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The Slocan Drill 1903-03-13

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 fe-ov. Library,
111., Ne. 50.
SLOCAN,   B.   0.,   MARCH   13,   1D03.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
You need something
nice in_-—_+____
We have the best assortment
in the city, at prices that suit
the times. Look into our
show case and see if these are
not facts.
T. Shatford & Co.
Km York & Sons,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
the Blue Bird mine nt Deer Bark, on
Arrow lake, yet work has been earned
on there constantly I'm' the pasi iwn
or three years, Last year a 25-ton
mill was erected on the property and
now tho owners aro Installing a com-
"Vant.tUs tots Is. Millsite t« "Invert to' _tSnm...P1'1"1'    T1,1,'  l''V(lu,,'t    "''   l1"'
..... a.    ,,„ ' ,   .    null will bi> treated at 1 roi .   Qoldis
lllsss  hhiiulil   I aiiii,s:,ii y   !■■;. 11   111   llii'ir    ,,        ....       , ,,
11111-' cliii'I value in tin' ore.
(Millgatlmss.TlsosSf-li City l'ays for tile
B. C.
J^   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ^
^   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   3
5L0CAN, B. C.
|s reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public, lt is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
iETMlNQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Is npeis?<i mder
•• eU management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Oar. Artlasir Btrsstt sad Dsilanuy Ar.nuss, Rla>can.
Ptlldtof thoroaj-hly renovated
1*ad re staked with the best
|Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You ran get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Property - Anotiis-i- Loan.
City oouncil held its regular meeting ou Monday uight,al] the members
lieing present.
Correspondence read; Receipl from
Quid & Co., for money paid for dog
tags.   Filed,
From Bank of Commerce, laid over
from former meeting.   Laid on table,
From Crane s*v Co., Portland) re
waterworks material. Referred to Bre,
water nnd lighl committee,
A petition .v.is presented to council
from the business people, for transmission to th'' government, praying
that the jurisdiction of II. 1). Curtis,
as magistrate of the small debts court,
be enlarged so as to take in cases
arising in the Slocan and Slocan City
mining divisions.
On motion of Aid. McCallum and
Tsseter, the clerk was instructed to
write to the attorney general in accordance with the petition.
Finance- committee reported in favor
of bills amounting to $5.25, Ordered
l'ills presented: Slocan Transfer
Co.. coal. S7; Dr. Forin, holding coroner's inquest on body of J.Trombley,
•*?1(). Tins account had lieen returned
by the government, claiming the city
alone I's-jsponsible. Bills ordered referred to finance committee, as also
one from 11. H. Jorand of S>.'S<, for
telegrams nnd registering bylaws.
City Solicitor Jorand wrote re trusl
deed of lots in millsite, which Frank
Fletcher wa* supposed to sign and
enclosing n letter from the iattor's
lawyers.   Fletcher refuses to si *u the
deed, claiming  thai th • lots in tli
millsite should roverl  to him if ths
companv failed lo keep Iheir igroi
m-.it.   Ho held thai  the 51803 from
the city wo i not an  ad qxi ite  return
and t'.iat he was cunauig moro   risk
than anyone el e.   Tho ii i  I  in lh
ban's was optional t > th • i itj for onh
li'i.l.ivs.   The city s ilieil ir advised
the city nol tobebluffedby Fl tch
rapacity, but t.i take the mat! rhito
the courts and thus force Fletcher ;
sign, as h" bad agreed to do.
This action of Fletcher's gavo rise
to mu li discussion and w is tin - ■ ■•!
iy t!i • council oa being m i I con
temptible, as h id b • tn his action nil
the way through. Aid. Smith struck
the point when he Btated there was
no danger of the millsite reverting to
anyone, as the company for sure
meant business.
Finally Aid. Teeter moved bid th
letter of the Bank of Commerce be
answered that in .''i days the niona
would be paid to Fletcher's n rount,
pending agreement on certain clausi
contained in deed. See ind d by Aid.
McCallum and carried.
Tli.-city solicitor advised thai trusl
dees|s in• made out for each of the
private lots purchased.
Aid. Arnot and Smith moved that
■lohn A. Anderson be appointed
trustee lo hold deeds for individual
lots purchased for the tnillsito, I i be
held iii trust in and for ths-city. Car
Tha'  question  of  drawing up the
trust deeds was laid over.
Aid. McNeish inquired if ii wa- the
intention of the council to have lhe
Bchoolhouse insured. It would cosl
sit) to insure for .$2000for thi-ee y. ars.
Moved by Aid. Worden and Arnol
that the sum of Sl'i- be placed to the
credit of tho school board.   Carried.
Aid. Smith queried os to wliat I
city was going to do about fund- i i
meet (he pawni'llts (III tile 1'ith.
The eity clerk stated, in answer to
Aid, Arnot. thai monsv was coming in
very slowly, bul he did not wi-h lo
pross ihs- delinquent** withonl the ■ an
ciion of lhe council. There was $150
litis' yet for licenses,
Aid. McCallum  moved  that a i> i!
be put through with the bank for $850.
so as to meet ctirrenl cxponi s, the
note  lo run '.id days.   Seconded by
Aid, Worden and carried.
The clerk stated theossossmonl roll
would be returned on Monday next.
Aid, Worden inquired who ii was
that was lookin;;- alter the sidewalks.
They were in a dangerous oud dis
graceful condition. Theduties of the
chief of police were again touched on,
but the mailer was left to the mayor
to look after.
Mayor York regaled the board with
tin account of his trip to tho mining
conventional   Victoria.   There was a
big crowd present and mam imporl
ant   resolutions  passed,   The   chief
move was the appointment oi a com
mittoe lo go to Fernie to endeavor lo
settle the coal si nke.witli ovory cli u
of success,   The delegatos had hod h
grand time,
Council adjourned,
Tl'lUllltl.I' lAl \I.1TY.
Pour Mess r.aiKi* Their Lives at tin* wiiia.
1. Mini..
Word comes from Ferguson of o
terrible disaster nt the Nettie L mine,
in that camp, on Saturday nighl, as
well as an net of the greatest heroism.
The \ictims of the disasti'i' are E,
Qrogan, Robert Savage, A. Caulder
uml Patrick Crilly, the shift boss, all
paving been asphyxiated by powder
imoke, The hero i*, John Mel.''ml.
nyho entered the chamber of death no
le s than : even limes to rescue his
The story of theaccident ia one long
to be remembered in thecamp.   The
I "flight of the N'eitie 1, wn! on dutv at
to'clockon Saturday evening. The
day shift had knocked n!T at 1 o'clock
thai afternoon, putting off their-lest-.
before leaving,   The  nrst to-descend
I into the workings was Robert Savage,
who was operating a machine in one
I of the drifts. Be found the place full
of smoke from the blasting and yelled
for help.
The only means of approach was by
de cending a winze nbout BO feet de p
connecting witb the drift. A min r
named George Groshey made the attempt and descended quickly, lie
found Savage insensible on the floor
and picked him up, carrying him to
the winze and r.\, to within a few feet
of the surface. Unable to hold oul
an longer against the noxiou i fura •
Groshey li I drop hi ■ burd 'ii and fell
fsi;".\ ird at the h sad of the winz ■ m tn
di! lini! alive.   Allan Cauld    t-l    i
I 1     t]       ,        13. but   ll     him     II
lot th    f il  of the ■•
ali I ; I; i :! ' 1   fot   I    " .   r  lli
tl    hod   of Sa ■ -   ' T    shift Iw   .
Pat Crilly, •'; •     •■•   '■   '■    ''.. to bo
iii; ,1 din! ly i in  las ! un.
Th   mon i   ' •. with "■•.■;..- ' as.to
i  ll :  -I' i".l s •.!''. '- VH   I ' ' * I''
lie first.   E I loom al*d
Vfeli John ■ •*. ': n. . i I di 1 not
return. B:i chy Crilly then weal
.!■! vn to so3 b   ■    Id not ros-
cu ■ Iii    broth ■ . bu!  thc d   th trap
■i wed too mu '.  I  »:n him, aad  h
T. i ■    to return to the bead
ii the v, i i  -.
Jack M :. id then deacon li d, carrying a nsi •. and on r ■ ching the bot
; mi fast i ■ I it round the nr I body
be cam • across iu tho dark, bein ; thai
..f Pat Crilly. This he brought to the
surface, but nil to i inte to save ' i ■
life. Again the plucky minor descended. !•;.'■ iuraj* I bv th i iui coss of his
. a'.t. mi t. an I brought up Nel-
Johnson and Otto Bloom, both ol
whom were in onsibl ■. l^ tstoratii i
were applied and lhe meu r rained
sas.'-.r. ',:.•- D spi ■ the i ff '"* . oi
ths' jn isonous vapo . McLsCod again
and again dosci n led th winze,bring
ing abs ly up each lime. Kadi ef-
ort, bowever, told more and more up
en the brave follow aud, with the last.
it wouisl soeui thi' .'Iri. - nl him- I'll
svas to fall a victim to the terrible air,
He fell aud became insensible, but yel
he had work i.i lie. An ithor miner,
named Swi u iy, th 'n descende I to
• ■•' whether ant ; i reb dies t imnined
in the fatal drift, onb to I*' overcome.
McLeod struggled to his feet and
ma le .i sevi nth ottei ipl I i rescue life.
He was not allowod to go unaccompanied, for John Hendricks, another
of the miners, wen! with him. Be
I ween tho two Sween y was rescued
and brought to tho surface, little tho
worse for bis di rrow esc ipe from n
dreadful death.
Otto Bloom and Nels Johnson hav •
' *ovi r I anal no fear i- utertniuod
rf the after eff ct , 1 be other fotu
meu, bowever, •■- ro past all help. I'.. ■
camp i-* a nthu-i.i lia- ovor tho daring
"i Jack Mel.' mI and rom reco**nition
if bis sorvicc ■ will probably I
by the public.
iti,; MlnlUffTrnst.
A Door Purl, III no.
Through hero one boarn I ul littlo of I
There is an exceptionally strong
rumor afloat In the Coeur d' Menes
that th 'iv i. a gig oitie move on to
. on rolid ite all tbo 8ilvor*lead mines
of lhat district under one company,
requiring a i apitnlizatiou of upwards
of *20,000,000, It is undorstood the
\merican Smelting & liofluing Com
pauy ha * agre d i > take sufTicient
stocK lo give it a controlling Interest,
As far a-* cm lie learned from If* al
mining men. ih i only proportli - nol
in the deal are the I lercules and the
property of thc [Empire-State Idaho
company, ''hi.- movewni* starl •■! last
Soptembor, w hon trouble arose be
I'M', u the i um i . • rs and thi trusl .
I i- undi ■■ I."id ,;i 'i nt thai limo nn
option was takei ;
\'- neai ■ inn 1 tliat o|
expires lu     i   !      I !u - ;.■■
\'e bough no a] d Jinil • ac
ii .u i   being tn    on    n     il  it i   I
I lhat '    e;.ii;i;    i
ed bo that the deal can be quickly executed during ihs* latter part of this
mouth. The owners who have been
seen say they are willing to enter into
such a deal, but beyond that they refuse to discuss the matter. If the deal
should go through, it will be the biggest mining transaction in the history
of the northwest. It will comprise
the Ilecla and Standard, now condoled by Finch it Campbell; thi'Mornin',' group and other properties owned
by Larson & Greenougn; the Frisco,
controlled by D.M.Hymanjthe Crown
Point, the Bunker Hill & Sullivan.and
"ther less noted properties. Thoeom-
Ilined annual output of these mines is
from ,$8,000,000 to 112,000,000. They
employ about 2(Ki() men. and produce
about 10 per cent of  the   lead output
of the United States,
rivo Ms-s  Narrowly Bsoapsd is SbhI.Isibs
The heavy fall nf snow, followed by
rain, this w.'ek was the can-" of a disastrous snowslide at the Enterprise
mine, on Ten Mile creek, aud came
very near proving fatal to the five men
employed there. They all landed here
on Tuesday evening by the boat in a
mors'or less batterea condition, and
their .story isa thrilling one. Just
afler daylight that morning a terrific
slide came down the gulch between
the No, 8 workings and the messhouse,
and its Influence was such as to cause
the whole hillside to jar loose, lt had
tho more scope in that the slope has
b 'en Btripped of it- timber for use in
lhe mine. The impact of the wind
from the slide was so powerful as to
smash all the windows In the mess-
bouse and to start it from its foundations, .lust,is it was going another
■slide came down from the No. I workings and struck the building broadside
mi and completed the wreck.
The men employed at the mine
were Pal MeGuire, 'Bert Wilhelm, J.
Thomas,   Chas.   Snyder   and  "U«d"
■ ion, they having gone up a few
days before to work the property un-
'1 i I ■■■'■. Whim the slide came they
were at breakfast, and at the lirst
warning -ill rushed into a bedroom sand
away fr >m tbe gulch, which undoul t-
edly save I iheirlives. No sooner had
iv- 3 gol in Ihe room than the building collapsed and I hs* slid" from Ni'.
I v, nl over the top of them. Snyder
Wsis piuu 'd in tli.* wreck on his back.
with Thomas on top of him, and when
they recovered s onsciousuess bo in tore
themselves lose and started looking
;or ilnii' comrades. The other throe
men had been hurled about f>0 i's*ct into the Bnow below aud lhe wreck passed over them. As the building was
'■ui off at the lower floor, the foundation served as a skidway for the slide,
ih" men thus gettiug some protection.
All were bruised, but fortunately not
, 1; . rial lh"_\   made haste to get
down to Aylwin for safety. Snyder
was hurt badly in the breast and Wilhelm lo ■ considerable blood from a
cut i'i the head. The men make light
of their injuries,though realizing they
a al :: ma: \ ilou  i -cap*' from death.
Immediately below the messhouse
was n stable belonging to W. Koch.
in which at the time w,is one of his
horses, The stable was also wrecked
and lies al the foot of ihe hill with the
ruin nf tho messhouse. Strange to
Bay the h ir • escaped injury, though
car ' ! 5 10 yards down the hill, lt
was extricated after three hours of
ha,-.! v. irk. The messhouse was a two
story frame affair and well lilted up.
Adjoining it wero ihe offices, whid
eacnu  ■ -'■'• though cut oil from
lli.' in ■ ■-!. iu-e as svith a knife. The
loss to the imnany will amount to
-, . ml tli i isand dull.irs. Four years
ago n slide Btopped just above the
m, inl* .ii nl eve ;ono expected the
da ' tiou of the pine • iconer or
later. It would not oe al nil surprising t i see a slide c une down and de
molish the concentrator in thc valley,
for it ii    I it scan! prol ictlon,
p. ii i . ingin cott igea at the mill
wer< force I to flee to \vlwin,as it was
too tl ns r imainfng longer on
accounl ol the numerou i small slides
ale •, nli ig. The men will not go up
till iiil danger from th islides is
Last Ys-nr's Shipments W>re SS83 Tssns—
A Healthy BvldenM or tlse t,ir« unsl
Wealth «r tin. Camp— Knterprlsethe
Kineeai Shipper.
No shipments are to lie recordod
this week and none will be for some
time. At the Ottawa, development is
being pushed and not much attention
will lx* paid to taking out ore, whilo
work on other properties in the camp
is limited, A little ore has come down
from the Republic,but it will be some
time before they have a carload ready.
The unsettled condition of the metal
market has not been at all favorable
to the dry ore belt.
For L902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 6888
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipment.- lliis year to date:
Bn ter prise  14.5
Arlington  40
Ottawa  10<»
Black Prince  17
Bondholder  1
Dayton  4
Republic  20
Meteor  12
Bar silver is selling at 4'JJ cents an
Sandon mines last week shipped 310
lams of ore.
Ore buyers are becoming numerous
in the Slocan.
There is a shortage of miners in the
Sandon camp.
A zinc roaster is lieing installed at
tlie Payne mill.
Arlington stock has dropped iu
Nelson to 40 cents.
Slocan ore shipments for the year
approx'mats' 3500 tons.
Operations at the Ivanhoe concentrator are to be resumed.
The Mabou and Ohio group will lio
crown granted this season.
The time checks of the Sapphire
' lo. have been lifted nnd paid.
Willi the rite in minerals there is a
much better  fooling through the eu-
tire camp.
Pat McGinn* has a small force of
men working under his lease on the
W. Mitchell, shift boss at the Ar-
lington, has quit and returned to his
lu uns* iu Nel-*uii.—
Sheriff Tuck is offering for sale A.
1). McGillivisty's interest in the Neepawa group, on Ten Mile.
Several delinquent olaims in this
division have had their indebtedness
wiped out during the week.
The owners of the Myrtle group
have al unit two cars of ore on tho
dump, taken out during development.
C. A. Hurlburt, managing director
of the Republic Mining t'o., anticipates returning here in .May from Detroit and remaining the summer.
A lire damp explosion occurred in
the cnal mines at Cumberland, Saturday, killing one Chinaman and injuring seven Chinks and a white man.
Much sympathy is felt for the white
Is M :s I. i a.:: BS Mills*.
The Weatmount group. Ten Mile,
i- rapidly becoming a mine under the
hard and persistent work of its owner,
Frank Griffith. Since be struck tlie
ora body, reported two months ago, he
has continued the drift and the reports
are that success is following upon his
labors. A short time ago he had two
feet of ore in the breast, but a horse
came iu dividing the chute. He is
following the streak to ths* left and
has sis inches of shipping ore, with
indications of the horse cutting out
f\ return match was played on Fri* and leaving the chute as before. On
dav between the Slocan and Silverton j the dump Is a carload of ore, half of
bockey teams at the latter place, re-1 which will give Brst-class retunwup*
sidling in a win for Slocan by a score
,i( fi goal i'i •"•• The game was an ex-
. \t balf timo Silverton lead
3 to 2, theu Sloean ran in 4 goals In
quick succossion. With onlj 'seven
uiinuti • i i play Silverton rushed
things and addi I two goals to their
score. U. J. Moore, Nelson, was th
referee.   Tho
llaean Unki'. is Win.
Oil shipment. Frank will mak" a ship-
men! liefore long and realize "something for his long labors.
m nisi- Ruoonos.
!' I
Bnln •
11 iwn
M     '        a   '
Appended is i\ oomptttaKst of the vnr-
isms rei'onls registered atthe local regit-
nn lined uiiUs fol-1 try orBce, U. P. Christie being mining
Slocan. assmsi«ots.
Hiinsbcrger     Mara-Oreolo.
. ■ : poln
I inrhbeck
.1.  YelK
Mar 4—Sheriff's notice of ssli' ol A. I>.
MeGillivray's intoreit In ths Nwpawaj
r ' vviiiti, Edison, Habanfti Flora fr, at
thn ii Btsnce ol Botvin, Wilson .«* Co ,iw
Bull i afMI.SOand Intereat on •"?-***• ■
t)c%ct)29oQcQ -©•c"§o©o#o#c""*ob»
• toy  Cyrus Slocum
• Csjowlglit. 1902.1) It* S. S. MoCiure CtMnoany
• oe)o«osto«oe)oe)*o«o»o«)o»o«o»
Deacon Hardy bad no more thought
of keeping a pet parrot than of Installing a pig tn the parlor, but he wasn't
proof against circumstance. His sister
uut In Ohio "went and got on her dying bed," as be explained It, and be
was sent for to bid ber n lust farewell.
There was only one tblng on her mind,
and she proceeded to state lt. She bad
owned n parrot for many years, und
Bbe wonted to be assured of Its future
liefore she closed her eyes. The eat,
which would also be left behind, could
tret along some way, nor did she eare
what became of ber quilt frames and
tintirons, but that parrot must find a
home wltb u Christian family.
The brother cheerfully offered his
refuge nnd promised to bring roily up
In the way she should go. When the
funeral was over, be started for bis
home In the east with tbe big tin cage
In tow. The parrot had been silent for u
week, and the deacon's heart had warmed townrd her. He tigured It out that
she realized the situation and wos doing
n proper amount of mourning. Tbe
deacon's wife welcomed Polly as a relic
of the dear deported and wos solicitous
tbat she should feel perfectly nt home,
when something happened. The bird
suddenly found her tongue nnd cried
"What In blank alls this blank crowd
The deacon was hoeing potato.' ln
bis back yard, and when Aunt Mary
staggered out lo him ond told him.the
awful news be couldn't believe his
"You nre a little deaf in your right
ear, you know," he finally replied, "and
must bave got things mixed up. 1
know tbat my dear sister Ellen never
taught that bird anything but words
ont of the good book. Let us go lu and
They entered tbe kitchen, where Tolly was roosting on tbe back of a chair.
As they stood before her she cocked
her head and saluted them with:
"Now I lay me down to sleep."
"Didn't I tell you so?" suid the deacon as his troubled look was replaced
by a smile of relief.
"I thought lt was swearing, but 1
must have been mistaken," reluctantly
admitted Aunt Mnry. "Well, I'm glod
on't It would be Jest awful to have
a swearing parrot around."
Three days later, as Tolly sat on n
perch  near tbe  gate,  Mrs.  Slmpkins
come along on ber way to the store
nnd stopped to look ut ber.   She had
scarcely come to a halt when she was
saluted wilh:
"Who In blank are you?"
It wus a  stunning blow, and  Mrs.
Slmpkins   felt   her   bead   swimming
round and round.  Before she could recover tbe bird yelled out:
"Let's bave another beer!"
Then  Mrs. Slmpkins screamed, nnd
Deacon Hardy and his wife rushed nut
lo the gate to see whut was the niut-
ler.   Wben  she repeated  Tolly's language, or us much of It as she dared,
lhe deaeou smiled and replied:
"It's another mistake. You never
beard n parrot talk before, aud you
got his words twisted up. My door
deceased sister tolsl me over and over
again that he was a religious bird and
tbat he never suid anything but"—
"Honor thy t'other and thy mother,"
Interrupted Tolly.
"Didn't 1 suy so!" exclaimed the
deacon as he rubbed bis bunds together.
"Amenl ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
the bird.
Mrs. Slmpkins had to give It up,
though as sbe continued on her way
she couldn't belp but wonder whether
she wus growing deaf or abisciitiiiiud-
Polly had no more surprises that
day, but on tbe next, as the staid nnd
dignified village justice of the peace
was passing along on the opposite side
of tbe street, a voice cried out to him:
"Hello, you old villain! What in
blank ails you?"
Tbe justice paused and looked
around. He wns alone on the street,
The words could have been addressed
to no oue else. He crossed over the
road nnd saw Tolly on her perch.
Just then Deacon Hardy came around
the corner of tho bouse with n hoe ln
bis hand.
"There's sucb a thing us contempt
of court!" solemnly observed the justice.
"What's the matter?" asked the deacon.
"Your parrot bus called me names
and used profane language."
"But she couldn't have. Sbe knows
nothing but good words. My dear deceased sister spent neurly all her time
for  five years in teaching tbis poor
bird to"-
"Bretbren and sisters, let us all Join
ln tbe singing," solemnly announced
"Any profane language about tbat?"
asked the deacon over the fence.
"If lt wasn't ber, lt was some boy
hidden around here," replied the Justice. "I guess lt was a boy, and I'm
sorry I laid lt to the parrot. I never
thought much of parrots, but I ain't
saying thnt a religious parrot ain't all
Tolly realized thnt she hud bad a
narrow escape, and for the next three
days she chattered of nothing worse
than Moses ill the bulrushes and Daniel ln the lions' den. She wns establishing her reputation on n foundation
of rock when Uncle Absalom Flint
came along driving a pig. He wns
closely followed by Aunt Sally Warner
opposite Deacon Hardy's gate the pig
triid to bolt and it took the united
efforts sif Absalom, tlie minister uml
Aunt Sally to prevent it. The three
shouted, and the pig squealed, and
Deacon Hardy uud bis wife got out
lust iii ume to hear Polly lead off with: |
"What iu blank is the matter uow?"
Five human beings and a bog held
their breath.
"Chuck him out! He's a blank loaf-
The hog passed on, and tbe five humans gathered closer together.
"It's profanity:" solemnly whispered
the minister.
"It's reg'lnr swearln'l" added Aunt
"He'B a-eussln' of us!" groaned Ab-
"lt seems so, It seems so, but how
ean It be?" replied Deacon Hardy. "My
dear deceased sister had the bringing
up of this bird and"—
"Little children, love one another!"
Interrupted Tolly.
'•There—you  hear that?   That Isn't
■wearing.   Sister Ellen wouldn't have
had  no  swearing  parrot  iiround   her.
She labored with this bird day In and
day out to"—
"Oh, you go to lilunk!" suid Tolly.
The minister und Aunt Sully walked
away   together  shul im:   their   beads,
nnd Absalom went ufter his pig with
grief in his heort.   Deacon Hardy and
wife looked nt eueh oilier for a long
minute, und then he suid:
"lt must be profanity."
"Yes,   it  must  be,"  admitted  Aunt
"Then I must wring Iiis nock and
bury him In the back garden. Poor
sister Ellen! Ahum! She must have
meant the ent instead of the parrot!"
Every (own hns iis Muiii liausi... ml
every forecastle lias Its liar, bul lh<
father of tbem all was Jeff \Velli r. eouli
of the good ship Trident, Captain lli
ling, plying between South street. New
York, and the West Indies. Snid the
"Weller wns capable of some of the
most artistic lies in or out of Shakespeare, and if he'd hnd half u chance
bis pet sea serpent story alone would
have made hlm famous in literature.
" 'When I made my l.rst ocean v'y-
age, somewhere ntween Madagascar
on' the Golden Gate,' he'd say, "we ull
woke up one mornin', with the ship
a-rollin' ns if she's! roll her sticks out
at every lurch. Goln' on deck, WS saw
a serpent a-crnwlin' over il. an* 'pon me
soul, sir, 'twnr so big it took six hours
to git across tlie dec!;.'
" 'But, Jeff, why didn't you kill it?' I
"'Why? Why, sir, It was goln' so
tarnation fast we couldn't!' "—Philadelphia Ledger.
rninis-NN Prooess,
T..   B,s,v   ...   Not   l.»HoW-As.   l">,."t'"
Klsi.l of Small Chans* in Hod-Ma
Sootst! l'lUl.* '■"'''
indecision with regard to '\mhm to
bow.. and "when not to bow W
ssMiisfssllv  common-      	
It Zs perhaps be considered a
matter of little BMBMSt, ^^J****^
Manchester,   England, is about to
celebrate tho jubilee oi its tree libit   is  calculated  that  ilnriny;
rn ne*   	
the  fifty   years  t
hooks have been
Since   Mr.   Chambci lai„'„
aid Jamaica the im
unas   into    England
2liUO.OO(i   reference   one and  u  hall million tots,"
read  or consulted,   a half million bunches pcr     '
average man ilnds it easier toi    »ix   n.gn    class native offc.
keep lus enemies down than  lo  I.co,. ! to  be   in   attonda      °',lc"
fool    friends
be considered
±..~    »_  lent whethei
bow is given or withheld, or wii
er u shake of the hand is given
from getting him   as
in  al
of'"'i*' upoa ,hi
oi   India  f
** lJ
er ^^^^^
lieu oi u bow,
lies  a  distinct
but in reality il car*
si'-iiilicance whether
ISEJ      a*      ...... ...
the right or the wrong thing is done
on the spur of tlie moment.    Also il
 B      ..lt.„.lv
is   a
who  i»
two-sided Question, uml affects
the one who receives a bow
the one who gives it, the one
not    bowed to und the   one
A  Flight  of Hti-sls.
A flight of birds changed the history
of America under the following circumstances: When Columbus sailed westward over the unknown'Atlantic,  he
expected  to   reach   Zlpangu   (Japan).
After several days' snil from Gomera,
one of tlie Canary islnnds, he became
unt'iisy   nt  not   discovering   Zipangu,
Which,   according   to   his   reckoning,
should  hnve been 216 nautical milea
more to the east.   After a long discussion he yielded to the opinion of Martin Alonzo Pinzon, the commander of
the  Pinta, and  steered to the southwest.   Pinzon wns guided in his opinion by a flight of parrots toward the
southwest.    The effect of this change
in his course curiously exemplifies the
Influence of apparently trivial events
In the world's affairs.   Had Columbus
kept his original route he would have
entered the gulf stream, reached the
coast of  Florida  nnd   then  probably
been carried to Cape Hatterns and Virginia.   The result would probably have
been to give the present United States
n Itoman Catholic Spanish population
instead of a Protestant English one, a
eireumstnnce of immeasurable importance.   "Never," wrote Humboldt, "had
the  flight  of  birds   more   important
coiisenuences."   It mny be said to have
determined the first settlements on the
new continent nnd Its distribution bse-
twoeti the Latin and Germanic races.—
beat the
I in
Artist—"''isn't tiresome, ls it?
Model—You bet it is! Say. boss, why
can't yo' draw me stamlin' up an" den
turn yo' picture upside down?—Chicago
Mrs. Nurltch—Mrs. Betterdase told
me she wns going to send her boy to
you for a job.
Mr. Nurltch—Yes, she sent him, and
I turned him ilowu proper. You'd
oughter seen the hlgb banded letter she
sent with blni—said she sent him to
me because he "must have work Of
some kind, even if he Uud to work for
a mere pittance." The nerve of her
callin' me names like that!—Denver
"It frequently occurs," said the mem
ber of congress, "thut Uie most Impor
taut pari of n woman's letter Is tlie
"Yea," answered his wife, "and I
have been Informed thai quite fre
quently the most Important thing
about a bill is tbe amendment."—Washington Star.
Amen!   Amen!"   screamed
What'* In • Namet
One summer a distinguished member
of the Trench academy rented n eot-
tage in Savoy, nnd when the time enme
for his return to Paris be went to say
farewell to tlie owner of the cottage,
a prosperous farmer's wife.
"I hope you will write your name In
my allium before you go," she said.
"With pleasure," be replied, and,
taking u pen, he wrote his name In the
"Thanks," she snld, "but won't you
plense tell nie your profession, so that
I can write It nfter your name?"
"Oh. put down 'landowner,'" be answered.
"But thnt Isn't a profession," she
"Well, then, put down 'academician,' " wns his nnswer.
These words seemed to puzzle her,
nnd therefore he nsked with a smile,
"Don't you know what an academician
"No, not quite," sbe answered, "but
It's such a long word that the profession must be a splendid one."
A \ iii*.,1 nf BUsa,
-Ah dreamed ob beaben
An'  whut  slid  It
/.eke-Am dut so? ^^^^^^^^
look like?
"A luonst'us big chicken roost ln de
middle oli a wnterniillion patch!-'- San
Francisco Bulletin.
Vaai Compulsory.
"And what did he have to suy about
"He didn't have anything to say; otherwise he wouldn't hnve talked for iwo
hours as he did."- Philadelphia Press.
who does not bow.
it should bo understood that a bow
is u ceremonious recognition between
those but slightly  acqualntod,    and
who do    not  know each oilier Intimately  enough   to   speak   to or   to
shake hands when they meet
conventional bows uro quite
of  those  const.mt ly  exchangod
twceii friends who are unable
moment to oiler any other kiml    of
greel Inga
Out of doors ia naturally the fielil
bowing, and where it comes most
iiincntiy forward. When, for instance, two women meet who have
been recently Introduced, If bows are
(-ol exchanged when passing each
ni her ii would be next to Impossible
t,' do so on u suiis;'i|U'nt occasion,
mid thus the acquaintance comes virtually to nn end. Again, it Is equally required thai bows should be ex
changed between friends unable to
speak to each other on the occasion
of meeting, more especially between
men and women than between women thems Ives,    if a woman   d.ics
not butt t'l a nm ii sho knows when
in' looks expectantly ut her, he considers himself cul by her, although
she ims no such Intention, and was
reully postponing her greeting until
- suy, ahe luul shaken bands with
her host and hostess. 'This phase of
bowing often ie] e its itself, and goes
to prove that th- right thing sliould
le 'lone at the right moment—a bow
■ih en when due.
The same equally holds good be-
twit'ii men nud women as between
women, An Introduction nt a ball m-
dinner, Indeed, if made at any function or ut any time, almost oblige?*
a womnn to recognize the acquaintance by a bow at any fu-
lure meeting. If she does not
take advantage of her privilege to ncknsswl.'slge it in tliis
manner, lt is taken to mean that she
does nut desire to continue it, ntul,
once relinquished,,it annnot be readily
resumed. Oftener then not this is
not I lie renson why a woman does
nol bow to a ballroom acquaintance;
the actual one is, in most Instances,
Hie doubt whether be will recollect
her or not and whether she is ex-
pocted to how to him. Thus tlie
bow sliould lie forthcoming without
hesltat Ion.
\ merely bowing acquaintance is
somewhat monotonous when people
nis's't frequently during each day out
of doors, more particularly at sea-
aide l'lai'i's. To bow at each meeting would be oul of the qui Hon,
and tlie received social law is to bow
since only. A emile does duty on
the second occasion, am! during the
remainder of tha- day no further notice is vouchsafed or expected
Under ordinary circumstances n
bow is the received way of acknowledging nn Introduction At after
meetings within doors lhe    bow     is
often .i prelude to a pll (I t   ci   a
Hon, nnd also concludes || is'. ....
two separate. Again when long
um! pleasant conversation follows
upon an Introduction,   although     h
bow acknowledges the •    yel    In
i'i*  case Bhal Ing   hai .1-   lakes    the
But the Dootors Could Not Cure Mr. Cloutier-Said h0 ■*,.
Never be Well Again-After Six Years of Helpiessne,.01
He Was Cured by
The can* of Mr. Slman Cloutler,
shoemaker, 110 Lai*ouchetiore street.
Montreal, deserves more than passing notice, because his case was unusually severe. -
Kor six loni? yenrs Mr. Cloutler
was an Iinalid, unable to attend to
his work, nnd much of his time was
spent ln tli!! hospitals of Montreal.
The doctors gave him no hope of re-
coverv but on the contrary, told
him    that    he    would never be well
0gAi treatment    that will restore to
gos>d health a person whose^ casojvas
Que.,  states :   -'For six ,em
not able to work, my
unstrung     and  my  d
had    sovorc
considered hopeless must be of more
than ordinary value, and this Is only one of a series of remarkable
cures that have been brought aboi.t
by   the   use   of   Dr.   Chase's   Nerve
Food. , ,
Mr.    Simon   Cloutler,    -shoemaker,
110    Lagouchetlre street,  Montreal
•;u"cKs  "' I..*.!!1
noi    sleep, and s„n,.N,
shooting    pains   In the small,
back.   J   was  in  four hoipluy ,
the doctors couh! not cure n,.
said   I    would never be well«
In spite of their decln  | |   *
use of Dr. Chase's Nerve FoobT
months ago,  and  am convlntslj
1    owe   my life to this rnedici**, i
have now been at work for onr]
weeks,     and  believe  tlmt mv hs
has   been   fully   reBtor.i!     it
pleasure    for   me   to add my
mony   to   the hosts ol others 9
persona who have been cured Wi
wonderful medicine "
Dr.   Chase's  Nerve  Fond, 50m
a    box,   tt    boxes   for 13,50, ^
dealers,  or  Edinanson Later. & |
For the Year Ending 31st December, 1902.
Net   Premium!  on  New  Policies*.
Net  Renewal Premiums  -
 ial7.1 BO 50
. ..... B87.65S 11
Total Not Promlums
Total Income    81,240,8881
Endowment! ami  Investment  Policies and  Annul-
Mat .ir.il	
Deuii. Claimi
Dividend!   I s   Polli y
Totat r-.vmer.t-. to Policyholders        $318,55'j
Expenses uinl min.* Furniture        S»l.*l»!
.lslers   isnsl   Surrender   Valils*!   	
I on • ' I r'n
17 1  165 30
63 987 '.HI
Dividend! to Stock-Holders    	
Excess of Inooino over  kxpenditures
M.I *l
600,00*1 111
Totsl      SI.240,889»|
Ilonrls  am.I   Hiocks
11.mils  ansl   SioaLis
PlS ai SI I II 11     AllS'SSll.
Edith—Mertie  says sho  Intend
learn to skate this winter.
Marie—But she learned inst winter.
Edith—Yea, but  she bnikc her en
gagement to tbat fellow.—Judge.
Xsai  According to Shakespeare.
a negro amateur dramatic society
was attempting to give n performance
of "Othello." In tlie scene where Othello demands n haml kerchief from Des*
demona there was a startling Interruption from one of the uudience. When
the time came for the scene, the neuro
who was playing the part of Othello
bawled out, "Deademonie, gib me dat
No reply.
"Deademonie, 1 sny gib me dat han'*
Still silence.
"Deademonie, fob de third time, gib
me ihit linn'kerchlf!"
Hut she wouldn't do it.
Thereupon nn olsl negro nmoni; the
spectators, tired of tho apparent slowness, spoke up and said, "Ah, wipe yo'
nose on yo' cote sleeve, nlggah, an' let
de show go on!"—Now York Tribune.
TliisiN  Different.
"I see n Chicago girl has riskeal her
life to save her pet cat"
"I wonder If she ever broke or tiled
to break u mail's heart Jnst tor the fun
of the thing."—Ohlcago Ues'iird.
line nf bowing • > 11  depart un
' I   is    js    e> ''"'t I'ltllll.    ninl    Bl    lniU
n.siini mode "f tnUii'.' leave i
newly met acquaintances.
is the
■I ween
Tims* tu lnlerfors*.
"What nre they arresting the man
"Tliey caught hlm selling coal In
short measure strawberry boxes,"—
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
TwsmsIj. -llis* """loots.
Snicker*—George Washington would
hnvo been completely hssl in nui' sif our
modem skyscrapers.
Booker—Yes, bo couldn't tell a itoi**f,
—New York Herald,
Phenomena Allied to Lightning*
Subterranean thunders have occasionally been heard preparatory lo an aerial
eruption. The sea has cast up volumes
of water, ns if volcanoes were exploding below. The ground has burst open,
nnd flood! of water have gushed furth
from the sides of hills or from Assures.
in tlie rocks. Taking another class of
effects, cures have been performed by
lightning—gouty men have been enabled to walk freely, epileptic persons
have lieen healed, amaurosis has been
removed and rheumatism dispelled by a
Bash,   But one dare not look toss closi'ly
into the subject of medical electricity
nor venture to recommend any one to
tempt lightning  in  the hope of expe-
vav«v ....... „ » rieiicing  lis  curative  effects.—Cham*
and tho minister of her church.   Just   bers' Journal.
All     I eel.
The sight of a full-grown cenl le
i-s Msiil by traveleis in tropii .1 lands
in be i'i," ilIi in affoi t Uml a i onjj
.■si iib-mb's. Ten 1.1 eleven liulii's i'illa' average length, althoi gh lurger
• sii.'s, iiiiie been seen. i.an .nh.,
Ili'iii'n. iu •'Twn Years ln the I ranch
\\. i Indies," sny*, thai i li*. \ It illtj
nf tin- centipede is amazing.
Mr. lb mn kepi one in :i bottle,
without fiiaisl or water, f,.■- thirteen
weeks, nt the end isf which time it
remained active and dangerous us
c.cr. The centipede Ims one natural enemy able to cope v>iih him, the
Tlie hen ntimks him with delight,
and  often sv ullowa  him,  head  I i il
« ll i '   ' a' Ing  the trouble   in   kill
him, Iml Bhe is careful no' i t.i nui
I it* i- head near him, sin' i, .. ,, sri, ^
nf whii ling him round and round up-
on tin' floor sm quickly ur t.i mupefv
him;    thi'ii     when   i he   • ■    n  good
' I '''  ' I"'  Btl il.s's him  ile.n|  with her
There are superstitions concerning
ih• iri'iiture v.hlch Im.e n u i   ef*
feci In diminishing his hi',,, j* voll
kill a cenl Ipcde you aro i uro to ' re-
r. he monoy soon; and if you dream
of kiblng one it is g i |ui i.
Ifumi nail  Debenture!
LssssiiS   ssn   lielienl a.. s
fMttI lsii_s-s   on   Kt'tti   m
Renl   l-.sta.ta-
Lssiiiss ssi.  I'ollclei ami I.He Reversions
Ottli *'    I   an.1 Ull'     !l"-s    'J.s    par   I a-lit      lirittKIll
Aeciii ■' i in renl  Acs ounti
IlltS'lBa' '    I "ll'   III,si    As , i aed
Net   Premium  Outstanding   nnd   Defeir*>d
Cuisti   ibis   11 si nil   aial   in   Hunks	
I'i 485
22 1
78 sB
.   J
Ui 8
-   1
112 1!
, IBM »
Total Aasats  $4.406,329.H|
Ill i2.
•pssllsv   RsUenrM   (l)iBVertitnfint   Stnndnrd)  -   .....   •
All Other LlabilltlM 	
Buri'lus  mi   Pollen Holders'   Account   (Including  Capital
DP,     I'll"'.!"!"'             _	
NOTE :-•
Cor Beourlty of Policy-holders ths Company holds
(a) Sm pin* ;is aliovo
(b) Ruscrvo aa abovo
:.i" waul
4', "IS"
Stock    1'alil
$  eo7.ii**->*1
Uncalled Capital Stook    t^mfiOt*
Total   Security   to   Policy-holders,   $5,561.Olft*
Application*  rsscolvod   for  Iniiirunie  duiinu   1902  	
K*w Assurani*i IssuskI dnrins 180*1	
(Heine nn  Increase ovs>r isnv  previous   vrnr of mors* thnn
gi ,000,U00 I'll i
Inmirnnie   In   fore!   Ili*.emt'S*r   Hint.   1903     _	
80 IM
Ths*  ilintli   loll for  ilia* visr  wins pxs'B'fdlnszlv     low.    boing-    only
000 oi Insurance   whlli in the Temperance   Section   It    wai   ■
ono  of  Insurance   'I lie  memus*   rate ol Interest on the mean
Invested  -isk,.i» (ledger vaius>>  hsb* 5.08 per csnt.
,5 90 "BJ
niv   "■"".'Jl
raiiiiiiint o' 1
lhe   fiiilutvlni,   Directors   were   elected   for  the  on«ulng   yiar i-
BH..  **
The "Prodigal Son   Pop,  I nin'i eal
uulhln' Imt busks sinea' I I ri liomo-
11 III ml      "i nil   tin   look
rather husk):
1   , isle-is'i*.
Knlcker- Did
nl i' ill! i,: ij
mind when ihe
11   • ;
Booker   Noi
Illl  .    1- ■   (if
lb.* i I pel Rlreel ril-rrlinnte.
When I.. :• i is make  I'ik.iim    |n
the precincts of Fleet    Ntreoi    thoy
generally    havo     a    lo ,   nl    'Gold* !
smith's house,"   ns ii   is sometimes
Bailed, In tt Ine Ofl ce Com i   At  j,i-..-
ss'ni. thi y waniisi rind ll  propped   up
with ■ trong beuma to pn vent     lis j
i olng dlslui i" ii li)  the taking   si ...Vll
■ f    Hi ■    hulldlng   ie At   ii mr   Goldsmith, ce l'l he return to these   old
haunts     would  |>rol tihl    nol   i cog
ni s n   In  Its s lints     It sn ,,, |
havo l*een In tho year ITon thai  in.
moved to the e    "supi  lor i nl in >s
nt   Nn.   0  tt i'i"   i IfTICO   i    , ,   i    •   (,,. |IM(,   |
been writing for John \ wliei r>. nnd i
here he  lodged  with a,, [ **,,.,,, |„.,..
s'.v'H ri'lntiies, who, peilut| n   kepi nn
eye   un   hi'    rrt ani    Iml     I ,V      Ul, :
may road In tho "Dlc.i lonnry ol Nn
i Ion •!   l'.i""i'.i|.liy."   ,Jol ii ,,n  •   pi o i
et  Goldsmll h's 1 rl In n  Mnv .".1
1701     Uo hnd heard Uml Gold mlth
HON    OEO   W    ROSS,  Toronto.
Ml'.l"!  -inl.     II     M     I'K.U.ATT.   To-
LLOYD  HARRIS   sSsq .  Brantford
.1    V   ,11'NKIN.   Eld     Toronto
R   H   WOOD,  I'.h.i    Toronto
1*,   .1   LENNOX   k*<\    Toronto
A    .1   WILKES,  Mso     K ('     Itrnntforil
PROF.  JAMKH  Ml I.IS   f'aiielnh
R.   L.   I'A'I'I l*l:sn\     Mi'!     Toronto
HON   .1   a   OUIMET   Montreal.
R. R   McLENNAN.  Esa . Cornwall
HON    ,1    11    lini.I.\M>
HON   V   W   LARUE. Queh"**
Ii   n    MANN.  j"!o . Toronto
ROBKRT JIINKIN   R!n    '"[70
,s   si   iiioattv   I's'i    roroste.
ll   K   PEARSON,   I'N'i    H«""'. Hl|
A  P, liAUNini.l. Een     v..'' "f0
WM   MACKENZIE, E**'i    '"r
I    MontrfiJ
XoroP I
At a suhnoqnnnt mention of the Olreotors, the followlntj offlcors « |l
elnotnsl t-Proalslont, Hon. Qeo. W. Rossi First VIce-Presldont, Llout.-Coi. "■ |
Pellatli tocond Vloe-Prosldont, Lloyd Harris, Esq.
Low fls-nth rnte, low expense ratio, nnsi h'«h Interest-™"*11''* Jj]3
all demonstrate the sound lmsis on which the company l« ■■"""" ZtWM
A ful! report will t.o eent to nil policv-holilers.      Booklet* rcc"    s
,D,,r„...„  „i ..,  iL.  .    '      . ...        ,.l   reliorl**".
I rep"1
the lnaurar.es plana sif the company nmi qopioa of tho annua
he hnd by application to Hend Office,   Toronto,   or   to   any
Company. ■	
A    woman's   idea ol a miser
mnn   who  IBiUSCS  to  pay  her  n
1H   ll
nlsinir;     v
foihor's money
a young man's Rb.l'-?td
Ithout brains is
I lollou iii "h     ('urn      Cure     ala'Sl I'anfl   nil
kind! ait corns snd wart!, pool and
branch Who thon would endur* then
wiih such n cheap snd ilTsctual remedy
u 11hin reach 7
distress nnd ""'"■Mother, M
lii'cseiiec of had quot«'d him ns a "prcceds<nt   foi
,1? | slovenly habits," nmi so ho came ti
[ior "dressod wah
silk stock-
Inga,   Philadelphia Ledger,
the Hnpi
Tilers' aro two s'Ihssb'S nf men  in (lie
world—those wins make foisis nf
themselves mui thoso who don't have
Much ______
is  caused   bv   worm"
Wonii    Mirtsrmlnator B"™ tr|-Ji
tnovlns ih° cause   oive
convinced, -       ^^
Wbnt   a   dollghtful old ^Jf
would bo if "ll "■''" ,(l'
think their nelffhoof
he. The Drill.
'Compiled from Th»  Oomnierclal;
telephone   cable   hnH iust 1,oon
between   Diltain nntl Belgium
14 tu he opened soon
1  "    *-'"    Mar-
■ ug]iBh Channel from bt.
s i.iiv, new fover, to a point
,.' ijelglan coast near Ostund,
nt   over    sixty
WHEAT—'ihe   speculative    market
has got into a    rut,    which    it hus
stuck in during thu weok,  ami  there
hus been the slowest kind ol' a mar-
It crosses   kot and thu narrowest range in price
miles, the
ubmarlne   telephone in tho
I he    charge is to be eight
linos for u three minutes' conver-
l> ii
i   W   wilder  J.  !' . Lefars-evlile, N.
S'   "I uin Hiihioct to severe nt-
ciiiic nnd Kidney Difficulty, uml
nuieo'! l'ills afford  nu> grent  re-
,ill  other leinnilti'K huve failed
ih,' best   ineillciiio  I  have over
nu I   so if rent in  tho newer of
ina. tn clnniiKo  anil   nurifv  thnt
ii  almost  overy   nemo   and   nu-
Irlven from  tho tioslv.
111   '
nliile trains uro to be run on
\,,,il,   Eastern   railway  in  Kni*-
iv.,i autocars nro being con*
i,.,i tti York, each of which will
i I'isuipleU apparatus fur geaV-
._■   .sn,live  |iOW0l'a      Seating  nc-
: i mn   will   lie   provided    in
i, i ii'iv-twn passengers, nnd
!,„.,  , w ii in furnished for ihir-
oi pel rel, it is anticipated
uiilrt lull, will   be able to
• iiiiiirs nt a stretch without
i,  is  more  cnlnrrli   In   this  Heel ion
lountrv   llian   nil    other   disenri'S
[iiiethor,   nntl    until    thu    iasi   few
bimposed to be Incurable. Kor
'  manv vein's doctors pronounced
.isai  illienBe  unsl   prescrlbM   local
uml by constantly fulling    to
ith 1 .niil   trenttnont.  iirnnounced  it
hie    Science hai proven catarrh to
i constitutional aiisense and there*
...ii'ii's   roiiBiiisitioiiai    treatment,
i a i in iii fins', manufactured bv V.
, , ,•, Co Toledo. Ohio. Ir the
mi ■ imi inniil cure on tin* market
taken  Internally  in  doBea frnm    10
ui a   teaepooufu!   It acts: directly
 id nmi  DIUCOUS Hiiifiices of the
,    Thoy  oiler  one  htfndrsjd  dollars
.   inse  il   fisi'.s   to  cure     Send   lur
iri   ninl   ti'stimoninls.       Aslilross.
I    CHENEY A Co.. Toledo. <>..
hv   'ii'iiL'irists.   7Bc.
s !••'     v l'ills are the best.
iv conies down in winter almost
iily ns  Ice goes si,, in  summer.
Bard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
■ ■ is  the man  who ds'sires only
i •■ enn obtain.
I   years  1   lind suffered wilh  itn-
blood,  mid  :io  remedies  1   used
any    reliof,    until I  took Dr.
I    .si    Koenig's     Hn* burg  Props,
completely  ciirpu  tn" —August
•     ■ ver      1,509,      Mi'l.-nnn    St..
ire, Md.
■' •'■.' discussing il
htei   i ascribes  the   '.
I   but   iiiusirn ,
■ 'ie. the Freud
* subject of
llian lnutrl
the German
us spasmo-
!    uncertain,   llis upper-claaa
ns guarded and not alwaya
th.'  lower-class  English ns
•     tho   Scotch   oi   nil   dosses
nmi   tho   Irish   ns   lollick-
i  a> Chluese launh is Hoi  BO
oi   so s'\;a:■'ssive us the Kuro-
It   i.i more        m n titter thnn
outburst    i merriment,
t*   c
mil. nibs es "ii .
Yarmouth, N   H
tlemen.—In   Jan mrv   lust    Francis
nir.  one of the men  nm   Isl.Ved  bv ine.
-inir in the lumber woods, h.ssl u tree
■ ••I him    crushim: him  fearfully       11•-
svhen   found,   plnced   isn  a  sled    ansl
a  home,  where trrave 'enrs were en-
lis'o.i fur his recovery   his hit s being
v  iniiiM'.l and hl« bodv turned black
i his rlbi   to his feet.   We used MIN-
lli'S     LINIMENT   on    htm    freely  t"
.sla'ii   the   mnn     issifl     will.   "'"   use   ul
ie   iiu!il"s   hi   isiss    completely  cured
nble to   return  to his  vvssrk
it gin   Road,  L'lslel   ('.* .  Que .
Mnv aflth,  1898
un argument the long-winded
succeeds snt!,' r in convincing bis
i mt  , •  In makln • htm tin il
rionkey with
a Cough.
Just a little tickling cough
may not suggest any trouble
but it is often the fore-runner
of very serious lung disease.
Gray'i Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
soothes and heals the irritated membrane and the
cough passes away. Gray s
Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
is a carefully compounded
preparation and is a specific
remedy for all throatandlung
afTections.   25 cents a bottle.
One bottle will demonstrate its virtue.
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
fluctuations that have been seen for
months. The bearish sentiment does
not seem to have lncreasa»d any at
least, it bus not become so aggressive as to lead to much short selling.    At tho samo    time   there   hns
been   nothing definite   to encourage
the buying hide, and between the
two speculating trailers have stood
still, awaiting for something to develop which would bIiow with somo
clearness what might lio expected of
the future. Tho export trade for
Europe bus lately been extremely
backward. They bought heavily lust
fall, and 111 tbo meantime theso purchases have 10 bo absorbed, and ua
the geneial situation thc lust four
weeks hub not seemed so strong as
previously, the foreign trade i.s also
holding o(T awaiting developments.
should any serious damage happen
ill Ameriiu sir Europe, or both, to
the witiiei wheat crop, prices will
easily advance in the meantime
there is not much ni'w to report as
to crop prospects. Generally speaking they uro not aa good ns last
year, bul it will still be some weeks
baf ore (isimito estimates enn be
formed ns to the prospects. Argentina is now shipping freely, the
quantity this week exported being
2,888,000  biisbi'ls.
Manitoba wheat hus lioon very
quiet all At'ok. There has been very
little demand, and at the same time
no pressuie ol offers ts> soil. Prices
on the week may be quoted *}c high-
i'i- for sp.it, and \e. lower for May.
Tbere i« no lint in ij to Um trade,
which is practically a waiting one.
We quo to values fair spot nr early
delivi'iy at Tljc 1 hard, 72Jc 1 northern, TOjc 2 northern, nnd ("18c 3
nothera; and for Muy delivery, Tfljc.
1 hard; 74ic 1 northern: 751c, 2 northern; und 7()}c, 8 northern: all In
store Fort William, l'ort Arthur or
FLOUR—Beat     Hungarian   Patent.
?2 in tier suck of Ofl pounds dellvei
ed t.i the   trade:    Glenors    Patent,
SI.OS;    strong  bakers,    $1.65;     and
\XXX, $1,35.
OATS—ihe market for oats has
firmed up a little and sellers are now
asking {• to .Jc more than Inst wee!;,
l'eci'ipts  nie  light,   and  tis  th.-rs*  are
Homo demand for shipment oust hold-
era are not disposed to accept the
prices offared    here.   ESnquitiea    (nr
si'osl sBiits are beginning to conn' in
freely. No. l white In rarims on
track ara today worth 80*} to 3ic
per bushel; No. 2 white, '•"S'.c to 29c.
and feed grades, 27 to 27jc. Fnrm-
iTs' IibhiIs isn the strs*et are bringing
•"He, ami at- country points, 25c
Brokers .ne asking 25 1o 2<"c fir enr-
Isits in thc country.
BARLEY—The  market  is firm una!
the   movement   light.     Dealera are
puytng .'*! In 32c per bushel for feed
grasls's on lhe street hero.
FLAXSEED—Farmers bave i.s?eii
delivering some flux tins week for
which l be price has Ixvn $1 per
bushel here.
S!T"!.'i /.—Tin* market is Steady ut
32c pi'" bushel of B0 pounds, sls'ii*. iT-
'I hi re.    Demand is goo'd.
POTATOES—40 to 45c per bushel
III I ih K —Dairy—Tin- market is
but poorly supplied with dairy butter. At ii.iib's rolls nnd bricks come
in rather plentifully but these re
I'oiptS are spasmodic onsl the siml
is nut always good. Bhippera still
stisk tss ibi'ii old and foolish practice ni usmg soap boxes, shoe boxes
and nny other old receptacles which
happen lo be handy for packing the
butter in, consequently when it arrives here 11 is only worth about the
price of iimp. Nice, slean, will packed butter, u mils, is worth In a Jobbing waj 21 in 22c per pound net
with inferior qualities ranging down
as  low   us   10 nnd   12c        Tub  bitter
will iu ing at Jobbing houses ns high
as 18c per pound if fresh and well
packed, with a runge of from 11 to
18c fsir the various qualities offs't-ing
HIDES—Froun hislcs. S to BJoper
lis ,   b'ss   5   lbs.   tare;   city   butchers',
it's-  per lb    for No.  1h:  .ljc for  No
2s,  nnd 1"c for No.  3s     Shtwpskins,
80 to 50c each.
OATTLE—The market is gradually
becoming firmer, and ljc is now the
regular quotation for prime beef cats*
tie dollvered hen' Several lota of
western range cattle *have been
brought in to supply the select trade,
mui those realised top prices.
They were In splendid shape for the
season and made good beef. Those
wiin have lieen out to ths' rangea
say 1 im 1 tbey have never seen the
cat He    looking    better In February
tban they 'In now.    Most nf Ihem an-
quite fat, and In splendid condition
tn statu! the spring storms. Stockers are beginning to move freely now
nnd are Mini In price. We t|tiol<* 1
Host Steers, 4 t<> 'Ht*: butchers' ordinary, nl tn lc. and from thut figure q.ml.vions run down to 2Jc, according to quality, stockers, yearlings, Si7; two-year-olds, $22 each.
ll(>n\y hoes
to 5c. according
SHEEP —A   few   lota   have been
m's best capltalla his ability .,,,.„,„,*.,,.    [„     for the better class of
for sheep, and prices are nominal.
HOGS—Receipt! have Increased  to
much    larger   proportion! than has
boon the case for some time, and the
 market   is   easier   nt .r>i to Ac fnr
., ,  ' .    ..      choice welghta, ranging from 180 to
othingisworn more in tne 350 n,s, on cms here.
sh   that in    use where and  light fats. 4*1
to quality.
MILCH rows— There is a good de
„,ami  for  all    the rows offering nt
prices ranging from $3" to jr. each.
HORSES—Tho market is more active     ns ibe   demand for spring is
now   In   ovldonce.     A   good   many
bursa's are lieing brought in from the
_f\_¥f_*\   REDUCES      ,,,.',     md east,  but   the demand  is
1   l£A Wm uie.iter  thnn  this supply,  nnd pne.-s
IWJTdT     EXPENSE   bold firm    Toums of work horses are
worth from 1800 to 84UO,  according
to weight and quality.
fl willingness to work.
safest time to monkey with the
|ck market is on Sundays and hol-
tmmon   soap   is   used.
Startling Cure Reported
From a Small Town
in Nova Scotia.
Prom Maji and Empire.
Halifax, N. S., Fob. 5.-(Special.)
—News has reached here from thc
littlo town of Shubonacadie, on the
Intercolonial railway, In llnnis
County, n' a euro that is just us im-
portanl from a medical point of
view as tin- operations of Dr. Lorena
are frnm a surgical standpoint.
The disease that lias at. last yielded
to medical research is the long unconquerable Bl'lght's Disease, that
a*"   for  so  ninny years  hold  physi
cians'  skill   at  bay,   and  its  victims
at its mercy.
The patient in this case is said to
have been a young girl named Alice
Maud l'urkor, and two doctors who
diagnosed her case gave it as theii
unalterable opinion thut Brlghts'
Disease bad her in its dutches, and
thai only the grave awaited her.
The parents, unwilling to give up
tho struggle while lifo remained, are
saisl to have experimented with special preparations, and us a last resort pinned their faith to Dodd's
•Xldney Pills, with the result that
to-day    th.i    girl     is    in  the  best of
1 let ails of tho cure are not yet to
hand, but it will bo investigated, as
both  tlio medical  fraternity and tho
public   are    deeply  interested in the
I matter.
Three years ago some gold rings,
chains, and a crown decorated wiih
Jewels were found In the Dresden
Kii'ii.-. Klrche In tho grave ol Duke
Alhreeht ol Holstein, who died in
1010. They wore claimed by Duke
Ernest Ounther, and tho courts have
now ael uowlodged Ins claim to them.
1 I'liiklielil. Sussex, England, has
I Just been visited by a Canadian mun
ed Agate, who wus once a workhouse Ihi.n there. Ile thanked the
(guardians hoarttly for the start tbey
gave iiius years ugo by helping him
to emigrate,
Monkey Brand Soan makes copnsr lika-
nlil    Un   III."   lllver    crockery   like   mar
le.  ninl   \s iinlows like crystal,
Mr Andrew Carnegie has offered
Dover, ICngland, tho munificent gift
of 610,000 for the* purpose of a free
library. The only stipulation is that
the town shall provide a site und
agree to .i ponn\ rate.
nun., but young lives endangered by se-
vs'ts' coughs nmi coiiis mnv lie preserved
by Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. Croup,
ii hooi iiiir aassiirh bronchitis, In short, nl!
affections nl tin* iliront nnd lunirs arc re-
lieved i'\ Uiis Bterlintt nreiuiration. which
also retnedicl rheumatic luiiiis. sores.
bruises, niics. kidney difliculty. ami is
most   economic.
Wit  is  tlis   wine  of intellect;   ill-nature turns  it   Into vinegar.
• *'i family Ihintc in n liillniiH s'ountri
sii.mist in. without Parmelee'a Vegetable
l'ills a low doss's taken now nnd then
nlil keep the liver active, cleanse tin
ktomach nmi bowels frupi nil bilious-
matter and prevent Airue. Mr. .1 I.
Price, Shoals, Martin Co.. ind.. writes
"l hnve tlicit u box of Parmelss'i l'ills
uml (bul llii'in the best medicine foi
Fever unit  Akuo 1 have ever used."
An    ounce    of   "I'll try" is better
than u Ion of "1 can't."
The East Coast folk of England
are moving; so is their sea. Frinton
Urban district council (F.ssex) have
decided to promote a bill in parliament to enable them to carry out a
comprehensive scheme of sea defence
work nt a cost ol £20,000. The sea
has been enroaching on land in this
part of Essex at the rate of nine
feet a year.
" Page   Metal Gates
Singlo or doable—llsht, strong, durable^e-"*-'*1-
omiiiiil. Will not Bii+r or get rickety. Fitted
wilh self-acting latches, which opeu either
wny. A child can open or close In a strong
wiin'.—no (surface to resist. Best farm gate
Use Page Fences and Poultry Netting.
•^^-'••Vi**ff-;i^^^^^^ "l*ePMeWhsPffflesCo..l^iM*^.WsT^-s>i»l^
ROSS CBl ROSS, General Agents, "WINNIPEG, MAN.
A Common
Bred Cow
When ton-*-, up bv
Dick's Blood Pari
tier   will   give   ss
much and as rich
milk mebighly
bred aristocratic
Jersey cowgives
npon or-
din sry
feed, snd
s Jersey
cow when
will wonderfully inc-re-a** hssr yield
of milk. It saves feed tc-cs becaass
s smaller amount of well digested
food satltfisM the detnanads of the
system snd every particle of a-sor-
•iaknent sticks.
BO cents s pachaga.
Mllee A Cm.,
Four lunidi'i'd and fifty acres of
land Inn c been obtained in Blairgowrie, Scotland, to enable Scottish
peasants to tiy the Irish Bchemo oi
small boldlrgt**. but without md
from taxation Fruit-growing and
fowl-rearing are to be insisted on.
You need not couch nil night and ilis-
turb vnur friends : there is no occasion
for you running ihe risk of contracting
inflammation of the lunes or consumption, while miu can eel Bickle's Anti-
Consuuiptive Syrup. This medicine cure-,
coinrhs. colals. inflammation of the luass
i rial   all   throat   nnd   chest   troubles.       It
promotes a fri'e and ensv expectoration,
iihlcb Immediately relieves the throat
.nut  lunirs  from  viscid iihlecm.
Gossiii is a deadly gas that fri>
iiia'ntly   puts  friendship  out  of  busi-
Happtntti ti the absence of pain, an* miliar a have t ••- mad* happy il.rs a,:h being
curtd by Sr jAccrs On. cf FHEU4A""ISM.
SfRAINS. BRUISES and all rains for rwhleh
Ml eatemal Mmf dy can be applied. It raver
(alia to cure. Th'inar.da who have beande-
elared IncuraMa at balha and In hoapltalahata
thrown away their cmtche». beln» cured after
tatni St. Jacobs Oil.   Dhectlona la eleree
mfuaiaa accompany every bottle.
Some men seem to have been born
asleep and forgot to wake up,
Opport unit ii
easy  to  Iono.
re Imrd to lind anil
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
Living »J  "••• Rn.sk.s.
An amusing stir.v is tsilsl of Robert
Bucbnnnu, the nuthor, who, like many
another well known literary man, hnd
b hard struggle al the beginning of his
career. He had just published one of
his early novels when one day he
found himself the possessor of a line
appetite, but without any money in his
pocket at the moment lo get a meal.
He thought of ways nnd means for
snmo time and finally hit upon an idea.
lie went io the ofliee of his publisher and asked for Hue.' copies of bis
now novel, directing that Hie cost
nhould be pla<*ed to his account Armed
wiih the fiesb. nicely bound volumes,
he Immediately sought out t lio nearest
i ,'i'iiialliaiiil bookseller and disposed of
tbe copies for us much as they would
••I remember l enjoyed that dinner
tremendously," he said, "it proved to
my entire satisfaction thai oven the
humblest  author  could   live  by  hi*.
New   Yisfk   Pavvnlsraiks'i'*.
iii New York the pawnbroker is com*
pellet] Isi wall a year nnd one month be-
fore offering pawned articles for sale.
During tbe Inst month of this period
tbe merchandise must bo so advertised
tbat the person who pawned the goods
may recognise them ns his property
from the description given in the published notice.
As mi Instance of the severity of the
court against any Infraction of this
rule a pawnbroker who loaned a certain lady |0,000 upon n valuable neck-
Ince valued at $12,000 und at the expiration of the required limit sold the
jewels without specifying explicitly
enough so that the lady was enabled to
recognise and redeem her property the
Sow York court ordered thnt the lendet
I ay to the lady S'li.iXK) nnd a year's In-
lei'esl on the value of the necklace.
•Uk for Uie Or union Bar
It is not only because of their great wearing qualiti-M
that you are recommended to wear
ily lubbers
Style, fit and finish are almost as important.    Granby
Rubbers have a stylish, clean cut appearance all their
own, and arc made in all the different shoe shapes.
"Granby Rubbers wear UKe iron."
beautifully ripened wheat, carefully garnered, ground liy the best
process known to modern millers,
results In the now famous brands
Of pure wheat flour,
Ogilvie's Hungarian
Ogilvie's Glenora Patent.
,.:■'.' f\
One dm not ivquirv to he a connoisseur
to distinguish the stmfi/Mty of
ortr ether fackw^
iThe differeimisWnm^
g-gfi*. USE EDDY'S
It lis aerr much atrssngpr sssul thicker Hum kny a.ihiT (lmrrs.il or bulldlnc!
ptyer. It la lns]iitrTl<sBia to winsl, Is. ap-i out cold, Uoapa lss lis*»t, carries no •mall
or odor, ssli'ssilsa, on isssilatOBS*, Impairta no ta.:e or flaror to un*. thing with
whli h it come* In conUssi't. It la largely uaasl not onlj (or ah<*. tin* Imsiara. bnt
for lining cold   atoraus*  bullillngn,   refrlgcratasra,   ils.lsl.-n,   ora niiierl.-a,   ansa all
Eslaoet wTsere the ohtart ta to keap an «Tcn   and   uniform   temperature,  and  at
he aame time avoiding dampnaaa.
Write onr Aganta, TEES A PERSSK, Wlisnlpi*(, for aarcplet.
EDDY CO., rulimlt«d, •MU1_I_.
vrn& .
cLusuohjs -ftZoA wesu- rut,
vJaJ fasJr ZxJdaArtut jtfttbu ____l£/
'fld/innyfj)Mifs>7ly i4 fart diAfdetftmA
The Frost 10 Wire and 6 Stay Fence
is tbe strongest aud heaviest wire fence made—Rood openings
for good ageuts ; write us at ouee for terms.    Ask for catalog.
 _. ,.____ ,.,,.. c,u.. *..       Winnipeq, Man.
Arrow   baskaa,
These  miraculous  springs,
Minister te a mind dlB«&Bs>d,
l'luck Irosn Uie ataemory a rooted s»rr*»w*;
tlaie    out  the    written  troubles  el  tks
And with sweet oblivious antidotes
Olearme  tbe  ateded bosom  of  those perilous alufls
Which weigh hMT'i*/ epes Kidney. Ueer
aad Stomach.
Therefore, all >e wiie  suffer—Giro phj-
ele to  ths   dogs:  have   aone ef li, "rat
tame and he curs*d at
The Halcyon Hot Springs Saaitaiiom, LC
TERMS—116  te flB per  week.
TO  BNCOL'HA'i:   ITS   C8E  are uivlugjthe
foll'-'Wlni: priaea for competition at the Wi*
ni peg Ei' ii'iti.iii of 1909.
$175 IN GOLD
At WlnnlMfl
Grain and Commission Merchant's.
Hlajhetst iirtcoa pas.ul lor wheat, oats
barlpv or l"i*s\ tn Csrlotl. Wire or write
me lor prlcee before selling Libera!
advances made on consUnma*isla end
handled en commission Lla-a-nsed and
l*. O. Bei.  S50. WlnnlpeR. Maa
y»1t*5*5*J-a    VJmiosm
Several st. Petersburg merchants
nn. organizing a private expedition
isn- the exploration of the whole of
Northern Siberia with a view to us
certainin-" the commercial resources
of that region.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
Nothing bores an optimist like tho
history nf other people's troubles.
For ths* Hem i."*t  1'iilf.  nny 1'iiro brs'ssd.
or   irniili'.   horn   alter     the   lit   .liii.nasy.
li'ssr,. (a'sj 1,1 Camelac Stock Pood, im.
in   itsslil
Fur  Use   Second  Hssvlsst    OsJi,  an>
("iis' iii-s'isil. nr sfi-hiis*.  born isfis)!*  1st  nt
.1 n ti'in rv    1909    led   on   0srns(k«    BtOsjj
I'saiil. ISO in irolsl.
sTor itr   Third HsavtMl Osll   in i",r«
breed    or  yrnal,'.  tioin   isfiei   1st   ol  .Innu
iirv.   1908   la'ii on   Oarnefac Stock  Fom,
«.'.".  In  KOlds
sluU    sins*   entry   ssill   he  allowed    Iron,
each Farmer ir Stockman, and ■toes
n U.-.1 be exhibit*I nt the Winnipeg Es
v.. isi.'iBS's* iniiHt tie |. oducsd nt tns tlmt
[of exhibition to "how thnt tha nnimal«
ni-i-H ia*si on Oarnefac Stock Fond
Crrnefac lies proven is decided success
bringing lmo condition nnd Itttteulnn
where other foods fall Send for l<*«Hot
giving the views of eeterlnarlani us tc
ii... iiiorils of I'arnefssc Thev nil iiwal
highlj  ol It
W. Q. UoHolas Manufacturer,
PrlnosiKS Stroot, Winnipeg,
^ sm can obtain It from your (ls»el*-.
To   i'ii'    is human—and tho divine
part is to-koep from being found oul
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Nothing so forcibly reminds n  mnn
of life's brevity ns a thirty-dnv note.
Tills ts the time yam nro Ihinklnur of par-
rlissing your llrlok Machinery end
Tarsi Snpplles. s\ e hn.o this beat on the
Continent, his.) furni-n from the amnlles.1
moilil to ii ComplatS riaint aif the lisrgeat
I'spneity. Wo iilno dnul In nil kin is of
Mill Machinery ml Wonilwsirklna/;
Ms». lilni'rv Is n speciality.
Wriie ior Ciitiilnioi.. and Prices.
J. tu Nellson A Co. Winnipeg.
••I •rin*. DRILL, SLOCAK, B. C, MABCl
C. E. PuiTnERiNOAi.E, Editor and Prop,
SLOCAN,      ....      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the tint insertion and 5 cents n line each
subsequent Insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, $7 each.
Transient nd veil iseinonls at game rates
at legsl advertising.
Locrtli will he charged 10 cents a line
(or each insertion.
Commercial Hates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, striet-
ly in advance; $2.."A) a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
A pencil mark in the apace
•ppesits Will bs sn indication to yeu tlmt ye editor
eonsiders there is something
eonting to him on yoursub-
Mtriptiou. Kindly acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
The dangerous occupation of tbs
toiler underground lilts been demon
st.ratod of lute by the sad and frequent
fatalities recorded in tbe provinces
Intending settlers from England
to Canada nro more numerous this
year than at any time in the past forty
years. Wheat has great drawing properties.     	
The government members of tlie
legislature held a caucus at Victoria
during' the week and coast reports say
the result is seen in tlie enlarged smile
on the faces of the faithful, Great is
the power of the caucus.
Coast saw and shingle mills are
credited with tbe intention of replacing their Mongolian labor with white
men. Increased wages are to be given
and even then tbe whites prove in the
end to be cheaper. Mongolians are
dear at any price.
Canadian customs receipts ketsp up
their steady increase, the figures for
the eight months ending February '28
being S2;U:M.()42. being ,12,758,882
greater than for the same period eliding with February, 1902. Por February the collections were .$2,681,176, an
increase of 1859,844.
The C.P.R. means to become a
power on sea as well as land. They
have recently purchased fourteen vessels of the Elder-Dempster line running to England, giving the company,
with their Pacific fleet, a tremendous
leverage on a world-wide business.
The Yankee rival roads seem to lx* out
of it entirely.
Deputy Minister of Labor King, as
in the Rossland strike, bad to leave
the scene of the Crow's Ni-t trouble
without accomplishing a settlement.
No one thought for a moment be could
do any good, and the wonder is the
government persists in wasting money
by sending the man on such idle errand. Clothe King's department with
the power of compulsory arbitration
and there woultl be a different tals- to
tell. Then there would be some excuse for the existence of his ollice.
All the fools in the United States
are not to be found within the walls
of a lunatic asylum.   One of these un
caged nonentities lias a seal in the
house of representatives at Washing
ton. He travels tinder Ibe aame ol
De Arinond and claims Missouri as
Iiis home. He has fathered n resolution requesting the president toar
range with England for the transfer
of Canada to tbe United States. What
a fool that man is! A supply oi
straight jackets is sadly needed al
Nelson is to get a new b|80,000 court
Capt, MoMorris lias been appointed
city clerk of Nelson.
Two sawmills are to be erected tliis
season at Arrowhead.
Tt. I. Kirkwood spent Sunday in the
city.   He left Monday for the Vast.
W. D, McGregor and wife returned
from the coast, on Tuesday evening,
Everything is favorable for an early
settlement of the Fernie coal strike.
Mayor York and his wife returned
from the coast on Saturday evening.
Several more carloads of materifU
for the new mill arrived in dining the
Rev. Seymour will exchange pulpit"*
next Sunday with Rev, Molntyre, of
The merchants of New Denver are
amusing themselves by culling prices
on goods.
On Tuesday evening next, tli'Sandon M. I'. hospital will hold its an*
ntial ball.
W. It. Megaw, of Vernon, has pur
chased   the    Hunter Kondrick  Co.'s
store at Sandon.
Wm, E. Lee   has   gone to   Ynlde/.
Alaska,   llis wife accompanied him
as far as Alaska.
.1. M. McGregor is leaving here
shortly for Japan, to go Into the insurance business.
Don't forget the band intends bold
ing their annual masquerade ball on
the 17th of March.
Low water and ice have been i ausing
much trouble to steamboat men in the
Narrows of Arrow lake.
Mrs. R. C. Campbell-Johnston returned Tuesday evening from a three
weeks' visit to Vancouver.
Ou April 1 the Extension coal mines
are to be closed, which will throw one
thousand men out of work,
J. V. Purviance  and   W. 11. David
son returned from the Victoria mining
convention on Thursday eve.
The Nelson Tribune is purchasing
a new plant and it will be one of the
most complete in the pro.ince.
Rev. Mr. .Mount is oxpectod back
from England in May, to assume the
charge or the Anglican mission.
Rod Matheson's newspaper venture
at Pincher Creek is dead,   He i ■ .
threatening Raymond with analtempl
Five straight months of sleighi
an 1 no spring yet, despite tl ■ :
that garden i .ds ara offer id for - lie
The C.P.R. has broken off all nego
nations with  its striking cmployei
and a light to a finish is now irs ord ir.
Tbe annual me.'ting of tho Slosjau
Kille Associatien \*. iii bo held this
(Thursday) evening in the Koyal hotel.
Nervous people are predictin*? for
this spring n repetition of Noah's flo •!
and are hoping the ark will be then
Allan McPherson, secretary-treasurer of the Ontario-Slocan Lumber
Co,, arrived in from Orillia, Ont., on
Robt. Andrews and wife removed lo
Vancouver nu Monday.    Tliey will be
greatly missed from the local Metho
dist church.
Mrs. Covington has removed h".-
fruit store across the street to th<*
building formerly  occupied  by the
Coup. Association.
Messrs. Craighead  Bros, arrived ii
during the week  from Midland, Ont.,
to assume charge of the machine
of the lumber company.
TheC.P.R. has created n net*, divi
si:.n, reaching from  Porl   Arthiu to
Estevan, and branches.   I!   will be
called the central divin ion.
Jnst arrived, a  full lin•■ of spring'
millinery in the Intesl  styles, which
wil] lie "ll sale  in   a   fe . d l vs.    All
ribbons greatly reduced in price. Mrs.
i kmngton.
music will be provided bv the Untie
and a line programme has been arranged, lo commence at B p.m. A
liberal supply of refreshments will be
served. The' proceeds of tbe ball \\ ill
go toward the purchasing of new in
st fitments.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Grwillim t& ilohnson,
Provincial Land Sur
veyor & Mining
B. C
For Sa]
SIXTY FEET on a corner on Harold
Street — tbo 100-fool Btreet,   The official
niiuior's valuation is over FOO percent
higher Ihnu prine niked for early snl«*.
Apply io
Stan City fillers' Onion,
No. 62, W. F. of fl.
Meet** every Wednesday •Yining
in the (Jnjon Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited in attend.
Financial Secretary
Timber Nalice.
N'OTICE li li.i'i'lij (riven thnt thirty dny» after
date I Intent) to appll ts. tho Hon, the
Chief .Commissioner of Lands". Works nt Vic
tsii'ia. ll.c. i'i ' fi special lief nun to cut and enrrj
nway Umbor from the fasllsiwini; ilescribou
laiials: Commencina nt a post marked W, 11.
Tudhope's southwest corner post, sltiintod on
tin' iiisrtli Bid. ,sf Ilia r-• >tstli branch aif Evans
creek, nbout two miles from tin* forks; thence
oasi 1130chains; thence smiili a|0chains; thence
wesl no chains; thence north 40 chains, to the
place of commencement, contntniiifiiHi) acres.
w. n.'i udhope
Dated this 18th dny uf February, 1WW.
Timber Notice.
"1UKE NOTICE thai thirty days afterdate]
I intend to apply to the Bon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands A Worts nt Yici.irin, ll.C.
fnr n special liconse to em nnd carry away timber from the followlnn described lands; Ciun-
menclng at n i ost on tne north siilr s.f i Is*- south
branch ssf Evans creek, neur tho westerly boundary of W, II. Tudlioi s■'-• location, nud murketi
S. Cjhew'snortheast corner post; thonce south
40chains; thence wesl 100 chains; thonce north
40 chains; thonce oast 100 chains to placo of
cnniini'iicriiis'iil, containing 0U) acres.
Dated this lOtb day aaf February, 1003.
Timber Notice.
VTOTICE is hereby glvi n that thirty days after
. M    date I intend  onppl] I itho Uon.tuoChief
Commissi ir "i I.an s- A Works at Victoria,*"*.
C., for a special license tsi sail nud carry away
timber from :!a' following described lands:
Commonciiifi' al a post mnrkod Howard Chew's
nortbensl comer post.situnte itho nortli sisle
of tho south branch i f '. ani creek, near i li.»
wi il rlj boundary of S. Chew's location; thenci
southKsci iii ; thonci west HO clinius; thsmce
norl ti 60 ch In ; tin ncc ens *■> i bain - to place
of comm •■■        it, containing 011 acre*.
D.itr*ai t'lis 20th day asf February, linv;.
ieer .Livery
and Foc-l Stables,
Slocan, B. 0.
General   Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
•shortest Notice.
Saddle and  Pack Horuei for
hire at reasonable rates.
I.1. E. ALI,MX, ■        Manager
Furnishings _->
. * •-.-■.vr'wj.,.
KE nnd
:>• LTA1 II.ITY.
fSfu>.:si.r l~-. .;. -
nor.tlin'lr.oi'ibs*ra.Ii,p. gj
.;'?jk ■ ■■'.-
r-vi C'^nt.spisyp fair three raonth
. J   achmcmtorroocIrdstheoClclalolBborj
ill  '. • nentsofanydesorintional .  .ulesjale fl |
a: sail frasn 211*^1,,s',*; on V':r pur-
..Don if,iilt'sj'jinat"isri..Yim,, illgs tmaosi
mors than yonrmoney'sworth, Mt"rr\i. Liter.
jutY'-M 'sir CLUB, lla.pt.     , 150 Nassau .St., N.V
R ; im ei ling the strongest companies (I ins business in Cunnrln.
See kew ■' ■.: ..'-t po) icy, «It li par*
ticipati n in priill . co\ taring; sickness and i periiii* r.j.
Ii. li ( UR'I IS, N itarv Public
*.Ji\*\-A:..:-..iii2y% '«yi3
£ i 0 1 r
FSEilfEsi IMI,
M AIN  B rlSKET, KI lie \ N,
Rev. William Simons. Pastor.
Sunday, al I i a.m. and 7.30 p.ra,
Babhuth i iihool :st 2.30 p.m.
Prayer Mealing, Wtdneaday, 7."0 p.m.
Strangers anil young man
siisv cordially inviteih   .   .
/.-■.-:.•.>:>.:••:• "(i.i. •.   • •.
Public .sympathy is lost to the C.P,
K. by reason of their tactions this wrd,
in refusing to endorse the movement
made for arbitrating the differences
between thorn nnd their striking em*
ployees.   Their pretended willingness
to arbitrate was simply a ruse to Kitin
time to rush in outside help to the
disaffected   points.    That   is   where
compulsory   arbitration   would  have
shown its strong hand, for there could
have been no retreat.    In these days
it is as  foolish for a corporation to
deny the right of its employee* l,oorganize as it is foolhardy for it not to
countenance that organization once ii
is formed.   Labor unions now -vorli
on the principle thai  If one body is
affected all must suffer, consequently I q
there is an a.'tiv;- desire to support | that institution
each other, as tbey are doing at Vancouver.    The (U'.li, will  lose much
by their pig-hi'.-uirtlness.
Angus McDonald, of Sandon, went
through t" Rossland Priday,to ntti i I
tho funeral of bit cousin, A. ih Mc
Donald, who bad In en killed by n ti
falling • 'i him,
Mis-.'- Webb and (''van wish to in
form the ladies ol Slocan thai they
expeci ;i full line of r-pring milliuen i
in next week.   11 will  be ii new s ■
throughout, Rooms: above D. Arnot1
Following nre the new members of
the board of management of the .M.
I'. General Hospitals II. D. Lea, J.
Nathan..I. \. Purviance, Geo. Nichol,
John Poley, D. B. O'Neail and Jobn
Thore has been an enormous quantity of snow fall in the hills this week.
In town il snowed heavily Saturday
night, then came rain, followed Wednesday by a furious gale from the
north and more snow.
Tbe   Dominion   postal   authoriti *
hav.' reduced tho postage on nowsp
pers and periodicals from Canada to
Great Britain and  Ireland.   The new
rate is the same as that  in force be
twoen (lauadiau points,
Tli • (In indian   Bnnli ol (lo	
I,a- ub orb al li Halifi -. B inl in i
< !om i 'a i - 'i'1 n thai lias si lecn
branches iii  tho maritime provii ees,
The  ■ 'i'i'1   I to  "■ ■  pi     ul n'Miil er
(he !'. i'i'.    f < will
031 I'.uiel
Bakery ^
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
I  aHOoZJ.
Why In without a ranee wlieta
you i in Rel ont so cht *.;> ? Tin \
are prefcrrable to stovesnnd ; |y«
better Bntisfaction. These rai .■'/■.■
burn w d or coal and will be
set np frae.
irlie I iriii
LOW I SO   I-'rnr! i-iii,   Ilita,   Uv
M inriul Clulmi
■a und   i -■■ .;
ll .',u- in, ni s| n   |i, t •
a      llllli   ill.,   '        I 'll     M  dti
thi    ; ll "in, I   the publii
I for rl 'iii" M nl" lb   • I
Whole   Win it   Bread,   Cnki
I'i   . nnd ii full line of  fi
I —-
f        Slocan, B. C.
I 1 l,".'a\ i-h asf 1*.i i'is-1 (a-s* *> 1 ,
l nil 1'. i-lglil   iMi'l 'j iislliy
S. tiarisiita',- I.
Tablets ^■^a^
cure all form* uf
Int1ij{i -' ion
Hi ,11 lin I I'll
I'ist row aftsir >alii •
Soni Stoni i b
anil llilioui   I iondil In
I ut
J. A. 1
Situate In tl u Slocnn City Minin** Divi
Kin'i ol Ilia Weil Kootenay IHitrict
W liars lo ntcil:    rive milVi up tint
north fni 1< ni Lomon crack,adj
tlm Violet tiiiiiajiii! claim.
TAKE  .Mil Id', that I. W. s. John
■on, f"t myiolf, I'M C. 1550721;  nnd rf
agent for SV, .1 alohnson, F,M.( . IW i
\. S. Jolinroii,  I'.M.f.   B,*i97'2:i;   Prank
Dick, I'.M.C   U5977; ;  .1   I"   Taltursall
l*.\!.r. I,5»703; and   A.   I:. Boldemtoi
Free   Miner's  Cvrtiflcate   No   III i
intend, Bisty daya from tho dato hereof
toapplyt   Iho ininini*, recordarfor car*
r.l'si ;iii'.-B of improvamont, for iho purpose ol obtaining Crown graiii-i ol the
nlinvu claims.
And further tnke notico that fiction
under section 87, must be cotmflonced
before the issuance of ouch certificates oi
Dated thia lOth day ol Jamiai y 1003
23-1 03 '  W. s. JOHNSON
Craala Mineral riisiss«.
Situate in tlie Slocan City Mining Divi.
■ion ul tho Weal Kootenay ! ii»trict,
Whero located : On Lemon crook
l 'a niilcH from the mouth,
Take notice that I, J,  M
acting it*, agt ul for VV, D. Mclntosli
M.C. Nn. H72302: ('. S. Baxter, F \| (•'
No.   B70 HI, an    I'.   W     ,.,.., |;,,,',
mi .- ' '•• i'B*it.liiviia.  No. 1151,1 Id, intoml
ni\t\ days i,mu thesJi te him nl  in ippiy
to lhe   Mining I;, coult r i      ■   . , .
ofimprovi . lents, for tho purpose nl ,,i,
liin ii .   i . mv.'i   grant  fur   i
•\i,sl further  lake  i ol nc  I]
under seninii  :,7, mun   he ,,„, ;,„.,.,.,,,(;
ie  above
il action,'
K Advertise your
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
•Ahould neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
tiie printer
to nil pertflj.
tent nnd \\\y
era I iiilveitis.
ers: it is read
by everyone,
At AU  Timesi
Subscribe for ii
heal paper:
THE DRILL,   $2  per year.
'"   Xyi*mtr~*aimc~~CBC~~M:A'
n",*-<  - .. -__. ..	
B >""> SI OS
•r^asat -y*&c   >dhc   -i0<K
a Home ?
Then come to Slocan, for it is
cne of tke fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelneea,
Boom, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,School
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of t3ie ad vantages enjoyed br
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and M*an
hath decreed that
Slocau is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tal«
, i .-f>**************************************l""""B niitiaiai   i linforo tlm ii-HUUm-ii of Biudi i-crtilh-tili* nf I
Uills arc up Im' tho band nn : improvein 'nu 	
iiiial  masquerade  Imll, whieli   takei   Afi-fintJ nr tin* liidntzmnn & Co.,f'i.r.      Daiod tliin l'illi dur of Fell
place on Tuesday evouin   next.   The     bard Helntzmarii and I arn I**liinoBl27*2 03 .1
,   riiHry.iiws no uiere i'llo dream, but a stern real*ij*
M. Mi UKI 1.ni:.


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