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The Slocan Drill 1901-12-06

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 rZs ■ /
'.'"!■''   ■'H*»
VOL. II., No. ,36.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   DECEMBER   0,   1901.
*2.00 IJEIt ANNUM.
Coming In:
100 cases 40 per cent. Giant Powder
50 eases 60 " " "
25 oases Gelatine Dynamite, Giant.
60,000 feet Bennett's Fuse
20,000 Al Blasting Caps
8 dozen 5-lb Verona Picks.
Hardware Merchants.
Our otock ie complete and from the best Canadian and
United States Manufactories.   In U. S. goods we hare
Womsocket, Qoodyear Qlove, and Wale's Goodyear
You all know these as the most reliable (-roods jiirnod out
in the U. States. . In Canadian wo handle only the bust,
Lhe "Maple Leaf." Every Pair is Guaranteed.
We cu i sell vou the highest grade Rubbers at the price others
charge for .inferior goods, because we buy the quantities and pay
cash.   Xoni will save money by purchasing the rubbers we carry.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinnev, B. C.
A. TORE <fe CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
SHIM ami Personal Management af
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
w|s»o tarry within a while with him.	
I* reached py any trail or road
that runs jpnto the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Gents' Furnishings.
Just jppened up in my store, on Main
street a full line of Gents' Furnishings,
Clothing, etc.; also Rubbers, inwomens,
men's, and children's sizes. All are to be
disposed at close margin for cash and one
price only. Orders taken for custom
clothing. All work first-class and fits
■Wain Street, Slocan.
Alsl. Burlier Put. In nn Appenraneo ssnsi
Meet. With nil Ovntlon—Curfew Uy-
luw Pnsses It* Tlilrd Kesidlnff-Cemu-
tery Question Again Lsioiiss Up.
Those present at the council meeting Monday night were Mayor York,
Aid. Worden, Smith,'Bradshaw and
Barber. The latter met with an ovation on coming in, it being Iiis first
appcaranco at the burg in many
There were no letters or accounts
to deal with, so thc curfew bylaw
wit- t-iken Qp ami given its tflird
reading, It, war, duly considered and
finally adopted. Ordered to be reconsidered nt tlie next meeting of the
council and signed by the mayor and
Aid. Barber made a little speech,
congratulating the council for*the
showing so far made, stating his conviction that incorporation had proved
a great benefit to the city. The sidewalks built added much to the appearance of the place, something that
could uot be obtained under government control. Incorporation was all
The mayor said he hnd spoken to
Frank Fletcher when hem relative to
his promise to grant a ft eo smelter
site in the city. Mr. Fletcher was
agreeable and would like the council to pick out the ground. Failin»
that he would give a letter to the
council, to be shown to any inquiring
company, guaranteeing the grunting
ofa free and suitable site for a smelter.
Aid. Barber hoped thc incoming
ciiuiieil would sec to it that a suitable
site was chosen, and one that would
not permit the fumes of a smeller to
destroy the residential advantages if
the city.
The mayor and other aldermen,
however, expressed tho anxiety to
have the smelter, whether tho fames
destroyed wgetation or not. The
city wanted moro prosperity and the
morn the better.
All.Worden wanted to know about
thc cemetery business, as Mr.Fletcher
was willing to deed a.free site to the
citv. Ho thought thi" council should
pick out the ground and eonii.'iii the
clis-iiee by resolution.
His worship saisl that Mr. Fletcher
was afraid the present .cemetery was
too close to tho city. However, he
would do as the council desired i:i the
matter, being willing to meet the
wishes of the citizens.
A resolution \v:is Introduced by
Aid. Wonlen and Barber, requesting
Mr. Fletcher to grant a deed for two
blocks of land now 'embraced in the
present cemetery.   Carried.
Aid. Worden said the Oddfellows
society had fenced off a portion ofthe
cemetery and wished to purchase
same from the city.
Mayor York replied that it would
be necessary to have the gnmn.l surveyed and plotted, and then the cemetery would be properly regulated
and burial plots sold. Revenue could
then be obtained for beautifying the
place. The matter would be attended to so soon as the clerk had obtained the deed.
In answer to a question, the clerk
said nothing further bad been done
about the Brandon waterworks ex
Council adjourned.
Court of Itevlslssis u rhino.
The municipal court of revision,
held on Friday,proved a fiasco of the
worst description. When tbe members assembled in the morning, W.
A. Galliher, M. P., Nelson, was present on behalf of the "famous 8*4* ap*
plving to get on the list, and also
City Clerk Strachan, of Nelson. An
adjournment was at once taken till
the afternoon, to permit of the attendance of Mayer Fletcher, of Nel
son, who is the trustee of the townsite
company. When the court re-assembled tho city hall was crowded, in
expectation ofa lively timo. Several
passages of arms did occur, but Mr.
Fletcher quickly quashed all pro-
coodinss by objecting to the revision
being held, on the ground that the
assessment notices were for 190B and
not 190JL, contending that the council
had no power to legislate on matters
for next year. This wasn knock out
blow and left thc court without a leg
to stand on, so a prompt adjournment
fallowed, to await tho call of the
chair. The proceedings were interesting^ but short.
Ites*pive<i Their Money.
Win. Lee and Wm, Harrington,
owners of tlie Champion group, on
Twelve Mile, received their money
on Friday at the Hank of Montreal,
New Denver, under the terms of the
sale to Charles Dempster.   The V &
M people, Vancouver, had filed a
claim against tho property, alleging
that the owners were working for
them when tho group was staked,
lie ever, the allegation was easily
disproved and, as Harrington owned
tho majority of stock in the V & M
company, the matter was quickly
adjusted and thc money paid over.
English Capital Tnkei n.,1.1 of the N	
imssii, on Tun Mill).
Another property in this division
has been turned over and work started thereon. The Neepnw.s group on
Ten Mile, situated to thc west of the
Enterprise, together with a couple of
fractions lying between thc two properties, has been bonded to an English company, through W. II. Sandiford, manager of the Bosun mine, at
New Denver. A. McGi'livray and
E. Shannon, New Denver, and Jas.
Cttrrie, Trout Lake? are the owners
of the Neepawa, and T. Avison and
C. Heinze, New Denver, are the owners of the fractions. The deal is a
working bond, ruiming 18 months,
the first payment falling due in six
months. Work has already com
menced on the property, a force of 10
mon having gone up on Saturday,
under the superintendency of Charles
The Neepawa is one of the best
known properties in the camp nnd
has been bonded a number of times,
tlie Warner Miller people last winter
having spent $5000 on it without material results. There has been a
great deal of work done on the group
nnd some paying ore exposed.   Dur-
Watson alleges that he was employed
to defend litigation against the Arlington Mining Company, and was to
receive $9700 in shares ofthe capital
stock in payment. He says the stock
was never delivered to him, so he is
suing for its par value. Fielding had
the papers served on him recently in
passing through Spokane from hero.
Successful Outcome nf the First Annual
On Thursday evening a number of
citizens met with Messrs, Galliher
and Strachan, of Nelson, at the Koyal
Hotel, lo spend a 6hort time in social
intercourse. The Nelson contingent
mourned their enforced absence from
ihe St. Andrew's banquet in their own
burg, when, to their surprise, the citizens promptly decided St. Andrew
should bo remembered here. It was
resolved to at once organize a St.
Andrew's society, and Dr. Forin was
put in as president, A. York vice
president, andT.McNeish, treasurer.
Early next day invitations were sent
out to the clans to foregather at the
Royal and partake ofa feast.
When the auspicious moment arrived, upwards of 40 canny Scots and
their friends gathered at the festive
board, lack of space preventing a
larger attendance. A bountiful sup
ply of good tilings was provided, including the Haggis, that great chieftain o' the puddin' race, whose advent was greeted iu befitting style.
After supper a toast list as long as
one's arm, interspersed with music,
song and story and plentiful libations
of brew, was introduced and disposed
>-*w**      »***$$$$&*&*
*S*>-*-5-*-^-^--3»**-»**•-»' -       -»-.
sf Here's Yer Healths, in Water. %
e    •    S    •    •
Tae the Scott ies o' the Baby Ceety:
Whan Scotsmen's backs w.erc nt tiie wa',
In dnys, thank God, I.ing distant;
Whan ('liairlio Stuart met. Iiis fa'
AVi'clansmen owor persistent;
Wii.in hidin' 'uia'.ighis Hielan' hills.
Ilk puY j;ii' hunt ir cottar
Drank o" the draught the bum disti.'s
Wi', ''Here's oor I'rince," iu water.
Come, fill a cogic tae the brim,
An' Scotsman a'thegithcr
The toast that gars oor een grow dim:
"Scotland Dear, Oor Mitlier."
Here's an ancient precedent
Tribulation taught her,
Drink the health the way it's meant—
Here's her health, in water,
Than rugged covenantin' chiels,
Amang their rocks rcbidin',
Whan unrclentin' stdger deils
Had kept them a' in hidin'
In caves an' dens, sent up their sang;
An', as their bluid grew hotter,
Swore godly niths tae richt their wrong,
An' washed them doon wi' water. V
Sae, fi'l ye, ilka mither's son. 1
An' toom yer glesses quickly, \|
Here's thc richts oor laithers won r*JI
Whan dangers clustered thickly. 2
We mayna pledge in iiskabaugh, *
Whilk proves an unco faut'er, v
Bit drink ''Oor Kintrn, King, an'Law," *"■
An', "Here's yer Healths," in water. ,)
j- St. Andra's Nicht. s?
•**>~* /■'<&
x<''Si4L&&4£i&&4k&£:& •a-*4A_k*_*:_fc_fc_**.*_i-_s*_v'2t
* **?"*C"^-^*^^«*^"«*?"&* ""*?995T5lv?55'C
I.»st Year's .Shipments Were 8847 Tons-*
A Healthy Ks lilenee of the Life and
Wealth of the Camp—Arllssgten th*
Dlggest Shipper;
Not a pound of ore was moved from
tho division this weok,being the first
blank to occur this year. The great
cry is for snow, as there is any
amount of mineral to go out. The
Arlington, in addition to its second-
class ore, bas IC cars ef high grade
mineral to ship, and the Enterprise
has considerable also, The "Exchange, Duplex, Bondholder and
other properties have small jags of
ore to come down so 6oon as rawhid-
ing permits.
Last year the exports from this division amounted to 21347 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Following ie
a list oi the shipments this year to
Two Friends...
Black I'rince	
Fourth of July.
ing thc  fall  the electric ore finder
was tested on the vein and the readings were that an immense ore chute
existed farthor down the hill.   With
the Neepawa,   Enterprise and   Iron |
Horse all working ina bunch, a most1
creditable camp has been formed, I
giving Ten .Mile more lifo than it lias
enjoyed since DOT.
Impui'tisssl. RtWke ssss Arlington.
News came dribbling down during
the week that a rich and encouraging
strike had been made on the Arling
ton, on the east vein and in what is
known ns the old   Finch workings.
The work on the Speculator demon,
stinted that two parallel leads traversed the hill, separated 120 feet
from each other.   All tlio main work
on tlie Arlington is  on thc west vein
and it is from  there all the big shipments have been made. Drifting was
| commenced lately on tho  cast vein,
j resulting iu the strike abovo record
ed.   There   is upwards of a  foot of
I solid gnlenii in sight, carrying eon-
jsideralile   native   silver and giving
J high values.   The Arlington 18 in a
fortunate position, having two parallel chutes of rich ore now to draw upon.   Manngnr Collom 1ms reason to
be proud of his property.
Wutssssss SsiS'ss Toil Fielding.
Another lawsuit has arisen out of
Arlington matters. Frank Watson
hns commenced suit in Spokane to
recover $1)700 from Con Fielding, oue
ofthe original owners of the mine.
of amid great acclaim. The wee
una' hours were reached long before
the gathering broke up, tho affair
being voted n huge success.
W, A. Galliher, M.P., made nn ex-
ci'Ilent speech upon the duty of Can
adians to upbuild their country;
while Frank Fletcher, who had arrived from Nelson during tho day,
made good his offer to give the city a
free smeller site. Mr. Strachan ttns
long on the genealogy ofthe human
race and successfully proved that all
good men were- or ought to have
been —Scotch. The Nelson contingent
declared they no.'er had a better
time, us may lie judged from the following telegrams!
"We arc na foil",we're no that full',
but hobbled here in Slocan brew.
Fletcher, Strachan and Galliher."
Reply from Nelson i
"Ve're rift guid; the dell tnk ye.
Hut bring back a shipload o' Slocan
Dr. Forin to Nelson:
"Loos a' wi'ye the oor? First
dinner an' we're h.iin' a deil o'a
time.   Nelson contingent still sober."
An Appeal ICnts-rcst.
Notice of appeal h.'s been given in
the ease of Manley vs Collom, over
the Native* Silver fraction,    IMnintiff
Adverted defendant's application for
a crown grant; had his title declared
in the supreme court nt Nelson and
continued in the full court nt Victoria. It, is now up to lhe supreme
court At 0 tawa and will undoubtedly
reach the privy council. The costs
in the case have been heavy.
A force of seven men is employed
at the Transfer.
The Hewett, Four Milo, is making
regular shipments.
American Boy stock is finding lots
of buyers.   It is on the jump.
The Arliuuton has upwards of 16
carls-ads of high grade ore ready to
come down.
The management of tlie Speculator
has decided to work that property as
a shaft proposition.
Overtures havo been made by tho
Enterprise people to treat the ore
from the Iron Horse.
By the starting of the Neepawa
and Transfer, 17 more men h.'ve been
added to the payroll of the camp.
The owners of thc Tamarac have
received word that the bond on that
property will be lifted on tho 15th.
The Enterprise has its electric light
plant running, wires being strung
into all the buildings and workings.
The Enterprise trumway is not
running as smoothly as might be, as
thc buckets require assistance in
dumping. This defect will be remedied.
There has been a change in tlio
management at the Enterprise, both
Supt. Of and Foreman McPhee being
out. The new superintendent is
named Mussen.
Connection was made on Friday at
the Speculator between the workings
on thc east vein and thc big shaft and
crosscut from tho west vein. It took
700 feet of drifting to accomplish it.
F. C. Green, of Nelson, completed
the survey ofthe Arlington workings
passing through the Native Silver
ground on Saturday, iiis report goes
to both plaintiff and defendant in the
suit of Manley vs Collom.
Encouraging news comes from* tho
Speculator, two feet of oro having
been struck on the east vein. Wednesday. The strike was made just
beyond the crosscut from thc wcs*.
vein. The ore is coming up through
tho floor uud promises to be permanent.
lCnterprlHs. Mill Itssnislii*{.
Trial runs have been made nt the
Enterprise concentrator during the
Inst week and it is claimed the test
has been satisfactory. Tlie crusher
hns been fed slowly, to permit ofthe
ninchinery wearing into shape, and
it is also ••sscrtcd thc tailings assay
below what wns expected. On Monday a piece of steel got mixed up in
tho crusher, smusliiiig one. of the
jaws and causing a temporary shut
down. The damage will soon be repaired.     	
J. M. Willlssnss  I».*sisl.
A report reached the city Monday
that J. .M. Williams, well known ia
connection with the Chapleau, died
three weeks ngo on the west const of
Africa, lie had gone there to rerxirt
on sonic mining property for an English company, but had been taken ill
aboard ship and had died shortly
after land it,g.
; I
i I
i     '•:
'      •
Subscribe for Tine 1>kij.)., WW
iw   ■. '
lift.*:* H
mi*-   •
;■*. •.!
If*-:' •
l» ' 'i
Copyright- 1901 by Thomas P. Monttort
"Yonng feller, 1 can't make out that
you got any call to worry 'bout Sim
Banka an bis wife, an I 'low. Ifd be
Jest aa well for all parties concerned If
you didn't do lt I'm a-glttln along up
In years myself, an I ain't lived all my
life In tbls world without learnin one
or two things. One of tbe tblngs I've
done learnt is never to mix up In nobody else's business when I ain't got
no Interest In lt, an another thing la
never to bother myself 'bout what goes
on between a man an his wife. I ain't
so blamed smart as some, mebby, nor
I ain't no derned Idiot asylum, an I
know enough to know tbat 'bout tbe
most dangerous place a feller kin stick
bis nose is ln between a man an hit
woman. He'd a dad burned sight better stick It In a steel trap. Yes, slr-ee!
You bet be had."
Turner paused, but Melvln offered no
reply. Presently tbe former went on,
speaking ln all seriousness:
"You are a young feller, Mr. Melvln," he said, "an I guess you ain't bad
no great experience wltb the world, so
I'll Jest risk given you a little piece of
advice. Whatever else you do In this
Ufe an bowever many other mistakes
you may make, be shore of one tblng,
an tbat Is don't you ever go nn gtt
mixed up In no mess with no otber
man's wife. No matter wbat comes
nor wbat goes, don't you ever do no
slcb a thing as tbat, for as shore as
you do you'll live to see the day wben
you'll bitterly rue lt You mark my
words for that"
Melvln laughed at the old man's seriousness and turned tbe matter off lightly. He had no Intention of going to
any dangerous extremes, and be felt
tbat there was no occasion for til tbls
However, tbere came a time in after
days when those words came home to
him with stunning force, and be wished with all his heart that he had heeded them.
a cava, —WAKxiiiif a.
What did It mean?
This was tbe question 81m Banks
asked himself ss he sat there holding
that note in his hands, reading over
and over the few lines It contained.
What could It mean, and who conld
have written It?
Though Sim pondered these questions long, he was able to find no answer to tbem. The whole affair was
wrapped In a thick and Impenetrable
mystery which he could not solve. He
felt however, that there must be something dark and unpleasant bock of It
til, and a sensation of uneasiness took
possession of him. After his experiences of that day, which had been a
day of events to bis uneventful life, he
was In a state of mind to expect all
manner of curious and unaccountable
Could it be possible that Louisa had
tn Important secret that she wss keeping hidden from him? Conld lt be possible tbat she and some man bad formed a friendship, or at least on acquaintanceship, the existence of which they
had guarded so well that he had never
even so much ss suspected it?
That the author of the note was a
man he was assured from tbe first
Tbe strong, bold cblrograpby and tbe
language of the note convinced him of
that Tbls much, and this much only,
was clear to him.
The thought that hia wife and some
man should be linked together by a secret which no one else must share
made his heart sick. To bis mind It
smacked of a dangerous and unwarranted Intimacy, and lt caused him to
surmise Uie possibility of unpleasant
things. For tbe first time ln his Ufa
be felt tbe bitter pangs of jealousy.
It did occur to blm for a moment
tbat the note might have been written
by Melvln, wblcb was very natural
considering all tbat bad happened tbat
day and In view of the fact that Melvln waa the only strange man wbo had
been at Beckett's Mill for weeks. A
little reflection, bowever, decided him
that he would bave to look further for
the author. Melvln was a total stranger tbere, so what could Louisa know
of blm or bis name?
Sim said nothing to his wife that
night about the note, but the next
morning wben they were seated at the
breakfast table be took tbe scrap of
paper from bis pocket and banded it to
her, remarking quietly:
"Thar's somethln I found last nlgbt
Loueesy, an from what 1 cu make out
It must be youi"n."
Louisa reached ont and took Uie note,
and as she glanced over It 81m was
watching her. He saw the color mount
to her face, while her bead drooped until her eyes were fixed on ber plate.
She remained silent and after a mo*
menfs wait he said:
"Loueesy, Is that your'nT
Tbere was a abort pause.   Then abe
looked up. and Instead of answering
his question sbe asked:
"Where did you get Itr
"I found It on the floor, where you'd
likely dropped It   ls!tyon*-"0r
"Yet, It Is," she admitted hesitatingly*
"Tben wbat doea It mean, an wbo Is
tt from?" be demanded almost sternly.
"Tbat I cannot tell you," sbe answered In low tones.
"Why can't you?"
"Because I have no right to tell."
"No right to tell anything to your
mnn, your own husband?"
"Not that. You had as well say no
more about It."
81m looked nt bis wife very hard for
almost a minute, bis face rapidly changing color and a variety of thoughts
flashing through bis mind.
"Loueesy," he said at last "tbat note
was wrote by a man, an I want to
know what it means. I have a right to
Sbe flashed blm a look full of resentment
"Whether you bave a right to know
or not" she replied, °you will never
know from me."
"Because, as I have already said, I
cannot tell you."
"Can't tell me? Loueesy, wbat am 1
to think of such talk as that?"
"You are to think wbat you please, I
"But what can I think when you and
some man have a secret between you
that I ain't allowed to share?"
She fixed blm with ber eyes and wltb
a scornful curl of ber lips retorted:
"And what am I to think when you
and some woman bave not only one secret, but many secrets, between you
tbnt I am not allowed to share?"
He looked at her In astonishment
"Me sn some woman bave secrets!"
he repeated. "Wbat do you mean by
"I mean Just what I say. Last nlgbt
was not so long ago tbat you should
forget wbat took place tben."
"I don't understand you.   I've never
had a secret from you In all my life,
much less a secret between me an any
"Are you to sure of that?"
"I am."
"Tben yon must have forgotten Mary
Sim's face flushed instantly, and bis
head drooped. He bad forgotten Mary
Mann, but now be remembered her, as
well as bis meeting with her the nlgbt
before.    It was tbe memory of tbat
" You will never know from tne."
meeting tbat made blm blush, and be
blushed, not for himself, but for her.
"And your meeting wltb ber last
night," Louisa sdded after a pause.
"Wbo told you about that?" Sim asked Inconsiderately, thus admitting tbe
truth of the charge.
"Tben yon did meet her?" Louisa
"Yes, but lt was not my fault Wbo
told you?"
"It doesn't matter wbo told me. Although yon soy you bave never bad a
secret trom me, I am certain you
would never have been the one to tell
me tbat"
"You're mistaken thar,Loueesy. Tbar
ain't no reason on earth why 1 should
not 'a' told you, an I'd 'a' done It Nothln happened at tbat meetln, so far as
I'm concerned, that I'd be ashamed to
tell to Uie whole world."
"Not even your banging over tbe
fence and making love to Mary Mann?"
"1 never done It Loueesy, an anybody tbat went an told you any slcb a
tblng told yon a p'lnt blank lie. 1 never made love to nobody In sll my Ufe
but you."
"Tbat will do for yon to tell, but you
can't fool me. If you were not making
love to Mary Mann last nlgbt wby
were yon wltb ber?'
"1 was Jest pussln along Uie street
an she called to me."
"And you stopped?"
"Of course.   Whnt else could 1 do?"
"Notblng but stop and make love to
"I till you I never done any slcb t
thing as mnke love to ber. You ask
ber ir I did."
Mrs. Ranks tossed ber head disdainfully.
"I'll be apt to ask any woman such a
thing as tbnt, and that woman In par
"Waal, you needn't tben. But It wis
jest like I sny. I uever dreamed "of
niiiklti love to I ier."
"Itut you stopped tbere with ber and
bung over the fence and talked to
"Wnni, s'pose I did. I couldn't belp
myself I eoulilii i ji'Ki walk oo an leave
ber while sin- wns Inlkln. could I?"
"Certainly not when her talk was so
sweet uml Inlfi't-fuliii* Yon must bave
found It rial plin«JHil lo liuve ber assure ynu Hint I illsln'l love you. but
thnt sin* Uiiiv m>fiu> tvoniQU wbo did."
"I ilisln i I'.1 <i ii iii. iisniit. on If 1 bsd
1 Woiildn i n iliiiir iiii' wny I did."
"Wouldn't inive oiiild to listen to
"I wnuldii i Im
andfrNttimi > urn
tfttl lii'i ■••■••
"Hy Inn"-
*ttr ••nui  li'
"If I did hang over tbe fence an talk
bnck to ber, 1 never said notbln out of
tbe way an nothln to be ashamed of,
nary a word;"
"Some people haven't a very keen
sense of shame."
81m paused for a moment Then be
ssid very soberly:
it i,n tlmt I didn't
' . nisi iiiidlscour-
■ i ••
i.   i. nit* sod talk*
"Loueesy, you don't love me.   If you
did, you wouldn't nover believe the lies
somebody's gone an told you when 1
tell you they are lies.   A woman that
loves her man ain't never a-goln to be
lleve some old long tongued tattler ns
ag'ln him.   It's a gospel truth. If ever I
spoke one In my life, when I say I nev
er made love to Mary Mann, an I'd
swear to It on a stack of Bibles a bun
dred feet high.   You ain't got no right
to accuse rat* of any slch a thing."
"But you have a right to accuse me
of'something just as bad?"
"I ain't never accused you of notbln,
Loueesy, an you know It."
"Not exactly in so mnny words, per
baps, but you have Intimated It pretty
"Me intimated that you made love to
some otber man besides me?"
"Something like that. You remember, 1 suppose, wbat you said about
that note?"
"I never said an I never meant that
you loved somebody else."
"I know what you think."
"If I tbought slcb a tblng as that,
would I 'a' told Mary Mann ylsteddy
that she was a-Iyin when she said what
she did? An last nlgbt wben Jim
Thorn blnted at tbe same thing, do
you know what I done to blm? I Jist
knocked him down plumb fiat on bis
back, an If they hadn't 'a' held me I'd
'a' stamped tbo very daylights oaten
Louisa looked up, a surprised and
pained expression on ber face.
"Did Jim Thorn dare to say such a
thing as tbat of me?" she cried.
"He did." Sim replied, and, feeling
sure of her gratitude at least be added:
"But ho ain't never goln to say It no
more, I bet I done settled him for
"Yes," sbe said; "but you've gone and
set everybody else to talking. I wish
you had let Jim Thorn alone."
Sim was amazed,.and the look on hit
face showed it
"Wby, my laud, Loueesy," he exclaimed, "you ain't almin to say 1 done
wrong in knock!n Jim Thorn down,
are you?"
"You had better not bave done it"
she replied, "and I wish you hadn't"
"Waal, I'll be blamed! Wby, Pap
Sampson an Hicks an Jason an all Uie
rest, tbey all 'lowed I done Jest right
an ever' one of 'em said he'd 'a' done
jest like 1 did If he'd 'a' been in my
place. Lord, I was counUn shore on
you beln pleased 'cause 1 tuck up for
you that a-way, an now yon don't
think 1 ort 'a' done It! 'Pears like can't
notbln I do please you, Loueesy, an
ever* Ume I try to do somethln for yea
I seem to make a mess of It"
Sim's voice was so pathetic and his
disappointment so evident tbat in spite
of ber 111 humor, Louisa was touched.
She looked at him, and there was an
expression of pity and something like
sympathy In ber eyes. Slowly and
sadly sbe said:
"Sim, It is a sad thing to say, and
you may think It cruel, but Ood knows
It Is true. It would bave been better
for us both If we bad never met"
"Loueesy!" Sim exclaimed fearfully,
starting to bis feet all ln a tremble.
"Wbat Is that you say? Barely yon
don't mean them words."
"1 do. and wbnt I say Is true. It
would have been far better for us both
If we had never, never met"
He stared at ber a long Ume In silence, and be noticed that ber face was
painfully white and drawn. His, too,
be knew, bore tbe marks of a great
dread and fear.
"Loueesy," be said, his voice busky
and scarcely audible, "for God's sake,
don't say tbat! Remember, you are
my wife. Pleasp take back tbem
words.   Say tbey'e not so."
"I cannot, Sim, I cannot for I wonld
only be lying If I did."
Sbe folded.ber arms on the table and
dropped ber bead on tbem and began to
•ob. 81m stood watching ber, a sickening dread stealing over bim. Uncertainly be hesitated for a moment
tben went to ber and put out bis band
and began to stroke ber hair. Sbe drew
away from blm, and a cold shudder ran
over ber. He stood aloof and looked
on ber, bis face painfully white and
drawn and a bard, tense sensation
clutching st bis heart
"Loueesy." he said presently, "wbnt
does tbls mean? Wby do you treat me
like that?"
Sbe mode no reply, but continued to
sob. He reached out bis band again
and placed It gently on ber bead, and
again sbe shrank from blm as though
his touch were poison. Her actloo cut
blm deep, and a pain, sharp and poignant passed through bis soul. Wben
he spoke again, bis voice wis low snd
"I/oueesy." he stld, "Is It true, as
Mary Mann soys, tbat you don't love
me none?"
Sbe did not answer, and wben be bad
waited a moment be repeated bis question. Tbls time sbe looked slowly up
until ber eyes met his. Krom that moment tbere was no need for ber to
speak. In ber eyes be only too plainly
read her answer to bis question. Slowly, as one te a dream, be turned to
leave tbe room. There was a queer
sensation of emptiness about bis bead,
and everything around blm bore a
strange sir of unreality. At the door
he stopped and put bis band up to bis
forehead and for a full minute stood
like one dated. Tben. turning bit eyes
ence more on His wife, he ssid:
(To be Continued.)
The French government expocts to
Institute communication with the
French Central African colonies shortly by moans of wireless telegraphy
across the Sahara desert.
Bow Joseph Marie Jacsiuard Foaaht
POTerty, Sickness, Sorrow nud Re-
verses and Finally Won the Battle
of His Boer Life.
Joseph Marie Jacquard will always be
regarded as one of the foremost Inventors
in the textile world and his loom bb one
of the most brilliant of industrial Inventions. Few have ever accomplished such
a revolution in Industry, and still fewer
have by so doing alleviated the sufferings
and improved the condition of their fellow laborers to the extent realized by
Jacquard. Jacqnard was in the full
sense of the word a self made man of
the people, nnd it is this fact that makes
the study of bis life particularly interesting to an American.
Born In Lyons July 7, 1752, son of a
silk weaver, be assisted bis father at the
loom from his earliest years, noting as a
"draw boy," as those workmen were
termed who pulled the strings by which
means the wurp was manipulated on tbe
olsl looms so as to weave figured goods.
Here he became familiar with all the
woos of the "draw hoy's" life, and so
deeply did they impress themselves oa
bis mind that the desire to do away with
this drudgery continued to be his leading
thought throughout life. The boy's health
gave wny nt the loom, so be was apprenticed to a bookbinder nnd later to a
type founder. But the demon of Inventive genius bad already seised upon him,
and he spent most of his time In tinkering
and was regarded as hopelessly lazy by
those around him.
When Jacquard was twenty years of
age, bis father died, leaving blm a small
patrimony, with which the young man
began weaving brocades on bis own account and soon after married. Bat he
devoted most of bis time to tinkering
around on his looms, and this, with bis
inexperience, brought about bis business
failure within a few years.
Silk industry being at a low tide, yonng
Jncquard had to accept work in a limekiln, while bis wife found employment in
plaiting straw hats.
In 1790 tbe idea of a loom that would
do away with the "draw boys" assumed
definite shape in Jacquard's mind, but
bis extreme poverty rendered it impossible for him to construct a model at tbat
time. However, be did not despair, and
a copy of "Poor Richard's Almanac,"
which came Into his hands about tbls
time, encouraged him all tbe more to persevere and to try to triumph in epite of
bis poverty.
Domestic afflictions now overwhelmed
him. Having enlisted In tbe army for the
national defense with his young son, hs
saw the latter fall at his side in an engagement on the Rhine. Returning to
Lyons Jacqnard arrived just in time to
be at the deathbed of his wife.
He was employed as day laborer la s
factory and devoted bis evenings with
great seal to the modeling of bis favorite
Idea. Most of the work was done with a
jackknife. In 1800 hie loom was finished.
A model sent to Uie industrial exposition
la 1801 brought bim a bronze medal and
a call to Paris to repair tbe looms of tbe
Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers at
a salary of 8,000 francs per annum.
While there be saw the loom with which
Vancanson had vainly tried to solve tbe
question which occupied Jacquard, and
from this loom our inventor gained some
new Ideas. He returned to Lyons and
after two years' faithful work succeeds*]
In bringing forth a loom which effectively
solved the difficulty and enabled a single
weaver to weave figured goods. The government at onee granted him a pension
of 3,000 francs nnd a royalty of 50 francs
per loom.
To understand exactly the value of
this invention it must be borne In mind
that up to this time the weaving of figured goods required from live to ten
workmen to each loom, most of tbem being employed in pulling the strings, by
which means the warp was opened for
the passage of the shuttle. A string had
to be drawn for every passage of the
shuttle. Thus the "draw boys" had to
work rapidly. The pulling was heavy,
necessitating a strained position and requiring the most painful exactness, as a
single mistake would mar the figure. For
this clumsy apparatus of strings and
pedals, requiring the attention of a number of workmen, Jacquard substituted a
contrivance as simple as ingenious, enabling a single workman to execute the
most complex patterns as easily as plain
goods. Not only wero the "draw boyB"
dispensed with, but the goods were made
with a finish and exactness which before
were not even dreamed ot.
However, in spite of Jacquard's complete success, his loom was neither generally taken up by manufacturers at once
nor the invention bailed with delight by
the weavers. Every new loom threw
four or more workmen out of work. liven
the "draw boys" preferred a life of torture and deformity to starvation. Jacquard was publicly assaulted hy his enraged fellow workmen aud almost prc-
cipitnted into the lt.ione. Even Ihe COO*
seil des prud'bomuies at one time ordered the destruction of the new loom to
appease the wrath of the weavers. But
Jacquard's loom, like every truly great
Invention, was bound to triumph, and hy
1812 it bad firmly established itself
throughout the Lyous workshops.
Numerous lucrative offers were now
made Jacquard from abroad, particularly
from England, but be preferred remaining in Lyons, giving himself up entirely
to his native town. Later on be purchased a small estate at Oullins, near
Lyons, where he died Aug. 7, 1834. aged
eighty-two years.
It may be said that to Jaeqnard's invention is due not only the greatness of
Lyons in the silk world, but the tremendous expansion of tbe silk Industry
the world over as well. Its influence bas,
however, not been confined to the silk
world, tbe weaving of cotton, linen, wool,
jute, etc., having been effected almost as
much as tbat of silk.
Not to Bo Desired.
"My dear." aaid Mrs. Parvenu In her
superior way, "I am surprised to see
you ealiog that breakfast food."
"But I like it," protested the unsophisticated Mr. Parvenu, "and wby shouldn't
I eat it? It's strengthening, and tbe
manufacturers make great claims for it."
"They claim." said Mrs. Parvenu severely, "that it makes 'good red blood.'
to use their own words."
"Well. Isn't lhat what wa all want?"
asked  Mr.  Parvenu.
•'".lull's." snisl Mra Parvenn, "I'm sor*
prised nt .you. You know ae well as 1
slo ih.ii ivli.it •■-•> want is aristocratic
lilue Ijioo.I "	
Tho Habit a Good One From m By-
clenlo  Standpoint.
A considerable difference ot opinion
exists in regard to the propriety of using scent upon the person. The practice
is of orientnl origin and bad for its original object the desire to make thc person
pleasing to tbe opposite sex.
lt should be remembered tbnt the basis
of all perfumes is an essential oil of
some kind, derived either from flowers
or leaves or artificially  by  a  syutlii-tic
process.   In either case the essential oil
is a  powerful antiseptic and Dos«™_
disinfecting propertiesnot lew CaTZ
than those of carbolic add itself    1,1
well known, tho essential oils absorb »t
mosphorlc oxygen   forming „n uustlll,;
comp   nd easily lensling oxygen for th.
work of purification.   Pine oil. eucalypti
oil  and  turpentine  act  readily in this
manner-a fact which probably accounts
for the salubrity of the air of pine forests and eucalyptus woods.
The UBe of scent by mnny women is ex
cessivc and by men is looked upon »
effenilnnte—a prejudice thnt we confess
to shnring-and yet the question naturally arises, "As we study our environment
to please the eye by color nnd natural
effects and to please the ear by musical
notes, why should we not make similar
endeavor to please the nose by agree-
able and fragrant odors?" Each sense
may suffer offense, and there is no reason
why each sense should not be equally
defended in this regard. And tlie use of
scent on the pocket handkerchief, which
is where we commonly find it, is calculated to exercise a higher office th»n
merely to please the sense of gm(.||,
The handkerchief may easily prove a
source of Infection, for it is made lo be
tbe common receptacle of secretions from
tbe nose and mouth, and the employment
of an antiseptic hnndkerchief is pcrfs'ct-
ly consistent with the dictates of com*
mon bacteriological evidences. The liberal use of Bcent on the handkerchief Is
calculated to make It antiseptic nnd to
destroy the germs in It, owing to the action partly of thc spirit of the scent
and partly of the essential oils dissolved
in the spirit. Before, therefore, we con-
demn the persons who UBe scent upon
the handkerchief for practicing a foolish
or luxurious habit we should remember
that they may actually be doing K„od
to their neighbors, by checking the distribution of infectious materials.—Lancet.
Tlio Ghetto.
Mr. I. Zangwill, the famous Jewish
author, once wroto the following letter
as to the derivation of the word "ghetto:"
"I don't think any quite convincing ety-
mology of 'ghetto' bas been adduced,
though tbe most likely connection is with
the 'ghetto,* or iron foundry, in the quarter of Venice to which the Jens were
assigned in 1510. As this was tbe first
compulsory Jewish quarter in Italy the
others were called by the same name.
Possibly it. may come from 'geto,' a
bridle. That 'ghettore' means to purify
gold and silver has also been suggested.
But these two suggestions come to me
only as I write."
Making- a  Steak Tender.
If tender steaks cannot be obtains*^,
buy good split bone steak and purshnse
the supply two days ahead. Lny the
steaks in a large platter, mix equal quantities olive oil and vinegar and pour
over the steaks until every portion ii
marinated. Allow them to stand in this
from twenty-four to forty-eight hours in
the coldest part of the refrigerator. Tho
result will bo steaks in which every portion is as eatable as tenderloin. The
spiltbonc is an Idenl boarding house
steak: there is scarcely a morsel ot It
tbat cannot be served.
Poor Cbomplrlahl
"Why. pa, ibis is runxt beef," exclaimed little Willie nt a dinuer on tho cvi*nlng
when Mr. Chuinpleigb was present s*
the guest of honor.
"Of course," snid tbe father. "What
of that T
"Why, yon tnld ma this morning that
jou were going to bring s 'niuttonhead'
boms* fur slinni'i- 'bis eveuing."—l'kiladel*
Ethiu Pre**.*.
Tho government chemist of New
'/calami has discovered a method of
sterilizing eggs whish will keep them
fresh for three years.
Public opinion is never tongue-tied.
Irritability, Sleeplessness, Feelings of Lassitude and Depression Weakness and Irregularity of the Bodily Organs.
These oro the symptoms which point to a depleted nervous system. They tell of thin, weak, wat.ry
"jlood, of wasting vitality and lack of energy and ambition. They warn you that nervous prostration, Ions-
motor ataxia, paralysis and even insanity are possibilities of the fuiure.
Mrs. Henry Clarke, Port Hope, Ontario, slates :—'*J havo used seven boxes of Dr. Chora's Nerve Pood
for nervousness and a completely run down system, and can heartily recommend lt as a wonderfully eflectlvo
treatment. Before using this remedy I had been In very poor health for somo months. I ss*emecl to have no
enerjy or ambition, felt tired and listless most of the time, and could scarcely drag invself about the house.
I was weak, irritable and nervous, could not sleep well, and felt discouraged about my,health. l>r. Chase's
Nerve Food has token away thete symptoms and given back my usual health and vigor, consequently I endorse it fully."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
Fills tiie shrivelled arteries with new, rich blood, strengthens and revitalize** the norves by forming new
nerve force and gradually and thoroughly overcomes disease and weakness. It foruvs new healthy tissues
and gives a well rounded form and clear, healthy complexion to all who uso It. 60 cts. a box 0 boxes for
$1.50.   At all dealers, or *ftrimanson,  Bates  _ Co., Toronto.
An Offer to Men.
T HAVE always given proof of anything that I claimed for my Electric
A Belt, because I know that there are people who claim t great deal|
more for their remsdtes than tbe truth would justify. If you want a
remedy which will cure you, it seems wise for you to take ths ono that
has cured others. I have published thousands of testimonials from
cured patients, and I will pay $1,000 in gold for evidence showing that
I have ever used a testimonial which wu not true and honest
Dp. MoLaughlln'e Eleotrlo Belt Cures Rheumatism, Lumbago, Pains and Aohes In any part of the Body, Weakness
ln any part of the Body, Tired Feelings, Sleeplessness, Premature Old Age, Weak Stomach, Weak Kidneys, Loss of Vim,
Ambition and Youthful Fire.
don't ask any man to buy my appliance on a speculation.  I know
tha it will cure these troubles and I want my pay only when the cure
  ___ is complete.    I don't ask you to try it ono month, nor two months, but
long enough to curt you, and when I have cured you you can pay me. If I la.il in my task it's my loss, not
kours. All you lose Is your time, and if my Belt fails to cure you you will have the satisfaction of knowing
fthat tht best, strongest and finest electric body appliance in tht world—ons with 50,000 cures to its credit-
list failed, and that there is no cure for you in electricity.    Remember, my terms aro
I have just completed mr beautiful Illustrated Book telling how It
cures the weakness of men and women. It's worth reading. I will'
send it closely sealed FHK1" ninn. request. (Jail, If possible, and I
will explain what my Belt will do.   Call or write to-day,
OAllTlflN Beware of oonoernii offering a thinplooo of folt nss a subst.lt.uto for my muhlon oloctrodes. 'ni-^olii**pooverln'i-""''l
•Wsew S EViSi uaodonlyUs dlsirulso their tsars niotat IsllsUrlni* olentmlcs. Tlio*/havo to ho Hoakwl in water, whloh qulokly UNor-i
and leaves tbem without ourronU   My cushion olootrndoa aro my vxoluslvis (nvontlsin ansl suliimoL Im linltatod. . Inrt
It ysro havo onss of thoso old stylo. lsllMicrlnKliolts I will tako It In trailu fnr ono of mlno,   I do this not that, tho old bolt Is of any «*■**•;?■]
It Is not, but to establish tbo valuo of my f-oosls with peoplo who havo boon misled by tho falHo clulm* of oOiiuorii* soiling a ohoap. woru-i
Offloe Howe—* sMSs. to MO pun.
DR. M.  B. MCLAUGHLIN, 130 Yonge St., Toronto, Ont. The Drill.
Precantlone Will Be Taken  to Pre-
rent Postmortem   Uislslsery.
The uniformed functionary who is in
command of a regiment of bellboys at a
local hotel takes pride in the mouthful
of jewelry that Is displayed every time
be gi ins. He had bail luck with his teeth
io earlier life, and seveuil Ivories have
been replaced with gold fillings. An acquaintance, one of thc prominent regular
boarders at the hotel, noticing the animate.! showcase the other day, remarked:
"I am afraid, enptniu, that after you
arc dead and burled yon won't remain
long in your grave. Some one will dig
vmi up for tbat ({old in your mouth.
You'll be worth more dead than you aro
Hnstns laughed so henrtily at this that
the ji'ivelry display dazzled the eyes of
ths* guest
"Oli. no, sab," he said, "dey won't dig
me up, sah—no, Bah, cawse I'se gwlne
teli be incriminated, I am. Ah'll Jos' fool
all ilose gold buntabs. Dey's dun got
mail ulidah down at do creamery long
time ngo."—Detroit Free Press.
er 111
Sill Vs
II go-	
John's Opinion.
«.   flowes— For  mercy  sake,   John.
have you been doing in thc buck
nil the evening?
. Howes—Yon see, dear, It wns so
i more Interesting to hear whnt the
ills said nhout you and your mother
in listen to what you and your inoth-
nl to say about tbe -servants thut I
il a good deal longer than I mennt ta
nm Transcript
Awful  Effects.
"Hnw does your daughter like tbe nil*
cross pe sbo bought of as tbe other
iln y7"
••'J'lint's wbat I came to talk to you
n! ■■ i. Say. wbat will you allow me lor
it ii I bring it back? She took n lossk
thrniirb it at a drop of wnter, and shs-'s
bail f'.iir horrible nightmares since."—
Cbk-uiro Tribune,	
Wire Fences.
Wire fences were In limited nso Is
the neighborhood of Philadelphia ao
far I ack as 1810*. The wire used was
maiiif.ictured by White & Hazel at
their wlreworks at tbe falls of Schuylkill. 	
The average amount of sickness ln
hum: u life Is nine days out of the
I   I ..I'eve    MINARD'S    LII-JIME-ix
will cure every case of Diphtheria.
will produce growth of hair.
Stunloy, P. E I.
is Uie best household remedy on
<>ii City, Ont.
Both coal and tobacco smoke are
very injurious to lacquered surface .
Tho*, S shin, of Egliugt. n, says: "I hare
removed ten corns from my feet with Holo-
wny'ts i Yrn Cure."   Reader, go thou .and do
The fellow who falls in love often
lint'i, siilliculty ln getting on his feet
It *-i*s*m» paradoxical but It is true
thnt when a man is so set in his
views that we cannot turn him we
call i.im a crank.
SKE1TIOISM.—This is unl.applly sn
ige uf skepticism, bnt there la ono point
spun which pereone acquainted with the sub-
*•*"*'• siiree, namely, that J)r. Thomas' Ecloc-
irlc Oil la a msdkslne which can be relied
upon to core a oough, remove pain, heal
s-iros i,f various kinds, and benefit any in-
flann',1 poitlon of tbe body to which It Is
Olisen-ntion leads to tho conclusion
thnt n political job is not hard after
you Rot It.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
»« nu ri-ury will siiroljr destroy tho sense of smoll
'""I. 'ii|ili.|ily<lfrniiite tho whole Hystem wliosi
'"■ ''■'■ isf it lli'isiis/li tlin inii.'iiiis.) sirf.ui -. Bssi'ls
I '.nisi no»or Im uiss*il|!Xiaiistonprow.ri|>-
Kins reputable lslsyt.is.sasi*, satlsn iIisissiskss
IlilssUUsnfsim to tlsst psosl full Cisn psss*
•'livafrsim them. Hull's Catarrh Curo.
fisulsired hy V. J. Cheney * C"ss.,Tols*1o, 0 ,
'Ins nss mercury, nnd is taken Internally,
•'I Ily 114,011 Use Islossd anil mncoiis stir-
■r 11,,, -.ystoiri.    In buying Hall's Catarrh
 urn ymi srettbogsinuiiisi.    It Is tsikon
''Is, mid made In Ts.l.*<l«s, Ohio, Ily *'. J.
'vAt'o.  Testimonials free. ,
I liy DramMst*. |iris*s»75o. por bottle.
II s Family Tills nro tlio bost.
I !.■■,•
III 1111
Oils I
Some fellows' only idea of n go ml
,l"'' Is lo have a headacho the next
Minari's Liniment Cnres Buns. Etc.
The chorus girls In a performance
ar" Ihere as a matter of form.
Tho beet
does    not win at a
n'mity Ih somen es not oven skin
00*-l' when It comes to tho rub.
11 Is s-aiilor to sew on buttons than
10 men your ways.
*&>*** UMIMEHT for Bile Ertm.cn
•'•"--Clarice, you know I havo al-
w"-.vh thought a groat deal of you,
anil i hnvs. nattered myself you think
not unfavorably of mo.   May I-wlll
yon is, my wlf0 ?
li„,     w'nat a   start    you (rave me,
rv t   Do    you   know,   I thought
v      Wor« Koing to ask me to   lend
y01* some money.
wrTrurts.^1,0 b™tl-ow-eamo into tho
world the same tiny, the same hour, and
the tVTT!' |W *PP*-"wed before
tlie tent of Pedro Longman, a showman,
who traveled from village to village with
ed 1&     ttcrob"*t8' W""Pd train-
;;-What; can you do?" he asked
ity » Ue re-luirin8 Bkili ^d agil-
nn'nAvl „at is 8li-vin& a Kr^ deal.
abuit r      me an ovidence of y°ur
The words were scarcely spoken wben
thoy made a perilous leap over his head,
turned a double somersault, and landed
in smiling precision before him. Pedro
was delighted; the engagement was
soon concluded at a very small weekly
stipend, the brothers saying: "Pay us
what you please; you must decide that."
i-rom the advent of those two unknown (for no one knew their real mimes
—they simply Btyled themselves Dick
and Dock) good fortune seemed to smile
on this traveling show.
In truth, it was impossible to imagine
anything more graceful and daring than
these young acrobats, whether suspended from the trapeze, flying through the
air, or leaping and vaulting in the most
wondorful manner—they seemed as one
body animated by one will; then with
incomparable grace they would light on
their feet, nnd, hand in hand, receive
the plaudits of the delighted crowd,
while golden louis. bouquets and billets-
doux, thrown by dainty hands, would
fall in the sawdust ring. But these pur
fumed billets never had tbe honor of
being opened—not even their seals
broken—for Dick and Dock seemed utterly oblivious to blondes or brunettes,
and when not in the arena, were always
studying their profession or practicing
new feats of strength and agility.
Nevertheless, they were good comrades with Joannot, the clown; with the
cannon-ball man and with the colossal
fat woman, who was no other than
madamo Pedro herself. Amid all this
udnltation only one person seemed indifferent to their attractions and that
was Nita, the only daughter of Pedro,
the most exquisite little darling you can
imagirte in her rowcolored gauze,
spangled with gold; sbe looked like some
aerial creature flying ronnd tbe ring,
leaping through the hoops of paper.
Fresh as a rose and changeful as a
butterfly, she mockingly teased the
brothers, sometimes running after Dick,
sometimes leaping on tbe trapese behind
Dock. Very cold and correct they
silently received her coquetries, never
showing the least familiarity to the
daughter of their patron.
Time rolled on, aud gold rolled into
the coffers of Pedra. He was growing
rich, and often wondered at the indifference of Dick and Dock, who had
never asked for an increase of salary.
This mercenary Spaniard, Pedro, could
understand why a man would toil for
profit or position, but to work for little
or noting was unnatural—there must be
something behind it
Suddenly u thought struck him. They
were striving to establish a reputation,
and would then set up a business for
themselves. He must retain these
valuable assistants by a bond not easily
broken. "I will give them my daughter Nita. Sapriste I she can only marry
one of tbem; which shall it be? Dick is
stronger than Dock, but Dock is more
agile and graceful."
Then Pedro took a decided resolution
apd laid his dilemma before the brothers,
'Which one of yon will marry my little Niur
Dick and Dock exchanged looks, then
one of them said: "In ten days we will
answer vou."- "Ah, yes," confirmed the
other; "in ten days."
"That's all right," said Pedro. "After
the balloon ascension; I understand."
Pedro had arranged with an aeronaut
for a balloon ascension, a trapeze to be
attached to the car, on which the brothers wonld perform their wonderful feats
five hundred meters above the earth.
Naturally, they wished to wait until
after this jierilous adventure before they
could decide
Shut up in a court they daily practised
those dangerous exercises which were to
augment their renown and the pocket-
book of their employer.
The day of the exhibition arrived—a
perfect sea of faces—the baloon on the
centre swaying like a bird trying her
wings. Wihl shouts of enthnsiasm as
Nita itiipcnrcil in her (-fold-spangled costume, dexterously driving the chariot
containing the two brothers. She was
more beautiful aud coquettish than ever
in her rose colored gauze—perhaps in
contrast tsi Dick and Dock, who were
dressed in black velvet, lightly touched
with silver lace—rather a funeral costume for such a festive occasion, but
probably chosen because they would lse
moro clearly outlined on the bright blue
Hrt V.
Leaping to the ground, tho brothers
gracefully salute tho crowd; then, turning to Nita. they kneel before her and
griui'fiillv kiss her hand—something
they had never done Is-fore.
The iiiTsiiiiint mounts his ear, follow
s.il by the two brave ncrsslsats. "Let
her loosel" A moment's rdlonos—then
ili'iifening shouts of enthusiasm as tho
balloon cleaves the air.
Two young and gnoslOl forms clinili
through the cordage or the car SOtTappear upon tho trapeze. Their grace am
audacity were marvelous. With fsildesl
arms they stand racing each other, very
pale but very determined; a slight motion of the hips maintains their oquili
brium.    Dick wus tne first to speak.
"You love Nita 1"   "Yos, and you-
"Love her ami cannot give her up.
"And I will not," answered Dock,
"Then fate must decide-the survivor
will take her." fc
They step back the length of the tra
t)eM—a knife clasped in their right
hands-anil in bitter anguish gusto upon
each other, utterly careless ol the wind
that swayed the trapeze back and forth,
of tlie yawning gulf below. Then, with
panting breath and gleaming eyes, they
r_h upon each other, still clinging to
the bar that bends beneath their weight;
a frightful struggle ensues; cheer after
cheer from the wlnunng ^crowd Nita
wildly applauding with the others.
Then they stand motionless for a moment when by '• *wUm movement,
Dick mak 'Dock lose his hold and fall
b.X.itl.otr..r..v    l',,.<l.ng over M...,
brother's throat, the hot blood spurting
'"With •"'wild maniao laii-rh, he rises
nn si d loans Intoipaoe, huTng a crushed
d el .le * mass im a distant roof j the
ad Im ily of his brother co.ivn s.v ly
' Si' g to the triune, floftttak m he
1, Ins skv while the a-ronant.   who   hid
still waves his gftvlv colored flags.
MB. 0. H. KENT.
The above is a likeness of Mr. G. H. Kent, 408 Gilmour
Street, Ottawa, taken from a recent photograph. Seven years
ago Mr. Kent was cured of Bright's Disease of the Kidneys in
its last stage? by Dodd's Kidney Pills and has enjoyed good
health ever since. The full particulars of this remarkable cure,
as sworn to, were published in these columns a,few days ago.
Brotherly Help.
"Sis will be down iu a minute," said
her little brother.
"I'm so glad," replied Mr. De Trop.
"She wasn't at home tbe last time I
"Ob, yes sbe was, but wouldn't come
"How do you know she'll come down
tbls time then?"
" 'Cause 1 told her you was another
The Earliest Lena.
The earliest known lens is one made
of rock crystal unearthed by Lay ard at
Nineveh. Tbls lens, the nge of which
Is to be measured by thousands of
rears, now lies In the British museum
wltb Its surface ns bright ns when It
left the maker's bands. Ily tbe side of
it nre very recent specimens of lens
which have been ruined by exposure
to Lonilon's fogs aud_sjnoke.
Uoit About Itt
"It's funny that you should be so
tall. Your brother, tbe nrtist, Is short,
Isn't he?"
Jle (absentlvl—Yes. usiiallv.
In his Vegetable Pnxs Dr. Parmelee hu
given to tht* world the fruits of long ecien*
tii.s- research in the whole realm ol medical
science, combined with new and valuable
discoveries 111 »er before known to man. For
Dbucats a*d Dkhii.iiated CoKsSTiTtrrioHa
1'anne.ee's Pills act like a charm. Taken in
small doses, tlie en*ect is both a tonic and a
stimulant, mildly eiciting the eecrelione of
the body, giving tone and vigor.
Her Father—Well, sir, what can 1
do for you ?
Her Lover—I-cr-calls-d to see if
you-er-woubl givo assent to my
marriage to your daughter.
Her Father—Not a cent, sir; not a
s-ent.   (load day !
Some persom hnve periodical nttns-k* of
Canadian cholera, dy.-enls ry or diarrhoea,
and have to une greHi jires-aulissns to avoid
the di.-snne.   Change of water, cooking and
freen fruit in s-ure to bring on the attacks,
'o such iserssons we would resommend Dr.
J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial aa being
the bessl raemcino in the market for al summer complaints. If a few sirups, are iiiks-n
in water when the symptoms are noticed no
further trouble will lie experienced.
Hoax—There's two things   I   can't
eat for dinner,
.loax—What are they ?
Hoax—llreakfust ami suppir.
It    Is    .rosy enough    to    love your
neighbors    If   ths-y   are far    faougfa
aw iiy.
A  1»0 candle-power oil lamp burns
3,(150 grains of oil an hour.
When poverty comes in nt, the door
the lire goes out of tho heater.
I-AQGI'D   OUT.—None  but  thos"  who
have become fugged out know what e de-
Eressed, miserable f. cling it is. All strength
i gone, and despondency hue taken hold ol
tlie -sufferers. They till us though there is
nothing tss llvo for. 'there, however, is S
curs*—one hoi of l'urinelee's Vegetable I'll Is
will do wonders in restoring health and
etrength. Mandrake nnd Dana, lion are two
of thu articles entering Into the composition
of Parmelee's Pills.
"No wife by any chance could bo
As pleasant as a book to me,"
The bachelor aaid.
"A book once road
Is easily shut up you see."
"A mnn Is known by bis works."
declared the irrepressible talker, who
was addressing a large and enthusiastic audlcnco.
" Yours must bo a gas works,"
shouted a rude, uncultured jiorsan
who occupied a back soat.
The gri>atont, tho strongest, abovo
all tho cleverest man Is he who
knows how to wait.
If you nre interested in anythinsr in
tho Jowollry line and we will send
you our new, up-to-date CATALOGUE
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Two Stores 684
A Oood Mamory.
A highland girl, who had bees ta
service in Dundee and had gone to a
place further south, culled upon her
old mistress on her way north to
visit friends.
.. She was invited to take dinner
with the family, ami her old master
asked a blessing on the meal as usual, when the girl said:
"My, maister, yo maun has' a
gran' memory. That's the grace
yo snid when I was here sax years
llonii ssr  llu-  Wise.
No slogree of knowledge attainable
by man ia able lo get him above the
want of hourly sissistnnce.—Johnson.
Ns-xt. In import since to freedom nnd
justice is popular education, without
tvliisli neither JuatlOS nor freedom can
lie permanently maintained.—<"ur-
Ho ia great who can do what ho
wishes; lie is wise who wishes to
do whut he can.—I Maud.
All  Mlgllslr.
TUherington— And if tho person is
bald, then you uro unable to tell bis
Fortune Toller—Oh. nol I take a
lock of his whiskers—there never
was a whisl i'1-les.s baldhcailcd man.
F'or all misfortunes thero are two
romsdlss—time and silence.
When a fool hen takes a notion to
sit She doesn't caro whether there
arc any eggs in the nest or not, and
some men are built on tho samo plan.
Tho blood of an eel injected into a
vein Is a dondly poison to man.
Tooth      OtZc
Powder    ■**•*•»»'
Good for Dad Teeth
Not Bad for Good Teeth
Ssitodosst I,ii|'i'.I jv IJirge Liquid anil Powdar ;;c All
store* ur by in.il! lor list prlca.   basrspto Isir postage jr.
HALL & RUCKEL     Mew York,
Onr Mr. Hatcher Is now in the east selecting a stock of pianos and organs for holl-
slisy.-s. Anions*: his selection will be a laree number of the latest styles of the WILLIAMS' PIANO)-) famed for their pure, full nnd lasting tone. Our new stock will begin to arrive about Dec. 1st nnd it will be well for those interested to call early. Out-
of-town customers will receive our best attention and all enquiries will be promptly
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Y. M. C. A. Blk, Portage Ave., tVinnipeg. Eid.-odge "B" Sewing Machines.  (   •!►
yjdlrt, MHO tlLfUuAf &*£ **&
«, eioasrht if *W +ffar 'Kd^mis .
t'ost only a fraction more than those wltb tbe old iron band.     Tbo
All siacs may bo had from Winnipeg wholesalers.
Hae won an enviable reputation-in tho Stove world. In Ite
contraction every important
improvement has been added
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desirable steel range for domestic use.
Every detail has been carefully studied to make it efficient, and we ore proud to offer
it to yon as a model of steel
range contraction at a reason*
able price.
We make this magnificent
steel range as illustrated with
four or six No. 9 cooking
holes. It has a large copper
reservoir, is fittssd with improved duplex grate to burn
any kind of coal: the oven is
largo and is lined with asbestos boarfl.
It will bnko biscuits in'
 -THREE MINUTES nsiag a very small quantity of coal.
Price as illustrated, j% 1 with i No.» cooking holes $5B.OO { p; 9;^B*
(to burn coal or wood) sj   "   6 No. 9
We give a guarantee with every range sold
stove dealer, write us for further particulars.
~BO" OO Jat.Wpg.
If not kept in stock by your local
THE    0"CT*R.N_1*"5""    FOXJTSTX3-R~Y    CO.,   Limited,Winnipeg
"What is a conjunction?" asked
tbo teacher.
"That which joins together," was
tho prompt reply.
"Give me on illustration," said the
teach it.
Tho up-to-date girl hesitated and
blushed. "Tbo marriage service,"
she said at last.
OUR business to-day is an
entirely  different  affair
from  what  it was   ten
years a-jo;  it has expanded
until we are in touch with all
points of Canada.
The Telegrikph. the Telephone,
and Ihe Ms\ll bring us orders
from thous&nda of fn.r twvsvv
pn. Irons.
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thc Mail wc can furnish you
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choicest in Diamonds,
Watches, Silverware and
Money cheerfully refunded
In full If desired.
Cor. Yongo svnd  Adel&ldo  Streets,
T O R. O N  T O .
Customer—Say, a month ago you
told me this material would wear,
and here it is, nearly gone I
Snippa—Nearly gone in a month ?
Well, if that isn't we>aring, wbat Is ?
If your children moan and are restless
during sleep, cmiplsd when awake with a
loss ol appetite, paiu countenance, picking
of the nose, etc., you may ds'iiend upon it
tbat the primary cause of the trouble ie
wo:ma. Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator effectually removes these peete. at
onoe relieving tbe little sufferers.
Some people only k*ow by hearsay
tbat it is more blessed to give than
to receive.
f*ri>f*n lea.
Orecn, or gunpowder, tea Is col-
lorcd by a mixture of Prussian blue
ami ObjnOH soupNtoiie, which is
milled during the proCOM sif llring.
Msssrts'nt  People of humps*.
Tho   Laplander*"*    are    tho  shortest
people, in BuropOi tho men averaging
four foot eleven Inchei In height, ami
t'io Women two iiis'.lies I. .v..
Mil*, nut.
"I'm tlroil out," snld the nuthor.
"Never inliid," replied his fiieud, "the
public  Is In tho Biinio Uxl"
The sorrow of to-day makes tho
happiness  of  tomorrow.
Alloway & Champion
Write to tw for prices of SCRIP.
Get onr List of Lands.
Stocks and  Bondj Bought and  Sold.
We can furni-'h llio exuet amount of
Scrip for nny payment ou Dominion
Lands.   Uo not pay cash.
WANTED, Aifimt. for tho i-alo of Hardy Riissims
iplilun, currants, j(oo.si*l)i*rrio-s. ornamental tn-c.s
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Oat-da, Appply now.   PELHAM NURSERY CO.
Toronto, Out.
N. n.r,/tatofcno free,   Fisrmers can mako good
mssnny slminir tliolr slack season.       P.N Co.
Quite  OilierwUe.
Slis*—Sn she lefiisi-.l you'.'
Hi* -Yen; slut snid she didn't have the
heart tsi marry nn;.-	
MonslroDs Wares.
The travel tlmt burl themie'lv"vi aeatnst
"Lot's Wife," sine of the Mariana islands,
drench It tss its topmost pinnacle, about
350 feet nlsnve seo level. The tie'iueiiilom
ni >'f sssini-liiiii's runs at linker Island,
even Without any ItrODf wind, or perhaps thc* wind blowing from a contrary
direction. An Unbroken wall of water
tivonly-livo feet liiuli and ouc-quartor of
s mile long mils iu. threatening to deluge
the Island nnd affording ono of the Blandest 8i-*!its Imaginable. These waves are
sold to he due to lhe southwest monsoon
blowing Niuiurjy lu thc China sea, many
miles a wny.
The average actress' diamonds   aro
about as real as her complexion.
Indifference is tho heart sleeping.
W. N. U. No. 852. ViW. DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C, DECEMBER r., 1001.
•i*ffi *
ll t
...C. E.^MiTiii'itiNii.*,•.•••, Editor and Prop,
jSLOCAN, - - - i B.   C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
Jthe first insertion nnd 5 cents a line each
.subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, V each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
.as legal advertising.
locals will be charged 10 cents a lino
i'or each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is *2 per year, strict-
ly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
A pencil mark in (he space
.opposite will be an indication to you that ye editor
■considers there is something
coming to him on yonr subscription. Kindlv acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
Three deals aggregating $90,000,
and the starting up of two more properties is the record of the camp for
• the past two weeks.   The year is
ending in great shape.
It would pay the Dominion government to smuggle Inspector Barrv
over from Buffalo to givo them a few
pointers on an alien labor act. After
.that thev--*_©uld cnltivato a starch
.diet, so as to give them a backbone
sjto enforce the law.
Premier Dunsmuir and his miners
at Alexandra have come to terms,
their differences having been amicably adjusted. Compulsory arbitration would settle all industrirl disputes just as quickly and the country
would be the gainer. \
Col. Prior has been unseated in
-Victoria for tho Dominion house. Tlie
.plant is: Templeman will resign from
s the senate, be returned for the commons and go In tbe cabinet.   Dunsmuir will resign premiership here
and Prior will take it up.   Looks
verv nice and smooth.
Like -all beginners, Slocan'a'city
.dads have made an error, being in
,connection with the revision of the
-first municipal assessment.   Fortunately it has been a mistake that has
cost but little and will have no untoward consequences.   The experience gained has been cheaply acquir
,cd and will prove useful.
The customs revenue for the Dominion during November was $303,-
231 greater than for the same period
last year. The increase in the five
months since June was nearly $1,-
.-000,000 over the same period in 1900,
The figures are $13,295,(376 for 1901,
,and $12,302,640 for 1900. Exports
have also increased to an appreciable
.-extent, all testifying that Canada's
.trade is in a healthy condition,
Two bodies were sent out of Rossland in one day last week, of men
.losing their lives in mines worked by
inexperienced aliens. There has
been a constant series of mishaps in
,thc properties ever sincc.the Missour-
.ians arrived, causing loss and suffering.   It was u disgrace in the first
.place for the authorities to permit tbe
laws of the country to be violated by
tbe wholesale importation of the
aliens, and a shame in tho second
place because it could be easily surmised the. incompetence of the men
would result In disaster. Tlie Alien
Labor Law, as Interpreted and enforced by the Liberal government, is
a snare and delusion.
A commendable service in tho in
rtcrests ofthe camp was performed by
James Baker while on  his recent
visit to Denver, Col., attending a
.•meeting ef the executive board of the
Western Federation of Miners.   He
took with him specimens of ore from
-25 different properties in this dry ore
belt,and so highly were they thought
-of that tho executive purchased a
handsome cabinet in which to display them.   The cabinet has been
placed in a prominent position in the
Mining Exchange buildlng.receiving
.much attention from a host of mining
.men and favorable comment from the
press.   Mr. Baker will be again vis
■Ring Denver after a w.hile and will
be pleased to tako other samples of
ore with him.   Such an exhibit will,
.extensively advertise the camp nnd
attract the attention of men who are
-on the lookout for new fields of in
AH hats selling below co6t. Bennett & Co,
A Socialist league has been organized at Sandon.
The average daily school attendance is about 74.
Has anybody heard anything of
W. K. Richmond ?
The foundations of the new skating
rink have been. laid.
J, D.Moore, inspector of roads, came
in on Tuesday evening.
Tom Montgomery left on Saturday
for Grant's Pass, Oregon.
The Socialists have captured the
city government ivt Northport.
The Slocan is getting quite a heavy
tonnage of ore from the Bosun.
Dan Harrington, late foreman at
the Arlington, has gone to Boston.
The next big event in the city is
the Hogan's alley banquet at Xmas.
Supt. Downie passed through to
Nelson Saturday in his private car.
Thc Sunday school children are
practising for their Xmas entertainment.
Born.—In M. U. Hospital, on Nov.
29, the wife of II. J. Lipsett, of a
All the furniture was taken out of
the Victoria Hotel on Friday and
Services will be held in tho Methodist church next Sunday, morning
and evening,
Born.—In the suburb of West Slocan, on Nov, 30, the wife of G. M.
Gething, ofa son.
The first issue of the Marysvillc
Tribune has appewed. It presents a
first-class appearance.
A. York & Co. will hold their sixth
annual shooting match for poultry
on Dec. 21,23, and 24.
Mark Manley left yesterday for
Nelson and Spokane, lie will after
wards go on to Boston.
S. S. Fowler, engineer of the London & B. C. Goldflelds, went up to
the Enterprise Wednesday.
Tho band boys serenaded Paul
Hauck and wife at their hbme in
Brandon, Tuesday evening.
R.E. Allen has removed thc blacksmith shop from the corner cf Arthur
street to alongside his stables.
Service will be held in St. Paul's
cliurci next Sundav, morning and
evening.   AV. II. Ileclley, yienr.
Thc AVestcm Federation of Miners
has determined to stand by the men
in the Rossland-Northport strike.
Regular monthly meeting of the
board of trade will be held next
Monday evening, at the city hall.
Born.—In Slocan, on Dec. 5, the
wife of Con Murphy, of a son. There
are strong hopes for the recovery of
the father.
AV. A. Galliher, M.P., has promised the Rifle Association a government
grant o' $150 towards improving the
rifle range.
F. AV. Goodsal. of Pincher Creek,
was here on Saturday. He owns
several lots in the burg and was hunting them up
The dance given by thc Band boys,
Thanksgiving night, was fully as
successful as former eve nts and netted
a.good round sum.
City Clerk Foley turned over tlie
municipal voters' list to Mayor York,
Monday night, for revision. There
are 242 names on the list.
Report has it that Freddy Rothor-
mel has fallen heir to a fortune by
the death of a relative and will return here shortly to reside.
James Baker returned on Tuesday
from attending a meeting of the executive of the Western Federation of
Miners, held at Denver, Col.
Trial runs have been made of late
of the Enterprise concentrator and
the machinery is wearing down into
shape. The trials have been satisfactory.
By tho fall of a huge boulder, L.
Kreton was killed and M. Gror.1. severely injured last week, while employed on the K. & S,, near the Last
Chance siding.
Citv Clerk Strachan, of Nelson, accompanied by Mrs. Strachan, were
in the city for several days during
the week. Mr. Strachan was interested In the court of revision.
The Socialists had a lively debate
on Tuesday evening, upon' the advisability of fusing with either of the
old parties to obtain certain objects.
The verdict was against fusion at
any and all times.
Died.—At New Denver, on Dec. 8;
Miss Robcna Mowat, aunt of C. F.
Nelson, aged CI years. She was fa
miliarly known to all ns "Auntie,"
and her death is deeply mourned.
Hers was a kindly soul and aiovinu
Bennett & Co. wish to call attention to drawing contest to take place
Xmas time. Tickets are given with
$1 purchases on a handsome pattern
hat and doll; with $2 purchases on
gentlemen's smoking jacket and Bilk
piano cover.
A meeting wns held in the Music
Hall. Wednesday evening, when a
qUHcIrille club wns formed, with It.
I. Kirkwood as president, II. Clove
secretary-treasurer, and li. K. Allen.
L. II, York and J. A.Vork executive
committee. Billy Hicks will be floor
manager. The first dance will be
given Friday night and the second
on the 27th. Dancing commences at
8.30 sharp. Tickets may be purchased of H. Cleve.
Development on Tisussfor.
Active development has commenc
ed on the Transfer, S. Norman giv
ing it his personal supervision. Two
levels have been started lower down
the hill than the old workings and
both will soon be opening up the lead,
The prospects for the group are very
Iron Horse In Luck.
Tlie Iron Horse is in luck. The
ore struck in tho upraise has continued right to thn wash, ranging from
four to 10 inches hi width. A shaft
is now being sunk through the wash
to connect, with tho raise. Fifteen
men aro employed at tho property.
Appended 19 a complete list of the various records registered nt tho local registry office, H. P. Christie being mininj*-
Nov 30.—sSoudan No 1 fr.lst n f Lemon
A R Bolderston. —
Nov 30—Evening Star fr No9, South-
n Chief.
Nov 25.—Great Western ";, B Stubbs
to Mrs Emma Gray.
26— Notice by T J Smith, for the V &
M Mines, that they claimed tbo Champion group, provided W Lee staked the
property while working for thorn.
*   King Billy %, C Ward to lt II Brett.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Slocan,        - - B. C
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining-
SLOCAN, - ■ B. C.
NOTICE is hereby given that 00 daw
after date I shall apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands ami Works for
permission to purchase -50 acres of land,
unite or less, in the West Kootenay district, and described as follows: Commencing at n post about one quarter of
a mils* east of the city of Blocs li, and adjoining the townsite of Brandon orr the
north ; tlience 20 chains tvest ; tlienco 20
north; thence 20 chains enn; tlienco 20
cliains south to tl.o point of commencement.
Dated this 17th dav of October, 1001
Notice to Public.
NOTICE is hereby given that I have
no travelers on the road lolling goods for
me, nnd the public is herewith warned
from purchasing Jewelery,Watches,etc.,
from any person or persons making any
representation to the contrary.
Send your orders, particularly for holiday gifts, direct to me.
Nelson, r?.C., Nov. 23rd, 1001.
Notice to delinquent Co-owner
To A. E. Hillmnn, or to any person
or perions to whom lio may have
transferred his one-quarter interest in
the Great Northern mineral claim,situated at the head of the fifth tiouth fork
of Lemon ere. k, Slocan City mining
You are hereby notified that we have
expended the sum of four hundred and
ten dollars in labor nnd general improvements upou the above mentioned
claim, in order to hold snisl minimi
claim under the provisions of the .Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with nil costs of advertising, your interost in said claim
will become the property of tho subscribers, under section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated this 2nd dny uf December, 1901.
6-12-01       T. BLENCH, E. II. STUBBS
Slocan License District.
VfOTICr* i.s hornby driven tbat tlie undnrmen-
*■" lisini'il persons*, linvo rondospiillcistion uu*
sli'i- thn iiriivi.ssissnis sif tins Lli|iiiir Lis:niiK» Aot,
HMO, fur renewal sif Hsstel Llennso ut tlio pliices
Mit opposite to their respective iinmiis I—
Louis I.evs't.ss.1,*, l{(,|, sm Hsstel, Robson.
S. A. McMmiue, Lismbort'tj lls.ti'l, Shiran
John McKinnon, I'nssin Hotel, Arlington
lleorga Ayhviii,Enterprise H'stssl Aylwin
A. A. Allan, Vovey Hotel, .Unburn,
A inoctlw* ssf Hiss Hoard nf Uoonse ('o.ii.nU-
Hioiiorsso* tins filocnis  Llc'lii.. DUtriot, will Isss
held to consider smcli applications nl the Court
House, at llssi Town of New DsMVer, on Monday,
Use Mixlcsntli Dny of December.l'Kll.nt the hour
of Kls.vs.ii O'clock in tbo fsirs-nssoii.
Chief LlobpM) Inspector,
Now Denvir, !),('., K'fi Nov., 11101.
Certificate of Improvements.
Victoria,   Wa«» and Skookum   Mineral
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Whero located:—On wost side of
Dayton creek.
TAKE NOTICE tha* I Albert E. Ashcroft, P.L.S., as age. for the "New
Gold Fields of British Columbia,"
Free Miner's Certificate No. B*U.03't,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Miniug Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
beforo the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 9th day of September, 1901.
Baby  Koyal   aisil  Lexington Fractional
Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City mining division of West Kootenay district. Where
located:—On Republic hill, adjoining
the riioenix-Viking.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M McGregor, acting as agent for Fred G. Carlisle, free miner's certificate No. B38371,
intend, sixty days from tho date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for cer-
ti.'i.'iitcii nf improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the
above, claims.
And fut ther lake notico th.it action,
under section 37, must be commenced
liefore the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 80th day of September.lOOl
4-10-01 J. M. McGREGOR
Kxe,   £11  anil   Kye   Fractional  Mineral
Situate in the Slocan Citv mining division of West Kootenay district. Where
located:—On Robinson creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. D. McGregor, free miner's certificate No.
B59000, acting for myself and as agent
for J. M. McGregor, free miner's certificate No. B69807, and A. E. Rothermel,
free miner's certificate No. B59665, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining crown grants on the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must bo commenced
before the isn nance of such certificates of
Dated this 30th day of September.lOOl
4-10-01. W. D. McGHF.r.OI'
Klk Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where loc.-it**d: Between Bpringer
and Lemon creeks, north of the
TAKE NOTICE that I, William
Tliotiilinsiui, as the agent fnr Herman
Clever, Freo Miner's Certifii'atu No
K380U4, ii tenil, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply Io the Mining Rccordei
tor a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further tako notice thntnetion,
under 37, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this  24th  day of  September,
Scorplen Mineral Claim.
Situato in the Slocan City Mining Division of tho West Kootenay district.
Where located : Near Robinson creek
adjoining the Rainbow.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent for Thos. Andrews,
free miners'certificate No.B46319,in lend,
sixty days from tho dale hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder fora certificate of
improvements,for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must bo commences!
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 17tb day of October. 1901.
55-10-01 J. M. McGREGOR
Re-opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to returu
The £oyal Hotel,
Cor. Arthur Street and Delaney Arenue, Sloean.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stocked with tho best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right
A. C. SMITH,      SLOCAg
Stoves!  StovesMMov^i
Just look np McCallum & Co.'s assortment of
Heating Stoves,   for cither coal or wood.
Prices, from
Steel Ranges from
$5 to Saj
$16 up.
This is tlie best assortment of first-class
stoves that ever came ts Slocan. They burn
any kind of coal. Call around and satisfy
yourself and wo will do the rest.
General Hardware, Slocan.
McCallum & Co.
Agents for Crow's Nest Coal; price delivered, $C25 per ton.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
The Murcutt Branch
OFTHE W.C.T.U.. Slogan,
Meets tha second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Pres-
hyterianchurch. All meetings open
to those wishing tj join.
Miss E. Stoightox, Mrs.M.D.McKek
President. Cor. Secretary.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  B. C.
General Packing and Forward ing attended to at the
shortest Notico.
Saddlo and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Huissssslt rris.Hoiiul Mineral (Isslm.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Di
vision of West Kootenay District
Where located :—On the divide be.
tween Ten Mile and Springer creeks,
TAKK NOTICE that I, J. M. McOre
•/or, Rcting as agent fur Robert I. Kirk*
wood, I'rsv miner's certificate, No. i'.").l,*i.''S,
intend, sixty days from the dnto hereof,
to npply to the Mining Recorder for a
ceitilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
abovo claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
bofort tha issuance- of such certificate of
Dated this 28th day of October, 1001.
8-11*01. J. M. McUKl'GOR.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      -      -     B. C.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc
UlHck Hs-ssss Mineral Claim.
Situate in tho Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Three miles north
east of Slocan City.
TAKE NOTICE that l, Francis J.
O'Keilly, of Silverton, 11. C. as
agent for George Brine, freo miner's certificate No. 11(12242, intend, sixty daya
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of im-
provsments, for the purpose of obtaining
a. Crown grant of the above claim.
And further tako notice that action,
under section 37, must bo commenced
before the issuance of isuch certificate of
Dated this 4th day of November, 1001.
The Drill,
$2 per year
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in thf* Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Call and see our display
of Chinaware, including
Tea Sets, Cups & Saucers, Berry Sets, etc.
All new and up-to-date
Wc also carry Cameras,
Kodaks,   and  supplies.
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why bt without a ran-jre whsa
you can Ret one so cheap ? The.i
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Thomas Henderson, or to any person
or persons to whom hs may have trtni*
ferred  his ono  third (W) interest ia
the Lone  Dutchman  mineral   claim
situated  on   tlio  last  south   fork of
I A'uiou creek, in the Plocan I ity min
ins division.
You are hereby notillsul tint 1 hsrs
expended (ho sum  of one liundrsd and
two <li.liars and fifty cents in lahor snd
improvements on the abovo uin in ntd
mineral claini, in order to holsl snid mineral claim  mirier tha provisions of ths
Mineral Act; and if within 00 davi from
the date of Ibis notice you fail, or refuse,
to contribute your proportion of such ex*
penditiire, together wilh all costs of advertising, your  interest in   said   claim
will boenme tho propeity of the subscriber, under section 4 of an Act entitled
"An Act to amend the Mineral Act, 1900."
Dated at Slocan, thia 18th day of September, A.D. 1901.
You Can Make
A  Striking Effect!
Ily wearing a perfect fitting Suit,
cut in the latest style and elegantly
trimmed. Such can be purchased
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near the I'ostomce.
Christmas Sailing*
to England:
Par-Mail. Nov 23; Numldlan, Nov SO
Ionian, Dec 7; Tunisian, Dec 14
DominiaW. Nov 28;   Cambroman, 30
Vancouver, Dec 14
Ivernla, Nov 23; Saxonia, Dec 7
New England, Dec 4; Ultonia, Dec 21
Celtic, Nov 26; Etrurla, Nor 2$
Germanic, Nov 27; Campania,Nor 30
Majestic, Dec 4; UmbrU, D««5 7
Cvmrlo, Dec 10; LncanU, Deo 14
Oceanic, Dec 11: Etrurla, Dec 21
Teutonic, Dec 18; Campania, Dec 28
Havcrford, Nov 27; Philadelphia. Die*
St Paul, Dec 11;       St Louis, Dec IH
Continental sailinRi of North German Lloyd. Hamburu Packet Co.,
Holland-American, Red Star trench
and Anchor lines on application.
For reservation of berths, rates ana
ooinplcte Information call on or write
nearest C.P. It. a-rent, or—
J. 8. CARTEK,     E. J. COYLE,
D.P.A.. .A.G.P.A.,
Nelson. .Vaacottvor.


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