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The Slocan Drill 1903-07-31

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 fOL. IV., No-18-
°r. Libr^
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JULY   31,   1908.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
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A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   3
^   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   ^
|» reached by any trail or road
lhat runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
j^rliriston.    Motel,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
riiii popular hotel is cr-nvenietu to tho hoatt snd trains.   The (11111112: "WW
I Strictly up-to-date while lhe hai* is supplied with the best in the market
> A TsCC  •   Travelling men. using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per dav •
* /i / CJ .    without Sample Komiis,?"'; hoard $8 pi r week; meal*•>■ >■
te opened under
is old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
C»r. Arthur Btrael »«<l U.lfl»"i».<r A v cisns-. Blocan.
Ssildinf thoroughly renovated ^-^ CK'".>.-^S,
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tuit, Confectionery, Tobacco
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CuiauiMl Will Msika  ilu  l.ffiii't to 1*111 tlis*
I'oiltlon  In   Orslos* tu Smt.   Kxpanats
Aid. Smith Will i,« -Biuysss- Till tis*
Nissv UiiiiUSt,loctrd.
Regular weekly Biimtiug of tlio city
council was helil on Monday evening,
all li vi* members now comprising tim*
■board being present.
Oorrespondenos  rend: From  City
Solicitor  Jorand, re   hill   referred to
hiin on t.inall debts case, stating th a t
on reconsideration ho found no reason
to change his previous opinion, that
tho city was responsible for payment,
though  the   warrant of commitment
WOS faulty.    Filed.
Hills presented: Thomson Stationery Co., minute book, .$160. Ordeosd
paid out of petty cash.
Mayor York's resignation was agiain
brought up, the city solicitor advisteg
tbat steps f-knukl be taken to fill tho
position at ouee. He strongly advised
the acceptance of the resignation.
Aid. Arnot and Teeter moved tbe
acceptance of the resignation,and_ that
the clerk so notify tin-mayor. Carried.
Chairman Smith then declared the
mayor's seat vacant.
As the seat was now vacant, AM.
Wordea and McNeish moved that
Aid. Smith act as mayor until the new
mayor i**. elected,   Carried.
It was finally agreed among the
aldermen thai ns steps should fee ta-
ka-ui to fill the position of mayor. The
election rviil be allowed to go by do-
fault in order to save expense.
Chairman Smith, for tbe police
commissioners, reported that John
Pinchbeck hid lieen appointed chief
of police. R. I. Bentley refusing the
position. Council endorsed the action
of tha commissioners, on motion of
AM. Arnot and Teoter.   Carried.
Council adjourn"d.
Asa KxesBlloitt Uaisa.
lt is oiita) likely beforo the prosoi I
session of the Dominion parliau nt
clos.-=, le.'.islnti-m will bo introduced
for the creation of a department oi
mine*. This important change wi.-
foreshadowed by Minister Sifton in
his explanations to th* hotue duriug
supplv last week. Tho minister has
already engaged n competent geologist in th.* p.'isoii of Dr. Haanel, auii
it i-, probable thai aa expert mineralogist and nn expert chemist and m.1. il
iurgist will also sbe added tothesl iff.
l>v means of practical work in the
Held and in tke laboratory, and tIi**
compOatioa of reliable statistics, it i*
hopra to give to the world inform-*
tion concerning Canada's mineral re-
s lurces of a ufnch greater vain • than
has tbeen possible in the past.
Westwonl Or* Itetttrn*.
Frank Griffith cam-.' down from
Lemon creek on Mondav, where he
hod been doing assessment work fo
r. McNeish. He slated ho bail received his returns from the Trail smelter on tbo small shipment of ore he
had mule from his Wcstinout ■."roup,
ou Ten Mile. The ore had gone forward iu n shipment from the Enterprise,'there being n little over two tons
in the lot. The sulphides und galena
rave upwards of' 4(K) oz in silver, bul
the rock carrying native Bilver was
disappointing. Prank bos gone back
again to the Westmont and says he
will make a mine of it.
fallen into the water, and been drowned. When found Iiis body was under
a log and in shallow water.
two vink iiiuiri's,
Maniell msil I.ndy   1 laulillii Properties ill
11 Villi  ttf 1.1.1111,11.
announces Saturday, Aug, IB, as the
date for holding Conservative nominating conventions throughout tho province. Nominations in Cassiar and ia
the cities of Vancouver and Victoria
will be made later,owing to local conditions.
i ilu ni i < Select Their Candidate for tho
Hlei'iui Killing,
On Tuesday tlio Lilierals of the riding met at New Denver aud selected
their candidate to uphold their cause
in the  provincial   elections,  taking
Wm. Thomlinson, of Now Denver,
spent Thursday night in town. Of
late he has been assisting his partner,
W. B. Young, in developing the Nan-
sen group, at the head of Lemon
creek. When lirst staked the property
was known as the Ocean ("Troup ansl
attracted much attention. There areI place on October 81. The convention
a number of stringers of rich oreiex- WM Md _____ the party rooms in the
posed on the surface,and in one place: ||n,.,.j, butting, opposite the postof*
where a number of seams join, a tun (j,.,,. xhose present were: K. A. Brad-
Dei wm started and driven la 70 feet. „i_.IWi D. 8. McVannel, J.G.McCallum,
l pwards of 18 inches of oro was car-: fmm t|lis pla<.0, with one proxy from
lied iu from the portals, from which winlaw. Chas. Nelson, Wm. Thomlin-
has been taken fully 10 tons of ship- B0Bi Amos Thompson, from New Den-
ping ore, running$20 la "jold and 110 ver. jj. L. Grimmett, from .Sandon.
oz iu silver. At the mouth of the drift ,,vj_|_ t,_vo poxies.
a large orehouse and blatjksmith shop : \\\u.u foe proceedings opened, W.
have been erected "md things put in Thomlinson was nominated for the
shape for permanent work. candidature  by  Messrs. Nelson and
^i^l^ul-? r^!30^*!J'^i™*_e2?fiI Thompron, but, despite the  strong
pressure brought upon him to accept,
week, in that the casing of* the vein
of altered granite was found to carry
much native .ilv.'r.quite a bunch of it
assaying 800oz in silver. The owners
purpose making the property pay for
its development and will shortly ship
a carload of ore. It will go out by way
of Six Mils to Kootenay lake. An effort is being mad** to hav,' the old road
cleaned oi;L and extended fortksr into
the cam)) and then thn Nansen people
will connect with it. The owners
beliovo  they  have oue  of ihe best j Gazette, S. H. C. Miner
ne declined, his private interests interfering, ll. A. Bradshaw, of this city,
was then proposed bv Messrs. Qrimmett and McVannel, and he accepted
the nominal ion, the choice lieing made
unanimous. The proceedings wore
marked by perfect harmony.
C-riiiilijA Cuissssliilssls'sl Dana.
In an interview  with  the Montreal
ave some
[roups in an exceedingly promising I cheering news of tbe Granby Consoli-
section. j dated.   He said if they could only get
Nut far from the Nansen prpparty | coke dividends would' not be ion"; in
is the Lady Franklin group, owned coming. Four furnaces were now in
by Oscar V.White, s>f the Slocan operation at the Grand Forks smelter
Star; Tom Benton and Gill Finklo. It laud two more were being installed.
In  fact, in   six  weeks the president
says the smelter will be in a position
is a galena proposition and has every
ckauce of making a mine. Two man
aro developing tho ground and taking
out ore, thre*t or four tons of which is
to be shipped as a tost.   Tho owners
' "i
will coustrbct a road to coaasct wit!
th • Six Mile r in 1 an 1 will no thai as
an ran'.'*, from their mi ao, In asi'litioa
to other  trork, thoy hav
to treat from 2200 to 2500 tons of ore
a day, while thero will be sufficient
equipment at the mines at Phoenix to
supply 5000 toimnf a
All construc-
eracted a blac-umitb sh.ip a.id ore
bou ac. Rii i they la i. * Lli i propSftj iu
fine thane.
M ;iia_...'.V|iS*l'M   lltaa'l .
Silver-] a 1 min sown its to th i number of 33 assemblad at Saudou last
Friday night, to ad <;>t stops lo protect
the minin*; industry, and  to offeel
tion will shortly cease, the companv
having spent this vear at the smelter
this t/-a-on! H1_,l _.____.cS $300,090, all pi which had
Ijeoa taken from earnings, As soon
as tke coke question was solved, the
divi lend matter would not be one of
spssculstiou but one of calculation. A
subsidiary concern, th* International
iQoal s& Coke Co., hnd tweured large
coal measures four miles west of
Blairmoro, and a thorouifh tesl .if t! ■■
lermanent organization along those
A ro o
all the
waa adopted by
-s a ri"eed to nool
their interests instead of each acting
on an independent basis.   A commit-
aud treatment charges. In this war
the association ean command more
favored treatment than ever any individual could hope to do.    Should th
cokin? quality of the coal would be
this   DIVISION.
Llut Tear'* Shipment* W«re 0:1:1:1 Tom
A llaaillliv   I. \ lali'iii'o of I In* Life   nmi
Wfl-iilll,   of   (lie   *'.'Sisfl|i    lutfl'l prllili tlio
1::...... .1 BlUppor.
Shipments for the week from this
division totalled 10 tons, all of which
came from the ISnterprise and was
sent to ths Trail smelter. Ore has
been coming down freely from the
Meteor, there being clow, to two carloads at the wharf. Tin* lessees will
ship the two ears together. Shipments
will lie made also by th..' Lady Franklin and  the Nansen. at the head of
Lemon creek, but the oro will go out
by way of Six Mile to Kootenay lake.
To date shipments total (illl tous.
For l'.Ml'i the oro shipments from
the local division amounted lo 6833
ions, made up from 12 properties.
Pollowingia a full list of the shipments this year to date:
mis::.                         wei'ic.
Enterprise     *lo
TUT St..
Black Princs	
Highland Light	
The survey of the Crusader group
was completed this week.
No less than MS certificates of work
were issued from the local ollice last
The le.vtvs of the Meteor have quit
and come down tlie hill. The lease
hail only a few more days to run.
Tin* Enterprise is tho largest employe!* el labor in the camp, there be-
lilg upwards of .*M is '"ton thy payroll.
W Harris and partners have opened
up an encouraging Iwdy of ore on the
Deadwood group, to the rust of the
Specul 'tor.
The h'ssecs of the Enterprise are
taking quantities ol maguibceat ore
from tunnel No. ".'.. They are Btoping
it cleats through to the erase roots.
Two men have bo n working lately
*a tbe Combination.   Thoy have been
taking splendid ore from the lower
immediately undertaken.   Two ovens.
".ii. of nine tons capacity, are being
erected, and  if  the company's own
laboratory   tA'stss are   confirmed,  of
which tliey have no doubt, they will
I piwsoed with the immediate orection tunnel, it turning more into galena
tea of thro • will !>*■ appointed to Inn : 0{ 1 > 1 ovens, the completion of which
die the output of the mines and to m__T be looked for by the end of the
conduct all  a-w-tistioas   for freight   vei . wiiileJhnequipment at the mine
would also be made equal to a daily
output oi :" m 1 tons of coal.    Itise-ii-
mat'A.I  that when completed the loo
ooke ovens will have a capacity of 150
assooktioa fail foget the desired rates. tons 0{ {.,,;;,. per (i.iV- or a|)(,._t \ld\[ the
quantity   required   by  the Granby
Pi RE        ACCIDENT.
Popresentlng the strongest cem-
IHnies dttltiK business in Canada.
I- i'K m:w AcnriENT l'oiairv, with par
P'cipatlon in prolits. coverinir sick-
ij,lt'-*' and eperatleni,
U- D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, 11. C.
General   Packing  and Forwarding attended to at the
iliorte8t Notice.
Saddle and 1'ack Horses (or
hire at .reasonable rates.
Slsll;|.*  Mill  Ui.iaa l'|l.
The loeal Bhingle nil! haa resumed
operation.! and will mn .steadily.   On
OJ^Q'Q^'N I Mondav half a d v.eii experienced in-:'
arrived from Ontario and thoy, with
several ol the old hands, were al ons'*
-.et to work straightening up things,
On Wednesday tne manufacture ol
nbiiigles commenced. Thos.Chew wn-*
to leave Midland on Tuesday to re-
sume charge of the mill. When ho
arrives it i* expected orders will be
•jives to eiMa-t tlu- remaining portion
of the plant.
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
IJATBSl RlfUltt mil.isiriliprs. *I   I*.""  '"""'
V   sir 910 tt yi'iir: non-miDMribaira (<>lolil»lTisi
nss.alii'iil ittrti.liiiiri'l*'.'.l.s;*' 1I10. . I'rsv.-ilo ss-n...
ti inr .1,1. ijxirn.  Special raoiiiuoi tot mstmti
ily I'isai'a.
Fur furlli»r purlii'iiUra ippb In.
D. 13. O'Neail, Sec
T\'la.li"a<;al Cl'liup.
Neil McMillan, with his father ami
brother, have completed work for the
year on the Winifred group, at the
head of Dayton creek, There aro
three claims in the group, with three
parallel leads thereon. Thev have
centred tke development on the middle
oue and have uncovered ore in several
openings, the gold valtioa in which aro
quite Sigh.    A   snug cabin   has also
been erected on the ground tbls sea
from the smelters, they have an offer
from a:i outside source It build a
smelter for them at aom *• central spot
in the country. The gathering adjourned to meet again on Aug. •!.
Vfl>t«ri on tke It^ii.
Up to Wednesday there had been
i.'U votes registered iu the Slocan rid
ing, of which 90 figured in the Mc
column.   The vote standi, a-* follows:
A  Caiisi-iviilivr (all.
A call has been issued by the executive of tlie provincial Conservative
,, union, for a general meeting to bs
Slocau     -i^i t,
Ni\'*ii~T" 7;_i held in tlieconunitt.'i'roouw oh Satur
Sandon    121
ll •.' when tiie six furnaces are in
full blast. Next year, if all --roes well,
100 ad litional furnaces will bo erected,
and the day is uot far distant when
the company will be an important factor in tho fuel supply of the country.
dar evening, Auj
New Denver
Silverton ...
S, for  the purpose
delegates to attend tin
Three Fori
Winlaw ...
Alamo ....
Gutelius ..
Burton ....
BOTCM Kiwis ii'ul Slisrsss.
sif the  most  severe electrical
nominating convention at New Denver
on the I5tn inst. According to the
ratio of representation proposed by
thi* provincial executive, Slocan will
bsontitledto four delegates. Ever}
Conservative and friend of the cause
\ \ is urge 1 to be present.
Hla  la   atl'l, Sfl IB ITS*.
Mine-owners throughout tho Slocan
complain of great difficulty in secur
ing men.   In tha' lake towns idle men
storms ever experienced in these partsI are a rarity.   Yesterday iho manager
, r* • i •   .    is i of tin* Wakefield wirod down here for
passed over on Friday evening. It-* *'•'■'. \ ' , „ ...,,,,1..,,.. ,...,•,,.i, i,.,s
1 . a., i    ii    i u   ,      10 minors and - mucaers, wmcu n.is
full fore- was  felt  in the Arlington cieaned out the local supply.
basin, where the  play  of   lightning
was .furious.   All the instruments on Married »i Nelson,
the Arlington telephone system were (._.,,,,,. ,. nii(.|lf,v imd Miss Bessie
burned out, and meu working In the _, . . ., . ... ,. _..__,.,
breast of A tunnel at the mine receiv- K'. Aidun. both   ot   this   place,   were
eda shook, the lightning being con* married at Nelson on ruesday, the
ducted along the steel rails. ceremony boing performed by Uev.
W.   W.   Baer,   The   newly   married
siiv...' ..imtisti......  ipl" rctorned here the next day,
Following are tho quotations for bar i Purtbinhlp DUioUsd.
silver on the various days during the     The partnership of Knowles •& 1'al
week since last issue: requin, in   the .Arlington Hotel, has
Friday    'r'l3 cents i,;.,.n dissolved by mutual consent. L.
Jiiiiis Deacon browaeiti
Parties down from Now Denver on Tuo day...
Tiie-dav brouahl tha information thai I Wednesday
well   known
old  John   Deacon, tin
bl;,el;.mill),   had   been    dl'OWnod   on
Sum l.i \ al Bear Lake,   lie was an ar
dent fishermen and had gone nut to
indulge in his favorite pastimo.   In
•"ome way he must hav.' tripped and' Frovincia
:. I
M. Knowles contimring the business.
Mr. Patrequln is talking of moving
with his family t'i Colorado.
A Miner Badly llu i.
By a premature blast last
week, ,it
c ervntlveNomination!. the Soho, Dan   McKinno.i  was badly
After consulting with Premier Mc   injni,,|    His righl  hand  was blown
Bride last weok, tho exooutivo ofthe off and he was otherwise cut and hurt.
t'ni- irvativo  Association  He was taken to ISaslo for treatment.
A number of other ris-h discoveries
have Inrn mads on Poplar creek and
many outsiders are Ix-in:** attracted.
Platinum has been found in some of
the veins.
The owners of the Neepawa have
stripped the big Is'ilp' from the Mabou on to their owu ground. Ii is a
strong vein, but does uot carry much
ore on tin- surface.
Wm. Karr and partner, of Sandon,
are developing the Maple Leaf, one of
the oldest locations on Lemon creek.
Tbey are sinking on the vein, and they
boast of One of the best showings ou
the creek.
Hi-siNi.   RECOBOS.
Appended is a completelist o( the tsi-
loui records registered atthe local registry eflice, II. I'. Cflhristls being mining
Julv 18—Plnte, mi  S|Br:,n..8r erect, 1!.
E. Allen.
Broncho, lanie, .1 0 I.'ei'l.
silver Park, Boblusonoresk, FQ Car-
20— Beauty tr, en Mineral creel*. .1 M
21 -Ontario No 7, Springer cieek, 1*
24—Kentucky  fr, Twelve Mile creek,
I*' Anderson,
Webster, same, A K 'feeler.
July 18~1T A [.Three Guardsmen,
Clipper, Francis M. Onslow for two
Team, Teller Xo 8, l.eiulville.
20- llmiHie Doon, lliil>. Dlvidand, Al-
hsmnrs, llsnis for two years, Rosebud,
Msgsle, Kenneth fr, Plumbsb fr,Plumb*
line fr, Cecil, ICa-tsiile No 2.
21—Silver How, I'm'helor, llolsoken.
22 -PatsntatS) Quints, Olympic, Ixir-
eiu Mine, Truro, Maryland fur two
24 -Kilo, Superior, Central fr, Skylark, Boinovain, Edison, Indiana for
two years. Great Weittrn, TrlunOi
•nt insi Kas<
Julv 18 -Highland Light, .1 Saultar t<>
Win Clough V:'.'.'. Walter  Clougll 7*82, S
Lnucterbnck 9-82, K <\ Uradihaw l-:;2, I'
Swan ■rv',2
Silver Cliff, 8111110 n> Wm Clough .">-:.'-',
Wiili.'.r Clough 5*32, s Landerback 5-:i2,
U A Uradihaw 12-32, P Swan 5*82.
star Pointer, Ten Pot, Pea Pol fr, Dipper, l'i\inn fan snd Jnck Franklin, 1*0
in each', Geo Fairbairn to I. K Larsen.
I .-..uns M   ',, Little lii'tut 1*18, G >**'
Jauksoa k> wait. *
ttop|/fH.*il, ItOA, bu T. C. McClure
Aunt Sarah Bobee, after whose father Bebee's Corners had been named,
was a widow puat fifty tbe day n
sporty looking man drove up to her
farmhouse in a fancy rig'nnd wanted
to arrange with her to cover tbe front
of her barn with circus pictures.
"Why, bless your heart, I never went
to a circus in nil uiy life!" she exclaimed in reply.
"But you are uot too old to begin,"
he suggested. "Let ine put the pictures up, and I'll leave you teu tickets
of admission. You can go and take all
your friends."
"Land o' massy, but you dou't know
Bebee's Corners! Everybody around
here Is a Methodist or Baptist or Presbyterian—everybody but me—and they
won't even attend camp meeting if
lemonade ls to be sold on the grounds.
I don't exactly know what my religion
ts, but If I went to a circus nobody
Would ever speak to uie again."
The circus man wanted his bills on
thnt barn, nnd he argued and reasoned
for half an hour. lie saw that Aunt
Sarah was an Independent character
and that If he could get her started
she'd be ready to defy public opinion.
The result was that she finally saisl:
"Well, go ahead with your pictures.
I never saw nu elephant or lion or tiger
In my life, and I'll go and see the
menagerie part anyhow. There '11 be
an awful row around bere, and folks
will think that Sntnu has got hold of
me, but I'll have to stand it."
The pictures wero hardly up when
Deacon Danforth happened along the
highway nnd saw them. lie turned
pale and trembled. Not in twenty years
before had a barn on the Red Mill road
been thus defiled. When he had recovered a little from the shock, ho walked
to the house and confronted the widow. Kor the first fifteen minutes the
conversation wns devoted to Satan,
hiiiies, Lot's wife, Judas Iscnriot and
siiliiT interesting subjects. But It gradually tapered off to hyenas, boa constrictors and alligators, and the deacon
was almost smiling when he left the
Next day Deacon Bidwell saw those
pictures as he sat in his buggy behind
bis old white horse. The horse saw
them before he did and stopped so suddenly thut the deacon was pitched
against the dashboard. For a long
minute the good old man thought his
eyes deceived him, but the true state
of affairs finally dawned upon him,
and he groaned and sighed and drove
up to the widow's gate.
"Wldder Behee, havo you sold your
llvin' soul to Satan?" was his greeting,
and then the fur flow. It was neatly
tat hour before he left the hous". but
he wasn't Rlghlng and groaning as lie
went. On tbe contrary, he looked rather cheerful, and he called bask from
the gate:
"Yes; I s'pose there '11 be camels
there with two humps, mebbe witli
three, and they'll be wuth lookin' at."
There was one more deacon In the
neighborhood, Deacon Burton. He was
driving to town to get a pitchfork
mended nnd was humming the air of
"I Want to Be an Angel" when lhe
col'ired posters suddenly confronted
him. There were short skirted, long
legged damsels poised on barebacked
horses or Jumping through paper covered hoops. lie stood and gazed and
felt cold chills go up ids back. He
drove on to the farmhouse, half expecting to find the Widow Behee trying to turn handsprings over a kitchen
"I wouldn't 'a' believed it, widder—I
wouldn't 'a' believed It!" he began as
he entered the house. "It's the awfnlest
tiling I ever heard of, and you know
I've bin in Chicago twice and seen
somo awful things."
The widow had n reply ready. It he-
Ban with hyenas nnd worked up to elephants, taking in lions, timers, grizzly
bears and sea lions ns it rose upward,
She talked so earnestly and well that
When Deacon Burton was ready to go
he reluctantly admitted:
"No, I dou't 'spose it's nny more
barm to look nt n lion than to look at a
Woodchuck if you don't git mad and
rip and swear over lt."
There were others besides tlie den*
cons. There was old Mrs. Gaynor, lor
Instance. She wasn't exactly u zealot,
but she never took a dozen eggs to
market without asking Heaven to bless
them and make the price 11 cents a
dozen. She wasn't a bigot, but she
contended that her own brand of iv
llgion was the only one to lie saved
by. She wasn't narrow minded, but
when she heard of those circus posters
She went dowu to see Aunt Sarah and
to say:
"I've Just stepped ln a mlnlt to say
that If you go to that circus I can't
never let you enter my doors ag'ln."
Aunt Sarah started in to nrgits*. but
Old Mrs. Gaynor was on her guard
against the wiles of Satan and
wouldn't wait for farther tall;.
The day of the circus arrived, nnd
the widow drove into Medina to attend it. Kor some reason not to be explained a dozen farmers around her
had business In town that day and
made un early start—some of theni before daylight Some of them also lin
gered and drove home nfter dark.
It was all over the neighborhood that
Aunt Sarah defied public opinion, and
It was old Mrs. Gaynor who determined to bring her to book. She went
about lt In malevolence. She got up
what she cnlled u quilting bee and
asked tho three deacons and their
wives and three or four others, and at
a proper hour Aunt Snrnh was sent for
to lyt cruflhed.   She arrived, and wheu
asked if she hml anything to say she j
very calmly replied!
"I didn't intend to see mitliiti" but the
animals, but when I got In these Satan
beckoned me into the circus tent, and l
went The Jokes of the clown tickled !
me nlmoNt to death. That's nil I've gel
to say."
"Deacon Danforth, what do you think '
of such conduct'.'" asked Mrs. Gaynor .
ns sho folded her arms and rolled up ;
her eyes. ,
"Xuthlu', Vept that I sat Jest behind
Aunt Sarah and was tickled, too!" he .
"And you, Deacon Bidwell'."
"Waal, the bosses was wonderfully
trained- wonderfully. I can't skarse*
ly make out how they do It."
"And you, Deacon Burton? You ain't
goln' to tell me you was there too!"
"I got kind of tired lookin' at the two
hump camels, and as one ticket admitted to all I went Into tho circus
part," admitted tho deacon.
"And where did you all git tickets?" j
demanded the  accuser   as   a   sudden
thought (lashed across her mind. ;
"Aunt Sarah gave us deadheads I"
answered the three deacons in chorus.   '
"And left me out, when she knew I
was Jest dyin' to see the whole thing!
Well, now, you can nil go home without any supper, and If I ever speak to
one of you ag'ln I hope to fall dead
on my own doorstejs!"
HlR-hs*r lOiliicnllon.
Those who plead the cause of Latin
and  Greek   In  our   higher education
should remember that colleges were
first founded in tlio early middle ages I
' to  teach   the  classics  to  prospective j
i priests,   for   use   ln   reading   rituals,
] Greek In the cast nnd Latin in the west,
at n time when these languages were
obsolescent In speech and yet contaiii-
j ed all the literature, philosophy, poetry
i and such science as the world of Ku-
: rope knew, and the modern tongues,
Just coming into use In Europe, north
| and south, had ln them neither litem*
| tin.,  nor other elements of  learning.
Colleges so begun became the fashion.
Every college man was a classical man,
and  naturally  then,  as now,  a   man
would feel that his own college culture
wa:i the right one.   It sum became a
common saying that the only education worthy of tlie name was Greek
nnd Latin. But now modern languages
nre Tery rich in every form 'if litem
tore and learning, overything from the
classis's bas been often emptied into
them by better masters than lhe average student can fairly hope to be, losing some and also gaining some In tho
translation from languages whieh few
Scholars even ever learn to read and
to enjoy, while a wealth of scientific
knowledge  of  ;ii<*   boundless  world,
which to know is the real learning, 1ms
sprung up In many modern tongues.—
Worcester Gazette.
SsariisisiisK  the  IloctC-r.
Scottish shrewdness is occasionally
overmatched by Irish wit. The handful of people who inhabit a certain
little island ill the Atlantic, off the
coast of Donegal, enjoy so much health
and bo little wealth that there is no
doctor on the spot. In rare coses,of
em rgency a physician is brought in a
boa I from the nearest village on the
On one occasion somo Islanders who
were obliged to summon the doctor
found that he had gone to Dublin on
bu- Iness. As the case wns urgent, they
lnv iked the services of another practitioner. This gentleman was n Scotsman, with the proverbial cannines; of
Ids race, and he declined to undertake
the voyage unless he received his fee,
a golden sovereign, ln advance.
There wns no help for it. nnd the
money was paid. The physician went
to the Island and attended to the case.
But when he Inquired for a boat to
taka* bim nway he found that not a
boatman on tbe Island would ferry
him back again I'or any less consider., -
tion than £J, paid in'advance.
The doctor had to part with tho money and to admit that be hnd been beaten at bis owu game.
"t>ion;s*in'^ .tie wise."
With all his faults, the old philosopher of Athens was often called Dlog
ones the Wise.   Whether bis wisdom
was really so great as to deserve thai
title may   be doubled,  but  his  worst
faults seem to have been good i|itali
ties carried to excess,   in opposing u,u
niiieb luxury he cut himself off from
the comforts of life; In his eagerness
to make life Simple ho lost sight of Its
gentilities; he was saving nt tho es
pense of neatness, truthful at the COS)
of courtesy nnd plain spoken even lo
rudeness,   One would say tbat ho was
coarse grained by nature, but he show
ed signs of tenderness and even refinement, which proved that the grain was
not entirely coarse and Which makes u;i
wonder nl an age that could produce
two men so wise nnd yet so different as
Diogenes, the rude, "walking pblloso
pher" of his time, nnd Plato, the pol
lsh'd and aristocratic gentleman.—St.
not In  HU Whole Name.
A Genoa paper tells this delightful
story nt America's expense: When the
Diilte of Veragua, the descendant of
Christopher Columbus, visited Chicago,
he inspired al a telegraph office the
charge for a telegram to the city of
Columbus of ten words. "Fifteen
cents," answered the official, "not ln-
cludiug the signature, which Is wired
free." Whereupon lhe duke wired:
"Mayor. Columbus: Shnll visit your
citj ue.xl Monday or Tuesday." And
he Big I it: "Cristobal Colon de Toledo y Lnrreategui do hi Cords Ramirez
de Baqnedaucy (.'ante Altnirante y
Adeliintado Mayor do las .lndlas, Mar- j
ques de Jamaica, Duque do Veragua y
sle la Vega, Grande de Kspana. SenDtoi
del lli'ine, Caballero d<* la lnsigne or*
den del Toison d'Oro, Gran Cruz de la
Concepcion de Vlllaviciosa, Gentll
II ombre de Cuniurni del Key de Es
*£m*v*"-m-m~K" :-h**:-:-h***H"S •••*!•:••••
BS£*X i
:,: LAST        |
Hy Grace H. "Boulclh X
Copt/rtO'lts *W0*i I'll 1'. C. McClure       •"•
Ever since they had come to Perkins-
ville De lVysts't- and his mother had
failed to adjust their respective standpoints ton mutual harmony.
To begin with, It was spring. With
the delicious odor of resinous smoke
from the boughs that hud banked the
house assailing one's nostrils, who
could resist joining the dancing silhouettes that circled the bonfire and
daring one's fate by leaping across it
ln swaggering competition as the
flames died down?
But she drew lurid pictures of bis
certain fate if he should repeat the of
tense. Blind defiance rose Insurgent
Within hlm-lie would go! And then
nil of a sudden be remembered what
his father said and hung his head to
think how those grave, kind eyes of
his wouisl look at blm now.
"Take good care of mamma," he bad
said at the last. "You must, be bor big
brother and never let her worry about
you, she's so little and delicate." And
then he had whispered over two or
three times, "My pretty little wife—my
dear little girl!"
And De Peyster had tried with all
his might to remember. But often it
did seem ns If it would have been a
little easier if she could have understood that one was disgraced if one
did not keep neck nnd neck with "the
other fellows" In every prank they
There was a long nnd weary period
of door-yard discipline after tbis episode. There wen. a good many times
when De Peyster had to clinch his
fists as tight as he could and remember his father very hard.
By and by June came, quivering with
gold green sunlight, perfumed witli a
universal blossoming and pungent with
the joy of living. At this time every
true boy thrills with the half realized
rapture of it all and finds the fullest
expression of his ecstasy In going
Every bright morning In some part
of tho town there was sure to be a
group of boys toeing a line, their necks
bobbing eagerly forward and their bodies giving anticipatory jerks nnd
twitches ns they waited for the word.
When the leader said "Go!" they darted forth, and there was a kaleidoscopic and dissolving view of h'gs racing
madly down a side street that led to
the river. Then collars came off, coats
followed, as they ran with undiminished speed, the fellow who was farthest ahead sometimes slowing up with
magnificent daring to get off his shoes
and stockings while the others were
still hampered by shirts and trousers,
and by the time they tumbled In lia-ad-
long competition over the bank the
nimblest carried their entire wardrobe
on their arms and flashed wbitely Into
the water while the laggcrs fumbled
at their shoe lacings. The unfortunate
who popped Into the river, flushed and
panting, after all the rest were in was
greeted with taunting cries of: "Lubber last!   Lubber last!"
De Peyster had never been told not
to go in swimming. It had not occurred to his mother as among the list of
his possible perils, as she was in blissful Ignorance of the fact that "the other fellows" did it.
So it was witb the thrilling exult
ance of the Greek runner that he set
his toe on the line with the rest and
hurled himself forward, head up and
elbows in.
The first few rods it felt liko flying.
His feot scarcely seemed to touch the
ground. Then a pair of legs Bashed by
him, and another and another. He
gathered his strength und shot forward again, but another pair of legs
went by, and another and another.
They were teariug off their coats;
thoy were stripping off their shirts.
He felt nt his collar, wrenched it off
and flung it nway, to have both hands
free for his coat and shirt. They were
almost at the bank now. lie could seo
Mi.ky Daly's white skin dazzle In the
sun as be took a splendid dive ahead
of the rest. His own feet were crowing heavy, and there was a ml"*, before bis eyes. The knot In his -hoe
lacing would not coins* untied. A Ravage rage tilled him, If he could have
cut off his foot to rid himself of the
ha tap.'ring   shoe,   he   would   scarcely
have hesitated.   You were ruled out if
you went into the water with anything
left on. As he struggled and perspired and agoni/ed the two or three
whom he hail distanced leaped past
blm, and as ho shook the shoe off at
last and made his dive he heard tho
air ringing with, "Lubber last! Lubber last." and slowly realised that lt
was nii-ant for him.
He tried manfully two or three other
days, but It was nlways the same wny.
Ills muscles were flabby from tho door-
yard discipline, nnd ho could not pick
up in a few Weeks what the others had
acquired through joyous years of summer vagabondage.
He took It quietly nnd good natured*
ly, but it went deep.
His mother found out the custom
shortly and forbade him to go near the
As for De Peyster himself, the numbness of despair settled upon him. Now
he could uever learn to redeem himself, to have some day perhaps Uie Ineffable joy of being the first lu, ahead
of Jimmy Spratt, ahead of Micky Daly,
ahead of everybody. Ills career was
ended before It had begun.
"But 1 put to not let her worry,"
was the rueful conclusion lie always
reached. And then he breathed bard
nnd winked fast.
Jimmy was his constant friend ond
brought hlm alleviating messages from
time to time, such as that the other
fellers all said he had lots of sand and
could do as well a:, tbe next feller if he
had halt'a chain e.
When even these encouraging remarks ceased to comfort, he gave him
his own horned toad as u last desper
uie resort. The effect was wonderfully
efficacious, but transitory.
"I'd oughter been a girl," said De
Peyster many times to himself, "but 1
wish she didn't want to make believe I
nm one when 1 ain't."
This was the neurest to a reproach
that he allowed his loyal little heart to
entertain, but a bullied, unchlldllkQ
look grew in his eyes as he watched
his mates go off without hlm day alter
In July a light epidemic of scarlet
fever prevailed. The oldest Inhabitants culled it "walking scarlatina," the
Illness was so slight.
Mrs. Van Voort kept D« Peyster ln
the house.
One day De Peyster caught lt.
Ile regarded it rather In the nature
of a festal occurrence thau otherwise,
for all the boys who had had It enme
up to see him, and, although they were
not allowed to stand long, It cheered
him amazingly to hear what thoy were
doing, for he hail constantly the hope,
that these new delights they told of
one after another would not be on the
forbidden list when he was out again.
But after awhile he did not seem to
care whether they caine or not and
one day When told that Micky Daly
waited below said languidly, "1 guess
I don't care about seeing hlm just now
-I'm sorter tired—but tell hlm lt Ml be
bully to have hlm come tomorrow."
But when tomorrow came no oue
was admitted, for lie was tossing about
in a weakening struggle with something he did not understand that
those who watched by him realized
only too well.
He heard a voice as if from very far
"You'd better tell him, doctor," It
saiil. "I cnn't Stand It to see him fight
for his life like a little Trojan when it
Isn't any use."
The voice broke and then went on:
"He's a bravo little chap, brave
enough to face anything, and It Isn't
treating him square not to let hiin say
I le Peyster opened his eyes. The ductal' was standing over bim.
"You don't have to tell me," said
lie Peyster, fsir he dimly saw thut the
oid doctor's lips were quivering. "I—
1 guess—I know."
lie felt for his mother's hand.
"I'd like to hear you sing just once
lir; i. mamsic," he said.
"There's a bully song one of the fellers taught me, 'One Wide Blver.' I've
liked It specially much since—since it
ivorried you to have me go In swimming."
iiis mother sobbed out a few lines,
faltered ami stopi ed.
A look of patient disappointment
came over his face.
"Never mind, mamsle, you needn't,"
he gasped. "I'm going to sa'e it. ymi
know, so it doesn't matter. Won't the
cool water feel good, though! And
don't you worry, niamsio. Who's
afraid?   Father '11 find mi'!"
He lay quite still a moment; then lie
"I would 'a' liked to try one more run
with the fellers-Micky Daly was most
always ahead lie's a peach sprinter.
You tell him and Jimmy nnd the other
fellers about—about nie and the wide
river. Tell 'em this time I- I ain't
lubber last!"
And he slipped away to find that unknown river, the bravest of little pioneers.
What Ws-itrlril  Blm,
A friend once nsked an aged man
what caused blm to complain so often
nt eventide of pain ami weariness.
"Alas," replied he. "I have every day
so much to do. I have two falcons to
tame, two hares to keep from running
away, two hawks to manage, a serpent to confine, a lion to chain and a
sick man to tend and wait upon."
"Well, well," commented his friend,
"you are busy Indeed! But 1 didn't
know that you had anything to do with
a menagerie, How, then, do you make
that out?"
"Why," continued the old man, "listen. Two falcons are my eyes, which
I must guard diligently; the two hares
nre my feet, whieh I must keep from
walking In the ways of sin; tin' two
hawks are my hands, whieh I must
train to work, that I may provide for
myself and those dependent on nie us
well as for a needy friend occasionally;
the serpent Is my tongue, which I must
keep ever bridled lost it speak unseemly; the lion Is my heart, witli whieh I
have a continual light lest evil tilings
come out of it, and the sick man is my
whole body, which Is always needing
my watchfulness and care. All tliis
daily wears out niy sl length."
in Porfect Aiii.rii.
Some years ago there enme to an
American city a delightful German,
Ilerr vou Blitz, who intended to support himself by giving lessons in his
native tongue. When he had been here
several months and had secured a moderate number of pupils, ho went one
day to the mother of one of them and
to her great surprise asked for her
daughter's hand in marriage.
"But, my denr sir," said she, "my
daughter has no fortune."
The suitor smiled upon her ln nn expansive generosity.
"Me, too!" snld he reassuringly.
"And, although we are nol rich, we
have thus far been able to give her
every comfort. She is indeed used to
"Me, tool" was the smiling rejoinder.
"But, Ilerr von Blitz, she will never
be able to manage affairs."
"Me, too!" rejoiced the lover.
"And I feel obliged t„ tell you that
my daughter has u very high temper "   I
"Mo too!   Mo too!"
That was enough.    Tin* mother rn- !
tired trom the contest, and tho professor won his suit.   Youth's Companiou.
IM'. -Vi■ 11. son ssf the fatuous oplhul-
mologist, has discovered a new remedy I'm' trachoma, or Inflammation o(
the eyea, which docs so much
in Egypt and othor countries.
j   Ui-ubrellii boarors we si,, ' "1
(ienl   sculptures nt   1 ,.       vn in ..i
~—~m ■   'polls,   ■M"
ii king is duplet ed
called cuprocltrol, and its special ml-   is still nn appondim
vantages aro that It gives bo  pain, '
0OBt8  ht ile,   nud   can   be   applied    by
the patients themselves.
by a *iy-fla„,;,,r,f;:i8' 1
broils   man.   in  i',,',,,      J
• ""lliWI
" "f ''oymtvll
Out  of  every   l.tiim .,,.„
consumed   In Clront   lint,,;,,    "'.41
The House of  Lords contains    o'Jtl
H,t.|.s, 0f whom 2'2 are duku«.
pints  the  United
Nnl t iiigjniin.
omuls was homo'p^'" **1
■tales t'i
"'   S|l
Great Suffering ami Loss of Weight-Doctors Couul
Not Help Him   A Splendid TributQ to
When you road such letters as the
following (rom well-known and highly respected peoplo in all parts of
the country you need no longer wonder why the sale of Dr. Chase's Kidney Liver Tills is so far in advance
of any similur remedy. When tho
people lind out the vlrtuo of this
great medicine thoy tell their neighbors about it, and so tho good news
Mr. .lames Clark, Consecon, Prince,
Edward Co., Ont., stntes: "Eleven
years, ago I wa.s takon with pains in
my back, settling in my hips and extending up my spine. The pain was
very severe, anil at times almost unendurable, and many slays 1 was not
able to do an hour's work. My
weight was reduced from 190 to 180
pounds, and though 1 had consulted
many first-class physicians and tried
Several advertised medicines 1 could
get no relief.
"At this time my father-in-law
told  me  to   try   Dr.   Chase's   Kidney
Liver Pills, and said ,,„ k
would cure me. I secured tt L '
great was my surpriso when il3
to fool better, after using , >
ono box. I continued their J* "**■
I had takon about foui boxei Jy
[mude mo n .sound i,,.,„ M(j'. "j*
regained ray usual weight m
pounds, i cannot •... too u,Uk
favor of Ur. Ohase's Kidney ,!
l'ills which have do,,,. 0 ,,;*
me. I have roconin . , i,, '*•
number of my friend . ,<_ _,, e"M
met with one case whi n thoy dl-jJ
most with good succesi .]• _«Jj
Mrs. Chas. Philips, h M
cures] of a severo Btomach trm.hieT
tke use of these pills." '
Dr. ('base's Kidni . Liver PHI, J
pill a dose, 96 cents >, box, 5 ■„,_'
ror $1.00. At all dealers, or Edy
son, Dates & Co., Toronto To pn,
ti'Ct you against Imitations the _«.
trait aud Signature of Dr. ,\ <-
Chnse, the famous re i ip| book
thor, aro on every bos of __]
s rent I
\ Uand lt t»n year-i.
W-uluB|tMk .O.C., Not, ao, too*
Pl-aie K&d nit- your "TlMUM oft
th.   11   **.*■■  inl  lm   !■ ir*-*a'«•!*..M    li.,.*»
lived   y.r.-\ !i a'aj spivn Curo Ter  '-o
jr-Mr* Md i' ••■'. v in . 'y to its i:it:i\
Youn truly,      Julius C NeUus*.
' Five Csuei of ■-.:■".
AU luttlyChfid,
Dnftlo.H. Ul    ■,, j*,.,.* ,n
1 hivoc-rcil firi bor*t-M ibtn! '.ti*ftl
SMt.nin i tftfl '      vs&ri rah-ptf
KoRd-u.-l Sp***'"     u'
Very inily your-*,   \liny D RmbA
| Ansi Host Suooe-Mful Remedy Cvor Dlscovorod for Spst-vlna, Rlniboner,
Eplints exnd ell Lameness.
This Is the unqualified experience i.( thousands ot horsemen and others Ir. t hi. na<_ a.'_bs»
I countries ar.d there Is di nsson win- you shoulil nnt shore la these benefits.  Just raw
what the above people wiy about "Kendall's*."   Wl ite to thom for your
In addition to brics the best stable rer.nsaly
known, it In unoqualixl as a liniment for h .we-
hr.l 1 ami family u**_*. t-'M Rs-iicrally by nlldrni*.
gL.ts.   *ftlce f 1: six boules for S5.   Wo Bond I
ruliLible boaik, "A Treatise on the Horse," prs>-
Cuaely iUustratsM, free upon request.
Eno.sb.irS TaAls, Vt
•i:. ■*
A  Bt    ...
tliall    .1    . Ualll-llt.'ai
bei'lii.iii'.    iiis tils
fore !.:v .lit isi, by ,
us it . '.•■!>  ' :.. .   Li
...ii    .if the will ! *|
.    . ...
lu III : ■•-
'.' -.    I! .■
uu* ta brush
up hi ■ ' ine or hi -. in fo: m, shave,
make his Un ud    i i    uhln    hi i
;■'     '3,     i ic  IS   Hipp       ■ ..;.-, Ot'
lei--, and e' ;>. ash - i iu I hi shirt,
ch in tol ni' nnd hi •.■.■. le tie I
do uol Ihli '.- l ever . . bsit i i ■ stewards who had "hi' ts; i I tl.e others used
a dickey for lhe sa. • .     >,
Wall ins "a. lhe ; a :• et a ul tahli.
th" eare of Ihe tubI eare of lhe
■ Iverwure  nnd      eei     u nt of
dtshwusliltig and ,- in ".-. v.... '■: in
up the steward's tl . . i__ n o i duties.
Tiie otli •;■ half Is work In Iho etui
rooms, making the hod straightening
up tho rooms and di Ing lhe enernl
work of a chauiberuin'd, as w II . • giv*
Ing a certain lunounl o" atl 't dance to
the occupant*" of the n • _gg
The | uy is very poor, and lhe principal dependence of the Bt'ewat I I*on tho
tii'H he receives. They are really the
poorest paid class lh: I go to u lo ono
way, and yel I have kn iwn mon to
mako £10 in tips on a six weeks' voy-
al   i'i
■ .    '
.   ■   . '
'!nal      a i
r i
I   inl
■ •  '. I '       '
 : rtS .'A    '
•    a       A A       ,,
ll  '     r  a!
•   io   the i!..'" ' i*.i>
ri   .■. i   nonet Iti'    Ni
la. )
.     ..... ■.,       .
iyid,   .... ii-   '
.   Apl      the   wino
'in    a a'    all'
..alBts   sell   it.
ii.  i'i.   courl   of
I ii  OC! tiai'   v. ins   ll
Tlss- II.n-He Isi "slylliolssary.
Tin* Grecians placed iu the sun Iho
goii of their wisii.iiii ami Intelligence
and gave him a chariot and four tiery
horses the chariot to isyuibollzo doe-
trine and the horses Intelllgenei ■. So
with their god of tho sen. Neptune
was drawn in bis sea chariot by horses
—the sea to symbol:/." all Bel nlilie
knowledge in general, the chariot to
Bymbollze doctrine or Bcleucc and tho
horsos Intelligences. They mythology
Ically described the birth of the sciencM
by the dying horse Pegasus, which
with its hoofs burst open a fountain
out of tin.' hard roii; at the moment of
his rising from earth lo heaven, ut
which fountain were seven virgins
who were the seven sciences,
The (lying horse symbolizes nn Intel*
Hgence directed heavenward; the hard
rod; represents hard mntter of fact or
sensual knowledge; the fountain spring.
Ing therefrom represents pure truth,
where the virgin sciences delight to
ItK   HAH    TU1EU   I
den on    Klnlos        I
■   •.   few,   'f   sm.     It
. • ■    , ,'!...
Ir till   ' '.i  than
i. .,'i'li.i U   for  io er   '■ ■
ended   II   '•
•■ ■'   .lav   also   '
I      'in    a la'.a-s    i.f   | I
; a   i'i    a'a  •:   "la' I ll
I .'laaarif.tr   ll   til '
most     iiiiprulll •■
Minard's l.iiiimeni Cures Colds, *
\\ ii a- si r.i :••       -   "•
llrlgii ill
no mntter ivhet
If il was not I' •:•;
:i  r   ;u luslatltl)
In' •.-.'.lit hit f.".'. 01
III," a Keren::.le i      '
I'asiiuale,"   wtth   t
walked off lhe stage i
pat ling at the v h
applause,    To   bin   ui
g I
ii A
'   ■■■•»,
■:. ij
there wns not a sound ol »VV    ^
An   'iii-.s-isl.fl.B .  Ssilslils*.
That wus a peculiar ease of suicldo—
a self guillotining. Tim average snl-
cide shoolB or cuts or swallows poison
recklessly, frequently botching the Job
fearfully. But this fellow? Listen:
After sharpening the edge of a spado
he fastened the implement,blade down*
ward, to tbe end of a carpenter's bench,
which he weighted heavily, lie then
placed n block of wood under the samo
end of the bench In such a manner that
It could be easily removed, nnd so let
the bench full, together with the sharp*
encd blade, When theso preparations
wero completed he aay down, placed his
neck across a thick piece of wood directly under tlie spade, knocked away
the support nud was Immediately and
couioletelv   decapitated.
11.. strode Into the dress '^.,1
luring thai ho would ii»i -■
encore; he would refti'"''- ■ ;;;•, ^
sons.   Still the house i       "■'' ,   -|
"No," he cried tc U ,l.1,,;,,.f
refuse to Bing (Ml dp*   ' |V"IS
npoud to the encore." , c|jvtj
Ilarbagebila.   Who   W   '  n     ^tf\
than tlie ordinary servant.
proached and said: .. • ;;v*I
"Slgnor Brlgnoli, y-- ' ,::, ". .,-,-.il
on angel. The people c ' *"
ute It."
The old fellow nearly "•       ,   , M
'•[Jurbngclalu,"   he  <' -    '•» ^ yol
me your hand.   1 did
were sueh a mush Inn ,, -a)
must introduce .von to M . , .;i.«l
Bervnnt," turning lo " ., ll'
near by.   "He Is a grenl    '  ^ ,',,,,-j •«
appreciates my llnglM ''"'
those toAs,"
■It I
h ti
lis di
i dl:
I    SAI
B   I)
1      '
.Vll vT A MOTttlSU "•AY"'.
,, ,. great. plOftflUre to s.iy
,,i for Baby's Own Tablets.
( wo months my baby
[full*, constipatod, ll- oould
., |,ia food and screamed In-
i   _,iis almost in despair,
iving him the Tablets ho
.   i and Is growing sploii-
'.;, (|, |S tho   testimony   ol
.'.,_., 830 Dathurst   Streot
nI,j    thousands    <>i' othor
... ,',..;; in a similar strain.
.. iS hero und tiiothei'H should
■ Ial    pains   to guard    thoir
...'  igainst Illness.   At    this
l{nnt   mortality    is   at its
I .
;: ' ..,,,,,.,   diarrhoea  and    turn
er    '
mI nsi
,'   Illl
nV    I'
..mints    can    be    guarded
.,11(] prevented by tbe use oi
.'.,..., Tablets.   Keep u box in
..   iin'\  may save ymir little
Sold by all druggists   or
,,,,1  |,\   mall,  at   2.".c.  a  box
in(i|  '| ho   Dl1.   Willinms   Med
llrockvllle, Ont.
: ■
,„,v   1 avo   slain      Ha    HlOUfJ-
,   i,.. ., i tigglo to avoid wiii-k
|.   vk'tlniB by  the  i 'lis    of
l'l       ,'      u',1 ',.
I   llllllt',' !--
 V   iIII'I.a"    a'aa, la   I Ial    <i.-  In
, i .a   .at    iin*    fiiin    i.r r   .i
,. Ii i]  liuslnpsa Iii i Ii, OK s
ill)   1111.1   Sii'li-   nfisivKsilsl
. , ,i  in in   u ill   nu)   i '.i   sum  ol
III p  lnil.1. \i:s fisr a'aa. I- ami
a   C'ntni'1 Ib   i lust   fn nil ol
,     | !,,.    i| _|B      ,,i    tin   I  .,    l'l,A  ll I ,
l ItAKK ■' ''HI H'r'.X
, i, 'nre ,nr ssnat sdllifscrtl a] li
H    Illl:     .'.lh    ll(SV    l'l    |B'-.'a-!iii'>'i
\     W    nLI**A.S(lN.
* •:,!..i".   Pul.Hr
a    ia h   I  Hia'   IK   lllka'la   llil.i" .1  J
\'    mi    Ilia'   lllniial    emit    I   II
i '   i he   - \'St'**ll     X. nil   fin   !<••-•
'   HI    SKY     '      l'l' Ts'ltslsB      fa
,  a   ,!|  ...  kta     7.V
Pitt*, ii rs? i lis* ,'- • t
■   (.   *. null {   'S'liin.i;   i| ,.;>,',
Illll l.i..11;    I  ;;    hi! ss
'i'1'ii^^^Bi'. "ii1
Tlse   Sliil.liiniSBB'n   rl-iii.
On one accttslcn a famous clergyman
witnessed the tact of u stableman lu
i'oa'.hiv a recalcitrant colt Into his stall
und soothing hlm until completely reconciled, Having expressed his congrut
ulutions, he remarked with u touch of
"I wisli 1 could get tho workingmen
of my parish Into church as easily as
you gs't your young horses into their
stalls, Thomas."
"Well, sir," sold Thonuis, "I should
think it could be done, provldin' you
understands the nature of 'em au'
gives your mind to lt."
The dork: smiled. Thomas might
manage horses, but workingnien—that
was a different matter,
"Perhaps you'll think It over and let
me know your method," he finally suggested.
Thomas promised nnd, being appealed to a few days later, wus ready with
his "method."
"And you think you have hit on a
plan to get workingnien to church,
"I think so, sir."
"And how would you?"
"Blindfold 'em an' back 'em In," said
Ksl.ssii  Cheeses   In   Illitory.
"Tho   famous   Edam   cheeses  which
grace the table of every well kept hotel and restaurant In the country,"
said a prominent grocery ninn, "are
often .a subject of inquiry us to what
thoy are and whence they como. Their
round shape, with that peculiar reddish purple Huge. Is a marked contrast with all olher cheese productions
of the world. There Is nothing new
fashioned about them, for if colonial
tradition Is true Mynheer I'eter' tieyis
of Edam, Holland, who brought a lot
ih the hold of his Hutch ship iu 1031
to the Delaware river, so tickled the
fancy of tho  Indians with theso odd
i looking articles that he bought n largo
tract of land, afterward mimed the
Valley of the Swans, from the red-
sklns with a birrrel of hi:< Etlnm
cheeses. After the cheese bad beeu
devoured tho gentle aborigines repeated themselves iif their rash specula-
| lion and a mouth I iter massaeri.il lhe
■ entire Hutch colouy."
|        HIS COAT ON
* *    i
Remarkable  Cure of Dropsy   by
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
i lleorg* itulii-risisiii, .it Montreal, a Physical
Wrsaak, l.s.a.lor.,1 lo N|.l..|iillil Health
by the (Ireat Kislsiey Kerns-sly.
| Montreal, July 20—(Special).—The
case ol George Robertson, of 392
James street, this city, ls looked
upon by thoso interested in medical
matters as one of the most interesting os*. record. Mr. Robertson was a
sufferer from Dropsy, and was so bad
that tapping was resorted to. Dodd's
Kidney Pills cured him.
i Interviewed regarding his cure, Mr.
Robertson said: "I was troubled
with UropBy and Uhoumatism for
five years. I was a total wreck before I started to use Dodd's Kidney
Pills. Before I got out of bod ln the
morning I could hardly put ray feet
on the floor, they were swollen so
much from Uropsy.
"My arms used to swell at times,
bo that I could not put my coat on.
Before I had taken two boxefl of
Dodd's Kidney Pills I felt greatly re-
lls.vs'd. Seven boxpfl cured me com-
pltitsuly. I also had lumbago, but
since I used Hodd's Kidney Pills I
don't know what it Ib to be sink."
Dropsy, Lumbago and Rheumatism
tire all caused by diseased Kidneys
There can be no diseased Kidneys
when Dodd's Kidney Pilla are used.
Hall Cable locates the scone ofthe
I bravest     deed   willi   which   lie   is     dC
qualntcd nl    tho Vatican.    ''The hen
of   the    lncluout    in question,"    h"*
writes,  "was that venerable nonogon-
I in inn.  I'opo Leo XIII.,  who. on thi
occasion  of  our  tirst  interview,     in
tinilly  confessed    that  he  had   neve
' i end onu of my bonks."
::.. 'il a   . Juue 11. !■
I'.'.'.''   .',    CO
una ud s i.i*. i • ;;
.   .   for NKURA1 (MA
\   ii   ••• ',!.;.
}'. Ill    ial'.ll.ii' CS      taa     .la.ia'k        I ila
i' I hat   '■■ .'I I'O i  ll
Id ' i ...al bj   bis coherer ut
para'* Liniment lures Qargel in Cows.
..* promise   action    :.t
 s    'i aia ai   that   ll
on,   ii i    Hie   f it of
1  bridcgi oom    to    b1
young   men    and
the eve sif the Wili
s',   ,• He i.i'   Dis ufe I*
■ ,;, ,      ii.   I riter   thon
: ;.  H     Is  both snap
ii m   1,178   persons have
Westminster Abhej .
a    a'    I'll' ily    S'liri'll     t'V     I I * *
Ai,! id     . iini't is 0   a\ nil'
tjxl rsio, tl autry   |u i.i'trnt in.
a a ies      ii  is acknow*
■   nlio hi   e used it as bs
-ii   ii.a    "nlil   fair  couirh*
'    anal   : Is.-  lun'JS.    llllil ul'
.   ' I !•  throat   ami   cbest.      Its*
'   a      Illl        ial"    l|Ulk(*S    It    a
alalia's  .-.nt!  children.
• ur. npi Britain Imported
Scs a year. Now n-d.iys
and brings into the 1'nitesl
1124,000 yearly.
Iris**  WU.
I must admit that Irish wit Is often
of the most mordant aud even sardonic kind. Wa.; then* ever a more
Bnrdoulc stroke of description than
thai O'Connell gave of Pool's blood
IcssnetsR? "ills s-.niii* was like the silver plate on n coflin."
Of another and lower quality, but;
good of its kind, is tlio following tlsh-
wife's sarcasm: A friend of mine was
wuitlug his t'.ii':i to be Berved In a lish
Bhop while a little weitst'tutl old gen*
Ueman priced every lish in the shop.
"How much Is this—and this-ami this
—nntl this?" etc.. till thc ox imp, rated
shopwoman exclaimed: "Ah! Oo on
out of that wid ye! it isn't lish ye
want, but Information!"—London An-
swei s.
Unlsli*.-,'  Crylni*.
The Instant a chili's is born it cries.
This Is n providential expansion of the
Inngs and not. hs many suppose, an indication of Buffering or pain Well de-
voloped, well formed and healthy babies cry lustily at birth, while the
weak child bus u feeble little cry. For
the tirst few mon: lis the cry Is tear-
!'• ■■..*.. and it is not till the second year
thnt lachrymal or tear ducts are fully
developed, After that there is a copious Bbeddlug, nnd a very slight cause
will lend to crying.
Falling hair means weak hair.
II.cn strengthen your hair;
feed it with the only hair food,
Ayer's Hair Vigor. It check*
falling hair, makes the hair
flair Vigor
Brow, completely cures dandruff. And it always restores
color to gray hair, all the rich,
dark color of early life.
' Mr hill waa falling ont baSIlT anil 1 was
."' I *">ii!iltnaeltall. Tlirn 1 (itail Ayer's
••-:■ v vor. it ip. a;, itgppad tli* falling uast
"-•■"la .7 lir.lt nil I c„„id wlali It to ba." '
..i-..iliao*. li. AM.ru, Kllubath.H.J.
In-OalsMtla. J.O.ATBBOO,
1-^'"'"" yl_»'a. a* ^r_v_U_ MM*.
DafttaJtlon of a llisl-y.
"What Is a baby?" is asked, and theu
the following complicated definition !■»
given: The prince of walls, n dweller
In Lapland, the morning caller, noon
day crawler, midnight brawler, oni*
possession thai never excites envy, n
key that opens the hearts sif all classes,
the rich and the poor alike, in all countries; a stranger with unspeakable
cheek that outers the house without u
stitch to bis back and Is received with
open anus by all.
Menaui-lngc  llislpa.
The ancient tanner paid an expcit
high wa^cs to guess at the contents of
j his hiiles when sold Ly measure. To-
I day an unskilled workman hands thc
Irregular shaped pieces to a little ran-
chin.' that looks something like a table
with a double top which, quicker thau
the mind of the expert can guess It,
reckons with exactness the square eon
tents in both tlie metric uud stuuduid
Hers His* Credit.
"There Is one thing 1 liks> abont your
husband—be never hurries you whru
get liny ready to go out with him."
"Very Utile credit is slue to him for
that, my denr. Whenever I see that I
tun not likely to be ready In time I
Simply hide Ids hat or his gloves and
let lit us hunt for them up and down
until 1 have finished dressing."
Fulling flairf
..* ZZ3mmx_tf ■_!___■ ****■**■***■
lli.-. Km) Coiidllls.il nl is Hi Ight I.litis* t.lr
(UntilDr. Williams' Pink I'illaCnme
Ui Hit  Ki act i*.
.'..'.•!.;. young gills, seemingly i.i the
!k:.i oi iii'iilia, suddenly giow list-
less uml lose strength. The coloi
leaves their cheeks: they become
thin, have littlo or no appetite, a.isj
ill-Tor from headaches iinl bs hoi
hodilj pain. Such was iho caso oi
ll-.-i.sic, youngest daughter of Mr
Chas. Coblcigh, Kuion Corner, Que.
Speaking of his daughter's illness
and subsequent cure, Mr. t'oblcigli
saiys.—"Up to the nga' aif eleven, fls-s
sle had always enjoyed the best nf
health, and took great pleasure in
out-of-door play. Suddouly, however,
she seemed to loss, ber energy; her
appetite failed her; she grew thin ami
I nie: slept badly at night, und com
plained of distressing headaches in
the morning. Wo thought that rest
would be beneficial ts> her. and sa
kept her from school, but instead ol
regaining her strength, she grew
weaker and weaker. To mako mat
ts'is wotse, she began tc suffer fin;-
pains iu the side, whish were almost
past endurance. At t*his stage \.a
decided to try Dr. Williams' Pink
l'ills. After a couple of weeks, tin
good effect of this mi*dicine was decidedly apparent. Bessie became mon
cheerful, hoi" step quicker, her eyes
were brighter, and she St ined mor<
like ber former self. We continued
giving tier tho pills for several wcckn
longer, until we felt thut she had
fully recovered her health auul
strength. 1 honestly believe hail il
not been for Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills
our slaughter would not have recovered her health and strength, and 1
shall always have B good word to
auy  for this  medicine."
Dr. Williams' Pink l'ills will cur,
till troubles that arise from poverty
of tho blood or ws*ak nerves. Anionu
such troubles mny be classes! a nae
mia, headache, neuralgia, erysipelas
rheumatism, heart, ailments, dyspepsia, partial paralysis, St. Vitu*
dance, and the ailments that rcndci
inisirahto the lives of so mury women, Bo sure ,vou get Ihe genuine,
with the roll name. "Dr. Wllllatuf*'
rink Pills ror Palo People," on llu
wrapper around every box. Sold In
all medlcino dealors, or sent by mall
post    paid,   at   5f)C   per   box.    or   E *
boxes for 62.50. by writing direct
In tlie Dr. WlllleiTIS Medicine Com
pany, Brockville, Ont
Ko man is wise who is unable '
renli/i' the uncertainly of a sn
Cut tin ir.
Very tnrt was Douglas Jen-old's retort to a would be wit who. having
ilred off nil his stale Jokes with no er*
feet, exclaimed:
•■Why. you never laugh when 1 Bay a
good thing!" „_  ,     ,
"Don't tr snld Jerrold. "Only try
mo with onel"
I'.ight persons were killed in a ra 1
wny   accident   near   l.lvorpool,     El'W
hind.    The train   run   olT  the   track.
lt i-s said of Sir Frank Greon,Lora
Mayor of London In 1900-1901, who
recently died, that the lirst sight he
saw on going to London as a coun
Iry boy was the Lord Minor's shou
which took place on the day of hi*
arrival, and that he became Lord
Mavor himself exactly fifty years niter.
•tl Sailing Skirt Supporter and Waist Adjuain
*•"_ l"troduc.a.   Salts at alfht.   Oood profit. '
lone " "M* '"' "mrl* tna *"m" ,n ttmit
IVsbI Tssss  Mus-li  So.
Uncle Reuben says: "1 like a e»
icientioui man, but i like him as l like
,_:,„.     I,,  other   Words,   I   don't   wn"
hlm so conscientious us to admit  .bit
Ue qunrrels wid his wife, cuffs his children or starves his dawg to carry out
sartin principles."
Sunlight Soap will not
burn the nap off woolen*,
nor the surface off linens.
,.,■ the IndlvUmil the easier
lie  will  lind  U  I"  Uont  in  the IOC
The light.'t
o  wl
RW iiil.
The greatest of fault* I should "liy,
'• to he conscious of uowe.-Curlvlo.
far lh« OseUaam Car en
Wraii„ i,nil llliiin'.ii:iti*il Ilia I'.Hilo.
Like the monks of old, Ur. R. n.
Johnston, Glasgow, has written Iho
IUI'ls* by hand and bouutlf llli Ilium
inatid it. llis was a horeuh'nu task,
in this day ol rapid a hli vevm a.' and
expeditious proteases, r.ii. iJohn toil
Worked rovon -.vai's over his I 11 !.-
fnaiuis ript, end not long ugo put
tin' iiiiishinii' touches upon il"' unique book,
One striking thing about U.e production is that ila loiii r-text cUies
not vary from O-enosis to la".ii..-
tlon, Tho work is done sm poi I
qua.ter papor, and looks liko the
production of some mt llaoval eccl-s-
lastic. Tho artistic urratrgemout,
the spacing und the alignment of l lie
text aro due, ln a large racasuro, lo
tho fut lhat Mr. slohll3ton is a
practical print, r,
"in my work of rewriting the
scriptures," said Mr. Johnston, "l
discovered two typographical errors.
Thoso, yon know, are very rare, and
ure regarded as statutory oflonces,
for which a penalty may bo imposed."
The bund print made use of by Mr,
Johnston has commended itsAli to
other London ptlnlors, who have pro*
pared types from it, paying him o
largo mm for tho original do i ti. li
is Mr Join sto.i s Idea to have his
hanij-written i i lo issued to thc public In puns by tho procoss of photo-
11 ho,;rapliy. sMl who have coon ibis
gi'nil •man's wonderful manuscript
lime commendod tho sill und ifiis-
tic mas it uf his work, uud l.e ii.iS ts>
ci'i.ed encouraging letters from t:v
w 11-. nown n i n and wmi."ii u Ln
luxe inspected his work. I ne us in -
i-aier iii Glasgow preached a sermon
on ihe hand-wi ii Ion I ill", draw it .
Uss us oi paticn q and porsoverance,
According io Mr. Johnston's own
statement he has had no special
training alt her iu penmanship or
drawing, und alleges thai his ordinary business handwriting Is not oven
good, i ut that be hns a natural talent for drawing and slow pen vork.
Previous to thi' writing of tho Bible
ly hand he amused himself by writing and illustrating t ha- \. oii-.s ofthe
fiiino: s S otch poets.
on the subject of good
To make tha best bread you must
obtain tho boat flour. Dread made
from common brands of flour cannot
hold a caudle to bread made from
Ogilvie's Hungarian.
That's a strong assertion we'll admit, but we thinly believe that thia
flour  not only  haa  no superior,    but
bas  no  ennui.
The Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
Mr. Speakf-i mii Gentlemen :
I take tliis opportunity of
saying to you that this cigar,
to wliirJi the maker has court-
ssously given my name, is thu
most deliciously fragrant weetl
I have ever smoked, and hera
is another instant of the supremacy of the Canadian
Is worthy of its name.
J. M. Fartler,  Limits-", Montreal.
Much has been written In the worbl
of fiction about   Vampires and   their
awful   doings  in   the  way   of     bloo
sucking.   As a matter of fnct,   thcro
is   practically only  ono bloodsucking
Vuinpiro Hul,  although thero    is    h
smaller one which connects  iiv common ipcclcs with the othor members
of Iho    family.      The first   one, the
co-.nnon bloodsucking Vampire, measures    only    about three    iachis    inl
length,  is of a roddlsh-brown   color, j
anil  is found fi'";.'i  Central    /•.morira!
to southern Drazil,  on.thc east, and
in tha. West as far as C'hili   From tho
structure of this bnt   il   la more than
probable I lial   bl tod ai tually    foi ms
its rut Ire food.
After a long, heavy sii p all day,
this Vampire comes out nt night.
hovors about in ghostly fashion until it has selected its victim, end
then sets to work. In the tirst placo
it proceeds—should the animal be-
wooly or thickly haired—to carefully
shuve away the hair or wool, with
the thin part of the skin, by its po
culiarly  sharp  upper  incisor
J Jim yourfrieiidsbust
■.;-.:       ,.   ■-'_.      .    . f". ._, _-.•*.■■•'' •*.•*    .
TEA. $£%
■   ■   -.-'•'•-.v. -..-*•* ■--^■V** ".•''•**
Jlwy willJHifeyou adMofgm
titude eivr after:
-**--*—*^ i -t-i—
In tbis way the blood oozes slowly
from the small capillary vessels
when the Vampire Bat ai onco begins to suck and goes on sucking the
blood until its small body can contain no more.
Horses, sheep and cattle are often
served in tliis way; and es the operation apparently causes little or no
pain, tho animals are not cognisant
of what is going on; but should the
attacks bo repeated, they become
weak and thin, and finally become
Although this is the only hat whieh
subsists entirely on blood, it is possible that occasionally a few i>f tho
Javelin Mats may vary their ordinary
diet in this way.
Gei'sai Are Ilnrily.
Geese are extremely hard and loni»
lived. They thrive on low lying
lands which would not be suitable
(or fowls. Old pasture is best suited
to their requirements, as they crop
the grass very short and would lik,-
ly destroy the voots of newly sown
grass. They must be afforded liberty
and lots of grassy range. They are
very coarse feeders ami will cat nearly anything in the shape of gren
The gander likes to follow his own
Bweot will In choosing his mate. And
it is sometimes difficult to induce
him to transfer his affections; so that
it is necessary to mate them somo
littla'   time    before   the  hi. ...li' ir  -• a-
Kuti opens.   Goose  have  l ii    known
to breed at a groat age It is better,
however, to discard ihem after eight
or ten years. Young birds do not
breed as satisfactorily as old ones.
Although it is desirable lo hatch
early, it is not always advlsablo, us
It depends upon tho climate and l *-
cation. Goslings need grass nnd do
not thrlvi. unless green food is sii_b-
plied when thoy cannot g.t range—
Iiucks and Gocso.
Irving .-an I   .'US-man Silvia.
When tie Quoon a>( Itotimania was
in England, somo years ago, sho was
anxious that Sir Henry Irving and
Miss Terry .lusiilJ hear a plaj, which
sbe had written. Accordingly, a
meeting was arranged, und for over
two hours tho Quoeu-poot-playwrlghi
doclulmod blank verse, whilst the actor and actress sat and listened with
polite attention. The reading finished, the linen Inquired anxiously of
her audience, "Well, what do you
think of It?" Whereupon Sir Henry,
his hand upon his heart, and with
his mosi. graceful bow, replied, ' Madame, such a play requires an Ober-
Ammoi'gau audience," And as tho
t.iic n sold "Y-e-e-s," thoughtfully,
she looked ns II Bho would really
lli.o to know what ho meant,
Wiiili imd liitiiniiii Mot.
In India, China, Japan and nd-
lacent countries ain about 400,000,-
000 people who rarely eal meat; yet
they aro strong, active and long
lived. Darwin is iho authority for
the sta em nl that tl.e Andean na-
ti.es perform iwlco thut tho work ol
ordinary laborers, and subsist nl-
most entirely on a sii. t of hununoa.
_M_.Hl «AiSj|ai|-s .-VifaaTiHra   mt\* - *■	
Dick's Blood Purifier
Is the best Tonic for
Horses and Cattle
It puts cows in perfect health, and Ukr*-***!
the now of milk.
DICK S (rfves horses • smooth glooy coat,
and puts life and spirit into them.
Try a package wiih  any run-down  animal
you may have aad yon will be convincs^i.
60 cents ■ pcekage.
The British admiralty ims directed
that   1  •   ti   e i tterval  bcl wi en  gui
t'tiisi: " be reduced   bom
ten to live seconds.
1'.     '      a . Pill!    UOSSI s"     tht    1 aa'.v a'r    ai|
ly ui on  * In-  .lr-1'..s .1  or
ni to .ua on 1 In   tli i*ni  11
• ol'1 ht.   .'.'-'. 111. Hi' roly_ a i.i". n
ah'-...   1        111    fact,    .-aa    _.rt',lt     is    thi     i".'.f.
a"  ■ licino   to cleanse   and purity,
1 but r utmost   "■■ ■■:v   1. mis  ■■." I
' .. urc a ■    '     mi  from   tho  bosly       Mr
li   Ci 11      •   irsvvell  H   11    Ont    writi
'   I     I..1    a    t a'ia'iI    I'lll'lua tl 8 s    Pills     a'lil    li.
I I,an,    a ' 1 KCelleilt       na'd;. UU'.    Ulld      "Ila'
. Will     BAS'll     WCll."
['roi ably there is nothing more
touching than the youth who Is
struggling w ith a mousta'ih*.*,
in   hli \ eiretnl le   fills.     Dr    Psirinelet*
hus ■ . • to the ivorld the fruits of louu
scicnti rehearch  in   the  whole realm  os
a..".. ■■..>.'    .aiiatiliia il    uilh   ns'ss    and
fl.-r.lui        1. ■   ■ I'i'ii s  never   1 elore  1 nuvtn
in   1 . • a.    I'm-    delicate     unsl   rto ill tut
utti 1     t'.'.i..   '■ '■ ■■   •'       act   It •■ n
I'nkei    'ii   A-iaali    :   -     un.  on   ■
Is lat.tli       tonic  .iiiil  11   --'. hiniliiiit    ;,i till
excltii     iho     cretloi s ot   l ho lioUy   1 i.
Teacher—Which letter is the next
one to the letter "H" 1
liny—-.iiiiiiui. ma'am,
"Whut   have  I   on  both sids*s of my
nose ?"
"Knckles, ma'am."
fiin-ird's Liniment Cores -Distemper,
\ woman dislikes to hear a man
talk shop almost us much as a man
dislikes to hear a woman talk shopping.
p.    ihe    p |t li',    arm]     1 he e  .t
11. ' n' n at least   • fci 1   11  in '.i
m height.
. .   ,, v       ■   .   "" annlii
. .        1 ■ 1 ■
■. •   ■    .-■■■..
r n 1 nu \   oo hor 11 i 1
'""■' .   : lh 1 ol    lli"
long ti       1   '' down.
fii.'.;irsi"s Liuirneui Carej liiphtberia
A   ir,in   vsl.i   will   nut   listen   In   roa
SOU    SOOIl    I a'        .     ,■     rl ;. |,\     | |".. '     ( Q||
not bo 1 'iineii
P "aa-li Is silver—and the free ami
unlimited coinage thereof is something terrific,
I Wilson's
:.-!-,       hill  thai   flies   .mil
J..M        diaeuda germs loo.
'Mi.-  Mattress.
!■' m ,. on • 1 as been hunting up ths
11 . :■. of lhe 111 ittress. its beginning
v is ihi collection of rags, husks or
reeds which were bound together and
11 "aw 11 down anywhere to form a resting plnce for the hinds and serfs of the
rich. It is suggested that their name*
of shakedown suM makeshift were de-
rlved originally from the Arabic
word "matrah." In the middle ages
feather beds fouud favor with the
wot Ithy nnd the innttresa was not used
by ihem. Inventories nf .'states owned
by the American colonists show that
mattresses wen' then worth .1200 eueh,
being made of balr. In England mat-
tresses of rabbits' fur were once used
and vegetable HI ers of various kinds
have served their turn.
\*V. IM.  *U.   No. A3" THT. DRILL, si.oCAN. I'. ('.. JT'IA' 31. l.'U3.
*pr*****a*****;H**«.1HI,|        t    ■    ■■ ■ -       _-_	
.C. li. S.irnii;iii.\ii •.-.I", Editor and Prop.
SLOCAN,      -      •       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents n.-line for
Aha first insertion snd5 cents a line each
•gubsrqaent Insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements atsamexatea
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Kates mado known upon
The Subscription ii |2 por year, strictly in advance; $2.60 a year if not no paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, JULY 31st , 1903.
jaiiTimiii.  -jiiori'iNus.
Opposition to the Chinese is no mere
idle talk with Conservatives. The
government has ruled for no Chinese
underground in coal mines, und last
week Dunsmiiii's manager was lined
for going contrary to tlie law up at
Cumberland, Duusmuir is no longer
Aa fullv expected, 11. A. Bradshaw,
postmaster of this city, has received
the Liberal nomination for the Slocan
riding. He is an upright, honest man
and deservedly popular among his
acquaintances, and may be expected
to carry the full weight of Ids party
vote. But his candidature ends right
thoro, simply because the Liberals
cannot develop the necessary strength
away from this place. The farcical
character of tlie Grit convention may
be so»n in the fact that only four
places in the riding were represented,
thore actually lieing but .seven dole-
gates present in person, with three
proxies. More judgment and less enthusiasm would hare convinced the
delegate*! from their scanty representation that their cause was hopeless.
Despite Mr. Bradshaw's nomination,
The Drill reiterates that tlie contest
in the Slocnn riding lies between the
Conservative and the Lai or candidates. Any strength-developed by thc
Liberals will tend to help tlio Tory
oaua» just that mu 'h.
ment line of railway, stretching from
tlm Atlantic to the Pacific, and failing
thnt was prepared to endorse tho
building of the line by tho (Land
Trunk Pacific from ocean to ocean,
with lilieral aid from the federal twa-
sury, provided that one-third of the
net revenue went into the Dominion
exchequer. These suggestions of his
weut unheeded. He had not. a Bingle
supporter in the cabinet, hence he
stepped down nud out."
E. McFadyen loft yesterday for
Only two weeks remain in which to
register your vote.
A furious hailstorm struck the burg
on Thursday evening.
Harris and Alma Ross ore visiting
T. Linton, at Kossland.
Morrissey Mines is to have both
electric, lights and waterworks.
E. Bailey arrived in on Saturday
from Kamloops on a short viuit.
Alex. Louie, an Indian, wa* hanged
at Kamloops Friday for murder.
The C.P.R. painters have bn-m at
work on the tug Sandon this week.
Harry Lowes aud wife returned from
their protracted eastern trip on Tuesday.
Frank Provost has a gang of men
sawing and piling ties on the lake
Miss .lean Cameron, one of the Nelson News sta IT, spuat a short time
here on Saturday.
At tho county court in Greenwood
lsst week, 77 ."iliens were granted naturalization papers.
Three feet of clean ore has been
struck on the Ivanhoe, in a raise between No. 4 snd 5.
Th» government is spending 8100
in repairing the wagon road between
here aad Lemon creek.
Tlie clothing store of B. Bonnet, at
Rossland, was burned on Sunday,
causing a loss of 5M-Q00.
Ore shipments from thu .Sandon
camp last week increased ta the ra-
Bpectable total of 221 tons.
An English outfit is figuring upoa
establishing a lead refinery aud corroding works at Vancouver.
Mrs. David and son and Miss Webs'er cam'down from Sandon, Saturday, to spend a fow days here.
There has Leon a scant supply of
Spokane papers this weok,the rvevi sw
having trouble with its printers.
Those desirous of getting o-a the
vol nrs'list  should  call  at  this office
and their wants will bs supplied.
T.Linton came over from Rossland
last week to join hi* wife and family.
They all returned home Monday.
.John Goettsche, an old-time resident of Naw Denver, passed through
ou Tuesday back to his home iu Spokane.
Dr. Harvey, of the Empire College
of Ophthalmology, Toronto, who is
scheduled for a visit hereon Aug. 7th,
lias a number of special appliances
loaned from the college for his present
trip, which makes his outfit the most
complete for ophthalmic purposes ever
carried by any eye bight specialist visiting this pan of Canada.   . .
One of the chief issues of the pies
ent campaign is the ownership of the
disputed land grants in E-ot Kootenay, embracing ths iintiicuvMy valuable coal nnd petroleum resources of
the Flathead valley. Liberals would
have it appear that the Conservatives
nro merely holding the ground in trust
for the C.P.K., but such an assertion
is devoid of tho truth. Th" Conserva- The Labor party hold a rally in the
lives are committed steadfastly to the j Union hall tonight, to further instruct
their  delegates to the New Denver
Last week's Gazette contained the
notice of appointment of half a dozen
more local mun as collectors of votes
tor the Slocan riding.
The paystreak on tho Mercury has
been caught with depth and a carload
of or.' will be shipped. The force has
been increased to six men.
J. C. Harris, of New Denver, came
down on Tuesday evening, llo went
out tlie next day with \V. Thomlinson
to inspect tin* Nansen group.
On Wednesday P.<). Deane was selected as the Liberal candidate in the
Kamloops riding, and P. -T. Fulton
was chosen by Iho Consorvativos.
Bruce White has purchased the
ooUflSentrator at the Comstock group,
purpose of safeguarding that land for
the people, and they m-.'au tu keep it
free from ths clutches of the Canadian
Pacific Railway. Premier Mcfiride,in
reply to a direct question on the subject, states that nothing will be doue
with the land till after the elections
are over, and then tlie rights of those
' who have lieen locating there will be
gone into and protection given. Hon.
Messrs. Green and Wilson had been
to Ottawa pressing the Laurier government not to disallow bill No. 16,
cancelling tho C.P.K.'a titlu to tho
ground, aud the Conservatives would
staud by in support of an action of
non-interference. Should the Liberal
authorities disallow the bill, then the
local government  would  re-enact it I on Four Mile, and will instal it at till
° .   .   ; W..II.. nil :...    ...  i.\  as:i
Editor Driu.:
Sir,- As a long-suffering resident of
the city, I wish to at length register a
strong objection to tho non-onforce-
inent of the pound bylaw here. Not
only are our gardens iu constant danger, but people's rest is disturbed
night after uight by the wandering
horse3 and cattle, When women are
compelled, during the absence of their
husbands in the bills, to get up and
drive away stock from their premise?,
it is little short of A disgrace. As one
of these sufferer.-,! consider the action
of the city council in allowing this
condition of affair." to exist as shameful.   Yours truly,
Mas. J.Cit.uo
Slocan, July 27.
Tlio undersigned desire to express
t"> the citizens of Sloean and the Slocan valley their heartfelt thanks aid
gratitude for the kindly solicitation in
the death of the latn Miss Wation,and
for the untiring efforts put forth for
the recovery of her body from .Slocan
river. To all who have shown us their
sympathy in our great loss wc give our
The Watson Family,
E. MoFadte*".
Slocaa, .July 2r>, 1903.
Slocan Branch
Labor Party ot Slocan BitUnn
VJOTK'K is lirru.li*, siva-u Hint n Bleating ail
1*1 I'as* nlitsve (iricani/.Hliaa.i will In- lisilal in the
Minors' Union Hull, un Friday eronlnv, July
31, faar tha, purpose uf Instructing tl»e» rleloBatos
lai iho Party convention ill New Essiiver the
following ilny, nmi fur tho transaction ofsuch
other business ns may come licfaaro the meeting.
All supporters uf tlisi cause are requested to br
.1. E. SKINNER, Chairman
W. II.  DAVIDSON,   .Spcrs'tnr*.
Slocan Election District.
Notion s»f Date sit I'ubllo Meetings for the
Elleotlon B.r Delegates is. tlss* Vsssisi-
lltttlllg Cflilivs'ist iaais.
Bupportors of tlio Llboral*Consarvz.tlvQ party
will bold public meetings al tli- following nam-
1.1 plncu. in Slocau election district onSntur-
slny, August Uth, 1903, for tli« purposo ■ >r olecl Inn
dplegates to n convention tu In* hel.l hi New
Donver, In the r.i >in- of tho Now Denver
Liberal-Co isorvatlvn \<_ leintton. oa Saturday,
August 15th, 19-13, al 2.30o'clock p.m,!
No. a.f dclfgntes
tn I..- olocted.
Sen iain     i'
Sliii'im City.     I
Now Denver     ?.
Silverton      1
N .1:. 11~ ,»         *_
Th.i'.i Folks      1
Mi Quigan      I
Enterprise      l
Wlnlnw Siding     I
ll irton City       l
Tho dol_.ga.os to tho convention will nominate
a candidate for the legisli tlve Assembly to con*
teat Slocnn election district In the interest of
the Liboral-Conservativo party.
Tlis* chairman au I socretnry aif the public
meetings shall issue credentials lo the <!■!•-
gates electodfl
Prosidontof the Llbornl-Coii nrvativo
Union uf llriii-h Columbia.
Dated al New Danver, July 25t'i, 1003.
"Slater" Oxfords
Summer comfort in
fashion's latest approved
—Lightness, grace and
—Patent Leather, Glazed
Kid, leather lined to mako
a smooth interior.
Mado in Canada 40 Years.
$4.00 Por Pair.
Sold in 15 "Slater" Storoa and 200 Agencies.
Vzo " Slater Shoe Polish."   Shines Easily.
' J!EE&raS!&.tCTEZSZ 2CT
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
Tlio Leading Parlors:
*)C CentsP*7Ifor tbroo months' membership.
/ 0 Bitch incmlx-r receivta tbo official club urn'in
ovr ry month,including C pieces ufbit:h-claM vocal
unit inutrument^l DOW music eueh month, 18
plecQl in all; alsu a C'ertiiicato of Membership
which Rives tho privilego of Club Room in New
Vork (.'ity. and of buyimr litornture, iiiusic or music, il instruments «<t any description at wholowlo
price-*., saving ymi from W{ to GOV on Tour pur-
obuefc. Don't fail to join at OOOO, Yon will net much
more than your money's wonb. Mutual Litkb-
ABY-Mukic i.'i.cb, l>ept.     , WONiRoau St.. N.Y-*
If you wonld prosper in the land
■■_.* •**«"
-SIAsT-ITI :;*
Bakery „_>
As an a'lverthing medium
The Drill is Unexcelled
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner Gwiilim & .Johnson,
just as often a* it shoulil bedisallowed
.Such, thou, is tho plain position of
tho Conservative***) <m the issue in
qii'.stioii, and it is the right one. The
interests of tho puoplu are safe witb
tho Torios at till timus.
Molly Cii!;•;<ia uiiiir. on Four Milo.
Thirty thousand persons in the D.i- j
I minion of Canada aioue will testify to
the   benofita  derived   from   wearing
Bpsxtaclos proscribed by Ur. Survey,
By a recent decision of the privy
couacil, Sunday olxrarvanoa laws of
rarions Canadian town', have been de*
Liberal*!  bare always   eonteaded olared ultra vires.   Barber shops may
they were in favor of government own        ls      P °PeD'
•M-shipof railway*, but recent events     The insurance company has notvot
prove  those   contentions  lacking in ! ^W \Y  loM0? ,'•" ""Arlington
_   ,,     ,,      ,.    „, . ,, Hotel by the recent lire and the own*
truth.   Hon.  Mr. Blair was the one ,.,., „iU'h. ,..im,jri]-.,l to proosed with
exponent in the Laurier cabinet of th* [ th * repairs themselves,
'pr^ciple of government ownership.!    Don*t  r...it  lin|il  vo,. ai,. ..,,..„..
nnd his tenacity to that idea in the blind before ysu have your eyes ex-
deaunga witli the Grand Trunk Pad- amined, but havo then) attended to
fie railway scheme haa caused bim lh-*1 *■"■•■»■ »J" po"«ibletooff-3otft_cpmplete
■       ,..        ,, ..      ....    .,    ... .   cure.   (oBAiut   Dr. W. .1. Harvey,at
loss of his portfolio   Why Mr. Blair slocan C|t    0M d     „„,.,  *-,,$
rnsigiioil may In* judged from hia own , tmg, 7.
words: "He emphasised the ignorance I Sandon will r*end nine delegates to
ofthe government themselves aa to tho Labor convention at Now Denver
the  nature h«(1  possibilities of the tomorrow, as follows! P. Johnson, J.
country through whirl, the Monoton* ' S° w-ik' £ mh,*JlanJ'?' ^li:1."1l,.,s,"K
,„.    /    ,.  "      ., ..      ,,  . W. Welsh, R. McTaggart,N.MoKian;
Winnipeg lino would pass.  He called Uym. Lawson, Q. Huston.   Thoyare
attention to tin* fact that the proposed : Instructed for a straighl Labor candi
line  between   Moncton and Quebec, date.
paml'eliBg as it does the government
line, practically mMns the ruin of the
Intercolonial Railway.   Mr. Blair laid
a**trf*fin on the absurdity of building the
.Van   jiortion   of tha road, anil  then
..■.-. over to the Grand Trunk [•■  iniiau,...,,(. "All[« ...;,.t-.,.*.,„,* n,i".-
'- llrm nro pfijrnbln a.. L. M. Knsiwlei, wlm w   I
.',.'..      - vi  l*Onll*iing   111"   fai  portion   .--»t»t a i.ai» «l».- laiiin.;--: a.,.l nil al.Ma.-.i.aiia.' . I
bj. ilu* >ni.| firm will I • i ni I by Iho said La M.
r'u.'Ji   -"St>.T mw.il'l  build.    He came  i.,...■ : 	
,   . ii ..■ i ii    , in,;; ['.j I   "i' i nf.l . . mi
, • • ' :">\'s'ni-.
Dissolution of Partnership
vjoTK'K li hereby alTan thai tha partnenliip
ll ImrniiifiAia' i.xi-tii.; butwoan the iinrtffrilsTn.
a I, in ilu. Arllnuton flutel, unilar ilu. Brm uamo
ifKotswietA r.ai ii*i|iiiii. is ihi* day * I i - ». i.
1 Adopte i al Berelatoko, Baptombor 13th, ll*:2. ]
I, That tlili convention reafllrnia the policy
of tho paity in matters ol provincial roail.i nnu
ir.-iil.; the owUorahlp nnd control of railways,
an.I tlia doTelopmenl aaf tha agricultural resources of tha province as laisldsswn in 11 a cr* platform adopted In October, 1800, which Is na follow*.:
"Tai nctlvoly aid ia the construction nf trails
throughout the unslevelopal portions of tho
province and tho building <>r provincial trunk
roads of ii;sl.li>- nos Ity.
"To adopt tbo prluciplus of eovornmenl own*
orshlpof railways In so far as tliacin iimalances
of the proviasTa will a I in it. and Uaa' asloptiou of
the principle that no lamns should hograntesi
to any railway company which does not give the
sr a.a rnini'iii of the provlnco control nf rntesovor
lini.- bonuaod, together with tho option of purchase,
"To actively assist by state al I In tha develop*
nir-at i.f tin* agricultural resources of tin- pro*
I. T'nit in llio meantime nuil until llin mil-
\sn> |Aii!ii-s niiaava- iel fiartla enn in* nccomplishosl
:i general railway acl i,f passed, avis ins: fr low
toconstrual railways under certain npprevod
regulations, nnalagous to the system that luis
resulted in such oxicnaiiva* rnilway construction
In the United States, with  ss icli advantaga
hi trade .-in*I commerce.
n, Tlini in onconrago the mining Imluatry.tlio
taxation of metalliferous mines should hai ain
the basis of a percentaga on tho net i. r,. ti * -..
t. Thai tlm government ownership of toll*.
jilnii.o systems should ho brought .-*In.ut ;..;,
Brst stop in tho acquisition of public utilities.
r.. Tlini a |iiBA'iiiBn of every conl area lioronftor
to be disposed of should be rcss-rvod from salo
or I. ittso, '*iat!ini -lati* owned mines mny be easily accosslble, if thoir operation buconn i ueces
sary or advlsiiblo.
i'a. That In tho pulp land l.<i*-.a provision
a-Ii'iiiIaI In. iiiiialn fur roforcstlng and Mint steps
slnaiilil l»o tnkeu f'ir tho general pri'sorvntlsin of
forests by gunrdtng against the wosloful ilr-
itrucllon of iiailia*r.
7. Tltal ila- legislature nnd government a>f iha*
province shouhl persevere in tlm otTort to secure
Una ozclusion aaf lUiatlo labor,
R, That tho mattor of butter terms In tin voj
of subsidy and appropriations for I io pro ico
should hu vli(orissiisl) ia - " I up m tlio Dominion
!i. Thai the llv.*sr-li.a.l Industrlo ut r,. provlnco li.' f •-1• •■• l nnd pn irigo I h    Hi       .,,,
Inert.** I ciisto'n.i sjutie i I i-l nnd
lea I i-,- .■im". i up a".a I Into C.' inii'lii ml thai
the i in ■; ntlvi in inh u - of Or- Dominion
11. ii"-. bo uri ul to up| my motion Intro
dues. Mm  -a I a | se.
10. Thai ii- Industrial dlsputi aim i I Invariably resull Inaront loss nnd Injury l,*.1 li tothe
pnrtiesdirectly concorned «haI t.i ilu* puhlis.,
i   ! .1 i li'inlil In-   |iiis,i'i|   lai pro, i'lr mi
fol  Ala :  a I ila  li l.|'l -I mini I uf SUch dlsputi     I ■ .
i .... in employers and employeos.
II. Tl.-bi ii ts advisable tai f.a.ia.r tho manufacture nf tho raw produclsol the province
within  the  provlnco as  fur ns practicable bj
 ai! • of tax iti 'a on the i ai1! raw nm luctF,
■nliji'i't to rebate of tin.  iama In whole or pnrt
when manufacture I In British Ci I unblu  ,
■**"   T   P* A-.. '•'*■.. ,~1 •    t.--*',,-*.!r*inr v
• —~.—.a. 1
I Frcjii Fruits of Every §
| Kind Arriving  Daily. |
| Ouv Ice Cream Parlor in
*-__, now n])."a .'ilh'. Trill !>•■ ksipl
'J       running all tho Summer.       x
Slocan, B. C. I
Jt$t&ze;iY:±X:';\. ■■:■'..■■   .■•:;':,':'::';•.> ^t.:'
teei Manges
14   LalMVeaaf ll'S'Sal  fa,v Bl.
Full Weiglsl  isssal Quality
(. un rssii w-efll •
To J. 1". Arinatriinaa_,:ii!initiistratiir (if the
citsts sii Martin ilurs-'himn, ileceiuori,
or to any person nr pcrsoin to whom
In- may Iibvo transfcricil tht iuturpil
ol Muriin Murchlton, nnioiiuting to '4
in ini'li nl' tlio Nanss'ii, i rain ainl I'nr
i'.iii iniiii-'ral claitna, aituatcsJ on the
hand sif Lomon creek,Slocan Oity mining division.
You nre horehy notified that [have
expended tin* nmi ol three hundred and
seven dollars nnd fifty cents in lalmr aud
Improvements upon tin* ahove men ion*
ml minoral claims, in order to hold suiil
mineral claims iinils*r the provisions of
the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days
from lhe date ol lliis notice you fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion ol
giicli expenditure, together with all coats
sif advertising, your interest in lhe said
claims will become the property ol Ihe
Bubgurihcr, under section four of an An
1'iili'ileal "An Act to amend tho Mineral
I Act, 1000."
Dated thin full dnyol June, 1003.
2-ii-o:i M.K.YOUNG
GffuflBh of lipnuk
1 ramaraok, rails view \«. 1. »•*> Taan-
rasiU >o. n Pssaelloa Mineral OlslSM<
Why be without n ranerc when
you cun got 011080cheap? The\
arc prcfci'rable to stoves and (,rivi-
better 8Htlsfnction. These ranges
burn wood or coal anil will be
set up I ree.
J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
Situate In tha 81ocan City mta'"!**
aion s.f West Kootenay district. WhJ"
located:—About four miles upSpw
_[i*r creek.
TAKK NOTICK that I, J   '';'*
derson. P.L.B., of Trail, n'.^nt w
Jno F,.IloWenl(re«roiner,iMrtiiWie<w
BU4709, intend, sixtv .Inr** Irom ln««"
hereof, to apply tss the Mining KM***"*
fur eertiliiHtes sif Improvements, iorw
purpose ol obtaining, crown grants on
abovo rlaima. ,•„„
Ami further take notieo tb»l """™j
uniler  section ?.7, lituft  Lo roiiinn'"'"".
before the issuanceof such cerlincs"*
Dateil this Bit! nay of Jttue.ltW'
, MI..-TS.I 1 Isslsaa.
Bltunta in tlis. Sloean Titv Mining Wff
sionoflha Weat Kootenay WW*
Where located: -K«rthyA««jg
linsiu on north sialeof si"111''"'1'™
Tako   nolle,   that   I    Dan   H.jjg
acting   as   an   agent    or        'V      *,
tree miner'i MrtillMU No.U71876,lnvi*«
sixtv davs from thedats hereof, 0WW
to the   Mining BeCOlder I'-rs irrumj
Of in.provenients, for the purpoH«■
taining   a crown   grant '»>'  **••• *
claim. ,1.1 artirta
And further  take notice _hlt«w»»j
J-a 1 is I  nil lliri     nmn    ia,..-- ,_,,na*tM
tindor section 37, must he -^gRj
before tho issuance of lUCh CWiaw
iuiprovnnients. ^
Dated this llth day ei July. .*".N.,0>'
17-7-03 |)AN "*      ;
iissssipt.ss, Kiiia-i kThusi i'i»a r«n«v"
ll.aa.BSl  MlllSial ri'.''"*"'
situate In tho Slocan City Mj • ?
sion of tho Went Kootensy '-
Where located :-On Sprinajr'
about eight iniloH from Siocw
TAKK NOTICK that I. Fr»n««'J'for
Rellly, of the citv of Nelson. *r°*m\t
N.F.VlcNangl.t, I'ree Mlnei■<•*'T    ,,,_
Mi n in"
No. B04887. intenil. sixty at
dale hereof, to apply to tne -"**'""olVt.tor
corder forcertlflcateiof Imprt,^.'  H„i.
Hie piiriioseof obtaining I r°wl *
of tho above ehiiins. .   , wt|otli
And further tako notice l"^min-*»j
_ ...-.tilU-ntcaf-f
indor section 37, must bo C0?1B
before the issuanco ofincl
per annum. z^^$^.^


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