that I rsvsuiris tlio pnaeDOC of tlio saisl
Electors nt tlio l>uil<lin« si tun to nn Lot !>, IJIiick
H, Slocan, on tlio Utb slay of .'miliary, UBS, at
12 o'clock, noon, for the purpose of rleclins
peflOBl to represent thorn in the Municipal
Conns il ns Mnjsir anil Alslermen.
Tl." nin lis of nomination of candidates -linll
bo as follows:
The cnndiilatossliB.il be nominated In writisiu;
the writing shall be .subscribed by two voters of
the Municipality ns proposer and seconder, and
shall be delivorcd to tlio lieturning OIKcer at
nny time between tho dntr of the untie* nud 2 p.
in. of the slny of uoinination;
And iu tho event of n poll being necessary,
such poll will be open on the Kith slay of Janu
ary, l!«ij, at saisl tralldln**, of which everybody is
hereby required to take notico ansl govern bim
self accordingly.
Thn pnrssins ijunliilosl to Im nominated fnr ansl
electesl Maysir of such City nt the saisl oloctiou
shall be such perssins ns nro male Uritish subjects nf Iho full ngeof twenty-one years, und are
□ot disqualified unsler any law, and
(a.)   Are at the date of nomination the asses
sesl owner of land sir real property in the
City of the value of one thousand dollars
over a:.d ubove any registered incumbrance, ninl are otherwise sj mil Hied to
Vsite at :-.:ich el.*ction; nr
Who meal the date of niiiiiin.iti.sn the
si,sle tenants in ini.sHs.siun of land or renl
property in the i Itjrpl UiovMaeo* two
thousand dollars under lease in writing
fssr not less than one year, und ares.lher-
w'... .|'nilitii. I  to  vote at such election;
Who arn nt the dnti) of nnniiniitinn  the
members of u partnership firm, or shareholders of u joint stuck company, which
in at the suid date of Humiliation the ns-
sossesl iiwinsr nf l.'iinl sir null property ill
Hiss City nf this vnliin i.f one thousand
dollars over and iiIhivss any registeresl
inenmbrunce. nnsi whose individual in-
ti-reuin snisl insrlnership or essinpauy
lund is nf uot less value than nnis tlissii-
suiid ilollnrs.aiid are otherwise i|iinlifliKl
tn into at such oluction.
Tho persons qualified to bo nnminntod for and
oleetosl a, Alslermen of such City at the said
election, shall bo such porsons as nre male llritish subjects of the full age of twenty-sinu years,
and aro nut disqualified under any law. and
(n.) Aro nt the date of nniniuulinu tho assessed owners of land or real property in
the CiUof tlio valuo of live hundred dollars over anil nbnvo any registered incumbrance, nnsi aro otherwise qualified
tss vote nt such election j sir
(b.) Who are nt the date of nomination tho
solo tenants in possession01 hind or real
prnporty in the City of the value sif sum
thousand dollars under lease iu writing
for not less than one yenr.und are otherwise qualified to vote at StlOU election;
(c.) Who are at thn dato nf nomination Ihe
members of a partnership linn, nr shareholders of a joint stock company, which
is nt the snisl dnte nf nnniiniitinn the assessed owner of lund or renl property in
the City of the assessed vulue of five
liundri'il dnllurs over and above uny rs*g-
Iftared incumhrnnees.nnd whose individ-
tial interest In said partnership or rom-
■laiiylaiiilisnf not less value than five
liuiidred dollars, and are otherwise qunl-
ifh*sl tsi viile at such olectioin
Oivoti under niy hand nt the City of Sloean
llritish Columbia, the IHtls slny of iJeciiBiber a'
I). 1U01.
J. A. I-'OI.KY,
Returning OHicor
Mines   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
B.  C.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrired.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Slocan City liinf Urn
No. 62, W. F. of il.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visitin**** brathran cordially
invited to attend.
Financial .Secretary
Cull and see our display
of Xmas-foods, including
also an elegant line of
ChiiiHware,which weare
felling at cut   prices.
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
•■nimlt Fractional SI I astral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of Weat Kootenay District.
Where located:—On the divide between Ten Mile and Springer creeks,
TAKE NOtlOU; that 1, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent for Robert 1. Kirkwood, free miner's certiorate No. Bfj9*>38,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to applv to Iho Mining Recorder for a
reititk-ate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of tbe
above claim.
And further tnke notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificaU of
Dated this 28th day of October, 19C1.
8-11-01. J. It. McGREGOR.
"alack ttmaa MInaral Clal-a.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located :—Three miles north
east nf Slocan City.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Francis J.
O'Ueilly, of .Silverton, U. C. as
agent for George Brine, free asiner's eer-
till.ate No. HfS:*242. iatensi. sixty days
from the date kereet, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for • certilicate of im-
prorementa, for the purpo<eof obtaining
a Crown grant of Ihe above claim.
And further lake notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certiflcate of
Dated Ibis 4th day of November, 1801.
Notice ta Delinquent Co-owner
To A. E. Ilillman, or lo any person
or persona to whom he may have
transferred hla one-quarter intereat hi
the Groat Northern mineral claim,situated at the head of the fifth south fork
of Lemon creek, Slocan City mining
You are hereby notified tbat wo have
expended the sum of four hundred ao*i
ten dollars in lalior and general improvements upon tbe above mentioned
claim, in order to bold said mineral
claim under the provisions ot the Mineral Act, and if within 00 days from the
date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said claim
will become the property of the subscribers, under section four of an act ea-
titled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act 1900."
Datr.l thia 2nd day ef December, 1(01.
6-1201      T. BLENCH, E. H. STUBBS
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line; Lowest Rates
Otta* a
New York
San 'oiaco
St.  Paul,  Chicago,   and all U. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
EAST-Leaves Revelstoke Wednesday. Friday and Sunday. Leaves
Duninot'o Junction on Mondav.
Thursday, Saturday. Leaves
Kootenay Landing Fridays.
WEST-Leaves Revelstoke Moudav
Wednesday, Friday.
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast Steamship
Service: From Vancouver to
Alaska, Hawaii, "China, Japan,
Through bookings to Europe via all
Atlantic lines. Prepaid tickets
from all points at lowest rates.
J. S. CARTEH,     E. J. COTLI,
D.P.A., l.O. P. A..
Nelson. Vancouver.
Agent, 8k.ean.0Uj*


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