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The Slocan Drill 1903-01-03

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SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JANUARY   2.   1903.
$2.00 PKR ANNUM.
Let us call your attention to our fresh lot of
Fresh snd taety aad most }_%*jfi0na -•••
lunch. Saves the gosd wife t^-Astfore of baking
while they give thetableatemptii * appearance.
If we forget to call your attention ask to sea them.
c,,ial Tea Apple Blossom Jelly Fingers
rhnrolate Bar      Peach Bar Arrowroot
Ch°   Sweet Wine Iced Honey Cakes.
W. T. Shatford & Co,
A. York & Sons,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
05 PAID.
Aid. Barber's Resignation Is Again Laid
Over-H. D. Curtis la Appoints*.! Audi-
lor -Dellssqueat Llarnae Haiders Must
Par t'p mt Oaoa.
The City council met in regular session on Monday night. Those pr-jstait
were: Mayor York, Aid. Worden, McCallum and Smith.
Correspondence read: From T. McNeish, secretary of the school board,
asking council to cut down monthly
grant to school from $150 to $100, as
that amount would cover all liabilities
to the end of the year and there was
no necessity of carrying over a balance for the incoming Ixiard.
Bills presented: R. A. Bradshaw's
bills for rent and interest ou note
came up again.
Aid. Worden and McCallum moved
that Mr. Bradshaw's note of $600,with
$18.30 interest, falling due on Dee. 81,
Ik* paid.   Carried.
The liill for $5 rent was referred to
the finance committee.
the old shitft has opened up another
fine streak of ore on the footwall,
which was unsuspected by the former
owners. The big ore body has been
proven to a depth of 60 feet, giving a
reserve of respectable dimensions.
Arrangetueats Being Hade for Its Early
Acting under telegraphic instructions from J. Frank Collom, managing director of the Arlington mine,
who is at present iu San Francisco,
W. Thomlinson, the superintendent,
has reduced the working force to 15
men.the discharged employees coining
down the hill on Sunday. Though
deeply to be regretted, this step has
been expected, in view of future contingencies at the mine.
In conversation with Mr. Thomlinson by telephone, Sunday, he stated
his instructions were to cease stoping
, ore aud to confine all operations to
[development work only for the balance
of the winter. Shipments would accordingly cease, as there was nothing
to be gained in mining the reserves of
ore at the present low price of silver.
The principal reason for the reduction
in the force, however, was due to the
ity, for the harvest garnered in 1902
was a most generous one. No less
than 20 "little angels" made their appearance on this mundane sphere, of
which 13 were of the male persuasion,
and the balance of the gentler sex.
Seven marriages took place during the
year, and six deaths were recorded in
the same time, four of which were infants. The population of the burg
has to its credit 14 of an increase for
the year, independent of outside immigration.	
Nine Men Klllrd by a Snowallde en Xnaae
B. C.
e nuance commiuee. — —	
Aid. McCallum moved payment of intention of the company to instal
$100 to the school board, to meat cur- combination mill without  delay for
rent expenses for month, instead of the treatment of their ores.   In fact,
$150  as   usual.   Seconded  by   Aid. Mr. Collom has wired the information
Smith and carried. that tho plans and specifications of
Letter from school board was order- the mill would l>e drafted at once.and
A New Year Resolve.
That henceforth you will buy your Food
Stuffs and Groceries from us. Wisdom
and economy prompt such a step. We
make a point of keeping our Stock tresh
and buy nothing but the very best goods.
Try our Breakfast Foods and Cereals.
Few are as good, none better,
Co-operative Associatioiutd.,
—*   '••  ■   *-.-s \.t~
ed filed. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Aid. BarlxT's resignation, on motion of Aid. Smith and Worden, was
again laid over for a week.
On motion of Aid. Worden and McCallum, li. D. Curtis was appointed
auditor, to audit the books of the city
aud school trustees
all possible speed made with getting
in the necessary building material,
much of which would be taken to the
mine before the snow flies. The mill
will follow the ideas outlined by Prof.
Parks two or three months ago, and
will be similar to that installed by him
at Prescott, Arizona. It will be a com
A terrible disaster occurred at the
Molly Gibson mine, on Kokanee
creek, Christmas night, no less than
nine men losing their lives by a snow-
slide. All the mine buildings were
destroyed. The men were iu their
bunks when the slide came down and
had no chance to escape. Some of the
injured suffered untold agony.
The mine is approximately 8000 feet
up, and above it is an immense glacier
and then jagged peaks of bare rock.
The slide started from the peak and
swung round the ridge sheltering the
mine buildings, striking the bunk-
house endways, and swept it aud its
occupants down a dry canyon. Of 19
men in the building lOescaped.though
more or less injured. Four of the
survivors spent the night in the snow,
with nothing but blankets as a cover-
In   the   morning  they started
id school trustees. |ii....s;o«,..,  .
In answer to the mayor's query, the! binatiou of concentrator, stamp mill
111   Ol.au, i     ....   wav   ua.. ..... ,
clerk said there yet remained five unpaid trade licenses, amounting to $75.
In-itructions were given to have these
collected at once.or a summons would
be issued.
Council adjourued.
Bull.lliif.  Gellapee.
Slecan, British Columbia.
e-T   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ^
£-   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   ^
and electro-cyanide process. While
iu the east lately Mr. Collom made
arrangements for the electrical part of
the outfit, aud the balance will be
manufactured at once. Mr. Thomlinson stated he expected the mill would
be alxout ready for operation in June,
and was intended for the treatment oi
      # ^ , the ores from the Arlington and Spec-
., ,       , ,,      . ,    ' ulator properties.   He also stated de
More snow has fallen here so far i velopraJent would be continued steadi-
this year than iu years, and it has lie- j lv at both mines, being eonlined to
come very much of a nuisance and I the main drifts ou each, 15 ni.'ii find-
danger. Christmas eve came another ing employment on the Arlington and
heavy storm, followed by rain, which JO on the Speculator rrK— «™» •*
resulted in a numlier of wrecks    mL   ' ■■'-"'•■■■****-d of the Arliu
men I **•» *-■"  ***■-• -'i    There was a
Ths.. j likelihood of the Arlington increasing
old blacksmith shop, next this office,
collapsed, as did also a portion of the
shed to the rear of the Royal Hotel.
On Thursday night the townsite com
pany's old building, on Delaney ave,
went down. But the chief destruction
wrought was that on the big Schou-
Ix'ig hall, in Brandon, which went
down with a crash and has het-ome a
total wreck.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINO & HENDERSON, - Proprietors
Is r•ached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
llogan'a Alley Baaquet.
The annual banquet of the denizens
of Hogan's Alley was held in the
Miners' Union hall on Christmas night
and was largely attended. A most
sumptuous meal of good things was
provided, 14 turkeys. 12 pies, a bushel
of potatiH's.und au enormous quantity
of other eatables aud drinkables lieing
disposed of. Afterwards came speech-
innking and singing, providing an en*
jovable evs'tting's entertainment. Many
a lonely bachelor was made to feel
that Christinas held some cheer and
good fellowship for him.
Farewell  Uaaoe.
The farewell dance given by Mr.
and Mrs. Baty at the Slocan Hold,
Monday evening, wm largelj attend
ill and an excellent time put in. The
McMillan sirchestra furnished tin*
music. The host nnd hostess treated
their guests with characteristic hospi
tality and the liest in the house was
meted out. Jeff has been a popular
landlord nnd his many friends are
sorry to see him pulling up stakes,
He is leaving at once for Valdez,
Alaska, there to woo the fickle jade.
Fortune.   Success to him.
R" iiponed under
the old management
Former customeif*
cordlally inrited to return
Animal Csslea Sssaeker.
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Arthur Street aerl Delaney Ara""*"*. Sleeaa.
Banding thoroughly renovated
ami re st. eked with the, best	
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
Squire from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle tne
bestthe market affords.   Prices are r,Knt'
Saturday evening the Miners' Union held their second annual smoker
in their hall, on Main street. The at
tendance was not as large as last year,
yet a most happy time was put in.
Card games occupied the lirst part of
the evening, followed bv a long programme of vocal solos, duets, recitations, stories and speeches. A bountiful supply of refreshments was dealt
out by the committee in charge, the
genernl makeup rounding out a warm
evening. The boys enjoyed themselves immensely,
llepaltllo Ore Busty Increases.
Further work on thi' big ore body
at the Kepublic has made an improvement, as the chute hns widened to five
feet, and is all of shipping grade. A
short orossc "    ~~L1"
its force later on.
The news of the reduction at the
Arlington had a disquieting effect in
town, but in view of the avowed inten-
tiou of the company to proceed with
the early construction of their mill, a
m ire confident feeling has since prevailed, and it is seen now that there is
nothing alarming in the situation.
Rather is it that thi' erection of the
works is imparting more .confidence in
the resources of the camp. That a
mill was required to treat the immense
reserves of low grade ore at the Arlington, everyone at all familiar with
the property would willingly admit.
On the dumps at the present time are
several thousand tons of second-class
ore. whieh once run through a mill
will yield a handsome profit, while in
the mine is much more. On the Speculator there is also considerable second
class ore lying around, all of which
can Ihi turned to profitable account by
the mill.
It is confidently expected also that
the Arlington works will be of sufficient capacity to handle any quantity
of custom ores, so that it will prove of
inestimable benefit to the whole camp.
The Black Prince and Hampton mines
for instance, have large bodies of low
grade stuff that can lx> handled profitably at such a mill, so enabling
them to operate more extensively.
Such a happy contingency would necessitate tramways, eventuating in
time in a pretty lively camp at the
headwaters of Springer creek. The
success uf the Arlington will undoubtedly result in the Ottawa establishing
a mill for the treatment of its ores,
thus increasing the sphere of operation.
There is nothing at all to feel
alarmed at over the temporary reduction of the force at the Arlington.
Better things are in store for the
camj). Be patient and confidence will
reap its merited reward. The camp
is all right and is a winner.
down the hill, two of them reaching
the hut at the foot of the tramwav at
2 o'clock and the others at 4. The
snow was from six to 20 feet deep.
D. McLaughlin, with a broken leg
and shoulder bone, was carried into a
tunnel and spent all of Friday and
half of Saturday without food or attention. A couple of the survivors
then got the tramway working and
sent him down in a bucket. It could
not be used to get the rescuers up, a
party of whom, with a doctor, had
started out from Nelson so soon as
the news came.
All the survivors are l>eing looked
after at Nelson by the company. Of
those killed, S. M. Campliell was the
only sjue whose body was recovered up
to Tuesday. He had lieen cruelly injured and had suffered great agony.
He had worked last summer at the
Iron Horse mine, on Ten Mile. T.
Rouse wns another of the killed. He
leaves a wife at Silverton, where he
was very well known. Still another
victim was M. S. Hall, assayer, who
formerly worked at the Hewett and at
Sandon. L. Broulee, W. Murphy,
and W. Collins were among the others
killed, besides a Chinese cook.
The company purpose rebuilding
their camps at once and resuming
operations. The Molly Gibson is located aliove the tinilier line and is
considered to lie the most dangerously
situated mine in Kootenay.
Up to Wednesday four more Ixxlies,
besides that of Campbell, had been
recovered, lieing those of Hall.Broulee.
Collins, and unknown Italian. The
bodies had been carried a considerable
distance down the slide.
Three Yeara" Heeord.
The extent to which development in
this division, the dry ore Ix'lt, has attained, may be determined from the
following list of properties shipping
in the last three years:
l.aat Tear's Sfclpnienta Were 65 J.4 Teaa—
A Healthy Kvldence ef the Life aael
Wealth of the Camp— Arllagtea the
Blggcat Shipper.
With the ore shipments this week,
the exports for 1902 are brought to a
close, and the figures are available to
form a comparison with those of the
year previous.so gaining a correct idea
of what has been done in the camp.
The week's shipments consist of 20
tons.sent by the Enterprise to Nelson,
It will have ano ther car to go out
next weekjand then there will ensue a
blank for a time. Corrected figures
for the Arlington give its total an increase of 27 tons. It, too, will have a
blank following upon the clearing up
of a couple more cars.
The total exports for the year reach
H'M1" tons, being 196 tons less than in
1901. Twelve properties are represented in the shipping list, as against
14 for the year previous. Though
shipments were somewhat smaller.the
output represented bona fide mining
during the year, while in 1901 there
was considerable of the Arlington tonnage taken from the slumps. The
Enterprise ore passed through their
mill, if reckoned separately, would
easily raise the grand total to 10,000
tons, the estimate figured on at the
commencement of 1902. Besides, the
values in the ores shipped 1902 were
higher than in 1901 and, despite the
lower price in silver, the net valuas
were much higher. It is not too high
an estimate to place the value of the
ore shipped in 1902 at $550,000.
As in 1901, the Arlington was the
heaviest shipper during the year, it
having 3797 tons to its credit, as
against 5477 tons for the previous
12 months. It will be remembered
the heavy tonnage in 1901 was owing
to the purchase of the dumps by the
Hall Mines smelter. The Enterprise
comes next with an even 2300 tons,
showing an increase ovej 1901 of 1600
tons. Much of its output was in concentrates, the concentrator having
been got into running shape last
spring. The next two heaviest shippers were the Neepawa with 101 tons
aud the Ottawa with 67 tons. For
190*2 the following properties appeared
in the shipping list which were not
there in 1901: Ottawa. Neepawa, May,
Paystreak, Duplex, Fourth of July,
Florence and Republic -giving a
practical and striking idea of the material development taking place in the
local division.
The new year will start off with a
very fair list of shippers,as this month
will see the Arlington, Enterprise.
Black Prince, Ottawa. Republic, and
Bondholder exporting, with the Meteor and Exchange doing something
in that line later on.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made up
from ten properties. Last year the
exports totalled 6529 tons, from fourteen properties, Following is a full
list of the local shipments this year to
Black I'riuco
Two Friends
Slocan Chief
Fourth of July
Fourth of July.
Bended by New Verkers.
New York capitalists, represented
by W, Hageman, of Rossland, have
bonded, on a two years' proposition,
the Hungry Man property on Rover
creek, near Sloean Junction. The
group has a good showing of pyritic
ore, carrying an average value iu gold
and copper of $20. Alxmt $60(K) has
already been expended in development. The bonders will instal a plant
and start a crew of men at an early
Vital Statistics far Year.
Depreciated  silver and extraordinary weather has  had very little effect
?SrlfSra.U.«u Ofl uiiou"the crop of infants in this vicin-
These constitute a list of 24 shipping
minos, with an aggregate tonnage of
15,709 tons, or an average of 52.% tons
a year.	
Heme Hope Ter Silver.
The Statist, of London, Eng., fig-
ures it out that there is every chance
of silver recovering in strength. It
says: "We base the opinion on several
considerations. One of these is that
so soon as the new year sets iu, the
stringency in the American money
market will come to an end. A second
and more powerful cause is the recuperative power that in being shown by
India. China is regaining its usual
condition, aud business is going on
fairly satisfactorily. That lieing so.
it is probable that China will lie in a
position to take more silver than sin*
has done of late, and if China and
India buy more freely thero must necessarily be a recovery in tho silver
Born.    In the New Denver hospital
on Deo. 26, the wife of Geo. Aylwin,
Ten Mile, of twins, son aud daughter.
The sun was still boi'D.
The C.P.R, has dosed up its Lardo
branch for the winter.
Bar silver closed out the year at 48
Thi' Sandon mines shipped 277 tons
of ore last weok.
Last week the Payne shipped 105
tons of zinc ore to Kansas.
The big Neepawa slide, on Ten
Mile, came down last week.
Two or three small slides came
down at the Enterprise last week, but
without doing any harm.
Practically the whole force at the
Enterprise has liecn let out and there
will not lie much doing there till
Despite their assertions to the contrary, it is known that the local smelters, especially the one at Nelson, are
in a quandary as to where to obtain a
ready and suitable supply of dry ores.
Their treatment of this camp approaches extortion rather than justice
in rates.
To keep theii lead stack iu operation the Trail smelter will Deforced
to draw cm the Slocau. It is strongly
suspected the Ninth Star, iu East
Kootenav, 1ms bees specially favored
in rates, but their available reserves
are worked out. Slo-ean mine owner**
get it iu the ueck from all quarters.
A Nvrel by A-uk Tboapsoi.
liberal set-
are   points
iila'svl; thu flames licked up the dry
* nod greedily, burst out into show-
iSrR of Sparks, roarosl with glee, llo
glanced from the glare to tho clock,
suid shook his head. "Too good a
lire," he rollected, "the lad may
ih nk it hns been ilone for him." He
surveyed the room, ami discovered
two baskets containing socks and
StocktnjS. Those in one hnd been
Washed that dny: those in the olher
were designed fssr Hussinn .lews, on
behalf of whose feet Kate anil Mary
had knitted all winter and spring,
handing thoir accumulated work sivor
to Iti'lln In ihe summer that !-hc
might "run" the tos*s and lis'els. The
minister knew no duTeronce between
tho undrled Cent ile garments ami tlu*
unwo n Jewish socks. Willi a grim
sm lc ni his own diplomacy, ho i-.are-
lully hung them all upon a clothes-
horse whish lie stationed in front of
the Are; then he ws'nt stealthily back
to his itudy as i hough lis* had been
s o omit t In ■; a crime.
The fate o' a million ChlnOSS now
Wolj,hed loss heavily on his sou! than
the fate 'if ihs ons* ,\oung man He
must sny something lo him When he
came, what could lie say? lie leaned
his lirnd on his hnn Is, letting his
thoughts drift out into the l'ast, until the I'nst wns drawn closer to htm
thnn the Present. Hopeful love had
wroiieht ihe resurrect ion nncc before, hopeless love wrought it now.
The urgent prompting to "heal ono
another with our own blood," that
comes from us at times, rose within
him suddenly nm! would not be resisted, llo determined to break a
long-lasting silence, to bare a wound
that had lain c'.oau covered for forty
years, to con n •• .'o'm that tho
sympathy he had to offer w-as not
formal, but cunu- from a heart whose
right to sympathize lay ln the fact
thut it too hnd suffered.
To this simple minded old mun,
the Intended revelation seemed both
Bolomn anil pathetic; 1"-' could have
made it tss no one else, he could
have ma'de it under no other circumstances, so direful un emergency
demanded recognition, it should be
greeted with the costliest sacrifice he
had lo make. Assuming, quite unconsciously, that set expression of
lofty gloom luuin only upon most
solemn occasions) whuh, unknown
to himself, had earned him lhe reputation of being "gi\v bonnie at a
funeral" — Mr. Ferris awaited his
young frii'nd's return. Footsteps were
heard at length, entering the house
and thereafter the kitchen. Mr, I'er-
ris turned out his lamp very deliberately, stalked down tl.e passage,
and presented himself at the door of
the  lire-lit   room.
John Cayford lifted his vacant gaze
from the glowing lire tsi the minister's face, nud In nn Instant his inert faculties, stung Into activity,
warned him that sympathy was
about to be offered and roused themselves to defend him from it. The
very thought, of it was utterly in-
tolerabls* to him. lie Waa determined to prevent it from finding expression, yet for the moment he
could not think of nothing to sny.
With un ixicl mingling of apprehension and fascination, he watched Mr.
Ferris draw forward a chair to the
fire sisle und slowly seat himself.
"John, my poor lad—"
"My dear sir, there is no need to
be alarmed on my account, I have
bes*n wet through scores of times
without, taking any harm. I suppose the sliiily walk to and from
i-arlelgh in nil weathori and for so
many years, hus hardened njO! I
have not hud a day's illness
since I wus a child."
"No: you are stro ig, you aru certainly strong. T was not thinking
of your health: thero arc worse ills
than bodily ailments. Thero nro
"I have heard you declare again
mid again, sir, Hint good health is
tho greatest of all  blessings."
"Ay, lad, whenever I uin out of
health that, is my conviction. 1 have
been thinking over the past this
evening,   John."
"Have you, sir?" llo fait slightly
relieved by tills apparent change of
"Forty years ago, John, when I
was about your siwn age, I too, had
an experience—"
"And you huve news about It this
evening, sir,  in that letter?"
Mr. Ferris looked down ut his
hand in some astonishment, Mr. For-
ester's communication was thore; he
must have taken it tins-onsriousl.v
from his table when he left the
"This"—he said hastily, "this refers to—to another mui ior." His
obvious confusion indicated the nu-
turo of the other mntter.
"To Mary's engagement, perhaps."
"Well, yes—to that. It Is from
her uncle. Did she mention it to
"She told me of her engagement,
not of the letter. Am I to see it?"
"Why, the fact is"—said Mr. Ferris, fumbling for his eyeglasses, his
thoughts effectually detached from
the past for the time being, "I
brought it here with me quite unin-
tentionully, not thinking you would
care—still, it. is an astonishing letter in some respects. I nm not sure
that I altogether understand lt yet,
Kate not being at hand —ohI here
they are, now wo shall ss'o."
lie perched the glasses uslrldo his
nose, and read the letter through
Aloud, very slowly, pausing at the
end of each son tunes (o peer over the
glasses ut his auditor. Long before
its close, he luul become absorbed in
it      to     the (■* elusion  of every  other
train of thought.
" '—desires ts> marry    Mue*. <•
nnd    hinted     at     most
tlbments:      but     those
which you ami he will no doubt dis
cuss when you meet.'—A very astonishing ls*tter, as I said."
"What do you propose to do ubout
it. sir?"
"Do? I? Why I don't si*e that thero
is anything to be dene, until the
young man comes here himself."
'Vou are not going to make any
en uiries?"
Well, Mary has no money of her
own. \ou sec; would it be — becoming?"
"Most certainly it would. I should
say it is an imperative duty on your
part.    This 'estimable young mun' ls
an entire stranger to you."
'Not to Mr. Forester."
"Who hus known him for one year!
Vou used not to have a very exulted opinion of Mr. Forester's judgment,  Mr. Ferris."
"fieally, John, your memory is inconvenient."
There was a silence for a few min-
uti'S. during which Mr. Ferris twitched tho letter nervously between his
lings-rs. Thi'i Interview was to have
been solemnly confidential; so fur
from receiving confidences, he was
now receiving ndv ci*. He f>-lt. him-
ss*lf to be relapsing into that state
of da/cd weariness, from which .'*•-
citeinent lind ft.r a time withdrawn
him; the olsl wretched si'iiso of heirless feebleness began to reassert itself.
"A church member"—ho saisl de
"My di*ar sir, I don't want, to hurt
your feelings, but thut is nol a sufficient guarantee."
The minister sighed
"It should be, it should he. "i ou
Ihink then, I must make enquiries of
this Mr. Claverton? I so rarely go to
Glasgow now — time wus. when I
thought ns little of the journey as
Kute does. She goes for me, und sees
to my bosiness as well as mv one
could. Perhaps"—with a suggestion
of returning hopefulness in his lone,
"Kate could hardly—?"
"No,  sir,      l» certainly    could
"Of Course not—quite out of    lhe
r"cst'r>n!   .still •*
if you feel unable to see Mr.
Claverton yourself, sir, authorize ine
to do so for you."
"Ysiu, John! My d'.-ar lad,
thero is no one who could
do it better. I should feel most relieved, most grateful; but it is too
much to ask."
"1 don't know why You may be
sure I shall look ufter Mary's interests. As it happens, i have businesa
with this same firm. A young fellow
who died on board the 'Curlew," entrusted some affairs to mo which 1
him neglected; I shall go* up to
Glasgow to-morrow."
"And starl by tho early train "
continued John, his plans shaping
themselves rapidly. "It doesn't stop
at Oarleigh, I know, but it is due at
I aurieston ut B.10; the walk is nss-
ihina; — I can easily slo it in un
hour und a half. If I wait for the
second train, it will be twelve ln-
foro I reach town."
"You will  start  soon after three!"
"At half past three; it is quiti'
light then. I shall have to leave the
back sloiir unboiled, but you won't
mind that. 1 hud better put ray
things together and get nn hour's
sleep.    Good nl) hi.  sir."
llo was gi no, sighing with ri'lief
ihnt all attempts at consolation had
been baffled.
Mr. Ferris stared blankly at the
empty  room;  his hands  trembled,  his
face was flushed.
"I havo lived loo long," he said,
forlornly, "it is time I Went, to
make room for younger folks Who
are accustomed to all this hurry nnsi
rush. There is no repose about any
ons., now. What a day!—Kate fly-
in,' after everything but her own
business, Mnry getting herself engaged to a perfeel stranger and con-
fusing us all, John proposing to up-
ss'l,  the  household  at   three o'clock   in
the mftrnlngl It would be far belter
for him to tnke his breakfast quietly
wilh (he rest of us nt a reasonable
hour, and hoar what more Mury bus
to say." His glaiico rested on ths*
soeks nnd stocking he had arranged
so carefully, ami tho sight of them
revived thc thoughts that hud
prompted him tss pui then there, "l
understand, I understand!" soliloquised the kind olsl mun, "he wishes
to avoid letting her so soon Very
n.i■,....,i, vitv right; Just what I
sh .I hove dono myself in the same
ina iiinslaiii'os. Ah. me!"
llu continued    for a  time to ilrnw
parallels between his own experience
and John's. The kitchen clock striking one. RTOUied him from a brief
dou. Ho would n<Bl admit to himself that be had Slept! forty yours
ago he hnd been bereft of both sloop
a'lil appetite for a time, and now,
wul.ofiilness ss's'ineil to him an appropriate tribute to pay to ilis*
claims of past ami present grh'f.
replenished iho fire, fetched Ins
noso statistics and his Iliblo,
with their aiil sl.'lis-d Msirpheus
two weary hours.
When  John  re-enterod  the.,kitchen
shortly alter three, ho was distiiiiis-d
to find It still ts-nnntcd, The fire
crackled with aggressive cheer*
fulness, tho tnble was spread with o
profusion of on tables, Mr. Ferris was
in  the act of pouring out ten.
"Try  and  force yourself  to
something." hu sa Id, solemnly;
will bs' so much bettor for you.'
"My appetite never requires
forcing,  sir,   then',   goodness I"
it wus Impossible, even for
Ferris, to allude to matters of ss-n-
timent while scones wore vanishing
wiih such unrnmnnl Ic despatch; he
reserved himself, thoreforo, to i hs*
moment of parting,    it enme.     Ro
walked down to the Mnnso gale With
his yu'ti; friensi, maintaining s look
of Intense commlseratloni nmi ihink
Ing over several sentences that would
convey in a fi'W words all he Wished
lo s:iv. He wns allowed no chance
to utter them John molded lhe
commiserating eyes --- feigned noi to
notice tho dotalnlng hand held   out
to him.
"Thnnk you for all your kindness,
sir," ho said, closing Iho gate behind  him.   "you  shall  henr from  me
Immediately.    I hops you will   get
some sleep now, you must need    It.
In kc
He was already at a distance, I e-
fore Mr. Ferris realized that his ln-t,
opportunity for bestowing his confidence hud gone. He weut lack to
ths* house, and mounted the stairs
to h s room very wearily. Sleep! It
was easy enough for healthy inconsiderate young men, to talk about
s'eep as though one had but to close
one's eyes to find it! Excited as he
was by such a confusion of puzzled
thoughts, sleep was hopelessly out of
tho question for him. He lay down,
to think the whole matter over
cnlmly. A moment later, as it seemed, he found Kate beside ham.
"Hear I'ncle, are you awake at
last? I could not male you hear.
Have you  been  ill?"
"Ill, child, of course not! What do
you want?"
"Breakfast has been waiting some
time. sir.    It is long past n ne"
Laurieston lay inland: the road
thither, level for a milo or two, made
on abrupt ascent of tho steep Bin-
nan Hills before wandering circuit-
ously down their northern slope.
Useful as this road had been in
days when it afforded the only communication with Stranraer, it was
now seldom frequented, and was generally spoken of as being tedious,
tame, and unpicturosquc save from
one point.
There arc those who must have
their interest startled into activity,
their sensibilities shocked into consciousness: human life, when it is
not a scries of convulsive throbs
with the emotions in a state of volcanic eruption, is a dull and insipid
affair; similarly, the beauties of nature are hardly worth notice unless
mountains tower and precipices
yawn, unless the sun flames into the
sky glories unspeakable or night descends in a darkness that may be
felt: to such, the 1.aurieston road,
even at its best point and in most
favorable circumstances, would have
appeared hopelessly commonplace.
There are others who listen to the
laughter of children with keen pleasure, and find the study of monotonous life absorbing; they are thrilled
by the scent of the w*ild rose, the
crooning of tho wood pigeon, the
curved outline of some low-lying
range of hills, or/ ths* shadow cast
upon the moor by a drifting cloud:
to those, every foot of the Lauries-
ton road would have seemed rich in
beauty. But John Cayford, at present on his way from Feldrossun,
was neither one who dazzled his
eyes with great effects nor strained
them after small ones. He belonged
to that very rich class of persons
who, from incapacity, indolence, or
distrust of their own powers, nre
content to take their ideals of beauty and trutli in nature and art at
si'cond-hand, exercising their own
judgment only in that narrow sphere
of daily occupation where tliey are
compelled to think for themselves to
a certain extent. They thus become
dependent for their Illumination on
the       degree        in       which the
spirit of wisdom and revelation has been vouchsafed to their
neighbors: unless beauty is shown
to them they remain blind to it;
they see most clearly through the
eyes of those they lovo best, and
if the light that is in those eyes be
darkness it is Indeed a luckless
thing.    *
Mary had caressed a rose and
touched Its petals with her lips—
the beauty and value of roses was
thereafter an established fact in her
lover's mind: she had interpreted for
him the voices of the sea—he would
now always understand their mirth
or mourning: Intellectually she had
done nothing for him, being much
his inferior in intellectual power;
but she had given him a revelation
of priceless worth (than which there
is no moro effectual enligliteiicr of
the eyes of the heart) she let him
look into a beautiful soul. Sho herself thought it full of blemishes; to
the less clear spiritual vision of
those around her it appeared to be
almost without Haw, so ardent was
her love for goodness, so foreign to
her were tho evil thoughts with
which most of us aro familiar. It
is given to fow to be gifted as Mnry
was, to be plnced as she had been in
an environment so absoluti'ly favorable to growth in grace; but there
are women so gifted and so environed; nnd to my thinking it is they
who, unconsciously, uphold for us
that lofty isls'al of purity to whirh
nil good men und all good women
pay homage.
Save  at  oni!   point,   Ihe   Ijiurieston
road was unconnected with Mary in
John < uy ford s mind, it wus to him
therefore! save at this one point,
nothing more thun "a public, way
for travelling." The point to which
reminiscences clung, he approached
with iiremi for whereas Mr. Ferris
on setting himself to "think things
over," hail Immediate.} lost sighi
of them nil. he, with tho firmest determination not to lot his mind
dwell on those same things, was
persistently haunted by them. Nss
matter to how great a distance hi'
projected his thoughts, they converged without delay to the forbidden
centre. If he looked towaril Ms*t-
bourne, a vision of the houso thnt
was to have been Mary's homo con-
fronted him; if he turned his attention to business mutters, the reason
why he had no longer uny special
cause to desire success became in-
stantly apparent- the painless blissful reign of apathy being over memory held him  in a torturing grasp.
A beautiful vh'W presented Itself
te the pedestrian who, afii'f some
slri'ss ssf lung nud limb, gained the
summit of the llinnan Hills nmi
turned to face the path up whish he
hnd climbed Feldrossan lav fur bs:-
low.   yet not    sib fur but that    Its
houses nnd the groups of rocks along
iis shore were clearly discernible;
frsim that shon* the soft stretched ii-
solf out—beyond Allsa, beyond Arran,
beyond Can tyre-out, out, i*niil it.
met a dull blue line upon the horizon, the coast of Ireland, This waa
the view which wns generally hold
to redeem the Laurieston road from
m. sliocrety:   to Man's lover it    was
so Intimately connected with herself,
that lie approached it with dread
oud yet with desire-as we fear* and
yet long to se the representation oi
a incs* once dear and now lest to us,
longing to revive the memory of past
pleasure, fearing to intensify the misery oi present palni There was not
the slightest necessity for him to
look back upon Feldrossan, common
sense dictated that he should not
risk adding vividness to impressions
alrendy to vivid: his only reasonable
course was to walk straight on without si'nding so much as one glance,
however Heeling, behind him. This
reasonable course he intended to pursue. He reached tho summit, wavered, halted,  turned-and stood there.
gating njioii ths* manse and the rocks
anil the seu until further delay was
impossible. As nn immediate result
of this indiscretion, he began to sook
into the future with renewed hopefulness Why should he be so ready
to relinquish long-cherished plans?
Fnquiry might prove l!avin Wishart
to- be a most unsatisfactory character. Mr. Forester was enthusiastic
about him, but in old days Mr. Forester had frequently been described
by his brothor-in-luw as one of those
hopelessly hopeful individuals whose
illusions it i.s almost impossible to
dispel: the present might bo a case of
illusion t'n Mr. Claverton's judgment complete reliance could bu
placed, application must be made
forthwith, He reached town, waited Impatiently ut his hotel until the
morning was further advanced, and
then went to the solicitor's place of
business. As he was shewn through
the outer ofiice to an inner apartment, it occurred to him to wonder.
Which of the young men at the desks
he passed, was .Mark l'resslie—all unconscious of approaching fate.
Mr. Claverton confirmed Mr. Forester's eulogy and added to it. His
knowledge of Gavin Wishart was of
very long standing, he snid; he had
known of him ull his life, and had
been Intimately acquainted with him
for ten or twelve years; he believed
there were few young men more honorable, amiable, and generous, v ith
higher principles and more refined
tastes. ^
"11 you app.y fo 1'r. Forbes of St.
Martin's, whose opinion will probably carry more weight with Mr.
Ferris than mine, he will endorse
every word 1 huve said," concluded
Mr. Claverton.
But the enquiry was pursued no
further. The list of virtues was
overpowering', nnd roused an entirely
unreasonable resentment in John
Cayford's mind against these good
qualities in the abstract and Cavin
Wishart as their concrete representation. It was necessary to acquaint
Mr. Ferris with the result of the interview. John wrote a note and despatched it: consulted a shipping list
found that the Curlew was advertised to leave in ten days' time, und
decided to sail in her if the settlement of Alun's affairs did not detain him. Air. Anderson was to be
back, he hud learnt, on the following Monday at the latest.
But how* were the intervening days
to bo passed? Ho considered the question as he stood at the window,
looking idly out upon the crowded
street. Suddenly he caught a glimpse
of a girlish figure in the distance; it
seemed familiar, his pulses quickened,
tho blood llew into his face; people
passed before her hiding her from
sight, he leaned forward to watch
breathlessly for her reappearance, tho
crowd parted, sho came into view
again — the illusion vanished I Tho
insanity of supposng for an instant
that Alary could be there!
"In heaven's name," he apostrophized himself, "find something to
llo remembered the papers given
into his charge by Alan Twiss; the
examination       of those        would
be a sufficiently prosaic employment. Ho sought for the box, and
as he took it in his hands a wonderfully vivid recollection of its
dead owner came to him: he paused
a moment while Alan's words,tones
of voice, looks, gestures, recalled
themselves—he lived again through
every incident of the arrival at Santa Cruz—he felt afresh the overwhelming pity for the poor lud that
had filled his heart then. Opening
tho box, he commenced his investigation.
On the surface lay the three lettors
written by Mark Presslie, these ho
studied most carefully before selling
theni asido. Below thum was a sealed envelope, directed to Kiohard
Twiss, Esq., Dean Street, Glasgow.
Underneath lay tho forged receipt,
enclosed in u slip of paper containing Air. Anderson's private adslress.
Noxt,   Game  a  package  of      accounts
and newspapers cuttings labelled,
"Memoranda of my brother's dealings with me: and details of the
sale for UO.ni'O of our property, In
Braehead street;" this lie did not
stay to examine, Finally he <lrs*w
forth two flat pieces of cardboard,
boll nsi together ami sealed; the mime
"Alary" was faintly traced upon
them. His interest quickened. He
looked again within the box;
nothing remained; unless some clue
to the young lady's identity lay hero,
there wus none. For some Instants he
hesitated) then ho cut tho tape. It,
Seemed to him as I hough a strange
stillness fell suddenly upon the
room, deadening every sound but the
painful thud, thud, thud, of Iiis
heart. The boards fell apart; from
between   them  a   sheet of stiff pnper
slid face-downwards on to the table,
and hud it bs*en a sheet of lead it
could not havo cost a greutor effort
to lift it. He mude the eflsirt. Before
him lay tho sketch of a young
girl's head, boldly drawn, lifo liko:
thc identity of Alan's "Alary" was
revealed: the face tluit had lived ln
his own heart for yours and would
not be banished now, looked up at
him—it. Wanted but color lo bo a
perfect representation of Mary Forester. Tho proialc paper that were
to have engrossed his attention were
unceremoniously thrust aside, common sense and resolution might,
clamour in vain: he s.iw his reaaon-
nblo course, as he had seen It that
morning on the Ultinan Hills, nnd lie
paid as litth* head to it: for long ho
gazed upon tho lovely fuce, porfoctly
well awuri' that present gratification
must bo paid for at a heavy rate
and that every fraction of the purchase money  would  bo demanded.
-    'ti iii -ftf^iiiliasiffii r
and a Western Bronco's hide is the toughest worn by
any animal of his weight
"Pinto Shell" Cordovan is tanned from his hide by
the H.B.K. Co., by their own process, without oils
or minerals.
Used only in H.B.K. mitts and gloves.
Water, wind, boil, scorch and cold proof.
Never cracks or hardens, never tears or rips, always
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Bold hy all denlers.   See this trade mnrk
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There   're  7u:\   ancient  castles  on  the
(inks  of  the  Rhine.
A   i.ian     should   iveiirh   20   pounds    for
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Mr. I„ I.OHiler,  ssf Sorel,   T.-IU   ll.iw    He
OvsTs'ums* Ihe Trouble Afler lt>-
prnts'il I nil ii i.-.
There is no trouble more dangerous to life than disease of the kid-
jiu'.vs, for the reason that before any
[special symptoms have tnnds* them-
,s''ivi's ii i a iti test, the disease hus usually assumed a formidable character. The symptoms that tirst manifest themselves ure Usually weakness
ill tin. siiiu.ll of tiie back, pains In the
region of the loins. The urine is
sometimes highl;, colored, while in
other ruses it is extremely pale, frequently depositing n sediment. As
tho trouble progresses these symptoms grow !>.s.;e severe, and frequently tsi inmate ill dropsy, Blight's
disease or diabetes. Ur. Williams1
link J 'ills are a specific for 0*11 kisl-
iis'y troubles, und bave cured many
cuss's after ull other medicines have
fuils-d Mr. L. Luasier, a well known
navigator of Sorel, Que., gives his
experience for the benefit of other
sufferers . He says: "For several
years J Buttered very much from kidney trouble. The symptoms usually
made themselves manifest by Severe
pains iii tho back and "kislni'ys, and
sometimes they would be so bad that
1 would be Confined tsi my bed for
several days at a time. 1 tried u
number of different medicines, recommended for the trouble, but got no
relief, and finally became so discouraged that 1 thought a cure wus impossible, and Btopped taking medicine, Shortly alter this I roud in
our lorul paper of a case of kislney
trouble cured liy the use of Dr. Williams' I'ink rills, und this Induced
me tsi try this medicine. 1 soon felt
that these pills were not like the other medicines I had been taking, for
in the course of a few weeks I began
to experience great relief. 1 continued Inking tlie pills for a couple of
I months, by which time all symptoms
|of the trouble had disappeared, and
1 have not*Kinre hnd the slightest return nf the diss.use. The pills also
strengthened me in other ways a ml I
believe them to be the bi'st of all
Or. Williams' I'ink l'ills enrich and
nourish the hlood and Strengthen the
nerves. It is thus thnt they sure
siisii troubles us dyspepsia, kidney
luiliiients, rheumatism, partial paralysis, heart troubles, St. Vitus'
dance   and   the   ailments thai make
thO lives of so muny women a source
ol misery. Do not tako any pills
without the full name, "Dr, Williams'
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Artificial   pearls    are mads from   fish
Am average Brltlihar i» na strong   us
live   II, sals, ii-
i    A   sliet of garlic  is a  wonderful   nisi   to
ithe complexion.
I    An   sirsllnnry   hrlck   will   almorh   Hlxteen
iiiMtci'H  of  wsster
S'ibi ,loas* S.-iils, ll.-Bii.'slln*..
The report of the Sun .lose scale
commission with reference to the recent experiments by Inspector Fisher,
nenr Grimsby, bus In en received by
Hon. John Dry den. The commissioners, Dr. .Inms's Mill*. ' Guelph, W,
II. Hunting of St. Cutharinos nnd
John Dearness of London, us briefly
intimated some days ago, express
;reut satisfui'i ion at the results
tchieved by Mr. Fisher. The rem-
idy, the kerosene emulsion, is Intend-
id for use in tlie summer—July, August •nnd September—when the leave*
.ire ssn, und the other, the mixture ol
ime and sulphur, is Intended for
winter, in llurch or April, when tha
trees are hare. In each case several
Uiilerent trials were made, by varying the proportions of the ingred-
■euts. Tlio commissioners, however,
found the following to give Ihe best
iss.It's;—I'or summer, one part of
coal oil to six parts of water, ein-
ulsifled with whale oil soap, in the
proporiion of one-hull pound per
guifou of oil. Almost equally goissi
results lime hen obtained from
treatment with nn emulsion of enisle
Tho best mixture found for the
winter was M0 pounds of lime, with
IS pounds of sulphur., in water sulli-
i ieat to mnke a total of 80 gallons,
in concluding their report the commissioners express tlie hope thut by
i heir continued use from year to
year the Province may be rid'of the
sculo in  u short  time.
Forests cover one-tenth of the surface
of the world and one-quarter of Europe.
Snaprnalon  Brldffea,
It took sixteen years to build tbe first
Brooklyn bridge, but Immensely larger
suspension bridges can now be constructed In from four to five yeara
Speed   of  Illr.Ia.
Latest expsTlments show that the
speed of birds is overestimated, ri*
geons rarely travel over forty miles ud
hour. The record, and Ihnt for a comparatively short distance, Is fifty-live
miles an hour.
A Famlljr Eveut Tbat  Doea Not  Alwaya
lirlug Inuilxed Joy.
Jtssb.N  s   first   tosith    doi'.s   not     COOIC
unannounced, lnfiumi'il gums and Impaired digestion produce a fe-wrteh
anil fretful condition, about which
ihi' mother often feels concern. The
baby boy sif Mrs. George McGregor,
of Hamilton, lint., wus troubled with
diarrhoea while teething ami was
eioss anil reStloBB. lis* did nsst sls*s*p
ws'll nnd matters became serious
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ii    sometimes happens    that   n  man
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*thuse of MINARD'S LINI-
8U ' |„ two hours they Were
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8      Gratofully yours,
Ualr.8 Mills, .lime 10th, 1899.
ff|u>li     il   I'"'"69
to  waltzing  the    awlst-
n, im,„ gets there with -both  (eet.
„., ., „eier tuo lisle to mend," said
0l0 „ v,h.i was to" la«y to begin.
HffiAJ'8 IC11MEHT \S\\Mti*%
,,,„. iiDgfring guest would doubtless be
Buriri-iHl to learn that hia long going
1, oIm> regarded  hs ix short coming.
I, |« nn easy mutter to rush things
.hen dif grade is down I*,**1-
Btate of Ohio, nity ot Toledo. .*
hue »l ou ti. 1
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nl TolBflo CountV and State alnreaaiil,
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All    1 SHsi
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['"■",   ned   on   account   of   the  weather
Minard's Liniment Chips Colds, Etc.
I ■'        lasl   n   wife  masle   to   ssriler,   but
«hs- • ,.,,s| out  to lse si  nilsflt.
S i      |>eople  ars*  unable  to  raise  thoir
l*1 i ■■*      'ole  ths* hopes of   s.lhers  run  to
Us L. .„( |sjng i,,.|,i,.r in (isiinsl In tluit
" ■•* ini'iliclne sols) sss lllckle's Antl-
'        ■ ..   Syrup     It   SOOthea   nnd   rtl-
" ' the ss-nsitiinty of the memhrane
ll and air passnges, nmi is n
•overs ,-■ remedy lor all roughs, colds,
hoarseness, pain or aorcneRH In tha cheat,
''"'"' '       etc     It   has  cureil  many when
' to ii' fnr advanced in consump*
as tin* sliss'nt cashier's Bccount
,'""*        •    suspiciously  like a   figured
loway'a Corn ('bub. ss  trial     II
" ,       'en corns frssm one pair ssf 'est
pain     What  it  hiss dons
>IH lbs again
'    are our  91,000 stltchss In   the
'"' white shirt
' ' ''   "'   of    the   poo|iln   whsi   gsv   mail
*'   "  'hoir si.nsi's.
""' "Sll   .,f  iho  head  grows   faster    in
,u" i""i   than   In   winter
tha only anlmnl   that   possesses
"      " * I chin
" In**  accidents  one  death   in  foui
*" '""-'I  Isy  nltordat
ib tup
I   -I
d      l   u'ht kinds „( house-ny bays been
'''"(l »y naturalists,
'       "'al   Shoep   fatten   better   In   com-
' "' "  whsi. kepi rdons,
i  —	
,,    '"'  "■'"'•■'   Is  .ai, ui,itod   to  yield
••*"•" *orth of feathers
t.   '  J       "hventlUtsd     hats   nro   sine    ol
' '"' "'"H"H of baldness
til',,1'', '""'""•'■*■■   that  411  per  cent    ol
"'*"  I"  I "..'Ism aro vet.
if-',,''   1<l'k   "   "ve    "■''•'•Irlc   wire   «
I,  j " "■   '■■■'<   the kind  of  policy found
'   '   ■ ■    xliosjss
All Bodily Aches
The man who Is slow but sure always
■milages to get there, but he usually arrives too late.
I'hotographers are very charitable, thoy
are alwayB unxtous to take the best
view  of inaniiiil.
Monkey Brand Soap makes copper like
gold, tin like stiver, crockery like marble and windows like crystal.
It's usually s'usier for one father to
sii).port ten small children than It is for
ten grown up children to support one
and heals
the sore
aud weak
I lungs. After a few
doses the cough is relieved, aud the soreness
passes  away.
Gray's Syrup cures
to stay cured.
At all Druggists 25cts.
The Flow of Milk
will be increased.
Why go to all the
trouble of keeping
cows and get only
about half the milk
they should produce.
strengthens the digestion and invigorates the whole system so that
the nutriment is all drawn from tha
food. It takes just the same trouble to care for a cow when ahe
gives three quarts as when she
gives a pail. Dick's Blood Purifier
will pay bsck its cost with good
Interest in a few weeks.
bO cents a package.
Learning, Miles & Ca., Ageats,
THE Rrooch which we show
1 above (No. »00) Is a Sun
Burst Pattern of 14k. gold
mounted wilh sixty-five pearls.
We send it to sny address for
Wc have hundreda ef olher atylea.
You may slave a |nndly amour! oo
your Chrinlniaa BlifCtllM* hy ariiding
fiirnur IBM OitifofUl **('« aend ll tree
of coil.
You will find In il lllualrlllona of Innumerable lilt pities al piicea mosi
Ryrie Bros.,
Yon|t and Adrliido Street!,
Eet. 1854.
'Compiled from The Commercial)
WHEAT—The movement forward
from interior points is not us large
as it was before the closo of navigation, but it keeps up at a fairly
large volume, inspection returns
sliowing shipments from the interior
to run about 200 cars per day last
week. The railways have been giving
more attention to moving fuel and
general freight, which was somewhat
neglected during the rush to get
wheat out before the close of navigation, otherwise the movement would
be heavier. Uuito a number of country points are blocked up with wheat
elevators being full, so that there is
no luck of grain for shipment. There
is plenty of storage Space at lake
ports yet, though it is possible that
Fort William and l'ort Arthur may
bo *tlso lllled up before spring. The
railways talk about noving wheat
all rail to the eastern ports, but it
is not. expected that much will be
done in all rail shipments, even if
the railways were able to handle a
considerable quantity, which they are
uot. A feature of the situation is
tho shipment of Manitoba wheat In
bond to Minneapolis. One of the big
Minneapolis milling companies has
been buying cpute freely here. Some
Wheat is also going from Canadian
Northern railway points in Manitoba
to L'uluth, presumably owing to inability of that railway to handle the
irnllic to Port Arthur. The local
inurket has been quiet most of the
week, Buyers picked up a good deal
of wheat for Muy delivery last week,
and us there is very little doing in
all rail Shipment, they have a downward tendency. The holiday time is
ulso helping to make trade quiet, as
some of the principal buyers ure
away from business. At the close of
business Saturday prices were Jc
lower than a week ago, and we quote
December delivery '. 1 hard, 70c; 1
northern, 68c; 2 northern, 6C*Jc; 3
northern, 04Jc; in store, Fort William, Port Arthur or Duluth. Kor
.I.iiiuary delivery the price is •> cent.
higher than December for May delivery ; 1 hard, 75c; 1 northern, 7He ;
2 northern, 71c; and 3 northern, 09c.
OATS-r-There are hardly any oats
in the market owing to car shortage.
Dialers have orders dating back lor
a considerable lime, and cannot get
theni lilled fur want of oats. This
makes the market uncertain. Any
sudden movement of oats would tlat-
ti-n out the price which is now above
ths*. actual value. There are large
stuck:) of oats in the country, but as
they cannot be moved they are not a
factor in the market at present. No.
2 white oats are worth 28Jc per
bushel at Port William. On truck at
Winnipeg this grade is worth 27c
per bushel, and about 25c is the
price   fur  fe<*d   white. At  country
psiuit*' farmers are getting 2<»c per
bushel nt central points.
11A RLE Y—Shipments are very light
for want of cars. Brewers are bid-
ding '.I2,j per bushel for No. 8 extra
barley, in carlots, on track. Peed
grades are worth 20 to 27c.
FLAXSEED—The Manitoba crop is
practically all out Of tirst hands.
Some districts in the Territories still
have some iluxss*ed to sell. 'Ilie price
is ubout 98 cents to farmers at country points.
SPELTZ—The market holds ste-ndy
st 80c per bushel of 50 pounds, delivered  in  Winnipeg.
HAY—Dealers ore paying   S6    to
86.5D per ton for carlots on track.
POTATOES— *'0c per bushel.
BUTTEB — Creamery— Creameries
ure asking 20c per pound from city
customers  for  chsiice  makes.
BUTTEB—Dairy—Very little butter
is coining in and the market is quiet
at unchanged prices. Dealers nre
paying 2ic per pouml net at Winnipeg for dairy separator butter in
bricks, nnd 14 to 17c net for choice
tub butter.
CHEESE—The price is firmer at
13 to 13Jc per pound.
l'.tiCS—Eggs are scarce suid have
advanced to 22c per dozen, net, in
Winnipeg,  subject to candling.
offering in n wholesale wny 10c per
pound for chickens, dressed; (.'Jc to
lOo foi ducks anil geese, and 15c for
dressed, 6 to ojc per pound; country
sts>ck. $c uniler these figures; mutton,
•■* tn Os'; lamb,  11 »ji; bogs, 7c
lliDl'.s—Country frozen hides srs
hiinging from Be to 61c per pound,
delivered at Winnipeg, li'ss 5 poinds
ins*   shoep ps'lts, ISO tsi 80c
Weill.—Market nominal
SENECA ROOT—Last purchases
uin' mulls* al 58o per pound for clean
dry root, delivered at Winnipeg.
LIVE stock
CATTLE—Butchers' ordinary    are
worth 3Jc per pound and from that
figuiu quotations run down lo 21c
according to quality. There ii nothing doing in stocker cattle.
SHEEP—Worth 8fc per pound off
curs here.    I.niubs, 4J  to 4Jc.
HOGS—The   market*is   unchanged
nt Oc per pound for hogs weighing
iraii'i 100 to 2IMI pounds. Heavies
and lichts are worth i  tole less.
MILCH COWS—There are very few
milkers to be hnd, and prices are
firm at $30 to $Lr> enrh, for such ns
are to lip hud, according to quality.
Honsics— There is a good demand
for tenuis for the bush, and prices
are stiff   General purpose horses are
nlso  wanted.
S.  Barnca,  of   Rat  Portage,
Tells of the Trials of the
Early Settler
Buttered Terribly Form Kidney Complaint
*»ot Was Speedily Relieved and Cared
*>•/ Doslsl'M Kidney lHla.
Kat Portage, Ont., Dec. 22.—(Special)—Every body in Hat Portage
knows H. S. Dames, father of a former mayor and ono of the oldest inhabit ants of the metropolis of New
Ontario. Though seventy-nine years
of age, Mr. Durnes looks younger
than many men of many fewer years
and is possessed of wonderful vitality
and activity.
A pioneer of this district, Mr.
Durnes tells many tales of early life
in the wilds of New Ontario, but
none more interesting than the following ;
"1 was terribly troubled with Kidney Complaint, I suffered severely
with pains across my back, and with
a scalding, burning sensation when
urinating that was very painful.
•'Though I had little faith in proprietary medicines, I had a box of
Dodd's Kidney Pills in the house
thnt 1 had procured for my wife, and
commenced taking them with goosl
"it was not long till my acquaintances stuited to greet me on the
street with 'Hello, Mr. Barnes, how
young you are lool.ing !' They were
not astray. 1 felt smart too, and
feel younger and in better health
than 1 have beer for years,. My Kidney Uompiaint wns completely cured
by Dodd's Kldnev Pills."
Men   wl.o   make  p.  specialty   ol   picking
quarrel! rnr.ly complain of a short crop.
Possession i*i»y be nine points of tlie
|a*tv, but HtMl-possesslon Is a law unto
Pleasant as syrup; nothing equals it as
a worm medicine; the name ia Mother
llraves' Worm Exterminator The greatest worm destroyer of the age
Some  brokers  make  lt   a  point  ti
that  shelr  natrons  go  broke
A   man   without   hands   can
never    feul
C. W Snow A Co., Syracuse. N. Y.,
write : "Please semi us ten gross uf
I'illn We are selling more of Parmelee's
Pills than any other Pill we keep They
huve a treat reputation for the cure ol
Dyspepsia and l.iver Coiunlaint " Mr
t'hsss A. Smith Lindsay, wriies : "Par-
iiiele*'*'h l'ills are an excellent medicine
Mv sister has been troubled with severe
headache, but theso pills ha\e cured her."
A bachelor who has been rejected by
ses en girls says that feminine beauty. is
ssn the decline,
It is saisl that butter was unknown to
th" ancients, hut It is hurd to make patron*   of  cheap   hoarding    houses   believe
A  Pompoii Ceremony.
An Interesting ceremony takes place
daily nt Gibraltar. The town and
fortress lie Bt the end of a peninsula,
about a mile and u half long, tbe mainland beiug Spanish territory. Tbe gats
leading to Spain Is, every evening, lock-
eil at suuset and every morning un-
locked at suurlse. Each day a company from one of tbe regiments performs one of these functions. In the
murnlng the company, fully officered,
with colors flying and accompanied by
a band, marches to the commandant's
[muse. The compuny comes to attention, and the eotiimundnut hands out
the keys on a velvet cushion. These
ate received by the captain's orderly,
the batiil strikes up. and the procession
marches to the gale, which Is unlocked
witb great ceremony. In the evening
the same ceremony, in the reverse order, Is goue through. All suspicious
characters are put out of the town before tbe gates are locked lu the evei>
An Exeeatlea.
"I feel so depressed when lt rains
hard," said Mrs. Snuggs. "But, then,
1 suppose thnt ls the rule."
'•There are exceptions," said her husbanil.
"Arc there?"
"Vi's; umbrellas are raised."—Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph.
It si I Is*, n *, a In lloeala.
Travelers by rail In Russia are dJ.
vidi-il Into three classes, civil, military
ami Convict, with the further aubdlvi-
■Isbii of paying nnd tionpnytng.
Ogilvie    Oats
Delicious flavor.   Free from hulls.     Warranted Pure.
Put up la all sliced  packages.
Ogilvie's Hungarian
Aa now manufactured.   The great FAMILY FLOUR.
Insist oa getting "OOILVIIC'B,"  as they are better than the Beet.
housekeepers must find it difficult lo decide which PACHAGE
TEA is Ihe best- there are so many.
*. > 5- If you try * ^i-V-
It will settle all doubts:
ii^-g^ USE EDDY'S
It Is vsery much ,.t-ro?s*;-r and thii h.r than any other (tarred or bnlldlna)
y*V«r. It la tmpervloua to wind, keeps out colsl, Uesipa In heat, s*arrl<s» no amell
or odor, abaorba no tnolature, Impurta sio taaie or flavor to un*. thing with
whlnb It sonsra ln contact. It la largely nassl not ossly for aheellnK lionassa, bat
(or lining cold atorage bullsllnga, refrigerators., ilalrlea, * ri uiihm l.-a, and all
silaoea wl.*r« tbe olsject la to keep an s-ven sssssl uniform temperatnra, and at
lb* aam* time avolJlug dminpneaa.
"Write our Agent a, TEES A PERSSK, 'Winnipeg, for (ample*.
! K. S3. EDDY OO., Limited, MsUIL.!..
Wid/ AMI*/ &v#r C^/nAsiVH^ "vQAAtt/-
and car. b* enrad at
183 Osborne Bt., Winnipeg.    EaUbliah' 0
0»*r 800,000 car. a. Don't be derailed . /s r
want ( cure T»k* The Keeley *»»» yoo
arts treated by a sjunli&ssd phyaiclan. ("orrea
peataK* itrlctly private.
It s  a   put-up-job   on   a   man   when
wife orders a  new  stove.
No   man   can   be  expected   to   fsiot   his
wile's bills without ktCsUng
Mr T .) Humes, Columbus, Ohio,
writes "I have been alllirted tor some
time with Kidney and l.iver Complaints,
and find Parmelee's l'ills the best medicine for these disease Those Pills do
not cause pain or griping, ami should be
usssd when ss cathartic is required. Tl"e\
are sis'lutine coated, and rollest in *he
Hour of Llcorlca to preserve their puruv
and    give    tbem    a     pleasant,      rrecabli
Fven  the   river   banks   nr"   unnb e
stunsl ss  protracted   run on them
Some lawyers prolong the outcome ot a
ciisi- In  order to  Increase  their Income
Miliars Liniment Cures DipijtJicria.
Wives   b'nr   burgian   will  break   In   ansl
hudands fear the baby  will   break  out.
Hops me (aid lo i... a sedative, vet
most frogs are troubles) with chronic In-
Minaru's Iiiniiii Lira Distemper.
It   is I'lB-der  ti)  DiallS   a slollar  than   it
is tii avoid nrrs'Nt for counterfeiting
A man's shadow is like most ol hit*
friends, it only storks to him in
Men admire olaver women mors
tlmn handsome ones, because thssy
nrs* scarcer,
1   it i* almost as hard to keep a (rlsnd
as  ll   Is   to  lose  an enemy
Swiss l.slslalls-enkea.
Swiss e-riiHiisH-tiUi's nre really potato
croquettes in nil except form. Grate
four or live large potatoes, press part
of tlio water out of tliem anil mix with
two beaten ck^'s and a heaping tea-
Bps, s. in ful of salt. Drop by spoonful on
u hut greased i-ridiHe.
Some one has lieen flgurln)* out the
number of words a man utters in a
year and tlmls the average to be 11,-
sSOO.OOO words.
Iiis.   msire checks a  mun receives In  his
busine»H career tae ss***oncr he gets there
Worn thin ?
Nol Washed thin
That's so
when common soap is used.
Aak fsr the Ortajos Bar. tjj
nalf.sr.1   SIiost   In   llnlr.
All over Italy social life Is iliaracter-
izeil by a gnat luve of out wanl ehow
tine is an nnccUotS wblcb Mr. Lulgl
Villarl reluti'8 In "Italian Life In Town
and Oountry" to illustrate this national
An Amerlcnu Kentluninn who was
■pending tbe winter In Naples bad
taken u flat In ti palazzo. the lla-ct (lisir
of whieh was occupied by n noble fain
liy lu gonewual reduced ctrcum
Htniiees. Ile noticed to his surprise thnt
every day lie met a servant uoltm dp
or down the stairs carrying a pair of
carriage doors. At last ths. myslerj
was explained Tbe said noble family
shared a carriage wltb some otber i""
pie. but I'.ii'li hnd lis own iiu.is wltb
i in.* family coul of arms, to moke tbeli
friends believe Unit they both luul
Atlvlaes  after  you  enjoy  your  Christmaa
Turkey,   continue  the  pleasure  by  eraok-
Ini; a
No other  has that  peculiar sweet gavor
Manufactured by
GEO      IP".    tlRVAN    m\    OO.
Srrow Uaka, SB. O.
■munUs*. mlstat arenery ■»rl.all»4 Me
(ran.ls.ssr The ni..ai ...nisilat* health rea
• ort en the continent of North A snorts*.
Ite hatha cure all   NrrToua   and
lsr dlaeaaea.    Ita watrre  li-is'   ell   Ktstee**,
Liver and titntuas'ti allsisessia.
The; are a never-falling remedy foi   all
-.ihsuusatle trssublaa
TKKM |1J te 111 per WSeki   aeieeeUast
lo ra.aiaiis-e tu  Ho •   er Vlllea
A Veterinary Conditioner.
VY    I
inn r;
.1     K
Irandon, Jalj Brrf, iT>o*.'
Douglas,  Esq
Sir,—Vour    iireimiisiism.   ",l'nine-
1 Bad    t.i   In. n Mi>h ,i insa   etock
lleinii   laiinpsiM'il   nf   niialis-ini's    ol
tlous    tonic   siml    nlieiiitiv,.   proper-
SlOskll'SMl   will    Bad   It   s   i;s.sssl   Sl|'|ll>-
nnil   liloiisl   is'Kuiutor,   Inn inn  ssliun-
fatti'tiiiiK ipinliti.".        \'mirs  truly.
I'isiir.u. V   S„  Brandon. Mnn
can obtain it from yonr dealer
Tens'Is I nit   III via   is   l.,-aa<sn.
Thompson DM your wife scold yon
Wben .vou went home bo Lite last
Johnson—You don't know what it is
to have a wife who was sms'e a gcbool
teacher,   Bhe simply made' no write n
hundred times on u elute, "I  must be
home by 10 o'clock."
T. H. METCALFE & 00.
drain and Commleelon Merehant*.
Hlghi-ssi prlsi-a pasl.t fi.r wheal, oate, barley or si ii a tii carlots. Wire ,,r write me
for prl.-ee hefore a, llm,,-. I.llss*rnl a.Ivan.
i aa made on rs.ualKiiitsptsta asssl Isnssslled
on comnslaalssss.   i.i. fna.-si ansl Itunded.
P. O. li..» Ann.  wi.,.,!,,. «, Ma.,,
The quality atasulisrri Irom   Oeew   .
Os un.  Yuur none* sack ll not m*
tefautsir**. ....
Rosra i.AKi.AMitr,. a«-*„ v.-nbhp *
L .    ..!-. '     ' '  i  ■■
\A/,    IM.    KJ.    sTMo.    *OQ. THK DRILL. SLOCAN. B. C, .1 AM.'AKY
<sC. E. SatiTHE-uxoALE, Editor and Prop.
B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 .cents a line for
Ahe tint insertitxi and *> cent* a line each
aSubsKquent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, »7 each.
Tranaient advertisements at same rates
At legal advertisim--.
Locals will t>« charged 10 cents a lin*
ier each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is »2 per year, atrict-
jy in advance; f 2.50 a year if uot so paid.
Addresi all letter* to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY. JANUARY 2nd, 1903.
A pencil mark in the space
apposite will be an indication to yeu that ye editor
seeniidera there ii some tlsiii g
ateming to him on yoursuk*-
•eription. Kindly aokaew-
t*dg*  ia cash and oblige.
A  Happy  and   Prosperous  New
Tear.       _-_____—
Hon. Clifford Sifton says the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railroad need not ex
peet any land grant from the Dominion government.   Something has been
learned since the days of the C.P.R.,
when it was thought u small thing to
give away an empire in land and a
mint iu money to bonus a railroad
Now another mint will doubtless be
given away to the new transcontinen
tai giant,  but the land will be pre
served to the people.   In another de
cade commonsoiwo will so far prevail
as to have all railroads built and owu
ed by and for the government.  Cana
diaus are learning their lesson.
Grand Trunk railway officials state
their intention of commencing work
on their Pacific extension early next
spring. Construction gangs will start
simultaneously at North Bay, Prince
Albert, Edmonton, the PaciGc coast
and other convenient points. Failing
in their raid on the Dominion govern
ment for a second C.P.R. graft, the
company looks for practical sympathy
from British Columbia and hopes for
much. They state the mineral re
sources of the northern part of the
province are of little worth without
railroad communication, so they submit the natural wealth of the country
should l>e turned over to them. They
will never get it. No such monkey
work will be tolerated by the people
of the province. The day of the Vic
toria bonus-given* is about over and
an era of sounder aud healthier politics is at hand.
Professional and careful nursing for
weeks on the part of the Prior government could not save to them North
Victoria and their candidate went
dow-i to defeat before T. W. Paterson
to the tune of 43, in the heaviest vote
jet recorded in the constituency
Strenuous efforts were put forth to
elect Mr. Robertson, the premier and
his colleagues in the cabinet thor
oughly and systematically canvassing
* the electorate. Promises aud favors
wero lavishly distributed, but the farmers would not be gulled. They remembered only too well their treat
ment of last session when they wen
denied representation iu the house and
' they acted accordingly. The result of
the election is a distinct blow to tin
government, who now find themselves
up against the real thing, particularly
ns West Yale has Uvn lost to them by
it fluke. Dissolution is in sight, as
thc government arc in a hopeless min
A glanee backward through the
vista of the past year reveals evideuec
sufficient to cause tho people of this
division to take satisfaction in   tin
' mining situation. True, the output is
a fraction  less  than in  1901, yet it
' must bo rememljcred that much of the
tonnage for the previous year was
taken from the dumps of the Arling
ton. In 1902 the ore shipped repre
sented the result of bona fide mining
during the year. Were the actual
output of the Enteiprise. as ropresent-
'od by tho product of its concentrator,
figured upon, it would be found thnt
the mineral won from tho ground
would approximate 10,000 tons, whieh
is a most substantial record. Activ.
development has placed the Iron
Horse, MiiIjoii, Black Prince, Meteor.
Ottawa and Republic fairly among the
list of mines, with other prospirts in
a healthy condition.which is a marked
advancement over 1901, Xo failures
can bo shown for last year, so the de
in iralized state of the mineral market
has had no disastrous effect here.
Very few sales have besn made during the year, but that haa beon the
experient*e of every mining camp in
British Columbia. Taken all together
the development in the camp has
been most satisfactory and the prospects for 1903 are by uo means dispiriting.   	
Old papers for sale at this office.
The public school resumes operations next week.
Christmas day was duly celebrated
in true western style.
The express and post offices did a
huge business last week.
McCallum & Co. are sporting a new
delivery rig of their own.
Less than two weeks to the elections
and not a candidate in sight.
The heavy thaw prevented the carnival at the rink last Friday.
Wm. Hunter & Co.of Silverton have
sold out to Wilson & Barclay.
New Year's day passed off in a very
quiet and uninteresting manner.
Thos. Chew is in Vancouver, pua-
chasing machinery for the big shingle
The mines tributary to Slocan lake
last year shipped a little over 9,600
A. David came down from Sandon
on Monday to visit his local establishment.
Tony Long is leaving tomorrow, to
spend thc balance of the winter at
Harry Dempster went to Rossland
Tuesday to spend New Year's with his
The Royal Hotel held a Christinas
tree for its boarders, each one getting
a remembrance.
Born.--In the M. U. General Hospital, on Dec. 29, the wife of Malcolm
Cameron, of a son.
Wednesday was tho last day for
license and householders to get on the
municipal voters' list.
Nelson has had 10 candidates pass
at the high school entrance examinations out of 12 writing.
J. Frank Collom,managing director
of the Arlington, is expected in shortly from San Francisco.
If the ice is favorable there will 1 e
a hockey match at the rink tonight
between the seniors and juniors.
The sacrament of the Lord's Supper
will lie observed in Knox church next
Sunday, during the morning service.
The annual meeting of the Interior
Press Association of British Columbia
will be held at Nelson on January 18.
The lower bridge over Slocan river
almost collapssxl from the weight of
the snow. The stringers sprung a
Braces have been strung in the
Tr Bbytorian church, the heavy snow
having spread the building seven
A car of ore passed through this
woek from the Fisher Maiden, being
the first shipped by that property during the year.
W. T. Shatfoad & Co. are opening
a new branch store at Hedley City, in
ihe Similkame-en country. The store
will lx* 25x60 feot.
A.R. Bolderston and family and
Mrs. Bennett returned from Rossland
on Monday, where they spent the
Christinas holidays.
The sawmill tug came down Monday evening, bringing the balance of
the lumber reauired in the erection of
the new shingle mill here.
George foRelle, formerly of this
place, writes from Valdez for people
to stay away, as thero is nothing in
the camp.   It's a transportation Ixwni.
The heavy weight of snow on  the
There are three points
which make a "Ryrie"
Diamond a most satis-
factor*-* Investment:
Wa ns ra expert knowlesJn ef
Diamond Valuta—
Ve tiled personally every
•laat cattrlni our stock—
W« ahterfullr refund las full
price If a Diamond
purchased of sa la sot
parfecllr sailefaciorj.
Wrtt, for mr Hot Catolcam.
e Bros.
Tonie and Adelaide
roof of the Oddfellows' hall spread
the walls eight inches. Strengthening
rods were strung across on Wednesday*
Mrs. W. J. Adcock, for four years
organist of Knox church, has handed
in her resignation, to take effect next
Sunday. The congregation will miss
her sadly.
There is talk of navigation on the
Lower Arrow lake being closed, owing
to the low water in the Narrows. In
that case the South Kootenay traffic
would come through here.
The entertainment and Christmas
tree given by the children of Knox
church Sunday school was the usual
success and the attendance very large.
Presents were bestowed in a lavish
A party of townspeople went down
to Ceoar ranch to spend Christmas.
Watson's orchestra was in attendance,
led by M. Dixon, and a great time
was spent. Tho visitors returned on
Saturday, well pleased with their
Fred Johnson yesterday assumed
charge of the Slocan Hotel and is now-
ready to carry on the business on the
same high plane the house has always
maintained. Fred has a host of
friends and will draw his full share of
the trade offering.
allMlli   RECORDS.
Appended ia a complete list of ths var
ioua pecordi registered at the local regie
try office, H. I*. Chriatie being mining
Dec 22—Southern Chief, Club.
Rev. William Simons. Pastor.
Sunday, st 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m
Strangers and young men
are cordially invited.   .   .
J. M.
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN. - - B. C
/)> JOINING the
OK I'ente part for three months' membership.
Sm Each member receivea the official club organ
every month.lncladioc6psecea of hia-h-cUttavsscal
and Instrumental new moaio each month, 18
liincea In all; also a Certificate ot Memberehip
which eHvee the privilege of Clnb Boom In New
York Oity. and of burins literature, music or musical instruments of an j description at wholesale
prices, sarins; joo from *J0Y to 60V on your pur-
chaaea. Don't fail toJoinatonce.YouwllIgetmuch
more than yossr money's worth. Mutual Litib-
abi-Mcsio Club, Dept.    . ISO Nassau St.. N.Y.
Certificate of Improvements.
Hamilton, Hamilton Fractional, Jlnnle,
Toronto, nail Bloaaioin   Fractional
Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located :—On Springer creek,
adjoining the Ottawa mine.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Archie Main-
waring-Johnien, acting as agent for A.
Bruce Coleman, Free Miner's Certificate
No. 1559936, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Uecorder forcertificatesof improvement,for
tho purpose of obtaining Crown grants
of the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 24th dav of December, 1902.
per annum.
Profit is necessary to business
continuance, that is obviom,
But a firm tbat make* profit the
the sole end aimed at soon discovers its mistake. Quality to
my mind is primarily essential.
Witb me profit in the narrow interpretation is always subordinated to it. Tbis is the safest
policy both for you and fur me.
Tbe greatest encouraitemont I
receive is that my customers always seek quality first. They
know and rightly, that in so doing their profit will be more real
and lasting.
In Bronze
We are showing Vases, Candelabra, Mirrors, Call Bells.
Ink Stands, Flower Stands.
Lnmps.Piano Lamps,Picture
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Umbrellas.   Tbey are beauties.
We keep tbo Merlden Britisn-
uin Company's goods. "811.
ver Plate that wears." Nut
Bowls,Tou Ware.Bake Dislies
Knivos, Forks. Sposms, etc.
aro guaranteed by both us
and them to be the best thnt
is made iu plate.
Tbe Merislen Britnnnin Cu
by over DO years of contiiiiisiu^
manufacturing, havo miule is
reDUtatiou in this line thnt
none can touch. Come in ami
see some of their late productions.
American   Cut   Glass of   all
kinds and designs.
Engraving not exceeding three letters will be done free of charge,
and express orders will receive prompt attention,
Watches, Clocks and Jeweler*/    W
of every description. \\
KM a »
i Jacob Dover, the Jeweler, To™ 1
NOTICE is hereby given that 1 intend
to apply at a special sitting of tbe Board
of Licensing Commissioners for tbe City
of Slsis-an, to be held after the expiration
cf 30 days from the date hereof, for a retail liquor license for the premises
known as the Slocaa Hotel, situate on
Lota 7 and 8, Block 12, ""locan.
Dated at Slocan this 10th day of December, 1902.
Notice of Nomination for
School Trustee
I)UBLIC NOTICE is herebygiven to the Electors ssf tho Municipality of the City ssf Slocan, that I require the presence of the said
Electors at tlio City Hall, Blocan, on tho Uth
day of January, 190.**.. from the hsinr of 12 o'clock
noon, till 2 p.m., for tlie purpose of electing a
person to represent them ou the School Board
as School Trustee.
The mode of nomination of candidates shnll
be sss follows:
The candidates shall be nismliitited in writing;
the writing shnll bo subscribed by iwo voters ssf
the Municipality as prsiposer and secsiuder. and
shall be delivered to tlie Returninn- (Jtlicer at
any time between the date sif tho notice and 2 p.
m. of the day of nomination;
And in the event of a pssll being necessary,
such poll will be open on the lath day of January, 1903, at said building, of which everybody
is hereby required to take notice and govern
himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to vote at the said election shall be such persons as have their names
registered as vsiters on the voters' list of the
Municipality of the City of Slocan.
Given under my band and seal at the City of
Slocan this 23rd day ssf December, A.D. 1902.
Retisrning Oflicer
Slocaa City Hers' Ion,
No. 6a, W. F. of it.
Meets every Wednesday •failing
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting: brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Furnishings ^>
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at th*
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horsrs far
hire at reasonable rates.
1)TJBLI0 NOTICE is hereby given tss the Klee-
tors of the Municipality isf the City sif Hiss-
can, thnt I require the presence ssf the said
Electors atthe City Hall, Slsscan, sbib the 12th
day of January, 190*1, frism the hour sif 10 o'clock
niiim. till 2 p.m., for the purpssse uf •leotiUf persons to represent thorn in the Municipal Council ns Mayor nnd Aldermen.
The mode of nomination of cansliilates shall
be as fsillssws:
The candidates shall he nominated in writing;
the writing shall be siihsorilsesl by two vs.ters ssf
the Municipality as prssposer anil seconder, anil
shall be delivorcil to the Returning Olllcer nt
any time between the date ssf the notice and 2
p.m. of thn slay ssf nomination;
Ansl in the event of a pull being necessary,
such pssll will be open sin the Uth day nf January, 1903, at saisl building, of which everybody
is hereby reiiuirod tis tnke notice nnd govern
himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to lie nominated for nnd
elected Mayssr of such City at the said election
sball bo such periona as are male British subjects of tho full age of twenty-one years, and are
nsst disqualified under nny law, and
(n.) Havo been fssr the six months next preceding the dny of nomination the rngiatiTod
owner in the Lnnsl Registry Ofliee sif laud or
real prisperty in the City of tho assesses! value,
on the last municipal assessment roll, of $1000,
or more, over nnd above any registorod incuni-
hriuice or charge, nnd who nro otherwise duly
qualified as municipal voters.
Tha persisna qualified tube nominated fssr and
electod Alderninn of such City nt the snid election shall be such persons as are mnle llritish
subjects of the foil age ol twenty-one years, nnd
aro not disqualified under any law, and
(h.) Have been fnr the six months next pre-
casting the day sif nomination the regi-tered
owner in the Land Registry Ofllco of land or
real properly in the City of the assessed value,
oa tho Inst municipal assessment roll, of (.'A), or
more, sivor anil above any registered incumbrance ssr chargo, and who are otherwise duly
qualified as municipal voters.
Given under my band nnsi sonl at the City of
Slocan this 23rd day of December, A.D. 1901,
Returning Offlcor
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why ba without a ranee what
you ean get one so cheap .*• The**
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will ba
set up frae.
cure all form* of
Distress after eating
four Stomach
and Bilious Headache
Fer sale at—
Agents for the Jleintzman A C-*.,Gerhard Heini/inan. and Karn Pianes
Representing the strongest eem-
panics deiug business in Canada.
See new accident polict, with participation in profits. covarinr sickness and operatiens.
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
All sensible people trarel
by'.he C.P.R.
PEED    *
Certificate of mrofemts.
Maatserax FraeMeasl Mlaeral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District,
Where located:—In the Arlington
Take notice that I, J. M. McGregor,
acting as agent for Thos. Toli'm, F.M.
C. No. B5U727, and II. Cameron, free
miner's certificate No. 1160795, intt'iul,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Koenider for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a strown grant for the abovo
And further take notico that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the igiuanco of sucb certiflcate of
Dated this 17th dsvof November, 1902
21*11*08 "J, M. McGREGOR.
A glance at tha eendenseri
tiinatabl-* will coavincu ynu
•f this fact. LeiiTo Slocan
Citv at I 20 p.m :
ArriTo Winnipeg 3rd dny 8.50 am
Arrive St. Paul 3rd day at G.-tO pas
Arriva Chicago 4th dny at 930a.ni
Arrive Toronto oth day at 2.45 i\as
Arrive Montreal 5th day at 6.30 p si
Arrive New York filli day 8.55 a,m
"Flying palaces bvday,l"Uf>
orient- resting places at
■ iclit." titly describes th* C.
P.l. Taurist Cars, which
leave as follows:
Leaves Dunmore Junction daily for SI.
Paul; Kooteaay Landing Toesday aad
Saturday for Toronto, Montreal, etre.
Further proof of the unequal-
lod service ot the C.P. B. tau
be had on appliaation lo
J. 8. CARTttR,
A. (LP* A.,
Agent, Sloean Oity


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