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The Slocan Drill 1905-03-24

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u'fe- '•"•'*-• -j*
MAR 27 1905
- '.CTOnie\.m-..-
VOL. V., No. u'i.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   MARCH   24,
If so, you will find our stock of Tobaccos, Cigars and Pipes the best and most complete
in the city	
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
A full line of the choicest ConfM"*1/!**,**,!
and all varieties of Fruit in n*J-*'0V' L\?.V*l,yA.K,ii.
— •**■■ *J»
WHAT   18   BK1NO   DONE    DOWN
Arnot's "Best" Coffee
If you want the best in coffees, ask for the
above. It only requires half the usual amount
per cup at the same price, 50c cents per lb.
Number  at Dtylllimi   Taku Plaoe, In
Which   tha Government   Scores   Re-
■ w>n.ta.<l     VIctorla-t-SonKhee.    Indian
Keiei-Te Hill I'aiie*,.
Events during the past week would
IMiersilcia,   Silks
are now in.      Ask to see them,
wash and are only 35c per yard,
shades all in stock.
They will
David  Arnot, Slocan.
Agent for Tetley's Teas.
J. W. Crow,  Proprietor.
THIS Hotel in one ofthe liest known and most popular houses
in the country.      It is located adjacent to tbe depot ami the
wharf, ami commands u magnificent view of the beautiful
Siocan lake.      Good fishing is to  Ix* found close at hand, while
every facility is offered for boating,
Tourists will (ind the Arlington and ideal resting place.
Commercial men have at fheir command new and commodious
sample rooms.
The dining room is strictly up to date and tlie Iwr su] | lied
with onlv tho best brands of goods
seem to indicate that the    ttemptcd- S^0^ *^urd?t P'ip-r- •xji"^(lis
plot on the part of the opposition on
Monday, to secure by trickery
a snap
vote against the government, has, by
reason pf the circumstances and disgrace attending its (allure, exercised a
most disastrous effect on the opposi
tion themselves. One of the worst
featuiesof the affair was contributed
by a prominent up country Lilieral
member, who broke his agreement to
pair with Mr. Maegowan. Vancouver,
that trusting -gentleman remaining
over in the Terminal City on Monday.
The expressions of public disgust ut
tliis piece of treachery have lieen very
strong and general.
The past week has seen an unbroken
series of ministerial victories, with
majorities ranging from three to seven.
So much lor a weak government, "tottering to its fall."
The school liill passed its second
reading Tuesday liy a vote of 23 to 17.
On Wednesday it was considered in
committee of the whole, when all the
non-contentious clauses were dealt
with, and the house rose and reported
progress. '
Thc same day was embittered for
tie opposition byiinother defeat,when
th"' Songhces reserve bill passed its
second reading by a vote of 28 to Ki;
the amendment of Mr. Maedonald.the
leader of the opposition, to the effect
thut thc matter of disposing the re-
serve lands should Ih* left to the legislature, meeting defeat by the same
uumber of votes.
As it has pleased the opposition to
make a matter of violent partizan |>oi
country has had enough of it. Moreover, I am in possession of information, from a source which may be considered reliable, to the effect* that the
promoters of this company, in the expectation of their grant going through
tho house, have already granted an
option on their property to parties representing the Grand Trunk Pacific
railway. Wildcat promoters and
eliartermongers will receive no recognition from the government.
Monday's (18th inst.) session was a
ng at lour.
The speaker gave his decision upon
an amendment to the Songhces reserve
H<t, introduced by the opposition on
Friday through Mr. Cameron,Victoria,
and laid over till Monday, pendiug
sucli decision.
The question had arisen and had
l»eon rather warmly discussed as to
whether an opposition member could
thus offer an amendment to a government bill of this nature, inasmuch as
it encroached upon the government's
prerogative iu the matter of dealing
with crown lands, and be in order.
Oddly enough, uo previous decision
in the house appeared to bear upon
the case, and heuce it was laid over
for the speaker to consult authorities.
Speaker Pooley gave his decision in
lhe matter, which wtis to the effect
that the amendment was in order.
The triumph of the opposition was
shortlived, however, as the amendment thus permitted was immediately
voted upou by the house.and defeated
by 18 votes to 13. Mr. Cameron's defeated amendment provided for certain
free giants to the city of Victoria.
The house then went into committee
on the game act, which took up the
major part of the afternoon. There
were a few warm scenes, but good
progress was made with the measure
when the house reported progress.
Hon. R. G. Tatlow. miuister of finance, performed a plucky deed a few
days ago, whan, at considerable personal risk.he stopped a runaway horse,
and saved the two young fellows iu
the vehicle attached to the same from
an ugly smash-up.   Strange ho v that
ordered up for reconsideration and
final adoption at the next meeting of
Mayor stated Paul Hauck had offered to purchase (he old lumber nt
the back of the Sloan building. Aid.
Aitchison said there were others who
wanted it too. Left to committee to
value it.
Aid. Teeter gave notice that at the
next meeting he would introduce a
bylaw repealing bylaw No. IB, being
the road tax bylaw.
The mayor spoke of the necessity of
effecting repairs to the Springer creek
bridge at Delaney ave.
Aid. Toeter favored asking for tenders in two ways, for lowering the
bridge in the centre two feet and placing caps on tho piles; also for filling
in the east end of the bridge up to the
piling, making it a permanent road.
It was moved by Ald.Teetor.second-
ed by Aid. Madden, that the clerk ask
!or tenders for repairing Springer
bridge at Delaney avo. Carried. Plans
and specifications to be seen at the
mayor's office.
Council adjourned.
5L0CAN, B. C.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
weak" McBride administrate n al-
tica out of what is simply a piece of |•»*•▼« seems to be Johnny on the spot
provincial iegislation.it inav interest I whenever a strong man is i eedod,
your readers to know soinethiii-r of the| whether for the country  or fi r iudi-
pinpose i»f this Songhces n ve hill.', vtduals.
w no . was introltnd by the chief' 'Vint Seattle Post-Intel ligencer In d
commissioner of hinds an,, woras. ! its cartoon-artist up here a week or so
Tbo Son.'ii"cs reserve is a piece of jaun, and. judging from the illustrated
1 md owned bv th" tribe of that na lie, j ■nippjemeiil ol the P.-l. ol the 6th. he
and lying practic.illv in the business ! seems to have found plenty of mater*
heart oi the elty ol Victoria. Thel in!. Few, Indeed, of the members on
irrowth ot tbe town has rendered its! both sides of the house escaped being
iu-eseuee a serio is nuisance, besides it I immortalised in the group of carina*
bad thiug for tho Indians j lures, which too!- up a whole page of
wlio notoriously thrive [the paper. The page wive much
least when iu closest relations with
the white man. The question of tbeii
rem ival has been agitated for years
the decision on the mntter lying with
the Indians themselves and the dominion government. There is now
some prospect nf the matter being
'iiiitlv adjusted, and. bv th
! being a very
amusement, but it was still more
auiiisiu',' to watch the various ways in
which the caricatured members took
While the cartoons  are good and
rpiite iii the line of political fun making, the same cannot be said of the ar*
aw of ] tide written to accompany them.   It
f  tbe hiindi-
the land.liidi.ui reserve property,whl.e I bears all the earmarks oi
administered bv the dominion govern- work of  a well known \ Ictoria jour
ment during iti tenure bv the Indian-  nalist lawver-politician.   who.  having
fells, upon being vacated, under the proved a failureinthese walks, is now
control nf the provincial government, seeking to curry favor with the Grand
Clubbing Offer
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
♦ tss ♦♦-» ♦ **>■** * * ♦*»-•>•♦ •»♦*>♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
$2.50 fora Vear
Action must, however, lirst Ih* taken
in the provincial legislature to give
effrct to this law and enable the lieu*
tenaut governor to act, and it is with
a view to expediting this tlmt the
present bill was brought down. A
moment's thought will show tho reasonableness of this.
The second reading of the bill tn
amend the game act was moved In
the provincial secretary on Thursday,
ami. upon adjournment, the debate
thereon was resumed Friday. With
out going into a lengthy review of the
matter, full detail*, nf which are b)
this time in the public's hands, il mav
!>,* remarked that it presents several
distinct impr ivements. Notable
among these ia the sett lenient of the
"legal fence" quibble, which has al
ways lieen a mn point. A much
leeded proviso ii tnat intended tn
v ex-
Trunk Pacific crowd.   "It'san ill bird
that fouls its own nest."
Victoria, March IB, 1905,
a lint
proted the beaver, whoso com
extermination is threatened by
senseless greed which has ahead
terminated so many forms of animn
life on thi*. oontlnent.
In this connection some disap
ment is felt that provision is imt. madi
fora gun license, a step warmly re
oom tided bv a number of deputa
lions   'I'he government, however, die
not consider the time  was ripe
that, a**   popular   opinion   was
somewhat divided on the subject.
Thu bill passed   its second reading
There is little of public  news as tn
levolopment, but it will inter
voders   to   know   that th''
government Is at present devoting its
whole energy to the consideration ol
direct line lay the shortest route from
the Kootenay to the ooast.
mlheience of  the govern
leel.ired   pnliev of   enter
„one but bona Baa propositions may sem to explain the fmiwnd
i„a failure of an atto t to secure a
land grant of 16,000 acres a mifebj
Kitimaat ,v Haxeltan (otherwise
railway I
est vour   t
The linn I
ment to its c
Tlia* Itoait lin   HjI»w  l« t» l,e  Repealed
at Neil Meeting.
Regular meeting of the city council
was held on Mondav night, all the
members being pre-ent.
Communications read: From Win.
Davidson. ML.A., ou  school matters.
Piled. Also one relating to amendment to law to increase the tax levy
for school purposes.   Piled,
Prom 11. D. Curtis, secretary of the
Rifle Association, asking when they
might expect the challenge cup promised by the city iu 1901. It had lieen
won by W. S. Johnson,
The'minutes of 1901, covering the
promise were read, and the mnyor recommended the obligation being met.
The matter had lieeu laid over by last
year's council, but he believed the cup
"should be obtained as sum as possible.
There was  no set  price  for the cup,
which should be suitably engraved,
Letter laid on table and the mayor
ordered to get designs and prices.
Prom Royal Hunk. Nelson, stating
that the next payment nn the mill debentures fell due on April 6th.
Treasurer stated there was $689.76
iu the treusury, with  taxes coming in
Points Picked l'|i From  Local and Other
Mrs. C. B. Taylor is now located at
Two River, Wash.
Born.—On March 21, the wife of T.
Mulvey, of a daughter.
H. D. Curtis paid a visit to Cranbrook during the week.
Mrs.Tutcher has located at Kelowna
and opened a millinery store.
\7. J. Twiss, Vancouver, th-*. Mutual
Life man, was here Wednesday.
J. I. Campbell, of the Nelson smel-
ter.spent a few hours here on Tuesday.
Fernie had another fire on Friday,
five dwelling houses being destroyed.
A new way in town of selling hogs
is to throw iu the pen as a bonus. It
Tlie C.P.R. telegraph system from
Denver siding to Sandon is to be reconstructed.
The Boiiuington Falls people are to
.spend a million dollars in improving
their electrical works.
A. W. Strickland, manager of the
Hank of Montreal, New Denver, was a
visitor here on Tuesday.
The district nieeting of the W. F.
of M. was held in Nelsou this week.
Slocan sent no delegate.
The C.P.R. has introduced a continuous dining car service from Medicine Hat to Kootenay Landing.
Patties in from Fernie Wednesday
stated the coal miners in the Crow's
Nest would shortly be on strike.
Judge Forin, at Kaslo this week,
upheld   tlie act  enabling partners to
advertise out delinquent co-owners in
a mineral claim.
Chinese have taken up their permanent residence in the Slocan. lieing
found now in and around Silverton,
Denver and Sandon.
To lie Raffled.—-A Berliner grama-
phone will lie raffled at the Arlington Hotel. April 1, at 8 p.m. Tickets
60 cents.    Highest throw wins.
Provincial Officer Black passed
through on Wednesday with "Kruger"
McLean, of Three Porks, who will do
two months in the Nelson Bastile.
New Denver did well with its skating link last winter, netting upwards
of$100 over all expenses, During the
summer the rink is to be enlarged and
a gallery added.
Arlington arrivals: P. Lindsay, W.
C. Lawrence, D. D. Munro, E. Baker,
Vancouver; .J. C. Wilson, Silverton; J.
S. Livingstone, Toronto: H. 0, Briggs,
Victoria; ,1. II. Beard, Seattle.
,i„. Pacific AOmii a) railway
the promoters of thai railway, t
One, will tint get.
be and doubtless
and above boardjbut iheprtnci
uot a bigness principle.
are. a
OTMfa a      ,     a
Aid. Teeter moved thst a warrant
for 11000 lie drawn to meet the second
pavuient nn the debenture debt.   Sec
traded bv Aid. Madden and carried.
Bills presented: Tony Long and J,
V  Purviance, work on road ami creek,
$12 each (Woodcock A Co.. supplies.'
•S9.60| A C. Smith, rent   of   old   city,
hall. $10l H.R. .Imand.  tiling bylaw,
J2.li>.   Referred toflnanoe committee.
Aid. Teeter Introduced bylaw No.
26, amending the traders' license by-
notivesmayilawby raising the fee for peddtore
fair Und hawkera to 1100 everyslx months,
e U The bylaw was duly advanced through
the it! tii"*». second, and third stages, and
<IbSBga in Handon son.,luni.
,1. (i. Potter, proprietor of the Sandon Standard, passed through on Saturday to Nelson, returning Monday.
He announced that in a few days a
change would take place in his paper,
(ieo. Huston, the K. ,fc S. agent at
Sandon, is securing au interest and
hereafter will act as editor, while Mr.
Potter will look  after the mechanical
department, 'I'he plant and paper are
to Ihi enlarged, a typesetting machine
is to b«* added, anil new capital aud
Influence Introduced, it being the intention to publish more of a mining
journal. Assurances of lively support
from parties interested in the camp
hnve lieen secured and it is expected
the venture will prove profitable to the
new firm.	
Arlington Not lo tlporRtp.
Information received here during
the week i1* to the effect that it is not
the intention of the Arlington ' companv to do tiny extensive development
this summer. At present it is the intention tis renovate the workings and
later on something mav be attempted
in the way of a lease. Disappointment
will bu felt over this, as the-camp has
count d strongly on tht' Arlington.
Laait Tjai-'n Shipments Were 3.17ft Ton»—
A Henltliy Evidence ot tho Life snd
Wraith of the Ciimp-lllnck Princo U
Biggest Shipper.
For the first time this year there
occurs a blank in the weekly shipments of ore, due to the impossibility
of hauling in the present state of the
roads. It will lie some time yet ere
anything goes out. This year's output
is 277 tons ahead of last year's figures
for the1 same period.
For P.KM the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 2li7f>
tons, made up from 19 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Ottawa  198
Enterprise  Hit
Black I'rince  315
Neepawa  21
Kilo  20
Chapleau  2
Tamarac  20
Northern Light  3
Graphic  3
Combination  l
Operations nre to lie resumed at the
Jackson mine and mill.
A new lease by other parties is spoken of for tlie Neepawa.
Another §20,000 dividend is about
to be paid by the Reco.
Last week Sandon mines shipped 81
tons of galena and 1982 tons of zinc.
A deal is being negotiated on the
Young Bear group, alxive the Ottawa.
New Denver folk are expecting the
early resumption of operation* at the
Wills & McNaught are to resume
operations on the Capella, at New
The Slocan Star shipped 2fi2 tons
of zinc last week aud the Lucky Jim
1665 tons.
Seventeen tons of ore .shipped bv
the Empress, at^Bear Lake, last week
netted S1783.
The Athabasca-Venus property, in
the Nelson camp, has pussed into the
hands of a receiver.
Six inches of galena and zinc have
been struck by the lessees of the Miller Creek, near Sandon.
A dollar reduction has |>een made
by the Nelson smelter on dry ores
coming from Bear Lake.
The Hartney group. New Denver,
has started up under le.ise, held by
Bliiemenauer & Valentine.
The Lucky Jim is slim ing out zinc
at a great rate, 1665 tons having gone
forward on its second contract.
Operationa on an extensive scale are
to lie carried on tliis summer on the
California, back of New Denver.
Not much will lie dnne with silver
lead in the upper camp this summer,
zinc occupying the foremost place.
Monty Davys line leased the Wakefield mill and will run through about
1C00 tonsof ore from the Emily Edith.
Tho Le Roi Nn. 2 workings, Rossland, are to Ik* tiiiii; in the 1450 level.
The mine will ship its ore to the Trail
The Trail ttnielter has torn up the
last of the old Heinze gold-copper
furnaces, replacing it with one of ;i(X)
tons capacity. 11 il.ing three in all.
E. W. Keith nud I). C. Johnston,
representing two different American
zinc companies, have bonded the old
Blue Bell group, on Kootenay lake,
from the Brink of Montreal.
Manager Graves says the Granbv
company is making profits of $100,000
per month, resulting iu an active demand for it- stock at 96.35. When
the two new furnaces are completed In
July the present daily capacity of 2100
tons will lie increased 86 per cent.
a Now Sawmill,
A new sawmill is being erected down
the valley, nt ft'atson siding, 16 miles
below tou   ' -  Lambert ■& Bell,   It
will be ill" nt I lie same -size as that at
Winlaw, and " market for its product
will lie f.innd at Nelson and on Ihe
prairies. I •" proprietors control a
magnificent bunch of timber on the
west side of the river, opposite their
Silver oiiotiatloiiK.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver nn ll"' various days during the
week s: ice last issue:
Thur-1 iv     58$ cents
Fridav .'  f* "
Saturday  "4 '*
Mnndii,   57? "
Tne-.:  1     r»8g "
W.ed.i   day  &8j " ■
Was so Crippled that he Could Hardly Get Around and Could Get No
Relief from   Doctors or  Medicines.
Dresden, Ont., Mar. 13.—(Special)
—"Dodd's Kidney Pills cured me ol
Rheumatism slick and clean." Mr.
W. O. Cragg, the well-known mer
chant and ex-reeve of this place was
the speaker and he evidently meant
every word he said.
"It was the Inflammatory kind of
Rhumatism I had and it crippled me
up so that I could hardly get around
to do my work in my store. I had
the best doctors and everything in
the line of medicines I could hear of,
but nothing even gave me relief.
"Then I tried Dodd's Kidney Pills
and six boxes cured me completely."
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure Rheumatism by curing tlie Kidneys. Rheumatism is caused by Uric Acid in the
blood. If the Kidneys are right they
will st-aln all the Uric Acid out of
tho li >od and the Rheumatism wlll
go wiih it.
Ther Really ll,*<i,ilre Attention Prom
the Moment or Birth.
The ears nre quite as Important little
members to be cared for as the eyes,
and when the.v stand out from the head
they are anything but ornamental.
From earliest infuuey be careful to see
tlmt tlio cars nre nlways kept bnck in
plnce. When the child Is lying on his
Bide be sure that the eur is lying flat
against the head, not folded over toward the face. Be enreful thnt the
child lies on one side as much as on the
other. If he lies always on one side the
ear on the opposite side Is npt to stand
out a little more than the one on which
he lies. Nurses when putting children's
caps on are often careless lu not seeing
that the ears are pressed Hat against
the head. Time and again when a baby's cap hns been removed have I seen
the little ears red and creased by being
bound forward by the snug cap, and if
baby has thick hair or curls which are
gathered In a little mass behind the
ear they, too, will prevent the ears
from lying back close to the head, especially where tliere is the slightest tendency of the ears to stand out. Tbe
mother or nurse should be very careful
of these little things, for if neglected
until the child is a few months old it Is
not easy then to commence to remedy
this defect. It must be looked after
while the child is very yeung.—Marlan-
na Wheeler in Harper's Bazar.
Granulated sugar makes a better meringue than powdered sugar.
Save rice water when you have boiled rice for curry, as it makes a very
good foundation for stock or sauce.
In cooking tough fowls or meat one
tablespoouful of vinegar in the wnter
will save nearly two hours' boiling.
Oue cook nlways puts a crust of
bread into the water in which greens
are boiled. Sbe says that the bread absorbs an objectionable rankness of
Nearly everything made with baking
powder may be raised equally wetl
with sour milk, buttermilk or soda, allowing one even teaupoonfu) of soda to
each pint of milk.
Beefsteak is often improved by rubbing two teaspoonfuls of salad oil over
it, theu leaving It so for several hours
between two plates. This is said to
soften the meat fiber.
Absolutely     Necessary    to    Health,
Strength    and    Comfort—Good
Blood   Banishes   Disease.
People with rich, red blood do not
feeel the cold of winter. When your
feet are cold, your fingers numb and
your face blue and pinched, it is a
certain sign that your blood ls thin
and your circulation weak. Your
blood needs building up with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. They make new
blood; they stimulate the circulation. The new blood they make races
through your Veins to every part of
your body from finger tips to ,toes,
and makes you warm, happy and
healthy. Mr. Alphonse Lacousslere,
St. Leon, Que., says: "About a year
ago my blood became impoverished
and 1 was badly run down. My hands
and feet were always cold and 1
could not stand the least exertion.
My. trouble was further aggravated
by pains in my kidneys and bladder,
and often I could not go about without aid. I consulted doctors, but
they did not help me, and I was almost in dlspair when I was advised to
use Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. 1 got
six boxes and before they were all
gone I knew I had found a medicine
to cure me. I took the pills for about
a month longer and every symptom
of my trouble was gone, and I have
since enjoyed the best of health."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills curo after
doctors and common* medicines Have
failed because they actually make
new rich blood, and so strengthen all
the organs and brace.up the nerves.
'J his is the way they cure Indigestion,
kidney uud liver troubles, rheumatism,
nervousness, neuralgia, palpitation of
the heart, St. Vitus' dance, part Ial paralysis and the secret ailments that fill
tho lives of so many women with
misery. Do not take any pills without
the full name, Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Pale People," on the wrapper
around each box. Sold by all medicine
dealers or sent by mail at GO cents a
box or six boxes for $2.50 by writing
Uie Dr. Wllllums' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
EipUeatlon ot the Principle* mt InturM-M
•nd of Their Application t* Fire, Lite,
Marine and Aeeldeet Ofliee*.
At the Canadian Institute on a recent Saturday night, the paper of the
evening waa by Arthur Harvey.   The
subject was "The Laws of Sickness,"
but it was    prefaced by an explana-
1 tion  of the    principles of insurance
| and    of    their application   to    fire,
j marine, life and accident offlceB.   Mr.
Horvoy having framed the first   in-
! iuranos law  of the  Dominion,     and
having had chargo of important   insurance interests, was enabled to take
a broad view   of   the   field,   and   to
bring forward    view* whioh    cannot
be Ignored.
AU iasuronco was said, to depend
on the persistence of averages, apropos of which tome curious instances
were given. From this persistence
those who make a study of thc ratioa
connected with any class of happenings, hoped to derive a financial advantage, which was quito legitimate.
If there were no such means of .estimating risks, insurance would bs
mere gambling, and not the serious
work it ia for the actuary and his
Mr. Harvey thought fire insurance
the most difficult of the main branches of insurance, on account, of the
constant and rapid changes In the
circumstances which cause'hazard. He
recalled the changes of fuel from
wood to coal, and of lighting, from
candles to burning fluid and korosene;
electric lighting, once claimed to prevent all danger from artificial illumination, had proved to be a frequent
cause of loss. Elevators were the occasion for now anxieties to insurance
people. The filling up of vacant
spaces in towns and cities, due to
their increase in population, tended
to the spread of fires, and the enlargement of business, which now
made into a large store what were
really several tenancies under ona
roof, had to be paid for in the increased risk or cost of insurance.
While the gradual rise in the rate of
fire premiums for some years past
was, perhaps, due to combinations
among companies, he was inclined to
think there had been a real increase
of hazard in the business quarters of
rising towns and cities, with which
protective systems had hardly kept
He thought, however, that if the
coYnpanies would combine to keep
down their expense account, thn
premiums which had prevailed would
be found sufficient to allow of a fair
profit. These premiums now amounted ln Canada to twelve million dollars a year, and the increase was
fairly constant, but thc losses were
Irregular, and had varied from 30
per cent, of the premiums in 1902 to
225 per cent, in 1897, and this inequality proved the necessity for
large capitals and reserves, for tho
Canadian field was evidently not
large enough to "establish an average."
Canadian capital ought not to attempt to monopolize Canadian fire
business, and no steps should be
taken which would discourage foreign
companies employing their capital
here. Tho official figures plainly
showed that there had been little, if
any, profit made by fire insurance
companies In Canada.
This led to a brief discussion of
municipal Insurance, to which, on the
whole,  Mr.   Harvey  was opposed.
As to life insurance, the author's
▼lews were adverse to Govornment
inspectorates and superintendoncies.
He could not sea why insurance
should be treated differently from
other kinds of savings companies,
where obligations covered in many
cases quite as long a period as insurance policies. Moreover, tho superintendence was a false reliance; tho
guarantee was the caro of thc directors and managers in making sound
Thore was here a digression to answer the question, "Is life insurance
a good investment?" Examples were
gfven to show the merchantable valus
of losg-standing life policies, and to
coatlast therewith the sums that the
premiums would have amounted to
by careful investment at fair current
rates. Of course, the companios had
realized the latter sums, often sovor-
al times tho face of the policies, and
many times thoir soiling values. Mr.
Harvey know that many peoplo
grumbled at this, but it was thc fortune of life, and they should reflect
their contributions had relieved many
an anxious heurt and benefited many
a widow and bereaved family. There
was a remedy, to bo satisfied with
less protection and to tako tho benefit Jn tho shape of an endowment.'' '
This naturally led to thb bojfftder-'
otion of the sick and fune'ful "benefit
provided by fraternal societies. .As
an actuary, Mr. Harvoy had several
times been called in to value tho
liabilities of such societios, for comparison with their assets, and he had
not found one which charged fees
enough to be really solvent. Tlie
laws of sickness were hern expounded,
and shown to be even less variable
than the laws of mortality. • Tho
deficiencies in the ordinary rates wero
pointod out and a tarill given which
it was thought would sullice, under
honest management and without
being hampered by Government red
The paper condiirled with an exposition of the' (lermnn system j of
wago-oarners' insurance, which Mr.
Harvey did not think would lxs acceptable to our people, or even financially prefer**li to our existing
methods. Some form of support in
sickness njid of relief in old ugi' would
soon develop bere, ns it, was needed,
and the best method for attaining
the object was worthy nl due consideration. It wus. of courso, a financial question mainly, hut it was
morfr-lt was one for the I rue philanthropist and patriot to think nboiit,
and from lt a mnn or set of mot) who
devoted patient thought, might well
reap the reward of a noble duty well
performed. That, rewnrd wns not
measured by dollars, but by tho esteem and thnnkfulnoss of contcmpoP*
sxy and futuro guuerulious.
The  Greatest  Are  Cleanllneaa,  Ten*
Illation and  Friction.
The flrst and greatest needs of the
hair are cleanliness, friction and ventilation. Give your halo a sun bath
once lu awhile, and the silky strands
will fairly laugh with happiness. For
some crazy reason there are many Individuals who will not wash their heads
often enough to keep the hair decently
clean. We are not water animals and
do not need to soak our topknots every
day, but it is a pretty plain fact that
once every week or two t)ie hair should
be carefully washed. If there is an inclination to dandruff or if tbe hair ls
subjected 'to an unusual amount of
dust, a weekly shampoo is an absolute
By using eggs Instead of soap there is
no danger whatever of causing the hair
to become harsh and brittle. Eggs are
as cleansing ns soap, and the sulphur
contained In them acts ns a tonic to
the growth. When eggs are used the
wnter should be very hot and tho hair
rubbed vigorously so that the eggs
will make good live suds. No soap is
When the hair persistently suffers
from loss of vitality it is usually from
one or more of the following causes-
Dncleanllness, lack of cnre, anxiety,
worry, late hours, overstudy, want of
exercise or disease. Dyspepsia is responsible for many thinned out halos.
Tho hair, being the most delicate of
the body's formation, is the flrst tc
show that the body Is not receiving
sufficient nourishment. The use of
harmful restoratives or dyes will frc-
quently cause the hair to become gray
and broken. One ennnot be too carefu
what one rubs Into one's tbougbt dome
Noble Pnrpoaea.
"My dear young man," said her father, "I like you immensely, and so do
all the family, Including, of course, my
daughter, Whom you wish to marry.
Itut I do not feel that I wlll be treating you properly if I give my consent.
She is nn extravagant girl. Why, her
dresses and hats for last summer alone
cost more than your income for the
past three yenrs. I don't think I
would be doing my duty to a fellow
man if I permitted"—
"But," interrupted the high browed
youth, "I am just beginning my career
as a reformer, and it is my purpose to
inaugurate a crusade against woman's
extravagance in dress. Marrying your
daughter will simply be a golden opportunity for me."
"Take her, my boy, but keep this reform plan quiet. Simply try lt with
her. Then if lt succeeds let me know,
and I will put it into effect with the
rest of the family. Thus we can slowly spread the good work and the glad
news."—Chicago Tribune.
The Brend super.
A kitchen convenience of merit Is a
bread slicer which cuts bread in slices
of any desired thinness. This consists
of a wooden frame exactly the size of
an ordinary loaf. It is adjustable to
fit a curved or a square loaf, and Its
sides are cut ln slices of varying
widths. The bread ls slipped into the
frame, and the brend knife cuts through
the space desired. A bacon slicer on
the same principle is offered,
Western Assurance Company.
That staunch Canadian institution
the Western Assurance Company, has
emerged from one of tne most trying
years In the annals of Are insurance
wiai undiminished prestige. This result Is due largely to the fact that the
shareholders exhibited their faith in
the company by agreeing to write off
one-half of the capital stock and placing a funner $500,000 at the disposal
of the directors in order that the losses
incurred in the Baltimore and Toronto
conflagrations might be met without
disturbing the reserve funds of the
company. The fifty-fourth annual
meeting of the shareholders of the
company was held yesterday, and a
copy of the financial statement will
be found ln another column of this
issue. The Hon. Geo. A. Cox the President, in moving the adoption of the
directors' report, referred to the satisfactory growth in the business of the
company during the year and lo the
encouraging fact that the operations
of the last eight months showed a profit that had materially reduced tho
loss incurred through the contlagra.-
tions In the earlier part of the year.
Tho Hoard of Directors was unanimously co-*llf*cteM, and at n subsequent
meet log re-elected Hon. Geo. A. Cox
as President and'Mr. J. J. Kenny Vice-
president and Managing director.
Ship Made of Paper.
Compressing 300,000 newspapers by
hydraulic machinery, an American inventor has constructed a yacht of thu
material thus obtained, completo in
every detail, and no less than sixteen
reet in length. Everything ubout the
little vessel is of paper—not only her
hull, but the masts and even the sails.
'1 ,ie Paris Auto vouches for thc fact
that Ihe yacht Is not a mere toy, but
a real vessel capable of fulfilling all
tbo requirements of any ship of similar size.
The Woman who Would
$\\i Grocer who wouldn't.
Every day from five to fifteen letters are received by
Tlie Ogilvie Flour Mills Co. from women living in the
smaller towns throughout Canada, saying they have asked
their grocer for Royal Household Flour but can't get it'
One writes—"I told my grocer, Mr.----, that I would buy
'Royal Household' regularly if he would always keep it
on hand, but he said he wouldn't take on another brand of
flour until he was obliged to." Another says—"My grocer
is an 'old fogie' and never gets the newest or the best
things until the year after." A third says—"We haven't
an enterprising grocer in our town and are obliged to send
to-——for 'Royal Household' or take a poorer flour."
Write direa to Ogilvie's.
If you can't get "Royal Household" from your grocer;
write to us direct—we will immediately give you the name
ofthe nearest grocer who keeps "Royal Household" and
send you also the "Royal Household" recipes. There is no
good reason why your grocer should compel you to use
inferior flour—no first class grocer will hesitate to order
"Royal Household ""lor you, and even the smallest dealer
will get it if you insist upon it.
Not many years ago it was the general belief that cultivated fruits could
not be grown in the prairie region of
Western Canada. While it was be-
leved that there was a great future
for the country in the production of
cereals, fruit growing was looked upon
as impossible. For cereal crops Western Canada has already achieved a
record unsurpassed anywhere in the
world, while even in fruit growing we
are gradually passing the experimental stage. A few enthusiastic horticulturists refused to accept the general verdict tuat fruit could not be
grown here. They began experimenting with various fruits, and to their
efforts is due the knowledge that many
fruits can be grown to advantage in
this country. Great credit is due these
men, who spent their time and money
in carrying on, this experimental work,
'i hey have accomplished much ln the
Interest of the people of Western Canada, for which they deserve hearty
Among the pioneers of horticulture
in the Wset we may mention the name
of the late W. B. Hall, of Headlngly,
Man., who achieved considerable success In growing small fruits and crab
apples. Another name that deserves
to be held n lasting esteem by the
people of Manitoba for the work accomplished in this line, is that of the
late Thos. Prankland, ot Stonewall.
Besides small fruits Mr. Frankland
succeeded in growing several varieties
of apples, plums and crabs, and he
also produced a few cherries of the
Morello class. His crowning effort
was the production of a few pears—
the only fruit, of this class ever grown
In Manitoba. The pear tree which
produced ths fruit passed out of existence thc same winter that this tireless horticulturist ceased his labors
and passed to his long home. Another man who has been very successful in fruit-growing In Manitoba
is A. P. Stevenson, of Nelson. That
gentleman has done much in demonstrating that the standard apples can,
under the right conditions, bo grown
here. Since the estnblshmont of the
Dominion government experimental
farms at Brandon iind Indian Head,
much valuable work bas been done by
those institutions, not only in testing
varieties of fruit, but also ln learning
tho best methods of cultivating and
protecting them. Our grain farmers
early   learned   that   the   methods of
cultivation practiced in Eastern Canada would not. do for the West. This
is also true of fruits. When our people learn the best methods of cultivating fruit crops, the cause of much of
tne luck of success tii the past will bo
Most extensive experimental, work
in fruit growing has for some years
been goini? on at Buchanan's nurseries, St. Charles, Man. Here experiments on a large scale have been
undertaken, not only to discover hardy
varieties of fruits adapted to growing
in Manitoba and the Territories, but
also to learn the methods of cultivation and growing best suited to this
country.    Plant! and trees have been
tested, not. of a few Individual sped-
metis, but by the thousand, and a groat
deal of valuable Information has been
accumulated, In currants, which are
one of the hardiest kinds of fruit, over
i'.r> varieties have been grown successfully, including red, white and black
varieties,   in raspberries, the number
of Varieties tested is even much linger,
nnd Includes red, yellow, black and purple vareties. A few varieties have
fruited well for several years without
any winter protection. It Is an eflBy
mutter, however, to bend raspberry
canes to tho ground and cover them
during winter.    Twenty or more var
ieties of gooseberries are grown, a
few of which have also produced enormous crops of fruit, without protection. Bushes requiring protecton can
easily be covered with brush, which
gathers the snow and affords an excellent cover. Splendid results have
also been attained with strawberries.
The results of experiments wiih these
fruits would lead to the conclusion
tnat with proper methods our farmers
should be able to supply themselves
with an abundance of all these healthful fruits, including currants, gooseberries, raspberries and strawberries.
Blackberries have also been grown at
the same nurseries. Mr. Buchanan
exhibited some very fine samples of
blackberries last season, Including one
sample about as large as a man's
thumb. These berries, however, are
generally regarded as too tender for
general cultivation here.
in tree fruits, some very fair cherries
have been produced. The sand cherry
is regarded by Mr. Buchanan as the
most promising sort for this country.
By careful propagation it is believed
that Improved vareties will be secured
W-ich will be well worthy of extensive planting. Many varieties of the
Americans and other species of plums
have been tested. The only plums
which have proved hardy (except, of
course, our native wild plums, Prunus
Nigra) are some of those belonging
to the American species. Many varieties of this species, however, do not
ripen here beforo tho frost comes.
Extensive planting has been done with
apples. Including all the hardy Russian and Minnesota varieties, and a
number of the trees are promising.
Quite a number of the large crabs or
hybrid apples have reached the fruiting stage. Somewhat extensive experiments have also been carried on
ln testing ornamental trees and
shrubs. Mr. Buchanan has recently
issued a catalogue which gives a list
of the various apples, crabs, plums,
small fruits and ornamental trees and
shrubs which have proved hardy here.
This list will be sent to anyone who
will ask for It.
Flowers of Trees," by Craig S. Thom?
"The Largest Musical Club of American Women," by Llda Rose McCabe,
"The Art of Pyro-Sculpture," by Jessie
Garwood Fitts, •Concerning Cats and
Erasmus," by Agnes C. Ruggeri, and
"iiue Blue i igoon," a short story hy
iwnwood Wakt. Mrs. Qabrlelle Jack*
son contributes an Easter tale, "Our
Hearts Be Pure from Evil.' V rttta
Hashbrook, In "The Interest of
Beauty," describes a gymnasium wliich
may be bought for a dollar. A picture
story of "Dorothy and the Easter
Chickens" will please the tots, and
the fancy-worker will find lace-work,
embroidery, ribbon-work and crotchet
to test her skill.
A Pleasant Medicine Which all Children Will Take Readily.
You do not have to coax and
threaten to get the littlo ones to
take Baby's Own Tablets. The ease
with which they are given as compared with liquid medicines will appeal to every mother. None is spilled or wasted; you know Just how bi?
a dose  has  reached  the  little Btom*
ach.  (As a remedy for all the 11'
babyh'ood and childhood arising from
derangements   of   tho   stomach   and
bowels Baby's Own Tablets ha*..' do
equal.     Mrs.  E.  A.  Jewers,   Mit.I'll
Bay, N.S., says:—"I think the tablets
a blessing to both mother and chill:'a
j as I find them a certain cure for ;ill
the ills to which the little ones are
! subject.    I do not know how I could
I get on  without  them."    Sold  by all
' medicine dealers or by mail at 25c a
box  by  addressing  the  Dr.  Williams
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
The cover of The Designer for April
shows a pretty girl holding converse
witb a pert Easter rabbit. Three
handsome full pages In color aro given
and tho mshlons and millinery nre In
perfect accord with the spring season.
A special article ls on seashore costumes ior ladies and young folks.
"The Millinery Lesson" tells how to
make ..m now and picturesque "Envelope Hat." In the literary line
there is un appropriate article ou "The
Gentlemen,—Theodore    Doral
customer   of   mine,   was   complei
cured of rheumatism after five >
of suffering,  bv the Judicious usi
The above facts can be verifle I
writing to him, to the Parish Pl
or any of his neighbors.
A. COTE, Merchant. Isadore, Que., 12th May. '98.
The Viceroy of fhe two Kwang i
luces in China, where there is alw
B rebellion ln progress, has a mini
of rebels on llis hands, who are to
shipped to South Africa to work In
mini's of the Rund.
Washing is hard work under any circum-
stances, why should you make it harder
by using poor soap?
Sunlight Soa
SKftth? ^orkin hoJf- h doea "9 p*rt of
H,7rk }__U* vou don't have to scrub or
boil the clothes.   The Sunlight way is tho
f£?LWeLy,as-.w*®11 as «*e ^st and least
injurious to clothes and hands.
l-ever Brothors Limited
Toronto THC      DRILL.
Western Canadian Editors
\ Seiies of Articles Describ-
ir their Lives, their Aims
*> .    ,a     •_   T...
"and their Influence.
gift, the mayoralty.
The respect in which he ls held by
his fellow newspaper men is attested
by the fact that he was last year
chosen as the President of the Western Canada Press Association, and
chairman of tho Executive Committee.
Mr. Osborne married in 1885, Miss
hadskis, daughter of Winnipeg's City
Collector. He has been an extensive
traveller over parts of Canada little
known. He has been twice to James
Bay, and has' crossed Hudson Bay,
penetrating to the Arctic Circle ln 189!)
and 1900, and marching 200 miles
across the northern tundras of Canada.
Neglect a cough and contract'*'
j Consumption
| Cure T£icLun«
cures consumption, bnt don't
leave it too long. Try it now.
Your money back if it doesn't
benefit you.
2Jo 50c. $1
t   t, S•C',wB«.»ACo.  801
I^Roy.N.Y., Toronto, C«n.
Warns You
With Stomach Distress,Difficult Breathing, Weak Voice, Hacking Cough,
Chilly Sensations and Startling
L    Weakness, and such Symptoms
, Demand Treatment with
I Treatment with
and   Proprietor   of   the   Fort
Frances Times.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
A Photographer's Trick.
Mexican photographers have hit upon a way to make their subjects "look
pleasant." After peering through the
apparatus and emerging from under
the black cloth, the photographer says.
"By the way, would you like a drink?''
"Well, 1 don't mind, says tho man,
witli s pleased smile. |'\Vhat have
you got?" "Beer, whiskey and wine,"
says the photographer, and then, before the man can says which he'll have
the camera does its duty. The "expression" of his photograph Is always
Mr  Osborne ls a Bowmanvilie boy,
atthe DUbllo ans" Ugh schools of which
town he received his education. When
mt!,' more than  a  boy, a  little  less
than twenty-three years^ago— in April
1882—he came West.   "~
Winnlpeg, after some
months at various  occupations,—like
all true Westerners, he didn't wait for  qj. mm]
work for watch he had special apt I-  wondera
tud, or training, but accepted the first
thing that turned up, until something
along—he entered the em-
At this he stayed for
On landing in
three  or four
A Liniment for the Logger.—Loggers lead a life wliich exposes tliem
to many perils. Wounds, cuts and
bruises cannot bo altogether avoided
in preparing timber for the drive and
in river work, where wet and cold
combined are of dally experience,
coughs und colds and muscular pains
cannot but. ensue. Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil, when applied to the injured
or administered to the ailing, works
charge of Mr.
porter.   But
hlm back
better came
ploy of the city.   „ 	
three years, and in 1885 got into his
natural and proper groove, newspaper
He entered the employ of the
Times, then under the
Amos Lowe, as a re-
the following year found
the service of the city
of Winnipeg, this time as assistant tax
collector, a position of responsibility
and importance. For ten years he remained at this post, acquiring during
the interval a complete knowledge of
all the intricate bearings of municipal
fluanci—a knowledge subsequently
to become Invaluable both ln his newspaper work and his public life.
In 1S9C journalism again beckoned
Mr. Osborne, and he set out on two
somewhat Important ventures, pub-
lb!,;!.!; the Manitoba magazine nnd the
..'-'in Workman, the official organ
of the A.O.l'.W. The flrst named, for
reasons that were attributable to conditions other than those that could be
controlled by Mr. Osborne, was not a
conspicuous success, but the two ventures proved Mr. Osborne's fitness as
a newspaper man and a newspaper
manager. The Brandon Hun was then
looking for the kind of man that Mr.
Osborne bad shown himself to bo, and
the proprietors of that paper made
hlm a tempting offer to be Its mannger.
iir. Osborne sold out his other ventures, and accordingly moved to Brandon, where his energy and ability
Speedily forged the .Sun to the front.
Two years later the paper changed
hands, and Mr. Osborne moved to Rat
Portagi where be acquired an Interest
in the News. This removal was an
Important event In the life of both Mr.
Osborne and New Ontario. He bo-
came Interested In the country, and
tuo inure he learned of its resources
Md possibilities the more enthusiastic
ho became In hla advocacy of Its
cl*iim A little later he moved to Fori
Frances and purchased the Times,
Which he silll publishes. Later on he
founded thc Gazette at' Halny River,
nnd also a book and stationery business. These various papers have done
mii'li to educate Canadian public
Opinion as to the mineral, agricultural
mill Industrial opportunities offered by
New Ontario, and to correct the Im-
I,;' m, prevailing till n few years
•go, that It was a country of muskeg
"•■il lackplne, or of rooky, barren
« 1901, al the death of Mr. Wilson,
ni, o borne purchased a controlling
•iteresi in his old paper, the Brandon
■"■a, which be Successfully conducted
™JU* lb' still retained his Rainy
2Jrei properties, however, the cam*
Wlgn of education conducted bv which
p1"1 v this time begun lo bear fruit.
J"1"11 Hon had begun to now Into New
ii .na,   Ti],.ri. wa8 up,,(j (}e personal
'"'I. II the country in which he had
row   o ureat nn interest wur to sue*
'l'1 Mr. Osborne determined, once
'"" for all. to burn his bridges behind
'.""• and to tie up his fortune with
' 'w Ontario. So ho sold tbo Bran-
""".Sun aad went east.
«r. .islmrne is one of tho lending
i    V,"1 'Ae New Ontario Fair board,
uicn holds a successful exhibit ion at
xfll     Unv ,llul Fort William sach
tn!.',!"   I''l'i"10l>s  has  adjacent   to  the
w. ' '"'" ot the   most,   magnlflcenl
'Ma,wo,* „„ „in contlnent ,,„, ,,„.
SZln{ "f Whloh Will make ii m.
Niagara    *M ••T■ll0■'"ln, n centre ns
Teacher—1 am sorry to say, Johnny,
your hands do not look very clean.
Johnny—My mother says folks don't
notice such things; If they do, they
don't speak of 'em.—Detroit Tribune.
Dr. A "new s cure for the Heart
an* diri'cily and quioklj. MiimilaU's th*
hntirt'., action, stuns. moet .acute pain, dispels
all fciuiH nf sreutMU. fluttering, linking.
smnttioruiK, or palpiatinn. Tins woDiierful
cure is the sturdy stop which carries the
heart--ick patient into uie ha von of radiant
»i,l perfect health. (Jive*, relief in most acuta
'uriiiaui heart disoase iu HO miuutes.—11
Right Man—She—The man I marry
must be "only a little lower than thc
angels." He (suddenly flopping)—
Here I am on my knees, a little lower
than one of them.   He got her.
If your children are troubled with
worms, give Ihem Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator; safe, sure and
effectual, Try It and mark tbe improvement in your cnild.
Mrs. Jones—You know Tilda mar-
rled our minister last week? Well,
she tells me he hasn't kissed ber once
\,aiat do you think of that? Mrs,
Grimes—He's so conscientious, you
know. He made it a rule long ago
never to kiss the bride, and of course,
be cannol consistently make an exception in bis own ease.
Pneumonia is brought on by over-exposure to cold or damp. This weakens
ho body. At this time of he year the
air ls full of pneumnola germs, and as
soon as your body is weakened they attack you.
It is best to prevent pneumonia, and
this can be done by wearing warm
clothing, eating nourishing food, and
not doing anything which might lead
to catching cold.
If you have exposed yourself, take
a few drops of "Psychlne." This
will strengthen you and prevent 'the
cold  from  developing.
The symptoms of pneumonia are
a general feeling of dullness and
langour, quick, short breathing, short
hacking cough, oppression in the
chest, a chilly sensation, and a coldness in tho extremities. These are
followed by chills or rigors—the
cough becomes worse, and high fever
sets In. ffl
There ts no & druggist ln the city
who would not advise you to use
"1'syclilne" for coughs, colds and all
pulmonary   and   bronchial   troubles.
Kor sale by all druggists at $1 per
boiile. For further advice, information, write or call Dr. Slocum, Limited, 179 King street west, Toronto,
Si. I Jit
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
Coal and Iron in China.
China's resources of coal and iron
are among the largest aad most favorably situated in the world. The extent
of the great coal fields has been put
at 400,000 square miles—more than
seventy times the aggregate extent of
all the coal fields of Great Britain. It
is expected that very soon Chinese
coal will be delivered at Far Eastern
ports at prices with which no other
coal can possibly compete, and that
China. In consequence of this development, will become a large exporter of
"The cotton factories of Lancashire,
England," says Edward Irving, "at
present spin about 155,000,000 miles of
thread a day, so that in six seconds
they make enough to go around the
earth. In one month they spin enough
to reach from here to the moon. The
product of eighteen days would reach
from the sun to Neptune. Counting
•ill) working days in a year, it would
take them, at this rate, 500 years to
spin enough thread to reach the nearest star."
Mrs. Clubbe—Man is entitled to life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Clubee—Yes—or he can get married.
Frank J, Cheney makes oath that hn Is senior
' partner in the tlrm of F. J. Cheney & Co., doing
j business iu the City of Toledo, Ohio, County and
State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay tho
I sum of ONE HUNDHED DOLLARS for each
I and every case of Catarrh that cauuot be cured
i by the uso of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn before mo and subscribed iu my pres-
! ence, this 6th day of December, A. 1)., USHii.
j (Seall A. W. GLEASON, Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, airl
acts directly ou the blood and nucous surfaces
ofthe system.   Snnd for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY. A CO., Toledo, O.
ftSoId by ali Druggists, 75 cents.
Take Hall's Family Pilli* for constipation,
After Many Years
nf experience, we have prepared a list of ths
hardest known apple crab and plum trees.
Nnaii fruits, oruamental trees and shrubs,
porrmal flower plants, etc., sent free on appli
cation.   Address
For Inflammation of the Eyes.—
Among the many good qualities
which Parmelee's Vegetable Pills possess, besides regulating tho digestive
organs, is their efficacy in reducing
Inflammation of the eyes. It has
Dieted with this complaint and found
B cure in the pills. Tbey affect the
centres and the blood in a surprisingly active way, and the result is almost
Immediately seen.
"That man you brought in," said the
desk sergeant, "cannot be the principal ln the crime. In my opinion he Is
merely a tool." "I guess you're right,
sergeant," said the detective. "Did
you notice that the fellow is hatchet-
faced, saw-toothed, gimlet-eyed and
Land  of  Bad  Snowdrifts.
The worst  snowdrifts experienced
by any railroad are said to be those in
Sweden. Although the cold is not so
intense ns In some western states, the
snowfall Is heavy and continuous. The
snowploughs of various kinds which
are used on these roads are said to be
I lie most powerful in the world. There
are times, however, when even thc
chlnery fails to clear the way
hundreds of men must be employed to
dig OUt the staled trains.
Those Worrying piles!—one application of Dr. Aunevi's Ointment will ijive you
comfort, ipply eTery night for three lo six
nights nnd a cure i- ntTecti"l in tee mo^t stub*
horu ca^es of hlinn, Hleiadluff, or Iichinu
Piles- Dr. Aitnew's Ointroaiit cure^ Eizemi
and all itchiuK and burnin -lo oi-rH-e. Jt
acts like ma<ic.   30 cents..—15
"Oh, doctor," exclaimed a rheumatic
patient, "I suffer dreadfully with my
hands and feet." "But, my dear sir,"
rejoined the physician, "just try to
think how much inconvenience you
would suffer without them."
1 ma*
Nervousno«s, Dyspepsia, Indi-
QOStlOU, nnd kindred ailments, take whirs
liefore Ihe bosiiog iiuaiilie-luf Ninth American
Nervine. Thomas lloskins. nf Durham. Out.,
look Iiis preacher1! sdftce, followed directions.
and was en rod permanently of the worst former
Nervous Prostration sndDytpepsia, He bus
recommended it t" other* with gratifying results.    It is a Croat nerve builder,—1-, _____
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
"Old Hunks Is one of the crankiest
and most dlaSagreeahie men I ever met,
but they say he has a delightful home.'
"Well, it's trui'. lie spends three*
fourths of his lime away from IL"
They Drive Pimples Away.—A face
covered with pimples is unsightly. It
tells of internal irregularities whieh
sliould long since have been corrected, 'i'he liver and the kidneys are
not performing their functions in the
healthy way mey should, and these
pimples are to let you know that the
blood protests. Parmelee's Vegetable
l'ills will drive them all away, and
will leave the skin clear and clean
Try them, and there will be another
witness in their excellence,
"My dear," said Mrs. Spenders, by
way of preliminary, "would you con-
Blder an opal unlucky?" "I would if
1 got a bill for one and had to pay t;."
began her husband, sternly. "Oh!"
she Interrupted, "I'm so glad I ordered
a diamond instead."
im, 1 .
'l'ills I,,
town m
"nil |Q,
In feci
An American syndicate wc
-'■rough Mr. Osborne's efforts,
l! in Ilie scheme, nnd have or-
:i company with millions of
'" develop it. The work has
commenced and It Is being
1 completion,  in tin* n'egotla*
''''"'■ii Ibe capitalist! and the
Osboms bore ii leading part,
January Fort Frune.es citizens
'•■notion of his services, bestow
One dose of Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral at bedtime prevents
night coughs of children.
No croup.   No bronchitis. A
doctor's medicine for all
affections of the throat, bronchial tubes, and lungs. Suid
for over 60 years.
I hav* we»A Ayr's Ch.rrv F><tflr»! Ill mv
■      ' TI>«r#Unothl!>x«*l'i»l
ida, »»p»ci»ii» ier,-Mi-
Kidney Duty. It Is ths particular
function*. Of tha kidneyS to filter out potsoni
which pass ihrnimh tliem into tlio blood.
Whan tho kidneys art di-.-a-e.i itiey cunnut do
thoir whole duty, and should lion tha help
und itrength that South American Kidney
run,will nllord in any an.l all forms of kiduejr
disorder,   It relieves iu 8 hours,   ll
I'he principal of Uie school was talk
lini aboul his hoy.   "By the
inks," he said, "l bai e
about Jerry,   He's
. don'l see how thai
d Mr. Widedunks, with
Ing with
way. .Mr. Wipei
made a discovery
can be," replii
lie   hain't   never
Besides,  he  was
. we bathed him
family fw •ik'v, raws
to it for^^^^^^
All .l-a.
entttht ..A Cine, amp" ,~-•{—• ,_-
II m,. W. H. Ham**. Shrllij, Al».
DO J. O. ATS" Oth,
_ Lowell,   M"*.
rising Indlgnaton,
i n exposed to it.
\aeelnali'il last year, ^^^^^^^^^
r every week, and his mother al*
mains him wear a little bag of
assafldlty tied around his neclt.   Some
nl   the other boys had  lieen lyln' on
ilie forerunner of
afflictions,    yet.
cure   within   the
ile's Antl Cnsump
 *   "i    inn   nuivilt'tt,    ut-m wv> •
'•""» hlm the highest houon In their
[Night Coug
Kaap the bowel* open with ono of
Ayer's PUIs at bedtime. Just one.
\  COUgh  Is often
Bcrlous    pulmonary
thero   is   a   simple
i.arh  of ■  in   I lie
tlve Syrup, an  old-time and  widely
ia cognized remedy, s\ hlch, If resorted
in ai the Inception of a cold, will invai
lably give relief, and '.   Swfta
ihe system  from
^^^^^^^^^^^      by overcomln
the trouble, guard
any serious consequences.
ci uis. at al
nard's   Liniment  Cures   Dandruff.
•W    IM
U       NO    *~\mm
Superfluous Hair
Removed by the New Principle
Electrolysis, X-ray or depilatories are
offered you on the bare word of the
operators and manufacturers. D E
MIRACLE is not. Itis the only method
which is indorsed by physicians, surgeons, dermatologists, medical journals
and prominent magazines. Booklet will
will be senb free, in plain, sealed
Your money back without question if
it fails to do all that is claimed for it.
DS MIRACLE mailed, sealed in
plain wrapper, oa receipt of 81. Write
for it today to DE MIRACLE OHEM.
ICAL OO., 23 Qcein Stbeit Wist,
Toronto, or
THE      filUDQflll companv
No other workingman's shirt
is made so big or comfortable or
so strongly as the H.B.K.  Bif
Not a skimped, factory-made,
cheap shirt but a shirt made of
honest material snd lots of it
As big and easy fitting as the
ones your mother used to make
with three yards and a half of
goods. Every H.B.K. Big Shirt
has three and a half to three and
three quarter yards of material.
Ample room under the armpits, broad and spacious on the
shoulders, full and long bodied,
big sleeves, an easy wearing shirt
and a long wearing shirt
Every shirt is branded with
this brand and guaranteed by
the makers.
■'"'■/BRAND.  ";:
Montreal       Dawsoe        Winnipeg
Don't be Deceived.   It is Never Sold Tn Bnlk.
CEYLON TEA is sold only in Lead Packets in Black;
Mixed or Natural Green.
By all  Grocers.    Try a Ten Cent sample packet. '      .
Portable Engines for Threshing
■nd Stationary for Chopping and
Wood Sawing In stock at all time*
Can Ship at a day's notice.
Write us for Prices and Catalogue.
Burridge-Cooper Co., Ltd., Winnipeg, Mao
Henry Avenue, East.
Western Assurance Company
DECEMBER   31st 1904.
Uulted States and State Bonds    $ 159,393,20
Dominion of Canada Stock  69,350,00
Bank, Loan Company and other Stocks  237,390,80
Company's  Buildings  110,000,00
Municipal Bonds and Debentures  1,180,576,69
Railroad Bonds  501,449,08
Cash on Hand and on Deposit  ^io,4u»,a^
Bills Receivable  98,557,21
Mortgages   21,742,00
Due trom other Companies—Reinsurances     158,332,14
Interest Due and Accrued  10,288,40
Omce Furniture, Maps, Plans, etc  40,292,63
Branch Office and Agency Balances and Sundry Accounts. 506,/23,48
Capital Stock $1,500,000,00
Less Calls in course ot Payment  31,254.00
 1 11,468,746,00
Losses under Adjustment      189,680,93
Dividend payable January Sth, 1905         38,3.-,.^
Reserve Fund  1,608,765,73
Capital   $1,500,000,00
Reserve Fund     1,(JOS,705,73
Security to Policy-holders $3,10S,765,73
Losses paid from organizations of the company to date $40,7S5,392,11
Hon. Geo. A. Cox,   Hon. S. C. Wood,   G. R. R. Cockburn,   E. R, Wood,
H. N. Baird,     James  Kerr     Osborne,        J. J. Kenny,
W. R. Brock,       Geo. McMurrlch.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President   J. J.   KENNEY,   Vice-President   and
Managing Director.
C. C. FOSTER, Secretary.
Head   Office—Corner   Wellington and scott Streets, Toronto.
OSLER, HAMMOND and NANTON, \\ innipeg,   Man.,   Genl.   Agts.   for
Manitoba and N. W. Territories.
D. C. McGREGOR, Vancouver, B.C., General Agent for British Columbia.
Agents wanted in all towns  not   already   represented.
COUPONS instead of 2 in
each pound °>
They count up surprisingly fast this way, three times as
fast as before.
You get the benefit at once on your tea cards, as we are
allowing three times their present value. Card from each end
of Blue Ribbon Tea will count as three Coupons, no matter
what it is marked.
Please tell your friends about the new arrin^cment if they
do not know it yet.
Blue Ribbon Tea was always the bis* value; now you
get still more for your money,
Ask your grocer for Blue Ribbon Tea, and write us for free
copy of handsomely illustrated Premium List.
BLUE RIBBON, Department R, Winnipeg.
Willie—Pa, what is the difference i for then
between buying and purchasing?   Pal mem tii
ej i
—When people buy things thoy pay] ton frai
when  they  don't  pay  for
rchase tlie  goods.—Huh-
It Is ths fenoe thnt h»« utood the te»t of time—itandi th* he»Tte»t rtrnln—mtrmr »**>*#— ths ■tMdr.rd tht wet.', c-er.   In tutor* Pasta Fence, win
b« ptlnted WHITE, wtilch li an added promotion agaliul nut la addition U tht ratTantaing, Order Ur* ,   our loeal ag tnt or direct from ua.
THK PAGE WIRE HNO« 00. UMITU.  ValkwrUUi  t*rms\ma*  UmaUxrJ,  *. Jehu.   WUia^eg.     t* THE DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C, MARCH 24, 1905.
C. E. SJHTHKRiNeALE, Editor and Prop.
is ronnsaaB evkiiy frhmt at
«LOCAN,      •      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertisina 10 cents a line for
the first insertion ami 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient adrertisementsatsame rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strictly in advance; |2.50 a year if not bo paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 1905.
Grand Trunk Pacific officials have
prepsred for the adrcnt of their road
on the coast by purchasing 17,000
acres of coal lands in the Telqua valley, 60 miles south of Hazelton.
According to the minister of finance
the amount of gold held in reserve by
the dominion, on January l,amouuted
to $35,306,823, while the banks held in
specie $17,617,589. It is a popular
fallacy among westerners that Canada
possesses no gold and the finance
minister's information will dissipate
many erroneous ideas as to Canada's
financial position.
Last week Hon. Mr. Fielding gave
parliament some interesting information regarding the Royal Canada mint
to be established at Ottawa. The
equipment and appliances for coinage
will cost $64,000, with tn estimated
expenditure per year for operation of
$75,000. The staff will be appointed
by the Imperial treasury, a deputy
master of the mint, assayer, superintendent, master mechanic and chief
clerk being seut out from England,
the remainder of the staff being Canadians. The capacity of the mint will
lie about 400,000 pieces per week.
There will be three presses, one of
them capable of turning out 200,000
pieces in forty-eight hours. The
charge for coinage will be three cents
per ounce for bullion not exceeding
500 ounces, and two cents an ounce
for over that amount. It is not known
how much money would be coined for
the British government.
After spending five weeks on the
coast, General Manager Morse, of the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, hns
departed for the east, in a very bad fit
of the sulks. He hnd used every in
fluence at his command to induce the
provincial government to bonus bis
rond through the northern part of the
province with a large laud grant, but
signally failed, the government absolutely refusing to part with n single
acre. Mr. Morso wishes the public
to understand that so far as his company is concerned, the negotiations
will never be renewed; their agreement
with the dominion government left it
optional with the company to commence construction from either end of
tho road, and they would build from
east to west; and that, as they had till
1911 to complete the road, they would
not touch the B.C. portion of it till the
last possible moment. What a temper
the good man bas put himself in, and
one would think all sorts of dire misfortunes would now happen to the
province in consequence. But the
people, not the grafters, will hardly
he convinced of this; rather will they
be inclined to congratulate themselves
upou the province escaping from tho
evils of a mighty wrong. All honor
to the government for standing to their
guns and refusing to part with the
heritage of the people. For the first
time in provincial history a government has lieen found brave enough to
withstand tho demands of a powerful
corporation-aided and abetted by
dominion government influence, immense capital, and intrigues of wirepullers. The Grand Trunk wanted
about 30,000,000 acres of laud, valued
at least at $1 an acre, but they secured
nothing, and British Columbia is today that much better of. The company have their bonds guaranteed by
the dominion for the major cost of the
mountain section of their road, and
that should be enough—as, indeed,
the B.C. electorate wore led to believe
it would be at the general elections,
hence the "solid seven." But as the
the philosopher has it: "You can fool
all the people some of the time, nnd
some of thp people all of the time, but
you can't fool all the people ali the
time." The Grand Trunk Pacific will
come to the coast iu due time, aud
they will oome without a land bonus.
too British Columbia is no longer
an easy mark, thanks to tbe Conservative party.
Pay up your subscription.
For thc liest bread in town go to
W. Pinchbeck's.
Mudslides have been numerous on
the Nakusp railway.
Mrs. Barclay and family, Silverton,
have removed to Spokane.
Much snow fell in the hills this
week, with heavy rains in the valley.
Next Sunday evening the choir of
Knox church will conduct a song service.
The government will,construct a trail
this season from New Denver, to Rosebery. . '.,•*,
C. Plant came over from Nakusp on
Saturday, to visit his sister, Mrs. D.
St. Denis.
Born.—At Dearin Siding, on the
16th inst., the wife of Jos. Dearin, of
a daughter.
Rev. Mr. McDougald, retired, occupied the pulpit in Knox church last
Sunday evening.
Al/Teeter is receiving a large contract to supply logs to the new sawmill at Watson's siding.
A social dance, in honor of the 17th
of Oirelnnd.was given at the residence
of H. Terry, Friday evening.
For Sale.—A number of window
blinds, with rollers attached. Can be
had at 40 cents each. Apply at this
A telegraph operator is to be stationed at Winlaw this summer, while
the worktrain is operating on the
Cutting operations at Winlaw's sawmill are lieing rushed, so as to lessen
the stock of logs in the river before
high water comes.
The Bank of Montreal has opened
a branch in Enderby, with A. E. Taylor, accountant of the New Denver
branch, as manager.
P. DuMoulin, of Nelson, formerly of
New Denver, has been appointed manager of the branch the Bank of Montreal is opening at Kelowna.
Work will be in full swing next
week upon the Nakusp branch, filling
trestles, straightening curves, etc. Upwards of 200 men will be employed all
Sandon people are doing some tall
kicking over their mail service from
Nelson. Mail goes by way of Kaslo
and it takes two days, as against one
by the Slocan route.
On Saturday two Chinamen went to
work on the str. Slocan, one us cook
and the other as pantryman. That
Silverton racket has put the kilmsli on
the whole camp and the pigtails will
soon be everywhere.
Gardens have been robbed, chicken
coops hive been raided, and shacks
have been ransacked, hut the fiercest
Occurrence yet happening in town bus
lieen the recent swiping of a child's
coffin and an undertaker's stretcher.
The Drill will print you, on short
notice and in any amount, shipping
tags, billheads, statements,letterheads,
noteheads, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any quality or price.
Mrs. Garvey and child removed to
Spokane on Thursday.
Only one week remains in which to
enjoy the rebate on city taxes. Don't
overlook it.
New Denver will hold a public
meeting in a few days, to determine
upon celebrating the 24th of May.
Appended is a complete list oi tlie various records registered at tlie local registry office, H. R. Jorand being mining
Mar 15—Rainbow fr, Poi Hand No 3.
H. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of riineral
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
RATES: Regular subscribers, $1 per month
or$10a year: non-subscribers(exelnsWeof
medicnl attendance) *2 per day, Prifute wards
tl per day extra. Special facilities for maternity cases.
For further particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
EACH will  Bi'curu n number
oi window blinds, with rollers
* attached.   Are in good sliaoe
The Queen's
Hotel.    **%
First-class Dining Room
Large nod Comfortable l.e.lrnowis
Sample rooms for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
Clothes Make
the Man.
is a plain statement of fact. They
have much to do in influencing
lirst impressions, and everyone
•wants to create a favorable aud
lasting impression. If you get
your clothes from us you will always be well dressed and the coat
will be no more thau to be tho
other way.
Order a
Spring   Suit
from us. We have in stock an
elegant and carefully chosen line
of Tweed *, Serges, Worsteds, and
General Suitiugs; with Trouserings and Fancy Vestings.
\A llfll burner coal stove,     li us
will purchase a i*mall base-
burner conl
good us new
A Residence for Sale
Cancellation of Reserve.
VTOTICK is hereby Riven that the reservation
il established in pursuance of the provision*
of the "Columbia and Western Bnilway Subsidy
Aet, 1896." notices of which were published in
the British Columhi.i Onzette nnd dated 'th of
Mav. !*■%, and !ith June, 1SWI, respectively, nre
hereby cancelled.
Crown lands situated within the area em*
braced bv the sail reservn lion will he open to
dale,.settlement, lease, and other disposition,
under the provisions of the "Land Act." three
months after the flat** of the first puhlioBtlOU
of this notice In the British Columbia fiH/ette:
provided, however, that in all cases where hinds
are to sold, pro-empted, leased, or otherwise
alienator] bv the Government and are subsequently found, npon lhe survev of the Columbia
and Western Railway Company's blocks, tb lie
wholly or partlv within such blocks, than the
persons so aoialrinct such lands shall acquire
their title thereto from the Railway Company,
who have agreed to deal with such purchasers,
nre-emptors. lessees, „te., on the same terms
and conditions as the Oovernment would under
the provisions of tlie "Land Act." except in respect to timher lnnds on the Company a blocks,
which shall be subject to the regulations issued
by the Company relative to the cuttiiiK of timber on the Columbia and Western Railway
Land Qrant.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands A Works
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria. B.C . t'3rd Fehiunr*-. IPO',.
85 Conductor Bradshaw*        |j
D>re's chouf, chouf, chouf all along de nil
Wen I'm w.iitin' here wit' my buttermilk pail,
An' de train come 'Ion** on d** upward grade
An' she's m«bee about two hour delayed.
You can hear dat whistle aroun' de lien',  .
You can see beeg smoke wst de engine sen'
In beeg black cloud, 'way h'up on do h'air,
Wen she's mui,pulliu' freight wit depassenjaire.
Dat's lonsr, long tam I lien waitin' here
An' nolxxly nevairobeu comin' near;
An' I got plaintee tar.i sin' I lef my homo
For manufacture some lieeg, long poem.
But de beeg Ixix ca:, she is bard to poule,
An' dat passenjaire ear's mos' always foule,
An' vou ought to be hearin' dat feller swear—
Conductor Brad;.haw, on de passenjaire,
I ain't ver' mor.clio on de tnivelle, me,
But wen I go tnivelle   yes, Siree!—
I lak to be fi el dat I'm goin' fas'
An' see all <iat mile-lxiard whizzin' pas'.
An' wen y>u go shootin' aroun' some curve.
Dat's non' always makin' you lose vour nervo;
But dere s nevaire no danger of gettin' de scare,
Won you go to Slocan on de passenjaire.
But dat ain't no fault on ma fren' Josef,
For it's hees place to watch dat dere's nolxxly lef
Win he's passin' along by some small sideen,
Where mos' of de tam dere is nolxxly seen.
Au' it'e nevaire no matter how long you are wait,
He always have emile wen ho tak' in your freight,
An' it's almos' a pleasaire to geev heein your fare—
Conductor Bradshaw on de passenjaire.
Creakin' along by de reevor liank,
An' de ol' train stop at de water tank,
So I got plaintee tam 'till she comes along
For nut some more verse on ma leetle chanson;
An' I lak, wen I tnivelle for go some place,
To see tlmt conductor, hees pleasun' fuce,
For you always come safe win you go somewhere
Wit' Conductor Bradshaw, on de passenjaire.
So de mos' I can hone for you, genial Joe—
De prince of goixl fuller down hero below—
Is wen it come tain for to pass in your cheques,
An' you're gottin' promotion from iiis woiT to nex',
Dat lc bon Dieu will min'wen ln*'s wantinVood man
How you inn between Nelson an' town of Slocan;
An' hoes kip you good place won you go dp dere,
An' gew you de run on de Passenjaire.
- R. T. Andebhon
Lemon Creek.
11 Brill Office
Certificate of Improvements
Evening Star No. 9 Fraction.
Situate in the Slocan City Miitino "Division ol West Kootenay District.
Where located:—About 2f2 miles
in a north easterly direction from
Slocan City.
TAKE NOTICE that I,the undersigned
(F.M.C. No. r>77-112) and as nn agent for
David Sautter, fre,* miner's certilicate No. II7Ho78, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to
,the Mining Recorder or a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown tirant of the above
And further take notics that action,
under section 37, must Iw commenced
liefore the issuance ol such certificate of
D Ued tliis 22nd dav of December.1904.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Archibald York, or to any person or
perfons to whom lie mnv have trans-
ferred Iiis interc-d, in whnleorin part,
in ilu*. Independence mineral claim,
J situated on Crusader Hill, Lemon
creek,anil recorded In tin* Blocan City
i mining division oil West Koot nay district :
You nre hereby notified that I, the
undersigned, have caused in h* expended the ftitn of two hundred and
live dollars In labor and general improvements upon the above mentioned
claim, in order lo hold snid mineral
claim under the provis'.ons o( tiie Mineral Act, and i( within 00 days from the
dale of tliis notice ynu fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said elnim
will become the property of the subscriber, under section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated this 27th dav of January, 1906.
3-2-05 'W. T. SH ATI-TIKI)
J. A. Anderson
imi ,.i.tsi * BTATIOXBR,
One of the newest residences in Slocan is of-
fered for sale on easy terms. It contalns_five
large rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china
closet, large cellar, is lathed and plastered,
and is the best finished in town. Hot and
cold water system, with rangc"andja]"sink.
Two corner lots, with fine lawn, garden, fruit
trees; also first-class woodshed, etc. A SNAP
FOR ANY BUYER.       For  terms  apply  to
P.O. Drawer 75, Slocan
m-izb* W>* b_d__»_i w x
veriise your A
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to .-ill penis*
lent and lib-
enil wlvertis-
ere: it is rend
bv everyone,
At All  Times
Subscribe for
local paper:
__ THE DRILL,  $2 per year W


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