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The Slocan Drill 1903-10-16

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St. 29.
8LO0AN,   li.   C,   DCIOBER   16,   1903.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
fhe Best Canned G*&s4?
are the best value, no matter what the
price is. We have the famous Simcoe
brand of canned Fruits and Vegetables,
and our price is as low as you pay for inferior goods ,
We have others if you should want them.
W.T. Shatford & Co.
slocan, b. c.
* *™*r -
III reached by any trail or road
I tbat runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Ar li ngton    Hotel
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Tbii popular hotf 1 in cenvenient lo tho bonis antl trains.   The diiiinsr room
liitr.iily up to -late while the bar is supplied with the best in tho umrkci.
P A TPC •   Travelling men, using Sample Rooms. $2.60 per dtfj ■
A/i 1 CO •    wlthtniSample Kooma.$2; hoard gper week; meal- "■■>
G W.l>hilpott & Co.
Having ssieiired premise* on Main street, wo are prepared to
handle all kinds of Garden Truck, Farm Product, and Dairy
Products, and are open to receive shipments from any of the
ruchers in Slocan Vallev. A full stock will lx* kept on band.
HciiHtholders will lie supplied dailv with fresh good*- by wagon.
PRICES REASONABLE.   Will handle in quantity fur mines.
Commission Agents,
Slocan, British Columbia
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
Wept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
TAILOR. . . g
—    ,    0
Wn carry a full line Of gj
Imported     Worsted*". H
Seizes   and   Tweeds*. .*■%
Latest designs shown Q»*Q
in Panting*. sJJtjQ
A Guarantee is Given &
ns to Fit, Finish antl Work
•Jan l 00? Wllt* BK *tv-
ir"!t*i'.._.   ..ll» YEAR.
All AvaiUhlu Mossoy Kaes|Ulr«tl to r..t...t
S|iB'ittKui' Craek—Townilto CompHay
a. fnr ssot Ptjl.l Their Taxe. Sclioal
TrsssjtsjdOsjtuis Addltlanal <irmit.
The city council met in regular session on Monday night. Present; Aid.
Smith, McNeish, Arnot anil Worden.
Communications read: From .lames
Cross, asking for a transfer of the li-
cenaa un thu Boyal Hotel.   Referred
to the license commissioners.
Bills presented: McCallum & Co,,
lumber ami spikes, S2.r>.3..; K. A.
Bradshaw, stationery, $1; 0. McDonald, repairs to Bpringer bridge, $10.60j
payroll for September, $96.66. Latter
ordered paid and hills referred to the'
finance committee.
The clerk reported that $1209.00 had
teen collected in taxes this year, and
there was a balance in thi* bank of
J9B0. So far the townsite company
had paid no taxes since the incorporation of tht* city.
Finance committee reported in favor
of hills amounting to $30. Ordered
Aid. Worden reported verbally for
the beard of mirks that three tenders
had been received for the removal of
the Sloan building H. E. Allen, .*?.)7.-
60: .1. T. Tipping, *98; 1). S. McVan-
n**l. $185, R, Allen was awarded the
contract antl tht; work of removing Wits
Aid. McNeish moved payment to
credit of lxiard sif works of S'.fi.oO, to
cover cost of moving the Sloan building. Seconded by Aid. Arnot and
Aid. McNeish B'.nted th.: school
Uitste»s would liks; a giant of $">(), to
pav for new stoves. Ordered paid, on
motion of Aid. Arnot and Worden.
Aid. Arnot brought up the question
•f doing state publi
Ho would liks to k>-*ii a sidewalk built
from the hospital along Fletcher ave
to Hum.- street, close t» the school, as
laid out in the report of the board ol
works last spring. The walk would
be four fe-t wide and co**t SHVl. Smiir
move ought to be made by the council
to do some improvemouls befor * th-y
went out of sallies/*.
Aid. McNeish woultl like to Bee the
sidewalk built, butthey had the creek
to look after ami there would b no
mousy left fair public improve::.' ill
Again, early next spring there would
be $1000 to meet on the mill debentures. They could get along without
the sidewalk.hut were forced to repairI
the creek lied. Work on tho creek
must be first ami sidewalks"*- condnry.
Aid. Arnot could not hold with the
remarks of AM. McNeish. The mouej
had been appropriated for that sidewalk and th<* people would exited
ihem to uso it. The repairs to the
creek would cost$1000, and if the city
did not have the money a loan musl
In* raisetl. The money had been ap-
propriated for the Improvement.* aud
ther had a right to expend it. As fer
the debenture debt, that was for ths
next council to provide for.whicb they
could do by holding a t-\i kale. He
moved that the board of works expend
the necessary money to build the side
Aid. McNeish contended thai the
taxes collected Included moneys due
for the debenture debt, and tlmt portion could not lie used f.>r public im
Aid. Worden could not decide the
question for ihe opposing aldermen.
One wantwd the sidewalk anal llu
other didn't. For hi-* part, be was not
in favor of building more walks iust
now. Tbe creek must be attended to
first and the walk*after. 11.* thought
the city csiuld pay for the creek work
without  submitting a  bvlaw t.i raise
bearer, was present and thanked the
members for their labors on his behalf.
It is the intention to keep the organisation together for the purpose of participating in the Dominion elections,
which are expected in the near future.
BlOOIUi Vullsy Ila.iflls..isi Want C.P.K. ta
This week the C.P.K. put an extra
gang of Japanese graders to work fixing up the road bed of the Sloean
River branch, in the viciuity of Dearin'*. niding. The ranchers in the valley did not take to the idea, and on
Tuesday night an indignation meeting
was held at the residence of Frank
Trezzo, for the purpose of discussing
the prospect of expelling the .laps.
H. Grose was elected chairman and .1
J. Mabbott secretary.
Several poiutcd speeches were made
ami thi.n it was decided to form an
association, to lx* known as the Slocan
Valley Anti-Mongolian Association,
whose object will be to oppose the introduction of Asiatics. A petition was
drawn up anil signed by all the ranchers, reading as follows: "That the C.
P.H. be requested to remove Immediately the Japanese now employed in
this valley, aad that they shall not in
the future employ them, as they are
detrimental to our best interests and
are in every v.av undesirable, in that
(I I they decrease the value of thu land
merely by the fact of their being in
the valley; (2) they cheapen labor; (.'.,
that they do not trade with us;(li
that we cannot and do not wish to as-
soriat. with them in any way."
Mr. Mabbott was delegated to cir
culate the petition and present it to
the  superintendent of  the  C.P.R. at   , , -., ,     ,. ,,     -.a
Nel,<,a! Another meeting will be held  {^^^JtognUdja* Slocau
on Saturday night, when the secretary
but a scant attendance of shareholders.
Reports and accounts for tho past
year were presented aud adopted. The
old board of directors was re-appointed*. 	
at'lll».s'SI«Oll,|s!Cl IBS    l**rOB.S.IlB>0   S»f   .1 K |B» »<'...
Workman on Kail wny.
Wednesday evening a well-attended
public meeting was held in tho Union
hall, to protest against the employment of a gang of Japanese graders
on the local branch by the C.P.R.
The chair was takeu by Acting Mayor
Smith nnd Geo. Ager acted as secretary. It was explained the nieeting
wss for the purpose of aiding the farmers of the valley in their efforts to
get lid of the Asiatics.aud to that end
the minutes of a meeting held by the
settlers in the valley were read. Short
speeches on the subject were mado by
the mayor, J. Baker, D. McVannel,
L. Knowles, W. Harrison and others.
The burthen of tho remarks was that
the presence of the Japanese was undesirable, that their employment was
a menace to the liest interests of the
country, and that all classes of the
community should unite in keeping
the Japanese out of the Sloean. A
committee was appointed to draft a
set of resolutions on the subject, to be
sent to the railway authorities at Nelson. Accompanying theni was a list
of signatures embracing almost the
entire populace of the town. Tho resolutions read:
"We, tho citizens of the city of Slocan. in pifblio meeting assembled, do
hereby enact as follows, yiz.,
That whereas, it has been prove n
that the Canadian Pacific Railwav
Co. aro employing a gang of Japanesi
will make hin report.
EClno.nd i.a.'*cl [-.-is-BBs Ittortat(ag.
Thcz'.ncaud leaJ tonnages of the
uor'-s this fair. I JopUu. Mo., district  have
greatly duri tj the first nine months
of this year. A careto. estimate of the
nine months places the docitja o in
toanage at: Zinc 10,000 ton*; lend
22i_h) tons, for Im*- .-ame poiiaxl of liK12.
Notwithstanding this great shortage,
the district will have a larger output
in value than last year. Zinc is very
■strong, with a value of from $35 to $37
per ton for <>') per cent orej and fancy
grades selling around Slit. Lead has
advanced about .'*2 a ton during tha-
pasl month and is now Belling clone
io ."-Cit). as against $19,150 a year ago.
A year ago zinc sold for S.U, with
fancy grades at ."n'.S. Ther.- ia every
indication that the zinc-lead market is
<iii upward one, which will insure
splendid profits tit operators and prosperous times to all in zinc-lead camps.
"SSBSV  TsMMaafcr   Slip.
The C.P.R. bridge gang have beeiT
here this week constructing a
transfer .dip. It will be 40 feet longer
than the old ons: and will have a
longer apron. The grade on the slip
■aHI be much easier than on the other
making the loadin
Valley branch railway: antl
Whereas, it has been demonstrated
on all rides throughout tht; province
that the employment of Japanese and
other Asiatic labor is expressly detrimental to the interests of white labor
fallen oil: aud the well being of thu country
generally; and
Whereas, it is the opinion of this
meeting that the welfare of ths* Canadian Pacific Railway Co.'s intere-ts
would be better furthered, and the
••afety of tho traveling public more
properly safeguarded wore white labor
employed ratleirthan Japanese: therefore, bo it
Resolved, that we, the undersigned,
do emphatically protest against the
introduction of .lapane-*e lalxir into
this vicinity, it being a well-established fact that public feeling in the Slocan .country has always been opposed
to sucli a movement; ami be it further
Resolved, that we request the Canadian Pacific Railway Co. to at once
remove the Japanese gang of workmen
complained of. and to replace them
with a ging composed of white labor
| Gents' Furnishings Selling at Cost «
jy The itook of tlie late A. David is offered for sale at V**
j" cost.      tt'comprisfa Top Shlrta, Underwear, Ties, »,%
E\ Collars, Worklug Olothos,etc., etc.      Come .-ail*) ^
(V ""id ■.-nt, vwur choice, H
" Delaney Avenue, - - Slocan :.'
a .
the money.
The discussion wandered on to the
•>oitit as to where th** mill companv s
machine shop was located, as tss when
the citv could hold a tax sale, etc., until linallv, after an effort, the council
managed it adjourn.
tttVt Lam'sprUz Oatllll.
It is stated on pretty good authority
that the Ne'son pe.ip'.s* owning the
timber limits oa  Evans creek, will
conduct lumbering operations oa a
large scale.    Some time ago they had
men up the oreek hying out roads for
logging purposes, and they Intend
following this up by putting on nn
additional force of n score or more for
the winter to cut logs. The logs Will
bo for spring delivery. It la not yet
settled whethor the company's mill
will 1st* located  here or at the mouth
of Evans creek. In any event the benefit of the work will com-* to Slocan.
Plnnl Mfl-sitissis of Tories.
On  Fri.lay evening the ixeeutive
committee of the Conservative \-:".'i
ittion held their final m ■    i    *vhi u
th * expense account ol  th . liih
pii'.'n were  presented  imd ordered
paid. Mr. Hunter,the party standard'
barges safer and quicker. When completed one man will be able to manipulate the apron instead of three or
lour men as now. The projecting roof
on ths frei ghtshed Ins be**n shortened
to permit of th.* blgbarges coming up
the slip at high water.
Nmmom Qroap to -1>ii>.
On Monday a packtraiu loaded with
ore arrived down   from  the  Nansen
group, nt the head of Lemon creek.
Ther.* will Ih*  about  li\.*  tons in the
shipment, constituting the Brat move
ment of ore from that section. The
ore wiil run pretty well in gold and
silver, a> it surely must ia> pay the ex-
f packing such a long distance.
>tnli'i>B,u nnil W. B. Young, of
New Denver, aro the owners of the
L-flTansen group.
To Ksslarj* OfsMnweO 1 Smelter.
F. I. Sommer, of New York, vice
president of the B. C. Copper companv, which owns the Mother Lode
mine and the Greenwood Ba.elter.saya
that it haa lieen decided to enlarge
nud unloading of I the smslter by ths addition of a con*
i pense isf
W. Thoi
verterand tour additional furnaces.
The present equipment consists of two
Euraaces, but with the proposed addl*
tia*:»*-. whieh will lie completed next
summer, the smelter will havo a daily
treatmsit capacity of 2100 t.ins. Mr.
Sommer aaia he was favorably im-
snressed with the magnitude of the
mineral resources of the Boundary,
and aftsT an inspection of the various
mines he had reached the conclusion
that mining operations as now conduct.•! represented only a little preliminary scraping as compared with
the enormous tonnage that is destined
to be extracted on an ever increasing
seale In the near future.
Bpokiinc it»as Dlaek shsb«iiissb«.
[tinreported that black smallpox
h is broken out In Spokane, tie* news
lamt Ycnr'i SnipnitsnU AVere 0333 Tona—
A llfliilll.y ICvlfllsBUo of llis. Lira and
W.ultW of the Caiup-Katerpriiotlie
IllfSatt Shipper.
With the shipments for tho week,
amounting to 20 tons and coming from
the Enterprise, exports from the division have reached the HXX) ton mark.
The tonnage for the year does not
promise to Im. moro than a quarter of
last year's figures. At tho same timo
several new properties have been added to the shipping list of the division,
so that tin. tangible results of the season's operations aro cheering. Ore is
bjing brought down from the Nansen
and a small shipment will be made.
Exports to date, 999 tons.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to OJJiliJ
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise      20
black Prince	
liighlsnd Light	
Ctipple Stick	
T«T 41,
Ship,a.-.I Kallllill Silver.
Tin* lirst shipment of refined silver
ever sent from Canada was sent out
from the Trail works last week. This
is the lirst time in th.* history of the
Dominion that silver has been extract
In September the Rambler shipped
•159 tons of ore.
Sandon mines last woek exported
123 tons of ore.
The Hampton has suspended operations for the season.
A lease is lieing sought on part of
the Kepublic ground.
Ore is showing in all thn workings
on tho American Boy.
Twenty men are employed at tho
Bosuu mine. New Denver.
Work has lieen temporarily suspended on the Wonderful
The Fisher Maiden reports another
strike of ore in the lower tunnel.
Boundary mines last week broke
the record by shipping 19,070 tons.
During September the Monitor, at
Three Forks, shipped 140 tons of ore.
The Comstoek, owned bv W. Hunter, has three ears of ore ready to ship.
East week Rossland mines shipped
8370 tons of ore, making 2.S9 "272 tons
to date.
Tht output of gold from the Klondike this season will amount to $10.-
Republic, mines last week sent 1083
tons of ore to Canadian smelters for
Forty men nre employed erecting
the new coacentrat r for the Centre
Star mine at Rs.ssland.
Biitinh Columbia mine* car ed off
a majority of the prizes in the mineral
exhibit at the Spokane fair.
W. Boie has erected a cabin on the
Peerless, on Erin mountain, and will
work the property this winter.
During August and September th'*
Ni-li-oii smelter shipps 1 872 tons of
bullion ansl 110 tons of copper matte.
It was not the original Silver Leaf
that was re-staked lut'dy iu the Arlington basin, but another oaenlose
bv   a distinction with a difference.
At the recent annual me iting of the
Holly Oibsoii  Mining   Co.. held   in
.     .     , ,     .    -,.   ..,,    ...,. ,.„: Hollv  Oil-sou   .Mining   I. **.. neni   in
bavfngbeen kept quiet till after ttaMShX(»ke7Que; W. Parrall, general
fair.   Six oases are known,  t>v,i of, m,naR0I. 0f d,,. Eastern Townships
Bank, was elected president, vice .061.
Ray renignetl. C. 13. French was made
secretary treasurer.
Will Work All TVinUr.
Fred Caili-le and Isidore Beaupre,
which have terminated fatally, ami
two other deaths are expected. Other
cases are reported near Oolvllle.   The
tlis •astt is ol tie* most virulent chaise
ter and much apprehension is felt.
The provincial authorities are taking
ed from ore and   roiinod in thecsiun- j the strictest to prevent its j.,. ( q{  -^ R(l.
try, aud the success of the new method introduction into this country. ..     .,..,* .    .   ,„,.,.„:,„.
i   _ i  , _s   ...   .,      ,.      *at iolnlnff the Ottawa, purpose carrying
adopted at the Trail smelter will mean J '"""r* •"   *-•'■*•>• i    i -
a revolution in existing plants.   Tltvl Ottawa Heaps Iwytovina. I on development during the winter. Ul
Bllver was shipped to S.hh Francisco.        Improvement continues to lie noted ■ late they have been erecting coniino
  , ',... ...    •   ,•   ,*   ,. „,. 'dious quarters and getting everything
sin,- ! **" kne 0ttft1W> aml  th,1; tndi0ati0n; «•  into shape before winter sets in.   Ties
,, ,,    . ,   ,     that the mine is on the verge ot Dig ****«uDca**riee identically the same two
hollowing an.the quotations for bar L ()n u>(i ^ Y(>iil R alco bunch ?eiM%lolted on the Ottawa, and the
silver oa the various daya during thu1 (if oro WM (,ut through last week, and ; surface Indications are much above the
week since laei issue: I 'm another 60 feot the main chute ex- i average, 	
Thursday    B9I cents posed above will be mot with. On the I * — — — ,.,„„„_
Pridav    591   "     weat vein a small local dlsturbanrie - ...„,„
Saturday     5g|   ••     was run.Into and passed    The annual meeting of UieGranty
and .tn Tne .day the ore body again Consolidated mining Company wns
struck.   It is continuing in Its usual held last week in Montreal, when the
richness.  _ #ld board of directors w-w re-elected.
Sandon packers are taking down a; The net profits for the year ending on
carload o   ore from the ftcAlllater June B0 were *v.ts.,»,    th.* surplus
after a deduction ol $10,000bonua to
his leaves a net
[surplus of $083,535.
iTuesday ...
Annual HsF»llngof Artlagtoa,
Lnstweok the annual meting <>i KroVip,on the northforkof Can»nter,laftorao^ttuettono: »i
Klines, ltd., was held in owned bv VV. Hunter and Geo. Fair-1 valued cmployeov   '11
the Arlington
the company's ollicw here, there beiagl bairn.
ps^MWi A Love
Hv  SVIaVAM'S  COBB,  .Ir.
Caspar went lirst to an cuiing-
hssnst' und par.took of a light breakfast, und lln'ii hi.* went to his office,
where lie found among some old (lies,
it lotter written by the hand of
('.hi'lstine St. i hor—n more business
missive, ity Madame Rachel. Willi litis letter he retired to
the private closet nnd shut himself
in, and ilu re applica himself to the
work of wilting n lottor in imitation
saf the model In* had selected; u mode]
nntsof substaiit'O tsr style, but only of
clllrogi'auhy. llo wrote two page*
and destroyed them; but the third
efTorl pleased him better. This hist.
he folded, uml placed It in a small
while  onvolopo    und  upon   the envo-
lope ho wrote the name—
—wrote it in Iho same fine, deliculo
huntl which its' luul t«H*n copying.
Tbls he pui in'si u ss'cond onvolopo,
and having sccuiod it iu his pocket-
book', hu returned lo tho outer office.
Shortly aftorwai'd ihe attorney v.ho
luni taken the ehlef direction of llal-
fatitl'.s affairs came in, mid Caspar
Went out, us he saiil, upon u mallei'
of Individual business.
Hu took a car for ltoxbury, and
went, directly and boldly to the
Drookside Caitlugs', and usked to
see Miss Christine. l.ora admitted
him to the drawing-room, und called
her mistress.
Christine, when she knew who bad
culled to see her, sought to conceal
her repugnance, though it was with
un effort st> great ns to ho entirely
evident to the visitor. Ills prcsonro
made hen- shudder. Sho hail lieen llius
impressed the lirst t inte she saw him,
utul at each subsequent meeting the
Impression hnd deepened and
Caspar Hugo was gifted with
strong powers of penetration, nntl ho
was not slow to perceive that his
presence wus distasteful to the
maiden; but he made no sign, nor
siitl tht> discovery serve to lessen his
admiration of her surpassing beauty.
in fact, hor distaste rather served to
intensify hia purpose of possessing
her. At. tirst, there hud been a
slight, shadow of justice resting upon, ami giving color to, his plan stf
union with Christine, lie would thus
shore with her the property of which
he had deprived her by tshe destruction of the will.
On the present occasion, Caspar
greeted the lady very deferentially,
nnd having inquired after her health.
he informed her that he woultl make
his business known In as brief a
manner as possible. lie staled that
he had a thorough knowledge of Mr,
Milliard's business mutters, and thai
as ho proposed to enter into the
practice of law on his own account,
lie should bo qualified, as
well as extremely happy, to render
her any assistance that she might
require at his hands. In shot!, if
she proposed to take any steps toward resisting the administration stf
the estate in favor of thc claimant
from New Orleans, she might depend
upon him to assist her to the best
of his  ability.
Christine was not what we usually
denominate worldly wise. She was
impulsively truthful, anil had never
leurnul to conceal lhat whish" bo-
longed to ihe right. Her answer was
prompt utul to the point:
''I shall not  respiirs.   your Bcrvlccs,
"Excusenie, madam,     if 7   might
bo so bold, suffer ine In nilvise yssu. f
think there is much lit he gained by
Well-directed effort*! on your part."
Christine made a movement of impatience, but tho visitor continued,
With nn appearance of deepest
friendly Interest:
"Pardon mc, lady, I would not
have ventured upon this business had
J iiBtt believed that it wus in the
heart of your foster-mother to make
you her heir. Uo you nol owe it to
her tss take some steps iu tiie matter?"
Notwithstanding th,* man's extreme friendliness of speech, there
was a gleaming of his evil eyes which
caused Ihe maiden to shrink ami
shudder more nnd moro.
•| thank you, sir," she said, urls-
IttK us she spoke, "for your kind of-
fi'r iu my liehalf; but I sball not require your sen ices."
"Peihaps \ou have legal counsel
already ongagod?"
"I have friends, sir, who are better
qualified to ji.iIij;i> for me in Unit mutter than I am to Judge fur myself."
"Ami yoil lui\e placed ll.e wliaile
matter in then- hands, 1 suppose?"
'They will act us they think pro-
I er and best."
As Christine thus spoke, sh.* plainly Indicated by her manner that the
Interview hud lasted long onough ,
untl her visitor, with renewed protestations of friendship ami proffers
i_,f assistance, bowed himself out.
"1 have gained a point there!"
muttered Caspar to himself, us he
left tho cottage. "A movement is to
he mude in her belittle We'll see if
it cannot bo nipped in the bud!"
He took Eltn.sidi* Hall In his way
on his return, feeling sure thut thc
lion. Mr. Waybrook woultl not beat
home; and yet ho Inquired lor that
gentleman of tho servant who answered his summons. When Informed thut Mr. Waybrook was absent, he
Inquired for the son. Hul Mr. 1'itul
was ulss) absent.
He Was very sorry. He had important Intelligence to communicate
lunching the Drookside matter .V\f
iin hearing this, tin; servant wus eager und Inquisitive* and in the end
• 'isspur gained all lhe knowledge he
desired, without greatly stretch log
the truth in his counter communication*. Ho learned that there had
l,t**at*fi  a  rupture  between   futher    untl
Stanfleld'a i* ths uutlerwetir for wear. Special
weight I—spaoltlljr wasvou—!o ki'op you "warm ns tonst," no matter how low diss mercury drops.
Stanfield's Unshrinkable Underwear
comas In all sizes to (It evory figure—large antl small—thin and
stout. Ami overy "Btanllclsl" garment is guaranteed absolutely unshrinkable.
Good Dealers Everywhere Bell -'Stanfield's.
son, nntl thut tho latter luul left the
house, tho servant confidently believed never to como back.
Alter this, Caspar lost no lime in
returning to the city, ami uu hour's
eoarcii among the hotel runners gave
him lo know the whereabouts of Paul
Waybrook, untl also furnished him
with reliable Information concerning
I'aiil's lh*n pre*-ent condition.
'rin.' loiei' would nol venture tothe
Drookside     thnt       evening     at      all
At his Offlce, just us lhe (hi.v was
tlosing, Caspar wroto another note,
this limo taking for ti model ol cltir-
Ogrnphy a brief missive in lhe hand
of I'aul Waybrook, He elosed the
tusk wiih it glow of exultation upon
his  sinister   fact sinister   now    with
the tleep plotttngS that left their impress tilers*—and then arose ami bent
his slops toward his chu*.ihers.
where hu found his father in wailing.
"Ah. my boy, you seem satisfied."
"Satisfied if you can help me, old
fellow. »o you feel strong tonight?"
♦Never stronger, my son."
"Then prepare for work. You will
want a disguise of the deepest kind."
"Where uro you going'.'"
"To tho Drooksidel"
"Hii!     What's up?"
"Wait until I wet my whistle, and
you shall hear. (!e.t the brandy, old
fellow, und mix it hot. Fortune favors us!"
AH the evening Christine had been
looking for Paul. During tlie day
sho had learned from l.ora that her
lover bail had trouble with his father, antl bail left the paternal roof,
l.ora had received her information
from John Downey, who. hud obtained it from one of the Elinside
servants. Our heroine had been
schooling herself to meet the emergency, but she hud desired to see
i'aul before open rupture look place.
.She had convinced herseH it was
her duty to release him from the engagement ts> her. She deemed that
slu* shssuld make the release peremptory—that she shsinhl demand it.
She woultl not collie iu between par-
t*nt antl child. Her owu life-long orphanage hud lesl her to reverence the
sacred lies saf paternity. She did not
feel thut Mr. Waybrook had done
lightly or justly; but he was possessed of authority! uml ho had chosen
to exercise it.
Christina hoped Paul would ccme.
She would try and make his burden
lighter by restoring him to his homo.
Shu knew full well thut her own must break under the ordeal :
hi t ii was her part to suffer. The
calamity which luul occasioned the
trouble shouhl bs* hers alone, It belonged to her, and she would endure
Could tin ro have been lurking in
her he,nl a secret hope Tuul
would not suffer himself isi be turned
front her; that even her entreaties
would fail lo shake him. If such a
hope there was, she did not know it.
She did not realize that (he very
Strength which enabled her to plan
m> soberly for separation, suine of an
inward, hidden consciousness, born of
lur ureal love, and her great faith
in I'aul. that In* woultl never break'
lhe solemn \ow.
Christine's meditations were broken
in upon by a sharp click iu the corner, as a tiny door above the face of
the ssid clock flew open. She looked
m|b, anil saw the little Wooden cuckoo swing out. untl site counted the
flute-like chimes which told that it
was teu o'clock, Surely I'aul would
nol  come afltr that hour.
She arose, untl went to thc window
uml looketl out There wus no moon,
ami most of tho sturs were hidden beneath a vail of clouds. Sho was iu
the act of turning from the window,
when she wus startled by a rap upon
the outer door. Hutl the summons
been by tho usual medium of the bell,
she would have wuited for a servant
to answer it, but this rap wns significant. Sho thought of i'uul, and
without further thought, site went to
the door and opened it. Ily the
glimmer of the hall lamp, she saw a
boy standing upon the piazza. Sho
could not distinguish his features,
because, either by design or accident,
hu shrank away from the direct light.
"I want to seo Miss St. Clair, he
"I  am  Miss St.  Clair."
"Then I've got a letter for you,
und I'll wait for an answer."
'i'he boy wns very modest In his
speech, antl exceedingly deferential.
•"Who is it from?" usketl Christine,
us sho reached out her hand to take
'Trom a young gentleman, ma'um,
who said I was to wait for un uns-
wer. He is out by the hedge beyond
Iho lawn."
Christine asked tho lad if ho woultl
come Into the hall while she read the
note; bul he preferred not. He Woultl
rather Stand where he Was. 1 let liked
the  fresh   uir.
Without further roDiark, the maiden retired Is) tho drawing-room.
where, oeneutn tno mantel lump, sns
opened the missive, ami reutl as follows
''Hoar Christine; Porhaps you
have heard that my father hus turned mo from his doors; but know that,
he hus no power to turn my heurt
from you. I will be truo to the end.
Yet, from circumstances which I cannol CXplalni 1 cannot come to your
collage to-night. Hut you cun Come
to ine. just for one brief liunuto. I
must   seo   you     I   hnve   un   Important
ina Uor to communicate, The boy
who brings this will lead you to me.
Vou may  trust  hlm fully,    He is un,
honest fellow, nntl dsvoted to mo.    1
shall wait for you.    Hut, perhaps,  I
ought to   explain,   for your   under-1
standing, thut I am under a solemn .
pledgo tu my father, that 1 will not
visit  tht) Drookside  Cottago for two ,
days.    Dut that will not prevent you
from coming to
The thought thnt this might not be
raid's handwriting   never  presented i
itself   to   Christine's  mind.   The  fact I
that    Paul    had     written   und    wus]
waiting for her, sho accepted  ut   the
outset.    Ansl ysU  tho substance of this
noto troubled her.    it did not sound :
like Paul.    As she had known him Ins
would not seek thus by subterfuge to
break  faith  wilh  his  father.  She felt
Ihut it was her duty to chitio him fur
this. I
Sho thought of rani as an outcast
for her suko, anil sho could not. re-
fiiMi to go to him. She got her hut
and mantle, und went softly out upon the piazza. She found the boy in
wailing, uud told him that she
woultl follow him; but before sho
stepped from the piazza she asked
him if he knew who had entrusted
him with the letter.
"Yes, ina'utn," he said. "It wus
Mr. Paul Waybrook." i
"And what is your name?"
"Snniniy    Chadwick.      My mother
was  Mr.  Paul's  nurse  wheu  he    hud
tho fever."
Christine had never heard Paul
speak of Mrs. Chadwick, nor ditl she
remember anything of his fever; but
she did not doubt tho boy; and sho
told him to lead on. |
It was dark when they got nway
from tho house; Christine kept closo
upon tho heels of her guide. They
gained the hedge of nrbor-vitue, und
passed through the opening to the
farther side, which wus next to tho
highway. Hero tho boy Stopped uud
looketl around.
"I left him here," he said. "All !
there ho comes!" und ho pointed toward the road.
And toward the rond Christine
turned and looketl, while from out
tho shadow of the hedge, directly behind her, Ieuped two men, ono of
whom threw a thick robe over her
head, while the other took her in
his arms nnd bore her away. Tho
man who bail thrown the robe next
turned to the bssy antl gave him a
second letter.
"Take this, Dick, ami leave it. on
the table, if you can. If you can't
reach the table, do the next best
thing. You know what is wanted."
The boy took the letter ant! ilo-
parted, while tho man rejoined his
companion just in time to nssist in
lifting tho girl Into a buck which
hud hi en drawn up upon the roadside. The stonier of tho two men
entered with her. uml the other Immediately followed. .She struggled
with all her might—and her strength
wns considerable—hut it was s>f no
avail against the power of the two
strong men who held her, tine of
whom sail upon the saat by her side,
holding her head and shoulders, whilo
the other sat before her rendering it
impossible for her to move even a
foot. The tloor wus shut, tight, nntl
tho driver mounted to his box and
drove away.
At length lhe man who snt by her
siilo said:
"I'm going tit remove my hand
from your mouth and lot you
breathe: but if you make the leust
bit of noise I'll smother you worse
than you arts smothered now."
Christine was Borciylrightoned, but
she was not deprived of sense. She
had control over her reason sutlirient
to show her that forcible resistance
sin her purt Could do her no 14001).
Against the two strong nun sho
could do nothing, antl t'ne instinctive
conclusion in her logical mind was
that the men who could Inaugurate
such an outrage woultl not stop nt
crime to insure success. Su she did
not cry out, though she tried to free
herself from the painful grasp of her
The hand wns removed from over
her mouth, but the covering was not
thrown from hi'r head. She : haiWi'il
by her struggling thut she Bought to
remove the suffocating hood, uml her
companion understood her.
" liy   and   by,"   saisl   he,   "when    WO
strike the pavements, Til take oil
the rohe: but, mind, if you make a
particle of noise, in make it worse
fur ysni than you've found  it yet."
Now another wise Inventor ambles Bayly
to the center,  and the sage cxperi- ,
menter telle us  proudly  what he's
got- . ]
Bays he's figured out a treasure for our
prollt and our pleasure; that he's
fixed a scale to measure every fluctuating thought.
tiring along your great Invention; we will
give It due uttentlon, and a list of
thoughts we'll montlon that lt may
be turned upon.
Will It bound our meditation and our
strident cogitation when we get the
Information thut the servant girl has
Can It catch our rapid thinking when our
heart Is swiftly sinking, and we wonder If our winking at the soda water
Will apprise hlm that we're thirsty, that
tho midnight laws we've cursed; he
may not tumble right at first; he
knows we cannot rush the can.
Toes It show In feet and Inches all a fellow's mental flinches when a corn or
bunion pinches and he's calling on
his girl?
Will it record all the pitches of the lady
whose blond switch Is coming oft and
Showing which ls arllllce and which
true curl?
And can It compute our ctirBcs and the
wrulh which us Immerses when wt»
struggle with our verses In the effort
for a rhyme,
Or will it do ns It ought to, count our
wonders when the auto sips upon ua
with its motto, "Let Us Help All
Men to Climb?"
,,.,,,„ ,.. Meyers, a wealthy lumber-
,,„,„ 0f 'iViinessee. returned utter 28
vears' absence to his native place.
Darlington, Indiana. He was recognized us the man who had killed a
neighbor 28 years before and was
promptly arrested, charged with the
•offence, and lodged in Jail.
- \ double-headed snake hus been dis-
covered at  Half Moon  Day,  Califor
nia.   It can crawl hnrivw
Ily us  it can forwards
82 inches long.
A fairly brisk trade exi
and the.v fetch anything
to 32.1, according to tin
and rarity. Anatomists
only persons who purclia
the.v nre bought by
and  by   museum
l'.**** **« exi
II  ".liu
I in vuu.
"" "■Vil
' ""i thi
Who  Could   Now   bo   Woll  Had  They J
Known of Dr. Chaso's Nerve Food.    1
It will do this and does It, fetch It
htthcrward and buzs It, what a lot
of fuss and fuzi lt will create If It
cun roll
a chart that shows tho heated
thoughts which ever aro repeated
when we run across receipted bills
for our lust winter's coal.
—Chicago Tribune.
As Suggested.
"My dear Miss Daisy," said Oldbeau,
"I—er—can't find words to express my
love for you."
'That being the case," rejoined the
Bhe end of the parlor scene, "I'd advise
you to turn the Job over to one ot the
express companies."—Cincinnati Enquirer.
A Wonderful Tribute tss the Power »f Dr.
Williams' I'ink l'ills to Curo
Stubbiisn IlUsHise.
["roof upon proof has accumulated
thai Hi Williams' I'ink Pills will
cure when doctors, hospital treat*
ment uml ull other medicines fail.
Paralyzed limbs have been restored
to strength, rheumatic sufferers made
well. weak, anaemic nirls nntl women
made bright, active and strong; neuralgic pains banished and the poor
dyspeptic given u new digestion when
it seemed almost hopeless to expect a
cure. Here is a bll of Strong proof
thai Ur. Williams' Tin!, l'ills lit ing
hen I 111   and   strength    niter  years     tsi
Buffering*! Mr Louis Brien is a well
known resident of Si Didace, Que.,
nntl tells oi his years of Buffering as
follows "•Eleven years ago, while
working in the bush, 1 strained myself antl brought on terrible pains in
in> stomach und back, where the
trouble seemed to locate. I had frequent fits in' vomiting, which caused
much distress. Sometimes I could
work, ami then again for months at
a lime I would bo wholly unable to
tin anything; hut even al the time I
s-iiiild work I was always Buffering.
At different times I was treated 1 »\
threo doctors, but they were unable
to help mc. I hen I wonl to Montreal and pui myself under the cure of
a doctor there. Iiis medicine relieved me while 1 was inactive, but us
soon as 1 attempted work or exertion
pains     returned
Wo do not claim that every ono
who is paralyzed can be cured by
using Dr. Chuse's Nervo Food, for
many are beyond the reach of any
medical treatment and must finish
their days iu helplessness and suffering- ,
It is rather to those who are only
partially paralyzed and to thoso who
are slowly but surely developing tho
symptoms which indicate the approach of such ailments"* that wo
would suggest the advisability of
using Dr. Chase's Nervo Food, the
greut food euro for diseases ol iho
nerves. ,
When you find yourself lying awako
nights, 'suffer from indigestion and
headache, feel drowt-y ufter meals
and losing energy, ambition ond
courage, it Is time to pay attention
to the nerves. You may find yourself Irritable at times, worried over
little thingH, unnblo to concentrate
the mind, forgetful and absent minded, disheartened and discouraged.
Better give ssnno attention to the
Dr. (liases Nerve Fsssid cures nnd
prevents   paralysis     and     locomotor
ataxia.   It does not ease
of    any    kind    the
worse than  before.
was grow ing  weaket
resist tho Inroads
Then Dr. Williams'
brought  to my
lu   use   Ihem.
All    tliis   time   1
and  less able to
ol    the trouble.
I'ink    l'ills were
mit ice. and   I began
From  Unit  time  I   Iuv
[TO UE CO.tTIXUKD.J       j^(/^
gun to regain my health antl by the
time I hail used thirteen boxes I was
once more a well strong man. The
proof of this is that 1 cun do as
hard a day's wink as anyone and
never have the slightest symptoms ol
the old trouble I um only sorr.v
thut I tliil iisAl. know of the pills
Booner— they woultl have saved me
ninth suffering and money as well."
With such proof us this, that even
apparently hopeless cases can bs
cured, ihere can bo no rcasonabh
doubt lhat I'i Williams' I'ink l'ills
will roslorc health in all cases when
given a lair trial Those, pills un
sold   by   all   tin-iliiinc  dealers  or    will
be si-nt by mail ut 5fic. per box 01
six boxes for $2.50 by writing dlrocl
to the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont. Boo that the full
mime. "Dr. Willinms' I'ink l'ills foi
Palo People," is printed on the wrapper uround every box,
An Odd Horns* I'ii.-bs*.
A horse belonging to n Missouri man
got n lump on its jaw three yeurs ago.
Its owner luul n veterinary surgeon operate on the animal the other day, nnd
he took out a bard, smooth substance
iibont four Inches long and nu Inch
wide, resembling a while stsiue. Those
who have examined it suy il is n petrified corncob. Tin commonly necepted
theory is thnt the horse, while eating,
irot a cob caught In lis mouth, which
slowly worked Its wny Into his jnw
unlil it lodged jnst beneath the skin.
Tins animal never loomed to suffer
from lit i rcseuce,
Gentle  Itemlnslrr.
Clerk-Here's ail order from Smiths'
for two tpinrts of berries, but it doesn't
Bay whnt kind.
Grocer—Send tliem, They
nwe us over .**'IOo.   Detroit Free Press.
Not   a  aame   I'm*  the  lltluety.
"So you're learning to play chess,"
snld .Maud.
"Yes," answered Mamie,
"The moves must be very ill HI cult."
"Yes.    But the. worst purt Isn't the
moving.   It's the keeping still."—Washington Star.
Willie's ii.fliiis.s..
Willie—I'u. if ii war ship Is called
"she'' why Isn't It n '.vonum-of-war'.
Father-It's your bedtime, Wlllle.-
poston Post.
Tlse I'nsl  of  Yurullon.
She—Must we go back to town tomorrow V I am beginning to like the
lie So nm I, but I find that it's a
very expensive taste to cultivate.—New
Vork American.
A   Win-*  l.usl.
Of a class in arithmetic n teacher
asked, "Can you multiply concrete
The class seemed uncertain.
"Well," said tlio teacher, "what will
be the product of forty apples multiplied by six pounds of beef nnd two
pounds of raisins'.-"
"Mime pie," said n Hmiill boy.—Worn
an's Home .luiinittl.
n}l Intliif.
unconsciousness and unnatuS
it d.ies not deaden 3.
nerves us do opiates and narcotwi
llut, on the other hand, by assStll
nature and supplying tha c|ein'*fl
from which are formed new \,ul
and nervo force, effects thorough u9
lasting curo und is bound i„ \,.J?
all who use it.
Seldom, if ever, has any medl-i,,
secured such hearty endorsement
physicians and people alike
cures which it, lias brought ir
havu often been most cxlraordlnan
and anyone who regularly una i„'r'|
sistently uses this great food cur.
is sure to find it nl iist-stinidble
value    as a   nerve   restorative
blood  builder.
Ily noting your Increase In u.a.kJ
while using Dr. Chase's Norve Food
you can prove tluit new linn ii..,J
and muscular tissue ate boing ii.|,irJ
to the body. BO cents u boi, s:i|
Imixcs for $'2.r,0, at all dealers, oil
Kdintinson. Mates it Company, Tot.|
ontss. To protect you
latinos the portrait and st^uut ure oil
Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous riia.i|it,|
book author,  are on every boi.
Th* ir*klllty ot Lit:
There Is bo action so slight nor so
mean but It may be doue to a great
purpose, and ennoble**! therefor; nor
is uny purpose so great but that
slight actions may help it, and may
bo so done to help It much, most e»-
pocially that chief of all purposes—
tho pleasing of Hod. We treat Ood
with irreverence by banishing him
from our thoughts, not by referring
to his will on alight occasions. His
is not the infinite authority or intelligent'!, which cannot ba troubled
with small things. Ther* is nothing
so small but that we luuv honor (led
by asking his guidance of it, or Insult him by taking it into our own
hands; and what Is true of the Deity
is equally true of his revelation. vVe
use it most reverently when most
habitually; our insolence is in ever
acting without reference to it; our
true honoring of it is in its universal application. Cod appoints to
every ona of his creatures a separate
mission; antl if they discharge it honorably, if they quit themselves like
men, and faithfully follow tlie light
which is in them, withdrawing from
it all cold and quenchless influence.
there will assuredly come of it such
burning as, according to rts appointed mod* and measure, ahall shine before men, and be of service, constant
and holy. Degrees infinite of lustre
there must always ba, but the weakest among us has a gift, however
seemingly trivial, which is peculiar
to him, and which, worthily used,
will lye a gift. also, to his race for
ever. Soys George Herbert:
l'"or all may have,
If they dure choose m glorious life or
—•lohn Ruskin.
■•ar rick.4 th* CbsrrUs.
One day recently, Mrs. Bumatend
and her sister, Miss Blanche Cook,
wero in tho field back of the house Ol
their father, L. II. Cook, at Cook s
Lako, in the Township of Tiny,
where they were engaged in picking
somo black berries. Hearing a break-
lag of branches near them they became, alarmed and hurried home,
where they found Iholr young brother, David Cook, and told him thai
they believed a bear was at the
cherry trees. He hurriedly picked up
his rifle and started for the place indicated by the girls, and on arriv ng
near the trees, auro enough, there
was a great bear. She was busily
engaged In eating ths fruit ofl the
smaller cherry trees, standing eiect
on her hind legs and pulling the
branches down with her for* paws
and devouring ths cherries. As
young Cook approached towards her
she ceased her occupation for a moment and regarded him with a lowered under lip, showing her glistening
fangs, and Ihen resumed her feeding
Cook took no neater approach, but
dropping on one knee he carefully
took aim and plumped a ball clean
through Madam Druln. piercing her
heart. She mads a spring towards
him and then made off in another
direction, but did not go far before
she keeled over. In a little whilo har
troubles were all over. She was a
big brute, weighing nearly 400 lbs.,
and it was with soma difficulty thut
Cook and threo friends slung her on
poles and carried her to the barn to
remove ths pelt and dress the cor
cass. Bear meat was added to the
menu at the Cook homestead and at
the houses of their friends for several days thereafter.
Today we affirm the necessity of carbon for the constitution of living orgsn
Isms. But no one knows what carbon
ls. Doubtless the Inhabitants of Itlge)
and Deneb—stars characterised by the
rnys of titanium and silicon-would
understand nothing of the necessity for
Orlitln of the  Frock Coat.
The frock coat Is unquestionably an
English Invention, and Its first recorded
appearance is in 1540, In the reign of
Henry VIII. It is described as "a coat
of velvet somewhat shaped like n froek
embroidered all over with flatted gold
of damasks."
A hen at Holbeuch. England,
said to have laitl an egg meajurlnjl
10 inches in circumference round i..|
longest part aud 'J Inches it Um
widest, and weighing 0' ounces, llu]
contained another perfect egn
When Rheumatism doublet al
mail HP phyaiciHU nud -a I'erer ,||[,|
lose heart ansl often deapaii ul a curt.f
but here's the exception Win l'i«.|
of Norwood, Oni , buys . I to.. ,,n,A
doubled up with rhtumuti.ui i Mi|
thrje^ottleii ol South American I'tad
usaucaCure and they cures' me It. '.ml
quickest actinic medicine 1 aver u«   ;.|
it is said that when Mr, <!ludstocel
read a book by Mi' Carnegie, tis'rel
marked thut he admired tho roimtel
of a man, who, without knowi***,hon
to write, wrote on a subject ssi" whirh|
he knew nothing.
Mrs.  .las.  I'..  llarley.  WorthiiiKloni
Ont., gives permission to puiaii-sh ilsl
following   letter  for     the  benefit   oil
other  mothers  who  have young this
dren  in   their  homes.   Sh.- «,a\s ■- ll
have many reasons to !»• grateful td
Baby's  Own  Tablets,  anil  to recoiifl
mend    them to other mothers.    Owl
little     girl    is    now   about fourUSM
months  old,   nnd  she  he*-  '.ilefl   Hi*J
Tablets   at intervals since sho   wu*
two months old. nmi I cannot speaa
too  highly  of  them.      Since I WSQ
here about a year ugo. ever)' mothfj
who has small children hus ssked W
what I gave our baby to keep her B
such even  health, and   I  have repliM
•absolutely nothing but  Daby's uwij
Tablets.-   Now   nearly   every   thfldj
here gets the tablots    when a IW*
cine is  needed, and  the oltjl-^itf™
crude medicines,    such   n*s castor-0«
nnd   soothing     preparations   wWa
mothers    formerly  gave  their   Id'1'
Our lamily "or*
he Tab*
e wonderful
medicine   for  children      Accept
ones,  ore slisrarded
tor alssi strongly
lets, and says they are a
i   for  children       Accept,
thanks   for   oil   the gootl your 1
lets have don-* my littlo one, and II
hope other mothers will profil by ml |
Baby's Own Tablets can lio ••'•■'"
with absolute safety to the youn-"""".
frailest child, and they arc ■.'••■•»"■•
teed to cure all the minor ailsW**"
of littlo ones. Sold by all "",|lin"
dealers or mailed at 8.1 cents S W*
by writing the Dr. Williams M'*"
Co,,  Brockville,  Ont.
Use  Lever's   Dry   Hoap  (u  I1""",,
to wash  woolens and  flannel*
like it.
Tlie  importation of  l*'n',,H'0"" *
lo Ireland  from  Italy ninl ''"'lr  '
ns of  Irish  niHiiuiiicluri'  in tilts
ject of protest by the Imblin ":"
WarJuall Use klnr rur" ''***
l»rfce, 2?c. «
nd *»0<"
t*4*+ The Drill.
~2w*.   DR1TI8H   COLUMBIA.
Untitled to Ills Ftm.
omt Mosnate-I tbluU I shall enter
-"private secretary-Business or pleas-
UnLt Miignnte-Oh,  pleasure.    I've
,. ; much money Into It that I want
f Jwhst it is Uke-Biooklyu Life.
glrlktnft lnfloence.
Hobbs-What InUuenco was brought
to beat on the boy strikers to induce
ilium io go bock*
1 .,,,,, i dou't know exactly, but I
,,,.,',.,[ ii was Unco mid slipper iuflu*
ence.-BnlHmo',° American.
Hi,,! llis* ««rnulne Kind.
sal'iii ii I'm i'i slie ls,vt cut out **or *
society woman."
"Win' not?"
..\Veil, she seems to have no Idea of
,.,,, |)|eiisiin*8 of oxtriivngiince."-I)e-
trolt Free 1'reM. 	
sifle deceived rae shamefully."
iBHiil you knew  ho wns a liar, you
..y,,.:, i,nt be didn't Ile when I expected |il into,"- New York Tlines.
preferred to Ile Orr.
II,. Dow'lii'iKnow, you remind me of
Wiuis rising from the sea?
Sh,- Nonsense, ('holly! If I were ns
,VI.; ns Venus rising' from the sea J'd
look a perfect filghtl-Puclc,
'Ilie  Ureal   I'»*ss*nllnl.
"Then yen don't eotisider him an ex-
port flsliprinnii?"
■ of course not. Why, he hasn't nny
Imagination whntever."—Denver News.
fire's  llnsiKlslrr.
jlother Why uro you so nsughty,
Dorothy (aged three)—'Cause It's easier, mimer.  Comfort,
St'.tk nr num. I"'"""* "*"*• T.ii.sibbb, j
I.I i   is I'lllMV l
Krtuil. .1    Cheney makes oath thut  he Is
itnioi partner   ol    Use    linn,  of K   J
tvoev .'. i o    doing business iii the I ity
Bj|    lajlaala.     I   (fllllSt V     aillii     StlltC    «fa llfhuill ,
md tliail   *itail   lu tit   will   PS*   the   Hum   o
ONE Hi M'lti'.i' noi.I.AH.s (.ar each and
ai.tJ raaas '«*.« uf latarrh ihnt cannot
tie auiaBai' lav the use of Hall's I'utssiih
('me KllANK   .1    CHENEY.
Saturn  to   before   uie   uml   subscribed   ill
j,v prosanra   tIns   (Hh   duv   ol   December,
* ti issr.
iSi-nli Notary  l'uhllc
Hail- I'liturrh Cure is tukeu Internal!)
.mi acta directly  ou  the bhiod   and  um
tout ni • • ol the system   Scml fsir tea-'    11 .*.-
1   .1   CIIENfSY  A  CO., Toledo. O
Haalal lit   tsll  druggists.   7*ic.
lini: a.  Family  I'illa  are  the  heat.
I.ighti ing   clouds  nre  seldoni   mors
iliiin "un >iiisls from the earth.
i'i. -.', acres of flax wire grown
last yi ii n the United Kingdom. In
Is""  i:: '"a acres were cultivated.
R«moT>i . ' hard, soft or callouses.
sitnpi ani blemishes from horse*, blood
ipavln, curbs, splints, ringbone. Sweeney,
itlll.s. ipralns; .an.a sor* anil ssvoollea
Ibtoit. toughs, etc Save |60 hy tbe
■aa ot onr ■ ai.tlo Warranted the most
aotidtilui i . ,„Nh Cure ever knows.
Sold by all  alrustalats.
Iii Kngl il and Wales the railways
nu.1 in average, 12 acres of land
Im '■'■'■ •    . le of railway.
■Hurt'. Liniment Cares Dandrfltt.
' III .all'B'   SilKlfl'   *.*. illl   ABlil*  w ing
hrokppi      a drooping is the nutin li'n-
French    nut isnuil   inonn-
" ' : I     1 aa     |aa'    erfl'l't l-ll    Oil     I lis-
...hi t.|   \\        .',„,
1 lhe public    schools    ol
■  compelled to lourn  Bug
Eyes and Hose Ran Water.
'■    '     ■■    i.f Brewer,     Maine,  says:
1    '   I   '     llB'l     'allalllll     for     hfl'VS'l'ul     JelllS.
  in,i,i i,iv eve* ssiiil nose
'   "       il   "   lime.    Alaaaul   four  months
'"''' '  tl      tt.   I iv   llr.   Auuew'i.
I'tawdi  .   ssml  since   using  the
,"". ' il.   I   Ism t*  nol  huil   uu   ts. I-
1 li ■ m  ii.  i.ii  minutes."     BO
ii"a in [iBiHsessra ono ninth   of   ell
,     lni '   "ib   tho globe,    li     iuns
'' I   ■' '!■■■;    ..I   lattiKitiitls'.
••foar.'s Litiimeut Cares Bams, etc
11 ■ ' ■■ lo bear that ynu hnvo turn-
' new leaf," said the nmn with
" ""! ': iracts, "i bave your solemn
''""'■■ "mt you will never commit tn*
otlier' iiglaryf"
„,,,' '    '•" answered tbe occupant
°r il.i., (,||
'Xo iloubt you hnve been brought to
gnvV      " "f lu':irt by tljc traota **
tittll    ""! "K> "■•*,'ts ■"- mwn n9 ,l,B
°l'"I>ei'8,   There's no usu In brenk-
gol>>'"« man's house to get his mon*
neat nt' "'l"K to (,° ls ,0 ,vol'k out **•
offlcB     i 8<-l"rlcu"1wlck game, open an
' nu'. let him bring his wages to
Washington stnt*.
1 "•'  Mueli  Self Ilestrnlnt.
„h   * a stick that Mr. WlHIWns Is."
.        ("U think so?  I nlways thought
•Jns quite witty."
fori,',,,',""1 ' ,vp,'° ollt n,ono - n *-0l't
b   u«" mi hour night before Inst, and
Iil( '' "ven suggested that he would
been ' :i' " liisM ri'om mo lf lt '"'dirt
Herald  raoon,-«ut*"-Chicago Record-
„Y llsstlful  nnuKh,^,
«omo ,.,        mllnit ,l,l,t *vo" «f>vc me
mnu u     ,'"','*',M"t>"t'" Hllld Iho young
..y"!!"''"'I been Jilted.
say8 si'., r;'''* ""' B-fl* "You see. father
veloni",.'h! Dr8> oasentiol in the de*
suy ll(l   ;l_°r.*'*«nrnctor U to l.-urn to
A   llu a ii u,,,   story.
A. story is told of the meeting of Mat
thew Arnold with Mr. P. T. Ilaruum
the great Showman, In Amerlea. Mr.
Arnold wheu Introduced said how
proud he f.-lt at making tbo acquaintance of n man with a worldwide reputation. "Ah, Mr. Arnold," said Uur-
iiiiin, "we uro both public men, but the
difference between you und mo Is that
you are a notability, while I am only a
Sueh   Cases   Are  Serious   Sometimes.
Late one evening a doctor received a
note from n couple of fellow practitioners saying:
"Pray step across to the club. We
arc one short fur a game of poker."
"Emily, denr," he then said to bis
wife, "I am called away ugain. It np-
penrs to be n very serious case, for
there uro two doctors already in attendance."
I'nongli   to  Kill,
Doctor-1 see what the matter Is. It's
dyspepsia. All you huvo to do Is to
laugh heartily before unit after each
Mrs. Dinks—Impossible. I get them
myself ami wash Ihe dishes.
A Beorel Society,
Mabel-A lot 'if us girls have estab-
llshed n secret society, Jnclt.
Jack   What ore lhe objects of it?
Mabel -Why, we meet touether and
tell secrets, of course
Heart rolief in half an hour
A lualy iii New York Hlalo, wilting; of
her cuto by llr. Annow's Ctiru for tin*
Henrt, suys ; "I feel liko one brouitlil
latnk   from   llio   sleuil,   tao   tla'st   wua     ua>
suffering from heart trouble antl so almost miraculous sny recovery
I lac* uiiian y ol this powerful lresi.tu.eiil. J
tint' my   lift!  lo il."—IU
the military posts at the Gorman
naval pori ol Wllhclmshaven ara1
litteii oul wiih watch-dogs, Each sen-
trj   has   one  dog   b.V   Ills'   leusli.     und
lets it   loose when suspicious people
refuse to stop.
.md i
,r°oklyn Eagle.
" '-~i,i,,.,'i.'i..'. w."",l(' J'01" to practice
difficult lo eradicate n disease after it
has heconie seated, therefore it Is wise
in titke anv ailment In Hh Initial staaea
ami by tauah remedies as are sufficient,
Kt(,|> i' in its course Dold is the com
iiiiini-st roniltlalnt of man. ami when
neglected t.-u.t.-. iaa sa.ritaus results Ur
Thomas' Rclectric Oil will cure the severest  cold aat must  violent couch
The abolition of   the ltoyul  Ouck-
hounda has effected u saving of J'O.-
jiiii n year.
Minard's liaimcnt for sale eTtrrwVcre.
it  inuat    hnve been a fallen angel
who Invented angel cuke.
Wham Bt|uashes get in'o the pie
class thoy ure considered some pumpkins.
li is n good thing for some ]ia'n
pie tluit the neccssiti.'s oi life do not
include bruins
To the Bclf-iiindo man all other
self-made men arc nothing but upstarts.
I5y  nil   grocers   from   the   Atlantic
to  the   Pacific.
CEYLON tea.    "Pure and Delicious."   Black, Mixed or NATURAL
OREEN.   Sold only in sealed lead packets.   6oc, 50c., 40c., .per Ib.
By all grocers.    Steadfastly refuse all Substitutes.
35> l*"! I f*   ,n * strictly comtnlaalon firm—TllV
Write to-dis*. for    GRAIN   60MMIISI0N MERCHANTS '
IRr'lotilnrs \WlnrslpBi».
Do You Want
If to, the audsrslxnedwiuits your Itusiueas nntl will eutleavor to glre sstlsfsaotlon*
Usush nclvanced un conaitfumeuU.     Itstoreucs:   t'uiuu Bank of CsDsds.
Ths oltlest estsblUhed Grain Cotnmlssloa
tslitri'liiiiit in W iuuipi'n:.
Grain   Cxo'iautje,   Winnipeg.
Maclennan Bros.
TtMi'iiaaSR H90. P. 0. Eox r.S
Molntyre Block, 304,  Winnipeg*
Wheat uml train if ail kinds.  Csr
Load Lots si S|ii's lislly.     I.ftftiliir ssi.
B/uncsi uu Bills of Lading.
Writo or wire um for Track Kids, or
Consign Vour (iialsi lo as, which ws
wiilsell for your nccsstint, ou yoarsp-
liruvul to highest bidder.
A  Vnlatilile  Boole.
oiivor Wendell Iloli-.toB om-o oiitorod
tin' private otUrje of Mr. Juiiies T.
Cleids, lin* publlslier, mi an errand. He
luul ii honk tlsuit' up iii paper under his
arm. As he wus goin;; out lie suddenly
turned nnd suid:
"I Uave here a most wonderful liook.
It Is worth In niont'y value uny other
boolv in Boston. In fact, It Is worth a
whole library. If it could be properly
edited uml Illustrated*, as I would do
It, it would be worth the whole public
library put together."
Nodding authoritatively, lie shut the
door, leaving those in tlie otllee looking
at one another, too bewildered for conjecture. Presently the door opened
u^'uin quietly, nntl "Dr. Holmes put in
his bead, his fnee bubbling over with
amusement, and snid:
"Oh, I forgot to tell you what book
this is.  It Is Nut Thayer's checkbook."
Then he shut the door. Mr. Thayer
was understood nt that time to be the
richest mnu in Iioston.
ah men arc bom without inlelli*
genre nnd a good many never gel
over it.
No Improvement In burning bricks
lias been found for the fast 100 years.
Clock  Division*.
We have sixty divisions on the dials
of our clocks and watches becnuse the
old Ures'i. astronomer Dlpparclius, who
llvs-sl in the second century before
Christ, used the Babylonian system of
dividing time, ntul that system wns
A gootl way to tell n fresh egg Is by
the air bubble on the largo end. The
smaller the air bubble the fresher the
Sal uie   Hope.
Whiting—Since my sou hns been at
college the things he has learned nre
perfectly innrveloua.
Biting- I've no doubt of If. but 1
wouldn't worry. He'll forget them ail
alter 11 few years.    	
A  Quaint  Sort  of Wedding.
When a uiflrtiugs* takes place nmong
the Negritos, a people of the Philippine
Islands, the whole tribe assembles, nnd
the affianced pair climb two uws growing close together. Then the elders
bend the branches that the young folks
are on till their heusls meet. When the
heads have thus touched each other the
marriage is legally accomplished, and
there mv great rejoicings, A fantastic
dunce completes the ceremony.
Doctors first prescribed
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral over
60 years ago. They use It
today more than ever.   They
rely upon it for colds, coughs,
bronchitis, consumption.
They will tell you how it
heals inflamed lungs.
•• I Issil . very Issisl eou|h for l'!'*!.*'**.''''
Thet. 1 trlt," A,tVi Cls-rr.-Wur.l. JgWJJ
Is.",.-, were 100b bosled sntl my cough diopiysNl
•"""•Vrmi. Tbabi irroa, Qntbrls Centre, Is.
x>^ui_fi^_mmi fQf _92m—*——m~
Old Coughs
Are  Yon  Left  l*ye,l   or Illxlst  Hyeil t
'Ihere nre but few ambidexters either
lu the mntter of bands, feet or eyes. It
may soiiiul rather Queer, but it is n fact
nevertheless, that ninety-five out of ev.
cry hundred human beings are right
handed, left legged and left eyed.
I'elix llement remarked that it is an
established fact tbat wo all uso one eye
more than we do the other, which es-
tablishss ns clear a case of ''left and
right eyedness" ns though the same
terms were used to denote a preference
Iu the use of bands nnd feet.
If you want to decide ns to whether
your friends or relatives nre right or
left eyed give theni a small telescope or
spyglass to look through or hnve tha'tn
tuke aim with 11 gun. We all take
great interest In ascertaining the color,
size, shnpo nnd visual powers of our
childivn's eyes, but how many of us
stop to consider whether they are
right or left eyed?
How   -sin vn I  OfUcers  Are  Itctrnyeil.
"Vou see thnt mail pacing up nnd
down while lie waits for the car'.'"
said the nautical looking man to a
group of bystanders. "Well, I'll bet
unytlilng he's a naval officer."
"How do you know':" asked one of
his audience.
"By bis well kept linnds I know he's
not a merchant seaman. They work
too linrd. But, Just the sume, lie's a
sea faring mun. Whenever you ss^e a
man pacing like that mnke up your
mind he bas paced tho poop or quarter
deck on mnny a night watch.
"l'vo paced n watch of four hours In
n apace that allowed only three steps
nnd a shove each wny. Vou hnve to tl.t
It to keep awuke. 1 can tell that quarter deck puce In others becnuse I've got
It myself."
Fresh Air and Sonns! Hs-nlili.
Thero arc muny persons who seem
afrnld of the fresh uir. A little rain. 11
little wind, a little fog. a little chill In
the air will keep them within doors.
Going out, tliey bundle up In clothes so
thickly that one would think they were
tender shrubs transplanted from some
moro genial ellnie. The healthy people,
however, are not the health cranks, uot
tbo people who run to the doctor every
timo they feel nn ncbe. They ure the
people who wnlk a grent denl In the
fresh air, who live In the open us 1mis.l1
as they ean and who tnke a vacation In
tho country every year.
Adrantages of lllsieU.
Little Bobby (whose inn 111 mn Is very
pnrtlculnr and Is nlwnys telling hlm to
wash his face and hands)—Mummy,
denr, I do wish I wns n tittle black boy.
Mamma—My deur Hobby, you generally nre.
Littlo Bobby-Ob. I 11101111 really blnck.
Then you wouldn't see when I wus
Servants  ln  China,
A rich mail's servant In China gets
no snlary, yet many nre the applicants;
while big salaries are paid to the servants of the common  people,  but  few
make application, The perquisites of
the former ofteh more tban triple tho
salaries of the lattsu-.
One More Splendid Cure Credited
to Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Dui'tsire  saisl Ma ln.lsi. Ecker had  1'rss.vrl
or llrlglit's Disease, oi Kiss
-lsiiilil'. Kislney   1'ilU listse Hlm the
Vitus' uf Kiss ly M.ssalssia.d.
St. Catharines, Out., Oct. 5.—(Spe-
cial)—Nicholas Ecker, the well known
farmer, living near St. John's P.O.,
on the dividing line of Pelhain and
Thorold Townships, who hits been
restored to health after twenty-nino
years' suffering from Kidney Disease
has yjvi'ii a Statement for publication,    it nuds :
"I had been a sufferer from Kidney
Complaint for twenty-nine years. I
had the most distressing Backache,
Irritation of the Spine, and Headaches, coupled nt tunes with an excruciating circular pain about the
lower purt of the hotly. What I suffered no pen can describe. Insomnia
too added its terrors antl 1 was
greatly reduced  In  flesh.
"Three different doctors attended
mo. One said I had Oravel, another
cajled it Bright's Disease, while the
third sai.i_ I wus in a dangerous condition. None of them gave me any
permanent help ond i.-.y friends
thought I could not live much longer.
'At this stage I gave up other
treatment and started using Dodd's
Kidney l'ills. After taking two boxes
1 found they wero helping me and I
continued till I had taken sixteen
Iuxb's when I was again enjoying the
splendid vigor of  earlier  manhood."
London within the police urea ii sea
inst over 1 •"> million tons of conl n
\ ear.
Hlnard's Lfcimet.. Relieves Neiralgia.
Fivo millionaires died In the United Kingdom during the pasi financial .\ .n r Of thesu the largest for-
tune was left bv l-'.itii FiUwilliam ;
it amounted to £2,9*19,000.
n IKS.—Machinery not (iroiierly supervlB"
a*ai mui led to run Itself, very sosbu shows
'anil in its working, it i* ths* same
..ith tin' digestive organs     I nregulated
(nun tiiiii* tn tinu. thev are likely to lit*-
roilie titt'liiil  tstiil   throw  tin* whole sv«Ib*iii
oul of cfl'itr. Parmelee's VsMtstahla ruin
.wi' tiuuii" iss uts'et  such cissoh. They rt*-
Ktore Its Ills' lull the llaeiiintr lisrtilties.
ami!   bring   into   order  ull   parts    s.f    the
u.i't lutiiisin.
During tlie lust    year there    wore
119   deaths   from accidents    ssn the
20 Years of
Vile Catarrh
Wonfferffui Testimony to tho
Curativo Powers of Dr. Ag-
now's Catarrhal Powder.
(lias ii lirown, lournallst, of Duluth.
Minn., writes; I lusts* i.»*i-n u sufferer
from Thrinit and Nttsul Catarrh for over
an years, during tvhlch time mi head lus--
in'i'ii Miii|i|a,.ii in, „ii,i my condition Irulj
miserable With I:, minutes after tiiinu
llr. Agnew's L'sttitrrhul Powder I obtain-
•al ia.|ia.f. Three bottles have alsuiHt. II entlroly, cured tin'." Sohl i,y tsit
druggists. '       7
If. Agneiv's Ointment relieves piles Inula ti;
Lack   of   Interest   In    a story    is
ntnigh to prove its  truthfulness.
Nearly  nil  the sandpaper  in uso  is
made with powdered glass.
A little Sunlight Soap will clean
cut glass and other articles until
they shine and sparkle. Sunlight
Soap will wash other things than
dothes. **
MPintoM Shell Cordovan
is the toughest and best
leather ever tanned for
mitts and gloves. It is
boil and scorch proof—
has no oil to draw cold or
get stiff—is wind proof,
tear proof, wet proof,
is always soft, dry,
warm. Iron-like wear
—handsome appearance
— economical. None
genuine unless stamped
«*Pinto Shell Cordovan" aud with this brand.
Sold by all leading dealer? in Manitoba, N. W.
Territories and British
H.B.K. Duck Jackets
and Coats
for weat comfort, and
convenience. Built to
keep out cold and keep
warmth in. Made for the
hardest, roughest kind of
wear. Lined with lambskin with the wool on and
with Mackinaw Woolen-
made of Duck, Corduroy
or Leather. Leather jackets made reversible.
Wide collars, unrippable
seams, strong pockets.
Every garment branded with this brand.
Sold by all leading dealers in Manitoba, N. W.
Territories and British
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
•    M
.-#. .*..#.. ••.«..
..».^..»..*»..«.c .••••••-• *
A Customer says : ' I have linen in
the Iiitkiry litisini'ss for over twelve
years and have tried almost all
makes of flour, but "OOILVIE'S "
certainly heats them nil In the quantity of broad made from each barrel
ef flour, nnd where n faint extils in
that particular 1 know it's got to be
"A  Tip-top Hour."
■a .o
-J i
• Jr.
d **■
U _
~        ce
"Tlte Bos* Building.'
ipor Mado.
It Is very much >tronc.r nod thicker thnn any other (tnrrcl or building) paper It la Impervious lo wind, keeps out cold, keeps Ut hent. enr-
rles no smell or odor, absorbs no tnolnture. imparts no taste or Uovor to
»nytltitiK with which it cumes In contact. It Is largely used nait only lor
•lieeUni! haiiiseB, but lor liniiix cold storage buildin*B. refriKerutflirs. dairies. cieaiiicrietJ, ami all places where the object is to keep nn (ven aud
uniform temperature,  ami at tho same time avoiding dampness.
Write our Agents. TEM A PERSSE, Winnipeg, for camples.
Tho E. B. EDDY CO., Limrtod, HULL.
Frit/ Atliilphy. .if Clifton. Ari/onu,
who dia'il recently, was tho proprietor a.! ii large place ol amusement In
si laaiiis, employing over 00 bai*-
iimiils ainl waitresses, When n i>\-
law was passed prohibiting such employments iaar women, Adolphy wonl
to tin' registrar nnil adopted all his
tni employees ns his daughters.     As
snell   they   won'   nllowetl    Ub   Continue
their services,
Sl'IlK HKlM I. VlllUS —Mnniliuke ami
Dnndelton ere known to exert u powerful Influence bbm the liver ami kltlno,vs, re*
storltiR iiii'm ti> hsslthful action, Indue-
Ina bi iB'L'iiini' Bow of ihe secretions nmi
imparting to the organs complote power
tai perform tln'ir functions These valuable Ingrtjdleots enter inttB the composition of Parmelee's Vef/etabte Pills, and
servs to render tbem tlie aereealile nmi
salutary medicine thev sre i ii.-i<■ are
few pills so effective us thev In their action.
According to latest returns there
aro 702,088 paupers in England and
Art* you a sulTcrer with Corns 1 If vtiu
nn. gel ii laaittla. aaf lliillaflw it v 'i I'lirn
Curt*     It   Ims  never boen  known   to fall
Iii Franca thcro nre 4,000,000
acres devoted to tho culture ol   the
Tho Oormans nre especial lowfs of
cities. In tho 10 ell Ies of abovo U00,
000 population 8U per cent, ol all the
Germans In tin* count ry live
Nearly sll infunis are mors or
us t   to  diarrhoea  and    sm-h   a
Mliile   teetiiiinr.   tin.I   as      Ibis   i
tbeir lives is th.- mosi  critical
sllialtlll    nOl     be    Withaflllt     il    laalltli
.1 li KeVogg'ti Uvscnterv C'ortl
medicine is bb sp.»citii- fan- sm-lt t-.i
nmi is hlfghly spoken ol hy tl
have ttsBsi   it     The  proprietors
will   run* iitty  cttse  ol  cholera  an
> <il
tt i 111 .i
I of
I be: a
(liill s
m  i<
'Ihere   can   be u  difference   of opinion
On   ifliost   subjects,   lint   liters   is   Binlv   one
opinion as lo tin* rellsbllltv ol   Mother
liriiVB-s'   Worm   laNtormimitor     lt   is   saffl'
sure anal  effectual
When two women pel wound up lhe
third Is apt ti) lu* run down.
Siiinsti'ud Junction, I*   Cl .
lath Aug . inn;!.
UKSSHS    C.   C.   IIICIIAKI'S   a*   I'll
ilentletneu.—I fell from the bridge leading (rom n platform tai a losdnl car
while assisting inv  men   in  unloading   u
laaaul    of    ,. r il i I a 'Ilia-    bridge,    Weill      llaaavn
as well its the load On mv burk nmi I
struck oib the ends of the sleepers, a lining a serious Inlury to my leg. Onlv for
H belntr very fleshy would hnve broken
it     in  am  hour could  not   walk  a   ftei
rutin iced  usim:   MINAHll'S  I.1MMI   S'T
nntl   the   ibiial   alaiy   vaanat   taa   Mot'tres)   "II
business unal caat about well li.v lhe u«.j
of ii catiB' in ten iinvs wns nesrlv ivell,
l can sincerely reconiinciid it ns iin* i .-st
linilll.'ta*    Ihnt    I   know   aaf   ill   USC
Vours iruiv.
0.    II     I.IIIIIUIN
Iii an nil Iclo tn "The Ago of tho
World," Sir I'liunnl Fry, the famous
Kiu.'li'.li geoluf(lst declares thai l.Vi,-
000,000 yenrs musl bavo elapsed
since tha* e\isti'iM■!• of lifo on tha
W. N. U. No    *sttQ.
C. E. Smithbrinqale, Editor and Prop.
SLOCAN,      - •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a Una each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
tor each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.60 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16th, 11)03.
KB1TOKI4I.   cKorPii-tii.
They are busy down at Victoria reconstructing tlie cabinet. Joliu Houston and Price Ellison seem to be the
mw blood favored.
L -
Canada's militia is to be re-organ-
ized and strengthened to 100,000 men,
about half of whom would be maintained on a peace footing. Special
attention will lie paid to mouuted
.corps, and it is contended that in four
y-*ars tht Dominion will have the fin
cut fighting force in the world.
r^^^^^^^^^****^^^' "—■■
Contrary to Grit expectations, the
official count in the Fernie riding on
Saturday confirmed the election of
Mr. Ross, Conservative, aud increased
his majority from five to seven. The
list of Conservatives elected therefore
stands at 22, and tlio McBride goTeru-
meat will continue to do business at
the old stand.
Just cause for thanksgiving was
given the mineowners this week, wheu
silver passed the GO cent figure. It is
two years since it declined from that
figure, and a mighty struggle was required to get it back again. Sixty
cent silver and a stiff lead bounty
surely ought to revive the businesii
of the country.
The Grit press ave becoming reconciled to the fact that there is a Tory
government at Victoria. 'Tis a sad
blow, no doubt, but the situation must
be boruo with. They had"some exciting fun for a few days trying to figuio
out a Grit majority, aud the memory
of it should warm them in the dreary
days of opposition to come,
'.■a.. ■
Conservatives have hastened to redeem their ante-election pledges to
reform tho civil service. A partial
overhauling has already ■vfTecti'd a
a .saving of $20,000 a year in salaries,
and no impairment of the service.
Other economies ar* promised.looUing
towards the establishment of an equilibrium between revenue and expense.
The commencement of Tory rule at
Victoria is fraught with promise.
Tho Liberals are castim," aliout for
a leader and the mantle will doubtless
fall on the man from Rossland, J. A.
Macdanald. Wullie Mclnnes and
Stuart Henderson both haw aspirations that way, but it looks as if they
wero outclassed. Mr. Maedtmald is
known to fame as the man who pub
Italy announced his oppositioi to Joe
Martin; also as the nnn who
Provincial Seoretarj Qoodeve.
Members of thn international ex
change committee have reported to
* President  Roosevelt  that success at
tended their efforts In Europe to secure a common basis for monetary
exchange. The gootl work i* Im-iu^'
furthered in China antl other eastern
countries, witli the assurance that silver will receive a fair nntl permanent
valuation. The outlook for the white
metal is considered bright, more po, in
fact, than for years past.
Hon. Joseph Martin declared last
week that he was sick of polities and
had doue with them for good. Instead of permitting the mat) to drop
out of sight and out of mind decently,
the Vancouver Province and World,
two Grit sheets, jumped the poor licg-
gar rough-shod anil sought to thrusl
on his'shouldi't's all thr sins to whieh
the Liberal part*" had fallen heir.
Joseph would not staed for that piny,
and so told the Victoria Colonist that
he would reconsider hi** decision to
retire; that he would live on, just to
prove to tho Vancouver soreheads Hint
he was master of the situation. When
lo-eph elects (o become Anally de
--. ' I   i     il|l ■■   Iffc I ill make
., |a a
. part)
Pay the printer.
Hallowe'en is drawing perilously
Alf Bull left for Vancouver on Monday morning.
Slocan ore shipments are running
350 tons a week.
Str. Kaslo has been taken off the
Kaslo-Lardo route.
Davo Sloan and family have removed to Three Forks.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving day,
and peaceful it was, too.
Bob Allen secured the contract to
move the Sloan building.
Train service ou the Nakusp road
continues to get no better fast.
Some decent weather appeared this
week, the first since last .June.
B. A. Shatford left ou Monday for
a month's vacation on the coast.
Thanksgiving day was celebrated
by a shooting match for tiirkiiys.
The bridge gang was in during the
week repairing the railway wharf,
A sitting of the supreme court will
be held at Nelson on the 19th inst.
Mrs. J. O'Neil anil family returned
from their eastern trip on Saturday.
Russel Robertson left for Victoria
on Monday to complete his education.
Hiram Robertson is in Sandon putting a metal roof on the Miners' Union
W. J. Adcock returned os Monday
from a teu days' trip to the Crow s
Nest towns.
Road Inspector Killeen has lieen
given his walking ticket by tho provincial government.
A new butcher company has opened
in business in the Boundary towns, in
opposition to Pat Burns.
The date of the annual ball of the
I.O.O.F. has been definitely fixed for
Oct. 30, in the Music Hall.
Paul Hauck and family are once
more located here, having come down
from Sandon on Saturday.
Through traffic to anil from the
main line, via Sloean lake, is expected
to commence in a few days.
L. J. Edwards, C.P.R. agent, expects his wife and family back from
their trip to England  inside a month.
It is stated the Bonnington Fulls
people will put in a wire to Winlaw,
to operate the mill there by electricity.
R. J. McPhee returned on Mondav
from Spokane, where Vie was visiting
iiis fiti'.iily ami Incidentally taking in
the fair.
The Knights of Pythias at New
Denver will hotd a big blowout on
November 2nd, nt the opening of their
new hall.
New Denver came nour having unother fire Monday night, a blaze having started in the kitchen of the Sher-
raii house.
Rossland people have petitioned the
Ottawa government for a supreme
court judge.with permanent residence
in Kootenay.
By the operation of its own coal
mines in tho Crow's Nest, the C.P.R.
will save hundreds of thousands of
dollars each yoar.
A man is constantly employed leveling olT the ground facing the depot.
It is to lie fenced,planted in trees and
beautified by flowers.
On Thursday evening, the 22nd
inst., Mrs. .lames Farrell will give an
At Home at her residence, in aid of
tho Methodist church.
Mrs. Rogers, who has lieen visiting
her son Alex, here for tho past few
weeks, left on Monday to visit her
sister in Morley, Man.
Dr. O. A. Kirkwood left last Thursday on a trip through the western
States. R. I. Kirkwood accompanied
li in ■ as far as Spokane.
I'nit of the   Dunsmuir collieries at
Cumberland are on fire,due to a spontaneous combustion of coal dust.
Much damage has been done.
No luss than 570 volunteers from
llritish Columbia to South Africa have
applied   for  hind   Brants   uniler the
special legislation ot the province,
R. Butler's interest in the Wil.'.on
House in to be  sold at  Nelson on the
24th inst., to satisfy a judgment ob
taiued against him by D. Arnot.
A union thanksgiving service will
be held this (Thursday) evening in the
Methodist church. A collection will
lie taken up in aid of tin* local hospital
Miss Lucia Parsons, sister of Mrs.
C. B. Taylor.died at North Cambridge,
Mass., on Sept. 27. and was buried beside her father and  mother at her old
home in Burlington, Vermont.
Misses Sutherland and Patten, the
entertainers, k."**'" a concert in the
Music Hall, Tuesday evening, in aid
of the hospital. The audience w.i".
not large and the performance far
from satisfactory,
While nothing definite is announced, it is generally understood the local
John Bull is taking his stock of
clothing to Nakusp to sell.
Jeff Baty, who left here at tho lie-
ginning of the year to go to Valdez,
Alaska, returned hero on Wednesday,
having had quite enough of the north.
He was warmly welcomed.
Tue Drill had a pleasant fraternal
call on Wednesday from Mrs. Hayes,
a special writer on the Winnipeg Free
Press. The ladv is traveling through
this country for the C.P.R., gathering
data for a pamphlet on its resources
for intending settlers.
Appended is a complete list ef the various records registered atthe lecal registry efflce.H.P. Christie being mining
Oct 2—Bella Coola fr, Dayton creek
W H Davidson.
Canada, 2nd n f Lemon, J D Roid.
5—Tonka No 2,..Springer creek, Grant
Almas, Dayton crcok, A E Teeter.
6—Crown, last s I Lemon, T Benton.
9-1 X L, Ten Mile creek, A D McGil-
Hyde l'tirk, same, C A Kirkwood.
Utefr, Robinson creek, W D McGregor.
Lee fr, Tiger creek, ,T M M Beneduin.
Oct 5—Hazard, Monarch, White Star,
Sleeping t h'ef.
fi—Litihy, Gold Crown, Susan S,Susan
G, Kilo No 2 fr.
7-Maud S fr.
0—Nix fr.
10—Aurora fr, Aurora, Lanark, Snow-
flake, Regent, Rex, Nottawa.
Oct 9—Smuggler.
Oct 5-Bachclor %, R A McDonald to
R D Kennedy and li A Brndehaw.
NOTICE is heroby given that !!0 days
nfter date 1 intend to apply, at a special
sitting of the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the City of Sloean. for a
transfer of tlio retail liquor license held
by me on the Roval Hotel, situated on
lot 18, block 12, City of Slocan, to Geo
Dated st Slocan tbis 8th dav of October, 1903.
Slocan      I
Bakery^,   j
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor I
Fresh Fruits of Every
Kind Arriving   Daily.
Our Ice Cream Parlor is
now opca and will he k«pt
running all the Summer.
1 4 I.'-n.'.-. of llit-.til f»r 91.
I*'ii 11 Weight null O nn Illy
Slocan, B. C.
J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
«'GQQ«3y'<&ar Certainty**/ |
I    ■"  ;  '     •*    eJ
" I
he only certain
way to g'et a g'en-
uine Goodyear
Welt Shoo iss Buy only
because it is made by
no  otber  process   and
therefore must be Goodyear Welt,
J '4
For Men     -=.     STZ'XX     ■=»     For Women
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
RATES: Fcc-ular .iil>«i*rili«rs. tl per month
a.r $10 a year: non-subscribers (exclusive of
media.'I attendance) $2 per alay, Private warals
U p»r alay extra. Bpocial facilities fur maternity canes,
Kor further particular! apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
New Residence for Sale
Representing the ••tronge--t cam*
panics d«ing business in Canada.
See new ACCIDEST POLlfcY, with par-
ticipalion in profits, covenr.*** sickness ami eperatlens.
IT. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Furnishings ^>
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
lar^e garret, gootl cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and is the best finished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For terms
Apply  at Drill Office
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Gwiilim «te Johnson,
B. C
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner Pioneer Livery
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia:
In thi* tnntinr nf tlie "Judgments Act, 1899,"
anal atiitMialitiK Acta;
iii tin. matter ot ■ Judgment  retsovered
against tlie iinilrr-tn»nti(ini>il defendant in
tlm County t'iBAirt of Kootenay, holden at
Nelson, in an notion!
DAVID AH NOT, PliiintitT,
H. lU'TNI'.K. Dofttldont.
xyoTirn |g hereby given iltai. nursnant t.> an
Ll   iiralnr taf tlm Honorable Mr. Justloe Martin
III a all' a all 1110 1st 'lav Baf AugUSt .HHt't lav a III ell'It'll
liy nn order ol I lie tlaannrialili' Mr.Jtlltlce I iv in*,'.
made aan the Utli day of September, lOOJ), ih«ro
will lai- offerod for sale i..\ tariiataa nuctton.on
tlm front steps nf Hi" court home In tlia (itj of
Nelson, ll.C. aan Saliir'lnr, tin* '.''th day of October, I'm'', at ll aaVlnrk in tha forenoon, tht inter-
...t aaf War defendant, It. Bntnor, In ami t.> that
rerlain placo <>r parcel iaf land and promiiies
-1111(11" In the City of Hlocau, Columbia,
■ :. cribed allotsilx (6) aud leren 17).block A,
map lOO.SIocen City (nelnqtn the subdivision of
lot IB!, group 1, Kootenny District), to realise
ilu- imi'Buni pnyablo »'ik>n tlie above-named
plaintiff's Judgment! against the laid defendant,
, ,, , widen eras obtained on the Int dny of Junr.19011,
iiuilMT  t'OtnpRiy  Will   proc*-ed   With   r.irlh nofl*as,9l,nnd interest and coetr. of
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
"Why bo without a rantro wlion
you cun eet on*to cheap? Tliey
are preferrable tostovi'finnd givo
better latisfactlon. Thesi ranges
burn wood or coal and will bo
set up iioc.
To Hugh 8. Nelion, or to any iiorsna
tir periOllltO whom lie may l>uvo Irans
ferrcd his intcrost in tho Wtymoutll
niinoml ihiini, Eilnnteil on Ten Mile
cipek ami recorded in the Reco dtr'i
oH'tte for the -slocan I ily mining tlivi-
You uro hereby notified t tent I. ('. I'..
SmiUierlngale, F.M.C No. Uu9097, have
funscil to ho expended the sum ol one
hundred anil iwo dollars' ami fifty cenU
in labor nmi Improvement* on iho above
mentioned mineral claim, in onler lo
hnlil laid claim under the provifloni ol
thu Minernl Aft; ami if within DO dan
from tha date ol this notice you fall, *r
refute, to contribute yonr proportional
moh expenditure,touether with all colts
nf advertising, your Interest in rtwi
clulm will become the propeity o( tho
luhscrlbep, nnder section 4 ol an Act
ctnlillctt "An Aft to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Iiateil at Slocnn, B.C., this llth dar ol
August, A.D. mo:,.
an?! Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
Gcnrral  Packing and for*
wjn-tlinj; attcndttil to at tlio
•hoi'trst Notice.
Sitltll-* and  rack Uorsrsfer
hire at reasonable intr*-.
M.i na-"fr
in of
lhn erection of the i>
■ lance ni their
! has prom
lied to protect Bpringer creek.
ile, etc
plant, now that the council
The charges appoarlnpon i li1, register sgalnst
Illl* «ni.| ala.fa.tialllllt. I a.a,'|.l lier with lliril alula's a.f
regietral Ion, are ax follows!
N.a. Itli,   Date. 13 fl IM. 12.08 p.m,   Amount,
Iho     D.iiiiiiiiiin    /'tivfrnnii'iit   lm*.       ^.r.v.n.  Judgment debtor, R. Butnor, Judir*
•tmended the act concerning the mut       ..,u,.t .r,..iit..r. i>.,vi.i a.„..i
• i   ,           .                               ,    -.    • .\nv fnri'ii'i infaaiaiiRl nan mav lie iililaiia-I fraam
ilatlon Ot currency, and   it   Is nOW   Rn   Roberl   W lore  Hanniniton,   Nelson,   ll.C.
ifToi  i   iiii-liali|.,lr.-fiii"iir Itnprl -fn Plaintlfl   Hnllcltor.
,.    i i ,   ] , ,| ,    ,    ; ,,    ;,,    ,i\   I'   '•' Uattd at Nelson this 7th dsy of October, 190S.
■    • uti* npnn ■ ■ '    ..     i rtdvi B,T. H.8IMPKIN8,
District BegUttar,
I'arn Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Blocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At head of north
fork Of Ten Milt* crcok.
TAKF. NOTICE ihntl.Frank COreee,
acting ns a^ent (nr Qeorge I'riiie,
free miner's certificate No. li'Hifw, Intend, sixty dayi from tlm tlnte hereof,
to apply tothe Mining Recorder'or n cer-
tiflcatuol iinproveini'iitH, for tho purpose
0{obtaining a Crown (Irani of tlie abovo
And further lake notico that action,
under section .(7, nuist ho commenced
before the Issuance ol such certificate of
DatedUiil2Srd dayol .lunc, 1008.
7-8-03 V. C. GREEN, Nelson, ll.C
This Snap
THK DRILL has made an
arrangement with the To*
ronlo   Mail-Empire,   so
that ita weekly edition may Ih.
clubbed with the Corner.
New subscribers, therefor-*,
may obtain the \Vutility Mni 1 -
Empire  acKaowledgeo to lio
one of the ln*<tt papers iii tho
Dominion and Slpcaa's luad-
inK journal, Tiik Dmi.i,, from
bow till .Inn. I. L905, for the
Hum of 18, With lhik exceptional offer will be frivii'H as a
premium, a. beautiful arto-
gravure, entitled "The Victoria Cress." The picture de-
)iiets a scene in the late Boot
war, dame in ten colore, antl
well worth framing. Bead in
your Orders at ouee to
The Drill, Slocan.


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