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The Slocan Drill 1903-02-27

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SLOCAN,   B.   0.,   FEBRUARY   27,
12.00 PER ANNUM.
You need something
nice in
We have the best assorttm it
in the city, at prices that suit
the times. Look into our
show case and see if these are
not facts.
A very pinin Presentation ef Facts nnsi
Figures-Feasibility of the Scheme-
Na Ilitlli-ullleis In tbe Wsiy—Immunise
Natural Reservoir.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
ATYork <fe Sons,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   . -"-5
'*s*mm^mavmm*WwWm*mmaWW^W9^mmvWW9WWm^WW9***^ W
Appended is a full copy of the report on the proposed waterworks system for Slocan as presented to the
council last woek by Engineer Morris,
of Nelson:
I herewith submit you my report,
together with estimated cost, for a system of waterworks for Slocan, as per
your isxjuest:
In company with Aid. Arnot and
MeXcish, I visited and examined a
creek, about two and one-half miles
south of the city, on Monday, the Kith
inst.,and found a good aud undoubted
sullicient supply at the point for present needs, but could not recommend
the utilizing of this source alone for
many reasons, among the principal of
which I may mention—the rather confined area of the watershed from
which it undoubtedly has its source,
and the possibility of this watershed
being depleted of its timber in the
near future, which has n tendency in
every case to diminish the supply and
affect the permanency of it.
In company with the same gentlemen  I   visitaxl   and   examined Goat
creek, on the opposite slope, west of
the city, and find here, in my opinion,
an ade<|uate and ample supply of un ,
doubtediy good  water, sullicient fori
your needs in the matter of domestic j
s'ipply for all time to come.   {samples
of water were taken for the purpose of!
testing,aa required by the "Health'
Act," and measurements takeu of 1 be i
quantities Bowing in the creek.   The
Latter I osUmate as being 500 miners'
inches.   I would recommend that in;
your application  for privileges  from 1
the gtivcnimeut that vou sp*v:?v thc i
liberally for the reservoir.and (eel sun'
that when the work is undertaken you
will lie able to do it for considerable
less than $900 as estimates provide
Since commencing my investigations
regarding this report, the matter of an
electric light plant to bo operated in
conjunction with tho waterworks has
lieen suggested by Aid. Arnot, McCallum and McNeish, an idea that 1 feel
1 cannot recommend too strongly for
a number of reasons. The minimum
capacity of the waterworks is based
upon efficient fire protection, and the
margin between this and your apparent needs in the matter of domestic
supply,leave almost sufficient capacity
to operate the sized electric plant
suited to your present needs. Ynu
will require a 1500 light machlne,which
will tako al*«out 70 horse power to
With a very slight change in the
capacity of the main supply pipe from
water  as   Ls   required for municipal1
ls rtached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not so past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Offers up-to-date a-ccommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
GsCTmNQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Ib opened tnder
tat •id management.
Former easterners
cordially inylted to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cmr. Arthur Street ar-a-l Del-trsej At-**.***, »!••»■.
Missus      no     w     •--!	
purposes, that is, domestic supply,lire 1
protection, and power purposes ne-,
c.>-sary for the operation of an electric j
light plant for street and domestic!
lighting, and any other purposet\
wi bin tlv* power of th" council to|
grant iu the interests of the city.
After visiting the creek we traversed j
:in approximate line which the course
of the llume would have lo take, to a 1
poiut admirably situated for a reser-
voir site directly opposite the town
and in hue with  Ward avenue.   A
reservoir can be economically built Rl!
this point by building a dam at each]
end   and   have   the base cleared  of
growth of any description and levelled I
off.   The cost of the whole work I es
tiniate as being S2U0 each  for dam*,
the balauee $."iU).as per estimate here
with, for clearing, levs'lling. etc.. and '
adapting it in every way for the pur-1
pose intended.
Thc site of ihi reservoir is about BOO
f.-el above the town and will give an
initial pressure of 1.90 pounds to the
square inch. Capacity of the reservoirI
will lie 2,242.000 imperial gallons.)
The Hume liue from reservoir will be
about 9000 feet long and have aa interior capacity of 11x12 inches, anil at
a gradient which will give it a capacity of 2 feet per second, or 172.1"'!1'1
cubic feet for 21 hours, or 1 .OTli.'i 11
Imperial gallons, or will fill-the reservoir in about 50 hours' time.
Estimating the daily consumption
of water for domestic purpose, to be
60 gallons per head of liOO population,
there will be two mouths' supply of
water on haud in the reservoir in case
of emergency.
I herewith estimate as follows:
12 hydrants (2 connections) at
§.'!(! each	
1 eight in valve	
2 six in valves at ?2o	
.'1 four in valves at Slo	
WOO lineal  feet 8 in wrought
iron lap welded pipe lead
joint at 7T>c	
2000 6 in do. at 68c	
27(H) 1 in do. at 88c	
1000 round** lead for jointing
at 5c	
11120 pounds cast iron specials
at 7c	
Labor, ditching, and back tilling, and laying pipe and
fittings at 20c a foot	
9000 lin feet lliiine, labor and
material Included, at 80c.
2 dams at reservoir at $200...
Lalior on reservoir	
Surveys, engineering, etc	
reservoir and possibly th" nume, tin
power question will l.e sottled.awl the
matter of cost of the electric plant,
which I estimate roughly at about
$5000, is the question for you to determine.
I will also add that, basing each
light as being worth $1 per month,
you have a revenue of $500 per month,
as against only possible $175 from the
waterworks. By combining the project you can then compute the earning capacity of the entire plant at
about $8000 a year lixi.'d charges. We
will estimate interest and sinking
fund at Si500 per annum, salaries at
$1500 per annum, repairs and maintenance, •*£500, leaving a margin of
about $1500 to the good.
I did not come prepared lo estimate
upon an electric light plant and it is
difficult for me to furnish particulars
upon so small a ss*ale otThand, but I
tee] assured that the estimate I have
quoted you will more than build tlie
electric lighting plant. Such a plant
will, I may say, only necessitate the
employment of one man, whose quarters should lv included in the building of tho station, which should Ik*
built on the opposite side of the river,
at tin.' base of the hill on the river's
1 would, in conclusion, recommend
that a set of plans ansl specifications
based upon this report lx-drawn Up,
so thai the work,or any part of it.iiiuy
Im utKli'i'ta'.u'n as soon as lh." cooncH
think fit. rshall bo very glad to du
■0 if vou wish it done at o:ice and will
quote you a figure Kir the work, providing it is doue before I return to the
Northwest, when it may lx- out of the
question. 1 would drew your attention
to tiie fact tint your application for
water privileges should Is*' accompanied by plans and specifications, and is
so slated in the act.
I wouisl. in the event of receiving
your instrucliains to draw up these
plans and specifications, include the
electric li'-clit plant as a liiatl.-r oi
course, together with anv change-
tliat will Ik* neo'ssary in adapting the
waterworks system to furnishing the
necessary power.
turn the quartz mines. Practically
all tho wheels of industry in the interior of British Columbia are tied, so
throwing thousands of our fellow
working men and women out of employment.
Realizing all this, the omployees of
the coal company   have worked all
these months  under protest, with the
hope thai they might lie able to settle
the trouble without a strike.   There
are company stores at all these places
and no others are allowed.   The company shut these stores down tight the
day of the strike and will not even sell
goods for cash, while, the meu that
have wages coming cannot get groceries or tokicco until  the company's
pay day.   On the 14th some 600 of
the employees of the company inarched iu procession through the streets of
I'Vrnio, which belies General Manager
Tonkin's   statement   in   the   Nelson
News that only 18 [ier cent of tho mi n
are out.   He also states that the company is ignorant of the cause of the
strike.   How could thev lx* otherwise,
when  he   has repeatedly refused an
audience with the committees ?
But Mr. Tonkin is class-conscious.
Like all others of his class, he is ever
on the alert to protect his class interest. What a difference it would make
if the wage earner would exercise tl e
same effort to protect his class intei-
est. But the capitalist is class con*
Bcioua politically, as well as industrially that is to say, he never votes for
the wage earner's candidate. So that,
in order to successfully combat tlie
capitalist, the wage earner must ;tj*»
become class conscious politically.aml
vote for his own class interest.
All workingmen are asked to keep
away from the Crow's Nest Pass until
the \\\F. of M. calls the strike off.
C. M. O'Bkien.
Fernie. Fib. 19,1903.
Last Tear's Shipment* Were S333 Tons—
A Healthy Evident* ef I Is as Mr* and
Weu.lt li or the Camp—Enterprise tli*
Biggest Shipper.
Once again there has been a blank
in shipments from this division, not a
pound of oro moving out during the
week. The Meteor lessees sent down
their ore, amounting to about 12 tons,
anil it is at the Wharf awaiting shipment,. About a car of Ottawa ore has
also lieen brought down and both lots
will go forward next week. Tho situation in the camp is quiet,
For 1902 the oro shipments from
the. local division amounted to 6388
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Black Prince	
- Mf,
CITY 000*1011*.
ttyltisW No. 17 Is (Siren IU Third Reniliiig
—Little IsIhhIisurb.
Mayor York and Aid. Teeter were
the absentees from the council this
week. Aid. Smith was voted to tho
Communications read: From thc
Canadian Bank of Commerce, Nelson,
stating that the deed to block J? was
now in the bank, awaiting the pay*
ment of S1600 by the city. |-t-~—-.-— ,
AM. McN«* inquired if the other -^PS?1 ,iho ^_?*_W
d led in the bank for the single lots in sbtlft hml^6 *"'d "rowta**
I Building thoroughly renovated
aid re stacked with the best
127 J
[Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can ret anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Total WB49.40
I understand the conditions affect*
laying of pipe are peculiarly
ingth ,,...„ - .... ,
favorable.   I have mtimated ror a four
foot covering on all the mains in the
distributing portion  ol   the   plant,
which Is customary In the Kcotenay!*.
I hnve uo doubt you caneffed consld
stable saving in thla Item* also In lh
cost of thi Hume per foot.   However
the conditions In t!i.* I ttt t r 1 :>'
at pres nl  hard
upon ro h   ■
I       ' he worl
I -fully done fol'.   i  Have ui-o ajioweii
Sir, The strike which took place on
the morning of the llth inst. is progressing line, as since that moming
there has not been a wheel turning in
Morrissey, Michel or Fernie. The
•"striken disserve credit for tho complete
manner in which thev have lisil up
the whole workings of the Crow's
Nest Pass Coal Co. in this valley. It
would take a whole column to enumerate th<-grievances that caused this
strike. The agreemeni entered into
on August 4 last (which terminated a
six weeks' strike) between the local
union of tho W.P. of .M.anil the management of the coal company, regarding the two months' trial of the 8]
hours underground, has  been openly
violated in almost every clause by the
company. During these two months
the company reduced the scale of
prices from 5 to 20 per cent. The
union refused to sign tliis scale, but
they had pledged ths'ir honor to work
for two months, so they worked under
a protest of prices.
At Morrissey the ineii have been
working under a protested wage scale
since the middle of October of40 cents
per ton for digging coal, and with
company stores to deal in. If I am
correctly Informed) (his is the lowest
price paid for digging cOal ssn the
continent of America.    At Michel ths1
union men have to walk about three
iiiils-s intsi the woods to an old logging
camp to hold their meetings, the company positively refusing to rent them
a building to meet in.
I only mention a few of the grievances, just to show   vou  that the 1 in
ployea oi the C.N.'P. Coal Co. have
not been  . illi 1    for an 0 rportunlt**
to btriko, but al! 1
been wor in •        I
bavo been d
power to
1 1 '.'
the millsite had been ald-red, so as to
have the said lots revert to the city
and not to Mr. Fletcher as the grantor, in ease the Lumber coinpa'ny did
not fulfil its contract? A copy of the
deed was read, showing that it had
not been altered.
On motion of Aid. McCallum and
Woiden,the city solicitor was instructed tt) notify the bank that so soon as
the desired change was made in the
deed, the city would accept the deeds
and pay over the$1600.    Carried.
Clerk was instructed to notify Mr.
Fletcher of the change in tho deed respited.
Letter read from D. Morris. Nelson,
■submitting offer todraw up plans and
rks and elec-
speoiflcations for waterworks a
trie light plant  for S-itM). payable on
Completion of the work.   Filed.
Aid. Arnot moved that the clerk
writs' Mr.Morris for the plan promised
with hi> preliminary report. Seconded by Aid. Worden and carried.
Bills presented: II. K. Jorand,t**pe-
writing waterworks repo; t, $2.10. Referred to tlis- finance committee;
Bylaw 17 was next taken up and
given it-- third reading. It will lx* reconsidered and finally passed after
being voted on by the ratepayers.
Council adjourned.
lint lass Orr itisns High.
\Y. Harrison and W. Davidson received their returns during the week
from the twsi Ions of ore recently sent
tsi the Nelson smelter from the Dayton. Thoir lirst class ore returned
•589.80 in gold and 2^. oz silv-**-, while
the second  class   yielded $16.40 gold
and 127 oz silver. These figures netted a good protit to the lessees. The
values In 14's'ld were surprisingly high;
being among the best yet obtained on
Springer creek. The melting snow
has foreed the men from their workings on the vein, and a crosscut has
been started ffom the side lower down,
J so as to get under the surface rush of
I water. 	
li.it Bll!ftll Dl'lsts Coait.
Police Magistrate Curtis held his
tirst small debts court on Saturday,
When H. A. Bradshaw and Robt. Kd-
Arlington stock sold here last week
as low as 20 cents.
Bar silver rose to 48| during tha
week, but fell away to 48J.
No records of any description wero
made last we'k nt the government
The Two Friends Mine, ltd., aro
asking tenders for their Great Western
claim, in the Sandon camp.
Ira James wa i killed at tho Granby
mines. Phoenix, on Friday, by falling
beileuth the trucks ofa lonqed ear.
S. Larcen, employed at the Trail
smelter, hnd his thigh mashed by a
fall of o'*e on Thmrdaj. Th'* leg had
to be amputated. '
Archibald Lov<   w; 3  killed at the
Le Roi mine, Rossland.laut Thursday,
catching   on  the
^    him out.
At the instance of E. J. Felt, Sheriff
Tuck will offer for sale, at Nelson tomorrow, the interest of Percy Dickinson and associates in the Skylark and
Ranger claims.
Sam Ward, a tiiiiherman, employed
at the Centre Star, Kossland, was kill
ed on Sunday by being knocked down
the shaft by the skip as he was cleaning down the wall plates.
Exports of silver from London to
India. China aud the Straits for the
first 22 days of this year were £7-11,-
182, as against £5-12,220 for the same
period last year, an incrt*ase of £198,-
%2. ^^	
Ses.t :*.«legutes tn Victoria.
Slocan is pretty well represented at
the Provincial  Mining Association at
Victoria, five delegates having been
sent down on  Monday.   Last Thursday afternoon a preliniinarv meeting
was held in the citv hall, when it was
decided to leave the matter of organization OV•'.'* till more information was
received.   Next day it was learned the
mineowners and Miners' Union in tho
several camps wero sending delegates,
so   a   list   was circulated to form a
branch association here and upwards
of 100 names secured.   Friday ev. n*
ing a very harmonious meeting was
held and organization  effected and
delegates chosen to go to Victoria,
vi/.. Mayor Vork. W. D. McGregor, T.
D. Woodcock. J. V. Purviance, W. H.
Davidson   the last two representing
the Miii' rs' Union.
I.i»r sin tlse EiBteriirlms.
Pat Moliuire, recently in charge of
the Iron Horse, ha.ssi'eured a lease on
the upper workings of the Enterpii. e
mine, on Ten Mile, llctaitedout on
.Monday to break the road to the property and get in supplies, llis lease
extends over six months and covers all
ground down to the No. 8 drift. In
No. 4 tunnel there is a pretty good
chute of ore and he will stope that
out. When the snow goes the upper
end of the group will be exploited.
V.itis   Nsst Tunlllljr.
gar sought to recover the face value 0
1  ■
sui-'iiei'M oi   V\e-i   lYooienay and in
^  Ratepayers should not forget that
certain time clicks Issued by the »ap* j the bonus bvlaw In aid of the sawmill
plure Mining Co.   Plaintiffs souirht .„ni» , \   ,     .-.-v.. ,i „ txrvti
7 ,,    ,,    .,       ,"*,,  ' will Im> voted on next luesdav. Wflllo
'    recover  from   R,  ( .  (ampbell ..,     . ,   .      ,   ,   ,
the ciini 'liv's local ro* " *8* t°regone conclusion the bylaw
';•.,|| :i|,'iiU)1'. will carry, vet tbe endorsers of the
'iirned ts'ii' "loveini'iit should not be careless about
• ,, w;)n  it, but should see that their full vote
■'     is polled.   Every week demonstrates
' more plainly how great  a benefit the
! M.: concern  will  Ik-  Io the town
^^^^^ss^ss^ss^s^^^^l^B>><>>>wrt*>' 1 -md it stands the .citizens in hand to
cum! pri/i
'*■: '      la pt ;.i- i .us .     .
'• in the Sandon bonspiel.    | clinch fl g'-od bnrgn-iu ■•■»
: '
I      if
| By Louise Robinson Rhode. 3
Q  at>ipi/rto/if. fSMs bv L. It. Rhodw J
Norven, Mleh., April 20.
Dear Bill—1 have a scheme. Do you
want to go siiuiks? You know those
little pink flowers folks go daffy over
lu spring? Well, Sis says there's heaps
growing round here. Trailing arbutus
they call It. I thought It would be a
good plan for nie to get n row tuishels
for yon to sell. Sis suys she'll belp,
only she won't believe I'll got bushels.
But 1 will, though. Say, there's a boy
sits right across the aisle from uie who
plays hookey every spring and full.
•.Joes off In tiie woods and stays a
week or two tainting anil tishlng. Nobody ever can lind blm. He shoots
lioor, rabbits, squirrels and things and
has ilnntly limes tishlng. He has a
eiiuip kit hisl somewhere, nobody
knows, and just goes when the lit
comes on. When be comes back, he's
goosl as pie the rest of the ys*nr. He's
looking out of the window now. Wonder If he's Axing to go soon? Gee,
don't I wish I could snenk wltb him?
Rut he hain't got any ma. Sis snys
isbe'R going lo Write your sister pretty
soou. The teacher is looking at nie as
if I am tosi still. I've been sneaking
this in school. Guess I'll have to stop
and do Something lo liven things up. If
you'll go stuiaks on tbe arbutus, let me
know.   Yours truly, GUl'BS.
Norven, Mich., April 22.
My Dear Genevieve—The first warm
days of spring are witli us, and 1 feel
as if new blood were coursing through
my veins as it is through the arteries
of thc grent trees around us. 1 am so
much better, the doctor says, we juiay
not have to spend another year among
♦.be pines.    Dear old  pines!    1  sball
tore I entered the town.   The mlnera
'wore passing Uke gnomes Into tlie hills,
nnd everything seemed so uncanny that
I was genuinely startled when some
one suddenly took my bosket from me.
It was only a schoolmate of Grosve-
nor's, who had Joins*.l uie unobserted.
He ls a descendant of iho old voyageura
wbo first ventured Into this region, and
their wild love of nature breaks out ln
him occasionally, with most disastrous
effect upon his education.   He seems to
I know that I, too, love the natural world
and has a sense of comradeship. When
he took my basket he already bad an
i armful of most perfect blossoms.   He
! bad heard 1 wanted some.
Well, dear, this letter has lasted far
i luto the night. My eyes are heavy, aud
1 lay dowu my pen with the wish that
your dreams may be as sweet as the
fragrance of my room. Faithfully
yours, MAU I AN.
Norven, Mich., April 30.
Well, Bill, here goes the last tsox.
We've cleaned up pretty good out of lt
all, haven't we? What are you going
to do with your mouey? Guess I'll put
mine toward n gun. 1 want to go off
with the chap I told you of awfully.
Ma gays a camera would be nice. Theu
I could take views of this part of the
country to take home with me. Suy,
did you know we are going home uext
fall?" Marian's a lot better. Gee. but
you did stick Doc Graham. Asked you
nil about Sis, did ho? Well, he needn't
bave, for Sis don't like him anyway.
When be came last night, she cried.
Ain't girls soft? I wouldn't cry if a
fellow came to see me that I didn't like.
Ma likes him, though. She kissed him
once. He's real nice to me, so 1 ain't
kicking, but it don't seem fair to bother
Sis when she ain't real strong yet. The
fellow I said is whistling for me to go
fishing with him, so hero goes.
Norven, Mich., May 1.
Dear Genevieve-John has come. He
docs care, aud mother said she guessed
it all along, no did not dare tell nie
when I was 111 for fear 1 did not care
and would feel sorry for him.   Isn't he
Iss them when we go.   .lust now thoyj "f*.lougi,,tf*.,i?   We are to have the siuiet
are putting out teiuler green fingers
which point lovingly at the spring sun.
Here ami there groat patches of adder
tongues flaunt their brilliant yellow as
one passes.
Aud. oh, (senevlcve. the arbutus will
be out next week. Grosvenor wants
me to help him gather it fur sale. You
can guess how like sacrilege It seems
to sell them, yet there may be a pleasure In s.'iiiiiiig the beautiful bits of
fragrance to brighten otber people's
lives as they once did mine. I am
learning to pick up the little bits of
pleasure trying to forget that I ever
presumed to long for grent happiness.
Write nie soou, and toll ine all ulsout
yourself and what people are doing lu
that dear world "down below." Faithfully yours,
Norven, Mich., April 25.
Dear Bill—Tbe bo* goes tonight by
express. It dou't look such nn awful
lot, but Sis says It's awful small
bunches tbey sell for 10 cents, and uo!
very big for a quarts?r. Most likely
your sister will know about how much.
Say, work Doc Graham to tin* limit. 1
guess he likes arbutus, for I remember
he used to wear lt ln his buttonhole
and seems as If he brought Sis some
once or twice when she was slsk last
spring. 1 dou't believe Sis likes bim,
for she won't ever talk about bim.
Say. the fellow I wrote about ls gone
again. We found some dandy fish ln
a basket on the steps the other morning. They were for Sis, a paper saisl.
We suppose It Is him. Say, maybe the
old maid over In I'lke street would
t.'tiwM gome arbutus. She used to have
her yard full of flowers. Don't forget
to stick Doc Graham, and perhaps
Miss Marks, who used to be my Sunday school teacher, would take some
If you told her 1 got it. Tlie recess
bell has rung. so. so long.      GRL'llS.
Norven, Mich., April 27.
Dear Bill—The second Isox started tonight by express, as 1 telegraphed you
It would, but thought I would write
and tell you I'm glad you froze tbat
Smith boy out. Don't suppose his
flowers were as nice as outs, anyway.
Course he knew you could lick him, but
most likely he sold out because he's too
lsiy to do the work. Sis said lt wa'n't
right to c-oeree him to sell out to you.
Ma didn't say anything then, though
she looked funny. 1 heard ber tell Sis
afterward that she believed every boy
was a primitive man aud tluit it was
only by slow evolution that he became
a gentleman. After awhile she talked
to me in her room. If that Smith kid
has got any more artBiitus to sell, you
might let him, but chase him out ssf
your ward anyway. Sis is writing to
Gene, so you will hear all the news I
guess*.   Yours. GRVRS.
V. 8.—The fellow that weut is back.
He helped get this lot of arb. Have
you stuck Doc Graham yet?
est little wedding iu the early fall, and
then I shall see you for a little while
before we go to Georgia for tbe winter,
for I am not to give up the pines altogether.
This ls the happiest Mayday I have
ever known. I cannot write more now,
as John is waiting for me to go walking. We will try to find a few last
sprays of arbutus. Lovingly your friend.
Smith,  Smyth  and  SmIJth.
It Is curious how tlie little letter "y"
has proved a huge differentlum. For,
whereas the "Smiths," as a rule, have
been money making, the "Smyths"
have shown themselves chivalrous and
aristocratic. While the Smiths were
Roundhead the Smyths suffered for
Tory or Jacobite principles, according
to the London Mail. Apropos of these
variations ln the spelling of tbe groat
patronymic Mr. Compton Reade pro
pounds a theory which should prove of
comfort to both branches of the family. He hotly combats the uotion that
the Smyths, Smytbes and Smijths have
assumes! a variation of spelling to lend
an aristocratic flavor to a homely name.
"Nothing," he declares, "can be further
from the truth. Tbe original form was
Smyth, Just as the modern 'elder' Is a
corruption of the ancient 'cyder.' So
far from the Smyths having Smythed
themselves I can discover barely on*
notable instance of the change from
T to 'y,' but I can trace uumberless
Instances of Elizabethan Smyths having become Victorian Smiths. Therooo
spelling of tbe Word Smijtb is apparently due to tbe iugeniousness of some
medieval clerk, who, In writing Smyth,
took upon himself to dot both points of
tbe 'y,' thus producing 'Smijlh.'"
Carr-fal  of HU  Frelisgi.
"Tom, dear." said young Mrs. Newly-
wed very gently, "it was kind and
thoughtful of you, aud 1 appreciate it
ever so much, but a mau should never
undertake to select anything fssr his
wife to wear."
"What do you mean:" he asked in
"These buttons you brought home for
me," nnd she held up a half dozen red
poker chips, "I found them on the
mantel iu your room, and I knew, of
course, that you had brought theni
home for mc."
"Y-you can't use tbem, can you?"
"Na But 1 appreciate your thought-
fulness Just tbe same. You got them
at a bargain, didn't you?"
"Well, you were cheated. I don't see
how anybody wbo makes buttons could
have been so silly u to forget to put ia
the boles that the thread gsses through
wheu you sew then on."
Aud Tom said be would take theni
right back and exchange them.
Norven, Mich., April 27.
Dear Geuevlcve-I enjoyed your little note very much, though it wns
quite too short It was like a brief call
from home frieuda. How I wish I
could really have a glimpse of your
dear self and give you a peep at our
Yesterday afternoon I spent gathering arbutus for Grosvenor. I wandered "over the hills aud far away."
My path lay along a track where the
red ore glistened like blood from tbe
wounded henrt or tbe range. The
grent pines had been cut away to let
tbe mluers steal tbe iron framework of
tbe hill. A bluejay flitted before me,
scolding all the way from his nest to
the tamarack swamp.
Perhaps 1 fell a dreaming as I gathered my fragrant burden, for a sad,
deep purple had settled over the va.ley
before 1 turned homeward.  A soft dark-
had settled over everything be-   ine ends.
MBRlriKBBs'  Society.
Mystic and uniaiue is tbe seal, right
ln line with the mysterious character cf
the organization that bears the monogram of the Society of American Magi-
claus of New York. It is usually print
ed ln red and white and is remarkable
for the luitials "S. A. M.." worked together In such a way that tbey are
readable upside down or downside up.
Another curious feature of the sea!
is a pair of serpents in a circle, wi;h
their tails In each other's mouth—the
Egyptian sign of eternity. The motto
of the organization, wblcb ls made up
of all the magicians ln the country and
holds Its meetings on the first Saturday
evening of each month, ls, "Magic.
Unity, Might."
The first letters of the three words
are an acrostic spelling "Mum." which
ls the spirit of the association, the purpose of the club lining to prevent the
exposure of their secret methods nnd
the betraying of tbe mechanical ms-ans
of the magician to arrive at his surprls-
I'lrs-d  In tin* UarU. It I ss J ss real Three
Men Unit a Mile Amy,
"One of the best and most remarkable shots made ilurlng the war with
Spain,'' said a gentleman Who made an
effort to get Into the thick of the
fight, "wns, in my Judgment, made at
Mian:!, and tiie tuan who fired the shot
was a Louisiana boy and a member of
my company. Ho wns doing duty ns a
provost guard at the time. It was late
at night when the soldiers were roused
by the quick, clear crack of a Krog-
Jorgenscn on the outskirts of the camp.
No particular attention was paid to
the matter ot first, as only one shot
was tired. But with a couple of officers we went out to where the guard
was stationed In order to flud out just
why lt was that he bad llred at that
time of night. Ile explained that be
had seen a man slippi'ig through the
bushes some distance nway and bad
called on him to halt. Ho failed to
obey the comma ud, and the guard
biased away at him, more to frighten
him Into a stop than anything else.
Of course, the follow never halted He
was probably too badly frightened to
stop at that time.
"While We wore talking to the guard
we hoard a fearful noise nt least half a
mile from the guard's station, and we
uinde a break for the place to see what
the matter was. We heard several
people sorcatiling as if in grent agony.
Down the road wc went at full speed,
and in a short while we came upon a
little cabin which stood on the roadside. The noise was in this cabin, aud
I never heard such groaning and walling in my life. Wc found throe men iu
the house. Tiny were In great agony,
aud we "asked them what was the matter. 'We have been shot,' they said,
and sure enough they bad been shot
"One was shot In the riy'tit arm, another in the back and the third in the
hip. They hnd al! boon wounded by
ihe tame bullet The man who was
wounded lu the arm was lying on his
right side. The ball passed through
his arm. Next to blm one of his companions was sprawling out on his back,
and tbe bullet split the bide on this
pan of his anatomy as smoothly as a
knife. Tben it passed through the
fleshy part of the third man's hip nnd
apod on.
"We could not find the ball, lt had
passed through tbe side of the house,
wounded thc three men in the way indicated, bored through the wall on the
opposite side ansl kept on going. Now.
that cabin wns fully half a mile fiom
the point where the guard wns stationed, and yet the shot he fired had
wrought all  the  havoc we  found."
The   Pror.lrfUle   S.-.i:^ iv.e.
F'-.r the amount of meat ii.--.sl tlu
sausage is the most profitable logacj
of the hog. Fully fii't\ ii Cerent kind
of this suspected article are manufac
lured to suit the taste of many peoples
—fur Italians, with a dominating mea»
Each ear has four boues.
The body has about COO muscles.
The lower limbs contain thirty bones
There are 36,000 pores lu the hand
of a man.
Man ls the only animal that possesses
a real ncse and chin.
The human skeleton, exclusive of
teeth, consists of 208 bones.
The eight muscles of the human Jaw
exert a force of nbout 500 pounds.
The wrist contains eight bones, the
palm five, the lingers have fourteen.
The smallest bone In the huiiiau body
is in tlie lenticular, which is seated tu
the ear,
The work performed by the human
heart each twenty-four hours is equal
to the lifting of 120 tons to a height of
one foot in tho same length of time.
Discovery of Purple.
A dog belonging to Hercules T.vrlus
1 was one day walking along tho sou-
! shore when he found anil ate a mures,
: a species of BhellBsb, Returning to
j bis master, the latter noticed that the
i dog's lips were tinged with color, and
: in this manner Tyrlan purple was die*
I covered. The color was used in the
i robes of emperors and nobles, and the
j expression "born lo the purple" meant
I that the person was of high birth. It
', ia strange to tblnk that the favorite
I color of royalty can be traced to the
I curiosity or hunger of the dog of Tyre.
Qnatat Court Records.
Among the treasures of the Philadelphia Historical society is the complete
record of the "Court Held at I'pplaud
iu Delowar River Krcin 1G7C lo 1081."
This was the court conducted by the
Swedes, Dutch and English previous to
the granting of the state to Tenn und
previous to its being uamed Pennsylvania. Tho record Is quaint Oue entry is
of "Jan Cornellisen of Aiuesland. com-
playning to ye court that his son Erik
ls bereft of his naturall sc-nces and is
turned quyl madd;" whereupon it was
ordered that "three or 4 persons bee
hired to build a little Blockhouse at
Amesland for to put ln the sd. madman." In the suit of Andrles Inckhoor-
en against Constable Andrles Homman
it appears from the record that:
"The Pit complains that this Deft.
hath pulled him by tbe Board and
twisted his neck, and desires to knew
ye rt^ason."
On Oct 10, 1680, Claes Clam winning
an action for slander against Hans Po-
terss, the punishment meted out to Pe-
terss was that:
"The Deft, not being able to prove
what he hath said or any part thereof,
the Court ordereil that ye Deft, openly
shall declare himself a Lvar."
Bet ou is  Sara Tlsluu.
A broker, telling 6torles of men ln
Wall street, said: "Some years ago
Jakey Field won pocket money f.ir a
Until It Develops into Pneumonia or Consumption-Easy to
Cure a Coid if You Use
It  Is sjusy   lo  let   a   cold   run  on     Ynu
■aay   say   with   others tbat   you   aluuys
let a cold take  ..ire ol its*lf    There ia a
dangvr ol (oUoiffing  thi-, i.inti once   t-.o
otteti    At   this  seusuii   ol  Um  year    ".lie
lungs   swibb   to   bt   unusually   sussrep* Hile
to   disease,   isisd   before     you  suspst I   It
pneumonia or  COBSautptioO lis.** s.aiit-vi itself  in your system.   It  in  possible  >..u
have   Hied   lhe   cough      mixtures     ninth
druggists oder lo tlis-it   customers   Tlis.-e
may   do   well   . i   ■._'.   for     slight   .       -
tickling in tlio  '.liro.it.  bu;  tbe)   an,- ,•<..»-
•rla-ss in  the [>ieseiue ol serious Ui^.-.-.-c
Dr.   Chase's Syrup ot  Linsitil  und Turpentine   is   tar   more   tliun   a   cough   -••'ii-
•dy.    It cures the cold s.p na-i:  u-  ...... s*ibj-
ing nnd easing the couch It t.iki'S 'ba)
pain out ol the bone.-., ui.sl rasctsefl lbs)
very seat ol slisease when ths*re is pan
and tightness in the rlic.-t It »ou at
not be too much to say that Ur Chase's
Syrup ol Linseed and I i:rp. mine ims
saved   thousand's   ol   people     from   passu-
in-i L. and consumption Thsrs Is not a
vultsge or haiiulel in Canada where IL1S
famous family mi-slii-iiie is nol recoKtn.ed
as a isiost unusually i-lts-cUve cure fa>r
croup, bronchitis, asthma, cosgtu nnd
Mi |...Bia!il Qruhani, 4b I'sillenalftr St.,
ls.'.sslln. slat.-*. 'Ill boy, ulso is -lx
years nl »j;i*. wns developing all tbe
situ! t"- i' i-neumotiia when ive .'ostitis, nce.1 giving I.nn Hi Chase's Syrup ol
I.:,, aad an.I 1 nt | .-mine li very qmrk'y
1.1 ■.i-,il the a.:.,n,.'e s.f disease, u- I In a
(est days he «as as well us ever, and is
Don uoii i; in school regularly 1 huie
i imi ureal Iisith in Ibis valimlsle remedy,
und  shall   lecoinmend   ll   to   mv   (riendi "
Don't take anything said to l.e " ,nst
u good " There Is no throat ami 'ing
iiis*slia'ine lust n« good ns Pr f'nns- s
Syinp   ol   l.nisessl   and   Turpentine        ttsv
member this w!i,*n buying snd insist jn
having   it   ("haste's*   »•*.  cents a  last'.ie.
I A IJ  dealers,   or   Kdmaiison.   Iln'es  A   Co.
. J OlOllI'l
ure oi game; for Uermaua, hard aiai
fatty; for Frenchmen, dry and wall
larded; fur Americans, well spiced,
and all of these in eereral grades.
Whatever meat cannot be used other*
wise is eonsiginil to the sausage, although for no otlss*i' reason Una that
.■very diminutive piece is availaU.*-
ham. bead and foot trim tilings and the
odd remnants from the butcher's block.
Potato, Hour, spices and water ure
miied witb the meat, Which has lieen
linely chopped by rocking knives, and
a st;*ara driven piston fuuvs the mass
into tbe casings, whereupon it become*
sausage. Tbe easing! are Uie Intestines of the bog. tborongbl}* ■crapi i
ami '. • ..*d by int'clianiiiil process,
Tbe i s snoul does inst escape-
that would be a gross oversight* so It
is trimmed off snd t-siisi as n plckl ng
"delicacy" to new Americans With uu
pronounceable na-nes,
.llenn*   tlse   Suisse  lis lad
"He called me bi i rtlatlc liar."
"V,",.y, i dldu't l.a.ii' blm use any gibh
"\\. :i, lie didn't put It In Just UmM
words, but I-." said l had tbe uiaklug of
a su.. essfol diplomat iu me."
The   Worst   *>..... •.
Whf re f,r*  ■ : <iajr?"
■ Is a ballad ut sorrow.
in- loogl Uml are driving our aieep
:-.-   the * uns of today sad tomorrow.
Wsjei asu ii uy.   ii,. look .•• By which
had lavell captured by o pl t rtlcl y
paper anal bransfetred it t" ,;i  Ilug
of hi.- office, 'i'ls.- ily could not bavs
moved without tearing s.rr , , u>gs,
Fia-M loam l back lu bis cbair and
watched it. Borne oni' came in and
fouiul hiin gazing upward.
"'Saying your prayers, Field?' asked
tbe visitor.
"•Watching tlmt fly.' be answered,
'It hasn't moved for Ave minutes.' Then
after a moment's silence, 'gay, I'll iK>t
you five that Ily dos-sin move for time
■ii..' won the bet nnd k, pl ou winning
others until some one discovered the
trick and posted o sign outside the office door wiii's-li read, 'Dou'l bei a.n th*
The  Ollser   View.
"A man's talk Is usually n it*a*eoscc*p*
lc view of Iiis uriisiis."
"Frequently of bis lack of brains."
lis I*sbssI,i.
The Isy i -*ur< great
ia • . s ti blm;
i *■•      er If I | to skats
Or It li. s | ■ g t'i --wlm.
She   Knew   Her.
l'tin'l- My bosbai ' ■ ii awfuDi bard
up u i." u be man i< .i i •■
Uaud—He   must    have   been.
and a Western Bronco's hide is the toughest worn by
any animal of his weight
"Pinto Shell" Cordovan is tanned from his hide by
the H.B.K. Co., by their own process, without oils
or minerals.
Used only in H.B.K. mitts and gloves.
Water, wind, boil, scorch and cold proof.
.Never era''*.'* or hardens, never tears or rips, always
soft and flexible.
Sold by all denlcrs.   See this t rt\do nm rk      *T^*, ,
If your dealer bus not s<ol t liem, write us hnil s.ind his immo.
Every pair branded " Pinto "5"»sr*U"' Cordovan by
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
H St (Morge f't-vr', Montreal.     US MaesMS Street, Winnipeg.
Makers of "Varm Clothing, Mitts. Gloves, Underwear, Sox, Mosxaislna, etc    m
Hen  Wis,,  Do and Don't.
Men. after all. are, and always will
be, of two kinds—the meu who aecom*
pllsb nnd the uien who don't. Tlie oth- •
er day tb?re was an Important confer-
enee at the otlice of one of tlie liiiij-est;
men in American finance. It began ear- j
Iy ln the inoriiiiiK, and at noon it wus
not concluded.   Promptly nt half past
12 tlie clerks went out to lunch.  The
financier apologised to one of bis st*e-;
nograpbers for ke**plng Wm ten min-!
utes after tlie regular boor—Indeed, If
lt had occurred often thc Htcnosrrapher
would have Indignantly sought another J
position.   He did not, however, apologise to the other seven or eight million-
aires who sat about bis desk until w.ell|
after 7 o'clock,  with no thought of
luncheon or dinner.  These men wers
willing to make the sacrhlce which sue-1
cess demands, says the Cosmopolitan.]
There is no dearth of openings for tlie
inv.i who will ti! Ii!tus-If to ini'iiiii|i!lsh.
tain number of pjnsses of itlnt, |>|
cause even one more made him tlpM
On a memorable morning he forjott*,!
count the number of bis glanset aadl
took one more than usual. When m
toting his carriage, he stumbled, frlgbJ
ening lhe horses and causing tbem ul
run. In attempting to leap fiomUil
carriage bla bead struck the pavem-ol
ami he sn.ui died. That glass of «!g|
overthrew Uie Orleans rule, confiscate
their property of 120,000.000 and i
the wbole family into exile.
Very   AsvUsstird.
A young resruit was set on stadl
go and was, of course, new to bi? ilurj
A gsiiHl natural comrade brought lii-mJ
sandwich; and the recruit was nl.a
eat It when tho major aopearesi
the officer was in mufti the sentry d|
lust reCbgnrse him ami did not salutf
The major look In the situation
la sumnsor tbe continuous coll
tik-a up tbe slick.
Page Woven Wire Fenaj
All   fonoet i-li -*en  In warm weather t—
tib*luo.-i in OsjJd —sixoept   Uso '""'•/i'*-.
in thswi iter season Davs * •  '■  , i; l'"-.0 **priiig* i oil takes up thn 6 Ick ln m-s-l
^thew_....,jsea3oapa*,3^u ascs. 1neraud4s)taU.outiii winter. Nol.isweBaRF**!
=*r'"   =**-^"~' -~—*=*--—«=—.——,     jn gnmmox. BoMrunlng or breaking In w.iv|
ter. Common crimped -**Ire Isnot sprLag Uiop-*:.*'! •••'4 *'•. ^^rta It ►^•|^«*'*-d.!J|
i.'hftia .1 ,.,s.,..*i3 at-.Uu won* tKin evor. l'i.«.'. wire i» tempsjred Un.gul.uu i.u owl
Va  at,   „.i au.l Miiil.r.   Cal.' .J;;sil..ai..-rit,-*v,'irofcne.'!nuseD"K'.
Tta P.-i-tT-Virc FanceCo.. Um'.tssl.Wr-Aarrffls.Oni Montrn"tl.P.0..andSt.. John ttU
ROSA  <& ROSS, General Agents, "WINNIPEG, MAM
ilie raet ls tbat tbe development ot
business has bs'-u niaire rapid than the
development of men, and today there Is
a greater need of men of tbs right sort
than ever, and ever*" gn :it business Is
looking fsir tliein.
Pomls's*  Slsiiis*  For   llaailsllnu.
Pumice stone Is used for building
pui'-.osi's in the Canary Islands, whore
It is siitticuit ami expensive to procure
gtoiu* of any otlu-r description. The
loose cinder dug from the sides of the
VOlcanlC cones Is also used for the manufacture of huge blocks of concrete for
the harbor works at I .as I'almas and
Banta Crux, Pumice stone was originally used for tlie dome of tbe mosque of
St. Sophia on account of its lightness,
but even this prove**] to be unsafe, and
tbe building bas been reconstrui'ted.
Iu Ceylon tbe most useful building
stone is "enbook," a spectea of pnintee.
Si'iontifically it Is known nt laterite and
ois'tirs in tia-ds lying between basaltic
uud other lava Hows, from the decomposition of which it has resulted. At the
[OOt of Vesuvius thi'ro are large building quarries of l.as.'.ltic lava, and at tbe
■ame spot, as well as in ar Rome, a v.'.l.
Oanlc ash or pumice called "pozzolnns"
Is wrought for the same purpose.
• Whufs thatr*
"A  sandwich,"   replied  the r<vniJ,
"Have a bit".'"
••I... ymi know who 1 : i.iV" luketiJII
"Don't know .v.! froiil n crow. P»
ls:r,s, you'll' the iis.ijur's conchy.*1
"Nn: l"..i not."
• Hi.-- gi-'Bti!*. |.. ii' ip-V"
'■Ni*: liy 'ni
"i' rli |.    ',-.,■ old cbap'hTni   If!"
• ll .'■'.' i.i i lime." snld 11   i ijor,
"Ob   -   •!  . ■     '■ IB!" s      tin m1 U
"rj^htened tHnyj. "Hold tli wudtfl
while l pn -aii, nrmS!'- Uuiti m -i*
Ts»o  ( Icsar  Fssr  I :*.. Isi.lofi.
Thomas It. Reed ofts'n related an Incident which happened when he first
sought to be admitted to the bar. Mr.
Reed and a young soathernet" were before Judge Wallace of tbe state bu
prs'tne court tn be qnlsxed on their
knowledge of tiie law, Turning lirst to
the southerner tbe Judge asked abrupt
ly, ''Is the civil rights bill constitution'
nl?" "No, sir," replied the young man
Turning to Reed, lhe Jinlge propounded
the satin' Question. "Yes, sir." replied
Reed. Whereupon Judge Wallace looked gravely from one to the other before
be •q-oke, "You are both admitted," be
Dually announced. "Two young men
Wbo can handle constitutional questions in an offhand manner like that
can't be kept out of tbe bar."
It Missis* History.
Such a slig'.s, s :s",!Uistalise as S glass
of wine changed the history of France
for nearly twenty yeara lands Phl-i
Uppe, king of Uie licnsli, bad u son,
the Duke oi Orleans, nn.l heir to tlie
throne, wbo alwaya drank only a cer-
Applying tlss*  Arjrniaeul.
There site ,;nies .<. :..■:. oi.s-j iir*****!''
admirable course of n         wltki
a'ltiisl bbiiI.v tn ii:".l that ii r    ills" i""
•    , i   doing,
••! fion't want to wear n    nltl is-**"■
cl in fi."   said   eight-year    ! OlmM
•ci | cveu if it does ruin,   Tlie trisi
. :i   that   hat   is   all   >ivrii 0'4
motl cr."
•It's the ii'si tiling ror y 11 to «'fl
11 a dny like tills,'* snld ber inotl
ilrmly. "and you mpBl rer ,: lli:;l
It's Ibe Inside and not till' outsidq
What Is unseon. not wbal Is sstii-iW
<">kI looks at my litile girl."
"Yi's'in," said Gladys <>'i""r!y.
remember, i-ut tin; lining of tli.it j***
Is worn even'wsai.M' ilia.it ibe trlwnj
Is!"—Youth's Companion.
V|l   tu    llssts*.
"Will you walk     io i j partorf
8 '. i il,. : ali   r to I
"tils nol i" lay, I II ':;
l*oi- thai r*is m-icii ■
K!Ts-s*t   s.f  n.  Tropical  I lit""1*'
"The la ileal  rcllcra I ever sm. »
Uftrrni   Than-,.m.i. there t".'a' '•''*
man with tbe ginger be.ii*'.. «'-"""
In Ccutral America. Tell you »!l''11
s,*o iiiisi'.    1 v.uuslered Into n HUj"!
lo.n lis.tt >'i t rtie grcnsein ki'P'J
What should I see but a lot of ft*"
seitin' round « tnble with n l"i"''j"
on il and all or Vin watfhln' ilii'iu*J
us if tbey s'pei'tcd tbcui tu turu OTffJj
thelraelvea, which, lure enough, tw
did iu a inii.uu-. Then 1 got «l
tbeir game. Vou sec, about <''('r-vt^
or four miiuilcB tbey Is a cartbaig
their game.   You sec. about i
or four niiiiulcs tbey Is a c
In that country, and then*
breds was Isauii1 lhe eartbqu
tbo abakln* of the im**- for'-fl*
Wiial slo ysju thilll.  sif that?"
We maKe Granby Rubbers and Overshoes out of
pur*.- n-w rubber. Can as much be said of any other make'
Granby Rubbers
cost thc maker more, but they cost the wearer less, W
one pair does the work of two pairs of ordinary rubber*.
" Granby Rubbers wear liKe iron." The Drill.
,.,,„ gtewnshlp I'csla ctoHsed the
I.i tc in W60 in 9 days l **our
K'mlnStS, and MO the record for
%$8 oi' no less than ten years.
I -*..,„ world's niarchinf- orders ore :
IS to the Pave" bUt WatCh >0Ur
l""k and dodKe the stumps.
.. v.y (WWe Huns") Disinfectant
I'-fn'powder 1« a boon to any home It
l,lnfei!t» and cWsfs** >t ths IMU time.
J-rhsj United State1" has now over
li million acres of artificially i;*.i-
■* , iand, (.'ol or ii do and Callfor-
§a nlone have between them throo
ninn ncres-	
Iti,. proprietors of Parmelee's rills arc
l .1,, lv receiving letters similar tt.
Knowing wtiich explains Itself. Mr.
I'I,01!0 Beam, Waterloo. Ont. writes ;
I, 'Lever used auv meslicine that can
I Parmelee's Pills for Dyspepsia or
rl'"','. ,,Hl Kini.ev C.-mplalnts. The relief
l,. villi's! after uslm. them wa.. won-
■ i,l Ah n safe fnmllv mcdiiino I'lir-
I |..'s Vii'i'talile Plllfs can be given in
'   ,,,.11'M requiring n cathartic
FxclutllnK Kuypt and the Soudan,
lit:<in "wns 2.*.8.','>0f) square miles
|l Africa,    un    area equal  to  more
limn fifty Knidunds,    and  Inhabited
lv about 45.000,000 people.
JI was cured of lame back, aft-'r
Ltlwlnn IB years by MINARD'S
llNIMI'.ST. ROBEHT KO.-5.-3.
Itivo Uivci's, N.8   .
Ji wiii  Cured of Piphtheria,     aftnl'
loctors failed, by MINARD'S 1.1X1-
It wns Cured of contraction of mus-
I Dnlliousle.
I A i
I'm ii
Inn .■
nilway is being built from
sens to Mecca, for tho use of
in pilgrims! It will run 1,100
through iv waterless dossirt.
million ilollarfs has already
raised, iuid the railway was
.nii'il  18  months  ago.
c.*s) Moser Falrbault, Mlnno-
wri'.i's : "Mis. Sophie Stoll-
l>i luul an open wound sin her
from which she suffered almost
■ms. Thank*- to the continued
i lit- August Koenig's ilam-
Dropb she httM now complotsjly
wed, and h**g« to express to
ier heartfelt thanks for it."
|ln Ireland  there arc 211,000 wiil-
us compared with only 88,000
lluri's Liniment Cares Diphtheria.
A Persian mnbusi-'iukir hus lately
Ben appointed to the Court of
[thens, tlie first for 2,393 years.
We i.Iter One Hundred Dollars Reward
j>r any c.ise ot Catarrh that cannot be
lired l,v Hull's Catarrh Cure.
T .1 Cheney A Co., rrops.. Toledo. ()
[We the unocrsli*ned, have known P. .1
sv lor the last 15 years, and be-
|eie him  nerfectly honorable ln all busi-
ss  transactions and  Snainially  sibls:  to
urn  out any •bllKatiou* njade by thest
est  & Truax.  Wholesale  Drurcists,  To-
l"do.   O.
"falsllna;,   Kinnan    A   Marvin.    Wholessili-
linipitiatB,  Toledo,  O.
Hall's  Catarrh  Cure ls  taken  Internal-
ai'tinu   directly   upon   the   blood   am!
hucous   surfaces   of   the   system.     l'rlce.
[f>c  per  bottle.    Sold  bv  all  Drusru-Uts
is'stlmonliils free.
Hall's  Family   Pills  ere  the  heat
Coke runs 48 to fill bushels to the
■on; hard coal nicasures only "10 io
p Imshcls ts) tlis same wssiglit,
■ard's llotaart Cures Colds, ete.
Nu fewer than 2,4!Y1  soldiers wore
nvalided slnring the recent wur    on
Icconnt  of defective tet.th.
Ever True and Unfailing Are
j nisi friends who are ever ready and
llili' to help us in our time of need
|re indeed true friends. •
Diamond   lryes are tho old    heme
iends of our Canadian people, and
■ave proved blessings  in  thousands
|f iiiiincs.      When  the    heart cravinl
i'i ii new dress, skirt, blouse, jacket,
■i shawl, freak, bright, ribbons or
lathers at times when economy lind
lit' iilisi'ivod,     the Diamond  Dyes
■uii'kly  t runsffirmed old and    faded
farmonts    ninl    ti,uterials    into UBW
cations,  thug saving a large    ani-
int nf money ft the home.   If you
uld have the best results in your
oing  work,  always     use the  Dia-
Imiul Dyes,
i Send your addresH to tho Wells &
lit-hardson Co., 200 Mountain St.,
lontroal, P.Q., and you will be sup-
[ieil with now Uyo Rook, 48 dyed
simples and artistic designs of the
yiniiKitiil Dye Mat and Hug put terns
Were   Easily    Disposed    of   by
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
IV. Q. Crass, of Urosdnn, hail Inflammatory Hlii'iiiiiiitiMsi, nud v.iiK Cured
SlIi li and Clean.
Dresden, Ont., Feb 16.—(Special)
—■"Dodd's Kidney T'ills cureil nie
slick and I'U'iiii oi tlif Hheumatifiiii,"
says VV. ii. Crugg, ox-reeve of this
town, "ii, v.iis thn Inflammatory
Rheumatism I had, and I think
Dodd's Kldnoy Pills ure ns line n
teiiii'ily for that as 1 want. I um as
sound ns a bell no.v ns fur us rheumatism is concerned."
This** Is Mr. Cragg's e-tporlence, aim
it is the same as many oIIisms. People generally here nre learning that
Rheumatism is simply n result oi
Kidney Disease—thai if the kidneys
do not do their duty untl in!**' uric
anisi from tlis* blood it orystalizos at
tlie muscles nnd Joints utul eaiises
those tortures too many people Know
too well.
"I hnd liei'n troubled with Inflammatory Rheumatism for eight years,'
continues the ex-recve. "I roulil
scarcely get around to do my duties
in my store. 1 tried doctors nnd
medicines without gutting uny benefit till T henril of Dodd's Kiilti'iV
l'ills. six boxes cured rno completely.".
Cure the kidneys willi Dodd's Ki<l-
ney T'ills and yssu.- rhoumatlsm will
cure itself.
|The town of Alofct, in Belgium, bus
Pld n picture of Rubens for $800.-
•"0, in oider to rnisc mons'y to build
new church.
[One of the greatest blessslncn to pnr-
JJ'" Is Mother (.raves' Worm Kxteiniin-
r <■■ It edectually expels worms nmi
., " lis'tillh In a iiiiivelloilH manner to
Bnt' little one.
'I tulkiiig politics sometimes makes
pen fight, what would be the result
''onion wero allowed to vote ?
A husband, unlikn other flesh, the
more you const him   tho tougher he
A  man    Itching for    fnino is kept
busy scratching.
ll   is better lo think without   tt iking  tlmn   to  talk   without   thinking
Man's riches n'e to be estimated
rather by the fewness of Iiis wants,
than the greatness i'f his possessions'.
Down Sick with a Cold
If we could only OTn*Hnce you 1sow es»l'.y
you could cute a cough ot s cold by using
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
there would be less jinesmionl-. and consumption. It will lure your cold as quickly as you csught It.
All Druggists as cents.
All Bodily Aches
I liv days when a woman's face.Mns
l(,r fortune havo passed. Nothing
J»t colli cash goes now.
pint  the
men are    such    tlniid creat'ires
y are always several   years
L. .'       -»■*-      ."', SS. ..
PAv when It comes to giving    their
The Flow of Milk
will be increased.
Why go to all the
trouble of keeping
cows nnd* Ret only
about half the inllk.
they shoulil produce.
strengthens the digestion and Invl-
faii-utes the wlrole svst«m so that
he nutriment is nl 1 drawn from tht
food. It takes just the same trouble to care for a cow when she
gives three quarts ns when »h«
givea a pail. Dick's Blood Purifier
will pay back its cost with good
Interest In a few week*.
60 cents a package.
Learning, Miles ft Co., A$atata,
'Ooinpiisssi from The Commercial 1
WHEAT—There have been symptoms daring the pasi week in Lhe
wheat .nai kets s,i an easier I'ueliiiR,
ami Instead of holding on to wheat
alivady purchased, and adding to
their lli.es, trade'*) have let a good
deal ol whoat shoe out of their
lunula. This will pi obably continue
for some time yet, as it is tho reaction consequent cu the January advance, whloh culminated on the 26th
ol that month. Compared with that
il.iti' prices at tlv> close of Friday's
business show only a decline of IJ
in 2c per bushel And the decline
over the past week is only j. to lc.
At the moment cash demand is dull
uml unsatisfactory, There can bo no
doubt i iml. buyers of uctual wheat
loaded themselves up during the ad-
i.iiiie of three weeks ago and in tho
t'bsence or o continuation of strong
markets I hey must have time to
work olT their purchases to consumers, and ol present they leave the
buying side of the market alone. In
iii'- meantime an Increasing consumption is using up wheat and flour at
u rata' beyond nil previous records,
.un! while stocks in various positions
show ,s j-ood increase they are still
In'ow what they were a year ago.
lliq ensuing six weeks cover a critical period fnv th: winter wheat
crops, and should any material ikuii-
ago develop a shar] advance is li-
!'.•• lo take place.
Mnmloha wheat hns been very
qulel all the week and comparatively
it Us' liiisini'ss ims lieen done. At the
close ol business Friday prices were
!'■ und"!' a week uko, and we quote
1 hard V-'lic 1 northern, 71 jc; 2
northern, 70c; '■', northern, 08ci spot
oi February delivery, nnd for Muv
le.ivery, l hard, 70ic; 1 northern,
"IA: 'J northern, 78c; Si northern.
70Jc, all in store Port Wllllnin, Port
Arthur or Duluth.
!'!.i;l'l!--iit'st Hungarian Patent,
52 10 por sack of 98 pounds deliver-
'■(! to th'1 trade; Qlenora Patent,
$1.05: strong bakers; $l.fl.ri; and
SXXX, -a!.:*.*;.
Mil.isl-'KKIi-Hitiii is quoted at
•'li .'.'i per ton In suck*-, rutd shorts
at $16 GO per ton.
DATS—Prices are slowly strongth-
.!.;: in sympathy with eastern market, Receipts are light and themar-
I "i is ii"t at all well supplied. No. l
white in carlots on track nre to-day
".•'Hi 29c per bushel; No. 2 white,
•_'a**: to 28c, an J fa*od grades, 20c,
. ...n ers' loads on the Btreet are
bringing 28c and at country points
■-■'., to 2.->c. Brokers are asking 26
is. •_s'is- for carlots in tlie country.
I'.AKI.KY— The market is firmer.
Iieaicrs are paying 31 to 32c per
1'iishel for feed grades on the Btreet
.it  u inisipeg.
r'l.AXSEED—Market nominal.
-l ill'/—The lmikii is ftlgh-ir at
...i I'." oushe] and n. pounds, de
ivor*   In Winnipeg
MAY- rresh baled hay on track -
v ns i it >." i o $6 per t nr.
I'nTATOES—88c per bushel,
BUTTER — I'lvuiiieiv—City makers
,'ini arc now spioting 2-lc (or choisie
fiesb made in one-pound bricks de
i.i i'ri'.i; Daiiy—Receipts are verj
Hal,! mui tlierc is not much ground
■a .sit,sii to base a quotation. Rolls
mi' ijullc plentiful at times, unsl the
1 rn a* fur these i.s somewhere OTOUn I
l-s- in i ( iiv retail merchants bave
|..i il tb.it much fsir rssll butler tin*
week, o'though some claim to iss-
buyitio, :i foi less money. Tub but
ter i- worth from He to 17r net. dc
li eii"! in Winnipeg.
CHEESE—The   market    Is   quiet
Orders are being filler! with Ontario
stock.   Jobbers are selling to the te-
liii'  traits* at 1 'He per pound.
RGCIS—Eggs are scarce at '''"c pei
dozen, net, delivered Su Winnipeg
suisjos t to candling,
offerini in a wholesale way 10c pei
pound for chickens, dressed; ^{e to
1.0c l'sit ducks und geess', ninl 15c f»»i
DRESSED MEATS — Beef, citj
ili.'.ssisl, 0 to 7Jc per pouml; countr}
stock, ic under thes,' figures; mutton,
8 t'i '.'i; lamb,  Hie; hogs, 7c.
H.UKS—-Countrj frozen hides nn
bringing from 5J to Oc per pound,
delivered at Winnipeg, less 6 pounds
tare; sheep pelts, 30 to 69c.
WOOLs—Market nominal.
TALLOW—No.   l   tallow   is worth
.'is    per    pound dollverod here, and
N...  2.   ljc.
SRNECA   ROOT—Mark'it   nisiniiial
Would You Enjoy Perfect Dige*
tive Vigor.
11 You Are a Dyspeptic Try
The weak and capricious stomach
of the dyspeptic culls for a form of
nourishment that enn be retained,
quickly ussiuiilatod,, and that will
afford strength to the body. Malt
Breakfast Pood fully meets the needs
of tin' dyspeptic by furnishing ele-
ments of nutrition that agree with
wi'ak stomachs. Malt Breakfast Food
gruel is a refreshing and delicious
dish for all suffering dyspeptics, The
use of this appetising gruel for afew
days will tone and Strengthen Lhe
stomach and digestive organs, afler
which the patient may commence
with the regular Malt Breakfast
Pood porridge, which will maintain
a natural and healthy appetite,
Thousands ol physicians gladly recommend Malt Breakfast Pood. Ail
The barber who rents the barber's
shop at tlie Waldorf Astor hotel in
New York, pays 93,000 a year foi
so doing,
Friendhlp improves happiness and
abates miser*,'*, i'.\ the doubling oi
our Joy .nui dlvldlyig of our grief.
i  \
l.l\ !•: STOCK,
i i; - Butchers are still able to
supply their wants at 4c to tjc pei"
pound, but they seem to look foi
IiilIis'I*   prices    later    on     I'nt lie  Ore
scare.j in Manitoba, Finest steel's
are worth lc; butchers' ordinary 8*Jc,
and from that Bguro down to ~Ji'.
according to quality.   Btockors,yoai
liiu •• 81" to S17; two year olds, Silo If22 each.
BHEEP—Worth 31c per pound oil
curs here.    Lambs, 4i to 'ljc.
HOGS—Packers are still paying 8i
per pound for best weights of hogs
delivered Heavy and light weight*
ins* jc lower ilinn choice,
Mil,ill COWS—Prices nre firm at
$80 to **iri each, according tii qiiai
HORSES—Trade is now confined ti
ii limited demand for ifs-nernl purpose
horses, for whii'h prices still nil.
high, Good tennis of wssrk horses
.irs* worth "?3i>o tsi Slo". according
to weight and qualit)
Two  ftlrds. ;
A littlo bird h:iI on a limb,
Ansl In' ii.'" vn,;. nily sinning!
Tlierc wns ntinlli  r little bird
That wasn't sls.iiiK unytlilnElnj.
\l   Use  t i'ii««i'ii«di.
"Yes,  he  wns !.\ iisl'.ed on hla birth-
"Whnt u coiucldencet"
Use Wells,'Richardson & Co.'s
Improved Butter Color.
Don't spoil the lisli. pure croons
that you have gathered for butt*ji'-
inakiiu; by using a common and impure butter color when you do youi
Wills. Richardson & Co.'s luiprov
ed Butter Color will KiVl" your Litter the natural golsien .I tine 'i'i! .u
ibis lime of the yeur, and ii neviii
lasies from the butter. Do not accept and use vile anil worthless i-nij-
-.tiiiitev At all limes insist upon
gettiug the kind that makes prize
butter. Sold by all druggists and
general dealers.
The eggs of fire-filles are luminous;
but thc young inset is have no liiilit-
uiviii)-; powers utoi. they are able to
Kind words are the brightest flowers of earth's exisier.ee: tliey make a
very paradise of the humblest home
that  the world rati show.
Minard's Liniment Cares Distemper.
Germany has 0.1 an avorage r?06
orchard trees tn the st are mile. i'(
these there Ore 83a ptum, 251 apple,
1 l.i  pear and   104  sherry.
l.coole suitor unioiil uitserj day ait er flat
•.villi headache, There Is rest neither da*,
rn- nicht. until t lie* nerves ore oil un-
■ trims: The can**.* i-. uoiiL-rullv st di.'i-
ordercd stouisxch. and a aire can bo ef-
ii-.u-sl bv lbmibi; 1'armelee'a VenotabU
Pills! conlalning Mandrake and Oande-
iini Mr l'ininv Walk Lysander, r u
writes : "1 fnisl Parmelee's Pills « nrst-
.lass  nitii'le  for   BiliOUS  Heodaclie."
No great characters are formed in
his world without suffering and srll-
Stsshin.   sisvs :    "Mv  eleven   yeur  old   bov
had  Ills fusil   biisllv   Injured  bs belnsr  run
over   by   h   car   pn   the   Street   Railwov
We  Ht   ones  a aiiiiiuei.ceil   buthing. the  foot
with Dr 'llu.inns' Kilntiio nil. when "he
• I'ssiiloriitiisti ntul ilu' swelling wns removed and in nine days he could use bis
loot We always ksvu a bottle in '.he
house r.-.'ii.   for anv aMiiergency."
The largest bean-fieM In the world
is in Southern California, it covers
1,500 acres, and it takes -10 tons of
lienns to sow it^ ^^^
Ifliiard's Liniment Cures Garget in Cowl
ITo that cannot forgive others
breaks the bridge over which be must
pass himself; for every man hns need
to be forgiven.
This town ran boast, of a few nice
young men unci quite ti  number   ..(
ratty i iirarette holders.
We attract hearts by the qualities
we display;  we retain  them by  the
allium ies Wa' possess
When you fret and fume at the
petty ills su' life, remember that tho
wheels     Which     go     rounsl     without
croaking last ihe longest.
/►SM    ("-OR
Oellolous flavor.     Free trom hullo.    V'**rrante<*l Fare,
Put up In all sirssd paokagea.
•HI u i-» K a r I km i-i
km now miiis'staoturoii, tha great Family Flour.
Insist on getting " OQILVIE'S," as they ara batter thaa the
MAVK    NO    "£QUAl..
jffil, /Utnty (CtvrtJu^ tr i*
.':.■■■    -•->;«.'."• •; .*■'•*.,-;>. . -.~a   -.-?•-*;'   hi."-*--*<M-/-f'   -...v-. „      v."..
It nsisv be only ii trifling cold, but ni'sr-
lcct it nnsi it «i!l insleii its fangs in
vour ltiin.*K. ninl vn l will be carried tis isn
untimely grave in tin** country we have
■nuhim changes siml iiuisi expect to have
couftha ninl colds, Wo cannot avoid
ibi'in. but wo can effect n cure by usliis
[tickle's    Aiiti-i'iiiisiini|itivi*    Syrup,   the
medlcbM   Unsl   bus   never   been   known   1'
fnil  in   curing euiieiis   s-oiiiH,  bronchltl."
mill   nil   nlTectliins   of     tbe   thront,   Hints
sibbiI   ilie.Mt	
The Philippine Islam's suffer terribly from Leprosy.     There nre full*,
13,000  lepers     now     in   the  various
Unless the soap you
use has this brand and
is this shape you are
not getting the best
Ask fssr thc Octagon Bar t"i
It Is %urv mn eh stronsjer ansl thi.k.r than any silhs-r (tarred ur l.ullillnpj
p(s{l«r. Tt lis Impervious to wlnd.ltBi-im out siobl, keeps lis heat, carries no smell
or odor, absorbs uss molsturs*, Imparls r.o tn.«te or CBTsir to asiythlng with
which lt csinses lis cuiitsu t. It Is larftelj- u»eit sso» only for Sheeting booses, bat
for Unlne OOlsj   storage   bullslliip*.,   refrlei.ratsis-s,   slals-li'i.,   ers amerls-s,   and  all
{slaves where the Disject ls to keep au even  and  nnll'orm  temperatnra,  and at
be same time nvoldlug dampness.
Write our Agents, TKKS A PKRSSK, Winnipeg, for samples.
TKE E. B. EDDV CO., sUlsmlto-dl, MUL.L..
G> tTC
\4<-0GuL    Vvtr-oiPta
rl\tt\ AVVN
Our surest, prospect in life is death
Men And Women of All  Ranks
of Society Point to
Paine's Celery Compound
As Their Rescuer  From Disease and Death.
.Millions on this North Auun'i .an
continent know that Paine's Cel.'ry
Compound "makes sick people well."
I'nine's Celery Compound is to-duy
the popular medicine in the wealthy
and humbler liomes of our vast country. Tlio press has given this wonder-working prescription moro note,
prominence and praise than hns over
been givon to nny other remedy, snd
physicians ol all schools prescribe it
slai ly.
paine's iviery Compound has become popular and trusted because
its results s'xcs'b'sI its promises, li is
victorious over sickness and discuss*,
li offers hope nnd cheer to those
pronounced incurable by physicians;
it saves such from the grave, it is
the ono medicine, unfailing nnd all-
powerful that promptly brings true
joy and gladness to hopeless victims
and their anxious relatives nnd
it is well to remember tlmt one or
two bottles of Paine's Celery 6dm-
pound will, in the majority of cases,
banish tired feelings, weary anil
clouded brain, headache, debt.litj
constipation, nervou*rtii*»ls und sleep
lessness, which, if allowed to run un
checked, givo rise to serious ailment!
nisi diseases, If you nre rundown
over-worked, huv.* defective digestion nnd poor circulation, you will
obtain blessed results from this
'rriint! gystorh-biiildlng medicine.Ead
dose carries new life to nil the. woaV
• nd torpid organs of the body.
New hats sirs* responsible In n ureal
measure fo*  largd congregations.
Arrow   Lake,
These  miraculous  springs.
Minister to a mind dlsoassd,
l'luck trom ths memory a root«d sorrow.
Haze    out   ths    written  troablea •( th*
And with sweet oblivious antidotes
Oleanse the  stuffed  bosom ot thos* perilous studs
Which weigh hearlly upoa Kidney, Uvar
and  *-)tomach.
Therefore, all ye who suffer—QWe physic  to  the   Aoga;  have   aone ol It, bit
come and ba cured at
The Halcyon Dot Springs Sanitarium, B.C
TKRMS-S15 to «18 per week.
Drug Using.
Over   SOO.OO*
URE      ™'
lSa Osborne Stroot.
Onlv tinea-   win*, have   had  sxperienci
,-tin tell the tortura corns causa      I an
with vour hoots nn   pain with them on
min  nluhi   nisi!   slny :    l""   relief  Is sur
to   tVniMs*   Who   uss*   H.I linn ''l ■*"   ' "'"   '  ""
tAT       IM.     •_#.     »M»>.     -SUSS
Grain and Commission Merchant**.
niuhcst prices paid for wheat, oats,
barlev or flav ln carlots Wire or write
me for prices before selling:. Liberal
advaucrs made on consignments ana
handled on commission Licensed ana
r. O. Box, CSO, Winnipeg, Haa.
10 BNOODBAGB  IW USE  sre srlTingths
•olluwing prises tor competition at tbe Wia*
uipeg Ex'iiliitiois of IW3-
$176 IN GOLD
At Winnipeg
Exhibit lor*.
i*oi- the Heaviest Calf, nny nurss bread,
ir t'liisle liorn utter Use 1st Jmuuiiv.
I'.'-ti", feil on Carnafac Stock Food, ""IOC
ui  gold.
F,.r :i\v   si's'iinti  Heaviest    cnif.  u-.,.
nro breed, or irradi'. bom u-fli-r Ut (U
la.nniti'v. 1903 fed on Cnrnofa. l*Jlo"
Pfod, ?.->n In gold.
r,,r tii,- Third ii.'..\iv.-i  Call  anj pun
rued   or enide, born ittei   IM  o   Jnr
 :i    f<-fl  on   Onrnefac storl.    ■<■■■■
t:!S in gold.
nnlv   mn'  entry  wil!   bs  nlloweU    Iron
och' Farmer   or   Stockman,   bbiisI   stocls
a.-i   l.e exhibited  nt   the  Winnipeg   I *
Ibltlon. ,
I*. iili'tu-e iniist  in* lu'oilui'iil ist the time
:'  exhibition  to  show  that   tha siisiit.n;-
..-•' ie,! mi Carnefac Sunk Food.
Ci rnefac hns prsiven a' dsJfcWefl »uccesH
t In (ting   into    condition    ami    fntteninu
here   Other   foods  fall.    Send   for  leiiflet.
|. im*   the  views  of  veterliinrjiiiifl   ns   'o
■o  merits ol  Carnefac.   Thev all  spaas
highly of lt.
W, G. Douglas, Manufacturer,
Prlnouss Streot, Winnlpeo*
Vou can otitatn It from your deal.* <1
"HI Ji.U.BB'S«jS|l.    > lljtl s.   ss !S»JI. .
.. I» 111*.  I III
|   |
C. X. tsti-nrEaiKeALB, Editor and Prop,
is rnBLis-*BD avenv mssday at
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the lint insertion sml 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Trsnsient sdrertiiemsnti at lama rates
as lsgsl advertising.
locals will bs charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
Tha Subscription is $2 per year, st.ict-
iy in advance; $2.50 a year if uot so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 27tb, 1003.
A pencil mark in the spac*
Opposite wilt bs sa indicA-
' tion to yen that ys esjsitor
.oensidsrs thersis something
.coming to him on yoursub-
•sription. Kindly acknowledge   ia cash and oblige.
KDIT'lllIAI.    CROrriNsUB.
Having found the pressure of preparatory business too great, the gov-
eriiuiciit has "Dostpoiii*d the nieuthig
of the legislature from March 12 to
Thursday, April 2.
An excellent titbit of encouraging
news is to hand from Grand Forks,
John Manly annoiincsss he lias secured
W.OOO.OOO of American money to in
vest in mining, smelting and railroad
ing ia British Columbia. Once again
is the assertion proven.that Americans
are not afraid of our laws and that
capital has not ceased to flow into the
country.      <	
After ignoring British Columbia for
the last two years, the American smelter trust is again in tbe country, seeking to purchase all the silver-lead ores
offering. In a short time they will be
open to bid for zinc ores, too. English
bids for local ores are also coming in.
. This healthy demand, coupled with
much better prices in the metal market, is making Slocan inineowiiers
wear a more cheerful expression.
Nelson Liberals want the government to open the coal reserves in East
Kootenay as a relief from the sufferings endured by the country through
the operations of the Crow's Nest
Coal Co. They maintain there would
theu be no wholesale distress inflicted
on the people by au iadustrial dispute,
as the government would have no
other interest in view than that of
serving the public. He.ir, hear!
Monopolists, tnke heed and tremble.
Lent commenced on 'Wexliis'ssliiy.
A teacher is wanted for tlie school
at Winlaw's.
Rev. W. Simons preached in Trail
last .Sunday.
Mrs. T. Blench and daughter have
removed to the coast.
The force on the Fisher Maiden has
been increased to 20 men.
A social dance was given in the
Music Hall on Monday night.
Fred Carlisle is enjoying the lieau-
ties of DeFuniak Springs, Florida.
Rev. Mr. Ball, of Trail,occupied the
pulpit of Knox church last Sunday.
John F. Holden has left Congress,
Ariz.,and is now domiciled at Chicago.
Mrs. R. C. Campbell-Johnston aud
daughter went to Vancouver on Friday last.
Died. —At New Denver, on Feb. 20,
the infaut daughter of \V. Hunter, of
Mrs. Tipping and the balance of
her family left on Tuesilay for Phoenix to reside.
Don't forget the band intends holding their annual nntsc-iK'Hiili' ball on
the 17th of March.
The C.P.R. bridge gang came in
this week to construct a new apron
for tin* transfer slip.
W. J. Twiss. of Kaslo. was here on
Saturday, point ing out to men the uncertainty of human life.
Rev. Father Cote will hold service
in the Catholic church on Sunday
next, morning and evening.
Mrs. A. York, Mrs. W. D. McGregor
and Mrs. W.H.Davidson accsinipanied
their husbands to the coast on Monday.
Uucle Tom's Cabin was presented
in the Music Hall Thursday evening,
by the Wilson company before a big
The Provincial Mining Association
opened its convention at Victoria on
Wednesday, with 2ii0 delegates in attendance.
Snow sliding off the roof of tho
Beattie block, Tuesday, demolished a
shed in the rear and damaged the roof
of the kitchen.
W. Fifield was found dead in the
ore bins at tlie Trail smelter on Tins-
day .having Ix'i'ii killed by falling from
the staging above.
Tlie Ontario-Sloean Lumber Company have staked three line timber
limits on Evans creek.embracingsonie
of the most magnificent timber in the
-Richard Hall, M.P.P., a member of
the provincial executive of the Liberal
party, has issued a manifesto against
Joe Martin. He states a majority of
the Liberals, for whom he speaks, repudiates Joseph -lock, stock and barrel—notwithstanding that he is the
presumed leader of the party. Now,
Joseph, will you be good. Mr. Hall's
effusion, however, is merely -vasted
effort, for naught that he can say will
rob Mr. Martin of either his standing
or following.
A splendid class of settlers will find
-homes in the Northwest this year from
Great Britain.the prospects lieing that
their numbers will approximate many
thousands. To these will lx> added a
mighty throng from the United States,
whose presence is equally desirable.
Each people will make the highest
type of citizen, so giving Canada a
population that will benefit her in
every way. How different they arc to
the Doukhobors and kindred nonde*
scripts imported in years gone by.
Canada need not worry now for population. She can bide her time and
choose her settlers from the liest the
nations have to give.
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sunday, at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2.:'0 p.m.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.
Strangers snd young men
are cordially invites*!.   .   .
Slocan City Miners' Dm,
No. 62, W. F. of II.
Meets every Wednesday evaning
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
The oft-recurring trouble in the
British Columbia coal fields is causing
people to think seriously about some
means to end these disputes, and
opinions are being centred upon com
pulsory arbitration. All admit arbitration is the proper course to pursue,
but it cannot lie effective unless both
parties to a dispute are compelled to
present their grievances liefore a properly constituted tribunal, which will
have power to enforce its verdict.
Cpnpulsory arbitration is no now
thing, but is a tried and proven specific for industrial disorders, as demonstrated by New Zealand and Australia.
The measure is bound to come and it
is satisfactory to note that Greenwood
instructed hor delegates to the Provincial Mining Association to work aud
vote for it. British Columbia needs
compulsory arbitration nnd will have
Representing the strongest com-
panics doing liQisiness in Canada.
She new AfXIDENT POLIOT, with participation in prolts, covarinc sickness and ppriatiss-ns.
H. 1). CURTIS, Notary Public
Tablets --—^
cure sll forms of
Distress after sating
Soar Stomach
and bilious Headache
For sals at—
Aj-cnts for tlm Heinizican & Co.,Gerhard iloinizniaii, nnd Karn Pianss
A couple of Trail Chinamen are under arrest on suspicion of helping a
consumptive chum in a hurried manner along to the happy hunting
J. Pinchbeck has purchased the
stock of Mrs. Tipping and has opened
a first-class bakery and confectionery
stand. He makes a specialty of home
made and whole wheat bread.
Messrs. Morris nnd McCulloch, of
Nelson, have lieen quarrelling over the
question of doing tho engineering
work for the proposed waterworks
here. It was ventilated before the
Nelson council.
A carload of piping and shingle
machines arrived in for the sawmill
company on Sunday, from Vancouver.
The piping is being put up in the dry
kiln and the machines Installed in the
liig mill. It will not Im* long now till
actual manufacturing commences.
A successful carnival was held at
the rink on Tuesday evening. Miss
Woodman, as a Scotch Lassie, carried
off the prize as the best lady skater;
while Mrs. M. Reid, as Butterfly, won
for the liest costume. Dan Nichol, as
Hayseed Brown, took the blue ribbon
among the gents.
Pioneer Livery
.and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at tho
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Having opened a first-class
establishment on Main Street,
the patronage of thc public is
solicited for Home-Mime Bread,
Whole Wheat Bread, Cakes.
Pics, and a full Hue of general
1 4 I.aiiiVB's uf lire «rl for at.
full Wpifjlst and Osiallly
Slocan, B. C.
EDWARD VII. .by tlis* Grace sif QoA, ut the
t'siiti'si Kins; t-sai ssf Great Britain ssnsi ire-
land andof tllS British Dominium* Iseyoud
tlse S..a.«. King. Defender of tbs l'uith,
etc., etc., etc.
To Onr faithful the Memliers elected ts. serve- in
tlie Lswlslatlre Assembly ssf Our Province
Ot British Columbia, at Our City of Vic-
H. A. Maclbss, I W/MIKRKAS Wa-
Deputy Atlornoy-lienernl. \   vv     asesir    -osi>
slid ress.Isnd. lis soon bs may he. '.as meet llur
i-essplas of Onrl'roTinccof British i"silunibia..iiBsl
1st hns/** tbelr aslvice in Our Li-irinlatiiro:
NOW KNOW YK. that fur sliver* causes snsl
ciinsi'la-ratiain.-'. and tekin*f lata consideration
Ills- rasa* ansl conveyance of Onr I'lvinir Mihjci'*.-
We havis lli,nighl fit. by and with the a.lviie s.f
Our Bxacotlvt Camniil. to hereby convolio, nnsi
bv ll:s'.-o prt-eut-. enjisin you.ansl e.'ii'h sif yssis.
thai on 1 bursday, the twelfth alay i.f March.oiic
thousand nsiao hundred and three, you nsi'i-t l'.-
in Our sai't Legislature or Parliament ssf Our
laid Province, at Our Citv of Victoria, FOR
THE DISPATCH OF BUSINESS, to trsa.st.sl,,.
aet anal caiiicliule si|..ai thoso thins?* which in
Our Legislature isf the Province of Briti-h aCol.
unibia.  by   lhe  Common   Council of Our said
Province may,by tho favour s.f (-ixnl.be ordained.
IH   Testimony   Wiiebksif.   Wc have   cnuseil
these Our Letters to bs*. male Pnteut anil
the lirent Seal of Our said Province to be
hereunto affixed:
Witnesh. the Honourable Sin Hknbi llrs-
tave Joli  ibk Lot aroma, K.i'.M.ii..
Lieutenant-Governor sif Our saial Province
ssf British Columbia, at Onr Uoiernnieii!
House, in Our City a,f Victoria, in Our saiil
Province, this thirteenth slay of February,
io ths* year sif Our Lor'! one thoutiiinsl nine
hundred end three, snsl in the thirl year
of Our Reign.
By Conimaud.
Deputy Provincial Secretary
EDWARD   Vn., by   the   Grace  of (Ml,of (be
Cnitesl Kingdom asf (iriail Britain nn.l lie-
laual asial of the British Dominions beyond
this Sea-. KlMi, Defender of Ihi, Faith.
etc.. etc.. etc.
Tai Onr Faithful the MimbbIxts elected  to serve
in the Legislative A-sembly of Our  Pro
vine.' of liriii-h Columbia, anal summoned
airl onlle.l to a maotlna of tin' Legislature
a.r Parliament of Our saisl Provim-sMil Our
I ily sif Victoria, am Thur-diiy.thc IXth day
of Birch, one thousand nine hundred ana
tbrae, to havo Man commenced and held,
anal s>vsTy a,f ysm,   (",:i.i:timi.
li. E ALLEN,
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
J. I.
B. C
a a. sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. C
in of
BY-LAW NO. 17.
A By-Law to authorize the borrowing ot money
tor the purpose ol granting m bonus to thc
Oniarlo-Slotan Lumber Company, l.liulttel,
and lor that purpose to provhie tmr tht Issue
ut d.tttnturts tor tha turn et $10,000.00.
\\' 11EREAS it is advisable thst tiie Corpora*
*' linn of lhe City sif Slocnn shoulil grant a
bonus to the Onttirio-Slocnii LuiiiIh r Company,
Lii'iile'l. for the promotion sif the nioiiufucture
of lumber within the saisl Municipality:
An 11 WHi'SiEA*- ths 'aiil manufactory is not
Intended to compete wills any Industry or undertaking already established and carrying on
Its operations within the Municipal limits of
tIsa- Corporation ot ths saial City:
AND WHEBEAS for tin- purpose aforesaid it
will he necessary tis issue debentures of the soisl
Municipality for ihe sum of $iii,ijVO.bjo ns hereinafter provided (whieh Is the amount ssf the ilsbt
Intended to be created by this by-lawi, tlse pro.
c.'S'is asf tlie saisl debentures to bo applied to tlie
purpose aforesaid and to no other:
ANH WHEREAS it is deemed desirable tsi is-
Buetbo ssi il debentures nt one time oust tss mnke
tlie  principal of  the   soisl   ilebt repayable by
yearly sums during the period of tan years, being the currency of the said debentures, saisl
yearly sums being of sucli ra'spictiie snsiounts
that the aggregate amount payable in each year
for principal and interest in respect of snid debt
shall be as nearly os possible eiiiBtil las th*
an 1 > || .0 payable iu each of the other iiinu
ft    . of said period:
AND WHERE \B the total amount required
to be raised annually for paying tlie said debt
Bnd interest as hereinafter provided is #1,I«X).0(I:
AND WHEREAS tlie amounts of the whole
rateable renl property of tho snisl City, accord'
ing to tho last revised assessment roll thereof,
is snri.m.i.n-.
llainlllen, Hamilton  Fractional, .Ilisssle,
Tuiiiiilii, anil  Itlosseut  I-rucMonnl
Mineral Claims.
Situate in tlie Slocnn City Mining Oiri-
sion of the West Kooti'iuiy Hibtrict.
Where located :—On Springer creek,
adjoining ihe Ottawa mine.
TAKEKOTICE that I, Archie Main*
warliig-Jolinfaii, acting aa agpiit (or A.
Urnce Coleman, Frw Minor 1 Cerllficate
No. B&9936. Intend, sixty slays Irom the
slate hereof, to apply to the Mining Uecorder for certificates of improvement,for
the pin pose of obtaining Crown grants
of the nliovo claims.
And further tako notice thnt action,
under section .17, must ho commences!
liefore the Issuance of such ceitificutosiol
Dateil this -2-11h dav of Decemlier, 1902,
Alex, Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Tim-ber Notice.     "
VTOTH'E is lierehy given thotthirty ds,,.*   I
il    slot,   I  intern! to apply to t,,.   V'"'*'
Chief Coromlnsioner of Laud, * Work, .!>
toria, ll.C., for a special license tn rut m,a,i10.
..way timber from the „.....-.Mh| ,.,..,,,■,*.
binds: Commencing at a post merited W m
Tiiilhopo s ssnitliwest corner psist, .lini.?'5*
thoiiisrtli sisle of the south brunch    **"""
isio isssrsss !.sBB« os use souin Drniich of v.
crenlt, obout'tv/o miles from thu forks-till!1"
east. 1«1 chains j tlienco south 10ehaln,i ifi!5?
west ICO chains! thence north (0 chaUu SJSl
olnce of commencement, containing mii'ncres
Doted this 18th day of Febroary.JKO.    *?•■
Timber Noti-*eT^~"
AND V>*HKBEABthere Is no existing slehen-1
tore debl of the sold City end no principal or in-
terest in iirreor:
i.amisa. Fraction! Hlin, Itoae nsid i.Fgsii
Mini. 101 llsii ihs.
Situnto iii the Slocnii City Mining Division of the West Koolemiy District
Where located!—Five miles np first
north fork of Lemon creek,adj.lining
the Violot mineral claim.
TAKK NOTICE that I, W. S. John-
eon, for mvself, F.M.C. BQ0721; nmi ns
agent for W. J. Johnson, F.M.C. WW722J
A. S. Johnson, F.M.C. BS972S; Frank
Dick, F.M.C r.5«>777; J. E. TatterFall,
F.M.O.B69708j and A. R. Bolderston,
Free Miner's Certificate Xo. Ito'tSliO,
intend, sixty days from tint slate hereof,
to apply t tho mining recorder for certificate!! of improvement, for thc pur*
im.--' of olit.iining Crown grants ol the
ahove claimi.
And further tako notice that action,
under section 37, iniiMt he commenced
liefore tlie issuance of such certificates of
Dated this liith dav of Jaanarv, liK)*?.
LT.l Oil '  W  B. J'll'ISSON
"JUKE NOTICE that thirty days afterdst,
I     intend to apply to the Hon. the Chl»( (",
ini»sii,iier of I.niids & Wa.rks at Victoria 1117
for 0 special license to cut anal corry nwny i'im
ber fram the fouowing described landi; \\Z
menolng ot 0 post on tho north side ol the south
branch sif K. un-. creek, neor tlie westerly bouti
sliiry ssf W. H. Tuslliope's locotion, unsl naarkiS
8. ( beat's nssrtlseast corner psist; thenes nuuiS
111 chains: theme west liill chains: throes sorts
10 chains; thence eust ICO chains to |.|„c„„i
issisiiiii'iii-i'iiieiii, containing illn acres.
Doted this 19th day of February, lUCi. "
Timber Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty diyil*Uf
dote I intend toapply to th" lia u'„, |,„(
Commissioner of LaMSsV works at Victoria,!
C, for a special license to cut ami carry sm
timber frssm the following dewrilsal Uml).
Conisneiicingut a post marked Howard Chsw'i
usirtbeast corner psist.situatod on the 10.rib side
sif thia south branch of Evans crea-L. >i.-iir tlse
westerly boundary sifS. Chow'slocati'iu; limnci
south mi clsains; tnetice west HI) chains; ihenre
north .SO chains; thence east Hil ctuiin*- t,, jihica
of commencement, containing s>kl acres,
lialosl this 20th day of Vebrunrv, 1903,
Furnishings _^>
I \l"H i: 1!
11 T>   meet!
H. A. Mas I.KAS, I \\" li B 1! B A S the
Deputy Aitairiiev-iii-iieriil j vv   roeetlngbf the
I,esK'i,|iiture sir  Parliament asf the  l'niviiii'f of
ilnii.-h Columbia stands calis*sl f*,r Thusfsday,
the iwelfth slay of March, ons- thousend aloe
hundred and three, at which timo, ot Our City
of Victoria, you mn held and ostnistraiiied tsi
NOW KNOW YK. that  for divers causes Bind
considerations, and taking Into consideration
the ease and cotiYonionee a.f Our lo*/lng subjects
We liuve thollirlit lit, by and with the ualvire of
Onr Kxecntive Council of llu, Province of Ilrit-
is!i f'olssinbia, to relieve you. arul ena-h asf you,
asf your attendance at ths time nforesoldi hero*
by convoking, and by ilia's.* presonts enjoining
you. ami   each  of  yon. that   on Thnrmlsay. lhe
second 'lay of April, ons* thousand nine hundred
ami three, you meet l's in Onr Lssgislgturc or
I'nrliainent of the said I'raivinre, at Our I'ily sif
to treat, do. aci and conclude upon tho-i* things
which, in Our Legislaturoof Uie Province of
British Colombia, of the Common Council <>f
Our-ail Province may, by thu favour of Ood,
be ordained,
In  Tkhtihonv   Wiikhkoi-, We  have  mused
these Our Letters to be mude Patent and
tha- Urcat Saul of Our -aial Province lis lie
hereunto afflxsMi*
Withhsi the Honourable Sir Hajnu (lis-
TAVa J.n.v ni'. Lsbtiiiniukb, K.C.H.O..
l.ieutenaiit Qovernol of Oursuiil Provincs.
of British t'oluiuliia, at Our llovernnu'iil
House, iu Our City <»f vlotorla, in Our said
Province, thi- nineteenth day ssf February
in lbs* ya-ar asf Onr Loral oue thousand ninn
hundred and three, and In the third year
of Our ReigUa
ity Command,
Deputy Provincial Secretory
AND WHKHKAS a petition pray ing that this
I .'.-law be Intfoducod and SObmilts'sl to this elec
tors   isa" been   presented   to   the   Mill's  unsl
i s uicil of the said City, which petit ism Is sign*
esi by the owners i' mora than one-tenth of the
value . I the ri.'l property I as shown by tl.e last
revised assessment r..i! i in the -"id City,
THI'HI'KOIU* tl.e Municipal Council of the
said ("ity of Blocan enacts as follows:
1. For the purposo of raising Use necessary
rnm, debentures of the sai i City to tbe amount
of fUtfioOM ns aforesaid, lu sums of9100.U0oacb,
shall La- Issued ou the8th slny of April, A. 11.I'll:'..
each of whish debentures shall bs inti*-l on tbe
duy of tbs Issue lh reof. and they shall be pay- I
obie as follows*—*
Ten of the said debentures shall lie payable
one year,tea two years, ten threeyi'ars. t^n four
yean, ten live years, ts*n six years, ten -even |
years, ton eight years, ten nine year-, and ten I
ten yen r*, from the date herein mentioned for
ibis by-law to take effect, al the Royal Bank ot I
Canada in Nelson, B*X'„ or at such otber bank
air place as may hereafter be agreed upon by the j
said Corporation and the debenture holders.
2. Each of tho said debentures shall be sign*
ed by the Mayor of the said City ami by the.
Treasurer thereof,and shall be sealed with the
csirpssralB. -an! aif the Municipality,
3. The said debentures shall be repayable j
without Interest.
1,    I) iriai; the currency of the -nisi debentures
'here -hall bo rai*"ial nniiually by o special rale i
on oil  the rateable  r.-«l  property   in  the -aiil
t.'iiy tlie sum of (U'300'o, fair the purpose of pay-
lag tlie amount able in s'uch of tin1 .-aid years for
principal and interest in re-pert of tbe -aid
.1. It Shall be lawful for tho Municiiul Council from time to time tai repurchase nny of the
-aial debentures at such price as may be agreed
upon will, the legal holder! thereof, and ill tin.
debentures so purchased *-li.slI be cancelled, nnsi
no re-leene of such debenture shall be made in
eonss*a|iicncc ssf any Sttob purpose,
0. Tliis by-law shall take s'ff*'B t ssn the Sth slny
of April. ISOt, after it has ra'ccivesl the assent ssf
the electors of the saisl city in manner provided
by law.
1. Tlm votis asf tlie els-ctors sif soiil City shall
lie liiisen on  this bylaw at the following Inns'
add place, thai Is tsi say, on Tuesday, the lid
alay of Marsh next, I'omniencinsaT sit the hour of
eight o'clock in the forenoon ami oontlnnlng till
four o'clock In tho afternoon of lhe slims* day,
at the City Hull. Slocnn, H.C., hy the following
retaining officer, that . to say i It. I. Hem ley.
City Chirk.
Dame and passed  in Council tliis dny of
February, A.D. l'tn*).
Recoil-Lie real iliis slay of February, A.11.
Received tlse assent of more than three -fifths
of tlie electors nsi ins: for or UKninst tliis by-law
this day of March, IIKI.1.
Finally possod ond adopted this sloy sif
March, A.D. IM,
• i.jli. Miisrssssl (lulls,.
Situate in tlie Slocnn City Minin*" T)ivi-
• inii o! the \Ve«t Rabotenajf Dirtriat,
Where  located:—On Lemon creek,
1 *-j miles f:om tiie nioiltli.
Take notice that I, J. M McQresjor,
aclinj.' as nirent for \V, 1». Mclntoeli, K.
M.C. No. K72882: 0. s. Raxter, F.M.C.
No. n~0t(*B-f, nmi 1\ W. George, free
miner's certificate No. 1151340, Intend,
sixty days from thesliite hereof, to apply
to the Mining rUCOider fur a certiflcate
of Improvements, for tlie purpose sif obtaining a crown grant fur the above
Ami further take notice that action,
uniler section i'7, must be commences!1
lo'foic the issuance) of eueh certificate of
Pated this 12th day of February, 1W3
27*203 J. M. HfSUREOOR.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why ba without a ranes wlial
you can get ona so cheap ? Thei
are prafrrralile to stoves a nd gi vi
better satisfaction. .Tlies** rnnpsi
burn wood or coal and will Is
set up frae.
H. J.
City Clerk.
TsUvK NOTICK that thn above is a true copy
of the proposed by-law nptm whieh the vote sif
lis,. Uunlelpallty will ba* tnlsen nt the City Hall,
HloeiiBi. ll.C., sm Tuesday, tlio Srd slay of March,
,\.I1. llUKi. Issitweasi tins hour" of S'inht o'clock in I
the forenoon ansl four o'elook in the uflcruoon.
Clsrk of thu Council. |
Do You
Want a Home 1
Then come to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spot** on thin
earth of ours. LevelneeW,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting-Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed bv
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tai* v
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality*


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