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The Slocan Drill 1903-06-05

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Full Text

Il, IV., Ne. 10*
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JUNE   5,   1903.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
,ook Over Thi,^ List
and -see if there ta not something you requl'.1'.
fen's Balbriggan Underwear       tl.25 a suit
en's natural wool      do.
L'8 outing shirts	
Lu's cashmere hose	
[dies' summer vests	
[dips' summer blouses	
Lies' print wrappers	
[dies' bolts, .collars and ties
2.60  do
1.50 to 2.50
25c. a pair
90o to 2.50
1.25 to 2.50
. T. Shatford & Co.
.. York <fc Sons,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
5L0CAN, B. C.
rsached by any trail or road
ist runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
finis popular hotel ia cenTenis"*nt to the home and trains.   The dining room
i itricily ap-to-date while the bar ie eapplicd witli the best in the market.
> A TsCC .   Travailing; men, using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per day
xf\ I CO •    withoutSample Rooms,$2; hoard$8 per week; me-ils3,i.'
its oprard under
"is old managemant.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Casr. Arttsar Itreetaae* Delaney iltao., Ilssss.
Jaildinjc thoroa-"hly renovated JAB. CROSS,
knd re st«ked with the hest l'roprietor.
wit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Insurance !
[ RepPCgoBtlng  the   strongest   cam
panics doing buain-jee in Canada.
StC"" NEW al-JlJIOEMT IMLICY, with pat
ticipation in prottts, covering sick;-
n<'* and operatleni.
13. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
find Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Peckin-r, and Forwarding attended to at tha
ahorteet Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses (er
hire at reasonable rates.
Med. Supt., S.W.Keith, M.D.
RATES'. Ktsgulnr lubsortbors, $1 pur month
air-'io a yourl non-suliacrtboM (excltwlveol
issu'liuul aUrual.su S3 I'i'i' '!»)•   PriviiUwiirdi
fi per slay extra.  Special focllltlH rornuwm*
ity cases. |
Kiar (urllirr purlii-.ulnrs apply to.
J, v. Purviance, Sec
'. '
'"•*' Vi/'sl-
T»««s,l; '■' ; ll;i |, intredueedand Read
• First BW1 Second Tlsne-Oelleoaer
Asks for Mors Pajr-Tery Little Business TranaacUxl.
The first meeting of the city oouncil
in two weeks was held on Wednesday
night. On Monday night the oity
dads were too busy fighting the flood
in the creok to meet. Present: Acting
Mayor Smith, Aid. Worden, McNeish
and Arnot.
Corrospoad-anee read: Galliher at
Wilson's bill and F. Fletcher's letter,
also that from the city solicitor, were
again laid ovor.
From Dr. Fagan, Victoria, prbTin-
cial analyst, condemning the water in
Goat creek,   Filed.
From Geo. Kydd, Ni'luon, debiting
city with $1.88, insurance and postsxge
on bonds.   Filed.
A bill of 82 from R. Allen for $2 for
rout of do-* pound was ordered paid.
From the collector, asking for mote
salary.   Laid ovor.
Bills presented: McCallum <% Co.,
firemen's axes and supplies 921.61;
assessor, salary, RO. Referred to the
finance conamitton.
Aid. McNeish and Arnot moved the
repealing of clause in minutes of laat
meetiug dealing with imposing a tax
rate.   Carried.
It was then resolved that the tax
levied be 7 mills for debeutures, 8 for
school, 1 for health, and 15 geteral.
making 25 mills in all.
Rate bylaw No. 18 waa next introduced by Aid. Worden and rend a first
and second tinm.
Council adjourn**-!
Woataiont to Ship.
Frank Griffith canio down from Ten
Mile on Friday to i*ecord two years'
work on seven claims.biing an earnest
of the heavy labor ha puts, in on that
oreek. Incidentally he stated he would
make a thr<*e-ton shipment of oro in a
dny or two from his Wostmont group.
The ore was already Kicked on the
dump, bein*}* mrted out from the mineral taken from his new drift. The
latter is in 100 feet and is carrying
four inches of pay oi*e in the breast.
The vein faulted a little ubout half
way in, but the drift was swung to the
west and the paystreak agaiu picked
up. The ore carries much grey copper and some native silver and will
srive high values. Frank is particularly taken with a garden he has
planted away up on tho mountain side,
having a healthy display of green
stuff, iiotatoes and strawberries, lie
is combining fanning with mining and
both are money makers for him.
To Work tli a Hoedsao.
J. M. M. Benedum, who has lieeu
spending the winter in Caraerou.West
Virginia, arrived in on Monday, accompanied by his brother. M.L.Bone-
dum. They have arrived here for the
express purpose of operating the Hoodoo, Howard Fraction and adjoining
claims on Gold Hill, and they mean
business. Asssx-iated with theni are
men of strong financial standing and
ample funds are available to carry out
their programme. On Wednesday
men were sent up to tho properties to
open the drifts and secure a ton sample of or<* for testing, so as to decide
the milling process required, as it is
tho intention to establibh reduction
works, if necessary, on the ground. J.
M- has worked trie projierties before
and knows their capabilities and he is
confident of success. He promises to
employ a largs* force of men during
the season.
Lags Break l.asssas.
The high winds of Sunday aud
Monday playid havoc with the Ixxim
at the mouth of Wilson creek, owned
bv the Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co.
L'pwanls of 1,«X),000 feet of timber
came down the creek with a rush on
Sunday, taxing the capacity of the
boom to tho utmost, and then the
wind got in its work, causing about
600 logs to break away and escape
into the lake. The company will make
uo effort at present to pick them up,
as thoy will not go far. On Tuesday
tho tug Sandon went up to Ro-ebery
and brought down a lioora of l,000,0tW
feet, which fills tho vacancy in the
bay. The company's own tug is too
light for towing and they will have to
build a new one for the work.
grade all the way over. It will lie of
immense benefit to a largo number of
claims and will enable supplies to be
taken out direct from here. The new
trail will be four miles long, making
it six miles in all from town.   With
this connection made one may take a
lorse then to any town in the upper
camp or to any of the creeks. All the
work is being doue without government assistance.
Trail to Twelve Mile.
A iiunilier of tho claim owners on
Twelve Mile creek got together last
week and decided to oonitruot a trail
connecting Slocan with that portion
cf tho onmp. On Mondav alxsut a
dozen of those interested started on
the work fuiil by ns'Xt we.-k will have
it .about completed. The trail leaves
tha- Republic road about half way up
the hill ami swings along the flal [lie*;
ing the lake, giving  n   pretty   lair'
Wilt Re-erganlse aad Call (*> Mare Cash
t rani fsharetsalders.
The London & B. C. QoldfieldB,
which is interested in the Enterprise
mine on Ten Mile, the Ruth, Whitewater, Ymir and other properties, is to
be re-organized on the assessable basis, things not having gone well with
the organization lately. Under the
management of the late J. Roderiok
Robertson, the affairs of the company
were most prosperous and handsome
dividends were paid.
The annual report of the company
to December 31 last, states that the
vei-v serious fall in the prices of lead
ana silver has had a disastrous effect
on the company's large holdings in
the Whitewater, Ruth and Enterprise
mines, and the assessment on the
shares of the Ymir, through its reconstruction, involved a heavy liability to
preserve this interest.
The British Columbia Review says
of the scheme:
"The effect of this and the delay in
the completing of the Kettle River
Power .Co.'s works, makes it now necessary to provide additional capital
to satisfy immediate liabilities aud to
enable tne directors to preserve the
company's valuable assets. The Ymir
shares and thc Kettle River debenture
stock and shares have great prospective value, and the preservation of the--e
assets alone would make it particularly desirable that some financial arrangement for this purpose should
immediately be carried out. In addition to these assets, however, the company's interests in the silver lead properties belonging to the Whitewater,
Ruth, aud Enterprise companies
should be favorably affected by the
recent and rapid appreciation in the
price of silver, and also by tho now
legislation which it is hoped will be
enacted by the British .Columbia gov-
erumont for an improvement in the
conditions afflicting the markets for
the sale of lead.
"Jn order to facilitate the dealing
with the company's liabilities, tho
chairman, who was in New York the
latter end of the year on personal
business, visited Montreal and spent
several days in conference with Mr.
Fowler, with a view, amongst other
things, of disposing of -some of the
Kettle River debeutures, but, owing to
tho condition of markets in Canada
aud to the Crow's Nest coal strike and
other causes, there has been no opportunity up to the present of doing this
without undue sacrifice, but now thnt
the Kettle River company is actually
supplying power to the towns, mines
and smelters in thc district, and is
earning a revenue, the value of its de-
bi'uturi's nnd shares is beiug rapidly
"It is necessary, however, to at once
provide funds for satisfying the company's immediate liabilities, to euable
the directors to preserve the large
number of shares which represent its
principal assets, and after most careful consideration it has been decided
to recommend that the company be
reconstructed with a liability of 4s a
share, tho payment of which will be
spread over as loug a period as possible. The directors, having subscribed
largely to the last issue of shares, are
themselves very large shareholders,
and as such regret the neic*e88ity for
the scheme now proposed, but they
are preparing to provide their share
of the assessment. Resolutions for
giving effect to this proposal will be
submitted at an extraordinary general
Good Sbeotlaf.
Some splendid shooting was done
at the butts on Saturday. The club
has lately joined the Dominion Rifle
League and Saturday's shoot was the
first match. The aggregate made was
703, or an average of over 70 per man.
Three more matches are yet to be
held.   The ecores made were:
W. S. Johnson
D. Nichol	
D. McVannel.
H. Bobertaon.
W. H.Harrison. 18
Driving Logs ror mui.
The driving of logs down Bonanza
oreek, at tbe head of the lake, for the
focal mill, haa not lieen altogether a
sueeess, tu  the   strong   currunt   ha.**
eaten away tho banks of the stream
and lessened tho Uow in mid channel.
As a result part of the drive will be
hold up till next season. Tho company will construct several more check
dams and so control the water. They
estimate they have over 30,000,000 foet
of timber to come down the creek, and
to get it thev can get six feet depth of
extra water from Summit lake, which
is ample for al" purposes. Driving on
Wilson creek commenced this week
and met with succoss.
Causing Havee en All the Creeks ta the
All predictions of high water this
year are being rapidly verified and it
looks as if there would be very serious
floods from the lakes and rivers. As
it is there have been most anxious
times this week on all the creeks along
Slocan lake and mora or less damage
has been done. The troublo started
with the hot weather on Saturday,
which has continued with a warm
wind and raia during the week, causing the snow on the hills to go off in
a rush, and turning all the creeks into
raging torrents.
Sunday and Monday were exciting
days here, aa Springer creek got on
the rampage and would not stay in its
proper channel. Every man ana horse
in town was pressed into service to
protect the mill property, which was
chiefly threatened. A forest of trees
was cut and hauled into the creek to
protect the banks, and wing dams
constructed at the principal points to
control the water. Despite everything
large sections of the bank on either
side of the stream was washed away,
together with a couple of shacks. The
Fletcher avenue bridge was threatened, but protected in time. The centre
of tho Delaney avenue bridge caught
the full force of the water and is badly
wrecked. Men have been workiug
night and day during tho week and
they have got things into shape.
The people of New Denver and Silverton have had a hard time of it also,
as Carpenter and Four Mile creeks
have damaged the bridges badly, cut
out the roads and forced new channels
through to the lake. On Ten Mile
great difficulty* was experienced in
snving the bridge at Aylwfh"t*., aa well
os the Entorprise'dam. On Lemon
thc bridges are out and the trail destroyed. At the mouth of the creek
the north approach to the big railway
bridge was damaged on Tuesday, delaying the train several hours, while
on Wednesday about 100 feet of the
track was taken out. The railway
bridge at Slocan Junction was put out
of business and passengers and mail
on the Robson road had to be transferred.
The lake is coming up hand over
fist and already has passed last year's
record. It is expected to go much
Wlaalpeg Exhibition.
The Winnipeg Industrial Expedition, which will be held on July 20-25
is doing a gre.it work each year in attracting immigration to the prairie
country. It is making thc west more
widely known and is helping very
materially to fill it with the most desirable class of settlers;also attracting
the capital necessary to develop the
country. This fair is held in the centre of a vast agricultural territory, the
greater part of which has yet to be
developed. Its immense and varied
oxhibits teach the visitor the great
resources of the mighty west.
Rich Oeld Ure.
A pocket of exceptionally rich gold
ore has been opened up on the Goldfinch property,in the Camborne camp.
It was encountered in the main drift
on the vein and created quite a sensation. One specimen of fivo pounds
was almost solid gold. Another piece
of 150 pounds weight was estimated
to be worth $7000. Tho latter piece
was sent to Hancock, Mich., the headquarters of the Calumet & British
Columbia Co. owning the property.
The usual run of the vein is $20 per
ton in free gold.
Silver Quatatlens.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Friday    521 cents
Saturday    ~
Monday    Wt
Tuesday     &3f
Wednesday     &3J
Thursday    <«&
Meeting of Coaservallrei.
A meeting of Conservatives will be
held in H. R. Jorand's office next
Wednesday evening, for the purposo
of orgaaiziition and election of officers.
In view of the impending eleci«Mis it
is hoped there will be a large attendance. Every believer in the principles
of the "Conservative party is most cordially Invited to attend.
BubsTsCtlue i'-sh T#H I'kiu..
THIS    1SIVI-4IO-4.
Last Tear's BhliMient* Were 033.1 Tens-
A Healthy Evidence et* tha Lira aad
Wealth of the (aau** - Enterprise tha
Hlgs-eat Hhl*p***r.
This week's ore shipments were 50
tous, of which tke Enterprise shipped
20, with another car ready to .go out.
The remaining .30 tons came from tho
Republic and weut to Nelson. They
have part of a seoond car sacked for
shipment. As soon as Springer road
is in shape thc Meteor will scud out a
carload of ore. Shipments to date total 496 tons.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 6338
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following ia a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise  20              2-411
Arlington  40
Ottawa  12«
Black Prince  17
Bondholder  2
Davton  4
Republic  39       ■      66
Metesjr.....  1*
50 49«
A zinc plant may be installed at tho
The demand for zinc is much greater
thau the supply.
Various mines around Sandon are
increasing their forces.
Last week the Slocan Star shipped
126 tons of ore to Everett.
Sixty tons of ore was shipped by
the American Boy last woek. "ft
Fred Carlisle went out on Saturday
to work on his claims above the Ottawa.
Dan McCuaig and partners aro doing assessment on their claims on Ten
Frank Dick and J-ack Wafer are
working on the Rose group, on Lemon
On their last payday, the Crow's
Nest collieries paid $103,266.80 in
Last week the Boundary mines saut
out 13,482 tons of ore, or'213,971 tons
to date.
Rossland mines last week shipped
5070 tons of ore, or 149,152 tons for
the year.
The Arlington has sent another
12 sacks of ore to the experimental
works at Spokane.
The Gibson group.on the south fork
of Kaslo, has bt*eu bonded by Alex.
Smith of the Surprise.
Delieuture lionds are to be raised by
the Dundee, in the Ymir camp, to pay
$30,000 indebtedness,
J. D. Anderson, of Trail, went up .
to the Tamarac on Saturday.to survey
that group for a crown grant.
The lessees of the Enterprise are
putting the compressor into shape and
will have it runuing next week.
R. C. Campbell-Johnston went to
Nelson Monday, to check through the
smelter a carload of Republic ore.
A wire was received from Sidnov
Norman on Wednesday to stop work
on the Black Prince and to store the
The Frank collieries will increase
their output to 3000 tons daily. Big
improvements are also to be effected
at the mine.
Supt. Leslie of the Lo Roi had a
narrow escape from death Saturday, a
heavy stick of timlier falling down the
shaft just grazing his head.
J, Frank Collom, manager of the
Arlington, went out to Spokane on
Saturday, to have a look at the experiments taking place on his ore.
With the bodies of ore now being
opened up on the Speculator, that
property will make such a mine as the
Arlington never dreamed of becomiug.
Percy Dickinson's interest in a dozen
claims at the head of the south fork of
Kaslo was sold in Nelson Saturday by
the sheriff. Lawyer Hannington purchased for $160.
The court is offering for sale at Nelson, on June 30,the Queen Bess group
of mines, to satisfy a claim of the
Bank of Montreal of $20,186,56, with
interest and oosta.
A warm time is on in Rossland over
the question of putting in reduction
works at the various mines. Tho V*. ar
Eagle combination claim to have the
right to all the available water.
A big landslide came down on Sunday and took out a bridge on the Arlington road, close to the sawmill. A
great deal of debris was scattered
about.   The road is * complete wreck
I f
~mymr*mr-- '
ii EQUAL     #*H;
■ ; %y HOWARD FIELDINO   ■ •
ii « !
i!   .Caspyttght, 1901, by fjhsrlai W. Hooka,    !
I '4 ♦ I » I *t* I 01 *> »"*>♦ I » I '♦ I * 1 » I *»♦'
"Why, neltber doea anybody else In
tbe house," replied the cnptnln. "So
Miss Mai-laii" Is thc only woman of
thnt kind, bo far ns we know, who could
have any motive for going there. And
somebody went."
IClisle wns he ginning to be exelte-d to
the danger point, and Kendnll cut off
tin. Interview, Noole yielding without a
word of protest,
"Don't you worry; not a bit," said he
to I*lsle. "There nln't going to be no
(rouble for anybody, except the guilty
piirty." -
When the captain had gone, Elsie
pli'iiilcd with Kendull to let her seo Dr.
"All these stories about Uremia must
rest upon what he says." she Insisted,
"nnd If I tell hlm positively, face to
face, that It wiss uot Brenda he will
in uke n statement thnt will put nn end
lo nil the trouble. And It Is worrying
(trends*. I'm sure of It. She tries to
hide It from me, but Ihere Is something
pi-eylng on her mind. Of course I have
not understood what It was, but now 1
can see. We must remember how hard
It Is for a girl brought up as she has
been, nil surrounded by dignity and refinement, to have her name In everybody's mouth In connection with such
en affair ns this."
Kendall was Inclined to tako a favorable view of this suggestion. Ills own
opinion, formed from tho newspaper
reports, wns that Dr. Blair was a conscientious mun who wns trying to tell
the exact trutb In a very serious matter; that be believed It was Miss Mac-
lime whom he had seen, but was wise
aud Just enough not. to say so upon nny
other ground than positive certainty.
Upon the other hand, he would not ds>
clare openly 'hat the woman was not
Brenda until bis mind was clear of
doubt It might easily hnppen that a
tnlk with Elsie would result ln thoroughly convincing him, nnd for Elsie
there was nothing to be feared, since
Blair as a physician would know bow
to avoid exciting her.
Accordingly Kendall snld thnt he
would send word to BJnlr during the
nfternoon. As It hnppehed, he had
leisure to go himself upon this errand,
Elsts looked nt it, fascinated.
and aa outdoor air would have tbe
charm of novelty for hiin he took advantage of the opportunity.
He was surprised at tbe meager
furnishing of his professional brother's
small and dark waiting room. It was
neat and not altogether destitute of
comfort, but It was destitute of patients and bad not tbe look of a place
that bad ever been overrun with
them. A servant's rap upon the door
communicating with the ollice brought
forth Blair, to whom Kendall made
himself known.
The office wos a large and dreary
room, with a view of back yards.
Tbere waa a broad couch lu u corner
with a pile of chenp aofa pillows,
against which the doctor had probably
been reclining. At the foot of the
couch and oddly propped against tbo
back of a cbalr was a single silken
pillow beautifully embroidered From
a professional standpoint the room
lucked many things that money can
buy, and to Kendall, who was so far
removed from the need of fees that he
bad almost forgotten tho possibility of
any doctor having to subsist upon
them, tbe place spoke loudly of poverty. As for Blnlr himself, he matched his surroundings, for bis mood was
far from cheerful.
"What can I do for you, doctor?" he
asked ln tbe tone of oue who has
ceased to expect good from any Interview.
"Miss Miller, who la my patient at
the hospital, wishes to see you," said
Kendall, "and I called to aak you to
eome over."
"I hope a consultation Isn't neccs-
sary," said Blair, with a faint smile.
"I understood that her recovery was
"It la In regard to Miss Maclane,"
responded Kendnll, with considerable
Blnlr faintly groaned.
"I wish I hnd kept my mouth shut,"
he snld. "Of course If I can do anything fo ptease Miss MUler." he added
hastily, "I shall be delighted. I know
her slightly, and she Is a very charming girl. But really this matter of
Miss Muclaue Is wearing my life out.
Policemen, reporters, unidentified
"And, laat of all, a doctor," added
—"bave worried the flesh off my
bones,"  continued   Blair  without  no
ticing  the Interruption.   "Tbey  Insist |
tlmt 1 sball identity Miss Maclane ns
the    woman    I    saw.   They    probeut
threats   and   bribes.   Tbey   offer   all
sorts of ridiculous plans for bringing
Miss Maclane and me together so that
I may be sure of her.   But 1 have seen j
Miss Maclane already, and I have said j
all that I have to say upou the sub- I
,1ect." \
"You have not snld that she waa not ,
the woman," sugg.isted Kendall.
"No, and I won't," respouded Blair
promptly,   "Why should I?"
"Unless you are sure," snld Kendnll,
"you may feel like delaying a Ilnnl
statement, but I cnu't help thinking
that j ir course takes little account of
Miss '.Machine's welfare; I might almost say of her rights. However, I
must not get excited about It."
"You seem to tnke a considerable Interest," snld Blfilr. "You have known
Miss Maclane for some years, I nm
told. But that Is none of my business.
What does Miss Miller wish me to do?"
"She believes that she can convince
you thnt Miss Maclane Is not the woman you saw," replied Kendnll.
Blnlr wns silent for some moments.
"I don't see how that Is possible," he
said at last, "but I would be very glnd
to oblige ber, or you, If 1 could. There
Is, however, such a thing as the truth,
you know."
Kendall was beginning to feci painfully anxious. Tlierc seemed to be a
strsing probability that Blair was perfectly convinced In regard to this matter of identity and that be was reserving bis statement until tho nature of
the case should disclose Itself. If Elsie
shoulil die, there was little chance that
n man of Blair's type would withhold
his evidence, for In thnt event somebody would be directly accused, nnd a
just person would feel that all the evidence should be brought forward.
Blair's present position was such that
Kendnll did not know how to attack It,
aud so he fell back upon the matter of
his real errand. As to that there was
no difficulty. Blair promised to call at
thc hospital within an hour.
Having received this promise, Kendnll returned at once nnd notified Elslo
of the approaching visit. Her manner
was very slgnlllcant. She was evidently brnclug herself for n considerable ordeal. There could be no doubt
that she had determined to snve Brenda from the annoyance to which sho
was being subjected and from thc
much more serious trouble that might
follow. As she had expressed a wish
to speak with Dr. Blair a few minutes
alone there could be but one Inference-
she Intended to tell him something
which she had withheld up to that
time. As Blnlr v.ns thc first physician
who bad been called to attend her she
could clnlm the right of a patient aud
put him upon his professional honor
uot to disclose what she might say.
Indeed, certain questions which she
asked made Kendall sure that she had
sainslsli'i'oiL this phase of the situation.
It was possible that she might Intend
io go to thu length of confiding to Blnlr
the actual facts of the case, for by
uanilug the author of the crime she
could most surely relieve Brenda from
any further suspicion. Even upon thu
supposition thnt Brenda bad really
gone; to that house nnd hnd been seen
by Blair he would probably consent to
shield her from offensive publicity If
he knew her to be entirely Innocent.
Kendall was conscious of a strange,
boyish feeling of discontent thnt Elsie
should not hnve chosen him ns the recipient of this confidence. He could
understand that there might bo ren
sons why she should tell Brenda everything, and, ns to that, Indeed, he
had no positive knowledge that she hnd
not already done so. Moreover, to have
told him would have been merely to let
another person Into the secret, whatever it might be, since It was not he,
but Blair, who had the power to cheek
the attacks upon Brenda. Still, he
could not help feeling Isolated,the more
because of his reflection that Brenda
might already know all.
From this youthful frame of mind he
passed to one more mature and practical. It might In; that Blair was not
worthy of this conlldeuce. Without
pretending to know wbnt Elsie's secret
might be, Kendall surely did not wish
It to lie betrayed. All consideration of
abstract juitl.ee. bad vanished ln personal Interest. ITe wns for Elsie with
a genuine loyalty, and Blair had not
Impressed him favorably. He teemed
a morose and discontented man, with
an unsatisfied s-ravlng for something,
probably money, nnd he had not a perfectly honest eye. Supposing that Elsie's secret Involved Allien nnd that Alden hml really become rich In n wny Invisible to his closest friends— well. In
thnt case It might be that Dr. Blair
would be ablo to afford a better ofliee.
With these thoughts In mind Kendall
ventured to caution Elsie against the
evils Incident to an unwise trust In the
discretion and the promises of one's
fellow crentures, but Elsie teemed to
have an excellent opinion of her own
good judgment, as often happens witb
tbe young.
When Blair appeared, Kendall mentioned to him that Elsie desired to see
him alone for a few minutes, adding,
"She seems to have some communication which ls In the highest degree confidential."-
"I shall treat whatever she says as a
matter between doctor nnd patient,"
replied Blair, somewhat too promptly,
aa Kendall thought.
Nothing of importance occurred during the timo wben Brenda and Kendall
were present with Blair ln El6le's room.
It might have been one of the doctor's
regular professional calls.
The private conference Insted not
more than five minutes, and It produced no very notable effect upon Elsie, but Dr. Blair seemed to have received a considerable surprise. Kendall was far from satisfied with the
man's looks. He was not only agitated, but he bad the air of one who Is
both scared and pleasesl, like u mnn
wbo seea an opportunity tho nature of
wblcb both attracts and frightens him.
"I was not oworc you made it a matter
of conscience."
And the thought came to Kendnll that
tbls secret might affect Brenda, whose
father was very weak ln thc nerves
and very strong In tho pocket.
On the face of the matter, however,
It appeared that Elsie had achieved a
notable success, for Blair said to Brenda:
"Miss Miller tells me that you nre
much disturbed by thc absurd attempts
to Identify you with the so called 'mysterious woman' ln this unfortunate irf-
falr. I think I can put a stop to these
"Was It for that tbat she asked you
to come here?" demanded Brenda, who,
by Elsie's request, had not been Informed ln advance of this attempt.
"Oh, no; It was merely Incidental,"
replied Blair, "and my conclusion depends partly upon my having seen you
again. Your word should, of course,
have been enough for mc, but I have
not taken a proper view of the seriousness of tbe matter. I shall now state
positively that you are not the lady I
aaw." i
"I would prefer that you say nothing
at all," said Brenda after a brief interval of reflection. \
Blair showed bis surprise.
"I do not understand," he said.
"Surely you wish me to speak the
truth r |
"I was not aware that you made It
a matter of conscience," replied Brett* |
da, slightly Inclining her hend by way ,
of dismissal to Blair, wbo was upou .
the point of leaving the room.
Ihe next morning's pn-
pera contained Interviews wltb Dr. Blair
ln which he stated In
the most positive manner that the mysterious .woman was not
Miss Maclane. Tbis
did not have the.effect of taking Brenda entirely out of print, but it Inspired
all tbe newspaper writers with caution, for, though some of them were
not able to believe tbat Blair was telling the truth, it was Impossible to overlook the fact that be was the only witness.
Tbe most serious of tbe Immediate
results of tbis publication was experienced by Dr. Blair himself about 10
o'clock ln tbe forenoon, when he received a call from Captain Neale. The captain seemed not to be representing the
department upon this occasion, for he
was ln tbq dress of a private citizen.
Even his shoes were different from a
policeman's characteristic footwear.
As the apparel evidently was' not worn
for purposes of disguise, It might be
assumed that Mr. Neale had come upon
a personal errand.
When admitted to Dr. Blair's office,
he first showed Interest ln all the doors
opening from the room;, then lie be*
stoweda moment's attention upon some
of the doctor's effects which bad been
collected as If to be packed In a large
"Going nway?" Inquired Neale.
"Move," responded Blair. ".,
"What for?"
"Xou've aucceeded ln spoiling mj
practice around here," was the reply;
"I am no* more modest than othi r doctors, but ilie kind of oonsplcuonsnnsi
which comes from having a uniformed
policeman s-all at the house every ien
minutes is not a good advertisement
So I have eagaged other quarters.1,
"I wiiiibl llks- lo tell you Hint It's none
of your business,'' saiil Blnlr, "but thut
Wouldn't prevent ynu frnm finding out.
I'm going up tnwn."
And be gave the address, which the
captain ostentatiously uoted down:
Having done this, he looked Blair in
the eye ami said:
"I don't know whether you're going
or not."
"Mnke yonr mind ensy," repli,'d the
doctor.   "I am."
"You're an important witness in this
case," said the captain, "and I want
you where I cun get my hands on yon."
"Well, I'm not going far."
The captain screwed up his queer
eyebrows ln his own peculiar fashion.
"It's my opinion," snld be, "that
you're going to the bouse of detention."
Blair looked uneasy, but he mustered
a smile.
"The house of detention Is for the
poor," he said. "It Is for people who
Will stand being Imprisoned six i.untlis
or a year for nothing without ma king
nny fuss about It."
"You're poor enough, my friend," replied tbe captain, "and I'll see tbnt you
don't make any fuss. I've got a story
all flxs'd up that Will keep you quiet."
Blair let tho lid of the trunk fall
honvlly and then snt down on top of It.
"Well, you neesln't tell me wbnt It Is,"
he said. "I'll take your word for It
that It's a good one. In short, you Intend to ruin mo In this town."
The captain put his baud Into his
pocket In a way that nade Blair nerv
ous, but It wns nothing more formidable thnn a piece 6f chewing tobacco
that appeared. Neale nodded slowly
as he bit off a **-lece.
"From the beginning of this case,"
said tbe doctor, "I have been totally
unable to understand your game. What
la It?"
"My game," replied the cnptnln, "Is
to take good care of Joseph Neale."
"Well," said Blnlr, "what havo 1
done to prevent lt?"
"Ever hear the story of the beggar
who asked the professional charily
man for n dime?"
"I don't remember it," said the doctor.
"The charity man said: 'Co over on
the other side of tho street I'm working this side.'"
Blair appeared to ponder deeply upon
the significance of this ancient tale in
the present situation.
"Look here," said the captain suddenly. "You saw Brenda Maclane coming out of that house, and you had
sense enough to keep still until you
found out where you stood. That was
all right. You fouud out, right nway,
what kind of n father she had, and you
knew thnt your Information was worth
money. Now, don't Jump. I've looked
you up, and I've fouud out Unit you're
not above tbat sort of thing. Very
well; few of us nre, but when yon
found out thnt I was 'on' you ought to
have done oue of two things—quit or
let me in."
Blnlr drummed on the trunk with
bis fingers.
"I thought you were after Alden," he
"I'm after 'em both."
"Do you still believe there's nnythlng
In Alden's story of money?" queried
Blair, eying the other shrewdly.
Neale nodded emphatically.
"But we'll leave that for a minute,"
be said. "In the matter of Mnclnne I
1st you go ou, merely showing you that
I wns keeping close track. I didu't
suppose you'd .Jump so quick."
"What do you mean?"
The captain shook a big forefinger ln
Blair's faco.
"You went to Maclane'a house last
evening," he said. "Then you gave out
tbat Interview," And tbe big forefinger
came very close to Blair's nose as the
captain added, "How mucii did you
Blair's lean and deeply lined face
was suddenly moistened with perspiration. Ho sprang up sldewlse from the
trunk and walked around tbe far end
of the table.
'"Ibis Is getting personal," he snld nt
last, with a nervous laugh thnt scarcely passed beyond a contortion of tlie
"I'll mnke It personal for you. my
friend," ho said. "In fact, I'll land
you beblud the bars before I'm done
with you.   This ls blackmail."
Blair laughed aloud.
"Blackmail Is a dreadful sin," be
■aid, "and nobody knows It better than
you do."
Neale did not see fit to reply. He
watched Blair carefully as the latter
paced up and down gnawing his lips.
"Captain," said the doctor, pausing
suddenly and facing about, "how much
money can you raise?"
Neale's eyebrows took the shape of
Inverted Vs, and beneath them his
eyes looked like dots becnuse of tbe
contraction ln the corners.
"Wbat are you trying to get at?" he
demanded. "You . mean something.
What is it?"
A sudden shivering selzesl Blair, so
that his Jaws could be seen to shake.
Indeed they could be heard. He croSaV,
ed to a locker on the wall, frnm which
he took a small bottle containing a
thick nnd dork fluid. This be raised
to his lips, shuddiTlng at the taste of
It But he seemed to be benefited In
tbe mntter of self command.
"Nerve medicine?" said Neale. "1
don't think you need It."
"Ypu told me," replied Blalr slowly,
"that I ought to quit or let you In. I've
decided to do the latter."
"Bight!" said tbe captain, with emphasis.   "How much did you got?"
"Tbe little money that I got Trom
Maclane doesn't amount to anything,"
responded Blalr. "1 got something
.     . [TO nK COWTINUED.]
The  Worst.
Men have a lengthy list of ws.. .
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Mos» ii lin|s|x-na.
wi?nld.taJ.w<!r I"™,8 from Pu-wssne,
Who .w„r„ I,,. • ne',- Inttrry
Hot a wlilow s.i chlo
Caught his finey no quirk
A minister soon mads them twtsns.
Sometimes Can't.
Ths songster with a song to slnrr
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Ths poet with an o<le to sprlnj*
Can t always gst to spring It
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A group of women were talking about
the stupidity of men at all limes and
their enormous denseni'ss when their
wives were trying to give them a bint.
"You know one duy we liml company
unexpectedly, and we hardly bad
enough to go around," said one woman.
"I tried to catch my husband's eye to
convey to bim tbat he wns serving the
meuttoo gi'iieronsly. But ho would i "t
take the hint When he hud given out
the last bit, tbere were two plates still
unfilled. What do you suppose tlmt
shameless man did? lie simply called
all the plates back again and scooped
enough off each one to (ill the remaining two."
"I shall nlways take my husband
aside beforehand nnd tell him a few
things," said an engaged girl,
"Well, that won't work," said an experienced matron. "I did that one day.
and when I nsked my husband Whether bo would huve pudding or pie I'or
dessert ho blurted out, 'Good gracious,
Helen, I've forgotten which you told
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low stnte of \ Italltj ■
, Wlii'ii tlio 1'lsisii! (jots thin and wnt-
orv the  m usie nf  tita* liuiiuin  leod}   is
i more rapid thai, the process o: re-
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digestive istjiiiis fail to perform thoir
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clans nil i ni ire   i In-  mind,   Irritabiliti .
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reipt bonk autbi.i. ate nn everj bul
nf his rcincilies
Page   Metal Gatei
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""        ' '1a3.(*»
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KS-Vslinl    i'ii: "    ol    11'
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! i'..|,i".     |,i 1     In   n      1 "; " '  ,
p -  :•'.   .. .1 ...I. sho rill »ii '    *'.',
:.h'.'B'fiii   anil   ln*«.iu   In  l u "       ".',
"nil*.      In    fivrt,  I  I"!  I •*«*.-]
life (.. Baby's (iwn Ta -
I nn I     tllillk     **!'."    wouisl   11- -      ■,'
inriti. ii had II  iml bs-s-i   f"i ,!'""
.  ■ mend  lhe   r«l.l.-t*» » 9
mn ■ v ho hi     .1 ci        fretful.1
is child." a, ,*,!
l't"SS        T.ll'le.S      Will           ""'I
11111*; ii»"|
iiiiiiiii     niliiuiil 1  "i   II"
,,,,, 1 imratiteotl to contain '""''Ji
nnd ran !»• given with '"''■'    \#
il.,. voungesl ii' ii ii"'-1 ,! ' ■1''''^i
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Uni-ihn  wi.iitiin  hns I "   '
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A  I
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in  Uronl.
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! Sight began  to return.
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,,, j|   a.iiiue.     Later on   tho
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HOW'Ist   Xir-i !**»"»
ss.       iT.i   um*  llunilieil   I'sjilurs   lW*aru
** ,",   Y..M-    "I    t'.lltt.lli    thlXl    tlll.AI.'l     A..'
M|     l'l      llull'H     CttllBl'lll     l.ABll'
utis-nel  .*.  tin .  I'ropis.,   loloasi   u
H,'     e unaer»i«neti.  h"*"-' l-aowti  I    ..
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,,insidious anil   liiiiiiiciullv   utils*  tl.
ll   ui.y  olilli;alniiiia iiiiul*-  11.\     i".'
iru.ix.   Wti.BleH.il..'   I mi   ■-. I*..
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*        i.utiii'    s.iisi  hv  all   D'rusi
niiili.  in-e.
t'l nil s Fundi""   I'lli**  «•'«  ill"  '-'";l
,. i 1,1 iml  i" our herpes. ;
I help   I ' Inn   h.-ruis    nny j
.in   help  nol   boing  In-
A   Clans-  iSkiiB,   Ituisy   ( Isns-ks   itml hiaglil
Kyi k l.'oinpsjl A ilisil rut tsin. '
N > womnn nicil* to bo told the
clinim oi' u clear complexion. No
man can be blind In the beauty of
rosy clieoks, or the power of spurk-
li.ie, ayes. Aril every woman—no
nmi Ier whut. ber Iciitiires muy be—
lini huve u perfect uouiplext6u. Bright
eyes nnd n pdrfecl complexion coins'
from 1'ine blood—and pure blood
comes from llr, Williams' Pluk Pills.
Uy enriching tho blood Dr. Williams'
i'ink l'ills givo vigor, strength
heal lb happiness und beauty. Hc'1'0
is a bit of proof "For Upward*) ab|
throe years i suffered from a&aemla^"
says Miss Mary Jackson, Of Nnmiaii-
sin 1»*.   Ont.,    "I liiiil no color in my
fnee, my lips iiiiiI gUtnS were bloodies;: and i grew so woU" I could
scui'a a ly     walk     about   lhe   bouse.    I
doctored a gootl deal but got no ben-
eiit itii.il 1 begad using In Williams'
i'ink l'ills. Hefois T had taken them
inoic than a couple of WaBOkB I coulsl
sac n change for the better, and continuing the use of the pills for some
time longer my Strength returned,
the color came back to iny face, and
I gained fourteen pounds in weight.
I ran recommend llr. Williams' I'ink
l'ills to every weak, ailing girl or
These  pills  are good   for  all  trou-'
'iles    due    to   poor, weak blood or
liorves.   Don't  take any  other medi-
■ nie—see   that    tbe   full name,  "Dr.
.nliiUiis' I'ink l'ills for Dale l'eoplo"
found on the wrapper around overy
If  in  doubt send  direct to the
Williams'    Meslicine  Co.,  Drock-
lli    dut . nnd the pills will In* mails'' cents p i  box or six
•j "ii
And Now Slu. Recommends Them to Other
j       Young Ladles or Misrrlen   Women.
Napanee, Ont., May 25.—(Special.)
That Dodd's Kidney Pills are one ol
the greatest boons over conferred on
suffering womankind Is the experience
of Mrs. John C. Huffman, of tWa
placo. For the benefit of her Blaster
women sho has given the following
statement for publication :
"1 had been troubled for about six
years with Kidney Disease and tbe
pain was so great, I could not stajed
it. I could not entertain any cem-
"Ono night when I .was feeling mls-
irnble, I read some wonderful eufes
hy Dodd's Kidney Pills and I dectaled
to try thorn. The first box bresig%t
an improvement and by the time I
had taken six boxes I was completely cured.
"I can recommend Dodd's Kidney
Pills to any person suffering from
Kidney Dlsoase and I make this statement hoping it will help other young
ladles or married women."
Mrs. Huffman is only one of ninny
women who have proved Ihel many
female complaints are the'icsu'l o'
disordered Kidneys and a••• -:' s'isH
easily curable by usliuf I ntV a I- i '
ney Pills.
Th.. International Sleeping Car l***-
are building an experimental electric
motor carriage to run on the rail
way line between Brussels and Os
tend, a distance of TH miles in o*»p
hour. Forty passengers only will
be Carried, and special fares in excesss
of (he ordinary rates will be charged
for the journey.
luuws (IN  HAND—Mr, Thomas   il
,    l.i ...i     Ireland,   I' i' .   Wiltei    -
|i. iiioi i he  n'si,  luul  croun so
i iiliins   uii\B'  Inliii   relief  until
I Mll'lst Hie Saama.     a,f      ll|-
fi I       trie oil, «hlch l en\i' Is,in,
-.   hours   lis*   »u*i   cured     It    is
iiinlii a,a'   1   ha .e .'. • r   us.-sl.   mui
l.e   without   ii   hs.'ll..   oi   it
h\    IllllIM* "
■   .•   '       in\ested   In   Manchuria
i ailways,  millions ror a
lo i ■ "ie. t Lheni ami
ni' in im ■. ,i. building th.' Ilitj
1     .       IM .' total  is hu. di. sis of
(Ulna Arms l'ump flovernore. Tlaejr
ska sll nni'H work may. snd fit all
-'i <lren or wood! MUli run with
SH Isss '.find Agents exclusive terrt-
Itifl merlta sell It. Pump Qover-
ora    174   I'rliusss   Street,   WlnnlpeR.
10  ENCOUHAOE   ITS   D8K   an   «lvln«
\s loiiuBsiisa   prizes   for  competition   st
S*  VSllsi... ..    i   .:   -,ii I .n   Ol   '. •" :i
175 in GOLD i*:,^:;"rf
llailway wrerking criviiea are now
constructed hs higih as 60 tons capacity. Such a cia.ie will swing u
loaded freight i.u from any , hue
v ii h a i. .ii h or i also n locomotIvo
. ... i   ii :■ .      '.   del ..i haiilo i niib ui "
fi'iiiard's Liniment Kural'-rman's Friend.
i   ; .ri oi 1  hns di cided  to try    tlm
i ii n   "i   tin    citj   englni er   to
I--ib! woihmeri's dwellinfta with   cbn-
ciete   ■':■'. . mode frojn duel  destructor ell kers,
■    Pari .■ i .■ •   r 'Ik m ••
nn ■    us a .   !■ 11  i     ■  ■ , '  r    t.i
■   .    ■ liti      .■-    luni'    .'   ■  (    Mr
Ila IVlSllTlOU       '   I ' ll'-
all.     lissal   s    a        ■ I      I       i-    11
1-1.'        I . ,1      ill
' liill    Ki'IllOV    i a III"!  I     '■    ' .'  '   I
.-.B.a'a iaaaaaal    till #*r    l.siln;    Ill-Ill    l\. s      ll'l'
■ ■   f mil.    ,., ,|l, j  ..   |», ,-
'■ .   . a,,i .■,.   pi's  ra ii  I e i    a      n
■   '  ..-,.', ',■  ii  csilhnn i.
Unlil n i ••  i " -••      ng iu t' e
Sl a   | '   .1. .'•       I I,!,,-      '.     (hi'      e   -
fi i !■■    . •    i ' i-   I   : .1   .*v ni "i       Ills'.I
pa (il.'Cl ion.
To hnve vimt vi.it wall Is wfaith;
In iiss without  ii  ■■  i "V i'
'. i a'la'    never    una  snsl   never  will   he  b
uisiversa) uaaaeva,  in oub* ri-ttivtly.  Ior ai
i"i-s in winrl,  iVnia  ih heir—lhe very  ne
is s-s' ssi  iniinv  curatives being  such  thai
were. thc serine '>l  other  isnil  different!*'
—, •-.*,-,i  iHsssaees   rootesi   in   the  s.vHts»it>  it
tt>a*   |tait issisi — \siinl   would   n*lls*vs*   ono   li
In   'Aim   lAi.iiltt   isciri'iivisls'   ths*  s.lhs'r     Ws
hiass*.    hovvever,    in   Quinine Wine,  whei
J satiiiiiiitilsls' ia Rtiuntl, uiiisslulii'iutt'sl suite
its remedy fur aiany hih) grevioue illfl    U.v
III.--   l' 'nil 'i'i I   and    UdlelOUa   use  the   frnil.-sl
ujrstems   ms*    IsbsI  hito convaleBcence ans1
♦lra'ii(;lli    Isy    tin*    liiliia'ni a-    «hich    SJ.linlna
.'verls   nn   nature's   own   rs*Htorsitlvs*M.    h
a'iii.\i'a,     tho     dropping     H|'iri*M     of   thrtBs
,IHi     '.ilississ    a   s'hrnnit   slut,    of   -uoi'bl'
I steep leiu'V   snsl   lissk   ssf   iiils--est    ...   lit**
a    Bttseiiae   ssesl    I**'   t-fannulllxins  tie
I s,prvai**j,   aliHjaoHs*s   tsi   aa.u.asl   nnsi   rs'Ireslstiis
! .li-i-|. - iiiis.arib viRos   tn Ihe action  uf tha
alasa.,I      .,hlr-h,   bvlng   sl iistiilislest.   cssurst"
llsriiuah     tlse    .'eias.    strenaTthenlns    lis
•i.'iilihy  aiiissnil   functions  nf   tha*  ly-uru
|'h'ia.|a\   naililiiu   acthlty   a   nes-,*bHMry   re
-■j:1.   strmiRtheniaa the frame und n'uini
••  a.i   the slin.-stise  i.iksiih.   which   natti
i  .sa:-.   .is-isiHiiil Increaeed Kiiisstnni-s.—result
I !::■! iina-aj  aprsetlte.   Norlhrufs  is.   Lysnan
i ,'.     I'a'rsniai.     have    jrivna   to   the   psitals
I tbelr StBj-prlor Quinine  •SVssss* ssi   ihe  US.USI
■    ■.:..       ssml.      ..ai.i-.'.i      lay    l l.e   opfssintus    -a
I -fl-ts-ssl lssts     ;ht^    « i,-. %■   .ilu-. .'.BBil.r-    tw ..' i"
J    a-*-:..l'l Is.I.      .if      ,asa\      ai     I he   nasui..."
}    ,. firt.it,   lutlj   il
For iii' pnsl Ion months tho ngi'i-e-
gale trade of Canada has r**hih**'<
*jiinn,(inn,ninl nn Increase of £32,
iiiin.non  oyet  the  previous year
Ihere ure *• > many couch med
'*■■ siis'i'.l I In. I it is soini'l imp.'.
'.. '..11 which Isi huv: but it sv
■ in h :-. cold, ssr anv affliction
1' : nl   ssr   luiii'S.   we   wouisl   trv
Anti-Consumptive    Syrup      Tin
■n.a* iiaia!  ,t   think   it   is  far aln*.
"■ her erei'iiriiiiisiis recommended
romnlainte The little folks lils'
i-- us |.!a isMint  as syrup.
il .11.
ll •
s H
^^J      IIKM    I'KlZE
ITsar  the   liaaiuest   calf,   anv   insss-   Ltpsh:
|' .-■"■•   bom  sfiei    the   lai   .ivia.
T08, f«*d on Uarne*a< Stock Kaaa.al   1100
' (old
[Fit     tlsa-    SMCOnd        Heaviest       I'hII. all*
■ rs hre.'d er grade born sfirr lsl ol
Isnuarv 11MI3, (p.l on Csriselas S'osl
|ood    |M  in   K„i,i
^^H      nn.l' rui/i.
jKor   tha   third   hpi.siesl   calf    any   i«uie
pesii. or grads   born  alisr 1st  of Jaaen
Tsi   lw.'.i, ffl.,1 on  Carnefac Stork  Kood
9J In gold
Unl)  on*   sntry   sain   be  allowed    from
'cl   Ksrnier   or   Stssckisiaii.     ami     sl.,. la
"*'   bs  •rtill.liPil   ni   ||„,   \VI„„l|.f»     Ks
i-Aisl-nn mu,!   b* produced at   Use thus
aalsilsiti,,,,   ,„   sh„w    ,(lH,   ||l(.   lnlma|,
rsra led nn Carnetai  Storls Pos-sd
' '      "'   hiss proven s .li-. Ided  bus-cms
,,' '   '   '"to   r 1.1um    and   fiBttpintir-
P" ■    lUer foods  fail   Send  foi   leallel
}    •     tie vi„»a  „(  veterlnnrlen*  a*  to
GhirSlV "'"     "",  "'  """k
fa G.  Diiui*,;-*.'*., Is.-aiiul.-itturor.
I'rir.-ji■.-. btreet, v
"*u ra„  obtain  ll  fr.so,
n  i,a- sj.
S.sill   aim,!,,,
The Old Reliable Remedy
for Rpavlns, Ringbones, Ppllnte,
Curba nnJ nil favi'iaei Lameness. Tb«
u-e ol* a ainf*!o beanie may siouble the eclline;
price of your b.<ne.
DR.n j. i:r:;riALL (.*-..
I^^^^^H June ,"< asce.
              :;.>.! ..--,  ass   S.S.S- Sos^iaam*
sima   I ' tl f'fls.'B tw I.s* Is* fs s-cta W.Biir. as *eeh and s.: I
lb...      rn
It an <•< -      s ■ < ! |-A7issa. Bwctnrj, Oalla
Bull   a'.   ,   .■   '   ft • slltnga.    I   I...   1.0  I. .'..i.s
1 - I I     'a is **JSf     Is.*a • aa slsa   Hasia
auU la., liiieaiea *
1 .au„ »a-,w |, ,)f.
Thi-naanl. . f '(■ is r. |v*rt rrnsat'T s;av-sl or an
| .-ill i usa     lai ' ix: all for »\
A . i 1.   I in a ' ■ IV use III    an.srayini.   Aak
> nil  • i . ml '(...•. '.'.'. ;   nl i   i nre, also
' v 1 .ms, n,i ....   Horse,'! ile '. k Ilea, or
i. Ms, ■
on. o. i. kcko-.u co., rNosouRo faus. vt.
i    If ymi would pit up with the lark,
go in lud witiiDin one
Liner's \ •'/ (Wise Head) Dislnfert
ant   t>i up   I'msili   is bettor  tiutli  I'll
ir    pn. slers.    as  il   i.s  l.nlh  samp  and
disinfectant. 81
\: ||| '.     \ a   11     llllllilv      «S't     Ill'Xt      IO 111'
fiirl ih.-t vim ila'ii't know nitirh, sin;
lalkiliu   nnsi  iriv.' others a   chnnie  l"
Pill    J tail   W isi'.
f,\r,»Ti\ Lii;i::uut i> nsd by Physi^iaiis
Tliiid   twin* befisri* Attracting   the
i"Ightj   dollar from your pocket    lo
Invest     in   a   k'i l-i iih-spiick   pissj.issi-
In \iu;iist Koenig's Hamburg
l<iups is ihe beginning anil end ol all
blood purifiers ninl stomach remedies
It reiiiiives ctiiislipiitlon, acts nently.
ri-.'iiiies tin' blood iss its normal circulation, n>!ikes tne ws'.ik und nilnm
strong and healthy.     Established 00
ye.11 s
win n n iiss'ii, in.in marries a stren-
ous •iiiinui Ins soon discovers thai hi*
is outclassed.
Thoir   I.ir«-   la   bibs   I'lxu.llssix  llssc   und
turria--, Mais)- ReNisossNlbllltls'M.
Ainei-iciiii visitors in Paris, ileilin m-
Vienna often wonder how and where :
correspondents do their work. The
truth Is a lart*e part of their work Is j
done at these very social gatherings
where you have met them, Important
news la usually there obtainable only.
Statesmen and diplomats, geberal*) and
admiralH, leaders of thought aud action,
the foremost men of business and the
Indefatigable promoters of great new
ventures—all the men and women, In
fact, who make the news and who are
the fountain bead of it—the correspondent will meet there. II depends on his
individual exertions und on his tact
and gift of persuasion what use be
makes of bis opportunities. Being
treated as a social equal, it devolves of
course on tbe correspondent to reciprocate favors shown, not in nun'itUy perhaps, but at least in quality, The leading correspondents must have homes of
comfort and must throw them open to
(be official and iinollieial world at stated Intervals, say three or four times
per season. Their private fortunes or
their incomes must be large enough to
admit thnt. Their annual expenditures
cannot be less than $."1.0(10 and may exceed $15,000. The London Times, for
Instance, pays Its correspondents on a
liberal scale, salaries oi' $."i,0(J0 to $10,-
000 being the rub*. Yet the majority
of tbem find lt necessary to make up
regular deficiencies In tbelr exchequer
out of their own private funds.
The life of the American correspondent en the continent of Europe is a life
Interesting and fascinating enough in
its way, and It broadens the mental
horizon as perhaps no other occupation does. But it Is a nerve destroying
life, a life ln which there ls scarcely a
minute he can call bis very own. Every day ln the year it spurs Its slave on
to utmost exertion. It barely pays expenses, and It necessitates constant
outlays In time nnd money which can-
noj bo put down ln tlie expense ni'-
cotint and which are a drain on health
and purse alike. Even under the most
favorable circumstances the game ls
hardly worth the candle. To go to bed
at 2 or 3, fagged out with never ending excitement and toil; to be waked
out of a sound sleep an hour later by
a ring at tbe telephone or by inopportune cable inquiries from the homo office; to dress hurriedly, take a cab to
the nearest telegraph ofliee and there
wire a hasty reply; then to return and
seek a few hours of titfill sleep and to
ri?e morning after morning uure-
fresbed, witli never repose for body
and soul-all this is neither condusive
to longevity nor to a quiet and contented mind.
Brotfghl Back To Perfect Health From What Promised To Be A
>**   "    Fatal Termination.
Somr Vlsssnl Mrniars-mesli,
•""Then I watch a new building going
up day by day from foundation to
flagstaff," saisl the city Balesman, "l
get so muddled by the time it is eotu-
pleted that I cannot tell for the life of
me whether lt Is lil'ly feet wide or GOO
feet. So far as mere visual ms'iisure-
ment** go, the size varies so much in
the course of construction that confusion ls unavoidable. When tlie excavation for the foundation Is in order,
the hole In tbe ground seems so enormous tbat I could take oath It covers a
ten acre lot. Afts>r tbe steel framework goes up the building shrinks
amazingly, and I say to myself: 'Well,
that Isn't going to lie such a big affair
after all. How could my eyes have deceived me so when looking at tbe excavation?' But when the walls nre
finished nnd the windows In aud tbe
di-eorntions all stus-k in place tbe whole
building swells out again prodigiously."
Ths recent censuses of Scotland and
li bind sliisw theni to be almost
equal in population each having bul
a few inure people than the Slati' sif
fC   ltir:Al.l.W,VYSRE'iDV
Yi'-'i^'-s," "fcl r  a o j u «• f ». •*•
iBaat SsHIIni Skirt Supportfr antl Walsl A*tnai*a
*■» Intsiadu, ei.   Sella al alclst.   GikmI proAt. '
ill tot aamiilc and ls*rt»sa to apv
• 9
. -   ■•«    Maiifi-c    rauu    if-r:.,**    h-     ni-'i- -*»
Push a o„ pcnt. w, Toronto.   2      POSITIVELY CtTRES
U'nttntesl April 94, 1900).
In-tv^v, p.r r,nt  0f ,*|   Wnts-rers told
"""     Improvsd   I>sw*ys"-Stri>ni*,
l'l    , l,ul tru"
■ int.r """'''Vm|   -Oewey"  nsvs>r gats out
B-* if ■..*."■ r'ylrt ■■'"■•»si>i'y: so slmnts
»       . I I  '  Ul'h,  l:  u.,.|„ssllo..,,l,ly tli.
M I'ouUrv. "<,,!"'  t'nlv"'    H'""'p
hi'v" Ni'.'w l'i*t,i5"-k' .I',*1'* or 1"'-'''"''''
ivci in  „,o    ,y,, "r1'1 '",v 'i,r th"m*
l'l a.," ""'Hlhs'   USS.
."iii  i«'aa im "''.''''■, ""*" or mors   oi
*■"*"   t.aisr  h.      ,">„,ln*-''     nut    I'll...     niaars
J"      '"ur hORI     Kor snls by
^'•^M^Mooro,  Wlnnlnon. Manitoba.
Bal  i!"i'K   ,'   '"" """ll ll"' "  pniiilinr,
L        l""":' - **"" ia'.i
Ncurmi;   •"*»
JLii.tt\ *.«»*.■','>
S   intica
S a''   n   •-■-<>
HOW   TO     I'lUK   IIKAIIAI'III*      SiABiii-
I'la'ph*   suffer   is ti 1111 ti misery day    after
a'sav vsiili lii'iuliiclii' Ths'ie Is rest i.i'iiIhi
'has an- niu.ht until ths> iii'Imh are sill
illiMtruiis 'lhe causs. is eeaeralh is il'-*
ordered stomach, and si curs run bo H
ii- i i.v    issiiiu Parmelee's    Ve ets• i"
fills.      iistltsltllllllf     Mainli „!..■   nm)   ** >,i •».).--
a. ■      Mr    flamy wark,    i.vi.u"' i    I'
i'      mill's !    "I   Dull   I'lSI'ini'lrs-'s    Tills    is
iii sinss article bar nuiosis Headache."
Thousands of estimable and proml-[
nent people uninfluenced by newspaper notices or oven tho advice of
friends, bavo in ronie lla'aven dira'c-tsul
way used I'aino'a Celery Compound
and saved themselves from Bufferings
aud dentb. '
Would to heaven that tho thousands
burdened and oppressed with physical agonies, WOarioh, (li-spiiiideiit,
sleepless and weak in this month of
Ma*/, could-' lii*iil thnt mysterious
whisper, "Mnn ! Woman ! I'nine's
Celery Compound will banish thj
disease 'and give unto thee llml perfect, health nnd life which loads to
happiness .ami eoqtontinont.,"
Take courngo, aflllcted one; though
ph\ siciniis  havo pronounced you   in-
clirnlile. let iit in'.nre Vim of positive
ii id anil eni'iv The virtues of I'nine's
Celery Ciimpniinil will gi\e you, In
as largo a  iitetisuii',  the snine I leased
results that  sverc experienced by M*'
Some Fssrs*ijrss rsslne.
The franc was formerly called llvre
(pouns'V  though  tbe  connection  with
| any special weight is not evident Tbe
name of tbe German coin, mark, meaning a weight of eight ounces, was formerly in general use tn Kurope. The
name of the Italian win that corresponds with tbe franc (llrai also means
pound. The coins In present use ln
Spain  have  their  nnnies  from  other
1 sources.
Thc Ave peseta piece, which corre-
■ spomls with the American sloiiar, ls
: called oscudo (shield). "Peseta, the
name of the small coin representing
the monetary standard, means simply
"little piece." "Ruble" is from the
word meaning "to cut," nnd was so
culled because originally the coin wus
made with no ornamental edge.
iiisiaa.i Cross in tbo World.
The highest cross In lhe world Is said
to be that which caps the Infllest peak
of the Hnrz mountains. The cross Is in
reality n tower, and It commands n
magnificent view of the ^ country
around. The height of the tower Is 130
feet, nod lt stamls on u mountain 1,781
feet above the sea level. A stair of 200
steps leads to the tsip of the cross, but
there Is an elevator, of which tbe people avail themselves wbo for uny reason wish to avoid the long climb.
l'liless n  man ban gusiil bus-king be
e: seldom   aiiie   ts.   put on a   bold
Whan men mi** ri'llgion With poll"
ths tsBii ssflen ths* religissn gets lsist
tn  His* shuffle,
" Pure soap I" You've heard
the words. In Sunlight
Soap  you have the fact.
T. Simons, of F.verton, Ont., who
grnlei'iilly  writes  as  follows :—
"1 bave siilTi'i imI from' nervousness,
run-down system nnd henrt weakness
for a long time. Very often, spells
of unconsciousness would come over
me, nnd last, for an hour or mors
curb time. When consciousness r»-
turhed, .1 would find myself exhausted nnd quite sick at the stomach. I
dud tii cd long without any good rs»-
siilts. T then happily commenced
with Paine's Celery Compound, and
sunn hivanio a new man. I am fi*el-
ing splendid jusl now and as strong
ns ever in my life, thanks to your
greal medicine. 1 advise all sick people tn use the ciriit compound that
did sm li  n grand wink  for nie."
If ynu are in need of five medical
advice, write tb Consulting I'hysi-
clan'ti Department,' The Wells A
Richardson Co . Limited. Montreal,
Quo. All correspondence is sacredly
ronlidi'iil ial.
Of quality is maintained in Ogilvie's
Hungarian Flour. Thc same this
■-yeek, next week or next month,
as last week, last month, last year,
and for the last hundred years and
over ; 1801-1903 : Ko change Except the steady improvement which
has established Ogilvie's Flour as
Here is something for you. Simply write to tis and we
will send you a handsome book with many illustrations in
colors, and much interesting inform,7.tion that every woman
really ought to know. No charge whatever. Write to-day
to Advt. Dept., Blue Ribbon M'f'g. Co., Winnipeg.
The l.ttsmsasiKfl- nt tlss* Turf.
"Couldn't you i;ct your money down
on that race?"
"What was the trouble."
"I pronounced the niinip of the horse
coriwlly nnd the bOOkms.lteJ' coulsiu't
unilcrs!nntl inc."- f__\
Pretty Ilroent   llisslinnsl.
"l.ui you soy her marriage lo yoimi*
■Ighmller turned out better than was
"Mtis-ii better,  lie hadn't spent more
than  half her nioiii'y when lley  -e|i-
***•*. I****. \J.  No
. *^s.30.
Ask far th.- OrMtisin Bur. sji
The Artist's  Aim.
Friend-Hut sm- vrhat'i Ilie Idea of
the work?   I don'l quite RTASp it.
Arllst-The Ida-a Is to sell It. -Chlm-
go News.
The safe plan for tbs man that wants a light weight
ovorcont  is to buy a Jamleaon  Raincoat for
lllOHO ll.ihi' ia.ai.-i iin> .jusl nn siii.ii-: ami Imnalsolili* as a top
coat coiilii bo. Thoy aro mado of thoroughly ruin proof
cloth-they aro but In tho in-west anil smartest myitis.
They havo an lii'livliluallty that litis thoni ontlroly out of
Iho orillnary chiss of nlhttMtS. Tho clothi aro lmportod
and are tho very bsist that nro niaslo. The coats aro
tailored*bv men who uiiileist.inil boat mnklng thoroughly.
Th* Picture is an exact llluitratien of ono of these
coats.    You may have thorn ln fawn, Oxford groy or
OliVO -laulaa.
A Twelve Dollar
Raincoat for
Satisfaction Guarantied ■ or your Money  Rstundtd.
frTJ IT li**   Our  Plotbltig   I'alaliigiit'—this store on
■ S7K.t\*s\*   paper-will ho mailoil rr«
1   ~~   Write to-day.
paper -will ho mailed rr.se for tho sssklog.
Retailer and Manufacturer
Toronto, Ont. T^
C. X. Bmithebihoalb, Editor and Prop.
N ptjiusHio mm raiDAV at
•LOCAN,      •      •       •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
Ua first insertion and i cenU a Una each
■ubsequant ineertion.
Ortiflcates of Improvement, *$7 each.
Transient advertiaemanUatsuma rates
•■ legal advertising.
Locals will ba charged 10 cents a lin*
(aw each insertiou.
■Commercial Ratal made known upon
Tha Subscription is $2 par year, atrict-
ly in advance* A2.50ayaar il not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
I ■
They had a good mau iu charge of the
mine once, but they let him go just at
the point where ho had brought the
property within sight of permanont
success. Note the contrast: the mine,
under company control, a distinct
failure; under the present management of lessees, a pronounced success.
Why? Because the lessees have no
big salaried supes and directors and
costly office maintenance, and because
they are using good practical common
sense in mining.   Twaa ever thus.
FRIDAY, JUNK 5th,1903.
Congratulations to Hon.R.F. Green,
member for the Slocan riding, the new
minister of mines in the first Tory
government in British Columbia.
Oh, the irony ot it all. Attornoy
General Eborts, in au unguarded moment, fathered a bill to amej-d the
Graveyards Act, and, lo, he was the
first jKilitioal   victim  to  be buried.
Heigh ho. ^__________.
•     ■ •	
The government were forced to acknowledge the corn, regarding the
.exceptional reserve of timber lands
granted tho Island Power Co. and
cancelled the whole business—ouly to
authorize another reserve on a smaller
scale. It's the same thing, but different.     ' 	
•t.     * l ss?
By this time the Johnny-come-
latelies have arrived at the conclusion
that the yarns of the old-timers of
floods that have been contain some
•element of truth in them. More than
one tenderfoot is secretly contemplating a sudden vacation to the higher
The Slocan City mining division has
had a rough deal. Last year no government money was spent on new
roads or trails and practically none on
repairs, owing to Premier Prior having
his knife into Bob Green, the sitting
member. Now this season, when liberal grants for improvements and re*
pairs have become a question of the
-utmost necessity, the estimates have
not yet beea granted by the legislature.
Hard luck.
■      I     '      a a —
Smith Curtis fired a bombshell last
week that proved the death blow to
the Prior government.   He found that
' Col. Prior's firm had participated in a
government contract for the building
of a bridge and asked for a committee
of inquiry. It was granted and the
result was that Lieut.-Gov. Joly dismissed Prior from office. Dick McBride, leader of the opposition, was
•called in Monday to form a cabinet,
and undertook to perpetuate the coalition farce. The Conservative members of the house held a caucus and
objected, finally forcing McBride into
' straight party lines, he having the
support of 22 votes, the remaining
members forming the Liberal opposition. The cabinet now stands: R.Mc-
Bride, premier and commissioner of
lands and works; R. F. Green, minister of mines; R.G. Tatlow, minister of
finance; F. J. Fulton, provincial at-ere-
tary; Chaa. Wilson, attorney general;
A. E. McPhillips, president of the
■council. The new government will
revise and pass th* estimates and some
nou-contentious legislation, and then
appeal to tha country. Tho Grits
don't like the turu and strongly de-
' nouuee it, ns they fully expected to
get a chance to forma cabinet of their
ain ilk. It would have lieen different
had the shoe been on the other foot.
It is with regret that people in this
division  ieam of the financial stringencies of the London & B. C. Gold-
fields, part owner in the Enterprise
mine on Ten Mile.   Time was when
that company was looked upon as the
most successful British mining concern
in the province, and its advent here
waa heartily welcomed.   For tho past
two years, however, any casual observer could see that things were not going right, and the new scheme to reorganize tho company has been anticipated. Erecting expensive reduction
works of questionable merit, installing
machine drills of undoubted useless-
noso on that vein, unskilful breaking
Aud handling of theores,-uid too much
ofBeialdai*Q, are   accountable, in the
main, for. the unhappy state of affairs
so far as tbe Enterprise is concerned
One-half tho good money so wasted
could have purchased the rich Mabou
group  adjoining  and so immense!}
utreiigthens-i  the  company's   asset:.
A choice line of old papers is for
sale at this office.
Teachers' examinations will be held
at Nelson on July 4.
Mail service is meeting with considerable interruption.
Jos. Chew arrived in from Vancou-
vor Wednesday night.
The Royal Bank has opened a
branch at Chilliwhack.
Postoflice Insp-actor Groonshields
paid an official visit here Friday.
The shingle mill resumid operations
on Wednesday, with a half crow.
The Imperial Limited service on the
C.F.R. will go into effect on the 7th.
Dr. Milloy, the Rossland dentist,
spent the greater part of the week
D. A. Ross returned from Calgary
Tuesday. He sold his ranch in that
Miss Stewart, of Boston, came in on
Tuesday on a visit to her brother, Alex.
Mrs. Forin and children left Wednesday morning to join the Doctor at
Rev. Seymour preached his farewell
sermon in the Methodist church Sunday evening.
The regular statutory meeting of
the'license commissioners will be held
next Wednesday.
The annual synod gathering of the
Anglican diocese of Kootenay will be
held at Nelson June 10-12.
Gertrude Tutcher, who hu been attending school iu New Westminster,
returned home Friday evening.
C. K. Skales. of Camborne, well
known here, is out on $11300 bail on a
charge of assaulting a policeman.
R. J. McPhra got back from his
Spokane trip Monday, bringing his
youngest son with him on a holiday.
The tug Sandon made her last trip
with the barge Sunday, the company
deciding to put her out of commission.
Phoenix will allow no outside children to attend its school after this
year, unless they pay for their tuition,
No train arrived in Wednesday, owing to the washout at Lemon cteek.
The mails were transferred by hand
Mr.*. D. Arnot left yesterday for
Napanee, Ont., having been callM to
her old home by the illness of her
R. Fraser arrived from" Toronto en
Monday to accept a position, as bookkeeper, with the Ontario Slocan Lumber Co.
S. T. Walker, who spent the winter
in Washington and Oregon,spent Friday here on his return journey to New
Jim Hill has given orders to largely
increase the output of the Morrissey
coal mines. He takes the whole output for his road.
E. Currie, of Nelson, is spending a
few days here. He has just had bis
license renewed for the valuable timber lands on Evans creek.
W. Koch has a gang of met employed putting in a flume to his sawmill on Ten Mile. He will run his
machinery by water power.
A. David removed his stock of gents'
furnishings from here to Sandon on
Saturday. Harry Cleve has taken
over the tailoring business.
S. H. C. Miner, with a party of New
York and Boston capitalists, arrived
in Grand Forks Monday to inspect
the Gianby smelter and mine.
Tho private car Lucania came down
on the barge Sunday.bound for Grand
Forks, It talonged to tha Miner
party of capitalists visiting the Granby
The charge laid against ex-City
Clark Strachan of Nelson, of misappropriation pf funds, has been dismissed, there being no evidence forthcoming in support.
M. Gibbs, of Winlaw, left for the
coast this morning, as the representative of Knox church to tho general
assembly of the Presbyterian church,
which moots in Vancouver next woek,
A general meeting of the Libera]
Association of this city will be held in
McVannel & Fife's olfice,tonight,.Tuni
j"*., at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of organization and election of officers. All
Liberals are invited to attend. D. 8,
McVannbx, prosident.
We have opened our icecream pallors for tho summer.   Quality of the
cream the best.   Open day and night.
D. B. O'Neail.
Miss Smith, who has been visiting
Aid. and Mrs. Arnot for tho past four
weeks, returned to her homo in Nelson
on Wednesday. She was tendered a
farewell dance by her friends in the
Music Hall the previous evening.
For sale, cheap.—A fully paid-up
course of instruction in electrical engineering in the International Correspondence school. Full Bet of books
and complete drawing outfit. Only
two lessons taken.   Apply, this office.
Aid. Worden had a couple of unpleasant experiences while working in
the creek. On Monday he got washed
off his feet, and on Tuesday he received a severe blow on the bead, which
stretched him senseless. He was laid
up for a while.
Wilfred Clarke's farce, A Wise Woman, will havo an engagement of one
night hero, in the Music Hall, June 8.
It has made a big hit and is taking an
assured place as one of the comedy
successes of tho season. The play is
novel, cleverly constructed, and splendidly acted,and has lieen greeted with
bi*j nouses overy where.
The ll.at F.ver.
Tho company which will present A
Wise Woman, the latest musical farce,
in the Music Hall, Monday night, has
a really wonderful array of well known
people enlisted in tho ranks of the organization. The management do not
believe in the too common system of
"one or two giving the whole show,"
but have organized what is undoubtedly one of the strongest farco comedy
casts ever brought together.
Appended is a complete lint ol the var
ions records registered at the local registry •flica, II. r. Christie being miniiiK
May 56—St Lawrence, DalhouiieNo 2.
27—Argsjntita fr.
28—John B Mabley fr, Joy, Joy fi.
BluebirrJ, Yavej fr, O A t, Dixie Queen.
29—Mount False, Snow Drift, Rita for
two years-, Louise fraction, Iron Hurt*
N«> 2, Eaitraont two years, Westmont
two years, kaouthmont two years, Oh My
two yeari, Celebrated two yaars, Mountain'Lion two yean, True Fissure two
30—Liberty two yean, Golde.i Hill.
Mav 27-P W Ellis to J M McGregor.
J M McGregor to VV D McGregor.
May Si—Morning Star No 6, M Iiaat*-
•on to \V Ecboie.
53— Ignite ir l>j, Ben Robertson to Jai
Tattaraail.   ;
2t>—(ioldea Sun, C Hainza to Morris
1 latum •*, aame to sam».
29—Girlie, J Corrigan to J A Foley.
aO-Golden Hill, T J Baty to it A
Krntut, C fn viler to no name mention-
Kevttoae, J Driscoll to same.
Independence, J Crawford to R Bradshaw.
Slater Shoe Ad-vcr.:-:!n":.
Shoe Cost
Short tatys by the Slater Shoe ad man, No. 1.
It costs less to advertise and sell the "Slater Shoe" than
it costs to sell ordinary shoes without advertising.
If a thousand people know a shoe is good more people will
want that shoe than if only ten people know it.
If the "whole city" knows it more people will want it than
if only the people passing the store where it is sold, know it
merely by hearsay.
The "Slater Shoe" makers, knowing thc "Slater Shoe"
will back up the expense cf advertising it, givi it wide publicity
•—they tell the "whole city" about it.
It follows then as the "Stater Shoe" is better known
through advertising than unadvertised shoes, that more "Slater
Shoes" of equal grades are sold, which is a fact.
So the fixed charges of manufacturing, wholesaling and
retailing are -divided among a greater number of pairs of shoes
than is the case in unknown shoes of smaller sales.
For instance:—Take a salesman's salary at $2.00 per day :—
if his sales are only ten pairs per day the cost of retailing alone
is 20 cents per pair.
But if advertising will enable him to sell fifty pairs per day
the cost is only four cents per pair and thus such fixed expenses
as rent, light, taxes, salaries, interest, etc., are reduced and
.So the wearer as well as the maker is benefited by the
liberal and judicious advertising of a good article like the "Slater
Shoe"— -and it would be rank folly to risk a large amount of
money to advertise a shoe which the wearers would not buy
a set-ond times
The Slater Shoe.
Goodyear welted.   Made in Canada 40 years.
For men $4.00 and $5.50.   For women $3.50 and $5.00.
sj C Outs pars (dt three months' membership.
Am Ksch member recoires the official clab or ssn
OV.TJ month,including 6 pieces of bigh-claaa vocal
and InstrumtnUl new mnaso essch month, 18
piece, in sll; slao a Certificate ol liemberahip
which (BTea the priiilrge ol Club Room in Naw
Vork s .'it 7, and of buying literature, mnalo or musical inatramsnta of anyslescriptson atwhol.as.lo
prices, earing jou from UWs, to WV on sour psir-
ehaaes,. Don't fail to jaiinstonce.Yon will get much
a than /our money's worth. H dtdjj. Lrrsa-
■IIdsio CLUB. D.pt.    . U0 Nassau Bt. N.Y*
per annum.
We have just opened up several new lines
of summer dress goods, of the latest designs; also many pretty dress novelties.
Wo carry Iho boat .stock of sumoier huts anil'tiTm- •—■ -
min-"* in ths"* country.   Prices aro vi<rv roasdnft'tile.
3D -\TVTSD ^:r,2stot, slocan
Auction Sale.
NOTICE is lssrsliy ("van ibat under tha provisions sif tlie "(.'attlo I.isn Acl,' I will sell
liy public suction, on Mssiialnjr, tlie Htli day of
Jams)*, nt 10 sB'clsTck is.to., lit my premises lit
Twelvo Wile, one bay horse, sismeil Hilly, left
with me by ita owner, dasrniilt lirsriiiK been limits*
in payment for the fivod, cure, ottenilsiiri. soil
accommodation furnishes! ssi.! Iissrse fur Howards of three months.    . 	
Dated at Twelve Mile, Msy If., lt-03,     ,„_M
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Gwiilim *fc Johnson,
Wanted at once: 3 shingle packers, 2 saw jointers
and 3 men to run Dunbar siocan,
shingle machines. Highest
wages paid.
Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co.
Slocan, B.C.
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sundiiy, nt 11 a.m. rikI 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath Scliool at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7.30
B. C
Stranger* anil young mon
ara cordial!*/ Invited,   .   .
Bakery J;
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Fresh Fruits of Every
Kind  Arriving   Daily.
Our Tci* Cream Parlor i«
nuw open ami will li" l<«j,t
running all the Summer.
li Loaves of Breast r« i «i.
I- sill H.   s;ls!    ,ii 1 Quality
S. Mat s au •(><-■ 1 .
Garden Seeds
Flower Seeds
Timothy Seed
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in bulk
Just arrived from D. M. Fairy'*,
the great Seed Uuuiv.    I'or sale
Onion  Sets have* arrived.       Leave
your aider early.
for $18.25.
Why he withnut a ranee when
you can {jet one bo cheap ? Tho}
are (jrettrfable togtoveaand give
better BatlBfactlon,
burn wood or coal
Mt uj) free.
i nese ranges
and will lie
Slocan, B. C.
Hsssosjtlar Mlisaral Clalsss.
Situata in Slsxv.in City Mining I>ivi-iion
o( West KfKitetiiiv District. WnW
located:- On tbe slop* ol Ten Mil*,
about tlii-re inilrt frnm theBlaci
Prince M.C.
TAKK NOTICE lhat I. \V. I1 M»<*
Kay, acting ai ngont for .1. J. *3«'J2I
frra miner'i certificate No. l'.6.WS.j,
Intend, eixtv davs from Uie date MiWi
to applv to the Mining Itr.oralar for a
certificate of Improvementa, fortn»P"j"-
poise of obtaining a Crown grant ol W
above claim.
And further take notice that »i'i'onj
under lection 37, mint be Mmmw1™
before tbe ihBiianuB of sucb cerliBttW"
Itu'eil tbis 4thday of April, i*..
10-103. >v >' ,''|K^
Ontaiia >•. « Mm-i-si( "•'•"•
Situata In tlie Slnciin
linn of tlss- VYs-st
Where located:   On »«
Lemon cieck.
City Mining aWd-
Kfwiei-ay DW*J-
li fork et
1' ',Vi.ri!*».
acting tin »i;ent for Chll. W
free minec'i certiflcate No.llfl , ,
lii-tv ilavn from thedfiti lioreols •''•>•
tothe Mining Rccoider fori artinw"
of Improvementa, for tbe i"iri'!,M"ho,,
tain Ing  a crown   grant for  w*
claim. ,:„„
Ami further  take notice *■'»■■■"'
under lectiou 37, muit be rommw
before the issuance ol inch cerlinoa
Hated tbis ?.0lh dav ol -M'"1
8-5*03 WINSLOW E
Black Prince Fraotl..e«l M Inefal OW*
i t;,iii.B*i"
1908   „
Situate In tbe  Slocan
city ^WhS
sion of Went Kootenay diltriM- *'
located-.-On tbe aumiint of BP"
ami Lomon crecki,. ,
acting   ui agent for John   ••"_' ,'0yrt
miner's certificate  N°'.1?BI1K«n697liJi
Alexander Brtdahaw.F.M.O*^'"?,,.!,!.
Leo Delron. F.M.C. No. BMMJu* „J
bald York, F. Mi 0. No. BWgi [v
Frank Slurry, F. M, C. No. fKl.tt
tend, sixty dava from the daU►"certift*
apply bs tbe Mining necor,ier oi» ^
cato of Improvementi, foi ■.*,,"„ abov'-
of obtaining a crown grant on
hat net'0";
sVinl further  take notlCl
uniler section  37, must '»■ l"""'..c|l.e01
before the Issuance ofauchcerwi
ia ;,.,. ihiitith day of Maj
i.".-;-. < i"..
flAIN STREET,    -    5L0CAN1 ^-^tatata-w^ | 'tinsmith  and plumber.


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