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The Slocan Drill 1901-09-13

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i r /■ ■ <
VOL. 11., No. 24.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   SEPTEEMBR   13,   1901.
Johnny, Get Your Gun
Double-Barrel Shot Guns,
Savage Rifles, .    .    .
22 Repeating Winchesters,
Revolvers, of all Calibres,
and a full stock of all kinds
of Ammunition and Sportsmen's Supplies.
Hardware Merchants.
A few .seasonable lines of Ladies' Goods, which wo
have marked at prices that will soon clear them
ont.   They are splendid values	
- $8 to $13
$1.25, 1-75. 2.25. 2.50, 2.75
$2.50, 2.75, 3.75, 4.50
•:..,- $1 to $4
- - $1 to $2.50
$1.50 to $2
Here is a snap. We have some Silks and they are now marked
at very lo*** prices. For the balance of September you can have
them at 25 per cent discount for cash.
Wrappers,    •
Outside Shirts,
Under Skirts,
Night Gowns
Child's Dresses
W. T. Shatford & Co., General Merchants,
Slocnn, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinney, B. C.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Hotel Slocan9
Slocan, B. C, is under the
Sled anil Penal Haaapiat of Jeff Baty,
Who Is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.	
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs Into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Delluqusiiil Trudesssseis Must Pity Their
Lists'iM... - -A Nssw Ssssil Orslssred -Fire
Limit Uyluw Pasted—Nssgotiutloiis
Oppus'il I"ssi* it Suf>*.
Tho necessary i|Uoi*um falling to
appear on Monday "light, the city
council met on Tuesday evening.
Present, Mayor York, A'd. Smith,
Bradshaw, Nichol and Woodcock.
As the band meets for practice on
Tuesday evenings in the same building, there was a struggle between
the two bodies, the city dads having
to rush their business and get out.
Communications were read from
A. W. A'.Jen. citv clerk, Kaslo, offering a &afe tor J36U; A. If. McKinley,
agent for Taylor & Co., Toronto, enclosing cuts of safes and prices, he
having called on the mayor in con
nection therewith the day previous.
The mayor urged the council to buy
a safe, as it was necessary for the
preservation of citv papers. Personally he was in favor of purchasing tho Kaslo safe, as it was a large
one and as gond as new. Irs original
cost was $010, 60. at the price offered
was a bargain.
The clerk was instructed to write
Kaslo and secure terms fur purchas':
of the safe offered for sale by that
A letter was read from Frank
Fletcher, dealing with the cemetery;
also from Aid. Worden, while in Nel
s*id, on the same, subject. Both communications ordered fyled and the
clerk instructed t<» write Mr. Fletcher
for two blocks of land for cemetery
purposes, opposite blocks 46 and 47.
The other letters were also IVled.
Accounts were presented from; J.
A. Fisher, building bible, $7.70; Jas.
Fancll, repairs to sidewalk and load
$4.r>0; A. K. Bolrtcrs'on, stationery
and supplies, 111,40; .1. A. Foli-v.
salary fur September, $7.*>. Ordered
referred to finance committee.
Thc mayor said then* we.e vanou*
question* to take up, such as, unpaid
trade licenses, treasurer's bonds, and
tho establishment of a monthly pay
day. Tlio licenses remaining Unpaid
were in t'Scess of $100. After discus
sion.tlic burthen of which was that, to
say the least, it was unfair to those who
had paid for others to trade without
licenses, thfl clerk was instructed to
notify each delinquent by letter, as
well as by published notice; jjiving
them 10 days within to pay, or action
would be taken against them.
The treasurer intimated, through
Aid. Bradshaw.that he. would supply
at once the necessary bonds for his
It was decided to make the 15th of
each month the regular pay day for
the city, on motion of, Ala. Bradshaw
and Woodcock.
The (mistion of the incorporation
noto in the bank, whieh falls due
mxt week, was brought up. The
matter was left to tbe finance com
uilttee to attend to, and if the gov*
eminent rebate is not to hand by
next Monday, tho members themselves would pay the amount.
On the subject of taxing the ranch
crs selling produce in the city, it was
stated there was no law compelling a
license to be paid.
The clerk was authorized to cancel
the order placed with Thomson tivoa,
for a seal, and an order for the same
will be placed elsewhere.
A desultory discussion arose oyer
the condition ofthe council chamber]
the mayor holdInB tbe place wns a
disgrace. It should be placed iu decent shape, if iho eouncil mennt to
stay there and a stove put in. It was
not a question of rent, but one of
comfort. Matter left to Aid Bradshaw, who will report at next regu-
Inr meeting.
Bylaw No. 3, establishing lire
limits, was taken upand read a third
time. On motion of Aid. Woodcock
nnd Nichol,bylaw No. 3 was adopted
as read.
Moved bv Aid. Smith and Brad*
shaw that bylaw No. ',), for the clos
ing of barbershops, be finally adopted us recoiiBidcivd.    Carried.
Council then adjourned.
urvey that ground and they would
do a little selling themselves". Some
one then told the authorities they
thought the townsite wanted was up
the creek near Oro, and so the notices
of sale wsre again changed. However, things got si hopelessly muddled and the chances of a sale so slim
that Mr. Chipman wired the department for leave to withdraw the sale,
which was granted Monday evening,
the department then describing the
place as Lemon Town. The government will be out a few dollars expense aud are none the wiser as to
the namo and location of their realty.
Plenseil With Ills I'urctiasio.
T. F. Wren, of Spokane, one ofthe
owners of the U & I group, Ten Mile,
returned from his inspection of that
property on Friday. He was thoroughly well pleased with everything
he saw, as the property was found to
be quite the opposite to some reports
made, and the amount of ore he saw
opened up gave him a better opinion
pi his investment. He stated Ten
Mile, like other portions ofthe camp,
had suffered from tho evil influence
of the knocker.
In Good Condition.
a hurried inspection of his Republic
group on Saturday, in company wilh
W. D. McGregor. A company has
been organized in Detroit to work the
group and is known as the Slocan
Republic Co. R. C. Campbell Johnston, of Nelson, has been engaged to
manage the Republic when development commences, which is to be in a
few days.  •
Knights or Pythias Re-Dnlon.
The M. U. General Hosrital is in a
a healthy financi.il condition, all out-
It is the intention of the Knights of
Pythias of New Denver to come down
here next month and hold a re-union
with their fellow-members in this
vicinity, and the Sandon lodge has
also been invited to come along. A
complimentary supper will bo served
to the members on arrival, after
which an adjournment will be taken
to the Music Hall, where a musical
programme will be given and a general good time held. Invitations
will be sent to friends of the Order to
be present. All Knights in the vicinity are asked to participate and to
leavetheir names at The Drill office,
so that noses may be counted and
general arrangements made for the
big spiel.	
jhsinld be Prospected.
Jack Wafer and Ben Robertson
have located a couple of claims lately
on tho east side of the south fork of
Leetle Cottontail.
De saison she be in on de veree firs' de moat',
An' iin.is' de mans aroun' here he's kip np half de! night
Out wit' evrce kin' of gun dat's any good for hunt,
An' watch dat leetle Cottontail
Out of sight.
Nevair seede lak,
Prap do lisiebes crack;
Anyway, bees awful scare an'get heem plaintee fright.
Down de beaver meadow, an' in among de brush,
An' nil along de reever, au' up on top de heel,
Evreolin*" she** quiet dore, an' noting break de huah;
lint, all (ame, lots of Idler
For to keel. ,
An', leetle Cottontail,
Dey'll gs*t yon wit'ont fail,
For all are swear to get you, an' dat's de way dey feel.
Moon, she don' be shiiiin' none tonight amoii« de trees,
Dut hunter, he i.s earlue bird, an' »sot up wit' delight;
Lie out on sle wet gritsa, bo col' hees nearly lroze,
An' by an' by de Cottontail
Into sight.
Nevair turn your head.
Dat's tain I'm shoot you dead;
S.ipa-ment! dia lain, 1 guess, I'm gettin' you all right.
Leetlo Cottontail, for sure, dis de las' lam you are h'eat
Ou de nice grass in de meadow, where de gommuir night you stay;
No more you're clam de montuine, tho' you're awful queek do foot,
Dis tam I got you covered, an'
Be get away.
Dis gun ain't got no treek,
Au' i get you plaintee queek;
You re not protoc' by Govrement an'—Bang!—Hooray! Hooray!
For sure, I'm bit dat Cottontail, but Dinble! where's bo be?
Saer'! 'sense some aacrcdam —but see dat spot of white,
Hees tail among do hughes dere, dat's all dat you can see;
An'dere's dat leetlo Cottontail
Out of sight.
Jus' nnodcr mies,
But it's always samo as dis:
ror dere's bonder shot what miss heem (or deone dat go nil right.
—R. T. A***L>l"l'SOX.
Lemon Creek, B.C.
Last Tear's Shipments Were 884T Tons,-
A Healthy Kvldence of the Lire and
Wealth or the Gamp—Arlington th*
Biggest Shipper.
Ore shipments from the local division again loom np pretty strong, aggregating 165 tons for the week. Of
this amount the Arlington shipped
out 140 tons and the Enterprise 20.
Thc remaining r> tons was from the
Tamarac, which appears on the
shipping list for the first timo in two
years. Its ore was sent to Nelson
and was taken ont during devolopment by the Spokane colhpany operating tho property. Very soon a
shipment will be made by the Exchange, which is being operated under lease, and the lessees of the
Black Prince will endeavor to have
another car go forward the first part
of October.
Last year the exports from this division amounted to 2*847 tone, made
np from 10 properties. Following ia
a list ot tbe shipments this year to
Arlington  1*10             2860
Enterprise  20              440
Two Friends  40
Black Prince  125
Bondholder  23
Chapleau  15>
Speculator  10
Phoenix  23
VAM  20
Esmeralda  2
Hampton  fl
Fourth of July  7
Tamarac  5                 5
165 3570
standing debts having been wiped
out, with thu exception of a small
sum owed thc Union for money advanced. Lately four regular hospital beds and ono surgical bed have
been added to thc equipment, which
is being kept up to date. Four patients an; undergoing treatment in
the institution, three of them being
surgical cases.    All arc doing nicely.
llliss I. 11 IS UK isissl Unlay.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Hewett last week shipped 100
tons of ore from Silverton.
W. Hudson, formerly shift boss, is
now foreman at the Speculator.
The Republic is being crown
granted, thron-*li W. D. McGregor.
M. Mourgues, engineer of the Chapleau, made an examination of tho
Black Prince on Tuesday.
It. I. Kirkwood sent up another
outfit this week to work on the Treasure, a claim he staked this summer
on the south end of the Gatineau &
Simcoe group.
Charles Dempster, Rossland; R. 0.
Campbell-Johnston, Nelson; Frank
P. AVilcox. C A Hurlburt and F. D.
Hovey, of Detroit, came in Wednesday and inspected the Republic.
What is believed to be tho Arlington vein has been opened up on the
Portland, one of the Lily B group, on
the south side of Springer creek. It
is upwards of 20 feet in width and
has been uncovered for 300 feet.
W. S. Johnson and A. R. Bolderston sent an outfit to the Legal, on
tho first north fork of Lemon, Wednesday, and it will bo worked this
winter. It is the intention to Mart a
new tunnel on the vein and run it in
300 feet.
llnslly Mlxs-sl.
E. B. Chipman, government agent
at Kaslo, wns here on Tiicki1.iv, and
announced that the sale of tho government portion of tho townsite of
Lemon Creek had boon withdrawn,
in this connection there ll a bad mix
up. The lands and works department did not know in what mining
division the townsite. was located and
the local authorities could not toll
within eight miles or so where the
jilaee was. Thev announced it as
being on the railway al. the mouth Of
Lemon creek, hut, Frank Klctcher
jumped then) and said that place was
Lforapnton nnd was owned by tho C.
P ■' aud tbcv objected to belnn sold
up.    ; lie oompun*" were going to re-
W. E. Boio took out, a gang of four
men on Monday to do some work on
the Black Hawk and Daisy claims,
situated close to the Half Way camp,
on Ten Mile camp. The claims were
originally owned by J. line untl I).
Graham, of this placo, who sold them
tn Krnest Mansfield. Nothing more
than assessment work has yet been
done on tbem, resulting in u little bit
of galena being shown up.
Ils.'.rsl s,f Tin's*.
A meeting of the newly organized
board of Undo will bo held in the
Oddfellow*' hall this evening, Sept.
13, which all members nro requested
to attend. Bylawsund rules of order
for governing the corporation will bo
submitted for ratification.
I.ssnkvsl ist (lss. Itepublk',
Clins Dempster, of Rossland, made
Ten Mile, their discovery being
made upon a well defined vein carrying dry ore. With ono or two exceptions there are no claims staked 111
that section of country, reaching
down almost to the Enterprise. It is
a likely locnlity.asthe big veins from
the mineral zone to the head of
L'ringcr creek mum break through
on to Ten Mile. Not much prospecting has been dono there and some big
oro bodies are liable to be uncovered.
The country is close enough to the
big Springer creek bonanzas to make
it valuable ground.
At the Speculator.
Two shifts arc employed in thc
long drift on thc Speculator and are
making groat headway. A small
fault was recently encountered in the
vein, throwing the drill out about 30
feet, and it is now being run within
10 feet of the hanging wall. Drifting
on the east vein from the crosscut Is
being pushed and depth is being
steadily gained. Numerous small
lenses of very high grado oro have,
been cut, and thc chances are in fa
vor of a permanent chute being encountered.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local registry office, II. P. Christie being raining
Sept."—Greenwood, Dayton basin, 0
It Anderson.
Syracuse, Dayton bill, B A Cameron
and l> (irabani.
Twin, 2nd ti f I^mon, J Crawford.
Pyrites, below tbe city, D 0 Robertson!
Flora fr, Ten Milo, C Hoinze.
4—Broncho, lit n f Lemon, R B Allen.
B—Elk, head of Lemon creek, Robert
Black Fox, samo, 1 Lougheed and T
Beaver, samo, samo.
Vernon, Springer creek, T J Baty.
Vevey, north of Twelve Mile, Fred T
Benson. *
Ymir, Tiger creok, H C Hammond.
Sept 8-War Kagle, Blue Bell, Headlight, Redwood, Panorama.
6— Slug Tou.
Aug 30— George Bulko to John Bulko,.
Aug 30-J}leandilelii 1-10, Geo Bulko
Sept 3—Gladstone
Tho lirst practice of the Slocan
Rifle Association will be held' on
Saturday afternoon, commencing at
I o'clock. Members are requested to
call at II. D. Curtis' ofliee for their
riflei" at 12.80 O'clock,
and Pacific
McKinnon to R I Kirkwood, ffiOO.
Riverside, T Kilpatrtok to same.
4-Tin Plato Ir », T J Batv, VV E
Worden nnd .1 A Folev to J McKinnon.
h— Westsidc, A Tunks to J Frank
Speculator W, Mineral Mountain all,
Eda*fr i, Empire all, R I Kirkwood tp
same. ,,.
Qetmnnicul fr s>, Jas Homo to \V y.
. mm*
#**- '
m ■.*
1 Mary
1 Hamilton's
2      By John Strange Winter
2     Copyright 1899 by i he Author.
One of the rules of Alan Stacey's life
was that when he took a holiday it
should be a real holiday. He was not
one of those persons who combine busi-
nesa with pleasure and make themselves
an annoyance to their friends by keeping the bogy of work ever present with
They left London immediately after
the wedding, going by slow and easy
stages to Italy, and for three long, delicious months they reveled in luxn-
rions happiness. Alan Stacey made
traveling so easy. He was content to
travel for pleasure j he detested people
who made it a business.
"No, my dear sir," he said one day
to an enthusiastic American who was
badgering him to go and see an Etruscan tomb, "I have not gone, and I do
not mean to go."
"But. my dear sir, it is your duty to
goi you ought to go; yon ought to improve your mind; you ought to see ull
that tbere is to be seen. Tins is a wonderful specimen, a real old Etruscan
tomb You may never have another opportunity of seeing one so perfect and
"I don't care," said Alan Stacey doggedly. "I came here to enjoy myself
with my wife. My wife doesn't care
about tombs, and I don't care about
tombs. All the Etruscan tombs in the
world will not be the smallest uso to
me. They do not interest uie. and they
do not please me, and I refuse to be
badgered into meditations which only
irritate and annoy me. Do you go ami
look at the tomb and stay there I shall
not complain. 1 shall never grumble at
your choice of a habitation."
"Poor thingl He means well," said
Mary when the energetic sightseer had
"I dare say he does." Alan replied,
with a laugh, "bnt I wish he'd go and
mean well somewhere else. Let na move
on. You said yesterday that yon would
like to go to Bella Villia. Let us go tn
Bella Villia and lose him."
They worked their way home from
Italy at last, returning by way of the
Riviera, and the middle of May saw
Mrs Alan Stacey settled iu the beauti-
fnl old house at FnHiam. with what
was practically the world at her feet
How happy she was! She had been
used to think tbat. uo mutter what fate
awaited ber in tin* tut nre. the horror.
the HicL-riiitiu dread the terror, tbe re-
pugnance, the shuddering misery, or trie
past would always be with her Bul it
was not so. Time, tbe wonderful physician, taught her to forget, and hy the
time she found herself installed in the
Fulhaiu huuso she might, so far as her
feelings went have been Mrs Alan
Stacey for ten years instead of little
more than as many weeks.
On the very first morning after their
arrival home she sent for the housekeeper who had been left in charge of the
Sycamores at the time of their niar-
"I sent for you," said Mrs. Stacey
gently, "because it is better that wa
should begin with ■*. clear understanding of how we mean to go on Yon will
quite understand that as I shall continue to help Mr. Stacey with his work
I shall have no time for housekeeping. You understand Mr Stacey's
ways, his likes and dislikes. He has
been admirably satisfied with yon in
the past, and I would like you t6 know
now that I desire to make no change.
So long as yon continue to satisfy your
master yon will satisfy me You will
please continue exactly aa you have
done heretofore—yonr accounts, your
menus, everything just aa before Occasionally I may mako a suggestion to
yon if there is some dish tbat I should
like to bave, or if we are having visitors I may like to make some little alterations in tbe menu, but as a general
rale I do not with to be troubled with
any housekeeping arrangements"
The housekeeper, who wss a Frenchwoman and thoroughly knew the value
of a good place, thanked her mistress
and assured her of her fidelity and devotion.
Then Mary rang the bell, and when
John came in answer to the summons
she told him to shut the door: that ahe
wished to speak to him.
"John," ahe aaid. "I have just been
talking toMme. Boniface and telling
her tbat I wish your master's marriage
to make no difference in the domestic
arrangements You have satisfied him
for many years, and I hope yon will
continue to satisfy him for many years
longer. I may have to give yon a few
orders, but on tbe whole I wish you to
continue precisely as yon bave always
"Yon wonld like to have tbe key of
the cellar, ma'am?" said John politely
He had no more Intention of giving up
the key of the cellar than he hud of
giving np the use of his senses, bnt to
make the offer was the (Ugliest compliment he conld pay to his new mistress.
Mary langhed outright "No, John,'
abe ssid; "I do not think the key of ths
cellar wonld be of very much uso to me.
I am frightened of collars, to tell yon
tbe truth, and I shouldn't know one
bottle of wine from another. No. John;
yon understand Mr. Stacey's ways, und
von will please just do for him as you
have been accustomed to do. I don't
think that his marriage—our marriage
—will mako him more difficult to
pleass I hope quite ths contrary. But,
thank yon, John, for offering ma the
*   f   '    '•'*--! —■—   in       I   ■	
key of the cellar. 1 am sore it is a very
great compliment, and I appreciate it
And then she smilingly dismissed
him, and John went away feeling that,
after all, his master had done the very
best possible thing for himself
Then she and Alan settled down to
real hard grinding work. He declared
many times that never in the whole
course of hia existence had he lieen
kept to work so ruthlessly and so persistently as by his new task mistress
"By Jove, if I had thought that yon
were going to goad me on like this. 1
should have thought twice before I
asked yon to come here for good and
"Oh, no. you wouldn't I" said Mary
"It is very good for you, and yon know
you are perfectly happy, so don't pretend anything elsa "
And it was true enough. She certainly managed him and his work admirably, for by keeping him np to the
mark for certain hours ahe was able to
be free herself at a fixed time every day
And there was never an idle minute for
either of them, for, as I said awhile
ago, Alan Stacey had always been a
persona grata in society, and his many
friends all seemed but too anxious to
receive his wife with open arms.
It was a brilliant life All tbat was
best and brightest in the great world of
art flocked to Alan Stacey's bouse now
that it boasted of so charming a mistress Mrs Alan Stacey went everywhere and was noted wherever she
went Almost every day, in the columns devoted to the doings of well
known people, there was mention of ths
brilliant novelist and his wife Her
dress, her receptions, ber tastes, were
continually chronicled, and for his sake
—for Mary was singularly farseeing in
everything that concerned her husband
—she put herself to immense pains in
order that she should always create aa
favorable an impression as possible She
was essentially the very wife foi: such a
man. She never attempted in any way
to shine him down. Rather, on tbe contrary, did sbe draw him out And show
him at his best. She ruled his household with a dignity and simplicity that
went to make her a favorite with all
classes of bis friends. Her great hold
over him lay in the fact that, although
she was possessed of no artistic gift herself, she was never dull, was not in the
least degree narrow in mind or judgment that she was possessed of that
scrupulous politeness which demands as
well as gives attention. At the end of a
year—a year of wholly unalloyed happiness—Alan Stacey would as soon have
thought of striking hia wife as of omitting to pay her any of those small attentions which are as oil to the wheel
of the matrimonial chariot. It wan wonderful that it was so, because he bad bestowed everything upon her. He had
changed her life from one of toil, of
comparative penury, of dullness, of
loneliness, to a brilliant existence, the
light of which she had never known, and
which, had she known, she would never
have dared to think conld possibly one
dav be hers
And as their happiness grew and
throve apace so did Alan Stacey's star
of fame grow more and more brilliant
There bad been at the time of his first
great success croakers who had foretold
tbat the star of Alan Stacey's brilliancy
would wane in a little lime, but these
prognostications bad proved to be
wrong With every book that had come
out bis genius was seen to be more intense and more brilliant He had tbe
magic touch, the subtle insight, the
grace, the freshness, the romance and
the poetry which are needed to make a
really great and lasting success To
some of ub—to most of us, I should
bave said—the refining fires of sorrow
are necessary, but now and again there
shines upon the world a great mind
which feeds on the sunlight. Alan
Stacey was one of these, and the more
the happiness of his life increased tbe
more brilliant did bis work become
The untold satisfaction of his daily life,
so far from cramping or stultifying
him. seemed as if it but fed the fires of
his genius, and it was a common thing
in the set in which Alan Stacey moved
for their union to be cited ns an excuse,
a reason, a justification, of the great
and old fashioned institution of marriage.
"Marriage a failure I" cried a great
painter one day when some theorist
propounded the idea that marriage wus
frequently a failure because of tbe inequalities of intellect and attainments
in those who were indissolnbly bound
her management of Stacey. I don't
know." the great man went on reflectively, "that she even has a temper, and
yet I fancy she could dust Stacey's
jacket for him if need be."
"And you don't consider their marriage a failure. Sir John T"
"Stacey's marriage a failure! Good
God. madam, what are you talking
aboutf Stacey's twice the man he was
before he married tbat little woman. I
always regard her as the pivot around
which all the brilliant gems of Stacey's
intellect revolve And it is necessary,
madam, for gems of intellect to have a
pivot that they can safely and rationally revolve round. And between ourselves—nnd not between ourselves for
the matter of that—I have always looked upon it as a very lucky thing for
Alan Stacey that he happened to meet
with the very woman who could make
all the difference in the world to him.'
"I wish you to continue precisely as you
have always done."
together. "Marrlago a failure for that
reason I Nonsense I Look at Alan Stacey,
the most brilliant chap that ever sat nt
a dinner table, the most gifted speaker,
a writer whose sway stretches all over
the world. Little Mrs. Stacey has no
attainments. She docs nothing. A pretty little woman manages the house nnd
Stacey admirably—an ordinary, qniot.
sensible, dignified littlo woman, wbo
never makes herself cheap, who never
gives herself away and who keeps Stacey as straight as a die. How does she
doit! Not because her intellect is eqnal
tu Stacey's. Not a bit of it, no, but
simply because she's the right woman
for him She ia tho woman he ought to
have married, and, '.uckily for him,
whom he did marry She la a wise littlo
woman—not intellectual, no; that isn
very different thin** -but wits, wise in
It was just three years after her marriage with Alan Stacey that Mary came
down stairs one morning into the long,
low ceiled dining room where breakfast
wus awaiting her She received the
noisy greeting of the rough haired terrier with a kindly pat on the head,
stooped and ruffled the fur of the great
Angora cut as be lay before tbe cheerful
fire She turned to the manservant
when he came in.
"Oh, John. Mr Stacey has a bead-
ache this morning, the worst he has
bud for months. He says he will take no
more than a cup of tea and two bits of
dry toast.'
"Indeed, ma'am, I'm sorry to hear
that. " said John in u sympathetic tone.
"It's a long time since the master has
had a real bad headache Tbunk yon,
ma'am," as she poured out the large
cup of tea.
Mary sat down in her place and
poured out ber own tea. She was not
worried or upset at ber husband's in
disposition, because he was a man who
bad all his life suffered occasionally
from violent headaches, and he declared
that since his marriage they had been
much less frequent than formerly She
helped herself to some kedgeree and
opened one by one the pile of letters
beside her plate, smiling over their
contents new and then, as if sbe found
the news they contained pleasant
Then, these disposed of. she took a second helping of the kedgeree, which was
unusually genu, and opened the newspaper, setting it up against the teapot
for tbe greater convenience of being
able to eat ..ud read at tbe same time.
Like all women, she read the first column to begin with, then turned tbe paper over to the middle sheet. In one
moment the whole utmosphere and attitude of ber life was changed, for
tbere. in staring letters before her, waa
tbe heading "Survivors of the Arikhama. '
She caught the paper up from its po
sitiou against the teapot and thrust it
dowu between the table and her knee,
sr,-*--^ on mechanically nating her breakfast, as if by so doing she could keep
the suspicions announcement at arm's
length. Then she found that, although
she bad gone on eating, sho would uot
swallow tho food that was in her
mouth, nnd, as sbe came to a realization
of the fact, sbe choked the mouthful
down and pushed her plate away.
"Survivors of tbo Arikhama 1" Good
heavens I Wbat did these four words
imply? "Survivors of the Arikhamal"
"Oh, my God, not that, not that I" she
moaned out, putting her bands np to
her head and staring hard at the opposite wall.  "Not that, not that!"
"Survivors of the Arikhama." The
trend of thoughts which the words
called up was hideous—hideous—hideous Perhaps, after all, be was alivel
She passed her hands over ber face to
clear her eyes from the mist that danced
before them. Her blood ran cold; her
flesh seemed to turn chill; her heart to
have stopped its motion; only her ♦erri-
blo thoughts went whirling, whirling,
whirling on—to what! To the fac*. that
Edward Conway might be one of tbe
survivors of tbe Arikhamal
She looked down nt the paper crushed
upon ber knee. "I daren't read it; 1
daren't read it. I will put it in the fire
as it is. It will be better not to know
Oh, my God, what shall I do?" Tbe
survivors of the Arikhama I Where had
they been ? Years had gone by I
"Oh, this is folly—folly I Pnll yourself together, Mary Stacey, pull yourself together Nerve yourself, woman I
Don't be a coward 1 Faco tho worst;
know tbe worst, and got it over I Anything is better tban suspicious, and the
paper will tell yon."
So she took np the paper with nerveless, shaking fingers, smoothed it out
and bent her eyes npon it They refused
their office. Mercifnl nature spread a
curtain between her palpitating heart
her dazed brain and the cruel news
which the printed columns brought
She could tee nothing.
She shook herself together. "This is
foolish." ber heart said. "Yon are unnerved, Mary Stacey. Rub your eyes
bard, and don't be a coward. Read the
notice "
(To bo Continued.)
•I unlnic Porks.
The tuning fork was tbe Invention of
John Stone, royal trumpeter, In 1811.
Though the pitch of forks varies slightly with changes of the temperature or
by rust, tbey are tbe most accurate
means of determining pitch. Tuning
forks are capable of being mode of any
pilch within certain limits, but those
commonly used are thc notes A nnd 0,
giving tbe sounds represented by the
second and third spaces In tbe treble
sure. ,
The mas wbo elbows past women for
the pnrposo of getting a settt In the car
never crowds a lady out of ber pew ia
How the Other Half  l.lvec,   ai Shown ia
They were a couple of dirty little
urchins tossing pennies at the entrance of a Clork&nweU court on ' a
summer ' Sunday ufturnoon. Their
hats were crownless, their bodies
coat less and their foet bootless. Indeed, their entire apparel seemed to
consist of two hat-rims and some
tattered ticking shirts and trousers,
tho bottoms of which were torn into
scallops, squares and other fancy
patterns. The little alleyway where
they stood guard wns dar"k and ill-
smelling, yet , from the rear there
issued sounds of music such as one
would scarcely expect to hear in
that neighborhood. "Who makes
the music?" I asked of tbe boy
whose penny had turned up on its
head. "What? You mean the hymn
tunes and sech! Them's the mission
folks what comes round every Sunday to preach and pray and sinur"
he answered. "Never seen 'em or
'eard 'em beforo, miss?" asked tho
other boy, with that happy solf-
satisficd air so often assumed by
children when the find they aro in
possession of knowledge denied to
their elders. "See 'ere, Jim; let's
stop tossin' coppers—'taint right nohow on Sundays1—an' we'll 'scort the
laidy in among the mission folks.
Can ye sing laidy?" On assuring
him that I could sing, he und his
companion, ono on either side of me,
escorted me in through tho narrow
alley towards the centre of the
court. There I found It wider than
at the entrance, so wide that it was
possible to stand six or seven
abreast. Three-storey     buildings
wero on the three sides of the court,
and fromv every window there peered
several faces. There were men in
their shirt sleeves, smoking pipes,
one! men with aprons tied round
their necks. They had stopped in
the middle of their Sunday shave,
with hands holding a razor suspended in midair. There were women
with plaid shawls crossed upon their
bosoms. their hair in knots which
had apparently not been untwisted
since tho preceding Sunday; and
there were children of all apes and
both sexes, garbed in the simplest
and scantiest of summer raiment,
sitting and standing by the open
windows and doors, all Intent on
There nre some men who alwsys Ira-
press ono as having been the kind of hs-
blot tlm' hnd to take worm lozenges.—
Atchison Globe.
I'al.l (lss, ISUIsssp'rs I'nrr.
Carpenter, the Bishop of ill-
pon, is one of tho most popular
clergymen in England, lie is a man
whose natural impulse must bo to
throw off his coat and work in his
shirt sleeves. "I never address the
Queen at all," he told fomebody
who asked him if he felt nervous
when preaching before Queen Victoria. "I know that there will be
present the Queen, the princes, the
household and tho servants down to
the scullery maid." Dr. Carpenter
is not ashamed to ride in a bus nnd
has often told the story r,f a penny
ride from Westminster to Charing
Cross. When the ticket collector
came round, the bishop found, to his
astonishment, that he had not a
penny in his pocket, and neither had
his wife, who was with him. Dr.
Carpenter mado up his mind to borrow the money when ho alighted at
Charing Cross, but before ho reached
his destination a workingman with a
bag of tools thrown over his shoulder turned to him as ho left the bus
and said: "Don't you bother at.out
that. . I've mado that all right."
Almost beforo the bishop could say
"Thank you" the man with the bag
was gone, and Dr. Carpenter found
that he had paid his faro nnd that
of his wife to the end of tho journey.
A Comical Blunder.
One of tho most ludicrous mistakes
made by tho telegraph was caused
by the loss of a single dot in a telegram from Brisbane to a London
nows agency. As it reached London
it read, "Governor-General twins
first son," which tho news agency
"edited" and sent around to tho psi-
pers in the following form: "Lu.iy
Kennedy, tho wife of Sir Arthur Kennedy, Governor-General of Queensland, yesterday gave birth at Government House, Brisbane, to twins,
tho firstborn boing a son."
The telegram arriving in the small
hours of the morning, thcro was no
time to check it or refer to Dobrott,
and it was published by most of tho
newspapers in London and tho provinces and caused an unexpected sensation. Sir Arthur's friends pointed
out with conclusive force that some
ono had blundered, as there nover
was a Lady Kennedy, Sir Arthur being a bachelor.
The repeat message which followed
"Governor-General turns first sod,"
reforrlng to a railway Ceremony.
London'! Witt? Cabblss*.
"Riding down Oxford street this
morning on top of a 'bus," wrllcs
William E. Curtis, from London, "1
poked tho driver ln tho back with
my umbrella, an Amorlcans usually
do, and asked him questions, lie
was good-natured, and answered
them cordially. Some of his retorts were quite witty. You seldom
find a 'bus driver in London without a keen sonso of humor, and they
all like to talk. As we were panning old Newgate Prison, 1 enquired,
'How do you get lnsido that placo?'
What I wanted to know wan whether I must go to somo official for
a ticket of admission, and this wan
his answer: 'When you get hoff this
'bus go hup bo'ind tho first covo you
see and 'it him han 'ard has you
kin in the 'end. The bobby will do
the rest.' "	
Tea In Auitrnlla.
The Chinese tea plant thrives well
la Australia. Treeo planted by
Baron Mueller, In tho botanical gar-
don, seed frooly, and young plants,
are usually raised from them, Tho
Australian papers nay that, (lie difficulty In making lt profltahla commercially in tho cost of labor In collecting the leaves, but tho native
tribes might bo taught to do useful
work in thin direction.
rheir Owner Cove  niniself ft Lot Ol
tllllSTS'KMISl'J   Tl'OlilslC.
Horace Turner nnd the huly whom he
tailed an angel, years ago, moved out
to Eviu.ston nbout the 1st of .Tune for
the summer. Mr. Turner bought a railroad commutation ticket for tho purpose of saving money. There were 00
rides on tbe ticket, which cost him $0.
"I won't use all theso rides." he explained to his wife, "but I'll come pretty
near it—near enough to bring the fare
dowu to 11 or 12 cents a ride auyway.
You see, if we go into the city to the theater or if I have to go in ou Sunday I
can uso my commutation ticket, and h*:'"
be just the snmo as it I rode free."
That was reasonable enough, but Mr.
Turner didn't happen to go into the city
at night or on Sundny during June, and
the consequence was that bo had about a
dozen rides left on his ticket when ths
month was ended.
But he didn't mind thnt. He felt that
he was ahead of tho game anyway, and
he went up to thc station ou tbo 1st of
July ond bought another monthly ticket,
promising himself to even things up by
doing more extra riding on Sunday nnd
at night. Meanwhile he kept his old ticket iu his pocket, having forgotten nil
about it.
One day when thn weather changed he
put on a heavier^suit of clothes. When
he wns riding into tho city the next
morning, he handed out h!s ticket to be
punched and kept on reading his paper ai
he did so.
"This Is last mouth's ticket," the conductor informed him.   "It's no good."
Then Mr. Turner looked nnd saw that
It was so. He felt for his July ticket,
but couldn't find it. Evidently ho had
Gshed the wrong ono from his pocket
when ho had changed his clothes.' He
tried to convince tho conductor that ha
was an honest man and would permit bis
sood ticket to be punched twice next time,
but it was a useless effort. If he had been
a pretty young woman, his plea might
have counted for something. As it was,
tbe rules had to be observed. So he paid
the full cash fare, rammed his old ticket
Into bis pocket and told several passengers who sat near him what robbers the
railroad companies were.
He happened to think of his ticket beforo he left home the next morning nnd
rode into the city without any trouble.
During the day he had occasion to rummage in his coat pocket for a letter and
while doing so fished out a railrond ticket
"There's that confounded old Juno
ticket again," he snid. "I'll just tear it
up, so that I won't make another mis'.iikt
when I change my clothes again.*'
He ripped it into littlo bits without
looking nt it n itasand time nnd forgot it
until he wns going home at night When
tho conductor came along, Mr. Turner
Unnded out his ticket and looked at the
headlines In his pnper.
"This is no good," said the man with
the punch; "last mouth's."
Horace Turner looked. There was prima facie evidence that be was unable to
shatter. Then he puid his fare again
snd made a mileum vow that he would
never buy another commutation ticket at
long as he lived.—Chicago Horard-Herald.
It did not take uinny years to find out
tbat lt was more profitable to pasture
the grass around me than to burn It In
the fall. This pasturing of tbe grass
was done so successfully that none wns
left to burn or to pasture. Finally 1
waa compelled to break up tbe land
and farm lt I raised large crops of
■mall grain, but soon saw tbat It was
a money losing game and tried to seed
my land back to grass. I found It very
difficult to get tame pastures to stick,
and If by accident I got a good stand
of timothy or clover the latter would
not last, and tbe former after a good
crop or two would get wbat i -nlled
sod bound and would not produc. a
load of hay to tbe acre. 1 know uow
why the timothy did no good after a
year or two. It was because we pastured It to the roots, thinking it economical to let stock eat tbe Inst spear
of grass that showed up In tbe fall.
Land having by that time advanced In
price, I could not afford to own pastures of tbat kind, and so I overstocked
it to make both ends meet 1 made up
my mind to own less and better stock,
and this change In no time mado a
great Improvement In my pastures. 1
soon saw tbat a growth of grass covered the pastures In dry weather when
all the range In abort pastures waa
Injur* lo Stifle.
Mix one ounce of acetate of lead and
two ounces of opium with one quart of
water. Bathe iho Injured part well
three times a day with a little of Ilie
above lotion. Keep Ihe nnlinnl In the
atnlile so tluii ll cannot move aiound.
Suitable   For   a   Small   Number   of
Covrs—Contain* Two Plti.
The plans here shown are from
Hoard's Dairyman and represent a ree-
(angular alio with two pits suitable for
a small number of cows or for use dur-
Ing the summer drought.
In this style of stlo the pits may be
made of any required slzo and their
number added to at will. Tbe tie across
the corners so Increases the angle that
It offers but little moro resistance to
settling than ystrnlght wall.
Make a foundation wall coming np
above the surface sufficiently so that
the ground may be graded to carry all
water from rains and melting snow
away from tbe building. On this foundation lay the first frame, which may
be doubled If desired and secured by
bolts sec lu the wall. At each corner of
this frame and In the middle aet up
blocks 19 Inches long nnd on these
build the next frame, setting lt exactly
above the first On thla second frame
set up other blocks upon which ta build
tbe third frame, making these blocks
long enough to space these frames two
feet from centers. Continue on In this
way, adding frame abovo frame. Increasing the distance between, until at
the top they may be four feet or even
more apart These frames for pits not
exceeding 14 feet on a side may be
made of 2 by 8 Inch stuff. Above 14
feet use 2 by 10. Use spikes freely.
When the third frame Is in place,
commence to stay lath and brace. If
the outside ts to be covered wltb clapboards, drop siding or ship Isp, nail on
one Inch furring strips. Tbls will leave
a space for circulation of air from top
to bottom In summer and prolong tbe
life of tbe silo. Dse building paper under tbe siding.
Finish tbe interior with two thicknesses of boards, wltb best quality of
tarred building paper between them.
The first course of boards may be of
cheap lumber and should be put on
diagonally, each board constituting a
brace. The second lining should bo
free from sap nnd loose knots aud
made of narrow boards. We do not
consider matching necessary, bnt man;
use stuff tbat bas been tongued ami
Leave openings for taking out tbe
silage where most convenient
These openings are not closed with
doors, but with boards cut ln lengtbs
to fit and put In as filling progresses,
two thicknesses with paper between,
same aa tbe lining. Doors bung with
hlngea may be used on the outside.
The carrier goes In at tha door lo
thn dormer, and a shoot turna the
silage Into either pit as desired.
Car* ol Paaluro Lands.
William Ernst of Nebraska says In
Prairie Parmer: Wben I came out west,
mors than a quarter of a century ago,
Health and Vitality
For the Old People.
Wasted muscles, shattered nerves and failing strength may
result from old age as well as from disease. As old age creeps
on vitality is lowered, the heart beats more slowly, the blood
becomes thin and watery and the power of resistance is lessened. It is thc old people above all others who require the
new life and energy which comes with the use of Ur. Chase's
Nerve Food.
Scores and hundreds of old people depend on Dr. Chase''*
Nerve Food to restore their exhausted nerve force and replace
their wasted tissues. It calms and quiets the nerves, gradually
and certainly enriches the blood and builds up the system, and
makes old people feel again the thrill of new life and vigor in
their shrivelled arteries. From childhood to old age this famous
Food Cure is the greatest blessing which medical science has
bestowed on mankind.
SO sntH.. O bOXM Issr •'.no.    AI nil slssiil, ris.or I'll lisr-.nr.on. llsilen A C»., Toroiit*'* MrfTS      HSU nir ill
The Drill.
'si.('CAN,   BKVnSH: COLOMDlA.
•t ri'-nrs-il   I'l>   n   forgolts-ii   Mnr.lir
„nsl llni«n;e*l <1»** Murderer.
"Pi mil thlnl*" sometimes tell bJS tales
.nd iiiiravel mysteries''*' long -st.iiitliiijr."
" ;,1 ,„. old detective who has seen long
lervico in runulna dowu criminals in yn*.
rioun parts of U'o country. "The ihttWI
ilnirnlar case <bat ever fell under my cure
L,s m case in which a White mail had
i,Ceu murdered iu some mysterious way,
„H1 tlm body was .put away aud all efforts to locate U were out of tbo nues-
tion Suspicion icll on a negro, and he
ras arrested, hut subsequently was re-
leaseil tmcause of tbe absence of proof to
connect him with tho crime. The body
Was missing, and it was certain that the
mnn nnd been murdered and robbed by
loinc person familiar with the surrounding. The negro had worked for him,
but bad oecn discharged because of impudence.
"Ti u years lapsed. AfMnterest In the
•rims' had died out. One dny some negro
blackberry pickers'came across a key'
wliii li lumg on the limb of a bush. Bc-
sjausi "f the growth ot the bush the bundle, of the W'.v wn*). partially bulled in
jlis) limb. Kight unds'r the bush the ne-
.ros's riiiind the bleached .and decaying
bone* of a hiimnn form. When the matter was reported, I Was sent out to in-
Testi;-ntc tho matter, and I gathered up
the Imncs, cut tho bush dowu and took
ever:.thing to tho polite' station. "We
vent back over the list of missing mon.
"There waa a captain, ponnsscled with
the sls-parlment who possessed a wonderful im■uiorjvahd be turned all of his attention to the rusty key, which was still
In the limb of the bush. I ought to state
here Hint the negro Irad remained In the*
com",unity and had. by his Mostly
bougl.t n few acres ef laud on which
■tooil I lie house which hnd figured ia the
niystsiinus disappearance ten years before. "Cut that key out for me,' said the
captain, and it was cut out. He had a
Consultation with the chief and, without
telling me where ho was going, asked mr
to g" with him.
"We traveled aboot four miles and
drove up to n littlo house Inte in the
tvenhg. There was nobody nt home. '1
guesi wc might as weII»go In,' tbe captain
eaisl. ninl, pulling tho key from his pocket, lie sliovesl it into the lock, turned It
and opened the sloor. We waited for the
negro after locking the door again, but
ho never rcturoed. Tbe house was
watched all night, but the negro never
enme. Wo grew suspicious and soon
learns -I that ho had lied upon hearing of
the discovery In tho brier patch. Flight
strengthened the evidence of hi* guilt.
He v.is arrested In a neighboring state,
returned, tried and convicted and finally
"The key which solved the mystery had
got (aught in a twig that sprung up In
the brier patch, and but for tills fact the
mystery would hnvo neve lm«*n solved."
4 Sad tetter from a Lady Whose
Husband Was Dissipated.
How She Cured Him With a Secret
A ("ae«l I'uxtlsT.
Ib one of the olsl en—lea of northern
England visitors are shown; two room*
which nre c tweeted with each other by
a biis.'ilar mechanism. Each room is ad-
Joluc'l hy an alcove, uses! as a sleeping
room apartment, nnd the floors of tin* adjoining alcoves turn on a pivot ia the center of tbe partition wall.
This Ingenious deVlee was the Invention
of one of thc ancestors of the present proprietor, wbo wns somewhat of a wag,
nnd found great pleasure iu frightening
and invsiifving hiss guards.
When oiie had gono to bed in the green
room nnd tl ilier in the blue, the floors
were turned on thi'ir pivots, nnd on
awakening tho visiissr found himself in
strange miartera, wilh clothes, that wen'
Dot I is nwn*
It Is snisl that this flln loving lord lost
a rich Inheritance hy disturbing the rest*
ful in i iiis of ii wealthy aunt, who uever fnignve the trick her nephew played
I'l-on her.
I was cured of Acute Bronchitis by
.1, M. CAMVliKU..
Hay nf Islundt-.
i was cured sif Facial Notirnlgiu. by
sprln(*hlll, N. p.
I was cured nf ffliroVilc "Rhoiimut inni
Albert Co., N. li.
I im!lee, you've got suuiliior puuln
°n. remarked tbo dog fancier.
Von,  gasped  tho exhausted  ti'rrbr,
imi they're not loud ; certainly not
a*1 lend us Niiiue of this ssiison's flnn-
ls. Ih.
f True.   Nevertheless,   whut you lec'l
-H muzzli*-,'
TOTALLY DRAF.-Mr. S.KCrandell,
liirt Parry, writ..-,: " 1 contracted a severe
'■"l'l Ust winter, whloh resulled In my
■^'"ilng totally deaf In ode ear and par
"ally so In uie other. After trying
VBris.iis remedies, and consulting several
"I'x't'irH, without obtaining any relief, 1
"Madvised to try DR, THOMAS' EC-
Ll'llKK* OIL. 1 warmed the oil and
l""ir..,i a Hit I,, of It Into mr ear, and be
['"'• i.in- half the bottle was usoa my
ni>nriiiR WllH completely restored. I hnve
"'•urii of other oases of deafness being
'•ariHl by the use of this medlolne."
Hl'Oplcir*  wants  to  know:      What
would you givo a dog lo provent its
■"■"■I-ing nt night?
Ulvo It, away.
Hiiinl'i uiiiat Cira Oiriet li On
Surgeons' shnrild hasten   homo fnun
'"'i''  summer   vacations.   Tho    foot-
'"'ll season Ih on.
"  Is good to grasp nn honest, bund
* consisting „f f,„ir nc,.„.
Many a uian   who  claims) to    be
''"'''  <o his nrt can't prove It.
Not unt.ll  r„iiro,„|H (.paH(,  to want
■'^'"<in dollar favors from   fifty dol-
Uckflis  will  iiiiH.'ii'M csinso to    be
"""■ed  to public, servntita.
"I had for years patiently borne
tho disgrace, suffering, jiiisery and
privations duo to my husband's
drinking habits. Stearin-*; of your
marvellous remedy for Ihu euro of
drunkeaness, which l could givo my
husband secretly, I dec! 1 d lo try it.
I procured a package und mixed tt
iu his food and coffee, nnd, as the
remedy was odorless and tasteless,
ho did not know what it wc.6 lhat
so quickly relieved his craving for
liquor, llo noon began to p'xk up
'Ie. h, his appetite for solid foe.*d returned, ho stuck lo his work regulacr
y, and wo now havo a happy home.
Afler lie was completely cured I told
him what I had done, when ho ac-
knowb dged that it had been his saving, as ho had not the resolution to
break oil of his own accord. I heartily advise all women afflicted as I
was to //:vo your remedy a trial."
package of Tasteless Samaria Prescription BENT FREE wilh full particulars In plain scaled envelope. All
letters considered sacredly confidential. Address The Samaria Remedy
Co., 30 Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.
Woman'* Cuflslian Temperance Unioi
w rarnr
Letter from Mrs. Georf -. Grant, of
Paisley,, Ont., giving pai titulars of
i cure effected by "iluuiariu Prescripts n," resulting in Ita use aud adop-
i.m by iho Falsi\y Woman's Chris-
iaii Temp.'ninso Union.
Paisley, Ont;, lss*.'s-ui!>cr 11 th, 1U00.
.'is. Samaria, it medy Oo ,
SO Jordan Street. Toronto. Ont.
Dear 8'rs,—*I petals'! a fs>w lins's to
on so:.:., sun" 11:4.).—as a member of
lse t' in* s s-uiuo (u..Ki*, 1 wrote for
i..'onii.i Ion; at that tin*.*.' I had In
uy ij.iiid fri. i.ds whoi.e son was a
,:rai causo of anxiety and trouble on
1 count of itLi drunken habiis. 1
rongly urg I tho fri. nils to try the
sD/.esly 1 saw ud.s'rtsscd In the To*
•.solo Globe. They did so. ll was
ho funiaria Rcmjjdy that was nd-
ah-dsfered and 1 pih pleased to ln-
orm the coni;i.'iiy iho medicine was
iclpful; ths young man has /not
Irani; a d. op r. nee, breaking olf from
ild com] anions: and special prayers
in his behalf, all aided In breaking
ho chains.
At tho lasw meet ing of the W. C
f. U. bore, 1 ii .roduc.'d your uis-Ui-
•ino for the euro of tho liquor habit,
jul a resolution was passed, "Thai
niismueh as it in tho aim of this organization to help ihe poor inebriate,
wo should rccoiuiiKiid this r**nedy in
homes whero persons aro M*dieted to
(ho uso of intoxicalint. ''quors."
S'siw, sirs, wishing you a s.icci's*criil
*are.r in your noblo work, and feeling that assistance can be given in
iho precincts of homo by the hand of
.■nother or wife, trusting lisid uiuy
ijien up useful avenues for your la-
..us. Yours vsTy respectfully,
(Signs.h 11118, QEORGE GRANT,
On behalf of Paisley W. (J. T. U.
FREE SAMPLE nl.'Wlitrt
ttlsin. ts'Ntlmonlnlii and ssrtoa slant ln pluii
ssssslesl envn'ope.   Knelooo ^ Ktamp.   Addrm*
IHI'* BAMAKIJ*, KliUEOY 0()..BiiJordanWt.
TOUONTO, Ontarl.
Drink and the gang drinks with
you; swear off and you go It alone.
Family quarrels wouldn't bo so
bad if other families would only keep
out of tlum.
fljttjf j Liniment Cnres Dip-fter-i
Tho oldest Monkish order is the
Basil ians, having been established
lli,A.l). !I0!1. Tho next, tho llonedlo
tincH, date from fi2tt.
In March of this year thero were
only 393 linplato mills running In
Wales, ngalnst 418 a year ago.
9100 Reward, $100
nereU-ys of this ■»••*•» ;,_U&__*I____!S
laarnthatihaM I*•»(Sist ■?*■•*•"£*-■*•?_ \T£
lhat "Et nco hu been alila «o ^.ViUS
num. and  that li  HH"**'   Ust!    ,*%..
KSto-V"only ihsmts w1h»*7^_a*.
ns-sdlcaliratarnltr Catarrh bt}jJ_S_Jf "JJ"
ttona dlf*aasi,r«qvli«j a Rf" »■"•»***'»' **•«_
„,.„t    Mall'f tSikr h Curt 1« '»V" _■_",*"*'.
I.e.. or  t.ss* ssT.is'm,   ih^rtlsy datirnf IMWJ
isMSSiUllon of SS .11. -..id •l»,^,lt*:,r*iS_
.trti »lh l.y bu kiln** ni< dit ■"""•"•u'!"" •■•
psl(.tort hiivt to mvuf lalli ___R_l__tT_;
p„w..r., tliist ihev* olttr Ont M___fdl_^1fi Vt
lM,yoaMih*.tlHatUtoattra.  **><* '•""  «* of
'•ffiim"''. J. OIIKNBT * CO.. To* dO. C
Hi.ld y l>ruMrltt",iRo.
Hall's Kaai C HUt »r» tht *H-*I.
Some Useful Hints to Mothers on the
Care of Little Ones.
Babies (;ry because they aro sick
or In pain, and iu almost every case
the sickness or pain is caused by
some disorder of the stomach or
bowels. Fermentation and -decomposition of the food produce a host of
Infantile troubles, such as griping,
colic, constipation, diarrhoea, simple fever, indigestion, etc. Proper
digestion of thu food is necessary to
tho maintenance of life, and evacuation of used up products and refuse
of digestion is necessary to health.
The lesson to mothers Is, therefore,
that the stomach and bowels should
be carefully watched, and if baby
cries, or Is fretful or cross, some
simple vegetable remedy, should be
given. Mothers should never resort
to the so-called "soothing" preparations to quiet baby, as they invaria-
ably contain stupifying opiates.
Baby's Own Tablets will be found an
ideal medicine. They gently move
the bowels, aid ingestion, and promote sound, healthy sleep, thus
bringinK happlnese to both mother
and child. They aro guaranteed to
contain no poisoning "soothing"
stuff, and may be given with absolute safety (dissolved in water, if
necessary) to children of all ages
from earliest infancy, with an assurance that they will promptly cure
all  their minor ailments.
For the benefit of other mothers,
Mrs. Alex. Lafave, Copper Cliff. Ont..
says: "I would advise all mothers
to keep Baby's Own Tablets in the
house at all times. When I began
giving them to my baby he was badly constipated, and always cross. He
Is now four months old, has not
been troubled with constipation since
I gave Him tho Tablets, and ho is
now always huppy and good natured.
Mothers with cross children will
easily appreciate such a change. 1
enclose .r>0 cents for two more boxes
of the Tablets, and will never be
without them in the house while I
have children."
Baby's Own Tablets are sold by
druggists or will be sent by mail,
post paid, at 50 cents a box, by
addressing tho Br. Williams' Medicine Co., Dept. T„ Brockville, Ont.
A woman's mission on earth is to
convince some man that he ought to
get married.
A Bell Thai  Srvsr Ran*.
A curious legend Is that connected
wltb the bell of St, Mura. In Ireland.
The bell was snld to have descended
from Ihe sky ringing loudly, but as it
approached the earth the tongue detached Itself and returned to the skies.
The people concluded from this that
ibe bell was never to be profaned by
sounding on earth, but was to be kept
for purposes more holy and beneficent
An Art of Gralltnde.
A gentleman saved the life of a
clothes dealer who hnd iM-en capsized
In a boat, Tbe latter wns. profuse In
his thanks and said to bis rescuer: "1
sit' tbat you have spoiled your clothes
on this auspicious occasion. Allow me
to tnke the opportunity of bnnding you
my business card. Ten thousand ele-
gaut summer suits at 40 marks!"
Light on a Great Qoeatlon.
"Tt Is my opinion." sold one snge,
"that a man who bas a college degree
Is very likely to be successful In life."
"Yes." answered the other, "and It Is
a rule tbat works both ways. A man
who Is successful in life Is very likely
to get a college degree."-
.Msisins-.l liy th.. want .if aOttOfl .u du* tiiiliary
duets, loss) of vili lily in the etonnu-h tone-
ore e ths* (jiistrio jui.'ss, wi liout whieh d ges-
lioB cunnol no oa | llo bong the principal
s'iiu-e of head ail" l*tn ni«*l«* 'h Vi'„ct l.le
1' lis taken before goiatf m Is (1. for a while,
mver fail to B've rel ef mi.! tiled a euro.
Mr. V. W. AhlisliiAii, Ashslostn, Out., writeti
l'uimi'ls'i 's fills nre tukiug tho load iiuiiiDJt
t n oilier makes which I huve in stock.
Some men owe all they have in
this world to others—and some owe
a lot more than tliey have.
Even a sensible woman likes to
think that some good man is malting
a fool of himself about tu-i
Tho i*roat demand for a plentnnt. nfc nnd
is I.i.i. siniislsiie for nil r.tT , 'is.,t.s ol iho
tlirss>fi• hi» 'iiiiMhl* fully met within Bickle's
Anti ('(1111*111 iplivu Syrup. It it a pur. ly \'m-
etnblsi Compound, uml acts promptly mui
iiiii_is*iilly tn kuIkIuIiir ull couvht, colds,
bronchitis*, infliiuimntion of tho lung . etc.
It is so palatable thnt a child will nut refuse
it, and l* put at a price that will noteicludc
the p-sor from ita heiuilu.
Aneleat Rookkeeplnn Method*.
Tlie collection ssf Assyrlun nnd Bnby-
Ionian records ot the l'.iitisli niunenni lina
revealed more of the domestic life of pee*
Ills* who liv.'.i 5.00(1 years n«o than ia
known In the case of sntr own country-
meu 1.000 years IffO. Such wns tho opinion expressed by Mr. \V. St. Chad lloa-
eaws'ii wlii'ii he explained (hese relics to
an Interested niulienre. The clay bricks
and cylinders beneath the glass cases
were covered with sharacters testifying
to a conipli'tely organised systs'tn of Justice, muri'luKc, divorce and commerce.
The bookkei'plni* of 5,000 years ago
was shown to be wonderfully nceiinite. A
curious form of record Is that preserved
lu the form of baked dny tablets, which
were Inclosed In clay envelopes, also la-
ncrlhed with tho tonus of tho transaction, so lhat s double record provided
iit'iilnst the possibilities of damage. Tho
•'open and closed evidence" spoken of by
Jeremiah Is supposed to refer to this system. The practice of recording on a
brick the nnme of the king, of the building and of tho city In which It was being
erectesl hns had the advnntngo In modern days thnt an odd brick may become
lhe menus of disiuieiring a city hitherto
unknown.—London Chronlcls,
The    North   American nllgntor     Is
not dangerous  to mun. Tho African
nnd    Indian   nllgutorn, aro,  on   tho
contrary, extremely so.
How an IUInola Farmer Prepares
Hia Corn Fodder.
It will be a long time before the alio
becomes common among ordinary
farmers, says J. A. Milne ln Tbe Breeder's Gazette. Tbe large first exist, extra force of men and great power required to fill it and some uncertainty
aa to result are all arguments against
It The small fanner Is naturally conservative and slow to adopt Innovations.
I bave a plan, simple, practical end
tested by the experience of several
years, which, while 1 do not claim It ia
superior to tbe silo, will perhaps recommend Itself by those very qualities.
Tbe plan Is this: Drill corn as thickly
as possible ln single rows 8 feet 2
Inches apart. Cut It with a corn harvester and set It np in large abocka,
20 to 25 bundles In a shock. Stack if
possible after Nov. 1. If It la stacked
earlier, It may heat Wben needed, it
Is passed through a feed cutter ran by
horse power and bandied by my own
help. There are a great many nnbblna
ou the stalks, and altogether tbls
makes tbe best and cheapest feed I
have yet found. This season my fodder, part of it stacked in November
nnd part of It drawn from tbe shock
inly lii.,t week. Is ln excellent condl-
lon, and my 40 milk cows are doing
llccly with no other roughness. Any
ne can try this plan without extra ex-
iem.e or n radical change of
vhlch 13 not true nf tbe silo.
! TATioss and Days.
1 .cave | Leave i
Going   Ooing |Arrl\■•
jenve (rom Canadian;
Northern depot—       ;
sVinnipeg to MorriaJCnr
crjon.at I'. nlete.*'sy 1S.(13
St Paul to Einere.u
Morris, "JVinn:p_ g Jly
IVI's-j-'i.cg io Boh id
Miuiiu. Bel. ont.IIart-
ii ey k lirandon, Hon.,
Wed aid I'ri.    -   - - ioM
Brand jn, Harkiiy, Belmont, Miami, iioland,
to Winnipeg. Tues.'
'jburnau.i Sat.    -  •   I
W/icnl eg to Portage Ial
V. ana intormedlatel
s ations, dally ex Hun.'
Port ge la P. and inter*
medivte stall jus V-
Winnipeg dly ex Sn-
W In ni peg to statious on
Uoaver ana Delta ora.i
Ches, Tuca. and Thurs
Beaver and Delta br'ch
stations, to Winnipeg
Tne*i. and Thurs.   -
Vinnlpcgto Portage la
1'..Gladstone.    -  -   -
Onniihin,   etc.,    Mon
Wed. and Frl.
*m..])hin. (' lads tone. P."
la Prairie, U inuliieg
'. ti«3., llmre. &   Snt.
vVinni.icRto W'p'gosi-)
Tues und That*.   •   >
Wiiinipego.il s to Wpf
Mon. ana l'rl	
WinnlT»ey to Giand
Vie**  Mon. nnd Fri.
Jruiid View to W|ig
Tues. and bat	
CouisU.si to W'p'eosin
n.id returr.Sat	
Ooanhln to Bwati liiver
sb lihvood. Wed	
Elwood to Si?a** .liver
Ss Dauphin, Pn	
Leaveir niC. P.depot
si inn I j sea io Wat-road
lloaudette nnd Inter
mediate itationo,Mon,
Wed., and Fn. 	
Bciuilette, Warrnad,ctc,
to WinnijiiT Tues.
Tliun. ai.d Snt    ...
D. a II ANN A.
Oau. Snot
13 Ot
rraf. M.'
■I.«.  Marls*, Oven Sou d, T'.ronto
oi.dK.is>  Via Lakes.  .Mon., ihurs
mid i at	
Tues , Frl. amlbu.i.	
Mon cji, Tors into.  liuw  York and
ers5t,vis» ill rail, dully..	
Kat     Portsige    and    liilermudiate
points, Mon., Wed. S Fit	
Tuos.,'iliurs. &.Sat	
itat    Porlnsfo    and     intermodule
point*. Tut'S*Th r-, nn I Sat	
Moi.. Wi(ia«uFi!	
"si....-on, Lao  Uu ivmns't » ul   inter
7ne.:.ato Point a. Thurs only	
Portaus. laPrnli te, Brawlon.Calcary
Nelson and nl! Kootcniyoml (Joait
P'l.nts. flntl; 	
.'ortngsi li I'i  Use, liiwuion,and Intel modlat.5 p'.l.ils, dully ex Sim....
"oitage la Pra rl^, Hrandon, Mioe-
jaw nnd iatormt-J.ite points dully
ex Sunday 	
31 id tone.NPepnw.i. MlnneJom and
intermeiliatopolo's, ...ilycx Sun.
ill al Lake, Yortton nnd intormedl-
. to pohits, Mon., Wed. nnd Frl ....
Tues. 'l'hun .anslSa'unlay	
".'ii'-ld    C'iiv,     11 r.iilcta,     Mluots.
T'les., Thurs. nnd Sat	
Nioa., Wed. nndFil  ...
Mordcn, Deloralne aud Intormsx; '.wm
points dully ext.an
N iisinka, Alnmol i and intorm**dlntc
lolntsMcn., WcX.Thura sis Sat
Mo** .Tues.,Thurs and Fri	
(Ilnlioro, Hourla, nnd liilo.'mcdlnts
i ssl .|s,sin li's'X Bui	
.Vis li'.Ua.Mi'llta. Alameila anillutor
lee.liutc Ji'ilnls.   lion i WMi IM,
'lusa., Th urn. nnd. at	
;'iin it mc.He i.sii,Areola n((d Int."
i'   l ais> iKilnls.  Mon. \.sd., Frl.
•luci., THurs. and Sat	
KrobysS'rO,  Ilirs.li.   His nfalt,   ■KO'
vn i, Sat.	
liv.lna.Kt. f*..ul, Chii.'go_.....dally
sissiiewnll, Tue1on..Tnes. TI"ira,Bat
,".isi Hcl:-lrk Mon. Wed, Frl
WestHclklrk Tucn. 'flints, Sat
IC nor'sii  ...Won, Wed nnd Frl
7 J.
i. W. LI'.ONARH,
(Jen. Su„t-
1 K. MCPHF.R80M,
Ueu. Puss. Agent.
Lota of |ieaple loeo their temper,
bul unfortunately the loss Is not permanent.
Minart's Liniment Curs Disteiuer.
A woman in Pennsylvania hns boon
(lc|iiiv(*(l of speech, but It took a
slash of IlsV-hl.ning to do It.
Tho man who voluntwrH to open
a car window for a lady Ih slther
very  stronss-  or  very  Inexperienced.
A woman may not murry tho lirst
man who proponon to her, but Bhe
will respect hli good Judgment un
long iih nlie Uvea.
A mnn may bo nblo to mlml his
own biiNini'SH, but It tiikes a woman
to mind her own and her nolghbor'ft
nt the Hanio timo.
A New York Judgo has decided thut
no wlfo hns n right to go through
lur husband'!* pockets. All married
odltors please copy.
to ccquire a taste for good music by playing
A Williams Piano
and singing io ita accompaniment. Thus do
yen add to their pleasure. Tans do they
learn to add to yon sin kver life. We also
sell Org'inc, Phonourttphs-, Musual Supplies,
an.l Eldredge"B" Sewing Machinsu.
Your Credit Is Goo-*).
Write for ('atulogus nnd Price*, stating
terms you with to purchase on and save mld-
siIonian'", p ofits.
Y. M. O. A. Bldg, Portage Ave., Winnipeg.
Proeeaa Too  Bxpenal-ro.
Warts are curious things. They
come and go mysteriously, although
their going Is frequently marked by
exasperating delays, and there ore almost as many Infallible cures as tbere
are warts, the only trouble with these
cures being that they are useless when
applied to the particular wart you happen to have. Tbey are only good for
other people's.
"In my opinion,' said a clubman who
was discussing tbe subject with a
friend one day, "a wart Is merely the
outward correspondence of some mental excrescence. Get rid of that, and
tt goes away.
"Lot me give yon a bit of my own
experience," he continued. "Last year
1 went to Europe. For about three
years I bad bad a wart on my little Anger, on which I bad tried everything I
Could hear of, but without effect It
only grew larger.
"Well, ln the excitement of preparing
for tbe trip and of the journey itself I
forgot all about my wart, and wben I
looked for It about bIx weeks later It
hnd vanished without leaving the
slightest murk. I simply forgot It, and
It bad no mental condition to feed on.
1 see you have one on the back of your
hand. Forget all about It for a few
weeks, and It will go away of Itself."
"Yes," said the other clubman, shrugging his shoulders, "but 1 can't afford
to lake a trip to Europe for the sake of
curing one wart."
Sewlnar Done by  Anta.
Ants are credited with so many mar-
velous accomplishments tbat a new one
must be remarknble to .ae noteworthy.
Mr. E. G. Green of Ceylon, nn authority upon Insect habits, hns. however,
made an observation wblcb Is well
worth putting on record. He has watched red ants holding grubs In their
mouths and using thc web they spin to
repair a rent In their nest.
Some leaves which had been fastened
together by the ants were separated by
Mr. Green, and In a short time nfter be
saw small white grabs being passed
backward and forward across tbe gap.
Closer observation showed that each
grub was held In the jaws of one of the
worker ants, and Its movements were
directed as required. A continuous
thread of silk Issued from tbe mouth of
each grub and wns used by the ants to
sew up the rent In their shelter.
There were no grubs In the neighbor
hood, and those used were obtained
from a nest at some distance. This deliberate use of a naturally formed web
as a sewing thread Is as astonishing aa
any Instance of the Intelligence of ants
yet observed.
Most men get married beforo they
are old enough to know better.
The mighty also havo their woes.
The czar is trying to reduce his llcs'i.
The healthy glow disappearing from the
cheek and moaning aud restlessness at
night aro sure symptoms of worms In
children. Do not fall to get a bottle of
Mother Graves' Worm Ki terminator; It ll
an effectual medicine.
A pickpocket is    always ready   to
get Ins hand  in.
The loconiotiv.i tender nnd the imr-
tendsT nre both tank IiII'Th.
ln his* V*sikt»iii,i I'ii.iji Dr. Parmclee has
glvs*n Us th,. wurlil the fruits sif lung scientific r. sseiirs'h In this whole realm ol medical
Kcieii.s*., combined with t tw nnd viiinnlsle
discoveries DOTS! before known in mnn. Kor.
Dauc/.TB amu Dkiiii.iuiki. CoNSTITlrllOMt
l'niini'.ee'H 1'ills net liko ii ehiiim. Tiiken in
small doses, tlio elTocl Is both is lonle and t
stimulant, mildly exciting tlio secretions ol
tha body, ul»ing tone ana vigor.
Some    prettv girls    nro attractive
despite their homily.
Lots of mon would
friend  than a dollar.
rnther lose   n
Many of onr out-of-town patrons
find, when needing diamonds, that
they more than save the expense of
their trip by visiting us.
S 5 "J "J "5
We carry by far the largest
stock of diamonds in Canada,
and our prices are made possible
only by personal selection from
the cutters in Amsterdam, and
consequent saving of all middlemen's profits.
If yon cannot come to ns we can
come to yon by mail through onr
Catalogue.—Try it once and bo
The Newest, 'The Cleanest', The Beat
Imperial Hotel
WINNIPEG : Maurice Nokes, Prop.
Rates—Ono Dollar a Day.
See our Imperial 'Bus at   the Depot.
With tho exception of a fuisay woman thero is nothing on earth ho
(liHiigreoablo nn a fussy man.
A Paris doctor has Oiwovernl how
to make short Indies tail, aud ll Is
said that tho Parisian ludios are
Hocking to him In hundreds. It will
|iri)bnbl.*A turn out that his plan of
elongation consists chiefly in pulling
the legs of his patients.
When nil utlior corn prepnrutlons fall, try
Hollowny's Corn ("lire. Ss'o puin whatever,
and no lnoouvenlancs in usdog ll.
Rlemed Is ho who mak 's n good
bluff, but twice h'ousid is hu who
in. Ices a bluff -food
Tho    oftener  a    mnn    h     sold   llu'
chenper ho feels.
Minari'i Liniment Cores Colls, Etc.
The mnn who never makes an enemy may bo a good inan, but It is
(lltllciilt to determine just whnt In*
la good tor.
A well known Perth doctor, as
willy us he Is clever, dime niros*- a
muster butcher the other day admiring a block of houses which hi' had
recently put up. "Wool, doctor.whiil
think ys* si, that block '.'" asked the
butcher. "Think o'l ?" replied the
doctor. "I juist think there's mair
profit iu killing than curing !"
It takes a gome mnn  lo mnke
successful  house hiinUT.
Tt Is the long hours and Short pay
Hint  mnke  the average country-hroil
youth down on the farm.
Denmark hns 00 COWS to every 1(10
people, a Buropeu record. ICiigland
has only 27.
■ ii    I
■ i
W. N. II. No. .140. -Trtt'. -Dim.**).,, SLOGAN, B. C, SEPTEMBER 13. 1901.
i<C. E. Pmituhkiscai.i:, Editor and Prop.
SLOGAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a lino for
•tho first insertion and 5 cents a line each
.^subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
..•as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
^oreach insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is *2 per year, st-ict-
$y in advance; f2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13tli, 11)01.
A pencil mark in Ihe space
.opposite will bo an indication to you that ye editor
considers there is something
coming to him on yoursuli-
,scription. Kindly acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
F.oiToniAi. cnorriNos.
By their settlement with the C.P.R.
the trackmen secure official recognition of their union and a slight increase of pay, thereby winning the
principles contended for.
Heavens, what a mess provincial
.politics are in; and every day only
thickens it. No longer is it Dunsmuir, but Martin, and the struggle
. of 1900 is all to be gone over again.
Dunsmuir has flouted his friends and
capitulated to the opposition. Press
and politician are united against the
government, which is certain of collapse. 'Tis a sweet revenge for Joe
after his overwhelming defeat of a
year ago. ___________
Mayor York was emphatic in his
remarks about tho council chamber
on Tuesday night. For a fact the
.place is not cheerful in appearance
or equipment, and the dads should
. take a tumble to themselves and get
it fixed up. No ratepayer will
grumble over a few dollars' extra
outlay for, that purpose, as the citizens want to see things clone decently
and in order. To use Oom Paul's
words, "Humanity would be staggered" were Clerk Foley found dead
from exposure some day while at his
postofdutv. There is more or less
dignity attaching to the position of
an alderman in Slocan, and the casket should be made worthy of the
jewel. Must have that city hall
polished up or we'uns will all move
over to Mulvevtown.
It is a fright the amount of money
. annually sent to eastern houses from
this place, and,in the main, for goods
. that could bo purchased in the local
stores. Itorty thousand dollars is not
too large an estimate of the money
. sent each year from Slocan to Timothy Eatijn and other departmental
institutions.   Think what that means
.to the'progress of the burg. The
Toronto house is rightly named, for
it Is Eaton up the vitality of this and
otter B.C. towns. The eastern stores
.will not sell on jawbone, while local
men aro expected to do so. All lines
of business arc fairly well represent
,ed here und there is no just excuse
why folks sliould enrich other towns
nt the expense of thoir own. Peo
.pie will growl at the situation and
say it is a shame—but many will
continue to patronize Timothy.
The attempted   assassination of
•President McKinley at Buffalo, last
,week, was the work of a dastard, in
that tbe crime was committed while
the victim was extending the hand
, of friendship. Anarchism breeds a
peculiar class of creatures, filled to
their uppor levels with fanaticism,
violence and the lust for blood. The
United States in this, and other
crimes, is reaping the bitter fruits of
un emigration policy that fillf-d her
borders with tho dregs of socletv
from continental Europe. Happily,
in this instance, tho victim of anar
chistic plot will recover from his
wounds und soon will  be at his ac
.customed  post at the   head  of a
"nighty  nation.     Britishers everywhere unite with their Yankee kins
men in expressions of thankfulness
^nt President McKinley's miraculous
.escape from a violent death.
F. (I. Fauquier, the defaulting
government agent at Rfvelstoke, was
last week committed for trial on two
charges of theft, ono for land sales
amounting to $2097 in 1900, and the
other for $811 taxes collected in 1901.
'Tho charges of misappropriation
while recorder at Nakusp were not
,brought upnt this trial.
Snow fell in the Arlington basin
Sheriff Tuck was here Tuesday on
official business.
Silverton will soon have its water
system installed.
W. E. Boie came over from Kaslo
on Saturday evening.
The Emerald Duet is to appear
here again Saturday night.
Bob Cunning has been elected alderman in Sandon by acclamation.
Chie*'Clark has freed thc town of
late of a number of undesirables.
Mrs. J. Nixon and family returned
Saturday from a visit to Nanaimo.
The annual harvest home festival
will be held in St. Paul's church on
Oct. 6.
Mrs. W. S. Johnson and ton left
yesterday on a visit to friends in
Services will be held in the Metho
dist church next Sunday, morning
and evening.
C. B. Taylor and wife, Enterprise
Landing, have taken up their residence in the city.
The flags on the Slocan were hung
nt half mast Friday, out of respect to
the death of Supt. Duchesnay.
A petition is to be presented to the
council, asking for a sidewalk to be
built as far up as Delaney avenue.
There is a dearth of cars on the
main line and empties are being
rushed up from the lower branches.
We have an elegant stock of kid
gloves, dressed and undressed, just
in, Call and see them. Bennett si
Both transfer barges are in use on
thc lake and the Slocan is handling
3G cars a day. Steamboating is no
picnic these times.
Harry Lea left on Saturday for his
home in Kentucky, having been
called thither by the serious illness
of his aged father.
The Orange Hall was completed
and turned over to the society on
Friday last. It is one of the best-
structures in the city.
Harry Gibson came down from
Three Forks on Monday evening.
He was on his way to the hot springs
for medical treatment.
Tom Tobin was brought down to
the hospital last week from thc Arlington basin, with a badly gashed
leg, the result of a blow from an axe.
The Nakusp railroad wasre-opencd
for traffic this week.having been tied
up for ll month, owing to the destruction ofa large trestle by a bush fire
A supply of fire fighting apparatus
has been stoied at the fire hall, including buckets, ropes, ladderp, etc.
All that is required new is a Are brigade.
T. Eaton & Co. distributed their
fall consignment of picture books
this week. Timothy believes in advertising, consequently is pretty well
W. C. E. Koch brought In 12 head
of fine horses during the week, to be
used in freightins on the Arlington
road. He got them In Idaho and
After several years'residence here,
James E. Orr has decided to give up
business. He is accordingly offering
his entire stock of rubber good*,
clothing and gents' furnishings for
sale at very low prices, rather than
pack them op. Call and get his
Students' rates to Toronto and Mon
treal, for bona fide students 18 years
and under, the C.P.R. will issue tickets Slocan City to Toronto at $30.70,
to Montreal at 934.40. Tickets on
sale every day till 20th Sept. Full
particulars from G. T. Moir, agent,
Slocan City; J. S. Carter, D.P.A.,
Excursion to San Francisco, Sept.
23 to 27, Canadian Pacific Railway
will issue tickets Slocan City to San
Francisco and return at $51.50, via
Portland and Shasta route, good to
return till 15th Nor. Corresponding
rates fVom all Kootenay points. Full
particulars from local agents. J. S.
Carter, D.P.A., Nelson.
Kxnhassgo to Ship.
Jack Aitchison sent up a number
of ore sacks on Tuesday to the Exchange, which he is working under
lease. He has about seven tons of
ore out and ready to bo sacked for
shipment. Excellent progress is be
ing made on the property and good
money will be realized from the lease.
Three men are employed.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
J. H.
Corporation of the City of
All mmioys due tlio City under the ''Trade*
and LIcpiis.s Bylaw, No. fOmuat be paid on or
bsifors* Friday, September 25tli, In-st., otherwise
proceed im** will bo taken to enforce tbe prorl-
tslssnss of tlie bylaw,
Dated at Blocan, .Sept. litis, 1001.
City Clerk.
Going out
of business
Clearing Sale
regardless of
profit or cost.
Goods are all new and Include late shipments of
Clothing, Underwear, Sox,
and Boys' Hosiery; Men's,
Women's, Hisses', Boys',
and Children's Rubbers
and Overshoes; Gents' Furnishings,   Blankets,   etc.
All must bo sold,
Cull and get our
James E. Orr-,
R A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - - B. C.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
■General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
sSaddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      -      -     B. C.
Notice of
Dissolution of Partnership.
NOTICE is hereby given that tlie partnership heretofore existing between us,
the undersigned, as Hotel nnd Store
Keepers, in the Arlington Basin, under
the name of Driscoll & McKinnon, hat
been this day dissolved by mutual con
sent. All debts owing to the said partnership nre to bo paid to John McKinnon, at tlio Arlington Basin Hotel, and
all claims against the said partnership
aro to be presented to tbe said John McKinnon, bv whom the same will be settled.
Dated this third day of September, A.
D. 1901, at the City of Slocan, in the
Province of British Columbia.
T. J. Baty for John P. Driscoll.
J. A. Foley for John McKinnon
From $3.00 to $50.00.
Plates, Films, Paper,
Cards, Toners, Developers, Tripods, Printing Frames, etc. etc.
Everything required
to make nnd finish
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
You Can Make
A Striking Effect!
By wearing a perfect fitting Suit,
cut in the latest stylo and elegantly
trim-nod. Such can be purchased
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near (be Postoflice.
Certiflcate ol Iiproreients.
G. H. Mlnssral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On upper Lemon
creek, adjoining the Lucky Georg .
TAKE NOTICE that r, J.M. McGregor,
acting as agent for George E. Hambly,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B31909, and
D. C. Lindsay, F. M. C. No. B69065,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorderforn certilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 21st day of June, 1901.
12-7-01 j. m. Mcgregor
Silver Star Fractional Mineral Claim.  ,
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where locatad: On Springer creek,
adjoining the No. 3 and tht Dayton
mineral claims.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert D.
Curtis.of Slocan,B.C.,as agent foi-Thomas
Mtilvey, Free Miner's Certiflcate No
B383">3, intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under 37, mast be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 9th day of August, A.D.
Little IJerrlt Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On the south side
of Springer creek, about two mile*
south from the Arlington mine.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur 8. Fai-
well, acting as agentfor J.Frank Collom,
free miner's certificate No. 37294, intend, sixty days from the date bereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
liefore the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 5th day of August, 1901.
30-8 01 A.S. FARWELL
V St M, Get There Kll, V L V, Keno, aad
Accidental Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Dlvi-
cion of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Twelve Mile creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, William A
Buuer, acting as the authorized agent of
The V & M Mines Company, Limited,
non-personal liability,F.M.C.No B46203,
intcud, sixty days from the datr* hereof,
to apply ts the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for ie purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.'
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
liefore the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 20tn day of August, 1901.
30-8 01     WILLIAM A. BAUER. P.L.S
Monument Mo. 9 Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At tlie bead of the
fifth south fork of Lemon creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent for Joseph Duhamrl,
free miner's certificate I15008C,and Arthur
Powys, free miner's certiflcate No.B60029
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
ceitilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 12th day of August, I9C1.
3o-8-oi. j. m. Mcgregor
Re-opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially Invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Arthur Street and Dolaaey Avenue, Sloean
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stocked with tlie best
are now arriving daily and are the
best to be obtained. Our Confection-
eryhas a reputation second to none.
ISofc agent for celebrated Brantford Bicycle.
Monument No. S and Monument No.   1
Fractional Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District
Where located:—At the head of the
fifth south fork oi Lemon creek, on
Grohman Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGre-
?;or, acting as agent for Joseph Duhamel
ree miner's certiflcate No. B50080, and
Louise Hinkan, freo minor's certiflcate
No. IW0238, intend, sixty days from tha
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements,
for the purpo*o of obtaining Crown
grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, mutt be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this )2th day of August, 1901.
30-8-01. J- M..McGREGOR.
Kali read Grouaof Mineral Claim**-Great
Western,  Greet Northern,  Grand
Trunk and Northern l'aclile.
Situate in the Sloean City Minimi Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At the head of tha
fifth south fork of Lemon creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGre*
gor,acting ns agent for Mrs.Emma Gray,
freo min«r't" certificate No B60095; Thos.
Blench,'free miner's certiflcate No.
B38388; E. II. Stubbs, free miner's certificate No. 52144, and A. R. Bolderston,
free miner'scertiflcateNo.B50l!i49,intend,
sixtv days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 8th day of August, 1901.
30-8-01 j.m. mcgregor.
lii.limiK No. S, Kepilblle Nss. a, *, user less n
tingle, Bell Ne. », and Ve Fraction
Mineral Claims.
Situate in tho Blocan City Mining Divi-
Sewing Machines
at Cost Pri*™>    _
For the next ten days
thehalanoeof our -stock
of New Williams Sewing Machines will be
disposed of at oost. •. •
General Hardware, Slocan.
McCallum & Co.
sion of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At the head of
Robinson creek. .
Take notice that I, W. D McGregor,
acting aa agent for L. J. Hanea, free
miner's certiflcate No. B42G63, intend,
sixty daya from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recoider for certificates
of improvementa, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants for the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated thia 9th dav of September, 1901.
13-9-01 'w. d. mcgregor.
Stai City Mi Dm,
No. 6a. W. F.ofn.
Meefs every Wednesday evening:
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To J. J. Mulhall, Samuel Prentice, and
John J. Ban field, or to any peraon
or pmons to whom they may have
transferred their one-half interest in
ihe White Beauty mineral claim, situated between the second north fork of
and the ma*n Lemon ere k, Slocan
City mining division.
You are hereby notified that I have
expended tbe sum of one hundred and
two dollars and fifty cents in labor and
improvements upon tho above mentioned
claim, in order to hold aaid miii«'ral
claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from' the
date of thia notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said claim
will become the property of the subscriber, under section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend tbe Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated thia 22nd day at August, 1901.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To J. J. Mulhall, Samuel Prentice, and
John J Banfield, or to any parson or
persons to whom thev msy have transferred their one-half interest in the
Black Beauty mineral claim, situated
between the second north fork of and
the main Lemon creek, Slocan City
mining division.
You are hereby notifled lhat I have
expended the aura of one hundred and
two dollars and fifty cents in labor and
improvements upon the abov* mentioned mineral claim, In order to hold said
mineral claim under the provision i of
Ihe Mineral Act, and if within 90 daya
from the data of thia notice you fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure, together with all costs
of advertising.your intereat iu aaid claim
will become tbe property of tha subscriber, under section four of an aet entitled
"An Aet to amend the Mineral Act,
Dated thia 22nd day of August, 1901.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
TojHarvay L. Fife, or to any parson or
persons to whom he may have transferred his one-half interest in the Ontario No. 0 mineral claim, situated on
tha fifth south fork of Lemon creek,
Slocan City mining divialon.
You are hereby notified that we have
expended the rum of three hundred and
seven dollars and fifty cents in labor and
improvementa upon the above mentioned mineral claim, in order to hold said
mineral claim under the provisions of
the Mineral Act. and if within 90 days
from the date of thia notice you fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure, together with ell costs
of advertising, your Intereat in the said
claim will become the property of the
subscribers, under section four of an Act
entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated thia 4th day of fioptomber, 1001.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
The Mnrontt Branch
Meets the second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Presbyterian church. All meetings opea
to those wishing fu join.
Miss E. 8tooohton, Mm.M.D.Mi-Kei
President. Cor. .Secretary.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Jnst Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery. Glassware* etc., etc
for $18.25.
Why Im without a range when
you can get one ao cheap ? They
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up Tree.
Excursions •
Sept. 3, 17; Oct. 1 and 15.
All Bail, Lake-.,
sSoo Une, via St.
Paul or Chicago.
Tbe sleeping car, Kootenay Landing
te Toronto, one change to Buffalo.
For time-tables, rates, and fall information eall on or address nearoat
local agent, or—
Agent, Slocan City
J. 8. CARTEK,     E. J. OOTLE
D.PA., A.G.P. A,
Nelaon. .Vancouver.


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