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The Slocan Drill 1902-03-14

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YOL. II., No. 50.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   MARCH   11,   1002.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
lie-opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Art has- Struct and Delaney Avenue, Slocuu.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stocked with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Make a Few Dollars.
We sell Rubber Goods at Eastern list prices,
but wishing to reduce our stock, we make
this special offer:**"*"-
10 per cent off for cash between
February 25th and March 15th.
This will apply to all Rubber Footwear, except Knee and Hip Boots.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinncy, B. C.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
ing ton
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
OETHING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
SHIM ii Personal Management of M Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Cenaus of Cit j Shows 445 of a. l'opnlatlon
— Ilssnss) Street, Lending te Hiss School,
to ba Graded—Appointment of u Now
TrousnrsirTousdss*sl on.
All the members of tlie city council were present at Monday night's
C. ClilTe, of the Sandon Milling Review, wrote soliciting subscriptions
to an illustrated pamphlet he is getting out on the resources of Kootenay. Ordered turned over to tlie
local board of trads*, on motion of
Aid. MeCalluni and Nichol
Two communications from the
Royal Bank of Canada, upon thc city
account, were ordered filed.
Finance committee reported in favor of bills presented at last meeting.
Accounts ordered paid.
New bills: Pioneer Livery Stable,
gravel for crossings, §0. Referred to
finance committee.
Chairman Robertson said the census of the city had been taken, tlie
result showing a population in Slocan
of 445.
A R. Bolderston's resignation as
treasurer was taken up, but its acceptance postjioned. Aid. McCallum
advised the finance committee getting the treasurers books examined
and report result at next meeting.
Aid. .McCallum and Worden moved
that The Drill man be empowered
to audit tlie said books.   •Carried.
A discussion followed upon tlie appointment of a new treasurer, and
Aid. Worden and liarber moved that
a,committee of two be appointed, to
rustle one up, R. A. bradshaw pre-
fsTivri.    Carried.
The chairman named Aid. Worden
and Nichol on tlie said coiiiinitt.ee.
Chairman .Robertson appointed
Aid. liarber to his position on tlie
board of works for the time being.
Aid. .McCallum, in answer to a remark liy tlio chairman, said he hid,
is chairman of iho fire, water and
light committee, taken steps towards
the creation of a volunteer firs* brigade in the city, and a meeting was
lo lie called shortly for organization
Al 1. McCallum then asked if nnv
word Ifud bs-en received from Victoria regarding tlm* mayoralty election, and (lie clerk replied not.
Aid. Worden brought up the question ofthe school board's demand for
money, which would lie lessened if
the city would grade lluine street
from DeUney ave to the school. The
chief of police and one m.-in could do
thu work, and W. Koch would donate
a team of horses to assist in ths improvements. Matter left tc tin; tender mercies ot the beard of works.
Chief of police was authorized to
purchase needful supplies tor his office.
Council adjourned, to meet again
on Wednesday evening at a special
sitting to elect a temporary treasurer
to pass current aocennts.
When the council inst again in
special meeting on Wednesday night
it did not take long to dispose sif the
business. The auditor's report on the
treasurer's books was received and
accepted, and then A.R. BoUlorston's
resignation was given tlie same treat
ment. . R. A. Bradshaw was appoint
ed treasurer, witli Howard (iuost and
T. D. Woodcock as his sureties.
tainly played in great luck since development commenced last fall. A
while back a drift was commenced
from the 50 foot level in the shaft, on
thc south side, and 12 inches of solid
ore struck, and this hasoont.nued fer
25 feet. Lately another drift was
commenced below that again and the
same chute of ore was struck, there
being a foot of the shipping article in
the breast, which is in 17 feet. Sinking lias commencod in the shaft and
14 inches of ore is being followed
down.   Tlie Iron Morse is a winner.
Tsstal Production I.list Vear Wag Largest
on K os-or si.
A summary of the mineral production of Canada for 1!)01 has been pre
pared bv the geological department
at Ottawa. The total mineral production for tlie year was $69,407,081,
as compared with $01,483,037 in the
year previous, or u total increase of
$4,918,91)4, nearly fire millions. In
1895 the total mineral production was
a little over twenty million dollars.
Thc entire gold production is valued at $24,41)2,222, of which the Yukon gold fields contributed $18,000,-
00J, Of copper there was $G, C00.101;
pig iron, from Canadian ore, $1,121,-
113: lead, $2,199,784; nickel, $4,594,-
523; Bilrer, $2,993,Cfs8; and iron ore
exports, $7t'.2,231. These, with the
guld production, makes a total of
$42,8*24,698 for metallic production
There was *?2<>,282,333 non metallic,
and $3UO,000 products not returned,
which, added to tlie non metallic,
makes a total production of all minerals of ?r,<), 407,031.
Coal production is valued at $14,-
G71.122; coke, $l,2t>4,3CO; petroleum,
$953,415; asbestos, $l,18l.,434; and
building material, $4,S20,OJO.
Notwithstanding a decrease in the
gold output over 1900, tlie increase in
the total production is iquivalciit ts)
S per cent. There was a decrease of
over four million in tiie gold output
from the Yukon, but in British Columbia there was an increase of one
million dollars. There was a falling
off in the lead production of over 20
per cent.
Leaving the Yukon district out of
consideration, the permanent metal
mining industries show an increase
of nearly 37 per cent, notwithstanding the falling off in the lead produc-
tion. The increase in pig iron was
133 per cent, of copper 115 per cent,
nickel 38 pr-r cent, asbe?tcs 53 per
cent, and coke 91 per cent.
In the production of pig iron in
Canadian furnaces, an increase of
184 per cent is recorded,' This increase is due largely to the operating
of tha Dominion Iron st Steel C*., at
Sydney, N.S. In steel furnaces,
which are not included in the general
table, there was made 41,913 tuns of
steel ingots,
a most hopeful bunch of pay ore exposed to view.
Two men are working on the Combination group, situated close to the
first bridge on Springer creek. It is
owned by Al Teeter and Martin
The Arlington will endeavor to
ship a carload of ore a day now for a
time. The mine is in excellent
shape, with large ore reserves to
draw upon.
Tlie management of the Fisher
Maiden, Four Mile, report striking
ihe ledge in a lower working a few
days ago, and that shipments will
start at once.
Paul Hauck, W. Harvey and I.
Ilea it pre, of this place, are working
the Prescott, in the Silverton camp,
under lease. They struck a body of
dry ore this week,
Tlie Slocan Star's contract with the
Kverett smelter calls for an output of
800 tons of ore a month throughout
the summer.    The force of men em
Last Tsur'a Hlslpsssenta Were 6514 Tons -
A H.-sillliy Eviils-noa of tlse Life ass*
Wealth of the Camp—Arlington the
Big goat Shipper.
Things Shave  brightened wonderfully tliis week  in shipping circles
and there is the certainty of increased tonnage for export for a time to
como  at  least..   It   is   particularly
gratifying to see the part Ten Mile is
playing in tlie revival, a practical
demonstration now being given as to
the material worth of that section of
the camp.   The Enterprise concentrator is now doing splendid work,
running double shifts, and "the mine
may no*v be said  to bo fairly on a
ployed will be the largest in the his- slliPI,ineT basis.. Three cars of con-
tory of the mine. centrates are being turned out each
week, and, when it is taken into con-
The case of Frank Watson against
Con Fielding, arising out of tho original sale of the Arlington mine, and
entered in tlie courts at Spokane, has
been amicably settled. A counter
suit was dropped.
A bill of sale, conveying one
third in tlie Gertie R fraction from
Walter Adams to J. Frank Collom,
has been recorded. The fraction adjoins the Speculator and was under
bond a year ago to thc latter people,
but was not taken up.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
A couple of weeks 'ig.* the Arlington shipped out a car of sacked ore,
in the expectation thai it w.mld beat
anything previously shipped from
the mine.   Tho  expectations   were
realized, as the ore proved the richest yet sent to the smelter. Tbe re
turns for the 30 tons sent wero just a
trifle less than 340oz to the ton,yielding a net surplus over all expenses of
$5190. The amount received is just
$10 less than the sum realized from
the car shipped in March, 1901, but
there is a difference of about 6 cents
par oz ln the price of silver between
then and now. Returns like the
above speak volumes for the richness
ofthe camp and are certain to attract
much i ttention.
Getting ottuwH into Shapes
Just as soon as the snow will permit, the. force on the Ottawa will be
increased and new buildings erected.
The men aro now engaged cleaning
up and securing the ma in drift and
limbering tlie raise, so as to have
things in shape when drifting coin
inetices. Definite word is expected
from the bonders in a day or ro as ts
the line of development to be follow
cd during the summer.
The Neepawa is shipping a car of
ore a week.
A force of 35-men is employed at
the Last Chance.
The Whitewater shipped 150 tons
during February.
Last week tho Sloean mines shipped 567 tons of ore last week.
Three cars of concentrates a week
is the record ofthe Enterprise.
Operations aro to lie resumed on
the Capella group, Now Denver.
Last month the Queen Bess shipped
21 tons ami the  .Monitor 83 tons.
A more hopeful fooling is pervading the camp, and there is ground
for it, too.
Another blank was experienced at
the local registry ollice last week, nol
records coming in.
Vory   Few Objections  Havo   Uaen riled
Against it.
Appended is a list of the objections
that have been entered against the
assessment of tlie city, recently completed by J. A, Foley. The court of
revision sits on Saturday morning at
10 o'clock, and it. will not take long
to dispose of tho complaints. For an
initial effort, thc assessment has been
satisfactory, judging from the small
number of objections:
James Tattersall, lots 7 and 8, in
bTOefc 27, $100 each; improvements,
$1100; claims over valuation on im-
Alex. Stewart. 05 feet of lot 1, in
block 1, i'-loO; improvements, $1000;
too high.
R. T. Riley, 47 feet of lots 19 and
20, block 12, $135 and $250 respectively; not the owner.
Ben Robertson, lot G,block 23, $150;
improvements, $500; not the owner.
H. D. Curtis, lot 1, block 21, $200;
lots 2 and 3, £125 each; lot 19, $'.10;
lot 20, $100—excessive valuation.
W. lv Worden, improvements on
C.P.K. lands, $175; too high.
Tu jinelt t'ni.isilisin Ores.
The American Smelting st Refining company has decided to expend
a quarter of a million dollars in remodelling the old silver smelter at
Great Falls, Mont. This work is to
be done at once and is to be eomplet
ed by thc time the standardizing of
the tireat balls st Canada railroad is
finished, or in the late summer.
Charles Kretlow, oro buyer for the
smelting and refilling companv at
Salt Lake, confirms the report. It is
understood the company intends
making the plant one of the chief
smellers iu the west and will make a
slirect bid for British Columbia ores,
which the tireat Falls st Canada and
Great Northern branches reach. Mr.
Kretlow states that the monoy for the
remodelling wus sot aside some time
ago, and that   work   will   be   oom-
sideration the engineer's reports give
three years' sloping reserves in sight
in the mine, it may be judged how
cheerful is the outlook tbere. Tho
Enterprise sent out 40 tons since last
report, raising its total to 180 tons.
Another car was also sent out by
the Neepawa, making tho third under tho present management. Considering that the bond has only been
in force four months, the output is
most gratifying. The management
expects to meet the bond payments
out ofthe ore shipments. Tiie satisfactory results of the development of
the Iron Horso merit attention, and
the amount of ore in sight at tho
mine justifies thc assertion of another
formidable shipper during the year,
and making a trio of heavy preidnc-
crs all in a bunch on Ten Mile.
The old reliable Arlington resumed
shipments on Wednesday and an effort will be made to handle a car a
day for some lime to come. The reserves at the mine are equal to anything in the past and the grade of
the ore continues liigli. Corrected
returns from the smelter show than
tlie Arlington shipped 751 tons of ore
during January and February. It
sent out 20 tons on Wednesday and
another car next day. The week'e
shipments far lhe division total 80
tons and for the year tlie figures are
1028 tons, which is a bright display.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled G529 tons, from
11 properties. Following is a full
list of the shipments this "-car lo
Ottawa ....
. luciieed Shortly and bo completed by
Fifty-live mci are employed at the i <)Ctober.   The, entire plant is tn be
I run Mora I In I.lick.
The Iron Horse, Ten Mile, has cer-
l'avne.   The appearance of the mine
is steadily improving,
During February the Bosun ship
ped 2<i0 tons of ore. 100 tons of which
was sent to Antwerp, Belgium.
The force at the Hewett mine, on
Four Mile, has been reduced to 18
men, owing to the breaking up ofthe
The F.verett smelter has a big order for silver from Hong Kong and
China, hence its anxiety to get Slocan ores.
Malcolm Cameron lias the contract
for bringing down the Duplex ore to
the railway. There aro about seven
or eight toils of It.
Throe teams have been hauling
ore from the Arlington to the transfer shed, at the snow line. A goodly
pile awaits the wagons.
A strike of 2J feet of shipping ore
is reported from the Hewett mine, on
Four .Mile. It was struck in the long
tunnel, at a depth of {JOO feet.
W. T. Shatford has purchased J.
Skinner's half interest in the Independence, adjoining the Crusader
group, on Lemon creek. The claim
was discovered last summer and bus
goue over aim BO nged In conform
ity with the latest up to date smelt
ing methods. The steam power,
which has run the plant s.) long, is to
be replaced by water power. The
changes will greatly cheapen the
cost of treatment, and Mr, Kretlow
intimates that much of tlie ore treated
will come from British Columbia.
Further, he states that tho Great
Falls smelter will be the only one of
the old smelters of Iho companv
which is to be started up again and
that all the others will ho dismantled.
Tke Great Falls plant has been idle
for two years.
Mayoralty Kluctleu.
Fatal Slide ass Kokiissce Crock.
Dr. Forin received a wire on Wednesday from W. H. Bullock-Webster,
head ofthe provincial police at Nelson, stating that Fred Lowden had
been killed in a snowslide on Koka-
nee creek. On ascertaining the particulars, the doctor decided it was
not • necessary to hold an inquest.
The slide occurred on Saturday at
the Achilles (-roup, just above tlio
Molly Gibson. Lowden and a companion named Sherbert were employed at thc property nnd thc slide.
cauglft both men in the cabin when
off shift Sherbert managed to dig
his wav out after 86 hours' work and
crawled to the Molly (iibson for assistance. L'lwden was dead when
dug out and the body was taken to
Nelson for burial. Deceased was 40
years old and well known.
Wisssis Government Sms'itor.
R. F.Green, ILL. A. for the local
constituency, was thc father of tlio
following motion in the housi: "That
in view of tlie present depressed condition of thc 'end market, and the
disability under which the producers
of lead and silver within the provincw
labor in not being able to have tho
product of their mines economically
smelted and refineil: therefore, in
the opinion of this house, the public
interest requires on tlie part of the
government, the serious consideration
of the. establishment and operation by
them of lead snieltirg and refining
works within the province."
Result ef Clvlss Cunau*.
As it was last week so is it this
with the mayoralty election matter,
no word having been received from
thc lieutenant-governor as to tbe date Chief of Police Armstrong eomplel-
for holding the contest.   The court of ]    j ,    f   hfi d      [M wc(jk
revision sits on .Saturday, and should . .. :.,..'     ,.;,_ Ml-
it be concluded before the date ()fj and found the inhabitants within the
election is fixed,it will enable suveral corporate limits to number 446.
more, citizens to qualify for the posi j These figures are understood to bo
Lien. Brents of an exciting nature! larger than the Dominion census Joint the coast have no  doubt occupied ! the same area taken last year.    The
his royal nibs' attention to the oxolu* total of 9d0 given in the Dprninloo
sion oi all other matter**. figures include tho suburbs of Slucau. '•■'iSQSIIl'
Copyright. 1901 by Thomas P. Montfort
"An now about Melvln," he raid. "1
reckon you know what people say •*■
"No, but I suppose they think me
wicked and say hard things about me."
"Waal, some of 'em do, Loueesy.
Yes; I'm nfeard some of 'em do."
"I'm sorry, but I can't help It."
"In co'se. I understand all that But,
see in as things are so, I 'lowed you
wouldn't keer 'bout glvln folks no
more room for say In things than you
cau holp, so I reckoned you'd rut her go
to see Melvln when ever'body wa'n't
thar to see you."
"Yes; I would,   nut can I?"
"Shore. If you Jest wait till tonight,
when ever'body's gone home, I'll take
you thnr. I'll arrange lt with Hicks
so's you can go in. That away nobody won't know nothln 'bout It, an
nobody can't have nothin to say."
"Thank you, Pap. Yoo are more
than thoughtful and kind."
"Lord, that ain't nothln. Even If 1
didn't keer notbln for you I'd do tbat
much jest to balk Mary Mann."
At the mention of that name Louisa
shuddered.   Pap noticed tt and said:
"I reckon you ain't got much more
love for that woman than I bave."
"I despise her," Louisa replied.
"Most folks does. Lord, sbe made a
plumb fool of herself over Sim."
"And I accused him of making love
to her."
"Makln love to ber! Sim Banks
makin love to Mary Mann! My Lord,
gal, what was you ever a-thinkln of?
Why, Sim hated her wussin pizen."
"I know now that I was unjust."
"To be shore you was. But I reckon
somebody told you somethln?"
"That's the way It Is—alius somebody fairly splittin their skins to git
to stir up trouble. Slch people ort to
have their tongues split an their legs
ruu through 'em."
As Pap had promised. Mrs. Sampson
proved a true friend to l-oulsa. She
received her kiudly and made her feel
heartily welcome from the Instant sbe
entered the house. Like Pap, she neither Jiidged uor blamed, but rather
sought to soothe and comfort. The
generous kindness of these two plain,
simple old people touched Louisa deeply, and she never forgot lt.
That night Pap took Louisa to the
store to see for the last time all that
remained of the man she loved. lie
felt that he was doing right, and when
he spoke of It to his'wife she readily
agreed with him.
"I think lt will be for the best," sbe
said. "It may he a comfort to her,
an anyway lt can't do nobody m
The store was dark, and tbere was
no one there, but Pap had secured
from Hicks tbe key to the wareroont
"Kow you can go In."
where the body lay.   Leaving Louisa
on the outside, he opened the door and
weut In and struck a light.   Tben be
came back to her and whispered:
"Now you ean go In, an I s'pose you'4
miller go alone ir"
"Yes," she replied.
Sho passed through tbe door, and
Pap waited on tbe outside. Wbat
transpired In tbat room no one save
I.oulsn ever knew. The door stood
partially open, and Pap might bave
looked In, but be would not bave dons
such a tblug for tbe world.
A quarter of en boar passed, and
then I.ouIhu came out. Pap saw tbat
■he was very pale, but perfectly calm.
Witbout a word be put out tbo light
and closed tho door, and In perfect
slleneo they walked back borne.
One day III Jenkins and Jonathan
Turner rode over to Beckett's Mill to
see about selling some bogs. It was
one of the days wben Ill's "ager"
waa not working on blm, ao he wae
In an approachable humor. Naturally
In tbe conversation that followed the
arrival of the two men tbe murder of
Melvln and tbe disappearance of 81m
Banks formed tbe chief topic.
"I knowed from the very fust," Turner remarked, "that tbat feller wa'n't
down yere smellln round fur no mineral, an I knowed tbar was somethln
back of blm that be wa'n't kcerin
'bout people knowln. But, Lord a-mus-
■y, meu, I never dreamed that he'd
gone an done slcb a thing as murder.
Great snakes an caterplliers, Jest think
of It. will you-that feller stayln thar
In my houss*, a-sleeplu lu my beds an
a-ontlu at my table when he'd doue
tuck a teller critter's life! My laud.
If I'd 'a' knowed I wouldn't 'a* had
him thar for a boss. Why, 'lou't you
kuow sence he was thar It Jest seems
like ever' blame thing on the place ii
got humau blood on it-seems like it's
on the beds an the towels an the cheers
an the dishes, an 'pears like I can ta?te
It In the vittles. Lord a-massy, but it's
"I bet you'd 'a' been skeered of him,
too," Jason Roberts sold, "If you'd 'a'
knowed 'bout him klllln that feller."
"Great possums an persimmons, I
reckon I shorely would 'a' been skeered. Why, jest think-that feller mought
'a' got up some nlgbt an killed ever*
blame one of us."
"An he uever cheeped a word to yon
'bout notbiu he'd done nor nothln?"
"Nary a word. If I'd been kinder
inquisitive, like some folks, an bad 'a'
pried Into bim, I mought 'a' found out
somethln. But, Lord, I ain't no band
to ask questions, you know, an wben
a feller acts like he don't want to tell
nothln I Jest let him alone."
"Didn't you ask blm nothln?"
"Scarcely a thing. When be come
up thar fust that day, I sorter flung out
oue or two little questions, but I see
right away he didn't want to answer
nothin, so I jest quit Land, I ain't no
hand to try to make people tell tblngs
anyhow whether they want to or ndt."
There was an oppressive silence after
this, a silence during which there was
much thinking. But Turner was blissfully ignorant of tbe trend of thought
He did not even suspect lt when he
saw a smile on more than one face.
"An 'bout that feller over to your
bouse, Hi?" Hicks remarked question-
"He ain't thar no more," HI replied.
"Gone away?"
"Yes; went ylstedy."
"I'd say't."
"Yes; he got so'd be dldat 'pear to be
satisfied no more, so ylstedy he packed
np an put out."
"W.i'n't satisfied with the 'commer-
datl6u you give him?" Turner asked.
"Tbem fellers mostly ■•n't satisfied
witli nothln."
"Oh. It wa'n't that, I guess.   Leastwise he never made no fuss 'bout his
"What ailed him, then, you reci-on r
"I dunno, I'm shore.   Jest seemed to
'a' got sorter restless au uneasy  an
couldn't be  still  nowhar.    When  be
wa'n't asleep, he was all the time mor-
In ubout, either trapslu round over the
woods or else waikln baek'ards an for-
'ards across the yard.    I've seed him
wulkln out thar in the yard for hours,
jest goln to au fro, to an fro, till it
wore me clean out.   It got so's he done
It of nights jest the same, an lots of
times I've waked up way long towards
mornin an seed him at it.   Then thar
was a kin' of a skeered look in bis
eyes, an at ever* little noise he'd Jump
an look round like he'd been shot.   1
never see nobody do like he done."
"By grab, it was funuy, wa'n't It?"
"Looked that a-way to me shore."
"What you reckon was tbe mutter of
blw, HI?"
"1 nln't no notion. Jake."
"I bet It was that murder done It"
Sain Morgan suid. "Don't you all reckon It was?"
"Lord, I don't see how that murder
could 'a' bad anything to do with it,"
Hi replied. "The murder wa'n't nothln
to blm noway, an be didn't know Melvln nor Sim Banks nutber. Guess he
never see nutber of 'em 'less be see
Melvln tbat day be was lyln bere a
"He did see bim that day," Sam said,
"an hu acted sorter quaire too. I was
n-watcblu him when be went up to
whar the cawpse lay, an, for all be'd
been so cool out thar In the woods, the
second bis eyes fell on tbat dead face
be turned right white an put bis hand
np to his heart tben looked round
right quick, like he wondered if any-
body'd seen bim. Guess be must be
oue of tbem klud of people that's easy
tcched by anything like that"
"Must be If be done tbut a-way," old
HI replied.   "My skin, It don't make
uo difference to me to look at a dead
feller, an I'd Jest as soon tech him as
"Lord, HI, not If be'd been killed?"
"Yes, sir, even If be'd been killed."
"By grab, I wouldn't   They say If
you tech a feller that's been murdered
thnt  a-way  he'll  eome  to you  three
nights hand runnlii and stan' by your
bed an look at you."
"Wonder If thufa so?" Jim Thorn
"By grab, tbey say It Is, shove, an I
can tell you rlgbe now I dou't want ne
dead fellers pesterln round me of
"Lord, you bet I don't I don't want
notbln to do wltb tbem ba'nts an Aim's, an 1 ain't never goln to tech nobody that's been killed, you bet even
If tbey never are teched."
"Shucks, you fellers don't know what
you're talkln 'bout Say, you all jest
wait till you've seed dead men as I've
seed 'em, lyln round on a battlefield
Jest ever*whar." Thus spoke Ebenezer
Sparks, tbe warrior bold. "Lord
a-uilgbty, I've fit into many a battle
whar men were Jest a-drnppln all
round me so thick that I couldn't move
'thout slepnlu on a lot of 'em. My
land, 1 wa'n't skeered of techin 'em, an
I bey never come back of nights to pester round ha'ntln of me, nutber."
"It wa'n't that away tbat time when
you weut Into I*'<*ka* cellar to whup
the battle, was It. Ebenezer?" Jason
Roberts asked.
Ebenezer flashed angry.
"Doggone It ull," he cried, "ain't I
never goln to bear the last of tbat dad
burned old collar? Ever' time 1 mention uuy a word 'bout wben I fit into
(lie war some blame fool has got to go
to work an drag that dod blasted old
cellar In."
"Waal, wc want to show a Intrust In
your war record, Ebent-i-er, an that's
the only battle we ever see you fight In,
m (hat's all we got to speak 'bout"
"Waal,   you   needn't   pester   'bout
' ehowin  no Intrust theu.    I'd rutber
you wouldn't"
"Soy," Sara Morgan called, "don't
you reckon S'ui Banks has a ha'nt?"
"Or co'se he has," Thorn replied, "an,
say. fellers, I liet It pesters blm Jest
"To be shore," Turner agreed.
"PpeuklD of Kim BbdUs 'minds me of
RnniPtbln," III said. "Reckon ain't
mini, of you uns beam notbln of Sim
■Willi" he went away'/"
"Nary n word." Hicks answered.
"Quaire t'h'-ui officers don't find out
nothln  lioi'i hlin. ain't it?"
•• "I Is so. I'us'ss they've bunted round
nil over ovcr'whnr most an they ain't
found hair nor hide of him."
"S"[)Oi*e he must 'a' gone clean off
••Looks like It. You know he left a
non* for his woman sayiu he war a-goin away an wa'n't never comin back no
"I hearnhedld."
"But she don't b'lleve It."
"Don't she?"
"Not now. she don't Sbe b'llcved It
a right smart at fust but Pap Samp
son kept a talkln till he got ber to
change her mind."
"Pap still stan'a out that Sim never
killed tbat fellerV"
"La. yes, wuss'n ever."
"Quaire he'd git that sorter notion,
ain't ItV"
"'Tis. shore. Pap's gln'rally putty
level beaded, but be got bis nose p'lut
ed wrong this time sborely."
"He thinks SIm'll come back, does
"Jest knows be will."
"Waal, he'll be bung or aent up to
prison if be does come."
"Pap's got a notion somethin'll turn
op to clear Sim 'fore hi gits back."
"Don't see bow be goes 'bout makln
tbat out"
"I don't see nutber, bnt that's bis
"How'b Sim's woman a-doln?"
"Kinder porely, 1 guess. She aln'l
llvin here no more."
"That so?"
"Yes; she left the fust of the week."
"Wlinr'd she go?"
"i iwn to t je county seat"
**H i.i>i j Bhe 'lowln to do down thar?'
"She reckoned she'd gtt Into some
work of some kind."
"Ah jest 'bout manage to go through
ever'thlng she's got."
"She ain't got nothln."
"Ain't? Why, I been hearin Sim left
ber all the land an ever'thlng."
"He did, but she won't tech It."
"Won't? Why, say, what's the reason?"
"She 'lows It's hls'n an she ain't no
right to live It up. Says mebby some
time he'll ueed it."
"Waal, I'll be smutched!"
"Then I guess she kinder wanted to
git away from here anyhow. That
'bout ber an Melvln started a good bit
of talk, an I reckon she found it wa'n't
none too pleasant a-staylu here."
"Nat'rally. How'd she take It 'bout
Melvin bein killed? Did she carry ou
"Nary a bit that any of us seen
'luess she behaved plumb nice."
"Did she come to see the cawpse?"
Hicks hesitated for an Instant He
knew from Pap Sampson about that
night visit, but he bad promised to
keep lt a secret
"Waal, I didn't see her come," he
said.   "Any you fellers see ber come?"
They all shook their heads.
"Some folks 'lowed she'd take on a
heap over blm an mebby give Sim fits
"Lord, she tuck right off for Sim.
She jest acted for all the world like
she keered more for bim than anybody."
"It would 'a' been a moughty good
thing If she'd 'a' tuck off for him sooner 'stid of foolin with tbat other feller,
a-glttiu him killed an puttln Sim Into
this mess."
"I reckon that's so, HI, but I ain't
never b'lleved Loueesy Banks aimed to
do nothln wrong. She was Jest sorter
thoughtless, I guess."
"No, sir; It's Jest like Pye said time
an ag'ln, Jake. Whenever you go an
send a gal off to them doggone colleges
you jest nat'rally spile ber for all time
to come. By gosh, you Jest as well
take her out an knock her In the head.
That's atl In tbe world's the matter of
Loueesy Bunks."
"No, 1 'low her an Sim Jest nat'rally
didn't suit."
"Co'se they didn't otter she'd gono
down thar an tuck up a lot of doggoue
fool notions. They'd 'a' suited well
enough If It hadn't been for that she
'lowed she'd got to havo one of them
white shirt fellers or she couldn't nev
er bo happy. It's that dad burn college
done It all."
"Still, Ul, edlcatlon's a pow'ful good
"Not for a gal, It ain't"
"Waul, sbe ain't got no nse for It, an
It's Jest plumb shore to make a fool of
her. Lord, a mun, even, don't need so
awful blame much edlcation to git ou
all right"
"You think sor
"I know It Take myself, for Instance. I ain't never bad no edlcation
to speak of, ylt see how 1 sot on to that
Jury that time. I managed 'bout ruu-
ii In thnt court Jest as well as any of
them fellers down thar. If a feller's
got It In blm, be can git up tn the world
even If bo ain't got no book I'arnln."
"I-ord a-massy," Turner exclaimed,
"speaklu 'bout settln on to a Jury
'mluds me of somethln."
"What Is It?" Jnson asked.
"Wby, If Sim's ever ketehed they'll
have to git a Jury to try blm, an I dim-
no but likely enough I'll git a chunce to
set on It"
Silent,  hut Jolly.
One of the jolliest clubs In Paris, It
is stated, Is oue formed exclusively of
deaf and dumb persons.
A Loisst Feist Want.
jone8_Braluem has Just patented an
Invention that Is destined to make a
Brown—So? Wbat Is lt?
Jones—An Ink bottle that Bounds an
alarm at tbe approach of a mucilage
hrusa.        ,	
Th* Letters Wonld Prov* It.
Mrs. Galey (musingly)—Suppose I
should publish your love letters, dear?
Mr. Galey—Why not almply make a
public acknowledgment that you married a fool?—Brooklyn Life.
Papa-What's Johuny bawling about
DMa?mma--About that brass cannon
you cave him.
"Why, great Scott, be can't have
broken that already!
Mamma-No; that's what Is to? mat*
tf-r.—Philadelphia North American.
If a man Is shaped all right and his
limbs are as flexible as they should be,
be Is able to scratch his own back or
reach any part of bis anatomy. Can
Tou de it?—Atchlisoa Glebe,
Croaaed  Vegetables.
A cross between a headless cabbage,
and the turnip produced the rape plant
Cabbage and turnips themselves art
relatives; tbe lettuce plant also claimi
near kin to them, and far back In plant
life grew a parent plant with some of
tbe characteristics tbat each now
claims aa Its own, from which an
three, and many another plant also,
descended. ,.
The man who pis up to make the
Are does uot always get his share of
the beat
 ■ —  '    -
irritability, Sleeplessness, Feelings of Lassitude and Depression, Weakness and Irregularity of the Bodily Organs.
Thesis ore tho symptoms which point to a. depleted nervous system. They tell of thin, weak, watery
jloc-d, of wasting vitality nnd lack of energy and ambition. They worn you that nervous prostration, locomotor ata»ia, paralysis and even insanity nrsj possibilities of tho future.
Mrs. Henry Clarke, Port Hope, Ontario, states :—';! have used seven boxes of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
for nervousness and a completely run down systom, nnd can heartily recommend it as a wonderfully effective
treatment. Before using this remedy I had been ln very poor health for somo months. I seemed to have no
energy or ambition, felt tired and listless most of the time, and could scarcely drag myself about tbo houso.
I was weak, Irritable and nervous, could not sleep well, and fs.lt discouraged about my health. Dr. Chase's
Nerve Footl has taken away these symptoms'and given back my usual health and   vigor,   consequently I en
dorse it fully."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
Fills the shrivelled arteries witb new, rich blood, strengthens and revitalizes the nerves by forming new
nerve force and gradually and thoroughly overcomes disease and weakness. It forms new healthy tissues
and gives a well rounded form nnd clear, healthy complexion to all who use It. 50 cts. a box 0 boxes for
"f.1.50.   At all dealers, or Edmanson,  Bates & Co., Toronto.
To prove to you that Da
aae'a Ointment is uoertaln
Fasmoaa ItlKliwuyman't House.
Dick Turpin's house in Long Sutton, Lancashire, containing a secret
cellar which was the stable for
Black Iless, Is not to bo demolished,
as reports il, but will be used as a
privato residence.
DllsflVsfSa   Chase, v..,..,^.,.„,,,...--	
rilKal oni absolute care for each
■   ■■WW and every form of itching,
bleodlngr and protruding piles, {
the manuffeotarera have guaranteed It. Ssae testimonials in the daily press and ask yonr nclgh-
Eon what they think of It. Yon can nse it and
fret* j-our money back if not cures'. GOo a box, ail
all dealers or Edmanson, Batics & Co^ Toronto,
Or. Chase's Ointment
'J^AiH^s tfAjMT
toUL>w (idvt^iit^/^tavn^4 Jr
J0s*rCf' /Usnt/ MtmA/ /njewsTHKs a*is
"Miss Foetllght Is working very bard
to give an artistic interpretation of ber
new role," aaid one actress.
"Yes," answered the complacent
lightweight star, "she must do something to advertise herself, nnd the poor
thing hasn't any diamonds to lose."-
Washlngton Star.
','. Suow   &  lo.,  SjTSCUi , N.  Y., writs'!
csuM s>ci d  u.< t ii gross of pill*.   We lire.
ingmoruof Parmelee's PiUs than any
is r pill wi (;■ ep.   '1 ts y have u uisut re; u-
:on fur (ho s-uic of Dy-pcpsin and Liver
mplnint."   Mr. Ohar.es A. Smith, Lin.l-
y, writes:   "J «rnn.*lee's) Pills nr..' on s •toe
is ns d-siii".   Mi »1 t'l in-1 b i ii troubled
s. Hi severe lis.udu.lie, but these pills have
cured her."
For Sale Everywhere
Try our Parlor Matches.
They produce a quick LIGHT
without any objectionable
fumes.     :••.•.•.:
Keep In*  Meat.
Meat, It la said, can be kept freah for
a week or two by putting It into aour
milk or buttermilk and placing tt Ib a
cool cellar. It must of course he
well befssee It 1* used.
Can Rs-enmmaii I Tt, Mr, Knoa EonbSTTT,
TaiCiir'-ra, writes: "Ion bImim to 1.17 tlisit
Du. Thomas' tUKTHIO On. is all that yon
uluira Utolo, as v, * havo been mlntr tt for Ton rs,
both intoi's. I'llv and externally, anil have always
I3cei7ad l-ooantfrom Its ow. It in our family
uiodicine, nnd I tuLo frost pleasure in roes m
Deeply  Imps-eased.
"Did yes show Casey, the coothractor,
the Wanh'u'1'u monnyinint?" nuked Mr.
"I did,' snswered Mr. Dolan, "an' he
wor deeply Imprissed."
"What did he sny?"
"He said It wor the talleit one story
buildin' he It ver iawl" — WashlnKtun
IMAM'S LIHIMEHT U used U Physicians.
Discretion (be Better Part.
Miss Uusblugtou-But were you never frightened, captain, when you saw
tbe enemy advancing?
Captain Kandor—No; I felt safe so
long aa I bad a couple of life preservers wltb me.
MIm Gusblngton—Life preserversT
Caotaln    Kandor—Yes;   my    leas.—
Vs hf fo limpliMr nn.l whining nbout youi
corn.;, wlion atiO wtstOofIIollosvov'i.IJ. nil'n.
will romnvo tlsemt Give Ii a trial, aud you will
.uot regret it.
Ia tbe Ark.
"Don't annoy your father," -whispered Mra Noah to Shem. "He'a In a bad
"What'e wrong with hlmr queried
Shem curiously.
"Why," replied Mra. Noah, "he went
out on tbe hurricane deck to let one
ef the dovee loose, nnd the wind turned
kla umbrella wrong aide •et!"—OkJo
Mate Imuran*.
"Whut ia thet yew hev ther'?*" -j««-
ried Uncle Ebenezer, adjusting hla
"This," replied the faker, "is known
as thc three shell game."
"Gosh, I wus ufecr'd It wua aold
bricks!" •
First Walter-Why did yo' look so
sour at dat man, Sum?
Second Waiter—Ile gimme a tin one
First Walter-Ah thought dat would
make yo' look pleased.
Second Walter-No; It waa a tip on
sle racea, and Ah loit $10.-New York
OoKht to Try Pnyln-f Caab
"I don't understand It," walled Bit*
ley. ■
"Don't understand whnt?"
"The morn I contract my hills the
more they expand."-Baltlmora News
E. B. Eddy Co.
CANADA.        '
Her Pet Fad.
Mrs. Jones—Mrs. Kol.in.son Is the
greatest woman to stick to a fad I ever
Mrs. Brown—Why, I never heard
anybsxly mention that before.
Mrs. Jones—Can't help that It's so,
ull the same. Juat see how slie has
pine on admiring that husband of hers
these twenty years and more.—Ilosti>9
Manlcb  BrewerlM.
A Blnglo brewery In Munich uaea US
railway freight ears of Its own besldea
2.S belonging to the state. Olher breweries bave MS, 00, 811, 100, 80, etc.
Aslf for Minard's M tote no oner.
Bla Aaabltloa.
Toung Jones-I mean to ao live tbat
wben 1 die all tbe great cities of the
earth aball quarrel over the question
of my birthplace.
Young Brown-Yes; each one will laj
tbe blame on aome otber.
Wby Blihy Doean't Go.
"Blxby sent the minister ten reasons
for not going to church, but he left
out the main one."
"What Is that?"
"lie stnys away becauso hla wife
dopRii't    make   blm   go"
MINARD'S LINIMENT LcniDermau's mart.
CVEDVRnnV v,ho Plan*9 w*d*i of anj
•?i*n * D'-,**J ! ki.-.cl, a tlior Irs tho homo er
mnrket Itird.'n.willsecuro tliobesst rs*sulls frem
from J, H. PES-ilflS, **" i^maii, .TOMiirketBt,
Wi*iK!!**fi.   lk'•Js.-od Anuria free.
150 Kinds for 20c.
It It % fa.-t that Sailor's TateteM* and now cr ,
a^.'sla are fs.unil^n mors. K*srsli*ns
J mil on issssre farms than any oilier l_
In A morii-a.   Tints la m* .si fur tills.
« sjiiwsi ami oiHrainovtr lot' im for
Use pro.lus-uo.1 of osir tholioss-nlss. lis
i ordur lo Indus i* you lo try thorn,
wo mats) Uso folios, iuss tinwoiv '
For-ao CttrtimPoaipaUi
•0 ttaas »f rir»l lu.rlsnt rssUakaa, ™
I'i SUSklSornS tarlktS BSllsssJj
IA MrSs f IsftHI iaaslaM,   ,
St p»stIs-.« Ixian tsHsllaa,
II spiVa-lM IS*.1 sarla,
SU isrissulj brssJSlfal ImriMas,'
Ini.'l laiklmls i*r*attlTclyfuTTilislilnir
Inislii'ls of   r Mm minis  oowits asid,
lots nii'l l"t« cf s'lmli-a rs-Ks'talili'a,/
Isys: i.,-i with onr arost caUUo*rsssQ#
t-.lliiK all nlnrnt TniaMsM and I'oa F
Oni and lltvuiua and Huelu, osslon
card at <voc. a pound, etc., all for
noo. lu CussasIKan stssnipa.
La Crosse. Wit
W, N. U. No. 3ilfi
"Is it in: e:i-
gage in e n t
ed the ofttlmPS
Ml miner girl J
"it Is a souvenir."
"But you sny
you don't re-
ni ember who
gnve It to you."
"That Ih true,
but It mny lis*
couslderi'il uu
nlr. tissue the
lens. I have no
doulst the donor often reenlls
whnt It cost
unil ivinemlii i s
me."   Washington Kiur.
"Sny. Blll.1i pocket
plekln' hard to do'/"
"Xawi ii's u cinch
when  you   |et  jrour
hand lu."-Scribuei's.
Filial Con aid ovations
"Yes, lire-*," aaid *rnrmer '.'cmtniiHol
".loHii is a right good hoy, ■.*.• tt greu"
comfort to Mt* pareuta,""
"H*ut he doesn't help mw\\ around
(tie farm."
"I know It. Bnt, on the other hand
he doesn't stand around like Home
young men an' act reproachful because
he hns to do his loulln' In n B,„in_
wagon Instead of an automobile "-
Wellington Star.
Mills? t.lrl'a li, MaMfssI Anticipation
More   I linn   Itrallarsl.
Thin is the ItOrj they tell of a cuu-
ninn little fiveji'iir-iilil Kirl whose mum
bad boeU promising ln*r all summer ■
Utile csiou sloll when the family renchctl
tlie city if |b| would he very good on*
silii'ili.'iit. This was si delightful promise,
anil tin* little Kirl was ss good as a littlt
five-year-old could lie. Thi*ii tho family
tame buck to the rlty a little earlier than
usual, and somclliiiifx interesting happen-
ed—a brand new bnlsy enme to the house
It wns a funny, resl fneesl littlo creature,
which only n loving mother and expert*
ciis-cil nuns could pO-Mtbly consider bcEU'
tiftil, hut It wns a groat thing for the
little airl, who hnd never before la uef
shsirt life seen a real lire baby.
"Thero is a great surprise for you,"
•aid the nurse, tnkiiiK tlio five-year-old
up stsirs. whero Ills* little new sister was
lyiim snuggled up under a canopy of
uninlin and rllihous. "What do you
think of Hint?" she continued, lifting
the little girl so that sho could see the
funny lit llu face on thc white pillow.
And the little km I wuh as much pleased as
every one hnd expected she would be.
Klie gave the nurse a big hug as she
"Oh, nursle, Is that my coon doiir-
Now York 'limps.
mlmmr manj people wben ther aiarry
onrefully pnt aside tbelr Joint lore letters aa one of tbe most cherished po"-*-
acaslona of tbelr future life, and lo
bow many cases afterward do they
ever take them out and look at tbemf
Now, why la thlsT Partly perhaps
because the time of romance Is orer
•nd practical, everyday life bas begun; partly, also, we will hope, because
now they can say ao many nice things
to each other, and there Is no need to
read over Ihe past nice tblnga tbey
have written.
......_-...— The Drill.
•Cnitt-ni'efsil  Man.
"Did yon ever watch a mnn taking a
sjriul; of water iu a public place, iu Q railroad station or on a train, wbprp he is
awnre that mnny eyes regard him?
Watch this some time." a dnitnnier said.
"You'll find it Interesting. The man, you
see, liulds the glass in his right hand
while lie drinks, and it is inability menu-
while to make his unoccupied li'ft hand
look graceful that makes tbe spectacle
wort !i while.
"One fellow as he stoops over the cup
ln an elegant 11111111111'. an attitude like
thnt of bowing, solves the enigma of
what (o do with his Ifft band hy putting
It in 1 is trouser pocket Another holds it
beliiiisl his buck. A third puts the thumb
of it i.i the pocket ssf his waistcoat, and a
fourth swings tlie hand like u pendulum
to 111.-I fro at his sisls*. But nil men, do
whnt tlii'.v will with their left hand, look
awkward and self conscious when drinking in public, auil il is amusing to watcb
|MesM!-. C. C. Kichards A Co.
Gentlemen,—Last winter I rsjcelved
fgrcat   benefit from    the use of MIN-
ARlVil LINIMENT in a severe attack
■ of Ln Grippe,  and   I have frequently
tprovfil   it   to   be   very   effective   in
cases of Inflammation.
Between  Two  Fires.
To.ndlx—1 wonder what could have
Induced tlardup 10 mnny his landlady.
Hojas-lt was either Hint or raise
money to pay what he owed for board
—New York World.
Keen Vtkm IxWSM tlttt 1MB,
Fireproof Doora.
Experiments bave demonstrated thai
Soors of wood covered wltb tin resist
hre better than those made of Iron.
1  Monkey Brand deans and brightens everything, but won't v n; li clot bos.
Perfectly Safe.
Bn-iiftil Tultor-Do you know, some
Bioo)lie sny Kissing is dangerous.
Coy Maiden   Nonspnse!   Why, papa
[is   fiist   asleep! - Philadelphia   North
.Ami filial!
A New Army Ration.
C.crninn militiiry correspondenta
■peak very highly of a new ration
which has been tried during the recent maneuvers of the Austrian
troops in QaliClft, Raja The l'aria
Meeaonger. Owing to the nature of
the country and tlie extensive area
covered during the exercises, it became necessary to provide the trossps
with Borne portable food which could
be prepared in a very abort time or
even eaten witbout preparation.
Various forms of nutriment wero
tried, but the one Which gained most
favor was a so-called "chocolate ration." This was invented by a doctor, and consists of ordinary Chocolate with an admixture of albumen
nnd certain fatty matter. In a few
minutes this can be cooks'il either in
milk or water and eaten as it is.
The nourishing value of tlie preparation is very great, 100 grammes affording as much sustaining value aa
nearly half a kilogramme, or five
times the amount of beef. Moreover,
the chocolate keeps remarkably well,
and is affected neither by heat nor
by long storage in damp and badly-
ventilated  magazines.
I light of 11 Great Nebula.
One  of     thn     most  striking spectacles revealed by tho telescope, says
Youth's Companion,  is that    of the
Croat Nebula  in  Orion.  In the complexity of its glowing streams, spirals and strangely shaped masses, intercepted by yawning black gaps and
sprinkled over with    stars arranged
in suggestivii groups and lines, It has
few rivals in the heavens. The    impression of astonishment made by tha
1 sight of this nebula Is heightened by
[knowledge of its enormous size. The
'entire solar system would appear as
gs> tiny speck beside it.    Yet this tre-
fSnendous    aggregation    of    nebulous
vWoods and starry swarms has    been
proved by the researches of  tho lato
"Professor Kocler of tho Lick Observo-
; tory to    bo    flying away from    the
eartli and the sun at tho rato of 11
[miles In every second!     But bo vaat
[Is its distance thut 100 yenrs reveal
. no visual effects of tho great nebula's
■wilt retreat.    If it wero near by    it
, Would seem to become rapidly small-
Orlaln of Absinth.
• Absinth, tho green fleud that aatn-
'rates fashlonnble France, was originally an extremely harmless medical
It was a French physician who first
need It His name was Ordinaire, and
he was living as a refugee at Couvet,
ln Switzerland, at tub close of tbo
eighteenth century. Like many other
country doctors at that time, ho wns
also a druggist, nnd his favorlto remedy was a certain elixir of absinth of
which he alone hnd the secret.
At his death be l.eqneittcd tbe formula to his housekeeper, Mile. Grand-
plerre, and she sold It to the daughters
of Lieutenant Himrlod. They cultivated In their little garden the herbs
necessary for concocting It, and after
they had distilled n certain quantity of
the liquid they sold It on commission
to Itinerant peddlers, who quickly disposed of It In the adjacent towns and
Finally, during tho first decado of tho
nineteenth century, a wealthy distiller
purchased the formula, and very soon
afterward be placed on the market the
modern absinth, which differs greatly
f 1 sun lhe old nicdls'iil remedy, since the
latter contained no alcohol and  very
Httie absinth.
Cures Coughs and Cold's
at once. It has been doing
this for half a century. It
has saved hundreds of
thousands of lives. It will
save yours if you give it a
chanee. 25 <*ents a bottle.
If after using it you are not
satisfied with results, go to
your druggist and get your
money back.    .    .   .    .
Write to S. C. VfJKtA & Co., Toronto,
Can., for tree trial bottle.
Karl's Clover Root Tea corrects the Stomacli
"I see," snld Mrs. Hcopeck, "that a
Philadelphia mn 11 caught the amallpi-x
from handling money that was Infei.t
"Oh, well," her hiiabaiad answered,
crouching a little farther back Into
his ci mer. "thnt doesn't scare me. I
uever hnve a chance to hold our money long enough to catch anything from
It"—Chlcngo Record-Herald.
A Sufferer from the After Effects ot
Typhoid Tells of His Deplorable
•Condition—Appeared to be In
a Rapid Decline.
The after effeots of some troubles,
such as fevers, la grippe, etc., are
fresiutntly more serious in their results than the original lllne3s, and
the patient is loft an almost physical -wreck. In such cases as these
what is needed a a tonic medicine,
to enrich the blood, strengthen the
nerves, and put th-. system right. Mr.
U Barnhiardt, a prosperous young
farmer living near Welland, Omt., offers proof of the truth of these statements. Mr. Iternhardt says; "Som"
years ago, while living in the United
States, I was attacked by typhoid
Caver, the after elf Ota 0ftaaVllll.1l proved
more disastrous to my constituti in
than the fever Hi-elf. and for months
I was an ismost total wreck. 1 had
no apptftit', was haggard and emaciated, and apparently blooslless. I had
violent and dlstress'ng headaches, and
niy whoie app arance was suggestiv-'
o' a rapid decline* I tried no less Ui'in
thne doctors, but they failed to Ir ne-
flt me. A't this juncture a fr end ol
nvine mentioned my case to another
physician, and he suggested tluit I
should lake a coutse of Dr. Williiuns'
Pink Pll.s. I tonk thi*- advice and
found it in st StfCafactory. Almost
from the outset the p lis helped me,
and I continued their use until I had
taken about a dozen boxes, when 1
felt myself fully rcstioied to my former
health, and my weight Inor ose.l to
1C5 pounds. I have enjoy, d lhe best rf
health ever since, and I will always
giv*. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills in*
praise  they ess richy deserve."
These pills are a certain cure for
the aft r effects oi fever, la grippe and
.pneumonia. They make new, r.ch, red
blood and sticiigihcn the nerves from
lirst doss* to laM; and in this way thiy
cure such tioublen as anaemia, neuralgia, rheumati-in, heart weakness,
kidney and liver ailments, partial paralysis. l-*t. Vltuis dance, etc. They also
sine thi' funct onal a linents that make
the lives of so many worn n a source
of c (latent m scry, and br ng the glow
of health to pale and sallow obeeks.
Other BJleg il tonic pills are mere Imitations <.f th's giemt med cine, und tbe
buyer ahoud see that the full nam1'
"Dr. "Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People," is on every box. Sold by nil
dealers In nv d cine or sent postpaid
at Dili* a box, or six boXea for $2.6.1,
by addressing the Dr. Williania Medicine Co-,  Brockville, Ont.
Opsin"*  tilnaa.
A bnihronni winslow or ono having
an objectionable outlook mny be made
opniiuc nt little cost. To a pint of stale
nie add a handful of epsom salts. Mix
well nud apply with n brush. This
makes u bard tinisii that will rauialn
Indefinitely or if desired may be removed by aerubliiiig nt any time.
OTisro It mete Catarrh in this nortl'in of tho
country lisi.u ill oilier di aaie* put touuthcr,
usul uuil lli'.s I a • L fowj-onni waa supposed to ho
i.scurr.blo. 1 urn groa.1 many yisnr.' doctor*! pronounced It a local dlaeOiO, nnd prrarribed local
nneailM, smsl ly con itiuitly fiillinsr Incurs* wi: li
[peal  i■■'.nt»-. 'I.*.,  iiis.ii'i.i.,i-.'.i   it   im isi-.ii in.
Seiouco BUI provan catarrh Us honcoiiptltution-
al dlisass, nnd tlmroforo require! cnnstitutl'-n-
ul troutmuots. II ills Catarrh duo, nintiiifne*
tnrod by 1'". J Chenoy & Co., Tnlsxlo, Ohio, in
tho only cei: UttiUoiiul cum i n tho market. It
i'i takon Intern:'Ily in doMsfrom '0 drotw to n
loudisoonful. It noN directly on tho blood nnd
mueou'i sur'ncivs of tlio tystom. Tliey olTor ono
hundred slollars for uny cu.-n It fulln to cure.
Bond f.sr circulars and to-timonliil-i
Address     sT J. t'HENKY A C'0.,Tolods.,0.
Hold Isy DraagUU, Tse.
Hull's Family 1'ilU aro the best.
ffafBeleat Cane*.
Judge—What are your grounds for
divorce, air?
rialntllt—My wife married me to reform me and after' we settled down
didn't have mrmme enough to give up
tbe Idea.
Judge—Granted.—Brooklyn Ufe.
now aA'anns*. I.smyer Snccnnibed to
Hla Rival's strs'iiuouaneaa.
"My lirst attempt at making a start
for myself was not successful," laugb-
atf the attorney who is well .known in
the city as n lending legal light. "WIicd
I graduated from the law school, 1
hadn't the slightest Idea where to locate, so when 1 chanced to see n news
Item to the effect that o small but
prosperous town in tlie central part of
Hie state waH In need of an attorney at
law 1 looked upon lt as heaven sent
and leclded to go there at once. Hut
no sooner jad 1 tacked up aiy shingle
than l llscovered that another young
lawyer had seen the same item "ninl
that he, too, ind looked upon the Infor-
iiiiition as being especially prepared for
his benefit and had opened nn ofliee in
tlie town. I realized that there would
not be ri oni for both sif us in so small
a plnce. so I willed a meeting to form
a community of Interests,
" 'Now,' wild I, 'you know as well as
I do that there is not business enough
here for both of us and that sooner or
later one will hnve to quit and go elsewhere. Such being the case, I propose thnt we enter into an agreement
that tlie first one who succeeds In getting a client shall bave the field to
himself, the other seeking greener
"He agreed to the plan, nnd we drew
up and signed a paper to that effect.
"The next morning 1 chiiner-d to look
out of niy office window nnd saw a
man deliberately walk up to another
man nnd knock him down. Realizing
that here was my chance, I seized my
hut and rushed out.
" "See here,' saW I to the aggressor.
'I saw you knock that than down without provocation, and doubtless he will
have you arrested for lt. Now, I am
an attorney, and if you will let me
have the case"—
" 'I've got a lawyer,' he growled,
pointing to a doorway where stood mj
grinning rival.
"I kept my part of the agreement
and left town. Years afterward 1 learned that the whole thing was a put up
job of my competitor, who had given
lhe aggressive party $10 to knock down
the man, against whom he had a
grudge, promising to defend him In
court and pay all expenses."
With every exertion tlie best of men
can do but a moderate amount of good,
but ll si's'ins iu iiis- power of the most
contemptible Individual to do Incalculable llllschll r.
Barliia and ••lilac
"You advertised," sold tho gullible
one. "that you had discovered the key
to success."
"True." admitted the fakir.
"Well, It didn't help me n little bit."
"Tbe reason for that." onswered tke
fakir pleasantly, "is that you have been
buying the key Instead of Bellius- It
It has brought me success.
Jf nt; :••'. i with cholera or m , '■■■'.•
of r.ny l-u i.i -.end al once (•••rn t-oi     ef Dr. J J
Kellacsr'aDys ntr;, (Joraiali id i. i ll ncs    '
inf to directions.   Itactsvtith woi.derfnlrni
iy   iu s.ibdrJnjr thit. drc.t.i. -I     i ,\ -.-•   .
wcalveusi ihj.-tiosiKO.'.. lean in.! tiltst destroys,
tlioyonrii,"u':ddelicu!e.    Thoae who have u i -1
this cholera ni(*dioino'"sy it nel* promptly, und
Dover I.ilo to effect a thorough cure.
No Sqneallng.
Some English travelers were recently
In a restaurant In a German town
when a woinnu who was serving Imparted the iiitsTi'sting Information that
a pig wns being killed round the corner. One of them remarked that It
was curious that the pig did not siiui'al.
The woman looked at tbem In surprise.
"Aber," said she, "Vs Isl polizellleh ver-
boteu"—it'B forbidden by the police.
■ . oi •
- I i
ml e
1. J. Humes Columbus, Ohio. ivt'Iusj
s. in. n isisl .*■ .i is,.- oaio t m wiih
y end Liver c nip i nt< nn lind 1 's-1—
n 1'ilis Hi,, boa) med'ene lorlhetedl-
i«.    ill s-   pill.,   do   i:sst cause  p ii:i is.-
ng. nnd sir .aid Ik. u o   vvbon a cilliurt o
liflred.   Tliey aro Gelatine Ooatod, ood
i in   tiie  Hour ssf I, cure-  to prOMTVl
pin iiy. and give them a pleoasnt, ugroo-
A  Danaerona  Tree.
The fruit of the umgauu tree of
Africa yields a strong Intoxicating
drink for tbe natives. Elephants are
fond of It, becoming quite tipsy, staggering about, playing antics, screaming
so as to be heard for miles and having
tremendous fights. When tu this state,
tbo natives leave tbem alone.
li-tV        tl ■   '
;-. i
j   1               |                               ■       '    .
...»   .....   u'lsis  Win*  the nny.
When (wo boys stnrt oul In life, oin
With (I co;iy of "Winning Ills Way" In
Ids pocket nnd the other wilh n plcei
of natural elcnictitnry bustle In his
hrnd, the latter usnnlly runes lu first
nt the post	
nir.iTiK  M»n.
Miss Tniuiste-Ymi Imvo nime utroiii!
■iml lugged tyiies if in.iiilini'il out ill the
.Mstiui country( Iiaveni you?
Slui;e Dl ivi i - Yiiiiii. niis*i, we liev mei
.nit li its* tin*! don't think it's nut liin" t
mild "up a  railroad  train.—Ohio  Bun
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth more than     REDUCES
Two ounces of impure soap. EXPENSE
Ask for the Octagon Bnr.     If   yoar    grooor cniu.ot   snpply,   writo to
IL"VER BHOTIIEIIC,  LIIHTED, Toronto, loading  hit name and addroaa,
.and   a  trial  oaiuplo  of   Bruslight Boap   will be tent yon  froo of eoit
A Sworn Statement of Facts Almost Beyond Belief.
TheToi-onlo Mall and Emolrn set-da
a Rajpopeav to Ush.av.u-Hie Inaulp-
los Result in Compute Verltlctuion
of Oi 1. inal Story.
Very many atartlln-r stories of won-
d-rrful cures by Dodd'a KUney Piilahave
bicn published in thc.?n co'umns, and in
other newspapers all over the country
from t'.rm to time.
Every case haa been bo well authenticated aa to lcavs Little roan for doubt,
and yet the ttateme..it3 mad.; and the
cures reported, h.we, In many cases,
been bo nearly mira.cu!oua as to be almost beyond  be'lcf.
Recently The Mall and Empire of Toronto and other papera publiah.'d a dispatch from Oshawa, in which lt was
raid that a mechanic ln the Oshawa
Malleable Iron \\ orks had been cured
of paralysis by Doud'a Kidns?y Pills, and
that aft.r ho had been absolutely helpless for four months, and had been given
up by the phystciana at the hospital
in Toronto.
This was too much for many prople
to believe, and numerom demarid3 were
made on the paper In queation tor a
verification or correction.
One correspondent siajning himself
"M.'dicu-i" in a letter to the Mall and
Empire openly disputed the possibility
of such a  cure.
To g.-t at thc real fact? "a reporter
waa sent to Oshawa, and the result was
a complete confirmation of the original
(dispatch. To put the matter absolutely beyond question the following sworn
atattment  waa aocured:
Tne Statement ot Mt>. Brown.
In the fall of 1897 I was taken ill
with what most of the doctors called
paralysis, and others nervous prostration. It commenced,with a fctiffnesa
and soreness ln the calves of my legs
and gradually increased till I cculd not
movo either of my arma or legs, having
toil all powjr tn them. I .could not
havo raised my arms to my head to save
my life. For over tour months I could
not fctand or walk a single stop. I doctored with all the local doctors, and
th?n with a Bowmanvilie doctor. Each
one gave me some different medicine,
but the more I took the worse I got.
At last the Bowmanvilie doctor told
mi that nothing could be done for me
unless I went to the hospital In Toronto, where they might perhaps have some
later treatment for paralysis which
would fit iny case. I went there toward the end of Jsuiuary, 1838, and remained under treatment in that ins'.itu-
tion for a little over four weeks.. "**.ll
was ln vain; I got worse. Twelve doc-'
tors told me I could not recover, ind|
thr.t nothing could be dune for me, so, ■■
as I was gating worse every day, andj
th:re was no hope ot their being able|
to help me in the least, 1 wag removed
to my home. here. I was Ilkd a babv,
unable to move.
At this extrom'ity someone advised me
to use Dodd'B Kidney P lis, and my wife
bought a box. We had not thc slightest idea that they would help me, but,
like a drowning man, 1 grasped at every
ptraw. After I had u.;rd the first box
th-* numbness begun to leave my finger
t pa, and I felt a I.Uie better, and Kept
on using the pills. By two months'
timo I could walk a Little, and shortly afterward wa? able to go short distances without assistance.
The first time I went down town one
of the doctom who had given me up
eaw m? acro38 the street, and, not being
able to believe h!n eyes, went to my
brother Robert, and tu-ked, "Is that your
hrothcr Joe ?" Robert told him that
It waa I, and he said in a.stonishmsnt,
"Well, I never expected to see him
wound again."
1 used altogether twelve boxes ot
D.'d's Kidney P.lls, and by the first
of May I waa able to start to work
again In the shop here, atvl ♦ have never
b en sick or off work a day s nee then,
that la ovser three and -a half years
I am glad of the opportunity to make
thla statement, for 1 am sure I owe my
life, health and strength to work to that
great  remedy,  Dodd's  Kidney  Pills.
(Signed).     JOSEPH BROWN.
■worn Confirmation.
CANADA: '1  JOSKl'II   IltlOW***,
Provlnco of Ontario, I     of tht Town ot 0-liis-
twenty of Ontario, {    wn in the County uf
I      Olltsll'ilS asisl I'rovuico
To wit: {   of Ontario.
Do Solemnly Declare, That the above
Watemont, slarned by mc tn isbsoli ti-
1>* truo, rj-nd 1 mako tbib1 solemn declar*.
atlon. "oellssvlruj It to be true, unsl knowing that lt I* ot tbo ssum> fores* and
effect ua tf made under oath    and by
vLrtuo  of   tbo   l-antuia    JSvldmBOS     Act,
Doolarad ""•Tow OM m I he Toini of i
Otbawottn the Couily of Ontario,   .
till-   l.'tll   sis)     Of   .1.1 .'I sss,   .Vl>.    I
uu.  .'
and li-ten. Do you detect the ellghtest do
feet as to harmony, sweetness or volume oi
tone in any of tbe WILLIAMS' PIANOS we
aro more than pleased to show you ?
Ton oan but answer in the negative,
You will find nothing wrong with the com
ds.stgn or finish uf tbe instrument* either.
We handle all makes of organs and usually have a number of slightly used organs
and pianos (or sale cheap.
Forrester & Hatcher,
Eldridge "B" Sewing Machines.
Assurance Company.
For the Year Ended December, 31st, 1901.
Dec. 30,1900.   To net Ledger Asaete    "B.778.608O8
Dec. 81,1901.   To OisBh for Premiums    $922,835 02
" "     To Cash Income on Investments,      176 46166
     1,099,898 68
$4,872,904 68
Dec. 81,1901.   By Payment for Death Olaims, Profits, etc    $388,688 86
" "      »r all other Payments      291,906 70
       "178,696 06
$4,194,808 81
Dee. U, 1901.   By Mortgagee, etc  $1,200,489 65
" Debentures (markot value $747,205.99)  737,848 54
"  Stocks and Bonds (market valuo $1,371,315.70)  1,822.168 92
"  Real Estate, including Company's building  416,936 41
" Loans on Policies etc  278,827 44
"  Loans on Stocks (nearly all on call)  216,170 09
"  Cash in Bank und on  Hand  22,868 66
$4,194,309 61
" Premiums outstanding, etc. (lese cost of collection) .... 178,681 85
"  Interest and rents due and accrued  47,88198
$4,420,773 88
Dec. 31,1901.   To Guarantee Fund    $ 60,00000
"  Assurance and Annuity Reeorve Fund... 8,808 229 00
"   Death Lsjeses awaiting proofs, etc  45,103 01
    8,918,382 01
Net Surplus ■  •  •     $507,441.87
Audited aad found correct.
J. N. LAKE. Auditor.
The financial position of the ('niisp.it.y it unexcelled— its percentage of net
surplus to liabilities exceeds that ol auy other II. i. e Company.
New insurance issused during 1901    $6,620,067 00
Exceeding the best previous year in the hiatory of tie Oumpany by
over half a million.
iMurance in force nt end of 1901 (net)      27,977,794 00
j. j*-. aniKtiso**,
a Nottrj I'ldili.'
i "*nut
Thla, therefore, la the Iru* etsiry In
detail oT tha most remarkable cam. N
rsjom io left for doubt or d'-tinits, in I
tho original Osdw.ua  dlipatch   U   coa-
firmjd  in all  Its particular.*.
If th!« Is "poeeible—.and ho one ca>
now doubt It—th a o::c Can ca'*.ly understand how any of the many wonderful cures reported havo lse*n aicom-
pllfch-'d by the same means, Dodd'a Kidney Pills.
lie   SIsislli'Sl   It.
n. Rider Hiikgnnl, in "A Winter I'd
grim ii ci'," tolls iliii nnoedote!
"Whi'ti I wan n '-si'iii;!!; Iiuiiiiiii Imy.
ry fnthiT tsiolt nie up the Ithlne b.v i   ,i
with   the  ll.'pt*  it ml  s'\pi'.'tilliiill   llu:'   ni]
mind would bt Improved by cotili'i iplnl
ing its lovily und historic lniii!.*i. Wnirj
ing of thin fi':is(, very umin I »JJ|i|*i'il il.sv ..
to the cabin in eiij.i.v one niore t'ongeiilii
tlini of 'Kiiiiinsiiii Crusoe.' Um mini
fetidly iruiinr betrayed mr. and. p,"!s-,i
Inn, I'von with ten''.., tlmt I hilled vii-.ss.
1 wan dragged to tin- deck again   'I linn
paid 0 tluilclH,' Klinnli'd  my  J l*illy   Indlg
mini    parent    nn   he    Inn: <   I    Ilie   up   tin
steamer ktnlra,  'for ynu tn itudj  tin
lllilne sceiii'iy, and, whi'tlis-r jrnii like It oi
tint, youiiK mnn, study it ynu nIiuII.' "
Tlai*  Wlss-nl  Vly.
The whent Ily feeds uputi the flower
nf the wheat, while the hcnalan ily lays
its e(,*i*s in tin- stem. The former thus
rendera the Bower abortive, while the
Injury done by Uu- latter atlnts the
iv hole plant.
L. W. SMITH, Esq., K.C., D.O.L. J. K. OSBORNE, &q.
D. MoOttAB, Kssq.; Guelph.
WM. McCABE, LL.B., F.I.A., F.S.S.
The Report containing the proceedings of tho Annual  Meeting, hold on January 29th
last, showing marked proofs of the continued progress on I s-olid positio.i of the Company.
will be sent to policy-holders, l'limplilit. e piuuntory of tho attractive investment of
plans of thc Company, aad a copy of ilie nuuuul report, sliowing its nneicelied lluuncial
psjeitlon, will be furnished on application to tha Us .ul Odice, ur any of tho Company's
ure Pain.
The Dr. McLaughlin Electric Relt is the
only ns*ver-failini< cure for Rheumatism,
Lame Rack, Nervousness, Gmieral Debility,
Loss of Power in Tonne;, MiiLlle ago.l anil
Old Men, Varicocele, Weak Back and Kidneys, Drains of Vitality, Wasted Energy,
Sleeplessness, Pains in Head. Hack, Chest,
Shoulders anil Limbs, Female WYaki e,s,
lloaring Down Pains and all thoso ailments
from which womon suffer. It cures after
all other remedies have failed.
I guarantee a cure if I say ! can
I don't ask anyone to take
chances on my Invention.
It doesn't cost you anything if I
fall. *
1 don't ask any man to buy mv appliance on a speculation. I knowth.it it will
cure these troubles nud I want mv pay only
when the cure is complete. I don't ask you
to try it one month, nor two months, but
long enough to cure you. and when I havo
cured you you can pay inc. If I fail in my
task it's my loss, not jroura, All you lose
is your time, and if my Belt fails tss euro
vou you will have the satisfaction of
knowing that the best, strongest and finest
olectric body appliance in the world—one
with 60,000 cures to its credit   has
 ' failed, and that there is no cure for you in
electricity.    Remember, my terms are PAY WHIN CURED.
Jleware of concerns offering a thin piece of felt
as a   substitute for my  cushion   aloctrodi
Thoso cheap coverings aro used only to disguise their bars, metal blistering
They have to be soaked in water, which tiuickly dries and
...'I lin.il       niiHisAsn *■ \\ tr  Aiialsinn  sslm •*• t »■• .11 al l:    nrii    lilt'   nvnlnuiiiA   In.
electrodes. Thoy have to be soaked ill water, which tiuickly dries am
loaves thorn without current. My cushion electrodes nsro my exclusive in
volition nnd cannot be imitated.
If you have one of these old-style, blistering belts 1 will tak« il in trade
for one of mine. I slo this not that the old belt is of any use, for it is not,
but to establish tho valuo of my goods with people who have been misled
by the falso claims of concerns selling a cheap, worthless article. If ynu
cannot call nnd tost the current writo for my beautiful Illustrated Book)
■  sent soalnd IKKL.
[ DR. M. * MCLAUGHLIN, 130 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ont.
1 Hllcn llouri -iiu.in. toll p.in.   Wednesdays and Saturdaya.  to ISO p.iiL
A Row DrflnHlon.
Ostend—Paw, what la an underwriter?
Father—A woman, 1 guess; at lenst
alio Is tho one who always adds a postscript
Bully   Carriers.
Tommie—Are they eiiny storks ln th'
United States, pnw?
Pnw~Only a few.
Tommie—They must bo offul biziy.—
Ohio State Journal. Tl IK -WULL, S LOCAN, P* ('
MARCH M. 1803.
-C. E. Smitherinoale, Editor and Prep.
-SLOCAN,      •      •       •       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents n line for
«the first insertion anil 5 cents a line each
-subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same ratee
.a« legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
,for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, st.-ict-
iy in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, R. C.
erally Monday's election waa of little
moment, ns the people arc desirous of
having a redistribution measure
passed, knowing full well tke real
struggle will then corns. In the
meantime, Joe Martin and Iiis five
followers have the say tn in tlie
house.   Keep vour eye on Joseph.
FRIDAY, MARCH Mlh, 1902.
A pencil mark in the Bpace
.opposite will be an indication to you that ye editor
considers therein somctliing
.coming to him on your sub*
acription. Kindly acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
I-DITOKIAI.   iKorriMis,
Politics are funny.   Look at Vic
-toria.   Six weeks ago the intelligent
electorate returned a Liberal for the
Dominion house by over 400 majority;
.and on Monday tho same discerning
-multitude returned a Conservative to
-.the local houso by M of a majority.
Death and tlie sheriff arc the only
certainties on this mundane sphere.
Tho enforced demise of the Nelson
•Tribune has come as a personal loss
to tho entire district's daily absence
.serving to accentuate the high opinion in which it was held by its read-
era.   John Houston and tlie Tribune
did mnch for Nelson and the Kootc
,jiays generally and his labors deserved a better fate.   Enemies John
had in abundance, alwars the com
panion fate of an aggressive spirit,
■bat those in  his own  burg nt least
must acknowledge tho powerful in
fluence he always exerted on behalf
of tlie county town.   It is to be hoped
tlie Tribune will be revived at an
. early date.
Canadians scarce realize with what
tremendous strides the Dominion is
advancing, particularly in tbe development of her natural resources. Not
so, however, the Americans, who arc
.finding excellent opportunities in
.Canada to increase their wealth. Imports and exports are enlarging in a
wonderful manner and trade generally is in a healthy condition. In
-the mining world Canada is destined
to take a foremost place, particularly
in Iron and steel. In tlie last six
years her mineral output has more
than trebled in value. Settlers arc
coming in by the thousands, the west
•drawing tho largest number, but all
parts of the country are sharing in
the advancement. It is Canada's
growing time.
The hottest political campaign Victoria has ever seen terminated Mou-
day in the election of Cel. Prior.min
ister of mines, by a majority of .r*5
,over E. V. Hodwell.   The Colonel
„*had three strong factors working in
Iiis   causo—undoubted    popularity,
prestige as a cabinet minister, and
greatest of all, the Canada Northern
railway agreement to make Victoria
its Pacific terminus.   Party line politics were not   introduced, yet  Joe
Martin must tako comfort in the outcome of the contest, which resulted
in the overthrow ot the candidate of
machine Liberalism.   To the Diuis-
muir government the result has come
also as a godsend,  giving tliein additional voting strength in the house
and a certain amount of prestige in
the country.   Te Dunsmuir personally the victory of Colonel Prior is
eminently pleasing, guaranteeing as
it docs his trip to England for thc
, -coronation and assured knighthood,
Apart from these elements, however,
it cannot be said that any vital provincial issues were at stake in the
, contost. It narrowed down to a ques
tion of veracity of past cvenla between the government nnd the opposition, and iho primal advantage to
Victoria of being the  terminus of a
..-transcontinental railway.   Perhaps,
.after all, the latter was the ruling
forco, and tho wolfish propensities of
the electorato settled the point rather
than tho merits or tho platforms of
the rival candidate.   Hodwell must
bo grievously disappointed and the
opposition .correspondingly chagrin-
ed; And as for the Colonel, he is now
at liberty to gratify lis propensities
for dr'wInT a fat salary,  but, for
heaven's sake, let him leave the min-
, tpg \Am alone.   To the country gen-
Good Friday occurs on the 28th
inst,   -
No American mail arrived in on
A foot of new snow fell on Ten
Mile last. week.
The weighing ofthe mails will only last for a month.
J. Culhane is now in the Thunder
.Mountain camp, Idaho.
Keport has it that a Roman Catholic church will be built at Denver.
E. Machin, of Victoria, representing Bennett's fuse, came in on Monday.
Sandon has money on hand and
will rebuild the Carpenter creek
D M. Ferry's famous seeds are offered for sale, in endless variety, at
the drugstore.
Mud slides have been frequent of
late on the Nakusp railway, delaying the mails.
John M. McLeod and Wm. Ilaugh-
ton. of this place have taken out papers as mates.
The Catholic church, Silverton,
will give a St. Patrick's concert on
Saturday evening'.
Pern.—In West Slocan, on March
8, tho wife of Jos. Wicks, mate ef the
str. Slocan, ofa son.
New Denver Methodists are peti
tion ing conference to have Rev. A.
E. Roberts remain another term.
Rev. J, S. Pve, of Sandon, will
preach in the Methodist church next
Sunday, morning and evening.
J. Pasi, who has been in the hospital for the past month with blood
poisoning, is ablo to bo round again.
I.Martcll left on Saturday forElcy,
Minn., where he will take up his residence. It is an old camping spot
of his.
James Wilks, of Nelson, vice president of the Western Federation of
Miners, visited the local union on
So far Slocnn has escaped the ping
pong mania, but it is liable to break
out at any'BirriiU'iit. It has no affinity to the Chinese.
Saturday ercning a colorod combination of entertainers, headed by
the great MeKanl'iss, will hold furth
in the Music Hall.
E. McFadycn is nursing a disjointed shoulder, due to a fall from a
building he was working on at Koch'?
sawmill, Ten Mile.
VY. S. Johnson left for Montreal on
yesterday's train, to be gone two
months, He will return with Mrs.
Johnson and sen.
Today Sheriff Tuck will offer for
sale the stock and plant of the Nelson
Tribune, to satisfy a claim of the
Bank of Montreal for $8026.61.
The supreme court at Victoria has
granted an order wi iding up the estate of the Nelson Tribune. Charles
II. Ink is the provisional liquidator.
Wm Harris has been transferred
from the steward's berth on the str.
Nelson to that of the Slocan. Steward Boyle went from here to the Nelson.
All the trees along tho river front
and lining the railway track have
been cut down,so as to give a clear r
view of the yard switches to (ho train
Assayer Coleman of the Arlington
left en Tuesday for a two months'
visit te the cast. He has been on
continuous shift at thc mine for 17
John Kinman purposes leaving
next week for the Similkameen
country, where he will spend the
summer developing his copper properties.
On Monday night the band boys
will hold their annual masquerade
ball in the Musio Hall. The usual
prices will obtain and a big crowd is
The  C.P.R. will   bnild  a  Swiss
chalet nt Lake Emerald for the ac
comniodation of tourists.   The hotels
at Banff, Field nnd Vancouver are
also being enlarged.
City Clerk Foley received word on
Tuesday from tho provincial seere
tary, announcing the appointment of
Aid. Robertson and Geo. Nichel to
the board of license ceinmisslonors
for the city.
It is understood the train and boat
service will continue ail summer on
the present schedule. The fust sr-r-
viee on the main line of the C.P.R.
will be a semi-weekly or triweekly
flier in addition lo regular trains.
An alarm of fire was turned In en
Tuesday morning from Jackson Rad-
cliff's residence, where a defective
stovepipe set fire to the roof. The
school boys had the Uro ont before
any person from town got to the
On Tuesday, March 18. Bennett &
Co. will hold their annual opening of
spring millinery, fo which nil ladies
la the vicinity aro invited.   An ex
cellent line of hats, trimmings and
novelties will be on display, as well
as a tasteful array of spring and summer dress goods. Don't overlook the
An Important Strike istBeaalansl.
Probably the most important strike
in the history of the Rossland camp
is reported by the manager of tlie Le
Roi No. 2 mine, in the following cable to tlie London directors: "In the
■losie mine 700 foot level crosscut we
have cut the vein on the hanging
wall side. An average assay of the
vein material shows $25 per ton. Tlie
width of the vein is not yet determined. The vein has every indication of bein*** equal to the Annie ore
chute on the 500 foot level in width,
ore bodv and values." Heretofore the
principal ore bodies in the camp have
been 1> cated on the east side of the
enormous dike crossing the Josie
ground. To tlie west considerable
work has been done, but little results
have heretofore.been attained. The
strike in the Annie ground indicates
that values prevailing on the east
centinuo west of the dike mentioned,
therefore tho ore bodies are much
greater than had been supposed up
to the present time. The newly discovered ore body undoubtedly exists
on Le Roi ground, and probably in
the Centre Star as well.
iValHi.ss Appeal Lout.
At tho county court sittings at Nelson this week, before Judge Forin,
tlie case of Watson vs McVannel came
up fur hearing. It was*' an appeal
against judgment Riven against appellant in this city before Justices
Bull and Foley, for obtaining men to
personate voters at the late municipal elections, and for Which he had
suffered imprisonment. P. E. Wilson, for respondent, before going into the merits of the case, contended
that the conditions laid down in the
Summary Conviction Act of 1897 relating to appeal had not been complied with. The judge sustained the
objection and ordered appellant.to
pay the costs.
Musio Hall
The Muroutt Branch
ofthe W.C.T.U., Slocan,
Meets the second Thursday In each month
at 3 p.m. Next tneepng in tho Pres-
bytorian church. All meetings opes
to those wishing tJ Join.
.Miss I*. Stoi'giiton', .Mhs.M.D.McKei
President. Cor. Secretary.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Dissolution Notice.
NOTICE is liorcliy uiven Hint tha partnership
lieratofisro subsistinr* botwiipn Hie uuder-
■tftMsj, cnrrjiii« sm iinsiness aa Drna-n-Utt, tt
Slocan, in Wrist Kosileiuiy, sinilnr tlio linn name
of J. L. White A Co., is lliis clay dissolved by
mutual consent.
All dobtsslusi to tlio snisl firm ore to be paid
to the sinilfirsisfiii'd, John A. Anderson, who will
pay all the debts of the said Ann.
Dated tlio lit day of January, A.D. 1902,
Witness: f
B. (.'. G. WniTE,{      J. L. WHITE,
A. Yobk.
Court of Revision.
X'OTIOE is hereby given that the annual lit'
11 tinif of the Court of Revision, for the pur
pose of hi'iirinsj nil complaints against the assessment for the year 1902, as mado bv tlm rs-wes-
aii-oft'iel itv of Slocan, IJ.C, will'lie held in
tho ( niiniil Hall, in tho snid City of Slos-iin, nn
."•'sturdily, Mnrch rail, 1!K£, at the hour of 10
o ulnrlc n.m.
City of Slocan, B.C., February llth, 1902.
City Clerk
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be without a range whan
you can get one so cheap ? The)
are preferrable to stoves and girt
better satisfaction. These ranges
bum wood or coal and will be
aet up free.
fl. J.   ~
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
13. C
J. 1.1
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
You are Invited
To examine the best line of Scotch
Twceda, English Worsteds and
Irish Worsteds ever shown in Sle
ean; also all the latest designs in
Pan tings.   Remember,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and the Union Label is a guarantee of tho best werkmanship, We
guarantee satisfaction and a perfect fit.    ______,.
We have added a select line of
Gents' |
Furnishings. «
Compare our' -isor •h'-* prices—Fine PJA
White Shirts, !**1* O ....m, 15c; Regatta H
Shirts, in fancy stripes, with collars BS
and cuffs attached, 75c each; Under JXJ
wear, from $2 a suit; California, flan- RS
nel underwear, $4 a suit, this line be- {fil
lug impertcd direct by ourselves* the sS
best qua ity Black Felt Hat, Union K5
label $3..50, equal to the Stetson Hat Jtfj
in every way. «f»
A. DAVID, Slocan tj
Store: Opposite The Drill Office.
Stare nlao at Ran si on.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts    of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,       - B. C.
To the Ladies
of Slocan   •   •
The season for Wallpaper ia
here, and wa have received
a fine line of papers from
one of the best tinm in Canada. The prices will be
found very reasonable, efpe-
cially as all cu*>toms duties
will be saved. Splendid assortment and lirst class
goods. We represent no trust
but trust solely to the judgment of the people.
Stan u, \m ton
No. 62, W. F. of H.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting- brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Ss-cretary
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnlahea Monthly to all loren of Song
and Muile a va*t volume of Raw, Cholca
Copyright Compoaltlona br the most popular author*. Am ■'ageeaf flano Mualc,
half Vocal, ball Initrumontal— as Complata
Plecee for Piano—One* a Month for a«
Cant*. Yearly 8ubaeriptlon, >a.oo. If you
will lend oi the name and add row of Fiva
performer-ion the Piano or Organ, we will lend
yoa a copy of the Magealne Free.
j. W. PtPPIH, Publlahar,
Eighth • Loouet Sta., Philadelphia, Pa.
D. n. Ferry's Famous Garden Seeds, Flower Seeds,
Grass Seed, Seeds in packages and Seeds in bulk.
Our Potato Onions and
Dutch Seta will bein in
a fnw weeks. Leave
your order nnd ensure
au early Bupply.
slocan, n. c.
Do not send
East for your
Furniture !
Wc can anpply you in High
Grade Furniture. Carpets,
Oilcloths, and Linoleums, at
lowest prices.
Parlor Suites,
Pendesote Couches,
Wicker Chairs,
Iron and Brass Beds,
Bedroom Suites, v
Rockers of all kinds; etc.
Wc handle everything to
mako a home comfortable
Write to ua for prices.
Nelsen, B 0
Do You
Want a Home 1
Then come to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting.Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of tho advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
CiM of lirowits.
Iron Hum* No. 9 aad London fraatlnnal
Mineral Clalma.
Situate in the Slisi'an City Minin-* Division of the Writ Kootenny Diatrict
Whare located:—On Ten Milo cieak,
adjoining Enterprise mine.
TAKK NOTICK that I, F. C. Oreen,
acting as agent fi r \V. I) Wrighter,
Free Miner's Cartilicate No. H59.r>38,
intend, sixty dnys from the Hate hereof,
to apply t tha Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the pur-
poae of obtaining Crown granta of the
ahove claims.
And further take notice that action,
under aection 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of audi certiflcatea of
Hated thia 28th dav of Decamlser, 1901.
10-1-02 F. C.Gl.EEN, Nelson, BC
per annum.
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line; Lowest Rates
New York
Sin  'cisco
St.   Paul,   Chicago,
and  all U. 8.
Tourist Sleeper Service
KAST- i.e;ives Dunmore Junction
daily. Leaves Kootenay Landing Tuesdays and Fridays.
WEST-Lea-ros Re-relstoke dally*
Home Seekers' Excursion tickets on sale,westbound, Mnrch 1 to April
Through bookings to Europe *f ia all
Atlantic linos. Prepaid tickets
from all points at lowest rates.
J. 8. CARTKK,     E. J. COYLI,
D.P.A., A.O. P. A.,
Nelson. VancotiTer
Agent, Slocan City


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