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The Slocan Drill 1903-08-21

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SLOGAN,   B,   0.,   AUGUST  21,   1
Fruit Jars ^^^^^
Don't forget us when you are
in need of fruit jars. Large
stock just received. Shipment
duplicated, so goods must be
sold.   Buy now.      .      .    .
Pints, Quarts & Half Gallons
W.T. Shatford & Co.
______________________*********■*— •***_■ r~***********~-**"**i'r — »^--sWirsrfTn t*-t— | r —i r   —i —t*t****W
Having secured premitwa on Main ■treot.we are prepared to
handle all kind* of Qtuden Truck, Farm Produce, and Dairy
Products and are open to receive shipments from any of the
ranchers iu Slociw Valley. A full stock will be kept nn hand.
Householder! will be supplied daily with freahgoods by wagon.
PRICES REASONABLE.   Will handle in quantity for mines.
British Columbia
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past  its  door  when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor
Travelling men. oalnj? Sample ttooins, $2.50 per day
'viiho.u Sample Kooiut,$2. board $8 per week?
l 'ONKKItVA'l'IVUS    HAV1"    B*"tTuKOTBI"
TBI*'**. CANDIDA!]".
riiiiiiiiuous Clisilio saf IKa- Clllivalltlllll Ht
Sew Deliver ibss Siitssiilisy—Cliiiiil Alts, ml nss sis of Dolegatet—Osmpklgn li
Opened i 'ss vn sis is i,>■.
The Conservatives of the Slocan
riding held their nominating convention al New Denver on Saturday, and
tlisvy brought honor to themselves by
selecting Win. Hunter, of Silverton.as
their standard bearer in tlio approaching election. The convention nssotn-
bled in the Bosun Hall about 11 a.m.
uml quickly got down to business.
Tli"-. abriel, of Nakusp, was elected
chairman, and 0. E. Smithering&le,
Slocnn, secretary.
Messrs. Dewar, Shatford and Me-
Xfi-li were appoint id a committee nn
credentials, and they r«*c*iinn''nrii,d
the seating ofl Th"****". Abriel, Frank A.
Dewar, Nakusp; W. S. Johnson, T. I).
Woodcock, Thos, McNeish and H. 11.
Jorand, Sloca"nj B. A. ghat-ford, Winlaw; C. I''. Smithevingale, Ent*M"*""lse_
with Wm. Huuter, delegate at large
from Silverton; Byron Cliff*-*, aSaudun;
aad S, T. Walker. New Denver, k
niuiiuii was then passed heartily endorsing the platform of tl_« party
idtroted at the Revelstoke convention
i.i September, 1902.
Considerable discussien followed
upon the question of selecting a enn-
didate, ending in a resolution that the
tne,'in-,'' be sawnpmfor nominations.
Iminediately, Wm.Htuater'8 name was
platM \ iu nomination and unauimous-
iy ondorsed, no other man beingsng-
•yest 1. Mr. Hunter accepted the
nomination i.i a brief speech,in which
ho expressed hi.-, willingness and in-
tontioa tod .-ote his lime and talents
froin now on till polling day I i pro* •
Ruling a \i ..ii' .ai- aud succsssftii campaign, His sp<-*ch was roundly ap*
plauded and thc dalegates pledged,
th sir lieartiesl support and end nivora
ia tlio e.i.. •• of the p.irt.v.
Alt rr In'sTcheon ti'.r i»iegaf*os re-as*
:s'iii!)ie-l to coniiiiif tha organieation
Stiites Immigration law, will 1« established at various points in tli? Kootenay, in order to facilitate travel and
intercourse between Canada and the
United States.
Total Number sir Xsisssuh  in  Bxoess sir
Bight 11 ll ml roil.
Th,- voters' list of the Slocan riding
closed on Friday evening, with a total
registration of sin name*.  Deer Park
miles in length*   Patrick Hirsch and
M. Osgood, of New York, lire th*' pria-
cipal parties in the scheme, having interested with them W. II. Re-mingtou
of Tacoma, and J, C. Ryan, Kaslo.
Kflsclicfssilos' intfl.rcsti Seoute Control  lss
till, ('all'111- al'A la.HUH
A dispatch from New York, dated
Otl Friday last, states that Charles
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Sweeny, al. D. Kockof*)llei\ jr., Could
secured representation on the list by Und others have Mmbmed to control
.1 Bcrntck, five good Tory voles coming. the Oosu'r d'AIene lead mines with a
in on Friday evening's mail. The vot*
from tliiu place was further increased
to 2S9,and it is wife to say not a single
name in ihi* vicinity has lieen left !Mf|
bul it is uot so in olher places, as
carelessness has lost many a man his
vole. The court of revision will lie
helsl on tlie 'llut, but it will be simply
a matter of form, aa no 'protsats have
been entered. The completed list is
as follows, and tlie list had better be
kept for reference:
Sloean  269
Nakusp  111.")
Sandou  164
New Denver .*  114
Rosebery  17
Silverton  62
McGuigan  94
Three Porks  Si
Wiubw  ;:o
company issuing 820,(100,000 in stock,
half of it 7 percent preferred, the remainder common stock, paying dividends from the beginning, Sweeny
will bo president. Rockefeller and
Could directors and members of the
executive committee, The securities
are all underwritten nnd .$20,000,000
in cash is pledged by the combination
referred to. The final paper** in the
deal have been signed. The deal i.<
important, as showing the confidence
of Rockefeller aud (.iould in the min-
iiiy outlook. Advantageous contracts
have been made with the various in-
tereets, including the smelter trust.
The deal practically centralizes the
lead minin*? Industry of ths? Cceur
d'Alenes into the hands of Mr.Sweeny
and his associates, as the four groups
of   mines   which,    tliey   control    tin
Alamo        2 Tiger-Poorman at Burke.tlie Standard
Burton ....
l-i'v Valley
Deer Park.
s.f ihi
• iv,mini .'.:. Wal '11
'.m "i!  to thai oat
I  Wi
duly enrrind out. A ir.r...b?r of
local Conservatives
•.li* Lai! and s.*v.*rq..
W"Bre mule, all pfqraisiug.-lijarty sup
port and predicting success. The
convention ctosed with three rinsing
cheers and a tiger for tho newly n im
iuated candidate. The utmost harmony prevailed throughout the pro-
ceedings,which were also marked with
business-like dispatch and conduct,
culminating in much enthusiasm aud
Assurances of tangible assistance
were receive-d from a numlierof unex
pected quarters, many old-timo i.ib.*
nils and Labor men expressittg their
intuition of votimr for Mr. llimler, of
i  and the Mammoth at  Mace, and the
3   Last Chance nt  Wardner   produced
19 during last  year 608,000 tons of ore
1; out of 877,407 tons mined in the whole
6 district 1>T  18   different   companies.
I The   profits   which the group made
| amounted  to $905,717.87 net out of
total   profits  of  Jl,*460,696i8.    The
combination therefore controls aboul
■^^-^^■■■1   .    ,. ,   (.'.) per cent of the entire output of the
•ocessforthe trealmsntof ores, anil rOoeur d'AIene district, and the district
they havo taken out patents in Europe _„ <,■,-,_ produces about 60 per cent of
US well as .\i!i:'i'i"';i. fcast yeur the \\\] the silver hud uiiiird in the I'niteii
experiments under the process ware States, lt. is evident, therefore, that
carried out at the l.i''1;;);;-.*. but of Mr. Sweeny, bv ono master Btrroke,
Ial ■ nt NeLroa. Mr. li .jit 'i.i sayj of j formed n combination that controlss85
his work: "We have practically com- j p .,* cent of the entire silver lead out-
—, a.   put of the country.   And  his plan i
•\»sv Tre&tutent ferOfes.
H.E. T, Haultain aud ftoy Stovel,
of   Nelson, have figured out  a new
■atratian oSp -rimsnts
of ovfti from Bdtish
plcta'l our oouc
)i a wi i.' r.r.) x
Columbia, and a's > ttsia
and Ontario.   We havo found that our
)):■ sc ■ i iis  not appli sabl • te all ofos,
but with th ■ majoritr of lhe ores te»t-
Yv'a .hiagtori
ii ll
• r ■ ults ..' r iomi
Sovoral difficult!
,*at!y satisfac-
is ar*".l troubl
.liiriii7^hes' j that'aroso "with lh) first raochine com
structed hi.*s b-en smonthsd
wa are.now satisfied wilh the details
j.sd, and of
of the process, iind of the apparatu-j
whos ■ election thi
Pe (A|ipn»il under
ike ol.l management,
Former customers.
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Tir. Artl.ui»t.»»l»A)-« D.lMl.y Av»u.. Slo«i..
Biuaing thoroughly renovated                                       Pronrtetor.
*nd re il eked with the best ! -—	
^^^^^^^^^^^ can ba' I sloiibt.
Ths* latter stated he would al once
commence an active canvass, rioting
every portion of the riding ami gettiug
a*t|umnted with the.electoi'8. Steps
were taken to al one.-, organize tne
tiiwtui t»f Silverton, New Densor and
Sandon, each place promising a
healthy vote.
By tlio time the delegates left New j
Denver, they had infused new life into
the Conservatives of thai placo, audi
' ht toseetl
t is uow ia ,i centtueroinliy practicable form and worki saH-tfactorily,
where ordinary methods fail, Tin
process is based on the samo fundamental principles a* lli***- Blmoropro-
s",'.--j. but is radically different in Its
operatici, and in noway conflicts with
their patents. The eiperimoutal plant
will b • still kept up and H >y Storal
will continue with ih<* experiments on
some 11A-.W ores how comin;,' iu. It is
nol likely that anything vn
with tho proscess on a commercial
scale in British Columbia just at nres-
ir.it to stop thpre, for ths. policy is to
use tho $10,000,000 remaining in the
treasury to purchase additional mines
and t i ereCt smelters whenever they
are f..- icssary.
In addition to the Coeur d'AIene
mines, tke new combination will include, tlu' Everett smelter and the
Mont.* Cristo mines, on the Puget
Sound cii.i-t.owuiil by the Rockofellei
ant, the conditions being"hardly ripe **i'1!i
for it* introduction."
Tlss* Spokone ITalr.
Manager W. A. Coplen, of the min-
eml department of the Spokane Inter-
st ttc Pair, which meets this year from
October ^i to 13, has representatives
chosen in'most of the camp*.aud these
men will gather and arrange tho exhibit, each from his district, EL G.
Stiminol, manager of the fair, has
lx* done j given Mr. Coplen just live times thc
space which the mining exhibit occupied last rear.   Mr, Coplen waa an-
H^oMediw Tobacco|||i|||g|
You ran get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted.   >V c handle tne
Prices are n«.cnt.
be>t the market affords.
under ths- auspices of the Mayor snd City Council
ill Wednesday, Aieost 25-26,
I'ATWONS"   The llrotherh.Kxl of Railway Tiain.nc. and
Rossland Miners' Union, No. 88, NN • F. oi m.
have their repreaentatlTes among tbe
Conservatives and all are determined
I'todo their duty by their candidate,
Win. Hunter, and land hiiu al the
head of th.' poll i'ii October 81.
1   a:   I.It lull- Day Sjtuits.
Thtvgood peoplo of Ne-sf Denver are
anxisBiis fAir Slocan togei up a cnlcbra
tion for Labor Day, Sept. 7, nad they
rnaraotee to bring down :i big crowd
for the fun. They offer t.> send ;i
rifle team nnd a baseball club, and to
themselves arrange with the railway
company about, a special service Irom j
Sandon and way points.   Hop is
ttnuiored i)s':sl forSuiQltar.
The organization of ths silver lead
Mineowners Into a strong combination
is having beneficial effects. The strfel-
ters thought that with the bounty {.a
lead they could safuly raiao chargoe,
and thc Hall Minescon.cern at Nelsoo
went so fur ns i i notify wn incroase
from $16 to $19 a ton ou Sloean ore
But thi> smelter was Informed that if
it wanted'$19 a ton it could go with1
out ore, ami it promptly gave in and
tin'old price remains. Iu connection
with the staying out of the pool of the
St. Eugene mine, belonging to the
Gooderham and Blackstock syndicate,
mining men say the Toronto capitalists will take over thn Trail smeller,
ortkore will bo an amalgamation ot
interests and the smelter will treal
the St, Eugeus, War Eagle aud Centre!
Star ores.
for even more space than this.
but ths crowded condition of the exposition building would not permit it
this vear.
tlllla' StsontillR.
Al Saturday's practice shoot of the
Rifle Club the
200   BOO
Geo. Nichol..
...26     *-'*•.
U'. MeFarlane.
.,23    2s
J. McVicar
"'*)    26
Dr. Keith
20    21
11. McMillan..
. .28     2.')
!•'. Dick
"1     16
Wedding Belli Bhi|t.
An interesting ceremony occurred | thi
at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Dave
SnvplGleu** Characters.
There have been a number of auspicious characters hanging around the
city el late, causing alarm to many
housekeepers. In a couple of instant:
_________________ an Mi'luvjlinie,  Wednesday noon, when
11 opportunity thai should notbeovor Miss Jennie Woodman and William
looked ami the townspeople shouhl t\ Hick-i, two of Sloean's popular
take il up. ; young p*ople,ivere united in marriage.
  | The ceremony was puformed by Rev,
Hlnln--AuooUtlonMeetlnf. , Mr. Simons, while  .Joe   Dolron acted
Aslimlv attended meeting of the as bast m&n and Miss MoKechnleas
I'roviuciai   Mining  Association  was brldssmaid.   After tte wedding hin-
,,.    ,     .,    ,  ,, ,, ., cheoii, the nowlv marrteu couple took
l.i'ld in the city hail, Friday evening
tournaments, lirei'M'-iV con.
nd wrestling contests.
.('i'iiml Parade, lacrosse and baseball
.'I,1,'"."1**' t"ga of war, horse racing, bwlofe nn , -, hnudet|
iU1'1'.'1'" spoils of all kinds, machine  and  doi.bU and  ^/S
'"■".ainl spend exhibition by the guldelCffla wontwr, i '•* '•',.,_,.,.
■ '""gnilloent pyrotechnic display.and performaaces ny wo*
ramatic Club.   Railway rates  ess than one fare for rouna m\
The main business coming before tho
11 mooting was the need for tke imme
diate repair of th
lam] I)
^^^^^^^^^^^ Lemon creek road.
! ll was reforrtd to tho executive, thev
ako the mailer up with the provln*
the nooa train for Spokane, where the
honeymoon will be spent, followed byi ....,
the host wishes of numerous friends.! i !   %''
1 Saturday
! Monday
i week attempts were made to gel
' into residences, tho occupants of one
' takiug two shots at the Intruder, The
i chief sif police is keeping a sharp out*
I look and has orders' to run all undesirable gentry out of town.
silver Quotntloeta
Followhlg are the quotations for bar
silver on tha' various days during tho
. week since la.-t Issue:
i Thursday     ~,u\ cvnts
"""'i"i' partlcula
rs from:
ciu.1 executivnaud th'e lands and worlc*. ,._,.__
On their return, next woek, Mr. and
Mrs. Hicks will reside in D. McKeeh-
uie's cottage, during the hitter's trip
A. J. DREWRY, Secretary
Tis i'iisaIIIiiui*Triivali
Hon. David H.'aW. 1'iiit,".!  Slate,
commissioner of Immigration at Vancouver)  has  returned   from   a   toui
through tho  Koetonay  eounlrv. as'
a"ouipaiii'"d by   Mr. Wati'hoin.
| result of this trip  it is probab
i boards 'if Inquiry, uniler the
Tuesday ...
As  a
- that
Bleotrlo Rond to HcOvlgaa.
Eastern capital has become Interest"
s^l in a project to build an, electric
plant to supply power and to operate
a tramway to the mites in thi* Mc*
Ghiigan basin. Tho proposition iy
volves the oxpenditure of half a million
dollars'and will effectually open i\p prove tho ore to
that camp, tho tramway bein;;'seven gold and silver.
I'he Cripple .si U'l..
Stewart Clough and George Nieholl
took supplies up on Wednesday to
the Cripple Stick, on Erin mouutalu.
Their intentions are to tako oul oro
and make a shipment, expecting Ia>
roalizsj good money. Recent assays
carry well in both
I.iiat Tear'tfaThlpmeDtS Wi'ri, 0.183 Toisa—
A   lll'llltliy    ICvlllnllCO  of  Ilia    l.lfo     lllflal
laVuttlth uf tlio si'siiiip—ICnteipilae tbo
mBC«il Hhlpus-r.
Ore shipments for the week were
confined to 20 tons sent out by the
Republic t'i Xelfaon, it being the third
carload shipped by that property dur-
ing the year. Very little ore is iu
si",'ht for shipment throughout tha
camp, the l'.nlerprisu l)->in;? the main
property. To dnte shipments tot.il
794 tons.
For 1902 the oro shipments from
the local division amounted to ('•''.')#
tons, made up from 12 properties,
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise  475
Arlington  40
Ottawa  um
Black Prince  17
Bondholder  -S
Dayton  4
Republic     20 7i)
Meteor  52
Hamilton  4
>VeBtma-,nt  '■>
Iliglilanil bight  -2
20 794
Last week Saudoa mines shipped
17.1 tons ol on?.
Ore shipments from the Slogan aro
in excess of 8000 tons.
The Washington kii**  tapped the
ledge in its Jong tunnel.
Blair Carter is developing his group
of claims near thc Lily B.
Again ths story crops up that a
smelter is to bo built at Kaslo.
Na'.v bunkhouses avo in course cf
vrectioti at tbs Howard Fraction.
A wagon road is biiMg1 c.instnieti'd
to the Noonday mine, near Sandon.
A combine anion','' the manufacturers has forced up the price of powder.
A new chute of ore has besn encountered in the raise on the Entwr-
The loeal smelters have increased
treatment charges on dry ore* ts> S.12
per ton.
Harvey Aitchison went on; W«d*
ne.sdavjto work on his Lemon creek
IJ.  C.  Campbell-Johnston weat to
Nelson Mondav with a carload of Ke
public om.
An ore car and a spiantity of T mil
were taken up tothe Dank of England
during the week.
People are docking into the I's.plar
creek country and manv more rich
strikes aro reported.
Considerable dead work has been
couipleti'd atthe Enterprise, result'nu
i:« extensive ore bodies being opened
Two nicp are working on the Winter
frsction. below the Ottawa. They arc
driving in on the led|.;e from the wa-
gon road.
The open out above No. ;*> tunnel ou
the Enterprise has been externls-d into
a tunnel, with a handsome streak of
ore In the breast.
Oscar Whits-, sif the Sloean Star,
sent his sou this week up to the Lady
l"'raiiklin group, Lemon creek, tosorl
out ora for shipment. It will go out
with the ota* irom the Nansen group.
Nelson folk are Btnrtiug in to Ikkiih
the Lemon creek camp, because of tlie
free gold found there. The wonder is
they havo overlooked tho country so
long. It oilers better opportunttleja
than Poplar creek.
l.ot A nel lur t-ouil TliiU|£.
\iill Finkl" and Tom Benton last
fall stnks'd a group of claims at thi
head of Lemon creek, about half u
mile from their Lady Franklin group.
On this they are now working and arc
meeting with success. They bave thn
Is'il^c traced through the group, aud
have oxposed a paystreak sit from two
to six inches. It carries high free ("old
values; with copper pyrites aad sulphides. The group promises bit*
tfnnaen ilrHaiy is* »*»ii»-
Wni. Thomlinson and W. B, Yoiinj"
cam* dawn from the Nansen group, at
tho head of Lemon creek, Wednessla..
They have cleaned up all the dumps
on their property and sorted down the
ora for shipment, having live or six
t.nis now sacked. It is the owner*
intention to make an early trial ship
nn'iit of two tons.    Work will bo con-
i tinued on the property till Novambqj,
SubUJrlbs-. for 'J'uii l'.mu..
*.'.     ..js-'^.t;"^'..'^-'.'-^1" -> •
;   :
A Love Match l
m m ♦**■
AotiW of "The Cunmakajr of Moscow," "The For
tunes of Coorawt." The ShasJow of the
(xrittottaa-*/' Etc, Etc
The man who had come so opportunely to Christine's assistance, and
who now walked by her side, listening to her story, was not yet onc-
and-twenty, though he lacked only a
few months of that ape. Yet ho was
a strong s*ind well-developed man, an
had been amply evident from ths
manner in which he had disposed of
tho ruffian upon whom his hand had
fallen. Of medium height; possessing
a well-proportioned and firmly knit
frame; a face of genial, winning
beauty; a brow broad and full; a
grandly shaped head, with clustering
lock's of brown hair, llis eyes were
of a bright, lustrous gray, • verging
upon tho azure tint; and thero was a
dimple in his handsome chin which
seemed a finishing touch to the cheerful face. His nnme wns Paul Wnv-
brook, and he was very near the
close of his last year In college. His
father was Nathan 'Waybrook, a
wsBttlthy merchant of Boston—wealthy
and aristocratic— _j*jhpse residence
was near Brookside ▼ ottoge.
Paul and Christine had known
each other from early childhood. Paul
had been one of tho first with whom
the foundling had formed a friendship outside of the cottage; and yet,
their associations had not been always intimate. Rachel St. Clair
had been wary that her darling protegee should not cultivate friendships to her harm; and the aristocratic merchant, aware of lhe mystery of Christine's origin, hnd discountenanced his son's association
with her. Another thing, perhaps
had. of late, influenced Madame Rachel in repelling the too familiar
friendship of tho youth. Since entering" college, he had evinced a waywardness and a wildness of disposi-
sitlon which had more than once
threatened cause of expulsion, and
which might have worked to that
serious end had it not been that his
lessons were nearly perfect, his treatment of his tutors respectful, and his
general character manly and frank;
and also, his father's influence was
in his favor.
" 1 think you have occasion for
pride rather than alarm," said a
1 farvar.d professor, with whom Mr.
Wuylnook was discussing his son's
proclivity to mischief, "your son Is
frank und bold. He conceals nothing.
What he does he does openly and
above board. A mean or cowardly
act has never been traced to bis
hands, and I know he would scorn a
dishonest act. If I am not entirely
wrong in my Judgment, he will graduate with honor, and what now
seems to be defects in youth will become good points in manhood. If vou
would save him to his best cskite
you must trust him. Give him your
confidence, and sock rather to elevate bis native instincts than to
crush them."
"But," urged the parent, "he must
be taught obedience."
The professor shrugged his shoulders.
"You should know your own son,
Mr. Waybrook. I have known him
for more than three years, and, during that time, I have been called upon to set him to disagreeable tasks,
and yet he never disobeyed me. I
have led him where I never could
have driven him. Ho will yield to
love nnd reason; but—pardon me for
saying it—1 fear that he will never
yield to an authority that trenches
upon his  manly rights."
Tho merchant closed his hand with
a hard gripe. Thc expression of his
face was unyielding; and the professor said to himself, as he left the
counting-house, that if ever thoso
two come into serious conflict, there
would be no concession.
Yet Paul and Christine had often
met, and Rachel, when she found that
the companionship gave joy to her
darling, had not objected to his visiting the cottuge. For this purpose
Paul had come over on tho present
evening, and not finding Christine in.
he had gone off in search of her, ami
had found her, as we have seen.
"What can it mean?" said he, when
Christine had told how thc man had
como upon her.
But she could not imagine. .She hod
never seen the wretch before, nor had
she ever before beon molested while
walking upon the grounds.
"Oh, Paul! I am so glad you
came!" And she looked up into his
face with such a heavenly glow of
confiding trust und affection, that he
Instinctively stopped and drew her to
his bosom.
"Christine," he cried, the speech
bursting forth as though long since
formed,and long pent up, "thero ne*-
er can be a more fitting time than
this, for the opening of my heart's
holiest treasure to her who has long
possessed lt. Christine, you know I
loveyoul Will you not say to me
that I am loved in return?"
She looked up with a sweet smile,
and gave him both her hands.
"Paul," she snid, with noble frankness, "my heart's warmost and most
devoted lovo Is your—has been yours
for a long, long time. I should be
false to you and false to myself, wero
I to deny lt, or, refuse to acknowledge
"Blessed girl I"
"And,   Paul,   I ask no obher love
but yours—no other love which man
stan give to woman."
"My own anr»el!"
He took her more closely to his
bosom, and their, lips met In a warm
impassioned kiss—the seal of a love
deep, pure,  true and holy.
And  then    Christine gently    dlscn-
gsrtgid  herself, and  thro!'".:!)  the gulh- I
ering gloom    he  could   see  thut    sho'
was sober and earnest
"Paul," she said, raising her hand
ns though it were a partition between them, "let us rest with this
knowledge until we know that our
love will be countenanced by those
who have a right to share in our care
and confidence."
"Ho you think Madame I'nchcl
would object?" Paul asked quickly
"My good mother will surely stmlv
my happiness; aid I think, I'siiil. her
first query would be concerning the
disposition of your father."
"My father!" repeated the youth,
wilh a start.
"He is a staern man, Paul, and may
not fancy your marrying a poor,
nameless foundling."
"Hush, darling! He dares not
trifle with my heart. He will not.
I will s*>cak to him this very night,
and I will havo his answer before 1
return to Cambridge."
•'And until then, Paul, let us be
friends as we have been."
"With promise of bliss in the future," ho added, rapturously.
"Su<*h a promise will make me
very happy, Paul."
"Dlws you, dearest!"
Another kiss, und they entered upon the graveled walk before the dwcl-
ing, and met Madame Rachel upon
the piazza- She wondered why her
darling was out in the evening dew
with so slight a covering, and there-
. upon Christine told her of the startling adventure by tho brookside, and
how Paul had rescued hor.
Rachel St. Clair was seriously
alarmed. She led tho way to the
sitting-room, where she heard the
story over again, and where she asked many questions; but neither (Christine nor I'aul could give her further
When Paul had taken his leave, and
Christine had gone out to look to
matters in tho kitchen, Rachel sat
alone, and reflected upon what she
had heard. She was impressed with
a fear that harm hung over the Way
of her darling. She had sought, by
every means in her power, to reach a
Solution of the mystery of Christine's
Parentage. Her Boston lawyer, Adam
Halford, had had the matter in
charge for years: but not a ray of
light had been shed upon it. During
tha' first year of tho foundling's residence at the cottage, old Tom had
soon a woman hovering near. The last
time ho had seen her was late in the
summer, or early autumn, near the
close of a very pleasant day. At the
time, Christine, then a gles'soinc
child, had been playing upon the
lawn, and the woman had entered at
the gate and ensconced herself beneath a linden, whence she watched
the littlo one with eager interest.
Tom summoned his mistress, but before sho came the strange intruder
had gone. Tom described her as a
woman well advanced in life—sixty
at loast—poorly but neatly drefscd;
with a face dark and sad, though by
no means evil; and he was sure that
she had regarded the child with an
expression of pleasure, llachcl listened and questioned and was sure that
it was the same woman who luul
peered in at the window upon her.
All this had passed years before,
and the strange woman had not been
seen from that dny to this.
And now, queried Rachel', had the
ruffian of the brookside any connection with the woman of the other
years? Sho could not think so. In
short, she knew not what to think,
and while sho was bothering her
brain over tho matter, Christine
came in nnd kissed her, nnd snt down
at the pianoforte, and sung for her,
and thus, for the time, dissipated
the cloud.
Meantime, Taul Waybrook had repaired to his own house, and sought
his  father.
The Waybrook mansion was one of
tlie finest in the suburbs. The owner
sailed it "Elmslde Hall." He hnd
Knglish tastes, and in his dwelling
bad copied the mansion of a friend
in thc mother country. As his ancestors had left hlm no coat of arms,
ho caused the initials of his name to
be wrought into a labyrinthic. monogram, which was em-blazoned in overv
possible place whero a proper regard
for artistic effect would suffer it to
Nathan Waybrook was a man of
fifty, or thereabouts; a proud and
handsome man—proud of himself and
proud of his surroundings, and, moro
thun all, proud of his success in life.
In democratic America, he could
purchase no patent of nobility—not
even tho tltlo of knighthood. "Sir
Nathan" had a grand sound, but the
noto was beyond his reach. At length
however, a happy Idea struck him.
He offered himself to his friends as a
candidato for the Stato Senate. Hie
friends drew upon him for twenty
thousand dollars. He honored the
draft, and waa duly nominated by a
legal caucus of the dominant party,
Which nomination was equivalent to
an elect ion. And thus he gained a
grand title, and became thenceforth
"The Honorable Nathan Waybrook."
Mr. Waybrook; was in his library,
engaged in the examination of a ro-
port of sub's of stock, when his son
onto red. He luisl down the paper and
looked up.
"Well, Paul, I suppose you are ofl
for college on the morrow?"
"Yes, father; but before I go 1
havo a matter of Importance in mind,
which I wish to present to you."
Thero was a s'lght tremulousness
in tho youth's voioe, but his faco was
clear and his lip firm. Only his heart
gave throbbing to his speech. He sat
down, and his fat hor wheeled about
in his loiohing-ihair and regarded
him earnestly.
"1 wish to speak to you," pursued
Paul, In answer to a permissive nod,
"of  Christine   St.    Clair.      I     ahall
very shortly leave college und go into the profession which I um to follow. 1 have chosen to-day the partner who is to share with mo all tho
joys and cares of life. She and I
understand each other, and are prepared for thoso mutual trusts and
concessions which are necessary to
"Upon my soul, young man, you
area philosopher!"
There wae a touch of derision in
the merchant's tone, nnd there was
a curl of displeasure about his finely
cut lips; but when ho saw how sternly sedate and respectful his son was,
and how bright and lertaln was tho
light of the deep gray eyes, he unbent
from the Indignant mood which had
at first possessed him. He was a
man of business, and in the transaction of business he used but few
words. His "No" was "No," and
his "Yes" was "Yes." In the .Senate his longest speech had been
"Yea" and "Nay." He was not an
eloquent man—not gifted with great
flow of language—but no man lived
who could more surely bend language
to the clear and comprehensive exposition of his purpose.
The Hon. Nabhnn Waybrook folded
up his paper and laid it upon the
table; then he removed his gold-bowed spectacles and laid them by its
side, and then ho leaned back and
folded his arms, and regarded his son
with a calm, dignified scrutiny.
"Paul, tho girl of whom you have
spoken is not my choice. My position
in society is an exalted one. I wish
you to occupy an oxaltcd position. I
havo friends high in station and power, from whose families I would prefer that you should select a wife-
Stop. Do not Interrupt me. I know
your weakness. You have inherited
it from your mother. She came from
the lower walks in life, and I could
never instill into her inind a spirit
of pride fit to adorn the station to
which I had raised her."
Paul's face flushed, and his heart
beat quickly. He remembered that
mother—long since at rest from
earthly toll—a mild, faithful, loving
woman, whose highest source of happiness had been the happiness of
those dependent upon her. He remembered tho pure and holy lessons
that mother had taught him; and
he said to himself that all of the
true and generous aspiration that
stirred and uplifted his soul he had
gained from his blessed mother. And
one other thing Paul could not forget: He could not forget that his
father, though of nn aristocratic
family, so far as pretensions were
concerned, had nevertheless been poor
in youth, and that in marrying tho
swoet girl who became his wife ho
married a fortune. She had been of
humble extraction, but a wealthy
bachelor uncle had left her a storo
of gold, which gold had been sullicient to bring the worship of Nathan
Waybrook to its shrine.
However, Paul idt his tongue nnd
held his peace, and his father continued:
"Were 1 to select for you. Paul. I
should select wilh a higher aim. But
you have chosen to anticipate me.
Have you spoken to the girl?"
"I havo."
"You have told her that you love
"I have."
"And she has confessed a reciprocal
The cold sneer which seemed to
give color to these interrogatories
cut Paul to thc quick, and made him
angry;  but he held his temper.
"She has confessed that she loves
me, sir, and that she's willing to become my wife when those who have
the right to udvise us shall consent."
"In which latter respect she has
shown her discretion."
Mr. Waybrook thus spoke, and then
arose and walked to the window.
When he came back, he said to his
"You return to Cambridge to-morrow?"
"Yes, sir," was the son's reply.
"I will give you an answer before
you go.    That will do."
Paul understood the hint conveyed
in his father's words, and without
further remark withdrew from the
Nathan Waybrook reflected for a
season with his head resting upon
his hand. Then he arose, and reflected pacing to and fro. At length
he stopped and looked at his watch.
It was not yet late. He went into
the hall and put on his hat, and
then went out and walked to the
Brookside Cottage. He found Madame Rachel and Christine together
in the sitting-room, but the latter
withdrew as he entered.
The woman, who had heard Christine's story, knew the business of
her visitor. .She studied his face and
his bearing as ho sat down. Waybrook, when ho met thc keen, self-
possessed glance of tho hostess, felt
sure that he was understood, and
that preliminaries would be needless.
Accordingly, ho opened his business
at once.
"I have promised," he said, in
conclusion, "to give my son an answer to-morrow."
"Mr. maybrook," returned Rachel,
With dignity, "I have considered this
matter seriously, and am only anxious for the happiness and welfare of
my precious ward. You know her
well. You have seen her outgoings
and Incomings from childhood to
presont. What you see her In hor
best mood she Is ulways. She is a
treasure, and a blessing to me, and
ehe will be the Baine to the man
who wins her for a wife, if ho l.o
true and loyal."
"I am willing to admit all that,"
said Waybrook; "and now, let us
come to another point. Will Christine inherit yeur propeity?"
The face ef the woman flushed, and
her dark eyes flashed.
"I am a man of business, and of
few words," explained tho visitor,
when he marked the effect of his
abrupt question. "There Is no need
of beating around tho bush when the
matter Is plain before us."
"Boes gour son Join you ln this investigation?" asked Rachel.
"No," said Waybrook. "He Is
young and headstrong. His only
weakness., inherited from his mother,     is lack of that pride and fore-
sip lit which nre so essential to hon-
orablu success and station in life. I
am frank, you seo."
The woman's lips curled and her
countenance speedily brightened.
"Ood forbid," she said, "that I
should mako thc hand of the sweet
child a thing of barter. But I tell
you, Mr. Waybrook," and her oyos
flamed with a proud and defiant light
as she spoke, "that Christine St.
Clair, If sho lives, shall be able to
outweigh your gold, pile it as high
upon your banker's scales as yver
you canl    Would you ask moro?"
Tho honorable gentleman hud
gained the information ho desired,
and with gracious thanks ho retired.
On the following morning, Paul
was Informed by his father that thero
was no objection to his paying his
addresses to Christine St. Clair. He
had started for the Brookside Cot-
tago to share his joy with the girl,
when he observed a crowd of men
and boys collected near the railroad,
and an impulse drew him to the spot.
Tho body of a man had been found ,
in a gully close by the track, stark   JJan?' „
of the new clerk.
"I   more than   liko   him," replied
Halford.   "1 doubt if I could lind his
equal for my service, and 1 am Confident I could not lind his s"'enor.
"And his Dame is 'Hugo?'
"Caspar Hugo."
"Have .vou asked him concerning
this dead man?"
"Yes. Ile went with mo to the
inquest. But ho I new nothing of the
trump. Tho coincidence struck him,
as it did me, OS being peculiar; and
ho seemed quito nottled with the
thought that he should havo found
his family name belonging to such a
rascal. However, that matters not.
The rascal is out of the way, and I
think you havo nothing to fear further. Ho was but a brute of passage,
and his race is run."
Madame thanked tho lawyer for his
kindness, and pressed uik.n him
another glass of wine. Tho glasses
were small, and the wine was of tho
puro fruit of the vine."
"I   think,"    said   Halford,    us he
stood in tho hall, with his hat in his
that I will    bring   my    clerk
over with me the next timo  i  come,
I's weak ah' shoR*.,
"Bless you, dear old  v0
"Glory to  Ood  for dati
dut ar gal right along."
Lora was sununonoil
woman of fl o-and-forlj
was intrusted tlm duty ,
"And," said lluc'ii
I shall  havo
hlm to  do."
It was afternoon
came, nnd with    hlm rumo 'l,Vaw5l
ilential clerk, Caspar I!uKo    ', c<_**$
the former win!   in  to   ..,.'i      f*a\
I strn
II ih.
 i tell ■ I
important wr,  ' th<*t
R  lot
I a wye, I
a seal  In r
'_ .■■t-r,r4
mm I
anddead   with botH legs broken  and   ^dtfvehhn an insight   into    your
a deep gash at the back of the head.   angm^   We   know not what    may
The engineer of the late inward
bound freight-train from Providence
was present, and he suid that at that
spot, on the previous night, a man
had attempted to cross the track beforo his ongino. He had not seen
him until fairly in his way, and had
passed on, thinking that the man
hud crossed in safety. Paul Waybrook looked upon tho broken corpso
—looked upon the cold, dark faco —
and know it for tho man from whom
he hnd rescued Christine on tho previous evening.
Odicers came ' and examined tho
body, and called for some one to
Identify it. But none present could
do so. The pockets of the deceased
were searched, and upon the inside
of a morocco wallet, and upon one
or two papers, a name was written
and that name was "Adolphe Hugo."
Madame Rachel, when she had
heard from Paul the story of the
dead man, sent for her lawyer and)
desired him to attend the inquest,
and. if possible, to learn something
of the antecedents of the deceased.
This lawyer, as I have already stated, was Adam Halford, one of tho
most reliable and honorable attorneys of Boston. He was not gifted
us a pleader, and he made no pretensions to rank In cases where eloquent speeches  were to  be made to
business ^	
happen. In case of accident to myself, it might be well that ho should
understand such matters as require
professional oversight."
Rachel St. flair was willing to
trust entirely in her lawyer's long**
triod judgment and experience. He
thought best.
Adam Halford onco moro sought to
impross upon his client's mind that i
she need borrow no further uneasi- |
ness from the circumstance he had
been called to investigate, and then
ho'took his leave. When he hnd gone,
Madame Rachel railed Christine, and
informed her of tho result.
The girl was not Inclined to borrow unnecessary trouble. She was
too happy in the knowlodge of another event which had transpired dose
upon tho heels of the adventure by
the brookside. She was allowed to
love Paul Waybrook, and In the light
of this great blessing all other events
of life assumed a roseate hue nnd
warmth. She was joyssiis nnd buoyant, and dreamed not that evil could
lurk in a world which hud grown so
fair and beautiful. But ovil was on
the wing, nevertheless.
Within a week from that time, Rachel St. Clair was seized with an
epileptic fit, und when she hud recovered from it, she found herself weak
and prostrate. Tho physician s«w no
present cause of alarm, but he ndvis-
swl his patient that sho should be
very careful    of hor    diet,    nnd    seek
juries.    His province was in the caro'rest.   Tie gave her to understand that
of property,  in  the examination    of
titles,     in  the  preparation   of  deeds
and wills, and in tho general supervision    of the estates of his clients.
lie wae a man of   threo-score,      tho
very soul    of honor   and thoroughly
educate fn those departments of luw
of which his business required a
knowledge.   He   was not a man    of
Imagination; he had little or no
fancy, and ho used language only to
convey real tliouy/hts. He tieuit (Hill
facts, and he had no fear thut, when
once armed with facts, any man
could overcome him with other weapons. Because he himself was hon-
esti, he did not think' all tho    world
(he sickness hud resulted from indigestion, anil that she must guard
against such cause in the future But,
afterward, he (old Christine that Ha-
chel was failing.
"Ya.ii do not think sho will dio?"
crisd the girl, in alarm.
Tlu* slo tor looked at her with an
uncertain oxpressi
"l'o you   know
how old
your ino-
r is?
She is  over  eighty.'1
e, at least, if 1   nnslake
"Yes, sir.
"Kighty-fi      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"Yes, sir."
"Then   you yourself   should    nidge
_ _    how strong her hold upon life can be.
honest, nor yet did he thhlk'thatthe I Look to n^ woU' she -Mnnot be with
majority of his fellows were burdened I J"**"*! '°n&
"a   am
s   "I'm
a.   fact
more "
1 I  ' a
■ with tii
I 'ha.   •_,
1 v   from
'.v.   but
i   inns | j
Id Lights
■ i-ao upon
nn rked and
'*''.   and
P angle,
si J • .-.e
i.f <_r"Ut
iter o! |
' 'on; or.
■ '■ Plow-
nlh the
I'oso of
f. Tht
lie chin,
:   6   r.>
».V hair;
'I   llI'lA-h.
"  fiiier
'   ■-■
-     ;■
■■  that
li   mav
I    d-::ra
ong* Ught
■ ■ r. !• "[
'    '■ l
with that Christian commodity. Nov- |
ertheless, he put great confidence   in j
the power   of   honest    purpose,    and j
was prone to believe that no s heme |
of dishonesty could succeed    against.
the stem bulwark of Right, whish he
wae ever prepurs-d to hedgo about his
professional undertakings^
Mr. Halford attended the inquest,
and instituted such inquiries as seem*
ed expedient to him, but ho leurnod
nothing that he deemed of import- '
ance. He went to Murium.. Rachel
with the result of his investigations. ;
"I find nothing," ho said, "upon
which I can hinge a suspicion, Do
the circumstances I huvo related afford to you any clue?"
Rachel   St. Clair  shook  hor  head. |
She said   that she hod   never heard
the man's name   before,   nnd    could j
conceive of no reason for the ruffian-
ly attack, save the impulse of .brut-
"I never knew but one man of the
name," said the lawyer, "and," he !
added, with a smile, "the circum- I
■stance affords quite a coincidence, f
have not looked into the directory to
•assure myself upon tho point, but I
think the only man of tho name of
'Hugo' in   the   city le   in   my    em-
"How?" uttered Rachel, with in-'
terest. "I did not know that you !
had such a helper." ;
"He ia a clerk," explained Halford, I
"who has but recently entered    upon :
the service.     He is a young man   of'
eight-and-tweeity,     or     thereabouts, ,
from the Wost.   Ho applied to me  a
month ago for a situation  as   clerk, i
bringing very high   recommendations
from leading mon in St.  Louis,   and
other Western   cities, and I   assure
Christine had scarcely thought of
this, and the blow seemed fsir iho
moment to crush her with its horror.
The physician tried to cheer her, Her
kind protector might bo with her yet
for months.
"Let it be your study." ho said,
ere ho departed, "to make her as
comfortable and as happy as you
can. Cheerfulness of spirit is the
very best modiiinc she can take."
Under the influence of gentle restoratives and thu gentler ministrations of Christine. Rachel was on
the following day able to sit up, und I
she professed to feel quite like herself
■again. She marked tho sbuilows upon her darling's face, nnd, drawing
tho sunny head upon her bosom, she
"1)0 not grieve, Christine. We have
nothing to fear—wo have no occasion
for alarm."
She kisssd the fair brow, ami presently added:
"The event is in the hands of God.
His will be dono! What to you may
soem the worst, may be the best for
me. 1 am old, und ni'ar my journey's end; you are young, and your
journoy Is just commenced. If I ran
SOS you happily fixed in life, I can
pass over tho rjver without a regret.
But for you, mv darling, theso last
years of my life would have been
heavy anil sad. You have made them
bright and blesses!. Let that thought
givp you  romfort."
Christine could not command speech
for reply. Bhe could only cling
around her guardian's nock, and kiss
und bless her.
Another morning found Rachel   St.
Clair ablo to be dressed, and to    sit
at tho tublo, but the old   fooling    of
you 1 have found him a valuable a.■-'■ ■tur°ngth **nd n-9•*"•"*■"<• •*•'« asking
quisitlon. His plan had been to set- I There was a sense of tremulousness;
tie in Chicago, and enter upon tho , and when _?ho remembered her four-
same line of business thore that I I score*and-flv0 years, she was fain to
transact here, and ln order to per- | acknowledge that tho race might be
feet himself In that particular do-! nearly run. Sho sent for old Tom,
portment of legal jurisprudence he j and bade h,m B° and brinR h9r lftW*"
Ctune to Boston, and was recommend- ' -vei'
ed to call upon me. He culled, and
offered to give me his services for six
months as clerk and copyist, for the
privilege of studying with me."
Mr. Halford drank a glass of wine
to moisten his lips, and then crossed
his legs and rubbed   his hands;    and
"Tom," she said, slowly shaking
her head, "my mind ls falling, as
well as my body. Once, you know, I
called only upon vou when I needed
the services of one in whom I could
with tho utmost assurance confido."
"Glory to God! I hain't forgot it,
his homely face beamed will,"" good" j "_?""■____.An' d,?,yer °!e _** '? aS
_...."_-. — .• -• — ."*■*"      i true to-day as it was in dem    times
long, long ago; but de body am weak
"I know it, Tom. I didn't think
when I called you. You ask me how
old you aro.   Don't you know?"
"Not 'xactly, missus."
"You are older than I am, Tom. .
You wero a stout boy when I was a '
helpless little girl. I can remembor '
of your carrying me in your arms." I
" 'Deed, missus, 1  'member, it   Jos' ]
oa do' 'twas only yesterday; and from
dat day to   dls,  fro'   all    de years, j
dor's nobbor been   a timo    when    It
wouldn't 'ab done me good   to   take
yean' carry yo jes' like I did   in   de
the latter took
Hugo was a man
twenty—we tako him
word, given to his employs-,
ho loo'ed older than that—an
had tho appearance of , , ntj ■"
of refinement and polish/ ,\. '_„, m
alone in tho drawing-room „.:',_, _a*
features left to their „,.,„',,', n>
un opportunity was alio iiud ' J'"1*''
fair study of his fare li: ,, ( ^r *
who climicsd upon Um pi,, -,;. { l"0,
in ut tho open window ■ a , ', '. Cl*
She stood by tho thu" i ,'.,' ;."""■
trail of honeysucl le Uml ',]!'',""•
over tho trellis of the pnir '
gassed through tho Inter tl .
that strange face. Sho smv
colorless like iniiilile, or in
clay; a broad under jaw, i i (,", "K"
ct*sling chin; a mouth    rati rt"
thnn the average of mouii
under Up which, partly fro
ceding of the chin, and i a
its own  bulk,  drooped hen
this drool ing  wus  only  al
of reposo;  thero wero Bti'on
all over the jaw which con
the lips like tho jnWs of „
occasion.   The nsiso was i
prominent, broad at   the   I
forming, in   profile,   a   *!
That nose, with a good bra
It, might indicate the worke
deeds, it was like the cutw
ship, mado to cleave its was
tough and  boisterous oppo
like the hardened  point   ol
share, forcing   its   way ben
toughest   sod   for     tho    pi
breaking up   and   overturn
brow was a counterpart  of I
heavy over tho eyes,   nnd th
ceding beneath the dark, v.\,
hair parted in the con Ire, ..
s*d away   until   s-ns h   boi .
seemed to have iw place fri
ll rould    not move.       'I !)••
dark   nnd gleaming, and II ■
entui   carbunclo   in    mi
deep, fiery gurnet   hue.   «|
look blnck in the shade,   ai
liV.o n. Congo's eyes in th.' sl
The only hair upon his fare
n.'ntly trimmed mustache, tl*
which wore evidently waxed;
mustadhe', to tho casual oi *■   er. had I
much to do with ims sii._ .. u
comely, as   it axhiblti d   tl
teeth to advantage, nnd -•■    a|  ,,.. 5
counterbalance t'i   the hi        r.t*t!*.ct
As'Tie mnn sat (hero bv the drat.
ing-room table, he tMia'.i , ■ e ol
paper In his fingers— twisted i ind
he had twisted ii iii iwo n h«
twisted the two pieces '<■ ■ -ilier*—
twistod until they l.i «>_•.<- again ths
unother twist,    i.ntil   tha B    bid
been formed into a bul nita:
which hu  threw il'    upon  th Pit
unit rplled it uinler his [ei '
Kro long Lora presented 1 =
ths* drawing-room, and di i ed 'he
gentleman to follow- her ;aa her mis*
tress' apartment.   Hugo ai sai
took a green bug from the I ble and
went with the servant   In ■ "•
chamber, overlooking a i n ol
roses, hs* found the lawyer »itt
him the lady of the housw..
Caspi r Hugo passed the threshold,
and stopped.   Ho stoj i cd to *
the woman who snt in ih* grsat
stuffed chair between the tabls and
tha-lis'd. was he thinking how granl-
lyshe looked in her venero le sgt.
or was he calculating how m li :..'-
em person so old and sn shi 11 ,:i
coi.hl eurvive7
"Musi,.me St. Clair," sold thelaw-
ycr, aiising as he spoke, thi Is UU
young man I told you of—Catpw
Hugo. Caspar, this is m.V lionsored
client, *\!;iilniiin Haeh.'l St.  Clair.
"I um glasl ts> ss'c you, il ""-"j
madame, 'The recommendi tion oj
Mr. Ilialfairsl is n sufficient introdW'
tion to mv good opinion."
"I snn'onlv hope." ^turned m_
rlrrk, bowing very low, ' tlitt '*•'
own merits may sistain that °l'u'-
ion." .   .,
"If vou serve mo well in 'I   ':'l"•••
nodded  Rachel,    "you will findl w
good opinion not entirely      " d   °
worth." ...
Hugo bowed again, this time •*•»»
his hai;d upon his bosom, aftel *■*?*
tho lawyer    -mggwtod    ''■ '
should proceed to bualw ■
Mud ime   nodded   assei'
sln-k took his seat at the "• ^
brought forth his Writing BtaieTlta"
from the green  bag.  _      _ ])(>hA
18 Of
,n i tht
I-'i'si, " s-ild Itachel, when
bei'n informed thai  they W("
for business,  "you have two   wi
mine—wills  which  were made
yeara ago!" i.rMst-
Mr.   Halford slrs-w frsim hl« *'r;""k
pocket u largo    envelops, snfl w"
therefrom tho two wills in nueiw
I'ICB  BS ssi*. rlllTTfl ] _
An   HI  Cliss-siMi   Mssssf-
In order lo mnke hlin torgcl hi** «
mettle  troubles,   whiili   were
him to suicide, Home trleuds "I l''r
(iiistav Kraiiiwlnki'l arranged a cm *
ful evening nt a restaumnl in ' l'r
Lnfortmmtely, one of tlie parly '>•*•*
natured satisfaction as he went    on
to tell of his now clerk:
"It was a great hit for mo, Madame Rachel. Business was accumulating and pressing upon my hands
until I began to fear that I should
have te send some of my legal docuv
ments out to be copied. Dut—proe-
tol—this man drops down upon me
in just the nick of timo. Ho Is a
splendid stenographer and typewriter, and rapid. He copies, and arranges, and translates, and revises
and corrects with a readiness and a**-
•urance which are wonderfully .sustained In perfect results. Instead of
allowing him to serve
to sing n song entitled "I*11**1
ness."   Ilnrdlv wus the flrsl v":"
finished when lierr Kruiitwlul.el Jump*
up, pulled n revolver from bit P01-1*
nud shot himself.	
A  Usss-llssss   of fonrii^a-
Thy Ills-Yes,  ho wns paying <•»
tlons to her spilto n long time.
Blnnche—Perhaps   he   iiini"1
courage to propose. nor—it
HiylllH-Oh. I don't know.    " r .|_
ho hud tlio courage nol l<> t>i"l"'*'
Town nnd Country.
in   de
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ me for noth	
Ing, I have Insisted upon paying him ,on* •*•*••   ■"'"ess    yo,  missus
handsome wages;    and,  moreover     I J"' always!"                         ^^^^^^
shall keep him with mo, If I can!" "Thank you, Tom.   You may Bend
"You  like him   then?"    suggested Lora here.   Sho had better, go for the
Radiol.   She had been really    Inter- lawyer."
eeted in the lawyer's olowln-* account " *t'e aon*t blame me, missus, 'caus-a
All     lll.*Bll>.BlA
n tort
Illl 11.
"Is It true tho Jury illsngn"*'1
murder ciise?" ^_^^^
"Yes; they sny there WM *'»;' '"""^
crnnk thut held out for coiivhi'
inun wbo done the klllinV -W"c'
Tribune. The Drill.
irtw"' .
,,,,,._.     or    iirofess  to
o won»n w   • .^    .,,hc _,.,__
ai l"""".,.   „ brlngor <>f   ftootl
ii"''1'   ,'  .  I,,    Buperstltloua
infantum    H    "ne °* th°
Chfl)«rn  ,", diseases of  infancy.  It
-ir""'""', ,.;„_, tho heat of sum
I Winnipeg Industrial I'xlilbltlsm Ks.s*, ■ Up
Its i;.., lliSBl |'„hi lletoisl.
I   Winnipeg's grent industrial exhibi-
I lisxi  and  lair    hits  liecn    liuld  again
I thin year for the  thirteenth timo nud
again a groat ".uccuub has been chron-
Iclrad.   Whsjii it  was announced   that
tliu   provincial   elections   were   to   be
held on the opening day,  July 20th,
there were nui      who prophesied that
this, would m   '   the lair, but this by
. no means provpd to be the case, and
tlie event had very little appreciable
Influence upon the attendances, although of course many stayed away
on   account  of   wishing   to   slay     at
Could   not   Stand Before   Dodd'a
Kidney Pills.
"Bl ,  during the heat Ol sum-*<_,*__   account  of   wishing   to
Prc     i'i   of all the care, mothers  homo to record their vote.
i" '" S|"."' iriiord against it, ami it I    '[*)___   _ftCti     however*    ren
iiiv lflk    ",.'IgrosBBS so  ipiickly that! tlu.   _.,..)Wl|   _v|)icl_  auHcmbloi
*"U'"""S L I    a fow hours no mat- I fai_.  grounds  on   Citi/.on's
'*■•'' """'iv is'given tho child. Th" , the largest yet  recorded,   being  ove:
■r wil"' !"!!, do  is to stop feeding 127,000  or more than   2,000  in  ad
rst   ..'.'"fl1   marl  -five  hlm     plenty  ofjvanco of any previous year.
Edoi' ■>'■'■>
■ ,    tr ana  puro  water   to    drink.
■^Boln Tablets to    carry
a.. |,a -.       .., ,|„, system.   l>o not
diarrhoea,   except
Taking  ovorything   Into  consideration   there  can   be  but    littlo  doubt
but lhat the exhibition of  L903 was
tho best which hu**' yet bs'on held. Ko
a ,,,-k  tho  diarrhoea,  wHiupi/ j great  a dogree of excellence has been
'" ' (. of a doctor. r>.y us-j attained  that  it is no easy task to
■ 7i,.n Tablets tho caUSO of |keep  up  Ol'  improve  upon  the stand-
is* '":;'',,h( ,'„ wlfl ho removed uminni of excellence which has been set,
a ;|us bo cheokod In n and j_el  under    the    management of
Prool that the Tab-Uir.  I'.  VV.  Lieubach and    tho enter-
'•1      ' ., often fatal trouble prising board  of directors   this has
'f rUtl   |     ■,•,      Herbert Btirnhain,  again proved to bo the case.
■ ,   ,.*'u|     ont.,    who    sn,\8 ;— i   Th,. exhibits ibis year wero    most
<■ ' . child wan alx woekni creditable In chaxactor, and eastern j
.   ,   .       attack ef oholera  hi- and ivoetern manufacturers and deal-1
,i death's door. My,,,,-S vied with each other In friendly
. t,. try liaby'a Own rivalry to put up    the best exhibit.
twenty-four  hours with a result    which was gratifying
......  tho vomiting   mid   i,, all concerned.   The stock  parade
r i*<]    uml    he    TOgalued Ithis yssar was most striking.   Cattle
I '. ., . >wore   shown In extraordinary   num-
'' •    in    (he    houso—I__rers,   their  quality  and    appearance
..■ may save your Ut-.jattracting the loud applause of   'he'
'   , old by meilli'ine ttkiftl-jmiii;iy   Americans    who
Mr. Chua. Olluttrlfl had Diabetes tmr
Ysiiira-Uuilil'a Klduejr PIIU Cured
Fort Hope, Ont., Aug. 10.—(Spesv
lal)-Mr. Charles Gilchrist, Chief of
Police here lor fifteen years aad af-
tciwuids Dominion fishery Oversuor,
is always willing to add his testimony to lhe volume of proofs frona
all parts that Dodd's Kidney Pills
never fuil lo cure uny form ol Kld-
i ney  Disease.
i "1 am u healthy man. Dodd's K.ld-
! ney Pills have done the job," Is the
way Mr. Gilchrist puts it. " When I
lirst sliuled to tuj.e Dodd's Kidney
l'ills 1 wus in an uwful state. 1 had
been u sufferer from Diabetes and
Kidney Disorder for ten years. My
urlrif was of u dark bricky color and
1 vsi.iiId sutler something awful while
"1 tried everything and tried the
denims but could get no help till I
wan advised to use Dodd's Kidney
l'ills 'Ihaj.v have made me a new
Mi Gilchrist Is getting on in years
bul he fa-el-s young That's what
Dodd's Kidney  l'ills do for a mau.
Ill* Annisloloua Be«lnnln*.
"To gratify the curiosity of the public, Mr. Ilolliiralii.e," purred the youug
person with the notebook, "will you
please tell mo If the tlrst contribution
you ever sent to a magazine wus accepted'/"
The liternry celebrity emlled genially.
"I am happy to say it was," he answered.
"What was lt?"
"Four dollars for a year's subscription."
!     Most Ol the  worlds annual   supply Ithe    WJg***^  jggft ^
of  tin  comes  from  the  Straits    and 'would  be  read  tliioiign
from the Dutch Islands ot Bankn nud backward. ^	
BUUton.   Australia, ^[^^      M()Kl ....... Bpend „ino-tonths of their
Every woman hus tin iilea that her
husband would never have amounted
to much if she hnsl refused him.
The Reason.
Mrs. Newed (as husband arrives
home from work)—Oh, George, our
new cook is a perfect gem! Why, she
already has the kitchen looking like a
Mr. Newed—Humph! Expecting company tonight, is she?
money to enable them to spend    the
other tenth in comfort.
Egypt, with nearly ten million people, has only one lunatic asylum.
Illustrated In the Cass of Mrs.
Restored By the Use of
Tumor, Who Was Thoroufjhly
This Great Food Cure.
Perfectly  Rcckla.es.
Druggist—I'm going to discharge that
new clerk.   He's too careless.
Friend—What has he done?
Druggist—This morning be sold a
wild eyed womnn a dose of poison and
trusted her for tbe money.
L oi '  i'"''1  nl
Lb; writing the Dr. Willi.
■cinp Ca
ms Me*]
were  present.
kville,  Ont.
I, „ ,voi der   that rromeone has
r p|acetl advertlBinB. circulars In
Horses were also  in great evldenoe
The display of ugrirulturol implements and threshing outfits was ex-
The at I ructions were good oil
round nnsi gave abundant satisfaction to all who witnessed them. It
is iliflirult to particularize where all
wero excellent, bul possibly thellttl
Mile Kvs* Humbert, daughter of the
woman of the phantom millions, is
now said to be living in a charming
little German nook in thc valley of
the Wesur and near the Weephalian
The hi'aaon,
Mrs. Flint (severolyi-Why do you
wiitAiler from place to place?
Soiled Bpoonor (calmly)—B'ctii da
places won't wander to mc, mum.—
■all  to  arms
.lohn,   take  th
1Lt.cl.w>v     Soap — disinfect" -    ■**
,r,„„.u ■..  . )i.i.-(i by the medical i _*■ :.:',""   :~~yc- ~    ,   ■ ,
,r'!lll>              .,, Jj, a-tttnat in- Piccolo   Midgets  ami    the  wonderful
elephants,   so  cleverly   trained   by Air.
:tlous diseases  | Sam Lockhart,    wero    the greatest
iBjornstjetne  bjornson   has    choaon   ''-Vh,'h,",',.-,. racing was the best ever
lis >  i :   'Thomas I.A.n.lolei,. |         Winnipeg,   Keen contests wero
t. t| for    dlscui-Bing hir
l*oi! NINE YEARS.—Mr. Samuel lliv-
an. 1 linaltonl. writes : "For nine vi.ais
I 8iil.i'ri.it with ulcerated sorvs on my
ls'c: I expendtd ovsir tlOO on physissianfl,
and tried overy preparation I heard of or
saw nicoinmended for such disease, hut
aanilal (.'.' no relief. 1 at last was recom-
mendsKl tai civs. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric
slil a triHl. which has remitted, after us-
iiur I'lthl laottleR lusini* it internally nnd
externally), in a complete cure 1 lielii*ve
it is i In* I,est medicine ill the world, siii'l
I writ.* this to let othcrfi know whist it
has sis me fur me."
One week In the country should
make one strong in tho city.
Iceland still clings to the barter
system. Comparatively little trade is
done on  the  island  with cash.
Bverytlme a girl gets a small clout
in her heart she Imagines it is broken.
Kurd's Lioiment Ceres Bi^tkeria.
A wonderful lake has been discovered in Siberia, where the waters
cure every disease under thc sun.
Don't climb so high that the worlsl
can't see you when it wants to re-
move the ladder.
|' ■  onal   reform,  especial-
1    .A, >tS.
Catarrh Cannot Iw Cured
Ir.h L0CA1
atari li i
M i'LICATIONS,   as    th..y
ilia   seat     of   tho   disease.
.!  nr fonatllutloii-il  ilis-
rdei  to cure it vou must i patronized,
eintdles      llssii's   Cat art HI    .. ,     .,,.,.,,,,
iternnlly,  und nets direct- as sun
 -     '    I isrii\ idcil   in
Alba' order of each day, and the free-
for-all  on  Friday  was a  raco which
1 will   live  lone;   in   the  memories    of
I those   who   witnessed   it.      Tlm   Misl-
I way    attractions    were    rem.lrksi.hly
fr.a- trom anything that was of ado-
grading    tendency and were    largely
Tho human body ts composed of
I certain elements, such as iron, potash, limo, soda, magnesia, etc., and
nature replaces wasted cells and tissues by extracting theso elements |
from tho food we eat. Consequently
ecrors in diet, Insufliciency of foosl or
failure of the digestive organs to
properly perform their work arc
among the iuoet usual causes of disease.
Once the system is weak, run dowu
or exhausted tho natural process of
recount rus.tio!i is tediously slow, usually slower than the wnslin-; pro-
cees, and tho end can only be physical bankruptcy and collapse.
It ls just at this point lhat Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food proves its wonderful power as an assistant to nature. This great food euro contains
la condensed pill form the very elements required by naturo to revitalise and build up tho system. These
immediately enter the blood stream,
and through the medium of the circulation of the blood and the nervous system carry strength and vigor
to each and every organ of tho body.
Mrs. F. Turner, 33G Aylmcr Btmssit,
Peterborough, Ont., and whoso husband is employed at the Hamilton
foundry, states :
" For some months past I found
myself growing very nervoua, nnd
gradually becoming a victim of
sleeplessness and subject to frequent
attacks of nervous h.adnche. About
six nveeks ago I began using Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food and cannot
speak too highly of this medicine. I
can sleep well now, the headache*
have entirely disappeared, and I b**>
lievo that my system generally haa
been much improved by the use of
this treatment."
Nervous    prostration and exhaut*.
.tion, headaches, dyspepsia, duzy and
'fainting  spells,   paralysis,   locomotor
ataxia,  feelings  of  weakness,  depression   nnd    despondency   are     readily
overcome   by  this  treatment,    working,  as It does, hand ln hand    with
nature.     Though gradual, the results
arc all the more certuin and lasting,
and    by    not ing    your  increase    ln
weight you cun  prove to your satis-
'action that new, firm flesh and tisane  is     being  adsied.      Dr.     Chase's
Nerve  Food,   fifty  cents  a  box,     Six
boxes for  ?2..r)0.   At  all  dealers
Edmonson, Bates AfcCo., Toronto
protect you  ai/ainst Imitations,
portrait, and signature of Dr. A.
Chase,  thc famous receipt book
thor,  are on every box.
.     oiiimodntion which had bs-en
flJ"on ihe blood "and " macoaV iurfacse.  provided in the city for visitors from
li. -   ' •■ is ilot u ajssark meu-: th.' country was found adequate und
%■■ \*TArTl£vm*l although the number of country and
i rescrlptlon.   It ts com-1 American    visitors    was    hardly    as
Lest  tonics" known, romhin-   ,T.-,._,.t  )IS  in   T.iii'J,   yet  oil   were aids
.1   blood  purifiers,  a<'tinirj
icqui surface*.     The! to
I'aiallllS   Ulisl
ihs. mucous  Mirfseoft.     The i l"    «>■>*■«>•'    comfortabL     	
at Ion  sif  the  two   iiu.ri.ili-   good   Bleeping   accommodation
• 7rh"' Se^'u^Uu-       T"   BUm   "P   ,n  B  '"U   WOrd8'   th0e*
ibi... ... Ihlbltion of 1908 was unother urrquol-
oroiie    Toledo.O. j [fled success,  and rel! ^^^
I LfiifflMt Cuts luvt li Cwfc
An   old  bachelor  invariably  speaks
of a baby as  "it."
V        CO
^^_, . .  ts the grcitest
i'i-are the best, ,.ii"ilit  upon tii*- board of    directors,
 . I General   Managi-ir  Seubach,  and   all
concerned.    A   word  of  praise     must
bo accorded the Judges,  who worked
mil  gave  almost   universal   M.i-
I   was    Cured    of    painful     G-oitre
Chatham, Ont.
i    was   Cured   of     Inflammation
Walsh.   Ont.
1    was    cured    of  facial    Neuralgia
Parkdale, Ont.
you  really so
returned from
tflil t. di
ed '   I'm ipiite    an-1
--Ul a'   VOU.
'       sure ull your friends
ted to hear It. '■
| Wi'll 	
d's LUmt Cares Cr-Ms,
Perhaps the summer girl stwls her
heart to prevent it from being stolen
This falling of your hair!
Stop It, «r you will soon be
bald. Give your hair some
Ayer's Hair Vigor. The fall-
lag will stop, the hair will
Hair Vigor
•row, and the scalp will be
clean and healthy. Why be
satisfied with poor hair when
you can make it rich?
« m» hiir nearly all cama ont. I ttien tried
JR Hilr Vlwr »»sl™*i!y one bottle atopr-.".
hVfallh*   N«w.h*,lr c.i. to.**»it*4&.wa
joat a nttle ci
<V*st--ia. *•>• •"•
watts on appetite If in your homo
Milled from a grain that's critically selected — it yields more
loaves per bag than any other,
and what a delightfully refreshing loaf when compared with
You can't appreciate the dlfler-
s?nce till you've tried It—then
you'll thoroughly understand it.
Crnsii'a !       .,;,(,. of III*) snonrrnlia.
Ij G te sif :be abilities isf
'•' - : the armies, atiya an of-
*••**■■ of i     ■ t's staff In the National
iik It is safe to sny thnt
I ntu-isl Brst   Tor John A. Ui
nn in-1 ■ ntortalned the warm*
ngs.   His triendahip
It -"i'lier waa vi'i'y pro*
nouneetl,   General Thomas he conald*
(Ml :.
Go .1
to i ■
fur -
"I h,
iOltlg •
Vim, No Snaii,   No Baergy,   Hierllvn
Dreaded and Work Hkuaneslu
; a    "Fagged  right  sba.i."  is an appro-
I is pressed boyond it.   .,,...,:.. waj  t,, express the feelings of
nt, it  knsvl's   down   , ..,„■   people during tho hot summer
'  •   world  will i..ai'..  months.   N.. strength,   no  vigor,  no
'nis' s'niiid   remains  snap,   no ambition,    too  weary    to
and  where ;t Un>vls   work and  too  languid  to  take    any
keen  pleasure  in  lifo.   Vou    need   ;s
i^i^i^^^^^^| tha'
very h st  Bummer tonic in ilia* worlsl
i.s Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills for   l ah
1'     pie,    I viia   da.se  makes  now,   rich
blood. Sana's the norvos, sharpens the
•ppotite,   Stimulates   the  liver,     and
banishes    weakness    nnd    weariness,
hcaslaches,  Imckacln s.   languor    and
despondency      Tin'   only tonic   that
can do this for you i.s  Dr   Williams'
Pink Tills.    It's a waste ol money to
experiment    with anything else.   Mr.
Louis Douoet,    <*rnn<l Etang, N*   s.,
s.iys :    "1   wns   very   much   run  itwn
in  health  and  wns wank  ond easily
tired    Mj  appetite was variable my
nerves unstrung, and I often foil   a
complete  indisposition  lo work    Al
tor  trying  several  medicines  without
ha'Ki'fit I sta*ciila'ii to try Dr. Williams'
I'ink   l'ills.   ntul  nfter  taking  n     few
boxes  1   fi'11   better than   I  had  slum*
for months,  and equal  to any exertion    l don't know anything to equal
ta. in   Williams' i'ink rills when one
feels fagged out."
Vain an i I'a-t tha' pills from nnv
dcalor In meslicine. or they will be
ss'iit   pislsl   nt   .ral'  ri'iits  a   box,   iaf sis
boxM for 99 BO by writing dlrocl to
tlia> Dr W'iliiiims' M 'dlclne Co .
Brockville, Ont. Do sure you net
tho genuine with ths' full name "Or
Williams'  I'ink l'ills for Vols* People"
on thp wrapper around the box.
Sir Lola •( Beef.
Though tlie truth of the story that
King James I. of England once knighted a loin of beef is disputed, the house
ln which the ceremony ls said to have
occurred ls pointed out, as well as tbe
table on which the sirloin lay.   The
sa-eno of the hlRtorie jest lies between
flighum's park  and  Chiugford,   near
Loudon.    It Is a  "iirioiis house wltb
quaint, low pitched ceilings and a lis*
fciudeu with fruit trees of great size,
lt wns mm his return from one of his
bunting expeditions ln Byplag forest
■Mint the British  Solomon  Is said to
have given practical proof of his fates
for the roast beef of old England.
tlie faUliist.   **sew nasx sauagaa, .wm.	
Inat a little curlj."- Ha*.  L. IL Smitu.
i.O. i-YKRCO.
l.a.*fll,   Maaa
fl.W a laottle.
Il la  xerr tnuab itrcn|*-r and thicker   than any other   <tarr«*4 or bnllallnaS
Mr***   I* '• lmcarrloiu io wind, keepa out oold, Ueej.a ln beat, .irilai oo laaall
Or oSor. abcorlia no nsolatore, Impart*   no   taut*   or   flaror   to   anything   •"***■
which It ooiuoa ln contact.   It la lsargfIt uaesl not only for aheiilnj hoaeaae, t
Iw Half oold   nora«..   Wallillnija,   r3rxl(oratori,   dmlrlca.  ort-amerlet,  mmrm
nlaae* whar* th* ohleot la to k*rp an *t*b   and  malloraa   Umperatar*,  mrnA
(h* a*, tin* aroldlsi( djunpnui.
Writ* ani A*-anta. THEJ A FUnSSB, Wtuntpaig, ter wmplta,
TTHSt K. WA. "CDDV OO., Ulrral«*.*-d, HULL.
The potato has ceased to be the
aill-iinporiant staple food in Ireland
.i onco was, as when itss failure caus-
'■r.*"-,uch awful famine in the years hia-
iween 1831 and 18-17, and the de-
iri'use in its production is rather a
sign of increasing prosperity amongst
the Irish pi.*asantry.
All men are architects of iheir own
fort unes. but few ever got sufficient
money to build.
-h*. World's Medicine.
in and an Indomitable
i ,. ns sine of bin s'sps*-
11.' considered this d-.ish-
-i Invincible.
i. ii.i lens*.
,i   tuiiil  slowly  nnd
i.ii'd isy the labor ol
Is a  Jpwi'l  of  the  tirst
■• value hi' nlone uuder*
t it, or who observes
rs wins have lost it.
'. i think no prise too great
i it and keeping it,
; a,f eyea that see and
1 * thai   discerns.
i isua.1.  Kor Joy
M.v di ling, what delights you so?
""'U I" It thnt Qlls your eyes with tho
•^.•■sh. oi luippiness and"—
Id, just think!   Cook ls
In with us lifter all!   Mrs.
nrly, for whom she was going to
*01 •■! dead  last night    Oh,
A   HodsbMisbI.!  Jrarsrl.
A family iu ilu* southern part of th«
city employed whnt they believed to be
a "household jews I." For a few days
aba proved to be nil that they had anticipated, and everything went smoothly. One duy, however, the husband
cams down to breakfast nnd made tlie
announcement that they must get ri.i
of tho new girl,
"Why, ,iolin. you must be crazy!'' s»;d
his wife with atimzemi'iit "She's tlie
best girl we ever bud, so rs'spoctful and
a tine cook."
"That makes uo difference.   She Isn't
"Oh, well, we'll never miss a loaf of
bread once ln nwhile. Her folks may
net*d lt more than we do."
"That Isn't tt. Early this morning 1
saw her creep Into our room, go to uiy
pocket, take my pocketbook and empty
"Oh, well, dear, perhaps it's force of
habit; you know she's been married."
It's a wise girl    who doesn't begin
|eating onions until after she lands a
The life of the book agont is full of
; wormwood and gall;  but the  wormwood  ie scarcely perceptible.
The natives of India never allow a
I fakir—of   whom   there  arc  8,000,000
;who live by begging—to starve.
Man proposes, woman disposes and
the rest of the world snys. "1 tolsl
you ro."
lt Is only necs*R8iiry to read lhe testimony to ho convinced Ihnt Hollow.iv's
ruin ('urn ls nr,i.||iiislli.il fur the removal
..f   Torus.   «nrts.   etc.      It  is  a complete
Bilious and Nervous Disorders
Slok Heatiartw,
Wind antl Pains In Stomach,
impaired Digestion,
Disordered Liven,
end Female Atitnonta.
Sold at alt Drug Storea ln Canada In boxes,
osc.   Full direction* will*, each box.
The proportion of men and women
■■■."...•« ueuu msi nignt.   un. "'i... retire on smnll t™?**™1''*   ™
too sweet of her?   And, supposed to be greater in ^ »•>'   ■;
I hnd alwaya funded she setts than In nny other state   n ths
0 !"  Town Top.-"**, ,'"'i""" "■■•'•■'" » ,"' PennsylY''""1'	
m^^^^M ——————.
.   Alt I,
I.inioicit Cares Pistempw.
makes    no   tnla-
•it   have  Improved    a
••  work i.v hitching    tl"*
I y I  ol     lh.'   uiuiiy   11)   tha'
■   tho inosu_-illo.
 '■' Dysentery Onrdlal
! ■  for dysentery, diarrhoea,
ipliiini    • cu  idc1 is
'■" i Inrlilcntal     in   a-*a<lt|..*.i
'«  inittn'iiiiiti. rellol    lo
"in Hu' oflocta of iii'ini-
■   mi ino   fi nn. cuci in
M   in la  with     wu. t,.iful
1  "!■  iniis  lo  ronquo    tlie
'"'■'  '■'■'•'i fear choUrsi if thev
"f this medic onvisnl*
V,- -'JJ
" 'in* publishers ol tin'
'" 'h"  I'ubliKb.rs of  th
flroctory for 1908, th
\ FHeS   Erei^wlierei
la  your food—4a  yoot  baSisw
SiaVIng Ufa lala-MPtile.
\\y Pads
will els-as  yonr bosxaa osT ta.. la a
tew Uouia.
The Ftrat Aataaaoblle.
In these duys of fast motoring and
high railway speeds it ls Interesting to
rt'sull that lt was ln July, 1820, some
llttlflt* time before George Stephenson
had solved the problem of steam transport, that Sir Ooldsworthy Gurncy
mude his famous Journey ln a "steam
carriage" frem London to Bath and
back. Gurney was a surgeon ln Mnry-
lebone, greatly given to the working
out ot inventions In his spare time, and
It took him some years to cxnuplete his
first "motor" ln his back yard ln Albany street ln London. Ho accomplished tho Journey to aud from Bath at the
rate of dftceu miles nn hour, and there
wus only oue disturbing incident, when
a crowd assembled at Melksham set
upon the machine and, having burned
their fingerR, Uirew stones und seriously wouuded the stoker. This Gurney
journey stands as the Urst example of
locomotion by steam ln Hngland.
Herman cities aro growing so fast
that the sawmills can hardly, keep up
with their orders.
St.Ercri.I'".SRNF..SS   ts    slue  to   ns«rvoiis
excitement,    The  delicately  Fonatltut<**d,
ilia' linisiicliT. ths. hunlnrss mnn  unit tliniv.
whose siccutsislis.il necessities er©«st iiu-n-
I tnl strain or worry, a.l milTer less or
i more from it fMee\, Is the meet ies-
I lorr-r ot si \vorrls*d Isrnln. anal to a**t
[sleep rlersiisi* the stsimnch trom nil lin-
I inl ri tlu with a few dosi'S of t'lirmelce's
i Va'aiPtnlilp l'ills. celntliie emit rait, contailn-
nr no laiercury. and nre guaranteed to
Ive   sntlsfnction   or   the   money   will    he
Krupp'8  factory  has    lately   made
the lorgest ornior plate ever    rolled
lt weighed infi tons.
Mart than half tho battln tn
cleaning gwtsy tlbhes to In th«
rwapyouuftt. If It's Sunlight Soap
k's the bfJfU "
•aj Wis supply at short
notice complete JOB
\\ We sell what Printers want; Printers want
what we sell.
-f We carry a complete
stock of Type and Supplies for the composing
Room, Pressroom ana
Company, Limited.
175 McDermoi "svsnuc,      Wlnnipcf,
Sarnia Line
Huronic, United Empire
cMonaxh, cMajestic
Leave DULUTH, 8 p. m., Tuesdays
and Fridays.
Leave PORT ARTHUR. Wednesdays, 12 noon, and Saturdays, at 11
noon and 2 p. m.
raais-ngrra arul li>ss:v-'it-a> from O. N. and (*,
P. Ry wealorn iiolnla lanal«al Uispct at a', asinur
dock at l'"ii Arthur.
I.eB*.e  8ARNIA,  :l   p,  ni..  Mondays,
Wednesdays ojia] Fridays upon arrival
of Grand  Trunk  Railway  trains from
East, which land pnMsotiKa.'rs and bajr-
1 ir.ii;e nt Rtpnmcr dos*lc.
For turthor Information, folalera, ate , apply—
Norlhw**sta>rn  AKrnt,
339 Main Street, Winnipeg.
No woman.haa entered the i',»i*
vi-iit ssf St. Catherine, on Mount M-
nai, for 1.400 yeara.
OP      ?BS    ^l^rVurStiliZ
,-t i ive elapied sines then "he*' is"*'
llh      II 11 ' "     •  "M   ' , , i ail    u      ., i-n      ii I.
rssturned "   Pannclos h   l i '"  '"l   "".
,,„,. __„_! Kldntn  •*■*■■"■*■■ '■.""*    .: '     „„ '
Itvaness    lloadachi     I'llei    ' :_,„.,",
II    ulaia  the  secretlor    Mid 	
blllnUS  mutter
Molla has .1 population ol tTO.000
„.,„,.., ,,,'Ai only •-' _T_mri'"*i'
•    w.'.a.i    Bstsrmlnatof
llttls folks	
One of tho laws of aravlty is new
Ito iBURh nt  yonr own  hbI.i"*. •nils DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C
,\l UUS.T Ul. 11W-3,
'■■IJ      •
C. E. BmithbuunoaU", Editor and Prop.
gl.OCAN,      -      »       •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents n line for
ilia" tint insertion and 5 cents a lino each
(Subsequent insertion.
Certificates ijl Improvement, *7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
Its legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
(er each insert ion. ■
Commercial Kates made kuown upon
The Subscription ii $2 per year, st.-ict-
iy in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Sloean, B. C.
kui i <>ma i. onofPiMus.
Fut salaries ■■■•re tlio outcome of
Laurisjr'a Chinese oouimlsslon.
Ganada's finances are in a lienltliful
condition, tin- federal surplus for last
ymir being $14,600,000, being Sl ,000,-
•000 over I lio estimate.
Indentions point to ox ministers
Blair anil Tarte, erstwhile leading
Liberals, boing found in OoBsm'vatire
ranks at the  next  Dominion election
Saturday was a busy day among
the Conservatives of tin* province, ean
didates being chosen in a majority of
tbe constituenoies. 9on. Robt. Green
was nominated ia Kaslo, John Houston in Nelson, ami Harry Wright in
Ymir- all thn*.' winners.
In supporting the Conservative candidate, Win. Hunter, electors should
remember lhat they are voting for the
representative of the government.
Whrn tin; hiiioIu* of battle lias cleared
away, it. will lx* found that the Tories
will be solidly intrenched at Victoria
for four years. Bemember this and
get in ou tlio winning side.
Mining will corns? in for great attention by reason of the gigantic in vestment of the Rockefeller-Gould syudi-
eato iu the silver-lead mines of the
Coeur d'Alenes. It demontrates the
faith of these magnates in mining as
a profitable field for invusting llirir
money, and many small fry will Beak
to follow their example. British Columbia is vitally interested in the
movement of the,s« New Yorkers,
partly because the scene of their investment is contiguous to tlu* province,
but more particularly liecause she has
resources idontical to those of Uim
Ocepr d'Alenea. The influence of the
Rockefeller-Gould combination on the
market for silver and lead will lis for
its betterment, a ciroumstance much
to be desired  by  tlie  people of this
In keeping with the major portion
6f thw province, the Conservatives of
the .Sloean riding got together at New
Denver on .Saturday last and did thore
Hoininate a standard hearer to uphold
their cauue at the election to lx* held
on October Sl. Their choice fs-ll on
Win. Hunter, of Silverton, ono of the
earliest pioneers of the camp, and a
man who is known to every person in
the camp, either personally or by reputation. And it speak-, well for Con-
.se.rvntis.iii in the riding that the imputation of their candidate i* of high
business principles and strict integrity,
and a man """hose election will do
honor to tli" constituency, A feeling
of genuine satisfaction ami confidence
has  been  imparted   by  Mr. Hunter's
selection and iniicL strength has boon
given the Conservative parly thereby,
A three-cornered light has developed
in the constituency and each of  lhe
candidates can boast of a strong per*
Bona] following.    The  fight  conse
quently resolves itself into one of mine
than  ordinary  interest, but  if confidence, determination and a good cause
count for anything, then surely will
the   Conservatives   laud   their   man.
They have much in  their favor   government prestige, a winning platform.
and a flrst-clnSs candidate.   It non
-remains for the rank aad file lodo
their part and  rail** to a man in sup
port of their leader.   Perfect organization anil a  strong canvass will tell
mon* than all the Sossy speech-making
that can be. introduced into tlie campaign.   Let every Conservative step
into tho light and ilo his duty, and the
result   will   lio   biiecess.     Tko   New
Denver convention  acted   with   judgment   and   discretion   and   brought
honor to the party by their choice.and
•t now behooves every supporter of the
cause to see that that honor is made
the brighter by the clectioa of Mr.
.Smallpox has broken out in Morrissey.
The price of drill steel has been
Jetr Baty's address in Alaska is at
Kossland's summer carnival opens
next Tuesday.
No meetiug of tho eity council was
held this week.
Now Denver will have electric lights
again iu two weeks.
Vancouver is agitating free text
liooks for her schools.
A. sTacobson, New Denver, will put
up a hotel ut i'oplar creek.
The finest creamery brick butter in
town, at Arnot's; yfic. per lb.
W. Koch shipped a couple of cars
of lumber on Saturday to Manitoba.
H. L. Fife, E. Stewart and .Jack
Heid left on Friday for i'oplar creek.
Tho synod of the Presbyterian
church will nwet at Roaalnud on the
Dave McKechiiiu and wife purpose
taking a tines* months' trip to the
T.(i.Mca'iiiintnon.thf railroad man,
received the Conservative nomination
iu Yale.
Harry Wright', mining recorder at
Nelson, is thu Conservative candidate
in Ymir.
Two cars of shinglo* were shipped
from tho local mill to Ontario during
the week.
A deputy recording ollice is to be
Opened at Poplar creek, with A. Lucas
in charge,
Born. In Slocan, on the 19th Inst.,
the wife of Thos. J. Armstrong, of a
Thos. Cavin, a C.P.R. conductor, secured the Conservative nomination in
Cranbrook. .
.lohn Houston received the Conservative nomination in Nelson without
W. Robertson went to Sandon on
Friday, to accept a position at the O.
P.R. depot.
R. I. Kirkwood aud his brother left
on Monday to take in the Poplar creek
Forest fires are beginning to make
their presence known from various
parts of the locality.
Mrs. W. J. Adcock left for Eughmd I
on Saturday, on an exteided visit.
She sails from Montreal.
Blair Carter returned from Poplar
creek ou  Monday.    He confirms the!
reported richness of the camp.
.!. P. Mat-shaft, of Nolson, was killed
in the Poplar creek camp last Sunday
by a ti\..-. falling  on   bim,  while  out ■
"Windy" Young has broken out in
a new place, having got  hold of  the
old Monashee gold mine, in from Ver
noa.    Windy is working it.
The Ontario-Slocan Co. an* preparing tsi ship half n million feet of luni
ber to the Northwest market from the
mill at the head of the lake.
The Arlington Hotel has been given
a new roof this week over the greater
portion of that structure, making good
the damages caused by the late lire.
Try a liottle of .Slater shoe polish.
It is a leather food and guaranteed
not to eat the leather. Shine lasts a
week. Por sale ouly at Arnot's; 2."k\
per bottle.
A'f Pan* hns beon nominated as the
Grit candidate in the Ymir riding.
Billy McDougall, canvasser for the
Scranton Correspondence school, has
been promoted too berth at headiiunr
ters. His place in Kootenay has been
taken by Chas. Prosser,
As tlio result of n drunken scrimmage at Revelstoke, last week, Frank
Stewart is dead. Chas. Tinimins, J.
V, Perks and E, Dupont have been
arrested in connection therewith.
Billy George, the Tattersall Isoyis
and Tom Waring returned this week
from Woodberry creek. The latter
three went and came by way of the | j't'i"'Van Ttiyl
big Kokanee glaoier. They shot a
goat going over nud a coyote coming
lliiinilton, s-itno, A McGillivray and
K Shannon,
•fi White Jtoje (r, 1st ti i Lemon. Y
Aug K •-Trensure.Crijipln Stick for two
veins, Hurdy CJutily, 'hiin.
10-11 T, Rcr.kii, Aeton, Spokano for
two yeatf.
11—Violet, OUl Glory, Kentucky Hell.
12—Jubilee No 2, Happy Jerry, Shall ier fr.
1 "-Kots-r, lllitck 1***1.
Aug U—May, B C, Joy, 8trathroy,Joy
fr, nui! John li Mabley fr, II B Jorand to
Frank Dewar, stenographer for the
big lumber company at Nakusp, was
a visitor hero on Friday. Ho was a
delegate to the Tory convention at
New Denver next day. Frank in an
old political warliorse from Ontario
and never lost a vote in his lifo; and |,w'ocnn'
he says he won't this time either, a
Hunter is going in.
Gwiilim *fe Johnson,
B. 0
Thus. Abriel, Nakusp, the  lirst re
estate man to boom Slocan, visited the
burg on Friday evening and met many
old friends.    Tom   is  considered   the
most expert  politician in the country
and hi.! support always spells success,
hence  hiit  selection by the  Nakusp
people to represent them at the Con
scrvativm convent ion at New Denver.
Appended is a completolist ef the varmint records registered atthe local regis*
try office, II. 1*. Christie being mining
Aug 11—Gold, 8 f Ten Mile creek. I)
B O'Neail,
Knob Hill, same, II D Lea.
Ooldoii Crown, same, .1 Haiuelln,
Deer, same, I) 1! O'xNe.iil.
18—Red Light, Dayton creek, T Mulvey anil N McMillan.
11—Surprise, Ten Mile creek, H Far-
Champion, same, II DCurtis.
Zone, same, A Jacobson.
J J Alex. Rogers,
Dissolution of Partnership
NOTICE is hereby given that tho fcar-norahlp
heretofore bxlstiiig between the untlersTsin-
e I, in tlia* Arlington Bote), under tho flrin name
pf Knowles sfi Patresiulu, is this slny dissolved
by Hiuitiiil consent. All accounts owing the sals*
fii'in am payable to I.. M. Knowlsas, who will
continue tli*' business; nnd nil alelit.- contractesi
by the said flrin will lie paid by the snisl L. M.
Dated nt Slocan, ll.C. this "'""nl „t ,Tuljr, l!xw
Your Vote T
a h
Tonsorial Artist.
The Loading Parlors:
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
I) ATI'S: Regular tnhsorlbors,$1 ii«r month
\ or$10 a year: non-subscribers I exclitsive ia.
meal ienl attendance) $2 per day. Private wards.
Jn pei day extra. Special fai ilitie.- for maternity cases.
For fur'hfir particulars apply to,
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Jlatet Shoe Advertising
Shoe Adulterants
Short talks by the Slater Shoe ad man, No. 9.
Pasteboard Inner soles—leatlierboard,
' Spongy sole leather under a costly finish
that lasts a day.
Glossy cotton thread passed off for silk
Imitation Goodyear welts that deceive even
Skimped in tho unseen vitals to save pennies
■--robbed of dollars' worth of wear;
Such tricks may be practiced on shoes of no
particular standing, with no valuable trademark
at stake, no advertising to attract attention and
Invite criticism,
—Sold under a nameless*, brand that's here
today, gone to-morrow with another in its place,
How long could the makers of the "Slater
Shoe " practice such deceptions and survive ?
—Of what use publishing this ad, or its
$ 100,000 worth of predecessors for unworthy
shoes ?
How long would its quarter million dollar
trademark continue to attract the trade that
makes it valuable?
The "Slater Shoe " by the very force of its
advertising has got to be a good shoe and a
corking good .hoe.
is cordially
on behalf of
, Hunter
Notice to DeliUQuentCo-owneri CONSERVATIVE PLATFORM
Representing the strongest companies doing business in Canada.
See new accident policy, with participation in profits, covering: sick-
nuss and operations.
II. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
M-ide in Canada 40 years.   Goodyear welted.
For int-n $4.00 and $5.50.
For women $3.50 and $5.00.
Sole Agent:
1 ..'. ^SSi^SSE^^-^^S^S^SxSiammTia
Pioneer Livery
■and .Feed Stables,
Slocan, 13. C.
Gcncntl Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
-' Gr
'i\ H/J; i*i ••*»•
. C.J flj _vaJ Ij
Sad, 11.* and   Pm
hire at rcusonnl
I; Ilorsc
If rates.
i fur
To J. F. Armstrong, administrator of tlie
eitate of Martin Murcliiuoti, deceased,
or to any person or persons to whom
he  may havo trail rife nod  the interest
Furnishings _^>
Attractions nzid the Biggest |
1 fl&niTiaonieiit   Features  Ever  Seourodj
$10,000 TO BE GIV"":.**! IN PULSES
Down Town Street Cji'-jival Erory Nijlit, VaudoviUe Specialties nnd
lli>:li Class Circus Features
Special Low Rates on Railroads I
sion iii.
I _».■ l<11>i»■*I at HovpKiaalaa*. Soptembor 13th, 100!
I. Tliol thla convention ruaQlrnn- tin-imlic.v ^
' iho parts in matlersi aaf DrovlnciHl roaslis anal i j»
nils; tll6 UWIierislllp  rilllj  S'aant ...I aaf  railways, 1 W
igflM tor sale.      Write for Premiun. l.i I
H. Q. STlhMEL, Sec. and flan.
CerUflcate of IiMirts,|lSil3SS :
t in iis; the uwnenslilp and control of ruilv
.inii Una dcsTolopnian- »»f tlie  Oftriciiltural  ra-i
f .,    .      .,      , ,       .    i, i sources of tbo provlnco tit In isi down ia tha pint*
of Martin Murchlson, flmonttUng to Ji f_,_.OT adoptesl In Octobsr, itswi, whicli Is os fol-1
in cacli of thu Nansen, Frnm mi'l r.ur-  low
sian mineral claims, situated un tin?
lioiul sif l.imiun creek,Slocan City min*
in_; division.
"Tai acllvolv ,-iiil in tlieoonstrnction an" trails
tliroiifflioul tlio unslevclopod portions of 11 ■ <*
provlnco nnd tlia bulldinir of provincial trunk
roads a.f public uecessit
l'l' .
[ corder for certificates ol improveinei I
the |iiirpoBo of obtaining Crown granu
of tin? nliovc claimi.
And further tako notico tl ;i nction,
I under Bection .'17, nunst In' roinniMCM
in tho Slocan City mniinefli*-i*| beforo tboiwnnnco of aud rtill aWioi
i of Host Kootenay district. Where ilmprovi'incnt.
ited t—About four miles up Sprin-1    Datfd thia illli day of July, 1003.
T'.'.,iiai-.i.-k, l'ail.- I'ia.w No. '-'. siiiil Tama
am.;. No. 6 Croat!*! Ulncrul Ulalun.
"'«">   .    ,r ,„ (I1      "Pf^iaotsovot .n, - | J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor |   «--"" "• «w
1 uu nro lii'ri'bv notifu'il  Hint 1 lutve   ersbipnf rnilwaysinsofaros tliecircumstanuos  Z X irivt  v. i-in i.-   ai „i   i     i    i>   ,„   ,
exponded Uietimiol throe hundred and > rf tta ij»"4"wj ***;" :< Ntand the adoption of 2   | .    TA Kh NOTICE that I, J   t>. An-
1      , ,, , ,.,. .-ia I   tha prlneipla tbat uo b is should bo granted   X _        .    ._      . ?■. 'loriiin, I. I„S., of 1 rail, M.I .. aei'iit   inr
raven dollar.and nf. yoen is In later and  „mn,\\-u« lanvwhlcl .»not Jive the \% Fresh FrU tS of Fverv I J»< F.llolden.freorni.ior'a certificate No
improvomonta upon the above mention* upvarn nt of the provlnco control nf rales ovsir   Z "'"V X I.,,-,,,  ;., i   .:..,..  a  ... i 	
r.as-.s mineral Claim.
Iii'sivciiicntri iiinni tin. a in) ve iiii*n b mn-   ».-<. v ».■ r i n i s. •:. t r,f tne i
led mineral 01111111*-, In order lo hold said , _.',"_;",.l""j""''"*'"r''""' ""'' '' '''' ""r|';r
mineral claims Under  tlio  provisions of  ' •••fo'aetlvely as litbj*state aid ia theslevelop
llu1 Mineral Act, and   if within  90 days  ment of the airrloultiiral resources of ilu* pro . ^
[ from the data of tlii"*i notice you fail or '*nce' <■
refuse to contribute vour  proportion  oft    ■*■   Thptlotha maantlma and until the rail- f
1 ,., .   •  .1 -.,     11       ,     way policy ubove sat forth can ba accomplished (fi
( IllCh expenditure, together With all OOStS   n general rallwovapl be paased, giving fi .a,, ,*S
of advertising, vour Interest   in tho said I to construct railways under certain nnpraved S
claims will become tbo property of the\ r—ul?lj{\n*' •nw-wiui to tha system thai hn- A.
,        ., , . ; s   . 1 rawiil,a».| 111 asiia-t, |.j.taa.|i is-0 r.ailsviiv cssnatructiull    A
lubsuriber. under section fourol Sll Act  |„ the United States, with  so much advantage   ■*)
eiltillod "All Act to amend  the .Mineral   to trade and commerce, | .ft
.'1.   Thai to encoeraga ilu.1 mining ladusl 1 .'.t'la, i ^__
taxation of metalllferuua mini's shoulil in-aan
tho bnsh aaf a percentage am the net profits,
I,   That  the government ownership of ts.ls--
I'hiiao syiitems should 1 .*■ brought aliaaut as a
flrsl slt'ia in liaaa acquisition aaf public litillliia...
5a  Tlmi n portion of every coal area hereafter
to be disposed of should 1 >aa- reserved from sale
ur lease, bo tbat state ownod mines may be ont
ily nccosslble, if thoir operation bocomes Decas
sn ry nr advisable.
fi.  That in thi* pulp 1'iinl  leases  provision
X  ix:.« 1    a.   •   • a\   *i      I   sUG-l70t», intend, ilxty days from the e:ate
I  Kind   Arriving    Daily. V: I..*.- .*f, t.iuppiy ma the Mining Recorder
JKj for certificatcii of Improremcnti, for thc
B purpose of obtaining crown grants of the
Our [co Cream Parlor iii
nowopoa acid nill In- kept
running all the Summer,
I Act, 1900."
Dnied tliiH 8th da',
lino, 1003.
14 Is"»vc»«r tli "■■«.. fmr ft I ,
1 nil WfiuM   und -f•ii-tllijv
■f ■ -m;»1 'm.; roi .
Notice to DeliuquentCo-owner
To llu^'li S. Nelson, or to any poreon
or persons to whom hs may havo transferred li in interest in the Weymouth
should bo made fair reforesting and tlmt steps
should be taken fnr the general prcsarvntlon of
forests by guarding against tha wusteful doll rni'l inn nf limlinr.
7. 'I hat tho legislature and government of the
province ahould porsevara lu Ilia effort to secure
ilso exclusion aaf Asiniia- labor,
B, That ilu* matter aif better terms In ilu* ijvny
nl subsidy and appropria,tions for tlif prov Im 1
>ln)iihl in- vlgorousl) pressed upon 1 [10 Dominion
govern ment,
(i. That the silver-laail Industries of thn province !'■■ fostered and i-iiianii-a-ri.il by tlie Imtso-
-'tion uf Incroasod 1 uitnms duties a.a land an.l
mineral claim, situated on Ten Mile
creek nmi recorded In tho Recorder's
ollica for tlio Slocan < ity miiiinj» ilivi-
You aro hereby notified that I, (', E,
Smllheringale, F.M.C No. D50007, have
caused tn lie expended the sum ol one
linmlresl and twu dollars ami lifty cciits
in labor and improvements on the above
mentioned mineral claim, In oralur to
hold said clulm under the provisions of,,
.1,. Uim'1,,1  \,p  ami if  wilhin ^
Inun tlia slate of tills notice ymi fail, or J House bo urgo.l in ssippurl any motion liitro*
refuse, to contribute your proportion of ducedfor .uoh n purposo,
«iiia!i expenditure,together with nil costR 1$. That us Industrial disputes almostinvarl-
of advortlelng, your Interest in said ; p,3 Z!r\^J^S^i1'^^:^
sjliiiii will UOCOme the property of the legislation ahuuld ba |aii>*-ial to provide means
lllbscrtber, Under  section  4  of an   Act  for nn tmlcnblo nrljuatment ofsuch ddtputsfa be-
(iititled "Aii Art t„ amondthe Mineral "T"-?!"1'. isy?"?f t^ipl°ml'
\,.,   |t|aa(i aa -    n-   mat 11 is advisable t<> roster ilm menu*
ii'.   1   . .1   ,       an    hi   1...I    1        .: r.-i.-nii-s.* ..r 1 l,t*  raw products of the provides.
Hated at Slocan, B.C., this Uth day of within tlm pmvl as far ni pros* ion blob*,
AiiL'iist, A.D. 1908. : mennsof taxntloa am tho said raw products,
i.i.7.fta (■   i-   s\l rriii'l'l "*''; \ I ''i  ''■""'Wt J° rebatn of the same 1» wluilo or part
111   'J '        '       -IM'IM 1,1,1    . . a ,*, I   .. a ,A|,^„ ,.,;l||.,f,.,(.,,,,.,„! j„  |*r;,;.|, f',,J|,,(,',;,,
Slocan, B. C.
J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
K-xlaks and Supplies
And further tnke notice thnt action,
under section 37, mu t Ian commencen
bofore tli" Issuanceof bucIi certificates of
I'.uril this -iiAl day of June,18(V8
Perls] '*Inern] Olnlui.
SlUiate in the BlOcali City Mining Divi*
sion of lhe Wost  Kootenay  I'istrir'
Who relocated)   N'ear thoArllngton
basin on north sldeof springer creek
Take notice that I, Dan Hanloa,
iii'iiiis ai* an szent for D A. llusis,
free miner's certilicate No.D7137*l,lnteod,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
t'> 1 ho Mining Recaider fora certificate
of improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining a crown grunt for tlie abov
And further tabes notice that action,
uniler section il", must be commence"!
before tin* Issuance of uu<-ii certificate of
lUted thifi llth slny oMiily, HIO,"!
17*7*03 HAN HANLON
Sltuato in the ISbcan City Minin   '• ■
oloii  isf   West   Kootenay   I'istrlfi
Where located :   At head ol 1 ■ ■■■'
io. k of Ten Mile creek.
TAKE N*OTICEUiatI,FrankC.Grccn,
acting ns agent for George I
free miner's certificate No B"10f', '•''
tend, sixty days from tho .Into Ia-ia-"1-
to apply to the Mining Recorder oraccr*
tlfleateol Improvements, for thepurpo"«
ofoblniuing 11 Crown (irant ol llio abort
And further take notice that action,
under section .'17, must ho commsneeu
liefore tin? Issuanco of hiicIi certificate 0
l>iteililii*j 28rd day of June, 1903.
7-8 03 I". ('. GREEN, Selson,
Steel Ranges
; for $18.25.
Why ho without n  nnme wlisft
iiiiin|iion, Utliel K, ssisai ring r.ina^ nae
llainal Ulnornl riiilnia.
Situnte in the Sliicim City Mining l'ivi-
Blon of tlm Went Kootenay DUtrict,
Where located t—On Bprlngor creek,
about oiglit miles from slocan City.
TAKK NOTICE Unit I, Francis ,1. O'Reilly, of [lit* city of Nelson, as n^eiit for
you can get one so oheap? 'll,,v
aropreferrftble to stoves and "fiv-1
better mtlsfaetlon. These
I.urn wood or con
bet it)i free.
iilld  Will "°
H. J,


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