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The Slocan Drill 1904-08-19

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1, V., *<>• 21
■12.00 PEP. ANNUM,
hit, Confectionery, Tobago
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
^•0■^*^•y.V,' I,OINOS   *T   SLOCAN ON «TU
' ''•TKMltKU.
-   -fan 1 (fc
pUtilde Towns Pi',,,ii|„.,, t„ gel,4 Large
Delegation! or VUttori—An Exeellent
Programme l'lxed Up-All the Well
Known Spoitidoming in.
J. W. Crow. Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one of the liesl known and most popular houses
in the country. It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, and commands a magnlflcent view of the beautiful
Slocan lake. Good fishing is to Ixi found elo.se at hand, while
every facility is offered for boating.
Tourists will find the Arlington nnd ideal resting place.
Commercial men have at their command new and commodious
simple rooms.
The dining room is strictly up to date ami the bar supplied
with only the best brands of goods
en's Sweaters, 75c.
ve secured a job lot of men's sweaters and nre giving you the behi fit
■nt price.       While they last you may have your choree for In cents
Jusl taken in stock-  some nice
lo-datc, selling at 75e, 90c, and *i
are always pleased to show goods,
pieces of dress floods, new and up-
1.25.   Call and examine them.   Wo
ora now until Christmas eve, 24th December, 1904, to the custo*
■i returning the largest number of cash rebate checks,which allow
c ou $16; we will give a piece of dress goods, valued at §9, or any
article in tbe store of that value.
»avid  Arnot, Slocan
"i A dvert'ise your K
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to all persistent and lib*
eral advertisers: it is read
by ever Mine.
It guarantees
H K»
All Times
Subscribe for
local paper:
KJ THE DRILL,  $2 per year gj
Everything is bein;,' rapidly put in
order for the celebration here on La-
bar Day, and the assurances are for a
record crowd from the outside towns.
The cheap rates from Nelson, Boss-
land and Trail and the excellent train
service arranged are a strong drawing
r.fl'd and a largo crowd will eventuate.
The arrangements for Nakusp and
lake points are also excellent and a
satisfactory turnout may be expected.
Monday night the managing committee met and compared notes, the
result be'nj pleasing to them. They
have deci led to put up a set of medals
lor a baseball match between the lesser clubs, with an imposing prize for
the top n itchers. Medals will also be
given in the rifle contest. Some additions ware made to tin; Caledonian
sports, making an imposing list. No
entrance fees are to be charged in the
Caledonian list, and there will be
many co npetitors.
Aootit Half a dozen outside baseball
teams have written in to be accommodated, and there will be matches
galore, il number of local tea mu.are
getting in shape for the drilling con1
test, upon which there will be. considerable money change hands. New
Denver will be represented by its rifle
team, accompanied by the bulk of its
citizens. It is the Caledonian sports,
though, that will prove the winning
card, a^ all the well known athletes of
thi* district have expressed their intention of being present; Keen interest
is being aroused over the outcome of
lhe various footraces, and all kinds of
money is flouting around.
As the bulk of the crowd is expected
from Rossland,every preparation will
be made for their comfort, There will
; uolllc!l of feeding places and ne
cineh game will be, practiced on any
„.... Everybody Will be given a goad
time nud tin even break for their
Throe firm* In n Wffli.
Tie* loeal mill people had Wires fire
semes in a week, two of them occurring on Saturday. On Thursday n
blaze mysteriously broke out near
the hay in their stable and caught on
the framework, Fortunately it was
discovered in time and put oui. tlie
mill hands having it in subjection before the fire brigade arrived on the
scene. Saturday morning n spark
Iroin the smokestack ignited the saw-1
dust near the drykiln. but it, too. wns j
suppressed before doing any harm :
About 9.80iu the evening the sharp!
tooting of the whistle gave notice that
something was amiss in the shingle
mill, and the whole town rushed to
the rescue. Excessive friction of a
pulley revolving in a pile of sawdust
beneath the dragaaw had heated the
stuir and it finally broke into a flame,
though no sign of it appeared when
the mill shut down at six. The uight
watchman gave the alarm nnd a plentiful supply of water from the mill
hose soon Dad the flames under control. A burnt belt nnd pulley and
■omescorched woodwork were the sum
total of the damage done.
Fire on I.omoii Creek.
A bad fire has been raging for a
week past on the first north fork of
Lemon creek, destroying much timber
and Imperilling the buildings at several properties. Ou Sunday three or
four bents of the Chapleau train were
taken out and the mill and camp given
a close shave. At the Kilo, too, the
buildings had a narrow sipieak, and
the men made preparations t" lake
everything movable into ihe tunnels.
It has been the worst fire in yenrs.
Siriuk Their l.eml.
After several month:*, of hard work
the owners of the Myrtle group.al the
head of Twelve Mile creek, struck tin*
lead in their 'ong crosscut last Thursday night. Thev are now crossing the
vein, about 80 feet, to the foot wall.nnd
there expect to break into ii big ore
body. The crosscut Is above 4*80 feet
in length, with an upraise of 86 feel
to tin* fool of a shaft for nir. The Uien
deserve every success.
Intpaotad tin* Franklin.
Last Saturday Oscar White, ofthe
Sloean Star, Sandon, accompanied by
H. E.White and Dr. E. J. Sifton, of
Jamestown, N.D., went up to inspect
the Lady Franklin group, at the head
of Lemon creek. There nre chances
of ii move being mnde in thai vicinity.
Dr. Sifton is a cousin of Hon. Clifford
will be pushed in under the main ore
chute just as rapidly as two shifts can
force it ahead, The level will open
up 100 feet of new ground on the vein.
Short umi Unimportant Hellion Held on
Moiultiy Sight.
A short and unimportant session of
the city council was held on Monday
night, those present being Mayor McNeish, Ald.Suiitli,Madden and Teeter.
Communications read: From Dr.
Fagan, secretary of tho provincial
board of health, enclosing notices forbidding spitting on sidewalks or in
public places under penalty of a fine.
Letter filed and notices ordered posted up in conspicuous places.
Bills presented: J. A. Anderson,
postage, 19.05.   Ordered paid.
Mayor stated he had secured for the
city the big silver trophy from J. H.
Howarth and it would be turned over
to the celebration committee.
Council adjourned.
I*rli*e ofZIno whh Forced Up.
That the price offered for zinc ore
in the Joplin district is based on the
supply and the demand is no longer
a question. Since the July restriction
in output the price of ore hns increased .S~> per ton. During the two weeks
the mines were closed down the output was restricted 5()(K) tons, and the
reserve stock dwindled to 2600 tons,
With half of that amount sold for the
next week's delivery. As the reserve
stocks decreased the ore price increased, and this, too, in  spite of the fact
fying effect on the women folk living
out from the business section. The
tooting of the whistles led tliem to
believe unother accident hnd occurred
or a general conflagration had broken
out. It was some time before the
scare subsided. With forest fires on
every side, the citizens are prepared to
hear anything.
that spelter was quoted
zinc or
weak ai
The situation today
is the sain ■ pries it wa*
ind in-
* one
Hn]>pei.lng* «f Interest frnm the Famous
Rev. Mr. Underbill, of Vancouver.
has been visiting with Kev. Mr. aud
Mrs. Mount.
Provincial Mineralogist Roliertsou
is now up Carpenter creek, examining
the various mines.
The rifle team and many of the
townsfolk will go to Slocan for the
Labor Day celebration.
A new foundation is to be placed
under the Newmarket hotel, Murdoch
McLean having the contract.
Wm. Schultee has staked two claims
on the north side of Goat mountain
He says   he   has a five  foot vein of
quartz, carrying copper', iron, galena
and sulphides of silver.
Work is expected to commence at
once on the new waterworks system
for this town, and is to be completed
before winter. With electric light and
waterworks it will bo fhe best residential town in the Slocan.
The next sitting of the supreme
court will be held at Nelson on Oct.
The Silver-Lead Mineowners' Asso-
v-'i-m-m-m**-*-*■ *-*-*■ *-*-*-*-*-*** * * * ***-*-*-****+*-**+-**********+*4
A satisfactory deal was concluded on Monday, when R. J. McPhee,
manager of the Ottawa, on behalf of his principals, made the third
and final payment on the Mayetta group of claims. There are nine
claims iu the group, viz.. Mayetta, Aricle. Flyette, Biloxie, Biloxie
fraction, Algy, Alfred, Algiers, and I Wonder, and were owned by F.
Carlisle, who cleans up a nice little pot of money.
The. elnini'iadjoin the Ott-.r.vn on the north and Ixith veins of the
fatter have been discovered and opened up on the purchased ground.
All the claims do not possess these veins, for some of them have been
secured because of the line timber they carry, but sullicient mineral
territory i*i in evidence to make the group of value, especially when
worked in conjunction with the Ottawa. The east vein in particular
hns been Opened np and shipped over a distance of hundreds of feet,
nnd in a number of places ore is exposed, A tunnel has been driven
on the Aricle for 60 feet, heading to cut a large surface cropping of
The pu'.ci*as.".'s will put on five or six men at once and will extend
the tunnel mentioned, continuing it all winter. It will give 150 feet
depth on the vein and tho expectations are another big bunch of ore
will be opened up. Good buildings are on the ground and the property Is reached by trail from the end of the Ottawa, with whose destiny it will be linked for the present. The conclusion of the deal verifies the assertions of Thos. Noble, when here three weeks ago, that
he and his friends would enlarge their operations in the camp. Their
first move has been.one of significance.
F. C. Green, of Nelson, is now* on the property, surveying it and a
number of adjoining side claims, preparatory to obtaining a crown
grant on the bunch. It will take him about a mouth to complete the
survey. •    *—	
>■*■* *********************** ■
year ago, while spelter is quoted one
dollar lower. The duly restriction has
taught one lesson the Joplin producer
will not soon forget, and that is that
the price of ore is controlled by the
amount of ore on hand. The last week
in June, while one or two bi us sold at
•S;5(i, the general top price wns {84 an 1
.*-\?"i nerton. with the assay basis down
to 129 to 882, Atthe close of a t.vo
week's restriction the top price is $40,
and an assay price of fee to $87 per
ton of (it) per cent zinc. The restriction proves, beyond the shadow of n
doubt, that every curtailment should
be inaugurated liefore the ore, reserve
reaches 4000tons, aud that it should
be started secretly and managed very
quietly throughout. The restriction
in July was secretly inaugurated and
pressed forward before the reserve
stock had grown to menacing proportions, lt was the tirst effort ever made
lo start a restriction at the proper
time. The results have been as astonishing to the producers as the restriction movement was to the purchasing
agents. There is a gradual and very
healthy Increase in the demand for
spelter. With the demand Increased
8100 tons in a year and the supply
only proportionately increased, the
future of spelter should be encouraging, with a reflective benefit ou zinc
ore prices.
I elation held their annual meeting in
; Sandon this week.
A furious lire has broken out on
' Evans creek and is licking up all
! kinds of vnlunble timber.
Mrs. W. Clough purposes leaving
1 in n few dnys on nn extended visit lo
| her old home in Orillia, Out.
Rosslaud had a civic holiday yesterday, the people joining with  the fra-
| tenia! societies of Trail iu an excur-
l sion by rail and boat to Brooklyn.
The first copy of the Ledge, since
I it  moved  to Nelson, appeared   this
! week in enlarged form.   It is printed
', Mondav mornings and makes a specialty of Sunday night dispatches.
' The railroad commission will have
i a busy time on reaching British 061-
j uinbia.as every section of the province
I has grievances to redress.    Revel*
Isioke's board of trade ia particularly
i active, soliciting co-operation from the
, Sloean towns.
the No.
New Tunnel utottnwn,
was commenced this week on
r. tunnel al the Ottawa, and It
More Ore at JOtlO*
At the beginning of the week the
lessees of the Josie, on Dayton creek,
struck the lead in their upper crosscut, revealing a promising body of
ore. They nave the chute iu two
places and are in good shape to take
out ore and make money.
< lll'.'-m Hnve Another Hrnro.
Sloean's citizens are all nerves these
dnys and the slightest alarm is sullicient to raise an excitement. Wednesday noon the practical jokers hnd n
pirens al the depot, but il had a torri
Hotel Arrivals.
Arlington II. O. Briggs, Victoria;
dust Cormier, Geo. Ager, Enterprise;
0. V. White, Sandon; II. E. White,
Dr. E. .1. Sifton, Jamestown? N.D.; M.
Campbell, Nakusp: Ken L, Burnet,
Kossland; Miss McMillan, Silverton;
V. Young, F. Livingstone, J. A. Mc-
Kaughan, C, Miller, P. Cunningham,
Roval .l.Tinling, Silverton: Wm.
Blakemore, F. A. Stock, Nelson; H. A.
Small, A. J. Bates, Vancouver.
Silver OiioliitiiniH.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Thursdav     .ri8\ cents
Friday    r>s|   «
Saturday    58J   "
Monday •*     f»H      "
Tuesday    57 J    "
Wednesday     57g    "
Last Yeur'g Shipment* Were 1339 Tom—
A Heultliy Kvlilenee of the Life mill
Wealth of tlia, Camp—Ottawa In the
lliKHest Shipper.
Shipments from the local division
are being maintained at n satisfactory
raje, 61 tons having been sent out
timing the week. Twenty tous was
shipped by the Enterprise to Trail
and *tl tons by the, Ottawa to Nels6n.
Next week the Black Prince will enter
the list with a carload, it being about
all down at the wharf. Preparations
aro being made to follow it up with a
second carload at an early date. For
the year shipments total 1-118 tons.
For 1003 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 1889
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is ii full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise  20             540
Ottawa  •»!            681
Neepawa  IW
Port Hope  17
Republio  8'J
Black Prince  15
Sapphire  -
Argentite  5
Black Fel  -'
Chapleau  ">
Alberta.  15
Colorado  7
<U 141-*
Winter quarters are being erected
at the Riverside.
A. R. Bolderston has gone up to the
Legal to sack ore.
Boundary mines hist week shipped
1*4,429 tons'of ore.
Last week the Rossland mines handled 6008 tons of ore.
T\fo feet of galena has Ixien struck
on the old Queen Bess.
Tfcreti carti n week is the average
output of the Rambler.
Last week the Trail smelter shipped
out 222,060 pounds of lead.
The Last Chance has resumed operations, with a force of 14 men.
Sandon mines last week sent out
321 tons of ore, or 6769 tons to date.
More of the Howard Fraction liabilities were straightened up during tht*
A route has been laid out for a new
trail to the Club, giving a six per ceut
Messrs. Stock and Blakemore camn
up from Nelsou-on Monday, to take a
look at the Cripple Stick.
The Slocan Star is the heaviest
shipper in the Slocan, having an output for the year of 1296 tons.
The lessees of the upper tunnel on
the Payne have received returns of
$2800 on a car of ore recently shipped.
A fire started in the brush lielow the
Neepawa on Saturday and it redfulfed
a strong effort to sate the mine buildings. •
A considerable portion of the Hume
W. Koch is building at the Alice cou-
centrator, Creston, lias been destroyed
by fire.
D. Hodnett and H.Shiftell.of Boss-
burg, Wash., have bonded the Mountain Uont, in the Jackson basin, for
E. Rammelnieyer and Geo. Roy, of
Nelson, were here Saturday, going out
next day to look at some claims on
Lemon creek.
For the lirst six months of the year
the price of silver averaged six cents
higher than it did during the same
period in 1908.
An assav office hae been erected and
fitted lip iit the Ottawa. The splendid
sampling outfit that was at the Galena
Farm was secured.
A foundation has lieen graded for a
large new ore houso at the Black
Prince. During the operations a new
vein was uncovered,
Dick Butner, formerly of this town,
had a bad tumble in the Ivanhoe last
week. He fell 20 feet nntl was somewhat jarred and scarred.
During the week a helivv shipment
of zinc ore passed through here bound
for Antwerp, Belgium. It consist ed
of six carloads and came from the
Tho lesseos of the Bondholder nre
working in the lower drift and expect
to hit the oro chute in 20 feet. A
small streak encountered gives values
of 860 oz.
Cameron & Kennedy's paektraiti
was engaged hist week packing down
a carload of ore from the Black Prince
to the Arlington basin. A second, cur
is being gol ready for shipment
> j£
Ontario Minister of Asrlculture  Talk* of
Vlilt to Uounuti'k iknil Our
Bacon 1'iutlw-
Hon. John Drydcn, Ontario Minister ol Agriculture, und 1'rof. Day ol
the O.A.C. nt tiuelph, Mt for Europe
on the 10th June. After Investigating the English market they will
visit Denmark and gather information about dairy and stock-farming
as practiced there.
"Wc want to find out their ways,
nnd enquire into the uniformity ol
their product, which is ono of their
strongest points; and about thc breed
of their hogs, nntl anything else that
may give us a clue to the success of
the Dane* in the English market,"
■aid Mr. Dryden, in speaking of his
expected visit to Denmark before
leaving Toronto.
"I think in some sections of England our bacon is liked, but wo cater
(or ono market only, nntl stick to
that. Our farmers generally aro interested in tho supply of bucon from
Denmark, as it is always held up as
the real competitor in tho British
'■'I understand our people aro entering to a particular class of trade,
but whether that is tho only or tho
best class available remains to be
seen. My own theory is that wo can
produce as good a bacon ns anyone,
but it depends both on tho farmer
and the packer. If tho farmer docs
not supply good raw material, thc
packer is helpless; but tho farmer is
Just as helpless if thc packer does
not utilize it to advantage.
'■'I am prepared to say," continued
Mr. Drydcn, meditatively, "that if
our people can receive for their
pork and beef between fivo and six
cents a pound—well, I would not nlways expect to get six cilits, but,
say, from five to six—if someone
could guarantee me these prices, and
corresponding prices on cheese and
bacon, I Would guarantee to pay ofl
all tho mortgages in Ontario."
''There is no money in grain alone.
The farmer who selis his bnrluy and
even his wheat, his peas and his
oats, his rough grain products, corn,
ensilage and so forth, through his
stock, gets a higher rate for his
crops. The man who undertakes to
Mil grain in the old way at the depot or thc harbor, is more likely to
get a mortgage on than to take one
ofl. The money is in selling through
the animal."
I'We havo been doing a good deal
In what I call Agricultural College
extension work. It is undertaken in
union with the farmers. When wo get
a good variety of grain, it is sent to
a good farmer outside to experiment
wltA. He observes and reports, and
collets tho product. Thc Increasing
and* spreading of good varieties is
pushed on by these farmers who
•tart with a pound of seed and, in
twe or three years, have a ten-acre
flel*. They con sell it to their neighbors then, and thc area is expanded
In which good varieties are grown.
What I apprehend Is this, that thc
largely-Increased quantity of crops
ana stock produced is duo to thc
tinprovcd varieties of grnln and the
quality of the animals wc have introduced.
"We may look Into the dead-ment
ts+Jo when we are over. I would
lAtfter like to seo that trade well established. . It is a profitable one. The
mots this dead-meat trnde i.s developed, the moro certainly will our
(armors be on tho road to success.
***»I do not tako the view that somo
•tlo. W«» should have three .strings to
our bow. Wo should sond tho cattle
dead in cold storage. Wo should havo
our packing-houses, whore thc byproducts can be utilized ns well ns
tha canned goods, and wo should be
able to ship our cattle alive.
•'I would like tho embargo taken
ofl. Somo say it would bo better to
compel tho farmers to feed tho cuttle hero, but I would take tlio plan
that works out best. Thc farmer is
no fool, and tho greater scope he has
be knows ls to his advantage. The
man with store cut tin does uot wish
the farmer to conipcto. Uo will argue
that tho farmer should not' bo allowed to run his light Cattle out of
tbs country, aud that they should be
lad hore. But If it Is better to run
£hem light and let them be fed over
there, wo should bo able to do so. If
1 could do anything to remove tho
embargo I would do so without hesitation, because lt would bn a benefit
to the country. In Britain they
could take caro of nil the light rut-
tle wo could send thetn. The other
scheme Is carried out by force of
law, but I bellevo ln liberty of action to make tho most of our opportunities.
"I am willing to stafce my faith on
tile Ontario farmer If we can only
■give blm tho proper cuo. I realize
very fully tho change that hus come
tovw the spirit of the pvople. They
"are enthusiastic now, antl have some
-confidence In tho head of tho department, and are willing to tako any
cue that wc con givo them."
*-rof. Day will pay Some attention
to tho poultry market in England.
Mr. Dryden owiects tp sec n lot of
tUs boat Uvo stock, but hns no settled purpose about purchasing. Whether hs will biy or not will depend entirely on tbo prices asked, nnd ho
does not need to go to England to
■Warn the Vfclup o( cattle.
Two Instances Where tbe Tide Wns
Tnrned  liy  Singing: Tliem.
There are two instances on record of
a battle being won by n war song. In
the fifth century C.ernuinus, bishop of
Auxerre, antl Lupus, bishop of Troyoa,
were sent into Britain to refute the
doctrines of lVluglus. During their
stay In this Island the Diets nml Roots,
bearing that the .'louinn legion bad
been withdrawn, commenced hostilities and drove the Britons from tlio
northern to the more southern parts of
the island. Gerniniius, nt the request
of the linrd pressed islanders, led them
against the Diets mid Scots, who bad
advanced ns far ns Mold, in Flintshire
Tho bishop, hnvlng been n military
commander In bis youth, placed his
men ln nn advantageous position and
then Btnrted one of the songs of the
church. This song began nt tho commencement of the buttle, ntul so vociferously did the Britons sing the refrain, "Halleluiah," that the hills, echoing with tho sound, terrified their enemies and caused them to flee In nil directions. This was called the halleluiah victory. Tho date ls fixed by nil
historians at A. D. 4*20.
The second instance occurred on tho
■3th of November, 1792, when the
French, under Dumonrlex, encountered
the Austrluns nt Jcinuinpos, ln Belgium. The dny wns going dend agnlnst
thc French, when Humourless ran out
to the front and rnlseil tbe "Marseillaise." Forty thousand voices Instantly
took up the chorus, nnd, Inspired by
thc inngic of tlio battle song, tlio
French rallied and fell so furiously
upon the Austrlnns that the tide of
bnttln was completely turned and victory given for defeat.
"Woolly   Aphis,   or   * nn rlom might, Very
Destructive to Applot-rVartloulnrly
Dad In New Vork stiile.
Much complaint was heard of
plant lice lust year, nnd for the last
two or three seasons they seem to
have boen oh the incroaso in various
parte of the United states, and to
some extent  in Ontario.
in Colorado they occurred In large
numbers on the foliage of apple,
cherry, plum nntl other trees.
Tho woolly aphis of tho apple wns
widely distributed in Michigan, working on the bronchos arid on the
roots, producing swellings and impairing the health of the trees untl
often killing young trees outright.
This little creature, which hns gained
tho nnme of "American blight" in
the eastern continent berause of its
destructivoness. is a small plant
louse, either winged or wingless, anil
having the body covered with n delicate, filmy, wool-like coat which projects In a brush beyond the rear end
The  High  Standard  They  Hnve   Set
. For American  Litem!*re.
Two things are to be remembered
when Hawthorne's name ls mentioned.
First, the glory he reflects upon American literature. Little has been done
by us ln letters or art thnt ls quite of
the highest order except the works of
Hawthorne. These have the clear
promise of perpetuity. The themes nre
of supreme nud universal moment. He
rises to their meaning and depicts them
ln commensurate form. Ho ls not a
preacher to cry aloud, but an artist
who paints, yet not without a henrt
that throbs ln pity nnd a funcy thnt
muses over the wonder of It nnd will
not suffer the pall of darkness to hang
over lt forever. That we have In Hawthorne nn author whose work In these
high fields of thought ls crowned with
unimpeachable honor nnd ls sure of
perpetual remembrance Is a constant
satisfaction as years go by.
But Hawthorne hns n wider claim
upon our gratitude—namely, the fact
tlmt ho has set the seal of glorious
achievement In letters upon the moral
laws of our nnture. The greatest
things done in literature have been of
this sort. They alone, from Job down,
nro remembered and cherished in the
ages. Hawthonuo Is our only exponent
of genius In this field, and how superbly has he filled lt! Ills message ls tlmt
of Dante n.iul St. Pnul nnd ull great
moralist's—whatever a man does to another he does to himself, whether lt be
good or evil. Meu will forever dwell
iu this truth nnd will never forget
those gifted souls who see lt clearly
and set It forth ln perfect forms of literary art.—Century.
At  the Top of the Ladder.
A woman whose ncqimlutiincc with
the methods nnd opportunities of work
In a modern newspaper office Is of the
slightest was talking to a friend about
her son's start in life. The young mun
hnd Just left college und had secured a
position ns reporter on one of the Important Now York dallies ln the bumble capacity which Is the usual lot of
the "cub" Journalist, that of a police
court reporter. His mother was enthusiastic over his good fortune.
"Do you know," she exclaimed,
"they've given hlm such a splendid position. He's the crime editor nt the police court!"
An Old Fanhlaned Snlre.
An old recipe used for over 100 years
In tbe writer's family und excellent for
gatherings, cuts, chilblains, etc., ls
mude thus: Tut ono-quartcr of a pound
of pure beeswax, ono-<iunrter of a
pound of rosin und one-qunrtor of a
pound of luutttiii suet (freed from nil
skin) Into a Jnr and place the Jnr ln a
saucepan of boiling water. When the
mixture bus thoroughly dissolved stir
nnd pour It Into little pots or jnrs. It
Is nn old fashioned but most effective
Reenstlng HI*  riirnacra.
"It's curious that women ure never
great poets or great musicians," suid
Mr. Md'kton.
"What dltl you sny?" Raked his wife.
"I wus merely remarking that women are too sensible to squander their
energies on poetry and music to tbe ex-
tout thnt somo men do."
Jnstinahly Jilted.
Boggs—Why did Toggs brenk his engagement with Miss Badblrd? Joggs-
Ueenuse when lie took her for a wnlk
up Fifth avenue he found that none of
tho men stared at ber.
Oot III- WlKh.
Tommy — Ma, 1 wish you'd gimme
some cuke. Mother—Tommy, didn't
I tell you not to ask for nny cake?
Tommy- I nln't nsklu'. I'm Jest wish-
There is no Impossibility to him who
Stands prepnred to conquer every box-
erd. The fearful nrs the fulling.
.   - *        " ■    m_\
§s^#?| ■ y.^rJ
m»Yi2-f^S3) —l$f. ■   _
Ev •• •?
IptV^i^Un            *~^L_--'C__*a*'
I.ICli ON  Al'l'l.r   A XII   l.KAVKS.
j of the body. Apple lice wero so bud
in Montana last season in their effect on young orchards as to be vory
discouraging to the apple grower^.
II. ll. I'ettit of Michigan advises to
dip all young stocks in hot water
(IHO P.) or in tobacco water before
setting out new orchards. Kerosene
emulsion, diluted to the ordinary
strength for summer spraying, will
nlso answer. A liberal use of tobacco dust or wood ashes aliout trees
will help to restrict the lice. For
tho aerial lice on tho limbs a spray
of kerosene, ten times diluted anil
forcibly applied, is recommended. Mr.
I'ettit says trees grafted on Northern
Spy stock have lieen found very resistant to woolly aphis.
Profossor Slingorland has recorded
the year 100!! in New York ns noted
for an excessive and unprecedented
development of plant lice on both
shade and fruit trees. Apples, quinces,
plums, pears and cherries were su
bndly infected thnt tho trees in many
cases were permanently injured. Apple nnd sweet cherry stocks suffered
most. Sour cherries, beside badly
injured sweet varieties, were not
touched. But the most surprising and
destructive work of these little pests
was in large bearing orchards In
western New York. The young fruits
were swarming with lice, which hnd
stunted their growth and in some
cases given the fruits a misshapen,
knotty appearance. One large apple
buyer stated in the autumn that il
was very tlillk'tilt to pack good stork
in the infested orchards. One grower
reported his crop reduced one-half by
the lice. Many young orchards Were
treated several times with 11"' Oil
and soap mixtures with good success
when the work w-as thorough.
The  Threads  of   Wire   Upon   Whloh
So  Many Liven  Daily Depend.
While tho longest ropes are used for
hauling purposes, some of the must interesting data In connection with wire
ropes ure obtained with their use i'or
hoisting purposes. Hundreds of thousands of lives are literally eueh day
hung by a sum11 wire thread us the
mon are lowered into and hoisted from
the bowels of the earth, and In many
eases the only means of commuuioation
lietween the surface nnd the under*
ground workings, which nre from n
fow Coot to ii mile In depth, Is by n
comparatively small hoisting rope.
Think of hanging from the end of n cubit* only a few Inches In diameter nnd
a mile long, being hoisted ut n rnte
whieh is Caster than thnt of the average railroad train, nnd some Idea of the
hoisting problem cun be gained, To
the honor of the wire rope manufacturers it must be suid thnt very few shiift
accidents aro due to the b.etiklng of
the rope, excepting where the cage ls
overwound nnd unwarranted demands
ure mnde upon the rope or which are
traceable to false economy on the part
of the users of wire rope. No purt of
a mining plant ls more carefully In*
.pected und watched thnn the hoisting
i*t pe, nnd very few mine managers will
tako any unnecessary risks In the
hoisting of men. The skill of the wire
rope milker is taxed to the utmost to
provldo ropes for hoisting from great
depths. To niuUe a rope of practicable
si/.e that will bo sufficiently flexible
and that will beur even Its own weight
ii no moan problem, for In such cases
ihe weight of the rope is often much
more thun the material lifted; hence
we huvo taper rope Intended to give n
varying section ^dependent on the
amount of rope oilStbe drum or reel.—
Mines nnd Minerals.
Consider tlio Te.nl.
There is nothing too small or re*
pulsive to escape the vigilant eye of
the Agricultural Department. Recently a bulletin Wiis issued on the
"Usefulness of tho Toad." Now. the
toad is not beautiful to look upon,
although in the loveinukiiig season
he is a musical reptile. But the nil
seeing visual organ of the Agricultural Department bus discovered
that, like the ben, the briiiille cow,
and other homely friends of man, the
toad more thnn makes up In tho
useful what he lacks in the aesthetic. Shakcsfioare's charge that the
toad  is  venomous  has  been   proved n
libel. l'*.i|iially fallacious Is the counterbalancing virtue that he "hath
yet   ft     precious   Jewel   in   his   head.''
All this proven that the bard of
Avon wus not so Intimately acquainted with bis toadship us is the modern
scientist. So ulso must go our fond
belief that tlio toad creates watts.
Very many (.ther popular notions,
such as the bloodying of the cow's
milk as n result of toad murder, are
nlso exploded by the Iconoclasts of
the depart ment.
The toad's utility lies ln thc
things he eatf*. Ho has the largest
appetite for his si/e of any animal
on record, nnd us an absorbent ol
flies has thn various traps nnd
brands of fly pnper beaten a mile. He
looks clumsy enough, but when he
sees n largo nml juicy Insect, no cat
goes after n mouse with tho lightn*
ing-like rapidity dovclopod by lha
load. He cats (lies, mosquitoes,
hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, cent I*
pedes,   ants,   I Ugs,   Worms   mid   prol,-
ably    microbes,    though    tho  germ
phase   of   llis     appetite   has   la.t    been
investigated l.y the agricultural exports, Ai any rato, tho facl thai ho
devours flies, riio'.'|iiilocs and ivaspS
makes hlm n frtond ol man. Ho
voracious Is tho toad thnt when ha
cannot get anything else to stay lha
cravings of his perennial hunger, ha
skins himself and eals his own cuticle. In this he differs from his
human cousin, who skins something
or somebody else.
A I'leunaut Sort of Deception Common to Many  People.
It is a common thing to find the
clocks In nine out of ten households
either fifteen minutes or hnlf an hour
fast, nnd should you happen to be In a
hurry or mention tbe fnct thnt you
have to be going you are at once reassured by the fact that you huve no
cause to hurry, ns the clock Is so much
ahead of tho time.
Has It ever occurred to you why
ilecks are usually put ahead? Some
physicians hnve said it is due to lustiness, for it ls sueh a satisfaction to the
lazy mnn to find when he has to get
up ut 7 in the morning nnd strains his
half closed eyes to look nt the clock
that it ls hnlf uu hour fust nud he bus
so much more time to doze, with the
result that he oversleeps himself nuy-
liow and misses bis train or bont.
Snid n watchmaker wheu usked
nhout the subject:
"Ves, lt ls ii peculiar thing with most
people to put their clocks fast, aud.
while there may be some satisfaction
iu lt when It comes to dozing n little
longer, there is reully no advantage in
it, for when you wake up, sny, nt 0 and
glance at the dock nnd it registers hnlf
past o, the fact remains that It Is a
hulf hour fast. While thla may make
you feel ensler, knowing thut you still
have thirty minutes to doze, 1 confess
I don't see much advantage In it.
"Why not hnve the clock right? lt Is
the snnic thing In the end.
'•Suppose railroads were to put this
Into practice, how mnny trains do you
think people would miss thereby'/ This
putting (locks fast Is reully ouly n
pleasant form of deception which people like to practice on themselves, but
lt docs more barm than good."
A Way Spencer Hnd,
Herbert Spencer hnd a passion for
generalization, if you remarked it was
ii fine day, Spencer would answer,
"Yes; anticyclonlc conditions llki
thoso of yesterday seldom brenk up
without warning of tlie advent of n
depression from westward." If you
observed that Mrs. Jones wns u pretty woman, Spencer would reply, "Her
father wus n west hlghlniider and bet
mother nu Irishwoman, und Intermarriage between hlghlanilers und Irish almost always produces physically handsome but Intellectually Inferior children."
The Original Anglomaaiae,
Wayne bad Just won the battle
Stony Point
"But why," Inquired lhe British, "do
ihey call you Mad Anthony?'
"Becnuse," replied tho doughty genernl, "I am the original Aiighiiniinliw."
Putting Ills statement to the lest, he
pressed onward, taking wilh him several cannon of the latest English manufacture,
Tlmt* t<> Feed Chlokt.
Chicks should not be fed unlil they
are ut least thirty-six hours old It
Is a serious mlstako lo feed them
earlier. Too cuj'ly feeding Is tin*
cause of Indigestion end bowel
trouble in many cus s, We try to
keep  the  I i-tiipernl lire  of  lhe   brooder
botwoan 0(J and 06 degrees throughout t]i'> first week. After thn Cost
wi'ck tii" temp..nil nre is grudllnlly
lowered, genn'ally speaking, nbout
ono degreo a day.—Ontario Agricultural College Bulletin.
NorioiiM Defeot,
"Voting man, this elevator Is out of
order. I shall certainly report it to my
husband, who is an ussislaut elevator
"Wh-wli-what's tho matter with it,
"The mirrors nre soiled and dlngv
sir." *"
Paring •*• r,,st P*********8 Heavy i)r*n.rB
Iluvi* Boon t'l-oflbtblt*.
There has been no timo during the
past decade when a first class heavy
drafter would not sell at a profit to
the producer, said Professor Skinner
before the Nebraska l^ive Stock Association. Such horses are demand*
ed by mnny manufacturers uml wholesale merchants nt high prices. In the
markets to-day they will range In
price from Slot) to $5U0, depending
on the size and quality. Everything
considered, this typo of hoi so will
bo most profitable for fanners.
Some think the light horse, such ns
used for bus und express purposes, ;
better adapted to (armors' condition,
but in his effort to produco tho
heavy typo a sullicient number of
failures will result in enough of tho '
lighter type to supply the demands.    |
The heavy draft horse is tho   best
for several reasons.   Ho can bo pro- |
duceil   easily and   cheaply, requires
little nt tent ion and   is reitdily   l.rok- (
en.   Furthermore, ho can bo used on
the farm from two to four years and j
thus pay his way.   Blemishes do not |
detract so much from his sale, us In
the case of many other types, and ho
is well suited to tho heavy work now
found on tho farm. |
A  few  years ago    much  was  said
nbout the very short legged, extreme- !
ly blocky horse, und to-iluy such aro ;
good sollers, but a fnr superior 1'nrm j
horse   is    found   in     Iho    urt ivo,   upstanding horse of 1,600 pounds  nnd
upward with good fiction and style. |
Such  u horse  will  not  only  sell    to I
advantage,  but fill  the  roll  of farm i
horse    well.    He  can  bo  taught     to
wnlk  rapidly    and  does    not    know |
whnt n  load is.    Where such are bred j
and raised on  thu    farm they    cost
very   little    and help   mightily    In I
making   up the   losses   from cattle
feeding,  etc.     They   ca
by   mating  the   heavier   mnres   with I
pure bred    draft    stallions   of     any |
of  the leading   draft   breeds  of     np- |
proved type nnd quality.
Prepotsaoe ol .stallion*.
With drafters most authorities
agree that twonty-flvo mares are
enough for a three-year-old horse,
while one a year older may cover
forty, which would indicate that
dentition or no dentition a stallion
is expected to do more In tbo stud
at four than he is at three. Stallions have covered ut these ages
many moro marcs than the numbers
mimed und suffered not al all from
so doing, but as u gen,nil rule it
will bo found ihnt it Is better to go
very slow with horses four years of
age. It is always well to save something to finish with, and it is no
hard trick at all I" overdo a three
or four year old horse in the stud.—
Breedor's Gazette,
CliU'f af  tlia I,,
I       J. Huddle)!, 5i„
-•'•lain.,, „,,
"■""I •-.MUli,.""«
»0lr» Division. ,i! ;.. l»<-'<
**; ''"n.;n:'|,'.1llor|,u„, '• '■■nilt,*
Boxou are, said h,.   „,,,.' *"*' Un,.
^'V* clKeeo fro'm       .^
portal.ou.     t..  r„..sii.   .'   '
to faciliuu,",,, '" ••«H!.
ing, and to permit ih,.„    "' *"••»*;•
several  tiers    .hep   ■„" u'ln«wJ
without boing crushed out ?'l'Wi
Without  the box
es   th,!
not bo delivered iu UrouVnl1 **"••« I
a prcHa.nuido conditio,,,   t,'lt"»l ta
ia desirabl
at all, it
to  have chc
IS   Slll'ely   li,,,,, , ,
the box should he ■*!■!, 'l M
reach Its distillation in I "m& is)
"ition, A great urniw ■AlS'fl
cheese nre landed ,„, ',],,. ' "ts 1
with twonty-fivo per cent 7 s*
boxes  broken,    indeed "'  ll»i
om   the  inspectors  sli„w
ono quarter
This sm,
of   the
U   1
'"'"St I
the boxes has been «..„, V T
l>ose.    And  thai is Iml „„ uf "•
ht»n .-on    l.^vno    I..     ... '   ,ul
means u„,i
broken  boxes  in u B|
detracting .from tho acn,    . ,      i
the cheese which t |„.v ,,',,, ;'hl* A
niuko the whole VitieZu;:;:;;^
a purchaser. uvuii!t«l
What nro tho reasons for t\,_ .
satisfactory state of nffuia?'!
Urst Placo wo have increased 1
weight of our cheese. am, " 9
r-.ir,'  i lino reduced  the strength!
■' mall
dent also    that   there are'mJjI
makers    who   havo   never
iso, uml
tho box by using thinner von
nn inferior quality ol elm. n
thut   th.n
Induced the
the thickm ss
simple Milk Tester.
Thp purity of lhe milk may be confirmed or set nt rest in n iiioii'i*
with no olher appliance llinij n had
pencil with a round rubber tip. This
simple but offcctiVo test is bused on
the relative density of milk and
water, on account of which a floating
body will sink deeper in the latter
thun In the former.
First cut off .almost hnlf the pencil
and float the rubber tipped end iii
water. The pencil sliould Boat In nn
upright position, if it tips cut it
.shorter, little by little, until only u
small end projects above the water.
Now mark the exact water line by a
slight notch. Next take a strip' of
paper as long as the distance from
thin cut to the rubber etui and fold
it In half; then fold one end to tho
centre  crease,   then   the  same  end   to
learned their trade, as a ltirM
portion of tho boxes ,;i „„*.. ,,,■'•■
together. ■"
•iho increasing cost and w.1rri,,.t.
   0,m'   ,""<1    the   demands    „|   JJJ
n be produced | manufacturers for o choap box.ll
    ' "   " v,,,"',,r cutlers to red*
thn Veneer, untB
much of that now offend for sulci
entirely too flimsy for t|,c ,,„ '
It. should never |„. out ],.M thut! fuB
fivo to the inch. A nn.,, a-ul ofg
is six and somo even s,\an t0 ,u
Another fault. In the vencer Is rc.t
the log i.i often not Inula,! sufficient.
ly to soflen the wood; consoquejU
the vomer knife shalt, rs it ' icliifc
cutting, und pi'.is it a tendency),
split easily.    Anotlu r result of ins*
flciont  bojling or sten ig is  tha)
; tho  silts  of the wood nro   not j
i tr acted;  consequently    boxes
from such stock  moid,I very mdti
When I began buying box,* tori
cool  curing  rooms.  :.ii.|    gr, Rm
iii;!*, I  Insisted on getting licavji
Idled Voneois. The box tankers IM
to persuado ma lo accept the thi,
vein cr, some claiming tlait it w0j|4
i tand moro    rough ui ago than tfcl
thickt v    material,       I  h ive hid til
gi'.e  two    cenis  above    tha ra-ulsl
prl ■■• for such boxes, but it paid ul
do sa, for the reports on sliipmeMT
from  the' curing  rooms Mumvil t*\
ono and two per cent   broken,
rotirso     these    shlpnii nts   ttett
Carefully   load, d   Into  the    cars j
not  li ft standing four or Dvs U
high,    to bo     thrown   down
smashed by tho tint   shunt,   lis
droits of box-'-', are broken in lit
w.iy. I bcllovo thoro is nlnm
I enough wasted in trimming ImiaI
I either In the chocSo factory, cr
the warehouse to mako up thu tf
forenro of two cents Ilexes ires]
Worth nt lenst one cout per Inckl
dr) lh. and thnt part Which is X
away  Is absolute waste.
it boxes aro not thoroughly 4j
When put on the i ho •', ile- ft*
ul mould is started This Is partjj
Inrly the car.> in cold wcathct «k*
lhe boxes dry slowly,
In  aiming to have thc chees t
the boxes without trimming,   it
woll  to remember lb.it n lx>x, whid
n ns'trefl  twelve  Inches   deep
newly  mnde.  will shrink   t'i   (•■
i and n half inches as it dries outfl
same box will expand again te nit"*'
ly  Its  originnl depth after   it  •*••
i been in a warehouse f i n attt ta
so.   becnuse  it absorbs motslurcfrcsl
' the cheese,   In fitting dry bow _\
the chrcso  it  is noccMiiry. Iherefenf
to  hu\e thn che.se project ot
onc-quartof of nn  Inch    nh»v*
edge of the box.   Ono would tltirAII
! hardly iiicessury to fall ntt.-nti***"!
the Importance of having »h<* i*o««l
the proper diameter to Pll ti* *■
snugly. No box will stand ■
handling that is not lupptw*!
the cheese on the Inslcte.
Wii n".
Mabel - I do believe Miss Ponds l.i In
love   wllb   tbnt   poor   young
Clnrn   Whnt u shninel
mako such a good wife
who wns marrying for
And she would
for some fellow
money.- Puck.
suin Protection When cVpraylnB.
Vasollno In    now strongly    rccom
mended for the protection of tho skin'backward
when spraying, Applied thoroughly
upon the lunula nml face, v.i 11 rubbed
over the eyes so that the eyelids and
eyebrows are coveted, it will throw
olT the lime, unit nnd sulphur spray
liim water off a duck's bad'. The operator should,  however,  WOar gloves
Little Dick Undo Richard, what Is
chagrin? i:m.|,. Richard Dickie, chagrin Is thnt feeling ynu oui
hi  to huve
icu you kick at the eat uml fall over
In the hour of distress ami misery
lhe eye of every mortal turns («, friend-
llllp. Ill the hour of gladness ntul con*
Mvhillly what Is your want? It j*
tho new crease, repeating until you
have folded (he limes. At the distance between this last crea'e and
the end (about one-eighth inch) from
lhe first CUt on tho pencil make another cut nearer the rubber end.
Now you nre rondy to float tho
pencil In ths milk. If the milk is
pure the pencil will sink _$ deep ns
tho second notch; if the milk bus
l-ccn watered it will float botwoan
the two notches, nnd if it hns boon
skimmed it will iiout with both
notches out,
Unskimmed milk Is nbout :i per
cent, heavier thnn wuter, henco the
moro water added to the milk tho
deeper  the   pencil   will   sink    until   it
approaches tho notch for water.
Cream is lighter than water; hence
if the cream bus been skimmed oil
the pencil will not Rink no deep „„
In whole milk, since wimt remains
nfter Skimming iu heavier than whole
All hough  the  distance  between  thn
notches Ih small,    tho level in milk
Should     be   exactly     ,lt.    ,)„.    second
notch,   nn     milk     in   constant    In
Weight, nnd the failure of the pencil
to sink to the    notch should nioiino
Illustration glvos o^^B
Alfred   Tanner's  famous ■
rum,  wii r    at  the Engl.**
siiuw, 1908,
MC Kill"'
Thi i>i •* • 111
A   correspondent
Oaeottoi "How' many '•""•'"""'|1;i{ktil
tho sa me rum be broil to »   "j ^1
iiheep und what  in il"1 ''J1'1'    ctiA
br ling?" To which John »• b0J
makes ibis reply   "Tho ram     .s
,vn go*1'    ■
I'lie rain
never  be bred to hlH 0
Cun only lo used tWO   .
samo Hock, if his get ll11'" „,
into the flock and hnd oWJ     -^
lings, which httoWrJSJj
only limit to tho USO ofl '<,     p
the iio.k that is not rotatoow
is thu vigor of the rem' _
Vnlosef sCord »< >•'■""* J
Hour tnble scraps nro not good for
Regularity in tho secret of success
in poultry raising,
Ono conl of manure
of fori ili.'.lng roi
to    experiments         tl Mi
New llniiipshires A,:'     "'  '
i J'rf I
I B**"*!
uiuctoa ;y
nnd Exporlmonlnl ni
.'!* cords of meadow
basis of organic   ms
muiiiii'o Is oqulvah "'
tier, »
to 11 »
| all'I
«i ■H-6
gLOCAN,   B.   C.
nunmrotis His <>■ "r>'-
.. tnpsg coint'H soonor or later   in
f       nf everyone.     Many   who for
I    hnve enjoy oil the best of Ilea 111, I
■:'! seized  with  Koine ono of
Most of tho
'.".'■ult from an Impoverished cons'"ef die blood; thus if tho blood ,
wiehed   the trouble will   disnp-:
h'1"    That   is   why   Dr,  Williams' j
U rills Imvo had  n greater   BUC-
than any other mOcUclne  in   tho '
_M in curing sick and ailing poo-
These pills actually mako   new, '
I,,    rod    blood,   strengthen   every
Ivo i" tho body and  in this   wuy j
L. peoplo woll and  strong.     Mr. I
JmIioiisc Lacoussioro,   a   well known j
Ii„l'   fanner    of   St.    Loon,  Que,. ■
Tves ti,,. truth ot these statements. I
, saVs: "About    a    yeur   ago   my '
;0(1 gruditully beenmo  impoverish-:
I was weak, nervous, and gonor- ;
|y mn down.     'i'lien suddenly   my
T'ubio >*••'* aggravated by pains In '
kidneys and bladder, and day by
I grow so much worsu that fin- !
|V I   was  iiiinble  to   rise    without
| consulted doctors,    but   nny
■„.( | ohtulnod from their medlcino
Is only temporary, nnd I begun to i
Liiur    ol    ovor   being well again. I
dny 1 read un article In u news-i
B|„,r   praising   i'r.   Williums'   I'ink
■ Is ninl I decided lo try them. I '
It si*, boxes, nnd beforo they wero '■
T gone my condition was BO great- '
■ Improved thnt I knew 1 had at
It found a medicine, to cure mo. I I
litii,ua! the use of the pills for a'
■ile lunger, nnd every symptom of I
L troublo wns gone, nnd I hnvo j
Lo enjoyed the best of henlth. I |
ink so much of Dr. Williams' Dink i
■Is that 1 am never *Allhout them
jthe bouse."
It is because Dr. Willlnms' I'ink
lis niiiUe new blood thnt they curo
ill diseases   as     anaemia,   rheutiin-
... Kidney and liver troubles, ncu- j
Iglii, indigestion and all other ail- |
fcnts duo to poor blood. Uut you I
list get tho genuine l*euring tho full
■mo "Dr. Williams' Pink Tills for j
llo IVoplo" on the wrapper uround
Yr.y box. Sold by medicine dealers!
Erywhore, or Bent by mail ut GO j
Bts a box or six boxes for |3.50
addressing   tho    Dr.     Williams' !
Idlcino Co., Brockville, Ont.
Hwmor and Philosophy
Copyrljrh\ 1001. by Dunjan M, Smith.
Cutting remarks naturally cause people to drop opart
There once wns a man who never
hnd n word with his wife, n,, Wlls „
mute.   Ko wns she.
An enterprising citizen often
passes for a
great inun because he has n
skillful press
While nn ordinary ring has
no end, u political ring has one
that is spectacular when the
peoplo become
n roused.
Where was Moses when the light
went out? On the gas company's blnck
list, perhaps.
Somo people use the truth ns sparlng-
ly ns if it were mado of gold.
Thero nre some old jokes that are
still too fresh.
The hand that rocks the cradle Is the
hand that spanks the world.
Spring fever is often followed by
midsummer lunacy.
Why J* J. Perkins Owes his Life
to Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Doctor ii»„ aivon Dim up and he wtu
IlapMeu unit lMmlltuto liefore tlia
Ureal Canadian Kidney neuiedy put
Hlm nn   l)|s Fact.
'I'.yndall, Man., Aug. 8.-( Special.)
—wl'in u man has had kidney dl-
soaso; when tho doctor has given him
up; when that man tukes Dodd's
Kidney l'ills, begins ut onco to recover and is soon a well man, that
man is surely in a position to say
that Dodd's Kidney l'ills saved his
Thut is the cxperlcnco of Mr. J.
•l. Perkins of this place. Speaking
of his case Mr, Perkins snys:—
"Kor two years I was troubled
with my kidneys, and at lust became
so bad that tho doctor who was attending mo gnvo mo up and said I
wa.s incurable.
"I continued to grow worse. I was
unable to work, and wns becoming
deslituto when to please a friend I
tiled Dodd's Kidney l'ills.
"The first box did mo so much
good I fell, like a new mun, and after taking five boxes I was completely cured."
Dodd's Kidney l'ills curo tho kidneys, and cured kidneys euro Dropsy,
Rheumatism, Heart Disease nnd all
other diseases resulting from Impure blood.
The  Tailor   Made
Lady and the Clerk
Ilie    nan.     rebelling    li, cause  thej
not   pictured   as   Madonnas,    are
filming     to     have      their    pictures
with  the baby,  leaving the limit  home.
'Ah, ]'ia,lessor." |.\clniiiii*d thecou-
|i,ai  young   man, "I wish I know
nub  .is  you    i!o."    "Yon  would
tin    more    t ban     1,"    replied    I h ■
|isi i old professor,   "II   you   only
ns   much   us   you   think you
\ /   iWi.se  HemAi   Disinfectant
,,|   I',,u.ier in better  than othor pow*
It    is     In,III     SOU!    llial   ill .n.f. .-
|\ Wisconsin .iudgv decln**ed  void  n
M rui'l   bei ueen  a   labor  union  and
I w Inch the lattor air.. .1  lo
ll'.V,   none hut  union workmen.
ill bis    been    demonstrated again
1 you ennnot treat with contempt
"lnh    human      experience    has
?bl  lo ho true.
•'■• ll>.< Heavy Death Kate A mime Child-
reu Muy Ue Hcalured.
IThc death rate nmong Infants nnd
:* children during tho hot wea-
r Is   simply appalling.      For   ex-
nple   in the city of Montreal nlono
one week,  ti,,*. death of one ltun-
"i .md six children was recorded.
ust   of   thoso   deaths \vcro duo to
'■•uh nnd bo\»cl troubles,   which
nlways alarmingly prevalent dur*
}g  lhe  hot   weather,   and   most, if
fl all, of theso precious littlo livc£
jlRhl havo been saved, if the mother
id nl  hand a safe und Simple rcm-
Jy to check tho troublo nt the out-
ti      As n life saver among Infants
''I   young     children,   llaby's   Own
ibl is   should   bo   kept    in    every
■lie-     Theso   Tablots   prevent   nnd
i"  diarrhoea,    dysentery,   cholera
bl.iiiium   nnd   nil   forms   ol   stom-
|<li trouble.    If littlo ones nro given
Tablets   occasionally   they   wiU
If'.'V. at  theso troubles nnd keep  tho
V..Ir,n healthy.   Thn Tablets   cost
Inly 23 cents n box,   nnd   a   box ol
faby's   Own   Tablets In  tho   homo
save   a   littlo   life.    They   art
narnnteod  to   contain no opiate or
Im a,iul   drug,   and   mny   bo   given
safety und advantage to a now
babe or woll grown child.     II
dealer does not kee-p the   Tab-
send thu prico to tho Dr.   Wil-
•oms' Medicine Co., llrockville, Ont.,
|n<l a box will bo sent you by mall
That Vacant Place.
That there's rnotn at tho top has hern
said anil been sung
In our tired ami uchlng ear3 morning
and nlgbt;
It's   the.   timo   that's   been   Jangled,   tho
theme that's been sprung
Till tho tune nnd tho topic uro threadbare nnd trite;
But tho fallacy ot It appears to my mind
To be quite plain enough to be seen b>
tho blind.
Wu have heard It from orators, sages and
It's been sounded 1n season nnd out of
lt, too.
And In ev'ry old copybook this naw np-
It is etched out !n black, and it's chalked In In blue;
But 1 Still must contend Hint tlje thing's a
Though 1 fancy you liiinil 1 am making a
If there's room at the top, tell me, why
must the rhap
*Wh" is Btnndlng up there at the npex of
I>o forever alert lest he get r.nrh a rap
As will cause hlm to reef, while some
other man springs
To the summit and Spurn* him away Into
Then   ho  ls  done   for.   n   has  been,   he's
knocked out of plike.
Tou mny potter along In this game that
we play.
Ton will lind It no clnoJi as you como
and you go;
Hut go slow In believing tho things that
Ihey n.iy
Of the Space that Is vacant up ln thc
top row;
I think you will (lnd if you ever get there
Thut you've crowded 3ome fellow off Into
the air.
Single Handed.
I'l'iii'-luiiiiiig.      prize-fighting,     nnd
COCk-figtrtttlg   have   one   by   one    been
pul down by law, bul wo still allow people lo placo their lives in
Joepnrdv for lhe delectation of sen-
sation-loving sp. clators.
I was   cured   of painful Oollro by
' l!\ AKIl   McMUIjUN.
< hall,am,  Oni.
I wus cun d   of    Inflammation   by
j   Walsh, Ont.
1 \iaa cured of Facial Neuralgia bv
.i. ii. bailey;
j     l'uiksd.ih',  (int.
|    An  experl   is   n    man    who  doesn't
get confused when cross-examined.
I'r .1. h fvclloga's Dysontery Cordial
i. ... bpeedy curo for dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera, summer complaint, sea
•iikra-s. mid complaints IncldeultU to
children tecthlii" li i*|ves immediate rt>
liefto those suffering from the elfeets of
Indiscretion in eating unripe fruit, cucumbers ei'- li acts v.iih wonderful rapid it*, i.i.'l never (ails to conquer the
■' ■ . ■■ No one need fear cholera lt they
have a laiille ol this medicine conven-
li ..i
Atitoinobilos made for the German
army haul live to eight-ton loads
through hilly country.
There is only one genuine Fly Pad; that's
Wilson's.   Aioiti poor imitations.
"No maVtin," said the hobo who
was (i.Liii'itig mi a handout, "I ain't
no ret; hir tramp. 1 wu/. a sailor
free years ergo,    but mo   ship   got
wrcckl    an'    I    wiiz  washed  ashore."
"And it's a safe bet," retorted Iho
unsympathetic female, "that you
ain't   tiii'ii   washed   since."
SHE was a taller made young lady
ot "twenty years who sat ut the
silk counter with n bit oi' black
taffeta in her dainty lingers,
"Have you some of tills* sniue taffeta':" she nsked the clerk. "It was
bought here, nnd I want to look al
something off the nnme piece."
Patiently the clerk pulled down bolt
ufter boi. of .uIToUl nud ufter ten minutes' searching nnd matching lie found
the bolt desired
Sho looked nt It carefully, while the
clerk inquired, "How many yards,
please V"
"Oh, I don't want any," sbe said
Sweetly. "1 made _ wnger with Mite
Brown tlmt this taffeta hud a red selvage, and she bet it was a green selvage. I see It's red, and I'm awfully
much obliged to you, nnd Mao lirown
Will hnve to pay me u box of candy."
Patiently the clerk restored his silks
to the shelves and regretted the heavy
penalty for homicide.—New Vork
Why  Illchnril Van Ccimnred.
Senator Hopkins of Illinois tells of a
lady of bis acquaintance in Chicago
who wns recently compelled to censure
her little boy for making a rude reference to the nppcurunce of a certain
Visitor to her house.
"Now, Richard," said the mother
sternly, "let ine never again bear you
speak In sucb disrespectful terms of
Professor Blank."
"Very well, mn," replied the youngster, "but be certainly Is a homely
muu, Isn't beV"
"That's very true, my child; but, all
the same, you mustn't speak of lt. Professor Dlunk ls a very estimable man."
"1 guess be ls, ma," went on tbe
hopeful, "but, my, he's ugly!" Then,
entirely forgetting the maternal admonition, tho Incorrigible youngster
added, "Wby, ma, the professor 13 so
ugly that wben bo makes a face he's
handsomer than lie la when bo isn't
making a face."
Whereupon thc mother collapsed.—
Philadelphia Ledger.
A sch.'til Ist. says that a nmn':, I.of.;,
is fully '.in per cenl. Wllitur. Ill' courso
lliis percent nge doesn't apply to a
Kentucky man,
Official    figures   compiled   nml   revised   by   the    New   Yoi'1.   city   police
fixed the   number   Killed in thc General Slocum disaster at 1,020,
Vaccination is mnv compulsory in
Franco during the firsl yeur of life
und ivvnceiiiatioii during the eleventh
and twenly-flrst years.
The Romans hail ii god of boun-
darlcs, Terminus. His statue was a
posl sat in the ground to murk tho
limits of  fields.
If n man bus any sense nt all in his
love affairs, he loses it wben be scouts
a rival.—Atchison Olobe.
After Midnight.
Wife—I'm sorry to see you enme
homo in such a state as this, Charles.
Husband-1 know you'd be sorry, Carrie, nnd that's why I told you not to
sit up.
Removes ull hard, soft or calloused
lumps und blemishes from hones, hlood
spavin, curbs', splints, ringbone, Bweoney,
.stilles, sprains; cures sore und swollen
ihiont, coughs, etc. Save *.">o by the
use of one bottle Warranted the mosi
wonderful   Blemish  Cure ever known.
Minard's Linfient Cnres Diphtheria.
Peoplo are never so careless n^
when Ihey have a big lot ol explosives around,
Minart's Liniment Cnra Garget li Con
"It  tukes  nine  tailors  to  make a
"l'osslblr, but one can break hlm."
A hondncho may be relieved by adding n  littlo lemon juice to your ten
I instead ol niilk	
! It Is worth io cents to clear your house of
, flics, and one packet of Wilson's Fly Pads
', will do it.
Miss Kit/.-Jones (to Smithers, who
hns claimed first dame)—"Vou're
quite an curly bird, Mr. Soothers'"
Smithers (making big attempt nl
something gallant)—"Ah, yes, Bnh
.love! nnd I've caught the worm,
A mun in trouble is apt to discover that bis .''.'ienils : iv not its
friendly as they might be, a
Catarrh for twenty years and
cured in a faw days. Hon. a mg
• Iiiiues, of Sci-iinton, Pa... says; "I have
been a martyr to Catarrh "lor twenty
yeara, constant hawking, dropping in ihe
throat, pain iu the head, very nlTensive
breath. 1 tried in- Agnew's Catarrhal
Powder Tho tirst application gave instant  relief.   After uslna a tew bottles 1
was cured,    oil cents—1
Got His Answer,
For months he hud been feeding her
antitrust candy nnd germ infected Ice
cream, and he began to tblnk lt was
nbout time ho was getting action on
1:1s money. So he approached ber cautiously, us u man steps up to the blind
side of a mule.
"Miss Bottle," be said, "did you ever
think of matrimony'.'"
"Ves," she replied, "when I bave had
nothing worth while to tblnk about"
"And do you ever intend to mnrry?"
"1 might some lime If the proper man
were to usk me."
"How would 1 do?"
"Why, Mr. Bluff, yon have oft* told
me tluit I was the brightest girl you
ever knew, doubtless 0 piece of .lattery, but if you think that Is the citse
how cun you usk tne such u yiiesllonV"
Dead  men pay  no doctor bills.
; Wlfi—John, did you mall thai letter I gave you tbis morning'.' Husband—ill" courso I did. Wife—How
provoking! I wanted lo add a po-.t-
script. Husbanil (producing tho letter)—Well,    bi-re    it    Is,    Why  didn't
I you  I'll  in,' that   ill  lhe  first   place'.'
discovery ol Bheollto in British
1   bin recalls lhe statement made
l une    ago    Hint   OVcrj   mineral
f    '    In the world In represented
Hint Province,
In il
" Hi it ish Admiralty  Ims Just Is*
a    compilation    ol   statistics
A l»K I hul the unv.v of I'nul.md Is
1 "ml maintained nt a lower rate
" I iii proporl Ion to tho oITecl Ivo**
•'     its    fighting    Strength   Hnm
I    The mnn who plants u garden plot
:       Where nolfhbore' chickens stray
lias fallli tnotlgh to innvc a. hill
j        A mile ur two away.
Arithmetical Rule.
"How old is M'.ss Jenkins?"
"I don't know, but If you cun find out
the nge of her twin brother, she Is Just
three years younger."
More Emblematic.
"He Is going to take the stump for
his party this fall."
"it would be more appropriate if bo
took tbe barrel."
"-'re   nro    very  few    deans-
|Dg operations  in  which Sunlight
"••P cannot be   used to advanfc
Be*    >t mahos the home  bright
■"•d clean. ia
They Must Eat.
"Two bends nro better tlmn one."
"Thnt depends on the (.uniity.   If
neither Is any good, that Is Just one
more to feed."	
Would Stay Wilh Him.
"I hold Jacob's note for thirty dnys."
"I'll bet a quarter jou win iwid tt
loiiner thnn tbnt."
He  sure    you're    wrong;  then  back
»P.   .
Thsre In moro Catarrh In thin wotte**, at Uw
J,       UwS all other Uaaaa« rut   oi.th .
,__    vialnirnt,  pwaouneed It inrurnbU■    M
gnitttutltmtl «uro mi lha martwt. »«!J»*£
rrd Dollar for anv **** '*, 'r,ll» '" ,c"r,„
f0r circular. ^^^ &JSU 0.
KoM liy nil ilrucKlnt". ft*-
Ilall'a PamUy l'ills urn the best.
"Oh,   shame!"     cried   the   tieic.hlim'a*'-.
"she's playing again!"
Whnt  Imiin'.'   Tha poor widow  was
loudly. .
Bhe   round   the    piano  a   solace,    and
I then
She was using tho black keys only.
!1      C** 1 *** -*7t %f_*_ J****- _**
1 Whooping Cough
' The nWldron .'Me. b> catch whepplna
coimhc ' 11) in llieanuiDior lima when h
Isanv.ijusouiuchlinnli i loaatntl uf.
_**___***    Tho Long
**%_,*'Ul:i -S?    Tonic
will euro Ihom qnloUr. ..T-iorj [» »■>
Inlurluim drug hi II a,.u ll li pleotant
t.i lako.
Al .ill (IWffjtlU, MO,, B0« »"(1 *l-m a ,"'Ub*
Jlm.Jones—"I met a ghost, lust
night nud it spoke to me." 8am-
sinith—"What did it say?" .1 imjoncs
—"Haven't the least idea. I'm not
familiar  with  tho dead  language^"
Two Years Abod.    i ,r olght raan
I iqlTored ns no oni* ever did with
rl.i'iiiiuit ism: for two yours I lay in lied;
could iml so much ns feed myself, A
friend recommended south American
Rheumatic Cure. After three doses 1
could sit. up. Tn-iluy I ton ns Strong ns
Bvor 1 wns"—Mrs' .lohn Cook, "S7
Clinton street, Toronto,—"
"T don't want to be too easily
won." she said. "Naturally," lie
conceded. "So. if T sny "No* mtw."
she went on, nn\ioilsly, "YOU Won't
get cross about it and never ask mo
again,  will  \ou'.'"
"Hobby. won't you kiss tne?"
"Nuw," "Well, l'.ob'liv. may I -tlAS
you?'' "Ves, if you kiss me easy On
top of  Ibe  head."
"Thought   It   meant   death
SlirO." Mis. .lain s Mi-liim, of Du inville.
Out sn>s ol her iniriieiilous cure from
henrt disease by Dr, Auucw'h run* fi.r
the Heart; "Until I began inking this
rcmody I dmpalrml of my life, I luni
henrt  failure   nnd   ,'*itieini* prostration
lini* dose rove ine i|iiiek lelii't nnd one
holt In eiirefl   nnv    The SUlTerlngl of yenrs
wero disponed liiie magic."—S
Reotor'a Wife   (to villager)—*"Well,
Tompkins, I hope you like tbe new
cural.e." Tompkins—"Yoa, tiny'iim.
thank you, wo like him very well—
(pause)—but I don't think he's OS
fluent as we bad iv right to expect.
seeing as his father was a hoiictiott-
A modern wor.pin in thc
hattlo for health, -if dlsema im*.
taken    your    iitncii    of    health,    lhe
Stomach,   nnd   Is   'i.ilurlnir   yoll   with   In-
illnestlon, rtyspopsla nnd nervous |irns-
trallen, South American Nervine is lhe
tttupoti to drive the enemy Irom Ids
stronghold "at tho oolnt of tht> hayo-
nei." trench oy trench, but swift, and
sure, lt always wins.—4
She—Wbnt  do you think of   young
Joblot'a   ongngemont   to Miss Plnk-
leiirh!      He—Uh.   I   don't   know.      He
might  do  a   good  deal   worse.    She--
N'es. and I'm sure ho will -if he marries her
Because He Knew of Scores of Severe
Gases of PcEes that were Positively Gured by
Tho writer of tho letter quoted below suffered dreadfully from itching
protruding piles for six years.
Like hosts of others, he wus only
disappointed with tho muny treatments he tried, until his drusglst
told him ol whnt llr. Chase's Ointment was accomplishing ns a curo
for this wretched ailment,
Mr. U. W. Cornell, who is with tho
Shaw Milling Company, St. Catharines, Ont., writes; "In Justice to suffering humanity I writo to tell you
of tho world of good 1 obtained from
thc uso of Dr, Chase's Ointment, Por
nbout six years 1 wns the victim ot
itching and protruding piles and was
In droadlul agony day .ind night.
Doctors were unable to help me and
I could get nothing to relievo tho
Buffering,    I  was about us iniserablu
a crenturo ns wns to bo found on tho
faco of tho earth.
"Ono dny my druggist,  Mr.  A. J<
□ reenwood, advised mo   to   try   Dr.
Chase's Olntsnont,  which I did.   and
obtained relief from tho first box and
complete cure with tho second.    My,
troublo was caused by heavy lifting,
and 1 consider that Dr. Chaso's Ointment would be cheap ut lifty dollars
n  box,  ia view of the good   that   it
did for tne.      A feeling of sympathy
j fur others similarly   affectod   prompts
ino lo give this testimony."
I    Dr.  Chase's Ointment,   GO   cents   a
.box,    at.  all   dealers,   or  E-dmnnson,
! Hates & Compuny. Toronto. To project you ngainst imitations tho por«
itralt    und    signature   of Dr.   A.   W.
, Chaso, tho famous receipt   book au*
, thor, arc on overy box.
Ar*   Vou   aulldlnrs f     I*  »o,   *jtmm*
TKo Boot  Builditvg I***a-p9r Made.
It It Tery much >tronc«r nnil thlrker thnn any other (tarrwl or balld-
Ing) paper. It Is Impervious to wind, kcrpa out cold, kseps tn heat, carries no Mnell or odor, ahsorhi no moliture, linparti no last* or flavor ta
anything with which It comoe ln eontaCt. It In larcrly a nod not only lor
■heetlnit bounce, but tor lining cold ntiitme buUdinc*, reliltc-otore. dalr-
lee. ereamtnlee, and all platen where the object le to keep en eves mot
SBlfern*. temperature, and at tha same time avoiding dampness.
Write our A-jenls, TEES & PERS8E, Winnipeg, fer aamplea.
T..9 E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, HULL.
FARMERS will find it to their advantage to consign their CHAIN to
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WTIO pay highest prices and make prompt retnrns. Advances made on
consignments. Correspondence solicited. Established 1886. Reference—
Union Hank nf Canada.
Here is what happens when you in- '■
vlto a friend to supper to pAiudlj ;
show the rirsl radishes from your]
garden: "Why, that's nothing," he
will say, "1 had radishes irom my |
garden two weeks :<<•■,
A bus'icl ef flics have aotuslly been Killed
by one packet of Wilson's Kly l'uds. Ko
other ily killer compares with Wilsoa's.
"Of course"   remarked   tho   vory
young man who knows it all, a. woman's 'no' always means 'yes'."
"I'l'i'linps it doi s." replied ilie man
wilh the scanty half; "bill I'm right
here to tell you tlmt her 'yes' never
means 'no.'
A MKUiiY IIEAIIT i.nlaS A 1.1. Till'.
PAV—Uut one cannot bavo n merry
heart If he Ims 1'H.lll ill his lo.k or n
cold with n rncklnu eoURh. To l"' merry
one must   bo  well ami  nee    fr    avhet
and nalns. Dr. Thomas' Reluctrlc nil
will relievo nil i .lias. iiiii.-i'iiUir or otherwise, and (or tho Btiewlj ireatmenl ot
colds nml roughs it is u st.lemliil medicine.
rinnk records show some surprisin
thines nbout "rond" mon.
It pays to buy tho best, and Wiboa'aFly
Pads arc tho host fiy killers mado.
When vou m\u a dollar present to
a friend don't butt your toolings
ngninsl a wall by asking him to
^iiess; bo will say 75 cents.
Caroful observation ol tho elleets ol
Parmelee'a Vegetablo l'ills has shown
Hint they act Immediately on UM al-
Reused orffans of Uie system and stimulate them t" health} ni Hon. Thoro may
l„. enses in which the disease has been
lone ncuteil and doei nol oasllj) yield n>
„„.,ii,in,-. nm ovon in sm li rasos these
Pilfll hnve   in, ii   known  to bring  relloi
when   ill   '"her   so-rail.al      i.'iee.lies    lm\c
fn|lod These ssserllons can bo salistBii-
llnlwi h\  many  who hnve used Iho l'ills.
uml  ne'iii ui  men saai,  hlRhly ol   their
qiliilil ies.
The house In Rnlclgh, N. •'.. wher ■
I'resiileni Vmlrew Johnson was born
has been purchased by tho   Colonial
|,„,nes  ami   will  I"'  dttod    up     as    I
Presidential museum.
Thero nevor was and nover w'-l bo o
iiniversnl   panacea,   In   one   remwlji   lor
|     Is   ,„'whieh   flesh   Is   l.eii      ho   VOW
,,,,' „i many curatives '"';'-, V,",h
that „ore tho Rerun ol othor am tlllTi
,.i,iiv -.•.it.'*! ilisiusi's rooted In the s* •
tcm' el tho patlonl what would foiiovo
,,"' li! in tin ii would oanravntf' Ihs
other Wo have, however, in Quinine
Wme when ohtalnablo in sound, annnui-
torated staU, n remedy for many and
nrlevous 111" bv lis trmbml and |udi-
clous ii*'-   the   dalle.-'   systems   aro led
i„i„ eoiiMiie- co snd   »tron**tn  by  iho
Influence which Quinine exerts on nae
tura's own re toratlves. It relieves ths
drooplnu spirits nl those with whom a
rhronir stato of mnrbln despondency mm
lack of Intresl In life Ih a ill*' •<■■'■. ami
hv trni'i|iiilbipu ihe nerves, itlsposes lo
sound and rofrcshlnR sleep—Imparts visor lo Hn* action ef ih" blood, which,
being stimulated, ionises ihroujjh lha
M'ins. slrenffthenlng ths heain.v animal
fioieiiiiiis .ii the system, thereby inaklmt
actlvltv a necoiwary result, strength*
eiiinir the fraitio and giving life to tho
digestive organs which naturally i.o-
iiiiiihI Increased suhstancs result tm-
urovsd appollto Northrop & Lyman ol
Toronto have given tn Ihe public   their
Superior Quinine Wlue nt the usual rate
uml. gun get j hv ihe opinion ol scion'
tints, tlio wino amiroachos nearest perfection nf nnv In lhe Market, All di-iig*
ulstH sell   it.
TKSTIMONIAL from the late 8IB SA1C-
UEL DAKBR, the famous Mile Explorer.
"Newton Abbot, Dovon. fiaar Sirs—I
have ,!,•;.ivni my thanks as I wished to
test the etTect nf Blair's rills by a sum*
dent interval of tiiue.
"Kor ten years I hart suffered acutely
from (lout and life had lost ita attrao-
tlon owltip to the uncertainty of health
ainl sudden visitations of ths enemy
uhlch prostrated me for months, or weeks
a.. "r.lim; to the virulence of tha attacks
"lllair's l'ills have rendered ma Immense
service, as I no longer fear an attack
ol (lout. a
"For the last twenty months I have
been comparatively free, as ona or two
attempted visitations have been immediately sttunpad out by the assistance ot
Ulnir's Mils.
"Truly yours (Signed) Saml. W. Dakar.
Lynuin Sons A Co., Montreal and Toronto; The Hole Drug Co.. Winnipeg; an*
Miujttn, bole A Wynne Co., Winnipeg.
As fast ns some men make opportunities ol hers crab them.
The Cheapest Fly Killers made are WH.
son's Pads nnd they nro told everywhere.
Lit v. arc of iiuit.iiioii-i.
Since lH-ln the world's production
of meat hns been ilicroased 5" per
cent and gruin 420 per cent.
linard's Linimeat Cures Colfts, Etc.
It is a question which troubles a
womnn iv.e moro ihrough life—her
heart  strinus or corse!  strings.
A UAU10 1'II.L.—Dyspepsia is a foe
with which men are constantly grappling tun cannot exterminate. Subdued,
nn.l   to  all  appearances   vanquished    In
one, il makes Its iippeinnini' in iiuolher
iHre lion. In itianj ila* dlgoatlva apparatus   Is   BS   .leliiiile   us   the   laei IihiiIsiii   Ol
a watch or scientific Instrument lu which
even n breath ol air will inaka it miiiu-
llon With such persons disorders of ths
stomach ensue lioin the most trivial
inures uml cause much suffering 'l'o
these   1'ariuclee's   Vegotablo   Tills   are   re-
.a   ii.lai-nala-al    lis    II.iM   anil   Sine.
Clocks   havo   been   pul  inside   the
I rams  In  I'raiow   for  the  convenience
of  Ihe  public,
A franchise bun been grnntod to
build nn electric road from Merced,
Cal., along the Mere,si River Into
lhe Yosemile Valley io reach the
Vosemile   National   I'arli.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Flonlliiir T«r«Ct« Of the Sea.
I'ven tlie rremli untl Ilrltllb wsr-
ships that patrol the Ne,vl*ouiiilland
const durlna Uw Bahery season do not
cscnpo the dntigci of Iceborgs, crowdctl
with mon nml carefully navigated
though the vessels are. The Ico mnsses
wrvo a novel purpose for tho fleets all
the summer throughi being used as
targets for big gun practice When a
specially formidable one drifts along
past st. John's n cruiser slips ber moorings nntl runs to son after lt. peltlna ■*
with projectiles until sho Urea nv.-ny
her iillowaiiel*. It is one of the sights
of St. John's, the endless procession
„r Icebergs of every slSO und shape
thai drift by day afler dny. charm*
..... (he i"c uml Cooling the summer
otmosphi-ro, Btimctlmes tln'y i;roimtl
In Hi i hnrbor mouth and prevent ships
putcrlng or loaviug.* l'- T* McOrntU In
Mc< lore's.
i, »
W    IM    KJ    No     493
■»**—***»-.p-e.^ mmft
■mh  tm*\m*\ imp   ■  I  HHBl THE DRILL. SLOCAN, ?.. C AUGUST 19. WCM.
I   a|
C. E. SMiTHrnNaALE, Editor anil Prop.
SLOCAN,      •      -       •       •      B. C1
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
tho first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
far each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year il not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
FRIDAY, AUGUST 19th, 1904.
One advantage of holding a mineral
claim these days is that it can't burn.
In seveu months 61,583 emigrants
have landed in Canada, of whom 36,-
273 were English; 1796 Irish', 8982
Scotch, and 14,522 foreigners.
Aulay Morrison, the Liberal member for New Westminster, states there
will be no dominion election this year.
The life of parliament does not expire
till December, 1905.
One result of the building of the
Grand Trunk Pacific will lie the establishment by the Allans of a lino
of steamers running to China and Japan, in opposition to the C.P.R.
Canada has again successfully de
feuded her claim to the Seawanhaka
cup, the emblem of superiority for
small raters ou the big lakos. The
Yanks have coveted the cup for years,
but never seem able to build a boat
fast enough to land the prize. John
Canuck is doing himself proud in the
sporting world.
England quietly appropriated
fi nail piece of land, last week, that
appeared to be lying around loose. It
is called Aves island, 127 milos northwest of Dominica. John Bull has n
hankering after bargains iu real estate
and is not particular as to location.
The world's map each year shows
more of a red tint.
Six months have passed since flic
Russo-Jap war broke out and the
record thereof has lieen one of continued Japanese victory.on laud and sea.
During tho week the Japs administered two crushing defeats to the Russian fleets from Port Arthur and Vlad-
ivostock. Russia's days of bullying
menace are over.
The long drawn out dispute as to
which government controls the foreshore fisheries of the province is to be
brought to a head at once. The loral
government has entered an action in
the supremo court against the parties
holding dominion licenses for trap
fishing off Vancouver Island, with a
view to bringing the issue before the
privy council.
The provincial bye-election in Lillooet on Tuesday resulted in the re-election of thc Conservative nominee
McDonald, by it handsome majority
over Stoddart, Liberal. Two elections
have takon place since the Conservatives assumed the reins of power at
Victoria and each time the party candidate was victorious, so it cannot Im*
said the electorate have grown weary
of Tory rule. The Grits should keep
quiet for a while.
The mines of the dry ore belt pay
handsomely with careful management*
as note the Ottawa. Thos. A. Noble,
one of the owners of the mine, states
that during the month of .1 ul v the ore
shipped netted $21,533.70 over and
aliove freight mid treatment charges.
The expenses of the mine average a
little over 34000 a month, leaving a
net profit of 120,000, The mine has
paid for ilself in two years and is rated as Ix'ing worth 1250,000. Where
mines in this division are given fair
treatment thoy pay, and pay well.
The dominion parliament was prorogued last week, concluding a long
session of but little moment, beyond
the passage of the Grand Trunk Pacific railway bill. As yet there is no
definite announcement as to Iho date
of the general olectlon, though it is
not expected to bt* long delayed. Sir
Wilfrid Laurier told his friends to enjoy a long holiday, but the govern
ment printing offloe is working night
and day to get out the voters' lists and
the Grits are campaigning in Quebec.
Laurier is sparring for an opening.
School re-opens Monday.
Pay up your subscription.
For first-class bread go to J. H.
Fernie's first city election will take
place today.
Black eyes were much in evidence
on Ten Mile last week.
The local Bhingle mill scatters $1500
a month in wages aud supplies.
Mrs. It. E. Allen and family returned from tho coast Thursday evening.
The city dads have this week repaired tho various sidewalks in the burg.
Geo. Waite, Sandon, had his house
partially destroyed by fire last week.
Bom.—On the 16th inst., the wife
of J. M. M. Benedum, of a daughter.
Born--In Nelson, on the 14th inst.,
the wife of Thos. Madden, of twins-
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. They are cheapest and
No meeting of the board of trade
was held Friday night, for lack of a
The skies are illumined each evening by the reflection of the near-by
forest fires.
A number of cars of lumber from
tho Ten Mile mill were sent out during the weok.
Service was held iu the Catholic
church on Sunday, Rev, Father Jean-
notte officiating.
Eric Lemieux returned on Tuesday
evening from a trip to Port .Simpson
and Kitimaat Harbor.
Creston and Michel have both had
narrow escapes from being wiped out
by bush fires this week.
Geo. McLean is in charge of the
eating department at the Cork mine,
on the south fork of Kaslo.
Cranbrook's business section had a
second narrow escape from destruction
by fire on Thursday night.
Grand Forks will hold a summer
carnival Aug. 24-27. A big race meet
will be held at the same time.
Four times as many entries have
lieen made for the approaching fair at
Nelson as were made last year.
The B. C. Electric Railway shops
at New Westminster, were burned on
Saturday, causing a loss of $50,000.
J. B. Winlaw's loss in the burning
of his Bandogs down the valley has
amounted to several thousand dollars.
Arthur Bull, eldest sou of J. Bull.
J.P., arrived in ou Saturday evening
from Vancouver,on a visit to the fain-
For the licst. goods at the lowest
prices walk up Main street, to W. T.
Shatford & Co.'s. You will save money
by doing so.
A fierce fire was burning during the
week on the Allen ranch, this side of
Lemon creek. Local parties lost a lot
of cordwixid.
C. T. Diamond and TT. K. Living
stone, merchants at Camborne and
Arrowhead   respectively,   have made
A bush fire has been burning all
week on the height of laud in West
Slocan. causing the suburbanites considerable alarm.
Au ugly row occurred in the Rosebery hotel last week, one of the prin-
pals being taken to the New Denver
hospital for repairs,
"Hope for Broken Vessels" will be
the subject of discourse in the Presbyterian church next Sunday evening,
based on Ps. 31; 12: "I nm like a broken vessel."
Joshua Bell fatally stabbed Annie
Allen.ii member of the dem! monde,al
Phoenix, on Friday afternoon, both
lieing colored. The murderer was arrested while Irving to escape to the
Tin: Drill will print you. on short
notice and in anv amount, shipping
tags.billheads, Btatements.letterheads,
noteheads, memos, receipts, envelopes.
visiting cards', business cards, bills of
fiire, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any quality or price.
A. II. McNeill, Rosshmd. who is
looking after Hon. Chas. Mackintosh's
campaign in Kootenay,has purchased
the plan! of the defunct Kossland
World, and will issue aimper to assist
the candidate. An endeavor will be
made to make it the Conservative organ of the interior. Mr. McNeill has
since denied the report.
Twogood & Binder will enlarge
their Sandon brewery.
The fruit growers of British Columbia met in Nelson last week.
If vou are in need of a hat, you can
lie beat suited at W. T. Shatford &
Hewitt Bostock is mentioned as being the next lieutenant-governor of
the province.
The Canadian Medical Association
hold their first western meeting in
Vancouver next week.
Reg. Christie leaves early next
month for Montreal, to take up his
course of studies at McGill.
Mr. Justice Drake has been super
animated.   Aulay Morrison and W.
B. Mclnnes are pulling for the vacant
W. A. Galliher, M.P. for Kootenav,
will not return home till the middle
of next month, being detained at Ottawa on departmental business.
W. T. Shatford returned yesterday
morning to Vernon. He has shipped
a large portion of his dry goods from
the local branch to tho Vernon store.
R. J. McPhee, manager of the Ottawa, went to Nelson Monday to meet
his wife; she is spending a holiday
at the mine. On their arrival hero on
Wednesday they were greeted with a
salvo of dynamite, and salutes from
the boat and train.
White Heather, near Bondholder, D
D McPher»on. ,
Slocan, on Ton Mile summit, P G McQueen, Speculator slope, P D McPherson.
11—Loretta, Lemon creek, P Foley.
12—Lanark fraction, same, J T Tipping.
AuRti—Jubileo No 2, Habana, Flora
10—Winifred Alberta.
12— PeerleBS.
Aug 9—Black Beauty and White Beauty, ijj in each, E Lemieux to J M McGregor.  ^^
Mi.NiNo RBopnoa.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local regie-
try otlice, II. P. Christie being mining
Aug 0—McDonald, Twelve Mile creek,
P Swan.
Kootenay, n f Springer, Sam Long.
f PO sell fruit tires, raspberry. Rooselx-rry nnd
1 currant bushes, etc. Goixi pay weekly:
outfit free. There is hit* money in tliis work for
trustworthy men.
We hare uniler cultivation over  COO acres of
nursery stock, Including the choicest and best
varieties for orchard nnil Harden planting. Wc
will deliver goods to customers in good condition, freight paid. Onr Agents have every advantage that this line of business can offer
them.   Apply now for terms.
Toronto, Ontario
N.B.—Will make arrangements for local
aKCiicy or for tlie handling of exclusive territories. 9, N. CO
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Anna Farini, or to nny person or
persons to wi.iuii fihe mny huve trans
ferreil her interest in the Coronation
and Memphis mineral claims, situated
on Twelve Mile creek, ntul recorded in
the Kioiv tier's ollice for the Slocan
City mining division.
You are hereby notified that we,
.lames Smith, F.M.O. Ko. B69996, and
Charloa brand, F.M.C. No. B60087, have
caused to be expended the sum of four
hundred and teu dollar! In labor
ami improvements on the above mentioned mineral claims, in order tu
hold said claims under the provisions ot
the Mineral Act; and II within 90 davs
from the date of this notice you fail, or
refuse, to contribute your proportion ol
eueh expenditure,together with sll copIp
of advertising, your interest in snid
claims will become lhe propeity of the
subscribers, under section 4 of an Act
entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Hated nt Slocan, P.O., this l'tli day of
Mav, A.I). 190*1.       JAMES SMITH
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Elmer J. Felt, or to any person or
pertons to whom he mav have trans*
ferrcd his interest, in whole cr in part,
in tho Skylark nnd Hanger mineral
claim*,situated between the lirst north
fork of Lemon creek nnd I layton creek,
nnd recorded in the Slocan City mining division of West Kooti nay district:
You are herehv notified that I,Xnab
V. McNaught, F.M.O. No. B66UQ, have
expended the sum of two hundred and
live dollars in lnhor nnd general improvements upon the above mentioned
chums, in order to hold snid mineral
claimi under the provision! of the Mineral Act, and if within 1*0 days from the
datp of this notice you fail or refuiie to
contribute your proportion ef lUoh expenditure, together with all costs of advertising,  your interest in   saiil claimi
will become the property of the suh-
icrlber. under notion four of an act entitled "An Act tu amend the Minernl
Aet, lilOO."
Hated this 18th dav ef  AugiiBl, 11)0-1.
ID-sol nuAii f, McNaught
Slocan I'rince Mhlernl Claim.
Situate in the Slocnn Citv mining division of West Kootenay district. Whore
located:—On second mirth fork of Lemon creek, adjoining the Black I'rince
fraction on the east.
TAKE NOTICF. tliatI,David Arnot,
acting as agent for ii, A. Bradshaw, free
miner's certificate No. 1,77428; J. C.
Shook, free mi tier's certificate No.BC>482H
.lohn Elliot, free miner's certificate. No.
B8174U; Pioneer Mining Co.,free miner's
certificate No. H81(i!i2; and for myself,
free tui tier's certilicate No. 1177454,1 n tend,
sixty days from the date hereof, tn
apply to the Mining Recorder for a certilicate of improvement!, for Ilia purpose
of obtaining a crown grant on the ahove
And further take notice thut action,
under section 'i't, must he commenced
liefore the issuance of such certilicate of
Hated this 8th day of Julv, 1904.
15-7-04. DAVID ARNOT
Nelson Fair
Second Annual Exhibition
of thu
Nelson   Agricultural   and
Industrial Association
September 28-29
New Buildings
Fine Grounds
Big Premium List
Novel Open Air Attractions
Write for Prize List
J. E. Aqnablc, Sec, Nelson
Is reached by any trail ©r road
that runs into the Town.,
Do not go past its door When
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
RATES: Retulnr siirweriliers, $1 p»r month
□ratlOa year: non-suWrihersi (exclusiveof
medical attiiiil»nc»)$2 pcrilny, PrivutowHrils
ill per 1I11.V extra. Special facilities for maternity oases.
For further particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
^******** < * * * ****■**■*-*■*-*■*+
City Bakery
Guaranteed the Bust Bread
in tbe Slocnn camp.    .    .   .
Also carrying a full line of
*****»»■»•»-»-»-»»♦» *-♦+-»♦♦♦♦»«*
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two cor- ;
ner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
I **-*■*■*■ **■*-*-*
The Queen's
KATES:    82.00 MCB  HAY
Firet-claM Dining Koom
Large nnd Comfortable Uerlrnoms
Sample rooms fnr Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
i*~*****-*-*-*-***~*-*4 ♦*>-» *******
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
J^   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ^
fc   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   ^
188 a
••• i nCiu
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
Headquarters for traveling men
Large, airy rooms
Best meals given  in  the town
RATRS-M per Amy \  with
■ample t. , ai.no.   Bpe-
aint rate! i» iteaAy bourdon
Arthur Street, Slocan
jg To be held at Slocan, on Sept. 5,1904
KS600 IN   PRIZES          $600 9
vj 8
VJ Drilling Contest for large cash prizes.        P*ootl»!l Tournam el foi %
jc* championship of Kootenay and silvtf: cup worth 1100 ^    ) gj
S< Baseball Matches for handsome Challenge Cup.            Rifle •••-' !l Jj
mjs between Biocan and New Denver.       Bieycle Races.          jj
ii Foot Races.            General Caledonian Sports.            ClrandBallH
m*Q   a
*** Cheap rules and special service will  Im* .given from all point- by rail jr.
and boat promised by the C. P. tt.
S T. McNEISH, Chairman.   D. B. O'NEAIL, Sec.-Trea. jj
Sj For further particulars see small Mils- j£
It promotes digestion,
improves the appetite,
and gives tone nnd energy to the whole system.
For sale by—
Clubbing Offer
*** ****-****■**** ♦♦♦**>♦♦**>*> ♦*>»
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all thc
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
$2.50 fora Year*
The Drill:
$2.00 per annum


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