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The Slocan Drill 1904-09-09

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•■    :,
"   1
VOL V., No. 24.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   SEPTEMBER   9,   1904.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel ia one of thc best known and most popular houses
in the country.     It is located adjacent to the depot and tho
wharf, aud commands a magnificent view of tho beautiful
Slocan lake.     Good fishing is to be found closo at hand, while
every facility is offered for boating.
Tourists will find the Arlington and ideal resting place.
Commercial meu havo at their command now and commodious
sample rooms.
The dining room is etrictly up to date and the bar supplied
with only the best brands of goods
Just  Received.
Juat received another shipment of Dress Goods.    Wo have
now   the   finest    line   ever   curried   in   town.      Prices
range from 10 cuts to $1.25.
Call and Examine Tliem.
David  Arnot Slocan
K A dvertise your K
a Business
8 f
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to all perria-
tent and liberal advertisers: it is read
by everyone.
It guarantees
All  Times
Subscribe for [qJ
support ffi
your             m jg
local paper: fl
THE DRILL,  $2 per year $
"KAMI)   8UCCK88.
I-arca, Nuuiben Attend From Rowland
»nd NeUon-SliKWB Athlete Capture.
All or the Flr.»t Prlzei "With Kane
HHiRball Trophy Goes to Roulund.
The annual Labor Day celebration
in Slocan turned out a very pronounced success and all the attendants both locally and from the neigh-
borlng towns enjoyed tliomseves immensely. Tlio weather was perfect
and all of the athletic contests were
interesting and well arranged and
went through without a hitch.
Almost the entire forco attended
from the Ottawa mine, aud the
Enterprise and Black Prince wore
also represented,besides the numerous
millers and prospectors from all points
in the hills where smaller forces are
at work. These commenced to gather
early Sunday evening and by the time
the train arrived with three well filled
coaches of excursionists from Rosslaud
and Nelson the business streets were
crowded; The visitors from all points
seemed to enjoy themselves immensely
and when the day ended they were
enthusiastic in expressing their satisfaction.
The music of tlie day was furnished
by the Kossland bugle band and
Piper Gunn of Nelson, who, with his
pipes, his sturdy form and Highland
costume, proved a baud alone, not
taking into considortion the crowd of
enthusiastic "Scotties" who followed
him throughout the day.
The lirst event of the day wns the
ri'io competition between the N«w
Denver ritie club and the local marksmen. As thc steamer Slociin would
not arrive ertrly enough to pull off the
match the New Denver sharpshooters
left in Henry Stegn's gasoline launch5;
ami arrived here at 10 o'clock in the'
morning. Fol lowing is the score ol
the match, which was won by Slocan
with 19 points to the good:
2U0y,is WO yds  800 yds Total
J»s Milne is 17 19 ill
DrCfldo r> lt 21 iV.i
1>S McViinuell B '11 21 73
JMcVicur .13 21 21 7.7
ll*"* Nicliul 26 81 21 7s
V Uiek M 2(1 21 70
C Cook
H Twini?
A Tlionipsou
W 11 Hrown
(' D M.'li.-i.-
O McLuchlin
Tho Caledonian games produced a
surprise in the person of Renwick,
the Slocan athlete, who won all of the
eveuts with ease eexeopt the running
high jump, which he did not seem to
want, and the shot put, where he
gained second prize by using his left
hand, the right member having been
injured at tne shingle mill and rendered useless for the time being. The
Nelson sports went broke ou their
man Douglas, who was unable to make
better than third in the hundred
yard dash, the first event of the athletic games. Thomas of Nakusp was
awarded the second prize. After
that the hotting was not so
lively and the many offers ol
the backers of the local athlete had
fewer takers. The standing broad
jump, running broad jump, 220 yard
race and 100 yard hurdle race came off
in the order named and were won by
Renwick of Slocan first ami Thomas
of Nakusp second. Billy Hicks tool;
lirst prize in the running high jump
and Thomas tool; second money.
Renwick, as usual, was lirst in the pole
vaulting and Hicks second. The lirst
prize for putting the shot
hired by Stofer of Nelson
second. Freddy Lavell
swiftest youngster in the
yard dash for lx>ys of IG
McBeath, the juvenile
Nelson, arrived next.
At 'l-'M o'clock the greater part of
the crowd adjourned to the baseball
ground, and a seven inning game between the Rossland and Slocan teams
commenced.   It was a well contested
game and the Slocanites had the
better of the match until the la»t inning, when thev got rattled and let
the Kosalandera pile in six runs on
them, which gave t'lein the game by
a score of 9 to 8 and the one hundred
dollar cup.
Tliis game was followed by another
baseball match between the Nelson
and local juveniles. Th*) Nelson kids
walked awny with the imaginary silver
mado Is by a score of eight to nothing
ami thereby rendered themselves undoubtedly the happiest visitors of the
There were three entries in the
drilling contest. Aitchison and
Pondry drilled lirst and put the steel
dowu ii'lj inches, Fred Tattersall and
Ralph Gillette followed, making a
hole 26 inches in depth and taking
the lecond prize of $60. 'Tlu* first
prima oi 5*100 ivn v in ' - McQilliimy
and Olllen ol Itosslnnd. ihr last
aamod team spill the rock and were
compelled to start a new hole.
Tho btwkutb.ilI game was played in
was cap*
was   the
and under.
sprinter of
the rink late in the afternoon and was
won by the young ladies from Nelson,
who proved too strenuous for our girls.
The score was 19 to 6.
The dance in Music hall commenced
after 10 o'clock and was well attended
and greatly enjoyed by all. Messrs.
Anderson, Arnot and McMiillan furnished the music for the occasion.
The majority of the visitors were
from Rossland aud Nelson and returned at 6:30. A few of those from
Now Denver and Silverton stayed
over uutil Tuesday morning.
Tnlk of ii Smelter at Till* Fluor It Still
Kept Up.
The talk of a smelter at this place,
to bo erected by a number of leading
miuing men of Kootenay, will not
dowu and has become a live subject.
Saturday's Nelson News had tbis to
"There is more talk aliout the smelter at Slocan. Those interested in the
enterprise aro getting all tho information they can as to the cost of the necessary machinery, etc. In the course
of a few days the city council of Slocan will lie waited on to see what concessions they will make to the parties
building and operating a smelter in
their city."
Judging from the appearance of
thiujrs locally, the city fathers will
have little to give the promoters of
the new enterprise to locate here, beyond a cordial invitation to come. Exemption from taxation would doubtless lie granted, but so far as a cash
bonus Or a land grant are concerned,
thoy-nre out of the question. Slocan
has bad her experience with bonus-
giving and bitterly the ratepayers rue
the bargain mnde. It will be years
before the town is free of the burden
imposed, and in the meantime the
people cannot consider auy further
cash concessions, no matter how legitimate aud desirable the-scheme might
Gttrilen Thieve*.
If then* i.s an individual moro despicable than a chicken thief, it is the
fellow that will swipe garden stuff.
One of these gentry has been doing a
land office business lately in town,
several householders having suffered.
The chief attraction is cucumbers,
though tomatoes, cabbages, etc., also
disappear. If you have a garden,
watch it. 	
Fell Down a Shaft.
Bernard Schnrtenburg, a young
man of about 22 years, died last
Thursday afternoon at the Phoenix
general hospital from the effects of a
fall iu the "glory hole" of the Kuob
Hill mine. The funeral was held next
day under tho auspices of Phoenix
Minors Union, of which the deceased
was a member, the burial taking place
iu the Phoenix cemetery.
takes th* smelter management. William S. Rugh, now of Spokane, returns to Rosslaud as office manager
for the Le Roi, and James H. Tre-
vorrow, mine foreman for some time
past, remains as mine superintendent.
Mr. McMillan says the company's intention is to continue operations at tho
mine and smelter with probable increased activity at an early date. The
question of concentration is still open.
.John H. McKenzie returns shortly to
submit a report on the concentration
Main Drift U  Again   ltiinnliig   lu Flrgt-
CIum Ore.
The main drift on the Ottawa, on
tho east vein, is aguin in ore. Recently they cut through the big oro chute,
proving its length to be 300 feet. For
a time tho vein was barren, but ore
liegan to come in in kidneys, and the
indications at present are that another
permanent chute is being approached.
Ore from the stopes on this level is
still being shipped at the rato of two
cars a week.
The uew level, known as No. B, has
leached solid ground, being in 50 feet.
Before it is finished it will be 1000
feet in length, and will crosscut both
the west and east veins, both of which
are certain to hold large bodies of ore.
In the No. 4 level the west vein shows
a length of G5 feet of ore, and this in
depth will be much increased. Two
veins on the same level, with shipping
oro, will be somewhat unique iu the
The two tons of ore shipped some
time ago from the No. 4 level to Jersey City, has reached its destination,
and is now being experimented on,but
the result has uot yet been made
known. Tho coming winter will be a
busy one at tho Ottawa.
Our New Governer-Geuerat.
King Edward has approved the appointment of Earl Grey as governor-
troneral of Canada in succession to thc
Earl of Minto. Although a liberal
and a loyal follower of Mr. Gladstone,
Earl Grey has belonged to the little
group of liberal imperialists of whom
Lord Rosebery is the leader. His
name has always Ix-en associated with
those who stand for Greater Britnin
and strong foreign policy, while adhering to tho liberal policy of reform
at home.
Myrtle Lead Widens.
The crosscut on the Myrtle has
reached the hanging wall ofthe vein,
being 110 feet past the raise. The
vein has widened greatly, lieiug fully
80 feet in width in the crosscut.
Several bunches of ore were passed
through, two or throe streaks of rich
ore having been encountered on the
foot wall. It is the intention of the
owners to drift both ways on the
vein, the one to the south lieing aimed
for the ore chute struck in the upper
lla'iatun Wiped Out.
The little towu of Beaton, in the
Lardeau country, was practically
wiped out by fire last week. It started iu the Prospector's Exchange* hotel, whieh was destroyed, though the
contents were mostly saved. Crawford's harness shop was next burned,
together with his blacksmith shop and
residence. The other places destroyed
were: VV. B. Johnson's two houses,
Beatty's hotel, and the assay office
blown up. Brantford & Co.'s store
was saved with much difficulty. Tho
total loss is heavy, as there was practically uo insurance.
Chang* In Le llol Affairs.
A complete reorganization ofthoLe
Roi mine management takes effect
Immediately.,     Managing   Director
Mc  oil ■ ■ ■       ■
ager, ,1, VV, Ai I lej i * m ide g< ueral
superintendent ami commenced his
duties last week,   Albert I. Uoodell
C. Fernau has taken up his residence in New Denver and is busy arranging preliminaries for the erection
of the zinc enriching works at Rosebery.
Rumors concerning the smelting
proposition of the Chicago-Hartney
company are becoming a little moro
M. Gintzlierger of the Monitor is
likely to move to the Lucerne in the
near future.
A passing traveler on the Slocan
the other morning, takiug note of tho
varied beauties of the surroundings,
remarked that Now Denver was the
prettiest town he had seen in his
travels and that the gathering on the
wharf appeared to be the most cheerful and lively looking be had come
across for some time.
Mrs. J. F. Dolauey and daughter
Kathleeen took passage this morning
for a trip to the old home, Peter-
liorough, Ontario.
A lot of the Slocau boys got off the
boat and left for Sandon to take in the
second day's sport aud were joiued
by quite a number here.
On Labor Day nt sharp 6 o'clock
the rifle team was on hand and
boarded Commodore Stege's staunch
little cruiser Lucerne.
Constable Black arrested a tramp
the other morning for having boldly
taken three of Henry Stege's Belgian
hares, slaughtered them and built a
fire in preparation fora sumptuous repast. The change to the cooler must
have been resented, for he set fire to
his temporary lodging. Happily the
smoke was quickly noticed and tho
lire quenched and the culprit was
promptly haled off to Sandon.
A .1 unction Celebration.
Five Italians who became involved
in a disturbance while drunk at Slocan Junction, woro fined 320 and costs
each in Nelson on Tuesday.
Lait Yeur',* Shipment! Wer* 1SS9 Tom—
A Healthy Kvldenoe of tha Life anat
Wealth of th* dam*,, Ottawa li th*
Uliieit Shipper.
The Ottawa and Enterprise were
the ouly shippers on the list this
weok, each having sent out a carload.
It is likely that tho ore being taken
out and sorted at the Princo will not
lie shippen until the new rawhide
trail is finished. For the year tho
total shipments amount to 1609 tons.
For 1903 the ore shipments from
the local divisiou amounted to 18$)
tons, made up from 17 properties..
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
MINE. WRKK.        TatTAIa
Enterprise      20 600
Ottawa      20 798
Neepawa  66
Port Hope  17
Republic  32
Black Prince  57
Sapphire  t
Argentite  .     -ft-
Black Fel  1
Chapleau    S
Alberta ...... IS
Colorado  7
Highland Light........ 1
Phoenix Getting Gootl.
Gambling is a thing of the past in
Phoenix, it having been stopped liy
an order of the police commissioners.
The business element is divided over
the question. Grand Forks is an open
town, but Greenwood is not.
Wants to Lenrn ofSlocan.
Ymir is developing a craze for incorporation. A public meeting was
held thero last week, and a resolution
was adopted instructing the Secretary
to communicate with Slocau, Sandon,
and other cities, asking their experience with incorporation. Siocan has
this oue grand lesson to impart—don't
Gathering Ore Sample*.
Slocan was visited on Saturday by
Prof. Walker, of the mining department of the Toronto University. Some
years ago that institution wns visited
bv fire, when its mineral specimens
•  all destroyed    The professor's
Four men aro at* work on the
Cripple Stick.
Sandon's ore shipments last week
amounted to 103 tons.       *.
The output of the Klondike this
vear, it is estiiriated, will be $10,000,-
000. ...      ? .
; The forte on the R«t5 vJSs last week
increased to 20 men, and it is to be
still further enlarged.
Tom Waring and Billy George left
on Tuesday to do assessment ou their
claims in the Ainsworth camp.
A bona fide deal is under way on
the Chapleau. Letters received here
from the owners iu Paris, France, confirm the news.
Dr. Arthur, of Nelson, one of the
owners of the Silver Glance, at Bear
Lake.ftll down a shaft there last week,
severely bruising himself.
A shoot of high grade oro is reported to have lieen encountered in
the lower tunnel of the Bismarck on
the South Fork of Kaslo creek.
The lessees of the Edison and Neepawa havo joined forces and are stoping out some ground on the upper
part of the latter claim. Thejr will
divide the proceeds.
The Pioneer Mining company has
been notified that assistance will not
be given by the government this year
toward building the wagon road from
the Prince nor can it be promised - for
next year.
Paul Woods and Neil McMillan,
after taking in the celebration, have
returned to the Bondholder with
more supplies. They have struck a
small shoot of rich ore and are going
after it.
W. B. Young was in town from the
Nansen Monday for men to work at
that property. He. together with Pat
Nolau and Cal Hittle on the adjoining
claims, are sacking ore for shipment.
It will probably go out by way of Six
Mile to Kootenay lake.
Thc returns from the small shipment made from the Highland Light
on Toumile to the Trail smelter gnve
496.25 ounces in silver to the ton. The
ore was sacked as it had been mined,
without sortiug. Work is to be resumed ou the claim at once.
The Pioneer Mining company is
building a uow rawhide trail from the
summit at the Bauk of England to
the wagon road at the lower end of
the Arlington Basin. The work is all
being done on the south side of the
creek to avoid the driftiug snow aud
will be on a wagon road grade.
A       i  B. C.  is lor tho
gathering a. uow set ot specimens of
the local ores.
Called Uaek te Ottawa.
W. A. Galliher, M. P., who was announced some time ago to return to
Kootenay on Sept. 10th, and who was
on his way west, has been summoned
back to Ottawa by an urgent wire to
confer with the ministry on important matters concerning the west. It
is unlikely uow that he will bo back
liefore tho end of the month.
Koeh Gelt the Cantract.
C. Fernau will proceed at once witty
the erection of his zinc enrichment
plant at Rosebery, and that point will
see some life iu consequence. Last
week W. Koch was awarded the contract for erecting tbe necessary buildings and will lose no time in proceeding with the work. The machinery
for the plant has bees ordered.
,      i
t *
; ■*$£&.
»  'ij.
f '■'_■
1 '        ■
1      .'■','"
i   !-!
Her Soft Soap
"By James  JVorfleet
Coiiyrlcht, 1KH. by K. M. Whitehead
When Farmer .lames Thompson mortgaged his farm to old John Dean thnt
le illicit raise money to go Into the
•iniry business lie could limine out Hint
Ac bad twenty cliancoa of Biu-cess
against one of failure. Insklo of three
mars, however, nilsfoYtiinc hnd come
to bim In linif n dozen different dlrec-
Hor.s. Must of his herd bad perished
■when his barn hnd been struck by 0
thunder!i.>lt. .-.nd following thnt Ilia wife
aad died .-.nil he had fallen and Itroken
a leg:. Thore could be only oue more
calamity In store for h'lni. nnd lhat put
Jn an appearance in due time. One day
when a letter bad come lor blm he culled his daughter Bessie In nrid snlil.
"Well,'it has come. Old .lobii Doan
li going to foreclose tbe niortguge on
Me. and In a few weeks ivo shall be
Homeless. Here's lhe notice from his
man of business."
Bessie Thompson was a girl nf twenty. In addition to bein,''; good looking and baring ji good education, her
acquaintances called ber a "brick."
They said so because she had faced
misfortune with u brave;' heart than
Her father and had displayed u level
ticiid nnd much shrewdness in trying
to stem the tide and extricate hlm
from his unfortunate situation. She
had even taken a trip of fifty miles to
»ec old John Doan In person and try
to soften his heart, but had only found
His agent nnd been gruffly told thnt
iter fnther must pay up or go. She had
expected the blow, and ber answer to
Her father was:
"Well. If wc cnn't pay we'll have
lo go, of course, but we shall be allowed a few weeks' grace, nnd wiio knows
•what may happen in that time?"
Something did happen, but it came
about in a queer way. Two weeks had
passed, nnd Miss Bessie had started to
jnuke soft snap In a bis kettle iu the
•back yard. Farmer f.lks wonld make
■oft soap In the spring even though as-
aureil that fhe world would be no
more by midsummer. Tbe big kettle
Jind been tilled with lye from tho beach
snd a lire started under it. and thc
Hour was - o'clock in tbe afternoon,
when Miss Bftssle sat down on the
back doorstep out of tbe smoke to
think and plan for the future. In tbe
course of a quarter of nn hour she was
so lost In her thoughts that she was
oblivious of ber surroundings and was
Jumped to her feet by bearing n bursb
voice saying:
"Young woman, don't you know tbat
Settle i.s boiling over uud wasting the
It was n man of sixty who had entered the front gate and passed around
tbe house. lie was decentlv dressed,
hut be wns bowbacked and lame, and
his snarling, stingy disposition could
be read In his face.
I "I say that the kettle Is bailing over,"
Jio repealed as Bbe stared at bim anil
wondered who he could be. "It skeins
to uie that a girl of your age ought to
Hnow enough to put a slick across it.
Perhaps, though, you've got lye to
throw away or you had rather think
of marrying some prince tban of making soft soap V"
i "I— I wns thinking"— she stammered.
1 "Yes; 1 know, but it wasn't aliout
the soap. Young woman, wben you
have anything on hand attend to it
and let castle building alone. Thinking
won't bring bread and butter."
Miss Bessie walked down to the lire
and rearranged it a bit nnd then laid a
aticlc across the to]) of the kettle to pro-
Tcnt another accident. While sbe was
doing this the old man sat down on
the Steps,1 with a grunt; and looked
around and muttered to himself. Presently he called to her:
"Young woman, is your father nt
work anywheres about the form?"
"No, sir. Father is- in bed with a
broken l"g."
"1 s'pose he wns doing sonic fool
thing when he broke It'/"
"lie was drawing up wood last February."
"Uml   Where's your mother?''
£ ."Dead."
"TJm!   Who runs the farm'/"
"I'm doing niy best to care for
things, but It won't need anybody
long, ns we shall soon be leaving."
"Got to leave, eli?" be chuckled.
"Say, young woman, I'll bet you a hairpin there's a mortgage ou this farm.
Isn't H so?"
"Yes, sir."
•'And I'll bet another that it's held
by old John Doan, thc old Hint hearted
rascal.  Come now."
"I thought so; 1 thought so. And, of
course, he's going to turn you out'.'"
"Ile wants his money, of course,"
replied the girl. "Perhaps he has to
he hard hearted to prevent people biking advantage of hlm. If 1 conld see
him and tell him j-ist bow things have
gone with us 1 bt*evo he would give
us a show."
"Well, why don't you see him-/"
"I have tried to, but 1 bad to deal
with his agent."
"Yes, yes!. Cm, um'.   So your father
la In bed with a broken leg and you
•ro trying to run tbe farm'/    1 see.
Can you cook and wash'/"
,  "Of course."
"Know enough to milk a cow and do
"Yes; quite enough."
"Who makes your clothes?" contln*
nod the old man as he looked her up
and down.
"I do, sir, but why do you ask tne
these questions?   What right Inivo"--
"Tut,' tut, young woman: It's my
jrajr to ask gjueetlons, and it should be
your way%.   answer them.   Can yon
split wood vfchout backing your own
feet on"/"      \
"1 have done it."
"l"iu: Y'ou happen to know a thing
or two. Now. young lady, If you were
planting potatoes how many eyes
would you put In a hill?"
"Four or live."
"Aud how about corn?"
"From four to six kernels."
"Yes.   And do you play the piano?"
"Fairly well."
Wonderful young woman—positively wonderful!" he chuckled us he rubbed bis hands together. "Another question or two and I'll be going. I if course
you expect to get married some day'.'"
"I—I don'l know.'' stammered the
blushing Bessie.
"But 1 do. Of course you expect to,
und your chance has come. What do
you say to ine? I'm puny nigh sixty,
but I'm worth half a million dollars
and din buy you silk dresses aud velvets and diamonds. .Inst say the word
nnd we'll be married iu a month, and
I'll save the farm for your father and
give hlm a new start."
"I thank you, sir," replied Miss llea-
sle, with dignity, "but I shall marry
for love or not at all."
"Y'ou are plain of speech. Miss Sauce
Box, hut I'm not going to quarrel With
you. Yon go your way and I'll go
mine, but if you let that soft soap
spoil I'll come back and raise a row."
A week later Partner Thompson,
who was making an etVort to hobble
ubout his room, received a letter In an
ollicial envelope. He opened lt with
sinking heart, but next minute he was
calling to Bessie.
"Here Is a discharge of mortgage as
a present to ine!" he gasped.
"Is It possible?"
"And here ls a letter from old John
Doan, which says that you are the
most sensible girl he ever saw, even
to refusing his offer of marriage when
you were making soft soap that day.
But Bessie had run away to cry.
ilu*.Mia-aan Before Plcnnnre.
They were performers iii the amateur theatricals. During the progress
of the play at one time while their
presence was not needed on the stage
the.v sat together behind the scenes.
For some time he had been very attentive to her, and, although people had
frequently remarked upon his devotion,
ho had not come to the point of proposing. But as they sat behind the
scenes be felt that an opportune moment bad arrived.
'■Marie," he said, "you may not have
perceived my liking, but I ennnot delay. I- l want to ask yon to—to—be"'*—
Jusl (hen the prompter called the
girl's name, hut she uever Btirred.
"That's your cue," faltered the interrupted lovi r.
"Ye.'.'" sho answered calmly enough,
laying ! er hand on his nrm. "but never
mind the cue. You seemed very earnest just now. nnd I want you to go on.
What ve'.'e you ■- ring l • say'/"
*_*•* w****~mm
A series of articles describing   4
their lives, their aims and      a
their Influence. j
J No.   3. J
H.  I).  IUCCS,
Editor and Proprietor of the   Mnni-
tou  Sun.
Start   nt nn   Iowa   Liuvjit.
An Iowa lawyer tells the following
story of his first months of practice.
lie went to a small country town and
secured an otliee room, in front of
wblcb was placed the usual sign. Then
he sat down and waited for his clients
to appear, all tile while feeling very
much the dignity of his position. The
day passed, und no one called, and another and another, uutil weeks went
hy. and still there had been no client.
One morning, however, he was at the
depot in attend upon the arrival of the
daily accommodation train, quite an
important function of tho town, when
a handsome, well dressed young lady
approached and inquired. "Is this Mr.
Smith'/"" At onco the feeling of importance returned, and ln bis blandest
tone he replied: "It Is, madam. What
can I do for you?"
"Cm you tell me how much lt will
cost to send a sow and pigs down to
the next station'/"—Green Bag.
The  Peach.
Peaches are a tonic, an aperient, n
footl and a drink combined, or. to put
lt briefly, they are meat and medicine.
A good meal may be made on eut
peaches with cream and sugar, bread
and butter. After n meal of this vu-
riety a person will feel more like attending to the duties of the afternoon
than if he or she indulged In heavy
foods, reaches are good before breakfast and after dinner. They are good
for the digestion, good for the blood
and good for the complexion. Some
people eat tbem without cream or
sugar and with good results. The
fruit is so rich in sugar and acid that
It preserves its ilavor a long while, but
to get the full benefit it shouhl be
eaten as soon us It Is cut. Redness of
the nose due to congestion. Inflamed
complexions, scrofulous and bilious
tendencies are said to be materially In-
fluenced by a liberal consumption of
this luscious fruit.
The Thrifty Pledmontese.
In character tin.' ricdniontese are very
unlike the popular conception of the
Italian people. As a class the peasants
are sober, Industrious and thrifty. The
following instance of the thrift of the
peasants has in it a touch of pathos.
On one occasion, having given a cigar
to a boaro (herdsman). I found afterward that the precious weed had lasted the recipient a whole month, a few
whifl's only bein:.- taken after the evening meal, and then It was carefully
laid aside till the next evening.
Whether the custom which still obtains in some parts of Piedmont of regarding the harmless, necessary domestic cat as a delicate morsel is to be put
down to thrift or merely to n perverta-J
appetite is doubtful, but It ls well
known that to (ill the pot-nu-fcii of a
Pledmontete peasant Is the usual fate
of wandering or homeless felines.—Ku-
staee Beynolds Ball iu Chambers' Jour-
The Manitoti Sun, like, most ofthe
country papers of western Canada,
bus hnd u career marked almost
equally by energy und dillicult.v. ll
Ims had changes in tho occupants of
its editorial chair, imt throughout
iill ii has reflected with faithfulness
the happenings tu its constituency,
and worthily discharged its functions
as a director ot public opinion on
topics of both Imal and general interest. And. whatever changes have
occurred in its proprietorship, those
controlling it have nlways boon worthy of the lii".li respect they have
commanded in tho community, and of
the lr"si traditions of western Journalism. Perhaps none have I rought
to the management of a western
Canadian newspaper : i oador ut-
i talnmoni k hi scholar ihip and cull ure
11 hen Mr. I Icriin n ll. Uiggs, i he
Sun's | res .nt editor. Ile grew up in
| nnd with the town of which ho is a
j citizen. He was n lad of six years in
1881, when his father, William
Itiu-ifs. decided to move from Ottawa, with Iiis four children, to the
West. In Winnipeg al thai t Imo tho
boom v ,i^ Mt ns height. ond I here
thc Biggs' located, When, In 1882,
thc hooui burst, tho family decided
i" farm, and the location selected
v..is in the southern part of the pro-
\ rice,  nonr t ho  slto   ol    I ho  pri sent
*• illag   Mm 'i,rn.    Here the   Itigcs
family went Ihrough all lh i h.i I-
aii., and Inconvenicn :es Incident i"
Ihe organ! iitlon nud cultivation of
a prairie farm. To t h<' future editor,
being the youngest of thu family, tell
thc dut lea of herd and chore boj . nml
genera I help. There was no school in
tlie \ Icinlty for some i Imo after the
liiggs' arrival, thc first in thc district being tlmt in the embryo village of Manilou. Ileru Mr, Kiggs re-
c i\ ed i he rudiments of In-- education, lus school terms, however, being much broken by thc frequent de-
n.on.is on in** time made by farm
work in Bummer. Bul the hoy had
Bel beforo him the ambition of receiving a good education, and at tho
ago ol nineteen ho went to Winnipeg,
and for a year took up preparatory
work for matriculation ai Manitoba
I'niversity. in September, L80R, he
went tn Woodstock, and at thc college nt that plaoc completed hi*
matriculation course in June, 1898,
In October of thm yoar ho enter -l
McMastor University, Toronto, wharo
he studi.'d for tho ensuing four yeurs,
receiving the  Arts decree  in   1 '.n a-j.
Seven years <>l severe study hud
somewhat impaired Mr. Biggs'
health, and al the conclusion of his
course bo returned to the old homestead at Mn ni t im. where he remained
for the greater part of the next
eighteen months.
Meantime events were slowly transpiring to lead Mr, Biggs Into Journalism. Mr. \V. H. Kuii.in. the owner and editor of the Sun, had decided to tako nn important managership ofTorod him In Montreal. Tho
Sun was temporarily anlruslcd to
his son, \v. li. the younger, who for
n short lime acted as editor. Mr,
Biggs decided to launch oul on the
s"n of country newspaper work, nnd
at. tho beginning of Insi December
bought tho Sun. In tho eight mont -
that havo elapsed since he purchased
tho plant Mr. Hil;!;> has approved
himself a wrltor of fore- and ability,
with Bound and rational views ol
men and I hlngs, and ol a grai u ol
expression nol froquontly found even
■ oi city dailies, Flo was already well
known and popular In tho vicinity,
but since lio has broadened out the
scope of his work ho has mn le many
new friends for himself and Iho Sun
in the Manilou district, while among
the merchants and business men few
in ilu* town are moro highly esteemed, His unaffected good naturo and
modest cordiality. Indeed, moke per**
sonal   enmities    impossible, and even
those who oppose the policy advocated in the Sun on public questions
are the first, lo acknowledge the inn*
characteristics of its editor.
It is n distinct loss lo western
newspaperdora that Mr. Biggs cannot
here continue the career lie Ims commenced so auspiciously. But his
health, never very robust, has shown
Unmistakable signs of permanent
breakdown. and bis medical Advisers
urge removal  to n  less bracing    and
rigorous climate,   in accordance with
their instructions he Ims made arrangements to dispone of the Sun.
and this autumn will go to the
Const, where it is altogether pr* a! iii -
bin thnt ho will continue in the profession which ho hns prove I his aptitude,   'i'he .best wishes of western odl«
the hope will be general thai his removal to the l'acilic slope will speedily result In Ins complete restoration
to health.
Curiously enough, the new edltoi
of the Sun will ba Mr. Biggs' predecessor, Mr. W, D. Kui tan. Jr., who
(Mod in the Interregnum between the
rcign "i bis lather and that oi the
retiring editor. Mr. Button may be
.and to have almost been reared, in
the Sun ollice. lie knows its traditions its subscribers and iis advertisers. This knowlodgp, combined
win, youthful energy and enterprise,
should result. In tho Sun's taking
Several hum forward strides under
In-- management, and its realizing to
a greater degree all the requirements
Ol  on  tlblj   COndllCtod  country   paper.
No I.ove Lost ndncni «h» Arnold*.
John Denison Cbamplln told an amusing story of Matthew Arnold and Sir
Edwin Arnold. "Some years ngo," he
■said, "when walking with Matthew
Arnold ou the banks of Uie littlo river
lesf", near Bomscy abbey, conversation
turned on Sir Kdwln Arnold and 'The
Light of Asia.' published four or five
years previously, lt is not necessary
to enter into Mr. Arnold's opinion of
the poem. During the conversation I
tenk occasion to nsk him if ho were
related to Sir Edwin. Ho paused a
moment, as if shocked nt the suggestion, and then said: 'No, we nre not of
kin. Indeed, I doubt If he hnd nny
right to tho name of Arnold. I bavo
been told that he is of Jewish descent'
A few weeks later I happened to meet
Blr Kdwln nt n dinner In London and,
prompted by, I hope, a not unpardonable curiosity, propounded a similar
query to blm. 'No,' he replied quickly,
with what seemed a shade of usperity
In his tone, 'I am not related to Matthew Arnold. We arc of wholly different families.1 Then, llis face breaking
Into his peculiar smile, he ndded:
•Matthew Arnold ls nn Intellectual
dyspeptic Uis brain does uot digest
'•MaarlfNh" Hirer.
Maxwell Sommerville of the University of Pennsylvania spent nearly forty years of his life in oriental travel
and study.
Professor Sommerville used sometimes to narrate the strange error that
was once made by a French explorer
be had known. This explorer had made
a journey to Kairwan and had drawn a
map of the country he passed through.
i lie singular thing about this map was
thai the name "Mnarlfsh" appeared so
many times on It. A river would be
tl.e Maarlfsh river; a mountain would
be Mount Maailfsh; a village, a lake,
a valley, each would be called Maarlfsh.
When Professor Sommerville aaw
this map he laughed.
"Don't you know," he said to the
traveler, "what 'maarlfsh' means ln
•No." said the other. "What does lt
"It means 'Don't kuow.' "
'•Ulie   IIICCIB    waiia   ajtavoa    vpi'»» -
fpaln," said a niati who has traveled
In that country. "In the Basque provinces the people are alert, up to date,
thrifty and industrious. In Barcelona
I was agreeably surprised nt the evidences of modern progress, and Its principal street, the Banibla, ls undeniably
liner than any boulevard In Paris. In
some otlier sections tbe natives ure
about the limit of sloth and evince n
don't care spirit In everything Unit concerns their temporal welfare. Tbey tell
a story of a Spanish shoemaker who
was approached by a customer with
wornout shoes wiih a request that
they be repaired Immediately. The cobbler, called to his wife to know bow
much money tliere was iu tho house.
Shu answered enough to supply the
family wants for another day. whereupon the customer was told that If he
was in such a great hurry be bad better try somo otlier shop. Tills Is the
spirit that prevails in some parts of
the kingdom, but must not bo taken as
a national characteristic."—Washington
The  W'orrt   "Cad."
"Cad," it is pointed out by a writer,
Is a word furnishing "a pathetic Instance of verbal degeneration." lie
says: "Its grandfather 'cadet' and its
father 'caddie' arc still alive ln the
language, though the relationship Is
recognised by few. 'Cadet,' signifying
by derivation from the Latin a 'little
head,' or 'little chief,' was a sufficiently
, honorable-word for the younger son of
a noble family, and acquired Its mud-
em army sense from the fact that the
army was often the destiny of younger
sons. But It nlso begat 'eadlo' or 'caddie,' a Junior or subordinate In general,
such as a bricklayer's assistant or the
familiar golf caddie.   Then   caddie' or
'end' came to mean an odd Job man,
nnd from calling the men wbo bung
about to pick up jobs by this name,
Oxford undergraduates presently applied it to 'town' Iff general, as coil-
trastod with 'gown.' As no compliment
wns thereby intended, its final degradation is obvious."
A  Jenlotin  Apr.
Sir Harry Johnston, the Bngllsh explorer, once traveled on a ship with n
pet ape. It was a great favorite with
all the passengers until there came
aboard at Madeira a lady with nn Infant. The latter received a pood deal
of attention and the ape in conse-
quence became neglected ami jealous.
Blr Harry Johnston followed it on deck
one day Just in time to prevent n tragedy. The child had been left unguarded for a moment in Its cradle. The ape
had- made for it. pulled it from the
Cradle and wa.s in the act of throwing
it overboard when the traveler pounced
upon lt. Says Sir Harry. "It would
certainly have hurled lt into the sen
had not my arrival caused the guilty
ape to drop the child on the deck and
Scramble away." The ape was relegated to it strong Iron cage for the rest of
that voyage.
Cbarles Kean's Afflictions.
Charles Kean, the actor, could not
I pronounce the consonants "m" and
1 "n."   Iu the lirst scene with Jarvis in
•The Gamester" bo began by luqulr*
' Ing,'"Well", Jarvis, what says the world
of ni"'.'   I'll tell thee what it says,   lt
cnlls me a false friend, a faithless hus-
■ band,   a   cruel   father—in   one  short
word, it calls me Galester!"    lu Shy-
lo■•!. he was writ to say:
•■;  u take by lifo
Wben do yeu take ths beans whereby I
But his most unfortunate slip occurred In the last line of ".Money,"
Where Evelyn cays that, ln order to
enjoy the good things of life, we require "plenty of money." In this Slt-
' u.i' in r.eau always brought the cur-
•t.iii. down with a roar by sarcasti -ally
remarking tbat tbe one thing necessary
to i implete their happiness is "plenty
of putty!"
A tlrm: KnjTlnrerlns Tont.
The inovo railroad, which rut.s from
Callao to tbe gold Ileitis of Ccrro de
Pasco, Is considered one of the wonders in tbe Peruvian world, lt is certainly the greatest feat of railroad engineering in either hemisphere. Com*
menclng in Callao, it ascends the narrow valley of tbe Blmne, rising nearly
5,000 feet in tbe Urst tifty-.-dx miles.
I Thence it goes through the Intricate
gorges of the Sierras till it tunnels the
Andes ut an altitude of 15.040 feet, the
highest point in tlie world where a
piston rod is moved by steam. The
wonder is doubled ou remembering
lha; this elevation is reached in sevcti-
ty-eight miles.
Mrdlcnl  l.o  of Whlnkr.
Whisky as an alternative to wine
may undoubtedly be employed medicinally with advantage In certain cases,
both for men and for women, But this
is very different from the constant
recommendation which is suggested, as
if, indeed, doctors regard whisky as a
sort of panacea for every disease under the sun, and take a perfect delight
ln urging its consumption upon llieir
patients. As a matter of fact, there
never was a time when medical men
were more slow to prescribe the use of
alcohol In any form than they are ln
the present day, nor a time wheu so
many refrained from advising Its use
nt all.—Hospital.
Wrnllli  a>f  Anelent  Jem.
A writer In the Jewish magazine, the
Menorah, says that there were richer
men li"l'ore the Christian era than there
ore now. He estimates Borah's fortune* at $3,000,000,000, and says that
Solomon, after spending |250.000.000
on Iiis temple, was still worth Ivetweon
1300,000,000 and $400,000,000. In Ib>-
mnn times tbere were three Jews In Jerusalem who between tbem offered to
Spend $100,000,000 for twenty-one years
In feeding the Inhabitants of the city
rather than surrender the city. One
of these Jews. Nikodenion. cave his
daughter a dowry of $425,000,000.
Queer NrM ot the Tontnbnn*.
The Oddcsl of all birds' nests Is the
one built by the tontobana.a South African songster, lt ls built of cotton
and always upon the tree producing
the material. In constructing the domicile the female works Inside uud the
male outside, whore be builds a sentinel box for bis OW0 B] cclnl iiku. lie
siS in the box nnd keeps WOtl ll or
sing-, nearly all tin* time, and when
danger comes in the form of n hawk
or ii snnke lie warns the family, but
never enters thc inula nest.
tint Reelected,
"The art of letti r writing Is sndly
neglected nowadays," said tbo man of
liternry taste.
"Thut remark," said his moro practical friend, "shows that you haven't
a son nt college who is applying blm*
seir to sliowing you why bis allowance
ought to be Increased."
Notliliifc  If   .\.,1  Orla-lnitl.
Mrs. Smith -Have you named your
twin girls, Lucy? Lucy—Yessum; we'i
dono name 'em "Flops'm" an' "Jeps'ma"
Powerful pooty mimes. Have, my ol'
man, he done got dem untiies outen do
rlvah colyuni. '
Permanently inrii(rii>ie.
".Mr.   Bllgglns   lias  Just   inherited  a
fortune," said the woman who knows
nil the news.    "1 suppose be will now
succeed in getting Into the smart set."
"No." answered Miss Cayenne.    'T,o-
fore be was rlcb they satd be had more
brains tban money.   Now they win say
he   lias  more   money   than   brains."
Tha Tramp's Taste.
Tramp (at the kitcbendoor)  Canyon
give me something to eat. lady: I.ady
— There's the Wood pile. Tramp I
can't eat wood, lady. Lady Vou can
saw it, can't you'.' Tramp I'd rather
cat It,  lady.    Good  morning!
A Woman's Tenrn.
A shrewd observer snys tbat "sometimes a woman cries Just to get herself petted," a Circumstance which
shows that tliere may be a method In
grief its well  as iu madness.
Weil Answered.
An American woman who had been
told by a Britisher that America was
deticlent In antiquities and curiosities
remarked, "The antiquities will come;
ns for our curiosities, we import them."
Holding uii Own.   ,
"■•stingy, isn't he?"
"You've said it! Why, be holds fast
to everything bo gets bis clutches on
wvl jivcu bolts down hi* dlmierl"
It used to be told u["f"'
who was a member of .    m U_%
war, thu   "'*
'"■ Washington and WqJ£ n,"M i
"' •■**11 BUB, Where ii      " "*C
*»«"» to have a hand ha *SfSJa*S
He wore a dress ,.,„„      ":,v-
breaking out of the ..!'""l*:''"i*R
be saw there Wng ,.,,..,, '"' "
bis ground as''|„ng'aT,',,,''U hl" stN 1
rout was complete, ana the nnv!' T|«
;ng, 0 good deal oui .,e ,...      mi:ii%
'•'""li, be
back at the* Capitol, tern,,.       '" >m
•fellow congressmen wl,;,;^;;"'"" «fl,i.
S.0 K.av? y°« tbls uecoun?[__]
■•fcbtV" asked a menihe/ Z
New York as lu* joined ftj*
"Why, I was there n.vs,
nit J
The New Yorker was fflyStl„M
l»"'ently he had not hear,,',,,','   *> ■
"You   were   there!"   1,'.   " ,?  ,
•'Are th'e cars running'"      M|,IIIH|
"No."   said   Logau;  "il* aa
state of Virginia is, „„ Dc»
make out." "
■ yuld
An Aneeilot,. ot Ilnndol
On one occasion lU.n.Ul Waa'cAl
in a shower of rain and bchwnSI
videdwlth an umbrella *,■„«,„, J*
seek shelter in a blacksmith', hfl
Hither Handel was h, „ nil,,,, '*
Or else the blacksmith showed nZ\
versutlonal symptoms, for |„ . ,*l
Wbile the latter hegan _amff
away at. his anvil, accompanylMI
work with a song. Qe lltii,.'0,1.1
the use his visitor was uuikli^ of ii
and his anvil, for It Is said that Rj
del wan listening all the time toll
strokes ofthe hammering on tlio JI
which, by producing two bormoJ
soilhds, according in time ami __
with   tl.e  tune the man s.i„K, furffiJ
a bass accompaniment Handel
reaching home, remembered the ji*|
and the hammer OCOompaulment lit I
wrote down both, and so wemretoi
shower of rain tfeo composltlos kooJ
as "The Harmonious Blacksmith."
When He Killed m-. ptral *,,„„
The killing of a I rother inun, evt.j J
battle, is a painful thing to remembA
a soldier of the war thus vIvitijM
.scribed bis lirst exporleuc ■: 1
"My Qrat man I saw but twenty J
onds, but 1  shall  reuu ul cr i.;. (,*l
ever.    I was sian Hi* ; :v  mj ■ m ,v;:,,j|
•I Confederate Infantry soldier ruebed
up,    1 whipped out my revolver u|
■ Hik bim through the breast,  IK* te»|
ed ap his linns, gave me the straagn
tok In the world and I inliipa
his  face.    He bad blue eyes, IimjI
curling hair, a dark n    laclie intfl
.-• face,   l thou;; il the l.<s\
I  tired that  1 sle uld h ivu loved tlatl
man if l had ki i hlm,   I tell yu|
war   is    ttfrrlble   business." v-.i;L'il
Companion. '
A  FnmfMin I'unrry,
The entire ins - of the M inte S,irit|
5,000 feet blgb. " hlch il In tes Ca
rarn. is solid marble. Oi of I os
famous quarries Is in thc vnllcj oil
r. I ■ eclo. From this were rxir nl
in Boman times thc l.lw tw»uttable that served foi the constructing
Trajan's column at Home, W^ylt*
nutello got tl.e I'U cit which be i irtj
Into bla St. George, and Mli I I *\
lo ihe one for ins Mosc from J • re tl
so came the bug • I loi:. mentiooell
the memoirs of B nvcnui i Ceffii
whi.-h served for the colossal SeptM
of Anuuanati in the lull die ol - ■
tain of the Blnzzu della Sign fia"
I'lori nee.
A  Wnter t olrnno.
one of tbe grcatesi natural «rt*
ties In Central America Is the Vol*
de Aipm or wnti r volcano, whlcto|
Bltuatcd in Guatemala, ah ml wa*
live miles southwest of the capital 9
apex is 14.400 feel ahove the lewl-j
the sea, and Cultivated BeliB Budl
est trees i-itend almost to its soiaiiil|
lt occasionally vents forth lorrwbt
pure cold water. <>n one occ»«l«P
"eruption" or this kind limml.ttrf««,
northern valley and destroyed ***,
village  situated  on  the  side w «|
peak.  ____
The Wny He Pnt It
At a  school  examination »t •
onstle-undor-l.yme. England, a W'
told to write an essay on thepleW
of reading. He wrote: 'TeopleflWj
many   reasons.    Sometimes HW
for humor, nnd then they ren*''
books   as   'Hon   Quixote."    At",
times they   read  for iiiniiscincnt
then they read the Bible."
Toole It M 11-Hr*
"Yes, old Biwlboy gave a rew«
OUt to his place on the bllli an' ^
turned the hose on the t'<"st
ment to arrive." ,yj
-He did!   What did they say V*
"They called It unconventiow (
pitnllty.    Vou know, he's tj0 r'
quarrel with."
IIU Mnlnily-
Tett-She's a Profwlon*^!t#
believe.    Jess   Not at all.   ""a-"
vou   that   Idea?    Tess   Slie W*""-
that she sat up InSl night m      ,
man.   Jess-Lovesick; that ff»
was that tiance of hers.
Summer Cold*
Yon Bhnnl'l ~~ thst Mj^JjSS*
in not only momitie. yoa t* """
butltUdole*}'.**lwrui.   im*.
Cure Th,L'""
Rl. (■M-Mtoe-1 to,*"*,/1**
mmss/htMlttt-**.   •
At -1 JniMliU, Sid Mc- ""1 '*'W  "_£ SLOCAN,  B.  a
W*t ,
■Whut i'"c Uiroivpor.suuul
ii''1"''.;., ,,ul)ji; "He, she and it."
"""S'"fli\*o an WW'»',lc   ?f   t,*ei1'
"v"l>„pil     "nusHnn'd.   wifo   and
. ,t dose him with nauseous cas-
Hi or other harsh griping pur-
0 A|„,ve ull things don't give
Tolsonous "soothing" stuff.
tilings   only make him worse.
-. Own Tablets are whut your
a'one noeds. Thoy uro a gentle
,,,-e   and   make    baby  sleep  bo-
, tl|ey make hlm woll. They
hoi   ll'tle   mouth,   ease   his
I In.*
. Stomach, and help his obs-Maa&te
[", teeth through painlessly.  Thoy
)r,t every mother meeds for her
the   older   .children,  too.
KoiiHiicr.    Greenwood.    11;    C,
'   .| consider   Unity's Own Tab-
ff0rth their  weight  in'-goldln
.. .„„,„. where there nre children.
onlv   n'grct   is   that   I   did   not
"  their   great    worth     sooner."
,0  Tablets   will help every child
S,' tho   moment    of  birth  onward,
.,,-,.  guaranteed  to   contain no
'nl' drug.    Sold by all medicine
:',rs or sent  h.V   _ni\ , alt 2-5 cents
bv   writ ine The Pr. William!)
ine in,,, aa imimuon.
Trofessor Hay LankMter, lhe llritish
K eutlst, has brought to light a curious
trick practiced by London dealers in
MPMy  plumes.   Some timo ago tho
Hncess of Wales placed herself at the
bead of a movement to dlscourago tho
uso of real ospre-y plumes in order to
save the birds from slaughter. The result was an Immediate decline In tho
eale, since fashion could not fly In the
face of tho Princess of Wales. But recently facts have como to the notico of
Professor LankeBter showing that
among certain fashionable milliners It
has become a practice to sell genuine
Plumes as Imitations.
Queer Court Martini.
In the early yeara of Queen Victoria's
reign a court martial was held against
nn otucer on a royal yacht because ono
of tho royal children had been bitten
by a flea.
Used <o it.
Tommy was visiting a neighbor's.
At dinner the hostess apologized to hiiu
because the table linen was soiled at
bis plate.
"Oh, Unit's nothing," he assured her
j promptly. "Ours is woi-se'n that ut
Co..  l'rockville. Ont.
Ijnirloton: "Ur. I'ollct, is certainty
',,,,*! oliseiit-minded nuiii I over
■ W'cderb: "Is Hint sb'.'" Sin**
'„. "Ves; he was married last
L,, mui during lhe ceremony, when
■should hove pliic'ii u (Ing on tho
Ij,.s  linger,   lie   uctiiiillv     fell     her
l, mid asked    her to  p.m   out   her
I      '	
I |   .,a     "So  you  saw   sonic  hoys
.,:, the Siilib.itIt,   in." '• young
piil you do anvthiti"   Iii   dis-
, ,,,,;,•  iheiii'.'"    Hlafvil   Hoi-:' '  "Ves,
| stole iheir Iiaii?"
j, morf Catarrh In ttil» «ection of tin
I ,-v limn  »U "Ih"* '1l*,,'alie■  t>m  toieethiT,
h until U" ln"1 ,'*w ***" *■'** ■""P'"1'"'1 t0 b*
L ral-'o    For *■ IT'Ot many yearn Aooton pro-
,,.,! it u lr"'»l Slssasi tnil rr.aterlbc'l local
■ ,Jk'» and liy connuntly folHnu to cura with
Ei irciuiiiinl. pronouncrt It Incurable.    Bella 1 u proven catarrh lo l.« a constitutional
ta.„   und   th«ref»i«   r-ijuir^s   conitltutlotiaj.
£'. m„P,    Ilall'n Catarrh Cor». manufactured
Ti  ,   rh-m V * Co , Toledo, Ohio, lai th« ur.iy
Iilii'iitlonal cur. on tha market.    It In taken
I.m'eiv Ii. cloica fro™ ln drn'*" tc> * ttatpoon-
*   n'ai'.*. Strictly on tho blood ami n.ucoui
I'fo.,. of thi nyiinm.   They offer una Hund-
1 Do'lin for any raaa It tall* to curf.    —ni
■ circular! and testimonials.    Addraiw
F. J   i:mSZttzC0.,1n\eaa,O.
i\tl lit all ArURRlita. ***''■
airs Family fill" aro tha bait
■a*.!'*..   I ii tl real f
i He Why doe: a woman always
think she ought to wear a smaller shoe
j than she can'.' She Why does a man
always think he ciTj ' : In wear a larger
I hat than he can'.' -Yo'.ikci's Statesman.
C. -.'. itiiii \itns ,', co.
llear Sirs,—For some years l have
half only partial use ol niy nnn,
caused by a sudden strain, I (have
used every remedy without edMM,
until '. gin o Kiunplo hetlle ol Ml.\'-
\ltirs LINIMENT. Tho benefit  I re-
<••■ .\ eil   from   it   tons.-.I   ine lo conl inue
its   use, and   now   1   mo   happy   lo  suV
my arm is completely restored.
Olutuls, Ont.       ll'. W. HAHU1SON,
Mrs.    l'..>\ I ■:    "I    huve had such   n
I cold thai  l couldn't   speak for threo
4uyN."   Mrs. Coyle: "How you must
| have* suffered'!"
fi        finding a   grnj   hair):   " I  do
i.i   grow   old."   Husband
i cnii    ni old    i hai.   mv  d i i
How?" lliisliaiid:
; Riaard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
'Jrratnp: "Yes'm, it's hard to break
away Irom all yer had habits ut
once; bul I've triven up i ome ol 'oni.'
i "Which  ones  ,..i\,-  you  given
up?"   Tramp:   "Well,   mum,  1  don'l
(pot  shaved on Sundays ant   more.
|That Cutting Acid that arises from
stomach, and almost-"btruiiKlcn, la
1-ifM by fermentation of tlie food In
■0 Btomach. It is u foretaste of Indl-
|ition an.l dyspepsia. Talce ona ol Dr.
On Sinn's l'liicipplc Tablets iinmciliatt*-
»Il»r eating, and It will prevent Una
itress and aid digestion. lio in a
ai,   85  cents —-IG
h'Cul paper   prims iui$ following
card  of  ihiink-      * Ur     and
.  Hears !■ •'   : ■   .v Isn    t,.
r i hanks to t he friends i nd i
• '  so   klndl"   ii'ssist .-ii    ,i;    tlio
ol t heir house Monti  .  et
Won      ' mi ■* fe*, .a : -!'■,,- - -.  moaning and
nexH durlai    - >■• ;>    STol hi r tlraves'
■, - Kxterutlna' ■'      I    plea ■ aa-.    , ure,
ii : our i.'ii.uniat   has none
In  Btock   gel  blm to procure n  for you.
\l. IViscill.i (aged 40) "No, Ed-
j Ith, I don't hi li ve In t hose oarl>
[marriages.   You'll have tin ■        igh
I to  cct   tiled   ol   .:   ll,.in    ii    \ OU    '-'.iv
single for ten years loncer!"   l-'dith:
I "Time enotifjh, aunt i ■. bul  niaj hi no
ii -,   Soap—<ll it      i    ■' roi&-.
hi    1 la.'.       ' 'a     .,,,  a!..   .   ,      |ll a,|^v
a     sae-   lint-il     n-'aiu^t      ill       ' .-' .
[li1'.   i ■  I he same Rurnui ■
ih   ■ ' he\   iiiu\   not   li ■  ;   .a'
Removal all hard, suit or calloUaWd
lumps and blemlMhea from hor es, blood
-e.iv iii. curl i,  splint », rii
nprolna euros sore ai ■! swollen
throat, coughs, etc. Sa ■■ ■-■"." by the
a a. q| , ,,,' i ott e Warranted tho moat
wonderful  Blemish Curs ever known.
fornidden  I irr;
The sound ol a bell «;: ch can he
i'-..nl -to/Jim Ii ••! t hi Dual wati can
he lieurd.through thc air onlj    456
'1 ''ie  tallest   inhabited  ie use ia  thc
joilo is on  I'arl*.  Uow.   s,-\i Vork
fi'ena the curbing to tie- ion ol tho
pers the height is duo foet.
I'"*   TiMi*   for   r\ ku\hum; --tium
['■• I ipj    -;.tnpieiiis   nt'Pfni    In  ' ie
C' Dr   Thomas'   ij;,:.-. i rli    ' ill
'       uh,n   rheumatic* naius liesel the
I1';        I ■ '•     lumliugo.      itsthhin,    • ■   i ■ I
»i -     aturrh   er parnche  attack    either
i   ■■   old    when  t e.-ilv   senilis,  nlu-ii-
'e--.mis  or  sunt!:--  come to any'
Jw  I      nl   ii.-  iiin,i:.\    tn   nn>   ol  these
r -  it   will  rIvp  rellM  and  wotrk  a
" • ■ to brighten tbe oul look ot
lis church, the vicar of St. Martin's.
P"   '    « ll I mbcrs ol his conirrc-
I    ion.  hav    |jj   S|\ weeks' hard work
pnde   and pick, ltiid   oul   'ho
i v Dxtenslvi  grounds In a nic-
iue Harden, .
rn: law mcin
.lohn J.Burns Cured by Dodd's
Kidnoy Pills.
Be Had chronic Inflammation of the nu-
neyii   s«y»  nu  llrothair   foresters Can
Tell All Aboat It.
Darnley, P, v.. i., AuK. 99.—(Special),—John .1. Bums, a prominent
member ot the I. 0, v. her,., whose
cure of Chronic Inflammation of tne
Loins and Kidney.", caused a sensa- I
tion some time ago, reports that he'
is still in splendid health. "Yes,"
nays Mr. Burns, "my cure Is entirely satisfactory. 1 havo had no tremble since I used Hodd's Kidney l'ills.
They drove nway the disease from
which r suffered for slight yours.
"No, I'll never lorgot Dodd's Kidney l'ills. Tho doctor could not help
tne. I got so bad I could scarcely
walk, sit or sleep, I was about to
give up entirely when nn advertisement led nie to try Dodd's Kidney
Pills. Now I am in good health.
Dodd's Kidney Pills saved my life."
If any one doubts Mr. Bums' story
ho simply refers tbem to his brother
Foresters. They all know how he
suffered, and that Dodd's Kidney
Pills cured him.
oniro    m^wnvixu.
'i'he building operations of the new
War oiiice in Whitehall will absorb
'J'i.otiii ions of Portland stone, 35,-
000,000 ordinary untl 1,600,000
glazed bricks, and nine miles of chimney  Hues.
The    Sultan    Ol    Morocco    Keeps    n
large number ol live lions aboul his
premises,   und  iu    the   evening    those
anniiiiis are let loose in ttu- courtyards ol I lie palace lo a,i as guards
of the Royal baroniH, Tho Sultan
hu- rather mora than 0,000 wives,
—.*M"» ol whom reside In l-'e/.
I'lIKV   AUK  NOT    \ ltd.KM     IN    AC-
"-* —Some pers  when they wish to
■■oi'-e the   Btomach,    resort   to   iCpaora
. ol l oi i urft*ai Ive Balta These, mv
ecdj ia • hi .r action, but s.-.-v,. no per.
ment i-i.eii Their use produces Inclp-
il chills, and II persisted in tliey In-
ii ■ •.■ - Btomach Sor do thoy act upon
"   "- est a   i'. ■ i-iicial   way.     1'iir-
lee1 Vcn/eta'-le bills nnnwor nil ptir-
M's  iu  thi -   rcgpoi i.  und   bave    no    hu-
; . ,i
Dr.   Mara who     is   W_   years   old,
I as undi rl i ki u to ride a t rlcycle
ti mi London Io Edinburgh ond hack
-->' 'frail Ing n om mi a1 . I obacco and
intoxicalinf liquors during tho |our*
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
Mr, Martin Maloney, whose daugh-
i i was married by Cardinal Satolli
nt ■•-i'n".. Lake, Now Jersey, recent ly, i- , d io iui\e given the cardinal ':..'".«.i■><■—,.!-.,h.i'.'y the largest
w i ilditi); f e on record,
FOR 'Illl:  OVKHWonKED.—What
i he causes  "f  desiiondency   .and    tu
In  | ■    A   tllsordi red   li\ er   is  one  c
and   a    pi inm   onu,    A  disordered   i
lucane n dlaordcriil  rton .eh. and a
ordered    ttlomach    liieau:   tllsturliance
the   nervoun  eystem,     This   brings
'- hole hodj   Into Bublei - on. and  I'.
inn  feels sa'-  all over.   I'armelee's  V
t able Pills are   a   I ■■i-.'.1 ii ted   11 tnody
thin state and reliel will follow their
Spurious coins arc legally made In
China. The.v ere us.il to put in thc
cotlls of thc dead, and tho superstition prevails Unit they make the
lia'.id happy.
linard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
1 a sale oi siioi-thorn cattle in the
rn .. I., the Ar-.-iiUne Republic
[       ' ■"nui price** were'recenth- paid
■• ■ "tish Rhorthoma : £2,fll0 was
1 ■'' ii on- \e.\uui Sioir.1. o Moray*
I        ''*<l bull, r *
-      fit r-*»
Whon. Rheumstism doubles a
Itmil Up iihy.sici.ins nml r--.tf--.er alike
lose heart ond olten despair of a aire,
1,'it 'ncre's tho exception Wm Vagg, of
Norwood, lint , Bays: "I uns nearly
doubled up with rbtumatiim. l got three
bottle! of South American Hheumatic
run* and they cured mc. It's th* (jiiick-
c*bt  acting  piedicine  I ever  saw."—IS
"The thickness ol ni'uuiur on modem
wiiisiiips is truly nstanishing, The
side armour ol a first-class battleship
usually Mines iroin lii.'.in. thick at
the top ol the belt to '••Jin. thick at
the botto in. The cun turrets are
nit en |o-oiect'*d by armour from 1 .Mm.
to Kin. thick,
Eyes and Nose Ran Water.
C.   <i.   Archer,   of   Brewer,   Maine,   »ayi: I
"1   have   had   Catarrh   lor   several  years.
Water  would   run  from niy eyes and noee
for days ut a  time.    About lour nvetrthe I
aijo   1   was   lnduc<*d   to   try   Ur.   Agnuw'i |
Catarrhal   PoWdar,  ond    since using    the ,
wonderful  remedy  I  have not  had  an attack.    It   relieves   in   len   minute*."     50
oenti.—47 x
Minard's Liniment Cures Barns, etc,
Mr. Wil-.on Barrett hod an extraordinary memory. Probably no actor ever lived who approached habitually so near to the standard
winch the players cull "letter perfect"—so quick was he In study and
bo retentive ol what  he had   learnt.
Ar.. ymi ., KulTerer with corns' II you
are l.. t ii bottle of llolloway'e Coin
Cure.    It  ims never been  known to tail
Quito Probable.
The rublisber-The insolence of these
authors: Here's SpiiV.es demanding to
see the illustrations before he writes
the story for tbem! His Partner—Ab*
surd! Tirst Ihing one knows they will
be asking to have the Illustrators read
the stories liefore they draw the pictures for 'em!
The   Clinnire   From   Short,    Strnlatat
Fluke*  lo Carved Arm*.
The ship's anchors In general use up
to the beginning of tho last century
consisted ot a long, round Iron
stiank, having two comparatively short
straight arms or flukes, Inclined to the
shank at an angle of about forty tie
grees and meeting it in a somewhat
sharp point at the crown. In large anchors the bulky wooden stock was built
up of several pie, ,'s, hooped together,
thc whole tapering outward to the ends,
especially on the aft or cable side.
About the beginning of the last century a clerk in the I'lymontli navy
yard, Paring by name, suggested certain Improvements, the most important of which was making the arms
Curved Instead of straight. <\l lirst
sight this simple change may seem ol
little value, but consideration will show
this is not the case. The holding power
of an anchor depends on two principal
conditions -namely, the extent of useful holding surface and tho amount ol
vertical penetration. The latter finality is necessary on account of the nature of ordinary sea bottoms, the surface layers of which are generally less
tenacious and resisting than Is thc
ground a short distance below.
In the year 1831 chain cables began
to supersede the hempen ones, with the
result that the long shanked anchors
hitherto ln vogue were no longer necessary, and anchors with shorter
shanks and with heavier and stronget
crowns gradually came Into use. In
Consequence of these changes, 9 commission wns appointed In the year ISliS
to Inquire Into the holding power ol
anchors and a principal result of Its
labors was tho adoption of the so called
admiralty pattern anchor, which continued to be used lu the llritish navy
up to the year IMbU
The invention of the steam hammer
ln isio made tho welding of heavy
masses of Iron a eonifutrntivoly easy
and reliable process, so that from this
time onward the strength of anchors
fully kept pace with that of the chain
cables, which had come into general
use., a number of patents for anchors
were taken out prior to the great exhibition of 1851, and, public attention
bavin;,' been called to the models then
shown in tbe following year, a committee was appointed by tlie admiralty tc
report on the qualifications of anchors
of the various kinds.
Practical trials were then Instituted,
and, as a result, some of tlie tests to
which the anchors were submitted
were of doubtful value-such, for instance, as "facility for sweeping."
Nowadays, bowever, at all events for
deep ships }n shallow harbors, it is
considered an advantage for an anchor
to offer as little obstruction as possible
above the ground.
Europe is the German empress, wbo
cares very little indeed for pomp and
ceremony. Uer Mniesty's favorite
study is medicine, and sho lias instructed herself so well in lhe art of
healing that she is regarded os qutto
nn officiant adviser in cases of ordinary illness.
How  taa Kceii Ont  of Trouble.
"The rivalry between tbe two arms
of tho national service, the army and
navy," said an army man, "is most
shown lietween the marines and the
Jacklea ou a man-of-war. Tlie marines
are soldier policemen, and the jackies
have a keen contempt lor them. I remember bearing of one old tar who was
always getting into trouble. Finally
he made peace with oue of toe marines.
" 'Tell ine how to keep out of trouble';' the old tar asked. 'If you'll show
me the way I'll give you my plug of
"The marine tried the plug and found
it to bis liking. Ho tightened bis belt,
straightened his cap and then delivered
himself of this advice:
" "Whenever you're feeling easy nnd
happy and comfortable, quit lt, for you
be breaking a rule. It's the only
way.' "
All   Have   Tremble*.
"Everybody worries about money."
"Oh. 1 don't kuow.   Some men are so
"That's just it. Toor men worry because they can't get money, nnd the
rich man worries for fear that it will
get nway   from  him."
Heart Relief in half an hour.
•"lv   in   New   York   (Unto,    writing,'of
■ ire   Ly   "jr.   A/pieWa   Cure    for    the
■■nvs:     "I   fp<*i   like   one    brought
an   the   line],   so   (Treat   ivi: -     in.'.'
Iron   l.ciiil   troulde   nnd   ■"   nl-
.faii-iilnim   my   recovery    through*
ay  of  thin  powerful   treat eicu't.   1'
■'"" my life to It."--Ill
\ barrel with a capacltj ol 43.800
.gallons has jusl  h i completed tor a
greal wire farnwat   Schiltenham,   on
lie-   Khine.
•  riiiuiiiiii'i's and   melons are  "forbidden
dan. '■  fo    monj    poreona  n ntituwd
,,,.,; ,a,. .,.,.,.. indulgence i- followed bj
m - ,, Lv ol ' ii ei i on*-' nti r>. grl|>lnn
,.,, iiv<-.,- r-'i. oi ■ an nol aware thai
(Ht**, ean Indulge to tl -a. hoart'e ron-
,,.. i ii ihe) hn ve on hand a bottle ol
pi   ,i   |i   iv, Hoes     by* i ',iv  Cordial, a
, ieil| 'ine lhat   will (five  Im lialq  '•
unal K u iure - ure foi all »uimntr i oin*
|titolnt>   '
iinii soldier*.
The "doll nnny" In the I'arl.-. army
I1;   euro contains 10,000 11'run***-yf*t*l-rj
Idlers aliout  two  inches  high  h* live j
luteal eases.    Tbe armor and Uniform]
lleintol     Hfulen-l'oWa'll      has      lonu
ijoeh ablo to   write   and 'how   with
eUJut/   h'""'    V■"■'   ''M''''J   l'"'1'"      '""'"
ine* some niuiioeiiii-o-- which took
\\,v,'u. when his i-ieY nvm was use-
5**48, OWinR to the bite ol a   dog,    I"'
- -. fwpt-o and ;H lustra ted ins   dally   re-
"' ev.*i*y military branch are represent-[ports entirely with Ins led  hand.
■Hi with the utmost exiietlti.de.    Thei,   ,.    ■ i =
[Picturesque work occupied the llfeflAe]
°r :|n old Alsatian, who fought UU''**1
I we "Little -Torpnnil." '        "   t
 ! '.' I
Hone or Olu.-i.  'lima-.
In the very long ngo host* Irete not
■''"kings ns now worn, but made long
•nd were often drawn up even to the
•a-uIhI, and, oddly enough, had pooHftW
1,1 iheir sides.   Wc rend, luoroovot, .that
hi the time of the Tudors and Stuarts
""'J'   were of great  variety, both  of !
material and color, and for sucli njjj
•'"Hid eouimaKi the luxury were rich- f
'•' iiinuued and costly; Ihey were orten
called "nether stocks."
Sunlight Soap will not
burn the nap off woolens
nor the surface off linens.
Mix tor tub ftrtOMon E»r.
ii in BxorcUe.
"Excuse me. Softly." remarked Pen*
dennis curiously, "how Is it you always
wind up your watch Immediately alter
"For the benefit of my health. Yon
see, my doctor has recommended me
always to take a little exercise after
In Plnin EnKllih.
Doctor—I found the patient to be
suffering from abrasion of the cuticle,
tumefaction, ccehymosis and extravasation in the Integument and cellular
tissue about the left orbit—Judge-
yon mean he had a black eye? Doctor—Yes.
Just plain, ordinary stubbornness
often masquerades as strength of character.- Atchison Globe.
The man who trusts to In k to make
hlm rich is generally a strong believer .
lu bad luck by the time be Is forty-five. |
—Somcrville (Mnw.) Joiirnel
The Niagara Rivera
The general depth of the Niagara rtv- .
cr nt the brink of the falls la four feet, j
*<■■'■<"*. n woman becoffaes flurried she
feels for a fan. When a man becomes
Curried he feels for a cigar.
Laborers in i.liierln.
Farm   Inbon rs   ln   Liberia   recdvo
from $2.50 to % 1.60 0 month and rations j
•if rice and Hah.    Men tlo all the work I
done    elsewhere    by    horses    because .
horses would coat more. I
Aa Odd Fuet  Iu HUtory.
It is an odd fact in modern history
that the tombs of the kings of Sardinia
nnd tbe cradle of their dynasty, Savoy.
are now in the bands of France. Only
Kings Victor Kinmatiuel II, and Humbert I. are buried In Italy. Tlie rest,
from the thirteenth century nnd numbering twenty-eight, lie In the abbey
church of Ilaute-fombe, near Cham-
liery. which the pence of Vlllafranca
Ui K-iol) transferred to France, wltb the
rest of the provlnco, ln return toi
French aid against Austria. By o
strange oversight the tombs of the
kings were not "extraterritorialized."
Ll    (|l
The Rata Tree.
The mystery of the rain tree of the
Canaries is a cloud that hovers about
it constantly. This is condeused to wa-
Ser which saturates the leaves and fall-1
Ing from them In constant drops keeps ,
the cisterns which arc in excavation
ijencatb them always full of water.
Then lie IVa-nt Home.
He—I dreamed of yon last night. Do
you ever dream of mc? She (suppressing a yawn)—No, but I'd like to very
Save Expense
and save a fit of sickness by having
Beecham's Pills in the house and
taHng one when you first notice
anything going wrong. You will
feel well, look well and keep well
if you will learn to uso
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents,
illg   til   report,   Hie     tullem    oivme     ...
the Church ol  I'.nghiiul.    lie is (> feet
ii inches in height,
daggles: "I never saw anyone work
so hard ul anything, Is tlmt. his
Regular business','" Waggles: "No,
man;  that's his hobby."
Cou2d Hot Eat op Work Powders and Quick Cures
of no Avail Lasting Cure Obtained! From
This case of Mr. Darber well illustrates the wny in which llr. t'huse's
Nervo  l-'ood  curea hcuduchos.
Ho tried the so-called "qu|ck cures''
first, but without obtaining benefit,
It is a well known fact that suck
remedies when they do bring temporary relicif do so with a tremendous
waste of nerve force and consequent
injury to tho system.
Dr. ("haso'a Nervo Food cures by
enriching the blood, vitalizing tho
nervo.'.. un-d building .up tho system.
Headaches, as well as all other symptoms of an exhausted system, disappear beforo its influence. Its euros
lasting because it removes the causo
of tho trouble.
Mr. O. Uarbcr, Simcoe, Ont., writes:
"Dr. Chase's Nerve Food is a splendid modiclne. I was troubled lor a
long timo with headachee, which
would come on about onco a wocic
with such violence that I could not
cot or do my work. I tried headache powders and quick cures, which
did no good.
"About eight months ago I took
six boxes of Ur. ('base's Nerve Footl,
and I have not been troubled with
headache since. It mado a thorough
and lasting cure."
Mrs. .I nines Clancy, 714 Water
street, I'eterboro', Out., states:—"!
have used four boxes of Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food, and found them an excellent medicine. I was troubled
more or less Ior ninteen years with
severe headaches, which made me
useless as far as accomplishing my
work was concerned.
"Tho Nervo Food scorned to build
mo up goncrally, and so made a
thorough curo of my old trouble. I
would not think of being without Dr.
Chase's Nervo Food iu the house,
and would strongly recommend any-
ono suffering'as 1 did to givo it &
trial, lt succeeded in my caso after
a  great  many remedies had tailed."
Dr. Chases Nerve Food 60 cents a
box, six boxes for $',2.50, at all
dealers, or F.dmansou, Hates &. Co.,
Toronto. To protect you against
imitations, the portrait and signature ol Dr. A. W. Chnso tiro famous
receipt book author, aro on every
Grain lu ear lots bought on track or sold on commission. Reasonable
advances muse. Prompt returns. Correspondence solicited. Reference:
Any Bank in Winttlpog,
Do You Wanl
II bo, the nnderrfEtist<J wonts yonr business and will endeavor to give satisfaction.
Bunb nt Canada.
Cash advainced on Costignmeoti,
Grain Exchange. Wlnnlpag.
FARMERS will find it to thoir advantage to consign their GRAIN to
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WTIO pay highest prices and make
consignments. Correspondent* solici
Union Bank of Canada.
prompt retnrns.   Advances made on
trxt.    Established  1886.    Reference—
GilUatJtliiftl '    -**£'. :!»•   SI-
1 Cnrlotiai Mllitnry C'ntitom Thill VVnn
Once in Vogue in Europe.
Iu the armies of tin* t-eveiiteenlh nnd
eighteenth centurijs the custom of casting lots to dec' le what soldiers should
be punished for the offenses of all was
common. At Winchester, England, in
lCi-bj, complaint was made that after
iho surrender there had been unfair
plundering, Six soldiers were tried
und found guilty, and it was decided
by lot which one of lhe six should be
hanged. At Tangier In 1003. aud
again in 1005, two Boldlors had to cast
dice on a drumhead, nntl he who threw
tho least was executed. Thomas May's
translation of Barclay's "Icon Ani-
morum" gives a curious Btory of this
sort. Speaking of English courage, be
says that during the war in the Netherlands some soldiers of the Spanish
party were taken prisoners by the
Dutch, who decided to make reprisals
for the previous cruelty of their enemies. Out of four and twenty men
eight wore to be hanged. "There wero
lots, therefore, thrown Into a helmet."
says May, "and the prisoners wero
commanded to draw their fortunes—
whoever should draw a blank was to
escape, but whoever Bhould draw a
black lot was to be hanged presently.
"They were nil." says May. "possessed With a great apprehension of their
present danger, especially one Span-
lard. Their pitiful wishes and tears in
some of the stnnders by did move pity.
In others laughter. Tliere was besides
In that danger nu Englishman, n com
mon Boldler, who, with a cureless countenance, expressing no fear of death at
all, came boldly t..> the helmet and drew
his lot Chance favored him; ii was a
safe lot. Being free himself from danger he came to the Spaniard, who was
yet timorous and trembling to put Ids
band Into the fatal helmet, ami receiving from blm 10 crowns he entreated
the Judges—oh, horrid audacity—that,
dismissing the Spnulard, they would
suffer him again to try his fortune."
May further relates tli.tt "the judges
consented to the  madman's  roquc i.
Who valued his Ufa at so low a rale,
and ho again drew a safe lot." May
seems rather to regret the second escape of the foolhardy Englishman,
whom be denounces as "a wretch unworthy not only tif thnt double, but
even of a single preservation, who so
basely had undervalued his life."
The Knoln.
Tess—What do you think of my new
shoes? Quite nobby, aren't they? Jess
._Yes, tliey are rather knobby, but I
think any tlrst class chiropodist could
remove the knobs.
Too SiiBKcaillve.
"The health officer advised mo to nsk
every man with whom we had domestic
dealings it he was careful to boll the
water ho used In bis business."
"Well, I asked tbe milkman Urst. And
c-bat do you thipk? He go: mad aud
wanted to lick uie."
Fly Pads
kill the  flics   and
disease germs tO*9a
roil or P'otlnclns Mllh.
At, a number ol experiment stations records wero kept lo determine
thn Cost of producing milk, At. four
of the stations it cost 5*> cents to
produce 10U pounds. This nunle thn
cost of one pound of butler (at 13.*B
cunts. Milk was produced at tho lowest cost during the summer, and at
thc highest during winter. Tins, ol
i*/vii-c:ii    is to  be exnected.
Poultry l.i the Orobarda
Cast a worm among your fowls
and see l.mv eager the llock will go
alter it. Poultry will to just as energetic in Bcarchlng for bu-;s and
worms in tho orchard.—Form and
Ranch. ... .
Summer ruKlllmii.
'•Anil do yuu love nthlftlcs'.'"    This
'l'u our tuir Kitchen maid W« sny.
'"(i'n, yoa." responds ths pretty miss,
••I watch tho ice box every day."
—Chicago Tribune.
You know thc medicine that
nvakes pure, rich blood—
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Your
mother, grandmother, all your
folks, used it.   They trusted
• _t
it. Their doctors trusted It.
Yo«r doctor trusts it. Thqn
trust it yourself. There is
health and strength in it.
"I inffartd terribly f*om MtfMtloB »nd
thin blaml. 1 timtid no remtl until 1 took
Ay«,v'» Smi»ji»i111». Four bott'ms permi*-
aeiUIf cur-ad tae." _       ...
^^     MiM. r. R- Habt. Mt. Klico, H. T.
tl. C. AT»RCO.,
m  lj>*»t«ll. Mmc.
for m i ■ i'i"
Rich Blood
AVer's   Pins  Ara   sontty  lax««ly«.
They groatly oW ths *»r
-W    IM    O    No    -496
\xr~' "^. THK DRILL, jlLOOijS, B. 0., SBPTBMBEB 9, »M
il;   j
i mi
■ :•■
C. E. aMiTKinwAi.i, Editor and Prop
SLOCAN,      •      •       •       -      B. C.
Lecal Advertising 10 cents a line for
ihs mit iniertion and 5 cents a line each
jlitbiequent insertion*
Certificates of Improvement, (7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
ai legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
/•reach insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
Tb« Subscription'ii $2 per year, it.ict-
■ly ln advance; $2.50 a yeur if not to paid.
Addresi all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
Pay up your subscription.
Mrs. Bennett left for Rossland on
For first-class bread go to J. H.
Mrs. R. J. McPhee and sons returned to Spokane on Thursday.
Miss Clara Baty has almost recovered from an attack of pneumonia.
Times are looking up in Sandon—
the police force has been increased.
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. They are cheapest and
W, R. Hearst, the millionaire journalist, is sojourning in and around
Sandon Miners' Union will proceed
at j&nce with the erection of a new
Rev. Mr. Mount preached his farewell sermon in St. Paul's church on
Sunday last.
Owing to Monday being a holiday
no meeting of the city council was
held this week.
Mrs. H. Beck was taken down ill
last week with typhoid and removed
to the hospital.
Rev. R. J. Mclutyre.now of Victoria
was married in Sandon Wednesday to
Miss L. Pound.
W. Renwick, the Slocan athleto,
won three prizes in the second day's
sports at Sandon.
Swan Nelson was struck by a train
in the Nelson yards two weeks ago
and died last week.
Miss Webb left on Wednesday for
Grand Forks, where she will make
ber future residence.
;Sandon rounded up the tinhorns
•last week and levied an assessment.
Some got blue papers.
Mrs. S. Y. Brockman and son returned Saturday evening from a two
months' visit to the coast.
Reg Christie left on Wednesday for
Montreal, intending to take up a
course of studies at McGill.
Mrs. C. M. Kirkwood and grandson
have goue to Chicago. She will spend
the winter in San Francisco.
The government is sellinp out the
Canadian Timber & Sawmills Co., at
Trout Lake, for timber dues.
Miss Few, formerly of this place but
now teaching in Three Forks, came
.down Saturday to take in the sports.
Another barge load of lumber from.
Tenmile came in Wednesday to be
transferred for shipment to the Northwest.
Geo. Graham, who saw some of his
earliest steamlioatiug on the old Wm.
Hunter, is filling the mate's position
on the Slocan.
Several good bags of grouse have
been made during the week, though
there would have lieen better sport if
the pothunters had not got in their
licks before the season opened.
Charley Stibbs, one of the builders
of the Slocau hotel iu the boom days,
is engaged as mixologist at the Arlington. He held the same job when
they shot craps on tho sidewalk.
Mrs. C. Aylwin and children passed
through .Slocan ou Wednesday from
New Denver and en route to their new
home in Portland, Oregon. Geo. Ay-
lard accompanied them as far as
this place.
Among the visitors here from Nakusp on Labor Day, coming in on
Saturday night, were: R. Abbie and
wife, Mrs. W. McKissock. Miss Mc-
Kissock, Mrs. Muirhead, L. Sullivan
nnd N. Thomas.
The C. P. R. is to improve its telegraph line between Rossland and
Castlegar by stringing copper wires,
The present iron wires have been eaten
nway through the corrosive action of
the fumes of the smelter at Trail.
Fowles Bros, wou the drilling contest at Sandon with 32 inches. Mc-
Gillivntv and Gillan, who took first
money here on Mondav, gol their drill
tuck when down 18 inches, ■nui as
ihey could nol break the rock they
had to quit.
Thu Drill will print you, on short
notice aud in anv amount, shipping
I       bill] ei d    itati       hs.It     rhend
David Arnot went to Nelson
Wednesday on a business trip.
W. H. Davidson, wife and family
removed to Sandon on Thursday.
Charley Brett was the best sprinter
on Labor Dny at Sandon.
Tho bush fire on Goat creek is beginning to show signs of a revival.
The hills are being scoured for
grouse nnd the streams whipped for
Notice of dissolution of the firm of
Worden Bros, of Calgary and Slocan
appears in another column.
Martin Maurer went to Silverton
thia week after having spent several
weeks at the Lily B. group.
• Jas. Melley left W?ednesday to take
charge of work on property above the
Hampton for N. F. McNaught.
Clair Woods was a visitor from
Three Forks this week. He will join
his brother at the Bondholder in a
few days.
F. L. Byron, formerly of this place
and Silverton, one of the locators of
the Fidelity, is now operating nt
D. B. Bogle whose life as a newspaper man, politician aud mining
promoter has been very varied in
British Columbia, has gone into the
Flathead valley neighborhood on a
prospecting trip.
The arrival of a Chink on Wednesday's train attracted considerable attention. The rumor had been started
that be was engaged as cook at one of
the Sringer creek mines. The fact
that he shouldered his "turkey" and
made immediate connection with the
boat without persuasion showed the
rumor was without foundation.
Frank Soucey, one of Sloean's old-
timers, returned last week after having spent several years on the Yukon.
In company with his brother George
he left Wednesday for a visit to his
old home in Montreal. He will return
to Slocan where he considers his
chances were and are still better than
in the neighborhood of Dawson.
C. P. R. ofliicials consisting of
Robert Kerr, passenger traffic manager of Montreal; F. W. Peters, assistant freight traffic manager, and E.
J. Coyle, assistant general passenger
agent, are iu Nelson to confer with
patrons of the road having complaints
to make. Some of Sloeau's business
meu went to Nelsou Wednesday to
plead for a square deal.
exists in every community? If you do
all these things you nre assisting in
the material upbuilding of the community. Ou tne other hand, if you'
buy goods abroad that ought to be
bought at borne, if you malign men
aud enterprise just from petty jealousy or pure cussedness, if you place
your business with outside agents who
flatter you a little rather than with
those who maintain offices in your
midst, if you refuse your time and
talents to help along public movements only to criticise those who do,
you are not assisting in the betterment
of things. Your ideas may differ from
others, let the public have tbe benefit
of them, but don't sulk if their are not
accepted. The majority is more
liable to be right thai you, so let the
majority rule. The man who sits in
his chair and snarls, snarls at the
government, at the public officials, at
public officials, at business men, nt
proposed undertaking, at the board of
trade, at the churches, at the benevolent societies, at everything but himself is neither useful nor ornamental
to the community. Ho neither helps
uor adorns the town whero he lives.
Don't be a dead weight, don't lie a
wet blanket, don't be a knocker, be a
positive, helpful citizen.—Boundary
Creek Times.
Iii court of revision for ihe Rossland provincial assessment district
last week an interesting case presented itself affecting thc payments
by the Lo Roi company to tho government of the two per cent tax under
the mineral act. The deputy inspector of taxes has taken action for
the government to collect ?19,(537 alleged to be due by tho company for
tho fiscal years ending in 1902 and
1903 over and above the sum of 8*17,-
621 actually paid by the company.
The government claims that the
statement of freight and treatment
given in the quarterly reports bv the
mine on which the tax levy is based
differs from the figures submitted in
the annual reports of the company
for the said years. The company
maintains that the smelter is a separate company and entitled to the
profits on tho ore treated, which profit
is tho difference between their reports
to the government and to the share
holders. If the action is sustained
the Le Roi will be compelled to pay
taxes on the gross values of all ores,
deducting the bare cost of hauling
and treament.
Under the government's contention
the ownership of the reduction works
by the mine would be a drawback so
far as the mineral act is concerned.
Tho fact that the Northport smelter
is operated by a separate company
may dispose of the matter entirely in
favor of tho mining compauy. The
whole question is adjourned till Oc
toiler at tho request of the Lo Roi
Telegraph Line Improvements.
The Canadian Pacific Telegraph
company has just completed a new
pole Hue between Slocan City and
New Deliver, says tho Nolson News.
Previous to this tho wire has been
strung on trees, and was apt to be
prostrated whenever thero was a big
wind storm or a forest lire. The forest fires along Slocan lake were the
cause of a great deal of inconvenience
through the burning of telegraph
poles aud the falliug of burned trees
across the wire. In order to obviate
this a right of way had to be cut from
20 to 30 feet wide all the way from
Slocan City to New Denver. The
installation of the pole line aud the
cutting of the right of way has given
employment to 15 men during tho
past two months. The greatest difficulty was exporiencud in tho neigh-
horhood of Twelve Mile, where a force
had to be employed night and day
for some time to keep the line clear,
owing to tho burning trees falling
across tho wires.
Building up  Yoar  Town.
Arc von helping to build up your
town? If not, why not! Do you
speak favorably of the town's businesi
houses and mines. Do you pntronizc
home institutions, and home enterprise:-! aud home goods t Do yon believe i    fell re;      hill!        if thill]
Aug 27—Ore, Saddle Rock.
90— Standard.
Sept 1st—Winfred Alberta.
2d-J A F (2 yean), Wabski (2 yean),
Yakima, Lsiley fn.
U—Silver Lode, Speculator,   Belfait.
6th—Side Line fn, Bob-o-Link, Two
Brothers fn (2 years). _________
.••,- !i
Hare'* to Yon, Hninniy.
S. B. Clement was married on
August 31st in Vancouver to Miss
Lottie Dennis of that city. While
Mr. Clement had charge of Sloean's
public school ho gained tho love of
his pupils aud the respect and friend
ship of their parents. The miners
whom he represented as secretary in
the Slocan City Miners' Union, and
all of whom held him in the greatest
esteem for his energy, honesty and
sterliug worth, the children whom ho
taught and tho many other true
friends he made here will join The
Drill in sendiug congratulations and
the wish that the pathway through
life of himself and bride may be ever
Silver Quotations.
Following are the quotations for bar
silvor ou the various days during the
•week since last issue:
Thursday     57   cents
Friday     57|    "
.Saturdav     57J    "
Tuesday    66|    "
Roieba-ry  Hotel lu Oemnnd.
With the certainty of the zinc plant
going in at Rosebery. the hotel at that
point is looked upon as a desirable
business stand. No less than eight
applications were sent in for the for
f^ited license, two being from here.
Tlie lucky man to get it was D. McLachlan, of New Denver.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at thu local registry ollice, Ha P. Cbriatio being mining
Aug 27—Trilby, 2nd u f Lomon, Geo
Port Royal, on Ottawa hill, H L Fife
29—Esperanza, Ten Mile, D Kennedy
and .1 Payee.
Never Sweat, same, J Payne.
Eiifle, divide between Ten  Milo antl
Eight Mile, S Lauderbach.
30—A B C fraction, Springer creek, A
B Coleman.
Sept o—Arctic Fractional. A B C'nltmnn.
NOTICE it hereby given thnt th* undermentioned person bns made Application for
« retail liquor licence at Rosnberj' Hotel, Rosebery, 11, {'., to commence on the 26th Hay of Sep
tember. IBM:—
D. HcLnclnn, New DenTer
A Meeting of the llo'ird of License Commit,
■loners of tbo Blocan License District will be
held to consider inch application at the Court
House, New DoiiT«r, on Honda*,, the 2Uth dnjr
of September l'.IH.
Chief Liconse Inspector,
Prorinrinl Police Ollice, New Deliver, II. C
September 8, 19IU
Notice of Dissolution.
NOTICE is hereby given that the firm of
'" Worden Ilrotliers has been this day dis.
solved hy mutual consent, th* undernamed
Hiram (1. Worden continiiiut* the Calgary business and Iieing retpoOflbll for the debts of the
aame and tha undernamed Winslow K. Worden
continuing the rirnying business nnd ns.siituiiijf
nil debts in connect ion t herewith and to whom
all ICCOUntl an- to h* pnid.
Hated at Calgary this Will davof Align .(. A.Il.
filocan Trine* Minernl Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Citv mininf division of Went Kootenay diitrict. Wher*
located:—On wcond north fork of Le*
moMcre«k, niljoinitii- tlie Ulu'.-lc Prince
fiactiou on tli* mutt.
TAKE NOTICE tbatl.Davld Arnot,
acting aa agei.t for K. A. Bradlhaw. fine
miner's certiflcate  No.   I177*I*.'S; J.  c.
Shook, (ren mitier'a certificate Ko.B64828
John Elliot, free miner'i certificate No.
I181740; Pioneer Mining Co.,free minor's
certiflcati No BB1092; no'.' for myiell
frei miner's certificate No,Di' 15*),Intend
liitv dayi from the dato hereof, to
apply to the Mining Beoprdorfor a certiflcate <>f Improvement!, fur tlm ptirpu -
of nl tainirin  >ivi   •*«.-.      ' • i
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
T»ATES: Itecnlar suhseribers, $1 p*r month
IV or $10 a y*nr: non-subscribars (exclusive of
intdicalatt*ndnnc*)$2p»rdn*f, Prlvatewardi
Sl per day *xtra. Special facilities for maternity cas*s.
For farther particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
'Wanted     ACENTS
Immediately AULili-J
'PO sell fruit trees, raspberry, gooseberry and
I currant bushes, etc. Good pay weekly-
outfit free. Ther* is big money in this work for
trustworthy men.
W* har* nndlf cultivation or«r IS00 acres of
nursery stock, inclutlinit the choicest nnd best
varieties for orchard and irnrden planting. We
Will deliver modi to customers in good condition, freight paid. Onr agents have every ad-
viiiitag* that this lin* of business can offer
them.   Apply now for terms.
Toronto, Ontario
N.B.-Will    mak*    arrang*m*nts for  locnl
agency or for th*   handling   of exclusive t*rrf
slocan, b. c. '
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.,
Do not *o past IU door ^
you aro dry, weary or
P. N. CO
>■*■* ********
City Bakery
Guaranteed the Best Bread
in the Slocan camp.   .   .   .
Also carrying a full line of
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
Headquarters for traveling men
Lark*?, airy rooms
Best meal* L'iveu  iu  the town
ItAlK*. «» per aUy ; with
sample' reuma, 91.10. Special rales to steudy boarder*
Arthur Street, Slocan
hi ***********■*-,
Will buy a comfortablt
Cottage and two corner lots in New Den*
ver. House contains
four largo rooms, hall
and wardrobe. Por
other particulars write
********************** ***<\
Nelson Fair
Second Annual Exhibition
Nelson   Agricultural   and
Industrial Association
September 28-29
New Buildings
Fine Grounds
Big Premium List
Novel Open Air Attractions
Write for Prize List
J. E. Annable, Sec, Nelson
J. A. Anderson
Ne mrspi ipers •
I ■■
*__*__%*_**__* _____\____t\ t___t___t____\i
Clubbing Offer
An arrangement has been msde
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
$2.50 fora Year
NOTICK ii hereby given that thirty
dayi from date I intend to apply to tlie
Hoard ef Liceeiing Comminioaera ol the
Blocan Llcenie Diitrict, for » tranifir of
my retail liquor lirenie for the Victoria
Uotel,Silverton,to Thorhnrn A Fletcher
Dated thii 22ad day of August, 1901
Notice to DelinquentCo-owner
To Elmer J. Felt, or to any perion or
perinni to whom he mav have tram-
ferred hia intvreit, in whole or in part,
in the Skylark nnd Runner Mineral
rhiima.eituated between the Brit north
fork of Lemon creek and Dayton creek,
and recorded In the Rlooan City min*
inif division ol Wh8I Kont nay diiirirl ;
Yon are hereby notified thai I,Noah
K. McNaught, F.M.O. No, IWftii'?, have
expended the mm ol two hundred md
live dollan in labor and   |*etiernl   improvement! upon the ahove mentioned
claimi, in order   to hold mid   mineral
I'lnimi under the provia one of the Mineral Act, ami if within OOdnvi from the
date of thin  notice you  fail or refinje to
iiiitriluite your  proportion  ef inch ex-
pentlitiire, together  with ail coateoied*
■•ertiKlnu, your iotercil in   raid claima
will Imk'owh tin  property ol the tub*
Ion li.iii uf mi iu-i ell'
iinietid the Mineral
■or »!»•
The Qu««ii'f
• *
i. C. CLAMi, f»Or»«TO»
RITtl:    9*1* »■» •*•*,
Kiret-cleee Dteisf Boom
Urge end Comfortable Mr**
Sample roowe for Coremawit' **
Nefeon, B. C.
**** *m*mm**a*ammm
H. D. Curtis
Financial Af*nt
Accountant ft Auditor
Notary PuW'c
Fire and Act****
Abstract* of iUn*-*1


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