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The Slocan Drill 1902-08-08

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SLOCAN,   B.   C,   AUGUST   8.   1002.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Hot weather is here what's
the matter with   .   .
It never wears out, rusts or becomes
™™J°I U8e'   Can be had at WOODCOCK'S.   Sir foot or infant's
Full line hardware and miners' supplies.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slocan, British Columbia.
Are You Preserving?
We have received a large shipment of first
quality Fruit Jars, in half gallons, quarts,
and pints.
Best B. C. Granulated,
17 lbs. for $1.00
W. T. Shatford 6c Co.. General Merchants.
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinney, B. C.
A. YORK <fc CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmanship is Good
and Prices are Reasonable
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
OETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
lie opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Art-STf Street au.l Delaoey Aveaae, Slooa...
Building thoroughly renovated
nnd re at-cked witli the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted.   We handle the
best the market affords.
Prices are right.
Mayer York, ta Arrange far the Il.od—
Solicit.r Advl.a. Again.! Paying S.U,
I'lenieat'e (alary for July—As.susssl-
luonta to l.iciHHss Bylaw.
At Monday evening's meeting of
the city council all the aldermen
were present.
Communications read: From City
Solicitor Jorand, advising the cmni
cil that thoy wore not liable to pay
8. B. Clement's salary as principal ol
the public school for July.
An acrimonious discussion on the
subject followed, Aid. Worden and
Robertson finally moving that the
whole matter in* referred back to the
school board for action, as they and
net tlio council were the proper persons to dual with it.   Carried.
Bit's presented: 11. ('uoaf„supplies.
20c; R. McFarland, blackimithing,
$13.20. Ordered referred to finance
In reply to a query from Aid. Worden, it was stated thc city solicitor's
salary would lie paid monthly.
Aid. McCallum reported for tbe
cemetery csnuaittee that they had
selected two sites, one near the Y and
tho other close to tho hills to the east.
The choice was fer the former and
he would like to see the matter sottl
ed up without further delay.
Aid, Barber moved that, as the
mayor was going to Nelson shortly,
he be authorized to see Frank Flet-
eh or and secure a deed fer the site.
Aid. Robertson raised a doubt relative to the site near the Y, as he was
afraid drainage trom the na'sance
ground would seep through. Ik-
would like lo see some test holes
Mayor York said tbe citv would
be require.I to move the bodies from
the present cemetery in the event of
thi* new site being granted.
Aid. Barber secured no seconder
for his motion and, after fur the* d Is
cussion, the  matter  was left it*   the1 iii
lund* ».f the mayor. j *,':
O.i tha questisin of tiie council meet-\ f\\
ing s^ini monthly, Aid. Worden andlm
Smith moved that the aldermen do j iii
meet every ether .Monday night dtir I _Jj
ing August and September, special
meetings to be held if business warrants it.    Carried.
Ald.Nlchol brought op the question
uf a guard rail along the Sidewalk
leadini; to Shatford's store: also con
diiion of street fronting Blue Front
hotel.     Repeated   instructions   haslj'...
been given to thc board of work?, to en
attend to the improvements,   l'.ssed j
ever. tlA
The  mayor   reported  |515 47   in "
taxi's had been collected, which exceeded expectations.   It was a little .
over one-third of tho face value of
the tax sheet.
City Solicitor Jorand was present
and addressed tho council with reference to trades license bylaw No. 8.
Certain amendments made by the
legislature would have to beincor-|>
Derated and he would advise Ihe /|\
drafting of a new bylaw, as tlie
present one was very faulty. There
was no provision ina.le for saloons,
for instance, and ths would have to
be made at once. The liquor act
called for hotels having no less than I
thirty rooms and there were few j
places in the city coining in under |/|\
that head. The council bod uo po*A0r|i|L
to modify the law, and the hi»tels at j •*•
present not qualifying mujt come in | M>
under as saloons.
This announcement somewhat
squelched the council and the aldermen found thoinsclvesallatsea. The
solicitor told the council that the
hotel men could come on to thec'uy In
the event of trouble.
Following an  interesting  discus
sion, the solicitor was instructed to
prepare the   bylaw   in   accordance i*
with the act. All bylaws would have
to be registered by the 17ih.
Other alterations, including provision for the Music Hall license, were
ordered to bu niaihi in the bylaw.
Council adjourned.
orbs, baton Saturday the situation I ness of its ore is proyerbial, smelter
turned on a deer. When the Nelson train was approaching the Y the
engineer noticed a young buck on the
track. In endeavoring to escape the
animal got entangled in the wire
fence along the track. Tho train
was stopped and everybody got out
to assist in bagging the game. The
deer, minus a horn, Was brought into
town and corralled back of Wordeu
tiros.' stublo.
Pittsburg People Pssy t'assu ami leeisre
tho Property.
Matters u"feeling the Ottawa took
a decided change shortly after the
visit here last week of Messrs, Noble
and Coleman, of Pittsburg, and by
Saturday night tho propeity had
passed into their possession on a cash
basis. Two small interests alcne remain outside and they will be secured without any delay, When the
Pittsburg people failed to come to an
agreement with tho lessees, Messrs.
Mulvey and Clement, owning the
controlling interest in the group, offered to Bell out for cash, which was
accepted, and the -ther owners soon
fell into line. The amount paid,
through the Royal Bank at Nelson,
was considerably less than thaiealletl
returns on some of it going over 1000
oz. Tho property is to bo worked
throughout the winter.
Charles Dempster Oat. th. Group an a
Cask Kail*.
A second deal of prominence to be
consummated during tho weok was
that of tho Exchange group, en Dayton creek, whieh was acquired by
eastern American capitalists through
the instrumentality of Charles Dempster. The transaction came as a distinct surprise, as no inkling of it had
been allowed to leak out. The sum
Involved is kept private, but it is
known to bo substantial and was for
cash, the money being paid over in
the Bank of Commerce, Nelson, on
Friday. There are two claims in the
group, known ns the Exchange and
Silver Plate, and the main putties to
the deal were IL L. Fife and J. T.
Tipping, wiih a ceuple of silent part
The Exchange has had a remarkable career and ln its heyday attracted much attention. In tho early
dnys it was secured by a company of
Canadian politicians and monied
men, headed bv Sir Charles Tapper,
f "The King! God Bless Himr %
Now let the toast go round and round,
To British hearts on British ground
And whercsoe'er they may be found—
"Our lung! God bless him."
'Tis long since Britain's isle has known
On Scotland's famed historic stone
That saw her old kings crowned at Scone
A king-Cud bless him.
Yet, wc have known thc years of peace,
The years of plenty and increase,
Nor with a king oiir prayers shall cease—
We'll pray:" "Uod bless him."
C.ikI give him grant tf years a store,
As his Ouern mot lur hail before,
And all the |ov*j her subjects bore
Be his: Cod bless him.
Be his to look abroad and feel
That dusky liegemen's hearts are leal,
And strange dark races dally kneel
To say: "Cod bless him."
Be his to Ionic abroad o'er seas
Where stalwart Britons true as theso
("ivu honor to their King's decrees,
And pray: "Hod bless him."
O'er hinds of many a creed and caste,
Where freedom has but lately passed,
Be his the hand to hold it last—
Our King's: Cod bless him.
So sweet contentment still may bide,
And shed its .joys on every side,
That, Britain's Empire far and wide
May say: "God bless him.''
Then, pledge wo as our father, erat,
To kings their island Empire nursed,
Old England's Seventh, Scotland's First:
EDWABO—God bless him.
Fill up, fill up your glasses wide,
Till liowiiif- drops run o'er the side,
Ami we will drink wliate'er betide—
Our King, God bless him.
So, let the toa t go round and round,
To all true hearts on British ground,
Till echoes o'rr the Earth resound—
The King! God bless him.
—R. T. Anderso***.
Lemon Creek.
^S#C€-€*-f**-*W**»      »»»»-€€€€€€€fe
**s.ii |i:i\Tii ilisit
The Neepawa, ou Ten Mile, closed
down ou Friday, and  work will not |
be resumed for somo time.   Only a
small fui'co has been employed tiflsto,
is it was felt tho English bonders
were uncertain how to act,   A month
Or SO ago they  made a payment on '
the property and got the bond price j
reduced.   On Thursday a carload ef
oro was shipped, making 101 tons'
sent out under the present dual. The
return, while hot large afforded sonic
margin for profit, but whether the
bonders thought It sulVicient or not tl
hard to say.
nig (.ism., ia plentiful, i
Big game is plentiful in tlio vieln*
for in tho bead, but tt WOS of sufficient land bv them extensively worked.
size to make tt one of tho best deal* ! In applying tor a crown grant thc
-<vrr put through in tin- camp. | company failed to record their assess-
There were rettUV two deals in- iment work and the property reverted
volved on tho Ottawa, the lirst being I to the crown, being afterwards stak-
bond and lease on the parent claim ed by File a*,d Tipping
held by Messrs. Mulvey, King, Tay- companv still own several adjoining
' lor and Johnson, Then in February ! claims, but thev missed their mam
! tif this year Messrs. Noble and Cole-1 prize. Upwards of $10,(X)0 had been
man took over the < Ittawa, agreeing i spent on tho Exchange in building a
to pay the lessees $40,000 then-fur, I trail, cabins, and general develop*
r-ivin"g ($000 flown. At tho same I ment. Three shafts were sunk ou
Ume thev bonded four adjoining! the vein, two of them being 70 feet
slalms—Hamilton, Toronto, Jennie deep and the third 100 feet. A tun*
and Btmsora —feren additional WOOO. neleffiOfeet and a number of open
The lessees were got out of lhe road I ruts were also run and ore exposed
by being paid a Certain cash figure, | In quantity
leaving then the original owners
deal with.   Thev wore Messrs. Mui
I-ast V tsar's War* 0514 Tssns-
A Healthy Krldence of the Ufa n.4
Wealth of the Cansp-Arllar-teii the
Biggest Shipper.
Once again ore shipments from tbe
local division ha>ve been very heavy
the total reaching 201 tons, being a
considerable increase over the preceding week.    In all four properties
shipped, one of them, the Florence,
being a new shipper.   Itscnt out one
ton as a test to the Nelson smelter.
The Neepawa sent 20 tons alse-te
Nelson and the Arlington CO tons.
From tbo Enterprise 120 tons went
out, 80 tons of ore going to Nelson
and 40 tons of concentrates to Trail.
The outlook is particularly bright
ar.d events are shaping towards exceedingly heavy shipments for tho
winter months.   To date the exports
amount to 3917 tons.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to. 2847 tons, mado
up from 10 properties. Last year
tho exports totalled GSgO tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list ot the shipments this year to
Arlington  UO.             2480
Enterprise  120             1.5011
Ottawa  7
Neepawa  20              lyi
May  .,(
Paystreak  .1
Duplex  7
Fourth of July  II
Florence  I               ,1
201 3837
-IlKlCa   AND   MINIM*.
The owners of the Lily B are sinking on the lead.
Harvey Fife and partners are
work big' some claims on Tiger creek.
Eric Lemieux took a i big outfit to
Tiger crock Mondav to develope his
A report again issues from Spokane
that tbo Phoenix group is to • be
John F. Holden, mgr. of the Tamarac, has been in New York of late
on business.
The camp of tlie Kepublic wager,
road lias been moved up close to the
Erin cabins.
Several more mon have been added to the force on the Republic wagon
road during the past week.
The new buildings at the Monteroy
were completed during the week aijd
a start made on development work.
Operations arc to be resumed at an
early date on the Iron Horse group.
Contracts will be let to sink the shaft
200 feet.
Last week witnessed the heavies';
shipments from Ten Mile in the history of the creek, 11 carloads-havin-g
beon lifted.
J.Frank Collom went to NelsfsU*
Wednesday, to effect a settlement oa
the vexed intention of the rates on
Arlington ores.
Oro shipments from the lake ports
arc exceedingly he-ivy just now.
The Enterprise, -Wakefield, Hewett
and Bosun are the principals.
Wbat is beJievcd to be the Kalispel
| lead -Jroiu Ten Mile lias been cut en
| the May group, on Twelve Mile.
I Bunches of rich ore havo been en-
I countered, much of it carrying native
j    Thc creditors ofthe Chapleau have
Keen asked to fend in a statement of
! their account*) at once te Nelson, as
Sir Charles' *-*' liabilities are to be wiped out at
once.   Letters to that etrect were received here on .Saturday.
The Nelson News of Saturday was
far astrav about the deals on Springer
creek. It was not the Transfer hut
the Exchange that was sold to Chas.
Dempster, and the stipulation iu-
volvcd was far in excess of 16000.
The, late owners further
tai developed the property end proved
yey, Clement, Worden, Smith, wlch*
main), Lloyd and Owens, and the result was as above.
The Pittsburg  people are continu
ing their development and will gradually increase their working force.
Before the snow flics a wagon road,
two miles long, will be built,counect-
Nelson parties this week secured a
controlling interest in the Montreal
and Two Friends mineral claims, on
Springer creek. They paid Mayor
York $5000 cash for his half interest
in thc Two Friends, and also sccuroit
tha sixteenth interest held by the
■AndrewsBros. A sixteenth was already held in Nelson, leaving live
ity of this  burg.    Several meetings j -said of tt bere.   In majiy respects it
with bears have occurred In the sub   resembles lhe Arlington and the rich-
the lead to be 18 feet wide, and car
I rying pay values, some of the ore be-
i ing very rich.
Last winter Jaek Aitchison held a
lease on tho Exchange and shipped
(live tous of orr, the smelter returns
I being over $70 net. It is too early
I yet to say what Mr. Dempster's "*sao
iciatos purpose doing, but thev wlH
hi ti:.' mine with the Arlington j not let thc property loagremain idle. I sixteenths owned by W. T. Shatfoial
road, and the cost of transportation The Exchange is tne third deal Mr. j und ono sixteenth by James Tatter-
will lie greatly reduced. The new 1 Dempster has put through in a year, sail. Tbe Montreal was owned
owners will eventually stock the pro j and in each instance much benefit equally by D. Sloan, W, E. Bole, J.
party and handle it through a strong I has resulted to t ie eamp. | Moffatt aiid J. Owilllm, the two lat
company, an there are several finan-        •  ■ ter being in Nelson.   The deal was
The Enterprise is now paving at |i|Uiutly and quickly arranged and it
tentlon to development, the last: is the intention of the purchasers tt*
month having been spent In breaking \ get to business at ouee. This is the
down ore. A emsscut will likely be] third deal effected hero during Ik*
run to lhe big vein. i.-Aoek.
olers in Vittshurg desirous of getting
into the combination,   The Ottawa
Is so well known  that little need  be i*aifa*ii'v,.'i
(Copyright 1000 by Sir Wss Iter Beaant)
•Tben send blm pack-In*-. Lord or
no lord, proud or bumble, If be fur
nlabes explanations, If these thluga
are untrue, then—wby, then you will
consider what to do. But, Molly, 1 do
not believe tbat any explanations will
ne forthcoming and tbat your noble
lover will carry It off to tho end wltb
the same lofty pride and cold mien."
"Let us go Into tbe parlor, Jack.
There are tbe captain's writing materials. Help me to say wbat Is proper.
Ob, Is It possible? Can 1 believe It?
Are these tblngs true? Tbat proud
man, raised above bis fellows by bis
virtues and bis rank and bis principles!   Jack, be risked his life for uie."
"Ask uo more questions, Molly. We
must bave explanations. Let us write
tho letter."
It was Molly's first letter—the only
letter, perhaps, that she will ever write
In all her life. Certainly she had never
written one before, uor bas sbe ever
written one since. Like most housewives, her writlug Is ouly wanted for
household accounts, recipes for puddings and plea and tbe labeling of her
bottles and Jars. I have the letter before me at tbls moment. It Is written
ln a large, sprawling hand, and tbe
spelling is not such as would satisfy
my father.
Naturally she looked to me for advice. I bad written many letters to
my owners and to foreign merchants
about cargoes, and tlie like, and was
therefore able to advise the composition of a letter wblcb should bo
lustly expressed and to the point:
"Honored Lord—This Is from mo at
the present moment ln my guardian's
parlor"—writlug parlor when I as mate
of the ship should have written port or
harbor. "It Is to Inform you tbat Intelligence has been brought by letters
from London and Cambridge. Touching the matters referred to in these letters, I bave to report for your satisfaction that they call your lordship ln
round terms a gamester and a ruined
rake and your companions at tbe spa—
viz, Sam Semple, tbe parson, the rickety old beau and tbe colonel—simple
rogues, common cheats and sharpers.
Shall not, therefore, meet your lordship at tbe cburcb tomorrow morning
as Instructed. Awaiting your lordship's
explanations and commands, your most
obedient, bumble servant,
Thls letter I folded, sealed, addressed
and dropped Into my pocket Then I
bade Molly good night, entreated bee
to be thankful for her escape and so
left ber wltb a light heart Verily It
seemed as If tbe sadness of the last
two months bad been wholly and suddenly lifted, and on my way back to
tbe Crown I passed the Lady Anssta-
sla's lodging just as her cbalr wae
brought to the house. I opened tha
door for her and stood bat ln hand.
• "Why, It Is Jack!" she cried. "It Ie
tbe sailor Jack, tbe constant lover.
Have you anything more to tell me?"
"Only tbat Molly will not keep tbat
appointment of tomorrow evening"—
"Oh, tbat Interesting appointment ln
St Nicholas' cburcb. May a body ask
why tbe ceremony has been postponed?"
"-Things have been disclosed at the
last moment, fortunately ln time."
"Wbat tblngs, and by whom?"
"By letter. It Is stated as a fact well
known tbat Lord Fyllngdale la notblng
better tbau a ruined rake and a notorious gamester."
"Indeed! Tbe excellent Lord Fyllngdale! Impossible! Quite Impossible!
Tbe Illustrious example of so many
virtues! Tbe explanations will be, I
am sure, complete and satisfactory.
Ruined; a rake; a notorious gamesterl
Wbat next will tbe world say? Does
bis lordship know of tbls discovery?
Not yet? You said it was a discovery,
did you not? Well, my friend, I am
much obliged to you for telling me.
You are quite sure Molly will not be
there? Very good of you to tell me.
For my own part I start for London
quite early —at 5 o'clock. Goodby,
Then I went Into the Crown, where
I learned that tbe captain bad been
reading another letter containing accusations as bad as those In tbo otber
So we fell to talking over the business, and It was resolved tbat tbe captain should demand explanations by
letter, that be should refuse to receive
the villain Sam Semple or bis lordship
and that tbe vicar should. If necessary,
proceed to London and tbere learn
wbnt be could concerning tbe past history and tbe present reputation of the
uoble suitor. Meantime 1 said no moro
about the Intended marriage at St
Nicholas' church and tbe abandonment
of the plan. As things turned out It
would have been far better bad I told
the captain and bad we both planted
ourselves as sentinels at tbe door, so as
to be quite sure tbat Molly did not go
forth at tl In tbe morning.
Tbat evening, after leaving me, Lady
Anastasia sent a note to Lord Fyllngdale. "I am leaving Lynn early tomorrow morning. I expect to bo ln London In two daya Shall write to Molly."
nAD rowed myself
aboard tbat evening
In a strange condition
of exultation, fori bad
no doubt—no doubt at
all—that tbe charges
were true and that a
conspiracy of tbe most
deadly kind was not only discovered.
but also checked, and I could not but
admire the craft  and  subtlety  with
which the favorite of the muses bad
devised a plan by wblcb lt was made
possible for the conspirators to come
all together witbout the least suspicion
to tbe town of Lynn.
Nobody could stand against him, not
could any one in Lord Fyllngdale'a rank
visit tbo town ln its ordinary condition
witbout receiving an Invitation to
Houghton If Sir Robert was tbere unless, Indeed, there were reasons why he
should not be visited or received. What
Sam had not expected was without
donbt tbo wonderful success of his deception, the eagerness wltb which the
country round accepted his inventions,
tbe readiness wltb which they drank
these Innocent waters, tbe miraculous
cures effected and the transformation
of the venerable old port and trading
town Into a haunt and resort of fash*
Ion and the pursuit of pleasure.
Thinking of all these things and In
blissful anticipation of tbe discomfiture
of all tbo conspirators, there was an
Important thing that I quite forgot—
namely, to send Molly's letter to her
suitor in bis room at the Crown. I
carried the letter in my pocket I undressed and lay down In my bunk. I
slept with a light heart, dreaming only
of tblngs pleasant until the morning,
wben tbe earliest stroke of tbe hammer
from tbe yard and the quay woke me
up. It was tben 5:30. I sat up. I rubbed my eyes. I then suddenly remembered tbat the letter was ln my pocket
It was, I say, 5:30. The engagement
was for 0 o'clock. I might bave to run
yet to stop Lord Fyllngdale.
It does not take long to dress. You
may Imagine that I did not spend time
In powdering my hair. In a quarter of
an bour I was over the side of the sblp
and in my dingey.
By the clock In the Common Stath It
was five minutes to 0 wben I landed
hnd made her fast I climbed tbe
stairs and ran as fast as my legs could
carry me to the Crown inn. As I
reached the door the clock struck &
Was Lord Fyllngdale lu his room? I
was too late. He had left the bouse
only five minutes before and bad been
carried in his cbalr across the market
I followed. It was already five min
utes past the hour. I should find bin
in the church chafing at the delay. I
should give him the letter and retire.
The market place was filled with the
market people and wltb the townspeople who came to buy. I pushed across,
stepping over a basket and jostled by a
woman with poultry and vegetables.
It was seven or eight minutes after 0 when I arrived st the church.
The doors of tbe south porch were
open. Within I heard tbe sound of
voices or at least of one voice. I looked In.
Heavens! Wbat bad happened? Not
only was I late with my letter, but—
but could I believe my eyes? Molly
herself stood before the altar. Facing
ber was Lord Fyllngdale, wbo held her
band. Within the rails stood the Rev.
Benjamin I'urden, beside blm the clerk
to make the responses, and the minister, wben I arrived, wos actually saying the words which the bridegroom
repeats after tbe minister, completing
In effect the marriage ceremony.
"I, Ludovlc, take thee, Mary, to my
wedded wife," and so on, according to
the form prescribed, and again thj
words beginning:
"With tbls ring I thee wed"—
I stood and listened, lost In wonder.
Then came the prayer prescribed,
after which tbe clergyman Joined theii
bands together, saying:
"Those whom Cod hath joined together let no man put asunder."
I beard no more. I sat down on the
nearest bench. What was the meaning of this sudden change? Remember
that I bad left Molly only a tew hours
before this fully resolved that sbe
would demand an Inquiry Into the
statements and charges made In the
two letters—resolved tbat she would
not keep the engagement, her admiration for tbe proud, brave, noble creature, her lover, turned Into loathing.
And now, now, in the early morning.
With her letter in my pocket stating
ber change of purpose, I found her at
tbe altar and actually married.
"Whom God hath joined together let
not man put asunder."
Wbat If tbe man Purden was all that
he was described? Tbe priestly office
confers rights and powers which are
Independent of the man who holds that
ollice. Whatever his private wickedness, Purden was a clergyman, and
therefore he could marry people.
Molly stood before the ulinr. as had
been arranged. She wore a black silk
domino; she bad on a pink silk cloak
with a hood drawn over her head, so
that she wns quite covered up and concealed. But I knew ber by ber stature,
wblcb was taller than the common,
and by ber dress, wblcb bad been
agreed upon.
Then the bridegroom offered his
band and led the bride Into tbe vestry.
Tbey were to sign tbe marriage register.
And here I rose and slunk away. I
say that I slunk away. If you like It
better, I crawled away, for 1 was
Sick at heart. The thing wblcb I most
dreaded, the marriage of our girl to a
rake and a gamester, bad been actually accomplisbcd. Misery aud rulu
would be her lot. A-nd In my pocket
was ber letter asking ror explanation—
and withdrawing her promise for tb
morrow. Could one believe one's
I crawled away, nshnmed for the
first time In my life of tbe girl I loved.
Women, I said to myself, are poor,
weak creatures. They believe everything. Lord Fyllngdale in net have
been with her early, lie hud but to
deny tbe wbole; she accepted the denial. I'esplte ber resolution she walked with bint to the cbiirib as tbe lamb
goes to the shambles. Oli. Molly! Who
could have believed It of you?
1 left the cburcb and went away.   I
tbougbt of going to tbe captain; of
telling my father; of telling tbe vicar,
but It seemed like treachery, and 1 refrained.
Instead, I walked back to tbe quay
and paddled to tbe sblp. where presently tbe barges came alongside and
tbe day's work began. Fortunate It Is
for a man tbat at moments of great
unbappluess bis work bas to be done
and he Is desirous to put aside bis sorrow and to think upon bis duty. But
—alas! Poor Molly 1 Wbo could bavo
believed It possible?
Well, you see, I did not follow this
wedding to an end. Had I gone Into
tbe vestry I should bave been witness
of something very unexpected.
Tbe clergyman bad tbe registers lying on tbe table open. Be took a pen
end filled In tbe forma Be tben offer
ed tbe pen to the bride.
"My lady." be said. "I must nsk your
ladyship to sign tlie register—lu duplicate. If you please."
The bride sat down and ln a large,
bold band wrote ber name—Mary Miller.
Then the bridegroom took tbe pen
and signed "Fyllngdale."
Tbe clergyman sprinkled tbe pounce
box over the names and shut up tbe
books, which be gave to the clerk.
This officer took the books and locked
tbem ln tbe great trunk wnicii held the
papers and books of tbe church, putting the key In his pocket.
"And now," said Mr. I'urden, "let me
congratulate my noble patron and tbo
newly made countess on this auspicious event. I bave brought with me
a bottle of tbe flneBt por*. tne Crown
possesses, and I venture to drink
health, happiness and prosperity." So
saying he produced a bottle and glasses. The bride, without saying a word,
inclined her head to tbe bridegroom
and drank off ber glass. Lord Fyllngdale, wbo looked. If one may say so of
a bridegroom, peevish snd ill at ease,
raised his glass. "To your Happiness.
Molly," be said.
So all was mushed. "You are golnr
borne, Molly?" he nsked. "Fa* the
present—tnat ia to ssy, for a uny or
two—lt will be best I shall claim you
very soon. There Is no one but ourselves In the vestry." (Fur the clerk,
having locked tbe box and accepted tbe
guinea bestowed upon him by tbe bridegroom, was now tramping down the
church and through the porch. No one
but themselves was In the vestry or
tbe church.) "You may therefore take
off your domino."
"As your lordship pleases." Lord
Fyllngdale started. Whose voice was
that? "As you order I obey." So the
bride removed her domino and threw
back tbe hood.
The bridegroom started. "What Is
thla?" be cried, furious with certain
words which were out of place lu a
"Lady Anastasia I" cried Mr. Purden.
"Good Lord! Then we are nil undone!"
"Whnt does It mean? Tell me. she
devil! Whnt does It mean? Where Is
Molly? But this Is play acting. This
Is not n marriage."
"I fear, my lord," said the parson,
"that It Is a marriage. Tbe registers
are In the strong box. Tbey cannot
be altered."
"Go after the clerk, man. Order him
to give up the keys. Tear the pages
out of the registers."
"I cannot," said Mr. Purden. "I dare
not. The man Is a witness of this
marriage. Be has seen the entry In
tbe register. I dare not alter them or
destroy a single page. I have done a
great deal for your lordship, but this
thing I ennnot do, It Is n marriage, I
say. You are married to the Lady Anastasia here."
"Talk! Talk! Go after the man.
Bring back the man. Tear the keys
from him. Silence the man. Buy bis
silence. By heaven, I will murder him
ln order to stop bis tongue!"
"Your lordship forgets your bride—
your bappy, smiling. Innocent bride."
He cursed ber. He raised bis hand
as If to strike her down, but forbore.
"I told you," sbe continued, "that In
everything I was at your service—except In one thing. Tear the registers-
murder tbe clerk—but the bride will be
left. And If you murder ber as well
you will be no nearer tbe possession of
the lovely Molly."
The bridegroom sank Into a cbalr.
He was terrible to look nt, for his
wrath nnd disappointment deprived
him of tbe power of speech. Where
was now the cold nnd haughty front?
It wns gone. He sat In the chulr, upright hla face purple, his eyes sturtlng
from his bead, as one wbo hath some
kind of fit
The clergyman, still In bis white surplice, looked ou and trembled, for his
old pupil was In a murderous frame of
iiilml. There was uo knowing whom
he might murder. Besides, he bud before this divined the true nii'iitilug of
tbe visit to Lynn, and tie foresuw ruin
to himself as well as his patron.
Lord Fyllugdalo turned upon him
suddenly and cursed him for a fool, an
ass, a villain, a traitor. "You are In
the plot," be said. "You knew all along.
You have been suborned."
"My lord, my lord, bavo patience.
What could I know?   I was bidden te
be here at 0 to marry you. I supposed
Unit the bride was the fair Miss Molly
I eould not tell. I know nothing. Tbe
lady was lu u domino. It is Irregular
to "be married in a domino, but your
lordship wished It.   What could I do?"
•Send for tbe key. tben. and destroy
tbe registers."
"Alas, my lord, it Is now, you may be
sure, all over tbe town that you have j
been married, and to Miss Molly."
"Where Is Molly?    Where Is Molly i
tben?   Why did she keep away?"
The bride looked on wltb ber mock- J
Ing smile of triumph. "You may mnr- i
der me." she sold, "but you will not j
undo tbe marriage. I bavo been mar j
rled, lt Is true, under a false name, but
I am married none tbe less." I
"You havo brought ruin upon us all." j
ber   husband   said,   "ruin,   headlong
ruin.   I am at my last guinea   1 can
raise no more money.   1 hove no more j
credit   You yourself are as much discredited."
"If you are ruined." tbe lady replied,
"you are rightly punished. Bow many
vows bave you made to me? How
many lies bave you Invented to keep
ine qu lot?"
"With submission, my lord," Mr.
Purden stammered, for terror nnd bewilderment held blm. "Tbls Is a bad
morning's work. Let me advise that
before the town Is awake we leave the
cburcb uud talk over tbe business In
ber ladyship's rooms or elsewhere. We
must be private. To curse and to
swear helps notblng, nor does It help
to talk of a jealous revenge. Let us
It wns with a tottering step, as If he
was smitten with palsy, lhat the bridegroom walked down the aisle. The
bride put up her domino and threw ber
hood over ber bead and so. wltb the
parson, lu silence, walked away from
the cburcb to ber lodging, leaving the
bridegroom to follow by himself. As
yet the market people had uot heard
the news.
But the news spread. The clerk told
his wife. "I come from the church,"
he said. "I have witnessed the marriage of Miss Molly—Captain Crowlo'a
Molly—with Hie noble lord, who wears
the star and looks so grand. A private
wedding It was. I know not why. The
parson wns the Rev. Mr. Purden, he
who reads the morning prayers and
preaches on Sunday."
Then the clerk's wife, slipping on her
apron—for such folk find the shelter of
the aprou for their bauds necessary lu
conversation—ran round to the pump-
room. No one was there as yet but
the two dippers. To them she com
niunicntcd the news.
Then she went on to the market aud
told all the people of the town whe
were chaffering there.
At 7 o'clock, the cnptnln, walking In
his garden, was surprised by the nr
rival of the horns, who stood before
the house and performed a noble Hour I
Ish. "What the devil Is that for?" sal.)
the captain. Then there arrived tin j
butchers witb tbelr marrowbones nni
clenvers nud began to mnke tbelr mu
sic with zeal. The captain went out tc
them.   Up went their bats.
"Huzza for Miss Molly and her hus
"Her husband?   What do you mean?'
"Her husband, bis lordship; married
this morning."
"What?" The captain stored In
amazement. Then be rushed luto the
house. Molly wns In the kitchen.
"Whnt Is this?" be nsked. "Tbe butch-
ers nxe here nnd the horns, nnd they
swear you were married tbls morning.
"Why. captain, I have not been outside thc door. I nm not married, I assure you, nnd I begin to think now
that I never shall be married."
The cnptnln went out and dismissed
the musicians, but tbe thing trouhh-d
him, and he was nlrensly sick nt henrt
ou account of tho Inst night's discourse
and Its discoveries.
A» lsi.'i With Diamond Byes.
It la n curious fact und oue scarcely
known outBlde of Russia, and there
hardly over mentioned, that tbe fa-
mous Oiioll diamond was once the
fight eye uf the great Idol Sen-lnghum
In the temple of Bruhmu. This precious gem was stolen nt nbout tbe be-
tinning of the eighteenth century by n
French soldier who hud i. ude n pretense of being converted to the Hindoo
religion in order to gain the i.'oulidfiice
of the priests aud admission to the
temple. The Frenchman first sold tbe
diamond for £8,000. On the next «urn
It wus bought by a banker of Constantinople for £12,000. The banker kept it
until 1774 and then sold lt to the Bus*
sian empress for 0)0,000 nud a life pension. Tho gem hus been lu the Russlun
royal futnlly ever sluce. As It Is now
set In thc Imperial scepter of Russia it
presents a flattened, rose cut surface
and weighs exactly ISMVj carafe.
Vanity Tickled.
During the early excesses of tbe
French revolution a rubble of men nnd
women wero rioting lu the streets of
Paris. Lafayette appeared ittul ordered
a young artillery olllcer to open lire
upon tbem with two cannon. Tho of-
Beer begged tbo general to let blm try
first to persuade them to withdraw.
"It Is us'icss to appeal to their ren-
soii," suid the general,
"Certainly," answered the ofileer,
"and It Is not to tbelr reason, but to
their vanity, I would uppeul."
The officer rode up to the front of the
mob, doffed his cocked hat. pointed to
the guns and said:
"Gentlemen will Imvc the kindness to
retire, for 1 am ordered to phoot down
the rabble."
The street was cleared at once, for
none could brook the Idea of being
classed with the hcuiii of the city.
Mothlna Doing.
Gold Brick Brown-
Den youse don't want
to buy It?
Uncle Joe—Well, not
jest now, sonny. You
nee, the gilt ain't quite
worn off tbe last one
I got from you.
you tell God
bow naughty
you were?
and I guess I
wasn't so awful naughty after all, 'causa
he didn't make
any fuss about
phla Press.
War He Wasn't Impreaaed.
Tho following story Is told of n gar-
rulous victim of the Johnstown flood
of ISSfl, who when he reached pnrntllee
Ascended u cloud thut served within
the peurly gnts s us it rostrum nnd un
dcrtook lo thrill his now made nc-
qualntuiici s among the shades wltb nn
account of the disaster through which
he bnd passed. Ile wus Interrupted
by a gray bearded old man in the
group, "A mere bucketful—■ mere
bucketful f* the old fellow piped.
"Don't waste bu much time talking of
a small affair like Unit!"
The Johnstown man resented this
nnd hunted np St. Peter, of whom ho
■eked, "Who la tbnt old codger who
teems to think our Hood sucb is trilling
"That?" said St. Peter. "Why. Hint's
A   t'lmri'ls   Id   Wislr..
Wrexham parish cburcb Is known as
one of the seven wonders Of Willi's.   It
dates ua n structure from the fifteenth
century nud Is cutbs drill like ln Its proportions. A "chained" Bible, now kept
uuder lock ami key, is among tbe curious relics, ami beside it is a handsomely bound "visitors' book." sent by the
students of Yale university, United
Stntes, for tbe uso of Yale students visiting the church. In the siiurchynrd Is
the tombstone of Bllhu Yale, with Us
qimltit epitaph. Tlu* -soldiers' cbnpel.
Which is entered tlnough nn exquisite
arch, hns u benuiiful memorial window to the Welsh fuslleers who hnve
fallen 111 battle.
W.iss'l  Slisv
This notice appears on n  Flushing
steamboat: "Passengers ahould obtain
a receipt for nil provisions taken on
board this bout uud are roqucatcd to
retain the same."
Balder snid  tliun done!    It reminds
us of the old Limerick:
There wna a young man of ("»sti'nd
Wlin mil.I he'd bold out till tha slid,
I!ut when half way over
From iiHiPtisi to Dover
He did whut lis; didn't luten*.
Hedgehogs nud l'.ur".
Rome yeara ng". not ining able to account for tbe disappearance of eggs, a
wire cage trap was set lu n fowl run.
After n little time this wns oecifblpd—
lint by n rat, but u line hedgehog lllli'd
to Its utmost Capacity the trap. It
wus react, to be lillisl In u few days by
Mrs. Hedgehog! No more eggs were
missed.—London Timet*.
A      Delicate
"It seems te
ton's wife as
mad aa a hornet every time
he boasts that
he began nt the
foot and worked his wny up."
"Well, be
started ln as a
hootblnck, you
go Record Herald.
I.laisla and P>u...l. „ „f Sp_„,,
There Is an Immense range of differ
ence In the bright ness of the stnrs
when the sun Is tnken for a stnndnrd
of compnrlson. Riiiim of tlm stars emit
only ono one-hundredth u much light
as the sun emits. Others emit o thou-
snnd times ns much \\g\tt „„ |)e do(lg
Indeed, one scientist thinks there are at
Irnst two stars each of wblcb Is probably 10,000 times ns bright us the sun,
which slgnllls's that if either of those
stars were as near to tis ni the Hnn Is
It would outshine him 10,000 tlmea In
brightness. Tbe two slurs nro Catio
pus. which Is In the soutbern hemisphere and Invisible from our part o"
tho earth, and Itlgsl, one of the two
brightest stars In tbo constellation Orion.
Illggliis-IIow Is It you nre always
Idling about? I never see you when
you have anything to ilo.
Wiggins-The fact Is, It tnk«*s so
niiuii of my time looking nfter other
folks' business I have none left for
looking nfter my own. Don't ynu Hud
something like tbe sumo trouble yourself?
Pimr  I Issarla.
"And, you sci\ there are plenty of
closets," sul.l tbe flat owner, sliowing n
lady through the ii|iui'tiiu*iits.
"Do you call those clnsi'ls?" replied
the hiily. "Why, grndous inc. they're
not big CnOUgb tO even keep our family
skeleton luP'-Yonkere Statesman,
Remember*' the Kin*inra«<*a.
"He snys bis proudest bsmst Is thnt
he never forgets o kindness."
"That's tight   lie nerer docs forget
ono tlmt be does you, und ho won't let
you   forget   It   eltl-er."
Proof Positive,
"Looncy Is no Judge of hiimnn nnturo
"Why do you suy Hint?"
"He has such sublime faith In himself."
""•   lislllisn.
"He always bas an PXCUie ready."
"Yes; he believes more In g„,id excuses thun tn avoiding the necessity for
any excuse."
ah affectation is the attempt of poverty to appear rlcb.
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to start a
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Summer Outing
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The Newcat Compll-.*"**'*
Ho—You ore worth your weight »
gold, dear.
She-Ob, thefe old.   Give me •on-*
thlng new.
"Whnt shell lt be?" „
"Sny I'm worth my weight in beer.
Yonkcrs Stntesmnn.
Don'sle  Vlalon.
.Tuilj-e-Hnvp 1 not seen you twice ■**•■
fore under the Innucnce of liquor'
Lofendant-Ii you wero lu that
dlllon, your honor, yon probably
seo mo twleo.-l'lillndelphln Press* The Drill.
Mne men are so busy looking tor
i» position that they have no time to
fa,\.'!"i,u*llviunIrTuST   M*°WBBB   must
*'*'•'*• couUs  un*5    ,Vr? '""•••'Wred  by  ao
' '   Tho,*??.   ."U,ls mily M preserves!
L.i 'L'i,.,."l.B   Bclocglo  Oil.      Croup,
by Ur.
Louis LVI. was never better pleas-   v., ,     ; ■•■;••'":'   ;■ i'Ii-i.  on.     t:i„ui>.
ed than when seated  in front of    u 'aBectloSS  of *ti,e th?"c?lu-,'Jln. ,h*»rt "■*'•
£gu    meat pie.   1'ork    pie was hie   _&«_** ffl^C^■5B&ffi
preference;,     Vihen imprisoned in the
temple, his bitterest complaints were
with regard to food    that was furnished him.
There never was, and never will be, a
universal panacea, in oue remedy, for all
Hla tss which flaoh is heir—the very nature »f many curatives being such thai
were the germs ot other and differently
watcd diseases rooted In the system of
the i>atlent—what would relieve one 111
l„ turn would aggravate the other. We
huve. Isowe-'er. in Quinine Wine, when ob-
tuii.'sIsle Ir. so. ■ ' unadulterated hiistc,
B remedy lor mi »nd grievous ills ily
ltH ,.1'iitliiiil and .udlclous use the frailest
lygtems are led into convalescence and
strength by the influence which t'utnina
exeils on nature's own restoratives. It
relievos the drooping spirits of those
wlth whom a chronic state of niorliisl
despondency and lack of Interest in life
l» a slisettse, and, by tranqullizing the
nerves disposes to sound and refreshing
Sleep- iiiipiirta vigor to the action of the
blood, which, being stimulated, courses
thnsiiuhout the veins strengthening the
healthy animal (unctions of the rysteni,
thereby milking activity a necessary re-
suit,strengthening the frame, and giving
lits. lss tie di-restlve organ*, which natu-
rullv ili'iiiuiid Increased substance—result,
Improved appetite. Northrop A Lyman,
„( Toronto, have given to the public
their superior Qulnlus* Wine at the usual
rate, and. gauges! by the opinion of
ss lei,lists, this wine approaches nearest
perfection of any lu the market. All
druggists sell It.
The Emperor Charles V. was a
must abominable glutton, and wus
fond of anything he could chew and
swallow. IIo finally died of a sur-
i's*it caused by overeating. It is bo-
liiU'ii by physicians thnt his appetite was morbid and diseased.
Minard's Liniment Cures UGrippe.
It ts perhaps well to remind that
girl whose parents arc doing all they
sun to make her happy, and who is
(lissntisfied, that some day her happiest moment in life is when the
baby is asleep.
is mosi economic   ' k'd"ey dlfflculty. <""->
wi? Ukod stewea lamphreys.
gometlmoa when visiting he would
He abed for two or three daya at a
Ume, unless he heard that there wore
v. J,n lamiJhl"ys 'W dinner, when he
WOUld rise and make his appearand
at the table.
Little Ones    Well During tho
Hot Weuther Months.
The average wife imagines her hus-
b.ind would have remained a bashe-
elor if he had not been fortunate
enough to meet her.
In the game of life the one-armed
nmn playa a lone hand.
A  man never knows whether a woman's hat i.s on straight or crooked.
The proprietor of a German menagerie keeps caged together a lion,
n tiger, a wolfc and n lamb, whieh
he lubels "The Happy Family."
Vs lien nsked confidentially how long
these animals had lived tof/tiner he
'"1*1*11 years, but the lamb hus to
be renewed occasionally."—Philadelphia Times.
Messrs. C. 0. Richards & Co.
Dear Sirs,—While in the country
last summer I was badly bitten by
mosquitoes—oo badly thut I thought
I would be disfigured for a couple of
weeks. I was advised to try your
Liniment to allay the irritation, and
I did so. The effect was mssro than
I exp»acted—a few applications completely curing the irritation, preventing the bites from becoming sore.
MINAItli'S UNIMENT is also a
gs>od article to ks*ep off the mosquitoes.
Yours truly,
W. A. OKK.
Harbor draco. Nfld, Jan. 8, 1898.
At llochester, England, the death
hns just taken place of Mr. Oeoige
Thomas ("rook, formerly inspector of
machinery in the Hoyal Navy. Mr.
• look, who was seventy-two years
nf ago, wus known in the service us
"the man who sat on the safety
valve." fssr his plucky action during
'ho Egyptian war of 1882. He then,
ut tho risk of his own life, adopted
tlss* heroic expedient Indicated in order to raise sullk'ient. steam to lift.
ashore at. Suez., by means of a rickety crane two locomotives which
were urgently required on the Egyptian  Knilwuy.
*ttTaG_**"TtY   ,,-t    IJVER
r    .,cfSTHESYSTl-M
"Ritual "-fl^D*-***
ITS Re..- "v"* *-"-->
buy the genuine-MANT'D by
It you want to keep jour little
ones hourly, rosy and lull oi life during tho hot weather give tlieui Daby's Own Tablets tho moment they
show signs of being out oi' iu
any way.
This mediciue cures all forms oi
stoma, h und bowel trouble**., which
carry olT so many little ones stuiiug
the summer mouths, anil is the best
Hung in the world for slceplcb-sUObS,
nervousness, Irritation when teething,
etc. It is just the medicine lor hot
weather troubles; lirst, because it always does good; und second, because
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teed free from all opiates. Mis. W.
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when my little girl was about three
months old. At that time she had
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good and she was very thin. "Nothing helped her until wu began giving
her Duby's Own Tublets, bul after
giving her these the vomiting ami
diarrhoea ceased and she begun to
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since used the Tablets for olher
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Stores or you can get them post paid
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N.  Y.
•*.0,5v,'t*,      tJr*fMNoir       *«WV0**T
[QB __ Bv Ait 0au&6l-iT5. PftiCt SOc.ftft BOTTU.
Oa*  ttf   th*   Great   Dangers   Wklch
Threaten  Man.
The greatest dangers which threaten
men are generally Invisible to the vie
tlm, and among these none Is more
productive of disastrous consequences
than "electrical leakage." the selfsame
leakage used by the natives of ull hot
climates to lower their temperatures.
As no organic function can take place
except by means of electrical currents,
so lt can be easily understood that lt
those currents leak from our bodies
the loss of power must lie distinctly
harmful. A common Instance of this
loss of electricity from our bodies consists of what we call a nervous shock,
the scientific explanation being that s
sudden egress of electricity takes place
owing to the violent mental Impressions Involuntarily forcing a current of
power through chanuels which had not
been previously open to receive tbem.
"This," remarked a scientist, "is but
one case among n thousand of the ways
In which we uselessly expend our vital
power. The electrical waste of u person Is entirely due to his surroundings
—the seat upon which you sit. the table npon which you write, the floor, the
celling, tho fireplace, the rays unit colors of light which surrotiiiil you, all
may bo instrumental in absorbing your
electricity, to the great detriment of
your health. Hed or yellow light travel
excite electricity within you, blue and
violet waves exhaust It. while green
waves ore practically neutral ln their
"Tho sir you breathe places you in
direct Communication wilh the walls,
windows or hearth of yonr room; if,
owing to the manner In which they are
constructed, they place you in electrical
communication with the soil on which
your house Is built, nu 'eurili return' Is
formed, und the electricity In man's
1'omleiiRor -tliP brain Is drawn out of
the body. When one stands In the
vicinity of n place of electrical exhaustion one ought to face It. as the base
of the skull and spine, being the center
of tbo nervous system, are more sensitive to outside Influences than Is the
more covered front of the body. This
Is why one feels so tired when sitting
with one's buck to a lire; the Oamei
hs'ive ns coniluetoi's and extract the
force from the exposed nervous centers."* _        	
An OlillRlnr*,  Yoatt*.
"Miss Rink seems to be n very sad
and serious person." said Miss Cayenne. "Nothing ever scorns to make
lur smile."
"That's too bad." answered Willie
Wlshington. "1 guess HI pr****"*"'' •'•
her. That seems to be the best thing
I  can  do.    It  uever  falls to get a
laugh." _
•Rear to Kind Ont.
-now absurd It la to aay that o man
dos'sn't know on which side his breafJ
|fl buttered when It's oo easy to Uud
«SJJr|t   Any one ought to kaov"
ih'it lt wiini^M^_ji!.(> <low"'
Vna-n** Ple«»«»*r*"*
The local market has been quiet
but Brm ull week, with a very small
business doing, in the fore part of
the week the feeling was somewhat
stronger. While buyers were scarce
holders were not disposed to reduce
prices In order to sell, and on Wednesday No. l har(j Wtt8 worth 70Jc.
1 northern 75c and 2 northern 72jc
spot or July delivery, in store Fort
William. With the easier markets
outside the feeling hero Is easier too,
und ut the end of the week prices
were practically the same as they
were a week ago, viz., 1 hard 7CJc,
I northern 71jc, and 2 northern 72Jc
ir. store Fort William spot, July or
first half August delivery.
FI.OUIt—Demand is light and tho
market is unchanged as follows:
Ogilvio's Hungarian, $2.05 per sack
ol 08 lbs. ; Olenora Patent, $1.90;
Alberta, $1.75; Manitoba, fl.OU;
XNXX, $1.25.
MIM.FF.F.D — Ihan is firm and
worth $ir. per ton ln bulk. Shorts
firm nt $17 per ton ln bulk, delivered, subject to usunl trade discounts.
-BOUND FFF.D-We quote: Oat
chop, per ton, $28; barley chop, $24;
mixed barley and oats, $20; chop
scressnings. $15.50; oil cake, $80.
DATS—The uiurket for oats is unsettled. Dusiness is quiet and mostly confined to local account. We
quote: No. 2 white, 40Jc per bushel,
for carlots on track here; feed
grades, 87 to 88c. At country
points farmers are getting 31c to 34c
for No. 2 white oats. Street oats
are not olTering.
BARLEY—All offerings are now be-
Ing taken 'or feed at 40c per bushel.
The movement is very light.
SPBLTZ—Dealers are doing a little business in speltz for feeding purposes at 50c per bushel of SoTRs.
HAY—Demand is fair and the market steady at $7 to $8 per ton for
carlots on track here for fresh baled.
ROLLED OATS—Milling companies report their prices unchanged as
follows : 80tb. sacks. $2.20 ; 401b.
sacks are worth $2.25; 20s, $2.30;
nnd 8s, $2 dO with rover. Twolb.
packages, $3.00 without case. Gran-
ulnteil and standard oatmeal is un-
changed at $2.75 jier $81b. sack.
POULTRY—The market is quis.t.
Live chickens bring 70 to 75c per
pair, and turkeys are worth lie per
pound, live weight.
BUTTER— Creamery—Receipts are
fairly large and prices hold steady
ut lCJc to 17c per pound for choice
creamery, f.o.h , factory
111 PIT.K—Hairy—Dealers are offering as high as 13c per pound, commission basis, for choice table butts'!' in boxes Or tubs, and from thut
figure tlu* marki't ranges down to
luc fur low grades.
CHEESE--*The market is steady
and [Airchoseo have been at
sSJc per pound. The range of prices
is from SJc to 9c per pound delivered here.
fugs—ifs's'i'ipts are moderate, and
ths. market holds at 13c per dozen
for choice case eggs delivered In Winnipeg.
DRESSED MF.ATS—Receipts are
improving, and the market is easy.
We quote: Beef, city dnssed, 74 to
8Jc per lb.; veal, 8 to 9c; motion.
Wc: spring lumbs, each, $8.60 to $4
hogs, per pound, 7| to 8*Jc.
HIDF.S—No. 1 city hides, 6Jc: No.
2. 6|r; No. 3, 4Jc. Kips and calf
the same price as hids*s; deukins, 25
to 40c. slunks, 10 to 15c; horsehidis
.".lie to |1.
\\ i K)Ij—Prices range from 0 to OJc
per pound.
CATTLE—The range cuttle are now
condition, and shipping for export
commencing. There is a good de-
ii and ior export cuttle, and price*
are high, consequently we may ex-
pi'ct to see an active movement from
now on. There is aKo a good de-
uiaiisl (rom local buthers for beef
i at tie. Choice export cattle are
worth 4Jc per pound oil cars at
Winnipeg, and butchers' grasles from
'Si   tO   IsJC.
1 never learned chelrognomy
Nnr tin IroKtiorny's lore,
But over one we, dimpled hnno
1 dearly luve lo tioru.
1 toiii-h ihe dainty finger tips
And ilii'l u wondrous charm
in tracing hidden happenings
While rosdlnc Polly's puim.
I enrss nsit wlint the line of life
An.) line of bead Import)
U] anxious mind in cantered oa
The wavering line of heart
I travel up the burred mounts
In Mann of liosllnt; hurni
Ami study iMriis nnd diameters
Wnllo rosdtng Polly'a palm.
Jupiter's elevntlon ahowi
A tyrannising trend;
Apollo's hillock Hlgnlllea
A bride that may unbend:
Mars' mount denOtSS resistance
To my snorosahlng arm;
Alas, my forlunss rise nnd fall
While reading Polb/s palm.
Venus Implies somo vanity,
A dear desire to shine,
And But'.irn shows a disbelief
In ardent vows of mine.
Cross lines, which for. tell obstacle**,
Fsll mc with vaBiie alarm;
My spirits sink to r.'ro mirk
While reading Polly'a palm.
▲ mystic trlanRlo portend!
A serlouB HtbSOk)
A Rrlllo formation Indicates
She'll keep me on Ihe rack.
But one sweet sign emboldens mo
And tenders healing balm;
Tho clrclo promises aues*ca»
ln winning Polly'a palm.
Tortuiod by all Kinds of Pains and
Aches he Tries Everything, but
Fails to Find ltelief Till a Friend
Advises Him to Use Dodd's Kiduoy
Pills—Thoy Have Made a Well Man
of 11 nu uud ho iu Uruteiul.
Innovation I'mmlm-d.
"I nm n little weary of thCBe conventional stage villains," said tho habitual
theater goer.
"So am I," answered the actor earnestly. "The next time I pluy the part
of o villain I shall make o radical do-
purl un*. I shall not sinoko n clgarettc.''
—Washington Star.
Ottawa, Ont., July 26.—(Special.)
—Flunk Cliurtruud. u railway man,
who-,e home is 180 Little Ohuudiure
Street, has ackmowledged that Dodd s
Kidney Pills have done more folium than anything else in the world
bus ever done, lie buys: "1 suffered
with backache and was always
drowsy and hud a very heavy leeliug
ill my limbs.
"1 hud frequent severe headaches
cad more limes very sharp pains in
the lop of my head, which gave me
much annoyance in my work.
"My Unguis would cramp aud 1
would have an uneasiness in my lugs
and occasional pains iu the loins.
"1 was dizzy in spells and short of
breath. If 1 ate a hearty meal 1
would have a pain in my left side.
My appetite would sometimes bo
very good and sometimes I couldn't
eat anything.
1 hud a constant soreness and tenderness over the spine and tired feeling in the region of my Kidneys.
"1 suffered quite a littlo with a
dragging heavy feeling across the
"Dodd's Kidney Pills were recommended to me by a friend of mine
who had been cuied, and I began to
use them.
"Almost from the start I began to
feel tlio wonderful Improvement,
which continued as the- treatment
proceeded, till the unpleasant symptoms hud on one entirely disappeared.
"Dodds Kidney Pills have worked
a wonderful cure in my case and 1
cannot speak too highly of this great
and good remedy."
What Dodd's Kidney Pills have
dono for Mr. Chnrtrand tney have
done for thousands of others, and
they'll do tho same for you if* you
give them a chunce.
There arc many railway men in
Canada today who find Dodd's fllid-
ney l'ills Indispensible. They are the
railway man's surest and best friend.
The constant vibration on trains
and engines is very hard on the kidneys, nnd Dodd's Kidney l'ills make
these organs well und able to resist
Ilie man who borrows money bor-
iows trouble. The man who lends
money doesn't need to borrow
trouble. lie has a good supply with
Monks>y llrand Soap makes copper like
gold, tin Ilka ail ver, atoakary like mm-
l>le, and windows like crystal. 14
If some knockers were able to make
money as eHsily us lliey make trouble
their wealth would soon become burdensome.
There is a paper published nt Sing
Sing prison called " The Star ol
Hope," but no one hns ever boon
known to apply for a ps>r«iuns>nt position sin the staff.
Miaard's Liniment is best Hair Restorer.
Everybody likes and respects si'lf-
mnde men. It is a great deal better
to be made in that way than not to
be made at all.
Don't let your heart grow cold,
nnd you may carry cheerfulness and
love with you into the teens of your
second century, if you can last so
THE BEST P1DL8.—Mr. Wm. Vaniler-
vssort, Svdney Croaslne, Ont., writes :
"We bave been using Parmelee's l'ills.
unit find them by far tlis beet pills we
ever used. For Delicate and Debilitated
Constitution! these pills ait like ss
.harm. Taken in small doaes. the effect
I* both a tonic mil etkmulant, inildlv e.\-
, it inn the secreUoaa at the body, uiviiiu
tons, and vigor.
Sin hus mnny tools, but a lio is u
handle whieh Ills them all.
Put not your trust in   money, but
put, your money In trust.
Willi  most men    life is like backgammon—hulf skill und half luck.
Faith  always  implies  the  disbelief
of a ls-sser fact in favor of a greater.
Minard's Liniment is the best.
The scientific study of man Is the
most difllcult of all brunches of
Controversy equalizes fools and
wise men in the same way—and the
fools know it.
A wooden leg is an amendment to
the  sonstitution.
Breathing Disease.
Infectious diseases aro breathed
Into the system from those affected
with disease or from bad smells; yet
how many women breathe dally the
offensive steam from common soaps
made from rancid fats, and keep their
hands for hours ln such solutions,
and the clothing from such soap suds
Is worn next the tender skin. No
wonder disease and eczema are
prevalent I Users of Sunlight Soap
—Octagon Bar—know the difference
between that and the pure, healthful smell from the vegetable oils
and pure edible fata in Sunlight
Soap. 208
In Flour Buying
It's an old saying that it's easy to
give advice, but good advice carefully
followed has brought otherwise unattainable satisfaction to thousands.
Try this and see If 1t don't bring
lt to you: Use OOILVDE'S HUNGARIAN FLOUR and secure all
that's good in thc best No. 1 hard
wheat, nnd baking days that are as
devoid of failures as the changing
from night to day.
Millers to tt.R.H. tho Prince of Wales
Once usedj jtlways  used.
,.',"- : '.-h*w*. ■ - .
u/ill have'ho other.
»•■    ■   ■ -*v    ■
There are a great many real miseries in life that we cannot help smiling at, but they are smiles that make
wrinkles and not dimples.
Some persons have periodical attacks
of Canadian cholera, dysentery or diarrhea, ansl have to use great precautious
to avoid the disease. Change of water,
cooking and green fruit Is sure to loins*;
on tlie attacks. To sssch persons we
would recsinsineiul llr. J. II. Kollogg's
Dysentery Cordial as being the best medicine in the market for all summer complaints. If si few drops uro tukou in water when the symptoms are noticed no
further trouble will be experienced.
When a strong brain is weighed
With a true heart, it seems like bul-
aucing a bubble against a wedge of
Will dear your
house of flies
A person is alwaya startled w ln*n
it: hoars himself culled old for tin*
lirst time
You muy set it down as a truth
which admits of few exceplions that
those who ask your opinion really
want your praise.
Fever and Ague and Bilious Derange-
ents are positively cured by the use of
Parmelee's Pills. They not only cleanse
the Stomach and bOWOls from all bilious
matter, but they open the excrotory vessels, causing Uiein to pour copious efbi-
llonl frnm the blood into the bowels, alter which the corrupted mass is thrown
out by the natural passage of the body.
'I'lnv are used as a general family medicine  with the best  results.
tin the programme of human events
women are the consolation race.
Some people aio bom poor, some
achieve poverty, nnd some thrust
poverty  on  other  people.
Minard's Liniment for Rheumatism.
Rainbows never surrender, but always go down with their colors Hying.
A billboard may help to swell the
actor's bead, but. a board bill is
quite another story.
Travellers change their guineas, not
their characters.
Se»«*» The PointT
You pay yoar money, and wa gWe you
the nicest, sweetest clear uiada--
Buy ona.   Ton will stay with than.
makitt.onmso BT
The quality Htumtnrri from Ocean to
Ort-nti, Your iiiom<y buck If not Mt-
Iftf&'-tory. -
KOM-: \ I.A I I.AMMi;, Inf.. MONTREAL.
Without question tho boot aad
most effective spring! In Canada for
the cure of rhoumatlem, kidney or
liver troubleo. Tho medicinal quall-
tlste of the water aro unequalled.
Splendid hotel accommodation ; fine
flailing and hunting. An ideal opot
for tha Invalid. .
Toronto,   On*..,   Cnnodn.
W.  N.  U.  No. Wt,	
■■ i      ' ' '
Thnt man who snys he never makes
a mistake probably doesn't know one
wben be SIMM it.
A mnn mny be able to fool himself
ns to his Importance, but it is sliili-
cult to fool ids neighbors. THK DRILL, SLOGAN, «* C, At/lil.'.Sl 8, 1002.
C. E. SMiTHnrnxoALK, Editor nnd Prop.
•flLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line lot
the first insertion snd 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at ssme rater
ni legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
."or each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
Tlie Subscription is $2 per year, st.ict
ly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
FRIDAY, AUGUST 8th,  1902.
A peucil mark in the spsce
•ppoiite will be sn indies-
.lien to yeu ttiat ye editor
ceniiileii there is something
coming to him isn yoin-subscription. Kimllyscknow-
'edge   in cash snd oblige.
MeLean Bros., of Vancouver, have
.signed a contract with the govern
ment to build   the  Coast-Kootonay
,railroad. __________
William MacAdams has made his
peace with the judiciary and is on
again a free man,   Billy is row one
,of Canada's foremvo. *  blic characters
Unlets efforts are put forth to improve communications with the Two
Friends and Black Prince, there is a
.strong probability of tho ores from
those properties going to Kootenay
lake via Six Mile creek, In that
event the trade of that section will go
te Nelson. Slocan cannot afford lo
stand for that.
The Fernie strike has been settled
and thc relief to the business interests eft he country is groat. A supply of coke is now assured and thc
smelters of the Buundary camp may
' resume permanent operations. Once
the mine officials and men got together it did not tako long to amicably
adju t the questions in dispute. Compulsory arbitration would ensure just
as speedy a settlement of all industrial disputes.
The one bright spot in thc mining
districts of thc Intorior of the province is the Slocan City division.    It is
-the one dry ore section ofthe country and its merits are such as to attract the attention of the continent.
The cash deals just concluded on thc
Exchange and Ottawa will increase
-the notoriety of the camp and further
.the impression among capitalists that
.its resources will bsar investigation.
All the money coming in is Yankee
coin, again demonstrating that the
astute Yankee knows a gootl thing
when he sees it.   Money talks every
.time.        ___________
.In every mining camp there is always an element of tho population
that is dyspeptie and disgruntled,
and whose delight it is to decry the
country and discourage all efforts to
open it up, Latterly these degenerates have come to be known as
knockers. Unfortunately for the
welfare of thc city, Slocan lias held a
certain percentage of these people,
whose minds became warpt through
jealousy and their opinions biased by
viiidictivencss. The camp has met
with favor from monicd men and the
knockers have felt hurt, but the pub
lie has become aroused and tlie tlis
gruntled are crawling into their holes
and pulling thc bolei in after then.
The storm of opposition lias centred
.particularly around Charles Dempster, who floated the Republic. Sapphire and Exchange groups. Determined efforts have been made to
wreck him and his promotions, with
the effect only of the calumnies recoiling upon thc heads of thc tra
duccre. The capital introduced by
Mr. Dempster into tho camp is em
ploying at least 50 men and the eity
is deriving thc benefit from many
.thousands of dollars expended iach
month in labor and supplies. Demonstrations of that nature are what
the camp wants and tho more ths
merrier, for the resources are here to
justify them. What effect the knocking bas had may be judged Irom the
.following telegram received by THE
Drill from Detroit:
"Surely sueh shortsighted and
contemptible procedure on part
of certain individuals culls fur
condemnation all bread-
ininili'il citizen*. Cannot injure
me in the slightest, but suggests of my plans for
jour city's advancement.
OSA"*.  r>KMP**.TK.*?."
Pay the printer.
The Hewett has reduced Hi force
by eight men.
Ore shipments frem thc Slocan total 18,000 tons.
Harrv Stevenson and family have
removed to the States.
The public school epens for business on Monday, 18th.
James Nixon and family removed
to Nanaimo on Tuesday.
George Hindle, thc new principal
of the school, has arrived.
It is high time the government
started repairing the trails.
Rev. J. Irvine, of Trail, was here
Monday on Forester business.
No services will be held in thc
Presbyterian church next Sunday.
Mrs. John Taylor died in New
Denver Monday, of typhoid fever.
W. A. Alexander returned from
the Thunder Mountain country this
There will likely bo sports for the
juveniles on Main street, Saturday
The Black Prince is to have its
second class ere tested by the Elmore
oil process.
S. Norman, manager of the Black
Prince, returned fiom Spokane on
Chicken feed at Arnot'*) selling for
$1.75 per hundred for wheat and
$1.40 for shorts.
Tomorrow, being coronation day of
.ue Kin.', the government has proclaimed it a public holiday.
Father Coccola, of St. Eugene mis
sion. East Kootenay, held services in
the Catholic church last Sunday.
Andy Shilland, secretary of the
Sandon Miners' Union, married
last Thursday to Miss Annie Beck.
The C.P.R. is building a line oi
telegraph into the Trout Lake coun
try by way of the Lardo railway.
Mrs. II. P. Christie, accompanied
by her daughter Phyllis, left Wednesday ona pleasure trip to England.
Rev. F. Clinton, of St. James'
church, Vancouver, will hold service
in the Anglican ehurch here on the
24th inst.
Gus Ilogan appeared before II. D.
Curtis, J P.,on Monday .charged witb
assaulting Oscar Anderson. He was
fined $1U and costs.
Lcok in Arnot's window tat bar-
gai is iu ladies' and children's shots.
Only $1 for any pair shown. Ceme
quiek before they are all picked ovor.
The council didn't hold a special
meeting Wednesday night, to giro
the amended license bylaw its first
and second readings.a quorum failing
to appear.
Jack Clarke, who went eut with
the 2nd C. M.R., has taken his discharge in South Africa and is remaining there. Joe Law is visiting his
people in England.
E. Baisdcn, a trick bicyclist, who
per farmed here two months ago with
the N. Y. Specialty Co., gave an ex
bibition of his skill in front of the
Arlington Monday night.
Green Bros., II. Byers,H.Giegerich
antl A. 13. Morris, of Kaslo, have
amalgamated their mercantile business with a capital of $100,000. Thev
will deal wholesale as well as retail.
A sojourn In the local Basllle Tuesday night had a sobering effect on
one of the demi monde, who had a
skate on. She was subsequently invited t'i leave town on a three
months' vacation to the Nelson jail.
Friday evening thc juveniles hold
a drilling contest, before a large audience. In ten minutes Harry York
and W. Foley drilled eight inches,
C. Foley a nd J. McVicar seven inches
and C. Tipping and J. Terry twelve
Mr. and Mrs. T. Mulvey wish to
return their sincere thauks to the following persons for handsome presents donated in honwr of their recent
marriagei W. R. Clement, silver tea
set; W. E. Worden, parlor lamp; Mr.
and Mrs. Jim. Campbell, gold-lined
fruit dish; Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Neil,
silver clock; 1). Robertson, fruit dish
and silver tray; Thee. Madden and
James McDonald, Nelson, two oil
paintings; T.. Woodcock, silver nut
crackers; F. Carlisle, dining room
lamp; thc business men of the city,
dinner set, parlor suite nnd carpet.
I.s'ismo on tlsa KnlLp.l.
Al Teeter has secured a lsaso on
the Kalispel group, Ten Mile, and
will commence work at once, having
associated with him John Thomas and
Rudolf Kurt-hale. The group consists of three crown granted claims
and is now owned by Win. Laidner,
of Deadwood, South Dakota, who
purchased from Teeter, Price nnd
partners. The Kallipel is i\ miles
from thu lake, has geod cabins and
workings, antl was first opened ur in
1891. A number of shipments have
been niHilr, paying well for devolopment. lt is the intention of the
lessees to open up drifts on thc worth
side of the creek, where the ledge
crops cut 10 feet wide. Tbe property
will be worked steadily and regular
shipments mado probably to Trail.
A Tailor.
A. David came down from Sandon
Tuesday to look after his tailoring
Stem City Miners' Union,
No. 6a, W. F. of H.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial S.'Crotary
Representing the strongest com
panics deing business in Canada
See sew accidknt policy, with par
ticipalion in profits, covering sickness and operations.
II. D. CURTIS. Notary Public
Delaney Ave, Slocan.
We have been long enough
in this city for everybody
to know that our wurk will
always be of the strongest
and quickest done.
Hand Made  Work  is enr
COTE & Co.
per annum
business here and will remain till H.
Cleve gets back from soldiering in
South Africa. Mr. David feels that
the burden of his tailoring days is
past, owing to the recent big strike
of mineral en the Mercury, a property
he is interested in below the Payne.
It is turning out a bonanza and will
pay from the grass roots. There Is
10 inches of galena in sight and five
inches ef carbonates. The ore carries
much grey copper and assays from
474 to 1000 oz in silver, aad tho carbonates 178 oz. In straightening up
the face for a tunnel seven tons of ore
was taken out. Three men are
working on the property and the
owners intend making a carload
shipment at once. For a purely ac
cidental discovery the Mercury Is one
ofthe wonders of the Slocan and it
will place Its owners on Easy street.
Appended is a complete list ol the various records registered st the local registry eftice, II. P. Christie being raining
July 28—Brixham, Springer creek, C
S McNaught.
A T. 2nd n f Lemon, A E Teeter.
L fraction, Vevey townsite, Ida May
Aug 1—Potentate, Lemon creek, I N
July 28—Toller, Leadville, Continual,
Maple Leaf, Clipper.
29—Snnnysido fr, Eye fr, Magpie,
Bondholder fr.
80—Bleanfielii, City of Spokane, and
Reno, two years eacli, Sam Jose, Soldier
Boy, Kminett, Sarelicld, Own Roe.
31-Aztec No 1, Aztec No 2.
Julv 30-*Muyflowe" 5-ti, *sT E Worden
toT Mulvey.
Iron Horse, notice by H A Stewart,
that legal action against the property is
withdrawn, at instance of D Kennedy;
second notice of same effect for James
Iron Horse ami London fr, notice that
sheriff's seizure is withdrawn,at instance
of W Koch.
Aug 1—Jasper King and C B Taylor
to rf Johnson, affecting the Ottawa.
Furnished Rooms, by day or
week. Second to none' in
the city. Enquire en the
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
J. H.
B. A. Sc.
Provincial .Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, • - B. C.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
lt. E. ALLEN, - Manager
No part of dress is more indicative of stvle and smartness than
Unless you don't  mind wasting
vour nionov, buv vuiir hoots at
wbo liaa the largest ansl belt assorted stock in tlio city. Prices
right and stock clean and now.
Hepsirin*; and making dene on
the premises.
Pioneer Shoe Store,
Main Street, Blocan.
ranging in price from
$_t to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
l'ort 11'. si'I Mlaeral Olalla.
Situate in tlie Slocnn City Mining Division ol West Kootensy District.
Whore located . — On tlio south side
ol Springer creek, aliout four titles
from the city of Slocan,
TAKK NOTICI* that 1, Herbert   D.
Curtis, acting ss agent for the Arlington
Mines, Limited (non-parsoiuil liability),
tree miner's certilicate No. 1*09890,
Intend, sixty days from the slate hereof,
to spplv to the Mining Uecorder for a
ceitilicate of improvements, for the purpose el obtaining B Crown grant of the
above claim.
Anil further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
belore the issuance of such certilicate ol
Daled this 2nd day of June, l'J02.
flll-02. HKKKKItT I). CURTIS
Marsnl... and   Maryland Mlss.ral  Claims
Situate in the Slocan City mining division of West Kootenay (liitrirt. where
located:—On Tiger creek, a branch ol
the second-north fork of Lemon creek.
TAKK NOTICK that I, John McKinnon, free miner's cerlificate No
UMMl, acting for myself and for R R.
Rruce, froe miner's certilicate No. Bl 1067
T. O. Proctor.frco miner's certificate No.
IW87il0, intend, sixty slajH Irom tho date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for certificates of Improvement!, for tho
purpose of obtaining crown grants of th.i
above claims.
And further take notice Unit action,
under section .17, must bu commenced
before the issuanceof such certiflcutes of
Dated this Hist day of Mny, 1002
Getting to the Point
That pelnt where you are baying irroeerlee for your home. You want
your dollars to be elastic. You want to spend eaoh ona to the best ad-ran-
tajje.   We carry nothing but
first-class groceries
And we make low prices became wo want your trade »ow and all the time
Co-operative Association,!^,
Slocan, British Columbia,
Do You
Want a Home!
Then oome to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. T-evelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting Jtoads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale ii
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Sold by All Newsdealers
World's Scenic Route.
Ea»t West
Furalaaaa Manthly ta all lorn, of Soaf
aad Hula a rat volame of M.w, Chalaa
C*»****rl**,M Compaaltloaa 1st Um most yoa.
;*^.1n"-?-T ,.•*» •'•••••" flmmm My ali,
half Voeal, bell Init-um.ctal-.s CamalsHa
Placae fer flaaa-Onoa a Month lor aa
ef,?u' J*—1? »«*b>»oripe_H*». fa.***. *"»©•
will Mad oi tha nama end aASratt ot ma
martnra*rann tha Plaoanr Oram, we WtUaSBi
yarn a oop*/ of tha Macattna t-aa.
_, _.J'■*• Writ, rubllahar,
■■lath a laeuat au.. rhllaS.laala, fa.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be without a ranj-o when
you can get one so cheap '•* The*,
are preferrable to stoves and -{ire
better satisfaction. Tbeie ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up Tree.
Lake Route
Frem Fort William.ihe favorite summer route, te all eastern peints.
Via Soo Line
Fer St. Paul, Duluth,Sault Ste.Marle
Chicane, etc.
Leaves Dunmore Junction delly for It.
Paul | Kootenay Landing Tuesday ess
Saturday (or Toronto, Montreal, •»*••
Leaves Revelstoke daily lor 8eat|le ssd
Throu-fh bookiNgs to Europe /•**_**
Atlantic line*    PwjMld tlekeu •»
lowest rates  frem  all  W«SgJ
countrlM.   Kor rates and full P"
tlculai-i applv to local agent*, or
E. J. 00f &■*-.
Ison. Van^ver
A*ent, 8l°c«- W


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