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The Slocan Drill 1904-03-25

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 "s im
'ORja     '
)L. IV., Ne. 52.
SLOCAN,   B.   0.,   MAltCH   25,   1004.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
.j „, „ yon consume yon wa£r«*. L&rary, ~~
. fresh* not been in a corner for weeks,
iur success in the Grocery Business we
[ttribute principally to the way in which
re have looked after onr Stook. Every-
ling is purchased from first hands and is
[ot old when we get it.
. T. Shatford & Co.
,      SLOCAN, B. C.
reached by any trail or road
lat ruin Into the Town.    ,
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Cornell   Want   to   be   Citalii   of Their
jaa 1 ■ Qfll'r.M'uedlin with the
(Aril ngton    Hotel
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
fhls popular hetel \a cun-venient to the boats and trains.   T.li« dining room
i strkily up to-date while the bar it supplied with the bast in the market.
*•* A TT-*? *•*•? •   Travellinp men. using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per day *,
rlthwit Sample Rooms,$2; hoard $8 per week* meals85a
m^  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .  ^
fc  REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   -^
IFruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Sii|«-l)un-t Waut to Kan u,i Again*!
u Ne»tof Lawyers.
All members of tho city council wore
present at the regular meeting on
Monday night, excepting Aid. Henderson.
Bills presented: H. R. Jorand, for
drawing up bond -for creek work, $5;.
R. McFarland, bliicksniithing, -S3.50.
The hitter bill was ordered referred to
the chief of the fire brigade, and the
other was referred to the finance committee.
Mnyor McNeish brought up the
question of Uie tax sale bylaw, stating
that he would like to get another solicitor's opinion without getting any
further into difficulty. Ho would not
issue u warrant for the tnx sale without being certain of the step. With
all due respect to City Solicitor Jorand,
who had drawn up the bvlaw, he
would favor having another opinion,
for if there was auy chance to upset
the bylaw it certainly would be taken
by the townsite coinpanv.
Aid. Madden and Worden agreed
with the mayor.
Aid. Smith advised leaving the matter to the city solicitor, who could the
better choose another lawyer for an
Aid. Teeter said if mistakes in the
bylaw had been nude, they would no
doubt be rectified
The mayor replied that if a written
opinion came from an outside, lawyer,
it would come direct to the citv council.
Aid. Teeter moved that the city
solicitor be instructed to obtain a
written opinion from some reputable
.*w3k'it<tr as to the validity of the tax
sale bylaw. Seconded by Aid. Midden.
The mayor favored submitting the
bylaw to E. P. Davis, K.C, of Vancouver, as did also the city solicitor.
The townsite company war, oOOfposeu
of a nest of lawyers aud the council
had to be careful.
More discussion followed and then
the motion carried.
Aid. Teeter culled attention to the
in Columbia river abovo Revelstoke,
ROOOj Columbia river, above Golden,
11500; Columbia river, below Golden,
$5500; Columbia river, between upper
and lower Arrow lakes, 89,600; Dun-
.can river, improvements, $2000; Rossland armory, 821,000.
Splendid Suoooi. loll.,wing: theDevelopment of Ottawa.
It is a good thing for the camp that
splendid success is following upon the'
development of the Ottawa, the .mine
hnving reached the stage where it may
be classed as one of the banner propositions of the country. Tho opening
up of the No.4 level has demonstrated
the great worth of the mine and every
dny its greatness is impressing itself
more and more upon the management.
The Ottawa is developing into fully
as big a property as the Arlington.
During the week the long raise from
No. 4 broke through into the No. 8
level, having lieen driven with extraordinary speed. It is leu feet long
and results in a thorough ventilation
of the mine, as well a* opening up
much more stoping ground. An intermediate drift has lieen started from
the raise, and another crew oj men
are pushing ahead the No. 4 level.
This last point has 14 inches of high
grade ore to follow in, and both it and
the intermediate will penetrate the
big ore body caught iu No. 3.
Four men are stoping iu the territory south from the raise and it is from
there shipments are being made.
Sixty or 70 sacks are broken down
daily, enabling shipments, to be kept
up without interruption. Lumber has
been going up to the mine for the new
buildings, which are to be erected
shortly. Manager McPhee took a trip
to Kaslo this woek to interview the
government agent relative to financial
assistance towards tbe wagon road,
which is to be built to the mine so
soon as the snow goes.
Besides all the rich ore lieing shipped out, there are large quantities of
secouJ-class stuff lieing put over the
dump, which will demand the inst illation of reduction works at an early
dato. U.uiler present operations the
Pittsburg ov/nrrs are enjoying hand-
4o«ij .profits, which bid fair -to con
helpless c.md it ion of Charley Liebel.
and would liko the health committ.v
Ouve Forgu.on a Su'ci.h*.
It will be painful news to manv
throughout the district  to learn thnt
.   ,    ,    r,     i ,i ,. i    ,..,,, i.i ,, I   Dave Ferguson, the father of the town
to loo!-; after him, so that he woultl not °       '
die of want. 1 of r ergnson, has beep proven asm-
Aid. Madden wanted to know what cidp.   Last D.-cember he disappeared
they eould do with him. ; frnm Victoria, leaving no trace, and a
Aid. Teeter said the man had uoth- reward of $1000 was offered for his
ing to eat and was  in bad shape from . discovery, it being subsequently with-
llieiunatisni. | drawn.   Dave's body was  found last
Aid. Worden, as one of the health [ Sunday within two miles of his bro-
connnittee, asked what   power  they ither's home at  Saanich.   His  throat
had to act. j had been cut, an open knife   being
The mayor stated the law gavo ea.li j fouud in his hand. He was a rich man,
committee power to spend up to S50. but subject to fits of despondency, in
They had full right to act as they j one of which he is supposed to have
thought be:t.
Aid. Wortlen stated the committer
would act at once.
Arrangements were then made for
thc holding of the court of revision on
the assessment roll next Monday.
Council adjourned.
ended hi* life.
■"*           -njiTn nnniTi/Ti M
can be made by wearing
oue of thu	
Stylish Suits
made from the liest im-
porti-d Worsteds, Serges,
or Tweeds.aconsignnient
of which has just lieeu
received for winter trade.
Work, Fit  and Finish
are guaranteed.
funeral of Mm. Adcock.
The funeral of the late Mrs. W. J.
Adcock took place on Saturday morning, the remains being first taken to
St. Paul's chinch from the hospital
and thence to the cemetery, Rev. Mr.
Mount officiating. Mr. Adcm*k arrived
in on Friday and knew nothing of his
wife's death until landing here. He
received a severe shock and it was with
difficulty that he could participate in
the obsequie*, but through the trying
ordeal he was upheld bv the sympathetic interest and kindly actions of
the townspeople. The funeral wa-*
under the direction of John Craig anil,
though in a nature private, was large
ly attended. The late Mrs. Adcock
was Ixirii in Lincolnshire, Eng.. in
Great Northern Cut. Hnlr*.
The Great Northern has met
cut of the C.P.U. on zinc ores consigned to Kansas from the Slocan.
Oro which does not exceed $-50 a ton
in value, with a minimum weight iu
the cars of 60,000 pounds, will Intra n sported for $10 per ton of 2000
pounds. The ore sacks will Ih* return*)
cd free. Ores that do not exceed WOO
a ton iu value have a rate of SI 1 a ton
from Sandon to Iola.
Tlie Chapleau trotting In Shape.
Good progress has been made during the week at the Chapleau, getting
things into shape for the starting of
operations'by tho lessees. The mill
was found in good shape and can
soon be set running. Some lumber
has lieen taken up to repair the flunie,
part of which was carried out last
vear by a laridslide. A few more men
have also been added to the force.
Bought Out liy Partner.
Fred Carlisle has bought out his
partner, Isidore Beaupre, in tbe Mayetta group, the cash haviug lieen paid
over on Saturday. The property adjoins the Ottawa, oa the north and
consists of seven claims, in five of
which the partner was interested.
The Ottawa veins are expos«*d on the
Mayetta, a 60-foot tunnel exposing
some pretty good ore.
while switching, and got jammed under tho trucks of a freight car, throwing it from the track. When roloasod
Smith was dead. Deceased was only
22 years of age and hail**! from Montana. He had been but a few days on
the road.	
O.P.u. TO sroKii.ii:.
Will Build It-am tbe Vrsw'l Nt**l I.hi.. In-
■Ide it Year.
Spokane is to have connection with
the C.P.R. at last. A branch from
that city to a point on the Crow's Nest
line has long been eagerly sought by
Spokane merchants.
Announcement that a branch line
would be run north from Spokane to
a point on the Crow's Nost line of the
Canadian Pacific was made last week
by D. C. Corliin, on his return to that
city from New York, where he has
spent some time financing the proposed road. All financial arrangements have lieen completed, and negotiations with the C.P.U. officials at
Montreui have resulted in an agreement lieing made by which the road
north from Spokane will be operated
as a connection of the Canadian line
and under a traffic arrangement with
Mr. Corbin has informed the merchants of Spokane that it is desirable
the city grant terminal rights and
right of way to the new road. If such
concessions are made, work on the
construction will lx> commenced in
short order. The matter is lieing actively discussed in Spokane, the interest beiug excited largely on account
of the fact that the merchants and
shoppers there are now engaged in a
conflict with the Great Northern and
Northern Pacific over freight rates.
Spokane merchants have refrained
from making a settlement of their
rates with these roads largely liecause
they had lieen assured that Corbin's
road would be built this coming summer. The assurances they received
are now materializing iu a tangible
manner. Mr. Corbin is to have a
conference with the civic authorities,
when the matter tif concessions will
lx- discussed. Spokane people generally heartily support the proposition.
H A Few Lines of Gents' Furnishings g
km. are still left from the stock ef the late A. juj
M David and they must be sold off at once. «Q«
B H. A. CLEVE, l/TaitTstreet, Slocan, B.C wj
ftjj Store: Next door to Postofflce. Km
Win i.in tin* Komi.
It is quite likely the Cripple Stick
group bond will be lifted shortly by F.
Stock, who is also interested in the
Chapleau lease. He is expected in
from Seattle early in April and will
commence work,contlnulnglt through
the season,
Silver annotation*.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Thursday  56* cents
Friday  56$    "
Saturday  Til      "
Montlay  562    "
Tuesday  r.62    "
Wednesday  553    "
Ore I* Dotting Klelier.
Each succeeding shipment from the
Black Prim* is getting richer, nnd tha
lessees are making more money. Returns from last week's shipment were
190 oz silver, 17 per cent zinc and 8
per cent lead, the full car netting
12066, Where company operation
failed, lessees have taken hold and
made a success.
Klutore Treatment a Succea*.
H. H. Claudet, manager for the Elmore company at Rossland, states:
"lhe past three months have shown
thnt the Elmore oil process is a success. The average of the low grade
ore from the Le Roi No. 2 is slightly
under S") a ton in gold, silver and copper values. This ore is crushed in the
Chilean mills and sent over a 10 mesh
screen, and then the pulp passes over
WUfli'v tables, where about $2.50 pet-
ton is taken out. The WilUey tailings
are then sent to the oil plant, where
an oil concentrate running nlxiiit -$15
is produced for shipment to the smelter. That is equivalent to an extraction of from 7") to 80 per cent of the
metal iu the rough ore, and means
that the oil process gets from 55 to 60
per cent of the values in the tailings.
Tho circumstances under which we
have been working have not lieen the
best. It is but a 50 ton mill, while a
100 ton plant could lie run with the
same number of men. The loss of oil
in the process is alxmt one gallon for
each ton of crude ore treated. From
the chairman of the lxiard at London
we learn that S2.40 a ton for the first
month's treatment is the cost. We
will tlo better than that with experience and a larger plant, and from estimates we have in hand, together
With the different figure at which we
will be able to obtain oil, we predict
that the cost will lie but $1.25 u ton."
Fatal Uow at Ymir.
A fatal row occurred at Ymir on
Mondav night, Alex. McDermaid dying from the effects of a beating received from Murdock Campbell. McDermaid. who was the larger nian.had
Ix-en endeavoring to pick a quarrel
with Campbell for a couple of days,
and the latter claims he had tiuallv to
fight back in self defence. Deceased
had been drinking and hire n tough
reputation. Campliell gave himself
up to the authorities and will likelv
lx- tried on a charge of manslaughter.
I.ant Year'* Shipment* Wer* 1330 Tons—
A Healthy Evidence of the Life anal
Wealth of tho Camp- KaterprUe the
lllftKi-Mt Shipper.
For the first time this year there ie
a blank in the ore shipments from the
divisiou. Yesterday the Ottawa comment* id loading its third car for the
month and it will count next week.
Ore is also coming down fropi the Enterprise, it being a cleaning up of the
For 1903 the ore shipments from
tho local division amounted to 1338
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:  '
Ottawa ......
Port Hope....
Black l'rinc*.
Black Fel....
Dominion A|i|irn|iriiill '»n».
Following are the appropriations
for Kootenay contained in the Dominion estimates: Removing obstructions jolted off tho rear end of tho engiut
Ilrnki-miti. Hllleil.
Frank J. Smith, a brakeman on the
Nakusp branch, was killed at Sandon
on Wednesday of last week.   He was
Hot-key Tenin to Rotaland.
On Tuesday Sloean sent a hockey
team to Rossland to play the Intermediates of that place. The team was
composed of Tains, goal; Pinchbeck,
point; Rains, cover; Hicks, rover;
Milne, Terry, Lindow, forwards; McVicar, spare.
The hockeyists returned yesterday,
somewhat sad and sorry, having lieen
defeated, after a hard fight, by a score
of 1 to 0.	
A Tali* Willi a Moral.
Bradstreet's,the leading commercial
agents, have issued a detailed statement of the mercantile failures during
1008. According to that statement
eighty-four per cent of the merchants
who failed did not advertise in.tho
newspapers.   The moral is plain.
Work has been suspended at the
The output of the entire Sloean is
3405 tons.
Silver has started out on the downward grade.
The Ivanhoe is increasing its force
to 100 meu.
Twenty men are employed at the
Fisher Maiden.
Supplies were sent out'te ihe Chapleau on Friday.
Boundary mines last week shipped
15,729 tous of ore.
'There is talk of a number of pro-
|x-rties opening up.
Last week the Rossland mines sent
out 8074 tous of "ore. '
The Chambers group, near Cody,
will work under lease.
The silver lend mineowners mot in
Sandon Tuesday evening.
The Rambler will eoon have its ten
drill compressor running.
When erected tbe Rosebery zinc
works will employ 25 men.
The force on the Bank of England
has been slightly increased.
A 100-ton concentrator is to be
built at the Alice mine, Creston.
The Whitewater is being worked
under lease and is making money.
Four tons of supplies were takeu up
to the Bank of England this week.
The Payne this week sent out its
first consignment.of ziuc to Belgium.
During February the Le Roi>made
a profit of S58,500 on 19,944 tons of
The White Bear mine.Rossland.will
instal an oil concentrator to treat its
Fred Carlisle purpose's commencing
work tin tho Baby Royal group at au
early date.
Last week's shipments from Sandon
included 156 tous of galena and 33
tons of zinc.
Toronto papers assert the Belgian
capitalists are seeking to purchase the
Nelson smelter.
The Fisher Maiden is shipping its
ore to Denver, Col., where it gets paid
for tha zinc contained.
Joe Purviance has cut into a buuch
of quartz at the Dayton, but has not
yet struck the ore chute.
Nelson parties have acquired the
Crown King and Golden West claims,
on Poplar creek, for $25,000.
P. W. George arrived in by Wed-
nc*day's train. He intends opening
up the Creole, on Lemon creek.
It is stated the lease ou the Enterprise has been cancel let!, owing to the
shutdown. A new deal will likely lie
made and the property resume at an
early date.
Belgian capitalists have made au
offer to mineowners to erect works
and treat their leatl ores for Sll) a ton,
including freight. They want the
iKiunty kept for ores treated in the
The English companies owning the
Velvet and Portland mines, at Rossland, have gone into voluntary liquidation, being a preliminary move towards reorganization aad the resumption of operations.
Mrs. Tutcher announces that she
will hold her spring opening of milli-
nerv on Thursday uftemoou next,. '
rartleaiarlr Baey Starles ml Bla
Beyhoea-Baegh aad Beady Method
hy Whisk ait Career Waa SelecteS-
lailaaces af Bis Distinguished Bravery
—Bister** af Qeeea Alexandra's "Dear
Uttle AaJ.rn.ral."
Admiral Sir Henry Keppel, the
Father of the British Fleet, who died
In January of this year at hia residence 8, The Albany, Piccadilly,
London, was signally remembered by
Queen Alexandra, who sent a wreath
to "My Dear Littlo Admiral." The
Incident at his funeral struck a
popular chord, and stories of his
boyhood and lifo have since been
printed at great length in the English papers. Some of theso are particularly interesting and Canadians
will be glad to have a reprint    of
His title of Father of tho Fleet
waa officially recognized, for by special Order-in-Council hia name remained at the head of tho Active
-List of the Navy, though ho actually retired in 1879.
Henry Keppel, fifth son of the
fourth Earl of Albemarle, who was
great-grandson of the Dutchman who
came over with the Prince of Orange,
waa born on June 14, 1800. Tho
gallant old sailor used to tell, with
a chuckle, tho talc that at the ago
of three weeks he was given up as
hopeless, and "placed in my father's
footpan to be interred in the garden
nt the back of the house, not being
entitled to a berth in consecrated
ground. In fact," he said, "they all
thought I was dead, but my old
nurse fsneied sho saw a glimmer of
life in mo, and brought mo round,
nnd saved me from being buried like
n kitten."
Another early recollection was that
his nurse frightened him with the
warning, "Boney is coming!" and
when he waa six years old he learnt
ot tha victory at Waterloo.
Ha was sent to a preparatory
school nt Needhain Market. A
sprightly, mischievous boy of infinite spirit, his school days were
not altogether uneventful, and the
gallant old gentleman has left on record ths following exploit: "As the
warm weather approached I succeeded in finding where thc master kept
hla hair powder, and with it mixed
soma finely-powdered sugar.   On com-
ADM1RAL Sill 11    itr-rll. OX II.
tng into school the flies soon founu
him, and as he got warm hi! head
became black instead of wh,ito. This
tittle game exceeded my expectations, as, irritated beyond endurance,
he dismissed the school."
When he was 11 years old his
father decidod that it was time to fix
on his career. Lord Albemarle talked
the matter over with him and his
brother Tom. Both lads wanted to
Join the Navy, but thu earl thought
it desirable that they should choose
different professions. Neither of thc
boys would give way. Reluting the
incident, Sir Henry adds: "Aa we
disagreed. I hit Tom in the eye,
which he, being thc biggest, returned with interest. When we had bad
enough father decided we should both
be sailors." In this rough-and-
ready-way waa the career of thc future Admiral of thc Fleet settled,
though, as a matter of fact, his
brother went into the Church.
In 1822, ho was entered at the
Royal Naval -school at Uosport.
Among the friends he made at this
time wero Hallowell, Suckling, ond
Francis Blackwood, all more or less
connected with Nelson, lie was appointed to the Tweed, commanded by
Captain F. Hunn, half brother of
Canning, in 1824, and began life at
While thc Tweed was at Dnhia
Keppel, who was of particularly
diminutivo appearance, was taken
ashore by his commander and ordered later to convey a despatch to the
Tweed in tho bay. Lord Cochrane
waa then blockading tho port, on
behalf of tho infant Empire, then a
colony of Portugal. It was the Portuguese officer of thc guard who refused to let the small oflicor of tho
King pass, Keppel saw that tho muskets in tho guardhouse looked too
well polished for use. Ilu told his
coxswain to be ready for n rush, and
before a rifle could be taken from
the racks, this youngster of 15 bad
carried all before him liko a miniature hurricane, followed by bis boat's
crew, leaving the sentry on his back.
They were all In tho boat in nn instant, a few musket balls from the
astonished guard falling into tho
water as they rowod away.
Keppel generally attracted the attention of his commander. 'We shall
see you an admiral yet, young Keppel," said he. "Very likely, sir,"
replied tho cheeky youth, "whin I
haven't noso enough left lo tell between the smell of powder und ship's
The Tweed returned (o Spithead in
February, 1825, and Joined tho (,'hun-
nel Sr|Ua-dron, and a littlo more than
two years later the ship   was   paid
out of commissi n. In 1827 Midshipman Keppel ugain joijicd tho
Tweed on this vessel boing commissioned by Captain Lord John
Churchill. Sho was inspected by the
last of tho line of Lord High Admirals, tho Duke ol Clarence, afterwards William IV., but Sir Henry
added in his reminiscences, with that
•quaint humor that distinguished
him, "ho did not notico me, although
I had rod hair liko his flag lieutenant, Hon. J. F. Ross."
While in tho Tweed Keppel waa
promoted to be sub-lieutenant, and
a year later, in 1829, became lieutenant, being then just 20 years of
age. On his return ashore ho joined
tho staff of the "kind" Duke of Sussex, and then in 1829 he embarked
in the Galatea, another ship of the
Channel Squadron, commanded by
Capt. Charles Napier, C.B., and
aailcd to the West Indies in search
of glory and prize money. It was
during this voyago that tho young
lieutenant fought his first and only
duel. His opponent, a fellow officer,
declared for apology or blood, but
it was not blood. Honor was held
to have been satisfied aftur two exchanges of fruitless shots, and then
came the preliminaries to reconciliation. Hutton, tho other principal,
held that Keppel should advance to
him; this he refused to do, and the
affair was settled by the two meeting midway and making up tho quarrel. Within a month of thia quarrel
ho was nearly killed by a rogue
In 1829 Keppel was at the Cape,
distinguishing himself chiefly aa a
devil-may-care sportsman. The steep
and almost precipitous cliff down
which he drove tandem is still known
as "Keppel's Folly." But the old
tor, who loved a yarn and a talk of
early days, used to sny of these escapades, "I've been at the bottom
of most ditches in most parts of
the world."
In 1833 he was promoted to Commander and given tho command of
the brig Childers a year later, one of
tho signatories to his commission
being Sir Thomas Hardy, Nolson's
faithful Hardy. Ho waa so small of
stature that his friends persuaded
him not to apply in person for tho
ship. Thereafter he saw a good deal
of the slave trade, and Chinese and
Malay pirates infested the Eastern
seas, and perpetually imperilled our
merchant ships. His first job was to
blockado 60 miles of coast with
boats, and this he did so well that
the Rajah offered him his daughter
in marriage.
He was home for the Coronation
of Queen Victoria, at which he was
present. In his next ship, the Dido,
he renewed his acquaintance with
the Eastern seas.
Keppel commanded the St. Jean
d'Acre, a fine ship, in the Baltic during the war with Russia, and subsequently took out troops to the
Crimea, where he was appointed
commander of the Naval Brigade end
greatly distinguished himself, being
gazetted three times for bravery.
Next ho hoisted his broad pennant
in the Raleigh for tho East Indies,
but had the misfortuno to ground her
off Macao and to stand a court-
martial which might have been serious if his brilliant exploit at Fat-
shun Creek had not covered him with
fresh honors.
'I'he lato admiral often said he did
not think much of the officer who had
not lost a ship, end sometimes bewailed his own hard fate in being
thus made tho means of improving
our charts, lt had been his luck, he
said, during his service to discover
17 rocks, unknown till he ran his
ship on  them.
Probably the finest piece of boat
work ever done was Keppel's attack
with seven boats on 35 large Chinese
junks in FaUhan Creek n 1857,
when his galley was sunk beneath
him, and fivo out of six of tho men
in it wero killed or wounded. At
tho first attack tho Chinese fire was
so hot that the boats were obliged
to fall back. Then Keppel called
out, "Let's try onco more with the
row-boats, boys," and thc men gavo
such a cheer, and mude such an onslaught, that the Chinamen gave
wuy, and a number of tho junks wero
captured und several sunk.
Talking of these days he used to
say that, like a cat, he must have
had at least nine lives, considering
tho chances of death which he had
escaped. Tho K.C.B. was deservedly
bestowed upon him for his courageous and clover leadership in the last-
mentioned  action.
He was sent to the Cape ln 1860
ns Naval Commander-in-Ciiief, and
from that position he was transferred
to tho Brazilian station. In 1867 he
hoisted his flag on thc Rodney as
vice-admiral commander-in-chief on
tho China and Japan station. Returning to England he attained tho
rank of full admiral, and Oxford conferred upon him the honorary degreo
of D.C.L.— rather to his amusement.
The other steps of honor which ho
trod mny bo summarised. Sir Harry
waa created O.C.I), in 1871, and became Admiral of tho Elect six years
lc.tor. llo retired in 1879, but that
only begun for him another equally
busy lifo of travel. To the last ho
was never so happy ns when he was
traveling across tho ocean, bound for
a fur-ofl land, and no voyager was
more welcome on board.
With the Hoyal family Sir Harry
wus a favorite from boyhood, and to
llis Majesty and tho Queen was known
as "Daddy." 'Un.- Queen not long
ago sent a greeting to "My dear littlo Admiral." Sir Harry was indeed "a littlo admiral," for ho was
scarcely over ,r> feet on height. Ho
was probably tho only man, outside
memhers of tho Koyal family, ever
photographed wilh his arm linked in
that of Qii.f>cn Alexandra.
A pretty story is told of the old
suit, who always delighted in the
play of children, being once taken
unawares at Marlborough House in
tho midst of stopping through a lively homplpo with littlo Prince Edward of Vork.
The lute admiral married first
Katharine Louisa, daughter of General Sir John Oroibio, who wns a
great invalid, and died in 1859; ond
secondly, Jane Elisabeth, daughter
of Mr. Martin John West, who died
In 1895.
Oeas lata ths Hlalstrr Wlthoat Portfolio
—Swara of tho rrlt/y Coanell by the
OaTeraor-Oeaeral—Skstcb af tha CI vie
•aa roi It leal Carssr af the Mew Falderal Mlaleter-A 34 Urgree Mason.
At n quarter to one o'clock on
Feb. 5, Mr. C. S. Hyinan, M.P., for
London, waa swoxn of the Privy
Council, without portfolio, in the
presence of the Governor-General, in
Hin Excellency'a office in tho East
Tho new Minister was introduced by
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who waa accompanied by Messrs. Sutherland
and Prefontaino.
Hon. Charles Smith Hyinan was
born at London, Ont., in IBM, His
father was the late E. W. Hyinan,
who came to Canada from Pcnn,
Pennsylvania, in lB.'lG, und his mother waa a daughter of the late William Nlles, ex-M.P. He was educated at Hellmuth College, London.
On hla father's death he succeeded
him in his business as a leather merchant and tanner, and at present ls
head of the firm of C. S. Hyinan A
Co., London. Ho was president of
the London Board of Trade, 1881-
1882, and then entered thc City
Council.     Ha waa chairman of   the
Sled   Racing   and   l.e»)al»S at   St. Morlts,
Swltssrlaad—loabaatlOR   on Torsuto
Hay at Kato at a Mil* a Minute.
Switzerland may well be termed
"the home of tho ice sportsman,"
notwithstanding Canada's strong
claim to the title.
In the littlo Alpine republic nil
sorts of snow and ice pastimes thrive
and most ore of tho simplest description. For instance, ono of the
leading diversions is coasting, on a
much more extensive and yet less
complicated plan than our tobogganing.
Instead ot erecting clubhouses  and
designing  elaborate   inclined   wooden
BOX. C. S.  ■THA*.
Finance Committee, and waa elected
Mayor of London in 1884. He haa
been president of thc London Cricket Club, and president of the Canadian Cricket Association. He is a
member of the Church of England.
He was married in 1876 to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. John Birrell,
London. He unsuccessfully contested
London for the House of Commons
at the general election of 1887. At
tho election of 1891 he was returned
by a majority of 187 over Sir John
Carling, but was unseated on petition. He was elected English Secretary of the Ottawa Iteform Convention of 1893. Mr. Hyman was successful in carrying London in the
Liberal interests at the general election of 1900, and has taken a prominent part in the House of Commons
ever since, having been chairman of
tho Railway Committee, and a member of the Redistribution Committee
of last session. He has always taken a deep interest in Masonry. He i.s
a Past Master of Tuscan Lodge, No.
195, London. He is also a member
of the London Lodge of Perfection.
as well as a member of thc Sovereign
Chapter of Rose Croix. He haa attained the 31st degree.
Saa ot Sir  .Richard Cartwright Sacrstary
•f lha Maw Railway Cssaaslstlaa.
At a meeting of tho Cabinet on
Feb. 1 the appointment of Captain
A. D. Cartwright, barrister, of Toronto, as secretary of the Railway
Commission was formally ratified.
The position    carries with it a sal-
ary of $4,000 per year. Captain
Cartwright is a son of Sir Richard
Cartwright, Minister of Trade and
Commerce. Captain Cartwright is
an honorary en plain and adjutant
of the Royal Grenadiers, and wns
for several years secretary of the
Ontario Riflo Association.
Ta Keep Sisal l-'roai nasi.
Iron and steel goods of all descriptions are kept free from rust in tho
following manner: Dissolve one-half
of an ounco of camphor in one pound
of hog's lard, tako ofl tho scum and
add as much black lead as will givo
tho mixture an iron color. Iron and
steel goods of all kinds rubbed with
this mixture and left with it on for
twenty-four hours and then rubbed
with a linen cloth will keep clean
for monthf,      ...   	
structures, as ao our toboggan enthusiasts, as a general rule tho
Swiss sportsmen select an extended
stretch of sloping ground, providing
one or more particularly steep ascents here and there, and lay out a
racing course by bunking tho mow
on either side and pounding the
floor of the track to boardliko hardness. Now all is ready, and warmly
clad natives and tourists vie in sledding from end to end  against time.
Some sensational records huvo been
mado, as thc sleds bound downward
with tremendous velocity.
A favorite variation of coasting is
"sled leaping," which consists of
speeding to an icy "tako off," whore
the coaster pulls upward on his
sled in its bounding flight and
launches forward into a hod of loosely packed snow.
He who covers thc greatest distance over the snow bod from tho
"take off" is, of course, iho winner.
Thc centre of Swiss snow and ice
sports in the famed resort, St.
Moritz. There bus hern constructed
a uiagniliccnt sledding truck culled
the Crest a run.
The run can be used all winter,
and travelers consider it a potent attraction when outlining trips on the
In the illustrations accompanying
this article are shown scenes on the
Crest a run.
Iccbaatlaf at Toronto.
Toronto has ono of the largest and
fastest fleets of ice yachts on tho
continent. The club has a large
membership,  most of whom are   ac-
Tast Areas nf Fertile Lands Which Are
Mksly ta Ilecome tho World's Wlieiat-
llvlals—Where I'rodiir'ilnn Is ltuguliir
and Censtant—<ir«at Forests a.f Fine
Timber—A Chinese Sawmill.
To the observer of events and conditions in this portion of tho Orient
it is not difficult to understand tho
tenacity of Russia in hanging on to
Manchuria. It is tho richest of all
tho provinces of China and as vust
as it is rich.
Tho Chinese Eastern Railway, tho
southeastern branch of the groat
Siberian Railway, in its courso
through Muncluiriu to iis end at
Port Arthur passes through more
than a thousand miles of us continuously rich agricultural country
as can be found anywhere in the
world, lt is a country whero crop
failures und famine are almost unknown unit where production is as
roRiilnr and constant ua nnv place
dependent on natural rainfall, The
country tributary to the Chinese
Eastern Railway embraces approximately 05.000 square miles, almost
every acre of which is tillable soil.
But this does not comprehend all
nor even a major part of Manchuria.
Ono of the most fruitful vulloys of
the world is that of tho Sungari
Itiver, only a portion of which is
traversed  by  the railroad.  This riv-
tastruinent of Torture lu Common l„
Munchiii-lit    It* We r*r Una tn SU,
In a Bitting Pasture, P
Wearing (hi    cangue   is n fav  ,.
Manchuriuu punilhmont.   Tho cane
Is  a    wooden     collar     fitting   cu!!°
around   tho   nock,    the   weight    i
which is usually from fifty to Sjx,
pounds.   On  the cangue  is Inscribe
VMy.'*s    - ' A/ & *■> ,
tlve and own anil run ice yachts It
is no uncommon sight to see from
thirty to fifty yachts on the bay
flanking the city uny pleasant day
during the winter.
The yachts carry from two to ten
persons, depending upon (heir llzs
and the velocity of the wind.
The speed attained in a stiff wind
iq often terrific, exceeding frequently a mile a minute.
■ .
Shelter nay ot Chemulpo Are  New Ceo-
trolled hy Japan.
One of the principal desires of Kue-
ila has boen to obtain the Rose Islands in the Corenn lutrbor of Chemulpo, because they would bo of
Immense vuluu to her fur coalinu
Atations. Japan'8 recent victories.
however, at present stand In tho
way. Whether the favor of the irod
of war  will change  this status    ia,
of course, yet in tho womb of tho
future. Tho islands shelter thc Day of
Chemulpo and commuud the South-
un water-way of the cstuury of the
Han, the direct road by wnter ti*
Mupu, the port of Seoul, a distance
of 65 miles. An attempt wus mado
to purchnso tho Islands from Corea,
but tho Japanese successfully opposed thc sale. Chemulpo, which tneuns
"Muddy Harbor," wns opened to
foreign commerce in lHH.'l. It hns
about 2.000 foreign residents, principally Japanese.
lhe TeaeheiS* Dread.
There are threo classes of children,
according to The Home Sclonco Magazine, that touchers dread to receive—namely, tho only child, ihs
youngest child und the child rained
by his grandmother.
in inks I-: h.i win i.i. IS ham nru A~ZZ
er, emptying Into tho Amur, is the
waterway for the northern purt of
Manchuria mid drains nn Immense
area of arable land. Some of tho
richest  sections    aro rolling hills of
black loam
Whilo beans, barley, oats, millet,
tobacco, hemp, corn and vegetables
mc the present principal crops and
are grown rather extensively and
profitably, the entire Sunguri volley seems to be especially adapted
to thc production of wheat, and it
has always been grown in a email
way for local use by tho natives.
There nro throe varieties in general
life—a small, plump white wheat, a
longer grain of a durkor color and
another lnrger and longer and still
darker but quite thin grain. Tho
introduction of improved seed will
in time no doubt Improve the quul-
ity and quantity of production, ultimately making this one of the
world's greatest  wheat  holds.
Tho great need of the country Is
modern agricultural implements, nnd
herein is an opportunity for Canadian trade. The net results of the
war may, of course, havo some effect on the freedom accorded if Russia remains In control, but so fur
there havo been no obstacles pluced
in the wny.
Tho manufacture of flour is already becoming un important industry, and flouring mills nro being
elected in various parts of the province. Harbin i.s the present centre
of this industry nnd is destined to
become one of tho great (lour producing centres of the world., it is
situated in the henrt of' the valley
of the Sungari, on the banks of that
stream, Whore it has the advantOM
ot water transportation from the
wheat-fields as well ns transportation
by rail from three different direct ions.
It has in addition to tliis cheap
wnter transportation to the sen, two
lines of railway touching the ocean,
one at Vladlvostock and the Other
line touching it ut Newihwung, Uul-
ny and Port Arthur. Though onlv
three venrs old, this is ono of the
greatest cities of Asia and hus tho
largest European population of any
Asiatic city, containing 80,000 Russians, besides the soldiers, 'i'he na-
tlvo Chinese population numbers
about 40.000.
Asido from thc agricultural resources Manchuria has groat for.-sis
which are especially attracting Russian enterprises. Many important
lumbering plants huve been established, particularly nt points tributary to the Valu und Sungnri Rivers, along the upper waters of which
slronms thoro uro vust. forests containing Immense quantities ol exceedingly flno timber. Tho timber
along tho Ynlu, which is very abundant on both tho Corenn ntul Mnn-
churian sides of the streum. Is mainly pine, very much like the while
pino of Canada, nnd is the principal
sourco of supply for the China market.
Hitherto lumbering has boon curried on in a very primitive wny, the
logs boing cut into timber bv the
'.vhipsaw method, tho natives using a
thin and narrow saw blndo. with
teeth sot so ns to cut both ways.
Tho Russians nro, however, introducing new and homier machinery,
lt is snid thnt they am to construct
at. the mouth of the Ynlu tho second
largest sawmill in tho world. There
aro several lnrgo sawmills in tho
city of Harbin, cutting timber which
is rnflod down thn Sungari River
along  tho  head   waters  of  which  ex-
tinsivo lumbering operations have
been recently begun. As tho country
Is being -developed by Russian enter-"
prise, thore Is an increasing demand
for  lumber,    particularly    for  houso
bunding and   railway   construction,
As in Iho caso of agricultural Implements, there sooms to bo here an opportunity for the Introduction of
Canadian  lumbering  machinery.
in large letters the  offense uud thi
duration of punishment.
As the wearer of tbe cangue ii In.
capable of using his hands, ho hu
to bo fed, and nstho cungue piwcnti
Its wearer from lying down what
sleep ho gets must be obtained in »
sitting posture.
The Japaiiena War Uud.
Before hostilities broke out a pie-
turesque feature of thu preparation
for war was the veneration of Ha*
yachimn, tho Japanese war end, an
ancestor of tho Mikado, llu haa a
templo at Kumakura, ono of tho
ancient capitals of Japan, le-ar Yo-
kohuina, but he is supposed to be
present in spirit in tho grout Shinto
temple on Kudnn hill, Tokio. Hero
twice a year tlio troops stationed
at Tokio come to pav thoir respects
to comrades who havo fallen in battle. Company by company they
march up and solemnly present nrmi
before tho temple, honoring thoir
dead. Beforo departing for the front
also the troops went to salwto tha
god, leaving votive offerings to in-
syro their safo return. The soldiers
hang straw sandals up about the
temple. This, thoy think, will mako
thorn fleet-footed.
Tho worship of Hnyurhimn is encouraged by the Oovernment, It
makes the soldiers more warlike and
increases their lovo for tho Mikado,
Hayuchima's descendant. War sonpi
nre compiled by the militury Authorities and aro taught in tho
schools. Little children march miles
In the blazing sun carrying the Japanese flag. The spirit of tlio old
Samurai, tho retainer of tho shoeun,
who novor drew his sword without
just cause and never sheathed lt
without honor, Is not allowed to
New Mayer ot Montreal.
The new Mayor of Montreal. Mr,
Laporte, who hns just been elected
by over 12,000 majority, ia a good
illustration of what industry and
character can do. Mr. I^aporta is
tho son of poor parents who lived In
a small village near Montreal. Ho
learned no English at school. Dut
making up his mind that a knowledge of both languages was nec.-S*
sary   to   business   success,   he   used'
to spend his evenings    ponding   V»
English nowspapers.     Ho   gmdiisHj
acquired    a flrst-rato hnowleilge
tho language, which for all   ea**
cial purposes ls still a vital ne»r
slty in tho Provlnco of Quebec.   **
is now tho head of a great   ww",
salo grocery concern which    aw
largo    trade in both Proviin"-*.
man of much courtesy, modesty ■"■
reserve, ho has devoted much 01 P
sparo  timo to municipal sixain.   ^
ing known from first to I"****-   **
man of undoubted Integrity-
Suieeetle. ferB-fll.a •***-*,"*",;l"'n.
Lieutenant-Colonel    Seton Char
(11 of tho British army recsnur
a good   story at tho   London ng
sionnry Society's mooting.     '   ^
first  Poor war,  ho snld.  •**     ,v
holding a religious serviro   m   ^
open nnd a Kaffir asked    ww»   ^
tho  noiso  was about.    HO *n     ,,,,•
that thoy woro worshlplmr *•""„,,
c*usc they wanted to fo to n   ^
which  was  a vory  nico pl'j"'-    ^
natlvo then  Inquired,     _*__'  ..'I
' docs not England anna* h«'»Icn' Ithe
ma *m ne
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
Lies Through  Rich,   Red Blood
And Strong Nerves.
■nobility is » word thftt fo**r,y ex"
bscij   many   ailments    undnr   ono
'ros      poor blood, week nerves, lm-
'**'"     (ijgt-stion,  loss of flesh.     No
,,-ev   no ambition, listloss and In-
'nfferent     '''his condition is perhaps
,' nltv of ovorwork, or the re*
I, 0f neglected health. You must
Lain your health or succumb en-
„.t.|y There is just ona ubsolulely
,„u way to do Uiis—take Dr. Wil-
lums'  rink •l'ills.      These  pills will
■ring   y°u    now life'  fll1 "vury Veln
villi  riili,  red  blood,  restore elftttl-
ltv t,, lhe step, the glow ofl health to
i„; Wiin cheek; thoy will Inspire you
ith now energy and supply the vital
rn. nl mind und body.
Tlicro Is not a corner of the civil-
,(,,1 World where Dr. Williams' I'ink
til-; have not brought   health   and
und  happiness  to  some  weak,
ejjililnted,    despairing    person.      If
,,, imve not used the Dills yourself,
ik yuur neighbors and thoy will tell
,u    these   statementa    me   solemn
uth    Mr- Charles Baitlnier, forbcr-
,,   s   .*'., Rnys :     "1 was very much
un down nnd so weak I could hardly
lHi    It seemed as though iny blood
aa iii llo better than water,   f tried
overal inetlicinea,  but I got nothing
In |p mo until  I  began taking Dr.
H'illiiiins' I'ink Pills.    It was simply
stonishing   how    quickly  these pills
egan to help mo and how much new
nd vigor thoy put Into me.     I
m n  cook  by  profession,   and   the
nt that I was ablo to cook for fif-
ivi.    men   last   winter is   tho   best
f tlmt the pills havo mado mo ma
ound as over I was. '
There  is   no    mystery    about   the
ower of Dr. Williams'  Pink l'ills to
ul   now  lifo and strength  into you.
actually  make  now  blood,  and
is why they euro all blood dla-
, like anaemia, indigestion, liver
^ial  kidney  troubles,   headaches  and
nckaches and the special ailmonts of
omen.    Through tho blood Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills feed and steady the
Icrvcs, strike at the root of nervous-
i'ms. cure St. Vitus' dance, fiU, neu-
Jalgiu, seiutica and partial paralysis.
II    those  diseases  spring  from  bad
flood and disordered norvos, and
hey have nil been cured positively
nd permanently by Dr. WilllAms'
Nnk Pills. Sold by all modiolus
'.ilors at 50 cents a box or 1 ix l.-oxet
a- $-\S0, or by mail from the Dr.
.1!:.uns'   Medicine   Co.,   Brockville,
Ol lhe sixteen children Lorn to the
I'rofessor   Moni'mscn     four    Bit-
ml ono is a physician, and another
is in the Reichstag for nantr.lg.
Deafness Cannol Be Cured
local applications aa they cannot reach tht
Il-.i-aseil 1101-tlon of the cnr. Then? Is only ont
uy to euro deafness, and lhat Is by canttltu-
unal remedies, Ueafnt-Hs ia cauRctl liy on In-
uneJ condition of the niurouB lining of tht
ml.-i.-lilan Tube. When tin-, nil..- li Imlaintd
i.u have a rumbling sound or Imperfect bear-
I.:, and when It 1* entirely closed, Deafness If
* r.-Riilt, and unless the Inflammation can bt
I..., out snd this tube restored to Its normal
I Ilii.in, hearing will be destroyed forever;
Bne cases out cf ten are caused by Catarrh,
Ihk-h Is nothing but an Inflamed condition of
mucous surfaces.
|We  will give One  Hundred Dollars for any
of Deafness (cnum-.1 ly catarrh) Ihnt can-
bt l.e cured by Hall's Catarrh Curt.   Send far
|u ulars, free.
F. J. C1IEN'i:Y & CO., Toledo, 0.
Hold hy all druggists. -i«c.
J lull's ramlly l'ills are the best.
|ln  ti divinity essay writton    by nn
li.*h schoolboy appeared  Iho fol-
ii - pussuge :    "And  Hi' mmI unto
Como forth; but ho come lit'h,
, at    tin-   in!,.      Mortal, (jit  up
If your blood is thin tad impure, you are miserable all the
time. It is pure, rich blood
that invigorates, strengthens,
refreshes. You certainly know
the medicine that brings good
health to the home, the only
I medicine tested and tried for
|'30 years. A doctor's medicine.
" I owe my life, without donbt, lo Ajer'J
irMpullla, It It the moil wonderful nitill-
"" in the world for uervoutnrai. Mf core It
imain-lit. ami I cannot thank M tnnush."
Mu*. liKLiA MuWul, Newark, M. J.
* a boitla, j. o. atir Co.,
,-lita. m tSSSSfi **»"■■
Poor Health
■ Seraennt   Mnrtln   Ia   Retired   After
Tlilrlj* Years' Service.
Sergeant John Martin of the ."Ninetieth company, const artillery, stationed
at Port McIIenry, who was the only
man out of 277 to survive the massacre
of the Sioux Indians under General
Custer, was retired from service by a
general order issued by the department
of the east. Sergeant Martin has served
for thirty years, since he was twenty
years old. He will receive thuso-quarters of his regular pay.
On June 25,1870, General Custer sent
Sergeant Martin, then a trumpeter,
back from the camp on the Little Big
Horn river, Montana, to Captain Ben-
teen for re-enforcements. Martin said
tie had scarcely mounted a hill about a
mile from thc camp when he saw Sitting Bull approaching.
"I knew that It was too late for th*
re-enforcements, but I continued on my
mission. I looked buck for a minute,
and I know that my comrades were
doomed. I theu hurried on to Captain
lientet'ii. 1 met bim coming In the direction of tbe camp. Ou ihe 20tb ws
had an engagement with the same redskins wbo bad killed Custer and tbe
detachment. It was not until tbe 27tU
that we reached the field where the
bodies Iny. We found Custer leaning
against tbe stomach of a dead horse.
There were dead men all around bim.
Ue was nearly the last to die, I think."
Sergeant Martin also served ln the
campaigns In tbe Black Hills In 1875
nnd the Yellowstone ln 1870 and 1877
under the command of General Terry
and later under General Sturgis. Hs
bas in his possession a handsomely engrossed, certilicate signed by Captain
Bentceu which contains tbe dates of
tbe various engagements In which hs
Captain Farr, the temporary commander at Fort McIIenry, sent Sergeant Martin a letter commending hit
meritorious work ln tbe army.
Sergeant Martin is married and resides at 1321 Hull street—Baltimore
Barillas Vrrvrmt. Haaslng.
Henry Foster, wbo was taken to the
Nebraska penitentiary some nights ago
to cheat a crowd tbat was bent on
lynching him for the cold blooded murder of Thomas Gentleman of Fremont,
has escaped the scaffold through tbo
agency of a diminutive bacillus that requires a microscope to be seen. Tbe bacillus is the diplobacillicapsilatus-Kro-
genes, so rare that physicians in tho
state have come across only one otber
instance of its presence. It enters •
wound, causing tbe forming under tho
skin of gas that is fatal. Gentleman
died from thc bacillus. It was said at
the hospital that his chance of recovery from shooting was infinitesimal, but
none of the physicians and experts
could swear before tbe coroner's Jury
that Gentleman would not bave lived
could he bave escaped tbe bacillus, so
the charge of murder bad to bo withdrawn.
Expert Telegrapher at Eleyea.
Robert T. Bnlrd, aged eleven yearn,
the son of Robert L. Balrd of Grova-
nia, holds a unique place among tho
bright youths of Georgia.
He is a fast and accurate telegraph
operator and bas already dono regular
work In Western Union offices. At ono
time be was in charge of tbe office* at
Vienna as day operator.
Young Baird seems to bare taken te
tbe key by instinct. When only seven
years old be could sit at tbe Instrument
and send before his father knew ho
was acquainted with the alphabet At
nine years of nge he could receive, and
now be Is considered a competent operator-Atlanta Constitution.
.-native doses of Ayer'o PHI* each
"Kin greatly nld th* 6ar**parlllne
Brush & C°>
TORONTO,  "  OlfT.
Mr.    Chas.    Gilchrist    Declares
Dodd's Kidney Pills Cured
Hb Diabetes
■• Suffered For Ten Years anil Uonld Om
No Rellaf Till Be Tried Um Urea
Canadian Kidney Remedy.
Port Hopo, Ont., Mar. 14—(Special)
—It has long been admitted that
what will cure Diabetes will curo any
form of Kidnoy Disease, and Dodd's
Kidm-y Pills have cured tho longstanding Diabetes of Charles liikbrist
of this place.
Mr. Gilchrist is easily one of ?ho
best known men In Port Hope, l-'or
fifteen years ho was Chief of Police
and for twenty-two years Fishery
Overseer of tho Dominion Uovern-
i.iont. When asked regarding his
cure, ho had no hesitation in spying
it was caused by Dodd's Kidney l'ills
and nothing else.
"I had Diabetes and Kidnoy Disorder for ten years,': he said.. ''My
urine was like brickdust and I had a
terrible backache. I tried doctors,
tried everything, but could get no
holp till I was advised to try Dodd's
Kidney Pills. 1 commenced taking
them, soon began to get butter and
am quite well now.
"If I had not used Dodd's Kidney
Fills I am sure I would have been in
my grave.:'
Sound Kidneys take all impurities
out of the blood. Dodd's Kidney
Pills make sound Kidneys. Thoy are
the greatest tonic of the age.
Hussion newspapers insist that one
war will not end it. Possibly Japan
will be willing to quote them mU-s
on half-dosson lots if thoy must havo
Thieve* nnd niblea.
Bibles ure laid by detectives to bo
nuire rarely stolen than any other objects. This is not becnuse Bibles nro
worthless to a thief, but because few
criminals are suflit-Iently depraved to
steal the good book. A detective said
recently thnt in an Important caso
which he had followed up some years
ago a thief bad entered the house,
stolen some valuable Jewels and left
untouched a Blblo bound in white
chicken skin and studded with penns.
The detective caught the thief, and the
man who hnd been robbed, a dealer In
curios, visited his despoller In Jail, took
an interest ln him because he bad not
taken the Bible and eventually reformed him and got him a good Job.
"I knew," the thief snid, "that if I
took that Bible it would do me barm
and if I didn't lake it lt might do me
good. I let it alone, and now, thank
heaven, I'm an honest and a righteous
Tho detective added that ln another
case where a thief had stolen a Bible
the book had been returned. "Another
thing few thieves will take," he added,
"is a child's laving! bank."
A girl is always proud of her new
hat until she meets another girl iwlb
oik- that's more freakish,
Safety For Your Children
When a mother finds it necessary to
give her little one medicine sho cannot bo too careful as to tbe remedy
employed. The so-called "soothing"
medicines always contain poisonous
opiates, and these should never be
given to a child. Strong drug* and
harsh purgatives should also to
avoided. An ideal medicine for young
children is Baby's Own Tablets, which
cure all the minor ills of childhood,
and the mother has tiie guarantee of
one of the foremost analysts of Canada that this medicine contains no
opiate. Milton L. Herscy, M. A. He.,
demonstrator in Chemistry, McGill
University, says :—"I hereby certify
that I have made a careful analysis
of Baby:s Own Tablets which I personally purchased in a drug storo in
Montreal, and said analysis has failed to detect tho presence of any opiate or narcotic in them." Analysis
Is proof, therefore mothers know that
in giving their little ones Baby's Own
Tablets they aro giving them an absolutely safe medicine. Sold by all
druggists or mailed at 25c a box by
writing thc Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
It's an onsy matter to gauge n person's wisdom. Draw him into a discussion, and if he agrees with you he
is sensible.
Trolley DlalafeeteBte.
An Italian scientist claims to have
established that electric tramways ore
great mediums ia the disinfection of
towns. He points out that tbe electric
spark, which is so frequent an occurrence to the overhead trolley, and tbe
emission of light from the car wheel
when tbe rail is used for tbe return
current transform the oxygen of tho
air into ozone, which bas a purifying
nud disinfecting influence. Tbe high
discharges, be says, are frequent
enough to Influence greatly the atmospheric constituents, especially where
the line passes through nnrrow thoroughfares. Tbey become antisepti*
Condensed  Eg.es 1
In Germany they make condensed
eggs! The superfluous water is removed, and sugar is added. The condensed eggs nre put np for tbe market
In hermetically sealed boxes, a pound
box containing about fifteen eggs. Tbis
article finds a good market ln South
Africa, but during the present egg
famine ihey might bo Imported Into
this country with more or less profit—
Indianapolis Journal.
REl'ENT.—A little medicine in th.* Shape
of the wonderful pellets which nie known
as Parmelee's Vegetable l'ills. administered at thc proper time und with the
directions adhered to often prevent 11
serious attack ot sickness and save mount which would fro to the doctor. In
all irregularities of tho digestive organs
they are an Invalunblo corrective 1.1,d by
cleansing the blood they clear tho nkiii
of imperfections. —»—
Itussia will not mbke an exhibit ai
St.. I.ouis, having decided that it
will hake enough work on its hands
to make a satisfactory exhibit In
Lifebuoy Soap—disinfectant— is strongly
recommended by the m, illcal profession
as a safeguard again*-! infectious diseases. II "J
A hair restorative is advertised
I that will make hair grow in a nijiht.
jOne that will make hair grow in a
.year is hope enough.
Russia probably will do something
when it gets its second wind, if in
tho meantime unconfirmed cumors do
not scare it lo death.
Corea hns granted Japan the tip li t
to traverse its country. fOorcan
BtatCOmon arc evidently mind nailers.
Although China is lo ■•<• neutral
territory, wise citizens of l'okin are
bury mr anything that could possibly
Ik- construed ns loot.
Southern  Industries.
During the past year, according to
the Chattanooga Tradesman, there
were established In tbe south 5,290 new
industries. An Interesting fact ln connection with theso new industries ia
that the manufacturing interests ot tbo
section arc now being diversified a*
never before. Among others, plants
were established for the manufacture
of buttons, brass, pianos, pottery and
Speakers of the lloase.
There have been thirty-three speakers of the national bouse of representatives. Eleven of tbem became United
States senators and one of them, James
K. Polk of Tennessee, president of tbe
United Stntes. The position lias been
lllled by only one merchant, one physician, 0110 preacher, three editors, while
, twenty-four of them have been law*
Admirals Togo and Ito do not need
nn extra transport for their names
which may account for tho mobility
ol the Japanese fleet.
It may be thnt lludynrd Kipling is
wait ine to give Poet Laureate Austin
the first poetical  whack at the war.
The Japs are so Confoundedly polite, too, even while they are landing
on your solar plexus.
While China's judgment tells it to
remain neutral, its heart counsels
tho throwing of a flat-iron.
$5,000 Reward flJWW
Limited, Toronto, to any person wha
can provo that this soap contains
any form of adulteration whatsoever
tr contain* any Injurious chemical*.
1 Aik f*r the Oclag•■ B«r. f*i|
Dr*   Agnew's     Catarrhal    Powder   ■
Croat Blessing.
"When I read that Or. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder could relieve Catarrh in
10 minutes I was (ar (rom lieing convinced. 1 tried it—a singlo pull through
the blower adorded instant relict, slopped pain over the eyes and cleansed the
nasal passages. To-day 1 am tree from
Catarrh." Ii. L. Egan's I Ean ton, l'a.,)
experience has been that of thousands of
others and may be yours. Mold t*y all
Kllni Terry has n passion for cottages. She owns throe, one nt Small
Bythe, Kent, being one of the flu-eat
examples of homely Tudor architecture in Kngland.
Have You a Skin Disease?--'
Tetter, Salt Itheum, Scald Head, Ringworm, Eczema, itch, Harbors' llch, tTl-
ccrs, blotches. Chronic Erysipelas, Liver
Spots, Prurigo, l'soriusis, or other eruptions ol the skin—what Ur. Agnew's
Ointment ha.s dune (ur others It cun do
for you—cure you. Ons sppllcution ghes
relief.    35 cents—87!
Dr. Ihle. of the anthropological department of the university of California. Ims trone to Peru to s.udv the
origin and early customs of the inhabitants of the Pacific coast.
A Short Cut
to Health
If you want to enjoy
vigorous health take
They are a veritable short cut
to letting e*nd perfect health*
rrcrarea aaly by UM rrapaletar. TBOHAB UICUI. Sta —leas. *a*la«b
Sold everywhere In Oanada and U. a Amerloa.
In boa**, M eente.
A Perfect FLOUR For       *flf
Sold— in original packages
only— by ail dealers.
OGILVIE'S- Millers to e. R. K. Tke Priice tf Wilt*
istic PRtPtRtWTIALio'cicAR
Yoiill  Enjoy Every Bit Of It,
Dropsy is one positive Sign of
Kidney Disease.- Have Yoa Aoyot
theso unmistakable signs ? 1'utQiiess under the eyes ? Swollen limbs J (-".mothering teellng ? Chunge ol lhe character .
nf the uiine V Kxhuustiun alter least ex- I
ertion ? If you have there's dioi'Sical
tendency and you shouldn't lose nn bour
in putting yourself under ths giant South
American  Kidney Cure.—88
A set of ailver-niouirted dueling pistols onco owned hy George Washington wns purchased by a l-Tow \ink
dealer tlu- other day at un auction.
A Sour Stomach and a Sour
Temper trnvol linnd-in-hand and are the
precursors of mental and physical wreck.
Nine hundred ami ninety-nnu times in >i
•nousand (ood ferment (indigestion) is
the cause. llr. Vnn Stan's I'iiieiippla
Tablets keep ths stomach sweet—aid dl-
testion—keep the nerve centres well balanced—they're nature's panacea—pleasant
mid  harmless.    35 cents—88
While China means lo bo neutral.
inhabitants keep right on talking Losing lessons.
Thog; Hahinr of Kglinton, Says : "1
huve removed ten corns from my feet
«ith Holloway's Com Cure." Kaoder.
1.0  thou and do  likewise.
11" a woman doesn't have lime to
eat slu* gv-is nlopg pretty well, not
Ituvhlg time to think about it.
Russia feels that it  could   use
unlimited, amount of summer   lu
I Coughing is an outward sign of
inward disease.
Cnre the disease with
Ths Lung
and the cough will stop.
Try it to-night.    If it doesn't
benefit you,  we'll  give your
money back.
Prices: S. C. Wst.ts A Co. MT
2Sc. SOc. Sl   LeRoy. N.Y.. Toronto, Can.
Demand* •ound Hor*«« Only.
UM hofifrttell it lew thia half tfitff actual nine i
HHflDH foi use or uie.  Tbaf "**■
beuy.  AbwboUlMOf
wfflwwkaptrminentcunfor Bparim, BtOffbeaM,
Bplinti. Curba, etc., and allformi of Lameneae.
Ii curei thousandiof c»mi annually, Such aQdonamentg
ai tha ana following ara ■ fuaraote* of nariL
Ciir-W two Bom Spavins of Ten Yuri' 8tind1n|.
Eat!vine, N.Y., Mar. tt, low.
Dr. B. J. Kfnrhn Co., Gentlemen:— Some yean aire I
■led your Ken-Jall'i Spavin Cure on a h-me tint had tw«
Bone Spavin a, and It removed than entirely. Thai*
Spavins had beea on him from birUu and ware of Un
yeara* ■landing. I now have a case or a mare that wu
Injured by falling thron|ti a bridge, and am going to glva
har complete treatment with your Spavin Cure. Flaoio
■»nd mtacopy ofynur "Treatiaoon the I tone and hli
Ubtaaea.-       Yonti very truly,     , CLAKlC a 1-ORT.
VrlO* fl 1 ell ft)" SB. Ai ■ IMmenl for family ua
ll hu no oqual. Aid yonr drugRiit for K*nrtall*t
SpaTla Our*, alao "A Troatiaa on tha non*,"
Uie book free, or addreea
DR. B. J. KENDALL CO.. Enosburg Fitlt, Vt >
Do You Want
mm wi 10 wureu YH* WIMHaia
Tt co-woe ram cum ti « kiumu ma
nwi hivin wi iuroi attmtiw
If am, Uia undersigned wants joar kulaM mo* will aawdoavor te give sallsWsM—'
Cash adTsaeed on eonsifnaanta.     Belsrsnsei   Union Bank of Tfriri-rla.
Tbe oldsst sstsblished Grain Comi
U.rchant in Winnipeg.
Oraln  Exehan-je,  Wlaaipeg.
ShakeH|>a.ore was lnuiJic.ipii.-ci bo-
caiii-!!? thero wero no automobiles in
his day to blow up and kill tlio villains :n his plays.
l.ilinus man is never a companionable
mini became his ailment renders him mores.* uml gloomy. The complaint is not
so dangerulll uh it is disaicreeahle. \et
no uiiu lived suln-i- (rom it Who cun procure l'uniul<"e:s Vegetable l'ills. Ily rear-
iilntuu; tiie liver and obviating the effects
nl l-il.* in the stomuch they restore men
to cheerfulness uud full vigor of action.
Money doesn't always bring happiness. Imi iho avei-ajre man is willing
to   take     chances    along     with     the
If your children moan und are restless
dininc sleep, coupled when awake wim a
loss of appetite, pale countenance, pick-
itnr of the nose, etc., you my depend
upon it thut the primtiry cans, of the
trouble is worms. Mother Qrevet Worm
Kxtermimitor .(Tertually lemoves thee.*
nests, at once relieving the little sulTei*-
Belli* Applegato, an American singer, unci- employed at iho Ihccdcn
Opera will i?° to tho royal theatre
ut Weimar.
Poor min! He can't help IC
He gets bilious. He needs a
mod liver pill—Ayer's Pills.
They set directly on the liver,
cure biliousness.      f0-*
Want your moustache or beardj
krewa or rich Mack? Ue,
eafee ie aTiee ia,aBae *t*m *ta\\ * *mt leaai a*aap**aaaeeap *m sa
Corea must bo tempted to move in
lhe spring if it can lind another tlat.
Laugh   when  a  friend  tells  a  joke;
tt Is one of tho taxes you must pay.
John Hay, United States becretary
of state, and former minister to
Croat Britain, was a very homely
hid. and used to put on un apron
anil wash dishes for his mother.
Some hoys and g't'ls tempted him to
como out with llis apron on, and then
chaffed him: ho had purposely brought
a basin of water with him, and this
he throw ovor his tormentors, lioye
and girls alike.
LoRicers lead a life which exposes them
to many perils. Wounds, cuts and bruises cannot ba altogether avoided in preparing timber (or the drive and in river
work,where wet and cold combined era
of daily experience, coughs and colds and
muscular pains cumot tut antue. Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil, when applied to
the Injured or administered to the ailing,
works wonders.
Unssiii by this time has jrot over
tin- notion thut it can smack .)a|*aa
with one hand tied behind its buck
Ilussiu is very short of dictors,
haviiiR only eight for every l«v*°o
Inhabitants. Great Dritain has 180
for thc same number.
Severe colds aro easily CUfod by the
uso of nicfclq'a Anti-Consumptive Syrup, n medicine of extraordinary neii.*-
tratitnr nnd houlimr properties, lt is
ncKtinwlodffOfl bv those who bavo '..r.nd
it ns bolne litis best mo'll-1!-,.- rold I'M'
onelts. Cold", Inflammation of the
liin-'s. ond nil affection* of the Ihront
n-ul cliesi. lis n"i*o.onble!i.»ss lo iho
tiis.ie mnk-08 it a favorite with Indies
nnd children.
A >r.|\tly tlio Japanese know that
In fiU-htlng nn adversary l"*3 Huwda
It In necessary, if possible, to deliver
ths knockout blow in the first round.
The whistle of a locomotive la heari
8,800 yards through the air, the noise
of a railway train 2.800 yards, the report of a musket 1,800 yards, an orchestra or tbe roll of a drum 1,000 yards
and tbe human voice reaches to a distance of 1,000 yards. Distinct speaking is heard in tbe sir from below to
a distance of 000 yards; from above It
la only understood to bsve a range of
100 yards downward.	
A FortunaU Mam.
"Tee," snld tbe man from tbe weat,
"he wns Tery lucky.   He went to a newly
discovered gold country and la leas tban
three weeks come home with $1,000."
"That paid hlm well for his lime."
"N-no, I won't go so fer us te say that.
You see, he had tbe |1,000 when be atitt*-
ed, but hu was mighty fortunate to be able
to hold on to It. "—Washington Star.
 li* I THU DR4M., SLOOAN, B. C, MARCH 25. 1«M.
■    a
C. E. SnmnsaiNOALE, Editor and Prop.
is rususasn bvsry Friday at I
iLOCAN,      •      •        -        "      B. C-
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first iniertion and 5 cents a line each
aubiequent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
at legal adyertiaing.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a Une
(er each insertion.
Commercial Bates made known upon
The Subscription it |2 per yesr, Strictly in advance; $'J.r>0 a year if not so paid.
Address all letten to—
Slocan, B. C.
Tire Drill is confident tho seasou of
depression for the camp is aliout at un
end, nnd that the coining summer
will witness a revival in mining circles,
nn increase in population, and prosperity in all lines of business.
FRTPAY, MARCH -25th. 1004.
Ex-Lieut.-Governor Mclnnes died
in Vancouver last' week, of heart failure. His public career was of * spectacular character and of- lessening
importance. W, B. B. Mclnnes, M.
L.A. for Alberni, is one of the sons.
Quite a bunch of political rumors
nre afloat, to >vit: the legislature is to
meet early in the. summer to accept
Dunamuir's scheme for unloading the
E. & N. road' for 13,000,000; VV. A.
McDonald, Nelson, is to lie made provincial secretary, and is to contest the
vacant seat in Lillooet; Harry \Vright
is to be made minister -of mines. Rumors ate easy to start, but hard to
Eastern bye-elections, federal and
provincial, b')y$ ot late, been anything
but chedring to the various liberal
governments. In Prince Edward Island last week the Conservatives captured Seoond Kings constituency by
90 of a majority. In all the provinces
there have been pronounced indications that the people are tiring of
Liberal rule and are disposed to give
the Conservatives a show.
i" ,i i,'*1    .
On the first of April, 1900, The
Drill was launched upon the troublesome sea of journalism, and, though
storms of adversity and opposition
have been encountered.,! t is still bravely sailing along, endeavoring to avoid
the rocks of disaster and bring a full
cargo of prosperity and better times
to its home port of Slocan. During
the four years of its existence, The
Dbill has never missed an issue, and
ha? conscientiously striven to chronicle tbe news and happenings of the
town' aud camp in a truthful aud unbiased manner. That the work is appreciated and recoguized may be
judged from the flattering tribute paid
its news columns each week by the
outside press,which extensively clip -
though co always with credit—and
widely circulate the various items of
interest pertaining to this locality.
•The columns of The Drill have always been clean and void of malice,
the policy of the paper lieing to aim
for the higher ideals of journalism and
not pander to depraved tastes. It
was not calculated when started that
the paper would be a world-disturber,
but It was the purpose to give Slocan
a weekly journal that would be a
credit; to the town, and no one can
assAt that that purpose has failed of
fulfilment. At the outset it was stated
the. papsr would rise or fall with the
destinies of the place, and that it has
managed to keep afloat so long has
been tlie marvel of the' outside fraternity. Dark days have fallen upon
the camp and whether The Drill will
survive the tempests of auother year it
is hard to say, but so long as there is
a reasonable chanc;* to live the paper
will continue to publish. It is asking
no favors, but it does trust to the public spirit of the citizens to seo to it
that one of the town's chief assets is
not allowed to waste away. Slocan
has more than her share of narrow-
niindcd souls, and these will continue
to carp and rail against the paper, de-
nyifcg it'support and refusing to see
the advantages "derived, but ye editor
is not registering any complaint.
Should suspension follow, he can
gather up his b -longings nnd quit
•without saying aye, yes or no to anyone. He did not come to Slocan on
a shoestring and will not leave it on
ono To those faithful souls who have
stood by the paper, thanks are due
andjf-reely tendered. True value has
always been given for patronage received, and thp printer's money has
been distributed with no unstinted
band among those who supported him,
and -to those only. That is justice.
As a business proposition for the town
and camp the paper should be given
hearty support, and those that are
public spirifj I will  see that it gets it.
Pay up your subscription.
Ntjxt Friday is Good Friday.
The season for trout fishing will
open tomorrow.
The school children will get in a
holiday next week.
Local packers look forward to a
busy season's operations.
Interior Liberals met in convention
at Kossland on Tuesday.
The egg famine throughout the
country has been relieved.
Rosebery promises to be the busiest
place ou the lake this summer.
Miss Webb held a successful spring
millinery opening on Saturday.
Mrs. Beneduni has lieeu spending
the week with Silverton friends.
Rev. Messrs. Simons and Scott exchanged pulpits last Sunday even.
Operations at the local shiugle mill
will bo resumed so soon as the snow
Life is strenuous in Nelson. Three
cases of insanity developed in seven
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. Tbey are cheapest and
The Ka-No-Ta Medicine and Concert Co. are coming here for a week
next month.
The concert and bnll at Silverton,
St. Patrick's night, were well attended
and successful.
Ou Friday the Rossland juniors defeated Nelson at hockey, in Nelsou, by
.a score of 9 to 1.
Nelson wholesalers nre likely to get
their demands for better rates acceded
to by the C.P.R.
Bob Brett, the well known conductor, has accepted a position on the
Canadian Northern.
B. A. Shatford is moving into the
Barber residence, and W. Hicks iuto
thc I.O.O.F. building.
Next Sunday morning the sacra-
meut of the Lord's supper wil1 be dispensed iii Knox church.
Isidore Beaupre, another of the old
stand-bys, left on Tuesday's train
for the Port Simpson country.
Owi ig to the increns*! in the price
of flii.r, the local bakers are now only
giving 12 loaves of bread for 51.
Hon. Charles Mackintosh, the Conservative candidate in the Kootenay
riding, is looking after his fences.
After April 1 evening services only
will be hold in Knox church, the
moruiugs being given to Winlaw.
Court of revision will be held on
Monday next, commencing at 10 a.m.
Very few complaints have been entered.
Notwithstanding the removal from
town of several families, there is a demand for good houses and rents are
Next Monday is the last day for
getting ou the voters' list of the Slocan
riding for the May revision. Register
at once.
John Craig came up from Winlaw
last week nursing a fractured rib, having been caught in the nigger-chain
at the mill.
L. P. Duff, Victoria, has been sworn
iu as a puisne judge of the supreme
court of the province. He will reside
in Vancouver.
The company operating the Nelson
Tribune held its annual meeting on
Monday, deciding to retain John
Houston as manager.
Leading Conservatives are aiming
to establish a daily paper in Nelson,
to be the recognized organ of the
party in the interior.
Colin J. Campbell, New Denver's
enterprising nssuyer,hus a card in this
issue that will be of interest to mining
men and prospectors,
Another week has passed without
any sign lieing vouchsafed by the government as to who are the police and
license commissioners for Slocan.
Piles for the protective works on
Springer creek commenced coming into town on Tuesday. Driving will
commence when the snow settles.
Koch's sawmill, on Ten Mile, was
obliged to shut down on Kritlny,owing
to the breaking of the dingflookix on
the engine, which threw the doofiiiiny
out of gear.
It is stated Jim Hill and his friends
have secured a controlling interest in
the Crow's Nest Coal Co., with the
object of diverting most of its output
to the States.
The annual masouerade Iiall of the
Slocan Brass Band will be given in
the Music Hall on Monday, April 4.
Admission, including refreshments,
$1.60 per couple.
The Presbyterian augmentation
committee, sitting at Toronto, have
granted $600 to their missions in the
Kootenay district, $275 to Kamloops,
and $950 to Westminster.
A wreck occurred at the Sloean river
bridge, near the Junction, on Monday,
a couple of coke cars jumping the
track from a freight- train, tearing Unties and mixing things up generally,
The band bovs are going to have a
large turnout to their masquerade.
Mr. and Mrs. Savage went out on
Wednesday to the Chapleau mine to
An old log shack close to the Delaney ave bridge was pulled down
this week.
The C.P.R. will extend their telegraph system on to Trout Lake and
H. Leuke, who waa employed in
various Slocan mines, died iu Phoenix
on Sunday, of pneumonia.
Mrs. Barber and children removed
yesterday morning to Laduer, where
they will join the rest of the family.
Wholesale merchants .and mine
operators unite in saying the industrial life of the country is rapidly reviving.
The mill tug got in Wednesday
morning with a boom of shingle logs
from the head of the lake. It started
on Friday.
Tho last span of the big Fraser
river bridge at New Westminster has
been swung into place, and the structure will shortly bo opened to tin the.
Geo. Grandy, while adjusting some
belting at tho matte crusher of the.
Trail smelter, on Satm-day, got his
left hand entangled in the machinery
and had his arm torn off near the elbow.
Rossland telegraphed over last week
for the ladies' and intermediate hockey
teams to go over to that burg for a
match, but the invitation had to be
declined, so far as the ladies were
Nelsou is cheap. When they found
out Rosslaud was getting the Slocan
hockeyists over for a game, they wired
the boys for a game Tuesday night,
offering to pay their expenses from the
Junction. Seeing that the Nelson team
had all theii- expenses here, they had
their gall to cut in ou Rosslaud's generosity.
Travel is picking up through the
A. Ciurie, Nelson, owner of the
Evans creek timber limits, was here
on Saturday.	
Appended is a completeliet of the var
ions records registered ntthe local registry ofliee, 11. P. Christie being mininp
March 0—Legal, Rose, Rita, Louise
Mar 21—Eastside, Westaide.
Mar 18-Zillah, all, II B Dickinson to
A R Bolderston.
J9—Alma B anil Flyette, % in each, I
S Beaupre to F G Carlisle.
Aricle W, lame to same.
Louiavillo and Mayetta, % in" each,
same to same.
SPECIAL Representative in this and
adjoining territories to represent
and advertise an old established
business house of solid financial standing. Salary %2l weekly, With Expenses
advanced each Monday by check direct
from headquarters. Expenses advanced ;
position permanent, We furnish everything. Address—The Columbia, 030
Monon Bldg., Chicago, 111. 4-3
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
RATES: Regular snl*s*rib«rs. $1 p»r mraitl
nrSIO u ytnr: non-sabecrtben (ezclaslTSPf
ni«ilicnl attendance)fl p«r dny. Private wants
U per day extra. Special facilities for maternity causes.
For further particulars epply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Court of Revision.
NOTICE is hereby i
vision for the
fivon that tlio Court of Ho
unicipality of the City .if
Shicnn for thi* hearing of nil coin plaints against
thr* assessment, as made by the Assessor of said
Municipality, will be held in the City Hall. Sl
can, on the IXtli dny of March next, at ill -Vcloclt
n.m. All complainants must 1,'ive notice to the
City Clark in writing of the subject and grounds
of complaint at leust ten days before the said
Slocnn, lGt'.i Feb, W0I.
The Golden Crown
Mineral Claim. . .
Situated on the Arlington road. Heavily
limbered. Crown granted. Make cash
offer to—
322 Cimbie Street,
Vancouver, R. ('
H. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
f *-*-*-** ♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ t~» ♦ ♦ +**f
The Queen's
HATE.:    MaOO PSR  l>AY
First-class Dining Room
Large and Comfortable  Bedrooms
Sample rooms for Commercial Mun
Nelson, B. C.
«>-**>*»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦-, *+*+******
Residential Site..
KOR SALE: Lots 1 and 2, in
Block 22 (centrally located
on corner on tho wide street)
Owner will accept 60 per cent
less   tban  official Assessor's
' valuation for early sale.   Apply at—
Slocan      1
Bakery^   j
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor |
Fresh Fruits of Every |
Kind Arriving  Daily. |
A full stock of thc best ®
lines of cigars and tolxic- $
cos always kept on hand.       j
I'i l,na*«mof l.reHd faar SI. iA
Full-Weight nnd "utility y
(latum nt ceil. v
Slocan, B. C.       J
Flower Seeds
Garden Seeds
Clover Seod
Grass Seed
Seeds in Packages
Seeds in Bulk
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be without a ranee whet
you can get one so cheap ? Thej
art prefcrrable to stores and girr
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
Il.mr anil  (anrllittldl   Mineral Cluliae.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay Ilistrict.
Where located:—At head of Ten
Mile creek, on the north side.
TAKE NOTICK thatl.W I>. McGregor,
acting as agent for Joe Traficanti, KM.
C. No. I'l'On-i:!; Frank Romano, F.M.
C. No. B6C042; and ,J. M. McGregor
fron miner's certilicate No. B8Q083, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
toanply to the Mining Recorder'or certificates of improvements.for the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants of the ahove
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
liefore the issuance ofsuch certificates of
1) ited this 20th day of January, 1004.
22-1-04 W. D. MeGBJSGOR
81A dvertise your 8
in these days of progress and competition
no man • in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a Mam
to all persistent and liberal advertisers: it is rend
by everyone.
It guarantees
AII Times
Subscribe for
local paper:
m THE DRILL,  $2 per year jjg
New Residence for Sale
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms, lt contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and is the best tinished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.      For terms
Apply  at Drill Office
J*V»-* .-.>>.. 1'
r.o. BOX 30
Licensed Provincial Assayer,
iiiiim: t
/ill Hawpto* ItacrlTO Plaainpl .Ml.-nlh.il
*.|,«< Ial Qu.itntl.ma tn Minn, mail Mill*.
Hate* ob Ap;illiitl <"'
.*********-******  -»♦♦-♦ ***-*! I
; Will buy a comfortable
; Cottage and two cor-
; ner lots in New Den-
; ver. House contains
; four large rooms, hall
; and wardrobe. For
; other particularswrite
Notice to delinquent Co-owners
To Roht. Lake and M. b. firimmett, or
to any person or perions to whom they
may have transferred their several In*
terestn, in whole or in part,in (ho llon-
nie Doon Mineral claim, situated on
the south side of Springer creek,in the
Slocan City mining division of West
Koot' nay district:
You are lierehy notified that I have
expended the sum of two hundred and
five dollars in lahor and general improvements upon the ahove mentioned
Claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim under the provis.ons of the Mineral Act., and if within 90 days from the
date of this notice ynu fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs ot advertising, your interests in said elaim
will become the properly of the Hub
scriber, under section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1000,"
Dated this 1st day of February, 1004.
5-2-04 GBO, McbKAN
Gwiilim & Johnson,
This Snap^
THE DRILL hna mad*1 an
arrangoment with tho To*
ronto Mail-Empire, so
that its woekl v edition may be
cluhlxxl with the fonin r.
Now subscriber**-, therefore,
may obtain tbe Weekly Mail-
Emplre—aoknowledged to be
one of the beet papers in In***
Dominion - and Sloean's lend
ing journal, The Drill, from
now till Jai.L 1906, for the
sum of *2.60. With this exceptional offer will be given n» a
premium, a Ixiautiful WW"
gravure, entitled "The W*
toriu Cross." The picture depicts a scene in the late Hi«'r
war, dene in ton colors, a ml
well worth framing. Send ID
your Olden at oace to
The Drill, Slocan.


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