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The Slocan Drill 1902-12-12

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 TOI.. IU., Ne. 37
SI.oi'AN,   is.   0.,   DECEMBER   12,   1903.
't Forget
12.00 PER A-NNUM.
We arc getting California Giant Powder
in in carloads.       It is better than ever.
Also best Smithing Coal in the Province
Steel  Ranges, Coal and Wood Heaters,
Washing Machines,.       All are sold cheap
T. D. Woodco
Slecan, British Columbia,
11I.HKN IT! ;; ,.
lit' Certified,
Couucil stood adjoinned tuTliiii's
ilnv night.
To i-oaiis* rtio.ooo Worth of paper nmi'    Settlements
Pay it Bnoli 91000 it v.'iii'\Vit!i„„i |.,-   u;i,; s|,i| >,„,,]
fi'oiii tho smelters on
v the Arlington three
tares.   P«U Tex.  of Letters „.,„,.   months ago ni*0  n0W being made, Wid
by tbo Crust Ooinnany, .i, ...        ,. ,.    ,   . ,,
the resull is n distinct losi to tho pro-
pi i*ty, owing to tho abnormally low
km, Nichol and Worden wero tho price of silver, The Arlington orea
i.'.-rnl'-t:--. ill Mondav uh-ht's ineetinir arc now being treated nl Trail ami the
i tiirns nre not  made us quickly as
Nqw is the time to buy your
nl Monday night's meeting
nil' pondence    rend:    Toll
i     i Nelson.   Bob
la a   <-inis'i*t'*il
rnm lis! ofthe mine shipments sim
from o. C. 1 rust  ( .... i" city d tin u   in , ,,r Jimuary, the i •■■   • lieing
tures; also letter from  the * ime coin   aboul 200 tons' greater ihitn the lottu
We have opened up a lot of fresh Currants,
Reisins, Peels, Spices, Hincemeat aud
Jellies. Come and procure your Goods for
that Christmas Cake and Pudding,
uv.   Thr I' tl ir was as follows:
'We I I. -ntphed you  last night us
I tollowf.- 'Wall i i nmitiiicittioii to your
^ advantage befor    pr i iw do-
w   I eiil ii   ly law.'  \\ >• Liu ; ins! r leeived
nd con idered  Mr. Gaits i port, so
l new four inl sution ol submitting a
m .. bylaw,   ( hap, I!!. R.S.B.C.,sec.
W. T. Shatford & Co,
50, sub see. 8, provides that de'bon-1d.,!           316'29
i   I 'bearing • i   nol   »■ :;':  ;;"'n
.-■■■ iteuiber  :!:•,!'
given in the weokly summary;
Fi brum   	
■ *     	
l'l:  IS HI I'   1)9   :
benrin interest.' Sec. 08, sub see, -1.
provi li i that, in settling th • sum to
!.'... -1 ■ li-i-t;,1! v for Bbking fund, it
lio Id not lie bi timated al more than
I per . ml. Sinking funds tire the
cans'- nf much tr mble and anxiety and
are sometimes wholly lost. A under
sec. 03, ub e i. I. you would '.. ivo to
provide 5581133 per annum, in addi
tion to •*'!.(> tor interest, "nuking n t<>
S iveijiber [estimated)..
[uereaslug Btneltor Cnpaclty.
Eastern p ipers of recent date pub
lish :; i  ;:;   rostiujr i iti "' ■■■   with S
| tai of $1073.33 per anitm, wi    ii!, al   Hi C. Miner, president of tho Graub*,
1|"i:M:'l!'!)'-!1- Consolidated MiningCo.   Mr. Minei
7  '"'','-"' vhich S1000  shall mature in   a:; , ,     , ^ , , W1?s the intention of
' :   '    * ,  •h?u'   nte«*t.u> ';-■'!;. the company to ,  t  ne i   vear  a
lis    V.      1 1 si .   I 1**1 M if        1 I ll . il*.    B* -III IT* 1 I 1    1 . •    . * .        . . *    - .
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
'!«»57000 l" iring  interest, nud «rtH .metfeerwith'adnilv capacitvof 2   0
. Ihesn ne u I  price of **• •■***> for
the whol
i   red iuO     ri ».   This,of course,"de- , --.copeof . ..
tons on a s   • i draining the present
•iiui-i'ii-iUlvpiv   Granby plant at Grand  Forks.   The
i'ii' '■   in   ' ol th ■
pendsuponMr.Giiltsapprovaloftbe pany's optmitioi - would giro them n
!**',i' daily  c-tpacity  of 3800  lona.    Mr.
Explanations followed.discussion ol  M i    al  i   Lated thai        i I pro-nth ■ let I ir  lasting over an bo i
ii ■
• Am lienn • ivill Iw added toi ic
'Love Lightens Labc
So does SUNLIGHT SOAP. One woman will do
more and better work than two will with common
soap. Sunlight Soap in the house lightens labor.
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth two ounces
of common soap.      Get some and try it yourself.
Co-operative Associatioiutd.,
offei   'si   lonsid     I in th     ! I    ■ • I  I   ■'.    tod
nature oi i p ■*u;.un oi §73 !        Ui tli ■ i   :i,; •' ■■■     w th  iv! '■■'.!
ilcl  sehemeo   paying in!      I   it>.d ••.istoin Canadians regard the in
[j i - i          • ■■  i .. 1. ■     it of   is- min ■   1 re
, |   ■,.      . ■ • for (hi •'   • ■ uc     El   ti ii (' lumbi i  m « in
i            s .                ,.''■■•. ■■ .. ■    .The]       i.i      i ity of tho
• .■..,/   .,';■'■ '      i  ;;■ and i i ■ propo   d
•5....    .,-.   ...    awfiiliB *$'J .   11 tan   ■'•■'■': cutni*) Iheexj  ndi
;■.. )   '        •.'"•: fl '..  .,r'   *■ '                •::■-■        ai tho
I* "v              .            ':..>'!•' .••.•::•::   .:.
would ui"" in nu
A11 cm Cuh'I :. .' I 1. ., t'. i.s :tiaai
Slecan, British Colttmbia,
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
•■L.S* Jai->
,111 the full face ol     10    /   '
issue,         ,: .(.mid need   Iw      1                             ■
iii- ivision ■ ■ i'1 ■ I ■"           ;    id sink      A very iuiportaul  ai 1 adment wa
fug fund. Uud ■ '   : i<   : ■ ■ ■
votiki have to 1 provided tu   ■
'   lund    th   11 •• -,100'J.
.    r Solicitor called 0                 uot b come giruorallj kui wu
,,.[ ; j of whether It provides thai no license shi !! lie
thi  and   in c i  lin^c luucils coul I ;n-
..',..       :       ■  : • A-. ■' the
i n of tl   logislntu
fund ■■!  the 1 i'i pro
tion 11 ' !■"" •■■ 'ti '
the law Kill ■    it done
ort    ptl -  •'*•• l;  ' '■
rt-o ild lies] ■    the mid of tho ten
s      .. mcil svei • - u eessftil
led to "a iy ; ersou who i not on the
lisl of vol rs toi Ihe le ' luti of 1!. ■
provim ■■■ 1 " Briti '1 Col uml in." Th: •
ilTt I :■'.'■. ■! '''i:-- .1!! aliens trciu on
■ i:i ill.' hott I bu -iii'-- in any
locality outtide the iucorporati ii niun-
ieipalitios.   In ill.- li-' ot application
,,, j., ,. ,• 'he ikin fund, thci n iw b fore the license 1 otumif .• u ir
;;;.,|,l I,. „ j ., :,• ol the annual of the Slocan there nro several who
1..,'. ihe new plan does awav with do not figure on the voters list.andii
,' jy.j,,','|";,.l ; id ' ■■     remains to be seen whether or uo the
of  each     i"     i"     council.     T'"' cpnimissioncrs know and will perforin
their duty,    [lie applicants evidently
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is thc home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
nilTMINQ & HENDERSON, ■>r<»P<--«
fun i ii  ! !i  in the bank at .'3
,.,   . ,i ■■  ■. ,1 ■• ,• I ■■  nil deal  | the
j,,. . p] in vma in ire to thi city s inter
est an I udvautn re.
\1 ut* talking   n  ied, lhe mnyor ..
•oring calling n public ince        nnd
-i . : si know their position.
M'ciiainn B iiis.
The resjd in ••■ of tic iry
pital, Refresh mon ta wore served in
the hall and the arrangements were
carried oul in 0 faultless mnnuor,
The McMillan orchestra furnished the
anisic and Wm. Hiolta acted as floor
a iti:\v tun OF PLOOK.
Ri ports relative to Frank Griffith's
I'ii'h strike on Tou Mil 1 liavo turned
oul correct. Frank was In thr citv un
Wrtliii'stliiv, having brought down
some of the oro for assay. Eestated
the discovery had been made n little
t" the west of hi'* till I workings on the
vVestmount group, ou the north side
of the creek and opposite the Enter
pnse, On the surface wns an oxposure
oi quartz and he has driven a tunnel
in on it. 46 feet, the last .io feel being
i:i ore. The ledge i*-. IB feet in width
and the ore streak from three to SO
inches. The ore ia mixed with grey
copper and is exceedingly rich. An
assay on it when first struck gave 218
oz silver, but is steadily improving.
The samples Prank had with him here
.vould run close to 1000 oz.
The strike of tho vein would bring
it iiiii more than 7". Eeel from the end
of Hi" long tunnel on the Westmount,
which.'nfter Ml theso years, will be of
practical uso and benefit, li is the
intention nf the owner to continue de*
ve! iping his discovery nnd make on
early shipment, Alrea l\ he has five
1 iu "' ore un the dump, taken from
the drift, and  by spring he will have
■ I 1 ined 1111 a large reserve of ore.
Wish the Westmount, 'here are bis
chums ::i tho gi-otip,*all owned by the
> man.   They are connected by a
•jfiMiil trail, have n comfortable cabin
lmilt, and aro advantageously situated
for development and close to the wagon M'lil.
Frank has been working nway on
tho creek for the past six years ami
h' done a pile nf development, but
success has al length come to him. It
is richly d 'served and ovpryone hopes
he maj mnke a 'i.ix killing. Frank is
mo.' 1 enthusiastic ow r his strike nnd
licti ia Iter lliinifi for the creek,
ided   il.' t does not go entirelj
■ ■ : ri r. Ten .Mile has always
I ''111,1 ired a one miue creek, but
'ear's operations havo shown that
li-il'- the Enterprise, the Mabou,
[mn Horse aud Westmount dtsscrve to
b ■''. ■ ■ i as mini -. capable of pro
d : ring and shipping hi ;h grade ore.
llstlnt.v May *ssri;..ssiit,
i' iw, ii any, pi iy rs have gained so
ii.ie!i prominence as thai fascinating
■  id:.'   . Dainty May Sargent,whp
gradual ti at the  Rideau Street convent, in Ottawa, Out., where sho wns
■ ■ tudent for thr *e or rom: yi ars and
president of the Engli it girls'drain tlie entertainment -.   Miss Barg ml
le her prof ional debut with
Madame Mi iljeska, and is now scor*
in .'li savilj iu "Other People's Money."
S!ie appears here this (Thursday)
ni-^ht iu the Music Hall.
H'll-il'Of fllSrk   I  .  t'sSllsSlll.
St'llSTANTI.Vl.   SlllMVIMi   MAI1K   BY
l.iSHt Ys'us's Slilpniisiita Wi/rs' S5I4 Tuns*—
A lls.liltlly 1:. lili'lli'.. of llu. I.ir.s llllil
AVi'lilth sif tin* (.1111111 AllliBgtoBi tin,
BlggtUt sSlsl|B|is,B'.
A large increase i- ttilie nnteiliii the
• ne shipments this week and the nut-
put is now reaching respectable, pro*
portions. Three properties sent out a
total of 160 tons, Of these the Ottawa
is credited with 20 tsms to Nolson, the
lii'si t,i be shipped by the i.ew owners
lt has considerable more ore to go out,
From the Enterprise 80 tons was export'"!, bosides BOO lbs of samples to
Manager Fowler. The Arlington added 60 tons tn iis total. Corrected figures from this mine will show the
total to date of 3710 tons, It looks
now as if last, year's lii<ur.*s of tlis; division would bo equaled, as there is
much ore in sight. Next wee!; the
Black I'rince iiud Republic may be
shipping, as well"as the Ottawa, En-
ii rprise and Arlington. Fsir the year
the output stands at r>921 tuns.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tolls, made up
from ten properties, Last year the
exports totalled 6529 tons, from four-
li'i'ii properties, Following is a full
list of the loeal shipments this vear to
Arlington     60
Enttrpriss     so
Ottawa     20
Fourth of July	
!-!    I ',\ [/-mon '•:•  '*• was the acene of 11
I; vill : th
nil payers.
v -1    i\ 1 la i'   v;iiuteii
■ ' • ,   , , 1  ,. .  Monday nf  mcon wh u Ji hu Gi 1
in to aii an  in'   , ,•        ,, , 1 1 m■
ham, tho well kn iwn ninchcr.nuu ansa
very h ippj aud interesting event  on
had li' m  ;
'I li •   sa lebrated   caso  of (.".ark  vs
Collom, alTi iting 1!'" Vrliugton mine,
• ■ tme up liefore the full court at Van-
"mver last week, W. J. Bowser ap
Nixon, bt    pearing for  the   plaintiff, appellant,
and I".. P. Davis for the defendant, re-
.: li nt    Jud iii"iit was  that   the
■ ; inl i.i has 1 ava to re nisi plondings
and le ive to move beforo n judge in
chambers to strike otjl  theorderfor
ju.;.: costs ni  this application  to be
riv ts to defendant.
I option   1
lie though I thi
Is •-•ached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past  its  door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Re opened under
llie old management.
former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal
C.r.AH..-.r« ^"'»'JA' "•M"^,,,"
■''"Hding thoroughly renovated
'■inl rest'ckcd with the best
Fruit. Confectionery,
.1 \s. CROSS,
pie Willi   a
sm!  useful 1  ■
feast was
,.,.. i        ;m   ir his lot, \ liile tin
'. 11,. ,   iK'en had 1 :'    •'   V'r" en
1     h    I)    ";. rot».   A bountiful weddin
. provided by Mr. nud Mrs, Nixon,nftor
''!'''',.,    1 .,..,• .1   in the partaking of which the youngcouple
Ud.  -'V;?',:      " ■ rt to 1> ■■!•. In- in their own homo,
,      ,|'    ;,,,,;    y... Eollowedbythe  good  wi !.* -..I theii" *-.,.,,-;.:.■-ti: ,**..*.*niiw* ,* nniniite. •. II. H
,       ,   .,,:,„, ,:,,,,.!„,. li;lli many friends and neighbors,
Mins.nu sss*r< Rloot Oflloeri.
'Iiis' Mineowners' Association held
their nnutiul meeting nl Nolson las!
week. Tho officers elected wen 1 Pres
i 1 'iii. S. S. Fowler; first vico, J. II.
Tonkin; second '• Ice, 1.. -lie Hill: seo
retiirv, E. B,  Kirbj; treasurer, J. •!
Aid, ilcCallun
■'1:111k Mi tilur
4 more than he could fulfil,
I,.',,,.,, the additional inonej lo pay.
Kydd had never given nn option fi 1
$100ou his lot, and 1I1 • mnyor read 11
lotter from him. dnl d in July, h ■■■
in-? that the property had been pur-
Aim.i.i 11 Itln/is.
Tlie residonco of It. E. Allen, in
i', andon,occui)ied bj W, H.I>:.. i *>i>-
came within nu acedf being destroyed
[•Hnsod for *?275 and would not be sod  .     (.(,(, o||   s.,,n,,|liv  eVoiiing.   The
for less,   Mo I of the deeds were 1     ^      j ,;.,.: through  the kit
the bank nnd there were options on di ._  ,;..,,_,. disjointotl nnd  the
the balance.   " he proport*   »1 Lowe,
,v Harrington ;n>d  Finucnnov ero tli ■
only ones un *t«nwj iiud they wor
teing secured.   Block 0  was all safe
and secure. .  ,   ,   .        .,
The  discussi m   driftotl   mi 1     ie .,. „,,,,tiv ,,,, ,1,,,  .,.,.,„.,, ,..,-,
uestion of the new bylnwpii   in j tlie ; ;   | ;u.'.,n., nii!l {ai} um!l
pamtus to il" bu iuess,   It woan good
UcipiMi ituii.
< Ine of the most enjoyable ossein
tboTioutanant governor relative lo the 1,]*^, held ln tho city torn longtime
opinion boing thai it musl pa; in or
rlortoRnve tho city from nseriou I
for damages from the mill company,
whose agreement stood and who count
hold the city liabl ■■
\,i word had been ree
purl - set   lire to the 1 hiugles. bul
ic    in'i: bbors   v.i'.e
nvailalile and  Ihe blaze was pui oul
with snow,   An alarm lias! been turned lu and tho loeal Bro bri fade was
ne. every m in in
stiry a|
Alexander, James Cronin, J. As.tIs**,.
.1. !,. Parker, J, L. Rctallack, A. C.
Gaixle. G. \\. Hughes, W. 1'. Thomp
sou aud C. P. Hill.
latio'i o
I bvli
require from us
kept fresh and well ass
best the market affords.
that you
;i<Kk in each is alwajy
I thol'O   anvthin..
from   1I1.'
liner wa
ti IV, il-il
d    We handle the
Prices are Hgh
Letter from tho B. C. Trusl Cti was 1
that given under t!i" auspices of
',1.1. General  Hospital on Tuos
evening.   Tho ball  wn - held in
lorloill At't'i.lrllt   l.i is t.is.l.
WopI has boen iveei',:-,! here of b
s'-.-ihi- accid nt li (falling Knleel, the
second son of E, J, f?olt, on Nov. 29,
at Tucomo, Wash. The little fellow,
aged only eight years, in playing at h
n Bbingle mill got caught in the belt-
ingano whirled round n shaft. When
rel! :-"il the lad's thigh and le,n wi re
broken and his head severolj cut. He
was taken to the hospital, when* he is
now doing nicoly.
\T0rk1t1011 rviiiii ohiisvIib.
On Monday n gnng of t in -■killed
in n arrived in from Midland, (Int., to
work for tho Ontario Sloean Lumber
Silver, 47". cents.
The Bosun sent out one ear of .ino
tbis week to Kansas.
Ore shipments throughout the district are steadily increasing.
The -*itie shipments from the Slocan
will not become heavy till spring.
Thos, Jones, the Kansas zinc ninn,
offers lo take liiKH) tons of zinc ore per
month from the Sloean.
There is more snow in the lulls now
than there was all last winter. It is
hard work keeping the trails open.
Tom Mulvey has sold iiis third in*
teres! in the Ottawa fraction to the.
purchasers of the Ottawa group. He
got a fjotxl figure.
The crosscut from the lower drift on
tlis' lilac!; Prince has pierced the
hanging wall and opened up a nice
streak of ore. A drift is being run on
the ore.
A|s|scinleil is a complete list of the var-
1 m« records registered at thu local regis
1 ry office, ll. P. Christie being mining
1>st 3—Hunker.
r>- Ting Pofij*. ring Pong fr, Ethel K,
Hampton, Brixjiam,
Hec 3—Morrli,
Dto I i'i".;: Poag, all, Loo Dolron to
S F McNaught,
Drixham :t^. Curl S McNaught to N P
Ottawa fr.',. Thoi Mulvey to Thos A
Its.puiBllr 1111- K*rlnf.
The Republic commenced on Monday sending down ore for shipment
and next week expect to have a carload go forward. K. O. CampbeU-
Johnston, the mnnager,states the tirst-
class ore will run over BOO OZ and tho
second grade 800 oz in silver to tlie
ton. besides pay values in gold. He
hopes to have a second ear ready to
ship on January I. It is likely the
ore will lie scut to Trail.
I.s* Kui Halting Money.
For the month of November ths*
profits of the l.e Roi mine, at Rosa-
land, are estimated at $76,000, and for
the Inst seven months al ."..^TT.iiTti.
Mav yielded .-'liii.'.i.'W; June, $94,.302-j
July, $108,848; August, $79,487; Sep*
temW, $68,007; (3ctobor, $85,000; and
November, $75,000,
Co,   The framing of the shit
is tn i..' started, the foundation piliui
le mill     '■'''■' management  of the  hospital
wish to tender their  hearty thanks to
ilei'cd lliis! on the   tab
■ I in;.
till the next tho Music Hall and  was largely (ft- having b 111 com]
tended   by  au    oxc pti Ily    well ' Severn 1 men have
s pi'.'setiii
Hire of foam,
J.   Pioneer Livi ry, to
2,   Refcrrotl back to
on Saturday.
lieen sent into i
[re    d crowd, the gen 111I ivatilt bo   tho Imnlier woods to get oul
1 ..   1
I md  mi   dividend for thi lios | preparation of the spring <
ill those contributing to the success
.f their ball on Tuesday night; also to
Rev. Mr. Simons for a  >m donation te
ilu' funds of the institution
*.-.«    "C m
A Novel by Annie Thompson.
"Mow beautiful life is!" she ex-
ilui..usi. ..on ).,..o.l i.nl is, lo uiuke
b.cn a ivoiiUeriui wonct nun let us
inn in il. UiU jou e,er seo such col-
urs i.s ilicro iii'u lO-nifeht, .iuIihV Hid
.ssjsi i.*, i*r liear ssisii niuSic i.s lhe sen,
mawis.'      Hunt   the   waves  sicin      to
l»|.SJan.   tO  ,VOU.'   Ull'..    llo,    to   uie."
*.-o   t Jiu.1,      A.in j,   what     Uo  tUt;,y
sa..\ .'
Ub t can't       tell.        X
nuvur tun imil wot Us to
bay wli.it I want, anil the waves
isou'l use wsirut,, they oni'. convey
lUnas tn nie somehow, To-ntght thoy
seem \er.s happy, i can almost hoar
llii'iii laugh. Some infills the} are
.-o druadiully sad,  it makes me cry
to   liStl II   In   tlll'l.l.
Her allusion io crying, rsmiadsd
lis-r companion that Iho unwarrantable harshness in Kuie's voice that
morning, had brought tears into
Mary's ojot*, Its' felt suddenly very
wrathful with Kate tor her careless-
ii.'ss in wounding iliis sensitive soul.
It was Strange thnt Knte sliould
havo altered sn; she mod not to shew
Miih teini er in former days. At one
tune he had boon quite attached to
tier, and had thought her superior
lo uny girl he Knew—except Mury.
lie wondered whether Mary Buffered
often from her cousin's sharp tongue.
Uhal i.p.-ct kuti', this morning?"
he OBKed, as the outcome of these rejections.
"Uh, John, we ure to blame,"
cried Mary, lo,\al to Kute. "1 don't
Know exactly what we could have
done, but we ought to huve done
something I hiue felt vexed about
it all day. Knte wus too tired for
such a long walk: to-night, she looks
us though she could scarcely stand,
^he hns been doing ever so much,
this week, and 1 have not helped her
at all, 'there isn't much that I can
do, but I might hnve offered to wash
the china in the druwingroom, the
other day, instead of going with you
to Ailsu Craig. 1 only thought ol it
after we had sturted."
"Roally, Mary, I don't see why
you should feel bound to assist,
whenever Kate chooses to make
"Well," admitted Mary, with a
gay laugh, "I do not know why the
house is being turned ujiside down
just now. It does not seem long
since it was done Inst time. Still,
1 never do anything but enjoy myself. Do you know, John, it sometimes frightens me to think how
happy my life hns been. Kate has a
great many worries: almost every
one I know has hnd trouble of some
kind X have had none. Uo you think
it is all coming?"
The eyes she raised to his had a
look of terror in litem.
"No, dear," he said gently. "Why
should it come? If I can keep tt
awuy from you, it shall never touch
you, Mary."
"Vou! Ah, but you will be going
away again. When you are gone, I
menu to write to you. 1 shall send
you a letter once a month: you won't
mind if they are rather stupid? Kate
writes clever letters,  but 1 don't."
"Mary, I want to speak to you
about the future."
"Not to-night, John," she Interrupted hastily. "I hate lo think of
what is coming. This has been such
a nice evening, don't let us be
gloomy and spoil it all. The 'future' means, you out in Australia,
and I—I don't know whero! No,
no: we will not speak of lt."
"But, dear, you are going away
"Only for four days."
"I wish you were not going,
"Oh, I must. I promised Undo
Forester, ever so long ago, that I
would spend his birthday with him.
1 shall be back on Tuesday."
"Well then, Mary, make a bargain
with me. On Tuesday night, we are
to come out here, nnd discuss our future. Promise that, and I will not
speak about it now."
"Very well, if you wish it," she
assented; "though why you choose to
think about such disagreeable sub-
jests, I don't know. Do listen, John,
thoso waves are laughing."
The.v walked hoinn together in silence: he, intent on the thought of
Tuesday. It was not so very far ofl
—only four days How inexpressibly
dear to him Mary had becomet The
time they had spent together, had
been more full of happiness than he
had imagined possible; and this wae
merely a foretaste of what the future held. Always Mary should be
thus perfectly happy, sheltered by
his care from tho remotest approach
of trouble or distress; always hs
should find perfect huppiness, in thus
caring for, and worshipping her. He
recalled Mr. Ferris' commendations
of Kate, nnd smiled — Kate was so
unworthy to bo mentioned in the
Same breath with her beautiful, simple-minded,  pure hearted cousin.
Mury, walking by his side, let her
tliout hts wander Idly where tboy
would, now to the sky, now to the
sea, now to the wild flowers on the
dyke; her mind pervaded by a vague
sense thnt it was a delightful thing
to be alive, and that the world was
a beautilul place to live in.
On Haturduy morning, Mary Forester left I eldrossun to join her
cousins. Kute Watched the departure,
and suddenly realised that for three
duys she would have the undivided
companionship of tho man she loved.
A wild ie klc sness took possession
of h r. John hud gone with Mary to
('arlelgh, antl when he returned —
groaning at  the thought of  tho Irk
some time that must be passed
ihrough somehow — ho found a lively, brilliant companion awaiting him.
Xo one could be more entertaining
than Kate when sho chose to exert
herself; sho exerted herself now. She
mado John laugh all through dinner,
nt her droll tiles of the villagers; she
revived a hundred reminiscences of
doings liefore lie left Scot land; and
she wiped out the lust trace of the
disagreeable impression she had mush*
on him lately, by Baying in a tone
balf-jesting. half-appealing. "I have to
po on a foraging expedition this nf-
ternoon, John; I must buy chickens
at a farm two miles away, In spite
of jny advanced yeurs ond inflrm «<m-
l»r^—1 would like a companion I Will
you come if you huve nothing better
to do?" IK* assented most willingly.
Saturday wus invariable passed by
Mr. Ferris in his study, in preparation for tlie next day's service; no
one saw him I'rnni morning to night,
except Kale, who carried his meals
to him on a tray Which she placed
beside him Without a disturbing
word. To-day, when she brought
his dinner, she found him standing
before the window, absorbed in
though*., lie roused himself at her
entrance, oame inward her, hold her
face    tietween   her   hands   and   kissed
her forehead solemnly.
"God bless .vou, my dear," he snid
"you are a gootl girl, Kate, a gootl
"Oh, I am not, I nm not, I'ncle!"
protested Knte, choking slsiwn a sob.
She flow to her room to mnke ready
for her walj<, fetched her marketing
basket,   and  joined  her  companion.
They walked considerably flirt her
thnn the farm, jesting and laughing
the whole way. It was past the usual tea hour, when they ret lined.
Kate made .lohn carry Mr, Ferris'
tea to him, she would not go into the
study herself: afterwards, they
strolled down the garden and seatesl
themselves in a shaded nook. It was
a breathless evening, the air was
laden With the scent of roses and
mignonette, not a leaf stirred on the
trees, the sea murmured indistinctly. That night nnd the two thnt
followed, burned themselves into
Kate's memory. She made John
talk. Ily adroit questions and suggestions, she drew from him an account of his life in Melbourne and tho
whole history of his business difficulties nnd struggles. She could talk
well herself, b^it she possessed nlso
the rarer gift of making others talk
well, nnd of making them feel that
they did so. Turing a momentary
pause In their conversation, they
heard the Church clock strike ten.
John looked up in amazement.
"How the time hns flown! You
are rood company,  Knte."
"Thanh you," she said, with
a       sudden rush        of color
to her fare. "We must go in now,
however, Uncle likiss early hours kept
on PfturdaV."
"The walk to-day has done you
gootl. Kate: you begin to look like
yourself. What on earth mnkes you
slave ns you have bnen doing'' You
ought to tnke mure rest: come for a
Ion'/ sail With nie on Monday."
"I will." sn'd Kate.
When she had closed her bedroom
door, her vivacity left her.
"Now I shull have to pay for all
this, I suppose," slie muttered be-
tween her teeth. Hut she was mistaken. None of the tormenting thoughts
she dreaded came to keep her wakeful for hours. The devils who si ill
held their ground arrayed themselves
as angels of light; th"y laisl BOOthlng
hands about her heart, unsl whispered
pease in hi-r ear. "Why torment
yourself," they whispered, "why
think nt nil? *i ou have kept yourself
out of this man's way for two weeks;
nsiw that his companionship is thrust
upon you, you must entertain him,
you cannot help yourself. It is not
your doing that this duty falls lo
vou. it cannot be a sin to be courteous " — the poison worked, Kate
was almost asleep — "Moreover,"
whispered the devils, "he anil Mary
are not engaged. You have absolutely
no positive proof that they care for
e.ich other. It is only natural tnnt
he should feel bound to shew every
attention to her for Alices sake, if
for no other reason. What are lool.s
Worth? Vou may be mistaken. And
you have only three days" — Kate
On Sunday she sat With John in
the old parish church. The manse
pew was at the far end of the building, with a high partition in front
of it which almost hid the occupants
when they were seated.
Mr. Ferris preached a remarkable
sermon that dny. His instinct hail
misled him on some points, but not
on others; he hail once thought that
John loved Kate, now he knew thai
Kate loved John. He understood her
impulsive abandonment of herself to
hard work. For her sake he accepted, witli mute resignation, all the
discomforts attendant on an unnecessary house cleaning. He hud
watched her most anxiously throughout tho past fortnight; fathoming
the meaning of her weary looks and
her little outbursts of temper, and
longing to convey some comfort to
her. He debated whether he should
speak to her directly, but he dared
not; Kate's proittl spirit would not
tolerate a word from him. Finally
after much prayer he decided to
preach to her from his pulpit. His
sermon from beginning to end, was
Intended for Knte ulone—and she
knew it. The moment he announced
his text, "('.renter love huth no man
than this, thai u man lay down h:s
life for his friends," Knte divined
what had been in his mind vs hen he
had kissed her so Solemnly: and
though she could not prevent, the
words he spoke from piercing her
ears, she steeled her heart firmly
nguinst them. The stolid congregation was amazed ul the unwonted
eloquence with which Mr. Ferris unburdened himself of his fervid utterances; those who wero usually inclined to sleep through the discourse
found themselves unaccountabh wide
awake; even the consumption of peppermints ceased, except among the
very juvenile members of the Hock.
He shewed his audience that tho
words had a spiritual significance
abovo the niatcriul meaning they
were accustomed to attach to them;
that Hie spiritual lifo to which they
referred, wns the life of tove: thnt
the life sif love involved self-sacrifice.
He shewed how mothers and fathers
sacrifice themselves for their children,
how husbands utul wives Bncrlllco
themselves for eueh other, und how
theRo sacrifices are appreciated ami
reciprocated in after years; and
then he spoke of tho sacrifices
made by men for men, and, more
often still by women for women-
sacrifices unappreciated, unseen perhaps by any human eye, but felt,
known, treasured, by the heart of
love, by Ood. He admitted the darkness of the path the.v were called upon to tread who made such sacrifices;
he did not dony the agony involved,
the awful Buffering to be endured,
but he painted those, who were,
tempted lo shrink from the Buffering
and give up the battle, to One who
having stilTered temptation Himself,
knew how to rescue all tempted ones
now. And then, his voice troubling
with emotion, the old mun ended his
discourse, fell upon his knees, and
said. "Hrethern, we will plead with
<!od oa behalf of all who ure templed, that their faith fail not. Let us
'Iho devils in Kate's heart rose up [
undisguised, and prompted her to |
pray for line Weather on lhe nior-1
"Eh man! volt's a gran' ora toi!"
said tho fishermen to one another as
thoy left the church.
Throughout    lhe    afternoon.     Mr.
Ferris contrasted iho subdued galetj, I
the gentleness,  tho tenderness    oven.
la Kate's    manner   now, with    tlioi
brusquorio she had shown  before;  he :
said to himself gratefully, "Praise bo
to God,  my sermon has helped     the
poor child already."
John  and   Kate  started  early    for
their sail next duy; there was a tine
breeze    blowing,     but    tho   weather .
looked    unsettled.    Their boat    Hew '■
before the wind, culling through tho |
water with a    swiftness thul    gave:
Kato an odd sense of elation;    rapid
movement of any kind had a fosclna- ,
tion for her. Sho seemed as    though
sho had never known care, her    eyes
wero brilliant,  her face glowed with
color,  her laugh of    pure enjoyment
was pleasant to hear;  John  wus astonished at her gaiety. Time (lew as
swiftly as  the boat.    Towards    five
o'clock, the sky became overcast nn.l
tho wind dropped;  they were by this
time not far from home, they lowered the sail and John took the oars.
"Confess now, Kate," he said, ufter
looking at her for a little, "all this
rest and fresh air has brightened you
"Yes," she said, "it makes me
sleep better, I am less wakeful at
nights." I
"Were you very wakeful?" .
"What kept you awake, I wonder?"
"The devil."
"Kate!" j
"Don't look so shocked," she said,
With a reckless laugh: "that was a
statement, not nn exclamation. Besides, I am not Mary, vou know."
"Xo." !
She thought she detected an accent
of relief in his voice, and her    anger |
"People like Mary, draw goodness
Into their souls ns readily as they
draw air into their lungs; others —
don't. It must be easy enough to
be good when one gets everything
one wants."
"Does Mary?"
"And you?"
"I am sorry, Kate," he said,
touched by the bitterness that looked out from her eyes. "What is it
that you want now? Cnn't I help
you to get it?    I would like to?"
"Yes, you can;" she said deliberately. "(Jive me the oars first, and
look about for the fishing tackle, I
put it somewhere. There is bait in
that jar over there — or wns, beforo we had luncheon! lt will rain
in fivo minutes. What I want just
now, is to have my larder stocked
with fish."
Following her directions, he had
excellent sport, for the next half hour.
Kate watched him furtively. "It is
easy to divert a man's thoughts."
sho reflected; "what strange things
satisfy men! Uncle used to whip Ihe
Stinchar hour afler hour, quite happy, apparently. Suppose a mnn were
out fishing, and heard a rumor that
his wifo were dead, untl felt, a bite
ist the same moment — would he
stop to land tho fish before going
home, I wonder? I think lie would;
especially If Ihere wore nothing but
tho fish to remind him of public
"What is lhe problem now, Knte?"
said  John,   turning  to  look  al   her.
"I was wishing," Bhe sighed. "Ihnt
I could find il BOOthlng lo kill
"Vou should lind it BOOthlng to
have so many killed for you; we
shall never eat all these. Is Ihere a
basket here?"
"No. line of the men will take
them to the house for us."
"Change places,  ihen, Kate, Good-
ness!  you    uro quite wet;     I    never
noticed how heavily it is raining."
"Mamma," suid B-year-old Tommy,
"I'll bet my pony can bent you."
"Why, dear, what do you menu?"
asked  the  astonished  mother.
"I menu in u race," replied the
youngster, "l heard pupa suy that
you could talk faster than u horse
can trot."
When we bear of a man performing
a brave action we wonder if the
story is true; we know of so many
cowardly tricks being done every
A  Dying Patient Recovers Through
th?  Interposition of  n   Humble
German, .
Chicago,   Nov.   15,
Some weeks ago Ur, <>—. a very
reputable  and    widely-known   physician,   living    on    C Street,    wus
colled tsi attend u very complicated
case of Rheumatism, Upon arriving
nt the house he found a mini ubout
forty yours of ngo, lying in n prostrated and serious condition, with
his whole frame dangerously affected
with the painful disease. He prescribed for the piUienl. but lbs'
mun continued to grow   worse,  and
on   Sunday   evening   lie   wus   found   tO
be  in  u  very    alarming   condition.
The knees and elbows and larger
joints    were    g!eatly     inlluuteil,    and
could imi   be moved,    it   was   only
Willi extreme difficulty that the patient could be turned In bed. with
the aid of three or four persons. The
weight of the clothing was bo painful that means had to be adopted to
keep  it  from the patient's  body.
The doctor saw that his assistance
would be of tn) avail, and left the
house,  tho members   of   the   family
following   him   to   the  sloor.   weeping.
Almost Immediately tho grief stricken ones were addressed by an humble
German. He had heard of the despair of the family, and now asked
lhem to try his remedy, and accordingly brought forth u bottle of St.
Jacob's Oil. The poor wife applied
this remedy. The lirst application
eased the patient very much: altera
few hours they used it again, and.
wonder of wonders, the pain vanished entirely! Every subsequent application improved the patient, and in
two slays lis- was well and out. When
the doctor called a few days after,
he  was  surprised.
Gossip never dies; people are still
gossipping about Lord Hyron und
lifs* wife, although they never lived
in this country, and have bss'ti stead
a great   many yenrs.
In almost every school in the Mikado's empire it is the custom one dny
in the autumn to take the children
suit  rabbit  hunting.
"Pnlratlne Jem*.
The Jews of Pn lest ine nre entirely
descended from .lews who returned to
that lund from Europe, Most of them
spenk n corrupt form of the German
Germ*   In   Milk.
The only effective way of killing the
germs of diphtheria, typhoid and other
eueh disorders found In milk Is to boll
the milk for at least twenty minutes.
To warm It merely is quite useless,
Boiling lessens the potential nutrition
of milk by rendering certain of Its constituents more difficult of digestion.
Lowest Hound Trip Kates to all
Ontario,     Quebec
Maritime Province Points
Gosid  for Three  Months.
Stopover  privileges  east  of
Fort William.
The Side <*" ■»■■"- World Ihe I'raalmUs
Und   "*ssbI   Been.
There was o certain »lim who
thought the world was growing worse
He wns always harking back to "the
good old times" und was sure that the
uiiuian nice wus degenerating. Meu,
he suid, were all trying to cheat onV
another, uud the strong were crushing
the weak. One day when he was air
Ing hts pessimistic views the calif said
to hlm:
"1 charge you hereafter to look care
fully about you, nnd whenever you see
any man do a worth*- deed go to him
and give hlm praise or write to him
about it. Whenever you meet a raau
whom you regard as worthy to have
lived in tlie 'gootl old days,' tell hlm
of your esteem nnd of the pleasure you
have had In finding one so exalted,
and 1 desire that you write out an uc
count of these good deeds tor uie that
1 may share your Joy in knowing of
So the ninn was dismissed. But be
fore many slays he returned nnd pros
ti-ntoil himself before the calif. When
ordered to explain his presence, he
"Have pity on thy servant, and re
lease liliu from the necessity of com
plutientlng men upon their worthy
deeds, oh, my master, .Villi, oh. son of
MolnimmtHl, l pray thee absolve thy
set Mint from the duty of reporting to
thee all (he good tbat ls going on lu
the world."
"And why. oh. slave, dost thou come
to me wiih this prayer?" the calif
"Since i bave been looking for what
is gootl," the mail replied. "1 have bad
no time to do aught hut compliment
men for their splendid works. So much
that Is glorious is nil around me that
I may not hope t" be aide to tell thee
half of it. My tasks lie neglected bo
L'tlUSC I have no time"—
"i Jo back to thy work," said the
enllf. "I perceive that tbou hast
Sly   Flsslicrmm.
In nearly all streams where the cur-
l's-nt Is swift you will lind the nils of
Ui,* eaddlce worms tucked down be-
tuvs'ii two chUs or fasteued to a Hat
k; i.e on tbe brluk of ii waterfall.
These little ucts catch stray water
bugs and sometimes entangle small
fish. Tiny Hie mude of a silken fabric
which the wi mi spins with its mouth
and are shaped like a funnel, the larger end heing pi.iiit.'il up stream so
Unit the water, rushing past, spreads
theiu out lu position. The ns'ls are very
Strong and quite similar in construction I'i a spids is well I lose by Iiis net
the little tisberman builds Ids home.
Lift up the ueurby rocks, and under
them you will Uud b little bunch of
pebbles bound together hy silk threads.
In uniting these Is u small silk tube, lu
which the worm lives. Wen* It not for
the pebbles attached to it the caddies
iv.irin's boms would go sailing down
tlie stn am As an exii.i precaution he
oftentimes fastens mn' . uil .,•' the silk
thread tu n In me -;..ne
midair Stalaa.
Mildew stains may easily be removed
by wetting and soaping the spot, covering It with powdered chalk nnd then
putting it iii the sun tn bleach. Damp
II from time to time as it dries and
tbetl wash it In tlie usual mniiner with
Boap ami water If necessary, repeat
the process.
St •/••■• He sslsaohea. Lota or Appetite, I>ia,i,
siaaa, ralpltatloss of the Heart and
Other Dlatre-alssg Symptom.
Woman's tares about the household
nre mnny ani often worrying, ,u,u i(
is no wonder thut the health ol so
many give way under the strain. r„
weak, tired-out, depressed women
everywhere, the story of Mrs. (jt.0
L. Morton, tho wife of a well-knowii
farmer living near Fenwick, Out.,
will come us u message ,,(
hope. To a reporter who Interviewed
her on the subject, Mrs. Fenwick
snid:—"Yes, I um quite willing t,,
give my testimony to the groat good
Or. Williams' I'ink l'ills have done
me, as my experience may help Boine
olher Sufferer. A DOUple Of yenrs nm,
my health began to give Way, and 1
suffered from anaemia, with most ot
the depressing symptoms of thai
trouble, l became much emaciated,
had distressing headaches, unsl a \ii,
poor appetite.   At tirst  I  thought tl.,.
trouble  would puss   away,   imt    IM
this  I  wus  mistaken,   us  I  continued
to  grow   worse.    My  heart  began  lu
palpitate  violently  at the  least exertion,   my   rest  ut   night   was   broken
anil  finally  u  hud  cough  set   in,  und
1   wus  scarcely  ulile  to  do  u  bit   ol
work   uliout   the  house.    An  aunt   in
England, who had been ill, had written tne thut  Dr,  Williams'   i'ink Pills
had restored her to health, nnd ! il.
termincd   to   give  the    pills   a  trial
After  the  use  of a  few   boxes   1   noticed  a  distinct Improvement In my
condition,   and  after   using the   pills
for   a   fow   weeks    more   the   trouble
hud completely left me.   I could sliv|>
well sit   night, the cough  left me; ths'
headacnes that had made me so miserable vanished, my appetite returned,   and   I   could  uguin   perform    my
j housework with ease.   I shall always
feel grateful  for what   Dr,  Williams'
i I'ink   Tills   huve    done   for   me.   and
Strongly   recommend    them
ailing women.'"
i    Dr.   Williams'   I'ink   Tills
complishod     just     such   good   results
'in        thousands       ol      other      cuses
limning     niling     men     and     women
of other coses among ailing men ami
and     sufferers     from     any     of     thc
numerous   ailments    resulting   from
poor, waters hlood   who   will   give
■ these pills a fair trial  will soon be
ion the high    road   to    health    and
; strength      Imitations   are  sometimes
I offered  Isy  unscrupulous  dealers,   who
care mors* for their  own  profit  than
jfur'their customers' hs-ulth.    Be sure
that   the   full   name,    "Ilr.   Williams'
Tink Tills for  Tals.  People"  is round
Ion lhe wrapper around every boX you
I buy      If   your   dealer   does   not    keel'
these pills send to ths*  Tr.  Williams
Medicine  <'o ,   Brockville,   Ont ,   and
tlu-y wilt he mailed post paid nt 150c
(.si   ln>\   or  six  boxes  for  *?1! 50,
Th.. Car His.ill   K,
For full  particulars apply to neur-
i st C.T.H.   Agent,  or write'
c. i*. Mcpherson,
doners]   Passenger   Agent.   Winnipeg.
December Excursions
Eastern Canada.
Indigestion Is not n disease ln most
cases, but merely on admonition. It
means that the individual hns not yet
found a diet suitable to the needs of
his system.
When  I'mmiio Nodded.
In "Don Quixote" Snncho continues
to ride on his nss ufter having la-
tsanted the uiiliunl's death.
and all points west.
Proportionately low rates to points
east of Montreal
Choice of Routes
St. Paul, Minneapolis and
Stop-overs allowed.
Canadian railways can at least tuks
comfort as they listen to the grumbling about the car slim tag... in the
reflection thai they are nsit the only
sufferers from the general prosperity.
The latest description ol the sit nation in Chicago is "Never In tho
history of Chicago, except during n
big strike, was there sueh u congestion of freight in the railroad yards
of the city us there is at the present
time The shortnge of curs antl motive power, of which the roads and
'shippers have been complaining for
months, has become more and more
pronounced In view ol the vast m-
i reuse in t in lis- duo to the moving nl
the crops, until now an unprecedented  condition  s'xists     Shipments of all
kiiuls me days behind and the freight
offices, are fairly deluged with urgent
requests  from   shippers    that    their
goods   be   traced   to   renin   sitiiit    has
.become ui them, s(P numerous hove
these demands become that ths local
Ti eight Agents' Association is urging shippers tsi forbear from making
-inquiries unless goods nre perishable
or have been delayed moro than a
week. The delay m getting merchan-
<iis.' smt ol Chicago is snid by wholesalers tn Iii* tin- must serious ever
known bere."
i In the soul districts ol Pennsylvania the conditions are, if possible,
a little worse. Tho freight blockade
threatens the industrial prosperity
liy keeping idle many furnaces anil
Interests suffering most from tlie
BO-Called ear Shortage vast sums of
money. Due to the freight blockade
ther.' are Idle in the Tillshurg district 69,000 iniMi, who nre losing in
daily wages $103,000, us follows;—
Miners   30,800 losing sec noo
Furnace work's 6,000 losing 18,000
Mi"   ""•"     18,000 losing 48,000
.Others  Idle  30,000 losing 40 000
People win) slo ths* liMisi  talk most
about   liB-ing  tired
"Oosiit men, you know, are scarce
"Yes,   I   know,   and  even    bad    men
have    tss     milks'     themselves     sii     nl
I iiiies! "
Hinard'i Lioimeat Cures Urtrippc,
"Why  slo  ymi  call  your  neighbor's
pig  'Maude?' "
"Because it alwaya comes Into 'I"'
I.IMiUoy Susie—sllttiiifs-s'liiiit—lss gtronu-
■ v recommended by the medical sirofs.*-
-"">   if   is   safeguard aitninst  infectious
It is  easier to hear of gootl   lurk
th in  to ss*e it.
lu addition to his age, un "hi mat
becomes fearfully lonesome.
In the early morning Leeds workmen can travel Rye miles for a penny
ssn the municipal electric tramway
ch rs,
,..,  59,600
Tickets  on  sale  December    1st    to
.list,  good for three months.
Furthor extension of time provided
on very faforable terms.
For   full   Information   consult    any
Canadian Northern Uy.  Agent.
Traffic Manager,
Kicking u mun when ho is down is
one wn) to mako hlm get up i,„t it
isn't ulways safe to do it
Qraves'  Worm   Mxt,,,,,      ,'   •■'■<."".".
HT".tii,ii i, itna      """"'"i •    it   la I,,.
The1flr"< "■'■•*' "»" " girl gets hor
new pictures     home   front    tho  pl,o-
"'"'V'","^ :■"• ' »n'l  lo anr-thlng
•""  l,)",<   ••>■    them, and wonder   ii
they  ale    "good.''
Tlie   lllilnr.   sif   Isbi.i'sbI.s llsssi.
lUCK'UltltlOtl Is lo lis w thing. ii'*>
Chinese were thr earliest lu practice
It. They illppstl a plug of sullen or ruu'
in the virus [rutu n pustule and plai*ed
it In the uostl'll Two ancient KugHsh
physicians, (Itlbertna Angelicas nud
Jobn of (iaiiiiei'iieii. both spenk ef
smallpox aa commonly known, bul ihe
Chinese remedy was unknown pb thpni.
Thc lirst book oil sinnllpo* was writ
ten  by   n   priest  and   physician   who
lived nt Alcxiiliilrlli and wrote thirty
books ssn pli\*ie In A. 0. li**.',. lie ill*'
knew nothing oi' vneelnntlon, hut ad
vIks-sI swimming, iii inking ice waltr In
large quantities, Mifiron uud wanning
The real dlscou'ry of vaccination, we
ai's* told, wus made before Jwilior con*
dueled Ills e*.perlnicilts. In lhe .V'ir
177*1 It occurred to Itciijiimiu Jesty. ■
Dorsetshire ftirtner. buvlng the Wd no
tion abont eowyox being nn antidote
for smallpox, that It would serve ns
well to be "cut" for oowpox, so ■*•*>
 dingly he himself did actually "cut
his wife nnd chiltlrcli for thai disease.
lint Jesty la unknown t<> fame. J,'"v
tier's inline Is blessed   und bunne'l- ■'-*'
A   Vlollnlatln  Remark.
"Since Delia enme back from theses-
shore she hits two bows to her strinj*'
"The seashore Is a grent plnce for
scraping acquaintance, isn't It?
Tlss*  Hunk of lOnaien-"*
The Hank of I'ngbiml employ! nbotit
a ih.. mil people, pnys n quarter or a
million In wages uud f.ir>.000 a year in
Attnospbsrle "ftsssares
the   utmost. rlc   pressure   (,»   *"*
body or the average """* •■ ;,.  .
pounds. The ordinary rlso nnd ran »
the barometer lucreaMi or decree
ibis pressure'J,5uo pounds. The- Drill.
15,, \uii wish to marry my dutigh-
lil, you drink or gamble?"
Well."    replied    the   young mun,
,.[•„, willing to take a chance in the
C. C. Richards &
Gentlemen,— Theodore
er of mine    was
,1' rheumatism after
CUl't'i' ^^^^^^^^^^^^
„i giilTs'iiug,   by  the  Judicious  usi
Dorais,    n
live years
pi till
or an.'
to du
tlie *
pn. !'■
ahove fact can be Verified by
In him, to the Parish priest
if his neighbors.
A. 00TB,
int.   St..   Isadore.  Que,,
TJth, 1898.
Bliitllli si town In Massa-
" n,l *• those Utile specks
whieu. beginning <u Wood'B
Hit* '■Mh.iuidei'" of old Cape
:»t ni'iii, extend seaward till
they terinliint. In tbot fatal reef of tho
Bow and I'lgs.
Cosnold, tl
ft hind
li ill, nl
•''Ill's    I'
-.   I
marry the best man
Caaaa Por Wouaer,
He—Would you
living? B
Bhe—Not unless 1 wits sure lt would
muUe a  butter man of him.
• feathers are
upt to iiiake short
I'omen think men hnve nothing
Hid  the  men   are  dend  certain
iinen  haven't.
is morn work in the
1 liau  In  the s'lirs* ol
cure of
I H ins
liaard's Uninitiot for Rheumatism.
iii in.
A re
nut ll.
liii'ti .
fn 11
iii'tillies tin* COUrSe of true love
I,, tun smooth because il. s*nds
111 uige.
Messrs, Niiitiiiuii & Lyman Oo, are tl"'
proprietors ui Ur. Thomas' Eclectric oil.
\sliis-li      is     nuw      being      '"111   lis   iliunt'li'si'
quantities throufthoul Lhe Dominion, It
is welcomed liy tin* suffering. Invalid
everywhere with emotions ni delight, Because 11 banishes pain mui gives Install!
u'i's'i lliis \ .11 ms l.i,* BpeclOc fnr almost
"every ill thai ils-ali is hair tn " is valued li,\ ili<- sulTeror nn mom precious tlmn
gold. It is tin' elixir of lid' tss many 11
wasted frame To tlie runner it Is* indispensable,and should in' in every li
Siiniii \ ices niaj he fi
a 1 in .". 1.ui 1 hoy sunn
Impassable river
Wli.'ii  the church
lest   f,,r   the  nils   it
bor inr the refuge 1
is nu arbor nf
cannot he a har-
f ihe wrecked
s.nir corns harder to rsmova tliun
. tint othera have lind '' Mum* tlu.y
i| th« Misine kind ? Have they not
anal   by   llollnwav's     Corn    QUrs ?
you ss*e uny
I t he ocean
Miss  Turling.
I    played
sharks when you
Mr.   Kpifkins 1"
curds     with     u
M ."■
rati 11 v
I too
I r„i
out I
1'i'lHHte    Cooa,    Symru.se,   N    y .
"I-'sir    years     I     could  not  eal
kinds of food  without  producing; si
1:. excriicisitins,  otitis In u,\ Mnuiiich
riiniieli'S'H  Pills urrortling to kir-
*   iiiisler   the   henil   sif   'Iiys|is*|isiu   or
■.tion."    Ons*  box  entirely cured  me
tiniv  eat anythinc  I   choose,   u it til-stressing me in  ths. ls*ust "   These
1I0   nut   cause   pulti  or  irri|iing.   m,j
1  he  usia!   u la 11  11  cathartic  Is  rs-
Countess of Alrlle ami   Mrs
lope have  left  for  South  Africa
it the graves of their husbands.
liaard's Liniment is best Hair Resti-rei
think up schemes In muks*
nnd Women think ti|i schemes
■ I  it
40th Anniversary
For over Forty Years
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
EubMD Usted and hii brcome the
Family Couj_li bpedfic of thousands
throughout Cnuar.:i and thc t'iiit*f*<l
'•States. It never wns mu.e popular
cor more largely used thau it is
CoiiRh Remedies cntne ani po. N-*w
preparation!are tried nnd abandoned, but the old reliable remains.
The present is a trymK Reason for
both obi nnd young, Hii'l colds,easily
caught nt.vTnre Hpt to remain fo? the
wi-itrr unless promptly cured. No
better remedy can be found thau
Gray's 5yrup
Sold  bv   all   Druggists.
Di-alness Qnnol Be Cured
hy   I... 1.1    application!!,    aa     they  cisniiiil
rem I.   Hit*   f1iwHB**sl     portion   ol   Um   ear
'11    in  only   one  way   tn  sine  slesifns—
ni, I   Ihul   11  liy  rsinstltuliiinal     rsmedlM
l'ritfi.v •   1-  caused   hy   an   intliiuii*.!    con-
dltl I   th"   nucOUS   llninsi   sif  the   ***_*-
(achlai    1 tbe    When   thla   lulu*  i.*sts    In*
(In I  \• .11 lav,, n  rumbling sound or im
1, ■:,-, • 1. ,> and when it ia antlrely
tis.*., t rtnalni 1- tin* rrsult, toil unless
lias 11, :• ,1 us in . 11 s,' s 1.111 lie taken out ami
iiis*, vaia- restored to  ita nortnal   consli
lllsls      llS'urillU    U Ill     '.'St Illy sal    lis,    list
nini. s ii ,•• out sil t.-a ars> eaused Isy rn
tai'fli tvlilrfi i* nothing t*ut «n Inflamed
condition ..f the unirotia turfacaa
IV,.  kui give Ona  Hundred  Dollars lor
any  com "i  lieisfnefls  (caused liy catarrh
tlmt   1111,1,,,:   i„-  cured   liy  Hull's    I'sstnrili
Cure    Ss'M.l  for circulars, fro.-
Addrs'ssa.  I     .1    CHENRY  A.  <'.. .
do   n
Sssl.i  uy drugglsta, 75c.
Ilall'a l',iiin!v I'illa ara tin* beat
' Ms
t.la at
"11.1."   said    lit 11.
morning,  "if I
"i baptism will
1 ovor again?"
'   Ethel   om
loss'   Inv   eel
I ham to hi
Mlnard'i Liniment is the best.
Contrary to Etlqssetls*.
The Marquise de Foutenoy snys —
Kid.- Ial wards action in risn.j (rom
tali!.' imtuediutily after Iii** loa-st in
honisi uf President Itoosfv.lt at the
luncheon which he gave in honor ol
Oen t'orliin and the other L'nited
rs oilicers at Buckingham l'ului'O
Monday wus wiih tho object of
tiling any of thciu from deliver-
any speech in response. 'I his
I liava been son I rai.v to <ti-
'••. only Princes of tho Mood or
s wo qualified to respond to tlio
'  of a crowned     head, and
ne els* to  do  so  would  1*
' ''6  to  the  usages  of  Court
fie old world, a piece of prosiunp-
. sines It would imply thai thi.'
oval personage responditii to
' >ast of the Sovereign was Wall
n's and purposes placing himself
Females of All Ages
find these* l'ills simply invaluable,
as a few doses will restore free .ind
regular conditions and effectually
remove the causes of much suffering to the sex.
Ss-slsl KvirynlsiT.!.   In U'lrt, ifs .-s-nta.
'•■ass sm \'..,,   ,„, ivu.i uf IliliUii iiovar-
"<"'  I"   I    ( a|is  ll...  , liimix   Wills
<*u sill of I'l'lncsa. mill .\„t,l,.».
Atcoi'dlng in tho stutemenl ol a
London Journal It la owing to a sitn-
g.istiun sil Lady Ourzon tlmt the
guard ana escort of Lord ('urzou and
li.-'iself   ul   tHe   foi tlie,lining- nmgniii-
cont Imperial coronation festivities
nt Delhi will tie formed ol Rajput
Of ull Asiatics the Rajputs, or
Hundiis, of the warrior cusu* have
been by far tho moBt chivalrous In
their uitltiiiiL* toward women.
of this no better Illustration run
ho given tinm the romantic custom
known us the "Kift of the bracelet."
This custom prevailed among the
Rajput inililiw until the security of
lintisli dominion In India made it
unnecessary. Whenever a Rajput
Princess believed herself in duugcr, .
sho s'lsiiSi. Minn' iniiiiu renowned for j
Ins valor and sent him one of her
bracelets. Uy thi-, act she constitute '
sal hlm her adopted, nr "hracelct-
hound brother," her cavalier h; ..mt.
It mattered ns.i whether she happon*
1: I t'i I 0 maul, v. Ifp 111 ■ widow, lie
was bound by that whli h he hold
mosi sacred to relinquish nil other
|i in nil . uml 11 % to tier succor should
sin> in* in distress,
The acknowledgment of the i>leiim*
tm the noble's'part wns tho return of
a silk waist, richly embroidered with
pent Is or jewels, us his means would
permit. If u King wen: in this way
the recipient ol u Rajput lady's favor he accompanied the waist by o>
further tiii of splendid ^cms, u fortress, or oi en a promise The significance nf this return i;ift of ti waist
iny in tlm chivalrous sontalment tlmt
us, in his eyes, ihe garment protected her heart, the mosi tender part of
her hoily, so his sword was ever
ready to defend her life and honor.
The sentimental relationship established liy this unique custom was
made all thu more beautiful becausi
no hretith of scandal or no hope of
reward on the Rajput cavalier's purt
ever entered Into the compact, It
wns only at the festival of the lirnce-
let held in the Rpi inn, which somewhat resembled the tournaments of
our miiltllo hups, that he could hope
to catch n glimpse of thc fair lady
tsi whom his service was dedicated
Otherwise ho only' knew lur Uy
name, perhaps by a miniature, or tbo
< racelet which encircled his swonl
arm In the press of battle, fiut ti»
cherish this devotion to the unseen
mistress ssf his otherwise fierce nn-
tute. and to perish fighting in her
I'liuM beneath tho wulls of her beleaguered fortress were. In the Rajput warriors belief, the noblest aim
and fate which could befall a mortal,
in such high esteem did this "gift
ol the bracelet" come t.i he held that
.■.en the Mohammedan Emperor, lln-
mayun, upon one occasion relinquished the spoils "f a victory to hast
with all si" id to the rescue of the
beautiful Hindu Queen of Chitoro,
v.! . had made lilm tht proud wearer
ol liir bi lei
Physician  Prescribes Nuxvomica
for a Kingston Lady with the
Result that She is Paralyzed.
A Tlirllllisi*. Kxperlssnoe lltaaultlng from
m Doctor's Blunder— Fortunately She
RooisTerisil unit tella the Story of the
Trhnle Incident.
Kingston,   Ont.,   Nov.   30tb    (8pe-
cial).—That  Mrs.   B.   Lake,    of    112
Claiotieo  street,   this  city,     is    alive
to-day, Is a matter tor wonder.   She
j says:—
"My sickness  wns   brought  about
I by overdose of Strychnine prescribed
.by u physician,   It brought on Paralysis affecting   niy   left  side,  brain,
urn 1 and limbs,
"I   was    perfectly     helpless   nud   it
I wus Impossible for me to raise my
! left limb or open my lingers. 1 got no
sleep   and   often   when     I     ilnsed     my
eyes remained open.   1  hud  not  the
power to close my eyelids.
,   "i Buffered almost continually with
"My  brain  felt   ns  though   II   wns
too  large  for  the skull.    My   appetite
I failed and  1  became very emaciated,
■ Indeed,  I  wns nothing but  skin and
s bones.
"1   wns   three  yeurs    under    tl'Oat-
itneni.   many    physicians   having  me
under their  cure,   but   without   avail.
j At hist   1  became   discouraged   and
gave up all treatment.
"While reading a paper one dav I
noticed a testimony of one  who was
I cured by Dodd's Kidney Tills.
"My sister procured nie a box of
the pills and 1 started on three pills
three times a day. I soon began to
experience a change for the better,
which continued until 1 regained the
use of my arm, hand and limb. My
headache   also   ceased   and   my   appe-
Itiii* returned.
,'    ' I'liiiii  this I  soon picked  up  flesh
•Siind strength  until  I  was as  well as
' ever.
"I thank (!od and Dodd's Kidney
l'ills for my health for by prayer and
this wonderful remedy, l wns cured,
and have remained in good health
ever sinee, although this was over
five yeurs ngo."
ASK   rron
Ogilvie   Oats
Delicious flavor.   Free from hulls.     Warranted Purs.
Put   up  ln   all   sired   package!.
Ogilvie's Hungarian
As now manufactured.   The great FAMILY FLOUR.
Insist oa getting "OOILVIB'S," as they are better than the steal
(Among those who use at- & %
'ere is but one opinion:
It leads them alt. & $■ *
The quality atnmhirsl Irom   Oishsjs   l
Oman.   Your sisniiajr Im. k If not   aet
latlirtsiry. ....
Grain and Commission Marohants.
Ilixlis -t prlees pistil fssr whssat, oata, bar-
lay ur Hsu ln < js.r-ls.l-.. Wire or write me
for iirlt'ssa bssforo as'lling. I,Iti,nil a.Wan-
cea made ssss cs.UHtsi;sims*nta and handled
on commlaalon.   Llrenasid and Bonded.
P. O. Bos 5S0, tVliiiil|i.*K, Mais.
»«•. m. o.
Arrow  l_a
Situated mldat acenery anrlralled Sss
g-ramlsssir. The must complete health re*
sort on tbe ooutlnenl of North Amerioa,
Its hatha cure all Nm-vos-a and Msiin-
lar dlaeaaea. Ita wats-ra henl all Kidney,
Liver and Stssmach ailmenta.
They are a si*rer-falllng remedy foi all
LllioiiBiiusli' trosiblea.
TEUM   11.1 to 111 Der week,  aecoislin«
to rassiilasica lo lloie1 or Villas.
A woman never knows what it Is
to love until she hns a daughter over
fifteen years old.
To lose sympathy wit l^
miss success with theni.   \
liis-n   is  to
sugar on satan's  pills may
swei't    but it  is very thin.
In I
111 n
In _._    _____  .     ^^^^^
on » luvel with" the   'hitter.     lo.sl
Wo  "i,'y, besides being 11  most gal-
's.nt ssiltlier and baltlc-searnd voter-
Mi. 1 as ojw&ys been lookesl  Upon as
• 1.ni tied courtier.    Hut he rcmlerod
hlmssslf guilty of a meiiiornblo br
el etii'iiette     wln-n,  after his ret tin
fro::.   I'gypt   In   1 HH"_  as   the  vii'lof  "
**■*• Tattle of Tel-el-Kehir, an'l ttUOi 11
Vli-ioi iu.     makin-j   a   little   spev
ilraii;. to his health    at     dinner
Balmoral, he arose from his wat
•Hade a si>__ch in reply, giving.
esalth of the    Dulte   of Gonntiught.
*bo had    tnken  p«rt in the battle.
"lis t.iioen was so devotedly attach-
*■ to this, her favorite son, that  In
■Os pleasure and  ths pride    at    the
"I'oiiniiins  lavished on him    hy   his
Commander-in-Chief    she  overlooked
L°r_ Wolselov's  brench of cti'juetle.
.will tell
When an animal is all run down,
has a roti(»h coat and a tight hide,
anyone knows that his hlood is ont
of order. To keen an aniitul economically he must be in good health.
Is a necessity where the best results
from feeling would lie obtained.
It tones up the system, rids the
stomach of 1-ots, worms and other
parasites that suck the lite blood
Nothing like Dick's powder for
a ruu down horse.
60 cents a package.
Leeming, Miles A Co., Agents,
One  Didn't  Pay.
Be* Will you tench me how to mnka
love to you?
81ii*-i wiii if 1 can get up a class.
llr_n,T.n,in._   ll_,,__l.
It is a curious anomaly that amii
aruiieh and manly game as tootbaltl
sliiiiilti have become thoroughly accli-
mall '''I mining the . I"i.-«s,s 1.__t.- Ben
gailis. There is no longer any i|in*s-
tiun iii.iiiit Hus remarkable fact;
everj little vollaqs' now -.a,*, one oi"
more football clubs, and so popular
Is the pastime that even the most as
piring college students siiunji their
cramming In iis favor, o.id to say.
too, their parents raise littia objection to thi- encroachment of physical   development   oq book   teansfng
Experis •  h.ss    probably   Informed
i'i.:is that lhe attainment of university Illinois does not by itself, constitute full equipment of youths with
tho whole battle of life before them.
Graduates have become sueh n drua
in tin' Indian market that many hata
to be content with very humble post-
ilons, iti^teiui of at once filling woll-
tho singular thhiR is that the younK
|siinl posts, as the> had expected, Itut
lis'iigali sho'.Id give preference to
football before all other English
games Lawn tennis, and even golf.
u,.,','l .11-11 -'''in to present attractiveness to a race* supposed to nishor
irny and overy risk of personal injury. In^t.'.ul. however, of denting
his energies to those comparatively
gentle pastimes, Young Bengal now
faces fast bowling at cricket without
ths' slightest flinching, and 0 cepts
the rough-and-tumblo of football
l! .• -..tne courngi ous spirit
hardly going too fat to say
phi sit al regeneration
lions of British
started by 0
games —Li n !• ts
It     Is
that the
of seventy mil-
subjects hns    been
■ 11 .pie   of    English
Ths*  I us. '   lisitll.
Mr. Douglas Oran I, who
principal    witness
the remount trial
Was   the
"or tho Crown at
nl    Kliliis,     l'l I   a
regarding   il"' exaiuina-
Ileal tVssslils.
lit. slisliblesl In Htoelis nnd won,
I'or ho wus a lucky feller.
Not only did ho malio his pile,
Hut he has lt In bis cellur
take off
On to Hlm,
"Why,  Willie,   you   didn't
*f0»r cap to tho minister!"
.To hlo.   Great Scott I   I'm his cad-
Cheer Up.
*"■'• lung we'll henr the wintry blast,
Ami by some slranK* device
T|ia mercury will drop as fast
As coal goes up In price.
Wilh our handsomely
illustrated new catalogue
the greater portion of
your Christmas shopping may be done «\t
Writ* for il, snd ll will ba aesil
lo ystsi, Irae ol chtrga, by mum
If on receipt of nrti-
ordered  you  are
perfectly satisfied,
y.iii- money will be
cheerfully refunded.
yuur money
■ell Major sttisl-
vour grandfather
ss'ii    Major
replies'    tin*
llf       ' I.'   II 'l'l
I.SS   a I        SlOiy
tiisti sif ono of the witnesses.
"Did   you sell   Minor Studdert
horse?" .isUshI tin* counsel.
"No, sorr," replied tho wltners.
"hi.I   your fnther
dert n horse?"
"No,   soil'."
"Well    tlen    did        ^^^^^^^
sell htm a horse?"
"No, soir."
"Ind    any    member  nf  vour  family
sell  ll.i nr St millet t  aii.Mliu""
"Yes, Sorr, I did," replied th
"And    what    did   yoi
"i sold him n mare,"
witness, to the   1 lingi in
and ihe delight ol tho court     London
■stis'tisssss' sis* Manpnsaanl,
Madame de Maupassant, mother of
I the hue in vellsl,  lite« al  N'1"0   i 1 a
'in ■•'   rjiilel  issue •■     She rarel}     n*-
II ia>es vlsl "i•., 1 ai recentl}  1 Is nn
,    ci I I ll 11   III   fas or   ol    M.aiiinl      liise,
tia' 11 aliaii aiitiv*:. wi,o is ■    great
I admirer ol her sssu s wi rk,   t/lTien the
woni. n wore nlssuii  io |is.rt. Mn
■  ile   MaUpai a.nil   Said  to  llu*  SC
"You have ever} thing*, genius,
and   wealth.     \\ hat   1     there left
1 ,|- me to v, Ish you'. 1:1 si "   was
11,'   I rare lisains'S   reply She      was
ilea   trying   l.i  liinWu   Ihe  World     uc-
,e,.i the • ii.iiuim of D'Annunzlo.
"I wish you hud broken the news
more gently," sighed the editor, us
the olliee ln.y pied the lirst. pago by
dro[iping the form down a flight
By the time a man gets old enough
to talk well he has learned the value
of not   talking at all.
GENTtY    .g-
KlDf****"   E
r       ,<„S''I'ESYSTEM
Cleans*- EFffECTUA'-LY;
"ABiTUAt WpEByjutmmx
full   of
lv   lor   a
A   New   liaiBss*   for   Mothers.
Baby's awakening ought to be looked   Forward  to  as   a    pleasure
dreaded as a  scourge,
awaken   bright,   merry,
fun,  refreshed  by sleep
good  time.
1 low many mothers dread his
awakening howls, knowing that he
will keep everyone miserable until he
giBs-s tss sleep ugain or gets his food.
These crylny tits nre the terror of
every Inexperienced mother, Mra, Gn**
iiriei Barnes, Six Mile Lake, Ont., is
a mother Mho has learned how this
trouble cun be best met, and writes
us as follows : "My baby suffered
much from Indigestion, and was
cross and restless. I gave him several medicines, but they did not help
I   then  got  11   box  of    Baby's
Own Tablets und they helped him a
most at onee, and huve done him so
much good that 1 would not now be
without them. I enn recommend
Baby's Own Tablets to nil mothers
as the i»est medicine l have ever used
for  children."    These   Tablets   are
miraiileed   to   contain   no   opiate   or
••Wluit i» terrllile caso nt il_nr sssurslert
llssw plsuii-nsit It la to liss.k like ssn- and
Hl-ts have tlsat ulcs. sweet flavor aud lovely aroma,"
from  I'm
serviee  saves  many  a    man
lish tears and speculations.
"When 1 wanl to borrow a dollar
I never go to a friend,, be said, as
if he were lending up to something,
"Ah. well," replied tlm other, extending his hand, "let us be friends."
There nre sn many crunrh curse on the
market. Unit it is sometunes difficult to
tell which to buy: but il we luul a cough
11 cold or nny affliction of the throat or
lungs, ws would try Bickle's Anti-i'on-
sumptivfl Syrup, Those who have triesl
it think it is inr ahead of ull oths'r prs>
paratlons recommended for su.-h s'oui-
plalnta The little folks
ns pleasant sss syrup.
like  it  as  il  ia
■. si sen 1 Camellia.
At   Pllnlts,   ni'itr   Dresden,  is
Inrgest) cameliln In Europe,   It li
ynurs i*tl, aisiBiit lll'ly feet high nurd, has
_i!,i»io blossoms each season.
Tlie  Ant   llenr.
The great nut bear of the* South
American forests contrives to Intlml*
.late Ills feline s'lieiiiies by ratting up
to  his  full  length,  but  by  tllnt  very
I rick glvs's tin' hunter n chance to take
II deadly aim ul his heart.
Nnils  nsssl   llsirsl   Wsssssl.
It Is claimed thnt you can drive malls
Into laird wood without bonding them
If you dip them tlrst In lard.
riie taste for cigarettes sm tho part
Of   the   people   of   liisliu   is    hei'oiniug
more marked every dny.     in   some
parts of  liengiil  the peasant    at. his
plough may be situ smoking his cig-
arette,     whieh    is   generally    of the
Cheap  American kind.
The   Glasgow   and
railway company now
layers  double  time  foi
pay ths'ir plats
working   on
fa 1. .T.sataaa
A DINNER PILL—Many persons suiter
excruciating agony alter patttaklna of a
hearty dinner,   The food  partaken of is
lik>* n hull of lead upon the similar
instcssd   sif   lieing
  *"t, anil
^^^^^^ healthy nutriment it
a nolson to tlie system. in-
i's vegetable l'ills sirs* wonderful
Icorrectlves ut such troublea They cor-
reel acidity, open secretions nmi convert
ilu* food partaken of into healthy uuiii-
tuenl They nn* inst the medicine lo
Irtks'   if  one   is   trouhleil   with   liulliri
, s.f  Dyspepsia.
st um
Indorsed by beat gwtlUh niadleeljo.mata.
Supplied to British aoldleralw South Sfries.
fliss. Cuts, Sore Feet,
Sold bi Oruiglata, ISO.
Trj It enoe.
" Prizes" with common soaps
ire dearly paid for at the ex-
Dense of clothes and hands.
in some parts of Uussin German is
lunv compulsory in schools in place
of French,
When religion ceases to go to service it will run tn superstition,
A man feels blue with trouble, red
with rage, white with fear, yellow
with envy, and green with Jealousy,—
Baltimore American,
Ood  sends  the seed,  but    we    must
furnish the soil.
The highest mountain In the moos
is   nt    lensl    I',.",,llllll      feet    in   lll'ightll;
ilhnt is 8,000 feet  higher than Mount
I Everest.
Aak fer .*• "***■««-■*,>» ■**»*
tile.-n Talkers.
Persona who talk In tbelr sleep will
frequently answer questions If spoken
t.i sortly.
MoiiBsirj'  Fri'iika,
11 is Instanced ns one of the curios!
ties of the memory that people who
It now long pieces of verse by heart frequently cannot remember their tele
plume number.
St., Winnipeg,   Established insu,
lXlOshorn   _^^^^^^
,,,.„. '.on 000 cares,   li""'' hs deestTSci  n
lilleil  physh litn
wnnt S euro
ts.ro tioato I hy  » '!"
lioiislntii'i) strictly prlvist
IM.    VJ.    No.    -SaOfS. THE DRILL, SLOCAN, B, C, DECEMBER 1% 1002.
C. E. pHiTnr.uiNOsVLK, Editor nnd Prop.
■JJLOOAN,      -      -       -       •     B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents ii line foi
the first insertion nnd 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates o! Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Kates mado known upon
Tho Subscription is |2 per year, st.'ict*
ly In advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters .to—
Sloean, B. C.
A pencil mark in lhe space
opposite will be an indication to you tbat ye editor
«(insiders there II something
coming to him on yoursuh-
seription. Kindly acknow-
bilge   io  sash and oblige.
Great success is attending the
Laurier government in the bye-elections foi" the Dominion house, its _up-
porters being elected in a regular procession. Ex-Govoniov Jiuss bas carried the new riding of Yukon by 71)0
Ontario will not have prohibition yet
"awhile, tho Grit government having
set the temperance people too hard a
task. The vote on the question last
week waa strongly in favor of prohibition, but the yeas were BOpercent
less than the number required by the
government. The ways of the wily
politician arc dark and almost past
findiuR out.
It is satisfactory to note that the
output of on* from this division will
show little, if iiny.iliiiiiniition from the
figures of last year. At the outset it
looked as iT shipments would have
reached the 1(1,00!) ton mark, but the
demoralized state of the silver market precluded the desired expansion.
It is tt good testimony to the camp's
resources to see thc exports keep up
so well as thev have.
Old papers for sale at (his ollice.
The Wakefield has 10 tons of zinc
ready to go out.
Hogan's Alley banquet is hilled for
Christmas night.
Sandon Knights of Pythias hold
their sixth annual ball on New Year's
Captain .Seaman, formerly of this
place, has purchased the Eaton resilience at Kaslo,
Dining thc week the link has been
flooded and/it will lie ready foi' the
skaters shortly.
Thomas Jones, the zinc man. accompanied by W,  11. Sandiford, was
in tlie city Monday.
W, T, Shatford left Tuesday to visit
hi? branch store al Vernon, lie will
lie gone two months.
Thos. Mulvey ai.l wife and Miss
Mullan left lliis weok to spend tlie
winter ut Vinton, Que,
A meeting of the license commissioners was held on Wednesday ami
renewals granted to all thc local hotels, excepting the Slocan, application
for which comes up at a special meet
inii' next month.
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sunday, at 11 a.m. antl 7..30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 8,80 p.m.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.
Strangers mui young men
am cordially invited.   .   .
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
ml Sundti
tainment will be gi
Hall on Christmas ei
f-TOTICB is hereby given tlmt I intend
to apply nt a -"in oial sitting of the Board
of Licensing Commissioners for the ("ity
o( Slocan, to lie held niter the expiration
kbI enter-  0[ 30daya frnm the dalo hereof, for a re-
Music   tnil   liquor   license   for   the    premises
j known aa the Slocan Hotel, situate on
. .    ,  Lola 7 and 8, Block 12, Slocan,
Only  a   month   to  the municipal     j.a.ed at Skican this 10th day of De-
elections.   Chose oul j mr candidates oetnber, 1902
and h't's gaze on theni. r:    hr. .i"i',\  n\
Next Tuesday night the Woman's
Guild of St. Paul's church gives a
social in the Music Hall.
FI. P, Chris!ie. wife and daughter
returned on Friday evening from a
three months' trip to England.
Manager de Yober of lhe Bank of
Montreal, New Denver, was here on
Friday drumming up business.
Notice to Municipal Voters.
The Grand Trunk Railway officials
who were down to Victoria to coax a
"small" subsidy from the government
in support of their proposed Pacific
Pacific extension, announce their mission iis successful. Of course it was
and there is nothing to brag about in
that. Any old sort of a scheme would
find support at Victoria, A failure in
that respect would be something very
The Prior govetuinciii will gain
nothing from the three bye-elect ions.
West Yale is conceded to ex-Premier
Seinlin as an oppositionist, North
Victoria will return T. Patterson as
an independent oppositionist, and
Williams appears to be the stronger
man in tho Nanaimo district. Even
should Mclnnes carry the latter constituency, the general result will be
such as to show the government thai
they have not the confidence of the
people. Col. Prior woultl have gained
more by a prompt dissolution of the
house, as time to think has convinced
the electorate that his government is
merely n perpetuation of the old fam
Uy compact. As Jbo Martin says, a
general election is required to clear
the political atmosphere.
R, I. Kirkwood left on Monday to
spend the winter in Chicago and the
east, and ultimately California.
The annual New Year's ball of the
Halcyon hot springs sanitarium will
be held on Wednesday, Dec. .'ilst.
The Roundup is the name of a new
paper started at Pincher creek, Aita.,
by Rod Matheson, formerly of Silver-
C.P.R. traffic receipts for the week
ending Nov. 80 amounted to *a_,152,-
000, and for the same week lasi year
They are selling California "naval"
oranges at Sandon.   Naval is good.
but the oranges are better.   WhatV ii
a name, anyway?
Hugh Campbell, Fernie, was married at Nelson, Monday, to Mi-.-  A.
Mitchell, who gave this city as  h
place of residence.
Andy Wallace and   Murdock Mc**,
Lean were down from  New  Denver
during the week, bah figuring  on
building the big shingle mill
Miss Hewton, of New Denver, has
been engage I b** the tru li b ard to
teach the junior division ■'■ tl • Slo au
school, vice Miss Edwards i ■ ignsd,
A. Yor!; __  Sons arc distributing
some very handsome calendars  this
week.   One of them, of the King, is
f\n exceptionally fine specimen of th
lithographer's art.
The attention of license hold irs and
householders desiring to get on the
city voter.-;' list is drawn to a notice
given by the city clerk in another co -
iitnii of this issue.
Rev.   Di'.   Herdman,  of   Calgary,
preached in Knox church on Sunday.
mornin,1,'and evening.   Many former!!
parishionors of his were delighted t'i
se ■. ud hear him again.
I). McBeath, A. McDonald, Fred
Starkey and J. A. Irving, of Nelson,
have formed a partnership for one
year to carry on a printing business,
under the name of the Tribune Co.
Kev. Mr, Cropp,of New D, nvi r.will
occupy the Methodist pulpit uexl Sun
day. morning and evening    ih-v. Mr.
Seymour will preach  missionary ser
nnns at Silverton and New Di nver,
T, McN lish __ Co. mot ":.'i n pi	
Furnishings __>*
T^OTICB is hereby jtivon that irodnr tho pro-
i^ visions of tbe Municipal Eloctionfl" Act,"
the following are entitled to vote for Mayor and
Vldermen at the City Municipal Bleotton, vi*.:
Any male *>r femnta.belnff a British wbjeot, <>f
.Ih' full age af 21 years,
"Who is the owner of reft] estate of \Uo assessed value of not less than WOO;or is therenre*
tentative, being a resldeu. Brtl is!i -subject*, duly
authorized by the directors of nn Incorporated
company*, which i- th*. assessed owner of lands-,
or oi improvement-* on lands, -situated within
tlio municipality; or who la tho holder of a trade
liconse, the annual fee of which is not leusthap
85; or who is a honsebulder who has paid, on or
before the blst day ol December In the year iiu-
i lintely prior to the tiny of Domination) all
municipal rates, iix-- .-i— --•ni ■ ; -, rentals ami
license fees I v, tu-cti aio not chargeable on land ■
pnyable by uim or hor tn t! e munici) alii v: pro
vidi-d. however, that tu the ctt9e of tbe holdor of
a trade license or h tho^ase of n bouseholdor,
he or she shall, -In rim:the month of D< comber
in each year, make and cause to be delivered to
the clerk of the municipality a statutory declaration, ma !■■ on i subscribed before a supreme or county court judge, stipendlan ,,;
, '1;.'.* m i:d trato commissiouer for taking nili-
.",,- i;i [.tn -iuprome court.justicoof the peace
or notary puhlii."
House]  iMoi       I Hcouse holders are require I
on or before the 31 **'. ''ity of December to hand
send io the rity clerk their Dames as n voter*,
jind at the same pan* ■- statutory declaration tu
■i n pn ■*.! led b  the  tattttte,
Hon "''iii': ra nnd lie mse liol lei i re luiro to
li■■*. iUvd'I continuoujly in tiie cltj since *Ji au
in i ■  >i.
■ | \ Ucaol.: if r ■ pilre I \<> uame Iho lot and
ii- cli on which Lhe) wUh to registi r.
Kuri ■ ippli i » . ; i i. I*j iii 1 at t'i- Ir.nr
It. r, BENTLEY, City Cleri
Slocan, I A'.. Dew n-no: in, ."■■.
Ws* havijnst received an elegant
line nl goods for the holiday
trade, including
Hanicure Sets
in Kliony, ninl Silver Mounted
Leather Traveling Cases
Toilet Sets
Brush Sets
Perfume Atomizers
Perfumes, etc.
Wealsocarry Eastman's Koslaks
and goneral supplies.
Aborts I'm* the Heiniztoan s. Co.,Or-
hard llelntzman, and Kui'n Planes
TrOUP attention is respectfully
Y called to lhe Custom Ta lori'
Union Lsivbel, a cut of which
apispara btslow. It is tho only sign
i. icreby a personis anre ol _:>■;:i 11^
clothea moon in a fair shoi .
w _-""^      f,*Lst
w'3St*oVt s>^
♦1 m SS,
if bard Is..-'; thi   v.
I'.y leaving  yum mils*,   lor  a   1 .11
*-uit, Trousers or Overcoat  willi
A. David, Miners' Tailor,
you will lind the Union Label on
all Clvthej made by him.
barrels of Ontario nppli    ■ iiniiip in,
but iii.' whole iM!i-i','n;'i • il v..i- lield
nil bv the ]>■■ ivincial  IV i I in pector
isinl destr I'.s'il.
' "
William Midlines, according to gov-
ernmenl reports, ia to bave a walkaway io the byi'-iciiuii now pcudiug
consequent upph his entering the
provincial caHnnet, On the other side
of the question lli"!v st;in(is a greal
bjg Nay, as an opponent 1ms taken the
field who is credited with winning
powers. Parker Williams has h.'i u
nominated by the Socialists and Lib.*,'
men to oppose Mclnnes, and he has
the active Bitpporl of.!. 11. Hawthorn*
thwaite, M.L.A.. and all the interests
for whieh be stands. Tin* McBride
wing <>f the opposition has decided ro
leave the Bold entirely to Williams,
Many Liberals hope nlso to see Mclnnes defeated for deserting his chief,
Joe Martin, Combined, there is ti
powerful antagonism to Wullie and
be is far from havingasnap. Haw-
rhornthwaite says  Wullie is doomed
tO defeat.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors;
Gent*)'  i:urni5,iiin£s
of a wide range and of flrst-clasi
quality kfi. i in atouk,
sslli Im
r.sssusi right
Stisi'i'ss nt slocnn an"     ndon.
THE   Croochcs  hcii*  mentioned may oiTu' a Jisir-
able suggestion for Chri: tmas
Each one is of artistic merit
as well as surpassing value.
No. 13320, ai $5, la a S r and
Crescent design of Hue Pearls in ' sol, J
No. 13317, nt Si0,1a a rococ;o scroll
desifn In Bolid Gold, mounted with a
Une Amethyst surrounded with Pearls.
No. 13369,it $24, Is a fcarl "Sun
Burst    of txqulllll beauty.
No. 13400, at 142, Is a Clover Ui',
paved with fin.: Plirll, lmvin_ for lis
cenirc n beautiful Dismond.
Wc jutrnntce safe delivery, and cheerfully refund the full price If a selection
Is in any way unsatisfactory.
Writs, fssr our nuw Mtalogiu*,
Ryrie Bros.,
Yonge and Adelaide Streets,
sT** st
__) }    ' ' '
per annum
Cerlcatfl ef Mwm\i
I*_rt I!ojns ?11 :'-    : a. i ('InIlls.
Situate in the Slocan  Citv mining divi-
Bion s.f WrBt Kootenay diftris't. WhereI
located:—Half mile north of Springer
.nek, ailjoiiiins tlm Clold Viking.
TAKF. NOTICE that 1. J. M. Mc-
i regor, acting as a:i>ntfor T. J. Baty,
ii." Biluer'a eortiflcnto lNo. U50S86j H.
L. File, 1'. M. C. No. Bfi988'2, and J.
G. McCallum, I'. M. C. No. B6902-I, intend, sixty sl.iva from the d:iti* lis*n*of, to
apply to the Mining Itworder for a certifl-1
cutis of iiii|iroviMtienii, for Iho purpose
of obtaining a cronrn grant on tha above'
And further taka noiis'c Ihataction,
under section li", iiu;*it lie commenced j
i efpra tho issuanca of _uch certiflcate sil |
Dated thu 3rd day of Octolier', IW2.
10*10*02. 3. M. McGRKGOR
I'.: . 'li«Si_:_ r.i.sl  S'.lsvs    l-list. Ml.us.si
« talma.
Situate in Iho Plocan Ci'y Mining Divi-
ninn nf lhe V. .--i   Hoo'i nay district.|
Where located:   •:. [>'*■ ton creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, .1. M. McGre.
gor, aeling aa atient f."' II. G. VanTnyl,
free miners' ceriilleate No. liMi'Url, in tend,
sixl' days from the date hei rof, to apply
to tlm mitiiuu r»i order for eeriifleatea ol
improvi'iu1 lit, fsn tliM purpose of ulilain-
ii-.jj s"s.-.'. .i granl * of lhe ..    i ■ el .i:ii*>.
And furtbei inks* notice ihai action,
uniler _eelion 37, miml bi commenced
before lhe issuance ofiuch ccrliflcutei ol
Haled thia 3rd dav of OcloVier, 1902.
10-10-02 " I   M   MtKJREGOR
hlu . I'm Mllicraal ( IhIsh.
Situate in the Slocan City Mlnln. Pivi-
cioii of West KootenBy District,
Where located:—On Ten Milecreek,
oiHt of llio r.i.lr |s;'i«o.
TAKE NOTICE thai I, .1. M McGre*
aor.acting as agent fssr 1'. W. I'.llir.
free miner's eertifleate So H59-1S8, and
i'. E. i>mitlieringale, F.M.C, Ko.U60743,
intend, sixty davs from i l:n date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder or a cer
ti (kale of improvements, for tbe purpose
"f obtaining a Crow n i. rani of the above
And further take notice tbat action,
under section 37, ninn I e commenced
before the Issuance ol such cei tificate oil
I' ted tbis Oth day <>f September, 1..0:*.!
10-10-02 '.!. M. McGREGOH
-ilmili.'iil   M liis-lnl t lain.
Situate in the SI in City Mining Division of tho Weal  Kootenay District
Where located:—On tht divide between Lemon and Bpringer creeks,
adjoining tb_ Two Friends mineral
TAKE NOTK 1'. that I, Atoble Main
iraring-Jobnsan, acting ns agent (or I'io
iiri*r Minliig io., Limited (non-person a I
liabill v , lici!   Miner's Certificate  No.
I16H136,in tend, sixty days from the dale
beieisf, to npply to tb<* Mining Uecorder
for n certificate of   Improvements, for
tin* purpose of obtaining a Crown grant
of tbe above claim.
And further tak'- notice that action,
under section 37, mum be commenced
before lhe issnnnca of such certificate ol
Hull-I tbis I lib day of Octolier, 1002.
Do You
Want a Home ?
Then oome to Slocau, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours, Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Huntmg.Boads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,School
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed bv
this City, baoked up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and bo convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
J. M.
B. A.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
r.. c
No. 62, W. F. of H.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  II. C.
General Paekinf; and For-
warding attended to at tho
shortest Nutice.
Suildlr* and 1'acix Horses fer
hire at rtJ&Bonabl. rates.
Meets every Wednc_day evening I
In tl>e I' ii is .ii Qbii Bit can City, at
7.80 p in. Visiting bratbrtn coitlially jNOtlCe tO DeliUQUentCO-OWIlCr
invited to attend,
Finaniibil Secretary
Mi,islsrs..v I i«sl...*J.i Miss, ml lliilin.
Situate in tlie Blocan City Mining Divi
ilon of the Weil Kootenay DTetrict.
Where located*, lu the Aiiiu^ton
Tako notice that I.J. M. McGregor,
nriiiii1; an Rgent for Thoi. Tobln, P.M.
0, No. B69727, nnd ll, Cnmeron, free
miner'i certificate No. D60705, Intend,
pixty dayi from the data hereof, to np|'ly
tu tin. Mining ttocoider fur a certificate
of Improvements, fur the pnrnoia of oh*
teinlng a crown grant for tbe above
Ami fiiitln'i' lulu* notice Ibal ni'tisin,
niiiliir lection •!", tntiil bo oomtnencid
before the luuanco of inch certificate of
iMitcd Hlin lTtb dayof November,1902
•_1-U 0. J, M. McGBEGOB.
Representing the -strongest c#tn*
panics deing basiness In Canada.
Skf. n'EW Aii'itiKsr polict, eiitli par*
ticipation in profits, covering t*iek-
ncss and operatiens.
II. I). CURTIS, Notarv Public
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Wliy be wltboat a range wlies
yon can get one to cheap ? The*i
are proferrable tostoveaand nive
better satisfaction. Tlicse ranges
burn >vsio(l or coal and will be
net up Ire**.
I'o Harry Williams, or to any pSrses
or i ersonsto whom bs rnr.y hare traae-
fenesl bia intereat ia tbe Chilksl
anil Delphian mineral claims, • 11■:nteJ
on tbe head r.atei? of Lemon rrr»t,
and recorded Iii tbe Recorder's offict
for tba Blocan I ity mining division.
Yon are hereby notified that I.Oicar
| v. White, free miners' certificate No.
j R&0427, bay, f:iu»c*<l to be exiienslfil the
I mm of  lin bnniliesl and   fifteen dollars
, in labor nnd improvements on lbs »bo»«
inentisned mineral claims, in onUrio
hold said claims undo tba provisionsel
tb* Mineral Act; and if within 00 dati
from !b« date of I bit noliea you Iml. sr
rsfitfe. to contribute your proportions}
snch expenditure,together with all ruin
I of advertiaing,   your Interest   In  •*'*•
claims will become tbs propeity ol ths
Subscriber, uniler lertion 4 o( an  Atl
entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
I Art, l.ton."
Paiad at Sandon, B.C.,Ibis .Oth <l«r»l
September, A.D. 1802.
26*0-02 OSCAR V. WHITi
i   fn*" v*'r.r?ji?r
1* _^ "*    Ui.    .
»• S_? '" s. l7 ' i! »
■..'•j-.-W.JsVj   -   s
1 4,' ." t-i'.t _-. _
i .T...i^__--._tQ__eiVi
All si nslblo petj lo trarel
by abeCP.lt,
Notice to DclinQiient Co-owners
To J. W, Mill.ii.I, Kate Scott ami Thos
Held, or to nny person or peraoni to
•".horn they may have trai iferred their
pti'Uibar '.lib, 1805:
You are hereby notified Mint I bnva
.,,,,'inbMl tin* sunn of one hundred and
two dollars ami fifty _ents iM performing and recording ssssssmsnt work for
tbo iibovi mentione I mineral claim,
sines lhe Otn .luy of SutBtwinli'-r 1901
nmi if within 00 days from thodateol
Ibis notice you. or huv of vou. fail or
refuse to contribute yonr several pro*
portlohs of such expenditure, together
wltballcosUof advertising, your Inter*
estsln paid claim r-lmii become lhe pro*
perty of tho subscrloor, under sec Inn
•..iisof the Mineral Act,
-Dated ni'Sloean this nti, day of Sep*
ll'llllilT,   l'.lllj, '
l.**W P.W.ELLlfl
under section
A glance at. the eandensr-1
timetable will cenvlnco yon
ef tills fact, Leave Sloean
Citv at I 2U p.m :
Arrive Winnipeg .Inl day 8.fi0 « m
Arrive St. Paul 3rd day at 6.40 p.«
Arrive Chicago 4lb day at 9.80a.tn
Arrive Toronto 5th day at 2.46 P.»
Arrive Montreal 5th day at 6.3U p.m
Arrive New York fitb day 8.M s.ro
"Flying palaces bvday,lux*
urieua resting places at
■ ight." fltlv describes the C
I'.R. Tourist Cms, wlncli
leave as follows:
Leaves Dunmore Junction daily for 8«'
Paul; Kontcnuy Landing Tuesday SS
Saturslay for Toronto, Montreal, ets.
Further proefof the unequnl-
led service ot Iho C.P.R *-*•■
be had on application »o
E. J. C0YLI3,
A.O. P. A.,
I), PA.,
L. J. EDWARpj,
Agcn^ Sloean City


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