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The Slocan Drill 1904-02-05

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VOL. IV*, Ne* 45-
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   FEBRUARY   5,    1904.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Do not fail to call on us when in w^^^y*
a pair of Rubbers or Overshoes. ' We are
agents for the celebrated "Haple Leaf
Rubber," which is the best Canadian make
nt *>.
jaw l ^ SALE!
Hen's i and a buckle
Men's flanitobas
Men's laced high, and low
Men's Overs
Ladies' and Children's in Manitobas and
Overs in all sizes.
W. T. JShatford & Co.
WILSON house;
slocan, b. c.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Lngton   Hotel.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Thii popular hotel is "•ot.Tenlpnt to.the bouts narl trains.   Tbe -lin'in. room
iiitriiilv upto-datc while tbe liar ii supplied with the best in the market.
D A TCC .   Travelling men, using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per day •
t\/\ I CtD .   wltheul Sample Rooms,$2; board $8 per week; meals35c
g  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ^
£: high grade work S3
^   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   ^
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
A, C. SMITH, 	
can bo made by wearing
one ol tho	
Up-to-date, 5$
Stylish Suits C<
matli; frnm tlie best im- (SS
porttrtl Worsteds, Serges, vQ
or Tweeds,a consignment fVJ
of which baa just been fcS
reoelved for winter trade, *ji
Work, Fit  and Finish g
 .—__-           ara guaranteed, JjajJ
I A Few lines of Gents' Furnishing I
aro still luft from tho stock of thn late A. •§
H. D. Cartlt Appointed to Take Chare*
ofthe P.'x. lliiKM   r.^lHWN l» m.,1 ao
Kecelve Their Second nnil Third Itead-
liifi-Hifw AMettment.
Regular weekly meeting of the city
council was held on Mouday night.
Present: Mayor McNeish, Aid. Worden, Smith, Henderson and Teeter.
Communications read: From City
.Solicitor Jorand, stating that the
council had full power to proceed with
the delinquent tax sale,   Filed.
Bills presented: E, A. Bradshaw,
rent of Music Hall for public meeting",
$10.   Ordered paid;
Finance committee reported iu favor
of hills amounting to S3H.35. Ordered
Bylaw 19, amending the license bylaw,was taken up and given its seeoud
reading and accepted.
Bylaw 21), beiug the delinquent tai
sale bvlaw, was next ordered giveu its
second reading, which was doue and
duly accepted.
A discussion ensued upon the bylaw, Aid. Smith suggesting getting
auother lawyer's opinion thereon.
Aid. Teeter did not believe in any
further delay with the bylaw. None
of the aldermen were any better posted on the statutes than the city solicitor, and, as the bylaw had beeu drawn
up in accordance with the law, he
would move to have the bylaw read a
third time at ouee. Aid. Heuderson
seconded the motion, which was carried.
Bylaw 20 was then given its third
reading, there being uo objection raised calling for committing it to a committee of the whole. Accepted from
its third reading.
His worship stated it wa.s now necessary to appoint a collector for the
carrying but of the bvlaw and proceeding wiih the tax sale. He recommended H. 1). Curtis for the job, he
beiug willing to perform the work for
the 5 per cent commission allowed by
thu statutes. Should the taxes be paid
up hi .'ore the sal*-, he would ask $80
fr im the council for his labors.
Aid. Smith and Worden moved the
appointment of Mr. Curtis on those
terms.   Carried.
Aid. Worden inquired what had
beeu doue with .Springer creek.
The mavor said he had had a talk
with Mr. McGregor, who would draw
up a hot air map of the creek, similar
to that drawn up by the engineer for
the waterworks, for S10, but it would
be no good. He would make a proper
survey aud plan for $40. Tlie mayor.
believing that to be a fair price, had
ordered Mr. McGregor to proceed and
the work was now half doue,
His worship brought up the subject
of getting out the assessment of the
city for the vear, and suggested that
it should be done at once. He thought
last year's roll could lx; adopted, as
there wero very few changes to be
Aid Teeter said there would be the
regular estimates also to consider for
the vear.
Aid. Smith moved the adoption of
last year's assessment roll, that the
assessor make all necessary changes
therein, and return the roll to council
as soon as possible. Seconded by Aid.
Teeter aud carried.
Next the mayor introduced the subject of a temporary loan bylaw. The
city would Ik* in need of money aboul
the 1st of April and there was nothing
certain as to when the taxes woultl Incoming in. They needed Sil(HK) for
the debentures and another SUNK) for
the creek. Tlu-y musl puss a temporary ban bylaw to raise $2000 lo cover
present needs, and the money could
Im- paid back out of the taxes oomiug
in In-fore Deooinlier Bl. it might In-
possible that the delinquents would
pay up their taxes before then, and
accordingly the bylaw need not Im*
acted on.
Aid. Smith gave uotice that ntliext
meeting he would introduce a temporary loan bylaw.
Bylaw re was given its third read
ing, on   motion   of   Aid. Teeier and
Worden.   Accepted as read.
Council adjourned.
Bellinger, Nakusp; Win. Findley.Don
Kennedy, Sandon; Charles .Schafner
and T. Tipping, Slocan. The next
court of revision will be held iti May,
and all persona desirous of getting on
the list should send in their applications to the collector.
{J.JJ Store:   W
David and thoy must be sold off at once
Main Street, Slocan, B.C £3
xt door to Postofflce. JH
Ottawa ship. Ann thet Car,
On Monday the Ottawa shipped another carload of ore  to Nelson, being
the second   this  yonr.   The  first one
netted $3700 and this one is equally
high grade. A line body of ore is to
be seen in the raise, us well as in the
slope, opened on tho south end of the
chute. Next spring the sleigh road is
to be widened to wagon grade and a
now bunkhouse erected.
OOltrt Of Kfvltln.il.
On Monthly H. P. Christie, collector
of votes for the Slocan riding, held a
court of revision ou the voters' list.
No changes were made, ns no objections were filed. Five names were
placed Ob the lijt,a» follows: Joseph
J. 1 in.uk Collom Tel It What UU Company Will Do.
"Our new B0 ton mill at the Arlington and Ricowilabi minus will be running before tlie end of the year," said
J. Frank Collom, managing director
of those properties, to the* Spokane
Review on Mouday. Mr. Collom was
on his way from San Francisco to
"The plant as a whole will follow
the process perfected by John R.
Parks, M.E., of Spokane,who has been
working on it for a year and a half.
The Arlington company has maintained a laboratory here, where most
exhaustive tests have been made, iu a
complete plant of one unit. The tests
showed beyond doubt that we shall
save 90 per cent of the silver values in
the Arlington dump, at a cost of $8,80
per ton. That will leave a profit of $7
a ton on 40,000 tons, or a net clean-up
of .S28O.OO0. The mill will cost us
$60,000, and the proceeds from the
dump will moro than pay for it four
times over. In addition, Mr. Parks
estimates that there is ore enough in
the Arlington and Ricowilabi unmined
to run a 50 ton mill 15 years.
"In the Parks process the idea is to
make all the slimes possible. The
slimes will lx? treated by cyanide. It
is uncertain whether we shall instal
the new Parks cyanide pans or the
Hendryx agitator. The result to lie
reached by either system is the same.
We aim to get the highest possible
extraction of silver by cyanide at the
most economic cost." Tlie 10 Parks
pans will have a capacity of 50 tons a
day. when three charges a dav can be
put through. Seven hours is about
the o.dinary time required to make 90
per cent extraction of silver from Arlington ores iu tliem. However, the
Dans co-t KJ0OO each, or 110,000 for a
battery Sufficient to work the 50 ton
mill. The Hendryx agitator of thr
greater siao would cost'3)00 or S^Of.O
and would require much legs floor
space, besides being more economical
in treatment. I can not thin!-: that the
Hendryx agitator will make the same
high extraction of si J ver op is obtains :1
in the Parks pans, and only tests can
determine that fact. Wc shall go
ahead with the mill, leaving unsettled
tbe question of installing Parks pans
or the Hendryx agitator until tests
shall have Ix-en completed.
"The Parks pan consists of a pan 15
feet in diameter and Hi inches high,
lt is fitted with a close, flat cover, on
the under side of which wooden lugs
are placed. Tho cover revolves and
the lugs stir the pulp in the pan into
a spiral movement. At various points
on the rim of the pan pipes are set,
which force air at a pressure of five
pounds iuto the pulp and cyanide.
The aeration secured in such a manner is thorough and complete.
"The bottom of the pan is an amalgam cathode plate and the cover is
the anode plate. The current is acting
all the time and results in depositing
the silver ou the amalgam cathode.
We do not kuow the cause, but electric deposition is much lietter when it
is carried ou in the presence of air.
Kor that reason the Parks pan has a
marked advantage over the Hendryx
agitator, where the electric plates are
submerged in water away from the
air. The Parks pan Is doubtless patentable, bul there i.s nothing else of
importance about the Parks system
which can be patented.
"In preparing Ihe ore it is first
crushed in a 20 stamp mill and is (fir*
lied by automatic distributors over six
overstroin tables. They separate the
coarse silver and the base mrlals,
which are turned out as concentrates
for shipment to the smelter. The bulk
nf   tho   silver values aro  made  into
••limes, which go to the cyanide treat-.
nietit. Tin* slimes are lirst put through
a Klein separator, which takes out the
remaining line silver, antl that small
port ior,represent ing about 10 percent
of the original bulk of the ore, is
crushed to 120 mesh in a tube mill, so
as to give the cyanide a chauce to get
at the ore. The ore entering the. separator passes on to the cyanide tank.
"The original charge for treating
our Arlington ores is 20 pounds of
cyanide to a ton of oi.-. The cyanide
solution may be used over and over
again indefinitely by recharging it
with about five pounds of cyanide to
every ton of ore. Cyanide costs, say,
25 cents a pound laid down, which
means a consumption of cyanide of
$1.25 per ton. All the crushing is
dono wet to mako slimes, anil costs
aro consequent lv low,
"The mill will be built by tho Ricowilabi oompany<composed of meu who
are in control of the Arlington, The
officers are: R. I'. Rithet, merchant
nntl shipping agent. \ ieloiia and Situ
Francisco, president) Alexander wil*
I liimson, of Guthrie,-Balfour at Co..
! shipping agents, oan Francisco, vie
president; J. FraukCollom, managing
diroctor; John Lawson, of Balfour,
Guthrie & Co,, secretary-treasurer; T.
Binney, of tlie same firm, a director.
The name, Ricowilabi, is composed of
the first syllables of the names of tho
various members.
"The Ricowilabi owns the Sptcula-
tor, a silver group of 300 acres, adjoining the Arlington, for whieh we
paid $65,000, and we have doue development amounting to $75,000, The
company has a boud issue of $200,000
and there is a balance of $(>0,000,
which will bo used in building a mill.
I have placed considerable of the
lionds in Boston. The directors of
the company havo given mo full authority to purchase machinery, and
we are arranging for it. Prof. Buck,
of Tufts college of Medford, Mass.,
will take charge of the plant anil will
instal it, as well as operate it.  He has
been a disciple of Prof, pahlbear, one
of the pioneers of cyaniding, who invented feature's of the Pelatin-Clerici
"The Ricowilabi company expects
to do a custom business, and will encourage as liberally as possible the
treatment of low grade ores of the district. We expect to cut the smelter
rates iu two. The 50 ton plant is
merely an initial one, nnd we hope to
increase it to 150 or 200 tons a day as
business justifies, Negotiations will
lie opened with tho West Kootenay
Power <& Light company to supply
the mill with electricity."
ltf public to <:<*t a Mill ami thc Chapleau
ta be Worked.
Tho January number of the American Magazine of Mining & Investment,
published at Cleveland, Ohio, contained a couple of announcements that
will lie of peculiar interest here:
"The Sloean-Republic Mining and
Development Co., ltd., of British Columbia. Nine hundred thousand shares
of stock for development purposes
solely, 100,000 already sold, and 800
feet of tunnel work, and shaft 100 feet
deep, already accomplished, together
with 5i miles of wagon road connecting with railroad and smelter. E'ghty
three tons of ore shipped uetted J53.10
per ton; oyer 300 tons of $25 ore on
the dump. An additional .**mall allotment of stock being sold at 40c per
share to erect cyanide plant nud otlier
mining equipment. Par value of the
stock $l,full paid and non-assessnble."
"The Chapleau Consolidated Gold
Mines of Slocan City will Ik? re-opened
and operations will commence shortly
under the direction of Fred Stock, a
mining engineer of Seattle. The properties belong to a companv in Paris
and are equipped with the latest machinery. The paystreak is of high
grade ore."
The same journal also contained
the following prime pieces of rubbish:
"The mines at Rosslaud yielded
$2(5.000,000 in 1908."
"More than 4000 men are employed
at the Granby mines in British Columbia, the largest number ever on the
Colliervatlve t'vaveatlon.
There was a large attendance of delegates to the Conservative convention
at Victoria, Monday, and thc utmost
harmony prevailed. John Houston
presided. The local government was
endorsed, Col. Prior announcing his
support. Officers elected; Hon. pres.,
R. L. Borden; pres.. Sir Hiblx*rt Tupper; vios pros., Victoria, Geo. Joy:
Nanaimo, D. M. Eberts; Comox-Atliu,
S. Maxwell, of Atlin; Vancouver, J. B.
Seymour: New Westminster, D. S.
Curtis; Vale Cariboo, Price Ellison;
Kootenay, James Scholefield, of Trail;
secretary, Hilton Keith, Vancouver;
treasurer^CoL Prior, Victoria.
.llu. Mill In iIn. Iloundiiry.
It is practically assured now that
Jim Hill will, with the spring, commence the construction of the Qreat
Northern extension from Grand Forks
lo Phoenix, connecting the Granby
mines with  the smelter.    0. A. D-s-
brisay has secured the right of way
for the road, anil I'. Welch, of Spokane, has tho contract. There will
then In- lively competition in hauling
tho ore.    	
Silver ii'iotiaiioiiflfl.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week sine- last issue:
Latt Tear'* Shipment* Were 1339 Tout—
A Healthy Kvldcnce ef tho Life aad
Wealth of the Camp -Katerprlte tho
Blg'geit Shipper.
Local shipments continue at a satisfactory rate, being up to last year's
average. For the week 40 tons of ore
was sent out, divided lietween the
Enterprise and Ottawa. The former
has 100 tons to its credit and the latter 40, and both will keep up a steady
output. Oro is coming down from the
Black Prince and a carload will go out
next week. To date the output is 184
For 1903 the ore shipments from
tho local division amounted to 133!)
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterpriec  20              100
Ottawa  20               41
Neepawa  1*8
Port Hope  7
i'.epublie  20
40 184
Rossland mines last week shipped
8710 tons of ore.
The force ou the Bell has been reduced to two men.
Last week Sandon iriues shipped
232 tons of galena.
A force of two men is employ«?d at
the Howard Fraction.
The output of the Boundary mines
last week was 18,291 tons.
Returns from tho Bell shipment
were not very satisfactory.
The lessees of the Port Hope resumed operations on Friday.
The Slocan Star has commenced to
overhaul its mill so as to handle zinc
Zinc is moving lively from the Slocan, 242 tons going to Kansas last
Good news comes from the Le Roi,
it having more ore in sight now thau
at any time in its history.
Slocan mines have made a good
start for the year, shipping about 18,-
000 tons during January.
N.. F. McNaught, Silverton, has
purchased Harvey Fife's half interest
in the Club, on Erin mountain.
Two men are employed on the Dayton. They expect to reach tlie mam
ore body with their tunnel iu another
ten feet.
Two men are working on the Argentite fraction, adjoining the Dayton.
They have about four tons of ore
sacked for shipment.
Upwards of 60 mines, which have
had their ores treated at the Nelsou
smelter, have sent in claims for the
lead bounty, dating from July 1 hist.
A miner named Rasmussea was
killed in the White Bear mine, Rossland, ou Saturday, by being crushed
between the cage and the timbers of
the shaft.	
Suclalltt Meeting.
Next Tuesday evening a meeting of
the Socialists of the town and vicinity
will lie held in the Miner's In ion hall,
at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of discussing matters relating to th^ forthcoming Dominion election. It is certain a Socialist candidato will lie
placed in the field in Kootenav, but
the (hjlte of the nominating convention
lias not vet lieen set, that being left to
a referendum of the various hvals. A
local has lieen formed hert; and a charter applied for, the organization meeting having lieen held last Sunday.
The Socialists are out for a straight
     Wil cents
    561   "
  m "
    561    "
A Kino Haakliiimie.
J. D. O'Neil came down from the
Enterprise on Friday, having spent
the last two weeks installing a hot air
furnace in the new bunkhouse. The
bunkhouse and ollice combined is one
of tlie most complete buildings in the
(-ountry, containing every comfort for
the men. It is a three-story affair,
wilh a basement, in which are located
a large heating furnace, the bathroom
and the drying room. A force of 35
men is employed at the mine.
A Big Contract.
The Granby smelter people are re*
ported to have made a two years' contract with Smith Curtis fur all the oro
I from the two open quart ies un the Oro
i Dentin) mine.   The quarries are eap-
j able  of   producing upwards of 1400
tons per week, ana the big contract
.will be worth $1,000,000.   A railway
I spur is being built to the property.
licit I ne Ready to Ship.
The lessees of the Alberta. Lemon
creek, are how beginning to get action
on their development and are taking
out considerable on-. Thev have 200
sacks ready, but it is their intention to
send out a rail carload. A slope has
been stinted nnd is opening into much
good ore,  The Alberta ore carries 825
iii gold, besides high silver values.
* -';-,•
Vi    ,.   a.,'   -a- fc.'„.■,,
mxti 1
Past, fics, pasgt Thou lisst l..i-l thine hour
To sow tn and reap. Is It thistle or flower?
Tli  the •**.'<!   li tt   fault,   though  love'a h«nJ
etatd the shower.
Make way (or thy comrade witb double thy dower.
Halt, bait, halt I  There waa given tkee grace
To begin with tbe beat snd their records efface.
Bad thy sandsts been winged.   Step down (rom
the race;
One nvi;:cr than then tn would nn In thy place.
Cease, cease, cease'.   Thou bast hid thr chance.
Must e Pallas sttend thc? to ward oft mtechanceT
Let (all thy vain weapon; a thousand advance
To rush on and conquer with thy broken lance.
—Orace Denlo Litchfield ln Century.
There Is a valley amid the Yorkshire bills known as Coverdale, from
whose slopes, long years ago, came
pious Miles, who translated the Bible,
and wbo was called by the simple folk
Miles of Coverdale, after the place of
his birth.
Very calm and peaceful the little dale
lies under the shadow of the great
bills, whose summits are purple ln tbe
sweet sum inert Ide with < heir royal
mantle of fragrant heather, and where
tbe curlew and the golden plover's
cry alone break tbe gentle stillness
that rests over the little world beyond
tbe haunts of restless activity and hurrying Ufa
Tbere Is no railway In quiet Cover-
dale, no town to wblcb the country
folk may wend their wny.no shops save
tbe wonderful village emporium, wbere
everything in a very small way may be
obtained, but where few fashions come
to startle the gayer minded of tbe
maidens, or strange new devices In
neckties to dazzle the vision of the
country lads.
To peep Into the world necessitates a
Journey under the shelter of the lone
hillsides, along bonny laues, lutwlned
with pink nnd creamy tinted honeysuckle, aud green with waving ferns;
past the quaint inn, whose sign Is a
famous but loug ago race horse, called
In the canny Yorkshire tongue the
Lady Bab, and, finally, across the moor
into horse loving Mlddleham, where
are people and shops, and mnny Inns
with curiously painted signposts the
Black Swan and Its brother, tbe White
Swan, and many others too.
But down In Coverdale tbere ls a
beautiful old church, set like a Jewel
ln Its surrounding of stately trees and
blossoming hedges, with the quiet
greenness of Cod's acre lying stretched
about It. and the singing of nature's
choristers In the sweet nir around—a
place of peacefuluess and repose, where
earth's burdens mny fall from one for
a little space and heaven's benlson light
softly on such of Its children as stay to
pray and think awhile.
There Is a quuint lyeh gate nt the entrance to tbe holy spot, a carved hnlt-
Ing ploee of oak. set tenderly by some
good man of the dalespeople*-a squire
of the olden days, who loved his borne
■nd bis neighbors and his Cod full
well. I think, nnd sought to beautify
tbe church In whicb be and his bad
worshiped so long.
And down the fair avenue of trees
within the precincts and past tbe quiet
church lie the remains of wbat was
onee the proud abbey of Cotcrdule,
where the monks said masses and cultivated tbelr garden and tended tbe
souls and bodies of the poor and needy
In the dale.
It Is a beautiful spot In a beautiful
countryside, and so thought a man
wbo viewed it lovingly and pointed out
all Its changeful lights and shadows
nnd all Its pretty peeps of field and
river to bis wife.
Tbey bnd only been married a little
while, a few sbnn weeks, and bad
elected to spend their honeymoon In
•ome of the quaint corners of England;
hence their Journeying thither to this
sequestered nook among the bills aud
the fnr stretched moorlnnils In tbelr
Telling of regal purple. Tbe man loved
It already wltb tbe artist love wblcb
sees tbe beautiful so quickly and feels
It so strongly, and the woman—well,
she saw the lienutles. too. but she was
growing a little weary of pretty sights,
and shewnsvery pretty nntl spoiled her*
self anil perhaps a little Jealous of admiration wasted which might have
been diverted homeward.
So she stood by tbe quaint relics of
tbe abbots and mulled knights nt Coverdale. where two quaint forms guard
a doorway as perchance tbelr originals
gunrded some stronghold In the old
lighting dnys long gone, and ber wblte
gown fell over the gray stones and
glentned agnlnst tbe red and orange
nasturtiums In the garden wblcb surrounds the old walls and arches, aud
sbe wondered If her husband had nearly finished bis sketch nnd whether Ihey
should stny at Middlchatn for n tiny or
two or go on farther to Wensleyilale.
"lam rather tired of admiring places,"
sbe snld to herself a little Impatiently,
"and, then, I never can remember who
lived In the castles nnd nhbeys. How
uncomfortable they must hnve been!"
Aud tben—for she wns only n very
young bride, too—she felt sorry for
having been Impatient, even In ber
thoughts, toward her husband, nnd she
lunicd to spenk to blm with nn even
sweeter smile than usual on her prettj
lips, for ber husband wns a genius In
his way, a thinker and an author, ond
every one had envied her when she
married blm In spite of her wealtb.
Ab, there wns a pitiful ring In the
story-poor and nameless, but clever;
beating himself to pieces In bis eager
attempts to win fume single banded,
and rich and beautiful the woman with
the fnlryllke figure and exquisite face
wbo bail given the man ber gold.
And. ab. n mure pitiful note still, nnd
tbe mnn re tne in tiers thnt some one has
once long ago talked of this rery spot.
With Ita iiuuiut surroundings and IU
oici world atmosphere, lu the time .that
might hnve beep ami Is not.
He closed his sketchbook, with a
sigh, nnd turned to the wblte robed
loveliness of hla wife with a murmur-
ed apology for having kept her waiting, and then together they passed
do*vn the nvenue that lends to tbe road
But he was very client, and hi? wife
felt tired and Jnst a little cross. She
liked to be petted and coaxed nnd flattered, and latterly Wilfred bnd been
too serious to suit her gny fancies and
too absorbed In new ideas for his book
to pay ber the attentions she loved so
dearly to exact from every man and especially from her husband.
"Let us go home to towu," she said
suddenly. "1 om so tired of roaming
In this out of tbe way plnce. Wilfred,
and there Is still so much going on, I
hear. You must have got lots of Ideas
now, I am sure." She laughed gleefully ns she spoke. The murmur of tbe
streets seemed already In her ears, and
the flash of silks and jewels came over
the sunlight on tbe grass.
He paused a moment "Will you not
come on a little farther?" be asked
kindly, yet a little wistfully. "There
are some lovely places In tbe dale, and
you would be interested In tbem, I
But she shook her bead nntil the diamonds In ber little ears twinkled like
dewdrops. "You know I nm not Interested." she said petulantly. "1 bote
those old people who perched castles
on the tops of bills and expect you to
climb up to see tbem. Do let us go
Tbey bad reached tbe lycb gate now,
nnd a girl was entering It from tbe otber side, where tbelr carriage—bis wife's
carriage—with Its beautiful bays, stood
waiting. The sunlight fell on ber quiet
black gown and ber soft hair as she
passed under the quaint oaken structure, and then she lifted ber eyes, and
a sudden light flashed Into them and
then died very gently ngain.
Tbe man's face grew white In tbe
shadow of the leafy elms, but bis wife
chattered on In her high, pretty voice
and noticed nothing of his pallor. And
then, ns they met, he advanced quietly
to meet the girl as quietly as If tbey
had never parted In bitter, bitter sorrow, the one brave and ready to sacrifice herself for bis sake, the otber, as
he said to himself bitterly enough, a
coward and a craven. And now they
met again In the soft sunshine of tbe
autumn dny. with the first few leaves |
falling, golden tinted, from the trees
around, with the blue, bright sky overhead and the purling of a little stream
somewhere near, under the old gateway that leads to the house of prayer.
She spoke to hlm very calmly and
quietly, nnd he introduced her to his
lovely wife, and she told the stranger
nt onee ln her pretty, petulant voice of
ber wish to go bnck to town and Ita
gnyetleg. only Wilfred wouldn't, be
wus so cross.
But tbe girl smiled so gently and
spoke so soothingly that tbe little lady's wrath melted away.and sbe laughed like a merry child nnd straightway
invited ber new friend to pay them a
visit In town.
"We will go tomorrow, won't we,
Wilfred?" she said laughingly, nnd tbe
grave faced man answered tbat ber
will was law.
"Yes: we will go tomorrow." be said
wben the girl bad answered tbat bhe
never went to town now. Her father
wns old and needed ber care, and sbe
was quite content wltb ber life ln tbe
still countryside.
"I have blm. and he has me," abe
said, with her peaceful smile, and tbe
laughing woman liefore ber could not
guess nnd would never bave realized
thnt tbls gentle faced girl bad loved
the man beside ber wltb all ber heart
and soul and bad passed through tbe
deep waters alone wltb ber sorrow to
take up ber life again bravely and
And then one of tbe beautiful horses
claimed the pretty wife's attention,
and she went hurriedly on. leaving tbe
two together for u brief moment In tbe
sunshine of the old gnte.
"Forgive me. Enid!" be said brokenly. "Ab. I have wronged you so. and
I deserve your hatred, but forgive ma
If you can!"
His face was haggard, and bis lips
whitened and trembled as be spoke tha
few strained words.
But sbe laid ber hand In bis very gently, as If to say goodby to a dear, dear
friend forever. "1 hnve forgiven you,
dear." she snld. "I may can you ^at
for tbls one Inst time? I have forglveu
you everything, nnd Cod keep yoa,
keep you surely nnd lend you aright!"
She pausvd. and tbe great tears rose In
ber calm eyes and rolled down tbe pale
cheeks. She loved him so well still,
and the meeting and tbe parting were
very hard to bear.
Ann then, with one lost look, aba
passed on Into tbe loneliness of tbe
still graveyard and the quiet dead.—
Abreslnlims Expert al Thatrlilaft.
In   describing   Abyssinia   and   its
siranse capital a writer In Penrson'i
tells of Its mushroom growth as follows: A crowtl of workers appears with
loads of sticks some 12 feet high. These
are planted in the ditch to erect tbe
walls, anil n few more sticks are twisted In and out to keep them together.
Now comes the prepnrniion of the roof.
A number of men climb up Inside and
bind together more sticks like tbe
frnme of nn umbrella. As soon ns these
nre In position they clamber outside
like monkeys nntl set to work to i batch.
For ihis purpose tliey bring great
bundles of liny nud twine It between
the sticks. They are not an artistic na*
tion. ami tliey have uext to uo Industrie,, but ni tlintelilng ihey nre really
expert, and ilu-y turn out work whicb
would call for admiration even In a
civilized country. They do not trouble
to produce an elegant finish, but tbls
often adds to the pIciui-squcneM ef a
cottage. ,.	
Deer Lore,  when  spring  has come,  all  nature
And Irom her languid lids the bandage taltea
To look with wondering eyes upon the worl.l.
The t.rees ualold tbelr robes o( allvery green.
And thtHty Insects (rom the bloasomt glean;
Each blrdling flnde a mate both fohd and true.
And I. dear Lore, hare yon.
Sear Lore, ln maattat time each lengthened isf
Te ban-eat fields e tribute rich muit pay ,
Ot sunshine pecked in grains ot yellow cere,
tbe earth ls weighted witb the mason's store;
No creature, tree nor vine csn ask tor more.
Katute bse satisfied each bird end* bee, *
Has given you to me.
Sesr Love, chill (all doth pelnt ln colon nre
Tbe (orests end tbe fields thst soon grow bare
As winter clasps tbem to her icy bresst.
Nature must wake end stork .end' rest awhile.
Must sleep end cry, perchance, ae well as smile;
And nature, Uie end love ere one,** I know,
Because 1 love you ao.
—Anne C. Steele in Harper'e Baiae
Tbe household en U the only dower
1 can bring sere myself to hlm I wad.
Can you And the root end earn the flour?
Then I can meke borne snd sweet white bread I
Tbe last scarlet bar of tbe gorgeous
autumn sunset was fading out behind
tbe taU poplars along Turkey creek
wben Barstow Brown's creaking old
farm wagon turned tbe corner of tbe
road wblcb led to his lonely and til
kept borne.
"There's the light a-burnln already
In Mis' Elvlry Richards' window," he
commented, 'tit doea git dark awful
early nights now. Seems like hern's
tbe cleanest kep' an tbe cheerfulest
lamp In tbe bull township."
And Indeed It did seem to Illuminate
wltb Its friendly radiance the little one
story bouse by tbe roadside. It looked
like a beacon—a star. It made Farmer
Brown think tn admiring but unformulated fashion of a steadfast love—pure,
unwavering, brilliant. It attracted
bim. It drew him—tbe worn nnd
harassed body and soul of blm. Unconsciously he tightened tbe reins. But It
was uot until the plodding horses
stood still In response that be wondered whether be might venture In
and what excuse be could give for his
Suddenly be lifted bis head and
sniffed—onoe, twice. Tben he hurriedly twisted tbe reins around the whip-
stock and clambered down from the
blgb seat Swiftly, soundlessly, excuse and encouragement had come to
blm—In tbe guise of an odor at lhat.
"Chill sauce! If sbe ain't a-makin
chill sauce!" He was hurrying up ibe
abort path to the front door, at which
be knocked. "I'll tell ber 1 want tbe receipt for Susie Itellly to make some
by. That's tbe ticket! Ob. howdy. Mis'
Richards! I was goln home from mill
an tbe nicest smell come a-flontln
down the road! Seemed 's if I was
back In mother's again, an she wns
puttln up cblll sauce." He sighed and
moistened bis lips at tbe recollection.
"So I thought I'd come In an find how
you make It Our ripe tomatoes ain't
all gone yet. Maybe Susie Itellly could
make a quart or sol"
Forty placid and benignant summers
had passed over tbe brown bead of
Elvira Richards, but wbere wn.-* the
girl along Turkey creek who carried
. herself wltb more grace and dignity,
and wbat matron could boast sucb a
fresh complexion and bright eyes as
"To be surer sbe cried heartily.
"You come right In. Mr. Brown." 8he
drew forward tbe best rocking chair,
wltb tbe Rattenberg tidies on tbe entreating red plush arms.
•""Tlsu't much 1 need make. Ilvln
alone as I do. but a good storeroom It
a One tblng to fall back on. You'd need
a lot In your bouse. I'm thlnkin. I'll
give you the receipt wltb pleasure, au
a Jar to lak" borne for Susie to taste
by. How does sbe get on. Mr. BrownT
Barstow Brown looked around tbe
bright little room, at tbe shining glasa
lamp witb tbe red flannel wick, wblcb
stood behind ibe row of freshly putted
geranium slips In tbe receased window,
tben back at tbe plump, white apioued
figure opposite.
"Not too well. Mis' RIcbsrds. She's
kind of shiftless. It comes until ral to
some folks to tie shiftless. Seems like
the work alius keeps a bit ahead cf
ber. 8eftns like she can no more catch
up wltb li than—tban she could frith
a cottontail. But she menus well. Most
shiftless folks alius meaus well. I got
to be movin." He rose reluctantly.
"Tbe young ones, they'll be a-mlssln
"Land's sake, now, an you couldn't
wall till I make you a cup of coffee?
No? That's too bad. Walt till I get
you tbe chill sauce, anyhow. What's
thst? Could you come out to tbe kitchen while I'm agettln It7 Why, of
course, Mr. Brown!"
Twittering snd stepping briskly,
Miss Elvira tripped ahead, and Iti*r-
stow Brown plodded after.    He was
aghast at	
appetizing smell of the chill sniiee
drew hlm to tbe kitchen ns the white
brilliance of tbe lamp had drawn hlin
to the parlor.
"Myl" He breathed ami stopped
Short. "This beats"— He wns looking
around the gayest, coziest, most immaculate little liltchen he bat) ever beheld. From tbe black mirror of a
store, wltb Its golden grin through the
opened draft, to tbe shining plates on
the drei.wr, the row of crimson Idled
glass jnrs on the table, lhe dlidipnn
that glittered like sliver and the est
asleep on the braided mat. nil things
bespoke Industry, energy, comfort.
Something In his attitude nf timidity, lu bis look of wonder. Mini WAS almost one of awe; lo his neglected |>er*
.sonal appearance, went straight la the
woman's warm heart of Miss El vim
tlh-hai-ds.   He had been such a spruce,
good looking fellow 15 yetfrs ago! ner
glance, that was keen If kludly. noted
all tblngs—tbe shirt, with the baud nil
gone; the coat, with holes at the elbows; more than all, the hollows nt
his temples and In his cheeks. Those—
and tbe weak tears that came Into his
eyes! She busied herself writing out
the recipe—and talking.
"It Ain't any too easy, I guess, with
only Susie. She never was a hand to
look after children, nn there's three
to your place. I expect it ain't been
like home since—since Cyrllla went
Barstow Brown was silent. It bad
not been n happy borne before Cyrllla
died. But be could not tell Miss Richards that. No. nor any one else. Only
be bad meant—bad honorably meant—
to ask Elvira to marry hlm before the
pretty, painted, flippant little city girl
bad come down to tbe country town
and taken bis tickle henrt captive.
"Here's the receipt, an here's tbe
Jar. Yes, you must take tbe big one,
For there was a look In bis eyes she
had not seen since those bappy days
before Cyrllla aired ber city graces on
Turkey creek.
"I'm a good deal of a failure, Elvlry," said Barstow Brown. "1 don't
know but you'll turn me out wben you
bear wbat I been wantin to sny ever
since It would be right an proper to
talk tbat way. But the form's a good
one, an tbe bouse could be mode the
best hereabouts If 'twas Used up right,
sn the children"—
"They're denr children!" declared
Miss Elvira, and she meant It
"Well, they like you awful well. You
alius was a one to git around youngsters. I—1"—he dropped bis eyes—"1
guess you know whnt I mean, Elvlry—
what I want!"
"Of course I do!" she cried cordially.
"You want tbe receipt an tbe chill
"Now, Elvlry! You know 1 want—
"Well, you got to take theni If you
take mel"   Her tone wns delightfully
coquettish.   "1 got one In each hand!"
He stared at her, eager, balf Incredulous.
"Do you mean It—really? There's
been others"—
"There's been others," Miss Elvira
agreed complacently, "but—I haven't
took any of 'em—have VI Tliere—now,
Barstow Brown! Do behave! I reckon 1 might git ready In three weeks,
but—your team will be clean froze
wnltln. Ob, Barstow. I didn't think
'twas In you to act so dreadfully silly!
Land's sake, look out! Let me set down
this Inr of chill sauce anyways! There
-now—gol It'll be all of U o'clock
when you get home— Barstow Brown!"
-Chicago Tribune.
How to lie happy.—Keep your taut-(Hava   courage   to   wear   your   oll
ow      (lain  a little knowledge every  clothes  until    you can ,,„• i„r   ,
' .,i.   ones.      Ihink  of   heaven   with  |.o.,.,7
day.    Make few  promises, and speak  I)1|rpos<. alul Hlmn~ ,,___ )f)       ^ >*v
tho  t.i-uth.        l!iv«> full  measure ami   Do   ffoo<|   to   nI|.    lhat lllr)u      ««■
weigh with n  Just balance.    Consent   koep    thy    friends   and ruin thv ,M\
a ..a    .._*    ...     ...       ...i.v, 1'miiIiI     V.-.Ill-    I'lic/bt,,-,>.-... .
_—_—_—_—_—_—_—_,.        ■■ '■-- ■
io common custom, but not to coni-,mies.    Count your rteoureos.      i,
mon l'ollv     B.- aurtioys of believing' out «hat you are r.of fit fof ai
iU  but more cautious of report I n« dt.; up wishing for it.
Food Valnee.
Blanched almonds nre the highest
kind of nerve or brain or muscle food,
having no heat or waste, says n writer
In Oood Housekeeping. Walnuts give
brain or nerve food, muscle, bent nnd
waste. (ireen water grapes are blood
purifying, but of little fooil value. Blue
grapes are feeding and blood purifying,
but too rich for thos». wbo suffer from
the liver. Tomatoes have higher nerve
or brnln food qualities: they are thin-
ntng and stimulating. .Inlcy fruits give
more or Icsh nerve or brnln nutriment
and some few muscle food and wnste.
Apples supply the higher nerve and
muscle food, but do not give staying
qualities. Prunes afford the highest
nerve or brnln food, supply beat and
wnste. but are not muscle feeding. Oranges nre refreshing nnd feeding.
<Ireen figs contain nerve and muscle
food, hent and wnste. The great mo-
Jorlty of small rresh seed fruits nre
laxative. Lemons and tomatoes should
not lie used dnlly in cold weather; tbey
bnve a thinning and cooling effect.
Rnlstns nre stimulating according to
their quality.
Injury to  Brain or Nerves, Deflolenoy of Norvo Force Mean
Paralysis and   Helplessness.
Every muscle of the body controlled by tbe will ls connected with the
brain, and overy muscular action is
originated by nervous force, generated ln tho brain and transmitted
along the nerves to the muscles.
When the nerves are Injured or diseased, when there is a doficmncy in
the supply of nervous energy, paralysis, locomotor ataxia or some
form of helplessness results because
the brain no longer has control of
the muscles.
It may be weak heart action, inability to dig-eat food, failure of ths
lungs to purify the blood or impaired action of any of the vital organs,
but the cause of trouble ls with tho
The restorative action of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food is soon felt
throughout the entire system, bo-
cause it restores the vigor and vitality of the nerves—Alls them with
new nerve force, the vital power of
tho body; weakness, nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness and low spirits disappear und now energy and
strength take their place.
John'* Many Names.
The mnjorlty of tbe names lhat yon
see on the signs of laundries or tea
stores kept by Chinamen ore simply
fancy names adopted for their auspicious significance. They ore simply
mottoes, having no reference to the
proprietor or tbe members of a firm
Every properly constituted Chlnamnn
bas five names besides bis surname or
cognomen. The lust Is fixed nnd banded down from one generation to another.
Every mnle child born In China Is
first called by bis "milk nnme." When
be grows old enough to attend school,
be takes a "book name." Wben be bas
learned tbe mysteries of composition,
he competes for literary honors under
an assumed name, wblcb Is finally
adopted. When be successfully passes
bis examinations and obtnlns bis degree, bis equals address him by another, either coined by tbem or adopted by
blm. At his marriage he adopts still
another,called "style."—Chlcngo Chronicle. 	
Woald na te to Borrow One.
Some time ago a well known bar
rlster had under cross examination a
his own temerity, but the j youth from the country who rejoiced
In the nnme of Sampson, whose replies
were the causes of much laughter In
"And so." questioned tiie barrister.
"you wish the court to bellpve that you
are a peacefully disposed and inoffensive kind of person?"
"And thnt you hnve no desire to follow the steps of your namesake, and
Smite tbe Philistines?"
"No. I've not," answered the youth,
"and If I had the desire I ain't got the
strength at present."
"Then you ihink you would be nn-
oble to cope successfully wiih a thousand enemies and utterly rout them
with thc Jawbone of nn nss?"
"Well." answered the milled .lamp
son. "I might hnve a try when you
bave done wltb the weapon,'—Spurs
Mrs. D. Ardies, Brandon. Man.,
writes :—"My aon, aged fourteen, ami
little girl of three years, were both
stricken with St. Vitus' Dance. Thi
doctor told lis what tho ailment wai,
but could not keep them from getting
worse and worse, so when I received
a book about Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
I decided to buy lt. The boy had lost
eighteen pounds tn two months, aoa
could scarcely tako hold of anything.
Tbe littlo girl lost the power oi her
tongue, and could.scarcely speak.
"I now take pleasure in station
that thoy are both quite well, and
you would never know there had been
anything the matter. Tho boy bas
gained twenty-five pounds ln weight.
I am very thankful there ls such «
medicine on the market, and that I
happened to set the little book Just
when I did. It just came in time u
though it had been sent on purpose,"
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50 centt
a box, 6 boxes for $2.50, at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates A Co., Toronto. To protect you from imitations, tbe portrait and signature ol
Dr. A. W. Chase, tho famous receipt
I book author, are on every box.
When a girl proposes to bet fellow
tills year ho cull turn the tables on
hor nnd compel her to face the t.iipa-
aaking peril's. . 1
Hn  A«»i"rt.   l'raple Should Speak  Plainly
Wheu Their Word* Will Deneflt Other*.
From the Recorder, Brockville, Ont.
Uev. It. llnckett, general agent of
the African Methodist Church in
Canada, spent several days in Brockville recently in the Interests of hhxa\
church work. Talking with a reporter he said he always liked to visit
Brockville. because he found so many
of its citizen* in hearty sympathy
with the church work he represents.
"And besides, said Mr. Hatehett. I
have what may be called n sentimental reason for liking Brockvillq. It ls
the home 01" a medicine that bus done
me much good and has done much
good to otlier memliers of mv fainllv
1 refer to Dr. Williams' Tink Pills.'
"Would yau mind," askad the repor
tor, "giving your experience With
Dr. Williams' .'ink Pills ?" "Not at
all," said Mr. Hatehett, "1 always
say a good word for this medicine
whenever tbe opportunity offers. I
know some iioople object to spcakini'
In public about medicines they use
but I think this is a narrow view to
tuke. When one finds something
really good nnd really helpful t.i relieving human ills, it seems to mo il
is a duty wc owe other sufferers to
[mt theni In way of obtaining now
health. You can say from mo there-
ore thot I think Dr. Williams' Pink
l'ills a very superior medicine — 1
know of no othor so good. My work,
iis you may Judge, ls by no means
lighl, I have to travel a great deal
In lhe Interest of, our church work,
and It is no wonder that often 1 find
myself much run down, and afflicted
almost with a general prostration.
It is on occasions of this kind that
I resort to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
and I can sny ln all sincerity thut
tbey have never failed mo. The pills
have also been used In niy family,
and among iny friends, nnd the results have always been satisfactory.
You may Juat say from tue that 1
think those who are afflicted with
any of thc Ills for which this medicine Is recommended will make no
mistake ln giving Dr. Williams' Pink
l'ills a trial."
The Uev. Mr IIittclii*tt'*. home is
in Hamilton. Ont., wliero ho is known
to most of the citizens and greatly
"•teemed by thoee who know bin
[lorn la I.rail.
"Yon remember young Carpley, who
OSihI to have nn BUibttloO to ita an actor, don't you?"
"Well, he'ii playing a loading rols
"You don't sny sol P.y (leorge, I
never thought be hnd It In hlnil"
"He's with nn 'I'ncle Tom' company
and leads the bloodhounds in the street
procession."-Chlcngo Titiics-ilcruld.
Of Adam!'
—nay, wit
his first t
and east n
should lie
vile your
my prospe
i.mii.| nt   ll<-»fl'i iiilnnl.
mild lhe guide, "is ihe grave
spot! Willi reverential nwe
li a feeling of deep thankful-
wealthy merchant tailor on
rip to the orient drew near
flower on the tomb.
ancestor," he murriared, "1
the lust mnn on earth lo re-
memory. To your sin I owe
Hty."-Chicago Tribune.
lion  Well* t'lnrk Strlkea,
The great clock of Wells cuthedral Id
England was built In ll1-- for C-liistoa*
bury abbey and run iKlO yean before
It wus removed to Wells.
Tbe striking inecbiinlsm of the cloch
Is very curious and elaborate. Above
the dial Is a little bnttlemcuted turret,
with four knights on horseback, armed
with lances, standing guard round It
At some distance front the clock Itself,
near the end of the transept. Is a life
size painted figure, qunlntly Ugly,wltb
a battleax In Its band, while outside
the cathedral is a second large dial,
guarded hy two tall figures of Itnlgl-u
in armor.
When the gilt stars point to the hour,
tbe painted figure (Jnck Blandivlr, as
hels called by the country people about
Wells, uo one knows why) strikes the
quarters by striking his heels ngalnst
two bells behind him and tben tolls the
great bell of the clock by striking It
with his bnttlenx. The two standing
knights in armor strike the outside Ml
with their halberds, and at tlie lirst
stroke of tbe great bell tbe four kul^hd
011 horseback over the Inside dial fit.irt
at a gallop und rush round and raun.t
tbe turret lu a mimic tournament, 1q
which one knight is thrown from bit
horse and regains his seat In every
A Mailer of Slleace.
Among the few who have a perfect |
genius  for silence Is a  certain  well
known artist  whose reticence ts tlie I
amusement  nnd   wonder of all  win!
know blm.
A friend wbo had dropped Into bit
studio one day wns vaiuly endeavorlni
to draw Mr. II. Into conversation, when
the artist's brother appeared hi tiii
"Hello, Tom!" said the brother.
"Hello. John!" returned Tom. looklnf |
Op from his easel with a smile.
John wandered about tbe room for 191
minutes, turned over bis brother's l«t*f
est work and then, going toward tbij
door, stopped long enough to any,|
"Well, goodby, Tom."
"(Joodby, John," was the bearty r**J
Tom painted on for some minutes,!
and then in nn unwonted burst of conSI
denee be said warmly to his annuel|
"I tell you, I was glad to see Jotin!|
Haven't seen him before fora montbr
—London Answers	
A  llBonrm.
"Being a printer. Mr. Dash," asH
the hotel proprietor, "maybe you cto
advise tne. I want to get a sign painted, 'Writing Itoom Tree to Oor P*
trons,' or souiethiug like that."
"I don't like 'patrons,'" said Mr.j
"No? Maybe thnt doesn't sound Jt.it|
right.   Whnt wouM you suggesti"
" 'Victims.'"
II HI 11 rd.
Mrs. Nurltch-I Ihink I'll tnke tbls
bracelet. Are you sun it's made of ra*
fined gold?
Jeweler-Oh, yes.
Mrs. Nnrltcb—Because 1 do detest
Anything tluit isn't refined.—Philadelphia Ledger.
Work Is the soup, fanio the entree,
fortuue the roast and oblivion tbe des*
KM of uw»t lives.   Tin .-i- '. i no cordial.
Doctors Hrst prescribed
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral ovef
60 yesrs igo. They use H
today more than ever,   i Mi
rely upon It for colds, cough*
bronchitis, consumption-
They will tell you bow "
heals Inflamed lunes.
-I h»"l » T«ryJn4 oo»|J} '»''1lwu^*«?
Thnn I trl.fl A»«**-{A«rtf ?«cw»t  »Jja
Innm w»**MMB ti^»4lUMlBJ«>»l*'ttre"Y
"%"■*.•. mat mra, Guum» ■*•*»• *
for --l"-**™
aii _r_|PtHi
Old Coughs
On* Ayer'f* PHI at BSFfSffi
«  natural action  naxi n«- THE
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
,t lonir nfra «n London n preacher
Mired in n littlo bit of sarcasm on
5   nreaslon of    a small oollectlon,
Vn't ha did it W ™*tly •"Wht,n "
ik at tho congregation."- Said he, '1
l whore are the poor ? nnd when
r ic',,1; at tho collection I ask. where
aT[- ihe rich? ._"  j
Palpitationof theHeart
Faint or Dizzy Spells
and Nervousness
ii, Hsoew's Heart Cure not only cures
.u i ...irt l.ul the norve* as woll. ln a
•h*',it allay'*   i"*ln*  >" a twinkling it
i strength anil vigor ntul It works a
!,i,k und nermuiient cure us l.y magic
Shu remedy .ures by a M|W prpCSMr. aud
, hiiit-bt huniiluss, wonderful remedy
I., u-enk hearts. **euk nerves. weak
I'otul.    Hold by  all   druunlsw. 20
Farmer—-Poor man, here's a Uollai.
How lone hove you hem out of
wui k '■' Floating Pilgrim, pocketing
rooney-A8 nlgh's I kin rememocr,
obout V yours.	
«, otter Ont llun'i»d Dollar Rtwart for
J, case of Catarrh that cannot bt eortd hy
'*»'* C**t^rhpC!Jr,bHENET * CO., Toledo. O.
p.,   ths umJertlrnt'l.    bave    BMir F.    J.
«.   ;. ur th* last 15 yeart. and believe him
21evhonorable In all business trsnSsctlons
r». _ms*■• *° »«»w,t ••" *■«•«•««•
Whole«aIt Druggist* Tole-lo, O.
Wholesale nhitfltU, Toledo, O.
n.ii-i Oatarrh Cur* Is taken internally, act-
i.. directly upon tht blood and mucotu ter-
"* ,7 h. ty.tem.    Tes.lmonliu. Mltr**.
ft" So per bottle.   Sold by all Dnifflslt.
Hell's Family Pll't are tht best
An editor's pistol being stolen, ho
advertised that If tho thief would return it ho would give him thc con-
tr;.i-., nnd no questions asked
Kidney Experiment. - Thtre't no
tlmt (oi experiment;'.,' when you've dle-
oovered that you in a victim of sou**
„n. ur anotbar of kidney disease. Lay
hold ol the treatni.'.t that thousands
£»-.., planed their faii'i to and has cured
nuickly ar.d permaae. .y. South Amer*.
,,r Kidnev Cure si >Js pre-eminent in
tb. world of medlclr.. us tbo kidney auf-
fereri truest friend.—iW	
An encaged tflrl is always suspi-
cioiw of her girl friends who urr- .\ot
i,.,-t whole and fancy free.
D.*. Agnow's  Ointment Cure*
P.les. Itrl.lng, Moed ■nit, ami Mind Pile*.
Comfort In one application. It curea la
Uif io mx i.lnhtH. It curea all ski*
disease! In younn and old. A remedy
beyond compare, and It never falla. N
Starch in snld to 1* explosive.     It
.•hum*    an    explosion  In  tho  family
when thi* old  man  finds  it  lias  oeen
•H out of his collars.
Where Doctors do Agree l-Phj
ttcl&ni no longer consider It catering to
"fljusckery" in ,•■• owuiending in practice
so meritorious u remedy lor Indigestion,
Dyspepsia end Nervousness as South Amen, an Nervine Ihey realize that lt le
a h.rp in nihunce in medical science and
a Mn.- and permanent cure for dlseaaea
of the siomui.li.    li will cure you.—00
Cualsst way to mark tablo linen —
Leave u l.uliy nmi somo black currant
|nm nlnt.n at the taWo for threo rain-
I Know ktINARD'8 UNIMENT will
euro Diphtheria.
JOHN" T   noU'llLLIEIl.
Preach Village.
rum Croup.
Cape Island.
I  know  MINARD'S   UNIMENT ia
lhe lio-st remedy oa earth.
Norway, Me
When a man lose- money by his
failure in business the failure ia a
it.c great demand  for a pleasant.  Safe
.d reliable antidote for all affections of
i»   throat   and   1uor9   la   fully   met   with
Dickie's Antl-Consumpttve Syrup.     it
ft purely vegetable compound, ond octn
"inptly  and  magically ln  subduing  ail
'Ugha,     coldf.   bronchitis.   Inflammation
lhe lung.*., etc     It is no palatable that
.laid  will  not  refuse  It,  and  Is  put  ut
price   that    will   not   e.xcludo   the   poor
.-in   il-"  benefit*
Little Johnnv—Mrs T-alkemdown
paid u high coiiipllim-iit to mo today Mother—Did she, really? Well,
thorn's no denying that woman has
SeOSO Whnt did sho say ? Little
Johnny—Sho said she didn't sre l\o\v
.ou emtio to have such a nice littlo
'..iv ni I ntn
\   l'l lliaV   VIUKTVULK  l'll.l.-Par-
tnelea'i  IScfftttttilo  i*iiiii  an* compounded
iioin i.xitH, herbs ninl sdllil extracts of
known vlrtui* In the trenliii<*rit of liver
an.l kl.liiey r.iuiphilntn nnd In I'lvlng loni*
to thc tyitetn whether enfaablo.1 by ov,*i-
woril or di.rutmed through MtCOBiPi in
living. lb.y r.*qulr.* no testimonial
lh.'lr BXc<*ll.nt ounlitlea nr.. well known
to all tln>r* wbo bave UHnl tliem ninl
anil th,*? rouimend tbemselvos to dyspnj-
tied nud those «ub|i*-t to bUlnilsnass who
are In i|iicst of n  beneficial  nu-dlrlue
The youn« liusliand who praises thc
rooking of his mother evidently for-
g*,ta that It's the same his father
uMcil to kick alxiut
"niy   iho'ie     who   have   hnd   oxporliMio.i
•nn tell the torture corns fauee,     Pain
«lll> your bootr en. pnln with them oil
-pnln night, nr.il day : but reliel h sure
In  (hone  who  u-*e  llollowiiy'H Corn  Cure
A man may m*>t lie perfect, but
IvliPtl hn |q with his wife Rhe thinks
he Isn't verv far from perfection.
line of the grcatettt lilem-lnns tn parents
In Mother Graves! Worm *Rxternilnntor.
It eflectually expels worms nnd gives
health in e miirvclotie manner to the
it'tie  one.
He who ntenls a dollar ls culletl a
Ihlet, but he who Rtonls millions is
'•onildercd a trroat financier
Ome ot the Moat Corauinu of Tbem It
EailOK Too  .lluoh.
The Invariable cause of eolds comes
from within, not without. No one takes
cold when ln n vigorous state of health,
tvith pure blood coursing through th*
body, ntid there Is no good reason why
nny one ln ordinary health should hnve
a cbld. It mnv come from insufficient
exercise, breathing of foul nir, wantol
wholesome footl. excess of footl, lack ot
bathing, etc., but nlways from some
violation of the plain laws of health.
There can be no more prolific cause
of colds thnn highly seasoned foods as
well ns frequent eating. These give no
lime for Ilie digestive organs to rest
and Incite an increased How of the digestive secretions. Thus larger quantities of nourishment are absorbed than
can be properly utilized, and the result
ls uu obstruction, commonly called a
"cold," which Is simply an effort of the
system to expel the useless material.
I'ropcrly speaking, It Is self poisoning,
due to un Incapability of the organism
to regulate and compensate for the disturbance.
A deficient supply of pure air to the
lungs Is not only a strong predisposing
cause of colds, but a prolific source of
much graver conditions, l'ure air and
exercise are necessary to prepare the
nystein for the assimilation of nutriment, for without ihem there can be no
vigorous health. The oxygen of the
air tee breathe regulates lhe appetite
as well as tbe nutriment that is built
up In the system.
The safest find best way to avoid
colds Is to sleep ln a room with tho
windows wide open and to remain out
of doors every day, no mntter what
may be the weather, for at least two
hours, preferably with some kind of
exercise, If no muiv than walking. One
should not sit down to rest while the
feet nre wet or the clothing dump. A
person may go with the clothing wet
through to the skin all day If he bat
keeps moving. Exercise keeps up the
circulation and prevents taking cold.
The physiologic care of colds ls tha
prevention of the occurrence. The person who does not enrry around an over-
supply of alimentation in his system
nnd furthermore secures a purified circulation by strict, sanitary cleanllnew,
thus placing himself in n positive <_n-
ditlon, ls Immune to colds. A starving
man cannot take cold.
A careful diet would exclude lhe use
of all narcotics nnd all food that is not
thoroughly appropriated. An overfed
person Is worse off than one who Is underfed, because the overfed body is
taxed to dispose of what cannot be appropriated and, when not properly disposed of, remains only to be an element
of danger.—Science of Health.
Stri.ktn    ftiih    Briefs    Disease,
ail Hope of Life Was
Her Restoration to health Causes a
Sensation in the Medical
Doctors   Gave Her np.  bnt  Dodd's
Kidney Phis Cured Her
I'oUiinou* and  llarmleaa  Suakoa.
There ls a certain physiological difference between the poisonous and
harmless snakes which exists very
plainly ln their manner of deulltlon.
All snakes are objects of aversion and
dread to mankind, so much so that to
be bitten by a snake has at times been
so fearful to the victim as to have pro-
duc-ed dentb although the snake was
harmless. Such Is thc Instinctive dread
with which these reptiles are thought
of that It may lie desirable to have
some easy mode of distinguishing the
one kind from the other. This distinguishing characteristic ls afforded by
thc teeth, ln all poisonous snakes
there ure only two rows of teeth, the
fang or fangs being arranged either
within the two rows or outside of them.
The harmless snakes have four distinct
rows nf teeth, and when the bite .shows
this kind of wound and not any slugle
deeper or larger puncture there need
be uo apprehension.
WalkinR  lor  Mnliirln.
Obstinate cases of malaria that hive
withstood the ocean voyages, mountain
heights and quinine dosing are said to
have been conquered by systematic and
continued walking. What the malarial
putieut wants most to do ls to sit Indoors, nurse bis aches and pains or to
lie down and doze. Advocates of the
walking cure maintain thnt fresh air is
au antidote not only to the malaria Itself, but to the blues, which usually
accompanies lt. Their advice lo lhe
sufferer ls to dress up warmly if the
weather ls dump or raluy and go out to
walk. Wear flannel next to the skin.
stout shoes and simple hat. If It ll
warm, dress lightly, but carry a wrap
lo throw around tlm shoulders ngalust
drafts and too rapid cooling off. When
one conies to think of It, there are few
maladies on earth that fresh uir uud
moderate exercise are uot good for.
Tlae Speolroaenpe.
Originally the spectroscope was tip-
piled only to chemistry, and la that
limited field proved Itself an Invaluable aid In accurate analysis. By holding hi a Dunsen Union n platinum wire
moistened by contact with the skin tlie
presence of n few grains of salt swallowed a few minutes previously con be
detected with the spoclroscope. Indeed, so wondorfully i.iiin.l is ihe
work* of the spertroseope chemist tbat
lie can discover In a substance the presence of one three millionth of tl grain
of metal.
J;,_,','"«J'001*. *->i>*~, Jun. 20.-(Special.)
—wnlle t-miuuu stands aghaat at the tmr-
Mb... i.aiuau, |..nKM'H Dis„u»e ,» making
on the ranks ol tho brightest «.ud best
oi her liltlMUj while the medical profession atand helpless before th« dread de-
Llioycr ol lilt*, Collingwood txiia among
her i:iti2eiis one who Itnoivs all Its terrors i'.ho has been carried rtown by it
until tl« portsil ot tU'ath were open to
if-teive her, and who to-day l» n. strong,
healthy, happy woman—a -voman who
kr.ow*i llrlght'9 Disease in all its hld-
fousness, but who lears lt not, bacause
il.,. knows its ,ure
Mrn.   lilaiiii' Utory.
ilrs Thomas Adams In* lids Indy'a
iiMiiiti. uml shu hni now been a resident
of Collingwood for n year and a balf.
Before ihnt she lived In Ilurk's Falls,
whero she is widely known .tnd highly
respected Mr-; Adatus ft-ei.s it hor duty
to spread Uu good nests all over _nnv
da, nil over the world, that nhi- has
found u cure lor Itrlght'e 1>iscu..p, aud
thut that curs is lio.id's Kidnuy  rills.
"Yi'm," ehe said, when Interviewed n*-
gnrdiug her case, "my friends cun tell
;.,.u how torribl) ill 1 was. ily dortor
pronounced It Bright's iiis.*<ist. and Hi-ta-
ticn, bat I i-a.t no rellol irom anything
he gave e It wus Do.id'H Kidney l'liln
that drove away the terrible ui»._Be.
raised ine irotn my bed ol suficring. and
inr.de ii,e a well und hupuy   woiuna.
"I wns for years troubli-d with a pain
in my back, at times 1 would have to
keep my bed In March, li'OO, I pot so
bt.d with pains in my butk und hip that
1 was more helpless than an Infant, and
at times ijnve up all ho|>e ol celling
well. I had no [lower 01 mi back or
"1 was for eight moi.ths ab Invalid,
otnethlns *°o terrible for wortl« to describe My d.jilor said 1 had Bright's
Iii". use, t,,ii  ho could do nothing to givo
ll.e  relief.
Ilova tlie line Came.
' ll was then n friend ol my husband
induced me to try Dodd'a Kidney l'ills.
1 had no faith in tliem. for 1 never <*x-
pccled -.1. get better. Hut ) '.ri.il them,
and   I   thank   (l<xl   thnt   I    did. Tbey I
brought  ine relief almost from  the lio-t.
olid   ii!-.fl*r  teJU—tt   three box.K   1   was hl.lt' |
to do  my  own   wor*.  nnd look  after  my i
"It is ihrw) years since I started -ts-
ing Podd's Kidney HUS, and I have not i
hod ii return of my trouble tdno.-. When !
I feel ii little out of sorts 1 'ust get a !
leix of Dodd'S Kidney l'ills. and they '
fllrive all   the  pRins  a Way."
It is needles* lo lay ihnt Ur*. Admus'
friends nil use Dodd'S Kidney Pills. They
tinrt that a remedy that cure*, Bright's
Disease easily dlepoeee of all the enrller
stages oi Kii"lne> complaint
A  I u.turn  That  Has Been  Followed
or  Mmjy  Writer*.
Johnson told Bob well once In the
course of a conversation, in which he
praised the "Anatomy." that a man, If
Inclined to melancholy, should have a
lamp constantly burning la his bedchamber during the night "and if wake-
fully disturbed take a book and read
and compose himself to rest." There
can be little doubt that in thtft Indicating an appropriate course for any
ono nfRlcted with -constitutional melancholy" — bis own trouble — be was
stating his own practice. Mnny a book
tlie wakeful doctor must have turned
over In the silences of the night, and
thiri Increases the wonder that a desire
to read any particular work ahould
take him ont of bed unusually early.
Gray must surely have beeu a render
In bed. A man who wished to be forever lying on sof.-m. reading "eternal
new novels of Croblllon nnd Marl-
vaui," must have been familiar with
the faces of his favorites ln tbe night
hours. Elijah Kenton, a now forgotten
coudjutor of I'ope, was accustomed to
lie abed at his lodgings, we are told,
and be fed with a spoon, but Gray's
love of ease was not of this type. Gray
was a bookman, und moat bookmen
probably have Indulged In the habit of
reading ln bed. l.ainb apostrophized
his folios as "my midnight darlings,"
but those "huge aruil'uK" ns he calls
them, were not bedside books. Tliey
were tbe companions of the long hours
of candlelight In the back room of the
quiet little "gambogtsh colored" house
beside the Chase nl Enfleld. Wycber-
ley, one of the "nrtlllclal" dramatists
for whom Lamb wrote n quaint defense, made a habit of readlnj; himself
to sleep. Nightly he shared his pillow
with his fsvorile authors—Seneca,
Montaigne Al Rochefoucauld—and In
the mornings made a practice of writing ea those subjects which had caught
his attention during the previous
night's reading, with the curious
though not unnatural result, ss Pope
has testified, that his writing was un-
consrlously a mere echo of his reading.
Somewhat later, when Grub street
flourished, If so Inappropriate a verb
may be allowed, many n poor wretch
of a hack author was glad to write as
well ns to read ln bed for the all sufficient reason that seemly clothes were
lackln™ for going s broad.—London
Keep rin'ht on performing kind n.'.s
regardless oi tho ingratitude with
which thev may br recolved.
I cannot praise llaby's Own r.ili-
lets loo highly,'" writes Mrs. Jame*
s. iwrh. Campbell's Ray, Quebec
"From the time my baby was beni
he wns troubled with pains in tne
Btomach nntl bowels nnd a rash on
his skin whieh made him restless dttj
nnd night". I got nothing to help
hint until I gave him llaby's l>wt:
Talilets, nnd under tln-lr use the
trouble soon disappeared, and all my
friends nre now praising my baby,
he looks so healthy und well. 1 Rive
him nn occasional Tablet, and tliey
keep him well 1 can heartily recommend the Tab-lets to any mother who
has a young baby."
Thousands of other mothers praise
this medicine Just ns warmly, and
ke.-p it on hand In rase n( onwrgmicy.
The TiOJIets cure all th.- minor Ills of
littlo ones , Uiey a-*' ROMtly and
speedilv, nnd nre absolutely Safo.
Sold by alt druggists or sent nost
paid at 25 cents a box by writing
The Ur. Williams' Medicine Co
Brockville, Ont
Ose'crawls into friendship, one ecca-
•ionnlly drifts into matrimony, but In
Idvcone falls.—Frankfort Moore.
There is no place like tbe top, especially when It Is narrow nnd will not
hold many at a time.—Anthony Hope.
Love and friendship are stronger
than charity and iKillleuess, ami those
who trade upon the latter are rarely
accorded the former.—Seton Merriman.
It li the American's regret thit at
present he can do nothing with his feet
while he Is listening at the telepboue,
but doubtless some employment will be
fouud for them In thc coming nge.—Ian
There are two unpardonable sins ln
this world, success nnd failure. Those
who succeed cnn't forgive n fellow for
being :i failure ami those who fall
can't forglre him for being a success.—
G. II. I.orlmcr.
There are two classes of people in the
world, the people who are clever and
Ihe people who nre keen, and you must
never mix tho two. They meet ond
touch, they aro necessary to each other,
but they never   never blend.
After a woman has been married j
six months she censes to talk about,
soul union.
T Neglect a cough and contract
Illdn'l   Se*  Thei.i.
•"'....w did yt.u; nephew's wedding
pass olT'/"
".lil-d splendid " •
"Were tliere any cnnlreleinps?'
"I don't think so. I didn't KKJ nny.
You see, we had Ihe clllll'ch thoroughly
cleaned up before the iv...liliiig took
Cure WUT*
cures consumption, but don't
leave it too long. T7 U now.
Your money back if It doesn t
benefit you.
Prlcei- S. C. ffSUI A Co., *>'
tic 60c. tl   URoy.M.V-a Toronto,caa.
Your Liver;
Is It acting well? Bowel*
regular? Digestion good? If
not, remember Ayers Pills.
The Kind you have known all
yOUr life. I.e.ajarOa.,ta—tll.Uaaa,
llrr  fiim,  .if  Arms.
Concerning ti very modish woman
the late Julian Rlx. painter aud critic,
had this story to tell:
"Mr. Rlx, I've come to nsk you a
great favor," she said as she fairly
burst into his studio one fall duy.
"Everything I have Is nt your command, madam."
"I want to show you some coats of
arms and ask your advice nbout 'unking a choice."
"Which side of the family do you
wish to follow, maternal or"—
"Oh, neither! The herald says I can
choose any of these. I wnnt something
that will look well on whist counters."
"Yes.   Well, what about this*/*'
"That will do nicely. But don't you
tblnk I ought tu hare more than one?
I do tire so quickly of things, you
Want your moustache or beard
a beautiful browoor richbUck? Vaa
iMI.tala   lu   I'mtUud.
Canals ln England date back to sn
early period, for the Romans built two
in uncotathlra—the Pom dike, forty
miles long und still navigable, and the
Caer dike. The first British made canal wns constructed In 1134 by Henry
I. and Joined the Trent to tho Wltham.
It wns toward the end of the eighteenth century that the greatest amount
of energy wns expended In the building
of canals, mainly due to the l>nke of
Brldgewater and the skill of his engineer, James Brludiey. ln the Inst
decade of that century a cauul mania
Ska Cane Hack al Hlm.
"1 mustered up enough courage last
night to nsk my wife If she knew that
somo wise man bns said that a 'maximum of talk Is a sign of a minimum
of thought.'"
"And what did she say?"
"Sho looked at uie for some time nnd
then said Ibat she had U'giin 10 lloth**S
thnt a minimum of talk usual!/ Indira led u maximum of Irtlovy."
Orayt Syrup to keep th* cbtMrca aatm tnm
CXQUF.  It  dlaolTC* tbm thick jp-tcm — dwt tht
rs«t — tasfel bo ft oold —ir.d CL'R-KS COT/QHS.   K«rp
Grays Syrupof Red SpraceGnm
always In the hooae. AMU* art tfclihmona remedy ia year 1
protection «g»lost thoea >ud<len night iitack* of cronp.
Kqutlly food for all throat and lrng trocnlaa—tar
youn j and old.   SS cu. bottle.
Do You Want
,(. «i moMFi atavicc anu uaiefui aiumim I
If ao. the onde'rttgiied mats yuur bailneii. nail Kill endeavor t.i glre aatlatacttoa.
Oath adraoccd en consignments.     Ueferenca;   luion Bank of Canada
Tha oldest established Grain Uommlulon    _em^ _■__.  _■__>. ■ __.  aa aa  __■
Merchant .1. Winnipeg. *K •*>-■_, I   ~91 IVI l__T
Oraln  E-obanga,   Winnipeg *****»' •    •**■•■■•' atmuuw I I 3l W*a
If so, you should procure the bes'
Piunt Brush on tho market, absolutely tho most satisfactory I'ainl.
Brush made to-dny.
DUClmn o bridled brush
The bridle can easily be removed or
'replaced. It is not affected by water,
oil or jiaint and works on a pivot,
thus keeping the bristles elastic, 'i'he
name "Boeckh" is branded on euiii
brush.   Hold by all reliable dealers.
Aro   Vou   Building T      1*7   *»o,   %amm
Tha Bo-s-t
»»F>«»i- IW1aaa_».
It Is verv much etrooger and thicker than any other (tarred or batld-
Ing) paper. 'It li Imperviou.t to wind, keepa out cold, keeps tn heat, carries no smell or odor, abaorba ao moisture. Imparts no taste or flavor to
anything with which It cornea ln contact. It ls lai*gely used not only tmr
sheeting houses, hut for lining cold storage buildings, refrlgeratora. dairies, creameries, and all places where the object Is to keep an even aad
uniform temperature, and at tha same time avoiding dampness.
Write our Agents, TECS A PERSSE, Winnipeg, fer ssmplaa.
The E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, HULL.
No matter how religious ,t bald-
headed bachelor may be. married
women nro always suspicious 01 hun.
Hoard's Unimeit Cares Disteaptf.
Unless yon have a Rood reason lor
doinu n thine you have an excellent
excuse iuv not lining it.
More than half tho battle la
cleaning greasy dishes Is In the
soap you use. If It's Sunlight Soap
It's tho besti •*•
It's  a mighty  mean  maji  who  lets
hin wifo K«t next to tho (act tbot h>.
knows  a Ri-cret.   and  th,*n   refuses  to   %
rtivnlKo it.
Kinarft Liniment Cores DipfctherU.
It's folly for tho leap-year jtlrl to
ivusto her time on a man who doesn't
t-.-ein to mind bis bachelor freedom.
II    a   mun   never   does   ani ihinM
wrong bo never does anything
The woman who Drays Ior her hUk*
band  keeps  one eye ou him  iu-it   thu
Don't think n mill alwaya comes
from 'in old famllj lierause sho lo. i.-.
ir is KN'rnv.V BVEUYWIEUK.* There
if nut a rity, town or liiimlil In Canada
where Ur Thomas' Eclectric OU i* not
known- wherever Introduced It inude n
foothold 'for ltsi*u unit maintained it
Sim-..- merchants mny -niftiest name otl.<-r
i-.-jix-O.v an ..41111.1.* ii.Miwiii.il. Hn.*!i ro
comnididatloiiti Bh-uld Ij» rccoivi'd *> i' ii
fll.Hiln 'I'Ikt.. Ih only oiiu BclectrlC Oil,
and iimi I* I"-   Thomas'     Take i.oti.ui;
1*1 MO
indestructible. H»ndsom.. P.rfcet.    Only 85 "»■•• **' ******* -***•
Snppiinl by ns ot loeal danUr.
Walherville. Montreal, WlanlpMi •** <l>l_*J
SoiiM  donkev-i     .-ir,   draw   convfj*a**
niH-.* i«-tter than some lawyers.
Ifaurft LiaioKHt Cores target io U*n,
It's hard to eor.Vinoe Ulp oldest  in-
hflhltnnt thai   tho pood die vouitj;,
lt rm.y he btit a .-*tn:ill matter t\eii
ii :i man doesn't know his owi mind
I'uri'iiil observation "' the effects >il l'iflr-
[linUv -, \ ei:otiii.|fl, rilia art1 cOmpottiitlfHl
the) u.t lumicti.iti'l.v on the tli*tm**c) 01-
trann ot the system nud oiiniula-.e then,
to healthy action 'llmrn i:.a\ le C...J-.
-n uliirli ilie ilisi-a'-.' tinM been lonfl -iiail^.1
anil ilu.** not easily yield to niiHlluiQ.-
but even in such fliis*"*! thv«- PUIS lia«-
been known to hri:,u n-lie< when an othe*
•«^ra!ifl<i remedies Iwv.. lolled Tl.*>.*i«
sskeitions can bs substantiated by m^bv
.. tin Im v.. U'^-l tht. Pills, Snd mwluel me:,
-t.eak   highly ol  tlitii   <iuoliti<>-fl
rin.  total  coat   <.f  tho~_ue7 Ciuuil
exceeded £30,000^000
Hiaard'j Liniment Cores Colds, H_
Ttio-Homans bulll tho firnt dlkrs in
Ballot irirK who live by  ihelr foil
live aliovi* their Income
The i'.iiniiw mnn In uattnUj on<» wh<
lu.s already arrived,
Ono way to expand th- cheat Is to
rnrrv 11 lnr(?o heart, in it,
English Liberals have made s Italn
<,i 50 per cent, in **.*. byt*-electl ins
Worne women know too much to net
married nnd others don't know
Ono ol the laws of gravity is m-vei
.to laugh nt your own |oki-H
1   1.., •,,  v-v   (Wise Itflnd)   i**> inf.*.-»..*-•
s.->,i|i Powder rtusidl in tli<- l.utii. '*..<■■
th.* wnt. t nmi dWInfecta.
THE   PACE   VtlsXT,   FENCE   CO.   Llmlt_df
DijcoUeto    feminine   shoulders   .ire
1 mostly   admired      bv  men   with    Ce-
collet*  cranlums
'     Vwriman doesn't onjoy a  Olft.V   -n-
I le«8 she ean plfk flaws In the )>l.ii
M\f. N. -U- Mo: *•"*■■
.rv.,—i. ._..';Jsj>."iit
■■-'■ •'••' "' :--- ' - '■ ■'** .a* ': '-i—■'.
SSI.1 laimliN waiwiiiaiiaswi THE DRILL. SLOCAN, B. 0., FEBKUAKY 5. 1901.
! I
fi. E. Smitbkrisoalk, Editor and Prop.
SLOCAN,      •     .-       •       •      B. C*
Legal Advertising .10 cants a line for
,-the first insertion and6 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient adve^tisemsntsatsame rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
ior each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strictly in advance.; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
f M ■ B —
The Nelson News accepted The
Drill's little homily nnd lay down.
iGallihor is quite a load to carry.
British Columbia will useanew.fcal-
lot in future eloctions.   It is to be all
black on one side, with the names of
the candidates and the disc for mark
ing printed in white ink.
Before the provincial election it was
John L. Retallaek who was responsible for the lead bounty; now the Dominion fray is in sight W. A. Galliher
claims the responsibility. Well, the
claim will have to be more substantial
than in John L.'s case or it will do Bill
no good. *
An especially interesting and satisfactory piece of news will be found on
the first page, being the official an-
nounce.uient re the Arlington mill. As
a result, confidence should be reestablished in the camp and business
revive. Now is the darkest hour before
the dawn.
Grit prophecies have again proven
barren of result. The Tory convention
at Victoria Monday was to have beeu
the battleground for belligerent and
aspiring politicians; but such was not
the case. Tho convention proved to
be quite a harmonious affair and sectional differences were dropped in the
interest of the party. Sir Hibbert
Tupper was elected president of the
provincial organization for tho year,
and n vote of confidence was passed in
the McBride government. That move,
coupled with the appointment of Col.
Prior to an executive position, should
convince our Grit friends that the
Tory family is standing pretty well
united. John Houston presided at
the convention and made a modal
chairman.   'Nuff sod.
The electiou law in this province
should be made to conform with the
practice in vogue in Manitoba or On
tario in dealing with the revision of
the voters' lists. As it is, the mode of
proceedure is too cumbersome and
does uot aid in keeping the lists fresh
and reliable. Take that for the Slocan
"Tiding for example. No objections
were filed at the court of revision on
Monday, yet there are several names
of men on the list who are dead, and
many more who are known to have re
moved from the province. It is a
senseless proceedure carrying over
these non-voters from year to year,
eventuating in the list becoming un
wieldy und unreliable. The process
of purifying the voters' list should be
mude as simple and effective as possi
Were a newspaper man to enter a
store and take some small article or
ask to be giveu a quantity of mer
chaiidise  without  offering  payment
therefor, he would be Immediately cat*
alogued either as a rogue or a lunatic.
Yet every newspaper inun has to submit to this sort of thing every Week.
People think nothing of demanding
advertising space in a paper for some
business announcement, OT appropriating a copy of the paper, and'they
would be highly insulted wero the
printer to nsk for pay. Space in n
paper is the means of living for the
printer and has & certain value per
lino. It mny lie but a small demand
that is made upon the printer's generosity by an individiial,but they soon
aggregate into a largo sum from the
many. Printers, however, are a special
species of the human animal.   They
are supposed to live where other folk
would starve, thrive where others
would languish,and to lie tlie butt for
all the abuse, ill will and contempt
of a community. Merchants must
rightly lie paid their accounts, but the
printer —oh, lie's only a printer nnd
there's no sin in Imposing on or do
frauding bim. Support to hin Is hut
charity, anyway.
Pay up your subscription.
Col. Lowery wants to dispose of the
The coal famine was relieved on
John Taylor, New Denver, spent
Sunday in town.
The Rossland carnival commences
next Wednesday.
Mrs. D. A. Ross went to Rosslaud
on Saturday to visit friends.
There ftas been quite a lot of sickness of late among tne juveniles.
Dr,.Rogers, of Kaslo, has been appointed a coroner for tho province.
Clergymen now have to pay full
fare to the railways when they travel.
Born.—In Slocan valley, on Feb 1,
the wife of John Graham, of a daughter.
Nelson defeated Rossland at hockey
on Monday night by a score of 6 goals
to 3.
Express money orders are payable
everywhere.   They are cheapest and
Another carload of shingles was sent
to Ontario this week by the local mill
No records of any description were
made last week in the local government office.
Supreme court will be held in Nelson next Tuesday, Chief Justice Hunter presiding.
Tonight there will be a hockey
match between teams chosen from the
firemen and town.
F. C. Green, surveyor, of Nelson.hns
lieen married in San Francisco to Miss
M. Hatt, of Vancouver.
Dr. Armstrong, veterinary surgeon.
Nelson, was here Friday and Saturday
on professional business.
New Denver Knights of Pythias
will celebrate their seventh anniversary on the 22nd inst., with an at
G. O. Buchanan, Kaslo, has been
gazetted inspector of lead bounties in
British Columbia, at a salary of $200
a month.
An effort is being made to got the
Silverton hockey team down here next
week for a game. New Denver will
lie taken on later.
Rossland defeated Revelstoke at
hockey on Friday 11 to 8, The team
played at Silverton on Saturday, losing against a strong combination 5 to
Slocan folk when in Nelson usually
stop at the Queen's, it being the best
family hotel in the country. You will
find the proprietor's announcement in
this issue
The squabble in Anglican church
circles over the appointment of Rev.
Mr. Beer, of Kaslo, as archdeacon, hns
ended by Bishop Dart askiug Mr.
Beer to resign. The latter will leave
the province and Rev. Mr. Robbins, of
Greenwood, may uow get the coveted
The Phoenix Pioneer has issued a
special number, containing a profusely illustrated write-up of the Boundary camps. It is a home production
and is a credit to Bre'r Wilcox's establishment. The contents givo a good
idea of the growth and development
of that section.
The Golden Crown
Mineral Claini. . .
Situated on the Arlington road. Heavily
timbered. Crown granted. Make cash
offer to—
322 Cum bio Street,
Vancouver, D. C
Representing the strongest cem-
panies doing business in Canada.
See xkw ACCIDENT POUCT, witli par
ticipation in profits, covering sickness and operations.
II. D CURTIS, Notary Public
Notice to delinquent Co-owners
To Hopt. Lake ami M. L. Grimmett, or
to any person or persons to whom tliey
mav have transferred their Fcvcr.il Interests, in wholuor in part,in lhe Hoti-
Iiie   Doon   mineral  Claim, fitnated   oil
the south siilt*of Springer oreek.in the
Slocan City mining division ol West
KooV nay ilistrict:
You are hereby notified that 1 have
expended the sum ol two hundred ami
live dollars in labor bik! general im-
provetnents upon the abovo mentioned
claim, in order to bold said mint ral
• Initu iindur the provia oni of tho Mine
iki Art, and if  within ill) diiye from   Ibe
date of this notice you fail or refuse to
non tribute yonr proportion of such expenditure, together with all coots of ad-
vortininif, vour Intarettlt in «aid rlaitn
will become tbs properly ol tha nub
iCribur, under section four of an set en-
titled''An Act t.> amend tho Mineral
Aul, IOOO."
bated this 1st dSv of Fehru'arv, inni.
5-20J i mi. JlcLEAiN
There is an opening here for a shoe
Cashel, the Calgary murderer, was
hanged Tuesday.
Born.—In Sandon, on Jan. 29, the
wife of Geo. Grimmett, of a son.
Jos. Provost, brother of i\ndy._**i"o-
vost,Tetuiiied to his home in California
on Wednesday.
Rev.Mr.White was unable to preach
here last Sunday, having been detained at Revelstoke.
Born.—In Nelson, on February 1,
the wife of Aid. Madden, of this city,
of a daughter.   Great rejoicing.
James Lawrence, manager of Ash-
down'6 hardware business at Nelson,
is being transferred to Calgary.
Application has been mado to the
legislature for a charter for a railroad,
to run from Crawford bay to Fort
Billy Rogers, formerly of this city,
hns been sent to the Old Man's Home
at Kamlopps. He left Cranbrook on
Jan. 26.
F. J. Finucaue, formerly manager
of the Bank of Montreal, New Denver,
is to many Miss Gertrude Sweeny, a
rich young lady of Spokane.
Rosshuid's hockey team passed
through from Silverton to Nelson on
Monday. Mnny of the boys went down
to greet them and cheer them on their
T+-m-a~*-a ♦«♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦ *-mm <t-m-*~m
The Queen's
KATES:    98.00 FKR DAY
First-class Dining Room
Largo and Comfortable Bedrooms
Sample rooms for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
"V*OTIC_ is hereby given that, tliirtyilnys nfter
i l fllnle, v.u. tlio umiorsitrned. intend tn apply
to the Chief Comniissifliner of I,nnds & Works,
at Victoria, for ipoolal licenses to cut and curry
awtly timlier from the following described tracts
of hind, situated on Mosquito creek, iu West
Koiiteiiny Ilistrict:
Kill! I,orutlain.
f'ommenciiiR at ii post, marked "William
Sutherland's northeast corner post," thence
pOUth 80 chainsi thence west aSO chains; thence
iiiiriliMi chains; tlience oast 80chains, to point
of commencement.
Hcrfaml Locnlti.li.
Common-clog nt n post, tnat'.vd "Wj'.linm
Sutherland's southeast corner p«.st," tlieuci
west .SO chains; thonce north DO chains \ thence
east KO chains; thence soulli SO chains, to point
of coiir.nfl'nceiticnt.
Tilled T.ttcution.
Commencing nt ii post, marked "A. W, Sutli
erlnnd's iiurtlittest corner post," tln-uce east HI
chuins; thnnce south .10 chains; thence west ml
rhaii's; thence north NO chums, to point of
Fniirth Locution
Coinmencini; at n post, innrkad "A. W, Siitli-
erlaml's southwest comer post," theuce mirtl
HOctiaiuat thence cast SO chains; thence south
.SO chains: thence west KO < h.i ins, to point of
Fifth Locution
Commencing at a post, marked "Geo. Lester's
southwest corner post," running thence north
80 chains j theme east 80 chains: thenco south
MO chains; thence west SO chains, to point of
Slxlb  Locution.
Commencing nt n post, marked "Geo. Lester's
northwest corner.'' running east 1*0 chains
thence south 80 chains; thence west H(iclinins;
theme north 80 chain.-, to point of commence
Ken'iitl' Locution.
Commencing at a post markad, "(Jus Oustef-
son's southeast corner." running west SO clinins;
thenee north 80 chains; thence enst 80 chains;
thence south 80 chuins, lo plucc of commencement.
Klglith Location.
Commencing nt u post, narked "Oils Qottef-
sou's nortln'iist corner post," running tlienie
eolith 80chains; thence west 80 clinins; thence
north 80 chuins; thence oust 80 chains, to place
of commoticement.
Ninth Locution.
Commencing at ft post, marked "R. Glcnden-
ning's northwest corner pott," running thence
cast 80chains; tliencu south 80 chains; thence
west Ml chains; thence north 80 chains, to place
of commencement.
Tenth Location.
Commencing nt a post, marked "R. fllonden-
ning's norlheast corner |xist." running them-e
south KOfhii'ns; thence wesl 80 chains; thonce
north -SO clinins; tl.enee east SO chains, to place
of commencement.
Klevvnlli Location.
Commencing nt n post, marked "J. (J. Lover*
iu's northeast corner pott, running thence
south 80 chuin.-; tliencfl* west 111 chains; thenee
-oulh 40 chains; thence west III chain-; thence
iiflirlh Nl chains; thence east 10 chains; thence
north III chains; thence east 40 chains, to place
of coiiimeuceinant.
Twelfth Locution.
t'ommu.if iug nt u pott, mnrke'l "S. I.oferin'-
northeasi corner post." running thence south sn
chains: Iheiico west 40 chains; thence south 40
chains; thenco wo-t 40 clinins; thence north sl)
chains: theni-e «.ftst 40 chains: thence north to
chains j thenco ansl 40 chains, to place of commencement.
Thirteenth Locution.
Commencing nt u post, mnrke'l '-J, Harlow,"
run n ing east 8Hchuhis; thence south -In elm ins;
thence west JOO clinins; tnSUOO iiorlh 10 chains;
llience east 80 chains, to place of c<immeaee-
Fourteenth Location.
Commencing at a post, marked "fl. Hnrlow."
running en-l su chnins; thenco south III elm ins:
tliHiieo west IflOohaluil tlienca north ID chains:
thence oust HI chuins, to place of commonce-
Fifteenth Location.
Commencing nt a post, marked "A. Harlow,"
running east Hi chains; llii'iics south III chain-;
tlienca west 100 chains; thenco north 40 chains;
thenee east 80 chuins, tii place of commencement.
Sixteenth Location.
Commencing nt n post, innrked "J. I'nrent'*.
•puthtMj corner post," running thence wnst 80
chuin-1 thence north 8(1 clinins; thence east 8(1
chains; thence south ■*0 chains, to plnce of commencement.
•Seventeenth 1.ninl Ion.
Commencing at a post, marked "A. Parent'*
soiithwest conn r post," running tlienco north)
HOODSlnil  tlience !■est sn chain': thi-nce sonlh
sn ohalnn thenee weat xn chains, to placo of
Kightnenlh locution.
Commencing at a post, marked "J. li. Lover*
in's northwt-t comer poal," running thence ea-t |
8(1 chuins; theni'.* soull]  so clinins; (hence weal
80 chains; thenc
Nineteenth loeullun.
Commencing nt a post, marked "II. lamina',
nprtheail comer poet," running south SOchulnsi
thenco west Wchainsi thence aortl. Uohainei
thence east SO chain-, to place of commence*
Nad up, Jflauarji is. itflfci.
Nelson's fire brigade has resigned in
a Ixuly over the appointment of Geo.
Steele as chief.
Paul Hauck returned here on Friday and left next day with his family
Timber Notice.
" NOTICE is hereby given that, 30 days
from date, I intend to apply to the Hon,
ths Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria, B.C., for a special
license tocut and carry awny timber from
the following described lands: Commencing at a postmarked "D. St. DeniB*
N.E. corner," said post being planted on
the west side of Slocnn lake, about CO
chain! from Alexander McKay's southwest corner, in a westerly direction;
thence Bouth 80 chains; thenco west 80
chains; tlience north 80 chains; thence
east 80 chains, to place of commence
ment, containing 640 scies.
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this 30th day of
December, 1903.
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Fresh Fruits of Every
Kind AVriving   Daily.
A full Btoek of the liest    *
lines of cigars aud tobaccos always kept on hand.
14 Leave*of llrenil l«St.
Full Wright and OHiallty
Slocan, B. C.
If you
are troubled^.
with a Cough, Sore
Throat, Hoarseness,
or Bronchitis, try a
bottle of our
Compound Syrup
of White Pine...
Once used, alwaya used.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be without a ranffo when
you can get one so cheap ? The\
are prefcrrnble to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will he.
set up free.
8llverI.enfSllncr.il Clulm.
Situate in the Slocnn Citv mining division of \Ve»t Koott-tuiy district. Where
located:--Spiin.er creek, eoutli of Arlington mine.
TAKK NOTICK thst I. Herbert T,
Twigg, aa sgent fur Oorgp 1). Long, free
miner's certificate No. 11(1-1148; N. S.
Tucker,free miner's certificate No.B04440
Martin Maurer, free miner's certificate
No. B69739: nn<!  Kri Thompson, free
miner's certificate No, niitW.lt, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, lo
apply to thc Mining Recorder for a certifl*
cato of improvements, for tho purpose
of obtaining a crown grant on the above
Antl further dike notice Hint notion,
under section .'17, must bo commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 24th dav of December, 1(10.1.
'.'5-12-o:J. HERBERT T. TWIGG
na.rt.il sn clinins. ti. plnco ul
Heme mill l.m llii.lill   HI nc ml (luluia.
Situate in tlio Slocan City Minim Division of West Kootenny District.
Where located:—At bend of Ten
Mile creek, on the north side.
TAKK NOTICK thntl.W D.M.Oregor,
aotinfl ni agent lor Joe Traflcanti, i.M.
0, No. liinn.'l; Frank Romano. K.M.
0. No. B0d042j and J, M. McGregor,
fre.- miner's certificate No. B60098, intend, eiity days from tbe date bereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder or car*
tilicaU-eof improvements.fur the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And further tnkoi notice that action,
under lection "•", must be commenced
before ibe Issuance otiuch certificate! ot
D .ted tbis £()th dav of January, lOO-l.
8 A dvertise your H
a rewarfl
to all flpersis-
tent and liberal advertisers: it is read
by everyone.
It guarantees
uAt All  Timesti
« k«kekb«kkk:™sk^bbkekh u
Subscribe for ..    M
and M
support nrj
local paper:
m THE DRILL,  $2 per year
r« Business
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
New Residence for Sale
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on cary terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and is the best tinished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For terms
Apply at Drill Office
Gwiilim & Johnson,
n. c
»....*»**. x*****» .eeeeeeeet
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage arrd two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
i,,j,,♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦• i
Notice to DelinquentCo-owner
To Win. ,1. Andrew*, nr to any pereoa
or ponontto whom ho may have transferred bit intere.it in the Black Diamond mineral claim.iltuated on Lemon
creek and recorded in the Recorder*!
ofliee for the Slocan City mining divi-
You   are   hereby  notified   that   I,
Andrew Provoit, K.M.C No.B64707,tiave
canned tO be ex|.emUtd the mm ol two
hundred an.l five dollnn in labor
and Improvement! on the above men-
timed    mineral    claim,   in   order    to
hold laid claim under the provliloni of
the Mineral Act; and if within Dddtve
from the date of this notico you fail, or
refute, to contribute your proportion oi
inch expenditure,together with all coeti
ol advertising, your interest In said
claim will become the property of the
rubsi'iibrr, under Heel ion 4 of an Act
entitled "An Act to amend the Minoral
Act, 1900."
Dated at Slocan,B.C., tlili let day of
December, A.D. 1908.
-f-lvs-ort ANpREW PUoyosT
Med. Supt., J. P, CADE, M.D.
|>ATKS: Rctnlar rohterflwr*, fl   per  month
I\   nrjio a y»nr: Don-iiberriberi (•nlnilfeof
ni t.i I en I attendance) 93 per <lny.   PrtratewardJ
*l |'T .I.av intra.   Spa*cinl latilitiea for maternity eat.es.
I'or further particular* apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
This Snap
THE DRILL haa made an
arrangement with the Toronto Mail-Empire, eo
that ita weekly edition may lx*
clubiiod vrith the former.
Now BUbeoriben, therefore,
mny obtain tho Weokl.y Mail
Empire—acknowledged to lx>
onr of the boat uapera in the
Dominion nad Slrx-a a's leading journal, Tin Dnii.i., from
now till Jan. 1, 1906. for the
sum of 12.50. With thia exceptional offer will be given aa a
premium, a beautiful arto-
gravure, entitled "The Victoria Cross." The picture depicts a scene in tho late Boor
war, dene in ten colore, and
well worth framing. Send in
your order* at oace to
The Drill, Slocan


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