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The Slocan Drill 1902-03-21

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TOL. II., No. 51.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   MAltCH   21,   1002.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
R«. opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. A rthar Street aad Delaney Ayenut, Slaaaa.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stacked with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
We have just opened our first spring shipme.it.
We have the latest John B. Stetson and C. II.
Iiutan blocks and the values can't be beaten.
John B. Stetson, best quality, $6 to $6.50
C. B. Rutan & Co., best Union made,   $3.75 & $4
Other good makes, in all styles, $1 to $3.50
Wc carry Men's Hats.   The ladies as a rule ' "blow"
themselves about springtime.     Why not the men ?
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchant
Slocan, Vr.rnon, Fairview, and Camp Mc Kinney, B. C.
A. YORK <fc CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
GETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
Skill nil Personal laipunt of Jeff Baty,
Who it ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
It reached by any trail or road
that runt into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
Objeetlesia Rnlaed ta the "Faisiena 31"
Gsslag ou thu Mat- Nat Ies* of Appsslnt-
mentof Potlee ansl Uceneo Cuuiinia-
klojsera—Other Muttons,
All tlie aldermen were present at
last Mouday's meeting of the city
Communications read: From Illinois Manufacturing Co., Macomb,
Illinois, offering scwar material for
sale; from A. Campbell UedJie, deputy provincial secretary, announcing
that Ceo. Nichol and Aid. Robertson
had been appointed as police and
license ootiinilstsloiiers fur Slocan;
from Provincial Hoard of Health,
Victoria, end sing Instructions for
treating tuberculosis' from Deputy
Attorney-General Maclean, askinj*
for copy of resolution accepting II. A.
Bradsliaw's resignation as mayor,
and asking if council were proceeding with election; letter from city
clerk, Rossland, enclosing report oh
that city's several departments.
The latter was ordered filed, as
also the letters from the Illinois Man.
(Jo. and the deputy provincial sec-
The communication from the Provincial Hoard of Health was ordered
referred to the health committee.
Lttter from dfputy attorney-
general gave risetoa discussion upon
the point of informing tbe department, Aid. McCallum and Barber
believing that word had been sent to
the lieutenant goyernor.
Aid. McCallum moved that a c.in-
munlcation be sent, acquainting the
government with tin* vacancy existing ou the alilerni.'ir.ic board, and
asking them to notify tile Clark to
select a day for the nomination and
Aid. Barber woild like to h'-'-repression of council as to the advisability of citizens holding a meeting
to at riii'"<' matters for a new mayor.
AM. McCnUiilil said that an appeal
tn the lie"", ten ant guvtriior was the
u'.Av :*s-.dit:ss.
AM Barber thought the citizens
sliisuisl be co-waited in the matter and
steps ta!; n to hanno;*iz • the existing
reelings in the eity, and avoid all
future trouble and lawsuits.
Aid. McL'alliiiii held to his former
i-pliilon that the inly legal bourse
wns through the lieutenant -governor,
and that would avoid any lawsuit.
Alter more discussion, Aid. Smith
seconded Aid. McCallum's motion.
Kef.irc the motion was put, Aid.
Barber wanted to huvo a public
meeting livid and the people given a
chance to pass their opinion lu thc
Aid. Worden, Smith and McCallum
voted yea, and Aid. Barber, Nichoi
and Robertson nay. Motion declared negatived.
Aid. Smith tfien wanted to know
what the council was going to do
wi h the letter.
The chairman said un answer
would be sent stating no action was
taken by thc council and asking the
government to move in the matter.
Tony Lo :g and others petitioned
to have Delaney avenue o-ciud up
from Slocan street eastwards.
Ordered referred to board of works.
New hills: Auditing treasurer's
books, $3. Referred to finance committee.
Tho chairman asked all the committees to report atthe next meeting,
bringing in their estimates for the
year. The finance committee could
then Ira nie the estimates and strike a
rate of taxation.
All the aldornicn agreed that strict
economy would have to be practiced,
and there would be very little money
for improvements.
Aid. McCallum and Nichol moved
that the clork procure a collector's
roll  at  ouee.    Carries 1
Aid. McCallum and Nichol moved
that the assessment roll be turned
over by tho court of revision to thc
council complete as revised by them.
Aid. McCallum asked if the
"famous 34" were on the roll, and
was told yes. lie then registered
his kick against the proceeding and
went into details en the question.
lie characterized the affair as being
ridiculous and the aldermen and assessor were censured for permitting
tho affair to occur.
To this the chairman dissented,
but wss held to the point by Aid.
McCallum, who protested against the
assessor taking tlie floor and answering. After a few heated remarks on
the matter, the assessor was permitted to explain his reasons for
putting the "34" on the list, he claiming he had bo legal right to do
Aid. Smith wanted to know if the
assessor bad sent notices to each of
the "34." The latter replied that he
had sent notices to five of tho co-
owners, that being sufficient notice
according to th"* law.
Aid. Barber sold iir   "Yfil  ■ ■"■••
that the law wa3 en the side of the
assessor as to what he had done, in
which the chairman concurred,
Remarks were bandied from one to
another a little further on the question, until the available supply of
ammunition became exhausted, and
then the council adjourned.
Chiiplenu and Cnnip Manalleld  Preper-
tlea ln Une Company.
Repeated rumors have been beard
in the camp fer some time regarding
an amalgamation scheme under way
in Europe,- in which tho Chapleau
group, on Lemon creek, figured. It
turns out now that the Chapleau and
what is known as the Camp Mansfield
properties at the head of Ten Mile
creek, have been united under one
management. To this end a com
puny has been formed in England,
with a capital of £5G0.(J00, which
will purchase the several claims,
and place a large amount of money
in the treasury for development purposes Ernest Mansflistld and his as
sociates will again come to the front
and a new impetus given to operations in this division during the
summer. The particulars if the
company flotation appeared in the
English papers of the 27th ult., viz:
Kaslo Slocan Mining and Financial
Corporation, Lid.—Registered February l'Jih, by Tyrcll, Lewis & Co..
I 3. Albany-court-vard, W. Capital
£500,000, in £1 shares. Objects: To
acquire and deal in and with options,
sjr nts, concessions, leases, claims,
licenses or authorities in any part of
tlie world, in particular, to acquire,
work and turn ts» account certain
mineral claims in the district ef West
Kootenay, British Columbia, speci
fisd in two agreements (l) with li.
Laudi; aud (2) with the Chapleau
Consul Ida ted Cold .Mining company,
Ltd , (UKM), and to c. rry on the bus
iiiossj of prospi-eiors, explorers,
niiiii'.is, metallurgists, conl ra dors,
s1n-snei.il agents, bankers, etc. The
signatories at***: 1'. R. Browning, 52
.'ivsliam Hsrfiiu •, Old Br*Jid strie',
l, C, I share- F. H. Re-riven, 3,
U.nvlisli-ionil, Leyton, I share; T D,
Siinniiiis. 153, Church-road, Cannon*
bikfy. I *»liare; C. E. White, 45, liij^li-
traic-hill, N , I slwre; F. OesHsrly,
iielgrave, Manor-road, Romford, 1
share; CK. l!. Browne, Barn-ham,
F-sr-x, J. P., 1 share; St. John V. B
Molyneiix, Fernlelgh, Boacoasfleld*
road, St. Margaret's <m Thames, l
share. No initial public issue. The
number ef directors is not to be less
than three nor more than fourteen;
the subscribers io appoint the first.
Qualification, £100. Remuneration,
£800 per aunuui and 10 per cent of
the net profits in excess ot £8,000,
divisible. Registered office, Greshain
House, Old Broad •street, E. C.
Last Thurday oventng the annual
meeting of the Slocan Rifle Associa
tion was held in the ofliee of Mc
Vannel st  Fife.      The attendance,
though not large,   was enthusiastic,
and the business was quickly disposed of.     The financial statement
ofthe treasurer was presented and
accepted.    In the election of officers,
W. S.   Johnson  was re-elected captain, Frank Dick treasurer,  II.   D.
Curtis   secretary, D. S.   McVannel
and Geo.  Nichol on tho executive
committee, and Lome York and  R.
I. Kirkwood auditors. An 800 and 1000
yard runge is to be established and
a new site chosen, one that  will be
more convenient to the city.   Follow
ing is a copy of the financial stato
ment submitted:
Annual foea from 52 members a $2 $104 oo
Ammunition sold 127.40
Entries at matches, 25th snd
2fith Oct., 1901 W.B0
Entries, extra scries 7.00
Cash donations to prize list
25th and 2Gth Oct., 1901 50.00
Entries to matches, 9th Nov.      18.75
Entries, extra series G.50
Donations  to prize list, 9th
Nov., 1901 4.75
Government grant to rango     40.00
Iron Horse, Ten Mile, on Friday and
the property is closed down tight.
The wa'*e3 of tho men have been allowed to run behind, so Manager
McLean deemed it a Ivisable to cease
operations till funds were received
from the American shareholders.
Supplies for the mine are also behind
in payment. It is not thought thc
shut down will be of leng duration,
as tho mine is looking first-class just
coeur or kkvisioi*.
Slocan'a Aaaeaament Itoll   Suffer.   Very
Littlo Change.
The municipal court of revision,
composed of Aid. Robertson, Nichol,
Barber, Smith and Worden, met on
Saturday morning at 10 o'clock.
Very little interest was centered in
the sitting, as there were bat few
objections entered, and the number
of spectators was small. The list of
objections was gone through and
scarcely any changes were made in
the assessor's figures, One result of
the revision is that tlie "famous 34"
lind lodgment on the assessment' roll
just the same as any other property
holders. At the adjourned meeting
of the court on Monday evening,
Aid. Worden objected to the 34 going
on the roll, but he was outvoted. As
revised, thc assessment shows the
land values to be §114,997, improvements, $150,130; total, $175,127.
Following is an outline ofthe business done:
James Tattersall, lots 7 and 8,
block 27, $200; improvements, $1,-
400. Claims over valuation on improvements. Assessmeut continued.
Alex. Stewart, C5 feet of lot 1 In
block 1, $450; improvements, $1000.
Assessment confirmed.
R. T. Rilov, 47 feet of lots 19 and
20, block 12, $1,85 and $250. Non-
owner, and assessor ordered to And
owner and change assessment.
Ben Robertson, lot 6 in block 23,
{150; improvements, $500. Assessment changed to lot 5 and confirmed.
H. D. Curtis, 1, 2, 3, 19 and 20 in
block 21, assessed at $G40. Assessment confirmed.
W. E. Worden, improvements on
C. R H. lands, $175. Being proven
to be oniy a -coal shed, the assessment
was red need to $75.
Twenty feet on west end of lot 11,
block 3, was assessed to M, E.
Lot 7 in block 31, valued at $0,
was placed on list, us also lot 19 in
block 41, valuea at $35.
Range construction
$ 64.72
Target supplies
Prizes (cost)
Balance in bank
Total $414.90
Cash paid in prizes as per
above $105 00
Donations in kind to prize
lists 127.50
THIS   DIV1«*I0*-*.
I.aat Teur'a Shipments Were 0514 Tone—
A Healthy Evidence of the Life ana
Wass It Is or the Cauip -Arllnglea tbe)
Bin eat Shipper.
Ore shipments for the week showed
a resectable total, 100  tons being
exported.   Eighty tons was sent eut
by thc Arlington and 20 tons of concentrates by the Enterprise.   More
would havo been sent out but fur tho
wretched condition of tbe roads.   At
the upper ends fresh  snow is falling
almost daily, last Monday's fall being
particularly   heavy,   whilo  at  tbe
lower ends the roads nre swimming
in mud.   Next week's shipments will
embrace 7 tons from the Duplex, on
Lemon creek.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 propcrtic-*,. Last year
the exports totalled (1529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list of the shipments this jcar to
Total   valuo of prizes  distributed $232.75
Iron Hsirass Clo«rll Down.
All the mon camo down fjoro the
Slocau Co-Opuratlve Aeeoclatlea.
Last week's Gazette contained the
registration of the Slocan Co-operative
Association, under the Co-operative
Associations Act of 18.)(>. The temporary trustees are Ceo. Nichol, 1).
B. O'Neail, II. L. Fife, D. D. Robert
son, J. A. Folev, Tony Long and
James Nixon. The numberofshares
in the association is unlimited, the
valuo of each being $10. Slocau is
named as tho headquarters of the
concern. The objects for which ^the
association is formed are: To carry
on a general mercantile business,
wholesale and retail, also to engage
in and carry on manufacturing, lumbering, ranching, transferring, take
over and operate mines, construct
and operate mills and smelters; to
apply for and take over water rights,
own and operate water power and
light, buy and sell real estate and
all other incidentals to the above
business or businesses of the association. 	
Heath of Courad Hill. a
Conrad Bill, of Silverton, died in
the M. U. General Hospital here on
Tuesday morning, of enlargement of
the liver. He had been ailing some
time, and was sent here throw weeks
ago by tlie Miners' Fnion, of Silver-
ton. Wednesday morning a servico
was held iu thc t'nion Hall, liev. A.
E. Roberts officiating. The body
was afterwards eseorted to the boat
by members of the Silverton and
local Unions. Tbe remains were
interred nt New Denver by the
Knights of Pythias and Miners'
Union, in both of which organiza
tions deceased was a member. Conrad was about 40 years of age, and
formerly ran Burns' butcher shops
at Denver and Silverton.
llarrj llss.< .sin 1st Huraefly.
Harry Howson, who left here a
month ago, at Harper's Camp in the
Cariboo district, at present, llo has
been up to the new discoveries in the
Horsefly country, and considers it one
of the best fields in British Columbia
in which to prospect for quartz. He
says there is more float quartz than
he has seen anywhere, and he round
float in thc creeks thnt he considers
good, but the ground was covered
with four feet of snow and he could
not look for ledges, but intends goirg
lin aa io n as cenditlons permit.
Bar silver 54 J cents,
Another crosscut to tap the vein i*
being run on thc Neepawa.
Operations have ceased on the
Hartney group, New Denver.
Ore shipments from the entire
Slocan are in excis* of 5000 tons.
Assays from tho rock en the Combination give $0 in gold and 134 oz
in silver.
R. I. Kirkwood Las a couple of men
employed un a claim at Enterprise
Neil Gething has Been, doine assessment on a claim near the Wob-
derful, below Sandon.
Work has ceased for the present on
the Prescott, Four Mile. It was
worked under lease by parties from
this burg.
Chas. Dempster says ho will return
to Slocan in April, to open np development en thc Sapphire group.
Twelve Mile creek.
Malcolm Cameron has been given
tho contract to pack supplies to the
Ottawa this suiiuicr. There will be
considerable lumber to take up, also,
for new bladings.
The full face of thc breait of the
drift on the Silversmith, one of the
Slocan Star group, is in ore. A tram
is to be built between the Silversmith
and tha Star mill.
During tlie week M. Cameron's
packtrain has been busy bringing
clown ore from the Duplex to tho
railway at Lemon siding. There
will be between seven and eight tons
in the shipment.
The drift on the Combination
claini, east ofthe towr, is in 30 feet,
und has mineral sprinkled across the
breast. Some shipping ore incoming
in. When tho frost comes out of tho
-•round, the owners will ground
sluice the lead dose to the creek.
<;osi vs"mis,n of iLitvpeuslenta.
The various labor organizations
and reform bodies throughout the
province arc entering heartily into
the idea of holding a convention of
Independent thinking men at Kamloops on April 14th. There will be a
large attendance of delegates, as the
C.P.It. has granted liberal rates-
half fare to 50 or more attending.
The Miners' Union of this citv, which
numbers 250 members in good standing, will send a full quota of delegates, and the Secialist League will
doubtless also be represented. Independent political action is thc rallying cry,	
Retuina of I*aj at reals. Shipment.
Returns have been received on the
five tons of ore recently shipped by
S. Cooper and J. Aitchison from the
Paystreak claim, on Twelve, Mile
creek. The figures were better than
expected, yielding $30 In gold and
85 oz, silver per ton. Tho lessees
express their intention of returning
to the property and continuing development, is the above returns give
excellent wages.
The band boys wish to thank Mrs.
Lee. Mrs. Harrington, Mr. and Mrs.
Adcock for music; \V. Dicks for call-
ing-off, and all who assisted In making their dance a succcsr*.
Copyright. 1001 by Thomas P. Moutfort
KIM  nETl'It.NS.
Pap Sampson, older by four yean**, a
trifle grayer perhaps, but ns active nnd
alert as ever, sat on a fenee at the side
-of the road londlug Into Beckett*! Mill
from the south. His attitude wus sueh
as to denote that he was absorbed In
curliest thought, which he was. ile
was recalling scones and even hs of past
days and was so lost to the pri'sent ns
to he totally oblivious of everything
about blm. So uneonsclous of Iiis mr
ronndlugs was he that he was not even
nwure of Ibe approach of two men,
dusty nud travel stained, who wearily
plodded their way along tbe bard,
white fund.
Cap's thoughts were of Rim  Banks
and of Ibe events uttendlug Kim's tie*
" IF/tj/, howdy. Pap "•"ampgonf*'
partTjre from Beckett's Mill. Though
four years bad passed since tbat time,
Blm had uever returned, and tbe people
of Possum Ridge were uo wiser as to
bis whereabouts than they bad been
tbe day be left A large reward had
been offered for hla arrest, nnd the officials, .stimulated by tbe hope of earning the money, bad made strenuous efforts to Inane him. But it bad been all
In vain. Now nnd then there had
come reports to Beckett's Mill to the
effect Hint Sim had been captured; but,
as Is usual witli such reports. It alwaya
turned out b case of mistaken identity.
I'np v.m wondering where Sim could
have guilt* to hide himself so completely ••nl v • ■ Hut he wns still among the
living. Ile wns wondering, too, whether If Sim still lived he would ever return to Possum Ridge and if lie returned what would be bis fate. It was
with sucb thoughts as these the old
man was busy when ho was suddenly
aroused and shocked by some oue close
to bim saying quietly:
"Why, howdy, Tap Sampson?"
Pap started and looked quickly
around, and, bis eyes falling on a
bearded, Bun tanned face, bis mouth
fell open and he stared ln stupid
amazement for almost a minute. Then
he rubbed bis eyes nnd stared again.
"Lord a-massy!" he exclaimed nt
last "Am I dreninln, or is lhat r'ally
Sim Banks?"
"It Is r'ally Sim Banks, Tap," the
Itber replied; "what's left of bim anyway."
Tap was down off the fence In the
twinkling of nn eye, und the next moment be had Sim by the hand, shaking It with a heartiness lhat was almost painful.
"Great land of Goshen!" lie cried.
"Who'd 'a' thought It? Lord a-massy!
It's shore old Sim, ain't It?"
"I guess It Is, Pap. Arc you surprised to see me?"
"Surprised to see you! Why, Lord, I
wouldn't be no more surprised If the
Rky was to drop. But thluk of the
devil an he's shore lo make bis appearance, us lhe old say In goes."
"Were you thlnkin of me?"
"Jest been u-slttln thar on tbo fence
a-woiidcrln whnr you'd gone an what
bad 'come of you a a If I wns ever
n-gwlne to git to nee you any more. I
was Jest a-gwloe over them thoughts
wben you moughty nigh skeered the
life out of mo by speak In to me that
u-woy. Land, don't hardly seem like
It caa be you, Sim."
"Don't It?"
"Shore It don't   But wbar you been
all these years?"
"I've been to the war, Tap."
"Great  dny   In  the  mornin!    Ton
uiu't been lightin Into tbe army, hnvo
"Yes, I've done some figbtln."
"But you wasn't killed, bless tbe
"Not quite."   *
"He came next thing to It, though,"
Sim's companion volunteered.
"Ia that so?" Pap cried.   "Waal, I'll
be smitchedl   Too come moughty nigh
glttln killed?"
"Yes, I bad a pretty close call onoe."
"Great land!   Tell me all 'bout It,
won't yoo, 81m?"
"Yes, but first you must tell me
■omethln. Pap.   How Is Loueesy 7"
"Lord, ain't I a great old fool, a-run-
nln on here that a-way, never a-thlnk-
Id "boot wbat you'd nat'rally be jest
a-dyln to know?   Loueesy'a well."
"Where Is sbe—up at the olu plnce?"
"La, no!   Sbe ain't lived thar Hence
jron went away.   She's down at town."
"What Is sbe dole down tbere?"
'•She's Work In In n store to earn her
Sim was surprised,
"To earn her livlu?" be repeated.
Pnp nodded bis head.
"What's.become of all the laud I left
her?" Sim asked.
"It's lhar Jest as It wns.   She nln't
uever teclied a foot of It."
"Said It wns your'u nn she didn't deserve It."
Sim paused a moment, then said:
"An Melvln?"
"Lord!" Pap exclaimed.   "Don't you
"No.   Did he nn Lotieesy"-
"No.    Uo wns  killed  the dny you
A queer expression came to Sim's
fnce, an expression In which surprise
nnd relief were blended.
"Didn't you kuow 'bout him bein
killedV" Pap asked.
"No. 1 have never beard a word
from home sence 1 went awny, nn I
don't know anything thnt has happened.   Who killed blm?"
The man who came with Sim looked
quickly up nnd nppenred to wait eagerly for Pap's reply. It was then Pap
noticed for the first time how pale nnd
emaciated that man was.
"Who killed Melvln?" Sim repented
"I don't know," Pnp answered. "The
next niornln after you left Jim Thorn
found the dead  body  In your woods
with a bullet bole through It   He bad
been killed several hours then."
"Aud nobody knows who doue lt?"
I';i;i shook his head.
"Wns nobody suspected?"
The old man turned away and began
to thump his cane against the ground,
but be made no reply.   Sim saw that
Pup's nction meant something, nnd he
began to put a few things together. lie
remembered  that  be had  goue luto
those woods with his gun about tbe
time the killing must  have occurred
and then hnd disappeared.   He remembered also the threat be had made that
day In Mrs. Mann's whontflold.    Reclining these things and noting Pap's
behavior, he was quick enough to suspect the truth.   Pale, but firm, he said:
"Pnp, was anybody suspected of kill-
In Melvln?".
The old man hesitated still, but final
ly he replied:
"Thar mought 'a' been, Slra; yea, I'm
a feu id  thar  mought  'a'   been.    But.
Sim, I ain't never suspected nobody."
"I know, Pap    But wbo did the otb
era suspect?"
Again Sim's companion leaned eagerly forward and seemed io nwnit Pup's
reply. After a short pause the old man
said slowly:
"You know, Sim. thnr's nlh;s some
people ready to suspect anything bad
of a body If they've got a ghost of 8
reason. I— le's go on homo, Sim. I
guess yon must be tin d na hungry."
"No, Pap, not now. Vou must lull me
the truth."
"Oh, Lord, Sim, I rau"t tell you no
"Yes. you enn tell mc who Was ■jiis
"I'd iT.ther not."
"Theu it's true. Pnp.   It U roe?"
Pnp remained silent.
"Tell me," Sim Insisted, "Is It me?"
"I'm afeard so, Sim; yes, I'm nl'ea:
! bar's some as thinks it wns you.   Bul
I don't think It."
Sim hnd known whnt was coming,
bnt Pap's admission was a hard blow
for nil that. Ills bead drooped, and an
expression of bitter pain came over his
features. Pup saw and understood
and, placing his hand un Sim's shoul-
sler, said consolingly:
"But I don't b'lleve It. Sim, an no-
body'll ever make nie b'lieve It for a
minute If they sw'ar to It on a stnek of
The eld man's net nnd words did Sim
good. It was n great comfort to know
thai lie had one true friend at least.
"I know. Pnp," he said, "that 1 can
always trust you. You'll stand by me
to the last."
"That's what I will, Sim, 'cause I
know you're not guilty."
"An thar's others," Sim snid.
"Thai's Snm Morgan nn Jason Roberts. They'll never b'lleve me guilty
either, will I hey, Pap?"
Pap was seriously troubled, nud he
showed It
"Sim," he said, "I know you tins
must be tired nn hungry. Le's go on
home nn talk nfierwnrds."
"No," Sim ivplli'd; "1 want to know
th-* truth, tiie whole bitter truth. So
Sam an Jason b'lleve me guilty of sucb
n terrible crime as thatT"
"I dunno," Pap answered. "They
dou't want to b'lieve It, Sim. I know
they don't want to b'lleve It."
"But they do," Sim said, with a sigh
of resignation. "Wanl, so bo It. An
Pnp raised his bnnd lustnntly, and a
beam of pleasure lighted bis face.
"N'o, Sim," he Interrupted, "don't you
sny thnt. Loueesy don't b'lleve It nn
never hns b'lleved It. When she first
henrd you accused, she snld It wns n
lie, an she's stuck to It from that day
to this."
"Thank God!" Sltn cried fervently.
"If she don't b'llevo It, I don't cure
what anybody else thinks."
"She dou'I, Sim. Pin tell In you the
(iod's truth. She don't. An now we've
said enough fop this time, so le's go on
But Sim did not move, and he had
become deeply thoughtful After a little he suid:
"I don't know what I had best do.
This Is all so not? an unexpected to
me that I can't Jest see my way clear.
If I stop here, I'll be arrested."
In his excitement Pnp Sampson had
forgotten this, but he knew It was true.
If, Sim's presence In tbe village became
known, he would certainly be arrested,
and then the gallows, or at least the
state prison, would no doubt uwall
"You had better bide somewhere until night." he snld anxiously, "then go
n wuy again.   That Is the best you cau
do ikw."
Bnt Sim deliberated a long time, tben
said slowly:
"Maybe you're right, Pnp, but I don't
know. A body may as well be dead
or lu prison as to be it wanderer ou
the earth, with -neither home nor
friends an always Iii dread of some-
thin. No matter what anybody says
or thinks, Pm Innocent."
"1 know it. Sim; I know It." Pnp said
BssuM'lQgl.v "But, then, courts mebby
ivon'l sit aj we i!.i."
".Maybe not, Pap," Sim replied aftef
a pa use, "but I'm Innocent, nu I'm goln
lo Mt.'iy "
"I!::l think. Sim. cf" -
-I hnve Ihoughl of It nil, Pnp. I'm
goln io slay an face il out."
Thou Sim's companion, who had lls-
teiii'd Intently nil fhis while, spoke up
ii-aiii Laying bis hand on Sim's arm,
hs' Mild ciiniestly:
"And you'll uever be hurt, Sim. Never no much ns a hair of your hend shall
be touched."
I'ap Sampson looked at the speaker
"How do you kuow that?" he asked.
"It doesn't matter how 1 know It,"
the other answered.   "I kuow lt, and
that is enough."
"Who are you, an what do you
know 'bout this affair?" Pap questioned.
"My unuie Is Thompson, and I am
Sim Banks' friend. 1 have been his
friend since that day he saved my
llfeut the risk of his own."
"That was nothiu." Sim said. "Anybody would have doue all I did."
"Anybody would have rushed Into
that hall of sh*ot nud shell after our
men had retreated and carried a
wounded comrade oft the battlefield
to save him from the enemy? You'll
never make me believe nny 'jueb thing.
Nobody can ever mako me believe
thut there's another mnn in the world
besides Sim Banks wbo was brave
enough to have doue it."
"My Lord, Joe, I'd been a brute If 1
hadn't done It," Sim protested, "a
plumb cowardly brute. You make too
mucb over a little no 'count thing like
"It may seem of no account to you,
but it doesn't to me. I ean tell you. I
guess it didn't seem so to the men who
saw it either, judging from the way
they cheered you. Wby, even the enemy cheered."
"I didn't bear It," Sim said.
"No, you were too busy trying to get
me out of that awful place. I guess
you didn't even bear the bullets whizzing rouud your bead like a swarm of
"1 didn't."
"Well, I heard them, you can Just
bet It was just like a hailstorm broken loose. I know I thought every
second we'd both be killed, nnd I cnn't
understand why we weren't I begged
you to lenve me and save yourself If
you could, and you wouldn't do It"
"Oh, wanl, Joe, le's let thnt ulone.
I'm plumb tired of hearin of that foot
thing. It ain't worth klekin up so
much fuss about."
"Well, that's Just your opiuion. Sim
Other people see It differently Ther
there Is the way you looked after rae.
for weeks while I was In hospital No
father, uo brother, my owu mother
even, could not have been more careful of me. I remember It nil, Sim, nud
I'll never forget it us loug ns I live."
"Waal, that's all right, Joe." Sim
said, "but I'm tired an hungry, so le's
not say no more, but go along of Pap.
I'll go to his house an rest a bit. Theu
I'll go nn give myself up."
"You'll uot give yourself up this day
nor this night, Sim," Pnp announced
flatly. "You'll have one good rest lirst
if I know myself, an I'm most shore 1
do, for If they git you luto Jail you
won't have no rest thar."
"No, but It's all right, Tap. I'm resigned to take whatever comes, an I
reckon it don't matter much what lt
is. 1 ain't got anything to live fur no
more nohow, nn I'd jest us well be
dead as not."
"But you'll never be hurt, Blm," the
other snid. "Don't you think It. Not
a hair of your bend shnll be touched."
Pop Sampson looked wondering!)- at
the speaker, saw something be bad
not observed before and In his astonishment uuthoughtedly cried:
"My Lord, stranger, you're not goln
to live long."
Thompson smiled.
"I know It," be snld, "but It Is best.
I only want to do oue thing more, nnd
then I'm done, nnd I'll live to do It;
yes, I'll live to do it."
C<$C • Q!O$G-?0::QQ$O®Cr$0Q<iW;-l
SIM'S  AllltKST.
Sim Banks secured one good night's
rest, as Pap Sampson hnd said, or at
least if he didn't It was not the fault
of Pnp nnd Mlrandy. The two old
people did everything In their power
to add to the comfort of their guests.
"It's been a loug time," Pap remarked, "sence Sim's had any comfort, nn
be mny never have any ag'ln In this
world, so we'll give him all we can
while wo have the ehanst."
"Pore Sim!" Mrs. Sampson said, with
a sigh.
"Pore 81m!" Pap repeated, sighing
"I wish he'd go nwoy," Mrs. Samp
son said, "wbar they couldn't uevei
find blm."
"I wish so, too," Pnp agreed, "but lit
won't Lord, be won't budge a Inch.
I've nrgyed an reasoned nn begged, but
It nlu't done no good. He's got his
pegs sot to stny, nn stay ho will."
"Yes, an I'm nfeard, Pnp, that they'll
bang him."
"I dunno, I'm shore. Tliey may not
do so bad as that, but they'll send him
to prison anyhow."
"That other man 'lows he can save
him.   But, Lord, Pap, he cnn't do It"
"Co'so ho cnu't Lord a-nuissy, thnt
feller can't do nothln for Sim. Ques!
he'd like to well enough, but lil,in to do
a thing nn doln It nro two different
things. No, slr-ee! Ile cnu't lift n linger to save Sim."
(To be Continued.)
lhe Follower 1
f       ® ®       1
$ A WelrsI Story of One Wrapped ^
(; In a E'-ack Cloak. O
Two men, John and David, walked
side by side along n dusty road. They
were returning from the great town
in the valley to their homes ln the
hamlet hanging high abovo them
against the mountain.
As they walked they chatted of the
sights In the town, of Iho good wives
and little ones to whom they were
coming nfter three dnys* absence, joking, Joyous, happy In remembrance of
their town jollity nnd In the anticipation of their welcome home. Occasionally they stopped under the overhanging branches of an orchard and ate apples, or they kneeled by a spring, mnk-
Ing a cup of their hands to drink from,
then passed on again.
The sun struck down fiercely upon
their backs and shimmered ou the dust
of the rond.
"Ah, the heat! Let us go moro slowly, John."
"No," replied Ihe other; "it will be
cooler higher up. Let us make haste
and reach lhe simile of the woods, and
beyond thero will be it breeze blowing."
Suddenly ns they walked David felt
that they were not alone and, turning
his head, saw a third person following
a few paces behind them, an extremely
tall man, wrapped in a black clonk. As
David turned the man's eyes looked
luto his with a steady, unflinching
gaze. The blnck robed figure was only
a short distance behind him, walking
with a long, even stride, without
sound, bis cloak drawn up to Ills enrs,
covering his month and chin.
As David looked he shivered; then,
turning bis head quickly, he walked
rapidly on, urging his companion to
"But just now you were calling to me
to go slower, and now you want to
"Yes; let us hurry—the beat!" And
they passed on, the ardent sun beating
on their backs.
As they went forward David turned
over in his thoughts the strange sight
he had seen behind him, that was behind them now, ho felt certain, though
not daring to look again,a shiver coursing the length of his spine nt the
thought of the muffled figure In that
fierce bent And John—had he also
seen It? Did he know what came
swiftly, without sound, at their heelsr
He looked cnutiously from the corner
of his eye at his friend without turning bis head even slightly. John plodded on, bis eyes on the ground and his
big shoes white with the dust, grumbling ut the heat, his face dull und expressionless.
At length they reached the cooler air
where the road climbed between the
arching trees of the forest, and John
halted to rest In the shadow. He wns
older than bis friend aud tired more
"Now," thought David, "he will look
back and see." And he watched the
other's face nnrrowly.
They snt en the edge of the rond,
their legs hanging down the bank.
John's gaze wandered back down the
long stretch Over which they had come,
nud David waited.
But the old man only looked out from
the shadow with n half smile of satisfaction that so much of the long Journey wns over, bis simple countenance
placid wltb the thought "How white
the road is!" lie snid.
"And not many travelers on tt." snid
David in bnlf question, still looking
enrns*ptly at bis comrade's face.
"Not n creature In sight," answered
John quietly. "We hnve the rond to
ourselves. Others nre not sueh fools to
come out In this sun!"
David, reassured by this, turned
slowly nnd looked back. Just below,
by tbe first tree, Id full vi«*w, silent,
motionless, stood the tall figurs**. a little neuter than, before.
David leaped to his fs>et and ran
along the steep road, stumbling, terrified. John saw nothing, and this creature so close, In plain view. "Hurry,
hurry!" he called back nnd run ou.
"What has come to you? Are you
crazy?" cried the old man. "Onecan't
pause to rest but you Jump and run!"
"I I nm not—well. I want lo get
homo," pnnieil David. "Wo havo yet
far to go. We must not waste time
"Vou nre sick. Yea, you are pnlo.
Your teeth chatter. We will stop at
old Andrew's nnd get you something.
It Is this scorching slay."
"Yes. yes. we will stop ot old Andrew's. He will cure me. It Is not
fnr; only beyond the next turn where
the trees end."
"And   we cnu  tnke  the  short  wny
home from there, the path from the
back of his house up 'The Rocks.' "
Again they walked rapidly onward
the oM mnn full of concern for his
friend, the young man looking straight
At the border of the forest the rnmll
brown house stood on the edge of old
Andrew's scanty fnnnland, the poor
half barren laud of these inouutiii!.
farms. Beyond Hip few fields thai
stretched up gradually from tbe back
0f the house rose abruptly "Tin
Rocks." n high cliff, reaching fnrnloii!:
the side of the uiotiiilain. sheer, for
bidding. Its bald face crossed by n
rough, narrow pathway. By usingtlili*
sics'|i wny ihe Journey to ihe elimior
of i:t.:'.;■: s above the cliff was mode
much shorter than by following the
gradual, winding a vent of the road
•;: e tuo I'i lends inriieil In U.t ubl An
drew'-' little gate. At tie floor the"*
w.ru mci by Ihe fanner'* wlfi*. her
BleeviH n Hid i :> to Ihe 11! awa.
"Ah. .1 i! n Mail!i> ami I ..vi-: l".:'i I
from tlu1 tn'.r't   I'tupi* III."
"Yes Miry nn lhe wny home. Wiser
Is An Iri'V .• David bei'ii had a turn or
tbe road coming .;.''ing im*1o*v, and we
\\..ni Andrew tu mi., hlin noiti**iit!.ig.
Tie* buii w;is i.m strung foi him, I
"Yes, yes. Ainlr".v! Andrew!" Shi'
raised her vole? nnd called luto th
house over In r should r. "CVthe In,
but Ii of you! lie is si lueisVlirro about
It i.-. cool In the hoitm.' at lhe shady
side, nnd Dave ean IK* down there."
David cast otic- brbf glance back-
word as be followed the others Into the,
bouse, In th. r..;itl j-.ist beyond the
gato and I loklug over It stood the one
thut followed.
old Andrew wus held In high esteem
among the mountain people as half
doctor, ha!" vizard* with bis ktowl
edge of the ....' of root.-; and herbs. He
brewed a muddy, ftftHiient tint, which
David drank, and Mary, the Wife,
plnced extra plates at Ih • table and in-
sisti'il on tho travelers "taking uupper.
"Lot David rest," she said, "and If
be is better after supper you can go
horns' in the evening liy tin* short cut.
There will be a moon, or Is.* may stay
the night if not strong enough to go
K.) it was arranged. Old Andrew nnd
John talked together of the simple,
worn subjects of their rude llves-the
poverty of tlie soil, the long season
Without rain, the many hardships that
befall the farmer.
The wife plied David with questions
nbout the town. "Was Ihere n big
crowd at the fair? And the weather—
was it line every day? Did you see the
cows from the Duncan farinV" and so
on. David auSwered absently, thinking of the wailing stranger outside the
When the twilight fell, the young
man felt able to go on ansl was anxious
to reach his family, so the two men
set out alssiig the pnth through the
rocky fields. As they reached the base
of "The Bocks" nnd begun the steep
ascent the moon rose.
John led the way, stepping cautiously, calling back to the other to avoid
the uncertain footholds.
But David, climbing nfter, thought
of nothing but the somber shape thai
I had waited outside aud bad followed
close across the fields nfter them nnd
Which be fsdt climbed Up and up behind blm, slop for step.
'Ihere wns no sounil except when nt
Intervals n loose stone rolled down, dislodged by their feet The night wns
beautiful. The broad face of ibe cliff
shone in Uie moonlight Here and
there along tbo edge of tho path, where
there was danger, rude railings hail
beta placed lo protect the traveler.
These were silvered by the moon. At
ssjine placea n rock Jutting out cast below li a dense shadow amid tho sur-
ssiuiiding whiteness.
As they climbed David tried to force
himself to turn and face the man In
(he black cloak and spiesllou him. his
name, his mission, why be followed,
gaining steadily step by step, bul he
lacked courage. Once he bad met that
cold, steady gaze.   lie could uot brave
it again. He watched his comrade
climb abovo him slowly. Slowly be
climbed nfter and, glancing down, saw
the edge of the blnck cloak blown upward against his legs.
He stopped and put bis bauds over
bis eyes. "Who nre you?" be snld In a
low, broken voice. "Why do you follow, pressing nenrer nnd nearer?"
And a voice nnswered at bis ear,
while the folds of the cloak, blown upward, flapped about him, "You shall
know my name when you are at the
end of your Journey."
"No, aowl" whispered David hoarsely. "Now, your name!"
"Farther on!" cume the voice. "Wben
you reach tho next railing."
And they climbed on again In the
moonlight John had gone round a
turn of the path out of sight David
advanced    feebly,    rising   laboriously
trom step to step, pausing often. n«
coulsl feel the other pressing up jjp.
hind blm, ever nearer.
When they reached the railing above
David stopped, with his band upon tt
"Now, your name?"
"Do you not kuow?"
Tbe moonlight fell wltb tender beauty over tbe broad valley below, upor*
the white rond, upon the forest trees,
upon the small brown house at th»
foot of the cliff. Tbe bluck elonk float-
cd nbout Ids heud, before bis eyes, com*
lug between tbem and tbe fair picture,
A baud fell upon bis, grasping the rrii.
"Your name!   Your name!"
David's band closed firmly on the
wooden rail, aud he leaned heavily
ognlust It for support An arm closed
round him.
"1 nm so near—so near. Do you not
There was a sharp sound of breaking
wood as the rotten timber parted lu
two, and David fell outward, bis strug.
gllng feet scraping along tho rock. As
he fell thc folds of blnck swept round
him, the arm embraced blm more closely, and they went down together. And
David knew tbat tbo oue that followed
was Death.
Itebnkln-r • Greedy Client.
A   Philadelphia   lawyer,   long dead,
who bad a national reputation, having
been  honored  wltb  high  positions of
trust both at Washington and Harrls-
burg, was famous for bis trvmendou*)
charges.   One day a client for whom
be bad collected $1,500 called at bis of-
flee to receive tbe money, aud the fair.
yer banded blm a check for $100.  Ttt
client looked nt It and remarked that
tbe lawyer must bave ninde a mistake
nnd hnd given blm tbe check which he
meant to keep for hlB fee.   "Let me
look at the check." snld the attorney.
and, glancing over it, he declared that
It was all right and no mistake had
Iseen made.  Tbe client kicked against
a fee of $1,400 for collecting $1,500.
"Oh, well, if you want to be a hog
nlioiit It take Hint," said the man of
laws Impatient!**, nnd he wrote out another check. It was for $150, nnd with
thnt thc client lir.d lo be content, the
lawyer pocketing $1,350.
The near Wu at name.
A woman traveling abroad narrates
the followim*, experience: She had occasion to g, to llu- British embassy at
a certain spot, which shall be nameless, to 8.-e the embassador, who, however, proved to be away with bis wife
at a u.'ghboring health resort The
visitor asked for the first secretary,
who, unfortunately, was on leave la
England. The woman said that tho
second Decretory would do ns well, but
he happened to be In attendance upon
bis wife, who wns in a hospital.
Waa the third seerctnry there? No.
He wn§ ou leave too. The bottle washer might be In, perchance? No. llo
was shooting In England. The second
bottle washer? He, unfortunately, was
au luvulid and rnrely came to the embassy. The military attache? He wns
on leave. The archivist? He was fish-
lug Iu Scotland.
Tbe visitor bad heard of two Junior
secretaries, whose custom It was to
transact their duties in company witli
a pet bear. Did they happen to be In?
Unfortunately, they were nway playing polo. And the bear? Yes, the bear
waa ut homo. Tlie visitor, however,
did not fsx'l equal to interviewing the
bear single banded and left
Make No  I'rrlrnara.
Be natural. If you are not what you
would like to seem, endeavor to come
as nearly to your Ideals ns you enn,
but do not affect a manner or char-
aets>r thnt is not your own, that Is uot
8lii!'cre.   Affectation betrays weakness
: of character. It deceives no one. one
may Imagine be Is making u great
Impression,    People nre  too polite to
i let bim know their thoughts, but they
see through bim.    Ho mnkes lilnis.lf
j less iu their estimation.   .It Is of no
i uso to assume to know that of WbU li
one Is ignorant
Thero is a certain strength In honesty that carries weight nnd Influence.
Integrity will make Itself felt By
making no pretenses one Is on the right
road to advance. There Is no fool like
tho one who thinks he knows It all.
or, worse, thinks hu enn make '.liters
think so. I'reteuses nre despised by nil
sensible persons. Be true, be genuine,
and you retain your self respect nnd
gain lhat of others.-Milwaukee Journal.
A  fi.srsl Vane,
I'li-ntnl    Dow i a     l    wr.a ,..-    pri: t
eh" *s*ts nil i|.i. I,.,., ,.,.,,, -,,,. r, |,;„,..v.
".'-■! HHir    !!.*«  ii.;:,., ,|| | ,-.„, I,;,,.?
"■    ;' ' »  'H Hh -      All   1   i.isln'l   have  n
I'll IIn l*   l«  *-!■*•: si   ii   .enI   nf   it   ,vh..|i   In'
s-i.iei* r.lsiiig un ssiuilinl ins- on the feel on
*v.i!,c li,e iiji."
pt mint     Hecoi-d Suit*** in October.
vIo^rtt'K^ colds that are now offered to the public, and in
stltuto for the medicine ukrt?to?4tisecS- tr"y iJEI^VJV. hl" ovvn whicto b" Inttk*« an effort to sub-
^tmcToX\ST i'1.™*^ ^ deraand ,or Dr- chM0'-'8y*"> °*Lin-
tles the record of Iny Vo vIoSl ISnth^^lB,to*2 ''wl- i",",1 TurPon1tlne «"*oeded by several hundred hot-
very littlo newspaper advertising the evl<lenco '«m,' to . H i;(,memb*jro" tn"<- «•«■   preparation received
merit. ■" BV'""*ct stems to be concluaivo that it makes its way By sheer force of
Thinkinsr  s,,..,., I..  ,.. ..,.._   ...   .    .....   , .   . '.   . •■
m a^hS„?r^;s ;,^.ni:;-l,!o,;rv;:::i^^i;l;f "•"?« ■»«■.-, *„*„■ which«-*£ _ «*,•.. coia
yond n doubt to be „ thorough "hut*effective treatment uS      .inM"" a"(1 Turpentine,  which   they know be-
thro.it Irritation, asthma, mid. evm consumption ItseIf        '•,u-™' C(,Ws. «*?up,   bronchitis, whooping cough,
Tlie combination of l.inse.sl *uit|-Turpentln...  with half ,. „,,,„„    ,u     ,
ng colds, In son, proportions at Ihey are found In D ■-•■,?,,.". * Ingredients of equal value for treat-
to be Q porfeet  protection against such dorelopm'onti ns ., Z ,     f"P °f L"",ccd tt,,d T«"-pentln0 hae proven
Vou enn wilh certalntv mis, ,.„ sui„ nr,»,„...si... ... _«     ""' "monla, consumption and serious lung troubles.
r.n.cK tlt.it of my slmTliir^^ bo "more than throe
  ' "s, ',       lvn r0»"f"'y that monoy can buy ?   It has
Mill       IN      li     .......I     I-       tl "M • .       .. a..
o bo ., per eel protection ngalnit such dowlopment. n« ,,,„,, ,Y V n1 Umof •""> Tl
foil enn with certainty rely on this pr-p.irati, „ to .ifior,P",,ln,0lla- consumption and si
.   •■<<"■<; Kuprt.se thai ihi ,:l|(. of /,,, Vhnss.'s H.-I, __$* ^ an" Pormahent .
;""•*     ""  "'   '">' ""..liar preparation If It WMMt'tfi an«7^a^.^'P"il,li would  - - -  "
'"';'   'h<- test und proven it*-.*], worthy of the confidence thft KilV?m1dy ,hnt man°y can •-■■* 7  u •""'
"  n"     '"'•■ "•■ Hie I! us spreads,   Be sure vou ..... ' ft<'0<1 ln -**■   T'0o',,° recommend it one   to
'    '" ' "   "■"""•   3"i in „ bottle,   *•■■-,„■•« si/(,   ,;,,,'"' »'',,"ll"o.  with Dr. Chase's portrait and signs
, ,. . .    ■• .     .   ..,    :...,„,„ v sise, three times ,,.•, .,.,,,.,,, 00 m„     At*u„ A   ,      or w.
MMK The Drill.
Vlalllas Cards In  Sweden.
An old Swedish custom Is for people
[to Indicate their business upon tbelr
Ivlsltlng cards. One will receive the
Icard of Lawyer Jones or Banker Smitb
lor Notary Johnson or Music Professor
ll'rown or Orosserer (which means
jwholcsale merchant) Ferguson or Geol-
loglfit Thompson, and If a mun ever
Jheld an ofliee it Is customary to Indl-
jcatc Hint fnct upon his cnrd. A burgo-
■master Is always a burgomaster, a con-
I sul is always a consul nnd an alder
man always an alderman. Tbe pro*
I fixes "Hon." and "Mr." are seldom
{used, and the title, whether commcr-
Iclal or professional, Is observed in con
| vcrsntlon In the same wny.
It Is custoinnry nlso for ladies to
[print their maiden numes upon their
■Visitlug curds lu smaller type under
[their married nniues. particularly If
Ithey have a pride of family uud want
■peoplo to know their ancestry.
Arthur's mini«:.«-.
Sin*- Well. Atliui. did y ut ull d tl ll n
litis* i'Ii about llie p.*>R|i.sti'i. |n ;**. ha!
try y ",i confidently autlclpated you would
isi'iu 11* carulugV
I!,' igloomllyl—M'yos.
t-he -Weill
[III- lie borrowed a couple of pounds'
the spot!—Punch.
Your Fadth
' will be as strong as ours if you try
and ours is so strong we guarantee a cure or refund money,
and we seud you free trial bottle
if you write for it. SIIILOH'S
costs 25 cents, and will cure Co-.-
Eiunption, Pneumonia,Bronchitis
and ull Lung Troubles. Will
cure a Conyh or Cold In a day,
and thus prevent serious results.
It has been doing these things
for 50 years.
S. C. Wiji.i3 & Co., Toronto, Can.
Karl's Clover Root Tea cures Indigestion
w i'or Minard's Md isls do otHer.
Thcro is in man a higher than love
lof happiness; he can do without hup-
Ijiiiiess, and instead thereof find bless-
lodnt'Ms.—T, Carlyle.
The Publisher of the Best Farmer's
paper in the Maritime Provinces in
mting to us states :
I would say that I do not know
|f a medicine that has stood tlie
fcst of time like MINAKB'S L1NI-
2NT. It has been an unfailing
icily in our household ever since
can remember, ngd hns outlived
Jozens of would-be competitors und
aiit.it ions.
Peoplo never  improve unless   they
ook   lo  some  standard    or  example
igher and better than themselves.—
ryrtni Ddwards.
{Little Ones Are Subject to Colds antl
the Ilcsult is Dangerous Unless
Prompt Itemedial Steps are Taken
Tho   little   ones   are   apt to   take
colsl,    no    matter    how  carefully    a
I jnother may try to prevent it. While
colds may oiTect children in different
, ways,    the main symptoms    usually
J are that the child grows cross,    the
skin hot,  the appetite lickle and  the
child   quite  feverish.      Unless  something  is done at once to    relieve   a
simple cold,   the result is often very
serious—so serious,    that     many     a
cliild.is life hits been lost.     There   is
no  remedy    that    can equal    Baby's
Own Tablets   in   cases   of   this kind.
These   Tablets    promptly   break    up
I colds   ami carry o(T   the    poisonous
|inatls*r that has been retained in tlie
[system.   By  doing this  they   reduce
lthe (ever; thc pulse becomes normal;
[the   appetite is restored,    nud     tho
(i-iuiii is again well antl happy.
Mis. O. E. Barle, Brockville, Out.,
'says:—"I always use Baby's Own
Tablets for both my children, aged
three nntl five years, when they arc
at ull unwell. When my Utile gill
was n few months old, she bad it bad
attack nf whooping cough, end I
found the Tablets very beneficial,
Since that time I alwnys keep Idem
in tbe house ready for use. When
tbe children nre troubled with biliousness, any derangement of tha
stomach, are peevish or fretful, 'or
•then they have a cold, l always use
the tablets, and am always pleased
nth the results."
These tablets arc a certain cure for
Rich troubles as colic, sour stomach,
jjndigeslion, diarrhoea, constipation,
Himplc fevers and colds. Thoy p'ro-
Hrent croup arid allay the irritation
■"accompanying tho .'sitting of I colli.
■They are sold under an absolute
■guarantee to contain it<> opiate s>r
Ether harmful drug. May be had
■from druggists or will lie sent 1 nsl-
K>aid at '25 cents a box, by aildreas-
Hng the Dr. Williams Medicine in..
■Brockville,  Oat.
T Some people while on earth try lo
Hive on the interest of their imngin-
Hnary treasures in heaven.
f IfflAHD'S LlHTlEnT Is used by mtitiui
A mnn is supposed to bo landed
when lie owns real estate, or when
he Invests in a marriage license.
aa* •■B**'
It tent slirsri |s> tha dlicasrd
farm by the Improved Blower.
[u,ilt tbo nl. i'i s, clean tlis air
■MaMtt, "■*■** dr*'Pr -lr.es In lh«
• psirinaiissndj        -
llaTFcv«r. L-
free. Allsliislcr*.. sir Dr./•* W. Ch-stss
thrnal anil
Calarrb unsl
,  ruin
* Mcsilclue Cu., Turontu suid Uu'. .1..
Haste to get   rich    keeps many a
man poor.
Th« Iforso—inoblest of the brute creation—
whim mifforlnK Ir in 11 out. abrasion, or am.
tlorivBiiiisinuimboiioUtMllsmiiHlorin a HI****
prosllonmont, from tho lienlln**, SOOlMng nctuni
or Dr. ThomiiH' Kvlertrlo Oil. Isiimrsiio a -JWS1I*
Ins* of tho noi'lt, nti!ins-.s<i of tho Js.li.tn, Uiroiit
nnd lung*, aro rollOTUd by it.
. \  ...
Tho wisdom of naturo is proverbial, But why sho gave to man a
Juw and teetn that. cnuhleH bim to
bite off more thun lie caa chew is a
Littlo, vicious minds abound with
anger and revenge, untl arc Incapable
of feeling the pleasure of forgiving
their enemies.—Chesterfield.
**.*• porson should go Irom homo without a
bottle of Dr. J. D K.olltg'a Dysentery Cordial in
their possession, as 11 chisiii'u of water, 1-nul.iiis;,
cli mil iv, etc., frequently brings on summer complaint, and thoro Is notions; liko bcim; ready
with a Biiro rumoily at hand, which uln-n'. 1 nn 1
saves great snlleiinsr, nnd fresmenlly valuablo
lives. This Cordial has gained for itself nw:ilo
spread i-tspntntion for affording prompt, rsliof
t.-oin allbummor tximplauits.
N. thing jars a mun ho ninth as
tlio discovery that lie hns married a
woman who delights in coming dot 11
to his office and putting things in
Every time care drives a nail in
your wooden overcoat laugh heartily and draw it out.
When a wise man reaches the top
of the ladder he immediately proceeds to make himself secure in the
An Irish philosopher says zero
weather is due to the fact tluit the
heat of tho sun is colder in winter
than it  is in summer.
Nothing can constitute good in ceding which has not good nature for
its foundation.—Bulwer.
A cruel story runs on wheels, and
every hand oils the wheels ns they
run.—George Eliot.
That which is given with pride
ami ostentation is rather un ambition thun a bounty.—Seneca.
Childhood may do without a grand
purpose, but manhood cannot.— J.
O. Holland.
Despatch ll the soul of business.-
Lord Chesterfiejd.
Give a man half a chance nntl he
will ts'll of a grudge be has against
some other man.
Thero never was, nnd never will be, a
universal pnn:ir*ea, in one rcsudy, lor nil ill?
to which flesh is hoir—tho very naturo of
many curatives being ouch thut were tlie
gonna of other nud differently seated dis-
1*0004 rooted in the cystcm nt the patient—
what would relievo one Ul in turn ws.uld og-
mrnvato tho other. Wo have, hov.wer, Ir.
Quinine Wine, whet, ohtnlnnblo in nes.und
iiniulultera.* d etato, a remedy fa* Many nrr*
grievous li a. By ita gradual and judiciou:
uso tho frailest systems aro led into convr-
le-wence. and s-trength by Iho. bill is nco whic'i
Quinine exerts 1 n nature's own .saluiall'W.
It relieves tho drooping spirits o" those with
whom a chronic etato ot morbid doi-pontl-
ency nnd lack of im,'-i-. t in lifo Isn di^aso
and, by tranquilizing ho nerves, dis.i^saos to
sound and refreshing sleeii—Imparls viper
to the action of tbo blood, v.hsli, being
-.tinmli'ti'd, courses throughout the vein*.,
tti'i'iigtliciiinit tho healthy unimal lund'oat
of tlio system, thereby ui.il.ii.f". activity :>
necessary result, strengthening tho frame,
and giving life to the digi'slive organs, which
iinturally domi'.nrt increased Bubotunco—re-
-nlt, improvor1. nppetito. KorUiropsSs Lyman,
of Toronto shave given to Uso publio their
sn p.'I'lor Quiii iiis; Wine at the uud rate, and.
gaugea by tho opinion of (scientist*), thi.
wine iipnroaciiosi nearest *porfs*<*tiiin of any ir
tho market.   All <' i >-..j. •i-.l -- -il it.
Lawyers Occasionally make mistakes, but they seldom tiring suil
against  one another.
In wnshtnn wnoll-ma ansl ft snnols, tho soft
sssar mn.lo from Lsvst'l Pry iS.iap us povds .
will be found very svutssfacUsry.
No' mini has n moral riglit to ilis-
close a cloven breath during the
tsi byllsu want of i.cliuii hi iliu hlllnry dnct-i
loss nt vitality In tbo stomach m ntnlo Um
gtstrlcJulcoB, witbout whlohq'gt*»tlcm cannot
gosinj aKsboinptbo prlnolpiil etnMOf lie tl*
ooho, Pnrmolooa Vopolnblorill.-i luken beforo
g'llng to boil, for a wisllo, iso>st lull to give ri«-
liof and offoet a cure. Mr. W. K. Anhslown, Asb-
sliiwn, Ont... writes: " Psmslss'l 1'ills nro taking ihs lead against tsn olkur uiakuslhuvo in
stock "
It is but natural that u man
should got hot when others "roust"
Keen HlHaKD'3 LitiiHEnT ll lie Bouse.
A duck of a mun is apt to muKe a
goose of a husband.
Thrtrols more Catarrh In ihU rod Ion of Um
country than nil oilier di eases jiul loKc'ks*r,
ami until tbo l.i.-t, few joars wassuuivn '-il to bo
incurable. 1 urn great many yoa... aoctni'spro-
nouucod it n loeni allSBSS, ar.sl proscribed local
remedies, nntl DI 0on.sta11l.ly fnliiiiit tn^ur.) wil Is
local troatmont, pramMed it IncuraUs.
Ucinneo bns piovoncatiirrb to DOS000 lilnliun-
nl ili,.s:i ", uns! tli"r fsirn rC'iuirii constitute n-
al tiontmenU Il.dl's Catarrh Cmc, mnn'if.ic
turod by l". J Choiioy & Css., T.'lss.l<>. Ohio, I*
tho only ponstltqtional rnr 11 im market.    i<
Is takon intorni'lly hi dss-stvi frssm U.sbi'1" l" <\
nupoauul. It sots directly on tbo blood dim
isiiiisms Biu-fisoos of the gystotn. Tbey oiler .mis
Iniudrixlilollnrsfor any caso It fails to euro.
Hond for olroiilnrsantl lsssl,lmenlnl< , _
Aildross     V J. 01IKNKV.Vl'O.,Ti.V-ls.,ll
Bolsi liy l)rngKlsts,1.*Ki.   .
Hull's '•'iiiiii.y 1'ills aro tbo lie.-.
Wcttk mon believe In luck;    strong
men believe in cause and effect.
How a Remarkable Case of
Paralysis Was Cured.
Joseph Brown Attracts Attention of Physicians,
Scientists and Sick
From the Mail und LTmpiro.
Oshawa, Ont., March 3.—Joseph
Brown, whose case was fully reported iu the Mail und Empire some linn'
ago, seems to be the most talked-ol
ami written about luiui in Canada,
lie is in receipt duily of many letters from all over ihe Dominion.
Physician* and scientists, us well ns
sick people, write him, und many
untl often amusing questions nre
nsked. To all Mr. lirown answers :
"I hi.ve given my sworn statement,
and it tells my story. Dotld's Kidney Pills cured me, und that nfter 1
had been partially paralyzed nntl unable to move for over four months,
antl given up by many doctors."
Many people have been puzlled as
to how* a k:dney medicine can cure
paralysis. Tins is easily understood
when ir. is rememhtied that the kid-
ns'y poison which is U10 direct result
of kidney weakness, is most, destructive to all healthy tissue and nerve.
Seventy-five per cent of all nervous
diBooses,paralysis und brain troubles,
is -directly caused by weak kidneys,
allowing violent poisons to escape
through the system to derange und
Hodd's Kidney Pills, by correcting
the action of the kidneys, encourage
these natural Altera of the blood to
extract and expel the poisons, thus
removing the cause of many of these
dangerous ailments, which are not
generally   spoken of us kidney   dis-
We must conform, to a certain extent, to the conventionalities of society, for they are the ripened results of a varied and long experience.—A. A. Hodge.
Every great antl commnnding movement in thc annals of the world is
the triumph of enthusiasm. Nothing
great was ever achieved without it.
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth more than     REDUC£*S
Two ounces of impure soap. EXPE-NsSE
sltk for the Octagon Bar      If   your    grocer cain.ot   supply,  vS o to        .
1KVEB BSOTHER",  LlliriX*). Toronto, Bending  his name and i.. 're»3,      J
. i.nd   s   trial   caniplo  ol   Bnnlight Scap   •will  bo Mat yoa  f• h. cf cost. S
Cv*jyrnji> 4tn?sx/$  fats J!e4^ v^Jicc/
prr -tut in*-,
hi        rt
(Job mVtlmi/ a^ks mViMs sC£jW'\Jtys-
4t£ U*.
1! j 1 i:;: ^teifilfelpb a_rj ■■■■. ■:-■, b •- kj,<:L. M
1 This is the Pnge Standard II lfarFenco, madts r.f '•par'*" wire which l:i twice ai .str*ing as
1 common wire. l*ho continuous coil, note wavy apprnrance, oil r.-.m tor rjspaiwlon sndeon
1! rnction which in important owlnR to sOonndian climate. Our upright w'u *.' a*, e in one pies-e
land have «trer,i;th of abont SDOpoumla. If infiilo of iiiecos spllerci t each borisontel, t'-.ey
■ wonld have nstrenfrthof only about SOripotiinli WO also Biski .e.d. .-•..-r.jatntr.l £er.cv-i.
I poultry netting, nisila and atntslif. 1 -ss Paqs WlrsFfsscsfo.. umll**d. WslttSWlMs. OM. t
litis** & ho.-*.s, General Agents, liox i<
iii>i^. Mou
Wiiuiiiii's; n d St. I'uiil
we have sobi between "(400,000
and |QOO,000 worth of property 'in
Manitoba nmi tlu* Northwest Territories, and we expect i.> sell a very
much larger amount than this dur-
inn the next four months
ing tin* whssle sn the Northwest
em stuts-s, and are in communication with it large proportion ol th •
prospective buyers ol Canadian (arm
lands luni siths-r real estate in Manitoba uml the Territories Wo are o>i-
VOTtlsIng    extensively     in    llu*   daily
and weekly papers and havo about
LOO local agents We havo a demand
for Unproved farms in Manltobaand
for buslneaa property In tho   towns
and villages in Manitoba and the
Territories. We have csuii inr.al in-
ipiiiies from parties who wish to
rs*nt Unproved fnrins. We are in a
position to advise prospective buyers (if unable to sell them) as I"
where they will lie able lo make the
best selections of land, us wo havo
a system of inspection covering all
the desirable localities iii Manitoba
and the Northwest Territories
1 thing in the way ot farm binds or
city property, communicate with us:
and if you want to sell anything
have it listed with us. if possible,
giv? us thirty dnys' opt inn at your
price, as we will then make 0 mmti
more active effort to sell than if It
wns lort. In our hands tn common
with other agents. Wc own BJIO
have for sale 800,000 acres of 1 nd
south of Indian Head    In the   boot
wheat nntl tlax growing country of
Canada, which we are offering a
from "fCs to *7 per acre; land that
we expect to have Sold within th"
next three months, lt is on opportunity to get into this flume district "which will not occur again! nnd
the lands which will grow .'l.r. to ■""
bushels of lOOnd wheat to tho aire
are very limited.
-THK RAflUM r,\N0 ani> i^'.1;,;';;
I   ment On., ion Plon si Vt m Bull •» •
SI. I'aul  and  1 oru 11 Bldg,Winnipeg  M "■
I Do not flare to live wilhout some
clear intention toward which your
living    shall  be  bent.     Mean     to   lie
something with all your might —
Philip Brooks.
OUT OF SORTS.—Svmpi,oti*«. Ife-iibc*..-*, lo I
of appetite, fmri-d tongue, und K uoral isn i:i-
! 1 issitlon. ThosM)symptoms, if vokIocIosI, dovelsip
I into itmtsdisease    it laatnta isjrlngthM an
! ••iiuice or isroveatinn 1*1 worth s. |sns*nsl of cure,
II sssla littlo SttenttflB at this point may snvo
ni nlhsofcickiisssnndlarittidoclsir'ii lulls,  t r
11 Ids MDplaint tssko from HO to thrcoof l'srroe*
I li*o's Vegetatslo I'dlson folnt to Isosl, snd.one or
I two fsir thr o uishU in succession, and « curo
\. ni !'sjelUs..Ii.'l.
A  Plucky  Unpen.
While the queen of tlie Belgians was
driving the other day In a pony chaise
In the environs of Spa she met a rag
picker's cart drawn iiy a dog, which
wns being cruelly beaten by the two
occupants. The queen drew ber carriage across tbe road und requested tbe
ragpickers to cense ill treating the dog.
Their only reply was a volley of Insulting language, while tliey thrashed the
unfortunate animal more brutally than
Her majesty thereupon turned her
carriage round nud followed the men to
Theux, where she hnd them arrested
for cruelty. On the police authorities
wishing to add the charge of insulting
the queen, her majesty asked tbem to
strike It out, ns she made her complaint
solely In her capacity as a member of
the Society For the Protection of Animals.  *
n.-H-ioiisllsintlea  of nictipa.
Speaking of tbe responsibilities that
riches bring, no sooner hnve <*m
wealthy classes leitrnetl to pronounn
"el el"*   with   col'.'.iilrni-e   than   "slinii:
four" begins io come lu.
Evasion is unworthy of us, nnd is
always tlie intimate of equivocation.
Cleanse the fountain if you would
purilj the streams.—A Dronsou Ai-
To accept good advice is but  10 increase one's own ability.—(ieot'ie.
To find fault is easy; to do better
mav be difficult.—Plutarch.
Inii thy discontents lie thy secrets.
Benjninln Franklin.
Purpose is what gives a meaning.
Knowledge  is  the  root,    will    the
stem,  and results thc grain.
Hope For Consumptives
"Let me take your check," is thc
inn.:!  popular after-dinner speech.
HIUAHD'S UNDENT liiimkriMii's Fiienil.
A  vary  young  man  is upl   to  lose
his heart and bead simultaneously.
Actions BpOak lousier than words
Somo men never say die, yet tbey all
have to do il.
Pnaalnu of Snlllnir Barks.
Not many yo/irs ngo the ICnst river
water front was a "forest of tiiusts."
Today a dozen smokestacks take their
place. Poetry has given place to tho
dullest and driest of prose. An illustration of the sorrowful pass to which
sailing vessels In lhe niercbnnt murine
havo come was related hist week liy
the son of a once wealthy shipowner,
now dead.
"I was present In my youth." snld
he, "nt the christening of ono of my
father's barks. 11 quarter of a century
ago. The vessel cost nbout $:i".ikki.
In Its mnldcti voyage to Australia It
cleared a net pro'.lt of more than $3.rs,-
(KM!-more thn 11 paid for Itself. In fact.
"Not long since, while settling up my
fatber*! estate. $.">0 wns offered to 1110
lor nn eighth interest In another bark
which he hud owned, lt cost him
$I.IK)(). I took the offer, lt was a question of taking $.rs0 or paying an usscsb-
ment of 1200, nnd. ns I wns not empowered to spend money of tbo estate
and saw no probable prollt if I did, I
took the cash."
Statistics Trove That Moro Deaths
Occur From Consumption Than
From All Other Contagious Discuses Combined—How Pest to
Combat  the Din-ease.
Ths* ravages of consumption
throughout Canada is something appalling. In the province of Ontario,
where statistics 01' deaths trom all
diseases are carefully kept, it is
slit wr. that '2,-SO of the ilea I lis occurring during the year I'.ltll wore
due to Consumption, or about 40 |cr
cent more than the number t* deaths
occui ring from all other contagious
diseases combined. These figures are
stariling and show the urgent necessity of taking every available
means for combatting a disease- that
ycatly claims BO many viell-us. The
time tsi cure consumption is ''.'I alter the lungs are hopolossly Involved
and lite doctors have given up hope.
Taken in its early stng"s. CollSllinp
tion 's curable. Oonsumpi Ion 11 a
wasting disease of the lungs and 111
the earliest symptom of lung trouble
steps should be taken to arrest the
waste and thus stop the disease.
Consumption preys upon weakness.
Strength is the best measure of safety, Dr. Williams' Pink 1'ills are the
best tonic and strength builder
known to medical science. Tin* record of "this medicine speaks for Itsolf
and proves conclusively that taken
when the symptoms of consumption
develop they build up, strengthen
and invigorate the patient to a
point   where  disease disappears    in
proof of Ibis take the case of tldege
St. George, of St. Jerome, Que,who
says :—
"About a year ago I became greatly run down. 1 lust color, suffered
constantly from headaches and pains
in the sides ; my appetite loft me.
and I became very weak. Then I
was attacked by a cough, and was
told that l wns in consumption. The
doctor orderod me to the Laurentian
Mountains, fn the hope that tho
change ol nir wool** benefli mo, 1
remained tben* for some time, but
disl not improve, and returned homo
feeling that 1 had not much longer
to live. I then deoided t«> use i»i
Williams' i'ink Pills. After using
several boxes niy appetite began to
return, and this seemed to mark the
chango which brought about my recovery, for with the Improved appo-
tlto came gradual but surely Increasing  Strength.    1  continued  the  use oi
ihe pills, and skilly fell the weakness
disappear, until finally 1 was again
enjoying g"1"1 health, and now, us
those wlio I.uow me can BOB, 1 show
no trace of the illness I passed
through' 1 bolloVo Dr. Williams'
i'ink Pills saved my life, nnd I hope
my statement will Induce snnHar
sufferers to try them."
These pills are also n certain euro
for the after effects of l.t grlppo and
pneumonia, which frequonUy develops into consumption. Through their
blood renewing,' strengtlietung qualities tbey also    cure   anaemia,    heart
troubles,    neuralgia,      rheumatism,
Stomach troubles, kidney and llvei
ailments nnd the funs tisuiul weaknesses that mnke tin* lives of so
many women a source of con-Haul
misery. There are many Imitations
of tins ineiliciiii! and the health seek*
er should protOCl himself by seeinc
dial tha full name. " Dr. \\ illlams'
Pink   Pills  for   Pale  People"     Is     on
every box.    SoM by nil-  dealers   In
medicine or sent post paid ut TiO
cents  0   box  or    six  boxes   for   !
bv addressing tho Dr, will;. 1. ■•
Medicine Co., Brockville, Out
The lie that  Hatters I  abhor    I.he
Genius   is    infinite   painstaking.—
l&mJZ E'R'S;
Beardless Bariei
U ,->.u.ti>-nUy t>ro)i(!o, yield'
Iok in 1WU for -Mr. Welle,
<>.■ ii'H"ii Co., New York, 109
tic-hell p-jr aer«. Doe* well
ewarywhere.   That pajfcv
20th Century Oats.
'iheoat matrTfl, proiluolug
from 209 to 300 bul. per tore.
" .lUiT'e.   Oftta   are   war-
•itc.i to pro-ii.ee great
5**"l.ts.    ThtU. a. Ag. l>.'"*t.
■-''■•» tbem the very beetl
'J hat pttyo,
Threo Bared Corn.
W0 to £50 bill, per ft'-re, In
extremely pronuble at prea-
<■■.■. ■■n, s usicutr,. BftUer'a
NMI pg-OdOgg gvcryuhete.
Marvel Wheat
yiddedin 30 States laslyee-
over 40 bui. per aere. We aUo
fcavotliecolebratcd M-*«-<- t-
on our rarma Gi bul, po- tc*-*.
Tlittt payw.
0'«ut''*t e-Tcal food on
*ftrtti"M> bus. grain audi
tr.ui mapillc-it bay per
turc.   Thut -ni-..,
Victoria Rape
make* It poaHible to grow
host, ■heepaudoattlo at a
r. it or but lea 11). Wan 1*
cunly -prolific?, does well
•csetywhero. Thnt pay**.
Bromua Inermia.
Uost WoudcTful grasa ol I
tl.rt fi'Htury.l'rodiKi'iOtoni '
of bay aud tola aad lota of
r-i.■ i.irago be .i Ua par acre.
Iruwa   whererer   toll   t« I
1 f-.i.-i l,    HaUcr-w ie«d la
•ftartapted*   That payAa
810*00 for 16c.
We) wish yoo to tt*/ our
\ gioat   farm   aeeda,   ocnee :
CjOV to (.1'inl 10 farm a*-«-t  !
J ■■•iiiiplc-i.oonialiiliifl'IIiouiaud  .
ll**ii.ts:si K.ilis, Ti'ii'ilute, Hap!-.
' Alfalfa. 8pelti, eta. ((tally worth
'r|1().(N)tofo-.aatar'| together wiib
our grea. catalog, f-iTlSopeetaga.
* romc into possession of 114,000
—wishes to correspond with honest,
Intelligent man. who would appreciate o good wife. Box 2,538, Toronto, Ont.
% Traveler'*! Story  of What Ha Saw
In   I isiss-i*   Ilisrsssu.
When In cniup the other day, I was
riding through a village when the village headman asked me If I would like
to Fee "the lish." I, not knowing what
the headman meant, nt once went with
him down to the banks of the Btiviitn,
followed liy several villagers with
baskets of sessiinuin and paddy mixed
together. Then the tlmggi ealled "Lay,
lay, lay, lay," for a few moments,
when, lo and behold, a large herd of
ngatwe, or big. short, flattish fish,
runic up just under our feet and were
promptly fed liy the Uurmiuis.
The fish were amazingly tame and
tolerated being stroked and petted
even by inc. There were In all nbout
thirty-three of them, varying in size
from eighteen Inches to throe and a
half feet long, thc larger ones having
a girth at the gills of about thirty inches. Tliey would go away and .come
back whenever they were called.
The villagers told me—and 1 see no
reason to doubt what they say—that
these same fish come up against the
monsoon flood at the end of .Tune and
go away nbout October every year.
They can recognize individual lish by
marks, sears, etc., which they pointed
out to me.
The Mon Is nearly dry In the cold
and end of the hot weather, and the
fact that these fish return to this one
village landing stage every year rog-
Ularly and never go to any other Is
quite worthy of remark. A villager
who kills any of them has to undergo
a penalty of 10 shillings liy common
consent, und gr^nt care Is lu couse-
sjiis'iice taki'ii of tbem.
The ngatwe of upper Donne Is a
very short, thick fish,.tapering rapidly
from behind thc gills to the tall, has
long feelers on both Upper and lower
lip and has uo noticeable teeth. Ho
mnkes very good eating and has but
few bones. I have ol'ien heard of tame
fish in tanks, but n herd of tame lish
In a mbdSOOn river connected With the
great Irnwudi is a very bizarre phenomenon. 	
Aniritlirtlca In Chlnn.
A Chinese manuscript In lhe Paris library proves that untcsthctics for sur*
gisal purposes were used In China
l.TiKl years ago.   lt stats's lliat wheu a
Burgeon conducted a serious operation
he gave a decoction to the patient, who
after a few moments became as Insensible ns If be were dead. Then, as the
case required, the surgeon performed
the operation—Incision or amputation-
nmi removed the cause of the malady,
Tin n l.e binimht together and secured
tin tissues and applied liniments, "After a eeit.lin nitinher of slays the pa-
tit "it recovered without having experienced  Ihi" :■!;;!.!'   I  pain during the
Ami l"t i!' supply yoa with
li i'.Iimi! i-ui.iniiiliirn till tluit
V. :"  I.I       ll'."l! Up J, Hill' |s,i ■-!• s
nnsi |s!..ii ii   your  reisda.-s
nmi iislvorii "i .   Writs in)
for n-.| iinntcss ml iinythiiiu
i'i primer's insiiiii ml.   : i i
115 V- fx.i-iii.it Av.s., Winnipeg.
W. N.  U. No. .W7 THI? DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C, MARCH 21, 1P02.
iC. E. Smitueringali!, Editor aud Prop.
iSLOCAN,      •      -       •       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line (ot
•the first insertion and5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificsts-s of Improvement, 17 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
»t legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a llu*
•ior each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
Tlie Subscription is $2 per year, st.-ict-
ly in advance; (-2.50 a year ii not so paid.
Address all letters lo—
Slocan, B, C.
A pencil mark in ths space
•opposite will be an imlica-
nion to you that ye editor
considers there is lOmethi ng
eoniing to him sn your subscription. Kindly acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
jci)rioi*iai. cRomitua.
Smith. Curtis has made definite
charges against Premier Dunsmuir
mn] his fellow-members in the cab
■inet rn connection with the Canada
Northern Railway deal. ThechargcB
.embrace grave misconduct and grossed wilful neglect of duty. Curtis
-has a-ked fjr a ceimiiiitee of
•enquiry. _________
The   Canada  Northern Railway
-project, with its bonus of $4500 and
20,000 acres of land per mile,  has
-somewhat dropped out of sight, being:
,conveniently laid away for another
trying time.    It served its purpose
nnd Col. Prior was elected,  thereby
saving ihe government and ensuring
himself a nice billet.
"■if one could place any reliance
■ upon the reported amalgamation oi
the Chapleau and Camp Mansfield
properties, thero would be just
grounds for anticipating a pretty
lively summer in the camp. As it is
the outlook is cheerful, and ore
shipments continue steady, being now
.well above the 1000-ton mark.
'Up to the present the government's
.promise to introduce a redistribution
bill has net been fulfilled,  but inklings of its scope havo leaked out.
According to the press reports,  the
.bill will follow very closely  John
Houston's scheme of redistribution, as
..published in tho Nelson Tribune two
months agsi.   The representation in
ithehouse will be increased by possibly
.five new members, which will be
given to tho Mainland.    The Island
would lesc one or two members and
the Lillooets one, while the Kootcn-
asy and   Vale,    with   Vancouver,
-would  secure the additional mem
bers.   The Slocan riding will likely
be divided, and a member given te
.Sandon and the Slocan lake country.
However, the bill is likely to undergo considerable change before being
adopted. _________
That bombastic body of commercial
cure alls, known as the Associated
Boards of Trade,  bave come in for
some rough handling because of the
ii-ol proposition they made in their
-resolution on tho mineral tax, passed
.recently at Kaslo.   Not only has the
press jumped on them severely,  but
-the beards of trade at Nelson and
Kaslo bave   hastened   to disclaim
. any part or parcel in the scheme advanced,  of  further increasing the
financial burdens of tho prospector.
-Tho   two   burgs* named havo  repudiated the actions of their delegates
to the Kaslo convention and have
•sought to undo the evil work there
done.    A stirring lesson has been
.-taught tha over-zealous disciples of
-trade, and in future they will be more
.guarded in their actions.   The pros
;pector may be poor, but he has hosts
of friends.
Acting upon the representations of
,-the   subordinate    unions,   the dis
-trict association of the Western Federation of Miners haa called a provincial   convention   ef   all   laber
organizations, single* tax associations,
Socialist bodies  and other reform
movements, to be held at Kamloepa,
on Monday, April 14th.   The objects
of t ho con ven tion are:   To unite a nd
harmonize   all  laber organizations
,and rrf rm bodies in tha province for
purposes of political action; to adopt
a provincial platform and promulgate
a policy for the guidance of organized
labor and ether reform bodies   in
.future political campaigns; to do any
or all other things which In tho Judgment of thc convention will in any
way protect or promote the interests
Of those represented. The call for
tlio convention is signed by James
Wilks, president; Rupert Bulmer,
vice-president, Rossland; and Alfred
Parr, secretary-treasurer, Ymir.
Wm. Brasch is in the Jubilee hospital, at Victoria.
The wearing ef tho ureen wsb not
much in vogue Monday.
A vast quantity of new snow has
fallen in the hills of late.
Bennett & Co. had a verv successful mi liucry opening on Tuesday.
Rev. J. 8. Pye, Sandon, preached
in the Methodist church last Sunday.
The Cranbrook Herald has entered
its fifth year. Like wine, it improves
with age.
Born.—In Nelson, on March 16,
the wife of James Wilks, of a
Geo. Smith, freight clerk at the
depot, has gone to Victoria for medical treatment.
Easter Sunday and the spring ex
hibition of new hats and costumes
occurs on thc3Cth.
W. II. Sandiford, manager of thc
Bosun, New Denver, will return
from England about May 1.
The kids have been running the
skating rink during the week, and
have been having a hugo time.
Service will be held In St. Paul's
church next Sundav, morning and
evening.   W. H. Iledley, vicar.
W. A. Alexander, late ofthe Inter
national hotel, has gone to the
Thunder Mountain camp, Idaho.
Chas. Dempster was in Rossland
last week, owing to tho illness ef
his wife,   lie has gone east again.
A great deal of sickness is prevailing in the city, whooping cough
being prevalent among the juveniles.
The names of Aid. Robertson and
Geo. Nichol appeared in last week's
Gazette as lioense commissioners fer
James E, Orr has assigned to John
Bull for the benefit of his creditors.
The latter are to meet hero on tbe
26tk inst.
The Lardeau Eagle, published at
Ferguson, is offered fur sale. Editor
Pettipiece is going to Victoria to edit
a Socialist paper.
Clerk Foley has been notified of (he
appointment of Aid. Robertson and
Geo. Nichol to thc board of police
commissioners for thc city.
Prospectors must pay freight on
their outfits when traveling on the
Slocan, and tin bills inns', lie made
out by tho C. P. R. agent.
Tenders are being invited by thc
Imperial Bank. Nelson, for the purchase ofthe Nelson Miner newspaper
plant, stock, debts and Rood frill.
The Sandon Miners' Union hospital
held its annual ball on Monday
evening. Dr. Forin wont up from
here to represent the local institution,
The Drill hereby amends Its
statement of last week, to tbe effect
that ping pong has broken out here,
the mania claiming several victims.
Inspector Wilson visited the public
school on Thursday and put the
youngsters through their paces. It
was the first iaspection made in two
Orders have been issued for hotels
to safeguard the front doors ef their
upper stories where no verandahs
exist, so that no accidents may
Easter holiday rates on C. P. R.
are announced at one fare aad one-
third. Tickets will be on sale March
27th and 28th, good to return till
April 2d.
The Alabama Warblers got a
bumper house Saturday night, a favor
Ihey were far from meriting. McKanlass himself is good, out the
others decidedly on tlie rough. Colored were the performers and colored
was the show.
One of the colored damsels belonging to tbe Alabama Warblers got a
bad tumble after the show Saturday
night. She stepped out ef the front
door of the second story of the Roval
hotel and fell to the .sidewalk. Her
memory was jarred.
There was a largo attendance at
tho masquerado ball given by the
band boys in the Music Hall, Monday
night. The number in costume was
greater than last year and the effect
was most pleasing As everything
was donated, the boys cleaned up a
tidy sum.
W. J. Twins, of Kaslo, general
agent for the Mutual Life of Canada.
wa3 in town this week. He stated
his eld, popular and reliable company was in a mest prosperous condition, having had one of tbe best
twelve months in all departments
ever experienced in its history of
over thirty years. Tho Mutual leads
all other companies in dividends to
policy holders, a fact whish is now
known throughout the length nnd
breadth ef Canada. In selling a
"model policy in a model companv,"
security absolute and beyond question is given
a tourist association.
Editor Dkill:
Sir.—At a public meeting held here
on the 4th inst. it was decided to form
a tourist associatian, covering, if
pos Ible, the whole ofsouthwest Keot-
enay. A6 we feel that in order te
make it a success and obtain important results by advertising our
country and placing its attractions
before'tlie public al a distance, it is
absolutely necessary for all sections
to join hands.
Our desire is to obtain the opinions
»f the merchants and businen men
of ench section, and, if the .preject
meets with general approval, to organize local boards at each point,
and all matters pertaining to each
section to be under their supervision
and in that way to get up an attractive pamphlet, well illustrated, and
obtain tho cooperation ef the railways in its distribution; and also to
appoint a good live man as secretary
who could visit each section when
Wo hnve already started an association here. The membership fee is
fixed at $1, and so far we have met
with great suecess, having obtained
a membership of about 150, with the
probability of getting from 50 to 100
more. . ....
We shall be glad if ycu will take
this matter up with friends in your
neighborhood and let us have yonr
views os to tho assistance we might
expect from each section. Wc shall
be pleased to get this information at
as early a date as possible.
Yours respectfully,
J. Fiied IIumk, President
Melvillb Parry, Sec'y pro. tern.
Nclsou, B C.
Appended is a complete list of the var
ions records registered at the local regis
try office, II. P. Christie being mining
Mar 11— Quien Sabe, Morning Star fr
for S "/ears, Morning Star for 3 yearn,
Evening Star for 3 years, Pretoria for 3
years, Bruce for 3 year", Calumet for S
years, Ilecla for 3 years.
Mar 10—Bonnie Doon J, J Fleming to
G McLean.
Independence }£, J Skinner to W T
Great Northorn %, affidavit re notice
of delinquent co-owner lo A 10  11 illnuin.
11— Gerty R fraction "*, W Adams to
J Frank Collom.
12—Oregon «, N FMcNjuj-ht toR AV
14—Champion fraction, R E All n to
Mario K Dempster.
The Murcutt Branch
of tiie W.C.T.U., Slocax,
Meets the second Thursday in euch montU
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in tbe Prea-
hyterlatichurch. All meetings opee
to those wishing t  join.
Miss K.STOuaitTON, Mkk.M.D.McKi*.i
President. Cor. Secretary.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.     k
The Leading Parlors:
Dissolution Notice.
*V*OTICK is hereby (rivan that tlse partnership
il liaratufssro subsisting lietirisen the umlar-
."•is-.-neil, carrying un biigiuasi n* brtictrists, at
SlsK-aii. in \\ est Kootaniiy. nndor the firm name
of J. L. White A Co., is this day slissolvesl by
mutual riinsont.
All dehta clue to the said firm are to he paid
to the undersigned, John A. Andersson, who will
psiy all the debts of the said tlrm.
Dated the 1st day of January, A.D. 1902.
H.C.O. White, <!       J.L.WHITE
A. York.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be without a range whea
you can get one so cheap ? The?
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
EJ. ~
Pursuant to the "Creditors' Trust Deeds Act,"
NOTICE Is hereby riven thnt James K. Orr.of
Slocan, llritish Columbia, Retail Mer
chant, hns by deed of assignment, benrina* date
the Sth rtujr of March lustnut, assigned all hi*
peiaoual property, real estiste. cresiita and «f.
fects, which mny be ssslaesl and sold under ex..
ciition, toJohn Hull, of Slocan nforesnid, Merchant, for the purpose of paying nnd aatis'yln*-
rntenbly and proportionately, without preference or prioritr, all the creslltors of the assignor their juat debts.
NOTICK Is also heiobyf-lren thnt a meeting
of the cro'lltora a called for Weiliins.lHy. tha
HU1 slny of March, 1S02, nt the place of biisliii,,*
of the snid nsilg-neo, in Blocan aforesnitl, nt the
hour of 12.30 o'oiock in the nfteraossn, In mirsii-
ance ssf the said Act for the **lvin** of directions
witli reference to the disposal of the said es-
A D*\wti 8loc*"-' B' C" iUl* ■****■■■Au* el March,
Klliot a Lennie,
Solicitors for the Assignoe.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
J. I.
B. A. Sc
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      - B. C.
To the Ladies
of Slocan   .   •
Tiie season for Wallpaper is
here, ami we have received
a fine tin* of papers from
one of the best firms in Canada. Tho prices will hs
found very reasonable, etps-
cially as all customs duties
will be saved. Splendid assortment and first class
goods. We represent no trust
but trust solely to the judgment of the people.
You are Invited
To oxaatine the best line of Scotch
Tweeds, English Worsteds and
Irish Worsteds ever shown in Sloean; also all the latest designs in
Pantiiigs.   Remember,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and the Union Label is a guarantee of the best workmanship, We
iruarantee satisfaction and a pcr-
ect fit.    _______
We have added a select line of
Compare our reasonable prices—Fine
White Shirts, $1; Collars, 15c; Regatta
Shirts, in fancy stripes, with collars
and cuffs attached, 75c each; Underwear, from $2 a suit; California flannel underwear, $4 a suit, this line being imparted direct by ourselves; tho
beet que ity Black Felt Hat, Union
label $3.50, equal to the Stetson Hat
in every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opposite The Drill Office.
■tar. alls ait Baiidoa.
Slocan City Miners* On,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slucan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Sold by All Newsdealers
Fural.h.a Monthly te all Iotch ol Bong
and Murde a raaS rolume et* Raw, Choice
Copyright CompeslMoae br th* moat popular aothon. ta fagee ef Plane Music,
ball Vooa), ball Initrumaolal-ai Complete
flocee fer flano—Onee a Month for ag
Cant*. Yearly Subaerlption, ga.ee. Ifyou
will Mad •• the nana and addNM ot Turn
yea a eopy of the MagaMne froo.
J. W. PIPPIN, Publisher,
■Ighth * Locust gu., Philadelphia, Pe.
D. n. Ferry's Famous Garden Seeds, Flower Seeds,
Grass Seed, Seeds in packages and Seeds in bulk.
Our Potato Onions aad
Dutch Sets will be in iu
ft few weeks. Leavo
your order and ensure
an early supply,
Do not send
East for your
Furniture !
We can aupply you In High
Grade Furniture. Carpets,
Oilcloths, and Linoleums, at
lowest prices.
Parlor Suites,
Pendesote Couches,
Wicker Chairs,
Iron and Brass Beds,
Bedroom Suites,
Rockers of all kinds; etc.
We handle everything to
make a home comfortable
Write to us for prices.
Neleen.B^. *
Do You
Want a Home ?
Then come to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room. Scenery** Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes,Sohool
Hospital, Pnblio Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, baoked np by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, bnt a stern reality.
per annum.
Fare and one-third
on sale
March 37, 28, 39.
to return
April and.
For rates and full
Information apply
to local agents.
J. S. CARTER,     ft J. 0OTL1,
D.P.A., A.G. P. A.,
Nelson. Tattoom*
Agent, SlocftivCitsr


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