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The Slocan Drill 1903-07-17

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Full Text

SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JULY   17,   1908,
12.00 PER ANNUM.
arm Weather Talk
This is the hardest time of the yoar to cater to one's
.appetite. "Cooking over a hot atovo does not help it
any, bo io -Avoid the discomfort and have sojnethi-ag
palateable, try some of our Meats, ready cooked:—
1st mutton,     boast beef,     veal loaf,    chicken,
tongue, tubkey.
Then for ssomething nice in Table Fruit, try a fin of
Fineapple, ono of the nicest fruits for the hot weather.
T. Shatford & Co.
eE--  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ^5
.£_   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   ^
5L0CAN, B. C.
[reached by any trail or road
it runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
rlineton   Hotel
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Is popular hotel is cenrenicnt to the bonis and trains.   The dining room
iritily up-to-sJate while the bar is supplied with the best in tlie market
Travelling men, using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per 'lav-
without Sample Rooms,$2, hoard $8 per week? me.alf3?»_
(■epeaed under
old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. A rtkser Street eaal Delaney i?aa«.. Sloean.
filling thoroughly renovated
" re st eked with the best
;ruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from uc- Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
*. C. SMITH,
-."presenting the strongest companies doing business in Canada.
pEK nkw ACctDENT PoLIOT, with par-
lli-'ipatinti in profits, covering sick-
|°M and operations.
,"* D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
R. E. ALLEN, -   __  Manager
Med. Supt., S.W.Keith, M.D.
KATES: Rcgulnr siihss*rshs>r- fl   piT Tnsmtli
or JIO it yi'iir: iion-subsriiti*>r' irii*liisivi*nf
mfilsrssl sttendnns3S)t2 perslisv.   Privatewards
fl |aa*r alls)' SXttSi   BpSOMll fii' littles for miitern-
\t> s-escs.
For farther rinrticulnrs apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Thrrsiteu to RemoTe Their Fltant ttnd te
Sue Iho City f.sr Dauiejais-Seys City
Is not Living up to AsrarssMtt-llr,
Hontley Ite-Appelatesl Clerk.
All tho members wero present at
Monday night's meeting of the cUy
Correspondence read: From J. H.
Lavallce, Orillia, Out., sec-treasurer
of ths Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co.,
complaining lh.it the city did uot offer
necessary protection whou the company attempted to bring in Chinese,
tht; corporation consequently breaking
its agreement. In consequence of this
and the inflammatory articles in the
papers of the country, tlie company
had practically decided to remove
their plant and to sua the city for
heavy damages. A wirssd reply was
expected, otherwise action would be
taken at ouee. Thc company claimed
they had beeu paying the highest
wages for an inferior class of white
Aid. McNeish believed the point of
the letter was.what steps were the city
going to take to cany out their part
of the agreement? The corporation
were willing to live up to their agreement aud expected thc company to do
ths same.
Aid. Arnot said tlie letter was very
Aid. Teeter contended the city had
not contracted to protect the mill employees any more than other citizens.
No violence had ever been attempted
or committed, and no protection was
Other aldermen claimed the mill
tug had not touched the shore and
that lhe CShineso had made no effort
to laud. If the white labor was couy
plaiiicd of, it was a very poor compliment to tbe staff the "company had
sent from the east. Tlie city dads did
not receive the letter ia any agreeable
manner and strongly resented tho
tenor of the remarks contained.
Aid. Arnot moved that thi city scl-
i.itor reply t'i tho company.
Aid. McNeish favored* drafting a
wire and sending it collect.
Aid.  Arnot  said "Then, tho   wire
sliould read: lhe city will live up to!
their agreement and they expect the j
companv  to do the same."   He enlarged his motion by adding that a
wire be sunt acknowledging the letter j
and that solicitor would write a reply.
Seconded bv Aid.Worden and carried.
Letter referred to city solicitor.
From L. J. Edwards," station ageut.
stating that tho wharf would be repaired and placed in safe comlitiou.
From Major York, again tendering j
his resignation aiid asking to have il j
accepted at once. Argument followed,
the aldermen casting  aliont  for  an j
avonue of escap*. so as to avoid  tbs
expense   of  another  oloction.    Aid. |
Teeter and Worden moved that action
on the letter be indefinitely postponed.
From fire brigade, askin;- if the city
would furnish medical attendance to
members injured while on duty.
Aid. Worden explained reason for
lettor, in that Geo. Ager had been cat
by hot glass at the Arlington lire, necessitating niedical attendance
Moved by Aid. Arnot and Teeter
that the clerk answer letter in the affirmative.   Carried.
Bills presonts-d: T. Armstrong, supplies to E. B. Dimlap while in prison
for debt, Jl.iW. Referred to city solicitor as to r.'.sponsibilitv of the city to
pav. P.O. box rent. 152.10; payroll,
$199.16.   The latter ordered paid.
The clerk stated l*-.(.l)0 had beeu paid
in on hotel license- and lie expected
the other two cu the morrow.
Aid. Worden stated the government
would pay $2.r> as their share for looking after the Slocan river bridges.
A letter was read from D.B.O'Neail.
applying for the position of city clerk.
This application, together with those
from E. 1. Bentley and Geo. Nichol.
were taken up and ballotted on, the.
vote standing: Bentley 8, Nichol 1,
O'Neail 1. Dr. Bentley was declared
elected to the oflicestif clerk, assessor,
collector, poundkeepor, fire inspector,
and sueh other duties as ths' council
saw fit to Impose.
Clerk was instructed to inform the
polico commissioners that the council
recommended him to the position of
chief of police.
The several applications were ordered filed and the council adjourned.
but found naught of her body. It is
doubtful now if it will ever be recov-
Important I>l»iiss eiy llisilo a
Thet rrsti-
R. J. McPhee, manager of tho Ottawa,, states that an important discovery was made on that propeity last
week, in that it lias now lieen satisfactorily proven that it carries two veins,
running parallel at a short distance
apart and both mineral bearing. For
some time past Mr. McPhee has been
dissatislied with the course taken by
the lead iu the No. 4 tunnel,which has
been driven 160 feet with tho object of
hitting the big ore chute encountered
in the No. '5, whieh is 130 feet overhead. To make certain he sent for
W. S. .Johnson, who mado a thorough
examination and survey of tho lead
and made a cross section of the
ground. The conclusion arrived at
was that thero wero two veins, running
alxmt 80 feet apart, but with surface
cappings very close together. Tho
No. 1 workings were proven to be on
the west vein, while tho No. 3 are on
that to the east.
When theso facts were demonstrat-1
held to satisfy a mortgage held by the
bank against the property of J-oTiOO.
The group was owned by the Queen
Bess Proprietary Co., an English corporation.       	
1'tlll A I. AIUIK ('AMHIIAT.A..
Movement Started to Neisslisate a Mnn le
tha Sll,am  Killing.
The political situation in the Slocan
riding is gradually becoming defined
and the electors will soon know whore
they are at. It seems settled that the
Liberals will nominate It,A.Bradshaw,
though they aro having difficulty in
setting the machinery in motion for
holdiug a nominating convention. For
the Conservatives, everything is in order awaiting the call oi the provincial
executive for meeting in convention in
New Denver, the candidate lieing
practically decided on.
Tuesday a new feature cropped up.
in that a definite move was made by
the Lalior men to place a candidate iu
the field.   A public  nieeting will  be
held on Saturday night in the Union
Hall, to discuss the situation, and all
persons anxious to see a Labor man
put up are asked to be present.    A
preliminary canvass* of the situation
has been held by friends of the cause
ed it was decided to go back 200 foet j from the various towns, and tho nom-
from tho breast of the lower workings  inating  convention   will   be held at
and crosscut   to   the east along two New Denver on Saturday, Aug. 1.   At
slight slips.   This is now being done
and splendid headway made, so that
present the feeling favors a Sandon
man, one who is popular among his
the main vein should lie struck by the, fellows and of   more   than   average
end of   tin. month.   Tho   two   veins I ability.   The move of the Labor men
have a dip of 45 and 38 degrees re-1 has thrown consternation into the Grit
spectivcly, and each has lieen proven : camp.
to cany bodies of very high gr.ide ore. j    Following is a copy of the call for
On the surface close "to the mouth of the Labor cnnvcntion.isstied by Hugh
the No. 1 tunnel, oro was encountered j Williams, New  Denver, as president,
that assayed over 1000 oz in silver, and Percy Johnston, Sandon, secre-
while past shipments  from the east tary:
vein attest its  value.   After the eastj    "A call is hereby  issued for a con-
vein has been met in the crosscut, tho  vention, to take place in New Denver
drift on the went vein will lie coutinu-
ed, as it is looking most promising.
The discovery of the second vein is
particularly pleasing, as it greatly enhances the value of tlie ground. It is
the Intention of the company to widen
out the slciiirli road aud make it passable for wagons, as thoy anticipate
heivy shipments. Mr. Nob'o and
othnti of the civ.ape.ny from Pit-tnl-urg
will bo hare shortly to inspect the
Editor Dniixi
Sir,—Boforo leaving Ottawa, the
British Columbia silver-lead miners'
delegation desire to publicly express
their appreciation, not only of the action of the government in acceding to
their request for a bounty on lead, but
also of tin' unvarying sympathy and
consideration which they have received
from the members of the cabinet during the necessary investigation of thi-
important question.
Too great credit cannot li*- given to
Senator Templeman and our British
Columbian members, especially thu
member for 'Yale-Cariboo, for their
unwavering support of a cause which
we are confident will work as much to
the interest of the province as a whole
as to tho mining districts in particu
The insertion  of this letter iu your
paper will greatly oblige, yours faith
Lilly, John L. Retallaok,
Chairman, Silver-Lead Delegation
Ottawa, Ont.. July 8.
the 1st day of August, 1908, for th
purpose of nominating a candidate to
contest the Slocan riding in the interest of the Lalior party at the forthcoming provincial election, The basis
of representation is to be as follows:
Ou,% duly accredited delegate from
each point at which was situated on
tho occasion of the last provincial
election a polling station, and in addition, one delegate for each 40 votes or
majority fraction thereof polled at each
station. Where there exists a regular
labor union,the samo shall have charge
of the calling of the pritnaries.and the
method to be adopted in selecting
delegates for attendance at tho convention. • Duly accredited representa*
tives of local .Socialist leagues, reform
associations, and branches of the Provincial Progressive Party may be allowed seats."
ttlfla SlaoflsliliK
At Saturday's practice
shixit of tho
"Rifle Club the  following
s were
J. McVicar 28
W. S. Johnson. .27
.1. Cross 80
D. McVannel...27
H. .T. Robertson..29
lt. MeFarlane...25
Dr. Keith 21
si ill lu Startup.
It is more than probable thc local
shingle mill will resume operations in
a few days, aad with white labor. A
couple of Ymir men were her.' Saturday inspecting the plant, with a view
to oporating it on the contract system,
and it is understood the necessary
papers  have  been signed.    J. Craig*
h,*ad. the company's foreman, is fixing
uj) things ana putting tlis' plant in
shape for immediate operations.
aaaissiii Whs Unsnceessfnli
On Monday the majority of those
who went down to Winlaw from here
last week, to search for the lnody of
Miss Watson, who was drowned in the
river, lvtnrned, and the others came
up later, their search having licuti unsuccessful. They worked hard all
week, removing the greater portion of
one big jam. They located the boat
which caused the disaster, as well as
the unfortunate young woman's bnt.
Ilnskeusass Klllral.
A horrible accident occurred at Nakusp on Saturday ovening.H. Stanley,
a CP.lt. brakeman, losing his life.
He was engaged switching in the
yards and slipped and fell under the
wheels of a freight car, being crushed
to death. Deceased was 28 years old,
unmarried, and had been in the employ of the company but a few days.
The remains were interred at Nakusp.
I'assed I'mler Ciintrisl of Hank.
When the sale of the Howard Fraction group, in this division, came up
liefore thn sherilf at Nelsou.on Friday,
no bids were received, so the property
became vested in the Bank of Montreal. It is Understood the bank's
claim on the group was alsout S-lJiOO.
There will be uo difficulty now in interested parties getting quiet possession and working the property.
Itisl In Uy (lis*. Hunk.
On Saturday morning, at Nelson,
the Bank of Montreal bought in the
Queen Bess group of mines, situated
in  the Alamo basin.   The sale wa.'.
Voters Hsijlstssrlssg Slosrly.
With la'ss than a month now in
which to register, the registration of
provincial voters is proceeding slowly.
During the week about 2l»0 names
havs' been added to the list, the majority of them being from New Den*
yer. Ths* list now numbers a little in
excess of 460 names, alxv.it one half
the estimated strength of the riding.
Carelessness will causa many a man to
be minus his vote at this election.
SIItst ysietisllona.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during tho
w<*f*k since last issue:
Friday    68 <-'kll*tss
Baturday    681   **
Monday    68*1
mis division.
I.sast Tour's Sii 11.iiia-ii11 Were 6333 Tens—
A llfli.liliy Kvlslnuce of the Life end
tVusltla of the Cenip-Kuterprlse tbe
Biggest Shipper.
The Enterprise is again the enly
shipper from thetTiviiJion for the week,
sending out 20 tons on Saturday to
the Trail smelter. To date shipments
total 880 tons.
For l.H)2 the oro shipments from
tho loeal division amounted to C.'3."-JM
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full* list ol the shipments this year to*,latc:
Muck Prince	
Overy i.itiie Helps.
On Monday the directors of the
United States mint at Philadelphia
purchased 76,000 of silver for account
of the new Philippine coinage. The
price paid was f>;..Mr, cents an ounce
delivered.    Every little helps.
Dr. A. Kirkwood, accompanied by
his young son. arrived here yesterday
from Chicago, on a visit to his mother
and other relatives.
Rossland had a burglary,a shooting
scrape and a stabbiug albay "U Mon
Yesterday's despatches showed th-'
pops- jnst barely alive.
Save your franchise by getting on
the voters' list.
The Nelson voters' list numbers so
far 0ii"< unities.
MINKS   AND   111 MNU.
The Slocan Star wlH shtp-ns output
to Trail.
.Slocan ore shipments are in excess
of 7000 tons.
Last week the Sandon mines shipped
12 tons of ore.
The Granby mines have a monthly
payroll of 106,000.
The Sunset smelter at Boundary
falls Is adding a third furnace.
The Fisher Maiden Co., on Four
Mile, is living rc-constructed.
The survey of the Weymouth, on
Ten Mile, has been completed.
Good progress is lieing made with
the repairs to the Springer votttS.
All tho smelters in the Boundary
are working to their full capacity.
Last wtf.'k ths- Pnycie received five
cars of machinery for its zino plant.
Nelson parties are doing some de-
velopment on the Bank of -Slighted.
Malcolm Cameron was packing
down more ore this week from the
Tha Granby smelter Trill have tivo
more furnaces in operation by Sept. 1,
making six in all.
IJ. I. Kirkwood moved camp Saturday to his Treasure group, to the oast
of the Speculator.
Fifty men find employment on Ten
Mile, principally at Koch's sawmill
and tho Enterprise.
The Wakefield concentrator is lieing
overhauled and put in shape to handln
150 tons of oro per day.
The Lilloet, Fraser river and Cariboo Gold Fields, an English concern,
litis gone iuto liquidation.
The gold discoveries on Poplar
creek continus* to attract attention and
prospectors are still (going in.
Notices -were posted here this weok,
soliciting tenders for the driving of a
1600 foot tunnel ou the Antoine.
W. Ferguson is opening up a new
ledge on the Tailholt, and is using
water to strip it off down the hill.
D. A. Ross is applying through Dan
Hanlon for a crown grant on the
Perle, situated near the Arlington
Harry Lea went up tho creek on
Ws'dnesday morning, to perform assessment on his claims neat the Speculator.
Ben KneelHine and Al Wilds, of
Silverton, went up to the head of
Twelve Mile on Monday, to work on
their claims.
Since the watchmen were taken off
the Chapleau a great deal of stuff has
been stolen, including several boxes of
powder and candles.
During June Boundary mines shipped 50,907 tons of or.', or 274,667 tons
since the lirst of the year. The record
is greater than in 1"K.2.
F. Aug. Hoinze has secured control
of the Britannia Coppermine ou Howe
sound. He will place 200 men at
work and erect a smelter.
Dan Mcdiai,]. took up supplies yesterday to the Youn^ Bear group, on
the Ton Mils* summit, where he and
llis partners will do considerable de-
While doing assessment on the A
T, on Lemon crock.Al Teeter uncovered a new and promising ledge, lt is
three fs*ot wide and with two feet of
healthy gold-bearing spiartz.
Application has been made to government for $1000 to repair tlie Oro wagon
road, in order to reach the various
olaims on tlir> Lemon and Springer
divides. The move is auBed to ln>ue-
lit Nelssiu at t lit* expense of Slocaa. ■»i e i e i e i e io ^»^a^^o+^M^♦^^^t>*•^*»^^• i
my HOWARD sflELDINO   ; •
ii ' '
;: •», :
;;   Cr*p7^ht,lO01,t*ytChsrlesW. Hoolee.   ',
! '♦> i a 111 *» i ♦ I ♦*» i ♦»■♦ i ♦ i»I »♦'
"Why didn't you run!" demanded
"I staid to piny the game out," replied lilalr. "There was money In
view, nmi 1 love money, my friend;
also 1 love life. Uow absurd, but
1 Uo—uow that It'a overl Think of
It! Ami there Isn't a man In New York
this minute as wretched as I am. Why,
I'd Jusl heard from the hospital, and 1
was Klttinc there on tbat couch, staring
ot the pillow she made for me, think*
lug of the endless stitches and tbe lore
—Blmendorf, she told me that every
one of them was sewed with love for
me. Why does that stick in my mind?
Why couldu't 1 be straight? Well,
well, I'm done for—doue fori"
Elmendorf eyed the man curiously.
IDs fare was flushed aa if with fever,
and his words were thickly Ottered
and hurrifl.il, as with delirium.
"You didn't get the money V" said
"Money!" echoed BlaJr. "For tbe
first time in my life*I forgot that there
was sucb a thlug. I read that letter,
as you guessed, nnd I was crazed. I
knew sbe wns holding ber secret, and
would put him off for shame, aud because she treasured up something he
had said that frightened her—about
some woman who ran away to be married. Well, I went there tbat ufter-
iK.'iiu; I talked with her, raved at
her and then—well, you know what
happened. I thought every oue would
know I did lt We had had more meetings in tbe last few weeks tban you'd
believe possible," he rambled ou, "but
then nobody cares wbat his neighbor
does here in New York. Our whole romance passed without notice. I waa
on the balcony when Robiuson canse."
"Did you know that be returned?"
asked Elmeudorf.
"llo left bis cane In tbe room, got
outside the bouse, got In again because
the lock hadn't caught anil entered
the room, thinking thut be had beard
an answer to bis knock. There waa
the money right on the table, and no-
bod} ln sight, you and Miss Miller
beiug on the balcony between the windows, llo needed money, and he tossk
it, and I traced lt. The man's at headquarters now. He tried to skip, but he
was shadowed at the time, as I knew
and be didu't."
"I thought Neale got the money,"
aaid Blalr, starting as if from a do/.e.
"Robinson will be released," said
Elmendorf. "There'll be no complaint.
This whole case will be covered up."
"Covered up?" echoed Blalr, aud he
laughed.   "I'll  be covered  up—lu uiy
grave, and, by , Elmendorf, I dou't
want to dlel   I don't want to diet  Can
you understand tlmt?"
"Don't die, then," said Elmemlorf;
'there's no naed of It I shan't trouble
you. I could make a lot of money by
letting you alone, and I'm going to do
It ror nothing, or, to be exact. I'm
going to do It for Elsie Miller. You'll
go acot free, Blalr, you black hearted,
lying brute!"
Blalr suddenly rose to his feet He
seemed to be Impossibly tall us he stood
there wltb raised shoulders and clinched bands, staring down at Blmendorf.
"Do you mean to say that you have
not come here to take me?" he demanded.
"That's what I mean," said Elmendorf. "You can go where you please,
and you'd better go as fast as you oan,
for Alden may bo here at any moment
Perhaps you have observed certain
physical peculiarities of Mr. Alden? 1
seem to bear your bones crack, I'.lalr,
ln his hands."
Blalr gave utterance to a terrible
"Do you know what I bavo doue?"
be cried In a volco that seut a chill to
Klmendorfs heart   "Look here!"
He lifted tbo smell bottlo and then
dashed It down to shivers.
"I'm done fori I've taken enough of
thut to kill three men. No electric
.-hairs for me. And now—I nlgbt have
lived! I might havo gone abroad. 1
could have bad money- found a uew
life; but I'm a dead man."
He bad wrenched open the door of a
locker upon the wall, but at the last
words be turned to launch a frightful
curse at Blmendorf.
"I may still save my§elf," ho bnb-
blcd, and there wns a rattling of bottles In the cupboard. "This Is It
Great heavens! There Is hardly enough.
Bring me that water."
Elmendorf started to comply, but his
Kps-s-si did not equal Blair's Impatience,
and tbe latter sprang forward so that
tbey came together. There wus a
tinkling of glass upon tbe floor.
Blalr sprang back, bis face dripping
and ghastly red with tbe poison.
"It's all I have!" be cris-d. "It's my
last chant-si!   And you—you did It!"
With Incredible strength and midden-
ness be seized a heavy paperweight
from tbe table and aimed a fearful
blow at Elmendorf. The detectlvo reeled for un Instant anil then fell face
downward upon tbe floor, where he lay
perfectly still.
Blair glanced at blm once, tlipn ru«h*
ed to a mirror near thu window and
stares! at bis own IIvial face.
"Tbere snny bo time!" he gasped, om*
band clutching tils breast.    "If I cun
get to a drug store"—
He seized bis bnt Instinctively nnd
rushed to the door, tiirotigh which he
passed Into tbe hall.
"Dr. Blnlr," saial u rerneinbrrod voli'e,
*l must spenk with you. Como bock
with me. Where Is Elmendorf? Hum
you seen him?"
Frantic,  be  tried  to shake off  tbe
band that was ou his nrm. but the h.iml
wns of iron. He bubbled unintelligible
"Poison!" cried Alden. "Who Is poisoned?   Come bnck here to the light."
And be thrust Blalr into tlie office,
practically carrying the man at arm's
length. Utterly Insane with the feat
of death, Blalr struck at bis captor
vainly and screamed like a child.
Elmendorf was struggling to his feet
as they entered, and Alden uttered a
cry at tiie sight of blm.
"Did he do this?" he exclaimed,
pointing at Blalr, whom be had released.
Elmendorf pressed his hand upon his
hair, wblcb was wet with blood.
"Yes," he said hoarsely; "this—and
the other!"
Alden paused an Instant, the strength
of his body gathering for effort.
Then he leaped forward nnd seemed
to pass half through, half over, the
body of Blair, as if tt bad been a ghost
la garments. Turning, he fflir I'lalr
lying upon the Moor, bla limbs contorted, his face bearing the uuoilstakable
stamp of death.
Elmendorf stnggered forward and
knelt beside the body.
"We're going to keep her secri-t." he
said. "Her name must not appear lu
this. We must see what the man lias
in his pocks'ts and ln the room. Some
of these fellows make strange memoranda."
"Brenda has told me the story," said
Aides. "It s*ould not be concealed. In
fact, I had got bsi much from the nurse
you bribed that use remainder mattered little. And tliis man was her hus-
baud. this cowardly wretch, this assas-
slu of women!"
"He was also an inveuterof women."
said Elmeudorf. "And I never kuew a
shrewder trick."
"Do you mean that he lied about seeing oue?"
"Then was no myst.^rious woman
In the case," replied Blmendorf. "It
was a pure Action and worthy of its
author. He was clever, aud for a thoroughgoing scoundrel— Hello I What's
He had drawn a sh<^?t of paper from
Blair's pocket, ansl after a glance at It
he handed It to Aldeu. who rend lhat
Arthur Gorsia.u B..ur ..r I Joseph Neale,
captain of polk**, were e*_ual partners.
HE document appeared
to psoases! the power
of a spell, for whilo
Alden held It In bis
hands he beard one
'/'\AMt Mil heavy blow upon tlio
*^~^^mmssf9i/n door, and then Neale
_.(-I*-*>=£at>s)  strode into the room.
"What's this?" he demanded. "KI*
mi mlorf, didn't I tell you lo let this
man alone?"
"I'll let him alone now, captain," said
Elmendorf. "You can bury him. And
See that you bury everything else too.
Tils whole case is on tiie quiet I can
steer things at bsiadquarters with a lit
tie money, Mr. Alden. und Joe Neale
must tuke care of the precinct. This
Is a mysterious suicide, Neale; dtis'
probably to financial trouble or 111
health. It has no relation to the case
of Miss Miller."
"Since when did I take orders from
you?" cried Neale.
"Since I got hold of this," replied F.I-
mendotrf, showing the partnership
agreement "i know the whole game,
Nenle, and you can't stand It Just
"That's off anyhow," said Neale, witl
deep   bitterness,   "Duncan   Maclane
was too smart. He has got the Holbein company's option himself, for the
gent who was to bave been his son-ln-
law, of course."
Ansl he bowed grotesquely to Alden
"Maclane smellcd a rat after he had
given up to Blnlr." be continued, "and
so he stepped In ahead of us. And
now, Eliiii'iidorf, I'm willing to call
tills thing a draw on your terms. I'll
attend to matters hero strictly on the
quiet, aud you take care of your own
cud of lt ns well as you cun. Is lt a
"It Is," replied the detective. "As
so- n as I get my bead patched up I'll
go down to headquarters and g*_'t Bob*
lnson out or Btart things moving thut
wny.   And you, Mr. Aldeu?"
"I am a-going back to St. Winifred's,"
was the reply.
Wben Alden renched the hospital, bo
wi :it at once to Keudull's room, from
which plnco be sent word of his arrival. Both tbe doctor and Breuda
prs'seutly Joined him.
"1 think the danger ls all over," snld
Kendull, taking Alden's hand. "This
last attack of faiutuess was to bo expected; but I do not look for any recurrence. But bow Is It with you?
•Something serlou.-s bus happened?"
Alden told theni simply and directly
Just whut bad occurred.
"She Is free, then?" exclaimed Brenda.
"Yes, and partly by my band," he replied. "Bts'iida, I am glad of It. 1 nm
glud to hove been concerned In I tint
man's death. I am more than hair a
t-nvnge. From the first instant, when
I learned thnt Elsie bud been struck
dowu, I hail scarcely more thnn one
idea, one passion thc desire for vengeance. 1 wanted to kill with my own
hands tho mnn who hnd done this
thing. All softer feelings were swallowed up In thnt one desire."
"it produced a lingular effect," said
Kendall, with a shudder.
"You mean lhat I seemed to be guilty
of tbls crime?" said Alden calmly.
"Well, there was murder In iny henrt
at tbe time, you see, antl 1 cannot
blame any who misjudged me. And
now, Brenda," bo snld, drnwlng him*
self up and clinching his white anil del*
Icntu bunds thnt gave so liitln hint of
their enormous strength, "1 am glad
Hint I enn go to her and tell her thnt
be Is dead; tbnt that drendful nightmare of the pnst need not hang over
her; that all these horrors"—
"My friend." said Brenda, checking
him. "you will do nothing of the kind."
He asked her In surprise wbat Bbe
might menu.
"Y'ou will utter no such violent sentiments," she said. "Elsie believes herself a sinner. She looks upon thut folly
as If it were a terrible offense, ami.
what Is much more Important, she believes that you will so regard It She
thinks that you will look upon her us a
girl disgraced by her own act u-nil
saved by chance. The whole timidr
bas assumed a shape utterly monstrous
lu her eyes. Now, what will you do—
thank God in her presence that the
dreadful drama closed with your bands
upon Blair's throat? Never, never!
You will be very gentle alwnys. You
will say to her In tbe beginning that
you love her dearly and thut not bin;,'
else matters in the least. Vou, will
speak as little as possible of this tangle of crime. It is not Important Do
you cxwiprchend? Love is what matters. Throughout these first difficult
days and for all your lifo you will do
tho same tblug. Y'ou will help her to
forget that sucb men ns Blair are In
tbe world; that sbe ever met one of
them. It won't be a forbidden topic.
Ob, far from that; merely a matter not
worth brooding over In a world full of
sunshine and love."
"Brenda," Bald he, "tbls is the (lower
of wisdom. I think 1 might huve
erred In a way that would huve taken
a long time to Bet right Can 1 sou her
"I think you can," said Kendall—
And with the last word he looked
at Brenda.   Alden understood.
"I shall be all you wish me to be,"
he said.
So they went to Elsie's room, Alden
lingering until the way was prepared
for him. He entered smiling nud handsome lu tbe wuy of the days before.
He knelt down beside Elsie's bed and
out u major surgiial Operation and led
him oul of the train despils' Ills protests on the ground of duty. They went
to Alden's ollice. nud when llii'.v left It
"the force" lind lost mi excellent officer
aud really able detective.
•s'rasnl Hs-biiI Fur Medicine."
-Cleveland Plain Denier.
Ilrs.lii't   Use  ils'.-.rt.
"Oh. dearest, will you see me''—
Inii rru'itlne hlm she     : I,
"I bavi n't the !'.• an i" 'lo It!'
Quite a reel she held I" r h. nd.
"I haven't Ihe lv-rsrt tsa do It."
Bin' repeated with a blush
•Td 'seen' .v>ii had 1 pulled Ibe heart!
Tha heart I needed for a Rush "
—p. p. Pitser iu New York rimes.
Don't He Tsso Exnct.
Don't be forever Betting people right.
There Is n household liend wltb a memory for dates and details who can never sit still and beur papa say that be
went down town on Monday nt 8 without correcting the statement with the
remark that the hour was half past. If
mamma happens to allude to Cousin
Jenny's visit ns having occurred last
Thursday, this wasplike Impersonation
of accuracy Interposes with the statement that It wns Friday, not Thursday.
which brought Cousin Jane.
A dozen timi's a day exasperating
frictions are caused by needless cor*
rei'tions of this sort, referring to tnat-
ta rs where exactness Is not really Imperative, the affairs iu question being
unimportant and no violation of truth
jeing for nu instant intended.
"J""?uit's "Al*"*" he demanded.
In the gentlest way let her know that
her secret had come into his keeplug
and that he had forgotten It again.
Then he told her that she wns free,
but not with any words to picture tho
horror of the last scene. The mau had
died by his owu baud, as It was best
be should.
"But still this story, Clarence*-think
of It!" she said, "lt Is bound to be
"My child," said he geutly, "If you
sre my wife and are received by the
Machines and a few other people
whom I know"—
"Including tlie Kendalls*," Bald
Brenda.   "Don't forget them."
"No," said tlie doctor, "that wouldn't
do at all. Why, a dozen years ngn,
when the phrase 'the Four Huudred'
was first heard, an old dowager of my
tribe protested ngninst it. 'Four hun-
dri'il Indeed!' Cried she. 'Why. there
are more than 400 Keudnlis!' So
there's tbe size of your elau, little
"So only love matters," said Alden,
atlll upon his knees. "Is not thut
Elsie was silent for a moment Tbeu
she suddenly opened the hand that
Alden wasn't holding and showed
blm something which bad been clasped
111 It
"Do you recognise it?" she said.
"I've kept It all the time."
"My •uessage that I sent the first
night you were here," ho exclaimed,
taking it
"The mysterious message!" said
"You may rend It If you like." said
Alden. giving her the paper. "Elsie is
"Wait!" cried Elsie. "You may rend
it If you will give It to Dr. Kendall
"That will be no more than ordinary
politeness,*- said Brenda, glancing ut
the paper; "ouly  threu words—'I  love
you.' "
And she put the littlo missive Into
Kendall's bund. I
•        •        •       •        •       •        •
The arrangements of Captain Neale
ami Detective Blmendorf accomplished
a beautifully complete suppression of
the news iu the esse, and the latter recolved   tbo  Sincere   Ibnnks Of   Alden,
wbo spoke for ull others concerned,
Tbere might have been other considerations than mere thanks; but, lu thu
detective's opinion, the time was uot
ripe for corruption.
About a week Inter Alsli'n wns surprised to meet Elmondorf In a car of
the elevated road dressed In a patrolman's uniform.
"Back to the ranks," snld Elmendorf
gloomily. "Neale's pull bus finally got
me. The 'front otlice' expressed regret
I don't know why." i
"Resign,"1 said Alden. "1 wnnt you
with me. My deal has gone through In
great shnpe. I cm put you In the way
of making money,"
"Nobody can do that," said Elmendorf.   "I wasn't born for It."
Alden did not reply In words, but he
fastened a grip on Elmendorf's urm
that couldu't huve been losiueued with*
The Fat Han and the Pickpocket.
"Eut men ought to be more careful
In a crowd," said u New York detectlvo
the other day. "Pickpockets always
lind them easy marks, and fully two-
thirds of the complaints made of having [lockets picked come from fleshy
men. Your skillful pickpocket is a student of human nature. He doesn't like
to fool around nervous persons. They
ure apt to get suspicious If they f.'cl
some one tapping tbem on tbe pocket
But your fat man feels so abundantly
able to take care of himself that he
rushes Into a crowd and pay • no attention to little things. His tli'sh makes
liiui apathetic, and an expert thief can
'lift iiis leather" with just about half
tbe trouble he could do tho Job for a
thin mnn.
"Eat men are nlways losing their
watches too. Tbey don't like to button
up their coats, even in cold weather,
nnd a shining watch fob Suspended
over plenty of tlesh gives a thief a cue
be ls not slow to take."
A Rural  Pawl.
In England under an old law still ln
force the swan is a royal fowl, as
whales and sturgeons are royal fish.
All swans the property whereof la not
otherwise definable, when within Ihe
Britisli dominions belong to the crown
by virtue of this prerogative. When
swans arc lawfully taken into the possession of a privati* person, such person
may be said to huve a property In
them, but If tbey be nt liberty they belong to the crown. Formerly lt was
necessary for persons who wished to
keep these "royal fowls" to obtain a
swan mark, which was grouted by the
crown and which could not be legally
Impressed witbout grant or prescription. 	
it is no compliment if a friend comes
fifty miles to your wedding, but It Is a
gnat tribute If be comes live miles to
vour funeral.	
An   Artist   to  ne Envied.
We know of no one more to he envied
nt tbe time thnn a well dressed cutter
on a fashionable promenade walking
beiiind a stylish, artistic, right fitting
coat that lis* cut gloriously aud beautifully adorning the back of u well
formed man.
Wonld dire n itmy,
The Doctor—Y'ou have a bad cold.
Mr. Jiggs.   I'll give you some pills for
Jiggs-Oh, never mind, doctor.   You
can   have   tt   for   nothing.
i'rislf S'S'HN.
lota a.i
Is money, yet some men spend
thoir   time    getting a  little
advice   Ims    a    iuiin larj
li's the other kind tlmt is
liunili'il out by those who aro running
a gift entei'prise.
ti-ying ),. flgure>out',iri1i!!,'tlh
foot  is.   pu(  forwun
mail gets there with
'    '8   'H
__ •"■th ■„., ""-I
''"""" '•■•""■■■ • ii.-7„"7,, .
.'-"poia   of eximctinH    , '^'"H
them.  ts iroJ
li  the child Is fivlhor t.. the    man,      Muny c  man g(,MS t(, n
somo  children   haven't much   to    be  cuuso In- .itteinpts i,, -      ' **•"■ lis
, a*..is. ... •■  Hi    .
prisiiil nl
Could Not Turn Over In Bed -Kidneys atl*j
Bladder Affected—Experienced Great Suf,
ferings—Cured by
We old rpopie espeA'BRlly appreciate
the sited iveness of Dr. Chase's Kld-
ney-V.lva . rills, because the knineys
•re uku.ill.v the first of the bodily organs t" give out, ani the result Is
baclcach", lumhago, pains In the sid**
and limbs, urinary dlsoreds and consumption.
Old people learn t<V" trust ln Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pill.*),- for whan
all othti treatments fall .this great
medicine seems to pn directly to the
diseased part, und p.s-inptly affords
relief and  cure.   .   ».  -
Mr. David Misfier, farmer, nn rial
and respected resilient of l'ort Hob-
inson, Weilulid county, Ont., writes:
"I wish to state to you that I had
pain ln my back and left side for
over twenty ye:irs.     At times I could
my feet
" *" ir,-
icarciij Hit
not turn over In bed, I wan a. v ,
Used   up.      I  had  cramp!Mn •->•"'■
and logs, and my hand!  war
tlrely w>el"Bn that I could «
"Kidney disease, was, no doubt iti
cause of all my suffering, ,m Lih'
times   the   urinary   trouble  wonTt
so bad that I  woul.t have to iii H
Ave  or  hIx   times  during    the n -m
Fortunately,    I     began    u. ,,,.nl"'-
Case's   Kislney-I.lv,-,   |.,-., _*   *
cured  me completely.     i m „ ,.'n2
I years old and quits well now bntui
l occasionally   use   these   pl la  is k"'
. my Bystern In good order  Several en.
"sons   to   whom   1   hav,-   r-  omminiw
Ur    Chase's   KMn-v-Mv.-   pm, !,w
b»en  equally  benefited."
;     Dr.   Chise's  Kl.lney-I.lv. r pm, (ta
. comfort  of  ohl  age,  on-  pll) a W
s2.i cents a box, at all ii aiers or u
mar,..am.   Bates   ft   Co.     i ironto
N'>t \ pt Mf -l->wu bimpl. ■ ■ . i.. ■ pmtil
said wi h yonr hat.* aod •* M- •*■*• ■■ antl will for*
ward yon at DBO-t one of my lotas' imprnvaStl
huh -.rod i Blstetf B I'<**-■ > Vim ran nsa It thr. »• month**., Ihn p-iy -no if rorH. ao>1 thi
price will bu oni'- hitlf mlmX uttiifn a\*k (or their Inferior halt* If not cu-**. yoo cat
return tbo Itelt to -reat-nr pi[«i - aad TOUB WORD WILL DBUIDK 1 am wJllDf
to tnut _■<-> i t-i.tireiy, ttisowiutf tttt I hafe the tvwst au-J oin-it perfect ti t o nl ' lo Cinidl
to dny. aud ulna rr   0 in teu alwrtyn pa) wt.eu co*(-<l.
Thi*. niiKlerii i ■ ■ t t.i ihe mn-tt p-»i **.-\ .
c/t-e'j. nf Rhnumati-ni Vtrl-OOeolOt In !.*/■'
■tnd Sl.'Hi isy'. t'.-jinpluiniv I. ■ •■ an ! th
will -alio Mud «!<-••< utely
i l r-iirnp'nta eier intent*-*-*., lt •* . c ira ill
mu ! n-rr-.il.".. Wei-ai Hum K'd-ey, LiMr
>* *■■ iiMm' eauiad by *-l■   ■- •    ■ -fteatt,  I
lit  Sfll
sail! bu  smt trei* MM lad lb p     o » rna,a| er, all i-hsn-n**.. prepssiil    It Is frsSS sod  an be SSS
tor thesalil k    I'.aa.'i   .'Jflvt ihlssp siidldotaBortanit*. lo retsle yomt besslth.
Writs lo tiny
2382 bl. Catherine
St..   Montreal. Que
Sl      :    •    A ...     |a.      (
1 ions,  •.. I.:..- others til   '
I   il -ii~.
sflfaarifs Liuiipeu! Cures Colds, etc
Thi re  Is cei tainl      • ■•   :
. • iti  '-ii the read to ruin t    •.-.     i
ill   • ■ *.   • !! i ;. t    i ■     •
—jyj-a*' "
T!"r. *1L-W\YS RCASY
tasar momrom it;
~ » tiatT Asa-s^a
1 ii.* 1
Ls-*o*-Anythlng new In the Hippo
burglar*, case?
Detective Monk—Well, we'v jjot the
leopard  spotted,  nnd   we'll  soon  havo
tin- zebra lu itrlpes.-Cleveland i'lalo
.   .       |„      J   A	
:..-•        - !■'    '.
Ii i.al tn .. • - . , i tiger. Com*
pared to the i
plieiits tiia- trtil it : ■■'      is . ii
bn iking in ol boarh    nd io
the lirst li—ii •   .    . fa<
I j   New fi un • i'.' a'ii  the
most export v .ml ti  iui rs I
at un asslgnuii -.; to "l re< :.' n tiger.
Not mors' than one in ten professional
linn trainers I - lhe nerve lo try his
hand at the gi . ferocious, cti-'j.B'd
As a matter ol fact, there la no sueh
thing us a "tam tl tig " I iv. nnd far
between there are ■-' mci i where t!;•»
animals are sii....n as trained mui
brolten In, bnt Iho friendship of the
animal for tho ii ilner who may have
befriended it for years bangs at the
end of the tuan'.- black snake whip.
Frnm the day tl e i cqualntance ii
mado to tin* da; mnn nnd beast are
separated there li i stealthy warfare
between them, tl c itllko slynei of
the ponderous brute directed toward
the one aim of I. Iliug the man ami the
vigilance of tu< master ever alert to
frustrate  that  glan
I'i illrrr.
"The Batterer Is all light,*1 said the
Office pillion-.- ' < -. -v. tile no oi t> belle in wi vi i. . -.every one wants
"S ATI SKI KI    Mi si HERS.
When sales nro largo and Increus
im-', when customers are satisfied to
lhe ••-.i.Mt of continuing in buj t1.
s.a'i .■ remedy, then ll  tiiusi  bo adrnil
iB'il "mt tin' ren ■   ha ■ real i n
lluby's Own Tablets occii| .   tli a en
viable position.   M.   hers having once
tried  them seldom  fall   a,,  *j .,,i,,-._t,.
tho order—no other rci I. for child
ren cun truly claim as much      Concerning the tablets Mr   C   u   Strad-
|er, (gonoral dealer), North Williams
burg,  tint.,  writes     " Bahj s    Own
iTablets have n  Inrge   ale,  and overy
lpurchnsor is mora than satisfied, We
uso them   for our bahj    and    i,,.,.
fonnd them all thai   li   a ,,; ■    .,,,
llaby's Own Tablets cur He, Indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea,
ilmplc 'overs nnd nil the minor Ills
of Uttlo sines. Thev make baby
hi ;"'it active and happy and .1 ■,,'•,
t'i the home Bold by druggists 01
will i.e sen! by mall nl 36 cents 11
box iiv writing tho Dr. Williams'
Edod'cine  Co.,   llrockville,  Ont.
Sa* S.nise Skirl Ssspr-s*****' arse Walat ■*■*■***
cm iMmd-KtaflL    &«ila at a.'r**.t    Deed »"*
S*s-,a    «    -Ma tot tsa'-a rt-l sertia S .«*•
BRUSH a   -'>.. I>cpt.  NaVTOROM*
Dsmands Sound Horoos 0nl».
1 lior.*-. wil .1 Use shin Italfl* rtaarasi b';^"1
S*«*-a*it'BalOf US*1' " *    a-.
Isasay, Als«l*"»
*.« ttCflllMt (*>..-       .la a..* ■
1 _,, auiisaa*
win wtbb. a rarmjr.aat caate fnr BraTina.,"'_*„,„..
Spllnta. ajurba. •   .   ana a l' *'•"   ' ,.^^^0.
Il c irr . ilia.'vanalsr: a  ,"t «.anu»' a".
at ssa»nol,.l-a>«ua        11 mMSaa « .-""■
Ear--*--. M ___*L|
t*.r. n. I. K'ai-.IC   , a.ra.r   ■     -       _',    ,|__dts«
■aatfTwrKaiB.UsiraSiiaalaCaraaaa "    Tsw
Bono BraTina. an.l .1 lam .-.I '    a.       „^in
S .. •„ f I l».n a,n anil ti"'» '"' I ' ',„ llall «•
»e.,i .t.n.lirj. I ia-.» I.a. - a t-.<*. f ■ ' |H|M
fajsu-adlflsj «Uir..ak*B- 1 ■•">('■ •    ,    ,'      r»*»
Lra a a ; l-Afli tieiansiat alln V u* ■ <„ .1 ^ in' ta
l.cd n,a aiurr '-ivm " 1 "■'"*• »•,'. .'V 0. *)*>■
l)^«.Ma."       VguHi-irtrul).,        "•'•"
J*rlos Jl 1 six for IS.   As a tota-j "*__*^ffi
It bit no a.|AiU A-k fettt '"-•■'« ,{., Uol«»
Spavin  Cura. al n 'A TrsSlsaa .0 sua
SI., I .- * la.r. caraalataata
OR. B. ). KENDAU  CO..Enos6ur*)FsHs,*n.
Mfll   laugh   nl   '.a,'il-    .    d  ;v0,l'y
11>   i.v. 1   it. or nt   lent I  '' •■ ,s,
in.i  11., y usually  in", nl n ""
l'l a-   ■ infilling    1 Iml ci   i!
.ai mis  thsl  s.f tbo conl n nl j    j.
il il   ll    ncnrly il'*"1 lo m
Iho UulU'd States.
abi and in sen hate to shell o«
\i Ai. luodosty is n vi"' l'c,,lnd lh?
•■■■'    I.    aaf    \ i| I |l(,
Iii tho nice nf lifo it  l«n'i 'h'
- n n h ' comoii oul ahead.
Make nil tho friends
Ia.- chars  of making confld mU
I.OVC   is   like   IH'SS      I" I
hot"   • vai'i'i.  ir will till"
11 storm,
,- diirlnH
A   prsfoired   creditor
never asks for his money •he Drill.
1   a
8   U
,, , leasedness"*  Is a  houqUot
- ,1,,1-us   nt   himself when
ll".'  1(1 ri.,  Hiun-icil hut  cannot
Ml  t00l|sh  enough  to  accept
.,.,;,,   (_„_,.,   May  ttj,   1895.
Vi: MIPS &  CO.
_,,!. ,,,.*...- - l."«t    November    my
■' ,,„.(, „ nnil in Iii'1 U.neo causing
_,<_, sovefo tho-l I was
,B»,l"io"tttko hlm '" Montreal uml
r"    iimb amputated Lo save ins
. ,, ,',.,., advised us to try MTN-
?.,' i iMMIaNT, which we il'd,
I , „ throe dnys nay ohtld was
, I lU.(i I fool su Kfiitofii! that.
, . ,,, tjiis testimonial, that my
__'.',,'.,. may bo of bonofll to
!   „,_,,_   ! i nws   will   SOIIt'otllllCS
|,ou!      nud   fi('i|iient.ly      uli.it
he knows would make   ah
. r I'n edo, I ^
I ucn. County '
,, |,   i   mil! OS slnlll   Unsl   lis* ifs
la  I Ml the I."Ll S'f     I''        •'
, ,,    riolna huslness in the I 11>
i .miiii.v   and  State aforesaid,
".,»■,J   Hiin   Will   ia'i.v   the   Nam   in
intKU   UOlflLAItH   tor   e:BB'll l.llll
i ,.  ni   I'ani-.i i h   ilmi   i.iniAiii
i,,   •',,-  use    ul  liu.U's  I'uui.'ili
PllAKK  J.  rni'M'.V
,,, |.,a.M- ne' ami miiMiiiirii ii
...,,.  a i_|_a  a.i ii  dsiv  .st   Deceuiher,
\   w   i.i.rAs.ii"..
aNs.liil .V    I'lr Ik
. ,,t   11 n Cure Is tnl-en  inla rii:ll\
i| .,.. ; !v   '.ii   llii-'   IbIiibbiI   and   Bill'
,,   of the syat'.A.n   Bond lot tea.
I || i:\ |2Y f.   CO . Tiili'iln. ii
ilruKslnts,   "-ie.
I an llv   I'llU are the  hest
., does   nol  consist   in  nover
i li i del B,   but   in   never   iiiuk-
,       a  second  time.
,d   wus   and   ne. er   will   ba    a
.a   iii ono ri nn 'iy. ior all
-.  h  Is I elr—t hts very   n -.-
i   curatives  heinu   such  thai
a'l   ail hOt     IHIll      llail.TI -ll '■
--    IA.ia[|.||     111    the    Sssll'lll    a.|
■ . a   \.<>i_!11   rein -. o  ,> .,■  il
■ i i ai ■ ,,a a   i I...   o i hi r     v i
In     i:tiiiiinc   Wiih'.     w lie.
Ull !     a.l'.lliila.la rat ' ll      I a I ■
'   V    ili.il    ,: Til■-. aa-  S    'I  B      II'
iuUicious i.s ■  i he :iai I si
I    it:! aa   COtls. ., li s  ,ii- i-     n in
;    Ila. Ill"    Wbicll    I'llinl la
,       s    .•-.'. II    |-..-:i'laI'Ve(l       ll
'       i;aiii"   s.i.its   Of      ill..:-
•hrontc     state ol ni rhlt'
ll ck   ol   in. r. ■ t   in   I, s
I    ! v    trisnoUalli  li '     ll i
i -.  in a-.-ii sl ia.aii  ie.'rlshin
:■   in   '. !l>'   i.i t iu Ol th
A ■    .--   a I I III'J Illl I'll       i- isirsa *
• Irs      s i. a  • i, ;: n ■   ih.
fun ■' i.Ais   (,i   i'.-   -   .i  in
-■   ectivit.v   ai   .,..-.  • -.   |-..
■ ■ he  ti'unn   etui  '-i  lis
■stive 'ii -..'■'-    ia liii h  net
Im r- i-..|   auhsl ai.-.' ■ i   rjli
.    •■     Ki rthrop   S   I '.   ■• a
- i   ■■-:.-   I i      ' lie   'An' I
' -..in -i   ■   W ai a-   ul    I I |B .
'      I a.       ' -I ■       a:     ||1   r|-       <>
SS Ii a    a   ■    '   l| . -   u:    *- ■
y   in   the     market.      All,
anxious for fame, bui
|il  moncj' es a substi-
i knows how pood ho
■rhenrs his wife talking
■ man's wife.
ph  lunu Irritation  Horeat*
'   often   In  n   la'.v   -.SI.-1.S ia
a.--,     in   ' ul ori -.Ln
■ a-     l.aa (I      lo   is  I'liueh
danger  In  a'"     ■■ •    e
\ ut. I    i. lo'it't i.i*   9v
.:   i If.       It   il    ii   i -.'ali  ii i-
i   all     throat      and   l..n
rompounded from several
tan la at   i in
,   . •   n  » ■■ ill ii'
■ onsuiiiption  r.nd  a'
aiaia'S   not   fear     his
ton    old  or     too
!ize that he Ims nny.
lard's Li i.: :nt Cere? target in Cowl
■   ■   8j Ivanlo   are rs-jqulr-
io    hol'l    cortlflcati s isf
before boing pormiltod to
:   " ■   mil hracito iniunsH.
K   I1KST   I'll.IS     Mr    Win    Vi.inl.*i-
' !'• ssin^r.   (i:,t  ,   writs's   --
!     ' -.1      URlnil      I'lirilll'laaaa's    Tills
■  l'.   far tlie in"-!   pills   wi
I an delicate siml debilitated
those     mils      ml      like   n
umall doses,   the etli'.'i
ii ' ..s.i.- nun a stimulant,  mlldh
' lis'  hi   rot inns  sif   tha   hotly    prlv
nsi   vim r
pur ainl   poison canuiss,
1    fouud on the prairies   of
.ne    responsible    for the
■■ oi' ,ii least  loo.iioii oattle
low 51,088 divorced peo-
I • Aiaal   States,   of  whom
;: ii ds are women,
1   ■" h ctrnol   supplied 4.80 per
the    world's     SUgar.       Now
'" pounds in every 100 pound
i nines  from  Poets.
TllOSe   Wlalaalfl   ll,,,,'    1,000   I',.I|ll,|   I (*llll   111'
lores! Iss st l>resjg!tl|| Hs'lienis*.
If we muy judmo liy the past, thc
forthcoming dredging of the Tilier
OUght to yield some renin' I'llljle
"finds." A long I lino ago il was
proposed to divert tho stream ofthe
liver ahove Romq, so that excavations might he mado in thu thud und
.'lime, und also in the solid earth
that underlies the presont channel.
That idea was abandoned as too
elaborate and expensive, Imt in I8T7
an effort was mado to give to tho
Btroam a uniform depth of nine fs'ot.
'Iho dredging Involved tn this hardly
penetrated moro thnn three fsn-t be-
leiw tho bottom, it did not touch
iho lower strata. Nevertheless an
mormons number of antiques wore
disinterred, Few of those dated
hack to clnssicnl times. Coins were
dlsio\orc*d at the rato of l'l,000 per
annum, but, nearly all belong to the
lust two centuries. Some thousands
61 weapons were also recovered, ths*
wltnosses to thc revolutions and political outbreaks of the last few
hundred years. The revolt of IHI'1
and the Napoleonic wars Supplied
the mn.ioi Ily of them.
On only two occasions hns tho Tiller been pierced to a depth of over
.'10 fnet—once in constructing tho
Ponto Qarlbaldl, and once In repairing tho Ponte Sisto. Tho excavations mude at these times were confined to a vesry small area, but they
brought to light an enormous mass
of    archaoological    matoriall     The
treasures comprised coins, medals,
sculptures, bronzes, brass work, inscribed stones and Roins, specimens
of [lottery, nnd also niarliles. Among
the la t was a fino statue in perfect
condition except for the loss of Its
arm. None of these objects hod suf-
ferod much from their entombment,
which varied from 1,600 to 1,800
.\eirs. iron alone is rusted nnd finally eaten away by Lhe action of
wa:er, its effect on mat ble being
mainly to impart it sleep reddish-
brown tinge. Otherwise I'm her Tlb-
a r ls a first-rnte curator. He dealt
gently with the treasures committed
to l is care, washing away the lighter ones, no doubt. but, so it is sup-
I osed, not mo\ ing tho heavier objects, such ns mnrblos and statuary,
more than fourteen or fifteen yards
In a coatury A systematic dredging may easily bear out nil the tales
that ha 0 been told in Home about
the Mi Ml" Ages of the fabulous
wealth lhat hns been cast into his
yellow waters.—London Chronicle.
Pormer   President  of   Brlcklay.
er*s Union used Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Aadrsaw MoOornslok, mt Toranto, Tells •!
• Care for tbs most dreaded of all
Toronto, July 0.—(Special)—In
these days when tho dreaded Bright's
Disease seems to bo selecting its victims at will the report of an authenticated cure is received with relief by
all classes of the community. And
such a report comes trom Andrew
McCormick, of 248 Spadina avenue,
this city
That Mr. McOormlck is well-known
and highly rospectod, is evidenced by
tho fact thut ho has held high offices
in several fraternal societies, and
was for several years President of
thst Bricklayers' union. Interviewed
regarding the cure, Mr. McCormick
says :
"I suffered with nn attack of
Blight's liiseuse and naturally was
much troubled concerning it. I heard
ol the wonderful cures effected by
Dodd's Kidney Tills and concluded to
try them. The result was so satis-
fnctory that it gives mo pleasure to
recommend them."
Make nnd keep the Kidneys sound
by using Dodd's Kidney Tills and
there can bs no Bright's Dlsssosa.
The lirst eqilOStrluit statue erected
in London was of Charles I., creeled
in Whit.'hull  in 1078.
A wine-cask has just been built in
hold 1)7.OHO gallons, Its iron hoops
weigh 40,000 pounds.
The baseball
umpire   is    his own
Short-sighted   men
close observers.
nre  naturally
Heckling raslsllr Sprahera.
John Morley tells with amusement
of u heckling of his own. When ho
wont to contest Montrose Burghs in
1806 he found that the electors hnd
been well supplied with his volume
tn "Compromise." At almost his
lirst mooting a dour Scot rose to
nsk, "Am I to understand that the
candidate is the author of a book on
Mr. Morley cbnfossed that the poor
thing wns his own.
"Then what I wnnt to know," continued his Interrogator, "is how you
reconcile that book with going up
and tlown the country calling yourself  Honest John!"
That situation must have been
somewhat embarrassing to the candidate, but extrication from it wns
Simplicity itself compared with the
plight of a man of whom Abraham
liny ward tolls. Falkirk Hurghs wus
the scat contested, ansl tho following
i.s the record of questions and an-
"Will Mr. Merry vote for alterations  of  the   Dc-cnlogue?"
MVrry (aside to treacherous friend)
—"What tiie 's that?"
Friend—"Flogging in the army."
Merry—"I bog- to Say, if el<*ct(*d, I
will vsste, and, indeed, I will move,
for its total and immediate abolition!"
r.iaiaal s mr Curo.
Tho coif should be cleaned tt once
afler the birth by careful rubbing
Wilh dry cloth or dry straw, as lie-
calf respires only through the skin.
The calf sliould be [irotuciod
against dampness and draft. lt
sliould have the milk in Bltlill pur-
linns and ns often OS the cows nro
milked, us only then wo get the full
benefit or the milk.
New milk should be fs*d exclusively
the first fourteen to twenty slays.
The calf should have part new, part
s im, milk from about tho twen-
Ueth to the fiftieth day. Teed skim
milk or other similar liquid food till
at least three months old und after
that, us long ns can be afforded.
dive the milk at blood lu*\t. but
this Should, new as wb-11 as skim, be
Inst heutt-d to 170 degrees. The calf
sin ulii have oatmeal gruel .md ivood
tine hay at the I lino when feeding
skim milk lonineiires.
Uso clean pails-   Uncleanllnnss may
cause deal lily sickness. The Calf
should bo mado lo drink the milk
slowly in order not to disturb the
Joe JflffsstSOll'l Clsrsisse.
A gssod old story is told of Joseph
Jofforson's atts*mi>t to cash a cheque
iu a Chicago bank several years ago.
The tiller did not know him, never
having seen him save on tho stage in
".Kip Van Winkle," and when thu fa-
mo .s actor como fneo to fuce with
one of his greatest admirers the latter refusid to believe the evidence of
his own eyes, and demanded that
Mr. Jeffeison got some ono to identify him. Thu latter was lomowhat
nonplussed that bis face wns unknown to even t'10 teller of a bank,
but before turniiig from the window to get the nos'ossnry Identification, snid, in those Inimitable uml
world renowned accents "if my dog
Schneider vas here he wouisl know
ni', slot's so." Tho teller laughed
with delight, and paid the cheque
without further ipiestloii. Nobody
b':t 1I00 Jefferson could have said it
ti.ut way.
Origin Aif <>» Toll Fottp.
Ox toil  soup,   now regarded as   a
national English dish, was first made
by the very poor Huguenot refugees
from Franco after the revocation of
the edict sif Nantes, because ox tails
tiion had uo market value,
[si. H llliiniB*.' I'ink Tills Ks-store » Y..usi|
Lad} to Fall lie litis isiiil Strength.
Doctors and nurses recoinnii nil   Dr.
Williams'  i'ink    Tills because    they
have  seen   their   wonderful   power     to
intake new, rich, rod blood, and to
cure all diseases due to poor blootl
blood or weak nerves. Dr. Williams'
Tink Tills aiu not a common medicine. Thoy do not purge und weaken,
'i hey contaill no poisonous drugs.
They uro safe, .sure, simple, stimulating und scientific. That is why these
pills should he taken by all who are
weak, bloodless, nerveless nnsi sickly.
Here is a bit of very positive proof
of the wonderful power bo conquer
disease which Dr. Williams' Tink
Tills possess : Mis*. Esther E, Lewis,
Lynn, N.S., says :—"At the age of
sixteen my health failed me completely. At that time 1 was attac;,-
esl by lu grippe, which was followed
b> measles, from the after effects ul
wha h 1 wus loft ill a deplorable coii-
slilion. 1 bccuiue very pale, Buffered
(10111 headaches, dizziness, want of
appetite. 1 tried several medicines,
but they disl me no good; on the contrary I was growing weaker and lin-
ally become so hud thnt l wouisl take
spoils of unconsciousness lasting from
fifteen minutes to an hour at a time,
und 1 hud become so weak that I
could hardly move about. At this
stage 1 was udvised to try Dr. Williams' I'ink Tills, ard 1 have good
reason to bless the day I began tln'ir
use. 1 hud only taken thorn a feu
weeks when 1 begun lo recover, anal
under their continued ure for some
time longer i fully regained my former good health. 1 will be glad ii
my cxpciionce will lie of benont i"
some other poor sufferer."
When buying the pills sec that the
full name "Dr. Williams' Tink l'ills
for Tale People" is printed on the
wrapper around each box. Sold by
ull dealers or ss»nt by mail nt 50c. 11
box sir six boxes for §2..*i0 by writ
ing the Dr. Williams Medicine Co ,
Brockville,  Ont.
Twelve years ago there were 2,0'10
Japanese in thc United States. Today thore are 24,300.
I     HAH LA C.UIPTK—Mr.     A.   Nickerson
I Parmer, Hutton. writes :   "Last winter 1
luul   lis   srri|i|i(.  anal   it   left   nit*   with  u   ss*-
| vers*  niiln   in  the   small  of  iuv  Imrk   ainl
hin   tlmi  ust'sl  to  catch     whenever   1
tried in climb a fence. This lasted to,
e.innit i»ii months when 1 bought n l.«>t-
tie of "r. Thomas' Dielectric tin nnd use*d
it   both  Internally naui externally, morn*
tne   iliul   I'veiuiu'    for   three   tlsivs.   nt   the
expiration of sthlrh time 1 wns roniplcte*
,iv cured."
Tho navy which gives Britain the
supremacy of the sens costs |1B3,*
000,000 a year, or a little more
thnn the United states pays in pen
Minari's tiuiuient Cures Diphtheria.
On account of so muny of the best
slnss of workmen leaving for  'he 1'n-
ili'd   States,   the   Norwegian     govern*
j 11 it'llt   intends  to   take  steps  to  check
Speaking of votes, it isn't  quality,
im'  quantity that counts.
Tho sadds'st thing about  some people is  their alleged  humor.
$5,000 Reward r.iLbVrolS
Limited, Toronto, to any person who
can prove th.it this soap contains
»ny form of adulteration whatsoever,
or contains any Injurious chemicals.
Ask for the nrtmjoii liar. sis
The Hi.unlj- Thai U ('lei-sscil  I'l-itui st
llairi-s-ii   Slssii-e.
In bygone times It was the pi'ni'lU'O
ef the Newfoundland const folk to appropriate everything they secured, but
this lawlessness hud to bo storiily ri> I
pressed.    Now  the unwritten  rule  Is I
that they get "half their bnnd," or CO
per cent, us salvage,   in portable uud,
valuable articles, such iis Bllverwui•■,
there is still u strung tern; lutlon lo I
keep the whole, but the punishment is!
severe.    Champagne,   liiiuors,   cabin
stores iiud the like hu vc also u tri,'.;
of   disappearing,   and   in   the   poorest
fisher's cottage  you  will  come  upon
rare' china, dainty napery, silverware ,
of price und  wines to  tempt  an epicure.   The salvors are reckless and unthinking, and ns they gather In hundreds every  mnn  pre-empts   what  he
can.    In the rush there Is much destroyed.    When  the  Herder was lost j
in 1881! the.v burned whalebone worth I
$15,000 a ton to save  leather costing I
20 cents 11 pound.    In the EtmiHcUuo I
wreck of lOuu they trampled crates of'
costly glassware lo get ut four cases !
of French prayer books valued nt 1!5
ceuts  apiece.     Oil  oue   occasion   two
salvors hud  got  ashore  u   piano  nnd
were adopting tl.e Solomon-like expe* 1
client of sawing it  In  half  when  n
shrewder chum bought il from them
for n bottle or whisky leotesl from tho
cnptuln's t'uhi 1.    When the (ir.isbrook
went ashore in 1880 every inun on the
shore provided himself with n tienniin
concertina, of which Instruments of
torture she had u large consignment,
and to secure them packages of much
more costly freight were thrown overboard.    When the Orion,  from  Hultl-
tnore for Copenhagen, struck the back
of Cape Baca and went to pieces sho
hud a  large consignment of  bicycles
on board, and they were auctioned in
St. John's end disposed of all over the
island.    The   A,bbeymore's   hiding  In
1808 included some cases of splendid
English  lilies  for Canada,  nnd   these
are  now   to  be Been   adorning  every
fisher's cottage along the shore.—I'. T.
McGrath iu McClure's.
Is as carefully done in tho Ogilvie
flour Mills as Is the milling of the
wheat Itself, in short, every feature
of transforming Uie finest grades of
wheat Into the highest grade Oi family flour receives our best and constant attention.
Ojilvie's   Hungarian   Flour   standi   for
The Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
The Essential Things Out  of Which
Illsflfli.l   In  Made.
These nre the things out of which
blood Is made. If the food ls nutritious and properly cooked, If the air is
pure and full of oxygen, if the water
ls clean and free from Impurities, tho
blood will be rich and rtl uud full of
Burring physical accidents, there Is
uo sickness except that depending directly upon u want of foosl or water
or air, sometimes all three. When any
one is slcb tho presumption is that be
has been tryiug to subsist on poor
food or vitiated uir or bad water, one
or more.
In order to have good fossa! a person
ouj;lit to bave the first eating of it.
l'o.,d that has been mussed over aud
left by one person Is uot lit to be euteu
hy another.
In order to have good nir a person
ought to have the first breathing of it.
Air that has been breathed by other
persons ls uot lit to breathe again.
Water should hn fresh from some
spring or well. If hydrant water must
be used let lt run a bit, as the house
pipes are apt to bo of lead and not
Iron like the pipes that convey the water through the eity.
Food thut is relished, nir that cool9
and invigorates, water that Is quaffed
with eager thirst—these are the tilings
thut make blood. Put fresh uir into
the lungs, good food nnd pure water
iuto the stomach, uud uulure will do
the rest.
Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen :
I take this opportunity of
saying to you that this agar,
to which the maker has courteously given my name, is tha
most deliciously fragrant weed
I have ever smoked, and here
is another instant of the supremacy of the Canadian
Is worthy of its name.
J. M. Fertler,   Llmlto-i, Montreal.
A Trick With nn Ess.
Hace two V shaped wineglasses of
the snnie size near the edge of a table.
In the right hand one put au egg, just
littiug the rim of tlie glass. Hold the
bases of the glasses firmly dowu, tlie
top rims touching each other. Now,
with a quick, sharp breath, blow upon
the line where the egg and the glass
meet. The egg will Jump to the other
glass. With a little practice this can
be done every time. Be careful to
bio sv in a line with the left band glass,
or the egg will Jump In the wrong direction and land ou tbe table with disastrous results.
Her Objection.
"Don't you think you are taking the
wrong stnnd when you say you do not
wish your son to marry. Mrs. Wil-
loughby?" asked an Intimate friend.
"I'.sn't you know lt ls natural and best
for a young man to marry and that lie
•trill not think any the less of his mother because he has a wife?"
"Oh, It isn't that." protested Mrs.
Willoughby. "I don't mind his uiarry-
lug on general principles, but I don't
want to be called 'the old Mrs. Willoughby.' "
Slharp—Why, 1 almost lost money on
tho goods I sold to you. Uow much
do you think 1 made on the order?
Byer — About tweaty-Ove times us
Sharp—Twenty five times as much
as what?
Byer—As you were gains to sny you
Nat   I'vcO   to  II.
Hostess—I wonder why your little
brother seems so rest less and uncomfortable?
Little Ethel-I think it's 'cause his
hands is clean.
All One to Hint.
"Look, papal The duke has brought
his coronet."
"Tell hlm to go ahead nnd play lt. I
don't mind the noise."
There nre more fools than sage1*, nnd
nmong sagos there ls more folly Uiati
Ladies' Summer Wear
Our special Summer Style Book of Costumes tuid
Waists for summer wear will be mailed
Free  for  the  ashing
on receipt of your name and address. It contains
full descriptions and exact pictures of the newest
in fashionable summer wear for fashionable women.
Although it is just now the ripe season for buying,
we have made very decisive concessions in the
prices in order to introduce more extensively this
great branch of this   MAIL ORDER  BUSINESS.
Our General OtUlogu* of Men's and Boys' Clothing,
Ilau, Caps, Shoes, Shirts.Furaishings, Trunks, Valises,
Fan, Tobaccos, etc., will be forwaided frte by r^uest.
Retailer end Manufacturer
Toronto, Ont.
v***-*«)i as»-:'.*-**-A*?^r. •*■**.
Dick's Blood Purifier
ts tho best Tonic for
Horses and Cattle
It puts cows In perfect health, and increases
tlie flow of milk.
DICK'S -fives horses a smooth glsjssy coat,
and puts life and spirit into them.
Try a package with  auy run-down -animal
you may have and you will be convinced.
60 eents • package.
Mafltitatitatsra M«
11 11111 min iiuf'M
r, IllllHHItUlllll.
Page Metal Ornamental Fence
Hanttsonie, siurable anal low-prlcsd, t'.pi.aiially am' able for front
andilivi-ilonfcnccalnt*jwn;nt*i,ccuict«;rics,or.lii\ri!»,utc. Retail!
for 25 CliNTS PER RUNNING FOOT. Juat nbout
the cheapest fence you run put uii. Writo for full ia.irLicuin.ri.a,
Uae r.ttfss ".'arm Fence uud I 'oul; ry Netting
The Page Wire Fence Co., Limits_u. Wv.ltear-.-lUe, Ontario,
Montreal, P.Q., nnd Bt. John. V. 1$. J
ROSS O ROSS. General Agents. "WINNIPEG. MAN.
When 11 woman knows romething I The gross earnings of the civill on
that is too good to keep, it's too world aro shout 7,200 tnllltonn stcr
bad if she ennnot  find anyone to tell   *"*8  I''"' ■■"■"""■       	
it to.  jiinard's Lisiinicnt Cures Distemper.
rtullinl,   founded   In  thc j ear   1203
t* the oltlest of Oxford colleges
It's worth
Ten cents
< ^.,«   I1.-.11 ess*   flf    matter." hiTl   . '   ■   v       '
to clear your nouse «j* in?, theft- -.. pour .      • «$•
flies and
will do it.
i-'a-, ,-i   onil   Atri     antl   11 lioua    Hei 11
ia.-ni n are  posit Ivolv  run tl b,*a   1( r  - ■.   ol
P iruieiee s   mi ..   'i :-,.-,   pol   0 ■' v   rli ■
the  gtomach  r.nd  IiovscIb  trom »;l  lilllsj-l-
lisps    :■      ■■    tllC   '  !:■  ■ IntO       ' la'   Im -    Is
r a-. Mc!   1 ho rssrru          111:1 Ihisi'.-'
a-iii   lit   the iiatui   '               ■ ral '   ■■'<-.   a
I : •     ai "  ui'"!  nn n  ix i'ii''ml  I nn '1'
a ll Ith   ths!   heal   remit I
A ii     is    long   ■■ ipi 1 all,-     the  1. Inii
used  In  [mnoi'umas
1     iiinil has 28 railway tunnels .,;
II mils* or more In lonjrth.
VW.  IV. 4-J*.  P/o. .5-3-3 THE DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C, H l.V IT. 11.08,
,C. K. 8-siirHKRisuAi.K, Editor and Prop.
.BLOCAN,      •      •       •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line foi
.the first insertion anil & cents a line each
Bubsft-uent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, 17 each.
Transient advertisementsateame rates
•a legal advertising.
Locals will he charged 10 cents a line
•for each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 par year, strict-
jly in advance; $2.50 a.year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan,fB. C.
FRIDAY. JULY 17th. 11103.
Groenwood Lilierals an* nominating
a victim today.
C. \V. D. Clifford will make a winning run for the Conservatives in the
Skeena riding.
Less than a month now till the
voters' list closes, so let every tardy
voter register his name.
Chas. W. Munro.of Chilliwhack.has
,b**n nomin.it*d by the Liberals to
contest that riding, making the fourth
party nominee to date.
As an indication of the confidence
of Conservatives in the return of the
government at tho polls, two bets of
S500 and $5000 have lx*eu offered in
this riding, with uo takers.
O, ye gasping and parlioilexl denizens of the sun-baked east, come, buy
you a railway ticket and hie yourselves
to the blessed mountains of British
Columbia, where Old Sol outs up no
didos and where the wooly blanket is
a positive luxury at night. Come
arunnin', you'ims.
A family rumpus has occurred at
■Ottawa ever the Grand Trunk Pacific
railway scheme and Minister Blair hr.s
resigned. In the portfolio of rjdlwt*ft,
Mr. Blair has lieen a success, being a
■man of great practical ability and an
.advanced.thinker. His loss from the
cabinet is disquieting.
The Liberals are making thuir light
iu this province chiefly upon the record of the Laurier government at
Ottawa.   Well, let us see how  that
record concerns and benefits the works'.
ing classes. Who was it permitted
the Michigan scabs to be imported for
the Payno mine, four years ago? The
Laurier government. Who declined
io enforce the Alien Lalior Act and so
enablf-d the Missouri hordes to be
brought into the Rossland mines, two
years ago? The Laurier government.
Who sanctioned the calling out of the
jnilitia to Steveston during the fisher
men's troubles on the Fraser? The
Laurier government. Who is it that
repeatedly and persistently disallows
the anti-Asiatic legislation passed by
the legislature of this province? The
Laurier government. Lilierals dou't
like to ponder on those things and
would have workingnien forget them.
But no; they aro to Iks rememliered,
and thoir remembrance will prove the
death blow to Liberal aspirations in
the Slocau riding.
T-J1     ■  ■   I.     '     *IC
The movement of the Labor men to
nominate a candidate in the Stocan
riding has effectually wrecked any
chance the Liberals may have hul to
elect their nominee. Outside of this
particular locality tho latter vrill have
no strength, and even here it is much
to lie discounted. Is.. A. Bradshaw
will undoubtedly be the Liberal nominee, his supporters here forcing that
conclusion by publishing a requisition
-iu the Nelson paper. However, many
nigners of that requisition have no intention of voting other than the Con-
servntivo ticket, others  will lie absent   from Nelson on   Wednesday on a flat
ear, Ixiunil for Sieamous.   It belonged
The city traders' licenses are now
All the hotels have renewed their
Boundary mines claim a shortage iu
railway cars,
More men are finding work in the
Slocau mines.
The Glorious Twelfth passed eff
hero very quietly.
The Trail smelter will blow in a
s'cond lead stack.
The force at the Wakefield is to lie
increased to 60 men.
The ship carpenters were last week
r.-caulking the Sandon.
Percy Johnston, of Sandon, was a
visitor here on Saturday.
Railway service on the Lardeau
branch was resumed this week.
The Nelson Tribune now appears as
a daily, taking the evening field.
A liountifiil crop of the palateable
huckleberry is being gathered in.
Between 60 aud 70 foreigners wore
naturalized in Rossland last week.
A couple of wandering acrobats held
forth on Maiu street Thursday eve.
W. T. Shatford left for Vernon and
the Similkameen Monday, to be gone
a month.
L. G. Rowand and wife, tourists
hailing from East Orange, N.J., were
hero this week.
Mrs. MeCardell aud daughter removed to Rossland on Friday, to join
Mr. MeCardell.
The interior district executive of the
Liberal party held a meeting in Nelson on Friday.
L. Rockney, employed at the Payne
had his leg broken last week "by lum-
ber falling on it.
J. Moffat, of Nelson, was here Wednesday on business iu connection with
the Two Friends.
Chas. Schafner, of Annapolis, N.S.,
is the new man bohind the counter at
Shatford & Co.'s.
W. Koch shippod a carload of lumber from his Ten Mile mill this week
to Carberry, Man.
The driftwood lodged on the lake
front facing the depot has been cleaned up and burned.
Col. Prior announces that he will
not lx* a candidate in the forthcoming
elections for Victoria.
E. Bailey departed for Kamloops
on Monday, intetidiag to 'autteh into
the. dry goods business.
Inspector Thompson was here on
Monday aud passed upon the str.
Slocan and tug .Sandon.
Another batch of aliens will cotr.e
up for naturalization at the county
court, Xelson, on Monday.
Local South African volunteers re*
c'jived thoir script ou Saturday, entitling them to 160 acres of land.
Those desirous of getting on the
voters' list can have their wants supplied by calling at this office.
Russul RoliertsoH returned from
Victoria Tuesday evening, to spend
the holidays with his parents.
Rev. Mr. Scott pnached a special
sermon to the Orangemen in tho
Methodist church Sunday eve.
W. S. Johnson has his mother and
brother visiting him, they having arrived from Montreal on Wednesday.
The bridge gang commenced repairing the railway wharf on Tuesday.
It was badly shaken up by th; high
W. J. Twiss, the Kaslo insurance
rustler, has been promoted to the
Vancouver agency of the Mutual Life
of Canada.
A. E. Ttiylor.wife ami child, of New
Denver, spent Sunday here. They
were accompanied by A. Bfindle, wife
and family.
A new fire alarm has been strung up
alongside Erie Letnieux'scabin, to the
east of the creek, making threo in all
iu ihe city.
Bargains iu shirt waists and flan-
nelette ends at Arnot's, to clear for
fall stock, lie also has a few pairs of
boys1 Ixiots left, at 76c.
George 0. Tunstall. of  Nelson, representative of the   Hamilton Powder
j Co., is going to Australia as agent for
the Nobel Powder Co.
Henry Lye, Vancouver, came in on
Friday to appraise the damages from
the Arlington fire. Ho left nsxt day
without d ling anything.
The .30-foot yacht  Vedette came up
Born. -In New Denver, on July ir*,
the wife of Colin .1. Campbell, of a
An Incendiary fire ocourred at the
C.P.R. roundhouse at Kamloops on
Sunday, causing a loss of $10,000.
After spending the winter in Toronto, Mrs. R. A. Bradshaw arrived
home Wednesday with her infant son,
Mr. Bradshaw meeting them at Nelson.
Dan Hanlon came down from the
hills last week and found that some
miscreants had again broken iuto his
cabin, wrecking the promises and carrying off a number of articles.
Rev. Mr. Cleland, formerly Presbyterian minister at Sandon but now the
Anglican pastor at Cumberland, has
Ix-en transferred to Rossland, and will
enter on his new duties Sept. 1.
The Drill wishes to acknowledge
the receipt from the government
printing office at Ottawa of a hand-
somo copy of "The Royal Tour in
Canada, 1901." It is the work of Jos.
Pope, C.M.G., tho tinder secretary of
The fifth annual congress of the
chambers of congress of the empire
will be held in Montreal Aug. 17th to
20th. Tickets will be issued over the
C.P.R. at single fare to delegates from
B.C. on Aug. 8th to I'Uh. Gcxxl to return three days after close of the convention.
tillsssobbI WirclesH.
Messrs. Munroe it Munroe, of 44-60
Exchange Place, New York, have published a handsome booklet oi 66 pages,
ontaining .'12 half-tone illustrations,
giving a full and complete history of
wireless telegraphy under the nlxove
title. They havo agiewl to give a
copy to every reader who feels favor;
able to an ' investment iu Marconi
stock and who will write to thorn requesting it. Address Munroo & Munroe, W-BO Exchange Plnce, New York
mining  ni-tonos.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered atthe lecal registry office, II. r. Christie beiag mining
.July 6-I.sliance.Lemon/.reek, DRobertson.
8—Florence, same, J McDonald.
O-Uiloxii", Tamarac creek, F Carlisle,
niloxie fr, sainc, saini*.     „,„.,___    .
Iron (Mud, 1st n f Lenten, T> McCuaig.
Iron Cap, same, Win Clough.
July O-RisHie, De'wdsiey, Vancouver.
7—Klllarney, BU.
8-Margery, Ids W, Alliance, Ophir,
Bright Light, Perl*.
0—Gertie H.
'I'll A NSK KM.
Julv 7—Bachelor !i, Jsmes Horrie to
11 A UcDonald,
Perls '«, W 1* Catnoreii to PA Roil.
ii—Msyottn V W  Kerr to F Carlisle.
10—Flyctte \*\, 1 beaupre to same.
from the riding on election day, and
fully 50 por cent of the remainder can
be depended on to swerve their allegiance to the Lnlxir candidate. Past
elections have proven that Liberal
strength in the other towns of the riding is more or less of a myth the
contest of 1U00 showing but 29 Grit
votes in Silverton, New Denver, Three
Forks nud Sandon-and the situation
simply resolve* itself Into a contest
between the Lalior men and the Con
servatives, the latter being prepared to
put forward a vary strong man. In
the light of this plain statement of the
case, the  Lib-oral  determination   to
to C. B. Swofd, fishery inspector.
Harry Williams, the 1-1 year old son
of .lamos Williams, foreman at tho
Granite mine, was drowned in the
river at Kootenay Crossing on Friday.
Chris Foley took out his naturalization papers in Vancouver last week,an
aet that came as a surprise to many
people.    Ernest  Burns   was also re*
Rev. .T. G. McKcchuie, wife and
child, of Wolsley. Assa., were visiting
relatives hero this week. Mr. Mc-
Kechnie preached in Knox church on
Sunday eve.
A  majority of the coal  miners at
For Sale, Cheap.
i PARTY, being desirous of leaving this lo-
**•»- entity, offers for sale, at a very low price
for. ciish, hie property, consistinj*' of a sins* ami
ono-hnlf story dwelling nmi last in Brandon, unsl
an Improve** lot, lHlxiaw feet, ill Slocnn. Until
props-rties lire in tlrst-elasseonilition,bein«\vcll
fence.!, nnd the lots planted in orclusnl ami
small fruits. For fiirtlisr particulars apply toi
1 Adopts., nt Kcrel.stokt*, September 13th, VJ* 2. \
I. That ttiis convention renllinns tho policy
of the party in matters of provincial roausana
trails; me ownership and control of railways*
nnd tlio development of the a-^rirultural rc-
scmrcosof the province as laid down in tha platform adopted in October, l**1.-".'. which is ns follows:
"To actively aid in the construction of trails
through-nit the un levelopo I portions of tiie
province and thn building of provincial trunk
roads of puhtic noceaslty.
"To adopt the principles of government ownership of railways in so fnr as the circumstance.**
of tiie prnvinoo will a Imit, and the adoption of
the principle that uo bonus should .be granted j
to nny railway company which doos not frite the
irovarninent Ox the prov ince eon*, roi of rates over
lines bouusod, togetbtr with tho option of pur- j
"To actively assist by stato ai I In the development of the agflonltural resources ot the province,"
2. That ia the meantime aud nntil the railway policy above let furtli can be nccomplitbod
0 general railway act bfl passed, Riving freedom
to construct railways under certain RpprsTed
rogulntlouSt auaiagous to tho system that hns
resulted In such extensive railway construction
in th** I'nit-'d Stales, with so much advantage
to trn.lc and commerce.
3. That t-oencoursgo the mining Industry,ths
taxation of metalliferous mines should be nu
tho basis of a percentage ou the net profits.
4. That t'ln government ownership of tele* >
phone systems should be brought abont as a
first stop iu the acquisition of public utilities.
5. That a portion of every coal area hereafter
to be disposed of should  be reserved from sale
or lease, ?».► that state owned mines may be easily accessible, if their operation becomes necessary or advisable.
fi.  Thnt in the pulp land  leases  -provision
lllOUJd he made  for  reforesting  nnd that Steps
should be taken for the general preservation of
forests by   guarding against tho wasteful do-]
Itruction of timber,
7. That the legislature aud government of the
province should persevere [_ tho effort t'» secure
the exclusion of Asiatic tabor.
K. That the matter of better terms in the wny I
of subsidy nnd appropriations for the province |
should be vigorously press." 1 upon the dominion
9. That tho silver-lead Industries of the province be fostered and encouraged by tho imposition of lucroased customs duties on lend and
leal products imported into Canada, .' n 1 that
the Conservative members of the Dominion
Houso be urged to support any motion introduced for such a purpose.
10. That ns industrial disputes almost invari-
«bly result in groat loss and injury both to tlie
fiarties directly concerned and to the public,
Sglslatidn should be passed Lo provide means
for an amicable adjustment of such disputes lietween employers and employees.
II. That it Is advisable to foster the manufacture of the raw products of the province
within the province as fnr ns practicable by
menus of taxation on the laid raw products,
subject to rebate of the samo in whole or part
when manufactured iu Bnu-Ji Columbia.
Patent and
Enamelled Leather Shoes
The Slater Guarantee
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Loading Parlors:
Timber Notice.
N ("THI* is hereby Riven tlmt 80 slays nfter
ilniii I Intend to.appl*/ taa tho Hon. tlie
Chief Commissioner of Lands A Works at Victoria, for  :i special license.tcscut end ram
assay limlirr   from    tlio    following   stesmln'il
lauds: ,   , .    ,
Commencing nt a post marked "Bert Chew a
southeast s'ornssr post," situated "Uss milo friam
tin* wp-t sliiirs. of Sliican Inks*, aan Alex, McKay's
west boundary lint*; thence wost so chainsi
thence sonth 20 chains, thence west SO chains;
thencosouth20 ehainsjthence wi»st 2d chains;
thenconorth 1*0 ohains;thence east 100chains;
thence north 20 chains; thenco oasttOohalnsi
tlience south tV) chains, to tho placo sif rum-
mnncement, containing 640 acres.
Dated this 16th day of June. 1008.
4C Cents pays for three months' membership.
*sl Kach member receives ttis*S)'"lcialcluborfran
cverrmonth,inclualiiift6pieccaof high-claaa vocal
and instrumental now nstsaio each month, 18
piecoa in all; also a t'tartsiicate of lalemberahip
which givea tbe privilege of C'lnb Rontn In fs'ear
York (.'ity, snal of buying literature, muaicorno-
sioal iuatrumenta of any alaaacription at wholoeale
pricea, earing yans frnm '/'*,' to GOV on yonr pair-
obaaea. Don't fail to join at unco. Yon will get niecti
more than your money'a worth. M; ii'ai. I-ITEH-
-Usi-MisiiaClub, Dept.     . ISONaaaauSt.,K.Y.
No shoe manufacturer would have the
temerity to guarantee ordinary Patent or
Enamelled feather-certainly the makers
of the famous "Slater Shoe" would not
guarantee ordinary Patent or Enamelled
leathers because with them a guarantee Is
a -guarantee, not a pleasant sounding but
■meaningless play of words.
But the "Slater Shoe" makers use a
standard of Enamelled leather which they
can and do guarantee-every Enamellod
shoe which bears the " Slater Shoe " trademark Is guaranteed-The "Slater Shoe"
makers use no Enamelled leather which
they cannot guarantee.
And the "Slater Shoe" people have a
patent leather made of Colt skin, pliable,
flexible, as brilliant as the best patent
leather and tough and durable enough to
carry with it the responsible guarantee of
the " Slater Shoe" makers.
Every pair of "Slater Shoes" bearing
their guarantee has with it a Guarantee
Bond Scrip lithographed like a bank note
and as good a guarantee as one.
It says:-
" We (tho makers) warrant the leather
In this pair of shoes not to break through
within three months from date of purchase."
The bond also bears the registered factory number of the pair of shoes to which
It belongs.
The Slater Shoe
Made In Canada 40 yeara.   C<>odyear welted.
For men $4.00 and $5.50.
For women $3.50 and $5.00.
Sole Agent:
David   Arnot, Slocan.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner Gjedllim & Jolinsor,
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Fresh Fruits of Every
I Kind  Arriving   Daily.
Our Ice ("ri'ini Parlor ia
now open and will lx* k«pt
running .-ill tbe Summer.
14 l.ainva-s <s.f llreaal (*, Ci.
lull Wright  una! Mtaallty
Slocan, B. C.
Steel Ranges
Conservative Conventions.   TQf*  $1.8 25
noiiiinato a candidate savors greatly j Cumberland liuv»* refused to return to
work.   The government will on f'we
the law prohibiting Chinese working
•Subecribe for The Diuu,. ' in COftl mini**.
of ini*;■ 11 i<lee I isntliiisiasni.
' ±L-±-> i S
At n moptinc nf tho ezswntlre of the PiotId-
cinl CaanssTViitivi* Ai'.iiri.-Ukiii, Imlil  at Vannaii-
vi?r, tin* prorlnee wns di*ndad Into Bra dirlsloni
fur organisation purposes. The Kontona*..
Uoundory dlylaton fi made up aaf thn following
provincial Blectlon dUtrictai Res/elitoke, i'nl-
iimliiii. Fornle, Cranbrook, Ymir. Katlo, Sloean,
(iranil Forks, ureenwosbd, tlio City of Rossland,
ami tin. ciiy uf Nelson, At the aame meeting
tin. "tallowing roeolutloni were adopted!
I. That convention! fnr nominating candf,
datet for members of tho legislative assembly
im iiiaiifl* up uf delesfatn clioseu n> follows)
lai In s'iiy eloctoral districts, una? delegate
for every fifty ana fraction of fifty votes ptilled
at tlm provincial eloction lu*lai in Ifl00,and if tin.
city is divided into svnr.l-, thn proportion of
delegates for each ward shall beoaeedon tlm
vote polled in onch ward at the last municipal
(hi   In istltor eloctoral districts, ono delegate
fair BVOry fifty Air frartiun uf fifty villi's |aa,lh'r| al
the provincial election Iml.I in 1000, the dele*
gatos to be apportioned to pnllim* places, ur aa
near thereto as will bo fair to tho voters of the
difforcnt neighborhoods.
'J. Tin* ili's'tiiiii of delegates shall ho at pub.
Ur tnoetingis, held at a designated central talna's*
in onch polling division, ssr in onch wanl In city
eloctoral districts, if the city Is divided into
words, Ai such public tnosytinga unly tlioso who
i>li"ls*t> themselves to vote fur the candidate ur
candidates solectod al thn nominating convention shall Im ont ilh'il to n vnt<* faar ali*lni;iitps.
II. Twu weoks imticG shall be s^ison ut tlm
piililir moetlnga at which dolegntoa are to be
elocted, nod numlnntina conventions shall ha.,
hi'hi In city oloctornl districts two dnys after
tho day ou which dclegatei aro electnT, and iu
othor electoral distriots sovan dnys after, All
nominations throughout tho piovinco tn Im
iiiinlflA at n tlcslgnnte I central placo in each electoral district, ami aan tlm sa inn ilny.
I. All notico* uf the date of public mooting)
fur tha oloctlon of delegates to nominal log con«
sa'iiiiiiiis. thai apportionment of dolrgatcs, nnd
tho place and date aaf nominating conventions
in tne soveral eloctoral districts auoll be prepared by tlio mnmbor of tho OXOCUtlvBOf tfii'ilivi.
sinii in which tlm oloctorol districts ore situate,
ainl issnnil nver tlm iiiiines of llm prosidonl itual
secretary of the Provinoinl Conservative Asso*
elation. ^^^^
A meeting of the provincial oxocutivo will ba
belli ni Vancouver within a month, and the dato
fiar holdlig ilistrict noiniiiHiiug conventions
will then be fixed,        JOHN HOUSTON,
Prnsiilnnt aaf tlm Provincial
Coniorvativo Association
Nelson, JuiiA' Mh. 1009
Wliy li« without a ranee wlien
you can get ona so cheap? Thev
arc preferrable toitoTcaand pive
hrltcr satisfaction. Thrss rangM
bum wood or coal and •-«% i 11 be
set uji free.
To J. F. AriBitrmip.a'lniinialrator of thr
estate ssf Martin llurcllieon, sls*cs.as--il,
or to any peraon of iwrsona to whom
bo mny have tranaterivd Ilia intoroal
of Mun in Miiialiisoii, aroonntiug to ',_
in fl?ash ol Ilie Nailieil, 1'iaiii mis 1 l'.nr-
sian iiiinur.i! claiiiii', i»itunteil on the
lieinl of Lemon creek,Slocan City mining division.
You aro hereby notified tbat I have
expeudotl tbe rum of tines* hundred ami
■even ilaallura and fifty centa In labor ami
improvement! upon tiir* above mentioned mineral claims, in order to hold aaid
mineral claimi under tbo provisions of
tho Mineral Act, nnd if within BOdayi
from tbo iluis. of this notice you (nil oi
refuse to contribute your proportion ot
such expenditure, together with all coats
uf advertising, your intereat In tbo said
claims will become tho property of lhe
subscriber, under section (ssur ol an Act
entitled "An Act to amend tbe Mineral
Act, 1000.'.
Dated thin Stli dayol June, l'.Hin.
i2-r.o:i M.E. YOUNG
J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
per annum.
Slsvcan,        * - B. C
Certificate of limit
III sac Is frill caa   frarllaaal  Mlaarsl CUIss.
•-ituste In Ihe Slocan Citv minin-*divi-
sion of Wrst Kootensy district. Where
located:—On the summit ol Spun.*"
ami Lemon crs*eks..
TAKK NOTICE Ibat 1. H.R.Jort"*-*.
acting as aiidit (or Jobn Elliot, Ire*
uiinf-r's ri*rtitts*atn No. IWllOSj Row"
Alexander Bradsbaw.F.M.C. No.Bs»WI
Less Doiron. F.M.C. No.   IJ6988«i Archi*
bald York F. M. C. No. W«__m
Prank Sherry, F. M, C. No. Wma,»
tend, eiity slave from tbo dutS li*rf0i,»
appty to the Mining Recorder fora "J**w
raio'of improvrraeiits, for the P01?*
of obtaining a crown __rant on tbe »w"*
Aid furtber tnke noii.-e IhatsctloBi
umlor section 37, must he comro»n*«
before ibe issuance of sucb cerllflcaw*"
I'uto.l tins Utb day of Mar. 1903.
16*14)8. H.B.J0BAW
Tsaiaiarasls,  "-'sails View Mm, ». s*11' T*m*'
rack  Nu.SKracllosa Mlasral CIslSU.
ate in tba Sloran  City  »jn'D|_S_I
so of West K'soti«nay ilistrict. wnj"
SiOtl  sai    >> 11*1   r\..flaaa-aa...     ,.
located*.—About four mllei apopn-
_;ur rrrck.
TAKK NOTICK tbat I, ■' I,;i("'
deraon, P, I..S.,ol Trail. B.C., mi '
,lno F.Holden.freeminer'scertiflMi"""'
1104709, intend, sixty slars 'r,""1!1'nr'j„
hereof, to apply to the Mining •'•'™*.h,
for eertifiratee of improvement", w'
purpose of obtaining crown grants
above i-lsinis. -rtioiii
Andfurthor lake notice thst ft"   ,
Itnder seotion 37, must Ire MfiJJSJol
beforo the issuance of such cerlinca
improvements. ,
Dated this 8rd day of Jiine,rJ>»'
■"fl-tiiia ___—-—
F«rl« Mlaeral Clalsa.
Situate in the Slocnn City Mining: jM*
of the West Kootensy I    ;c
Wbere located:
basin ou north side of Sl>r'»s*f,r c
I,  Dsn  Hail"!
A. Bo*
Take notice tbat
acting as an M«nt for I» «: -# •
free miner's certificate No.B71.t'B.inl|,
sixtv davs Irom tbe date hereof, W *vr
to the Mining Kecoider for a ceri" ^
of improvements, for tbe piirpo" w,
talning  a crown   giant Ior m*
L And further take notice that Wt J
under section 37, must be _<SB_t,gl
before tho issuance of siicb esrtiu"
improvementa. , ,    .nr..
Dated tbis llth day oi.W*fiffl.n#
17 7-03 P*P


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