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The Slocan Drill 1903-01-23

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TOL. HI*i Nt>1 43-
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JANUARY   23,   1003.
Have you seen thoie new China
Silks, in assorted colors?    Just
the thing for evening dresses and waists
Examine your old suspenders and see if
they do not require replenishing. We
have in stock the famous Chester Brace, the best on
the market for comfort and durability.   Price, 75c.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
A. York & Sons,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
A New Year Resolve,
That henceforth you will buy your Food
Stuffs and Groceries from us. Wisdom
and economy prompt such a step. We
make a point of keeping our Stock tresh
and buy nothing but the very best goods.
Try our Breakfast Foods and Cereals.
Few are as Rood, none better,
Co-operative Associatioiutd
Sla-esn, British Columbia,
j*bV *aato^—%^^^&^^^b^^^^^^^^^AAM^^A6A&to^A^&&^A&to^A& aWi
aP  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ^
t^  REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   ^
*SW Wam^^%U^rW^^m9mf*mgamV%*9**^****^*WmTw— farfarWmu*tvWwmr*f •sFVPtP my
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public, lt is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETMINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Re opened under
Hn old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Arlhsar Street aarl Deleaejr *▼«■■•, Slecan.
HutlcUnp thorouj-hly renovated JAS. CROSS,
ajjnj-e. «t -eked with tbe best Proprietor:
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
OFF WITH   111 i: Sll 11 KOAHII, AND ON
All tlss, Olsl Ilnaliisiaa Wouiul Up—Auditor
Prcassnta 111* Keport—Caacollatioii of
Bylaw Na. 14—Nuw Board Tako Tbelr
Monday evening tbo last meeting of
the old eity council for 1903 was held,
"rinding up the last remnant of business dealing with civic affairs for their
term of ollice, before giving away to
tlie newly elect. Those present wore
Mayor York, Aid. Worden, Smith,
Roliertsou nnd Nichol.
Correspondence read: A statement
from Returning Officer Bentley of result of late election.    Filed.
From Deputy Attorney General
McLean, re bylaw No. 14, requesting
necessary data for lieutenant governor
to act on for cancellation of same.
Aid. Smith and Nichol moved that
a certified copy of bylaw No. 14 be
sent to the lieutenant governor, and
that he lx- asked to cancel same in accordance with the desire and needs of
the council.   Carried.
From H. D. Curtis, auditor, who
submitted his report on the city books
for hist year; also report of the audit
of the books of the school trustees.
Explanations followed by tbe mavor
and aldermen, and then Aid. Nichol
and Robertson moved that the report
be received and hied, and the new
council recommended to adopt the
suggestions contained in Mr. Curtis'
statement.   Carried.
K>']>ort of school trustees' audit was
accepted and filed, after an explanation of the expense account liy the
school treasurer, T. McNeish.
Finance committee reported in favor
of bills amounting to *55.05. Ordered
Aid. Smith brought up question of
paying mayor's expenses to Nelson in
correction with mill matters, a-- authorized by th" council ou Nov. 24th.
Laid over ter 'tike new council, as the
mill matters were not yet concluded.
Ald.Nichol inquired if arrangements
huJ It. a mid * lot- moating tlis* civic-
nob! of -*J7(K) held by tho Koyal bank.
Aid. W-brden and Nichol moved that
one-half of the note, with interest.
falling due on the 21st, Ik; paid, and
that the other half be renewed. Carried.
That eoncluding the business,Mayor
York aildre.ss-'d the retiring council,
thanking them for their loyal and generous support during the year. Much
business had been trausact'.-dand considerable gi"xxl work done. As a mark
of appreciation of their services, his
worship invited the ex-aldermen to an
oyster supper that evening at the
itoj'al. It was a case of: nappy to!
meet, sorrv to part, and happy to meet]
Aid. Nichol and Robertson returned
thanks for the courteous treatment
meted to thorn during the term, tin*
latter expressing the hope that the
Incoming board would agree among
themselves as well as their predecessors.
Motion to adjourn cam" from those
who had maintained that duty from
the first, Aid. Smith and Nichol.
about 11 tons in nil in tho consignment The lessees have lieen working
just, seven or eight days on the pro
perty, and the ore was extracted from
a tunnel .12 feet in length, run on the
vein. Tho lead is wide, but much
jumbled uPi containing kidneys of ore
throughout. Ono streak, six inches
wide, is holding firm in the loud, anil
it contains oro very similar to the
Meteor article, being a mixture of iron
pyrites nnd sulphides. Tho lessees
purpose running in a crosscut, and
tapping the lead lower down and expect to develop a bonanza.
The new council being duly sworn,
took their seats, the members present
lieing: Mayor York, Aid. Worden,
Smith, McNeish. and Arnot.
The necessary certificates of qualification were presented and ordered
In his inaugural address, his worship heartily welcomed th*.* new council, lt wa.s ti pleasure to see BO many
members of the old board present on
tho new, thus evincing a desire to
stick to their posts of duty. All tlis*
members wen* tsi Im* congratulated on
the naturs* of their election. Those
who had sat with the old board would
be of great help in settling the matters pertaining to thu mill site, anil
they would Ihi easily able to cope with
all the troubles beforo them. Some
matters coining up for action would
doubtless cause anxiety and cnll for
much care, but the council would lie
aide to accomplish much good for the
city. There were a number of improvements to be advocated this year, such
as waterworks, electric light, and an
adequate system of lire protection.
These wero all required and it was
within the power of the city to adopt
them. If tlie aldermen would all pull
together, they would havo no cause to
regret having taken hold of municipal
affairs. He would extend the same
invitation to supper to the new members.
The striking of the standing committees and other initial business was
left over till next meeting.
Council adjourned.
sisipsn.nl by iiis. iiisjtun.
W. H. Davidson, who, with W. liar
rison, has a lease on the Day ton claim,
situated at the mouth of Dayton creek,
took 86 sacks of ore to Nelson Saturday as a  test  shipment,   There was
Special IMsstBtltig  ll.l.l   on I.isat Tuesday
A special meeting of the board of
trade wa.s held in the city hall Tuesday evening, there being a very fair
attendance of members. President
York was in the chair.
A letter was read from the Kaslo
board of trade, asking for the endor-
satioB of action by the government for
the relief of the silver-lead industry.
Thechairinan explained the board had
onee before done this and the same
telegraphed W. A. Galliher. M.P., at
Ottawa. J. O. McCallum spoke to the
question and said it would do no harm
to re-ailirm their stand. He accordingly moved,seconded by J.A. Anderson, that this board heartily endorses
the resolutions recently adopted by
the silver-lead mineowners at Sandon.
J. E. Durand, Victoria, wrote, re-
quos»tiii.'*r all available information on
tne volume of business transacted
here and the extent of mining oiiera-
tions in the camp, as the Crown Bunk
of Canada was desirous of opening a
branch here. President. York stated
he had received a communication on
the same lines from C. K. Niell, supervisor of the Royal Batik. Ho urged
immediate action on the matter, as it
was very desirous a bank should lx*
established here. There was sufficient
business offering to warrant, a bank
coming aud it would prove a great
convenience aud benefit. The subj.x-t
was thoroughly discussed and the
president and secretary appointed a
ciuuniitee t:i draft and forward the
nocessary information.
Various amendments were authorised to In' made in the bylaws of the
board: Reducing the number of a
quorum from nine to five; changing
siate of regular meetings from monthly
to quarterly; and reducing number of
the executive from 15 to t>.
J. (J. McCallum spoke of the nuisance riaused by railway cars blocking
the crossings on Arthur street and at
the wharf. Thes icretarywas instructed to notify Sopt. Downie and ask to
have the nuisance abated.
The secretary reported having invited the Interior Press Association to
hold their next annual meeting iu Slocan.   Ordered endorsed.
Meeting adjourned.
Coitipltsssrnlniy Supper.
A very pleasant affair took place at
the Royal Hotel on Monday evening,
being a complimentary supper tendered by Mavor York to tin* members of
the outgoing and incoming councils,
city officials and the village scribe.
The repast was most tasteful, splendidly served and, needless to say.
heartily enjoyed. Toasts, spes-cli-
niaking and ringing followed,combining to give f-ood entertainment The
burthen of the several excellent talks
was that of harmony, united action
and determination to make Slocan a
place renowned for its enterprise and
steady progress. The supper was a
marked sustjoass, and before separating
the   company    returned   emphatic
thanks to his worship for his hospitality and for the pleasure derived.
ManiBgs-r Oalloin   Itilsirna.
J. Frank Collom,managing director
of the Arlington and Speculator properties, returned from his eastern and
Citlifiii-iiiau trip on Tuesday. On his
way iu he spent several days in Spokane, consulting with Prof. Talks
upon the question of the mill about to
bs erected at the Arlinj*ton for (lii-
treatment of its ores. The plans and
specifications of the mill will lie finished iu a few days and Mr. Colloffl is
busy getting things in shape for its
oarly construction. He is firmly con-
vinci'd of the success of the processes
the experiments carried out by Prof.
Parks have been most searching and
thev leave no room for doubt. There
will be several hundred thousand feet
of lumber consumed in the i'i.'ctioii of
the mill.	
A llig rrsspiialllosi.
W. Tattersall caui" down from the
Myrtle group, at the hend of Twelve
Mile, on Monday, and exhibited some
fine ore. The main shaft has lvoen
sunk SO feet and a crosscut is now be* |
Ing driven to reach the other wall ofl
the vein.   Fifty feet has been penetrated and the drift la still In ledge |
matter. More or less ore is carried all
the way across, being similar in character to the Arlington. Four men aro
working and they will continue development until May 1. The new sleigh
road to the Ottawa greatly benefits
the Myrtle, as a half mile of level
trail would connect tho two properties,
so ensuring easy communication.
\ bs ii mil Sleeting of the Frstternlty 11.1.1
at Nelaaii.
Members of the Interior Press Association of British Columbia met in annual conclave in the board of trade
rooms, Nelson, on the I8th,and placed
their organization on a firm and last
ing liasis. The attendance was larger
than at any previous meeting, F. J.
Deane, Nelson, being in the ehair.and
with Thos. McNaught, Halcyon, as
secretary. Two sessions of the association were held, that of the morning
being devoted to reports and the perfecting of the details of organization;
while-that of the afternoon dealt with
matters pertaining to the good and
welfare of the craft.
The association was formed less
than one year ago, with a tnenilx'rship
of three, and today it niiinliers 2f>,with
the certainty of very shortly embracing every paper on the Mainland rf
the province, the Island men so far
evincing no interest in the scheme.
The work accomplished at the Nelsc n
conference was of the utmost importance and will result beneficially to the
fraternity. At later meetings the wi rk
will lie continued, until the newspa* er
men are welded into a solid body for
the advancement and protection of
their calling.
The financial report showed a
healthy balance on hand, with no liabilities. Those elected as officers for
the ensuing year were: President, F.
J. Deane, Nelson; vice, Fred Simpson.
Cranbrook- sec.-treas. T. McNaught.
Halcyon; executive committee Win.
Mac Adams, Saudon; J. D. Taylor,
New Westminster; C. E. Race, Rossland: E. A. Haggen, Revelstoke; W.
B. Wilcox, Phoenix; and C. E. Smith-
eringalo. Slocan. Invitations for holding the next annual meeting were received from the boards of trade at
Cranbrook. Slocan and Phoenix, but
it was decided to leave the matter iu
the han Is of the executive.
A pleasing feature of the conference
was the oourtesy of the C.P.R., who
placed their telegraph wires at the free
disposal of the association, which was
very much appreciated. The members were ss-rved with a tiptop lunch
at the Nelson cafi\ Aspiring politicians, if wise, will get close to the
Press Association as early as possible,
in view of probable contingencies in
the near future.
1 iai i. ii Hank .if Csisindii.
Since the meeting of the board of
trade on Tuesday night, another communication hasbeen received from the
Crown Bank of Canada, which appears to ire auxisius to opi'ti a branch
hero. The bank is a newly chartered
institution and has its head office in
Toronto and, when in a position to do
business, it expects to havo branches
throughout New Ontario, Manitoba,
tin* Northwest and British Columbia.
its authorized capital is ?2.(HK).().K).
with •$1,900,000 paid up, and a rest
fund to commence with of "-'2i)i>,iKX).
Ths* provisional directors are Senator
McMulle'.i.  Mount   Forest; W. Van-
sltisen, Toronto' M. P. Davis, Ottawa;
D. A. sGordon, Wallaoeburg: H. R.
Hardy. Toronto) W.sl. Clark. Toronto;
counsel. F.. P. 1?. Johnston, K.C. Tin'
Crown Bank is assured of a profitable
business  from   the  time it iiiis'us its
doors. Om' advantage it will haw
over other chartered banks in the west
is that in British Columbia it will have
a special board "f slirectors.apart from
the general  ltoard. composed  of men
closely associated with the financial
and mercantile totaawts of the country. The bank will thus Ih> placed in
a position much better adapted to
meet the requirements of the people.
The ids'ii of a branch being opened
here is meeting with general favor
among the citizens.
Vlrtnrlisaa .Issulora.
I.aat Tear'a Hhlpmenta Were 6333 Tons—
A Healthy Evidence ef the Life and
Wealth or the Camp—Kuterprlae the
Blrtgeat Shipper.
With the exception of the small
shipment made by the Dayton, consisting of aliout 2 tons, thero was no
ore shipped from the camp this week.
Thc Dayton's output was un experiment by the lesse38 in chargo, and it •
will continue to work. There is a
carload of ore at the wharf from tho
Ottawa and some more from the Republic. The Enterpriso has cleaned
up its dumps and is closed down
tight. What shipments are now made
from the camp will come from tho
lesser properties and will be scattering. To date tho output stands at 225
For 15)02 tlie ore shipments from
tho local division amounted to 6833
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
MINI*. WE***-.. TOTAI,.
Enterprise  145
Arlington  40
Ottawa  SO
Black Prince  1"
Bondholder  1
Dayton  2                  2
2 225
Bar silver dropped to -47 cents this
The Queen Bess company is to be
reorganized iu England.
Ore shipmmts from tin entin Slocan are up to tli * 10)1 ton mirk.
The Fisher Maiden expects to ship
1000 tons of ore liefore rawhiding is
Two cars of zinc oro from the Pa yne
and billed to Kansas came down on
In its annual r**port tho Rambler-
Cariboo claims to have 75,009 tons of
ore available.
There were no records of any description made last weok at the gov*
eminent office.
A new mining association has lieen
formed at Victoria to embrace the
whole province.
The Payne is the largest shipper iu
the Slocan. It is sending out over 100
tons each week.
The Le Roi mine at Rossland cleared $15,000 in Deceinlx'iunaking §(325,-
120 in all rrotn May 1 last."
All the groceries and supplies from
the Enterprise were brought down on
Saturday, denoting a long shutdown.
The American Smelting Co. aro
again buying Slocan ores, the American Boy sending part of its output to
East Helena.
A certificate of improvements is being applied for by the owners of the
Legal group, situated on the first
north fork of Lemon.
Moses Jackson was crushed to death
bv falling rock last week at the Venus
mine, in the Nelson camp. He worked at the Enterprise 1111110 last summer.
Negotiations are under way for bettering and strengthening the internal
affaire of the London k B. C. Gold-
lis-lds, part owner of the Enterprise
mine, on Ten Mil.'.
The local smelters have agreed to
raise the /ine limit on ores from eight
to ten per cent, so increasing ths' profits on Slocan ores ?1 ps>r ton. Small
mercies are thankfully received.
Helping out  L.'is.l.
The British Columbia lead delegation waited on Sir Richard Cart-
wright. Hon. A. ti. Blair, and Hon.W.
Paterson at Ottawa ou Monday, and
pressed strongly for higher duties on
lead and lead products. Subsequently the delegates said they were well
satisfied with the  reception   they got.
Thev presented their ease fully and
were well received.
The junior hookey   team aro still
cocks of the walk.   On Thursday eve
the biggest and swiftest aggregation
the seniors could scrape together tackled the boys, but they were licked to
a standstill to the tune of 4 goals to 2.
Itwasa pretty mime and viewed by     ^
STX^Sia *» Denver, the government having
hands over the result, Anthony Mud- refused the use of Ih" mails to Lowden celebrating the event by giving I ery's Claim. The anguish thus caused
the juniors a complimentary supper. 1 to the Intellectpal portion of the pub*
Ths- juniors have wnlloped,everything! lie is too awful  to contemplate.
A Terrible Calamity.
terrible  calamity   has befallen
Bgoinst them  so far this sea
Zins* shipments to Kansas have been
a sui-es'ss and Thomas .limes is in the
camp to make larger contracts.
Silverton  is tho  leading shipping
point ou the lake.
to contemplate. Between th.* C.P.R. and the government
newspaper men are having a sorry
time of it.	
No eastern, western or American
mail arrived here Wednesday.
Th" bye-election iu West Yale will
lie held 00 Feb. 2i>, "«*<^i\.\^>\.\.\.\.\.\.\-A.V.\.\.\.>.A.\s\^
A Novel bj Annie Tbompsoa.
nurri'.R iv.
t>n Tuesday night, her int.-n lew
with Mury  ovsir,  Kate     looked     for
John Cayford's return to »h.*   (Manse
with tin anxiety fur keener than thut
ts»li by Mr. Ferris, she heard his aft-
tlance, she luiinl his usivtit to his
room, nud ia the interval of sils'iice
that tollowod, UsH'p sleep overcaiiio
her. holding her ssnss'ls'ss     until  the
village dock startled her into   con*
M'iousnexs as it  struck tlve.
QloriOua sunshine flooded her room,
glorious singing of birds   filled   thu
uir  Without    to  her,   tins  light     *>vas
g aring, the aounda wen* discordant
— what right had miture to lis* so
vehiiui'iitly Joyful while human hearts
suffered? Kate lay in torment, count*
inu the mi mi too us they slipped
sway. How could she meet him ?
Hsiw could She bring hoi-self to nee
his meeting with Mnry? If hi* had
not spoken opcnl] to her of his intentions she tnlghl have feigned ignorance it wns imi oaslble, now, to
fee -ii Ignorance, Dared she show the
pity she felt? I'ould slu' conceal it,
When, without her volition, it s|ioke
fur itself through her quivering lips
und tear-tilled i*\ »*s'' Miser.\- uiisery—
her hiinils cleuche-il thi'inselves tsige-
th'.'r—ho Would never troulde to read
what wns written in her face! Realising the egoism of lhe thought, she
Shrank from horsell was she then so
worthless tint with her even Love
»s\h but a sulitl.' form of selhsliiu'ss?
Sho st rsne to recall all that her
cousin had snisl on the previous evening, search ni*. every sentence
through, to tind somewhere an indication that Mary's henrt was not Irrevocably given to this new lover.
The more hopeless the task s.-euisHi.
the more strenuous became her* «f-
forts; really, she was tr.\ing to e*
oiMrate herself In her own eyes from
lhat degrading accusation of ss-itish-
ness Whatever she could do to bring
happiness into lhe life that was so
Inexpressibly dear to her. must bo
done; she experienced a wretched
satisfaction in thus adding to her
own misery.
How swiftly time Hew! one hour
more, nnd the.v would all meet, yet
how slowly that hour passed,lengthening itss'if Interminably.
The summons to    breakfast    was
heard al last she let Mary precede
her downstairs, waited a few minutes Is> spare herself the sight of
their nis*eting. and then followed
The utter dcaolatton that came upon,
hsT when she wns made aware of
John's absence, revealed the fact
that sines* the niiHiis*nl of her awakening she had Stayed herself, f.-il her
heart, aniniutsil her courage, with
this s.ne Imi's' ssf ssving him again
so soon.
In response to Mary's eager questions. Mr. Kerns explained that John
hud gone to Glasgow on busineae and
might be awu> fur some days, perhaps some weesVs Anxious that anj
possible moveini-nts of the young
man's should appear perfectly natural, Mr. Ferris ndslod that it was
uncertain whether or no John Would
return to l-'eldrossan—the girls must
i-emeuiber that he hail other friends
with an s*.pial claim on his time
"Oh. Uncle," protested Mary indignantly, "John has no friends so
near to him as w,< an- He would
never stay awav from us for w.vks.
nor leave the country without ssving
us again Kalu.ttnd I know better
than to th nk such a thing he Will
certainly come hack in a day or
two "
Kato left the assertion unconfirmed hut finding Mary alone a few
minutes later, she genth ktssi-d her
Tho unwonted caress was surprising
Vary slip] sai her arm around her
cousin's waist, and returned ths* kiss
with latere*!
"How kind you are. dear Kate'
You do that to shs*w me your s> nips thy With my hai 1' ness 1 would
like ever*.. n • to h .«■ such happiness
I wish vs-ui shared It l w th—l wish
you know boa blessed it is to love
and he loved so ver}  dearlj
Kate ill*-, u . ■ il I   • haste.
•**r«,,t/is Hin,-, ' ■ aha • , ,1 cnldlv,
After..ui us.    repenting    this     un
grus lO.iMui-s.    she    I sliced   llclscst        lo
listen  'Utii apparent  mtoreet    to u
recital o. Mat*) s hopes uud loart
eOsBCVnlng  thu ullernoon    ll  was i,,i
quits- certain thai Uavtn would
come, a, biiiliM— angagemi nt might
keep him iu town, aud ll lu* eame.lH
Would protiably I,a'.,- but a short
time to staj   li he were detained, be
hail promised to send a tastier li> lbs
und ...i mail, so tli.it iu uu> uh.
there Was someth ng io look lurward
lu' Supj-o-e In' could some, would be
be likelj in trawl lc a sluw train
lo liarleigh. or hy a quick train to
KiUI ,. St. ii. While he could Ims' u
s.on\ i'.. nn..- to tiling bun lo Uie
Munse' A ti un*-tulle \\u,s produced.
Alar) mud' abstruse calculations and
di*MO*-*ar***d that ihe tiarletgh route al-
Isswb.iI him l>ars'l\ lhirt> m uui.-.s With
her,  while the olher gave     him     sin
hour's   leisure.     Kate said    i wonder," und  "Vary likely." und     Per*
haps,'    nnd     I sliould  Hunk so.'     ul
,sppi*opiuiic mtervala. 'ihe   morning
wore itself uw.iv.
tr'roiu   lhe   \ llluge  pssst ollsce     Ua**}
• sturns-si'   triumphant,   waving     an
op.-n letter.
"I am to have both the tetter ansl
lismss'lf. Kate, ls he nol llioughuul'
he  has   written   lss  say   thai     he s'uu
oostts   ile drive* frous  Uiurteetoa he
will   be here directly,  and    he     can
Stay lwo hours- -of 0Ottr*M my oaloM-
lattOM    w,*re     all     wrong  as   usual
There la a note tare for i tide, will
)ou   lul.s-   Bt   to  llllll'
BUMS Mury 8 enlrsince, Kate had
MM noih.ng bul Ita fivtinliar writiug
on that 8.1'oiul envelope. l*-ta sumed
it lo the Btudj
Mr. Ferris took it from her,
glanced ut It, and laid it down beside him misspelled. Kale moved slow-
lj ihrough Uu' room, collecting two
or three \ases thut howled fresh Mowers;     ns    slowly    she    reorOBSOd    thu
room and withdrew* Outside the
door she paused, leaned against the
Wall for n moment, ami looked
down with contempt at her bands
because they shook slightly.
"1 don't care in the least," she
said, lying to herself defiantly. "His
movements are of uo particular Interest to ine!"
"Wns that John's writing?" Inquired Mury as Kate re-entered the pur-
lour.  "What does he say?"
"1 don't know. lincle had not
opened the letls*r."
"And you came away without waiting to hear? What a pity. 1 want
so much to know when he is coming
"Are you going to sec to the dowers, Mary? This is the day for
"Oh, 1 quite forgot! I nm so
sorry. Never mini. I will till every
vnso in the house to -morrow. Vou
see, Kate dear, I can't ihiuk of anything this afternoon."
Kortilisil by Mr- I'liwerton's eulogy,
Mr. Ferris was able to Welcome
Mnry's suitor, 'lhe young man's manner plensed him exceedingly it was
deferential, as became his youth,
and dignified, ns became his station.
Mr. Ferris w-as never unduly influenced by monetary oonsidoratlona,
but he could not help being pleasur-
abiy excited by Qavln's statements
regarding his  financial  position.
In tho evening Mary knelt beside
the minister's chair, resting her
goldi'n lu>ad against his shoulder; she
found him quite ready to gratify
hs»r with warm praises of her lover,
and for long the twsi remained discussing lhe engrossing subject in all
its hearings; Kats*. occupied wiih the
inevitable darning, strained her s>nrs
to catch one won! about the note
received that afternoon; she listened
in vain. Mary had quite forgotten
her anxiety to know when John was
coming back. Twice Kale essayed to
usk the simple question—the words
died on her lips, she could not steady
her voice to utter them. When she
was in her own room preparing for
lhe night, she caught sight of a
white face reflected in her mirror.
She stood there looking angrily into
the eyes lhat met tier's—" Vou know
you do not core." she informed her
reflection with tierce emphasis. Suddenly she flung herself upon her
kni'es by the bedside. "Oh. 1 cars*—
1 do care!" moaned Kate.
Mr. Ferris left early on the following day to join his brother min-
ists>.rs at QleueBBle. After his departure, Mary cleared the parlour table,
and mude elaborate preparations for
letter writing. She arranged her
writing case, pen. ink, pai>er, and a
dictionary; placed another book before her to serve as a prop for
Gavin's photograph; and thon, opening her case, she spread upon the
table his two letters, ami a small
select'on she hud made of newspaper
cuttings which had direct or indirect reference to him.
Having carefully examined his letters ami the newspaper notices, she
spent some time in studying his portrait: then she dipped her pen in the
ink and paused. A glance at the
letters showed that he addressed her
—"Dearest Mary:" she wrote "Dear-
cst"—feared   it   looked   too      di'inon-
etrative—destroyed that, sheet of
paper, and begun "My dear Gavin,"
on another. Here. tlu*re came to hs*r
some reminiscence of him so absorbing that she laid down her pen to
Indulge in delightful thoughts. The
letter had progressed no further whi>n
Kute came to find her some time
"You are not fisrgetting about the
flowers. Mary?"
"No but 1 shan't be any time over
my writing Did you notice. Kute.
that one side of Gavin's f:ire is n
little different from the other?"
"It is the case with most faces."
sad Kute listlessly. "I have not
looked at his much."
The weariness n h.*r voice drew
Mari's attention to her; Rate stood
by the window in full light, her
f;*.ce looked warm Mary's gentle
henrt was distressed.
"Are you tired. Kate dear.'" she
"So," suid Rate, irritably, "1
want n long walk. I shall go tss
those crofts at l*\<*rton that 1 havo
not  been near for an age "
"But dinner! you will never ge*
back iu time."
"I can get a scone and some milk
anywhere   You need not wait
"Now that is what I call foolish!"
reflected M:sr\, as Kate st,- acted.
"Why ' oi'* si., ehooee the hottest
day we have had, ior such .i long
Walk? And I am sine she Is tired ...
read) What c.n b,* the matter. 1
wonder perhaps Bella bus beer, worrying her th! ii onlj she knew happiness like nine sin- would not be
bo eassllj ui set by little annoyancea."
Kate's determination to walk to
Overton was entirely unpremeditated   She had ilsen in ih- morn ina
with   ths-   ihi   lisll.-ss   ispatli>      about
Iiit, which she dreaded in disturb
loo sm.n. Feeling* extreme weartawss,
she luul resolved to occup) bersell
within doors, there was much writing to be done ior Mr Perria, ihe excerpts from those i hues.' mission
hooks bed been too long neglected
Itut ihs- sight of Mary, so radiant-
Is hm | \. st>ni ssusii.ss il.t si* -n;
through Kate's heart. She could nol
stay there, listening nil daj to hei
cousin's in. ful confidences she was
mastered l>> tho di*sire io pui .>s
great a sbst.'.iii as Missible between
ih,s ha pp.*, f rl in d h r own unhapi.
-s-lf Moreover, li Ot*cnrred io her
ih.it if she could unce Un i hi
clear u«sn from Mury .<n.l
M. nse ainl the sliore-path and the
I.* ii ii a ev ei . til ng. iii shui i .
that had power because ol Its ., io*
elations to fi eeinato ssr Wound her—
she might b   .ti'ls- ei last    lo   gi
h"l'     B'Ml.'l       PBlSllls   n        ISS I   ..>!'.'
heart-not ei i -. '<> comprehend hereon, perhaps to re son with herscll
Por Kal.' was never content to h.dc*
her head, ostrlcb-likc, at ib.' ap
proach ol dstngci i >.•.,* m--*. ol \ sion
wus a n.-cissny io he she ..'ui'i not
aw,,, with dlagmsea und decept ons
if ever she seemed to let beraell drift
with closed eyes whilhor eircum-
Bloncoa tended lo carry her, ahe
sliifts'd wilfully. sh#e held lu-r eyes
ulosed exactly so long lis It, suileil
her not to opun Uiem—painfully
aware the whole time of tlio sllrec-
tion nnd measure Of her drifting.
forecasting with accuracy its proB*
able end. Just now she had been
stunned: sho feared the agony of reviving sensation, but she still moro
feared ignorance as to the nature
nnd extent of her misfortune.
One thing was certain—she could
not continue to suffer tnus. She could
not endure to spend night, after
night sobbing by her bedside: nor
to live through days in which Hope
—cruel Hope—inextinguishable Hope
—rose, mocked at Reason, fed itss-lf
OU Fancy, grew, flourished, entranced, deluded, and then fell to tlie dust
drugging her with it,
"Let mo only tell myself the
truth," cried Kate in desperation,
"and I must, for very shame, get
quit, of all this misery. Here is the
truth: I who am no ignorant child,
have nllows»d myself to lovo a mnn
who never cared for me and never
will—never cared for me und never
will!" The proud girl writhed as
she stabbed herself afresh Willi each
recital of her humiliation. There
wha no doubt of her having faced
the truth: alas, alas, tho misery remained.
The Overton crofts toward which
she walked, lay behind Main's of
Overton. To reach them, she hint
first to travel the Oarleigh road,
and then a long and exceedingly
rough path leading to tho summit of
a steep hill on whoso further slopes
wore the crofts. Kate knew their
inmates well, and had been wont to
visit them regularly and frequently.
Six months had now elapsed since
her last visit: she told herself that
sho ought to feel compunction because of this neglect, yet she felt
none. Neither Was she conscious of
her fatigue. The path seemed perhaps to have grown longer and
rougher, as she stumbled, slipped,
scrambled forward, without her usual swiftness and sureness of foot
Fatigue overcame her, nevertheless
She could scarcely drag herself to the
lop of the hill: gaining it, she was
forced to pause, gasping for breath,
dlc***y with the quick faint beating of
her heart.
Upon the crofts lying scattered bt>
ni'ath her, she had often looked with
intense interest, while her ready imagination pictured for her the de-
lulls of the lives lived in them—
lives so destitute of luxuries, of comforts, even of necessities; lives that
were one long buttle for bread; liws
narrowed down ta limits that seemed stifling to Kato; and withal, lives
that wore, in the majority of cases,
noble, courageous, triumphant.
The women in those crofts interested her chiefly. Contrasting their
surroundings with her own, she bent
her head in wonder and reverence at
the sight of their unswerving allegiance to duty, their patient endurance, their unquestioning resignation. It was an intense gratification to her to know that on many
occasions she had been able to carry-
consolation and sunshine into the
hearts of some of theso women. They
all loved her: they gave her high
praise when they said of her to one
another, "Oor young lady isna a
lady at a'; she micht be one o' hiz!"
To-day, Kate looked down upon
the crofts with dull indifference. If
she went there consolation would be
looked for—sho had none to communicate: sympathy would be dc-
inanded—her heart fflt dead. She
could not face theso Vonun slu*.
who had never come Satipty hearted
to them before! She Hesitated, rs*-
tracs'd her steps for a yard or two,
und only paused on realizing that
she wns too tireil to go home without resting souu-where. She turned
to look back nt the cottages: "I
can't go there." she gasped, "they
will want me to ri*ad the Bible tss
them and sing hymns. I can't do
it: something must be dead in me: I
can't  do iti"
With difficulty slie made inr way
down the steep hillside to n wood,
where she Seated herself on the moss
at the foot of one of Ills' tree- The
wood Ss*emed to swim before h'*r, slu*
saw everything as through .i thick
mist ami from a long distance. She
sat there so still, that a squirrel
who had been demolishing t! e fresh
young growth of the tnv .ituinst
Which she leaned. Bashed do v. n the
trunk to the ground nt her Bide, anil
remained gazing fearlessly nt her for
a few seconds before he darted to a
distance. There was refreshing coolness around  her; faint breezes sighed
nmong the tree-tops: pccas'onallv the
low crooning of wood pigeons    was
heard, vaned by thoso Strang) cranking sounds that the pine tr. - make
—half  weird,  half  musical.
Gradually some color stole luck to
Kate's face, her vision ftmVi ol.'isrer,
she felt revived. She begun l.» nonce her surriuiiidmgs. she began to
ihink. Looking ut the watch fasl-
eiu-d i is her wrisi, she reflected that
Mary must have 'unshes! dinner some
tune ago, und wonld now be iu the
garden among lur roses Mury and
roses—the u.-ssis uslion was r-o harmonious, so appropriate
"What is ths-rs- about alary," Kale
usks>d herself, "lhat makes it natural
to connect her with flowers? No one
wouisl ever think of i.ie in eoiiii.'.-
lion With Qoworsl .-he is ssi beautiful, so gentle, so fragile; one fss-ls
instinctively that she must always
live in sunshine und be protected
from storms. Buffering seetns so
much more appropriate tsi some people Ihnn to sit hers: 1 caiitisit bear to
think s.f Mnry as a sufferer, she
should always have love about her
—l daresay she always will, (or it
conns to meet her wherever she goes
I have lo work hard fsu love, uu.1
seldom get it; 1 wonder whoilier the
poor fssiks up yonder would huve
liivs*d me if l bail done nothing foi
tluni. Mary hns hearts given her In
exchange for smilix. Ii is quite f.nr
—her smiles arc very BWoOl but ii
all Beams so easy for hei. end so horribly hard for me. I illie children
worship her. thi\v ily to her i"r ki -
bub as Instinctively as flowers iim-
to the sun for lighl There must he
someihing in her that Impels ever
one who sees her to lore he wl.al
can it be? Nol merely the desin
love      on  her   part—for  she  cuiu.ui
possibly desire tho love of iill children she kisses, nor all of the people
she smiles on; und if desiring love
could win it, 1 should got all I want.
No: there must bo some radical difference botWOOU (ior nature and mine!
1 feel il, but 1 can't define il. Perhaps it has to do with the natural
goodness and purity of her character, which makes itself felt without
any effort or even consciousness on her fiart, just as the scent of
Q flower makes itself felt. She has an
affinity for everything that is perfectly child-like and holy. If we two
had been in Palestine when Christ
died. I would have sought out Mary
Magdalene—but Mary would have
clung to the Madonna. Thnt gives a
suggestion of the difference between
Another glance at her watch warned Kate of tho rapid flight of time.
She roso to her feot with a sigh,
unwilling to leave the solitude and
rs'frs.shing calm. She felt wonderfully
"Thero is nothing like facing one's
troubles," snld she cheerily, as sho
left the wood. 'They are like wild
beasts—1 ook at them steadily enough and they grow powerless to
barm you. I have some sense, thank
goodness I I can still ss*e a thing in
its true light. 1 have a strong will
too—ono can get the batter of anything, if one hus good sense and a
strong Willi"
Considering the reliance placed by
Kate on her own common sense and
strength of will, it was pcrhups a
lit llo tuinecessiiry that she should so
repeatedly assure herself of the efficacy of Iheso excellent qualities. Bhe
descended from her lull lop in a
in.hi slate of self-glorification; secure
in the possession ot a power that
could raise her fur above the dospic-
uble weakness into which she hud
lately been betrayed She even ul-
lowed herself to glide into contemplation oi .lohn (uyford's return—tot
that he would return, und return
speedily, sho hud no doubt at all.
litis train of thought wus so pleasant, so inspiring, so engrossing, that
sho wus abeuilv half a mile beyond
the Garloigh station on her hoius-
wurd way when she remembered that
the BCone and milk which were to
have refreshed lu*r had been forgot-
ts'n It was not worth her while to
return to Oarleigh for them, but she
wished she had bein less forgetful.
The hot, dusty, Bolllary road.stretch-
esl itss'if uninvii ingly before her, the
mile and u half that must still be
tra\ersed, seemesl st) long—her steps
flagged, she was indeed very  tirs'd.
\ Budden remembrance came to her
of the day whs-n she ond John had
Walked from Oarleigh together. How
Is nr t\±io tlint seamed how old sho
hull grown since then: how greut a
gulf wus fixed bei ween the Kate ot
to day and the Kate of that day I
Intsilerable |um slirred at her heart
—she soinrht to banish i.t by reminding herself feebly oi common ss-nse
and slrs'ngth of will.
She had reached now the very spot
at which, in old days, Alice Cayford
had been wont to stunsl nnd admire
the \ lew of rVilsa Craig. Kate
thought of her. nnd stopped; leaned
against the dyke, clasped her hands
upon the cool granite, anil gazed out
seawards. IInpp> . happy .Mice'
Rut standing there would not
bring the Manse uny nearer to her.
She looks-d wearily toward tlie road
—ansl shook from hud lo foot like
an aspen leaf, ns up the ro.id. nearer, nearer, walking rapidly, his eyes
bent on the grse nil. came Alice's
brother He was sn ni'nr her—hr* w.,s
almost nhreast of her-and he would
not look up! Commonsense and
strength of Will became suddenly
clamorous. I.s't hiin pass, they urged. I*'t him puss! He hud all but
passed, ".lohn!" cried Kute In di*-
At sounsl of his name, ke turned
too nbsorbs*d in thought to recognize
her Immediately: that short interval
seemed nn eternity of time to the
"Why, Kale. I never saw ynu how
glad I am you spoke) This is u\\
only chance to suy good-bye 1 go
out to Melbourne ni*xt week "
She caught at the atones to steady
"Thia—this is R'lilden."
"I thought of it yesterday. I
mude up my mind to-day."
He came nearer, and leaned against
the dyke beside  her
Kate fixed her guze on a solitarj
rock, projecting frnm the Bea whore
on a larce trull st..,.sl meditating -nl-
eii.lv. The bird uis*J ths- rock worn
motionless everything else aecUied,
and swayed, ami swirled with ii.s*
water Why hud she not listened to
Uu- dictates ol commonsense and let
I.nu pass?
"You will huve to su\ good-byt
to Mr Ferris ior me. Katu said
her companion, l shull i..>t have
time to come down here again " Ho
paused fnr n minute, and then added
"I have seen Mar)     She seems i.-r.i
happy       Do   lull   think   her till* |.'. ' '
With    difficult]     Kate articulated
"ies "
"si..- suid Mr. Wishart was here
yestenlay Vou must have .nn him,
v..-re j ou pleased ''
"I Bcarcel.-s noticed him Uncla
seems satisfied
Kate will you do something for
"Anything  \ ou   W ish "
"I wnnt   sou  tn    pro
me a let ier BOmet lines   v. hi!
away     There is no Alice i..
ll,.*  i-iiv.     w ill  \ ou?"
"I must have some oils* tl
about Mary. As 1 cam.' along just I
now, I wus ws,ml,.,-inn how I should
get news from her, Somehow i
never thought su' you"-Katc'f lingers closed innr" tlghtl*, ovei the
sharp edgea sif ihe granite but „(
course you arc the ver; one who can I
tell me most about her s on nre i
quick    sighted, and she confides
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"I don't mind so much—that Is, with-
ri'iisoti—htuiut what people think
u see me fnee to fnee," said Ihe «S'.'i
ii dresses well "but the people who
tU'iso 1110 behind uiy iuii'k do It
•ro deliberately, Whatever uiy up-
irnnce mny be ns 1 see myself fnee
face In the glass, 1 um resolved that
one shall uuy that toy mirror has not
u Bides, one can protect one's fnee
'I. a smile or a gesture, but the critic
tli" bncli bus one entirely ut his
•i'''y."~Phil;ult'lphi!i   Ledger.
v. I
V. i
Tilt*  Sssvlsiii  airi'S   Lot.
Tho sewing glni Is out of the way of
gelling a husband. Sho does not eian'e
hi contact with meu In her work, as
other ulils do, and with so little time
for anything but her work she docs not
mnke the acquaintance of niurringe-
able men. The very nature of her em-
pluyuiciit excludes men from ber socl-
*-t) during her working hours. Her as-
B'icliites aud even her employers are
almost Invariably of her own Sex. No
class of Women arc more ih.'servlng sif
Kwd husbnndi Ihiin ure the. women
wlio make their living with their needles. Tliey nre usually modest, refined
iml domestic. They do not hunt Fius-
hamls, nud, being bo wllhdrnwn from
the dully Uvea of men, husbands; do not
Usually hunt them beciiiise*Uiey do not
usually know of them.— LouisvilleCuu-
.•"lt'1-Jourunl. . •    • •
Nsi|ils*s    l.alsstrcra.
Blnco i860 tho tfrigua 0f htliorers In
£*i|*li'a hnve doubled, but tin- tuxes.
av*. trebled. Bveh now wages are
•>"ly from lu to 85 ,-ents u duy.
1 will send mj fine bisssk
on Catarrh to all sutler-
em from the disease, It
explains Llui oriittii, dangers nud curo for this
troachur. us trouble It
is (inly illustrated by
tlio bo't artists. Address,
Specialist, Spiois a, S
Dosno St., Boston,
A foreign scientific journal gives
tho results of some recent experiments upon the vocal cords which
will prove interesting to singers. A
baritone who wished to become it
tenor succeeded by taking a course
of Inhalations,, beginning with benzoin, going on to cafeine and chloroform, nnd ending with curacou,while
thu voice was deepened by using vol-
uti/.i'il  Norwegian  tar.
There are plenty of people who
have become deproSaed and discouraged i because thut dry, hacking
cough hangs to thorn continually.
They have taven much medicine,
mostly of the advertised quack sort,
nothing like Dr. August Koenig's
Hamburg Breast, Tea, the discovery
of a then noted German physician li<>
years ago. We do not say that this
will cure a case where the lungs are
bally diseased, for it will not. and
up to this date, there is nothing
that will cure under these conditions;
but on the other band, if the lungs
are not hard hit, the patient should
take Ur. August Koenig's Hamburg
llreust Tea. a cup full every night on
going to bed, have it hot, drink
slowly, then every other night, rub
the throat and top portion of the
lungs with St. Jacob's Oil, cover
with oil silk, let il, remain an hour,
then remove. Eat good, plain, nourishing fnoil, live in ths* open air as
much us possible. By all means sleep
as near out of doors as possible,that
is, windows wide open, except in the
very seven* weather. Take n cold
sponge bath every morning ; then hums diately nib (he body with a coarse
towel. Tnke Dr. August Koenig's
Hamburg Drops every other day ao-
cording to directions. One can buy
the three remedies for 11.38 of any
reliable druggist. Begin the treatment at once, and see how much better you will be almost within a
week's time.
A   lawyer   never   mistakes   tbe  will
for the sls'ed.
I.ssts  of   fioor     men  nre   the  architects* of other men's fortunes.
Minard's liniment Cures LaGrlppe.
Forgery   is   all   right   in     the   iron
Fait weather friends are often enemies in disguise.
FAl'.OKH OUT—None but those who
ha.s* lnToiriP faci;est out. know what a
depressed, miserable fi'dinu it is. All
strsnuth   is   gone,   anil   despondency     hus
take,, hold sit ibe sufferers They leal as
thoutih there is nothing to live Ior
There,   however,    is   u   i-siris—s,sie   box     sst
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will do wonders in restoring health unsl streneth
Misnilrake  Bind   llaiuleliisn   are  two  of  lhe
articles entering Into the composition of
Parmelee's  I'illa.
It sometimes happens that a mnn
is so referved in his manners that
they become rusty from disuse.
Cholera and nil siinnns-r complaints 'ire
so spiicl, in their iiclion that the csslsl
li,■ ml of death is upon their victims be-
fose thev are aware that ibsiiL'er is ns-nr.
If attlsclceri do not ilelay in getting the
i riper   nieilii ine.    Try   a  dose  nf   Or     .1
ii   Kelloe's Dysentery  Cordial,  nnd you
iiill get Immediate relief. It nits with
wonderful rupkiity ami never fails tss ef-
fi'Ct   a   cure.
People who live In glass houses
are in a position to raise early veg-
i" abb's.
For WsBini-si Willi Ulu, Feet.
Women with Uirge fs-s't should bear
one or two things 111 in.ml. One is
that if they arc b.*J women the.v hnve
no right to ex peel to have very small
feet. A woman of tt feet u Inches
In height Is entitled lo ti foot 0 1-3
Inches long, and it Wight be a little
longer without milking Her feel that
the world was coming to an end. Au-
other thing the, large footed sister
should rs-eollect is that When she
squeezes her foot Into a shoe too small
for her she does not disguise its size.
On the contrary, she makes this more
apparent. The foot spreads in its over-
tight covering and lumps out In the
wrong place and stretchel the shoe
out of shape It] no time at all.—Shoe
and Loathcr Guzette.
ClSpllvr    llreil    l.lssna.
Lions bsirn iii captivity uro less trust*
worthy from the iriiiner's point of
view tban those captured In the deserts.
40th Anniversary
Tat over Forty Yeara
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
Bas been teated and has become tbe
Family Cough Specific of thousands
throughout Canada and the United
State*. It never waa more popular
nor more largely used than it is
Cough Remediee come and go. New
preparation are tried end abandoned, but the old reliable remaina.
The preaent la a trying aeaaon for
both old and young, auiTcnlda.eaally
caught now are apt to remain for the
winter unless promptly cisred. No
better remedy can ba found tban
Gray's Syrup
•old av sll DRuaaiaTa.
'OunB|iils>d from  The  (Jommerclall
The most Important occurrence this
week was the order issued by tho
Canadian Pacific ruilwuy to its
agents, last Thursday, not to accept
further shipments ot grain for Fort
William. Thc reason given was that
there was enough wheat now in transit to fill tho elevators at that point.
The repairs and enlargement of elevator D are not completed yet, but
It is expected this elevator will bo
ready in about ten days, when shipments to Fort William will bo resumed. Tho capacity of elevator D wil)
bo 8,-000,000 bushels. The Canadian
Northern elevator at Port Arthur i«
also about filled up, but that company expects to havo its new 3,000,-
000 bushel elevator ready ln r. tow
days. The new Canadian l'acilic railway elevator F., under construction
at Fort William, wj'i not be ready
for some time yet.
The situation in Manitoba wheat
hns been quiet, but firm, with a ton-
tende.ncy to follow the changes in the
Unitod States markets. Price** at
the closing on Friday were :   71c for
1 hind; 69c 1 northern, 67Jc, 2 northern, fi5.jc, 3 northern; spot, or first
hull January For May delivery, 1
hard, To'c; 1 northern, 73}i-; U nor-
thern, 71Jc; .1 northern, (JOJc, all In
Store, Fort William, Port Arthur, or
FLOUH—Demand is active and
priii's steady. Hest Hungarian Patent is 'until !?*J per sack of 98 ITis.,
delivered to ihs* trade; Qlenora pat-
em. **1.8f)| .strong bakers, J-Jl.Tio; anil
xxxx nt si.ar*.
MILLFEED— Bran is quoted at $15
per ton in sacks, and shorts at $1"?
per ton.
OATS—The out market is easy and
Jc lower. Outs are plentiful In the
country, but lack of transportation
facilities is keeping back suppli'*
and prici s are some cents above what
they would be with prompt delivery.
N'o. 2 white outs are worth 26Jc per
bushel at Fort William. On track in
Winnipeg this grade is worth litiic to
27c. pi r bus;,-;, and about 21 J: ss ih.*
price lor t's-s-d white. At country
points farmers are getting 19 to 20s-
bushel ut central points.
BARLEY—The market is quiet and
lhe best prices brewers will pay is
2.*"c for No. it oxtra in carlots ou
track. Feed barley is worth 2;*i tsxi
FLAXSEED—Market nominal.
SPELTZ—The market holds steady
at .HOc per bushel of 50 pounds, delivered  in  Winnipeg.
HAY—Dealers ure paying $6 to
$0.50 per ton for carlots on truck.
POTATOES—35c per bushel.
BUTTER — Creamery— Creameries
are asking 20c per pound from eity
customers  for  choice  makes.
BUTTER—Dairy—Very little buttei
is coming in and the market is quiet
at unchanged prices. Dealers an-
pnyinia. 21c per pound net at Winni-
pag for dairy separator butter In
bricks, and 14 to 17c not for choice
till) butter.
CHEESE—The price is firmer al
13 to Lijc per pound.
El!OS—Eggs are scarce and bave
advanced to 22c per do/.cn, net. la
Winnipeg,  subject  to candling.
ottering in a wholesale way 10c per
pound f>.r chickens, dressed; OJc to
10c for ducks and geese, and 15c for
DRESSED MEATS ~- Beef, city
ilri*s»SB*sl, 0 to 7]tc per pound: countr)
stock, *c uniler these figures; mutton,
8  tsi 0c;  lamb.   Ilie:  hogs,  7c.
HxDES—Country frown hides arc
bringing from 5J to tic DOT pound,
delivered at Winnipeg, less S pounds
tare; sheep pells, 80 to 50c.
WOOL—Market  nominal.
SENECA ROOT—Last purchases
Were made at 58c per pound for cls'iit.
dry root, delivered at Winnipeg
CATTLE—The marki't is ipiii-t
F'nist stcors are worth -lc; butchers'
orninary, SJc, und from that down
to 2Jc, according to quality There
is nothing doing In stocker cattle.
SHEEP—Worth 3ijc per pound ofl
car" here.    I.aiubs, 4{ to 4sjc.
HOCS—The market is unchanged
nt f>c per    pound I'or   hogs •weighing
from ion to 200 pounds. Heavies
and lisihts are worth \  to  lc less
MILCH COWS—There are very uw
milkers tss be had, and prices are
Ann at $30 to §45 ench, for such as
are lis be had. according to spuility
Horses—There is a good demand
HOUSES—Trade is now confined to
a limited demand (or general purpose
horses, for which prices still rule
high. Oood teams ol work horses
Hre worth $300 tsi H00, MCordlsg
to weight   und quality.
A mun's .shadow is like most of his
friends. It only stocks lo hlm In
Men admire clever women mora
than handsome ones, because they
B|-Q scarcer.
It   Ih  almost   "«  bard   to   ks-ep  a  Irlensl
as  it   Ih   lo   los-e  ssn enemy.
AsiIh aa s'siiii Makera.
Walter    Busse atutes that In East
Africa    prnctii'ull.v  all  the   excretion
of  i-siiii   ie  provoked  by  nnti.     Thoy
perforate   tho   bark  of tho acacia in
order to  lay  their eggs  in  the wood.
The soft wood ni'iicins generally show
few wounds of this kind, but tho.*'.'
of de hardwood species are riddled
with tlii'in, each perforation boing
isnr! i'ii with a globule "f gum. Tho
nnt make., no in-..' uf the gum. H I*
only an nhsll'urtlon to her work,
since it sinps up the galleries si"1
hollows nut. Another siioi'lea sif ant.
liov.es er, SOIllOtlines isttucl-s the e*
inte l gum before it fins become rom
l leti'l.v hardened and gives It dlscol*
Strained His Back and Was Sent
Home ln Agony.
tatd Qp all Wlnt-sr. Dodd'i Kidney FUla
pnt Him on Hla Feet Agetn and Now
He la Completely Cared.
Indian Brook, Victoria Co., N. S.,
Jan. 12.—(Special)—Angus 1). Mc-
Donald, son of the postmaster here,
is prominent among those In thla district who swear by Hodd's Kislney
Pilln aa a sure cure for those terrible pains in the back that nro one
of the surest symptoms of Kidney
Disease. And Mr. McDonald has good
reason for the stand he takes.
While at work in the coal pits he
strained his back and was sent home
in an agony of pain. The nearest
doctor, twenty-five miles away, was
sent for, but he could do little to
relieve his suffering. This was in
October, 1901, and he couldn't do a
hand's turn of work till the spring
of 11102,
Then a hotelkcoper advised him to
try Dodd's Kidney Pills That hotelkcoper didn't see him again until
last August, anil then his first question was : " Angus, how's your
back ?" "As well as ever it was,"
answered Angus. "What cured it?"
""Dodd's Kidney Pills cured me completely."
And the postmaster at Indian
Ilrook is always ready tsi testify to
the truth of his son's statement.
l'nins in the Hack, Lumbago,Rheumatism, Dropsy gnd Heart Disease
are caused by diseased kidneys,
Dodd's Kidney Pills will cure them,
Despite the . efforts of, Winnipeg
wood dealers to keep up the price ol
wood by claiming a shortage existed, the price has dropped a dollar,
a cord and will likely go still lower.
Thore are eight or ten thousand
cords in sight at Winnipeg, an ample
Supply for considerable time, and
further, unlimited quantities of wood
may be had.
Minard's Liniment is best flair Restorer.
An Irish lawyer, tn epssaking ofthe
ilcinlsi' of a colleague, said : " He
leit a Inilliaiit future behind him."
Mr    Thsunns   Ballard,   Syracuse,   **"    If.
writes ; I hnvo bean afflicted for nearly u year with that moat to be droailesl
disease Dyspepsia, ansl at tinu-ss worn
out U'ith pain anil want of sleep, ansl after trying almost everything recssimiicnil-
svil I tried one box of Parmelee's V'egc-
tftM? Tills I ain now nearly well, ansl
believe they will cure me. 1 would not
Im  without   theni  for  any   money."
It may be well to retnemiii'i" that
the beat friend you have on earth is
a better friend to himself that he is
t.i you.
Walters as .*. class are orderly men.
yet thi'v are frequently called to order.
N'ow tho summer girl  has resigned
in favor of the cudsaUesome girl.
Horse Health
is one of the most important
things for every farmer to
Blood Purifier
will build up a run down horse.
It tones up the system, rids
stomach of bots, worms and
other parasites which undermine an animal's health.
50 cts. a package.
AGENTS.     -    -    •     MONTREAL.
A Wonderful Medicine.
Bilious and
Nervous Disorders,
Sick Headache, Constipation.
Wind and Paius in Stomach,
Impaired Digestion,
Disordered liver and
Female Ailments.
Thomas Beecham, St. Helens, Enj.,
Sold by sll Druggists
in Cansda and U. S. America.
In boxes, as cents.
ASM    """-Ob""*!
Ogilvie   Oats
Oelioloue flavor.     Free trom hulls.    Warranted Pure.
Put up In all aiioA packages.
W vi n sa rl m i-i
As now manufactured, the great Family Flour,
Insist on getting " OGILVIE'S," as they are better than the beet.
//    *
sV   T&44s\4_   &4
#44 L*Uy A _^
M?wt<nv cflAis *nAs £^Jl/
Oraln and Commission Merchants.
Uliclsrat prlii-a palsl for wheat, o>u. tasa>
ley or flsax In rsrlssta. Wire or write ■»•
Cor prices before selling. Liberal ailrtu
oea made on eotasl-fnmenta and handle,
on commission*   Licensed and Bonded.
t. O. Bos 580, Winnipeg, Man.
When a man is in lovu with a woman  he  listens    to  every   word  she
The easiest way to flatter some
people is to tell them they are flattery proof.
A N.-vr (lame For Mother*.
liaby's awakening ought to be
looked forward to as a pleasure, Dot
dreaded as a scourge. lie shoulil
awaken bright, merry and full of
fun, rs-i'resheil by sls'op, really for ii
good time.
llow many mothers dread his awakening howls, knowing that he will
keep everyone miserable until he goes
io sleep again or gets his food. These
crying fits are the terror of every inexperienced mother. Mrs. Gabriel
Haines. Six Mile Lake, Ont., is a
mother who has learned how thir.
trouble can be best met, and writes
us as follows : " My baby suffered
much from indigestion, and was cross
anil restless. 1 gave hiin several
medicines, but they did not help him.
I then got a box of llaby's Own Tablets, and they helped hiin almost at
ones', and (une done him **o much
good that I would not now be without them l can ri'foiniiiend Baby's
Own Tablets to all mothers us the
best medicine 1 have ever used for
children." These Tablets are guaranteed to contain no opiate or harmful drug and can be given with absolute safety to the youngest, weakest
Infant. Sold by all druggists or
saiu by mall, post paid, at U5 cents
a box bj writing direct to the Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Brockville,
(int., or Scheiii'ttady, N.Y.
It may take nine tailors to make
a man, but one tailor-made girl can
unmake a dozen  men.
Pride makes one man ridiculous
and prevents another from appearing
There never wus ansl never will be a
universal panswea, in one remedy, tor all
ills in which Ilesh its hs.ir—the very nu
tare ol many curatives b«inp kih-Ii that
were th.' germe ol other siml differently
spisti'it diseases rooted in the system of
the patient—what would relieve une ill
in turn wnulil stiitti'sivule the other We
have hnwe\er. in Quinine Wine, when
olitiiiBiftliU* in found, unssdulterateit state,
a remedy for many anil ifrevious ills. By
its gradual and iudiiious use the frailest
BjHteinss ai-e led into convalescence ami
streiiKth by the inlluencc which Quinin,
exerts   on   nature's  own   restoratives,    it
relieves the drooping spirits ot thus,
with whsim is chronic stnte of morbii
despondency and lack »( interest in Uf.
is    n    disease    and    bv   tranquili/.ing  th.
nerves, disposes to sound suid refreshing
sleep—Imparts vi^or to the uction of tlis
Isisiud, ivliich, being stimulated, course!
through the veins, strengthening th>
health-, animal functions uf th.' system
thereby making activity a necessary result, strengthening the trams and giving
life tss the digestive organs, which naturally demand Increased substance—resull
Improved appetite Northrup ,*i Lyman.
ot    Toronto,    huve    given   lo   the   public
ihrir Superior Quinine Wine at the usual
rale.     unsl.    siiiugi'il     by   the   opinions   ol
scientists, this wine approaches nearest
perfection   "f   any osi the market      AH
slnigglsts  sill   it
One trouble with some men who
pay as thoy go is that they are slow
Three things that beat n strum for
noise are B small boy and two drumsticks.
Nlnard'i Liniment for Rhtn-fifUi.-i**..
Speaking  of  clotlu's,   a  judge says
lawsuits become attorneys.
it  is difficult  to    convert a mun
unless voii practice what you proach,
\ SHOUT ROAD to hi*alth was opened
to thus.- suffering trohi chronic coughs,
asthma bronchitis, catarrh, lumbago,
tumors, rheumatism, excorinied nipples,
ur III itemed breast, nnd kidney complaint
i.y ib*' Introduction ol tli" Inexpensive
ami  esVcsti.e  lvnistly.   Ur.  Thomas'   I'.rlei-
tttc on.
Arrow Lak*,
annates) midst scenery »arW»lle4 sat
fi-andeur. The must complete healta) MS
lort en the oontlnent of North America*
Ita hatha cure all Nervous aad Umamaf
lar dlseaaea. Its waters heal all KMae-ft
Liver and Stomach ailment*.
They are a never-falling roaaedj fee aa*.
ahenmatle troublea
TERU-* (IS ta 111 mi wash,  sseesdlag
W residence la Betel er Villas.
"'  STOOK   -food.
A Veterinary Conditioner.
I'lti'l'.  SHAW'S  OPINION.
ItsMsi whut Professor Shaw, formerly
of tlu Ontario Agricultural CullCrfe,
Ciueiph, Ont., and uow Kditor of tho St.
Paul Farmer, says of Camelsx siock
Food : „
St,   Paul,   Minn.,  Dec.   10,   1902.
This is to certilv thnt the ingredients
used by Mr. W. G. Douglas. Winnipeg,
in the manufacture of his Oarnefac Stock
Food has been sulunitted to me for iny
opinion regarding their value.    I may sav
with reference to them thut  l am satis-
lied they are all healthful II properly
lilendesl thev should make a splendid
tonic for live stock, more especially
.ilii-n the digestion is not in the proper
order      They    will  act  us un  appetiser
Mid will also tend to stimulate the digestion so thut when feh to animals not
in iniiiil condition of thrift the result
would lie to quickly improve their condition. I would suppose that this food
uoulsi be especially helpful in feeding
horses in preparing them for spring work,
and ill putting in tone the stomach of
sat lis-, sheen und swine that have been
pushed too hursl iu feeding It should
also render good service when fed to
calves that are not*prospering because of
Indigestion. THOMAS SHAW
You can obtain lt from you-r dsjaler.
Sometimes musicians dispense h*vu-
nic by measure, but the drummer
works  It off by tho pound.
When n man dyes his whiskers and
ths'.v begin to ri'oiv out, doesnjt he
they begin tsi grow out,  dosjsn't he
and can be enred st
IM Osborne St., Winnipeg.   Established IMS,
Over lOO.OUO cares.   Don't be deceived If ram
went a cure   Take The Keel**/   whets ro*
ara trestsd b; a qualified physician. Carre*
pendence strlotly private.
VV A NTED— K resh, we' 1 made. Also ecus of the
.onr a.i) l'.io:i. If none now, takeaadress and
• hip later. We ship Bread frozen, so that it
■nis and eats like new mado.
Winnipeg Co-Operative Society.
The Bakery,  Cor. Elgin and Nena St.,
Winnipeg.   Correspo'idencp "iilicited.
sent to ant addr-***.,    «*> *> tz Q
- post-paid Tor «f Ll.\i O t
i -iia.jfi tstS'ST rssAjsBsc |Tnir irMSHS abosjmi,
*     /"ns*. nctVstt'aosisT or siM*t^n
f, BEAunfta titU^AT'La Catalogue
•v rptETqmfiX PuncitASER./OORtss'
Advlssa.   after  you  enjoy  your  Christmas
Turkey,   coia.lnue   the  pleamire by   amok
Iny  a
No other has thst peculiar sweet flavor
Manufactured by
OEO.    tr.    bl»VAN    A,    OO.
The  less  money  a  man    Iiiin,     the
more*valuable it seems.
Even the hopes of a toper's friends
nrs* apt. t<i lie dissipated.
\ft/,    IM.    «J.
1*11. THE DP.iLL, SL0CAK, E. C. JANUARY 23. IW.
C. E. Smitbehinoale, Editor and Prop.
JBLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line fot
, the first insertion snd 5 cents a line each
aabsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
Tba Subscription ia 12 per year, at.-ict-
,ly in advance; f2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan. B. C.
Old papers for sale at this office.
A. Harlow and family have removed
to Nakusp.
Tbe Molly Gibs-von  will erect a mill
next fitinimer.
Tbe local coal  famine was sul-dned
during the week.
The Methodists are preparing for
their concert next month.
An epidemic of sore throat baa ixen
troubling the burg of late.
One big carload of machinery for
the saw mill arrived on Friday.
Another fancy dress carnival  will
lie held at the rink next mouth.
The local metnl-ers of the CM.R..
who went  to South  Africa, have received word that thev will get the £5 ■=""{
bounty given to all discharged troops IrV
by the Imperial goverument. J£j
Sandon this year elected its council J$J
by acclamation. Tlie mayor is M. L.' Kfl
Grimmett and the aldermen. Thomas y
Brown, Dr. Gomm. E. A. Cameron.' jcg
James Yallauc.-. E. McLeodand Alex, gg
Crawford. *£
Supt. Downie of the C.P.R. has ask-' Jg
ed the local lumber company for plans : mm
of their {-rounds, so as to prepare for Jy
the buildim- of the necessary switches \K
into the mill ranis at an early a date! gj
as possible. ; JU"
The information comes irom Mon- JC"-
treal that there is to lie another shuffle jfg
anion'- the C.P.R. officials, incidental  a***S
FRIDAY. JANUARY 23rd, 1905.
A |Msicil mark in the space
appeaite will be an iadica-
iiaajto yeu that ye enlitor
ceaiisierc there is sometkin j
•amine to nun on yo'ir subscription. Kindlvackaaw-
ledje   ia cast) snd oblige.
C. S. Rashdall. of New Deiiver.spent I upon Supt. Marpole of tbe Pacific di-
a couple of days here this week. i vision lieing made assistant general I
The Rossland  midwinter  carnival I manager of the entire system. , «-=  ,n
will lie held on February llth to Uth.      Ladies, wait  until  you see Arnot's '    "
Several i
to prospect
i camps.
The electrical power plant at Boa-   i,r ^.
Profit i» nss*cs?^iiorj' to business
roiitinnanc*. ths; is obvious.
But a firm that makes profit tlse
tlse sole end aimed at *sx.ii discovers its mistake. Quality ts.
mjr mind is primarily ci«*nti.--l.
With me profit in tho narrow interpretation is nlways subordinated to it. This U the safest
policy both for you nnd for me.
Tlis- urcflle^t encouragement I
receive is that my cns'.ciricrs nl-
v.aysseek qsisility first. They
know and rightly, that injcs.s*-
ins.- their profit will be more reel
and lasting.
I-* BIT OKI**. I.   OKOl'PsVNUI.
Death has favored the Liberals. So
many Tory relics have passed away
that the Senate lias become decidedly
Gritty iu complexion.
Premier Prior and Attorney General
*Eberts have gone to Ottawa, to secure
iietter terms from the Federal government in other words, to beg for more
money. Their trip will delay the
meeting of the legislature till March.
.ral of the bovs left (his weekM**?,^
,-pect for work-in the Boundary  * . Hbruarv A   full   hue   of shirt , JC
"^                                                 waists, ladis***. underwear, prints, and   K*
all   kinds of dress stuffs and  trim-; K
>h G00df
A feature of the municipal elections
throughout the province has been the
suiprisinjr number of Labor representative's finding places among the successful cansdidates. The influence of
the working-nan's vote is rapidly expanding. ^^^^^^^^^^
Japan is highly indignant that British Columbia should want to exclude
the Japanese. British Columbia is
just as indignant that Japan should
want to let the Japanese come here.
Domestic, not Imperial, reasons ce-
raand the ab-obits- exclusion of the
brownies from Mikadoland.
The still hunt for a government
candidate in West Yak* has resulted
in a victim lieing found in the person
of John Clapperton, a former gold
commissioner. The voters were given a
great jollying and the hotelmen did
well, but it was Prior who did all the
talking. -The interior is agin the gov-
Great interest is evinced in the Dominion bye-election taking place in
Burrard constituency on Feb 4th.
Dr. Mclnnes, R. G. Macpherson and
.Chris Foley, tbe contest lieing lx-
tween the last two. Chris has the
Labor support and is hot for Chinese
exclusion. He Ls steadily gaining
strength and is picked as the winner.
The Liberal promises of remedy are
of none effect.
From the Bureau of Provincial In-
. formation, Victoria, some first-class
advertising stuff for British Columbia
is being issued. It is a pamphlet
embodying a lecture delivered in London, Eng., last November by Hon. J.
H. Turner, agent general for the province. Tbe pamphlet makes a most
readable compilation and presents the
advantages of the country to the intending settler, traveler, and capitalist
in an attractive,yet plain and striking.
manner.   —-_-^___^___
National  spirit   is  developing   in
Canada   on   a sound   ami healthful
basis.    It  finds expression in resolutions passed by various boards of trade
in the enst, urging the government to
[build and equip a railway, to the Pacific coast, so shutting off the piratical
demands of private monopolies of the
Grand Trunk Pacific calibre.   Public
opinion, irrespective of party politics,
would support Minister Blair were he
to extend the Intercolonial  to tidewater on  the  west.    Why let private
(corporations supplant the government ?
An object lesson in the practical
benefits derived from consistent nud |
persistent advertising is exemplified in
the words of Col. Pope, recently appointed receiver for the American Bicycle Co., a concern which has lately
made a skyrocket entry into bankruptcy: "The cessation of advertising
killed the bicycle business, and the
way to revive it is to resume that same
important matter. I thoroughly l>e-
lieve in it. You can set; how I feel in
the matter when I tell you that I
spent JfiOO.OOO in oue year in tbat sort
of publicity, and tlmt is my idea for |
the future—to advertise."
nington Falls is to be extensively en
C. W. E. Browning formerly of this
place, is located at Fort Saskatchewan.
Born. In New Denver, on Jan. 14,
the wife of Rev. Mr. Cropp. of a
Sheriff Tuck slid into town on Friday. Slocan's leading paper had a*
narrow escape.
L. R. Forties, formerly of New Denver, has been appointed government
agent at Fernie.
The mill company have erected a
machine shop and will fit it up for the
repair of their plant.
Rev. Mr. Baer.of Nanaimo. will lecture iu the Methodist church here on
the 3rd of February.
The new shingle and saw mill plant
will be equipped with it powerful
electris*. lighting outfit.
Kaslo had a hot mayoralty contest.
F. E. Archer winning over A. T. Garland by 12 of a majority.
New postage stamps are to lie issued
on July 1, when th" present supply is
used np. They will bear the king's
John Dean wa.s elected mayor in
Rossland by 80 of a majority over J.
S. Clute. Gambling halls will now
Kaslo is short one alderman and a
deadlock exists, no choice lx-in1* pos-
sible between John Keen and H. Gie-
W. Koch will get out several hundred thousand feet of logs on Ten
Mile, to be cut into lumber iu the
Last week W. Koch sent eight head
of horses over to Nakusp, to work in
the lumber woods for the Gcnelle
Dave Sloan and famil v.accompanied
by Bob Sloan and H. Low, are leaving
on a four months' trip to Carleton
Place, Ont.
Wm. and Heury Eo'e bave secured
a coutntct to grade several miles of
Jim Hill's railway into the Similkameen country.
There is a chance for men to get
work, as Provost &. Roliertsou are a'l-
wrtising for 75 tie-inokers, who are
wanted immediately.
Herbert Marriot, of Phoenix, lost
his life in a hotel fire at Morrissey on
Saturday evening, wheu the Pioneer
House was burned dowu.
W. O. Rose was elected mayor of
Nelsou last Thursday by 179 of "a majority over W. W. Beer. The Hous-
tonian ticket controls the council.
Never before in the history of the
camp has the:*e Ik".mi so much snow.
The heavy fall again this week has
inpelel traffic and endangered buildings.
Ths* Slocan fire brigade will hold ita
first annual ball in the Music Hall,
on Friday evening, 80th inst. It is
for a worthy cause and de-serves support.
Frank Provost has secured a contract to get out 100,000 ties for the C.
IMC lb-has established three (lamps,
two on the lake and one down the
Chief Armstrong made a big improvement in the condition of the sick-
walks on Tuesdav.just after the storm
by getting a horse and plow to remove
tlie snow.
The members and adherents of the
Presbvterian church have presented
Mrs. Adcock wi'.h a largefj signed
testimonial, in at' d  ineut of her
services as org.ini* .
Provincial Officer Chi. tie received
instructions during the week to investigate the recent robbery at the Exchange mine. It will go hard with
the offenders, if caught.
Have a nice line of embroid
eries iu stock now.
We are showing Vases. Cat
delabra.  Mirrors, tall Rel).-
Ink  Stands,  Flower Stans
L;iBii|,'S.Ps.<no Lamps.Pictii
Fra suits.
1-a.lie-' and Gentlemen's I m-
brellas.   TLey aro beauties.
We keep the Meriden Brltao
uia ComiKiny's gssods. "811.
Mr Piute that wear*." Not
Bos*.ls,Tea Ware.Bake Dis'lie.
Knives.  Forks. Spoons, etc
are guaranteed by   both   u.
an,l them to tse the best that
in made in plate.
The Meriden Britannia to
by or«r SO years of oontianoiu
muusifnrturiiiK. have made is
rcuutation *n this lint- that
none can touch, ('ome in und
so* soma of their late productions.
Asisrrirr.il    Cut   Glasa  of
iim's and desijrni.
Watches, Chicks and Jevselrry
of esrery description.
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sunday, at 11 a.m. anil 7.30 p.it..
Sabbath School at J."0 p.m.
Prayer Mating, Wednesday, 7.30
K Engraving not exceeding three letters will be done free of charge.       Mail
Strangers and young msn
ara cordially invited.   .   .
No. 6a, W. F. of H.
Meets every  V-'ednesday »r**ning
in the Union Hall. SI.can City, at
.7.30 p ni. Visitin-"* brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Hrcretarv
Certificate of Improvements.
H.nUrer 1'iactional Mfaaral data.
and express orders will receive prompt attention,
Jacob Dover, the Jeweler,
Gwiilim & Johnson,
. J. M>
B. A.
B. C
Hamilton, llasssiltou  Fractional, J in nie,
Toronto, ansl  Klot.mi*.   Fr-as-tloiial
Mineral Claim*.
Situate in the Slocan  Citv Mining Division of the West  Kootenay District.
Al^-- T\ r\ Car A-tsn Where 10B*al«*d:-On Springar creek,
/l|f^V IlllUfl   V adjoining the Ottawa mine*.
XXlVA*       1\V}>V-*1 Oy      TAKK NOTICK that I,Archie Main-
war'iiig-J.-'hnsen, acting as agent for A.
Bruce Coleman, Free Miner's Certificate
Xo. B50B86, intend, sixty slays (rom the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining lie
f-order for certificates of iuiprovsyineiit.fir
the purpose of obtaining Crown grants
of the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
uniler section 37, must 1k» soinmenoesl
Isefore theifeaauca of suchceitiikateso!
Dated this -Mils dsv of Decern' er, IHO"
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leadlnj** Parlors*
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN. - • B. C.
OF AntRK1,
KCenta para for thr*» Boaiha* mmnbarahip.
Each member r*c*i.s*» tbeotficsaldaborj-an
rTCTTB-.unth.incloslsBtSpstcraol hi* h-tl»s» socal
and frutrosncatal new amass ancb month. 19
pitcaa ia mil: alao a CrrtiUcat* of Mealxnhip
which (is« tha pmsltf* of Club Boom in J»>«s
York Cstr. and of tsu> s ng litcrator*. mn.se or mn-
Slocan, B. C.
General Packinp and Forwarding atW'tidi'd to at the
sliorte-st Nilice.
Saddle and Pack Iltrsrifer
hire at rcnsonal'le rates.
I.oiaUs Frsts-iior,  Kiln,  It "a •
Mineral Clstlsma,
a:id   l.rg   1
ascal inatr-amanu of anj ie acription et whotoaale
prscea, aarinc roo from S0.V to eo*< on jsmr Jmi-
ehaaea. Don't fall to'osnat onca.YoawflliH mach
mors* than roar money • worth. Inru. I*>2™-
ABI-Mouc Clcb. Dapt.     . IM Karats St.. 5. Y.
Siluste in the Slocnn City Miniiifj Division of thc West Kootenay District.
Where located :—In the Arlington
Take notice that I.J. M McOregor,
acting as agent for Thos. Tohin, F.M.
C. No. B69727, ami II. Cameron, free
miner's cert'slk-itc No. 15,59795, intend,
sixty days from theilate hereof, to apply
to the  Mining Kccoiiler [or a certificate ; g;,..., xf-*,v AOCIDEST POLK
of improvements, for ihe purpose of obtaining   a crown   grant for   the   above
And further take not:ce that action,
uniler section 37, must be commenced
liefore tlio issuanco of such certificate oi
Dated this 17th dav of Novenilier.1902.
2!.1102 J. M. McUBEGOR.
Representinp   the    strongest    cem-
panii'S  doing:   business   in Cana-Ia.
tsitli -'.ir
ticipation in proits, coverinr "ies**-
ness and operatiens.
n. D. CL'HTIS, Notary Ptiblic
Situate in the Pfocan  City Mining Divi-!
sion of lhe West Kootenay District j
AVlissre (sHntesI:—Kire miles up lirst i
hoi th fssrk of l-emon creek, aslj ining
the Yisilet mineral claim.
TAKK NOTICE that 1. W.S.John-1
son, for mvself, F.U.C. B567S1;  siul ns,
' agent for W.J Johnson, F.M.C. Us59728j |
Vanicer  A. 8; Johnson,  F.M.C.   II£97SS; Frank
Dick, F.M.C    l!oi>777;  J   E   Tstt-rsall.
F.M.0 n5970;!; ansl A.  B. Bolderston,I
Freo   Miner's   Certificate   No   B58869,'
| in tend, sixty ilays from the date hereof,
I to apply t   the mining  recorder for cer-'
! tiricates of improvement, for  lhe par-
i pose of olBtiiining Crown grants ol the
above cl.-tims.
And further take notice that action,'
i under section  37, must lie   commences!
before thc issuance of suchcertilicatcs o! \
Datest this lrith dav of Jaanarv. D-0.1. !
23-1 03 '  W. S. JOHNSON1
for $18.25.
Why be without a ranee when
you can eet one so cheap ? Thev
are preferrable to stores and "five
better satisfaction. These rnnpe-
burn wood or coal and will Is
set up free.
H. J.
Men Wanted.
Wanted 75 experienced
Tie-makers at once, principally on piece work. The
highest prices paid. Apply
immediately to
1 Slocan, B.C.
cure sll forms of
Distress after eating
?oar Stomach
ami Uiliou*. Hea.lache
Fer sale at—
Agents for the Heintznian & Co.,Gerhard Heinizman, find Karn 1'innes
AU sensible people trarel
hT the O.P.B.
per annum.
A glance at the cendenseri
liinetable will r-anvinct* ymi
af this fact. Leave Slocan
City at I 20 p.m t
Arrive Winnipeg* 8rd day S..riUani
Arrive St. I'anl 3rd day at 6.-I0 |> as
Arrive Chica/f 11 ith day at 'J.3')a.ui
Arrive TarontO 5th day at 2.45 ]>.m
Arrive Montreal Tilh day at C30 p.m
Arrive New York Oth day 8..r>.r* a,m
"Flying palace»bvday,lux-
urieii.' reatlng places at
oiKht," fitly describes the C.
P.R. Touii.**t Cars, which
leare as follows:
Leaves Dunnsore Junction daily for f-i
Paul; Kootenay Ijniding Tuesday ami
•istiirday for Toronto. Montreal, et«.
Further procfof the iinei-nal.
lad service of the C.P.B. ean
be had on application lo
E. J.C0TLI5.
A.O. P. A„
Agent, Slocnn City
Do You
Want a Home?
Then come to Slecan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Lovelness,
Room. Scenery, Health, Fishing, Huuting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Chnrches,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed bv
this City, baoked up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath deoreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale i»
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.


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