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The Slocan Drill 1903-01-16

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TOI- HI-. »••42*
SLOGAN,   11.   C,   JANUARY   18,   1903.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
I   rii^lAC I   HaVC V0U See" tho,e newCh-na
L-aUIW-S •  SilkSt in assorted co.ors?
the thing for evening dresses and waists.
I Examine your old suspenders and see if
• they do not require replenishing. We
have in stock the famous Chester Brace, the best on
the market for comfort and durability,   fe it>
W. T. Shatford & Co.
A. York & Sons,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
A New Year Resolve.
That henceforth you will buy your Food
Stuffs and Groceries from us. Wisdom
and economy prompt such a step. We
make a point of keeping our Stock tresh
and buy nothing but the very best goods.
Try our Breakfast Foods and Cereals.
Few are ■•.good, none better,
Co-operative Association,!^,
Sis-can, llritish Columbia.
^  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .    -5
£  REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .    ^
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public, lt is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Is rtached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Re-opened under
ilie old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Arthur Street »*rt Ueleney Atreaae, Slucan.
l-'iil'linf*" thoroufl-hly renovated
Md re st'cked with the hest
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
HUN1CIPAL   ELECTIONS j ""lis the   Arlington   has suspe-jilt-d
shipments, and development is limited
to the driving of its four long drifts.
The new mill is being built hy the
Ricowilabi company .owning the Spec*
ulator group adjoining, and composed
One M-Miiber short of iteqsiireii Number j ?.*■ mcn largely interested in the Arlington company. They have put up
the money for development."
—New Ouni'll Will Have to Appoint
an Aisles ninn No Intereat Evinced in
the General l*rot:es*dings.
Aft-er the turmoil of similar oecn-
•" Slocan became incorporated, the elections of this week fell flat
very flat, ind.-ed. It has become
like Sandon, nnd a still hunt has now
to lx* made for persons to fill the ald-
ermanic Ixiard. In the past there
were wont to be candidates a-plenty,
but that oilier is changed, and men
must now be eoeraMl into acting. At
the nominations on Monday there
were only enough name:- proposed to
km iitiitm: minks.
• f    Assistant   Hert Ine   Helsl   Laat
On Dec. 15th last the annual general meeting of the Enterprise Mines,
Ltd., was held at the Cannon Street
Hotel, in London. Eng. Richard
Popkiss, chairman of the company,
presided. In his speech thi! chairman
Last year's operations resulted in a
loss of £258,r*, which is not altogether
partially^ satisfactory; but  when   we consider
lieing offered, consequently the mem- i ll.ow Lms waa brought about the posi-
bers go in bv acclamation. Of (the "On B not quite so serious. In the
names put in; Mayor York, Aid. Mc- \ »lst place, during 1901, the whole of
Galium, Smith and Woitlcn sat with i »he work, having to be carried out by
the old council. It will devolve upon i1,11I1(1* >v;*ri naturally costly, and con*
the new board to appoint a person fo «-*q**cntlyit was to the company's infill the vacant position and be shall to6*-* to do as little as possible.   Tliis
ting the sawmill here  should sc
was finislied, and
c inclusion of the matter.   Returning ■ uot untfl *■**' commencement of this
Officer Bentley announced the folkf*- [J*** were }?e nccjasary adjustments
Dominations  and  declared  thejl111*06 nuicMnery effe*>>stod in order to
"<     lltBllllimilti.ls     <usil     iss;.. Hilt.,     »xn- ---- .    --------      —
nominees duly   elected   by acclamn-; ,M-'st W ,he peculiar character of the
tion:— " ore to lie treated; and it was not until
fob mayor. about the same time that the installa-
v   l   i   liii      ,.      , a.r srsi tion for working the machine drills
\ork Archibald   p run sod by AC.| ^ a^* Th)1 introduction of
Smith, 11. D. Curtis, John Q. McCal- ^ fan )r0VBraentsnaturaUv ettected
a great reduction in the cost of mining, as well as treating the sire, which.
Arnot, David   proposed by Messrs. together with a general reduction ii
>rk.  Anderson,  Smith,   M-t-Cillum other department^ woidd produce •
and Worden
j far   lictts'r   result  upon   the current
J. G.   by Messrs. An- year's operatiohs.
denon, Smith and Worden. ,' xhe product from the mine, consist-
M jNeish, Thomas   by Messrs. Cur-, fag of comparatively high grade silver
tis ami Smith. * ^  lead and zinc ore. had been* very un*
Smith, Alfred C.   by Messrs. \ or.;,; favorably rfecia 1 bv the unusual and
Arnot ami Worden.
Worden, Winslow E. by Messrs.
York, Aniot and Smith.
McCallum, .1.0. by Messrs. York,
Anderson, Worden, Arnot and -McNeish.      	
J. Frank Collom, managing director
of the Arlington, spent several davs
iu Spokane this week, on his way here
from San Francisco. He was in consultation with Prof. J. S. Parks. M.E., 1 ble"width"
who examined the Arlington last Sep
tember, with regard to th»» new mill
to bo erected by the company on the
property in the spring. Mr. Collom
was also in the east and while there
purchased much of the equipment for
tht! plant.
In order to thoroughly tost ores of
tlm Arlington character, Prof. Parks
is installing a plant in Spokane, and.
in --peakingof it, Mr. Collom said:
The trial plant is a unit half the
size of the unit; which will be installed. The mill will have an initial capacity of f>0 tons a day, but that can
lx1 increased tsi UK)tons a day if we so
desire. Mr. Parks has been experimenting for some months pasi at a 40
stamp mill the identity of which 1
do uot care to make public   and has
serious fall in the market price ol
those metals. Hitherto the whole of
tlie mining work had been in the development of winking a high grade
silver vein, which, although broken iu
its centre by a well defined fault, had
not, so far as its development had advanced, shown signs of pinching out:
in fact, it was understood that this
vein could be traced for a considerable
distance from their property. What
might also prove to be an important
factor in the value of the mine was the
fact that another vein had been discovered on the propeity of considera
As thev would have learn
ed from Mr. Fowler's report, steps
were lieing taken for the prospecting
of this vein, at a depth of some 150
feet below its outcrop, nnd should this
vein open up in the same manner as
thev were hopeful it would do, the
value of their property would lx* very
considerably enhanced. From surface
indications this vein, whilst, not expected to produce ore of so high a
grade as the liest they were working,
was of greater width, and should
therefore produce a large quantity of
concentrating ore, for the treatment of
which th*" mill is adapted
In a letter received that morning
from their engineer. Mr. Fowler, it is
stated that this new vein had lieen
encountered in the crosscut, or. at
least, what   thev  believed to lx* this
uccs's'ds'd iu   saving as high as 961 mnv vein: but at that point it did not
per cent of the silver values.    We feel j show itself to be of a paying character.
conliilent of success and are willing to Bul he did ii.it think tney should
put our money into the enterprise, al-j place too much importance in this, as
though the idea of saving silver with m a vein of that character it was im*
cyanide has been poohpoohed by wise possible, or impracticable, to ascertain
acres who would not risk a cent in | the value of a vein from just one open-
working out a new met hod of treat
"I do not care to gi\s> the particu
lars of our treatment. It centres,how*
over, around the making of slimes by
sending finely crushed ores over Wbif-
Bey tallies or Fine vannere. tn the
case of the Arlington, which carries
only a small volume of lead and /.inc.
the concentrates will be exceedingly
limited, ln fact, we should be bettor
pleased if WO got no concent rates at
all, as our system consists of treating
the slimes with cyanide or other
chemicals and electricity. Electricity
ij an important element and we are
They Would have noticed that the
monthly returns showed considerable
fluctuations, and that now and again
a monthly loss was announced. The
ore from the vein worked showed a
large percentage of /inc. which had
not hitherto been marketable in British Columbia; in fact, its presence
over and above S or 10 per cent, was
penalized by the smelters. Their
management, therefore, found the
b"st results, under the circumstances,
by so arranging the mill 80 as to produce two products one high in lead
and silver and low in /.ine, which was
| readily saleable and  suhjeVt only tsi
installing a f 10,000 electric generatii
plant on a water power which we cou* Ismail penalties owing to the small
trol. Our system is not new, but it percentage of /inc. The other pro-
Involves the utilisation of some trade; duct was low in silver and lead and
secrets which have  not   been applied high in /.ine, which latter did not lind
in this manner. so ready a sa!s> as the other and, con*
"We have shipped about BOOO tonsjsequently, had  to await a favorablt
cal market in Canada for British
Columbia ores, the benefit of which
would tend largely to remove the disabilities under which they were at
present laboring.
Their engineer informed them that
a much better demand had arisen for
zinc ores than had hitherto existed ,and
they were therefore hopeful of better
things in that respect. The poor result of last year's work was to a large
extent due to the fact that the whole
of the work done at the mine had to
be carried on in a very costly manner,
namely, by hand lalxir. During this
year they had the advantage of machinery, and, consequently, were in a
much better position in that respect.
On the other hand, thi! condition of
the metal market was infinitely worse
than it was "then.
During the last two years the market prices of silver and lead had
gradually fallen, lead from something
like £18 to under £11 per ton, and
silver from about 2s (id an ounce to
22 8T6d per ounce, which their directors could only view with the greatest
concern; so much so that it became
a question whether it would not be
better to temporarily shut dowu the
mine until better prices prevailed
They had given this matter consinera-
tion for some time, but had delayed
taking definite steps, in the hope that
bedrock had been reached, and that
the markets would improve. But that
had not been the case. Their directors were therefore again seriously
considering the question from that
point of view. Owing to the geological character of the mine, he did not
think damage would result from a
temporary suspension of operations:
but while silver and lead stood at such
extremely low prices, it Beamed only
a matter of prudence that this step
should lie taken. He Ixigged to move:
•'That the report aud accounts to December 81, l90l,now submitted to this
meeting, lx*. and are hereby received
and adopted.-'
Oliver Wethered, iu seconding the
motion, said he visited the property
some 16 months ago, and contirini'd
whut Mr. Fowler had always said with
regard to it. namelv,that it was a very
•rood properly, and, with normal con-
lilisirsand normal prices, the company could make excellent profits.
They might be thoroughly satisfied
they had a viTy gixxl mine, and also
oneit if the best plants iii British Columbia.
The report and accounts were then
Olsl Unas-it Heetiantl WlnslnrptheYear'a
Regular meeting of the city council
was held on Monday evening, those
present being Mayor York, Aid. Worden, Smith.McCallum and Robertson.
Practically every item of unfinished
business was wiped off the slate, so as
to leave nothing for the new council
to handle.
Correspondence read: Aid.Barber's
resignation was taken up. Moved bv
Aid. McCallum and Worden that the
resignation be received, accepted and
Bled, and that Aid. Barber be so noti-
1 tied.   Carried.
Returning Officer Bentley reported
result of municipal nominations held
that day, also for schixd trustee. 11"
read statutory notice, declaring said
nominees duly elected by acclamation
as there was no opposition. Rt port
received and laid on table.
Bills presented: Payroll for December, $121.70- H. tbiest. stationery,
fl,80: T. McNeish, half ton of Halt
coal, $8.76. Referred to finance com*
1 mittee and payroll ordered paid.
pinance committee reported in favor
1 of bills amounting to S6.25. (hdered
Aid. McCallum asked if ihere were
any outstanding accounts and was Informed  ihere  were  none.     lie then
I suggested that a suitable reward lie
' given R- A- Bradshaw, for his services
I as treasurer dining the year.
I    Moved by  Aid. Worden and  Rub
ertson  that Treasurer Bradshaw lx>
; awardsnl->ll'  for  his  services during
I the vear.   Carried.
Aid. Worden  informed  the council
i that a sack of poisoned pups was polluting the waters of the river.   Refer-
! red to the board of health, they to get
the    thief   of   police   tsi remove   lhe
| menace.
Council adjourned.
"Last Year's Sklpnicnta Wore 6:i:i3 Tons—
A ll.isllls.v KvtsU-nt'e of tlist MTss und
Wtmlth of tlse Camp-Enterprise tli*
Biggest Hhlpper.
Ore shipments continue very satis-
faetoryyi total of 102 tons having been
sent out during the week. Three properties were in the list, same as last
week, two of them, tht* Ottawa and
Black Prince, being new shippers.
The Enterprise placed 66 tons to its
credit and the Ottawa 20 tons. The
latter will have another car to go out
next week. The 17 tons from the
Black Prince had been lying at the
wharf .for some time and was the fjrst
to go out from that mine in two years.
Ore is coining down freely from the
Republic and it should have a car out
next week. To date the shipments
total 22.'! tons.
For P.I02 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 6888
tons, made up frsim 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year fo date:
Black Prince	
22 i
Work has l>eeii resumed on tho
Bondholder with two men.
The Ivanhoe has signed a contract
to ship its zinc concentrates to Iola.
An intermediate tunnel has lieeii
commenced on the Republic, so as to
tap the showing at thi' shaft.
CerUficate.s   ot   impi'ini'llieul,  Wr
been. i**iii*J to thn test lb>y«s •"-■hig
Ten, Ewhaiigs-' and Silver Plate
Now the Enterprise haa shut down,
th>* Horse is deprived of power for its
drills. Single handed j.icks are iu
Tin' main shaft on the Iron Horse
is down BOO feet from the surface.
Drills have been commenced each
war on the vein from the foot of the
On Saturday the Blnck Prince sent
IT tons of ore to the Nelson smelter,
being tin* tirst to lv shipped by it in
two years. The ore was taken out
under the lease and bond held by
Sidney Norman.
Think. Cssinp All Kiffllt,
A. B. Colciii'.in.oiie of the principals
in the Pittsburg syndicate owning
and operating the Iron Horse and
Ottawa groups, in this division, spent
several days in the camp during the
week, leaving for home on Monday.
lb', with their local manager, R. J.
McPhee, inspected both properties,
with   the development nf which he
was well pleased.    The  contrast with
the appearance sif things when he
visited tic properties last spring is
most strilsing. so great has been the
Improvement. In the Iron Hone,
Mr. Coleman believes they have a
good mine. But it is tlie Ottawa he
is most proud of. th" showing of ore
there living much greater than he anticipated, lb' believes, too, there is a
much brighter future in store for the
camp. The introduction of new capital is having a wholesome ellect. l-"ur
themselves, Mr. Coleman said, they
were going to keep pegging away and
with prospects of an Increased scope
of operations. To them things looktjd
all right and they hoped for much
biffKer results.
Ica 1'asislvisl.
Of course, they conld not fail to re
cognize the unfavorable effect produces! by the heavy fall iu the market
price of silver ami Fad during the
past two years. At present their administration was combatting this by
of ore from the Arlington.but in order
to get that out we have mined alxmt
40.000 tons of low grade ore, that lies
idle on the dump and must remain
forever valueless unless some system
of milling on the ground is evolved.
Wu have a freight and treatment rat •
of .17.60 a ton lo the Trail smelter ami! straining every nerve to work the pro
that is low iu comparison with the perty on the most economical lines
rates charged in Colorado, but il Is I possible, From latest information, a
too high for the low grade ore. We j strong movement was on foot to bring
expect to do some custom work at the pressure to bear on the Canadian
mil). I cannot give any idea what government to effect such changes in
the costs or rates will be. the import duties for manufactured
"Fending the completion of the I lead as were necossary to create a, 16-
Monday evening the lirst Ice carnival of the season was held at the rink,
quite a large crowd being present, together with the band. .1. Pinchbeck,
as a Spanish toreador, tools the Brst
prize for gents.aitd Mrs.McKechnio, as
the Goddess of Liberty,won tho Indy's
prize. Winnie McMillan was awarded
the prize as the b-st lady skater.
Failure on the part of the costumers!
to hand in their names, prevents a list j
being given.
C. T. Cross has resigned from the
management ofthe Hewett, P. Dwyer
being u"w in charge,
tassiss Thins--, at KxcliaiiKi*.
t   ■
Camp thieves have been paying attention of late ts> the Exchange and
have carried off stuff of considerable
value, Tracks of two men on snow-
shoes leading up from Springer creek
wen* found las{ week, and they had
certainlv helped themselves at the
mine.   They  stole  drills, single  and
tlsiiiiile hammers, scrapers,all kinds of
provisions, meats and canned goods,
besides some wearing apparel nnd
other things left In ths- cabin.    In ;id-
■ litiisn to this they left open the cellar
door, so permitting all the fresh vegetables to Im- destroyed by frost, li
Is a thousand pities these mercenary
thieves could nol be apprehended and
severely punished. All last summit
there were repeated thefts reported in
the camp.   Iu fact, one dam not leave
his cabin for any length <if time  un
guarded, SO viciOUS are the thieves   iii
their work.   For men to climb n steep
hill in the midst  of  winter on si ow
shoos to pillage n camp shows a deter
initiation worthy of more honest ai.d
upright men. sigigr^gi**"*-^
.-*• ^ ou wil* help me." argsert-
Rie'imrd; hit slow utterance piT-
• • i-ltce to a rapid torrent cil
Yoo WtfO t.e.'p me. tse.ca.use
it if in ytmr poMSBT. tamt because 1
aaa na such disirtHas as. Alas never
knew. When     a    mail's     Uie    i»
at stake he hat no
■   ■ e      to      tbiiik       of      e*aa.e**ja-
:.iJ.1y;   with   use,   more  than     Ji e
'  nt  stake. 3    a'-. ""©reed     to throw
•r-s 13  on  your m»rcy.     3   dare  this,
bxrimaa I  liamiir  that,  whelm*!   else
'. M do, you ii i I nel;  tsetni}   my corny
d.** re  —  my   Lust nrt   ne'e-  uiiiJed
tne yet      JC©   eh   don 1
I mmaH  s-iKiui    sou must hasten!     Tn-
ti'i   two   ' <sa''s-   I*£0   mi   J."'-- !   jri     BQa>
Ilea ami ilii'il       iny      rt-putatioti    was
•■ "  •   a     tatu h.     I   was   saivis-d
- * - *.   Ih n    ► is1-'   T   vicile  thai   cruel
U-i'.'-r  •<!  Al: ti    J   have us-t   \v,'h Bolts r.'.* b t  r-iiiu -T! ii i    my  und-'T-i.al begs
he1-*'  'a !nd. death has robbed me* of
■• ■■••'.   v,i,r,   -a ould   have  heaped
••* has-     in.in   hud  over      my
■ .   nm 'inou!-   toakgma huie     been
'.viih   my   r**:'U' ul:'>tj—m   mam*
i-^MSaOC n..   t-u* iaesB*  iftas  suSered   taat
;l,..;e iv fr-*--,'   dihii.'.er.    3
ii.st   let  it  be i n 'W-vi.  ]  apeak  oiB'ia)\
■■ „ Mj    ■ -d   the fa n1*:s-.   ru-
■■ • c.r ID tvciu d tie fatal fan me All
■• i.' ■••' ■■ m tti.sfort une.
■• s. . aroma ] .r.nl.-r." luni., 3 can
scares)y und- r-taa <i how it came
:■- -t:   j nd     y",     3   oast,  fer.   Ba   '.he
• ■ i   ■ ;...-   -■• ■  a       .•■   ...    ,rj-j  a deer
were a!is"li.t'Jy indit.fieT.Bat.''-
1 fe'l a vie! ■■■ •" (hia paral
T-otb-'zi t-iat aboac* i.:iis me v. :th terror bekttre H comm aad arftfc *fcga*a*s*
m '.*,d'.'r if my
.ludfment is impa nnad' fiat bini: a.j.''>
3 iva^ —riiwii 11nTla colled attest to
m.*et -j rlann of £2*900 3 bad net
Has money at m* cffMitisnind. Uavemaj- 3
ncpectod to bate it in a tea days'
In -. •"■ . t exmrt ev i ■: in.' tsfl a
c-faai-itahS-s so- ■' ■     '     ■ 1    hs\e
•■ ■■ b I inmaiiii'iii :o'  i son    la ■   to    raj
■ d I   ic a  liani.       I   •    11   ••
me!   the  daJsu.     Tb»   itKioej   ha-   •  • ■
ti.-s.-B   rei-iae'-'l       "'■   I - -    I Heat T-
*sd  QtateM   h ■  '■        ■ aiaoe
St i!)     i   b J • . WJ   ' ■  '   '              B   ..idi-
nar>     'T '.i    *'a' ' ■ ■■     dr ■•      n
a o   d   • M I              »."!'Uvt.      I
lu   a an   ■" h     rnpn
I    rT,,..    .      ■      ,      ,,' • a-ii'Ti-J      3t
■w'a*- he '- h i pr-.-ssed the claim that
dr -. t •• :isi! es   he hai
lev JBaffft-**! '!• 0*3 tin- :> o is.-er di-
reetors.     L . i      aalUi  ^Ivea htoi  ia-
■SUGBBl . tO ~,r- om suiiiiexjint* »4..-,ii-
cutiou ol   ii. .-   i.2 ■ sss-      j nr u*ii   <is»y«
l ha\*s  been »**i**—*r  ''lrninn.li  iltoese,
una tiie   tO   BlfCOd   tO   t      I   "- this
m tmhtg. 1 lean, that the d :*iclort
are Vo matt o; Botardoj The no- ej
muivt In.* forth*cn-iix^* 3 hose -."XKl
enough Mearit} to offer; 1 could tor-
rov.' it tmatVlj if 1 rs.ad *. :me to go
to a I'li-tarn-.e U^r it, bat .'ere. where
1 ajm ivatehed by U'lfnend:;. QWO, I
dare riot run tbe ns'.. of lielllag, it
skco"'D tkat I have raierd such a sum.
An ai'g:'as ut.rji, <y. !-.;. ili**Bcalt •■-
ia the ::.'.'. Lhat n boat heaoe 1 am
fo.-'.td to leave G argow to meet a
bjaKtaeas -n.-u--- • tsat m -.he to a try.
aad fere • no poasQ ty of ray re-
tur- '. - • ij ::. -*•-' a Cera • 'fi or
e\en;r.g 3 ha-.e n/ time I am dnv-
ea deeperatse. Mr. Gsyford, ;-ou caa
aid u.e. arfll yon*!""
"Vou mesan, v.iU I lsad vou £2,-
"I have isaid 3 have jjood security
to o^er. 3 do cot a*-k >oj to risk
your mon.;.. 3 as': you to re*cue
John a syaipatBy had cook-d coa-
sid.-a'ly. as llut ■OBtiiaeatt hi apt
■rfaea required to sxpnas Itaetf m
What makes you ooaAoast    tbat I
hjt'.e such a sum at  my  command?"
"This." aaid H'shard. hand;nr him
Uie ahe*-t of i-encdls-d memorausJa.
He read the notas -r, *-.,iii<x. and
with  corj.si'k'rati.e  sur; .* n
"And wli;,." he a^keti. "do you cot
rather apply to your pr.Dc*1 of phil-
an'.hro; lata, your young man of fortune?"
"ilr Wtabaxt," r**spon'3..-d Kichard
proapUy, "is Um -.or -.*.ho   has
b-*n i!svti|.'a,'d to Brge the dlspotal
of th- BMNK] He vvas here this
moriiin.- If raa from hin that I, in-
c dentally, learned m) danger 1 dare
not let bim kaoa ."
"i ou sseeui lo liu\e lost s.L-ht of
the fact thai you an- a stranger to
• Ab, yes," ndaitned Twiss t'lttser-
ly. 'a stranger, of coarse! And Mr
Wishart would ha"-e found means to
convey the same hint had I applied
to hin V needy man finsls strangers
every.1, here."
For the lirst time siace he had he-
gun to speak he withdrew his per-
aistent gaze from btl companion, excitement was dying down again. I it*
leasneaa and lani:uor again creeping
over hint Almost mdiflerent to the
result of his appeal, ha turn»-d to his
table and began inechanically to set
his parsers in ordr Ihe unfamiliar
loo'; of one of 'h-Tn stirred vague
wonder within him. it wus that in
wh.ch Alnn's banknote had been folded. He rsjad lhe words on it and
failed clearly tsi cofflprefaeBd them
Acting as he would not ha\e done
had his faculties boon fully als*rt, he
push.-d forward the [lajser for explanation.
Alun had Written thus:
I return the £50 J on so generously
paid to aave our honored name from
disgrace I   could   not   understand
your hasto to believe me guilty until
inl'oruiati"n reached me n**.j>t*rung
the sale of our Braahead street property; now 3 Dndoref1 n I. It may be
some satisfaction to you to know
that I ha--e nsjt been tbe Be to hring
'lisL-race in our name. 1 nm mmr
cent, aa th«i proofs my friend holds
will t'!stify Alun Tn
I pon this   mioslvs Join bestowed
'.is.   '  tamest   ..  bsam as      j.-   BTfts :.*xm- I
■ • ■. - o'T     mo. mr of |
■ . lats-
orioui^y ,0,-va.rri fi-tim pa nit toipasSHl
."• • .!     Dmad    enn  'i:!u.--'l      'J'he
impulBe    to i man ii nil   IsJaa   hi     -tai-
3ight«n:ng Kichn-id.     had    altogethor
■foue Irom him   iustettd  he -wat. con-'
BCious    saf   an    un^ccoiinti Uiy strong
desire  to  keep  iiiii.arc   m   oaj-ijiast,,
at ajj evemta for a stuts-on     The in*-
perativt iseoesBity to ga^n an    interval ior reflsacticm. urged itself    npon
1-wisi repeated hit aaaatfoaj—
"Is tjaere truth in whal he    Bays?
are there such proofs?"
There is truth in it, 1 have the
pa.pers: but you spoke just note of
ts immediate sanrareaneir.—3.. too.am
preened for lime Const to see me tomorrow on | our return to town, we
ca^i tbea taJk at our leisure over
your brother's oStirs and your
TAgernesB   flashed back monaantaj-
ily into l:icbard's eyes
"lou tviU lend—"
**I    pledge   mysel* to cothing.      I I
trill  think  of it.     The de-ay   cannot |
eimify, since you any you can    take
no steps before your return.    I    aits I
staying at the Central: at v. hich hour ]
wili | ou come''"
"Q ey taraxtstjtat to meet ol ? tai the |
loll o w ing e^ enirig
•Slben    ht    was    once    more alone
Richard     indulged  in    retro? pacta on.
He     was    excessively  wear ed,     sBiid
■ his     mind  in   its     buckwara     glance
refused, for lack c.f aarngf. to recognize   any   grounds  for   appreisensiom
. H Bai*  only what  ;:  wished to see—
the Tmger cf Providence interposing
: to alert    ru.c.        Ti,e visicsn graced
hm.,  invigorated hun.    As he looked
I steadily    at  it.  n grew  nore clear,
; more irresistibly powerful,  it  spread
' itself      before hfao   until   it left     no
i room    Ior doubt, foreboding, terror.
: His nerves were stei.d.nd.    He tsegan
with some ccouplaceist-y t<i uiake pre-
| partition     for   Laat   business  engagement  in  the  country  fer  which    he
had      spoken—a   BOtitaiy  thread     of
fact in the morning ? weh ol Action..
fHAJ'JXK in:
So such benejii-ierit vision was with
John Cayford. 7!ie confusion in trie
crowijed strtiete tnrough which he
J.iassed. v, as as crilcr v,-hen coiEpared
to the confusion ;•. iis iisjtd. He
envied now the samilelaly that had
t"-w_*n so intolerable to him a tern
bfltta before: certainty had come.
and with it had come chaos
How was he to act?    t.avic Wishart was in his power; he had but to
produce his proofs in order to secure
1 l.e downfall of :  at ectiaaa We young
man.     Was     there room  ior besita-
Alaxi's  ini*'k'r;:jg   lones   rang
in  Ua     ears—"I will have this cit-
gra.ee  wjp<*d   out       Promise   :       that
if 3 die belore 1 reach home. ;. ou will
ia ,e theae l*ar..e'-s  of  nune t'iaced     in
Mr. Anoe-soii s hands, anu my   na
cleareid.     MVixr it!"     3;e had St
it.  he   was  in  honor  bound:  lie    had
no choice at all.    The     papers
ha--  reacfaod ths.- >;■..*.►) t.^   *.|
and   they    wt-re spread  befuie u
must  be given to Mr.  "tasdea-aoa    on
Monday ntut, and at the eaase Uane
Hichard Twisa must  be mada i.'*tre
of the r I'urport   the obligation was
in viola Lie
The sh-i'i'ing list he had cor.:- site.
yei-'.e.-clay. attraicted his DOtioe. a
his iinfers sejrthed Will, tiie (•• * .'. r
tne pocttait U.at lay there; v-.hal
need was there, softer all. fo;
daaperasta haste in booking Ui passage to Melbourne? Tha | rtrait
was uncovere1! he lookoJ at it ''••■'■ I
a hoj-efuiness tliat nisi iaroa in its
intensity. Memory oisalt him sud-
c-':.y a cruei stab. "Po you love
him, Mary?" "More than 1 can tell
you. John!" That wan her confession, uttered low. uttered with all
her heart. What if disgrace to Ga-
v.n should mean heart-break to ter!
Baal there been a fire in the room,
be would have pitched the pa[*ers into it
Heart-brealt? Girla' hearts are not
60 BOOtJ broksen.
But Mary ■"•a like no other .
■II ':„ .. so e*asi:y cna
so un'.*. to meet mieery. Thinh of
the terror in her eyes when efce had
once spoken of the dread of com me
trouble' A harsh word was enoagh
to make her heart bk*c*d He had
6ks*b her cry; he could not endure the
thought of her tears. Was the obligation so inviolable?
Then was  another point  of v.ew
to cause her sufk-nng tow might be
the    only     way  to  spere her  D    l
pain [a •.:...- future     He seized on this
idea w.-.h uvj-iit-., und elahcraU-d it
She   arould   ba revolted   by the   disclosure       her  loan for  Gavin  would
not survive sue. a shock; she would
forget soon—she  .".as so young,    so
impressionable.     And  theu—tl*..*n'
An overpowering des.re to aa •
acain took instant possession of
l,:ui. why shou:d he r. ; fp*at '... it?
A.'t--r he had fesea her he would be
.n a batter j*.a-.t,on to d-x da h *
eo-araa of netloa A bundn-d
f.'ioughts suri"-<J upward in h.s mind
to convince ),.m that it was in.; o--
sible to act at all in the matter un-
I I .he had seen her. There was
need of hoate, f.K> some definite con-
clueion must be arrived at before
the corning interview with Richard
Twiss Half on hour later, he was
whir! ng south  in the mid-day tram
3*oubt as to thc wisdom of h s
procedures lurked in his in nd. and
With It rr-.-.v a dread that he might
not find Mary alone Dottbt and
dread were r»ut to flight arbca he
l--*arn'*d at thc Feldrossan Manse that
Mr. I ems was ab»s*nt. attending a
monthly meevng of minlatari held
on this occasion at Gis-ness'c. an:)
that Kate al'o waa away.
As when he had first seen her, be
found Mary gathering roses bit
ths-n she had ,,n It before a grave
to pluck off d'-ad Cowers and wi*h-
ers-*d leaves, no- h<*r hands wan
filed -•••-. Rowing sjoila from the
fat.o H ."i.'anse rose trees; then t*»rs
had 'ilk-sj lhe c;es that were bow
nu a ag with aU^-piaaaa. At sight
of hsy visitor the happiness gr rSt
vivid, sae flew forwarsJ to gr»<*t hiir
"Ah, John. I could not be,n.*'.e that
you had gone away wi-.bo-it saying
goodbye to me! I was certain you
would come back in a day or two:
uncle said not, but I knew better.
How glad I am that no one else    is
at home, we i-a.- have a lovely long
talk. If you had only huen bere yesterday  (tea would haste seen Bauaio*""
'Jhey wandered to the fai sand of
the gard.in and seated themselves
there. She was beside "aim! Thnt
suprtmie fact biotusd ev-ery other out
of existence. The urgtsnt need to
decide some course of action no longer made itself "Belt: it was aii-possible
to feel anything but a dizzy sense
of her - :-ara*3ss. Mary talked gaily
WaaSa j= arranged fasar roses. She
had 1.^ much to say about Gerizi.
that the irresponsivent^ss of her companion passed without notice. Gavin
was so getierous, so uaiversally liked, so clever. Music it appeared,
was his chief delight he knew so
much atstsut it. he evsea wrote it!
hast -Sunday, the anthem sung at St.
A" art in's v\as his it "tsegan with the
words "He came to deliver tbem
who through fear of '"'•nth were all
their J detime sub.iect to bondage
-a minor recitative, sbe hummed a
few bars in low- Fwyet tones—and it
ended with a full chorus, "I»eath is
swallow tsd up in victory!" John
beard her words as though they had
tseen spol'.en to him through a dream
He recalled thnn later; but at the
time he was conscious only of the
nius c of her voice, her beauty, ber
'lhe day was sultry: heat har.e
hung ci er the sea and the Binnan
hills, the sun fh.ine through it er th
su'idued splendor Tro-iE made a wr)-
eome sha'le about them, scret-n ng
eien tbe Manse from view. There
v a- stiilness in the air. bees droned
'hair way from flower to flower,
iv. In-aiily: throueh tbe st-:]-
ness came viJth ceaseless regulsirity
;he duil thud ol waxes iipon "be
■aLsui  do  the   wa\es say ft flay
"What e> ery thing says now; that
I am ihe happiest giri i* all cr eaten'  *sO***a. he is so good'"
;-  hie? Why do you think that'''
' 1 rJon't Uuak it—I feel it, I know
it. I see it in his face vshen I loo*- at
"1 ooks are no guide. Suppose 3
were to pran to you that he is not
She ga;.i'd at h.ia in astonishment,
and then laughed.
Vou are .letting, Vou say that to
tease me. of course I woulj Oot be-
lien | ou."
"It ia > ou who are jesting now i
Would my word go for nothing in
spite of all the :.«ars that you have
kao-ara ds?''
"3 can't thiah vvhat you mean."s>,e
said, "you panic me. I em not
clei'-r. Vou know that you are always vt.y nerj d.iar .Ic'hn, and of
course 3 DC* en ei ery word you say
—eicej't——e\ce: '. when you sp.-ak of
people that 3 know tetter than you
I ou thmk this man pserfect,
'N—ao   3 taaf*a      • ■   • .s     budu
but not ao       t      i I hate.-*
"Yosr Eanlts! "hat are tbey, I
a oi s;
John.   3   ani  n.o^t   frithtfu";.-
t ili-M'Mi' '   1   asjaoa    3   must   ttry   I-.r.les
tern •■■ ;:.j(h and if Cade had a
•:';•.*   1   iho  ,d  \ex  i.im   ttsci,      Vou
see. I am  sc. careless     and     stupid.
3 don t du at   thing Then   is
my  daaa   n    .'.-  .-i.i day  .-> h.- 1  — I
d n-  ie•' •      ~ the duidnen pro-
!*er;>.   the]   ne,-.-.-  an^ver     quest'ons
as  Kan-*  do'   11 •   I BM is ali  .-;*nt
;sssn*   ih-:;:,   ar.d   teiis.vg       them
stories.      I   am   ijuite    sure    that    if
•• arete not the .-uper nteadeat I
•no .d not    be a lowed  to ha%e    a
-    Th n  Ihs re  are   st -1 ante      I
I I ke-p eooouata, I ne er get
right As lor writ ng letten—
Kate generally ha? to te.l me what to
say' Oh. 1 am afraid. 1 am afraid
'.a-.,.', will t<e dreadfully disappointed w;_t-i, he comes to know n-e better."
"So these are your faults! You
nerer stole mor.e;.. I suppose, or told
lies,  or acted them."
Her face colored  crimson.
"John, I did act a he. 'ust the
other day. Il was the evening that
—that Gavin told me he loved me.
I was Staying with tlie Foresters,
you know, and Agnes and I si.ared
a room. And v.hen we went up
stairs I did so want a quiet time
to think—but she would koep talking, she would not be quite for a
minute, and I knew that instead of
if I -. •; lhe would talk half
the night through: so—I knelt down
and pretended, yes pretended, to say
rary prayers, and ail the while I was
repealing    to   tn'.s...' -   and   over
again what CSaria I to me."
"And that 6eems a g-'.-at crime to
"Ii was a dreadful thing to do. I
am ashamed wherever 1 ttink of it.
I have nol even told Gavin, yet."
"If you think that so dreadful,
what would you say of a man who
had stolerr money and let the blame
•    •   on another'*''
9ba looked at him with dilating
trying h*--r best lo fathom such
s of iniquity.
"I  don't know      for which  of the
poor things I  should feel sorry.    It
would be hateful,  ssf course, for   tbe
man     who    was    suspected:   but  it
would     be worse for thc man who
■tola the money—yes,  1  should pity
hinj more."
Then   what   would you say if    I
shewed you proofs that Mr.  Wishart
had done such a thing?"
•She laughed gleefully.
"I don't know what has come to
you, John! Why do you talk in
such a ridiculous fashion? Gavin
could not do anything like that: besides he is rich, he never needed
"But suppose I hod proofs here,
juat l■-.■••■. and could s;.<•••'•• them to
you? Think Mary, what you would
"Ah, you ore talking aa Kate does
when we have discussions: she says.
Tor ihe sake of argument, suppose
so and so bappen-d.' tio you mean
'Kor the sake of argument'?"
"Ye*, for the sake of argument:
think Mpry, I want you to think."
She hr.it ber brows, clasped hser
hand*;, tm! ca.-.*<J severely al tha
rom        i I  •'.. tiy she turned to   him
,,   -.        l;o*i
"Johr    may I ask you aomethmg?"
"A"-. ■ tling,   Mar-.  "
" '.. sh<- ears that you were away
from hor.-.e, did you never meet any
one Utui you liked, that you lend?"
"I  met many  that I liked;   none,
there., that 1 loved"
Khe made a despairing gesture.
•'The.n  1  don't   see how  1  am    to
make  you  understand!     H you  had
ever loved, you would know at once:
if ev-ar you do love.  John, you will
■'I will know what?"
"What I w-ant to try and tain yt>u.
Ton     say. Suppose Gavin iutd done
aoiaething    very    wrong  (which    of
ogaa-n he hmx not), what would    I
do?    John, if a woman adinirea    a ■
■MB. only, it may be for the sake of
the things he doses, or has done; but
■txhen she loves him.  it is not    for
what he did,  or does,  or ever    will
do—it is for himself.   It is not what
other people see in him,  or say    of
him,      that she loves—it is hi**s**self:
and if the whole world were to join
in  saying wicked  things about him.
she would not care.    It would mats
ao difference to her love!"
"But if proofs were brought?"
"Proofs!        You mean, writing on
paper, reports of what this and that
person    said?     You  might bring me
volumes   of   "proofs'  against Gavin,
and 3 would laugh at thiam!    1 have
thing that cannot be disproved.
1   believe.    I  fe-f-1.   I  know,   dow-n  in
my heart.     that he is good:  I love
him, that is enough for me."
"You are unreasonable, Mary.
Would nothing convince you? If every one held aloof from him, if he
were openly disgraced—would thet
make no difference? What would you
do then?"
She  looked  at  him with terror ln ;
ber eyes.
"Oh.    I   should      die!    Ko, no—1 j
would live to comfort him.    If oth- j
ers left him. I would cling closer; if |
Dtl tsi despised him. I would sjneour- !
age    him     by my  trust;  if he were
robbed   of  e\ery   other  love  in     the j
world, I would love him ten    times ,
more     dearly  than   before that    he ;
might never feel Lis loss."    She pa us- j
ed,  she leaned  toward him, clasping :
her    hands    on    his   arm.     "Think, I
John,  it  is your  own turn to  thick ]
now.    3f you loved a girt with your
■Thole  heart  and   soul,   and  believt-d
in her truth and goodness, and knew |
that sbe loved you—wonld any number      of    writttm    papers  and  crusjl
a*puudna   shake   your   i^ve?    Loan—
ah. if you had felt  it, yoa would un- j
deratand!     3   am   unreasonable,    you
say   i■-..-■ r.       -   - -;-.i.shl- to   do
with it ' Her ro ( - k low. "Ily
love for Gavin, John, ia—,s nie- It
lives with asy lift    it ia i noth
ing can change   it — aoU   ng!
He      sat     si le   despair
stranded hop     i   hia heart.
Fee!inc I - I g***rs r<-'a\ their pres-
BBtre on bis arm. he covered iter hai -
with one or his own, so as to keep
tbe dinging urusp still there. Look
at her. be dared not nee ofa silent,
he dured tot.
"Marv." be sajd hurriedly, "there
is a message 3 undertook to den veto you. froan sou..- one who died
lately. Alan Twine, hia nause wai-
do vou r-.:i>. mbet  him?"
"Ilea Twisa? No. John. Wh.
was he0"
' t ou must have met him two oi
thrs* years ago. In Class; • probably, a yoong fello.. . tall and
dari. He went abrsjad ic iii
"Oh. I think I do ret';ember: yes
I remember him siist.nct.y now, 1
used to meet h.m at Mr Ar,derson s
A messnge '.   r me.  you say?"
"He was wrongly accused of having stolen money. B* ~ -'*• yoa
had heard of it. He wanted yeu to
know  that he was innocent."
"I am very glid But I d.c not
hear of jt, I had forgotten bias, until you rsjminded me Why si: Id be
have ssant the message to me?"
"He remembered you. you s-.-e He
could not bear to have you think ill
of him: he—he loved you. Mary."
"Lovshj me?    Oh, no, you must  be
"I am  not  mistaken."
"It is aery strange," she sa.d.
He laughed   unsteadily.
"Very st range, that a
man should love you.
•very strange' "nd he—la not the
only o-e. I' —h started to h = feet.
throating as:oe her hands— 3 must
go Mary God keep >ou happy Thm
is go:»d-bye for the last time I shall
cot see you ai-a.n."
He turned a" ay from her Ha had
not taken a do-en steps i^'ore he
was arrested
"."■lay. John " sbe cried "nqdot n^--
ly. "1 want you I need vo- ah don't
go! What have I done, what ht-.e I
sa d' I*ear, dear, John, I ne'.er □ ear,t
to ve* you Vsht.t have I done?
What does   t :
He put bla ar I round her. and
bald bar te hfa heart: he Idesed ber
forehead passionately
It    Banana— I    a au »—
my da-, lj      • ■   *a d   ar.     eft ber
Isar-Kl    tarrlhed    Mar. and
| ad after h,.,;. ths-t *h burst into
■ •   ra
"Oh. m-' ibe sobbed "something
Is wrong • -.•   ' a - - ■      He
car.'t mean go-.d-bv '.:: ,.,-vayr,!
■u'. n. Gavin. 3 wiah you were
I'io tx.       BILBUai.]
Oil in leather makes cold mitts or gloves, bc«ause oil is a
"g(X>d conductor" of cold That's why Indian tanned bock*
skin is wanner than common oil tanned leathers.
But buckskin is porous, and lets in the wind and absorbs
wet Now "P-rno Shell" Cordovan is tanned without ci! or
minerals, and it is absolutely wind, water, boil, scorch tr.d
cold proof—it is tbe toughest glove and mitt leather tanned.
It can be had only in H.B.K. milts and glov-*s.
Will not crack or harden, always flexible, warm and dry.
h.b n:
Raid tr al' deaiera    See thia trad* mark      a xv
It yom duals?! hu M'.si got tisem stni* ut at. - ftetsd hia name.
Eto;t ;ii...* .m.-j ;*.*-  '• Pinto   SKell"   CardOTan bv
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
» tt Oecrr* Street. HontreaL     ia *tTtncess Strant, wlnlptg,
Makara of M'anu Ciotiiinj. WOm\ GJoTssa. Cndarweax. Sox. V.:•■■ ,iacr.. e:c     Id
Oa 1. t bl l.li I'.ii.
Me Mrmcin 1* lot. locg for ber
Wbo weara U   : ■ -•   I   ;   tstrw
•Tall bonnet or t.oti.* etytliU lur
Auu luir a Care&Met pea
—San francs. •
teUr be
las tlse Mvonllalsi.
"I lOTe you Bore than 1 i..
exclaimed paasiooatelT.    ^L^^^^^
"Weli," she inswered coyly, "'tbey
aay •ettona spesJi louder than words.■
—Soiuervilie Jourual.
I*ropf-rI?   A lip I led.
Tf.at "'are WHJ 1. . a eat"  it true.
11.  vi l.n.    •    i    ' . s- ,.        . i   |      mm
Tou as* ]    ii • ■•.      Hag thi a^jb
The .* ».".'» apes a «:.
Bla   '-■iprrlor.
"I»o ym believe la ibe equality of
tha m i-'-'r*
"Yi'i*. I s.V'. taut I woulsjti't like iny
w/e xo know   ,i"
Tbe    IishIbsbbi.bII,;.    Illirr.li.n.
M - '      ' , ■   -.   I j ine,
i tl old gaaae
Ar.d a nt il r-'
Bard    io    Rrali as-    tbe    DIBrailtT    Of
Kee-plne a  .Natural   Psm.
We nerer know bow active our Imaginations <--aD be till we let theni ant
or UB they get tbe berter of us fer
some reason. A major in tbs smsy
recently admitted that when be went
into action lor tbe first time ba was aa
sicired that he did Dot know which
way wis north, hot he bad an cv«-
wbelmicg desire to reach It wbererssr
it was. Yet after s;i or eight battles
and after t«eing wiyunded s c*ouple ef
timi-s, he refrarded battles very mnch
as people h-reatsout regriird the erenlng
fipLt at the ItfLanhattan end of tbe
tiriiipe, says the Brooklyn Easrle
Casies of wanting to run wben ballets
Cy are by ao means difficnit to tnd.
But a young soldier in Brooklyn con-
fesi-.es to a more queer eipserience. His
repment wag in catap and bad be*en
ordereKl out for dress {..arade, as usual.
Wben Uisf-d up for infT*ctlon. every
man as stiff as . rainrod and not a
white gloTa moving, tbis young man.
a lieutenant teg'sn to ask himself:
"Suppose I should slip, or anything, to
break tbe quiet'- Suppose I sboold
fall?" Tbe Idea of falling kept growing in bis mind tiii before the Inspection waa over and tbe regiment was
allowed to use its feet once mora be
(•ould hardly keep on h.i legs and was
ln a great sweat of agony from tlie
dread of rumbling over and making an
exhibition of himt»elf.
People wbo bave never tried it do Dot
realize bow hard It is to stand absolutely still and yet appear intwested
and at ease. Artists' models Fuc-ceed
at it especiaUy those in Italy, and will
hold a jxise Dot too diificult for an hour.
Actors, wben tbey group about the man
in tbe center of the stage, wbo is ess-
joying all tbe limelight—and bow tbey
hale them for it—are required to keep
still, so as not b Had - attention from
the grs-at m?n's s.iy.ia-rs ai.ii motions,
and l*s-*c£'..s- -..•;■ most group in sueh a
iv^y as- to form l i'.etu.-t- :.-jd keep it
till it <-i.u :•• realised by the eyei
boat i'v. thla -...'.■: oed atatnesqaty
- ; ard on the n ;..•>. Thej are
aoi naed is> it   When they are put nn-
• -        :;.   and   tvbin   ii>   B
must I    ..•', at the I-..- !:
■v.:......: a Dicing whflt   Brutus or Vir-
f    r s lue ■ ':   i'| roils pet —,'u
. . .-■ ..   :s s|     .....   Is ,t-  ,.;
Um j   i*.. • In ..    mull torture.
*     i I -; -.     .i •.. lio s •• ; i i,n i .
.    II :.s s il  ., t.i ■,.!,• Rolilu |i:.s L.i
..■■ ii-  ii i i ;• . ;,,,i over ' .i lil*i face
■ ■ ■ 'II     el    -   1 out by the tu ms
-, ■     it ol    i scene.
deep, one gallon: I   ■  ;•- sojoaretr"
82-5incbesdeep.o:ji-i.-  ,        •   :.t-slone
by S 2-5 Inch** wide an. -  ncbesdeej
one-half bushel; 3C inche!. ? juare aoj
& 2-5 inebsea deep. c«t •- bus!      '.4 IdcLs
wide. 23 1-5 inches long anj 10 Incha
deep, one and a naif baste.--; 24 iatia
. long by 10 lncb*?s wide sui 1' incbe
! deep, two and a half bushei-; 24 iacba
; long by IC Inche* w^Je and 2*i incbti
j deep, five bushels.
Rainwater  Good  If Ton  tike It
"When a man gets used -o drinki**!
1 rainwater." arid a New C:.> !.*..s c.l;u|
the Wasshington Post "there s aootii
water in tbe worid tbst taates h p
Most of the people ln  Kew OrieuJ
b*Te ciste-rna ln lAeir yards wbici i.til|
an abunfiant supply of water csn-j
from tha clouds, the purc.-t aad
ln the world, ac<\srding to m*** cotia
The winter rainfall alone is use!
summta- catch not being ieababet,
! is soniewbat srurious that  in :. r.i
i lstirudes the cistern  water £:■•?»
keep wJaelesome and sweet as .: dot
in our country.--
Ha-l TI* Time.
The Boye Father-Madam
ask if your daughter know* be w
a hous*—can cook, for exr.*i;
nurse tb« »ck, mend clothes ;
fact, is familiar with all tlie m;
uws details of domesticity J
The Girl'e Mother—C-"-rtain].T ;
Why. if she had learned ti:
things, ber education would ba'
A   lb a !>««-.
"Well," aaid Noah as be burted M
a dry spot on the top of Arari:. "a kl
of people came down to tbe r ■: :o jce.
ut wben we started, but 1 d •1 «•
any of them around to poke tan *l oo
borne coming."
Roe*   It   llnpprisrJ.
Jndsre—Iliw did you oome to rioM
this man so severely? H^^
Officer-Well, yer honor, he kept pari
fictly ght;.! an' wudti't dodge a sin;H|
crack Oi made at Uiui.
Ilalsir*   \s-mt   t;«*t   Sr.-tals-Ii.
"!'. .■►!  ss'.i-.-u    l bare
.:■■■■       ■       - ■ "* t ■• .     :   ■.... t nis'."
A       - ; .* aten :i' I   til . . :.I
_■ • Ri  ord, "and
I • -■    i Mn ir fo*
■ ■ - - 1.-...I slstcn
s ■       . ■ ■    s •  - -   ■ fore ii raunon
but    nsit    mi    wth   Ihs*   bub.*-.
Whether  it  ba  rough  s.r  amootli   ..t
I    bob]     ,»!.'.' ...->   :m   sv.s'i'.lit
■ may. |oUj ninl with the appe*
tne "i' a '   :-•     Do yon know the ex*
f this singular tact} lt Ik
as stntfAe as the .'. * ■ atranan. 1'
hies i • .:• t aeaaick ■ ->• I y are
asccustomed to the rocking of Ihe i
dle. 'J hai moaeu .:;t Is i i like Ibe
roc-kin** uf a ship. A b '. aboard ship.
U» r- '■ !<•  is merely In an itu-
aanally big mdle, ai 11 ere i- nothing
old to hin aUiut Ihe rocking for it is
what h- baa l*eei' ... tstouied to all
i. -  Ife."
I a>-:i.l-.    of   II.•!•■».
A l*o\ -i "I I.- • M|a ire nmi 4 l .'i
Inches deep will i rata ii one quart; B
Inches long by 4 Inchts witle and 4
inches des p, oik      I % 8 lucbi <
long I-'.  6 2 b im '; • - Wide n:.-! 4 i;
Tie who pvps. a tr.rle meanly is iueai>|
er than tha u.Ze.
loss    tlraisrhlrsc   Trera.
The advantages of low branchlnj
trs?es are that the fruit hangs so near
the ground lt Is not injured by ilreppln;
the ihick shading of the trees |.ri vi'Mi
the growih of grass and wivsls nriilcr
the branches, the trsVs nre not so HaMl
to be blown ovor or the litiihs isroken
by luii'sl wimla.
lllnnlssBlsnisB'a   Hoaara.
Blrmlngbam, England, ims uiivvnrd |
nf -iii.ikhi back to back bounea and 0.W"
court!  which  art* entered hy tunnel' I
from Iho sinvt.
Bark   Shlrta.
Shirts and huts tlmt nre never I"
nsinl of Iron ng arc «"rn hy tbe li
dlana of ths- Inivrlor of Bolivia. Tbey
«;i' made of tin* i-mk of a tree, wW*
i- soaked in wai r until tbe Dberlj
sorts'iisil aiul t: b.i beaten with itoaal
to make it pi .nie
A   Mnsilnr'a  Urinal.in.
One of t'e sis lu>i..iis ssf :i liiiintlc re
cenlly s.ut t.s nn aaylom al AraBji
Vlcttrla, was ibnl be waa being llUr*
sr.  .1   by   n   glio*t    9 .. . Is   bad  i"1111' n"
the w ... fr ui lhe b   ,ii,,. iiiiiuiitiilns. I" |
Ireland, to ha nut blm
*.!,-. ti..l is. Roaala.
The Russian m'.u strj <'f Bnanee "H*>
Dopollsn the alcohol Iml istry. nnJ
•ome klea ot ihi value of tbe """i"1'
maj lie gained by the f'u-t thai Ww
000.000 s-i'iks «ie ii.-i I nunually. ""^
third of which nrs' induced in l-'"v-,nl'
tiis'.it   WOI ..S
j-:\r.      r-.-»!-.•
We maKe Granby Rubbers and Overshoes out of
pure new rubber. Can as much be said of anv other make?
Granby RuM&ers
cost the maker more, but they cost the wearer less, for
one pair does tlie work of two pairs of ordinary rubben.
" Granby Rubbers wear like iron." The Drill.
„h,,t to do with yesterday's mut-
♦nn-eat  it yesterday.
L ,,s should be made the day be-
,o;e , i.ey are required-never the day
yor keeping the bed deliciously
i ,„ the summer months there is
nothing like sleeping on the sofa.
-|*o ii uke people feel at home—
<•'„-*,  ll'i'in nt their own houses.
T,,    prevent sunburn—Keep  in  the
S t*i,o best thin-? to do if you desire
huvo soft,  white hands-—Nothing.
nurlnK tha year the space devoted
l0 ,,i,,..-Using MINARD'S LINI-
m*-,*\T will contain expressions of no
I,,,,',., tain   sound    from    people who
from personal experience as
t0 tin- merits of this best of Houue-
hulii Remedies.
■II,.,. ims been a fire at the Am-
Bteiiliiin Zoological gardens, lt is
eui,| io hnve been cause-.! by a ciins
|Ma smoker who threw away an un-
exiln uished match, Which lighted
tin' mpir. 	
You iisiitii'l bt 1ib|b|bv while you have
,„ ai- Then d" not delay in Ratting a
snttlsi "I IIsiIIsiwu.v'h Corn Cure. Il rs_-
uiovs-f isll kimlH of corns without pain.
Falluit. with It ia unknown.
Some women grow weary trying to
look young, but they do not tire
thf-niselves hall as much as they tire
Hlnard's Liniment is the best.
Like ilnccn Victoria, Queen Alex-
andra luis tombstones erected over
ths- craves of her pet dogs. At Saud-
rin«hniii are the graves of two .logs.
a Siberian and a St. Bernaul, and
on ihe sitini's are Inscrllmd thsir
naini's, ihe li'ngth of time they were
luiixl ly Queen Alexandra, nnd the
Ian s o! their deaths.
rtitl in
the w
yet i •
III   lis
ths* f*l
\ i if ns might be happy if we
st suffer from disorders of the
Then we ought to use Pr.
t Koenig's Hamburg Props,
cure the disorders and bring
hole system to a healthy con-
nre weak creatures nt best.
. weakest of them is capable
swing a strong mnn over with
•nti'St sif ease.
Beware if Ointments for Catarrh
that (Contain Mercury
ns mercury will Hurcly destroy the sense
nl Unell and completely derange the
nhisli. fsyitem when enterlne it through
th.. iiiuroui mirfssci-s. Such articles ahoislit
h-ia In- usesl exs-ept on preacriptlona
tr.na r.-iiutalile phvKlrlnim. ism ths* ilisni-
h •.. lliey will ito lis ti-ii-fiiltl tn the BHi.*il
you nm pOKsllily derive from thi-in
Mull's Catarrh Cure, iisanufis-i-1ur«*<l liy F
.1 Ctss'ney A Co , Tssledo. 0., contisins
ms mercury, ansl Ih taken internally, acting directly upon the lilnml nnd mucoua
aurfarpa of ths. lyatem, In buying Hail's
Catarrh Curs* bs) mra you pet the Mnn-
Ini- it la token lntarnally, ssnsi masle in
Toledo. O, by F. J. Chs*iis*y & Co Testimonial! frsje.
soiii by dniKciHts    Prlca, 75c par hot-
Ilall'a  Family  I'illa are thc boat
Thsnigh  the  wind   is  invisible    tit.'
Htiine cannot lie suid of a sight draft
Horses nre like eggs. It is ini'ios-
alhle to tell what's In them until
tht-y nre broken.
In his Vegetable I'illa. Dr. Parmelee
has clven io the world tbi> tnills s.f Innu
scientific  reeearch  in   the  whole  reulm  ol
iii'*'h..il s. li»ni... i....i11.1ii.-.l with new and
laltiatile rii-srovs-ii.'*. never lss»fore known
lis unsn l-'or Melinite ansl sls'liilitnts-sl
l'ot-s.1 nut ioiia l*arinB-l*'e's 1'ills act like a
ihiitm Taken In small slnss's, tho efteci
iss Imtli a tonis- ansl a atlniulant. mildly
exciting ths- secrctisins of the body, glv-
nii*   tisns-  and   vigor.
Whan soma men givo a dollar to
charitj they mnnnge to gt*t two dollars' worth of lattsfactlon from the
contemplation  of  their  generosity.
Ulnar.'. Unlmcnt for Kbenmatisa.
I   Tin'    more you    pelt   a tnnnor tht
t"'ttB-r hs- Reemfl to like it.
I Ask ii conceited man a question
[and It will never sny, "I don't
iknovt, "
\n  Upright   life is n stife one  Under
tiy  system  of  religion.
I'wti good listeners may be friends,
liui two good talkers—-never .
All sorts of useless things nre to
he found in the upper Stories of men
and old houses.
The   mirror    isn't   a   wise-looking
I'lei I  furniture,   yet   it.  dsies  a  lot
"f reflecting,
Tho man who is trying to Is'atl u
loubio nro is generally n ninn who
'nn't live one decently.
Tass-Utali   Ilarrma.
In every harem of nny pretensions In
Turkey there nre French, English and
Qersaan governesses. In Constantino
Plo llieru Is n great high school called
*■■•■" "'Into to Knowledge," where Turk*
■Sh girls are being trained as teachers,
Licorice Hoot   lis*.I«.
't Is Rtnted that large beds of licorice
Mot exiHtB in an unimproved condition
1,1 the northern Ciiucuhus region, uear
tne shore of the Black sea.
lloi.   I ss   Inslln,
('i"ly ten boys I n Itunilred n-celva
""J' etlucntlon ni    it in Imlia,
What to Do When Baby   la Fretful esse-
It is wrong to tnke up u wakeful
baby from the craiilo and walk it up
and down the floor all night, lt demoralizes tho infunt and enslaves the
parents. Baby does not cry for the
fun of the thing; it cries because it is
nnt well—generally because its stomach is sour, its little bowels congested, its skin hot und feverish. Relieve it and it will sleep all night,
every night growing stronger in proportion, .lust what mothers need is
told in a letts-r from Mrs. K. J,
Flanders, Marbloton, Que., who snys:
" I ennnot suy too much in favor of
Baby's Own Tablets. They have
worked like a rhurm with my baby,
who was very restless at night, but
Baby's Own Tablets soon brought
quint sleep and rest. I shall never be
without a box while I have a baby."
Baby's Own Tablets cure all minor
ailments of little ones, ancl are giiiu-
anleeil to contain no opiate or harmful drug. They arc sold at 25 cenls
n box liy all dealers, or you can get
them by mall, post paid, by writing
direct to the Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont., or Schenectady,   NY.
When a man's collar gets unbuttoned in church nntl begins to climb
up the back of his neck he might ns
well got up and go out; the sermon
will not do him much good.
Minard's Liniment Cures Lafinppe.
Luck is n combination <>f an opportunity,  and tiie mnn.
Help vour children tss grow strong and
robust by counteracting anything thnt
ratiHi'!. ill-heath. One irroat cause if disease In children is worms. Remove them
with Mother ("raves' Worm Exterminator.    I'   never fails.
A i 11 ii ri with a lot  of money should
be satisfied with his lot.
Some people experience but little
sillllc.ulty In making fools of themselves.
I'NFtjr.M.I.F.H — Mr. Thos. Brunt, Tv-
i'nilitiit|!ii. (Int.. writes :—" I have trs
thank vou for reromnienilini'- Dr Thomas'
I'l-l.-sttis- nil for hleeilitiL'- piles. 1 wus
trout.lei] with them lor nearly fifteen
years and tried almost everything 1
i'otitfl hear or think sif. I have now hern
free from the distressing complaint for
pearly eighteen months. I hope vou will
continue  to   recommend it."
If ths, average woman knew whnt
her neighbors sny of her she woultl
probably talk about tbem worse than
If n mini always pays cash be is
entitled to a lot more credit than he
sver gets.
The easier it is for a man to run
into debt the harder it is for him tn
get ahead.
A   laz>   mnn   is    always     trying  to
work oilier people-
In washing woollens nnd flannels,
Lever's Dry Span ta powder) will be
found  very satisfactory
Naturally the man who lends a
crooked life is unable to keep both
fs*B'i in the struiulit and narrow
A mule Imagines he hns n musical
voice—nnd n good mnny people soeui
to be built on the same iiiisirkci,
Happlneeslsthetbienceof pain, andmll-
Hotsa navs been mad* happy thmueh being
cured by St JasCom On.of RHEUMATISM.
SPRAINS. BRUISES and all palni for which
an external ramedy can be applied. It nevtr
falls to cur*. Thousands who have beende-
clared Insurable at bath) and In hospitals hav*
thrown away their crutcher belnc cured altar
ustnt St. JacoasOiL. Directions In alavan
languages accompany ever/ bottle.
ri -wa mat — -...--- .-..j
A Common
Bred Cow
When toned up br
Dick's Blood Pun
tier   will  give  as
mnch and as rich
milk, as a highly
bred aristocratic
Jersey cow-fives
upon or*
feed, and
» Jersay
cow when
will wondarfully increase har }MA
of milk. It safes feed too, because
a smaller amount of well dlgeated
(ood satisfies the demands of tha
system and every particle of amu-
aaehment sticks.
60 cents a package.
LMmlag. Mile**) ft Co., Afatsta,
("nniiilled from The  Commercial!
Manitoba wheat hus been dull but
firm this week, und prices huvo only
declined ic to Jc on the week us
aiiainxt lsj to 2c decline in United
Stataa markutB. There ls a steady
deiiiund for wheat, both for n»arby
an-1 future delivery, and lt Is only
restricted by the unwillingness of
holdeis to let go of more than they
ure doing. At the close of business
last week prices were : No. 1 hard,
70c; 1 northern, 68c; 2 northern,67c;
8 northern, 65c. For February delivery: i bard, 70jc; i northern, 68j;
2 northern, 674c; :» northern, 65Jc;
ami for .Muy delivery; 1 hard, 7-1 -Jc;
1 northern, 72'c; 2 northern, 70"*o ;
and :i northern, 88Jc, all in store,
Port William, Port Arthur or Duluth-
!• LOUR— Demand is active and
prices steady. Best Hungarian Patent is worth S2 per sack of 98 tlis.,
delivered to lhe trade; (.lenora p.at-
I'tii. 6*1.85; strong bakers, SI.55; and
XXXN at ."'1.25.
• Mll.l.l'FKl)—Ibun is quoted at Sir.
per Inn in sucks, arid shorts at $l1
per ton.
OATS—Tlie price isf suits keeps
high notwithstanding the current be-
lii'f that stocks in farmers' hands are
very large, Car shortage Is the
principal reason given for continued
IukIi prices, und no doubt this has a
(-.nntl deal io tlss with it. ir transportation were easy to obtain distribution would be free nntl prices
lower. While there is u gootl demand
for mils thore is also u lnrge supply,
ninl nn outside market will have to
be lisuntl for some of these. This will
probably be forthcoming, us already
somo inquiries have been received
from foreign ports and ut least one
largo order placed., Nsi. 2 white
oats are worth 284c per bushel at
Fort William. On truck nt Winnipeg
this grade is worth 27 to 28 cents
psr bushel, and about 25c is the
price  for  feed   white. At  country
points farmers are getting 20c per
bushel nt central points.
HAIUJ'.Y— The market bus declined
us lucnl brewers huve ubout ull the
barley they want nt present. The
best price they offer today is 28c for
Nsi. ;i extra in carlots on trnck. Feed
barley is worth 25 to 26c.
FLAXSEED—Market nominal.
SPELTZ—The market holds steady
at 80c per bushel of 50 pounds, delivered   in   Winnipeg.
HAY—Dealers are paying   $6    to
Sii.5o per ton  fsir carlsits on  track
POTATOES—85c per bushel.
BUTTER — t.'reaniery— Creameries
are asking 26c per pouml from city
customers  for choice  makes.
DUTTER— Dairy— Very little buttei
is coming in und the market is quiet
at unchanged prices. Dealers an*
paying 21c per pound net at Winnipeg for dairy separator butter In
Pricks, and 14 to 17c net for choice
tub butter.
CHEESE—The price is Hrnier at
II! to 18flc per pound.
EGOS—Eggs are scurce und hnve
advanced to 22c per dozen, net, in
Winnipeg,   subject   to  candling.
offering in a wholesale way 10c per
pound f'.r chickens, dressed; 'JJc to
10c for ducks and geese, and 15c for
DRESSED MEATS — Beef, city
dressed, 6 to 64c per pound; country
Stork, sjc uniler these figures; mutton,
8 t". 96;  lamb,  11 s)c; hogs,  7c.
H. DES—Country frown hides are
htinging from 6c to 61c per pound,
delivered at Winnipeg, less 5 pounds
ta:e.  sheep pelts,  50 to 6»)c.
\\i'Ol.—Maikct nominal.
SENECA ROOT—Last purchases
were made at 58c per pound for clean
dry root, delivered at Winnipeg.
CATTLE—The market is quiet.
F'tsist steers are worth 4c; butchers'
iBiiimary, lisjc, and from that down
to 24c, according to quality. There
is  nothing  doing  in Stocker cattle.
SllEEP— Worth !'4c per pound ort
cars here.    Lambs, 4"; to 4Jc.
HOG S—The market is unchanged
at 6c per pound for hogs weighing
from 100 to 200 pounds. Heavies
and lights are worth 4 to lc less.
MILCH COWS—There are very few
milkers to be had, and prices mv
firm at |80 to $15 each, fsir such us
are tsi be had, according tsi quality
HORSES—Tbere Is a good demand
HORSES—Trade is now confined to
a limited demand for general purpose
horaos, tor which prices still rule
high. Good teams of work horses
ai" worth 1800 to |400, according
to weight and quality,
A man's shadow is likt* most of his
friends,   it. only stocks    to    him In
Men admire clever women mute
thnn handsome ones, because they
are scatcer.
lt   in  ibIisiok*.   -ih  burn   to  keep  n  friend
as  it is   to  lost, nn eisissny.
The Dnbble  Hepntatloa.
The Governor—Colonel, don't you
know Judge DiunU? Shake bunds with
The Colonel- Ah, you are Judge
Blank of Blunkvllle?
The Judge-Yes; Blankville Is my
The Colonel—Of course I know you
by reputation tben.
The Governor—Colonel, don't you
know lt always makes me feel nilgbty
uiieoiui'u'tuble when u mnu snys tb«t
about me—that he knows nie by reputation?
The Colonel-How ls that, governor?
Why should lt make you feel uncomfortable?
The Governor—Because, by jingo, I
always wonder which reputation he
Wonderful    Cures     By    Dodd's
Kidney   Pills  Causing
Much Talk.
Uiibbbc Jnas jils Mtllette, of Bt. Roiatro.
Irlla ssf Her Patna, and How Kssally
She Got Kid of Thein.
St. Kosaire, D'Arthabasca, Que.,
Jan. 5.—(Special)—Among tlie people
of this neighborhood there haa been
much talk of late of the numerous
cures resulting from the use of Dodd's
Kidney Pills. Such diseases as Rheumatism, Backache, Heart Disease
and even Catarrh have yielded readily to this wonderful remedy, and
people are fast learning how important it is that the Kidneys should be
kept In shape lo perform their duty
of removing impurities from the
One of those who speak out often
and earnestly for the good thut
Dodd's Kidney Pills have done is
good Dame Joseph Milette, She suf-
fets'tl from Kidney Complaint and Catarrh ami is now completely cured
lt is not to be wondered at that she
sp.*iiks  ns follows :
"1 suffered tnucii from malady of
the Kidneys. It settled in the loins
and gave me great pain and discomfort. I took two boxes ot Dodd's
Kidney Pills and am perfectly well.
Dodd's Kidney Pills are a grand
remedy [*or me. 1 give Dodd's Kidney Pills my certilicate from a big
Many others, once suffererd but now
in good health, unite with Dame
Joseph Milette in singing the praises
of Dodd's Kidney Pills. They have
proved conclusively that no disease
arii-tlng from diseased kidneys can
stain!   before them.
No man is a good talker unless ho
is able to shut up when he has saitl
ttioard'f Liniment Is best Hair Restorer
When tbe heroine drops her eyer-
the novelist always forgets to havs
her pick them up.
Savers coMh art* easily curesl tiy tht
u^i- ni Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup
a medicine of extraordinary penetratinti
ssnil neaitna propertis**. It is acknowledged l>v those who hnve uss-il it ns he
Ing ths- best medicine ssiltl for cougha
colds, Inflammation of the lungs, and sil
affections of the throat sind chest. iti
nrrei'iil.leness to the tssste mnkes it n fa
viii-iti.  with  the luiiies untl  children
Ask the devil to dine with you
tines' nnsi you can count on him as 11
regular boarder.
Womnn may never break into parliament, but she will continue to be
si e.iker of the house just the same.
Pnt    yourself    lis    the    Olher    tln-'i
rissi-r niisl AJomxrer,
The great tusk of sound ethics is to
stimulate the social Imagination. We
must be continually prodding our senst
of siBcia1 consequence to keep it with
awake. We must be asking ourselves
at each point nf contact with the lives
of others such pointed questions ns
How would you like to be the tailor
• ir washerwoman whose bill you bave
neglected to pay?
How would you like to be the ens
toiniT to whom ynu are selling these
adulterated or Inferior goods?
How would you like to be the In
vestor in this stock company which you
are promoting with water?
How would you like to be the employ
er whose time and tools and material
you nre wasting at every chance you
get to loaf anil shirk nud neglect the
slutii'S you are pnisl tsi perform?
How would yon like to be the clerk
or saleswoman In the store where you
are reaping extra dividends by impos
ing harder conditions than the state of
trade and the market compel you to
How would you like to be the stoker
or weaver or mechanic on the wages
you pay and the conditions of labor
you impose?
Uow would you like to be the business rival whom ymi deprive of his little all by using your greater wealth lu
temporary cutthroal competition?—
William De Wilt Hyde iu Atlantic,
Attention of unwonted uind
The Bible tn'W 11 Ct Ivi...
It is- is splendid thing, w< 111*4,
For pressim; titiinti.it liiiv.s.
Ardennes   l*sssis*lser».
Poachers in tlie Ardennes nre Ingenious. Oue had the heels of bis boots
tired under his toes, so that bis tracks
appeared to be going In an opposite di-
rection. Hares and other game ure sent
to Brussels In firkins of butts-r. so that
the scent shnlljiot be*niy them.
An Object lieason.
A French reformer delivered a lecture at Lyons against corsets and lacing, lu course of the lecture n woman
fainted. It proved to be the lecturer's
wife, who wore a corset and was too
tightly laced.
Ragged clothes quickly—
that's what common soaps
with "premiums" cost; but
Aak fer the OrUcou lur *h>
ASK    -r-o-CT
Ogilvie   Oats
Delicious flavor.     Free trom hulls.     Warranted Pure.
Put up In all alzed packages.
Ogilvie's      Hungarian
As now manufactured, the great Family Flour.
Insist on getting " OGILVIE'S," as they are batter than tha best.
&#£, **& rmJk h* A> fiU
jg^gt USE EDDY'S
It la very nssicb atroisa<*s- nmi sills k, r thssss any other (tair.sl or bulldlnal
papnr. It la Impervlnssa to wind, ko.pa osit OOld, l>s*s-pa lis ln-sit, rarrlea no amell
or odor, stbaorba nss ssiol.lui s-. lmpnrta no Uaate or flavor to anything with
which It cornea lu I'siulat. lt la largsily naesl not ossly for ahes'tlni; Isoaaea, but
for lining oold   atoraES*   luIlillisKa,   refrlgcratora,   slalrli-a,   crrainerls-i,   and  all
filacea wnere the olsject la to keep an ..v.n   and   uniform  temperature,  and  at
he game time avoiding -lampneea.
Write our Agehta, TEES A PEK8SK, "sTlnnlpeg, for tascplee.
TfrlsTE aC. B. EDDV OO., t-lmltod, t-HIJ-'UL..
'i».   \
Housekeepers must find it difficult lo decide which PACliAGE
TEA is the best-there aresomajiii.
* * ilf you t$j^'&;- *
ll will settle all doubts
ftrrow l-uko,
■icaated mldat arenerjr aarlvalled ■*•
gran si <s sir. The ms.at complete health ie*>
aert oo the eontluent of North Am aria*.
IU hatha cure all   Nervooa  aad
lar sllaiaaea.   IU watera heal  all   AiSmmtt
Liver and Stomach atliueiiU.
They are a never-falling remedy foe   ah
-.s*.h*.umatlc troubloa
Tkl.M |19 to 111 per week,  eeamaVm*
«o reaideoc* lu Hotel or Villa*.
Advlaea after you enjoy your Chrlitmas
Turkey, continue the pleaaure by etnok
ing a
No other haa that  peculiar aweet flavos
Unnufactured by
oeo. F".  s-u.-»"***-arsii  a. 00
Ths' (iwi'ni't* inun is goiiei'OUB to a
ftiuit—if it happen* to ba one of his
own: uml be treats it so ws'li it stays
with him.
it is all well   enough to fudge   a
tailor by Iiis clothes.
Down Sick with a Cold
If we could only convince yon how eaally
you could cure a cough or a cold by ualng
Cray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
thrrr wnuld he lcssa pneumonia and enn-
lamptlOB. II will cure your sold aa quickly aa you cntight it.
AU IiriiD-giflta 35 centa.
The French government is lo plow
a fini'oM liftivn hundred mllna long
a"ross the North Afrloan dernri from
Tunis ui 1 .issIm* Tchad nnd Iny a cable
in It, li.'tii to be done al one operation. The plow, drawn by »li engine
ami nil!*, ini*; n mils* nn hour, will
open n furrow thirty Inchee si.'.'|i and
lay the cable in the bottom.
A Veterinary Conditioner.
Winnipeg, March 5,  1903
\V. (;   Doaglaa, Baq,
Pear  Sir—Thia  iss  Is.  cerlify  that   I   s-x-
.inun.-<l \v Q, Dou&l&e' formula '«** the
Condition Powder, "Carnafac," ssbhI think
it   s-xi's-lss   »ny   fsiod   evs*r   put   bofora   the
public  fur  purifying  tlu-  iiissmi  and   fat-
leiiiiist |>urpo*it*H.—Yours, OEO. P, MUII-
UAY.   VS.
You enn Obtain  it trom your stealer
Brain and Commlaalon Merehante.
If ll(*Bf*at prl.-."s paid for wheat, oasa. har-
loy or rial In rarlxta. Wire or wrlu aae
for prl.-i<a belore a.-llsng. Llberatl advan*
•■aa mada on roualgsBiuenta and handle*!
on cniiiiiiUali.il.    Lls-enas-d and Bonded.
P. O. It..a 950, Winnipeg, Man.
The siBialtty aiai'slnrd irom Oceaa t*
Oman. Vuur amm bash If not aaa
lafai-tory. • • • •
KOREA I.Asri.AMMF.. Ai/ta.. MONTB** «
and ran he cared at
IM Oiborne Bt., Winnipeg     Estahliahed 1110.
Over WO.llOO onr*a.   Ilon't he deceived   If yo«
want a cure    Take  The K*eli*y   where  yot
are treated hy a qusslifisvd phiilclan.   Cortae
pondenre atrlotl; private
WANTED- ""rash, well made. Also am of the
.Lar 1.11 mn. If none uow, take astflrew and
ship later. We *-hiu lir.-n.l froieu, m> thus it
cute and eati lis.-' new ...■• -1**-
Wlnnlpog Co-Opcrutlvo Society.
The Oakery.   Cor. Elgin and Nona St.,
Winnipeg.  '"''■ -aponsjsjneMoliel***d.
Tin* average wife dlallkea lo a.k
her l" s'lnnil for money almosl one-
tei 1 li 11*   luul us he dlsllken 111 hate
hei   lin   it.
11 is easier to brag of one's future
Minn   il   is   tO   boaflt   of  nni''s   past,
When    you meet a   worthless man
it's doughnuts to fudge he enn tall
Jibii  i\  sure cure  fssr COIflS.
\J.    No.   AIO. Till*. DRILL. SLOCAN, B. C, JANUARY 16. 1903.
C. E. i-MKiurw-'-iALE. Editor aad Prop.
IB 9\ KT..1HBI) kVKRY  rklCAV AT
•BLOCAN,      -      .       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advei-nitinc 10 cent* a line for
-tha firtt ineeriion andi caoU a line each
enboaquaul insertion.
Geritracates oi Improvement, $7 each.
Traaaian'. advertisement* at same rates
aa Wgal advertising.
Locale will ba charged 10 cente a line
a/or each insertion.
Commercial Katea made knowQ upon
The PubBfcription is |2 per year, st-ict-
ly in advance; »2."*0 a year ii uot so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan. B. C.
A pencil mark in Ilie space
apposite will be an iadica-
tion to yeu that ye editor
cenaislera there is sometb ing
coram j to hitn on yoursuW-
ac/ipuon. KiiuaW acknowledge   ia cash and oblige.
E-elTOHIAL   CKorni-xua.
Sls3f*an unanimously and t-uiphati-
of --ine is stiff.   Many of the Gobrndo 5S^S0'^a_^^a^a_^^sW&
•shippiiit* their product  to a,*
It fs-oes bv rail to Galveston  Kj
j iiiiness are
„., ,      ,        ..    „. | Belj-ium.   itsjoe.,
Old papers for sale at this ofhee.        and is there  tniusfeired to st»*amers.   &
Torn Blench left  last wct*k for the The rate for the entire distance is $1 Jg
,-,«,*,. per ton. while the rate from ths* Slr*can  RS
to Belfriuui is ?16. The only mines of j jo*
the district that are now shipping zinc uV
ores are thr* Payne and B-osun. They VJ
are iind'-r contract with the Iola smel- [ a ■
ter. To these may lie added the Ivan-1 ^
hoe, which lately made a contract to «**•
ship to Kansas, too. | |j«*
The coal famine in town has not been
Bob Cooper is rusticating in Seattle
for the winter.
Silverton held a successful carnival
last Saturday.
Sandon couucil has a balance on
hand of S24S.50.
Sidney Norman returned from Spokane on Tuesday.
The municipal voters' list of Sandon
numbers but 46 names.
Archie Eaton and Jack Aitchison
hnve gone to the Boundary.
Frank Pyman. of New Denver, visited the city on Wednesday.
Austin Carey.formerly of tiii-' place,
died in Seattle ou the 3rd inst.
The Interior Press A^ociation will
meet at Nelson on Sunday next.
Born. In Slocan. on January 6. the
wife of R. E. Allen, of H taught" r.
Market reports u fleet ini: the price
of silver are now received here daily.
The wreck of the old lilavk-mith
shop, on Delaney ave. has been pulled
Ml MM.    HI soil IS*..
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local regi"
try office, H. P. Christie being mining
Jan 5—Quien sal*.
Jan S—Toit Hope.Slog Ten.Eschonge
Silver fiatc
m kxarnas.
Jan S—Silver Star, M >.s»r.sn to Geo
Bulk .
7—?lo<*ar. I'rii re ansl Black Prince fr,
L*o Doiion mui Frank Sherry tO-Roht A
l'.ra iai.au. mortgaga on ■ . in each claim
fur t-HX).
rofit if ns?«-B"*.'*.-Bry to business
s ■ tinuaiice. that L- obiiuu.*..
Hut a firm that maki** profit lis.
Unsafe sod aimed at tooadU-
c.st-T- its mistake. Quality to
m) niind is primarily e-stentda)
With ms* i'rs.fiI ia tho liarrs.a io-
t...-;.*. *iii..is i- always .-tib.irsti-
nat»*(l t.i It. This i- ths saffctl
IMiiiej both (or jou iin'i for we.
Th? RT«*at.-st eoooncaeeBcni I
rs-cpive is thai my euatomen nl-
ways seek quality first. Tl.ey
know and ris'illy, tlial inn.do
inst ths*ir profit will ba more r*.*>.l
ir*   aa llai    >.
V In Bronze
V... arc -towing V.-.*.*-. Is
ilsilabris. Minors,Call Ve,
lai St Data,  Flower Btfll
Lampa.Plaao Lami*a.Pii I
I.-i ...
The api-ointment of H. D. C'lrtii* as
cally endorses the resolutions adopted  poU« magistrate for tliis city has Ixen ! ReV. WllllJini SlIBOHS, P?.Sl0r.
recently by the silver-lead miiieow-uei***  StmAmtu.
The shingle mill has beon roofed in
and the inside fixings are bing attended to.
Robt. Madden, who is in the hotel
business at Trout Lake, spent Sunday
in Slocan.
at Sandon, and the hope is general
and sincere that success may attend
the efforts of the delegation now at
Ottawa for the purpose of obtaining
government assistance towards the
relief of the mining industry.
The authoritative statements of J.
Frank Collom. managing director of
the Arlington and Speculator mines,
published in another column, should
go a long ways towards strengthening
confidence in the camp. The successful treatment of low grade ores on au
economical and profitable basis is the
one factor required to give lasting
prosperity to the dry ore belt. Development has proven the ore bodies aud
now local treatment of them will -permit of drvideuds lieing wisn. Claim
holders will rejoice at every success
achieved bv the Arlington.
The Fisher Maiden is the only shipper so far this year from the upper
end of the lake.
Silverton could not rustle a hockey
t<?ani. consequent I v there was no
match here Iriday.
A Bcourt of revision for the Slocau
assessment district will be held at
Kaslo on the 23rd inst.
C. W. Graham came over from
Phoenix Tuesday, to vie'.v the wreck
of his old blacksmith shop.
W. E. Boie has purchased tbe cottage of Wm. Harris and will take up
his permanent residence here.
The hockey Ixiys gave a pleasant
dance Friday eventa""** They had a
o*ood crowd and all put in a jolly
A sleigh load of the members of the
Methodist  church  *-tirpri**ed  (jr*»rge
i Payne and wife at their reach, Friday
i evening.
Fir.* laat Thursday did Sl-Vr.) dam*
Sunday, st 11 a.m. anil 7.30 p.m.
Sabliath School at 2.30 p.m.
I'rayer Meeting. Wedneaday, 7.30 p.m.
n. jt
■ " an-! iS('!itl»'niB*!Bs  Da
Tli**y are ls»«uti«s.
nn, ( ompiim', k.,M»],      SS M
».-r Plate that «,.|,r-        ?', M
ll..wls,T.,a War.-.ltB.Ulii'. M
and j,
Kiiivi-«,  Fssrks. S|>bm„,.  ,.,. K
ars. enarantaad b>- i,. »%
ninl tbem tsi l»- iii,-1,.. -
is made in plats*.
Th,- M.Ti.ls-i, Britanniii i'„ KS
or over 30 rears of conl i »%
1 manu'acturiog, hm,- n    , ». >.n
roi ail nt ion  in  ihi-
noiii* r.sii touch, t'otiw
ss*» wnie of their lais. j
•SS. *.»
■ <-riran    Cut    Hi's
t aa I ''r-isji s.
. .s.s'.'i..*. i i<>.». an i
i( s-vsirj ds leriptloo.
' t
is a
Engraving not exceeding three letters will be done free of charge.       Mail K
and express orders will receive prompt attention, H
Jacob Dover, the Jeweler,
Strangers ansl yonng man
are rordiullv invitcsl.   .   .
Orsillim &z Johnson.' MUl il IiPIHll J. I. MCGRBGOR. a
Provincial Secretary's Office.
I Slocan,
B. C
Hjuinri Fractional Ulaeral Claim.
situsto in the Slocan  City Mining Division of the West Kooleniy l*istrii't.
Where   located:—In   the Arlington   si/n'AN,
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. C.
Last yrrar the Canadiiin Pacific.
Grand Trunk, and Intercolonial railway? earned the huge sum of §75.1575.-
Hl*2, an amount nevs-r liefore equalled
in Canada.   The C.P.R. earned SW.-
534,000, the G.T.K. 83O.IMU70, and i ^ t() th(. (;ran|,v poWt.r hotiss-at
the Intercolonial the telance. On the Grand Forks. Tin* smelter had a
C.P.R. the increase over the previous narrow escape.
year was S5.5*sil.0iKI. and ou the G.T. The watch and chain advertised as
R. Sl,Oi2,419. What a bonanza the lost last week were duly found and
people have thrown awa v.   And still  reston*d to their owner.   It  pa
advertise in The Drill.
HIS  HONOt'R the  Lii*iitpnniit-f'i>r'-mor  in
Council ha- bivn pl.-a-ed to uiak» the tbl-
l.nsing appointment:—
likh Deccnslser, I90C
HaaBXBT Divm Coana, of tlie City ssf Slsxnn
Kss|iiirr. J.P.. to lse Police Masti-lrate anil Sliii*-
i-triste under tlie "Small  Deb'.-, Act." in and fssr
the said city.
AlPY IrACXi^rQ        Tako notice that I..I..MMcGrefpir
rilVA*      IVUSVl J a  acting  aa  a-jent for Tho*. ToVm. F.M
%*-' |C. So.   059727, and  II. Cameron, fn
the railways are not satisfied, hut an
after more bonuses. The poor, languishing C.P.R.. in order to cover expenses this year, are cutting off the
free passes formerly issus-d paraona
and editors; also raising their freight
rates. Canadians are lucky they are
allowed to live.
Mrs. Bentley and young daughter
and Miss Wooda left for the coast sin
Wosltii-day. the former having lx-'-n
in poor bealtb for some time.
Harry Matheson. of the Frank Sentinel, fiirmi'dy of Silverton, was imr-
ried in Spokane last week to Mrs. E.
L. Bnidisliaw, of Rathdruni, Idaho.
Eil Hah*y left  on  Monday to visit
A new redistribution bill for  the his old horrie in  Balvenie, county of
Dominion house has been formulated  Kenfrew. Out., which he has not -seen
Furnishings ^>
^^ISlocan Citr ttiners' Dmbb;
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocnn,  B. C.
General Packing and For*
warding attended to at ihe
shortcut Notice.
Saddle and Puck III rsrifer
hire at reasonable i.itss.
1 11111.ei's cert ti'.iu* Nn. P.69795, intei
j sixty daya frnm (liedate hereof, to api
j to »he Milling Rr<*0sds*r fur a certifltii
I of improvpini nn*, for the pnrvote <»t s
j taininu   a crown   grant  lur   the   nU'i
And farther   take  not b*c  llii t a.'t
uniler netiioii  ii", mint   be ihi. men
Iscisirs? the isaoanco of inch cert tioatc
Dated this 171!. davof No-s-wnl»-*r,ll
21-1102 J. II. MctiREii"
Certificate if Iuirrcvements.
Ot -Ont"" paj-fj for thrv« tr< nthi' rcrir)•* -• ,,
*•» K*t ti member i^ceives tbeotScitUclihgrf^n
tre 1*7 montb^incladinf 6 pieces t-tf bijb-cl-aaa \*x*l
and iftitrumeoul Dew miuio «*ch mocth. 19
pieces io st-U; txl»o a iVrtiruate of Mix'*' ■ ;■
v* :.i. h ci-re* th« prtTtlef* of I'lub B<x>m lo V *
York City, aod of boyi&g 1.tern ure. masic or &.a-
■sic-si iostniment* of aoj deKripiionatwholeule
prwe*, mtir« y<»u from >'',' to 60V on j■".' V *
chauei*. Doo'tfail tojoio*t ooco.Yo-a will get much
more than yoar money'iwonb. MrTTAX LiTF.kV
AKT-MCUC CXCB. Dept,      . ISO Nuuu St.. N V*
ll-atiiniltan, Hamilton   Fractlounl. •'•  nut
T«runto,  au.l   I'.l >»moui   Krurllniat
Miner*I ( l.-im*
*■; Steel Ranges
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Divi* TAH %T 4 Q OC
•ion of the \Vr«t Kootenay 1 lilt ricl 1111 .75 I tn / 1
Where located :-On Springer creek,  *V*      «4"lVi*Wyyi
Meets errry AVechiesdiiy evaninj-
in the L'nis.n Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
by the government, taking the census
of 1900 as the basis of representation.
It is proposed to reduce the nieml*-r-
ship of the commons from 214 to 210.
Under the bill Ontario will lose six
members.Nova Scotia two.New Brunswick one, Prince Edward Island one.
and the Territories two; Mfinitolia is
to gain three and British Columbia
one, while the Vtikon will retain its
representative. Ontario will then have! jn
sS6 niemliers, Quebec 86, Nova Scotia
1-S, New Brunswick lS.Prince Edward
Island 1, Man iti ilia 10, British Columbia 7, Territories 6, Yukon 1. Coiisid-,
ering the heavy iuimignitis.sii bto the
Territories, it is hard to understand
why their representation is reducs-d,
while Queliet is left untouched. The
weight of that French majority evidently commands great napeok
for ten  vears.
He  will return  next
R. E. Alli'ii has  a   good   contract
with  the  Hunter  V group at Ymir. J BlatlCl's
He is guaranteed five  tons of on per I **"*
day so longasrawhiding lasts. Nelson I
parties are the operators.
Bert O'Neail is'ot up a combination
of seniors to defeat the juniors in a
hookey match Tuesday night.but they
got walloped 1 to 2.    Tin*  seniors are
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary  *E* -VEW -iCClDEKT POUCT, witli I***"-
tfcipation in prolt.8. covti inr i.ek
Mf.nr.cer ;
adjoining tlie Ottawa mine.
TAKE NOTICE lhat I, Archie Main- J
waring-Johnaan, acting aa »n**iit for A.
llruce Coleman, Free Miner* Certificate
Nu. *jo''*.'.'><'. intend, -sixty daye from the ,
a I dato hereof, to apply to tha Mining Ra-
-oriler forcertificateaof improvament,for
the purpose of obtaining Crown granti
of '.he alovs' claims.
And further  take  notice  that notion.:
iiinler lertion   :;7, mnst  ho isininienceBl
iseforo tlie iaannnee of lueh certificates of I
liate-1 tliii 24th day of Hei-eiu1 er. 1W2.
Representing the   xtronfeit   tsm-. -*** _i_
panics  daing;   l.u*.inf.*s -in L'at;.\*i»
Why be without a ranee whit
you can get one so cheap ? The)
are prefenable to store* and (i'i
better satisfaction. These ranen
burn wood or coal and will ba
net up frae.
H. J.
Hon. Mr. Ross and his government
are safe in Ontario, tin
bye-elections having resulted iu favor
of the Liberals, who now have a clear
majority of six in ths* legislature. Ol
course tho Conservatives allege the
elections of last ws*»*k were carried
solely through the medium of tin-
rankest kind of machine polities.
Judging from past history in Ontario,
tbere can be little doubt some queer
things were done. .So stalwart a Liberal as the Hon. S. H. Blake, of To
determined rome way or other to lower
pride of the victorious juniors.
The operations of the Ontario Slocan Luinlx'i' Co. are proving of material beoefit to all the towns on ths- Inks-,
through the purchase sif supplies, employment of men, and the hiring of
teams f ir the bush. It is estimated
the ss-asou's cut will amount tu 6,000,*
(kxi feet of logs.
cure all forms of
Distress after eating
?oar Stomsch
and Hilioua Hetulacho
Far saU at —
The annual congregational meeting
of Knox Pnebyterian church waa In-lil
on Wednesday evening, there being a
fair attendance.    Various reports were j
read, that .if the treasurer showing a ■ Agents fnr the Heintiman ft Ce.,Ger*
thri*e recent ''• (l''''c'' of$100. Steps have been taki'ii
j to wips* this out and the church will
enter the new vear with renewed
vigor. Th" new board of **aanagere is
composed of A. York, .1.(1. McCalliiui,
•J. A. Anderson ami John Craig,
hard Ilrintztnan, and Kuril Planes
A /.liss  ( sun nalralor.
Slocan mineowners state there is
littl" doubt that a zinc concentrator
will Im- erected in tim camp shortly,
Thomas Jones, representing tin- tola,
Kan., smelter, who has been in the
ronto, is of that opinion and he has! district   for some time past seeking
openly condemned the corruption HS*! wi'!' l»-;.«-*ff'"."'"- """«-and
' ^./ ,, ,, ,t±1, . .. looking over the Held in general, will
practised by the politicians in winning'ina|| probability recommend to the
elections in his province. To streng j Iola smelter people to erect a plant in
then that belief comes the resignation tn,! Sloean. If these people do not
of Hon. E. J. Davis, commissioner ofl <•*?''.-*'*1''1, the plan favorably, a plant
,,,.., ,.   I wib undoubtedly lie built bv the mine
.crown lands, who has thrown open his. ()W|1ITS ()f th(, Strict.   Byron White.
constituency rather than permit the .„f the Slocan Star, is interested in the
Conservatives to prove their protest in ' project.   The plant  will separate the
the courts.   That is a clear intimation I '"'<!'} f,'')!:1 ,!u' ?re "!"' ?*?? ,!"' l""' '"'
, j . /-, .„ - -.   la high percentagi'.so that it will stand
of wrongdoing. Ontario can give L„*_&, The^Sroad rates are at
pointers to Tammany in election pro-1 present too high to jK-rmit a good
ceedure. j margin of profit unless the percentage I
per annum.
ness and operations.
n. D CURTIS, Notary Vnblic
All scnoihhj people tr*rel
by iheC.l-.R.
A glance at tha sar.dct,6aii
timetable will csnvinceyou
ef this fart.      Leave SlocSD
Ciiy at I L'O p.m :
Arrive Winnipeg 8rd day 8.60 a m
Arrive Bt, I'aul 3rd day at 6.40 p rs
Arrive Chicago 4>h day at 9.80 ».m
Arrive TeretltO bin day at 2 16 ; -a
Arrive Montreal 5lh day at 6.80 p.m
Arrive New York Oth day 8.55 a,m
"Flying palaces bv day,lax*
urisus resting places nt
eight," fitly describes ths C
P.R. Tourist ('ai», which
leave as follows:
Lea VM Dun mora Junetion daily for St
Paul; Kootenay l.aniling Tuesday aad
Saturday for Toronto, Montrssl, et«.
Further proof of the uneqnal-
lwl s»irviee ot the C.P, IV ean
be had on applictition to
j. coyli.
A.G. P. A.,
o You
ant a Home ?
Then come to Slocan, Tor it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of otv?s. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Rcads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed bv
this City, backed np by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tali 1*
L. J. EDWARDS, . ,,     , , ...
Agent, sioean city ] no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.*


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