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The Slocan Drill 1904-05-06

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 \()ii. V., No. 6*
SLOCAN,   B    C.,   MAY   0,   1904,
$2.00 PEN ANNUM.
our own
Dennison's Passe Partout Binding
in assorted colors
25 cents per roll, of large size
ruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
MEETING   OF   COUNCI&I extension
He Will Proaeoutu n Vlgoroui Cnmfnlstl 1 lac*  Dog* -Government  V% ill
Amiisi in i.nuking Aficr Bridge Over
tin* River.
1 the messhouse, and a
The latter will have au
accommodation [or 85 men and will
!)'• comfortablv fitted up. A full force
will be be, '
this summi
pt, employed at tho mine
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle tlie
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
k. C. SMITH,
Just to remind you
that we carry in
stock a large assortment of
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Our prices will interest you.
Give us a trial order.
SLOGAN,   B.   C.
L. fl. KNOWLES, r>ropriettr.
[riiis-popular h-'.tc! is ei»nvenionl to the boats ami trains.   The dininc; roi ni
Is s'oi isilv upto-date while tho bar is&uprlled with the best iu tho market.
Travelling men, using Sample Ivooms, $2 50
v. itliuni Sample Koonis,$2; lioard ;•**' per wt-ek*,ni( n
r d.iv
1 "."
Just received a car of Ogilvie's
Hungarian Flour—the best In
Canada.   Here are our prices:
[100 pound sack,       -.----
150 pound sack,       ■       -       ■       ■
P5 pound sack,
Try a Sack.
$3 *3**>
Great stuff.
avid Arn<
Agentfor Steel-Briggs Seeds and Slater Shoes.
Henderson and Worden weie
jotees from the regular uieet-
council mi .Monday
v i'
■Wg  '"■ .      , ■   .
uight.       "   ^lm
Hills |,i,-a. iiirilt'Cj. A. Ibadshaw,
four months' renl of citv ball, S3 Ij I'.
Long, work on Springer ere ik, $1.60j
T, I). Woodcock & Co., supplies, $5<*
40.   Ordered paid.
The mayor stal ! thai Boad Inspector Mo .. ■ bad been in during the
week andh id lo il I al ilu-foot bridge
over tho ri.. 1* nnd had arranged witli
tho eity for the eiu'a ol it during tin*
high water, Tbe Rovernmenl would
bear on • half the exp ra >. The aid*
erm m agreed tli 1 arrangement would
be satisfactory,
Aid. Smith, !' it tbe committee on
bylaws, reports I that the city solicitor
had advised them nol to repeal the
pound bylaw, but toappoint a pound*
keeper so as to collect in dog taxes.
Aid. Teeter thought it would ho a
go ."I idea ! ) retain th - stock
owners then ran their own risk in al-
I iwing animals t.i roam.
The mayoi 11r.' ..', .1 appointing a
man to collect the dog tnxes, and pav
bim on commission.
Aid. Teeter inquired of the clerk ii
ho would undertake the duty. The
latter replied thai he would, on a basis of ten pi r <■.,. .
Aid. Tit; " and Madden then mov-
e ! the app iinl n mt ol  Mr. Piachbe •'.;
ti   poundlii ep ir, be to h ivo a coihmis-
ion of t.-:i p ir c ml  ol   the r iceipta
from dog tax.s.   Carried,
Aid. Smith for tha lire, water and
lighl coini ■■. ■ ■ 1 ported in favor <•■'■
ill iwin r ii 1 fire ' ,; fad to pr wure a
grappling ho ■'.. Vreaded tu by th I
council, $10 boin : a ! iwe '. for tht} pur*
' Alii. Teeter, forth   h    rdof ivo; ■
1   ir the' protective works 0:1 Spiia
M■•':''., •■ on a.
Swan havin • th*> jo ■
Couu ;il actio iru •!.
Whole Bn.lncia Portion ot the Town la
A mosi disastrous fire visited Pernio
on Friday morning, the business portion of the town lieing practically
wiped out, involving a loss of close to
55750,000, with insurance aggregating
S ' < 1 I, The Are originated in, the
store ol ilichards & Co., general merchants,
Tho Qames quickly spread north,
reaching the Victoria Hotel, The
volunt ir iire brigade was quickly at
work, bul owing to the low pre.—ure
in the m;.ins it was impossible to
throw n stream over a one-story
building. Tbis misfortune was a signal for tlr' doom of the town, and
every effort was made to save the contents of the buildings in tho probable
track of the flam .*, but no rapidly did
they spread that it, was impossible to
save much in the principal blocks
north from the Central hotel, on Victoria avenue, which was soon lire
swept on both sides to the Northern
The (ire was discovered about 8,80
a.m. an.l it wa* five hours later before
the Qames wero under control. A deep
gloom wa* cast over tho town, but
many of tho merchants are preparing
to rebuild with brick. Besides the
stores, ; ix hotels were burned, the
English church, Bank of Commerce,
and the Coal Co.'s offices.
Are Dp In a'.rsn.
Rel iii ;:i v b    I   I     m fa t'j ■ co;
U'\ an up in ain.s ,■   10, I the il
sion of the railway   m ikiu ; Kc3
ti , :;.;.,:'! " poii I     laiming   I 1 :
gives the wn .1" tier an nudn ■ a I
tage.   1 h • ei!" 1 will be to m r'u
cripple th • rel iii -rs ei m il :t do
dnv ■ them oul    il  h 1 lai is,    Du in
IA Spri
1 Pointer
Nothing delights the
eve moro than a lino
fitting, up to-date,
stylish suit of clothes
A new selection of fine
Grey & Black Worsteds
of the latest designs
•jttst   boen   received.
a Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing
dorn- on the shortest notice.
Agent for Canada Tailoring
Co. Suits to measure from
$12 to 185.   Cheap suite.
Main Street, Slocan, B.C.,
Store:   Next door to Postofflce,
Death of Thni. Smith.
i'i ath cain s as a m ireiful rolii f on
,'. ..: lay aft irnc in to Th ■ 1. Smith,wh •.1
bs3 been an occupant of tbe hospital
for lh •   past   Bi it bu   month *.   The
pt   r old r. ■■, '■■. 1   ! oen a gn it ■ nfi ir
-,.'   ■:. ,-. ultiii ;• at In I from n com
:;:,.; Son of di    ises, at tbe age ol si!.
1 a • iai:'. ral took p] • ■  'rom tho hospital   ;' ■  d iy  aU- . iii on,   Rev.   Mr.
itl.o     atiu '•    i> ■ . :  ■ I u . i beeu
,',., 1 ! for yoa s on. th   '■   ,'.':■... l.i
!.■-•' [ob 1 ■ um ;a oa th ■ ■■
at iu ,.•'.      .    Helen*     an aged wi!
,i-. i   a :.:.'..': id 1    :. i..   I 'all   led Kit-
cum tiini    .
C'l-iil. Work Prooeodliijf.
;: irvey Fife's contract for the pro*
•;,.' ,.• rk ,.- S})riugi ' en ik expii'ed
ou thc :-t. with   it au ■ thin ; Cm th r
0 :.; ; dono,   The cil .■ forfeited the
-a mini ■ • i. 11 !   pui up by th ■
ractor and hh bond men, v i'i ih
,• is made go iii  by turning ov< r fhe
work done 1 nil fchepil is on hand. The
eontracl  w 1    Iheu  awardod to  Pete
tbo 1 t4t\i   v a-i.- t! Swan aud D nc  rfcPherson, the uext
organizi ifor solf-protecliou and ai    lowest tendwei-s, they Btnrtiug in c:i
bombarding t!i- railwayi   with peti   the work Tuesday.   They will enden
lions of pro! ■• '.   If the idoi it pr     vor to cover tho dangerous spots be-
vail the  retailors will establish 11       fore high water comes.
■        I       , |.        .,,. ■ 1        , ' a,', •'
Hntoball nn.l rootuull.
A meeting ef sporting enthusiasts
was held at ii. A. Cleve's place, Mon
day night, wheu it wa 1 d ■ ided to or-
tni ■• Loth a football r.nd ';. 'ball
club. J. D, McD 111 t!.l was cho n
captain of the baseball team and Wm.
Hicks of ib' football, with Angus Mc-
\ ii a;.- as 1 ei:' itary. They with Mes-
;-. Met :iii and Mi Cord will rorm the
executive oul il of both club3, Th 1
intention is t 1 enl.a' a team trom each
club at the New Dcuvorcel ibration on
Nelion It Happy.
\. Is inhnsb en m id • n distributin .
point by the Great Northora aud Can
ndiau Pacific railways and given cor
responding   i-atos.   The  wuolesnlci'
01 tho ci 3   have b mu agitating for a
! .'. .• timo I .    cu  ith  i- mcession, •
offecl ',• ill 1 md to in ike N'l.oii the
wholesnl • centre for I i. 1 Kooteuays.
It will also tend to increaso tin- num
We don't want to trade there any more,
you'll bo sorry when yoa see us going
in sou*'* otlier store. You can't .soil us
iny stale goods, we have opened wide
our eyes; we don't want to trade at
your store, because you do not advertise."   Amen.
SIiiciiii Hlflii Club Defeat* Now Dearer on
TupmIii j-.
Now Denver's rifle team came down
on Tuesday to shoot off the return
match due the loeal boys from last
May. The visitors found themselves
outclassed,Sloean winning the contest
by 13 p-'inls. Tlie day was not favorable for big scoring for,wbile the lighl
was fab'ly good, the wind along the
river was very fitful, placing the visitors In particular at a disadvantage.
Six men a sido only  shot, as the local
men  ware  shy  one or  two of their
regular artists. A. E. TaylM and W.
.-). Drewry came down with the Denver fellows as spare meu, Aft." the
match,which was witnessed by a lar] 0
crowd, a complimentary supper was
tendered the visitors at the Arlington,
followed by a programme of toast;,
speeches and BOUgs, and a real jolly
time was put in, the guosts stating
they had thoroughly enjoyed their
visit. Tho'scores made are as under:
200  noo  600
Geo. Nichol    25     81     22
B. McGarlone    Ut    ls    24
J. McVicar    24     27     24
-I. Milne    2.".     22     26
Dr. Cade     16     lli     20
P.Dick    26    21     Ki
Total, 409.
110   138   181
New Denver.
A. Thompson.,
,;. B. Garrett..
V,'. .! iTery....
W.G. Brown..
D. McLachlan.
16 12
27 13
I'i 26
20 22
19 23
*,'■) 22
155   123   US
oth •• follow ? enli
own wno
ting oul  tir
ft ha.* alw.ty , beon claimed thn
Nel: on v, hole ilei    were nothin ; 1 :
than retailers in dis   1
*.,..:: Ing  I Ue] ' 'nil.
Tom Waring cam • cl iwn frot 1 I
Myrtle on  Monday, n id 1 tai   !  tli
wero making e: 1 elle I b 1 idn iy wi
their !oi!',r crosscut.   !: \< i'-. npi
of 350 feet leaving92feel vet tod
Chirty-I vo  feel  more will brin r the
l.i'   nnder the sh ift.   Soon n 1
will have to bo driven fi t      in it  is
getting somewhat stuffy lu tii ■ 11
ingi".   The ground bai bee ■■■■■ ■ sofl
npparentl.i b ling pari of n hu - ■ rein,
fully 200 reel in width.   0 Id bun
of galena, zinc and  iron are bein   -
countered, and th 1 0 men     ,       to
utriki t'i • i.ia'-i ore    '.   to 1    tli   I   ■•
K   -I
YTtt! of Juni
One >!..
Tohi^ '.'"'i.
Majority t >r Slocau, 18,
«)u .Saturday last the 1 »cal club held
their regular practice shoot, making
\h ■ : -.:,...oi"-: :ores:
2'.)) 500 609 Total
i  McVkvir....
...    2o
• '■■■ 1 Nichol...
..    .".:
J. Mil    	
..    21
P.  Dick	
..   26
.1. Tippi 13....
Dr. Cade	
. .    2.:!
R. Chri ;:.'....
...    lit
l.iiHt Tear'i SliliiTiiciilH Wm  1830 Tons—
.". Healthy uvlflcnee of tin* i.iro  nud
Wealth of tin. Ciiniii-Eiitpiprlsi* tho
Blxeeat Shipper.
A carload of ore was shipped out
this week by the Enterprise to Trail,
raising its output to 200 tons and
once again placing it in the lead. The
Ottawa is moving ore and will doubt*
i. 'have a car out next week. Tho
Neepawa has a carload to go out and
the Alberta stuff is still to be handled.
To date exports total 492 tons.
For 1903 the uru shipments from
the local division amounted to 1889
tons, made lip from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this yoar to date:
Keepa wn ...
Port Hope..,
Black Prince
r..u'i:k Fel...
Oil ^1 ar,. t lull',',<'.
Still another bu due 1 chan
taken plan in town since Li-t
Aid. Worden has di po ■ I 1 f i'i  di  )
outfit and ageuci ■■ to Jame   Rac, wh 1
«^ I bas beon In bis employ for tlie ]    *
_ J I yoar or so,   'I be .surplus hoi
in freight!n j will b 1 shippod to < 'al
u'.iiv, wliiihei'   Mr. Worden   and lib
wife will  remove about May 15.   i! 1
and his brother bave prospering business Interests in that city.
Oonrt ur lleiUlnii.
On Monday last II. P.Christio, the
collector of vote for tii" Slocan ri lin '*,
1'Id  his semi-annual  revision ol  the
voters'  lUt.    It   was  a  nu-ve  routine
proceeding, no one appi arin • to ti ■■■•
any pari  therein,   Tne u lines of lhe
ftjfi now voters added wero published two
jo| weeks ago,   Nonoof the dead voters
V or removals from the province -
J^} taken oil the li-t.
oiinwii'*. \,.» Rutlillngi,
llaiv.-y Fife and D, S. McVannel
K started work the latter part ol last
g§ j week on tho now 'buildings nl tho Ot*
raSSKKSSSSSKS Tbey consist of an officii,.
I, r of whi
housi s and add to th>•
luisin ss of those established.
Caiumenetid in li Ing I ogt.
The O. S. Lumber Co, commenced
driving Bonanza and Wilson ere ki
this week. P. Felton has a contract
on the former creek, there being 600,
000 feet of logs to come down. On
Wils in the company will do thoir own
driviug, running out 1,300,000 foet of
lo ■-. Theso wero all cut last yoar.
Care has boen taken to improve the
booms off Wilson creek, so a * to avoid
tli.- loss of last year,
N.ov I'.. Ighllng OutSt.
Mam Lou [ aad Grant Cos have assumed the freighting contract to the
Ottawa from Aid. Woi'dcu. Thej have
secured a number of heavy horses ior
Iho purpose. It is their inti ntlon also
to go iuto tho packing business, both
being well ,11 [uatnl ■!• with tho lay of
tho camp.
The Ver) l.n:.*.l.
The very latest thing oul reads thus:
"Wo don't ., nl to buy al jour place,
Pay op your subs 'ripti m.
,fi;.i ii il in co '.i.i^ al tli ■ Sunset,
\i ar'.  ' ly.
A;.at!, i'dairy has started in New
Denver, with C. Aylwin as owner.
McCallum .V Co. will ship their
stock of hardware to Cranbrook next
we ik.
Th* !'•* will shortly bo two more VR-
cani;■■.- on ' ' ■■'••' iinaiac aboard I*. ire
and one on th 1 school I) >ard.
Miss Coburn, the crack hockeyist,
b i  ned  ber position as Bchool*
fceucherin Silverton, and returned to
Victori 1.
Wo 1, Vallanc • \ Co. bavo purchase 1 tho 1 il i*upt hardware stock
of II. Byers, at Snndon, for 60 cents
ou t'; • dollar.
Slooan will Bend t-> Now Denver on
the 1!''. n bnnd, an orchestra, a rifle
I nm, a baseball team, a football team
au 1 many sightseers.
Of 66 a Is 1 nbli he 1 in the New
I )".;■. :■ Ledge, only six -emanat - from
that town   n n cord that remalu • un
■ ; lied nnywbor ),audonethal ou dit
to make the busiue • el mont thi ro
fool ..shaiD "I ol themselves.
Making I'.i*: Money,
The lo'.\ il.illo..)'-t Cold Dredging
1' 1,, operal ing on the tors of the Frn*
■ .■: liv.".'. at Lillooet, are making big
money. Mf. Amos, of that company.
state thnt their large dredge has pro
n p that it can handle 1000 cubic
vards ol diii every 21 hours, and suffi*
iinl work has uobn done and dirt
washed to warrant tbe statement that
tliecorapnnj is averaging $1000 per
dav. Tne company have subscribed
S20 1,000 amoug themselves to acquire
othor leases and build more dredges.
',!,. Buccess of tie* [owa*Lillooet
drodg ■ has caused considerable activity ill tho neighborbood ol LUlooel
and over 7'1 miles of the river have
beeu stnki i and leases applied for.
Silver Qnotntlont.
Following are the quotations for tor
silver on tbe various  days during the
week since last issue:
Thursday  66 cents
Friday..  M3    "
Saturday  541    "
I Monday  641    "
'I'lie-dav  643    "
Wedii. -day  643    "
Rossland'a ore shipments last week
rose to 602D tons.
Boundary mines last week shipped
12,604 tous of ore.
A carload of ore is being brought
down from the Ottawa.
Tom Tobin started work this weok
on the Dixie, Dayton creek.
• The Ivanhoe has contracted to ship
200 tons of zinc to Iola, Kan.
It i.s expected tho purchasers nf the
Kilo will commence development next
Tho force at tlu* Rambler has lx*?n
reduced, pending the repair of the
This is the month your miners' license has to bo renewed. Dou't overlook it.
Sandon camp shipped but <F> tons
ol ore last week, it coming from tho
Lead bounty money to the amount
of $121,000 has so far'been distributed
to mineowners.
With the damages from slides repaired, the force at the Sloean Star
has returned to work.
The revenue of the local recording
office for April was about the same as
the same month last year.
Advices from Vancouver state the
contract has lx>en let for the erection
of the zinc works at Rosebery.
Sixty men are employed at the
Highland mine, Ainsworth. In April
it snipped 320 tons of concentrates.
There is no hot air about thoso proposed zinc works at Hosebery. The
coinpanv is going right ahead with
During March the revenue of tbe
Ymir mine amounted to $19*280, tli'*
expenses $18,400, leaving a profit of
A two year loaso and a bond for
$20,000 has been lakeuon the Donnelly group, Sandon, by R. Watson and
.1. Young.
The 1 last month's devolopment on
tbe White Sparrow group, on Lemon
creek, has opened   up au encouraging
body of ore.
Tenders were Invited and wen* to
be opened laal night for th.- widening
of the sleigh road to the Ottawa to
wngon "!.
.1. Wiifer-and .1. Tl tiling started to
work in e une t this week on the Club
•.■roup, adjoining the Republic. A
large quantity of supplies were sent
Fourteen inches of eleon galena has
been struck on the Majestic group, on
Payne mountain, under lease to Fig-
ney & Wright.
The Monitor people have been surveying on Wilson creek for a flume le
their proponed zinc works at Rosobery.
A dam will be Installed two miles up
the creek.
Last week's Gazette contained _lhn
incorporation notice of the Washington mine, Ltd.,with a capital of $200,*
000 in $1 shares. It is a Siocnn corporation,
Pulp Worki for B.C.
ASeattle lyndicatc, known as the
Moore Investment Co., will immediately proceed with the establishment
of pulp works at Quatsino Sound, on
Vancouver Island. Tli** mills an* te
be completed and 111 opt ration by the
end of the year.
earn,-, I ,■»♦»♦»♦•»♦■»». ♦».«»*»♦■«•♦»♦■ ♦»11
Copyright, 19vs, bu T. C. McClure
"I don't want to marry him! So
thore!" The girl's rebellious frame of
mind showed Itself in every line of her
taut little figure nnd pouting face.
"Methinks the lady doth protest too
much," quoted her high school sister
mischievously. "I believe you have a
secret hankering, after all, Honeybee,
to try experiments ln melting Icebergs,
even English ones, which excel all other kuown varieties in general fiappe-
Bee blushed guiltily under Nell's Parthian shot and appealed te the other
member of this "quorum of the Carter
family committee," as Nell, the Incorrigible, styled these after breakfast councils.
"Mamma, you don't approve of these
International marriages cither. You
know you don't," accused Bee.
Her mother smiled amusingly. "I
think a man who haiin't t>et foot on bis
native heath during the entire Inst half
of his thirty yenrs '.-an hardly be said
to have all his nationality clinging to
hlm still."
"Yes; I told him Inst night when he
wns waiting for you, Bee," put In Nell
solemnly, "thnt I ifbnsidercd hlin quite
Americanized. 'By which you-nh-
niean civilized, I fnwncy,' he drawled.
'Preznctly,' I replied, sweef—
"Oh, Nell, you didn't show oft any of
your verbal corpses of murdered king's
English, nnd he so very correct ln his
speech!" broke ln Bee, quite horrified.
Then she sighed, returning to'tho ral-
son d'etre of this council meeting. " 'So
very correct'—that phrase embodies the
wbole life and personality of the Hon.
John Mountby, late of Britain, now of
Wall street He is so correct in his love-
making that it is not lovcuiaking nt
ail, only courtship. He takes me to the
opera, is properly generous ln the mutter of chocolates nnd violets and bestows upon me all the'attention that
the proprieties require ln n personally
conducted affair de—de"—
"Marriage," prompted Nell sympathetically. "That's just the trouble, eb,
ma chere? No occur in lt, Just marriage."
"Helen," remonstrnted her mother,
"wherever do you get such Ideas, I
wonder? It's quite improper, and you
only sixteen"—
"And never been kissed, which drawback we will now proceed to remedy,
morasy, dear," wheedled the girl, with
a coaxing expression on her piquant
face nnd a resounding smack ou her
mother's check.
"Don't be foolish, Noll," remarked
Mra. Carter, but with an unrcprovliig
twinkle In her eye. "This ls a serious
matter. Now, Beatrice, my child, why
don't you wish to marry Mr. Mountby'/
I hud rather hoped—lie is wealthy,
steady and sincere, with no bud habits.
'livery inch n man,' your father says,
with no frills about hlm"—
"That's Just lt, mamma. He hasn't
nny frills, und I like frills. Every woman does. She needs to be told she is
nii-e In order to keep her nice"—
"Is that why you're so nice to Larry
Moore's blarney?"* questioned Noll demurely. Bee and Larry always quarreled unmercifully. She ignored this
taunt and went on with dignity:
"Mr. Mouutby's face is always so Impassive, such terribly good form. He
Is so reserved nnd 6tnnd-ofllsh. He never gives compliments, except thc most
laboriously made for the pur ose ones.
He never says anything about love-
only wants u wife. He hasn't as much
sentiment us—as—Topsy here." And
Bee picked up her woolly pet and
burled her pretty faco and n hnlf sob
In his friendly silken coat. Topsy
showed his canine sympathy by licking the soft cheek, down which a tear
was furtively stealing.
"Well, dear," concluded the mother,
Willi a gentle sigh of regret, as she
arose to leuve the dining room, "you
need not marry nny ono you do uot
"Oh, I didn't say"— bpg(in Bee quickly, nnd bit her tongue, catching Nell's
merciless eye.
"But"— Mrs. Carter paused, with her
hand on the door—"remeinber one
thing, my daughter—men, even Ameri
can men—don't hang their best feelings
in the sight of all eyes."
"Hero endeth the lirst lesson," Impiously concluded Nell, "or Is it the
fourth or the seventh? How many
have there been anyway, Bee? There
was Tom aud Chester and Larry aud"—
"Well, I shall refuse this one anyway," rebelled the candidate for matrimonial honors. Aud the council
meeting adjourued.   .
Thut evenlug Jack Mountby came
for his answer. He wus tbe personification of good form, from his smoothly parted balr and boutonniere gardenia to his aggressively correct patent
leathers. His well inoculated voice
wus ns culm when he inquired for Miss
Carter ns though he had called for the
menu ut Sherry's. If he felt any trepidation over his Impending fate, he
certainly showed none lu his imperturbable manner.
This balmy spring evening Bee had
determined that the stage setting for
her haughty refusal of tliis Impassive
Englishman should be quite ln keeping
with the tragedy of the act Itself. So
she had directed Jenkins to send her
caller to the Lilac walk, her own particular bit of bowery green in the
grounds back of her suburban home.
She hnd made n studiously unstudied toilet on strict Melba at the spinning wheel models. Her simple white
gown shimmered ln the moonlight.
When she rose from the bench by the
Ivy grown sundial, an English Importation, and enme to meet him, Mountby
thought he had never seen anything
more lovely. It made him think of the
rising of the evening star. But nil he
said was a stiffly formal word of greeting nnd the old, old—
"How charming you look this evening!"
Bee hated the wornout phrase. It
wns nn added fillip to her wrath, and
she led blm vindictively to his doom
under the budding lilacs.
When it wns over she bQheld the Immovable, well bred face in the moonlight, no sign of nny havoc wrought
by her. She bade him a curt good
night, to which hurt vanity nnd stifled
love and longing gave an added hardness.
As she turned toward the house nnd
looked up to the light In her mother's
room she longed to throw herself into
thnt haven of refuge and burst into a
storm of tears. Hor mother's words of
tho morning came back to her, "The
deepest love remains unsaid." rerhtlps
nfter all he might have cared. Anyway she would walk for awhile under
the lilacs. She wont bnck slowly to
the scene of her carefully planned
tragedy. Somehow lt wasn't so dolefully pleasant ns the opera scene sbe
bad imagined lt would bo.
No, he had not gone. He was lean*
Ing heavily upon tho old sundial, and
his broad shoulders were shaking violently with the terrible, dry, tenrless
sobs of a man who bad gone down into thc deep. The girl hnd never seen
n man cry before, nnd lt frightened
her. All tbe shut-In floods of love and
longing in her tender little soul were
let loose nt the dreadful sight
She put her arms nbout his neck
and kissed the pale face, passive no
longer, but distorted with grief.
"I know It's n dream, darling, nnd
will fade in a minute," he whispered
brokenly. "But I wish to God I'd never wake again!"
"It isn't a dream, dear," she answered tremulously as bis arms closed
about her, "unless It's love's young
dream, and we need not wnke nt all."
When Monte-Christo Went Down.
The first day I worked like a Trojan,
only stopping nt 7 p. m. to snatch a
bite. At last at 8:15 p. m. the curtain
went up on tho first net, nnd the show
wus on. Everything ran remarkably
well until thc scene of tbe escape from
the prison. In tbis climax Monte-
Chrlsto is thrown ln the surging sen,
sewn up in n bag. As he strikes the
water he cuts thc bag open and, climbing up on a rock, the stage lightning
flushing nbout him, cries out above the
storm, "The world ls mine, mine the
treasures of Monte-Christo!" while the
spray of the ocean dashes over him.
Bight here was where I struck n
snag. It was the duty of the property
mnn to create thla spray by throwing
baiidfuls of rock suit out from the
wings over the shoulders of Monte-
Cbristo. That night the stage manager
guvc me a pall of salt nnd told me to
throw It over the hero the moment he
mounted tho rock, so, ns the curtain
went up, I stood, pall In hand, ln readl-
ne.-is. Monte-Christo made his appear-
un.'P, and at the stage manager's signal
I let tlie salt go—not a handful, but
the entire pull. Full In the actor's face
It struck, nnd straightway from tho
rock he tumbled, while tho curtain descended amid roars of laughter.—Leslie's Monthly.
A Dead Letter and m Lively One.
The world Is never tired of anecdotes
which bring out the play of fancy nnd
huhior ln the mind of Henry Ward
Beecher. The great preacher had tho
faculty of extruding amusement for
himself nnd others from the most commonplace occurrences. Thc postmaster
of Brooklyn informed him thnt one of
his letters had been returned from the
dead letter office, nnd this ls the wny
the affair struck Beecher:
Oct. 2S, 1880.
Colonel McLeer:
Dear Sir—Your notice that a letter of
mine was dead and subject to my order
ls before me.
We must all dlo. And, though the pr*-
mature decease <if my poor letter sliould
excite a proper sympathy (and I hope It
docs), yet I am greatly sustained under
the affliction.
What was the date of Its death? Of
what did It die? Had lt In Its Inst hours
proper attention ami sueh consolation lis
liollls tho melancholy occasion? Did It
have any effects?
Will you kindly see to Its funeral? 1 am
strongly Inclined to cremation.
May I ask If any other letters of mine
are sick—dangerously sick? if any depart
this lifo hereafter don't mitlfy mo till
after the funeral.   Affectionately yourH,
Each of (he lirniralii Tlioaght  Tlinl
the Olher Was Dead.
Genernl Barlow of the Union army
fell wounded aud, It was thought, dying during the first day of the battle of
Gettysburg and withiu the Confederate
lines. Genernl Gordon, cantering by,
saw him and recognized him. Dismounting, he approached the prostrate
man and inquired what he could do for
"I am dying," snid Barlow. "Just
reach into my coat pocket, draw out
the letter you find there nud rend it to
me. It ls from my wife."
Gordon read the letter.
"Now, general," said Barlow, "please
destroy that letter. I want you to notify her—she is In the town over yonder
—what hns happened to me."
"I will," replied Gordon.
He sent for Mrs. Barlow, giving her
safe conduct through tho southern
lines, nnd then rode nwny. certain that
Barlow's death was n question of only
a few hours ut most.
But Barlow did not die. His wifo
enme promptly and had hiin removed
to the town of Gettysburg, where alio
nursed him so faithfully that he recovered.
Many yenrs passed until one night
both genernls were guests at n dinner
ln Washington. Some one brought
them together nnd formally Introduced
them. Time had altered the personal
appearance of both.
"Are you any relation to the General
Barlow who was killed nt Gettysburg?" nsked Gordon.
"Ves; n very near relation," nn-
swered Barlow, with a laugh. "I nm
the very man who was killed. But I
have been Informed that a man named
Gordon lost his life in battle later on.
He saved my lifo at Gettysburg. Aro
you any kin to that man?"
"I am he," was thc reply.
Both heroes laughed us they gave
each   other   a   heartier   handshake.
You will try to make others happy.
You will not be shy or self conscious.
You will never iiidulgc in ill natured
You will never forget the respect duo
to nge.
You will think of others before you
think of yourself.
You will not swagger or boast of
your achievements.
You will not measure your civility
by people's bank accounts.
You will be scrupulous In your regard for the rights of others.
In conversation you will not be argumentative or contradictory.
You will not forget engagements,
promises or obligations of uny kind.
You will never make fun of the peculiarities or Idiosyncrasies of others.
You will not bore people by constantly talking of yourself uud your affairs.
You will never under any circumstances cause another pnln if you can
help it
You will not think that "good intentions" compensate for rude or gruff
Jewelry and Magic.
Finger rings, earrings, bracelets,
brooches nnd other nrtlcles of personal
adornment originnted not from the a*s-
thetic sense of our remote ancestors,
but from their belief in magic. Even
civilized men today sometimes entertain n superstitious regard for small
stones and pebbles of peculiar shape or
color nnd carry them about as charms.
The Greeks and Asiatics used stones,
beads and crystals primarily us amulets and cut devices on them to enhance their magical power. The use of
such stones as seals was secondary
and may nt first have boon for sacred
purposes only. When n primitive people first flud gold they value it ouly
for its supposed magic and wear nuggets of it strung with beads.
Derivations of Some Common Words.
One remembers how on the 10th of
June, 1215, King John signed the great
charter of the constitutional freedom
of Britain and how after he hud signed
It he flung himself In n burst of fury
on the floor uud gnawed the straw nnd
rushes with which the floors of those
days were strewn. Now, what was
"charta?'' Originally nothing more or
less than n sheet of papyrus strips
glued together ns writing paper. So It
Is to the Fgyptluu reed that we owe
our "charters," "charts," "cards,"
"cartes" (blanche and do vislte), our
"cartoons" and our "cartridges."—London Chronicle.
"Sir," snys tho Boston reporter, "our
ollice Is Informed that your purso was
stolen from you last night. Is there
anything In It?"
"Not by this time, doubtless," answers Mr. Emerson Waldo Boonoetor,
relapsing into an uttitudo of perturbed
"You sny that Lord Fueash's social
postilion has Improved since he married
a rich American girl?"
"Yes, Indeed. Formerly he was only
n nobleman, but now he belongs to our
"What sort of money will you hnve,
Mrs. Mutnin?" asked the cashier when
that lady presented u largo check for
".Sterilized," replied Mrs. Miniim. —
Life. ,   .   ,.hi.
Yeast—When we get real cold weather, they say we arc getting a taste of
winter.    What Is the taste of winter?
Crimsonbeak—Wby, it's when it is bitter.
Copyright, 1903,  by T. C.  McCliyo
Outside It was raw and gusty, witli
white, high lying clouds scudding so
thickly across n pale sky that only
wan nnd watery sunshine strained
through tho breaks between. Inside
there was the balm of May, especially
ln the south parlor, where I knew I
should find Myrtilla.
Myrtilla ls tall nnd twenty, with a
child's foot and n turn of the bend nnd
neck that would become nn empress.
Sho hus corul red lips, a line, straight
nose, olivo skin, dtyrk almond eyes,
heavily lashed and lidded, nnd n low,
straight brow, deeply shadowed by
dusky floss silk hair. In virtue of nil
this she reigns us a qucon over most
men. We had been engaged until two
weeks ago—to bo exact, until thc dato
of the Verinews' ball nnd the opisodo
of tho Grantley girl.
The ball ls ancient history now; besides, it has really nothing to do with
the case. I left off dancing—with the
Grantley girl nt 4 a. in.—to lling myself
into tweeds nnd' set forth upon a
week's Journey. Coming homo from
it, I found my table cumbered with
my letters to Myrtilla down to the
most fragmentary note—thoso of the
last week unopened—my ring, my
books, n bracelet or two, tho locket
with my picture nnd n litter of thoso
idiotic things ono sends ut Christmas
and Easter and on birthdays. It was
this litter that saved me from utter
despair. I reasoned that if Myrtilla
had cared enough for me to keep it all
this time she could not give up caring
for me in n moment.
Still, I knew there was a touch job
ahead. But I did not dream she would
go to the length of refusing to see or
hear me or even to listen to my side of
the caso through Aunt Bab, most tactful of intermediaries. Hor people backed her, too-all but Dicky. Dicky is
fifteen and owns the distinction of being the only thing in trousers Myrtilla
has found herself unable to subjugate.
I cannot flatter myself that Dicky's
advocacy of my cause was wholly disinterested. Dicky has a fine taste ln
terrier pups and a relish for stolen gallops on my hunters. At home he is allowed nothing more hazardous than a
steady going cob. However that may
he, It meant a lot to have nny sort of
friend at court. Otherwise, how sliould
tho hall door have swung open at my
approach? The servants had strict orders to shut It civilly In my face.
"She's In tliere. lt boats mo why you
want hor, why you want any girl, when
you've got heaps of dogs and horses,"
Dicky said, grinning, as I shot past
him. "She's been real hateful polite;
no good for even a light this whole
week," Dicky's voice pursued me down
thc hall.
The south parlor Is a square jut, open
tipon three sides to the sun, with walls
more than half windows, iron barred
outside and full of green growing
things within.   Thero is a big fireplace.
Myrtilla stood In front of It, her eyes
Intently fixed upon the smoldering logs.
At my entrance sho started ever so lit-
| tie, turned her head tho least bit and
j kept on staring in the lire.
"Myrtilla,"   I   ventured   irresolutely,
i my hand still on the doorknob.
|    She sat down and took up her em*
! broidery, her face still further averted.
Then I knew I bad won half a point.
I If she had boen as angry as she be-
j lieved  herself to be sho  would  havo
marched away with her nose ln the air.
!    I began again formally, "Miss Qrey,"
but stopped short.    Sho had begun to
whistle over ber work softly, meditatively, as though she knew herself to
be alone.
Something happened then. I am neither poet nor romancer, but my ranging
eye saw In tho south window a crea-
turo of tropic charm, slim and tai),
green gowned as a wood nymph, with
wonderful golden tawny eyes and n
crown still moro wonderfully red A3
I went to her sho shivered and set all
her green gown Battering defensively,
but I paid no heed to It, only said joyously, baring my head:
"Amaryllis! Ymi are a real godsend!
I was never so glad to see any one lu
all my life."
Myrtillii's bend came around so that
I saw her profile out of tho tall of my
eye, 1 fancied she stand, but dared
not mako sure of it. My wood nymph
barely nodded; ber tremors wero all at
rest I bent toward hor low enough to
look Into her golden tawny eyes and
run on:
"What have you dono to yourself?
You aro so beautiful, so strangely, so
rarely beautiful, it makes me desperate
that I did not keep my heart for you,
or, rather, lt would make me desperate
If hearts wero things that could bo given or kept at will,"
Certainly tlio wood nymph stared;
the golden tawny eyes looked nt mo
unwinking, Myrlillu's head had turned n little moro. Her lips were tho
least bit parted, as though her breath
cunie hard. I straightened nnd stuck
n hand In my pocket as I ndded:
"Tho pity of It! There's a truo heart
gono to waste! True hearts aro none
so plenty, Amaryllis."
"Certainly they nro not," came .scornfully from tho fireside. I affected not
to hear and went on manfully;
"I've played nnd lost-lost so miserably. Listen-then tell mo if you
think I quite deserve what I am getting?"
"I am going away," cntno faintly
from Myrtllia's chair, but Myrtilla herself sat still and even made u pretense
nf putting stitches Into her work.  Find
ing me silent through n loug minute,
she sat very straight and added:
'•Naturally one ls nervous at finding
oneself alone with a lunatic. Only
lunatics talk to things as though tbey
were people."
"Don't mind hor, Amaryllis,'*.1 said
softly. "Boor creature, she ls jealous.
She thinks you nre no more thuu n Illy
blooming in a pot. We know better, of
"Really I did not dreum you had so
much Imagination," Myrtilla said outright, snipping her thread as she spoke.
1 stared harder tban ever at Amaryllis, saying: "Imagination is n fearful
thing sometimes. I nm glad, Amaryllis, you altogether lack lt. You would
never sot- lu ordinary civilities to a
pretty girl anything to turn your love-
'ly golden tawny eyes green."
"Dancing or sitting out every other
number, I suppose, comes under the
head of 'ordinary civilities,"' Myrtilla
said, hor lip curling.
I kept on quietly: "And even if you
felt hurt you would let me explain.
The Verinews have hearts ns big ns
their fortune. Thus it happens I owe
thorn what money can never pay. Not
so many years bnck thoro was n big
Hurry in thc street thnt put my governor In the worst sort of hole. It needed
n cool million to get Dim out, nnd a
Verlnew million did lt. Yet tho governor was hardly an acquaintance.
Verlnew learned his extremity by
chance and came to his help because,
as ho phrased lt, he didn't think tho
other side was putting up a square
deal, lt docs not lesson the obligation that he got his million back, plus
a good profit. Eventually the Grant-
ley girl will have lt, with several millions more, Bhe is n granddaughter—
unacknowledged because Mme. Verlnew wishes to seem ns young ns their
fortune-but the very apple of the Veri-
new eye. They wanted her to bo the
hello of die ball -she was shy nnd sensitive nnd frightened half out of her
Wits,   Somehow sho trusted me"—
"1 dou't nt nil wonder at that," said
a voice from tho fireplace,
I bowed gravely and resumed: "When
she i.s not frightened sho Is pretty, Amaryllis. Her head is spbndidly rod—
not quite so red as yours. She is light
on her feet, too, and loves to dance as
well as the flowers do. Tho trouble ls
she has not yet quite caught the
rhythms she must move to, so needs
must lean heavily upon her partner. I
understood; some of the others did not.
Occasionally one was Hurried, still
more occasionally one Impertinent And
a siiiKli.- cud let her seo be was ashamed
of (lancing with her In spite of the mil*
lions. At her lirst ball! Think of lt!
I had lo lake away the Sting of it somehow. Perhaps I did seem devoted, but
Bbe didn't misunderstand. I told her
about Myrtilla in our very first w tits."
A little inarticulate cry from ibe fireplace here. Covertly I saw tears on
.Myrtilla'S checks. She made as I' ugh
to rise, but sank back, turned away her
head and resumed the furious stabbing
wilh her needle. I gathered the green-
cry cf Amaryllis in my bands laid my
cheek against It und said dreamily:
"Amaryllis, tell mo why I nm fated
to love dusky balr. All the painters
and poets agree that red is over so
much more beautiful."
"Are you sure, quite sure, you do love
It?" Myrtilla nske.i tremulously. Sho
was not answered In words.
Five minutes later Dicky, bursting In
upon us, found US side by side, looking
down nt Amaryllis through sunshine
grown suddenly and magically warm
and golden. After u long look Dicky
Whistled, turned on his heel and said
from the door over his shoulder: "So
you two havo made it up. McSnlfters
said you would, 'cause thnt red lily
bloomed so far ahead of time. But I
don't care about thai. All I want is to
know what you're goin' to give me
when you get married.'
A   Fnvorite   Camp   si
orV   Thr
Wlilcl. General. Arc Critic""1-'
Unlike other Russian u,iu'''\
Cossack* are very Intelligent hi'.,
tary matters und do nut bealtm
criticise their generals freely ™I *•«
themselves.   They have bittei' ___\
und n genlUB for satire.  Tbere Is»,
vorlte story which  has bet,, to,a,a'|
Cossack camps for generations   it
handed down from father to son t
names being changed to tit the J
tary commanders of the day   p
translated, it runs something iik8«3*
The wur god of Russia wag Bsi
in heaven one day when be was a»S
ened by the confused clamor of •
hosts in buttle on the earth bend!?
He shouted to the Angel Qnbrle"
"Look out and  boo what niy e
sacks are doing." •
"They nro fighting tho Turks „,
Prince roteuikln ls lending tliem1'1
"Oh. that's ull right," said tho J
god.  "He's u good mun."
So the deity went asleep ngnln, oni,
to be awakened by another turmoil
"Wltut's thnt?" ho nsked Bleeplly
"They nro fighting the Turks
under Suwarow."
"He's a Aim fellow. They'll do. I
right." ' MP
And so the Btory goes on lntorniij
bly uround the campflre, i-aih yl
milling the nnme of his favorite oofl
nuinder until nt last one „* tl) I
makes the Angel Gabriel mention ij
name of somo general who iinppemn
be regafded by the Cossacks na ii ijiJ
fer. Then the next man makes uj
war god reply in accents of gjf
"Oh, my beloved Cossacks! *$*
must be perishing under that mnn! ii
is time I interfered. Elasten, OabrtH
nnd bring me my long boots, (or I
must go down ut once and Bave theoif
HindiomMl    of    the    Allan,!
Give*  lhe  Wont  Jlmt.
No one really knows how large IM
tie may grow, but certainly there fed
not uppear to be much If any eiagaj
ntiou attached to the statements j|
Pliny nnd IStrabo, who, describing fjl
chelonophagl of the Red sea, say tlnl
they utilized the shells of the turietl
they had -uten ns roofs to their bu:
and boats for their feeble voyages.
Strange to suy, the handsomesttui
tie, the hawk's bill variety (ChelOMlS
brlcata), furnishes the worst flub, t»
Ing so strongly flavored with uitiskn
to be almost uneatable.   This pecnlln
ity would seem to point to a diet a
■quid since theso mollusca nre eiieti
ingly musky.   But It muy nnt he outd
place to remark here that turtle it$
even of the best sorts, Is not nice, i
Sam   Welhr's  pieman hoarsely trti
pored, "It's the seasoning ns does it'
A diet of turtle steaks or of bait)
turt.e or of turtle soup, nu mm
would soon llcken any one hut nui
nge.   For sixpence or Its equivalent!
most of the West India island ton
one can get n heaped plate of turf
steak with brend or Jams or aweetp
tatoi-s ad lib.   But I never knew en
! a hungry sailor who wanted uioretbj
I one meal a week of It, for all Hath-*
ness.    The fact is that In the cull i
'■ turtle soup we nre following (n I
j way off, it ls true) the example wt!
' the Chinese, who love gelatinous Ml
| and pu.* fabulous prices for the M
• of the sea swallows, the bolothoril,
J sea slug, nnd tho sharks' fins been
I of tbelr gelatinous qualities. -Fn
I T. Bulleii ln Leslie's.
Vi'hRl ('onxlltiilcn Deulli.
Is the cessation oi the heart's action
an invariable sign of death? There ls
on record the case of a woman whoso
heart was revived by artificial respiration some time nf'. r she was supposed
to have died, but tho heart stopped
again when the artificial respiration
was given up. There ls on record also
the case of n ii. npltated murderer
whose heart contin... . io beat for nn
hour nfter thc execution. Was tho mun
Obviously the cessaMon of thc brain's
activities is no criterion, A medical
authority   who   has   lately   considered
this absorbing and important question
offers the following definition of what
We call "death:" "Ji. nth," It Is suggested, Is the name given to the inability
of the organs of tin body to act together with that liarnir iy which Is characteristic of "life," although the derange*
ment of this vital barmonj does not
preclude a possible activity • f tho individual organs, which recalls Herbert
Spencer's well known definition of life
ns n continued adjustment of internal
relations to external relations. — Ilur-
per's Weekly.
Qnfrr  Drunken   Manlna.
An English sheriff who died tv
years since kept a record of the I
ons cases of drunkenness that Ml
u'lder bis observation. Several lis'
uul cases had developed odd uianii
Ono woman who bad been arrested!
times for drunkenness in twenty*flj
years, had n mania for breaking*
down when she was Intoxicated.
Old soldier, suffering from a ^'°-I'lt-j
I the bead, always stole Bibles wheal
was tipsy. Another man stole WW
but spades, while one woman's fU
ran to shawls und another's to W
A man named Grubb wns Impriw*
seven times for stealing tubs, althofl
there was nothing in his line of IW
make tubs particularly desirable i-
A   llu r    ali..
"I have something for you here, my
love," said Mr. Hurley as lie proceeded
to open a large, round box.
"What Is It, precious?"
"Wait and see."
Dnrley carefully um rapped the article nnd disclosed n lady's bat
"Isn't It a beauty?" ho usked. "I
bought It myself ns n surprise to you.
Don't you think It is n perfect dream?"
Mrs. Darley gazed at tlie bat nnd
bunt into tears.
"1 can't wear' lt!" she cried. "It
doesn't suit me at all, You meant to
please me, I know, but It isn't my
stylo at nil."
"Don't cry, dear. Tho milliner snld
you could exchange lt, and if you'll
agree not to buy nny ties for ine here,
nfter I'll let you select your own huts
and bonnets."
An agreement wub concluded on that
Indnttrtul Economy.
A locomoth o engineer on SB **
railroad said one day to ills two »1
men, "Suppose you fellows work ij
you, nnd not the company. W-WJ
Ing the coal bills." During six 0»■)
merely by caret 1 *1i*I*)ff. 0
caused n saving In conl, ovor the a-j
ngo consumption of the engtoft m
to almost four times the »,nou°'',
wages paid tbe men for that" '
The englno wns the samo; •'
worked differently.
Ue Hnd  a Wmy Will' "1"*
.Tone Seymour was boasting W
Bolcyn. ,tt
"Henry luu Just usketl nio w
hand," she remarked. .,„„#(
"That's nothing." retorted tnesj-
"he has Just nsked me for my   •
Subsequent events showed D°
dies grunted the request.
Not   rropoHlnlt.
Maiul-I'ni nfrald I Intro***?!
' dropped In on you iiiiexi><'<'-« -^
! other evening. Mr. ."•P"'"""*'0^
; eil as If be were proposing. *jg
!  Well, be wasn't.   He was onU I
III,  Sen.e Of V'f^td
"Are you sun- that mo 0 » |))ltJ
"Yes, sub- In bit* eyes lie '»'■    ,,J
dea orter see hlm feel for >°"
heels.' _
You may be busy, but it r*>  j
time to tell your .roubles yo
busy enough.- Atchison QW*» e     DRILI
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
cd P.
)ruto refreshments uro not ne-
*! .',,   a,i  afternoon  card  party;
.-ukoB,    sandwiches,  bon  bons,
,,.,'th   tea or chocolate are all
.j necessary ■	
.„ moM Catarrh In ibta »«>•<"■ of the
llin Bn other disease, put together,
i thi InM ttn years was supposed to bi
I Km- ii great tunny years doctors pro-
ii   i local disease and prescribed local
' .,,,1 t.y constantly falling to cure with
":,i,unit pronounced lt Incurable. Scl-
'," , ,ven oatarrh to bo a constitution*!
„,'., therefor* requires constitutional
,',    nail's Catarrh Cure, manufacture*
Cheney A Co" Toledo, Ohio, ts the only
iinnal curo on tho market. It ls taken
> • iii iloaea from 10 drops to a tcaspoon-
,„ is directly on the blood and mucoue
' f tlie rvstem. Tliey offer One Hund-
-„« for nny case it falle to cure. Bend
„],;,a nnd testimonials.    Addreee
F. .T. C11KN1CY4CO., Tolede, O.
II nil ilitillKl.its, 75c.
i Family l'ills ore the bert.
a;  alwaya   form   a   good   nnd
dplc   inr   conversation:    when
mtertaining and :>t n
abject, ono  may always
in ll
ui><>M Uiis topic.
Aro  You   Haunted   Day and
light?—Mind and '' "'^ rucllul1  nm* tor*
,J1   bv   evil   (orbodings,    gloomy   and
robbed  "l Unit-  "Divine  restorer,"
uppetIto   ijoiib,   nerves ihatterea,
J.ndly debilitated?   This in none too
','. '., picture fur great Bouth American
,.  u,  obliterate   mui   set   U|)   lu  Iti
,il   the [flowing   tiiiis  ol   thu    sua  ol
,„,!.   Iieullli.-IOH
visiting   card   represents   tho
i   whoso  iiiiic.' it bears,   tliero-
■ should not be found in places
v mi., would nol call personally.
(linard's Ijiiimcnt Relieves Neuralgia.
if j .it have a visiting friend nnd
[sb others to entertain hor during
I, stuy, givo a ton or small rocop*
in her honor.
h,, action  nf  Hn-   kidneys  become*   Im-
,alri*il,  Impurities   In   the  lilmul    aro  al
i,,st   Mire  to  follow,    end    general   de-
 ment    nl   the   system   ensues.       Par-
  . Vegetable Pills will  regulate the
iilnevH   so   tlmt    they   will   maintain
al thy  action   and   prevent   the  cpmpll-
.  which  certainly  come  when thoro
,:.,i mm.-nt of Una.' delicate organs
. a  restorative  these  Pills  are  In   the
i-t    lank.
At an afternoon reception the hat*:
ia. r.'laini'il; With tho exception o1
111..- Indies who li;i\i* Iii*i*ii nflkod to
, i tho hostess.
!:    id nnd butter plates   nro   now
-ed in th.* placo nf butter   patties;
It'       aro aliout.   the sizo of  n   saucer
I. • tl ;. a .ii at tin- lefl of th - plate,
j '''I'.-'v's Liniment for sale everywhere.
Wedding    irilis   aro   nol   presented
ei   Ily,   bill   sent   with  niie's card
tally   from   tho placo   whoro they
rn bought.
Mimiy WUdora on lhe Management
I of n Boapslone Qrialdle.
I   Tho sonpstone griddle ls one of the
easiest of griddles to manage and one
1 no housekeeper should be  without If
I she- desires lo BUrpass in tho urt ol
j griddlecakes.
;   Many housekeepers huve beard of tb
; difficulties attendant upon u Boapston
griddle.and thus huve been discourage.:
from buying oue, but these difficulty
are purely imaginary. Once you kuow
bow to inanago your griddle you wi!
never eat the grease soaked, heavy
tblng8 you once called cukes.
Now',   the   secret  of   the  sonpstone
j griddle is to have it hot, not whut you
j muy call hot, but really hot.
1'ut the grlddlo inside of your stove
or range tho night before, this precaution that you may not forget it in
the rush of tlio morning nioa la, so that
it will get the very Urst beat your lire
gives out.
When you need your oven for baking
put tha grlddlo on top of the stove.
Hy tlio time you are ready to cook
cakes you will have a grlddlo tbnt will
cook Immediately and will be light uud
Above all things Oo not grease your
griddle,   Therein lies its charm.
Soaps tone being porous, the grease
soaks in, and the mess you will make
of the whole business will indeed be
If your griddle has already become
grease soaked by some uninterested
cook or through your own ignorance
take n chisel jiud scrape oil' the upper
The sonpstone, being soft, will move
easily; afterward wash thoroughly,
and you have restored your griddle to
its pristine glory.
Tbo price often holds one buck from
buying what out; considers u luxury,
but tho saving of fat which must be
used on otlier griddles will in timo
pay for tho sonpstone one, and the de-
llclousness of the cakes will reward
you time after time for uny sacrillCQ
made to obtain it.
One great care, however, must be
taken—do not drop your griddle, as the
disaster to BcSpetouo Is without remedy, lt breaks easily because of its
composition.—Dunbar Hopkins iu Table Talk.
J. J. Perkins Owes His Life to
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Manitoba Man Uelpless trout, Kidney
Disease Made Strong on I Hearty by
tint Croat   t'limuMitii   Klilney Remedy.
Tyndall, Mun., April 25.—(Special)
j —Among the many in the great Wost
I who confidently stuto that thoy owo
llieir lives to Dodd's Kidney Fills Is
I Mr.   J.   j,   Perkins,   a   well  known
resident of this pluce.
"For two yeurs I wns troubled
with my kidneys," Mr. Parkins
states, "and nt lust became so bad
that the doctor gave mo up and said
I wus incurable.
"I, ut times, had such severe pains
in my buck and kidneys that I
thought I would have to give up all
hope und die. I wus unable to work
und wns becoming destitute.
"While in this condition a friend
persuaded me to try Dodd's Kidney
l'ills. 1 hud littlo fuith in them, and
it wus moro to please him than any*
thing else 1 gave theni a trial.
"To my surprise the first box did
no so much good that i felt liko a
new mun. Five boxes cured ine completely.
"Dodd's Kidney Villa saved my lifo
and I cannot praise them too much."
Thousands of cuses similar to that
uf Mr, Perkins ure tho proof that
any Kidney Disease from Hurkache
to Dright's Disease yields readily to
Dodd'a Kidney l'ills.
A brido always acknowledges all,
gills, if s,.nt by (l married couple
the note of thanks is addressed to
tho wife.
On receiving a lei ter ()f introduction tho on.* addressed should call on
the stranger and, if possible, extend
some hospitality,
Of lha* Spi'liiRliilc.
Here Is one among the fashionable
hat models that have already wended
l!i" visiting e it'll may nol   lio used
ftrifh words of thanks for a gift writ
[i   i   upon   it.     A   written   noto    of
tanks Is obligatory.
\     man    leaves    his  hat,   overcoat,
gloves   and    cane   ill    tin*   li.tll    when
making o   cnll.    None  of   thoso   are
brought  inin the parlor.
Afier a reception a call should in
.nie during Un* ensuing week.
Your doctor wil! tell you that
thin, pajc, weak, nervous children become strong and well
by taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Small doses, for a few days.
The change fs very prompt
and very marked. Ask your
doctor why it Is. He has our
formula and will explain.
-W*n*n ls yeara oil!, fair many months no
™> thoudlit I coiad llvd botanic of thin Wood.
tail, tu . lew w. >el a, AytT'a SAMajjfcr-.Ut com*
pltWlt roaturcd mo to liralth."
Mm. 1 . Uu -wisenn,, !*J. J
11.00 a bnltlo.
All rtniegUti,
J.r. ATKiirn.,
Lowell,   Mom
The Children
Blllousneas,constipation prevent recovery. Cure those with Ayer's Pills,
Outfits supplied for newspaper
and job offices on a day's notice.
No plant too large for us to figure
on, and none too small to merit our
closest attention. Prompt service
A Minister's Duty
i% Glowing Tribute to the
Sterling Worth of Dr* Agnew's Catarrhal Powder.
"Wben 1 know anything worthy ol re-
rommendatlon 1 consider it my duty to
tell lt," Says Kev. Jamos Mtndock,
ol Hamburg, I'ii. "Dr. Agnew's Ca-
Ittrrhal Powder Ims cured me ol catarrh
ol live years' Btanding. lt la certninly
magical in lis effect. The first application benefited mo iu five minutes,    fcjuld
.   ull druggists, U3
A enrd siimiiii always be sent wit 1 ■
ii gift, it is certainly poor tnsto to
I Bond n gift anonymously, leaving tho
roc?f)ietft to puzzle over tho probablo
Bender. It nlso places tlio recipient
in the cmbarusslng predicament of
not knowing whom to thank, us all
gifts require n note of thanks,
Dropsey and Heart Disease-
"For ten yeurs I Buffered greutly from
Heart Disease, Fluttering ol tlio Heart
nud Smothering Spells made my life u
tunneiit. liropsy set in. My phy.sici.uii
tuld   ma   to   prepare   lor the worst,    l
tried   Dr.   Acnuw's     Cure   for tlio   Heurt.
Uno   dose  gam  great,   relief, one  holtls
cured me completely."—Mrs. James Aii-
aima, Syracuse, N. V.—10?
their way to the sunny south or nro to
grace the earliest dnys ot the springtime.
lt la carried out in champagne eol-
ori-d Btra w of n Cavalier or Rembrandt
shape, turning off the face. The crown
is encircled with n black ostrich plume
which is threaded through the brim
tnd rests ou the hair ut tho buck.
When two ladies are Introduced the
younger is presented to tho older,
young married women to older matrons, mui young girls to married
WOUieil. Where there is little difler-
.•nir in
so ry.
age, no distinction is nee
I,aii!|i  Lore.
Nothing Is nice unpleasant thnn a
lamp which smokes or smells oil, and
many people object to use lamps because of the trouble they entail uud tlio
diilieiilty of getting servants to properly
attend to them. But the trouble is really
very little If they are attended to every
morning. The very best oil should'be
used; poor oil will nlways smell dis-
agreeablo and burn with a dim and
yellow light Instead of a clear white
light The lamp should he filled every
morning to within nn Inch of tlio top,
the wick trimmed and tho burner ami
outside of the lump wiped carefully
with n soft cloth kept for that purpose
and the shade nnd chimney denned,
the wick cut perfectly straight and tbo
corners rounded, The chlmnoy can be
cleaned hy breathing into It and nibbing with soft piper and polishing with
n clean doth; if very dirty apply ll little alcohol. New wicks shoulil be snaked for tin hour or so In vinegar and
thoroughly dried before they are put
lu tin* burner. When lirst lit tbe wick
should bo turned low for n few seconds
nud then turned up to the required
belght. Aliout onco o month (he burner should lie taken to pieces and wnsli-
rd 111 hot soap and water nnd the reservoir emptied nnd cleaned.
An elderly woman may always
rightfully expect acts of especial
courtesy from a younger woman, as
the picking up of the handkerchief,
offering Of the easiest chair ill Hi.'
room, etc.
| Dandelion  ure  known   to  exert  a  DO
(ul   Influence  on   the    liver    and   Kiili
I   .Muring   them   to   healthful   action,
duc'ng u regular ilow ol the secret
nnd imparting to the organs eonit
ower to perform their functions, 1
valuable Ingredients enter Into tlie.
position of Parmelee's Vegetable l
ami servo to render them the agree
ninl salutary medicine they uro. T
are few  pills so ellei tin* as they iu t
n. tion.
\v l'l-
The visiting card sliould have the
prefix "Miss" or "Mrs." upon i*.
never the name alone without tl"'
prefix    except     ill    the    case   of    wry
.lining girls or"lu>ys under eightocn.
Nurse's Good Words,    i nm a
I professional   nurse."   writes  Mrs.   Eisner,
Halifax,   N.   8.   "I   wus  u  great  nuflcicr
! from  rheumatism—*almost constant ssso-
; elation with best physician! I hail every
i chance of a cure if It were In their
j power—but they failed. South  American
I Klieunuilir I'ure wns recommended—to-
lav my si» years ol pnln seem na a
I ream,    Tao  bottles  cured  me—10(1
i   Women   ns   n   ruli'   do   nnt  shako
hands whon Introduced to each other,
merely honing.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Ilonsi'holil   Ilrcvlllria.
Milk is an excellent BUbStlttltO for
sonp In washing dishes. lt softens
the water nnd tit the same time prevents your hands from chapping. A
small quantity will answer.
Too few people know how nutritious
macaroni is and what a number of nice
dishes can be made from It. It should
always be washed lu cold water before using.
Ono woman adds chopped prunes to
her johnnycake, or sweetened corn
bread, und the children think lt lis
good ns cake.
Smear tho glass stopper of n bottle
With vaseline, and no matter bow Ioiij;
it stands unopened it will uot stick,
No one can sleep well with cold foot
A beatod soapitono In tho foot of tho
bed Is one of the best things to warm
Thoro Is no belter place for old cotton
rags than the Are.
It is courteous though not obligatory to reply to n note of sympathy
.Sent   during ii  bereavement.
i Por gentlemen tho correct attire
for nil evening affairs, after fl
O'clock,    Is    the    regulation    eiening
I    Plrsl      calls     should     be     relumed
prompt ly.
" Pure soap 1" You've heard
the words. In Sunlight
Soap  you have the fact.
lik —r UM OcU«e> Ba* •!■
A Wild Hour Luncheon Set or nniiio*
Por n Country Uousi*.
This set consists Of a thirty-four inch
square center, dollies for use under
plates and the lap serviettes. Doilies
nnd serviettes nre sixteen inches
square, of coarse unbleached Russian
crash. They nre a pretty fad for a
country house wild rose luncheon, according to a Good Housekeeping writer, who tells how they nre made. Tha
square unit is used In tho center, nnd
on it are placed the epergne and vases
of wild roses.
Tho Btitcbevy is ln solid Kensington
work In blondlngs of rose pinks, from
the most delicate shades in the blooms
to tlio deepest, with foliage In the
shades of olive and wltb its leaflets In
the palest. Tho stems are shaded, beginning nearest tlie blooms with tho
lightest and graduating into iho deepest olives, with hero und there n touch
of brown, with tho same reddish
brown used for the thorns. Tbe buds
nro of the deepest shades of pink with
rnised stuffed calyx; the centers are of
greenish yellow, orange und deep pink
mixed In French knot stitch. Solid
Kensington shaded work is used in tho
Btltcbory throughout tho design und is
sometimes called long and short stitch
in gradation of color, for the stitches
aro not of equal length, but arc worked
Into one another or between them.
Tbe worker adapts, ns n matter of
course, tho length of the stitch to the
work to be done, directing It nlso according to the form to be expressed,
and so arrives almost before she is
nware of It (by way ot satin stitch) nt
what ls called plumage stitch. If this
work is wrought entirely on nn embroidery frame It can bo done ln split
Stitch, in whicb the needle is brought
up through the foregoing stitch und
splits it. The edges have n three-
fourths hem, hemstitched for tho centerpiece, nnd one-fourth inch for the
doilies and serviettes, and each varies
in Its arrangement of the wild rose design, thrown on carelessly in one corner of the small piece and the four corners of the large one. All nre designed
to be used on a polished table without
A Oooal Dessert.
Aeld apples aud rice or pineapples
Willi rice make nn excellent I.enten
dessert. Put a pint of milk over tho
lire to boil. In this cook three large
tablespoonfuls of rice nnd half a tea-
spoonful of salt for twenty minutes,
stirring with n fork several times.
Take it up, odd n heaping spoonful of
butter nnd arrange tha rice In n pudding mold with n layer of cooked rice
nnd n layer of the fruit quartered and
cooked tender alternating. If pineapples nre used cook them five minutes
lu their own juice and then arrange
them in layers with the cooked rice.
Cover each pudding closely and steam
it un hour and a half in n kettle of
water reaching to about two-thirds of
the height of the mold the pudding is
cooked in. Serve this with a cream
sauce made of a pint of milk boiled ln
n saucepan, then removed from tlio lire
And cooled a little. Stir lu two eggs
With a talilespooitfiil of Hour, three tu-
blespoonfuls of sugar and flavoring.
A Tfiiiiillnix   PudillnK.
An attractive pudding illustrated by
Table Talk ls simply made. Hutter
very thoroughly n tall crimpled mold
nnd sprinkle the bottom and sides with
grated cocoanut, using the fresh nut
rather than the desiccated article, If
possible. Crumblo rather fine ti stale
Sponge or cup cake. Kill the mold almost to the top with alternate layers of
cake, cocoanut nnd sliced or pulped
oranges. Heat well four eggs, ndd pint
of milk, n pinch of salt and threo table-
spoonfuls of sugar. Haste this slowly
over tbe mixture In the mold nnd let
stand for ten or fifteen minutes that
the cake may absorb tbo custard.
Steam for from forty-live minutes to
an hour, according to size, and garnish
with sections ot oranges and whipped
Hon to Wnsh  riiuin.l*.
Plnnnels should bo washed In warm
suds that has u little ammonia ndded
to it.   They should be rubbed between
the bands, not on u beard, lind dipped
tip and down In the suds until they are
free from dirt. Squeeze tbem with tlio
hands unlil us much water as possible
ls removed and rinse them Iu water ot
the same temperature as that In which
they were washed. Wring out again,
bung tbem up to dry and press on the
wrung side while they are still dump.
Youll   Enjoy Every Bit Of It,
made by J.M.F0RTIER Ltd. Montreal
cure disease by removing tho cause of it. In tho treatment of thoso
disorders which involve any failure of the nervous force, BEECHAM'S
PILLS have, during nearly sixty years, built up
Nothing  renews  the   power  of  tho  digestive  organs like.
They cleanse the Blood of long-standing impurities, brace up the
Nervous System to a high point cf vigor, and effectually chase away
every symptom of weariness and depression. Since BEECHAM'S
PILLS have cured tens ot thousands in this and every country of th*
globe, just ask yourself why they should not equally prove a boon to you.
Renew the power of digestion by using
Sold Everywhere in Canada and U. S. America.     In boxes, 25c
It, i:; not necessary for n Indy to
shako hands when Introduced lo n
gentleman, especially when tho Introduction is a casual one. When introduced to personal friends or relatives of nn Intimate friend, it. is
more cordial to extend tho hand. A
prospective bride, upon being introduced, shakes hands with the relatives nnd Intimate friends of ber
I  was Cured of a bad caso of Grip
Sydney, ('.  II. ('. 1.  L.AGUE,
1    was     Cured   of   hiss   of   volci
Yarmouth.      CHAS.   PLUMMER
1    mis    Cured   of    Sciatic    Ithum.i-
tism    by   MINAHD'S     LINIMENT.
Burin,  Nfld.     LEWIS S. BUTLER.',
Brush & C°->
It is not necessary for a gentleman
to offer his arm when acting us au
escort unless the lady is elderly or an
miners who work in ruiu water most of
the   iluv   would   rub   their   feet   anil   Ii*ks
nitii iir. Thomas' Electric Oil, they
would escape muscular rheumatism and
render their aether limbs proof against
the ill effects ol exposure to the cold.
'I'lmsi* Betting out Ior iniiiinu ri-Kinns
ivoiihl On iM'll to provide themselves
With  ii  supply  liefore  bturtiiiK.
lie courteous; that the recipient of
the courtesy is not responsive does
not relieve you of the responsibility.
Invitations to a dinner nre issued
in the tiiinie of both host and
hostess. The reply is addressed to
the hostess only.
There nre cases of coqsuniptioo so Inr
advanced that Bickle's Anti-Consumptive
Syrup will not cure, but none so bud thnt
it' uin   not   Kive   relief,    Kor coughs,
cohls ii ml nil affections of the throat,
ItinilH and chest, it is a ipeciflo which
has never been known to fail. It pro-
iu.ita-M ii tree anil easy expectoration.
thereby removing tho phlegm, and gives
the iliseuM'il  parts  a  cliunce  to  henl.
When rising from the tulile nt n
dinner, luncheon, etc., it is not necessary to replace one's chair,
If one has n regular at home day,
it sliould be engraved in the left-
hand corner of the visiting card.
When   nil   other   curn   preparations   fall,
try   Ifolloway's   Cora   Cure.     No pain
whatever, ami no Inconveulence In using
A   gentleman,   if    seated,   always
rises   when   introduced    to   cither   a
lady or gentleman.
If carriages nro sent to the station
to convey guests from out of town
to a wedding the bride's parents provide them.
Lifebuoy Soap—-disinfectant—is stronit-
ly recommended by the medical profession us ii safeguard against infectious
discuses. U2
It is bad form to stand talking
when taking leave of your hostess.
The adieus should bo made simply
and quickly.
Minard's Liniment Cures Barns, etc
When walking wilh two or more
ladies tho gentleman usually takes
the outside of the walk.
There    is    nothing    equal    to    Mother
ll raves'     Worm    Kxtcrmlnutor      Ior     Ue-
stroylng worms.   Xo article ol its kind
has  given   such  satisfaction.
It is not necessary when making informal calls to leave tho visiting
A formal or ceremonious call should
never exceed fifteen or twenty minutes.
At a dinner the hostess rises first;
this notifies the guests tlmt th" dinner is finished.
A gentleman alwaya has tho prefix
"Mr."  on his calling cards,    not. the
name alone.
A first invitation from n new acquaintance should always, where it is
possible,  be accepted.
A young girl should always have a
chaperon when attending any evening entertainment.
3.......      ■ ■ ' '--
At a  church wedding tliere   should
always  lie nt  least  two  ushers.
^Neglect acough and "contract"''
Cure *RSioLun8
cures consumption, but don't
leavo It too long. Try it now.
Your money back if it doesn't
.benefit you.
Prices: S. C. Whlls A Co.  tWl
tic 50c.fl   LcRoy.N.Y.. Toronto,Can.
An invitation to a dinner, luncheon
or Card party requires a written reply to the hostess.
An Invitation usually shows by its
wording whether or not u reply la
An Adnmless Eden sort ol bank is
lieing projected for New York city.
It is to be capitalized and officered
by women, and .will solicit, the
ronage of  women exclusively.
Tn  Machine,   Mo.,   tho   rool  of  i\
house caught fire from sparks from a
binning chimney, and the unique method of firing snowballs to put It out
was successfully used.
The smallest coin In the world
having a genuine circulation la pro'
lialily the Maltese "gniin." n I iuv
fragment of bronr.0 about ns l>i--r us
the top of a slate pencil and worth
onlv one-twelfth of a  penny.
In tin* fourth century was introduced the quill Ol feather pen. Tha
first sl -el pen was iniide in the latter
half of the eighteenth, nnd the first
gold pen In the first half of the
nineteenth century.
V*y    IM    -U    No   -m-*Q
,„,.,■■ THK DRILL, SLOCAN, IS. C, MAY li, 10)1.
C. E. S.-.rtTincRiNaAi.F), Editor and Prop.
is putu.isnai) kyi:i;y fkiday at
B. C'
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
thu Sit insertion and 5 cents a line each
■ubsrquent Insertion*.
Certilientcs of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at-same rates
ai legal advertising.
Locals-,vill he charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The -Subscription is |2 per year, Ht let-
ly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, MAY 6th. 1904.
Around trip ticket to the world's
fair at St. Louis costs $80.
Last month the O.P.R.sold 24,066
acres of land, realizing Sl 18,8*19.
■To'in Taylor, of New Denver, spent
Sunday visiting with E, W. Ham.
Sandon businessman  are contain*
*    plating forming a board of trade.
tieo.Horton.agent for the Eilbourne
cigars, Winnipeg, was here Friday.
A carload of shingles was sent out
this week by the local mill to Ontario.
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. Tliey are cheapest and
Nelson's tourist association has got
into working shape.wiih Harry Wright
as secretary.
G. Wa Grimmett is closing his Sandon business on the loth and moving
to Vancouver.
Spring assizes open at Nolson on
the 17th. A great deal of business
will come up.
The annual ball of the. Miners' Union hospital is being held tonight in
tho Music Hall.
Tho customs revenue of the dominion increased $8,886,377 for the ten
months ended with April.
Neb-on hotels uro enjoying a harvest, having to turn away intending
guests almost every night.
Ben Bainbridge and A. Jacobson, of
New Denver, passed through hereon
Tuesday, bound for Poplar.
Bov. Mr. Scott went to Nelson on
Wednesday, to attend a district meeting of the Methodist church.
Shatford & Co, shipped a largo
quantity of supplies on Tuesday, to
the O. S. Lumber Co. at Rosebery,
C. W. Browning, formerly of this
place, has left Fort Saskatchewan,
Alta.. and gone lo  Rainy River, Out.
Orders for shingles still continue to
pour in on thr local company, five
carloads being asked for ou Tuesday.
T. Linton, of Rossland. formerly of
this town, lias purchased a bookstore
■   in Vancouver and will remove tbere
in September.
The general conference of the Methodist church of the province will be
held in New Westminster on the 17th.
Rev. Mr. Scott will attend.
A number of improvements are be*
ing effected at the Arlington hotel, including the addition of a Brat-class
sampling room for travelers.
On Monday evening a social and
entertainment will !»• held in the
.Methodist church. Rev, .Mr. White
will assist in tin- programme.
Their was much enthusiasm evinced
here Tuesday over flu- news of the
great victory of the Japs over the
Russians at the crossing of the Yalu.
.1. G. McCallum got back ou Wednesday from a trip to Cranbrook and
Winnipeg, lb- reports business as
brisk in the Crow's Nesl aud prairie
The Kaslo railway is again doing
business, a transfer bring effected al
the McGuigan bridge. It will be a
I ing tune before tbe road is in thor*
ougn shape.
At the regular m inthly meeting ol
the li;.' brigade on Tuesday evening,
W. E. Worden resigned bis position
;is chief, owing to removal from town.
R. E. Allen was chosen in his stead,
Tin: Dun.i. will print you. on short
notice and in anv amount, shipping
t igs, billheads, Btatement8,letterneads,
noteheads, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting cards, business curds, bills ol
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any price ot quality.
W. Boisvert has moved his family
back to town from the ranch.
The band and orchestra have been
asked to play at New Denver on the
Geo. Stoll arrived in on Thursdav,
bating spent the winter in Kiona,
Onlnge Hamilton has como to life
again and may be found at Revclstoko.
Small mudslides near Winlaw still
c intdnue to give trouble to the railway
The grand lodge of tho Knights of
I Minns will be hold this month in
(Irand Forks.
Tho Grand Lodgo of the I.O.O.F.
of tlo province will be held in Rossland on Juno 8 and 9.
Mrs. Brooksbank left for Nelson on
Thursday, ultimately going on to join
her husband at Cranbrook.
Mrs. Capt. McLennan, who has
beon ill at Now Denver for some timo,
arrived home on Saturday.
NeilGething and Geo. Henderson
returned to tbe Red Fox this week,
accompanied by Pat McGuire.
Mrs. Gallop returned to Balfour on
Monday. Six* wa.s accompanied bv
Mrs. McLennan and her two children.
Mrs. Bennett went over to Rossland
on Saturday, being called there by the
illness of her grandson, Dick Linton.
M. B. Scarlh, representing the Victoria Colonist, was bore on Thursday.
It is the first time tho paper has been
represented in those parts.
Rev. J. 11. White, superintendent of
Methodist missions in tbe province,
will preach in the Methodist church
next Sunday, morning and evening.
Timber Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given Hint tliirlv ilnyt lifter
itnte 1 iniiiiiil in apply to the Chief Com-
missioncr uf L&nda ft Works, at. Vii torta, fnr a
special tioetise In cut aii't carry away tiiiibcr
from the following desorfbtd luu.I: CiaiuiieiH'-
iDg at a post planted on T Im east siili* of Wilson creek, nenr Uie west fork of the saiil creek,
running north Ka chains: thence enM 80 chains;
thence south Ml chains: thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated April 20,1901.
The Gallagher timber interests on
Wilson crock aro under a 30-day option to purchase.
New Westminster mid Nelsou lacrosse teams will play a match at
Kaslo on tlu- 21th.
T. Garvey and wifo removed on
Monday to Spokane. Thoy will afterwards go to Nome.
Tho second and third readings of
tho Grand Trunk Faeilic railway bill
passed,the Ottawa house last week.
D. Sloan, now of Three Forks,spcnt
Sunday in town. Ho moved his household effects to the Forks on Monday.
Arrangements havo been made by
.Mexico and Canada for a two cent
postage rate between the two countries.
Hon. R. F. Green has routed the
residence of tlio lato Henry Br.nckinan.
in Victoria West, and will move his
family thither from Kaslo,
C. P, Nelson, Now Denver, passed
through here Saturday to Nelson. He
was doing some tall rustling for the
celebration in his town on the 24th.
Rev. Mr. McCord.the new pastor of
Knox church, .arrived from Toronto ou
Saturday. Ho preached his initial
sermon next evening, to the largest
audience soon in the church in two
Timber Notice.
VTOTKT is hereby given that thirty .lays after
ii date I intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands A" Works, at Victoria, for a
special license to cut  ami carry away timber
from Um following described lands; Commotio-
inK at n post planted on lhe somli side of I'vntis
oreek, abont one-half mile from the west shore
ofSlocan lake; llienee south SO chains; Ihcin'e
wet St) chains; thence north 110 chains; llienee
east su chains, to placo of commencement,'
Dated, April is, 1904.
Timber Notice,
Timber Notice.
NOTICE i- hereby (riven Uial thirty days afler
date I intend to apply io the Chief Commissioner of Lands A Works, at Victoria, for a
special license to cut and enrry away timber
from tho following ilescribodland: Commencing at a post planted on I'." east side of Wilson creelr, nenr the west for!; of the saiil creek,
running sooth 80chains; thence cast sn chain-:
thencs north 80 ohains; thence west SO chains,
to point of coiumbncomont,
Dated April 23, IMI.
Timber Notice.
VTOTICEis hereby given that thirty days afO.r
ll dato I intend to npply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands & WorUs, at Victoria, for a
special liconse\o cut and carry nway limber
from tho fotlnwiug described laud: Commencing at a post plaDleMl on the south side of tho
w.'-' branch of \ViUoti creek, about two mil
wast of i iie m lin sl roam,running ■•.-i isf SO chains:
thenco south HO chains; thence oust KUchains;
lh,mi.a; north *0 chains, to point ofcommsnee-
3os. i'i aasoN
Dated April 2... UU.
Timber Notice.
•\**OTK'l'. is hereby given that thirty days nf toi
111 date I intond lo apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works, at Victoria, for a
special license to cat and carry awny timber
from tha following des6rib<sd land: Commencing al a post planted on the south -ile of Wii-
-..a creek, near the month of tho wesl branch,
running west so chain-.; thence south so chains
theuce east SO chains; thence north SO chain.,
to point of ciiiniucni-ement.
Dated April 20, 1904.
Timber Notice.
N'OTICE is hereby given thai thirty days after
d.-.le 1 intend lo apply to the Chief Commissioner of Land- 3t Works, at Victoria, for a
special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described land: Commencing at a post planted on tho south side of the
west branch ol' Wilson creek, about, six mile-.
trom lhe main stream, running we.-l 80 chain-:
thenco north 80 chains; thonce east SO chain-;
thenco south 80chains,to point of commencement,
Dated April 2.1.1901.
Timber Notice.
Notice is hereby glvon that thirty days nfter
data I intond to apt I.v to thu Chief Com.
mlssionnrof Lands ,V Work-.,at Victoria, for n
special license to cut and carry away timber
from tho following deeoribed land: Commencing at a post planted on the Bouth sldo of the
v.,- t branch .a: Wilson creek, about live miles
wesl i.f the main stream, running weat so
chains: thenco north 80 chain.; thence east so
ia in : i: once south 80 chains, to point of oom*
Dut.-l April :*.. IMI.
• •a 1 1,1...,.
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
If you want a touch uf
home life, come along,
boys. The best table
in town: nice law.airy
bedrooms, Special rates
to steady boarders. . .
The only sample rooms
in town	
Timber Notice.
!    tho undersigned, thirty day- afler data. In*
,   tend ii apply to the Chief Commissioner
..I I,a;..I. A Work-, ai  Victoria, for a «i ial b
cense to cut and carry awaj timber from ihe
following described traci of bind i Commencing
at a poll planted on Hie south side df ICvau-
I'reck. ab ult one mile from Slocan lake, niniiiti-:
SO chains south; thonce 80 chains cast; thence
80 chain- north; thence s,i chain- west, to point
i ,1* commencement,
Locate I March 30, I'.KIl.
Timber Notice.
I the undersigned, thirty days after data, in.
9 tend to apply to the Chief Commtssionoi
of Lands LV Work ■. at Victoria, for a special li
cense to cut and carry away timber from the
following described tract of laud: Commencing
alapo-t planted on the -.until lido of Kvnn
■ reel,', about ons mi!.' from Slocan lake.rinuiiiu.
jo chains south; tlience .so ohains west) thence
mi chuins north; thence 80 chain- east, to point
of coinine'icemeiit.
JAS. M, IA III! 101.1.
Located March 80, IMI.
VTOTICE is hereby given that thirty days after
.1 date I intond to apply to the Chief Com-
mBsionpr of Lands .V Works, at Victoria, for a
special license to cut and carry away limber
from tiie following described lands: Commencing at » post set close to Jennie Currie'fa imrtli-
east comer post, on the north side of the north
fork of Evans creek; running aso chains west;
th-nee south *'i chain-; thence east ttOchains;
thenoe north 80 chains, to point of commencement.
Dated April 19th, HOI,
The lake is still on tlio rise.
U. P. Christie has been gazetted a
recording officer for tho Slocan district
under tlie provisions of tho Cattle Act.
Appended is a complete Hat of the var
ious records registered atthe local registry office, H. P. Christie being mining
April 25—Creole.
26—Twin Sister No 2, Queen of the
Hills, Black Hussar, Twin bister Nol,
Golden I'elt, Mojavo.
April 80—Dnmocrat and  Roval, % in
each, N 1° McNaught to John Tinling,
Chit) 1a, same to Fume.
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
KATF.S: Regular subscribers,$1 per month
or$10 a year: non-siihscribers (exclusive of
medical attendance) t"- per day. Private wards
$1 per day extra, Special facilities for maternity cases,
For farther particulars apply to,
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of flineral
Timber Notice,
-VCrnCl" U ha-cbv jjlvea that thirty days after
1 \ date I intend to apply tothe Chief Commissioner of Lamls,': Works, nt Victoria, for a
special license to cut antl carry away timber
from the followingdutsoribed lands; Commencing ot a post planted on the north side of tbe
south fork of r'vanscreek, shout live miles from
Slocan lake.aie! running south SO chains; thonce
west 80 chains; tliauce north 80 chains;
. .-.t 80 ohains, to oni tt of commencement.
Dated ,\i iii SOtli, 1!X)1.
Timber Notice.
♦    LIGHTED l'.V
* ♦-♦ **-**
The Queen's
Hotel e^-m*-***'
HATES;   813.00 PKR  li.iv
Firt-t-class Pining Room
i.\'v-u ami Comfortable Bod rooms
(jamplo rooms for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
t *-***-*■*** **-*-*-*-*4.  < *<■«****<>■*
\TOT::'V: i- heroby glvon that thirty ,\ lya nfti r
.A data 1 inii'ii.t to apply to the L'hisl Com-
missionnr uf L'-iiHl. A Murks, al Victoria, for a
i ■ ■ !■ - a■ ■ I-, cut and carry awny : 1ml cj
trmn thrt Fol towiaff rtorcrihoil lands: (Jummenc    I,   .. .a* • a-
ia.-.-,, a i,.u pianm i ou ti,.-., ,rth - .I.-, f the Notice to uelmciuent Co-cv/ners
■ -'-..  .■!  I. a:.- creek, ubout thi".- mjlud
from  Slocan   I   . •.  running Bouth  ll) etiuius;
I l":  .■■■'•t  1' -1 caaina: t • ince   lentil tu a.- (• i*_ i •,. --;
thencs t   ICO thai;:-, iai point of comment'.■-
Uatod April 2Jth, 1    '.
JOHN (TR':.'!''.
Timber Notice.
•1.JOTICE i- hereby given tbat thirty days after
. 1 dale 1 inloud to apply i.. the ( hicf Com-
mis.- inner ,,f Lauds i Works, at Victoria, f.a' a
special license to cut ani carry away timbci
from the fullowins described lands; Commune
log at a post planted on lie. nortti i'laift!,.-*
north fork of ISvaus creek, alum: tii mill - from
Slocan lake, ranulng south io chains; tliance
',...-, id chains; thence north'jn chains; thonce
i ce west Ml chains; thonce north 20 chains;
thence west 40 chains; thence north 20 chains;
thenco west 40 chains; thence iiorih tOchalns;
tlienceeasl 10chains; thenco south 20 clinins;
thence east JUcbaids; Uicnco south 2>) chains;
thence east I'i chains; thonce sou>th -o chuins;
thence east hi chains, to point of commence*
Dated April Uth, l'.wi.
•? '''■'■
P.O. BOX »<l
Licensed Provincial Assayer»
1'HO.NK ••
NEW  DENVEB, 11.0.
All Samples Kec-elvi* Prompt Attention. Ratal oa Aiinlleuii
1 spvclui Quotations loH-tlnes and Mills. PP»««atlon
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
To*Robt. Lako mui M.   L. Grimmelt, ot
in nny • e -' .'i or |u*r$onRlo wlioaitlipy
may liavv tratn.fcrt«d tlicir cpveral in*
larest", in wlioluor in imrt,in llto lion-
i.ii*  Doon  niitprn) i-liiim, sitimtcd on
tlie Botitli sitli>of Bjirincci i*ret>k,in t!i<*
Slocan Citv mining .!':v',ri..'ii ol Wost
Knot r.av iVi8li*icl:
Ymi nre horeliy notiflcil Ihnt I lmv< }
expendeil tlio sum uf r>\o liitmliTrl audi
livi" dollars in labor ami   goneral   im-
provemi-nte upon tlio aliovu mentioned i
claim,  in order   lo hold   Bnid   mineral
claim under tin* nrovis mis ol liic* Minn-
t:il Act, nnd il   within 00 dayi from   the
date of this notica you fail or refuse, to
contribute your proportion of sucli expenditure, together with all costs of advertising! your interests in   said claim
wil!  become tlio property of thu sub
n-rilior, under section four of an act en
litled "An Act to amend tho Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dated tliis in dav of February, 190*1.
5-2-0-1 GEO. >M,r.AN
I J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor I
I Fresh Fruits of Every |
| Kind Arriving   Daily. I
fa a
f       A foil stnrk of tin* best       ^
lines nf cigars nntl tobnc*       *
v      cos always kept mi band.      I
i". I...,i vc« of p.. euil for 91, X
Pall Weigh! and Qaallty A
Qaai-antaod. &
ij^iiiteis ei toiweMls,
Slocan, B. C.
Arthur Street, Slocan
rr*«AKEn6l ice it is my inL•uut at the ox-
I pl ration of sixty dnj from tlie data hereof,
:•, to Mi.- Hon. tin* chiuf Cotntrilsslonsr ol
Lainl- A; Works fnr permission lo purchase Um
following described lain!, viz,: Cotnnioncintr at
a post ilaut.-ai ob the west shore af Siocon lake,
.ml situated about I'm [net north of the mouth
of Evans creek ii nel marked ".Inlin Carrie's N.E,
.irner," I hence WOSl 20ehaiasj lliencs son tli :'a
chnlos, ci" lias Kirani creek; thence east 2D
chains; thence north following the avostshore
if Blocan lake 20 chabis, more or less, in poinl
of commencement, and contaialng in acres,
' JOHN CUItniE per I'. W. I.wsa. A il
S .1   -i, U.C, Ip'rll: i !. IC0I, 29-1
Flower Seeds
Garden Seeds
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in Packages
Seels in Bulk
Oni.m Bets havo arrived) got your
order in nt once.
Blnok Prince A cupper Mineral Claims,
Situate in the Blocan City Minin j Division  nf   \\'i*.ut   Kootenay   District,
Whoro  located:—Black Princt	
no. tli fm Uut Lemon criek; Clipper,
on Miuitli fork uf Lemon creek,
TAKEKOTICE tlmt I. Ernen Harrop.
free miner's cerliflcats No B58-I58; snd
acting assgent fnr Robert ('. Andrews,
iiiv miners certiflcate No. B710U, intend, sixty days from tin* date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Kecorder ur certificate! uf improvsraents.for tin- purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants ol tlie above
And further lake notice that action,
under section 87, must Im commenced
before tlm issuance ofsuch certificates ol
Ditedthis st day of April, 1004,
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why lot without a ranee when
you can Ret one so cheap 7 The>
are preferrable to stoves and give-
better satisfaction, These nuiRe?,
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
H, J,
£   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ^
^    REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .    ^
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two cor»
ner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, ball
and wardrobe. For
otlier particularswrite i
i**4********** *************
Z_*i "taC     X JSSL. . Jfe )xC*i
'erttse youn
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods bet ore the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man -must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
tiie printer
tonll persistent mui lili-
i-i'ul advertisers: it is read
by everyone
It ^nnii.iiit"
•^ THE DRILL,  $2 per year $
Subscribe for
local paper:


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