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The Slocan Drill 1902-11-28

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SLOCAN,   B.   C,   NOVEMBER   28,   1002.
t Forget
We art getting California Giant Powder
in in carloads.       It is better than ever.
Also best Smithing Coal in the Provi
S?Jh£aTS'u*Coal and Wood Heaters,
Washing Machines.      All are sold cheap
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slecan, HritiBh Columbia.
^I'nderwear Talk:
\pf want something to choose from, don't
ydir? You also want the best value for your
money. Both can be had at our store. We
have the largest range ever shown in Slocan,
and as good Goods as are shown anywhere.
Nothing small but the price.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
I7Y0RK & CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
I>e»l Masle Tlsroagls the Royul Bank at
Ns'lmisi T,.,„|,i.,asrj !,<„,,, „f «;oO la
Alae Arranged Por—Refund of Taxe*
Shortly ta b. Made.
Aid. Nichol was th« only absentee
at Monday night's meeting of the city
Communications read: From Victoria Colonist and the B. C. Printing
other tenders wore received.
Before adjourning the oity clerk was
instructed to write to the government
to secure the rebate of taxes due the
B. C.
'Love Lightens Labor'
So does SUNLIGHT SOAP. One woman will do
more and better work than two will with common
soap. Sunlight Soap in the house lightens labor.
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth two ounces
of common soap.      Get some and try it yourself.
.** En-,'. Co., Vancouver, re printing of
debentures.   Ordered filed.
A letter from the mining recorder1!
office, Kaslo. stated that very little
.Slocan City taxes had been paid in up
to the 17th inst., but the refund of
taxes due the corporation would be
made shortly,   Ordered filed.
IL ('osnell, secretary of the Bureau
of Provincial Information, Victoria,
wrote, asking for views of local build-
ings for use at the ollice of Agent
General Turner in London. Eng. Aid.
Robertson and Smith were appointed
a committee to obtain the views and
report at next meeting,
The Royal Bank. Nelson, wrote.
submitting a tender for the mill aid
bylaw debentures, the offer being 90
cents on the dollar.
The inavor explained that the ten-
iler was the only one in possession of
the council so far. Another offer of
95 had been made, but subsequently
withdrawn. He thought the offer of
IK) was a good one, considering the
prices obtained by larger cities in the
The question of acceptance of the
offer was laid over till the following
evening, as the time for receiving tenders would not lx- up till then.
Accounts presented: T. D. Wood-
cock & I' i„ powder and fuse. $2.60: A.
York, telegrams and taxes on delinquent lot*. 512.81* B.I.Bentley,returning officer, $10.
Aid. Worden objected to Mr. Wood
cock's bill because  it had not been
certified to. as requir • 1 by the stnnd-1 vote in the wards in which they reside,
iug order of the council. The bill was In the case whero a voter resides out-
ilulv endorsed bv tin; chief of police si.le the citv limits, Ik* will vote in the
,...! rtren si:v'."'t*a releuefl to ilu nn-; '*><*ir.l in WXOCB Ls* lias the most re.il
ance committee, together with the re-1 estato.
turnin' officer's account.   The item!    Clauses in th
■•Veral   Alterations    Afl*s)ctisig   Coining
Muulcipnl I .lul.ht.
As yet there is little, if any, talk of
the municipal elections in January,
and it looks as if there would lie some
difficulty in lilling the aldermanic
board for tin; ensuing year. In respect
to the contest it may lie said that there
wen* a number of Important changes
made in the election laws at the last
session of the legislature, among them
being the following:—
Nominations for the offices of mayor
and aldermen take place on the 2nd
Monday in January, between the
hours from 12 to 2, and polling on the
Thursday following.
A radical departure is made in connection with naming the hours in
which the polling shall take place.
Under the old act the polling booths
were open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Under the amended act, this has been
changed to read from 9 a.m. to 7 ..SO p.
m. The keeping of th'' poll open to
the evening hour named is done with
the object of making it convenient for
workingmen to vote.
Another important new amendment
is that all electors must be British
subjects. Under the old act all who
paid licenses,foreigners includ.'d.could
vote, as could also foreign property
In respect to property owners, it
order to qualify.   Under th
10 joint owners could vote.
Again, license holders and house
holders must make a declaration that
thev have been a continuous resident
of thc municipality for one year, and
tied thev arc British subjects.
Thc '•one man, one vote." principle
is aimed at under the new law. There
will !>' no more voting by one person
in two or more wards.    Electors must
now provided that they must have one
hundred dollars worth of property in
>ld act
Monday evening* with a big banquet,
commencing at 9 o'clock. A splendid
programme hns been arranged for the
OCCI 'on 'nd the menu includes
everythir. , from bubbleyjoek to tbe
haggis. Every Scotchman in the vicinity is requested to attend, under
pain of eternal excommunication.
Gome, brithers a'.
Co-operative Association,Ltd,
Slecan, British Columbia,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date atxommodation for the
Public.     It  is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
-ymiNQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
wilson HDD
new act embodying
most of the new provisions are hereto
"hi city municipalities, any male or
female, being a British subject, of the
full age of 21 years, who is tlie owner
of real estate of the assessed value of
not less than $100, or who is the representative Ining a resident British
subject duly authorized by the directors of an incorporated company,
which is the assessed owner of lands,
or of improvements of lands, situated
within the municipality,or who is the
holder of a trade license, the annual
fee of which is not less than $5, or
who is a householder who has paid,on
or before the 81st day of December in
the year immediately prior to the day
of nomination, all municipal rates,
taxes, assessments, rentals ansl license
fees (which are not chargeable on laudi
payable by him or her to the municipality, shall be entitled to have his or
her name entered imi th" voters' list of
the municipality; provided, however,
I thnt in the case of the holder of a
trade license or in the ease of a householder, hs> or she shall, during the
month of December in each year.tnnke
and cause to Ik* delivered to the clerk
of ihe municipality a statutory decla-
-• reached by any trail or road
that runs into th* Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
h opened under
,b« old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cr. Arla*.*r Street •nd D.ls*.**<*r *»■»«»' s*"c*,n
oildlng thoroughly renovated
■""l re st .eked with the best
lit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Von can get anything iu these ^esthatjoa
squire from us.   Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted.   We handle^tne
_   best the market affords.   Prices a™ ^j;■"•
for telegrams was ordered paid.
Finance committee reported recom-
mending .payment of bills amounting
©.80.   Ordered paid.
The special committee on waterworks reported through Aid. .McCallum that no action hat! liecn taken on
the Qething .V Taylor tender, submitted at last meeting, as they were waiting for further information.
For the fire committee Aid. Worden
reported that a fire brigade, numbering 15 members, had been organized.
He asked the council to lend every
aiil in their power to help along the
brigade.    .Moreover, should a fire start
the citi/.'iis were requested to co-operate with the Bremen ami 1111 up the
ranks. The -speaker would like to see
all the higher buildings in the city
equipped with ladders on the sides
and roofs, which would provo of great
assistance. Ths* various pumps had
been looked after and put into work-
in;-' order.
Mayor York commended the firemen |
for their zeal and the good work they
were doing.
His  worship reported that he had
arranged for the temporary loan of i
$700 with tlie Koyal Hank of Canada j
at Nelson. . I ration, made or subscribed befot
lt was also brought Forward tna* j supreme or county court judge,
something must be done at once rem* spendiai*yorpoli(»magistmts9^jo***ijnis*
tive to tho transfer of ttemillsite to 8'0ner for taking allidnvits Inthesu*
the Ontario Slocan Lumber Co., as the prome court, justice of the peace, or
latter were proceeding with theerec* notary public,
tion of their buildings. -A "resident owner of real estate, a
Aid. McCallum said it would be ne* •,„•,.•,..• „- ;l Uiu\,, Uoense, ami a bouse I
cessary for the city "solicitor to go to -joi-fa* shall, where a municipality Is
Nelson to search the records ami prove; ,|jvit]t.(| j1|to wim|Si '„. entered on the
the titles to the various lots embraced   Vl,.(.,.s' ]ist fur ti„, „•;„.,* j,, vvi,',.|, |„. ,„•
In   the   site; also   to get transfer of; s*„. nvs'(l,.,.; „   nonresident  owner of!
block F from Mr. Fletcher.   The ma- j u,.x\ ,,s,.lt(, „■.,.,■-% „.■„.,.,,., municipality j
yor would have to go also, I is divided Into wards, be entered oni
With   more  talking, Aide Worden | *.jje votere' list for the ward In which)
Graad Trunk Railway Will Kxten*  Ita
Lin <•».
Press despatches announce that
Canada is to have a second transcontinental road, extending from ocean to
ocean. This announcement was made
by Charles M. Hayes, second vice
president and general manager of the
Grand Trunk.
The Grand Trunk will be behind
the new road and will operate it, but.
as in'the case of the Grand Trunk
lines west of the Detroit river, it will
be constructed under a separate corporate name, the Grand Trunk Pacific
Railroad company.
The new line, according to Mr.
Have's statement, will have a mileage
of about 8<HX) miles, and the construction, including equipment, stations,
bridges, ships and other facilities, will
involve an expenditure of from $75,-
000,000 to SHJO.tKKl.tJOO.
According to the present arrange*
ment,the new system will run through
that portion of northern Ontario
known as New Ontario, starting from
North Hay or Gravenhurst. Ontario,
and extending through Manitoba, the
Northwest Territories and Hritish
Columbia to Bute Inlet or Port Simpson, as may later Ik- determined ou.
The line will be one of the most
modern and up to date,having in view
especially low grades, long tangents,
steel bridges and heavy rails, as well
as ample station facilities and equipment for the hauling of freight and
passenger traffic,
•"No oue," says Mr.Hayes, "who has
been studying the wonderful developments that have taken place in the
northwest in the last few years can
fail to lx' impressed with the growth
of that extensive and rich territory,
and our directors feel that, in view of
the apparent need of additional rail-
s.a.s nullities, ami ia order to guarantee to the present Grand Trunk system direct connection with that important and growing section of Canada, the only wise policy is to take active sts-ps towards this extension."
The building of this transcontinental
route has been under consideration by
lhe Grand Trunk directorate for sotus*
time, but it was only during Mr.
Hayes' recent visit to England thnt it
has decided to carry out the project
at as early a date ns possible.
..,: or she shall have tin* largest amount
10 P'l'T,,p,1'7011j of property in value according to the
assessment roll.   No person snail lie
entitled to have his or hernanis' enter*
il twice on tlie annual voters' list as a
moved that the city solicitor and  the! s.
mayor be authorized
and arrange matters with Mr.Fletcher
antl wind up all the details iu connection with the transfer ol ihe mlllsite.
More talking followed, resulting in
Alt). McCallum seconding the motion.
which then carried.
Through the mayor, the lumber
company asked for the removal of a
number of shacks on the waterfront of
Block l'\ as the  ground   was required
for the mill buildings of the company.
On motion the clerk was instructed
to notify the various shackors on block
P that the land was required for mill
purposes, and that they must look to
the company for any arrangements regarding the removal of their build in"-.
Those requiring to remove their built
IngS nt once   were Messrs. McDoiUI
Haley, and the estate of the late Bill
Meeting stood adjourned till the fo
lowing evening.
The council met  again on Til
evening and  accepted   the OfTer
cents for the millslte debentures,inadi
by the Koval  Bank at Nelson.   No! their natal day nt the Arlington hotel,
.f till
voter in a municipality) and  it shall I
lie unlawful to  twice  enter the name
of any person  on   the  voters'list   for1
any one year as a voter."
aii or on.- ii in.i.
The meeting called by the Nelson
board of trade. Monday, to discuss the
silver-lead question was well attended
by representative men from all parts
of the country,   lt was unanimously
agreed to ask the go'.eminent for increased duties on pig lead and products thereof, antl   the free admission
of mining and Bmeltingmachinery and
supplies nsit made in Canada.
St. Andrew'! Supper.
St. Andrew's society will oelebral
Shingle Mill Osaatructlon.
During the week considerable progress has been made with the initial
stages in connection with the construction of the shingle department of the
big sawmill plant. Frank Provost had
a gang of men up  Evans creek last
week cutting the piles for the foundation of the mill a ml these have since
been brought down and hauled into
place. Men have been clearing off
tin'millsite this week, cutting down
the trees and brush antl leveling the
ground. On Tuesday evening the C.
IM". sent over their pile driver from
Nakusp, for the use of the mill people.
More men are to Ik- employed in the
driving of the piles and it will not be
long till the framers and carpenters
gs't their turn. The laborers are lie-
ing paid at the rate of $.'i a day, so
there is nothing Chinese about that.
By tin- plans drawn up, it is the in -
tention of the oompany to haul the
logs from the lake into the mill and
there butt them into bolts for the
shingle machines, instead of doing it
In the bush. The power will be supplied by two boilers and a heavy engine, the mill supplying its own fuel.
The sawmill will DO erected close over
to the bluff, having  wings added for
the lath anil planing departments,  A
separate battery of lioilers and engine
will lie installed for that plant. Midway between the two plants will lie
erected a hugs' burner, for destroying
the refuse material.conveyors running
from each mill. All the works are to
be equipped with modern and expensive machinery. By spring the company will have several million feet of
logs cut on their Wilson creek limits,
the work already Ining pretty well un
der way.     _^^
City Outi is "sviissifitii.
Mayor York, on Tuesday, received
a very welcome letter from (lovern-
tnent Agent Chipman, at Kaslo. It
was in effect that the delinquent taxes
on this townsite had been paid iu antl
that thc refund due the city was made
up. Mr. Chipman advised the council to apply to I he government lit ouee
for the money, which has lieen ilone.
The refund amounts to Si98.76, lieing
$12 more l luni wm figured on. It will
greatly relieve the unanclal position
of the burg and place things iti pretty
good shape,
♦2.00 PER ANNUM.
Laat Year's Shipment* Wore 6B14 Ten a—
A Healthy Kvlslenre of tho Life and
Wealth of the I is sup Arlington the
Blgfttt Shipper.
None of the larger mines figure in
the shipping lint for the week, owing
to the impassable roads. The solo
output for the division is embraced in
the nine tons sent to the Nelson smelter by the Hampton. Snow has fallen
lately, enabling the Arlington to start
out its ore and it will resume shipments next week. The Ottawa will
also be in it shortly.
For l.HXJ the exports from this division amounted ts> 2847 tons, made up
from ten properties. Last year the
exports totalled sS629 tons, from fourteen properties. Following is a full
list of the lspcal shipments this year to
Fourth of July.
TUT A1,.
33 JO
Sandon mines last week shipped 83
tons of ore.
The Payne has discarded its electric
drills, they being a failure.
Something has hit the Rambler, its
stocks having fallen below 40.
The heavy fall of snow this week
has lieen very welcome to the packers
and teamsters.
John Wafer and  Harvey Fife will
do  assessment   work ou   the Club*'
adjoining the Republic.
The Ottawa sleigh mad is practically linished. Malcolm Cameron expects to start-in Monday hauling down
ore for shipment.
The Black I'rince has been rawhid-
ing some ore down to the Arlington
basin for shipment, so keeping the
trail in ^ond shape.
A number of men have been laid off
nt the Arlington, the outside work
having lx>eii all cleaned up. The
stoppage of shipments hns also had
its effect.
Tom Waring and the Tatte-rsall
Ixivs commence work next week on
the Myrtle group, at the heiid of
'Twelve Mile. They will put in the
winter on the hill.'
Work ceased on the Legal on Saturday and nothing more will lie done
until next spring. About 3T> feet of
drifting has beeu done on the oro
body since lieing tapped in the lower
tunnel. There was no diminution in
its width anil richness.
Hampton Ore Itiina High,
During the week N. F. McNaught
shipped nine tons of ore from tho
Hampton to the Nelson smelter and
the returns received were phenomenally high, a portion of the ore lieing
about the richest stuff ever handled in
the province. The No. 1 ore was made
up of lit) sacks, containing a little over
a ton, and gave returns of 1DS3 oz of
silver, lieing somewhat higher than
the local samplings. This is a valuation of $900 a ton, even at the present
low price of silver. The balance of
the shipment, of No. 2 grade, yielded
fitifi oz silver. Last year the three
shipments sent out averaged 7(KI oz a
ton.but this season's average is higher.
The ore is a sulphide and is uniformly rich, picked samples going as high
as l'.OtK) oz. The ore shipped was
taken out during development.
Cut I.imIkss in Meteor Tunnel.
At the latter end of last week the
lessees of tin* Meteor tapped the ledge
iu their crosscut tunnel, and opened
up the paystreak. Owing to the turn
of the fault.they were a month longer
getting the ledge than thev expected.
The ore is of the same high character
as that met with elsewhere on the property. Every effort will now lie put
to stoping out the ore, so as to get a
shipment down next month. The
lessees have live tons on the dump and
it will not take long to till out the car.
Some three tons of ors* taken out by
the owners on a previous invasion will
probably lx* shipped in the first car
wilh the lessees' ore.
On Sunday evening Huv. William
Simons, pastor of Knox church, will
preach to the members of St. Andrew's
society. 'TWEEN LOVE
A Novel by Annie Thompson.
"Well, well," he said, "gang your
ain ge.lt, lad. It is of no use for me
to interfere. Vou know my opinion of
those who make hustc to get rich,
I sometimes wonder what is the use
of onr experience; it comes too late
to Lo of much service to ourselves; it
is bought dearly enough, cod knows;
unci when we oiler it, young folks
Hunk nothing of it. Thoy prefer to
burn the.r own lingers and break
their own hs'arts. rather than trust
lo what we tell them."
"But this is nut a case of heart
breaking, I hope, sir," said John, in
u conciliatory tone. "I suppose, when
sou left Dalnock to come to Feldros-
Ml, ihu increased stipend had some
attractions, even for you. You know
1 should never have made more than
i'litlO a .-.ear in I'ergusson's office, and
sse what  my income is now."
"I wonder you troubled to come
buck to i.s." remarked the old man,
testily. He had prognosticated much
evil as the r.sult of John's departure
from .Scotland, end it Was a little
aggravating t'.at not ono circumstance had occurred of which he could
say, -,r] hia ia just what X told you
would happen," John leaned forward
and laid  his hand on the minister's.
"Sir, 1 have come back for a wife."
Every shade of ill humor, vanished
li s antly from Mr, l*"erris' counten-
iiti t, his interest in l„\„ affairs was
as kten now us it hud ever been.
"liiglit, lud, right," ho said. "It is
time you were settled; all young poo-
ple sliould marry, Why did you not
think ot it before?"
"I have thought of it for years. I
had it in view when I went out to
"slelbis.it no, but 1 could not do more
than think of it until I was independent. If I had had a wife to support, 1 could have risked nothing,
uiy hands would have been tied; as lt
was, I risked a gootl deal. 1 stand
now on firm ground, but there were
three or four years of uncertainty.
Vou .know who I have come home
fur, Mr. Ferris?"
"Ves, lad, I suppose so: I must
mako up my mind to do without her.
I am sharp-sighted in these matters,
.Itshn. 1 thought I saw something of
this before you went away, and today, when you two came together. I
guessed how it would end. You
might search the wide world through
and you would not lind a nobler girl
than Blm is."
"I know that. I know that," as-
sentwl the lover.
'Tleur hensled, quick witted, with
tact, good sense, cleverness — she Is
the \ery wife for you; I shall begin
t.i have some confidence in your judgment ugain. I declare I don't know
anything that she cannot do. She
tonnages my affairs anil those of the
parish, and tliey never were so well
managed before, It is moro than you
deserve that some one has not carried
her off while you huve been away
drudging for wealth."
John started, "llo you think there
is uny one else that she cares for,
"No, no, lud. It is more than you
deserve, but I believe she loves you;
I have niy eyes open, and I can put
two and two together. I hnd sonner
see her married to you than to any
other man, but I shall miss her sadly."
"Not for long. sir. Kate is very
capable, is he not? It will take
time, but still I am sure she will do
her very best to lill Mary's place."
"Mary's placet"
"Of course you think no one can
fill it; yet, in time. Kate may learn
to do some of Mary's work."
"Mary's work!"
A long ivory paper knife which Mr.
Ferris held, slid through his lingers
on to the ground He stooped to pick
it up, nntl John thought it was this
exertion that Caused the olsl man to
Hush so. and look so disturbed.
"John, for whom have you come
"Kor Mary, sir; did you not under-
"Kor Mary, for Mary! Oli lad, you
aro making a mistake, you should
have come for Kate
"My dear sir. I never thought of
Kate, nor she ot nie.     lt    has    been
Mnry, always.
Ihere was u prolonged pause. At
length John spoke, prompted by a
sudden fear.
"Vou do not know of any hindrance there, Sir? Alice knew what
I wanted; she promised to look after
my interests, she told me of no
"No, 1 think not; I really don't
know. These cousins of hers take up
much of her tune, she is often away
from us. I never thought about it,
she seems such u child, to me. I,ad,
let me speak to you without reserve;
1 have been a faithful friend to you
uml to your father before jou, 1 have
a right  to s|ieuk."
"Indeed iou have, sir; Buy what
you will."
Hut it wus some time before Mr.
Kcrris found words, lie was terribly
disconcerted by this complete subversion of his Ideas.
"John," he suid ut length, "I Implore you not to be in too great a
hurry about this. Take time, take
tftne to think it over seriously. Mury
is very beautiful, I never knew any
one with a character more transparent mist pure than hers; but she is
child-like — she will never be anything else. Vou will want more from
your  wife  than  shs*  Could  give  you;
she will bo   unhappy    if she cannot
Satisfy vou. She is not fitted to buttle with adversity — you could not
shure vour troubles with her; she is
v.ry sensitive -— a harsh word would
srush her. she s uot clever — you
COUld not lenn on her judgment, or
have much Intellectual companion-
ship with ber. Do not suppose for a
moment that i undor-rate her. I love
the girl dearly. I know her thoroughly; I think 1 know you thoroughly, too." He paused, looking eagerly at his companion, it seemed to
him that his description of Mary's
character wns masterly, and thnt his
reasoning was  irresistible.
"Now, sir," suid John,  "it is    my
turn to speak plainly. You may know
mo thoroughly, but you have not tho
remotest     conception     of     my  ideas
about marriage.    1 want my wife to
love me, nnd lean on me — not    to
divide her atTot'tion between me    and
her books, and consider her Judgment
superior to  mine.     I do not    intend
my     wife to be    crushed    by  harsh
words, nor to buttle with adversity;
though, had I been as content    with
£'200 per annum as you desired,  she
might have some difficulty in making
both ends meet. Vou beg me to take
tin.e to  i li ink this  mutter over seriously;   I  have thought of it  for    just.
fifteen years, and eight of tbem have
been spent near here,    it may sound
presumptuous to say    so,   but I believe  1   begun to study  Mary's character long  before     you  did;   it    vvus
years  he'ore you  hud the  opportunity,      Mr.      Ferris.        Vou remember     that       when Mnry first
came to the .Manse, your sister lived
with  you;   did  you  uot  both     think
the  child  shy  and   timid?     Vou  did
not    see    her ns she  was  Whan  she
Bpent    her  time with  Alice and  me.
Then,    she    was as  bright and  gay
nnd happy as she could be: she wns
free from  restraint,  she   was  herself
After Miss Ferris Was married, Mar)
spent more of her time with us thnn
with vou,  you  wished  her  to  do so
that  she    might  not  be  dull       How
could 1 help loving her,  when to sec
her is to love her nnd 1 saw tier constantly?    It was because I recognize
ed how rare a treasure she  is.  that
I could not be content to nsk her to
share    poverty     with   nie:   she   was
worthy of the  best that I could get
for her.    1 have worked seven   years
for   my   Km Intel, und  you Bpeak  us
though I hud never yet given her a
serious thought,     Vou  are very confident   that   sho   cannot   satisfy      me,
I wish I were half as confident that
I  can satisfy    her.       Vou  Beam     to
think  all  the giving  is  on  in..'  Bide,
little    do    you  know   Mary  and  all
that    Mary     hus    done   for    nie.      i
scarcely know how to put it    Into
words,  yet   f must  muke you unsler-
stand.    Cun one live near an  Incarnation  of goodness unsl  truth,    und
be uniiispiretl?    Mury  is the Inspiration    of my life;  everything  'that is
good in me is drawn out and fostered    by   hs*r; 1 owe her more tliun I
can    possibly    repay.        Y*iu  might
preach a dozen sermons, Mr. Ferris,
to prove that only the pure in heart
shall see God,  and  they  would    not
be one-half so convincing to me    us
the simple fact that I dare not    let
evil    tuke     hold  on  my  life  lest    I
should     cut    myself oft from Mary's
love."        He  pausod   for  a  moment,
anil stood erect.     "Sir, forgive me if
I hnve     seemed    disrespectful;  don't
think   that   T   cure  nothing  for  your
opinion.    1 can biisv.t fs.rjret how wisely you hnve     cai .'(1 for A!ire  nnd   me.
But this is a matter which I ought
tn decide for myself, is !t not?
Would you, sir, have been content to
let any one choose a wife for you?"
Mr. Kcrris raised himself slowly
out of his chair: his limbs were n
little stilT. nut] rising was n work of
time, His forehead wns wrinkled,
his expression gloomy. He looked at
his companion in silence for a few
moments, then a gleam of fun stole
into his eyes.
"Well no, lad: if you put it tn that
wny T suppose I must admit that 1
would have preferred to select the
lady myself. Eh, nie! I seem tti
huve a very young head on these old
shoulders of mine. Ood bless you.
John. Tie off tn rest: if you stay
here longer T shull commit myself to
some more foolish speeches, no
doubt, It is lote, but I daresay T
shnll huve time for a little reading." He looked from his watch to
his books.
"I have been Interrupting you,"
exclaimed John, remorsefully; "will
you begin Work at this hour?"
"Oh, I shall not do much," said
the minister.
lie went to the table, as soon as
he wus alone, und turned over the
pamphlets that lay upon it. He hud
undertaken to give a lecture on China Missions in a few weeks' time;
these papers contained the necessary
statistics. After he had disarranged
them and rearranged tliem, be (dosed
the Inkstand which Kate Invariably
left open Then ho commenced t o
pace slowly up and down the room,
pausing at Intervals to address nn
imaginary audient-";. "Brethren, we
cannot listen to thi*se records und
remain unmoved I We cannot hear
of the efforts matte by these noble
and self-denying men. without having our own hearts stirred within
us! Lives such as these, lives so
pure, so holy, so true, are the Inspiration—the inspiration—" his glance
wandered to the chair that John
Cayford had occupis*d, und the peroration to his lectures ou Missions,
failed out of hia mind. "The lad is
in earnest, certainly he Is In earnest. I never remember to have seen
him so moved before. How will it
s'lid? (.'an she make him happy? Eh I
men ure blind, why did he not choose
His thoughts drifted back to days
long past. Memory was at work,
shifting away the stone that time
hud laid upon the grave of this sild
man's one romance, loosening the
shroud that for so many vents hud
held it bound hand and foot. He
Uvea ugain through that brief period of intense Joj and bitter grief.
"It was June then," he murmured,
"and this is June!"
The fund slutted for the relief of
the sufferers from the fin* at Cooper's
Mill, wus exceedingly succossful. Pathetically worded appeals on its t>c-
hulf were sent fur and near, in Which
such stress was luid on the absence
from town of some of the most liberal givers in Glasgow, thut many who
would not otherwise have troubled
themselves In the matter, felt   bound
to assist a charity so obviously
handicapped. Money flowed Into the
treasurer's hands irom all quarters.
The acknowledgments were privately
made; no printed list appeared from
day to day, to diminish in the smallest degree the anxiety that had been
universally felt regarding tlie Success
of tho fund. Later on, when the
grand total was announced and detail:! were published in the daily papers, it became evident that in spite
of their absence from town. "the
most liberal givers" had been applied to und had responded; anil a
slightly Injured sensation was experienced by some who thought that
money hud been extracted from them
under false pretences, The printed list
gave rise to those criticisms of tho
amounts given, anil comparisons between the gifts und the Incomes of
the givers, which sucli lists seem in-
evituhly to Inspire. A curious regard
we show to Charity I holding out offerings to her With our hands, and
taking the occasion to wound her
with our lips.
The treasurer's duties were     very
heavy, anil the Best with Which he
fulfilled them did not fail to attract
notice and admiration l'ven Mr.
Olaverton, who maintained a lynx-
eyed supervision of every iteui of receipt and expenditure, admitted that
the work could not. huve
been       done more efficiently.
Every other member of the
Relief Committee. praised Twiss
without stint, it was indeed Impossl
bio to listen to his pathetic accounts
of the sufferers and remain unimpressed by the eagerness he displayed
in helping theni, although he took
evident pains to keep his own doings entirely in the background,
deprecating every allusion to them.
Where was there another man who
would huve entered into the work
so Whole-heartedly, sparing no iron
ble, spending time and strength so
"The fact is, he is doing too
much." remarked '•*•. Forbes totinv
in Wishart. "1 don't know whether
you have observed how careworn uml
haggurd he hus looks*d lately? He is
a very sensitive mun, he taki'S all
this distress too much to heart. Ah.
my dear young sir, it is at such a
time a9 this that the worth of a
man's religion is evidenced. 1 must
confess 1 used to wonder a little at
th.* extraordinary attachment*ot your
late relative to his man of business,
l see now that lu* discerned, whut it
has taken me long to lind out, the
enthusiasm Richard Twiss displays In
the cause of suffering humanity. Hut
you must have discovered ilus for
yourself in your dealings with him."
"I have not hud very many dealings with him until lately, Dr. Forbes. Mr. Claverton manages my affairs, yeu know."
"But I thought—I understood, that
my old friend left considerable sinus
for charitable purposes, und that you
and Richard Twiss were in some Way
concerned in them?"
"Oh. you are thinking of thos;'
two Funds of his! Ys?s. he did appoint Mr. Twiss solicitor, and so-
trustee with mr. '
(lavin hastenetl to Changs the subject, being uncomfortably aware that
the enthusiastic teal displayed by the
treasurer ol the Relief Fund, found
no parallel in his own conduct with
regard to the application sii the
Funds committed to his cure.
The Relief Committee held frequent
meetings nt the treasurer's ollice. and
ut the next of these, Gavin, having
had his attention drawn to Richard's
altered appearance, was bo much
struck by it. thai he commehted on
it to Mr. Claverton when they left,
"Ho you not think this work is
too much for him?" he usked.
"Ought we not to insist on some
one sharing il?"
"No, no — let him alone. He
would not thank you for robbing
him of half his honors. This is ull
his own sloinir, remember; there is
not the smallest necessity fsir him
to ses. to a third of whut he hus undertaken."
"I think," asserted Gavin, with
some warmth, "thut he is devoting
his time to ths'se unfortunate people
most generously I I am really ashamed that it lias taken me so long to
see him in his true light; he is singularly disinterested man'"
Mr. Claverton smiled Indulgently in
response to this little outhlirs , rather astonished by It, nevertheless
He knew nothing of a powerful in
llucnco at work just now Within Ji f-
young companion, tho nsccndtn.'y of
which wus becoming every d.i.v mote
(lav in had given free re n t., I,"
love iss!' Mary )'o"e t r ;t no longel
occuiiv I to hiii ilc.i  it  would be   a
coiiilc.i'ct'loti < li h'l pnrl lo IlirT1
this penniless girl; rather he fcni.-u
lest she should count him unworthy
of her. When he was in lur presence,
he wus more keenly alive to his OWn
shortcomings thuu at any other time,
and vet, keenly aw uro of those possibilities for good latent within him,
wiiiih seemed to him to be fostered
by his contact with ber. For Uary
wus one of those rare Women to
Whom it is given to elevate iniiitv
lues und to degrade none   The    In
fluence   she  exercised   upon   hei      own
sex, wns chiefly of a negative kind
women checked their tongues in   her
presence; even so hardened a slander
er as .Mrs.  Melvin, found herself quite
tumble   tss  tell   this  gentle  girl     Some
talcs that she hud no hesitation iu
telling to others, over men, Marys
Influence was much mote active. They
worshipped her for tier beauty of face
und purity of heart; tbey showed nor
only what wus noblest in themselves;
they recognized intuitively that nothing that wus not gootl would lind
any favor with her, uud their exertions to will her regard certainly did
them no harm. So malleable a nature us Gavin's, was rapidly dominated by her Influence, He wus growing quick to perceive what pleased
and  whnt  displeased  her.
Ml( l.ssiisi'. of Bread.
The largest loaves of bread baked in
tho world wo those of France and
Italy. The "pipe" bread of Italy Is
baked In loaves two feet or three
feet long, whilo ln Franco the loaves
are made tn the shapo of very long
rolls, four or five feet in length, and
In many cuses 6 feet.
By :::::::: :
Clinton Dangerflekl
Copyright, 19C-*. by the
ii ti. 8. MeClure Company
The toues of the elder man's voice
censed, and to John Ringwood, Stand*
Ing before him, lt seemed tbat the
whole world was suddenly enveloped
in a mist of red shtiine. When Ring*
wood spoke, bis accents were curiously
quiet and constrained, for wus he not
uddresslng Molly's father?
"And so," he said, wondering vaguely If he were tlie same John King wood
who ten minutes ago hud nsked ho
hopefully for the girl's hand—"and so,
sir, this Is your objs'etloti to me—lie-
cause my father was 11— a—coward"—
the word cume out with u gasping
sound   "you think I must be oni' also!"
"Blood tells,"  returnesl  lls'liry  Mor-
ris hoarsely,   "Rut remember, hid, i
would never have forced this painful
knowledge of mine on you If you lind
not compelled me to sny why I could
not trust my girl to you. Your father's
shame, known only to you nnd me,
would hnve slept with lilm in his grave
but—you would know!"
"That will do," snld Ringwood thickly. "1 um niy father's son, as you say.
There Is no chance here, or 1 might
prove to you tbat (iod does not ulways
mnke us mere copies of those who go
before. But that Is idle. There is one
thing—when I am gone tell Molly that I
loved her, that I usked for her hnnd, but
that there wns a—a barrier between
us. She shall uot think I wus making
summer love to tier,  she shall not hato
tne for that."
"Very well," said tbe elder ninn grimly. "But If I hnd known the girl
would Interest berss'lf in the first good
looking stranger thrown at my gates
by n tiroken ankle I would have taken
preventive measures long ugo."
"I will take the stage tomorrow,"
pursued Rlngwootl. "Until then I must
trespass on your hospitality*"
"And welcome," snisl Morris henrtlly.
"You've met whnt I said like n ninn
Here's my bnnd."
"Is that necessary," returned the other briefly. "Y'ou mny ns well avoid contamination when you hnve condemned
another into hereditary leprosy."
Morris left tho taunt unanswered,
and Just then the library sloor swung
open, and a curly haired hoy of sixteen pushed ln with spoiled freedom.
"Everything's gone to sls>ep on the
ranch," he snld pettishly. "Wlion's
Markham nnd Molly coming home''"
"Your brother snld he would bring
your sister home by 8 o'clock," rcturn-
s*s! Mnrrlq
"Gracious! I hope he will," snisl the
boy. "But she snid they might cut
across to Denhnin's. She wanted to
see old Aunt Hannah or some such
nonsense. I told her she was going
nfter one of Hannah's love charms,
nnd she turned as red as you please."
"Try to tilk sense," snid his father
Irritably, nnd Ringwood crossed to the
west window nnd stootl watching the
sunset tires die to nn nshen grny.
"So rose tho fire of my hopes," he
thought. "Like this, it died In bitter
ashes—flung to my father's level! The
son, O God, of—a coward!"
Eight o'clock cniue. but neither the
elder son nor Molly Morris had returned. At 9 a negro groom brought n note
saying they would sleep that night nt
the Denhams'i some fifteen miles nwuy.
A thrill half anguish, half relief, shot
through Ringwood.   Best, Indeed) that
they should never meet again. He
would take the stage early ns*xt morning.
Tben on the heels of the negro stumbled ln Lee Hung, the conk, who had
been granted an nfternoon off. Blanched to the pnh'st of yellows, he stammered out a tnie in his almost Incomprehensible lingo which, translated,
run ns follows:
Coming home on foot, he was nwnre
of a tiny tire at tlie foot of Sevier's
canyon, inspired by ancestral deities,
lie hud crept up to overbear tbe si rn tigers converse. Developed they bad
learned ef Uarkham Morris' deposit
that day with the express agent at Ra.
vonshooil; tlmt they resolved that this
money would circulate better al home
nud hnd shut tlie unfortunate express
agent througb bis winslow, dead men
being proverbially closs- mouthed; lind
seized the packet, which waited the
midnight express, aud now only tarried the rising of the moon.
Young Morris went white with rage
nnd despnlr. Thnt package stood between his family and financial ruin.
His eyes Unshed.
"Of course we'll get It bnck, dud, nt
"Yes, lad. Lee Hung, bow mnny
men were there''"
"Alice sameo fingers one hnnd —no
"Four.    I'm sorry your brother Isn't
here, Stanley.  Y'ou are u bit young for
such work. Tlie foot of Sevier canyon.
Let's see; we enn be on them In half
an hour."
"Tnke the short cut through tho canyon, dnd, and we enn bo at 'em in
twenty-five nilnules."
"No," snld bis father decisively. "To
ride through that ennyon trail nt full
speed means almost certain death.
Quick, Lea Hung, nnd you, boy," to the
negro, "saddle Prince and Firebrand.
Stanley, help me got the pistols and a
rifle for each."
Only two horses I Young Morris Hashed nn astounded  look on their  guest.
Wns that dogged Indifference reall Of
course nothing was expected from Lee
or the negro, but this handsome Saxon
with frank, gray eyes—could he fall
them in such needV
But Morris understood.    This was
Rlngwood'S bitter revenge for the
Btli'eius brand put on him. The former checked Stanley when he would
have addressed Itingwtiod, and presently father and son swung Into their
satliilcs nnd galloped down the rond.
As they vanished In tlie faint light
Ringwood rushed for the burn, loosening his pistol*- In his belt ns he ran.
The two servants watched blm scornfully as he saddled his gray with In
credible swiftness.
"Marse Ringwood seared de fight run
down dis wny," muttered Bam. "He
des nuttlti' but trnsh, fo' nil he so good
lookin'. (lord A'niiglity, I wish nil lie
boys wasn't gone! Whnr ebberybody,
"Allee sameo time off 'cept bunt
hills,'' wns the brief return, which
meant that Borne of the men had an
afternoon nnd the rest were nfter some
refractory cattle in the bills.
"Marse Ringwood gone like de deb
ble nfter blm," growled Sum. And In
deed the gray was Hying at terrible
The far, dim starlight sifted reliic
tantly down, and the horse's feel
reached tha ground more by Instinct
than  sight.     RlngWOOd  bent over  his
neck, Jockey fashion,   For a scant two
miles they kept to n busily marked
rond, then before tbem yawned thi
mouth Of Sevier canyon, the broken
trail merely u grny pencil murk union:,
jugged bowlders nmi treacherous wave
washed stones, rounded by old world
A second the grny hesitated, ninl In
tbnt second Ulngwood distinctly beard
ngnln Msirris' voice:
"To ride through that trull nt speed
menus almost certain death I" And he
exulted tbnt the words Bowed In bis
soul   like  wine.     Then   he  drove  the
rowels in bis horse's flanks, and the
gray •"•lerous uuger plnnged down
the canyon way ut top speed, ever*,
bent of his steel shod hoofs strikin
lire from the rocks. Now tbey crossed
a bed of clay worn sllmlly smooth by
the soft lapping of the low stream, and
here a goat might have fallen and tak
en no shame to himself, but the gray
bad that superb and run* siuiility which
carries through evs*rythiug; be believed
in himself. Presently nine tenths of
the canyon were behind them, though
tlie frowning walls yet hung above
ones* n panther hisss*si like nn Infuriated cat in their way. but the oncom
Ing might of tbe two daunted her, and
she Bed Ignomlnlously to tbe n sses
of the clilT sith'S nnd mOOthed ri'ss'tit
fully after them, dragging behind her
a tali twice its natural size.
But now open woods, the canyon wns
In Iho rear, and before Ringwood u
tiny lire, with a Crude half tent bug
glng it, and In Its shelter four men.
Thanks t«i the half mile of soft earth
between them nmi the canyon, thanks
to a quarrel already bred among them,
tin*}- did not hear Ringwood until be
was bearing down upon them, not flftj
j arils away.
Then   they   scts-tl   ln   unison.     Minr
rifles were cocked, a challenge rung
"Stop or"—
it might be n harmless passing stron
ger, nmi they slisl not cure for the noise
of u fusillade just now.
The answer enme clearly on thc
wind: "li—n you! Throw up yonr
hum's!" a command they thought uii
necessary, ns their hands were up and
their lilies lu them. They nnswercil
With n fourfold volley of shots. In the
next instant the gray was on them, nnd
iu tin* clinos thnt s nsin d RingWOOd was
only conscious that he got in several
sh'jts, that the butt of his pistol luni
proved quite useful, thai two forms
busi clung to his knees and hnd gone
down, that tlie badly scattered iii-«* wns
catcbing the edge of the tent, nmi iben
be and the grny went down in their
turn together, Ringwood oddly thank
fill,   In   spile  of   lhe   las't  licit  sparks
(perhaps from tbe tont Arc) swam i"
tore his eyes, thai tin* uenrest roi. i.si
made o soft cushion.   Then tire and
sparks went out blackly,
a • • • »        * •
When light came ngnln, the moon
was pouring down her full splendor
Ovi'l- him bent iwo anXiOUS fines, While
iiis iiwn reeked of tbe whisky used to
blithe his forehead ami temples.    A
sigh of relief balled his opi'ii eyi'S.
"Thank Ood!" subbed Stanley. "1
thoughl he wus gone! And after settling the four of tbem!"
"No. sniiy stunned," returned tiu'ir
patient, rising obstinately to his fs's't,
but glad to cling to ihe nearest saddli
io Btendy himself, tlie earth wbtrkul
round sib strangely.   "I nm nil right,
Mr. Morris,  Don't trouble yourself anj
further by coddling- tbe son of a cow
Stanley Btnred, then snld nervously:
"Ily .love, he's OlT his bend I"   Bid Ills
father answered by inking the inii figure in his arms,
"Lad," hi' snisl brokenly, "I've learn
ed my lesson, a mnn is just himself,
after nil not hla fnther or his grand
father—and I'm hoping my boys may
bo cowards some day like you."
Paine's Celery Compound
Th* Only Medicine That Prevents a
Return of tho Terrible
Rheumatism, which does its terrl-
rible work in the muscles, joints and
| tissues, is caused by uric „cj,i wnlch
1 gathers ih the blooti. To get. riil 0f
j this poisonous acid which produces
I the Irritations, pains, agonies, m
I tlninmntions und swellings'peculiar to
J I'hi'llllllltisin,      I'uiiiii's      I'eleiy    Ciin,-
' pound should be used without, delay.
No otbs'r mi'diciiie givs*s such prompt
cheering nnd happy results. It is th,.
only inetlicinc that prevents a return
of ihs' dreaded oisonse* Po-Che's ivi
eiy Compound briii-es the nepyns, the
j blood is cleared ol nil irritating poisons,  tissue and  muscle ure built  up
|und tin* digestive organs perfocth
toned, Do hot t.rent with Indtflorontc
tho slightest symptoms; curly use ol
Paine's Celery Compound will pre
vent weeks mui months of euflerini
Mr. (!   .1   McDonald, Cornwall, Ont
j w rites  OS  IHI lows :
for three years l battered terrlbh
trom rheumatism, it. sjkmed to n,,-
thut 1 wun loi'ieil n/endure uM' ft.,.
agonies and ' p'nniT tbnt a mortal
could possibly expcrrotics* from .the
disease w hilt- Battering, I tried
ninny ol tho nilvs-rt ised medicines, tiled doctors' proscriptions, bnt never
found n cure until I procured n supply uf Paine's Celery Obmpbund it
worked like a chuiili, utul seemed to
Strike nl the very root..of my trouble
i ■ mn now cured! nil pallia are banished, and in evei\- r-sbnoc" i am .,
new mun."      ,
The  Prisoner's   llrlsirt.
The chaplain of the house of correc*
reel Ism, Soulli  Huston,  frequently  hns
amusing experiences with the prisoners
who come under his cure. He is required by law to hnve an Interview
With every mnn Whoso time bus expired nnd who Is about to lenve tlie
bouse.   It Is the chnplnln'fl duly to give
the departing prlsoimi g i advico nnd
to exhort him to be n doceut ninl honorable man In the future.
In the course of one of these Interviews the chaplain said,  "Now   my
friend, I hope you'll never hnve to come
back to n pine,   Uke nils."
The prisoner k...l ut hi,,,thoughtful-
ll-and.then asked. "I say. chaplain, you
drawn salary bore, don't you?" When
tha ehnplaln replied In n,,. affirmative
thc prisoner re k,,i. "Well  huv   if
UiC utul the other -ellowt, tliiln'l 'keep
coming back you'd be out of a lob"-
Roston Ueralsi J0"'
Egypt Mnlting. Prolilvma.
Egypt is solving many problems
concerning the i-uriy inhabitants ol
Asia und Aden, but now it appear*,
to be ss happy hunting ground for
the student ol tlie'early niiimals To*
ward ths it sart mar the site sif I.uks..
.Moons the clills above the ruins ot
Dtnial have bein yieTinmj une .stun
of the Uastoddu, elephant, uml tn|nr,
ihs ren urns ,,f a toothed whalo   no
Isitgei   eMia'it, und huge *ili.|kss uf ll.t:
pytu ui order A great ereaturs with
loins like the giraffe, but very heavily built like the rhinoceros, has nut
yel lieen assl| ned. since it clitlers
from tbe latter In its teeth snd the
structure of its nus,il horns. Schweio-
f.trtb s temple nearer the lts-k« and
(he   tombs  with   Which   the  cllffi ate
hs.n ycotnl s-d have not yet iccn cx-
Casated. They aro expected to yield
relics of the earliest Egyptian dyns*1
Sislsll. r» u AiiliiiiuttiiiiK.
To convert  a imiii  physically   into
,n    Imitation    of u machine is,   we
I now.  no  iliil'uult .laid;      J^sng   di*--
t.iiB •   athletes  ii8.uly   prove     tlns^
Ko liters,     iigsBiu.     afford     instance*.
1 uriqg the lust urtny  muiionivies   ol
one sotuiirv. a bat* b tilt'ioot soldi en
was     Specially   trained   for  lone  distance   matching.    Mter traveling  a
i'n digious    nu tutor   of^ miles    ih-y
wore   commanded    fo hult and  Ore,
soya Cdssell's Uagndnj, Net one mag
could  bring  his   rif'.e  to  his  shouidei
and     tttl e uiln Vet'at   tie    «s>:il
'''.March;'.' ull of ths*iii, t,,tt. i . ■. i
unsteady art they were, sUrtell
promptly to !i:-..p u,. agiUui They'
could not pei To lis tt fisVh nel ion, li*t I
their marching had become autom»t*|
TaklisK   I'sAtns*.
"dctilus," spioti".! "Smtitbers, "is nn Infinite capacity for taking pains."
"Then." remarked Bmltbers, "«ltl|
Groitiiaihe must be a genius. He p'tJl
every ailment be boars any one els*j
AVlsssI Mssra-T
He—You might at leust have given!
me some warning that you were golDf]
to throw me over.
She—Well, haven't I lieen nice to;
you for over a week)
ACTSGENTlY   /f-     |JVtR
„      r,c THE SYSTEM
fOR Mif. 6Yflit DRUGGISTS. PRlO_0<£!L The Prill. JAP MADE HIS Ml
Maiclmnd, of Kushoda fame,
; a|)0„t to Ik. presented by his
French admirers with a map of ,.\|.
,•„,„. dune in blue enamel, with th,.
t,,vo routes followed by him in his
•jcdlorntlons done In brilliants. Fash-
0dn will he marked by a large dio-
Ully   '^Pecting   to   Die,   Had
Amm^d  all  his  Harthly
C. ('. Ricbaids & Co.
Gentleman,— Theodore    Dorals,    a
justomor of mine wus completely
juiDii .'( rheumatism after live years
0( milTering, by the judicious use of
fi,,. above fact can bo vei'lflod by
writiitt* '" hi'". t,o the Parish priest
or „i,\  of his neighbors.
Nil. Intnl.   Ht.   I.nili ne.   line,
May iath, is«a.
"°w *J,"*,h "«• Dlisppotatsd by
Bappy llssatorutlo,, to Health
Strength 0t Mr. Teeny.
--Mi    l.oui
no ill with
\  i nod   man   never  blows  his  own
l„,ii.   1,,'Csiiise he's tosi poor iii own
liiiard's Liaiin?ot for Rheumatism.
■    rj
(in account of the basl harvest in
Uorwo.v the government litis granted
ijl-i   lo farmers for  the purpose
0( bu; mi! seed.
Ih.. Iseitlthy glow disappearing from
tli,. i li.'i'k tssisl iiioaninir untl restlessness
ale bu11* -HVDBjjtoWJ "f worms in children
po     fmi   lo  c"t   a  bottle td  Mother
litis.s'      Worm   Kxtcrinliiator J    il    in   uu
-It,., tun!   tte'lirlne.
A   man   may    not  be  able  lo  earn
wlml I nta ut all tithes, In.I a wil
llliglii■'. '.   to   slo   sib   s-vs'tlses   the   11111'r
Minard's Linimeot is best Hair Restorer.
in.sii is so dear at Btellenbosch,
Cu|ie t'Olopy, thnt the men ol" a liut-
tii'   ..I   the   Koyal    Horse     Ai I illery
vt.it est then* propose io cultivate
ti,.-1 own vegetables.
Dvcifnc** Cannot Be Cured
la local applWatlooa, as Uisj cannot
reach the diseased portion ol tlie cur
'Hum., is only one way tu inn* dsMtnstSa,
aial tlt.it It. liy Constitutional r.'inisli.s
llrafnesss   In  rasiasHl   liy   un   Intlanie.!    toii-
dii  ol tbs iiniiiiiiH llninfl of the USus-
t.s.l.iisn Tube. When this tunc kKm ln-
flamed  you  have a  nisntiliisu tsotini! sir tin-
|.■■,.-. t  bearing,  asei  when  it ih entirely
rloaetl deafus*Ha Is the result, aii.l unlsiis
tl.' sailiiiiiiiiistloii cssii tse taken out ainl
thia  tutu,   rs-storesl   iti   ita   normal    sonill-
ti'iii   iiearlsg will tie destroyed tor ever:
nine .uses out of ten are caua.il hy c«-
tnrrli which ii nut Isint' hut an ilillnmeil
Condition nl ths. mucosiH  mirlmi'*
Hs- will nive line litinttri-.] Dollars for
s -• s.f  IienfntiHH  ti-isuss'U l»v csitsirriii
Hu,' iiinnot ho cureil 'hy Ilall'a Catarrh
Cms'     Ss ial  tor rirrulars.  tispi*
Aslsiress, P. .1. rilKNKY ,V Co., Toledo    l>
Sss'ssl 1,5  druggists, TBc.
Ilall'a  family   Pills are the he-it
The   i.'Ubionl   iiiiiiis*\    to   siieinl     unsl
ihs.  t.a. .last   inonoy   to   save   is     lll.lt
which \i"i huveu't  yet earned.
Some  men   know   only   enough    ti
hold nn to whnt thev inherit.
ii''-1'   Northrup A Lorman Co  un' the
proprietor! ol Dr. Thomas'  Eclectric Oil
svsi    Is     i-    now     being     solil in  Immense
•I'ni.i •   tiirssuchout   the   Dominion     It
Is welcomed bv the suBering Invalid
everywhere with motions ol delight, lu*-
csune it banishes caln mtil gives Instant
i' i'i I his vuluahle specific Inr almoit
"ever) ill that flesh ia heir to." ts val-
nesl t>> ths- sufferer iss iinsrt* precl*US than
KOld It is the elixir ol life t.i ibihiiv a
■railed frame To the farmer it is India*
pensable.nnd   should   lie  in  every  h.tus.'
What lhe modem airship navigator
needs is u safety anchor and something to anchor to.
A   mini   who   is  always   kicking    on
Ids  aiis is nevs*r ssf any account.
lUNN'I'lt HU.-Mnny persons surfer
''MHitiii,' agbny niter partaking ol ■
my slimier Tlie In.sil partaken ol is
'• ii ball ol lead upon the Btomach, and
lead sil beinsr n healthy nutriment ll
sines a holson to the system Dr
rmelet's Vegetable Pills nre wpnderful
i"rtivi'H of such troubles. Thev correctives Of surh t ronl.l»-*i. Thev cor-
'   aridity,   OBen   serretions  ntul  ronvi rl
■ (ninl tiiirtnketi sil Into healthy nutri-
"'       The.v    nre    Sim   Che'medicine  tn
■■ if one is trssuhleii  with Indigestion
ll Hung t'hang ansl Ibe 1'ieis.bssssssB.
Ihi late I.i Hung Chang livi d ni
constant fear of being pois i" I, and
during a visit to Paris, It i* rolatcd,
he tumsd down invitation after Invi-
lution io inn.net. and dinners. I'v-
*n when he tlul consent to leave his
Hotel  npiu tun nis  and  dine    til       I he
< Inn. -.- embassy  he  took  the  precau
tion oi having hn souk go along ntul
prepare ihe meal     As l.i wore a very
precious    button    on   ins  rap, the
French sh;e( of pollco doomed ll »|S'
to ha\o him "thodowed,"    and    ac
cordlngly m, laniluu ol dptecli.os   Invariably lollowed    th' old  Celestial
whatever he wcni     01 course U who
saw i,v, rything over  bis gin scs,  ii"
fired  this     llu  stood  it  two  days,
but,  thu  third,   whin driving  lo    iho
i.i.>sec ,n company with ihe t'rench
miiiistii ut foreign iilVans, Ills cur-
IokIij got the tn tier of him I' "!i
linj Intently at ibe minister, lc bluntly Inquired wl*>o v-Iimo followers were
Dut ih" minister v.as prepared for
him. Without moving a innssle he re*
plied "Your c\ceil. iii-.v. Hi", i'11'
members   of    the French   academy'.
I'h'.' arc ns full of wisdom as ol
■"'i'-nrc. Did thoy lust live ;" ***■•*
"ilghty Empire in whish you are   so
glorious they would wear the itlVHtsI
^u'lan ft Is fsir your honor that
■-hoy bavo hlin attached to yoUl
suit' j*
Rill -Did the giraffe hnve a long 111"
Jill - Yes; he had a sore throat
Cupid's I.suck.
*'""* Cupl* la a lucky .log
!;'"'" high priced coal has corns to pus*.
F°r v.ho win have the soul iu hies
"'na hu turna down the costly ataS.
ng that In'
retime   ilie
to   he   dying
•n"i going around as
euro ot   such
■Ma., Nov. LO.-'Spocial)
a  -eeny of Uiis placo wus
,.,.       , .   . hflauimatlon ol the bow-
'«nd kKii,,.,s that ho one ever ex-
'   ,"'1   h""   '"  ''SCOVor,    All  hone had
"(""! "*andoned and Mr. TeZ
"""l" "Is will, fullv expect in
wonld ii,,..
.,''' ,llis extremity Mr. Cosgravi
loslmaster, thought of Dodd'a Kid
"cy i ills ami immedlatoly gavo \i.
lwni    '■!   dose,    This   I real ment.
continued at  intervals   with
jsult   thai   ni   a   very  short
| mnn  ul,,,  Was  thought
• was on he, feel
if nothing hud happened
'l Ins    remarkabl
8xtr  case has created quite t
sation    in    tho    neighborhood   and
many kind words are being saiu
Dodd's Kldnej  Pills (or n
ful work    the)  did In    Mi
This remedj has always been roc
agnized among Um people ns a sure
curo tor li.n kui he Kheumatlsm and
nil Kidney Troubles, but Uns Is tin.
tlrst case ever reported In this \ Icln
ii.\ where thoy havo boon used with
such quick results.
Mr. Teeny himself is
io Dodd's Khim", i'illa
i'estiirat ion
People in ami aissiiit
illSt     abOUl     i sill' lulled
nothing in tli. wuj  ol
Dodd's  Kidney   l'ills will
ntul  there  is scarcely a I
u "lain
mm REV.KW.
"'■ i"1"'! from Th« CommoroUl,
Will.A I The most interesting ten-
•.ure hi tli,. wheat Situation Hus week
IS   111"   advance   in   wheal   prices   of   Q
1  s por bushel io farmers ut ('aiiu-
Northern   railway    points    in
which  went   into elfect on
lust     The reason given   for
is  alleged  to be    that
found in tin
not contain
Men, women
ing oul  ever*,
in   it   ainl   il
bear  theni  get
a  box nl' this
anil children  an' lind
sl.i\  ss.un- new  virtus
is  ver j   n 11 • ■ i •  lint;  I •
t ogelher and  p in
, i.,
in    their
Paris ami Copenhagen will bs' placid in telephonic coltiiuiinlcal um ss ith
lueh ni Inr next month.
At,. ..sm  corns h.nihi  i.i remove ll
hi, .. i hn'  s.t hei - lisiv.' hnd  '   Have I la ■
a''    las.I    the   sails.'   kind   '     II.'Vs-   t la",    no
seen cured  1st   Holl'iuus -    <'"i n    Cure '
'rs   a  bottle
slsll .■
ml has la-en cheaper    in York
and    I .nn olnshlre,    Kngland
Iks'   t,i\   ss.is     imposed   ssn   im
il c ah
Minard's Liniment is tiie best
this advance
tin- Canadian Northern Railway company ha,I given (he grain dealers us-
surance that tlie wheat would be
'""Veil ont  before the close oi navign-
tlon.   The Canadian Northern    rall-
w''a   lli,s  I ii  short   of cars    almost
snne the season opened, uml a num-
l"'1' '"' points    on    tlmt   company's
lines   base   been   blocked   (or   (hiss   or
oven weeks at a time. The company
Is suid to havo arranged for a sufllc-
loid supply ol cars to rollove tho
pressure and inovo out tho grain be-
Uiat can be not out betoro the close
that can bo not oul beforo tho close
oi navigation, is, ol course,    worth
moro than thai Which Will have ti, be
hold    user     'lhe   ri-eight    rale    is    I ss o
cms lower from Canadian Northern
rnilwaj points than from Canadian
I'ucilic points, but prevlouslj tho far*
    did not  ei- ah advantage ol
Hns losses rate Tin- Canadian Nor
thorn, it is understood, Ims arranged
for cars from the Northern Pacific
mui Clreal Northern, and the grain
loaded into tin" u cars u ill probably
go io Duluth The situation has nol
not been verj promising recent Is te
gardinR the movement ol grain H ith
tho ailseiii of colder weather, ami the
consequent stopping ol plowing and
i,.I',,! |0,,"'r w°rk at the fnt nt, a large Increase in  wheat  deliveries is ex| t-
ed, ssith a possibility ot a serious
blockade i lilting Dlockades havo
been occurring nt countr1, points for
gome sieiks. ami ihe railways recent-
lj    base   mil    I    handling   as   ninth
sslu-at as has been expected of them.
A large Increase in deliveries would,
therefore lead to a very serious situ-
atmui again, unless a much larger
movement by rail ean he made
siucks.it i'i,it William also continue
i" accumulate, t he shipments I"   ssn
ter   being   less  tban   receipts     nt   that
por!     li     navigation    should    close
.sill,  large stocks  at   lake pssrls  there
ssoiild lu. a complete blockade soon
afler ibe ibis.' oi navigation. Manitoba wheat bus been generally tlrm
during the past week. Prices at the
I'loise Friday were: No. 1 hard. 7'ti;
1 in ut hern. 71 Jc; 2 northern, 70c; :'.
northern, 68c; No. I wheat, 04c; ull
in store Port William or Port Arthur. In stiue Diilulh sells ut same
pine us l'ort William for the high
grades, but tin* loss- grades are about
1Jc less
Country Wheat—Farmers' deliveries
I,.i'..' been large during the weok, although the country roads aro not in
the beat shape tor hauling. A little
more simw would make sleighing nntl
then deliveries would be fr ■   Prob-
Si'l v
hn   Ins hup])
Sumner have
thai there ...
Hick ness Dial
not    i tn...
Ull.'    l'l    lie
Your success uml profits Irom bul-
terimikim., depend largely on the
quality of coloring you use during
the autumn and winter seasons. If
you use Wells. Richardson & Co.'s
Improved Butter Color, your butter
will bring n higher price than ir colored with any of the imitation colors
now sold by some merchants for the
sake of largo profits. Poor colors
proline., a btii'ky shade, rancidity
anil n nmiiied aupearance. Any ol
these results will condemn yonr butler. Weils. Richardson & Co.'s Improved Under Color ulsvays gises
the natural Juno tint uml nover fades
from the butter. Ask for il untl tnke
no other mnke.
A   ninn  mny  be able  to  argue with
a   woman, but    it    never   does any
Lifebuoy Soan—disinfectant—is striinc-
is re. [amended hy ilu* medical profea-
si"" "a a nafeguard asalnil Infectloui
illssea ,' i
in mi',  happiness,
rent   anil  the nas
Minard's Liniment Cures
:■■ rl
Do not  bottle
you    shiBiilil    let
benefit  of it
up > bur happiness :
lhe  world  have  the
at least
slii-ks   to
I ile
i   man  better  if he has
idea   of   his   wsvii    and
thai    lis t'H
ss '.lllls'l is,I
s .ii i..ia-
Misfortune is no respector
son",  ami  neither  is fort une.
of    pel -
foi' thai
i front
o  insidi
man    would   lather   I'm
nf   a   dry   goods   si ore
With   his  wife.
■    up
When    people   actually     cany   oul
then  good Intentions, the millennium
will be in full blast.
Any small boy  in his first   pair
trousers feels sorry for his mother
If   it      in     true  thut     the  good  dis'
young it  is up to the oldest  inhabitant io offer nn explanation.
The eight-day clock is
er und u chronic striker.
hard Work*
that  Increase
it   is    his    lie-abitil i"
a man's assets.
A cynic is u man ssltnse disappoint-
in..ist i- ,iin- ... si.,- .....i a.-. «.• ■
world ims mado without  hit  advice
lt  takes  a  rich   man
pleasures of poverty.
to enjoy the
men  die
s   will   ts'll   you    that     some
hard, while others are dead
In cases where bronchitis has   bi
come chronic  from     want   of  propi
With some
■llSt     Sl\     sis
5-cent cigars
as   L.'l   at
Horse Health
is one of the most important
things for every fanner to
Blood Purifier
will build up a run dowr. horse.
It tones up thc system, rids
stomach of bots, worms and
other parasites which undermine an animal's health.
50 cts. a package.
AGENTS.     •    -    -     MONTRtAU
al.l.s   lhe   railway   companies   and   ele-   treatment   ill the earlier
Vator   men     nie us  well    pleased     to    ,„   „othing  S1,   good   ns
\hxtxa  ih.'  roads  bud.   as  the*,   ate  uu-   ,•        ;   .     Hamburg  Hi
sable to lake sals' ol  all  the wheat   ol- '
fering Tho market has Improved as
compared ssiih a week ago, ami the
erage price t'i "armors for wheal is
higher. The action ol the grain
trade m advancing prices m Canadian Northern points over those in
fi 11 .■ at corresponding Canadian I'ucilic points has created a disparity in
'prices to farmers.   At  C.  1'   lt    16c
freight   rale   points   the   ruling    price
fur best wheat is 55 i" 56c per Ims.,
whilo ai similar C. N, H. points the
i price is 59 to flOc per bushel for farmers' loads.
,    Liverpool—No. *_ northorn closed on 18Ucn adhesions to break away, mak-
Saturday at 'is.   7*Jd. hng  expectoration    easier  and  more
i iVTS—Car shortage is Interfering 1 free,   Dr.  August Koenig's Hamburg
ssith trade io a considerable extent. |Breast Tea, drank slowly ami    very
p.AKl IA—Tl  is mit much movement  in barley, and the business    is
a i' oat  all on local accounl       Mult -
im' grades nr.' sssiitb :i2 u,   t.is-   per
bu i i«t  sm truck,  Winnipeg,  ami  feed
gmtles 'Jt. i.s l'Ts-
1 i. VXSKKD   HeceiptH    an uler-
i,t     ..ml ihe markol stood}   .1 >M OC
,...,- i asl el    inr carlots   at    i ounti s
SIT IT/- The maiket holds steady
at 30c pit' bushel of 50 pounds, delivered in Winnipeg.
stages, thero
lb'.    August
ist.    Tea,     in
conjunction     ssith" which   is   strongly
ails isetl  the use of  St.   Jacobs Oil  us
an outward application along the
front sif the throat From close up uniler lhe chin to well down to the top
ol the chest : the one remedy assists
the other, and as intended, they
work in complete unison. The wonderful   penetrating  power   of   St.   ,lu-
Icobs tni enables it to reach the iid-
iheslon sif foreign matter which Hues
the bronchial tubes anil which makes
breathing more and more difficult.
As these adhesions become inflamed
and  enlarged  St.   Jacobs Oil   causes
I ;.i i pei
I'U TAI nl S
nui.TUV Dmssi
ttb '.i lo 10c i
lien     ure
ton i" • ■
paying     .St*'     I"
allots on Irnck
per bushel.
•il     chickens     are
pound, ducks and
hot,   snot las   and   heals  the   parts,   i.s
comforting and quieting, stops    tho
cough   and     relieves     the  breathing.
This mariner of treatment (and there
iis no oilier tsso remedies that   \sili
Work  together so successfully 'reaches
the difficulty from the outside and
and the inside ut the same timo. st
Jacobs Oil reaches tbe roots of the
adhesion and assists I'r. August Koenig's Hamburg Breast Tea In clearing them; then both remedies act In
Unison   in   healing   ami   curing.       The
'ubove remarks apply ssiih equal fores'
in cases ui asthma, croup, wheoplng
cough, enlarged tonsils nnd all bronchial affections. Every family should
have St. Jacobs Oil and Dr. August
IKoenig's Hamburg Breast Tea al-
|Ssays in tho house in order lhat the.v
may Iw promptly usc-il in the tirst
stages.   Often tho maladies develope
,.,. ,.   in,   and turkeys I**if.
BUTTER   Creamery-The season Is
ii ■   ovor and    receipts  are ll1-1''   ' llh Wonderf I rapidity, and compli
asking 25c per pound I    .   ...      . ., . ..,.: ',,, , .,'..,
ff/E have inst Issued a new
W ,ndh»ndson*cly illustrated wjslogue, a copy of
which will he msllsd to sny
address on request.
portion of our .lock ol,n«»[
(oir this season is ol ipsclsl
In It ths" sram-
mersble (jilt pice
tic in
fulness snd durability.
Tonae II
„ ■ Miuldi Sir-*-1***
ii,.. i tea are asaing -'•"■ per i
fl om sal ■   lie turners for CboiCO ninkes.
which is an advance ol 2c per Ib
in mi i:   Hairy- storks    are   nol ,
' via s   large and mosi ol Uie holdings
are under grades    Very littlo choice
table butter is to be hud    Jobbing ;
houses are paying M to IDc not al
Wiiinipeg for beat  grodos,     Seconds
  worth 12 i" ' le nel
Hltl'.s.'.i'ii    MEATS - Beef,    city
dressed, G'  to O^c, countrj Block, ,c
| less; mutton, 8 to 9c; lamb,   11 lc ;
hogs, ti to lOJc.
rilKKSt'.   The price is Qrmer    al
III lo   ll'.'.i'  per pouml
loans   18c per dojon.
IllD1CS   Dealers    aro now    paying
|j        JCiJc   for   No    1   hi'les.   5|C   for   No.   2.
j and   ii  for No. 3.   Calfskins    same
JIL price as hides    Horse hides 50o   to
\/i si each.
*r,l si',M''.rA--ltest root, 52c per lb
1.1 Via    STUCK
CATTLE—Thore Is si ill a small ex-
| jioi-1   voment, although the season
is ubout over.   Ths price ol these is
Min :\\ to ■ic.   Butchers' cattle, ■'! to
SHEEP* Receipts are moderate and i
'ti,,* market steady at Bsjc per pound |
olT cars Winnipeg.   Lambs aro lower
,,i    li   to '111'.
lltlCS-   Live    hogs    nre easier,  but
not tpiotnbiy changed, and wo quote j
i'|i* p.i- pound for choice weights t"- |
day. Heavy and underweight hogs '
nre [c to lc less Hum Uiis figure.     l
sni ions
lake   plot
ss ith
\n       English     lads.       Mcs
lih'oine. has taken the degree
at   i elpslc,   sii.' Is the tirst
doctor tsi graduate at Letpsh
ol M 11
Mm    Celesta   Coon,    Syracuse,  N
writes:   "For    years    I    cnulil n,.t  eat
I nuiny kinds of food without produclna n
burning, excruelatlna pain in my stomach
| I took Parmelee's Pills according to kir-
I et'iu'iis under tin* head of  'Dyspepsia sn
I tndlgestloa '   Ono box entirely cured ine
J i  tam miss' esst  anything  1  choose, without distressing me in tne least."   Those
Pills ilu nut  cause insln su- nri|iiuir. anil
sliould be used  when  a  catharltc  in  re-
'. i|iiiu'ii
ASK    »  OW
Ogilvie   Oats
Delicious flavor.   Fres trom hulls.     Warranted Furs,
Put  up  tn   all   alzed  packages.
Ogilvie's Hungarian
As now manufactured.   The grsat FAMILY FLOUR.
Iaatst oa getting "OGILVIE'S," as they ars bettor than the Boat,
fieri Using xommontea
you may misl^^iitUrness
for strengthJiDLD STAN-
DARD ^EAi^unetjualled
.... ,'-"". '.''X ' * ljr'X ^'' >ffs ■ " t **-?' ^- ***s     •' *
for s lreHijti^0ft
Sick Headache, Constipation,
Wind and Pains in Stomach, Impaired Digestion,
Disordered Liver and Female Ailments*
Tho Solo now exceeds SIX MILLION Boxes iter Annum.
Prepared only by the Proprietor, XV.OV. *.S l'!.!:CHAM. St. Helens, England.
Sold Everywhere in Canada and U. S. America*
In boxes, 215 cents.
CrJ> asrr tarts s*4*-tiAM</7Vr Guv tiMs 4tuMH/
jisu5 f <?iuiAd -Cu> Ae-nJ- JiM4~tt*4
dr4/tc*~r<L A^t- '&s euu,4vfoe-ft/ ctt6
^tin^Jeyi cUo -mi>
Grata and Commission Meroh&nt-i.
HlglH'st i.ri<'-a 111.111 for who nt, O&tlj bar-
ley or flax In CBrlota* Wive *»r WTtia in*
for prlOtM before Belling. Liberal n.ivnn-
<••■ mails* on QOnilytlUiental hihI lirttul ifli",
on comuiUfilon.   Licensed an<i noiuled.
P. o. Box R.^o, Wlnnlpegi Hmn.
Matrimony (view   to) -j-'ntlonu-n  --limit.,
iotn the British Oorrespondenoe Bnreavi
A4 Klmry Street,  London, S* W. Buglnodi
1'aiUtulars free.
Ttir isisnlily alstsiiiisrsl from Ooeian t
ssss'sm. Yn'ur tuoiiay bark If not aiss.
lasss.'ts.ry, • - - •
nos« a i.»n.AMtiF, Aeta., monthisii
Coronation medals made of ruu
tui'tsii have been presented by the
kins', isi the Household Police a1
Wlndsoi   Castle
Tho    Sultan  nf    Turkey and    the
IQueen ui the Nrilu'rluiuls are suiii l>
in. tin' only  iiiiiil  abstainers among
European sovereigns.
Result of New York  Expert'e
Analyses of
Canadian-Made Soap*.
Dr. Delmel Llnon-Me»h Co. writes:
" We sent s.aniples of the leading
" soaps made In Canada to an expert
" ln New York, and had them thor-
" oughly analyzed. As a result of
" this analvBts, we And your ' Sun-
" light Soap' to thoroughly cleanse
" without dangor to the clothes, and
" we are therefore pleased to recotn-
" mend wearers of the Dr. Delmel
" Underwear to use Sunlight Soap
" for wsslilnn."
Try Sunlight Soap—Octagon Bar—
and you will see for yourself.     224
tf it •tAMtaea
■ ndorssd by baat Engllih m-dlealjournili.
SuppllosJ to BrillthaoldlBritn South klrlo*.
For all Throat and Olami Troubles. Lumps,
SbaOBsaae. Old Soros, Ulosra, Folons. Skin
Olaaasaa    Eornma,  Plsnploa,  Stiff Jolnta,
■ haustiatltsr. , Lumbago, Sprains, Bruliss,
flies, Cuts, Sore Foot   Pleurisy.
•old by Orugglata. IBo,   Try It once.
Orders   havo been    Issued to
Russian police to forbid the sale
use ni |''liiiiKii',i'ii|ili rollers for the
product Ion of sacred music.
all MU IN AS; all have that lovely aro-
\\\n\ nil th-it tattty m-ci't tlavor for whieh
the i-l-ui- u noted. All smoke lb«*m,
and all DUtda by
tell wh
ii cold
*.tltll|il Iv
nn- su tsiiuiy coUgh cures on  lhe
Hint   ii  ia sometimes iltl*lcul|  in
l> ts. buyt but II wi* luni ii rough
uny  affliction  of  tlis'  llirsiui   or
1   would t ry  Bickle's   stil i Con
Syrup.   Those   ulin   have   tried
it   thiol,  it   is fur ithi'uii of nil olhi
Jul rut ions    rs-s'oiiiint'tislia]    fssr such
I.iHiisih.   'I lu. little (silks like it   ns-
us  pli'issunt   us  syrup.
il   is
A Vienna dentist reports having
made considerable success with artificial teeth mado of paper treated bj
n process of his own Invention.
ft is always smV to keep what you
think tn yourself,
worldly wlso seldom
accumulated wisdom,
Poverty   Isn't    a    crime—unless  ii
fiirtiishi's (in.' with prison fate,
Not li inn
varies   bo
promises i
oople make
and 'ii
Entirely Tesetmble,   0
log rtivaloissiia.    Id" bust ial
the liuisissii -tiitntii'h, liver iiu<i
for sSI) ynra isy lar.il.
for ernry 111 of
?nur il*SHliir for it  or  9«tnl  to
sRUtl t.TOUK, Bli.lMKIX
bowels.    \rk
l'*I.K IIINU'i
Arrow l—aitca**,
Slltssitusl   isslilat  .rwis'i    nnrlTolled   torn
i;l..l:    .  ... .     ';•■.,.,  nisitl   . .,i„>.|,.|r    Is.nlth    ■*••
aorl -sn ihsL, csisitltititit of North Atui*rlom«
Itsj ).»ils, run, nil   Norvooa  and   Muaaa-
l.ss sltas-nasia.   Its* waters  Is.a.i   all   Rldaey,
l.iver nss.l Htosssnsh ..iliii.nu.
'l'l,...  nre n nsrver fsslllisg ,i taeslf (ol   ail
'.11,•.tins:.tie ti;. aiil." .
1 KUM. (at tO Jl!  P«r
to i«..i I" ..'*• iii Hole1 or Vlllaa.
\A/,    IM.    KJ.
-»03. Till': DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C, NOVEMBER Ms 1902.
C. E. Smitberinqalb, Editor and Prop.
SLOCAN,      -      •       •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
Subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will bs charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strictly in advance; (2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
■t!     ^TTT=
A pencil marl* in Ihe snaee
apposite will bs an ianica-
tion to ynu that ye editor
csnsi'lers there is something
coming to him on your sub-
•or ip tion. Kindly acknew-
leilge   in  cash snd oblige.
There is no change in the zinc situation.
Slocan ore shipments  amount   to
25,500 tons.
Several real estate deals nre on the
tapis in the eity.
There   is   a  fair ilt'inand for residences at present.
Two  or  three   new families have
moved into town of late.
Provincial Road  Inspector Killeen
visited the camp this week.
More men are to lie added to the
force at tlie Fisher Maiden.
Frank Dickinson left  for Spokane
on Monday to spend the winter.
Holders of hotel licenses must get
their applications in next month,
Bar silver   fell   to 47J during the
week, Ix'ing the lowest  ever recorded.
Special efforts are to be put forth
lx' put
i's Alley
KisnssHiAi.  cuuiTiNus.
The Granby smelter at Grand Forks
• is again increasing its capacity and
eventually it will be enlarged to ton
furnaces, comprising the biggest reduction works ou the continent. The
output of the company's mines i.s to
lie largely augmented and scores of
new men added to the force. More
accommodation is to be provided at
the Boundary Falls smelter, three
furnaces lieing arranged for. Those
are healthy and encouraging signs,
and thoy form a bright picture as
viewed from the environments of a
silver-lead camp,
Though looked for for some time,
Premier Dunsmuir's resignation last
Friday came with almost startling
suddenness, being coincident with
Minister Wells'return from an official
visit to Ottawa. The general belief is
the resignation was hurried in order
that Mr. Dunsiuuir might conclude
the negotiations for the transfer of his
Island Railway interests to the Mackenzie-Mann syndicate. Hon. Col.
Prior, according to the understood
contract, was called upon to form a
government and, after some days' delay, did so as follows: Premier and
minister of mines, Col. Prior; attorney
general, D.^. Eberts; finance minister, J. D. Prentice; commissioner of
lands and works, W. C. Wells; pro-
yincial secretary and minister of education, Dennis Murphy; president of
the council, W. W. B. Mclnnes. It is
a curious mixture, but the Colonel
says he has power enough to keep the
machinery running.
It were better the mineowners had
never met at Sandon Thursday, to discuss the lead  mining situation, than
to have made the exhibition they did.
Nothing practical was accomplished
and W. A. Galliher, M.P., was left as
much in the dark as ever as to what
course to urge the federal government
to pursue in order to benefit the country.   The mineawners at the outset
made a fatal uiistako in excluding the
press  from their conference, for the
question is one that gains in force and
effect by being given all the publicity
possible.   In   themselves   the   mine-
owners doubtless consider their organization an influential Ixxly, but to the
outside public and the government
they form an insignificant factor in the
Dominion's composition.    They cannot move the government machinery
at their will.    It takes the public to do
that.   The  lead  question is of public
Importance and were the country taken into the confidence of the mint -
owners, the necessary  pressure could
lie brought to bear on tin* government
to take steps to meet the situation,
The mineowners have the erroneous
idea that they alone are the parties
affected.   By their actions also thej
hnve made it known that they are not
in harmony even among themselves
aud their published resolutions lead
one to think they are  trying to bottle
up a little graft to themselves.   For
.the legislators the situation is decidedly complex.   There   does   exist a
great depression in an important industry, but how  to overcome it is a
hard nut to crack.   The commercial
Ixxlies want a high duty on imported
lead and the miueowners  principally
free trade in  mining supplies.   Thr
mineowners are divided among themselves and they are fearful  the local
smelters, and particularly the C.P.R .
is putting up  some job whereby the
manufacturer will reap the benefits tt
the exclusion of the producer.    It is a
pretty bad moss and will result in the
government doing as it is doing now
this year for the Ilogan
The special services have been continued in the Methodist chinch all the
Nobody could lie got last week to
fill the two vacancies in the Sandon
city council.
The Miners' Union purpose holding a smoker in their hall at the end
of December.
The management of the M. U. hospital purpose holding their annual
ball on Dec. 9th.
A government examination of assayers is to lie held at Victoria on the
8th of December.
Miss Stoughton removed to Armstrong on Friday, to tako up a permanent residence.
Larry Knowles' hotel, at .Silverton,
was totally destroyed by fire early on
Wednesday morning.
The adjourned sale for taxes of delinquent lands in the Slocan will be
held at Kaslo on Dec. 16.
A. York sfe Sons will hold their
seventh annual shooting match for
poultry at Christmas time.
Father Cote, who has just returned
from a trip to Europe, held service iu
the Catholic church Sunday.
Henry Rose was hanged at Nelson
on Friday for the murder of John
Cole near Nakusp, last June. He died
protesting his innocence.
The government tax sale at Kaslo
last week realized $1895JO. Since the
sale was announced -810,111.33 of delinquent taxes was paid up.
Mrs. Sidney Norman and daughter
arrived in Spokane this week on a
month's visit. Mr. Norman has rented
It. A. Bradshaw's residence.
Miss Lottie York, who has been vi-
witinivj friends In Onlgjnry nnsi liilsiicisi
ton for the past three months, returned home on Saturday evening.
Angus McLeod, MP., of Brace
bridge, Ont., died in Vancouver Inst
week, of typhoid fever. He was alxiut
to start a big sawmill at Arrowhead.
Hiram Robertson brought in four
fine deer on Monday, making six in all
this season. The four were out of a
bunch of five and he hit them all, but
the fifth got away.
Inspector Wilson paid his official
visit to the school on Tuesday and reported a big improvement noticeable.
He was very favorably impressed,
grent interest lieing evinced by the
staff, and tho showing mado was most
Dave Arnot's stock of dry goods has
arrived and he will be pleased to have
the ladies call and examine them. Me
will also have a nice range of ladies'
silk collars, ties and belts in for the
Christmas trade. .Just the thing for
a Christmas gift.
first visit to Slocan on Tuesday. That
evening the members of his church
here presented him with a complimentary address and a well filled
purse, to which a fitting reply was
given. On Wednesday morning his
lordship held a confirmation sen-ice,
when Katie and Wm. Foley, Joseph
and Nellie O'Neil were received into
the church, afterwards partaking of
the sacrament. The Catholic congregation are securing two lots on Harold
street and will erect a neat church
next summer.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson.
B. C
Vialt liy D>.akss|s Hoist,.siwell.
Bishop DontenweU, of the Catholic
dioivst> of New Westminster, paid hit
With our handsomely
illustrated new catalogue
the greater portion of
your Christmas shopping may be done at
Writ* for il, and tl will bt aanl
le yosi, free of ctiarg*. by return
If on receipt of articles ordered you are
not perfectly satisfied,
your money will be
cheerfully refunded.
Ryrie Bros
Editor Drill:
Sir,—In accordance with the expressed wish of those present at the
meeting of silver lead miners, held
here on Nov. 20th and 21st, I now beg
to enclose herewith, for publication in
your paper, copy or the three resolutions passi'd iit said meeting. Yours
truly,   Geo. B. McDonald, Secretary.
Sandon, B.C., Nov. 22, L902.
''This meeting of silver lead miners
iR of the opinion that a protective tariff on imported lead in ores, pig lead
and its products, is desirable, subject
to the conditions that it be clearly
shown and assurance given that such
tariff will be of direct benefit to the
silver lead miners rather than the
smelters and refineries only."
"We would further recommend that
lead bullion, smelted and refined or
otherwise treated in bond in foreign
countries, lie re-admitted to the Dominion of Canada upon the payment
of an ad valorem duty of 15 per cent
of the cost of smelting and refining,
corroding, or other process of manufacturing."
'"It is hereby resolved that a committee of four, with power to add to
this number, be appointed to wait upon the smelters and present to tin m
the recommendations embodied in the
resolutions presented by John L. Re-
tallack at last night's meeting, as
amended; if possible, to obtain from
them a satisfactory guarantee that, in
the event of the endorsement of said
resolution by an adjourned meeting of
this convention, the .smelters will
equitably divide with the shippers any
and all benefits accruing to them in
consequence of passing of legislation
on the lines of our recommendation."
We have just received an elegant
lino of poods for the holiday
tnull*, including
rianicure Sets
in Kliiny, nnd .Silver Mounted
Leather Travel.njj* Cases
Toilet Sets
Brush Sets
Perfume Atomizers
Perfumes, etc.
We alio carry Eastman's Kodaks
ansl goneral hi»(>j>li»■•.
Agents for the Heintraan &Ce.,Ger*
llclntzman, and Karn Pianos
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local regis
try cflice, 11. P. Christie being mining
Nov 19—Winter fraction, on Springer
creek, W E Lee.
Nov 17—Montreal.
Nov 15—Club "-2, II L Fifo to John
18—Port IIopc 8*10, J P Driscoll to T
J '.aty.
20-I'i'srt Hope 1-5, JO McCallum to
Mary McCallum.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why lie without a ran^c when
you can get one so cheap? The]
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
•et up tree.
YOUR attention is roipectfully
called to the Custom Tailors'
Union I.alit'l, a cut of which
appesri below,   It in tho only sign
whereby a person ih hu™ of getting
clothes mane In a fair shop,
Hah of Iiipweiits.
I'»rt Hops. Miliars.! Clulm.
Situate in the Slocan Citv mining division of West Kootenay district. Where
located:—Half mile north of Spritzer
creek, adjoining tho (iolsl Viking.
TAKK NOTICK that I, J. M. Mc-
Oreijor, acting as agentfor T. J. Baty,
free miner's certificate No. B69A86; II.
L. Kite, F. M. C. No. Bfi9882, and J.
G. McCallum, V. M, C. No. B69924, Intend, sixty .lays (rom the date hereof, to
apply to tho Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a crown grant on the above
And further take notice that action,
uniler section '!", must Lo commenced
liefore the issuance of such cortiticate ol
Hated tins 3rd day of October, lii()2.
10 10-02. .). M. McGREGOB
Do You
Want a Home ?
Then oome to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hxmtiiig.Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
entei-prisiiig citi-sens aresome
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Kaoliang, mui allver
I'lstle Minciail
By leaving  your order  for a Kail
Suit,  Trousers or Overcoat  with
A. David, Miners' Tailor,
yon \rill lind  (l.e Union
all Clothe* matin hy him.
of a wide  rnngo ami of
f'liality kept iu i-iock.
will In,
'uBBIIll   light.
Stores at Slocan and Sandon.
Situnte in the SWim I'i'i' Minimi Divi.
Sinn ul tlie Wi-t   Kootenay district
..   Where located: On Dayton creek.
TAKK. NOTICK that I, J. M..McGregor, BCtingSB agent (ur ll. <'. YanTuyl.
fiee miners'ci rtifieatc So.B.MWH4,intend,
sixt. days from the dalo hereof, to apply
to tli. mining recorder for certificates o(
Improvement, fur ths purpose of obtain*
ing  cm**. »i grant! of the uliuve claims.
And further lake notice lliat action,
under section ?,~, must h- commenced
before the issuance ofsuch certificates of
Dateil this Hid day of October, 1902.
10-10-02 .1  M. McGREGOR
bliife-Teii  Mimml I 1*1 su.
Situate in the Slocan City Minin Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On Ten Milocreek,
east of the Enterprise,
TAKK NOTICK that I, J. M McGregor,ai'tiiiR as agent for I'. \V, Ellis,
free miner's certilicate No. B69488, and
0. E. Smltheringale, F.M.C. No.B69748,
intend, sixty dnys from tlie date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder ora certificate ol Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown lirant of the above
Ami further take notice that action,
under section ,'!", mint he commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
D.ited this 8th day of September, 1902.
10-10-02 J. M. McGREGOR
M -.nl rritl   Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay liistrict.
Where located:—On the divide be*
tween Lemon and Bpringer creeks,
adjoining the Two Friends min.ral
TAKK NOTICK that I, Archie  Main-
-sTarlng-Johnien, acting as agent for I'io
neer Mining Co., Limited (non-personal
| liability), FrCS    Miner's Certilicate   No.
B68180,intend, sixty days from the date
I hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
j for a certilicate of   Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant
I of thn above claim.
And further tnke notice that action,
I under section ,'!7, must he commenced
! before the issuanco of such certificate ol
j Improvements.
Dateil this llth day of October, 1902.
17-10-i 12
Furnished I'uoins, by day or
week. Second to none ia
the city.
Enquire  on the
Arthur strict, near
H. Terry
R A. Sc.
MflintsTuy ius. tisimsi Hii.s i,,i Claim,
Situate in the Blocan City Mining Division ot the West Kootenay District.
Where   located: —In   the Arlington
Take notice that I.J. M. McGregor,
lifting as agent for Thos. Tohin, K.M,
0. No. B69727, ami II. Cameron, free
miner's certilicate No. B59798, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to npply
to the Mining liecoidcr for a certificate
nf Improvements, for tlm purpose of obtaining u crown grant [or tho abovo
And further tako notice that action,
under section .'17, must bs commenced
before tlie issuance of Slich certilicate of
Dateil this 17th davof November, 1902
21-1102 J. M. McGREGOR.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN. - - II. C.
Slocan City fflinors' Onion,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
In the Union Hall, Shscan City, at
7.,'10 p.m. Viaiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Insurance !
Representing the strongest cem
panics deing business in Canada.
Sek new a-ccident policy, with par*
ticlpation in profits, covering* sickness ainl operation*.
II. I). CURTK, Notary Public
Rubber Goods
We havo a large stock to choose
from, lust li gents iiti'l ladies,
We also curry the largest and
huit assorted stock of ladies' and
rants' hoots and shoes.
Y"ni kip and English ki|i miners
hoots. Tbey givsa ths liest of
BStlsfsctlon ami are guaranteed
for six months,
Adcock's Shoe Store,
Next Postofflce, - Slocnn
Notice to Delinquent Co-owners
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing* and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
K. E ALLEN, • Manager
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Harry Williams, or to sny |..n.»
or person-no whom h. may bs*. trane-
(erred hit interest ia the ('hilkal
and Delphian mineral claim., lituated
on th. head water, of Lemon creek,
ami recorded in the lie. otslcr'* otlir.
(or th. Slocan C ity mining division.
You are hereby notified that I.Oscar
V. White, free miner.' certificate No.
BS9427, hay. caused to be expended the
.um ol six hundred and fifteen dollar*
in lalior aud improvement* on th* above
mentis ned mineral claim*, in order to
hold said claim, under the provision* ol
th* Mineral Act; and if within 00 d*v*
from th* date nf thi* notice you fail, or
refuse, to contribute your proportion ol
such expenditure,together with all cost.
i of advertising, your interest in said
chums will become the propeity of tbe
siihsrriher, timler .action 4 of an A*t
entitle-! "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated at Sandon, li.C, thi* JOth day ef
"j.ptetiilser, A.D. J 002.
All sensible psejlc tra'sl
To,I. W. Millard, Kate  Scott nnd Thos
Iteiil, or to  any   person   or persons to
whom they msy have transferred their
several interests, in whole or in part
in the Slut* Ten mineral claim,situated
near the Enterprise mine, in Slocan
, City mining division of West Kootenay, located Beptembor 8th, 1896 ami
recorded September 9th, 1895;    '
You are herehy notified that I hnve
expended the sum ol one hundred and
two dollars and fifty cents in perform-
ing ami recording assessment work lor
iho nimv* mentioned mineral claim
since the 9th day of September imi'
nnd if within'JO days from tho date of
this notice you, or any of you. \M or
rnfue. to contribute your several proportions of such expenditure, together
with all costs of advertising, yonr inter*
lists in said claim shall become tl
perty of the lubicrloor, under
25flof the Mineral Act.
Dateil at Sloean this   llth
(ember, 1002. ■	
••■•»■*-■-• P. W. ELLIS
A glance at the eendensed
limetsble will cenviuco you
at this fact. Leave Slocan
City at I 20 p.ni :
Arrive Winnipe/f 3rd daj 8,fr0a.m
Arrive St. Paul 3rd day at 6.40 p.ra
Arrive Chics/jo 4th day at 9.30a.m
Arrivo Teronto 5th day at 2.4*> p,B
Arrive Montreal 5th day at 6.30 p.m
Arrive New York 6th day 8.55 a.m
'I*l.vinjr palaces bvday.lnx*
nrieus resting: places at
Bl-jht," fitly describes the C.
P.R. Teniist Curs, which
leave rs follows;
L*aye* Dunmore Junction daily for St.
Paul; Kootenay Landing Tuesday aid
Saturday for Toronto, Montreal, eU.
Further proof of the uncqaal-
lod service ot the C.P.R. can
be hnd on application to
im pro
d«y of Sep.
I). PA.,
A. fi. P. A.,
Agent, Sloean OHy


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