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The Slocan Drill 1902-04-04

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.   . UV
TOL. III., Ne. 1.
SLOCAN,   B.   0.,   APRIL   4,   1902.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Candles, Caps, Fuse,
Giant Powder, Steel,
. Ore Cars, Track Iron
fllll, Mine and Blacksmith's Supplies of any
and every description.
T. D. Woodcock 6c Co., General Hardware
Main Street, Blecan, British Columbia.
We have just opened our first spring shipment.
We have the latest John I). Stetson and C. B.
Rutan blocks and the values can't be beaten.
John B. Stetson, best quality, $6 to $6.50
C. B. Rutan & Co., best Union made,   $3.75 & $4
Other good makes, in all styles, $1 to $3.50
We carrv Men's Hats.   The ladies as a rule ' 'blow"
themselves about springtime.     Why not the men ?
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinney, B. C.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
iQETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
Ui ant Penal Mapneit of Jeff Baty,
rho is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
■ reached by any trail or road
|at runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Reopened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Arthar Street aad *T'«ls»aay -Testae, Sleeaa.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stneked with the best
Fruit, Confectkmery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything^ these lines that you
require from us. Our;stock in each is always
kept fresh and well adlBOffted. We handle the
best the market  afford-!'     Prices are right.
Health Committee and Board or Worae
Submit Their KitImati-a-Rate ef Taxation Is be Struck Next If eetlog-Cel-
lertar'a Roll Ordered.
All the members were present at
last Monday's meeting of the eity
W S. Gere, deputy minister of
lands and works, wrote: "Your letter ofthe Hit nit., addressed to tbe
provincial secretary, asKing that the
Slec:tn school house grounds be deeded over to the school board, has been
referred to this department, and I
beg to Inform you that the matter is
receiving attention and a crown
grunt will be is.ua! at an early
Other communications read: From
B. C. Engraving Co., Vancouver,
submitting price of $24 tor a collector's roil; from the Colonist, Victoria,
offering ona for $18.
The three letters were ordered
Moved by Aid. McCallum, seconded by Aid. Nichol,that the city clerk
procure a copy ofa roll from the Victoria Colonist.   Carried.
The health committee -ubmittcd
the following it port: "We, the un
doi'signed coinm'tee on health, beg
to submit to you our estimate for this
year's expenditure for cleaning up
streets and lanes of all garbage; also
to collect all dry garbage, etc., at
present Mattered all over ihe garb-
aga ground; and also to dig and
scrape out a trench, 50x10x4 feet, to
receive all niglit soil and liquid mat
ter. We find that wo will require
tba following amounts to do this
wr.ik: cleaning up streets and lanes,
$20; collecting jrarbage and digginc
trench at garbage ground, fM. Wa
also beg to recoinniend that nil build*
nigs ft-und en In ues uud streets should j
be removed tu property lines so as to
keep streets and lanes clear of all
Hoard of works reported as fullo""**:
"Estimate ef money needed by the
board of works: $100 for clonrin<-
l.ines in rear uf bit ck A and block 1;
$250 for clearing Springer ci-eok and
protecting briJger*; $50 for Delaney
ave; $50 for repairing Main street;
$50 for repairing Harold street one
block south vt Fletcher avenue; $100
for miscellaneous repairs."
The lire, wnter 4 light committee
stated tliey did not require any ap
propria tion at present.
Aid. Worden moved that the reports be accepted and referred to the
finance cuminittce ior supervision and
to allot funds.
Aid. McCallum objected to that
move, as the council sliould deal witli
the question of striking a rate.
Aid. Wordon then withdrew his
motion in favor ef tlie reports being
laid on thc table for ono week. Sec
onded bv Aid. Smith.
Aid. McCallum said the fire, water
and light committee could nut ask for
much money, as there would be so
little funds forthcoming from council, unless a high rate of taxation
were struck, anl there was no use at
pre ent demanding a fire engine and
other supplies.
Motion pit and carried.
Bills presented: T. McNeish & Co.
coal, $7; K.A. Bradshaw, stamps, $1.
Referred to finance committee.
Chairman Robertson said that the
council should bo prepared at next
meeting to strike rate of taxation.
Aid. McCallum thought the clerk
should prepare a statement of probable expenditures and receipts, and
then the oout-.ll could see what they
had to contend with in getting at the
rate of taxation.
Tlie clerk said tho council owed
$800 and had |1M on hand, with
several bills remaining unpaid.
Aid. Smith asked to have the
elcrk's statement for Wednesday
evening, as the finance committee
would then meet and prepare for the
striking of the rate,
Aid. Worden inquired if the council had a member on the board ofthe
M. U. U-eneral Hospital, as the man
•irrement desired civic representation
A discussion ensued upon tho question ef admitting a female patient
into the hospital, Aid. Worden and
Nichol moving that Aid. McCallum
and Barber be a committee to act in
the matter.   Carried.
Aid. McCallum nsked the privilege
for himself and others of planting
trees and boulevarding the residential streets, the trees'*to be planted at
a fixed distance from thc side lines.
All such work would be done along
given lines, and there were a number
of ratepayers who would follow out
tho idea.
Tlio request was granted, on mo
tion ot Aid. Smith and Barber.
Aid. McCallum brought forward
the question of making a $50 grant.
to the  band, provided funds were
available for the purpose.
Aid. Barber thought the idea good
and favored doubling tho grant, if
possible, as did also the other aldermen.
Aid Barber moved that the sum of
$50 for the band be placed in the estimates for the year. Seconded by
Aid. Nichol and carried.
Aid.* Worden called attention of
board of works to dangerous condition of sidewalk near Aid. Robert-
sen's placo and suggested a railing
being placed thereon.
Chairman Robertson called attention to the trees in the river, cut and
put in there by the C.P.R. When
the high water came, there was dan
ger o*' the trees taking out the lower
Instructions were given the board
of works, to pnt a railing on the Main
street sidewalk, where necessary.
Council adjourned.
Max Hrckinaaii Disposes of Bis Various
Mineral  Holdings.
One of the largest and most com
prehensive deals put through in the
camp this season was concluded dur
ing thc week, whereby Max Heck
mann disposes of bis several mining
interests.   It was a sort of double
deal embraced in the one transaction.
Ernest Ilarrop, of Nelson, acquired
a 5-18 interest in each of the Crown
Point and Nelson claims; J interest
in each of the Swiss, Highland Chief,
Berne, Rocky fraction and Kootenay
Pass; and j interest in the Black
Prince and Clipper. James W. Moffatt, of Nelson, and A. York secured
a quarter interest each in thc Eva
The full deal calls for a bond of
$C000and a certain cash payment
bfsides. Harrop's purchases are all
situated on the one mountain at tlie
In ad of Lemon creek and embrace
whnt is known as the Alpine group.
Part of tlie latter group is fu the Nelson division and all are crown grant
ed. It is the most famous free milling gold proposition in the country
•ind is destined lo turn nut a big producer. There arc three distinct
ledges in Harrop's purchases and all
are free tiiillii:g,carrying pretty high
values. The Alpine at one timo was
limit r bond to A. Dick, of Rossland,
for $00,000, who spent a good deal of
money in development thereon. The
other interests iu the group arc held
principally in New Denver.
The Eva claim ndj ins the Speculator group, on Springer creek, to
the cast, and has a vein exposed similar to that oa the Arlington. Messrs.
York and Moffatt have strengthened
their position by securing a half interest between thr in in thc Deadwood
and Greenwood claims adjoining tlie
Eva from W. Harris and J. Reid, tlie
whole three claims being known as
the Dead weed group. It is the intention of the purchasers in each case of
all the claims mentioned to work
their holdings during the coming
The deal was the outcome of negotiations conducted bv Jos. Saulter
and A. Yoik. Max Heckmann and
his brother will leave shortly to visit
their parents in Oregon and then proceed north to Dawson, to prospect for
Hutlliigtou Cosnpaay Incorperated.
During the week the Burlington
Mining & Milling Co. was incorporated at Spokane, Wash., with n capital
stock of $150,000. Tlio incorporators
are W. D. Wrighter, W, S. Rogers,
C. W Geib, J. H. Travels and T. A.
Noble, the latter being of Pittsburg.
The property ownoJ by the company
is tho Iron Horse group of claims,
situated below the Enterprise mine,
on Ten Mile. Up to two weeks ago
the property had been working continuously for somu months, an I nn
elegant chute of oro has been opened
up on the Enterprise vein. There is
a good hoisting plant at thc niiee and
a full equipment of buildings. A
wagon road connects the Iron Horse
with the Enterprise road,giving easy
communication at all seasons of tho
Trnnafer Mewl Extension.
Sidney Norman, -alio has the bond
on the Transfer group, sent in last
week and asked for an extension of
time for tho first payment on the
purchase price, which fell due on
May 1. The extension was granted
bv the owners, as thc bonders wished to do much mere work. On Tuesday ef this week' the men employed
came down the hill, stating that tbey
were going to have a 30 day lay oft,
tlioir grub having run short, and the
trail too soft to take a horse in.
Sleoan's guldlnr Hoys.
Letters were received last week
from Messrs. Luke, Law and Clarke,
the three Slocan boys with the second
Canadian  Rifles  in South  Africa.
Thoy had arrived safely at Durban,
but all three had been in hospital
owing to sea sickness. The corps
was quarantined, as smallpox had
broken out in the ranks and there
was no telling when they would be
Reported Discovery Near Head of Keote-
n ay Lake.
A report comes from Kaslo that
word has been received there from
parties that gold exists en Cooper
creek, three miles from Lardo.
Proulx, Ulvin, and other men this
spring gave the creek a diligent
search, with the result that they have
come to the conclusion thnt gold docs
exist in paying quantities. They are
now organizing a company and will
give it a practical test. Proulx and
Ulvln are -very reticent, but they
are incorporating a company, under
the title of the Cooper Creek Gold
Mining Co. They have a force of
men working on the ground and have
located nine claims. They are building a dam and will carry all tbe
waters of Cooper creek in a flume
past the ground they intend working.
A scow load of lumber left Knsle a
few days ago along with other supplies, for the new company. This
lumber was specially cut by the
Kootenay lake sawmill.
The gold is decidedly coarse and
very often a pan of dirt from the
surface yields 25 cents. There is considerable truth in the report as numerous prospectors are going into the
camp. Cooper creek, from thc can-
yen to thc railway track, a dist nee
of half a mile, has been staked. People around here are awaiting patiently for the company to finish the dam
aud make the test. If everything
turns out as first reported, the stampede to Thunder mountain and Car
iboo will net be in it. About 20
years ago Colonel Fry at the mouth
of Fry creek panned out a large sum.
A slide came down and covered his
diggings and work was suspended.
AXOI lll.lt DEAL.
W. E. Boie, while here during the
week, disposed of a large portion of
his mineral holdings to W. T. Shat-
f«rd and some Vernon friends. In
this camp tho deal included a quarter interest in the Dorest and Sum-
mcrside, two of thc Black Prince
group, on Springer creek, and which
are regarded as valuable possessions.
But the majsir portion ofthe transaction embraces property in the Similkameen country, where the purchasers secure a quarter interest in
no less thun 13 claims. These are
all copper prospects and include some
ofthe Lest showings in that camp.
They are located on Dodd's mountain, in what Is known as the Aspen
Grove section, about 15 miles or so
from Princeton. One of the groups,
known as thc Vancouver, is eonsid
ered the leading property in the sec
tion. It has an ore body exposed 50
feet wide, averaging 13 per cent iu
copper. What work has been done
is principally surface cutting, but
there can bo no doubt as to its worth.
Ernest Mansfield at one time held u
bond on the properly for $100,000.
As yet there is no communication to
the country, bul so soon as the Coast
railway is built the property will become very valuable, Dad Allen and
Con Murphy, of this plnce, each own
a quarter in the 13 claims mentioned.
Hospital Improvements.
The hospital building is boing
moyed back from the street, so as to
permit of tlio erection of a double
decked verandah in front. The present shed iu the rear is to be pulled
down and a new addition built the
full width of the building, and in it
will be located a bathroom. Other
improvements arc contemplated, including painting thc hospital inside
and out.	
New TssBiii-1 on Neepawa.
An intermediate tunnel was commenced some time since on tho Neepawa, above the Dickinson tunnel
and below whero thc recent shipments wero taken from. The distance to the ore chute is counted at
200 feet and thc drift is advancing
about six feet a day. Three shifts
arc employed nnd so soon us tho ore
body is cut shipments will follow.
Retnrna en Duplt'X Ore.
Cross & Nathan have received
their returns on the ore shipped from
the Duplex, The figures were quite
satisfactory, giving about $70 per
ton net. The gold values were in tlie
neighborhood of $25 and the balance
was in silver.
The sleighs from the Arlington got
stuck Wednesday coming down, as
the snow is wearing off fast.
Last Tear's Shipments Were 0514 Tom—
A Healthy Kvldence or the I.ife and
Wealth or the Cuinp—Arlington tbo
Biggest (shipper.
Only the Arlington is represented
in the shipping list this week, tliey
having sent out their regular 80 tons,
It is not likely their shipments will
amount to much now, owing fo the
breaking up of the roads. Both the
Enterprise and Neepawa will ship
from Ten Mile next week, and the
Fourth of July will make a small
shipment from town.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, mado
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled 0529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list of the shipments this year to
Mi.va. »m.       TOTAL.
Arlington  80             1011
Enterprise  240
Ottawa  7
Neepawa  f*0
May  •
Paystreak  6
Duplex  7
80 1385
More ore is coining into the drift on
the Combination.
The electric power and light plant
has arrived at tlie Payne.
Two men nre doing assessment on
the Onslcw, Twelve Mile.
Spokane parties aro nibbling at
some property on Twelve Mile.
M. Cameron has tbe job of packing
down the ore from tho Fourth of July
The Sandon, .mines shipped 22G
tons of ore last week, all over the
Kaslo road.
A liberal quantity of supplies and
equipment has been sent to the Ottawa during the week.
P. W. George is back in the camp
again. lie will do some more work
on the Creole, Lemon creek.
The Arlington and Speculator have
been laying in supplies sufficient to
lart a month or so, as the roads are
breaking np.
Several carloads of stulls for the
Arlington are piled up at tbe roundhouse. Ihe timber comes from near
Slocan Crossing.
Ernest Mansfield is on his way out
from England. On his arrival something may eventuate in connection
with tbe Chapleau.
The Binish boys are developing a
likely prospect ni Twelve Mile, adjoining the Paystreak. It carries
high values in gold and silver.
II. I. Kirkwood has been opening
up a promising prospect on his town-
site at Enterprise Landing-. It has a
big vein, carrying niueh iron.
As a result of smelter talk np tie
lake numerous iron cup ledges on
Ten Mile have recently been staked.
The government is so much ahead.
The men came down from the
Fourth of July on Friday night, having been driven eut by water. They
have 11 tons of ore on the dump taken out under lease.
Hill Bros.' tug camo down from
tho head of the lake Tuesday, bringing a barge load of lumber for the
Ottawa mine. The material is to ho
used for new bnnkhouses.
Thc Slocan brought down two tons
of ore from the Prescott, Four Mile,
on Friday. It had been taker out
under lease by Hsuek & Harvey of
this city. Tho ore was sent lo Nelson.
Part ef the wages of the employees
at the Iron Horse have been paid and
the balance will be settled in a few
days, as also the store bills. Angus
McLean, the superintendent, wont
out to Spokane te arrange matters
with the company.
Appended it a completeliet of the various records registered st tke local registry office, II. P. Christie being tuining*
Mar 22—Three Blind Mice.I.ucky Tom
Florence, Ueorgie,
24—Del Monte.    \
Mar 27—Clipper and Black Prince, lf'
in each, Mux M Heckmaiiii to Ernest
Dead wood, Greenwood land Eva, one-
Imlf in "metis Wm Harris, J D Keld and
Max M Heckmann to James YV Moffatt.
Same, V in each, James W M (fatt to
A Vork. r
jr _ _ vi
9 Ban En*
Copyright. 11901 by Thomas I*. Moutfort
i'fip Sampson brought his cane down
Willi ii thump.
"Of co'se Sim wa'n't skeered,'" he
snisl. "A man that'll do like lib done
ain't a-gTvine to git skeered at nothln.
Sim llnnks skeered! Lord, you make
nie plumb tired."
"My land, Pap, you're plumb right
'bout that.   A feller fixed like Sim was
that; don't have no time to think 'bout
glttln sheered.   1 know jest how lt are,
'cause  I've been'In  lots of Jest slch
scrapes myself.    I mind doln putty
Ultfh jest that snmc thing once. 00 a
awful blood** battlsfleld, nn I wa'n't no
moro skeered than I am this mluute."
••Wns Unit the time you fit Hicks'
taters down tliur In the cellar, Ebenezer?"
Kheiiczer   Sparks  tossed  his   head
., with nn air of fine scorn.
"I reckon," he said, "you think you're
pow'ful smart, alius draggln that old
cellar In ever' time 1 dnst to open my
mouth. But 1 guess you'll keep on
n-diaggln It In till you've wore lt
plumb out."
Pap Sampson, \_ho bnd beeu out on
tbe street, came hurriedly In and whispered something to Sim. No one heard
what he snlil, but whatever lt was It
■ Lad a magical effect, for Sim was
transformed In an Instant from a state
of listless apathy to one of eager and
excited Interest. His face beamed, and
hi:* eyes glistened, und be trembled
from head to foot. [In sprang up nnd
Started out, but Sar.i Morgan hild his
hand gently on his nt 11 lo detain him.
- The next moment n woman appeared
In the open door. Evorybody looked
up nnd saw It was Lot a. Then a silence as still as death rail over the
Bhe paused for an instant and glanced around. Her eyes wondered until
they rested on Sim. Then with a cry
full of joy and pathos she tottered toward him. Ills nrms opened to receive
her, and the next moment she wns
folded to his brenst, nnd ln silence they
Were weeping together.
Nobody spoke. It was a scene too
impressive, too sacred, to be disturbed.
Mnny stood wltb their beads bent,
their hearts full.nnd their eyes moist
with tears. Sam Morgan drew his
handkerchief from bis pocket nnd hastily turned his face away, while Ebenezer Sparks stood (smiling Idiotically,
making heroic efforts to appear unaffected.
No one moved but Pap Sampson. He
stood thumping tbe floor with his cane
ns though he had a contract to thump
a hole through It and was determined
to accomplish his undertaking. All the
while there was a smile on his wrln-
kleil, tanned old face such as had not
been 6een tbere for ninny days. He
was hnppy, and no wouder! He had
worked and hoped and longed for this
all thoso four long years.
It was Sim who broke the silence.
Taking Louisa's bead between his
bands, be raised It gently until tbelr
eyes met Then be saw that Bhe, too,
had suffered.
"l'oor little girl!" he said tenderly,
"lt has been hard, cruelly hard, for
"Yes," she sighed, "hard and dark,
but it has been harder for you. Poor
"And you pity me too'f"
She Brew closer to him and met his
eyes with hers In a look full of tenderness.
"It Is not that, Sim," she whispered.
"It Is not pity."
He began to tremble. Ah, could ft be
that heaven was about to open right
before blm, with all Its light and glory,
after this long, weary night of bitter
desolation? He dared not hope. It
was too much to expect. In husky, eager tones he said:
"Louisa, tell me, what Is Itr
"lt is love."
Tlieu to Sim Banks all the glory and
joys of earth and heaven were unfolded, and In one moment nil the dark sorrows nud pains of tbe past, all tbe
threatened dangers of tbe future, passed nwny as a dream. Tbat was the
one moment of supreme bliss la bis
Holding ber close to bis heart, be
"Loueesy, Is It really true? Can It be
"It Is," sbe replied. "It Is nil tme. I
love you. 1 bave loved you for a long
time. How could 1 help It after all
your goodness to me and lhe way you
did when you went away?"
Sim looked at her wonderlngly.
"I don't underr-tand," he said. "1 only tried to do my duty the best I could.
It wasn't much."
"It was much to me. It waa enough
to show me tbat you are tbe noblest
and best man tn tbe world, and I love
you wltb my whole heart and soul."
Sim was too happy to speak, so he
stood .silently stroking her hair, absorbing the Joy wltb wblcb the very
air seemed impregnated. After a little
while she snld:
"And now, Sltii, can you ever forgive me after all 1 have made you Buffer?"
"Forgive you. Loueesy"" be exclaimed. "Ood koows I never bad a bard
thought for you an never blamed you
for anything lo my life."
"No, but for all that, Blm, I was
"You was not to blame. Wbat yon
done you couldn't belp. You was not
to blame oo* bit"
"Loueesy, ta It really truer
out and stole away, but all the rest re
malned to congratulate Sim aud rejoice with him and I ..'ii ha. It was n
great scene nnd ono that was uever
forgoiten. and If Squire I'ccsou'b otlls c
floor was not punched full of holes It
wns oot Pnp Sampson's fault.
"Pnp Is my true and tried old friend.'
Sim sold, with tears In Ida eyea, -foi
he stood by me from the first to I he
"Lord, Sim. nobody couldu't ever
make nie b'lleve you done It," I'ap re
plls'd, "no when these felb*rs 'lowed h
was you I knowed they was Jest hark
In nl a knot."
And this Is all. except that two days
Inter Hubert Mnnrhand died In BI'
Ranks' arms and that Sim nnd Louisa
haw settled down lo n new lifo, wlili
the old dark past rut adrift, wltb r. 11
Its sorrows, Bufferings and mlsuoder
.-'ini Is happy and contented, for be
knows bis wifo loves him.
the ana
She nestled ber head on his shoulder
nnd drew a long sigh of happy relief.
"I kuow now," she said, "that I
jiover loved before—not with such love
lis this."
Some tbere were wbo watched this
reunion of husband and wife with
curiosity, some who watched It wltb
Joy and two who wntcued It with
malice and envy. These last wove
Mary Mnnn and Jim Thorn. Tliey
did. not forget that Sim wns umler
arrest and Hint probably the gallows
or the state prison awaited him. but
in r-plte of thnt they would have deprived htm of tbe happiness of tbls
bflef in*uncut.
Snm Morgan wns rejoiced, yet trou
bled He was nappy to see Siiu uud
I.ouImi Joiued In love, but he. too, remembered tbe future and what tt likely held for Sim. Turning to I'ap Sampson, be whispered:
"I'd give the world If Blm wos only
fri'e. It seems so bard to take him
from bis wife uow."
"Sim's Innocent," Pnp replied, "an
I don't b'lleve he'll have to suffer."
"I wish 1 could b'lieve lhat. Pap, but
I cau't, I don't see no reason for
"I'll hope to the Inst, Sam. reason or
no renson. It 'pears like the squire
nn them others Is stnyln a long time,
don't 111"
"Does so. That feller must 'a' had a
neap of business with 'em. I'd give a
punty to know whnt It Is."
"Mebby wo'll know right soon now,
for I see 'em a-comln."
Presently   tbe   squire   entered   the
room, followed closely by Jason Roberts and  Hleks.    The squire looked
very solemn, and bis face wns almost
sail.    Illeks was quiet and Impassive,
but Jnson wns smiling all over.   The
squire wulked to his seat, and Hicks
followed nud snt near him.   Neither of
lliein spoke to anybody.   Jason, however, stopped long enough to whisper
a word to Sim.   What tbat word was
no oue knew, but they ull saw that It
caused Sim to start and look wonderlngly around.
The squire put ou his spectacles, took
a paper from his pocket and unfolded
lt. Then he looked abound over all
those assembled nnd said Impressively.
"1 have here a pnper that 1 am going
to read, but firnt 1 want to say, In the
presence of you all, that Sim Banks Is
un Innocent man."
A flutter of excitement succeeded
these words, nnd two or three edged Of
to Sim nnd extended blm tbelr hands
to show Hint they were glud. Sum
Morgan gave u yell nud threw his hat
clear up to the celling, while Pap Sampson began a vigorous pounding on the
floor with bis cane.
Squire Beeson rapped on bis table to
bring Pnp nud Sam to order. Then he
proceeded to rend tbe paper he held In
his hand.
Tbat paper was the confession of Joseph Thompson, formerly known to
III Jenkins and Jonathan Turner as
Walte. but whose real nnme wns Robert Marchand. ne confessed In the
presence of witnesses and under oath
thin be flred the shut that killed Prank
Shelton, alias Jnmes Melvln. He did
It. he said, to avenge the honor of his
sister and the life of bis brother, nud
he bad uo regrets for the act. lie had
tracked Shelton to that place, and be
bad come tbere uuslrr the nnme of
Walte for the purpose of killing him.
After that be bad gone to the army
under the name of Thompson, nnd fate
hnd guided him to Sim Haul's, the
mnn wbo was suspected of bis crime.
When Sim enme home, he had come
with him, knowing Sim would bo arrested and It would devolve ou blm lo
clear blm.
"So now," the squire concluded,
"Sim Banks la discharged and stands
before tbe world an Innocent and a
free man."
"An tbe happiest man tbls side of
kingdom come." Pap Sampson cried,
"an I'm next!"
Then was Joy turned loose. Jim
Thorn and Mary'Mann slipped'quietly
Who Finished     i .  crnAp
The Game?   « 5V!:«
5  0op-rrl**h^lt01,'br •!••■■''• »*Beeket.  ■
Thorwald did not altogether like the
There Is a dispute about a certain
feature of the Yale-Harvard football   & fly John J.
game back ln 188* thnt is no nearer a   |
settlement than lt wus an hour after   -*, <S>  ♦ ♦
the game was finished. All tbe men
who were engaged in it havo left college long ago, but the matter has been
handed down to the undergraduates
and serves for u subject of perpetual
wrangling. Tbe trouble wns that lo j ..(.quest, but Prince Murlnnoffsky was
those days they played the game too „ goor\ -(.now and bad been such a help
late In the day, and before lt could be t0 ulm •„ purls he felt that he must
finished it wus so dark oUo could j L,oml,iy with it. After nil, lt was only
scarcely distinguish one side from the lll0 government that would suffer, and
otber. | mat was well able to put up with a
The dispute ln question could not   gU_jjt i()BS,
have arisen except for this cause.   The     go Thorwald found himself speeding
game   was
day, very
year. This particular Thanksgiving lt 'Tu 0Iie 0* the last stages of tbe
wus cloudy; consequently the dark- j j0urney his sole companion ln tbe rail-
ness enme on earlier than usual. ( n)n(1 c(u.**iage was a woman, quietly
The way of it was tbls: Banoard faq/jfa with oo air of high breeding,
was tho center rush for Yale, and it I[e W18 worrying as they approached
wasn't known till the gnme began that |U(, frt)1,tior and would have been glad
he was suffering from somo heart com- of n comi,nni0n to talk to. At last op-
pllcatlon, pi-obnbly brought on at prac- p0rtuiilty was afforded blm of aceost-
tice tho dny before, when he suddenly Jn_ tlie laay 8ll0 wng trying to ur-
fnlnted nfter a bard scrimmage. His nln(,e something In the network brack-
doctor forbade his going Into the e*. for mllCt,|a. no approached and
Thanksgiving game, but ho was loyal   wlth gmlt ,K,iit«--ness offered his serv-
v„u could tell them you haa nothing
U, declare. I shrink from saying flatly
that 1 have nothing to declare when I
,now I have. You will not have that
difficulty to disturb you, and If. you
can give tho man the Idea that you
have both our things In charge they
will suy nothing to me."
"Madunie, leave the matter entirely
to ine."
When thoy reached the frontier and
the ordeal was at hand, Thorwald
walked up to the most prominent functionary and, taking blm aside, bad a
few words with blm. The lady ln the
meantime sauntered slowly up . and
down the platform with a pleasant air
of waiting till tbe mere form bad beeu
compiled with.
Suddenly ber henrt fell. The officer
*ivith whom the young man hnd been
talking left him nnd advanced toward
her with a determined nir.
"Madame," said tbe ofHcInl, "I have
5  played  on   Thanksgiving   ^ % 16 roalm 0f the great white j certain Information that you are nt*
nearly the shortest iu the   SwwlS the Intention of defrauding   tempting     to     smuggle     soiiieth lot
....       . ._, i   s-*sssi,   "..*.   .'* fl,^/M,crli      Mv   Isifssi'in.iitf  ants?  ivltat   lnt\
to his college, and he knew lt would
lose witbout him. At any rate, there
was a consultation on Thanksgiving
eve, and when the boys appeared from
behind locked doors it was announced
thut there had been a mistake about
Bannnrd's heart trouble and he would
tnke his place ln the team next day.
Everything went straight enough till
near the end of the first balf. Bannard
shouldered the principal work, as be
had always done, and Yale had scored
more points than Harvard, but toward
the end of tho half Bannard began
to look queer and let Sampson of
Harvard right past htm with tbe ball,
thereby losing a touchdown. Sampsoa
kicked the goal and tied the game.
After the uext lineup Baonaid during
• scrimmage fell over in a faint, and
that let Harvard In for another touchdown and a goal. Bannard waa carried off the field.
Well, It began to get dark, but wae
oot so dark when the men lined uf
again but tbat I could see Bannard ln
position. But somehow be looked tall*
er than usual, and tbere was a peculiai
motion about him that I bad never noticed before. After a balf hour of tbe
second half all one could see of tbe
players was a lot of dark figures on a
dark ground. Bannard's tall frame
loomed up above the rest like the specter ef the Brocken. Great guns, how
he did play I He waa at the front, at
the "Sank, Io every scrimmage, la
short, he was carrying the game far
better than he had ever done before.
Then came that celebrated run lo
which be dodged six men and, unguard
ed, carried the ball over the line twenty
yards In front of his nearest follower
for a touchdown. I watched to see blm
kick bis goal, and what was my sur-
frige te see another man do It for blm.
asked what It meant and was told
tbat he bad gone under again.
The game now was tied. When the
-pen lined up again, I watched for
Bannard. Sure enough, he was there,
and after tbe kickoff did the same astonishing work as before. He scored
two touchdowns, but by this time It
was so dark that 1 could not see who
kicked them. However,* tbey both failed, oo account of the darkness, I suppose, leaving Tale ahead to the game.
Before aoy more point* could be
scored Bannard suddeoly disappeared
from tbe field, and a substitute appeared lo his place, a slow, bungling fellow,
wbo lost for his college enough points
to put Harvard again eveo with Yale.
There remained but five minutes of
the three-quarters of an hour allowed
for the balf. At the kickoff Bannard,
wbo waa In his placo, Jumped fully tea
feet, caught the ball aud ran wltb tt
straight through the Harvard lines.
It haa been said tbat no human belag
could bave got through tbat Una as It
was placed. Every gap was closed.
One Harvard man swears that Bannard passed blm and as be seized the
giant around the waist he seised air.
Another declares that the mas wasn't
Bannard at all, though he was enough
like bim to deceive his own mother.
Be tbls aa lt may. tbe game was won
for Yale. I waited to see Bannard kick
for goal, but waited ln vain. Somebody
told me that It was so dark be couldn't
see tbe posts and that tbo game wae
won anyway for Yale. There was a
hubbub among the players of both
Bides, who were huddled In two groups
bear the center of tbe gridiron. One of
them. Harvard man, shouted "Foull"
and I ,iw the Yale captain go to him
and shake bis fist ln his face, but 1
could not hear what he aaid for tbe
eom motion.
Wbat do you suppose I saw In tbe
death notices ot tbe oewspapcrs the
next day—"Died, on Thursday, the
20th of November, Archibald Theodore
Bannard, In the twentieth year ot his
At wbnt time a day did bo die? No
•ne knows; at least no ono will tell,
though It Is generally eoncedesl that
when he was carried off tbe field at
tbe end of the first bnlf ho never went
on It again. If no, who was ln his
placeT Ono report snld that be had a
twin brother-the black sheep of the
fnmlly, never «p ken of-who returned
Just before the - mie nt*-* It wns agreed
beforehand th-it If Archie Bannard
broko down this brother Bbould tako
Ids place. This Is the explanation of
some Harvard men, but I have met
one man ot their tenm. n superstitious
nort of fellow, who declares thnt Bnu-
nard died ut the ond of thc first balf,
nnd his death wan kept a secret Ile
wouldn't go off to the other world
without seeing his collego win.
Anyway tbere'B n lot of loyalty at
imp-, ■E19J-R.T. howell.
Ices.    As be again turned his eyes to-
Hot Very Commendable.
"One thing I like nbout Paul Is thai
he always keeps his word."
"Yes, 1 believe none of hla frlendi
would take hi* word for anything "
A   Rrrsiminendntlon.
ward her he saw she was removing her
index finger from her bodice. Afterward sho smoothed out the bosom of
her gown.
Could it be? She looked like a lady.
Bo did he look like a gentleman. Ho
eented himself and began a con versa- i
tion. They exchanged a few remarka!
very pleasantly for some time, when {
suddenly he nsked: "Pardon mo! la j
that a piece of lace?" j
Her hands " si eyes weot at ouee to
tbe but' -ni       f her bodice.   Then she ,
*ei     '       ...... "You are mistaken, sir!" J
.ilnil'-.nie,"  be answered smilingly,
"you need not fenr thnt 1 would bo
scimdnlized by your smuggling a littlo
lace   Into   Russia.     Tbe   government I
takes such Immense precautions against I
evasion of the duties that one need not
scruple at decelviar it, If possible.    I |
should regard It as a bit of amusing I
cleverness." ,
"You think It Is one of those things j
tbnt are only wicked when found out?" \
she returned, eying him, with a faint
"And you are possibly so gallant that
you would even belp a lady ln sucb an
"It tbe lady was nice," he laughed
Bhe tamed her face to bim with a
captivating smile and said archly, "Do
you think I am 'nice?'"
"Most assuredly, mndame."
"Then I will throw myself upon your
mercy!" sho exclaimed, with a lovely-
air of candor. "The fact Is, I am nmug-
gllng"-she made a little face—"a
scrap of lace. Thcro Is not much, but
It Is choice, and I want it for a certain
purpose. Now I have put myself ln
jour hands."
"The hands of a gentleman," replied
Thorwald.  "How can I help you?"
"You might take the keys of my
truukB and uet as If we were together.
through. My Informant saw what lea
him to tbluk you bad lace coueealed
ul out vour person, lt rests wltb feu
to deliver It up or to be subjected to a
thorough examination."
She gasped with Indignation. What
an Idiot she bad beeu to betray her
self to a stranger!
With a blazing countenance, but n
digulty that Impressed even the burdened official, she retired nud unwound
the dainty lace she hud so carefully
concealed about the upper part of her
person. It wns silently confiscated
nud a stiff line imposed, which she
paid without half the regret she felt
at parting with her precious lace. Tbe
odloup informer was walking about en
tbe platform with uu air of couscioija
rectitude and cuivfully abstained Hum
even glancing In ber direction.
The trulu bad gone some miles on the
Journey toward St. Petersburg. Some
on:* putiss-d nt her side. She looked up
and beheld the young mnn who hud so
neatly tricked her. He had au apologetic nir.
"Do not presume to spook to me."
she exclalined hotly. "You have dono
all the evil you can. I wish you were
a geiitlciiHin, that it might be possible
to make you feed tho contempt you deserve."
"Madame." be Raid very gently. "1
only ask one word of explanation. Believe me. I think I can dispel the mean
oplniou of mc w Utah I admit you have
every right to entertain.   You told me
you had ti 'sciiip of Ince; not much,
but choice.'   Around my legs—pardon
mo for alluding to them—nre a hundred yards nf n very expensive lace.
Not that nlone. but tbere Is a eentl-
tucntal  reason  attnehtng to Its safe
delivery   by   me   which   would   have
inude Its scijiure tho keenest disappointment.   The officer showed euch a
auspicious and implacable attitude that
I sated my luce ut tbo cost of yours. I
shall bo glad to givo you as much ef
this ns you  lost—you  said you  had
only 'n scrap'—aud defray ull expense
you were put to."
The lady wus somewhat mollified by
this respectful and reasonable explanation.
"I wild a scrap.    It was really tea
jnrds*. An a matter of fact, lt was exceedingly expensive."
He laughed heartily.   "A mere bagatelle.   Just so uiy friend Is Batlsfled."
"Who la your friend?" she Inquired
"Oh, pardon me!   I have a sense of
As soon as he arrived at bis friend's
In St. Petersburg be told htm he had
beeu able to bring blm only  ninety
yards  of  thc   Ince   be  bad   specified.
Prince   Murlnnoffsky   laughingly  sold
tbnt there was no doubt that would be
enough.    Be uuwound It with gleeful
cure from  bts guest's legs sod tbey
chuckled over tbe duties that bad
When  Thorwald   waa dressing for
dinner that evening, tbe prince looked
lo ou hlin aud said with mock solemn!
night. Don't nny a word about the habit 0- forming tbelr bands Veto »
trick with the lace. Her husband Is at megaphone over tbelr months and
the hend of the customs, and sbe would shouting "No news" at blm. Souther-
be terribly scandalized. 1 don't know "ind enjoys the Joko os much as any
that sbe would not feel coostralned to body «nd did not even remonstrat-
report It, although sbe Is so fend ol wben some of them clubbed togethe*
Olga tbat sho would not like to spoil to buy him a tiny allver megaphone U
her wedding present, and she koows 1 • watch guard for a Christmas pr<*
couldn't comfortably afford the money -nt*	
for it and the duties." | One to tbe ri*..miner.
Thorwald smilingly promised net to     A plumber wns sent for to the hot
breathe a word about It | a wealthy stockbroker to aaccote
Whco Prince Murlanoffsky weot to "*Pslrs.
Um saloo, hla Bister ran up to him and     "c **• tnV™ ,,v '■■■' ,l"".I,,r ''"'
_-.**,« *__i. r | "lining room ami \\<\t w-j-funlng bin «»"
exclaimed. I when th.* lady of the boum- . ui.-r.-.i.
"Isn't it odd! Aunt Feodorovna baa, ...*0.m>.* „..•,, „,,,._ „jlh „ „,,.,,•,■„,»
sent me some lace, and It Is Just the glaoce toward the plumber, "wniivc tb»
same kind you got for met Aad l.tsilvir-rinin tin* shleboai-J nud luck it >■
measured It, and it Just makes a bun-  st once."     *
dred yards with the other. Yon tried Bui the mnn of lead was In nowlsoiH"'
to get a buodred yards, you know, and eomertesl. "T,.in." suid be lo his w
Mr. Thorwald could only get ninety."   | KT??**' *» '■■••"»'i;»uls'.l blm, "tnke ■.•
Just then the Couutese X. waa Vm>rT0'£} __£* ° "'"' 'fr "«_L™ ft
io m.v iinssiiB nt once,    there Bcenm t" '*
nouncea. I dUhnnuei  n.w„,l.> ni.,.,,, sts.1. i _.. "_Til-
whispered Olga to Mr. Thorwald, "b».
fore Aunt Feodorovua. Mon Dleul She
would bo horrified."
Thorwald nodded his head, aud as he
turned bis eyes to the redoubtable
aunt wbo was entering the roum la -*,
magnificent toilet be recognized his
companion In crime of the railway. She
gave a half start as he was presented
to ber, but Instantly rallied and, tiling
ber bright eyes on him, said meaning-
ly, "I am glad to know you, Mr. Thorwald."
As he was taking her Into dinner she
put up her fan and whispered impressively:
"Not a syllable about the lace! They
would be awfully scandalized."
"Not a word, countess," murmnreU
Thorwald. "Only—my lace was fut
your niece too."
Theickerar's Laat Hoao*.
"Down oo your knees, you rogue!"1
aaid Thackeray to J. T. Fields, the fa-
mous publisher of Boston and author
of "Yeaterdaya With Autbora." "Down
on your knees, for here 'Vanity Fair-
was penned 1" "Aud 1 will go down
with you," added W. II. T., "lor In
very truth I think very well myself of
tbat little work."
Thackeray spoke ln Kensington, in s
little room at tbe fop of a house to t
quiet street, with a lattice window,
but the street was Young street, not
Kensington palace gardens,  as some
people fancy. The best of Thackeray'-,
work woe done ln Young street. There
he bought from his profits au old bouse
ln Pulace green, pulled it down j0(j
built from his own design the qtm/.,.
mansloii ot red brick with Btone tn**.
logs which Bret Harte Introduced with
a tact so moving Into his parody sketch
of   DlckenB'    "Tbo   naunted   Man."
Thackeray lived there but from ism
to Christmas eve, 18)13, when be die*
ln his sleep, they suy. The lust worki
were written there, "The Roundabout
Papers" and others.—London Outlook.
"You suggest thnt I should fuini
the cspltnl nnd you tho experience, bill
wbnt experience have you bad in Hill
"I lout f20,(XJO In It IB two yeuia."-
SIcljrJ.l.sK  With  Kitty.
Down thc froson stivot with Kitty;
How the I'MiiT ultima tonight!
Boon wc leave the quiet city
For ths? country rosssl so white,
Anil 1 fs-el ray ln'art u-llutter.
Hut the lissn*. shtee at u tree;
Oh. to nun un auto cutter
I csjuIJ run Willi one ana fret-1
--      ■    —Cbli-BL"' N*"1"*
Sonthcrland'a  M(*__pho«e.
Commander Southerland, chief of tke
hydrognipblc ollice, hns bad to stand I
lot of chafllug from hla friends Blnce
Mr. Uuyner's Bumming up In the
Schley court, ln which he pictured
Koutbcrlnnd ae standing at tbe wrinf
end of a megaphone and dellver'Ha*
hia famous message, "No news ot tha
Spaniards," which, nnyner auld, stuck
In the megaphone. SouthsTlaa-'s
My auin  will dine with us to*   friends wben thoy meet him um laths
i. ot
"Not a word about the smuggling,". Uits.
dUliniicM people oh
TN Symptom, and Da„a.P, 0| This Deadly DUe.ee Whloh la DrlvlDg to Maay to Ma ef •lokn...-.._fr80tlvo TftatmH«
Chill followed by fevor, quick pulse, severe p*l**_ to Ua eyea and forehead,    and   dull pains in thc JoinU
1 <<u beginnings of la grippe.   Than la alae> hoarseness, haflaraed air possogca, and obMinaW
'i■■■■■'■ >. •:. in the stomach, aad diarrhoea.   The one unmistakable    feature of lu grippe l»
ami itiiiH'.is'i
il |) ll,    flllTI
d  lolii'ue,
ihu depressed Bplrita and weakness and debility ol the body
With His. very young and very old and with persons of 1<
*."■•" ■    I neiiinoniu of  a violent and fatal form is a freojuent
low vitality, the   dangers   of   la grippe aro very
,..,„,, , - freojuent result,   lt ia also claimed thut very many < "^ s
,V   ,V:'s ",,     , ,b" 1'rectVr"ed *° **»-VlPPe*   The after effecto ot la grippe are moat often felt In ll*
s    , s c'u, ,  ii,,,,     ,'X,,,'C"!° dobiUty.ln 7hich th"' dt8eaao le*v«« "■ v)ctlms   •■   "i°*-«   than most nervoin
'   ,,,      '••" '""'lie—paralysis or prostration follows
1 hu   lllllHt  sir
I'm unto
For sale by all dealers,   or Bdmanson,     Ante*
BV-*i The Drill.
A aF-13HT_Y0UTH.
Dot nia     nnrtneas Waa Sot Apprecl-
s rod by ISie Lau.slssrsl.
"He fly ■> a young coqutry Ind," explain*
ed the li lei clerk, "bul wc needs'd a new
I ports*r. ►*" when he applied for work we
let him I .ve the situation, As he seemed
Strong ti' '"gh to slo the work, and we
| thouglil li.'  would soon learn  whnt wss
I expected   f him.   Now, there Is) oue thing
i that we pride ourselves ou, and thut Is
otfi tire i.lnrni system, which Is as near
perfection an money can make it.   So tbe
irst thi".- I d'd when lie started to work
was to sliOW bim wluil  was expected ef
him in i".-.' 'if lire nud uIho how-to tufa
In un alurni if be should lisppeu to dis*
cover tli • lintel to be afire.
"The ve y first night that the chap wsa
oo duty tisi'i'i* wag n general nlnrm turned in. no ' t'1** halls were Roun filled wit"**,
excited guests la all kinds of dizzy attire. Th1 tl the tire engines sniuiiieuced to
arrive Bli.l added to thu iiproar.
"Oh, w,. had « perfi-ctly  lovely time
with our wild eyed men nud women, but
nut n tni'i* of nny tiie could wo find; nm
nfter qui ling them aud convincing the
I firemen ibn* ihey were not noeded I start-
led nn iii'Stigation to discover who ha.
i tin i.i il in ihe alarm.    Finally 1 found a
helllxsy  who saiil tbut he luni seen the
' new port l Kirn in 'he nlarui. nnd I stait-
! ed to find him with blood lu my eye.   But
i he was n< i in the hollas- nnd I had about
! concluded  that  be had  fled  for his  Uf*
iwluu   h>'   curae   In   and   sheerfully   aa-
Inoiiiiccil   shut   lhe tin* didn't   iiinnuut  to
[ uiiieli.
" 'Hep li re.' I yelled, 'did you turn In
thni elan '***
" "I'm the feller,' lie answeted. '1 turned Ihi ui jets' er. sunn CS I saw the eujine
go past."
"'Bul ihere was no Ure here, yon
" 'Cniii'-i* not.' he answered calmly. It
wns il'.wii hen* about a mile.'
" 'Thee a hut in ihe name of heaven
possessi'il   yssu  to luru  In an alarm'/'   I
" 'Why.' snld he Innns'eiitl.v, 'L thollgtll
i you wiih i*sl uu* lo wuke all the folk* up
.ao they could go to tlie fire.'
"We hare uiintlier porter now, and that
jay in li:i.-k on lhe farm where be be*
|ongs."— I'sM'.il  l''ri'e IYs-sh.
Tbe grapa has wore stirr-ir In It i[>n\i
Fany other fruit, nearly fifteen parts In
j a hundred being sugar. Tbe peach
'■ has least only IVj per cent.
Tlie Publisher of the Beat Farmer's
paper in the Maritime Provinces in
writing to us sin tea :
I would say that I do not know
of a medicine that hus stood the
teat of time like MINAKPS LINIMENT. It haa been au unfailing
remedy in our household ever since
I can remember, and has outlived
dozens ssf would Us* competitors and
The odour from burning leather is
considcrcil a protection against infections disease. During the pro-
valence of cholera its Vienna, years
ago, no shoemaker won attacked.
They prevented it by burning scraps
ot leather  in their housee.
Itei MAID'S ____ tt ii» Hone.
The   King   of Blam owns an army
corps of 5U0    elephants,    nil    well
trained for military    purpose**,
under commaad of a general.
Mr. Thomas Ballard. Syracuse, Jt.T , wriUw .
" I Inn is iMsen is fUictesl for nearly a year with
that moft-to-bodrwidosl disease. dysiKsps- in, nnd
at tlmsM worn smt with pain and want ot sleep,
and after trying almoil everything reo-mi-
motidsvt. I tried one but of 1'armeluos Vsyo-
tablo Pills. I um now nearly well, nnd belie/e
they will core mo I would uot l*u without
U-MJn tor any money."
More matches are used in the IT tilted Kingdom thun In any other one
country in thc world. It hns been
estimated thnt Knglieb people une nn
average of eight matches each person par day.
MINARD'S USMM Luiiisrau'i Friend.
In Java thero is an orchid, thc
gruinraatophyllum, all tho flowers of
which open at oace, as if by the
Btroksi of u fairy wand, and they aleo nil wither together.
• Dlffrrenoes of Opinion reffarsllngtho popular interon! anil external remedy, Dr.Thonnia'
KrTectrie Oil—do not, so fnr ns known, eMit
The toatlmony is punitive and cs.ncu''rcat H..i'
the artlrlss re'l.-vcs physical pnln. rstre
lanintuMs, rhecl.ii a conga, 1- au ex'ol :ont rom." I
forpalnsaiiilrl.s'iima'lo rssmplalnls. sii'd libs
no nanseethig or other onpleosaa» OBBOts visit:
till.I'll   llt.Tlllill: .
More thun _'_ niillions ot tons of
iron oro will be moved from Lake
Superior ports thie year.
There In mom Catarrh ln this portion cf the
eoniilry ths.n till s<lher di n i*<* i put together,
and until thn lust tonyo-iru Wilis supposed to I .i
Incsirnlilo. 1'ora creel mnuy yonr. Osa-tor*! tjnv.
Douueed It n 1.x nl dttsoaso, anil |.rn.-.«-.i il<o.l local
remedies, and by oon't'iutty f->itm-r loeiir,* will,
local treatment, prsiuoiiurs..! it InetUTUl.lo,
BciODCO hns proven catarrh i.s l*on eniiitltutina.
aldisssns-si, ninl tliori !..m re juiie OOftstltUM "n
•1 treatment. Hill's t'aturrls Cttto, mannfac*
turodby 1*. J Chouoj A Co.. Ts.lt.lo, Ohio, Is*
tho only coiirlltntlou.it cure mi ths market. It
fs takon iiitora.'lly In dotes from 10 drops '" "
teanpoonfnl. Itaotisdlros-lly onlliiihli •' and
mucousaur.'ioosof thosystoni. Tiny siller ni.*i
hundred slntlarn for any ease It fails tn cere
Bond forclioulsironnsl tO'stimoisinU
Asldro-sti    K J. CIIENKV "il,iJ.,Ti.lo<!?.0
Bsild by Dragajlsti, ir*c.
HaifaY.iud.y I'ill.s •i's> tho hs- i.
A country laborer of Brescia while
cleaning an eel discovered in its
Rtoinucli a large blnck pearl, which
has been ptiniinsed by a Milan Jeweller for £1,500.
if a mnn is inclined to lend ft fust,
life he should lead it to tho nearest
hitching post and tie lt.
Tho Metropolitan Tolico of London look after 8,200 miles of roads
end Rtrcots.
Ono thousand five hundred and
thirteen novels wore published In
Unglmiil last your.
s~* ->
Raw Winds
Wet Weather
cause the Colds that cause
Pneumonia and Consumption. •   a   t   •   •   •   •    -
cures the colcL heals the
lungs and makes you well.
SHILOH cures Consumption
and all Lung* and Throat
Troubles) and Coughs and
Colds in a day. Positively
guaranteed*' 25 cents. .   .
V/rite to S. C. Weus & Co., Toronto,
Can., for a free trial bottle.
Karl's Clover Root Tea Curec Ilea 'ache
BdvovoutoldHubber JJkwb and allyc*i*_
6-i'aj* I<it!_a, Copper, and lion and yi -trill
got the highest prfce for Bfime Pron
». 88IBA6-aE,
Oor. Princess end 8uthe>b id, WinjtlpSf-j
<*ive._ln_7^ -
What la tt I
f rroua-H nesrd .t in sllSiasit oa «_rth. ,
f and yat «a an rrachlna •«• far mora,  wi
stasslra, br Jal- Ut SOsvciVl sjocarwti-u (kM
haaca this nnpras*adrnta4 ««ar.
ailr. with   **«1
Ifcs for al_»a.
al.iv, To.
When its aniBt*! Is all m« sisiwn,
bus a rmmgla. eeatt «n«l stinht Vsult*.
uiiyerte knew* tka.t his btawd i:; o.it
of "erder. Tokce-i«« atiiniA'. eoouo*
uiicjilly be must b« in joed baTsolUi.
is a nccsjawit v wk ire the b«-t results
fisami feediae vrenld be obtained.
It tooisse up tke aystetu, rids the
stoni.uk ef b»U, woruis and other
parasitise that BUClt the Ulfl b'sK,.'.
Nothing like Dick's powier foi
a ruu siowa kar.se.
TO cents a -yackage.
Leemlii;--, MU-_ & Co., A gents,
Writs* for Boot on Cs.tllf nndllorsus free*
In Paris the cab-driver is prohibited by tin. authorities from smoking when driving through the Blreota.
Joe Ursiwii's Wonderful Escape tro*m
Death is now an Old tin- oft
ToW Story to the People of His
own Town.
Oshawa, Ont., -larch 2:i.-(Siiiiiaii
—While Intereat In Joe Brown's caae
bus boon revived by tbe recefit pub-
licnlisiu   of    lbi>   fivs'ts    in    sn   many
paperb. Oshawa people aro ws*n acquainted With the whole ritcnni-
stiincs*. Mr. lliowu's i'nt hs*r in-Uiw.
Mr. Jobn Allin,  w hsiss* place of liimi-
ness is riKiit, iu tin* centro of the
town, bus, however, luni to answer
many i\uest)ona recently, buf n» he
was very clous* to Ur, lirown during
tbe whole of bis p.liuful axperlapces
ill '117 unsl 'OH, bo llnsls lIiis an en^y
Mr, Allin is rpiite ns onthu'slastlc
as    Mr.    Drown    himself,    nnd  never
Urea telling the story of how Dodd's
Kidney rule conquered disease, and
taved Mr. Brown's life.   He aoys
"We didn't think lu* would ever
live through it, let alone get Btropg
nnd able to work, but tbe pills nuisle
him Oil right nnd well in n shtirl
time, nnsi the best of it all i'; thai
the cure bus stood the tost uf timo,
lt miist lie three nnd n half years
Bines nnd i\h you know he's Btrong
nnd hearty to-day nnd hns been over
■Ince Dodd's Kidney Pills senl him
linck to tho shop."
There nie mnny others in town
who hnvo recently been reminded Of
thia wonderful cure of a Boomlngly
hopeless case who lind no trouble in
callliiR up the flirts, nnd non" >"'''
slow to rrlvo all tho credit to Dodsl s
Kidney Pills.
Thc right uso of nir, water, fa_V"
Ing and exercise will euro nearly
evory disease known to man or woman.
We have to record another weok of
('u" trade and declining prices in
tho wheat markets. There is still no
radical change in the situation in regard to present or prospective supply and demand, or prospects for
coming crops, but tho speculative
market-i In the states lack the support ol buyers, und are weakened by
wheat bought at much higher prices
some time nU,., b0jng contintmlly lot
go by tired haldors, and also by offerings ruade by professionals who
consult.,- the selling side the safe one.
The course 0f these markets have
booji up a little one Slay uud down
rtgain tha ooxt, but tho result is a
decline of L-Vic on the week, During the last two days n. notable increase iu export Bales is reported
from the Atlantic seaboard, showiu,.
that, as tin. price slips down, European buyers ore ready to take advantage of the situation and increase their supplies.
During the week tbo market tor
M.miln'ia wheat has been mostly
dull, but. on Wednesday and Thursday the decline in Amoripan markets
Induced some lotting go on tho p irt
01 large arms, and exporters took
conBlderablo wheat at tbo decline.
Tborc has- not been much change in
prices from a wi's'k ago, until Friday,     a    decline     „f     fy *,, :!,,.  XV11S
show ii, am) we quote values oi 1
Northern, 70V_c and 2 Sorthorn, 07V4
in storo ni I"<nt William, Port Arthur or Duluth, March delivery, For
May delivery,   I  .Northern, 72M-C,: and
2 Northern, li'.ic.
COUNTR*»l    WHEAT—Tho   storm
ansl  bad   roads have stopped formers' deliveries  io a great extent   and
wo note a light movement this weok
Prices   range   from   55    to QOc per
bushel for  best,  wheat   In  burners.
Liverpool I'ri ees.—No. 1 northern
Spring wheat sold at Liverpool on
Saturday at (is id.
FLOUKi-Standacd brands-areas fol-
been pretty steady as regards prices
for some time, bul tlu* monotony has
now been broken, and we note a decline ot 5c per sank this week.
Standard brands now rule as follows : Ogilvio's Hungarian Patent,
il.'.C, per sack of 08 lbs.; l.lonora
Patent, SISU; Alberta, $1 HO; Manitoba, $1.40; Imperial X\XX. $1.20
MH.I.FRKD—l.iv.n. in bulk, per ton
Ml.i.ll; shorts, $16.50. Delivered in
bags, the prices are $1'.")0 higher.
QBOUND l'l'.MlV-f'al Chop is quoted at S27 per ton delivered i.s the
trade* barley chop, jui; per ton;
niixed barley and outs, $25 por ton;
oil cake, $27 per ton.
OATS—Thcro     are   plenty   of   oats
coming to meet all demands and
pried) are steady at. lust week's
range Reports from Quebec where
most of tho surplus of western oats
is being shipped sn;, thai the m:'.i-
kel thoro is easier. Seed oals kre
being freely enquired fsir but so far
there hns lns-_ very little actual buying done. iSellers are asking 45 to
f>Oc per hns. for seosl oats; :..". lo 86c
bushel for I. oil grades In car lots an
track in Winnipeg. Prices being paid
to fanners at country points for No.
2 white oats range around 2S to
81c, Brandon rate of freight.
UAHI.IOY—Thcro is but very little
doing In barley here. Tho market is
firmer ami wo quote now li'.'c to I'.i'c
per bushel of 48 pounds Ior iced
grades, and -lUc per bushel tor mailing, on track In Winnipeg,
IIA V—The market for hay is dead
Offerings are large and owing to
poor roads, etc., there is but little
dcinond. Thc general idea of the
value is $4.50 per ton for fresh baled on track. Loose hay is worth
about  the same as baled.
DftXBSED MEATS—Beef is very
firm owing to prevailing scarcity of
cattlo. Wo quote: Beef, city dressed, 7 to Be per pound; country, ' _<■
under these pries; veal, 8 to Oc;
mutton. 8c;  lambs. Hi", hogs, 7' ■.-.
1 I'l'l.TKY—-lViiiand is good, and
all offerings sue ueadilj taken bj,
dealers al uguVoS we give. Quotations ure; Fresh Uilleil chlckena. ll
t,, i2i r pi r pound, delivered here;
ducks and geese, 10 to Uc; and turkeys, 12'* to Mc.
lairi'sK-C'rcaniery- Winnipeg buyers are paying 24 to 28c per lb. net
for their supplies at present.
BUTTEB-— Dairy— Doalors say
they bavo never Known butter to he
so 'sinree as It is at present. That
Is good butter. Inferior grades aro
.m,i wanted and no intorcal Is being
taken In them. Wholesale dealers
arc pnying 30c per pound, comi i ■
gion i auto, tor duo butter In tubs,
bficks oi  prlntsi 10 to 17c ror ordlti-
arv      tpitUftlcS.       Seconds     are    only
w„,tb    10    iii   I'-'' l"'1' pound, ;ml
Bomo   of   tbe   receipts do not bring
that much.
cUi'.r.sr,   Jobbers are getting 11V4
lor    cheese,
t„    1121 ,•    per    pounu
Stocks    now     IS haud are from Ontario.
l'l.CS-- ('uotnlions nre si ill l« 'he
lielchhoi'lisio.l  of   12V4C   !"■>* do. en   for
(rosh candled eggs, ronnnlBsion bnsis,
here        Dealees  are  (idviBing   Iheir
country     customers 1101   lo pay mors'
than 10c per dozen for eggs ai
country points.
POTATOES— Fnrroen' loads, delivered in Winnipeg; are worth -0 to
80c i»'r bushel,
liMU'.s- No. 1 Inspected hidci, (i1 |c
per III. dollvorod In Winnipeg; No. -,
r,i',e; No. fj. 4Vic; kips and en,yes.
some price; slenl.ins. 25 '" uu''
horsehldes, BOo to Si-
WOOJ_—Market nominal.
TAI.LOW—The locul price .m lal-
low   is <l\'± to Be  per pound.
CATTLE—-Beef     entile     are     \ery
scarce     and     butchers  C I0l   BCCUrS
enough to supply thelr''wants.      tn
view     Of     this fact prices have    "
advanced     V'e     this    wool:,    nnd  WO
now for tiest  cattle Lv' I'1'1
commoner sorts, Buyers are out
through the country looking for
Stackers,    ami    we understand that
every ilimi* in sight is being taken
at prices wnich average about %l\
per head for yearlings and from
§18 to $20  ior  two  vear  olds.
t    _  _
SI!LEI'—There is no movement at
present aa butchers are supplied
with i'i oxen mutton,
HOGS—Tbe market is Steady at
Go per pound for choice packing 'io,*;s
delivered at. \s I an i peg,
minis Twill.
The Sufferer is IJoastuntly Tired unsl
Depressed, Will Startle at tiie
Slighecst Noise, and Is Easily Irritated*.
Thero is no torture more acute and
intolerable than nervousness. A nervous person is ill u state of constant
irritation by day and sleeplessness by
night. Tlie sufferer starts at every
noise; is oppressed by a feeling that
something awful is going to happen;
iB shaky, depressed, and although in
a constantly exhausted slate, is unable to sil or lie still.
if you are nervous or worried, or
Blittcr from a combination of langour
Ohd constant Irritation, you need a
nervo food and norve tonic, and Dr.
Williams' i'ink Pills are absolutely
the best thing in the world for you.
You will lind after taking them thut
your feelings of distress and worry
are being rapidly replaced by
■trength, confidence and a feeling
that you aro on the road to full and
complete health and Strength. Uot
rid of your nervousness in the only
possible way—by building up strong,
steady nerves.
i Miss Ina Doueet, Bathurst, N. D.,
snys : "Words fail mo to adoqu.its ly
express what 1 owe to Dr. Williams'
Pink Tills, i was attacked liy la
grippe,the after effects of which took
the form of nervous exhaustion. The
least noise would startle me anil 1
would tremble for some time. 1 used
several medicines, but they did not
help nn' and as time went, on I was
growing worse and was so nervous
that i was afraid to remain alone in
ti room. 1 slept badly at night and
would frequently awake with a start
that would compel me to scream.
Tho troublo told on me to such an
exlent that my friends feared for my
recovery, At this time my aunl
urged nie to try Dr; Willinms' Tink
Tills, end nfter using eight boxes I
was completely restored to health, l
feel thai Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills
Baved my life arrd I sincerely hope
in;/ expeVIenco will benefit ssvmo other
'These bills-npver fail to restore
Keallb and strength in rases liko the
iit.s..-.'. They make new, rich blood
with s*very slose. Strengthen thi1
ri'iNss and thus strive diaeoso dorn
tho system. Dr. Williams' Tink Pills
are a certain euro for rheumatism,
aciatica, partial paralysis, St, \itns
dance, indigestion, kidney and liver
troubles, ami tho ailments that make
Uu* lives of so many women a source
of constant misery. Bright oyc-S,
rosy chocks, and an clastic step is
certain to follow u fair use of this
medicine": lie sure that the "till l*umc
"Dr. Williams' Tink Tills "or Palo
People," is on every box ..m buy.
All others are imitations. If you <to
mil find these pills at your iis tilers'
they will be sent post pais! at BO
cents a box or six boxes for S2.50 by
addressing tho Dr. Willinms Medicine
Co.,  Trockvillo.  Ont.
.    "_UOI
A man's hair, allowed to grow to
its extreme length, rarely exceeds
12 or 11 inches, while that of a woman will grow in rare instances to
7ii or 75 Inches, thimgh the average
does not exceed 2r, to ."(> inches.
'l"o every KJoCfier of young children
who will send us her name and address plainly written on a postal
i aid, wi* will ssnsi free of all Charge
ti valuable little book on the care ssf
infants  nnd  yonng  children, This
book Ims been prepared by o physician who has made the ailnti'iils Of
little ones a life study. With the
hook we will send a free sample Of
Bab H Own Talihis-the best nuili-
clno iu the world for the minor uil-
meir.s oi Infanta and young children.
Mi nt ion tho nnme of this paper nnd
bli'iss The Dr. William's Medicine
Brockville, Ont.
From 1 to ite I" i'""1 **"'
The Prussian
thai the whole
Ing t he sermon,
one fcour.
prayer-book  enjoiM
.[ the sec Ii o, Includ-
Shall not  last above
Kfe LfiiEEvr is used byPM icluM.
experience    In   Edinburgh is
vyoisii.'n pavements, oven when
from the creosote-bearing Australian   farrah   wood. Inst, on busy
streets, but ten years, while granite
icks,   if
t thirty
\ pars
once or
twice, will
Mi thuBo!
to   have
einCfl  were
II     wus
said :    "fdlen
h w.'-s fort irmttto on lUgh
li\s'si beforo ptvlonl modi-
an Irish philosopher who
clothes n man with
t :r3I_0-STI_f_.X_ IKOTJSE, ^OlSTTI-tEAX-
>!  NEW SPRING GOODS sent as often as desired,
and Special Attention given to Mail Orders.
^f   MRS AW
**  "■:* :'*T^!T*_*_!__-
if^AMt,ii tJl 4*sJU -   Ofo/KAdsftUiAh
tie annf/ tttuO Skc fort" ^sUhty £mu>
(e^Aii/cfiq//J Mju *n*t{ 4*stn*nm*CmVis.
METAL GATES"^ul—~Ti-,:
no rt.o er.a liHuisi
to n»e wooden ones. I..it-Uc. a;ul yd at^ong vuoni;l),toRci>-
pprt ii heavy man urt the end while hu s>vvTn_». Around ihr
y ite neat in
nr got rickety,
nm toVocTien-
cd c itiier way and are wit iicting.  Thentily (rxsod mstnl Ral*
that Is low i-sio'i^hii'.ll'icofer tTfiicr.sl firm inirisosc"..   'Wealss)mnl[oli'nnuiuidOm»ra«ii>'s'.
.] i : *,,-, Kaliannd st_nli*a. Tha Pt-ic v;iia Fenge Co..Limited, VJalkaftlila, Pal, n
;s .   rii'.'-i, General Agenta, Box (*>:'.:*, Wittnipegi Man.
«-—r,~... -*,.- ..T,.r»,.r
-- I '\ '.'. " ; :...... ■' .-.1st I   I"    |-st ; i, j.iMvy   mis; sill I ;:s; ,'uu \*/lllo nil KWin^;
< '.',': j1 i. '■   *•**"• .'.'*:-';■"•''.;"A I 4- eirolo-.vitlisiut r.us.:l_E them lo sat;,    'ihey
1 .'. '■■"■■    :■■■■■■■■   r.;*'.','.r nir."iiJ*r.iK".',*'.i!i. it** :*'ifi»!i: si. Willnotnsi; iinr
-■:. :•' . ■•1i.^;i Tlts-yiris: spj's- ' .vith l'.stehi-j*A'i_chr.ll.jwt!ii'i
, -.   .• .-\. ••....--. ...:..t,..r.....,-.-_i..:s.s) cd v-aiii'.r way and ore welt iictiiiR.  The only sroo
Hlsccongh in due to the Bpoamodic
contttici.ism ol the diaphragm,   This
is  the  result   ol the  irritation  nf  the
. : ti., of the phrlnic unsl pneuinogaa
trie nerves In the Btomocln acting re-
ilexly upon tho diaphragm. Tho
exciting condition sif the nerves can
be overcome by a simple pressure ol
the iiulex linps'r junt above the upper
end of the sternium.
a i^*.T: ..u.irsSi'iv
woman   named Marie  Eekn hns
slieil     at   S|iriiij_'  \nllev,   in   the
i of New   Ifork, who for thirty
lived Willi  her IiuhIiiiiiiI with-
exchangtng a Bingle word with
This iniiK silence was tho re»
of n vow  viiliintarilv taken*.
lit ror vmn N t3_e no nuer,
Bcotland has 148 parishes without
paupers, poor rules, or public-hpusMB
Thera never Was, end utrce will be. n
loiveraul pisaticca, In one remedy, Is..;- all 111 -
to v.hseti il.-ih is heir—th*s rery nutuxe of
many curativod bciag fcU'-h tlmt vC've the
■terms of other uud alSerenUjf f-erstocl ai*
j_i03 rootc_ in the iryntom oi thj patient—
wbat '.votild relievo one iii in turn would ug-
jr.ivato the olhur. Wo have, howoter, in
Qui'.iins Wina, v,'hcji obtainable in asoond,
ar,;idull«at*-d stato, a remedv for many l nu
grissvoua ii.i By Its Bniduiu u;u! radlelona
it.-'o i'jo frailest systrnia are led Intooouvc-
lescenes and ttrcnu'th by the iuIlUv r.eo whieh
Quinine exort-i i n nut uro' a own reatorativea.
lt rftiievesthodrooj ing sylrita .-^** tbotso with
whoa a chronic tstnte of moxbfd deepond-
encynnd lack of iutt'e^t in life i»n dlMm*-.
and, by tranquilizing he nerves, die] i <•■;a to
sound and rofre.-Jii**l* slecii^—impartdYiffOI
to tho notion of tlio blood, which, beies
stimulated, courecs throufchont tho "foins,
btrtngthemns the healthy animal fusotions
of the eyaU-m, thereby making activity a
necessary result, strcneth, niug tho frame,
i,nd giving Ufo to tlio di;*,; rtivo orijiins,which
natarally demand Inoreaeed enbeiance—re-
riiit, improves', appetite. Northrop* dyman,
of Toronto hdvo Riven :o tlio iiabhc tlieir
gaperloi Quinine Wine nt tho uavil r'.-Ae, ana,
gnivj.'j by tho opinion of scientist*, tliis
win-}approaches i • an t p i ■■■'■ ••■: t :.*:■.!**.
tho xitutkct.   A'l' '■   ■■■ it.
**'SS IKtl Ol"I'.— AlsllO Islll  Ulli-e Svlss) luivssl-i.-
c sisO i:si?(:sd fn.,'. hiiow ^hiit ts do^Mased, nsi-er-
is's.lo IsvlinK it la, s\ I .. iruis;.-ili i^ ru'i", and
di*^poiuiency has taken hold < f tl.o sufferers.
They fswl tis sIisiuk'i thetfi io in.Uiiei; to livi. lor.
Thera, howevor. ia a sue. una her. of i'nrme-
lee's\«t(etalil*.i PilU will de wstoders in vs-sloi--
inii hetilth nnd s-tron^tli. Ilamlrakn unsl dim-
deiiou are two of tie article-, entering into the
coaiysMitlou o{ Paruiulee's i'iUs.
Asparagufl is one of Lhe most
wlis'lesotne of VOgCtablefl. It comes
early in the spring* 'ami a tied once
established will last 20 years.
V •'. (wi.sn li.iad*! hns nn ndvnntasre over other
ssou;* powders, iuaaiouch as it auUsaaa ii«in*
ih* ire
whole wheaten bread If ydu
to keep your teeth.
\ church i:. Scidlitz, In Bi
contains a chanderier made ol
.  i's Aitii-Con.-v.ieiitisi.i S7rn*i st,.icdfl at
'■   i*adoftheli-tf>*raUdi*»*iaseaofthotsli*   :
.      t, itkoI,m.aciii*ur*-tudiiKivi a
r. \\    : .ouirl. i isoonBabdnod, -Bhtaosao* fta
• ii-'.i."il. eventi-a w rat ease of
, tin relieved, while iu recent cam   I
,jt,,ta said never to fail.   It i" a modlcia , "*•
,.,.. | from tha active prlnoiplc-orvlrttii    c!
A medtetaal h*»bs, and ean be depended.
upon for all pnlms___| oomplainta.
Morbid rartalnae.
A quantity of jewels and trinkets
which had ployed Important parts in
murders and other crimes were sold at
auction by tho police authorities of
Paris the other duy. Most of tho nrtl-
s'les brought prices far nhove their intrinsic vulue, tlii'lr worth being en-
littnced In the eyes of the morbid be>
cause of the grewsonie Msocintlons con*
neeleil wilh tbem.    Those wliieh ws're
liinod Btalned were in great demand.
Arrssaa   Sllierla.
The distance from Vladivostok to ftt.
Petersburg Is i'.,i'"7 miles, nmi the fare
is ?rjs.7."i. A "tiiiin de luxe" is run every ten dnys, with sleeping' and testau*
runt ears, As the railroad across SI
lii'ilti Is not yet complete several linn-
llrctl miles ure covered by hike Hnd rlv-
ir Bientiicm.	
Wor»  Use  nine.
The great writer of military eonRS
wns looking for Inspiration.
"And you say thai six of yonr sons
wit's* the blue'1" be Interrogated ts he
Iml ted nt the door of a shanty. "Were
they cavalry or Infantry';*'
"NttyUier. sor," responded th* sn'oiid
mother.   "They wor polacsjsjshi."
The "towers of silence" are two
tall towers usesl by the l'nrsees as
cemeteries. They never bury their
doad, but leaVo tho tsoily exposed on_
tlss- isip ol one of these tower* until
the sun iitul the rain tinil the fowls
of tho air bavo cleaned the bones of
all Bosh. Then the hones are collected und placed in the other lower
ga DR. A. W. CHASE'S &>^_
• JCfrtlffiRHCm...AMC»
"■A fi Mai c'.:t ct to ti-,e s"i- ited
"*K       puttbyt     I   .ireved Blower,
■f^^sn 1' ■' ■■      ;   ■ •■ :'   t% the air
i '■' '    \   '.'   I '     Iropplt -tilntba
, C~   \"    i*.   i ' i  '" iianlrj esirrs
v .'>. 1 •->     v •!.,.: .":iii..v <■■.-..(■. p.;... .t
li ■■•'*   . /frs-o, Ail...   |i   . .    \i ... \: t ).,,
VI' * '• ::
i * to ai i, Liu-hV,
Santa Barbaia, in California, i« u
sweet hurt,'. Two hundred ears ol
honey   nre   shipped   out  of it  every
yen i'.
--,"»,* rsm.
: immt H$m
One washing with Sunlight Soap wilt prpdyce
purerllnen Ui n two washings with Impure soap.
{ Pr^ Qfifl J-iii V* v-di", by IB'vTREKOTIffiPSI.'i'Ca'BD, a'oronto,
V "**s"*|«''*-'':w t0 „  _, ptrfW| v.ho ean prove t! at <:';,i «oip coataiua
-v       pi;','*''  ',     ) tana of fadultoratdon, or anj  In   rious thomicclu.
■ • n-sj^sj—s*.—*i_
.... *-_.
mi if
non olb
And lot in 'iieelv yon ".;' ll
it i-ie.ni I'lit.inisslssi ii Kit that
te ill brighten up yonr
nud ph'n^o  year   ■■
and ii Ivertl ei ■.   \\ i >:   u
f.sr e-lissi'ssss ■ s,n
iu piiuU-r' ■ in it'-1 ;si.   : : ;
173 McDarmot Avo.i*v71uolpi
w. n. i/. No. seo 'Ull' D-RTU., Sl.Cr.AS. B, C APBIL rl, 1902.
<". E. Smithkrinsjai.e, Editor and Prep,
is msLisHiD svaar nuniT _t
B. C,
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
•the first insertion and 6 cents a line each
■ubsequent insertion.
•Certificates r>[ Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
ifor each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year il not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, APRIL 4th, 1802.
A pencil mrtrk in the space
•opposite will be an indication to yor that ye editor
considers there is something
s-eeming to bim en your suh-
•jeription. Kindly acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
suitokui. CBOfPiriis
Volume III of The Dhii.l commences with this issue, another anniversary of its '.'irthdaY having taken
•-place on Tuesday.
•— mm i,i -as
Dividends have been paid lately by
the Rambler-Cariboo, Sunset and
north Star mines, Events of that
nature tell the outside public mining
is profitable in British Columbia,
Investing Capit.'l wants no other
A divi-tsnd of ten per cent was
-paid the other day by the Crow's
.Nest Coal Co. on their capital of
.12,250,000, And. have carried forward
.* sufficient sum <o pay another bis;
.profit. British Columbia is a mighty
good country, after all.
lence su..   ...- •
-•J'ue customs revenue of Canada
•for March totaled $2,-.3,397, an in*
-croaso of $2*83,162 oyer the same
•month in 1901. For tha past nine
months of the current fiscal year
there is an increase ia customs collections of. $2,958,592 over the t^res-
pondi*""**" period in thc preceding
year.        .
flickers are ulways aborting no
capital is coming to B.C.   Here at*-
two instances to the contrary: In Feb-
.■ruaryacompaay wsk registered in
England, with 1*2,500,1/0. to operate
(in this division; la*t month the Olalla
•Copper Co., capital $8,000,000, was
•registered in New York to operate ln
the Similkameen "amp. Th-kickers
be kicked.
A. York is having his cottage repainted.
W. E. Boie came over from Kaslo
on Saturday.
Good Friday was conspicuous for
its utter quietude.
Nothing new has developed in the
mayoralty situation.
Sandon Oddfellows hold their annual ball on the 25th
John Craig has improved his property with a neat fence.
Frank Sherry is erecting a three-
room cottage in West Slocan.
D. Arnot is improving" his residential property by a new fence.
The Easter display of head gear
was very fetching, yeu know.
Hume street, facing the school, is
being cleared up and graded.
Dick Butner left Wednesday for
the Thunder Mountain camp.
James Baker returned from Rossland and Northport on Monday.
Harry Lee returned th's weok from
spending the winter in Kentucky.
James Kae's residence looks the
better for a new verandah and sidewalk.
Alex. Rogers has had his Delaney
ave building touched up by the painter.
New butts hare been fixed up for
the rifle club to the east oi the lake-
Still another newipaper is up for
sal", reputation and all- the Rossland
F, Irvine ft Co., Nelson, have effected a settlement at 70 cents on the
Murdock McLean is building a
stable fer W. Koch at Molly Gibson
A C.P.R. piledriver went north
this week to do some work at New
The concert to be given by the Sftv
cialUts lias  been  p<*stponerte. .°>- -•-
fortnight. -, v\r*   tor a
W. H. BA-f..-'7"
prft-%,;, -ulson is clearing'off his
';nCKerty near Brandon, with a view
Vo building.
T. D. Woodcock returned Thurs
day eveinin'** from a week's visit te
the Halcyon springs.
• Grand Forks is experiencing a
building* be ,in, while the population
is steadily increasing.
Jonn Monilaws, formerly of this
place, is secretary of the carpenters'
union at Frank, Altu.
The first annual ball of the M. U.
General Hospital will be held in the
Music Hall on April 25.
Sandon's late school election has
been dec ared invalid and another
ordered for April 15th.
B. B. Clement and Miss Edwards
were in Nelson this week, attending
the teac' ers' convention.
George Aylwin, of Ten Mile, was
married at New Denver, Wednesday
to Mis3 Surah Gathercole.
•The legislature went off shift for a
.week, because of Easter. The peaceful influences of the  season were
■somewhat jostled by Joseph Martin,
who is credited with tho remark at
"Vancouver, Saturday evening, that
rh • would defeat tbe government so
■soon as the redistribution bill is passed.   Joseph evidently  thought the
.occasion fit for the country to learn
he was very much alive.
Hon. Justice Walkem has been sit-
..ting ot late as a rcyol commissien, in*
verigating  Smith  Curtis'  charges
against tho Dunsmuir g-iverament.
.over tbelr dealing*,   vtth Mackenzie
,-ft Mann on the Canada Northern
.railway.   So far it has been discov
, ered that Premier Dunsmuir was to
have got $2,000,000 for his Esquimau
.railway; also, that Grcensliiclds, the
.-go-between, has not been acting in a
,-dual position with tbo intending buy
ers and sellers.   Very serious.
The labor and reform eoavention
,at Kamloeps on April Uth -,-romises
to be an important eventsnd the out-
, come is fraught with material intereat to tbe political world.   All parts
rof the province will  be represented,
the call having beeii enthusiastically
.received by the vat in as bodies acting.
The reform movement in British Colombia is more deeply rooted and has
attained a greater growth than the
.-old parties realize, and it stands for
-dndepondont peliticai action.     The
.believers in tbe movement will rely
.on the ballot for future aggression,
knowing full wall tbat it is the vote
i that creates the remedy fer existing
, evils.   A glance at the situation as
revealed by tha redistribution bill,
-particularly in tbo Kootenays and
' Yale, and taking the Foley election
jAs a basis of comparison,demonstrates
how secure tho independents are io
. their position.   There will be a new
party in B. C, of which moro than
one representative will find his way
to Victoria a* the result of the next
H. Broadl-urst, a Missouri miner,
was killed at tbo Le Roi nine, Rossland, by a premature blast.
The guardrails on the upper bridge
nver the river should be repaired,
otherwise an accident will occur.
A, David, of Sandon, visited his
local establishment on Friday. He
wants to come down here to reside.
W. Harris, steward en tbe Slocan,
has moved into the residence formerly occupied by Chief Engineer Mowat.
The school children have enjoyed
a week's holidays, owing to Easter
and the teachers' convention at Nelson.
Turner, Beeten ft Co., the well
known Victoria firm, bave settled
their liabilities at 40 cents on the dollar.
The "-.-is mc.,- ofthe Royal hotel has
again changed hands, James Horrie
having sold out «n the 1st to James
Another effert to organize the B.C.
cditon into an «• "•nation will bo
made at the Halcyon springs on the
Uth inst.
Special sermons were given at the
Methodist church on Easter. The
musical portion of the services was
very bright,
The r letcher avenue bridge over
Springer creek Is in an unsafe condition for teams, ono of the stringers
being broken.
R. A. Brad' haw gave a capital address on Sunday afternoon,liefore the
Socialist league, en Socialism and
the Liquor Traffic,
Turner, Beeton ft Co., Victoria,
have transferred their business over
te a joint stock company, as bas also
R. P. Rithet ft Co.
Geo. Smith, freight clerk at the
depot, has successfully undergone an
operation at the Jubilee hospital,
Victoria, and Is djing well.
The Junior Endeavor society of
Knex church is holding an entertainment tonight, the fun Is to go towards
purchasing a bell for tbe church.
A Chinaman named Chong, committed suicide at Nelson, Mondav,by
hanging. Tbat is one kind of notoriety the Slocan lake country escapes.
There is a gener si shuffle on with
the commanders of the various C P.
R, boats.   Capt, Seaman ot (he Slo
can Is under orders fer an immediate
The family ei Chief Engineer Mowat of the Slocan has removed to the
Okanagan country, where they will
go on a ranch. The chief is to turn
Mike Grady, proprietor of the St.
Leon sanitarium, Arrow lake, spent
Sunday in the city. He is spending
a great deal of money in improving
his health resort.
A meeting of football enthusiasts
was held in the rooms over the tailor
shop, Wednesday night, and a club
organized for the season. The officers are: Wm. Harrington, general
manager: R. I. Kirkwood, president;
George Henderson, vice; Wm. Hicks,
captain; H. Cleve, secretary.
When seeking lite insurance, you
will do well to first consult the policies issued by the Mutual Life et
Canada, as it excels in minimum
rates and dividends. It is the only
true mutual Canadian policy-holders'
company. YV. J. Twiss, general
ajrent, Kaslo, B.C., will be glad to
supply all information. Seo him or
write before you place your applica-
tioa elsewhere, as it will be to your
Kiilarf Isif Granby Jraelter.
Jay P. Graves, general manager
of the Granby Smelting Co., states
thev are getting estimates of the cost
of installing a large compressor plant
at the company's mines at Phoenix,
to be operated by either electricity or
steam, The character of the motor
power will be determined as soon as
the various estimates are figured out.
If electricity should be nsed, power
will be bought from the Cascade
Power Company, whose plant at Cascade is in an advanced stage of completion. After the order is given six
months will elapse before the plant is
delivered. The output will then be
increased te 2000 tons a day, and the
smelter will also be enlarged to accommodate the Increase. At prcafjif-
It ia handling 1*500 tensM*-*-***^"*11^ *
new equipment ypiA***?*' ""V; ' "c
capacity uo-*^^' haTC J?^1
hnJttj-r' iiZ.ji. only to operate the drills
t~_. thehoist, puuips.etc, Tbe policy
ofthe company is to plan a long way
ahead, ana sufficient ore is blocked
out to occupy the smelter continuously for a period of between 15 and
20 years. Withal development is to
be prosecuted as vigorously hi the
future as In the past.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson
B. C
You areInvited
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - • B. C.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing
warding attended
shortest Not.ce.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Seal Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      - B. C.
and For-
to at the
The Muroutt Branch
or thk W.C.T.U.. Slocan,
Ueeta the second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Presbyterian church. Allraeelingtoper*
to those wishing t: join.
Miss E. Stouohtox, Miw.M.D.McK_i
President. Cor. Secretary.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Dissolution Notice.
"V*OTIf'T. is hereby firan that Ilia partnership
il liaraisifsire subaiatiisg between the undersigned, carrying on bsiainese ai Druggists, at
Shss-an. in West Kootentir, under the firm name
nf J. L. White A Co., is this day dissolred by
animal consent.
AU debts due to the said firm are to be paid
to the underaigned, Jobn A. Anslerson, who will
pay all the debts of the said firm.
Dated the lit day of January, A.D. 1902.
B. CO. Whits,-!       J. L. WHITE,
A. You.
for $18.25.
Why be without a range whea
you can get one so cheap '*• Thev
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood
set up free.
To the
&_f£iocan   •   •
The season for Wallpaper ie
here, anil we have received
a fine line of papers from
one of the best firms in Canada. Tbe prices will be
found very reasonable, especially •■ all customs duties
will be saved. Splendid assortment and first class
goods. Werepresent no trust
but trust solely to the judgment of the people.
Slocan Git? Miners' Un,
No. 6a, w. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Sold by All Newsdealers
"-uralr-.t-.M Me.f-.thl-- tr* all lorsn oi Bong
and Uiule a rmat volume ol _•», Choice
Copyright Compooltlot-a by Um moat pop-
mlar authors. So Pogoo of flaao M stale,
half Vocal, hall lnitniment-l—as Comf-let.
Plecea tor Flano—Oneo a Month lor m%
Casta. Yaaxlr Subaerlptlo**,, ga.oe. Ifrou
will tend as the nave and address ot thr*
or coal and will be
'I'KNDKRS will be receded by the undersigned
s   up to and including the 10th day of April,
1002, for the purchase of the stock of Jnmea E.
Orr, ennaiating of clothing, rubbers, and men's
The stock to be sold consists of and is inroic-
ed at the following prices:
Rubbers       1221.81
Clothing  4H5.4S
Qenta' Furnishinga  "S46.4"t
Hats  J0.20
Oroeerios  21.M)
Totrsl           llCrO0.S5
The tenders are to be sent to the undersigned
tn a sealed enrelope, marked on the outside,
"Tenders, James E. Orr Stock," and will not be
opened till the 10th Aay of April, 1902.
The tenders are to be for so manjreents on the
dollar, baaed on the abore valuation ot the
whole stock (tlOOMIS), and mar be either for
each or on time.
Highest or an*/ tender not necessarily accepted.
The stock Is now In the promises occupies! by
the underaigned ln Slocan, ll.C, and mny lie In
sperteil at any reasonable time upon applica
tion to snisl undersigned or, in his absence, to
Mr.il. K. Jorand, solicitor.
perfomenon the Piano or Organ
yon m espy ol tbs llagaslno Fro*
J. W. PSPPIR, Pyhllahar,
■If-hth * Leouat St... Phlla-Jalfthla, 9m.
D. n. Ferry's Famous Garden Seeds, Flower Seeds,
Grass Seed, Seeds in packages and Seeds In bulk.
Our Potato Onions aad
Dutch sSets will be in in
a few weeks. Leave
your order and ensure
an early supply.
To examine the best line of Scotch
Tweeds, English Worsteds and
Irish Worsteds ever shown in Sie-
ean; also all the latest designs in
Panting*.   Remember,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and tho Union Label is a guarantee of tbe best workmanship, We
guarantee satisfaction und a perfect fit.    mm_____m
We have*added a select line of
Compare our reasonable prices—Fine
White Shirts, $1; Collars, 15c; Regatta
Shirts, in fancy stripes, with collars
and cuffs attached, 75c each; Underwear, from $2 a suit; Califernia flannel underwear, $4 a suit, this line being imparted direct by ourselves; tho
best qua1 ity Black Felt Hat, Union
label $3 50, equal to the Stetson Hat
in every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opposite The Drill Office.
Do You
Want a Home 1
Then oome to Slocan, for it ii
one of the fairest spots on this
earth, of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Chnrehes,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
ofthe advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed np by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be oonvinoed that this tale ii
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Special Sale!
Furniture !
30       DAYS
.commencing April 1
of the largest stocks ef furniture, carpets and linoleums
ita the Kootenays will truly
Go at Cost Price.
Now is your chance to have
your home furnished complete. Mail orders promptly
attended to.
Nelson, B.C.
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line; Lowest Rate*
Now York
San 'Cisco
St.  Paul,  Chicago,
and all U. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
EAST-Leayes Dunmoro Junstion
daily. Leaves Kootenay Landing Tuesdays and Fridays.
WEST-Leaves Revelstoko dailv*
Home Seekers' Excursion tickets on sale, west-
bound, March 1 to April
Through bookings to Europe via all
Atlantic lines. Prepaid Wttat*
from all points at lowest rates*
J. S. CARTKlt.     C J* OOTt*
DP A A.O. P. si.i
'   Koison. Vansoovr
Agent, tilocM OW


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