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The Slocan Drill 1904-08-26

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 VjBgislatiVa a
vol.. V.i
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines thiPl0V
i«*v -■-,*.
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are riirht.
J. W. Crow,  Proprietor.
Tills Hotel ii one ofthe best known and mosi popular ho'usi -
:. ii.   co int        tl i   locati d adjacent to the depol and the
. |,aif, .-nui i' >iiii:i.'iO'i« a  magnificent view* ol  the beautiful
u  lake.     Qood li ■liiu,.- is to be found close af hand, while
fat i!it*. i- off ired foi boating.
Tourists will Iiud the Arlia jton and ideal resting place,
i ommereial ra< a ha* o ai their command new and commodious
ample rooms.
date and the bar su*j plied
'i'ii iliniu;r room Is Btnctlj  up i-
with only the besi brand ol goodi
'Vi t 11 ijl'OKTS.
.fan l o»
livo Public Mipiingi Held on TueRdny
mid Wednesday K.vrnliiKii Outsider-
are not Traveling Mucli and the C.P.U
at* Dubious.
Things reached a climax this week
relative to the proposed celebration of
Labor Dav, ami for a time it looked
as if ihe affair would be culled off,
Tbe difficult» has been with attracting
Denver to investigate. On the strength
of his report the commissioners for
the Slocnn district this week cancelled
Antoya's license, refusing all requests
for a transfer, llo was given to September 1 to dispose of Iho stock of
liquors on hand.
Smvt Denver Chosen uh il Kite by American Capital,
New Denver's citizens were much
Btirred up Monday by tlie receipt of
Information that a zinc smelter would
be erected in that place early next
outsido crowds, and the C.P.R. mairi- j spring, and the scheme appears to he
tain thai excursions are falling flat all j .genuine,   The plant will be Installed
over the country, aa people do not
seem to be in the humor to  travel.
Moreover, labor organizations through
th   country are uotofficially recognize
ing the dav ni any way, so no depend
nnci can !»■ placed upon much of au
outside attendance.   In Kossland the
noil union mines will work, as also the | location of the plant.  A supply of ore
L'nill small r, while the union boys would be drawn from the Hartney,
by the Rochester, X.Y., capitalists
owning the Hartney mine, on Silver
mountain, The company have a zinc
smelter in successful operation in
Denver, Col., und they believe a similar plant will pay well in this country.
New Denver, the company considers,
ifi'ers   superior  advantages   for   the
■ .   i ,*,
; ...■•
■"m i"  ;:■ ■-
Not Sold Anywhere fclse.
ThWi-'a only Qne post office in this town nnd
i niy on ■ Slater Bnoo Agency. Van can'l buy
" a ,t, r ShcS s' Irom any other clcali r here.
;   ■• :-. a -.*.,--
tun ,   :■■ ;;..■ Ihis
r:   ■ i uuvax they
Can     lt« p    ! ■.!*.
oi!  .their dill *r-
i ,-.:.'.. ami
t     ,        -   .   ..
up to lha ii ii -
,. 11 :*r
li Insid *, :. i lacks, In:
i tho I... i.
i.' iv .-, ,-.-.\ nna
f   -.,•■ -.' |   ■
G     .     irWiftt-
C'l,        ;■  :•'.*,-. .-
.-• ,   > r 1 ,r .. Is
"    ■   "3
mm m\   m
■. -■      ■ -,-=---.-.-,-.
a,   .-,       ■'    '■   J.•■• '"»«»• ■f-3i»ria.-- I ;
*m ifeSSSrl ■
' si ii tt
I ' \ . ', l!i • njake, *,' tr .
j >■ .:li n il It ;.•■■.! pr'- ■
X   '"
K-^EWk.  SLOCi" ''■
are in sore straits by reason of the
Centre Star damage suit against them.
lhat practically shuts off that source
and Nelson's peculiarities are too well
.■;own  to  anticipate anything from
i i ■. The railway company are will*
■ i/ to assist, bul unless business   is
forthcoming   they   will   not arrange
special   ■ vice and  rates-;   That applies   also  to Nakusp and the Jake.
Sandon is it: the same fix, having ouiy
a special train from Rosebery the first
. iy, with no means of getting back.
Such, then, is Lhe situation facing
Bosun, Mountain Chief, and numerous
other properties.
Force*, flron Cheeked.
People wore apprehensive during
the week of the near-by forest fires,
but apparently the worst is over. Fri
day evening ilie high wind fanned the
fires and they spread rapidly, especially the one below Payne's, which
burned clean to the mountain top.
The subsequent rain quieted things,
but by Sunday the lire} were es bac
town, and to consider il two pub- as ever, the smoke being so dense one
ic meetings were held on Tuesday/
ind Wednesday nights, On Wednes*
lay afternoon the cpromittee by appointment met  J. S. Carter, D.G.P.A.
i the * IM;. and he explained thai
.- iu ibove and intimating that the
:om| my would, require  guarantees
irspi ial services.   Al the meeting
in tl   evening a  vote waa taken^ind
y* ■ y*   IHR  !r>B(
■[     «a)»
■' ts
C* X<:"
a-.*-•>'.,nl that n good lime awaits them.
the committee were instructed  to
go  rigid   ahead and tho*** aro doing
■ rustling.   An effort ivill be
di ul ■ io arrange a special service from
Na'-uisp and lake points, so eusuring
n • outside attendance. Th" vari »us
'•ould not see the mountain* The
tire across the river was very threatening on Sunday, approaching within a
few hundred feet of tho buildings ol
lower West Slocan. Mondav -evening
a fierce northern gale carried the
flames from the town, tlie smoke ris-
[ng id huge volumes. The rain thai
afterwards fell did a world of good.
it wa' decided logo ahead wilh the
cell bratiou, ns it was too Inte now to
rithdraw.   Consequently, Uu-sports
•Aiil be li 11 as originally mapped out;      '.",' ,     ,
visitors to the town may GOKtV*»«ja»Ut of rh;l'.d',pi,ia. Pa., ptuKcd
A PhllndelpMe vt .i!,,r.
W. W. Van Pam, a wealthy
through here dining the week to Sil
verton, to visit lhe Rockland group oi
copper olaims, in which he is interested. He spent some time lately also at
Phoenix, visiting the Granby company's holdings, in which he is also
interested.   The   Rockland  is to lie
mines will also contribute thoir quota energetically developed I his winter. A
a;id the folks down ih- valley will Ring of men bias been employed, fix-
in these days of p.'0"
gress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an op
portunity to keep his
^ooii.--. before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one ruai-J to success;
neglect or it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
i.* a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
ihe printer
: lis
: a Mtrfl
ill   ;>.-.-!-
t nud iib-
1 advert!
: it i- l'. ■ '
1 all
da  ;
Times H
Subscribe for
local paper:
g THE DRILL,   $2  per
'r**.'.-y**\\*< ^**\
como iu,   There is plenty of time lo
work up a  celebration  and lit every
p srson iTistli'.
Later i he committee ar •.:■ ''inin win ing licit i. A special train bas
boon ranged for Nakusp and I ik<
points, with reduced rati'-, k dele-
.. te has also been sent to Rossli i :.; i
arrange for an excursion and the Ro is
'and Bugle Hand has been engaged.
An earlier train service ha.> been arranged from Nelson and passengers
will bo held over here till evening.
The celebration will be a hutnmei
Thr following synopsis ol the Game
{wit • ill pr it ■ of interest to the
numerous sportsmen in the camp:
Hunters are forbidden to trespass
0 enclo Bd lands belonging to private
owners, without permission.
Open seasons, .September i toDe
'; ceinber 1 i     Deer, buck or doe: IHOUD
tain goat, mountain sheep (rani.)
!    September 1 to Deceiftber 81   Carl
boil; elk, wapiti (bull); grouse of all
kinds, including prairie chicken; hare;
moose (btill.1
September I  to February 28   BU
tern; duck, all kinds; heron; inoadow
lark; plover,
November -' to March 81 Beaver;
land otter; marten,
Ii i- unlawful to .-.hoot or destroy al
any lime: Birds living on noxious In
»ects: English blackbirds; caribou.cow
or call-, chaffinch; deer, fawn under 12
month-.; elk, wapiti, e.iv, Or call under
two years; giiH;llnnoti moose, c >w, or
calf under 12months;mountain sheep,
ewe or lamb: English partridge; pheasants, except aa beroiuatter provided;
quail, all kinds; robins (farmers only
may shoot these In gardens between
June   1   and Seph mber l)i skylark,
1 hiush. 	
Treliy Stiff Ratei,
Au idea of the stiff rates imposed
upon .the business men by the C.I'.U.
may be judged from the following In
stances: K, merchant got in 12 pounds
of a certain article from Vancouver oo
a rush order, and they soaked him
$1.35, or more than li cents a pound.
A consignthent of stovepipes from
Ros8laoc1 was taxed 12.88 per cwt,
Rates like I hat make living In the
small towns come high, but they en
able tho company to earn dividends.
leave Ottawa next week, ed route to
British Columbia. He will attend the
Labor Day celebration at Victoria on
the 5th. If is expected-Premier Laurier will accompany the party.
il'iapiiri.liit;* af Intermit fruin the Fatuoua
].,Meemti. a
Rev. Mr. Mount and family contemplate removing to England some time
next month.
The schools resumed their work on
Monday, the pupils having enjoyed a
Ling holiday.
When the waterworks ure instal lid
a number of families will come from
S union to reside here.
W. Burgess is following up the lead
on ihe B .v. B, on Goal mountain, and
alreaily has a big start for a carload
A great improvement lias l«*«ui effected by the removal of the bridge
and tilling in of the gully at the lower
end of Sixth street.
M. 8, Logan,of Nelson; was up during the week taking a look at the
Sweet Grass Rroup, ou Goat mountain. Work is continuing there under
favorable circumstances,
The remains of W, C. Lawrence,
who died at Slocau on Sunday, were
brought up here on Mouday morning's
boat. Tlie Miners' Union took charge
of the funeral, which was held in the
afternoon from the Methodist church,
Rev. J;ie. Calvert officiating.
. Dr. Harkness, of* Montreal, came in
on the afternoon boat, Monday, and
made a short stay as the ^uest of Mr.
and Mrs. R, McDonald. He was ou
his way to Vancouver, to attend the
medical convention. He was delight
cd with the situation of the town and
tho scenic beauties of Slocan lake.
Rlob ,-.uiri Over,
On Saturday Harry Sheran, New-
Denver, one of the owners of the
Moliie Hughes mine at that place,
passed through here for Nelson, beiug
in charge of a carload of ore consigned
tothe Hall Mines smelter. The ore
had been taken out by the owners and
will give high  returns.    Harry  had
I.udt 1 var'* Shipments Wcro 1339 Tou«—
A tliiilthy Kvidenc* uf the Life nnat
Wealth of the Ciamp-Ottnwn it ths
Blffgait Shipper.
It ic encouraging to note the progress beiug mad: in the ore shipments
from the division, the weekly output
averaging up to the Sandon camp.
This week three properties figure in
the list, the Black Prince, Ottawa and
Enterprise, with a total of 80 tons.
The Prince made its first shipment, of
22 tons, under the new management,
it going to Nelson; the Ottawa sent,
Ollt its weekly quola, 44 tous, to tho
same place; and tho Enterprise 20
tons to Trail. For tho year the output h 1504 tons.
For 1VM)3 'the ore shipments from
the local division amounted lo 1889
tints, made up from 17 properties,
Following is a full list of tiie shipments this year to dato:
....      41
l'ort llo|*e	
Illiick Prince	
Black Fel	
.    a    a*.
HINK8  a:
Saturday was the regular monthly
payday at the Ottawa.
To date Boundary mines have scut
.mt B15,4ol tons of ore.
Rossland mines have this year ban-
dled 224,918 tons of ore.
The Black Prince ore went out to
Nelson during tlie week.
Bight inches of high grade ore has
a couple of simples of ore with him j been struck on the Antoim
Ing up tie.' trail and getting things
into shape.
Ta, Cominrni... at Uoth limit.
R, G. Macphersou, dominion member for Burrard, states that tbe government has the written assurance of
C, M. Hays, president of the Grand
Trunk Pacific,thai the construction ol
that railway will be oommenced simultaneously on the Tactile coast and
in the east. Construction is tooom-
mence so soon as tin* surveys are eoni-i
pleted. Leading officers of theoom
pr.ny are to come to the coasl at once
to select the Pacific terminus of the
Hotel   Aril, (lit.
Arlington Miss Andersou, J. Rundle. Vancouver; C. Alwood, P.Millard,
Spokane: D. H. Bissell, Toronto j Mrs.
C. Grosberg, Thos. Draper, Nelson;
,1. T. Blaok, New Denver; W.Herman,
F. Ballard. Banlf; C. W. Layton, Cal-
Royal- Mra, Holmes, H, Jaokson,
A. Key, Nelson; A. L. Teetael, P. W.
Ferguson, Vancouver; J. M. Fahey,
Dorters Meet 111 Vialiriillyer.
The annual convention of the Do
minion Medical Association opened in
Vancouver on Tuesday,  there lieing ,i
large attendance of delegates frnm all
parts of Canada,   (hie of the Items of
business transacted was the appointment of a committee to draw up a re
solution  urging the government ti>
take steps to cheek the sale of pat* Dl
that were beauties. One of tbem was,
from their new strike, which gives the
astonishing value of eight oz in gold
and 276 oz in silver. Thev have eight
inches of the ore nnd it is the best
thing struck on Ooat mountain, An-
other specimen was oovered with copper stain-and bromide of silver, giving assay returns of 7000 oz in silver.
Goal mountain carries some of the
richest ore i:i the district,
m^r**t:^. ■«.-■•■ .." ":' *•'■■'■■ •,'-?v.1',;*:**'
year >
llitil IIIn I.Iitiiki' l.'nni'iilliil.
Complaints having been registered
against M. Antoya.for the rough hotel
he was conducting at Rosebery, Inspector Blnck was • '".it up Irom New
silver Quotation*
Following an* the quotations for bai
silver on the various davs
luring llu
week since, last issue!
57j cent:-
573    "
58     "
nl   *
57s    "
Denth of *n . c. Lawrence.
\\". C. Lawrence, of New Denver,
died In the M. U. General Hospital
her* • .. Sunday liioruing, of pneumonia.   He had been employed at the
Ottawa Bs blacksmith and had. only
worked a week when taken ill, the dis
ease developing rapidly. Mrs. Law-
rence and children arrived down pn
Saturday eveningand were atthe Ihm.1
side  when   the husband and father
Thirteen properties are working
around Sandon under lease.
Shortage of water is making Slocau
concentrator men feel nervous.
Sandoh's ore shipments last week
were 64 tons, making 8838 tous to
Certificates of Improvement have
been issued the Home, Garabaldi and
Silver Leaf.
Lunilier is lieing taken up to the
Mayetta group for some outside im*
The Chapleau mine buildings wero
destroyed by lire last week. The mill
camp is safe.
A dividend of 525,000 has just teen
declared by the Slocan Star. In the
future they will come regularly.
,1. Tinliug has sold a third interest
in the Club to A.  W.  Strickland, of
passed away.   The remains were sent | nie ]i[XU\, of Montreal, New Denver.
to Ni i> Denver '"a Monday for inter
ment, the Miners' Union, or which de
ceased ".a- a member, having charge
of the arrangements. Deceased was
in his 57th year and leaves a family iu
gtraitened cireutftatances.
Rich gold ore has been found on
the Jo Jo. near Three Forks, assays
from whicb run iuto hundreds of
Swan & Lauderbach got their oro
down trom the Highland Light this
week, there being about two tons in
the lot.
A new vein has been struck by W,
Ulueownm' OfBeen.
At tho annual meeting of the Associated  Silver-Lead  Mines of  B. C
held iii Sandon last week, the follow- j Hunterdon ^ the  McAllister group, on
ing oliii't rs  were elected:
vice presidents, James I
fc. C.Gard
('renin. W*. S. Drewry, W. S. Jenkins,
Win. Hunt'Timd Ceo. Alexander; executive committee, .lohn L. Retallaek
Geo, \>. Potter, Norman Carmichael
Louis Pratt, W. K. /wicky. II. Gie
geiich, N J. Cavanaugbj treasurer, 0
V, \\ lute; secretary, N.J. Cavanaugh
President, the north fork of Carpenter.   It assays high in silver.
Gottlng I nill Orr.
Ore is showing in encouraging (pinn-
tities in the. longcrooscul on the Myr
tie group, and the owners expect to
get shipping grade when tbe ledge is
011 issed. On Sunday thev had passed
through two feet of mixed ore and the
boys were feeling jubilant, More
supplies were sent up to the mine on
(lovci'ii'ii—t.i'iti'i »l OonihiB.
I he governor genernl and party will
Kiiuii hi RoHl»ml.
James Kowalsky was killed at the
War Eiftgls mine. Rosslaitd, last week,
lie mi- employed as a tiinberinaii.and
in stepping offthi cage at the 100-foot
level, lost nis footing and was jerked
upward by the ascending platform,
llis body was crushed against the side
of the ••haft. Deceased was 24 years
of ago and came from Pe Ell, Wash.
I.i'Hil lloiinty i:xti'inli'il.
W. \. Galliher, M.P., wired from
Ottawa last week lhat an order-in*
council had been passed granting $10
n ton bounty on lead concentrates
-hipped to Europe, but not to the
Stale.,. The extension directly bene
Iiis the St. Eugene, at Movie, which
will clean up a bilge profit from now
N. F, McNaught was exhibiting
some handsome samples of copper ore
on Friday. They came from the
Rockland group, on Eight Mile, and
vuu 80 per cent copper.
,). R. Grudge, Kaslo,haa been made
Next Thursday every old blunderbuss in town will betaken to the bush
aud the slaughter of the innocents
will begin.
Sandon has cut out her special service from Nakusp ou Labor Day, it
being too expensive. A special train
will be run up from Rosebery,
Quite a number of the shingle mill
bands will go to the head ol the lake,
to work in the company's sawmill,
whieh will be run to the limit cutting
up the logs on hand.
• The sawmill at Winlaw Is under-
going many improvements and \i not
likely to resume operations till October. Iu the meantime much of the
surplus lumber In the yards in being
Hallway Wreoli Ifrar iMiophIk.
Word was received here Tuesday
from Phoenix, stating that a bad train
wreck had occurred near their. Au
ore train, consisting of an engine and
about 20 nils, ran nway nud finally
jumped the track, piling up the whole
in a bunch. Nobody was killed, as
the train crew jumped.
1     '
\ 1
! 1
To determine definitely the amount
ef filth that gets into milk during the
process of milking and how much this
can be lessened by washing the udders
the following was done:
It was determined after several
trials with three different milkers on
thirty cows that it requires an average
of four and one-half minutes to milk a
■cow. A glazed dish eleven inches in
diameter, the size of an ordinary milk
pail, was placed in the top of a pa!'
end held under the cow's udder in the
same position as when milking. For
four and one-half minutes the milker
the • went through motions similar to
those n in  milking,  but without
drawing any milk. The amount of
dirt which fell Into the dish during the
operation was of course approximately
the same as would have gone Into the
milk during the.milking process. The
dirt caught in the dish was then brushed Into a small glass weighing tube,
the udder washed and the process repeated. The dirt which fell from the
washed udder was also carefully
brushed into a weighing tube. Hoth
tubes were then placed in a desiccator
and after drying twenty-four hours
were accurately weighed ou a chemical balance.
Sixty trials were made at different
seasons of the year. Witb udders that
were apparently clean lt was found
that an average of three and one-half
times as much dirt fell from the unwashed udders as from the same udders after they were washed. With
lolled udders the average was twenty-
two and with muddy udders the average was ninety-four times as much
dirt from the unwashed as from the
same udders after washing. — Illinois
The Reading Dairyman Wins.
I have seen one dairyman with a
beautiful home, large and well ventilated stables, all the product of a herd
of milk cows, and another fanner
with the same old house he built ten
years before, dilapidated stables, gntes
broken, fences down, nil the product
of another herd of cows, equal In number to the first. Why this difference
with the same conditions?
If you go into the home of the first
class of men you will find agricultural
papers; you will find a reader, a man
who has a thinker nnd is using lt. He
may not be a graduate of any agricultural college, but he ls a self educated
man, who received a large part of his
education from the agricultural papers.
How much more advanced he would
havo been If he had learned thc rudiments nt the agricultural college! But
greater honor ls due to self education
than to a college educated man. Still,
If progress was to depend on self education we would resemble the snail instead of the ant
I am a firm believer thut thc duty of
every state ls to placo a premium on
agricultural pursuits. The most Important branch of agriculture ls dairying. The growth of cereals depends
on dairying to return Its elements to
the soil of which the soil has beeu
robbed by their growth. Dairying enriches the soil, while the growth of
cereals impoverishes it Therefore no
branch of agriculture should be fostered and encouraged as much ns the
dairying Industry.—E. A. McDonald.
Washington State Dairy and Food
Oood and Tlately Literature.
The dairy and food department of
Minnesota has recently issued several
Important circulars. One is entitled
"Butter Is King," and is being plnced
In the hands of the farmers of thnt
state. It treats the subject of dairying
briefly, simply and thoroughly. It
shows that it is not necessary for one
to buy a lot of thoroughbred stock to
start ln the business, but that the
proper way is to gradually grade up
one's herd. The matter of feeds is
taken up and instructions given for
the planting of soiling crops ami the
building of silos. There aro ample directions for tlio care nnd hniulllng of
milk, and tbe circular concludes with
the dairy laws of thc state. A second
circular on "Prepnrutlon and Propagation of Pure Commercial Cultures" has
been sent out to thc butter innkers in
tbe state. It treats the subject clearly
and fully.
The "Onlry  Shark."
J. A. Crokctt, dairyman, Utah Agricultural college, hits recently sent out
warning to the butter milkers of his
•tnto against a "ihilry shark" who Is
disposing of a process whereby ho
claims the yield of butter ls increased
from 60 to 100 per cent In excess of
thnt mudo ln the ordinary manner.
Same old fraud that bob! up now nnd
again. All farmers nml dairymen
should leave nil such fellows and their
"process" nlonc—Dnlry and Creamery,
A Caah  Illtmlriitton.
The Arlzonn experiment station hns
recordod the results of n cold rain ou
the milk How of the station herd. Tho
tows wero exposed three days to n cold
rnln. During tills time they decreased
17 per cent in milk yield nnd continued
until It reached 50 per cent, and it was
I month until thoy gave ns much milk
ts before the storm. Hoard's Dairyman says this ls what might he called
I cash Illustration of the value uf sheltering cows from cold rains.
Neglected Subject*.
Professor llaecker, the dairy expert
sf tho Minnesota stntlon, says Hint
"too much hns beon said nhout balanced rntlons nnd too littlo about kindness and regularity, too much nbout
dairy bred cows aud too littlo aboUf
•Wiry bred meu."
I „    l*xA*i^ty*yo*>*>AA*AA*>*^<>v9*^*>***
dry FEEDINGS-/*™.   | ROAD IMPROVEMENT. I   KSTKN cmm mm |
Increasing  In  Favor   Among:  Breeders   Of   t'lllllllt.
The dry feeding system is mooting
witli increasing favor. Breeders who
have tried one season of it claim that
the egg production is increased and
thoy have more uniform growth witli
the young stock, snys Wnllnee's
Former. The feed boxes are kept
filled with n variety of grains, tlie
grit box is full, nnd nlso a box of
charcoal. From these the fowls take
their choice, balancing their own rations ns they do in the summer time
on free range. . i
It hns not boen very long since the
farmer wns censured for letting his
poultry hnve the range of the feed
yards, where was nlways a supply of
corn, and of the barn, with its wheat
ond ont bin. It wns a source of wonder to tho town breeder that under
such conditions the farmer's flock laid
nn egg, yet, they continued to pay the
grocer. Wbere there is n variety of
grains it is not very different from the
dry feed system if chickens nro supplied with pure water, housed warmly
in dry quarters nnd really have access
to the feed bins. If they arc supplied
with grit nnd charcoal the.v will doubtless lay ns woll ns the fancier's fowls
on dry feed nnd free range. j
The  I'Kcftil  Orpington.
The Orpington, the youngest nspirnnt
for fame in the poultry world in Kng-
liuid, is n composite breed that has
been brought by careful crossing of
'  ^ULrfff/
several varieties of fowls with the object of producing n breed thnt would
combine first tinss laying and table
qualities, writes T. B. Hutton in Western Poultry Journal. i
The type ls deep, short, broad nnd
cobby ln body nnd short on leg; tail
rather short nnd compact; the back
should be n nice D shaped curve; carriage bold and upright. |
The Buff Orpingtons of the correct
type are equal to the Dorking in amount
and quality of flesh and in some respects are superior. They lay on flesh
and mature vory easily nnd attain n
greater weight. ,
My own experience after several
years' trying has been that the Buffs j
hare proved themselves to be the most |
useful breed 1 have met with. Tliey ,
begin to lay in tlie early Winter months ;
and provide a constant supply of eggs
throughout the winter.
Coring the Gapea.
I keep wheat soaking in n smnll bottle of turpentine. If a chick wheezes,
sinillles and rattles ns though it had n
cold, this ls the forerunner of gapes,
Bays an Illinois breeder ln American
Agriculturist. When gapes nre unusually violent nnd fatal a chick may |
begin gaping without showing those.
In such ense the chick is nearly always n gonor. Carbolic acid will belp
hlm if anything will.
l'our n little refined carbolic acid in
a spoon, hold it over a lamp, and dense
white fumes will soon arise. Hold the
chick's head in these, drawing him
away for n second or two to let him
catch his breath. Don't let hlm get I
his hill in tbo acid. If you look at the
add in the spoon beforo you pour lt
back in tbe bottle you can often see
Uie tiny red worms that the fumes
made the chick cough up. Five cents'
worth of ncld will doctor dozens of
chicks. If the chick is only coughing,
two or three grains of the wheat or u
tiny piece of usnfetidn may cure hiin.
If he Is still wheezing the next day
repeat the dose. I never failed to kill
n chick that I gave both carbolic ncld
and turpentine in one day.
Chicken* and Bacteria.
Some Certnnn experiments nre reported iu which chicks were hutched
out nnd fed in such n wny and under
such condition! ns to exclude nil bacteria, snys American Poultry Journal.
The chicks nte well nnd regulurly and
apparently digested their food normally. Nevertheless they did not gain In
weight and died after about twenty
days. Upon examination the droppings
wero found free from bacteria, other
chicks fed normally gained about three
times their original weight during the
same period. Part of the chlclis used
in the test wore Inoculated with lutes-
Iluni bacteria from normal chicks, nfter which thoy soon became strong and
gained in weight.
In the 8i|nnl> Loft.
It ennnot too often be snld that ununited pigeons in n loft can do more
harm to the workers than can be osti- '
mated in n few words, says the Feather,     Never   allow   ununited   or   non- ]
working pigeons to stay lu the squall
loft with the active producers,   if you '
Intend   keeping   any   of   the   young
sijiinlis you grow for brooders remove
them Into n Separate loft ns soon as
thoy are weaned and nblo to cure for
Conatrnction of Brick Track Uomlx
Recommended—Their Coat nnd I)"-
ralalllty—Umplo) -ment of Convlcta
In Highway Building.
The present general movement for
better roads and the prospect of na-
tlonul nid in rond building have greatly
stimulated the study of the best methods of rond building.
While to the genernl public the idea
of building permanent roads ts to use
broken stone, after the system first
employed by John Macadam about tho
year 1785, othor methods should be
carefully studied in order to build the
best and most durable roads at the
lowest cost.
It seems a remarkable fact. In view
of the great Improvements in everything connected wilh modern life, that
we nre still building our roads the
same way they were built over ICO
years ngo, says the Waynesboro (l':u
Herald. Tbis resulted from the universal introduction of the railroad,
which cnused the Improvement of our
common roads to be sadly neglected ns
woll as advancement in the art of
building them.
A great obstacle In the wny of building durable roads of crushed stone is
found in the lack of suitable slonc in
most localities where good rond stone
Is found. In New York state, for Instance, where road building has been
vory active ln recent years, stone has
boon shipped over 300 miles ln bouiu
instances In order to obtain stone of
good quality.
The lack of good road material has
caused careful study of various methods of road building by experts, with
tho result that for general use n modification of the old stone wheel truck
or trnmwny roads, which have been In
constant use for over n hundred years
without material wear or cost, has
boen highly recommended. The old
tramway roads could only be built nt
reasonable cost ln a few localities having suitable stone, but by substituting
paving brick for the stone slabs this
superior form of road cun be cheaply
built in every locality.
In fnct, oven in the favored localities
where good road stone ls abundant the
use of these brick wheel tracks considerably decreases the first cost of roads,
while they practically do awny witli all
repair expenses ns well ns the dust and
mud nnd at the snme time enable threo
to four times the load to bo hauled
with the same team force.
This improved method of road building has been adopted in a number of
localities and thc cost has been found
to be from $1,200 to $2,000 a mile, according to the relative cost of materials, labor, etc., while the average
cost of crushed stone roads hns been
about $9,000 a mile in New York, wbere
the greatest amount of road building
has recently been done.
A section of this brick truck road in
the United Stntes department Of ngrl-
CUlture grounds during the Inst four
seasons shows no material wear nnd
has beon uniformly free from dust,
mud nnd ruts during that time, while
an adjacent section of crushed stone
road hns been nearly ruined during
the snme time, pnrtly by the washing
of wnter.
For hilly ronds these brick wheel
tracks nre especially adapted, ns by
depressing the trucks below the adjacent road surface the water Is successfully carried down the hills on
them without washing thc roadwny
and without the use of the objectionable wnter brenks, besides enabling
threo times the grade to be used without disadvantage.
Government rond ofticlnls recommend
thnt long term convicts be employed iu
penitentiaries In making the brick, ec
ment, etc., for these roads, and short
term convicts be used lu making the
ronds, to the mornl and physical betterment of the convicts, and claini that
In this wny the building of these superior and most durable of roads sliould
cost but $800 to $1,200 a mile In many
localities. This makes an interesting
comparison with the cost of $i),()00 n
mile in New York state for crushed
stone roads, some of which have been
nearly ruined by two or three years of
use, while wheel tracks similar to the
brick tracks, built of stone, near Albany, N. Y„ ln ISM, nt tt cost of $1,600
n mile, show vory little wear In more
than seventy years of constant nnd
heavy traffic.
If convicts woro thus employed In
such penitentiaries ns Sing Sing, Now
Vork, for Instance, Whore Ilie best of
brick clays could be delivered at very
low cost by boat, nnd from which the
brick, etc, could he cheaply shipped
by boat to nearly overy point along the
proposed Now York mid Chicago road.
Hint rond could probably be built for
less than one-ilfth of the cost of Imild
Ing It of crushed sialic, have three
times tho smoothness nnd more thai.
ten times the durability of a crushed
Stone road and at the same lime be
nearly dustloss nnd mudleas.
Brick made nt Sing Sing could also
bo cheaply delivered at all points In
New York stnto nnil also be shipped tn
nil points along Lake Brie by boat,
thus enabling the greater part of tlio
proposed New York and Chicago road
to be htillt by this superior system and
nt a cost so low as to be Insignificant
when compared with its substantial
and lasting benefits,
A series of articles describing
their lives, their alms and
their influence.
When to llulld  n Henhouse.
Poultry houses shouhl never be built
so Into In the season that time will
not permit them io be thoroughly dried
beforo the winter Season sets lu.
When  We  Hnve Oood  Honda,.
As an Illustration of what may ho
expected when wo have good roads this
Incident is Interesting. A farmer near
Hartford, Mich., having haled hay to
deliver, loaded four wagons wilh two
tons each, made tho wagons up Into n
train, hitched on the farm engine nnd
drew tho entire loud to town n,t on«
♦ .    No. I.
%      B. A. HUCKELL      t
♦ of the Carberry Express.        «
There nre many stuiulnrds—moral,
material and intellectual—by which
the progress of the Canadian West
mny be measured; nnd lu nil of them
tho vast pralrle-plain and inountuin-
sea lying between the Ureal Lakes
and the ,1'nrilic gives a triumphant
response.    Though   the  present   sum Ol
its achievement is bul iho mere pro-
miss nnd prophecy of its potential
greatness, it can bo safely asserted
that nowhere on earth lias similarly
rapid and permanent devolopment
been made, over so I rcineiidotis nn
area, in tho same space of time, It
but three decades since Western
Canada was tho Ureat l-one l.iHid.
In-day it is fast becoming the granary of the   Empire.   Thriving towns
and    handsome    cities    rise   un   everv
hand,   und    everywhere    are  lhe    e\ i-
denci's   of   enterprise,   content    and
Among ihe contributing factors to
ibis wondrous transformation mny
be recorded the Influence of the Western Canadian press. In tills vast
country lh«» printer caine hand in
hand with llu; piom-er. Tha debt
ol    gratitude    the    West    owes   to
iis press has never been sulliciellt-
Iv acknowledged or appreciated. Willi
tireless vigilance end
loyalty Hie men who controlled Un
organs of publicity have toiled, always with /eal. nnd nearly always
with discretion, for till welfare uf
their district and their country.
Though men of strong convictions,
both political nnd personal, il was
seldom that the advocacy of thoir
views overstepped the bounds of do-
bate, and hence the tore of public
discussion in the Western press has
always been marked by fairness nnd
l'ew of the pioneer publishers ol tho
SO's    survive.     Mnny    of   theni   rest
Moreover, Mr. Tluckcll is a type of
that success that always nwalt energy nnd ability in the Canadian
West, lie is still a .young man-
thirty yenrs of age this summer—
and his career is as remarkable for
i;s past tu-i'i)in|ilishmciils as for its
future promise,
Prior to entering newspaper work
Mr. RuCkell had done distinctly
good, if noi  distinguished,   work in
tho realm of education. 'I'lie leaching profession in the West  is the V08-
libulo to tho luw, the ministry,
surgery and the editor's desk, and it
was  by  that  route  lhat   Mr.   Uuckell
out ered the arena of journalism,   lie
had   collie   lo   Manitoba   in   18813,    a
boy  of  nitio years of  age,   with    his
parents,    from    Ottawa.       Ho    Came
-   honestly by  his liking for newspaper
unfaltering   work,   I'or his  fnther,  'llionms  lluck-
II, was a veteran who served on tho
.Htawa  Citizen    in   the earlier days.
Tlio family went to Rapid City,   and
fron. thenco moved, in 1880, to Car-
berry,    where   over   sinco   they  havo
been   factors   of    importance   in   its
municipal and political activities,
Young Uuckell attended the public
• school
nt Carborry, leaving it to
attend the Ottawa Model School,
where, in 1880, ho wos silver medallist, [toturnlllg lo the West, he aliunde.1 st. John's College, Winnipeg,
from IS'.ln to 1898, and took the
teachers' course at. the Winnipeg Col-
fro:ii  their labors.   though  tholl' good |lcfflato.      Al'ti
works    testify    to    Ihem.     To    tbem
came    little    reward olher    llian    the
knowledge   that     thev     wen-    helping
lay broad and deep tho foundations
of national greatness,   Few left much
...or obtaining his profos-
. slonal   Certificate,  he taught at Ren-
burn  for  three yours.      ll   was  while
there be met, nnd married,  Miss .1.
K. Qraham, ol Lakoflold, In 189*1,
It was perhaps circumstances, mors
than Inclination, that forced Mr.
Uuckell into Journalism, Tho local
Conservatives desired a party organ,
Carborry already hud a local pnper.
The News, professedly independent
and confessed!) abb*. As a business
venture, the establishment ol a competitor was admitted to be Injudl-
dicious und unwise, hut political requirements overrode commercial considerations,    and    in    189U    the t'nr-
inore than Ilie old Washington press
that each week printed the local
news and the editor's views, a few
fouls of typo, and u large unpaid
subscription list.
Tho ranks of tho Western Canadian
press now include n number of new
and younger men of character and
ability, 'llies;*. each In his own con- |
stltuency, exert much inlluence, but
are  In  many  cases  unknown  outside,
except    through   their   opinions   on .bony   Express   mado   Its   first   up.
current   event's,   published   daily   or  penrance
weekly. Yet there is a natural curiosity among newspaper readers to
know soiiuhivat nf the personality
of him to whom the.v daily or weekly
look for tews I'or this reason the
series of articles begun in this issue
will be a feature to attract general interest. Not only will the public get,
more knowledge as to tic appearance und personality of the editors
whose papers they read, but it is
also hoped that the scries will bring
the editors themselves In closer
touch with each othor softening
whatever asperities muy result from
opposing views on public matters,
nnd prompting friendlier relations
through the kinship of common aims.
The Toronto Type Foundry Co.,
Ltd., proposes to continue the series
until ii includes ewry western editor.
several    years     il      struggled
The local  nows  Held  was very
imperfectly covered, und its fashion
Of arranging and displaying the news
would hnve moved a live edit or lo
wrath or profanity, according to his
disposition. But, if it fell fur li-low
the Standard as a local newspaper,
within the limits of its space it fulfilled ovory requirement ns n parly
organ. Its editorials advocated Conservative principles and defended
Conservative police wilh skill, wolgfat
and  vifior.    and    were   frequently  r."
lloved by a brightness   ami   a   vim
thnt made them ns attractive us
Ihey were formidable. Hut, despite
this partial success, tho Express wns
run ut n financial loss. Several tried
their hand ut its management, nnd
all failed tn mnke it earn it revenue,
At last Thomas Uuckell. father ol
the  present   editor,   bought  It,   nil In f
than see it discontinue publication,
\ few months after be transferred 11
t.i   bis    eldSSt     son.     the    late     Fred
Huckcll, and under the management
of ihu two the Express lumod   tho
corner, and  began  to build up  into n
valuable  newspaper  property       Each
,...^. ...... -  yeur it grew In strength and import-
rertlslng  contrast   with    the    local  ance, till Mr. Fred Uuckell. who had
photographer, if necessary,   so   that,never   been   very strong, died in'the
fall of inun. When the matter of the
disposition of ths ostats wan considered, Mr II A. Uuckell decided to
forsake    the    pedagogue's   desk,    buy
the Expross, nml become nn editor,
Under ins management lhe  F.xprc*.*
form   n
Gallery   i
the     scries     will
if    Fame—possibly
the   uiiregeiier.ite  may  say  a   LtogUCS'
Qallery—which will contain u portrait and estimate of the mon vie
conl roi and direct the prong of Western Canada.
And,    speaking    of    portraits,    the
editors are requested to make
a l ni'
Proprietor and Editor <
11'berry   Ex*
and   pliy.icul   alnrlnOAS    ulnar i   obvious  character!*! i
II.    A,    llUCkoll,    editor
berry   FxprpSS,    K"
ICM    of
llf      Ihe
iiuu of though I
ly   of   speech,   NWlfl
of  anion,   ho
irosses one by the bruudlh of bis
.   upatbv  and   l'l,c  |j| i|,|,|   sincerit \  of
his  goodl'i.'llowhhip.
so    that
likeness    can    be    published.
We would bear In mind Durns' wish,
and lot  its renders see the editors ns
others see them, and  that  cannot be
done  if antique  relies are sent to the
engravers    Instead    of    good    photo-       ■   ■     ■   .       .    v-,,
graphs.   We  want our  "Mirror"   to   bus continued to develop, until it  i
natural.   Verbum sap.  'Null sod!   now regarded us one of the foremost
local papers of Manitoba. Though
still giving consistent support tothe
Conservative party, lha Express is
no longer on organ, bul n newspaper, its editorial Utterances lifiili* In
general temperate and fr io from obtrusive prejudice, iti local news ser
vice ii ably organized, Uie Held ba
ling woll covered. Typographically 11
loaves little  i.< |„. desired, und. iust-
! I.V,   Ol f   the  hid I   printed   sheets   in
I the provlnco. n is n .standing ra?
commendation lo the typi fueos and
genernl equipment curried by thu T,,-
ronto Typo Foundry Co , Ltd, Tlu
Express   wort hli*,    reflects   the   lm-
poi'lunco  of   tho   town   and   district in
which it is published, nnd Is a good
type of ih.it Important class of local
newspapers   of   Canada   which   min
llOl merely I,, (j|vo (J,,. DOWN, but to
direct   the though!   of  their  readers.
Public honors unusual to sucli ii
young mun huve been olTereil Mr.
Uuckell.  but   he has hitherto declined
thoin, dovotlng all his energies to
tb" upbuilding of his pnper lie continues lo take, ns is natural, n keen
interest iii educational mailers, All
forms of atir >tlm nnd sport appeal
to him. nmi. dosplto the domands ol
his growing biiHiiiesH, he still linds
time to follow most uml indulge iii
'"""'     fn   the  days   when lha Par-
berrv football team wns invincible,
Mr. Ilm-kiii m.,s fui s as Its goalkeeper      playing    an    entire    season
without losing a sinKie goal.
Statistics show   thnt   a   man nui
walk forty miles furl her if he is permitted to v/eor a uniform consisting
mainly ol gold braid und brass
gencrally comes bee, H
troubles peculiar to , *>l
these   troubles come>l
cause simple in itself V»**l
Bcecham's l'ills vviu;2M
move. There are T! M
in which women suffl,y V
n tits '"-fand
is another  most ___Z
painful   experience ,.p   ' ,
women.   Thousands oLS
are, talcing   Beechanf,*!
periodically   and  ^ I
wonderful in relievinj-Vl
Wing.    Every W0Iil  1
acquaint herself withth.3
these Pills cau do, a"     Stt>
A Woman's Suffeif
can be avoided by U8}0!
See special instructions («|
women with each box,
'■There's    one    il.;,,
to you nhout," said
must i
"Vour husband addivssuil uiiiif
dear'  hist nighl."    iih  ,,„„■,
lijlle thing  like that," iv,,!!,,,!
dayboy. "Why, he even nd-HrwjL
thut   way   BOIllCtiln
I'.  (*.  RlCHAltDS ft CO,
Hear Sirs.-1   have   Kreal  [,M
MIN A HD'S   I.INIMKNT  „. .    *
I cured a horse   oi   II i R ;„,,,L
live bottles.
It    blistered   lhe   linrao,  Imt j,
month    there    wn    uu i
no lomsnoss.
I'ANII i    M| KCJUsoJ
Four Falls, N    i;
Tho New Vorl. Heruld I d
tient confined in the llelleiut ]
ion for tiie insane, who lliinki]
o bottor COUipo ier I ban Verdi, ij
nro more of thai kind, but lh]
roaming free.
Wusll   er,'ilK>   i!:-!..- ■-  ol lan.l
Lever's   Dry   S ■. ;■    11
remove   tha*   greaue   .   th   tlu ua
Among the latest  fails i
mar girls ni ii   sui bin ia.il   in.tub
their    nriiis.     .*-'hui l  ■ I ■••>■•■.   mil
Cut   Irom  black  i oui I   |il
li\r\i ip the at ni   ni      lie ^im »3
the rest. leaving Uie let! i
nnd  white on  the sutihui
There run be t Hill
most   (ubjeeti    bai
opinion  n-  to    Iho n        lh ol
Qr&vea'   Worm   I «trn     »tor   It m
rare nml effei luni
In  France tliey i ■ . |
trees  bv  elect mil'
The sense ol - kooncriu
air thnn in Btnli  Ol  i ollutwl "if-
Shoep nt'- now  -'       ■' I        '"
flood   soap   I-   i
in- • of 1 lorldu
U<>«  I lir dative ol  lb •■!-:• JflM
Umnaffci tn Kilil
in norm del i ■• ■ Uiv ism
dlnn leads u n uinrl. le i il»ti*l
I t-a-.es the sens of Ciipe lloram
u frail hark cauoe, lie owra i''M
religion or tribal He otlier tbaiidl
the family, which budillM lo!**}
food and sustenance. Ills only ||
hold goods tire the siiiulilirwl'
brands which l.e carrlM on a «•»
turf lu his canoe to each froa-Vf
place, The women, iwanllj W*l
die the ennoe rrom the »lem. •!*'
crouches In the bow on tlio i"",al
prey. On the ghore rum "i'*""''
e'./.n to biiIIT out n id lurnsnjlj
Otter or sea bird,   'llio long WU
fringes the cou»l  f « !IS iU\
water for the rrail craft, wIk*«
only  venlur t     Un III© OP?*1
nels when their for.- :M '"»■*"
that a Calm will I" uf iilinol««J
tion to enable till   I In i'*' "^
Inhospitable bench '' niioiMj
aro unduly ilw- ['<"! '" ,l:i'. '*|
the expense ol Ihi lo«'OT l,:" i
they paaa thoir Mn ''•w'';' 1,
coasts,   FIsbliiK « il.»"t ll"*r _
OU mussels uml fUllCM. •"" g
marks  the limit lo "hlcli «"3
■trip Mmsdf or nil aid or Mown
Ain'"*.!. ^       ,-|
Minks -I nhvii-s i kc in,vf ^
nn who knows lion '■■on,','j
r.    ninks-Ves; ll'a nlniipt M H
.1.1 dining wilh ii hw" whokii""
to iiu.v for nun.
A„   important *»«*%*£&
Not long nfter a wrW" JJ1
rcii  on  a  cerium •*" •"   '(' n^\,*J
travelers were <li-> "   ";; •"..-tjl
liners,    due of (I
«'      Hue, Hi ^ ■■■■; ' _„*■
one on which the r •.'"'■•'
occurred. . .iiifiifii*
"TUore,l ono Imporifl" "      >
said the lirst, "Ihnl ><
havo   cons.'dorpd,   hut
strongly with mo."
"What Is UlDt?" ...ttt)
".Vhy. the c        wg»JJ
Inks you nere:'.'.  hat l"   tf«|
gitnriiiiiees tu 'ako !"'' "'
il ifue.'l."
tvlili'1* THE
thing   tho   doctor   does
culled  to  see  a fretting,
baby is to give it n  medi-
tho bowels and sweeten
The doctor knows that
The   Brsl
when Im
■Ine to mow
the stomach.
.-tenths  of  t-n0  'roubles  aiTecting
["lilies nnd young children uro due to
•'ii.ithai of the stomach or bowels,
" d that when this cause ig removed
l'l",' child is well und happy, llaby's
Own Tablets ure an ulways-tU-hand
doctor    and   promptly   cure all   the
jnor ms of liUle ones.     They   con-
nin no poisonous "soothing" stuff,
,'u(l nmy be given with safety to th&
.,,,,,1,1-i.st infant, or the well grown
I ild Mrs. J. Ovcrand, Ilepworth
Slftiiun, Ont., snys: "My little ono
v,s much troubled with indigestion,
id llaby's Own Tablets gave iuime-
'i;,t,. relief, I have found the Tablets
li,',, must satisfactory medicine I
,.lV1, ever used for children." Sold
i., an medicine dealers or sent by
mail nt -u cents a box, by writing
,..,,,    |)r.     Williams'    Medicine   Co.,
Uroekvillo, Ont.
"'  i	
\   |iulieiil   nt   the    Selkirk    asylum1
,vnn seen    exercising    with    a    wheel-
Imrrow on  tho   lawn    the other day. i
■ \Vhj do you run your wheelbarrow j
tui'ii!*d upside down'.'" usked a by-
vi.ii.iaa "liecntise 1 um. crazy," replied i lie pal Ienl. "If 1 turned it up
the olher way tbey might fill it with
"OW DUk *** •"<■ «»-»lloi. to Allc.
on il Wager.
The two youni
men  were arguing
Tells of Diabetes Cured by
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
And I tell you Ifs a waste of good
time for you to call on her and ask her
to marry you," said Tom.
"That's just the wny you look at It,"
replied Dick In a friendly spirit.
"It's a pretty good way, too," retorted
lorn, "l overheard her tell Lucy she
preferred medium sized men to either
tall or short ones.''
"You Bay thnt because you are medium sized."
"And dark eouiplexioned to light
complexloned men."
"That's because you're dark aud I'm
"And ability of tongue rather than
of the iien."
"You're fabricating on the fact that
you're a lawyer and I'm a newspaper
reporter," responded Dick.
"Not at nil," said Tom. "I'm merely
quoting whnt she snld."
"Well," remarked Dick thoughtfully,
"I'll bet you a cigar, a hat, a dinner or
a house that I can go to her and nsk
the matrimonial question and receive
an affirmative answer to my question {proposal oi murringu for the hand of
   '"     '-        - ■ ...... a W((S
W. 0. Darlloman  ooold get no   Itallef Ull
He Ti-b-il  tlie (Jreat  I iimulliaii  Kidney
Wapolla, Assn., N.W.T., Aug. 15.—
. (Special) —This thriving town furnishes one of   the   most   remarkable
I cures of Kidney Disease that has ever
been reported on the prairies. Mr.
Wm, (!. Uartlumon, a well-known far-
, mor, is   the man cured, und   he makes
.the following statement:—
i "1 had Kidney Trouble, and it developed Into Diabetes, I went to tho
doctor, hut his treatment was of no
j use whatevor to mo. 1 began to take
Hodd's   Kidney    Pills    in   December,
I 1003.    I   look  them  all  winter   and
I summer while 1 was unable to work
liny farm.   1 took twelve boxes in all
j and in August   I  was able to work.
I "Now 1 nm quite strong. I worked
all winter without pains in my back
or any part of my body. Dodd's
Kidney   Pills  cured   inc." H
If ihe Kidney Hisonso is of long
Standing it may lake time to curo It.
Itut Hodd's Kidney l'ills will do it.
Slie enmo to ma ln a business whirl—
I tlne.ight I was lucky to get her;
I hired her—shy beautiful typewriter gtrL
She obeyed me—to the letter!
Shy am] demure nnd without a flaw,
No matter how early or lute to her
I ppoke, lt was final—niy word was law.      1
1 hired her, forsooth, lo dictate to her.
Alas!   but   I   married   that   maiden,   and
when |
I made her n partner nnd mate to me    |
She lifted her eyes from the keys and the
And Kturted rlidit In to dictate to me!
—Aloysius Coll in I.lppl.feott's Magazine.
Tbe British War (lllicu is dismantling the fori .iticnlions un lhe
Steup Plat Holms in tho Bristol
Channel, uud the buildings aad land
are being offered on  lease.
llossip has about as much use for
truth ns u blind man has for spectacles.
Birmingham has u mini, which, in
addition to tinning out millions of
British coins, does mora in ilm way
of supplying foreign governments
wilh coin than any uilwr uioney-
moking establishment In thu world.
A  stylish  woman  c.ien  bus a husband who is the latest thing out.
J act  Think of That.
is iu
oldest   love letter  in  the world
i be   lint ish   Museum,    It is ii
an KgypVinn   Princess,   and
j made .'!.,",iin years ago.    It   is
form of an Inscribed brick.
n i*.
ai.ii.iit have been saved if pro pei
luul  been uttd,    if attacked  di
li.iv in netting a Puttie of Dr, ,l
•lloiirg's li\ neatery ('urdial. the nio.li
that never Imila to effect a cure
■   who    have    used     it     sny     il   art.
iiiai   thoroughly    euuluoi   ih.
nnd disease.
A woman flutters with
man with his tongue.
iii le's    a    policeman     in    Chicago
who  was actually    born    within    the
ill   limits.
Mice's Liniment Cures Colls, Etc,
Some   men   never   make   any   mis-
lakes 1, r.'.use they never attempt  to
within two minutes of the time of ask
 '    ,,     ,       !    Tom laughed.   "Dono for dinners for
many   net -sons  die  annually    from    the entire wedding novlv "
and  kindred  summer complaints,,( BOUre wOUUing parry.
So It was agreed. As to who sliould
bo out of pocket to tho extent of dinner for nn Indefinite number was to be
decided that evening.
Dick rang tlie doorbell at Alice's
house, and when he entered he admitted also Tom, who hid behind a door
in tbe parlor that be might hear plainly both question and answer.
Dick thought Alice never looked so [ago to amalgamat
bewitehingly   beautiful   and   nl!   that
BOrt of thing. And he told her so.
"I've been wondering," said be nfter
■ome time, "if I were to ask yon—to j
ask you, Alice, to become my     He if I
you'd refuse me.  You would, wouldn't !
you?"    .
"Yes,   indeed,"   quickly   responded
. Alice. "Vou know I'm to marry Harry
Burning,   Creeping, | next month."
"So he told uie yesterday when he
nsked  mo to be his  best  man,"  said
Faulty Kidneys. -Havo yon backache' llo ymi fMl drowsy? Do your
llinlii feel heavy'.' Have vou frequent
headaches') Have vou failing vision?
Ilrve you iliw fcolliiR? Aro you depressed? Is you -skin dry? Have you a
tired feeling? Any of the'se signs prove
kidnev disease Experience has proved
Hint Smith American Kidney Cure never
lulls —U
"Me told ma to go to blazes!"
"Shucks, you're too sensitive!    I've
ol"u been told to go to work!"—New
Vork American.
It was proposed some little time
I the colliery
Industries of Ureal Britain under one
man.iriin.nt of a trust. The sum required io represent the whole capitalized Interest uns something like
X.I 10,000.000,
Crnvling skin Diseases relieved in s few
\ ' ii.M»^T5Si»*lSS«t$- aa'd ' <■■'■•> ■"" " ''" '•■- '"*■ •>■•'■••■■ ■•"
run letter, Suit itneum, Scald Head, Dick. "But by asking you the ques-
Ulcers, Blotches, and nil Erup- i tiolJ (ll;lt Wliv , Woll u ainncf for the
is  soothing
- i,I the Skin it is soothing Hiid
■ ■ ■' ■ and acts like imiirii- in nil Ualiy
i! - Irritation of the Scalp or
luting  teething  tiuio     U5 cents u
aro  three   things
no man i.s prepared
ill III'
little brothei; ever gets lost
easily  find  him,"  said    small
How   pray?"   queried   the
' 1 le's     koI     a     sl ra wherry
irk   on   his  arm," explained
go    limping    und    nhinine    nhout
loins,     when    h   'J.Vier.t   bei Hi-    .if
•   -   Corn   Cure  will   ivn.oao ibciu'
..   trial,   and  ynu   will   nol   ior ret
whole crowd of US."
He went to the door and dragged
Tom from his place of shelter.
"1 asked her the question, as you
heard," bo told his friends, "and she
said "Yes.'"
Tom luul heard lt, but he didn't look
as though he had!-New Vork Tribune.
A     II lll-:l.V      \ KUl.TAHLK     I'U.l..—
I'arn o's    Vegetable     Pills     are   com*
pouml,,1 (rom nn.is. kerbs und nolid
extracts ol known virtue iu the treatment of liver and Kidney complidntii und
In Kivinp tone to tbe system u-hot her
enfeebled ly overwork or deranged
I through   oxoesFes    in     living,      'Ihey'   re-
OUiro     l.n     ti'Sliuiutn.'.l 'llieir     I M-i.'llent
I quulitle.*. are Well known to all those who
, haw     iim'iI     t h, in.     and     they     cuiniiititil
I tlar.-ii,.. lo dyspetitics  and  those sublet '   tn  i  ness win
bciieti.lal   i  i lll'iuo
aro in qie
)f   u
Ilcllotropism i.s the peculiar property
shown by many plants, notably the
sunflower, of always turning toward
the sun. In the case of seedlings tho
phenomenon ls especially marked. Tho
cells on the light side nre apparently
retarded in growth, thus causing a
curvature toward thi,, ' If Professor
Romanes experimented .vith an Intermittent !!b!it. such as tbat of au electric spark discharge, upott mustard
seedlings and found tbe bellotroptc
effect produced in tbls way fur greater
than that caused by tbe sun or any
other forin of light. Strange to say,
however, this abnormal Influence Is un-
nccoinpniiied by the generation of
phlorophyll, the green coloring matter
In plants which require! sunshine for
its proper production.—'Pall Mall Oa*
The new Moderator of the Presbyterian    Assembly    In    Australia,  lhe
Hei    V*    I'. Holland, of Melbourne, is
■ia native of Edinburgh.   He einlgrat-
tn New Zealand with his parents
11 me what you eal and I'll tell
what yoU are,'' said tli* l»eer.
a in tol.l him w hat he ut''.
re a Id.inked fool!" suid the
Wonderful! Wohdorful! o.\-
ed the man.
| Miosrfl's Liniment Cnres Distemper.
\ •  an thinks   she is charitable
sh" lets ber   husband have hla
The Joilse'ia Queer I'nsc.
"Mister ledge," said the old colored i
citizen who came into the justice court |
leading a smnll negro hoy hy the coat
collar--".Mister  .ledge,   I   wish   you'd
please, suh, give dis hoy ten years whnr
de State'll furnish lie vittles for him."
"What do you mean?" asked the astonished justice. "What has he been
"Eatiu' me out rr house en home,
sub," was the reply, "wid dat ongndly
appetite er his. Why. jedge, de appetite cr de whale dat swallowed Jonah
couldu't hoi' a caudle ter dat boy's
eatiu' arrangements.   Ter de Lawd's
sake, jedge, let de state feed him
awhile, so's de yuther chilluii kin pick
up en cujoy lifer—Atlanta Constitution.
Minard's Liniment Cnres DlMa.
; i'liv • vi.iti i.it hospital)—How did
you happen to fall from lhe top of
the ladder'.' Patient—A pretty \vo-
i man was panning, and while trying
I to gel a look nl her I slipped und
fell. Physician—Ah! The same old
Story, a  woman at lhe bottom of it.
Almost   Inrrclllilr.
' was so surprised when I went to
• '   i this morning," said Mrs. Young*
** Iinl happened,' darling?"
The price of meat hadn't been rals-
Inco I was there yesterday."—Chi-
■•'i liecord-Herald.
BORIS |*i 11m which huve DO olher purpose
evidently ih.m lu beget painful internal
disturbances iu tbe nattent, adding to
bla troubles end perploxltles rather than
diminishing them One mieht e.s well
swallow sum..' corrosive material i'ar-
meles's Vegetable Pills have nol ilu»
disagreeable ar.d Injurious property.
Thc\ nre easy to take, ure not umileus-
uni tu the tuste. uud their action is
mil.I and soot hill" A tiiul of theni will
urine this    They oltor    eut.' to the dy*
l l'l'1 lc
llemoyes all hard, snfi or eallouied
lumps uud blemishes from horses,  blood
Spavin, curbs, splints, luicbuiic. swovney.
KtlBea, spraluSj cures sore and swollen
throat, coughs, etc Snvu $50 liy the
use of one bottle. Wsriuuted the most
wonderful   lllcinish  Cure ever known.
The foundation stone of Liverpool
UnifiedruI, laid by lhe King, weighs
5J tons, und measures 7 feet 1(1
Inches In length. 4 foot li inches in
width, nnd '2 feel 8 inches in height.
The members of tho mothers' meeting in the diocese huvo paid for il.
The cathedral fund now amounts to
Denr I title Miss.
r Younger Sister—.she Insists that
loblling Is n craze.
• Auto   Lover-She's  on  original
• Younger  Sister—Yes,   and   Rhe
lhat  all  chauffeurs arc crazy.—
era Herald.
If the swoel  girl   graduate   knows
how to hall-sole Ihe dome of her future husband's trousers she hasn't
graduated in vain.
are too la/v  to enjoy a
A   Sclent Ilia*   I line mi* In.
Cnllego Senior-So you think Tom will
I'     met
■■ Junior -Tag, Last night his
1 ' was 70. temperature Oo. This
afternoon his pulse wan UO, lempci ,'ituro
•'•' I think the crisis will occur hy
'        it- Puck.
Nn Restrictions «>■• Hla Mbertr<
rtehuin a. Cummin—$o your fn-
lecta tu my calling to see you,
* I el
1 Ooo Wynne   \,,t at nil.   What
Meets 11 Is my boing nt home when
; ' nil.   Chlcngo Tribune,
a Sensitive Coaaolenee.
'   iloudness,'it's that horrid old
■ ns!    Tell hlin  I  have goihi'
11 ' N' I. I w. Tl tell a stoty. but 1
nny rn.i you have not come back
New Vork 'lltne.i.
$5|00Q Reward w"'p ^ 'hY
,      ,   , Love** Brothers
t'lyotl, Toronto, to any person wh'j
Enu fProv« -hat this soap contains
['■ ,or"'. of adulteration whatsoever
contains any  injurioua chemicai-i.
Ash fer the Ortagoa Bar.
A Champion In Her Line.
"I claim that my wife Is the worst
trouble borrower on earth.   She's worrying now for fear tlie bat she lias ordered for Baster may not bo becom- ,
••That's nothing. My wife's worrying
because we imiv be boarding nt some
place next summer where we'll have a    Ml&artl'S llllMt to Garget ll COfl
folding bed that she cnn't get under
during thuudehftortM."—Chicago Uec-.
l.oNiiKn."—So wrote Sbasespeor* nearly three liuuilrtKl years nee 11 in so to-
Baj Hl.-ili. ine will Droloni life, but lie
sure uf Uie qunlilies ul tlie iiieiliilne
Life |s iiiiilniiueil hv keetilin; the hoily
free from disease. Ur 'I'liouins* Bclectric
Oil   US-si   iiiternully   villi  cure i.uieli-,    uml
colds ei*adlcate asthina, oveceome croup
ami ehe strength 10 the respiratory or-
Ralis,   Ulve it  a trial
said the
lied to
Some   Illl ,i
vacnt Ion.
It's easy for an editor to drop into poi'tr,*.; all lie has to do is lo sit
down   in  his  waste  basket.
(io TOafetUer.
Tlie woman wns doing her shopping.
The counter Jumper banded hern package, and she slowly turned nwny.
••no I need anything olsef she ab-
seiitiuliidedly asked.
"You have jusl bought some l.iwu."
ventured the clerk. "lion*t you think
you will need roiuu hOMl"—PrlncotOO
MrniiKi*. lan'l lit
Over 800 umbrellas were found iii ii
room of ii St. Louis crook, He believed In laying up something for a
rainy day.
There Is more Catnrrh In this _**_*£_}
country tlisn nil Other «SSSSSS put »S'ther.
»nd until Uu* lasl (ew yttn WW WWW^_»5!
incurable. Kor a Kreai many rears *'";i,'",'£"
liounctd It n local USSMS an.1 pre£,'rthe,l local
miu'dles. anrt hy eon.*,tantly WUU _ *_* with
local    rektment.  rronoiinccd It IncuraM"    bcl'
I mude lhe sole all rlghta"
new   salesman    "But you
her."   protested    the    pro-
"You told her they Were
old Irish laces." "No. 1
She simply said she didn't
wanl any 'bogus imitations,' and 1
ussured  her ours  were  ecu nine."
Eat   what   you   liko.-oive  the
digestive organs some work to do. These
fnnclionr ueeil exercise ns much as any
part of tha human anatomy, but If
they're delicate, pivo them the aid that
Llr Yon Stan's rinrunule Tablets afford and vou cun eat asylhlng that's
wholesome and tiulatahlc—00 iu a box,
35 cents—H
ila • av
„„j  mentors r-<n.i.-» c''n"',r'",'°"aJ
Hall's Catarrh Core, maoufasM"?*!
K  J. Cheney* <£.. To.ido, . .hlo. Is M--W
onstltutler  I euro on the market.    II I* tas-n
nternnllV In doSM trom 10 4lt««to *J*_*_%_\
ul.    it »ct» illrcetly un th« blool an.. >■"-»"•
,u face, of lhe ay.trm.   They offer One llund
red Hollar, for sny case It falls to cu,**.   ben*
for circular. ™*;<^£_ ^Zeia, O.
Boln l.y all ilrucclil!*. '6e-
Hall's Family l'lili uio the best.
"Uow much older ih your elder
sister than you are, .lolmny)" asked
the Inquisitive young mnn. "I don't
know." replied the yoiiiiff hopelul.
"She only bun n birthday every
oilier  year,   BO   I   guess    we    will    be
iwins pretty soon."
A P.'oasant Duty.-"When i kuow
nn.vlhlnH worlliv ol recommendation, I
ctuihiiler it ntv duty to tell ll," says
Uev dtiiiies Mtir.loek, of lnini |rir. Pa.
"Mr Arih'ivm rutin ilml Powder has
ruml me of i'ni null of five years stand-
na* II is certainly maeirnl in Its effect, 'lhe lirst npiilicatton benefited me
In   i.i*  uiiiiute.i "    fill its —u
' The nnby-Now, thafr. tunny. KlttJ
'doesn't seem to appreciate my mtltM-
monihlp n bit -iNew Ifork Aincricnn.
Counter IirllniH*..
"now Is vour experiment of sleeping
In lhe opeii sir for the cure of your
usthmu sticccedlngV"
"Woll, it ims iwid ono good rewit.
I've frozen my nose nnd a port ot one
onr, nud they have mud.' ine forget my
oithma.'V-Chleagb Tribune,
Dulirul Tor Once.
Roy—My liii'lh lulus, and inniiinin
said I should come here and let yon
look at n. Dentist I see. II must
come imt. Won't tnke bul a miimte.
Now be u brave little man. and I'll
Hoy (hastily backing off) Mommo
didn't gay 1 should let you pull It; she
only snld 1 Bhould let you lank at it.
Knally Arrnnncil.
"Have ynu asked papa?"
"Yoh.      I   telephoned   llllll.
be lU.lii't know who I was, but lt was
all rlL'hl.'"-Lifa.
He said
A -Summer Cough
Is tho hMilost kind tn Rot rM of and tha
must dangerous kiinl lo uegloub
Cure T^,cLung
will euro yon quickly and srirely-atoB
tlm fovor,  slretiBlhen the lungs aad
ni.iksj-uu Weil*wain.
At all druirgliU, 15c, Mo uii 11.00 a tottls.
IValkliiK on Ihe Crllluc.
Few people probably know what It
Is that enables Hies to walk on the celling. It has been supposed that their
ability to do so was due to the fact
that each of their feet Is u miniature
nir pump. This theory wns found to
be unsound, and it was then explained
that tlie feat was made possible by
means of a viscous substance which
exuded  from  the  l.nirs ou  their  feet.
This theory also wus abandoned ns
being only partly accountable for the
fails, uud the preferred explanation U
that (lies are enabled to wnlk upside
down on smooth substances by lhe help
of capillary adhesion.   An luvcetlgator
has found by a series of nice calctila
lions, such as the weighing nnd measuring Of  linlrs,  thnt  a   fly   would   he
upheld by capillary attraction were it
fotir-iiiiiihs ns heavy ngnln as it is.
Bach Hy is supposed to bo furnlihed
with from 10,000 lo 12,000 minute font
hairs. These exude an oily tlulil. and it
Is becnuse of the repulsion between a
watery snrfnee und (his oily liquid that
ii Ily llnd.H It diilicult to mount n damp
died kIhss.
Was a Great  Sufferer and  almost in
Despair—New  Eiiogie and  Strength
Came vtfL j the Use of
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
This Rrcat food cure is doing wonders for weak, worn-out and discouraged women.
Many medicines which are prescribed in such cases nre merely
stimulants which give temporary relief and arouso false hope.
Because Pr. Chase's Nerve Food
actually forms new, rich blood and
Increases the vitality of thc body, Its
benefits are thorough und   lasting und
its euros permanent,
Mrs. M. A. Clock, Mcnford, Ont.,
writes: "Threo yeurs ngo I became
very much run down in health und
suffered from weak, tired feelings,
Indigestion and rheumatism. At
times I was so badly used up that
I required help to move in bed.
Whilo   sick   and   downhearted   I   re
ceived Dr. Chase's Almnnac, and sent
for some of Dr. Chuse's Nerve Food.
"Under this treatment I soon begun to Improve, and by tho time 1
had used eleven boxes of Ur. Chase's
Norve Food I wns happy to find my-
solf strong and well again. I often
think of what a lot of money I spent
for medicines which did ine no
good, and I bellovo I owe my life to
Dr, Chuse's Norve Food. I hope women who suffer us 1 did will benefit
by my experience and use Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food."
Dr, Chase's Nervo Food, fSO cents
a box, nt nil dealers, or Kdmunson,
Hates & Company, Toronto. To
protect you against imitations, tho
portrait nnd signature of Dr. A. W.
Chase, the famous receipt book author,  nre on every box.
FARMERS will find it to their advantage to consign their GRAIN to
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg
WHO pay highest prices and make prompt rctnrns. Advances made on
ecnsigc'ivnts. Correspondent* solicited. Established 1880. Reference-
Union Rank of Canada.
Do You Want
II so, the unden-tgned wants your business and will endeavor to give satisfaction.
Cash ailvuncod on Consignments, BBforoacei Union Hank uf Caundn.
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.
SS. SF-^rslK
B f\Jj     As tlio western   representative    of    .las.    Richardson
a        i   i  - &   Sons,   Kingston  und  Toronto,  and  fan.  Lin.  Oil
Mills, Limited, Montreal, P. Q., I am always in the market for car lots
of grain of every variety, wheat, oats, barley und flux. I will be pleased
to writo or wire you quotations nt any time on whatever you havo to
offer. Correspondence solicited in either English or German. Requests
for information re shipping, etc., given immediate attention. Reference:
Merchants Dank of Canada. EDWARD O'REILLY, WINNIPEG.
Grain in car lots bought on track or sold on commission. Reasonable
advances made. Prompt returns. Correspondence solicited. Reference:
Any Dank in Winnipeg.
Not a penny down, simply drop mo
a postal with your naino and 1 will
forward "vou one of my latest Improved High Crude Electric Belts
Free. You enn use it three months,
then pay me if cured, and the price
will be only half what others nsk.
If not cured, you return the Belt to
mo at my expense and Your Word
Will Becide. 1 am willing to trust
you entirely, knowing that 1 have tho
best und most perfect Belt ever indented, and  niac men in ten nlways pay when cured.
This modern Bolt js the only ono that generates a powerful
therapeutic current of electricity without -soaking the battery
fn vinegar as other belts do, and it is guaranteed never to
burn. It is a certain and positive cure in all cases of Rheumatism, Varicocele, Dyspepsia, Losses, Weak Back, Nervousness, Kidnoy, Liver and Stomach Troubles and weakness
brought  on  by  abuse and excess.
to each person writing nie one copy of my beautiful illustrated
Medical Hook, which should bo read by all men and women.
Drop me a postal and 1 will send it to you FREE in scaled
wrapper. If you uro weak in any way, delay no longer, but
write tO-doy for my splendid book and Belt free. Write to-day.
*   Wlnilnn Drraialns n* n llnp Art.
in om- Important department tin-
molested by public criticism, the advertisers have even now established
taitPfUlneai as the underlying essential
principle of their competition.   Thin
Is In window dressing, a vital pint ot
advertising, The beautiful, not the
btiarre; the attractive rather tlmn the
startling; tin* alluring aud interesting
ere now sought lu the window effects
of overy simp, from the great depart*
menl store to the little candy kitchen;
from the basement lights of a modest
.florist to the long plate glass front of
n shoe emporium. Salaries of several
thousand dollars ii year are paid In
Cities to the "nrtlsts" most skilled ln
window dressing, and Iheir requisitions for plants or ribbons totally Irrelevant ns these may be to the stock
ou sale nnd designed merely to add
to the beauty Of the window picture—
ere honored ungrudgingly, in effect
the merchant says, "Give tne a beau*
tlful window that people will stop
rml look at, nud that yet shall Indicate
generally the sort of goods I handle,
nud I ilu not care what It costs,"—
Chnrles M. Boblnsot) In Atlanta-.
Few Flies last year
No Flies this year
if you use
An  enthusiastic,   popular  and   military   demonstration   «as   given   al
'Toronto lo   Private   Ferry,    King's
'prlCO  winner  al   Ulaley.   Several   wore
jlnjurod al  the cin.se ol the proceedings by the collapse of n platform.
yjLf    IM    Cl    No    £s9m%
i THE Pfttf.I.1 SLOCAN, B. C, AUOUflT », wo***
C. E. Suithebinuals, Editor and Prop.
gLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      D. 0*
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
thu lirst insertion and 5 cents a Hue each
subsequent insertion.
Certilieates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
ss legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly In advance; $2.50 a year if not so pa;it.
Address u!l letters to—
Slocan, B. C
FBIDAY, AUGUST 8fttli,"1904.
Jusl teu days more to Labor Day.
Pay up your subscription.
For first-class bread go to J. H.
Johnnie McCallum returned to
Cranbrook on Saturday.
Tho str. Slocan looks much improved for hot coat of paint.
\Y. A. Galliher, M.P., will be home
from Ottawa next week.
Mrs, Wm. Cameron has her. sister
visiting her from Halcyon.
The Sandon has had her bow pulled
up on the beach for repairs.
Public school re-opened on Monday,
with n fair attendance of pupils.
Wheat is soaring sky high in price
and flour is following in sympathy.
For first-class groceries, at lowest
prices, call on W. T. Shatford & Co.
A. Carney, Kaslo, has lieen appointed inspector of provincial limber lauds.
Express money orders are payable j tit Hong Koug.
everywhere.   They are cheapest nnd
Mrs. Thomas Wilson has been quite
ill of late.
Jackson RndclifT is removing from
Foplar to Nelson.
Geo. Aylard.of New Denver, was in
town Wednesday.!
. Grouse and deer are reported plentiful in the vicinity.
Grand Forks held its Ing race meet
and summer carnival this week.
A bargeload of lumber came down
Wednesday from Koch's mill, Teu
Mile, consigned to Mauitoba.
Messrs. Lidgate, of Nelson, went up
to Evans creek on Tuesday, for a few
days' fishing and cruising around.
If you need anything in gents' furnishings don't forget to call at W. T.
Shatford <& Co. They have the most
complete stock in town.
J. Carter, district, passenger agent
of the O.P.K., passed through here on
Tuesday to Sandon, He was accompanied by his brother, H. B. Carter,
who is the company's passenger agent
mimn<.  ur.coi*.iis.
A gang of ship caulkers  were em-      Appended is a complete list of tho vur*
Rustle for Sloean's celebration and  ployed of late fixing up the transfer tous records registered at tbejocal regis.
10— Belvllle, divide Sponger aud Dayton, Geo Nichol.
Shamrock, last s f of Lemon, H Rel*
Independent ™me< B'rt Wilhelm.
Aug 18—Hamilton, Zone.
16—White Rose fr, Tail Holt for two
17—Cheboygan fr.
Aug 13—Rome, GarabaUli, Silver Leaf
Ho 2.
Aug 10-Club Hi J Tiiiii nB to A W
Btrioklandi '
19—Flyette, Alma IS, Mayetta, Aricle,
Louisville, Biloxie, ami Riloxie fr, F G
Carlisle to A B Coleman.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.,
Do not go past its door wy
you are dry, weary or hungry,
make il a success.
What would Slocan not have given
to have had an efficient system of
waterworks this summer)
Genuine sympathy will lie extended
to the aged lieutenant-governor of the
province. Sir Henri July, in the sad
death of his esteemed wife, which oe-
currad last week.
The dominion government hns
granted a bonus of $10 a ton on lead
concentrates shipped to Europe for
treatment. Those St. Eugene fellows
knew what they were doing.
In July the imports into Canada of
foreign goods for consumption amounted to $2,906,499, as against 32,-
937,492 for the same month a year ago.
Exports decreased $2,493,116 during
the same time.
Out- of 304 votes east in the Lillooet
bye election, McDonald, the Conservative nominee, secured a majority of
84. The Lilierals were spoiling for a
fight and they got it, with a jolly good
licking in the bargain.
new paper and | recorder
Fernie is to have a
the one at Morrissey is to eease publi
Fred Stork, Liberal, has boen elected first mavor of Fernie. with a majority of 18.
J. Morton, of the Vancouver World,
was hero Friday, meeting with a severe frost.
Some big strings of mountain trout
huve lieen brought in lately from
Evans creek.
The transfer slip was put out of
business a couple of days this week by
a broken rail.
No nieeting of the city council wa.s
held on Monday night, there Iieing no
business to transact.
Al Beeves, watchman at the Arlington mine, has a fine garden, with
strawberries just ripening.
The Kaslo railway was put out of
business last week by the burning of
the long trestle near Whitewater.
Fred Carlisle returned on Saturday
from a visit to his old home iu Indiana. His mother has recovered her
try office, 11. P. Christie being luiiiinj.
Aiij» Iti—Prize, divide between
MiU* and Springer, .1 Welsh,
18—Victor fr, Snd n f Lemon,
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty
days from ihitn 1 intern! to apply to the
Board of Licensing Commissioners of (he
Blocan License Ilistrict, for n tramfoi of
iny retail liquor license for thn Viotoris
Hotel,Silverton,to Thorbuni .'•£ Fletcher
Dateil this 22ml day of AuaiUt, 1004
The silver-lead mineowners have issued a card of thanks to W. A. Gallic
her, M.P.,for assisting them in getting
the lead bounty. That ought to help
Bill some in the coming election; but
will it? Keep your eye on tlie result
of the polls in the mining camps.
Public opinion in the maritime pro-
■ vinces is veering strongly to the Conservatives, who confidently expect a
majority from that section in the dominion elections. To demonstrate the
Conservatives' hold on the count ry,
note the reception tendered Hon. Mr,
Borden, leader of the opposition, on
bis return to his home in Halifax lust
week. It was an augury of coming
New Denver is to be congratulated
on the assurances received this week
that zinc redaction works are to be
• erected there in the spring by the
company owning lhe Hartney mine,
on Silver mountain. The Lucerne lias
always lucked a permanent payroll,
and that supplied, supplemented by
an efficient electric light and waterworks systemtthe town sliould recover
its old-time life and prosperity.
With B dominion election in sight,
the Nelson News sees everything these
days through political glasses. Hence,
when Tiik Dbill mentioned recently
a number of strikes (if ore on various
properties in the Slocan lake district.
the News seeks to favor the Liberals
by laying the responsibility for the
strikes to the leud bounty, The botin
ty had as much to do with those
strikes, or the operation of the properties, as the price of wheat in Manitoba.
All the fortunate properties are dry
pre propositions and the lead bounty
does not iullttenee them. As fur Hie
bounty having Improved things in the
Country, it can with equal justice and
fairness be said that since the bounty
went, into effect population in the
Sloean towns has steadily decreased
and general business fallen off. No,
the gradual Improvement In mining In
the lake region is due to the persistent
labors of claim  owners  and lessees,
encouraged by the profitable operation
of such mines as the Enterprise and
Ottawa. Politics have .nothing to do
with the situation, and it would look
better were the News to eut tlmt item
out of iis comments on the. country's
advancement. It is jusl possible, too,
thai the uml,milled natural resources
of the Slocan would get a fairer show
if .some others would pay lew attention to Ottawa and its political iuiin.
rpOsell frult treee, rnspborry, ffooseticrry nml
1 currant bushos, Mr. wood pay tfeelcly!
outfit frcii. Tliere is hi*; money in this work tor
trustworthy men.
Wi* Iihva unclei cultivation oveT t*oo ri'iroynf
nursery stock, Including the choicest aud best
varieties for orchard nmi irnnlen planting. Wc
will deliver goods to i'ustomrrs iu g,rud roiali-
tion, freight paid, Our as"-"!* haf* every sd-
vantage that this line of business can ofler
tl*,*m.   Apply now for term*,
Toronto, Ontario
N.n.- Will    make   arrangements for locnl
agency or for tlle tuuuUtug of excluslte territories, , P. N. ft)
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
])ATKS: Regular sul'srrihprs, $1 per month
\\ ui fin a year: non-subscribers (exclusive ol
medical attenaaoo»)$8 perdar. Print*wards
u per day extra, Bpeelalfaoultlei tor maternity cases.
F.*r further particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
+ *****■*-*-*-*-*-*-* ******~**~**m*i
j City Bakery |
T     Guaranteed the Best Bread      ♦
|      in tl e Slocnn camp.   ...      I
Also carrying a full line of I
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
;; four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
*■*** a-*-*-****-*-*-***-**-m***** *4
•r ***-*********■*-*■*■**-*■* ***-*-*-i
hot Air,
Miss Anderson, of Vancouver, the
schoolteacher at Winlaw, passed down
on Friday. School re-opened (here on I NotjC£ to DeltaflUentCO-OWIier
Monday. **
The Queen's
Hotel J*******
REASONABLE PRICES.    .     .    -3
A full supply of Simpson's picture
books was received this we*
express find post offices will do <: ,rooci
Postmaster McVannel has fitted up|
a  new  postoffice  in   the  Struthers
building, into whieh he will move nl
an early dale.
Next Sunday evening the subject of
discourse in Knox ehnreh will be:
"The good news that Jesus brought"
—Luke 4: 18 -19.
S. S. Taylor will appeal the "judgment of the supreme court, giving the
Centre Star mine damages against the
Kossland Miners' Union.
Mrs. D. Arnot left for Haleyon Hot
Springs on Saturday, for a couple of
weeks. She was accompanied by Mrs.
J. VY. Holmes, of Nelson.
A. Madden circulated a subscription
list on .Monday, on behalf of the family of the late W. Lawrence, of New
Denver, raising a large sum of money.
C. V. Jenkins has lieen appointed
receiver by the supreme court to coiled the judgment of the Centre Star
mine against the Rossland Miners'
C. P, Nelson. New Denver's leading
druggist and stationer,passed through
to Nelson Saturday, to meet a commercial man and order kis Christmas
.lames Bowes is applying to the
commissioners of the Slocan district
for ei transfer of his license for the
Victoria Hotel, Silverton, to Thorbii.n
& Fletcher.
W. Ron wick had the top joint of tbe
tirst finger on his right hand taken "tl
Friday, by the blocking saw at the
shingle mill. Dr. (.Vide dressed the
Injured member.
Yesterday was civic holiday at Nelson,and a large excursion was to have
gone to Grand Porks to the races, but
had to be cancelled, owing to the sale
of tickets iiy./Muie out.
It Is expected the railway company
will commence their yard improvements here next month. The work
will cost $6000 and give employment.
to a large Dumber of men,
The shingle tnillclosed down for the
seasou on Wednesday, there being a
large surplus of shingles on hand.
The cutting off of the payroll will be
a distinct loss to the town.
On September 18 the presbytery of
Kootenay will meet at Ferine.   Kev
Mr. McCord will attend from here and
liefore returning  will   be one of   the
principals in an interesting event.
"Where Fortune Smiles" is the title
of a handsome supplement issued bv
Ihe Kamloops Sentinel, illustrative ol
Ilie resources and advantages of thai
section, it should be productive of
much good.
Ths Drill will print you, on short
notice and in any amount, shipping
tags, billheads, statements,letterheads,
not'Ileitis, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting e;nils, business cards, hills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
me:.'t any quality or price.
To Elmer J,  Felt, or to sny person or
prisons lo whom lm may have trgtif--1
fort nd his interest, in whole or in part,;
in liiu  Skyiiuk and  Ii.inijpr mineral j
claims,situated between thetiret north
fork ut Lemon creek and Dayton creak,
and recorded in the Slocan Citv mining division of West Root- nav district:
Yoa ate hereby notified that I,Noah
F. McNaught, F.M.p. No. B63U2, have
expended the sum of two hundred and
live dollars in labor and general nu-
provements upon tlie above mentioned
claims, in order to hold said mineral
chums Under the provisions of the Mineral Act., and if Within 'JO dayo from the
I date of thi* notice you fail or refuse to
i contribute your proportion of sucli expenditure, together with ail costs of advertising, your interest in said clatas
will become the property of the sub
■criber, under section lour of an act entitled "An Act to amend tlie Mineral
Act, 1900."
Hated this 13th dav of  August, 1904.
19*8-04 NOAH F. McNAUGHT
II ATE**:    U
'irst das,! liii
ai'x« ■<■ .-ii nOouni
ii of inna
4   I-list class Milling K'loin
♦   hafge and Cotnfonablo Bedrooms
T   Sample loouisfoi t'oiimieicial Men
Nelson, B. C.
aVA ^*/\ll^A.-•v^lAAAl«^A/...-^.•>•^^^Aj^
♦! v
i *-* ***** ******* * ********* *  })£U
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of ilineral
To be held at Siocari, on Sept. 5, 1904.
^$600 IN   PBIZES $8001
Football Tournament ft« H
silver cup worth $10(1 J?
Drilling Contest for lanre cash pHzes.
ihainpionshit       Kootenay And silver enj
Baseball Matches for handsome Challenge Cup. tifle also
between Siocan and New Denver.       Bicycle Raci -.
Foot Races. QenerrJ Caledonian Sports. '    nd Ball
'j Cheap rat"* and sbecial *ot\ ce will  l>e given from all poiuts hy I    H
Q and Ixiiit 1  omlsed by the C. P. H. lA
T. McNEISH, Chairman.    D. B. O'NEAIL, Sec.-Trtt. ^
Kor further particolars m**; small mils
Slocan Prince Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Citv mining division of West Kootenay district, whore
located:—On second north fork of Le-1
mon creek, adjoining tbo black Prince
fi action on the east.
TAKK XOTICK thatl.Davld Arnot,
acting as agent for H. A. Bradshaw, frt.,1
miner's certilicate No. H77428; J, 0.
Shook, free miner's certificate No.BC-1828
.lohn Elliot, frss minor's certiflcate No.
B81740; Pioneer Mining Co.,free minor's
certificate No.-138l.Q92; and foi myself,
iree miner's certificate No.B774S4,intend,
sixty days from tho dato hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a certiflcate of Improvements, for tho purpose
of obtaining a crown grant on the above
And further take notice that notion,
under section 37, must be commenced
before ths issuance of such certilicate of
Dated tins .sib day of July. Will.
15*7-04. DAVID ARNOT
Nelson Fair
Second Annual Exhibition
of the
Nelson   Agricultural   and
Industrial Association
September 28-29
New Buildings
Fine Grounds
Big Premium List
Novel Open Air Attractions
Write for Prize List
J. E. Amiable, Sec, Nelson
mi a ill•■••
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
--    a~m in   ■■
Headquarters for traveling men
Large, airy roome
Best meals given in tbe town
RATRS-VS |ifi- duy ; with
-ami.I. room■', *•'.*,<:,, Bno-
clal iHtcHtii Ht<..-i.ly boarders
Arthur Street, Slocan
It promotes digestion,
improves the appetite,
and ifives tone and energy to the whole system.
For sale by- -
An arrangement lias been made
whereby The Drill may be obtain
ed with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire Or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
EfUtern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
mm-m * ♦♦-♦«. ****
$2*50 fora Year
The Drill:
$2.00 per annuin


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