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The Slocan Drill 1905-03-03

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 IW 8 -1905     i]
:***-*-*^ t*'irts**s\**mr**r^r^
t   \
a     *
,f so. you will find our stock of Tobacc<»«'ov'.j,b,,,,.""" '" ZZ',rZ°0™ "
gars and Pipes the best and  most complete Jan 105
in the city	
A full line of the choicest Confectionery on band
ami all varieties of Fruit in season.    Prices Right.
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Hats
S there will be no milliner in town this spring, we
have ordered some Ladies' and Misses' Ready-to-
Wear Hats; also Children's Sailors.    Wait for them,
We have also placed in stock the smaller
sizes in Children's Tan and Red Slippers
and Shoes.     We have also on order Red
and Tan  Hose to match.
W© are pleased to show you Goods.   Drop
im any time you are down town.
David  Arnot, Slocan,
Agent for Tetley's Teas.
J. W. Crow,  Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one <>f tli'1 best known ainl most popular houses
in the country.     It is located adjacent to the depot aud the
wharf, anil commands a magnificent view uf the beautiful
Slocan lake.     Good fishing i*i to Iw found close nt hand, while
every facility is offered for boating,
Tourists will lind the Arlington and ideal resting place,
Commercial men have at their command new and commodious
sample rooms.
The dining room is strictly up to date ami the bar supplied
with only the best brands of goods
Is reached by any trail »r road
that runs into the Town.,
F)o not ko  put  "ts  door when
vou are dry, weary or hungry.
r7*jr__*f^rmm~fm^-^ ___f_tg_____r*__z •M^JsariK.VA"^!
ubbmg utlet
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
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$2*50 fora Year
g_ j ,*^fOT***CTIfe^
DebBtt on tlm Spaaoh From (lie Throne—
Fer the pint Time in Hlatory of tho
Provlnoe the Art rivets U Adopted
Without n Olvlalou,
The debate ou the address from the
throne began on Monday, The mover,
M:-. Ross, Fernie., and the seconder,
Mr, Tay)or, Revelstoke, both made
masterly speeches, whieh were listen'
ed to with interest by both house and
galleries. A notable feature in the
remarks of both gentlemen was thai
tin y did uot merely echo the terms
from the speech from the throne, but
showed plainly that they had made a
d lep and careful Btudy of the moro
important legislation to be brought
before thr- bouse, and bad formed def;
inii.' opinions of their own on thc matter.
Speaking of the minin',' industry.
Mr. Hoss suited tbere was to be noted
a steady improvement*, the returns at
the close of the veiir just past amounted ti close to $20,000,000. This return
v. a-, he belioved, equal to that of 1901,
which had hitherto been regarutsci
the banner year of the mining industry in the province. Better prices for
mineral* had prevailed during the
year, aud zinc, formerly of uo valuo,
hnd lie:- mi" a marketable product.and
would be a strong factor in future iu
the districts where its presence had
hitherto been regarded as a drawback;
The present government on its ac*
ci ssion t" power had found itself faced by a debit balance "I $71,829.
Moreover thero were, in addition, contracts which had pledged tho credit of
the proviuce i" some$800,00 I. Today.
however, in spite ol tbat heavy handicap al iis Rtart, the g iverumeut could
point, at the cloio of the lirst fiscal
year, to the surplus of revenue over
■ A;- uditureol $27,706.95. Moreover,
it was to Ik' :vm-ui!,er-d that there
was an item included in theexpeudt*
hue  t-coiiat  of   the    la-'.    lUcai yo ir ,
which   bad   always   previously beeu '
charged to  capital  account, namely,
the  interest  on   railway ruarantees,
amountiug to $51,000.   [f, therefore,
the present statement  li id beeu ren
ci -r.-d. as bad  be >u d m 1 too often in
tho past, for the pi rpose ol showing
an apparent, in-., id of a geuuine,sur
plus, the amount would have beeu iu
the neighborhood ol W0.000.   Small
though the prosenl surplus might be,
it was none the less the lii-t thnt pro !
rincial   financiers   had been able io
■ \i"'.\ lor _'<i years; and it was a matter
for distinct pride that tbis new era of
surpluses should  be coincident  with \
the beginnin ;  of  11 Conservative re
..na" i;i British ' iolumbia.
While not in a position toforecasl
the government's policy on railway
1 iiittors, Mr. Ross fully endorsed u
bold and progressive line of action,
and thought the government wast-
be commended for going slowly.
Hasty and ill-considered legislation,
in a matter where all the interest.-, ol
the province « ire so vitally concerned.
would Ixi v.oise than no legislation at
all. lie concluded by ridiculing the
opposition Btorv thai the governmeul
forces were disorganized, ft was a
fairs tale, aud the Conservatives were
quite capable "I looking alter public
Mr, Taylor, Revjelstoke,in seconding
the address, expressed keen -aii-f.ie
faction til the excellent financial show
ing made by the governmeut. The
effect oi this on the credit and iudus
Iries of th ■ proviuce had already been
i marked, nnd he fell justified hi
concluding thai British Columbia waa
in.,*, succe sfully launched upon the
a.-i-, atest era of prosperity she had yel
kuown. Mr. Taylor went lull*, inl i
the mining, lumbering, and othoi
questions mention ••! iu tho nddress,
making oul 11 strong case on behalf ol
the Conservative party and govern
Mr, Maedonald. leader of the oppo
-ition. moved the adjournment ol tli
debate to the following day.
Dr. King, Cranbrook, moved, amid
applause from the government side.
tha presentation of an address to the
lieutenant governor, prayiug him lo
represent to the dominion governmeul
the heart) concurrence of the house
jn the requesl of tbe lumbermen ol
ihi* pro.ine- for tho imposition of s
,|ni\ upon forei 'ii lumber.
'The resolution passed unanlmoii! ly,
th ■ premier ironically congratulating
tb • opposition upon their change "I
1, .;,||. the resolution being so little in
a veid with the traditions of the Lib
end party.
On Tin sd.n tho debate on  the an
,],,. it) was resinned bv Mr. Maedonald.
leader oi the oppositioii,who appeared
.,, hi- speech developed, less in tlie
light ol a member ot the provincial
legislature than as counsel for the de
fence of the dominion government.
The two per cenl tax was killing the
mining industry, and anv  life il pos
ROSSO I was due   |0   the dominion .""'•
oiument, who Imd given a botiut,} on
|oad,    Rovonue from Frew miners cer
tifioates had fallen off and receipts
from (hu two per cent tax had been
reduced 813,(XK), a sure sign of ruin.
Hon. Mr. McBride replied in one of
tho best speeches of the session, successfully refuting the arguments of
Uie opposition leader. Ho ridiculed
the insinuation that the;government
was ruled by the Socialists, as there
was no truth In it. He scored the opposition leader for stating the laws
were killing the mining industry,
pointing out that at home and abroad
the laws were recognized as sound and
geod, many of their features having
been incorporated in the statutes of
other countries. Mining men were
divided on the subject of the two per
cent tax, and the opposition had failed
to suggest a successful alternative.
The fact that last vonr's output of
mineral was above 816.000,000,and the
tax collected was only $06,000, was
evidence enough that the laws were
imposing no burden on the mining industry.
The premier's speech was followed
by enthusiastic applause, even some
of his opponents joining In. A somewhat awkward silence followed,broken
by the voice of Mr. Speaker:
"Are you ready for the question?"
Twice more it was asked, without a
response. Thus, for the first time in
the histpry "a province, the address on the speech from the throue
"■• passed without a division an
a inowlcdgement of weakness and
disunion in the Liberal ranks, which
surprised even those members of the
government who wero aware of how
little-foundation there was for the
grent game of bluff which their opponents had been playing.
The fall down on the part of the
opposition   rendered  the business for
the rest of  the  week of afdintaudl
f • .-ble nature, the  house   in   uo oase
sitting more than au  hour and a half. |
adjourning early each dav.
Victoria. Feb! 22. 1905.
the bunkhouse in two, covered up the
Enterprise road, and spread out over
much ground, clearing uir lho limber,
The slide was 80 feet in thickness.
Mrs. Isaacson,wifo of Martin Isaacson,
one of the lessees of the Neepawa.had
a narrow escape from an awful death.
She had left the sleeping part of the
bunkhouse not n miuuto beforo tho
slide eamo down and carried that portion of the building away. She and
her husband and sou found shelter in
ono of tho tunnels.
The Stewart Herniation U Finally Voted
pour.io .schools.
■it,,].«    Important   Ka'*atura»K   of  llio   New
(■orcriimi'iil I'lll.
The new government bill dealing
with public schools is exciting much
interest throughout the province. It
does away with all previous laws and
amendments nnd is calculated to throw
more of tho burden of financing the
schools on to the people direct.
All schools ara to be tree and bon-
sectnriau. City school districts are to
be of three classes, place- like Slocan
being of the third class, Tho first
ela-s will get $350 a year from the
government; second das- S.';7r>; and
third class >'!*Jn, based on the number
■ if teachers employed. A further per
capita grant is to bo given of a dollar
for every dollar tli" trustees may supplement anv teacher's salary, up to
5100. This would figure out 'to $1040
a year for Slocan.
A voters' list of those entitled to
vote for trustees shall be made oul
each year and added to the ordinary
municipal list, Each voter shall have
as many votes as there are tru-tees to
be elected, but may only give one vote
to one candidate. Voting shall be at
the same time, place, and in the same
manner as municipal elections. Cities
of the third class shall have three
trustees, who hold ollice for two years,
those now sitting holding out ior that
time, Any person being a householder, 21 years of age,and a British sub
ject is entitled to become a trustee or
vote. The trustees shall meet once a
On or before Feb, I in each year the
trustees shall submit a detailed esti
mate of ui uiies required during the
year to the city council, who arc! to
provide the .same. If the council recuse any supplementary sum- required, the trustees have power to submit
It bylaw to the ratepayers to raise the
amount. The city council shall an
nually appoint an auditor t" examine
the trustees' books,and the lxiard shall
stand the expense. In January of
each year the trustees shall publish in
a newspaper for three insertions a detailed statement of their finances for
the past year.
Trustees shnll visit tbe schools at
least 'ince a month and shall provide
all Bchool books required free to pupils whose parents are too poor to pay
tor -ame. The new law is to take effect in January next.
The city council met for the first
time iu its new quartet's on Monday
evening, all the members being in attendance.
Communications read: From Win.
Davidson, M.L.A.. stating ho had interviewed thi! education department
regarding extra school grant to this
city and that the authorities bad it
under consideration.    Filed.
From the snme gentleman, asking
for city's reasons for desiring to amend
the land registry act. Referred to the
city solicitor to answer.
Mr. Davidson also wrote,.enclosing
cony of the new school bill.
Mayor Arnot' had studied the new
school act, but there was nothing in it
providing for outside pupils attending
city schools. It would be cheaper f01'
the government to support the school
here than to erect and maintain a new
school for the outside children. Ho
would like to see Mr. Davidson draw
the attention of the government to
that fact.
Aid. McNeish stated , the trustees
had been hammering at the government for months on the subject.
Aid. Teeter favored the govern ment
granting an extra per capita for the
outside pupils attending the city
school.rather than trustees to be given
power to levy rates on outside property.
Mayor A mot stated that if the government gave no extra grant, the trustees would turn the outside pupils out
of the focal school. It would then
force the government to build a new
school for the outside pupils.
Aid. Teeier moved that Ihe clerk
correspond more fully on the subject
with Mr. Davidson. Seconded by
Aid, Aitchison ami carried.
The clerk reported that he had n -
<■< i'.ed copies of the B. C. statutes for
the past two years.
The finance committee reported in
favor of bills amounting to $35.35,
Ordered paid.
Bylaw No. 24 was brought up and
a clerical error therein corrected.
The letter from Mayor Barnard, of
Victoria, laid over from hist nieeting.
was taken up. Aid.Teeter moved that
the government be asked to amend
the municipal clauses act giving cities
power to levy rates sullicient to cover
school expenses; and that Win. Davidson, the local member, be asked to
support the amendment. Seconded
by Aid. McNeish and carried.
The Stewart resolution, laid over
from previous meetings, was brought
up and put to a vote, being declared
lost. Aid. McNeish and Aitchison
voted aye and Aid. Teeter, Madden,
and Mayor Arnot nay.
Council adjourned to next Monday
night and after that will meet the first
and third Mondays in the month.
To lir tilt'   Mali, Lino.
.1. S. Carter, of Nelson, D.O.I'.A. of
the C.P.R., was here on Friday, and
slated the Slocau lake roOte was to be
maintained a-* the main line between
Nelson and the coast. It is popular
with the traveling public, as it is 12
hours shorter than the Robsou service.
The company is running a sleeper in
here, the lirM arriving Sunday, passengers being able to secure their
berths at Nelson the nights before
Owing to Sandon passengers having a
long lay-over at Rosebery, Mr. Carter
has arranged a stage service from
Denver Siding.so thai passengers may
stav iit New Denver instead.
Dentil ofiloteph It 111 ward.
Joseph Millward, a former resident
of New Denver, died in Nelson, Saturday morning, of tumoron the brain.
Deceased was .in expert sign writer
and painter, and a musician of considerable merit. At one time he owned
U large store in Clllgarv, bill when the
dull times came moved to Vancouver,
ami from there to New Denver. Joe
possessed numberless friends, whose
heartfelt sympathy will go out to the
widow antl twosttrvlving children.
Hamulii'<l liy ii MM".
\bout noon on Sunday the l>ig
snowslide al tho Neepawa. on Ten
Mile, came down: but, unlike other
vi iu*s, it   did   mnch damage,   fl   ■■■'
ed out by water, doing so feet farther down the hill, he has started a
drift t" get under   the win/e and is in
in foet,   i hi the  Black Cloud adjoin
ing, Frauk has 2J feet of milling ore
exposed in the lower tunnel.
a rllngtoti tf a*»tta*.r*«
Nothing new has turned up during
the week relative tothe Arlington. R,
.1. McPhee, manager of the Ottawa,
spent a couple of days at the Arlington last week with W. Hudson, inspecting the workings, Despite the
long shutdown these are iu fair shape,
ih ■ timbers needing renovating in
-ome places ind  h '■• v <
i.-or   •>•■'-•
Tills    1MVISIO"*-.
L»Kt Yea*,-'* Kliipmentii Wero »375 Toim-
A Healthy Kvlrienee of tlio Lifo nnd
Wi'alth or tin, Ciimp —Ulnck I'linco ll
Tho week's shipments from the division amounted to 47 tons,44of which
came from tho Black Prince The remainder was sent out by tbo lessons of
the Graphic,being its initial shipment
for the year, The lire at the Ottawa
prevented exports from that property.
Shipments will now be interrupted,
owing to the break-up ot tho roads.
Total output f>S9 tous.
For 1901 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 2375
tons, made up from 19 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Ottawa  I"*5,
Ktiter pri so  80
Mae.:-.- Prince  44             2114
Neepawa  21
Kilo  20
Chapleau  2
Tamarac  20
Northern Light  S
Graphic  3                  S
47 589
Operations ceased this week on the
Combination group.
Tho Black Prince i.s in shape to turn
out 13 tons of ore a day.
Charley Nicholson took up supplies
to Ten Mile, Tuesday, to work on his
Negotiations are going on for tho
development of the lower portions of
the Enterprise ground.
Eight inches of ore has been opened
up by the lessees in the No. 3 tunnel
of the Majestic and Unexpected.
Two or throe men an; working on
the Nansen, at the head of Lemon
creek, taking out ore for shipment.
An important plane of ore has be • n
unexpectedly opened up in the stopes
at the Ottawa. It is trending down to
the No. IS.
Oitnwik iiuiikIkiiisi- Burned.
At midnight Friday tbe bunkhouse
at the Ottawa mine was destroyed by
lire, having caught from the stove in
the drying room. Upwards of a dozen
men were in tho bunkhouse at tho
time and several of them had narrow
escapes, so tpiickly did the building
consume. Everyone losl a portion of
his outfit, and some their money. P.
Foley lost $260 in cash, while Andy
Provost had his pet dog incinerated.
Those men losing thoir cheques ha'vo
had them replaced by tl ompany.
The loss to the companv on account
of the building was alxiut $500. On
Saturday morning Manager McPhee
lost no time in sending up lumber for
a new bunkhouse.so that "i1 'rations at
the mine were but temporarily delayed
1'ir.axiii Willi Hit Property.
* Oscar White, mauagerof tbe Slocan
Star mine, Sandon. and on** of tho
owners of the Lady Franklin group,
at the head of Lemon creek, |*ssed
through to Nelson on Friday, He is
much pleased with the recent strike
ou the Franklin, th • oro being of a
satisfactory grade. The strike was
made on the m iin vein and was 20
inches wide. Farther ahead a spur
branches out, cany ing much ore, and
upon this the principal work has been
done. The ground on the main vein
is easy to bieak and the ore is increasing in quantity
gob uol Roport.
Following is tic report of Division
1 of the public school for last month:
School days 2d. average actual attendance 29.65, pupils attending 88, girls
19, greatest number pupils attending
88, highest re-girter number 48, corporal punishment I. tardiness of pupils 21.
Division II Days in session 20,
average attendance 17.07, pupils attending 20, girls 12, greatest number
present 20, tardiness 7.
■ loied Down.
ee of tho Enterprise,
Knterpi i
Wiii. Koch,
on Ten Mile, li is laid off the force iit
the mine, excepting one man. Seve
ral slides bin ccurred In that vicinity of late, milking it Romewhal dangerous, to move about, besides block-
|ng the ro I i» a number of places.
The force employed for some weeks
past bas been
Dull for n Tlmi'.
Wood Bros, and   N. McMillan, Ies
sees of Hie Graphic, Springer creek,
came down ill-* hill on Saturday, hav*
in r d ■" "* I
A Simple Art-Work, Reet •■« Tak*
Life aa It Cornea.
▲n old fashioned doctor once remarked ln the writer's hearing that sweeping and bedmaklng ar* ths two most
•healthful occupations known to womankind, snd, although the statement is
■•undeniably a farreacbing one, it cod-
■tains at least a measure of truth.
Performed in tha right way snd punctuated by regular intervals of sleep
•and recreation, work never hurts sny
-one—never, ln fact, does one-half the
harm, physical, mental or moral, that
ts tho Inevitable outcome of indolence.
Unfortunately, bowever, says a writer
tn tha Designer, not many people in
those days do perform it in tbe right
•way, and the consequence is tbst we
•re fast becoming a nation of neurasthenics, wrapped ln morbid imagining
snd-lacking the ability either to work
or to play in the healtby, whole heart*
«d fashion that nature originally in*
Women waste time and strength
•over gymnastic exercises, hoping "faintly to find therein something tbat will
answer for tbe health tbey have lost,
•nd all tbe time tbe one crying need
1s to live rationally, taking the sunshine of life .along, with tbo shadow
•nd never rushing ln pursuit of either.
Every woman should know that If
ehe would enjoy life sho must be well,
and she cannot long be tbis, however
splendidly nature may have equipped
•her, if sbe wantonly wastes tbe energies at ber command.
Peoplo talk of health as If tt wore
•some great secret, known only to • favored fow, but the key to lt is both
simple and easily found, being merely
tho ability to take life Just as it comes
without worrying about tho future.
To work when thero is work to be
done, to do no more at tho moment
tban the moment actually demands and
to take a "breathing spell" of rest Just
when It ls needed—to follow these rules
will bo to prolong life, to keep the
health good snd the heart light and to
make tho most of tbe powers that lie
within us.
When we are weary we can do nothing
well; hence, even wben lt seems difficult to spare the time, it ls really tbo
wiser plan to lay the work aside for a
few minutes, relax the muscles and occupy the mind with restful, uplifting
It ls tbo woman's way to rush from
ono duty to another, without a moment
of rest in between, and she pays the
penalty by growing old before her time,
by arriving all too quickly st tbe point
where not only duty, but Ufe, is a burden, and by passing out of tbe sphere
of her usefulness just wben she ought
to bo in hor prime.
A  Trouble  That  Causes  Untold  Suf
fering  to  Thousands  Throughout
A Dainty Babr Girmtit.
The little model sketched ls s dainty
development which has tho advantage
of being ln ono piece, the sleeves being
•o arranged ss Just to tie at tho wrists
with ribbon bows, without any Inconvenience of pushing the littlo bands
and arms through araiholes.
Tho material used is the very finest
cashmere, the edge being buttonholed
with pale blue or pink silk and •
powdering of rosebuds or forgetmenots
worked upon the jacket. Tbis charming little pattern makes a nice piece of
fancy work.
Deliclona Yoanc Carrot*.
The French manner of cooking may
young carrots ls delicious, says Table
Talk. Boll them until tender, then
cut Into halves lengthwise. Melt some
butter in a hot spider. When tbe butter bubbles lay ln the carrots and
sprinkle with some sugar, salt, pepper
and finely chopped parsley. Fry them
until tbe edges become crisp and
.Lyonnnlse carrots are made ln ths
•same way, only cooking some finely
chopped onion ln tbe butter before
aililing the vegetable.
To make creamed carrots put In a
saucepan two tublespoonfuls of butter, and when lt is melted stir in one
tablespoonful of flour. Gradually add
to this one cupful of rich milk and season with salt and pepper. Cut the
■boiled carrots Into cubes or with t-
•sniall scoop Into balls and stir them
luto the creamed sauce. When hot,
turn them iuto a heated dish and sprln-
klo chopped parsley over tliem and
Iloaaebold Drevllleaj.
A little sweet spirits of niter ln th*
fcath or water for washing the hands
ls snld to entirely overcome odors of
To remove mildew from leather rub
with vaseline till lt is well absorbed,
tben rub and polish wltb a dry cloth.
The biliousness sometimes resulting
from the use of eggs may be prevented
in great part by sprinkling'• few drops
of lemon Juice upon tbem.
A. French chintz, with pink roses snd
buds rioting over a groundwork of lavender, ls the pretty wall hanging of a
A mayonnaise of fish, or even plain
boiled fish served cold with a sauce,
pleases many In warm weather.
Keep   the  dust   brushed   from   the
oral la, the celling, doors, windows and
•molding*. Use a clean ploce of flannel
tacked about s broom and make your
■ stroke a downward on* on tha walla
"I suffered so much with acute Indigestion that I frequently would walk
ihe floor through the long nights,"
said Mrs. Thomas Vincent, residing
at 98 St. Peter street, Quebec. "I had
been afflicted with the trouble," sho
continued, "for upwards of twenty
yeurs, but it was only during the past
year that lt assumed an acute form.
There -were times when I was almost
distracted; everything I ate disagreed
with me and the pains in tho region
of the stomach were almost unbearable. When the attacks were at their
worst my head would grow dizzy and
would throb violently, and sometimes
I would experience severe attacks of
nausea. As time went on I was almost worn out either through abstinence from food or the havoc it
wrought when I did take it. I tried
many much lauded dyspepsia cures,
but they did me no good. In fact 1
got nothing that helped mo until my
nephew urged me to take Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. He had used them
himself with the greatest benefit, and
assured me that they would help me.
After I had taken three or four boxes
of the pills there was some improvement, and I continued to take the
pills regularly for about three
months, and at the end of that time
I found myself cured. I could eat a
hearty meal and eat It with relish; I
slept soundly at night, my weight increased, and my constitution generally was built up. I think Dr. Williams' Pink Pills will cure any case
of dyspepsia, if they are given a fair
trial such as I gave them."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure case3
like Mrs. Vincent's simply because
they fill the veins with that rich, red
blood that enables every organ of the
body to do Its work property. That
ls the reason why the pills cure all
blood and nerve troubles such as
anaemia, neuralgia, rheumatism, heart
troubles, skin diseases, St. Vitus
dance, parlysls and the special ailments of growing girls and women of
middle 'age. When you ask for Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills see that you get
the genuine with the full name, "Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People," printed on the wrapper around
every box. Sold by medicine dealers
everywhere, or by mail at 50 cents a
box or six boxes for $2.50 by writing
the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont —__.,
Marl* C'orelll on   tlm    Fashionable KuglUh
Society to-day, declares Miss Marie
Corelli in The London Magazine, pre*
fora cards to prayer-books and the
hissing ol" the motor to the sound oi
sacred psalmody.
It is quite the fashion," she adds,
"to play bridge all and every Sunday, when and wherever possible.
"Country-house 'week-end' parties
this year were all bridge parties.
They were all carefully selected with
an eye to the main chance. The
'play' generally began on Saturday
evening, and went on all through
Sunday up to midnight. One woman,
notorious for her insensate love of
gambling, took lessons in 'cheating'
at bridge before joining her country-
house friends. She came away heavier in purse by five hundred pounds,
but, of thnt five hundred, one hundred and fifty had been won from a
foolish little girl of eighteen.
"When not playing bridge, society's Sunday observance is motoring.
Flushing and fizzling all over the
ploce, it rushes here, there, and everywhere, creating infinite dust,
smelling abominably, and looking
uglier than the worst demons in
Dante's  •Inferno.'
"Dinner parties, with a string band
in attendance, and a Parisian singer
of the 'cafe chanlant' to entertain
the company nfterwards, were onco
unknown in England on a Sunday,
llut such 'Sabbath' entertainments
are quite ordinary now.
"Nevertheless, though society's
Sunday hns degenerated into a day
of gambling, guzzling and motoring
in Great Britain, it is well to remember that society in itself is so
limited ns to be a mere bubble on
the waters of life; froth and scum,
ns it were, that rises to the top.
merely to be skimmed off and thrown
aside in nny serious national crisis.
The people ore tho life and blood of
the nation, and to them," Miss Corelli concludes. "Sunday remuins still
a  'day  of rest.' "
Pretty SLimu,.
Father (who has been called upon Vo
flic eily nnd asked for his daughter's
band)—Louise, do you know what a
solemn thing it is to be married? Louise—Oh, yes, pa, but It Is a good deal
more solemn being single.
The   Heat   Train.
traveler—When is the next train
out? Station Master—Twelve o'clock,
sir. Traveler—-WhatI Isn't tliere one
before that'.' Station Master—No, sir;
we never run one before the next
No man ever yet got his sidewalk
shovcied off by sitting down nnd pon
ilerlng the depth of last year's snow.—
lloston la lobe.
il I . -ZZZK*»/\
Humor and Philosophy
Copyright, 1901. by Duncan M. Smith.
Thero ls a curious affinity between s
mud puddle and a boy and his mother's
There are some people who are smarter than tbey look, but very few are
smarter tban tbey feel.
Chronic kickers should be herded
with mules on the principle that the
hair of the dog ls good for his bite.
Did you ever observe tbat people
who own you money are by no means
such hustlers ss people to whom you
ewe money?
Some people are so busy keeping still
that the.v don't have time to say anything.
When the sight of the Sunday dinner
does not cause a man to brighten ap,
better seat tho doctor at once.
Wben a young man regularly meets
the milkmaid at the corner it is time
fo- the girl's father either to fire the
young man or take him Into partnership.
Sometimes a man is so color blind
that a green girl with red hair has no
difficulty in marrying him.
Some of the receipts for getting on
ln the world might be boiled down to
something like this: Be smart and you
will succeed.
Seeing Is not always believing ln the
case of blondincd hair.
Cut It Out.
Don't worry.
Although the outlook may lit dark.
Misfortune oft has missed Its markj
Tomorrow's woes Ignore today;
Look on the bright side anyway.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
The fret and fever worries bring
Ara shackles that like leeches cling;
With chains they bind you to despair,
▲nd you forget the skies ar* fair.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
One-half ths things that you have feared-
Yes, mora than half, wer* fancy reared.
Be jolly, let good cheer have sway,
▲nd they will roll litre mlit away.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
•Suppose the rent ls overdue;
Teu can't draw wagei being blue.
Brace up and meet the landlord grim
▲nd aay the Joke Is one on him—
Don't worry.
It It Different
"Tou know lt
Is said man
sbsll not live by
bresd slone."
"Of course,
but thst wss
not written during a most
The Hack Writer.
Ths hack writer Is not one who rides
in a hack. Generally a street car ls
about the best be can do when he
doesn't walk. Tbe pen is mightier
than tbe hatchet, and as he recognizes
that fact and does his hacking wltb
a pen he is called a hack writer.
The hack writer ls a genius who has
not been discovered except by his wife
and the corner grocer. The latter makes
the discovery when he presents his bill
at the end of the month.
The hack writer ls a Arm believer ln
a hereafter because he thinks eternal'
Justice would get a black eye If there!
wero no place for editors to go when
they die.   lie hns an Idea based on ex-1
perleuce that editors are men who are
never happy unless they can see a fellow man starving to death.
When the hack writer makes a hit he
becomes a literary guy.   Then he can-]
not understand how some men manage
to live on fifteen cent meals.
They   Brought   Back   His   Strength
When Ho Could Neither Rest
Nor Sleep.
Winnipeg, Man., Feb. 20.—(Special)—Mr. Ben Raff erty, the well-
known C. P. R, engineer, whoso home
is 176 Maple street, is one Winnipeg man who swears by Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"Long hours on the engine and the
mental strain broke down my constitution," Mr. Rafferty says. "My back
gave out entirely. Terrible, sharp,
cutting pains followed one another,
till I felt I was being sliced away
piecemeal. I would come ln tired to
death from a run. My sole desire
would be to get rest and sleep, and
they were the very things I could not
get.  Finally I had to lay off work.
"Then I got started to take Dodd's
Kidney Pills, and the first night after using thefti I) slept soundly. In
three days I threw away the belt I
havo worn for years. Dodd's Kidney
Pills cured me."
Acordlng to a well-founded rumor,
the Dominion Government will during
the present session be urged to Impose a custom duty on grades of fence
wire which are now on the free list.
That such a tax would prove an unjust burden to the farmers of Canada
there is no doubt. In the older parts
of the Dominion the old wooden
fences an being year by year replaced by wire structures, and In tha
Great West, which is rapidly being
Battled, practically all the fencing is
being done with wire in one or other
of its many forms of construction.
Were the kinds of wire most in use
for fence construction manufactured
in Canada, there might be some excuse for imposing an import ax, but
since there are practically no factories for making it in op« "*aticn in
thi Dominion, whom could i>r..:h a tax
That the price of fencing material
would be raised to practically the extent of the dutv there can be no doubt.
This would mean that a duty of 25
or 30 per cent, would impose an extra
tax of $150 to $175 on the fencing required for an average farm. Nor
would the rural community suffer or y
to the extent of an increased expeui.o
to those who have to feucc, nut a great
deal of farm improvem int .vould be
delayed for many years, which would
operate strongly in keepng dovn thn
value of land. Rather than imr-use a
tariff on Nos. 9, 12 and 13, smooth
galvanized wire as has been ',n-posed,
it would be a much saner policy to
remove the present duty of 2d per
cent, on Nos. 7 and 11. If this •"•ere
done, the revenue would not suffer,
for theso grades are not extensively
Imported, but if they were freo a
stronger and more Batl'.ifj"-fory fenco
could be obtained .witho ahancing
the cost
i.ladntonai'i Colon-/.
An old and almost forgotten story
of British expansion ws recontly ro-
callcd by tho death of F. K. Stewart
in Melbourne, Austruliu. Stewart
was the last survivor of William K.
Gladstone's colony in north Australia. This attempt at soli ement
was inspired by the doctrines of
Gibbon Wakefield and had all the resources ol officialdom behind it, for
Gladstone was then in the Ministry
of Sir Robert Peel. It was be who
drew up its constitution to the minutest detail and otherwise provided
for its political framework. Dut
llritish colonies arc not to be developed in this way, and so the Gladstone settlement languished, Thc only evidence that it ever oxisn d ki tho
little town of Gladstone on the Gulf
of Carpentaria.
Preached on Victoria'! Succoialon.
Canon Nbrgate, rector of l-'oxley,
Norfolk, is probably the only Incumbent now living, says Tho Telegraph,
who preached on the occasion of tl.|>
late Queen Victoria's succession to
tho Crown, The reverend gentleman
was Vicar of ByUugh In 1888, hns
been rector of his presont parish
since 1840, and attained the venerable ace of 03 years on Friday last,
on which day he conducted a funeral
service in nn Impressive manner and
with a clear voles both in the church
and at the graveside of a purishioD-
Cot Her Consent,
Oh, love your ndRhlmr aa yourself—
A mnxlm that wlll do
To put In practice any day,
If she'll allow- you to.
Do For • Substitute.
"Money does not bring hnpplnesi."
"No, but a man can get n fairly good
Imitation going to look for It iu a private ear."
Inherited Talent,
"Do you think drawing comes natural
to hi in?"
"Well, his father drew a pension for
When She Is Wise.
A man mny break a woman's htart
When nho In young nud Kiddy,
But good fur nothing Is his art
When aha become! a "wlddla."
Qualified Alike.
"Necessity knows no law."
"Necessity must be like the lawyer I
hired to win the case he didn't win."
One   Aililrma   Knooah.
The clerk In the express ollice was
Just ubout to toss the package back of
the counter when he noticed that It
wns   addressed   on   both   sides.     "It's
good i saw that Charges might have
been collected twice," ho said. "That's
funny," remarked the shipper. "I Just
pnid the charges, you know." "Ves,"
responded the clerk, "and I marked it
paid, but tbe second address might
have caused Ihem to collect nt the
otlier end. Von sec, 1 checked lt olT
paid on one side, but when It roaches
he   olher  ollice   II   might  be  Unit   the
prepaid mark would be on the bottom.
That would bring the other address
up, nnd. seeing no check mark tliere,
the receiving office would mark it
collect nnd tbo party to whom It was
addressed would pay tbe second express charges," "And 1 thpugbt I was
doing something to expedite mutters
In putting lhe address on both sides,"
commented tbe shipper.
War* ot the IrSah Jarrer.
A good story, which Illustrates the
absolute genius with which an Irish
Jarvey extracts money from his victims, Is told lu an English Journal. A
commercial traveler wanted to take a
side car in Belfast aud, aware of the
rapacity of the average jarvey, Insisted
on knowing the exact fare before getting on the car. The following dialogue ensued:
Commercial Traveler — What's the
fare to C , Jarvey?
Jarvey—Ach, that's alrolght, sorr.
Just get on.
Commercial Traveler — Now, look
here, what's the fare to C ?
Jarvey—Shure, it's alrolght, sorr.
Just Jump up.
Commercial Traveler—I Insist on
knowing the fare before I get on.
Jarvey—Bedad, sorr, I'm that hard
up I'll drive you for nothing at all,
Needless to say, when the commercial traveler finally got to his destination he was mulcted of an amount
much larger than the legitimate fare,
an amount he had to pay to save bis
The Head   of  thm  Family.
"It has come to my eats that you are
calling me 'the governor,'" said the
old man sternly.   "Are you?"
"I might as well admit lt," said the
young man contritely.
"You ought," continued the old gentleman, "you ought to have more respect for your mother."
Ths little troubles that afflict children come without warning, and the
careful mother should keep at hand a
medicine to relieve and cure the ailments of childhood. There is no
medicine does this so speedily and
thoroughly as Baby's Own Tablets,
and the mother knows this medicine
ls safe, because it is guaranteed to
contain no opiate or poisonous
soothing stuff. These Tablets cure
colic, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea, simple fever, and teething
troubles. They break up colds, prevent croup, and bring natural sleep.
Mrs. Mary Fair, Escott, Ont, says:
"1 have used Baby's Own Tablets
with the very beet results, and would
not be without them ln the hous»."
Sold by all medicine dealers or sent
•iy mall at 25 cents a box by writing
The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
"Irockville, Ont „.
"Flourfax^ Fables
Ihe Honest Flour Barrell
and the Farmer's Wife.
?-n^e_U-P.°n _a_.time an h°nest floui
barrel was sent out   to   a
house, full of flour—the wlaa W|f.
looked the barrel over carefully ._
then said to her husband: —
"I don't think this Is the flour ,
wanted—I don't see 'Royal Household'
"No; it ain't 'Royal Household'-
said the farmer,
—but it is Just as good
—for the grocer said so.
—"when I asked for 'Royal Hoinr*
hold' he recommended this kind say.
ing it was Just as good, but didu't coat
as much, so I said I'd try lt."
"I wish you had done as I said— l
don't think much of theso 'Just' ai
good' grocers any way—I want tht
flour that ls purified by electricity fot
I believe lt ts healthier. However
since we have got this. I suppose w«
might as well use lt," and she had
the barrel rolled into tho pautry and
opened up.
"Looks pretty good," she suid to
"Madam," spoke up the Honest
Flour Barrel, "even flour exports can't
tell about flour Just by looking at It
Any flour. If thero Is no other floui
to compare with lt, looks whlto and
nice—but if you bake it Into bread
and then bake 'Royal Household' Iq.
to bread you can see the difference.
"Now, the truth about this flour li,
It ls made of cheap wheat, In a cheap
mill by a cheap process. Flour that
ls not highly purified contains a lot
of stuff that Isn't flour and the pro
cess of taking all of It out ls expsa.
Hive—that's why pure flour com
| more.
"Pure flour is worth all It costs and
j more   too.    If   you   know   the  wholt
truth about flour, you'd send me bac*
I and get 'Royal Household'."
And the  Honest  Flour Barrel hav.
i Ing Bald Its  say  subsided, but aftei
: the first baking, back went the barrel
to the grocer and "Royal Household"
! Flour was sent la Its stead.
—now tho Farmer's Wife usei
"Royal Household" and nothing else
—and the grocer don't sell the "Just
as good" flour any more.
Any  reader  may  have  the  "Royal
, Household"  recipes free   by   sendlni
name   and   address   to   the   Ogilvie
Flour Mills Co., Ltd., Montreal.
Keeping  l'p   Yuur   Coorngr.
There ls first the belief that we are
well und capable of continuing so.
That is nothing more than faith In our
own human powers. It ls a faith that
every self respecting person should
have. Do not abuse the organs of the
body, nnd then there wlll be no necessity of thinking of them and wondering If they are working all right. By
dwelling too much upon some weakness we can always aggravate it
through nervous reaction. Tbls in some
cases can become such a confirmed
habit that serious troubles will be Induced. Tbere are many patients ln the
world today who might he up and
around, enjoying nood bf .u, if they
but willed that they snould do so.
They are Invalids through luck of force
of character, for will makes character
of   one   sort   or   another.
A  Victim of Small Beer.
A correspondent sends to the London
Public Opinion the following quaint
epitaph on what Is known as "Thctch-
er's Stone" at Winchester, England:
"In memory of Thomas Thctcher, a
grenadier in the North regiment of
Hants militia, wbo died of violent
fever contracted by drinking small beer
when hot the 12th of May, 1T04, aged
twenty-six years. In grateful remembrance of whose universal good wlll
toward hla comrades this stone ls placed here at their expense, as a small
testimony of their regard and concern.
"Here sleeps In p-jace a Hampshire grenadier
Who caught hta death by drinking cold
small beer.
Soldiers, be wise from his untimely fall
And when you're hot drink strong or none
at all.
"An honest soldier never ls forgot,
Whether ho die by musket or by pot"
The    Manufacturers    Life    Insurance
Co. During  1904 Surpassed All
Its Previous Records.
The   Manufacturers   Life   Insurance
Co., which publishes In another placf
in this issue a report of its progreM
during 1904, certainly gives evidence
of a very healthy development.   Two
, or three points which emphasize this
' fact,   such   as  the   smalluess   of   Its
i Death Claims, the decrease of iis ct
; pense ratios, and the increase in in
: Surplus to Policy-holders, are such as
: to recommend lt strongly to probable
i insurers.
The report this year makes much of
the fact that this is the close of 'h-1
tenth year under the present manage'
ment.   Looking  at  the  figures given
i for the ten years we get some conceit-
! tion  of  the  wonderful  growth  h<in>;
(made in our country, when its flaan*
I clal corporations ean  advance at  the
rate the Manufacturers Life hasdone
An increase in ten yenrs of $6,261,023
j In nsstes is certainly no mean accomplishment   We  heartily congratulate
jthe     Manufacturers   Life   on   such 1
: magnificent Statement.
Seeret  of  Admiration.
"I have a grout admiration for tht
Moors," declared Miss Klderly.
"I think I can tell why," from bet
best chum, "Their women never ivli*-
brate a birthday and make It a point
of honor uot to tell  their ages."
A  I.lttle   UUed.
Bessie, Inspecting a new arrangement
of Nannie's hair, exclaimed: "Nanule,
you don't look like yourself with youi
balr that way. But" (admiringly) ".'"u
look better when you don't look UkS
yourself than when you do."
When millions of experienced housekeepers
^^ ha.ve been using
Sunlight Soap
'l1" y,e,ars' for thelr every requirement, why
should not you use it ? Try it next wash day.
and if you do not find it better than any other
soap you hevve ever used, your grocer will
refund your money. Sunlight Soe^p washes
equeJly well with hard or soft welter.
No scrubbing, no boiling.
Lever Brother* Limited
lSO-foot roll. 4 feet high M.75     For poultry aud garden.   Bettor than old style.  Of local dealer or ua   Frolghtr*'
Iso'im0!!' « Ie*!u!*u  6,5° THE PAQ* W,RE FBNOH OO. LIMITED **
ISO-foot roll, 0 feet high  fl.50 "Walkerville.       Montreal.       Toronto.      Wlnnlpe*.      Bt. Job*-. fH
♦ A series of articles desc.lblng J
I their lives, their alms »nd •
<• their influencv.
♦ NO. 22.
♦ e. J. McMillan »
!,»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦
Editor and Proprietor of the Treherne
One of the peculiarities of Western
Canadian journalism is the fact that
towns—«8 they are by courtesy called
in a country as yet sparsely populated, though elsewhere they would be
deemed pretentious if they ranked
themselves as villages—with but a
hundred or two people, publish good
newspapers. To one whose knowledge <>f newspaper work is derived
from acquaintance with British or
even Eastern cities, no fact is more
notable or remarkable than this, in
those older communities a dense
population is a sine quo non for any
publishing enterprise. A man would
he considered Ill-advised and rash In-
d't'i who undertook to establish a
paper In any place the population of
which could be represented by less
than four figures. To start a paper
in a little village of two or three hundred was to merely invite contingent
anil certain financial disaster, and to
Jeopardise any reputation for business
Bag&ctty the promoter might heretofore
have possessed, but to forfeit all sympathy whon the Inevitable failure
came,, since, among all who had any
pretensions to knowledge, the failure
would he the certain reward of business folly in starting a venture in
which success was impossible, llut
Western Canada ls proverbially a
country where all signs fall. It Is not
safe to predicate with certainty that
because a thing has failed everywhere else It will therefore of necessity fail in the West. Indeed, It would
sometimes seem thnt the exact converse is the ease. From methods of
fanning to methods of Dshlng the
West is a law unto Itself, and what
is true In many other lines of activity
i.s equally true In the newspaper business. The Canadian West can point
to many examples of successful and
flourishing newspapers, which give
good livings to their publishers, which
Wield considerable influence, and thai
not alone In their immediate locality,
which are conducted with marked
ability, and which are published ln
prosperous little towns and villages
Of leu thah three hundred population. And, of this numerous class of
country papers, few are more repre*
Bentatlve and successful thnn theTre-
heme Times, and few belter known
than iis founder, publisher, editor and
proprietor.  Mr.  Kmest J.  McMillan.
•Mr. McMillan comes <>f a well-
known fnniily. Kvery knight o' the
besom an' stane ln the Dominion
knows, hy repute at least, his father,
William McMillan. Under his pen
name of "Hayseed" his curling songs
have been quoted and sung wherever
the cry (,f "soop 'er up!" Is sounded.
whether on tho Indoor rinks of Can*
ii'lu or the ice-COVered loch of the
Ua I o' Takes. Ami his sketches and
comments on current events, tinged
With ina.u'd sense, panky humor nml
homely  philosophy,  tire  remembered
'''' by many Westerners, who regret
!' or somo few years thev have been
JI continued. While Mr. ' McMillan's
"'lit is a well known and outstanding figure, his brothers nre almost
equally so, though in different phases
°1 activity, A sketch of his brother
Aaam has already appeared in this
•srtes, lie wns then the editor and
Proprietor of the Vlrden Advance, imd
before wing Into journalism bad had
j* distinguished professional and military carfler, he and his brother serv*
":; Witb such, distinction through
We South African war ns to bo re*
warded with commissions.
""' editor or (he Treherne Times
'J:1; had no such record. It Is not
Riven i,, eve.-y member of a family to
",' famous, nnd perhaps the fact thnt
lls father and his elder brothers were
wa certain extent "under the lime*
militated   somewhat,   against
.''"' '■ if. indeed he had nnv amhl
"°*ia In thai  direction.    Some one has
11 thai those lives are happiest in
, ' there Is the least to record.
;,",';"'    by   this   standard,   Mr.    Mc-
ui's has been a fortunate career.
landmarks of his past have
onneeted with business changes
""" developments, All, that is, ex*
WPI om*--hih marriage, which tool;
''''" ■ "arty last November, the forlu-
PJta lady ..being Miss Annie 0. Buch*
:;",,i   also  of  Treherne.      Hul.   apart
'"'" this epoch-marking event, Mr,
*|l ''"'in has pursued the even tenor
 >°    |miio,m-,i    lie-    ,   ....    ■■-■
.'away,inovlng hither and thither.
m"hn:   experience,        	
until,  when  but
twenty years of age, he blossomed out
as a proprietor of hla own paper.
He was born at Cedar Grove, near
Markham. Ont., in September, '78, and
when at the age of four was brought
to the West, his* parents settling at
Melbourne, on the main line of the C.
P. R. Melbourne at that time had ambitions. It hoped to be, if not as big
as Winnipeg, at least the rival of
Portage la Prairie, its dreams of civic
greatness never came within measurable distance of fulfilment. It never
passed the way-station phase of development. Today it has an elevator
or two, a post office, and a watertank,
and It Is doubtful if ever lt will have
more. But In the early eighties Melbourne, as said before, had ambitions.
It was the nucleus of the present town
of Carberry. The town moved on, after a   brief   and   strenuous   nativity,
The thousands of peoplo who
write to me, Baying thst
Cure &cLun8
cured them of chronic coughs,
cannot all be mistaken. Then
must be some truth in it.
Try a bottle fer that cough el yours.
Prices: 6. C. Wills A Co. 110
25c. SOc. |1.   LeRoy.N.V.,Toronto, Caa.
somo miles west, and called Itself De
Winton. After another period of
strenuosity De Winton did as Melbourne—lt died. The citizens moved
on and founded Carberry, and, overshadowed by its prosperous successor, Melbourne has ever since been
an example of arrested development.
The McMillans moved with the
town, and, naturally, in due time became citizens of Carberry. Hero the
future editor attended school, and,
school days over, started "devilling"
in the office of the Carberry News.
Mr. W. O. Rogers was at that time
tho editor, and gave the youngster
much of kindly advice and encouragement. All accounts agree that Mr.
McMillan was wonderfully adept at
the craft of printing. No further testimony as to this is needed but the
fact that at the age of fifteen he was
made foreman of the News. After a
year of this responsibility he left for
Winnipeg. lie worked on the old
"Saturday Night," then published by
Mclntyre Bros., and from there went
to tho news room of the Free Pre<*s.
In 1S9G be went to Neepawa for a
summer, and then came back to
Carberry. working for a while on
tho Carberry Express, in a little
while he went back to the Carberry News, the paper he had joined
after leaving school. It 'was then
owned hy Mr. .1. Rldington, and was
regarded as one of the foremost weeklies of Manitoba. Under Mr. McMillan's superintendence the News be-
cam", typographically, one of the best
papers published In the West. It was
while he was foreman on the News
that Mr. McMillan began to qualify for
editorial work, at which he proved as
adept as he hnd in the mechanical departments of the newspaper business.
In September, 1899, he determined
to start for himself, and he selected
Treherne as the centre of his field of
operations. Me was then but 20 years
of age. These were the days of small
things. Hut the business had in it possibilities, and these the boy editor
saw. The business grew. Increases
tn the plant drove Mr. McMillan to n
bigger and better building. The Times
is now housed In Its own 2-ft-story
home, 20x.",7, the office being below
and the residence above. It hns a good
range of body and display type, large
power presses (with onfiino tO drive
theni). and a live circulation of over
Sou. Moreover, it Is a power in the
land. It discusses things from a local
point of view, takes keen interest In
municipal topics, and never lets slip
an Item of news. The Times Is a live
paper. Mr. McMillan is no "scissor
and paste pot" editor, but one who
realizes that his opportunities nnd responsibilities, nnd does his honest
best to live up to them.
Mechanically, he is master of his
craft. He has tho genuine instinct
as to what constitutes news, and Bve
years of training has developed his
inherited gifts for expressing his
thoughts tersely and vigorously. He
is as yet young, and has proved his
ability tO achieve success on the business sule of newspaper work, it
seems unreasonable, therefore, to expect that Mr. McMillan will lout,-continue to personally conduct the Treherne Times. The probabilities are
thai that bright little paper will DS
nl   some  future time disposed  of, aud
thai Hs founder will move Into a larger field, there to duplicate the iuo-
cess be bus already  made.
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t. frftw, and now tt If ti ■•■-." UirhM loaf.
Thia a«.*nna • ipUDdlat raiilit I" ■ ■•• *•"•' tial.j
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MM .1. 11. Vir»», Oolortdn Sprln«i, OU.
f. o. ava* CO.,
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Finding the lump again lorming in
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St. John.
Every reader of this paper should
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from seed than any other way. Don't
be afraid of blunders—they are the
forerunners uf great discoveries.
Knonn to Tlioinaiindia.—Parmalee's
Vegetable Tills regulate the action of
thc secretions, purify the blood and
keep the stomach and bowels free
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Their merits are well known to thousands who know by experience how
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to  tho system.
An old negro In Ixwisiana was ill
and called in a doctor. He did not
get any better, and another doctor
was sent for. He felt tbe pulse for a
moment, and then looked at the
tongue. "Did th doctor take your temperature?" he asked. "I don't know,
sah. I hain't missed anything but my
watch as yit, boss."
■urf i Lktamt Cm Mitam*,
The other day a man with his mill;
cart went to the gate of a paper mill
noted for its "cream"-laid paper, an I
asked to see the manager. Being told
that he was from home, he was asked
if it was anything particular he wanted to know. "Not much," he replied,
"but I hear that you make cream-lai.i
paper, and I thocht ye wid require
soor milk for the coorser kinds."
Dr.  J.  D.   Keiiogg's Dysentery Cor.
dial   ll prepared  from  dfugl   known  to
the profession as thoroughly reliable
for the eure of cholera, dysentery,
diarrhoea, griping pains and summer
Complaint!, ll has been used lUCCeiS-
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Valuable Queen Beea,
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out question prices ranging from $00
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[•"urope annually and brings boi lv with
him bees of an aggregate value of
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ihrough the agency of nn Italian Arm
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In planning for your flowers for the
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fragrant sweet peas, and a great mass
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VurA UdMtf Gnu ljt_irt*
The Double Daisies grow quite easily from seed and are a source of
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9100 Reward, 9100.
Th* render of this caper wlll be pleased te
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•urfiioeanf tbe system, therby destroying the
foundation of the disease, and giving the pattern strength by building up the constltutloa
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proprietors hare aomu.h faith In,iti curative
 toss*thi''   -"
ef testimonials
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Internally au  iukIk.
A country sexton In England officiated nt a funeral chid ln n red wnlsi-
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nuies the vicar gently remonstrated
with the old gravedlgger, saying: "1!<>1>-
"i't, you should not wear 0 red waist
i uii nt n funeral, Vou hurt the feel-
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placing bis bnnd on his breast, "Well,
what does lt matter, sir, so long us thu
i.-ea.i is blnck';"
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An invasion of mice is reported
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Parmalee's Vegetable Pills became
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The Brooklyn bridge has 135 feet
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tbe bridge at high water. The towers
extend 278 feet above high water.
Vmrit IMmmt CttuQmi% *t%
The hen that proves herself to be
an exceptionally good layer and mother should be kept as long as possible. The active life of a hen is about
two years, but with the proper care
she can be kept much longer for
breeding purposes.
A favorite design for lanterns used
in the processions to celebrate the
Japanese victories are some having
on their four sides the Rising Sun,
the TTnion Jack, the Italian flag, and
the Stars and Stripes.
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Divers in the British navy, before
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Wash greasy dishes, pots or pans with
Lever's Dry Soap a powder. It will re-
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A public subscription has been
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the ruined cottage at Zaandam, in
which the Czar Peter the Great lived
while he was working as a navvy ln
the docks.
If too intend planting nny treat, traits.
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UEL BAKER, th* famous WU* IMtW.
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hav* d*lay*d my thanks m* I vrlaktA _\
t*st th* *tt**t ot Blair'* Fill* by • am*
dtnt Interval of tlm*.
"For  t*a  ytar*  I  haS   *ufltrtd  mmrnii
trom Qont  and  Hi*  had  lott it*  »t*U
Uoa owing  to th* unoortalnty  *f Stall
and    Hidden    visitations    of   th*   s
which prottrattd m* lor month*, or <
according to th* virulence ot tht atta _
"Blalr't Pill* har* rendered mt ImafSj
ttrvlct, uia* lotgtr tear am attMB
•f Gout
"For th* laat twtnty months I ham
bttn comparatively fr**, a* on* or twf
attempted rltttatfoaa hav* beam !■■«<>
lately ttamptat eut hy th* astlttaat* «
Blalr** Pill*.
"Truly yours (Sine*} Basil. W. Baker.
Lyman Son* A Co., Uoa treal aot Te%
ont*; The Bole Drug Co., Wtnalptf; ail
Martla, Iiolt * *jwm» Co,. Wiaalptc.
Superfluous Hair
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ICAL OO., 23 Qubbn Sroui Wm,
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is clearly shown by the following comparison:
Dec. 31, 1894     Dti  JI   ISO*
Tn su ranco in Force $0,555,300 $37,1    1,468
Policies issued during the year ii,710,755 7,107,148
Policy .Reserves      028,429 "77
'Assets      821,320 6,112,344
Income      290,408 .107
SURPLUS (not including Capital Stock)       50,309 471,869
The ten years during which these  increases have taken place  co*.        ' period of
the present management of the Company.    Certainly  such may        -t success
Positive        Protection       to       Polioy       Holders.
Apply for  Rates to
TH©    Manufacturers    SUif©
G. E. SitffaBUHSALB, Editor and Prop.
is riiHLisnan every fkidat at ■  ' \
BLOCAN,      -      -       -      x-      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisement* at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will he charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription ia |2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 1905.
The Canadian postal authorities are
a dead lot. Thero has been a thvougb
service in this section for two weeks,
yet the main lino mail continues to be
carried through to Nelson every other
day, while the outgoing matter must
be sent to Nelson and brought back
the next day. Largo bodies move
As au offset to the Trail smelter's
aggrandisement in tho upper camp
after high grade galena ores,the Great
Northern Railway has cut the freight
rate on ores from Sandon to the Nelson smelter from $2.f>0 per ton to $1.-
50. Were the smelters to abolish the
iniquitous sliding scale of charges for
treatment, and stick to their celebrated flat rate of "$15," Slocau mineowners could have a fair run for their
money. Many more properties would
open up and prosperity return to the
country. The railways have reduced
their rates ou zinc and lead ores; will
the smelters be equally generous?
Hawthornthwaite's bill for an flight
hour day for men employed in sniel
ters iu the province met with defeat
pn its second reading last week, by a
decisive majority. Party politics were
dropped for the nonce, Grit and Tory
.alike beiug arrayed against it, with a
scattering few for it. Of the twelve
men supporting the bill, Hawthorn-
thwaite and Williams are Socialists;
Davidson, Labor; McNiven, Henderson and Jones, Liberals; Clifford,
Fraser, Houston, Macgowan, Shatford
and Gifford, Conservatives. J. A.
Maedonald, leader of the Liberals,
spoke against the bill but did not
vote, and neither did Attorney-Gene
ral Wilson.
The dominion bill granting autono
my to the Territories has   come into
special   prominence, because   of   the
proviso to establish  separate schools
in the new provinces.   A 'fierce storm
of  opposition   has   been moused in
the country and hundreds   of peti
tions are pouriug into Ottawa for par
liament to negative the   proviso.   To
suggest separate schools is to endan
ger the life ofthe Laurier government.
Separate schools for Manitoba proved
a rock on wliich the Conservatives met
disaster, and the Liberals seem to be
courting the same experience with regard to the Northwest.   Canadians do
not want religion taught in the public
By reference to a notice in the advertising columns it will be seen that
the government has cancelled there
serve imposed by the Columbia and
Western Railway Subsidy Act iu
1896, the cancellation taking effect in
May. It has been arranged with the
railway company that all parties purchasing, pre-empting, or leaning lands
wholly or in part upon the blocks selected by the companv shall acquire
their title from the latter, on the same
terms as those imposed by the Land
Act. The cancel la tion has been look*
ed forward to for yearH, as it will
throw a large amount of land open for
settlement. In this section the coveted lands iu the Littlo Slocan, with
their valuable timber, will now lx* in
shape to be handled and important
results will follow.
Tin. Tninnriiat Mix-Up.
Assay returns of tho ore sent by tl
Tamarac to the Trail smelter were n
ceived Monday, the figures falling far
short   of   expectations.    Gi-o. Nichol
went down on   the   evening   train to
have the ore resampled. as it   was felt
a mistake had beet) made.    It wa-* expected the ore would pay all indebted
ness incurred by the flrst batch of men.
but instead of that  it won't Ix-gin lo
pay the   wag*   bill.   The   local mer-
chants will suffer the loss of their ac '
counts, while the  owners  of  the pro I
perty will have to whistle for their
royalty. Slocan folk are ea*y marks,
for. notwithstanding numerous oosth
experiences in the past, thev full vie ;
tims to every new scheme that hits the
The coal inineiV strike at Coleman :
hai been sntisfnclonly adjusted.
Pay up your subscription.
For the best bread in town go to
W. Pinchbeck's.
Mayor Arnot is enlarging and improving his store.
Spring weather has taken off almost
all the snow this week.
La grippe has been claiming many
victims in town of late.
The skating season this winter was
the shortest on record.
Born .-On Feb. 25th, the wife of
Geo. Henderson, of a daughter.
Several sacks of Eafbn's picture
books were received here this week.
No records of any description were
made in the government office last
Commercial men comprise about a
half of the travel passing through the
Mrs. Tutcher left on Tuesday for
Penticton, where she will probably
Mrs. Walter Clough and young son
arrived back from Orillia, Out., on
John Houston, M.L.A. for Nelson,
passed through from the capital on
William and Clarence Foley left on
Wednesday, to take up their residence
iu Vancouver.
Harry Cleve passed through Sunday
from Nelson to Kelowua, where he
hopes to locate.
W. D. McGregor arrived in from
Victoria Thursday evening, and spent
a few days here.
On Monday the city authorities
moved into their uow quarters in tho
I.O.O.F. building, Main street.
W. F. Gurd, barrister, and wife, of
Cranbrook. wero visiting their rela
tives, H. D. Curtis and wife.last week.
Robt. Cooper returned from Vernon
Sunday, having lieen in attendance at
the grand lodge of the Orange Society.
A new county court district is to be
formed in East Kootenay. P. E. Wilson, of Nelson, may be appointed the
H. R. Jorand has moved into the
Christie cottage, and B. A. Shatford
is moving into the McCallum residence.
The railway company is to spend a
lot of monev on the Slocan Valley
branch, a worktrain being kept on all
Miss Kennedy, who had been visiting with A .Rogers and wife for a fortnight, returned to her homo in New
Denver on Saturday.
H. B. Donnelly, Winnipeg, arrived
in Friday on a visit to his sister, Mrs.
For Sale.- A small base-burner coal
stove, in first-class condition. Apply
at this otlice.
Arlington arrivals—A. Lowe, Kingston; H. Kelly, A.S.Cochrane,Nakusp;
C. A. Downiel N. D. Darling, Vancouver; M. G. Dearest, Victoria.
Miss Brockman, who had been visit-
iug her brother, S. Y. Brockman, for
some timo.left for Nelson Wednesday,
afterwards going on to Indian Head,
in tho Northwest.
The Drill will print you, on short
notice and in any amount, shipping
tags, billheads, statements.letterheads,
noteheads. memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any quality or price.
Sliver Quotation.*).
Following nos the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
Week since last issue:
Thursday     61   cents
Friday     601    "
Saturday     601    "
Monday     60g    "
Tuesday     60      "
Wednesday     60      "
H. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of mineral
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
RATES: Regular subscribers, $1  per month
or$10a year: non-subscribers(exclusiveof
medical attendance*)*".: per day.   Private wards
$1 per day extra.   Special facilities for maternity cases.
For further particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
EACH will secure n number
of window blinds, with rollers
• attached.   Are in good shape.
!*■*■ I
Clothes Make
the Man.
is a plain statement of fact. They
have much to do in influencing
first impressions, and everyone
wants to create a favorable and
lasting impression. If you get
your clothes from us you will always be well dressed and the cost
will be no more than to bo the
. othor way.
Order a
Spring   Suit \
A A *•■' PUrohasn a small 1'ase-
■ III burner conl stove.     lias
•" " good as now.
from us. Wo have in stock an
elegant and carefully chosen line
of Tweed , Serges, Worst wis, and
General Suitings; with Trouserings and Fancy Vestings.
x,*-****-* *-***-*-*-t
A Residence for Sale
The Drill Office
The bodv of A. J. Hipperson, wlu
had died at Vernon, paaaed througl
...... ...... .., .., passed through
to   Nelson   Monday.    Deceased   was
known to many here.
A petition against the establishment
of separate schools iu Alberta and
Saskatchewan was circulated here this
week and signed by all.
E. A. Crease, police magistrate of
Nelson, passed through Tuesday to
Victoria, to attend the funeral >f his
uncle, Sir Henry Crease.
.lohn L. White, a former resident,
greeted some of his friends nt the
wharf  Thursday, beipg  on   hia way
back to Victoria from Greenwood.
The associated boards of trade met
in Nelson last week. G. (). Buchanan.
Kaslo, was re-elected president, and
A. B. Mackenzie, Rossland, secretary-
The Queen's
Hotel ---**--*--
First-class Dining Room
Largo and Comfortable Bed mows
Siiini>W< rooms for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
•> *-*-* * * * *■* *-**-*-* *
Certificate of Improvements
Kvi-nlng star No. 9 Kindlon.
Situnte iii the Slocan City 'Minina Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located :—About 2j»j miles
In a not tli easterly direction from
Slocan City.
TAKK NOTICE that I.the undersigned
(K.M.C. No. B77412J and us an agent for
David Saulter. fre** miner's certificate No. U78t)78, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder or a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the ahove
And further take notice that set ion.
under notion u"i, must he commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated thii 22nd dav of Decemher.lWM.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Archibald York, or to any person or
persons to whom be mav have transferred his interest, in whole or in part,
in the Independence mineral claim,
situated on Crusader Hill, Lemon
creek, and recorded in the Slocan City
mining division of West Koott imv district :
You are hereby notified that I, tbe
Undersigned, have caused to be expended the sum of two hundred and
five dollars in labor and general improvements upon the ahove mentioned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, ami if within 90 days from the
date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said claim
will become the property of the subscriber, under section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dated ibis 27th dav of Januarv, W>.
3.2*05 \V, T. SHATFORD
A_t, mJk_-mi
fi'-}t\-*TV ,v-'*••?«'?*.
The Sunshine of Life.
(), what altho' the clouds be dark,
An' what tho' davs be drear!
We need the waesotne days tae mark
Oor blvther days o' cheer.
An' whan the sunshine  Ihro' the  gloom
Breaks bricht own tnuir an' lea,
Then briehter days than that: bricht days
We eanna hoop tae nee.
An' lives are unco like the lift
Sae afteii clouded o'er.
An' cheerio words ure sunshine strong
Tba clouds maun melt before.
Kor aftenwhiles a cheerio word
Can clear the hert thet's wae,
An' better words than kindly words
Wa cutiiia houp tae sny.
An' kindly deeds thet we hae dune
Are things we'll no regret,
An' life will ave Imi briehter still
If it be blvthely met.
An' aflen it is OOFS in life
Tae help the sunshine thro',
An' better deeds than kindly deeds
We eanna houp tae do.
(), life taks on a briehter east
Whan Hope begins tae dawn,
Whan sotnelhin' mair than juist onrscl's
It is thet leads us on,
Whan spraltlin' own*Life's rugged ways
We pause an' leuk behin',
The deoda an'words thel foremaist stand
Are thoso thet uye were kin'.
Sae lul us strive, for strive we maun.
In words an' acts tae cheer,
Thel we may live in Ithers' herts
Whau we go hence Trie hore,
Au'. what altho" the clouds |„, (lark.
An' what tho' days be drear.
If tlure be sunshine in oor herts
Then we hue noclit tae fear.
la.  T,   A.M'I.U..US
Cancellation of Reserve.
N'OTICE ts hereby siren thnt the .reservation
established in pureunnce of the provision*
cf the "l 'oluiubla unci Western Railway Subsidy
Aet, 1896," notiocs of which were published Id
the British  Colombia Qasstte  iwiu  dated 7th
, .May, 1880. and .".tli June, 1880, respectively, am
; hereby cancelled.
I    frown  lands situated within  tli<*  area em-
l brnci'd bv the said reservation will bo open u,
I sale, settlement, lease :lh>1 oilier disposition,
I under tho provisions of the "Land Act." three
t mouths after tbe date of the first publication
<>f tbis nottc ■ In the l.ritisli Columbia U.i/«tt*:
provided, however, that In all coses whero lands
I nr,   so   sold, pre-ompteit, leased, or   othorwisr
I alienated by  the Qovnrnmont  ami  are Bubse*
; quanta? found, npon tbe survey of tbe Columbia
and Western Railway Company's blork-, ta li<*
wholly or partly within such blooks. then the
peraonseo acquiring such lands shall acquire
tnrir tine thereto from the Railway Company,
who have agreed to deal with suoh purchasers,
pre-emptors. lessees,oto.,on  tin* same  t'.rm1.
i and conditions as tho Qovernroenl would nndot
the provisions of tho "Land Act.' except in re-
spec: to limber 1 antl'. on tlie I'oui pany'- block-.
which shell be subject to the regulations i--n©<l
by the Company relative to the cutting of timber on the Columbia and Western  Railway
Laud Qrant,
\V. S. GORE,
Deputy Commissioner of l.ami- A Works
I.ami', ami Works Department.
Victoria. B.CSBrd February, IMS.
J. A. Anderson
I.einon Creek.
0'.»77y77Yr«onoa';;arn«i,a,,,„„,, „„ „
One of the newest residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
large rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china
closet, large cellar, is lathed and plastered,
and is the best finished in town. Hot and
cold water system, with range and a sink.
Two corner lots, with fine lawn, garden, fruit
trees; also first-class woodshed, etc. A SNAP
FOR ANY BUYER.       For   terms  apply to
P.O. Drawer 75, Slocan
K A dvertlse your K
k Business
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster, A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
the   ■
a reward
to all penis*
tent iinil  liberal advertisers! it is read
& ji
by everyone.
[1 guarantees
a At AH Times\
Subscribe for
local paper:
g THE DRILL,  $2 per  year ^


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