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The Slocan Drill 1903-06-19

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 "Of.. IV., No. 12.
prov. Library.
ian I03.r
SbUCAtf,     1?.
C,   JUNE   19,   1903.
Warm Weather Talk
This is tho hardest timo of tlio year to cater to one's
appetite. Cooking over a hot stove, does not help it
any, so to avoid the dircomfort and have something
palateable, try some of our Meats, ready cooked: —
Then for something nice in Table Fruit, try a tin of
Pineapple, one of the nicest fruits for the hot weather.
. T. Shatford & Co,
York & Sons,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
All City (lllloss Oesiluresl Vacaut-They
Will bo Combined I'ailn Una' Hs*ad at
a Siiliiry of ( 10 ps*s- IMniilll I».a«i<* to
Cut llsassn ICxprssssss.
Anderson und asked to have him seut
to tlie hospital us a government patient, he coming from an outside
place.   Left to committee.
Chairman Smith reported that, the
police commissioners bad acted on tlie
suggestion of the council and declared
the position of policeman vacant.
A discussion arose upon tlie point
of reducing salaries, and Aid. Arnot
asked why they did not lop oft the
police magistrate while the** were at
it and so save another ?25
A distinct surprise wns sprung by
l?li!ldTMn ■* a?1*- •*S,d5r «!*T^J-&^^I& •JI"■,',,,",,
of the city council on Monday night,'
B. C.
* as
Arlington    Hotel
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
rhii popular hotel is convenient to tlio hoalB nnd trains.   The dining room
ii.ricily upto-fiate while thc Imi* is supplied witli-tiie licit in the market.
' A XsPQ •   Travel lin;-; men, using Sample Rooms, $2..50por flay:
**tl ICO •    \vUiiotiiS'iR*pli',Ko(>ms,?*J; linaril$Sper\veek-, liir-'i!--'.!'
ie opened under
tbe old mansgement.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cer. Arlhwi- Strsct and Dt-lniisry Ata-nnais, llockn.
|B»ilding thoroujrhly renovated
ind re stroked with'the best,
(Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle thc
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Insurance !
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  B. C.
General  Packing  and For-
warding attended to al tlie
shortest Notice,
Saddle and Puck Horses (or
hire at reasonable rates.
Representing the strongest companies doing business in Camilla.
Skr new KtxiDKSt polwy, with participation iii prollts. covering sickness and operatUps.
II* D. t'UT'TIK, Notary Public
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
U\TFS: Regular luhserlbors,$1 pur month
.ari?liiii yi'ar: noirsubscrlbcrstetoliisivooi
medicisl attendance) (fl por dny.   Prlvntownrils
U per dny s-ilris.   SpucUl faollltioa Inr 11 ni-
ily onset,
Por furi!ii»r particulars npply to.
J. V. Purviance, Sec
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past  its door when I
yoa are dry, weary or hungry.
when the move was made declaring all
ilie city offices vacant, in oisder io
combine them under' ouo head at a
salary of 180 per month. This was
done in order to save expense, as the
civic funds ure running low. All the
members were present.
Correspondence read; From Chief
of Police Jarvis. Nelson, asking'citv to
refund him 88.&0,price of nippers aud
handcuffs furnished over a vear ago.
The nippers weTe ordered paid for and
the procuring of the handcuffs will
be inquired into.
Prom license commissioners, notifying council of renewal of licenses on
t!i" city hotels.   Filed.
Bills presented:   I'.O. box rent. $1
75; .\. Long, rubber boot
Referred to finance commute
Clt*j Bolicitoi's letter laid over from
former meetings waa ordered Hied.
Fnnk Pletenei
& Wilson's bill
Up.    The  clerk
ducer.   Nothing
i month.
lillee was a non-pro
Council adjourned.
$7, rope,lj8.
r.irat In tho City Hall asisl astrutglitun (list
111 ffloul ties.
A number of misunderstandings
having arisen of late between the citizens aad the Ontario-Slocan Lumber
Co., it was deemed advisable to call a
meeting aud straighten out matters.
This was done on Saturday afternoon,
George Chew, manager of the company, meeting with the city council
and citizens in the city hall. Acting
Mnyor Smith tool; the chair and called on R. A. Bradshaw to explain matters.
Mr. Bradshaw stated a foeling had
arisen against the company by reason
| of their endeavors to bring in Chinese
's letter and Galliher I shingle paciei*s, as well as from tlv
were again brought ] fact thai thc company were purchas-
reported  thai   the] ing their supplies out of town rather
Fletcher deeds on thi
all in oisler.   Lai 1 oyer.
Bylaw No. IH, for levying a rate.was
brought up and given its third reading.
The li tter fro.n the cl irk,asking for
au increase in salary, and laid over
from former meeting, was next in lin
millsite were than here. There .should be no feol-
| ing existing between the citizens and
the company, Tha' industry was here
and they should all strive to live and
Work together amicably for the ad-
vancement of the town. The company
complained that they coulu not gel
help  in  their mill, ami the citizens
ing in to work at the mill. The
Chinks, however, did not materialize,
but the men stopped up till 2 o'clock,
expecting thnn down on the mill tug.
Next evening the same crowd assembled, but again without results, ft
appears that six Chinks did arrive at
Hosebery from Vancouver, with the
intention of coming on to .Slocan,
.Some-one must have wised the slant-
eyed wage-reducers that the mountain
climate was not agreeable to Celestial
orchids, for they lout, no time in shouldering their bundles and hiking off
Inwards Nakusp. It is doubtful if
the Chinks have yet stopped running.
KlHoovcs'atsl Ainnssa*; Hit* Ores From tlss*
. Heteor,
A rare and very valuable mineral
has been discovered among the ores
from the Meteor mine, and it is exciting much attention here. Two weeks
ago C. B. Taylor, one of the lessees of
the property, noticed a peculiar streak
(j/ stuff running along oue wall, whieh
lie at first took to lie ledge matter, but
its weight, equal lo that of galena, assured him that it was mineral of some
description. He brought a sample of
it down to W. S. Johnson, the* local
assayer.who put it through a thorough
test and analysis, and has finally pronounced it Tungsten. So far as is
known, this is the first time the mineral has been found in the province,
and naturally Mr. Johnson fs'fls a bit
Tungsten is used as a mixture with
ste»*l for the making of special armor
plate for warships, and in the manufacture of first quality tool steel, It
hai a great hardening effect on steel
and is capable of a very line temper.
The Carnegie outfit at Pittsburg are
instanth on the lookout for the min
lust Tear's Shipments Wore 0388 Tons—
A Healthy Kvislsnea or tlse Lifo and
Wealth of  tho Disssip- Kssterprise tlse
Biggest Shipper.
The Enterprise keeps up its steady
shipments, having sent out 25 tons
during the week to the Nelson smelter. It has a record for the year of
316 tons, most of it being credited to
lhe lessees. Ths/outlook iu the camp
is hopeful,
For 1902 tin* ore shipments from
tho local division amounted to i\a'X\
tous, made up from 12 properties,
[following is a full list of the shipments tliis year to date:
Black I'rince....
for action.   Asked what amount hotfshould make an effort to secure them eraTand offer big prices for it.   Sam-
would de ".n adequate,theclerk replied' all tho men they iwpiired. J pics of the new Iiud have been sent to
,i ■■■ month would bo little enough    , Ur, Chew addressed the meeting at J 'hem
thnnosition. ' Ier t'Ii. and siat.'.l his company did
. .he position.
Charirman Smith sail the alderman not think tl. iy were being used right
had considered iho inatter and had ia tho matter of the titles to.their mill
doomed il advisable to combine thc jsije. Lie knew Ihore had bsen.una-
clerkship with the chi 1 of police, as j voidable delays, but it wm time soma
in other pla<
Tela   step WOUld   be
thin -' tangible vt-as turned o?oc lo tii.*i«
,.. ;i cm the (-/.-ore of .•.•'••>'•.i'-iy. Thi ' ■■„>, is to h >ld !hv>* gi*<i'i"i'i. Until thi*
city was short ih fuadnaud th-y mu I was do**..? ho c< uld uol rsscommaud Ids
redueo salaries. iximpany lo proooed with  the crec
Aid. Teeter moved that IflD council tion of thoir other building**-. Than
take steps to combine lhe offices of there was th* safeguarding of Spriu-
clerk, s0ssst-|ssor» collector, ctc.with that gor creak. While there waa uo sot
of polii-iuan, at a salary of 1580 per time iu Iho agreement wherein the
month. Seconded by All. Worden council were to act, yet tho company
and curried. \ I"*-*lt their property wai too valuable to
M.ivei1: by Aid.Word 'n and McNeish | run risks again**! a flood, aud an effort
that the police comini-
ore has a value of Sl per
pound, so the Meteor people have a
very valuable by-product to their othei
Mr. Taylor says he has run across
the stuff before ui the mine, but has
either thrown it in with the other ore
■v.- ,;■, er the dump, not knowing its
i:;,'..\ Inn in future he will treasur*
ovary particle of it. The ore runs in
an irregular streak in a part of the
lodge be has always deemed valueless.
^t times the streak has been two or
three inches in width. He would uot
be at all surprised now if they should
break into a larger Ixxly of the mineral at anv time.
.<los*isss Lloeuse lllatrlot.
On Monday the license commissioners of the Slocan district met at New
Denver, to grant license* for the en-
loners 1.' v ti ! should be mado by bolh sides to effect
d that the council, in order to re- permanent .safety. But the labor
duce Bxponses.would rocommen 1 thai question was tie* greatest difficulty,
the office of chief of police be^dijckred The Company hi i agreecl to employ
,'acaut, and lhat tenders be asked for white labor as far a** possible at coast
tho combined offices of police and wages. They were offering even bet-
clerk, the policing of the city being ter than coast wages andyttoould not suing -i\ months.   All applications
•.'.•t m-m.   Th* caimpauv was opposed ; wore granted except those from New
to Chinese help, but wbat could they   t>enver,  where a  curious  situation
arose. H. Stege, of the Newmarkel
hotel, was not on tin* voters'list and
the acommissioners (''are him till the
20th inst. to gel his name thereon. On
fixed at $30 por month.   Cirri."d
Moved bv Aid. McNeish Bud Tee! "
that tho offices .of city clerk, assi
collector, and'bealtli officer, bndr ilnr
ed vacant at the expiration of 39 days.
Tho payroll for May, amounting to
.* 1'Ci.tifi. was ordered paid: also passes
soi's foe of .$i50;?150to school trustees,
and J112.60, city Urns checks in connection with tho repairs to Springer
The arranging of payment of the
city note of $357.25, falling due ox, the
.lo. The speaker realized the citizens
wsare united In bpposition to Chinese,
luit lis* must hav.* men to run hir. mill.
He would pay the expenses of anv responsible citizen to iho coast to' get tuesday, however, tho legislatureiwae
him wHitfJ help. Tlie company had dissolved and the lists canoBlled, so
spent M'O.OO'i hej-eand thev wanted to I the applicant cannot act. His license
ha considered oitizens.  "Mill labor|consequently expires on June 80.   As
Aylwin Bros.did not apply,th* St.
James will lx* the only licenss-d house
iu New Denver, with but two in Sil-
I9tn, was lelt to linance committee.
Aid. Teeter called attention to tie
condition of Fi*anli
sick .md deatitui •.
.lini relief co:' unit!
could not command miners' wages,
i. id the speaker thought the men
should realize that. Some of his men
had been tampered with and he did
not   think   it   right, as th" company
were  livim-r up to their ngresment.
\nderson,whowas| He wauted to get along well with tin
Referred tn health ; psoplaV   As tor the supplies, Mr.Chew
\ guaranteed  thev  woultl in future b?>
Aid. McNeish inquired   when lhe secured here, if the morchants could
Delaney avenue bridge would bo put  supply them.
Left    to   tliAj
d of    Cuairraan Smith and
council replied thai  thi
others of the
deeds to tli*■
ild   U
on Sunday afternoon, wh in tlio odd
follow , Orangemen and Miners' l'n
Ion, h i' ••! by the band, united for
the purpose of decorating the graves
of their brethren In tho local cemetery,
A large concourse of citizens also at*
!, nded. Suitable ceremoniM were
performed ^t the cemetery by eaoh
orgauimtion, and tho several graves
wero handsomely decorated with
flowers.   It was a pleasing spectacle.
Silvs*i- SJimt:i||nisa.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Tssssiiisj- Kvening. I k-,,,,,) iUU) n [£r better feeling will now! Friday    'r';U cents
ie members were present upon j prevail between the company aud the Saturday     52*}
ial i shape
The  board of works was also hv millsite now on hand would be turned
structed to gather up tha rope used on ovor to the company at once, ami the
Spriiuter  creek.    McCallum  .'.'   Co. others when souiiren,   Springer creek
ke    back   th''  undamaged Would be attended to tusoOnaspos*
plank. slble and  tho  Bnanoca «<f the city
li was hat to the city clerk aud the would permit,   Several citizens spoke
acting mayor to effect the transfer ol on the subject and a resolution was
tin* deeds of the millsite h tho On passed, empowering II. A. Bradshaw
t;.rio Sloean Lumber Co. >> go to Vancouver to get men for the
■Council adjourned till the following mill, at the company's ex-pense,
night. The meetlug was productive of much
Dtcenilioa Daj Parade.
re was an Imposing parade here
tlie   rc-asss'inblin,"' ol   lhe council  on |
Tuesday night.
Bylaw No. IS, for levying n tax rate
was reconsidered,finally passed, audi
ordered signed and sealed,
Wssiit Springer iinsaii fixed.
A   public  meeting  was   called
riiursslav evening In
The clerk was authorized to have the Minuig Association, to discuss thi
the necessary ts* notices printed.
Aid. Teeter moved  that the finance
n.'ed for immediate repairs tsi the var
ions roads nnd trails  in the camp.    It
committee be authorized  to borrow wa8f*^re**d that Springer road wtis the
$825 for :ii) days, giving a note ther.-   |i)o|., u      , o{ at((.,1,i,)ll, M llu. Mo..
I..-.   Seconded by Aid. McNeish ami! ,,,,„. |,.„| ore to come down, the Speou*
laior.   Arlington,   Ottawa,   Hampton.
Monday  •>-
iTuesday  53'
I Wednesday  52j|
on | Thursday '.  52>J
.1 ...lapa-al llss.   Taaial, .
Saturday's train from Nelson had a
rough experience here, the locomotive
jumping the track into tlie water fac-
tlie Arlington.   Ths' cowcatcher
Tlie Hamilton has its small shipment ready to go forward.
Tlisi Meteor is commencing to got
out ore for its second car.
The Rambler is shipping heavily to
the San Francisco smelter.
Torn Mulvey and Fred Johnson
have commenced work on the .Tosio.
A certificate of improvements has
been issued the Iron Horse, on Ten
A survey is to be mad" of ths Weymouth, on Ten Mile, for a crown
The Payne expects to have its new
zinc works in operation by the 15th
of July.
Repairs hr..o been pff-vti-d aed
operations resumed at the   Ivanho?
Geo. Nichol  took a  small  crew of
men   out   on Tucssday to repair tho .
Lemon creek road.
Harry Gibson and partner tsook up
supplies Monday to .vork ou their
Dayton creek property.
P. W. Ellis, of Toronto, will have
the Black Cloud claim, on Ten Mile,
surveyed for a crown giant.
Ralph Gillette and partner have
completed a pack trail from Twelve
Mils* landing to tlie Hamilton.
During tho week M. Cameron has
been packing ore down from the Meteor, there being a carload in all.
There yet remains a small section
ot tlie Twelve Mile trail to be completed. So far as it goes the trail is
first class,
Owing to the damage caused by the
floods, the Slocan Star had to construct a nnw road from Sandon to its
Th** Benedum party left on Wednesday for their horns in Cameron, West
Virginia, where they will make final
arrangements for takingover the Hoodoo and other claims iu this division.
-I. M. returns here early next moutb
to start operations.
SloMu Beys is. Luck.
Much attention la being paid by
capitalists to tbs !rold properties in
the Lillooet distris't andannmberof
deals are being made. Two old Sloean boys, the Brett brothers, are
anion',' those who have made a big
deal and seen nil a fortune. Tliey sold
tln'ir property, at Anderson lake, to a
ISoston syndicate, and the ssviind payment of several  thousand dollars lias
been made. Operations at th<* mine
commence at once. The Brett boys
are pioneers of the country and they
will remain In charge of the property.
A New I'orsv.-r SIriK*.
W. D. McGregor spent Monday iu
New Denver and he reports that the
'Thompson family, of that place, had
made a very pretty strike on tin-* Shift
group, situated up against the Moun
tain Chief mine. Tlie owners have
been searching fortheor.ichute.which
had shed  much   float, for two  years
curries I.
Aid. Worden and Tester moved that
a voucher be drawn in favor of the
Koyal Bank for $357.25, to pay the
corporation note duo on the 19th.
In the matter of deeds to the mill-
site,'the chairman said that all Ware
In shape to be turned over to the mill
company, excepting those of Miller.!
Schomborg, and Lowes & Satrington. 1
Miller's was expected daily. The
deed*, wouisl be turned over to George
Chew in tiie miruin ••.
other properties supplies to go
All Bolderstsui   and  Is. McPhee
were appointed a committee tocircii
late a petition, asking that the repairs
1h> made at onoe. Tliis tliey did next
day, the petition beiiuv. extensively
signed, ll was forwarded to Gov.
Agent Chipman,
Wonld Welcome tisst uitiiis.
ill),'  WO   Ai iui',rmii.     i ii'' cowi-nii-iiiT ■—- --— i.„i,.; ,..;fi,
££ twisted off the engine and one of I ■••■*.* M*™* st,n.i,,l,"d *?J«?! ".'„..
the   rails   broken   in   several pieces.
Working In the water was anything
but pleasant,    lt wai* 7 siYlock before
the train got away.
water.   The   strike
inches of solid ga
qualitv.   It  i.s strictly  in place and
should make a mine.
consists   of   live
na, of shipping
**.. i. Oi.. Ulna u
OH lilt IS.
Aid. Teeter, for tho
tee, reported on the
heahli commit
in mi
HsstIvbmI Tlsels- Now I'aator.
,   *.,,■!.,:,.,1.!   la t weok r aved a      On Thursday evening the memliers
contract   from  the Ottawa manage* and adherents of the Methodist church
ment to  build   new  ore  bins at   that assembled to  gleet   their new past,,,,
property,   They are boing put up at Rov. Mr. Scott.   A short and Interest.
1   i ; ing programme of music, recitations
,      , , expected to cut '..to the big ..i.-! and readings was give, togeth.'.- with
i-alhered  at   the wharf to me •! , .,*,..,„' ,|lis m,,,,.*,    (*»„,.,.  the ore is an   address   by Ihi new Incumbent
cream  and cake were furnishes! In
Rov. Mr. Scott.
Thuraday night a crowd of about 71   ! .em"mU'hoftheNo.4workirigs,whlch|lng, pro-gramme
RrJsebery, as it was under-! peached there will be pressing need of j Ice
condition of F.l sisxid a number of Chinese were com   storage room
i the ladies as a finale. >-A«--'t*»'-'»'-'»'r»» •■■» i ♦■K>*i*»'t**H*f
EQUAL      ^
Copyright, 1901, by Charls*s W. Hooka.    «**.
"Tliere's nothing honest about me,"
protested Eslmeudorf gloomily. "It's
niy luck; I never have a chance. By
the way," he milled, changing his tone,
"Robinson knew Miss Miller quite -well,
didn't he?"
"Ouly Ihrough me," answered Alden.
"I used to get hlm to take messages to
her house quite often. It was convenient; ho lived uear by."
"Yes," said I'lmendorf. "They told
tne nt the house thnt he enme quite often. Do you remember the first note
with her name on It that you ever gnve
hlm? Well. I happen to know thnt he
took It to your bookkeeper, Wlllett, and
nsked who Miss Miller was. He seemed to he quite Interested. Afterward
he told Wlllett tlmt he wns mistaken ln
supposing thnt he knew Miss Miller.
lt was another girl of the same name."
"If ynu are trying to work Jack Robinson Into this ease," snld Aldeu, "you
nre a lung way off tho track."
Elmendorf protested that he had no
such Intention, adding that he hnd no
rational theory of the case nud never
expected to have one.
When they entered St. Winifred's,
they met Dr. Kendnll, who bad just
come from a visit to Elsie. He led
them Into his own room.
"I'm sorry to tell you," he said to
Alden, "that Miss Miller Is not quite so
well Just now. I wouldn't advise seeing her. Mr. Robinson delivered your
"Whnt message? When?" demanded Alden.
"He was here about half an hour
ago," said Kendall, with Increasing
alarm as he noted the ruauner of the
others. "He said It was something
very Important from you, and after
consulting with Miss Machine I let him
speak with Miss Miller lu private for a
few minutes. I thought she seemed
somewhat disturbed afterward, but she
told us that the matter was ot small
"I know nothing whatever about It,"
exclaimed Alden. "1 disl uot semi him
here and had no Idea he was coming."
He turned to Elmendorf with a
sharply questioning glance.
"Well, you can search me," snld the
"You mean that you know nothing
about lt?" asked Kendall anxiously.
"Less than nothing," responded Elmendorf, "nud I'm giving you straight
goods too."
There was a knock nt Kendall's door,
and he admitted a nurse, who said that
Miss Maclane wished to see hlm. He
did not wait to speak a single word,
but hurried awej'. Aldeu tried to get
an explanatiou from the nurse, but she
professed to have none.
l-'or nearly an hour the two men
waited with Impatience, which linn Ily
passed Alden's power of endurance.
"I must get some word from her," he
said after much pacing of the Boor.
"There must be serious danger or he
would not stay so lout;."
Blmendorf pointed out the obvious
possibility that Kendall might long
since have answered Miss Machine's
summons and hnve gone upon any of
a hundred other duties, but Alden
would uot be thus quieted. He ws-nt
out to the office to nsk In whut way he
could commuulcnte with the doctor,
and within a minute after his dcp.'ir-
I ture Kendall entered the room.
He had a large glass jar tu his band,
which seemed to contain milk. This
he set down upon the table ond Immediately touched an electric button.
"How Is she?" asked Blmendorf iu a
tone betraying the most caruest solicitude.
"Better, better," replied Kendall. "1
think there's no longer any danger.
Where is Mr. Alden?"
"No longer any danger!" exclaimed
Elmendorf, Ignoring the question.
"Has there been any?"
"Well," said Kendall, "she fainted
"The first time was Just before vou
came up," said Kendall. "Don't sa*.
anything about this. We had Just given her a little luncheon, nnd I thought
perhaps sho might have had some small
stomach trouble; oppresses tho heart
sometimes, you know. Itut I don't like
this second attack Henrt failure ufter
the Injury and tho nervous exhaustion
wouldn't be the most unliks'ly thing In
thc world, you know. Ah! Come here.
The last words were addresser" to a
youth ln uniform who hoai answered
the doctor's ring. Kendnll gave him
some money nnd whispered tai idm near
the door. When he turned, as George
departed, he saw Elmendorf standing
rigid, with bis blue eyes unusually
wide open.
"Whit do you want of two white
mice?" he demanded.
"Really, now"— Kendall began.
"Look here," Interrupted Elmendorf
"If there's anything of Unit kind going on, I'm tho man you need, Don't
hide anything from me; fur the little
girl's sake, don't do It, doctor."
Kondall bit bis lips and hesitated
Tben he said suddenly, as steps were
heard tu the ball:
"Oft blm oul of here and enme bnck."
Ahlen entered nnd stopped short. In
bis own peculiar fashion, with his eys s
on the doctor.
"It's all right," said Kendnll. "Mia
Miller showed some Indications of
weakness, but Is doing nicely now. I
should think you might see ber about
6 o'clock."
"Well, doctor, I'm glnsl everything's
ell right," said Kltteodorf. "I begun
to be anxious, you wire so long awuy.
But what you've said has made me
feel easy again, and so I think the best
thing that Mr. Alden and I cau do is
to try to get sonic light on Mr. Robin*
son's strange conduct. The man may
hnvo struck some kind of a clew nnd
have rushed right off to verify lt without waltlug to consult anybody."
"I didn't think of that," responded
Alden. "It may be tbat you've found
the explanation."
"1 would suggest tbat you go to his
house," said Elmendorf. "Meanwhile
I'll telephone to your office and one or
two other places and see If 1 can get
track of hlm. But the likeliest place
Is his house. Walt tbere for me. I'll
Join you before 3."
This arrangement was agreed upon,
nnd tho two men went out together.
Elmendorf was busy with the telephone for half an bour, but he failed
"Miss Maclane?" snld Elmendorf.
"My friend, I don't believe It."
Kendall looked up at hlm wltb a
blank stare and shook bis bead.
He sat down and rested his head on his
to extract valuable information from
any person with whom he talked, although tho chief of the detective bureau was one of them.
Returning to the hospital, ho went at
once to Kendall's room. In answer to
his rap and the sound of his voice the
door wns unlocked and he was admitted. In passing be glanced scnrchingly
nt Kendall's face, which wore an expression of extreme anxiety; then he
advanced to tbe table in the middle oi
the room, frnm which lie lifted a newspaper, thus revealing the bodies of two
little white mice.
Elmendorf regarded them with a look
of horror.
"(.ood Lord!" he gasped. "You don't
mean lt?"
Keinlall nodded. Then he sat down
anil rested his head on his hands for a
few seconds, while Blmendorf gathered breath aud heart for the next question.
"What was In the jar-milk?"
"No," replied Kendall, "lt is a kind
of lispiid food preparation. The basis
of it is milk; but, unfortunately," he
added, looking up at the detective, "It
Will keep."
"liecn in the room several days, you
moan?" said Blmendorf. "If It was ordinary milk thnt bad been dosed, we
could narrow It down to a few hours.
But this stuff—why, absolutely everybody connected with the caso has had
a chance at it."
"Mow shall 1 tell her?" muttered
The doctor gave a nervous start
"Miss Machine," be snid. "This will
be a hard story for her to hear."
"You nre right," replied Elmendorf,
"after nil the care she's taken, the devotion she's shown to that poor child,
who was nothing to her—worse than
nothing, In fact—un enemy, you might
"Now, look here"— exclnlmed Kendall hoarsely as he pot upon his feet
"No. no!" cried Elmendorf. "I dou't
mean to accuse ber. That would be
absurd. We mustn't waste time. What
was the poison?*'
"I don't know," replied Kendall. "Of
course there was no time for analysis.
That's why I tried It on these small animals. It's somo kind of a heart depressant—the very thing to use In a
cise of this kind, where the condition ls
one of weakness and especially where
thero Is an Injury lu tbe region of tbe
"Bnt didn't these mice show any
symptoms thnt you could recognize?"
nsked Elmendorf.
"No; nothing definite I could name
several poisons that would answer nil
the reoulrementa. it isn't necessary to
know Immediately. The treatment
would be the same In any case. And
tbe danger is over, I believe."
"Unless It's somewhere else," snld
Elmendorf; "In her medicines, perhaps."
"That wouldn't be posslhlo without
assuming something that can't be assumed—uot In my nrosoncc, et any
"Yon mean thnt Miss Maclane"—
"Precisely," snld Kendall. "And as
there can be nn thought of such a
thing wo conclude that this Infernal
thing"—nnd he tapped tho Jar with his
knuckles—"Wblcb was handy for everybody, wide mouthed and all that—
Oh, 1 have been an Idiot!"
"She's been having this right along,"
said Blmendorf. "That might Indicate"—
"Nothing until we know Just whnt
the stuff U and how much of It we
have to deal with," replied Kendall.
"The effects observed may come from
what she ute tills noon or be the general result of small, repeated iloses."
"There's one thing," uttiu Elmendorf
with derision—"thia villainous net must
have been done by somebody who
knew that the food was there, liy some
one who had been In the room several
"Don't." groaned Kondall. "By heavens, 1 can't bear to think of It! I like
Alden. I can't believe this of hlm.
Anil—and sho loves him; she loves hlm
Just as much now as over."
HEY say," remarked
Elsie, "that people
always feel particularly well Just before they die. Do
you remember Bernhardt In 'Cainllle,'
the very last words
before she dlea In Armand's arms: I
shall live! Ah, how well I feel!' How
I cried when sbe said thatl And then
Gaston says, 'She sleeps.' Isn't thut a
lovely scene?"
"As It came to your mind at this moment," said Brenda, "1 Joyfully Infer
that you are feeling very much better."
"You must think I am silly to talk
so much about dying," said Elsie. "1
am soggy wltb sentimentality."
"You bavo mentioned lt on Just four
occasions," said Brenda, "Including
tbls, but lt seems often to us because
we don't wish to lose you and to yourself because really and truly you don't
wish to die. On the whole, you have
been ns cheerful as any girl could possibly be under the circumstances, nnd
as for your sentimentality, my dear,
I'd give tbe world to bave some of It
"I was going to say," continued Elsie, "tbat my motive for continually
harping on It Is that you may know I
am not afraid, and afterward you may
tell Mr. Alden."
This exchange of pleasantries upon a
cheerful subject occurred during tbe
time wben Kendall wae experimenting
with tbe white mice.
"I must have been pretty near It tbe
last time," said Elsie. "It was double.
I scarcely knew wbat was tbe matter
when it began, even though I'd fainted
such a little while before. It was like
drifting, drifting away. You are surprised. You think you must stop, and
before you really bave time to be
frightened you are gone. But 1 waked
just for a second—just long enough to
remember and realize; then down,
down, down, sideways to the left there,
slipping away from the room and the
light. Tbe lust was a sensation tbat
tbe.v were lowering me Into the ground.
But I'm going to be cremated. You'va
promised me that, Brenda."
Tben, catching the expression of
amused horror — If that can be — on
Brenda's face, she laughed wltb tbe
most delicious and clear sound, like
the singing of birds.
"Oh, but lt hurts to laugh," sbe said.
"You mustn't make me do lt."
"I?" cried Brenda, "You're the flret
tbat ever accused me of being amusing."
"Do you know," said Elsie, "tbat of
the two of us you're the blue one? It's
much more cheerful to talk about
dying *han to 'roast' oneself as you
"Roasting Is popularly supposed to
be one step beyond dying," replied
Brenda. "But I suppose tho roasting
you mean Is tbe saying of uncomplimentary things. My child, I can't help
lt; I suffer by contrast"
"With me?" cried Elsie, "Now you
really are amustng. If I had your hair
and eyes! Well, that's absurd, of
course.   But do you know I He here
Hs cams back with m tumbler.
Imitating your ways, yonr calm, gentle, sweet way of doing things? I'm
studying you, Brenda, and If I were to
play a society part again you'd seel
This Is the way you say: 'Good morning, Ur. Kendall. * ' • Ab, thank you
so much. • • • Sball we see you again
soon? • • • Goodby.' You make all
the little tblngs mean something. That's
dignity, personality. I haven't any more
than a blade of grass, but I'm gaining
on It If I live another week, I shall
die and go to Daniel Frobman's No. 1
company Instead of to heaven. I'd
"Do I speak like that when I address
Dr. Kendnll?" said Brenda, with a
slight access of color. "Well, It may
be so.   You are very clever, my dear."
"This Is the way you hold your
arms when you walk," said Elsie.
"Isn't thnt pretty? Of course I can't
do It very well lying down, but see the
fingers und the ease of tho wrist.
Were you taught to do that?"
"I used to havo a governess who wns
crazy on Delsarte," replied Uremia.
"But she presently went crazy on all
other subjects nlso, and we had to send
the poor thing to au Institution. I was
not uware of my debt to her."
"You owe her a great deal," said Elsie. "I wish I'd had a lunatic of that
kind In my family. I couldn't afford to
bave much teaching. Of course I had
some, but when I fouud what my
mother was enduring In ordor tn psy
for lt—well, I took au engagement wltb
the first tiling thnt came along. Antl It
was a barnstorming crew! We gave
six pin;, s a week, and I had to learn a
long part In every one of tbem.   Tbe
second Monday, in ihe afternoon, tho
leading lady came Into my room and
found me huddled up on tho floor ln
the corner gibbering—Just gibbering,
that was all—words out of all the
plays, as ahe told me afterward, all
Jumbled together, and I was cross eyed
with sitting up all night studying under little flickering gas Jets. Yes, tbat's
tbe way sbe found me, and the room
was as cold aa a barn too. I had tho
bed quilt wrapped around my shoulders and my arm through a bole In It
"The leading lady yelled to the Juvenile man, and be really was juvenile
—about 18, as I remember. She said,
'Go get a glass of brandy P The Juvenile man went down to tbe bar and
came back wltb a tumbler solid fulL
He bad to carry It carefully ln order to
keep from spilling any. Tbe leading
lady was a temperance woman. Sbe
never touched a drop of wine, and, ln
fact, sho was a regular straltlaced
New England pilgrim, but somebody
bad told her once tbat brandy was
good for the thing tbat I bad—'white
brain,' we call It The Juvenile man
didn't know bow much brandy a person ought to take, and I—well, I didn't
know anything. So I drank It all, and
then I lay down on the bed, and tbe
leading lady covered me wltb everything she could And, and pretty soon
tbe bed got up and stood on tbe celling,
and I didn't care at all
"Wben It came time to go to tbe theater (Brenda, It's disgraceful, but I
was so—so drunk that I couldn't walk
straight) tbe leading lady got me up
and told tbe Juvenile man to walk me
around the block, and bo walked me
around about fifty times tn tbe snow.
We were In a little Minnesota town,
aad It bad snowed for a week. When
he took me to tbe theater, I was perfectly sober, and I didn't care for anything. I had no troubles whatever. I
walked up to tbe stage manager, and I
said cheerfully, 'Well, what do we play
tonight?' He told me, and I couldn't
remember ever to nave beard of lt, but
I got out my part and studied It while
I was making up.
"When I went en, I knew about half
of my first scene, which was the longest ono I bad In the pluy. But I didu't
care. I'd always been troubled with
stage fright more or less, but not tbis
time— not a fright When I forgot, 1
waited calmly for the prompter, who
wts off left, having a fit. By and by 1
bad to go across right and sit down by
a table. I know I couldn't hear the
prompter there, so I walked over and
got the table and dragged It clear across
the stage, and tbe audience applauded
because I did It so naturally.
"Then I went craxy, aud what hi:*p-
pened afterward I scarcely know. But
when 1 came off after the thrilling 'limn x of the scene I fell Into the leading lady's arms, and she hugged me up
tight. Sho said: 'You never played so
well as that before. You were like
Julia Marlowe.' And she kissed me on
both cheeks. Julia Marlowe was my
Idol then, and I cried with heavenly
Joy on the leading lady's neck. That's
all true, Just sb It happened, Brenda,
and I never bad stage fright afterward."
"Poor little Elsie!" said Brenda, kissing her. "It was a hard school where
you were taught"
"It was," said Elsie. "Yet I tblnk I
wouldn't have amounted to much anyway. How could any mortal man fall
to see tbe difference betweon you and
"Uy child," said Brenda. "no man
ean. Why, tbe brass knobs on the
posts of this bed know tbe difference between yon and me—tbe vital, essential
difference. They love you In their little brass hearts. Everybody loves yon.
Dr. Kendall, for a cold blooded sawyer
ef bones wbo could uniputnte my head
witbout a trace of emotion, takes your
band wltb the eternal reverence of
man for woman, and wben be gives
you pain 1 can see his own heart
shrink. But be treats mo as If I were
a gentleman whom be bad met at tbe
Elsie opened ber eyes so wide tbat
tbey seemed to light the room as she
stared at Brenda, whose cheeks were
flushed by ber unusual earnestness.
"I am glad to bear you speak like
tbat" sbe said.
Brenda rose and walked across to
the window. Tben she returned to the
bed and took Elsie's hand.
"I am going to open ray heart to
you," sbe said. "It waa not because
Clareuce Alden preferred you to me
tbat 1 lost my self control thnt Inst
day. I cared nothing for you, despised
you; I admitted no comparison. It
waa because, though the Intensity of
bla own nature for a time deceived
blm, he never really lovod nie at all.
Nobody ever loved me. I am called
good looking, even a beauty, in the
society columns of tbe papers, and I
am ae rlcb tbat I have attracted many
men. But not one of them was able to
present even a creditable counterfeit
•f love (though some of them could
counterfeit almost auytblng else, from
goed breeding to tbe national currency) until Mr. Alden entored the
lists. That'* hardly fair to tilui; he
was sincere, but mistaken."
"Yet 1 didn't hove at all the feeling
that I have now," she coutlnued. "It
was only that last day that I became
enraged, mostly at myself. It Is since
I have come here, since I have known
you, the most womanly of Usui's creatures, that I have bad sotim true com-
prehension ef my own lack, some honest serrow for It"
"Only since you have been bere,"
■aid Elsie. "How remarkable! But,
Brenda, It Is sweet of you to talk this
way to me, and I nm so glad, so very
gladl How long have you known Dr.
What   II. Thonui,,
h       ,?° you """'- •'••■•lr cooHa Ju-
Ila would marry me if i IIH|<„(1 ,,'" Jl1-
Jack-Well, I have always (or^
her a sensible sort of grl- stll \
might -   •*■*•■ 8iue
Sti'onuouB ailorts  by  some   peoplo]    Goioty   is    not u    pn
*aauu^^^^^^^^^^^^ "licut'.
miilvt   uf  I
Im 11 leu I i.s
u.v'niitii'i'iil''1' only  wlM'"  ■'"'•'' begin  hcai-t Is. at ens,.,  f0,*' ,„,"...."Wl Ui,
to pry Into the aHfatra of others.
Some men's Idea of n brilliant
loader is a partner who leads trumps
! Occasionally it is well to remember that a crown will not euro a
headache nny "n-"*1'** than n golden
slipper will cure the gout.
midst  of Innghiia- ti„. i,,,,,,,,': "•   'ho
Homo men are high i,w,.s ,
of their inubility to paj  i >•■ ,   fa?"*"
tllltS """'HllO.
People   who   keep  diaries  f0,
l.'iigth  of  time  nre  those  ivlm   i*"*'
them  for sale. S
Could Not Turn Over in Bed—Kidneys and
Bladder Affected—Experienced Great Suf.
ferings—Cured by
The old people especially appreciate
the effectiveness of Dr. Chase's Kid-
ney-Llver PUIS, because the kidneys
are usually tin* first of thc bodily organs to give out, and the result Is
backache, lumbago, pains In the side
and limbs, urinary dlsoreds nnd consumption.
Old people learn to trust ln Dr.
Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills, for when
all other treatments fall this great
medicine seems to go directly to the
diseased part, and promptly afford:?
relief and  cure.
Mr. David Mlsener, farmer, an old
and respected resident of Fort Kob-
Inson, Welland county, Ont., writes:
"I wish to state to you that 1 hnd
pain ln my back and left side for
over twenty yeurs.     At times I could
not turn over In bed, I was sn rn.i,,
used up. I had cramps In my J,',
and legs, nnd my hand were so an
tirely useless that I could      ircslv mi
anything." ' "**
"Kidney disease, was, nn doubt th*.
cause of all  my suffering,   ind Ktat.
times   the   urinary   trouble   would bt
so  bad  that  I   would   hav  in get „!
five  or  six   times  durlni*,    n,.. a,.d
Fortunately,    i     began    using   n?
Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills, nnd thai
cured me completely.     I am now 79
yeara old and quite well n       but still
occasionally   use' these   p  is  to li»en
my system In good order, s. -,-, ,-al per.
' sons   to   whom   I   have   ri    immendfc
Dr.   Chase'H   Kldney-Llver   Pills have
been equally  benefited."
Dr.   Chase's  Kidneyl.lv. a   1 *i]Is, the
' comfort  of old  age,  on.*  pill a dose,
,,2ii cents a box, at all dealers, or Ed-
manson,   Bates   &   Co.,   Toronto,
I'roiiiw-rH'ii   MiBlhsrr.
The sympathy existing between this
moths r and son is one of the most beautiful traits iu Oliver's personal history
They loved each other with a passionate
affection that no time or change lessened, and when he arrived at tho summit
of hi* power, though sho was then upward of 90 years of age, he appointed
hiv rnyal apartments in Whitehall ami
visited her every day
Noble srjnaintly says, "She occasionally yet offered the Protector advice.
which he always heard with great at-
tention, but acted as he judged prhper.'
It is pleasant to think that this line old
lady died happily before her son's power
began to wane. It i.s pleasant to think
of tho great Protector kneeling to receive her dying blessing nud of her last
smiling words to him and his children
"A good night, dears!"
There is yet a portrait of her at
Binchinbrooke. which shows nsa hand
some woman, with a face full sif char
acter and a rather melancholy esprw
sion Her dress is that uf u gentlewoni
an if tho time-a white satin hood, a
pearl necklace nnd a neckerchief edged
with rich lace. Tin. mantis is of green
satin edged with gold lace and fastened
with u jeweled clasp. —Amelia Bart iu
Harper's Magazine For April
1  ■   -a sa Ba,
I>r. n. J. KhiaI.U t. . 1 Iana.   1  nl ■     i i       ills Spaa
Caaaa* lur 30 ye4S, aaaa   have fosassa]  it an ■.■•..>«_
I'l-a.a- in.ail naa-  v-.ias >■".'< -at a*lsca aa.   1  A I ' illinr*,
baaini; li"aatlfl: valli. V.'ir, ln.lv. 1    I    '• east
A, a Iiuiiii.-aai s-.r f.i" i. ..-IA a  -:   •        PrloeSi sis
for SB    A>k >.»|' •!    ■' HaKKI  ll: iVll
CURE    al« " A T's**ll«e Bin 11- )• IH
w.. i. ,     Dr. D. I. Kendall Co., I no*L>u <jri:is,Vl
Old IpUIs Wnrrrlea.
Like the modern cowlmy yell of the
western troops in the Ctfban campaign
the warcries anal slogans of the ancient
Irish clans often had mnch effect in in
spiring fear in the enemy and courage
nnd enthusiasm in tho command The
simplest and umst frequent of old Erin's
warcries was "Faire, faire I" signify ing
"watch" or "look out." It was a precautionary signal and was commonly
written "Farrah. ' From it tbe modern
"hnrrab" is supposed to have been derived. Another cry was "A huaidhl"
which mennt "to tho victory. " It was
pronounced "ahoo" and followed thc
name of the clan or leader, according
to circumstances, liko "O'Neill alujo,"
or "Claim Conail ahoo." Frequently
"a buaidh" is coustrned Incorrectly in
modern English to mean "forever."
That translation applies to "go brntb,"
bnt not "a buaidh." The famous Irish
cry of "Fag un bealachl" meaning
"clear tho way," scared the spunk oot
of the French soldiery iu tho peninsular
A aeneroar- Whlra.
The London Daily Mail tells this
pretty story of a kisa sold at auction
A fascinating actrs^s, whose name need
not be mentioned, beiug anxious to assist a certain charity in thu provinces,
offered a kiss to he put up at auction.
The bidding was brisk and had advanced
in three leaps from a guineas to SO,
wben without further parley the round
sum of a€800 was olTored. There being
no higher bid, tlie kiss was knocked
down by tbo auctioneer to a colonel in
one of onr line regiments, who came
forward to meet the blushing lady.
Bnt to the surprise of all present, the
colonel introduced a dear little fair
haired boy, explained that it was bis
grandson's fifth birthday, and that he
had acquired the kiss as a birthday gift
for  him.    Whereupon   Miss   took
the child in her arms nn.l discharged
her debt with interest. Tho charity, a
local one. in whish tho colonel took a
keen interest, was the richer by HtfOO
for thu granddad's generons whim.
A Day*! Tnlk.
Few of ns probably over think seriously nbout tlm mm unit of talking wo
do in n day unsl how large n factor
mere talk is in the life of U>u world for
I uth good and s>vil. It has bi'i-n esti-
ninteil that n public speaker otter I in
one hour, on un average. What, if printed, would occupy 15 octavo pages. Ordinary conversation is even moro proline.
Let us suppose, iaj*l The Winonintn,
that nil tlm talk of unoslay be estimated
as equivalent to fsmr hoars'consecutive
speaking,   ln a single week the amount
would mnke what, if printed. Would tie
an octavo of B90 pagsu.  la,-, year a man
E -WEEKLY aellln** Awn
O   eni'iri     I lis)   liiakss   li |
I ai-.i'i iifaf*
iiHin. wort
a,.-*,and fit ub kisiil.iirouur «;...! Jj j*"
wiih half lesiwind, Aci'iii-a ■ i . -i'0i n-.g
In merits Mil It. PUMP CUV IK •.Oils.
17* Princess street, Wi nlpeg
would complete 53 such v n ■ ■*»]
in .'!0 yean he wonld bave o *■•»••*•'
a librarv a.f  1,500 volumes 11 hisotva
talk What value •*. old ui *' of •"
place on   SOcb   a library.    11 \v nianj
of us could endon toreadil l H'Winany
would feel satlsfled to bave sneb mob
go on the market!
It ia related of Dean Swift tusttfC
evening party, on <m'' on ro, '"■re"
tireal to a corner of the n       ,'|r '
im need noting down ll"' ' -• "f
company Being asked whal I"1 OT|
doing, be prodoced a*vt*rbntim «Pot'".
the conversation whieh bad j'*"* '■',
place M...-tof tbo speakers, il le»<■•*•
felt no small nomination ver «»•""
perflcial and trlllin • character of tw
utterances when confronted "illiil"-'"1
N.S   OIT.'BBM-   IlllB'IBSlB'Bl.
At the exhibition of the in'" :i ■'■.
Live stock aasoclallon In <-• ^
portly old gentleman remnrl'eiii»
of the men In charge of thr ca Uie
patftneut, "You don't call tills tro
Btos'U show' nny ninn'. U •*'''.":s\.„„iiif
 fl*.    -"*-   _   -■"'     a      I   ilOIH
don, Kirl    1-1 hadn't notlced-i
mean"— ,. ,,i t,,*cun
The portly old gentleman >' '     ,
to turn red, and the attempted w* «
•only mode the matter worse   •*•  lf M
Inoffoctual effort to express him*
wuildk'U on In speechless iii-HK'*»
■be   A«rs'S'fll-
She   Airrs-.-". ,.
"•pinks-Wh.it rondo blm *•■».;. „,
Wlnki  Ua told hl« 'vl1' ",V.imover
Judgment, and she Jusl lo"u'' '„• said
critic-ally from head to ra*11
she was beginning t« i'1'111""'  '
Ho,t Thar Would ".no |
Mrs.    Qnley    (musingly
should publish your Iovp I**"'      „„*,
Mr. anloy   Why nol s "■.'    ' 0f
public ncknowledgmenl U"*' •
rled at) Idiot?
■ he Drill.
s,vs*rl Beot**H V.slcen.
.. nl iieiiuly of s|ieech inaiiy ex-
lidiili that *A'»- must go to the
,'.,, stuTound the bigblnnd capt;
'.'mibi-i'II Mackenzie used to say
'., 'pettiest speaker** were to be
i the llndenoch district of In
.,.';,.,.. a wider knowledge
. robii'bly have induced him to
1,10 views and give the palm to
i folk of the north nnd west of
..-s-shire.   "Tho   voices   of   the
,,..1 are set low. und yet the
'..'ion Is clear, distinct nnd dra-
One Inclines to liken their
;, mnny beautiful tlilngB—to the
,||o\v note of a bell or the mur-
I'liiiiiing water. The Inflection
ul,.|. is singularly engaging. Hs-
1 lulling with exquisite cadences
, Helling music, and this, be It
.i,.,|. is the speech of the com-
\ Nation of  Smoker*.
iilistiindlng nil one hears about
,vil, of  the clgari'tte  habit  In
utilry, Hugland occupies n comely   lowly  place  as a  smoking
si vs the London Tatler.   Slo-
i rove that as Rinokers Dutch*
i-e v.ell ahead of illl the other
Cermaiis   come   arcond,   al-
muu  for man.  thoy   consume
n  half as  much  tobacco us
an. Three tiines us many clga*
:,,. ,-iiiisunied aiiiiuully in  Bug*
. in either Germany or Holland,
consumer.! of pipe tobacco both
luutries are far ahead of us.
The Blood Must   Be Kept    Rich and
Pure and the Nerves Strong.
Good health ls the most precious
treasure any man or woman can have.
But good health can only be had by
kepeing the blood rich and puie, and
the nerves strong. If the blood Is allowed to become weak and watery,
the whole system Is weakened and
falsi an easy prey to disease. There
is no medicine can esiual Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills in keeping the blood rich
and pure, nnd the nerves vigorous and
strong. Every dose helps to create
new Mood, and by a fair use ot the
pills, pale, sickly people are made
bright, active and strong. Here is
proof. Mr. Robert Lee, New Westminster, Bs <"., says : "Before 1 began
using' Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, my
blood was in a very Impure state, and
as n result pimples that were very
Itchy, broke out all over my body.
My appetite was fickle, and I was easily tired. My wife urged me to try
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and I got
half a dii/.eii boxes. By the time I
had used tbem I wao completely restored to health, my skin was smooth
•ind  clear, and my appetite good."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills do not
purge—tliey simply make pure, rich
blood. That Is why they cure such
tr..ul.l! s as Indigestion, neuralgia,
rheumatism, anaemia, partial paralysis, St. Vilas dance, scrofula, erysipelas, and the aliments so common to
women, young and old. Sold by all
dealers or sent postpaid, at a*i0 cents
a box, or six boxes for $2.50 by wilting the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
A H:\tls nt Tinifa.
To take a b.ith nt Tlilis is to court
a   wonderful   experience.    Abundant
springs of water, strongly Impregnated
with BUlphureted hydrogen, supply the
building, and iu its vaulted chambers,
far below the street, there ls no sound
out the splash of the fountain and the
rolling echo of one's owu voice. Henry
Norman  gives  a  description of  the
masseur who presides over the bath
I and makes Its most eccentric feature.
|    "He is a Persian, who speaks but a
! word or two of Russian.   His head ls
shaved,  a  rag  is twisted   round  his
waist, and his feet nre dyed orange.
I     "Kirsl lie rubs you, and then suddenly, ns you lie face downward on the
' marble slab, he Is upon your back, his
I feet dug Into your spine, bis bunds
I grasping your  shoulders,  to  Increase
I the pressure.   Slowly, with skillful np-
| preciation  of every  muscle, his feet
| grind up nnd down your back.   They
| encircle your neck.  They are on your
| heud.
"Then he vaults lightly off, and ln a
j moment from a linen bag filled with
j soap he has squeezed clouds of per-
j fumed bubbles, and you are hidden ln
| theni from head to foot ua completely
as if you had fallen Into a snowdrift
You  are  not absolutely  bruised,  but
you are clean."
jrtcvsJtt stJhpksf- if*-
Had Lost All His Energy and Was
Discouraged — Ths Great Kidney
Remedy   Cured   Mim   Completely.
If n girl wants to get rid of an
Isadora!rablo suitor all she hns to do
is tc. appear on the stage of action
with her hair done up in curl papers.
A Sap Sns-l.liiit  Ssinlrrcl.
correspondent    of    Poreet   and
,,:. tolls of a curious sight he saw
 la near Liberty. Me.   It was
red squirrel which was having
I ,.. times gnawing through the
rl; of young sugar inaujos and
. ii, sap   lie was so Intent up-
.  I,,, ,ii.-.'s  that  he did   not stir
spectator pissed by. but kept
ii■_. his swtvt tooth.
a   ill  typewritten   matter     wns
a     ii'_;lilly   damp   vault   for
im  rcmovnl  tho paper
signatures wen' in the
. : .iiiIon,  but   nil  trace    of
ii na had disappeared,
rare   '»iry   caso    of    Diphtheria.
growth  of   hair.
ej    1'.   K.   I.
>    beat    Ii.ausuiiold     remedy     on
' Ity,    Out.
Mr T J, Human Columbus. Oh'o.
.. iit*.**-- : "I have lieen ulllliti-il for some
lliiie with Kitlus'v and l.iver Complaints,
nnd fiml Parmelee's Pills the hest mesii-
S'lns- for these tllNea.ss'S. These l'ills slsi
s.ibi i aust. naiii or griping, ansl shoulil
he um*iI when a cathartic is required.
The.v ssri> gelatine coated, nnsi rolled   In
Flour flat Liquorice to preserve their nur-
ilv   nnsi   give   them   u  pleasant,   aur.ealilc
I    Thr. Taglische   Rundschau     reports
.thnt the Czar ol   Itussia is seriously
considering an alteration  in the law
...  succession   With  the view  to    en
•ling his eldest daughter to ascend
.se Kussian throne, failing a son. lie
hns directed several  educational    experts  to  elaborate  a   scheme  of    in-
' st" mt ion with thc object of preparing  his slaughter for  the duties of n
IvUflCr.     The   project   will   inevitably
I . \et With strong opposition,  nnsi es-
l,-*:iiilly   from   the  disinherited  grand
non   who   undertakes    to
nl,-.is   discovers     when
i- thai  he is a victim of
i iaini,di nee  in  himself.
_ Cir.iH-t Be Cu'Csi
a, I Iti ,ia i.mi,, as they cisiiiioi
ihe il ii'inse I portion uf the our.
. ne iray to curs BieafneH*..
nl - av i .mr.; i't utioiiul remedies,
ash Ih laai'al tiy nn inlltsiiieit COD-
iai tin murutiH lining uf the Kn.s-
.    I aI.      When   lists   tul.e   gets    In-
you Imve n rumbling sound or Im-
heating, unil v. Sen it is entirely
dentin ■ in i' i. ii suit, onil unless
'luminal ion   ran   lie   taken   oul   nnil
■ '"■  rests I  in  lie normal   coinil-
lA'iiiin,' will lie destroyed for over;
a •■ out i,l i.-n nre cnusi-il lay ca-
Bihirh   is  tmtliinj.   hut   an   inllnmeil
'   ol l he mui'oua surtacos.
i. a !• nui' I fund red  iiialiurs for
•' .il I leaf ness (caused hy culisrrln
annul  he curesl by Hall's   Catarrh
Send for circulars, tree.
'"•   r   .1    CIIHNEY  A.   fn . T.flle-
hy druggists, 75c.
II s  I'liiuily  I'illa are the hest.
Daby's   Ov.n   Tablets   Make     Children
Well and  Keeps Them Weil.
Emergencies come quickly In the
lhe.-i of little ones, and the wise mother will always keep at hand a rell-
,'ii.le medicine io cope with them. De-
lay may mean the loss of a precious
Itttle life. There Is no medicine can
take the pkice of Daby's Own Tablets
In relieving, c Or ing and preventing
Hat minor ailments of children. "If
you s ould see my baby now," writes
Mrs. Juices Bovloh, of Drench River,
Ont., "and compare blm with his con-
ailiofi before I began giving him
Uaby'S Own Tablets, you would not
know it was the same child. From
the iiue of four up to twenty-one
months he wus constantly 111, and was
wasted away to a skeleton. I gave
him a great many medicines, but alun ys without result, until I heard of
Daby'S Qwn Tablets and began giving
them to him. Almost at onee they
helped him and he is now a fine, fat,
healthy child. I now always keep the
Tablets in the house."
The Tablets contain none of the
poisonous drugs found In "soothing''
medicines, and can be given with ab-
si'lute safety to a new-born babe. Sold
by all druggists or sent by mall at 16
cents a box by writing to the Dr.
William-*' Medicine Co.. Brockville.
Sweetness Tbat  Uever  rails.
During a sleepless nlgbt thc Vizier
Mujjeduddln Kumija dispatched his
slave, Dedruddin Ejus, to bring bim
sweets. The slave procured a copper
kettle heaped with many kinds of
fruits and sweets, and Mujjeduddln began to eat
"You relish them, my master?" asked
tbe slave.
The vizier shrugged his shoulders.
"These fruits are sweet—for the moment," he said, "but show me a fruit
the sweetness of which will endure
even unto the judgment day."
"Such fruits there are, my master,"
cried the slave and hastened toward
tbe Mesched Husa, where be awoke
tlie starving orphans in tbe bouse ot
Aliwln and led them forth ond into the
room of his master. Overjoyed, the
famished children devoured tbe fruits.
"Lrook, oh, my master," said tbe
slave. Here you see fruits tbe sweetness of which endures unto the judgment day."-
Nlchilet, Que., June 8.—(Special) —
Of the many poodle in this neighborhood who have been brought back to
health and strength through the use
of Dodd's Kidney l'ills few are In better position to give the public lhe
benefit of their experience than Joseph
Hams'.. He knows both sides of tlie
question—the suffering and the relief.
"I suffered from Kidney Disease for
throe or four years," says r. Hamel.
"For two years I would take two or
three days off work a week. I was
continually sick and forced to walk
like an old man. I lost all my energy
and became discouraged.
"After trying a lot of medicine that
only gave relief for a while I was fortunate enough to try Dodd's Kidney
Pills Aftar using three boxes I was
completely cured."
Mr. Hamel Is enthusiastic ln his
praises of Dodd's Kidney Pills and
there is not the slightest doubt of tho
correctness of his statement as dozens
of people can testify to his Illness and
When a woman begins to assert her
rights she magnifies her wrongs.
Minard's Liniment Lumberman's Friend,
."a  man's wealth brings him u bit of
Ulibappiuess after he loses it.
Betrothal Customs.
The   Scandinavian   bridegroom  presents to his betrothed a prayer book
nnd ninny other gifts, which usually include a goose.   She In turn gives blm,
especially in Sweden, a shirt, aud this
he invariably wears on  bis wedding
day.   Afterward he puts It away, and ;
under no circumstances will be wear ,
It again while alive.   But he wears it
in  his grave,  and  there  are  Swedes
who earns'stly believe not only in the .
resurrection of the  body, but ln  the
veritable resurrection of the betrothal
shirts of such husbands as have never
broken  any  of their  marriage  vows.
The Swedish widower must destroy on
the  eve  of  his  second  marriage  the ,
bridal shirt which his first wife gave
TOTALLY DEAF.—Mr S r* Crandell
I'sirt Berry, writes: "I contracted is severe colli last winter, whis'ls ivhultt'ii in
my beflCOminK tola!!*, deaf in one cur nntl
partially so in the asther After trying
vnri*jiis remedies, nnil consulting several
ila-Aclors. without olitsiininir isny relief, I
WAS*, asl.ised to try Ur. Thomas' Eclectric Oil. I wnrineil ths* oil anil pourerl
a little of it into my ear. anil before
one-half the buttle was used my henrinc;
wsv; completely restores! 1 have beard
of <ither cases of deafness being cured
by the use of this meslicine."
Buy by Mail
Is sent FREE upon request, and lists all the
correct clothing, shoes,
hats, furnishings, and
novelties ln Men's   and
Suits at
Boys' wear for this year.
The greatest suit value
ever offered ln Canada. Our
cutters and designers are **HX 1 "f\
artists ; our tailors " know t+sf » V^
how," and these suits at $10 are equal In (It
—In stylo and ln making to any $ 18 made-
tc order suit ln the country. Scotch tweeds
and fancy English worsteds, also blue and
black Clay worsteds, In all thef'season's favorite sack styles—guaranteed
satisfactory or your money returned.
Writ* for iVamplef-FREE.   We will forward samples ot any cloth you
desire, together with our catalogue, on receipt of a line from you.  Better write to-day.
Manufacturer and Retailer, g     Toronto, Ont.
*m*mmMmfsmmmmmr-mwmim!. m*   <**r<**mmmmmm-mm
Musii yAu^fmmh to use
Much of the spring poetry written
is not necessarily for publication.
bin us a guaranty of good faith.
woman's bravery    always crops
when she has a mouse in a trap
Conceit often gets a small man
to n large hole.
Many a man's popularity is sine
what  he doesn't suy.
Somo milk
wis. tor-cured,
sterilized and some is
To Boll Wnter Without a Kettle.    |
"My wife aud I." says a travcllnf
man, "were onee In a hotel where we i  ———————
couldn't get any boiling water.   After   ^ for Mfaaru's **& ^*C ■• 0■**'ef•
hud  discussed  the  situation  my ,   *	
The buss drum    mny not   produce
(.is,is1   music,  but  il  driiwns  u  hat    sif
mi music,
Keep Minard's Ltnim-eat in the Heusc
Women forgot a lot <>f things thoy
iia-M'i would forgive if thoy remembered them.
wife asked me If I had an envelope ln
my satchel. I got one out, when she
told me to fill lt with water and hold
It over tbe gas Jet I hesitated, but
finally did lt and expected to see the
envelope blaze up every minute. But
lt didu't blaze The envelope took on a
little soot, but that was all. Tbe water
boiled ln time, nnd the envelope was as
good as ever when tbe esperiment was
at an end. I don't kuow tbe chemistry
of tbe process, but try It yourself and
see If lt will not work."
a.i .sell ft_-
made Irons
l-Yugality consists in knowing how
tu net others to supply your wants.
r i
the avoiago man strikes it. Tell a man hq doesn't look well,
* keeps bim busy trying to ninl he begins to reflect that he is
us old acquaintances. I looking interesting.
Why   will   vou   allow   a  coiiszh  to   lus*i*r-
yisur   throsst   or   lunifs   anil   run    tils'
'".I'SlA    AND   INIUCKSTION — 0.1
av I'o . Syracuse, N. V.. write:
■senil us ten irrssss ail pills. We
nil more nf Parmelee's Pills than
i pill no Kb*(*ib. TIis'V have a
nutation (sir tho cure csl I)ysiip|i-
l.lver Complaint." Mr Chun A.
I inilsuv. writes! "Parmelpe's
• nn excellent  medicine.   Mv ssis-
I    troubled   with  si*\s.rp  luail-
'   iliessj pills have cured her."
is i.•
li  Ihe  fool   tries  to  kill    two
A'itlt   "lie  stone,   tho   wise  guy
".".av     hiih   aa a<i)   npvoi   will   be   a
ill  imnacra    In one rented*,    fssr all
which   IIshIi   is  heir—the  Tery   na-
1  niiiir.   curatives tioinir such  that
'  norms  ul  oilier nnsi  differently
'ii*.a'iispb   ruiitpil   iii   the   h>sti*iii   sii
■■' a'hi -what   would  relieve ono ul
'ia.  aggravate  lhe other.   We
however,    in    Quinine  Winp.   when
sjilp in saiiiiiiI, unadulterated state,
"■*•  lor ninny nnsi grevlous ills   Uv
' ''ml   anil   im!', ions use the  frailest
nre   IpiI Into convalescence ami
; >>   I'V   the   Influence   which   Quinine
"ii  nature's own   restoratives.   II
;   lhe   drooping   spirits   of these
••■hnii]   „ chronic stale Of morbid
'■'■"<'>'  "nil   lack   ol  interest  in   lite
iilspi.se   nn,i   iiV  tranquHlsIng the
illHposos  to  Hiitiml  nmi   refreshing
"ii is vigor to thp action of the
which,  being  stimulated,  courses
the   veins,    strengthening    the
animal   functions of  tho  system.
a   milking   activity   a   neces-mry   ri*-
'pnnrthenlng the frame and giving
11 ■'■ tllgestlve organs,  which  nntu-
"•inanrt Increased substance—result,
"'  appetite,   Northrup  A.  Lyman,
,"'■'".    have    given   to   the   puhlli*
"'I'A'i.nr Qulnlno Wine nt   tlio usunl
"»sl,    guagod    hy   thp   opinions   of
this   wine   ii|i|ii-iiiit Ih'.h   nearest
I','"    "     nny  on   the  market.      All
1 is sell  it
III-**'        111111 l   I I I   I 1(1 l Ml IUIIKB       »ll>'        «Ma. ...-
risk of filling a consumptive's grave,
when by the tiniolv use of Ilicklos Antl-
Consumptive Syrup the pain can t>e ai-
IbvpsI unsl thp ilisniier avoiilesl This Sv-
ru'n is plensant to thss taste, ansl unsur-
pusss'sl fair relieving, healing nnd raring
nil Directions ol the throat nnsi Isiiil'h.
coughs, rolils. bronchitis,  elr . etc
If ii fool possesses tact and assurance he will distance the wise uuy
who I'ossesses  i.cilhcr.
Thc trolley car Is not drawn or
|Bushed by the electric current at all.
l-ut Is lifted again nnd again by the
nt tract ion of magnets for the iirma-
luie coils of the motor.
Ven nre loo much inclinesl ts> accept a pis'lly woman at her face
*• ulue.
The Oriental Ametkyat.
The orlenlul amethyst ls really a violet colored sapphire, which ls an exceedingly rare gem and of brilliant luster. It ls regarded as a sacred stone,
and lt is used to ornament the cross
and the pastoral ring of Catholic bishops. The ancients often used the amethyst for cutting figures both in relief
and ln Intaglio, and tbere ls ln tbe national library of France a delicately
wrought profile of Mtecenas, a Roman
statesman of Octnvlus' time, engraved
on amethyst by Dioscorldes, one of the
four celebrated engravers inssntloucd
by Pliny.	
Caaaht tke fMadeata.
There wos formerly a barber In Harvard square who caught the university
custom with this classic appeal wblcb
eomo friendly patron suggested:
Blste viator,
Bubmltte collum tomorl
Et abl alter Adonla.
"Traveler, stay, submit your neck te
tbe barber and depart a second Ade-
No one ever hoard of love giving
'he locksmith the laugh after mur-
Miss Bpeltit-Of course, no one conld
truthfully speak of her as pretty.
Mr. Lovott - Well—er-pcrbaps not,
but she has such a quiet, unaffected
Miss Spelt"*—Yes, but It has taken
her several "-ears to acquire It-
"Sornt* people," said the caller with
a slight sneer, "seem to think that
signing checks le the most important
thing tn life."
"I know It," rejoined Senator Sorghum, "and It's a mistake, my boy; a
sad mistake. Getting the money ln
bank ln tbe first place is wbat counts."
man  thinks he in one   In   n
mI   and he   is—one of the ol-
sVd's Liniment is used by Physidaas.
'■"'i always lhe widow's fault if
"iialns Incoiiioloblo,
Asking sb. snood Deal.
"How aboul the rent of this house of
yours. Hitter? Doesn't the landlord
iiwk a good deal for lt?"
Tlltter-Yes; he often asks five and
six times n month for It.-New Yorker.
' '"ii'in nf natural uas is the nc-
1   water  upon  nlumintim     car-
h.v which methane is evolved.
Proof  Positive
MIpi Charcoal—1 tell yo', Ml/.' John-
sin*;, ilese lienh patent medicines hnln't
no 'count nt all. l'ze been nsln* dls
lily linlin fnee blench fo' a yeah now,
nn' It 'footed mo none.
Avreed on One Point,
"But I am so unworthy, darling,"'
he   murmured  as  he  "*«ld  the dear
1 girl's hand ln his.
| "Oh, George," she sighed, 'If you and
papa agreed on every other point as
1 you do on that how happy wc could
"What! Did you let the examination!
go by again, Carl?"
"I'll tell you, father. On the way to
tho college I met on olsl woman, uml
then I turned back again."—""llegende
Two KI iitla ol Was.
In an Iowa law court an attorney
was arguing with great earnestness
nnd eloquence. Iu the midst of his argument he paused a moment, says the
("reou Bag, and said:
"I see your honor shakes his bead at
that statement 1 desire to reaffirm It,
although your homr diswnts."
"I have not Intimated," replied the
Judge, "how I should construe the evi-
donco or what my decision will be iu
lhe case, and your remark ls uncalled
"You shook your head."
"That mt.y be true," the court replied. "There was a fly on my ear, and
I reserved the right to remove It ln any
maniwr I saw fit rroceed with your
Dick's Blood Purifier
Is the best Tonic for
Horses and Cattle
It puts cows in ptsrfect health, and lns-a*s**-*_se«
the now of milk.
DICKS gives horses a smooth glossy coat,
anil puts life and spirit into them.
Try a packege with any mt**-down animal
you may have and you will be convinced.
60 cents a package.
LttMINO, Kill-SB 4 CO., AOIHT*. M0tlT«»L
Caleb rnahlna's Dross.
Caleb Cushlng's peculiar mnnner of
dress nnd bis eccentricities were fre-
sjiienily the subject of uewspnper artl-
sli'i. Although quite a large mid portly mun, bis clothes nlways seemed to
be two or three sizes too large for him
and of Uie cheapest material. He al-
\v: ys during both summer nnd winter
wore a largo cloth cup pulled closo
down on his head and altogether looked anything but tlie brilliant Jurist
and diplomat. One day, after reading
nu unusually caustic comment upon bis
dresH, be remarked to the writer, "I
i.ucss by tbe time tbnt fool Is as old as
I am he will care more for comfort
(ban fashion."	
Rel   Settled.
.liines—Does he love her still?
Johnson—No; her fntber ktyepj hlm
mi il.e Jump all the time.—Knsai City
When a lemon is large enough to
iiil a test ring two and flvo-six-
ti-eiiths of an inch Inside, it is picked
nmi if It Is still green it is stored
i.ntil It ripens.
Results from common soaps:
eczema, coarse hands, ragged
clothes, shrunken   flannels.
Ask ftsr the Oc'.i|..Bn **>■<" •:
.Kiniiniies to be the sure cure of
PrlflC*. 95*0.
with itu cuiitlniioiiAs coll (not rrlmpetDlu tlie
boil hU-clc-liolilinft fonco tnivlo. Pane No.
7 wfre stands a JLOOOpounds'strata—common
No 7 wiroonly 1,700 pountls. Common wire
"will not coil-It etraiifhtent out sts-nln-it
hasn't a sin-inn temper — Page wro has.
Tb» Pazo vinrtMiOk Limited,
Montrnatl. tr-fj., and at.Jolua, jt.B^
ROSS CDs ROSS. General A**«mta, "WINNIPEG, MAN.
The    cattle king  of     tho    wostt.
j-lisins   is  passing away  forever.
ft'iv yenrs ngo thoro were nearly 1
.-.Billionaires,  exclusive  cattlemen,
the southwest, now thero aro but :
This plan is alow and not Tery tare.
Fly Pads
Will kill millions and do H tiuickly.
10 Cents
■snt Selling Skirt Supporter and Waist Ailriis**s
one Introduces!   Sella at alf_M.   GooJ profiL "
San" M r»nts lot sasaple anil terma to as-rasi,
Tise "siMpnovnr* nnTn**!-*'
(Patented AprilW, nxui
Attaiclmhlo tuTaak Pipeo; Barrel
Neverir ts- nt sif •rdorino ri pin'" i »;',""'"[ J
u, simple a child can attach it I uiinuestionSOII
tho only satisfaciiary Wat ror made
K.vory farmer neoilnoiin s,r in• o ptW en at son
If hodoos not raise morn tinm FUUU tiuis-*-.
I, «J. No. ***33. . - * ■
THE mn.1,, MaOOAK, B. C, JUNE ••', »«»■
C. E. Smitui-rixuale, Editor and Prop.
■LOCAN,     •     •       -       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the liret insertion ami 5 cents a line each
eutiRiquent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, t'i each.
Transient advertisements al same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will he charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription ia V- !"•**•* **ear. its-let-
iy in advance; $2.*)0ayesr if not so paid.
Address all letters to-
Slocan, Ii. C.
The bathing seas-on has opened.
Jack York lias gone to Vancouver
lo reside.
W. R.  Clement  is  located over in
A choice line of old  papers is fori
sale at this office,
Local  strawberries were placed on
the market this week.
S. Y. Brbckman is looking after the
books of the mill company.
Traffic on the Nakusp road   into
Sandon was resumed last week.
Several  more  pre emptions    have
been taken up down the valley.
'  George Bartlett and wife, of Nelson.      Tho lake haa  fallen  several inches
were up during the week on a fishing during the \vee,t.
excursion. . Arnot has received the best assorted
George and Norman Clement have and largest stock of ties ever shown,in
open--il in the restaurant business in i Slocan. The prices range from doe.
Vancouver. to 75c. each     He will  lie  pleased to
..have you call and examine them.
A strawberry festival will shortly J
E. E. Chipman, government agent
at Kaslo, was here Monday, on his
way to the coast.   The citizens im
be given by the ladies of the Presbyterian church.
The local Liberal Association holds I oh Friday evening.   The family are
its annual meeting next Tuesday.        < preparing to move thither.
Wanted to Rent. -An upright piano.     R. E. Brett, of Victoria,has succeed
The repair train passed down ''»j inVdiatelv tackled him about the
Friday, having restored traffic on the g • „,,,,,* ,.oa(* ftU(J he promised to try
Nakusp road.
Three residences were burned on
Stanley street, Nelson, Monday, causing a loss of about $7000.
Rev. Mr.Mount held his first service
in St. Paul's church, since his return
from England, on Sunday.
Mrs. York returned from Edmonton
FRIDAY, JUNE 19th, 1903.
l -JlTitltl Vi.   CUOl'FINUS.
11. P. Christie, of this city, has lieen
appointed collector of votes for the
new i iding of Slocan. Get your name
The legislature was dissolved Tius-
day, the necessary announcement appealing in a special issue of the Gazette. Writs for the new elections are
to Ik* dated July 1(5 and returnable on
Nov. IH. The new legislature will
convene Jan. 21.
A -Acttlement has been effected between the C.P.R. aud its striking U.
B.B.E. members. It Was made through
the effotte of tho labor commi-.si.an
now sitting in the province and the
terms are kept secret. The C.P.R.
will be alile to handle its busine-s. in
a more ex'seditious manner than has
bei'ii the case for some months past.
With this la.-ttlenient the industrial
horizon is pretty well cleared.
Liberal politicians at Ottawa are
warming rapidly to the idea of a government railway from coast to coast.
Oovernment ownership of railways is
one uf the strongest planks in the
Conservative ptatformirfthls province,
while another part of the Tory creed
ie. the public utilities for the public.
Buih ideas ore wrapped up in the development of Canadian national spirit
and chai*acter,the foundation of which
was firmly established by Sir John A.
Maedonald. Conservatives have no
objection to. Liberals foil'.wing in
paths where tliey lead.
Apply, stating terms, at this office.
Rev. Mr.  Flewelling, of   Phoenix
was a visitor in the city over Tuesday, j
Manager de Veberof the Bank of
ed A. !,. Belyea  as  secretary  of  th'
Provincial Mining Association.
A heavy thunderstorm, accompa
by wind,  passed over Friday,    As  a | Xo
Mont.val.New   Denver, was  here  on   «~1*  the telegraph  wires'alt went
and get it fixed at ouee.
Appended is a complete list of the various records rcgistertd atthe local registry •fnee, IL P. Christie being mining
,luiif 8   Sunset,  Ronton  tree's!, Wis
Daylight, same, F E Tatttrsall.
Mimic, Bpringer creek, 11 L Fife.
Juno 8   Falls  View No '-, Tamarack
• Irvine, tho young son of Ed Atherton, of .Sandon, died in St. .John, N.B..
List week.
Friday's train to Nelson was delayed several hours by trees falling across
the track.
Wm. Hunter has sold bis store at
Alamo to the Scottish Colonial Gold-,
iields Co.
Blair Carter returned to town Monday, having spent the winter working
for Mark Manley in Trinity county.in
The mill people were loading their
first car of shingles for export on
Wednesday. It was billed for Peterborough, Out.
. One of the passengers down Oil Friday evening's boat walked off the
wharf into a deep hole between the
tracks. He was ii»hed out amid the
ha ha's of th*** crowd.
[Adopted nt Rcvelst..*.•*. Bept-*mber i:ali. 1902.1
1. That tie-, raa-.cil an ris.'itiirms tha; policy
iaf tin* part; iii matters uf provincial roads ana
trails; tbst ownership an.i control of railways,
and tlie development ol the agricultural re-
gonrcosof tne provlnco aa laid down in the pint-
form adopted in Oct ilii-r. K'.i. wliis-li is us folia,.'- :
•T.i actively aid In tho construction of trails
throughout the undeveloped portions "f tho
provlnco aid the building of provincial truul:
r.a.-iil- a f public uocessltv.
"To adopt the principles of government ownership an" railways In so fnr as tliccircumstni i ■ -
ofthe province will admit, mel the adopl ion .■*
the principle that na  ui should be granted
a., any rnilwiiv company which does not givo the
government of the provinca control of rue ovei
Uu, - I, mused, together with tlaa- option >>i purchase,
"Toactivelynssisl hyslateaid lot loslevolop-
mstit of tlio ngrlculturul roi larcojol tho pro-
•J. That in tlio meantime and until the railway policy above sot forth can bo accomplishes!
a gonoral rail.vay scl be passed, niving (ree loni
toconstrnct railways un It crrtnin approve:!
r,*-r nn i ia-iss. analogous to the internum) l.:-.-
resultod in such extensive railway construction
in tim I uited States, »itli so much advantage
to trade and commerca.
3. Thai to eneonrngo the mining Indus ry.the
taxation of metalliferous mines shouhl be ou
the i..i-a-a,-. percentage on liia ia1, profits.
l. Thai the govornment ownership of telephone systoms should be brought about as a
Urst *.,i*p in tin, acquisition <»f public utilities,
0.   That » portion aaf overy conl area horenfl r
I i be disposed ot should bo rsyserved from sale
or lease, bo thai - lata' owne I mines mai be e
Ily accessible, if tlicir operation becomes ueci -
-.iry or advlsal lo,
ii. Tii.t In the pulp land leases provision
should be mado f..r rafoai-e :i'.: and thai step;
should b« tSiai'al f.ar ilia-  :;'.tl**l a I   |srl*SS*rViSt i  .11 Ial
forest by guarding against tho wasteful de-
structii ii 'if timber.
;. That tlio legislature and government ofthe
province ahould persevere In the effort to secure
tin a tclusdi f astatic labor,
B, Thnt the matter..r bettor term- in the way
ofsubsi ly nnd appropriation* for ilie province
should be vigorously pressod upon tbo Dominion
9, Thst tho silver-lead Industries of the provlnco be fostered and eaconraged by tlm impo*
.....I ...ui..,.., .. irt...!„.. si    ,.   „..   i «„. .. Iaitionof iucroasedcustoms duties onload and
and without a leader, they are beaten ieadproductsimportod into r,u,a.i.,.a„ 1 that
iha. sjoiisorviitive  members <>f the Dominion
For the summer months the Presbyterian Sunday school will meet in
lhe mornings at 10, commencing next
A l>ear was seen wandering around
in the brush near tho record office on '
11—Bendor,    Carlaton,    Anna   Bell
Lucky Jock, Hosphorus.
June S— Iron Horse No2.
June 8—Wayraoutb '3, 0 E Smither*
nil a    . aia  1   . ,      ,        ,   ,     ,.
,                                           1    r i ingala !■>.' L Farwig
Saturday evening, causing no end ot| _"j	
When you require nice fresh groceries and provisions, drop into Arnot
He keeps his stock well assorted and
l!i*» price", are right.
limber Notice.
N'OTICKis liaroby given that 80 daysaftei
al.-ite I intend ta
pi.I.s to the Chief I"*uss
missiouerof Lands A Works fssr asaaolal li-
sale   of   trimmed   hats,  cense, to-cut and carry away Umber frann the
1 1        1 ,u v™„ s.   ..;kk„„c   fsjllowing described lansls, sltuato in West Koot*
snapos, sailors, baby sbonnets, ribbons, eul\, district!
and flowers, in order   to clear Out   ihe,    Commeu in*-at u post situate abtwt ono mUe
.      ,        ,,.   . ,    .    f, from Shu'in l.iks*. sail tins niirlii m lc aif the nisrtli
stock.     weDD sX i_.-av.ia. j i-,,,^... ;:Vaii-, creolc, tin nee south m ohains;
 \ thenei* \ii 11 1.1 chains: tlienco aaar'.':  '.'al chains;
thence west 40 chains; thence north 21 ohains;
thence west 10 chains; thence north SO ohains;
I thence wesi Ip chains* thence north lu chains;
  thonce enst 4u chains; thence south 20 chains;
_,__  .   , .   . .... ,        ,.      thence oast 10 chains; tlicuce south 20 ohtilnsi
Yi'TH I. is horeby given  that » days after   thonce eest to chains; thonce -south 20 chains;
,>   .late I intend to apply to tlis* i lilef Com-  tlisBoca cant 10 c!iain»,to place of beginning, con-
missioner of Lands .V Wort- torn special h*   t0|niniT r,to ocres.
cense, to cut and  carry away timber from Jho      l j t •* J i  is Uh day of Juno, 1803.
Timber Notice.
folio wing described   lands, situate   In  Wesl
Kootenny distriot:
Commonciug at a post situated al>.»iit three
miles from Slocau lake, on ihe north *',i\* ofthe
martli fork aaf Evans creek< thence eouth HO
chains; thasnoe west SO chains; thence north SO
chains; thence east 80 chains to place of beginning, containing 840 neres.
Dated the I'.li day of June. 1903.
1). A. (I'll HI K
Timber Notice.
NOTICE is hera-hy given  that  80 slays after
dau'l  intend  to applv to the Ham. tin
Chief Commissioner of Lands aV W.art- at Vic-
torio, for   ai spr-cial  liconse, to cut nnd cam
away tiinla-r  from    tin*    following  described
Commencing at a poet mi   l'l "Bort sSJiev
■iu. - aa-a.er post," sl uated one mile fri i
thi' -a.--, sliori of Sloi uu lake, ..n .'sl. \. McK >.
wasl   boundary  line;  thence  wo I 80 uiinln.-i
tin i.a.ai BonthSI c ii in-: tlienco woat20chains;
■ ni ' " i    loins; tl cu west Ml chain- :
them a- north • I chain  ■ thesice •• ■ il I al cha i   ■
ii a " :■ ■!'.h jn chain.*.; tlia-m-i* ensl "inchad
the co  Boulh  '.' chains, to the plaoe «'f com-
: I'-'iea-lneilt. coutainlng 0)441 :.a-r*.-.
Datod till  luiii slay ot June, 1903.
It is a matter of great satisfaction to
the Conservatives ssf the province to
pee the way in which the various sections of the party are quietly and harmoniously gathering together under
the one common bannor. Dissension
and discord have given place to unanimity and harmony, and all are determined to work together forth i success
of the party at the "jolls. As sueh,
strength is daily being gained, and
the people are placing added confidence in them, How different is the!
situation with the   Mberals,    Torn
with  dissension, racked  by  jealousy.
Notice to Liberals.
■saJ'OTICEi herebygiven tbat the annnal meet-
* ' i-a ■'! il. - l.il-e 'i 1 Association of this city
Kill 1 ' . I , a. Hi v' mnel,"; l- ifo's ollice, Artnnr
Btreet, aah Ti e- la.' evening, Jan.. "Jis.l'.aiA., for tho
election of officers for the om I ! year and the
transection of general bnsine -•   V full atts id*
am f members is retniaBsts»d  and  sslt * 1..-c
aeeting to Join tho Assi siationnrec rdiolly invited.   Meeting will comi en o   tSp.m.
B.A. BE.VDSHAW,        D. S. Mi VANNEL.
■ retnry pro tern. President
Garden Seeds
Flower Seeds
Timothy Seed
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in bulk
Jus" uirivci! from D. M. Ferry's,
thu j-rc-u S, ail Uoun*. I 01 lalo
al —
J. A. A^'BEFaSOIv.
Slater Shoe Advertising
Selling the first pair
Short talks by the Slater Shoe ud man, No. 2.
Advwtising" may induce a nun ot woman
to fcuy the first pair of "Slater Shoes'* but if that
first pair be a failure no amount of advertisinr.
will induce the disappointed wearer to buy a
second pair.
If every man and woman in Canada bought
a pair of "Slater Shoes" through advertising and
ceased wearing—or buying them after the firs
purchase, the entire Canadian market for "Slater
Shoes" would be exhausted in less than two yrar.-.
Yet the sales of "Slater Shoes" have fjone
on increasing for many years.
The same people have been buying th,-
"Slater Shoe" year after year and .constant
advertising is making new wearers every season
'proving that it is as good a shoe as its
makers claim it to be.
The Slater Shoe
Goodyear welted.   Made in Canada 40 years.
For men $4.00 and $5.50.
l:or women $3.50 and $5.00.
Sole Agent:
David   Arnot, Slocan.
We have just opened up several new lines
of si-mmer dress goods, of the latest designs; also many pretty dress novelties.
Wi* carry tin* boBl stork of rammer hats ami trim
mini:", in ths** country.    Pricoa arn v»*rv reaaOMbla
v<«i E*3 Cs3 *^*l «^k°i<K i-c^v >^*%< 2%
| A d vert lse your I
Onion Sc'« have nn Iverl.
j'sjmi- vi'iler (in I v.
Bt the very -xiininonoetnenssol the con
House bo iiritad t*> support uny motion intra*
lur.-d fc.r Bllcll ll purpOl 1.
in. 'I'lmt bj indu-ti i.al di-pui***^ almost invflri-
alil.s rs*-nli in s,-real 1..-- nnil injury botli to the
tsartiesdirsctl] s?onCB9rotd iiml to the iiiililir.
.oud.laii'.a shsmld be passes! tai pfbTldo means
Iaai an amicable asljastmotit nf Biituidisspal ■ b
i a ployen nud amployoos.
H.   Tlsat it is advisable to fosUt tlio manu-
i ia' iri, i.r ilu,  nsv  products of tlia province
within  the provlnovas far as pruct: nblebj
• i lain' ion a. i i|> ■ said ,■■■ .1 pro lucts,
ii-i.Ti i ,■ i.aiat • nf tli • .'in., in whole or part
lllf.lrlaii'I 111 British l.'ailinulli. .
Rev. William Simons, P2stor.
Sunday, nt ll n.m. :inil7.:*,'i p.m,
Sabbath Solioal at 2.30 |a.in.
Prnyor Meeting, Wednesday, 7.80 p.m,
.1. M. McCloakeT, tbe blind enl r*
tertoiner, lir-ld rm-ili in tbe Munic Hall
Wedie-Klny evening. \l\^ Winnie
Mi'Milhin |)ii'Hiij,.r|;,! the piano
The Nevi Westminfiter Irisronai■ <*lul.
sare to |ilav at N'elaoij.>u the 1st,  The
"•arious companies of the Rocky Moun '    Conservative ConveiitlOilS.     |
tain Bangers are also to l*' tbere. I
Train   service   to   Arrowhead   La-      Wnmsssjlnuof I locutlvnof theProvln-1 fl
„_,,,!     ,, ,    ,   ,      ,1       na i   .i      rial Conssrvotlvi*   tssociatissn, held atVanemt-  A
ceasea   OWlng   to   tbe   llooasana   the   iror, the* prssvUseo was divided into Ave fllvlslou    y.
boats bow run lo Revelstoke.   Sloean t?r <>• *_-i<.a,^r,. s..,,   puri s,   The   Kootenaj
,.«..,......— ..,  .,1 .la    i I BUII dl, a-v allVlnlaiBI I- lllall' lip Bfll   I ll'l fssllnwi'. .     f\
passengers OUl Connect al  Itolwoa. provlnrlnl election district,-.: Hevelstok*., Col-1 «
.* i rnniten ami yonng nu*n
an- ronliully iu\ :i"'l.   .   .
■ . . •    • .'   ...;>:-X*:>:V.
Notice to DelinauentCo-owner
To J. V. Arm*lrnnj£,ailniii i».trotor I I i.s?
s'i!;:t'* nf Martin Mitivlii.oii, dec a !
i,r t.i any i erson n ■ j pii-ons lo ul in
lio i n v liii ■ • Lrntisffi na! list ■ ••■-'
ol Martin Mnrchiton, an onnting to ',
in cash f.( tlis* NaiiU'iB, Fiatn ainl I'm-
dan minoral iilairoa, situated a.a the
lion 1 nf Lemon crssek, Sloran City mining division.
You are hereby notified thai I have
expended thc snm .if three linnilri l ai d
seven dollars and fifty cents in labor and
improvements a'.i-j.'i tho al (i*.-1 men ion -
nl mineral claims, in order to hoi I snid
minoral claims iitiilur tho provislni :
the Mineral Aet, and if within POtlayi
from"the date ol tlii» notice you fail or
refute to contribute your proportion ol
such expenditure, louethor witb all co
of advertising, ymir interest in the - i
claims will become tbe property of tin-
Bubsoriber, under section four ol an Aci
entitled "An Act i'i uiiu'iiil ti, ■ Mil    al
A    . IOOO."
Datetl t! Is 8th day of June, 10 13,
12-0-0.** M.i   YOUNG
Bakery ^
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
i Hunt
I Certilicate of luiiMiits,
H Buss ness
in these day.-, of progress and competition
no irf n in business
sliould neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in diszister, A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a Nmi
t'i all persis-
tent ami lib
(.•ral ftdyertis
ers: it h read
by everyone.
Ontsrlo Sm, n U isirral ri»|n
- V
r -*- ■- —r-a *   ■!"•'■                  ".M'j. uirisii   "i» i'i i"ii   mi**i i   ("■.    :   ni,*ii'i">i'iis,i*,   i t i- ^ i -^             ,      j«          .                  _ r ,
ObM.Etemp.tor, of  llo .land, ra.i &S | Zlth^Toia^tlitVot^  ■ I Hcsh Ffults of r:very
ilmTm. •n'i".'-:nJoctlou ^8lthythu t"-^iJ1Toaorrosttun^^r^do'p^i "' ' I ^»*  Arriving Daily.
means m, .11      COUUectlOIls   Witn tills     i.   Thai  •■ ..-.■ ..ti..,i-  fssr nominating can
cimp and will be beard from again
John Williamson, father of Mrs, 1).
Arnot md Mrs, I*. Sunn, of tbls place,
died in Napanee, Ont., on Tuesda*
morning. He was upwards of 70 years
of age. Mr.-. Arn.it loft for home two
weeks ago, arriving In time lose* I er
father before lie died.
I>aisiiista>ii Da*,   IstsJalj,
The Canadian Pacific will operate
sps9cial Bssrvlce, Slocan district to Nol
lata  for ii'-ibi : >■•.   '.I ilia- Icgislntlvo •UMsmbl*' sn
la.* ma U up of Ueloauts   rliiia.'.n as follows:        ! (fs,
nil   In iit. B'liAi'iairul ui-iiii'i., Sim., detsfffntis tft
f.T HVir.v fifty lini] fraction   Of   fifty VotOS |aaalla..l S,
all.      | ■i-.ivill.-iill a Ira I i.„i  lielll ill  l!«»l. i||a| if Ilia- S
clll la  n.sii.  I   Into  '.. ir.l-,   l'l"   tTiAiiiAili I .»,
il  la,'     f iii i -i  li uin.I  >linll  bo Ii.i-i.il on« the S
ruto ii itli I in a. icli ward nt tlio last mimlcli   I
11" lii.ii.
(b)   i i '              i1 .. ' • lots, ono 'li la Rate S
' i  '■.  ■ • Ml. .   ': ctlon of fifty vntoa pollo'l ill A
llis> proi Inrl          . linn  in li!   in  11X0, [tie ill Ic A
'■1.1,        ,    i, a...i tq polli].. I'll eet, or n  ' A
Our fiv Cream Pnnor is
in "■ open and will Ije kepi
running nil the Summer.
I I l..invr>B»r Ili'ai.-iBl In-ill.
i   i. II   •'. ' ";• III    aaai ■'   Olllllllv
' '< UrSI 'SSllS'C'll .
llo ; nn.*-. I. I I      is  !       lata I enntrni pines
In ancli isollluj      .. ■ oi in oacIi ward in city
I'lectoral i'; trl I     I    i ;;    Is dl»l led ii,a.>
eon and return, leavisg Saadoa 6.30 Wt:.^tXta$o\T\o^he^™**]
B.m.5Th«aPorks,6.60a.m.iRosoiie.'y, ;■.::,:;l1'.'1!i-i.;.:;;;;;y!s,;..,a,;.:,::r,;;i:.KM,::"'
i..iU a.m.; Na'Vs'  Dnnri'.   l.4o a.m.; sSil      1....Two wwki notlre slisJl bo glvonof ilu
iia.uili ii'toii   .,'i i. faii'in tiiofotorsVftlio  % '       '     '
I   ,'• "ll all    :,   aaf   ali-la.|{.itl.- sllllll In" lit  pllll- I     --
feci Ranges
[.ou a.m.; now L/enver,  i.io a.m onpf iJn    rt A\ ji  r\    /**. rem
verton, 8.10 a m.i  Enl orprise, B.40 a. f^.Tnl KSnSni ,', ■ '.' ,ftll!   ■',   \i\X    \ I S   ?K
ni.; Mouiin  Oity, 0.10-a.in.j reacbinir i"*'d in citj  iml A i In;        •   B \y\      ni7 z. K.Ja» /—, —9■
Wlslin at   ll'll'l'im       l,'.i|iii-,ii...r  tl,. , ' 'i''1 lV,"" "'"i''1'''"''•■■',' i  i I. .ml  iii   *=**-"*'        "*r   —   "***»» mm—i **^ m
i\ei.si)i   ,u   ii..w   |  in      U' turning, tlie Utli i els tornl illslrlcts    ■•.•n .la.   afler.   til
tion    tliroi '■' '    i Iiis   |,innm i   i,i  l, ■
running through to Sandon, malting | %$,Z § ,, ., ;:,'," '.•;::|;,;:1 "'"!"
Bpeclal train will leave Nelson «*< p.m.,Inoi
,    ..    I - -      	
in bancti
all intermediate stops,   Pare for thia j   '•  MinotJc ftiiotiato nf pu'wiomontiim
sl'iv onlv    ***.-insl. hi <■! *{",  Th™ • i.'  ..;.    I f'r'^a'"I'-'i a,,,,',| IsiKiitosl  nslnating run
c'.s'V,    i*.    •''■'"",'. '*';',    v , I Ui'ini..i,-.iii.   a,,   ..,    ■ nf dol-flgati
.>i ID,   HOSeberV   WHsO.   New    Denver [ tna ulaeaantl tlatn of nominating ronrentl   .
g.70, Bilyoi^n f2;66,^ntorpi'l8e*2.80. ^^Mre^^^V,*,',',. . ;',,   "; TZX\
Slocan  City 11.80.   Usual fare nnd ['•ion in whici ii^tss-nidistri tnut
one-thiKl holiday return tickets will ^^orXtefei I'coirsrfr^i'vT'    ;
be on sali' to all   |><lint-. un .1 una' 2'.Hh. \ elation.
80th, July    lfrt,gOOdtO   return   Until      Aftoetln«ofthnpro»lnclal esacntlvn will Ih-I
.Julv 8rd, < in',it programme Ol Bports; ' ','"'•' »'.," »■*» ivlthln ■ month,and tliaslale
llfisin is, a.i i/,.t     <a,-.,.;.,I   .,ii,i.,,.i;,„.     \to.r„ hoMli.g Aii-irli-i   nnminnllna csnivoutli
w*w <n pnzea,   opeciai attrncuon     win then to fliod, \ h <. i - in,.
WsMtminster lacrosse team (World's •'	
Champi0M)VI Neleon. Nelson, Jnno sth, iWB?'n i
Why lio w Itbotit n in mm whqa
you can "tot ont io cheap? 'riu-v
are prcfei'rablo to stoves nntl ""Ire
hetter satisfaction. These rnngw
burn -voi.il or coal aud ••, ill ho
■el ii11 Iroe.
•■^ sitmitv iu tl's» SI' ran City Mining Dlvia
sii.n nl the West Kootenay I»a«11-ict.
Where located; On » tuitb Isrk ol
Lemon creak,
Takenotlcs thai I.Winslow l"..v\'. •ale**,,
rI acting n» aAjeist (nr diss. \v. McMillan,
s, free miner's certiflcate No l)67147,intond,
y siity days from tiaeilnte hereof, to apply
V tn the Mining llccoider lor a certilicate
Kj sif improvements, fur the purpose ol oh*
• taining a crown  grant fur tin sbnvs
'jf|   A-U'alil.
j%\ Antlfurtlier lake notice lhat action,
a-j,)! umlfr section 37, mint be commence-]
j»j' t.efuro tin- issuanco of mii-li certificate ol
■•*' Improvementa.
Piitpil tliis 80th day nf April, 1903
8*5*08 W1N8L0W 1.. WOKUKiN
UIiis'ss I'i line   I risilisn,,i|   ,.li,ninl Claim.
Situnte iii tho Slocan City mining divi*
rimi of West Kootenay district, Whore
located i—On the summit of Bpilnrer
ami l.onion creokl,,
TAKK NOTICE thai I. ll.R.Jorand
nctitiB nn »n<'nt lor John Klliot, free
miner's certificate No, R511ij;j; itoberl
Alexander Bradshaw,F.M.C No,B5078tl'
Loo Dolron, P.M.C. No, H6fl8fiRj An hi'
bald York, F. M. r. No. 1)50083; nmi
Frank Sherry, F, M, r. So, R50K88, intend, hi x t >• dayi from the dato hereof to
npply tothe Mining llecorsler for n coi liii-
cate of Improvements, foi tin* purpose
of obtaining a crown grant on the abovo
Ami further tnU notii e that action
mulcr geclioii H7, must ho commenced
before the issuance 'if in h certlficato ol
Dated this Oth day of Mnv 1008
16*6-08 11  li. JOKAND
ft At All  Times j
■'- a
is x m s A v V x« «V tat *.* m\ *\ c A x*"k A A A A mV A >/ s a
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local paper:
JH THE DRILL,  $2 per year ^
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artir.t.
The. Leading Parlorai
Gwiilim & Johns00,


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