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The Slocan Drill 1904-11-11

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[?i    NOVU1904      &'
VOL. V., No. oo.
8L00AS,   B    P.,   NOVEMBER   1),   1904.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
—4Prov. Library,
I. A I Kll.i: IS St ST AIM* I)   HY A HEGK
Conservatlvoi bote ISveVy Boat l» Kovh
Beotla, iii.iiiii ini; That or Their Load-
fi- Tin; We,i U Liberal—The Luteal
Iti'tiii'iiH From rriiviiiiM-,,.
LIBERAL tbe owners of the Neepawa, Ten Mile,
returned from Nelson Tuesday,having
liicti down with a carload of ore consigned to the Hall Minis smelter by
tlie lessees of his property. There
were lo tons in the lol mid tlie returns,
without much Borting, averaged rip to
nliout 100 oz silver per ton.
We have the finest and most complete stock of ladies', men's, and
children's gloves and mitts, in kid,
leather and wool,to be found in town.
Prices Range from
25 cents to $2.00
David  Arnot, Slocan.
Agent Slater's Shoes & Canadian Rubber Co.'s Goods
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
TUTS Hotel is one of the best known nnd most popular houses
in tin- country. It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, and commands a magnificent view of tho beautiful
Slocnn lake.      Good fishing is to   Iw found elose at ham!, while
every facility is offered for boating.
Tourists will lind tlie Arlington nnd ideal Posting place,
Commercial men bave at thoir command new and commodious
sample rooms.
The dining room is strictly up to date ami the bnr supplied
with only the Ix-st brands of goods
— - ■     - 11 i
IAD 1 GE|S ov,!1'iu people
or Tjiiiiuun ftavo signified an abiding
faith in Sir Wilfrid  Laurier and  the
i.tivky Charter Holders.
A Montreal report states that interested parties in the Grand Trunk Pa-
cifio have secured an option on the
September showed a surplus of §181,*
000, after liquidating a debt of §26,-
000j a situation mainly due to monies
derived from the lead bounty. It wns
ordered that a quarterly dividend of
two per cent be pnid to the shareholders on Dee. 15. Previous dividends
paid by .Movie's big mine amounted
to 8210,000. All tho old directors
were ro-eleetod.
the Pacific  Northern &
Omineca railway, running from Kiti-
Who Can lOquut Till. '.'
Dan Hanlon lias brought to this officii a couple of potatoes, the circumstances of whose growth are remarka-
Libeiid party.   A majority has been maat to Hazelton,ou the Skeena river, ble.   Thev were grown ou the dump
.,;..„„ ,i„, ,r .',.'„-,* *'i ,,.,r. ,■ 'i,.,„ n,. This ehartor carries with it a subsidy of the Suubeam olalm, fully 5000 feel
given tne government larger tuan toe ,.       .    .     . ,    ., .        ,  .   ..        ,     ,      , • .
°        .. ,        . from tho local government.   It is un- above sea level, and  were propagated
number of opposition members elect
e!. and  the  Liberals  an
deistood the option was secured onI from parings thrown oul in June. Six
jubilant. | the payment of tjEOOd, and runs till | hills were gathered in nnd they pro*
and  the  Lil
Nova Scotia made a clean sweep of Jan.]  for $80,000.   The option was I duced 76 pounds of fine spuds, the
the sain.'time lion. Mr. Aylesworth, a j British Columbia coasi points.   When
IUI1I     OCUIIU     UltlUO    ,1    I I, (111     BITOCp Ul "ll".   ■      ""      ---»',".'..'.        ....       "|'.u„i   „<in     -...-.-.    .-.     ,......,, ..a     w,     ,,...      OBJUUQ,    11ID
ic Tories, Hon. Mr. Borden, leader taken subsequent to the return of C. two in question weighing upwards of
. .           iu     i         ui             ii. ""•   "•■".'**• president  oi  the  Grand a pound apiece.   A streata ol water
I the opposition, losing ins sent,   m T|.|||l!; p.1(.ili(. fl.ol)1 hi;, r(,(Vllt t()11,. 0f\ runnj„g through the dump aided the
cabinet minister, was defeated iu On* l construction is  commenced  ou   the
(alio. The wi st, contrary to cxpecta- (-h'and Trunk wesl of tho Kockies. the
tion, weut almost solidly Liberal, B.C. fine from Kitimaat to Hazelton will
giving all four of its first batch to the bo built, nnd over it all tho construc-
government. Conservatives havo a (■;,,„ material nnd supplies will lio ta-
innjority in Ontario aud Prince Ed-1 ]„.,, that will ba used on the new rond
wind [sland.   Since tl
tion Con-' in this province. Hn/elton will be tlie
servativos hnvo withdrawn in three ol; distributing point. It is not thought.
tho deferred constituencies, thereby however, that Kitimaat will be the
increasing the Liberal majority. Yale-1 terminus of the Grand Trunk, some
'row! a.
Hotel Alrivills.
Arlington   E. H. McDonald, W.J.
Mclutyre, ,). Smith. T. Shannon, and
Victoria; W. R. Bingham. West Clemens, Mich.; E. Bond, Toronto; -Jos
Winter, New Denver; V,'. E. White
St. raul, Minn.
i a,„, and Kootenay iu this province other point being favored.   The Kiti-   M5?Sl ennJrfc?.°TldW A;i! uSB' A
and   Yukon  and  Mackenzie  in the L.iat road  would be operated us u I McMillan, bandon; A.  .,..**.. ■!.
Northwest nlonc remain undecided of  branch line.
the full list. , j	
".ocallv th" returns  were nnxioiisly Hinulter Making Money
await •(!
a kn-ge crowd assembling at     Thereport ()f th(. directors of thi
....-I...,        .....a-.     ■>      ^t.,./>l,      111,',-.1 *
on. J.
G. Potts, Montreal; Geo. Campbell,
Victoria; A.,I. Bates, .1. E. Stephens.
Vancouver; P. J. Fletcher. Silverton.
lliinileil tin* Yonng Hem-.
.McDonald & R
bonded the Voting
of Sandon, have
Bear group, ait-
the  Arlington,  where a special Wire] ,. ,,,,,,,.■-      ,
hnd been installed.   It wns foil Irom ! avLVstau of the Hall Mining & Smell
tli- first the government woultl be sub- i ing Co, for the yeur ending June SO
taiued. but  bv  no Bitch minority as1"- '   —   ~       —   :        ^
was recorded.   The Tories feit sore  /•^S^-*:*****.^
over losing their lender, but took their *"•**■ ..... .    .,
licking in good pari; the Grits cheered
once and then .■jettled. cheerfully down
t.i watch their majority grow;
Socialists smiled aud cassod the oil
iid the §
ier i ft
The Battle o' fhe Strong.
Fi Uowing are tho returns from thi
different province.-,:
SS tfH, EM   E!
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into t5-.e Town.
Do not go past its door when
you arc dry, weary or hungry.
.Nova Scotia	
Mew Brunswick	
Manitoba * • • •
Northwest 'iiTiiUiries.
British Columbia	
I'd.ice Ed.vurU [bland.
Liberal majority, 7.).
In 1930 tli- returns
1 hitnrio	
Sovii Scotia	
New Brunswick	
British Columbia	
Prince Edward Island.
Northwest Territories.
Liberal majority, ui
•  If
.     1
by  pr
a 16
It wen nbnol this yenro* Four,
,*.*■. w«m■! I on t;m min',
Wh ri ('unndn frnn nhoro tao shoro,
Th-*'-* kpI iom fnr t»liln\
Bc*nn ..>-.■ r!oti i. * ••cut o1 weir
'.•■' fir t-i-vii up [tn frmitt,
Tnr hiiff Mi if mit Ml irr;:i:.cifr
AtnttuK i.* livoly ttuntt*
T!'p*» t'irpp '.vr>: hmitin1 fr:-i* ;ifar
.Vn' l' ■• \vp»i wrnnvtili' f-nr.
An' tior' Irlt Wnrj l»nl Lhoi iv,r
h'":i '"r- ;" ■■ •• th** *•■• tr:
,\n  fi**ifllj- %j\r*\ tht uii piw'r»cnuip
Tnt*.   ■'' !''•!■ icrr- vpo ■ !:
"Wn i] .fiyp t.'irm ni«: ji An *phv ikior
Tlifl likr w/s nnvor Uaar I."
"I"! },-,,.»' -. Imnf (Jnphnr vi' nir,
i:"i '   ' i-' -■ in ' n   ■•
.'.';' It   - ". - ■ • . *" »'." -' Kv ' Iip si'.: ,
>•*. v. ,,i .., j*,.. ,*;,.•.f f\cUt*.
An' !>ri»\vlv rn*i w»: rr-t tiie* W*Ht
Wrimthlxflin •" '■ -
Wi' n* t!'*,,t. tri'i.i n' Iff it t .»*:i; -
Ween' I  i'G.T.P;1
I fi
! *J  Thmi r
'I •
:i'.v?-c ti lo n' wur
Tn-v .,,1 ii. m*i. ml eoalii.
All' I!*-.:" .-"*,, f.ll, »v-a*-1 in t't-ir I'liii'."
",' i- combal 'n,tit»' tin* imll^.
.Vlll'J ra a . r >\m, I iav  In | ally fcudfi
\,a cnll„i, - (,; sli tni'strlfp,
WLn ii, . ' 'nnil « Imll.it box
Af.,-. In n' iliwir lil,'.
Ni.,,. ltnr'■-, ia,'l ,i plntfortn Iiiiks,
I',,-.- wl HI thi* r-,-ai tap . low,
Quo' I ,-: "I W.„ t'.i*l It's ,','» a-alil.
Ilir tr ".-' 'I   ill   .',' rao I' r,■>,"!,:
'.•,' i' n' lli :>'- :. "tl ..■■' rotten planks,
i',i, l<>. „ |r ''."I i. aia.un'.
SlIO lliol   tv.ill I' ul a- .':,ii.l ns now
An' k.'"|. In-.,- fnlliu' doon."
, Toiiali W Itli \v,
ROCOUd   vice pi'Uiklent
_*  Tlm liwilor ,.' .',1'Tnrv trnopa
S'.,'. ll i>a III ■ I'lala ,■:■. larui',
Hi* >.i,(.,'i-l,i'i(' I tap all litu men
An  iir,!i*r."l tl:i-m t:u* ,'l,nr».f.
Tlmn ji.in'.i in nwfn' l,„.'.l   shock
Tlir prlflr "' a.-i„i--- I \. ,i,«.
An' 'I'ii,-*'. iiri'. nn1,,' tl.lnc -'I-"
Wi-iu niiiililiii' ov.ti* tbo plain.
Pointer No. I-tB li a pnrely Western Cin«dl«n Agricultural Paper for Wettern
Cnnadlau l^rnier* and Stockiiiiu.
Pointer No. 2-U H 1"R''   w>" printed, well edited, well illuntrau.il,  n-lial.lf,
iiroyn---,..\,- and fcnrleea.
Pointer No. a-ii-* let ,,>. an iirietly .:,*ii In nnvenee, im.l Ine i^prr ,« prompily
il,H'.iiiti.ii,i>l oi expiration oi mhacrlplloii null ** renewed.
Pointer No. 4 - i in' No' w<*-i I'urwef i-ii,< only agricultural paper printed In
i ,,,>.,>l.i w. »i uf Uakt Buperlur.
Pointer No. 8-H li"* more paid lu advance auhaerineri In ManltoHMI Hie H.W.T,
lliau nil olhei lai,« ti:,|>e,si-,„r,l.,iie.l
Pointer No. •   n* auweattom »'►'• lutormaUon ate wottB mauy iloll«r» lo eiuli
r.nli*»a <l»-:
Pointer No. 1   llontly ll •* nliovc trproncl,.
From Now fo December 31, 1905, Ior $1.00
P.O. Dox 1310. WINNIPEG. MAN.
K.-c.ilii ;
Win. Whyt
of th '('.I'.li.. in nakingto bo placed
ou the subscription li-! of tliis paper,
savs: "As 1 desire to keepclosoly in
touch with the rapid development nnd
c ui-*i:inil*. clniii',ri;i';' c mdilioiiH of the
west, I fc -I Uml one of tho bcsl menus
>>f doing so Is to ha .<• regularly before
■ ni" t!i" publications issued in proximity in our lines. I anticipate thai in
iiii.-; wny 1 cm l,.".'!i!y watch tho settlement ot all districts tributary to the
lines ol thia railway, together with the ^0W8 tbnt COucern to be making some
money.   Gross  profits  on the mine
were £1042 and ou the smelter l's.'!.U.
.compared villi  1*7211 and   61694 re
'''1',''   siiectively for tho vear previous.   Net
A,,' nop amid ll," iiwfu' -lin
Tlu> fiM'nu-n suritfl nn' rlaslted,
Aii^ mnny a reputation there
Out unco' bnilly mnntihoii;
Wliiln In,i,Ily ms" tin* iiu:.':in yolle,
(in tl„ t aventrul ili.y:
"A Borden I" "Borden '■" rent tlio uir,
Wlt'.i oriea of "Laurier!"
T!-"v «iy it \VP« a i-allant fnellt—
,'inid sukfB! 1 (•.•.una ti-ll
Bll hoi ,.. wer** lip nn' ^"ii,,- w,'r,' doon
An1 nt it pell und mell,
All" I'inre wns aaniitin' fr.'o afar
',,' thorn won f^r'-tiu' near,
A,' bonnie lenders there ko! rlmits
'.ra,' lasl thrill muny a yonr.
wr": ' Bi I., nu'. ,,' Winnipeg,
\ rhlnftnln hnnld ninl ntronff.
He raised hi.. "Scottish Mither" cry
'I':1.-' t'.'tf!, the ^■'s-..t--. alaiur;
V.i' li-*--.-. jy rns'in I iiit.ar (In* fray
Atiuiiiir l»iy enllnnl then,
T. it- -' *-i\ i"..-r *.i-> they liure blm doon
An' he ncVr c.ir.i' hack aKain.
Rrnre Gonrlny, u' the DlnoDono troops,
ll.- ir. ,'i" a trran' attack:
Bli<e<noiie ho v.as on ptnrtln1 Ui,
Ile cm ,' mil blue and blnclr.
"Tlm ile'll 1'rwi',--. „'." cried he,
•\V>■',->■ li.-n,' v.-i'iiut iluni.
I'll Monk mj muokla trenohen noo
A,,' nnno can drive mo oot."
I',, ' Borden tae hin '.*(-:,rraU j
■ I),-: mite bow roun' ,,,,■ here
The , la,. !■■- thol I bae built upon
Are "hakin' eeynn queers
I thocUl they'd nee me thr, ' tha dny,
Bit noo, ns sure a- Deitli"
■I, "■ Bor I ■,.'- , laiifiira, a' collapsed,
Wi' a !!,,'a Irdou undoriieatli.
Iiii :,f*'r a' the play wa--. owro,
It en , !"■ •'' ,,i ><1,
T!a ' vali.-n". Mnrshnl Laitrlor
\\,■- on tin win,,:,,' aide.
An'iin,,'i:,,'I brilliant leader than,
Whan a' wn- sal*' an1 done;
"Whan ".Inckle Bill fr ,e Koot'ney como
llr'll ihi I thofochl i- -vou."
Bne noo thol things line i*»nntho way
Tliel fate and voters willed,
An' Mime ara up ua' some nre doon
",' some nre a' bit killed.
L>nt Hril an' Tory u' join liaun's,
Ciltia HnUa til,' a inun :
a,,' ilw'il be wi' the blndernaLit
Tiie rax a willin' IlllUD .
I.nst Yrnr's Shipments Were 1339 Tons—
A lli'iiltiiy Kvldentie of tin* Lire uml
■•.Veiiltli ;f tht Oiinip—OttiiMii is tlio
lilKgest Shipper.
With this week's shipments the output for thi> year passes the 2000 ton
mark, o circumstance we'd pleasing to
Ilie operators. For theweek tli" shipments total 59 tons,of which 16tons
wero sent out by the lessees of the
Neepawa, and the balance came from
the Ottawa. Exactly the same number of shippers are on the list as last
year, but the aggregate output ia far
in excess of the figures for 1908, and
by the time the year is ended wi;l
bave reached a B0 per cent increase.
'l'a .'al to date 201*1 tons.
For 1903 lh" ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 1889
tons, made up from IT properties*.
Following is n full list of the Bhip"
merits this vear to dato:
Ottawa      44
N.T|>iiU:i       15
Port Hope	
Black I'rince	
Black Fel	
Highland Light	
Clippie Slick	
BUNKS   AND   311.MMi
I.-nn u Croak.
The lessees of the upper working's
of the Payne have quit.
Two or three parties were in during
the- week looking for property.
Repairs having been effected, the
Idaho mill is again iu operation.
B. P.LittlowUl treat 11)00 tons of
Lucky Jim oro in the Payne mill.
The contractors on the long tunnel
ofthe Ramblei-Cariboo aro in 1100
A great deal of ore keeps passing
through here from the Slocau &'.:v:, at
Last week Sandon mines shipped
2(!."i tons of ore, making '.)'i'Hi tons for
the year.
The Slocan Star is reported lo have
cut down its force, while the Ivanhoe
has enlarged.
The owners of the Club arc getting
ready half a carload of ore for shipment.   They  expect  to ui'ive it next.
Geo. Henderson and Neil Gething
will work ths Bed Fox. in the McGui-
g.in camp, throughout the winter under lease.
On tin Northern Light, adjoining
the Club, the leasees have enlarged
iheir cabin and got things in shape
for the winter.
C. Fornnti says the site of his East
Ivo itcnay zinc smelter will lie decided
in three weeks and construction will
follow at. once. !t is io be in opi ration
iu the spriug.
vrojt*ing itidiistrio8.
lowed tn mnke a su
1   i.iav Ih* al-
.lion. I would,
etiijiiiii■•!/..• ill** value, in your district,
,,| publishing al  van.,ii
Mv compiled articles rchitiv*., ... ,,-■   -  n,a   for   .,,
mining indu try and the dey«lo,im-?nt.J   ,   t    ,     ^ fa.
,.! He adjacent country.   > ilhiug m r
nn.,,' likuly in attract capital   i inn
»ucu w'ta™ '■''l>'"'1-'" p,,-sii,!,.. imt necesaary improvnraentfl
.md renewals hav • b -m effected, uud
un ted on thc Ten Milo summit, above
the Ottawa. It is owned by Dan Mo-.
I'herson, Jack Welsh, ami partners,
and the proporty has a first-class body
of ore in sii^it.   Work was started up
bv two  111,Ml. which
III,' ,\,
lncluillnirlli.iiiiin.il mlipteill XrnM
NumlMI I Ihi l>ala,i e >• a ,<>'<! I'^e.
1 ii., trr v ii,eii>l,tli'am>>i>- iinmi-nia
)..tl  ..lli IflClVC.     Hlll'la ,|l '■  *■
lampianpyMal Has opoa .c.|„cii.
hand  al the dat'nl   the
•i was • lightly over £11,
Rooaevrll ll..ii'il.
lion* well and Ihe Republican poly  balance sh
carried tho presidential elect hum in ooo. 	
l . T l .      ■ l.
Sll, im- l.ltmt.itiiitiH.
Following are the quotations for bar
were t'ii2-"iS. as i during thi
or tbo year be- force will be iucixiasecl nnd develop-
i"e. i .'.(•;••. care ap|)ears t.i have been J menl continued nil winter.
taken t.i ke ip dow u oxiienses as fnr ns i
possible, bul necessary improvements Pawl Aociiieni atiianrer.
Won]   reached
iii'   United   Si.o.
The Drill: $2 per year
i. D. fiMBAL IPM
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
JMTI'.S: ltrsulur siil,si*ril„'rs. |l i»'r niniilli
IV    nr $1,111 y.'iir:'iiini.MiiliM'rilii'r- (asolllllvaot
'"'•'li.'i.l Miir,uia,,,-,', a_ |„.|-ii„y, Private varan
■ 1 par liny oitru. Hneolal fucllltloi fur tuaUrn*
e.i caioi.
''"' fiirt!„>r partlonlan npply tn.
I>. B. O'Neail, Sec SLOCAN,
Financial Accent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of nineral
rutwday, i...   au
S enormous majority,   Thero was a reg
* Inr landslide to tho Rupublican partv.
-,..,,.      .     ...        ■     ,,   , '   .,•    silver on ine vanou
I I eddy s  plurality  nver   r,u ker, the
Democrat liotuii , beliiff two to   no,
A feature of the election was tho largo   Ijiui'stlay
vote polled for  Debs, tho  Socialist   |rj"n?'"
^ a candidal,-.   Tho returns wero received Saturday
here by Jeff Baty, nt the Slocan hot.
where ti large concourse of  poop
gathered to view the result-.
dnys during il
weok Hue lust i.'.sue
Monday ...
I'le-h'y ...
G8!! cents
r.u:i      ..
581!    "
Muii, Hit,.mi 0|i<9ratlnga
Operations hav6 ben roaumod nl
tbe Molly Olbson mine, on (Coknnc
creek, after a shutdown uf almost two
years,   ('apt. Tret hew,'y is  In charge
with 17 men,nnd this force is to be
increased to 70. All the buildings
carried away in the slide have I"', u
replaced, and the wngOll mad uud
repaired. Next ipdng ll
and /iue separator will
l>  I'lllllllH.
of the ayndicnti
concent inlor
Ih1 orectedi
It,,lull,I  /.I,
('.   I'linau, hc.nl
putting in zinc wor;.- at Rosebery,hns
bonded Irom .1. Blgham tho Black
Jack aud Old Timer claims, on Coffee
creek.    Thr  ('1111111-.   have   a   two foot
rein of oro, assaylug 40 percent zinc
nnd 95 oz in  sliver,   A gang of mon
hns been put to work building cabins thoFerj ;-i, ,.-,>.,
an 1 to commence developmont.
from Now Denver thai a fatal accident
had occurred there that dav. A for
eigner, employed ol the electric lighl
station, f.'ll over the dam and was
washed down the fluroi finally lodg*
in^'at the penstock. He was dead
when pulled out, Deceased lefl a wife
and family in the Crow's Nest.
Cu.nl mt 11ivImIi.ii.
Collector Christie held a court of
revision on Monday <>n the provincial
voters' lisl of the Slocan riding. It
was a purely formal affair, no one appearing on the scene. Fourteen names
woro added to the list and lfl transfers were granted, No cancellations
took place.
A 11)0 Pndertalilng.
Minnesota capitalists have undor-l
l.l-llll Count v M:ll.l*. Illvlili'llil.
taken to finance ii big undertaking in
A tunnel is lo
be driven through the Union Jack and
I I other claims, on the south fork of
tho Lnnleiiu. The undertaking will
iioitunt results for the camp.
I.nst Thursday evening tho lndios
of St. Anthony's church held an enjoyable assembly in tho Bosun Hall,
realizing n tidy sum.
A plonsuul socialoutortainmeul was
i..iveii by the Knights of Pythias in
! their ball lasl week, the occasion be*
: ing tho official visit of Grand Chancel*
; lor Ferguson, \ bautjui i at tbe New-
'market followed.
Hon. C. ii. Mnckiutosh, the Con
1 sorvntive candidate, held n successful
meeting Insi woek in the Bosun iiall.
delegations being present from Rose
berv, Three Forks nud Silverton, M.
McLean occupied thc chair aud intro*
ductory speeches werogivou by Wm.
tluntornnd S. T. Walki r. Mr. Moo*
kintosh delivered n fine address and
won considerable applause. The outlook for the Conservatives in this vicinity is quite cheering,
Kinitli < nrlU Cmaiiii:'.
Next Wednesday evening a public
meetiug will bo held in the Music
Hall, in the Interestof W.A. Galliher,
the Liberal   candidate.   The  iid.iies.',
of the evening will  be  delivered by
Siiiith Curtis, who was   heard here to
advantage some years ago.
Nl'l'llllllll   Mil III".    ■ ll 1;.,,  i ,11 .
Ed Sh ■mum.. Ke»   Denver, oue
OnTii.'sdavthe annual i itfiigof ni*ve,ml
tho Ht. Eugene Mining Co. was hold     i,,-,,,]   keeps steadily  climbing In
in Toi'OUto.   The accounts ii|i to 80th   price, being above .t'l~.
Coast inillnien have won iitrninsl the
C.P.R., the raibvay commission otdor
ine'the discriminating rate on cedar
lumbar lo be cul to the same rate as
ou othei'stuff, viz., from 50 cents pa
cut, to U>.
3* i m
• *
i \
Arc the Cry of the Xerves for
Better Blood.
Enrich Tho Blood and Neuralgia will
Disappear- it is Only Those Whose
Hlood is l'oor cad Watery That
Xo   pnrt   of   the   human system is
Inore sensitive than the nerves, lluny
of  the most  excruciating  pains that.
Stllict    mankind    come    irom      wi'.ik,
Bhaky,   shattered   nerves,   and   among
the nerve pains there is perhaps none
causes   more   Intense   suffering   than
aouralgia,   which   .generally   attacks
the    nerves    of    the   face   and   head,
(oinetiiiii's    causing   swift,    darting,
agonizing    pains—at    other    times    a
dull,-* heavy    aching    feeling     which
makes life miserable.    There   is   only
ononway  to get rid of neuralgia und
otlier nervous troubles,  and that is
through    the   blood.      Poor,    watery
blood  makes    the    nerves    shaky  and
invites disease.  Rich, red blood makes
tho   nerves  strong   and   banishes    all
nerve  troubles.     No   medicine   In the
world   can  equal   Dr.   Williams'   Pink
l'ills  us a  blood    builder    and    nervo
tonic;   every dose helps   to   make  rich,
red    blood,   and   every  drop  of    this
new  blood  feeds  and  st lengthens  the
nerves   and   banishes   all   nerve   aches
and    pains.    Among   those   who   oiler
strong  proof  of  this is Blr,   .John  Mc-
lK'i'mott, llond Head, Ont.,  who says:
"A   lew  years  ago,   while   Working  us
a carpenter in Buffalo, l got wet.    1
neglected to Change my eh.tins, und
next morning I aw,ike with cramps
and pains throughout my entire
body. 1 was unable to gn to work,
so called in a doctor, I lollowed his
treatment, but it did not help me.
As I was unable to wink I roturnod
to Uiy home at Bond Head. Here I
consulted a doctor, who said I was
suffering from neuralgia, but though
he treated me for some time he ulso
failed to help me. 1 had often read
of -Dr.'' Williams' Pink Pills, so decided to try them. 1 had not used more
than three boxes In-fore I felt they
were helping me. Prom that on I
gained day by day, and after I hnd
used some ten boxes I had fully recovered my old-time strength, and
have* since been able to work at my
ttede without any trouble. The pains
and aches no longer torture me and
I have gained in weight. 1 think Pr.
Williams' Pink l'ills an invaluable
medftine and shall always have a
good word to say  for theni."
Neuralgia, sciatica, rheumatism,
St. VHua dance, and the many other
blood and nerve troubles all vanish
when Dr. Williams' Pink Pills aro
used—but you must get the genuine,
bearing the full name, "Pr. Williams' Pipk Pills for Pale People,"
on the wrapper around every box.
Sold by druggists or direct by mail
at 50 writs a box, or six boxes for
$2.50, by writing The Pr. Williams'
Medici-no Co., Brockville, Ont.
Tke Dancrcr* Thnt Lurk In Oar Hod-
em  HontllllK  Ml* til oils.
If we may judge by its effects on
those who obey its command, our slung
motto, "Get there," i.s not an elevating
or ennobling one. On the contrary, it i8
brutalizing, It appeals to the lower
and tot the higher instincts in man.
Yet tliis motto is quoted all over our
land. It is demoralizing the law, it is
creeping into the pulpit, it speaks from
our schools, it looks out of tlio eyes of
tho ambitious, it undermines health,
nnd it frequently destroys all nobility
of character.
The old fashioned slow nnd sure
methods of attaining a competency are
tabooed. The man who spends half a
lifetime in making :i fortune is regarded as "slow." Short cut processes, at
any cost, ure the demand of tho hour.
From the time a boy enters school he
is goaded on by unnatural ambltlona.
He is not satisfied with steady, p<jrma*
neiit growth. Uo must progress by
leaps'and bounds, Hoys and girls tire
encouraged by their parents to gel
ahead in their classes, even If they
must burn midnight oil ami risk their
health in order to do so.
lt is pitiable to watch n typical American going to business in tho morning.
He is oot content to sit quietly and relax until tho train curries hiin to his
destination In the city. Long befori
that l.e leans forward in Ills seat and
makes ready to leap off while the train
is moving, Willi every muscle tense,
nn anxious, worried expression In his
face iiud a nervous twitching of the
hands, clutching his cano, umbrella,
parcel or the bnck of the seat In fronl
cf him, he wastes enough en rgy nml
strength beforo he reael.es his office to
execute Ihe labor of balf the day.
Tho life of lho average American Is
feverish, unhealthy and unnatural, We
are U) too great haste with everything
nnd  consequently   lack   poise.     In  tlie
perpetual rush to "got there" we nre in
very great danger of losing our equilibrium.—Orison Swelt Mal'den In Success.
lira-nil   ( niilill, il«
Such fierce carnivorous llshcn ns exist ln the depths of the ocean are unknown at the surface, There Is a
"black swallower" which devours other
finny creatures ten times as big its itself, literally climbing over its victim,
lirst with one Jaw and then willi the
other. Another species is nearly all
mouth, and having no power of loco*
motion It lies burled in the soft ooze at
tho bottom, its head alono protruding,
ready to engulf any prey that may
wander into Its cavernous jaws. There
ls a ferocious kind of shark, resembling
a huge eel. All of these monsters nro
black-as ink. Some of theni are perfectly blind, while others have enormous, .goggling eyes. No ray of sunlight -aver pierces the dark, uu fathomed
caves In which they dwell. Each
species ls gobbled by the species next
bigger, for there is no vegetable life
Remit or the Recent (-ampliation of Notable
Stories   From   Varied   Soureee   Vy
Lloyd'* tVeokly Newspaper.
Many stories a*o fcold of tho lato
Baron Huddleston, who died io 18W0.
When he received notice ol" his appointment as a High Court Judge he
was at Guildhall conducting a case,
and the court had just adjourned ior
Alter reading the letter Huddleston
became greatly excited, took oil his
v.ig and gown, and, handing thom l«
the nearest barrister, said:
"Here, my boy, take these; I shall
not want them any more!"
"Old •AwklD*."
Lord Brampton, better known as
Sir Henry Hawkins, now living in
retirement, was much feared by hardened criminals. This is illustrated by
an incident that occurred when the
lato Sir James Stephen actod as
judge for the last time.
A policeman was in tke box, and
His Lordship asked:
"What did the prisoiwr say, eon-
"He said, my Lord, that he didn't
care, as long as he weren't brought
up before old 'Awkins, 'cos if he was
then the angels 'elp him, for mortal
man could not, my Lord!"
| rueful Eiperlcn.fi".
There  was a   certain philanthropic
judge  who,  being  on  a  visit  of    inspection to a penal institution, trusted himsolf on the treadmill, and, with
:  a  view   to   gaining  a  little   practical
experience, desired the warder   to set
it in motion.
I     This was accordingly dene, and His
Lordship commenced  Ih'ting  his feet.
In a  few  minutes,  however,  the   new
hand had had quite enough of it, and
called  to  be released.   But  this  was
! not easily done.
j      "Please-, my Lord," said tho warder,   "you  can't  got  oil yet.    It's  set
for twenty minutes!"
S0 the indignant judge was kept nt
I the novel  "exercise"  until the period
had run out.      '
Neglected Study.
A legal paper told this of a late
eminent judge. Several lawyers gathered one day in the judge's room after an adjournment of court, and
were discussing the retirement of a
member of the Bar. Iii the company
was one whoso practice wus worth a
good many thousands a yoar. Ho
"I have been practising for many
years now, and have made a considerable fortune. 1 have thought I
should like to retire and devote my
remaining years to studies I have
"Study law," said the judge,
A Coincidence.
'lhat   eccentric,   but    kind-hearted,
judge, Sir James    Allen Parke,     acquired,    among    other     inconvenient
habits, a trick of thinking aloud.
One day, when trying an old woman for stealing faggots, he unconsciously ejaculated:
"Why, one faggot is as like another faggot as one egg is tike another
egg!" ,
The counsel defending the prisoner
caught the aside, and naturally mado
a strong point of it in his defence.
"Stop! slop!" cried His Lordship.
"It is an intervention of Providence.
This was tho vor.y thought that
passed through my own mind! Gentlemen, acquit tho prisoner."
Friendly Advice.
One of tlie best known of thc judges
of former times was Justice Maule,
ubout whom a great many stories
are told. A mnn was once indicted
before him for breaking open a young
lady's jewel case and robbing her of
the contents.
What have you to say?" asked tho
"My Lord, I did it with her consent," said the highwayman,
"in the future." said the iiid>;.\
blandly, "you should get the consent
in writing!"
And he gave him a stiff term of imprisonment,
Liked It Strong.
It seems that one of the Irish judges of reoont times had n habit of
dozing (luring tin' more or less in-
torcstlng speeches of counsel, and,
from time to time awakening, ejaculating an odd remark iu the course of
the s| iceeh.
An eloquent counsel wa.s addressing
His Lordship oil the subject of certain town commissioners' right to n
particular waterway, and in his address he repeated somewhat emphatically:
"Dut, my lord, wo must have water, we must have water."
The learned Judge therefore awoke,
and start led the Par with the remark:
"Well,    just   a    little    drop,   thank
you; just a little.    I  liko it strong!"
rtneon nml llnfg.
It is related that Sir Nicholas
Bacon was about to pass judgment,
upon n nmn who bnd boon guilty of
robbery, at. that tune punishable by
death, but lh>' culprit pleaded fur
mercy mi He- ground that lie wus related   tn   the judge.
"How  is  thut'.1"   he  was usked.
"My Lord," was ihe reply, 'your
name Is Paeon, mini' is Hogg, and
hog and bacon have always boen considered akin!"
"That     is   true,"    answered    Blr
Nicholas,   "but   us  hoi;  is  not  bacon
until    it    has    hung,    in-til    ymi  are
hanged you are no relation of mine."
Might Mistake.
The lato Pr. Pankhiirst., a well-
known English agitator, was a barrister, nnd both  in personal appoar-
niic an.l in the totio of his voice up-
peari'd In bo the very reverse of a
ri'Vnlul lonlst.
An amusing story wns told of him
and of oil'' of the judges before Whom
ho happened to-be pleading. The
Judge was rather short-sighted, und,
not seeing in*. Pankhurst, who wus
beginning to address the jwy, but
hearing his slender voice, put on his
spectacles, and, leaning forward, said,
much to the amusement of thoso wbo
heard him:
"My good woman, jjou really must
not uddress ttu> court!">     *»
How Dodd's Kidney Pills Banish Pain in the Buck.
Cnreil Mrs. Jas. Murphy and Everyone
rise She'Recommended Them To.
River Gagnon, Quo., Oct. St.—
(Special).—-Ko complaint is so common among women ns Pain-in-the-
Dack. It is a safe estimate that fully
half tlio women in Cnnndii aro afflicted with it. For that reason every evidence that there is a sure and
Complete euro in existence is thankfully received. And there is abundant evidence that Dodd's Kidney
K*dnoy Pills is just such a curo. This
district oould furnish a dozen cures,
but ono is enough fox an example.
Tho one is tbnt of Mrs. Jus. Murphy.
She Bays:
"I suffered for thirty-eight months
with n pnin in my buck. I took, just
ono box of Kidney l'ills and I have
never been troubled with tho pain
since, i also recommended Dodd's
Kidney Pills to other people, who
complained as I did, and in overy
case Uie Pills did their duty and
brought relief."
'..".' :
Ita Sensational C'ureer liefore It Van.
ialied  li-oiu  Our  Sltflit.
All Europe was In pangs of terror
when Iu lS3i: lt was announced thnt
P.iolu's comet woultl cross tho earth's
path, reople died of terror, and bo serious did the scare become that a Parisian prof&isor begged the Academy of
Science to publicly refute tho assertion.
The comet came, blazed awhile in the
sky nud vanished. Its period of revolution round the sun being just under
seven years, lt came again in 1S30 nnd
was due once more early ln 1840. But
lu that year, instead of one comet, two
appeared! The original comet had divided iuto two parts, each of which
had a separate existence, though their
paths were the same."
In 1852 the two comets again came
flying 'Into sight. Their path in 18o9
was too close to the snn for telescopic
scrutiny, but iu 18B0 it was expected
that they would be plainly visible. But
the double comet never turned up. Nor
has lt ever been seen since.
Comots are naturally somewhat unreliable. They are of very flimsy texture. One great astronomer indeed has
said that ypu oouhl pack the tall of the
average comet in a portmanteau. So If
they pass too near to Jupiter or any of
the big planets they are very apt to get
caught and so to disappear completely.
An  I'niaeeeiMfiTy  Diatliic-tloa.
The two expressions "by and by" and
"by the bye" ure really derived from
the same original word, and the words
"by" and "bye" have the same general
sense. But tbe spelling "bye" has long
been used in the second of these
phra-ses without any real reason fnr
the change. We should not speak of
a bye law or a bye path, nnd yet many
are careful to writo "by the bye" aid
"by Uie by." In "goodbye" there might
be some reason for keeping the limil
"e," since it stands for the word "ye"
in the shortened form of "Cod be with
ye;" but where so much lias been
dropped the "e" is hardly worth keeping, especially as the old meaning is
seldom recalled.
Hed  Hnlr and   Stnmta-olca*.
Nobody ever heard of a red headed
man being sunstruck. Why a red head
should nilord nny protection from the
rays of the sun or givo Its owner Immunity from one of tlie most singular
affections that humanity Is heir to is
one of those mysteries that even the
doctors cannot fathom, but the fact
remains that men with red hair can
stand almost nny amount of exertion
iu or out of doors during the hottest
weather and never feci auy serious results from it.
The Groom (at the lirst hoteli-It's
no use, Clara; we can'U hide lt from
people that we tire newly uitirrleil. Tho
Bride—Wbat makes you think so,
George, dear? The Groom (dejectedly)—Why, the waiter has brought us
flee pud.iing.
I*lma'l',ll   Sn I.I.
Pirst Pn Monger (promenading on the
deck of n liner In mldocean, to second
passenger, leaning disconsolately
ngnlnst tho rail)- Uave you dined? Bee*
011(1    I':iK",ig'.*r   Ucjc.tcdly)- Oil   tht
One of the most Important assets In
•i io■■■....',: i.i politeness, Atchison
It doesn't help a sick baby to give
lt "Soothing" drugs. On the contrary, it lessens baby's chance of recovery. If your little ones show any
Signs of being unwell promptly givo
llaby's Own Tablets and see how
speedily thoy will lie bright, cheerful, well and happy. The medicine
Is sold   undor a   guarantee   that   it
contains no poisonous soothing
stuff, or hurtful drug, and It curtis
all tho littlo ills of babyhood and
childhood. Mrs. W. ' II. Austin,
Farminoton, N. S., says: "Baby's
Own Tablet! are just what oviiry
mother noods when her littlo ones ara
cutting their teeth. When my little
ono cries 1 jfive him a Tablet nnd It
helps hiin at oace. Mothers who use
the Tablets will have no trouble with
their bablee." Baby's Own Tablets
aro sold by ell medicine dealers, or
caa be bad by mail at 2ft emits a
box    by    writ**-  tiie  Dr.   WML
******* an aaftig&i2fo
Chief Wonder and Attraction of Ilia Island
at TrlniMlaal-Nattwal  Aiphall ln
■lata af Parlaotlon.
Asphalt, in its natural form, is too
brittlo when cold and too sticky
when warm to mako a. serviceable
road, but when mixed with sand,
gravel and tar, answers every requirement. In its natural state, it is
found in many parts of the world,
but in only ono place to perfection,
and that is tho Island of Trinidad,
one of Great Britain's numerous
possessions in tho West Indies.
Trinidad's great pitch lake, which
is tho chief wonder and attraction of
tho island, is situated in a low,
sandy stretch of tho southwest coast,
near' Capo Corbaray. Tho surrounding country is low and malarial, in
striking contrast to the high hills
und rich woodlands to tho coast
further back.
Tho laborers aro all negroes, even
the coolies shrinking from the heat
and low fevers of tho place.
Tho lake itself is about a mile in
diameter, hard at tho edges and
softening toward tho middle. The
surface is continually changing, apparently from subterranean action.
Little oases of dry land, und even
trees and shrubs, will disappear in a
singlo night and fresh islands ot soil
lio reared  in  other <»li\ccs.
Tho lako is in all probability merely
an unusually largo deposit of bitumen or soft ooal, that has undergone
its transformation from decaying
vegetable matter in contact with
wutor, and too near the surfnro for
the oorth pressure above to harden
It thoroughly.
Hundreds of negroos the year round
toil at tho lako's edge, taking out
oargO after cargo from tho supply
that  seems never  to diminish.
The n.sphalt crust Is broken up
with picks and crowbars, ani is
loaded on dump-carts, drawn by a
single mule. 'Iho carts crunch
through a long, siuvdy road down to
the wharf at tho water's edge, where
the load is dumped and carried by
wheel barrows on board of lighters,
which in turn carry it out to ships,
lying a half milo out in tho shoal
The rough lumps of pickings are
hoisted on board in bnskets and piled in tho hold, where they sink
down into a compact mass, requiring
a fresh tilling tlie next day, and so
on  till  the  solid  enrgo  is  completed.
When the vessel reaches its port of
discharge the asphalt has to be broken up again before it can be removed
from the hold.
Owing to the viscous quality of the
native "pitch" it has, in the course
of nces. filtored through the sand soil
around tho lakes, and of the8e great
fields the asphalt is, if anything, better after its filtering process than
tlie original deposit.
Canadian Woinen.
Mr. P. li. Ball, Canadian Agent nt
Leeds, England, writing to Toronto
Sunday World, says: -301110 little
timo ago I notiuod that an English
lady was writing some ruther Severe
criticisms on Canadian women, and I
WOMtored if it could bo niy friend,
Mrs. Margaret Poison Murray. At
that time 1 had not been very loug
in this sountry, end remcmborlng my
earlier predilection for English wo-
niun I did not like to get In tho mix
up, moro especially us 1 knew how
wa.ll ablu both our women and men are
to defend tho Hex. The longer I live in
the country tlie more predisposed I
am to acknowledge the better qualities of Canadian women. Many years
ago in mv callow youth before 1 had
been sufficiently acquainted v.ith their
many good points, on my trips hero
l whs disposed to givo foreign women tha preforonoOi but 1 thought I
would allow my more matured judgment to speak before writing on the
subject, it has 1mm my prlvilogo to
via.it (iri*«t Srltata, Germany, Austria, Prance anH thfr United ."itates,
aad meet women iu each of th.se
countries. Hitherto 1 had always
thought thnt Kaglish women were
probably tlie llnest, next to them tho
Austrian, having in mind a visit to
Budapest in the late seventies. linking nt the mutter after some years'
experience l inn suy honestly that no
nation produces a liner cluss of women than Canada, Wo do not, as
tho Germans do, have women for
breading children only, or us upper
servants. Wo do not stand us u
race, producing money to clothe the
womon in purple and fine linen only,
as the I'liit-'d Htntes men do. Vie
do not k«.'p our girls buck and not
allow theni to have nny say for
themselvea until nfter they are mnrrled, as Prance or Austria. We tako
them something botwoan the Uritish
ami American, We have tho good
looks ol both, and the sound Common sense of thn ono and the good
dressing of the other. Wo are apt to
treat them more us opmpanlons than
other nations.
Man-nnl  Al Ha In.
Mr. Marconi hns a Striking |x*r«on-
nlity. ouito six feet in hoight, powerfully built, the young Inventor has
none nf tlmt physical frailty which
so often distinguishes men grent in
mind. .Mmiy of the published photo<
graphs iniikii him boyishly good-li>ok-
ing; 111 reality his faco is the stern,
Impassive one of a strong man.
Somewhat pallid, with clear cold
eyes, ftnd a ion.-ring white lor.'hoad,
he hns a toieh ol the dreumer as
wull  oa of  tho  rouioraoless student  of
fasts, lie crosses thu room with „
loungfnjf,     loimimly    Stride,   and     hr
■peaks to »i« acquaintances reservedly,  rthoaut. distantly,   To   the'
casual oli**rva*r there i« not a spark
of    enthusiasm     iu   the    young    mun
whose tnthuslaatlt   researches   havo
iv.'-iilled In a CjIsOsVSry wind, hns
iiiua'e him famous all ovor the World,
Hut oacu broat b»n>»H.th thu surface,
.mil you will ll ani Mr. Mnrceui n Loom
and diver talt.<w. He has a »oa(l»r-
Ail gift ml oKfivoriiiimn, wilh that cold
eloquence that SSlTlaooi ratk»r thaa
psrsuadss, Aad yttl loins of sur
hardSSt-hsaded mas have been both
i.oimnivd and .persuaded after a
talk with Mr, HtfWttV _	
THE ONLY TEA on the continent that
CEYLON TEA. Its leadership is recognized. B|ack
Mixed or Natural Green. Sold||only in sealed
lead packets.   By all Grocers.
•mat deadly implement, tne natpln ot
modern times, ls a descendant of nn
OJliiHlly formidable toilet article used
by Roman women. The Aspaslas nnd
.1 tilias nnd Claudins who decked themselves a couple of thousand yeara or
more ngo, to the undoing of tho particular lialbus or Marcus thoy desired
to fascinate, woro bone hairpins of
prodigious} length. Yet, like the women.of this present time, they seom to
have experienced the same difficulty in
keeping them ln place. This fact came
to light during excavations at Sllchee-
ter, near Beading, England, n hundred
or so of tliese bono hairpins being
found in tbo Roman bath, collected
maybe by tho bath attendant, to prove
all ttioue centuries later that tbere Is
nothing new under the sun and that In
all ages tho same liltlo foibles have
boen poiisossed by women.
The Dragon Fly's 1'KBi.
Any one who has watched a ik\Tgon
By Hitting about the surface of smull,
reedy ponds or noar the shores of
large ones during the summer und early fall mouths bus noticed its fro
ipieut dipping of the extremity of its
Ions body ln the water as lt skims
n-long. Tbe drnton fly thus engaged is
always the female, und every time she
dips her body ln the water she deposits an et'g. The specific gravity of
the eg* i.s such that it sinks to tlie
bottom among tho woods.
Her Purpoae.
"Mother thinks you'll mako mo a
good wife." said the girl's intended.
"Indeed?" replied the girl witb the
determined Jaw. "You tell your mother I'll make you a good husband."
If nil   the  sous  were  dried   up   what
would everybody say?—Wo haven t a
not 1011.
Tom—My grandfather musl have
been a very thin man. Dick—What
makes you think BO? Tom—Ileeause
he's always referred to as tlie skeleton in the closet.
KfoaV-Ts sfciiaent Relieves Neuralgia.
Tlie Ambidexterous Society, of
London, has been formed with thc
object   nf  encouraging peoplo  t..  use
both  hands  with equal   facility,
(UEH — Machinery not properly super-
m-m-I and left '" run itself, very »oon
shows .'suit in Its working. It is tin-
sunie with the dlsestlve organs Unregulated  from  time  to  tl   thej   are  likely
io become torpid anid throw tho whole
system out ol ttetxr Parmelee's Veueta-
Pills were ma le to meel such
Thev res tor* to tho full suili Aagnrinu
faculties, nml 1.lieu Into order ull ports
of t ha mei lirtni- :a
Mrs. Weilda'i-ly—- This pnper Bays the
original calendar Wns arranged iii
tho far cast. Wodderly—Yes, I suppose '-nine enterprising fruil grower
In  thai   section   wanted   to  create  a
demand   for   his   dates.
"What." asked tho urocpr of the
boy who hnd applied for" n Job, "1*
the   first    principle   ol    the   grocer.i
business? In in.ike   a   littlo   ko   h
irr.iit   weigh,"    promptly  replied    the
voiingsler.    The   buy   gol   lie'   Job.   lb
had  been  reading   tho   comic  pnpi." -
and knew his answer,
Whs* aro yoar friends saytnff
abotrt yoa? Ttuu yo«ar fray
hair maioi you look oW?
A*d yet, yen are not forty!
Postpone  this  leokiof   old.
Hair Vigor
Use Ayer's Hair Vlfer aed
restore •» your pay hair $H
the de-op, dark, rich oobr 0/
early Ufa* Then be sarittc.4.
•*»•***■» Ha* TV-*- !•__** ta* a»«Mi
*—*.L S. •*>,,*» l!nmVJaTm—**l'>evlAa.
J e. x—m e
J*r*vL. M>
Dark Hair
Why   are    clouds    like  com
Because they hold u„! ,U"      *aU
What   kind of  servants  are |w
hQU'laV-Tho inn-experienced,
difficult to eradicate „ ,iV-,,, "-" *
has become seated, therefore 1 ": •'
"/'iK'.' ""■'•''''""•iit i„ its initial VSS
und   by   such   romedl
Ial slJt>,
Slop iii its course. Cuiii |S"|,.,''' '
est complaint ot man, nnd »i ..il".":":"»
iii lends to serious results Hi 1 •''': "'
Eclectric  Oil   will  une  the' - ' "'
Or   limit    violent   COUgh
Whnl   is thai   which    goes   when 1
Wagon   goes,   stops    when  the   w
slops.  Is of no u*.e to the winri 1
yet  that  which the wugi
U It 1111111'.'—Noise.
linard's Liniment fir sale evcrywlot
N'lttne tbe mosi unsociul.i.a :l\SUl, .,
the world.—Milestones; for vou m™
m*' two of thom together
Where Doctors do aqreo m,
Uans  up  longer  consider  It "atari!,,
quackery"   m   recommending in  otxiiSt
ao meritorious a remedy lor IndiiStio?
DysjiepHa   and   Nervousness   .,,\\,
Aiimricnn Nervine. They reaii,,. t|,a, ,
u a step in advance in medical a__
and a sura mid |XVn„ia«at c-i.-. to. _
ea<*s of th* stonaah.   It wUl «.». *»u_i(
V; Im 1 is the inii-i awkward time lor
n train to Btart?—12.50, na it's ta
to ono i;' you catch it.
Sl'FFER    Nn  MOKE.—There are thou.
Muni*,   win,   live  miserable  lives   ;->•■,
dyspepsia  dulls  the faculties    :   -,.,.
o« a   exi.' tenre    with    I lie   I loud   a ;
► ion.    One «iiv  to  dispel   tho
beset   tin*  victims   ol   Uiis   ilisonler li
order   tliem   u   course   ill   I'.h im-I.v - Xeg*
table  rill*.,  which    aro   amoi.   thi
i evi utile oills known,  being ettsy to tali
and   ure   must    elliian ians   In r acl
A  trial of theni will prove this.
\\ lien     is    1 he     li'l    till •■   i'i retjt aj
egg at sen?—When the ship lays to
Coul-dn'l   Look tho I'nrl -"He
-tun   in    to   study  medicine, hut hi
gave   it   up."  "Didn't    lit-., it. el
"Oh,    yes,    ho liked  li.   but he n i
afraid  he'd  never succeed    Vou -■
he couldn't  raise n  Vandyke be
Like Tearing  the Heart
Strings. — "It If not within tU con»[»
tion at mftn to measure my ureal aiJW'
irgs troui heart dla-enBii For r**r» I
audurul almost constant cuttlBl «4
teariii),' pains nbout. mv henrt .mati»:j
a tiuio would nave wsicoined >!eiUll. 5:
Aguu'.i'a Cure tor tho Heart has mm
a Veritable miracle."—Thol lliilis. re'-'
Uut —ill
\\ hy   is  a   schoolmaster  like it shoe
black'.'—ileeause   ho    polishes the
IE81 IHOWIAL /mm*- the  lat" Silt SAM-
III-I. BAKER,  the famous Nile I-'.xi'.<*_'•■';
N'.wlon    A Illicit..    Pom
am mn      .iiiaiu,,       .........        lll.r     a
har. ilelnviil mv tlian^s al I w*'1*1 "
teat tb« >*iT.i.n of Blair's Pills by « m»
ciana Interval of time ,
"Far *.«■ yn.rv I hinl sutlerM sen''
from n«.it ami life had lost Its it****
Hon owing to tta uncertainty "' ■"""•'
an.l mid,ten visitations ol tin* w,r?!
whli-h pro'strated me for niontl • orwtss
according  la  tha virulence of the attach
"Blair's rills have rendered ms l*m**
service, «■*< f no lunger fear an stui
of   (J out
"For iho last twenty montf ■ *'■'•
b«.-n  comparatively   free,  as ,
attempted visitations have been enr.i**
lata.r Mumped out kv tbe ssslstaSCI «
Weir's   1'ilN _  „ .„
"Truly  vour**,  (Kigni'dl Sand   W 1 *■«"
Lyman Sons A Co . Montreal ana i'J
enlo. The Hole I'nig Co., « ■■ .1 i|'.t!■ ll *
Martin, Bale A Wynne Cu . Winnipeg.
Superfluous Hair
Removed by lha New Prlnelsle
»er*rol**sis, Xrsy or depiUtjrlf"'
Tere-i yeu on Uis bare vrnro tt**
eperasars and manufacturers. V*
UIRACLBIsnol ft lithe only"*"
which ie ladorsed bj phyiiciani, ■•
faona, dematoUfista, medn-al jourusw
aad prominent magaxinee. l;"okl,;,'!j
will be sent Iras, ia p>ai». •*•*•*'
Tear money hack wUhou»qii*«»lwU
It fails en do all that li claim"'_* "
Dl IIIKACLB mailed, "•"SLE
plaia wrapper, om receipt of SI u
Fori»»o.dayto DB MDUOLK OW*
StiuM V»W
I0AL, OO.. 23 Qo
ToaoKTo, or
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Hwit  ami  Ktejm out Cold.
Writs   fer   iaseflen   and Trlam.
TEES & PEKSSE, Limited., A*entsf WInHJ*fr
•■■±«l&m>-x»-mmx,t.«-i-s. DRILL
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Three   If seen I Inl«,   Says   a   C'ynlo,   to
SnoeeNB In Life,
Fighting for cards to entertainments,
aijahlng up by hook and by crook, giving dinners and dances (typewritten
floBCriptionS of which are given to any
journalists who wish for them)—these
tilings are essentially opposed to "that
repose which stumps the caste of Vers
de Yere"
These Influences are very widespread. To "get on" Is the great object of every one, and to get on one
must drop ua niany refinements as pos-
llble. Tliey "do not pay." Thin may
gct'in cynical, but lt is unfortunately
true. Cheek, push and cash are tht
three essentials to success, and If the
|aBt he,lacking the two former are noc-
jasfiry for its getting.
This Is all false, unworthy. It la
onlv the veneer of a butterfly class.
Tbo aristocracy is one with the upper
middle classes in its rejection of these
Influences. Refinement is not dead
among us, but it Is overshadowed.
Bane ami serloua people uro sickened
bv the frothy life that goes on aliout
them, If it really brought enjoyment
to iis devotee lt would he justified, but
i!,;;t it does not Is amply evidenced by
tl.e discontented, artificial faces under the horribly protty huts above the
vulgarly   elaborate   drosses.     Better
things wlll come, better things exist
new beneath thia false surface, but
tlie man who boats the drum can
drown the strains of tho violin. Just
now the drum Is very loud. Let us
lower our voiced and wait—London
When  tho little folks take colds
and coughs, don't neglect them
and let theni strain the tender
membranes of thoir lungs,
Give them
Cure *&cLuns
It will cure thwn quickly and
strengthen their lungs.
It is pleasant to take,
Prloea.   age., SOc., and $l.o0.
What is better than presence of
mind in a railway accident?—Absence
of body.
Ons  Short Puff  Cleans  the
Why aro cowardly soldiers liko tul-
lnw cnndles?—Because when exposed
to the fire thev run.
Tho custom    of   taking a   text   as
Heada —lioci your head aeha?  Have you   i he   basis    of     a    sermon   originated
• ■    ■ "ral  LevitOS in n  puolic congregation
Colonel .John S. Mosby's hat, takon
from him when ho was seriously
wounded in Virginia. December,
1H04, which ever since hus beon in
possession of u lady at Orange, N.
J., has just beon sent buck to its famous owner.
('. ('. RICHARDS & CO.
1   was  very  sick  with    ljuin/.y   and
thought    I   would strangle,     I   used
MINARD'S  I.INIMKNT and it cured
ine at, once.    I     am never  without it
| now.
Yours gratefully,
MRS.  ('.   li.'  1'HINCE.
Nauwlgowauk, Oct. 21st.
11 hy is a schoolmistress like the letter C?—Hi-cause she forms lasses into
lopcratitloaa  Tbnt  Still  Abide  With
tbe  luuutr; Folk.
There is a well known weed witb
dark blotches on lt, not unlike blood
stains. I have been twice assured
with the utmost seriousness by an old
woman that "whore you find them
there a-growlng there's been a battle
long ago."
Tho same diune once seemed rather
In a hurry when buying a setting of
efrgs from nie about tea time, nnd I
found the reason was that she believed you had no luck with eggs if you
did not set thetn before sundown. This
is curious, for, though the modern
poultry keeper might make tho nest
and place tho eggs In lt during the
daytime, he would probably defer putting tlie "broody" on them till dusk
tint she miffht bave tho best chance
of settling down quietly.
The other day in n neighboring cot-
tage I was admiring a line baby and
ventured to suggest that If Its nails
were left so loug It might scratch its
face. The mother said sho would cut
them, but the grandmother burst ln
with: "You'll do nothing of the sort,
my dean, asking your pardon, sir. You
dmi't seem te know, sir, that to cut it
child's mills Liefore it's twelve months
old makes it light fingered." And I
am perfectly certain tlie nails will not
be cut it will bo of Interest to add
tbat the cottagers 1 speak of live near
enough to London to see Its lights in
IU i>k/.—Loudon Chronicle.
The Ancient  Keruiana Were  Furiosi
(■uBtblera nt  Tbla  Game.
The Invention ofttiCS has been of o*jd
ascribed to Palamedes, the son of
Nauplius, king of Buboes, about 1244
11 •'.. and also te ft Greek soldier named A lea, which ls the Latin for a die,
bnt Herodotus assigns both dice and
chess to the Lydisns.
Ihe ancient Hermans would gaiible
away nt dice all that they wero worth
and then their liberty, submitting to
slavery tf they loHt, awl tho 8nxoiis,
I nines and Normans wero all addicted
to the gaino. Fox Talbot ls of opinion that the Latius Invented, if not
U.e game, at least tho name for the
.eagle point, which they oallod unus.
'lhe Hernia tile raoes, adopting this
practice from tho QreekS, translated
tho Oreek corruption ef uns* lato ass,
which has now bocvMo aoo. Tho root
or this word lies In the Latin as, the
n.onetary unit.
John of Sallsbary In the twelfth
century mentions tea dUrnrowt sses of
tl.e dlco. Stow sseaCless two enter-
t. ninents given by tbe oity ef Loudon
at which dloo were In evtdeaoo.-l.ou-
doii Tcliagrapb.
•I  la   1'r.Mlaee-fl   by   a   n»l*m«*   Toi©*
Organ   la  tbe  Syrta*.
I'lrds bavo ne veoal oh*n*l* Is tbs
Iwynx, but they p-****!-"*** a asii|ss vole©
organ fn the syrlax. whicb at provided
with what are really v**al sber-is of a
v<'ry effective atti oompllealwd kind.
This syrinx linn Is tlio lower part of
Uis windpipe and tbe upper part of the
branching broactd, but varies much in
Hi exact poslties sad dutoils of structure in differs** birds.
Briefly it consists of a vsryhig witn-
1,1 r of muscles, aa autay as frem live
*>• seven being found In tho best song-
'tcrs, attached to folds of siessbruns
nnd tin, bony half ringu, which at this
fnrt of the throat form a sort of on-
lnrgod Adam's apple.
Distinctness of tho several sisneles
":"l liio uiixle of their InierthMi tadi*
"■'••te a bird's maeiottl espsblllty. Tke
•I'tita Of the skylark mid sIkIi^uxhIo.
'or Instance, ts a marre* of s^ust,"!
initsclo and ineiiibrsse, wblle, on tho
"ihor hand, the ostrich and somo vultures hare uo voice organ, the plgfwn
hus but littlo to t»h#w. and the QOBMOD
*ow| has no musc-lns to nioduluto its
cr>- :\v.. -_
Hhanf s liniment Cares ton, etc,
When is n schoolmaster like n man
with oni* eye?—Whon he has a vacancy for a pupil.
RemoTes all hnrd, soft or calloaBa&d
lumps and lilemltiheB from horses, blood
ripavin, curbs, Hpiiuts, ringbone, sweensy,
Btllli's. B|irains; cures sore and swollen
throat, coughs, etc. Save $50 by tbe
use  ol  one  bottle.    Warranted    the  most
•Aoinli'iliil   Hlemlsh Cur. ever known.
"Did you know your husband long
beforo you married him?" askod the
casual female acquaintance. "No,"
answered the bride whoso honeymoon
wan on the toboggan, "but l am bo-
ginning to lind him ost now—alter
m.     , " ZT~       "' ~       *"" •**">•*■        mP *tt\J i.unio       \ra
uaurrh. Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder
will cure most stublioru cases lu a marvellously Bhort time. If you've had Catarrh a week It's a sure cure. If It's
pf fifty years' standing It's Just as effective.    60 <seots.-57
There ore 80,000 dry goods stores
in the United States.
      I r.--w-
of men and women, ascended a pul-
pit, opened thc book of the law. and,
after a prayer, "read in tho book in
the law of God distinctly and gave
tho sense and caused them to understand the reading."
How much the enjoyment of an evening's
entertainment depends on
the quality of your Opera
A pair that cannol fail te
Kivo iati»1a£tioia U our
.pocial pcojl mou.tui, No.
VO104 at $3 .',o.
Our alore'i rrputatioa oi
Eity years auurei uliaiaclioa
ia purchasing. Sead ior couplets catalogue.
I'ntil forty years ngo an F.nRlish
book was practically unknown in Jtv-
pan, the only foreign literature
studied was the Chinese, and the (irst
language to be taught in the schools
was the Dutch. Nov.', while English
is the most common among the peo-
I'le. and i.s studied by all high-school
pupils, German and French are favored generally by scholars and physicians.
Dr. .1 D. K**'i)t>tsri-:'M Dysentery Cordial
is a H|iomly euro for dysentery, .liarr-
hoes, cholera, sunimer complaint, hpu
sickliest* and complaints Incidental to
children teething It (rives Immediate relief io those raftering from the effects ol
Indiscretion in eating unripe fruit, cucumbers, etc. it actfl with wonderful rapidity and never jails to conquer tho dis-
taste. No one ihhh! ft*ar cholera if they
have a bottle of this medicine convenient .
>th»n is a Boldier charitable?—Whan
ho presents arms.
Mo: t* than two thousand skilled
wo • trt-r have left the French silk
factories of Houbaix and Turcoing,
witiiin o year, for the l'nited sta: is.
linard's Liniment Cares Dandruff.
Which, is tho largest room In tho
wnrin?—The  room  tor  improvement.
Bed-riddon  15 years, --n any-
tioily \iiints ix written Kunmntoe from m«
persootUly aa to uiy wonderful cure (rom
rhtauujiit imii     by    buuUi   Anuarintiti   Itlieii-
muiic t'un* i will im itu* ffladdaat wotuaa
lu   thu   woilil   to    R'.-e     it,"    laya    Mrs.
John lloiiuuiont. of lCloru "I I.i.i ai.*-
s|i.iiruJ ol' riHovi'ry up lo the timo ol
Likjui; iLita. wouilurful rciucly. It curtail
Anis are the moat brainy of ail
creatures. In proportion to its size
nn nut's brain is larger than that ol
any othor living creature.
Lifebuoy Soap—dlalnfactant—ll tmroaglf
recommended hy the medical profeailoa aa
a aaiuxtaard agaiiut iufectioui di
Tnlked Too  Mach.
RpenXInp one dny of club sociability, n» Mttyer, thu cartoonist, told of a
cln'b to Which he wns Invited while ln
llerlla. Tho club was composed of
elderly Germans, whu met In a back
roeta to drink beer uml smoke. At ln-
tN-Tfil-i WM of the clubmen would re-
mare his pipe frem bis inoutli, nod his
hend »aeely and remark. "Yah." After
a llttte pnnso unother of thu smokers
wealfl aay, "Yah." Thut was the extent •' ttwlr ceaverHhtlon. ■'Ono night,''
nail Hr. iiayer, "orm of thu tneinliers
braan^t hts soa ta the olub. After several tt tlie older unr*. had siiokon as
initial ttie youa?ster Hpoko. llo snld.
'Yak, yiih.' They axpallod hlm at
•*ao*\M #«»aelidi'd Mr. Mayor, "for telk-
la^ tee run el*. *
An   riT«*r(fTa.  'Willed*.
A *^»**n!.ir Knsltsh nnthur was "jrhol-
ly bt-aaptoitated from work by a lady
whe   lived   next   doer  nnd   stnimraed
threat* Battdel't "Mcsshih."   Ills Idea
of tha luvieiai.iiity of an Bngllihtnan'i
h»»i»a 414 aet allow hlm to send ln
uny ikwhuik**. aad he was at his wits'
red (*fcl a* saw la a dully paper thnt
Meaaaf   WliltttlaM   aMlId   I'U   llOUfl't   tO   fit
oa te kettle speuts. He prov dad himself with ean n»d fat tke kettle on
the fli-e la tke i****** nnereiK thu sfnger.
As »-*»e as tke whWtle ketiuu Uu weut
eut. Of eeeruw thw liettwia ciuno off
tbe kettle, hat tt i*oet Httle to solder
It ea Hgala. sad after twe or three
seldei'la«u Mm lady took tbe hint.
We G-uaranteo
Every garment, bearing the
Stan£eld label — no matter
wlitit its price—is absolutely
nnahrinkahle. VV« guarantee
it, aad beck tip that guarantee with "money back if it
fits  like i  new skin—Cu
every part ot the body—is
warm,  snug  aad camfort-
, ablet   Made of the um. us
tNova  Scotia  wool—in   all
I iseights to suit all temperatures   from   Halifax   to
the Elondyke.
Insist that your dealer
gives you Staofield's—
tike Underwear that
will   not
Made big enough for a big
man to work in with comfort
Has more material in it than
any other brand of shirt In
Canada. Made on the
H.B.K. scale it requires 39#
to 42 yards per dozen, whereas
common shirts have only 32
to 33 yards.
That's the reason why the
H.B.K. "Big" Shirt never
chafes the armpits, is never
tight at the neck or wristbands, is always loose, full
and comfortable and wears
Each shirt bears a tiny book
that tells the whole history
of the "Big" Shirt,- and
also contains a notarial
declaration that the H.B.K.
"Big'* Shirt contains 39#
to 42 yards of material per
Sold at all dealers but only
wi|h this brand:—
Montreal       Winnipeg       Dawson
Whon mny n man bo mild to brenk-[ Wnsto leather Is no longer throw*
fast liefore he Rets up?—When he In wuy. Manufacturers use it, in a
fast before he gets up?—When he taken I compressed form, instead of iron, to
a roll In bed. I make cog-wheels.
Run Down and
Out of Sorts
Suffered from Pains and Aches and was
Discourged and Despondent — Made
Strong and Well by
When the nervous »ystom becomes
exhausted there is suffering of both
mind and body.
Even tho pains and aches aro not
•o hard to endure as the spells ol
bluee and the gloomy forebodngs.
New hope and confidence come with
tho uso of Dr. Chase's Nei*ve Food.
Dy supplying an abundance of rich,
led blood it creates new nerve force
ami instils new vigor into body nnd
mind, permanently overcoming weak-
nsss and disease.
Miss Mlnnio J. Sweet, Collingwood Corner, Cumberland County,
N. S., writes: "I used five boxes of
Dr. Chaso's Nerve Food lust winter,
and it did rao more good than any
medicine I ever took. It is diilicult
to describe my case, but I felt all
run down and out of sorts.     I   had
headache and m«.ckache and dull pains
through the iungs» I was so discouraged thnt I didn't socen to care
whut became of me.
"I hadn't finished tho first box of
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food before I felt
a lot better, and it continued to
build me up until I bocamo strong
and well, and was restored to good
health and spirits. As I wus onoe
cured of a severe case of kidney
clisouso by Dr. Chase's Kidnoy-Liver
Pills I can strongiy recommend these
two groat preparations."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food. 50 cents
a box, six boxes for $2.50, at all
deulers, or Edmanson, Dates & Co.,
Toronto, To protect you ngainst
imitations, the portrait and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, tho famous
receipt book author, are on every
AGENTS WANTED to »»ii imimiovtsd kkttlb
nud STKA.lIKit (Combined). Every family ncecU it The
prettiest, most useful, handy and safest cooker. 3 sizee.
Boils and Bieums in separate compartments. Illustrated
circular. Free sample. Freight paid on orders to this
district, from first ogents. Write quick. Other saleable
We make »   spocialty   of low grado wheat.   Write us belore aaippinf.    Wi
will show bow we can serve you.
Reference*:— Any Bank or Commercial Agency. '
■   ' ■« ■
GRAIN I Jas. Richardson & Sons I GRAIN
(Until   recently   represented by the late  E.  O'Reilly, Esq.)
All kinds   of grain   handled in Car  Load   Lots.   Write us for top prices
and   shipping   instructions. Any  grade of wheat, oats, barley or flax.
P.   0.  Box 029,    Winnipeg,   Han.
you  grain to us to be sold on arrival or afterwards, as you may wish.   We do a strictly commission   business,    in   which   we have had  20
years' experience.   Prompt and reliable work guaranteed.
Liberal advances.     Correspondence solicited.      Licensed and Donded.
Reference,    Dank  of  Hamilton.      Exchange Rranch,
Oraln 416 drain Exchange,
tuomas law.       ship Your Grain to       william law.
We handle grain strictly on commission.    Highest  Prices  obtainable.
Liberal advances.    Trades carried on margins  la Winnipeg's futures.
Correspondence solicited.
I   A IM   THC   AI HbECT   Establisiiad train Conunissin I
I  AM   I ME   lilVl JI   Mercian, in Winnipeg. O
Consign your grain to ma and gat prompt service, careful attention/
and highest market prices. Q      Q n I By If      DRAWER^
Reference - UNION BANK of CANADA.
Some of tho leading French Btates-j   Japanese postage BtampH are rated
men. Including Rouvlor,  Combes and  as  the  moal   artistic    In   thu  world.
Thoro is .1 greal  demand for theni in
«•,»«« l.mota Tor TiirlUn nt I.»n»».
The ChlMM ksre s Meiilliir ciintom
with irttmrm te turtle*, wkiek they run-
rider •« very good Jeee. Aliuuwt nny
day •■• eea see Ueee i.reetmee. »oiu«
ef 'tiie-ai mt huge slue, kflu* cersUU on
mmnim tfie river Memw "•» to be
tnkea So Centee fer eullaery purposes,
hnt te he Aumeed late Nh» sea and re-
stare**: •* IIN-rtr sad srwudoiu. Oood
last fc *n»uii*t to feltew.-IIongkeng
Trouillot, havo given their sanction
to tin* socialistic scheme of granting ovory person agod over 00 0 pension of S~- a year. This scheme, If
carried out, would coal the country
$80,000,000 a year.
London nt present. The first stamps
wore issiii-ii in 1x71. Thore aro few
rare ones, tho hlghesl prlco over
known to have been paid for one being S*">n.
IT IS AN EASY MATTER to  sell  a  large   lot  of  wheat  at a
better prioe than a single car wlll
bring. If you will ship your wheat to us we will sell it with roanji
other cars either locally or in tho East, and you will get from 4-oent tf
1 cent per bushel more for it than If you sold lt cm track at your lUtloo.
We have had 17 yearn' practical experience    la    th*    grain  luminal.
Tbls, also, la worth something to jrou.
iSoaps Containing Injurious   Chemicals
Eat Dirt but they also Destroy Clothes
You've probably uied ioap that ele.tned your clothes quickly but
have found oul afterward* that it had dontroyed thttin.
Sunlig'ht Soap
Is gu.v.intccd to be absolutely pure, containing no ingredient that will
injure the d.nnliest fabric.
It wailies equally woll in hard or toft water without boiling or
hard rubbing. Follow the direclionj on the package aud you will have
a more succeseM wau.li with iom labor.
Your dealer is autUoriiod to refund the purchaie money to
anyone finding cause for complaint.
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.   RarBRBNCSSt Any Bank or Commercial
Through a Strictly
Commission   Firm.
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THOMPSON, SONS & CO., Thc Commission Merchants, Winnipeg.
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ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WHO pay hlghesl prices anil make prompt returns. Advances made •■
consignments. Correspondeaaa aollelted. Established £M6. Referent*-*
Union Bank of Canada.
OralB la ear lots beu*ht on traok or said oa commission. Raaaoaablt
advances mads Prompt return*. CmrrmtiomtUa—m tolleited. Batata**)*
Any Baial* la Wtaalpea.
■miiui m.u   ums
»aa mjmaaa a ■
mmmlW   A   V      g 9W_^*» VEGETABLE SICILIAN
ti ALL5 Hair Renewer
A high-class preparation for tho halx.   Keep (ha hair soft and
a.   Curea dandruff aod
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When    in   a   ship   liko a pulnter?-
Wheji tihu shows ber colors.
W    N    U    No    SOI
: la
i 1
H; ?
C. E. BmIthbriksaUB, Editor ami Prop.
SLOCAN,      - - B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
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Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
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Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, Strict-
ly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid-
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
Nova Scotia.   Awful!
When  you're   in    for a  drubbing
you might us well huve it thorough.
Prince   Edward   Island,   you're a
daisy.   Would that you were bigger.
It   is   evident   tiie   country wants
Laurier and the Grand Trunk Pacific.
Alas!   The west  proved the graveyard of Tory hopes and anticipations.
The extremes met in praising Sir
Wilfy. The Atlantic sang a solo and
the Pacific joined in tho chorus.
.British Columbia, we're ashamed of
you. Not a seat secured for Toryism
und tho party candidate in Comox
dropped out.    Wouldn't tluit jar you.
A wholesale gerrymander and Laur-
i.'r's sunny smile failed to swerve good
old Ontario from its Tory predilections.
One cabinet minister got licked and
another was pressed to tbe limit.
Toronto and vicinity did nobly by
the Conservatives, a solid delegation
being' elected. Clarke, McLeftn and
Poster are three of the bunch, and
they are good enough for the remnants of the party to rally around.
Defeat is bitter at any time, but at
this juncture the Conservatives feel it
doubly so, in that their revered and
respected leader, Hon. K. L. Borden,
was among those slain on the political
field. He fought a noble tight and.
for the main part, alone. Ho offered
himself a willing sacrifice for his party, neglecting his own constituency so
that lie might assist his followers in
the other provinces. Throughout the
campaign he bus been courteous, dig-
ni/ied and manly, winning the respect
and admiration of his opponents. It
is safe to say that though defeated,
Hon. Mr. Bordeu lias more friends today than ever before, while the Conservative party owe him an obligation
they will never be able to requite.
Appended is a complete list of tho various records registered atthe local registry office, H. P. Christie being mining
Nov 2.—Pearl, on Ten Mile, Blanche
Liberal, south east of Slocan, John
Socialist, same, W Ipo.
4,—Ainsworth, head of Twelve Mile, ,1
T Tipping and R.I McPhee,
Oct 25—White Star.
29—Kilo No 2, Clipper.
Though handicapped by a defeat in
the general contest, the Conservatives
iu Kootenay and Yale-Cariboo owe il
to the party to rally stronger and
more determined than ever around
their candidates, and seek to place
them in the lead on the 22nd. Had
these elections taken place on the 3rd,
both ridings would have gone Conservative beyond a doubt, and there is
jio just reason why even now the same
result cannot be achieved. Iu Kootenay Hon. Charles Mackintosh is conducting a strong canvass anil his personality has won for hiin a host of
friends. Conservatives, don't be discouraged, but see to it that your
every vote is polled on the 22nd. (ial
liber has by no means a \valk-.>vi,r,and
if those who believe in Conservative
principles will but do their duly, vie
tory for the (lovernor is certain,
'I'he dominion campaign  is over,
with the exception of a few scattered
Utul delayed contests, and the verdict
of the people is emphatically for the
Liberal party, they securing the largest majority iu the history of Canada-
Two things contributed to their success: the lack of harmony among Con
Servative leaders on the railway issue,
and tho continued prosperity nf (he
country due to the bountiful crops in
the west. In Nova Scotia the Liberals
made a clean sweep, retained almost
their wonted strength in Quobec,gain
ud slightly in Ontario, and practically
monopolized the west. The Conservatives have a majority iu Ontario and
Prince Edward Island, and ihey did
well in New Brunswick and Quebec,
A majority of the deferred election-
will also go with the government, Liberalism holding sway over thf* land
for another five years. With Sir Wil
frid Laurier on the shelf Conserv.i
Jives will have a slmv, to do something,
Vul only then,
Not every kind of ring
seems in keeping on a
man's hand. Our Signet
Rings however are at
once handsome and characteristically masculine.
Our reputation of fifty year.
unsure, .ati.t'artion in ileal*
i„g lii-re, Mail.order catalogue will be tMDt i"i frqui'It.
A special Gold Signet
Rin-j sel with Bloodstpnc
is No I 7705 at $7.00.
Pay up your subscription.
Next Thursday is Thanksgiving
For first-class bread go to J. H
No nieeting of the city council was
held this week.
Born. -On Oct. 30, the wife of Geo.
Smith, of a daughter,
Dr. Cade had his brother from Trail
visiting him this week.
One week from next Tuesday is
election day in Kootenay.
The sawmill at the head of the lake
will shut down Ibis month.
Win. Kirkup, known to several here,
died in Revelstoke last week.
A general provincial election in
Quebec takes place on ihe 25th.
Mrs. Wm. Brandon, Silverton, was
visiting friends hero during the week.
Several Grit spellbinders are helping out Big Bill Galliher in the ridiug.
Nat Tucker and Toe Butler, of New
Denver, were in  the city Wednesday.
No Conservatives will be nominated
for the provincial elections iu Quebec.
So far this year there have been 11
births in town, of which eight were
A. Cameron was drowned ut Lardo
Saturday night, having walked ofl the
Geo. Williamson and Provincial Officer Black, New Denier, were here on
W. F. Teet/.el is leaving Nelson and
will locate in Winnipeg, along with
D. B. Bogle.
The B. C. legislature will probably
meet for the despatch of business
early in January.
D. Arnot will be the returning oflicer bore on the 22nd, and S. Y. Brock-
man at Enterprise.
The bankrupt, sawmill company at
Trout Lake ate settling their debts at
SO cents on the dollar.
W. Davidson, formerly of this town,
has moved wiih his family from Sandon to Bankliead, Alta.
D. St. Denis, manager of the local
mill company, left lust week on a selling trip to thc Territories.
Sirs. J. M. Benedum and children
leave next week to spend Christmas
at the old home in West Virginia.
Jas. Baker, the Socialist candidate.
was last week in the upper Slocan.aiid
this week he is iu East Kootenay.
H. McCraney, of Rossland, was
here on Monday, distributing ballot
boxes for tlie election on the 22iid.
F. J. Fiuucnne, formerly of New
Denver, has resigned the managership
of the Bank of Montreal at Spokane.
Thos. Mulvey last week Buffered a
stroke of paraiysis. His many friends
will be pleased to learn he is recovering.
During the week Hon. C. 11. Mackintosh, the Conservative nominee,
has been campaigning in East Kootenay.
Thero is some speculation its to
whether or no it will lie possible to
gather together a council for next
On the evening of the 20th a song
service will be given in Knox church.
An excellent programme is being prepared.
The only straight parly candidate
to lose his deposit in the recent election was Leslie, Liberal, in East Toronto.
One of the coming events of general
local interest is the annual supper on
St. Andrew's night. Scotchmen will
remember the date.
John Houston intimates he wili 1m
a candidate for the mayoralty of Nelson, tie' Kootenay river power scheme
being his chief plank.
Chas. Sandiford, New Denver, cam*
in on Monday from Calgary, whero he
had been all summer, surveying on
the big C.P.R. Irrigation canal.
The worktrain finished th" Iill at the
wharf yards and pulled uut nn Tues
day.   Leveling ofl ia now being done
and the work will be completed.
Local feeling iii lhe American elections centred around the contest foi
governor in Washington, nnd great Is
the joy over Judge Tumor's election.
Old-timers prophecy au open win
ter.   in 1900 the first snow fell bere
on   Oct. 28, and   sleighing  came on
Nov. 17.    So far this vear DO snow has
W. II. Sandiford, formerly manager
of the Bosun mine. New  Denver, has
purchased a residence in Victoria. Ibis operating ou the west coast of Vancouver Island.
A. E. Hodgins, at  one time heavily
| interested in local real estate, has returned from  South   Africa, aud   ha-
been appointed district engineer of
the Grand Trunk I'ucilic at Winnipeg.
"How Can Things beon the Level
I When the   World    is    Round" is  the
name of a very popular motto, song
and chorus being sting everywhere
with immense success,   TheTheatii
Cal Music   Supply Co.,  II    West   2Kth
I street. New York.
'Fin-: DRILL will  print you, on short
notice  and   in anv  amount, shipping  _—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_^_,
1'igs. billheads, statemeiits,letterhe)ids,!
!l;^!:::",h.::!p,::::s'.,:::,!Hi,,H:;mrf::i,,'s; J» a. Anderson-
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
lu Un* matter nf tin* Corporation nf the City
of Slocnn Tnx Sole, Kill.
Ami in lli.' matter Of tlm "Municipal I'lnu.ses
Act" und niiii'iiduiciiu thereof.
'I'Al'l-: nuiii'i* tlmt ii petition i.f Herbert David
1 I'liiiw. Collector of tbe Corporation of i In *
city of Slocao, Im-. boen presented in this Eton*
ourablo Court, tu coutinn tin. Bale of lands f..r
tuxes, bold by iin' said Corporation nf tli" City
of Slocan on Hi..' Cit It nnd 20th dnys uf .Inly nml
tlir :tr<l day of August, i'.kii, under ihr Municipal
Clauses Act nn.l amendments thereof, nml thai
thr wil .lay nf December.A.D, pun. nt 10.S0
o'clock iii the forenoon, nt the Court House, in
the City of Nelson, llritish Columbia, has beon
appointed for the hearing of said petition,
Ami further tnke notice thnt tlm following
lands, in which you appear to have an Interest,
according tu thf assessment mil uf the suid Corporation, ui- the books uf the Lnud Registry Office, ure a port inn uf the lnnds which were snld
fnr arrears uf taxes nt the sai.l sale and are in-
eluded in ihe sulci petition: Lot 6, In Block 2,
City ot Slooan, boing u subdivision uf Lot 292,
Group 1, Wesl Kootenay District, nf the Pro-
vinee nf British Columbia,
And further take  notice thai   unless,nt  the
i been presented tu this hon-
ttmeand plnce aforesaid,ypn slum- cause Wi the
contrary, Ilm said snle will he cotilirnieu as
prayed fur in snid pet it inn.
Dated at Slooan, ll.C, this 28th day of Octo-
ber, A.D. n>m.
Solicitor fur the Collootor nf llii!
Corporation of the City of Blocan
ToStbm.a H.lTl.KY.
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
Ih lhe mntter uf lhe Corporation nf the City
of Slocan Tax Sale. ttmi.
Ami in tlio matter nf tho "Municipal Clnusos
Act" nml amendments thereof,
according in t)
ii Clock in the forenoon, at the court house toi
tbo eity of Nelson. British Columbia, has been
appointed fur tbe bearing nf said petition.
And further take nntice that the following
lands, in which ,vuti appear tn have an interest,
according n. the assessment mil uf tbo snld oor.
porattoi., nr the books nf the I.ami Registry Of-
tice. nre a purt inn uf lhe lands which were snld
foruircurs uf tuxes al tha said sate mid lire in-
eluded in the sai.l petition: lot Hi, in block IS,
city uf Slogan, being a subdivision ..r loi 292,
group i. Wesl Kootenay ilistrict,uf the province
uf British Columbia.
And further take nntice thnt unless, at Ilm
time nml place aforesaid, you shOXV cause tu the
contrary, the snid sale will bo confirmed, us
prayed fur in said pi'tilinn,
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this isth day nf October, A.D. HUM.
Solicitor tor tlm oolloctor of the
corporation uf the oity uf Slocun
To s. it. Robinson.
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
In the matter uf the oorporatlon nf the city nf
Sim'.in lax side, 1004.
And in the ninlter nf the  "Municipal Clausi*
Act" nnd amendments thereof,
.•1'AKK nut ice that a petition uf Herbert David
I Curtis, collector of the corporation of tin*
city of Slocan, has been presented to this hon*
unriililii eiuirt. In conilrm the sale ot lauds fur
taxes, held by the said corporation of tho city
ofSlocan un the 25th ami 26th days uf July nml
the 8rd day uf August, 1901, under the Municipal
(ileuses Act nnd amendments thereof, and thai
the llth day uf December, A.D, 1904, nl IO.hU
oclock ln the forenoon, nt the court housein
tho city uf Nelson, llritish Columbia, has been
appointed lur the hearlug of said pet it imi.
And further  tuke  notice  that the following
pnriilinn, ur lhe In ml,-.. ,',7Yi" "t" '" ,!;"iiii,l
City of Slocan. beC , - ha';'i *'" WeckS
Btonpl.'foest kootoVydlstr it „ ",'1°' ^S
of British Columbia. ""PnmS
And fiirlln
tiirllier take nntice ||,.,>      i
•i'n.'nnd phu-e aruna'ni'vi'i,,:;:1'"""",!,,
contrary, the until sale wl    i      ' ""*" link
prayed lir in auidpatlHon       " '"""'"in
Doted at Slocan, B.C., ih'is _u, i
ber, A.ll. P.KJI. -"' <% orOclo.
MWtwfarth*, collectorW
,r    , ,   --.rpnrnthm nf
ro Amihkw \\ ai.i.ai
in the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
_.*In the matter pf the corporation nf ii,   ■
Slocuu tax:sale, HUM. "'"" "''"' n:j „[
And in (lie matter uf the "Muni,, In.
Act    and aiiiendnienl.s thereof, m,in
'l'AKE nntice lhat a petition nf ll ,i
1      (•i..'li-..-ollect„ri,f     e   !,     ,       ;''" -Nd
city ofSlocan, has Men pre,,!,'„', ".'j"' fit
ourablecourt, to eonllrai the s,i„ „r i '",'"'••
taxes, held by the said corpora ti nnf tU ?•
nt Slocan on the25th aud .'i'iIi d,i-soi i ,t .
tho 8rd day of August, llioi, under l„ \i, ■-1""1
CluusesAcI ami amendments n , ,i■'. '".'''Ml
th" lil Ii day   of   Del her     \ ]>    .Sh *"■? *N
n'  '-ck   tore in. at   thei iourt'l.?' ,C$
i       ity.oi .>Iolsoq, British Columbia 1 Sfl"
a. ntodforthohonrhigofKadniffi w»
, /(nd further lake  „„,,,.,.  , r   '' •
amis. In which you appear toh"»7»VlfiEj
according to tin* assessment mil ,,i ,i,. "",'*'•'.
ice, nre;, purl,,,,, nr lhe  | |. v.,,, h ;.,,,';,>'
for arrears ol taxes nt tie said mile,,, i„ "'1'1
•■\ii^i}ii^ri'i i,"t, it a.;::.,;, r;»-
city of blocan, being .-,  subdlvW r K»
gn l.Wes Kootenaj d strict ..r n,.■ „r   *'"
of British Columbia. 'r •""•"
And further take  tiojlcn  thai   mdei
lime and place aforesnl I, r, a   i    . , ,„ .,
contrary, the  snid >,,),  wlll  I., i,,:,,:,,,'.,;	
' I v\KI* initie.i thai a petition uf Herbert Dnvld   lands, iu which you appenr to have an interest,   prayed for in said petition, ""■...ni
I    Curtis, Collector of Uie Corporation of the I am ordtng tu the assesumanl mil uf lho sai.l cor* 1    1 in I eil at Slocan, B.C, Ihi. ■',>:, a ,, ,, ,,
Cn-. rn Slocau, hus been premuted to this Hon-    ntion.or the bun!,-uf ilm Lund UcgUtrj ill-   ber. A.H. iwi. " 	
ourable Court, to conilrm thc sale nf lnml-inr   lice, an. a portion of the lands whloh wore said II. li. .1. i|{ r n
'istb day nf Octo*
clty uf Slo cau
Pressed Hay,
Feed and Oats...
Strathmore Trading Co.,
DiiAWKii 531,
Calgary, Aiberta.
Denlen in Rnled Ilfty, etc., etc. Prompt
Slii)iuient,  I'.i'st Qunlltv,  Lowost
Prices, Batisfactiou (JuarHti-
Writ.* ua, r.ir (JuotullollM
■/•♦*)-♦♦♦*>♦•♦-♦ ****************
tuxes, held by the suid corpnrjtion of the city I for arrears of taxes at tho nald sale and nre in-
of Slocan nn tlie'.'.'iti, unit a,th dnyi of July and eluded lu tlie said pet it inn: lot 10, in blm I, is.
Hi.'mI'iI day nf August, li'.il, iiinli'iiiie Municipal I city of Sloean, being a subdlvlstau of hu 292,
Clauses tot and amendments thereof, and that group I. West Kootenai district, nf the pro-
thellth day of December. A.ll. 1601, at I0.U0 viuceof llritish Colombia,
o'clock in tlie forenoon, ut the court bouse, iu iVinl further tnke nntice thnt unluss, at the
thu city of Nel sun, llritish Columbia, has been ■ time and place aforusnld. ynu show cause In Hip
appointed for the hearing of said petition, contrary, the said  sale will  be confirmed, bs
And further take notico that the following   prayed for iu said petition,
lands, in which you appear to have an interest. :    Dated ai Slocau, tl.t'.. this
according In tlie assortment roll of thp snid cor-: ber, A.D. mil.
poratiou. or the books of the Land Registry Of- i ll. R.JOBAND,
llee, are a portion of tha lnnds which were sold Solicitor for the collector of tin
for arrears ot taxes at tho sai.l salo nud are In-1 corporation of
eluded in tho said petition: Lots 19 nnd 20, In  To IV. Wilsom. H	
blnck "J. city uf Islne.in. Iicinu* a siibdivisiun nf, ^^^^^h
'■m.iw^nl^n'^^ Supreme Court of
And further take notico tlmt unless, at the i».*+*   «»   c   i I •
time and place aforesaid, ynu show cause to tho ' • Dl 111511   COlUm 1)1 a.
contrary, the said  s.de will  bo confirmed us
pr imiI inr in said petition.
Date I at Slocan, B.C.. this 2Mb day uf October, A.D, UM.
'iciu.r.fnr tho collector of th
Solicitor for Hi   coll wloroftk.
■aaaaaaaaaaaaa eiirpliri I in : . a.f
To FBAMK Iti.l.Kiii-iis.
**************<,**, .,,,„
* a
Iii the mutter of the corporation of tlio city of
Slocnn tnx -al.'. 1901,
And in the mutter of tho  ".Municipal Clauses
wiVporatfouo'f'thTcr^of Blocan | •***t" "J11' unteudmouts thereof.
TnTnn.,1 \s I,i.i. I'liiKllsl	
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
'PAKE notice that a petition «>f riorborl David !
I    Curtis, colk'ctor oi thu corportttion of the
Slocan, B. C.
ComfurUilila Ito-mnr,   Sat is factory ♦
liiiiitii; Koiuii Pi?rvicii*ftiKl ihe    «
Beat of  Everything  ut tbo  Um  j
Ity of Sl<ocnn, has beeu prewnted tn this luu
ourable court, to conilrm lha sale of lauds foi
, :■ i, hold bj the -aiit corporation of the citj
i :' Slocau on the £itb end -niu days of Juls uml
I in 3rd dny of iVusust, 1001, undorthe .Municipal
1 '   . es Act und amendmonls theriHif, and tlinl
smiau tax son i. the eity of Nelson. BritUh Columbia, has been
And in the mutter of the "Municipal Clauses   i i,.,| fur the lie.irina of sold iii'liiiun.
Act   and umoudmenO thereof. ;    Aud further taku notico  thnt  tlie rollawtiiff
'l'AKE notice that a petition nf Herbert Hav ill lands, in which j mi appear to have an Interest,
1 Curtis, collector of the corporation uf the accordiuc to the cssvusiueut mil ol lho snld cor*
Hty of Slocan, hns been presented to this hou- pora Ion, or tho books of the Lnnd nekistr) Of-
ourabie court, to confirm the unle of lands f>>r (ice, are a portlouof the lands which were sold
taxes, held by the said corporation of tlio city   for arrears of tuxes at tbo suid sale and are in-
of Slocau on the 25th uud tBtb dovsof Julyluid  eluded in lhe ..aid petition: lot 17, lu. block in,   «_ii_A >i«n>iiin„,n«ip« .-„,„
i il,e.,r.l.liivi.r Aii-it,!. P.i.ii.m„iei-i!,e Slunlclpiil . ci':. (il Sloca i.bi*ln« n  subilivUion of lot '.■"..   lS0l.C£ 10 DCllH(IU611lt0'*0WllCr
Clauses Act and nineudmeuts tberoof, uud that  K«iup 1, Xi'oA   linotenny  district, of the pro*
the llth  duy  of Decenibair,  A.D.   It*it, ill in..u   viuce of British Columbia, 	
o'clock in the foreiloun, ut Hi" courl linuso In And further tako nntice that un'.'-. ul lhe
the city of Nelson, l.i iti.-h Columbia.bus been time uud place itforcsuld, you show can ..- i i tiie
-ippuiiiteii for the ii.ni'iii.'uf -ni.I petition. coutrafy, the  -ai !    .i1 ■  \.iil  be coullriuiul, „•
 I furih-r take uutlco that the followiivi   pruyedror iasuld pi-titiijii.
lands. In which you hppear to bare an Interest, Llatol al Sktcan. U.C., this 2xth dny ofOctu-
uccordluK tothe ussii-suwiit roll of tbo suid cor-1 ber. A.H. I'.'U
hi:ati:ii BY
The Queen's
Motel —wr^v-
E. C. CLARKE, ri'.OPItlLTOIl ♦
I  First-clam nitiinv; Rood ♦
j   Largo and Comfortable Bedrooms t
t  Sample roomi for Commercittl Mon 4
j          Nelson, B. C. 1
4 *
■^•♦•♦♦♦♦♦••■•♦♦♦♦■l ♦>♦♦-» ♦♦♦♦-A
rwrntion, or ilij: book* of \\-,n Lun I lU*wit*try Of*
Mct>. 11 ir a |Hirtiou of thu hi ml-*, wil icil w-ip KOltt
tot ttrrnnrii »<f taxes nt iji*» »tiiA r-:\U> and w* in-
i-lniiftl hi tlu llitul petition; tot U* ia4)lock M,
nudlntflfhi block W, city of Slocnn, b#itiKa I
-ulnli\i.-i:iii ol lot 202, tfroup1 1, \\'h»\ IwhiIciuiv ;
district, of tlir pmvitici* ol Krltisli Colutabiu.
And further tako notice thai  uuI-^hh, ui  the I
time nud plni t it I m Kititi,you kIiow cutix* to tlie
coDtrnry,the Kitid  nhU will  !»•  uoufli'iiied a-
pto%nl fin- in saiil nrtitioii.
Dated nt-Slucun,H.C'„ iiii- SHtli dav uf October, A.D. 10U4.
Si Iicltor for tin* collector <»f the
corporation of tlm city of ttloc tn
To Wm. K. Roburtko.y,
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
In the rbnttorof tho corporatiou of tbo city of
Sliii'iiii t.-ix -ah', I0OI.
And iu th utter uf tlia "M ma Ipal CIuukph
Act ' nn.l mu' iidmenu thor-Nif.
'l'AKE notice thnt h petition of Hnrbcrl David
I    Ciii-'i-. ciillectorof theacorparntion of thi
i i.v nf Shicaii. Iia-l,c ti   prdsante I n.  this hia.•
H. R. jon.vxD,
Solicttnr . "i tha- collector of the ;
corporal iou of ii....-ii,- of tilm .1 .
To Thomas I!, t auuvth.
In  the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
In thu mutter of thi corporation of (hi ci I;' o!
Slucun tax null.*, lOul.
An I iu ili" iiri'i,-i 1 if ihe ' Mu uii;; ml I lii ' sen
Ai t   uu I uini'udiiii'iii -. thoroof.
'|'Ai;K notice thnt n pet il ion of Tlerbrrl Durid
1    fur ^^
To.folin.F, I! inlii'l.l an! .1. M. MrGrcgn',
or in ui.y iiprnon or imrsm * to 1vi.m11
lli.'V mnv l.iirc tiui -im eil I ■ - ■
cr.il inloro.atn, in v\ lii'ln 1" in : :■', a;
the IlliU'k ui"l White llnmly l'v-
tiomil  minoral claim,  situated   nw
the lii'iul .>r fai'innn c .■]■. mui ■
in ilm ll'Tn'ili"•'.« ..'lire in. ilm Slotan
l iiy itilnihu ilivislmi.
Von     ll'l' lirr.'l.y i.n'ifieil thnt ''.IV"
I'un-i'il   to  I vj'c:a!>al ihe mini ol ni.n
Immlrprl nml i-.m ilollui-a hi il ' fly rent!
in lalwir nml im|unvi'tuciitH ■ 1 ■ .1
tiienti iipil minernl . Inim   in  nril»r I'i
hold **-.iil I'lnini niuler  the pro.  I
th" Mineral Acl: um! n •within W'hIiti
from tlio date of tliiM notice run fail, Of
rvfun*. to i-iii't'il.nie yonr proporli ■' i
... 1 nc.
Mrs. A. reason, Prop.
Headquarters for traveling men
i.itr^'i*. airy rooms
Best meals given in tbe town
RATRfl   *'.• per tiny \  with
Hiinipli*  ri.uni., SS.50.   sp,.-
a-lj|I Intel I" Nti'luly laaini-alt*ral
rtii*. collector of the corpora 1 f H
cit.l nf Sincnli. ha-   ilea I i-.| H hi.a. ____________________________________
nurable court, to c'.iulinii th« uule nf Inu.l    for   pho!: expenditure,toiretlior with S        *
1;-'., •'•'l'''•.'''::.,,•"'','".•'""'•, ";'','" ,:l   ...f Rtlvertioinir, vour   iiilpremi in *--*■''
of SliK'llll on tile 2itll il'.lil  ....11 .1.-.. - nf .1 iij    11    .    '   . ',   ' -•   • , ,   •
thoSrddnyof Au«ust, Will,undortheMunTclpiii   ulntni   will beufillio Um propetlj 1
i'i,iv ■ >- A ■; and iiiiii'iidiiu'iit- thereof, uml that j -u11 --,-riher    under  Kit'tion ■)  "'  ;1'' •'''■
o''cJ..^il?H,^oV,Snb,;,ri H,'"c.';Vr,,:,;.::.";;   on«ll«l "Aa Ac to ameml .> Mineral
lli.clMni Ncl-i.n. Ilnl:-h   ( ..1 ni.'i..., I,a     i, •  11      \l'1.   I'.llH.  ' _
uppointed for thc hcurlnituf -..; ■! petitli a,. Dated ut SIoi'iip. III'., llii?  "r I  BUJ "»
And 1 irthi-r  take  notice  that  tho follnwinit   ..,.,,|,,,,.    \    1,   ■,,,>.
I.111.I-. 1.1 which ynu ii|.|H*ar to have uii ntenwt,   "l'""<'.-^- "   '•'*"• , ,,,.,,. .-y
acciirdiUB to tho Ui i.*« moutroll of the mid      7*0-0*1 F.RK    M'.MIhl A*
_   i>.,rnli.in. or lIn; 11 ink- .',' He I. in I l;. I   liy Of I
ni-iilil.i court, ti conilrm'the wileuf lumU for I flee, are a portion of tlie land*  ivhiehwen -..Id '■ TJni ir>P tnt\*\innnt^ntCnm(iWi_t
I tax.-., Im-I.IIi, the .aiil ■■ .ration nf tl Uy   for urruiir*of tnien nt thu suid  win anil urn in     llUUtC  IU ilClUKlUCillUU  UWUVi
i ,.f .-Ine, 111 n.i the .-,;, I ■_,; uv- or.luly and I cludi'd iii  thf  -ui.l   |ii*u!i.iu : i..i   i. in hlocl S,. | iP^^^^H
I Hiutrddhy of AiiKiii<t. ITOl.undertlu Muiilclpul I ojty of Slocnn, ln-in.* ti  kuIkIIvIhIou of  lot '*.y.
I'iaiiMM Acl und nun' a hie!.;- Hicr-nf, nnd thai   itroiip I. \Vn4l lioutcuu] district,of the province
I the nih clay of  llecumlier,  A.H.   KUI. Ht   IU.H01 of Brltiiih Colnmblu,
And further taka notice that mil.--, al llio
time und place nforc "'I you show caune to the
contrary, the -nl vale will bo continued, n-
|irute . for ia .ni I pel it inn.
Dated ut Slocuu, ll.C, thU '-'•'tli day of October, A.ll. I'.Kll.
Solicitor fnr the colloctor ofthe
enrporatiou of tho city of tilucau
To Anmk |i '.s "in.
.'clock ill thi* forenoon, at tho com I I
11 thu city of Nelson, llriti-h Cnluntbh'.Jinii I icn
11 appointed for thu liparhut of -.iii jwt Ition.
I    Anil further lake  notice thai n.i followinii
1 lund-, iu which vn'.1 u|ii»,.;ir tu have   11 liitnrciit,
I   uccordiuH to tlie 1.-.-..• -mi.iit i>!l of tlm miid cor-
I porntion, nr Him InmI.- nf the Lund l.i ,'i-lr.t Of-
I liif. arc a portion *f the lttlidH which wera iiild
I for a r rear*, ol tax - ul the -aal in le and aro Included In the wild petition: hu  11. in hlock 12,
I city of Sloi'iin, hiii.rf a KiibdlvUion of lot .'J.'.
1 it roup 1, W1-1 Kootennj dhitricl.of the province
| nl llritish Columbia.
And furlhcr take unties thai unles*, nl the
tiini' mui i.luc.a iifiiri'-iiid, ymi .how cini-i* lo the
contrary, the snld wile wlll l.e couilruieil an
prnyod fnr in k.ii.i |ietition.
Iiaii'd atitlocini. B.C., thi- 28th dnyof October, A.D. HUM.
Solicitor for   the collector of the
corporation of the city of Slocau
Tn Hum in Smith.
In Elmer.!. Felt, or lo nny ponotior
|.erniiifl in m hum lie mnv linvi' lini -
[erred his iimirent, in « Imlu "r ■" I ar'|
in Uin Skylark  nml   Ranker minernl
il.ii:i-..-il iKU.-.l l.i I I'W'ii tin
t'ii!< nf Lmimne is ni  : l>ai micnfti
nnd ree.or.lwl in the Sloean f'itv min-
ina ilivisiun ol Wc-i lv el n 1 lii-atricti
___________________________   Y..11 ,'irn li.'rcl.f ____ ■ |H
In the Supreme Court of | ^: M';Nn;,i:i,t. i-.vr. v.. unr»ir.M"««
British Columbia.
Arthur Street, Slocan
In the Supreme Court ol
British Columbia.
Of lhe cil .  a,I
J. A. Anderson
\i>ilinLr cards, bintinonn rurd
fliro. ilinltfi'i's. po-lrrs, elr
iiR-ct my riuulity dt price
liilln ofl
lu the matter ol tha eorporatloi
Blocan tux -uie. nmi.
lll'l ill lhe liillil'l nf   the   " ,M lllliel;,.. I I   lin  e
Vet ' nnd niiieii'hnrtii . ttiertof.
'1'AKK imti.. Mini .1 petition of Herbert David
I     Curtle,collector af lh rporiillnn of lhe
city of Hlocnn, hu    lieeu proeaufed lothliihoii
1,inutile court, i 1,nnn ih..  inle ol luiidi  foi
taxet, held by the -..nl corporation of llinclt)
of Slwun ou the ffiith and 20th .hit - of July nml
their. 11 hit of A.n.*'1-1. P.ml, under the Muulcli al
( In 11 -.- Ai I nud 11 men.11111*11' ■   llierenf. .1:111 Hint
tIn- ii<li .lav .>r December, A.D. lOul, ni lO.IHi
o'clock In the fnreniKin, nl the court limine in
the city nf Ncl-i.n. lirili-h   Colltmhlu, Iill*   ll"en
appointed fur the heitrlnff of nu Id lietltloiii
And further take notico thnl ihe follnwlnn
l.nil-. l|ovhlch .mn appoar to have an Intercut.
iicciirilim.' i" the ji --!'.-11 n*i 11 mil 1 if »ald corporation, nr (lie 111 ink- 1 if the l.lllul l(ei;i ■'. rj (Illii .-.
lire 11 portion of the lnml- which ttenmold for
nrream of luxe- at the -ail vale uml are Included iu the -a i'i petition t lot I, in hlock IS, city nl
Shienii. heiiiK 11-iihiliti-loii of  Inl 'Jli'J. i.-ionp I.
Wet Kootenay dUtrlot, of 1 he province of I hit
i-h Ciilnmliiii.
And  fiii-(lii*i- tuke  notice Hint mile- . nt the
I iuu* lllld 11 luce nfnre-aiil, yoll shntv eatl-c to the
contrary,tne unld -uie will l,e oonllrined,im
prayed for hi -.iiil potltlon.
Dated al Bloenn, H.i'., thii 28th dut of Octo
bor, A.n. 1901,
Solicitor fnr ih» collector of the
corporation of 1 hi) oity of slucun
To KollRIIT lil.illllll'..
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
In lhe m ul ter of the corpora I inn of the city 1 if
Slucun tnx sale. 1901,
And In the uniler nf th* "Municipal I'linise-
Aet" nml iiiiieiiiiiiientii thereof,
'1'AKK nntice Hint n petition nf llerherl lluviil
l   Curtlii 1 nllecinr of (lit corporation of tha
■ xpi'inli'd the .*-iiiii  ..I two li . uin I ■''' •
live   (lollum    III   Inlior   llln!     .'a''    I    I" j
provrmenti upon ilia tiliovu nu '■'"';' :
ihiiniM, in onier  to Iii.Id mii'l  '
rnli ei of the citj ..I   L'lllilTH liluler I lie |i|n\ is Ollf ol ill*' ■,'''''"
I i'ii! A.t. nntl if within DOiln)" •■ ■■"■     '
d;ilr of lliis   li.ili.'i'   vuu   la ! .■; n*fUMl«
I'liiittihiiii* your |iro|inition "! '■,,,'■'■"V
pi'iuliiinc, iie'i'ilier witli nil "'-!- " •"*'
vc-rtiRin-f, vour In teres I In   fiii'l •''■'""'
tux,;-.h,'|,|l,.t.h.. -.,,i,l cnrporatioi, oriln.c.v    Wil1,   [,eC0^   ""'   >:,-,«"*' «>    "'   |J» "
nf siocnn on the rah uml wtii dnj  nfjulyami  ■crllHtr, under ■eotion fouroiniij	
ihe    ddayof Ainciut, Ittrt, undBrtheMuufclimll litlod "All  Acl   to  uliR'ii.l   tlm  Mint?""
> ■■  Acl mid      leu Im  1 ita  1 hi n  .f, ami Mint
the llth  ii 11   1.1   li, c.'inher,    _0,   IUU, ul I0.HI
11 clock in 1 In   in   noun, nl  I lie com 1  In In
tin- i*il.i ..I Ni I-.in. I hi: i-h Coin inin a. ha. been
lippnlliled foi ihe henrhiu of --.'li'l neli
In the mntter of ti
Slii.'ioi t.,\ -al.,. I Kit
Anil In the mntter nf the "Municipal Clan
Act" mui mucin ti iicul - thereof,
' \i\F. mu ice Hint u petition of Hnrbnrt David
ollectoi of tin           ^^^^^
uf 8locnn, hn   been preneuteil In tide hou-
rtf.*i, collector of the corporal Ion ol tli
hn  1 11 pre enl .al to thi- hou
oiiruhlu court. In cotiltrni ihe * il« of Inudu fur
Act, 1900."
Dated tliin IStli day ot An;:"*
I'.is.ni NOAH I'. MfNAW-11
'Andfurther ti'ke notice that Tlio following! ——————— .ante
hind., in ttliu I, ppenr tolmvenn Inlen  1,   Pf-rtifil'lf*   (it     IniPrOVCni^*-*-'
uci lln«lol.lii*ii-e«uieid roll of Hie .aid em     LCIlUlCail-    Ul      llllj'l
r the III ink. of lhl> I.IIII I Hl'l.'1-lr.t  II.
lice, me n 1 >ii rl im 1 nf tin  l.nu I- which were -nil I
for arruam of taxee at thn inld rale and aro in -
eluded In tha wild potltlon: Inl 0, In block i'i, |
city of Slocnn. hei,.ii  .1 hiiIhIIvIhIoii of lol  L'-.i::.
triini|i 1. Weel Kooli uuy <li 1 licl.of the province
uf Id ii i .h (lolumbla.
And further tnki   notice thut  nnlewi, nt tho
lime uml place u I'i in -mil. 11111 sin itt cn 1 isc t> 1 the
contrary, thu wild  wile  will   he coullriniid, ue
praynd lor In <nld pi Ittlon.
llnleil ill Slocnn. ll.C, this iWtll ilny of Ooto-
In i-, A.ll. I'.Kil.
Solicitor fur ih Hector of the
Corporation of the Bit}' nf Slocnn
TO t'l,AHA Tl.tllNI.I.V.
In the Supreme Court  of
British Columbia.
I Wonder, Ai'i'i.K. Auu H. how
\       ll.l.l-a. Hll.'.MK. AH",    ll'.. Al       I'"11"'
XIavkta   Fka. "rn in tu   A   I' {j
|.'i;\. Tli.NM., SfllVKV   KRAiTIOS-
ai„ Mavkta. IIii.i.mk KkaiTIOS-
Ali, Fi.vi.Ti'K.Aiu.'i.i: Ki; mi "**''"
ami  \i.uii*.i;s Mineral Claim*
siiiniio in tbe Slooan City Mil,i,".'''!",''
Hlon  of   Weft   Kootenny   l'l""1-';
Whore   located!   At I"''"1"' lil"
in.: oteek, nenr oiluwu Mine.
TAKK NOTICK Hint I, WllllanilAjff
un.Ier   Miie.loiiiihl,   B   ^Hl
tn thtimnttnr ofthe corporation of tlm oity ofl ente tto    1381700; acting  ns  hip'"'    .
^^^^^^^st                Cl'll'll
Slncmi lux   aile. I'.KII. ^^^^^^^^^^^
And iu I If mill Ier nf Hn* "M11nici11.il t'hiu-i'
Act" und uiui'iiiliiii'iii-. thereof.
'I'\KK not ice Hint 11 pet it ion of llerherl Uiivh
I     I'lirti-. collector of the corporation of tin
I A.   It.  Coleman,   fftv*  miner's
!.'ntij   No.   1184801,  Inlend,  sixty «■«
f  to   npi;!;
Hi,.   Mining   ttecoraor   w   '','1'1''''"''I'f
'■•    Improvtjmonts, Jor^the ^^r^
from   tlm   date  hereof
Mining   Recordor   or
if obtaining Crown Grants i
oity of Shiran, hns li    prownled to lil Id linn
nmi,hie court, to conilrm  the-ale,,f lund-fnr
tn\i.., Inl. I liy the snld cin'|iori,tioii  of Ihe citv 	
or Slocnn on lh,. r.tli mei '-Mlh dnys ,,r .lull nml I nlililiie. _       „    ,   ,,,..;,,„,
Ihe.lr,  dny, 1  A,,,*,,,., pull  un.lerllie M„u leipnl        Ami further tllUe   liolh'O   t"«J  ■'      , |
1 l.iuses Act nml nmen.lmeii s thereof, ani   I hul 1 ,;   ,.   ■,-    ,,,,lut     ,,.   co 1111K'"   ,
tiu'Cii v of i.ccoiiicr, a.ii. i'.kii,,n  q«o "ndorsection 87, must   o «-« fl,
^^^~i     ^^^^     -   ■ ,   r  ... _ --"luini'e (iI sm u cerini
o'clock tn tlie loran i,ni  tha courthouse in
Hie city nf Nil .nn. Ilriii'h  ('oliiinhiii. lies  hertll
appointed fnr I'm lieurimt nf -nid petition,
ilnd further tako  notice  tlmt   thn following
lund >. iu Which you ni'jii'iir tn huve un Inleresl,
liefore the i1*!*
iprovemontfl, .     pnvi
D.tedthiiHthdljyofOctobPr »
1.1-01 Wi A. W«<


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