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The Slocan Drill 1904-05-27

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Full Text

 OL. V., No. 9.
SLOGAN,   B.   C,   MAY   27
$2.00 PEB ANNUM.
Fishing Tackle and Sporting Goods
We have in stook a full aud complete assortment of fishing tackle;
including all kinds of flies, hooks, spoons, reels, m-ts, poles, baskets,
etc. Everything you mav waut for aday'souting on stream or lake.
We handle all kinds of supplies for tennis, baseball, football, or any
other sport.   Flags, bunting and li reworks for the celebration.
nil Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
\, C. SMITH,
Just to remind you
that we carry in
stock a large assortment of
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Qur. prices will interest you.
Give Us a trial orier.
Wo T. Shatford & Co,
_A.rrli o.gton
SLOGAN,   B.  C.
L*. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Thia popular hot* I
ij-ij'ict1.:,' up Id-date
•» cmivrnliMil to tho Louts ami trains.   The dining room
while lhe I ;tr Is supplied with Uie best ill the market.
Travelling men. using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per ds
wltlwulSaiHploRooms,$2; board $8 per week; meals!
Clearing: Sa
3Po clear out entire stock ox Axuea
Holden shoes for men, we kave reduced all lines to oo it prio3 £jr cash,
'<>.« iPtffl r-TirO/-*.- -?,-yrt m m - $4e50
'<^.  0*Th ale ■*•*«« ft*ffl _, OilJe i O
iiJUfjw aAi-ucjia .-*-- ... prTMW
$4.50 shoes for       -        -        -        *3.*-*5
We have about a dozen  men's tweed
suits is 39 and 40 breast measure, to
sold at cost price to clear.     Come
early and get first choice.
David  Arnot, Slocan.
|A Spring
I Pointer-
Full Report Frnm 11. P, I'ltl-lltle, Hi*cor-
iler, us to I'.inilitliiiiK I'li-viillint; in tin'
Loosl Dtvliion -OreTreatment Would
M,*illi Siiri'i'-s Tor Gamp.
The annua] irepotl ol the minister of
> dealing ith the affairs of the
v.i.. Jtttj ."" divisions durinq 1903,
has just ftfll issued. In it TT. P.
Christie, recorder, has (his to sny of
the loeal camp:
The mining thai lias been done is
satisfactory in a measure, in aa much as
it lias shown the ore bodies to be Continuous with depth, although nearly
all the work done has been confined
to development, the .tonnage of ore
shipped being smaller'tbian in previous
years.   The owners aud operators of
Sapphire and Hamilton are nol on
Tin Mile, but are loeated on Twelve
Mile, while tin* Nansen is at the head
of Lew
on erei
Ed. i
the various mines are discontinuing
shipping) with a view to installing
mills for the more economical treatment of jtheir low grade silicious ores,
for which purpose experiments are
uow beiug made. The system of
leasing is becomingmore popular and
so far seems to be succesMuI.
Springer Greek.
The Arlington shipped 4'.) tons of
ore. Win';; on this property has bean
entirely confined to development,
aboul seven or eight, men only beiug
employed for the best pari of the year.
The company definitely announces
that it has found a satisfactory method
of treating its ore, and it is the-inten-1
tion to erect a suitable mill at an early I SutUftotory Remit. Obtained From ■ir.-.t
date. ••><■' *>y •*••■■•
The Speculator has employed about]
10 Wen for the year, wholly on ch-v.-l-     Satisfactory results have been ob-
u'-'"'"t\.   , ., • -,    ,        titindd from the first clean-up at the
rhe Black Prince is now under lease -n    , , , .*,
to M,■■.■:.*,. Mulvey  and Murphy. $6\Ch:l?1?u. mme; "f?10"  '':iV-v- .V.1;'!;'
live so far nie sting with good Biiccessj
;; have not beon given
The Mabou nnd Ohio have undergone a good deal of development by
the owners.
L«.nnil. Creek.
On the Legal about fBO feet of drifting has been done, giving much the
same result as last year.
ilie iiowaid l-'riietion has been acquired by American capita! and has
done some development.
The Alberta has been steadily worked for the past year with four men:
they have, made a small shipment and
the vein appears to be very continuous, currying gold and si'ver values,
The Hotidoo, Kilo, and some others,
have had a little  work done on them.
The ino-t. striking features determined by the iast few years' development are the large low grade veins on
Sorin.'i r creek.which have been proved to be continuous both in depth and
length, but, although containing
••hull's of high grade ore, the bulk of
it in the vein i.s too low grade for shipping and smelting, hi the advent,
however, of a good metallurgical process for the more economical treatment of these ores, a great future is
assured for this district, us the tonnage of the veins of. the iilaek Prince,
Arlington, Speculator, Ottawa, Myrtle
and some others ot the same class
would be large. Moreover, it has been
definitely announced by experts that
a Batiefactory treatment has been
evolved to make a complete success of
the mining here.
CHAPI.E.U! t'I.KAN-l*l».
ihey  have shipped   two carload* of 1 tho actual figureshave not beon g
highgrndi ore and intend shi$>iug|0**.t, Manager Savago admits thee
several more through the winter. ;,,; ,,.-.... ,, e, ■ -A\ ;.., |:j   . x.-cctivtiouii
The Bank of England hits tk»n|*i*-he mill ran tor nbout I ii day.*. ar.d
boughtaud is liaing workad by thej yjeUled a lug bunch Of an dgnm.b?-
Pioueer MimugCa.of N< 1-w.i. Tai** sides cone iitrate'. Three I - i the
company employs nlxSut eight men.l Irtttor will Ik; shippei to '5?t*l "S'-i-k-
whoara cuga-ged mmling a crosscut I clay. Alttv.vihe-; th'e first full h?.tt da,-
iitim■•! io lap thn le-.d* CKc uvftice ,.iie:,,;. fl the or- toiwtt : :.!...,v,
indications are very go ia.
The  Two   rri.n.is, adjoining th
finishing touches ou their creek contract, the piling partoi it having been
completed Wednesday. Good weather
has favored t hem (brotighout and they
have made splendid time. The work
has been done in good shape aud the
plank wall should prove a lasting protection to the mill property.
U.st Time Tluit Town   11 ih IIml
in   al:m\
Now Denver stood in with the Weather clerk Tuesday aud, as a result,
was treated to typical queen's weather
for her Victoria day celebration.   Her
sister towns were also iu a friendly
mood and furnished a big crowd, Nakusp giviug upwards of (i'i, Sandon
and Three Fork, 206, and the lake
points over 200, Et was a jolly crowd
and the Lucerne folk treated them
well. The town was prettily decorated
and looketl spick and span, and the
celebration resulted in New Denver
having tho liesl time it has had in
years. Honors in the various events
were evenly divided ainongthe towns,
so there is no kick coming;
Slocan Bent up close to'150 people
to the celebration,including the band.
orchestra, rifle club, baseball team and
football artists. White treatment was
meted ont to them and they feel satis-
lied for. though they lost the rifle
match.they brought horn.' the coveted
baseball cup, which was the main ob-
laMt Tear'i Btilpnronte Wart 1980 Tons—
A Health? Kvliloncu aiftlio Life and
Wealt.li 'it till. Catnip—Kntei'iirlHK t ho
JIlBKOHt Shipper.
Ore shipments swelled considerably
this week, (52 tons having beeu sent
out. Forty tons went from the Enter-
pri: e to Trail, and 22 tons from the
Ottawa to Nelson. Total output to
date is (il-1 tons.
For 1908 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 1339
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
jeel in sight
First on '.in- programme was lhe
rifle match, New Denvor winning by
i."> points, as follows:
Nkw  Denver.
200 600 600 Total
l'ort Hone	
Black l'fiiiot*	
niack Fe!	
HlOVe, hi-   UOt    been '*'•' H'!-. ' I Li  a i.'.
ippr,  ia!i!e e.-.t -nt during th • .'.ear.
The Ottawa has been steadily work-
id during the ;.. nr with 12 or 15 ti in,
svlio have driveu aboul 1500 feel ol
drifts and have eaeoealered the l*i in
at ii vertical depth of ovor 290feet. In
the last 100 vertical feet the ore chute
5 i0  ji ■■:  I in, Which  i i   tui . . ;    Q
iftttff for t!i ■ run of a mine.
At tlia > IIinp'.iKUi thiuj
sm lothlj
clas  ore
and a stea ly stream of Rrat-
p'tssiugdriwn fhe hiimway
iua inert
.is -fl in ni
-;i iu size an
d    ':!
■*t:il l-
ta form.-r valu ■
liippi 'i is about 1
Tin- amounl of ore
15 to'l-. It i-* ol a
ouiiiiiiel limey ar.d silicious naltir.-.
and carries uative silver,argehtil aud
Freibergil i.
The Slvrtle group has been opt ral -i
most of the year by four men engaged
on development work. The character
of the ore is the satne a- that of the
Ottawa. Th s work accomplished consists of a -halt li .Vi feet and 100 teet
of drifting al th ■ bottom of tho La-
met*. The water, h iwever, ha - forced
them to run a long crosscut of 150fe 't.
This will give 100 fed of depth on lhe
vein, which thev expect to reach in
The Republic hnd ..boa! a dozen
men working for the gre iter p irtion
of the year aud shipped aboul 7n nm *
>f ore. The min.'is now being workod| 1
by leaser.--, bul  tin- compauy states it
intends  working again  itself iu the
yielding practical results.
McthiitlUt Appiilntnioiits.
Follo.via-.; is the li.-t of appointments of tii ■ Methodist eonfewmoe tor
the West Kootenay district for the on-
suing M ar:
Nelson   Walter W. Biter.'
Ymir One to b • sont, under sup.-:'
inteutl-i'.ey of Nelson.
Kaslo    Samuel .1, lire.!).
Poplar   One to be Bent.
Sandon   .lohn -I. Nixon.
New Denver   James Calvert.
Slocan--To li.* supplied from New
Rossland   Elihu Mtmiel.
Trail     \. .1. Brace. IVA.
Grand Fork-   John I''. Betts,
Greenwood   .lohn D. F. Knox.
Phoenix    Cndev superintendent of
J. A. Seymour to attend C. Rf. college; Thos. lireeu. 15.A., to attend col-
Lenp Volar liimoo.
Friday evening tho first leap year
The Meteor was worked under a dune.* to Ik* held In the town took
lease by four mon for'nboul six months | „*,,„.„ ;n1t„, nr11B)„ ::.,:i. :m,\ [\ wns |n
and tli-y shipped 52 tons of very
a 1
Nothing delights the
e, ■■ more thnn a lin.-
Btting, up to-date,
stylish suit of clothes
A new selection of fine
Grey & Black Worsteds
of the latest designs
itisl   lieen  received.
W Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing
done on th i shortest notice.
Ail our work Is guaranteed,
or laonoy ruftuidud, We can
m 11 an- purse,
Main Street, Slocnn, B.C.,
Store;  Next door to Postofflce.
.'tons of very In
grade oro, Tiii> property la unique,
inasmuch as a minoral named school*
it ■ was found in small quantities. It
Occurs in the quartz in lenses var? iag
from two to lour inches in tt'idtl nod
one to  throe   Feci long.   Alwul   i00
louuds  was  taken oul afl *r il  wns
identillod,   This is the lirst time
mineral has been inel  with   in
irov'mee if not in the dominion.
The Hampton has done ;t link
velopmentnnd shipped n sample(t)
of live tons of ore.
The Cripple Stick  was acquired (11
>y P. Stock,  of  Seattle,  and  i- now
undergoing development, alter .-hipping a sample of two tons.
The Dayton   has   been   under Fast-
and is being develop -tl by
making a small shipment
Th.* port Hope is leased and is being  worked, with   very encouraging
The   Bondholder  was  uniler  lease
. .and  urate a  small shipment of two
W"k . tons.
Ton Milo Creek,
place in Fn* Music : al
-:h i' .   , ....
every particular a success,    lhe local
lotlge of Rebeccas managed tbe affair,
and were rewardml for their i (Torts bj
a  full  houaoi   It   was the smartesl
dies .ed Inn.'lion tin- camp has witnessed, and a thoroughly good time
was put in.   The un-u foil -..".. given
t _. it practical  object   le-.-oti  on   how   to
A Political Saw-OaT.
An arraugemenl has lieen made !>.•
tween the lenders of the Conscrvntivea
and Liberals in the province,sawiugoff
lhe election   lil'Otests   in Victoria, K-
quimalt, Uranbroou,
Revelstoke,   In  Kamloops, however.
there is to la* a contest, Hon, Mr. Ful
evynien, I ton having b i appointed tothevn-, , ,    : i(   „
12 tons.Uot cabinet posilion  ol   provincial   J-JI" • d h;(11 „/ ,,-,
ieeretarv.    Nomination  dav is set Inr    '   "    ..,,
r"M w\    I  "    I M I    ^   a .lUIIIIllllMlllI %   J ' I  >
Mav 80th and election  oil June lOth.   ''
K   'ri1
pQS discontinued   by   the   companj
BS been worked under a lease bj  local
KImining   men,   with   marked  sm —
r%5  There   havi
Aftnr <mil tannin,
\V. S. Johnson and brother loft here
Saturdaj for Victoria, when they will
search the official recoitls aud surveys
Enterprise, after work bein,!-' ,
haa I dealing with the B.C. portion ol the Tnursuaj
"eaee river country.   Then the two Friday...
fi will hie (hem to liidinonton, thtfre to Saturday.
outfit for a four mouths' prospecting Monday
trip after coal lands.  They are going
been  from 2i> to 'i'1 men
td steadilv  employed   ninco  the  com*.
5X5 menee.iient of tin* lense, nnd 80.. tons] tn tlm intereat ol  a wealthy Mo..
01 ore W'e
The  Hamilton, Westmnul
as Kallspel,  Highland  Lighl  "lapphlre,
**w   ,',,i some others hue beon worked in
SS^SS«S«SSSS»SSS®SSg «  -mall  way by the owners,   (The
sMitllc.ite.who want the Iv-st coal they
lipped at a good profit*
Sanson, (''1" B°- ",l1' ,0'a "' "•
Plnlihlng i'i k Contmeta
Si.an \ Mol hei • a are putting till
Zinc shipments from the Slocan total 10,'U tons.
More men have been placed to work
at the Ottawa.
Sandon mines shipped 21-i tons of
ore last week*
The Alamo concentrator has suspended operations.
Last wee!; Rossland mines handled
only l(i','2 tons of ore.
Boundary shipments last week increase-;1, to 10,Kit) tons.
The Everett smelter will enter the
B.C. market for wet ores.
The Ottawa seat out a carload of
ore oi* Friday to Nelson.
Th" contractors of the Ottawa road
expect to finish up next week.
A abjg packtrain of supplies was sent
up to ih" Chapleau on Saturday.
Dou't overlook the fact that your
miners' lieenke expires this month.
Last Friday was pay day at the Ottawa.   The dough is always otf hand.
J. McVicar went up to the Chapleau
this week, to take charge of thc assay
The Queen, in tii" Ymir camp, lias
yielded three gold bricks this month,
valued at §2900.
Net returns on a car of ore shipped
by the lessees of the No. 1 drift ofthe
Payne gave $2066.05.
It is on the cards that the Ottawa
may ship in bulk, making use of the
Arlington ore chutes.
The force at tin-Ottawa have moved
into their new bunkhouse. It will
accommodate .i-t men.
Ralph Gillette and partners have
made a promising strike of ore ou the
Colorado, Twelve Mile,
Murphy -*v Penrose have a contract
for a UK) foot crosscut ou the Lucky
Jim, the big zinc mine.
Chas. Nicholson is working on the
Pontine group, Tea Mile, owned by
himself and Geo. Aylwin.
The Sunset. Cody, has just authorized its eleventh dividend of j-tiOdi).
with another one in Bight,
The B.C.'Copper Co. has bonded
the Rhoderiek Dim claim, in the
Boundary camp, for $20,000.
Wm. ik I'ool ha- purchased the
Horseshoe group, near Trout Lake,
paying several thousand dollars there**
'i ue boys at the Club have got under ground and the ore lieing taken
out will more than pay for the development.
Frank Griffith will do considerable
work this summer on the Black Cloud
group, Ten Mile, owned by himself
aad T. W. Bills, Of Toronto.
On Saturday the ore body in the intermediate tunuel nt the Ottawa widened oul to towards of two feet, much
ol which is high grade shipping ore.
\V. 1). McGregor is applying for a
crown grant on the Black and White
Beauty mineral claims. They are
owned lv J.J. Mulhall, S.S. Pranter,
.1. .1. Banfleld, Eric Lemieus and .1.
M, McGregor.
After Hu- Ke« pawn.
Good reports from the Neepawa,
Ten-Mile, ar.* having effect and min*
ing men aro inquiring thereafter.   On
, Monday Bruce Whiteand R. McLeod,
, two of Ne'son's ambitious capitalists,
Assays of several hundrod oz iu ml- weni up and examined tho property,
ver are being obtained fiom ore being and   it   i.* believed  something will
tukonfrom  lhe  No. 1) tunnel al  the eventuate. The lessees havo it looWi
CD. McCrae..
Goo. Garrett,..
I). McLachlan .
VV. ih- .vn	
C, Cook	
A. Thompson..
Total. 152,
W. Hicks	
.!.   Millie	
r. Dick	
J. McVicar....
i.f. ('.;<!'	
1;. McVamiei..
T tai, 187.
. .; Naku p und irl >ok to play
Iv.i ,- ..n! n irh •. lou for'ru -dais, bul
threw uji i i' sponge after a few passes
;. i,, 0. "'■ !::■■ i "'.-.■'. then took the
I tke i •'. is into camp in a rattling
•-. nl game of football, winning the
■medal: bv a seore ol I to 0. Tha e
mountain rangers from theprouged
burg kti - '• ti thing or two about chas-
iu » pig: ■ in i. The aqu t'i • spurts were
p'.ii:!,. oil doubl - mil <:m:: only coin-
i„   0ff,\\ ii by Porri taud Lett.
C. Bre I [miked t.i" LOO-yardmce
with li. Nich il n id lost his forfeit.
Other sports resulted thus: LOO-yard
dash, \. .... ui is; W. Hicks. Putting
-hot. A. Waii •; P, McDonald. Ob-
si tele race, K. Thomas; M. iv unady.
Oii'l*' race. Mi.ry Gordon; \ . Thompson. Potato race, 'rl McKinnon; C.
McDonald. Staudiugbroad jump,W.
Hicks; J. DougaL Hop. step and
lump, i*. Nichol; N. Thomas. Sack
race, E. Mcffiuuon; W. Vallance. 220
yards race, "-.'. Thomas; C.Brett. Boys'
i-    • i'. . [cDonald.
'Phe chiel oi ml of the day was the
; :   ing contoi t, in  which three teams
. . .". ii. from the Payne, Idaho and
l ber Ma; I u. the first-named Winning and the Idaho second. An un-
mate and paiuful accident threw
f] imp: in ,-- Spencer, the Four
Milo boys, or thev would havo taken
the prize. After tj minute.,' drilling.
Thompson made a slip and the ham-
ier cam d tvn on Spencer's hand.
crushin : il ■■ - tins! the rock with a
.;,.;. •,':,. thud. Fortunately no bones
,.,. - ;, iki i. bin the flesh was badly
bruised and i im.
tan then hadits lurn at baseball
,K|     . New Denver fellows a
hi.[ 3rul ' ii ■ hi : :,":- inning gam -.
i,. . ,■ ire n! :'.', to 11. Sloean brought
back the challenge cup with much
pride. Keliv..i'.ie el the 1)'liver bom
got laid out With a bailed ball and
was taken to the hospital. In the
morning game a sleeping infant was
*!.•   hv :i   hnll. but   not hurt
.iImi   struck  by a  ball, but
much. Just b'.or • dark Nakusp played football with u combination team
11 from the mountain towns.   No-.reals
Kan:hops   an C ' ,  ,    .   •    ., i;,,., ..vlni.i
1 were scored, but il was a une esniDi*
The general fun wound up with a
sil\ <t oiintiilliiii".
Following are tho quotations for bar
silver on the various di;
we. k -ince last Issue:
during the
.•>.' Cl
Tin sdaj
Wedui sd
.elel,    '  '
j.. .'..id shape.
il .
i II
The Work Simple In Method, battle-
quires Care and Patience In tke
Rendering—iome lla'talli. of Practice—Two  Suitable  Deign..
Tooled leather is a German revival of
an old art It conies to us. according
to a writer in Good Housekeeping, ln
which the accompanying designs occur, by way of England and Trance,
and there is now a great demand for
the work, but few to do it
Tbe method is simple, but requires
care and patience in rendering.   Two
steel modeling tools, spoon shaped, and
two background tools will be sullicient
for most work. As students become
proficient in the art more may be needed. The leather used is the best calfskin. This can be procured In beuuti-
ful shades from the lightest tan to
dark brown, also In other colors, but
ns the colored leather easily spots in
working the tan shades nre recommended, giving the best results.
Cut from the smooth part of the
leather the shape of the article to be
tooled, allowing n good hnlf inch nil
around for finishing. Sponge the leather with water on both sides, the underside first Hace the leather on several
thicknesses of paper nnd wait a few
moments for the leather to absorb the
moisture. Then take your design, which
has been carefully drawn on pnper,
nnd plnce on the leather. Hold it firmly ln place with one hand and witb
tracing tool trace around the design
with firm pressure. Ilemove the paper
design, and tbe indented design will be
found on the leather.
The leather is now ready for tooling
and should again be sponged on both
sides, allowing it to absorb moisture
before beginning work on It With the
modeling tool press the leather down
all around tbe design, keeping the tool
close to the design. Continue this pressing till the design stands out clear from
the background, but at tho same time
be careful not to cut into the leather.
Space does not here permit the de-
tails given In the journal mentioned of
rubbing the background, raising the
design and filling and lining the back,
but all appear to be simple, straightforward operations.
Beautiful effects are produced by coloring or tinting the design. Two coloring mediums can bo used, oil paint
thinned with turpentine or dye. If
dye ls used the dye for cotton goods
is required. Tor use Iu coloring leather
dissolve a portion of the dye ln cold
water, add this to a small quantity of
boiling water nnd boil the dye about
five minutes. When cool turn into bottles. For coloring the leather dilute
wltb cold water aud apply with u soft
Planla In the  House.
We very often hear notes of warning about the bad effects which accrue
from having plants In our living rooms.
Such talk ls exaggerated, according to
ii writer In American Gardening. During the day the plants aro assimilating
the carbon dioxide which our lungs are
giving off and giving us back the oxygen In u free state. The small amount
of oxygen which they require to build
themselves up Is infinitesimal, and Its
loss could not injure any one. It may
not be advisable to have plants In a
sleeping room, ns assimilation stops
when the sun goes down. Carbon Is
then given off and oxygon consumed,
The effect would be the same as a
number of people sleeping In one room,
but this does not apply to any other
room, as assimilation commences again
with the rising of the sun.
Ratter Scotch.
Butter scotch Is always popular with
chlldron. To make it boll until brittle
three pounds of sugar, one-quarter
pound butter, just enough water to ills-
solve the sugar nud tree-half teaspoon
oreiim of tartar. Just before taking
off tbe fire add a few drops of extract
of lemon. Tour Into buttered tins and
When portly cooled mark off Into
leagths. Whim bard wrap each lu
oiled paper.
A Ment. Pretty anil Serviceable AtSmt"
Crocheted In Cotton.
Tidy cotton No. 14 was used for this
design, one ball being a little more
than enough for two. This bib may
be made more fancy by drawing a delicate ribbon through tbe spaces. To
make the bib more serviceable a cord
should be drawn through the neck
Start in the center with a hexagon.
This is worked in ribbed stitch. Chain
3 and join. Into this work 1 ch. and
12 singles.   Join on the first single.
Second Bow. — Turn; 1 ch. on the
stitch whero joined, work 2 s. c. for a
comer, 1 s. c. In the next stitch; 2 s. c.
in next for corner, 1 s. c. In next; 2 s. c.
in next for corner, and so on until 0
corners nre started; then one more single nnd the row ls taken up. Join on
the first single, not on the 1 ch.
Third to Eleventh Bow-All are
worked In the same way, except that
in every row 1 stitch is increased. Always start at a corner and join on the
first single. Tbis makes the joining almost invisible.
Twelfth Bow.—Do not turn, but
chain 25 from the joining. (This is for
one side of neck.) Now turn and work
back ovor the chain, also the hexagon,
to the second last corner, making increases only on the three corners between. There chain 25 for the other
side of tho neck. Turn and work back
and forth around the whole bib to the
other side of the neck until there nre
three and one-half ribs to the side.
Where tbe bib ties on the back make
the ribs round, or they may be left
square if preferred.
Now work back and forth and on
each beginning of a row stitch over
4 stitches and work to within 4
stitches on the otlier end. Do thus
until at least 4 ribs (not rows) are
made. Now add to it as many ribs as
you wish it in length, running them
over the lower two sections, decreasing
1 stitch ln the beginning of n row to
keep the edge in line with the rest.
Work all around with 1 chain spaces
and finish with fancy scallops.
Hero the scallops arc made by working nronnd the bib twice, first with
0 double crochets into a double over
the spaces, then fastened to tho next,
then 2 chain and fasten on the next
double; then repeat all around, except
around tbe neck. There finish the scallop with n 3 chain plcot between the
doubles nnd do not leave the space between scallops.
Second row of scallops: Work 2
doubles with n plcot of 3 chain on
every double space of scallop. Fasten
down on tho space between scallops.
This makes the outer and last row full-
like a little rulHo.—Delineator.
Jfe*ir  Toque   In   Straw   nnd   Flovrcr*.
One of the fascinating new straw
and flower bats of thc season is shown
in a toque of navy blue straw, with
natural blue hyacinth brim and choux
formed of green leaves at the sides.
Tho same scheme may of course bo
curried out in a different color.
Ilonscbiilil   lira-*. I lien.
A chemist calls gelatine, milk and onions scavengers of the air. lt Is a wlso
plan never to leave tlu-in uncovered for
the attraction of germs.
Warm olive oil applied to tho skin of
a delicate person is nu excellent tonic,
and rubbed briskly In so that all of lt
ls absorbed it lias a uiost pleasant effect.
Tansy leaves were old before moth
balls were heard of. Still there Is nothing better today for keeping moths out
of woolen goods,
Do not soak clothes too long, An
bout- ls long enough to soften and dissolve the dirt, yet not long enough to
set It ull through the garment.
Steamed potatoes are delicious and
much better to keep if left over from
ono meal to another than potatoes that
aro boiled or baked.
Ilvgienlc fool killers nro, like the
DOOI", a'.wavs with "s.
Valuable Iiifot-nintlon Abont Alkali*
nnd Other Cleanser*.
Chloride of lime has many valuable
properties. It removes stains of various
sorts, takes out scorched marks antl
acts as a disinfectant uud bleach. It
must be carefully prepared und judiciously used. Put two ounces of chloride of lime in three coffee cup fulls of
cold water, stirring lt frequently with
a stick. At the end of nn bour leave
the solution to settle, nfter which *lt in
strained through fine muslin and bottled for use. This simple formula is*
quotPd from nn English authority on
laundering. Yellowed linens or inns
Hns left overnight In a bath of coin
water to which a very little of thiv
chloride solution has been added will
whiten beautifully. Great care must
be taken to add only a little, ns its notion is malicious if too great a quantity
Is used. Concerning still other cleansing agents, a writer in the New Idea
Magazine says:
Soda, potash, ammonia nnd borax an-
the alkalis in general use. It must be
remembered that both sodn and potash
will leave the articles treated with
tbem yellow if tbey are not properly
used. Their values aro positive, but
limited. Potash, used so exteijslvely
in the manufacture of coarse, strong
soaps, is nn excellent cleanser for very
dirty articles, but it cannot be used on
fine fabrics.
Ammonia !s known ns tbe "volatile
nlkalj." It evaporates after Its office
is performed, leaving no trace of its
presence except the finished work, like
Grimm's fairy cobblers. It is invaluable as n cleanser of white wools because of this very quality, as lt Is the
alkali remaining in the imperfectly
rinsed flannels that hardens them and
makes them unlit for use. It should
be put in the water on the very instant
of its use. If added too soon it evaporates without having done the least
service and leaves the inexperienced
blanchlsscusc wondering why her flannel is yellow ocher Instead of milky
Borax is one of the finest alkalis. It
is used in washing the most delicate
fabrics and in cleansing colored materials and embroideries. Used In starch,
it adds a little to the stiffness and helps
to give a clenr gloss. But it must be
used discreetly on account of the expense.   It is a costly aid.
Washing powders nre valuable he\>s
ns cleansers and whlteners if their
properties are understood. Used intelligently, they are great economists of
labor and really save something of the
wear on all fabrics washed with them
by softening the dirt so that it can be
extracted without the old, protracted
and strenuous toil at the washboard.
Bran ls used when the fabric to bo
washed is dyed, printed or embroidered
with delicate colors or, for that matter,
with any colors. Alkali is an enemy to
color. Why else should we use lt as a
bleach or stain extractor? So soap,
which is a combination of alkali and
grease, must be tabooed. Tbe bran Is
saponaceous, but contains no alkali;
therefore it can bo safely used in washing colored fabrics and embroideries
and colored wools (knitted und crocheted work).
To prepare bran water for use put
two bandfuls of bran ln one quart of
water. Let boll for one-half hour, strain
carefully through a sieve and boll the
bran in a second quart of water another half hour. Cool and reduce with
warm water when needed.
A   Qnalnt   Hall   nnd   Stairway.
Modern halls are a development of all
styles that have gone before. Sometimes they appear as simply a means
of egress and entrance and as a passageway Into the various rooms of the
bouse, or tbe hall is sometimes com-*
bined with the reception room or parlor or made the chief living room of the
The one shown Is quaintly designed
and stained In dark brown.
Tbo woodwork of the hall, being the
stationary  feature,   becomes the key-
note or foundation for tbe other furnishings. The wall paper should harmonize with the wood and the carpet
ngree with both wall and woodwork.
An Impression of hospitality may be
attained ln tbe ball through the right
selection of color. Blue nnd green aro
dllllcult to adopt ln this connection.
Bed Is the most attractive color for thi
ball, but yellow or buff may take It.',
place If the red ls needed In other
rooms opening from the ball.—Designer.
Crnnberry  Iloll.
Boll out rich biscuit crust one-fourth
Inch In thickness, spread with slewed
cranberries, roll the edges together antl
press Ihein well. Sew n floured cloth
a round and boil for two hours. Ncrvs
with cream nnd sugar or auy good
Things  Quite  Kntiy to  Muke,  Usefnl
nnd I'leaslnsr to Look Upon.
Dainty women will appreciate thoroughly the padded and scented coat
hanger of modern Invention. Take the
ordluury coat hauger, preferably tbe
one made of wire, and cover lt thickly
and well with wadding which has been
plentifully sprinkled with powdered
violet or with any otber scent powder;
fasten this firmly on by twisting fine
cotton round it from end to end. Tben
make a case for this of satin ribbon
which will slip over the first half by
sewing the edges of the ribbon together
and can be sewed over tbe second half
after It has been pinned In place. Tbe
hook must then be covered by twisting
the ribbon thickly round lt, nnd wben
this ls done the ends must be tied together nt tbe bottom in n handsome
bow. Placo the banger through the
sleeves of tbe coat and hhng it by the
hook to n null In the wardrobe, allow-
Gray Cloth Combined With Chlachll-
i lii-tlliii-  Dinner Krock..
The wreath of small llowers has long
been a favorite evening headdress, but
it ls now u trifle out of style. At any
rate lt 'is only becoming to u well
shaped bead and hair dressed low.
Gray ball gowns are a novelty of tbe
season, but this demands bright hair
and a brilliant complexion. An evening
gown of pule gray oriental satin seen
recently hud a wide girdle of silver
ribbon and u white bertha of creamy
duchess lace. The skirt was laid lu flut
plaits at the waist and flared out into a
pretty fullness.
Chinchilla Is the fur to go with gray
materials, and when this Is combined
with silver embroidery and cream lace
the effect ls very rich.
Pule coffee shades growing Into cream
are very smart trimmed with narrow
Ing the bow to be In the front so that
the coat looks as though it were hanging Upon the shoulders of a person perfectly appointed even to the tie.
When once these hangers have been
regularly used they will be found to be
absolutely indispensable adjuncts to
the wardrobe, l-'or the making of one
coat hanger one and a half yards of
cotton wool, one ounce sachet powder
nnd two nnd a half yards of good ribbon about three Inches wide are required.
Another desirable arrangement ls a
pair of scissors that can hang ln any
room without lieing lost and at the
same time add,to the decorative effect
of the room. If balanced at the other
end of a pincushion they can be bung
round the neck of a needlewoman so
that her tools never need bo lost
Besides the scissors, three and a half
yards of good ribbon three-fourths of
an Inch wide will be required and threo
dozen brass rings of the smallest size.
A loop nt the top is first made, and
then thirty-four of the ring*, are threaded through with the ribbon, so that a
firm and heavy chain is nude. At tho
.bottom of this two pieces of the ribbon,
each about a quarter of a yard iu
length, are added and terminated by
the two remaining rings.
The handles of the scissors aro threaded by these ends, which are then turned
up and hung by the rings on to a hook
fastened at the back and end of tbe
chain of rings. The beginning and end
of the chain nro then finished with full
bows of the ribbon.
The chain Is so pretty when It Is
made that it can be used by an ingenious person for all sorts of things.
If large rings nnd a broad, handsome
ribbon arc used, very handsome tic-
backs for curtains can thus be formed.
Very pretty cat and dog collars can
also be easily made of the smaller
rings and narrower ribbon.
touches of bronze Ivet or mink. They
an- trimmed iu addition with bauds
and applications of heavy lace dyed
i em to match,
Bright blues if becoming to their
Wearer make stunnl^ dinner and theater frocks, but they must be trimmed
in lhe same tune willi dyed lace, sequins or chenille fringe.
The picture shows a gown of gray
cloth trimmed with chiffon of the same
shade and bands of oriental embroidery
in I'd :uiil green, The bnt la of gray
felt trimmed with n greenish owl.
Ilynl Brussels \<-t—< lu-iiill,- and Vela
vet  Embroideries,
Brussels net is dyed in all the fashionable pale shades, aud when this is
made up over chiffon and silk it forms
u beautiful ami dainty costume, A gown
of this description seen recently was
iu pale turquoise blue. The bodice,
made decollete, had q draped bertha
of dyed lace and chiffon, with tiny
bows of velvet. The skirt nud bodice
Were laid iu graduated horizontal
tucks, growing wider as they reached
the bottom, and the belt was of swathed velvet, with a beautiful jeweled
buckle having stones of a much darker
•bade of blue.
Jet robes have returned to favor, and
they are made np with much chiffon
nnd a spray of beautifully shaded velvet roses.
Block and white chiffon effects nre
particularly smart In evening gowns
Jewel*, Gold and  Silver.
Beads have rolled in like a resistless
A set of "handy pins" ls n thing to
delight the feminine heart,
Banquet rings of diamonds wero never more Important and costly.
Very handsome is a line of rings In
which diamonds and emeralds-aro combined. ,
Ivory or ntnber combs, gold mounted,
are wonderfully becoming to blond
Precious stones are sunk In tiny clusters of flower sprays In the gold frames
of bags.
Pearls still make attractive stud
fastenings on suede leather pocket-
books and card-cases.
Gold belt buckles of the harness
form aro much seen, nnd many of them
ure beautifully Jeweled.
The snowball is one of the newest
and very taking designs noted in the
decoration of silverware.
Among practical, useful and hand*
somo novelties the automobile- but pin
runs easily in the front rank.
The beauties of colored enamel jewelry are well represented in muny
dainty smnll flower brooches.
Some now signet rings for men are
very cleverly designed to phase the.
horseman, the yachtsman and the angler.
Floral effects are beautifully develop.
ed in the silverware of the season, un
witness La France ruse, lily nnd orchid patterns exquisitely executed In
articles for the desk, tho toilet and the
Fashionable women who follow foreign fads more or less closely nre now
affecting the use of white coral, White
coral and turquoise afford a Charming
combination either In bends or rings,-
Elsie Bee lu Jewelers' Circular,
nnd Parisians an- especially fond of
black chiffon gowns trimmed wltb
iiiedallions of lace embroidered ln black
and white sequins.
All kinds of minor velvets are worn,
boll) plain nnd spoiled, but chiffon
velours In black, gun metal and a new
shade of brown is the leading fabric
for reception gowns.
Cloth gowns are trimmed with fanciful applications of velvet, diamonds,
squares or round spots, and these spots
01-0 Worked into a shaded design, Intet-
woven Bometlmes with embroidery l.i
leaf design.
Chenille Is frequently seen not oni*
In fringe, but In embroidery designs.
Cul Jet ornaments nnd even those of
nmbor and pearl are being used oa
Lin- gowns,
The picture shows n cream crepe de
'blue waist made up of wide and nar*
ow tucks and foldings.
Find Now Henlth in the it. i
Williams'I'ink Pi,,,.""1^|
A few years ngo Mrs     I
Stuart, of Thorold, Out ' ,,'"'"'" «
known    to    most  D{ U„V P "°. ■•*• «j|j
that town, found her health     '*** •*
shattered us the result o,,s,'vW.v
of anaemia,     AVtolT pVtun°.>i
her   own    words,  Airs   s.,., "'"'J' ml
"My blood   was   turned  aim  Sujs
water; i suffered from nervi ,°8t, '•
headaches,   and   the   least        '"sl
would cause my heart, to ii'ii,''!"'1'1'0"
violently   as   to   rendo'r  mi1'1?!
breathless.     1   wasted  m,,,,,  , *n*«i
and often waa ao weak that  r   "'**?
not    walk    about,    1  was  „, m ''""ll1
curo of a good doctor, but , "',' ""
not   getting   bettor,   I ■,,„..   ' M
oholyond despondent, and ihi'i"'""
becoming a hopeless Invalid   \  N
stage   I   was advised  to  use'i',.  !'"i
limits' i'ink Pills, and I begun   '    i
theni,  thinking it, would be a „
if they ever helped mo. To mj      »
gratification when l had   i„,.„ f'Vjl1
the pills less than a month i ,   '
my health improving. 1 usotl al,,"'.""
dozon boxes in oil, uud found "!!'
OllJOVlng  once    inure    tl„.  bloBgini
good health.    I had been reduced
almost u skeleton in appearanco  '
while inking tho   pills  gained 'on
twenty pounds in weight,    i
fully recommend   the   pilli  i,
ailing women."
Dr,    Vi Illinois'    I'ink    l-||is   Q
greatest    blood   purifier    and
Sl ie|m
ionic    known    in    medical
Through   their   use   pale 11 ka
iiunle   rosy,   dull   i'\,'s mado \,ul''
uml thin wasted figures made a\~_ i
Every   dose    mnkes   neu,   rich t!
blood    that    drives   out  disease ut
strengthens overy organ in the imiJ
i <ui can gel    these   pills frora ,
dealer in medlcino, or by mall t»
paid, ui   50 cents a box of Blx'tlOM
for   $2.,1<>,    by writing The br. M
ligtits'   .Medicine  Co., Brockville'0«d
Tho mother of a Sultan ol Turtnl
is the only Mohammedan woman wSJ
muy  appear   in   public  unveiled aa'
receive us many visits as she I.'..,
What sweet is it you cannot so.
A suite of furniture. _*\"*<
Minard's Liniment Lumberman's I rial
nf the 801 different kinds of Iinti*)!
birds, only 140 remain In Britaind
i lu- year round.
Flour  wil]  extinguish burning c3
This   is   a   useful Item ol knowledn
where lumps nre much used,
Minard's Liniment is used by HiysuaJ
We are bora, said John Locke, wild
faculties and powers capable almof
of anything, but it Is only the en
else rn* thus.* powers which   gives!
ability   and   skill   in   anything .id,|
leads us toward perfection,
Nothing is politically right thnt i'|
morally wrung.
Inquisitive people are bul thelmj
ii.'Is   nf   conversation;    they do m|
t.ik.. in anything for their own vs
imi merely to pass on to another,
The  United  Kingdom now useful
000,000 gallons ol Been! yearly.
———— —   i *
Choice   Seeds!
],fm.   rutnlngiie on H|i|illi*»ttuii.
Oriui   I.o.t  by  UI •»••».
It la u suggestlvo fact uot alwajil
sufficiently considered that "us soon"!
nny organ or faculty falls Into dlswl
lt degenerates and ls finally lost IM
getber." Through all the ages Uulr
man has had the power of (peed) tUI
power has not beeu fixed In U3 In i«l
degree whatever by heredity. It Is frl
garded as definitely proved that il J
child of civilized parents were brouftll
up in a desert place and allowed w|
communication whatever with man HI
would never make any attempt HI
speech. I
Up to the last century lt was not»l
common to find persons living lo'I
wild state in the woods and forests al
England, France, Germany ami K»l
eiu who were utterly Incapable «l
■perch, though they could makesoiiPl
in imitation of the cries of wild '"j
Dials. Certain parasitic insects birtl
■o completely degenerated that ttjH
possess neither eyes, legs, MJB
mouths, stomachs nor lntt*stinos—*-**|
sure lluiif.
A Queer Denth SBpe«lHlo».
A curious relic of the BU|)i*rntltlo»l
ideas of the mlddlo ages still «lst»»'
many parts of England-the not»M
that when the death of a person IHM
minent the fastenings of the door
the denth  chamber or of the ow
rooms of the house hinder the OT"
ture of the soul from the body, •"
making final dissolution doubly P»
ful. ...
A gentleman writing nbout M»
century ago for a collection of   * '
qimrlnu pupcrs states that ffli™
was curator at Exeter he hnd »
to the deathbed of one of Ml.    ,(
loners.   Upon arriving there tlie w
of the patient told tho minis cr wj*
eho hnd expected her husband w
during the previous night nail on
account hnd left the doors OllOJ*»i
unloved.   Upon asking for ***** ^
this odd proceeding be wns told       I
neighborhood superstition.
jo-haw. rn.» ****m9}!L fOl
Johnny--l'apii,   I  got tl>*> P" |f0,
iHtlmii.tli* tnilnv.     I  did  Illl •'**"" V.„,l
Jobnny-I'apn,   I got the W* ,
arithmetic today.   I did an «'MI "*
the blackboard out of my "w'lllir
Tapa-What was it, Johnny'-' ^tl.
Why, I dld-our baby welgw    ^j
and throe-quarter pounds.   » .^1
one ounce u day.   Wben she u
sho win weigh 40d pound* HC        PRiLLi ANIMAL STOWAWAYS.
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
.tti.ftiilc res!  ana aM<"1   are   the
•V     . ,i„. mind, as of the   body,
%   who   cun   discover   the true
of    each    anil    preset"
, |„.   who   w"   -•-*-     -*•-  	
lortloiis   rn'    each   und   preserve
' |„ Rtoodfasl opcnition hus ut
!1 learned one of the most valuable
Ltd nf hi1) (*>vn naturo.
mi wanl i" keep your littlo
,.,,,,, hearty utul full of life give
i a, iiiiliy's "wn Tablets tin.- mo-
'ni tlu-y show Blgns of being out of
\(1|, |„ any way. ThlH mjjdlclne
. ,4 all forms of stiintacli nntl bowol
UI,1L,H, Invnl's U|l colds, prevents
'.ani. destroys wunns, allays teeth-
, lJ.,.jlutlon, omd nivi-s the little
■ oiilld. mu I lIMtl sleep. No child
,.|, in Inking tin- tablets, and
iiiiiiliur has a guarantee tlmt they
tujn   i |iiaic or harmful drug,
otlier   medlcino   for   littlo onus
ililfl   guai'antoo,     Mrs.    Geo,
itiirilu'll.   Klllttl'tioy,  Alan.,   who   has
,i intit-h experience,  Bays:—"]   imd
itl, ■, d\\ M Tablots a  fin odlclno
r 't.|iiidri'ii. Thoy nn- pr pt   in i'i--
ull,, littlo ills and gontle in their
,i0„ "     \n inodlclno   dealers    soil
. | Mats, or you can gol    them
i,mil ui  l'."i conl s n box by writ-
j      i ■,-.   Williams  Modi cl no  Co.,
rkvilli', bnt.
Tnntiilising invitation to a starv-
,, i | , woll*. mt ii i ho iv nod shed
,i iiii ve .i chop,
|\ rill. l'OIt OENEBOOa EATERS -
■lini.  uri-   inin'*'   I'i-I'miiih   nf   lii'iillhy   np-
Ltii,'  uml   pour digestion wha,  after a
Imi IV   maul,   lio'   Mlli.li'it   til   much   Suffer-
11,,, [ood of  which  they  havo par-
tK,.„ i,,s   like   lead  in  tln'ir stomachs.
...uia.!..'   iii'in'i-ssiiin,   ii  smothering fool-
lolluw    One so afflicted  is unlit  for
>,  ■.  rn-  wink   nf  nny   kind.      In    Uii*
iilltlim  Parmelee's Veiretabla mils win
nu*  relief.    They  will assist   tin* iissiini-
Hlon ..I   tin-  aliment,  and  used  accord-
tn direction will  restore healthy di-
s,i keen is an elephant's sense of
ni'll tluit ho can sconl a human b*>
,,   at   a   distance   of   o   thousand
ep Minard's Liniment in the House.
Feminine   Wish. — Littlo    Susie,
losing hor cyi's devoutly: "For what
in going to receive the   Lord mako
e truly graceful,'1
IT IS A IlVI'.It I'll.I. — Mnny of the
linenta that ninn hns to contend with
i•,. their iiiiirin in a disordered liver,
hlch la a delicate organ, peculiarly sus-
litible to the disturbances Hint coma
Dill   Irregular   linliitN   or   lurk   ol   Care   in
ting or drinking. Thi* amounts lor
... great manv liver regulator! now
.--.•.I on the attention of suflerers 01
. ,■ there nre none auperior to rutin.•-
.-    Vegetable    l'ills     Their  operation,
i, gentle,  is effective,  uml tin* most
',■ can use them.
unly  opco he v.-    I    spokon  crossly
my wife," ■ ild ;i man to an Inti-
ati- friend,    "Indeed!"   replied   tho
Iter, in sdmo surprise,   "Yes." sghl
In., tir-i   Rpeakor,   rather amblguous-
•■ •!• was qititi- enough for mo!"
You can hardly find a home
without its Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Parents kaow what
it doea for children:.breaks
up a eold in a single Bight,
wards off bronchitis, prevents
pneumonia. Physicians advise parents to keep it on hand.
" The best «mfh medicine money ean bur
It Ayor'a Cherry reetoral. For th* cmiRh. of
Children Oottllna oould [H.aalhl; hai better."
Jioos BSULL, Suatnii, Ind.
a*»»B..|l.«>. J.O. AYBSOO.,
^iA'itt_ti_^^ fnr  ''""""   **"
Throat, Lungs
I Ayor's puis greatly aid the Cherry
I Pectoral In  breaking up A cold.
The Morning After
a heavy and rich meal will
be unattended by discomfort
or sickness if, before going
to bed, you will take
Bold Everywhere.     In boxei 80 cents."
Brush & C°
TORONTO,   -   OI»T.
On Slitiis and In *'i,rK«i*H Ther Often
• ,'iihn the  Oi-rnn.
Now York hns for many yeara re-
ceived number? or destitute aliens of
tlio animal world from the holds of the
banana ships. The trade in bananas
is au enormous one, und many of them
come from sources at no great distance,
whence the fruit cau be brought without cold storage. Tlie big clusters of
bananas are peculiarly adapted for harboring "stowaways." Among these are
enumerated numbers of small, barm-
less snakes, lizards of various kinds,
occasionally, it is said, a young iguana
and large and particularly venomous
spiders. But real pests which survive
and increase in a new country are fortunately rarely transported accidentally. The one serious instance is the
chlgo, or "jigger." It is said to have
been transported from Central America
to the Kast Indies.
The Colorado beetle bas never succeeded in making a borne in England,
though mosiiuiloes of a peculiarly ferocious though nonmalarial kind aro said
to have appeared in English hotels.
Several corn beetles, a very destructive
type of Insect and among the greatest
enemies of those who would like to
create an "emergency" store of corn,
have been "dumped" in Englund with
foreign grain aud havo established
Bird "stowaways" on ships are very
numerous in the narrow parts of the
Mediterranean-during the migration.
They also frequently alight on ships
wben these are near the coast, being
then very much exhausted and glad to
find "a rest for the soles of their feet."
(iolden crested wrens sometimes descend in a storm on some North sea
smack on a migration night and even
alight on steamers by day. It was
confidently stated that a golden crested
wren was seen to fly from off the back
of a short eared owl when the latter
came in from the sea and alighted near
a jetty on the east coast.
The belief that some littlo birds come
as "stowaways" on the backs of larger
ones was held in reference to the Canada geese by the North American Indians nnd by the Turks of Cyprus, who
alleged the same of the crane and
6tork. That some birds must travel
great distances on ships crossing the
Atlantic seems probable. The American bittern nnd two American cuckoos
have been found in England, the first
rather frequently. It is conjectured
that they can only have crossed the
ocean by traveling on the masts and
yards of ships, probably steamers, at
otherwise tliey must have died of starvation.- London Spectator.
A wound in the purse is not mortal.
Don't growl—that's the brute's business.
Those we think are weakest are often stronger thau us all.
Every man has at times in bis mind
the ideal of whut he should be, but is
Don't misjudge the man with a quick
temper—they ure the best hearts in
Rather prefer to provoke a emile
llian to provoke n man. There is no
harm done by provoking a smile.
Don't try to escape the battle of life.
Life is not life without conflict, and
death is not death without victory.
And the battleground is the man, aud
the victory is tho soul.—Schoolmaster.
True  to  Hta Frlcnda.
An answer to an advertisement for a
school assistant "capable of teaching
the classics us far us Homer und Vergil" makes one of the best stories in
the dean of Bristol's book, "Odds and
"Sir." the nnswer ran, "with reference to the advertisement which were
in lhe Times respecting a school assistant, 1 beg to state that I should be
happy to fill that situation, but as
most of my friends reside in London
and not knowing how far Homer and
Vergil is from town, I beg to state that
I should not like to engage to teach
the classics farther thau Hammersmith or Eurnhain Green, or, at the
very utmost distance, farther than
The  I'"ir»«   Vae ot  Nnpklns.
A French writer who evidently wns
conservative anil ilitl not Welcome the
napk'n kindly records with scorn:
"T'.«.c napkin is placed under th**
chl.a H'td fastened In tliw back, as if
one veto going to be shared. A person
told bin that be wore his that wnj
that he might not soil his beuutifm
It was n difficult matter to tlo tiii*
two corners In the back, and it ls suiil
that thence originated our expression
for straitened circumstances, "bard to
make both ends meet." This custom
led to the habit or- the table waiters of
carrying a napkin on the left arm.
Barbarous Trenttnent of Ibo Women.
The Ibos have u barbarous custom of
destroying twins. A woman who gives
birth to twins is regarded as something accursed, and the children nro
taken from ber and thrown Into the
bush to perish, while she is proclaimed un outcast nnd driven from the vil-
luge. To hold up two lingers to an
Ibo woman is to offer her tho greatest
insult possible. They are very superstitious. They worship idols of wood,
mud and iron, which are regarded ns
protectors to be propitiated nt various
periods, and slavery exists among all
the tribes.	
A I'm I r Test,
llrlggs—I believe the time ls approaching when every question will be
Submitted to arbitration nud all people
will agree. Griggs—Well, if you wish
to be undeceived, Just make on attempt
to settle ii dispute between the owner
of  u  house  nud  •  tenant.
His  Lumbago    Was   Cured   by
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Sutlereil for Twenty Yean Before He
Pound Kellef lu the tireat Canadian
Klilinv Keiuedy.
Uosedene, Ont.—May 16 (special.)
Robert 0. Lampman, tho well known
Qdinsboro farmer anil stock grower,
is completely cured of a long standing case of, Lumbago, and he has
made n statement for the benefit of
tho public, in which he gives the satire credit for the euro to Dodd's
Kidney l'ills. In his statement Mr.
Lampman says.
"For twenty yenrs I suffered from
Lumbago With all its worst symptoms. I hud the most distressing
ptiins it seemed possible to bear,
coupled with an irritation of ths
"At times I was entirely prostrated and was for weeks unable to do
unytliing whatever, and required the
services of my family to assist me in
dressing und In moving from a chair
to the sofa.
"I tried doctors and medij-ine, but
got uo bonofit till, on the advice of
u neighbor I commenced to use
Dodd's Kidney Pills. After the first
box I noticed an improvement, and
When I hud taken six boxes every
Symptom of my trouble had vanishod.
Like Rheumatism, Lumbago is
caused by Uric Acid in the blood,
Sound Kidneys take all the Uric Acid
out of tho blood. Dodd's Kidnef!
Pills make sound Kidnoys.
Not n Journalist's motto.—No news
i.s good news.
A   spinster.—One   who   goes   for »
spin on u bicycle.
Wliui  vogetablo is it  that  hns two
toes?—The tomato,  of COUl'Sel
$100 Reward $100.
The readers of thtj paper will be ptesaed to
learn that tliere Is at least one dreaded disease
that science ha* been able to cure In all Its
•la«es, and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure Is the only positive cure now known to ths
medical fraternity. Catarrh bein* a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
licilnt directly upon the blood .and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying ths
foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution
and assisting nature In doing Its work. Tha
proprietors have so much faith In Its curative
powers, lhat they offer One Hundred ■Dollar*
for any cam* that It falls to cure. Send for lilt
of testimonies.   Address
F. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo, O.
Fold by all druggists, 76c.
Hall's Family Fills are the best.
Why is the grass the cow is feeding
upon older thuu toutsell* '.'—Because it
is pasturage,
An idle curlsity,
out  o, work.
-The human freak
Oot a constant headache? Ten chanees
ta on* the stveret of your suffering Is
that "whit* man's burden," catarrh.
Hero'* a sentence from on* man's evident** for Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder: "On* application gave me instant
re) lei, cleared tbe natal passages and
stopped th* pain tn my head." It's a
quick, aaf* aad sur* treatment, and it
never fail* to cur*. For sal* by all
druggists. 8S
Dr. Aj-new.s Heart Care Is lor heart,
stsmsch and nerves.
In London the daily average number of telegrams sent anil received is
•175,000; in New York it is 221,000;
in   I'aris.   120,000.
Hie Demon  of all Disease.-*
I*wunry •rtl<i(>n''p,i arc riclitly so-rnlloil—
they're InexplninBlilo, unaccountable ami
Insidious. It is th* function of thpkiil-
.Beys to filter out nil Impurities. If they
tire rlocjrerl South Americaln Kidney cure
■oilll put tliem to riRlitH and defy the mv-
e\fz* ot BO prim n visitation as dintictrs
or other iidney complications. It le-
Ua-i-e* fo eix hour*. US
tVnger is the most Impotent paralon
that Influences tho mind of man; it
effects nothing it undertakes and
hurts the mun possessed of it moro
than the object against  which   it   is
Tl 1 iNt:. Mini Mrs, Burtace to Mrs
Know-wall, when they met In th* street,
"Why,   when   hav* you been tor " **•»
Lurk' uh. just down to tin* store for
a  bottle ol  Dr. Thomas'  Eclectric Oil.
■aid Hrs   Surface, who hate* pun*, walked on     Hut  stm remembered,   and   when
■ho   contracted   u   weak back then wm
mint her customer for Eclectric oil.
li c 1   a   M a. p.
IF you'd know Just what In doing 'twlxt
the Hu'snlan and the Jap,
i;.t u map.
If you'd keep your people pouted on
-liat Asiatic scrap.
(Jet a map,
It will toll you that Japan ls Juat an Island in the sea.
That   Korea's   In   tho   very   place   you
wouldn't like to bo,
That   Pun   Arthur   is  a  seaport  on  tho
strait of Poi'hlll—
Get a map!    (Jet a m.ipl    Get a map—
map— map I
If you'd know that Russia's leading ln the
race half a lup,
Oct u map.
If you'd know why Russia's worried o'er
the ikilngs of the Jup,
Get a lria p.
It will tell you where Masampho Is, Chemulpo and Plngyang;
It will tell you that Seoul Is near tho har-
!ior of Hangang;
It will Lli you lota i< facts for which you
couldn't give it bans—
Got a map!    Get a map!    Get a map-
If you'd learn that Kuropntkln has been
talking through iiis cup,
Get u map. -
If you realize that Russia 'd better waken
Irom her nap,
Get a map.
It will tell you Yuchlchengtsvi lies north-
cast of Kulyueii;
That   the   town   of   Vladivostok   ls   old
Bruln'S safest den;
That the burg of JTengwengaheng Is quite
a distance trom Sinyen—
Get a map!    Get u map I    Get n map -
If you'.I clearly grasp the nuaiiliitt of a
military trap,
Get a map.
Otherwise   It's  VttgU*   and  foggy.    It'«  a
veritable snap
With a mnp.
You'll  be  Infinitely  wiser than  tho  man
whu merely reads.
Full of gaographlo pictures of the fighter*'
darlnc deeds.
Rammed, jammed full of Information that
no human being needs—
Get a map!   Get a map!   Get a map-
AflliiJUes in tho cricket-match
inai I,ei,- ■■Tin* man who Is a gootl
catch uml lhe girl who throws herself ut  hlm,
Tin- biggest meteorite ever spfn
has been found In Brazil It- is an im-
uit-nse muss of rock eighty-five fent
long.and fifty-five feet thick.
II. is suid that Lewis Curtol's Suggestive,—"Mtuiy happy returns
favourite reply to young authors was jof the duy, grandpa ! Aud mother
"I will waste no linn- in reading suys if you give U3 eai;h sixpence wu
your hook." .mustn't lose it!"
I>r. J, 1). Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial
is a speedy cute for dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera, summer complaint, sen
sickness and complaint* Incidental to
children teething, it (fives Immediate
relief to those Buffering from the effects
of Indiscretion In eating unripe fruit, cucumbers, etc It. ucts with wonderful inutility uml never fuils to conquer the
disease Xo one need fear cholera If Iliev
have a bottle nf this medicine convenient,
A. Lazy Vocalist,—"Isn't that your
maid I hear singing at her work'.'"
inquired tt culler. "Ves," replied tlie
housekeeper, "und I'll bet that's ull
she is doing ut   it! "
Itching,   Burning   Skin   Dis-
*BaS6S relieved in eno dnv, EcMloa, Salt
Rheum, Burner*' Itch, end all eruption*
ct the skin quickly relieved nnd speedly
cured by llr. Aenew's ointment, lt will
■rive Instant comfort in cases of Itching,
Bleeditip; or blind 1'ilos, und will cute In
Irom thres to six niRhts.   !15 cents.    110
A  Russian  is not considered of age
until lie is twenty-six.
Lever's  Y-Z   tWise   Head)   Disinfectant
Soup Powder is better thun other powder*,   as   it   is   both soup ami disinfectant, :u
Chambers   of    Commerce. — Plat
when- bazaars are held.
The following  sign is displayed in
the   window    of    n    small    sitop  in    a
Pennsylvania village—"For sale—second hand furniture, tooth, nnd ico,"
The Extremity of Hope—The tiploi
uf expei'tat inn.
Alfred A. Taylor, of Margareo,
says: "One bottle of MINARD'S
LINIMENT cured u, swelling of tho
gamble joint, and saved a hois*
worth ?14i).00."
—Thos.    W.    Payne,    of    nathurst,
saved  the  life   ul    n    vulunlile    horse
that   tin*   Vet.   hud   ti'wun   up, with
it   lew   hot ties    Of    MIN.MMl'G     I.I M-
in Germany ono man In 318 goos
io a unlvor»,fty; In Scotland, ona In
530; iu tho United States, ono In
3,000; uml In England, one In .*■.'	
Ask for Minard's and take no other.
lie  is  ii   wise   man    Who   wastes 110
ener.g*y   on   pursuits for which   ho   is
iml   fitted.
There never was and never will be a
universal pauacen, in one remedy, for nil
ills to which llesh is heir— tbe very nn-
ture of muny curatives behm sucb tbat
wero the irerins of other and dillerenllv
seated disease rooted in the system of
the natient—what would relieve one ill
ln turn would aittrravato the other. We
have, however, in Cluinine Wine, when
obtainable in sound, unadulterated state,
a remedy for many und grievous ills Hy
its I'liiiiiinl and judicious use the frailest
systems are led Into convalescence uud
strenKth by the Influence which Quinine
exerts on nature's own restoratives. lt
relieves the drooninu spirit* ol those
with whom a cliiaTtiic slate of morbid
despondency and lack of interest in hti
is a disease, and bv tranqutllslng the
nerves, disposes to sound and refiesluiii
sleep—imparts vigor to the action Ol the
blood, which, tieinu Stimulated, course
tina,ii..h the veins. strenitthenine the
lii-iiltliy animal (unctions o( the nystcui,
thereby making activity a necessarv result. hli-eiiKllu'nluir the frame antl giving
tile to the digestive oruiins. which naturally demand incresed siihstuui'e--result
Improved appetite Northrop A I.viniin
of Toronto, have given to the public
their Superior Quinine Wine at tin* nsi
rate, and, gauged by the opinion* of
scientists, tbe wine approaches nearest
perfection of any In the market. All
druggists sell lt.
There is probably truth, saysacor-
respondent, In ihe statement thai tho
largo    sea-boots    worn   by boatmon
hnvo  n   tendency   to   produce  t'lieimni-
ti'.iu, ns they certainly <lo look   rather rheumy!
The satisfaction of having tho
washing dono early In tho day,
and well done, belongs to every
user of Sunlight Soap. ub   .
Ploughing in unbroken furrows six
miles long con be seen In California.
The teams start in the morning,
make one trip across tho Immense
held and back before dinner, ntul tin-
SamO ill the lllleltiooll—t Weill y-four
miles ii duy.
Why   is   n   billiard   ulayor   like n
thief iii a  crowd?—Docause he nuns
for  the  pockets.
Worry wont curo a cough. When
you find n cough holding on—
when everything clso has failed—
Cure: ar *•
It Is guaranteed to cure. If It
doesn't, we'll refund your money.
Prices: S. C. Wills A Co. n'«
ZSe. SOc. Sl.   I-eRoy. N.Y..Toronto,Con.
The Stomach,   Liver   and   Kidney   Disorders
Usually be Cured by
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
Most of the ills of every duy life
como  from  tho derangement of the
digestive system.
Eating too much, irregular meals
hours, Improperly prepared food, the
excessive use of stifliulunls, ure
nmong tho common cuuiies of this
The liver becomes clogged und torpid, tho kidneys inactive, aud the
bowels constipated. The poisonous
waste matter is thrown buck into
tho blood stream and the result is
•ome deadly form of disease.
it is not necessary to be continually dosing if you use Dr. Chuse's
Kidney-Liver  Pills.
This treatment nets directly and
promptly on the liver, kidneys and
bowels, and ensures their proper
Indigestion, dyspepsia, kidney disease, backache, liver complaint, biliousness untl constipation ure the ailments tor which Dl*. Chase's Kidney-
Liver l'ills uru most frequently used.
Thc story ot their success In curing such ailments is told by. thousands of grcatful cured ones.
Policeman l'eter C, Morris, 10
Wascana Avenue, Toronto, states;—
" For years I was troubled with
habitual constipation, which I believe
is tho most common ailment of ail
policemen . I had spent considerable
money in trying all sorts of so-called
remedies for constipation, arid was al.
ways disappointed as the relief was
only temporary.
"1 now gladly state that I have
beeu completely cured by using Dr,
Chase's Kidney-Liver l'ills, and Bhall
bo pleased to personally recommend
theni to uny person who wishes tg
interview mc. I huve always udvin*
ed ii iy friends to uso them."
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills,ouo
pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all dealers
or Edmanuon, Dates & Co., Toronto,
To protect you against imitations,
the portrait and signature of Dr. A,
W. Chuso, thc Iunmus receipt book
author, are cm every box,
A little husk on a wheat stalk Rrew;
Listen  to my  tnlo of  woe.
Tin* "Health-Food" mivti made it In a stew
1.1st en to my tale of woo.
Now the customer Ims to chew nnd chew.
And cliuw anil chew until Iiis fuce is blue;
Lleteii to toy talo of woe.
—Barr,  "Northwestern Miller."
The choicest of wheat grew on the stalk too,
Listen to no tale of woe.
The "Health-Food" man's dead and his fads are dead too,
Listen to no tale of woe.
More than ever the Miller's resorted to,
And the customer gets something fit to chew,
Listen to no tale of woe.
Good old-time HomcMade Bread, "like mother used
to make," is good enough for any man ta chew.
ought to enable you to make as good a batch of
bread as your Mother ever made.
Aro   You   BulldlneT      I*  **o,   —msm*
The Boat: Buildlne Papor IVtaclo.
It Is very much utroneer nnd thicker thnn any other (tarred or building) paper It is Impervious to wind, keeps out cold, keepe tfi neat, car-
Hei no smell or odor, a!>norlis no moisture. Imparts no teste or flavor t«
enythlnit with which it comes in contact. It is lareely und not only for
eheetln* bousei but fur lining cold storage liuililinus. retituen-.tore, dali^
lei creameries, ami all placet where tlie object is to keen an eves ma*
ualforiii  temperature,  und  ut the some time avoiding dampness.
Write our Agents, TEE6 A PERSSE, Winnipeg, for samples.
The E. Q. EDDY CO., Limited. HULL.
Toiiaguv-retidinir is  Iho lotosl   fail in
Pttt-lH,    It u    irtod   thai   n   bin
tuiic'i.- Indicates frankness; a short
toniriu', .ii - itnulnl Ion; .> long and
in-,i...I tongue, uniTiility and gonor-
osiaty; ii n uinw tongue, soncon-
i rnl Ion nnd tulenl; n Mhori. broad
tongue, garrulltj and untruth,
Stomach "Scowls."-r-ver notfee
the KWtmi anil furrows thnt Steal Into
the fee* ot i he suderar from Indigestion,
•dyspepsia and rhioiitc stomach ailments?
*ft:ntr)i the mmshino break in ntul Hi"
linen vnni-di when Ur. Von Stan's Pin**
apple Tnlilels are given ij chance to show
their   power.     One    lady,    in   writing   of
\hair   eiliiiKV    In    her    c.iie,    calls  theni
1 beeivcn-horn healer."   8fi cents.    liiO.
Berlin police have Issuod an order
forbidding public-houaos to boU "cold
drinks" below a ci'iniii temperature,
for ihi* reason thai Buch drinks uro
bad for the dlgesl Ion.
\ I i||Ti rain',. - "Pui nol your t iti'-l
in riches." snid tho pious looking
in,in in ihr rusty coal. "I don't,"
replied the prosperous looking one;
•■I put  my riches In trusts."
The opposllo *o resl is nol work-
It is rcstlossnoss.
TKNTIMONIAL from th* Late 8111 SAMUEL UAKEH,  the famous Nile Explorer:
"Newton Abbot, Uevon. Deer Sire—I
hav» deluved icy tlninke as I wished ts
t»it the ellect of lllelr'e Pills hy » "Aiffl-
cU*iit Interval  of time.
"Kor ten years I had sufTeretl eculelj
from limit and life had lost Its attraction owing to the uncertainty o( heulth
• i.i the sudden visitations of th* enemy
winch prostratwd me for months, or *A«*eks,
em.riling to the virulence of the attacks
"llliilr'e Pills bave rendered nis Immense
service, as I no lon{*r in.r an attack of
•'|.'or the laet twenty months I have
heen comparatively free, as one or two
attempt*!, visitation! hsve ^crn in.meil-
lstclv stamped out by the assistance of
Blair's Pills.
"I r.ily yours (Signed) Sftml. **■ Baker"
I.Mn..•.*■!,,n« * Co., Montreal end Tor-
nnfo: Th» Hole time; Co . Winnipeg: The
M«rt|n.   Hols * Wvnne Co.. ^V-nutiie*.
Sympathetic!—Judge:   "Your Inno-
conco is proved; ■.im are acquitted
|Facetious   prisoner   tin    iho   Jury*:
("Very   sorry   indeed,   gontiennon,   to
have given .vou all this  troui.ie   fnr
nol hlngl"
If ,\ou make n bad uso   of   o   good
thing, you mako it good for nothing,
Whnt is tin- I'usii'i thing in tho
world for a negro to do?- Keep dark,
'lh.. tiger's strength exceeds thai of
thi- lion, i'ivi- ttii'ii inn easily h il
down n lion, bul nine aro roquired to
hold n  li"  r.
Tho ctjnsue returns show thai ihi
population of Belgium now stands ill
0,003,810, having dottblod during tin*
hist oo years, Dolgium it now ina
most, densoly populntod country In
■i    i,.i.—se, j   ■ in      ■■■■IMS
■ THE mm.!., SI.OCAN, B   C„ M-W 27. 1901.
;   •.'[
C. E. Si«theris"<Jai.e, Editor anil Prop.
is ruitusnam evkry ratnAT at
' SLOCAN,      <*      -       -    , -      B: C*
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the lirst insertion and i> cents a line each
subsequent insertion,
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
Tbe Subscription ia $2 per year, Strict-
ly in advance; $2.00 a year ii iioUso paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C-
FRIDAY, MAY 27th, 1904.
Enili\rby is developing the incorporation craze,
Sharp frosts struck tho gardens
•again this week.
It was a sick-looking burg on Wednesday morning,
The public ..school wa.s closed Monday and Tuesday.
The govern intuit offices were closed
Monday and Tuesday.
New Westminster defeated Nelson
at lacrosse at Kaslo i to 8.
Aid. Smith left ou Saturday for a
few days ritn np oil tin main line.
Tho Anglican synod of Kootenny
will meet iu Revelstoke on June 10.
All tlie streams, ns well as the lake,
have risen rapidly during the weok.
Byers & Co.'s hardware stock is being moved out of Sandon to Nelson.
Sandon is losing a number of its
prominent citizens, who are moving
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. Tliey are cheapest and
Several thousand new fruit trees
have been set out on the valley ranches
this spring.
Tom Armstrong was on the sick list
all last week, having come down from
Koch's mill.
Pete Schomberg has filed on a preemption of 160 acres of fine land, near
Dearin siding.
The Ferguson Eagle has had an
attack of suspended animation for tho
past two months,
Repairs were effected at the Bhingle
mill on Saturday, enabling operations
to be resumed Monday.
Fernie has given notice in the Gazette that she intends applying at once
for incorporation as a city.
The local mill company received an
order Friday fer shingles for the new
railway buildings at i'oplar.
Marrett, who murdered his brother
at Canmore two weeks ago, has Ix-en
committed to the insane asylum.
Tom Lloyd and Al Owens returned
to New Denver on Tuesday, after a
long visit to Wales and England.
Foley Bros. Sc Laisen are to begin
work shortly on the Great Northern
extension to Phoenix. It will be 2s
miles in length.
A big lire occurred at Revelstoke on
Thursday night, destroying a number
of buildings. Gladys Grairn, aged •'!.
was burned to death.
A couple of ears jumped the track
«t the transfer slip Friday, necessitating u visit from the bridge gang next
day to repair damages'.
Lost. -At the bull,mi Friday night,
a gold bar brooch.with the word Alice
lettered (hereon. Finder will kindly
leave same at tliis ofliee.
It is quite likely the C.P.R. will
erect a tourist hotel at Slocan Junction
.nnd also take steps to protect the trout
pools from market fishermen.
J. A. McKaughan, an Orillia. (int..
man, is representing the Scranton
Correspondence School in these pails,
with headquarters at Nelson.
Mrs. ('apt. McLennan and family
left on Tuesday to join her husband
nt Arrowhead  for tin- summer.   She
was accompanied by Miss Graham,
Robt, Mowat, formerly chief engineer on the str. Slooan, Is one of the
main shareholders  in  the Rothesay
Lumber Co., being organized at Mara.
The local board of license commissioners will meet on Wednesday, nth
of June, to grant renewal of hotel and
wholesale licenses for the ensuing six
M. Campbell, who was mixed up
with a man named MeDermaid in a
fatal TOW at Ymir some time ago, was
released from custody at the Nelson
assizes last week.
On Saturday llu- O.S. Lumber Oo.
successfully  ran   their iiis I   boom of;
logs on  Wilson creek,   On Bonanza
creek the contractor has to haul his
logs overland for a considerable uis
TheEdenograph is tin-name of a!
new weeklv published at Knderbv. bv
II. M. Walker, lute of New Denver. Lt
is of four six-column pages, beauti*
fully printed on lighl book paper, and
entirely of home production. Rather
ambitious, though, fur a burg of En*
derby's *,\_tt.
Tlie Edgewood Dairy Co..of Nelson,
is being wound up.
Hewitt Bostock has tlie vacant B.C.
senatorship in his pocket.
The K. & S. branch road to Cody
has been re-opened to traffic.
W. E. Boie left on Wednesday for
Grand Forks to spend the summer.
Rev. Mr. Scott has been appointed
to the Methodist mission at Michel,
John Popham, one of the Sloean's
old-timers, is now   located  at Poplar.
The Oyster Criterion, at Camborne,
will add ten more stamps to its mill.
Postofflce Inspector (lieenfie'ii
was here Wednesday and passed complimentary judgment on the local ofliee.
John Elliot has entered 0 suit of
criminal libel against John Houston.
Needless to say lioth parties live in
Recent arrivals at the Arlington are:
J. A. McKiiughfin. Nelson; J. Boyd.
Winnipeg; C. Tribble, Spokane: .1. R,
Greenfield) Vancouver- J. B. Gray,
Hamilton; S.  Peterson, New Denver.
D. Wadds, of Wadds Bros.. Nelson,
will be here on Saturday with Iiis photographic outfit and will stay a few
days, lie will be prepared to take all
kinds of photographs and in llu- latest
styles. All work is strictly first-class
and prices an1 right. Don't forget the
date and come early,
ton & Great Northern, leaving that,
line at Curlew. Wasll., and extending
northwest to Midway B.C., a distance
of over 12 miles. Another section is
the long-expected line from Grand
Forks to tin- Granby smelter, a distance of live miles. The third is the
line projected from Grand Forks to
Phoenix, a distance of 213 miles. The
last of these are extensions of the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern, which is a
link in the Washington <fc Great Northern line from Spokane to the coast,
and the contract for their construction
was let iu St. Paul recently toJ.W.
Stewart. The constructing work and
sub-contracting will be clone, under
the direction of P. Welsh, of Spokane,
It will require 1 BOO or more men to do
the work, and it is expected to lie finished by October 1.
Rifle Club Scores.
On Saturday last the local club held
their regular practice shoot, making
the'following score:-:
Sullivan Don! Fixed I>.
The big deal affecting tho Sullivan
mines and the Marysville smelter, in
East Kootenay, has been fixed up,and
ono million shares of stock have been
placed iu escrow in the Exchange National Bank, in Spokane. O. Sweeny,
who is financing the deal, lias the
privilege of taking these shares at the
end of one year at ten cents each. In
addition Sweeny gets a bonus of 450,-
000 shares of treasury stock. Work
is to commence at the mine and smelter without delay.
•Good N   iys fm* Fertile
The survey >rs and constructing engineers of tin. Great Northern railway
have arrived at Fernie with instruc-
tiiies to proceed at once with the
building of the extension of the Jennings branch.from Morrissey to Fernie
and Coal creek, Sim ins & Shields
will build the road, which will be 18
miles long and c .', half a million dollars, and io lv* lin;-.i,.i{ by Sept. 1.
Fernie expects tobooui in consequence
as tin* oiitpi:'• tu coal and coke will be
largely incn iu»ed.
Groat *Nwi'l" er.i ICxtonelong.
Work on 45 miles of ubw railway
construction tor ihe tireat Northern
■system along .':" international boundary will be started at once. One section is th" extensi in of V.u- Washinor-
300 000 Total
J. McVicar...".
...   2*1
34   22      80
Dt*. Cade	
..   26
28   22      71
F. Dick	
..    22
28   2-t      69
Fan! Bruin...
..    11)
19   22      60
•los 1 ,aw	
..    IS
'.1   11       .11
J. Tipping....
...    11
18             27
Timber Notice,
N'OTH'l'* Is hereby siren that thirty days after
llui*. I iai..a,il tu apply to the Chief Com-
misuloutir a ! I.uudsii Works, at Victoria, for u
specie! lii'ii' •■ '■•• flit ntul carry uway timber
from Un- following described lands: Commencing nt a P0>t sol elose Ui Jennie Carrie's north-
oust corner post, mi the north side of the north
fork of Evans creek; running 80 chains west;
theuce south SOolutins| thence enst 81) chains;
thonce north 80 chains, to point of commeuco-
"Bated April U.th, 1904, HKRnERTGRAHAM
Timber Notice,
NOTH'K i« hereby giten that thirty days after
ilnliil intend to apply to the Chief Com*
niissiiineriif bands i-Works, at Victoria,.for a
BDOolal license to cut. and carry awny timber
from the following described lnnds: Commonc-
iu-iit a post planted on tlio north side of the
south fork of Kvnns creek, about live miles from
Blocan lake.and running south 80 ohains i theuce
waist 811 chains; tlience north 80 chains; thet.ee
•est 80 ohains, to point of commencement,
Dated ApriJWtff.UBi.       JAMES UI)(UTK
Timber Notice.
iVTOTICB Is hereby given that thirty days aftor
i\   date I tntund to npply to the Chief Com-
Timber Notice.
VOTICE is hereby si ven that thirty days nfter
\ date I intend to apply to the Chief Com.
mtsslonerof Lands A Works, nt Victoria, for n
Bneeial license to cut and carry awny timber
from tlie followingdesorlbed lands: Commenc-
Inn at a post planted on Uie north side of the
jouthfork of Kvnns creek, about threo miles
from Slocan lake, running south to chains;
thence wesl 16*0chainst thenoe north 10 chains;
thenoe east 100 chuins, to point of commence-
in!,ntttt,dApril20th,19C4. E
Blftttk Prince & Clipper Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Rlocati City Minin Division of West Kootenay Distriot.
Where located -—Black I'rince on
noith fork of Lemon creek; Clipper,
on south fork of Lemon creek.
TAKE NOTICK thntl, Ernest Harrop,
free miner's certificate No B58468 j and
acting ai agent for Robert C. Andrews,
fret- miner's certilicate No. B71611, intend, iixty davs from the date hereof,
to apply to the" Mining Kecorder or certificates ol improvements.for the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grunts of the ahove
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance ofsuch certificate! o(
Ditedthis 1st day of April, 1004.
for $18.25.
Why be without a rangs w
you can $,*et one so cheap? The
are preferable to Steven and git
better satisfaction. These rang.'
burn wood or coal ami willbJ
set up free.
H. J.
Timber Notice.
\"OTll'E i« herebygiven that thirty days nfter
-* ."    ■•••>*■•••'•••'' ....i'i'..   .••  ...........  »     Umi,.') intend to imply to the Chief Cum
ululonkr uf Lnnds * Works, at \ letorta, for n ij ,    ,. "')°   ^ -^H '     t Vict..rin, fur a
MH.i-.il license to cut and carry .,«..>■ limber ',;,.,'I,,-., J,: tl, ,.llt nur\ Sara ..way timber
from tho following described lantlsi ( ommeno* f   , ' ,i"f  |„wi,„. described Kindt Commene*
iiik nt ii post iilnnti'.l un tlm miiiiIi siileul Evans from nis "'"";""'* '."■-'   ,           .   , ,      . Wi,
week, about one-half milofrom thewest =,1....-.* ""-••" " V"*-1 ?»' ""' ".'   ffS. !?Vi,,„idereok
- .,i I, , t     ..,.     i , i I  -:. .ii i-rrnL-    man i* t In' ivf-ftl    tnlk Of   I HP 101(1 Crrtk
of Slocan lake; thence south 80 chains; thence
west fcO chains; th»nce north 80 chains; thonce
east 80 i iutiiis, to nhico ot commencement.
Datod, April 18, 10LU,
SJ per
ity cus
. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
m creok, neat th,* west fork of the snid cri-ek,
rnnnlng north DOehaintl tlieuco east so clinins;
thence smith mi chains; thence west KO clinins to
point of commencement. B.jAOKBO«
Dated April W, 1DC4.	
Timber Notice.
„\    dato 1 intenil t;i
f*S: Regular suhseribers, $1 por month
r j.i0 a year: non-subscribers (exclusiveof
il attendance)$2 per dny, PrWatn wards
day extra,   Special facilities formatern-
Fur further particulars api i.. to,
liy Kiveii that tliirty days nftur
npply tn tin* Chief Cora*
ilssmnor of Lands & Works, at Victuria. fnr a
special license to cut and carry away timber
frnm tin* following described lands Commencing a! a inist planted on tin* east side of Wil-
s.ni creek, uonr the west fork or Hie sr.i.l oreek,
naming smith 80 chainss thence enst 30ohains|
tlience nortl  S) chains! thence west 80 clinins,
"" 1-wmwortwt.    iK,,.Qr;NSLKU
Dated April 80,1'.'.il.
Timber Notice.
Dt;    f\'M»«S|    <Z(*r   MOTICE is hereby given that tliirty any; alter
.  »J>. vJ iNCall, oCC    >   data I intend to apply to the Chief Com.
 , niissinurr of LnndmS Works, at  Victoria, for a
-pi'iiul license to cut  and carry  away timber
a,* ******* ** * **********»***[ fi.,, ,i the following doscribed land; Commeno*
*   ing at a (Kist planted on the south side of the
HOT All!.
♦ west branch of Wilson creek, :ilx>nt two miles
f net of tlm main stream,runnlngweiit8llehnlnsi
f thenco south 80 cuninss thence east HO clinins;
f I thence north *<> chains, to iniinl of commence*
it pah c;
Motol •****&**
RATE I:   r*;.i)o ;:;li li.il"
FirHt-clime l>:.i.i  ,* lloom
!..:r.'.- nmi I' m fi : tul'lt*  I'oilrnoBin
bum plo rooms fori 'ominorciul .'.in
Dated April -". ISKtt.
limber Notice.
Nelson, B.
♦ ' JOS. PIER80N
♦ \*"OTIC*S Is hereby given that tl'Jrty days after
♦ .V    ai',. i luten ' to :'(.pl>  to tbeChief Com*
♦ mi-sioiinr ot Lands .'< Works, nt Victoria, for a
•> I'rctnilieiinsi   io cut nt.'i carryawajf titnlisr
♦ from tlio following described land: Commenc-
♦ i'.a; at a l.a.'l  I'laa    111 Oil    a.'   SOIltll   side l,f Wil-
♦ .nn creok, near the monthol the west branch,
*> ruonirg wnnt >*0 chains; thence south NO chains;
♦ tlience onsl'-O chains; tuoncenorth80 clinins.
♦ to pi-int or comitionceinent
.9 | a*-* *********** M **********
Mrs. h ■ Mason, Pnp.
If vou want u touch of
litn a- lifo. corbe nlnnj;,
hoy:-. T! ■. best table
in (own; uice large.airy
bedrooms, Special rates
to Bteadj boardfu's.  . .
Tlir* hi-st ^s;tllll)lt• fOOtUS
ill town	
liL DcC?
Dated Vpril :■'. I'JOJ.
Timber Notice.
9* Iii fl?    VOTICE is hercbj given tl   I thirty days if'.er
8   H    '•i'   x\    date I ln>ml to nnuj)  t. I'm  CiiiefCnm*
i-*'--^'   mi.. ioner of l.amU ,v Works, nt Victuria, for a
Arthur Street, Slocan
Certificate rf Improvements
ltlnck Beauty Mid White Iteiuity Mineral
Pitiuitfl in tli^ Sloc-in  City Mining Division oi tin* West Kootenay District
When* located :—Atthe head of Mineral cretk and Lucky George creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. l>. Mc*
Qregor, acting n.*1 a^i-tit fur .1. J, Mulhall, F.M.C. N<>. B58032; s. s. Pranter.
F.M.C. Ko. H68980* J. J. Banfleld, 1".
M.C. So B5S947; Erie Lemieux, !■'. M.
C, No. D60070, and ,1. M. McGrogor,
Free Miner's Cortifloate No. B00093,
iiitcnil, ilxty dayi from tin- ■ 1 ate hereof,
in apply c tho ininiiio recorder for cot
UflcatcN u( Improvement, for the pur*
pose of obtaining Crown crania ol the
| above claimi,
Ami further take milir-i! tlmt action,
| under section :,7, nnist he  oomraenced
before die lituauce oi Hiutlt certifloatea of
Dated this 40th day of May, 1004.
:'7'.r)-(H W. I). MoQBEGOR
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Anna Farini, or to any |ipr»<»n or
periom tovrltomshe may have transferred her interest in tin- Coronation
and Memphis mineral olaims, situated
on Twelve Mile creek, ami recorded In
tlir* Recorder's ofliee for the Blocan
(. ity mining division.
You imi hereby notified that wo,
James Smith, F.M.C. No. B60005, and
Ciiarlus Brand, F.M.O. No. B00037, have
caused to Ik* expended tht- sura of foui
hundred nmi ten dollars In labor
anil Improvements on the aWovo mentioned mineral claims, in order to
hold Hiiiil claims niiiirr the provisions of
tin* Minernl Act; ami if within 00days
frosa the date of this notice you fall, or
refuse, to contribute ymir proportion of
i nch expenditure,together witli nil costs
nf advertising, your interest In said
claims will become the property of tlie
mbscrlbers, under section i of an Act
untitled "Aa Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dato I nt Blocan,B.C., this I'th day ol
Mnv, A.D, 1.004.       JAMES SMITH
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
l j. Pincnbeck, Proprietor 1
0  8
■:■■ ~— _
1 Fresh Fruits of Every I
I Kind Arriving   Daily. |
A full stock <>r the best
lines nf cigars and tobaccos always kept on hand,
IS l.onvi'". of Rrend tmvAl
lull IVa-iulit  nnil IMi.Oil v
Slocan, B. C.
•0««<!0<*«Ci*5C«*G«C:«[*C!< ' ■« ':'. <"'
i|iecial llrenee to cut and currj ew.iy timber
from the fullawiiauc dehcribeil laud: t'ununouc*
in;: .1' a |n.-,    |,ltUlteil   on   tai.-oat'.l .-i.ll'of t!il*
** !■•   In. a,'.   ,.  Wilson .'.'"ti, about *n i.iil>>
from tbe uiniii   Iream, r ins wesl Stl clinins;
tlieucu non i ll c.IiiiIum tbcuco ea*it Ml chains;
tbeuce ninth <0cbalus, to itoiotol , mmeuce-
tu out.
D-tteU April 23. 1001.
Flower Seeds
Garden Seeds
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
S*oeds in Packages
rxc. t\ •
'ni ±j>ifi.ik.
Ouiou i, i
■ i mvalj gol your
Timber Notice.
-* 'i ■'!"ll'l" i- hereby (jiren that thirtyilnjtafter
.1 date I intend to npply to the i'hltt Com*
mli ionor of Lands 4 Works, at Victoria, for a
■IKivinl license to cut end c.-irr;, nwaytimber
[rant lie f.tllowiniT ilescribeil tnud: ('onimenc*
ini; nt ,i |'<, ■ planted »>a Hit bouth side of Lite
w.,i briiinlirf WiUon rreek, nbout live miles
v.,,, of the niiiin t«trenm. runuluK west *u
i ia In ; tliriii*" noiiii '.i cluiins; tbence cast **»
chain -; thet ci mhuIi 8U clialus, to point .1 cum*
Dated Ipi .1 15, 1004.
Timber Notice.
I theundcralaned, thirty days afterdate, in-
a tend I npply to t!i»* Chief I ommlssi .n»*r
oi I.an.l- .li Works, .at Victoria, for a spei Ial 11.
cense to cut aud curry nway timber from tl.e
following described trnct of land: Commenclnf
at a lio*: ).l mt" i ..a iii' south side of Brans
creek, about nae mile from Slocan Ink*, runnina
Bil chains south; thonce 80 chnins east t thence
80 chains north i thence KI chains west, to point
of roiniin.'in 'iiirnt.
II. ti, Ill-K
Located March .... ItW,
Timber Notice.
I the tin.lrr i>*ii,.,i. thirty days after date, in*
a tend to apply tn tho Chief Commissioner
of bands.-. Works, nt Victoria, for.-. iiiecial license io mt :ilol carry away timber from tlie
fi.llov, Ing described trnct of Inmt: i kimiuonclng
nl a post plan>ted on tin, "oiiih side of Kvnns
creek, iilimit i.nt mile from Blocan lake,running
80 chains southi theuce 10 chains wast; thence
ni chains north; thence 80chains east, to point
of commencement,
Located March SO, r.mi.
Timber Notice.
X'OTICE Is hereby sl?en that thirty days after
ilnlai I inloii.l to apply to ihr I'hii'f Coni-
mlssioper of Lands it Worki, at Victoria, for n
special lieen ■-* to cul and carry nwny timimr
from the following doscrltied landsi Commeiio-
ir.i: nt n post planted on tlm north -.hli. nf the
north fork of Kvnns creek, about I', miles from
Slocan  Inl,,.. ruiitiititf smith   10 chains) tl.fi.r,*
west 40rhniiia; thenco north20 nhainsj thenoe
thonce wesl lo chnlnst thenee north 20 chains!
thence wesl 10 chainsi thence north 20 choinei
thence west 40 chains] thence north 40 chains;
tbonco east 40 chainsi tlience south 2n chains|
thenoeeast Uichelnsi thence south SOcnainii
tlienco IS"! l'l rhiiiiis; llinirn tonlli HI rlinins;
i lii'ia'.j past 41) chains, lo point of ooniMsncs.
Diitcl April 19th, l'.**ll.
or i.i ni onco.
' I'AK E notice that it Is my Intention, tt the •>-
I    pirntion of 'ixtv days from tut date hereof,
to anply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands a Worki for permission to purebnst ths
'7.1  & W'7;''JCT>7-.T O'OTJT^T^CI    -r-.H-'win*,' il,..s.*ril)«,l   land, fi/..: CotinnPiiriiiV at
XlJLSXJbJllM   JrXU.*U£S   n I-'-! l.lo-a.-l •■» tl,r W.-.tsl,..r»«rsi,.,„,, |„L..
** i n>(| ,,,,„„,,,, ,,i„Mli nm |Mi nprth of tht month
  I of Krtns riauk ami marked ".lohn Currlo'i N.H.
I I'orner," thence wr i tOehnlni i thenco smith '.-u
Jm             » tT«ii-i-n n »m« i ' '"''"•' qrondiuj  Kvnns orotkl llmi  hss|  J)
.  At ANDERSON «w.i».«ot «'M^nu».«»-*.si,„rs
.1 Sloean lake Uu chains, more or l»«s, to point
,1   lamimi'iiiTiiiPiil.   otld   I'oiitniiiiiii:   In  nrrss,
more or ioss.
.IUIIN 'TltlllK |.pr !•'. W. Lmm.. Afftnt
Nelson, li.'".. April38rd 1001, _M
..O. BOX 30
II I) Si;
Licensed Provincial Assayer,
All fiamples Krrelvii Prompt Attention. ltatet on Annlleatin.
special Quotations to Mlneinnd Mills. tP"o»uon
■■!Rfs«aEaspiT.*»inKvw! ■aa's^SfsiTfi.'fi!*:,
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past  its dcor whei
you are dry, weary or hungry,
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Den-
l ver. House contains
I four large rooms, hail
♦ and wardrobe. For
t other particularswrlte
tttt-tettttetttttt tttt > t e t «
Twi**__y***t j*karym «a ■ «   yat i«< ~ v*\**   r\r?.
8 A dvertise your W
h Business
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged frem the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise.       All    live
men  seek  the aid   of
the printer
ttAt All
t'i ;,ll   p    -i
t >dI und lib
I Till ," ,\.   I
•*;•..,: it is I'i' i1
by .".* i "jroiii.
i! puartml ■
I-: '. tin   • u
w i
\t *•
a A
Subscribe for
local paper:
Jg THE DRILL,  $2 per year '&


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